Index of 19,202 Birth Records 
Recorded in Wise County, Texas
1860's - 1930's
Father's Last Names that Start With D-G
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[We DO NOT have the birth certificates where the number is in [Brackets] 
Most of those were delayed certificates and they were not on the microfilms

Index of 19,202 Birth Records 
Recorded in Wise County, Texas
1860's - 1930's

LAST NAME Fatherís Name (Place of Birth) | MOTHERís MAIDEN NAME First (POB) | Childís Name DOB Sex POB  Birth Cert #
DABNEY Charles (?)	BULLARD Lora (TX)	Charles Bullard 11/08/99 M Decatur [del. 28195] 
DABNEY John	BLANK blank	Clara E. 7/25/06 F blank 2790 
DABNEY John	SIMMONS Sallie C.	Vinnie Latha 11/14/03 F Alvord 446 & 0446a
DABNEY Otis A,	COPELAND Mary E.	Johnnie Mae 6/6/28 F Decatur 9031 
DABNEY Otis A.	COPELAND Mary Eva	Johnnie Mae 6/16/28 F Alvord 9038 
DABNEY Otis Atterberry (TX)	COPELAND Mary Eva Pricella (TX)	Sylvia Christine 10/23/13 F Alvord 5787 & 5787a
DACUS Bob	BLANK blank	blank 8/11/03 M blank 181 
DACUS Elmer D.	RAMBO Ester	Vernon Lee 6/1/31 M Rhome [No Image 10089] 
DACUS Elmer Dale	RAMBO Ester	Ruth Helen 1/6/27 F Rhome 8734 
DACUS Elmer Hale (TX)	RAMBO Esther (TX)	Edna Earl 10/20/26 F Rhome 8696 
DACUS James Robert (MS)	CALDWELL Rhoda (KY)	Elmer Dale 06/07/00 M Rhome [del. 20477] 
DAGGETT Stanley B. (TX)	JONES Flossie Lillie (TX)	Helen Elizabeth 8/1/21 F Paradise 7431 & 7431a
DAGGETT W.H.	WOOD Cassie	blank 9/6/33 F Paradise [No Image 10885] 
DAITET V.	BLANK Mary	blank 8/7/08 M blank 4174 
DAKE Dock (TX)	CALVERT Martha (TX)	Laura Belle 02/11/88 F Decatur [del. 16855] 
DAKE William Frances (AL)	MORGAN Rosie (AR)	Laura Elizabeth 12/21/01 F Alvord [del. 21207] 
DAKE William Frances (OK)	MORGAN Rosa E (AR)	Mary A 02/14/00 F Decatur [del. 23428] 
DAKE William Francis (MO)	MORGAN Rosa Etta (MO)	Sarah Emmaline 10/21/98 F Cleveland Co OK [del. 20106] 
DALE W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 9/30/09 F blank 4791 
DALLAS William L (MS)	RUSSELL Katherine (TX)	Alma Mae 12/11/92 F Decatur [del. 23682] 
DALRYMPLE T.H.	BLANK Pearl	blank 8/14/06 M blank 2840 
DALTON Gacy Washington (MS)	MOORE Mary Hellen (AL)	George Annie 09/12/86 F Decatur [del. 7921] 
DALTON Jeremiah Meed (TX)	ALLEN Laura Belle (KY)	Margaret Inez 1/20/06 F blank 2427 
DALTON William (MO)	CECIL Jane Ann (AR)	Betty Clay 09/14/84 F Greenwood [del. 19536] 
DAMERON J.E.	BLANK blank	blank 1/8/06 M blank 2393 
DANIAL Charles Lee, Sr.(TN)	MORRIS Betty C. (TN)	Charles Lee, Jr. 8/30/25 M Decatur 8399 
DANIEL C.E.	MCCLUNEY Myrtle	Betty Jo 4/14/30 F blank [No Image 9657] 
DANIEL Eli Frances (AL)	RAGLE Amanda Christine (AL)	Ethel Dewine 09/15/99 F Boyd [del. 28373] 
DANIEL Eli Francis (AL)	RAGLE Amanda Christene (AL)	Willie Lewis 11/13/93 M Anneville [del. 13127] 
DANIEL John Henry (TX)	McALISTER Katie (TX)	Thomas Virgil 12/03/97 M Alvord [del. 28530] 
DANIEL Johnnie Green (AL)	HUDSON Emily Surrena (TX)	Jonnie Belle 02/01/93 F Newark [del. 3656] 
DANIELL Charles Edward	MCCLUNEY Myrtle Lee	Orlanda 2/5/16 F Boyd 6356 & 6356a
DANIELL Ed	MCCLUNG Myrtle	Orlanda 2/5/16 F blank 6355 
DANIELL Edd	MCCLURG Myrtle	Dortha Dale 12/22/17 F Boyd 6775 
DANIELL John Levi (GA)	POPE Emma (GA)	Charles Edward 03/08/84 M Thomas Co GA [del. 8770] 
DANIELS Ben	MORELOCK Mary Linnie	Leonard Boyd 3/27/11 M blank 5207 & 5207a
DANIELS C.E. (VA)	MCCLEARY Myrtle (TX)	Charline 7/22/21 F Boyd 7424 
DANIELS Charles Lee	NORRIS Betty Caroline	blank 2/7/28 M Decatur 8937 
DANIELS S.A.	TAYLOR Bonney	blank 7/24/28 F Decatur 9061 
DANIS C.P. (GA)	LASITER Lelia (TX)	blank 7/20/23 F Chico 7857 
DANLEY Portar Homer (AR)	PALMER Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Bessie Myrtle 04/11/96 F Decatur [del. 15162] 
DANLEY Porter Homer (AR)	PALMER Mary Elizabeth (SC)	Joe Benjamin 10/03/98 M Decatur [del. 14296] 
DARRELL O.C.	BLANK M.	blank 7/7/07 M blank 3413 
DARTER H.L.	CAHLE Grace Thm.	Verde Pearl 6/10/31 F Rhome [No Image 10103] 
DARTER Henry T.	HAYS Grace W.	Henry Thomas, Jr. 9/8/32 M Rhome [No Image 10549] 
DARTER Matthew Washington (AR)	HENDERSON Margaret (AR)	Henry Thomas 07/08/85 M Polk Co AR [del. 14357] 
DARTER R.W.	JENNINGS Phebie C.	Bobbie Joe 10/25/31 M Rhome [No Image 10271] 
DARVALL G.W.	BLANK blank	blank 5/16/13 F blank 5700 
DARWIN James T.	TAYLOR Cecil	James Thomas, Jr. 4/13/33 M Decatur [No Image 10732] 
DATSON B.R.	BLANK L.E.	blank 11/30/04 M blank 1404 
DAUGHERTY William A (KY)	GILLIHAN Mary Etta	Emma Lovada 01/16/88 F Alvord [del. 22836] 
DAURTE Magnas	MAJIRA Maria	Gandalupe 2/26/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9980] 
DAVENPORT C.C.	COOK Jennie Lee	blank 11/30/26 F Alvord 8720 
DAVENPORT C.C. (TX)	COOK Jennie Lee (TX)	Betty Lee 11/30/25 F Alvord 8464 & 8464a
DAVENPORT Coma C. (TX)	COOK Jennie Lee (TX)	blank 2/12/24 M Alvord 8002 
DAVENPORT E J (MO)	JACKSON Ada (TX)	George Washington 12/11/98 M Paradise [del. 28517] 
DAVENPORT F.A.	CARPENTER Mary V.	Molly Sue 8/3/33 F Decatur [No Image 10845] 
DAVENPORT Fred A. (TX)	CARPENTER Mary Velma (TX)	Fred A., Jr. 2/11/24 M Decatur 8001 
DAVENPORT James William (KY)	JEFFERSON Sarah Jane (MS)	James William 01/03/86 M Springtown [del. 31144] 
DAVENPORT Jess	BLANK Carrie	blank 6/4/08 F blank 4071 
DAVENPORT John Robert (MS)	BRADY Emma Frances (TX)	Sarah Angie 10/25/85 F Decatur [del. 20767] 
DAVENPORT John Robert (MS)	BRADY Emma Frances (TX)	Mary Brady 02/19/88 F Decatur [del. 8772] 
DAVENPORT John Robert (MS)	BRADY Emma Frances (TX)	Robert Russell 02/14/94 M Decatur [del. 7879] 
DAVENPORT Thomas Wessley (IL)	LIPSEY Sarah Safar (IN)	Hattie Estella 03/16/80 F Decatur [del. 16891] 
DAVENPORT William Henry (MS)	YOUNG Sara Estell (MS)	Shelby Rives 03/11/86 M Decatur [del. 11210] 
DAVIDSON Bud	JENKINS Dessie	blank 12/15/11 M blank 5425 
DAVIDSON Cecil (TX)	WEAVER Olive Belle (TX)	Cleo Loranie 3/26/29 F Bridgeport 9303 
DAVIDSON George Madison (KY)	HALL Mary Ellen (TX)	Della 02/13/96 F Boyd [del. 24993] 
DAVIDSON George Marion (TN)	STAFFORD Mary Rebecca (TN)	Peggy Mattie 03/03/90 F Chico [del. 28516] 
DAVIDSON George Marion (TN)	STAFFORD Mary Rebecca (TN)	Elmer Oliver 08/31/94 M Chico [del. 4298] 
DAVIDSON George Marion (TN)	STAFFORD Mollie (TN)	Minnie Ola 04/06/80 F Alvord [del. 22516] 
DAVIDSON George Marion (TN)	STAFFORD Mollie (TN)	Effie Pearl 01/10/87 F Chico [del. 28213] 
DAVIDSON H.I.	CALLAHANN Lear	Harold Lloyd 7/6/33 M Chico [No Image 10813] 
DAVIDSON J.A.	BLANK M.C.	blank 5/12/07 F blank 3337 
DAVIDSON J.A.	RENO Virgie	Roy Lee 1/29/30 M blank [No Image 9574] 
DAVIDSON J.H.	BLANK Dessie	blank 9/22/09 F blank 4778 
DAVIDSON John Bradley (TN)	FOSTER Mary Jane (TX)	Harry Preston 03/24/95 M Greenwood [del. 22467] 
DAVIDSON John Bradley (TN)	FOSTER Mary Jane (TX)	James Porter 10/06/96 M Greenwood [del. 8596] 
DAVIDSON John Bradley (TN)	FOSTER Mary Jane (TX)	William Lester 08/27/01 M Greenwood [del. 10629] 
DAVIDSON John E (KY)	BROWN Alice Isadore (TN)	Vern Walter 01/28/86 M Decatur [del. 22436] 
DAVIDSON Louis Alexander (TX)	BARKER Emma Eugeane (TX)	Lorah Belle 02/29/96 F Greenwood [del. 26681] 
DAVIDSON P.	BLANK E.	blank 3/16/04 F blank 738 
DAVIDSON Patton E (VA)	CECIL Ella V (VA)	Lora Cleo 08/31/00 F Johnson Co KS [del. 22967] 
DAVIDSON Patton Edward (VA)	PEERY Ella (VA)	Roe Clifton 03/16/02 M Bridgeport [del. 19398] 
DAVIDSON Theodore Ewing (KY)	THOMAS Nancy Margaret (TX)	Ira 03/23/01 F Boyd [del. 6410] 
DAVILA Ambrosio (Mex)	SEGOVIA Augustina (Mex)	Andres-triplet 9/10/28 M Wise Co. 9115 
DAVILA Ambrosio (Mex)	SEGOVIA Augustina (Mex)	Francisco-triplet 9/10/28 M Wise Co. 9116 
DAVILA Ambrosio (Mex)	SEGOVIA Augustina (Mex)	Aveleno-triplet 9/10/28 M Wise Co. 9117 
DAVIS A.H.	BLANK blank	blank 2/28/09 F blank 4524 
DAVIS A.H.	BLANK Ray	blank 4/2/08 M blank 3949 
DAVIS A.H.	BLANK Ray	blank 7/16/13 F blank 5737 
DAVIS A.H.	RAY Allie	blank 10/27/17 M Alvord 6744 
DAVIS A.R. (TX)	PHIPPS Bernice (TX)	Geraldine Yvonne 9/28/25 F Bridgeport 8431 
DAVIS Albert	BLANK blank	blank 5/27/17 F blank 3354 
DAVIS Alexander (TN)	McDONALL Alice Elizabeth (AL)	Arthur Lee 07/07/89 M Park Springs [del. 16751] 
DAVIS Algie L (GA)	FOSTER Rose B (TX)	Thelma 06/17/00 F Greenwood [del. 28080] 
DAVIS Algie Lee (GA)	FOSTER Rose B (TX)	Essie 06/22/93 F Greenwood [del. 20768] 
DAVIS Algie Lee (GA)	FOSTER Rose B (TX)	Chelcy Neal 03/22/98 M Greenwood [del. 8829] 
DAVIS Bank (TX)	SETSER Valley (TX)	blank 3/16/26 M Chico 8564 & [delayed 5952]
DAVIS blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/26/04 F blank 619 
DAVIS blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/06 F blank 2885 
DAVIS blank	BLANK Rebecca (widow)	blank 6/28/04 F blank 976 
DAVIS Charlie	BLANK blank	blank 2/2/05 M blank 1560 
DAVIS D.	BLANK blank	Ione 11/20/04 F blank 1378 
DAVIS Dewey	HOOPER Ira Lee	Franklin 3/5/33 M Alvord [No Image 10702] 
DAVIS Doc Franklin (IL)	ALLEN Purlina (IN)	Maud Elizabeth 02/25/85 F Greenwood [del. 8011] 
DAVIS Earnest Winter	EWING Lois Aftin	Ernesteen Melba 12/3/27 F Paradise 8887 
DAVIS Edwin Anderson (KY)	LILLARD Sarah Leona (MO)	Lillard 11/16/94 M Decatur [del. 5076] 
DAVIS Edwin Anderson (KY)	LILLARD Sarah Leona (MO)	Guy Oswald 11/28/96 M Decatur [del. 6518] 
DAVIS Edwin Anderson (KY)	LILLARD Sarah Leona (MO)	Eddie Lea 02/07/98 F Decatur [del. 7219] 
DAVIS Elbert	BLANK May	blank 8/21/10 M blank 5077 
DAVIS Elic (TN)	McDONALD Alice Elizabeth (AL)	Lula Mae 01/27/94 F Park Springs [del. 12515] 
DAVIS Elmer	BLANK May	blank 10/7/08 F blank 4283 
DAVIS Emmul David (TN)	GRIFFIN Sara Jane (TX)	Allen David 02/26/00 M Sunset [del. 16711] 
DAVIS G.M.	STANFORD Mattie	blank 4/16/18 M Greenwood 6864 
DAVIS George Martin (TX)	STANFORD Madie Thomas (TX)	Ola Mae 10/10/19 F Greenwood 7144 & 7144a
DAVIS H.	BLANK Della	blank 6/28/05 F blank 1923 
DAVIS H.W.	BLANK A.E.	Lewell Thomas 5/15/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10074] 
DAVIS H.W.	PARKS E.A.	Oba Leon 8/2/32 M Paradise [No Image 10517] 
DAVIS Henry T. (TX)	THOMAS Della (TN)	Maudie Lee 4/26/08 F Alvord 3988 
DAVIS Henry Winter (MS)	SLATER Alice Virginia (AR)	Charles Edwin 01/10/86 M Hinds Co MS [del. 13739] 
DAVIS J.C. (WV)	BUCKNER Molly (TX)	Dewey Harrison 9/1/09 M Rhome 4754 
DAVIS J.O.	BLANK S.J.	blank 8/6/03 M blank 161 
DAVIS J.S.	BLANK B.	blank 1/16/04 F blank 594 
DAVIS James C.	STANLEY Lucy	Corna 4/4/05 F blank 1713 
DAVIS James D.	MCCONNELL Bessie	Juanita 11/8/17 F Boyd 6749 
DAVIS James L.	COPELAND Lexie Viola	Leota Mae 12/1/03 F Alvord 477 & 0477a
DAVIS James William (AR)	HELM Laura Ann (TX)	Thomas Edward 02/12/88 M Audubon [del. 14654] 
DAVIS Jefferson Franklin (AL)	SANDLIN Lucy Valena (AL)	William Austin 01/27/86 M Boyd [del. 20515] 
DAVIS John	AVERY Mollie	blank 2/1/12 M blank 5451 
DAVIS John Charles (MS)	CATES Ella Berta (TX)	Robert Paul 10/16/96 M Decatur [del. 15790] 
DAVIS John Charles (MS)	CATES Ella Berta (TX)	Annie Elizabeth 02/23/99 F Decatur [del. 33867] 
DAVIS John Charles (MS)	CATES Ella Berta (TX)	Florence Leona 06/15/02 F Decatur [del. 21160] 
DAVIS John Henry (TN)	JOHNSON Matti (TX)	James Thomas 06/20/97 M Chico [del. 22216] 
DAVIS John Kenchelow (MO)	MYERS Mary Jane (IN)	Thelma Rebecca 12/06/01 F Bridgeport [del. 23153] 
DAVIS John Monroe (AR)	BLACKWELL Liddie Ann (AR)	Mose Johnson 11/26/88 M Decatur [del. 10705] 
DAVIS John Thomas (AR)	FURGERSON Texas (TX)	Alvin Cluster 08/12/91 M Alvord [del. 25369] 
DAVIS John Wesley (TX)	LEE Laura Luvenia (LA)	Matt Mann 03/12/92 M Alvord [del. 27849] 
DAVIS Joseph Hundren (TN)	HATCHER Paralee Tennessee (AL)	Mattie Nora Lucy 04/25/86 F Alvord [del. 14134] 
DAVIS Joseph Lee (MO)	ROBERTS Mary Fletcher (KY)	Dora Edna 07/02/93 F Decatur [del. 15226] 
DAVIS Joseph Milford (MO)	KINCANNON Dora Frances (TX)	James Thomas 09/05/86 M Boonsville [del. 14921] 
DAVIS Joseph Thomas (AR)	HOBSON Linnie Etta (TX)	Clyde Lee 05/17/00 M Bridgeport [del. 16658] 
DAVIS L.	BLANK M.	blank 2/18/04 F blank 670 & [delayed 11637]
DAVIS Lee	BLANK M.F.	blank 7/17/05 F blank 1969 
DAVIS Leonard LaFayette (MO)	ABSHER Frances Jane (MO)	Erma Alma 1/20/07 F Bridgeport 3122 & 3122a
DAVIS Leonard Lafayette (MO)	ABSHER Francis Jane (MO)	Harriet Audna 07/13/93 F Boonsville [del. 29731] 
DAVIS Leonard Laffayette	ABSHER Fannie Jane	Mable Ruth 1/17/10 F Boonsville 4911 & 4911a
DAVIS Lettie (TX)	BLANK Laura Fay (TX)	blank 10/18/28 blank Alvord 9157 
DAVIS Louis Floyd	STOCKTON Lillian Lee	Boyd Lee 3/20/04 M Alvord 747 & 0747a & 0747b
DAVIS M.L.	BLANK Mattie	blank 5/29/04 M blank 906 
DAVIS Marion Lafette	BRAMLETT Effie	Lola Bee 8/15/04 F rural, Wise Co. 1108 & 1108a
DAVIS Mark (TX)	CAMPBELL Dora (TX)	Leslie Kirk 06/16/99 M Paradise [del. 12163] 
DAVIS Micayah Fort (TX)	ADAMS Sarah Elizabeth (MO)	William Grace 10/24/91 M Decatur [del. 7140] 
DAVIS Milborn B.	MATHEWS May	blank 6/16/14 M blank 5914 
DAVIS Milford (MO)	KINCANNON Dora (TX)	Joe Lafe 08/28/91 M Decatur [del. 9839] 
DAVIS Oscar (AR)	CORBIN Minnie Tennessee (TX)	Winnie 09/25/94 F Brumlow [del. 13584] 
DAVIS Paul	BAKER Gladys	James Lawrence 2/19/16 M Chico 6366 & 6366a & 6366b
DAVIS Paul	BAKER Gladys	William Parry 11/6/17 M Boyd 6747 
DAVIS R.N.	CANSLER Lottie	blank 5/6/18 F blank 6880 
DAVIS R.P. (TX)	STEVENS Carrie (TX)	R.P., Jr. 10/17/23 M Boyd 7921 
DAVIS Robert Edwin	MORRIS Mary Ann	Viola Pearl 5/28/04 F Paradise 904 & 0904a
DAVIS Robert Edwin (MS)	MORRIS Mary Ann (TX)	Ida Belle 10/28/96 F Park Springs [del. 22165] 
DAVIS Robert Edwin (MS)	MORRIS Mary Ann (TX)	Flora Emily 12/21/00 F Boyd [del. 23900] 
DAVIS Robert Edwin (MS)	MORRIS Mary Ann (TX)	John Marvin 08/14/02 M Paradise [del. 27821] 
DAVIS Robert Edwin (MS)	MORRIS Mary Ann (TX)	Lena May 8/23/06 F Paradise 2862 & 2826a
DAVIS Rube Richard (TN)	MURRAY Lou Virginia (TN)	Learlee Elizabeth 08/12/98 F Alvord [del. 6636] 
DAVIS Rube Richard (TN)	MURRAY Lou Virginia (TN)	Emerlee 01/09/01 F Alvord [del. 6635] 
DAVIS Rubin C.	COX Fanney Ann	blank 10/20/31 F Chico [No Image 10265] 
DAVIS Rufus C. (TX)	COX Fannie (OK)	Mildred Janet 10/2/28 F Chico 9139 & 9139a
DAVIS Rufus Carl (TX)	COX Tommie Annie (OK)	Herbert Carl 10/18/24 M Alvord 8189 
DAVIS S.T.	BLANK F.J.	blank 7/27/04 F blank 1059 
DAVIS Samuel A (AL)	PORTWOOD Zula Anne (MS)	Mattie Portwood 06/20/94 F Boyd [del. 24650] 
DAVIS Samuel A (AL)	PORTWOOD Zula Annie (MS)	Stafford Madison 06/01/00 M Boyd [del. 15396] 
DAVIS Sir Outley (MS)	DEES Mary Jane (MS)	Ona Ellis 01/10/91 M Cottondale [del. 14082] 
DAVIS T.B.	SETSER Valley	blank 3/1/28 F Chico 8962 
DAVIS W.E.	BLANK E.J.	blank 12/8/09 F blank 4870 
DAVIS W.J.	BLANK May	blank 3/9/07 M blank 3213 
DAVIS W.P.	MOORE Alice	William Jay 12/16/04 M Garvin, Wise Co. 1443 & 1443a
DAVIS W.T.	BLANK Anna	Jewel 2/6/05 F blank 1576 
DAVIS Walter Edward (TX)	TATE Ora (GA)	Lester Lewis 05/28/97 M Paradise [del. 6841] 
DAVIS William	BLANK blank	blank 9/17/07 M blank 3547 
DAVIS William	BLANK May	blank 6/10/04 F blank 938 
DAVIS William	BLANK Nola	William W. 10/23/05 M blank 2238 
DAVIS William	MATHEW May	blank 5/16/12 M blank 5525 
DAVIS William Abner Tipton (AR)	HUFF Eveline (TX)	Mary Armenda 06/19/98 F Bridgeport [del. 25370] 
DAVIS William D (MS)	CROW Bettie (MS)	Ford William 12/11/97 M Decatur [del. 9840] 
DAVIS William Douglas (MS)	CROW Betty Lucindie (MS)	Onie Virginia 08/29/82 F Decatur [del. 18248] 
DAVIS William Franklin (GA)	MITCHELL Ann Ella (MS)	Lela Mae 09/21/92 F Decatur [del. 6419] 
DAVIS William Franklin (GA)	MITCHELL Ann Ella (MS)	Everett J 12/30/94 M Decatur [del. 6418] 
DAVIS William Franklin (GA)	MITCHELL Ann Ella (MS)	Bonnie Wilmer 01/19/97 F Decatur [del. 6417] 
DAVIS William Franklin (GA)	MITCHELL Ann Ella (MS)	Willie Frances 01/23/99 F Decatur [del. 6416] 
DAVIS William Franklin (GA)	MITCHELL Ann Ella (MS)	Leota 04/19/02 F Decatur [del. 6415] 
DAVIS William James	EDWARDS Martha Louise	Lola Floys 4/20/05 F Paradise 1758 & 1758a
DAVIS William James (TN)	EDWARD Martha Louise (AL)	Dallas J 11/26/99 M Decatur [del. 24115] 
DAVIS William James (TN)	EDWARDS Martha Louise (AL)	Luvata 02/06/91 F Decatur [del. 24114] 
DAVIS William Jonathan (TN)	STALMAKER Janie May (TX)	Ike Banks 01/26/99 M Chico [del. 8172] 
DAVIS William Jonathan (TN)	STALMAKER Janie May (TX)	Homer Lovitt 11/16/01 M Chico [del. 8324] 
DAVIS William Morgan (TN)	HARISON Sirena Ruby (MS)	Eula May 01/26/92 F Alvord [del. 11935] 
DAVIS William Morgan (TN)	HARISON Sirena Ruby (MS)	John Sanford 05/03/95 M Alvord [del. 11934] 
DAVIS William Myrtle (AR)	DAVIS Laura Ann (TX)	Nannie Katherine 03/02/94 F Decatur [del. 13327] 
DAVIS William Myrtle (AR)	HELM Laura Ann (TX)	Florence Lavada 08/04/98 F Decatur [del. 13769] 
DAVIS William P (AL)	MOORE Allie (AL)	Theo Erfy 11/10/01 F Anneville [del. 29459] 
DAVIS William Pinkney (AL)	MOORE Allie (AL)	Bedford Calm 11/03/89 M Lawrence Co AL [del. 28298] 
DAVIS William Pinkney (AL)	MOORE Allie (AL)	Paul 10/17/91 M Boyd [del. 16730] 
DAVIS William Pinkney (AL)	MOORE Allie (AL)	Absolum Asher 09/12/99 M Decatur [del. 28260] 
DAVIS William Rufus (TN)	JONES Ethel Edward (TX)	Rufus Carl 04/29/94 M Alvord [del. 28374] 
DAVIS William Rufus (TX)	JONES Ethel Edward (TX)	Ollie Mae 05/31/90 F Alvord [del. 23643] 
DAVIS William Thomas	READ Dona Bell	Grace B. 1/24/05 F Bridgeport 1535 & 1535a
DAVIS William Thomas	READ Dona Bell	Mary Ruby 8/2/16 F Bridgeport 6449 & 6449a
DAWSON Harry James (CT)	BROCK Margaret Gertrude (TX)	Laura Irene 05/13/96 F Decatur [del. 7538] 
DAWSON James	STONE Ora	blank 4/29/16 M blank 6404 
DAWSON John (AR)	WOOD Sarah Jane (AR)	Hattie John 10/10/92 F Afton OK [del. 7599] 
DAWSON W.G.	BLANK W.D.D.	blank 5/14/09 M blank 4626 
DAWSON W.G. (TX)	GRIFFITH Nellie (MO)	Thelma Loudora 4/3/23 F Decatur 7754 & 7754a
DAY Benard E (GA)	BALL Ann Nettie (TX)	Doris Ball 12/22/02 M Decatur [del. 3906] 
DAY Benard Elliot (GA)	BALL Nettie (TX)	Buren Benard 03/22/01 M Decatur [del. 24519] 
DAY Billy (TX)	SNORD Mazil (TX)	Billy Joe 9/14/25 F Decatur 8422 
DAY Joe F. (TX)	HUTCHESON Blanche (TX)	Alma Ruth 1/9/26 F Rhome 8503 
DAY Joseph	HUTCHESON Blanche	Mary Ellen 12/21/27 F Haslet 8904 
DAY Joseph Fletcher (TX)	HUTCHERSON Willie Blanche(TX)	Jim Tom 7/1/23 M Rhome 7839 & 7839a
DE LAO Paulino (Mex)	VILLARRAE Florindo (Mex)	Jacobita 5/10/24 F Bridgeport 8067 
DE LAS Paulino	FLORINDO Villarreal	Paulino, Jr 3/3/27 M Bridgeport 8757 
DE LEON J.	BLANK C.	Victoria 1/12/10 F blank 4904 
DE LEON Juan	BLANK Marie	blank 4/3/05 M blank 1710 
DEA Jessie	(DAVIS) Laura	blank 5/5/05 F blank 1790 
DEAL G.C.	DAVIS Nettie	blank 7/6/04 M blank 999 
DEAN Elvis (TX)	SANDERS Roda (TX)	Mildred Olivia 9/17/28 F Boyd 9124 
DEAN John	CALIFF Susie	blank 12/13/15 M blank 6332 
DEAN John (AL)	MCCOBB Susie (AL)	blank 9/17/23 F Boyd 7896 
DEAN M.M. (TX)	PENROAD Pearl M. (TX)	Morris Wendall 1/24/22 M Poolville 7538 
DEAN M.M. (TX)	PENROD Pearl M. (TX)	James Othello 3/2/20 M Poolville 7220 
DEAN M.M. (TX)	PENWOOD Pearl M. (TX)	blank 9/3/28 F Poolville 9111 
DEAN Oscar (TX)	COX Lela (TX)	Mildred Oretha 5/21/19 F Poolville 7090 
DEAN Oscar Wilburn (TX)	COX Lila Mae (TX)	Herchel Edwin 10/22/23 M Poolville 7926 & 7926a
DEAN Tom	MCCALEB Susie	Lillie Cleo 1/20/16 F Boyd 6346 & 6346a
DEAN Wayman	BLANK blank	blank 4/13/05 M blank 1737 
DEAN Wayman Attison (TX)	HARRISON Fannie Elizabeth (TN)	Aura Russell 02/10/01 M Paradise [del. 8395] 
DEAN Wayman H (TX)	HARRISON Fannie Elizabeth (TX)	Earl Edward 02/06/97 M Paradise [del. 10739] 
DEAN Wesley N (TX)	JARVIS Ella (TX)	Dollie Wesley 10/26/94 F Indian Territory OK [del. 27851] 
DEAN Wesley N (TX)	JARVIS Ella (TX)	Bon Bemberly 09/23/97 M Cumberlain Indian Territory [del. 20853] 
DEAN Wesley N (TX)	JARVIS Ella (TX)	Shep Jarvis 08/30/99 M Cumberlain Indian Territory [del. 20852] 
DEAN Wesley Nicholas (TX)	JARVIS Ella (TX)	Bessie Rob 08/22/91 F Troup TX [del. 22452] 
DEAN Wesley Nicholas (TX)	JARVIS Ella (TX)	Willie Pleasant 02/23/94 M Indian Territory OK [del. 22453] 
DEAN William Penn (AL)	SANFORD Mollie Elizabeth (AL)	John Washington 11/20/75 M Lamar Co AL [del. 10630] 
DEARING J.A.	RIDDLE Clennis	Melba Ray 11/10/28 F Rhome 9174 
DEARMON James Jimmie (TN)	HINKLE Ella C (TX)	Thomas Jonas 10/12/00 M Boyd [del. 13005] 
DEARMON James Thomas (AL)	HINKLE Ella Clara (TN)	James Floyd 04/12/01 M Decatur [del. 33407] 
DEARMON Wellington Brooks (AL)	GARRETT Mary Catherine (AL)	Herbert Hollis 02/11/99 M Opal [del. 9324] 
DEARMON Wellington Brooks (AL)	GARRETT Mary Katherine (AL)	Story Taylor 12/29/83 M Boyd [del. 8171] 
DEATHERAGE Wesley Perry (TX)	TERRELL Mary A (TX)	Roy Barney 07/14/95 M Bridgeport [del. 11809] 
DEATHERAGE Wesley Perry (TX)	TERRELL Mary Alice (TX)	Lawson Sylvester 04/07/00 M Bridgeport [del. 7222] 
DEATHERIDGE J.L.	BLANK Vicy	blank 1/5/08 M blank 3770 
DEATHLOFF Henry	BLANK May	blank 1/24/06 F blank 2435 
DEATHLOFF I.M., Sr. (TX)	RICHARDSON E.O. (TX)	I.M., Jr. 9/3/29 F Bridgeport 9441 
DEATHLOFF J.T.	HOLLEY J.E.	C.E. 11/17/30 F blank [No Image 9869] 
DEATHLOFF Kozzie	BISHOP Ruby	blank 9/21/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9826] 
DEATHLOFF Louis (TX)	STORY Leona (TX)	blank 5/13/29 M Bridgeport 9347 
DEATON Arnie	WOMACK Eunice	Arnie Ray 3/14/32 M Decatur [No Image 10392] 
DEATON Gus	BLANK blank	blank 4/19/05 M blank 1754 
DEATON James Beverly (IA)	WATSON Clora Ann (TN)	Ola Ann 12/19/87 F Chico [del. 21418] 
DEATON James Beverly (IA)	WATSON Clora Ann (TN)	Joseph Chester 06/15/96 M Chico [del. 16922] 
DEATON James Beverly (IA)	WATSON Clora Ann (TN)	Edith May 01/15/99 F Chico [del. 21568] 
DEATON James Macom (TX)	DONALDSON Minnie (MS)	Daniel Aubrey 8/28/09 M Decatur 4750 & 4750a
DEATON James Wesley (NC)	WATKINS Georgia Ann (TX)	Jesse Flinoy 12/30/88 M Decatur [del. 22403] 
DEATON Jim	BLANK Minnie	blank 2/24/08 F blank 3860 
DEATON John (TX)	FAITH Ollie (KY)	David Grady 10/04/98 M Decatur 55 & [del. 2162] 
DEATON T.J.	BLANK blank	blank 3/6/09 F blank 4541 
DEATON William Porter (TX)	HOLT Fannie Fletcher (TN)	Arnie Perry 05/31/96 M Decatur [del. 24547] 
DEAVER Newton Pink (TX)	PELTON Susan Loraine (TX)	Joseph Charles 10/26/93 M Decatur [del. 17627] 
DEAVING J.A.	RIDDLE Clennie	Melba Roy 11/10/28 F Rhome 9173 
DECKER C C (IL)	STARK Elender (IL)	Athneil Ambros 06/11/95 M Decatur 43 & [del. 2642] 
DECKER C C (IL)	STARK Sarah Elender (IL)	Elmer T 05/23/00 M Decatur 66 & [del. 2828] 
DECKER C C (IL)	STARK Sarah Elender (IL)	Irven C 07/18/02 M Decatur 75 & [del. 2594] 
DECKER Christopher Columbus (IL)	STARK Ellender (IL)	Effie Dora 06/28/87 F Decatur [del. 19423] 
DECKERSON Dan	BLANK blank	blank 4/30/04 F blank 853 
DEERING John Joseph (GA)	CASTLEMAN Mary Jane (MO)	John Alexander 04/06/98 M Pella [del. 29487] 
DEERING R.I.	BLANK blank	blank 3/11/09 F blank 4548 
DEETS Newton Jasper (AR)	WILBORN Mary Eliza (TX)	Attie Pauline 11/05/94 F Alvord [del. 21478] 
DEETS Newton Jasper (AR)	WILBORN Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Alford Harlan 11/05/98 M Alvord [del. 30848] 
DEFOOR Benjamin Fathren (GA)	CRUMP Martha Jane (GA)	Blanche May 08/07/85 F Alvord [del. 11936] 
DEFORE Benjamin Nathan (GA)	CRUMP Martha Jane (GA)	Jincie Viola 09/30/87 F Alvord [del. 15309] 
DELANEY James (Ireland)	MILLER Cassie Elvelena (MO)	Ira Samuel 03/26/83 M Alvord [del. 19654] 
DELANEY James (Ireland)	MILLER Cassie Elvelena (MO)	Nova Elvelena 06/29/87 F Alvord [del. 19655] 
DELANEY W.A.	BLANK Alice	blank 12/12/04 F blank 1428 
DELANEY William A (OH)	MANKINS Lula Belle (Indian Territory)	Elizabeth Lea 07/23/98 F Decatur [del. 18816] 
