Index of 19,202 Birth Records 
Recorded in Wise County, Texas
1860's - 1930's
Father's Last Names that Start With A-C
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Data is in Alphabetical order by Father's Name. 
Sorry for the MANY errors in this data.
[We DO NOT have the birth certificates where the number is in [Brackets] 
Most of those were delayed certificates and they were not on the microfilms

LAST NAME Fatherís Name (Place of Birth) | MOTHERís MAIDEN NAME First (POB) | Childís Name DOB Sex POB  Birth Cert #
AARON Charlie	ARMSTRONG Mollie	blank 8/24/27 M Decatur 8825 
AARON Jack	BLANK blank	blank 10/28/14 M blank 5980 
AARON James Thomas (AR)	FLY Nancy Ava (MS)	Mary Lillian 06/29/81 F Pulaski Co AR [del. 6922] 
AARON John (TX)	MARTIN Luesettie (TX)	Annie Mattie 02/28/94 F Alvord [del. 8348] 
AARON Richard F (TX)	LINSY Mary Ann (TX)	Mattie Ann 05/29/88 F Decatur [del. 22342] 
AARON Rob	BLANK Effie	blank 6/4/05 F blank 1868 
AARON Robert	(RUDD) Effie	blank 6/11/04 M blank 941 
ABBOTT E.A.	BLANK Nola	E.A. 1/28/06 M blank 2450 
ABBOTT E.A.	BLANK Nola	blank 2/23/08 F blank 3858 
ABBOTT Edwin Arthur	TRIPLETT Nola	Stiles Aubrey 10/22/03 M Chico 388 & 0388a
ABBOTT Edwin Arthur (NE)	TRIPPLETT Nola Beatrice (TX)	Gladys Lucille 10/14/01 F Decatur [del. 29235] 
ABBOTT James Bates (MS)	BOOKER Katie (TX)	James Bates 09/03/87 M Decatur [del. 6057] 
ABBOTT James Bates (MS)	BOOKER Katie (TX)	Emilie Gay 02/19/90 F Decatur [del. 25464] 
ABBOTT James Thomas (TN)	FLOWERS Liza Jane (TN)	Callie May 11/17/81 F Chico [del. 25268] 
ABEL Walter Vernon (TX)	CLARK Iva Elizabeth (TX)	Thomas Anderson 7/11/24 M Boyd 8098 & 8098a
ABER F.N.	BLANK Laura	blank 8/4/08 M blank 4166 
ABERCROMBIE Benjamin Franklin (GA)	JONES Mary (AR)	Elmo Lee 02/18/80 M Chico [del. 14887] 
ABERNATHY John William (TN)	MOONEY Mary Emily (NC)	Arthur 11/07/87 M Alvord [del. 3824] 
ABINGTON Edward Bannerman (LA)	CRAWFORD Hal (TX)	Edward Gordon 5/5/15 M Alvord 6088 & 6088a
ABLE Forrest Lee (SC)	CUMMINGS Bertha Wilson (TN)	Gladys 09/13/95 F Alvord [del. 21543] 
ABLE Forrest Lee (SC)	CUMMINGS Bertha Wilson (TN)	Meredyth 09/13/95 F Alvord [del. 21542] 
ABLE Frank	(ZORNS) Ida	Anderson 8/13/04 F Boyd 1104 
ABLE Fuller Newton (SC)	BAUGH Laura Bell (TX)	Lucille 11/9/06 F Park Springs 3006 & 3006a
ABLE William M (SC)	BUCHANAN Cora (NC)	Haze 04/29/01 M Park Springs [del. 12726] 
ABLE William M. (SC)	MORRIS Bettie (TX)	Virginia Ozelle 10/25/22 F Park Springs 7678 & 7678a
ABLE William Morgan	BUCHANNAN Cora	Artie 9/2/04 F Park Springs 1162 & 1162a
ABLE William Morgan (SC)	MORRIS Bettie (TX)	Marguerite Ruth 8/31/18 F Park Springs 6963 & 6963a
ABNER B.F.	COPELAND Hester	blank 4/16/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10044] 
ABNER B.F.	COPELAND Hester	blank 4/16/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10045] 
ABRAHAM Joe	GARCIA Rafaela	Moses 12/14/29 M blank [No Image 9529] 
ABRAHAM John (Asyeria)	LOMEZ Lavina (TX)	John 5/6/23 M Bridgeport 7794 
ABRAHAM John (Syria)	GARCIA Lues (Mex)	Joseph 5/6/23 M Newcastle 7793 & 7793a & 7793b & 7793c & 7793d
ABSHER Bernice Evie (TX)	GUYNN Ava (TX)	Guynn Ernest 2/1/23 M Boyd 7719 & 7719a
ABSHER Guy R.	BROWN Thelma	Billie L. 6/8/32 F Rhome [No Image 10460] 
ABSHER H.S.	BLANK Erma	blank 4/22/04 M blank 831 
ABSHER Taylor Lee (TX)	BACKMAN Alma Irene (TX)	Juanita Ruth 12/8/20 F Boyd 7323 & 7323a
ABSHER Ulessus Sherman (MO)	TAYLOR Mattie Tucker (TX)	Ruth 08/16/96 F Boyd [del. 28312] 
ABSHER Ulysless Sherman (MO)	TAYLOR Mattie Tucker (TX)	Carl Anderson 01/11/95 M Garvin [del. 17697] 
ABSHIER Tom Alford (MO)	ALLEN Elive Ann (TX)	Sarah Ethel 10/17/90 F Boonsville [del. 21592] 
ACKER William Henry (MI)	WHITE Mary Elizabeth (MI)	Mabel Ivydell 08/10/94 F Custer Co SD [del. 24990] 
ACORD Jefferson Davis (AR)	MORGAN Martha Anna (MO)	Robert Clinton 02/14/99 M Boonsville [del. 30112] 
ACREY Douglas (AL)	MORNEY Mary (TX)	Ira 05/17/96 M Willow Point [del. 16353] 
ADAIR J W (TN)	PILLARS Mary Ellen (IL)	Ollie Eula 04/11/89 F Alvord [del. 23272] 
ADAIR Olen Thomas	WILSON Margarette Crella	Jewel Fay 2/22/06 F blank 2518 & 2518a
ADAIR Olin Thomas	WILSON Margaret Crella	Opal Juanita 2/29/16 F Decatur 6376 & 6376a
ADAIR Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 11/10/03 M blank 436 
ADAIR William B (TX)	STANFIELD Mary Ellen (TN)	Artre 08/14/89 F Bridgeport [del. 4289] 
ADAIR William B (TX)	STANFIELD Mary Ellen (TN)	Roy Edgar 04/04/94 M Bridgeport [del. 5355] 
ADAMS Alonzo Bright (TX)	YOUNG Marinia Helen (KY)	Garland Wayne 8/28/21 M Bridgeport 7454 & 7454a
ADAMS blank	BLANK Gertrude	blank 8/2/03 F blank 153 
ADAMS Clairborne Harrison (IL)	MESSICK Maggie Magdelene (TX)	Beulah Magnolia 06/29/93 F Paradise [del. 35327] 
ADAMS Dorris	SPENCER Opal	Bobbie H. 7/12/30 M Decatur [No Image 9756] 
ADAMS E.A.	BLANK Alice	W.H. 11/29/03 M blank 470 
ADAMS Edgar (Ross)	(PITTS) Beulah (Etta)	(Opal Leone) 10/2/10 F (Bridgeport) 5107 
ADAMS Edmund Absolem (GA)	MOORE Alice (GA)	Clara Josephine 11/11/98 F Boyd [del. 14060] 
ADAMS Edmund Absolem (GA)	MOORE Alice (GA)	Leland Clark 06/19/01 M Boyd [del. 13437] 
ADAMS Ellis (MO)	WILLOUGHBY Mary Ann (MO)	Martha Ella 05/18/73 F Decatur [del. 7789] 
ADAMS F.P.	BLANK blank	blank 8/17/07 F blank 3492 
ADAMS George Washington (AR)	GRAY Mary Elizabeth (AR)	William Wayne 08/23/95 M Alvord [del. 10313] 
ADAMS H.G.	CURTIS L.B.	(Ella Viola) 11/24/12 M blank 5595 
ADAMS Henson Grover	CURTIS Eliza Barshabb	Ella Viola 8/20/05 F blank 2072 & 2072a
ADAMS Henson Grover (TX)	CURTIS Eliza Barshabb (TX)	Bill Naom 05/22/01 M Boonsville [del. 11400] 
ADAMS I.J.	BLANK blank	blank 5/29/08 F blank 4059 
ADAMS J A (AL)	HARVEY Hattie (IL)	Martha Elizibeth 12/17/94 F Crafton [del. 10066] 
ADAMS J.E.	BLANK Mae	blank 5/21/04 F blank 897 
ADAMS James A (AL)	HARVEY Hattie A (IL)	Clifford Mills 04/05/97 M Crafton [del. 8467] 
ADAMS Jerry A (KY)	MANNING Mattie Luemina (MS)	Minnie 01/01/00 F Chico [del. 30170] 
ADAMS Jerry A (KY)	MANNING Mattie Luemma (MS)	Eva J 04/07/98 F Chico [del. 30345] 
ADAMS John	BLANK Bettie	blank 2/11/11 M blank 5175 
ADAMS John	BLANK Betty L.	Martha LaRue 7/11/32 F Prec. #7 [No Image 10937] 
ADAMS John	BLANK Nora	blank 11/8/07 F blank 3660 
ADAMS John (MO)	GRANDSTAFF Sarah F (TN)	Annie Bell 02/24/81 F Alvord [del. 17220] 
ADAMS John D.	BOLEN Capitola	Patsey Ruth 6/27/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10127] 
ADAMS John D.	BOLEN Capitola	Peggy Joyce 6/27/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10128] 
ADAMS John Leonard (GA)	COLLINS Nancy Missouri (GA)	Mary Elizabeth 01/16/86 F Decatur [del. 14270] 
ADAMS John Wesley (MS)	RANKIN Dora Maude (VA)	Mary Lesley 05/07/85 F Paradise [del. 21666] 
ADAMS Joseph Abner (KY)	HOLSEAPPLE Tempie Vian (KY)	Mary Lou 01/07/92 F Bridgeport [del. 22911] 
ADAMS Joseph Abner (KY)	HOLSEAPPLE Vinie Temple (KY)	Myrtle Catherine 01/09/95 F Bridgeport [del. 22812] 
ADAMS Joshua F (AL)	THORNTON Harriet Rebekah (AL)	Pearl Dee 12/23/81 F Bridgeport [del. 13994] 
ADAMS L.M.	CRABTREE Lillie	William Leon 1/15/32 M Decatur [No Image 10335] 
ADAMS Lon	EASLEY Ester	blank 5/7/28 F Bridgeport 9012 
ADAMS Lubbie Pittser (KY)	GENTRY Verdie Belle (MS)	Blanch 2/24/08 F Chico 3862 & 3862a
ADAMS Mason Grover	HILL Nellie Meula	Una Mae 10/14/09 F Boonsville 4813 & 4813a
ADAMS Milton Elmore (MO)	SOUTHERLAND Pauline (TN)	Nellie 08/09/98 F Boyd [del. 24729] 
ADAMS Sim (KY)	MARCUM Annie (KY)	John Quincy 01/19/99 M Decatur [del. 20303] 
ADAMS Sim (KY)	MARKUM Annie (KY)	Sim Jr 09/13/89 M Bridgeport [del. 15702] 
ADAMS Sim A (KY)	MARKUM Annie (KY)	William M 09/30/93 M Decatur [del. 28355] 
ADAMS Sim Joseph (KY)	PIERCE Martha Rebecca (AR)	Vera Alza Bee 11/2/06 F Bridgeport 2990 & 2990a
ADAMS Uriah (MO)	BLANK Janie (MO)	Minnie Lee 07/06/90 F Aurora [del. 17342] 
ADAMS Uriah (MO)	BLANK Janie S (MO)	John Harvey 11/15/80 M Aurora [del. 17343] 
ADAMS W.W.	MURPHY Maggie	blank 12/27/17 F Chico 6778 
ADAMS Will	MURPHY Maggie	Eliza May 2/14/13 F blank 5653 
ADAMS Will (TN)	CURTIS Jane Elizabeth (TN)	John Lewis 08/03/88 M Tipton Co TN [del. 21941] 
ADAMS William (TN)	CURTIS Jane (TN)	William Issac 02/12/99 M Boonsville [del. 14720] 
ADAMS William Jacob (?)	MARTIN Jocie Jeanett.e (MS)	Billy Anna 11/16/89 F Keeter [del. 23066] 
ADAMS William Robert (AL)	MATTHEWS Emily Olive (LA)	Lillie Robert 06/18/91 F Alvord [del. 24781] 
ADAMS William Robert (AL)	MATTHEWS Emma O (LA)	Maggie Vesta 08/02/95 F Alvord [del. 15852] 
ADAMS William Robert (AL)	MATTHEWS Emma Olive (LA)	Irma Mae 03/08/97 F Alvord [del. 22385] 
ADAMS William Walter	MURPHY Margaret Alma	Betty Lou-twin 3/15/27 F Decatur 8765 
ADAMS William Walter	MURPHY Margaret Alma	Laura Sue-twin 3/15/27 F Decatur 8766 
ADAMS William Walter (TX)	MURPHY Maggie Alma (TX)	Acie Dee 2/9/08 M Alvord 3835 & 3835a
ADAMS William Walter (TX)	MURPHY Margret (TX)	Urbel Almeda 5/30/06 F Alvord 2690 & 2690a
ADAY R.E.	BELL Bonnie	2/28/33 F Decatur [No Image 10697] 
ADCOCK J.R.	WEBB Clara	blank 6/25/13 M blank 5728 
ADCOCK John R. (AR)	WEBB Clara (TX)	Mary Lou 4/7/25 F Alvord 8290 & 8290a
ADCOCK John Robert	WEBB Clara	Kathryn Ann 6/21/04 F Alvord 962 & 0962a
ADCOCK John Robert (AR)	WEBB Clara (TX)	Nora Beatrice 4/8/06 F Alvord 2605 & 2605a
ADCOCK John Robert (AR)	WEBB Clara (TX)	Philetus 9/10/08 F Alvord 4243 & 4243a
ADDISON Henry Clay (KY)	HERNDON Julia Ann (TX)	Mattie Mac 01/15/84 F Greenwood [del. 9618] 
ADDISON Henry Clay (KY)	HERNDON Julia Ann (TX)	Birdie Cate 03/10/94 F Greenwood [del. 9664] 
ADDISON Henry Clay (KY)	HERNDON Julian Ann (TX)	Geneva Herndon 01/19/86 F Greenwood [del. 13468] 
ADDISSON Henry Clay (KY)	HERNDON Julia Ann (TX)	Irl 12/14/87 F Greenwood [del. 11462] 
ADERHOLT Arthur J.	DUTTON Ollie E.	Mary Ruth 8/18/31 F Rhome [No Image 10185] 
ADKERSON James (TN)	JONES Sarah (TN)	Johnie Eddie 06/03/97 M Decatur [del. 12007] 
ADMIRE C.H.	KING Audra	Joan 4/1/32 F Chico [No Image 10401] 
ADMIRE C.H.	KING Audrey	Billy Charles 9/25/33 M Chico [No Image 10897] 
ADMIRE C.H.	KING Audrie	Rosetta 4/15/30 F Chico [No Image 9659] 
ADMIRE Clarence (H.)	KING Billie A.	Robert Clarence 5/4/28 M Chico 9011 
AGUILAR Jose	SILVA Guadalupe	Mary 8/6/15 F Chico 6185 & 6185a
AKARD I.K.	BLANK Martha	blank 9/12/04 F blank 1190 
AKIN George Frances (TX)	WILLIAMS Mary Alice (TX)	Carrie Frances 01/20/98 F Slidell [del. 23065] 
AKIN Liberty Hill (TX)	KIRBY Carrie Valeria (KY)	Hugh V 02/09/88 M Chico [del. 11461] 
AKIN Liberty Hill (TX)	KIRBY Carrie Valeria (KY)	Hurston B 03/10/90 M Chico [del. 25269] 
AKINS Boone	BLANK Katie G.	Gifford 1/16/05 M blank 1513 
ALBERTSON Joe N (?)	SCHLENKER Mattie G (KY)	Hattie Lee 01/28/99 F Decatur [del. 13010] 
ALBISO Juan (Mexico)	MIRELES Esmerenciana (Mexico)	Magania 01/02/97 F Bridgeport [del. 15269] 
ALBRITTON B.F. (TX)	PEARCE S. Isbelle (TX)	Addie Mae 4/3/21 F Paradise 7374 
ALBRITTON B.F. (TX)	PIERCE Belle (TX)	blank 9/24/29 M Bridgeport 9458 
ALBRITTON B.F. (TX)	PRICE Belle (TX)	blank 9/24/29 M Bridgeport 9460 
ALBRITTON James	BLANK blank	(Olden G.) 9/23/04 M blank 1216 
ALBRITTON James C (GA)	WOOD Mary Josephine (TX)	Ola Lucille 02/28/02 F Paradise [del. 29514] 
ALBRITTON James Christopher (TX)	WOOD Mary Josephine (TX)	Estelle Emma 5/26/08 F Paradise 4052 
ALBRITTON Lemuel G (GA)	WARREN Emma (AL)	Annie Mae 05/15/99 F Decatur [del. 29691] 
ALBRITTON Len Garrett (AL)	WARREN Emma N (AL)	Lennie Leah 03/19/91 F Paradise [del. 22199] 
ALBRITTON Lim (AL)	WARREN Emma (AL)	Arch Paul 08/25/96 M Paradise [del. 24141] 
ALBRITTON Olden	BRIDGES Gladys	blank 7/8/30 blank Paradise [No Image 9753] 
ALCORN Commodero Perry (TX)	HALL Sally (TX)	George Thomas 07/13/01 M Jonestown [del. 29236] 
ALCORN George Washington (IL)	HARRELL Malinda Catherine (WV)	Ruby Isabell 04/25/97 F Decatur [del. 20102] 
ALCORN George Washington (IL)	HERALD Malinda (WV)	Doshie 03/26/87 F Decatur [del. 19859] 
ALDERSON James Franklin (KY)	PRATHER Rena (KY)	Grace Ellen 01/07/82 F Chico [del. 17972] 
ALDERSON W.S. (William Sidney)	BLANK J.E. (Joe Ellen)	blank 6/4/05 M blank 1866 
ALDERSON William Sidney (KY) 	WILKERSON Joe Ellen (KY)	Thomas Wallace 11/05/92 M Rhome [del. 15023] 
ALDERSON William Sidney (KY)	WILKERSON Joe Ellen (KY)	Walter Gene 08/29/98 M Rhome [del. 15334] 
ALEMAN F.	BLANK M.	blank 3/14/04 M blank 726 
ALEXANDER blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/8/07 M blank 3720 
ALEXANDER Boston G. (OK)	HOLLAND Ida Mae (TX)	Moody Holland 10/8/26 M Slidell 8691 & 8691a
ALEXANDER D.B. (Dennis)	BLANK M.M. (M. Modell)	Elton 3/15/06 blank blank 2555 
ALEXANDER Ernest E. (TX)	CARLOSS Bennie M. (TX)	Ernestine 12/13/19 F Alvord 7177 & 7177a
ALEXANDER G.F. (TX)	FRANK Hollie (TX)	John Crockett 6/28/20 M Decatur 7266 
ALEXANDER George Henry (TN)	DANIELS Mary Francis (TX)	Mattie Ellis 07/30/84 F Decatur [del. 11819] 
ALEXANDER J.C.	BLANK Ella	blank 9/10/04 F blank 1189 
ALEXANDER James	(SHEPPARD) Cora	blank 6/20/06 M blank 2724 
ALEXANDER James	BLANK Della	James 2/9/07 M blank 3164 
ALEXANDER James N (MO)	GARRISON Nancy Evelyn (TX)	Leah Maud 11/04/82 F Crafton [del. 7311] 
ALEXANDER James R (AR)	SHEPPARD Cora (TN)	Velma Jewell 01/15/02 F Bridgeport [del. 16211] 
ALEXANDER James R (AR)	SHEPPARD Cora Cordell (TN)	Clifford Lee 08/11/92 M Bridgeport [del. 11895] 
ALEXANDER James R (TX)	SHEPPARD Cora (TX)	Vera Ethel 05/28/99 F Bridgeport [del. 5357] 
ALEXANDER James Robinson (AR)	SHEPPARD Cora Cordelia (TN)	Elmer Ross 10/03/88 M Bridgeport [del. 13302] 
ALEXANDER James Thomas (TN)	FLOWERS Lucinda (TN)	Dennis Bob 03/26/79 M Gibson Co TN [del. 21544] 
ALEXANDER John C (MS)	COLLOM Ella (TX)	Grover Franklin 02/03/85 M Decatur [del. 17822] 
ALEXANDER John Crockett (AL)	COLLOM Martha Ella (TX)	William Robert 04/15/87 M Decatur [del. 9704] 
ALEXANDER John Crockett (AL)	COLLOM Martha Ella (TX)	Elizabeth Collom 01/08/92 F Decatur [del. 8994] 
ALEXANDER John Crockett (AL)	COLLOM Martha Ella (TX)	Claud Workman 03/05/00 M Decatur [del. 6436] 
ALEXANDER John Crockett (KY)	COLLOM Ella Mae (TX)	Charles Milton 05/08/94 M Decatur [del. 23969] 
ALEXANDER John Crockett (MS)	COLLOM Ella Narcisses (TX)	Goldie Mae 12/19/94 F Decatur [del. 22305] 
ALEXANDER Joseph W. (AL)	VASTI Clyde (TX)	blank 9/10/23 M blank 7890 
ALEXANDER Lanes Green (KY)	BAYSINGER Alice Emma (KS)	Wiley Emmett 09/01/97 M Chico [del. 4090] 
ALEXANDER U.D.	KRAMER Marie (K.)	Retha Marie 2/28/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9981] 
ALEXANDER W.	BLANK Willie	blank 3/17/07 F blank 3230 
ALEXANDER W.F.	BLANK blank	blank 3/19/07 F blank 3236 
ALEXANDER W.F. (AL)	PRUDY Minnie (AL)	blank 8/2/20 M Park Springs 7278 
ALEXANDER W.H. (TX)	MINKAMETT Ollie (GA)	blank 6/4/18 F Chico 6909 
ALEXANDER W.J. (AL)	FOWLER Clyde (TX)	Edwin Dempsey 10/22/29 M Park Springs 9482 
ALEXANDER W.R. (AL)	WHITE Dora May (AL)	Faye Estelle 7/23/09 F Park Springs 4695 
ALEXANDER W.R. (Wright)(AL)	WHITE Dora May (AL)	Lucille Joy 12/23/25 F Park Springs 8486 & 8486a
ALEXANDER W.S.	BLANK Texan	blank 1/19/08 F blank 3790 
ALEXANDER W.T.	PRUDY Minnie	Lula Marine 11/26/29 F blank [No Image 9518] 
ALEXANDER Walter Ferdinand (TN)	BONDURANT lone (TN)	Richard Lee 11/19/93 M Chico [del. 6856] 
ALEXANDER Willace	BLANK Texanna	blank 8/23/04 F blank 1129 
ALEXANDER William F. (AL)	MATION Willie (AL)	William Forest McDaniel 9/6/21 M Newark 7461 
ALEXANDER Willie F (AL)	HANNA Texanna (AL)	Rena Julia 09/30/96 F Cullman Co AL [del. 27937] 
ALEXANDER Willis Franklin	HANNA Texan	Roy Lee 8/22/04 M Chico 1130 & 1130a
ALEXANDER Willis T (AL)	HANNA Texanna (AL)	Iva May 06/05/02 F Chico [del. 16738] 
ALLBRITTON Buck (A.T.)	BLANK Ida	blank 5/1/08 F blank 4002 
ALLCORN Ben	BLANK Ora	blank 10/6/04 F blank 1254 
ALLCORN Ben	MCCLAIN Ora	blank 12/1/15 M blank 6310 
ALLCORN Ben (TX)	MCCLAIN Ora (TX)	Orvil Joe 3/7/21 M Rhome 7365 & 7365a
ALLCORN C.	BLANK blank	Willie Mae 10/28/03 F blank 401 
ALLCORN Elmer A. (TX)	KENNEY Mary Jane (TX)	Robert Calvin 6/12/29 M Decatur 9371 & 9371a
ALLCORN Robert Ben	MCCLAIN Ora	Jack Gaston 3/17/09 M Boyd 4559 & 4559a
ALLCORN Robert Ben	MCCLAIN Ora	(twin) 3/17/09 M blank 4560 
ALLEN Albert	BLANK blank	blank 4/12/09 F blank 4591 
ALLEN Andrew Jackson (TN)	LOVEJOY Elizabeth (TX)	Glenn Washington 07/04/90 M Chico [del. 21704] 
ALLEN Benjamin Franklin (TX)	CATES Stella Josephine (TX)	Benjamin Franklin 06/13/89 M Decatur [del. 13747] 
ALLEN C B (AR)	KELLEY Pearlee (TX)	Leroy 01/10/00 M Decatur [del. 23217] 
ALLEN C.	BLANK Zibie	blank 8/12/06 M blank 2836 
ALLEN C.S.	BLANK T.	F.E. 9/20/03 F blank 298 
ALLEN Charles	BLANK L.	blank 3/4/04 M blank 701 
ALLEN Charles Elmer (ID)	CLANCY Laura (KY)	Susie Elizabeth 03/02/02 F Greenwood [del. 22884] 
ALLEN Charlie Emmett (?)	PYLAND Sarah Ann (IL)	Charlie Emmett 03/07/98 M Decatur [del. 28313] 
ALLEN D.L. (David Lancaster)	CRAWFORD L.N. (Letha Nell)	Emmil 10/8/33 M Vineyard [No Image 10903] 
ALLEN Eddie Richard	CLANCY Lou Rindy	Zora Belle 4/10/05 F Greenwood 1734 & 1734a
ALLEN Eddie Richard (TX)	CLANCEY Lou Rindy (TN)	Tommie Richardson 10/01/97 M Greenwood [del. 20438] 
ALLEN Eddie Richard (TX)	CLANCY Lou Rindy (TN)	Joseph Hugh 01/28/02 M Greenwood [del. 20437] 
ALLEN Edgar	BLANK blank	blank 6/3/08 M blank 4069 
ALLEN Ernest	BLANK Stella	Vern Hill 6/26/05 M blank 1917 
ALLEN Finas	(GRUBBS) Ida	blank 9/3/13 F blank 5760 
ALLEN Finis	GRUBBS Ida (AL)	Viola 3/20/10 F Greenwood [3249] 3249AA
ALLEN Frank	BLANK Susie	blank 5/15/05 F blank 1819 
ALLEN George Washington (TN)	FOSTER Martha Jane (TN)	Madison Beal 12/19/83 M Hickman Co TN [del. 12727] 
ALLEN H.L.	LAWRENCE O.N.	Myrtis Ann 5/20/33 M blank [No Image 10772] 
ALLEN Henry	TURPIN Cora	blank 7/26/15 M blank 6169 
ALLEN Henry (TX)	MADDEN Bob Lee (TX)	Sadie May 11/24/08 F Decatur 4358 & 4358a & 4358b & 4358c
ALLEN Henry (TX)	TIMMONS Eliza Edna (KY)	William Louis 05/29/79 M Decatur [del. 17774] 
ALLEN Henry (TX)	TOLINER Laura B. (TX)	Loliner 6/17/25 F Rhome 8343 
ALLEN Henry Clay (TX)	BRAZZIEL Molly Eugenia (TX)	James Robert 02/12/84 M Boonsville [del. 5777] 
ALLEN Hugh Brown (MO)	SCHOOLER Hannah Elizabeth (IA)	Vinita May 09/19/88 F Decatur [del. 17285] 
ALLEN James Robert (TX)	HELTON Ida May (TN)	Hubert Francis 04/02/88 M Decatur [del. 18536] 
ALLEN James Robert (TX)	HELTON Ida May (TN)	Vera May 02/02/90 F Decatur [del. 22869] 
ALLEN James Walter	CLARK Sallie Ellen	Paul Sylvester 11/8/15 M Alvord 6296 & 6296a
ALLEN James Walter (TN)	BARKER Bertha Velma (OH)	Elsie 09/25/97 F Boyd [del. 25350] 
ALLEN John	(BASS) Addie	blank 4/9/06 M blank 2609 
ALLEN John	BLANK Olivia	blank 8/1/08 F blank 4161 
ALLEN L.	BLANK Ida	blank 11/5/04 F blank 1332 
ALLEN Madison Beal (TN)	MAULDIN Mary Adline (TX)	Nona LaVerne 7/11/24 F Park Springs 8099 & 8099a
ALLEN Oguster (TX)	JACKSON Francis Rosine (TX)	Clifford Rupert 10/24/99 M Willow Point [del. 6056] 
ALLEN R.B.	BLANK blank	blank 12/28/07 M blank 3748 
ALLEN Robert E Lee (TX)	HARRISON Jimmie A (TX)	Ruth Ella 07/28/94 F Decatur [del. 25029] 
ALLEN Thomas F (TX)	McALPIN Susie (TN)	Elva Lois 04/12/97 F Greenwood [del. 16005] 
ALLEN Walter William (TX)	McDONALD Quillie Myrtle (TX)	Andrew Jackson 10/16/96 M Chico [del. 4438] 
ALLEN Walter William (TX)	McDONALD Quillie Myrtle (TX)	Walter Orville 07/19/00 M Chico [del. 15314] 
ALLEN Will	(MALEY) Lula	blank 12/31/04 F blank 1477 
ALLEN Will (IL)	MALEY Lula (AR)	Mabon 04/16/00 F Decatur [del. 20750] 
ALLEN William Thomas(TN)	BAILEY Bertha (KY)	Raymond Leslie 8/12/05 M blank 2047 & 2047a
ALLGOOD Baylous Clayton (AL)	MONTGOMERY Sarah Jane (AL)	Baylous Clayton Jr 09/10/79 M Paradise [del. 24446] 
ALLGOOD James Deforest (AL)	TUCKER Emily Amelia (TX)	Ruth Martha 11/04/00 F Decatur [del. 31771] 
ALLISON Elisha Mitchel (NC)	SENSIBAUGH Mamie Frances (TX)	Minnie Lee 01/04/88 F Decatur [del. 22306] 
ALLISON Elisha Mitchell	SENSIBAUGH Mamie Frances	Mary Frances 4/1/04 F Decatur 779 & 0779a & 0779b
ALLISON J.L.	ALLEN H.	blank 3/14/04 M blank 730 
ALLISON James (MO)	FOWLER Elizabeth (MO)	Tom Robert 11/01/84 M Decatur [del. 7545] 
ALLISON John Lee (TX)	READ Hattie Leona (TX)	Clifford Orvis 09/14/00 M Garvin [del. 5656] 
ALLISON John Lee (TX)	READ Hattie Leona (TX)	Naomi Ruth 11/18/01 F Boyd [del. 11946] 
ALLISON John Samson	MCBRIDE Edith Malissa	J.A. 2/21/05 M Decatur 1615 & 1615a
ALLISON Robert Moses (TX)	CHENOWETH Fannie Lee (TX)	Hazel Fay 05/05/01 F Boyd [del. 8925] 
ALLISON Samuel P.	HAMILTON Mattie	John Paul 11/18/09 M blank 4850 & 4850a & 4850b
ALLISON Samuel Peter (TX)	HAMILTON Mattie Carroll (TX)	Laura Mae 10/23/07 F blank 3627 & 3627a
ALLISON Simon P (TX)	HAMILTON Mattie Carol (TX)	Bertie Carol 09/01/99 F Decatur [del. 14271] 
ALLISON Thomas	(READ) (Bertha)	blank 6/12/09 M blank 4660 
ALLISON Thomas	READ (Bertha)	blank 10/10/11 M blank 5379 
ALLISON W.E.	MCBRIDE (Ella)	Robert Leslie 10/23/31 M Paradise [No Image 10270] 
ALLISON William B. (TX)	SHELTON Willie May (MS)	Ralph Carlton 5/10/13 M Decatur 5695 
ALLRED Ferdie Hansford	LEE Virginia	Ferdie Lee 5/23/18 F Decatur 6900 & 6900a
ALLRED Frank	BLANK blank	William T. 9/14/03 M blank 284 
ALLRED Frank	BLANK blank	blank 11/6/08 F blank 4333 
ALLRED George (TX)	JENISON Ethel (TX)	blank 2/28/25 M Decatur 8271 
ALLRED George H.	JENSON Ethel V.	Brady Lee 3/22/31 M Decatur [No Image 10014] 
ALLRED George Hansford	JENSON Ethel	James Martin 12/19/27 M Decatur 8902 & 8902a
ALLRED John Julian (TX)	PORTWOOD Zula Annie (MS)	Johnie Bruce 12/10/89 F Boyd [del. 22948] 
ALLRED John Julian (TX)	PORTWOOD Zula Annie (TX)	Onie Roy 09/20/88 M Boyd [del. 12799] 
ALLRED N.F.	BLANK Maud	blank 1/7/07 M blank 3098 
ALLRED Newton Frank	MYERS Maud	Myrtle 4/16/05 F Decatur 1744 & 1744a
ALLRED Newton Frank (TX)	MYERS Ida (TX)	Melvin Franklin 8/23/19 M Decatur 7126 & 7126a & 7126b
ALLRED Newton Frank (TX)	MYERS Ida Maud (TX)	Woodrow Wilson 7/25/21 M Decatur 7427 & 7427a
ALLRED Newton Franklin (TX)	MYERS Ida Maud (TX)	Hugh Alexander 12/26/93 M Decatur [del. 15024] 
ALLRED T.H. (TX)	BLANK Virgia (TX)	Troy Lestin 4/10/23 M Decatur 7768 & 7768a
ALMONROAD C.F.	BLANK blank	blank 3/2/04 F blank 697 
ALMONROAD Calvin F (TN)	SNYDER Isabelle (MO)	Roy Francis 11/30/00 M Stoddard Co MO [del. 11117] 
ALMONROAD Calvin Francis (TN)	SNIDER Belle (MO)	Claud Wenson 02/14/93 M Stoddard Co MO [del. 11077] 
ALMONROAD D.	BLANK blank	blank 1/4/07 F blank 3109 
ALMONROAD Roy	MANNING Sammy	R.Y. 2/27/30 M blank [No Image 9610] 
ALMONROAD Roy Francis (MO)	MANNING Sammie Lorena (TX)	Steve A. 3/14/23 M Decatur 7738 & 7738a
ALTMAN Nathan N.	PILLERS Rosie Lee	Reymond Franklin 10/8/17 M Alvord 6674 & 6674a
ALTMAN Nathan N. (TX)	PILLER Rosie Lee (TX)	Nathan Loyd 9/30/07 M Alvord 3575 & 3575a
ALVIS C.C.	DAVIDSON Nora	blank 2/15/30 F blank [No Image 9594] 
AMERANDERS R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 4/12/15 M blank 6073 
AMES William A. (TX)	GORDON Mattie B. (TX)	Lillian A. 10/4/24 M Willow Point 8177 
ANDERSON Aaron	BLANK Ollie	blank 3/22/05 M blank 1686 
ANDERSON Albert Gallatin (MS)	WOMACK Elizabeth Price (MS)	Abbie Velma 10/07/00 F Paradise [del. 21497] 
ANDERSON Andrew Jackson (TX)	SHELTON Florence Nanett (TX)	Larena Bernice 5/8/19 F Bridgeport 7081 & 7081a
ANDERSON Arthur	DURHAM Anna (Lee)	Lorn W. 12/24/17 M Slidell 6776 & 6776a
ANDERSON C.D.	BLANK Cyntha	blank 7/24/06 M blank 2788 
ANDERSON C.L.	POWERS Frances A.	Awida Elaine 5/28/31 F Sunset [No Image 10085] 
ANDERSON C.L. (TX)	BOWEN Frances (TX)	blank 6/27/29 F Alvord 9384 
ANDERSON Connie	BLANK blank	blank 1/5/12 M blank 5437 
ANDERSON David Alexander (MS)	COFFEY Maggie (MS)	Andy Boyd 01/02/99 M Boyd [del. 21705] 
ANDERSON Drew	SHELTON Florence	blank 12/28/16 M blank 6532 
ANDERSON Freeland (IN)	ZIGLER Sarah E (KY)	Bertha Estella 12/24/89 F Alvord [del. 22560] 
ANDERSON Harve H (IN)	GRAVES Jennie (AR)	Ellar May 09/03/97 F Decatur [del. 25087] 
ANDERSON Henry Franklin (MS)	GENTRY Mattie A (MS)	Elbert Kieffer 03/07/85 M Decatur [del. 21844] 
ANDERSON Henry Franklin (MS)	GENTRY Mattie A (MS)	Paul Eugene 12/11/98 M Decatur [del. 21845] 
ANDERSON Henry Franklin (MS)	GENTRY Mattie Alabama (MS)	Jessie Lorena 01/23/94 F Decatur [del. 15047] 
ANDERSON Henry Franklin (MS)	GENTRY Mattie Alabama (MS)	Orville Lee 10/19/01 M Bridgeport [del. 4140] 
ANDERSON Henry H. (TX)	MCDONALD Ada M. (IL)	Ada Belle 3/22/29 F Decatur 9302 & 9302a
ANDERSON Henry Harrison (TX)	MCDONALD Ada Maud (IL)	Ruby Dale 5/14/25 F Rhome 8313 & 8313a
ANDERSON Hiram Finess (TX)	JOHNSON Estella Jane (TX)	Ada Viola 07/13/98 F Chico [del. 18619] 
ANDERSON Hiram Finess (TX)	JOHNSON Estella Jane (TX)	James Louis 05/10/01 M Chico [del. 9059] 
ANDERSON Isaac R. (TX)	LANCE Nancy (TX)	Clifton Franklin 5/2/22 M Alvord 7587 & 7587a
ANDERSON J. William	BLANK R.	blank 6/2/04 M blank 918 
ANDERSON J.B.	BLANK M.A.	blank 8/8/03 M blank 175 
ANDERSON J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 1/19/07 M blank 3120 
ANDERSON J.W.	BLANK Mary	blank 5/6/04 F blank 866 
ANDERSON Jack Leonard	MALLOY Willie Mattie (TX)	Charles Freeman 8/22/29 M blank 9426 & 9426a
ANDERSON James Clem (KS)	YOUNGBLOOD Mintie (TX)	Clem Caswell 02/16/93 M Alvord [del. 5310] 
ANDERSON James K Polk (TN)	HENSON Martha Ada (TX)	James Pearl 09/20/01 F Paradise [del. 13469] 
ANDERSON John	BLANK Mary	blank 5/23/15 F blank 6103 
ANDERSON John Riley (TX)	TREECE Frankie Jane (TX)	Elizabeth Jane 01/07/91 F Decatur [del. 21942] 
ANDERSON John Steve (TX)	MEYERS Millie (TX)	Oscar L 11/07/92 M Audubon [del. 26755] 
ANDERSON John Steve (TX)	MYERS Millie Ann (TX)	Howard 09/15/96 M Decatur [del. 4895] 
ANDERSON John Steve (TX)	MYERS Millie Ann (TX)	John Melvin 08/27/99 M Decatur [del. 4896] 
ANDERSON John William (TX)	BARTHEWMULE Mary O. (IA)	Avis 1/30/09 M Crafton 4463 & 4463a
ANDERSON Lewis (IA)	MILLER Massie B (MO)	Minnie Nora 05/26/01 F Alvord [del. 19394] 
ANDERSON Lewis (IA)	MILLER Massie B (MO)	Andrew Jackson 09/03/94 M Alvord [del. 14694] 
ANDERSON Lucius Herman(AL)	MILLIGAN Minnie Mae (GA)	Thelma Pauline 7/29/05 F blank 2012 & 2012a
ANDERSON Mark David (MO)	WHITLEY Mary (MO)	Kirby 06/28/87 M Bridgeport [del. 9120] 
ANDERSON Milford (Melton)	(HINES) Roxie	blank 1/28/06 M blank 2453 
ANDERSON R.J.	BLANK blank	blank 2/2/16 M blank 6353 
ANDERSON R.J.	MCDONALD Russell	Wiley T. 4/22/30 M blank [No Image 9667] 
ANDERSON Roscoe	BLANK Alice	blank 9/27/09 F blank 4783 
ANDERSON Ruben J. (AL)	MCDONALD Reedell (TX)	Willie Dell 12/12/23 F Rhome 7952 
ANDERSON S P (IL)	COLLINS Sue (TX)	Samuel Arthur 02/11/91 M Slidell [del. 20473] 
ANDERSON Sam (M.)	MOONEY Linnie	Fred Hames 8/23/33 M Decatur [No Image 10875] 
ANDERSON T.D.	BLANK Mary	blank 11/10/04 F blank 1341 
ANDERSON Theoda	BLANK blank	blank 10/14/14 F blank 5971 
ANDERSON Theodore	TABNER Mary	Odessa 6/11/17 F Boyd 6645 
ANDERSON Thomas (TX)	COLLINS Jennie (TX)	Curtis Buchanan 5/13/21 M Bridgeport 7394 & 7394a
ANDERSON Thomas Robert (KY)	BARNETT Lena (KY)	Edward Thomas 12/21/95 M Pendelton Co KY [del. 10396] 
ANDERSON Tom	COLLINS Jessie 	blank 10/1/11 M blank 5375 
ANDERSON Tom	MORGAN Josie	blank 1/28/18 F blank 6808 
ANDERSON Unknown	ANDERSON Velma	blank 6/11/28 M blank 9034 
ANDERSON William	BLANK Rowena	blank 10/18/07 F blank 3615 & 3615a
ANDERSON William (AR)	BAILEY Adah (LA)	Nettie 02/15/87 F Decatur [del. 23993] 
ANDERSON William (GA)	LYONS Nanda (OK)	Joseph William 08/17/01 M Coal Co OK [del. 15092] 
ANDERSON William Wallace (MS)	BYRD Manervia Ann (MS)	Brue Milton 11/16/84 M Decatur [del. 11726] 
ANDERSON Wilson	HUDGINS Sarah Ann	Edith Delma 4/6/05 F Alvord 1720 & 1720a
ANDREWS James Roland (AR)	BELL Malissa Catherine (AR)	Lillie Myrtle 04/20/88 F Decatur [del. 14370] 
ANDREWS James Roland (AR)	BELL Malissa Catherine (AR)	James Harris 05/27/93 M Decatur [del. 9918] 
ANDREWS James Roland (AR)	BELL Malissa Cathrine (AR)	Millie Jane 07/29/89 F Decatur [del. 22813] 
ANDREWS John (TX)	THORP Ida Elizabeth (TX)	Victor Emmanuel 09/08/00 M Park Springs [del. 33155] 
ANDREWS John (TX)	THORP Ida Elizabeth (TX)	Virgil Augustus 09/08/00 M Park Springs [del. 13136] 
ANDREWS W.B.	NORVELL Vera Mae	Windal B. 4/3/33 M Houston [No Image 10718] 
ANSTEAD R.	BLANK blank	blank 3/4/04 F blank 703 
ANSTEAD Richard	BLANK blank	blank 7/4/17 F Decatur 6651 
ANTONINE I.L.	WILKINS Mollie F.	Janey Ruth 7/12/33 F Boonsville [No Image 10823] 
ANTWINE I.L. (TX)	WILKINS M.F. (TX)	Lewis Wilkins 11/20/24 M Poolville 8219 & 8219a
ANTWINE J.E.	BLANK M.	blank 8/20/09 F blank 4742 
ANTWINE J.E.	BLANK M.E.	blank 12/16/07 M blank 3730 
ANTWINE J.E. (MS)	SINGLETON Modie (MS)	William Thomas 10/7/12 M Boonsville 5582 & 5582a
ANTWINE J.R.	SINGLETON Madie	Robert Heman 10/5/10 M blank 5110 & 5110a
ANTWINE James Edward (MS)	WORLEY Susan Jane (MS)	Isaac Luther 06/24/93 M Boonsnille [del. 20440] 
APPLE Charlie Milton (TX)	POWELL Alma (AR)	Lee Milton 8/29/08 M Bridgeport 4211 
APPLEWHITE James Augustus	RASBERRY Mary Jane	James Clarence 7/11/11 M Boyd 5303 & 5303a
APPLEWHITE James Augustus	RASBERRY Mary Jane	Bertie Marie 11/15/17 F Boyd 6755 & 6755a
APPLEWHITE James Augustus	RASPBERRY Mary Jane	Silice Bedford 8/6/15 M Boyd 6186 & 6186a
APPLEWHITE Joseph Ralph (TX)	SCROGGINS Mary E (TX)	James Augustus 11/23/87 M Aurora [del. 7662] 
APPLEWHITE Joseph Ralph (TX)	SCROGGINS Mary Emma (TX)	Harriet Audnie 04/04/99 M Garvin [del. 17012] 
APPLEWHITE Samuel Cardus (TX)	ERWIN Mary Ida (TN)	Audnie Pauline 1/26/15 F Boyd 6021 & 6021a
APPLEWHITE Will	MOODY Dana Emily	Joe Carolous 7/8/15 M Boyd 6146 & 6146a
APPLIN J.J.	(CARLEY) Virgie	blank 8/7/05 M blank 2033 
APPLIN Jeff	BLANK blank	blank 1/11/09 M blank 4431 
APPLIN O.M. (TX)	MCNEELY Maud (Novella)(TX)	Leana Elizabeth 4/5/29 F Alvord 9316 
APPLIN W.E. (TX)	MCKINNEY Mary (AL)	Raffian 10/25/23 M Park Springs 7928 
APPLIN Will (TX)	BOSTIN Georgia (TX)	Hiram Harold 12/2/18 M Decatur 7013 & 7013a
APPLING blank	GREGORY Martha Victoria (AR)	Neoma Aquilla 06/15/92 F Grant Co AR [del. 26727] 
APPLING Enoch	BLANK blank	blank 9/9/07 F blank 3528 
APPLING Enoch Franklin (MO)	WILSON Callie D (OK)	Anna Lee 10/05/01 F Park Springs [del. 21613] 
APPLING George Washington (AR)	GREGORY Martha Victoria (AR)	Grover Berry 07/20/87 M Sebastian Co AR [del. 20511] 
APPLING Grover Berry, Sr.(AR)	MCKAY Myrtle (TX)	Grover Berry, Jr. 9/8/25 M Park Springs 8411 & 8411a
APPLING I. (S.F.)	STACK (Ludie)	blank 10/22/11 F blank 5388 
APPLING James Holaway (AL)	DAVIS Alexander Jane (AR)	Stanley Elonzo 07/03/83 M Grant Co AR [del. 16997] 
APPLING John	BLANK Dollie	blank 2/10/05 M blank 1591 
APPLING John Franklin (AR)	McKINNEY Effie May (AR)	Osado Lee 09/25/01 F Park Springs [del. 22832] 
APPLING John Wesley (KY)	FLOWERS Ada Gertrude (KY)	Ernest Filmore 05/08/95 M Slidell [del. 30733] 
APPLING Stanley Elanso (AR)	STACK Ludie Ethel (MS)	J.B. 10/31/07 M Chico 3640 & 3640a
ARD William Wiley (TX)	RAINS Kittye Craven (TX)	Charley Craven 08/21/99 M Greenwood [del. 10192] 
ARMES John Anderson (MO)	STEWART Mary Frances (AL)	Walter Anderson 06/24/89 M Boonsville [del. 17271] 
ARMES John Anderson (MO)	STEWART Mary Frances (AL)	Marion Caz 12/19/96 M Boonsville [del. 7933] 
ARMES John Anderson (TN)	STEWART Mary Frances (AL)	William Anderson 12/02/79 M Boonsville [del. 25274] 
ARMES John Anderson (TN)	STEWART Mary Frances (AL)	Maggie May 11/23/86 F Boonsville [del. 21706] 
ARMS C.C. (TX)	JENNINGS V.B. (TX)	blank 10/24/29 M Boonsville 9487 
ARMSTRONG G.L.	(BOGY) M.C. (Manice)	blank 4/6/06 F blank 2598 
ARMSTRONG George Lee (TX)	BOGY Mamie Ceclia (TX)	Ignace Joyce 9/22/08 M Willow Point 4261 & 4261a
ARMSTRONG George Lee (TX)	BOGY Mary Cecelia (TX)	Anna Beulah 12/19/97 F Bridgeport [del. 24563] 
ARMSTRONG George Lee (TX)	BOGY Namie Cecelia (TX)	Lucius Ivy 10/25/01 M Willow Point [del. 23678] 
ARMSTRONG John	BLANK Mary	blank 1/6/05 M blank 1493 
ARMSTRONG John (OH)	WEEKLY Nancy (OH)	Bertha Jane 04/18/82 F Chico [del. 4003] 
ARMSTRONG Robert C. (AL)	HARWELL Mary Ellen (AL)	Willie J. 9/11/18 M Paradise 6975 
ARMSTRONG William Asa	GILLILAND Martha Elizabeth 	Lura Myrtle 4/4/10 F Willow Point 4974 & 4974a
ARMSTRONG William Asa (TX)	GILLIAN Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Minnie Lee 12/29/12 F Willow Point 5621 & 5621a
ARMSTRONG William B (TN)	BIRDWELL Harriet E (TN)	John Baker 02/12/85 M Decatur [del. 14391] 
ARMSTRONG William J. (TX)	PALLARD Florence M. (TN)	blank 8/15/25 M Leo 8387 
ARNETT George	BLANK blank	blank 5/10/05 F blank 1807 
ARNETT Gus	BLANK blank	blank 7/30/07 M blank 3450 
ARNETT M.A.	HOGUE blank	blank 12/27/13 M blank 5806 & [delayed 3696]
ARNETT Milburn Anderson	HOGUE Ina May	John Milburne 6/23/11 M blank 5285 & 5285a
ARNOLD Arthur	BLANK blank	blank 10/23/06 F blank 2974 
ARNOLD Bob	BLANK blank	J.J. 3/1/05 M blank 1637 
ARNOLD J.N.	BLANK blank	blank 11/12/03 M blank 441 
ARNOLD J.S.	BLANK blank	blank 10/23/06 M blank 2973 
ARNOLD James Sherman	KELSEY Berdie Mae	Ola Mae 11/13/03 F Paradise 442 & 0442a
ARNOLD John Noah (TN)	HALL Arvie Z (TN)	Bettie Gotcher 06/29/84 F Boonsville [del. 17698] 
ARNOLD Joseph Nuckold (MS)	HOLT Narcia Annie (TN)	David Lee 03/29/90 M Greenwood [del. 15002] 
ARNOLD R.L.	BLANK May	blank 9/21/06 F blank 2922 
ARNOLD Robert Lee	ALLISON Sarah A.	Nora Josephine 12/22/05 F Paradise 2372 & 2372a
ARNOLD Robert Lee (TX)	ALLISON Sarah A (MO)	Sherman Lee 03/26/99 M Paradise [del. 25349] 
ARP Hub (TX)	BALL Ann (TX)	William Henry 01/26/77 M Audubon [del. 9556] 
ARPS S.L.	LASETER Inez	blank 3/15/27 F Chico 8767 
ARRINGTON Burrell	NESMITH Ora Lee	Winjors B. 12/9/29 M blank [No Image 9526] 
ARRINGTON Burrell (TX)	NESMITH Ola (AL)	Marie Mozell 11/19/20 F Boyd 7315 & 7315a
ARRINGTON Burrell (TX)	NESMITH Ola Lee (AL)	Willie D. 3/8/26 F Boyd 8558 
ARRINGTON Burrell (TX)	NESMITH Olo (AL)	Guinn Elwood 3/3/22 M Decatur 7554 & 7554a
ARRINGTON D.A.	WALKER Elva	Betty Jean 2/12/31 F Boyd [No Image 9957] 
ARRINGTON D.A. (TX)	WALKER Elva (TX)	Veneta J. 7/5/26 F Boyd 8609 
ARRINGTON Gus Davis (TN)	WALKER Sallie Winford (MS)	Burrell 04/25/94 M Anneville [del. 14085] 
ARRINGTON Joseph Lonzo (TN)	HUFF Rosanna Ellen (TX)	Cora Estella 09/01/90 F Aurora 25 & [del. 6726] 
ARRINGTON Joseph Lonzo (TN)	HUFF Rosanna Ellen (TX)	Essie Maud 12/30/91 F Anneville 27 & [del. 13917] 
ARRINGTON Lee	BLANK Alice	blank 10/8/08 M blank 4286 
ARRINGTON Sam (TX)	SWINNEY Pearl (TX)	Ross Thomas 4/13/15 M Decatur 6074 & 6074a
ARRINGTON Vince Talmage (TX)	HARRIS Bessie Lee (TX)	Ira Bunell 6/16/23 M Decatur 7826 & 7826a
ARRINGTON William Lee (AR)	FERGUSON Alice (TX)	Essie Mae 08/10/97 F Alvord [del. 23785] 
ARRINGTON William Lee (AR)	FERGUSON Alice (TX)	Jettie Noice 12/16/00 F Alvord [del. 33289] 
ARTHUR Charley (OH)	EARHART Betty (OK)	Irwen 10/01/94 M Decatur [del. 28590] 
ARTHUR Charlie (OH)	EARHART Betsy (AR)	William Leon 06/06/77 M Decatur [del. 10397] 
ARTHUR Irwen (TX)	MINOR Willie (TX)	Inez 5/22/22 F Decatur 7599 & 7599a
ARTHUR William (AL)	SHELTON Elizabeth (MO)	Jim Rowe 12/05/78 M Decatur [del. 14830] 
ARWINE Dave B.	TAYLOR Esta B.	blank 6/30/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10129] 
ARWINE David Lively (IN)	ELKINS Amanda (IN)	Joseph Arnold 09/09/94 M Bridgeport [del. 31447] 
ARWINE David Lively (IN)	ELKINS Amanda (IN)	Mary Lottie 03/27/02 F Bridgeport [del. 23250] 
ARWINE Ike	YOUNG Nellie	blank 1/16/14 M blank 5822 & [delayed 21189]
ARWINE Isaac	YOUNG Nellie	blank 3/8/17 M blank 6572 
ARWINE W.I.	KINBLE Myrtle Pink	William Isaac, Jr. 7/2/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10131] 
ARY James (KY)	SHORT Sarah Artlissa (IL)	Margret Lela 07/23/93 F Alvord [del. 23895] 
ASH Guy	SMALL blank	blank 5/30/16 F blank 6419 
ASH R.M. (AL)	CAVER Lena (MS)	Laura 9/11/09 F Decatur 4765 & 4765a & 4765b
ASH Robert (AL)	REID Inez (TX)	Ruby Lamont 11/03/97 F Aurora [del. 5133] 
ASH Robert (AL)	REID Inez (TX)	Frank 06/22/99 M Aurora [del. 4921] 
ASH Robert (C.)	(REID) (A.I.) (Inez)	(Hazel) 5/10/04 F blank 874 
ASH Robert Clark (AL)	REID Alma Inez (TX)	Velma Vastine 01/06/02 F Boyd [del. 28628] 
ASH Robert Milton (AL)	CAVER Lena (MS)	Guy Albert 07/27/93 M Decatur [del. 4222] 
ASH Robert Milton (AL)	CAVER Lena (MS)	Vernon Luther 09/17/96 M Decatur [del. 9269] 
ASH Robert Milton (AL)	CAVER Lena (MS)	Alva Paul 07/27/99 M Decatur [del. 19154] 
ASH T.A.	(MUNSE) Maggie	blank 9/23/04 F blank 1218 
ASHFORD J.L. (TX)	(HUCKABEE) Addie (TX)	blank 8/2/23 F Park Springs 7867 
ASHFORD John L. (Lesnett)(TX)	HUCKABEE Addie Mae (TX)	Lula Laverene 2/14/25 F Park Springs 8265 
ASHFORD William Cantrell (TX)	HALMAN Myrtle Dove (TX)	Lois Jaunell 2/19/24 F Chico 8009 & 8009a
ASHLEY W.O.	WILLIAMS Euna	Ella Lois 7/25/32 F Alvord [No Image 10509] 
ASHLEY William Ervin (IL)	HOWARD Rachel Bell (IL)	William Franklin 08/28/94 M Bridgeport [del. 28675] 
ASHLOCK J.W.	BLANK (N.E.)	(J.B.) 6/7/04 M blank 929 
ASHLOCK James W (TX)	ETTER Nancy E (AR)	Grover Cleveland 08/19/88 M Decatur [del. 16777] 
ASHLOCK Walter	(MILLER) Belle	blank 8/26/04 M blank 1140 
ASHLOCK Walter	BLANK blank	blank 10/4/09 F blank 4798 
ASHLOCK Walter	BLANK blank	blank 4/11/12 F blank 5504 
ASHLOCK Walter (TX)	MILLER Gladis Belle (TX)	Johnie Guy 12/09/02 M Decatur [del. 5980] 
ASHLUCK William F (TX)	MILLER Mary Jane (MS)	John Marida 01/05/01 M Decatur [del. 8413] 
ASHTON Floyd	BLANK blank	blank 4/25/08 F blank 3990 
ASHTON Floyd Cleveland	MORRISON Mattie Bell	Floyd Petty 9/27/15 M blank 6257 & 6257a
ASHTON Floyd Cleveland (TX)	MORRISON Mattie Bell (AL)	Velma Viola 3/31/07 F Decatur 3259 & 3259a
ASHTON Francis Marion (TN)	HOLT Martha Harriet (TN)	Maudie Emma 03/18/95 F Decatur [del. 23126] 
ASHTON Francis Marion (TN)	HOLT Martha Harriet (TN)	Annie Mae 09/19/00 F Decatur [del. 24424] 
ASHTON Morgan	BLANK blank	blank 3/6/04 M blank 711 
ASHWORTH C.L. (Cloyd)	BURRIS Laval	Florella 8/28/27 F blank 8832 
ASHWORTH Joe	BLANK Mary	blank 7/11/11 M blank 5302 
ASIITON Morgan Lee (TX)	MORRISON Netta Levert (AL)	Rupert Elmer 04/04/02 M Decatur [del. 22335] 
ASKEN John	BLANK blank	blank 9/22/03 F blank 306 
ASKEY Marion Walter, Sr. (TX)	BARNEY Ola (TX)	Marion Walter, Jr. 8/5/24 M Decatur 8135 & 8135a
ASKEY W. Alvin	DAVENPORT Mildred	Bobby Jess 11/6/33 M Rhome [No Image 10928] 
ASKEY William A.	DAVENPORT Mildred	Billy Alvin 10/12/31 M Rhome [No Image 10256] 
ASKEY William Henry	BURNES Martha Elizabeth	Nettie Lee 9/1/03 F Rhome 246 & 0246a
ASKEY William Henry	BURNZS Martha Elizabeth	Minnie Ada 7/14/05 F Rhome 1958 & 1958a
ASKEY William Henry (TX)	BURNS Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Fannie Pearl 8/20/09 F Rhome 4743 & [delayed 7497]
ASTON E.P.	BLANK J.L.	blank 7/1/05 F blank 1932 
ATKERSON J.D. (TX)	ARNOLD Ethel (TX)	Irven Leroy 5/23/08 M Decatur 4044 & 4044a
ATKERSON John Wesley (MO)	GABBERT Ida Richardson (MO)	William Henry 10/19/86 M Decatur [del. 21048] 
ATKERSON N B (IL)	PYLE Mary E (TX)	Jesse D 12/09/82 M Decatur [del. 24447] 
ATKINS Earl (TX)	MOSER Jewel (TX)	Earl Waymon 10/23/28 M Greenwood 9161 
ATKINS J.W.	BLANK S.A.	blank 2/27/07 blank blank 3195 
ATKINS Leo T.	ODAM Ruby P.	Billie Tilman 10/11/31 M blank [No Image 10255] 
ATKINS N B (IL)	COBURN Rebecca (MA)	Clara Ellen 10/14/79 F Pella [del. 19688] 
ATKINS Poy E.	MCROW Eunice Mable	Nolan Dale 7/24/28 F Greenwood 9059 & 9059a & 9059b
ATKINS Samuel Luther (TN)	ALLISON Sarah Lou (TX)	Anna Lola 12/19/98 F Paradise [del. 21782] 
ATKINS Samuel Luther (TN)	ALLISON Sarah Loula (TX)	Effie Mary 06/01/91 F Boyd [del. 5981] 
ATKINSON John Thomas (TX)	HUDSON Allie Frances (TX)	Pansy Lu 9/21/26 F Bridgeport 8674 & 8674a
ATKINSON Paul (MS)	DUNCAN Nancy (MO)	Charles William 11/12/81 M Bridgeport [del. 17810] 
ATKINSON Paul (MS)	DUNCAN Nancy (MO)	Mollie Bell 05/13/84 F Bridgeport 7 & [del. 3104] 
ATKINSON Paul William (AL)	DUNCAN Nancy (MO)	John Thomas 05/13/84 M Paradise [del. 19876] 
ATLEY W.A.	COFFMAN Pearl	blank 1/28/27 F Chico 8740 
ATWOOD Aldro Earl (MI)	RUTLEDGE Rosa Nancy (MO)	William Henry 03/19/89 M Decatur [del. 9703] 
ATWOOD William Henry	LOWREY Betty Lou	Elmer Earl 8/17/15 M Decatur 6200 
ATWOOD William Henry, Sr. (TX)	LOWERY Betty (AL)	William Henry, Jr. 8/8/21 M Chico 7437 
AUSTIN C.A.	BLANK B.M.	blank 6/30/05 M blank 1930 
AUSTIN Charley Augustus (CA)	COX Beulah Myrtle (TX)	Mary Florence 1/30/07 F Chico 3150 & 3150a
AUSTIN Felix Houston (MO)	GRAHAM Nannie Ann (VA)	Hattie 01/24/01 F Decatur [del. 20859] 
AUSTIN Thomas Newell (KY)	HOBDY Nanna Elender (TN)	Clement Henderson 12/29/89 M Sunset [del. 7931] 
AUTHERHOLT David	BLANK blank	blank 11/29/08 M blank 4364 
AUTRY Jacob C (TX)	NICHOLSON L Elizabeth (IA)	Triona Gertrude 12/13/87 F Decatur [del. 21566] 
AUTRY Samuel Alexander (TN)	WALKER Marie Elizabeth (TX)	Myrtle Octavy 09/22/85 F Decatur [del. 3693] 
AUTRY Samuel Alexander (TN)	WALKER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Winnie Dora Retha 09/29/86 F Decatur [del. 17331] 
AUTRY Samuel Alexander (TN)	WALKER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Alice Branch 05/25/88 F Decatur [del. 17330] 
AUTRY Samuel Alexander (TN)	WALKER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Martha Lee 08/01/91 F Decatur [del. 17332] 
AXLEY Oscar (OK)	WILLIAMS Ina (TX)	Doris 1/24/23 F Alvord 7714 & 7714a
BABB Theodore Adoiphus (WI)	GRAHAM Pattie (TX)	Annie Isabel 05/11/83 F Decatur [del. 27938] 
BACHELOR A.B.	BRIDGES Pearl	A.B., Jr. 3/26/28 M Alvord 8979 & 8979a
