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Iona Hardison--7-18-98

Seeking the buriel site of Thomas B. MARTIN, born 1833 in Mo, died sometime between 1875 and 1880. Last record we have of him is that of a land deal in Leon County in 1875. His widow, Sarah M. SANFORD Martin is listed in the 1880 census of Wise County with her four children-- thought she might have moved there to be near her family. She was the daughter of Henry and Sara Sanford.

Family story says that Henry Sanford was a 'traveling preacher'.
Any information about this family would be appreciated.

Iona Martin Hardison

Larry W Smith--3-8-98

Need info on Robert CANNON & wife Martha SAVAGE Cannon they are listed in the 1900 Wise Co Census . Need info on there desendents or any HELP would be appreciated.

Larry W. Smith
in Celina,Tn


My grandfather, Benjamin Lansing ROBERTSON and grandmother, Mary Martha SCAFF were married in Wise Co. in 1937. Ben was born (1895) in Purcell, OK and Mary born (1917) in Bridgeport, TX. I am looking for children from a previous marriage of Ben's. Names are B.L. Jr., Bud and Reba. Any info would be appreciated!

Jane Bidwell
e-mail: bidwells@email.com

(janet ariciu--3-17-1999


I was wondering if you have ever heard the Scivally family who married into the Woodys family. the Scivally family is my. If you have any information Pleas let me know.

Thank You Janet

janet ariciu--1-22-99

I am looking for the SCIVALLY FAMILY. George Bates and his wife Seleta(Scivally) move to Decatur,Tx. They were there for the Cesus of 1870. The cesus read as folowing: George Bates age 29, Brithplace Tennessee, S(Seleta) age 28, Birthpalce Tennessee,A. E. age 3 Brithplace Tennessee, J.E. age 1 Birthplace Tennessee, (Seleta brother and sisters move with them)
James age 17 Brithplace Tennessee, Mary age 15 Brithplace Tenessee, Martha age 11 Brithplace Tennessee. James Calvin Sciavlly was my grandfather. He married his wife 1879-1881 Martha Ann Martin She was born Aug 5 1852. Where? James Calvin Scivally was Texas Ranger before he married her. 1884 he was a Methodist preacher in the Indian Territory. He died in Mangum ok in 1932. after he came to tx we lost him until He show up in Ok.

Mike Scobee--3-22-1999


Looking for the parents of Sarah Addie (Adda) Shelton. Sarah was born in Missouri, 8-14-1855, and died in Young County, Texas, 4-26-1953. Her parents might have been from Tennessee. Sarah married Benjamin Franklin SCOBEE, 12-21-1884 in Wise Co. After B.F. Scobee's death in 1890, Sarah married a John DENNIS. After the death of John Dennis in the 1890's, Sarah moved to Young County where she married a Charles WEBB in 1904.
Thanks for any help with information.
Mike Scobee



I've uncovered some information on part of my family. It was a scandal in Tarrant county. Louise Bassham and her mother obtained a marriage certificate in Decatur so that Louise could marry Charles Keller Scott. It was later discovered that Charles was only 17 (not the 21 listed on the certificate) and Louise was only 14 (not the 18 listed on the certificate). I'm looking for any Scott or Bassham relatives.



I'm looking for information on Andrew and Malissa A. (maiden name unknown) Scroggins. They are on the 1880 Wise County Census with the following children: Mary E., Margaret J., Feobra A., Amanda E., Robert Lee, Samuel, and Theodoria SCROGGINS. I'm especially interested in Mary E. Scroggins, Andrew and Malissa Scroggins. Robert Lee was a Texas Ranger. Feobra married a man named Charles Dewess in 1888 in Wise County. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.


I'm looking for information on the SCROGGINS family that is on the 1880 Wise County Census. The father is ANDREW SCROGGINS and the mother is MALISSA A. SCROGGINS. The children listed are: MARY E., MARGARET J., FEOBRA A., AMANDA E., ROBERT LEE, SAMUEL, AND THEODORIA SCROGGINS. I am especially interested in Mary E. Scroggins. Robert Lee Scroggins was a Texas Ranger. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Leonard M. Sharp--5-28-98

I am looking for information on WILLIAM FRANKLIN SHARP who married a woman named OMA from BRIDGEPORT,TX. in late 1800'S or early 1900'S as first of 5 children were born in BRIDGEPORT.

Any help would be appreciated.


If anyone one has access to deed records for Wise Co. I would appreciate a look up.
I am looking for a deed from a Sarah or Sallie or Joseph SHAW to a Nancy DUNN.
It would have been in the last 1870's.
It might have been listed in a probate record.