DELE ROSA Juan	BLANK blank	blank 6/29/09 M blank 4678 
DELEON Alphonso	SIMON Cressutio	blank 2/25/28 M Bridgeport 8957 
DELEROSA J.J.	BLANK blank	L.J. 9/2/03 F blank 249 
DELLIS L.G.	MCCARTER J.R.	Horace Allen 5/24/32 M Decatur [No Image 10443] 
DEMENT John Bell (MO)	WILLIAMS Sallie Barbara (AR)	William Augustus 07/29/87 M Grant Co AR [del. 9808] 
DEMENT John Bell (MO)	WILLIAMS Sallie Barbara (AR)	Ethel Elizabeth 10/26/93 F Garland Co AR [del. 11861] 
DEMPSEY Alfred Jefferson (GA)	COX Dora Cordelia (AL)	Robert Zachery 01/11/91/N Franklin Co AR [del. 10554] 
DEMPSEY Nathan	HONZECE Cecil	Kerns, Jr. 7/20/27 M Greenwood 8813 
DEMPSEY R.Z. (AR)	BLANK Clara	Bonnie Ruth 1/2/29 F Greenwood 9218 
DENDY blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/15/04 M blank 1367 
DENHAM Anderson	BLANK blank	blank 9/24/04 M blank 1220 
DENISON D M (TN)	WHITE Mabel (MO)	Virgil Clarence 12/04/00 M Boonsville [del. 12042] 
DENISON Darien M (TN)	WHITE Amy Mabel (AR)	Esther Letitia 02/02/95 F Boonsville [del. 31353] 
DENISON Darion McCrone (TN)	WHITE Amy Maybelle (AR)	Charles White 07/27/97 M Boonsville [del. 15623] 
DENNEY Abraham Davis (TN)	GLASGOW Susanna (TN)	Minnie Louiza 12/13/85 F Chico [del. 17546] 
DENNEY Huston P.	REDWINE Ruth	Leonard Davis 4/27/33 M Chico [No Image 10748] 
DENNEY J D (TN)	GLASGOW Lou Ella (TN)	Stephen Houston 05/24/99 M Chico [del. 28261] 
DENNEY J.D.	BLANK L.E.	L.E. 3/24/04 F blank 757 
DENNEY J.N.	BLANK Nannie	blank 7/25/03 M blank 141 
DENNEY John Davis (TN)	GLASGOW Lou Ella (TN)	Ruby Elizabeth 03/29/98 F Chico [del. 22097] 
DENNEY John Davis (TN)	GLASGOW Lou Ella (TN)	Zona Mae 10/25/02 F Chico [del. 29732] 
DENNEY John Lafayette (TN)	WILLIAMS Caroline Louise (IL)	Grace Delana 09/08/95 F Chico [del. 12793] 
DENNEY John S (TN)	NOBLES Nancy Ada (TX)	Ivy May 04/23/97 F Chico [del. 30801] 
DENNEY Luther	MCNEELY Ida	Robert Wren 2/2/05 M Chico 1563 & 1563a
DENNEY O.S.	BLANK M.E.	(Flossie Lee) 7/8/05 F blank 1941 
DENNEY Robert Luther (TX)	McNEELY Ida May (TX)	Austin Stephen 10/11/02 M Chico [del. 21992] 
DENNEY Sam	TERRY Emma	John Davis 1/1/04 M Alvord 550 & 0550a
DENNEY Samuel David (TN)	TERRY Emma Hugh (TN)	Burney Augusta 02/15/02 M Alvord [del. 10594] 
DENNEY Silas D (TN)	ROBERTS Nancy Bell (MO)	Walter Floyd 10/03/92 M Park Springs [del. 8012] 
DENNEY Silis (TN)	ROBERTS Nancy Bell (OK)	Birtie 05/03/95 M Chico [del. 28214] 
DENNEY W.H.	BLANK T.L.	blank 2/26/09 M blank 4515 
DENNEY W.S.	BLANK Emma	blank 4/15/06 M blank 2617 
DENNEY Walter	BLANK Pearl	blank 2/28/05 F blank 1636 
DENNEY Walter (TN)	HEFNER Pearl (TX)	Levis Jewell 8/11/06 F Chico 2835 & 2835a
DENNEY Walter D.	HEFNER Ora Pearl	Emmie Estelle 8/13/03 F Chico 186 & 0186a & 0186b
DENNEY William Solomon (TN)	REED Emma Lou (TN)	Olan Jefferson 08/14/97 M Alvord [del. 28440] 
DENNEY William Solomon (TN)	REED Emma Lou (TN)	Howard Steven 12/12/99 M Alvord [del. 29948] 
DENNIE Sam	BLANK Emma	Annie Lee 4/25/06 F blank 2638 
DENNIS J.W., Prof.	BLANK blank	blank 8/26/04 M blank 1139 
DENNIS James (MO)	CREG Sallie (TX)	John William 04/18/79 M Audubon [del. 11715] 
DENNIS James Scott (TN)	TODD Bell (TN)	Leland Scott 03/18/94 M Alvord [del. 18817] 
DENNIS James Scott (TN)	TODD Mary I (TN)	Missie Isabelle 05/02/92 F Alvord [del. 15719] 
DENNIS John Wesley (MO)	LOWRANCE Susan Elizabeth (MO)	Ottie Caroline 10/10/98 F Hanna [del. 23429] 
DENNIS John Wesley (MO)	LOWRANCE Susan Elizabeth (MO)	Elmer A 01/24/00 M Alvord [del. 4557] 
DENNIS Noah (TN)	LAWSON Martha E (TN)	Elizabeth Deborah 11/28/84 F Bridgeport [del. 9143] 
DENNIS Noah (TN)	LAWSON Martha E (TN)	Grace Mariah 08/10/87 F Balsora [del. 21522] 
DENNY Edward Thomas (TX)	WEST Mary Elizabeth (AR)	La Nelle Mae 12/23/96 F Chico [del. 23481] 
DENNY H.S. (TX)	CHAMPION Loura (TX)	blank 4/29/23 F Chico 7786 
DENNY J.S.	NOBLES Nannie	Flossie Lee 7/16/05 F Chico 1964 & 1964a
DENNY Joe	BLANK Nannie	blank 3/30/09 F blank 4578 
DENNY John Stephen (TN)	NOBLES Nancy Ada (TX)	Velma Pearl 10/10/94 F Chico [del. 25079] 
DENNY John Stephen (TN)	NOBLES Nancy Ada (TX)	Virgie Jay 10/10/01 F Chico [del. 25371] 
DENNY Robert Luther (TN)	McNEELY Ida Mae (TX)	Lora Mae 06/07/01 F Chico [del. 24706] 
DENNY S.H. (TX)	BAILEY Cora (TX)	blank 2/16/26 F Chico 8541 
DENNY Sam	ANNA blank	blank 10/6/09 M Chico 4800 
DENNY W.H.	BLANK F.L.	blank 1/10/04 M blank 577 
DENNY W.H.	BLANK F.L.	twin 2/27/06 M blank 2529 
DENNY W.H.	BLANK F.L.	twin 2/27/06 M blank 2530 
DENT Frank Wagner (MO)	COX Emma (MO)	Vesta 02/01/94 F Decatur [del. 19749] 
DENTON H.A.	BLANK R.	blank 1/25/04 F blank 613 
DERRYBERRY Benjamin Franklin (TX)	GANN Net tie Amanda (TX)	Bennie 06/02/95 M Boyd [del. 6517] 
DERRYBERRY Henry	BLANK Willie	Henry 9/1/05 M blank 2106 
DERRYBERRY Henry Milton (TX)	McGEE Willie Mabel (TN)	Lena Inez 01/16/01 F Rhome [del. 20050] 
DERRYBERRY John A (TX)	HARRISON Mabel (TX)	Louis Earl 02/21/02 M Boyd 72 & [del. 3120] 
DERRYBERRY John A. (TX)	BLANK Mabel (TX)	Elbert-twin 11/20/24 M Boyd 8217 
DERRYBERRY John A. (TX)	BLANK Mabel (TX)	I.D. 6/28/25 M Boyd 8347 
DERRYBERRY John A. (TX)	HARRISON Mabel (TX)	Albert-twin 11/20/24 M Boyd 8218 
DETHLOFF Charles	BLANK Ozella	blank 4/25/04 F blank 844 
DETHLOFF Charlie (OH)	COLEMAN Luella (KY)	Joe Criss 12/13/01 M Bridgeport [del. 15136] 
DETHLOFF Earnest	BLOGETT Dora	Viola Carolina 6/8/11 F Paradise 5274 & 5274a
DETHLOFF Ernest	BLADGETT Dora	blank 4/10/17 M blank 6605 
DETHLOFF Henry	BLANK Mae	blank 1/2/04 F blank 556 
DETHLOFF Joe (Germany)	HARDER Louise (Germany)	Thomas 04/01/85 M Bridgeport [del. 19961] 
DETHLOFF Joe (Germany)	HARDER Louise (Germany)	Lewis 11/08/86 M Bridgeport [del. 23542] 
DETHLOFF John	MCELRAY Martha	Ethel Jane 8/6/04 F Bridgeport 1086 & 1086a
DETHLOFF John (OH)	McEROY Martha Jane (TN)	Rhea Bollin 12/06/02 M Bridgeport [del. 29856] 
DETHLOFF Joseph (Germany)	HARDER Louise (Germany)	Josephine Henrietta 12/04/89 F Bridgeport [del. 7598] 
DETHLOFF Joseph Ernest (Germany)	HARDER Louise (Germany)	Ernest 03/19/82 M Decatur [del. 16909] 
DETHLOFF Kozzie	BISHOP Ruby	Lucille G. 9/21/30 F blank [No Image 9826] 
DETHRIDGE M.W.	BLANK blank	blank 1/28/05 M blank 1547 
DEVEREUX Albert (TX)	STAMPS Elizabeth (TX)	Frank Lee 03/17/78 M Aurora [del. 12239] 
DEVEREUX Albert (TX)	STAMPS Elizabeth (TX)	Leila Belle 03/09/91 F Decatur [del. 21912] 
DEVERS John Alexander (TN)	CURLEE Sarah Cindy (TN)	Lottie Mae 03/04/95 F Decatur [del. 25658] 
DEVERS John Alexander (TN)	CURLEE Sarah Cindy (TN)	Sarah Frances 02/18/97 F Decatur [del. 25659] 
DEVERS John Alexander (TX)	CURLEE Sarah (NC)	Enes 07/12/92 M Decatur [del. 21715] 
DEVIN Henry Irbin (AR)	WHEARY Maud (PA)	Ira Burdell 09/14/93 M Chico [del. 8506] 
DEVIN Henry Irbin (AR)	WHERRY Maud Frances (AR)	Emma Frances 02/11/98 F Chico [del. 15948] 
DEWBRE E.M.	BLANK blank	blank 8/10/09 F blank 4727 
DEWBRE Floyd	BLANK Willie	blank 2/26/10 M blank 4942 
DEWBRE Giles (KY)	CANTRELL Beckie (TX)	Walter 04/09/89 M Benton Co AR [del. 24549] 
DEWBRE James (KY)	SCOGGINS Mary (AR)	Esmer 05/26/94 F Paradise [del. 22446] 
DEWBRE Jim T (MO)	SCOGGINS Mary (AR)	Sadie Bell 01/14/91 F Bridgeport [del. 24191] 
DEWBRE W.F.	BLANK Josie	blank 12/19/07 F blank 3735 
DEWBRE W.T.	BLANK Josie	blank 2/10/05 F blank 1589 
DEWBRE William J. (AR)	MANESS Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Jessie Bill 6/8/09 M Paradise 4656 & 4656a
DEWBRE William James (KY)	SCOGGINS Mary Elesibeth (KY)	Manda Jane 08/15/02 F Decatur [del. 17133] 
DEWBREE Floyd	BLANK Willie	blank 5/11/11 M blank 5245 
DEWEES Charles Bowman (TX)	SCROGGINS Ferb Ann (TX)	Volney Hall 04/02/93 M Newark [del. 10708] 
DEWEES Charles Bowman (TX)	SCROGGINS Ferb Ann (TX)	Floyd Earl 09/20/95 M Boyd [del. 10707] 
DEWEES Charley Bowman (TX)	SCROGGINS Ferbie Ann (TX)	Rosa Lee 03/18/90 F Boyd [del. 21867] 
DEWEES John Benton (TX)	KIRKHAM Cora Belle (TX)	Madge Amelia 11/22/00 F Newark [del. 10480] 
DEWEES John Benton (TX)	KIRKHAM Cora Belle (TX)	Fred Richard 09/06/02 M Newark [del. 28722] 
DEWEES Joseph Wilson (KY)	HUFF Sarah Elizabeth (IL)	William Oliver 03/12/75 M Aurora [del. 10003] 
DEWEES Oscar W.	FOOTE Lottie	Homer Sylvester 11/12/05 M blank 2273 & 2273a
DEWITT Wilmer	BLANK blank	blank 8/8/03 F blank 174 
DIAZ Joe (TX)	CASTANO Delores (TX)	Dora 11/14/99 F Bridgeport [del. 4060] 
DIAZ Jose (?)	CASTANO Dolores (?)	Minnie 09/16/98 F Bridgeport [del. 30383] 
DIAZ Jose (Mexico)	CASTANO Dolores (Mexico)	Anita 05/12/94 F Bridgeport [del. 13385] 
DIAZ Joselp	BLANK blank	Endaldo 8/25/04 M blank 1136 
DIAZ Juan (Mex)	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/08 M blank 4012 
DICK Fred (IN.)	McKINNEY Jennie Grace (IN)	Allen Venner 05/02/97 M Perry Co IN [del. 12794] 
DICKENSON Alva Lafayette	DENNEY Bessie Pearl	Curtis Wayne 8/9/28 M Chico 9079 & 9079a
DICKENSON Alvin	BLANK Minnie	blank 11/24/03 F blank 465 
DICKENSON Edd	BLANK U.	R.B. 10/20/03 M blank 384 
DICKENSON G.L. (TX)	TAYLOR M.E. (TX)	James LaFayette 9/20/18 M Chico 6985 & 6985a
DICKENSON James C (TN)	WRIGHT Alice Caroline (TX)	Frank Proctor 08/29/92 M Park Springs [del. 16205] 
DICKENSON John	BLANK Maud	blank 8/5/04 M blank 1083 
DICKENSON Robert Wilkerson (TN)	BONNER Mandy Fero (TN)	Nina Glenn 09/14/87 F Chico [del. 16051] 
DICKENSON Thomas H. (TN)	MOLLOY Texanna (AL)	Thomas Lilis 8/25/08 M Chico 4203 & 4203a
DICKENSON Thomas Henry (TN)	MOLLOY Texanna (AL)	Lela Alice 05/05/98 F Chico [del. 23901] 
DICKENSON Thomas Henry (TN)	MOLLOY Texanner (AL)	George Almus 09/02/99 M Chico [del. 14656] 
DICKERSON E.A. (TX)	WILLIAMS Grace (TX)	Bert 9/2/19 M Chico 7130 
DICKERSON George	BLANK blank	blank 9/9/08 F blank 4240 
DICKERSON George Harrison (IL)	TAYLOR Willie Belle (MS)	Della Mae 01/03/00 F Chico [del. 16841] 
DICKERSON Jesse (TX)	ARNOLD Josephine (TX)	Willa 12/07/94 F Paradise [del. 17009] 
DICKERSON Lester	BLANK Ellen	blank 3/18/05 M blank 1679 
DICKERSON O.G.	LUMSDEN L.J.	blank 7/19/31 F Chico [No Image 10154] 
DICKEY D.L.	BLANK Jennie	blank 11/21/04 F blank 1383 
DICKEY Ed	BLANK Dolly	blank 1/26/16 F blank 6349 
DICKEY John Hugh (TN)	WALKER Emmalett (AR)	Ruth 9/20/08 F blank 4253 & 4253a & 4253b
DICKEY John Hugh (TN)	WALKER Emmalette (AR)	Annie Lee 12/21/14 F Alvord 6002 & 6002a
DICKEY John Jacob	TIMMONS Mosie Ann	Nellie Jane 12/16/04 F Crafton 1441 & 1441a
DICKEY John Jacob (TN)	TEMMONS Mosie Ann (TN)	Frankie Mildred 05/14/01 F Crafton [del. 22290] 
DICKEY Leonard B.	RING Lorena	Blendena Mae 2/1/27 F Decatur 8744 
DICKEY Merlin H.	ANDERSON L.M.	James M. 8/6/33 M Rhome [No Image 10851] 
DICKEY Thomas David (AL)	MULLINS Ema Cornelia (AR)	Charlie Culbrson 01/15/97 M Alvord [del. 28602] 
DICKEY Thomas David (AL)	MULLINS Ema Cornelia (AR)	Mamie Cornelia 05/05/99 F Alvord [del. 28601] 
DICKINSON A.L.	ALLEN Ella	Donald Lewis 8/16/32 M Alvord [No Image 10531] 
DICKINSON Durret Dudley (TX)	JONES Pearl (TX)	Carol 09/25/01 M Alvord [del. 8096] 
DICKINSON E.A.	BLANK Grace	blank 7/23/15 M blank 6162 
DICKINSON John	BLANK Mary	blank 7/7/07 M blank 3414 
DICKINSON L.B.	BLANK T.E.	blank 9/12/07 F Chico 3536 
DICKSON James Singleton (GA)	CORBIN Julia Elmira (AL)	George Marvin 07/11/95 M Sunset [del. 28041] 
DICKSON John	TINDLE Nellie	Maurine B. 6/4/10 F Decatur 5016 & 5016a
DICKSON John Granville	TINDLE Nellie Mae	Charley Douglas 10/26/04 M Decatur 1301 & 1301a
DICKSON John Nixon (TN)	DOUGLASS Martha Matilda (MO)	David Orville 10/19/84 M Decatur [del. 13612] 
DICKSON Lewis Anthony (MS)	BLAKEY Ardena (MO)	Leland Schiller 06/09/76 M Paradise [del. 4303] 
DICKSON Lewis Anthony (MS)	BLAKEY Ardena (MO)	Luella Leona 02/20/78 F Paradise [del. 4304] 
DILBECK Sam Oscar (GA)	SRYGLEY Modie (AL)	Robert Price 10/06/02 M Boyd [del. 8771] 
DILL Andrew Jackson	BLANK Sarah Elizabeth J.	Addie Leona 3/13/06 F blank 2550 & 2550a
DILL C.C.	BLANK blank	W.W. 12/28/03 M blank 542 
DILLARD J. Rose	STEPHENS L.F.	Jerry Stephens 7/8/32 M Decatur [No Image 10488] 
DILLARD S.G.A.	BLANK M.F.	blank 1/9/04 M blank 575 
DILLARD Samuel Gillespie Allison (TX)	RANDALL Mary Frances (TX)	Anna Virginia 04/29/85 F Aurora [del. 11634] 
DILLARD Samuel Gillespie Allison (TX)	RANDALL Mary Frances (TX)	Henry Virgil 11/30/95 M Willow Point [del. 6143] 
DILLARD Samuel Gillespie Allison (TX)	RANDALL Mary Frances (TX)	Cynthia Alice 02/05/98 F Willow Point [del. 16595] 
DILLARD William C. (MS)	BROWN Ezzie (MS)	Elvis 8/20/26 M Rhome 8642 
DILLARD William Carroll (MS)	BROWN Ezzie (MS)	Elva & Elvis 8/20/26 M-F Decatur 8651 
DILLEHAY T.J.	BLANK Lillie	blank 8/3/07 M blank 3461 
DILLEHAY T.J.	BLANK Lillie	blank 8/3/09 M blank 4717 
DILLEHAY Thomas 3 (KY)	COTNER Lucy (TX)	Eutha Mae 07/21/00 F Greenwood [del. 29411] 
DILLEHAY Thomas Jefferson (KY)	COTNER Lucy (TX)	Anna Lee 01/29/90 F Greenwood [del. 22215] 
DILLEHAY Thomas Jefferson (KY)	COTNER Lucy (TX)	Claude Holmes 11/15/95 M Greenwood [del. 6840] 
DINWIDDIE Andrew Baker Charles (TN)	WARREN Cora Harriett (AR)	Warren Harris 02/14/88 M Decatur [del. 8629] 
DISHMAN Charley	UTLEY Irma	blank 11/29/17 M Newark 6766 
DISON Will	BLANK blank	blank 2/12/04 F blank 651 
DIXON J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 4/23/08 M blank 3986 
DIXON Marvin	BLANK Emma	blank 2/15/04 F blank 661 
DOAK Thomas Francis (TX)	HINES Maggie Lee (TX)	Charlie Francis 02/15/97 M Boonsville [del. 8095] 
DOAK William Robinson (AR)	HYNDS Mary (TX)	Ira Seainon 07/21/84 M Boonsville [del. 23154] 
DOBBS C.L.	MITCHUM Eura De Lois	Marie 4/4/31 F Alvord [No Image 10028] 
DOBBS John	BLANK Liza	blank 5/5/06 M blank 2653 
DOBBS John	BLANK Lizzie	(Chester L.) 9/6/03 M blank 259 
DOBBS John	BLANK Lizzie	blank 11/2/04 M blank 1320 
DOBBS Silas	BLANK Luna	blank 8/13/03 M blank 185 
DOBSON D B (GA)	BROWN Mary Madaline (IN)	Ruby 03/05/92 F Dan [del. 5225] 
DOBSON D B (GA)	BROWN Mary Madaline (IN)	Joe 08/02/94 M Dan [del. 24730] 
DOBSON F.J.	BLANK Ola P.	Frankie Lee 6/14/31 F Alvord [No Image 10109] 
DOBSON Frank	POWELL Ola	Jerrel Wayne 10/26/32 M Alvord [No Image 10612] 
DOBSON Frank I. (TX)	POWELL Leora (TX)	Eva Doyce 9/23/25 F Alvord 8426 & 8426a
DOBSON James Jefferson (GA)	WILSON Matilda Catherine (TX)	Katie Mae 01/21/84 F Decatur [del. 11211] 
DOBSON John L (GA)	POWELL Henrietta (GA)	Sammie Alice 07/20/81 F Greenwood [del. 22837] 
DOBSON John L (GA)	POWELL Hettie (GA)	Roy Earnest 10/28/92 M Decatur [del. 24003] 
DOBSON John Lindsey (GA)	POWELL Henrietta (GA)	Eugene Marion 05/15/87 M Greenwood [del. 25437] 
DOBSON Newt	BLANK A.	L. 9/30/03 F blank 329 
DOBSON Newton J (GA)	WILLIAMS Amanda (TX)	Frank Irvin 06/22/02 M Alvord [del. 11212] 
DOBSON Robert Chandler (GA)	SCOTT Mollie (TX)	Nettie 03/12/80 F Decatur [del. 8628] 
DOBSON Robert Chandler (GA)	SCOTT Mollie (TX)	Asa 12/06/82 M Decatur [del. 10922] 
DOBSON Thomas James (TX)	ELLIS Arminda (TX)	Mattie Lucinda 10/11/99 F Dan [del. 10229] 
DOBSON Thomas James (TX)	ELLIS Arminda (TX)	Gladys Irene 10/28/01 F Dan [del. 10228] 
DOBSON Will S.	HAMILTON Callie	Anna Lou 11/20/04 F Audubon 1380 & 1380a & 1380b
DOBSON William Summerfield (GA)	THORNTON Harriett E (GA)	Pinkney Edwin 01/21/82 M Audubon [del. 7141] 
DODD A.H.	GABEL V.	blank 1/4/17 M blank 6537 
DODD Billy (TN)	HOPPER Jane Martha (TN)	Leo 12/25/85 M Decatur [del. 19399] 
DODD Calvin Newton (TX)	SOUTHERN Edna (TX)	James Calvin 12/31/96 M Paradise [del. 4523] 
DODD Calvin Newton (TX)	SOUTHERN Edna (TX)	Lottie Francis 07/21/00 F Paradise [del. 29736] 
DODD Calvin Nute (TX)	SOUTHERN Edna (TX)	Richard Calvin 5/14/06 M Paradise 2670 & 2670a
DODD Floyd R.	MCDONALD Dessie	Betty Jan 12/7/31 F Decatur [No Image 10299] 
DODD Jim (TX)	TAYLOR Liza (TX)	Charlie Lee 06/10/02 M Decatur [del. 30384] 
DODD John Thomas (TN)	PARISH Fannie Frances (AR)	Ada 02/12/95 F Decatur [del. 14293] 
DODD John Thomas (TN)	PARISH Fannie Frances (AR)	Jess Marvin 09/09/98 M Wise Co [del. 11685] 
DODD L J (GA)	SANDERS Bessie Elizabeth (TX)	Jeffie Walker 01/18/02 M Alvord [del. 4349] 
DODD L.J. (GA)	SANDERS Bessie E. (TX)	Gladys 4/23/07 F Keller 3307 & 3307a
DODD Lowell (GA)	SANDERS Bessie (TX)	Roxie Vera 09/02/98 F Alvord [del. 23645] 
DODD Lowell Jefferson	SANDERS Bessie Elizabeth	Velmer Lowell 5/6/04 M Alvord 865 & 0865a
DODD Lowell Jefferson (GA)	LANDERS Bessie Elizabeth (TX)	Denny Winston 2/25/14 M Alvord 5845 
DODD Lowell Jefferson (GA)	SANDERS Bessie Elizabeth (TX)	Virgil Ora 07/25/00 F Alvord [del. 9605] 
DODD Richard	PHILLIPS LaRue	Lee Mae 4/29/28 F Decatur 9004 
DODDS N.	BLANK Ida	Daniel 8/8/03 M blank 176 
DODDS Newt	BLANK Ida	blank 3/6/09 M blank 4540 
DODDS W.H.	BLANK blank	blank 5/23/06 F blank 2682 
DODGE Charles B (IL)	WEEKS Emma B (IL)	James Blame 09/16/84 M Greenwood [del. 9699] 
DODGE Charles Richard (TX)	MARTIN Lettie Ileta (OK)	Mattie Be 1/12/25 F Decatur 8242 & 8242a
DODGE E.M.	BLANK Willie	blank 7/12/07 M blank 3419 
DODGE E.W.	BLANK Willie	blank 3/13/05 F blank 1668 
DODGE Edgar W (IA)	WILLIAMSON Willie Louella (AL)	Charles Richard 09/04/94 M Greenwood [del. 9698] 
DODGE Edgar W (IA)	WILLIAMSON Willie Louella (AL)	Lela Mildred 07/31/96 F Greenwood [del. 14524] 
DODGE Edgar W (IA)	WILLIAMSON Willie Louella (AL)	Ilma Cleo 02/12/99 F Greenwood [del. 9325] 
DODGE Edgar W (IA)	WILLIAMSON Willie Louella (AL)	Marian Edwin 01/31/01 M Greenwood [del. 11716] 
DODSON Albert	BLANK blank	blank 10/22/10 M blank 5120 
DODSON B Alford (TN)	DODSON (same) Emma (TN)	Grover Cleave 06/29/85 M Decatur [del. 20015] 
DODSON B.R.	BLANK L.E.	Dora E. 7/28/06 F blank 2797 
DODSON Bolen Roberts (KY)	ALEXANDER Lou Emily (KY)	Charles Edgar 11/20/99 M Cottondale [del. 28168] 
DODSON Bruford Alen (TN)	DODSON Emma (TN)	William Oscar 02/06/83 M Decatur [del. 18624] 
DODSON Frank Cundiff (KY)	ODON Addie Jane (TX)	Zettie Marzetta 10/02/01 F Springtown [del. 24487] 
DODSON Frank I. (TX)	POWELL Leola (TX)	blank 10/12/24 F Alvord 8182 
DODSON J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 10/9/04 F blank 1261 
DODSON J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 1/31/06 M blank 2462 
DODSON O.T.	BLANK blank	blank 4/15/09 M blank 4596 
DOLE William Taylor (KY)	LONG Nannie (KY)	Ruthe 08/28/86 F Rhome [del. 19471] 
DOLLAR Dean	EIDSON Augusta E.	blank 4/30/27 M Justin 8792 
DOLLAR Embry Caswell	FOSTER Ida Bell	Flora Maydell 7/18/04 F Decatur 1027 & 1027a
DOLLAR Emory Caswell (AL)	FOSTER Ida (AL)	Loyd Emory 8/23/08 M Decatur 4200 & 4200a
DOLLAR Emory Caswell (AL)	FOSTER Ida (AL)	Earman Douglas 10/15/21 M Decatur 7495 & 7495a
DOLYE Oscar	BLANK Lace	blank 5/3/07 F blank 3326 
DOMINGO Lazerus	BLANK blank	Juan 5/22/05 M blank 1837 
DOMINGO Lazerus	BLANK blank	Lazarus 5/23/05 M blank 1840 
DONALD Holman Douglas (AL)	ARNOLD Cara Warren (TN)	Nell 07/17/86 F Decatur [del. 5117] 
DONALD John Raspberry ((TX)	McCOMBS Narsis Angeline (TN)	Lela 06/25/82 F Decatur [del. 11443] 
DONALD John Raspberry (TX)	McCOMBS Angeline (TX)	Fannie Belle 07/02/86 F Decatur [del. 12267] 
DONALD Robert Stephen (AL)	EVITT Mattie Deliah (TN)	George Samuel 05/06/78 M Decatur [del. 13128] 
DONALD Robert Steven (AL)	EVITT Martha Delila (TN)	Annie Emmie 04/03/79 F Decatur [del. 18937] 
DONALD W.S.	FREDERICK blank	blank 8/12/12 F blank 5562 
DONALDSON George (AL)	HENDERSON Mattie (MS)	Exah May 12/27/92 F Boyd [del. 8231] 
DONALDSON H.	BLANK L.	O. 9/3/03 F blank 253 
DONALDSON Henry	BLANK Young	blank 4/29/16 M blank 6405 
DONALDSON Joe Alexander (MS)	BURTON Mary Anne (MS)	Orrie Beulah 02/24/84 F Boyd [del. 7703] 
DONALDSON Joe Alexander (MS)	BURTON Mary Anne (MS)	Jo Ethel 07/14/87 F Boyd [del. 7035] 
DONALDSON John Masten (MS)	STEPHENS Fanney (TX)	Royal Stephens 09/30/88 M Decatur [del. 8541] 
DONALDSON Robert F (MS)	SMITH Martha E (TN)	Roxana 04/12/91 F Alvord [del. 17567] 
DONALDSON Robert Franklin (MS)	SMITH Martha Elizabeth (TN)	Moulcy 04/27/98 F Decatur [del. 30802] 
DONNELL John J (TN)	JOHENS Mollie Helen (TX)	Effie Jane 02/25/88 F Pella [del. 21651] 
DONNELL Levi Smith (TN)	GOODALL Laura Belle (MS)	Ollie Lee 09/11/85 F Audubon [del. 13801] 
DONNELL Samuel Lee (TN)	HUSBANDS Lou Zelah (TX)	Wallace Ely 05/13/97 M Alvord [del. 25159] 
DOOLEY Henry L (VA)	NICHOLSON Ruth (IA)	Mattie Emily 09/14/94 F Decatur [del. 24004] 
DOOLEY Henry Leek (VA)	NICHOLSON Ruth Eudora (IA)	Dora Mae 02/19/90 F Decatur [del. 22482] 
DOOLEY Hilory Leek (VA)	NICHOLSON Ruth Eudora (IA)	Mary Esther 08/21/87 F Decatur [del. 10129] 
DOOLEY Mack Henry (TX)	CARAWAY Merena Belle (OK)	Edna Faye 8/15/26 F Decatur 8635 
DOOLEY Mack Henry (TX)	CARAWAY Merena Belle (OK)	James Henry 12/16/28 M Decatur 9204 & 9204a
DORMAN Benjamin Franklin (IA)	LOWE Julia A (TX)	Birdie Columbus 05/20/94 M Decatur [del. 18807] 
DORMAN Benjamin Franklin (IA)	LOWE Julia Amanda (TX)	Marvie Leon Dink 09/29/01 F Slidell [del. 28819] 
DORMAN Benjamin Franklin (IA)	LOWE Julia Maudie (TX)	Josie Annie 03/16/99 F Decatur [del. 21789] 
DORMAN Thomas J (MO)	LARGE Mary Jane (TX)	Charley Lee 01/28/94 M Decatur [del. 28196] 
DORMAN Thomas Jefferson (MO)	LARGE Mary Jane (TX)	Cordie Lee 01/28/94 M Decatur [del. 28943] 
DORRIS Robert A.	LAIRD Irine	Betty Sue 12/3/29 F blank [No Image 9524] 
DORRIS William Andrew (MS)	HERRING Sarah Hulda (AR)	Joe Wade 02/11/97 M Boyd [del. 9695] 
DORRIS William Andrew (MS)	HERRING Sarah Huldy (AR)	Talitha Elizabeth 07/18/90 F Boyd [del. 28197] 
DORSEY J.L.	BLANK Ethel	blank 5/1/04 F blank 855 
DORSEY John Logan (GA)	WORTHY Ethel Evelyn (TX)	Irene Leala 06/03/98 F Greenwood [del. 24126] 
DORSEY John Logan (GA)	WORTHY Ethel Evelyn (TX)	Stella Faye 05/04/00 F Greenwood [del. 17299] 
DOSS Joseph Eli (KY)	FLOWERS Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Thomas Jefferson 02/10/88 M Decatur [del. 8451] 
DOSS Joseph Ely (KY)	FLOWERS Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Edward Mancell 01/29/86 M Decatur [del. 9326] 
DOSS Joseph Ely (KY)	FLOWERS Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Virgil Denton 10/25/02 M Paradise [del. 7653] 
DOSS Samuel Smith (TX)	SANDERS Chattie Elizabeth (TX)	Willie Wesley 5/31/06 M Paradise 2695 & 2695a
DOSSEY J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 4/23/04 M blank 836 
DOSSEY William Jefferson (KY)	MORRIS Mattie (AL)	Corner Jefferson 06/24/98 M Rhome [del. 7878] 
DOTSON James Wesley (MO)	ARMSTRONG Minerva (TX)	James Walter 04/16/78 M Decatur [del. 9149] 
DOTSON James Wesley (MO)	ARMSTRONG Minerva (TX)	Alice 02/13/83 F Decatur [del. 18653] 
DOTSON James Wesley (MO)	ARMSTRONG Minerva (TX)	Ocie 08/07/96 M Wise Co [del. 9370] 
DOTSON James Wesley (MO)	ARMSTRONG Minerva Ann (TX)	Mary Lorena 10/01/89 F Decatur [del. 18907] 
DOTSON James Wesley (MO)	ARMSTRONG Minerva Ann (TX)	Samuel Daniel 02/14/93 M Decatur [del. 11860] 
DOTSON James Wesley (TN)	ARMSTRONG Minerva (TX)	Willie 03/11/94 M Decatur [del. 28416] 
DOTY Mark	MORRIS Elsie Bivian	Nettie Lorene 7/30/27 F Boyd 8820 & 8820a
DOTY Ronnie	HINKLE Hassie	blank 2/17/30 M blank [No Image 9597] 
DOUGHTY George	BLANK blank	blank 9/22/04 M blank 1215 
DOUGHTY George Washington (TN)	ALVERSON Josephine Octave (TX)	James Thomas 08/26/02 M Newark [del. 23657] 
DOUGLAS Andrew Jackson (MO)	RUSSELL Mary Ellen (MO)	Jesse Clifford 11/29/83 M Bridgeport [del. 12000] 
DOUGLAS James C (MS)	SMITH Bettie (TX)	Lloyd Robert 09/12/91 M Rhome [del. 29733] 
DOUGLAS James C.	SMITH Betty	Beryl Ash 12/6/03 F Rhome 484 & 0484a
DOUGLAS Joseph E.	CHAMBERS Erma L.	Jack 11/4/31 M blank [No Image 10277] 
DOUGLAS Loyd R. (TX)	MATHERSON Ora Mae (TX)	Jackie Louise 5/19/25 F Rhome 8318 
DOUGLAS Theodore Crockett (TN)	DARDEN Emma Cordelia (AL)	Viola Haynes 07/21/82 F Crafton [del. 21991] 