BACHELOR Letcherd Leonard (MO)	BIRD Hettie Jane (TN)	Henry Amos 03/10/90 M Alvord [del. 20219] 
BACON Jerry Elijah	STAFFORD Louisa Rebecca	Clara Jewel 10/14/09 F Decatur 4811 & 4811a
BADGER Asberry Steel (IN)	WOODY Eliza Jane (TX)	Emma Cellia 11/03/84 F Decatur [del. 4064] 
BADGER Asberry Steel (IN)	WOODY Eliza Jane (TX)	Rita 09/22/89 F Decatur [del. 14947] 
BADGER Asberry Steel (IN)	WOODY Eliza Jane (TX)	Marvin Woody 09/21/92 M Decatur [del. 11075] 
BADGER Asberry Steel (IN)	WOODY Eliza Jane (TX)	Pearl Eliza 11/08/00 F Decatur [del. 6294] 
BADGER Marvin W.	BRADFORD Ethel G.	Eddie Lee 5/10/31 M Decatur [No Image 10066] 
BADGER Marvin W. (TX)	BRADFORD Ethel Gertrude (TX)	James Rogers 9/10/26 M Decatur 8662 
BADGWELL J.H. (AR)	WINES Mary (TX)	blank 1/2/23 M Park Springs 7703 & [Delayed 11605]
BADGWELL R.C. (TX)	MCKAY Beatrice B. (TX)	blank 8/26/25 F Park Springs 8396 
BADGWELL Robert Chester, Sr.(TX)	MCKAY Beatrice Bell (TX)	Robert Chester, Jr. 2/2/20 M Park Springs 7204 & 7204a
BAGGETT John Lewis (TN)	ROWLETT Margaret Ellen (MS)	Nora Martha 02/12/83 F Rhome [del. 8843] 
BAGGETT William Allen (IL)	GIBSON Mary Susan (TX)	Monroe Clarence 04/11/82 M Decatur [del. 6051] 
BAGGETT William Burton (GA)	SPENCER Ruth Emmer (TX)	Olen Greer 03/15/97 M Decatur [del. 5360] 
BAGWELL Bruce	BLANK T.	blank 7/20/08 M blank 4141 
BAGWELL Robert Chester (TX)	MCKAY Beatrice (TX)	twin 3/16/24 F Park Springs 8031 
BAGWELL Robert Chester (TX)	MCKAY Beatrice (TX)	Juanita-twin 3/16/24 F Park Springs 8032 & 8032a
BAGWELL Robert Chester (TX)	MCKAY Beatrice (TX)	Wanzell-twin 3/16/24 F Park Springs 8033 & 8033a
BAGWELL Robert Theodore (AL)	KELLEY Minnie Grant (TX)	Wade Hampton 10/21/00 M Wise Co [del. 12045] 
BAILEY Andrew Jackson (GA)	LEWIS Susan Airline (TN)	William Odus 10/04/83 M Boonsville [del. 15398] 
BAILEY Andrew Jackson (GA)	LEWIS Susan Airline (TN)	Mary Josephine 11/01/85 F Boonsville [del. 15399] 
BAILEY Brad	EARLY Myrtie	blank 12/11/33 M Wise Co [No Image 10959] 
BAILEY Bud (TX)	EARLEY Mertie (TX)	Mildred Lavaine 9/25/29 F Bridgeport 9462 & 9462a
BAILEY Carrol Elie (TN)	CARTER Mary Bell (TX)	Lydia Elizabith 12/12/94 F Decatur [del. 27880] 
BAILEY Cuel	EASLEY Vandie	blank 8/24/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10191] 
BAILEY D.S.	MOSIER Opal	Dortha M. 4/5/33 F Slidell [No Image 10719] 
BAILEY George Curtis (TX)	JONES Maggie (TX)	Ethel May 6/30/06 F Alvord 2737 & 2737a
BAILEY Henry	BLANK Lemoret	Henry T. 8/9/06 M blank 2822 
BAILEY Henry Thomas (TX)	BARNES Lemont (MS)	Leta Lemont 06/09/00 F Chico [del. 22089] 
BAILEY Henry Thomas (TX)	BARNES Lemont (MS)	Irma Merle 05/25/02 F Chico [del. 28610] 
BAILEY Herbert (NY)	McMAHAN Lucy Ann (MO)	Sarah Emeline 05/20/77 F Decatur [del. 5743] 
BAILEY Herbert (NY)	McMAHAN Lucy Ann (MO)	Byron Cole 03/29/85 M Decatur [del. 23067] 
BAILEY Herbert (NY)	McMAHAN Lucy Ann (MO)	Lillian Catherine 07/30/87 F Decatur [del. 12046] 
BAILEY Horns Coleman (AL)	RENNELS Mary Ann Liza (AL)	Maude Lee 04/02/85 F Greenwood [del. 19533] 
BAILEY J.F. (TX)	MUSGROVE Fay O. (TX)	James Milton 12/5/25 M blank 8472 & [delayed 11359]
BAILEY J.W.	BLANK Bertie	blank 4/5/07 M blank 3272 
BAILEY James A (TX)	BOBO Julia A (AL)	Clyde Coleman 0/02/00 M Opal [del. 10637] 
BAILEY James Albert (TX)	BOBO Julia Ann (AL)	Minnie Lee 05/12/98 F Cottondale [del. 11608] 
BAILEY James Albert (TX)	BOBO Julia Ann Josephine (AL)	Bertha Ray 09/18/96 F Cottondale [del. 15525] 
BAILEY Jim 	(BOBO) Julia	blank 2/11/08 M blank 3839 
BAILEY Jim (M.)	BOBO Julia	John Clifford 5/27/04 M Boyd 903 & 0903a
BAILEY John Wesley (TX)	BARNES Bertil Belle (MS)	Eugene Marcus 04/21/01 M Boonsville [del. 4049] 
BAILEY Joseph A (TX)	ANDREWS Esther Parale (TX)	Louis Raymond 07/08/95 M Bridgeport [del. 8673] 
BAILEY Joseph Robert (TN)	FLOWERS Pearl Ann (TN)	Jay Truest 09/04/92 M Chico [del. 23251] 
BAILEY L.	VANDIVER Maude	Fene Winford 1/12/31 M blank [No Image 9927] 
BAILEY Loyd	JUSTICE Murtle	Davie Lee 5/1/13 F blank 5691 
BAILEY Mack Franklin (TN)	HOLLINGSWORTH Elizabeth Mae (TX)	Lucy Ann 10/29/92 F Chico [del. 13827] 
BAILEY Oliver Henry	PRUETT Lillie Myrtle	Bonita Elizabeth 9/13/17 F Slidell 6707 & 6707a
BAILEY Robert	BLANK Maggie	blank 12/17/07 M blank 3731 
BAILEY Robert Hayden (TX)	NIX Emma Lee (TX)	Harry Hayden 04/20/95 M Newark [del. 7787] 
BAILEY Robert W (AR)	WILKES Maggie Elizabeth (AR)	John Houston 01/27/98 M Bridgeport [del. 8335] 
BAILEY Robert Walter	WILKS Maggie	Reuben Walter 11/3/03 M Bridgeport 421 & 0421a
BAILEY Ross (S.R.)	ANDERSON Sallie	Bud 8/22/04 M Bridgeport 1123 & 1123a
BAILEY Ross (S.R.)	ANDERSON Sallie	blank 3/19/15 M blank 6057 
BAILEY Stephen Ross (AR)	ANDERSON Sallie A (TX)	Cuil 08/25/02 M Bridgeport [del. 22255] 
BAILEY Stephen Ross (AR)	ANDERSON Sallie A. (TX)	Mabel 6/1/07 F Chico 3364 & 3364a
BAILEY T.J.	BLANK blank	blank 11/30/06 F blank 3038 
BAILEY Thomas A.	(WILKERSON) Minnie	blank 7/24/04 M blank 1048 
BAILEY Thomas Alexander (AL)	WILKENSON Georgie Minnie (TN)	William Marion 02/02/02 M Bridgeport [del. 20847] 
BAILEY Thomas Alexander (AL)	WILKINSON Minnie (MS)	Ida Mae 08/27/98 F Bridgeport [del. 28212] 
BAILEY Zachariah M (GA)	GOOD Nancy Helena (TX)	Donna Elizabeth 01/19/88 F Boonsville [del. 22835] 
BAILEY Zachariah Mansfield (GA)	GOOD Helena (TX)	Ella Mary 11/06/80 F Boonsville [del. 9332] 
BAILLEY Cuil	EARLEY Vaudie Avis	Cecil 11/24/26 M Bridgeport 8717 & 8717a
BAIN Henry H.	MOUNT Hattie Florence	Ima Florence 3/27/06 F rhome 2570 & 2570a & [Delayed 19534]
BAIN John Thomas (TX)	HILL Mary Alice (TX)	Claude William 10/06/96 M Garvin [del. 15424] 
BAIN John Thomas (TX)	HILL Mary Alice (TX)	John Richard 11/02/97 M Garvin [del. 8334] 
BAIN John Wesley (AL)	RAY Smanthy Luizey (MS)	Frank 03/29/96 M Alvord [del. 19956] 
BAIN R.L.	(POOL) Nora	blank 8/24/05 M blank 2080 
BAIN R.L.	(POOL) Nora A.	blank 11/12/03 M blank 439 
BAIN Robert Lee (TN)	POOL Nora (GA)	Grady Henry 07/02/94 M Cottondale [del. 24329] 
BAIN Robert Lee (TN)	POOL Nora Ann (GA)	Charlie Lee 07/21/92 M Garvin [del. 23390] 
BAIRD Charles Daniel (LA)	POLLARD Cora.M (TX)	Audria M 11/27/95 F Boonsville [del. 27898] 
BAIRD John Jennings (TN)	CHILDRESS Nettle Elizabeth (AL)	Earnest Managen 09/08/00 M Slidell [del. 4212] 
BAIRD William Licurgus (TN)	BLANK Ellen Amanda (KY)	Charles Wesley 02/09/79 M Chico [del. 16301] 
BAIRETT Sam Houston (TN)	MORGAN Ritta Mae (TN)	Donia Frances 11/25/21 F Slidell 7513 & 7513a
BAITS George E (TN)	SMITH Martha Jane (TN)	Philip R 11/29/92 M Decatur 30 & [del. 2418] 
BAITS George Edward (TN)	SMITH Martha (TN)	Nina 07/29/84 F Decatur [del. 16303] 
BAITS George Edward (TN)	SMITH Martha Jane (TN)	Frank Edward 05/07/87 M Decatur [del. 9083] 
BAITS George Edward (TN)	SMITH Martha Jane (TN)	Mattie Louise 12/15/89 F Decatur [del. 21158] 
BAITS Lonnie Philander (TN)	COPELAND Emily Gregory (TN)	John Woody 09/06/02 M Decatur [del. 13557] 
BAITS Philip Reed (TX)	ROBERTS Lee Rita (TX)	Jo Beth 8/9/24 F Decatur 8139 
BAKER Absolum A (TN)	MUNDY Ida Belle (TX)	Willie Jane 01/17/94 F Paradise [del. 22816] 
BAKER Albert	BLANK blank	blank 10/1/04 blank blank 1240 
BAKER Albert Sydney	COTNER Nellie Jane	Robert Dolph 12/5/05 M blank 2332 & 2332a & 2332b
BAKER Andrew Jackson (VA)	FLETCHER Martha Francis (GA)	Mary Jane 02/13/77 F Henry Co MO [del. 11399] 
BAKER Barron Kellogg (AL)	WALDRIP Sarah Becky (GA)	Mary Dester 12/18/96 F Wise Co [del. 9553] 
BAKER Barron Kellogg (AL)	WALDRIP Sarah Becky (GA)	George William 06/15/02 M Decatur [del. 9913] 
BAKER blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/4/08 F Paradise 3768 
BAKER Bonham Houghton (TX)	HENDERSON Martha Josephine (AR)	James Gregory 06/14/01 M Chico [del. 21906] 
BAKER Byran Kellogg (OK)	WALDRIP Sarah Becky (GA)	Carl Henry 12/29/97 M Decatur [del. 4554] 
BAKER Byron Kellog (AL)	WALDRIP Sara Rebecca (GA)	Clyde Knox 07/01/00 M Decatur [del. 29326] 
BAKER C.E.	HASTING Myrtle T.	Billie Jack 2/25/33 M Rhome [No Image 10694] 
BAKER Charley	BLANK blank	blank 1/3/05 M blank 1487 
BAKER Charley Francis (MO)	TEETER Emily Texas (TX)	Charles Hilliard 03/31/01 M Decatur [del. 6720] 
BAKER David F (MO)	O'HAIR Nancy (TX)	Nora Myrtle 07/08/86 F Decatur [del. 20924] 
BAKER George Washington (TN)	BUCKALOO Mary Ellen (TN)	Nancy Rosella 04/12/85 F Chico [del. 10305] 
BAKER Henry Lee	DUCK Allie	William Henry 9/3/11 M Decatur 5339 & 5339a
BAKER Henry Lee	DUCK Allie Lillie	Engram Cornelious 7/11/05 M Decatur 1950 
BAKER J Lee (MO)	RICHARDSON Dollie (IL)	Adlai Jackson 02/07/93 M Decatur [del. 3898] 
BAKER Jake	BLANK blank	blank 8/29/06 M blank 2872 
BAKER James Allen (TN)	BAKER Martha Ann (TN)	Bessie Lee 05/29/82 F Springtown [del. 17216] 
BAKER James McPherson (MO)	JOHNSON Malissa Catherine (IL)	Georgia Oreeta 01/07/95 F Chico [del. 9914] 
BAKER John	BLANK blank	blank 10/14/05 F blank 2216 
BAKER John F (TX)	LYNCH Amanda (TX)	Julia Gregory 12/23/96 F Stoney [del. 25536] 
BAKER John Franklin (TX)	BECK Liddie T. (TX)	Eva Velma 4/22/07 F Decatur 3302 & 3302a
BAKER John Rayfield (MO)	LANE Tennessee (AR)	Martha Eldora 04/09/77 F Cottondale [del. 14927] 
BAKER John Thomas (TN)	GERARD Mary (MO)	Horace 07/27/87 M Alvord [del. 10187] 
BAKER Lee A (IL)	ROARK Anna C (IN)	Samuel Fletcher 06/08/80 M Decatur [del. 12591] 
BAKER Marion (TN)	MONCRIEF Sallie (TX)	Fleta Lou 07/21/84 F Paradise [del. 19928] 
BAKER Oscar	BLANK Exah	blank 9/16/05 M blank 2143 
BAKER Thomas Bowen (MS)	JACKSON Lettie Alice (MS)	Pearl Laverne 09/24/97 F Boyd [del. 12836] 
BAKER Thomas Bowen (MS)	JACKSON Lettie Alice (MS)	Giles Luke 11/05/99 M Boyd [del. 7842] 
BAKER Thomas J (TN)	SMITH Mattie (TN)	Lula Mae 05/01/78 F Springtown [del. 16663] 
BAKER W.G.	BLANK blank	blank 10/19/05 F blank 2223 
BAKER W.J.	BLANK blank	blank 9/15/15 F blank 6245 
BAKER W.J.	BLANK blank	blank 9/15/15 F blank 6246 
BAKER William Aaron (TX)	BELL Columbia Sofa (AR)	Odie Vero 02/07/86 F Opal [del. 10142] 
BAKER William Arron (TX)	BELL Columbia Sofa (AR)	Della Maud 03/15/88 F Opal [del. 22091] 
BAKER William Marion (AR)	HEMBREE Sarah Jane (MS)	Eula 04/02/88 F Paradise [del. 22149] 
BAKER William T (?)	WAKEFIELD Margaret A (MO)	Robert Lawrence 11/26/80 M Alvord [del. 18120] 
BAKER William Thomas H (MO)	WAKEFIELD Maggie A (MO)	Charles Edward 07/29/82 M Alvord [del. 18649] 
BALCH Ed	MCGOUGHEY Viola	blank 9/1/11 M blank 5336 
BALCH James Edward (AL)	MOORE Joscie Clementine (AL)	Chester Maggie 01/15/92 F Aurora [del. 29094] 
BALCH James Edwin	HULETT Fidella Virginia	Annye Bess 2/10/05 F Boyd 1588 & 1588a
BALCH W.C.	BLANK blank	blank 7/13/07 M blank 3421 
BALCH Will	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/05 M blank 1965 
BALCH William Clinton (AL)	REID Mary Elsie (TX)	Alice Armanella 02/11/94 F Aurora [del. 20304] 
BALDING J.B.	AYCOCK Myrtle	Bettie Jane 7/12/31 F Decatur [No Image 10140] 
BALDING Jesse B. (OK)	AYCOX Myrtle (OK)	blank 9/21/28 F Rhome 9127 
BALDOCK O.E.	ALEXANDER Anna B.	blank 4/13/33 F Decatur [No Image 10731] 
BALDRIDGE John Filmore (TN)	BLANK Martha Luella (TN)	Shellie Quincy 10/25/85 F Chico [del. 19006] 
BALDRIDGE John Filmore (TN)	ETHERIDGE Martha Luella (TN)	Victa Elgin 09/11/82 M Gibson Co TN [del. 9331] 
BALDRIDGE V.E. (Victa Elgin)	(CURTNER) Ethel	blank 2/25/08 F Chico 3863 
BALDWIN A.	BLANK O.	C.J., Jr. 8/9/06 M blank 2826 
BALDWIN A.C. (AR)	GLASS Ollie (TX)	Inez Loraine 1/4/20 F Sunset 7186 & 7186a
BALDWIN Alford (TX)	GLASS Ollie (AR)	Bonnie Lee 3/15/08 F Sunset 3914 & 3914a & 3914b & 3914c
BALDWIN Alfred (?)	WILLIAMSON Mary (?)	Alfred C 03/17/85 M Pulaski Co AR [del. 9552] 
BALDWIN Carl	SARTIN Florene	blank 11/3/15 M blank 6293 
BALEY John	BLANK blank	blank 11/10/08 M blank 4339 
BALEY John Mose (MO)	HENSON Rosa Eelen (TX)	Arthur L. 9/10/22 M Alvord 7654 
BALL Carlo	BADGERY Willie Evelyn	Rita Evelyn 2/1/09 F Decatur 4467 & 4467a
BALL Carlo (KY)	CONNELLEY Clarinda (IL)	Clara 09/06/79 F Decatur [del. 17456] 
BALL D.S.	FOWLER Ira	Virginia Anne 5/1/30 F blank [No Image 9675] 
BALL D.S. (TX)	FOWLER Ira (TX)	Robert Bert 2/19/29 M Decatur 9266 & 9266a
BALL George	BLANK blank	Ida O. 7/22/03 F blank 134 
BALL Henderson (NC)	WILSON Lucinda (AR)	Icy Myrtle 10/28/81 F Sabistien Co AR [del. 17674] 
BALL Jack	KRUDWIG Emma	blank 12/23/12 F blank 5615 
BALL Moses Lemuel (TX)	PERRIN Georgann (TX)	Julia Catherine 08/13/83 F Decatur [del. 18410] 
BALL Moses Lemuel (TX)	PERRIN George Ann (TX)	William Hunter 01/31/81 M Decatur [del. 3346] 
BALL Moses Lemuel (TX)	PERRIN George Ann (TX)	Moses Lemuel 01/25/86 M Decatur [del. 12592] 
BALL Samuel Lynch (TX)	CRAWFORD Ida Lee (GA)	Samuel Lynch Jr 03/20/92 M Decatur [del. 17088] 
BALL T.L.	BLANK blank	blank 8/15/07 F blank 3486 
BALL Thomas J. (TX)	PRICE Mary F. (TX)	blank 8/8/19 M Alvord 7116 
BALL Thomas L.	STANDLEY Martha V.	Thomas Eugene 8/27/04 M Decatur 1143 & 1143a
BALL William Edward (TX)	FLEMMINGS Sarah Ann (TN)	Annie Idela 01/17/88 F Alvord [del. 15527] 
BALLARD Charly (TX)	SANDERS Ella A (TX)	Viola Mae 04/22/96 F Park Springs [del. 17604] 
BALLARD E.J. (TX)	ROSE Sarah(TX)	Floyd Byron 9/28/09 M Poolville 4787 & 4787a
BALLARD Eliga Jack (TX)	ROSE Sarah Jane (TN)	Annie May 8/30/21 F Poolville 7456 & 7456a
BALLARD George Allen, Sr.	JAMESON Romran Edna	George Allen, Jr. 1/17/17 M Boyd 6545 & 6445a
BALLARD Howard	ROSE Maggie	blank 10/19/16 F blank 6496 
BALLARD Howard (AR)	READ Mary (MO)	Eliga Andrew Jackson 05/14/86 M Boonsville [del. 21943] 
BALLARD Howard Sr (AR)	REED Mary (MO)	Howard 04/05/88 M Boonsville [del. 21603] 
BALLARD J.B., Jr.	MINGO Louise	blank 6/1/16 M blank 6421 
BALLARD James	BLANK Minnie	blank 6/24/06 M blank 2727 
BALLARD James Franklin (TX)	SANDERS Minnie (TX)	Leonard Charlie 08/13/95 M Decatur [del. 26789] 
BALLARD James Franklin (TX)	SANDERS Minnie (TX)	Alpha Omega 03/21/02 F Park Springs. [del. 17218] 
BALLARD James Washington (TN)	ROBINSON Ellen (TN)	May 09/24/89 F Decatur [del. 19155] 
BALLARD Jefferson Davis (MS)	WARD Ella (TX)	Lawrence Odom 12/07/91 M Rhome [del. 22014] 
BALLARD Jim 	BLANK Louise	blank 1/13/14 M blank 5819 
BALLARD L.L. (TX)	MORRIS Betty Emiline (AL)	Elnar Marcine 12/8/28 F Greenwood 9196 
BALLARD W.E.	FRASIER Julia Vernon	Audrey Margaret 5/20/10 F blank 5004 & 5004a
BALLDOCK Wallis	BLANK Ora	blank 8/21/08 F blank 4214 
BALLTHROP James Monroe (TX)	PARKERSON Maggie Lana (MO)	Lorine 9/30/07 F Slidell 3577 & 3577a
BALTHROP April Peter	BROOKS Velma Emily	Janelle Elizabeth 2/15/17 F Slidell 6553 & 6553a
BALTHROP Christopher Columbus (TN)	HILL Susan Melvina (TX)	Ora Pearl 06/22/82 F Wise Co [del. 14859] 
BALTHROP J.H.	PERKINSON Lena	blank 12/31/14 M blank 6007 & [delayed 8985]
BALTHROP James	PARKERSON Maggie Lena	Aletha 7/28/04 F Slidell 1061 & 1061a
BALTHROP John Wiley (TN)	HILL Mary Jane (TX)	Thomas C 08/05/77 M Slidell [del. 5848] 
BALTON J.E.	BLANK blank	blank 7/26/08 M blank 4149 
BANK A.	BLANK blank	blank 3/22/04 F blank 751 
BANKHEAD J.B.	PHILLIPS Ruby	blank 1/27/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9945] 
BANKINSTEIN Henry	BLANK blank	blank 4/4/08 M blank 3952 
BANKS Albert	BLANK Ella	blank 6/7/11 M blank 5273 
BANKS Benjamin Franklin (AR)	RIDDLE Mary Frances (TN)	James Baxter 12/22/77 M Decatur [del. 3959] 
BANKS Benjamin Franklin (AR)	RIDDLE Mary Francis (AR)	Thomas Coke 12/21/86 M Paradise [del. 21200] 
BANKS Benjamin Franklin (AR)	RIDDLE Mary Francis (TN)	Joseph Newton 10/10/88 M Cottondale [del. 7310] 
BANKS blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/26/06 M blank 2931 
BANKS H J (TN)	LOVE Lissie Lee (TN)	Andy Luther 12/28/01 M Bridgeport [del. 18906] 
BANKS Hosea	LOVE Sarah Elizabeth	Edwin Rollin 1/15/04 M Paradise 592 & 0592a & 0592b
BANKS Hosea (TX)	PIERCE Ruth (TX)	Armilda Jane 2/20/20 F Bridgeport 7215 & 7215a
BANKS Hosea J Venus (TN)	LOVE Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Nora Bea 09/20/97 F Bridgeport [del. 23896] 
BANKS Hosea J.	LOVE Sarah Elizabeth	Mayme Fay 9/1/11 F Paradise 5337 & 5337a & 5337b
BANKS Hosey J. (TN)	LOVE Lizzie (TN)	Harvey 8/1/06 M Bridgeport 2807 & 2807a
BANKS J.A.	MARTAIN G.L.	Ray Aton 8/5/33 M Paradise [No Image 10850] 
BANKS James Alvin (TX)	MARTIN Gladys Luellia (TX)	Loretha Joyce 4/30/29 F Poolville 9338 & 9338a
BANKS James Baxter (TX)	BANKS Rebecca Hannah (KY)	Benjamin Baxter 02/09/01 M Wise Co [del. 3958] 
BANKS M.	BLANK blank	blank 6/20/08 M blank 4092 
BANKS Robert Bruce	MOREHEAD Lela Nevada	James Alvin 5/16/05 M Paradise 1820 & 1820a
BANKS T.D.	(BUTLER) A. (Annie)	blank 2/17/04 blank blank 669 
BANKS Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 8/26/05 F blank 2087 
BANKS Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 4/30/07 M blank 3322 
BANKS Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 9/27/08 F blank 4267 
BANKS Thomas Arthur (AR)	GREGORY Alabama Vashti (AL)	Dora Belle 02/19/85 F Paradise [del. 19929] 
BANKS Thomas Arthur (AR)	GREGORY Alabama Vashti (AL)	Clarence George 01/26/90 M Paradise [del. 7398] 
BANKS Tom	BLANK Amy	blank 11/3/05 M blank 2259 
BANKS Tom	BLANK Anna	blank 1/8/09 F blank 4427 
BANKSTON W.T.	BLANK Minnie	blank 2/10/09 M blank 4488 
BANLEY J.A.	MARTIN G.L.	blank 5/3/32 M blank [No Image 10426] 
BARBER J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 5/16/04 M blank 887 
BARBER J.S.	BLANK Augusta	blank 10/11/07 F blank 3604 
BARBER Joe (AL)	PHILLIPS Willie (MS)	Noble 12/02/88 M Pulaskey Co TN [del. 16085] 
BARBER John	BLANK blank	blank 10/29/10 F blank 5123 
BARBER William Warden (NY)	LONG Vessie Kate (KY)	Floyd William 02/10/89 M Decatur [del. 5028] 
BARBOSA Juan	VILLAREAL Josephine	Carman 6/18/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9729] 
BARBOSA Juan (Mex)	VILLARREAL Josefa (Mex)	Cliofas 5/29/15 F Bridgeport 6108 
BARBOSA Juan (Mex)	VILLARREAL Josefa (Mex)	Falicitas 9/4/24 F Bridgeport 8160 
BARCLAY E.D.	BROWN Hazel	Thelma Rose 6/23/32 F Alvord [No Image 10475] 
BAREFIELD O.L.	HOLLEY B.E.	Mary Francis 7/23/31 F blank [No Image 10158] 
BAREFIELD P.	BLANK M.	blank 2/5/04 F blank 638 
BAREFIELD P.E.	HARRIS Mattie	blank 8/2/11 M blank 5314 
BAREFIELD R.E.	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/08 F blank 4137 
BARFIELD James	MATTINGLY Stella	blank 8/14/14 M blank 5945 
BARFIELD Otis Loyd	HOLLEY Blanch J.	Ruth Arthur 3/19/33 F Boonsville [No Image 10710] 
BARFIELD Peter Lucy (TX)	HARRIS Mattie Pearl (TX)	William Dennis 01/20/02 M Boyd [del. 29237] 
BARFIELD R E (MS)	GILLEY M A (TX)	Lonie Beatrice 03/12/01 M Bridgeport [del. 4062] 
BARFIELD R.E.	BLANK E.Lillie	blank 2/10/12 F blank 5459 
BARFIELD R.E. (MS)	GILLEY Mary Ann Elizabeth (TX)	Odus Loyd 5/27/06 M Paradise 2686 & 2686a
BARFIELD Robert Ervin (MS)	GILLEY Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Margaret Addie 12/28/02 F Bridgeport [del. 21264] 
BARGER G.W.	BLANK blank	blank 4/30/13 F blank 5690 
BARGER George	BREWER Effie	George Alvin 3/13/18 M Boyd 6842 
BARGER George Washington	BREWER Effie Dee	R.V. 5/16/11 M Boyd 5250 
BARKER A.L.	BLANK Ann	blank 2/29/08 M blank 3877 
BARKER B.	BLANK C.	blank 9/23/03 F blank 310 
BARKER B.	BLANK M.	blank 12/14/03 F blank 505 
BARKER Daniel	BLANK blank	blank 6/4/04 F blank 920 
BARKER J.S.	BLANK Augusta	blank 10/31/05 F blank 2251 
BARKER Jake	BLANK blank	blank 7/26/04 F blank 1056 
BARKER Jake	BLANK blank	blank 11/22/08 F blank 4357 
BARKER Jake Tipton	BONHAM Lula Maud	Loyd Elmer 8/29/06 M Decatur 2871 & 2871a
BARKER James	BLANK Bettie	blank 1/10/10 F blank 4900 
BARKER John David (AR)	WHITE Sarah Belle (MO)	Ellen Emma 11/27/98 F Decatur [del. 28592] 
BARKER Lynn Boyd (MS)	TROXELL Margaret Emma (KS)	Mary Opal 09/16/99 F Rhome [del. 25339] 
BARKER R.A.	BLANK A.M.	blank 7/27/07 M blank 3445 
BARKER Simeon Napoleon (MS)	NELSON Isabelle Rebecca (MS)	Robert Lee 02/17/92 M Decatur [del. 15556] 
BARKER Simeon Napoleon (MS)	NELSON Isabelle Rebecca (MS)	Katie Lou 08/29/95 F Bridgeport [del. 11270] 
BARKER William Calloway (AR)	NIX Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Rachel Effie 11/15/96 F Decatur [del. 19007] 
BARKER William H (MS)	WARSHAM Eunice (AL)	Mae Beheathel 06/30/93 F Decatur [del. 25088] 
BARKER William Mose (AL)	WASHAM Eunice Amanda (AL)	Charley Harrison 07/07/96 M Decatur [del. 13363] 
BARKSDALE Abner E (MS)	DICKERSON Mary (MS)	Emma Ophelia 02/04/81 F Chico [del. 16737] 
BARKSDALE Abner Edwin (MS)	DICKERSON Mary John (MS)	Walter Garrett 04/06/84 M Chico [del. 6175] 
BARKSDALE Ernest Lee	CLARK Ella Irene	Mary Lucille 10/27/16 F Chico 6502 & 6502a & 6502b
BARKSDALE G.	BLANK Ruth	Cleo 2/9/08 F. blank 3836 & 3836a
BARKSDALE Garrett	DALE Ruth	blank 10/26/16 M blank 6500 
BARKSDALE John Thomas (TX)	CECIL Dora Loueilla (AR)	Toy Tidwell 10/25/05 M Chico 2233 & 2233a
BARKSDALE John Thomas (TX)	CECIL Dora Lucille (AR)	Amos Elbert 07/08/94 M Chico [del. 13671] 
BARKSDALE John Thomas (TX)	CECIL Dora Lucille (AR)	Clarence Eldred 03/02/97 M Chico [del. 7052] 
BARKSDALE John Thomas (TX)	CECIL Dora Lucille (AR)	Thomas Franklin 07/27/01 M Chico [del. 14185] 
BARKSDALE Lee (Levi)	(PORTER) Essie	blank 5/22/09 M blank 4639 
BARKSDALE Lee (MS)	PORTER Essie (TX)	Carl Clifton 09/26/02 M Chico [del. 3842] 
BARKSDALE Lee (TN)	PORTER Essie (TX)	Earl 02/18/98 M Chico [del. 28953] 
BARKSDALE Lee (TN)	PORTER Essie (TX)	Ina Lee 08/24/00 F Chico [del. 28954] 
BARKSDALE Ramon (TX)	ROGERS Clelia L. (TX)	blank 12/30/28 M Chico 9214 
BARKSDALE Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 9/24/10 F blank 5105 
BARKSDALE Thomas	BLANK Dora	blank 1/15/08 M blank 3783 
BARKSDALE W.G. (TX)	DALE Ruthe (TX)	Betsy Jean 9/8/26 F Alvord 8660 & 8660a
BARKSDALE Walter G.	DALE Ruthe	Jewell Louise 10/11/05 F Chico 2210 & 2210a
BARKSDALE Walter Garret (TX)	DALE Ruth (TX)	Pollyanna 8/12/18 F Chico 6953 & 6953a
BARKSDALE William Joseph (MS)	BYRUM Kate (TX)	Eligha Whitney 05/04/90 M Chico [del. 7233] 
BARKSDALE William Joseph (MS)	BYRUM Kate (TX)	Abner Edwin 02/27/81 M Chico [del. 7050] 
BARNES Eppriham, Sr. (TX)	JONES Mary L. (TX)	Eppriham, Jr. 8/28/28 M Rhome 9102 
BARNES J.A.	BLANK Addie	Estelle 9/23/03 F blank 308 
BARNES J.G. (TX)	PARKS Bertha (TX)	Ira Wilson 7/19/18 M Chico 6940 
BARNES J.W.	HENDERSON Mary	Joseph 4/28/33 M blank [No Image 10751] 
BARNES James Densmore	ALLEN Laura Bell (Feuds)	Estelle 8/6/07 F Chico 3470 & 3470a & 3470b
BARNES Jesse Lee (TX)	GUTHRIE Gladys (TX)	Betty Louise 12/30/23 F Alvord 7965 
BARNES Joel Densmore (TX)	PERKINS Rachel Ann (TX)	John William 02/24/84 M Bridgeport [del. 9750] 
BARNES John	(YOUNG) Ollie	blank 11/12/06 F blank 3015 
BARNES John	SIMMONS (?) J.	blank 1/14/10 M blank 4907 
BARNES John Benjamin (AL)	BOYD Laura A (TX)	Joel Golman 03/25/85 M Decatur [del. 11297] 
BARNES John H.	BLANK Mary	blank 4/11/08 M blank 3970 
BARNES John Henry	RENNELS Addie Mae	Letha Alma 10/23/04 F Boyd 1297 & 1297a
BARNES John Henry	RENNELS Addie Mae	Claud Coag 8/5/16 M Boyd 6451 & 6451a
BARNES Johnathan Effort (TX)	ANGEL Mary Ellen (MO)	Jesse Lee 08/04/91 M Bridgeport [del. 13916] 
BARNES Joseph Bennett (TN)	YOUNGBLOOD Nancy (MO)	Priscilla Cornelia 01/26/77 F Willow Point [del. 7356] 
BARNES Thomas (OK)	NEEL Arozona (TX)	blank 2/7/24 F Decatur 7996 
BARNES W D (MO)	JACOBS Minnie (TN)	Olen Wood 09/07/99 M Decatur [del. 9482] 
BARNES W.H.	BLANK blank	blank 1/26/07 F blank 3137 
BARNES W.H.	BLANK Pearl	blank 9/5/04 M blank 1170 
BARNES Will	BLANK Pearl	blank 7/17/08 F blank 4138 
BARNES William	BLANK Denny	W.H. 2/5/18 M Crafton 6817 
BARNES William Calvin (TX)	ROBINSON Marcie Susan (TX)	Monnie Lee 09/23/96 F Willow Point [del. 16842] 
BARNES William Calvin (TX)	ROBINSON Susan Narcissus (TX)	Esta Clora 06/26/00 F Willow Point [del. 15700] 
BARNES William Franklin (AR)	MOSER Lilis Dennie (AR)	Florence Irene 06/13/02 F Chico [del. 30982] 
BARNES William Henry	SPARKS Pearl E.	Homer 9/5/04 M Rhome 1169 
BARNETT B.B.	(THOMPSON) Annie (Arrie)	blank 8/24/03 M blank 220 
BARNETT blank	BLANK blank	Lee 9/14/03 M blank 285 
BARNETT blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/10/03 M blank 434 
BARNETT blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/18/03 M blank 451 
BARNETT Clarence Durble (TX)	TAYLOR Price Estelle (TX)	Elsie Lee 2/19/29 F Chico 9267 & 9267a
BARNETT Dick	BLANK blank	blank 3/20/14 F blank 5869 
BARNETT Dick	READ Nora	blank 6/2/16 M blank [No Image 6422] 
BARNETT Henry B (KY)	COUCH Lizzie D (TX)	Anna Pearl 01/27/91 F Alvord [del. 5482] 
BARNETT Henry B (KY)	COUCH Lizzie D (TX)	Mabel Jane 10/17/94 F Alvord [del. 5483] 
BARNETT Henry B.	CLAYTON Endie Belle	Velvia Inez 5/5/10 F blank 4993 & 4993a
BARNETT Henry B.	CLAYTON Indie Bell	Hubert Dirk 12/12/04 M rural, Wise Co. 1431 & 1431a
BARNETT Henry Bastum (KY)	COUCH Lizzie Daniel (TX)	Mary Zennadia 03/12/00 F Alvord [del. 14140] 
BARNETT J.J.	BLANK D.A.	blank 8/1/08 F blank 4160 
BARNETT James A (AR)	MEEK Ella (TN)	Bessie 06/13/99 F Decatur [del. 18898] 
BARNETT Jeff (TX)	WILLIAMS Ida (IL)	Lee Roy 01/28/88 M Willow Point [del. 22017] 
BARNETT John B. (TX)	LEWIS Margaret (TX)	L.D. 4/23/29 M Alvord 9331 
BARNETT John J (KY)	HOBSON Hattie E (TX)	Sterling Price 07/11/92 M Decatur [del. 25018] 
BARNETT John James (KY)	HOBSON Harriett E (TX)	Jonathan Paddox 02/17/85 M Alvord [del. 17969] 
BARNETT Joseph Douglas (KY)	STUTT Mary Elizabeth (Canada)	James Edward 09/28/84 M Paradise [del. 10304] 
BARNETT Joseph Douglas (KY)	STUTT Mary Elizabeth (Canada)	Jennie Joe 02/17/96 F Paradise [del. 16333] 
BARNETT L.C.	BOLTON Mollie	blank 2/5/14 F blank 5835 
BARNETT Loyd M.	CLARK Thelma	Thelma Marie 4/20/31 F Alvord [No Image 10048] 
BARNETT M.W.	BLANK Mollie	blank 2/17/05 M blank 1603 
BARNETT Nathan (TX)	MILLER Vada (IL)	Ellen 09/30/89 F Bridgeport [del. 18356] 
BARNETT Newton (AR)	TAYLOR Sophronia Mandy (AR)	Martha Odessia 08/30/99 F Decatur [del. 23524] 
BARNETT Newton (AR)	TAYLOR Sophronia Mandy (AR)	Leora Newty 09/26/02 F Decatur [del. 13364] 
BARNETT North	BLANK R.E.	(twin) 6/23/05 F blank 1910 
BARNETT North	BLANK R.E.	(twin) 6/23/05 F blank 1911 
BARNETT Oscar	CUNNINGHAM Annie	blank 8/30/13 F blank 5757 
BARNETT Taylor D. (Donnie)	PAYNE Nola M.	Majorie Lee 5/30/30 F blank [No Image 9706] 
BARNETT Thomas Lerner (TX)	CANSLER Francis Gertrude (TX)	Charlie Howard 11/05/98 M Paradise [del. 16056] 
BARNETT Thomas Marion (AL)	KNOX Versie (TX)	Lela 06/13/93 F Bridgeport [del. 21139] 
BARNETT Thomas Marion (AL)	KNOX Versie (TX)	Bertha Mae 04/24/99 F Balsora [del. 21138] 
BARNETT Thomas Marion (LA)	KNOX Versie (TX)	Joe Taylor 07/22/95 M Balsora [del. 7152] 
BARNETT Tom	BLANK blank	blank 7/22/17 M Boyd 6660 
BARNETT W H (LA)	SMITH Missouri Frances (MO)	Tinnie 08/09/84 F Boyd [del. 5030] 
BARNETT W.M.	BLANK blank	E.D. 3/4/04 F blank 700 
BARNETT William (LA)	SMITH Missouri Frances (TX)	Ivalee 08/29/00 F Boyd [del. 19981] 
BARNETT William (TX)	SMITH Missouri Francis (TX)	Mittie May 10/17/93 F Boyd [del. 29693] 
BARNETT William Henry (AL)	BUCKNER Medora (AL)	William Fleetwood 03/12/94 M Alvord [del. 9844] 
BARNETT William Henry (LA)	SMITH Missouri Francis (MO)	Robert Cebrean 08/17/98 M Boyd [del. 8842] 
BARNETT William Henry (LA)	SMITH Pinkey (TX)	Williamson Madison 09/17/89 M Boyd [del. 23068] 
BARNETT William J (TX)	WILLIAMS Ida (IL)	John Monroe 06/12/91 M Boonsville [del. 24336] 
BARNETT William M.	READ Rosa	Dorothy Jean 3/25/33 F Decatur [No Image 10703] 
BARNETT William Major (KY)	DENNEY Nancy Elizabeth (TN)	Mary Susie 08/13/84 F Chico [del. 13887] 
BARNETT William Major (KY)	DENNEY Nancy Elizabeth (TN)	Edna Lee 02/05/86 F Chico [del. 9614] 
BARNETT William Major (KY)	DENNEY Nancy Elizabeth (TN)	John James 03/02/88 M Alvord [del. 9615] 
BARNETT William Major (KY)	DENNEY Nannie (AL)	Auburn Davis 07/20/90 M Chico [del. 23623] 
BARNEY Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 4/2/06 M blank 2581 
BARNHILL J.C.	WILKERSON L.G.	blank 11/25/07 M blank 3686 
BARNS J.D.	BLANK Z.	blank 1/27/04 M blank 621 
BARNS W.F.	BLANK Dannie	blank 1/2/04 F blank 555 
BARNS W.M.	BLANK Mittie	blank 7/6/04 M blank 997 
BARR James Oscar (KY)	HARRIS Isa Bell (AL)	James Earl 12/7/07 M Boyd 3715 
BARRETT James Wilson (NC)	HUGHES Harriett Elnora (TX)	Eva 02/27/01 F Decatur [del. 28591] 
BARRETT Lonnie B (TX)	REEVES Ella Mae (TX)	Thomas Ragland 11/25/01 M Chico [del. 29707] 
BARRETT T.R. (TX)	HALL Nellie (TX)	Cecil Weldon 10/16/28 M Chico 9155 & 9155a
BARRETT Thomas Ragland (TX)	HALL Nellie Aline (TX)	Harold Ray 9/24/26 M Mansfield 8676 & 8676a
BARRICK Harmon (IL)	ARNOLD Ida (TX)	Willie Lee 09/06/91 M Paradise [del. 27805] 
BARRICK Henry Claybourn (IL)	JOHNSON Phoebe Ann (IL)	Luther Ellis 09/24/78 M Chico [del. 14588] 
BARRICK Henry Claybourn (MO)	BARRICK Phoebe Ann (IL)	Russell Aubrey 03/27/89 M Chico [del. 22671] 
BARRICK Henry Parmer (TX)	WHITTEN Alice (MS)	Robert Steward 02/01/90 M Paradise [del. 23537] 
BARRICK John A (IL)	ARNOLD Ella (TX)	Ben Franklin 12/23/88 M Indian Territory OK [del. 21072] 
BARRICK John Parmer (TX)	WHITTEN Alice (MS)	Jessie Albert 11/25/93 M Paradise [del. 24421] 
BARRICK Milford Lawson (IL)	KELSEY Ella Lorena (MS)	Maude Lorena 06/15/86 F Chico [del. 17775] 
BARRICK Stewart Rush (IL)	WARD Clara Swancy (MS)	James Floyd 04/20/92 M Paradise [del. 14885] 
BARRICK Stewart Rush (IL)	WARD Clara Swancy (MS)	Lelia Mae 01/08/95 F Paradise [del. 7154] 
BARRICK William Edward	DAVIS Martha Jane	Minnie May 7/21/04 M Paradise 1038 & 1038a
BARRICK William Edward (IL)	DAVIS Martha Jane (TX)	Walter Benton 11/26/00 M Paradise [del. 6291] 
BARRICK William Edward (IL)	DAVIS Martha Jane (TX)	Lola Oleva 08/30/02 F Paradise [del. 16208] 
BARRINGTON Carl	WHITE (WHEELIS) Winnie	Carl Lewis 12/31/33 F OK [No Image 10986] 
BARRON William Kennedy (AL)	WILLIAMS Julia (AL)	Oliver Edward 02/02/88 M Madison Co AL [del. 10540] 
BARROW Charles G.	FERGUSON Alamae	Darwell Lanion 7/14/33 M Prec. #1 [No Image 10826] 
BARROW Zephaniah (KY)	BLACK Callie (IA)	Zepha Lacy 03/15/82 M Alvord [del. 19248] 
BARRY D.B.	NEWTON Mattie	blank 8/31/15 F blank 6218 
BARRY D.B.	NEWTON Mattie	blank 5/9/18 F blank 6882 
BARRY D.B. (AR)	NEWTON Mattie (AL)	blank 7/15/24 M Chico 8103 
BARRY Eldridge (?)	BARRY (same) Nancy Lue (AL)	Lealer Mae 05/25/02 F Wise Co [del. 31599] 
BARRY Harvey 	BLANK blank	blank 6/20/06 M blank 2723 
BARTHOLOMEW C.S. (MO)	LATHAM Ollie O. (TX)	Sylvia Lucille 2/19/09 F Chico 4498 
BARTHOLOMEW Charles Samuel	LATHAM Ollie Olivia	Opal Agatha 2/1/05 F Alvord 1559 & 1559a
BARTHOLOMEW Charles Samuel (IA)	LATHAM Ollie Olivia (TX)	Alvie Antoine 11/9/06 M Alvord 3008 & 3008a
BARTHOLOMEW Charlie	BLANK O.L.	Mary Ann 10/20/15 F blank 6277 
BARTHOLOMEW Cyrentha Abraham (NY)	DEATON Martha Ann (MO)	Eva May 08/02/84 F Chico [del. 21647] 
BARTHOLOMEW Eugene	(LURRETT) Emma	blank 2/3/06 M blank 2466 
BARTLETT Lem D (TN)	REEVES Amelia (KY)	Drummond Webster 01/20/95 M Boonsville [del. 30359] 
BARTLETT Taylor Milton (TN)	HOLT Maud Mae (TX)	Merle Ruth 08/19/98 F Bridgeport [del. 29318] 
BARTLETT William Monroe	CARRICK Emily	Annie 2/13/04 F Bridgeport 653 & 0653a
BARTON Andy (?)	WILSON Fronie (?)	Sanford Dayton 09/04/84 M Decatur [del. 11814] 
BARTON Clyde A. (TX)	ARNEZ Anita (TX)	Laura Virginia 7/2/22 F Rhome 7625 
BARTON Felix Isom (KY)	EARLY Sidney Ann (KY)	Mary Alice 01/06/88 F Decatur [del. 12834] 
BARTON Felix Isom (KY)	EARLY Sidney Ann (KY)	Sidney Jewel 04/22/00 F Decatur [del. 12835] 
BARTON Felix Isom (KY)	EARLY Sidney Jewel (KY)	Fred Lee 09/16/86 M Decatur [del. 12760] 
BARTON H.W.	PERRIN (Pearl)	blank 5/11/12 M blank 5520 
BARTON Henry Wilburn	PERRIN Alma Pearl	Jim Tom 8/1/10 M blank 5056 & 5056a & 5056b
BARTON J.O.	GRAZIER Jane	blank 9/5/13 F blank 5763 
BARTON John Preston (MO)	BOYD Margaret Elizabeth (TX)	Ollie Celester 09/15/89 F Paradise [del. 22559] 
BARTON Marshall Stone (MS)	VANLANDINGRAM Flora Celia (MO)	Edna Pearl 06/22/91 F Decatur [del. 21377] 
BARTON W.J.	BLANK Minnie	Floyd 4/4/07 M blank 3268 
BARTON W.J.	BLANK Minnie	Loyd 4/4/07 M blank 3269 
BASHAW Charles Wilbur (VA)	LEA Lula Converse (TX)	Philip Payson 05/06/97 M Alvord [del. 7660] 
BASS E.O. (Ed)	(EDWARDS) Mary	blank 6/30/05 M blank 1929 
BASS George Matheidred (MO)	MORTON Lillie Lynn (AL)	Mary Claudia 12/09/99 F Garvin [del. 23331] 
BASS George Matheldred (MO)	MORTON Lillie Lynn (AL)	John Morton 11/15/95 M Garvin [del. 8408] 
BASS George Matheldred (MO)	MORTON Lillie Lynn (AL)	Elizabeth Regina 02/26/98 F Garvin [del. 23332] 
BASS J.B.	BLANK blank	blank 9/10/07 F blank 3531 
BASS J.W. (John)	(WINFREY) Lorne (Lannie)	blank 7/3/05 M blank 1935 
BASS W.B.	BLANK blank	blank 9/26/04 M blank 1226 
BASS William Mullens (MO)	SIMPSON Destimonia Van Zant (MO)	Edward Owen 10/26/80 M Garvin [del. 17603] 
BASTIAN blank	BASTIAN Bertha	blank 5/10/21 F Decatur 7391 
BASTIAN John	BLANK blank	(Matilda) 5/14/05 F blank 1818 
BASTIAN John	BLANK blank	blank 6/29/11 F blank 5288 
BASTIAN John (GA)	HACHTEL Emma (TX)	William Earl 06/11/99 M Decatur [del. 7788] 
BASTIAN John (Germany)	HACHTEL Emma (TX)	Fred John 06/17/97 M Decatur [del. 29595] 
BASTIAN John (Germany)	HACHTEL Emma (TX)	Bertha 06/11/02 F Decatur [del. 17602] 
BASTIAN John (Germany)	HACHTEL Emma (TX)	George John 1/31/08 M Decatur 3813 & 3813a
BASTIAN John Fred	PRICE Jessie E. (Era)	John Fred, Jr. 11/6/33 M Decatur [No Image 10927] 
BASTIAN N John (Germany)	HACHTEL Emma (TX)	Gradye Sophia 09/04/95 F Decatur [del. 28816] 
BATCHELOR Alford B.	BRIDGES Oma P.	Wilma Lee 3/11/32 F Alvord [No Image 10387] 
BATEMAN Jasper Davis (TX)	JEMISON Elizabeth T (LA)	James Newton 04/16/82 M Decatur [del. 14692] 
BATEN Wilburn	WELLS Annie	Bonnie Florine 4/5/31 F Greenwood [No Image 10030] 
BATES Amos	BLANK blank	blank 9/10/05 F blank 2132 
BATES Amos	BLANK blank	blank 10/10/05 M blank 2206 
BATES Benjamin Franklin (AL)	DAVIS Ida Elizabeth (MS)	Inez Mabel 10/01/91 F Decatur [del. 9157] 
BATES Chrispris Cornelius (KY)	THOMPSON Sophronia Elizabeth (MO)	Emroy Lee 09/25/97 M Alvord [del. 7926] 
BATES Chrispus Cornelius (KY)	THOMPSON Sophronia Elizabeth (MO)	Tencil Earmel 03/26/01 M Alvord [del. 7925] 
BATES David (OH)	BRISTON Sally Ann (OH)	Lawrence Ward 12/20/86 M Keeter [del. 10488] 
BATES Frances Eugene (MS)	JOHNSON Nancy Lou (TX)	Rema Love 03/12/98 F Decatur [del. 7781] 
BATES Francis Eugene (MS)	JOHNSON Lutie (TX)	Johnson Aubrey 10/04/00 M Chico [del. 4580] 
BATES George	BLANK Hattie	blank 3/2/11 M blank 5186 
BATES James Austin (KY)	CHAPMAN Sarah Elizabeth (KY)	Jesse Ambrose 11/09/87 M Alvord [del. 8464] 
BATES Thomas Jefferson (MS)	HAGOOD Mary Almeda (TX)	Gifford Thomas 10/22/97 M Boyd [del. 6916] 
BATT Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 6/18/07 M blank 3394 
BATT Thomas Henry	VICK Sarah Ida	Emma Lavonie 3/7/04 blank Greenwood 716 & 0716a
BATTEN Frank Hill	TEAL Alice Geneva	Laphelia Alice 8/12/16 F blank 6452 & 6452a
BATTLE William B (KY)	LONG Sarah (TN)	Charlie Lee 02/11/86 M Chico [del. 15956] 
BATTLE William Jackson (KY)	LONG Sarah D (TN)	Robert Joe 06/30/87 M Chico [del. 20888] 
BAUCOM James Britton (TN)	HIMMEL Edith Eliza (IL)	Fred Decatur 11/26/00 M Newark [del. 9226] 
BAUGH Ernest	BLANK Virginia	blank 2/27/05 F blank 1635 
BAUGH Ernest (M.)	COX Virginia (D.)	blank 10/2/11 F blank 5376 
BAUGH James (MS)	GORDON Texana (TX)	Mary Della 12/11/93 F Rhome [del. 15951] 
BAUGH James A (MS)	GORDON Louise Texan (TX)	Luther 08/26/91 M Aurora [del. 7604] 
BAUGH James A (MS)	GORDON Louise Texana (TX)	Ernest Hulen 08/25/90 M Rhome [del. 24930] 
BAUGH James A (MS)	GORDON Louise Texana (TX)	Willie Dossie 04/16/96 F Rhome [del. 26674] 
BAUGH James A (MS)	GORDON Louise Texana (TX)	Dewey Gordon 03/22/99 M Rhome [del. 24933] 
BAUGH James A (MS)	GORDON Louise Texana (TX)	Nellie Ray 09/21/01 F Rhome [del. 24931] 
BAUGH John Hardy (IL)	ELLIS Indiana (IN)	Hardy Ernest 03/21/82 M Decatur [del. 7609] 
BAUGH R.J.	BLANK Lillie May	blank 10/16/05 F blank 2219 
BAUGH Richard	BLANK blank	blank 3/11/19 M Decatur 7058 
BAUGH Richard Johns	PIPKIN Lillie Mae	Richard Horace 6/14/16 M Bridgeport 6426 & 6426a
BAUGH Verner Iona	BEAN Sallie	Verner Schoolfield 9/3/11 M Park Springs 5340 & 5340a
BAUGHERS Asa	BLANK blank	blank 10/2/04 M blank 1243 
BAUGHIER John	BLANK blank	blank 2/20/16 F blank 6370 
BAUGHIER John Henry (TN)	ROBERTSON Ora (MS)	Guy Burkett 04/07/98 M Decatur [del. 9087] 
BAUGHIER John Henry (TN)	ROBERTSON Ora Victoria (MS)	Annie Embry 01/28/00 F Decatur [del. 22834] 
BAUGHIN John	BLANK blank	blank 4/22/08 M blank 3984 
BAUGHMAN George Albert (IN)	BAUGHMAN Etta Belle (IN)	Myrtle Agnes 07/30/91 F Decatur [del. 12725] 
BAUGHMAN George Albert (MO)	BURKHART Etta Belle (IN)	Allie May 05/15/88 F Decatur [del. 10433] 
BAUGHYER John	ROBERTSON Ola	blank 8/9/17 F Decatur 6679 
BAUMAN Tom (?)	OTT Delia (IN)	Owen Albert 01/11/80 M Decatur [del. 12868] 
BAXTER James Buchanan (AL)	SMITH Fannie Mary (AR)	Ida 10/17/88 F Slidell [del. 21648] 
BAXTER John Henry (AL)	BURTON Lou	Mary Coleman 11/22/93 F Slidell [del. 29712] 
BAXTER John Henry (AL)	BURTON Lou (TX)	Martha Lou 05/04/98 F Slidell [del. 29516] 
BAY Perry Lenard	HARPER Lillie Bell	Perry Lenard 1/13/18 M Chico 6793 
BAYNE Alex D.	(MCGOWAN) Leona (Levona Y.)	blank 1/24/05 F blank 1536 
BAYNE Jim	BLANK E.	blank 10/6/03 M blank 340 
BAYNE Jim S.	BLANK blank	blank 11/12/04 M blank 1351 
BAYNE L.C.	BLANK Lou	blank 9/1/04 F blank 1154 
BAYS Bert (AR)	McDANIEL Lucy (TX)	Eliga Lee 02/02/02 M Bridgeport [del. 24482] 
BAYS Guy	BLANK Effie	blank 6/17/04 M blank 954 
BAYS Guy (T.)	(RANKIN) Stacy	blank 5/19/11 M blank 5256 
BAYS Guy (TX)	RANKINS Stacy (TX)	Lola 9/8/11 F Bridgeport 5575 & 5575a
BAYS Guy F. (AR)	RANKIN Stacey Mae (TX)	Ernest Dee 12/8/07 M Chico 3719 & 3719a
BAYS Guy Thomas (TX)	RANKINS Stacy Millie (TX)	Beulah Ann 05/27/01 F Bridgeport [del. 12690] 
BAZZLAY Fred (TX)	KEMP Blanche (TX)	Ruby Ola 10/27/29 F Decatur 9491 & 9491a
BAZZLAY Fred (TX)	KEMP Blanche M.(TX)	George David 8/30/22 M Decatur 7649 & 7649a
BEACHAMP Jessie V.	BOYD Exa I.	Jesse Carl 4/7/18 M Newark 6855 
BEACHAMP Vernon (KY)	BOYD Della (TX)	Herschel Boyd 10/4/18 M Newark 6992 
BEADLE Charles Wesley (NY)	STRAIGHT Lewina (NY)	Charles Sorter 05/25/76 M Chico [del. 18007] 
BEAK Taylor	BLANK blank	blank 1/15/10 M blank 4909 
BEALL Aurhor	BLANK blank	blank 1/8/08 M blank 3778 
BEALL R.H.	RENSHAW Harriett R.	Agnes Embry 3/3/04 F Decatur 708 & 0708a
BEALL Robert Houston (MS)	RENSHAW Harriett (TN)	Robbie Farrah 05/01/91 F Decatur [del. 8177] 
BEALL Robert Houston (MS)	RENSHAW Harriett (TN)	Laurence Jones 06/05/98 M Decatur [del. 9660] 
BEALL Robert Houston (MS)	RENSHAW Hattie (MS)	Charlie Thompson 12/01/95 M Decatur [del. 29000] 
BEAM James William (GA)	DOLLAR Hattie (GA)	John Henry 05/19/77 M Polk Co GA [del. 11865] 
BEAM Johnie W. (GA)	SMITH Lela Mae (TN)	Doris Oretha 4/8/25 F Boyd 8291 & 8291a
BEAMAN Robert Campbell (TX)	LINDSEY Lola Viola (TX)	Ruth Ozelle 2/25/29 F Bridgeport 9273 & 9273a
BEAMER Phillip Robert (MO)	VAN HOOSIER Mary Matilda (TX)	Florence May 08/27/83 F Alvord [del. 8779] 
BEAN John William	JONES Eva	Thelma 1/4/06 F Paradise 2386 & 2386a
BEAN Johnnie (GA)	SMITH Lola Mae (TN)	Manuel Buford 7/25/29 M Newark 9408 & [delayed 18025]
BEAN R.E.	BLANK blank	blank 6/22/07 F blank 3400 
BEANE Will	BLANK blank	blank 1/16/08 F blank 3785 
BEARD B.W.	NIX Myrtle	blank 8/27/15 F blank 6212 
BEARD C.B.	BLANK blank	C.B., Jr. 1/10/04 M blank 580 
BEARD F.E.	BLANK Minnie	blank 2/23/05 F blank 1620 
BEARD Frank	BLANK J.E.	blank 4/9/08 M blank 3963 
BEARD Franklin Everett (AL)	HUDGEON Jemima Ellen (MS)	Jessie Franklin 07/11/97 M Wise Co [del. 6428] 
BEARD Franklin Everett (AL)	HUDGEONS Jeinima Ellen (MS)	Anne Pearl 02/17/95 F Wise Co [del. 6426] 
BEARD Harry Herbert (IN)	LOCKE Tully Ola (AL)	Marvin Edwards 08/09/96 M Bridgeport [del. 15331] 
BEARD James Bryce (NC)	MILLER Nannie (LA)	James Miller 05/02/94 M Alvord [del. 6146] 
BEARD James Bryce (NC)	MILLER Nannie (LA)	Grady Lee 09/10/97 M Decatur [del. 6145] 
BEARD Will	BLANK blank	blank 2/7/06 F blank 2478 
BEARD William Taylor (AR)	MARTIN Alice Luella (IN)	Carl 09/28/02 M Paradise [del. 9035] 
BEARD William Taylor (TX)	MARTIN Alice (IN)	Geneva 7/1/12 F Garvin 5544 & 5544a
BEARDEN Allen	(BOWMAN) Anne	blank 2/10/05 M blank 1601 
BEARDEN Allen (TN)	BOWMAN Sarah Ann (TX)	Homer Arvil 11/12/93 M Chico [del. 10147] 
BEARDEN Allen (TN)	BOWMAN Sarah Ann (TX)	Flossie Vivian 04/27/01 F Chico [del. 27900] 
BEARDEN Allen (TN)	BOWMAN Sarah Ann (TX)	Ruth Inez 05/30/02 F Chico [del. 15313] 
BEARDEN Allen (TX)	BOWMAN Sarah Ann (TX)	Grace Allen 06/11/97 F Chico [del. 27993] 
BEARDEN Eureka	BLANK blank	blank 8/13/05 M blank 2050 
BEARDEN H.H. (TX)	NICHOLS Vera V. (TX)	Dorothy 2/20/26 F Rhome 8545 
BEARDEN J.C.	BLANK M.B.	blank 11/7/06 F blank 3004 
BEARDEN John Cambell	SMITH Nannie Bird	Lana Lee 3/17/04 F Chico 740 & 0740a
BEARDEN L.O.	BLANK H.E.	blank 8/15/08 F blank 2842 
BEARDEN Lee	(BARTHOLOMEW) Hattie	blank 7/21/05 F blank 1984 
BEARDEN Lonzo Finefus (TN)	BELL Lutie Louella (MO)	Ben Keith 02/05/93 M Chico [del. 11506] 
BEARDEN Lonzo Finefus (TN)	BELL Lutie Louella (MO)	Albert Allen 11/10/94 M Chico [del. 11507] 
BEARDEN Lorenzo Finefus (?)	BELL Lutie Louella (?.)	Carl Leon 10/12/98 M Chico [del. 4108] 
BEARDEN Pleasant (MS)	MASSIE Mary Jane (MO)	Myrtle Augusta 08/09/98 F Decatur [del. 15487] 
BEARDEN Pleasant (MS)	MASSIE Mary Jane (MO)	Mary Thelma 08/23/01 F Decatur [del. 5456] 