Thank you for any assistance anyone can provide.
Judy Thompson

Debbie Parks--9-21-98

I'm looking for information on the following people: Nannie Shelton, Hollis Shelton, Elizabeth Helton. They may be buried in Willow Point Cemetery. These people are aunts/uncles of Ernest V. KEITH, who was born in Wise County, Texas.
Debbie Parks

Mike Scobee--3-22-1999


Looking for the parents of Sarah Addie (Adda) Shelton. Sarah was born in Missouri, 8-14-1855, and died in Young County, Texas, 4-26-1953. Her parents might have been from Tennessee. Sarah married Benjamin Franklin SCOBEE, 12-21-1884 in Wise Co. After B.F. Scobee's death in 1890, Sarah married a John DENNIS. After the death of John Dennis in the 1890's, Sarah moved to Young County where she married a Charles WEBB in 1904.
Thanks for any help with information.
Mike Scobee

Joe Sherwood--6-11-98

Hi, I am hoping perhaps you may be able to help me find some information on our relatives in Wise Co.
My husband's grandfather Joseph Houston SHERWOOD -died on 1-14-1933 and was buried at Iowa Park in Wise Co. His grandmother Emma Word Sherwood died on 3-17-1928 and was buried at Iowa Park.

His great grandparents-D.A.Sherwood and wife ? were also buried there, but I have no dates or wife's name.

Any information or suggestions that you might have would be most appreciated as we have hit a brick wall.

Thank you,
Sharon Sherwood

Joe Sherwood--3-26-98

I am trying to locate information on my husband's relatives that were born and died around Willow Point Community, Tx. We have come to a dead end, and not sure what to do now.

Joseph Houston SHERWOOD( my husband's grandfather) was born Sept. 24, 1886 Wise Co.,Tx.; married Emma WORD on March 14, 1908, and died January 14, 1933, and was buried at Iowa Park. Emma died March 17, 1928 and was buried there also. They had 3 children while living at Willow Point-Alta Fae, William Travis, and J.B. Joseph Houston's father name or initals were D.A. and we have nothing on the wife, but both were buried at Iowa Park. We have no dates of death or birth, etc. We would appreciate any information that you might find on any of the above, esp. D.A. and his wife.

Thank you,
Sharon Sherwood

Bill & Lynda Becker--2-3-1999
My GGGrandfather, ROBERT THOMAS SHORT was buried by the Masonic Lodge in Decatur TX in Feb 1887. According to family history, his coffin was carried up a hill to the cemetery on the Masons shoulders, and laid to rest there. His wife was FRANCES LANGSTON MCELROY/MCRAY. She left area after his death, and went to live with children. Are there any published records of people buried in the cemeteries in the area? If anyone knows anything about this family, I would love to hear from you and will exchange any information I have. Thank you for your help.

Lynda J. Becker beckerw@ix.netcom.com

SHORT, Ken -- 10-28-97

SHORT, Robert Thomas b. 29 Sep 1821 in TN, d. 26 Feb 1887 in Decatur, Wise Co., TX. He was my gggrandfather. His wife was Francis Langston (McELROY) SHORT. I assume they lived in or near Decatur. Thanks for any and all help.

I am looking for any info on James David Simpson birth and death dates unknown.
He married Eunice Brownlee and they had two daughters Mary Ann Simpson and my mother Mamie Lee Simpson. He died when they were young girls and I have been told he is buried at Alvord or maybe close to there as that is where they lived and were raised. Also anyone who might have known any of these names from around Alvord.

Jeff McGarrah Sun Aug 17, 1997
Looking for information on the W. H. SIMPSON family that was living in Prairie Point Twp. in the 1860 cns. Thanks.

Debbie Parks--3-23-98

I'm looking for information on D.J. Simpson who married Nannie Mann on Nov. 19, 1883 in Wise County, Texas.

Debbie Parks
211 Robinson Rd.
Pulaski, TN 38478

Billy Hightower--1-11-99
I am searching for descendants of Benjamin F. and Martha J. SINOR who lived in Paradise, Wise County, Texas in the early 1900's. Benjamin had a Blacksmith Shop in Paradise.

Billy Hightower
424 CR 609
Farmersville, Texas 75442

Gary L. Lowe--4-17-98

Greetings: from Gary L. Lowe
I am trying to obtain 'ANY' information on my great-grandfather, Wesley P. Lowe. According to his military records (and KY death certificate) he was born in Decatur, Tx on June 14, 1892. His father's name was Frank Lowe and his mother's maiden name was Mattie Sissle (both parents were born in KY).
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Send reply's to:
and/or 1514 South Third Street,
Louisville, KY 40208-1957.

Thank you!


FROM DAVID LEA --- Major SLIMP is listed in the very WEB Page as an early settler of Aurora, TX. Any information about any SLIMPS would be much appreciated.
Thank You!

Linda Stokes--12-29-98
I am looking for any of the STOKES, SLIMP, Morton, and Green families.

GREEN: Susan C. Green was the daughter of Samuel and Matilda Green.Her
were Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel W., George, William T.,and John J.

Morton: G.W. Morton came to Wise County, Texas sometime in the 1890's with
his wife
Susan C. Green, and their children. Mainly looking for the
death of my Great
Grandmother Ida Melton Stancil Morton, probably about 1905.
She and her
husband Jesse W. Morton were living in Rhome, Texas and she is
buried at Fairview Cemetery with a daughter and her
Slimp: Jacob Lafayette Slimp and family. A very large family.