DOUGLAS William Elmo	COOLEY Lavicia	Estelle Josephine 9/16/04 F Decatur 1197 & 1197a
DOUGLASS Earl	CHAMBERS Erma Mae	Lou Ann 11/23/29 F blank [No Image 9513] 
DOUSETT Louis (Nova Scotia)	JACKSON Sarah E (MS)	Gertrude 09/02/93 F Decatur [del. 22873] 
DOUSETT Louis (Nova Scotia)	JACKSON Sarah E (MS)	Grady Harold 01/26/94 M Decatur [del. 10515] 
DOVER John H.	BROWN Mary E.	Janette 11/30/30 F blank [No Image 9883] 
DOWNING Obediah Carter (TX)	FRAZIER Alice (TX)	Tra Jetta Onis 06/27/88 F Alvord [del. 23811] 
DOWNING Oscar (TX)	KENNEMER Molly (TX)	Olive Gertrude 6/22/07 F Chico 3397 & 3397a
DOWNING Thomas Franklin (TX)	PATRICK Mary Matilda (TX)	Dora Gertrude 06/27/92 F Alvord [del. 16328] 
DOWNS C.A. (KS)	BLANK Pearl (TX)	Edith 8/8/18 F Bridgeport 6949 
DOYLE Andy	BLANK blank	blank 10/28/05 M blank 2247 
DOYLE Andy C (VA)	CHRISTIAN Minnie (TX)	Floyd Malcolm 02/25/96 M Slidell [del. 21604] 
DOYLE Andy C (VA)	CHRISTIAN Minnie (TX)	Emery Foard 06/09/98 M Slidell [del. 11152] 
DOYLE Earl C. (TX)	WATSON Lena Mae (TX)	Earlena Rae 2/22/26 F Fort Worth 8548 & 8548a
DOYLE Edward Silas (VA)	CARTWRIGHT Geneva Mae (TX)	Elda Lorene 2/21/08 F Slidell 3851 & 3851a
DOYLE Floyd	WILSON Marie	Maxine Catherine 5/13/18 F Slidell 6891 
DOYLE R.C.	BLANK blank	blank 3/17/08 M blank 3920 
DOYLE Stephen Henry (VA)	MUNCY Martha Callie (VA)	James Ralph 06/21/97 M Slidell [del. 12358] 
DOYLE Steve Henley (VA)	MUNCY Mattie Caldonia (TX)	Florence 08/16/01 F Slidell [del. 33357] 
DOYLE Thomas Theodore (TX)	SELF Sarah Ann (TX)	Mattie Arvilla 06/28/93 F Poolville [del. 16657] 
DRAIN Albert (AR)	BURKE Bessie (TX)	Dixie Joe 6/21/23 M Decatur 7829 
DRAIN Albert B. (TX)	BURK Bessie	Ray Paul 10/26/29 M Decatur 9488 & 9488a
DRAIN Albert Sterling (AR)	BURK Bessie (TX)	Dorothy Mae 4/14/21 F Rhome 7380 & [delayed 2134]
DRAIN Albert Sterling, Sr.(AR)	BURK Bessie Sammie (TX)	Albert Sterling, Jr. 7/5/25 M Decatur 8353 & 8353a
DRAIN Fay F.	MCCRAW Mattie M.	E. Joyce 7/1/33 F Rhome [No Image 10809] 
DRAIN George E. (AR)	BALDWIN Mamie (TX)	Juanita Mae 5/3/20 M Newark 7240 & 7240a
DRAIN George E. (AR)	BALDWIN Mary Lucy (TX)	Alice Merl-twin 9/16/26 F Rhome 8668 & 8668a
DRAIN George E. (AR)	BALDWIN Mary Lucy (TX)	Burl Jefferson-twin 9/16/26 M Rhome 8669 
DRAIN Ivy Mae	Dortha L.	blank 9/30/32 M Newark [No Image 10574] 
DRAIN Toy	MCCRAW Mattie May	Bennie Jr. 11/17/27 M Rhome 8878 
DRAIN Toy Thomas	MCCRAW Mattie M.	Alice M. 6/24/30 M blank [No Image 9737] 
DRAIN Toy Thomas (AR)	MCCRAW Mattie May (TX)	Ruth Elizabeth 1/5/25 blank Rhome 8239 
DRAKE Allen R (TN)	HILL Cynthia (TN)	Lona C 08/14/85 F Slidell [del. 25256] 
DRAKE Allen R (TN)	HILL Cynthia (TN)	Willie Gertrude 01/17/94 F Slidell [del. 24386] 
DRAKE Allen R (TN)	HILL Cynthia (TN)	Eula May 11/15/95 F Slidell [del. 25436] 
DRAKE Alvin	SMITH Elmer	Ishmiel 5/9/18 F Slidell 6884 
DRAKE J.J.	BLANK M.	blank 4/5/09 F blank 4584 
DRAKE John Marvin (TX)	PRITCHARD Ella ma (TN)	William Evert 01/26/01 M Slidell [del. 5769] 
DRAKE Lonnie	YOUNG Viola	blank 6/19/16 M blank 6428 
DRAKE Louis	YOUNG Viola	blank 6/13/17 M blank 6646 
DRAKE Marian	BLANK Ina	blank 8/26/03 F blank 225 
DRAPER Jedmus	BLANK Zedia	blank 6/21/15 M blank 6128 
DRENNAN G.O.	KENSEY F.V.	Mary Dodene 7/25/30 F blank [No Image 9770] 
DRENNAN I.P.	BLANK E.	(twin) 10/6/06 M blank 2943 
DRENNAN I.P.	BLANK E.	(twin) 10/3/06 F blank 2944 
DRENNAN James David (GA)	DUNLAP Mary Ellen (TX)	Grady Olin 08/19/01 M Springtown [del. 10057] 
DRENNAN Joseph Elmer (IL)	BARTHOLOMEW Mary Alice (IA)	Susie Elizabeth 02/10/01 F Chico [del. 5705] 
DRENNAN Joseph Elmer (IL)	BARTHOLOMEW Mary Alice (IA)	Sarah Antonia 09/25/96 F Chico [del. 15522] 
DRENNAN Lynn Marion (TX)	BLACKWELL Millie Ann (TX)	Precious Estel 06/29/90 F Opal [del. 24888] 
DRENNAN Lynn M (TX)	BLACKWELL Millie (TX)	Finis Alfred 02/24/02 M Boyd [del. 14359] 
DRENNAN Robert 0 (TX)	POTTER Emma (MO)	Robert Elmer 10/09/90 M Springtown [del. 23033] 
DRENNAN William C (AR)	PREWITT Sarah (TN)	Zella 09/04/85 F Springtown [del. 17378] 
DRENNAN William Leonidas (AR)	BISHOP Martha Catherine (TN)	Ovid Leonidas 02/14/98 M Springtown [del. 27891] 
DRENNIN Joe	BLANK Mary	Joe 7/3/04 F blank 990 
DREW Smith (VA)	MEREDITH Alabama (AR)	Jesse Kennard 09/06/81 M Wise Co [del. 37040] 
DRISKELL Emmitt L.	ALLEN Lottie	Donald Lee 10/27/30 M Decatur [No Image 9851] 
DRISKELL John	MCGREGORY Ker	Tommie Joe 6/21/30 M Decatur [No Image 9732] 
DRISKELL John Thomas	MCGREGORY C.	blank 8/11/32 M Decatur [No Image 10525] 
DRISKELL John William (AL)	HEADRICK Mattie (SC)	Fannie 08/27/91 F Gordon Co GA [del. 12432] 
DROMGOOLE C.D.	BLANK blank	blank 8/26/10 F blank 5080 
DROMGOOLE C.D.	MATHEWS Leatha	blank 3/6/13 F blank 5664 
DROMGOOLE Phillip (Scotland)	FUNK Mattie (MO)	Coake 02/08/81 M Alvord [del. 17612] 
DROMGOOLE Roy	BLANK Rosa	blank 9/27/09 F blank 4782 
DRUMGOOLE Phillip (KY)	FUNK Samantha (OK)	Zadie 07/04/82 F Pella [del. 18566] 
DRUMGOOLE Roy	MATHEW Rosa	blank 4/25/15 M blank 6082 
DRUMMOND N.V.	BLANK R.M.	blank 1/10/06 M blank 2395 
DUARTA Miguel	NALERA Meria	Gregoria 5/24/28 M Bridgeport 9022 
DUARTE Marcos	VELASQUEZ Inocencia	Victoria 3/10/11 F blank 5190 
DUARTE Marcos	VELASQUEZ Iovcencia	Higinis 1/11/04 M blank 587 
DUARTE Marcos (Mex)	VELASQUEZ Inacencia (Mex)	Crestino 4/7/06 M blank 2601 
DUARTE Marcos (Mex)	VELASQUEZ Inocencia (Mex)	Juan 5/16/13 M blank 5699 
DUARTE Marcos (Mex)	VELASQUEZ Inocencia (Mex)	Marcos 1/15/15 M blank 6016 
DUBRE Z.W.	BLANK Willie	blank 12/22/08 F blank 4405 
DUCK Harry	BLANK blank	blank 4/21/11 F blank 5227 
DUCK Harry	BLANK Rosa	blank 11/22/06 F blank 3031 
DUCK Harvey	BLANK Rosey	Frances Marion 2/4/05 M blank 1572 
DUCK Kennie Hicks (TN)	MCKAY Willie Neoma (TX)	William Harry 10/25/23 M Park Springs 7930 & 7930a
DUCK Kinnie Hicks	MCKAY Willie Naomi	Rena Louise 7/2/28 F Sunset 9050 & 9050a
DUCK W.H. (TN)	WATKINS Rosa Lee (TX)	blank 5/17/20 M Park Springs 7249 & [delayed 5642]
DUCKWORTH C.E. (TX)	STRICKLAND Betty (TX)	Ruth Elema 1/2/20 F Boonsville 7194 & 7194a
DUCKWORTH John	BLANK Sallie	blank 1/31/05 F blank 1557 
DUCKWORTH Robert L.	UPTON Maggie Ellen	Gretta L. 2/14/06 M blank 2491 & 2491a
DUCKWORTH Thomas D.	HUNT Martha Ella	Vena 11/7/03 F Boonsville 428 & 0428a & 0428b
DUCKWORTH Thomas D.	HUNT Martha Ella	Claude Ernest 12/22/05 M Gibtown 2374 & 2374a
DUDLEY Charles	BLANK blank	blank 7/29/06 M blank 2799 
DUDLEY G.D.	WALSON Ruedine	Peggy Lou 12/22/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10310] 
DUGGER John Russell (TN)	HILL Annie (GA)	James Edward 11/01/88 M Decatur [del. 14493] 
DUGGER Joseph Lawson (TN)	HILL Alice (TX)	James 01/22/87 F Decatur [del. 21226] 
DUGGER Roland (TN)	ARNOLD Mary Ellen (MO)	Nora 08/12/89 F Decatur [del. 22659] 
DUKE Jesse Thomas (TX)	GREGORY Laura Mae (GA)	Walter William 11/29/02 M Greewnood [del. 24707] 
DUMAS Bill (TX)	RICHARDSON Alice (TX)	Maggie Lee 10/21/85 F Bridgeport [del. 21849] 
DUMAS William (TX)	RICHARDSON Alice (TX)	Julia Frances 11/19/87 F Paradise [del. 21523] 
DUMAS William (TX)	RICHARDSON Alice (TX)	Beulah Mae 07/28/89 F Paradise [del. 21650] 
DUNAGAN J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 12/19/05 M blank 2368 
DUNAWAY J.C.	RHINE Hilda	Annella Grace 10/14/32 F Decatur [No Image 10595] 
DUNAWAY William Henry (TN)	GREER Effie Ann (TN)	William Hayes 03/16/95 M Decatur [del. 10374] 
DUNAWAY William Henry (TN)	GREER Effie Ann (TN)	Glenn Greer 09/09/97 M Decatur [del. 10709] 
DUNAWAY William Henry (TN)	GREER Effie Ann (TN)	Kathleen Elizabeth 02/23/00 F Decatur [del. 13297] 
DUNAWAY William Henry (TN)	GREER Effie ANN (TN)	J C 08/25/02 M Decatur [del. 29737] 
DUNAWAY William Marian (TN)	HIATT Rozeanyea Aby (LA)	Rozeanyea Aby 02/20/89 F Chico [del. 14330] 
DUNAWAY William Marion (TN)	HIATT Rozeanyea Aby (LA)	Susan Violet 05/18/91 F Chico [del. 14329] 
DUNAWAY William Marion (TN)	HYETT Rosie (LA)	John Wesley 03/18/95 M Chico [del. 7702] 
DUNCAN Ithaman (AL)	NICKELSON Josephine (VA)	Neal 12/18/98 M Decatur [del. 28043] 
DUNCAN James Burton (MO)	WILLIAMS Dora Adella (MO)	Mamie Melvira 12/04/92 F Decatur [del. 25387] 
DUNCAN James Thomas (AR)	HUNT Dora (MO)	Agnes 10/25/95 F Decatur [del. 24067] 
DUNCAN James Thomas (MO)	HUNT Dora (AR)	James Dewitt 07/27/91 M Bridgeport [del. 15135] 
DUNCAN N.A.	STEPHENS Cordie	Loyd George 7/23/17 M Slidell 6663 & 6663a
DUNCAN N.A.	STEPHENS Cordie	Cloyd-twin 7/23/17 M Slidell 6664 
DUNCAN Samuel Adam (TN)	LONG Virginia Murvelle (AR)	Allie Gertrude 10/01/84 F Paradise [del. 12908] 
DUNCAN William Walter	COURSEY Mollie	Loyd Jay 7/24/15 M Decatur 6164 & 6164a
DUNFIELD Charles (IL)	RAINEY Katherine Mora (TX)	Lottie Mae 04/26/90 Paradise [del. 24057] 
DUNFIELD Charles (KY)	RAINEY Kathren Moro (TX)	Hettie Lee 10/10/94 F Paradise [del. 25468] 
DUNKIN Richard H.	BLANK blank	blank 8/26/13 F blank 5755 
DUNLAP Andrew (SCOTLAND)	CLARK Lizzie Caroline (AR)	Alvin Arthur 09/04/81 M Springtown [del. 17869] 
DUNN D. Henry	GUNN? Ina Mae	Myrtle Loren 4/27/09 F Willow Point 4608 
DUNN D.H.	BLANK S.M.	blank 9/16/07 F blank 3551 
DUNN D.H.	HOLT Ida Bell	Anna Lee 5/24/30 F blank [No Image 9698] 
DUNN D.H. (TX)	HOLT Ida Bell (TX)	blank 5/25/26 F Bridgeport 8593 
DUNN D.P.	JETER Manilla	blank 5/6/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10429] 
DUNN Dave	GUNN Ida	blank 9/16/11 M blank 5360 
DUNN David Henry	HOLT Ida Bell	David Henry, Jr. 7/4/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10484] 
DUNN David Henry (TX)	HOLT Ida Belle (TX)	Nina Faye 9/22/20 F Paradise 7303 & 7303a
DUNN Dock	JETER Manilla	blank 11/9/26 F Bridgeport 8709 & [delayed 11500]
DUNN J.A. (TN)	ELWICK Florence (TN)	Johnnie Ruth 1/17/19 F blank 7034 
DUNN J.W.	BLANK D.B.	M.E. 10/26/06 F blank 2979 
DUNN J.W.	BLANK D.B.	blank 12/6/11 M blank 5418 
DUNN J.W.	BROWN D.B.	Vera Myrtle 9/6/04 F Balsora 1176 & 1176a & 1176b
DUNN James Alton (TN)	SPAIN May Claire (TX)	Robert Eugene 10/8/26 M Rhome 8692 
DUNN John William (TX)	BROWN Della (TX)	Ruth Matie 9/28/09 M Balsora 4785 & 4785a
DUNN Johnie (TX)	NORRIS Lorine (AR)	Geneva Loucille 10/27/29 F Decatur 9490 
DUNN Johnnie	NORRIS Velma L.	John Willard 11/2/32 M Decatur [No Image 10618] 
DUNN Jonas (TN)	CORBIN Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Elijah 11/03/85 M Murrey GA [del. 17765] 
DUNN R.H.	BAYLOR Virginia Jane	Loyd Acie 6/18/10 M blank 5027 & 5027a
DUNN Thomas	BLANK blank	John Thomas 11/9/10 M blank 5128 & [Delayed 7397]
DUNN William Monroe (TX)	DENNIS Mattie Alice (?)	David Henry 12/26/87 M Bridgeport [del. 7920] 
DUNN William Monroe (TX)	JACKSON Jennie (TX)	Delila Elizabeth 02/11/94 F Bridgeport [del. 24887] 
DUNN William Monroe (TX)	JACKSON Jennie (TX)	Doc Peak 10/24/95 M Bridgeport [del. 24742] 
DUNN William Monroe (TX)	JACKSON Jennie Evelyn (TX)	Mattie Evelyn 09/06/92 F Bridgeport [del. 21649] 
DUNNAWAY William	BLANK blank	blank 5/24/05 F blank 1842 
DURAN William Moses (AL)	CARMICHAEL Harriett Winnie (MS)	Daniel Virgil 01/05/96 M Decatur [del. 22468] 
DURANTI Marcus	BLANK blank	blank 1/27/09 M blank 4458 
DURBRE H.B.	BLANK R.C.	C.L. 3/27/07 F blank 3251 
DURDEN W.E.	BLANK Linnie	blank 11/11/08 M blank 4340 
DURENTIE M.	BLANK M.	M. 2/28/07 F blank 3197 
DURHAM Allen (TX)	CAPP Jessie (OK)	blank 8/29/21 M Slidell 7455 
DURHAM Allen William	CAPP June Mae	Kenneth P. 10/20/31 M Slidell [No Image 10263] 
DURHAM Allen William (TX)	COPP Jessie Mae (TX)	Lillian Mae 1/1/15 F Slidell 6009 & 6009a
DURHAM Eaf B.	MASK Kittie M.	Rachel Effie 9/5/33 F Decatur [No Image 10884] 
DURHAM Hellen	COFF Jessie	blank 9/24/16 F blank 6477 
DURHAM Jessie Nathaniel (TX)	BEST Isabel (TX)	Jessie Louise 5/2/22 F Decatur 7588 
DURHAM Page (TX)	RHYNE Dora (TX)	blank 12/28/19 F Slidell 7182 
DURHAM Robert F. (TX)	HAYES Zelpha (TX)	blank 2/1/24 F Slidell 7990 
DURHAM Walter P. (TX)	BLANK Dora (TX)	Geneva E. 4/21/21 F Slidell 7384 
DURHAM William Miles (TN)	BASKIN Sarah Elizabeth (MS)	Grover Cleveland 01/06/90 M Decatur [del. 23375] 
DUTCHER Calvin Lewis (Canada)	DOUGLAS Laura Nancy (TX)	Carolyn Elizabeth 08/25/95 F Decatur [del. 24090] 
DUTTON C.E. (TX)	LEFORS Annie Lee (TX)	Juanita 7/26/22 F Boyd 7635 
DUTTON G.A.	BLANK Arrow	blank 9/27/07 F blank 3570 
DUTTON George	MATHEWS Arram	Mary Ethel 1/8/14 F Rural, Wise Co. 5814 & 5814a
DUTTON J A (AL)	BLACKWELL Mary Abilene (TX)	Clara May 06/21/94 F Springtown [del. 7345] 
DUTTON James (AL)	NORTON Elizabeth (AL)	Bertha Zone 01/16/78 F Lawrence Co AL [del. 12357] 
DUTTON James Arthur (AL)	BLACKWELL Mary Abilene (TX)	Stephen Elmore 12/15/95 M Springtown [del. 7445] 
DUTTON James Washington (AL)	NORTON Elizabeth Jane (AL)	Leoda 05/01/94 F Keeter [del. 10130] 
DUVALL Claude	KING Lula	Cecil Claud 4/8/11 M Alvord 5219 
DWIGHT Francis Marion (TX)	YOUNGBLOOD Lera Jane (TX)	Joel Columbus 06/12/86 M Willow Point [del. 25342] 
DWIGHT Francis Marion (TX)	YOUNGBLOOD Liza Jane (TX)	Melvin Ephraim 07/22/84 M Willow Point [del. 15185] 
DWIGHT John Fernando (TX)	DRENNAN Mary Ella (AR)	Leo 07/12/99 M Willow Point [del. 22890] 
DWYER Michael (Ireland)	LESTER Annie Rose (TX)	Beulah 11/17/90 F Decatur [del. 19557] 
DYE Dee W. (TX)	HALL Bertie (TX)	Billie D. 7/8/26 M Greenwood 8614 & 8614a
DYE James S.	WORLEY Prema	Don Rhea 1/30/32 M Decatur [No Image 10351] 
DYER Clyde	HINES Avonell	Lemta C. 8/6/33 F Alvord [No Image 10852] 
DYER G.W.	OSBORN Etter	blank 12/18/14 F blank 6001 
DYER Irie Ediford (TX)	DUDLEY Dora Bell (AR)	Ollie Monroe 08/09/92 M Alvord 29 & [del. 2676] 
DYER Richard (MO)	DUGGER Nettie (MO)	Lon 03/27/88 M Bridgeport [del. 15161] 
DYER Richard (MO)	DUGGER Nettie (MO)	Charles Britton 01/18/93 M Bridgeport [del. 15696] 
DYER Walter	MAULDIN Nova Lena	Ollie Florine 5/26/07 F Rural Wise Co. 3353 & 3353a
DYER William E (TX)	HINES Martha Ellen (TX)	Charles Harvey 02/01/85 M Decatur [del. 19814] 
DYER William E (TX)	HINES Martha Ellen (TX)	Claudia 08/01/00 F Decatur [del. 19815] 
DYER William Eagleton (TX)	WALKER Mary Belzora (TX)	Ollie Arena 05/14/79 F Decatur [del. 14295] 
DYKES Leo	BLANK Eula	blank 12/12/05 M blank 2352 
DYRE Jack	BLANK Ida	blank 9/8/06 F blank 2898 
DYSON Will	BLANK Burlie	blank 1/30/07 F blank 3146 
EADS Jesse Jorden (MO)	ALLEN Subrina (MO)	Ona Allen 10/27/78 F Decatur [del. 17466] 
EAKEN J.M.	BLANK M.E.	blank 5/16/11 M blank 5249 
EAKES William H (TN)	SCOTT Johnnie L (TX)	Annie Leta 08/30/93 F Greenwood [del. 25123] 
EAKES William Hiliman (TN)	SCOTT Johnnie Leonard (TX)	Hubert McKinley 03/22/96 M Greenwood [del. 6839] 
EALEY Jim	BLANK Willie	blank 8/14/07 F blank 3484 
EARHART Thomas Orbie (TX)	DUNN Susan Mary (KY)	William Ernest 11/14/86 M Chico [del. 5247] 
EARHART William Q (TX)	McGAUGH Virgie (TN)	Edna 01/11/80 F Decatur [del. 18908] 
EARICK Chris (Germany)	AUSTIN Charlotte Kathrine (IL)	Dave Ralph 09/14/89 M Bridgeport [del. 15225] 
EARICK Earnest Worley (TX)	SLATE Bertha Carolyn (TX)	Beulah Faye 3/21/13 F Bridgeport 5671 & 5671a
EARICK Ernest	SLATE Bertha	blank 12/21/11 F blank 5428 
EARL William	BLANK blank	William W. 8/6/03 M blank 163 
EARL William	BLANK May	blank 4/20/07 F blank 3298 
EARLEY J.H.	MESSER Roberta	blank 11/10/26 M Chico 8710 
EARLEY John R.	ARRINGTON F.W.	Velma R. 5/6/33 F Boyd [No Image 10760] 
EARLY A.W.	BLANK F.P.	blank 12/15/08 F blank 4395 & [delayed 29095]
EARLY Alison Andrew (TN)	HATCHER Rebecca Jane (AL)	Eunice 08/03/87 F Bridgeport [del. 13767] 
EARLY J.R. (TX)	ARRINGTON Flora (TX)	J. Richard 3/26/26 M Boyd 8568 
EARLY James Howard (TX)	MESSER Robertia Peggy (TX)	James Clarence 02/19/01 M Boonsville [del. 31405] 
EARLY James	MESSER Roberta	Myrtie Jane 1/28/05 F Bridgeport 1544 & 1544a
EARLY Jesse Ernest (KY)	WILDER Martha (KY)	Thomas Jesse 12/28/83 M Decatur [del. 14999] 
EARLY Jessie (KY)	WILDER Martha E (KY)	James Joel 10/28/86 M Decatur [del. 11436] 
EARLY Sam I.	BLANK blank	blank 10/29/04 F blank 1311 
EARLY Sam L. (TX)	MUSE Nell (TX)	Tommie Jo 1/27/23 F Boyd 7718 & 7718a
EARLY Samuel Howard	CAMPBELL Millie Mildred	Finis Knolton 1/10/16 M Cottondale 6338 & 6338a
EARLY Samuel Howard (TN)	CAMPBELL Mildra Jane (TX)	Ora Mae 02/26/91 F Cottondale [del. 8505] 
EARP George Washington (TX)	MORTON Lizzie (TX)	Samuel Jones 11/10/94 M Agnes [del. 10127] 
EARP S.L.	LASITER Tris	George V. 1/6/32 F Park Springs [No Image 10324] 
EARP Sam	BLANK blank	blank 11/21/11 M blank 5411 
EARP W.L.	TEAGUE Pearl	Hershel Reece 9/28/11 M Park Springs 5373 & 5373a
EARRICK Dave	BLANK Velma	blank 5/18/11 M Bridgeport 5255 
EASLEY Ben M.	MCLEMORE Nancy Joan	Dorothy Marie 3/25/04 F rural, Wise Co. 759 & 0759a
EASLEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/18/08 M blank 3787 
EASLEY Charles	BLANK blank	blank 2/13/13 F blank 5652 
EASLEY Charles (MS)	NORTH Anna Mariath (TX)	George Littleton 04/23/99 M Paradise [del. 27853] 
EASLEY Charles E.	HARRIS Lois	blank 10/9/27 M Decatur 8855 
EASLEY George (TX)	HOLT Bertha (OK)	Frances Irene 4/5/21 F Bridgeport 7375 & 7375a
EASLEY George (TX)	HOLT Bertha (TX)	Lucile Laverne 8/4/26 F Paradise 8628 & 8628a & 8628b
EASLEY J.H. (TX)	BARNETT Mary (TX)	blank 8/17/21 M Chico 7443 
EASLEY James Alexander	LICHLYTER Claudia	Willena Marie 4/14/04 F Decatur 815 & 0815a
EASLEY James Franklin (MS)	JONES Carrie Anna (TX)	Gladys Ines 1/26/08 F Paradise 3804 & 3804a
EASLEY John P (AL)	McADAMS Amanda Jane (AL)	Oscar Samuel 03/02/84 M Bridgeport [del. 18994] 
EASLEY Levi (AL)	CAUTHERS Ollie (TN)	Finis Edward 04/23/80 M Decatur [del. 8627] 
EASLEY Levi Anthony (MS)	READ Mary Anna (TX)	Arminta 12/05/94 F Garvin [del. 12386] 
EASLEY Newton (TX)	GARGUS Annie (TX)	blank 4/18/19 M Boyd 7070 
EASLEY Peter Shirley (MS)	TADLOCK Nancy Louisa (IL)	Ezra Jackson 08/22/84 M Paradise [del. 11932] 
EASLEY Sam	BLANK Myra	blank 1/14/04 M blank 591 
EASLEY Thomas Levie	ISRAEL Rosa Lee	Marvin Lee 11/29/05 M Decatur 2318 & 2318a
EASLEY W.B.	BLANK E.B.	blank 3/26/08 M blank 3937 
EASLEY W.B.	BLANK Emma	blank 3/12/06 F blank 2545 
EASLEY W.B.	FITZGERALD Emma Bell 	Laezell 9/21/10 F blank 5101 & 5101a
EASLEY William Berry (TN)	FITZGERALD Emma Bell	Malrus Clayton 4/16/14 M Boonsville 5875 & 5875a
EASLEY William Green (KY)	KEELEN Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Florence Clementine 03/06/90 F Wise Co [del. 20017] 
EASLEY William Green (MO)	KELLING Sarah Elizabeth (?)	Lydia Deliah 08/20/77 F Cottondale [del. 6409] 
EASLEY William Green (MS)	NELSON Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	John Franklin 03/14/89 M Chico [del. 11389] 
EASLEY William Green (MS)	NELSON Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	William Edney 09/24/90 M Chico [del. 9743] 
EASLY Charles	MCLEMORE Mary Elizabeth	blank 6/10/10 F Boyd 5022 
EASLY James Alexander (TX)	LICHLYTER Claudia (TX)	Frederick Franklin 09/04/01 M Bridgeport [del. 5951] 
EASLY James Alexander (TX)	LICHLYTER Claudia (TX)	Arthur Lee 11/23/02 M Decatur [del. 10738] 
EASLY Samuel Tolbert (TX)	SHELTON Martha Ann (TX)	Claudie 12/29/96 F Chico [del. 22100] 
EASLY Samuel Tolbert (TX)	SHELTON Martha Ann (TX)	Foy 07/21/99 M Chico [del. 22099] 
EASLY Samuel Tolbert (TX)	SHELTON Martha Ann (TX)	Ray 03/02/01 M Chico [del. 22098] 
EASON Alexander (MO)	MORTON Mary (MO)	Boyd W 11/14/93 M Willow Point [del. 24146] 
EASON Charles	BLANK Lula	blank 10/19/09 M blank 4816 
EASON Charles	THOMPSON Eula	blank 9/11/11 M blank 5348 
EASON E.F.	BLANK C.	blank 12/10/08 M blank 4384 
EASON Edmond Floyd (TX)	LOWREY Charlois Anna (AL)	Beulah Agnes 7/22/06 F Alvord 2784 & 2784a
EASON J. Raymond	BLANK Cassie Ann	blank 12/5/10 F blank 5140 
EASON John Raymond	SWAIM Cassie Ann	Martha Nell 1/6/18 F Alvord 6785 & 6785a
EASON John Raymond (TX)	SWAIM Cassie Ann (AR)	Leola Burgess 9/18/12 F Alvord 5576 & 5576a
EASON Roy	SWAIN Cassie	blank 12/27/15 F blank 6329 
EASP Sam L.	LASTER Johnie I.	Clarence W. 1/4/30 M blank [No Image 9546] 
EASTER Dave	BLANK Sarah	blank 11/30/05 F blank 2320 
EASTER David Anderson (TN)	ENSEY Sarah Hannah (TX)	James Madison 01/21/91 M Newark [del. 24387] 
EASTER George (TX)	TREECE Bettie (MO)	Lizzie 10/04/95 F Bridgeport [del. 28299] 
EASTER George Asby (TX)	TREECE Menervie Elizabeth (MO)	George Thomas 07/18/94 M Bridgeport [del. 28083] 
EASTER George Asmer (TX)	TREECE Marneva Elizabeth (MO)	William John 02/02/98 M Bridgeport [del. 13458] 
EASTER John Cooper (TX)	KILLMAN Molly Kate (TX)	Dada Willie 11/15/99 F Bridgeport [del. 25652] 
EASTER Sackiell Evans (TX)	DUNAWAY Elizabeth (TX)	Lanzo Lee 01/26/83 M Chico [del. 9780] 
EASTER Sackiell Evans (TX)	DUNAWAY Elizabeth (TX)	Marion Sackiell 08/09/88 M Chico [del. 9779] 
EATON H.M.	BLANK blank	blank 2/2/09 M blank 4468 
EATON Henry Elmer	LYNN Eleanore	Henry S. 5/5/04 M Decatur 864 & 0864a
EATON Henry Marcus (AR)	BLONDELL Harriett Newell (TX)	Arthur Lesly 12/02/94 M Bridgeport [del. 16050] 
EATON Henry Marcus (AR)	BLONDELL Harriett Newell (TX)	Henry Esker 03/25/01 M Chico [del. 16049] 
ECHOLS Winfry A. (TX)	ADAMS Pearl (TX)	blank 8/20/25 M Poolville 8391 
EDDINGTON James (MO)	MILLIGAN Edith (AR)	William Kay 06/14/97 M Decatur [del. 11438] 
EDDINGTON James F (MO)	MILLIGAN Edith Elizabeth (AR)	James Shelby 05/10/95 M Decatur [del. 20516] 
EDDINS Alonzo Austin (LA)	MORTON Mary Eugene (AL)	Carl Morton 12/30/90 M Paradise [del. 23222] 
EDDINS Alonzo Austin (LA)	MORTON Mary Eugene (AL)	Elizabeth 08/21/92 F Paradise [del. 23337] 
EDDINS Alonzo Austin (LA)	MORTON Mary Eugene (AL)	Addison Louis 05/01/95 M Paradise [del. 6628] 
EDDINS J.W.	BLANK Allie	blank 4/26/06 M blank 2641 
EDDINS John W (LA)	MANN Alice (TX)	Will 06/27/00 M Paradise [del. 12237] 
EDDINS John William (LA)	MANN Martha Alice (TX)	Charles Lawrence 02/03/98 M Cottondale [del. 16828] 
EDDINS Louis Sanders (LA)	HAYS Sue Francis (GA)	Mattie Ida 09/23/83 F Cottondale [del. 22706] 
EDDINS Louis Sanders (LA)	HAYS Sue Francis (GA)	Lillie Irene 10/17/87 F Cottondale [del. 22707] 
EDDINS Louis Sanders (LA)	HAYS Sue Francis (GA)	Vivian Annie 09/30/90 F Cottondale [del. 22757] 
EDDOWES M.	BLANK blank	Bertha 9/11/19 F Fort Worth 7134 
EDENS J.W.	BLANK Allie	blank 4/19/04 F blank 822 
EDGE Francis Marion (MS)	STOKES Mary Rebecca (MS)	Lucy Almedia 09/01/91 F Pike Co AR [del. 23933] 
EDGE Jasper L (GA)	WILLBANKS Ida (TX)	Virgie May 12/15/95 F Decatur [del. 24827] 
EDGE Varner Milburn	WREN Velma Mae	Hazel Beatrice 5/26/28 F Bridgeport 9024 & 9024a
EDMASON W.H.	BLANK Minnie	blank 10/27/09 M blank 4828 
EDMONDSON William David (VA)	McNEW Sarah Catherine (TN)	Maud Alice 09/01/90 F Rhome [del. 8826] 
EDMONSON Richard Thomas (MS)	STRAWN Annie Francis (MS)	F L 07/23/90 M Park Springs [del. 12199] 
EDMONSON S.W.	BLANK Edith	(twin) 11/4/08 F blank 4330 
EDMONSON Samuel Webster (MS)	GLASGOW Edith Eleanor (TX)	Oren Aubra 11/4/08 M Alvord 4329 & 4329a & 4329b
EDMONSON W.H.	LORANTZ Emma O.	blank 3/9/13 F blank 5666 
EDMONSON W.H.	LORENTZ Minnie	blank 11/14/15 M blank 6301 
EDMONSON William Hart (MS)	BUCKLEY Margaret Jane (MS)	George Mosley 01/11/89 M Chico [del. 16889] 
EDWARDS Benjamin P (IL)	MOORE Louisia Ellen (MO)	John Liberty 09/23/79 M Aurora [del. 13265] 
EDWARDS Casell Marion (MS)	FOSTER Sarah Caroline (TN)	James Albert 03/08/71 M Decatur [del. 5638] 
EDWARDS George Harman (TX)	DABNEY Sue (TX)	Charles Willard 03/06/02 M Slidell [del. 11353] 
EDWARDS George Washington (GA)	CARTER Susan Rainey (TX)	Elsie Estella 04/22/96 F Boyd [del. 13126] 
EDWARDS James (TX)	BEER Rebecca Jane (TX)	Hattie Ann 10/07/83 F Chico 6 & [del. 2634] 
EDWARDS John William (KY)	WATSON Cynthia Caldonia (TX)	Samuel Arthur 12/21/81 M Paradise [del. 4295] 