BEARDEN Pleasant (MS)	MASSIE Mary Jane (MO)	Prince Albert 01/11/00 M Decatur [del. 7352] 
BEARDEN Ruben R. (TX)	NICHOLS Icy May (TX)	Helen 12/24/25 F Newark 8488 
BEARDEN Rufus Erskine (MS)	SMITH Nannie Belle (TN)	A.Y. 06/15/98 M Decatur 54 & [del. 2640] 
BEARDEN Rufus Erskine (MS)	SMITH Nannie Belle (TN)	A.D. 11/10/99 M Alvord 60 & [del. 2829] 
BEARE James Butler (AR)	WELLS Ida Arden (AR)	Paul Henderson 12/16/95 M Clark Co AR [del. 12755] 
BEASLEY Ben G. (AL)	PRICE Mattie (AL)	blank 1/12/25 M Decatur 8241 
BEASLEY blank	BLANK Mary	blank 6/30/06 F blank 2739 
BEASLEY Elmo	BLANK blank	blank 1/18/08 M blank 3788 
BEASLEY Lather Ben (AL)	PRICE Mattie (TX)	Alvin Monroe 6/9/23 M Decatur 7820 & 7820a
BEASLEY Robert	BLANK blank	blank 7/11/11 M blank 5304 
BEASLEY S.M.	BLANK blank	blank 11/9/04 M blank 1340 
BEASLEY Starlin Monroe (KY)	YOUNG Florence Alma (TX)	Bessie Lorena 5/13/06 F Decatur 2668 & 2668a
BEASLEY Starling Monroe (KY)	YOUNG Florence Alma (TX)	Elsie May 11/02/02 F Decatur [del. 30760] 
BEASON Ed	HEFLEY Annie	blank 6/4/15 M blank 6114 
BEASON James Edward (KY)	LANDERS Addie C (AL)	Myrtle Dale 12/11/80 F Aurora [del. 7883] 
BEASON James Edward (KY)	LANDERS Addie C (AL)	Benjamin George 01/23/86 M Aurora [del. 8019] 
BEASON James Edward (KY)	LANDERS Addle (AL)	John 04/01/88 M Boyd [del. 8181] 
BEATY Alvin Charlet (AR)	WEST Katherine Ann (AR)	Audie 09/13/87 F Alvord [del. 19700] 
BEATY James Napoleon (TX)	DORAN Mary Festus (AL)	Lillie Benge 10/22/82 F Decatur [del. 18355] 
BEATY James Thomas (AR)	PAUL Josephine (TX)	Ethel Ann 08/18/91 F Audubon [del. 11113] 
BEATY T.M.	LANE Annie	blank 1/1/27 F Chico 8729 
BEATY Tom	BEARY Jessie	blank 12/31/04 M blank 1476 
BEATY Wallie W (AR)	GROSS Mary Ann (AR)	Pearl Lee 09/11/98 M Audubon [del. 24591] 
BEATY William Wallace (AR)	GROSS Mary lana (AR)	Lillie Mae 08/09/00 F Alvord [del. 15791] 
BEAUCHAMP Dorn (MS)	SLIMP Josie (TN)	Willie Bryant 05/20/91 M Greenwood [del. 20766] 
BEAUCHAMP Finis Dudley (MS)	NORVELL Eudora Gertrude (TX)	Oluff Dudley 10/02/96 M Newark [del. 15748] 
BEAUCHAMP J.V. (KY)	BOYD Exa (TX)	Conrad Vance 2/22/29 M Newark 9269 
BEAUCHAMP Robert H (KY)	MOORMAN Ruth Lee (KY)	Jesse Vance 09/11/91 M Logan Co KY [del. 24056] 
BEAUCHAMP Will	CASH Nora	Kathryn 3/29/17 F Boyd 6594 & 6594a
BEAUCHAMP William (TX)	CASH Icy (AL)	Billy 3/22/22 M Rhome 7563 & 7563a
BEAUMONT Ed	BLANK M.	blank 8/5/06 M blank 2814 
BEAUMONT Edmond	HOLDEN Maudie Leona	Elmira 1/1/08 F Chico 3759 & 3759a
BEAUMONT J. Ed	BLANK Ivana H.	blank 1/29/05 M blank 1552 
BEAVERS Lon	BLANK Nancy	blank 3/29/05 F blank 1703 
BECK blank	BLANK Lizzie	blank 3/24/05 F blank 1690 
BECK Frank	BLANK Ida	blank 2/22/05 M blank 1617 
BECK G.L.	BLANK Effie	blank 1/3/09 M blank 4421 
BECK J.H.	BLANK W.K.	blank 2/5/09 F blank 4475 
BECKER Daniel Rheneous (OH)	SLOSS Nannie Elizabeth (MO)	Grace 02/05/01 F Rhome [del. 6851] 
BEDFORD G.	BLANK Emma	blank 11/1/07 M blank 3648 
BEDFORD S.G.	BLANK E.D.	Blanche 9/1/03 M blank 248 
BEDFORD William Noble (TX)	STRICKLAND Fannie Lee (TX)	William Gur 6/10/08 M Springtown 4081 & 4081a
BEEMAN Robert	LINDSEY Lola V.	Robert, Jr. 1/14/31 M blank [No Image 9933] 
BEENE Russ	BLANK blank	blank 1/3/04 M blank 557 
BEENE Russell Eli (AR)	MOORE Viola Mae (TX)	Elsie Lucile 11/28/01 F Poolville [del. 23069] 
BEESON David McDuf fey (AR)	BARKER Rebecca Jane (AR)	Claude 12/22/88 M Decatur [del. 11331] 
BEESON Ed	HEFLEY Anna	Mildred Faye 4/24/12 F Bridgeport 5508 & 5508a
BEESON Edd	BLANK Anna	blank 8/21/08 M blank 4194 
BEESON Emett (Ernest)	SPARKS Ester	Connie Valeria 1/2/31 F blank [No Image 9953] 
BEESON Emmitt	BLANK blank	Connie Valeria 1/2/31 F blank [No Image 9953] 
BEEZLEY Audry Benett (TX)	HOWELL Laura Pearl (TX)	A.B. 9/22/28 M Chico 9128 
BELASQUES Manuel	SABINAS Medellin	blank 4/24/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10054] 
BELCHER C.H. (VA)	PAYNE Alice (TX)	Jean 12/19/28 M Greenwood 9207 
BELCHER Rufus Henry (WV)	BRUTON Nicey Elizabeth (TX)	Sara Maude 10/06/95 F Decatur [del. 16911] 
BELCHER Rufus Henry (WV)	BRUTON Nicy Elizabeth (TX)	Thomas Allen 02/10/97 M Slidell [del. 6433] 
BELEW Hale	GREGG Esther	Theresa June 1/20/28 F Decatur 8918 & 8918a
BELEW Hale	GREGG Esther	Olive R. 8/30/31 F Decatur [No Image 10200] 
BELEW Jacob A (TN)	CURTNER Alice Josepkine (TX)	Connie Opal 05/04/95 F Chico [del. 16754] 
BELEW Luther (TX)	CARTWRIGHT Ollie May (TX)	Mary Estell 1/2/08 F Decatur 3762 & 3762a
BELEW Marion (MS)	ESKRIDGE Sallie (NC)	Clara Marion 06/07/90 F Decatur [del. 31849] 
BELEW Marion H (MO)	ESKRIDGE Sarah (NC)	Thad 08/06/94 M Decatur [del. 6854] 
BELEW Marion H (MS)	ESKRIDGE Sallie E (NC)	Hale 09/12/92 M Decatur [del. 25502] 
BELEW R.B. (Reuben)	PATTERSON Clara	blank 6/4/32 M Chico [No Image 10457] 
BELEW Thad (TX)	PRICE Bessie (Alice May)(TX)	blank 3/31/22 F Decatur 7569 
BELEW Will T (MS)	STEWART Mary (MS)	Luther N 12/21/87 M Decatur [del. 28817] 
BELEW William D (MS)	MERIT Mollie T (MS)	Lena Katherine 08/25/93 F Decatur [del. 22665] 
BELEW William D.	MARRETT Molly T.	Vaughn 5/7/05 M Decatur 1796 & 1796a
BELL Andrew Jackson (TX)	HOLMES Susie (TX)	Aura Lynn 12/21/95 F Azle TX [del. 13858] 
BELL Andrew Jackson (TX)	HOLMES Susie (TX)	Hayden Harry 05/06/97 M Aurora [del. 10487] 
BELL Henry (MS)	QUILLIN Aquilla Rish (TX)	blank 5/18/29 F Bridgeport 9353 
BELL Jacob Robert (KY)	TIMMONS Eunice (KY)	Joseph Emery 01/28/77 M Decatur [del. 9753] 
BELL Jacob Robert (KY)	TIMMONS Eunice (KY)	Daisy 02/01/79 F Decatur [del. 9752] 
BELL John (TX)	SCOGGIN Iona (TX)	Addie Ruth 5/14/06 F Decatur 2672 & 2672a
BELL John Richard (MO)	HARRELL Mary Ann (TN)	Birdie May 06/29/88 F Alvord [del. 9225] 
BELL McDoler (AL)	STRICKLAND Carcie (AL)	Lester 07/29/87 M Cleburne Co AL [del. 12486] 
BELL Richard Omer (OK)	CHERRY Maggie Ora (TX)	Billie Van 9/9/28 M Bridgeport 9112 
BELL William Allen (TN)	WATSON Lydia Margaret (TX)	Elmer Clarence 09/10/88 M Park Springs [del. 15268] 
BELLAH Walter	BLANK Gertrude	blank 3/8/06 M blank 2542 
BELLAMY Gus Shults (TX)	CARRUTH Edna (TX)	James Henry 8/17/26 M Medicine Mound 8637 
BELLINGTON W.A.	BLANK blank	blank 3/24/10 M blank 4962 
BELSHE William Madison (MO)	ETTER Rose Anna (MO)	Myrtle 08/04/88 F Decatur [del. 22815] 
BELVIN George Jessie (TN)	GREEN Mary Mae (TN)	Jesse B 01/29/86 M Davidson Co TN [del. 20734] 
BELVIN Glen I. (TX)	MILLIGAN Clairsey Ruth (TX)	Roland Leon 7/5/29 M Greenwood 9393 
BENAVIDEZ Nicanor (Mex)	SANTOS Paula (Mex)	Benito 3/21/15 M Bridgeport 6060 
BENAVIDEZ Nicanor (Mex)	SANTOS Paula (Mex)	Margarita 5/19/21 F Bridgeport 7400 
BENAVIDEZ Nicanor, Sr.	SANTOS Paula	Nicanor, Jr. 4/7/17 M Bridgeport 6601 
BENERELDOS Quencom	FRANCIOES Paulez	Edwin 7/30/28 M blank 9070 
BENHAM George Buel (GA)	VAUGHN Sussan (MO)	Mary Lillian 09/29/91 F Decatur [del. 24529] 
BENION W.F. (TX)	BARNETT Bessie D. (TX)	William H. 2/4/26 M Alvord 8531 
BENNETT Arthur Clifford	BLANK Della Gertrude	Robert Leslie 12/3/09 M blank 4863 
BENNETT C.G.	BLANK M.P.	blank 8/21/03 M blank 203 
BENNETT Henry Morrison (MS)	THOMAS Anna Belle (MS)	Ada 06/26/85 F Decatur [del. 17621] 
BENNETT Henry Morrison (MS)	THOMAS Anna Belle (MS)	Edith 06/27/85 F Decatur [del. 6644] 
BENNETT Henry Morrison (MS)	THOMAS Anna Belle (MS)	Alice Belle 06/27/93 F Decatur [del. 6643] 
BENNETT Henry Morrison (MS)	THOMAS Bell (MS)	Samuel Henry 06/24/96 M Decatur [del. 10521] 
BENNETT Henry Morrison (MS)	THOMAS Belle (MS)	Effie Mae 08 01/89 F Decatur [del. 10520] 
BENNETT James Henry (AR)	BAYSDEN Sarah Francis (AR)	James Baysden 05/12/91 M Decatur [del. 8718] 
BENNETT Norman Ross (TX)	KING Olla Mae (TX)	Norman Wayne 12/7/24 M Decatur 8227 & 8227a
BENNETT Samuel Madison (MS)	BEATURE Laura (MS)	Rubye Gladys 09/01/95 F Decatur [del. 29289] 
BENNETT Thomas David (AR)	HARRIS Virginia Luanna America (AL)	Earnest Wesley 03/20/95 M Boyd [del. 8409] 
BENNETT William Milton (TX)	DORRIS Carrie I (TX)	Lela May 07/09/97 F Boyd [del. 30358] 
BENNETT William Monroe (TX)	DORRIS Carrie Isabel (TX)	Velma Sarah 03/29/00 F Boyd [del. 30360] 
BENSON Nelson Orr (AR)	HUTCHINS Retter (TN)	Lena Rosena 04/21/90 F Pella [del. 16104] 
BENSON Nelson Orr (AR)	HUTCHINS Retter (TN)	Willie May 03/13/92 F Pella [del. 16105] 
BENSON Nelson Orr (AR)	HUTCHINS Retter (TN)	Nona Loi 05/31/00 F Pella [del. 7927] 
BENSON Nelson Orr (AR)	HUTCHINS Retter (TN)	Ivie Drue 09/19/01 F Pella [del. 14829] 
BENSON Richard	BLANK blank	blank 5/7/10 F blank 4996 
BENSON William Wallace (TX)	SMITHEY Nancy Elizabeth (TN)	Verna 6/15/07 F Bridgeport 3388 & 3388a
BENTLEY Francis Marion (IN)	SHORT Viola Josephine (IL)	Frank Monroe 08/12/94 M Alvord [del. 11606] 
BENTLEY Marion Columbus (AL)	CORNELIUS Alcester (AL)	Helen Keller 04/01/99 F Dan [del. 29850] 
BENTLY W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 5/28/07 M blank 3357 
BENTON M.E.	BLANK Nettie	blank 2/16/04 F blank 662 
BENTON William Rufus (TX)	WHALEY Minnie May (TX)	blank 4/7/23 M Alvord 7761 
BENTS Joe John (AL)	JETT Valdrine (TX)	blank 8/13/24 F Alvord 8142 
BERCHARD H.H.	BLANK blank	blank 3/12/06 F blank 2546 
BERG H.E.	WHITES Julia	Robert J. 11/3/33 M Alvord [No Image 10924] 
BERG H.E. (H.H.)(TX)	WHEELIS Julia May (TX)	James Harman 11/29/24 M Alvord 8221 
BERG H.E. (TX)	WHELLIS Julia Mae (TX)	Ida Mae 8/24/26 F Alvord 8649 
BERG Herman E.	WHEELIS Julia Mary	Carl Arvid 3/9/28 M Quannah 8968 
BERG John William (Sweden)	DALBUE Mary H (Sweden)	Alfred William 10/01/90 M Decatur [del. 17706] 
BERG John William (Sweden)	DOLBUE Mary H (Sweden)	Harmon Edward 12/06/93 M Decatur [del. 17722] 
BERG John William (Sweden)	DOLBUE Mary H (Sweden)	John Arved 02/14/99 M Decatur [del. 17908] 
BERG John William (Sweden)	DOLBUE Mary H (Sweden)	Carl Albert 05/14/01 M Decatur [del. 17907] 
BERG O.W.	TAYLOR Emma	blank 10/10/17 M Sunset 6731 
BERRY C.E. (TX)	BLANK Myrtle (TX)	Willie 6/27/18 F Abilene 6925 
BERRY George Goddard	KING Missouri Dovie	George Franklin 9/4/04 M Boonsville 1166 & 1166a
BERRY George Goddard (KY)	KING Missouri Dovie (TX)	Mecy Ann 10/24/01 F Boonsville [del. 9663] 
BERRY J.C.	(LENARD) M.A.	blank 12/25/03 F blank 536 
BERRY J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 8/3/06 F blank 2809 
BERRY J.S. (TX)	STEWART Roxie (TX)	blank 11/26/19 M Boonsville 7164 
BERRY James Monroe (?)	STURDIVANT Mary (TX)	Ollie Mae 02/08/98 F Decatur [del. 33150] 
BERRY John Karr (MO)	SOUTH Emma Orlena (MS)	Clacy Alida 01/12/95 F Greenwood [del. 5851] 
BERRY John William (TN)	JORDAN Adlade Wilmuth (MS)	Raymond Orvil 10/28/02 M Chico [del. 6797] 
BERRY Thomas Hash (MO)	LEONARD Matilda Elmina (TX)	Fannie Belle 01/20/84 F Boonsville [del. 12974] 
BERRY Thomas Hash (MO)	LEONARD Matilda Elmina (TX)	Joseph Samuel 05/01/88 M Boonsville [del. 11456] 
BERRY Tom	BLANK blank	blank 4/16/05 M blank 1745 
BERRY W.	BLANK R.	blank 10/10/03 F blank 357 
BERRY Wales (Walter)	(GORE) Rebecca	blank 11/9/05 M blank 2270 
BERRY Walter (TN)	GORE Rebecca E (TN)	Velma Pearl 12/08/94 F Chico [del. 28768] 
BERRY Will	BLANK blank	C. 3/24/04 M blank 758 
BERRY William Edward (MO)	PORTER Dollie (MS)	Janie Eleanor 07/30/93 F Decatur [del. 11864] 
BERRY William Edward (MO)	PORTER Dollie (MS)	Lucy Beatrice 04/06/96 F Paradise [del. 23391] 
BERRY William Reed (KY)	PAYNE Julia (TN)	William Lee 06/12/98 M Decatur [del. 13558] 
BERRY William Reeves (KY)	PAYNE Julia (TN)	Jewel Para 6/12/08 F Decatur 4086 
BERTRAM John Franklin (TN)	WHITE Elizabeth Hinton (TX)	Ruth 05/08/95 F Chico [del. 11218] 
BEST James Augusta (TX)	CLIFTON Mattie Bea (TX)	Fannie Mae 11/13/08 F Greenwood 4344 & 4344a & 4344b
BEST James Augustus	CLIFTON Mattie Bea	Bruce Clifton 12/23/04 M Greenwood 1455 & 1455a
BEST Napoleon (GA)	WILHITE Ida (TX)	Robert Travis 05/16/00 M Dan 65 &  [del. 2768] 
BEST Napoleon (GA)	WILHITE Ida (TX)	Ernest Dale 06/01/02 M Dan [del. 4757] 
BEST Napoleon (GA)	WILHITE Ida (TX)	Charles Weldon (Peet) 5/5/14 M Greenwood 5884 
BEST O.J.	BLANK M.O.	blank 10/30/09 F blank 4830 
BEST Oscar (James)	(NICKOLS) Minnie	blank 8/10/07 M blank 3476 
BEST Oscar James	NICKOLS Minnie Ola	Mamie Eula 1/12/05 F Alvord 1505 & 1505a
BETHEL Ephrom Tilman (IN)	MAULDIN Susana Jane (GA)	George Henry 07/13/76 M Decatur [del. 7053] 
BETON Dan (?)	YATES Mary Ann (TX)	Donald Ralph 05/04/00 M Bridgeport [del. 5205] 
BETTIS John Thomas (AR)	WILKERSON Julia Elizabeth (TX)	Burl Newton 06/03/94 M Alvord [del. 13465] 
BEVIL C T (KY)	FARE Angie (MO)	Carl 07/28/02 M Decatur [del. 7715] 
BEVIL Colonel Thompson (KY)	FARE Angie (MO)	Frank Collins 09/06/93 M Decatur [del. 8547] 
BEVIL Colonel Thompson (KY)	FARE Angie (MO)	Harry Roger 01/19/97 M Decatur [del. 8548] 
BEVILL Walter	BLANK Mattie	blank 5/21/10 F blank 5005 
BEVILLE Col.	BLANK Annie	John E. 6/10/04 M blank 939 
BEVILLE Colonel (KY)	FARE Angie (MO)	Thelma Maye 10/02/95 F Decatur [del. 24592] 
BEVILLE Flem (KY)	FARE Angie (MO)	Flem Tennison 03/12/88 M Decatur [del. 22343] 
BEVILLE L.A.	ROBERTS Eula D.	blank 8/18/30 M blank [No Image 9689] 
BEVILLE Ransom M (KY)	JONES Clara Belle (KY)	Annie Louise 05/18/79 F Decatur [del. 8634] 
BEVILLE Ransom M (KY)	JONES Clara Belle (KY)	Lewis Sparkman 12/26/80 M Decatur [del. 8635] 
BEVILLE Ransom M (KY)	JONES Clara Belle (KY)	Rowland N 10/18/82 M Decatur [del. 8636] 
BEVILLE Ransom M (KY)	JONES Clara Belle (KY)	Lena Lucille 09/25/88 F Decatur [del. 8637] 
BEVILLE Ransom M (KY)	JONES Clara Belle (KY)	Carolyn Mae 11/01/94 F Decatur [del. 8638] 
BEVINS Floyd (TX)	REED E.F. (TX)	Fay Ella 3/11/29 F Boyd 9289 
BEVINS James Loyd (TX)	READ EllieFrancis (TX)	James Henry 9/18/21 M Cottondale 7472 
BEYETTE John (NY)	HUNT Mary Elisibeth (KY)	George Henry 08/14/86 M Alvord [del. 10061] 
BEYETTE John (NY)	HUNT Mary Elizabeth (KY)	John Louis 09/30/81 M Alvord [del. 13274] 
BEYETTE Joseph (NY)	CRANE Eula Caroline (LA)	Vivian Lavenia 07/08/87 F Alvord [del. 14138] 
BEYETTE Joseph (NY)	CRANE Eula Caroline (LA)	Berniece Beryl 04/10/94 F Alvord [del. 14139] 
BEYETTE Louis Eugene (NY)	CRANE Lela Thomas (AR)	Eunice Theresa 02/01/95 F Decatur [del. 19501] 
BIGGERSTAFF Joe	(MCMURRAY) Dollie (Della)	blank 5/1/06 M blank 2647 
BIGGERSTAFF Joseph Henry (MO)	McMURRY Della (TX)	John Lesley 08/25/99 M Chico [del. 23654] 
BIGGERSTAFF Sam (MO)	MILLER Elizabeth Ann (TX)	William Cale 02/08/82 M Decatur [del. 11006] 
BIGGERSTAFF Sam (MO)	MILLER Lizzie (MO)	Harve Newton 05/28/80 M Greenwood [del. 6055] 
BIGGS John	BLANK blank	blank 10/7/14 M blank 5969 
BIGGS William Franklin (MS)	BERRY Margaret Lucinda (TN)	Johnnie Estell 06/06/91 F Decatur [del. 10237] 
BILBREY James Henry (AR)	REEVES Mary Jane (TX)	James Alfred 06/16/92 M Audubon [del. 6724] 
BILBREY James Henry (AR)	REEVES Mary Jane (TX)	Nannie Bird 11/28/94 F Alvord [del. 27820] 
BILBREY James Henry (AR)	REEVES Mary Jane (TX)	Marjorie Levenia 12/05/00 F Audubon [del. 12204] 
BILBREY James Henry (AR)	REEVES Mary Jane (TX)	Winnie Oleva 04/09/02 F Alvord [del. 15022] 
BILBREY Lovey (TX)	WILEY Minnie Elizabeth (TX)	Alvis Elwin 8/29/19 M Alvord 7128 & 7128a
BILBREY Mance Field (TN)	BRAY Elma Texas (TX)	Oster Lee 6/24/20 M Park Springs 7264 & 7264a & 7264b
BILBREY P.E.	BLANK Ella	Allen J. 4/21/05 M blank 1759 
BILBREY P.E. (MO)	HOLLAND Maude (TX)	Helen Marie 8/9/29 F Alvord 9413 
BILBREY Squire Calloway (TN)	BRADLEY Magie (TN)	Zeda Melinda 12/13/78 F Davidson Co TN [del. 14861] 
BILBREY Squire Calloway (TN)	RENO Palestine Louvene (AR)	Lovey 08/10/92 M Audubon [del. 10926] 
BILLINGTON A.	BLANK Emma	blank 9/28/07 M blank 3572 
BILLINGTON Louis (Lewis)(TX)	JOHNSON Jewell (TX)	blank 12/6/23 F Decatur 7948 
BILLINGTON W.A.	BLANK E.	blank 2/26/04 M blank 682 
BILLINGTON Walter (TX)	DAVIS Rebecca Birdie (TX)	Nancy Virginia 03/03 97 F Decatur [del. 28676] 
BILLINGTON William Edward (TX)	HARMENING Annie Lee (TX)	William Benjamin 03/29/02 M Slidell [del. 14362] 
BILLREY Henry	BLANK Jane	Linnie 1/2/05 F blank 1480 
BINGHAM Charles Thomas (MO)	COWLING Margaret Margaret Estelle (TX)	Clarence Horace 10/04/91 M Bridgeport [del. 28178] 
BINGHAM Edward	BLANK Addie	blank 10/4/09 M blank 4799 
BINGHAM Elbert	BLANK Lettie	blank 3/8/07 M blank 3212 
BINGHAM Elbert (T.)	(HAYS) Lillie	Mary 5/2/04 F blank 856 
BINGHAM Elbert (T.)	(HAYS) Lillie 	Margie 8/20/05 F blank 2071 
BINGHAM Horace	RILEY Clarabelle	William P. 11/24/32 M Decatur [No Image 10632] 
BINGHAM Otto (C.)	(HAYS) Ollie	blank 8/9/05 F blank 2041 
BINGHAM Otto (C.)	(HAYS) Ollie	blank 3/21/11 F blank 5202 
BINGHAM Walter Monroe (MO)	THOMAS Lydia Elmira (GA)	Maudina Hortence 10/31/05 F Bridgeport 2249 & 2249a
BINGHAM William Hardin (MO)	FERGUSON Louisa (MO)	Walter Monroe 02/21/78 M Barry Co MO [del. 13826] 
BINGMAN Jacob Anderson (MO)	HARRIS Arisa Clemontine (TN)	Rosa Lee 12/01/82 F Decatur [del. 10141] 
BINION G.W.	POORE Agness	blank 1/5/13 M blank 5626 
BINION George	BLANK Agnes	blank 4/20/07 F blank 3299 
BINION George Lee (IL)	POORE Agnes Elizabeth (TN)	Florence Opal 9/11/05 F Crafton 2133 & 2133a & 2133b & 2133c & 2133d & 2133e
BINION George Lee (IL)	POORE Agnes Elizabeth (TN)	Odis Floyd 11/17/08 M Crafton 4352 & 4352a
BINION J.W.	(SUGGS) (L.B.)	blank 6/16/04 F blank 950 
BINION J.W.	BLANK Laura	blank 5/29/06 M blank 2687 
BINION J.W.	BLANK Lena	blank 5/30/09 M blank 4649 
BINION James Wiley (IL)	SUGGS Laura Bell (TX)	Alfred Bryan 01/22/98 M Crafton [del. 20441] 
BINION James Wiley (IL)	SUGGS Laura Bell (TX)	Charlie Claire 06/15/02 F Crafton [del. 20406] 
BINION James Wiley (IL)	SUGGS Laura Belle (TX)	Ona Ruth 12/26/95 F Crafton [del. 14586] 
BINION James Wiley (IL)	SUGGS Laura Belle (TX)	Lee Francis 03/21/00 M Crafton [del. 11330] 
BINION L.	BLANK blank	J. 2/25/04 M blank 681 
BINION Robert Samuel (TX)	ELSOM Mary Myrtle (TX)	Billie Dean 5/8/24 F Alvord 8065 & 8065a
BINYON Lan	KING Mary Alice	Robert Hugh 10/14/14 M Bridgeport 5973 & 5973a
BINYON Longo (A.L.)	KING Alice (M.A.)	blank 11/8/16 M blank 6508 
BIRD blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/26/11 F blank 5391 
BIRD E.H.	LAIDLOW Edith	Eldred Holloway 2/8/28 M Bridgeport 8942 & 8942a
BIRD Harvey (?)	PORTER Elizabeth (MS)	Bob Oba 02/13/00 M Wise Co [del. 5000] 
BIRD Loyd C.	HENDERSON Marie	Shirley Jean 1/5/31 F Decatur [No Image 9922] 
BIRD Oscar	BLANK Laura	blank 7/30/06 F blank 2802 
BIRD R.W.	BRAZIER Stella	Betty Alice 3/31/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10020] 
BIRD S.O.	DETHLOFF Bertha	blank 3/9/27 M Chico 8763 
BIRD Sam	BLANK Pearl	blank 5/31/05 M blank 1855 
BIRD Walter	BLANK Sarah	Raymond William 7/4/04 M Bridgeport 991 & 0991a
BIRD Walter (MO)	SMITH Sarah (AR)	Charlie Melvin 11/25/98 M Bridgeport [del. 10391] 
BIRD Walter (MO)	SMITH Sarah Isabell (AR)	Lloyd Cecil 09/11/01 M Bridgeport [del. 20069] 
BIRDWELL Clarence	JONES Mary	Erbie Lee 1/28/18 M Keeter 6807 & 6807a
BIRMINGHAM Milton Valentine (AL)	WHITE Elizabeth Ann (MS)	Kennon Lillian 07/16/92 F Alvord [del. 11298] 
BISHOP Albert Lemuel (TX)	ROBINSON Carrie (AL)	Lural Thurmond 03/17/93 M Rhome [del. 21593] 
BISHOP D.H.	(MAXEY) M.M. (Minnie)	B.H. 7/16/04 M blank 1022 
BISHOP Dudley Howel (SC)	MAXEY Minnie May 	Winifred 12/17/88 F Greenwood [del. 22814] 
BISHOP Dudley Howel (SC)	MAXEY Minnie May (IL)	Emma 10/22/87 F Greenwood [del. 23253] 
BISHOP Dudley Howel (SC)	MAXEY Minnie May (IL)	James Otis 07/03/91 M Alvord [del. 12484] 
BISHOP Dudley Howel (SC)	MAXEY Minnie May (IL)	Eda Leona 01/18/01 F Bridgeport [del. 12483] 
BISHOP Dudley Howel (SC)	MAXEY Minnie May (IL)	Rose 12/30/02 F Willow Point [del. 12482] 
BISHOP Dudley Howell (SC)	MAXEY Minnie May (IL)	Walter Brown 08/17/86 M Greenwood [del. 8411] 
BISHOP Dudley Howell (SC)	MAXEY Minnie May (IL)	Mary Delilah 11/30/95 F Chico [del. 29280] 
BISHOP Emmit George Washington	BLODGETT Nancy Caroline	Harvy Lee 6/16/05 M Chico 1894 & 1894a
BISHOP Ernest	BLANK Margaret Katherine	Joy Cleatus 3/27/05 M Pella 1697 & 1697a & 1697b
BISHOP Frank	WHEELER Myrtle	blank 9/15/15 F blank 6244 
BISHOP G.	BLANK Nancy	blank 8/3/03 M blank 156 
BISHOP George	BLANK Mary	blank 12/7/08 F blank 4378 
BISHOP George	BLANK Nancy	blank 1/14/07 M blank 3108 
BISHOP George 	BLODGETT Nancy	blank 6/13/12 M blank 5540 
BISHOP Harvey Minifee (TN)	ENSEY Laura Elizabeth (TX)	Ollie Wilburn 06/06/95 M Springtown [del. 25340] 
BISHOP James (TX)	KELLY Carrie (TX)	Lena Sarah 01/01/81 F Alvord [del. 13462] 
BISHOP Jim	BLANK Alice	Vida May 1/1/05 F blank 1479 
BISHOP P.C. (TX)	ELLIS Addie (TX)	blank 6/24/18 F Avondale 6923 
BISHOP Pierson W. (TX)	GOOD Mamie Rose (TX)	Dorris Fay 8/21/25 F Slidell 8392 
BISHOP R.H.	PERKINS Dovie	blank 3/8/13 F blank 5665 
BISHOP R.H. (TN)	PICKENS Dovie A. (TX)	Rubin Haward 5/29/21 M Poolville 7407 & 7407a
BISHOP Raymond	WHITE Elby Fay	Lawanda Ruth 9/7/33 blank Greenwood [No Image 10886] 
BISHOP S H (KY)	MAYO Gum (KY)	Samuel Franklin 08/16/99 M Bridgeport [del. 3394] 
BISHOP Samuel Hickman (KY)	MAYE Quinna (KY)	Joseph Benton 01/20/94 M Bridgeport [del. 5264] 
BISHOP Truman	WHITE Ruby L.	blank 1/23/33 F Greenwood [No Image 10663] 
BISHOP William Henry (TX)	DELK Delphia Jane (TN)	Carrie L 05/23/94 F Alvord [del. 28761] 
BISHOP William J (MS)	JONES Rebecca E (MS)	Rubin Haywood 03/15/87 M Hardeman Co TN [del. 15088] 
BITTING Samuel Thornton (NC)	BAILEY Fannie (CA)	Susan 12/10/86 F Aurora [del. 8104] 
BIVENS James Loyd (TX)	READ Ellie Frances (TX)	Jossie Bernice 4/7/24 F Boyd 8088 & 8088a
BIVENS James Monroe (TX)	NEWBY Sarah Ann (TX)	Edgar Flemon 08/24/91 M Cottondale [del. 7718] 
BIVENS Loyd	READ E.F.	blank 10/23/30 M blank [No Image 9848] 
BLACK Ausborn Webster (TN)	CAMPBELL Ellen (PA)	Earnest Ross 10/07/01 M Bridgeport [del. 5359] 
BLACK Benjamin Bass	CARPENTER Nancy Jane	Fannie Melvina 4/14/05 F Paradise 1739 & 1739a
BLACK blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/11/08 F blank 4178 
BLACK H.W.	BLANK Nell	blank 9/25/03 F blank 314 
BLACK John Oliver (TX)	CANSLER Truma Margaret (TX)	Tinie Mae 7/14/18 F Chico 6934 & 6934a
BLACK Joseph Henry (AL)	WATLEY Bettie Elizabeth (AL)	Bulah Blanch 04/13/80 F Talapoosa Co AL [del. 16912] 
BLACK Monroe	KOENENGER Beatrice	Edward Lee 6/28/33 M Paradise [No Image 10839] 
BLACK Samuel W (TN)	DEATON Hattie F (IA)	Lura May 03/09/89 F Park Springs [del. 21548] 
BLACK Samuel W (TN)	DEATON Hattie F (IA)	Beulah Lee 01/15/91 F Park Springs [del. 21547] 
BLACK Samuel W (TN)	DEATON Hattie F (IA)	Willie Angie 03/28/92 F Park Springs [del. 21546] 
BLACK Samuel W (TN)	DEATON Hattie F (IA)	Bonnie Bell 12/18/93 F Park Springs [del. 21545] 
BLACK Thomas Jefferson (TX)	REID Lizzie (TX)	Monroe Marion 06/14/02 M Bridgeport [del. 16300] 
BLACK Tom	BLANK blank	blank 4/1/07 M blank 3262 
BLACK William Jackson (MS)	LILLY Amanda (MS)	Thomas Morton 04/13/88 M Alvord [del. 5651] 
BLACKBURN E.B. (TX)	BAUGHIER Annie E. (TX)	E.B., Jr. 8/4/19 M Decatur 7115 
BLACKBURN Eules (TX)	BANGHIER Annie Embry (TX)	Annie Lee 11/5/23 M Decatur 7936 & 7936a
BLACKBURN John Wesley (TN)	MEADOWS Lou A (TN)	Leroy 09/17/96 M Decatur [del. 4727] 
BLACKBURN John Wesley (TN)	MEADOWS Lou A (TN)	Euless Bertram 02/17/98 M Decatur [del. 7981] 
BLACKBURN John Wesley (TN)	MEADOWS Louise A (TN)	Alfred Lester 05/21/94 M Decatur [del. 10063] 
BLACKBURN Odus	HALL Lois	blank 1/21/30 F Decatur [No Image 9568] 
BLACKBURN Willard	DECKER blank	blank 9/8/11 F blank 5346 
BLACKBURN Willard	DECKER blank	blank 3/5/13 M blank 5663 
BLACKBURN Willard	DECKER Effie Dora	Louella 11/30/05 F Decatur 2321 & 2321a
BLACKBURN William Melton (AR)	GRANGER Mary Alice (AR)	Mary Kate 12/22/82 F Howard Co AR [del. 21646] 
BLACKERBY Matt G.	CARAWAY Beatrice	Matt George, Jr. 12/30/32 M Decatur [No Image 10646] 
BLACKFORD blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/25/06 M blank 2440 
BLACKFORD blank	BLANK blank	blank 6/18/09 M blank 4664 
BLACKFORD Lemuel Edgar (IN)	WYLIE Frances Gertrude (MS)	Edwin D 11/15/88 M Paradise [del. 4758] 
BLACKFORD Martin Douglas (IL)	WALLACE Nancy Ann (MS)	Bertha 10/08/95 F Paradise. [del. 20737] 
BLACKMAN A.I. (TX)	DAUSETT Euna May (TX)	Robert Lee 5/13/25 M Sunset 8310 & 8310a
BLACKMAN B.A.	GRESHAM Mary	blank 11/25/13 F blank 5796 
BLACKMAN B.L.	BLANK N.	blank 2/11/04 M blank 648 
BLACKMON Bartie Lee (TX)	EDWARDS Nettle Pierce (TX)	Robert Lee 02/21/02 M Garvin [del. 4422] 
BLACKSTONE Robert Thomas (MO)	McDANIEL Linda Isabelle (TX)	Ida Oleta 01/29/88 F Decatur [del. 10678] 
BLACKWELL Claud E.	SPRADLEY Beatrice	Charles Edward 1/14/32 M Boyd [No Image 10334] 
BLACKWELL Claude E.	SPRADLEY Beatrice	blank 11/25/29 M blank [No Image 9515] 
BLACKWELL John Calvin (TX)	GRAVES Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Hattie Lucindy 12/20/92 F Opal [del. 28617] 
BLACKWELL John Calvin (TX)	GRAVES Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Lalla Cordelia 03/20/95 F Opal [del. 15914] 
BLACKWELL John Calvin (TX)	GRAVES Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Trudie Alice 03/08/97 F Opal [del. 24898] 
BLACKWOOD Gideon Thomas (MS)	RIMARE Susan Powell (MS)	Lenord Genaral 11/12/87 M Decatur [del. 28255] 
BLACKWOOD Gideon Thomas (MS)	RIMER Susan Ann Powell (MS)	Oliver Clifton 09/06/97 M Chico [del. 30983] 
BLACKWOOD Gideon Thomas (MS)	RIMMER Susie Powell (MS)	Maggie Lenora 07/08/84 F Chico [del. 13466] 
BLACKWOOD Gideon Thomas (MS)	RIMMER Susie Powell (MS)	Lillie Melton 10/07/89 F Chico [del. 11455] 
BLACKWOOD Maston Towns (TX)	AKIN Bevy (TX)	Ovid Raymond 07/28/94 M Chico [del. 8919] 
BLACKWOOD Maston Towns (TX)	AKIN Bevy (TX)	Ruby F 04/25/96 F Chico [del. 7889] 
BLACKWOOD Maston Towns (TX)	AKIN Bevy (TX)	Pearl R 12/01/99 F Chico [del. 8333] 
BLAGG blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/29/04 M blank 1237 
BLAGG Charles Wesley (AR)	BILLINGSLEY Virginia Angelyne (AR)	Edwin Eugene 06/12/97 M Rhome [del. 8400] 
BLAGG Edgar A.	(DAVIS) Annie L.	Tennie May 9/4/05 F blank 2120 
BLAGG Jefferson Davis (AR)	THARP Lydia Anny (AR)	Maud Pearl 12/18/99 F Alvord [del. 14184] 
BLAGG John C (AR)	HARRIS Josie Ann (AR)	Ed 06/01/94 M Sunset 36 & [del. 2710] 
BLAGG John Calvin (AR)	HARRIS Josephine Ann (AR)	Nora Adeljne 01/17/93 F Decatur [del. 27949] 
BLAIR Carl (TX)	COLEMAN Daisy Ola (TX)	Ruth Imogene 12/7/20 F blank 7517 & 7517a
BLAIR E.M.	BLANK Martha	D.K. 5/8/05 M blank 1797 
BLAIR Emory Wellington (TX)	SANDERS Julia Ann (TN)	Fay 12/08/00 F Boyd [del. 7307] 
BLAIR Francis Marion (TX)	COURTNEY Margaret Clementine (TX)	Ora Lillian 02/28/96 F Decatur [del. 6435] 
BLAIR Francis Marion (TX)	COURTNEY Margaret Clementine (TX)	Fay Dorris 03/16/98 F Decatur [del. 6332] 
BLAIR H.G.	MAYES Delphia	Clara Jean 1/27/31 F blank [No Image 9946] 
BLAIR Jesse O.	WHITE Della Mae	Anna Lee 8/25/03 F Alvord 223 & 0223a
BLAIR Jessie Onesimus (TX)	WHITE Dellah May (TX)	Charley Clarence 3/28/07 M Alvord 3252 & 3252a
BLAIR Tom	BLANK blank	blank 3/2/10 F blank 4950 
BLAKELEY Merlen Neal	COBB Mariar Jannie	Minnie Marie 8/5/15 F Boyd 6184 & 6184a
BLAKEMAN C.B.	SHEETS Lottie	Joy Lynn 4/14/33 F Alvord [No Image 10733] 
BLAKENEY Clarence	BARKSDALE Jewel	Joe 10/14/32 blank blank [No Image 10594] 
BLAKENEY Clarence (OK)	BARKSDALE Jewell (TX)	Neda Ruth 5/6/29 F Alvord 9341 
BLAKENEY James Benjamin (TX)	INGRAM Neda (AL)	Clarence Young 08/12/02 M Carter Co OK [del. 6533] 
BLAKENEY William J (AL)	WILLIAMS Nettle Summer (KY)	Eva Leona 03/04/84 F Alvord [del. 19380] 
BLAKLEY M.N. (TX)	COBB Jamie (M.J.)(TX)	Berdon 11/17/22 M Boyd 7689 
BLANCHARD John Thomas (MS)	HEMBREE Jennie (AR)	Lewis Monroe 03/26/02 M Bridgeport [del. 9757] 
BLANK blank	BLANK blank	stillborn 8/14/03 F blank 187 
BLANK blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/14/08 F blank 3973 
BLANK blank	LEWIS Katie	blank Lewis 11/23/16 M blank 6514 
BLANK blank	POOLE Vida	blank 4/10/18 M Paradise 6860 
BLANK W.O.	BLANK Mattie	blank 1/2/05 F blank 1483 
BLANKENSHIP G.A.	BLANK L.	blank 3/4/04 F blank 705 
BLANKENSHIP Robert Lee (KY)	WEST Amanda Richard (TN)	Nellie Lee 06/13/97 F Rhome [del. 20948] 
BLANKENSHIP Robert Lee (TN)	WEST Amanda (TN)	Vallie 09/22/01 F Rhome [del. 16942] 
BLANSCET Elex Stevens (TN)	LANGLY Martha Ellen (TN)	John Stevens 05/21/87 M Sunset [del. 21089] 
BLANTON J.J. (TX)	MCELHANEY Lettie (TX)	blank 3/15/29 F Bridgeport 9293 
BLANTON John J. (Dr.)	MCCURDY Cue	blank 1/31/16 M blank 6352 
BLANTON William Panceast	BORDEN Piety Elizabeth	Piety Panceast 2/3/05 F Crafton 1566 & 1566a
BLANTON William Pancoast (AR)	BORDEN Piety Elizabeth (TX)	James Burgess 07/22/94 M Crafton [del. 29517] 
BLANTON William Pancoast (AR)	BORDEN Piety Elizabeth (TX)	B F 07/31./98 M Crafton [del. 8780] 
BLASON Ed	BLANK Ann	blank 6/26/10 M blank 5032 
BLEDSOE Ro. M.	LISBY Annie	blank 6/1/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9709] 
BLEVENS James	BLANK Mattie	blank 10/10/04 F blank 1264 
BLEVINS Nathen Weaver (OH)	SHARP Lou Ella (IN)	Earl Weaver 06/27/96 M Aurora [del. 4352] 
BLEVINS Stephen	BLANK Rebecca	blank 5/30/08 F blank 4063 
BLEVINS Steve 	FARRIS Rebbeca Jane	Steve Elmer 8/19/05 M blank 2069 & 2069a
BLEVINS Steve Elmer (TX)	DAVIDSON Eva Jane (TX)	blank 6/19/29 M Bridgeport 9377 
BLEVINS William McKinley	JOHNSON Vera Estell	Hubert Wayne 8/22/17 M Chico 6687 & 6687a
BLEWELL James	HUDSON Wildey	blank 12/25/11 M blank 5430 
BLEWETT Baxter Waldo	GRAY Leona Leota	Willis Edgar 8/5/03 M Blewett 159 & 0159a
BLEWETT G.S.	BLANK Minnie	(Maude Lanier) 8/8/03 F blank 170 
BLEWETT Granger	BLANK blank	blank 3/13/08 M blank 3909 
BLEWETT Granger Salmon	WILLIAMS Minnie Ola	Charles H.-twin 3/17/27 M Decatur 8769 
BLEWETT Granger Salmon	WILLIAMS Minnie Ola	Ward Hall-twin 3/17/27 M Decatur 8770 
BLEWETT J.	BLANK W.	blank 12/19/06 F blank 3067 
BLEWETT Jack	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/05 F blank 2282 
BLEWETT James Howard (KY)	BROWN Lelia May (TX)	Joseph William 07/13/99 M Decatur [del. 15233] 
BLEWETT James Love (KY)	WHALEY Mary Elizabeth (GA)	Jimmie Ann Rachel 06/07/77 F Decatur [del. 18326] 
BLEWETT Joe	BLANK W.	blank 3/15/04 M blank 731 
BLEWETT Joe O (TX)	COUCH Katey (TX)	James Lovie 09/04/95 M Decatur [del. 10014] 
BLEWETT Silas Arthur (TX)	HORNBACK Laura Virginia (MO)	George H 10/01/01 M Decatur [del. 5773] 
BLEWETT Thomas Lewis (KY)	GRIFFIN Mattie Ann (TX)	Thomas W 11/24/00 M Decatur [del. 10436] 
BLEWETT Thomas Lewis (TX)	GRIFFIN Mattie (TX)	Lillie Ethel 09/09/95 F Decatur [del. 28415] 
BLEWETT Waldo Baxter	GRAY Leona Leota	Mary Margarett 8/28/05 F blank 2099 & 2099a
BLOCK Raymond (TX)	FULLER Fannie (TX)	Elizabeth Raye 9/20/28 F Decatur 9126 & 9126a
BLOCKER Clyde C.	(JOHNS) Zelma Dean	Ramomia 5/12/30 F Chico [No Image 9684] 
BLOCKER James Michael (MS)	MANN Ara Winnie (MS)	Helen Fern 07/16/99 F Jim Ned [del. 22755] 
BLOCKER U.	BLANK blank	blank 6/8/04 M blank 934 
BLOCKER W.O. (OK)	MOSER Myrtle (TX)	Darnell 9/8/26 M Chico 8661 
BLOCKER William Unus (TX)	EASLY Joda (TX)	Winefred Otis 02/15/94 M Washita Co OK [del. 28818] 
BLODGETT Charlie (F.)	WALKER Rachel (Flora Bell)	blank 7/21/30 blank Decatur [No Image 9764] 
BLODGETT Jasper B (IL)	KIRKPATRICK Mary (MO)	Nancy Caroline 11/24/84 F Bridgeport [del. 18476] 
BLODGETT William J (MO)	KIRKPATRICK Mary (TX)	Dora 03/21/92 F Bridgeport [del. 20860] 
BLODGETT William J (MO)	KIRKPATRICK Mary (TX)	Nora 03/21/92 F Bridgeport [del. 20861] 
BLOODWORTH John Marian (TX)	CHEVES Laura (MS)	Bert Cromwell 06/18/95 M Willow Point [del. 5720] 
BLOOMER Melvin Tipton (TN)	HART Margaret Ellen (KY)	Cora Lee 10/13/79 F Hawkins Co TN [del. 9382] 
BLOOMER Melvin Tipton (TN)	HART Margaret Ellen (KY)	Clarence Winfred 10/19/86 M Hawkins Co TN [del. 7785] 
BLY George W (OH)	BUTCHER Dila (KY)	William Harvey 03/11/82 M Chico [del. 11162] 
BLYTHE Bob	BLANK blank	blank 10/13/09 F blank 4810 
BLYTHE Clarence Marion	BOUNDS Mary Eva	Ruby Venus 11/16/26 F Chico 8712 & 8712a & 8712b
BLYTHE Edward W.	FERGUSON Jewel	Betty Jean 12/30/31 F Decatur [No Image 9979] 
BLYTHE G.W.	(MANNING) M.C. (Carrie)	blank 9/23/04 M blank 1219 
BLYTHE George W (TN)	MANNING Carrie (TX)	Ernest David 08/05/97 M Chico [del. 23096] 
BLYTHE George W (TN)	MANNING Willis (TX)	Clarence Marion 03/09/02 M Chico [del. 9811] 
BLYTHE George Washington (TN)	MANNING Cara Mattie (TX)	Vera Millie 10/23/00 F Chico [del. 22451] 
BLYTHE John B (TN)	JACKSON Levie Ollie (TX)	Lola Irene 03/11/98 F Chico [del. 5574] 
BLYTHE Robert Lee (TX)	STARNES Maggie Naomi (AR)	Robert Lee, Jr. 1/9/14 M Decatur 5815 & 5815a
BOASE Leslie (TX)	PASCHALL Exia (TX)	Virginia Cue 2/12/21 F Bridgeport 7345 & 7345a
BOATMAN John Enoch (TX)	STORM Eva (IA)	Lillian Pearl 02/06/88 F Paradise [del. 7543] 
BOAZ Petero A.	BLANK (Amaline)	(Rosie) 8/20/07 F Bridgeport 3498 
BOAZ Tom Ross (Syria)	LONG Cora (TX)	Ruby Phea 5/27/09 F Bridgeport 4644 & 4644a
BOBO Add	BLANK blank	blank 7/7/15 F blank 6145 
BOBO Charles Sharp (MS)	CROW Mary Katie (TX)	Charles Sidney 12/02/92 M Aurora [del. 21140] 
BOBO John Addie (AL)	ROBINSON Dona Elvina (TN)	Loyd Winfred 06/17/00 M Boyd [del. 8105] 
BOBO Loyd (TX)	COBB Omo (TX)	blank 7/10/20 F Boyd 7271 
BOBO Loyd W. (TX)	HICE Omie F. (TX)	Wanda Lee 1/25/26 F Rhome 8522 
BOBO Philip (AL)	MOORE Mandy (AL)	Myrtle Pearl 05/24/78 F Boyd [del. 13775] 
BOBO W.A.	THOMPSON L.Z.	Betty Jean 10/9/31 F Boyd [No Image 10249] 
BOBO William Alfred (TX)	THOMPSON Lillian Zay (TX)	William Adron 4/12/26 M Boyd 8575 & 8575a
BOBO Z.B.	BLANK Bettie	blank 2/20/06 F blank 2509 
BOBO Z.B. (Zack Blount)	(MORRIS) Nellie (Elizabeth F.)	blank 12/7/07 F blank 3718 
BOBO Zack Blount (MS)	MORRIS Elizabeth (AL)	Mary Ann 11/21/00 F Rhome [del. 31064] 
BOBO Zack Blount (MS)	MORRIS Elizabeth T (AL)	Early Virginia 12/08/93 F Rhome [del. 21476] 
BOBO Zack Blount (MS)	MORRIS Elizabeth T (AL)	Thomas Carroll 06/03/98 M Rhome [del. 10013] 
BOBO Zack Blount (MS)	MORRIS Elizabeth Tabitha (AL)	Sallye Louise 11/04/88 F Aurora [del. 19599] 
BOBO Zack Blount (MS)	MORRIS Elizabeth Tibitha (AL)	Elizabeth Derutha 09/07/95 F Rhome [del. 28256] 
BOBO Zack Blount Sr (MS)	MORRIS Elizabeth T (AL)	Zack Blount Jr 02/08/97 M Rhome [del. 10011] 
BOCH John Henry (MO)	PITNEY Ruby (TX)	Elbert Lawrence 10/18/00 M Chico [del. 4808] 
BOCK Charles	BLANK Emma	blank 4/19/06 M blank 2627 
BOCK Christian (GA)	RATTERREE Lucinda (KY)	Thomas Franklin 03/01/85 M Chico [del. 5454] 
BOCK Christian (GA)	RATTERREE Lucinda (KY)	Annie Chloe 04/02/89 F Chico [del. 5453] 
BOCK James William (MO)	FARE Frances Ella (TX)	Eskel Levert 08/11/98 M Chico [del. 6333] 
BOCK James William (MO)	FORE Frances Ella (TX))	Oren Dee 06/29/00 M Chico [del. 7448] 
BOCK John Henry (MO)	PITNEY Ruby (TX)	Winf red Luther 08/22/96 M Chico [del. 4789] 
BOCK John Henry (MO)	PITNEY Ruby (TX)	Elzie Strawberry 04/01/98 M Chico [del. 4791] 
BOCK Will	BLANK Ella	blank 11/20/05 M blank 2295 
BODINE James J (MO)	CHAMBERLIN Roxie Ann (MI)	Mary Margaret 09/09/89 F Sunset [del. 11074] 
BODINE Louis (MO)	McCOLVIN Luerania (TN)	Electia Eliza 03/13/83 F Sunset [del. 11759] 
BOGGS William Andrew (TX)	BARNETT Lettie Lee (TX)	Bonnie Demyrtis 02/17/98 F Alvord [del. 28051] 
BOGY I.F.	BLANK M.E.	blank 9/9/07 F blank 3527 
BOGY Ivy	YOUNG Asilie	blank 3/16/14 M blank 5861 
BOGY Ivy Firmin	YOUNG Asilee	Thelma Vaughine 4/20/07 F Willow Point 3300 & 3300a
BOGY J.F.	BLANK Mae	blank 1/25/09 F blank 4456 
BOGY Joseph V (AL)	SMITH Ruth (AL)	B Vetol 06/04/85 M Bridgeport [del. 25410] 
BOGY Joseph Vetol (AR)	SMITH Ruth Victoria (AL)	Ignace Smith 12/04/82 M Willow Point [del. 7719] 
BOHANNAN Henry Clay (TX)	WASHBURN Mary Frances (AL)	Elmer James 01/30/00 M Newark [del. 30847] 
BOHANON Henry	BLANK Fannie	blank 5/3/04 M blank 859 
BOHANON John B. (TX)	HOWARD Maggie Lee (TN)	blank 2/23/22 M Rhome 7550 
BOLDING C.E.	PLUMBEE Cora	blank 6/2/28 F Rhome 9029 
BOLDING Charles E.	PLUMBEE Cora L.	Connie C. 9/25/31 M Decatur [No Image 10232] 
BOLDING J.B.	AYCOCK Myrtle	Bettie Jane 7/12/31 F blank [No Image 10140] 
BOLDING Jesse B., Sr.(OK)	AYCOX Myrtle A. (AL)	Elsie Faye 10/6/26 F Rhome 8689 & 8689a
BOLEN Jim	BLANK Jennie	blank 4/22/15 F blank 6079 
BOLES J.L.	BLANK N.E.	blank 11/9/04 M blank 1338 
BOLES James Knox Polk (MO)	CORMANY Elizabeth Rhoda (VA)	Charles Wesley 02/03/77 M Alvord [del. 5955] 
BOLES James Knox Polk (MO)	CORMANY Elizabeth Roda (VA)	Samson David 05/08/83 M Alvord [del. 11643] 
BOLES James Luther (TX)	LANCASTER Nona Esther (AR)	Norma Ellen 12/29/02 F Sunset [del. 21071] 
BOLEY James Washington (MS)	MURPHY Sciota Jane (TX)	James Jefferson 10/13/89 M Paradise [del. 5547] 
BOLEY Joe Mose (MO)	HENSON Rosa Ellen (TX)	Gertie Alice 8/3/24 F Alvord 8129 & 8129a
BOLIN A.C.	SHELBURN L.M.	Alfred A. 4/2/33 M Decatur [No Image 10716] 
BOLTON Ely (J.E.)	(HAGUE) Dovie	blank 9/24/04 M blank 1223 
BOLTON James Ely (TX)	HAGUE Dovie Willie (MS)	Vernon Lee 01/14/02 M Decatur [del. 25465] 
BOND J.L.	(TINSLEY) Irene	blank 4/25/07 blank blank 3312 
BOND J.L.	BLANK Irene	blank 9/16/08 M blank 4250 
BOND J.R.	BERRY Fannie	blank 11/30/12 F blank 5599 
BOND J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 6/23/08 M blank 4098 
BOND James Buchanan (MS)	OLIVER Clara Margurite (GA)	Madison N 09/02/87 M Boonsville [del. 16627] 
BOND James Buchanan (TX)	OLIVER Clara Margaret (FL)	Alice Anna 06/25/89 F Boonsville [del. 17134] 
BOND James Buchanan (TX)	OLIVER Clara Marguret (GA)	Mary Ettie 06/04/95 F Boonsville [del. 6852] 
BOND James Buchanan (TX)	OLIVER Clara Marguret (GA)	Clara Angie 01/31/98 F Boonsville [del. 6853] 
BOND James Buchannan (TX)	OLIVER Clarie Marguret (GA)	John Ripley 03/09/83 M Bridgeport [del. 12973] 
BOND James Tarlton	MONTGOMERY Olah	Eunice Maudena 12/16/07 F blank 3729 & 3729a
BOND John Ripley (TX)	BERRY Fannie Bell (TX)	Ina Leona 8/12/06 F Boonsville 2837 & 2837a
BOND John William (MO)	LEWIS Florence Gustania (AL)	Edgar Loren 10/17/84 M Garvin [del. 8338] 
BOND John William (MO)	LEWIS Florence Gustania (AL)	Ethel Eugenia 06/26/86 F Garvin [del. 8339] 
BOND John William (MO)	LEWIS Florence Gustania (AL)	Iron Bertha 08/22/88 F Garvin [del. 8337] 
BOND R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 6/26/07 M blank 3403 
BOND Robert Lee (AL)	NESMITH Bertha Elizabeth (AL)	John William 03/21/01 M Lawrence Co AL [del. 29129] 
BOND T.A.	BLANK Dessie	blank 6/2/09 F blank 4654 
BOND T.L.	BLANK Ola	blank 4/15/10 M blank 4981 
BONDS Leroy (TX)	VERS Lillie May (TX)	Richard 1/20/26 M Rhome 8518 
BONER Ben	EDGE Myrtle	Alvis Benjamin 10/28/26 M Alvord 8701 & 8701a
BONER George Ben (TX)	EDGE Myrtle (TX)	blank 6/24/22 M Alvord 7620 
BONER Roy (TX)	CHILTON Clara Bell (TX)	Dixie Lee 8/30/29 F Alvord 9436 
BONER Z. (TX)	MORROW Jewel (TX)	blank 8/17/23 M Chico 7876 
BONER Zeak	MORROW Jewell	Betty Fae 6/4/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10094] 
BONER Zeke (TX)	MORROW Jewell (TX)	Clifford William 10/4/21 M Alvord 7486 
BONHAM T.A. (Theodore Allen)(TX)	HUCKABEE Mary (Parmeto)(TX)	blank 5/9/23 F Park Springs 7798 [delayed 13755]
BONIFIELD Robert Perry (GA)	THOMPSON Mary Catherine (TX)	John Franklin 12/30/94 M Bridgeport [del. 16336] 
BONIFIELD Robert Perry (MO)	COUCH Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	James Henry 12/01/87 M Bridgeport [del. 19797] 
BONIFIELD Robert Perry (MO)	THOMPSON Mary Catherine (TX)	Bertha Mae 09/10/90 F Bridgeport [del. 9616] 
BONIFIELD Robert Perry (MO)	THOMPSON Mary Catherine (TX)	Emma Lenora 01/29/97 F Bridgeport [del. 19796] 
BONIFIELD Samuel Taylor (TX)	McHAFFEY Mary Jane (TX)	Samuel Knox 10/30/81 M Bridgeport [del. 23786] 
BOON Ed (E.M.)	(MARTIN) M.B. (Mary Beck)	blank 1/3/04 F blank 558 
BOON S.B.	BLANK L.E.	blank 11/4/05 F blank 2260 
BOONE Charles F (IN)	MURPHY Zula (TX)	James W 11/08/93 M Park Springs [del. 28126] 
BOONE D.D. (Don)	(GREESAN) Lou	blank 6/20/04 F blank 959 
BOONE D.W.	(KILLGORE) Onice	blank 5/11/06 M blank 2663 
BOONE Daniel W (TX)	KILGORE Onice (LA)	Margaret Grace 02/18/97 F Alvord [del. 4228] 
BOONE Daniel Webster	BLANK O.H.	Raymond Walker 12/11/03 M Wise Co. 499 
BOONE Daniel Webster (TX)	KILGORE Harriet Onice (LA)	Rufus William 09/23/94 M Alvord [del. 25578] 
BOONE Daniel Webster (TX)	KILLGORE Harriet Onice (LA)	Earl Leroy 11/21/92 M Alvord [del. 25156] 
BOONE Dot	BLANK Lou	blank 3/8/06 F blank 2541 
BOONE E.H.	BLANK Alice	Ruth 12/2/04 F blank 1405 
BOONE Edwin Howard (AR)	ARNOLD Emily Alice (IL)	Ozelle 01/12/02 F Boonsville [del. 8841] 
BOONE Lawson	BLANK Lula	blank 8/8/04 F blank 1091 
BOONE Robert Roy (TX)	CRIM Sophronia Gabriella (SC)	Lenelle 06/25/01 F Park Springs [del. 4955] 
BOONE William Penn	PARKER Mary Chrisida	Caldan 8/17/03 M Alvord 194 & 0194a
BOONE William Penn (TX)	PARKER Mary Chrisida (TX)	Margaret Mae 10/06/00 F Alvord [del. 29218] 
BOOT James	BLANK blank	blank 1/1/08 F blank 3760 
BOOTH Morris Golbert (MO)	NIMMO Janie (OK)	Lloyd Gilbert 01/01/02 M Decatur [del. 9198] 
BOOTH Rufus (MS)	PHILLIPS E A (IN)	George E 07/18/90 M Chico [del. 5452] 
BOOTH Rufus (MS)	PHILLIPS Estella (IN)	Jessie Virgil 06/17/ 85 M Chico [del. 5847] 
BOOTH Rufus (MS)	PHILLIPS Estelle Agnes (IN)	Benjamin Franklin 09/18/93 M Chico [del. 5541] 
BOOTH Rufus F (MS)	PHILLIPS E A (IN)	John N 09/05/87 M Chico [del. 19798] 
BOOZER Newton F (GA)	REEVES Lucy (MS)	Minnie lone 06/26/82 F Alvord [del. 15526] 
BORAM Jess	BLANK Anne	Jessie 3/4/05 F blank 1644 
BORBOSA Juan (Mex)	VILLARREAL Josefa (Mex)	Ventura 10/1/22 M Bridgeport 7663 