Linda Stokes

(Linda Beauchamp) Dec 14, 1997

I have been told my g-g-grandmother, Nancy ELLISON MCCOY and her children are listed on the Wise Co, TX Federal Census for Prairie Point. Her husband, William N. MCCOY served in the Civil War but is reported as "Deserted" Feb. 7, 1864. He is presumed to have died as he never returned home.

Nancy was born 1826 in Hardon Co, TENN and died 10 March 1897 in Somervell Co, TX. Their children were, Jasper, Eliza, George W., Elizabeth, and John W. Nancy later married a Mr. EDWARDS, then Joseph SMITH. The family migrated to Somervell Co, TX. where Nancy is buried in the Nancy Smith Cemetery, named for her.

I would like to know more about Prairie Point as well as any information about this family in Wise County. Linda Beauchamp lbeauchamp@itexas.net


We come from a long line of Tenn. Smiths who migrated to Wise Co. Texas in the 1860's.
Claude B. Smith born 9 Jun, 1895 in Chico, Tex. married Nula Belle Franks in Wise Co.
Nula Belle, was born 20 May 1898 in Corsicana, Navarro Co.
Claudes family was William David Smith bn. 23 Dec 1867 in Franklin Tenn, he married Gerogia Idella Taylor on 31 Jul 1890 in Wise Co. Tex.Nula Belle was the Daughter of Claude Lee Franks bn. Oct 1875 in Ardmore Tenn.
Her mother was Martha Cassandra Johnston, From Miss. (related to General Johnston of Civil War Fame killed at Shiloh) Claude Smith had 6 brothers and all their first names started with C. Charlie William, Clare Gregory, Clifford Clark, Clyde Frederick, Carl. I don't have the 6th. Does anyone have anything else??

Thank You.

Shawna Smith--10-23-98

I am looking for information on the WATSON's in the Bridgeport area. My great-grandmother was Lorene Watson (Smith), and she was born in Bridgeport in 1902. I believe her father's name was Lewis.
Any information about this family would be appreciated.
Shawna Smith

Elizabeth Smithee--10-3-98-
Hi, My name is Elizabeth Smithee, I have been told that there is a
Smithee Cementery in Slidell, Wise County, Texas I would like to know if that is true.Thank you so much, Elizabeth Smithee

David Paul Smith--1-27-99
WILLIAM ANDERSON SMITH is who I'm researching (with precious little to show for it!). He lived in Boyd (Wise Co.) for years, sometime around the turn of the century, perhaps even dying there in the 1920's. He married EMMALINE SWAFFORD (sic?), was a school teacher at one time, and was a Civil War veteran (Confederate). His children's names were: Lillie Smith (who married Lee Walker), Murphy Smith (wife's name was Beulah), Finley Smith (who died in 1913), Jago Smith (wife's name was Estilline), Eula Smith (who never married), Jack Smith (wife's name was Josephine) and Brown Wadsworth Smith (who married Lucy Ophelia Witt). Brown was my grandfather.

Any of that ring any bells for anyone? The way I figure it, Adam was a Smith and Eve was a Jones! :-) Any info or leads would be greatly appreciated! God bless.

David Paul Smith
Baytown, TX

Terry Young--3-23-2001

The subject of this query is my greatgrand father, Jerome Smith. He was a Justice of the Peace in Precinct 4 in 1864. Does anyone know if their ancesters lived in Precinct 4 or were married there? I will appreciate any information.

Cathy & Greg Summerlin--9-28-98

I am looking for infomation on Rebecca NIX. She is my grandmother, I have no information on her except brothers and sisters & Dob.

Rebecca NIX
Born: 04 July 1891
Place: Bridgeport, Texas
Married: 1914
Place: Ardmore, Oklahoma
Died: 13 Jan 1975
Place: Fairview Cemetery, Midland Texas
Spouse: John Lindsay ROBBINS his 2nd marriage.
They had 7 children
John had 4 children from Willie SMITH 1st

Sister Mattie NIX
Spouse: Joe BARKER

Brother John NIX

If you have any information to share I would love
to exchange any information that I have.

Thank You Cathy Robbins~Summerlin

William Brunett--3-6-02


I am looking for descendents of Lawrence Ward St. Clair, who listed Decatur, Wise County, TX as his place of residence on a 1931 University of Texas Master's Thesis entitled "History of Robertson County, Texas."

I am the volunteer coordinator for the Robertson County TXGenWeb site at file:///C:/WINDOWS/Desktop/www.robertsoncounty.info and hope to obtain copyright permission to display his thesis online at the Robertson County site.
If you have information on his descendents, please contact me.


William Kent Brunette
2700 Q Street, N.W., Suite 241
Washington, D.C. 20007
202.342.5368 (phone), 202.342.9033 (fax)