EDWARDS John Wright (KY)	MILLER Margaret Adline (TX)	Grover Cleveland 04/26/95 M Decatur [del. 3981] 
EDWARDS L.C. (TX)	BLANK Vester H. (TX)	Noel Joseph 3/21/20 M Park Springs 7229 
EDWARDS M.H.	BLANK M.C.	(William Luter) 8/8/03 M blank 173 
EDWARDS Marion Walter (TX)	MAHAFFEY Mary Ollive (TX)	Walter Holmes 08/14/02 M Chico [del. 15478] 
EDWARDS Matha Hue (AR)	CHAPPELL Mary C (MO)	Lizzie Emaline 03/05/00 F Alvord [del. 13768] 
EDWARDS R.T.	LOAFMAN A.C.	Lucy Lois 9/3/32 F Boyd [No Image 10547] 
EDWARDS Robert F. (TX)	LOAFMAN Audrey (TX)	blank 7/14/26 M Boyd 8618 [delayed 14356]
EDWARDS Roy V. (TX)	GRAY Leno E. (TX)	Ila Mae 12/2/25 F Alvord 8468 
EDWARDS William Columbus (TX)	McBRIDE Agnes Minerva (AL)	John Wesley 08/23/01 M Sunset [del. 14081] 
EDWARDS William L (MS)	GLOVER Martha Victora (TN)	Lewis Pinkney 07/09/83 M Chico [del. 11858] 
EDWARDS William Lewis (GA)	GLOVER Martha Victoria (TN)	Viola Tennessee 02/05/85 F Chico [del. 17341] 
EDWARDS William Warren (TX)	HAMILTON Caroline Pauline (TX)	Warren Hamilton 09/04/99 M Decatur [del. 12722] 
EDWARDS Zeno	BLANK Lucy	blank 2/10/05 M blank 1590 
EDWARDS Zeno	SLYGER Lucy	Penn 7/13/17 M Boyd 6654 
EGGLESTON Samuel O (AR)	McCRACKEN Virginia Victoria (NC)	Enos Lee 02/18/85 M Decatur [del. 11207] 
EIDSON Earl E.	LENNIE Jewell	Eveline Earline 2/20/27 F Decatur 8750 
EIDSON James Sidney (TX)	NEWTON Cassie (TX)	James Henry 7/6/25 M Decatur 8354 & 8354a
ELAM W.	BLANK Dora	blank 8/21/03 M blank 208 
ELDER Benjamin Halaburton (TX)	SHUMAKE Alamaba Parthenia (MS)	Bennie Ophelia 11/07/88 F Decatur [del. 24744] 
ELDER E.L.	YATES Buna	Nelda Faye 11/26/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10292] 
ELDER Edgar Lee	YATES Buna	Bobby Lee 6/2/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9711] 
ELDER George (MO)	MCCRACKEN Blanch (OK)	George Ann 1/11/29 F Decatur 9230 
ELDER George T. (TX)	MCCRACKEN M. Blanche (OK)	blank 4/5/25 F Decatur 8288 
ELDER John Allen (KY)	BURCHETT Amelia (KY)	Affie Mae 06/20/85 F Aurora [del. 7213] 
ELDER John Elmo	PASCHALL Roberta	Audra Fae 11/3/03 F rural, Wise Co. 417 & 0417a
ELDER John Elmore	PASCHALL Roberta	Vernon Leslie 2/23/11 M Bridgeport 5180 & 5180a
ELDER John Elmore (AR)	PASCHALL Roberta (TN)	Robert Clyde 07/23/99 M Bridgeport [del. 7295] 
ELDER John Elmore (AR)	PASCHALL Roberta (TN)	Ovella Ruth 3/31/13 F Bridgeport 5676 & 5676a
ELDER John Lee (KY)	HUDDLESTON May F (TX)	Bertie Lee 08/27/92 F Alvord [del. 13511] 
ELDER Marcus Luther	GENTRY Mary Elizabeth	Ruth Bee 2/3/12 F Bridgeport 5454 & 5454a
ELDER Mark	BLANK blank	blank 3/20/05 M blank 1683 
ELDER Montie Leslie (TX)	RODGERS Ella Loraine (AR)	William Marvin 11/22/95 M Alvord [del. 23701] 
ELDER Q D (TX)	TOMLINSON Mollie (TX)	Velma 02/18/00 F Alvord [del. 7216] 
ELDER Thomas Jefferson (KY)	BROWN Mattie Davis (MO)	George Thomas 04/26/87 M Audrain Co MO [del. 20070] 
ELDERS Elmore	BLANK blank	blank 8/13/06 F blank 4190 
ELDERS Elmore	BLANK blank	blank 8/21/08 M blank 4193 
ELDERS T.B.	MURPHY Mae	Sidney Gladys 3/13/06 F Cottondale 2548 & 2548a
ELIOT blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/22/07 M blank 3680 
ELLARS John (OH)	KINNEY Mary Elizabeth (KY)	William Augustis 04/14/81 M Aurora [del. 8320] 
ELLIOTT Arthur E. (TX)	RICE Rosa Mae (TX)	blank 8/2/26 M Forestburg 8627 
ELLIOTT B L (AL)	TIBETS Nancy Parlee (TX)	Oda Reeves 08/06/99 M Paradise [del. 5531] 
ELLIOTT Barney L (AL)	TIBBET Nancy Parlee (TX)	Garvin Hardy 06/12/92 M Audubon [del. 9694] 
ELLIOTT Barney L (AL)	TIBBETS Nancy Parlee (TX)	Jewel Williams 09/26/97 M Audubon [del. 11757] 
ELLIOTT Charles	BLANK blank	blank 11/18/03 M blank 452 
ELLIOTT Charles Ector (AL)	COLLINS Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Robert Franklin 02/16/01 M Paradise [del. 6276] 
ELLIOTT Claud Lee	REED Lara Eva	Clifford H. 8/27/04 M Bridgeport 1142 & 1142a
ELLIOTT Claude Lee	READ Laura Evelyn	Lola Ayleene 6/9/06 F Bridgeport 2710 & 2710a
ELLIOTT Everett Madison (IL)	RENFRO Phoebe Ann (IL)	Jesse Madison 04/19/92 M Boonsville [del. 21452] 
ELLIOTT George	BLANK May	blank 8/30/08 M blank 4212 
ELLIOTT J.E. (AR)	THOMAS Annie (TX)	Velma Jane 12/16/25 F Decatur 8482 & 8482a
ELLIOTT James Y (AL)	WHEELER Sara Elizabeth (AL)	Thomas Powell 03/23/83 M Audubon [del. 16418] 
ELLIOTT James Y (AL)	WHEELER Sara Elizabeth (AL)	Jim 11/16/84 M Audubon [del. 16417] 
ELLIOTT Jason P (MO)	JOPLIN Sarah Francis (TX)	Robert Berton 06/05/77 M Decatur [del. 9436] 
ELLIOTT LEWIS William (MO)	SAYLOR Mary Jane (MO)	Thomas Leonard 03/28/95 M Decatur [del. 29342] 
ELLIOTT Lewis William (MO)	SAYLOR Mary Jane (MO)	Grace Lillian 06/05/98 F Greenwood [del. 22891] 
ELLIOTT Lewis Wright (TX)	SAYLOR Mary Jane (KY)	Ruth Ann 05/10/93 F Decatur [del. 23482] 
ELLIOTT Louis Walter (TX)	SAYLOR Mary Jane (KY)	Mary Elizabeth 01/25/88 F Greenwood [del. 22201] 
ELLIOTT Marion Humphrey (MO)	LEWIS Malinda Naomi (TX)	Effie Estle 12/16/78 F Decatur [del. 15020] 
ELLIOTT Marion Humphrey (MO)	LEWIS Malinda Naomi (TX)	Arthur Edward 08/05/80 M Greenwood [del. 5641] 
ELLIOTT Marion Humphrey (MO)	LEWIS Niamonia (TX)	Thomas Durwood 03/18/85 M Decatur [del. 13216] 
ELLIOTT Pete Carr (AL)	FERRIS Cora Lottie (TX)	Elbert Young 04/06/91 M New Harp [del. 25657] 
ELLIOTT Robert	BLANK blank	blank 6/10/04 M blank 940 
ELLIOTT Vint Monroe (MO)	HINDS Nannie (TX)	Rose Etta 09/25/83 F Crafton [del. 5300] 
ELLIOTT Walter	BLANK Lillie	blank 3/24/05 F blank 1689 
ELLIOTT William Henry	TILLEY Theodosia Alabama	Louisa Delia 7/1/03 F Boyd 86 & 0086a
ELLIOTT William Lewis (MO)	SAYLOR Mary Jane (KY)	Marion Clement 04/14/82 M Paradise [del. 4831] 
ELLIS A.D.	BLANK Lok	blank 10/29/04 F blank 1310 
ELLIS Clay Gent (AL)	COOK Louisa Eveline (TX)	Daniel Isaac 03/24/91 M Chico [del. 24147] 
ELLIS George (NY)	HARRIS Alma (TX)	George 3/9/19 F New York 7057 
ELLIS George (NY)	HARRIS Alma (TX)	Camilla 1/9/21 F Boyd 7336 
ELLIS J.	BLANK blank	blank 4/1/04 M blank 776 
ELLIS Jess Everett (TX)	DOBSON Mary Virginia (TX)	Clois Edwin 02/26/02 M Alvord [del. 6901] 
ELLIS Robert P (KY)	GRUBB Jennie Lyn (KS)	Stephen Douglas 05/12/89 M Rhome [del. 19045] 
ELLIS W.D.	BLANK Edna	Iva Lee 12/11/05 F blank 2348 & [12160 delayed]
ELLIS Will	BLANK Edna	blank 1/24/08 F blank 3800 
ELLIS William G (TN)	HALE Emily (MO)	Henry Albert 01/31/91 M Decatur [del. 24192] 
ELLISON George Washington (KY)	STRONG Mollie (KY)	Zoner 07/15/73 M Casey Co KY [del. 12238] 
ELLISON Leon	BLANK blank	Jimmie Lee 7/29/33 M Decatur [No Image 10830] 
ELLROD Newton	BLANK Myrtle	blank 2/6/09 F blank 4478 
ELMORE C.E.	BLANK S.A.	blank 8/27/05 F blank 2098 
ELMORE W.C.	BLANK Mattie	blank 7/25/10 M blank 5052 
ELMORE William	BLANK Mattie	blank 8/15/05 F blank 2057 
ELMORE William Alexander (TX)	CLEVELAND Lula Edna (TX)	Ethel 04/10/98 F Garvin Co OK [del. 19159] 
ELMORE William Charles (KY)	ROE Mattie (KY)	Henry Floyd 11/28/07 M Paradise 3692 & 3692a
ELROD George Washington (GA)	RENO Julie (AR)	Ella Elizabeth 10/29/94 F Audubon [del. 22067] 
ELROD George Washington (GA)	RENO Julie (AR)	William Thomas 11/11/96 M Audubon [del. 22068] 
ELROD I.N.	BLANK blank	blank 4/24/07 M blank 3309 
ELROD Isaac Newton	MCGAUGHEY Myrtle	Opal Almeda 6/4/05 F Alvord 1867 
ELROD Isaac Newton (AR)	McGAUGHEY Myrtle Colene (TN)	Laurene 07/15/01 M Alvord [del. 13736] 
ELROD Isaac Newton (AR)	McGAUGHEY Myrtle Colleen (AR)	Velma Ruth 11/12/97 F Alvord [del. 19009] 
ELROD Isaac Newton (TX)	McGAUGHEY Myrtle Collene (TX)	Ruby Ethel 10/29/99 F Alvord [del. 8768] 
ELROD J.E. (TX)	MATTHEWS Thelma (TX)	Colby 4/17/29 M Sunset 9325 
ELROD J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 1/10/04 M blank 581 
ELROD Joel William Gilford (AR)	BREWER Nannie (MS)	Gilford Augusthus 02/27/96 M Alvord [del. 9601] 
ELSOM Daniel Porter	BUCKNER Mollie	Myrtle Mary 3/23/04 F Alvord 753 & 0753a
ELSOM Daniel Porter (TX)	BUCKNER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Claud Porter 02/05/00 M Decatur [del. 11437] 
ELSOM Daniel Porter (TX)	BUCKNER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Fred Marvin 08/12/02 M Decatur [del. 29742] 
ELSOM Daniel Porter (TX)	BUCKNER Mollie Elizabeth (TX)	George Milton 07/05/97 M Alvord [del. 4292] 
ELSOM F.M.	MORRIS Minnie	Jackie Marvin 6/8/33 M Alvord [No Image 10794] 
ELSOM Fred (England)	BALL Eliza Elizabeth (TX)	Freddie 07/27/96 F Decatur [del. 9030] 
ELSOM George Milton (TX)	LEDBETTER Atlanta G. (TX)	James Milton 8/5/23 M Alvord 7871 
ELY Frank	BLANK blank	blank 9/27/07 M blank 3569 
EMBRY Orah Clay (TX)	BARNETT Texanna (TX)	Hattie 06/07/89 F Decatur [del. 16284] 
EMERSON D.P.	ROYAL Lena M.	Kenneth D. 2/24/31 M Alvord [No Image 9974] 
EMERSON D.P. (KS)	ROYAL Lena (TX)	John Riley 3/20/29 M Alvord 9301 
EMERSON Don Pedro (KS)	ROYAL Lena (TX)	Maxie Jeanne 1/6/20 F Alvord 7188 & 7188a
EMERSON Guy	LESTER Parelee	Mary Ellen 11/5/04 F blank 1333 
EMERSON Thomas Edward (England)	ANDREWS Sarah Hadlow (England)	Ellen Elizabeth 03/25/82 F Decatur [del. 17601] 
EMERY Arthur	BLANK Mary	blank 12/1/06 F blank 3039 
EMERY Arthur	BLANK Mary	blank 12/4/06 M blank 3043 
EMERY Arthur E. (TX)	JAMISON Mabela Mae (TX)	Magdlyn Margaret 8/10/08 F Decatur 4176 & 4176a
EMERY John (MO)	DUNAWAY Catherine (TX)	Jennie Lee 07/15/90 F Chico [del. 14922] 
EMERY John (MO)	DUNAWAY Catherine (TX)	Jossie Velma 11/30/93 F Chico [del. 19160] 
EMERY John J (IL)	DUNAWAY Catherine (TX)	Walter Leslie 06/02/97 M Chico [del. 13884] 
EMERY John J (MO)	DUNAWAY Catherine Luise (TX)	Lulie Pearl 02/26/89 F Chico [del. 21913] 
ENGLAND Charles	BLANK blank	blank 9/25/05 F blank 2159 
ENGLAND Gordon	BLANK Anna	blank 11/24/04 M blank 1390 
ENGLAND Gordon	BLANK Annie	blank 6/12/06 F blank 2715 
ENGLAND Joseph Proctor (MO)	KENNEDY Mary Lee (TN)	Flora Ann 04/07/02 F Pittsburg Co Indian Territory [del. 20332]
ENGLAND Robert C (MS)	WADE Jennie Bell (TX)	Clarence H 05/25/00 M Decatur [del. 23744] 
ENGLAND Robert Christopher	WADE Jennie Belle	Jocelyn Louella 10/9/16 F blank 6485 & 6485a
ENGLAND Robert Christopher (GA)	WADE Jennie Bell (AR)	Joseph Carl 10/23/96 M Decatur [del. 8915] 
ENGLAND Victor	BLANK Ivy	blank 9/11/05 F blank 2136 
ENGLAND Walter B. (TX)	KEETER Nell Mary Catherine (TX)	Catherine Lucile 10/28/24 F Rhome 8202 & 8202a
ENGLAND William Riley (KY)	BELCHER Sarah Charlotte (KY)	Leonard Bernard 01/29/94 M Bridgeport [del. 8229] 
ENGLISH Thomas Craig (TN)	RAGSDALE Martha Jane (AR)	Howard Clinton 12/15/93 M Alvord [del. 9263] 
ENOCHS James Edgar (MS)	MAXEY Mary Ellen (MS)	Isaac Grady 09/11/91 M Decatur [del. 7700] 
ENOCHS James Edgar (MS)	MAXEY Mary Ellen (MS)	James Edmond 05/09/93 M Decatur [del. 10128] 
ENOS H.M.	DRUMGOOLE Mada	Herman 5/2/15 M Alvord 6086 & 6086a
ENOS W.A.	HORTON Onie	James Edward 10/6/15 M blank 6267 
ENOS W.A.	HORTON Quin	blank 11/22/17 M Alvord 6763 
ENOS W.T.I.	BREAZZEAL Willie L.	blank 1/10/16 M Alvord 6340 & [delayed 21414]
ENSEY J J (TX)	BURNS Laurie Huldy (TX)	Bertha Irene 11/12/98 F Cottondale [del. 17611] 
ENSEY Thomas (TX)	ENSEY (same) Sally (TX)	Henry Richard 09/19/94 M Paradise [del. 16621] 
ENSEY Zekiel Louis Alexander (TX)	TADLOCK Mary Ann (TX)	Thomas Lyle 10/22/82 M Cottondale [del. 12106] 
ENSLEY James Eligah (TN)	STROUD Susan Elizabeth (MO)	Leoti Jane 11/22/84 F Decatur [del. 6627] 
EPPERSON Benjamin Franklin (TN)	MOORE Mary Jane (TN)	William Henry 09/08/94 M Chico [del. 3680] 
EPPERSON Benjamin Franklin (TN)	MOORE Mary Jane (TN)	Jim B 08/06/97 M Chico [del. 13910] 
EPPERSON William Thomas (AR)	WILLIAMS Mattie Bertha (AL)	Benjamin Edward 12/07/95 M Greenwood [del. 28364] 
ERRICK Cris (OH)	CLOVES Sharlotte (OH)	Olia Zelo 08/12/88 F Bridgeport [del. 21570] 
ERRICK John (TX)	KAKER Emma (TX)	Nettie Mae 02/11/93 F Bridgeport [del. 18952] 
ERVIN Adolphus Franklin (TX)	CAMPBELL Bessie (TX)	Adolphus Fred 2/5/13 F Decatur 5650 
ERVIN blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/16/04 M blank 736 
ERVIN blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/6/06 M blank 2474 
ERWIN A.F. (TX)	FUNCHESS Ila Mae (TX)	Crisbus Jason 9/27/08 F Paradise 4266 & 4266a
ERWIN Albert (TN)	LOFTIS Lucy (TN)	William Wesley 01/28/82 M Paradise [del. 17442] 
ERWIN Arvie	FUNCHESS Ila Mae	Ivy Iona 8/3/05 F blank 2037 & 2037a
ERWIN blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/12/03 M blank 501 
ERWIN Eugene Franklin (AL)	HAYS Mary Laretta (TX)	Eugene Earl 10/15/97 M Boyd [del. 10427] 
ERWIN J.E.	BLANK N.E.	blank 2/16/04 F blank 666 
ERWIN Jeff D (AR)	HARGIS Tressie Jane (LA)	Stella Pleas 12/27/96 F Marshall Co OK [del. 29743] 
ERWIN Jeff Davis (AR)	HARGIS Terrassie Jane (LA)	Fonnie Lafate 12/12/93 F Paradise [del. 6275] 
ERWIN Jeff Davis (AR)	HARGIS Terressie Jane (LA)	Tony Jefferson 01/11/00 M Paradise [del. 10056] 
ERWIN Jefferson D. (AR)	HARGIS Thressa Jane (LA)	Dovie Middie 7/13/09 F Decatur 4690 & 4690a
ERWIN Jefferson Davis (AR)	HARGIS Terressie Jane (LA)	Flora May 06/05/89 F Chickasaw Nation Ind Ter [del. 20610]
ERWIN Jefferson Davis (AR)	HARGIS Terressie Jane (LA)	Pete Lavender 02/28/93 M Boyd [del. 12266] 
ERWIN Jefferson Davis (AR)	HARGIS Tressie Jane (LA)	Arvie Francis 08/29/85 M Garvin [del. 4490] 
ERWIN L.H.	MCDONALD Jane	blank 6/14/32 F Alvord [No Image 10468] 
ERWIN Pete L. (TX)	CONNER Gladys Mae (TX)	Pete Lowe, Jr. 1/4/19 M Paradise 7025 
ERWIN Samuel S (AL)	LASWELL Olivia Matilda (TX)	Veatus Amanda 07/24/93 F Park Springs [del. 24994] 
ERWIN Samuel Seymore (AL)	LASWELL Olivia Matilda (TX)	Nellie Jeanetta 04/22/96 F Park Springs [del. 24193] 
ERWIN Thomas Luther	CASH Eva Jane	Howard Luther 1/13/28 M Rhome 8914 & 8914a
ERWIN Tom	CASH Eva	Jo Ella 12/25/30 F blank [No Image 9902] 
ERWIN Tom (TN)	CASH Eva (AL)	Pearl 2/21/23 F Rhome 7730 
ERWIN Will	BLANK blank	blank 1/2/06 M blank 2380 
ERWIN William (MS)	COBURN Tobitha Ann (MS)	Willie Martin 01/18/79 M Itawamba Co MS [del. 7595] 
ERWIN William Wesley (TX)	SANDERS Helen A. (TX)	Ruby Jewell 3/16/08 F Paradise 3918 & 3918a
ESCABA Guellermo (TX)	CASILLO Emellia (Mex)	Emelia 1/28/24 F Bridgeport 7987 [delayed 3290]
ESCABA Miguale	GARCIA Clara	Manuel 5/26/10 M Bridgeport 5007 
ESCALANTE Federico (Mexico)	BLANK Petra C (Mexico)	Arlata 11/04/02 F Bridgeport [del. 29231] 
ESCALANTE Fred	BLANK Patre	blank 6/7/04 F blank 928 
ESCALANTES Fredrico	BLANK blank	blank 9/12/06 M blank 2904 
ESCOLANTE Fredrico	BLANK blank	blank 6/20/08 M blank 4093 
ESCULENTIS Frederico	BLANK blank	blank 8/4/10 F blank 5063 
ESDRIDGE A.	BLANK Sylvia	blank 11/20/05 M blank 2294 
ESKRIDGE David Reed (NC)	WEBB Martha Ella (TN)	Mary Lou 06/11/81 F Decatur [del. 10553] 
ESKRIDGE Wade Hampton (NC)	GENTRY Minnie Lee (MS)	Victor H 10/30/89 M Decatur [del. 9836] 
ESKRIDGE Wade Hampton (NC)	GENTRY Minnie Lee (MS)	Trula Mae 03/19/91 F Decatur [del. 9837] 
ESTES Charles Warrick (AL)	HATFIELD Sarah Isabelle (MO)	Earl 07/10/94 M Boyd [del. 7034] 
ESTES Fee Makfay (TN)	HUMPSHIRE Merindie Mary Ann (TN)	Thomas Albert 08/17/93 M Decatur [del. 11439] 
ESTES Fee McFay (TN)	HUMPHREY Merindie (TX)	Sanford 09/10/82 M Greenwood [del. 9954] 
ESTES Felton Macfay (TN)	HUMPHREY Marinda Mary Ann (TX)	Lon 01/22/96 M Greenwood [del. 29058] 
ESTES Thomas (TX)	CARPENTER Eliza (TX)	Bertha Minerva 06/23/91 F Decatur [del. 20611] 
ESTRADA Mariano	CHAVES Jovita	Andruia 11/30/05 F blank 2319 
ESTRADO E.	BLANK M.	Harnando 11/15/05 M blank 2280 
ESTUS Jim	BLANK blank	blank 3/13/14 F blank 5855 
ETHERIDGE C.P.	BLANK N.E.	(twin) 9/18/06 M blank 2918 
ETHERIDGE C.P.	BLANK N.E.	(twin) 9/18/06 M blank 2919 
ETHERIDGE Harley	BLANK Mattie	blank 9/21/08 F blank 4255 
ETHERIDGE Luther	BLANK Minnie	blank 2/21/06 M blank 2511 
ETHERIDGE R.L.	BLANK M.V.	blank 9/29/03 F blank 323 
ETHERIDGE Charley Powell (TN)	GEORGE Nanie Elizabeth (TN)	May Shannon 05/14/00 F Chico [del. 18712] 
ETHERIDGE Charlie Powell (TN)	GEORGE Nancy Elizabeth (TN)	Earlice Powell 06/18/02 M Chico [del. 12107] 
ETHERIDGE Charlie Powell (TN)	GEORGE Nannie Elizabeth (TN)	Mattie Lou 01/16/92 F Chico [del. 16283] 
ETHERIDGE Charlie Powell (TN)	GEORGE Nannie Elizabeth (TN)	Iva Elizabeth 07/24/95 F Chico [del. 16102] 
ETHRIDGE C.P.	BLANK blank	blank 6/21/04 F blank 965 
ETTER Lester (TX)	VANSTORY Maud Estula (TX)	Merle Victoria 8/21/12 F Boonsville 5567 & 5567a
ETTER M.E.	BLANK Allie	blank 1/29/07 M blank 3145 
ETTER W.E.	MCDANIELS Alice	Leslie Henry 5/7/04 M rural, Wise Co. 868 & 0868a
EUBANK Robert Hatton (KY)	McCARTY Ida Mae (TX)	Fanchon Nadine 05/15/96 F Decatur [del. 5138] 
EUBANKS E.W.	HEARD Mattie L.	Mary K. 4/23/31 F Rhome [No Image 10053] 
EUBANKS E.W. (GA)	HEARD Mattie L. (TX)	Mettie E. 5/21/26 F Rhome 8587 
EUBANKS Ernest W.	HEARD Mattie Leora	Ernest W., Jr. 7/31/28 M Rhome 9071 
EUBANKS Jerome Bonepart (KY)	HORN America Ann (KY)	Sally 12/04/86 F Rhome [del. 7033] 
EUDALY F.M.	MCCORD Vinita	F.M. 7/18/28 M Bridgeport 9057 & 9057a
EUDALY F.M.	MCCORD Vinita	blank 3/6/30 M blank [No Image 9618] 
EUDALY J.A. (TX)	MORROW Sarah T. (OK)	blank 7/4/25 M Decatur 8352 
EUDALY O.M.	BLANK blank	blank 10/26/08 M blank 4315 
EVANS A.W.	BLANK C.R.	Jimmie 11/20/03 M blank 455 
EVANS Archie L. (TX)	JENKINS Ruby Pearl (TX)	James Randolph 9/25/26 M Decatur 8677 
EVANS Arthur Winston	BROWN Cora R.	Opal Sarah 10/12/05 F Alvord 2212 & 2212a
EVANS Arthur Winston (MI)	BROWN Cora R. (LA)	Clara May 2/9/08 F Alvord 3834 & 3834a
EVANS Arthur Winston (MI)	BROWN Cora Rebecca (LA)	Clifford Milton 11/01/01 M Alvord [del. 19504] 
EVANS Arthur Winston (MI)	BROWN Cora Rebecka (LA)	Ralph William 03/17/89 M Alvord [del. 19104] 
EVANS Arthur Winston (MI)	BROWN Cora Rebecka (LA)	Garvin Bun 09/12/99 M Alvord [del. 19103] 
EVANS blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/3/06 F blank 2651 
EVANS Charles (TX)	MILLER Nellie (TX)	Vernon Quincy 7/2/09 M Alvord 4680 & 4680a
EVANS David Henry	MORRIS Minnie Myrtle	Willie & Lillie 8/23/05 M & F blank 2078 & 2078a
EVANS David Henry (MS)	MORRIS Minnie (TN)	Luther William 05/23/97 M Crafton [del. 11933] 
EVANS David Henry (MS)	MORRIS Minnie (TN)	Arthur 12/10/02 M Crafton [del. 11684] 
EVANS Elbert	STOCKTON M.	blank 1/6/14 M blank 5813 
EVANS Elbert Albro (MO)	APPLEWHITE Angie (MS)	Leslie Edward 10/15/77 M Paradise [del. 17407] 
EVANS Elbert E., Sr. (TX)	STOCKTON Maude (TX)	Elbert E., Jr. 8/2/24 M Alvord 8128 
EVANS Emanuel Edwin	CLARK Callie	Charles Henry 10/2/07 M blank 3584 & 3584a
EVANS Everett (OK)	SHOEMAKER Mollie (TX)	Albert Franklin 10/03/91 M Alvord [del. 16769] 
EVANS Francis Vinson (AL)	WOODWARD Mittie Stanley (KY)	Lorena Myrtle 05/18/86 F Aurora [del. 12750] 
EVANS Frank	MEDLIN blank	blank 3/22/17 M blank 6588 
EVANS Frank (TX)	MASON Irene (TN)	Horace Ambrose 11/20/90 M Paradise [del. 12863] 
EVANS George Franklin (TX)	HARVEY Ettie (MO)	Henry Jackson 02/17/01 M Crafton [del. 9369] 
EVANS Gus	BLANK Minnie 	Ina Velma 11/14/03 F blank 444 
EVANS Gus	PEWITT Minnie	blank 10/1/14 M blank 5968 
EVANS J.B.	BLANK S.E.	blank 1/22/06 F blank 2431 
EVANS J.S.	BLANK Maggie	John S. 6/17/05 M blank 1902 
EVANS J.W.	BLANK Julia	blank 2/12/05 M blank 1595 
EVANS James	MOSER Callie	blank 7/7/15 F blank 6144 
EVANS James A (AR)	TRAMEL Elizabeth (MO)	Sarah Almer 06/04/82 F Sunset [del. 18655] 
EVANS James Bradley	BROWN Mary Ann	Memory Lee 4/23/04 M Newark 834 
EVANS John Henry (IN)	BURNETT Annie Elizabeth (IN)	Julia Alice 03/31/84 F Alvord [del. 19046] 
EVANS John Henry (IN)	BURNETT Annie Elizabeth (IN)	Dora Elizabeth 10/21/86 F Alvord [del. 20203] 
EVANS John Stanley (MS)	SKAGGS Margaret Charity (TX)	Gladys Hortense 04/07/97 F Chico [del. 5897] 
EVANS John Willis (GA)	FRONABARGER Julia Ann (GA)	James Ottis 09/11/99 M Decatur [del. 29460] 
EVANS Milton L (IL)	CARPENTER Sarah E (MO)	Elbert Edgar 12/10/90 M Alvord [del. 19962] 
EVANS Milton Leroy (IN)	CARPENTER Sarah Ellen (MO)	Claude Milton 10/10/86 M Alvord [del. 9054] 
EVANS Pearl James (TX)	COLLINS Vietta Lucile (TX)	Douglas Clifford 9/6/25 M Alvord 8408 
EVANS Ralph (TX)	OWENS Ollie (TX)	blank 2/4/24 F Decatur 7993 
EVANS Ralph W.	TURPIN Minnie L.	blank 11/20/13 F blank 5794 
EVANS Roy A.	MOORE Leona	Billy Jack 12/31/33 blank blank [No Image 10980] 
EVANS Sim	BLANK Rosa	Mart Ellen 11/6/03 M blank 426 
EVANS Simson Marion (MS)	MARTIN Rosa Ellen (IL)	Bertha Ellen 9/5/06 F Chico 2892 & 2892a
EVANS William G.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 2/19/04 F blank 671 
EVANS William Green (MS)	CRAFT Lizzie (TX)	Vertie Lee 10/08/94 F Crafton [del. 27882] 
EVANS William Green (MS)	CRAFT Lizzie (TX)	Ora Francis 07/14/96 F Sunset [del. 23100] 
EVERHART Richard (TX)	WARDEN Sallie (TX)	Jessie 12/24/83 F Decatur [del. 11859] 
EVETTS Limuel Linder (TX)	WALKER Julia Bell (TX)	Samuel Givvens 10/01/99 M Boonsville [del. 4772] 
EWIN G.W.	BLANK blank	blank 11/22/07 F blank 3679 
EWING blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/16/07 M blank 3179 
EWING Eugene D.	BLANK M.C.	blank 7/27/04 F blank 1058 
EWING John (IL)	CRABB Tennie Lee (TN)	Artie Raymond 08/27/00 M Decatur [del. 7214] 
EWING Thomas (IL)	BROWN Ida Keren (TX)	Audrey Ruth 01/06/95 F Decatur [del. 10674] 
EWING Thomas (IL)	BROWN Ida Keren (TX)	James Clyde 03/16/96 M Decatur [del. 12967] 
EWING Thomas (IL)	BROWN Ida Keren (TX)	Inez 12/19/97 F Decatur [del. 10673] 
EZZELL C.F.	COOPER blank	blank 2/9/16 M blank 6360 
FAGAN Jack	BLANK blank	blank 2/22/06 M blank 2512 
FAGART S.	BLANK M.F.	E. 10/25/03 F blank 396 
FAIN A.W.	BLANK Mary	blank 2/18/15 F blank 6036 
FAIRBETTER Barnie (TX)	JENNINGS Naomi (TX)	Ruby Jewel 7/10/20 F Boyd 7270 & 7270a
FAIRBETTER Barnie S. (TX)	JENNINGS Ovena (TX)	Ruby Jewel 7/10/23 F Boyd 7849 
FAIRBETTER R.S. (TX)	STEPHENS Myrtle (TX)	Modena 3/2/25 F Boyd 8253 & 8253a
FAIRBETTER Raymond (TX)	STEPHENS Myrtle (TX)	Marilyn 8/28/28 F Boyd 9101 
FAIRCHILD blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/14/07 M blank 3107 
FAIRCHILD R.L.	SKIPPER Julia	Clarence 6/11/08 M Paradise 4084 
FAITH Carl	TURNEY Ara Ada	Douglas 8/24/11 M Decatur 5329 & 5329a
FAITH Elmer	LUMSDEN Ola	blank 2/5/17 M blank 6549 & 6549a
FAITH Elmer Joe (TX)	LUMSDEN Mattie Viola (TX)	Thomas Curtis 2/27/15 M Alvord 6044 & 6044a
FAITH Harvey	DENNEY Irene	Betty Leota 4/9/33 F Decatur [No Image 10723] 
FAITH Hubert Lawton (TX)	DENNEY Virgie (TX)	Alvine Ruby 8/16/19 F Alvord 7123 & 7123a
FAITH Joseph Thomas	HUFF Ora Parlee	Harvey Thomas 11/15/09 M Decatur 4848 & 4848a & 4848b
FAITH Joseph Thomas (KY)	HUFF Ora Paralee (TX)	Ruby Pearl 03/23/96 F Decatur [del. 10998] 
FAITH Joseph Thomas (KY)	HUFF Ora Pearl (TX)	Hubert Lawton 08/16/01 M Decatur [del. 25080] 
FAITH Tom	HUFF Ora Pearl	Hamp Pitt 1/18/04 M Decatur 598 & 0598a
FALK Henry Amos (Germany)	RANDLE Leota Ellen (TN)	Mabel 12/14/91 F Alvord [del. 20107] 
FALLWELL Washington Lafayette (TX)	CHASWICK Josephine (AL)	Clarrage Hill 08/07/88 M Decatur [del. 14523] 
FANCHER John Tate (AR)	BLANK Mary Susan (TX)	Thelma Viola 2/6/08 F Chico 3828 
FANCHER John Tate (AR)	WHITE Mary Susan (TX)	Dow Oscar 08/26/96 M Bridgeport [del. 29381] 
FANCHER Leonard B (OH)	LEWIS Clara (OH)	Hazel L 09/04/91 F Jim Ned [del. 24552] 
FANCHER Leonard B (OH)	LEWIS Clara (OH)	Leonard 0 11/26/94 M Washita Co OK [del. 24551] 
FANNING S.H.	BLANK blank	blank 9/29/09 F blank 4790 
FARABEE Russell Jordon (GA)	CROWELL Emma C (TX)	Gordon Clarance 08/09/00 M Bridgeport [del. 22154] 
FARADY Jordan	BLANK Emma	twins 7/8/03 blank blank 100 
FARADY Jordan	BLANK Emma	twins 7/8/03 M blank 101 
FARLEY Plaskey (KY)	MACKEY Mary Jane (AR)	James Henry 12/23/83 M Decatur [del. 13323] 
FARMER Charles Edward (TX)	PICKETT Evie Evelyne (AR)	Marion Cass 08/14/90 M Decatur [del. 24068] 