BORCHERDING Henry (Germany)	SKILES Mary Matilda (TN)	Inga Augusta 08/25/79 F Bridgeport [del. 15699] 
BORDEAUX Thomas Antonio (France)	RICHTER Arlena (IL)	Annie Rosetta 03/19/94 F Alvord [del. 11817] 
BORDEN William Martin (AL)	QUINN Rhoda Jane (TX)	Mainie Jane 01/17/88 F Decatur [del. 17664] 
BORDERS Henry Logan (KY)	COLLIER Daisy Rebecca (TX)	Stella Lou 12/21/98 F Bridgeport [del. 18992] 
BORDON W.M.	BLANK Pearl	blank 12/10/07 F blank 3723 
BOREN Thomas C. (AR)	WILSON Amy C. (TX)	Donald Lee 9/6/18 M Paradise 6969 
BOREN Tom	BLANK Essie	blank 5/22/08 M blank 4041 
BOREN Tom	WILSON Essie	blank 10/28/12 blank blank 5588 
BORING Arthur Lee (TX)	WHATLEY Carrie (TX)	Mary Edith 9/16/26 F Bridgeport 8670 & 8670a
BORING Edward W.	JENKINS Vera M.	blank 1/29/31 F blank [No Image 9950] 
BORING Geoge Washington (TX)	PARSON Delora (TX)	Viola Malice 8/8/13 F Audobon 5749 & 5749a
BORING George (TX)	PARSONS De Louis (TX)	Albert Earl 1/20/20 F Bridgeport 7195 & 7195a
BORING George (TX)	PARSONS Delon (TX)	blank 3/18/24 F Bridgeport 8035 
BORING George (TX)	PARSONS Deloris (TX)	blank 5/19/22 F Bridgeport 7596 
BORING George W.	PARSONS Delois (J.D.)	James O. 2/25/17 M Bridgeport 6561 & 6461a
BORING John (TX)	CAMP Susie (TX)	blank 4/6/23 F Bridgeport 7759 
BORUFF Milton P (IN)	PORTER Laura Ann (IN)	Thomas Harlin 03/16/84 M Lonoak Coar [del. 16529] 
BORUM Edgar	BLANK blank	(Harold Richard) 2/21/05 M blank 1613 
BORUM Edgar	BLANK blank	blank 4/20/07 M blank 3301 
BOST David Franklin (NC)	DOUGLAS Florence Jennie (NC)	Charles Perkins 07/17/85 M Decatur [del. 17766] 
BOST Phillip S. (TX)	NIX Jesse Marie (TX)	Harold Ruband 1/15/26 F Rhome 8514 
BOST Phillips S. (TX)	NOX Jessie Marie (TX)	Myrta Frances 1/26/23 F Rhome 7717 & 7717a
BOUCHER Enoch Smith (MO)	STEWART Annie Claudia (TX)	Clyde Campbell 04/11/96 M Bridgeport [del. 9154] 
BOULWARE O.L. (FL)	CHILTON Lizzie (E.K.)(TX)	J.B. 8/11/19 F Bridgeport 7119 
BOULWARE Oscar	BLANK blank	blank 1/24/04 M blank 609 
BOULWARE Oscar	CHILTON Lizzie	blank 10/5/10 M blank 5111 
BOULWARE Oscar L. (TX)	CHILTON Elizabeth Kieth (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 12/14/12 F Bridgeport 5610 & 5610a
BOULWARE Oscar Lee	CHILTON Elizabeth Keith	Richard Clyde 1/14/06 M Bridgeport 2404 & 2404a
BOULWARE Oslan (Oscar)	BLANK Lizzie	blank 8/5/08 M blank 4167 
BOULWARE Simon L (FL)	HENSON Bertha E (NC)	Lotie Lovatt 04/27/96 F Bridgeport [del. 23655] 
BOULWARE William Benjamin (FL)	BOLES Bettie Bell (MO)	Roxy Lee 09/09/98 F Bridgeport [del. 23021] 
BOULWARE William Benjamine (FL)	BOLES Batty Bell (MO)	Lilla Mae 05/19/93 F Bridgeport [del. 20947] 
BOWDEN Benjamin Clarence	SENTER Bessie Jane	(Robert)Curtis Wayne 10/3/05 M blank 2178 
BOWDEN Charles	BLANK blank	blank 2/2/12 F blank 5453 
BOWDEN Charlie Buck (AL)	HOOPER Mary France (TN)	Custer Mae 05/19/90 F Decatur [del. 26738] 
BOWDEN Charlie Buck (AL)	HOOPER Mary Frances (TN)	Patsy Estell 10/09/93 F Decatur [del. 26737] 
BOWDEN Charlie Buck (AL)	HOOPER Mary Frances (TN)	John Henry 02/12/97 M Decatur [del. 26739] 
BOWDEN Clarence	BLANK blank	blank 8/16/07 M blank 3489 
BOWDEN Henry (NC)	PARISH Marinda (AR)	Dan Roy 01/05/94 M Decatur [del. 6230] 
BOWDEN James Ernest (NC)	ROSENBERG May (TX)	Virdie Allison 1/18/07 M Bridgeport 3117 & 3117a
BOWEN George	BLANK D.	blank 4/12/04 M blank 806 
BOWEN Tom	BLANK Nora	blank 8/30/05 F blank 2103 
BOWEN Walter Alexander	HENRY Nannie Novella	Annie Mae 4/8/05 F Decatur 1726 & 1726a
BOWEN Walter Alexander (MO)	HENRY Nannie Novella (AL)	Mary Pauline 3/3/07 F Decatur 3201 & 3201a
BOWEN William Book	SMITH Ada Evelyn	Jesse Edwin 12/25/03 M Decatur 535 & 0535a
BOWEN William Booker (TX)	SMITH Eva (TX)	Carl Booker 09/09/02 M Decatur [del. 9119] 
BOWEN Woody	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/05 M blank 1787 
BOWERS Will Bo (TX)	WARE Ellen (TN)	Mattie 03/30/86 F Decatur [del. 17150] 
BOWERS William Lumpkin (GA)	SHADIX Amanda (TX)	Eula Mae 01/20/95 F Paradise [del. 23333] 
BOWERS William Lumpkin (GA)	SHADIX Amanda (TX)	Esther 06/12/97 F Paradise [del. 23334] 
BOWERS William Lumpkin (GA)	SHADIX Amanda Elizabeth (TX)	Eunice 10/14/95 F Decatur [del. 21141] 
BOWLES F.E.	COX Mattie	blank 8/30/16 M blank 6467 
BOWLES George James (SC)	STEVENSON Alice Rebecca (LA)	William Alexander 04/29/83 M Decatur [del. 12004] 
BOWLES T.E. (TX)	COX Mattie (TX)	Joyce 1/29/29 F Alvord 9255 
BOWLIN James Preston (TX)	VAN METER Jennie (TX)	William Henry 5/25/22 M Bridgeport 7602 
BOWLIN N.R.	BLANK Maggie	blank 10/5/04 M blank 1250 
BOWLIN S.R.	MONTFORD Katie	Barbara 5/15/30 F blank [No Image 9689] 
BOWLIN Samuel Richmond	MONTFORD Kate	John M. 4/28/27 M blank 8794 & 8794a
BOWLIN Samuel Richmond	MONTFORD Katherine	William Rhea 4/11/10 M Bridgeport 4978 & 4978a
BOWLING H.W.	BLANK M.E.	blank 7/4/08 F blank 4118 
BOWLING William James (AR)	KENNEDY Mollie Elizabeth (TN)	Alfred Homer 08/10/81 M Bridgeport [del. 28438] 
BOWMAN Franklin Vinson (GA)	KILPATRICK Mary (TX)	Joel Johnson 12/19/93 M Garvin [del. 8186] 
BOWMAN George B. (Brit)(TX)	SPENCER Minnie Ethel (TX)	Gladys Ruth 1/17/24 F Alvord 7980 
BOWMAN Sam H (TN)	COOPER Sarah Jane (GA)	Minnie Lida 10/24/80 F Decatur [del. 7490] 
BOWMAN Sam H (TN)	COOPER Sarah Jane (GA)	James Eddie 01/24/84 M Decatur [del. 7492] 
BOWMAN Sam H (TN)	COOPER Sarah Jane (GA)	Jennie Oleta 08/30/87 F Decatur [del. 7493] 
BOWMAN Sam H (TN)	COOPER Sarah Jane (GA)	Sam Houston 06/28/90 M Decatur [del. 7491] 
BOWMAN William	FAUST May	Carl Houston 8/29/30 M Decatur [No Image 9794] 
BOWMAN William	FAUST May	Sam Kelly 3/1/32 M Decatur [No Image 10373] 
BOWSER George	(SOLOMON) (M.E.)	blank 8/29/04 F blank 1147 
BOWSER George M (AR)	SOLOMON Mary Ellen (TN)	Ola Beatrice 05/18/02 F Paradise [del. 13774] 
BOWSER George M (AR)	SOLOMON Mary Ellen (TN)	Inez 04/12/00 F Wise Co [del. 12112] 
BOWSER Lewis Elie (MO)	EAST Elizabeth lola (TX)	Dewey Earl 07/09/98 M Cottondale [del. 21241] 
BOYCE J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 6/19/07 M blank 3395 
BOYD A. Weldon (TX)	RAY Bertha (TX)	Arvel William 3/8/21 M Boyd 7366 & 7366a
BOYD A. Weldon (TX)	RAY Bertha (TX)	Charles Ray 10/8/23 M Boyd 7911 & 7911a
BOYD Ben Franklin (AL)	MORROW Samie Elizabeth (TX)	Ura 07/01/02 M Chico [del. 5427] 
BOYD Clarence Hovencamp	BRAMMER Lona (Laura May)	Mae Estellene 1/6/27 F Rhome 8733 
BOYD Clarence Hovencamp (TX)	BRAMMER Lanna May (TX)	Freda Virginia 9/13/23 F Rhome 7891 & 7891a & 7891b
BOYD Claude	TUCKER blank	blank 10/23/11 M blank 5389 
BOYD E.T.	BLANK Exale	blank 7/25/05 F blank 1998 
BOYD Ed	BLANK blank	blank 5/30/09 F blank 4648 
BOYD Edd	BLANK blank	blank 5/8/07 F blank 3331 
BOYD Edd	BLANK blank	blank 7/14/07 F blank 3422 
BOYD Eddie E.	ROBERTSON Mary Emma	Harley Lynn 11/21/03 M Decatur 458 & 0458a
BOYD Edward A (KY)	TULLY Sarah Malisie (IL)	Martha Mattie Viola 02/17/77 F Decatur [del. 12689] 
BOYD Elmer	JOB Emma	blank 10/26/17 F Anneville 6743 
BOYD George	BLANK blank	blank 7/30/04 F blank 1068 
BOYD George	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/09 M blank 4517 
BOYD George	WADE blank	blank 10/5/13 F blank 5777 
BOYD George Lee	WADE Martha Lovenia	Paul Sullivan 7/9/07 M Decatur  & 3416a
BOYD Grady	CLAYTON Lisba	Grady 11/26/14 M blank 5988 
BOYD Grady	WALKER Lilleth	Billy Wayne 5/21/30 M Decatur [No Image 9696] 
BOYD H. Claude (TX)	TUCKER Artie Mae (TX)	Doris Norma 2/14/24 F Decatur 8003 
BOYD Henry (TX)	GOLDEN Willie (TX)	Melba 9/29/19 F Chico 7141 & 7141a
BOYD Henry Lee (TX)	MUSE Fannie Ella (MS)	Clarence Woody 02/26/94 M Boyd [del. 28720] 
BOYD Henry Thomas (TX)	ELLIOTT Ada Idella (TN)	Thomas Edward 03/21/83 M Boyd [del. 7540] 
BOYD Hugh French (TX)	SWINNEY Stella Paralee (TX)	Margaret Sidney 7/25/09 F Bridgeport 4698 
BOYD J E (TX)	ROGERS Ardena Josephine (TN)	Exsa Laverne 01/31/94 F Boyd [del. 23023] 
BOYD J E (TX)	ROGERS Josephine (TN)	Ella Ruth 11/19/88 F Aurora [del. 23024] 
BOYD J.A.	BLANK L.J.	blank 1/11/10 F blank 4902 & 4902a
BOYD J.A.	BLANK Lula	blank 12/8/06 F blank 3049 [delay. 8399]
BOYD J.R.	WALKER Ollie M.	Harold Lloyd 11/18/30 M blank [No Image 9871] 
BOYD J.W.	BLANK Maggie	blank 1/11/10 F blank 4903 
BOYD James A (TX)	ROWLETT Fannie Woodson (AR)	Otis Rowlett 03/18/00 M Boyd [del. 8844] 
BOYD James Arthur (TX)	LEWIS Louella (TX)	Nellie 03/05/02 F Newark [del. 24174] 
BOYD James Edwin (MO)	COOK Bertha Viola (Indian Territory)	Gaines Leonodis 03/15/02 M Decatur [del. 30211] 
BOYD James Edwin (MS)	COOK Bertha Viola (TX)	Henry Otto 04/01/00 M Decatur [del. 23004] 
BOYD James F (AL)	WOODY Betty Elizabeth (TX)	Emmet Lee Edward 07/28/93 M Boyd [del. 28339] 
BOYD James Franklin (AL)	WOODY Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Benjamin Ashburry 03/08/78 M Aurora [del. 17029] 
BOYD James Franklin (AL)	WOODY Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Teedie Drew 10/06/83 M Aurora [del. 15448] 
BOYD James Jasper (AR)	CONNELLY Rebecca Ann (IL)	Joel Coleman 09/16/76 M Decatur [del. 5716] 
BOYD Jesse A (TX)	ROWLETT Fannie Woodson (AR)	William Richard 09/19/82 M Boyd [del. 8845] 
BOYD Jesse Alonzo (TX)	ROWLETT Fannie Woodson (AR)	Arvel Welton 03/12/97 M Boyd [del. 6921] 
BOYD Jesse Lloyd (TX)	REDWINE Ina (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 10/26/24 F Alvord 8199 & [delayed 2/26/43]
BOYD Joel Goldman (TX)	CARL Mary Mahala (AR)	Lorene Grace 11/04/01 F Decatur [del. 22200] 
BOYD John	BLANK blank	John Embry 8/16/04 M blank 1114 
BOYD John	BLANK blank	blank 10/21/05 M blank 2230 
BOYD John	BLANK blank	blank 3/2/08 M blank 3880 
BOYD John Edward (TX)	ROGERS Ardena (TN)	Lawrence Carney 01/15/92 M Aurora [del. 24337] 
BOYD John Henry (KY)	HOBBS Della A (TX)	Leva 03/21/85 F Decatur [del. 19862] 
BOYD John Henry (MS)	HOBBS Della (TX)	Cora 06/30/87 F Decatur [del. 7232] 
BOYD John Henry (MS)	HOBBS Della A (TX)	Dollie 01/03/89 F Decatur [del. 7230] 
BOYD John Henry (MS)	HOBBS Della A (TX)	Richard D 06/21/90 M Decatur [del. 8178] 
BOYD John Henry (MS)	HOBBS Della A (TX)	Odie Elmer 08/03/96 M Decatur [del. 7231] 
BOYD John Morgan (TN)	GRIFFIN Francis Arbell (AR)	Samuel Jessie 04/11/89 M Paradise [del. 7309] 
BOYD John Morgan (TN)	GRIFFIN Francis Arbell (AR)	Archie Franklin 11/21/92 M Paradise [del. 7350] 
BOYD Marvin Lee (TX)	GAINES Clara (TX)	Helen Alice 12/2/20 F Boyd 7320 
BOYD Odie Elmer (TX)	MYERS Edith (TX)	Billy Gene 4/27/21 M Decatur 7388 & 7388a
BOYD Otto Elias (MO)	HOBSON Sarah Jane (TX)	Cyrena Jael 09/02/83 F Decatur [del. 6715] 
BOYD Otto Elias (MO)	HOBSON Sarah Jane (TX)	Lucy May 09/15/85 F Decatur [del. 6849] 
BOYD Otto Elias (MO)	HOBSON Sarah Jane (TX)	Etta Catherine 01/02/92 F Decatur [del. 6850] 
BOYD Richard P (TX)	STEPHENS Hattie (TX)	Willis Stephens 03/15/00 M Boyd [del. 6330] 
BOYD Richard P (TX)	STEPHENS Hattie K (TX)	Bryan Jennings 01/23/98 M Boyd [del. 7489] 
BOYD Richard Pink	STEPHENS Harriett	Ala Ruth 6/30/05 F Boyd 1927 & 1927a
BOYD Richard Pink (TX)	STEPHENS Hattie Katherine (TX)	George Arrington 11/17/08 M Boyd 4353 
BOYD Robert Lee (AL)	SUMMERS Jane (AL)	Robert Lee 12/22/19 M Boyd 7180 
BOYD T.B.	(BARRETT) Millie	blank 1/30/08 M blank 3811 
BOYD Thomas (MS)	HOBBS Eliza (MS)	Emmett Eugene 08/31/92 M Decatur [del. 5854] 
BOYD Thomas (MS)	HOBBS Eliza (TX)	Lela Bell 01/28/84 F Decatur [del. 21378] 
BOYD Thomas (TX)	JOHNSON Beatrice (TX)	Bonnie Fay 05/30/91 F Decatur [del. 22886] 
BOYD Thomas Martin (TX)	JOHNSON Beatrice (TX)	Mary Pearl 09/14/01 F Boyd [del. 23177] 
BOYD W.F.	BLANK H.F.	Edna May 12/3/06 F blank 3042 
BOYD Will	BLANK Minnie	blank 7/20/03 F blank 130 
BOYD William Hugh (TX)	WROTRANBLE Ellen (TX)	Albert Hugh 09/30/92 M Willow Point [del. 13675] 
BOYDSTON Benjamin (KY)	KARNES Eliza Jane (TN)	Ida Belle 09/12/76 F Rhome [del. 11607] 
BOYDSTON Charles	KEMP Bertha	blank 10/22/23 F Rhome [No Image 10913] 
BOYDSTON Charles	KEMP Bertha B.	Willis Kemp 8/6/31 M Decatur [No Image 10172] 
BOYDSTON Charles Simmons (TX)	KEMP Bertha Elizabeth (TX)	Carroll Gene 8/25/29 M Decatur 9428 & 9428a
BOYDSTON Clifford E.	GENTRY Jessie Modena	Clifford, Jr. 6/19/27 M Decatur 8808 
BOYDSTON G.C.	HAYGOOD Odis	Ella Maxine 11/14/30 F blank [No Image 9864] 
BOYDSTON George W.	MOODY May	blank 5/18/18 M Bridgeport 6896 
BOYDSTON George Washington (IL)	CARTER Eliza (VA)	Quint Raymond 07/09/94 M Decatur [del. 25019] 
BOYDSTON George Washington (IL)	CARTER Eliza Jane (VA)	Maud Lee 12/05/90 F Decatur [del. 8405] 
BOYDSTON George Washington (IL)	CARTER Eliza Jane (VA)	Nona Bell 03/11/97 F Decatur [del. 8404] 
BOYDSTON I.R. (TX)	HUDSON Elsie (TN)	Rector Ross 11/10/19 M Decatur 7160 
BOYDSTON J R (TX)	FOWLER Louisia (TX)	Odessie May 09/09/01 F Decatur [del. 31208] 
BOYDSTON J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 11/3/03 M blank 422 
BOYDSTON Joe Moonham	MCNEELY Miranda	B.E. 11/12/05 M Greenwood 2272 & 2272a
BOYDSTON John R (TX)	FOWLER Luzie (TX)	Ruth Emma 06/12/90 F Decatur [del. 16453] 
BOYDSTON Lee	ANDERSON Mary	Opal Dennice 9/26/31 F Decatur [No Image 10234] 
BOYDSTON Lee	ANDERSON Mary	Billy Gene 7/24/33 M Decatur [No Image 10835] 
BOYDSTON Quint Raymond (TX)	HUDSON Elsie C. (TN)	Raymond Frank 9/16/26 M Decatur 8671 & 8671a
BOYDSTON Samuel Lewis (MO)	CARAWAY Lizzetta Virginia (TX)	Clyde Wesley 02/13/01 F Decatur [del. 15747] 
BOYDSTON Samuel Lewis (MO)	CARAWAY Lizzetta Virginia (TX)	Delma Lee 1/11/19 F Decatur 7030 & 7030a & 7030b
BOYDSTON Samuel Lewis (MO)	CARAWAY Lizzette Virginia (TX)	Robert Lewis 05/08/97 M Decatur [del. 28565] 
BOYDSTON Tom (AL)	REXROAT Georgia (TX)	Joseph Wade 1/20/23 M Newark 7712 
BOYDSTON William J.	GAYLOR Nancy Louella	Loyd William 7/1/04 M Boyd 984 & 0984a
BOYETT J.H.	HALL Florence	Reba Sue 8/24/28 F Decatur 9094 & 9094a
BOYETT J.H.	HALL Florence	Bobbie Ruth 9/30/30 F Decatur [No Image 9835] 
BOYETT J.J.	BLANK Estelle	blank 1/17/17 M blank 6544 
BOYETT James J.	HOOD Minnie Esbell	Willie Lydia 1/19/09 F Crafton 4450 & 4450a & 4450b
BOYETT James J. (TX)	HOOD Minnie Estelle (TX)	Uewell Edgar-twin 2/12/25 M Crafton 8263 & 8263a
BOYETT James Jackson (TX)	HOOD Minnie Estelle (TX)	Charlie Monroe 5/29/22 M Crafton 7603 & 7603a & 7603b
BOYETT James Jackson (TX)	HOOD Minnie Estelle (TX)	Jewell-twin 2/12/25 M Crafton 8264 
BOYETT Juluis	HALL Florence	Ola Lillian 1/9/18 F Slidell 6789 
BOYKIN J.E., Sr.	BOYD Clara	J.E., Jr. 1/16/30 M Decatur [No Image 9561] 
BOYLE B.D.	NEWTON Susie	blank 5/27/14 M blank 5901 
BOYLES Charles C (TN)	HOLLIS Laura Matilda (AL)	Nettie 03/31/98 F Boyd [del. 22439] 
BOYLES Charles Critican (TN)	HOLLIS Laura Matilda (AL)	Oscar 05/23/93 M Boyd [del. 22602] 
BOYLES Marion Commadore (MO)	WHITE Martha (TX)	John Luna 05/15/87 M Sunset [del. 19169] 
BOYNE W.S.	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/05 M blank 2283 
BOYNTON John Cass (MI)	POTSON Elizabeth (KS)	Edward Cass 07/19/89 M Pella [del. 20949] 
BOYNTON Walter J (Canada)	WALL Sally (MS)	Mellie Kate 05/08/92 F Pella [del. 24814] 
BOYNTON William J (TX)	RICHARDSON Eula (TX)	Gussie Harrison 08/17/00 M Pela [del. 4566] 
BOYNTON William Jefferson (TX)	RICHARDSON Eula Zone (TX)	Connie Mae 10/03/96 F Alvord [del. 13464] 
BOYTHE J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 7/1/13 M blank 5732 
BR.AMLETT Wesley (MO)	WARE Mary (TN)	Harley Henry 02/25/88 M Decatur [del. 31526] 
BRACKETT William Albert (AL)	COPE Nancy M. (TN)	Willie Mae 6/3/06 F Rhome 2696 & 2696a
BRADFORD Albert (MO)	KELLY Lela (TX)	James Kelly 04/19/00 M Chico [del. 10522] 
BRADFORD Charles Calvin (IL)	MILLER Josephine (TX)	Webster Blame 04/26/91 M Boonsville [del. 23315] 
BRADFORD Charles D (AL)	SPRAGGINS Roxie Ann (TX)	Ella Fay 07/03/95 F Boyd [del. 14497] 
BRADFORD Charles D (AL)	SPRAGGINS Roxie Ann (TX)	Ruby Floy 08/06/97 F Boyd [del. 7451] 
BRADFORD Charles D (AL)	SPRAGGINS Roxie Ann (TX)	Ethel Lois 07/16/99 F Boyd [del. 7453] 
BRADFORD Charles Edward (?)	SCOGGINS Dona Rebecca (?)	Mary Elizabeth 06/17/00 F Decatur [del. 30932] 
BRADFORD Charley E (TX)	SCOGGINS Dona (TX)	Ethel Gertrude 04/06/98 F Boonsville [del. 33552] 
BRADFORD Charlie D.	SPROGGINS Roxie Ann	Grace La Dona 8/13/15 F blank 6194 
BRADFORD Frederick Monroe (TX)	BRADFORD Mary Ellen (KY)	William Henry 07/09/71 M Decatur [del. 6329] 
BRADFORD Fredrick Monroe (TX)	BROWDER Mary Ellen (KY)	Fredrick Monroe 12/22/77 M Decatur [del. 9034] 
BRADFORD Harry E.	SHAVEN Maye	Dorthy J. 10/17/33 F Rhome [No Image 10911] 
BRADFORD I. (P.)	(WOOD) Ethel	blank 9/22/07 F blank 3561 
BRADFORD J.W.	(ARWINE) M.B.	W.B. 4/13/04 F blank 811 
BRADFORD James (A.)	(GIDEON) Willie	blank 4/21/04 F blank 828 
BRADFORD James (AL)	HOLT Mary (AL)	Clara Lou 01/17/85 F Cottondale [del. 16776] 
BRADFORD James P. (AL)	HARRIS Cary (AL)	blank 5/2/20 M Rhome 7239 
BRADFORD James Patrick	HARRIS Carrie	Elva Maud 2/21/05 F Rhome 1610 & 1610a
BRADFORD James Patrick (AL)	HARRIS Carrie (AL)	Ella Belle 2/16/09 F Rhome 4495 & 4495a & 4495b
BRADFORD James T (AL)	HOLT Mary V (AL)	Barnie Leslie 01/06/92 M Boyd [del. 25650] 
BRADFORD James T (AL)	HOLT Mollie (AL)	Joseph Emery 11/25/95 M Boyd [del. 9058] 
BRADFORD Jesse Claude (TX)	ADAMS Velma (AL)	Lola Bell 10/6/08 F Boyd 4280 & 4280a
BRADFORD John William (IL)	ARWINE Maggie Bell (TX)	John Aubrey 04/30/00 M Bridgeport [del. 8402] 
BRADFORD McDuffie (TX)	PRICE Laura Williams (MO)	Lena 04/07/96 F Alvord [del. 16335] 
BRADFORD McDuffie (TX)	PRICE Laura Williams (MO)	Granville 02/02/83 M Decatur [del. 22931] 
BRADFORD Pat	BLANK blank	blank 3/7/07 M blank 3209 
BRADFORD V.S.	(HAYS) Bertha	blank 10/1/03 F blank 330 
BRADFORD Virgil Stuart (TX)	HAYES Bertha Lee (TX)	Ima Mary 06/09/00 F Chico [del. 9964] 
BRADFORD W.H. (Walter)	BLANK Virgie	blank 3/21/11 M blank 5203 
BRADFORD W.H. (Walter)	GREEN Virginia	blank 2/11/18 M Boyd 6823 
BRADLEY Charles (TX)	MCDOWELL Lola (TX)	Velma Ila 11/11/08 F Alvord 4341 & 4341a & 4341b
BRADLEY Charles (TX)	MCDOWELL Lola (TX)	Lula Belle 11/4/14 F Alvord 5982 & 5982a
BRADLEY George (TX)	STEWART Beulah (TX)	blank 2/26/21 M Poolville 7355 
BRADLEY George M.	STEWART Beulah Ester	Dorothy Elizabeth 2/28/23 F Poolville 7734 & 7734a
BRADLEY Isaac James (IL)	PENROD Nancy Caroline (IL)	Martha Nettie 07/24/87 F Boonsville [del. 19382] 
BRADLEY J.	BLANK C.B.	A.R. 1/29/04 M blank 625 
BRADLEY J.A.	BLANK Emma	blank 4/7/11 M blank 5217 
BRADLEY J.A.	ROSE Emma	blank 10/15/14 F blank 5974 
BRADLEY James (MO)	LARISON Elizabeth (MO)	Clora 10/01/95 F Sunset [del. 10635] 
BRADLEY James Allan (IL)	ROSE Emer (TN)	Rachel 03/03/02 F Poolville [del. 12006] 
BRADLEY Johnathan (TX)	STARKIE Lillie Mae (TX)	Nettie Parlee 03/20/94 F Alvord [del. 12688] 
BRADLEY Jonathan (MO)	SHEWMAKER Clara Belle (IL)	Mary Florence 12/03/87 F Alvord [del. 13434] 
BRADLEY Jonathan (MO)	SHEWMAKER Clara Belle (IL)	Jessie Isabell 06/20/94 F Alvord 37 & [del. 25173] 
BRADLEY Jonathan (MO)	SHEWMAKER Clara Belle (IL)	Jewell 07/02/97 F Alvord [del. 4689] 
BRADLEY Jonathan (MO)	SHEWMAKER Clara Belle (IL)	Jettie Opal 04/14/99 F Alvord [del. 13435] 
BRADLEY Jonathan (MO)	SHEWMAKER Clara Belle (IN)	Calvin Luther 07/26/01 M Alvord [del. 9084] 
BRADLEY Jonathan (MO)	SHEWMAKER Clara Belle (KS)	Charles G 06/30/85 M Alvord 9 & [del. 2983] 
BRADLEY Sam	BROWN (Sallie) Sarah F.	Jess Vernon 3/18/17 M Boonsville 6583 & 6583a
BRADLEY Sam	BROWN Sallie	blank 7/21/14 F blank 5933 
BRADLEY Sam (TX)	BROWN Sallie (TX)	Floyd William 8/21/12 M Boonsville 5566 & 5566a
BRADLEY Sam (TX)	BROWN Sarah F. (TX)	Arlie Merl 8/19/21 F Poolville 7445 
BRADSHAW J 5 (KY)	REID Sallie Emma (KY)	Marvin Emmett 09/11/01 M Briar [del. 4800] 
BRADSHAW James Samuel (KY)	REID Sallie Emma (KY)	Ernest Otis 11/08/85 M Aurora [del. 3843] 
BRADSHAW James Samuel (KY)	REID Sallie Emma (KY)	Silas Earl 06/24/92 M Aurora [del. 25105] 
BRADSHAW James Samuel (KY)	REID Sarah Emily (KY)	Ira Samuel 03/04/88 M Aurora [del. 5536] 
BRADSHAW James Samuel (KY)	REID Sarah Emily (KY)	Paul Reid 02/10/90 M Aurora [del. 5535] 
BRADSHAW James Samuel (KY)	REID Sarah Emily (KY)	William Lawrence 01/12/95 M Aurora [del. 5534] 
BRADSHAW James Samuel (KY)	REID Sarah Emily (KY)	Bertha Burch 11/05/97 F Aurora [del. 27950] 
BRADSHAW S.E. (TX)	CLARK H.L. (TX)	blank 6/28/29 M Boyd 9386 
BRADY Alfred Drew, Sr.(TX)	HOWELL Sylvia Cora (TX)	Alfred Drew, Jr. 5/22/26 M Decatur 8588 & 8588a
BRADY Charles (W.)	(NAGLAY) M. (Martha)	blank 12/14/04 F blank 1435 
BRADY Enoch Johnson (GA)	BECKHAM Martha Della (TX)	Enoch Bryan 03/24/98 M Alvord [del. 24680] 
BRADY Eugene		Henry Lacy 10/02/88 M Springtown [del. 8633] 
BRADY H.E.	(RUCKER) May	blank 6/3/05 M blank 1863 
BRADY H.E.	BLANK blank	blank 8/23/09 F blank 4747 [delayed 3271]
BRADY H.E.	BLANK May	blank 5/29/11 F blank 5269 
BRADY Henry Elmore	RUCKER Anna May	Arthur Houston 7/31/03 M Decatur 114 & 0114a
BRADY Henry Elmore (TX)	RUCKER Anna Mae (TX)	Hazel 02/17/97 F Decatur [del. 25630] 
BRADY Henry Elmore (TX)	RUCKER Anna Mae (TX)	Ada 02/19/00 F Decatur [del. 10565] 
BRADY Henry Elmore (TX)	RUCKER Anna May (TX)	James Wallace 01/22/96 M Decatur [del. 12206] 
BRADY Henry Elmore (TX)	RUCKER Anna May (TX)	Henry Elmore 06/08/98 M Decatur [del. 6425] 
BRADY Wallace (TX)	ASKEY Lee (TX)	Martha Ann 9/17/29 F Decatur 9452 
BRADY William Walter (TX)	MARR Lottie Annie (KS)	Harry Henderson 10/02/01 M Decatur [del. 12910] 
BRAIDFOOT Andrew	BLANK blank	blank 3/22/08 M blank 3932 
BRAISLE Lon	BLANK Lady	blank 1/28/09 M blank 4459 
BRALLEY Samuel Houston (AL)	WILLSON Ida May (TX)	Terrill 08/30/98 M Decatur [del. 3810] 
BRALLEY Samuel Houston (AL)	WILLSON Ida May (TX)	William Mason 07/23/95 M Decatur [del. 3816] 
BRALLEY Samuel Houston (AL)	WILLSON Ida May (TX)	Robert Houston 02/06/97 M Decatur [del. 3815] 
BRALY Samuel H (AL)	WILSON Ida Viola (TX)	William Mason 07/23/95 M New Home [del. 20993] 
BRAMLETT Bill (TX)	COLLIER Ola Bell (TX)	Dorothy Pearl 12/1/19 F Decatur 7165 & 7165a
BRAMLETT Boney Oliver (TX)	BONER Mattie Mae (TX)	May Bell 1/14/24 F Decatur 7979 & 7979a
BRAMLETT E.E. (TX)	DAVIS Lillie (TX)	blank 4/18/22 M Decatur 7577 
BRAMLETT E.E. (TX)	DAVIS Lillie Cleo (TX)	Margaret Nell 11/27/20 F Decatur 7318 
BRAMLETT E.E. (TX)	DAVIS Lillie Cleo (TX)	Kelly Bob 4/20/22 M Decatur 7579 
BRAMLETT Erney Emmett (TX)	DAVIS Lillian (TX)	John Wesley 2/7/26 M Decatur 8534 & 8534a
BRAMLETT Fred	BLANK blank	blank 12/7/15 M blank 6315 
BRAMLETT Fred (TX)	AMSTEAD Mary (TX)	Ira Fred 9/10/21 M Decatur 7465  & [delayed 3550]
BRAMLETT John (TX)	TACKEL Lizzel (TX)	Faye Dean 9/5/22 F Decatur 7653 & 7653a & 7653b
BRAMLETT Richard Renshaw (TX)	ASHLOCK Carrie (TX)	Chester 01/24/98 M Decatur [del. 12837] 
BRAMLETT Wes (MO)	WARE Mary (TN)	Boney Oliver 03/16/94 M Decatur [del. 24824] 
BRAMLETT Wesley (MO)	WARE Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Mary Myrtle 08/02/90 F Decatur [del. 23020] 
BRAMLETT Will (TX)	COLLIER Ola Bell (TX)	Billy Ray 10/3/25 M Decatur 8436 & 8436a
BRAMMER Abe	(ASH) Etta	blank 8/25/05 M blank 2086 
BRAMMER Ben M.	MCKINNON Ima	Wanda V. 7/17/31 F Rhome [No Image 10147] 
BRAMMER Ben M. (TX)	MCKINNON Ima (TX)	Anita Yvonne 9/7/29 F Newark 9444 
BRAMMER Benjamin	MCKINNON Ima	James Edward 4/14/33 M Rhome [No Image 10735] 
BRAMMER blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/20/08 M blank 4404 
BRAMMER C.J. (VA)	DUKE D.M. (TX)	Audrey Ruth 11/7/19 F Newark 7157 
BRAMMER Clarence	BLANK Mattie	blank 7/2/08 F blank 4113 
BRAMMER Ellis	BLANK Ida	blank 10/27/08 F blank 4319 
BRAMMER Garrett Hobert, Sr. (VA)	MCCLUNG Rouda (TX)	Garrett Hobert, Jr. 4/22/22 M Boyd 7581 & 7581a
BRAMMER Henry Franklin (VA)	KEITH Malinda Catherine (VA)	Maundy Cletus 11/13/90 M Floyd Co VA [del. 29001] 
BRAMMER James Mathew	BLANK Mary Mollie	Florene Alice 3/26/05 F Rhome 1695 & 1695a
BRAMMER James Mathew (VA)	BRAMMER Mary Elizabeth (VA)	Ada 07/09/91 F Patrick Co VA [del. 21362] 
BRAMMER James Mathew (VA)	BRAMMER Mary Elizabeth (VA)	Walter Curtis 03/23/93 M Patrick Co VA [del. 20329] 
BRAMMER James Mathew (VA)	BRAMMER Mary Elizabeth (VA)	Lanna May 05/11/02 F Rhome [del. 10744] 
BRAMMER James Mathew (VA)	BRAMMER Mary Molly (VA)	Custer Hampton 08/01/99 M Rhome [del. 31874] 
BRAMMER Jeff	BLANK Lucy	blank 4/1/09 M blank 4582 
BRAMMER Jeff	BLANK Lucy	blank 9/21/17 F Rhome 6715 
BRAMMER S.A.	BLANK Elta	blank 3/9/09 blank blank 4545 
BRAMMER S.J.	BLANK blank	blank 12/31/09 M blank 4891 
BRAMMER Samuel Jefferson (VA)	BRAMMER Elzora Alvatine (VA)	Dollie S 04/10/98 F Patrick Co VA [del. 23787] 
BRAMMER Samuel Jefferson (VA)	BRAMMER Elzora Alvatine (VA)	Dewey Daniel 05/26/02 M Patrick Co VA [del. 9917] 
BRAMMER Walter C.	NESMITH Alice	Billey Ray 11/9/31 M Rhome [No Image 10248] 
BRAMMER Walter C.	NESMITH Alice Gertrude	Gloria Ann 7/21/28 F Rhome 9058 & 9058a & 9058b
BRAMMER Walter C. (VA)	BLANK Alice (TX)	Alvin Kenneth 7/22/21 M Rhome 7423 
BRAMMER Walter C. (VA)	NESMITH Alete G. (AL)	Curtis H. 1/27/25 M Rhome 8248 
BRAMMET J.M.	BLANK Mary	blank 8/13/07 F blank 3482 
BRANCH J.M.	BLANK blank	blank 11/28/09 F blank 4859 
BRANCH J.M.	KELLY blank	blank 9/24/15 M blank 6255 
BRANCH John	BLANK Nora	blank 7/23/06 M blank 2786 
BRANCH John Malcolm	KELLY Lanora Belle	John J.R. 2/17/12 M Decatur 5468 & 5468a
BRANCH John Malcolm (TX)	KELLY Lanora Belle (TX)	Hugh Malcolm 7/25/08 M Decatur 4148 & 4148a
BRANCH Malcom	BASTIAN Marcille	DeLaine 7/25/32 F Decatur [No Image 10511] 
BRANDON Dave	CLARK Edna	blank 6/11/32 M Decatur [No Image 10464] 
BRANDON Jim (KY)	LAWSON Nancy (TX)	Ida Frances 03/27/91 F Decatur [del. 23374] 
BRANDON Jim (KY)	LAWSON Nancy (TX)	Eva 06/27/93 F Decatur [del. 23316] 
BRANDON Jim (TN)	LAWSON Nan A (TX)	James Willison 09/19/86 M Decatur [del. 17956] 
BRANDON Wiley Rufus (TN)	CAMPBELL Mary Louise (TN)	Luther Farris King 09/14/93 M Dan [del. 28955] 
BRANDT Olof Nelson (Sweden)	JOHNSON Hilda Sophia (Sweden)	Mary Louise 03/07/99 F Bridgeport [del. 22932] 
BRANZIE George Alexander (TN)	EVANS Mollie Mabel (TX)	Carl Lee 01/25/94 M Boyd [del. 18325] 
BRASELTON B.E.	BLANK (Sina)	(Katherine Louise) 8/31/03 F blank 242 
BRASELTON Benjamin Eli (TX)	TURNER Sina (TX)	Olivia Cue 5/22/06 F Chico 2679 & 2679a & 2679b
BRASELTON Benjamin Eli	TURNER Sina	Rosalie Fae 7/13/04 F Chico 1014 & 1014a
BRASER H.W.	BLANK Alice	blank 11/25/05 F blank 2306 
BRASFIELD Floyd	WALKER Florence	Floyd W. 2/1/33 M Decatur [No Image 10673] 
BRASHEARS William Houston (TN)	ABERNATHY Belle (?)	Robert Sanford 05/12/01 M Alvord [del. 24021] 
BRASHER Herbert (TN)	SMITH May (TX)	Luciele 7/15/23 F Decatur 7851 
BRASHER Herbert J.	SMITH Mattie Mae	Opal Doris 4/21/28 F Decatur 8998 
BRASHER Herbert J.	SMITH Mattie Mae	Billie Leon 7/31/31 M Decatur [No Image 10166] 
BRASHER Herbert J. (TN)	SMITH Mattie Mae (TX)	Betty Joe 6/17/26 F Decatur 8602 
BRASHER Herbert J. (TN)	SMITH May (TX)	blank 10/9/21 M Decatur 7492 
BRASHER Herbert Jones	SMITH Mattie Mae	Opal Doris 4/21/28 F Decatur 8997 
BRASHER James (OK)	WRIGHT Hassie (OK)	Dela Mae 9/9/28 F Boyd 9114 
BRASHER William Chilton (AL)	PILGRIM Victoria Augustus (TX)	Bessie B 04/12/93 F Bridgeport [del. 24992] 
BRASHERS W.H.	BLANK Bell	blank 1/26/04 F blank 620 
BRASHERTON William	BLANK M.A.	blank 2/11/05 M blank 1593 
BRASIER Zacheriar (TN)	NEWMAN Nattie (TN)	James Henry 04/25/82 M Moore Co TN [del. 19381] 
BRASSFIELD Floyd Donald	WALKER Catherine Florine	Robert Earl 4/11/17 M Boyd 6606 
BRASSFIELD Ulyses Grant, Sr.(AR)	HANCOCK Mary C. (TX)	Ulyses Grant, Jr. 10/23/29 M Boyd 9485 
BRAY blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/18/06 F blank 2850 
BRAY blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/6/07 M blank 3713 
BRAY blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/8/08 M blank 4382 
BRAY Columbus Flournoy (TN)	GILLIAM Susanna (TN)	Elma Texas 08/09/92 F Chico [del. 18851] 
BRAY Columbus Flournoy (TN)	GILLIAM Susanna (TN)	Willie Effie 06/20/94 F Chico [del. 10191] 
BRAY Columbus Flundy (TN)	GILLIAM Susan Anna (TN)	Mary Elizabeth 12/22/80 F Giles Co TN [del. 22709] 
BRAY Columbus Flundy (TN)	GILLIAM Susan Anna (TN)	C 11/24/89 F Giles Co TN [del. 22713] 
BRAY Curtis	GORDIS M.L.	Curtis Edmond 12/30/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10318] 
BRAY J.D.	BLANK blank	blank 10/24/08 F blank [No Image 4312] 
BRAY J.R.	BLANK Maggie	Robert Lee 5/24/05 M blank 1843 
BRAY John Edward (IN)	PARISH Lee (AL)	James E. 12/17/24 M Bridgeport 8233 & 8233a
BRAY Joseph Thomas (TX)	BLANK Irene Burton (TX)	Joseph Tillman, Jr. 5/13/12 M Alvord 5522 
BRAY Morgan Hensley (TN)	GILLEM Virginia (TN)	Austin Flundy 03/30/97 M Decatur [del. 11891] 
BRAY Morgan Hensley (TN)	GILLIAM Nancy Vergenie (TN)	Morgan Cleveland 12/11/92 M Alvord [del. 10393] 
BRAY Morgan Hensley (TN)	GILLIAM Nancy Virginia (TN)	Lilie Ardella 06/09/00 F Alvord [del. 13167] 
BRAY Zachariah Edward (AR)	CASON Sallie Vincent (TN)	Homer Oden 03/16/00 M Slidell [del. 3453] 
BRAY Zacheria Edward (AR)	CASON Sallie Vincentt (TN)	Fannie Belle 05/31/94 F Slidell [del. 8344] 
BRAZIER Henry	BLANK blank	blank 5/20/14 M blank 5897 
BRAZIER Henry	HUMPHRIES Annie	blank 3/30/17 M blank 6595 
BRAZIER J.H.	BLANK C.A.	blank 6/1/08 F blank 4066 
BRAZIER J.W.	BLANK A.E.	blank 5/6/05 F blank 1793 
BRAZIER John	(STRAIN) A.	blank 8/29/03 M blank 231 
BRAZIER John W. (TN)	STRAIN Alma E. (TX)	Minnie Mertie 5/6/07 F Chico 3328 & 3328a
BRAZIER John William (TN)	STRAIN Alma Esther (TX)	George William 09/04/98 M Chico [del. 4779] 
BRAZIER John William (TN)	STRAIN Alma Esther (TX)	May Esther 05/05/01 F Chico [del. 4781] 
BRAZIL George A (TN)	EVANS Molly M (TX)	Mary Everett 08/29/88 F Boyd [del. 20735] 
BRAZIL George Alexander (TN)	EVANS Molly Marie (TX)	Velma Louise 12/03/01 F Boyd [del. 24351] 
BRAZIL George L.	BLANK Josie	G.L. 2/3/04 M blank 634 
BRAZIL Kennard	BLANK Sarah	blank 12/31/09 F blank 4892 
BRAZIL Kindred	CRENSHAW Baralo	blank 2/29/12 M blank 5476 
BRAZIL William A.	BLANK blank	blank 11/4/04 F blank 1327 
BRAZILL Kinrod A.	CRENSHAW Sarah	Frances Lulla 2/2/18 F Springtown 6814 
BRAZUE A.K.	BLANK Sarah	blank 1/19/09 M blank 4447 
BREATHERINGTON Billie	BISHOP Martha Anne	William Howard 3/27/16 M blank 6392 
BREEDLOVE Henry Clay (KY)	TRIMBLE Kate (TX)	James David 09/04/85 M Decatur [del. 20364] 
BREEDLOVE Hugh T. (TX)	LINDLEY Grace Ruth (TX)	Lois Lindley 5/2/12 F Decatur 5512 & 5512a
BREEZE Arthur Adam (AR)	BROWN Manervy Jane (AR)	James Arthur 05/18/82 M Decatur [del. 18281] 
BRETT James Alfred (MS)	SELF Ella Elizabeth (LA)	William Raymond 10/11/99 M Garvin [del. 4198] 
BREVARD Henry (KY)	PROCTOR Anna (KY)	Proctor 07/19/88 M Aurora [del. 16352] 
BREWER J.W.	SKINNER Tiny	Jim 1/10/32 M blank [No Image 10329] 
BREWER Jesse Buford (TX)	WILLIAMS Barbara (TX)	Buford Lewis 08/10/99 M Decatur [del. 28878] 
BREWER Jesse Buford (TX)	WILLIAMS Barbara (TX)	Edith Fay 05/08/01 F Dan [del. 28879] 
BREWER Jessie Buford (TX)	WILLIAMS Barbara (TX)	Floyd Lee 10/25/02 M Garvin [del. 13056] 
BREWER John Ples	BAREHALL Hazel Marie	Nellie Corine 1/29/16 F blank 6351 & 6351a & 6351b & 6351c
BREWER Oscar Eugene	KAKER Sarah Pauline	Dessie Mae 6/28/16 F Paradise 6434 & 6434a
BREWER Oscar Eugene	KAKER Sarah Pauline	Alton Spencer 12/22/17 M Paradise 6774 & 6774a
BREWER Oscar Eugene (TN)	KAKER Sarah Pauline (TX)	Viola Violet 1/8/15 F Paradise 6011 & 6011a
BREWER T.R.	WILLIAMS Susie M.	blank 10/21/31 F blank [No Image 10267] 
BREWER W S (TN)	MYRES Martha (TN)	Elsie Elizabeth 04/27/84 F McMinn Co TN [del. 17568] 
BREWER William Penn (TX)	MAY Mary Ethel (TX)	Willie Lenora 4/15/15 F Decatur 6075 & 6075a
BREWER William S (TN)	MYERS Martha Elvira (TN)	Leona Pearl 08/12/94 F McMinn Co TN [del. 29450] 
BREWER William S (TN)	MYERS Martha Elvira (TN)	Mary Esther 12/02/99 F McMinn Co TN [del. 29449] 
BREWSTER L.M. (L.N.)	(CALLIEN) May Bell	blank 8/16/04 M blank 1113 
BREWSTER Lofton Lenord (AL)	COLLIER May Bell (TX)	Plurie Gladys 07/23/95 F Bridgeport [del. 7607] 
BREWSTER Lofton Lenord (AL)	COLLIER May Bell (TX)	Nannie Zoe 11/05/99 F Bridgeport [del. 7606] 
BRIDGES blank	ADAIR Ettie	Fannie Adelia 8/21/06 F Paradise 2854 
BRIDGES blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/24/04 F blank 842 
BRIDGES blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/28/04 F blank 1234 
BRIDGES blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/27/05 M blank 2244 
BRIDGES blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/20/06 M blank 2969 & [delay. 16667]
BRIDGES blank	BRIDGES Elizabeth, Miss	blank 12/18/05 F blank 2361 
BRIDGES F.C.	BLANK Lena	blank 8/29/04 M blank 1148 
BRIDGES Frover	MCCLEARY Emma	blank 5/13/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10068] 
BRIDGES Henry	BLANK Edna	blank 1/25/06 F blank 2441 
BRIDGES Henry T.	BLANK Edna	blank 1/14/06 F blank 2403 
BRIDGES Henry Thomas	TAYLOR Edna Essa	Frances Ruth 4/25/04 F Cottondale 843 & 0843a
BRIDGES J.H.	HOYLE R.M.	blank 8/20/32 F Paradise [No Image 10536] 
BRIDGES J.H.	ROSE R.M.	Joe Quint 9/10/30 M blank [No Image 9813] 
BRIDGES James Edward (AL)	ADAIR Ettie (AL)	Robert James 2/10/09 M Cottondale 4487 & 4487a
BRIDGES Riley (AL)	BOWERS Theodosia (GA)	Katy Della 12/28/93 F Paradise [del. 24142] 
BRIDGES Riley (AL)	BOWERS Theodosia (GA)	Trudie 02/09/99 F Paradise [del. 25288] 
BRIDGES Riley Paten (AL)	BOWERS Theodosia (GA)	Fannie Ethel 12/26/90 F Paradise [del. 29485] 
BRIDGES Riley Pennington (GA)	BOWERS Theodosia (GA)	William Bryan 10/23/96 M Paradise [del. 29698] 
BRIDGES Robert Henry (TX)	BANKS Susan Adelia (TX)	Reagan Austin 11/24/95 M Paradise [del. 22646] 
BRIDGES Robert Henry (TX)	BANKS Susan Adelia (TX)	Mary Frances 04/12/01 F Cottondale [del. 12590] 
BRIDGES T.C.	BLANK Lela	blank 1/25/06 M blank 2437 
BRIDGES Thomas Cicero (NC)	TODD Leila Anna (GA)	John Clarence 08/30/96 M Decatur [del. 8343] 
BRIDGES Thomas Cicero (NC)	TODD Leila Anna (GA)	James Monroe 02/07/99 M Decatur [del. 8341] 
BRIDGES Thomas Cicero (NC)	TODD Leila Anna (GA)	Leila Anna 01/01/02 F Decatur [del. 8342] 
BRIDGES W.A.	(WOODY) Mattie	blank 7/16/05 M blank 1966 
BRIDGES W.P.	COLEMAN B.	Emilie Ann 7/21/32 F Boyd [No Image 10504] 
BRIDGES W.P. (TX)	COLEMAN Beatrice (TX)	Billy Melvin 11/25/28 M Paradise 9185 
BRIDGES W.P. (Wright)	COLEMAN B. (Beatrice)	blank 9/18/30 M blank [No Image 9823] 
BRIDGES Wile	BLANK blank	blank 8/27/15 F blank 6213 
BRIDGES William	ALBRITTON Anna	Lou Vee 6/21/28 F Boyd 9042 & 9042a
BRIDGES William Allen	WOODY Mattie	Mattie 7/25/11 M blank 5296 & 5292a
BRIDGES William Allen (AL)	WOODY Martha May (TX)	Lillie 02/17/97 F Paradise [del. 21861] 
BRIDGES William Allen (AL)	WOODY Mattie Mae (TX)	Beulah 10/26/07 F Cottondale 3626 & 3626a
BRIDGES William Riley (KY)	BROADVENT Martha (KY)	Walter Lee 10/11/78 M Alvord [del. 14532] 
BRIGANCE Henry Watson (TN)	RIVES Mary Virginia (TX)	Nettie Beatrice 05/29/98 F Alvord [del. 8776] 
BRIGANCE Henry Watson (TN)	RIVES Mollie Virginia (TN)	Leora Frances 08/20/88 F Alvord [del. 21199] 
BRIGANCE Henry Watson (TN)	RIVES Mollie Virginia (TN)	John Irland 10/23/90 M Alvord [del. 11361] 
BRIGANCE Henry Watson (TN)	RIVES Mollie Virginia (TN)	Oscar 07/16/01 M Alvord [del. 11460] 
BRIGGS D.	BLANK Evelyn	blank 4/15/07 F blank 3287 
BRIGHT blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/7/08 ? blank 3775 
BRIGHT Marvin	BLANK Lena	blank 12/4/08 F blank 4374 
BRILEY C.H.	WHEELER Boshie Catherine	Verda Fanelle 1/13/04 F Chico 589 
BRILEY I.M. (J.H.)	BLANK Lama (Laura)	(J.D.) 11/5/03 M blank 425 
BRILEY Joel McDonald (TX)	WILLIAMS Laura Guinn (TX)	Ruth Mae 07/23/01 F Chico [del. 26675] 
BRILEY Joseph Mack	WILLIAMS Laura Guinn	Joe Lee 2/1/06 M blank 2464 & 2464a
BRILLHART Samuel C (VA)	HALL Amanda N (VA)	Ethel Kathryn 04/06/82 F Decatur [del. 22150] 
BRINKLEY A.B.	CATES Ethel Daine	Ethel D. 8/3/06 F blank 2810 
BRINKLEY Alford Manuel (AR)	McDANIEL Fannie (AL)	William Clifford 10/20/93 M Decatur [del. 28606] 
BRINKLEY Alfred (AL)	McDANIEL Fannie (MS)	Rose Ella 04/06/88 F Decatur [del. 22213] 
BRINKLEY Alfred Moore (AR)	McDANIEL Fanny (AL)	Buck Raymond 07/29/91 M Decatur [del. 18357] 
BRINKLEY Amos Bart (TX)	MATHEWS Katy (AZ)	James Roy 11/14/07 M Boonsville 3668 & 3668a
BRINKLEY B.	BLANK blank	blank 9/27/09 M blank 4784 
BRINKLEY C.A.	BLANK S.A.	L.P. 4/29/05 F blank 1780 
BRINKLEY Charles Albert (MO)	REID Susie Ann (MO)	Mary Vernon 10/14/98 F Bridgeport [del. 25089] 
BRINKLEY J.J.	(WOODY) D.B. (Dora)	blank 4/4/10 F blank 4975 
BRINKLEY John	BLANK Hettie	blank 10/12/08 M blank 4295 
BRINKLEY John	WOODY Hattie	blank 8/15/14 F blank 5946 
BRINKLEY John J.	WOODY Hattie	Nellie Gertrude 3/17/17 F Boonsville 6582 & 6582a
BRINKLEY John James	BLANK Dora Bell (Hattie)	Bricie Lee 3/25/12 M Balsora 5486 & 5486a
BRISCO Matt (TX)	GARRETT May Etta (TX)	Onie Marion 08/27/95 M Cottondale [del. 18280] 
BRISCO Otto (TX)	BLANK Winnie (TX)	Othis 9/7/18 M Bridgeport 6971 
BRISCO W.O.	FISHER Winnie	blank 11/27/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9880] 
BRISCO Willie Otta (TX)	FISHER Winnie (TX)	Precilla Gertrude 11/12/21 F Bridgeport 7506 
BRISTENDINE J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 6/10/07 F blank 3382 
BRITE Alonzo	CALIHAN (CALLAHAN) Nola (Nollie)	Curtis Joy 7/6/04 M Alvord 998 & 0998a
BRITE Stewart	(PRITTLE) Tempie	blank 11/12/04 F blank 1352 
BRITE T D (MO)	BAKER M M (TN)	Marvin 05/16/87 M Alvord [del. 18806] 
BRITE Thomas Benton (MO)	BAKER Mary Mahuldah (TN)	Surrilda 05/07/81 F Alvord [del. 4944] 
BRITE Thomas Benton (MO)	BAKER Mary Mahuldah (TN)	Mattie Pearl 06/19/84 F Alvord [del. 14883] 
BRITE W T (MO)	LOWRY Maude Caroline (TN)	Leroy 12/29/98 M Alvord [del. 24338] 
BRITT J.A.	(AMES) E.E. (Elizabeth)	blank 6/18/04 M blank 957 
BROADSTREET A.H.	FOLLOWILL Belle	blank 12/8/13 F blank 5798 
BROADSTREET R.H.	BLANK blank	blank 3/7/05 M blank 1654 
BROADSTREET Richard Henry (TX)	FOLLOWILL Bellesora A (TX)	William Frederick 01/22/00 M Bridgeport [del. 10385] 
BROCK Charles	FORD Gertie	C.L. 1/24/33 M Decatur [No Image 10664] 
BROCK Charles	WOOLAVER Ellen	Lena Pearl 12/3/05 F Decatur 2328 & 2328a
BROCK Charles (KY)	WOOLAVER Ellen (TX)	Ruby Beatrice 5/7/19 F Decatur 7080 & 7080a
BROCK Clinton W. (TX)	WOOLAVER Ella (TX)	Opal Marie 3/20/20 F Decatur 7227 & 7227a
BROCK Clinton Washington (TX)	WOLLAVER Ella (TX)	Alvin Doyle 11/2/22 M Decatur 7683 & 7683a
BROCK D.B.	MORROW Grace	Billy Ray 2/1/30 M blank [No Image 9576] 
BROCK Daniel	MORROW Grace	Minnie F. 10/5/31 F Crafton [No Image 10243] 
BROCK Henry	THORNBURY Edwina	blank 10/19/17 M blank 6739 
BROCK J H (AR)	GOBIN Addie (TX)	Eva Lola 03/21/97 F Dan [del. 24822] 
BROCK James Franklin (GA)	REDMAN Martha Jane (AR)	Jesse Franklin 04/04/88 M Alvord [del. 8781] 
BROCK James Green (TN)	RAMSEY Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Ada Elizabeth 03/23/02 F Bridgeport [del. 16411] 
BROCK James Green (TN)	RAMZY Sarah Elizabeth (MS)	Laura Belle 12/19/98 F Bridgeport [del. 13647] 
BROCK James W (AL)	HORNBECK Mattie (MO)	Melvin Lee 08/28/94 M Alvord [del. 17102] 
BROCK John (TX)	BEENE Mary (MO)	Lena May 06/12/02 F Bridgeport [del. 31351] 
BROCK John Harvey	GOBEN Addie	Edith Mae 7/26/03 F Decatur 143 & 0143a
BROCK John Harvey (AR)	GOBIN Addie (TX)	Roy Edward 2/23/93 M Audubon [del. 25270] 
BROCK Luther	ANDERSON Addie V. (Velma)	Luther Amos, Jr. 3/23/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10017] 
BROCK Martin Richard (KY)	OAKES Lodeemia Cumi (AL)	Delia Rebecca 11/13/93 F Decatur [del. 6717] 
BROCK Martin Richard (KY)	OAKES Lodeemia Cumi (AL)	Bertha Lee 09/21/01 F Park Springs [del. 6716] 
BROCK Silas Meridith (KY)	FARNEY Betty (KY)	Saint Elmo 11/25/86 M Decatur [del. 19863] 
BROCK T.R.	SHRIMPSHIRE Virtie	blank 3/14/16 M blank 6385 
BROCK W.T.	BLANK A. (Augusta)	(Clyde) 10/19/03 M blank 381 
BROCK W.T.	BLANK Augusta	blank 7/25/05 M blank 2001 
BROCK William T (TN)	RAMSEY Grace (MS)	Claude John 08/08/88 M Bridgeport [del. 7887] 
BROCK William T (TN)	RENFRO Augusta Mae (TX)	Ethel Mae 10/04/97 F Bridgeport [del. 6326] 
BROCK William T (TN)	RENFRO Augusta Mae (TX)	Luther Amos 12/10/98 M Bridgeport [del. 20046] 
BRODDERICK James Marion (TN)	KING Bertha Ann (AR)	Mattie Parlee Belle 02/17/01 F Decatur [del. 25030] 
BRODDERICK James Marion (TX)	KING Bertha Ann (AR)	William Pearl 04/23/97 M Decatur [del. 22714] 
BRODRICK George Thomas (TX)	HANEY Edna Parlee (TN)	Fred Earlen 04/03/93 M Decatur [del. 23426] 
BRODRICK William A (TX)	BALL Jessie (TX)	Laura Elizabeth 10/21/96 F Decatur [del. 5517] 
BROM W.F. (TX)	GALBSMITH Roxie (TX)	Lou Tessia Marie 11/27/24 F Boonsville 8220 
BROOKHEAD George	BLANK Ruby L.	Margret 1/17/30 F blank [No Image 9563] 
BROOKS Bean	ARNOLD Georgia	Dorthy Nell 5/30/30 blank blank [No Image 9705] 
BROOKS Ben	ARNOLD Georia M.	Janet Louise 5/7/33 F Decatur [No Image 10762] 
BROOKS Benjamin Franklin (AR)	DUNN Louisiana (KY)	Plessant Sevier 05/11/78 M Decatur [del. 8988] 
BROOKS Homer Elton	DAVIDSON Annie L.	Darwin Lee 8/29/30 M Chico [No Image 9795] 
BROOKS James Thomas (TN)	BIRD Vinnie (TX)	Floyd Oliver 09/29/90 M Chico [del. 9962] 
BROOKS James Thomas (TN)	TURNER Laura (TX)	Jewel Ita 4/25/07 F Chico 3311 & 3311a
BROOKS James Thomas (TN)	TURNER Laura Dezelia (TX)	Lester Eugene 05/11/02 M Chico [del. 9661] 
BROOKS James Thomas (TX)	BAKER Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Amelia 11/23/95 F Boonsville [del. 12833] 
BROOKS Jim	(TURNER) Laura	blank 7/3/05 F blank 1937 
BROOKS John Andrew	COVINGTON Edith	Fannie Wray 3/22/28 F Boyd 8977 
