Hello again,

The photo you have may be a complete family photo of the Casper J. Bauer
family.  I would like to list the names and birth year of my relatives as known
to me.  Casper born 1819 top row left.  Elizabeth born 1829 bottom row left.

Children are as follows;
Frank 1852 -  I have no picture of him.
Charles 1854 - no picture
Anthony 1860 - no picture
Ode 1863 -  My guess is third from left in male row.
Leo 1865 -  My guess is second from left in male row.
Isador 1870 -  My guess is fifth from left in male row the youngest male, no
Ida  1856 -  My guess is third from left in female row.
Mary  1858 -  My guess is second from right in female row.
Francis 1861  -  My guess is second from right. (My great-grand mother)  I have
a picture of her and my great-grand father John Thomas Payne. Note they are
both also buried in the Oakwood Cemetery Fort Worth, Texas.
Anna  1866  -  no picture but, my guess is third from right female row.
Marth  1868  -  My guess is (she is the youngest female)to the far right.

Your photo would have been take close to the time of John and Francis wedding.

I have attached the pictures I have of the Bauer children. Hope you see some
family resemblance in the children too.

Tom Payne
> In a message dated 5/14/2003 1:39:24 AM Central Daylight Time,
> payne.cj5@worldnet.att.net writes:
> > Your number #5 may be the part of my family tree.  I know that C.J. Bauer
> > brought his family down from Bauer, Iowa to Wise County Texas around 1875. 
> > I keep looking at your picture and the pictures I have of a few of the
> > Bauer family. I see quite a resemblance.  The number of family members is
> > also a close matched the approximate age difference of those in my family
> > tree members. 
> Hi Tom,
> I think you may have a match.  The gentleman on the left and the lady seated
> on the left really do match your pictures.  I will add that to the pictures
> when I get a minute.
> Thanks so much.
> La Darla