FARMER Clifton Alexander (TX)	STONE Mary Oneda (MS)	Wilene 10/15/25 F Rhome 8445 & 8445a
FARMER J.E. (TX)	STONE Lena (MS)	Helen Bearice 10/17/21 F Decatur 7496 & 7496a
FARMER James Everett (TX)	STONE Jonny Evelena (MS)	Newel Stone 5/6/23 M Decatur 7792 & 7792a
FARMER James M.	GARETH M.F.	Nancy L. 1/30/31 F Decatur [No Image 9951] 
FARMER L.R.	MITCHELL Katie	twin 11/16/11 F blank 5402 
FARMER L.R.	MITCHELL Katie	twin 11/16/11 M blank 5403 
FARMER O.T.	STONE Onada	Arlena 3/19/27 F Decatur 8771 & 8771a
FARMER R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 2/12/15 F blank 6030 
FARMER Robert Lee (TX)	MITCHELL Katie Mae (TX)	Juanita Eunice 10/31/02 F Alvord [del. 9433] 
FARMER Robert Lee (TX)	MITCHELL Katie May (TX)	Venus Madalene 10/23/00 F Alvord [del. 12827] 
FARRAR James (WV)	McPAIN Eldroda (MO)	Ida May 06/09/87 F Decatur [del. 15445] 
FARRAR James D (WV)	McPAIN Eldorado (MO)	Virginia Mont 06/03/83 F Decatur [del. 19047] 
FARRELL William Edward (TX)	MANNING Matilda Love (TX)	Willie Ewen 12/27/01 M Washita Co OK [del. 10999] 
FARRINGTON Harvey S (TX)	HODGES Betty (TX)	Laura Lee 06/21/96 F Alvord [del. 29461] 
FARRINGTON Harvey Shell	HODGES Bettie	Millie May 10/6/03 F Alvord 341 & 0341a
FARRINGTON Henry Schall (MO)	HODGES Bettie (TX)	Clarance Ernest 08/23/00 M Alvord [del. 29611] 
FARRINGTON John Wesley (TX)	CROZIER Abigail Esther (IL)	Robert Leslie 10/14/95 M Decatur [del. 31423] 
FARRINGTON Lester Daniel (WI)	HOLLAND Ida Eva (TX)	Lorena Kitty 05/14/02 F Audubon [del. 11388] 
FARRIS William E (MO)	LARGENT Mary (MO)	Martha Ann 01/16/89 F Fulton Co AR [del. 19472] 
FARRIS William E (MO)	LARGENT Mary Ann Melzine (MO)	Nancy Mahala 08/12/86 F Fulton Co AR [del. 21594] 
FAULKNER Herbert (TX)	WILLIS Addeline (TX)	Leslie Houston 12/17/99 M Briar [del. 8392] 
FAULKNER Robert Myers (TX)	PORTER Emma Glenn (MS)	Calvin Myers 11/24/96 M Paradise [del. 4277] 
FAULKNER Robert Myers (TX)	PORTER Emma Glenndora (MS)	Alice May 09/06/98 F Decatur [del. 12585] 
FAULKNER Sam	BLANK Beulah	blank 10/8/07 M blank 3595 
FAUST Tom	BLANK blank	blank 3/25/14 F blank 5865 
FAUST Tom	BLANK Jannie	blank 1/5/12 F blank 5433 
FAUST Tom (TN)	JARVIS Maggie (TX)	Ruth Odella 4/19/15 F Boyd 6078 & 6078a
FEAR George (Canada)	YOUNG Matilda (England)	Florence Elizabeth 09/27/90 F St Louis Co MO [del. 21454]
FELKNER Alfred Oliver (MO)	TUCKER Mary Ann	John Adderson 01/10/88 M Paradise [del. 22464] 
FELLARS James McBurnie (TN)	STACK Lutie (AR)	Dewey 04/15/98 M Chico [del. 9221] 
FELLARS James McBurnie (TN)	STACK Lutie (AR)	Adam McBurnie 08/24/00 M Chico [del. 9222] 
FELLARS James McBurnie (TN)	STACK Lutie (AR)	Bryan 10/11/96 M Chico [del. 4351] 
FELLER David (TX)	ERMINE Erma (TX)	Walton Leon 1/9/29 M Myra TX 9228 
FELLMORE Henri Carlos (West Indies)	BLACKWELL Betty Frank (TX)	Florence Wynfrith 07/26/80 F Bridgeport [del. 5004] 
FELLOWS J.B.	BLANK Lutie	blank 10/31/03 M blank 407 
FENDLEY George L (TN)	ROBISON Mollie (TN)	Thomas Allen 12/12/92 M Alvord [del. 19816] 
FENDLEY James Jefferson (NC)	DAVIDSON Myra Jane (KY)	Frank Twombley 01/29/76 M Decatur [del. 10055] 
FENDLEY James Jefferson (SC)	DAVIDSON Myra Jane (KY)	Willie D 09/26/84 F Decatur [del. 19558] 
FENDLEY James Jefferson (SC)	DAVIDSON Myra Jane (KY)	Katherine 11/20/86 F Decatur [del. 19559] 
FENLEY Frank	BLANK Sofranie	blank 7/2/06 M blank 2743 
FENNELL Joe	BLANK blank	blank 2/11/10 M blank 4929 
FENNELL John (TX)	HICKS Minnie (TX)	John, Jr. 2/7/24 M Decatur 7998 & 7998a
FENNELL John (TX)	HICKS Minnie (TX)	William Leroy 5/24/26 M Decatur 8590 & 8590a
FENNELL John M.	HICKS Minnie	blank 5/13/30 M Decatur [No Image 9687] 
FENWICK Henry	BLANK blank	blank 6/16/06 F blank 2719 
FENWICK Henry S (MO)	HICKS Josephine (TN)	Henry Allen 12/23/99 M Leo [del. 4928] 
FENWICK Henry Samuel (MO)	HICKS Josiephine (TN)	Mary Lucile 08/08/02 F Greenwood [del. 21791] 
FENWICK Henry Samuel (MO)	STANTON Sarah (AL)	Maud 06/22/88 F Greenwood [del. 28685] 
FERGASON Benjamin Franklin (AL)	ASH Georgia (AL)	Robert Ashley 05/30/81 M Lawrence Co AL [del. 8318] 
FERGASON Benjamin Franklin (AL)	COSBY Florence (MO)	Thomas Claude 09/25/95 M Aurora [del. 15740] 
FERGASON blank	BLANK Ida	blank 7/31/05 F blank 2017 
FERGASON John William (AL)	REID Maggie Lee (TX)	Myrtle Francis 2/4/15 F Boyd 6026 & 6026a
FERGASON William Russel (AL)	SIMS Nancy Jane (AL)	William Cleveland 08/19/94 M Boyd [del. 4055] 
FERGASON William Russell (AL)	SIMS Nancy Jane (AL)	Dora Grace 09/13/96 F Boyd [del. 12639] 
FERGASON William Russell (AL)	SIMS Nancy Jane (AL)	Floyd Neel 11/26/98 M Boyd [del. 24148] 
FERGUSON B.A.	BIGGERS Mary	Clara 2/9/30 F Alvord [No Image 9590] 
FERGUSON C.W. (TX)	MILLER Lizzie M. (TX)	Ralph M. 5/23/25 M Decatur 8320 
FERGUSON George	BLANK Ester (S.M.)	(Carrol Tidwell) 2/7/08 M blank 3832 
FERGUSON George	BLANK Stella	blank 3/10/09 F blank 4547 
FERGUSON George Washington (TN)	ROSE Malissa Jane (GA)	Sallie Ann 04/18/80 F Pella [del. 20928] 
FERGUSON George Washington (TN)	ROSE Melissa Jane (GA)	Joseph Henry 07/11/82 M Alvord [del. 11996] 
FERGUSON Hardy Thompson (TN)	WRIGHT Callie (IL)	George Wright 2/17/07 M Rhome 3181 & 3181a
FERGUSON James Allison (AR)	ROSENBAUM Julia Caldonia (AR)	Fleta Mae 09/13/95 F Alvord [del. 5702] 
FERGUSON James Allison (AR)	ROSENBAUM Julia Caldonia (AR)	Willie Lydia 11/03/96 F Alvord [del. 5701] 
FERGUSON Jess	BLANK blank	blank 10/11/08 F blank 4291 
FERGUSON Jesse	HUTCHINS blank	blank 10/28/15 M blank 6286 
FERGUSON John	HOWARD Jewell	Peggy Pauline 2/5/30 F Alvord [No Image 9584] 
FERGUSON John (TX)	HOWARD Jewell (TX)	John Wendell 12/24/23 M Audubon 7964 & 7964a & 7964b
FERGUSON John (TX)	HOWARD Jewell (TX)	Billy Glynn 2/10/26 M Alvord 8537 & 8537a
FERGUSON John Clem (AL)	BLEVINS Clara Agnes (TX)	Thomas Claud 12/10/98 M Aurora [del. 7833] 
FERGUSON John Clem (AL)	BLEVINS Clara Agnes (TX)	Faye 03/03/01 F Aurora [del. 7834] 
FERGUSON Joseph Witt (TX)	GOODWIN Minnie Ola (GA)	Ruby Joyce 11/08/02 F Alvord [del. 11596] 
FERGUSON Luther	BILBREY Zeda Elizabeth	Jewel Esther 3/9/04 F Alvord 694 & 0694a
FERGUSON Luther (TX)	BILBREY Zeda Malinda Elizabeth (TN)	Maybell Minora 09/20/95 F Alvord [del. 11997] 
FERGUSON Luther (TX)	BILBREY Zeda Malinda Elizabeth (TN)	Oscar William 01/11/02 M Alvord [del. 6171] 
FERGUSON Luther (TX)	BILBREY Zedie (MO)	Tony Mae 11/27/97 F Alvord [del. 29531] 
FERGUSON Olda Sanford (AR)	MURRAY Hattie May (MO)	losa May 05/26/99 F Chico [del. 5636] 
FERGUSON Oscar William	WALKER Essie	Oscar William, Jr. 10/29/32 M Decatur [No Image 10614] 
FERGUSON R.A.	SMITH Myrtle	blank 7/30/17 M Boyd 6669 
FERGUSON R.L.	BLANK Marie	blank 4/26/11 M blank 5231 
FERGUSON Samuel Jesse (TX)	HUTCHINS Nona (TX)	Zula Aileen 4/28/13 F Alvord 5687 & 5687a
FERGUSON Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 2/20/06 M blank 2507 & [See Delayed]
FERGUSON Thomas Wesley (GA)	DICKERSON Esther Margaret (IL)	Mary Ruth 10/18/97 F Paradise [del. 9434] 
FERGUSON Thomas William (TN)	DICKERSON Hettie (IL)	Julia 07/08/89 F Paradise [del. 18819] 
FERGUSON W M (TN)	MANN Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Arlena 03/03/91 F Alvord [del. 25090] 
FERGUSON W.R.	BLANK Nannie	blank 11/11/03 F blank 438 
FERGUSON William (TN)	MANN Mary (TX)	George Washington 12/12/77 M Alvord [del. 11754] 
FERGUSON William (TN)	MANN Mary (TX)	Ethel 06/04/89 F Alvord [del. 22445] 
FERGUSON William (TN)	MANN Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Elma Mae 03/27/97 F Alvord [del. 22102] 
FERGUSON William (TN)	MANN Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Homer Thomas 06/04/02 M Alvord [del. 22103] 
FERGUSON William Andrew (GA)	ADAMS Mollie (KY)	Mary Annie 09/26/96 F Bridgeport [del. 15263] 
FERGUSON William Bernard (VA)	BROWN Mamie (TX)	Flora Mae 01/07/00 F Alvord [del. 20712] 
FERGUSON William Bernard (VA)	BROWN Manie (TX)	Jacob Bernard 07/29/95 M Decatur [del. 13296] 
FERGUSON William Edgar (TX)	BLACKWOOD Maude Elizabeth (TX)	Virginia Judith 02/20/99 F Bridgeport [del. 23035] 
FERGUSON William H (KY)	BIRD Mary Jane (KY)	William Ewing 09/20/79 M Decatur [del. 13609] 
FERGUSON William M (TN)	MANN Elizabeth (TX)	Maggie 09/14/82 F Alvord [del. 25210] 
FERGUSON William M.	MANN Mary Elizabeth	Oleta Ruth 12/9/04 F rural, Wise Co. 1417 & 1417a
FERGUSON Willie Edgar (TX)	BLACKWOOD Maud Elizabeth (TX)	Glenn Frank 07/20/02 M Paradise [del. 6108] 
FERLOW Robert (TX)	PILLERS Cleo Green (TX)	William Joe 10/15/23 M Alvord 7920 
FERRELL blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/08 F blank 4222 [delayed 20789]
FERRIS Elbert (WI)	WHITEMARSH Sarah Josephine (WI)	David Lovern 04/12/85 M Alvord [del. 11886] 
FERRIS James Brice (IA)	BARTON Fannie Martha (TX)	James Elbert 09/08/95 M Wise Co [del. 25633] 
FERRIS Paul	BLANK blank	Phillip Peter 5/1/05 F blank 1781 
FERRIS Paul	BLANK C.	blank 1/1/08 M blank 3757 
FERRIS Paul	CLAPART blank	Trinidad 4/25/10 M blank 4989 
FIELDING George	BLANK M.E.	blank 5/19/11 M blank 5253 
FIELDS Charlie Dan (TN)	HARTGRAVES Daisy Louis (TX)	Lorene Virginia 04/24/ 99 F Chico [del. 8090] 
FIELDS Fletcher Brown (KY)	STANDIFER Isabel (TX)	Sallie Ray 08/31/85 F Decatur [del. 12823] 
FIELDS Fletcher Brown (TX)	STANDIFER Isabelle (TX)	Isabelle Standifer 01/05/98 F Decatur [del. 27942] 
FIELDS Henry Harrison (AR)	BEALL Lettia (TX)	Olin 06/22/83 M Decatur [del. 9262] 
FIELDS Joe Calvin	BUCK Rose	George William 6/9/10 M Boyd 5021 & 5021a
FIELDS N B (TX)	STONE Mittie (KY)	Fletcher Brown 03/02/94 M Decatur [del. 5002] 
FIELDS Napoleon Bonaparte (TX)	STONE Mittie (KY)	Eddie 06/15/92 M Decatur [del. 15695] 
FIELDS Napoleon Boneparte (TX)	STONE Mittie Cornelia (KY)	James Byron 01/03/00 M Decatur [del. 33972] 
FIELDS W.A.	BLANK D.A.	blank 12/12/08 M blank 4390 
FIELDS Wilson Thomas (AR)	BOLES Mary America (TX)	Dennie Simpson 11/19/06 M Decatur 3029 & 3029a
FIERROS Pabco (TX)	LOPEZ Cleofas (TX)	Josefa 11/26/02 F Bridgeport [del. 29387] 
FILES David Jackson (AL)	DERDEN Penelope Ann (LA)	Nellie Lorena 04/25/78 F Alvord [del. 12825] 
FINCH Amos (MS)	BOYD Emma (TX)	Stella Lee 07/31/81 F Decatur [del. 24606] 
FINCH J.F.	BLANK May	blank 6/27/05 F blank 1918 
FINCH Thomas Edward	LEONS Edna	Mary Emma 3/3/09 F Boyd 4535 
FINDLEY Farris	GRAY Minnie	Sylvia Louise 4/14/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10410] 
FINGER Arthur	BLANK Dovie	blank 9/21/04 F blank 1213 
FINGER J R (TN)	COWAN Sarah Jane (TN)	Nettie Ida 06/13/93 F Boyd [del. 23394] 
FINGER John Rufus (TN)	COWAN Sarah Jane (TN)	Ottis A 04/26/01 M Decatur [del. 8228] 
FINLAYSON William J (AL)	DAY Margaret (TX)	Ones Thomas 01/10/98 M Rhome [del. 24708] 
FINLAYSON William Jordan (AL)	DAY Margaret (TX)	Alberta 01/24/86 F Rhome [del. 24719] 
FINLAYSON William Jordan (AL)	DAY Margaret Jane (TX)	Louie Bullard 09/06/93 M Rhome 33 & [del. 2356] 
FINLEY Charles Arlando (TX)	ALCORN Minerva Ella (TX)	Otis Theodore 07/05/01 M Wise Co [del. 33244] 
FINLEY Charlie	STEVENS M.E.	blank 4/12/32 M Paradise [No Image 10408] 
FINLEY Charlie	STEVENS Mary Etta	Aratha Jannette 10/31/30 F blank [No Image 9852] 
FINLEY E.M.	BLANK Martha	blank 3/14/06 M blank 2552 
FINLEY Francis Marion (IL)	COOK Fanny Evelyn (IL)	Elizabeth 04/22/88 F Decatur [del. 20518] 
FINLEY Frank	BLANK blank	blank 9/1/04 M blank 1157 
FINLEY Hanks	BARNES Alma	Hanks Wendell 4/17/33 M Paradise [No Image 10741] 
FINLEY M.E. (TN)	MONETT Rainey B. (TX)	blank 12/12/21 F Poolville 7519 
FINLEY Onie	BARNES Maude	Thurman Lee 7/20/33 M Cottondale [No Image 10831] 
FINLEY Onie	BARNES Maudie	Onie, Jr. 5/16/31 M Boyd [No Image 10075] 
FINLEY Onie (TX)	BARNES Maudie (TX)	John William 7/13/29 M Paradise 9397 & 9397a
FINLEY Ralph M. (TX)	GEE Annie (TX)	Alada Jane 8/10/26 F Decatur 8632 
FINLEY Wiley H. (TX)	RIBBLE Sarah Ger. (TX)	Mary Jo 4/12/23 F Alvord 7769 & 7769a
FINLEY Wiley H. (TX)	RIBBLE Sarah Gertrude (TX)	Bobbie Louise 8/30/26 F Alvord 8655 
FINLEY William Franklin (AL)	PERKINS Elizabeth (TX)	Benjamin Milton 01/09/98 M Cottondale [del. 16620] 
FINN Paul (TX)	DAVIS Anna (TX)	Frances LaBeth 1/29/29 F Sunset 9257 
FINNELL J.E.	BLANK blank	blank 4/16/06 F blank 2621 
FINNELL J.E.	BLANK blank	blank 10/11/08 M blank 4292 
FINNELL James Runnels (TN)	BYROM Lillie (TN)	Iva Admirl 08/13/96 M Park Springs [del. 10921] 
FINNELL John William (TX)	ALLEN Effie Bell (TX)	Thelma Loretta 6/13/20 F Decatur 7261 & 7261a
FINNEY B.M. (TX)	CASSITY Ilma (OK)	Sherman L. 12/2/25 M Decatur 8466 
FINNEY Ben (TX)	CASSITY Ilna (OK)	blank 10/17/24 F Sycamore 8183 
FIRL J.H.	SIMMONS Lena	blank 11/17/15 F blank 6303 
FISH James T (KY)	BOGGS Lee (MO)	Jack 09/07/86 M Bridgeport [del. 21265] 
FISHER Berry Edgar	SINOR Mandana Moore	Lora Frances 4/19/04 F Bridgeport 824 & 0824a
FISHER Clarence Robert (MO)	COOLEY Ida (MO)	John Reuben 05/25/02 M Paradise [del. 6274] 
FISHER Isaac (KS)	SCOGGINS Malissa (AR)	Winnie Mae 06/26/92 F Bridgeport [del. 17749] 
FISHER James Robert	COOLEY Ida	Robert Clarence 12/10/04 M Paradise 1420 & 1420a
FISHER James Robert (MO)	COOLEY Ida (MO)	Laura Ethel 06/27/95 F Paradise [del. 16189] 
FISHER John Reubon (TX)	HOLT Iva Laura (TX)	Carroll Guinn 7/1/29 M Paradise 9392 & 9392a
FISHER John Thomas (IL)	BRADFORD Emily Julia (TX)	Henrietta Viola 06/03/87 F Rhome [del. 4272] 
FISHER John Thomas (IL)	BRADFORD Emily Julia (TX)	Raymond Samuel 07/25/91 M Rhome [del. 4271] 
FISHER Neal	BLANK blank	blank 10/30/03 F blank 405 
FISHER Neet	BLANK blank	blank 1/9/05 M blank 1500 
FISHER Ruben Franklin (MO)	AUSBROOK Nora Leona (TN)	Ruby Dell 01/09/00 F Decatur [del. 35218] 
FISHER William	BLANK Lena	triplet 9/30/05 M blank 2171 
FISHER William	BLANK Lena	triplet 9/30/05 F blank 2172 
FISHER William Benjamin	MORGAN Eve Lena	Oscar Cecil 9/3/06 M Chico 2884 & 2884a
FISHER William Benjamin (MS)	MORGAN Evelena (TX)	Audie Lee 09/29/02 F Chico [del. 31939] 
FISHER William P.	MORGAN Lena	Oscar Cecil 9/30/05 M blank 2173 
FITTS O.P.	TAYLOR Paralee	Mildred Jane 5/25/28 F Decatur 9023 
FITTS O.P.	TAYLOR Paralee	Pauline 6/2/31 F Decatur [No Image 10091] 
FITTS O.P.	TAYLOR Paralee	Paul Edd 6/2/31 M Decatur [No Image 10092] 
FITZGERALD Clarence	BLANK blank	blank 10/5/05 M blank 2188 
FITZGERALD Clarence (TX)	WILLIAMS Florence (TX)	Gus Roy 11/02/00 M Alvord [del. 7649] 
FITZGERALD Clarence Leonard	WILLIAMS Florence B.	Carl William 9/2/05 M Alvord 2112 & 2112a
FITZGERALD Clarence Leonard (TX)	WILLIAMS Florence (TX)	Lottie Mae 09/16/02 F Alvord [del. 31775] 
FITZGERALD E.J.	BLANK blank	blank 9/5/04 M blank 1173 
FITZGERALD Eli Benjamin (TN)	RAGSDALE Amanda Caroline (TX)	Dalia 10/29/91 F Alvord [del. 18249] 
FITZGERALD H.S.	HOUCHINS blank	O.L. 9/3/33 F Paradise [No Image 10882] 
FITZGERALD Henry (AR)	FERGUSON Rebecca Emaline (TN)	Joseph Luther 02/23/85 M Cottondale [del. 20410] 
FITZGERALD Homer	BLANK blank	blank 10/27/08 M blank 4320 
FITZGERALD Homer	COUCH Meady Belle	Rayford Lee 4/1/04 M Boonsville 782 & 0782a
FITZGERALD Homer	COUCH Meddie Belle	Anna Belle 3/21/06 F Boonsville 2564 
FITZGERALD J. Luther (TX)	CRAWFORD Callie (TX)	Etta Mae 2/20/20 F Paradise 7216 
FITZGERALD J.L.	BLANK Callie	blank 10/3/07 M blank 3589 
FITZGERALD J.L.	CRAWFORD Callie	Hubert Sylvester 1/14/09 M Paradise 4441 & 4441a & 4441b & 4441b
FITZGERALD James E (TN)	MILLER Ida Lee (AR)	Ava Laura 03/28/87 F Alvord [del. 14687] 
FITZGERALD James E (TN)	MILLER Ida Lee (AR)	John Nelson 09/12/89 M Alvord [del. 5370] 
FITZGERALD James Henry (AR)	RENNELS Julia Rebecca (AL)	Zada Pearl 12/15/86 F Cottondale [del. 21364] 
FITZGERALD James Henry (AR)	RENNELS Julia Rebecca (AL)	William Ross 11/25/89 M Cottondale [del. 21365] 
FITZGERALD John Arthur (AR)	ARMSTRONG Kate Augustus (IA)	Andrew Jackson 12/29/00 M Cottondale [del. 21790] 
FITZGERALD Joseph L.	CRAWFORD Callie	Mary E. 12/12/05 M Paradise 2351 & 2351a & 2351b
FITZGERALD Joseph Luther	CRAWFORD Callie Ann	Lloyd 1/2/11 M Paradise 5156 & 5156a
FITZGERALD Lige	BLANK Julia	blank 10/20/07 M blank 3622 
FITZGERALD O.W.	ALLEN L.C.	Carl Clayton 10/27/30 M blank [No Image 9850] 
FITZGERALD Olen	? Charles	Leroy 12/28/31 M Boonsville [No Image 10315] 
FITZGERALD Robert A (TN)	MASON Luella Ann (TN)	Martin 05/11/90 M Paradise [del. 25360] 
FITZGERALD Robert A (TN)	MASON Luella Ann (TN)	Ira 10/17/91 M Paradise [del. 25361] 
FITZGERALD Robert Adolphus (TN)	MASON Leuella Ann (TN)	Maggie Myrtilla 02/13/93 F Paradise [del. 15420] 
FITZGERALD Robert Adolphus (TN)	MASON Lula (TN)	Orland Sylvester 06/06/01 M Alvord [del. 23072] 
FITZHUGH R.N.	BLANK Mary	Asa 5/26/06 M blank 2685 
FITZPATRICK Henry Young (MS)	BISHOP Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	John Roma 11/30/94 M Little River AR [del. 29412] 
FLAKE John Harrison (MS)	LUNA Mary Etta (MS)	Marcus Edward 07/25/97 M Park Springs [del. 24581] 
FLAKE Thomas Jefferson (MS)	DALTON Willie Jane (MS)	James Percy 11/03/83 M Aurora [del. 7835] 
FLAKE Thomas Jefferson (MS)	DALTON Willie Jane (MS)	Thomas Earl 03/26/89 M Boyd [del. 10737] 
FLAKE Thomas Jefferson (MS)	DALTON Willie Jane (MS)	Paul Rupert 10/14/97 M Boyd [del. 7917] 
FLANARY C.W.	SPARKMAN Vernie	C.W., Jr. 1/18/16 M blank 6344 
FLANERY John L (TX)	JOHNSON Nannie L (AL)	Homer John 11/14/99 M Dan [del. 29613] 
FLANERY John L.	JOHNSON Nancy Lee	Laura Shady 10/5/05 F Greenwood 2187 & 2187a & 2187b
FLANERY William Mitchell (KY)	HOBDY Arminta (TN)	Lela Belle 02/10/95 F Alvord [del. 7030] 
FLANERY William Mitchell (KY)	HOBDY Arminta (TN)	Charley William 09/25/92 M Alvord [del. 7029] 
FLEEMAN George Wesley (MO)	CURRIN Lena (KY)	Minnie Lee 03/05/93 F Decatur [del. 9655] 
FLEETWOOD Alexander Hardy (LA)	LONG Mary Amelia (TX)	Mary Amelia 03/01/84 F Decatur [del. 15308] 
FLEMING William Patton (TX)	MORGAN Jimmie Ann (MS)	Eva Elizabeth 11/28/98 F Decatur [del. 13643] 
FLETCHER don't know	FLETCHER Jewel (TX)	blank 7/15/19 M Chico 7108 
FLETCHER Ira	BLANK Essie	blank 10/1/07 M blank 3580 
FLETCHER Ira	WILLIAMS Essie	Grace Lynn 2/11/06 F blank 2490 & 2490a
FLETCHER J.H. (TN)	AMYX Myrtle (TN)	Bobbie Ruth 6/17/26 F Slidell 8601 
FLETCHER J.H. (TN)	AMYX Myrtle Mae (TN)	Jack 12/12/28 M Slidell 9199 
FLETCHER L.A.	BLANK Mary	blank 12/9/07 F blank 3722 
FLETCHER L.A.	BLANK S.J.	blank 11/25/07 F blank 3687 
FLETCHER L.A.	BLANK S.J.	blank 3/6/09 M blank 4542 
FLETCHER L.A. (MS)	APPLIN Sarah Jane (AR)	Eunice 7/27/05 F Chico 2003 
FLETCHER Robert	BLANK Bettie	blank 8/4/04 M blank 1079 
FLETCHER Robert Glenn (TX)	CROWDER Irma Maggie (NC)	Billie Sue 10/7/29 F Decatur 9471 & 9371a
FLETCHER Robert Griffin (AL)	WILLIAMS Clemmie (MS)	Erpha 12/11/00 F Decatur [del. 7972] 
FLETCHER William Nimrod (VA)	CHILDERS Mary Bell (AL)	Sallie Elizabeth 9/16/05 F Slidell 2146 & 2146a
FLIPPEN W.E.	ELLENS Verna	Ima Jean 4/3/33 F Boonsville [No Image 10717] 
FLIPPIN Samuel Jiles	PERRY Carrie Lee	Joseph Edwin 1/2/08 M Bridgeport 3767 & 3767a
FLORIDA R E (GA)	VANDIVER L D (TX)	Willie Kelly 11/26/02 M Greenwood [del. 33910] 
FLORIDA R.E.	BLANK L.D.	blank 5/7/04 F blank 869 
FLORIDA Robert E (GA)	VANDIVER L D (TX)	R E Jr 03/06/01 M Greenwood [del. 33911] 
FLORIDA Robert E. (GA)	VANDIVER L.D. (TX)	Tennis 3/17/07 M Greenwood 3229 & 3229a
FLORIDA Robert Elesberry (GA)	VANDIVER L D (TX)	Annie Inez 10/27/99 F Greenwood [del. 9223] 
FLORIDA Robert Elsberry	VANDIVER Loranza Dow	Frank 12/9/05 M Greenwood 2339 & 2339a
FLORIDA Thomas Carroll (TX)	CHRESTMAN Lola Mae (TX)	Lola Delbert 1/12/22 M Greenwood 7532 & 7532a
FLOURNEY Will	BLANK Eula	blank 12/3/05 M blank 2327 
FLOWERS Allen B (TN)	CHERRYHOMES Fannie (TX)	Herschel Arthur 09/03/87 M Chico [del. 17521] 
FLOWERS Allen B (TN)	CHERRYHOMES Fannie C (TX)	Herbert Haskell 11/09/89 M Chico [del. 16907] 
FLOWERS C.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 7/24/05 M blank 1995 
FLOWERS C.F.	BRAY Lizzie	blank 10/29/11 F blank 5393 
FLOWERS Columbus	BRAY Lizzie	blank 1/10/18 F Chico 6790 & [delayed 4052]
FLOWERS D.H.	BLANK Pearl	blank 1/28/09 F blank 4460 
FLOWERS D.H.	BLANK S.P.	blank 7/17/07 F blank 3432 
FLOWERS David Henry (TN)	EVANS Sulah (TN)	Albert Burl 03/15/00 M Decatur [del. 7650] 
FLOWERS E.D.	JAMESON Bertha	Harvey 1/23/28 M Decatur 8921 
FLOWERS E.D. (TX)	JAMESON Bertha (TX)	blank 7/2/23 M Boyd 7842 & [delayed 11351]
FLOWERS Earnest (OK)	JAMESON Bertha (TX)	Earnest Jameson, Jr. 2/5/21 M Wichita Falls 7342 & 7342a
FLOWERS F.B.	BLANK M.E.	blank 9/19/03 M blank 297 
FLOWERS G.D.	BLANK Mary	blank 8/3/05 M blank 2023 
FLOWERS George Enoch (TN)	WILSON Amanda J (TN)	Clay 04/15/86 M Chico [del. 12159] 
FLOWERS Jesse Jasper (TN)	POTETT Rosa Lea (TX)	Mattie Lea 10/15/93 F Alvord [del. 24530] 
FLOWERS Jesse Jasper (TN)	POTETT Rosa Lee (TX)	Festus Eugene 12/27/95 M Decatur [del. 30129] 
FLOWERS John	BLANK blank	blank 1/15/06 M blank 2410 
FLOWERS Joseph Gentry	MEADOR Myrtle Odela	Lady Ruth 9/19/03 F Chico 295 & 0295a
FLOWERS Joseph Gentry (TN)	MEADOR Myrtle Odela (MO)	Estle Lee 4/15/06 F Chico 2622 & 2622a & 2622b
FLOWERS William Henry (TN)	CROCKER Amanda Joann (AR)	Dennis Armon 01/14/01 M Chico [del. 4528] 
FLOWERS William Henry (TN)	CROCKER Joan (AR)	Connie 12/24/88 F Chico [del. 17265] 
FLOWERS William Henry (TN)	CROCKER Joan (TN)	Edgar Erwin 08/16/90 M Chico [del. 17559] 
FLOWERS William Henry (TN)	CROCKER Joan (TN)	Ruby 11/11/94 F Chico [del. 28183] 
FLOWERS William Henry (TN)	CROCKER Joan (TN)	Magnolia 12/06/96 F Chico [del. 22968] 
FLOWERS William Henry (TN)	CROCKER Joan Amanda (TN)	Lyla Jane 7/27/08 F Chico 4153 & 4153a
FLOWERS William Henry (TN)	CROCKER Joe Ann (TN)	Henry Milton 09/20/86 M Chico [del. 9834] 
FLOWERS William Monrow (TN)	CANES Mollie Kathryne (MO)	Oscar Eugene 01/16/92 M Crafton [del. 11755] 
FLOYD James Robert (TN)	McAFEE Drusilla (IL)	Effie 01/20/94 F Paradise [del. 10299] 
FLOYD James Robert (TN)	McAFEE Drusilla (IL)	James McAfee 04/29/01 M BOYD [del. 11065] 
FLOYD Shook (AR)	REEVES Lizzie (GA)	Clyde Bryant 07/23/02 M Slidell [del. 6168] 
FOLLOWILL George (TX)	McCOY Mary Ann (TX)	William Franklin 07/14/88 M Boyd [del. 24091] 
FOLLOWILL George F (TX)	McCOY Mary Ann (TX)	James Monroe 02/19/81 M Briar [del. 14741] 
FOLLOWILL George Francis (TX)	McCOY Mary Ann (TX)	Polye Ann 10/06/82 F Decatur [del. 18540] 
FOLLOWILL George Francis (TX)	McCOY Mary Ann (TX)	Dora Jane 01/22/86 F Boyd [del. 20519] 
FOLLOWILL James K (AR)	COX Maggie Jane (AL)	George Washington 10/22/94 M Boyd [del. 9323] 
FOLLOWILL James K Polk (AR)	COX Maggie Jane (TX)	Mittie Maye Bell 09/14/97 F Boyd [del. 29144] 
FOOT C.L.	BLANK Beckie	blank 1/31/08 F blank 3816 
FOOTE Stephen A (IL)	PAGE Mary Etta (OK)	John Arthur 12/30/97 M Bridgeport [del. 12824] 
FORBIS Franklin Cantrell (TN)	McKINNIS Ivy Dora (KY)	Annie Lee 09/03/93 F Aurora [del. 13320] 
FORBIS Franklin Cantrell (TN)	McKINNIS Ivy Dora (KY)	Thomas Tellinan 06/13/97 M Aurora [del. 13321] 
FORBIS Robert Skiler (TX)	GREER Salena Rebecca (LA)	Lottie Mae 02/01/93 F Briar [del. 13322] 
FORD Abraham Lincoln (IL)	AUVENSHINE Sarah Lucinda (MO)	William Edward 07/31/82 M Rhome [del. 5840] 
FORD Abraham Lincoln (IL)	AUVENSHINE Sarah Lucinda (MO)	Robert Lee 01/07/89 M Rhome [del. 20368] 
FORD Abraham Lincoln (IL)	AUVENSHINE Sarah Lucindie (MO)	Maybell Olive 02/04/84 F Rhome [del. 16908] 
FORD Abraham Lincoln (IL)	AUVENSHINE Sarah Lucindie (MO)	Nettie Leona 07/28/86 F Decatur [del. 21437] 
FORD B.S.	BLANK blank	blank 6/13/04 M blank 948 
FORD Bascom	BLANK blank	blank 12/15/06 F blank 3058 
FORD Bascomb	EASLEY Jennie	Cecil 9/9/04 M blank 1185 & [delayed 1948]
FORD Ben	BLANK blank	blank 7/8/04 F blank 1003 