BROOKS Joseph C.	REED Maggie	Charles Alton 7/11/05 M Chico 1947 & 1947a
BROOKS Joseph Franklin (TN)	HENDRIX Augusta (TN)	Claude 04/08/92 M Chico [del. 9963] 
BROOKS L.E. (KY)	STOUT Lizzie (TX)	blank 6/23/22 F Sunset 7618 
BROOKS Layafette Marcus (AL)	HULETT Mary Indonola (TX)	Gertrude Anna 09/14/94 F Boyd [del. 14662] 
BROOKS Milton Green (AL)	PICKFORD Henri Etta (MS)	Bacon Saunders 01/14/98 M Decatur [del. 6327] 
BROOKS Melton Green (TN)	PITCHFORD Mary Henryetta (MS)	Eugene Edgar 02/27/00 M Decatur [del. 23151] 
BROOKS Paul	STUART (STEWART) Ethel	blank 1/20/33 M Decatur [No Image 10660] 
BROOKS Pleasant Hampton (TN)	HAGLER Blanche Gertrude (TN)	Richard Auburn 04/26/91 M Weekley Co TN [del. 21498] 
BROOKS Wesly (TX)	BAKER Louisa (TX)	Arthur L. 5/30/21 M Rhome 7409 
BROOKS William Perry (TX)	BROOKS (same) Ethel (TX)	Edith 06/14/01 F Bridgeport [del. 13914] 
BROOKS Young (TX)	CHISM Laura (TX)	Leroy 06/06/98 M Decatur [del. 27806] 
BROOKSHIER George M V (TN)	NORMAN Millie (TN)	Oscar Lyle 08/10/79 M Decatur [del. 15911] 
BROOKSHIER Seth Wade (AR)	GIBSON Nancy Ann (TX)	Seth Robert 10/04/85 M Wise Co [del. 13518] 
BROOKSHIER Seth Wade (AR)	PERRY Hannah Mariah (IA)	Lu Vicie 09/01/97 F Decatur [del. 29281] 
BROTHERTON J.W. (MS)	BISHOP Annie	John B. 4/6/13 M Boonsville 5679 
BROTHERTON J.W. (W.J.)	BISHOP Annie (M.A.)	blank 4/6/13 M blank 5678 
BROTHERTON William	BLANK Annie	blank 3/18/10 M blank 4961 
BROTHERTON William	BLANK blank	blank 9/20/07 M blank 3553 
BROTHERTON William	BLANK blank	blank 9/25/07 M Boonsville 3565 
BROTHERTON William Joseph (MS)	BISHOP Martha Ann (MS)	Lillie McClary 12/01/98 F Boonsville [del. 30278] 
BROTHERTON William Joseph (MS)	BISHOP Martha Ann (TN)	John Howard 09/07/02 M Boonsville [del. 33654] 
BROTHERTON William Joseph (MS)	BISHOP Martha Annie (MS)	Willie Ester 09/08/00 F Boonsville [del. 28655] 
BROULT August (Norway)	GARETT Emma (TX)	blank 1/8/24 M Decatur 7974 
BROUN B.W. (TX)	STOUT Dora A. (USA)	Ada C. 12/21/24 F Alvord 8236 
BROUN W.H.	MALONE Clara	blank 3/12/12 M blank 5481 
BROVER Frederick Charles (MO)	TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Orville Ariel 11/11/02 M Rhome [del. 4231] 
BROWDEN Clarence	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/04 F blank 602 
BROWDER John Ishum (KY)	BURTON Mary (TN)	Rufus Harvey 08/06/81 M Decatur [del. 13334] 
BROWDER Rufus (KY)	PERRIN Hannah Elizabeth (TX)	Iona 08/15/75 F Decatur [del. 9846] 
BROWDER Rufus (KY)	PERRIN Hannah Elizabeth (TX)	Mansfield Walter 01/06/77 M Decatur [del. 12838] 
BROWDER Rufus (KY)	PERRIN Hannah Elizabeth (TX)	Annie Lee 09/12/82 F Decatur [del. 13052] 
BROWER W.H.	BLANK A.B.	blank 6/1/04 F blank 913 
BROWLEY J.P.	RICHARDSON Lucy	blank 12/1/29 M blank [No Image 9523] 
BROWLEY Sam	BLANK Ida	blank 9/13/03 F blank 279 
BROWN Addran (TX)	FORD Martha Ellen (MO)	Wesley William 03/08/02 M Decatur [del. 26677] 
BROWN Albert	BLANK Carrie	blank 8/13/30 M blank [No Image 9788] 
BROWN Albert	BLANK Mary	blank 4/22/04 F blank 832 
BROWN Alf	RHINE Virginia	Mary Drew 7/25/28 F Decatur 9062 & 9062a & 9062b
BROWN Alf (TX)	RHINE Virgie (TX)	blank 1/13/26 M Decatur 8507 
BROWN Alf, Jr.	RHINE Virginia	Alf Aneta 2/4/33 F Decatur [No Image 10674] 
BROWN Arch (TX)	BLANK Mattie (TX)	Maess 2/17/19 F Newark 7050 
BROWN Arch (TX)	BLANK Mattie (TX)	Estell 2/17/19 F Newark 7051 
BROWN Baldwin	(LEFORS) Dany (Ella)	blank 11/26/05 F blank 2311 
BROWN Ballen Luther (TX)	KING Lucy Ann (OK)	Lonnie Poteet 8/22/26 M Chico 8643 
BROWN Bellan Luther	KING Lucy Ann	Ray Lewis 11/3/17 M Chico 6746 
BROWN blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/5/07 M blank 3591 
BROWN blank	BLANK Lizzie	blank 9/10/14 M blank 5957 
BROWN Burl	RYAN Cardia	blank 6/21/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10121] 
BROWN Charles A.	WALKER Anna	Lareda 4/9/30 F blank [No Image 9650] 
BROWN Charles A.	WALKER Annie D.	blank 4/9/30 F blank [No Image 9649] 
BROWN Decatur Perkins (MS)	CALDWELL Maggie (KY)	George William 10/02/85 M Boyd [del. 23586] 
BROWN Decatur Perkins (MS)	CALDWELL Margaret Rhoda (KY)	Susie Elizabeth 08/10/87 F Boyd [del. 21708] 
BROWN Decatur Perkins (MS)	CALDWELL Margaret Rhoda (KY)	Drucy 08/22/92 F Paradise [del. 21709] 
BROWN Dick Richard (MO)	NESS Melissa (TX)	John Wesley 10/09/90 M Decatur [del. 16859] 
BROWN Dillon Brewer (Ireland)	WEISE Mary Elizabeth (AR)	George Washington 08/25/92 M Chico [del. 17971] 
BROWN Earl (TX)	NOLL Minnie (TX)	blank 8/15/20 M Bridgeport 7284 
BROWN Early	BLANK blank	blank 11/1/04 F blank 1315 
BROWN Earnes Eugene (TX)	JONES Ella Bertha (TX)	Thora Nadine 5/4/12 F Alvord 5517 & 5517a
BROWN Elbert B.	CHRISTIAN Alma	Kathleem 11/1/26 F Greenwood 8705 
BROWN Elijah Thomas (TX)	ALLISON Margaret Jane (MO)	Roxanne 05/13/01 F Paradise [del. 25073] 
BROWN Elijah Thomas (TX)	ALLISON Margeret Jane (MO)	Charlie Harrison 01/21/98 M Paradise [del. 26728] 
BROWN Elijal Thomas (TX)	ALLISON Margaret Jane (AR)	Gordon Carpenter 2/15/08 M Rhome 3845 & 3845a
BROWN Elx Charles (MS)	BAGBY Mary Ellen (GA)	Ace Elx 02/20/84 M Paradise [del. 10236] 
BROWN Eugene E. (TX)	JORUN Ella B. (TX)	Buster 5/26/15 M Alvord 6106 & 6106a
BROWN Eugene Ernest (LA)	WILLIAMS Viola Jane (MO)	Homer Thomas 10/02/99 M Alvord [del. 28913] 
BROWN Evan	BLANK Callie	blank 3/25/05 M blank 1693 
BROWN Evan (TN)	FOLLOWELL Sinda (MO)	Charley 05/21/67 M Aurora [del. 13674] 
BROWN F.E. (TN)	DAVIDSON Agnes (TX)	blank 6/12/22 M Chico 7610 
BROWN F.M.	BLANK M.A.	blank 8/4/09 M blank 4722 
BROWN Fred (TX)	SHELTON Essie Josie (TX)	Lawrence Mark 6/1/14 M Decatur 5904 & 5904a
BROWN Fred E. (TN)	DAVIDSON Agnes (TX)	Mae Belle 3/3/26 F Chico 8554 & 8554a
BROWN G.B.	BLANK L.L.	George Ewel 12/4/04 M blank 1408 
BROWN G.W.	BLANK blank	blank 7/21/10 M blank 5047 
BROWN George	(ARNELL) Laura	Raley 7/10/03 M blank 105 
BROWN George	BLANK Wallis	Cecil 7/25/04 M blank 1054 
BROWN George	WALLACE Allie	M.L. 1/11/06 M blank 2396 
BROWN George L. (TX)	WALLIS Allie (AR)	Valeria Catherine 10/15/13 F Decatur 5784 & 5784a
BROWN George Monroe (AR)	EASTWOOD Minnie Elizabeth (OK)	Georgia May 05/23/99 F Love Co OK [del. 21567] 
BROWN George Oscar (MO)	ALLISON Alice (IL)	Dessie Allison 07/13/87 F Decatur [del. 14585] 
BROWN George William (GA)	ARNETT Laura Lee (MO)	Denver Joyle 09/12/98 M Decatur [del. 24576] 
BROWN George William (GA)	ARNETT Laura Lee (MO)	Willie Mae 07/16/00 F Decatur [del. 17217] 
BROWN Gus K (TN)	YANCEY Lucy (TX)	May 12/21/02 F Bridgeport [del. 22657] 
BROWN Gus Keeler (TN)	YANCEY Lutie (TX)	Knowles Harry 03/16/01 M Bridgeport [del. 6284] 
BROWN H.E.	HALL Minnie	Herbert Earl, Jr. 5/16/28 M Paradise 9017 & 9017a
BROWN H.E.	WALLS W.H.	Naida Emitt 3/8/32 F Paradise [No Image 10383] 
BROWN Hamton David (MS)	MASTERS Mary Lula (MO)	Emma Cordelia 09/11/90 F Decatur [del. 16755] 
BROWN Hamton Davis (MS)	MASTERS Mary Lou (MO)	Mike James 11/24/86 M Audubon [del. 18246] 
BROWN Henry	BLANK blank	blank 1/4/04 F blank 564 
BROWN Henry	BLANK Clara	blank 7/24/10 M blank 5051 
BROWN Henry M.	BONNIFIELD Nancy	Paul 7/30/15 M blank 6177 
BROWN Henry Washington	BENEFIELD Nancy E.	Lura Mae 9/9/10 F blank 5090 & 5090a
BROWN Henry Washington (AR)	FORTENBERRY Nancy Jane (AR)	Nancy Annie 07/04/91 F Greenwood [del. 8720] 
BROWN Henry Washington (AR)	FORTENBERRY Nancy Jane (AR)	Thomas Sidney 12/24/94 M Greenwood [del. 8238] 
BROWN Hubert Earl (TX)	NALL Minnie Helen (TX)	Myrtle LaVivian 10/25/23 F Bridgeport 7929 & 7929a
BROWN J.A.	BLANK C.M.	blank 5/29/07 M blank 3358 
BROWN J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 6/2/04 F blank 917 
BROWN J.L.	BLANK blank	Gwendolin 3/17/18 F Poolville 6844 
BROWN J.O.	BLANK Terina	blank 10/21/04 M blank 1291 
BROWN J.T.	BLANK M.E.	blank 4/2/07 M blank 3265 
BROWN J.T.	BUSBY Vidona	Jennie Mae 5/1/10 F blank 4992 
BROWN Jacob Wagner (MS)	ANDERSON Allie (TN)	Maude 08/02/93 F Decatur [del. 28437] 
BROWN Jacob Wagner (TN)	ANDERSON Allie Rebecca (MS)	Pearl 02/08/97 F Decatur [del. 30780] 
BROWN Jacob Wagner (TN)	WHITE Perry Lea (TX)	Addron 05/13/78 M Wise Co [del. 17219] 
BROWN James	BLANK Mollie	blank 4/30/11 F blank 5235 
BROWN James A.	SLIMP Mytie E.	Marie E. 7/29/31 F blank [No Image 10103] 
BROWN James Albert (TX)	HILTON Victoria Laura (AR)	Earnest 8/26/18 M Chico 6959 
BROWN James C.	AMOS Addie	blank 6/22/30 M blank [No Image 9734] 
BROWN James Hannah	FOX Maude Alice	Trixie Elizabeth 3/24/06 F Arnesville 2566 & 2566a
BROWN James Hannah (TX)	HAYNES Lucy (GA)	Charles Alfred 11/18/97 M Decatur [del. 11760] 
BROWN James Nelson	FOWILL Nancy Catherine	Charlie Henry 7/14/04 M Bridgeport 1017 
BROWN James Nelson (TX)	FOLLOWILL Nancy Catherine (TX)	Annis Elizabeth 04/07/95 F Bridgeport [del. 23585] 
BROWN James O (VA)	LOFTIS Texas Ann (TN)	Paul Armstead 04/08/96 M Garvin [del. 6651] 
BROWN James Thomas (AL)	MERCER Cora Amanda (TX)	Robert Amos 8/17/24 M Decatur 8147 & 8147a
BROWN Jennings C.	DUFFEY Agnes	Thomas J. 5/22/30 M Decatur [No Image 9697] 
BROWN Jerry	MCBRIDE Flora	blank 12/18/12 M blank 5613 
BROWN Jessie Hugh (KY)	REED Nellie V. (TX)	Julia Ann 10/30/25 F Rhome 8451 
BROWN Jim	BLANK Lula	James 8/14/04 M blank 1106 
BROWN Joe	MATSINGER Frances Mae	Albert D. 5/9/05 M Paradise 1801 & 1801a
BROWN Joe (TX)	MATZINGER Frances May (TX)	Alfred John 07/29/01 M Paradise [del. 20197] 
BROWN Joe H.	BLANK blank	blank 10/31/09 F blank 4833 
BROWN Joe H.	POPE Ruth	Lady Mouverneen 1/11/09 F blank 4432 & 4432a & 4432b
BROWN John	BLANK blank	blank 8/17/05 M blank 2062 
BROWN John	BLANK blank	blank 1/19/08 M blank 3791 
BROWN John	POWELL Clara	Helen 3/21/30 F blank [No Image 9631] 
BROWN John (TX)	SHARP Nannie (TX)	Mary Lois 2/18/24 F Krum 8008 
BROWN John Abb (TX)	BOYDSTON Ida Bell (TX)	George Johnnie 03/23/02 M Decatur [del. 28539] 
BROWN John Early (TX)	DAVENPORT Hattie Estalla (TX)	Thomas Gaines 11/22/00 M Decatur [del. 9337] 
BROWN John Franklin (TX)	ISRAEL Bell (AR)	Carrie Dessie 07/01/92 F Newark [del. 21415] 
BROWN John Franklin (TX)	ISREAL Mary Bell (AR)	Baskum Luther 06/21/94 M Rhome [del. 29037] 
BROWN John Franklin (TX)	ISREAL Mary Bell (AR)	Alice Elizabeth 03/26/00 F Rhome [del. 30598] 
BROWN John Gilbert (MO)	SMITH Edith Elizabeth (TX)	Stella Lee 08/03/88 F Garvin [del. 4969] 
BROWN John H (TN)	HILL Mary Ann (TX)	Rachel 10/29/94 F Newark [del. 24823] 
BROWN John H (TN)	HILL Mary Anne (TX)	Grover Cleveland 01/28/90 M Newark [del. 23525] 
BROWN John Henry (TN)	HILL Mary Ann Isabell (MS)	Martin Lee 06/21/92 M Rhome [del. 24700] 
BROWN John Henry (TX)	STANFORD Anna Delila (TX)	Eula Mae 07/03/01 F Opal [del. 22771] 
BROWN John J (TN)	TALLY Fanny (TN)	Pearley Isabell 02/07/81 F Greenwood [del. 9196] 
BROWN John N.(TX)	POWELL Cora Bell (TX)	Beulah Mae 2/27/14 F Newark 5846 & 5846a
BROWN John Wesley	BLANK blank	blank 6/13/16 F blank 6425 
BROWN John Wesley (AR)	CAMDEN Vesta Odelia (AR)	Maude Olife 01/29/93 F Benton Co AR [del. 15957] 
BROWN John Wesley (TX)	FORTENBERRY Matilda Frances (AR)	Cora Frances 10/21/83 F Slidell [del. 18578] 
BROWN John Wesley (TX)	FORTENBERRY Matilda Frances (AR)	Carrie Johnney 09/27/86 F Slidell [del. 16210] 
BROWN John Wesley (TX)	FORTENBERRY Matilda Frances (AR)	Charlie Wesley 09/05/89 M Greenwood [del. 22383] 
BROWN Joseph A (NC)	McNEAL Elizabeth (NC)	Joe 09/25/78 M Paradise [del. 15950] 
BROWN Joseph Crockett (KY)	BALL Tische (TX)	Fred 05/02/93 M Decatur [del. 9158] 
BROWN Les	(BECKLEY) Myrtle	blank 6/12/05 M blank 1886 
BROWN Les	BLANK blank	blank 7/22/10 M blank 5049 
BROWN Lester (TN)	DAVIDSON Oma (TX)	L. 5/30/26 M Alvord 8594 
BROWN Lester (TN)	DAVIDSON Oma (TX)	John Albert 4/27/29 M Chico 9335 
BROWN M.L.	ALSCONE Rowe	Charles Lee 4/16/32 M Decatur [No Image 10412] 
BROWN M.M. (TX)	RHOADS Bushel Alma (TX)	Jerry Mack 12/18/24 M Alvord 8234 
BROWN Martin Lee	HOLT Mable Lillian	Alice Lorene 11/13/17 F Newark 6753 
BROWN Nelson	HILTON Nora	Vernon 5/19/14 M Vernon 5896 
BROWN Nelson (TX)	FALWELL Nancy (TX)	William Marion 06/27/92 M Bridgeport [del. 25656] 
BROWN O.	WILSON Jannie	blank 5/25/16 M blank 6416 
BROWN Overton (TX)	WILSON Jennie (TN)	Vernis Clayton 6/17/18 M Chico 6917 & 6917a
BROWN Perk Decatur (MS)	CALDWELL Margaret Roda (KY)	Effie Dulsa 09/02/96 F Boyd [del. 28709] 
BROWN Richard (MO)	TIPPINS Malissia (TX)	Lena Mae 11/03/84 F Decatur [del. 22311] 
BROWN Robert (TX)	YOUNG Iry (TX)	Robert 11/13/23 M Rhome 7917 
BROWN Robert J.	STROUD Edith May	Mary Lou 5/29/30 F blank [No Image 9704] 
BROWN Russell	MCKEOWN Bernice	blank 3/7/30 M Decatur [No Image 9619] 
BROWN Sam	BLANK blank	blank 12/12/04 F blank 1430 
BROWN Sam J (TX)	BURNS Cynthia (TX)	Sam J 05/04/91 M Newark [del. 24605] 
BROWN Sam J. (TX)	BURNS Carrie Florence (TX)	Gene Howard 8/19/26 M Newark 8640 & 8640a
BROWN Samuel J. (TX)	BEVINS Carrie F. (TX)	Benjamin Samuel 3/12/29 M Newark 9291 
BROWN Scott Winfield (KY)	YOUNG Salie Ann (KY)	Millard Scott 03/01/89 M Clinton Co KY [del. 23445] 
BROWN Scott Winfield (KY)	YOUNG Sally Ann (KY)	Myrtle Pink 03/01/90 F Clinton Co KY [del. 23219] 
BROWN Stephen Siphard (KS)	BROWN Nora Ellen (TX)	Paul Krueger 06/02/97 M Decatur [del. 6177] 
BROWN Thomas Howard	HOLLOWWAY Mary Elizabeth	Howard Gains 6/16/06 M Decatur 2720 & 2720a
BROWN Thomas Rogers (VA)	VAN METER Leta Annne (KY)	Thomas Rogers 03/15/89 M Greenwood [del. 20992] 
BROWN Thomas Rogers (VA)	VAN METER Leta Mary (KY)	Thorowgood Taylor 09/14/84 M Greenwood [del. 20137] 
BROWN Thomas Rogers (VA)	VAN METER Leta Mary (KY)	Allan Van Meter 12/20/86 M Greenwood [del. 8601] 
BROWN Thomas Rogers (VA)	VAN METER Leta Mary (KY)	James Walter Ford 06/28/91 M Greenwood [del. 8600] 
BROWN Thomas Rogers (VA)	VAN METER Leta Mary (KY)	Ula Lizzie 01/17/94 F Greenwood [del. 8599] 
BROWN Thomas Rogers (VA)	VAN METER Leta Mary (KY)	Charles Lee 08/03/96 M Greenwood [del. 11269] 
BROWN Thomas William (VA)	HEAD Nettie (TX)	George Lindsey 10/14/80 M Boyd [del. 19102] 
BROWN Tom	BLANK Mattie	blank 8/4/07 M blank 3466 
BROWN Tom	BRITE Mattie	Lona Pearl 10/21/04 F Alvord 1290 & 1290a
BROWN Tom Preston (TX)	PORTER Annie Morton (TX)	Nettie Clementine 01/03/02 F Boyd [del. 30824] 
BROWN Tom W (VA)	BREWER Mattie (MO)	Jennings Crisp 12/25/96 M Decatur [del. 3960] 
BROWN Tom, Jr.	PORTER Molly	blank 2/13/16 M blank 6362 
BROWN W.B.	BLANK blank	blank 6/25/07 F blank 3402 
BROWN W.H.	MALONE Clara	blank 1/11/14 F blank 5817 
BROWN W.S.	BLANK D.C.	blank 10/7/08 F blank 4284 
BROWN W.S. (TX)	WOODS Vara (TX)	blank 12/1/22 M Decatur 7692 
BROWN Walter (KY)	RUSSELL Ida Bell (TX)	Lena America 01/18/93 F Boonsville [del. 23478] 
BROWN Walter (TX)	RUSSELL Ida Belle (TX)	Ethel Ruby 08/09/91 F Boonsville [del. 24483] 
BROWN Walter Elbert (TX)	RUSSELL Ida Belle (TX)	Russell Henry 10/14/94 M Bethel [del. 17522] 
BROWN Will (TX)	BURNS Cynthia (TX)	William Leslie 02/06/81 M Decatur [del. 14084] 
BROWN William (TN)	BURNS Annie (MO)	Ada Louise 10/11/86 F Keeter [del. 17502] 
BROWN William B. (TX)	JACKSON Eula (TX)	George William 9/23/23 M Decatur 7899 & 7899a
BROWN William Bowers (GA)	MITCHELL Emma LOU (MS)	Reba Joe 08/06/95 F Decatur [del. 11944] 
BROWN William Bowers (GA)	MITCHELL Emma Lou (MS)	Iris Faye 06/11/98 F Decatur [del. 11943] 
BROWN William H (KY)	KIRKLAND Emma Walker (AR)	Martha Elizabeth 02/18/85 F Decatur [del. 23314] 
BROWN William Herculese Hays (KY)	KIRKLAND Emma Walker (TN)	Zilpha 04/08/82 F Decatur [del. 16596] 
BROWN William Oscar (TX)	BROCK Virginia Helen (AL)	James Walker 11/21/91 M Alvord [del. 19650] 
BROWN William Oscar (TX)	BROCK Virginia Helen (AL)	Eules Eugene 04/20/02 M Alvord [del. 6847] 
BROWN William Pinkney (NC)	DAVIS Elizabeth Ann (TN)	William Weaver 10/07/81 M Decatur [del. 23539] 
BROWN William Taylor (MS)	FORTENBERRY Harriot Virginia (AR)	Jessie Leah 12/08/93 F Greenwood [del. 18475] 
BROWN William W.	HARLAN Birdie	William Harlan 6/13/11 M blank 5278 
BROWN Willie O.	JENNINGS Josephine	Willie A. 12/24/33 M Rhome [No Image 10972] 
BROWND Ellis L. (TX)	SHARBER Fannie Bearice (TX)	Leuna 7/25/23 F Chico 7861 & 7861a & 7861b & 7861c & 7861d & 7861e
BROWNFIELD M.	BLANK F.	blank 11/28/04 M blank 1397 
BROWNFIELD Nallie (TX)	WOODS Fannie (TX)	Minnie Frances 06/07/02 F Greenwood [del. 31012] 
BROWNFIELD Thomas J (OH)	JONES Ella D (TX)	Maud 05/23/84 F Greenwood [del. 19396] 
BROWNFIELD Thomas J (OH)	JONES Ella D (TX)	Wilburn Frank 06/07/91 M Greenwood [del. 5267] 
BROWNFIELD Thomas Jefferson (OH)	JONES Ella D (TX)	Hetty Lou 12/28/97 F Greenwood [del. 19118] 
BROWNING Walter Bruce	EVANS Pearl	Elton Lavoy 7/21/10 M Park Springs 5045 & 5045a
BROWNING Will	BLANK Emaly	blank 7/19/05 M blank 1976 
BROWNING William	BLANK Emaly	blank 7/19/04 M blank 1029 
BROWNING William Lafayette (TX)	MOUNT Emily Frances (IL)	Carra Lee 05/31/97 F Rhome [del. 15400] 
BROWNING William Lafayette (TX)	MOUNT Emily Frances (IL)	Edna Earl 12/07/00 F Rhoine [del. 15402] 
BROWNING William Lafayette (TX)	MOUNT Emily Frances (IL)	Nola Lafayette 01/28/02 M Rhome [del. 15403] 
BROWNLEE Andrew (KY)	FITZGERALD Sarah Josephine (TN)	Fred 01/01/86 M Poolville [del. 24575] 
BROWNLEE G.W. (GA)	BLANK Nora (AR)	blank 4/29/25 F Alvord 8302 
BROWNLEE George	(MAYFIELD) Ida	May 5/28/05 F blank 1849 
BROWNLEE George	DAVIS Nora	blank 8/8/15 F blank 6188 
BROWNLEE J M (GA)	ODEM Renie (GA)	Tom 05/09/97 M Alvord [del. 8401] 
BROWNLEE J.A.	BLANK blank	blank 11/15/04 M blank 1364 
BROWNLEE James Andrew (KY)	COFFEY Mollie (KY)	Flora Mabel 08/10/93 F Decatur [del. 26757] 
BROWNLEE James Andrew (KY)	COFFEY Mollie (KY)	Ruth Saufley 05/17/00 F Decatur [del. 26758] 
BROWNLEE John Melton (GA)	ODAM Margaret Irene (GA)	Elizabeth Belle Aster 03/26/00 F Alvord [del. 30825] 
BROWNLEE John Milton (GA)	ODOM Serenna (GA)	Loullar 08/21/88 F Alvord [del. 22885] 
BROWNLEE Thomas (TX)	BEACHAM May Dell	Ella May 8/28/26 F Alvord 8652 & 8652a
BROWNLEE Thomas (TX)	BEACHAM May Dell (TX)	Olgh Katherine 5/15/25 F Alvord 8386 & 8386a & 8386b
BROWNLEE Tom	BEACHUM Madell	Tomie Reves 11/27/31 M Alvord [No Image 10296] 
BROWNLEE Tom	BEACHUM Modell	Geneva Fay 11/27/31 F Alvord [No Image 10295] 
BROWNLEE Tom (TX)	BEACHAMP Mary Belle	blank 6/24/29 F Alvord 9379 
BROWNLETT B.O.	BONE Marty	blank 4/22/32 F blank [No Image 10414] 
BRUCE Henry Clay (SC)	LEMASTER Mintie Alice (KY)	Ethel 10/03/97 F Decatur [del. 22708] 
BRUCE Henry Clay (SC)	LEMASTER Mintie Alice (TX)	Jesse Lee 04/25/00 M Decatur [del. 22710] 
BRUCE T L (TX)	HOWARD Delah (TX)	Howard Brady 09/24/01 M Greenwood [del. 22650] 
BRUCE Tom (TX)	ANGLIN Mollie (TX)	Elmuth 01/30/86 M Chico [del. 11299] 
BRUCE William Henry (NC)	CECIL Sarah Emmaline (TX)	Ida May 06/29/83 F Greenwood [del. 18799] 
BRUMLEY John Henry (AR)	BURKS Mary (AR)	Duval E 07/19/02 M Decatur [del. 6325] 
BRUMLOW Nathian	BLANK blank	blank 9/12/09 M blank 4766 
BRUNNER S.B.	DICKENSON Letha	blank 6/19/30 M blank [No Image 9730] 
BRUNNER S.B.	DICKENSON Letta Lee	Billie Faye 3/17/28 F Chico 8974 & 8974a
BRUNO I. James (Ira)(TX)	MARTIN Georgia (TX)	Ira James, Jr. 9/12/20 M Decatur 7299 
BRUNO Jerry (TX)	RATLIFF Frances (TX)	Pearl 12/28/00 F Decatur [del. 24701] 
BRUNO Jerry S (Germany)	RATLIFF Frances Fannie (MS)	Iva 09/23/96 F Decatur [del. 24645] 
BRUNSON William James (TN)	MORROW Sarah (TX)	Walter Dewey 02/06/98 M Chico [del. 12312] 
BRUNSON William James (TN)	MORROW Sarah Jane (TX)	George Starr 10/19/01 M Chico [del. 28680] 
BRUTON James	MALONE Lucy Mae	Ora Mae 8/7/07 F Slidell 3471 & 3471a
BRYAN Charles Wilbur	CALDWELL Bertha	Wayne Charles 5/7/04 M Rhome 867 & 0867a
BRYAN Charles William Brady (TX)	DEWEES Anne May (TX)	Hallie Mae 05/12/98 F Cottondale [del. 24448] 
BRYAN Charles William Brady (TX)	DEWEES Annie May (TX)	Theodore Brady 07/13/00 M Decatur [del. 7305] 
BRYAN Charles William Brady (TX)	DEWEES Annie May (TX)	William Jennings 04/01/02 M Decatur [del. 7306] 
BRYAN Ed	BLANK Nina	blank 11/1/6/09 M blank 4849 
BRYAN Guy	TIPTON Edith	Maria Liona 12/19/30 F blank [No Image 9896] 
BRYAN James Doyl (TX)	FOSTER Malinda Caroline (TX)	Sarah Lucinda 03/25/89 F Greenwood [del. 22257] 
BRYAN James Doyl (TX)	FOSTER Malinda Caroline (TX)	Martha Mae 01/05/98 F Greenwood [del. 8721] 
BRYAN James Doyle (TX)	FOSTER Malinda Caroline (TX)	Mary Virginia 01/02/91 F Decatur [del. 20578] 
BRYAN James Doyle (TX)	FOSTER Malinda Caroline (TX)	William Wesley 03/27/94 M Greenwood [del. 9965] 
BRYAN James Doyle (TX)	FOSTER Malinda Caroline (TX)	Fannie Pearl 11/10/99 F Greenwood [del. 11163] 
BRYAN Joe H.	BLANK Lillian	blank 3/11/05 F blank 1664 
BRYAN W.A.	BLANK Billie	blank 11/30/07 F blank 3695 
BRYAN W.S.	BLANK Minnie	Allen 2/8/04 blank blank 644 
BRYAN Will	BLANK Bertha	blank 7/27/09 M blank 4701 
BRYAN Will	BLANK blank	J.O. 1/5/04 M blank 567 
BRYAN William (MO)	GRANSTAFF Martha Ellen (TN)	Leslie Brennan 11/23/96 M Greenwood [del. 17905] 
BRYAN William Alexander	NIVENS Belle	William Hollis 11/1/15 M Alvord 6290 & 6290a
BRYAN William Franklin (TX)	CRUNK Mary Lee (TX)	John Morton 03/13/80 M Greenwood [del. 17100] 
BRYAN William J.	FOSTER Sadie F.	Sadie Maxine 6/25/31 F blank [No Image 10124] 
BRYAN William Luther (TX)	SOUTH Carrie (MS)	Luther Henry 05/26/91 M Greenwood [del. 16209] 
BRYAN William Luther (TX)	SOUTH Jocy Carrie (MS)	Claude Lee 06/30/92 M Greenwood [del. 6288] 
BRYAN William Luther (TX)	SOUTH Jocy Carrie (MS)	Daniel Boone 08/12/93 M Greenwood [del. 6796] 
BRYAN William Luther (TX)	SOUTH Jocy Carrie (MS)	James Barney 12/01/94 M Greenwood [del. 6289] 
BRYAN William Luther (TX)	SOUTH Jocy Carrie (MS)	Lonnie Lester 08/07/96 M Greenwood [del. 6290] 
BRYAN William Luther (TX)	SOUTH Jocy Carrie (MS)	William Jennings 04/06/98 M Greenwood [del. 13467] 
BRYAN William Luther (TX)	SOUTH Jocy Carrie (MS)	Viola Virginia 06/03/01 F Greenwood [del. 14691] 
BRYANT Charles Vernon	SAMUELS Mildred H.	Mary Elizabeth 8/11/28 F Rhome 9081 
BRYANT G.W.	BLANK Mary	blank 5/20/08 F blank 4033 
BRYANT G.W.	BLANK Nette	William Pickney 4/21/05 M blank 1760 
BRYANT George William (TX)	EVANS May (TX)	May Evans 4/28/07 F Chico 3319 & 3319a
BRYANT Joe	BLANK blank	blank 6/29/07 F blank 3408 
BRYANT Marion	REED Lou Ella	Nettie Pearl 5/5/08 F Decatur 4010 & 4010a
BRYCE George Washington (GA)	DAVIS Letha Parlee (AL)	Widdie Onis 07/10/94 F Alvord [del. 15001] 
BRYIAN Tom	BLANK Maud	blank 9/21/08 M blank 4257 
BRYMER Clarence	BLANK blank	blank 12/9/05 M blank 2341 
BUCHANAN Joe E (MS)	DAVIS Corlie (TX)	Noval Lloyd 04/20/95 M Park Springs [del. 22483] 
BUCHANAN Joe E (TX)	DAVIS Corrie (TX)	Eugene Bailey 10/16/97 M Chico [del. 5478] 
BUCHANAN William Ashby (TX)	LEVERETT Sarah Elizabeth (GA)	Vessie Texas 03/05/99 F Alvord [del. 10387] 
BUCK Jesse R. (TX)	WRIGHT Ester Beatrice (TX)	Willard Earl 3/15/25 M Alvord 8282 & 8282a
BUCK John	BLANK Baby	blank 7/24/05 F blank 1997 
BUCK John Claud (TX)	TALLANT Mary Lena (TX)	Joseph Herschel 1/3/26 M Newark 8499 & 8499a
BUCK John Milton	FANCHER Vera Ruth	Raymond Altus 3/5/28 M blank 8964 & 8964a
BUCK Perry Jackson	TALLANT Lillie May	Myrtle May 7/23/15 F Boyd 6160 & 6160a
BUCK William Abraham	BROWN Zilpah	Guy Willard 10/10/03 M Decatur 358 & 0358a
BUCK William Abraham	BROWN Zilpah	William Roy 3/17/05 M Decatur 1673 & 1673a
BUCKHOLDER Gilbert	BLANK Mary	(Leslie) 7/9/03 M blank 102 
BUCKINGHAM blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/22/06 F blank 2971 
BUCKINGHAM blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/21/08 M blank 4038 
BUCKINGHAM C.C.	HUNTER Ruth	Opal Charlene 11/26/31 F blank [No Image 10294] 
BUCKINGHAM Charles S (KY)	OLDHAM Callie Elizabeth (TX)	Joe Haggard 06/15/94 M Cottondale [del. 29219] 
BUCKINGHAM J.A.	BLANK blank	blank 4/22/04 F blank 833 
BUCKINGHAM James Anderson (MO)	WILLIAMSON Pallie Serintha (TX)	Jesse Howard 12/02/93 M Decatur [del. 9916] 
BUCKINGHAM James Anderson (MO)	WILLIAMSON Pallie Serintha (TX)	James Carl 09/14/02 M Paradise [del. 6144] 
BUCKINGHAM John	BLANK blank	blank 4/23/07 M blank 3306 
BUCKINGHAM Thomas F (KY)	MARTIN Laura F (MO)	Flodie Ellen 07/01/91 F Paradise [del. 23972] 
BUCKINGHAM Thomas Frank (KY)	MARTIN Laura Frances (IL)	Charles Curtis 06/10/98 M Cottondale [del. 10240] 
BUCKINGHAM Thomas Frank (MO)	MARTIN Laura Frances (IL)	Nora May 10/04/89 F Paradise [del. 20653] 
BUCKINGHAM Thomas Franklin	MARTIN Laura Francis	Henry Quin 6/11/04 M Paradise 942 & 0942a
BUCKINGHAM Thomas Franklin (KY)	MARTIN Laura Frances (MO)	Lillie Minerva 01/30/94 F Paradise [del. 22379] 
BUCKINGHAM Thomas Franklin (KY)	MARTIN Laura Frances (MO)	Vina Edna 05/12/96 F Paradise [del. 22933] 
BUCKINGHAM Thomas Franklin (TN)	MARTIN Laura Frances (IL)	Beulah Gladys 05/15/00 F Cottondale [del. 22377] 
BUCKLEY V.H.	STEBEN Bridgie	blank 3/5/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9991] 
BUCKNER Ernest	ALEXANDER Iva M.	blank 6/29/30 M blank [No Image 9743] 
BUCKNER G.S.	MULLINS Lee Ora	blank 5/30/15 M blank 6109 
BUCKNER Henry Harvey (IL)	BROWNING Missouri May (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 09/24/95 F Park Springs [del. 16736] 
BUCKNER Henry Harvey (IL)	BROWNING Missouri May (TX)	Ernest Eugene 03/17/01 M Sunset [del. 8461] 
BUCKNER Howard	BLANK Birdie	Eva 12/11/05 F blank 2346 
BUCKNER J.H.	KESSNER (TUTOR) Berdie	blank 5/5/14 M blank 5883 
BUCKNER J.W. (TX)	DAVIS Nora D. (TX)	Thomas Wayne 6/7/24 M blank 8079 & 8079a
BUCKNER James Harrison (AR)	YANDELL Emma (AR)	Melford 09/05/93 M Decatur [del. 7661] 
BUCKNER James Harrison (AR)	YANDELL Martha Elizabeth (AR)	Clyde 09/01/97 M Audubon [del. 13586] 
BUCKNER Jessie I (TN)	CAPPS Syrella Elizabeth (MO)	Ollie Ambrose 09/30/95 M Pella [del. 22090] 
BUCKNER John Howard (AL)	TUDOR Bertha Buckner (KY)	Esta 10/1/07 F Alvord 3576 & 3576a
BUCKNER Joseph William (TX)	DAVIS Nora Dean (TX)	John Junior 3/12/22 M Alvord 7562 & 7562a
BUCKNER Joseph William (TX)	DAVIS Nora Dean (TX)	James Preston 10/11/25 M Alvord 8438 & 8438a
BUCKNER L.L.	HERRIOT Beulah	Marshal Ray 6/10/31 M Sunset [No Image 10102] 
BUCKNER L.L.	HERRIOTT Beulah	Harlan Lee 12/1/27 M Chico 8885 & 8885a & 8885b
BUCKNER Oscar Thomas (IN)	BULLARD Augusta Magdalene (TX)	Pansy 08/13/02 F Bridgeport [del. 19262] 
BUCKNER Riley	LITTLEFIELD Ada Lee	Essie 2/22/11 F Park Springs 5177 & 5177a
BUCKNER Thomas Jefferson (IN)	KIRBY Laura (KY)	Bernese 01/11/00 F Bridgeport [del. 8406] 
BUCKNER Thomas Jefferson (IN)	KIRBY Lucinda (KY)	Reva Blanche 05/08/96 F Bridgeport [del. 7888] 
BUCKNER W.F.	HOLTZCLAW Lura	Bobby Larue 8/3/30 F Alvord [No Image 9778] 
BUCKNER Will T (IL)	PARKER Fannie (TN)	William Thomas 10/13/92 M Park Springs [del. 23816] 
BUCKNER William Franklin (TX)	HOLTZCLAW Lura Bell (TX)	Geraldine Marzette 10/9/20 F Park Springs 7308 & 7308a
BUCKNER William Rufus (AL)	HOLLIMAN Martha Ann (AL)	Lona Bell 06/26/95 F Alvord [del. 19452] 
BUCKNER William Thomas (IL)	PARKER Frances Elvira (TN)	Tacy Clista 03/02/94 F Park Springs [del. 22670] 
BUCKNER William Thomas (IL)	PARKER Francis Elvira (TN)	Effie Lena 02/28/95 F Park Springs [del. 30052] 
BUCKNER Willie	HOLTZCLAW Lura	blank 8/1/30 F blank [No Image 9776] 
BULGAREL Bruce Lawrence (Italy)	JAMESON Susie Emma (TX)	Venita Ruth 9/20/19 F Slidell 7135 & 7135a
BULGARELLI Joseph (Italy)	SOLANE Ida (ITALY)	Bruce L 08/11/94 M Decatur [del. 23842] 
BULLARD James Monroe (AL)	CASEY Linnie Etta (TN)	Ophelia 02/19/99 F Boyd [del. 25384] 
BULLINER William Henderson (TN)	WADE Mary Jane (TN)	George Tummins 11/13/89 M Springtown [del. 15485] 
BULLOCK Joe	(JETER) Addie	blank 8/11/06 M blank 2834 
BULLOCK Joe Ab	JETER Addie Mae	Velda Mae 8/11/11 F blank 5320 & 5320a
BULLOCK Joseph A.	JETER Addie May	Orval Loyd 10/2/04 M rural, Wise Co. 1244 & 1244a
BULLOCK Walter	BLANK blank	blank 2/20/09 F blank 4503 
BULLOCK William Harrington (TX)	RENSHAW Sarah Josephine (TX)	Lucille 05/18/02 F Decatur [del. 8336] 
BULLOCK Wm Harrison (TX)	RENSHAW Sara Josephine (TX)	Irene 01/07/99 F Decatur [del. 29039] 
BUNCH E.A.	BLANK blank	blank 1/13/08 F blank 3782 
BUNCH Emmett A. (KY)	SPENCER Sarah (TX)	Emmett Allen 8/6/22 M Alvord 7639 
BUNCH George Anderson (MS)	GRANTHAM Elizabeth Matilda (MS)	Susie May 05/08/87 F Alvord [del. 11761] 
BUNCH George Andrew (MS)	GRANTHAM Elizabeth M (MS)	Josephine Maggie 06/05/82 F Decatur [del. 18235] 
BUNCH George Andrew (MS)	GRANTHAM Elizabeth M (MS)	Guy George 08/04/92 M Decatur [del. 26759] 
BUNCH Love (MS)	OWENS Mary Louise (TX)	Emma D 03/25/90 F Alvord [del. 24877] 
BUND Howell Anderson (MO)	MILLER Sarah Ann (MO)	Anna May 02/18/92 F Pella [del. 8410] 
BUNDY John Henry (TX)	STEPHENS Miley Jane (GA)	Charles Orion 09/04/99 M Greenwood [del. 7713] 
BUNIS Ben	JONES Rubie E.	Nettie L. 5/26/32 F Poolville [No Image 10445] 
BUNNELL Walter Alexander (KS)	WYATT Jimmie (TN)	Walter Alexander Jr 12/01/01 M Decatur [del. 5718] 
BUNYAN A.L. (TX)	KENY Alice	Lufencian 11/10/23 F Bridgeport 7938 
BURCH James Drummond (KY)	McAFEE Flora (KY)	McAfee Wayland 08/14/83 M Nelson Co KY [del. 14390] 
BURCH James Drummond (KY)	McAFEE Flora Amanda (KY)	James Drummond 02/10/92 M Rhome [del. 11116] 
BURCH Mack	BLANK Belle	blank 3/20/07 F blank 3237 
BURCHARD H.H.	BLANK blank	blank 1/28/08 M blank 3808 
BURCHARD Harse Howard (WI)	JOHNSON Martha Eliza (AL)	Mary Melissia 08/23/88 F Greenwood [del. 22307] 
BURCHARD Horace Howard	JOHNSON Martha Eliza	George Franklin 1/3/04 M Greenwood 559 & 0559a
BURCHARD Horace Howard (MO)	JOHNSON Martha Eliza (AL)	Orvis 09/04/89 M Greenwood [del. 11165] 
BURCHARD William T (WI)	SMITH Carrie Lee (WI)	Floyd F 07/27/85 M Greenwood [del. 24702] 
BURCHARD William Tillman (TX)	SMITH Carrie Lee (WI)	Thelma 10/02/98 F Greenwood [del. 29335] 
BURDEN James (TN)	MYERS Frances Lavine (TX)	Jewel Mance 4/23/08 M Sunset 3985 & 3985a
BURGER Jim	BLANK Mollie	blank 9/15/06 M blank 2909 
BURGESS Allen	BLANK O.	blank 1/2/04 M blank 554 
BURGESS H.	BLANK J.	blank 10/12/03 M blank 362 
BURGESS Harvey	BLANK Jennie	blank 9/1/06 M blank 2709 
BURGETT Henry Alvinza (TX)	FANNING Cyrena (TX)	Dama Elizabeth 02/09/90 F Park Springs [del. 18082] 
BURK Aaron Hatfield (TX)	DORSETT Mary (TX)	Amanda Ellen 09/07/76 F Paradise [del. 14335] 
BURK C.E.	BLANK blank	blank 9/18/06 M blank 2920 
BURK Frank	BLANK Sallie	blank 11/11/04 F blank 1346 
BURK Frank	BLANK Sallie	blank 4/6/08 F blank 3957 
BURK Henry	BLANK blank	blank 6/19/04 F blank 958 
BURK J.P.	BLANK M.E.	G.W. 11/29/03 M blank 471 
BURK Joe Francis (TX)	EIDSON Lola Anna (TX)	Jodie Frances 09/26/93 F Justin [del. 23971] 
BURK John D. (TX)	EIDSON Velma E. (TX)	blank 8/12/23 F Justin 7874 
BURK Sam (TN)	TODD Minnie (TN)	Cleo Christine 02/19/88 F Cannon Co TN [del. 22148] 
BURK Steve A. (TX)	JUDGE Allie L. (TX)	blank 5/3/21 F Justin 7410 
BURK Steve Archley (TX)	JUDGE Lalla Alla (TX)	Clifford Elton 1/23/26 M Decatur  & 8521a
BURK W.S.	BLANK S.A.	blank 12/20/03 M blank 522 
BURK William Albert (TN)	SENSIBAUGH Mattie (CA)	Otis Lee 09/21/84 M Decatur [del. 6434] 
BURK William Ernie (TX)	SENSIBAUGH Mattie A (TX)	William Grady 08/15/93 M Wise Co [del. 22594] 
BURK Willie F (TX)	SENSIBAUGH Mattie (TX)	Charlie Elbert 05/10/85 M Decatur [del. 19799] 
BURKET Jess	BLANK G.M.	blank 10/11/07 F blank 3603 
BURKETT George W.	CRYER (SANDERS) Ollie Bell	Franklin Dee 6/2/33 F Decatur [No Image 10788] 
BURKETT Levi Young (TN)	HOPKINS Alice Lanora (GA)	Viola Matilda 12/25/91 F Faulkner Co AR [del. 24352] 
BURKHART Edgar (IN)	FOSTER Minnie (MS)	Edgar Earl 02/22/92 M Alvord [del. 8546] 
BURKHART John Wesley (TX)	THORNESBERRY Ida Mae (TX)	Oretha Mae 10/9/22 F Sunset 7668 & 7668a
BURKHART Lemuel Martin (IN)	FOSTER Margaret Aurora (MO)	Thelma 05/25/01 F Alvord [del. 7784] 
BURKHOLDER Gilbert	BLANK Mattie	blank 10/29/04 M blank 1308 
BURKS Clarence	BLANK blank	blank 2/6/05 M blank 1578 
BURKS Major Walter	SHELTON Elma Lynn	Roy Wiley 9/17/17 M Decatur 6711 & 6711a
BURKS Oscar Lee (MS)	MURDOCK Joe Ann (MS)	William Dee 12/23/99 M Prentis Co MS [del. 19221] 
BURKS William Dee	FLORIDA Mildred L.	Lawrence Dee 11/15/32 M Greenwood [No Image 10628] 
BURMAN Ray	LOUIS Eva	blank 1/3/18 blank Chico 6782 
BURNAM John James (KY)	STURDIVANT Ellie (AR)	Sina Q. 7/16/06 F Chico 2768 & 2768a
BURNETT blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/10/05 M blank 2343 
BURNETT D.T.	BLANK Virgie	blank 2/17/05 F blank 1604 
BURNETT Edgar L (TN)	RAYMER Irine (TX)	Orion Raymer 03/03/02 M Paradise [del. 23427] 
BURNETT Edgar Lafett (TN)	RAYMER Irene (TX)	Mae 08/13/99 F Paradise [del. 5719] 
BURNETT Ezra (TN)	GIBSON Minnie (TX)	Bernice Lavoy 01/12/01 M Paradise [del. 5653] 
BURNETT H.B.	BLANK J.B.	blank 10/28/07 F blank 3632 
BURNETT Jabez Charles (MI)	JACKSON Susan Caroline (MO)	John Howard 03/05/79 M Alvord [del. 3730] 
BURNETT Lee	BLANK blank	blank 6/27/05 M blank 1921 
BURNETT Loranza Dow (MO)	GIBSON Melissa Virginia (MO)	John Thomas 09/29/77 M Rhome [del. 5652] 
BURNETT Martin (MO)	CAMPBELL Emma Virginia (VA)	Martin Argyle 06/15/02 M Decatur [del. 6967] 
BURNETT Opal	ISRAL Madge	Betty Opaline 3/6/32 F Decatur [No Image 10380] 
BURNETT R.E.	BLANK blank	blank 3/24/09 M blank 4570 
BURNETT Thomas Rufus (TN)	STEEL Mary Lou (TX)	Opal Hughes 03/05/02 M Paradise [del. 20222] 
BURNETT Tommie Rufus (TN)	STEELE Mary Lou Tisshi (TX)	Orville Goodwin 07/14/98 M Paradise [del. 9783] 
BURNETT W.M.	BLANK C.	blank 2/15/04 M blank 658 
BURNETT William Henry (AR)	MORRIS Belle (MO)	Doris Learo 2/26/09 F Bridgeport 4516 & 4516a
BURNNELL Heron	JOHNS Nettie C.	Dorothy G. 5/14/32 F Decatur [No Image 10437] 
BURNS Andrew Jackson (GA)	MILLER Sarah Francis (LA)	Tina Ella 08/05/85 F Decatur [del. 13300] 
BURNS blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/30/07 F blank 3752 
BURNS Ellis	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/09 M blank 4618 
BURNS Frank	BLANK blank	blank 9/12/09 M blank 4767 
BURNS Frank Sutton (MS)	RUCKER Carrie Virginia (TX)	Osbin Craig 12/08/99 M Decatur [del. 21988] 
BURNS Franklin Sut (MS)	RUCKER Carry Virginia (TX)	Mattie Leona 10/17/92 F Decatur [del. 10711] 
BURNS J.J. (AR)	BLANK blank (TX)	blank 9/5/18 F Slidell 6968 
BURNS James Joshua (AR)	CHADWICK Ida L. (GA)	Leona Pearl 3/26/20 F Slidell 7230 & 7230a
BURNS Jesse	BLANK blank	blank 9/20/10 F blank 5100 
BURNS Joe Bill (TX)	HINSON Ada Ruth (TX)	blank 8/6/29 F Bridgeport 9411 
BURNS Thomas Edgar (OK)	WARE Arizona (TX)	Lottie Lee 10/13/25 F Decatur 8441 & 8441a
BURNS Thomas Edgar (OK)	WARE Arizona (TX)	J.W. 11/9/28 M Decatur 9172 & 9172a
BURRES Will	BLANK Nancy	blank 3/17/05 M blank 1674 
BURRESS Lawrence Lafayette (TX)	CLARK Sarah Alice (TX)	Allen Dale 09/21/90 M Dan [del. 25590] 
BURRESS Lawrence Lafayette (TX)	CLARK Sarah Alice (TX)	Archie Alfred 02/15/92 M Dan [del. 12311] 
BURRESS Lawrence Lafayette (TX)	CLARK Sarah Alice (TX)	Ollie Mae 10/19/97 F Dan [del. 24353] 
BURRESS Lawrence Layfett (TX)	CLARK Sarah Alice (TX)	Luther Layfett 08/21/95 M Decatur [del. 8347] 
BURRESS Weldon (MS)	JUSTICE Myrtle J. (TX)	blank 8/15/24 F Alvord 8143 
BURRIS Allison W. (MS)	JUSTICE Mary Jane (TX)	Allison Leon 12/31/21 M Alvord 7528 
BURRIS blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/4/09 F blank 4473 
BURRIS J.L.	BLANK Hattie	blank 10/23/08 M blank 4311 
BURRIS Jess (TX)	BRYAN Bade (TX)	blank 7/19/19 F Decatur 7111 
BURRIS John William 	DETHLOFF Nancy	Hattie Mae 1/6/11 F Bridgeport 5158 & 5158a
BURRIS John William (OK)	DETHLOFF Nancy (OH)	Joe Caswell 08/03/99 M Bridgeport [del. 6292] 
BURRIS John William (OK)	DETHLOFF Nancy (OH)	Robert Leroy 9/25/08 M Decatur 4265 
BURRIS W.B.	JUSTICE Myrtle	Wanda 2/27/28 F Alvord 8959 
BURRIS William Alfred (TX)	GOLDEN R. Myrtle (IA)	blank 1/19/25 F Sunset 8245 
BURRISS blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/1/07 M blank 3647 
BURRISS Luther L. (TX)	JOHNSON Florence (TX)	James Walker 8/16/21 M Paradise 7442 
BURROW Enoch William (AL)	ADAMS Nancy Lucinda Adeline (MO)	Joel Elmore 10/26/86 M Boyd [del. 11035] 
BURROW Enoch William (AL)	ADAMS Nancy Lucinda Adeline (MO)	Floyd Levi 05/22/91 M Boyd [del. 11036] 
BURROW Lee (MS)	DAVIS Lottie (MS)	blank 3/16/24 F Boyd 8030 
BURROW Robert Lee (AL)	DAVIS Lottie (TX)	Leo Nell-twin 9/6/20 F Boyd 7294 & [delayed 15955]
BURROW Robert Lee, Sr.(AL)	DAVIS Lottie (MS)	Robert Lee, Jr. 10/17/26 M Boyd 8695 & 8695a
BURROW Sam B. (TN)	PRIGMORE Addie P. (TX)	Davis Merdith 8/11/06 M Decatur 2833 & 2833a
BURROW Thomas Burton (AL)	HANKINS Della (AL)	Loudena 03/28/90 F Boyd [del. 23479] 
BURROW Thomas Burton (AL)	HANKINS Della (AL)	Levi Paschal 02/18/99 M Boyd [del. 22256] 
BURROW Wiley Ruben (KY)	SUMMERS Mary L (TX)	Thomas Russell 11/17/79 M Chico [del. 11458] 
BURROW William Enoch (AL)	ADAMS Nancy Lucinda Adeline (MO)	Jewell Emmer 07/11/89 F Garvin [del. 13616] 
BURROWS Benjamin Tarlton (AR)	PATTERSON Lucinda (TN)	William Henry 07/17/92 M Greenwood [del. 4547] 
BURROWS George William (TX)	COCKEREL Ida Ellen (KY)	Jewell Esther 03/03/00 F Decatur [del. 28540] 
BURROWS James Hiram (TX)	ELY Letie Bell (MO)	Hugh Newton 12/05/97 M Newark [del. 10679] 
BURRY R.C.	BLANK Effie M.	blank 9/14/08 F blank 4247 
BURSE James Ramsey (TX)	ROSS Sadie Mae (TX)	blank 6/9/29 F Rhome 9368 
BURSON John Ronzie	SIDES Lizzie Josephine	Bonnie Mabel 6/17/16 F blank 6427 & 6427a
BURTIS Fred (IL)	WHITE Mary Bell (TX)	Anne Lorraine 9/13/29 F Decatur 9450 & 9450a
BURTIS Fred W.	WHITE Mary Bell	Robert F. 3/14/32 M Decatur [No Image 10390] 
BURTON Alcy	BLANK blank	blank 3/23/07 F blank 3246 
BURTON Alsie	BLANK blank	Twin 1/12/09 M blank 4433 
BURTON Alsie	BLANK blank	Twin 1/12/09 F blank 4434 
BURTON Charles Clark (TN)	JARRELL Misouri (LA)	Harley True 09/05/88 M Decatur [del. 8510] 
BURTON Charles Clark (TN)	JARRELL Missouri (LA)	Merits Lorena 09/02/86 F Decatur [del. 14363] 
BURTON Charles Clark (TN)	JARRELL Missouri (LA)	Leonard Taylor 08/14/92 M Decatur [del. 23624] 
BURTON Charles Clark (TN)	JARRELL Missouri (LA)	Nancy Katherine 07/31/97 F Decatur [del. 14209] 
BURTON Charlie A.	WHITE Viola B.	Peggy Jean 5/21/31 F Decatur [No Image 10077] 
BURTON Edgar W. (TX)	MOSER Violet (TX)	Williard H. 10/23/25 M Slidell 8449 
BURTON Forrest	(TAYLOR) (Nettye)	blank 7/30/09 M blank 4711 
BURTON H.F.	BLANK May	blank 4/4/08 F blank 3953 
BURTON H.J.	HUNT Ethel	blank 8/13/11 F blank 5321 
BURTON Harvey Carroll (TX)	ESKRIDGE Martha (MS)	Lona Bell 06/21/87 F Decatur [del. 20365] 
BURTON Harvey Carroll (TX)	ESKRIDGE Mattie (NC)	Edward Hubert 08/21/88 M Decatur [del. 8920] 
BURTON Harvey Carroll (TX)	ESKRIDGE Mattie (NC)	Jennie Kate 11/21/90 F Decatur [del. 8922] 
BURTON Harvey Carroll (TX)	ESKRIDGE Mattie (NC)	Harry Scott 07/12/99 M Decatur [del. 8921] 
BURTON Ira T. (TX)	WILSON Gertrude (TX)	James Ira 4/9/24 M Decatur 8161 & 8161a
BURTON James Monroe (TN)	HOBSON Martha Ann (IL)	Thomas Washington 03/03/84 M Decatur [del. 9338] 
BURTON L.C.	DAVENPORT blank	blank 12/24/13 M blank 5804 
BURTON May (TX)	HALL Amanda A (AR)	Charlie May 12/04/97 M Slidell [del. 10965] 
BURTON May (TX)	HALL Amanda A (AR)	Edgar Willard 09/12/01 M Slidell [del. 6969] 
BURTON Stanley	DAVIS Eula Mae	Don H. 7/18/31 M blank [No Image 10150] 
BUSBY Harlan Page (GA)	GODFREY Virginia Elizabeth (AL)	Hassie May 06/13/83 F Springtown [del. 15089] 
BUSH John A (TN)	GREEN Nellie Elizabeth (MO)	George Bowler 02/06/84 M Decatur [del. 16642] 
BUTERRES Gertrudes (Mex)	GRARNIS Ancella (Mex)	blank 7/7/29 M Bridgeport 9394 
BUTLER Albert E. (TX)	GILBERT Grace (IL)	James Melvin 6/20/24 M Rhome 8083 
BUTLER B.J.	HOPSON Mabia	Eva Jo 6/30/30 F blank [No Image 9746] 
BUTLER C.E.	MILLER Anna	Peggy Leona 12/12/33 F Decatur [No Image 10960] 
BUTLER C.E. (Ervin)	MILLER Anna M.	Billy Joe 6/11/30 M blank [No Image 9723] 
BUTLER E.A. (TX)	MCKINNEY Mable (TX)	Clide A. 10/18/24 M Decatur 8187 
BUTLER E.F.	BLANK Florence	blank 12/1/08 M blank 4367 
BUTLER Earl	BLANK Katie	blank 6/22/07 M blank 3399 
BUTLER James Earl	COMAR Katie	Evelene Reta 2/20/16 F Bridgeport 6369 
BUTLER James Earl (IL)	CONNOR Katie Theresa (TX)	Katie Leah 12/10/01 F Bridgeport [del. 6912] 
BUTLER James Eave	CONNER Katie	Virginia 5/14/18 F Bridgeport 6879 
BUTLER James Eave	CONNOR Katie	John Thomas 5/3/05 M Bridgeport 1785 
BUTLER Jess	JONES Verne	Jess, Jr. 2/23/30 M blank [No Image 9607] 
BUTLER John William (OH)	BOLENDER Lilly Isabellah (IL)	Mary Belle 07/27/96 F Bridgeport [del. 4688] 
BUTLER King (H.)(TX)	ANDERSON Nannie E.(Ellen)(TX)	blank 9/8/23 F Slidell 7888 
BUTLER L.D. (TX)	PIGFORD Julia (TX)	L.D., Jr. 3/29/19 M Decatur 7064 
BUTLER Lawrence David	PIGFORD Julia	Gwendolyn Clyde 11/2/16 F Decatur 6511 & 6511a
BUTLER Silas Rose (AR)	GENTRY Callie (AR)	Jesse Joab 05/29/83 M Decatur [del. 9197] 
BUTLER William Edward (MO)	WALKER Eliza Jane (SC)	William Earl 05/26/01 M Chico [del. 12310] 
BUTLER William I (MS)	NELTON Classia A (MS)	Solomon Jefferson 08/20/84 M Sunset [del. 18247] 
BUTTLER George Washington (IA)	LEWALLEN Nancy Ann (AR)	Willmer Willes 02/27/85 M Decatur [del. 20013] 
BUTTRILL David Britton (GA)	VEASEY Jane Elizabeth	Henry Madison 03/05/88 M Chambers Co AL [del. 23698] 
BYERS James Curtis (TX)	SMITH Willie Mary (TX)	OkJuanita 3/9/15 F Boonsville 6051 & 6051a
BYNE J.A.	BLANK Maude	blank 5/29/11 F blank 5265 
BYRD Christopher C (AR)	LAMPKIN Elizabeth Ann (TX)	Dorothy 12/21/86 F Paradise [del. 17503] 
BYRD Pleasant Wesley (AL)	RIGGS Rachel Marinda (TX)	Wesley Marion 03/01/84 M Chico [del. 11642] 
BYRD Pleasant Wesley (AL)	RIGGS Rachel Marinda (TX)	Lucinda Beatress 07/27/88 F Chico [del. 20925] 
BYRD Pleasant Wesley (AL)	RIGGS Rachel Marinda (TX)	Selma Pierson 07/23/94 Chico [del. 9912] 
BYRD Pleasant Wesley (AL)	RIGGS Rachel Marinda (TX)	Jeanette Verona 04/23/97 F Chico [del. 29040] 
BYRD R.O.	BLANK D.R.	blank 9/26/07 M blank 3566 
BYRD Samuel Z (AL)	BURKE Camie (TN)	Bun 10/27/79 M Decatur [del. 16004] 
BYRD William Zadock (TX)	TEAGUE Minnie Belle (TX)	Henry Harlie 10/29/97 M Chico [del. 29282] 
BYRES J.C.	BLANK M.W.	blank 9/7/12 F blank 5574 
BYRNE Joe James	FREGUSON Emma	Mary Ellen 11/6/29 F blank [No Image 9501] 
BYRNES John	BLANK Georgia	blank 2/2/07 M blank 3152 
BYROM E.F.	SANDERS Ruby	Kenneth Eugene 8/19/33 M Alvord [No Image 10870] 
BYROM George Albert	CADDIS Annie Vergie	Lula Rose 12/28/03 F Park Springs 545 & 0545a
BYROM George Albert (TX)	GADDIS Virgil Annie (TX)	William Pleas 11/02/00 M Park Springs [del. 14530] 
BYROM J Henry (TN)	CALDWELL Sarah (TX)	Floyd Henry 02/14/98 M Rhome [del. 31581] 
BYROM James H. (TX)	BEACHAMP Lula May (TX)	Delton Russell 5/5/22 M Rhome 7589 & 7589a
BYROM James Harris (TX)	BEAUCHAMP Lula May (TX)	Bettie Joe 9/25/24 F Rhome 8170 
BYROM James Harris (TX)	BEAUCHAMP Lula May (TX)	Lawrence Russell 9/26/26 M Rhome 8680 
BYROM James Henry (TN)	CALDWELL Sarah Martha (TX)	Ray Clarence 01/10/92 M Aurora [del. 22013] 
BYROM Jim	BLANK May	blank 1/1/06 M blank 2379 
BYROM John Henery (TN)	CALDWELL Sarah (KY)	James Harris 10/14/82 M Rhome [del. 14019] 
BYROM John Henry (TN)	CALDWELL Sara Martha (KY)	Della Bell 11/30/93 F Aurora [del. 29220] 
BYROM John Henry (TN)	CALDWELL Sarah (KY)	William Linzy 09/23/02 M Aurora [del. 11164] 
BYROM John Henry (TN)	CALDWELL Sarah Martha (KY)	John Edward 6/08/87 M Rhome [del. 14467] 
BYROM W.L.	VESS Laddie E.	Jimmie Wayne 11/16/31 M Rhome [No Image 10285] 
BYROM William Washington (TN)	BEESON Sarah Jane (KY)	Beulah Kate 11/23/82 F Decatur [del. 11037] 
BYROM Willie	VESS Edith	Willie Mae 5/9/27 F Rhome 8796 
BYROM Willie Washington (TN)	BEESON Sarrah Jane (KY)	Zelma 10/16/87 F Decatur [del. 18852] 
BYRON Joe	BLANK Lylian	blank 8/19/03 F blank 199 
BYRON Thomas V.	GILMORE A.M.	blank 3/28/18 F Rhome 6848 
BYRONE John James	FURGISON Jeniva	John James 6/19/32 M Greenwood [No Image 10473] 
BYRUM Willie L. (TX)	VESS Lydia Edith (TX)	Lawrence Edgar 3/30/29 M Rhome 9308 
CABLE Everett	PASCHALL Maude	blank 8/8/15 M Boonsville 6190 
CABOL D.E.	BLANK M.E.	blank 5/13/11 F blank 5246 
CADDELL Arthur (TX)	MADDEN Blanche (GA)	Lela Elsie 3/11/08 F Decatur 3903 
CADDELL blank	BLANK Viola	blank 12/4/05 F blank 2330 
CADDELL Dave (TX)	GREEN Annie Laura (MO)	Bland 08/11/96 M Slidell [del. 11072] 
CADDELL Dave (TX)	GREENE Annie Laura (MO)	Lee 04/16/98/N Decatur [del. 4211] 
CADDELL David Lewis (TX)	GREEN Annie Laura (MO)	Lillie 02/10/94 F Slidell [del. 12439] 
CADDELL Elias (TX)	BOWMAN Georgia Ann (KY)	D B 11/08/97 M Greenwood [del. 29251] 
CADDELL Elias (TX)	BOWMAN Georgia Ann (TX)	Roy Lee 12/11/95 M Decatur [del. 18652] 
CADDELL Elvas	BLANK George	blank 12/25/05 F blank 2376 
CADDELL Harmon (TX)	COPELAND Josephine (MO)	Hettie 05/15/82 F Greenwood [del. 9057] 
CADDELL J.M.	BLANK D.H.	blank 11/23/09 M blank 4855 
CADDELL J.N. (TX)	GRAHAM Cynthia (VA)	Buster 11/23/07 M Greenwood 3636 & 3636a
CADDELL James N (TX)	GRAHAM Cynthia Ann (VA)	Mary May 12/26/95 F Greenwood [del. 28471] 
CADDELL Louis David (TX)	GREEN Annie Laura (MO)	Annie Laura 12/20/02 F Slidell [del. 16680] 
CADDELL Luther (TX)	TERRY Nettie (TX)	Alton Dale 4/11/19 M Decatur 7069 
CADDELL M.B.	BLANK Fannie	blank 12/30/07 M blank 3753 
CADDELL Mark (TX)	BROOKS Prudence (Germany)	Lillie Bell 07/31/89 F Decatur [del. 23273] 
CADDELL Mart	BLANK Cora	Carl Richard 6/17/06 M Greenwood 2721 & 2721a
CADDELL Martin (TX)	BOON Prudence (TX)	Florance Myrtle 01/01/79 F Greenwood [del. 13132] 
CADDELL Scott	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/11 F blank 5309 
CADDELL Scott	BLANK Mae	blank 2/26/05 F blank 1633 
CADDELL Scott	BLANK Maggie	blank 11/12/06 F blank 3016 
CADLER William (TX)	WASHBURN Mary (TX)	Maggie Lee 11/20/18 F Chico 7010 
CAGE Bob	BARKER Nellie	Minnie May 7/7/28 F Bridgeport 9052 
CAGE Doc	BLANK Dora	blank 2/24/09 M blank 4512 
CAGE Ed (TN)	FORRESTER Minnie (TX)	Ruby Viola 10/13/22 F Alvord 7672 
CAGE Ed (TN)	FORRESTER Minnie V. (TX)	Emmett Lee 5/23/20 M Alvord 7251 
CAGE J.O.	BLANK E.P.	blank 5/16/04 M blank 889 
CAGE John	BLANK Ella	blank 6/28/08 M blank 4106 
CAGE John (TN)	BLANK Emma P (TN)	Zollie Elmo 07/02/01 M Alvord [del. 31567] 
CAGE John O (TN)	BLANK Emma P (TN)	Sam 07/24/83 M Tipton Co TN [del. 13885] 
CAGE John Ogley (TN)	BLANK Emmer Porter (TN)	Ed 06/19/90 M Tipton Co TN [del. 23748] 
CAGE Ray D.	SINGLETON Ruby L.	Alanda Jean 12/6/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9891] 
CAGE Reginald Barred	RAY Velma	Leon Clyde 10/13/17 M Alvord 6736 & 6736a
CAGE Roy D.	SINGLETON Ruby	Roy Earl 11/7/33 M Bridgeport [No Image 10930] 
CAGE Sam (TN)	DAKE Sarah Emmaline (OK)	Charley Wesley Harold 10/31/29 M Alvord 9495 & 9495a
CAGE Sam C. (TN)	DOKE Emma Eliza (OK)	Willard D. 5/29/21 M Alvord 7408 
CAGE Sam Clarence (TN)	DOKE Sarah Emaline (OK)	Dorothy Dell 1/19/24 F Alvord 7982 
CAGE Z.E.	WASHBURN Myrtle	blank 8/18/32 F Alvord [No Image 10534] 
CAGLE Ignitous Grant (MO)	BRADLEY Margaret Ann (TX)	Ethel Jane 12/07/96 F Alvord [del. 6111] 
CAGLE R.L.	BLANK Mary	blank 7/6/15 M blank 6142 
CAGLE Robert L. (GA)	ELSON Mary E. (TX)	blank 10/30/19 M Alvord 7154 
CAGLE Thomas William (GA)	GASS Martha Ann (TX)	Pearl Lee 12/02/92 F Audubon [del. 28647] 
CAGLE Tom	BLANK blank	Octie 11/2/04 F blank 1322 
CAGLE W.R.	SMITH Rosa M.	Ellen L. 11/12/31 F Rhome [No Image 10281] 
CALDWELL Alfred	NASH Nettie	blank 1/14/13 F blank 5634 
CALDWELL Ben	WAGLAY Emma	Dorabelle 11/11/04 F Boyd 1344 & 1344a
CALDWELL Charles	BLANK blank	blank 6/2/07 M blank 3365 
CALDWELL Edd	GRISSOM Ann	Whit 1/3/04 M Alvord 560 & 0560a
CALDWELL Fred	BLANK blank	blank 1/20/08 M blank 3792 
CALDWELL Fred M.	DUNAWAY Lydia Belle	Gertrude Elizabeth 2/6/05 M Decatur 1577 & 1577a
CALDWELL George Washington (KY)	RUSSELL Emeily Frances (KY)	Rosie Anner 02/11/91 F Boyd [del. 18174] 
CALDWELL George Washington (KY)	RUSSELL Emily Frances (TN)	Andrew Lee 07/31/88 M Boyd [del. 22096] 
CALDWELL James Cullens (AL)	BAILEY Laura Bell (TX)	Geoffrey Dallas 12/11/00 M Decatur [del. 7881] 
CALDWELL James E (TN)	GRISSOM Mary A (MS)	Exa C 05/07/95 F Alvord [del. 3776] 
CALDWELL James Edward (TN)	GRISSOM Mary Ann (MS)	Wirt Amon 08/11/99 M Alvord [del. 4893] 
CALDWELL John	KAKER Sophia	Claude Dexter 7/22/04 M Boyd 1041 & 1041a
CALDWELL Joseph Floyd	LONG Fannie	William Virgil 9/3/17 M Boyd 6696 & 6696a
CALDWELL Lindsey T. (KY)	BOWMAN Nova Bell (TX)	Warren Harding 2/13/21 M Rhome 7347 
CALDWELL Lindsey Toliver	BOWMAN Nova Bell	Fay Sue 9/5/27 F Rhome 8838 & 8838a
CALDWELL Sam	BLANK Elizabeth	(Artie Gilmer) 8/19/03 M blank 198 
CALDWELL Sam	BLANK Lizzie	blank 4/2/06 F blank 2584 
CALDWELL T.	BLANK blank	blank 12/28/03 F blank 540 
CALDWELL Thomas Jefferson (TN)	FAGG Mary Ann (TN)	Joseph Floyd 02/06/87 M Boyd [del. 11354] 
CALDWELL Whitt	WALLACE Jewell	blank (Charles) 3/23/27 M Decatur 8774 
CALEB W.F. (TX)	BLANK Mary M. (TX)	Fay 4/16/29 F Park Springs 9322 
CALHOUN Avrey	BLANK Ida	blank 11/30/04 M blank 1402 
CALHOUN Ernest E.	BLAIR Dora Bell	Hazle Ruth 2/5/18 F blank 6820 
CALHOUN John Calvin (MO)	DONALDSON Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Elbert Lee 11/03/90 M Alvord [del. 10677] 
CALHOUN Oscar	BLANK Rebeca	blank 2/8/07 blank blank 3161 
CALHOUN Urey Henry (KY)	BOYETT Ida Mabuldah (TX)	Paul 09/04/99 M Chico [del. 9372] 
CALICAN Paul A. (TX)	BARNES Ula (TX)	blank 1/24/23 M Crafton 7716 
CALL Andrew Jackson (IN)	PARISH Mary Anna (England)	Annie Laura 07/22/83 F Decatur [del. 4838] 
CALL Andrew Jackson (IN)	PARISH Mary Anna (England)	Susie 01/28/93 F Decatur [del. 26747] 
CALLAHAN John	BLANK Celia	blank 11/27/08 M blank 4361 
CALLAHAN Thomas Eli (TN)	CHERRY Alma (TX)	Emma Pearl 04/09/99 F Rhome [del. 4011] 
CALLAHAN Thomas Eli (TN)	CHERRY Alma (TX)	Ruby Cherry 08/17/00 F Rhome [del. 4010] 
CALLAWAY Thomas Henry (MO)	ALLEN Mary Ann (MO)	Mary 12/29/78 F Greenwood [del. 16810] 
CALLIHAN J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 8/23/05 M blank 2079 
CALLIHAN James (WV)	ANDERSON Rebecca Jane (IA)	Lewis S 01/07/93 M Park Springs [del. 12435] 
CALLIHAN James C.	LITTLEFIELD Oma May	Hattie Pearlee 4/4/11 F Park Springs 5213 & 5213a
CALLIHAN James J (VA)	ANDERSON Rebecca Jane (IA)	Pearl Rachel 08/29/90 F Alvord [del. 23788] 
CALLIHAN John	BLANK Collie	Samuel 5/11/18 M Alvord 6888 
CALLIHAN Lee	BLANK Measie	Lela S. 9/6/05 F blank 2122 
CALLOWAY James Richard (TX)	CLEMENS Frances Elizabeth (MO)	Etta Frances 10/02/87 F Decatur [del. 22485] 
CALVERT Lewis Claud (MO)	WALLACE Emma Hulda (MO)	Claude Akers 06/07/87 M Paradise [del. 21416] 
CALVERT Lewis L (KY)	WALLACE Emma Edna (?)	Charles Henry 05/31/96 M Decatur [del. 30191] 
CALVERT Lewis L (KY)	WALLACE Emma Huldy (TX)	Carney Theodore 04/16/83 M Decatur [del. 11862] 
CALVERT Marshall Don (MO)	CURRY Georgia Ann (AL)	Ethel Estelle 02/18/95 F Decatur [del. 25174] 
CALVIN J.M.	BLANK blank	blank 4/6/08 M blank 3956 
CALWELL blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/9/06 M blank 2480 
CALWELL R.	BLANK Jessie	blank 12/18/07 F blank 3733 
CALWELL S.J.	BLANK Ollie	blank 9/19/09 M blank 4774 
CALWELL Sam	BLANK Lizzie	blank 4/12/09 M blank 4593 
CALWELL W.C.	WALLACE Jewell	W.C., Jr. 6/20/30 M Alvord [No Image 9731] 
CALWELL W.S.	TAYLOR Gertrude	Vivian Delores 5/28/30 F blank [No Image 9703] 
CAMBELL Andrew	BLANK blank	blank 12/18/03 M blank 518 
CAMERON Benjamin Thomas (GA)	GARRETT Ann Judson (TX)	Catnilla Mildred 04/04/91 F Willow Point [del. 11937] 
CAMERON Benjamin Thomas (GA)	GARRETT Ann Judson (TX)	Joseph Henry 08/25/93 M Cottondale [del. 22286] 
CAMERON William Henry (MO)	MEDARIS Sally (MS)	William Arthur 01/22/85 M Decatur [del. 14718] 
CAMP Joseph Avery (GA)	THOMPSON Lucinda Caroline (MO)	Claude 07/11/93 M Alvord [del. 13272] 
CAMP Joseph Avery (GA)	THOMPSON Lucinda Caroline (MO)	Ector 10/12/95 M Alvord [del. 13162] 
CAMP Joseph Avery (GA)	THOMPSON Lucinda Caroline (MO)	Wilburn Walker 03/13/98 M Alvord [del. 7146] 
CAMP R.E.	ROACH Abbie	Kamp 11/27/16 M blank 6516 
CAMP Ray	BLANK blank	blank 11/29/04 M blank 1399 
CAMP W.W. (OK)	BLANK Margaret (OK)	Jerrall W. 7/24/29 M Alvord 9407 
CAMPBELL A.L.	BLANK Lucinda	blank 11/12/04 M blank 1353 
CAMPBELL blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/6/05 F blank 1579 
CAMPBELL blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/16/06 M blank 2673 
CAMPBELL Caleb	BLANK blank	blank 11/3/06 F blank 2996 
CAMPBELL David (AL)	RANKIN Frances Elizabeth (TN)	Ora Stella 02/02/83 F Chico [del. 18411] 
CAMPBELL Elmer	HUDSON Lona	blank 8/13/28 M Forth Worth 9082 
CAMPBELL Hassell (TN)	HARDEE Mary (TX)	Essie 12/11/25 F Newark 8478 
CAMPBELL Hassell H. (TX)	HANLEE May C. (TX)	Alice Marie 12/6/23 F Newark 7947 
CAMPBELL J.R.	BLANK T.L.	White 4/28/08 F blank 3991 
CAMPBELL J.W.	BLANK Sally	blank 9/28/09 M blank 4786 
CAMPBELL James Thomas	NESMITH Ella	Lloyd Welton 2/11/18 M Boyd 6825 & 6825a
CAMPBELL Joe J.	HARMS Dora	John C. 6/6/04 M Paradise 926 & 0926a
CAMPBELL Joe J.	HARMS Dora	Ada Dora 12/29/07 F Paradise 3750 & 3750a
CAMPBELL John Franklin (AL)	REED Lottia Bell (TX)	Virginia B. 1/19/23 F Decatur 7711 & 7711a
CAMPBELL John H (TX)	DAVIS Tabitha (TX)	Albert W 11/22/01 M Paradise [del. 13740] 
CAMPBELL John Huss (TX)	DAVIS Tabitha (TX)	Thomas Lee 05/28/00 M Paradise [del. 4560] 
CAMPBELL John L (TN)	LOY Maggie (AR)	Josiephene 09/04/01 F Paradise [del. 12269] 
CAMPBELL Joseph J (TN)	HARMS Dora (OH)	Thaddeus 09/22/00 M Paradise [del. 13160] 
CAMPBELL Lee	HEST Minnie	blank 1/12/18 M Newark 6792 
CAMPBELL Lee (TX)	HOLT M.C. (TX)	blank 2/2/26 M Newark 8529 
CAMPBELL M.D.	BLANK Mannie	blank 12/6/10 F blank 5142 
CAMPBELL Marcellus Hartsell (TX)	WALDROUP Minnie Bell (MO)	Ora May 8/7/09 F Cottondale 4725 
CAMPBELL Newt	BLANK blank	blank 1/6/10 F blank 4896 
CAMPBELL Newt	BLANK blank	blank 9/16/11 M blank 5359 
CAMPBELL Ples P.	WRIGHT Sallie Mandy	Charles Edward 6/15/05 M Boyd 1892 & 1892a
CAMPBELL Roy	BLANK Sallie	Roy, Jr. 2/27/04 M blank 688 
CAMPBELL Roy	MASSA Sallie	Bertha Dew 7/31/05 F blank 2015 & 2015a
CAMPBELL Sam W (TN)	SESIONS Milder Eliza (IL)	Louisa 02/09/84 F Cottondale [del. 19930] 
CAMPBELL Sam Walker (TN)	SESSIONS Eliza (TX)	Robert Willis 02/06/88 M Cottondale [del. 20837] 
CAMPBELL Socrates Aaron (AL)	HILL Cornelia Elizabeth (MS)	Walter Eugene 12/16/96 M Willow Point [del. 4073] 
CAMPBELL Socrates Andrew (AL)	HILL Cornelia (AL)	Troy Virgil 11/28/98 M Willow Point [del. 22347] 
CAMPBELL Thomas W (TX)	MURRAY Mary Alice (TX)	Willie Ora 01/18/02 F Balsora [del. 24449] 
CAMPBELL Tom	BLANK blank	blank 4/9/05 M blank 1727 
CAMPBELL W.F.	BLANK M.A.	blank 7/17/07 F blank 3431 
CAMPBELL W.T.	BLANK M.A.	blank 9/30/03 M blank 328 
CAMPBELL William (TX)	BOWEN Fae B. (TX)	Merke 12/30/18 F France 7022 
CAMPBELL William Thomas (KY)	MOORE Elizabeth (KY)	Josie 11/28/92 F Slidell [del. 14298] 
CAMPBELL William Thomas (TX)	MURRAY Mary Alice (TX)	Iris Maude 07/25/00 F Balsora [del. 24741] 
CAMPBELL William Thomas (TX)	WILLIAMS Julia Frances (GA)	Richard Thomas 09/18/85 M Decatur [del. 18018] 
CAMPBELL William Thomas (TX)	WILLIAMS Julia Frances (GA)	Nannie Estelle 08/30/88 F Bledsoe, TX 19 & [del. 22597] 
CAMPO Juan	BLANK Julia	John 7/11/05 M blank 1951 
CAMPO Luez	VALLYO Virgine	Eustacio 3/29/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9638] 
CAMPO M. (TX)	CARRIER Rosa (TX)	Anita 7/14/29 F Bridgeport 9399 
CAMPSEY Joseph Henry (TX)	BOYD Leola Mae (AL)	Willie Lee 03/21/02 M Wise Co [del. 33553] 
CANADA B.	BLANK blank	blank 11/30/07 M blank 3696 
CANADY blank	BLANK Annie	blank 2/26/05 F blank 1632 
CANNON C.A.	BLANK I.B.	blank 11/12/10 M blank 5130 
CANNON James	BLANK Lizzie	blank 2/17/06 M blank 2499 
CANNON Leon William	PEITZCH Elberta	William Seaph 3/16/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9628] 
CANNON Rex	BLANK blank	blank 11/15/13 M blank 5792 
CANNON T.I.	COTHAM Ida Mae	William Carl 12/13/10 M Boonsville 5146 
CANNON T.L.	BLANK C.G.	M.L. 5/1/06 F blank 2646 
CANNON Truston Lee	CAUTHAM Ida	Sherman Lafayette-triplet 4/15/12 M Boonsville 5497 & 5497a
CANNON Truston Lee	CAUTHAM Ida	Herman Lee-triplet 4/15/12 M Boonsville 5498 & 5498a
CANNON Truston Lee	CAUTHAM Ida	Thurman Houston-triplet 4/15/12 M Boonsville 5499 & 5499a
CANNON Walter Warfield (KY)	WADLINGTON Chrystain Carolyne (KY)	Bethel Wadlington 09/19/85 M Bridgeport [del. 13941] 
CANNON William O (GA)	HERRIN Mary (GA)	Robert Lee 02/11/86 M Decatur [del. 10796] 
CANOVA D.C.	REEVES Alleen	Wymond Martin 2/9/33 M Bridgeport [No Image 10680] 
CANSLER Joseph P (TX)	HINES Mary (AL)	Lottie E 03/04/97 F Paradise [del. 23995] 
CANSLER Joseph P (TX)	HINES Mary L (AL)	Annie Mae 12/17/91 F Greenwood [del. 25254] 
CANSLER Thomas William (TX)	REED Sarah Ethel (TX)	Thomas Verdell 8/22/23 M Paradise 7882 & 7882a
CANTRELL C.	DYER Viola	Bettie Joe 12/15/33 F Sunset [No Image 10962] 
CANTRELL Charles	BLANK Ada	blank 2/23/05 M blank 1619 
CANTRELL Lonnie O. (TX)	ARNETT Ellie (OK)	Lonnie Olin 1/1/24 M Montague Co. 8186 & 8186a
CANTRELL M.	MILLER Sarah	Wenda Lois 6/3/32 F Sunset [No Image 10453] 
CANTRELL Maine (TX)	MILLER Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Warren Elbridge 7/8/26 M Sunset 8613 & 8613a
CANTRELL William C. (AR)	MASSEY Ethel Lou (TX)	Hazel 10/25/24 F Forrestburg 8196 
CANTWELL E.H.	SIMPSON Clara E.	blank 12/27/17 F Chico 6779 
CAPPS J.C.	MAY Fay Julia	J.C. 11/19/30 M Alvord [No Image 9874] 
CAPPS James Ambrose	REEVES Beulah Rachel	Tressie Alberta 2/21/08 F Alvord 3855 & 3855a
CAPPS Jim	FOX Una	Lena 5/19/33 F Alvord [No Image 10771] 
CAPPS John R (MO)	THOMPSON Mary (MO)	William Henry 11/29/91 M Alvord [del. 21667] 
CAPPS John Robert (MO)	THOMPSON Mary Lodema (MO)	Lillie Birdie 01/26/94 F Alvord [del. 15873] 
CAPPS John Rutledge (MO)	WEBSTER Janie (AR)	Thomas Jefferson 04/16/88 M Alvord [del. 22345] 
CAPPS L.L.	ROBERTS Myrtle	blank 9/26/14 M blank 5964 
CAPPS T.P.	BLANK Myrtle	blank 7/2/07 M blank 3409 
CARANADO Meguel	GARZA Jonita	blank 10/2/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10240] 
CARAWAY Bud	BLANK Nan	blank 10/29/06 F blank 2985 
CARAWAY Bud (TX)	SHERMAN Katie B. (TX)	James 1/9/26 M Wise Co. 8505 
CARAWAY Floyd Clay (TX)	GIBBS Helen (TX)	Emmitt Lee 06/24/98 M Decatur [del. 29604] 
CARAWAY Henry Wesley (FL)	CARTER Eliza Jane (VA)	Lizzetta Virginia 01/28/80 F Decatur [del. 15743] 
CARAWAY John	ALLISON Martha M.	Ola B. 2/6/06 F Decatur 2472 & 2472a
CARAWAY John	BLANK Mattie	blank 12/24/09 M blank 4885 
CARAWAY John	CHAMBERS Frances	Millie May 10/28/03 F Boyd 400 & 0400a
CARAWAY John (TX)	CHAMBERS Frances (TX)	Mary Frances 5/8/19 F Decatur 7082 
CARAWAY John Raymond (TX)	ALLISON Martha Melessie (MO)	Merena Bell 08/02/96 F Decatur [del. 29524] 
CARAWAY Monroe	SMITH Callie	Kenith Leo 4/24/33 M Decatur [No Image 10744] 
CARAWAY Robert Franklin	JOHNSON Lottie	R.F. 4/10/04 M Paradise 803 & 0803a & 0803b
CARAWAY Simeon (FL)	CARTER Margaret E (WV)	Simeon Franklin 07/23/78 M Decatur [del. 14331] 
CARAWAY Simon (FL)	CARTER Margaret Elizabeth (VA)	Bishop Marvin 04/05/88 M Decatur [del. 22872] 
CARAWAY Thad D.	YOUNG Pauline	blank 7/17/32 F Decatur [No Image 10498] 
CARAWAY W.E.	WARREN Kate	William Earl 4/15/30 M blank [No Image 9658] 
CARAWAY Weley	BARNETT Melba	Ola Fay 12/28/33 F Chico [No Image 10975] 
CARAWAY Wiley	BINGHAM Ola	Helen Marie 11/2/27 F Decatur 8864 & 8864a
CARAWAY Wiley	BINGHAM Ola	Ruby Viola 2/17/30 F Decatur [No Image 9598] 
CARAWAY Wiley (TX)	BIGHAM Ola (TX)	Mary Jane 3/5/26 F Decatur 8555 
CARAWAY Wiley (TX)	BIGHAM Ola Adline (TX)	Robert Wiley 3/5/22 M Decatur 7556 & 7556a
CARAWAY Wiley (TX)	BINGHAM Ola (TX)	blank 8/29/23 M Decatur 7884 
CARAWAY Will	BLANK Lucy	blank 2/9/07 M blank 3163 
CARAWAY William Robert	MCDANIEL Lucy Frances	Doris 4/9/05 F Bridgeport 1728 & 1728a
CARDENAS Guadalupe	GOMEZ Bonfacia	Guadalupe 4/29/28 F Bridgeport 9006 & 9006a
CARDWELL Nathen Alexander (TN)	McELWEE Mary Ann (TN)	Mary Sullins 06/27/77 F Decatur [del. 14615] 
CAREY James Acey (AR)	STOUT Virginia Caroline (MO)	Edna Lurena 07/04/82 F Decatur [del. 4968] 
CARGILL Napoleon C (LA)	STEWART Sarah Catherine (PA)	Pearl 11/15/79 F Decatur [del. 17613] 
CARGILL Napoleon Clifford (LA)	STEWART Sarah Katherine (PA)	Napoleon Clifford 06/15/82 M Decatur [del. 9907] 
CARGILL Walter Scott (TX)	UPHAM Abbie Julia (WI)	Thelma Scott 12/29/96 F Decatur [del. 26761] 
CARGILL Walter Scott (TX)	UPHAM Abbie Julia (WI)	Upham Leonard 01/25/02 M Decatur [del. 4801] 
CARL Sam	BLANK blank	blank 2/11/10 F blank 4933 
CARL Sam	BLANK Mary	blank 3/6/07 M blank 3206 
CARL William E (MO)	THOMASON Lanora W (AR)	James Adolphus 04/22/80 M Benton Co AR [del. 16121] 
CARLEY J.H. (TX)	LANHAM Alma (TX)	blank 8/27/24 M Park Springs 8155 
CARLILE William F. (TX)	MASHBURN Mary (TX)	Fay-twin 4/16/29 F Sunset 9323 
CARLILE William F. (TX)	MASHBURN Mary (TX)	Ray-twin 4/16/29 M Sunset 9324 
CARLISLE E.F.	STOUT Bessie	Rena Lois 2/6/33 F Chico [No Image 10678] 
CARLISLE E.F.	STOUT Bessie	blank 2/21/33 F Chico [No Image 10690] 
CARLISLE Edwin Forrest	STOUT Bessie Lee	Edwin Lee 7/13/28 M Chico 9054 & 9054a
CARLISLE Forst Edwin (TX)	JOHNS Luella (TX)	Willie Forst 08/29/95 M Chico [del. 14333] 
CARLISLE J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 5/23/08 F blank 4045 
CARLISLE Louis	LEWIS blank	blank 10/15/11 M blank 5382 
CARLOS A B (MO)	MERSHON Naomi (TX)	Lloyd Glendon 10/20/96 M Alvord [del. 9371] 
CARLOS Alanson Bradley (MO)	MERSHON Naomi (TX)	Alma Lillian 09/29/98 F Alvord [del. 9547] 
CARLOS Alanson Bradley (MO)	MERSHON Naomi (TX)	Vala Joe 05/06/01 F Alvord [del. 9546] 
CARLOS William A.	BLANK Zana B.	Fannie 7/21/03 F blank 132 
CARLOSS Thomas Cooke (MO)	CHATHAM Eta Elsa (MO)	Lelah Laveta 08/17/00 F Alvord [del. 26729] 
CARLTON John Onie	WRIGHT Ruth	Tom 9/12/27 M Boonsville 8842 & 8842a
CARLTON John W.	BLANK blank	blank 4/30/11 M blank 5238 
CARLTON John Wood (Born 1850 TX)	LEE Elizabeth Julia (Born 1854 GA)	Dugan Wood 02/01/90 M Agnes [del. 19556] 
CARLTON John Wood (TX)	LEE Elizabeth Julia (GA)	John Onie 04/24/95 M Agnes [del. 23097] 
CARLTON Lazarus Wright (TX)	ROPER Emma Clementine (GA)	William Annis 04/21/93 M Garvin [del. 11449] 
CARLTON William Hastings (TX)	BASS Eliza Martha (MO)	Margaret Niece 11/05/92 F Garvin [del. 28258] 
CARLYSLE J.R.	BLANK Myrtle	blank 6/1/05 M blank 1857 
CARMERS L.C.	DUGGAN Vera	blank 3/10/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9999] 
CARNANZAS A. (Mex)	BLANK M. (Mex)	blank 7/26/08 M blank 4150 
CAROILO Ed	BLANK Donie	blank 12/2/07 F blank 3709 
CARPENTER blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/2/07 M blank 3707 
CARPENTER D.H.	TAYLOR Lola	blank 6/4/14 F blank 5907 
CARPENTER David Alcorn (KY)	FORD Mary Dorcas (TX)	Mary Velma 03/18/00 F Rhome [del. 32057] 
CARPENTER Edmon Powell (KY)	WEST Eda Mercer (MO)	Jess H 01/20/99 M Rhome [del. 25122] 
CARPENTER Edmon Powell (KY)	WEST Eda Mercer (MO)	Mary Elizabeth 08/11/94 F Rhome [del. 23761] 
CARPENTER H.	BLANK Mattie	blank 3/25/06 M blank 2569 
CARPENTER I.H. (TX)	GREEN Della (TX)	blank 9/23/26 F Forth Worth 8675 
CARPENTER James	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/05 F blank 1791 
CARPENTER James Edward (NC)	MORELAND Mary Ann (AR)	Luther Franklin 08/27/86 M Decatur [del. 10007] 
CARPENTER Jess C (TX)	FIELDS Kattie Belle (AR)	Tom W 08/14/98 M Decatur [del. 25208] 
CARPENTER Jess C (TX)	FIELDS Kattie Belle (AR)	La Rue 09/23/99 F Decatur [del. 25207] 
CARPENTER Jess C.	CROWDER Addie M.	Charles Jess 8/4/33 M Rhome [No Image 10848] 
CARPENTER Jess C.	CROWDER Addie M.	Ed Melton 10/22/33 M Rhome [No Image 10915] 
CARPENTER Jess H. (TX)	GREEN Della M. (TX)	Virgil Morton 10/30/24 M Bridgeport 8203 & 8203a
CARPENTER Jess Henry	FRANKLIN Harriett Alice	Sam Houston 3/28/04 M Chico 763 & 0763a
CARPENTER Jesse H. (TX)	GREEN Della (TX)	Velma 5/27/15 F Bridgeport 6107 & 6107a
CARPENTER Jesse Houston (GA)	FRANKLIN Alice (TX)	Annie Harriett Elizabeth 10/06/95 F Chico [del. 29596] 
CARPENTER Jessie	BLANK Kate	blank 6/2/05 M blank 1860 
CARPENTER Jessie Houston (GA)	FRANKLIN Alice (TX)	Alice Roosevelt 09/14/01 F Chico [del. 21073] 
CARPENTER Jessie W.	BRADFORD Velma Fay	Jesse Napolion, Jr. 4/18/31 M Decatur [No Image 10046] 
CARPENTER Jim	MARTIN Agnes	blank 5/9/33 M blank [No Image 10763] 
CARPENTER John	BLANK blank	blank 1/10/15 F blank 6013 
CARPENTER John Alexander	MANDY Violet A.	Marvin Paul 10/18/16 M Boyd 6494 & 6494a
CARPENTER Laucratus Galveston (GA)	KIDWELL Betty Elizabeth (TX)	Laura Ethel 03/03/95 F Bridgeport [del. 28180] 
CARPENTER Laucratus Galveston (GA)	KIDWELL Betty Elizabeth (TX)	Maggie Murl 03/03/95 F Bridgeport [del. 28179] 
CARPENTER Leslie (TX)	ELY Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Pearl 08/18/97 F Alvord [del. 17961] 
CARPENTER Lewis (IN)	BAKER Fannie Allison (TX)	Lewis Eugene 05/02/78 M Decatur [del. 11452] 
CARPENTER Lewis (IN)	BAKER Fannie Allison (TX)	Allie May 10/18/80 F Decatur [del. 11453] 
CARPENTER Lewis (IN)	BAKER Fannie Allison (TX)	Nellie 12/26/81 F Decatur [del. 11454] 
CARPENTER Morton	LONG Louise	Willeta Van 8/30/15 F Bridgeport 6189 & 6189a & 6189b
CARPENTER Morton	LONG Louise	blank 12/17/16 F blank 6527 
CARPENTER Sam H.	FRANKLIN Harriett A.	Jim 8/28/07 M Bridgeport 3510 & 3510a
CARPENTER W H (GA)	JOHNSON Florida Ann (GA)	Jesse 10/08/86 M Decatur [del. 21944] 
CARPENTER W H (GA)	JOHNSON Florida Ann (GA)	Willie 09/22/88 M Decatur [del. 21945] 
CARPENTER W.A. (IL)	MURRY Myrtle M. (WI)	blank 10/19/24 F Decatur 8191 
CARPENTER William David (TX)	HENDERSON Frankie Jewel (TX)	Clay Owen 9/14/23 M Rhome 7893 
CARPENTER William Henry (GA)	JOHNSON Florida Ann (GA)	Arthur 02/04/91 M Chico [del. 16330] 
CARR Claude (TX)	ALLEN Maggie (TX)	Jess 4/7/23 M Bridgeport 7760 
CARR Dave	BLANK blank	blank 12/3/08 F blank 4373 
CARR G.G. (TN)	SPAIN Annie (TX)	J.H. 7/25/20 M Decatur 7275 
CARR Gilbert	SPAIN Annie	Annie Eloyse 4/9/30 F Decatur [No Image 9648] 
CARR James Heard (TN)	CAMPBELL Elizabeth (TN)	William Paris 02/15/89 M Putman Co TN [del. 15874] 
CARR Parris (TX)	VANDIVER Ethel (TX)	blank 6/17/21 M Decatur 7413 
CARR T.J. (TN)	MCBROOM Lena (TN)	Mary E. 10/31/24 F Boyd 8205 
CARR Thomas Jefferson (TN)	MCBROOM Leana (TN)	Ella Mae 6/15/23 F Alvord 7823 & 7823a
CARR W.P. (TN)	VANOVER Ethel (Carolina)	blank 5/30/23 M Decatur 7812 
CARR William Parris (TN)	VANOVER Ethel (NC)	Vada Christell 7/11/18 F Decatur 6932 & 6932a
CARREN D.T.	BLANK S.L.	blank 6/20/04 F blank 960 
CARRIER Eugene	AVEDA Benie	blank 1/10/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9552] 
CARRIER Eugene	BENEZ Benzie	Silvia 5/18/23 F Bridgeport 7804 
CARRIER Eugene (TX)	BLANK Lizzie (TX)	May 7/18/23 M Bridgeport 7854 
CARRIER Eugenio P.	VUENSESLADA Avila	Mary 1/10/30 F blank [No Image 9553] 
CARRIER Eugenio Parez (Mex)	VUENSESLADA Arila (Mex)	Rosa 9/4/09 F Bridgeport 4759 
CARRIER Eugenio Perez	VUENSESLADA Avila	Dianisia Eleanor 6/6/11 F Bridgeport 5272 
CARRIER Eugenio Perez	VUENSESLADA Avila	Philiberto Robert 11/3/15 M Bridgeport 6294 
CARRIER Eugenio Perez	VUENSESLADA Avila	Angel Michael Rosendeio 3/1/18 M Bridgeport 6838 
CARRIER Eugenio Perez (Mex)	AVILA Vuenseslada (Mex)	Eugenio, Jr. 2/15/20 M Bridgeport 7213 
CARRIER Eugenio Perez (Mex)	VUENSESLADA Avila (Mex)	Erlinda 9/27/25 F Bridgeport 8430 
CARRIER Euginio Perez (Mex)	VUENSESLADA Avila (Mex)	Guadalupe Ruth 5/18/23 F Bridgeport 7803 
CARRIGER James Henry (KS)	BAILEY Eliza Jane (AR)	Charlie Franklin 08/06/92 M Decatur [del. 7226] 
CARROLL Reed	BLANK Mary B.	blank 1/13/10 M blank 4905 
CARROLL William Madison (MO)	ALEXANDER Melissa Jane (TN)	Otis Iva 03/10/85 F Decatur [del. 16542] 
CARROLL William Madison (MO)	ALEXANDER Melissa Jane (TN)	Ollie Maye 11/27/86 F Decatur [del. 16526] 
CARRUTHERS William	BLANK blank	blank 9/5/05 M blank 2121 
CARSON blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/5/09 F blank 4866 
CARSON Cecil W.	WALKER Beatrice	blank 12/8/31 M Boonsville [No Image 10300] 
CARSON Cecil Wesley	WALKER Beatrice	Billie Jean 10/31/26 F Boonsville 8704 & 8704a
CARSON E.W.	JONES Othella	Charles Lewis 9/8/30 M blank [No Image 9811] 
CARSON J.W., Rev.	ROBERTS Ella	Joseph Benson 8/7/03 M Boonsville 167 & 0167a & 0167b
CARSON John Wesley (GA)	ROBERTS Ella (TN)	Elzy William 12/29/98 M Poolville [del. 29526] 
CARSON John Wesley (IL)	MOORE Mary Jane (TN)	Drury Thomas 06/27/81 M Dyer Co TN [del. 12003] 
CARSON Joseph Perry (MS)	LAMBERT Illa Mae (TX)	Anita Ruth 11/8/28 F Wichita Falls 9170 
CARSON Thomas P (MS)	PERRY Mary Gale (MS)	Joe Perry 09/27/95 M Decatur [del. 22833] 
CARSON William	JADKINS Ollie	Margalie 7/7/33 F Decatur [No Image 10816] 
CARTER A.R.	BLANK M.C.	blank 10/9/06 M blank 2955 
CARTER A.R.	BLANK M.C.	blank 5/26/08 F blank 4051 
CARTER A.R.	BLANK M.C.	blank 5/2/11 F blank 5239 
CARTER Alvin J. (TX)	MAXLEY Grace B. (TX)	Billie Jack 8/12/29 M Bridgeport 9418 
CARTER Benjamin Franklin (KY)	DAVIS Martha P (KY)	James McConley 10/06/91 M Greenwood [del. 25158] 
CARTER blank	NEWSOM Mattie	blank 9/13/14 M blank 5961 
CARTER Daniel Robert (TX)	KNOWLES Carrie Hershel (IN)	Mary Bell 09/13/93 F Ardmore OK [del. 21500] 
CARTER Dave (TN)	KING Fannie (TN)	Isaac Allen 08/24/94 M Sunset [del. 23129] 
CARTER David Allison (AR)	KING Fanny Elizabeth (TN)	Bonnie Jenetta 07/30/98 F Alvord [del. 21417] 
CARTER David F (TN)	KELLEY Mallie (TN)	Bedford Forrest 07/23/88 M McMary Co TN [del. 25175] 
CARTER Hiriam	BLANK Marie	blank 2/28/08 M blank 3874 
CARTER James	BLANK blank	blank 4/4/06 F blank 2587 
CARTER James Samuel (KY)	FULLINGIM Rebekah Jane (MS)	Taliatha Cumie 07/26/86 F Decatur [del. 13461] 
CARTER James Zellie (AL)	SHANKLE Maude Esther (TX)	James Weldon 5/3/09 M Paradise 4617 & 4617a
CARTER John t.	BLANK Mabel	John T., Jr. 7/16/03 M blank 122 
CARTER John T.	BLANK Mabel	blank 3/17/09 F blank 4561 
CARTER John T.	BLANK Mabell	William P. 11/2/04 M blank 1319 
CARTER Joseph Allen (LA)	LYONS Jennie (KY)	Jess Hoyt 06/29/99 M Alvord [del. 30901] 
CARTER Joseph Eccieston (TN)	CARTER Lucy Catherine (MO)	Flora Bell 04/08/96 F Pella [del. 18538] 
CARTER Joseph Eccleston (TN)	CAPPS Lucy Catherine (MO)	Sarah Jane Sally 03/12/94 F Alvord [del. 15978] 
CARTER Joseph Eccleston (TN)	CAPPS Lucy Catherine (MO)	Lula Mae 11/02/00 F Alvord [del. 16054] 
CARTER Joseph Franklin (TX)	GUINN Lottie (TX)	Bessie Francis 06/28/92 F Cottondale [del. 25341] 
CARTER Robert	BLANK Nora	blank 1/4/16 F blank 6336 
CARTER Robert D. (TX)	ARNOLD Lydia Jane (TX)	John Preston 4/16/22 M Rhome 7576 
CARTER Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 6/4/04 M blank 921 
CARTER Thomas Newton (TN)	WHITLOCK Susie (TN)	Walter Lee 03/12/84 M Alvord [del. 19325] 
CARTER W.G.	BLANK Myrtle	blank 3/18/07 M blank 3232 
CARTER Wilburn Tolar (AL)	LISCOMB Effie J (IL)	John Ralph 06/17/89 M Decatur [del. 23025] 
CARTER Will	BLANK blank	blank 6/9/08 M blank 4078 
CARTER William (TN)	DUKE Mary C (TN)	Mattie 04/07/84 F Pella [del. 5362] 
CARTER William Eugene (TX)	JOHNSTON Collie Cordelia (MS)	Dorothy Arline 12/17/12 F Bridgeport 5612 & 5612a
CARTER William Harvey (TN)	TATE Sarah Ann (TX)	Maggie 12/05/93 F Greenwood [del. 23540] 
CARTIE H.E.	COOK Verdia	blank 11/10/11 M blank 5400 
CARTWRIGHT Charles (MS)	GENTRY Susan B (MS)	Ollie May 11/05/85 F Decatur [del. 28769] 
CARTWRIGHT Charley A (TN)	GENTRY Susan B (MS)	Fannie Jane 11/30/92 F Decatur [del. 24419] 
CARTWRIGHT James Calvin (TX)	WOODS Nancy Lavenia (MO)	Thomas Allen 09/04/78 M Crafton [del. 4569] 
CARTWRIGHT James Calvin (TX)	WOODS Nancy Louvena (MO)	Alice Nova 11/04/80 F Chico [del. 17268] 
CARTWRIGHT John Wesley (GA)	STEPHENS Allie (TX)	Trua 12/10/86 F Decatur [del. 17854] 
CARTWRIGHT John Wesley (GA)	STEPHENS Allie (TX)	Jonnie Stephens 12/23/86 F Decatur [del. 25467] 
CARTWRIGHT Oma (TX)	TRIPLETT Hattie (TX)	Oma Bruce 2/7/23 M Decatur 7722 
CARTWRIGHT Omer	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/09 M blank 4519 
CARTY D.R.	BLANK blank	blank 8/7/08 M blank 4173 
CARUTHERS J T (LA)	CALWELL Minerva Melvina (TX)	Johnathan David 11/02/87 M Bridgeport [del. 10302] 
CARUTHERS J.L.	BLANK J.M.	W.C. 10/31/06 M blank 2987 
CARUTHERS John Swancy (TX)	SWINNEY Lucinda Catherine (AL)	Albertie Gertrude 01/04/85 F Paradise [del. 19555] 
CARUTHERS John Swancy (TX)	SWINNEY Lucinda Catherine (AL)	Albertie Gertrude 01/04/85 F Paradise [del. 19555] 
CARUTHERS John T (LA)	CALWELL Minerva Melvina (TX)	Wylie Remie 10/13/84 M Bridgeport [del. 10232] 
CARUTHERS Lee	DUNN Julia	blank 1/25/12 F blank 5446 
CARUTHERS Lee	DUNN Julia	blank 12/8/15 M blank 6316 
CARUTHERS Stanley	JETER Viola	Lellam Allen 9/16/30 M blank [No Image 9819] 
CARUTHERS Stanley (TX)	JETER Viola (TX)	Betty Jo Ozell 9/17/26 F Paradise 8672 & 8672a
CARUTHERS Stephen Nicholas (TN)	McAFFEE Effie (TX)	Stephen Claud 10/27/85 M Paradise [del. 12387] 
CARUTHERS Stephens Nicholas (TN)	McAFFEE Effie Jane (OH)	Effie Veda 11/15/88 F Paradise [del. 22443] 
CARUTHERS Stephens Nicholas (TN)	McAFFEE Effie Jane (OH)	Beulah Beatrice 10/15/91 F Paradise [del. 22442] 
CARUTHERS William Samuel (TN)	HAYNES Emma Alice (MO)	Stanley 08/09/99 M Paradise [del. 14716] 
CARVER Benjamin F (TN)	WITT Violet (TN)	Quinn 08/25/93 M Cottondale [del. 4767] 
CARVER Benjamin F (TN)	WITT Violet (TN)	Jacob Henry 07/17/94 M Boyd 39 & [del. 2652] 
CARVER Benjamin Franklin (TN)	WITT Violet (TX)	Mary Jeanette 12/10/97 F Cottondale [del. 29404] 
CARVER Fred	CHOAT Stella Mae	Stella Maurice 4/17/32 F blank [No Image 10413] 
CARVER Fred A.	CHOOK Stella	blank 7/17/33 F blank [No Image 10828] 
CARVER W.C.	BLANK M.P.	Antia 12/27/03 blank blank 539 & [delayed 4094]
CARVER W.C.	BLANK Marella	blank 8/16/06 M blank 2844 
CARVER W.C.	BLANK Mozell	blank 7/24/09 M blank 4696 
CARWAY Frank	BLANK blank	blank 10/11/09 M blank 4808 
CARWAY Wiley	BINGHAM Ola	blank 5/5/31 M Decatur [No Image 10061] 
CARY W.D.	BLANK Alice	blank 8/23/04 M blank 1131 
CARY William Milton (MO)	WITTEN Margaret Frances (MO)	Mary Emaline 11/25/85 F Sunset [del. 14528] 
CARY William Milton (MO)	WITTEN Margaret Frances (MO)	Margaret Ann 12/31/90 F Sunset [del. 14527] 
CARY William Milton (MO)	WITTEN Margaret Frances (MO)	Nannie May 08/18/93 F Sunset [del. 14526] 
CARY William Milton (MO)	WITTEN Margaret Frances (MO)	Susie Green 02/19/96 F Sunset [del. 14525] 
CASE Levi (Canada)	SPENCER Margaret Etta (TX)	Deward Herchel 12/06/01 M Decatur [del. 7603] 
CASE R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 10/1/06 M blank 2940 
CASE Sam	BLANK Mary	blank 3/13/06 M blank 2551 
CASEBOLT William (TX)	PATTON Nannie (TX)	Amos Leon 10/10/85 M Decatur [del. 11639] 
CASELEAS G. (Mex)	GUADALUPE Laura (Mex)	blank 8/28/28 F Bridgeport 9100 
CASELLAS G.	DE LUNA Guadalupe	Jesus 10/15/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10596] 
CASEY Abner Tipton (AR)	NETHERTON Hennaretta (AR)	Samuel Houston 12/20/80 M Decatur [del. 18950] 
CASEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/25/04 M blank 1460 
CASEY John C (TN)	BATY Ara B (TX)	John Wendell 06/21/94 M Decatur [del. 28052] 
CASEY John Calvin	BALEY Ora	Guinn William 1/1/10 M blank 4893 & 4893a
CASEY John Calvin (TN)	BATY Ara Bell (TX)	Carl Baty 09/02/02 M Decatur [del. 30984] 
CASEY John Calvin (TN)	BATY Ara Belle (TX)	Joseph Witt 03/06/92 M Willow Point [del. 15576] 
CASEY John Calvin (TN)	BATY Ira Belle (TX)	William Grady 07/03/90 M Cottondale [del. 8507] 
CASEY M.	BLANK Lula	blank 11/17/04 M blank 1370 
CASEY Marshall Lafayette (AR)	NAIL Dora Ann (TX)	Emma Bell 11/30/79 F Audubon [del. 3389] 
CASEY Marshall Lafayette (AR)	NAIL Dora Ann (TX)	Dora Edna 07/30/85 F Audubon [del. 3388] 
CASEY Mose (AR)	LEE Maud (TX)	Bertie Mae 7/28/06 F Greenwood 2795 & 2795a
CASEY Mose Johnson (AR)	MEEKS Maud Lee (TX)	Arville Ward 11/19/07 M Decatur 3676 & 3676a
CASEY Ray	GOLDEN Lurline	blank 6/14/28 M Decatur 9036 
CASEY Ray (TX)	GOLDEN Emeline (TX)	blank 5/11/29 F Decatur 9344 
CASEY Sam	BLANK Rosey	blank 10/5/03 M blank 337 
CASEY Samuel Houston (TX)	ROBERTS Rosa Bell (TX)	Herrold Thomas 02/27/02 M Decatur [del. 8545] 
CASEY Thomas (VA)	BIVENS Rebecca (TX)	Pansy Geneva 10/3/07 M Cottondale 3586 & 3586a
CASEY Wade Hampton (AR)	RENNELS Mahala (IL)	Francis Marion 08/16/85 M Greenwood [del. 3452] 
CASEY Wade Hampton (AR)	RENNELS Mahala (IL)	Bertha 02/07/87 F Greenwood [del. 14823] 
CASEY Wade Thompson (AR)	RENNELS Mahala (IL)	Earl 03/07/89 M Decatur [del. 24801] 
CASEY Wendell (TX)	FREEMAN Rena Mauden (TX)	Wendell, Jr. 7/10/23 M Alvord 7848 
CASEY William Hampton (AR)	HARRIS Fannie Lorance (TX)	Dorothy Ellen 05/10/93 F Decatur [del. 14856] 
CASEY William Hampton (AR)	HARRIS Fannie Lorance (TX)	James Dean 10/24/00 M Decatur [del. 6228] 
CASH Emmett	LEFORS Valena (Volina)	(Agnes Leevell) 8/7/11 F (Boyd) 5317 
CASH Emmit A. (TX)	LEFORS Volina (TX)	(Elvada) 3/27/19 M Boyd 7063 
CASH Felix	SMITH Mattie L. 	Leonard 11/29/29 M blank [No Image 9520] 
CASH J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 4/21/05 M blank 1763 
CASH J.W. (Walter)	LE FORSE (LEFORS) Lou Ana (Louana)	(Barbara Olena) 12/24/16 F blank 6529 
CASH J.W. (Walter)	LE FORSE (LEFORS) Lou Ana (Louana)	blank 12/24/16 M blank 6530 
CASH John W (AL)	BUTLER Julia (AL)	Emmett A 07/21/86 M Lamar Co AL [del. 24878] 
CASH John Wesley (AL)	BUTLER Julia Ann (AL)	Mittie Pearl 10/15/94 F Boyd [del. 12972] 
CASH John Wesley (AL)	BUTLER Julie (AL)	John Walter 03/01/89 M Lamar Co AL [del. 20755] 
CASH John Wess (AL)	BUTLER Julia A (AL)	Joseph Redford 08/12/96 M Boyd [del. 20753] 
CASH William (AL)	WHEELER Lucy (AL)	Icy Bell 10/09/90 F Lamar Co AL [del. 24112] 
CASILEOS Charley	JOSEFA Grenasa	blank 10/27/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10273] 
CASILLAS George	BORA Sofia	Manuel 4/18/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9663] 
CASILLAS Gregario (Mex)	DE LUNA Guadalupe (Mex)	Maria 5/25/26 F Bridgeport 8592 
CASILLAS Gregorio	DE LUNA G.	Manuel 4/18/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9664] 
CASILLAS Gregorio (Mex)	DE LUNA Guadalupe (Mex)	Margarita 1/29/19 F Bridgeport 7044 
CASILLAS Gregorio (Mex)	DE LUNA Guadalupe (Mex)	Simon 2/14/24 M Bridgeport 8004 
CASILLAS Manuel (Mex)	SALIS Margarita (TX)	Manuel, Jr. 3/31/22 M Bridgeport 7568 
CASILLAS Manuel, Sr. (Mex)	SILLS Margarita (TX)	Felipe 2/5/24 M blank 7995 
CASLEMAN Earl	BLANK Hattie	blank 9/23/07 M blank 3562 
CASNER Ben	WITT Violet	Jacob Henry 7/17/94 M Boyd 38 
CASON Haskell B. (TX)	GOSSETT Josephine (TX)	blank 9/22/19 M Alvord 7136 
CASON J.M.	BLANK M.	blank 9/29/04 F blank 1236 
CASON Joseph M (TN)	WILBORN Martha Catherine (TX)	Ersie 02/03/98 F Greenwood [del. 15910] 
CASON Joseph Mason (TN)	WILBORN Martha Catherine (TX)	John Favor 01/20/02 M Alvord [del. 9152] 
CASSITY Glenn	WATTS Leora	blank 6/2/33 F Decatur [No Image 10787] 
CASSITY H.M.	STEWLER Vern	Jackie Howard 1/1/30 M blank [No Image 9542] 
CASSITY Lynn	WATTS Leola	Wanda Faye 7/6/30 F blank [No Image 9750] 
CASTAIMA R.	BLANK blank	blank 2/6/09 M blank 4481 
CASTANIO Rupert	BLANK Adela	blank 7/25/04 M blank 1052 
CASTANO Ruperto (TX)	GARCIA Adela (TX)	Nieves 02/22/01 F Bridgeport [del. 28941] 
CASTANO Ruperto (TX)	GARCIA Adela (TX)	Chrisoford 04/17/02 M Bridgeport [del. 3307] 
CASTILLO Albert (Mex)	BLANK Castorna (TX)	Paul 1/25/29 F Bridgeport 9250 
CASTILLO Felix (Mex)	CARZALIS Theodera (TX)	blank 8/7/29 F Bridgeport 9412 
CASTILLO Simon	BLANK Terlina 	Long 5/3/28 F Bridgeport 9009 
CASTLE Albert	BLANK Lizzie	blank 3/20/05 M blank 1682 
CASTLE Jess	HAYGOOD May	blank 2/6/12 F blank 5458 
CASTLEBERIE Ura	BLANK M.J.	Shannon 10/14/33 F blank [No Image 10908] 
CASTLEBERRY A.T.	BLANK M.E.	blank 11/16/10 M blank 5131 
CASTLEBERRY Aaron Thomas	GIBSON Margaret Elizabeth	Leita Mae 5/20/05 F Balsora 1830 & 1830a
CASTLEBERRY Aaron Thomas (TX)	GIBSON Margarett Elizabeth (TX)	Alvin Aaron 11/19/00 M Chico [del. 17281] 
CASTLEBERRY Ernest	PADGETT Catherine	Marcha V. 4/9/31 F Decatur [No Image 10033] 
CASTLEBERRY George Washington (TN)	OLIVER Mollie Ann (TN)	Oscar Edward 02/05/00 M Pella [del. 5034] 
CASTLEBERRY J.O.(TX)	DEWBREE May (AR)	J.O., Jr. 4/7/13 M Willow Point 5680 & 5680a
CASTLEBERRY James Oscar (TX)	DEWBRE Eva Mae (TX)	Annie 2/5/08 F Willow Point 3875 & 3875a
CASTLEBERRY Stewart (TX)	PIERCE Barbara Elizabeth (TX)	Emma 11/16/95 F Balsora [del. 21521] 
CASTLEBERRY Stewart (TX)	PIERCE Elizabeth (TX)	Bertha 12/08/88 F Balsora [del. 16349] 
CASTLEBERRY Stewart (TX)	PIERCE Elizabeth (TX)	Gertrude 05/17/92 F Balsora [del. 25209] 
CASTLEBERRY W.	LONG F.M.	blank 11/5/30 F blank [No Image 9856] 
CASTLEBURY A.V. (TX)	PADGETT Catherine Effa (TX)	Clara Catherine 4/7/29 F Decatur 9317 
CASTLEMAN Earl	BLANK Ethel	blank 8/18/07 M blank 3494 
CASTLEMAN Earl B.	BLANK blank	Castemon 3/24/15 M blank 6061 
CASTLES Robert	BLANK blank	blank 5/1/04 M blank 854 
CASTON William D.	EASTERWOOD Susan Pearl	Byron Kay 5/23/07 M Bridgeport 3346 & 3346a
CASWELL Benjamin Lee (AR)	BOLES Mollie Ellen (TX)	William Chester 10/12/96 M Alvord [del. 28294] 
CASWELL James R. (TX)	ST CLAIR E. Christine (TX)	Javene 2/18/26 F Sunset 8544 
CASWELL Raymond (TX)	ST CLAIR Christine (TX)	Betty Joyce 10/6/28 F OK 9143 
CATE William Burson (TN)	BULL Mary Addie (TN)	Claud Cliffton 05/05/82 M Decatur [del. 7227] 
CATE William Burson (TN)	BULL Mary Addie (TN)	Grover Cleveland 12/04/84 M Decatur [del. 6048] 
CATES Charles Clairbourne (TX)	KIMBROUGH Lorena (TN)	Charles Kimbrough 04/23/99 M Bridgeport [del. 25651] 
CATES Charles D (TN)	HALE Rowena T (TX)	John Hale 01/07/73 M Decatur [del. 9609] 
CATES Charles D (TX)	HALE Rowena T (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 11/04/86 F Decatur [del. 9610] 
CATES Charles Donohue (TN)	HALE Rowena (TX)	Cliff Donohue 10/19/76 M Decatur [del. 19453] 
CATES Charles Frank (TX)	EWING Lucy (TX)	Charles Frank 05/11/95 M Decatur [del. 14387] 
CATES Charles Frank (TX)	EWING Lucy Lee (TX)	Elizabeth Kathryn 12/15/99 F Decatur [del. 6112] 
CATES Charley Donohue (TN)	HALE Rowena Turpin (TX)	Ada Narcissa 05/16/79 F Decatur [del. 21781] 
CATES Dewitt Claborn (TN)	LINDLEY Elizabeth Arleen (MO)	Piner Lynn 08/27/84 M Decatur [del. 9608] 
CATES DeWitt Clairborne (TN)	LINDLEY Elizabeth Orlena (MO)	Ethel Rowena 07/19/79 F Decatur [del. 15601] 
CATES J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 8/19/10 F blank 5075 
CATES J.H. (TX)	KENNY Opal (TN)	Charles Allen 8/29/08 M Decatur 4210 
CATES Jake	BLANK blank	blank 8/1/07 M blank 3457 
CATES James P. (TX)	BEMS Lillian (TX)	Mary Frances 6/4/24 M Rhome 8077 
CATES James P. (TX)	BIVENS Audrey L. (OK)	Dorothy Pearl 10/5/26 F Rhome 8687 
CATES Joe	GENTRY Lillian	Claude J. 12/15/04 M Decatur 1440 & 1440a
CATES Joe (TX)	GENTRY Lillian (MS)	Evelyn Leona 03/20/96 F Decatur [del. 29290] 
CATES Joe Claud (TX)	CHAMPION Mary (TX)	James Gordon 6/11/25 M Decatur 8338 & 8338a
CATES Joe Claud (TX)	GENTRY Lillian (TX)	Keith 03/14/95 M Decatur [del. 14204] 