FORD Ben	BLANK blank	blank 9/27/06 M blank 2932 
FORD Ben (MO)	WALKER Effie May (KS)	Claudie Estell 03/23/02 F Decatur [del. 16888] 
FORD Bennie Stamford (MO)	WALKER Effie Mae (KS)	Lois Rhoda Ann 2/4/09 F Decatur 4472 
FORD E T (AL)	CASH Sarah M (AL)	William Grady 06/29/00 M Boyd [del. 9742] 
FORD E.T.	CASH Sarah Margaret	Gladys Oma 11/30/03 F Boyd 476 & 0476a
FORD E.T. (AL)	CASH Maggie (TX)	blank 1/2/21 M Boyd 7329 
FORD Ethelbert Timmons	CASH Sarah Margaret	Welton Preston 3/26/17 M Boyd 6591 & 6591a
FORD Francis Johnston	KENNY Mary Rebecca	John Franklin 10/3/05 M Decatur 2179 & 2179a
FORD Frank	BLANK Beck	blank 5/31/09 M blank 4652 
FORD George A (MO)	SLANKARD Lydia A (MO)	Bessie Mae 08/09/92 F Boyd [del. 26686] 
FORD J.T.	BLANK N.R.	blank 5/8/09 M blank 4619 
FORD James K.	THOMAS Jewel	blank 1/27/31 F Decatur [No Image 9947] 
FORD James L. (MO)	CARAWAY Bertha A. (TX)	Marvin Wallace 6/2/25 M Decatur 8330 & 8330a
FORD Jasper Merrel (IL)	HARPER Senora Vastine (IL)	Dennis B 12/27/91 M Rhome [del. 11682] 
FORD John Franklin (TN)	SMITH Mary Isabella (TN)	Annie Evelyn 12/20/84 F Decatur [del. 3962] 
FORD John Franklin (TN)	SMITH Mary Isabella (TN)	Bell Smith 11/07/89 F Decatur [del. 6625] 
FORD John Franklin (TN)	SMITH Mary Isabella (TN)	Samuel A 01/04/92 M Decatur [del. 23034] 
FORD Joseph (MO)	YOUNG Eliza Ann (MO)	James L 03/12/80 M McDonald Co MO [del. 16076] 
FORD Lewis Miles (AL)	NEIGHBORS Alice (AL)	Horace Shaw 03/25/83 M Calhoun Co AL [del. 15947] 
FORD Louis Miles (AL)	NEIGHBORS Alice (AL)	Regan Vanburan 09/23/76 M Calhoun Co AL [del. 9028] 
FORD M.M.	BLANK R.	Alton Weldon 7/4/04 M blank 993 
FORD M.M.	BLANK R.	blank 7/27/08 M blank 4152 
FORD M.M.	DIXBY Roberta	blank 4/17/18 F Rhome 6865 
FORD M.M. (AL)	DIGSBY Roberta (TX)	Digby Mannon 4/25/12 M Rhome 5509 
FORD M.M. (AL)	DIGSBY Roberta (TX)	blank 11/30/21 F Rhome 7516 
FORD M.W.	BLANK blank	blank 7/20/04 M blank 1037 
FORD Manley Mannon (AL)	DIGBY Ruberta (MS)	Vola Lynndine 3/17/20 F Rhome 7226 & 7226a
FORD Manly M. (AL)	DIGBY Robert (MS)	M. Manley 10/10/24 M Rhome 8181 
FORD Marian M. (AL)	DIGBY Roberta (MS)	blank 10/31/28 F Rhome 9164 
FORD Markley S (AR)	YOUNG Louraney Elizabeth (MO)	Gertie Lee 12/27/95 F Decatur [del. 18854] 
FORD Markley Stanford (MO)	YOUNG Lauraney Elizabeth (MO)	James Wesley 08/05/98 M Boyd [del. 13456] 
FORD Milton Jefferson (IL)	HARPER Mary Elsia Alice (TX)	Benjamin William 05/05/86 M Rhome [del. 11066] 
FORD Milton Johnson (IL)	ALICE Mary Elsie (TX)	Joseph Leroy 07/16/93 M Decatur [del. 10124] 
FORD Markley Stanford (MO)	YOUNG Lurene Elizabeth (MO)	Dennie Stanford 07/07/90 M Boyd [del. 11630] 
FORD Pate	CARAWAY Bertha	blank 6/6/27 M Decatur 8804 
FORD R.M.	BLANK Annie	blank 1/7/04 M blank 572 
FORD R.M.	BLANK Annie	blank 10/17/06 M blank 2967 
FORD Ragan V (AL)	DUTTON Bertha Zone (TX)	Ila Isabell 07/19/01 F Boyd [del. 20259] 
FORD Richard Sims (MO)	BLANK Menesy (MO)	James Wesley 03/15/98 M Decatur [del. 15393] 
FORD W.A.	COX Leilah	blank 9/12/17 F Newark 6706 
FORD W.G.	BROWN Iva	Kenneth 9/4/31 M blank [No Image 10209] 
FORD William	BLANK Henry	blank 9/17/16 M blank 6474 
FORD William Henry (MS)	PITTS Maggie (AL)	Rainey Luriana Elizabeth 9/2/25 F Decatur 8404 & 8404a
FORD William Zachary (AR)	PIERCE Martha Mahulda (AR)	William Edward 11/30/93 M Stone Co AR [del. 9476] 
FORD Willie (MO)	PITTS Maggie (AL)	blank 8/23/22 F Decatur 7645 
FORE Artemus Walker (AR)	TERRELL Frances Angeline (FL)	Lee Artemus 08/06/97 M Chico [del. 13766] 
FOREMAN Conrad Winfield (OH)	FENTRESS Mary (MO)	Dee Clair 11/22/88/N Paradise [del. 24596] 
FOREMAN Conrad Winfield (OH)	FENTRESS Mary Nancy (MO)	Mainard Winfield 09/16/81 M Paradise [del. 8091] 
FOREMAN Conrad Winfield (OH)	FENTRESS Mary Nancy (MO)	Nellie 03/21/91 F Paradise [del. 24127] 
FOREMAN Ray (TX)	DAUGHTEE Edna (TX)	blank 7/7/23 M Decatur 7846 & [delayed 8765]
FOREMAN Travis B.	FAUST Ruth O.	Neita Fae 4/18/33 F Paradise [No Image 10742] 
FOREST Albert	FUGUA Ruby	Nora Frances 2/13/28 F Decatur 8946 
FORESTER Jesse Grant (MO)	MOUNT Delia Janett (TX)	Gilbert Leroy 12/23/88 M Decatur [del. 14611] 
FORESTER Jesse Grant (MO)	MOUNT Delia Jeanette (TX)	Clara Mae 09/21/91 F Chico [del. 23702] 
FORESTER Robert E. Lee	DRAKE Mary A.	blank 1/16/18 M Forestburg 6797 
FORESTER Virgil Homer (AL)	WALKER Dora (GA)	Charlie Luther 11/24/02 M Alvord [del. 28987] 
FORESYTH D.J. (TX)	MOORE Viola (TX)	Marie 8/30/29 F Park Springs 9433 
FORMAN Ray Hugh (TX)	DAUGHTER Eula Clayton (TX)	Clim Meroney 5/16/25 M Decatur 8314 & [delayed 8766]
FORMORA M.	BLANK M.	Eureigue 7/15/05 M blank 1963 
FORRESTER Robert L. (AL)	DAKE Mary A. (TX)	Loyce Elizabell 8/19/21 F Alvord 7446 & 7446a & 7446b
FORRESTER Virgil Homer (GA)	WALKER Dora Alene (AL)	Robert Edmund Lee 01/02/95 M Marshall Co AL [del. 13047]
FORRESTER Virgle Homer (GA)	WALKER Dora Arlena (AL)	Mamie Arlena 07/12/98 F Boaz AL [del. 29463] 
FORRESTER Virgle Homer (GA)	WALKER Dora Arlena (AL)	Minnie Viola 04/12/00 F Alvord [del. 29462] 
FORRESTER W.B. (TX)	LAUDERDALE Ellen (TX)	Jane 12/28/28 F Alvord 9213 
FORRESTER William V. (TX)	LANDERDALE Sarah E. (TX)	blank 2/28/26 F Alvord 8552 
FORSMAN Joseph (OH)	DROPE Mary Louise (AR)	Louise Josephine 06/23/90 F Willow Point [del. 22819] 
FORSTER William (PA)	DEWEES Sarah Elizabeth (IL)	Lela Jane 01/18/89 F Decatur [del. 21092] 
FORSTER William (PA)	DEWEES Sarah Elizabeth (IL)	Warren Dewees 10/05/91 M Decatur [del. 21093] 
FORSYTH Henry Clayton (MO)	RINEHART Ann (TN)	Hugh 01/30/95 M Park Springs [del. 20074] 
FORSYTH Henry Clayton (MO)	RINEHART Ann (TN)	Harriet Elizabeth 02/28/97 F Park Springs [del. 20073] 
FORSYTH J.	BLANK Q.	blank 3/14/04 F blank 728 
FORSYTH John	WHITE Annie	Dewey Jefferson 7/7/07 M blank 3412 
FORSYTH John (TX)	WHITE Annie (TX)	William Allen 12/27/96 M Park Springs [del. 18136] 
FORSYTH William A.	WRIGHT Cleo	Jewell Mae 3/22/28 F Decatur 8976 & 8976a
FORSYTHE J.D.	MOORE V.	blank 7/26/31 F Park Springs [No Image 10159] 
FORSYTHE John	BLANK Annie	blank 5/19/05 F blank 1828 
FORTENBERRY Ambrose	WILLIS Eula	Willis 1/9/17 M blank 6538 & 6538a & 6538b
FORTENBERRY Ambrose (TX)	WILLIS Eula (TX)	blank 4/11/22 M Leo 7573 
FORTENBERRY Ambrose Taylor	WILLIS Eula	Leta Mae 5/3/05 F Greenwood 1783 & 1783a
FORTENBERRY B.	BLANK blank	blank 10/29/07 F blank 3638 
FORTENBERRY Claude	GILLILAND Veda N.	Clauda Mae 8/2/17 F blank 6671 & 6671a
FORTENBERRY Jake (AR)	EDGE Sallie (MS)	Sloan 03/15/88 M Greenwood [del. 6407] 
FORTENBERRY John Cephus (AR)	SKATES Ann Riley (TN)	John Cephus 07/13/90 M Decatur [del. 13510] 
FORTENBERRY Orb (TX)	BUNDY Carrie (TX)	blank 9/29/20 M Leo 7305 
FORTENBERRY William E. (TX)	HARPER Fern (TX)	James Stem-twin 8/26/25 M Slidell 8394 
FORTENBERRY William E. (TX)	HARPER Fern (TX)	Ann-twin 8/26/25 F Slidell 8395 
FORTH John Carrol (IL)	HALL Martha Jane (MO)	Elizabeth Eldie 03/21/88 F Decatur [del. 5202] 
FOSTER A T (TX)	CAMPBELL Sallie G (SC)	John L 10/07/01 M Greenwood [del. 29382] 
FOSTER A.L.	BLANK Balie	Ida Bell 4/4/06 F blank 2588 
FOSTER A.T.	BLANK Sallie	blank 10/1/04 F blank 1239 
FOSTER Andrew Elbert (KY)	THURMON Mary Belle (TX)	Helen Louise 10/20/24 F Alvord 8195 & 8195a
FOSTER Andrew L.	SHIFLETT Era Lee	Era Fern 8/21/03 F Slidell 210 & 0210a & 0210b
FOSTER Andrew S (KY)	COX Nora E (TX)	Esther 08/05/00 F Decatur [del. 20864] 
FOSTER Andy	BLANK Eva	blank 11/15/07 M blank 3669 
FOSTER Andy	BLANK Eva	blank 2/28/09 M blank 4526 
FOSTER Arch	BLANK L.	blank 2/10/04 M blank 647 
FOSTER Arch L (TN)	PHILLIPS Mary Lou (AR)	Katie C 05/23/02 F Decatur [del. 31734] 
FOSTER Arch Leonard (MS)	PHILLIPS Mary Louiza (AR)	Elliot Rutherford 01/08/00 M Decatur [del. 20927] 
FOSTER Archie	BURK Ida	Archie Vera 4/21/18 F Decatur 6867 
FOSTER Archie Leonard (TN)	PHILLIPS Mary Louisa (AR)	Archie Harold 12/16/97 M Decatur [del. 14851] 
FOSTER Archie, Jr.	BURK Ida	Jaunita 6/25/27 F Decatur 8811 & 8811a 
FOSTER Bart	BLANK Jessie	blank 5/1/08 M blank 4000 
FOSTER Charles	BLANK blank	Bob 9/14/15 F blank 6237 
FOSTER Charles A	BLANK blank	blank 9/14/15 F blank 6238 
FOSTER Charlie	BLANK blank	blank 9/18/07 M blank 3552 
FOSTER Chris Valentine (MO)	JONES Margaret Alice (MO)	Charlie Lee 06/04/95 M Alvord [del. 17808] 
FOSTER Chris Valentine (MO)	JONES Margaret Alice (MO)	Leona Valentine 02/20/00 F Alvord [del. 10549] 
FOSTER Cris Valentine (MO)	JONES Margaret Alice (MO)	Gertie Mae 02/20/89 F Chico [del. 17673] 
FOSTER D.B.	PASCHELL Edna	Nellie 12/13/11 F blank 5422 
FOSTER Dewell A.	RHINE H.P.	Charles T. 4/10/29 M Greenwood [No Image 10034] 
FOSTER Dewell A.	RHINE H.P.	Roy Jean 6/27/31 MM Greenwood [No Image 10126] 
FOSTER E.H.H.	BLANK blank	blank 9/19/05 F blank 2151 
FOSTER E.H.H.	BLANK P.M.	blank 12/1/07 M blank 3702 
FOSTER E.R. (TX)	LYNCH Edith (MO)	Billie Adam 1/30/26 M Decatur 8524 & 8524a
FOSTER Fred Walton (TX)	STEPHENS Lavona (SC)	Matt Oliver 08/02/95 M Willow Point [del. 9025] 
FOSTER George	NICHOLS Bessie	blank 5/23/12 F blank 5528 
FOSTER George W (KY)	CANTIBERRY Alice (MO)	John Thomas 10/13/90 M Bridgeport [del. 23484] 
FOSTER George W (LA)	THOMPSON Martha C (MO)	Thomas Francis 12/12/78 M Alvord [del. 14459] 
FOSTER J.B.	BLANK Ava	blank 5/4/04 M blank 861 
FOSTER James (MO)	BIRDSONG Tava (AR)	William Baker 10/22/85 M Alvord [del. 12040] 
FOSTER James A (MO)	BIRDSONG Octavia (AR)	Maggie Dee 09/24/98 F Alvord [del. 30324] 
FOSTER James Bailey (TX)	WATSON Maggie Ava (GA)	Floyd Bailey 09/24/00 Greenwood [del. 25362] 
FOSTER James Harvey (IL)	SWAFFORD Mary (TN)	George Henry 01/24/90 M Bridgeport [del. 22291] 
FOSTER James Harvey (KY)	SWAFFORD Mollie (TN)	Carl Edward 02/11/95 M Bridgeport [del. 4708] 
FOSTER James Oliver (AL)	LYNN Lillian (IA)	Alice Virginia 01/08/93 F Decatur [del. 11885] 
FOSTER Jeff	BLANK K.T.	blank 12/29/08 F blank 4416 
FOSTER Jim	BLANK T.	blank 4/29/04 M blank 849 
FOSTER Jim Bailey (TN)	WATSON Maggie A (TN)	Ewell Thomas 07/11/99 M Greenwood [del. 29283] 
FOSTER Joe S (TN)	MORGAN Susan Ella (MS)	Ella May 04/21/90 F Monroe Co MS [del. 14714] 
FOSTER John (TN)	BURROWS Mary Ann (TX)	Benjamin Franklin 07/07/86 M Greenwood [del. 18861] 
FOSTER John Henry Marion (MO)	DAY Rachel Ann (MO)	Myrtle Fannie 06/16/00 F Boone Co MO [del. 29284] 
FOSTER Joseph Edward	TERRY Eula Vivian	Joel Lynn 2/22/18 M Decatur 6832 & 6832a
FOSTER Joseph Peterson (TN)	BAGBY Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Effie Gertrude 01/13/99 F Decatur [del. 29241] 
FOSTER Lee	BLANK M.D.	L.A. 8/3/31 M Alvord [No Image 10169] 
FOSTER Marcus D C (IL)	SMITH Sina Ann (TX)	Asa Ernest 09/23/99 M Boyd [del. 8540] 
FOSTER Marvin	BLANK Daisy	blank 6/28/06 M blank 2736 
FOSTER N.B.	BLANK May	blank 9/30/07 F blank 3578 
FOSTER Nick	BLANK May	blank 11/28/08 M blank 4362 
FOSTER Pres	MADDEN Susie	Stella Inez 9/2/04 F Greenwood 1163 & 1163a
FOSTER R.B. (TX)	FULLER Lillie Day (TX)	Clavin F. 3/10/26 M Rhome 8560 
FOSTER R.L.	WIMBERLY Carrie	blank 5/24/15 F blank 6104 
FOSTER Richard Ambrose (TX)	HAGUE Mary Eugenia (TN)	Coleman Ambrose 03/15/95 M Willow Point [del. 8319] 
FOSTER Richard Ambrose (TX)	HAGUE Mary Eugenia (TN)	Charles Spurgen 01/22/97 M Decatur [del. 18539] 
FOSTER Richard B.	FULLER Lillie Day	Marvin Truett 6/15/28 M Rhome 9037 & 9037a
FOSTER Robert Henry (AR)	LACKEY Mary Adeline (AR)	Eva Lee 11/23/93 F Greenwood [del. 11884] 
FOSTER Robert Matthew (TN)	RANEY Anne Lela (LA)	Willison Emmett 03/25/87 M Chico [del. 16221] 
FOSTER Samuel H (TN)	COBB Lizzie (AR)	Claud Azamah 08/06/91 M Greenwood [del. 15999] 
FOSTER T.J.	BLANK K.L.	blank 11/7/10 F blank 5126 
FOSTER Thomas Preston (TX)	MADDEN Sue Jene (GA)	Dewell Andrew 5/17/06 M Greenwood 2674 & 2674a & 2674b
FOSTER Thomas Preston (TX)	MADDEN Sue Jennie (GA)	Sadie Fine 02/08/02 F Greenwood [del. 29145] 
FOSTER W.H.	BLANK H.	blank 8/16/09 F blank 4738 
FOSTER W.H.	CLUARY F.	R. 1/28/11 M blank 5170 
FOSTER Will	BLANK Myrtle	blank 4/26/07 F blank 3316 
FOSTER William	BLANK blank	blank 9/13/07 F blank 3537 
FOSTER William	BLANK Gertie	blank 3/8/09 M blank 4543 
FOSTER William (AL)	BAYLISS Emma Elizabeth (AR)	Jack Kyle 06/26/97 M Boyd [del. 12039] 
FOSTER William Franklin (TN)	SAMPLER Mary Jane (GA)	Velma May 11/18/98 F Greenwood [del. 28519] 
FOSTER William George (TX)	POTTER Ruth (TX)	Oscar S 08/27/89 M Alvord [del. 21501] 
FOSTER William H (TX)	BURNETT Cynthia Ann (IL)	Mabel Lee 08/29/90 F Balsora [del. 24711] 
FOSTER William Hatley (TX)	BURNETT Cynthia Ann (IL)	Jewel 03/05/92 F Willow Point [del. 23647] 
FOSTER William Hatley (TX)	BURNETT Cynthia Ann (IL)	Silas 02/02/01 M Bridgeport [del. 16749] 
FOSTER William Henry (TX)	DENNIS Alice Fluella (TX)	Minnie Ona 09/23/95 F Decatur [del. 29327] 
FOSTER William Henry (TX)	DENNIS Alice Fluella (TX)	Lonnie Preston 10/23/97 M Decatur [del. 7593] 
FOSTER William Henry (TX)	DENNIS Alice Fluella (TX)	Lemmie Arvis 01/16/00 M Decatur [del. 7592] 
FOSTER William Roe (TX)	CASON Temple Lovie (TN)	Willie Mack 11/14/95 F Slidell [del. 28723] 
FOSTER Willie (TX)	SAMPLER Mary J (TX)	Annie Jane 10/04/97 F Greenwood [del. 10550] 
FOUST Tom (TN)	SWINFORD Jane (TX)	William Paschall 05/25/98 M Garvin [del. 17008] 
FOUTS Thomas Allen (IA)	PRINDLE Cora (TX)	Johnie Lee 12/23/00 M Decatur [del. 24710] 
FOWLER Ezeakle Birdine (MO)	HARRIS Batty Elizabeth (AR)	Edgar Alfred 11/19/98 M Decatur [del. 9184] 
FOWLER Jessie	BLANK Nellie	Laura 8/21/04 F blank 1121 
FOWLER Jessie Newton	GREEN MaNila Ellenor	Burnetta Fowler 3/3/06 F Alvord 2536 & 2536a
FOWLER John Purdy (NY)	LOGAN Alice Lee (TX)	Alice Lee 05/26/94 F Decatur [del. 13156] 
FOWLER Shelby (TX)	TERRY Virgie (TX)	blank 10/28/21 M Decatur 7501 & [delayed 7919]
FOWLER Shelby Frank (TX)	TERRY Virginia T. (TX)	Virginia 12/19/19 F Decatur 7179 & 7179a
FOWLER Wiley	PARKS Effie	Viola 12/15/07 F Decatur 3727 & 3727a
FOWLER Wiley	PARKS Effie Mae	Lola Belle 5/9/05 F Decatur 1804 & 1804a
FOWLER Wiley (TX)	PARKS Effie (TX)	blank 12/26/18 M Decatur 7021 
FOWLER Wiley (TX)	PARKS Effie Mae (TX)	Dorothy Minnie Dora 12/26/21 F Decatur 7526 & 7526a
FOWLER William Robert (MO)	TOLER Jane (MO)	Vira 04/06/79 F Decatur [del. 9026] 
FOX Albert	BLANK blank	blank 7/3/08 F blank 4116 
FOX B.F.	EARLS Alice	Dorothy Fay 6/7/30 F Decatur [No Image 9716] 
FOX B.J.	GOSE Electra	Jimmie Darrett 8/25/32 M Alvord [No Image 10537] 
FOX Ben	GOSE Electra	Margaret Ann 1/8/28 F Alvord 8910 
FOX Ben	GOSE Electra	Elma Oline 11/30/30 blank blank [No Image 9885] 
FOX Ben J. (TX)	GOSE Electra (TX)	Gose Durwood 6/10/26 M Alvord 8596 
FOX Ben Joe (TX)	GOSE Mary Electra (TX)	Edna Nell 12/20/24 F Alvord 8235 
FOX Bluford Douglas, Sr.(TX)	TAYLOR Mabel Missouri (TX)	Bluford Douglas, Jr. 6/7/26 M Decatur 8610 & 8610a
FOX C.H.	BLANK M.A.	blank 9/11/06 M blank 2902 
FOX Dudley	BLANK blank	blank 9/13/33 blank Decatur [No Image 10888] 
FOX Dudley	TAYLOR Mable	Wilburn Allen 3/10/32 M Decatur [No Image 10384] 
FOX Dudley (TX)	TAYLOR Mabel (TX)	Cora Etta 2/11/24 F Decatur 8262 & 8262a
FOX Dudley (TX)	TAYLOR Mabel Missouri (TX)	Catherine Ruth 11/2/29 F Decatur 9497 & 9497a
FOX Dudley Milton (TX)	TAYLOR Mabel Mossouri (TX)	Mary Marie 9/3/21 F Decatur 7459 & 7459a
FOX Milt	BLANK blank	blank blank F blank 2454 
FOX Milton H (KY)	PRIGMORE Etta (MO)	Blueford Fielding 03/15/96 M Decatur [del. 14050] 
FOX Stauther Campbell (TX)	BOYD Effie Lee (TX)	Nelle Audrey 01/08/01 F Decatur [del. 9185] 
FOXALL Fred	BLANK blank	blank 3/31/07 F blank 3260 
FRAGE Bartola F.	SANDERS Mannele	Petra 2/13/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9958] 
FRALIN Aerle (TX)	ALMONRODE Tommie (TX)	June 7/1/23 F Crosbyton 7837 & 7837a
FRALIN Aubrey (TX)	SHAW Artie (TX)	blank 2/1/20 M Boyd 7203 
FRALIN R.H.	BLANK Loura	Robert 7/2/03 M blank 87 
FRALIN Robert Henry (VA)	BOYD Laura L (TX)	Emory Hall 07/24/00 M Boyd [del. 20018] 
FRANCE Adam David (OH)	RAY Lela Pearl (TX)	James Vernon 07/11/99 M Paradise [del. 7974] 
FRANCE Adam David (OH)	RAY Lela Pearl (TX)	Thelma Maywood 06/20/00 F Paradise [del. 7975] 
FRANK Anson (TX)	TAYLOR Nora (TX)	blank 4/8/19 M Decatur 7068 
FRANK J.B.	BLANK M.J.	blank 6/3/05 M blank 1861 
FRANK J.W.	BLANK Maggie	blank 1/24/09 F blank 4455 
FRANK John William (MO)	THOMPSON Mary Catherine (TX)	Lessie 09/03/94 F Bridgeport [del. 9501] 
FRANKLAND D.M. (TX)	UPTON Josette (TX)	John Upton 7/13/20 M Paradise 7273 
FRANKLIN A.	BLANK blank	blank 4/28/07 M blank 3320 
FRANKLIN F.M.	BLANK L.A.	Andy 8/31/03 M blank 241 
FRANKLIN John Thomas (TN)	AMONETT Talula May (TX)	Perle Lillian 01/15/00 F Park Springs [del. 10126] 
FRANKLIN Noal Benjuim (TN)	CHANAULT Eva (TX)	Willie Edward 05/14/96 M Decatur [del. 24651] 
FRANKLIN Silas Young (KY)	SMITH Mary (KY)	Ruth 02/18/81 F Willow Point [del. 17405] 
FRANKLIN W.A.	BLANK S.C.	blank 4/28/08 F blank 3993 
FRANKLIN W.A.	BLANK S.E.	Benjimin 7/16/05 M blank 1967 
FRANKLIN W.A.	BLANK S.E.	blank 12/13/10 M blank 5145 
FRANKLIN William Augustus (KY)	WARREN Sallie Elizabeth (AR)	Earl Clifford 07/12/98 M Willow Point [del. 17450] 
FRANKS Alfred Taplin (TX)	HOLT Lou Etta (TN)	Velma Brown 01/26/01 F Decatur [del. 6623] 
FRANKS Claud (TN)	MCCORD Mary Pearl (TX)	Vera Lahoma 4/3/14 F Bridgeport 5870 & 5870a
FRANKS J.B.	BLANK M.J.	twins 9/1/04 F blank 1156 
FRANTZ Emmett Austin, Sr.(MO)	DICKSON Della Mae (TX)	Emmett Austin, Jr. 1/9/19 M France 7029 
FRANTZ Phillip	BLANK Nannie	Phillip, Jr. 9/22/06 F blank 2926 
FRANTZ Phillip (France)	DATHLOFF Minnie (OH)	Maggie 01/24/96 F Bridgeport [del. 28300] 
FRAZER A.H.	BLANK C.I.	(Ima Liddell) 12/27/06 F blank 3075 
FRAZER David Walter (AR)	BAUMGARTNER Alice Elizabeth (TX)	Ripple Pauline 08/18/95 F Decatur [del. 9365] 
FRAZIER A D (IA)	MENDARALL Myra (IL)	Pearl M 08/11/00 F Morris Co KS [del. 23005] 
FRAZIER blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/25/09 F blank 4603 & [delayed 13642]
FRAZIER Charles Boyd (TX)	MCCOMBS Donna (MO)	Harold Roscoe 9/3/19 M Chico 7131 & 7131a
FRAZIER George A (AR)	GILLILAND Ellen (AR)	Hettie B 11/01/89 F Cottondale [del. 19161] 
FRAZIER Joe Lee	BLANK blank	blank 8/30/15 M blank 6216 
FRAZIER Napoleon B.	HAYNES Julia	Jim Bob 10/25/07 M Paradise 3630 & 3630a
FRAZIER Ross (TN)	HOUSE Eliza (TN)	Susie 10/30/84 F Decatur [del. 16188] 
FRAZIER William Riley (AR)	HASTINGS Lenora Josephine (TN)	George Omie 03/06/01 M Decatur [del. 9188] 
FREDERICK Joseph 0 (LA)	NORRIS Betty E (TX)	Maudie Lee 06/09/98 F Bridgeport [del. 20612] 
FREE Henry (MO)	COURTNEY Jo Anna (TX)	Louis Carl 10/24/97 M Decatur [del. 14610] 
FREE Henry (MO)	COURTNEY Joanna (TN)	James Henry 10/26/88 M Alvord [del. 23825] 
FREE Henry (MO)	COURTNEY Joanna (TN)	Katie 01/23/91 F Alvord [del. 23824] 
FREE Henry (MO)	COURTNEY Joanna (TN)	Nellie 02/06/93 F Alvord [del. 23823] 
FREE Henry (MO)	COURTNEY Joanna (TN)	Myrtle 10/18/95 F Alvord [del. 23822] 
FREE Henry (MO)	COURTNEY Joanna (TN)	Maudie May 10/28/99 F Alvord [del. 23821] 
FREE John (MO)	MUNKRES Nancy Ann (MO)	Lucy Neal 09/21/85 F Alvord [del. 20893] 
FREE John (MO)	MUNKRES Nancy Ann (MO)	William Riley 04/16/88 M Alvord [del. 24418] 
FREE John (MO)	MUNKRES Nancy Ann (MO)	Nancy Ann 02/18/90 F Alvord [del. 23393] 
FREE John William (MO)	CARPENTER Annie Price (TX)	John William 02/06/93 M Decatur [del. 15574] 
FREEMAN Bob	LESLIE Oto	blank 10/21/15 M blank 6280 
FREEMAN C.R.	DENNEY H.R.	Jimmy Fritz 12/23/30 M blank [No Image 9900] 
FREEMAN Dave (TX)	SANDS Lona Edna (TX)	blank 12/25/21 F New Harp 7524 
FREEMAN Durling Richard	KING Myrtle May	Lola Beatrice 8/3/15 F blank 6182 & 6182a & 6182b
FREEMAN Edward Thomas (GA)	BOWMAN Beulah (AR)	Minnie Martha 10/21/89 F Decatur [del. 16450] 
FREEMAN George Frederick (GA)	PIOR Norcissors (LA)	William Henry 09/12/79 M Alvord [del. 17519] 
FREEMAN George Fredric (AL)	PIOR Narsissa (GA)	Bennie Viola 02/26/84 F Alvord [del. 12684] 
FREEMAN H.M.	HORNSLEY Josephine	blank 11/11/11 M blank 5401 
FREEMAN Henry	BLANK Ossu	blank 2/21/05 M blank 1616 
FREEMAN Henry	GILL Ella	blank 9/27/13 M blank 5771 
FREEMAN Henry F (GA)	LEMMON Martha A (TN)	William Bertie 05/07/84 F Decatur [del. 19326] 
FREEMAN Henry F (TX)	LEMONS Martha A (TN)	John Franklin 04/20/79 M Decatur [del. 23809] 
FREEMAN J.F.	BLANK Eva	blank 2/25/06 M blank 2525 
FREEMAN James	FULLINGIM Mattie	Emma Beryl 11/15/06 F Slidell 3020 & 3020a
FREEMAN James (TX)	FULLINGIM Mattie (TX)	Oce Inez 10/23/08 F Slidell 4310 & 4310a
FREEMAN John	BLANK J.	blank 7/15/13 M blank 5736 
FREEMAN L.E. (TX)	FOSTER Cona	Junior Dan 2/15/29 M New Harp 9265 & 9265a
FREEMAN R.H.	OTIS L.	Billie Joan 1/21/32 F Alvord [No Image 10561] 
FREEMAN Richard (TX)	BRYANT Ruth Eliza (TX)	Arthur Young 07/25/96 M Alvord [del. 9953] 
FREEMAN Robert Henry (TX)	LESLIE Otis (TX)	John Gipson 9/22/13 M Alvord 5770 & 5770a
FREEMAN Sterling Flint	BOOTH Katie Thelma	Virgie Loreta 5/21/22 F New Harp 7598 & 7598a
FREEMAN W.H.	BLANK Essie	blank 1/16/11 M blank 5164 
FREEMAN William (TX)	LYNCH Katie (AL)	blank 10/8/23 F New Harp 7912 
FRENCH A.D.	BLANK Pearl	blank 7/8/03 M blank 98 
FRENCH John M (IL)	BRYANT Lydia Ann (IL)	John E 01/02/84 M Kingman Co KS [del. 23257] 
FRENCH Luce	BLANK Flo	blank 5/2/08 M blank 4004 
FRENCH Robertis (TX)	HUSBANDS Zela Lou (TX)	Dollie May 01/28/90 F Pella [del. 23430] 
FREUDENRICH Charles Andrew (TX)	MEAD Martha Matilda (IL)	Rufus Andrew 11/18/86 M Rhome [del. 17068] 
FREUDENRICH Charles Andrew (TX)	MEAD Martha Matilda (TX)	Mary Bell 10/16/82 F Decatur [del. 18541] 
FRIGATE Robert	BLANK Belle	blank 6/17/04 M blank 951 
FRITTS Arthur	BLANK Dora	blank 10/9/03 M blank 351 
FRITTS O.P. (TX)	TAYLOR Pearl (TN)	blank 11/2/24 F Decatur 8206 
FRONABARGER Benjamin Franklin (AL)	ROUNTREE Virginia Lee (TX)	Luther Cecil 11/16/90 M Decatur [del. 5950] 
FROST blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/05 F blank 2116 
FROST Earl Edwin	SHELBY Hoberta Katherine	Jacquelyn Jean 10/8/27 F Bridgeport 8854 
FROST John (TN)	CASEY Amanda Jane (AR)	Homer Leonard 03/29/82 M Greenwood [del. 14355] 
FRYER A.E.	BLANK blank	blank 8/21/08 F blank 4198 
FUGATE George R. (TX)	MELTON Mattie Mae (TX)	blank 10/2/18 M Alvord 6991 
FUGATE Robert Emmett (TX)	SIDES Ada Belle (AL)	William Albert 02/24/01 M Alvord [del. 23626] 
FUGATE Robert Emmett (TX)	SIDES Ada Belle (TN)	G.R. 4/4/15 M Alvord 6065 & 6065a
FUGATE Thomas (TX)	MOTE Varina (TX)	Paul Revel 9/20/20 M Decatur 7301 
FUGATE Zeblin Nite (MO)	REEVES Nancy Caroline (TX)	George Reeves 04/04/92 M Alvord [del. 25469] 
FUGATE Zebulin Nite (MO)	REEVES Nancy Caroline (TX)	Thomas 04/13/97 M Decatur [del. 10593] 
FUGATE Zebulum Night (MO)	REEVES Nancy Caroline (TX)	Jessie 01/28/85 F Decatur [del. 17266] 
FUGATE Zebulum Nite (MO)	REEVES Nancy Caroline (TX)	Irene May 08/25/87 F Decatur [del. 14328] 
FULBRIGHT C.N.	BLANK Florence	blank 6/26/15 F blank 6134 
FULBRIGHT Dock	BLANK Neoma	blank 10/3/05 M blank 2181 
FULBRIGHT Thomas (AR)	NAIL Katherine (AR)	Mary Ethel 08/07/86 F Izard Co AR [del. 22649] 
FULGHUM James William (MS)	CUNNINGHAM Mary Patsy (MS)	James Murray 10/15/83 M Aurora [del. 18478] 
FULLBRIGHT Will	BLANK blank	Charlie 8/26/05 M blank 2090 
FULLER Andrew (SC)	STEVENSON Mary (TN)	Lillie Day 03/23/88 F Rhome [del. 21716] 
FULLER Henry	LISBEY Bertha	Verda Lois 9/22/27 F Rhome 8848 
FULLER W.H. (TX)	KIRBY Bertha M. (TX)	Harry Russell Kirby 12/13/25 M Rhome 8481 & [delayed 11150]
FULLER William J (TN)	BLESSING Ursula Ann (TN)	Jess Nelson 04/05/98 M Decatur [del. 12584] 
FULLER William Thomas (AR)	REDMAN Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Rebecca Jane 08/12/86 F Decatur [del. 11633] 