CATES John Warren Hale	KENNY Opal	John Warren Hale, Jr. 10/25/05 M blank 2240 & 2240a
CATES Joseph Claud (TX)	GENTRY Mary Lillian (TX)	William Robert 08/11/97 M Decatur [del. 11503] 
CATES Joseph Montiville (TX)	DALTON Emily Jane (TX)	Annie Narcissus 11/03/85 F Decatur [del. 19170] 
CATES Keith	BURTON Katherine	Velda Keith 9/9/27 F Decatur 8841 & 8841a
CATES Keith (TX)	BURTON Nancy Kate (TX)	Keanon Burton 3/28/22 M Ponder 7566 
CATES L.W.	BLANK Fannie	blank 7/25/05 F blank 1999 
CATES Robert M. (TX)	DWIGHT Ethel (TX)	Frances 8/22/18 F Boyd 6958 
CATHEY David Young (AR)	GREEN Emma (TX)	David Rollin 06/19/02 M Jefferson Co OK [del. 14858] 
CATO I.E.	BINGHAM Lillian	Lucile 7/29/33 F blank [No Image 10840] 
CAUDILL Samuel Hugh (KY)	RICHMOND Flora Temple (VA)	James Arthur 07/04/96 M Bridgeport [del. 6322] 
CAVER R L (SC)	O'SHIELDS Laura (MS)	Orrie 03/21/87 F Decatur [del. 23317] 
CAVER Richard Louis (SC)	O'SHIELDS Laura Marguerette (MS)	Robert Houston 04/15/89 M Decatur [del. 22312] 
CAYWOOD James	BLANK Maud	blank 11/30/08 M blank 4365 
CAYWOOD John	BLANK Mary	blank 3/25/15 F blank 6062 
CEARLEY Forrest	GREEN Sallie	Orville Forrest 12/12/11 M Bridgeport 5421 & 5421a
CEARLEY Forrest Boothe	GREENE Sarah Elizabeth	Edwina Fay 11/26/17 F blank 6764 & 6764a
CEARLEY Forrest Boothe (TX)	GREENE Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Vernon Glenn 5/14/15 M Bridgeport 6087 & 6087a
CEARLEY G.H.	BLANK blank	blank 1/13/06 F blank 2398 
CEARLEY George Henry	BELCHER Belsora Alice	Annie Grethel 10/4/04 F Decatur 1249 & 1249a
CEARLEY George Henry (TN)	BELCHER Balsora Alice (TN)	Hancel Jesse 1/31/08 M Decatur 3815 & 3815a
CEARLEY Glen	SMILEY Alice	blank 1/10/13 F blank 5632 
CEARLEY Glenn	SMILEY Alice	J.B. 11/22/17 M Bridgeport 6762 & 6762a
CEARLEY Hancel Jessie	SIPES Odell	Hancel Jessie, Jr. 3/30/28 M Alvord 8984 & 8984a
CEARLEY John Luke (TN)	DICKENSON Effie (TN)	Geneva Hallie 07/19/00 F Bridgeport [del. 7296] 
CEARLEY O.	BLANK A.	blank 9/23/03 F blank 309 
CEARLEY Oran P.	HILL Agnes Iola	John Franklin 12/23/09 M Bridgeport 4884 & 4884a
CEARLEY Oran Roberts (TX)	HILL Agnes Iola (MS)	Jesse Ellis 8/14/05 M Bridgeport 2052 & 2052a
CEARLEY Robert Newton	COFFMAN Catherine	Martha Marion 6/16/05 F Decatur 1899 & 1899a
CEARLEY Robert Newton (VA)	DAVIS Rebecca (VA)	Virginia Leona 06/06/86 F Lee Co VA [del. 18951] 
CEARLEY William Cary (TX)	GREEN May	Reba Pearl 10/9/13 F blank 5779 & 5779a
CEARLY Elias	FLAMING Eunice	blank 8/14/32 F Decatur [No Image 10527] 
CEARLY R.N.	BLANK blank	blank 6/30/04 F blank 978 
CECIL General N (KY)	MILSTEAD Elizabeth (KY)	Fred 12/12/97 M Boonsville [del. 8978] 
CECIL General Nelson (KY)	MILSTEAD Elizabeth (KY)	Cal 03/21/92 M Boonsville [del. 25008] 
CECIL James Welks (KY)	BLODGETT Florence Jayne (TX)	Sara Beatrice 02/02/00 F Bridgeport [del. 29196] 
CECIL Will	BLANK blank	blank 10/6/05 M blank 2192 
CECIL William	BLANK Ada	blank 2/2/04 F blank 631 
CECIL William James (AR)	RILEY Polly Ann (TX)	John Henry 10/11/89 M Greenwood [del. 5516] 
CECIL William James (AR)	RILEY Polly Ann (TX)	Doma 11/17/91 F Greenwood [del. 9328] 
CECIL William James (AR)	RILEY Polly Ann (TX)	Jim Rowden 07/30/95 M Greenwood [del. 8714] 
CECIL William James (AR)	RILEY Polly Ann (TX)	Elvy Clay 07/03/98 M Greenwood [del. 4148] 
CECIL William Robert (TX)	RICK? Martha Evelin (AR)	Cynthia Jane 02/27/81 F Greenwood [del. 17215] 
CHADWICK J.F. (NC)	SPRINGFIELD Amandy Ella (GA)	Thelma Selena 9/20/13 F Alvord 5769 & 5769a
CHADWICK James	BLANK May	blank 5/12/18 M Sunset 6890 
CHADWICK W.J.	ARP blank	Doyl Wayne 6/21/31 M Park Springs [No Image 10122] 
CHADWICK Will (GA)	CADDELL Flora (TX)	James J. 1/2/19 M Slidell 7023 & 7023a
CHAIRES J.L.	BLANK Nora	M.T. 3/26/07 F blank 3250 
CHAMBERLIEN S.A. (OK)	HOLLIMAN E. Josephine (MN)	Billie R. 6/17/24 M Alvord 8082 
CHAMBERS Benjamin F.	HAMMOCK Lizzie Florence	Lotella Ann 1/12/28 F Chico 8913 
CHAMBERS Charles Harrison (TX)	SHIPMAN Ersie Lanear (TX)	Artie Mae 8/15/25 F Alvord 8389 & 8389a
CHAMBERS Isom Alfred (IL)	WHITAKER Zora (TX)	Geneva Pauline 10/20/14 F Alvord 5976 & 5976a
CHAMBERS Robert B.	WILSON Eunice	C.C. 5/17/30 M blank [No Image 9691] 
CHAMBERS Sherman C (GA)	McCARTEY Susie (TX)	John C 10/16/98 M Bridgeport [del. 14880] 
CHAMBLESS Green	BLANK Emma	blank 7/2/06 M blank 2745 
CHAMBLESS T P (GA)	SMITH Judy Mae (TX)	Lue Lizer 11/24/83 F Paradise [del. 19397] 
CHAMBLESS T P (GA)	SMITH Judy Mae (TX)	Ada Lee 07/10/90 F Paradise [del. 22871] 
CHAMBLISS G.N.	BLANK blank	blank 7/2/06 M blank 2742 
CHAMPION Arthur Lee (TX)	SIMS Mary Averille (TX)	John William 8/4/22 M Alvord 7638 
CHAMPION Arthur Lee (TX)	SIMS Mary Averille (TX)	Francis Elizabeth 1/11/24 F Alvord 7977 
CHAMPION Charles A (TN)	SMITH Ella (TX)	Tom Allen 06/09/00 M Alvord [del. 10132] 
CHAMPION Charles A (TN)	SMITH Ella A (TX)	Emma Lee 06/29/91 F Alvord [del. 13913] 
CHAMPION Charles Augustus (TN)	SMITH Margaret Lou Ella (TX)	Charles Roy 01/22/96 M Alvord [del. 23898] 
CHAMPION F.A. (TX)	WALLIS Della (TX)	Wallis Festus 7/24/29 M Alvord 9406 & 9406a
CHAMPION F.A. (TX)	WALLIS Della L. (TX)	Cora Deane 9/10/24 F Alvord 8164 & 8164a
CHAMPION James C (TN)	LOWRY Ida Bell (MS)	Theo Enlo 11/06/99 F Alvord [del. 21848] 
CHAMPION John C (TN)	HICKS Nelia (TX)	Arthur Lee 07/27/91 M Decatur [del. 24339] 
CHAMPION John C.	HICKS Nellie	Ruthie Lee 7/28/05 F Alvord 2006 & 2006a
CHAMPION John Cook (TN)	HICKS Neiley (TX)	Laura Bell 12/15/02 F Alvord [del. 25290] 
CHAMPION John Cook (TN)	HICKS Nelia (TX)	Lillie May 04/08/93 F Alvord [del. 25275] 
CHAMPION John Cook (TN)	HICKS Nelia (TX)	Alice Martha 01/19/95 F Alvord [del. 25255] 
CHAMPION Justus	SMITH Mary Bell	John Curtis 1/14/17 F Alvord 6541 & 6541a
CHAMPION William C (TN)	WHITE Emma (TX)	Mary 02/04/84 F Decatur [del. 14717] 
CHAMPION William George (TN)	WHITE Emma (TX)	Charles Denny 04/08/80 M Decatur [del. 13431] 
CHANDLER David C. (TN)	PINKERTON Nora (TX)	Melvin Leon 4/23/22 M Decatur 7582 & 7582a
CHANDLER David C. (TN)	PINKERTON Nora (TX)	Samuel David 5/19/24 M Rhome 8072 & 8072a
CHANDLER David C. (TN)	PINKERTON Nora (TX)	Raymond Dee 5/3/26 M Rhome 8556 & 8556a
CHANDLER John Matterson (TX)	GOULD Martha Emma (MO)	Ruth Bramlett 11/28/90 F Decatur [del. 14688] 
CHANDLER Joseph Henderson (TN)	VAUGHAN Martha Jane (IL)	Clara Elizabeth 10/02/95 F Bridgeport [del. 8831] 
CHANDLER L.	BLANK blank	blank 1/18/04 M blank 597 
CHANDLER Newt	BLANK M.A.	blank 10/19/15 F blank 6274 
CHANDLER Walton (TX)	LEATHERWOOD Lido (TX)	Samuel Hollis 6/3/19 M Poolville 7098 & 7098a
CHANDLER William Newton (TN)	ASHLOCK Alice Martha (TN)	John Frederick 4/28/06 M Park Springs 2642 
CHANEY Antheny Green (AL)	TINNER Menerva Adaline (AL)	John Lacon 12/31/78 M Dekalb Co AL [del. 14463] 
CHANEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/05 F blank 2286 & [29729 delayed]
CHANEY John	BRIDGES Annie Vernon	Ruby 8/30/04 F Paradise 1151 & 1151a
CHAPMAN Clarence E. (TX)	RYAN Murtie (TX)	Jim 10/19/18 M Childress 6998 
CHAPMAN Edwin (England)	CALVERY Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	William Frederick 07/19/80 M Sunset [del. 12392] 
CHAPMAN James (TX)	SULLIVAN Docia (TX)	blank 10/31/19 M Decatur 7155 
CHAPMAN Thomas H.	CEARLEY Dora T.	Wilma Lorraine 7/28/17 F Chico 6668 
CHAPMAN W.W.	CORLEY A.L.	blank 8/14/15 M blank 6196 
CHAPPELL J.J.	BLANK S.A.	blank 9/15/04 F blank 1196 
CHAPPELL John Joseph (AL)	TAYLOR Susan Ada (TX)	Clara Etta 10/09/01 F Rhome [del. 9192] 
CHAPPELL W A (AR)	COBB Anna (AR)	Charlie Melton 11/11/86 M Decatur [del. 20891] 
CHAPPELL W.A.	BLANK Anna	blank 1/1/04 F blank 553 
CHAPPELL William A (MO)	COBB Rose Anna (AR)	Jewel Ethel 10/28/00 F Greenwood [del. 25167] 
CHAPPELL William Fleming (MO)	ROWLETT Lillie May (TX)	Joe Allen 05/31/93 M Alvord [del. 12551] 
CHARIA Lorenzo (Mex)	BLANK blank	blank 5/4/08 F blank 4009 
CHARLES John Arthur (TN)	MERCHANT Mary Jane (MS)	Ida Evelyn 11/06/76 F Lee Co MS [del. 7880] 
CHARLTON James Abraham (MO)	BRADLEY Sarah Ann (MO)	James Oliver 10/21/90 M Decatur [del. 16228] 
CHASTEN Eliga (MO)	PRINGLE Mary Elizabeth (TX)	John 05/19/81 M Decatur [del. 8713] 
CHATHAM Lemuel Austin (KY)	THOMPSON Martha Anice (MO)	Charles Cecil 09/28/82 M Alvord [del. 11640] 
CHAVEZ Primitive M. (Mex)	VASQUEZ Petra (Mex)	Catalino 4/30/20 M Decatur 7237 
CHAVIS Ernest (TX)	VASQUEZ Inez (TX)	Inez 4/19/23 F Bridgeport 7775 
CHEAVES O.F.	THRASHER M.	blank 4/19/13 M blank [No Image 10484] 
CHEEVES O.F.	THRASHER M.	blank 4/19/13 M blank 5683 
CHENAULT Rufus Monroe (AL)	CASTLES Regina Kansas (MS)	Rufus Walton 12/03/00 M Boyd [del. 7396] 
CHENOWETH James William (TX)	LONG Lillie (KY)	Oscar Long 05/25/88 M Decatur [del. 9749] 
CHENOWETH James William (TX)	LONG Lillie Sue (KY)	Ella Louise 03/07/90 F Decatur [del. 11156] 
CHENOWETH James William (TX)	LONG Lillie Sue (KY) 	Lillie 12/12/92 F Decatur [del. 11157] 
CHENOWITH John	BLANK Agnes	blank 8/26/07 M Chico 3506 
CHERRIS M.O.	BLANK B.S.	blank 9/23/08 M blank 4262 
CHERRY Alzona Price (TX)	VANDIVER Nellie (TX)	Naomi Gladys 12/09/01 F Greenwood [del. 24633] 
CHERRY D.	BLANK May	blank 7/27/06 F blank 2793 
CHERRY Dale	BLANK blank	blank 7/10/08 M blank 4125 
CHERRY Dale	BLANK May	blank 12/7/03 F blank 488 
CHERRY Dock	BLANK blank	blank 1/8/08 M blank 3777 
CHERRY Henry K (TX)	MORRIS Rhodie (TX)	Elijah Wilhoit 02/05/02 M Greenwood [del. 7349] 
CHERRY John Henry (MO)	McCOY Martha Matilda (AL)	Maggie Ora 02/10/98/F Greenwood [del. 16081] 
CHESER H.T.	FREEMAN Ruby	Kate 2/19/31 F Forrestburg [No Image 9966] 
CHESHER George Woodruff (TX)	ELLIOTT Mary Virginia (TN)	Robert Henry 12/18/79 M Decatur 2 & [del. 2770] 
CHESNEY Albert Edward	MURRAY Ida Florance 	Iris Oleta 1/24/12 F Decatur 5444 & 5444a
CHESSER Henry (TX)	FREEMAN Ruby (TX)	blank 11/26/23 M Forrestburg 7945 
CHESSER Henry (TX)	FREEMAN Ruby P. (TX)	Flake 12/6/25 M Forrestburg 8473 
CHESSER J.R.	BLANK E.L.	blank 12/8/07 M blank 3721 
CHESSER J.R.	BLANK E.L.	blank 3/3/09 M blank 4534 
CHESSER Willam B. (TX)	OGLES Noama (TX)	twins 4/27/25 M Chico 8300 
CHESSER Willam B. (TX)	OGLES Noama (TX)	twins 4/27/25 M Chico 8301 
CHESSIN Akney Percy	HAGGARD Bula Lois	Elizabeth 11/16/27 blank Rhome 8877 & 8877a 
CHESTER Ernest (New Zealand)	LEONARD Clennie Minerva (TX)	Annabelle Johnny 4/30/26 F Spearman TX 8580 & 8580a
CHESUM E.J.	BLANK M.L.	blank 6/17/15 F blank 6124 
CHEVES George D N (MS)	ROWLAND Sarah T (MS)	Clyde Wendell 06/15/94 M Willow Point [del. 7300] 
CHEVES George D N (MS)	ROWLAND Sarah Tennessee (TN)	Hattie 09/02/96 F Willow Point [del. 22288] 
CHEVES L.H.	DILLARD Mattie	blank 12/29/12 blank blank 5619 
CHEVES Oscar F (MS)	THRASHER Mollie F (TX)	Carl Vernon 04/29/96 M Willow Point [del. 29407] 
CHEVES Oscar F (MS)	THRASHER Mollie F (TX)	Ernest F 09/19/97 M Willow Point [del. 29408] 
CHEVES Oscar F.	THRASHER Mollie F.	Orval Randle 2/17/18 M Willow Point 6830 
CHEVES T.H.	DILLARD Mattie	blank 4/19/14 M blank 5876 
CHEVES William Bedford (TN)	CHEVES Sarah Ellen (TN)	Nellie Ida 08/19/85 F Willow Point [del. 20140] 
CHIGLE Tom	BLANK Martha 	Oda 10/23/04 F blank 1294 
CHILCOAT J.A.	BLANK blank	blank 6/17/05 M blank 1901 
CHILDERS Eddie C. (TX)	LOWANCE Loma B. (WV)	Cynthia Jane 9/26/29 F Krum 9464 & 9464a
CHILDERS J.T.	BLANK Nora	blank 1/2/05 M blank 1482 
CHILDERS Lonnie B.	LEWIS Willie Lee	Maurine Ruth 11/27/27 F Krum 8881 & 8881a
CHILDRESS A.P.	ALMONROAD Ollie	Jackie Ann 7/9/33 F Alvord [No Image 10818] 
CHILDRESS A.R. (TX)	BALDWIN Kizzie (TX)	Luther L.T. 4/23/20 M Boyd 7234 & 7234a
CHILDRESS A.R. (TX)	BALDWIN Kizzie E. (TX)	Janie Evelyn 5/13/26 F Rhome 8585 & 8585a
CHILDRESS Lonnie B.	LEWIS Willie Lee	Mary Jo 6/27/28 F Krum 9046 & 9046a
CHILDRESS Robert	RIDER Eualu	Mary Lon 9/20/31 F Newark [No Image 10227] 
CHILTON Charles Garret (TN)	PIERCY Mary Catherine (TN)	Jane Langdon 10/18/94 F Decatur [del. 22285] 
CHILTON Charles Garrett (TN)	PIERCE Mary Elizabeth (TN)	John Bell 07/02/92 M Bridgeport [del. 4002] 
CHILTON Charles Garrett (TN)	PIERSON Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Joseph Porter 04/26/90 M Bridgeport [del. 13989] 
CHILTON Charles W. (TX)	NEWTON Berta Mae (TX)	Millie Pauline 10/18/18 F Bridgeport 6997 & 6997a
CHILTON Charlie G (TN)	PEARSEY Marie Catherine (TN)	Fred Douglas 10/08/84 M Bridgeport [del. 16350] 
CHILTON Fred Douglas	STOKES Lillian Ethel	Olive Ruth 9/21/11 F Bridgeport 5366 
CHILTON Fred Dougless (TX)	STOKES Lillian Ethel (MS)	Ethel Faye 9/8/22 F Bridgeport 7887 & 7887a
CHILTON J.E. (TX)	HAWKINS Thelma (TX)	Helen Maxine 8/25/22 F Chico 7647 
CHILTON Pete	CATES Billie	blank 1/7/30 M Decatur [No Image 9548] 
CHILTON Rufus	BLANK Jeannie	Catherine Dougliss 12/15/07 M blank 3725 
CHILTON Rufus	BLANK Minnie T.	blank 8/17/10 F blank 5074 
CHILTON Rufus J (TN)	THOMAS Olivia J (TX)	John Hubert 01/20/95 M Bridgeport [del. 23817] 
CHILTON Samuel Porter (TN)	THOMAS Ola (TX)	Keith Ewing 01/16/93 M Bridgeport [del. 8328] 
CHILTON Samuel Porter (TN)	THOMAS Viola (TX)	Samuel Leslie 10/15/95 M Bridgeport [del. 28600] 
CHILTON Samuel Porter (TN)	THOMAS Viola (TX)	Gladys 09/26/00 F Bridgeport [del. 22772] 
CHILTON William	WEST Flora	Flora Wayne 10/23/11 F blank 5390 & 5390a
CHINNIS blank	BLANK blank	blank 6/23/09 F blank [No Image 4671] 
CHIPMAN E.S. (TX)	STOKES Hattie (OK)	blank 4/1/23 F Crafton 7751 
CHIPMAN Elbert	BLANK Hattie	William Sidney 10/26/15 M blank 6285 
CHIPMAN Joseph Suttle (TX)	BEAN Nancy Eugenia (TX)	Hugh Embry 09/06/88 M Crafton [del. 23031] 
CHIPMAN William Maston (TX)	WIGINGTON Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Elbert Sidney 08/05/90 M Chico [del. 22912] 
CHIPMAN William Maston (TX)	WIGINGTON Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Glen Moore 11/02/99 M Crafton [del. 5227] 
CHISM E.E.	BLANK Alice	blank 9/3/09 M blank 4758 
CHISM E.E.	BLANK blank	blank 9/28/07 F blank 3573 
CHISM Tom (TX)	BLYTHE Julia (LA)	Lena 02/12/82 F Decatur [del. 18859] 
CHISM Tom (TX)	BLYTHE Julia (LA)	Mary Ellen 05/13/83 F Decatur [del. 18853] 
CHISM Tom (TX)	BLYTHE Julie (LA)	Bessie 08/09/89 F Decatur [del. 20104] 
CHITWOOD John 0 (CO)	PERRIN Namie (TX)	Isla Mae 08/10/00 F Decatur [del. 24144] 
CHIVERS J.L.	BLANK Nora	blank 4/6/11 F blank 5216 
CHIVERS J.R.	BAREFIELD R.E.	James R. 8/8/33 M Vineyard [No Image 10856] 
CHIVERS James Larkin (TX)	DWIGHT Nora	James Ralf 4/15/13 M Willow Point 5681 & 5681a & 5681b
CHIVINS L.H.	BLANK Lottie	blank 8/22/08 M blank 4199 
CHOAT S.S.	BLANK Ethel	blank 3/24/09 M blank 4568 
CHOATE Henry Daniel (TN)	CUMMINGS Amanda (TN)	Erla Jane 09/30/94 F Humphry Co TN [del. 21847] 
CHOATS J.C.	ENGLAND Ora	Ora Marie 2/23/31 F Alvord [No Image 9971] 
CHOISE Otis	BLANK Adena L.	blank 9/25/15 M blank 6256 
CHORAN blank	BLANK blank	Norman 1/29/05 M blank 1553 
CHOWNING Robert Mack (MO)	MORRIS Mary Margarett (IL)	John Patterson 08/31/79 M Decatur [del. 12111] 
CHOWNING William Adolphus (TX)	TRIMBLE Pollie Anna (TX)	Alvis Warren 08/07/97 M Decatur [del. 6795] 
CHOWNING William Alexander (TX)	LOYD Nancy Ann (MO)	Nancy Ann 02/22/86 F Sand Flat [del. 18283] 
CHRESTMAN Alton (TX)	ZOE Maggie (TX)	Loyd George 12/17/28 M Decatur 9206 
CHRESTMAN G.M.	BLANK D. (Dovie)	(Samuel T.) 10/23/03 M blank 390 
CHRESTMAN George Madison (MS)	CURRY Mary Dovie (TN)	Loyes Oran 09/24/97 M Greenwood [del. 10379] 
CHRESTMAN George M (AR)	CURRY Dovie (TX)	Lola Mae 12/03/01 F Greenwood [del. 14881] 
CHRESTMAN Loyes O. (TX)	COWAN Ethel (TX)	Amilia Guindoline 10/27/24 F Forrestburg 8201 
CHRISTAL John Fletcher (TX)	PRIGMORE Francis Minerva (TX)	Willie Walter 09/17/89 M Decatur [del. 7712] 
CHRISTAL R.B.	DAY Mary Edith	Thomas Lillard 9/21/03 M Decatur 303 
CHRISTERFER blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/26/09 M blank 4781 
CHRISTIAN J.M.	BLANK C.M.	blank 4/1/11 F blank 5210 
CHRISTIAN John A (AR)	FLETCHER Lizzie (VA)	Alma 02/19/95 F Slidell [del. 13852] 
CHRISTIAN John Alexander (AR)	FLETCHER Elizabeth (VA)	Ray Fletcher 07/30/98 M Slidell [del. 31663] 
CHRISTIAN John Alexander (AR)	FLETCHER Mary Elizabeth (VA)	Carl Lee 12/09/87 M Slidell [del. 19600] 
CHRISTMAN George	BLANK Dovie	blank 8/4/05 M blank 2027 
CHRISTOPHER Isaac	SHARP Dallas Maud	Bess 6/17/04 F Decatur 953 & 0953a
CHUMLEY Dan	BLANK Lula	blank 12/25/04 M blank 1461 
CHUMLEY Daniel Efate (TX)	HIPP Lula Mae (TX)	William Richard 09/12/01 M Alvord [del. 14494] 
CHUMLEY M.J.	GRIFFITH Myrtle	blank 8/1/15 M blank 6179 
CHUMLEY M.J.	GRIFFITH Myrtle	blank 8/31/17 F Sunset 6694 
CHUMLEY William Grant	DREW Ida Mae	William Bert 4/20/05 M Alvord 1757 & 1757a
CHUNLEY William Grant (IL)	DREW Ida May (IL)	Flora Maud 10/15/92 F Alvord [del. 23593] 
CHUNLEY William Grant (IL)	DREW Ida May (IL)	Vivian Virginia 04/05/01 F Alvord [del. 23592] 
CHURCH William E (KS)	GREEN Lucy N (MO)	Sophia Edna 09/14/86 F Chico [del. 18236] 
CHURCHWELL James Alexander (AR)	JONES Dora Atlantic (TX)	Dolloras 03/31/95 F Park Springs [del. 28611] 
CHURCHWELL James Alexander (TN)	JONES Dora Atlantic (TX)	Arthur Pearman 04/09/92 M Alvord [del. 16191] 
CINFASOR Marcello	BLANK C.M.	Marceis 10/7/05 M blank 2196 
CLABORN Prince Avitt (TN)	RAY Elma (TX)	Kenneth 4/19/25 M Alvord 8297 & 8297a
CLABORN V.M.	HOFFMAN L.	Lucille 10/10/32 F Alvord [No Image 10588] 
CLABORN V.M.	HOFFMAN Lillian	Victor Ray 3/11/28 M Alvord 8969 & 8969a
CLABORN Virgil M. (TX)	HOFFMAN Lillian (TX)	Wanda Fay 1/20/26 F Decatur 8517 
CLABORN Virgil M. (TX)	HOFFMAN Lillian Carrie (TX)	Virgil M., Jr. 7/1/23 M Alvord 7841 & 7841a
CLABORN W.A.	REAGAN Verna	Dellia May 10/3/03 F Alvord 335 & 0335a
CLABORN William A (TN)	REAGON Lou V (TN)	Vergil Mack 04/20/97 M Alvord [del. 29721] 
CLABORN William Alvin	REAGAN Lou Vernie	Willie 11/26/09 F Alvord 4857 & 4857a & 4857b
CLABORN William ALVIN (TN)	REAGON Vernie Lou (TN)	Prince Avid 09/11/95 M Pickett Co TN [del. 25488] 
CLABORNE E.B.	COBB Jettie	Billie Mack 8/11/33 M Alvord [No Image 10861] 
CLABURN Sam Mack	REAGAN Virginia	Earl C. 7/27/04 M Alvord 1046 & 1046a
CLAIBORN E.B.	COBB Jettie	Ezra 11/6/31 M Alvord [No Image 10278] 
CLAMPET J.	BLANK A.E.	blank 10/11/03 M blank 359 
CLANCY A.P.	BLANK blank	blank 10/11/08 M blank 4293 
CLANCY Bart E.	ALLISON Minnie	Daniel Webster 8/27/03 M Decatur 224 & 0224a
CLANCY George Washington (TN)	COOK Fannie May (TX)	Luther 03/19/93 M Greenwood [del. 25538] 
CLANCY James	BLANK Jessie	blank 9/29/05 F blank 2167 
CLANCY James William (TN)	KEITH Jessie (TN)	Hubert McCoy 09/21/99 M Greenwood [del. 5770] 
CLANCY W.	BLANK T.	blank 2/25/04 M blank 680 
CLANCY Will	BLANK Tiny	blank 6/16/05 F blank 1898 
CLANTON John (AR)	KARNS Ida Jane (IL)	Nettie Mae 04/11/96 F Gum [del. 15045] 
CLARDY John W (AL)	PRUITT Margarett Elizabeth (AL)	Ernest Almond 11/16/80 M Decatur [del. 21786] 
CLARDY John Washington (AL)	PRUITT Margaret (AL)	Monroe Franklin 04/04/88 M Audubon [del. 24578] 
CLARDY Joseph Chandler (TX)	DOBSON Emma Clara (GA)	Lois Kay 07/12/91 F Audubon [del. 9841] 
CLARDY William Elijah (TX)	HOWARD Dora Lee (TN)	William Roy 08/08/99 M Audubon [del. 4350] 
CLARE W.J.	BLANK Bessie	blank 9/14/04 M blank 1193 
CLARK A.D. (TX)	INGLE Ellen S. (TX)	Hazel Utah 10/3/21 F Poolville 7485 & 7485a
CLARK B F (OK)	OATS Florence (Indian Territory)	Jewell Ruby 10/24/02 F Boyd [del. 18121] 
CLARK blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/11/07 M blank 3170 
CLARK blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/31/07 F blank 3258 
CLARK blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/1/07 F Paradise 3458 
CLARK blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/24/08 F blank 3864 
CLARK blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/12/09 M blank 4623 
CLARK Bowling Edward (KY)	ROWS Mandie (KY)	Gabriel Tucker 01/14/79 M Newton Co MO [del. 14690] 
CLARK Charles D.	BLANK Martha R.	blank 7/10/05 F blank 1945 
CLARK Charles Leo (OK)	GRACE Mary Vesta (AR)	Charles Leo, Jr. 9/11/25 M Decatur 8414 
CLARK Charlie	BLANK blank	Ida 11/2/03 F blank 416 
CLARK Charlie C (TN)	BRANNON Rachael Anne (AR)	Earl Jule 04/13/00 M Bridgeport [del. 30488] 
CLARK Christopher Columbus (TX)	MAULDIN Eva Lena (MS)	Cordie 08/23/93 F Greenwood [del. 30013] 
CLARK Edwan	BLANK blank	blank 4/12/04 M blank 807 
CLARK George	BLANK Clara	blank 2/9/04 F blank 646 
CLARK George	BLANK Clara	blank 10/12/05 M blank 2213 
CLARK George	GREEN Alma	Green 4/11/10 F blank 4977 
CLARK George H. (Canada)	STUTT Trula Mae (TX)	Carolina 4/3/26 F Decatur 8571 
CLARK Harvey W (MS)	OLIVER Eula E (MS)	Maude E 12/02/96 F Lincoln Co MS [del. 29597] 
CLARK Isaac (TN)	GOON Serilda Elizabeth (MO)	Lewis Otto 04/05/78 M Decatur [del. 12388] 
CLARK J.R.	BLANK E.A.	Walter 10/27/31 M Alvord [No Image 10272] 
CLARK James Franklin (IL)	GULLY Mary Emma (TX)	Ella Irene 10/14/93 F Chico [del. 33223] 
CLARK James W (GA)	SCOGGINS Mary (GA)	John Roe 08/31/91 M Paradise [del. 24935] 
CLARK John Crawford (TX)	WILLIAMSON Amanda Jane (TX)	Leonard Muncy 01/10/94 M Greenwood [del. 11355] 
CLARK John Crawford (TX)	WILLIAMSON Amanda Jane (TX)	John Barnes 02/13/90 M Dan [del. 15140] 
CLARK John Crowford (TX)	WILLIAMSON Amanda Jane (TX)	Isom Gordon 10/21/91 M Greenwood [del. 23098] 
CLARK John Edward (TN)	BEDFORD Rachel Mary (TN)	William B 01/25/83 M Sunset [del. 19293] 
CLARK John Fletcher (GA)	KILGORE Fannie Maude (LA)	Mary Frances 01/03/96 F Decatur [del. 19538] 
CLARK L.R.	BLANK Kessie	Baby 1/1/08 M Boyd 3758 
CLARK Lon W (TX)	KELLEY Ella Gertrude (TN)	Mary Ethel 08/07/00 F Cottondale [del. 28357] 
CLARK Lon W.	KELLEY Ella Gertrude	Jewel 10/29/03 F Paradise 404 & 0404a
CLARK Marion	BLANK blank	blank 6/26/13 M blank 5729 
CLARK Michal (TN)	CARPENTER Emily (MO)	Ola Mae 06/25/82 F Bridgeport [del. 10742] 
CLARK O.D.	WALKER Lucie	Mary Sue 3/22/31 F Sunset [No Image 10016] 
CLARK Oscar	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/04 F blank 1374 
CLARK Oscar	BLANK blank	blank 11/14/05 M blank 2278 
CLARK Oscar	MEADOWS Lula	blank 3/4/16 M blank 6379 
CLARK Prof.	BLANK blank	blank 3/20/04 M blank 746 
CLARK Rachel	BLANK C.C.	Brice Velma 10/16/04 F blank 1276 
CLARK Raymond W.	JONES K.I.	Lometa F. 5/25/33 F Poolville [No Image 10777] 
CLARK Stephen Oscar (GA)	MEADOWS Lilla Caroline (TX)	Claude Ivos 5/3/19 M Boyd 7076 & 7076a & 7076b
CLARK V.L.	BLANK blank	blank 2/23/09 F blank 4565 
CLARK W.L.	BLANK Lydia	blank 4/18/05 M blank 1751 
CLARK Walter	BLANK Ida	Johnnie Richard 3/24/10 M blank 4963 & 4963a
CLARK Will	BLANK blank	blank 6/15/05 M blank 2718 
CLARK Will (?)	JOHNSON Sallie (AL)	Lucy 08/01/81 F Rhome [del. 17891] 
CLARK William A (WV)	BALL Bettie Elizabeth (KY)	John Alexander 12/16/76 M Audubon [del. 13328] 
CLARK William L.	BLANK Lidia J.	blank 7/12/03 M blank 112 
CLARK William Lindsey (?)	LEONARD Lydia (?)	James Franklin 08/26/01 M Paradise [del. 8836] 
CLARK William Motley (TN)	BROWN Cora Ellen (KY)	Amelia Ann 09/24/93 F Alvord [del. 11446] 
CLARKE H.W.	BLANK Eula	blank 3/29/14 M blank 5868 
CLARLY Elias A. (TX)	FLANNERY Eunice Jewel (TX)	Chrestman 10/26/24 M Alvord 8198 
CLAWSON King David (TX)	BARRETT Jessie Clyde (TX)	Jim Leed 08/14/99 M Bridgeport [del. 7658] 
CLAXTON James W (TN)	ELLIS Sarah Jane (TN)	Cornelius 03/26/96 M Decatur [del. 14583] 
CLAY Bulter	SHIRLEY Annie	blank 11/6/17 F Avondale 6748 
CLAY Frank (TN)	POUNDS Jewel (TX)	blank 11/18/28 M Decatur 9177 
CLAY Georde	BLANK Susan	blank 9/29/03 F blank 322 
CLAY George William (AR)	WILLIAMS Emma Sudie (MO)	Charlie Rufus 03/28/98 M Chico [del. 13299] 
CLAY George William (AR)	WILLIAMS Emma Sue (KS)	Tollie Melton 07/30/95 M Chico [del. 13217] 
CLAY George William (AR)	WILLIAMS Enia Sue (KS)	Willis Isim 01/20/00 M Chico [del. 3860] 
CLAY Moses (TN)	PENNINGTON Lou Vesta (IL)	William Henry 09/15/00 M Sunset [del. 7841] 
CLAYBOOK John	BLANK Lena	blank 6/10/08 F blank 4080 
CLAYBORN P.A.	RAY Elmo	Mary Lee 10/1/30 F Alvord [No Image 9836] 
CLAYBORN Prince Avitt	RAY Elma	Opal Louise 11/9/16 F Decatur 6509 & 6509a
CLAYBROOK James Thomas (TN)	HAMBY Martha Laura (TN)	John Lee 09/30/89 M Decatur [del. 25336] 
CLAYBROOK John Paul (TN)	GOODMAN Fannie C (MO)	Grace Olivie 01/20/97 F Decatur [del. 7040] 
CLAYBROOK John Paul (TN)	GOODMAN Fannie C (MO)	Steve Robert 11/19/98 M Decatur [del. 16053] 
CLAYBROOK John Paul (TN)	GOODWIN Fannie C (TX)	Willie E 08/03/95 M Decatur [del. 16525] 
CLAYBROOK John Paul (TN)	GOODWIN Fannie C (TX)	Claude Thomas 08/30/00 M Decatur [del. 16524] 
CLAYPOOL Robert B (MO)	TALLAND Amanda (MS)	Joseph Benjamin 09/25/77 M Briar [del. 19503] 
CLAYTON Charles David	RICHARDSON Sara Caroline	Emily Myrtle 9/13/11 F Balsora 5357 & 5357a
CLAYTON Charles David (TN)	RICHARDSON Sarah Carolina (TN)	David Franklin 11/18/92 M Balsora [del. 25385] 
CLAYTON Charles David (TN)	RICHARDSON Sarah Carolina (TN)	Leadie 04/28/01 F Wise Co [del. 30977] 
CLAYTON Eli Borden (TX)	HOWELL Mollie Elizabeth (TN)	Elvis Clark 08/30/00 M Alvord [del. 31081] 
CLAYTON John (TN)	SPARKS Pearl Anna (GA)	Clara V 03/22/98 F Hopewell [del. 29238] 
CLAYTON John B.	BLANK C.R.	blank 5/10/11 F blank 5244 
CLAYTON John Blake	PHILLIPS Rebecca Caroline	Sarah Alma 4/12/09 F Balsora 4592 
CLAYTON John Blake	PHILLIPS Rebecca Caroline	Alfred Blake 4/12/10 M Balsora 4979 & 4979a
CLAYTON William Frank (TX)	RILEY Amand (TX)	Lanie lola 10/01/89 F Greenwood [del. 14297] 
CLEARLY A.A.	STOCKTON Myrtle	blank 12/11/12 F blank 5606 
CLEARLY Alvin Arthur (AL)	STOCKTON Myrtle Lee (AL)	Alma Lee 10/14/13 F Alvord 5783 & 5783a
CLEARY Alvin Arthur (AL)	STOCKTON Myrtle Lee (AL)	blank 4/13/23 M Alvord 7771 
CLEGG John Harley (TX)	DURRETT Mary Ivy (TX)	Paul Venner 12/27/00 M Decatur [del. 23254] 
CLEGG Thomas Gilbert (IL)	WASSON Lou (TX)	John Harley 06/07/78 M Decatur [del. 8102] 
CLEGG Thomas Gilbert (IL)	YOUNG Unity Caroline (MS)	Sallye Tom 12/19/81 F Decatur [del. 8100] 
CLEGG Thomas Gilbert (IL)	YOUNG Unity Caroline (MS)	William Elbert 03/19/83 M Decatur [del. 17098] 
CLEGG Thomas Gilbert (IL)	YOUNG Unity Caroline (MS)	Walter Henry 08/20/86 M Decatur [del. 8833] 
CLEMENS L.H.	DILLARD Nettie	blank 12/15/15 blank blank 6321 
CLEMENS Thomas C.	BLANK blank	blank 8/10/03 M blank 178 
CLEMENT Charles	CASWELL Myrtle	blank 11/4/27 M Decatur 8867 
CLEMENT Charles (TX)	CADDELL Myrtle (TX)	Winferd Roy 5/13/29 M Decatur 9346 & 9346a
CLEMENT Charles (TX)	CADDELL Myrtle Mae (TX)	Selma 7/3/13 M Decatur 5735 & 5735a
CLEMENT Frank (TX)	LEFORS Jewel (TX)	blank 7/30/23 M Decatur 7864 
CLEMENT Lee Manan (TX)	PHELPS Julia Ann (IL)	Maya 10/02/96 F Decatur [del. 22152] 
CLEMENT Lee Manan (TX)	PHELPS Julia Ann (IL)	Ona Jewel 04/14/99 F Decatur [del. 22153] 
CLEMENT Lee Mannen (TX)	PHELPS Julia (IL)	Verna 02/07/91 F Decatur [del. 8916] 
CLEMENT Lee Mannon (TX)	PHELPS Julia (IL)	Tommie Jordon 05/10/93 M Decatur [del. 28512] 
CLEMENT Thomas McCurdy (TX)	JONES Emma Frances (AL)	Frank Lee 08/14/96 M Decatur [del. 6843] 
CLEMENT Tom (TX)	JONES Emma (AL)	Otelia 02/28/99 F Decatur [del. 29730] 
CLEMENT Tom (TX)	JONES Emma Frances (AL)	Ola Bartha 01/06/01 F Decatur [del. 24450] 
CLEMENT W.B.	BLANK blank	blank 11/22/08 F blank 4356 
CLEMENT W.B.	BLANK Mattie	blank 12/6/06 F blank 3047 [Delay. 8835]
CLEMENTS C.H.	HOLLYBEE A.L.	Laflora R.M. 8/15/32 F Greenwood [No Image 10530] 
CLEMENTS C.W.	HOLLYBEE A.L.	LaFlora R.M. 8/15/31 F Greenwood [No Image 10180] 
CLEMENTS Elmo	BLANK Maud	blank 9/29/07 M blank 3574 
CLEMENTS Lee (AL)	BLANK Dora	Martha 8/30/18 F Bridgeport 6962 
CLEMENTS Thomas, Jr. (TX)	WALKER blank	blank 1/20/22 M Greenwood 7537 
CLEMENTS Tom	JONES Emma	Tommie 11/27/05 F Brumlow 2314 & 2314a
CLEMMES W.A.	BLANK M.C.	blank 1/3/09 M blank 4422 
CLEMONT Tom	WALKER Lena	blank 3/2/32 M Bowie [No Image 10375] 
CLENDENEN Andrew Jackson (TN)	LONG Mittie Zulieka (TX)	Marie Antonette 12/29/00 F Decatur [del. 13912] 
CLENDENEN Andrew Jackson (TN)	LONG Zulika Mitylene (TX)	Holly 08/10/95 F Decatur [del. 10233] 
CLEVELAND Joe	BLANK Dell	blank 2/16/06 M blank 2496 
CLEVELAND Joel Heglar (MO)	FORD Sloma Dell (MO)	Lawton Ray 05/23/02 M Decatur [del. 33241] 
CLEVELAND John	BLANK blank	blank 4/23/04 F blank 838 
CLEVELAND Orion	FUNCHESS Memery	Robert Bulton 12/4/30 M Decatur [No Image 9887] 
CLEVELAND W.R.	CUNNINGHAM Savilaty Ann	Oran Bob 11/27/03 M Cottondale 468 & 0468a
CLEVELAND Will Cleveland (SC)	SCALES Sudie Mabel (TN)	Cora Addie 10/18/05 F Audubon 2222 & 2222a
CLEVELAND William Grover, Sr.(TN)	STARK Isabell (TX)	William Grover, Jr. 7/12/25 M Decatur 8360 & 8360a
CLEVELAND William O (TN)	RIDDLE Mary Elizabeth (TN)	William Leslie 02/27/98 M Lawrence Co TN [del. 21787] 
CLEVELAND William O (TN)	RIDDLE Mollie Elizabeth (TN)	William Grover 07/04/89 M Lawrence Co TN [del. 12588] 
CLEVELAND William O.	SCALES Sudie Mable	Mable 5/11/04 F Chico 878 & 0878a
CLEVELAND William Richard (TX)	CUNNINGHAM Siviliti Ann (TX)	Omar Byron 10/20/02 M Paradise [del. 24648] 
CLIFFT Claude	OSHIELDS Ruth	blank 1/1/13 M blank 5625 
CLIFTON Charlie (KY)	FIDDLER Julia (MO)	Johnie Peyton 04/23/96 M Greenwood [del. 16715] 
CLIFTON Dave	BLANK Belle	blank 1/31/08 M blank 3814 
CLIFTON Ed	BLANK Carrie	blank 4/28/06 F blank 2643 
CLIFTON John C.	NEWKERK Martha Caroline	Maudie May 3/5/10 F blank 4952 & 4952a
CLIFTON Merritt (KY)	CLARK Anna (MO)	William Floyd 12/04/90 M Greenwood [del. 24705] 
CLIFTON William F. (TX)	SPLAWN Bernice L. (TX)	George William 8/24/26 M Decatur 8648 
CLIFTON William Thomas (KY)	NORRELL Emma (TX)	Mary Zella 01/28/97 F Poolville [del. 23973] 
CLIMER Jack (TX)	FLOWERS Willie Mae (TX)	Ray Everett 1/30/26 M Decatur 8526 
CLINE Vernon Franklin (IN)	COURSE? Aurela (TX)	Edward Levi 11/13/93 M Greenwood [del. 20607] 
CLINTON John	BLANK Kate	blank 11/26/09 F blank 4856 
CLINTON John	BLANK Maggie	blank 10/8/05 F blank 2201 
CLINTON John Wesley (AL)	EASTMAN Katie F (GA)	Annie Lee 03/07/02 F Rhome [del. 18316] 
CLISBEE Thomas Benton (IL)	CUNDIFF Hattie Marie (MO)	Benton Lee 03/14/84 M Decatur [del. 10133] 
CLOER William Virgil (AL)	MIDELTON Bessie (AR)	William Huff 09/20/00 M Boonsville [del. 11504] 
CLOWER Brown	BONER Jewell	Vernon Leon 9/17/30 M Alvord [No Image 9820] 
CLOWER Brown	BONES Jewel	William D. 12/14/32 M Alvord [No Image 10641] 
CLOWER C.B. (TX)	SMITH Maudie Loraine (TX)	Billy Joe 9/2/29 M Alvord 9440 & 9440a & 9440b
CLOWER John Brown (TX)	BONER Edith Jewell (TX)	Johnnie B. 1/7/29 M Alvord 9226 & 9226a
CLOWERS George Shelton	MCDONAL Lola	Kenneth Wayne 2/1/30 M Alvord [No Image 9577] 
CLUCK James Samuel (TN)	CASON Mollie Belle (TN)	Leura Belle 05/28/87 F Greenwood [del. 24826] 
CLUCK James Samuel (TN)	CASON Mollie Belle (TN)	Joe Alton 06/10/89 M Greenwood [del. 24825] 
COAT Dan	BLANK Artie	blank 3/26/09 M blank 4572 [Delayed 3866]
COATS Charles Madison (TX)	McLAIN Barbara Ann (TX)	Beulah 09/21/93 F Alvord [del. 28040] 
COATS Charles Madison (TX)	McLAIN Barbara Ann (TX)	Jettie Mamie 11/03/97 F Alvord [del. 24548] 
COATS Dan	BLANK blank	blank 6/16/07 M blank 3389 
COATS Napoleon B (TX)	GOLDEN Camilla Victoria (AL)	Clarence Herman 08/16/98 M Alvord [del. 6642] 
COATS Napoleon Bonaparte (TX)	GOLDEN Camelia Victoria (AL)	Terrell Charlie 07/02/02 M Alvord [del. 13615] 
COATS William Thomas (TX)	JACKSON Fannie Williamson (MS)	Earnest Jackson 05/27/00 M Decatur [del. 20995] 
COBB A.H.	MEEK Overda	blank 12/22/29 M blank [No Image 9536] 
COBB Archie Hubert (TX)	MEEK Oneida Louisa (GA)	Hubert Harold 10/22/29 M Bridgeport 9483 & 9483a
COBB Azariah Houston (AR)	JOHNSON Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Walter O'Kelley 11/12/87 M Greenwood [del. 25077] 
COBB Azariah Houston (AR)	JOHNSON Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Nettie Ruth 02/08/00 F Greenwood [del. 8236] 
COBB Azirah Houston (AR)	JOHNSON Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Lizzie Elvira 01/04/93 F Greenwood [del. 25076] 
COBB Azriah Houston (AR)	JOHNSON Mary (AL)	Corner 12/06/94 M Greenwood [del. 10005] 
COBB Azriah Houston (AR)	JOHNSON Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Callie Dona 02/15/97 F Greenwood [del. 13330] 
COBB blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/15/06 F blank 2619 
COBB blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/26/07 M Paradise 3507 
COBB Commer (TX)	ELLIOTT Winnie L. (TX)	blank 6/9/25 F Alvord 8337 
COBB D.W.	BLANK D.J.	blank 10/6/07 M blank 3592 
COBB George Cecil	SWAFFORD N.B.	Marvin Lee Dale 2/10/30 F blank [No Image 9592] 
COBB Hugh	BLANK Anna	blank 7/14/04 M blank 1016 
COBB Hugh	THORN Anna	Desie 3/30/06 F Greenwood 2579 & 2579a
COBB J.T.	MICHAEL Georgia	Albert Lee 9/3/04 M rural, Wise Co. 1164 & 1164a
COBB James Allen	HAMILTON Mary Sue	Melba Ruth 2/27/28 F Bridgeport 8958 
COBB James Allen (NC)	STEVENS Jaily Ann (TX)	Minnie May 01/04/95 F Decatur [del. 18189] 
COBB James Anderson (AL)	STEPHENS Jaily Ann (TX)	Elmer Albert 03/16/87 M Decatur [del. 20476] 
COBB James Anderson (AL)	STEVENSON Jaily Ann (TX)	Mary Ida 02/20/88 F Decatur [del. 21863] 
COBB James Anderson (AL)	STEVENSON Jaily Ann (TX)	Nettie Ethel 10/10/90 F Decatur [del. 21864] 
COBB James Anderson (AL)	STEVENSON Jaily Ann (TX)	Beulah Gertrude 09/04/96 F Decatur [del. 21865] 
COBB John William (AL)	INMAN Susan Anna (AL)	Buna Josephene 05/28/95 F Boyd [del. 21477] 
COBB Ned	BLANK Mattie	(Albert Lee) 9/17/04 M blank 1199 
COBB Oscar	BLANK blank	blank 7/10/07 M blank 3417 
COBB W.R.	RAWLE Hazle	Ray Morris 10/10/32 M Alvord [No Image 10589] 
COBB William	BLANK Dovie	blank 5/20/05 M blank 1831 
COCANOUGHER Charles M.	STALLING Lucille	Charles Marvin 1/11/32 M Decatur [No Image 10332] 
COCANOUGHER Glen	MECASKEY G.	blank 8/12/33 F Decatur [No Image 10862] 
COCANOUGHER Glen	MECASKEY G.	Dorothy Lynn 8/12/33 F Decatur [No Image 10863] 
COCANOUGHER Glenn	MCCASKEY Gertrude	Bonnie Glenn 1/21/32 M Decatur [No Image 10344] 
COCANOUGHER Glenn (TX)	MECASKEY Gertrude (TX)	Allen Howell 10/20/28 M Decatur 9160 & 9160a
COCHRAN Joseph Warren (MO)	ROPER Amanda (GA)	James Tildon 03/18/80 M Decatur [del. 16193] 
COCHRAN S.T.	BLANK J.B.	blank 7/13/08 M blank 4131 
COCHRAN W.S.	BLANK Anna	blank 11/6/09 M blank 4840 
COCHRAN W.S.	REDMAN Annie	blank 7/5/14 M blank 5926 
COCKRELL Arthur Howard (TX)	WOOLEY Pernina (?)	Lewis Walter 07/04/01 M Alvord [del. 12437] 
CODY Albert L.	CHERRY Evalena L.	Beatrice 4/6/04 F Slidell 792 & 0792a & 0792b & 1792c
CODY Albert Lee (TN)	CHERRY Evalenah Lee (TX)	Carl 06/14/00 M Greenwood [del. 6423] 
CODY Elkin Foster (GA)	ROBERTS Cally (TX)	Ada Bell 05/29/77 F Wise Co [del. 5845] 
COE Rufus Silvistus (AL)	STOCKTON Sarah Jane (AL)	Mabel Louie 09/08/02 F Chico [del. 9191] 
COFFEE blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/21/03 F blank 299 
COFFEE blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/17/06 F blank 2500 
COFFEE James Alexander (GA)	JOHNSON Eliza Elizabeth (GA)	William Henry 02/01/75 M Baxter Co AR [del. 13771] 
COFFEE Tobe (AR)	GREEN Dora (AR)	Edgar Floyd 09/19/02 M Baxter Co AR [del. 14388] 
COFFEE William Henry (AR)	SINOR Nancy Belle (MO)	Lena Mae 10/15/02 F Paradise [del. 20706] 
COFFEY Aurelius	BRYANT Jessie Edna	Katie Valera 10/20/03 F rural, Wise Co. 382 & 0382a
COFFEY Aurelius (AL)	BRYANT Jessie Edna (TX)	William Ross 1/24/08 M Slidell 3799 & 3799a
COFFEY Aurelius (TX)	BRYANT Jessie Edna (TX)	Avo 12/18/99 F Slidell [del. 22287] 
COFFMAN A.C.	BLANK blank	blank 2/6/05 F blank 1580 
COFFMAN Alec C (AR)	PROVENCE Cassanna (TX)	Mida Fay 04/07/00 F Cottondale [del. 29725] 
COFFMAN Alex C (AR)	DAILY Cassanna Van (TX)	Joe Holt 09/06/96 M Cottondale [del. 11295] 
COFFMAN Alex C (AR)	PROVENCE Casanna V (TX)	Hugh White 03/08/91 M Cottondale [del. 21006] 
COFFMAN Alex Clinglin (AR)	PROVENCE Casanna Vandalia (TX)	Leola Jean 05/07/94 F Cottondale [del. 14614] 
COFFMAN Alexander C (TN)	PROVENCE Crusana (TX)	Robert Layette 11/25/83 M Cottondale [del. 23256] 
COFFMAN Alexander Clarence (AR)	PROVENCE Cassanna Vandalia (TX)	Linnie Ophia 08/16/02 F Cottondale [del. 14584] 
COFFMAN Alexander Clingman (AR)	PROVENCE Casanna V (TX)	Loma Jane 05/29/81 F Cottondale [del. 21203] 
COFFMAN blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/21/06 M blank 2855 
COFFMAN C.	BLANK blank	blank 6/8/10 F blank 5019 
COFFMAN Everett	BLANK blank	blank 7/28/09 M blank 4703 
COFFMAN Jim C.	BENSON Surfonia Ann	Rosa Faye 11/19/11 F Decatur 5409 
COFFMAN Joe Holt (TX)	MCBRIDE Lillie (TX)	Melba Joe 11/1/22 F Paradise 7682 & 7682a
COFFMAN Robert Henry	BLANK Margie H.	blank 8/27/28 blank Bridgeport 9097 
COFFMAN Samuel Patton (?)	THOMAS Mary Nelissie (?)	Caddie May 05/26/98 F Garvin [del. 14613] 
COFFMAN Tom	BLANK Etna	blank 2/4/06 ? blank 2470 
COGBURN Frances Marion (TN)	BEEZLEY Isabel (MO)	Andrew Atwood 05/17/89 M Decatur [del. 16226] 
COGBURN Robert L. (TX)	DOYL Vertie L. (TX)	blank 8/10/25 M Slidell 8377 
COGBURN Robert Lee	DOYLE Virdie Minnie	Alva Lee 3/6/16 M blank 6382 & 6382a
COGBURN Robert Lee (TX)	CHRISTIAN Verdie (TX)	blank 4/15/22 M Slidell 7574 
COGBURN Robert Lee (TX)	DOYLE LaVerta (TX)	Clara Pearl 7/11/20 F Krum 7269 & 7269a
COLDWATER Charles Henry (Germany)	HOLMAN Minnie (OH)	Annie Christina 12/25/79 F Chico [del. 17809] 
COLE Edd	BLANK blank	blank 6/12/07 M blank 3385 
COLE James U (AL)	SHIPMAN Sarah Ann (AL)	Minnie Lee 10/03/86 F Winston Co AL [del. 29525] 
COLE Walter Winfred	STINGHAM Cora Esther	Alice Mae 2/6/05 F Park Springs 1575 & 1575a
COLEMAN Akard	PASCHALL Ethel	Carlton Akard 6/20/16 M blank 6431 
COLEMAN Akard (TX)	PASCHALL Ethel (TX)	Elmer Lee 4/29/13 M Bridgeport 5688 
COLEMAN B. Clayton	BALLARD Lizzie M.	John Weldon 11/24/30 M Decatur [No Image 9878] 
COLEMAN Dewey	METCALF Grace	blank 12/16/30 M blank [No Image 9894] 
COLEMAN Ed	DAWSON Maud Luella	Helen Louise 5/2/30 F Decatur [No Image 9676] 
COLEMAN Edd, Jr.(TX)	DAWSON Maud Luella (OK)	James Arthur 6/13/26 M Decatur 9374 & 9374a
COLEMAN James Allen	PARKS Willie Lee	Mary Odis 3/24/05 F Bridgeport 1692 & 1692a
COLEMAN James Allen (TN)	PARKS Willie Lee (AL)	Lonnie Lee 11/13/98 M Bridgeport [del. 31178] 
COLEMAN James Allen (TN)	PARKS Willie Lee (AL)	Paul 05/22/02 F Bridgeport [del. 33325] 
COLEMAN Joe	BLANK Sallie	blank 1/28/07 F blank 3141 
COLEMAN Joe	BLANK Sallie	blank 1/28/07 F blank 3142 
COLEMAN Joel A (KY)	YOUNG Sallie (KY)	Fred 02/09/01 M Bridgeport [del. 22258] 
COLEMAN Joel Ambrus (KY)	LANDRUM Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Luella 04/14/85 F Barron Co KY [del. 12829] 
COLEMAN John	BLANK blank	blank 11/26/05 M blank 2310 
COLEMAN John Washington (MO)	HOBBS Amelia Carrie (TX)	Rufus Henry 01/17/01 M Bridgeport [del. 8099] 
COLEMAN Joseph	BLANK blank	blank 11/20/03 F blank 457 
COLEMAN Joseph (IL)	McILVAIN Arminda A (IL)	Jesse Franklin 09/14/86 M Sunset [del. 15447] 
COLEMAN W.S. (TN)	HEMBREE Alice (TX)	James Walter 4/16/22 M Bridgeport 7575 
COLEMAN Walter Scott (TN)	HEDGE Mary (TN)	Walter Lee 12/04/97 M Paradise [del. 7148] 
COLIAR William Lee (TX)	COLLEY Lorra (TX)	blank 4/2/23 M Crafton 7752 
COLLIER Andrew J (TN)	EDMONDSON Emma E (TN)	Guy A 01/11/94 M Crafton [del. 25631] 
COLLIER Demarcus Aurealous (MO)	ALLRED Mary E (TX)	Wilson Preston 01/25/83 M Bridgeport [del. 16329] 
COLLIER Demarcus Aurelious (MO)	ALLRED Mary Ella (TX)	Hattie Ella 03/26/91 F Bridgeport [del. 11940] 
COLLIER Demarcus Aurelious (MO)	ALLRED Mary Ellen (TX)	Wharton Aurelious 01/05/86 M Bridgeport [del. 12308] 
COLLIER Frank	BLANK Mattie	blank 5/19/06 F blank 2676 
COLLIER Frank Blair (MO)	BLAKE Martha Jane (IL)	Frank Myrtle 05/12/90 F Bridgeport [del. 12869] 
COLLIER Frank Blair (MO)	BLAKE Martha Jane (IL)	Linnie Blair 07/01/94 F Bridgeport [del. 11031] 
COLLIER G.A.	MASON May	blank 8/21/17 F Crafton 6682 
COLLIER Guy Colan (TX)	MASON May (GA)	blank 2/10/24 M Crafton 8000 & [delayed 10595]
COLLIER Joseph Bolen (KY)	RAYBORN Louisa (IA)	Joseph Bolen 08/26/86 M Bridgeport [del. 15850] 
COLLIER Milton Harvey (KY)	COLLYAR Belle (MO)	Peter Pleasant 03/12/79 M Greenwood [del. 13515] 
COLLIER William Russell (TN)	ANDREWS Hattie Lee (TN)	William Lee 02/03/92 M Montgomery Co TN [del. 25291] 
COLLINS blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/29/03 M blank 403 
COLLINS blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/8/06 M blank 2819 
COLLINS Bob	BLANK Essie	blank 10/18/04 M blank 1280 
COLLINS Cecil	VESS Essie	blank 7/10/31 F Decatur [No Image 10137] 
COLLINS Charles L. (TX)	FERGUSON Nora Lee (TX)	Charlene 8/8/26 F Alvord 8631 
COLLINS Clyde	HOYLE Vera	Eva 5/18/33 F Alvord [No Image 10769] 
COLLINS Ed	BLANK blank	blank 10/31/05 F blank 2250 
COLLINS Ed	BLANK blank	blank 10/21/08 M blank 4307 
COLLINS Ed	BLANK Elizabeth	blank 2/13/09 F blank 4492 
COLLINS Ed	MORRIS Lizzie	Byron Edward 7/14/11 M Alvord 5308 
COLLINS George W. (TX)	MOSLEY Ethel (TX)	blank 11/13/23 M Decatur 7939 
COLLINS H.O.	TAYLOR T.M.	blank 3/7/15 F blank 6049 
COLLINS Henry Clay (TN)	TERRY Callie (AL)	William Jasper 04/11/02 M Alvord [del. 6324] 
COLLINS Henry J.	BLACKSTOCK Clara L.	Lavada E. 11/25/29 F blank [No Image 9516] 
COLLINS Henry J.	BLACKSTOCK Clara L.	Billie D. 9/3/31 M Bowie [No Image 10206] 
COLLINS Henry Ozzie (TN)	TAYLOR Fannie Mae (TX)	Eddie Clyde 07/15/97 M Alvord [del. 14882] 
COLLINS Hershel (TX)	STOUT Jammie (TX)	Doris 8/27/23 F Alvord 7883 
COLLINS Isam Washington (TN)	HAZLEMAN Sarah (TN)	James Haddock 08/04/96 M Marshal Co TN [del. 21204] 
COLLINS J.T. (TX)	GELLY Clara (TX)	blank 11/23/28 F Alvord 9182 
COLLINS James Edward (TN)	MORRIS Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Agnes Odell 8/19/13 F Alvord 5754 & 5754a
COLLINS James Moses (TX)	BROOM Nancy Ann (SC)	King William 06/03/93 M Garvin [del. 16660] 
COLLINS John	PORTER Docia	blank 3/23/16 F blank 6390 [delayed 12831]
COLLINS John C (GA)	PORTER Mary (MS)	Iva May 08/04/01 F Decatur [del. 29713] 
COLLINS John C.	PORTER Mary Theadocia	Thelma 12/10/04 F Paradise 1419 & 1419a
COLLINS John N (OH)	CLARK Dora (TX)	Fannie Vera 04/07/82 F Decatur [del. 17207] 
COLLINS Kelly Anderson (TX)	JONES Maggie Delia (TX)	Verma Aylen 8/26/20 F Decatur 7288 
COLLINS Neal S B (TN)	COOK ANNIE F (TN)	Fronie 06/19/98 F Alvord [del. 29600] 
COLLINS Robert Franklin (SC)	JOHNSTON Margaret Flora (GA)	Mary Elizabeth 01/23/81 F Hart Co GA [del. 14495] 
COLLINS T.M.	BLANK M.	blank 9/8/17 F Alvord 6703 
COLLINS Terrell	BLANK Ella	Ben O. 5/9/05 M blank 1802 
COLLINS Thomas	BLANK Effie	blank 8/16/05 F blank 2061 
COLLINS W.W.	HEFFMAN Minnie	Doris Joan 11/29/30 F Alvord [No Image 9882] 
COLLINS W.W.	UPTON Minnie	blank 10/17/15 F blank 6272 
COLLINS Walter Monroe (VA)	HITE Katherine Lee (TX)	Ollie Mae 9/13/26 F Rhome 8665 & 8665a & 8665b & 8665c & 8665d
COLLINS William Henry	SLIMP Lillie	Mary Florene 5/22/27 F Rhome 8800 
COLLINS William Henry (VA)	SLIMP Lillie	Ruth Virginia 1/25/24 F Rhome 7986 
COLLINS William W. (TN)	OPTION Minnie May (AR)	blank 1/22/25 F blank 8247 & [delayed 10631]
COLLINS Z.L.	ANDERSON Velar Ellen	J.W. 4/24/28 M Alvord 9003 & 9003a
COLLINS Z.L.	ANDERSON Viola	Bell 2/16/30 F Alvord [No Image 9595] 
COLLINS Z.L.	ANDERSON Viola	Nell 2/16/30 F Alvord [No Image 9596] 
COLLINS Zack	ANDISON Velar	blank 6/27/33 M Alvord [No Image 10808] 
COLWELL Joseph Benjamin (MO)	McCRAW Lara Jane (TX)	John Wesley 01/12/01 M Briar [del. 16543] 
COLWELL Robert Lee (CA)	ANDERSON Dollie (TX)	Claude Workman 12/01/95 M Willow Point [del. 9700] 
COLWELL William T (CA)	BANKS Mary Frances (TX)	Velma 10/17/88 F Cottondale [del. 15554] 
COMBS C.P., Rev.	BLANK Ida M.	Robert 10/13/04 M blank 1269 
COMBS Erastus Milton (MO)	REYNOLDS Eliza (TX)	Eva Lena 07/27/91 F Cottondale [del. 24518] 
COMBS John Tipton (TX)	WISE Nora (LA)	Ophia Alma 12/11/99 F Paradise [del. 23152] 
COMBS John Tipton (TX)	WISE Nora (LA)	John Owen 11/20/00 M Cottondale [del. 13853] 
COMBS John Tipton (TX)	WISE Nora (TX)	James Oscar 08/13/93 M Paradise [del. 28865] 
COMBS Milton Erastus (TX)	REYNOLDS Eliza Elizabeth (TX)	George Dewey 05/07/98 M Paradise [del. 31164] 
COMBS Oscar J. (TX)	MANN Bessie M. (TX)	Lynn Wood Spencer 5/4/20 M Paradise 7241 
COMBS Wesley	LEE Elizabeth	blank 10/17/12 F blank 5584 
COMBS William Martin (KY)	HUGGINS Charlotte (GA)	S.E. 4/22/23 M Alvord 7777 
COMBS Worthy Eugene (TX)	ERICK Olie Zelo (TX)	Elmer Eugene 9/9/07 M blank 3525 & 3525a
COMBS Worthy Eugene (TX)	ERICK Ollie Z. (TX)	W.E. 8/12/21 M Paradise 7441 & 7441a
COMER J.M.	BLANK M.C.	blank 8/28/07 M blank 3511 
COMPTON John	WRIGHT Ethel	blank 4/4/16 F blank 4973 
COMPTON M.B.	BLANK blank	blank 7/8/10 F blank 5039 
COMSTOCK Benjamin Franklin (MO)	BOBBIT Mary (TX)	William Marshall 03/04/93 M Chico [del. 28111] 
CONARD Will C (TX)	MILLER Martha (TX)	Emma Lee 02/06/88 F Decatur [del. 11889] 
CONARD William C (TX)	MILLER Martha (MO)	Frank 02/05/85 M Decatur [del. 23255] 
CONDER Charlie	BLANK Florence	blank 3/3/15 F blank 6047 
CONE J.L.	HARRIS Artie	blank 2/29/12 M blank 5477 
CONE Stanton William	THOMAS Nora Belle	Helen Lucille 3/23/07 F Crafton 3245 & 3245a
CONESEN Y.L.	GREER Hattie Mae	blank 4/23/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9668] 
CONKEY Lee	BLANK Pearlie	blank 1/8/05 F blank 1499 
CONKEY Y.L.	GREER Hattie M.	blank 4/23/30 M blank [No Image 9669] 
CONLEY A.B., Jr.	BLANK Nannie	blank 9/30/05 F blank 2175 
CONLEY Adolphus Booker (LA)	McANDREW Nannie Lewis (KY)	Elmer Mitchell 02/16/00 M Bridgeport [del. 3554] 
CONLEY John Franklin (TN)	STEPHENS Ardena (TN)	Mary 04/02/98 F Boyd [del. 3497] 
CONLEY John Oliver	HUCKABY Flora	blank 6/3/32 blank Chico [No Image 10452] 
CONNER G.C.	BLANK A.L.	blank 3/5/04 blank blank 706 
CONNER James	RILEY Mary E.	Mary Eleanor 11/14/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10938] 
CONNER Thadius Iseral (MS)	LUTER Mary Parthne (TX)	Ira Allen 03/08/99 M Audubon [del. 4709] 
CONNOR Thomas (Ireland)	GILLIGAN Catherine (Ireland)	James Samuel 09/17/79 M Bridgeport [del. 16625] 
CONRAD W.E. (IL)	INMAN Connie (OK)	Eldon Murl 10/15/29 M Decatur 9475 & 9475a
CONTRAIS Marcus	GOLAS Alisa	blank 2/22/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9606] 
CONTREROS Marcelo	ESTRADO Concepcion	Marcos Donez 10/7/05 M blank 2195 
CONTROLIZA Salo (Mex)	BLANK Moniz	blank 1/26/08 M blank 3805 
COOK A.C.	BURNES Larena	blank 3/9/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9993] 
COOK B W (TX)	FOSTER Della (AL)	Isabell 04/22/89 F Decatur [del. 24385] 
COOK B W (TX)	FOSTER Della (AL)	Beulah Lee 04/18/97 F Decatur [del. 28866] 
COOK Bart	BLANK Della	(Oliver L. 'Dock') 10/17/03 M blank 374 
COOK Bart	FOSTER Della	Annie Laura 3/2/06 F blank 2534 & 2534a
COOK Bartholmew Wesley (TX)	FOSTER Virginia Idella (AL)	Rebecca Lowell 07/24/01 F Decatur [del. 15311] 
COOK Bartholomew Wesley (TX)	FOSTER Virginia Idela (AL)	Thurman Foster 10/29/93 M Decatur [del. 6792] 
COOK Bartholomew Wesley (TX)	FOSTER Virginia Idella (AL)	Clifton Wesley 11/28/91 M Decatur [del. 6280] 
COOK blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/15/06 M blank 2494 
COOK Charles Moore (KY)	GOOSTREE Mary Bell (TN)	William Moore 06/08/93 M Aurora [del. 14658] 
COOK Charlie Moore (TN)	GOOSTREE Mary Bell (TN)	Nell Bly 05/09/98 F Boyd [del. 29457] 
COOK Dick	BLANK blank	blank 1/3/07 F blank 3093 
COOK Dick	BLANK blank	blank 4/21/08 M blank 3979 
COOK Harper H (MO)	PATTERSON Martha Elizabeth (AL)	Lela 08/06/85 F Alvord [del. 19384] 
COOK Henry	BLANK blank	blank 4/19/07 F blank 3295 
COOK J.B.	DODD Bera	Joe Gene 12/19/31 M Alvord [No Image 10305] 
COOK James Elbert (TN)	CLARK Dora Ettor (AL)	James Jefferson 05/03/90 M Decatur [del. 14852] 
COOK John Henry	ORSBORN Vergie Lee	Lige Edwin 4/19/07 M Decatur 4826 & 4826a
COOK Kneel T (AR)	PHILLIPS Minnie (TX)	Menzo D 06/29/02 M Decatur [del. 23808] 
COOK Lucas	BLANK blank	blank 2/13/05 M blank 1596 
COOK Mannery (TX)	HOWARD Sarah (TX)	Earl Summers 03/03/85 M Wise Co [del. 16910] 
COOK Marvin Chapel (TX)	ADAMS Urval (TX)	Betty Jo 9/22/29 F Decatur 9456 
COOK Marvin Chapel (TX)	ADAMS Urvel Almeda (TX)	Dorothy Mae 9/12/26 F Decatur 8664 
COOK Menzo	MARTIN Flora	Patricia June 6/9/31 F Decatur [No Image 10100] 
COOK Menzo (TX)	MARTIN Flora (TX)	Doris Faye 5/25/29 F Decatur 9360 & 9360a & 9360b
COOK Menzo D.	MARTIN Flora	Helen Joyce 3/19/28 F Decatur 8975 & 8975a
COOK Oliver L.	HILTON Alta Mae	blank 10/29/33 M Decatur [No Image 10919] 
COOK T.F.	MCCRACKEN R.	blank 7/13/32 F Decatur [No Image 10493] 
COOK W.F.	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/17 M blank 6695 
COOK W.P.	NEEL Agnes	blank 12/12/16 F blank 6523 
COOK Wallace	BLANK blank	blank 4/19/07 F blank 3294 
COOK Wallace Marion	THOMPSON Lela	Billie 3/7/10 F Decatur 4953 
COOK William	BLANK blank	blank 11/11/04 F blank 1349 
COOK William Anderson (TX)	WILSON Clara Ann (TX)	Mary Ruth 09/18/02 F Decatur [del. 19454] 
COOK William Doak (TX)	McDONALD Genevieve (TX)	Charles Samuel 07/04/01 M Bridgeport [del. 10380] 
COOK William Harrison (MO)	CONNALLY Caroline (IL)	Willie Renshaw 06/14/80 M Decatur [del. 21379] 
COOK William Moore (TX)	GROSE Willie L. (TX)	Myrtle L. 5/9/12 F Boyd 5519 & 5519a
COOK Willie Renshaw	BOYD Mattie Cora	Grace Olean 3/23/04 F Decatur 754 & 0754a
COOK Willie Renshaw (TX)	BOYD Hattie Cora (TX)	Winnie Bell 05/31/02 F Decatur [del. 21380] 
COON Berkley M.	KELLEY Victoria	blank 2/6/18 M Alvord 6821 
COON E.E.	BLANK Mildred	blank 12/8/06 F blank 3048 
COONE Berkley Martin	KELLEY Victoria Viola	Arthur Nolon 7/13/15 M Alvord 6152 
COONS James Caldwell (TX)	BROWN Maggie Elizabeth (TX)	Dollie Modene 07/18/97 F Crafton [del. 30253] 
COOPER Boaz	BLANK Vina	blank 2/20/08 M blank 3852 
COOPER C.B.	BLANK J.E.	W. 12/28/03 M blank 541 
COOPER Cecil Clyde (TX)	LOTER Alba (TX)	Cleo Thurmon 5/2/23 M Slidell 7788 & 7788a
COOPER Chancy Lewis (KS)	MONK Frances (TX)	Dollie Fern 04/22/98 F Decatur [del. 23027] 
COOPER Chancy Lewis (KS)	MONK Frances Louise (TX)	Mary Elizabeth Louranie 03/29/95 F Decatur [del. 23026] 
COOPER Chetwynde Bard (LA)	JOHNSTON Johnie Elizabeth (TX)	Valorie Maria 10/16/99 F Willow Point [del. 16246] 
COOPER Chetwynde Bard (LA)	JOHNSTON Johnnie Elizabeth (TX)	Lucius Bard 02/17/96 M Willow Point [del. 30030] 
COOPER Chetwynde Bard (LA)	JOHNSTON Johnnie Elizabeth (TX)	Cecil Captolia 07/31/01 F Willow Point [del. 11032] 
COOPER David S.	FARMER Minnie	blank 5/12/15 M blank 6094 
COOPER David Starling (MO)	SHANNON Mary Thomas (GA)	Mabel Clair 04/15/84 F Boyd [del. 19651] 
COOPER David Starling (MO)	SHANNON Mary Thomas (GA)	Mary Myrtle 11/12/86 F Boyd [del. 19652] 
COOPER David Wilson (TN)	KELLY Mary Ida Lee (TX)	Benjamin Wilson 10/12/06 M Chico 2962 & 2962a
COOPER Donnie Jetty, Sr.(AL)	BAGWELL Marggie Jannis (AR)	William Thomas 2/21/24 M Park Springs 8010 & 8010a
COOPER J.F. (MO)	GREEN Minnie Elizabeth (TX)	Orval B. 5/3/12 M Boonsville 5515 & 5515a
COOPER J.W.	BLANK Maud	blank 3/1/09 M blank 4530 
COOPER Jacob Houston (IN)	MEARS Ella Jane (IL)	Viola Frances 05/05/92 F Chico [del. 14855] 
COOPER Jacob Houston (IN)	MEARS Ella Jane (IL)	Gladys Olin 05/24/95 M Chico [del. 16003] 
COOPER Jacob Houston (IN)	MEARS Ella Jane (IL)	Vista Letha Jean 02/01/01 F Chico [del. 14854] 
COOPER James Clark (AR)	PARKS Virginia (TN)	Charles William 03/17/00 M Decatur [del. 13988] 
COOPER Joe	BLANK Lilly	blank 1/23/10 M blank 4916 
COOPER Joe (MO)	GREEN Minnie Elzabeth (TX)	Hazel Orleana 2/28/08 F Boonsville 3876 & 3876a
COOPER John	BLANK M.	Mattie 12/29/04 F blank 1470 
COOPER John	BRAMLETT Mattie	Mattie Vera 12/29/03 F Boyd 546 
COOPER John Hunter (MS)	BONE Alice Laura (TX)	Callie Joe 02/25/95 F Decatur [del. 27995] 
COOPER John Hunter (MS)	BONE Alice Laura (TX)	Bertie Mae 12/10/97 F Decatur [del. 22163] 
COOPER John Hunter (MS)	BONE Alice Lovera (TX)	Ethel Lodi 07/17/89 F Decatur [del. 22934] 
COOPER John Matthew (TX)	TAYLOR Florence Caldonia (115)	Eddie Leonard 08/25/98 M Boyd [del. 10186] 
COOPER John Samuel (AR)	PARK Katie (TN)	Noah Finley 08/27/01 M Boonsville [del. 9545] 
COOPER Robert	BLANK blank	blank 5/28/05 F blank 1848 
COOPER Walter (NC)	TERRELL Fanny Ida (TX)	William Eugene 03/13/93 M Decatur [del. 27847] 
COOPER Walter (NC)	TERRELL Fanny Ida (TX)	Mavered Acenith 08/28/95 F Decatur [del. 27848] 
COOPER Will (TX)	ASKEY Blanche (TX)	Elizabeth 7/23/24 F NM 8112 
COPELAND Edward (AL)	GILLEY Rose Janey (TX)	James Wesley 4/6/07 M Alvord 3276 & 3276a
COPELAND Fayette (TN)	McCURDY Sallie Maude (TX)	Mary Caroline 08/28/98 F Chico [del. 7600] 
COPELAND Fayette (TN)	McCURDY Sallie Maude (TX)	Fayette Jr 12/10/95 M Chico [del. 7601] 
COPELAND James Martin (TX)	HEARN Laura Precilla (TX)	Rebecca Van 08/15/00 F Alvord [del. 29197] 
COPELAND Joe	BLANK Lizzie	blank 3/29/07 M blank 3256 
COPELAND L.D.	BLANK L.A.	blank 1/18/06 F blank 2419 
COPELAND S D (TX)	MOHEN Mamie E (AL)	Dimcil E 05/19/94 M Boyd [del. 24175] 
COPELAND Shipley Troy (TX)	NOLAN Nancy Elizabeth (AL)	Lee Tilta Alma 11/19/00 F Boyd [del. 13094] 
COPELAND Van Daily (TN)	TATE Lavena (TX)	Edward Franklin 10/06/81 M Greenwood [del. 18584] 
COPELAND Verner Aubry	OGBURN Willie Mae	Annie Jet 7/7/06 F Alvord 2754 & 2754a
COPELAND Wesley Albert (AR)	ROSENBAUM Laura Josephine (AR)	Ophel Vern 01/06/02 F Decatur [del. 4503] 
COPP George Anderson (MO)	EAST Josephine (MO)	Lewie Ervin 05/06/92 M Decatur [del. 13943] 
COPP John Thomas (TX)	ROGERS Nancy Bell (AR)	George Thomas Marvin 12/07/94 M Decatur [del. 23220] 
COPP John Thomas (TX)	ROGERS Nancy Bell (AR)	Lela Martha Jane 05/06/96 F Decatur [del. 23595] 
COPP William Franklin (GA)	EAST Zella Parkee (MO)	Mary Eliza 06/23/87 F Decatur [del. 5514] 
CORBIN James P.	PUGH Lourvinnie	Samuel Jewel 3/6/05 F Wise Co. 1653 & 1653a & 1653b
CORBIN Merida (GA)	ELLIS Margaret Miranda (MO)	Minnie Tennessee 02/27/79 F Decatur [del. 13585] 
CORBIN Merida (VA)	ELLIS Margaret (TN)	Stephen Manuel 12/12/85 M Brumlow [del. 19653] 
CORDER J.H.	BLANK H.B.	blank 7/16/08 M blank 4136 
CORLEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/2/07 M blank 3708 
CORLEY J.O.	HUCKABEE Flora Mae	Melva June 6/3/32 F blank [No Image 10452] 
CORLEY Jerry William (TX)	WATTERS Deana (TX)	Gertie 12/25/96 M Miller Co AR [del. 14659] 
CORLEY John R (AL)	HOLLINGSHEADS Eniely L (GA)	Michael M 05/29/90 M Clark Co AR [del. 23762] 
CORMACK William	BLANK Minnie	blank 9/4/03 F blank 256 
CORMACK William (Canada)	WILSON Minnie Margaret (TX)	Oswald William 9/21/09 M Bridgeport 4777 & 4777a
CORN John William (AR)	BAKER Susan Hattie (AL)	Mary Alena 01/05/02 F Pope Co AR [del. 29606] 
CORNELISON John Wesley (TX)	LAKEY Pheby Lee (TX)	Etter Eveline 02/03/89 F Wise Co [del. 20105] 
CORNELL Mark (TN)	ALLEN Ida (TN)	Josie 08/26/01 F Alvord [del. 33723] 
CORNSTUBBLE James Albert	BRADY Nannie Lettia	Dewey Albert 3/26/04 M Briar 760 & 0760a
CORNSTUBBLE Steave Surnian (IL)	DILL Mary Ann (MS)	Clyde William 12/13/01 M Newark [del. 11357] 
CORNSTUBBLE Steve Shurman	DILL Mary Ann	Rendie Lee 7/23/04 F Newark 1043 & 1043a
CORONA J.	BLANK P.	blank 11/4/04 M blank 1325 
CORONADO Helario (Mex)	CUELLARS Constanza (Mex)	Leopoldo Nestor 2/26/08 M Bridgeport 3867 [delayed 2752]
CORTEZ Genovevo (Mexico)	RODRIGUEZ Matilda (Mexico)	Guadalupe 12/31/01 M Bridgeport [del. 17282] 
CORTEZ Ges	BLANK Matilda	Naruista 6/6/06 F blank 2703 
CORZINE Oscar Jonathan (TX)	REEVES Ida (TX)	Alvin Benjamin 09/12/94 M Alvord [del. 23480] 
COSILLAS Manuel, Sr. (Mex)	SALIS Margarita (TX)	Luis 8/19/26 M Bridgeport 8641 
COSPER James Melton (AL)	JACKSON Willie Rosetta (TX)	Jeffie Decatur 04/11/91 F Decatur [del. 22488] 
COSTELLO Joe M.	GARCIA Gauena	blank 9/24/17 M Bridgeport 6716 
COSTEN Andrew J (TN)	PRICE Ella Marion (MO)	Ruth 02/02/93 F Paradise [del. 10482] 
COSTEN Andy (TN)	PRICE Ella (MO)	Dixie 01/03/96 F Paradise [del. 14461] 
COTNER Burn Clayton (GA)	VANDIVER Sue (TX)	Myrtle 10/16/92 F Greenwood [del. 16923] 
COTNER Marion	CAMPBELL Grace Maude	Gracie Maude 1/22/28 F Decatur 8920 & 8920a
COTNER Marion E.	CAMPBELL Grace M.	Gwynne Hayse 9/22/30 M Decatur [No Image 9828] 
COTTON Ed	BLANK Oma	blank 12/18/03 M blank 520 
COTTON Ed (KY)	SPEAR Oma (TX)	Robbie Lee 06/21/99 F Decatur [del. 11888] 
COTTON Edd	BLANK Oma	blank 12/22/03 M blank 527 
COTTON H.T.	BLANK S.A.	Cecil C. 7/18/06 M blank 2776 
COUCH James R (TX)	PHILLIPS Mary Ida (TX)	Wilburn Aaron 09/22/93 M Bridgeport [del. 4947] 
COUCH James Robert (TX)	PHILLIPS Mary Ida (MS)	Margarett Adaline 02/24/96 F Wise Co [del. 5343] 
COUCH Orval Lee (TN)	MORROW Dorotha Lee (TX)	Blanche Hester 02/16/93 F Chico 31 & [del. 1107] 
COUCH Orval Lee (TN)	MORROW Dorothy Lee (TX)	Hattie Grace 11/06/96 F Chico [del. 22596] 
COUCH Thomas Jefferson (TX)	THOMPSON Lena (TX)	Ella Mae 06/22/92 F Bridgeport [del. 24897] 
COUCH Thomas Jefferson (TX)	THOMPSON Lena (TX)	Ira Lee 12/25/96 F Bridgeport [del. 12870] 
COULEY A.P.	BLANK Grace	blank 11/19/09 F blank 4852 
COUNTER J.I.	BLANK M.E.	blank 2/13/07 M blank 3173 
COUNTS Herbert	FINLEY Ruth	Geneva 11/17/31 M blank [No Image 10286] 
COUNTS J.M.	BLANK L.C.	(Freddie James) 8/23/03 M blank 217 
COUNTS J.M.	BLANK L.E.	blank 1/11/07 M blank 3103 
COUNTS J.T.	SANDERS Sallie	blank 1/20/18 F Chico 6800 
COUNTS James Madison	NESMITH Lieu Etta	Paul 9/9/04 M Chico 1180 & 1180a
COUNTS Lawrence Earl (TX)	SMITH Mattie Lorene (TX)	Loveta Joy 1/16/29 F Chico 9236 & 9236a
COUNTS Sidney Emory (TX)	PETERS Ida Jane (KS)	Fannie Vastie 07/12/90 F Alvord [del. 22870] 
COUNTS T.C.	JOHNSON Lissie	Tammy Gene 8/19/30 M blank [No Image 9790] 
COUNTS W.N.	REDDELL Alpha	blank 5/5/23 M Chico [No Image 10381] 
COUNTS W.N. (TX)	REDDELL Alpha (TX)	blank 5/5/23 M Chico 7790 & [delayed 10381]
COURSEY E.T. (TX)	BORING Iva Mae (TX)	Reba Lorene 8/10/25 F Bridgeport 8378 & 8378a
COURSEY Eugene G.F. (TX)	PALMER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	James Delano 7/18/23 M Bridgeport 7853 & 7853a
COURSEY Gene	BLANK blank	blank 3/21/13 M blank 5670 
COURSEY George Alexander (TX)	OWENS Martha Lou (TX)	William Virgil 09/22/96 M Slidell [del. 10741] 
COURSEY George Francis	PALMER Mary Elizabeth	Clarence Eugene 9/24/17 M Bridgeport 6717 & 6717a
COURSEY K.L.	HUDSON Leta Mae	Joe Lee 7/2/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10482] 
COURSEY Lee	BLANK Pam	blank 2/26/08 F blank 3868 
COURSEY Robert E Lee (TX)	HUTSON Parlee (AR)	Eula 10/05/02 F Bridgeport [del. 29716] 
COURSEY Robert Lee (TX)	HUTSON Pearlee (AR)	T L 10/16/00 M Bridgeport [del. 29726] 
COURSEY T.L.	GREER Hattie May	R.J. 3/17/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10209] 
COURTER O.L.	BLANK Leathe	blank 7/22/07 M blank 3439 
COURTNEY George Edward (TX)	STEPP Louthena (IL)	James Edgar 03/28/94 M Alvord [del. 8325] 
COURTNEY George Edward (TX)	STEPP Louthena (IN)	Emma Joyce 12/09/92 F Alvord [del. 28181] 
COURTNEY James Polk (TN)	STAPLETON Malinda Francis (TN)	Adell Bodine 08/07/84 F Decatur [del. 12166] 
COURTNEY James Polk (TN)	STAPLETON Melinda Francis (TN)	Nellie Myrtle 12/23/82 F Decatur [del. 12165] 
COVINGTON Frank	DYER Roxie	John Thomas 5/11/15 M Decatur 6092 
COVINGTON George	BLANK blank	twins 8/3/10 M&F blank 5062 
COVINGTON George	TUTTLE Lissie	Neel Joe 11/3/07 M Rhome 3656 & 3656a
COVINGTON Hilton Sandridge (LA)	SANDERS Emily Hines (TX)	Floyd Wilson 11/16/92 M Alvord [del. 9439] 
COVINGTON J.J.W.	BLANK Effie	Jewel Betty J. 12/5/31 F Decatur [No Image 10262] 
COVINGTON James Madison (AR)	AUTRY Cora Bell (TX)	La Vada Atla 04/01/88 F Decatur [del. 21785] 
COVINGTON James Madison (AR)	AUTRY Cora Bell (TX)	Cora Esther 01/11/90 F Decatur [del. 21268] 
COVINGTON James Madison (AR)	AUTRY Cora Bell (TX)	Mary Ethel 02/19/92 F Decatur [del. 21269] 
COVINGTON John	BLANK blank	blank 5/8/13 M blank 5694 
COVINGTON John	BLANK blank	blank 8/30/15 M blank 6217 
COVINGTON Joseph John Walter (TX)	WILLIAMSON Effie (TX)	Jullie Edna Ella 5/12/20 F Greenwood 7247 & 7247a
COVINGTON Milton Sandridge (LA)	SANDERS Emily Hines (TX)	Clara Eugenia Mae 08/20/87 F Alvord [del. 9194] 
COVINGTON Robert (LA)	EVANS Alice M (AL)	Arthur Melton 12/22/00 M Alvord [del. 30300] 
COVINGTON Robert (MS)	EAVENS Alice Mae (MI)	William Carl 10/23/02 M Alvord [del. 20996] 
COVINGTON Sandridge Milton (LA)	SANDERS Emily Hines (TX)	William Alonzo 11/22/78 M Alvord [del. 22344] 
COVINGTON Sandridge Milton (LA)	SANDERS Emily Hines (TX)	Jewell 04/23/95 M Alvord [del. 16103] 
COVINGTON Sandridge Milton (LA)	SANDERS Emma (TX)	Vesta 01/31/98 F Alvord [del. 28079] 
COVINGTON W.A.	FRENSLEY Agnes	Willie 6/24/15 M blank 6133 
COVINGTON William	(FRENSLEY) Agnes	blank 3/5/08 M blank 3889 
COVINGTON William	BLANK Agnes	blank 10/20/09 M blank 4818 
COVINGTON William	FRENSLEY Agnes (TX)	William, Jr. 6/13/12 M Alvord 5542 
COVINGTON William (TX)	FRENSLEY Agnes (TX)	Weldon 3/5/08 M Alvord 3887 
COVINGTON William Carl (TX)	SMITH Bertha Eunice (TX)	Bobby Wayne 8/7/25 M Alvord 8373 & 8373a
COVINGTON William L.	DELANEY TUTTLE Maud	Willie Brock Amos 3/30/09 M Decatur 4579 & 4579a
COVINGTON William, Sr. (TX)	FRENSLEY Agnes (MS)	William, Jr. 6/13/12 M Alvord 5541 & 5541a
COWAN M.C.	BLANK M.J.	blank 3/8/05 M blank 1656 
COWART Jim (TX)	NELSON Sallie (TX)	Effie 02/19/94 F Bridgeport [del. 12830] 
COWELL Charles	BLANK Jimmie	blank 11/7/04 F blank 1335 
COWLEY A.	BLANK blank	blank 4/2/05 M blank 1708 
COWLEY Aron	BLANK Nannie	blank 7/4/03 M blank 91 
COWLEY M.M.	ALLEN Fannie	blank 3/30/27 M Chico 8781 
COWLEY Mose M. (TN)	ALLEN Fannie (TX)	C.A. 7/8/24 M Crafton 8095 & 8095a
COWLEY Mose Middleton (MS)	ALLEN Fannie Pauline (TX)	Lucy Everal 5/19/19 F Sunset 7089 & 7089a
COWLEY Moses Midleton (AL)	ALLEN Fannie Pauline (TX)	Barbara LaVerne 7/5/12 F Chico 5547 & 5547a
COX B.B.	MOORE J.B.	blank 9/9/10 F blank 5089 
COX Basil Lee Pierce (MO)	EVERITT Sarah Jane (AL)	Martha Elizabeth 01/16/89 F Chico [del. 7224] 
COX Baslee Pierce (MO)	EVERITT Sarah Johnson (MS)	John Quitman 06/25/92 M Chico [del. 20200] 
COX Burnett	MOREN Julia (TX)	Alvis Raymond 1/30/13 M Alvord 5646 & 5646a
COX Charles Frederick	WILSON Lillie Zelma	Gilbert Lee 12/2/27 M Decatur 8886 
COX Claude Sherl	LARGENT Blanche L.	Opal Lee 1/3/17 M Chico 6536 & 6536a
COX Dan	BLANK Mary Jane	blank 7/3/04 M blank 987 
COX Daniel Pierce (TX)	CARTER Lena Malley (TX)	Labecca Elizabeth 06/15/91 F Chico [del. 20926] 
COX Daniel Pierce (TX)	CARTER Mallie Vennia (TX)	Fred Marvin 07/09/94 M Chico [del. 12202] 
COX E.	STOCKARD Ruth	Baby Craft 1/18/17 F blank 6546 
COX E.T.	PAYTON L.M.	Bennie Joe 12/10/33 M Chico [No Image 10958] 
COX Earnest C.	OGLE L.J.	Ernest Lee 8/28/32 M Chico [No Image 10541] 
COX Earnest Cleveland (TX)	OGLE Linnie Jewell (TX)	Betty Lee 5/19/29 F Chico 9356 & 9356a
COX Ernest	OGLE Linnie	Pharain 11/7/27 F Chico 8870 
COX F.M.	ROSS Philis Bell	Velva Mildred 10/4/05 F Chico 2182 & 2182a
COX F.N.	SCOTT Mary E.	James Roy 1/15/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9935] 
COX Francis Mitchell (TX)	ROSS Phillie Bell (TX)	Vernon Eliza 03/13/01 F Chico [del. 29405] 
COX Herbert Lousin (TX)	BLOCKER Hattie (TX)	Alsa Jean 12/17/28 F Chico 9219 & 9219a
COX J.D.	HAPPY Mary	Robert Lee 11/30/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10297] 
COX J.D.	HAPPY Mary	Betty Ruth 11/12/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10936] 
COX J.H.	BLANK Docia	blank 3/2/09 F blank 4532 
COX J.I.	BELEW Lena	blank 12/25/33 F Chico [No Image 10973] 
COX J.M.	BLANK O.B.	blank 2/26/09 F blank 4518 
COX Jacob Hale (AR)	MIDDLETON Mary Arizona (TX)	Burl Lee 06/10/00 M Boonsville [del. 29455] 
COX James Harve (TX)	PERKINS Susie Caroline (TX)	Claude Sherral 01/05/88 M Chico [del. 22402] 
COX James Harve (TX)	PERKINS Susie Caroline (TX)	Tommie Ann 08/06/95 F Atoka Co OK [del. 28867] 
COX James Silas (MO)	EDENS Hattie (TX)	Donnie Jane 12/23/81 F Chico [del. 17443] 
COX James Thomas (AL)	ROWDEN Callie (AL)	Lucy Ann 02/14/96 F Boyd [del. 7655] 
COX John Clement (TX)	UPTON Mary Ida (AR)	Barney Otto 04/26/97 M Boonsville [del. 11155] 
COX John Quitman (TX)	BELEW Lena Katherine (TX)	Bill Pert 8/31/29 M Chico 9438 & 9438a
COX M.M.	BLANK M.J.	blank 7/20/06 F blank 2779 
COX Marion McDonald (TX)	EATON Mary Jane (TX)	Stephen McDonald 05/19/92 M Chico [del. 27807] 
COX Marion McDonald (TX)	EATON Mary Jane (TX)	Dave King 06/23/94 M Chico [del. 28248] 
COX Marion McDonald (TX)	EDENS Mary Jane (TX)	Annie Lee 12/02/84 F Chico [del. 19250] 
COX Marion McDonald (TX)	EDENS Mary Jane (TX)	Della May 03/22/96 F Chico [del. 31051] 
COX Oscar Lee	BLANK Mildred Evelyne	blank 12/5/10 F blank 5141 
COX Sam	BLANK blank	blank 5/31/04 F blank 909 
COX Sam E. (TN)	PHILLIP Dollie Vennie (TX)	Samella Fayne 1/24/08 F Bridgeport 3801 & 3801a & 3801b
COX Samuel Israel (TX)	BRANTLEY Helen (LA)	David Hammit 10/15/83 M Decatur [del. 17379] 
COX T.S. (TN)	BILBREY Dora B. (TN)	Willie Smith 1/25/07 M Chico 3136 & 3136a
COX Thomas (FL)	NORTH Ann (MO)	Elvina Elizabeth 11/16/80 F Cottondale [del. 18004] 
COX Thomas (GA)	NORTH Ann M (MO)	Nancy Frances 06/10/91 F Decatur [del. 24802] 
COX Thomas Franklin (GA)	NORTH Ann Mariah (MO)	John Jefferson 01/09/83 M Cottondale [del. 18284] 
COX Thomas Franklin (GA)	NORTH Ann Mariah (MO)	Maudie Lee 05/23/85 F Cottondale [del. 18285] 
COX W.H.	BLANK Bridget	Edward William 2/6/17 F blank 6550 & 6550a
COX W.S.	DENNEY Jeall	blank 1/20/30 M blank [No Image 9567] 
COX Weldon	NASH Maggie	Imogene 10/23/32 F Rhome [No Image 10605] 
COX William Alfred (TN)	SIMPSON Emma Gabrella (TN)	Osa Carl 12/17/92 M Paradise [del. 23275] 
COX William Alfred (TN)	SIMPSON Emma Gabrella (TN)	Margie Louise 05/26/95 F Paradise [del. 23179] 
COX William Jackson	WILSON Nora	Lillian Bessie 12/8/03 F Newark 489 & 0489a
COX William Mitchell (TX)	GREGORY Emma (TX)	Luther Mitchell 11/02/94 M Chico [del. 24113] 
COYBURN Robert	DOYLE Verda	Beatrice 4/13/18 F blank 6861 
COZBY John W (TN)	CROFFORD Elizabeth (TX)	John Baley 11/02/90 M Aurora [del. 4683] 
COZBY John Wiley (TN)	CROFFORD Elizabeth Esther (TX)	Mary Evelyn 05/11/80 F Aurora [del. 15907] 
COZBY John Wiley (TN)	CROFFORD Elizabeth Esther (TX)	Esther lola 12/10/81 F Aurora [del. 15909] 
COZBY John Wiley (TN)	CROFFORD Elizabeth Esther (TX)	Joe Lewis 06/20/85 M Aurora [del. 15908] 
CRABB Cornelius Jackson (TN)	ADAMS Ida Belle (TX)	Bertha Belle 07/23/87 F Decatur [del. 22384] 
CRABB Cornelius Jackson (TX)	ADAMS Ida Bell (TX)	Lula Mae 10/26/88 F Decatur [del. 23274] 
CRABB Cornelius Jackson (TX)	ADAMS Ida Bell (TX)	Cornelius Alvin 10/18/91 M Decatur [del. 9375] 
CRABB Ebb Lee	SPLAWN Nancy Jane	Adrain E. 1/3/27 M Boyd 8730 & 8730a
CRABB Edward Lee	SPLAWN Nancy Jane	Bonnell Grover 5/30/17 M Garvin 6636 & 6636a
CRABB Edward Lee (TX)	SPLAWN Nancy Jane (TX)	Madge Marie 1/28/13 M Boyd 5645 & 5645a
CRABB John	SPLAWN Lida	S.L. 1/10/17 M blank 6540 
CRABB Stevens Harris (AR)	AYERS Freedonia Caroline (MS)	Charley B 09/17/92 M Boyd [del. 23541] 
CRABB T.	BLANK Dora	blank 7/19/03 F blank 127 
CRABB Timothey T. (TX)	ASHLOCK Dora (TX)	Vera 9/8/06 F Boyd 2897 & 2897a
CRABB Timothey T (TX)	ASHLOCK Dora (TX)	James Ottis 11/06/99 M Decatur [del. 11266] 
CRABB Tom	BLANK blank	blank 12/1/07 F blank 3704 
CRABB Willis (MS)	GENTRY Hattie (MS)	Tennie Lee 04/10/80 F Shelby Co TN [del. 10632] 
CRABTREE Edward	LAMBERT Minnie	Samuel Edmond 12/27/32 M Rhome [No Image 10644] 
CRABTREE Newt	PERDUE blank	blank 1/22/14 M blank 5825 
CRAFFORD blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/16/04 M blank 664 
CRAFFORD Walter Reatt	FITZGERALD Dana	Zula May 4/10/04 F Paradise 804 
CRAFT Andrew Jackson	JONES Allie Jackson	Ruth Opal 3/8/04 F Crafton 717 & 0717a
CRAFT Eff	SPAW Nancy	Anna Lee 3/1/15 F blank 6046 
CRAFT Jefferson Davis (MS)	TRIBBLE Minnie Ida (KY)	Nina Belle 03/14/96 F Aurora [del. 12438] 
CRAFT Jefferson Davis (MS)	TRIBBLE Minnie Ida (KY)	Ella Gertrude 09/25/00 F Boyd [del. 16503] 
CRAFT Luther	BLANK Ada	blank 4/6/05 F blank 1721 
CRAFT Russell (TX)	WRIGHT Margaret Elizabeth (KY)	Vera 08/07/92 F Crafton [del. 24145] 
CRAFT Thomas Luther (TX)	TURNER Alice Rachel (IL)	Walter Leslie 09/10/97 M Chico [del. 30876] 
CRAFT Thomas Luther (TX)	TURNER Allis (IL)	Ernest Roe 09/14/93 M Crafton [del. 11721] 
CRAFT Thomas Luther (TX)	TURNER Rachel Alice (IL)	Theodore Pancoast 8/3/07 M Crafton 3462 & 3462a
CRAFT Walter L. (TX)	KNIGHT Ruby (TX)	blank 10/5/20 F Park Springs 7307 
CRAFTON A.P.	STOCKTON Lena	blank 2/11/18 M Alvord 6824 
CRAFTON Alonzo Preston (TN)	McGAUHEY Ethel May (AR)	Katie Colene 08/30/01 F Alvord [del. 25386] 
CRAFTON James William Washington (TN)	PROCTOR Sarah Frances (TN)	Edna Gertrude 04/16/87 F Alvord [del. 21435] 
CRAFTON Lon	BLANK Ethel	blank 12/28/06 F blank 3079 
CRAFTON Tom	BLANK blank	W.S. 12/11/03 M blank 502 
CRAIG Edgar Lee	SMITH Susan Emmaline	Ethelene 7/15/05 F Rhome 1961 & 1961a
CRAIG George (TX)	HUDSON Sarah Belle (TX)	Nannie Vera 11/16/88 F Newark [del. 13460] 
CRAIG Henry	BLANK Dale	blank 9/22/05 F blank 2152 
CRAIG John Henry (GA)	DENNIS Jennie (GA)	Luke Mitchell 02/13/92 M Gordon Co GA [del. 13048] 
CRAIG Robert Lee (AR)	LACKEY Nancy Jane (AR)	Eunice Lee 03/02/01 F Greenwood [del. 19601] 
CRAIG Robert Lee (AR)	LACKEY Nannie J (AR)	Carrie Lue 11/01/99 F Greenwood [del. 24649] 
CRAIG Robert Lee (AR)	LACKEY Nannie Jane (AR)	Charlie Simon 10/24/02 M Greenwood [del. 12518] 
CRAVEN Richard N.	LARGENT Milissa	Frank Ollie 5/14/04 M Chico 883 & 0883a
CRAVIN Luther C.	MCGOODWIN Willie	Cary Epes 11/2/06 M Aurora 2991 
CRAWFIELD Will	BLANK Ruth	blank 1/14/09 F blank 4442 
CRAWFORD A.J.	BLANK Maude	blank 8/21/08 M blank 4195 
CRAWFORD Andrew Jackson (AR)	EVANS Maud (MO)	Ollie Wilma 06/22/97 F Alvord [del. 21907] 
CRAWFORD Andrew Jackson (AR)	EVANS Maud (MO)	Paul Bluford 05/26/02 M Alvord [del. 11505] 
CRAWFORD Andrew Jackson (TN)	WILEY Mary Janet (TN)	Mary Ethel 04/29/91 F Paradise [del. 23221] 
CRAWFORD Charles (TX)	NORMAN Ruby (MS)	Leta Mae 10/26/12 F Paradise 5587 & 5587a
CRAWFORD Charles (TX)	NORMAN Ruby (MS)	Letha Nell 9/4/14 F Paradise 5954 & 5954a
CRAWFORD Charley (TX)	NORMAN B.L. (MS)	blank 3/31/29 M Vineyard 9309 
CRAWFORD Clarence (TX)	HICKS Lena Etta (TX)	Thomas Hicks 3/24/13 M Decatur 5672 & 5672a
CRAWFORD Clarence W.	HICKS Lena Etta	Ora Pauline 11/28/15 F Decatur 6309 & 6309a
CRAWFORD George Washington (GA)	WHATLEY Henrietta Jane (GA)	George Gordon 06/01/89 M Paradise [del. 7446] 
CRAWFORD Henry P (KY)	McBREAR Mary H (AL)	Callie 01/25/86 F Bridgeport [del. 20409] 
CRAWFORD James Henry (TX)	PLYMELL Agnes (TX)	Bobby Ruth 8/30/29 F Paradise 9434 
CRAWFORD James L (TN)	WILKES Alice (TX)	William Clifford 11/12/80 M Bridgeport [del. 23030] 
CRAWFORD James L (TN)	WILKES Alice (TX)	John Wesley 02/12/97 M Bridgeport [del. 23029] 
CRAWFORD Madison E (TX)	FULCHER Sarah L (TX)	Edgar Ewing 02/07/94 M Decatur [del. 8454] 
CRAWFORD R.W.	BLANK S.E.	blank 6/4/04 M blank 923 
CRAWFORD Richard (TX)	FREEMAN Jesse (TX)	blank 10/11/23 M Alvord 7914 
CRAWFORD Rufus Walton (AR)	GILLEY Eleanor (TX)	Trevo Leonna 03/08/01 F Paradise [del. 28822] 
CRAWFORD Samuel Hamilton (TX)	CRAWFORD Eva Pearl (GA)	Gladys Jane 12/01/99 F Bridgeport [del. 11003] 
CRAWFORD Walter Scott (TX)	FITZGERALD Dona (TX)	Henry Pendley 01/04/01 M Bridgeport [del. 8101] 
CRAWFORD Walter Scott (TX)	FITZGERALD Dona (TX)	Esta Emeline 08/06/02 F Paradise [del. 24451] 
CRAWFORD Will	BLANK blank	blank 10/2/07 F blank 3581 
CRAZIER Charles Albert (VT)	FARRINGTON Lily Belle (TX)	Clarice 09/01/97 F Decatur [del. 8176] 
CREE Thomas B (PA)	MACINTYRE Malisia (MS)	Ben E 07/14/80 M Decatur [del. 10383] 
CREED Leyman W. (AL)	ODON Ollie M. (TX)	blank 9/25/25 M blank 8429 
CREEL Will	BLANK Essie	blank 8/21/15 F blank 6206 
CRENSHAW blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/19/04 M blank 1376 
CRENSHAW Francis M (AL)	LONGLEY Mary Alice (GA)	Mary Lucinda 01/14/95 F Bridgeport [del. 20655] 
CRENSHAW Francis Marion (AL)	LONGLEY Mary Alice (MO)	James Roy 02/25/93 M Bridgeport [del. 15138] 
CRENSHAW George G. (TX)	HEMBREE Alice (TX)	Bennie Braselton 5/31/14 M Bridgeport 5903 & 5903a
CRENSHAW George Gentry	HEMBREE Alice	Esther Mae 7/9/11 F Bridgeport 5299 
CRENSHAW Joel Nathaniel (KY)	CLAND Janie (KY)	Thomas Nathaniel 09/14/80 M Decatur [del. 17397] 
CRENSHAW Joseph Willis (AL)	O'NEAL Terreasor Lasirinius (GA)	Sybilla Beatrice 06/17/98 F Bridgeport [del. 23807] 
CRENSHAW M.N.	KELLY B.I.	Wanda June 9/8/30 M blank [No Image 9810] 
CRENSHAW Martin Luther (MS)	LAWSON Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Marcus Napoleon 06/06/81 M Paradise [del. 14053] 
CRENSHAW Micajah (AL)	SMITH Annie (NY)	Ruby 07/31/97 F Bridgeport [del. 30138] 
CRENSHAW W.N.	KELLY B.J.	Bettie Lou 2/15/33 F Paradise [No Image 10685] 
CREWS Edwin (FL)	WHETSELL Leona (TX)	blank 6/4/23 M Park Springs 7817 
CREWS F.	BLANK E.	blank 3/28/04 F blank 766 
CREWS Frank	BLANK Effie	blank 4/15/07 F blank 3288 
CREWS Frank	BLANK Effie	blank 11/16/08 F blank 4350 
CREWS Guy	HUGHES Fay	Clyde Courtney 1/8/31 M Alvord [No Image 9925] 
CREWS Henry Franklin (TX)	ROBERTS Effie Elizabeth (TX)	Denza Inez 04/22/02 F Bridgeport [del. 28472] 
CRIBBS John Bell (TN)	CANTRELL Ann Elizabeth (TX)	George Washington 10/20/00 M Johnson Co OK [del. 14744] 
CRISTA M.F.	MILLIGAN V.	Dorothy Viola 3/18/31 F Alvord [No Image 10010] 
CRISWELL David C (GA)	ODEM Mary Francis (AL)	George Ben 01/13/89 M Decatur [del. 23335] 
CRISWELL David C (GA)	ODOM Mary Francis (GA)	David Wilson 12/03/93 M Alvord [del. 8631] 
CRISWELL James	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/07 M blank 3192 
CRITES J.F.	RANDOLPH F.	Johnnie Louise 4/7/30 F blank [No Image 9644] 
CRITES Joe W.	SLIMP Ruby L.	Billie Joe 3/29/30 M blank [No Image 9637] 
CRITES John	BLANK Ella	blank 4/2/08 M blank 3950 [delayed 4/13/1950]
CRITES Will	BLANK Ida	blank 2/2/04 M blank 632 
CRITES William Ben (TX)	STOKES Ida Julia (TX)	Joe Wheeler 05/05/99 M Newark [del. 29602] 
CRITTENDON George Henry (TN)	WILLIE Mollie (TX)	Lloyd George 07/08/98 M Bridgeport [del. 21788] 
CROCKER R.	BLANK T.	blank 11/10/07 F blank 3663 
CROCKER Rimpson George	DAVIS Latina	Christine 12/3/05 F Chico 2325 & 2325a & 2325b
CROCKETT Dave	BLANK blank	blank 4/18/05 F blank 1750 
CROCKETT David Daniel (TX)	STOKES Hassie (TX)	Andrew Ballum 01/03/00 M Newark [del. 14182] 
CROOK F.F.	BLANK Mary	blank 12/18/04 F blank 1446 
CROSBY J.	BLANK Mary	blank 12/2/08 M blank 4370 
CROSBY R.	BLANK blank	blank 9/1/06 M blank 2880 
CROSS D.F.	BLANK E.	blank 9/19/03 F blank 296 
CROSS David Franklin (MO)	KELLEY Effie May (KS)	Frank Harvey 10/09/99 M Chico [del. 19539] 
CROSS J.F.	BLANK M.E.	blank 8/8/05 F blank 2039 
CROSS James Franklin (TX)	CUNNINGHAM Mary Elmer (TX)	James Oscar 11/11/91 M Alvord [del. 25168] 
CROSS Joe	BLANK Nora	blank 12/9/08 M blank 4383 
CROSS John Thomas (TX)	ARRINGTON Nancy Adarine (AR)	Iva Agnes 01/18/89 F Alvord [del. 21392] 
CROSS Odie V.	DODDS Claude B.	Bernice Charlotte 6/6/28 F Greenwood 9030 & 9030a
CROSS Robert Lawrence (AR)	SIGLER Cornelia Adaline (AR)	Robert Urban 11/21/86 M Pella [del. 10676] 
CROSS Versie J.	HUDSON Anne	Johnnie Dell 7/21/32 F Decatur [No Image 10502] 
CROSS William Riley (TX)	COCHRAN Sarah Ellen (MO)	Edgar Elliott 08/22/85 M Alvord [del. 9327] 
CROUCH Samuel Butler (AL)	CASEY Elizabeth (AL)	Samuel Cola 01/04/77 M Cherokee Co AL [del. 15120] 
CROW Anderson J (IA)	POWELL Ollie Viola Edwards (AR)	William David Lossie 03/04/02 M Boyd [del. 10432] 
CROW Claborn (AR)	HEFNER Eliza Ann (MO)	Minnie Lee 06/18/85 F Audubon [del. 20224] 
CROW John (LA)	FOWLER Mary Frances (LA)	Gladys 5/22/07 F Paradise 3345 & 3345a & 3345b
CROW Robert F.	CARTWRIGHT Mary Elizabert	Ruth Mary 5/27/04 F Decatur 902 & 0902a
CROWDER A.A.	BLANK B.N.	blank 3/23/04 F blank 755 
CROWDER A.M.	BLANK blank	blank 5/21/09 F blank 4637 
CROWDER A.M. (Carolina)	INGLE Eva (Carolina)	blank 5/15/23 M Decatur 7800 
CROWDER Ace M.	INGLE Era	Johnny Hays 2/16/04 M Blewett Com. 667 & 0667a
CROWDER Ace Melton (NC)	INGLE Era H (NC)	Mitron A 02/06/99 F Madison Co NC [del. 25292] 
CROWDER Ace Melton (NC)	INGLE Era H. (NC)	Thelma Jewel 5/16/13 F Decatur 5701 & 5701a
CROWDER Ace Melton (NC)	INGLE Era Haseltine (NC)	Pansy 11/09/97 F Madison Co NC [del. 21433] 
CROWDER Hays	POUNDS Leona	Johnnie Lee 6/11/30 F Decatur [No Image 9722] 
CROWDER Hays	POUNDS Leona	Donnie Jean 5/1/32 F Decatur [No Image 10424] 
CROWDER Melton Aca (NC)	INGLE Era (NC)	Martha Lou 03/25/96 F Madison Co NC [del. 21271] 
CROWE Robert Felan (MS)	CARTWRIGHT Mary (TX)	David Lemuel 11/21/00 M Decatur [del. 3887] 
CROWNOVER Holley J (AL)	PARKER Mary H (TX)	Eva 07/13/00 F Newark [del. 34509] 
CROWNOVER Hollie Jackson	PARKER Mary Melissa	James Melvin 3/9/05 M Newark 1660 
CROWNOVER James Melvin (AL)	KNIGHT Mary (AL)	Holley Jackson 11/30/77 M Fayette Co AL [del. 10795] 
CRUMPTON S.R.	EVANS Maude Lee	Doris Imogene 9/3/27 F Rhome 8837 
CRUNK Dock (TX)	HUNTER Mary F (TX)	Silas Griffin 02/13/80 M Greenwood [del. 14014] 
CRUSE Robert Lee (TX)	HEAD Ada Lee (AL)	Virginia Dove 09/07/98 F Alvord [del. 24486] 
CRUTCHFIELD George Orah (TX)	CLARY Margaret May (TX)	Millie Lorene 04/16/97 F Bridgeport [del. 14133] 
CRUZ Andy	KEETER Pearl Pauline	Ollie Fay 6/2/28 F Rhome 9028 
CRUZE A.C. (TX)	KELTER Pearl P. (TX)	Mildred Earline 5/7/26 F Rhome 8584 
CRYER Edward G.	PRUKSTON Beulah I.	Bobbie Jean 12/5/30 M blank [No Image 9890] 
CUILLOS H.	BLANK G.	blank 3/24/09 M blank 4569 
CULBREATH Calvin V (GA)	BROOKS Hattie (GA)	Leona J 03/20/85 F Cottondale [del. 19043] 
CULDWELL M.T.	WRIGHT Cretchen	blank 11/14/29 F blank [No Image 9508] 
CULLERS Clement L. (TX)	MCDANIEL Evelyn J. (AR)	Clement Evelyn 8/31/18 F Decatur 6965 
CULLIHAN Jimmie Jones (VA)	ANDERSON Rebecca Jane (IA)	Della May 06/23/00 F Park Springs [del. 16624] 
CULPEPPER L.M.	MORROW Ruth	Harold Lloyd 8/26/30 M blank [No Image 9793] 
CULVERHOUSE John Jefferson Davis (TN)	WRIGHT Amanda Jane (TN)	Woody Mayfield 11/24/85 M Bedford Co TN [del. 14332] 
CULWELL B.R.	ERICK Nettie	Jewell Hazel 3/27/14 F blank 5866 & 5866a
CULWELL Henry	BLANK blank	blank 4/10/05 F blank 1732 
CULWELL Hesekiah G (AR)	MONTGOMERY Alice (TX)	William Earnest 11/22/86 M Boonsville [del. 14616] 
CULWELL John Wesley (AR)	WILSON Julia Ann (TX)	William Edgar 06/09/88 M Cottondale [del. 9701] 
CULWELL Thomas Monroe (AR)	FRAZIER Ollie A (TX)	Ruby Myrle 07/11/97 F Cottondale [del. 6323] 
CULWELL W.L.	WRIGHT Gretchen	Joe Etklins 8/8/31 F Paradise [No Image 10173] 
CULWELL William (TX)	CAIN Ellen (MO)	William Henry 04/12/80 M Cottondale [del. 5304] 
CULWELL William Preston	ELDER Nancy Elizabeth	Noah Moose 3/5/04 M rural, Wise Co. 709 & 0709a
CUMMINGS Claud (MO)	DAVISON Lizzie (AR)	Henry 05/14/02 M Paradise [del. 6710] 
CUMMINGS James	BLANK Emma	blank 4/19/06 M blank 2628 
CUMMINGS Ralph Wallace (NE)	WILLIAMS Irene (TX)	Raymond Hill 09/21/00 M Alvord [del. 11004] 
CUNDIFF Bob	BLANK Susie	(Jess L.) 5/30/08 M blank 4062 
CUNNINGHAM A.W. (TX)	CARLOSS Julia B. (TX)	blank 5/17/19 M Alvord 7087 
CUNNINGHAM Abdal Wirt	HUNT Nellie Zenia	Retha Zenia 9/17/15 F Boyd 6248 & 6248a
CUNNINGHAM Arthur (TX)	CODASS Julia Bethel (TX)	blank 3/28/22 M Alvord 7567 & [delayed 13161]
CUNNINGHAM Arthur Wade	CARLOSS Julia Bethel	Rena Ruth 8/21/16 F Alvord 6463 & 6463a
CUNNINGHAM Arvie P.	SPENSER Lillie May	Charles Louis 1/18/32 M blank [No Image 10337] 
CUNNINGHAM Carl	SPARKS Martha	blank 2/12/12 M blank 5463 
CUNNINGHAM Charlie L (AL)	GARRETT Fannie (AL)	Charlie Carter 01/19/89 M Keeter [del. 10136] 
CUNNINGHAM Charlie L (AL)	GARRETT Sarah Francis (AL)	Elmer Ray 12/14/98 F Garvin [del. 25455] 
CUNNINGHAM Charlie Lewis (AL)	GARRETT Fannie (AL)	Elsie 11/08/01 F Boyd [del. 12434] 
CUNNINGHAM Charlie Lewis (AL)	GARRETT Sarah Fannie (AL)	Wirt 08/15/87 M Keeter [del. 22392] 
CUNNINGHAM Joe (TN)	BELL Lora Alice (MO)	Jess Bell 04/08/94 M Park Springs [del. 7043] 
CUNNINGHAM John Wesley (TN)	SHOEMAKER Sarah Richard (AL)	Angus Bruce 03/04/96 M Decatur [del. 14879] 
CUNNINGHAM W.V.	BLANK Florence	Catherine Joyce 6/20/16 F Paradise 6430 
CUNNINGHAM W.V. (TX)	DAVIS Florence (TX)	Ruth Gertrude 9/9/19 F Decatur 7118 & 7118a
CUNNINGHAM William David (TN)	HUNTER Mollie (TN)	James Henry 04/07/83 M Decatur [del. 13427] 
CUNNIUS blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/10/03 F blank 268 
CURLEE blank	BLANK blank	(twin) 4/19/06 M blank 2630 
CURLEE blank	BLANK blank	(twin) 4/19/06 F blank 2631 
CURLEY John William	MILLER Olive Altha	Wallace Stephen 3/22/17 M Bridgeport 6587 & 6587a
CURRIE Duncan L (NY)	SHEAN Julia Flavia (TX)	Bruce Portwood 02/01/00 M Paradise [del. 5033] 
CURRIE William Duncan (GA)	SHEAN Julia Flavia (NY)	Ruby 12/24/95 F Paradise [del. 18358] 
CURRIE William Taylor (FL)	DRISKELL Sarah Virginia (AL)	Hattie Estelle 01/12/92 F Bridgeport [del. 15139] 
CURRY David L (TN)	ELDER Lucy (TN)	Lillie 11/08/93 F New Harp [del. 14496] 
CURRY Steve	HENRY Fannie	blank 8/8/28 M Bridgeport 9078 
CURTIS H.E.	BLANK blank	blank 5/26/04 M blank 901 
CURTIS H.E.	BLANK L.A.	blank 1/26/06 M blank 2442 
CURTIS H.E.	BLANK L.A.	blank 3/4/09 F blank 4536 
CURTIS Henry	COOK Vila	blank 5/12/15 M blank 6093 
CURTIS J.L.	BLANK Mattie 	Vernest Elden 6/2/05 M blank 1859 
CURTIS Joseph Isaac Lewis (Ireland)	LUNA Ophelia (MS)	Francis Josephine 07/08/02 F Boonsville [del. 19960] 
CURTIS M.G.	CASH Vadie	blank 9/29/11 M blank 5374 
CURTIS Mason Green (TN)	COOK Jessie Lavada (TX)	Jessie Green 11/1/12 M blank 5589 & 5589a
CURTIS Mason Greenfield (MS)	COOK Jessie Lavada (TX)	Dessie Estelle 3/18/14 F Boonsville 5862 & 5862a
CURTIS Walter	HOLLAND Belle	blank 4/2/12 M blank 5490 
CURTIS Walter G.	HOLLAND Ora Bell	Flora Lula 2/19/06 F blank 2505 & 2505a
CURTIS Walter Garfield (TN)	HOLLAND Ora Bell (TX)	Ora Ione 3/5/08 F Boonsville 3888 & 3888a
CURTIS William Isaac (MS)	GAVIN Sophia Ann (IL)	John Robert 06/28/94 M Boonsville [del. 15044] 
CURTIS William Isaac (MS)	GAVIN Sophia Ann (IL)	Henry Ludwig 10/06/95 M Boonsville [del. 8233] 
CURTNER Arthur Richard	TRUSSELL Ida Vesta	Douglas Ross 3/4/06 M blank 2537 & 2537a
CURTNER Ernie (MO)	ETTER Louisa Jane (VA)	Myrtle 05/09/88 F Decatur [del. 22348] 
CURTNER John B (TX)	McKEE O'Libbia (TX)	Callie 12/09/98 F Chico [del. 9842] 
CURTNER John Baker (TX)	McKEE Libbie (TX)	Ruby I 04/02/94 F Chico [del. 6713] 
CURTNER John Baker (TX)	McKEE Libbie (TX)	Revel Frank 06/16/96 M Chico [del. 6712] 
CURTNER John Baker (TX)	McKEE O'Libbia (TX)	Mabel Ruth 09/23/97 F Chico [del. 7838] 
CURTNER Robert	BLANK Ida	blank 4/18/07 F blank 3293 
CURTNER Robert	RODGERS Ida Sarah Eveline	Thora Dell 10/10/04 F Anneville 1262 & 1262a
CURTNER Robert	RODGERS Sarah Eveline	Oswald Lemoyne 2/4/06 M Anneville 2469 & 2469a
CURTNER S.H.	BLANK Rossie	blank 2/25/05 F blank 1631 
CURTNER Samuel Henry (TX)	ALLEN Rosa Belle (TX)	Opal Irl 07/29/01 F Chico [del. 25352] 
CUSTIS Charles Bernard (MO)	BENSON Aletha (MO)	Walter A 07/14/80 M Paradise [del. 5742]