FULLINGHAM Alf	BLANK Meboly	blank 9/27/04 M blank 1231 
FULLINGIM A B (TX)	BALL Mahala (TX)	Estelle 06/22/97 F Decatur [del. 22913] 
FULLINGIM A.B.	BLANK M.	blank 2/11/10 M blank 4932 
FULLINGIM Alfred Baker (TX)	BALL Mahala Lavinia (TX)	Lena Embry 08/27/00 F Decatur [del. 18909] 
FULLINGIM Archer (AL)	MORRIS Virginia (IL)	Frances Virginia 03/30/81 F Decatur [del. 10548] 
FULLINGIM H R (TX)	GODWIN Virginia (TX)	Wilma 03/26/89 F Decatur [del. 22935] 
FULLINGIM Hamilton Ralph (TX)	GODWIN Virginia (TX)	Virginia Cathryn 03/17/94 F Decatur [del. 4638] 
FULLINGIM Hamilton Rowan (TX)	GODWIN Virginia Leeana (TX)	George Benjamin 02/02/92 M Decatur [del. 6222] 
FULLINGIM Jessie Perkins (SC)	DONALD Margaret Ann (TX)	Mintie Doyle 01/11/84 F Decatur [del. 15789] 
FULLINGIM William Archer (TX)	WATSON Nannie Ellen (TX)	Madge 08/10/91 F Decatur [del. 25091] 
FULPS Harvey Clarence (TX)	BAKER Madge (TX)	Laura Waunita 2/26/21 F Decatur 7354 & 7354a
FULPS James M.	VESS Ada Belle	Ruby Darnell 4/3/12 F Boyd 5491 & 5491a
FULPS James Maddison (AL)	VESS Ada Belle (AL)	Thomas Marion 10/09/01 M Wise Co [del. 33161] 
FULPS James Madison (AL)	VESS Ada Bell (AL)	Lela May 04/30/97 F Sheffield Co AL [del. 19817] 
FULPS James Marion (AL)	VESS Ada Bell (AL)	Anna Bell 08/20/95 F Colbert Co AL [del. 12583] 
FULPS Jim	BLANK Bell	twins 4/24/05 M blank 1772 
FULPS Jim Miron	VESS Belle	Jimmie Ruth 8/17/16 F Boyd 6456 & 6456a
FULTON Frances Marion (KY)	CLEMENS Arabella (MO)	William Robert 09/07/82 M Decatur [del. 18361] 
FULTON Sam H.	WRIGHT Adle Pearl	Minnie Mae 4/27/05 F Bridgeport 1773 & 1773a
FULTON Samuel H. (AR)	WRIGHT Addie Pearl (IL)	Eula Maude 1/13/09 F blank 4493 
FULTON William David (IL)	JOHNSON Nancy (TX)	Robert 05/15/91 M Rhome [del. 6220] 
FULTON William David (IL)	JOHNSON Nancy Ann (TX)	Minnie 03/21/77 F Rhome [del. 22349] 
FULTON William David (IL)	JOHNSON Nancy Ann (TX)	Dollie 09/15/82 F Rhome [del. 11632] 
FULTON William David (IL)	JOHNSON Nancy Ann (TX)	Hexie Lee 05/22/88 F Rhome [del. 18676] 
FULTZ William Henry (KS)	FIX Emily (KS)	Louis Arvilo 02/12/92 M Douglas Co KS [del. 9542] 
FUNCHESS Lucious Cullen	ERWIN Flora May	Memry May 3/29/06 F Paradise 2575 & 2575a
FUNCHESS Thaddeus Stewart	NUNN Sarah Alpha	Ruby Mae 8/28/03 F Cottondale 227 & 0227a
FUNCHINS blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/25/09 M blank 4604 
FUNK Daniel Newton (IL)	YOUNGER Sarah Francis (SC)	Vera Juliett 12/21/88 F Alvord [del. 25581] 
FUNK George Mattison (MO)	JONES Sarah Jane (TN)	Roy Calvert 01/09/95 M Decatur [del. 13765] 
FUNK Isaac N (OH)	McDANIELS Mattie Elizabeth (SC)	Herman Eugene 11/25/00 M Alvord [del. 12304] 
FUNK Isaac Nichols (IA)	DANIELS Mattie Elizabeth (SC)	Willie B 03/28/91 M Alvord [del. 24116] 
FUNK Presly Cordell (MO)	HARTZOG Martha Caldonia (TX)	Presly Clyde 01/03/88 M Gordonville TX 17 & [del. 2793] 
FUNK Presly Cordell (MO)	HARTZOG Martha Caldonia (TX)	Gus Burnes 11/11/89 M Bridgeport 22 & [del. 2792] 
FUNK Presly Cordell (MO)	HARTZOG Martha Caldonia (TX)	Reba 01/29/95 F Bridgeport 42 & [del. 2791] 
FUNK Presly Cordell (MO)	HARTZOG Martha Caldonia (TX)	Owen True 08/25/99 M Bridgeport 59 & [del. 2790] 
FUNK Presly Cordell (MO)	HARTZOG Martha Caldonia (TX)	Theron Hartzog 08/17/02 M Bridgeport 76 & [del. 2789] 
FUNK William	BLANK Dee	Clifton 10/27/03 M blank 399 
FUQUA Henry T. (TX)	MAYES Allene (AL)	Henry T., Jr. 5/26/25 M Rhome 8324 
FURGESON Jesse	BLANK Nona	blank 11/23/10 F blank 5133 
FURGESON Joe	BLANK Minnie	blank 4/1/05 F blank 1707 
FURGUSON Albert	BLANK O.	blank 7/27/06 M blank 2792 
FURGUSON W.C.	FRANKLIN M.B.	blank 3/3/12 F blank 5479 
FURLOW E O (AR)	MATTHEWS Ella (AR)	Della 08/28/95 F Alvord [del. 22104] 
FURLOW John Fort (TX)	MULLINS Alice (TX)	Etna Ella 08/11/99 F Alvord [del. 22716] 
FURLOW Robert Estel	PILLARS Cleo Green	Vernon 6/26/17 M Alvord 6650 & 6650a
GAGE Bud	BLANK Josie	blank 3/11/09 M blank 4549 
GAGE Buddie (TX)	FENNELL Jessie Ann (TN)	Alta Ellen 1/9/08 F blank 3779 & 3779a
GAGE Buddy	MARTIN Nanzine	Billy Jack 6/27/28 M Decatur 9066 & 9066a
GAGE Earl R. (TX)	BYROM Leta (TX)	blank 5/2/24 M Krum 8061 
GAGE James	DONALD A.	Marian 6/8/04 F blank 932 
GAGE James Elmer	HARDER Pauline Sophia (TX)	James Roger 5/23/23 M Decatur 8073 & [delayed 2/27/43]
GAGE James Martin (AR)	GILBREATH Rachel Belinda (TX)	Maude Lavada 06/23/78 F Decatur [del. 13909] 
GAGE James Martin (AR)	GILBREATH Rachel Belinda (TX)	Ludy Ruben 03/31/85 M Decatur [del. 16299] 
GAGE James Martin (AR)	GILBREATH Rachel Belinda (TX)	Velma Ora 03/10/95 F Decatur [del. 12965] 
GAGE James Martin (AR)	GILBREATH Rachel Belinda (TX)	Joseph Vernon 02/04/01 M Decatur [del. 13908] 
GAGE Jerl (TX)	QUISENBERRY Ora (TX)	Harold Ray 3/10/25 M Slidell 8275 & 8275a
GAGE Jerl (TX)	QUISSENBERRY Ora (TX)	James William 12/7/20 M Slidell 7322 & 7322a
GAGE Jim (AR)	GILBREATH Rachel (AR)	Blufford Belmont 12/25/90 M Decatur [del. 6406] 
GAGE Jim (AR)	GILBREATH Rachel (TX)	Garland Otis 07/27/02 M Decatur [del. 6620] 
GAGE Jim (TX)	GILBREATH Rachel (TX)	Effie 07/04/98 F Sycamore [del. 29857] 
GAGE Jimmy (TX)	DONALD Minnie Lee (TX)	Annie May 08/13/00 F Decatur [del. 29490] 
GAGE John L (AR)	LEWIS Sarah Ella (TX)	Bert Elbert 12/16/90 M Greenwood [del. 25363] 
GAGE John Lewis (AR)	LEWIS Sarah Ellen (TX)	Joseph Luther 05/28/82 M Greenwood [del. 18362] 
GAGE John Lewis (OH)	LEWIS Sarah Comfort (TX)	Earl Raymond 12/27/96 M Greenwood [del. 8973] 
GAGE Lundy (TX)	BOYD Lela (TX)	blank 1/21/23 F Decatur 7713 
GAGE M.M.	BLANK blank	blank 8/27/11 M blank 5330 
GAGE W.B.	BOYDSTON Fay	Namosy 6/24/32 F Decatur [No Image 10476] 
GAGE Willie Blackmer	BEALL Mary Evelyn	Mary Evelyn 2/27/09 F Decatur 4521 & 4521a
GAILEY John Isabell (AL)	HUTTON Ella Margaret (TN)	Ardath Ray 07/29/02 M Boyd [del. 13881] 
GAILEY W.J.	BLANK Lura	blank 6/16/04 M blank 949 
GAINES Arthur Franklin	WASHBURN Marle	Nola Marie 8/21/05 F blank 2075 & 2075a
GAINES E P (AL)	SHORT Milisie (LA)	William Penn 09/01/78 M Greenwood [del. 9260] 
GAINS Joseph	BLANK Evalene	blank 7/11/08 M blank 4128 
GAITHER George Washington	LONG Ella	Charlie Floyd 3/11/17 M blank 6575 & 6575a
GALBRAITH Harry Clay (TN)	PIERCE Martha A (IL)	John Embry 12/15/93 M Decatur [del. 12638] 
GALBRAITH Harry Clay (TN)	PIERCE Martha A (IL)	Roxannah Eliza 04/03/96 F Decatur [del. 22595] 
GALES blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/31/08 M blank 4418 
GALES blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/31/08 M blank 4419 
GALEY Alva Jackson (AL)	GLENN Lyda (KY)	Maurine 2/23/15 F blank 6041 
GALEY Alva Jackson (AL)	GLENN Lyda (KY)	Glenn 4/24/20 M Bridgeport 7235 
GALEY James Fieldon (AL)	BALCH Mary Augusta (AL)	Lassie Bernice 03/02/97 F Aurora [del. 10513] 
GALEY John	BLANK Ellen	blank 1/28/05 F blank 1549 
GALEY John Milligan (AL)	HALL Alice Eugenia (AL)	Mary Pearl 06/18/96 F Aurora [del. 10052] 
GALEY M.	BLANK blank	(twin) 7/23/05 M blank 1993 
GALEY R.M.	BLANK blank	blank 4/27/11 M blank 5232 
GALEY Richard Martin	REID Stella Belle	William Haskell (twin) 7/28/05 M Aurora 1992 & 1992a
GALEY Richard Martin (AL)	REID Stella Belle (KY)	Paul Reid 10/24/98 M Aurora [del. 10512] 
GALLOP Jacob J (TX)	CANNON Harriat (AR)	Myrtle Elizabeth 09/23/91 F Decatur [del. 23486] 
GALLOP Jacob Jasper (TX)	CANNON Harriett Elizabeth (AR)	John Henry 12/03/82 M Decatur [del. 16827] 
GALLOP John Park (TX)	BROWN Mary Victoria (TX)	Bessie Ann 04/19/89 F Anneville [del. 11386] 
GALLOWAY Jesse Winfield (GA)	WILLSON Catherine Imanda (GA)	Leila Alma 09/04/88 F Fannin Co GA [del. 16101] 
GALLOWAY Otho Younger (AL)	BRITE Mollie Lucinda (TX)	Olney Otho 10/22/96 M Alvord [del. 27951] 
GALLUP Floyd (TX)	SCROGGINS Bertha (TX)	blank 1/25/22 F Boyd 7539 & [delayed 7875]
GALLUP W.F. (TX)	SCROGGINS B.M. (TX)	blank 11/4/29 F Boyd 9499 
GAMBLE Charles	BLANK Willie	blank 2/4/05 F blank 1571 
GAMBLE Ray (TX)	ARMSTRONG Lillian (TX)	Ruby Nell 9/11/28 F Chico 9118 & 9118a
GAMBLE William G (IL)	WILSON Mary (TN)	Oscar D 02/12/81 M Chico [del. 15261] 
GANBRILL Andrew Jackson (AR)	STROUD Martha Ann (AR)	Cubie 12/18/95 F Decatur [del. 24194] 
GANN Homer	ANDERSON Zula	blank 3/16/14 M blank 5860 
GANN J.H.	NORMAN Mabel Dillard	Clarence Wendel 9/15/11 M blank 5358 & 5358a
GANN James Chester (TX)	COATES Susan Elizabeth (TX)	Datus Meedem 09/25/82 M Chico [del. 15998] 
GANN James Chester (TX)	COATES Susan Elizabeth (TX)	Beulah Ann 07/01/88 F Chico [del. 19455] 
GANN James Chester (TX)	COATES Susan Elizabeth (TX)	George Yeakley 06/01/91 M Chico [del. 14579] 
GANN James Chester (TX)	COATES Susan Elizabeth (TX)	Olah Maud 05/17/95 F Chico [del. 4058] 
GANN John	FRANKS Mary	blank 4/13/12 M blank 5505 
GANN John M.	GARRETT Anna Belle	blank 7/2/13 F blank 5734 
GANN L.D. (TX)	STALNAKER Fannie (TX)	Clifford Lem 9/14/18 M Chico 6978 
GANN Marion Nathan (TN)	COX Alimeda (TX)	Fannie May 10/13/95 F Chico [del. 23036] 
GANN N M (TN)	COX Almeda M (TX)	Fred Kelly 02/07/91 M Chico [del. 23935] 
GANN N M (TN)	COX Almeda M (TX)	Annie Bell 07/12/93 F Chico [del. 23934] 
GANN Nathan M (TN)	COX Almeda (TX)	Donnie Ann 09/18/82 F Chico [del. 19349] 
GANT James Lafayette (TX)	LANGFORD Fannie (TX)	Charles Emory 04/04/97 M Blum [del. 28824] 
GANT Robert Bruce (TN)	JONES Frances Belle (KS)	Frances Bertha 11/08/85 F Alvord [del. 13294] 
GARCIA Carmen	OZUMI Manela	Ramon 6/12/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10106] 
GARCIA Carmen (Mex)	OSUMA Manula (Mex)	Milchar 8/8/14 M Bridgeport 5942 
GARCIA Carmen (Mex)	SUNA Manuela O. (Mex)	Amelia 1/25/13 F Bridgeport 5641 
GARCIA Carmen, Sr. (Mex)	OSUMA Manula (Mex)	Carmen, Jr. 7/3/18 M Bridgeport 6928 
GARCIA Cleofas (TX)	GARCIA Parfiria (Mexico)	Viviana 11/22/98 F Alice, TX 56 &  [del. 3092] 
GARCIA Esiquia (Mex)	FABRE Merry (Mex)	Mary 10/8/21 F Bridgeport 7490 
GARCIA Joe	ELGARDO Jane	Manuel 1/12/31 M blank [No Image 9931] 
GARCIA Jusus	BLANK Santas	T.A. Tedo 1/25/14 M Bridgeport 5828 & 5828a & 5828b
GARCIA Meguel	CASTILLA Rita	Trinidad 8/9/27 M blank 8821 
GARDNER Marion Elmer	PIERCE Laverne Chloe	Melba Joe 1/24/28 F Sunset 8922 
GARDNER Marion Owen (TN)	HANN Harriett Elizabeth (?)	Ruth Pauline 11/13/99 F Chico [del. 15945] 
GARDNER Oscar (TX)	BROOKS Theresa (TX)	twins 5/26/23 F Decatur 7810 
GARDNER Oscar E. (TX)	BROOKS Thresa E. (TX)	Elizabeth Eugene 9/14/28 F Decatur 9122 
GARDNER Oscar Embra (TX)	BROOKS Thressa Imogine (TX)	Oscar Embra, Jr. 6/5/24 M Decatur 8064 & 8064a
GARDNER Thomas Graham (TX)	BRUMLEY Mittie (TX)	Isaac 05/21/00 M Decatur [del. 31098] 
GARDNER Tom	BLANK B.	blank 1/12/04 M blank 588 
GARDNER Tom (MS)	BOWDERY Mittie (MS)	Charlie 05/24/92 M Decatur [del. 15905] 
GARDNER Tom (MS)	BOWDERY Mittie (MS)	Oscar Embry 03/05/94 M Decatur [del. 12429] 
GARDNER W.S.	BLANK blank	blank 5/10/09 F blank 4621 
GARDNER Will	BLANK Mollie	blank 4/27/05 M blank 1774 
GARDNER William Monroe (AL)	KINGSLEY Ines (MS)	Lonie Franklin 3/16/07 M Greenwood 3226 & 3226a
GARDNER William Monroe (AL)	KINGSLEY Inez (MS)	blank 12/20/23 F Alvord 7960 
GARETT L.W.	MORTON Nannie	Oscar Paul 1/12/30 M blank [No Image 9557] 
GARGIS G.H.	SPLAWN Velma	Earnestine L. 12/11/29 F blank [No Image 9528] 
GARGIS Henry	BLANK L.E.	blank 2/12/06 F blank 2486 
GARGIS Henry (AL)	ARCHER Alice (AL)	Sarah Annie 12/22/97 F Colbert Co AL [del. 18862] 
GARMAN William Harrison (KY)	GUEST Malissie Jane (TX)	Georgia Ann 08/10/85 F Anneville [del. 20155] 
GARMAN William Jacob (TX)	DUNIGAN Corline E (KS)	Lee Roy 09/04/90 M Decatur [del. 9832] 
GARNER Bullard A.	POTTER Alline	Mary Evelyn 5/1/18 F blank 6874 
GARNER G W (TX)	BAXTER Florida (TX)	Opal Madge 12/28/02 F Decatur [del. 7442] 
GARNER James William (TN)	WELCH Louisiana Mellisa (MO)	Ella Elizabeth 08/04/85 F Chico [del. 10626] 
GARNER Robert	BLANK blank	Virginia Lee 7/31/04 F blank 1070 
GARNER Sam Winston	KENNEDY Emma Levina	Sam William 3/29/16 M Boyd 6394 & 6394a
GARNISON William	BLANK blank	blank 3/27/08 M blank 3939 
GARRETT Charles R.	EASLEY Emma Marie	Jackie Jones 4/29/28 F Chico 9005 
GARRETT Clarence Edward	STEVENS F.E.	Clyde William 2/15/31 M Boyd [No Image 9961] 
GARRETT Issac McDaniel (TN)	BRAY Mary Jane (TN)	William David 01/01/85 M Giles Co TN [del. 20139] 
GARRETT James Wesley (KY)	SHEPPERD Henrietta (TN)	James Oscar 08/24/88 M Decatur [del. 23764] 
GARRETT John Luther (TX)	BOYD Dezzie Dew (TX)	Elvia May 09/11/01 F Willow Point [del. 9114] 
GARRETT Joshua Elder (MO)	RODGERS Martha C (MS)	Joshua Benjamin 02/20/83 M Rhome [del. 11629] 
GARRETT Luther	MORTON Gertrude	blank 9/22/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10566] 
GARRETT R.O.	HOPKINS Pearl	blank 8/27/27 F Chico 8829 & [delayed 11148]
GARRETT T.H.	BLANK blank	Thomas 9/22/06 M blank 2927 
GARRETT V.L.	REDWINE May	Mary Helen 2/20/33 F Alvord [No Image 10688] 
GARRETT W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/11 F blank 5182 
GARRETT Zell	BLANK blank	Billy Gene 5/1/33 M Chico [No Image 10753] 
GARRISON Charles Sumner (IL)	AYRES Clara (IN)	Alva Parke 03/29/96 M Greenwood [del. 4685] 
GARRISON Jess (TX)	STEPP Minnie (TX)	Louis James 03/28/91 M Decatur [del. 8498] 
GARRISON Jesse	BROWN Catherine	blank 9/29/31 M Decatur [No Image 10235] 
GARRISON Jesse (TX)	BROWN Marl K. (TX)	Billy 3/16/29 M Decatur 9294 & 9294a
GARRISON Jessie C (TX)	STEPP Minnie (TX)	Jessie Clinton 10/18/93 M Alvord [del. 25093] 
GARRISON John (KY)	HOOD Julia Ann (KY)	Mamie 08/11/90 F Decatur [del. 28184] 
GARRISON William	BLANK blank	Baby 1/27/06 M blank 2449 
GARRISON William	BLANK blank	blank 1/18/10 M blank 4913 
GARVEY Marion	HARTLINE Elzoda	blank 10/7/32 M Decatur [No Image 10580] 
GARVIN James Monroe (MS)	STEWART Vilinda Isabell (MS)	Fred Washington 12/04/82 M Willow Point [del. 8007] 
GARVIN McCager Martin (MS)	SARTAIN Elmira C (MS)	Lorena Olja 10/13/89 F Boonsville [del. 20903] 
GARY William L.	BASELY M.	Seagles 6/4/31 M Decatur [No Image 10095] 
GARY William Reed (TX)	URESTA Frances (TX)	Leslie Burch 07/04/01 F Newark [del. 15287] 
GASPERSON John G. (MO)	LEE Laura (TX)	Adrian 7/25/19 M Alvord 7113 & 7113a
GASPERSON Ray	JACKSON Aurellih	Foy 2/13/32 F Alvord [No Image 10359] 
GASS John Henry	PRICE Julia	Marshall James 7/21/05 M Park Springs 1981 & 1981a
GASS John Henry (TX)	PRICE Julia Ann (TX)	Jewell Lee 10/19/00 F Park Springs [del. 14819] 
GASS John Henry (TX)	PRICE Julia Ann (TX)	Will Godford 05/26/02 M Wise Co [del. 33582] 
GASS John Henry (TX)	PRICE Julia Virginia (TX)	Muriel Edward 08/28/91 M Alvord [del. 19222] 
GATES John Lafayett (TX)	MOODY Mary Ella (TX)	William Thomas 11/28/98 M Decatur [del. 15786] 
GAUNTT Roy Newton (TX)	FAIRCHILD Ollive May (TX)	Catherine Elizabeth 1/20/24 F Rhome 7983 
GAYLE Virginius (VA)	PROCTOR Lucy Frances (TX)	Bartlett 12/23/90 M Bridgeport [del. 10178]
GEBHART David William (IL)	FANCHER Texanna (TX)	Jerry Marten 06/11/84 M Alvord [del. 8587] 
GEE M.L.	BLANK Mattie	blank 11/22/04 M blank 1386 
GENTRY Andre George (MS)	BATES Cora Lee (MS)	George Raymond 04/03/97 M Decatur [del. 6703] 
GENTRY Andrew George (MS)	BATES Cora (MS)	Lanham Bates 02/20/99 M Decatur [del. 21717] 
GENTRY Andrew George (MS)	BATES Cora Lee (MS)	Lottie Louise 3/26/07 F Decatur 3249 & 3249a
GENTRY B.I.	BAREFIELD Eula M.	B.L. 8/1/31 F Prect #8 [No Image 10167] 
GENTRY Dock Allen (TN)	MOORE Jenny Bell (TN)	Marcus Defanel 01/02/95 M Decatur [del. 14242] 
GENTRY Edward Jackson	BULLOCK Lola May	Thomas Lamar 2/1/10 M Bridgeport 4927 & 4927a
GENTRY Fred	BLANK Ella	blank 6/22/10 F blank 5030 
GENTRY I 0 (TN)	COX Elizabeth Belle (TX)	Burton Owen 04/05/90 M Dan [del. 8165] 
GENTRY Israel Owen (TN)	COX Belle Zora (TX)	Maggie Ruth 11/27/91 F Wise Co [del. 31679] 
GENTRY J. Lanham (TX)	GREGG Ollie (TX)	Elbert Bailey 9/3/08 M Decatur 4223 & 4223a
GENTRY J.D.	BRIDGES T.P.	Willard Datton 10/19/32 M Paradise [No Image 10603] 
GENTRY J.H. (TX)	GAINES Lucy (TX)	blank 6/11/24 F Boyd 8080 
GENTRY J.T. (TX)	BRIDGES T.B. (TX)	blank 4/1/29 M Paradise 9312 
GENTRY James Isaac	BRIDGES T.P.	Donald Isaac 5/25/31 M Paradise [No Image 10081] 
GENTRY John Hamilton	GAINES Lucy	Mary Ruth 9/8/27 F blank 8840 & 8840a & 8840b
GENTRY John Hamilton (TX)	GAINS Lucy (TX)	Lucy Vivian 8/9/25 F Decatur 8376 & 8376a & 8376b
GENTRY John Lanham (TX)	GREGG Ollie Mary (TX)	Gregg 1/20/13 M Decatur 5637 & 5637a
GENTRY John Washington (MS)	BURTON Mattie (AL)	Zula Alma 03/14/84 F Decatur [del. 13984] 
GENTRY John Washington (MS)	BURTON Mattie (AL)	John Clarence 01/22/91 M Decatur [del. 7209] 
GENTRY John Washington (MS)	BURTON Mattie Jane (TN)	Leslie Jackson 12/21/85 M Decatur [del. 8592] 
GENTRY Lanham	BLANK Ollie M.	blank 11/7/05 M blank 2268 
GENTRY Robert D (MS)	LILES Florence Allen (MS)	Clyde Davenport 02/07/96 M Bridgeport [del. 23658] 
GENTRY Robert Davenport (MS)	LILES Florence Allen (MS)	Alva Trula 05/29/94 F Bridgeport [del. 21227] 
GENTRY Robert Davenport (MS)	LILES Florence Allen (MS)	Marvin Clarence 11/19/00 M Chico [del. 13088] 
GENTRY Robert Davenport (MS)	LILES Florence Allen (MS)	Marion Fred 09/13/02 M Park Springs [del. 9022] 
GENTRY Robert Davenport (MS)	LILES Florence Ellen (MS)	Leslie Earl 02/06/98 M Bridgeport [del. 9021] 
GENTRY Samuel (MS)	RAY Charlette Ann (MS)	Charles Boone 12/15/82 M Decatur [del. 18724] 
GENTRY T.L.	COOPER Mildred	Billy Tom 12/27/29 M blank [No Image 9540] 
GENTRY T.L.	COOPER Mildred	Nelda Bernice 10/15/31 F blank [No Image 10258] 
GENTRY Thomas Jefferson (MS)	LACKEY Elizabeth Alfretta (AL)	Ella Myrtle 03/25/82 F Decatur [del. 24652] 
GENTRY Thomas Jefferson (MS)	LACKEY Elizabeth Alveretta (AL)	Jackson Edward 10/11/79 M Decatur [del. 17890] 
GENTRY Walter Edgar (MS)	TAYLOR Fannie Elizabeth (TX)	Ina Gertrude 09/26/96 F Decatur [del. 21094] 
GENTRY William M (TN)	MOUNTS Mary (VA)	John William 08/09/85 M Decatur [del. 24128] 
GENTRY William Miller (TN)	MOUNTS Mary Evelyne (WV)	Edgar Jeffery 12/26/82 M Greenwood [del. 24890] 
GENTRY William Miller (TN)	MOUNTS Mary Evelyne (WV)	Grace Ellen 11/03/88 F Decatur [del. 24891] 
GEORGE Benjamin Franklin (MO)	OWENS Maretta (TX)	Glenn Harold 12/27/12 M Alvord 5618 & 5618a & 5618b
GEORGE Charley	WELLS Ida	blank 8/6/14 M blank 5939 
GEORGE Frank	(OWENS) (Maude)	blank 10/10/06 M blank 2958 
GEORGE H.E.	BLANK Eunice	blank 12/8/04 F blank 1416 
GEORGE Henry Elmer (TX)	APPLING Victoria Ann (AR)	Esta Marie 12/23/07 F Park Springs 3744 & 3744a
GEORGE J.C.	BLANK Clara	blank 12/6/04 M blank 1410 
GEORGE James Henry	BRANDENBURG Nancy Elizabeth	James Vernie 3/13/10 M blank 4969 & 4969a
GEORGE James Henry (MO)	BRANDENBURG Nancy E (TX)	Pearl M 08/12/93 F Decatur [del. 24555] 
GEORGE James Henry (MO)	BRANDENBURG Nancy E (TX)	John Elmer 11/03/00 M Decatur [del. 24176] 
GEORGE James Henry (MO)	BRANDENBURG Nancy Elvira (TX)	Vacil Gertrude 08/05/96 F Decatur [del. 17131] 
GEORGE James Hezekiah	STAPP Birtha Ellen	Jewel Beverage 1/28/06 F blank 2451 & 2451a
GEORGE Jim	BLANK Annie	blank 8/21/05 M blank 2073 
GEORGE Leonard (GA)	ADAMS Amanda (AL)	Minnie 07/16/83 F Decatur [del. 8912] 
GEORGE Louis (MO)	MINHINNETTE Ada May (GA)	John Thomas 10/28/28 M Decatur 9162 & 9162a
GEORGE Robert Powell (MO)	WHITE Amanda Jane (MO)	Mala Clay 02/22/86 M Crafton [del. 17130] 
GEORGE William Allen (TN)	MASONER Margaret Mahalia (TN)	James Grover 09/21/84 M Meggs Co TN [del. 6315] 
GEORGE William Allen (TN)	MASONER Margaret Mahalia (TN)	Nona Marie 07/06/96 F Newark [del. 7483] 
GEORGE William Allen (TN)	MASONER Margaret Mahalia (TN)	Thomas Jefferson 08/06/98 M Newark [del. 7482] 
GEOS Lewis	BLANK blank	blank 4/8/04 F blank 796 
GERARD Jess (MO)	SULLINS Lizzie (TX)	Zora Dee 07/13/87 F Alvord [del. 24195] 
GERMAN blank	BLANK Clara	blank 10/26/15 M blank 6284 
GERMANY William Arnold (AL)	WARLICK Missouri (MO)	Katherine 09/26/92 F Bridgeport [del. 24607] 
GERMANY William Arnold (AL)	WARLICK Missouri Adeline (MO)	William Thurman 09/22/89 M Springtown [del. 4326] 
GERONOMO S.	BLANK C.	blank 9/11/03 F blank 272 
GERRA Marin	GARCIA Viviana	Maria 2/26/16 F blank 6373 
GERRA Marin (Mex)	GRACIA Viviana (TX)	Atilana 10/5/22 F Runge 7666 
GETTY Lon	BLANK Elsie	blank 10/4/08 F blank 4275 
GETTYS Marshall (NC)	PRESCOTT Bell (TX)	William Horace 10/03/96 M Greenwood [del. 4765] 
GETTYS Marshall (NC)	PRESCOTT Bell (TX)	Homer Mills 01/11/01 M Greenwood [del. 4766] 
GETTYS Martin (NC)	HORD Mary Elizabeth (NC)	Marion W 12/23/89 M Cleveland Co NC [del. 11712] 
GETTYS Martin (NC)	HORD Mary Elizabeth (NC)	Clarence Clifton 05/16/99 M Decatur [del. 24117] 
GHENT Robert Owen (FL)	SEVEY Annie (ME)	Robert Owen 12/24/89 M Decatur [del. 4311] 
GIBBENS Alfred (IN)	HURST Emma Etta (TX)	Thomas L Nugent 12/04/94 M Bridgeport [del. 25411] 
GIBBENS Charles	BLANK Lettie	blank 7/28/07 M blank 3448 
GIBBINS Christopher Columbus (MO)	UPTON Mary J (MO)	Terrell E 04/27/99 M Alvord [del. 29291] 
GIBBINS Christopher Columbus (MO)	UPTON Mary Jane (AR)	Virgle Ester 06/18/97 M Alvord [del. 28989] 
GIBBINS John	BLANK Maggie	F.A. 6/23/06 M blank 2726 
GIBBON Charles	BLANK Stella	blank 11/6/07 M blank 3658 
GIBBON Jewell	BLANK blank	blank 10/20/04 F blank 1283 
GIBBON John Marion (MO)	WRUCKE Emily Florintine (WI)	Judge Marion 08/16/99 M Decatur [del. 29751] 
GIBBON Julian E. (TX)	CARD Lucinda (TX)	Mary Francis 8/27/20 F Decatur 7290 
GIBBON M.J.	BLANK J.	Roy 9/12/03 M blank 273 
GIBBON Marion	BLANK blank	blank 1/3/06 F blank 2381 
GIBBON William Edward (MO)	JONES Mary Anne (MO)	Julian Edward 02/06/93 M Decatur [del. 4817] 
GIBBONS Jewel B. (TX)	GREEN Estelle Josephine (TX)	Saumel Edward 10/10/06 M Decatur 2960 & 2960a
GIBBONS Marvin	BLANK blank	blank 9/6/09 M blank 4761 
GIBBS A.A.	STEIN Lena Mae	Edna Fay 10/15/33 F Slidell [No Image 10909] 
GIBBS John Martin (TN)	CURTNER Mary Jane (MO)	Elizabeth Elliott 03/08/78 F Decatur [del. 11753] 
GIBBS John Martin (TN)	CURTNER Mary Jane (MO)	Medora Helen 02/26/80 F Decatur [del. 12355] 
GIBBS John Martin (TN)	CURTNER Mary Jane (MO)	Samuel Iven 01/15/82 M Decatur [del. 12356] 
GIBBS John William (?)	McILVAIN Janie Adaline (TX)	James Asberry 09/11/87 M Sunset [del. 19801] 
GIBSON Amos (LA)	GREGG Sarah M (MS)	Willie Roscoe 02/15/82 M Paradise [del. 9738] 
GIBSON Arthur Bradley (KY)	SMITHART Francis Levenia (VA)	Maggie Delena 09/28/69 F Decatur [del. 5635] 
GIBSON Arthur Bradley (KY)	SMITHART Francis Levenia (VA)	Elmore Leance 02/04/81 M Decatur [del. 7644] 
GIBSON J.K.	BLANK blank	blank 9/15/08 F blank 4248 
GIBSON J.K.	BLANK Frankie	blank 7/31/07 M Boonsville 3455 
GIBSON James B (OR)	COOPER Mary Elizabeth (IA)	Silas Clarence 03/15/77 M Paradise [del. 7696] 
GIBSON John Keaton	WILTON Sarah Frances	James Vanzant 4/6/05 M rural, Wise Co. 1716 & 1716a
GIBSON John Keeton (AR)	WILTON Sarah Francis (IL)	Marzella Clovene 09/12/01 F Boonsville [del. 8706] 
GIBSON Joseph R.	ABBOTT Francis L.	Patricia Kay 10/3/30 F Decatur [No Image 9837] 
GIBSON Lee D.	KNEE Ruby	blank 1/19/16 F blank 6345 & [delayed 6702]
GIBSON R.E.	BLANK Estella	Mary Stanton 12/12/05 F blank 2349 
GIBSON Robert Elijah (TX)	FINWICK Sally Estelle (TX)	Robert Elijah, Jr. 3/5/08 M Chico 3886 & 3886a
GIDEON George Patton (MS)	CARR Mary Elizabeth (MS)	Bertha Mae 07/29/93 F Chico [del. 24634] 
GILBERT D.L.	MCCONNELL Ida Bell (TX)	D.L., Jr. 3/20/20 M Poolville 7228 
GILBERT Frank 0 (OH)	HENTON Martha Ann (MO)	Ray Holmes 03/10/97 M Alvord [del. 5529] 
GILBERT George Washington (AR)	HUDSON Lula Ellen (KY)	Elizabeth Mae 05/30/94 F Slidell [del. 28366] 
GILBERT Ira	BLANK Alice	blank 10/21/11 M blank 5387 
GILBERT Isaac (GA)	ELROD Louisa Artilla (GA)	Walter Scott 03/25/85 M Grant Co AR [del. 17852] 
GILBERT Issie (GA)	ELROD Louisa Artilla (GA)	John William 01/19/81 M Grant Co AR [del. 7533] 
GILBERT Jimmie (TX)	DAVENPORT Fannie (TX)	Ethel Jane 02/16/90 F Crafton [del. 20308] 
GILBERT John W. (AR)	STOKES Lilly Mae (TX)	blank 7/3/23 M Alvord 7843 
GILBERT R Lem (TX)	SPARKS Emily Agnes (TN)	Carl 03/22/98 M Decatur [del. 31253] 
GILBERT Robert Lemuel	SPARKS Elmy Agnes	Clyde 12/31/03 M Decatur 549 & 0549a
GILBERT Robert Lemuel (TX)	SPARKS Emily Agnes (TX)	Ernest 03/23/94 M Decatur [del. 28128] 
GILBREATH Isaac (GA)	ELROD Louisa Artilla (GA)	Ella Gertrude 11/05/02 F Alvord [del. 29617] 
GILBREATH James M (AR)	ARMSTRONG Louisa (AR)	Walter Elby 12/15/94 M Decatur [del. 17806] 
GILBREATH James Monroe (KY)	ARMSTRONG Louisa (AR)	Maud Marsleet 01/02/98 F Decatur [del. 25525] 
GILBREATH James Monroe (TN)	ARMSTRONG Sarah Louisia (AR)	Fannie Fairnet 12/07/95 F Decatur [del. 20598] 
GILBRETH Henry Frenton	CEILS Maudie Dorenda	Henry Owen 1/16/16 M Boyd 6343 & 6343a
GILES Albert W (AL)	ARP Carlee (TX)	James Ursha 11/04/93 M Bridgeport [del. 14080] 
GILES Clayton (TX)	CULWELL Lavada (OK)	blank 1/14/21 F Bridgeport 7337 
GILES F.B.	MONTFORD M.G.	Forrest Duane 1/4/31 F Decatur [No Image 9918] 
GILES Frank	MONTFORD M.	Emma Joanne 4/26/33 F Decatur [No Image 10746] 
GILES Homer A.	MARTIN Pearl	blank 8/12/30 M blank [No Image 9784] 
GILES Homer A.	MARTIN Pearl	Douglas Elbert 2/27/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10361] 
GILES Homer Adolphus (TX)	MARTIN Lyda Pearl (TX)	Billy Wayne 10/16/28 M Bridgeport 9154 & 9154a
GILES Joseph Arnold	WALKER Tommie E.	Maurice 10/7/17 F Bridgeport 6724 
GILES Joseph Arnold	WALKER Tommie Etna	Joseph Bruce 7/14/16 M Decatur 6437 & 6437a
GILES Joseph E (LA)	BARTWELL Mattie (TX)	John Thomas 05/04/88 M Bridgeport [del. 7647] 
GILES Joseph E (LA)	ROE Erora A (TX)	Ruth A 10/28/96 F Bridgeport [del. 28365] 
GILES Joseph E (LA)	ROE Erora Ann (TX)	A Franklin 06/08/99 M Bridgeport [del. 9599] 
GILES Joseph E.	ROE Erora	Horace Edwin 8/29/03 M Bridgeport 229 & 0229a
GILES Joseph E.	ROE Erora	blank (twin) 8/29/03 M Bridgeport 230 
GILES Joseph Elbert (AR)	ROE Eroa (TX)	Florence Arizona 1/23/13 F Bridgeport 5640 & 5640a
GILES Joseph Elbert (AR)	ROE Erora Ann (TX)	Mary Lola 2/16/08 F blank 3848 & 3848a
GILES L.E. (TX)	HARRIS Vera (TX)	blank 6/10/23 M Chico 7821 
GILES Leslie Virgil (TX)	SHELTON Willie Mae (TX)	Mary Elwanda 3/8/23 F Bridgeport 7765 & 7765a
GILES Luther	HALLIS Vera	blank 12/27/16 M blank 6531 
GILES William Barksdale (LA)	ROE Francis (TX)	Jerome Floyd 02/22/97 M Bridgeport [del. 15371] 
GILES William Clayton	CULWELL Lavada	Clara Inez 5/24/18 F Bridgeport 6905 & 6905a
GILES William Failskell (LA)	ROE Frances Jane (LA)	Presley Elbert 10/18/00 M Bridgeport [del. 6166] 
GILL Frank	BLANK L.	blank 2/7/08 M blank 3831 
GILL George W (TN)	BLANKENSHIP Martha C (MO)	Otho Elma 01/22/93 M Slidell [del. 14049] 
GILL J. Paul (TX)	RUSSELL Carrie (TN)	blank 9/25/25 M Decatur 8428 
GILL J.B.	BLANK M.	blank 12/12/06 F blank 3053 
GILL James	VAN METER Mamie Estelle	Albert Archibald 6/30/05 M blank 1928 
GILL James Richard (SC)	LONG Mollie Maud (TX)	Bess Eugenia 09/05/95 F Decatur [del. 6403] 
GILL James Richard (SC)	LONG Mollie Maude (TX)	Lena Maude 10/26/91 F Decatur [del. 26740] 
GILL John Patterson (TN)	HAMILTON Eugenia Tennessee (TN)	Pattie 12/03/86 F Alvord [del. 15571] 
GILL Marvin Estus	LEONARD Irene Ruth	Sally Ruth 12/7/26 F Decatur 8724 & 8724a
GILL Marvin Estus (TX)	LEONARD Irene Ruth (TX)	John William 7/8/24 M Dalhart 8091 & 8091a
GILL Paul	RUSSELL Carrie	Vera Zoe 1/13/28 F Decatur 8915 & 8915a
GILL Robert E (TN)	FIELDER Victoria Floyd (TN)	Nora Lee 06/01/00 F Alvord [del. 3343] 
GILL Robert E.	BLANK Victoria	Lawrence Z. 5/31/04 M blank 908 
GILL Robert E.	BLANK Victoria	blank 7/10/05 M blank 1946 
GILL Thomas Bridges (TN)	POND Nannie Jack (TX)	Joseph Franklin 01/19/97 M Decatur [del. 9902] 
GILLEY A.W.	DAVIS Eloie	blank 4/5/12 F blank 5495 
GILLEY C D (TX)	COOPER Mary Florence (TX)	Rosa P 01/26/94 F Alvord [del. 28521] 
GILLEY C D (TX)	COOPER Mary Florence (TX)	Noah Clifford 03/10/98 M Alvord [del. 28520] 
GILLEY C.D. (TX)	COOPER Mary Florence (IL)	Bertha Seavey 11/30/07 F blank 3697 & 3697a
GILLEY Charles	BLANK Edith	blank 7/8/08 M blank 4122 
GILLEY Henry	BLANK Eva	(Norma L.) 12/10/03 F blank 496 
GILLEY J.S.	BLANK Etter	blank 3/13/08 F blank 3908 
GILLEY T. (TX)	AUSTIN Ida (TX)	blank 2/6/25 F Bridgeport 8258 & [delayed 9802]
GILLEY T.A.	AUSTIN Ida	Thomas Fred 11/12/29 M blank [No Image 9506] 
GILLILAND Almer Lee (AR)	EVANS Lou Ella (IL)	Benjamin Franklin 09/18/96 M Decatur [del. 28597] 
GILLILAND D.B.	BLANK blank	I.B., Jr. 11/4/03 F blank 424 
GILLILAND James Kinnibrugh (AR)	BRANTLY Sarah Gertrude (SC)	Leland Brantly 11/21/97 M Decatur [del. 11536] 
GILLILAND James Kinnibrugh (AR)	BRANTLY Sarah Gertrude (SC)	James Theodore 09/20/02 M Decatur [del. 11535] 
GILLILAND John Porter	MILLER Katherine	Frances 2/11/04 F Alvord 649 & 0649a
GILLILAND John Porter (AR)	MILLER Katherine (TX)	Mary Katherine 04/18/99 F Decatur [del. 16100] 
GILLILAND John Sanford (MO)	KINNIBRUGH Mary Jane (AR)	Robert Ray 01/13/84 M Decatur [del. 4417] 
GILLILAND Roy	BLANK Birdie	John T. Sanford 6/10/05 M blank 1880 & [delayed 4418]
GILLILAND Tom M (TX)	NORMAN Allie Alice (TX)	Ava Imajean 03/03/02 F Boyd [del. 25177] 
GILLILAND William McMary (AR)	GILLILAND Fannie Mahala (TX)	Cavie Jane 06/13/87 F Cottondale [del. 18077] 
GILLOT blank	BLANK S.A.	blank 4/4/04 F blank 787 
GILLY Joe	BLANK blank	blank 11/1/08 F blank 4325 
GILMORE blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/3/08 M blank 3765 
GILMORE C.	BLANK blank	blank 10/10/03 M blank 354 
GILMORE C.	BLANK blank	blank 7/23/05 M blank 1990 
GILMORE C.E.	BLANK M.L.	blank 9/3/05 M blank 2117 
GILMORE C.L.	BLANK blank	(twin) 6/10/06 F blank 2711 
GILMORE C.L.	BLANK blank	(twin) 6/10/06 M blank 2712 
GILMORE Carl J. (SC)	MCCRAW Leola (TX)	Grace Marie 10/6/21 F Newark 7488 
GILMORE Charley C (MO)	GANN Ella (GA)	Freddie Lee 05/12/02 M Paradise [del. 5473] 
GILMORE Colonel Edward (NC)	SANDERS Minnie Lee (NC)	Edna Lee 01/08/99 F Chatham Co NC [del. 13153] 
GILMORE Ernest	BLANK Belle	blank 10/8/05 M blank 2200 
GILMORE H.B.	BLANK blank	blank 11/26/07 F blank 3689 
GILMORE H.B.	BLANK blank	blank 3/14/10 M blank 4959 
GILMORE John Nale	HOUD Amarilla	Mary Ethel 7/23/04 F Alvord 1044 & 1044a
GILSAN Ed	COLLINS Jessie	Robert Marvin 5/17/04 M blank 891 
GIMLIN Daniel Oliver (AR)	WHEELER Lou Raney (IL)	Eliza Isabel 06/06/98 F Sunset [del. 15262] 
GIPSON Christopher Monroe (MO)	ROMAN Julia Ann (TN)	Ernest Paul 08/20/94 M Cottondale [del. 17605] 
GIPSON E.P.	BLANK Jessie	blank 8/28/08 M blank 4208 
GIRDLEY Virgil (TX)	SORDER Beulah (AR)	Bettie Ann 2/3/29 F Alvord 9260 
GIST George Newton (TN)	SWARINGTON Savannah Elizabeth (AR)	Emory Newton 06/28/85 M Decatur [del. 14129] 
GIST J N (AL)	CALHOUN Louise (AL)	Susie 12/14/88 F Colbert Co AL [del. 22292] 
GIVEN R.D.	BLANK Jennie	D. 8/4/05 F blank 2025 
GLADNEY Walter Alcorn	SMITH Maggie Viola	Daisy Viola 11/3/09 F Alvord 4837 & 4837a
GLADYS blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/2/06 M blank 2988 
GLASGOW James Pleasant (TN)	WALKER Margaret Elizabeth (TN)	Lou Ella 12/19/77 F Obion Co TN [del. 12102] 
GLASGOW James Solomon (TN)	SHEARER Eliza Jane (TX)	Edith Eleanor 03/08/91 F Alvord [del. 10997] 
GLASGOW James Solomon (TN)	SHEARER Eliza Jane (TX)	Ruth Eola 06/14/95 F Alvord [del. 20051] 
GLASGOW James Solomon (TN)	SHEARER Eliza Jane (TX)	Agnes Pauline 02/12/98 F Alvord [del. 9690] 
GLASS blank	BLANK Ida	blank 7/6/08 F blank 4120 
GLASS Charlie (TN)	CROW Elsie (TX)	blank 11/3/24 F Alvord 8207 
GLASS J.B. (TX)	FERGUSON Fannie (TX)	Opal Lee 1/5/13 F Alvord 5627 & 5627a
GLASS J.B. (TX)	FERGUSON Fannie (TX)	Thomas Weldon 9/5/14 M Alvord 5956 & 5956a
GLASS J.W.	BLANK Emma	blank 7/29/06 M blank 2798 
GLASS J.W.	BLANK Emma	blank 10/30/09 M blank 4831 
GLASS James Knox (NC)	LEE Susan Winfrey (AR)	Knox 03/20/89 M Park Springs [del. 8913] 
GLASS John (TX)	FURGUSON Fannie (TX)	Audrey Mae 5/21/09 F Alvord 4636 
GLASS John Biglar (TX)	FERGUSON Fannie(TX)	Bernice Wilburn 11/23/07 M Alvord 3684 & 3684a
GLASSCOCK Edward Morgan (AL)	BUNYARD Mary Ellen (MO)	Geneva 02/13/92 F Chico [del. 5945] 
GLAZENER Charles (NC)	MAYS Jane (TN)	Cleo Iris 03/28/99 F Rhome [del. 28531] 
GLENN James B.	LACY Francis	Lonnie Bert 5/9/33 M Decatur [No Image 10765] 
GLENN William Harrison (KY)	CRUMP Victoria (KY)	Sarah Lyda 03/21/87 F Hart Co KY [del. 12637] 
GLOSSUP T.F. (TX)	HOOTEN Rosebunt (TX)	blank 9/7/29 F Decatur 9443 
GLOVER John J. (TX)	CARROLL Annie Bell (TX)	John J. 12/12/24 M Boonsville 8229 
GLOVER John Marion (TX)	GATES Sarah Hulda (MO)	John Henry 02/09/88 M Bridgeport [del. 22155] 
GLOVER Joseph Johnston (GA)	KEETER Nancy Elizabeth (GA)	Nellie Mae 08/03/89 F Boyd [del. 10179] 
GLOVER Joseph Johnstown (GA)	KEETER Nancy Elizabeth (GA)	Eppie Johnston 10/16/87 M Garvin [del. 4507] 
GLOVER Thomas Claude (WV)	GRISSOM Flora S. (TX)	Thomas Clude, Jr. 6/26/20 M Alvord 7265 
GLUSON M.L.	PHILLIPS M.C.	blank 2/18/12 M blank 5469 
GOAD John C (TN)	MERRIMAN Ethel (TX)	Violet 12/26/98 F Chico [del. 30444] 
GOAD John C (TN)	MERRIMAN Ethel (TX)	Lema Lee 04/01/00 F Chico [del. 10995] 
GOAD John Courtney (TN)	MERRIMAN Ethel (TX)	Grace Irene 10/05/96 F Chico [del. 30764] 
GOAD William Thomas (TN)	ETHERIDGE Nettie Elizabeth(TN)	Blanche Pamela 9/21/06 F Chico 2921 & 2921a
GOAD William Thomas (TN)	McDONALD Bessie (TX)	Bessie Lorene 09/07/00 F Chico [del. 36421] 
GOBER T.S. (TX)	MAYNARD Nettie May (TX)	Leatrice Joyce 10/17/29 F Bridgeport 9477 
GOBIN Jesse Larval (TX)	RENNELS Susan Harriett (IL)	Jesse Larval 06/20/95 M Decatur [del. 16806] 
GODBEY William Henry (AL)	HARRELL Elizabeth (AL)	Homer Page 07/24/94 M Garvin [del. 15520] 
GODBEY William Henry (AL)	HARRELL Elizabeth Belle (AL)	Thomas Lee 08/20/79 M Lawrence Co AL [del. 10920] 
GOEN John	BLANK Mary	(Twin) 8/25/05 F blank 2084 
GOEN John	BLANK Mary	(Twin) 8/25/05 F blank 2085 
GOEN William Henry (TX)	MILLER Allie Pearl (TX)	William Curtis 06/18/99 M Decatur [del. 11929] 
GOFF John	BLANK blank	blank 1/9/07 F blank 3100 
GOFF John William (MO)	WALKER Ida Jane (KS)	Orval Taz 11/22/99 M Decatur [del. 4436] 
GOFORTH Ed	BLANK blank	blank 12/30/08 M blank 4417 
GOFORTH Ed	BLANK blank	blank 2/1/11 F blank 5172 
GOFORTH G. Ed	PENNINGTON L.M.	Maxine 9/1/30 F Decatur [No Image 9796] 
GOFORTH G. Ed	PENNINGTON L.M.	Polly P. 9/1/30 F blank [No Image 9797] 
GOFORTH G.E.	PENNINGTON Louise	Clarence Elwood 2/29/28 M Decatur 8961 
GOFORTH G.E.	PININGTON Margret	blank 10/18/32 F Decatur [No Image 10600] 
GOFORTH George Ed (NC)	PENNINGTON Louisa M. (KY)	Effie Katheine 2/22/25 F Rhome 8269 
GOFORTH William Charles, Sr. (TX)	COTNER Lula Dora (TX)	William Charles, Jr. 10/22/28 M Decatur 9159 
GOINS John Hessington (TN)	FRANKS Mary (MO)	Agnes 12/03/00 F Bridgeport [del. 28616] 
GOINS Joseph Curington (TN)	FRANK Barbra Evalena (MO)	Elbert Curington 09/16/00 M Bridgeport [del. 4824] 
GOLAZ blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/9/03 F blank 431 
GOLAZ John Henry (MO)	BURNS Zeporia (AR)	Opal Beatrice 02/20/02 F Paradise [del. 15443] 
GOLAZ John Henry (TX)	BURNS Zippora (TX)	John Herny Jr 07/08/96 M Paradise [del. 29198] 
GOLDEN Andrew Harrison (AL)	PRICE Minnie (TX)	Oates Wildon 08/07/97 M Alvord [del. 10893] 
GOLDEN Andrew Harrison (AL)	PRICE Minnie (TX)	Emmitt Price 03/14/02 M Alvord [del. 10892] 
GOLDEN Archie Clade	GOSE Mary Magdalene	May Violet 9/14/04 F Alvord 1194 & 1194a
GOLDEN C.	BLANK C.	blank 8/7/03 F blank 168 
GOLDEN Claude (TN)	STEWART Josie (TN)	Burley Clarence 10/23/95 M Chico [del. 30302] 
GOLDEN Claude Lafayette (TX)	STUART Josiephine (AR)	Rachel Francis 02/11/98 F Chico [del. 16919] 
GOLDEN Harrison	BLANK blank	Joe 11/17/03 M blank 450 
GOLDEN Jasper Crawford (AL)	CALVERT Nancy Myrtle (MO)	Nona Omega 08/16/00 F Alvord [del. 12235] 
GOLDEN Moses Clopton	BEASLEY Jessie Ione	Jessie Lee 12/14/03 M Alvord 507 & 0507a
GOLDEN Moses Clopton (AL)	BEASLEY Jessie lone (AL)	Naomi 02/04/02 F Decatur [del. 30521] 
GOLDEN Robert Fulton	CUNNINGHAM Ora	Dixie 7/18/06 F Alvord 2775 
GOLDEN William Caleb (AR)	ESTES Isabella (AR)	Dewitt Talmage 10/31/93 M Chico [del. 8588] 
GOLDEN William Lee (AL)	NORTON Annie (LA)	Josephine 11/09/87 F Alvord [del. 13882] 
GOLDEN William Lee (AL)	NORTON Annie (LA)	Grace Lee 03/18/88 F Alvord [del. 20933] 
GOLDEN William Lee (AL)	NORTON Annie (LA)	Winnifred D 11/25/96 F Alvord [del. 13883] 
GOLSTON Joe Webb (TX)	KIRKPATRICK Nellie (MS)	Roy D 06/03/84 M Decatur [del. 15223] 
GOLTHAM Lewis E. (OK)	SAMPSON Essie May (TX)	Mary Sabro 5/8/20 F Newark 7246 
GOMEZ A.E.	BLANK blank	blank 8/14/06 M blank 2838 
GONZALAS Saverine	RANGAL Euatial	Victoriana 3/23/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10019] 
GONZALES Antonio	DELGADO Ateteno	blank 7/18/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10151] 
GONZALES Connie	BLANK Mary	blank 12/1/07 F blank 3701 
GONZALES Frank	CONSULO Solas	Alice 6/8/30 F blank [No Image 9721] 
GONZALES Frank (TX)	MORENO Rita (TX)	Ida 12/16/00 F Atoka OK [del. 16072] 
GONZALES John G. (Mex)	BLANK blank	blank 9/30/28 F Bridgeport 9138 
GONZALES Nicanor (Mexico)	HERNANDEZ Maria (Mexico)	Severino 01/08/01 M Bridgeport 69 & [del. 3096] 
GONZALES Severn	RANGEL Eulabia	blank 5/10/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9683] 
GONZALEZ Frank	COUSULO Salea	Consulo 1/6/27 F Bridgeport 8735 
GONZALEZ Frank (TX)	SALAS Consaelo (Mex)	Teresa 7/25/24 F Bridgeport 8114 
GONZALEZ Frank (TX)	SALAS Consella (Mex)	Carolina 9/26/28 F Bridgeport 9129 
GONZALEZ Octabino (TX)	PENA Cerapia (TX)	Octabino, Jr. 10/13/23 M Mexico 7916 
GONZALIZ Saberine	RANGAL Eulalia	La Nina V. 3/23/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10018] 
GOOCH M. (MS)	SANDERS Mattie (TN)	Marvin 8/30/22 M Boyd 7650 & 7650a
GOOD Charles	BLANK blank	Lee Otis 3/6/05 M blank 1650 
GOOD J.L.	BLANK blank	blank 3/15/11 F blank 5193 
GOOD James Levy	SANDERS Mollie Z.	Gladys Thelma 2/2/09 F Alvord 4470 & 4470a
GOOD Tom	BLANK Nettie	blank 5/26/04 M blank 900 
GOOD W.J.	BLANK Nettie	blank 7/8/05 F blank 1940 
GOODE Robert F (AR)	FURLOW Emma (AR)	Dannie 12/01/94 M Bridgeport [del. 23974] 
GOODE Robert Fairchild (AR)	FURLOW Emma (AR)	Richard Samuel 01/16/85 M Bridgeport [del. 10627] 
GOODE Robert Fairchild (AR)	FURLOW Emma (TX)	Ethel Pauline 03/10/01 F Bridgeport [del. 27952] 
GOODE Robert Fairchild (AR)	FURLOW Emma Elizabeth (AR)	Oneda Mae 01/16/85 F Bridgeport [del. 17214] 
GOODE Robert Fairchild (AR)	FURLOW Emma Elizabeth (AR)	Kossie Oran 03/19/92 M Bridgeport 28 & [del. 2693] 
GOODE William B (MS)	WHITE Sarah (TX)	Eyvie Lee 03/06/84 M Wise CO [del. 13154] 
GOODGER B. Clide	FULPS blank	Baby Joe 1/5/32 F blank [No Image 10323] 
GOODGER Herman (TX)	MILLER Ethel (TX)	blank 1/2/21 M Decatur 7330 & [delayed 5222]
GOODGER Ira	WALKER Floe	Harris 2/6/32 M Decatur [No Image 10354] 
GOODGER J. Henry	BELEW Emma	Ira Harris 10/27/03 M Boyd 398 & 0398a
GOODGER J.H. (Henry)	BLANK E. (Emma)	(Raymond "Dub") 9/9/06 M blank 2899 
GOODGER J.T.	BLANK blank	blank 9/27/05 M blank 2165 
GOODGER James Marion (MS)	CRINER Lucy Eleanor (TX)	Hubert Henry 04/18/95 M Boyd [del. 8971] 
GOODGER James Merrian (MS)	CRINER Lucy Eleanor (TX)	Lillie Belle 11/15/00 F Boyd [del. 8501] 
GOODGER Joseph Henry (MS)	BELEW Emma (TX)	Edna Mary 08/22/00 F Boyd [del. 29756] 
GOODGER Joseph Henry (MS)	BELEW Mary Emma (MS)	William Herman 08/28/98 M Decatur [del. 13799] 
GOODGER W.L.	BLANK Lessie Eva	Nelda 9/19/30 F blank [No Image 9824] 
GOODGER W.L. (TX)	WREN Lossie Era (TX)	blank 11/7/25 M Boyd 8455 
GOODGER William Columbus (MS)	STUART Julia (MS)	Charlie Daniel 07/03/01 M Boyd [del. 7646] 
GOODGER William Lawrence (TX)	WREN Lossie (TX)	Emily Ann 6/18/21 F Boyd 7414 & 7414a
GOODGION Elgin Author (TX)	CASH Bonnie B. (TX)	Myrtle Faye 12/3/19 F Park Springs 7166 & 7166a
GOODLETT Sal	BLANK Katie	blank 5/1/05 F blank 1782 & [delayed 9024]
GOODMAN G.T.	BLANK Maud	blank 11/3/05 F blank 2258 
GOODNER Frank G.	MACHEN Minnie Lee	Linas Carl 8/20/11 M Decatur 5328 & 5328a
GOODRUM Ben	BLANK Maud	blank 7/12/06 F blank 2761 
GOODSON Virgel A (TX)	WIGGLETON Willie (TX)	Dovie Mae 05/21/99 F Decatur [del. 20929] 
GOODSON Virgil A S (TX)	WIGGINTON Willie (TX)	Annie Lee 11/21/00 F Decatur [del. 12479] 
GOODWIN Andrew William (GA)	STOCKTON Lula (AL)	Wade 07/03/96 M Alvord [del. 10622] 
GOODWIN Andrew William (GA)	STOCKTON Lula A (AL)	Harless Abner 11/04/93 M Alvord [del. 27792] 
GOODWIN Bud	BLANK blank	Emma 9/29/03 F blank 324 
GOODWIN D.F.	BLANK Pearl	blank 7/4/08 F blank 4117 
GOODWIN David Francis (MO)	WILLIAM Pearl (TN)	Willie Carl 04/03/01 M Alvord [del. 4320] 
GOODWIN David Francis (MO)	WILLIAMS Pearl Mae (TN)	Abbie Odessa 01/01/95 F Alvord [del. 8535] 
GOODWIN David Franklin	WILLIAMS Pearl May	James O. 10/24/15 M Alvord 6283 & 6283a
GOODWIN Glenn	GREENWOOD Nellie	Bettie L. 10/10/33 F Alvord [No Image 10905] 
GOODWIN J.T.	BLANK Elizabeth	blank 11/1/07 M blank 3645 
GOODWIN James Anthony (England)	FLEEMINGS Hattie Patience (IL)	Walter Newton 11/12/76 M Wise Co [del. 19604] 
GOODWIN James Francis (MO)	JONES Elizabeth Virginia (MS)	Anne 02/08/02 F Alvord [del. 7210] 
GOODWIN James Francis (MO)	MORRIS Sarah Bell (TX)	Maggie May 04/27/93 F Alvord [del. 25353] 
GOODWIN Jim	BLANK blank	May 5/10/04 F blank 877 
GOODWIN John D.L.	CONLEY Laura	Mary Lou 2/20/30 F Alvord [No Image 9602] 
GOODWIN Veston Lee (GA)	LEAVELL Julia Ann (GA)	Maneus Lee 05/11/95 M Alvord [del. 12264] 
GORDON A.A.	BLANK T.A.	blank 4/6/12 F blank 5496 
GORDON J.H. (TN)	THOMAS Pearl (TN)	Anna Mae 1/30/22 M Decatur 7541 
GORDON J.H. (TN)	THOMAS Pearl Elizabeth (TN)	William Aubrey 5/17/14 M Decatur 5894 & 5894a
GORDON James Harvey (TN)	THOMAS Pearl Elizabeth (TN)	Billie Wayne 6/25/29 M Decatur 9380 & 9380a
GORDON John Wright (TX)	QUINN Rose Ellen (AR)	Mahala Grace 05/31/98 F Chico [del. 28343] 
GORDON John Wright (TX)	QUINN Rose Ellen (TX)	Rosa Lee 06/04/93 F Chico [del. 15946] 
GORDON Roy James	MOONEY blank	Loyd Douglas 7/3/31 F blank [No Image 10134] 
GORE Allen (TN)	WATSON Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Julia Etta 07/20/80 F Chico [del. 17097] 
GORE Amos	BLANK Susan	James Allen 11/8/03 M blank 430 
GORE Amos Mathew (TN)	NEELY Susan Matilda (TN)	Claude Clifford 7/14/06 M Chico 2766 & 2766a
GORE J O (TN)	TUNNELL Tierra (TX)	Alvin Green 09/11/95 M Chico [del. 14131] 
GORE J.O.	BLANK T.	blank 8/15/03 M blank 188 
GORE James Oscar (TN)	TUNNELL Tera Ima (TX)	Jesse Oscar 01/10/99 M Chico [del. 29200] 
GORE John B.	BLANK Lettie	Joe Ann 2/3/31 F blank [No Image 9954] 
GORE John Thomas (TN)	CARTER Mary (MO)	George Washington 07/10/76 M Boonsville [del. 6042] 
GORE John Thomas (TN)	CARTER Mary (MO)	Robert Lee 11/21/79 M Boonsville [del. 18542] 
GORE John Thomas (TN)	CARTER Mary Justine (MO)	Sarah Lydia 03/02/79 F Boonsville [del. 17807] 
GORE Joseph Edward (TN)	TRIPLETT Elizabeth Ann (TX)	Connie Ladell 10/09/96 F Chico [del. 12964] 
GORHAM Franklin Pierce (KY)	TAYLOR Sarah Ann (AR)	Stonewall Jackson 12/06/83 M Decatur [del. 16593] 
GORHAM Franklin Pierce (KY)	TAYLOR Sarah Ann (AR)	William Arthur 01/12/91 M Sycamore [del. 17549] 
GORHAM Franklin Pierce (KY)	TAYLOR Sarah Ann (AR)	Henry Edgar 09/09/92 M Decatur [del. 3691] 
GORHAM Thomas Spooner (MO)	HARRIS Kate (MO)	Lela B 08/24/89 F Slidell [del. 23319] 
GORMAN James	BLANK B.	blank 11/1/03 F blank 409 
GOSE Ace	BLANK blank	Electir 4/7/04 F blank 794 
GOSE Ace	BLANK blank	blank 8/31/08 M blank 4216 
GOSE C.C.	BLANK J.O.	M. 9/7/03 M blank 264 
GOSE Christopher Columbus (TX)	MURRAY Jennie Othella (TX)	Waldine Othella 05/16/01 F Alvord [del. 3989] 
GOSE Cris	BLANK Othella	blank 8/27/05 M blank 2094 
GOSE J.G.	BLANK Minnie	Jackie 12/9/03 F blank 491 
GOSE James Caughey (MO)	CHANCE Annie Lee (TX)	Sylvan Paul 08/06/85 M Decatur [del. 11713] 
GOSE Joe	BLANK Annie	Gerald Forrest 7/4/15 M blank 6140 
GOSE Joe (TX)	NEVILLE Mary Annie (TX)	Opal Priscilla 1/16/13 F Alvord 5635 
GOSE John Gerking (TX)	CATE Minnie Rebecca (TN)	Emory Emmett 10/22/87 M Decatur [del. 12196] 
GOSE John Gerking (TX)	CATE Minnie Rebecca (TN)	Harry Halsell 12/20/95 M Decatur [del. 7135] 
GOSE John Gerking (TX)	CATE Minnie Rebecca (TN)	Mary Orlena 05/16/01 F Decatur [del. 22260] 
GOSE John Gerking (TX)	CATE Minnie Rebekah (TN)	Birdie Cate 09/27/84 F Decatur [del. 4431] 
GOSE Joseph (TX)	MONK Stella A. (TX)	Joseph Monk 9/28/14 M Alvord 7904 & [delayed 9/24/42]
GOSE Joseph Martin (TX)	FOX Lela Wilmuth (TX)	Eula Lee 03/30/91 F Alvord [del. 12156] 
GOSE Joseph Martin (TX)	FOX Lela Wilmuth (TX)	Felix Harold 12/31/96 M Alvord [del. 23320] 
GOSE Robert H.	JUSTICE Myrtle	blank 1/14/18 M Alvord 6794 
GOSE Stephen Mathus (TX)	JARRELL Allie (TX)	Stephen Mathus 07/24/97 M Decatur [del. 7484] 
GOSE Stephen Mathus (TX)	JARRELL Allie (TX)	Jarrell Emmett 10/29/00 M Decatur [del. 11350] 
GOSE Steven (TX)	JARRELL Allie (TX)	Jarrell Emet 10/29/20 M Decatur 7502 & [error see delayed]
GOSE W.S.	BLANK Etta	blank 3/30/08 F blank 3945 
GOSE William Ace (TX)	ELSOM Nellie May (TX)	Willie Eureka 5/4/06 F Alvord 2652 & 2652a
GOSE William D (MO)	OUTLER Lizzie (IL)	Mary Alma 10/27/90 F Decatur [del. 21605] 
GOSE William R.	BLANK blank	blank 2/19/09 M blank 4501 
GOSE William Robert (MO)	TAYLOR Mary Magiline (AL)	Joseph Eddie 09/04/89 M Wise Co [del. 24092] 
GOSLER A.L.	BLANK Fannie	blank 2/19/08 F blank 4500 
GOSS J.H.	BLANK Julia	blank 2/20/04 blank blank 674 
GOSSETT A.J.	BLANK M.	blank 9/6/03 M blank 260 
GOSSETT Andrew Jackson (LA)	BILBREY Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Elmyra Josephine 03/16/93 F Audubon [del. 24937] 
GOSSETT Andrew Jackson (LA)	BILBREY Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Henry Edgar 06/09/95 M Audubon [del. 25165] 
GOSSETT Andrew Jackson (LA)	BILBREY Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Nora Savanna 01/22/97 F Audubon [del. 25390] 
GOSSETT Andrew Jackson (LA)	BILBREY Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Mattie Belle 12/23/00 F Audubon [del. 24936] 
GOSSETT Andrew Jackson (LA)	BILBREY Mary Emaline (AR)	Verna Lou 01/20/92 F Alvord [del. 23527] 
GOSSETT Andrew Jackson (LA)	BILBREY Mary Emma (AR)	Luna Wynora 08/08/88 F Audubon [del. 22167] 
GOSSETT Jack	RICH M.L.	Hattie E. 8/2/31 F Alvord [No Image 10168] 
GOSZELLO blank	GONZALES Angel (TX)	blank 8/9/21 M Rhome 7438 
GOTCHER Jessie	FOSTER Ruth	Virginia Maxine 9/4/30 F Decatur [No Image 9799] 
GOTCHER Jessie	FOSTER Ruth	Jackie Marie 5/25/33 F Decatur [No Image 10776] 
GOUCH Albert	BLANK Addie	blank 12/17/05 F blank 2360 
GOUNTT Roy N. (TX)	FAIRCHILD Ollie May (TX)	William Lee 3/18/22 M Rhome 7561 
GOWER Caswell R (KS)	MOORE Mahley Jane (TX)	Charlie Franklin 06/25/85 M Sunset [del. 21793] 
GOWER Caswell R (KS)	MOORE Mahley Jane (TX)	Polly Jane 03/11/87 F Sunset [del. 21794] 
GRAFFENSTEAD blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/24/04 M blank 841 
GRAGG Alexander Richey (TN)	HORTON Eliza Elizabeth (TN)	Marshall Fleming 11/08/94 M Boyd [del. 7479] 
GRAHAM blank	BLANK blank	blank 6/5/05 M blank 1869 
GRAHAM Calvin (MS)	ROGER Julia Annie (TX)	Jennie 07/14/86 F Greenwood [del. 13668] 
GRAHAM Charles	BLANK blank	blank 2/1/04 M blank 628 
GRAHAM Charles (TN)	PALMER Clarsie (AL)	Hettie Merle 04/20/00 F Bridgeport [del. 23131] 
GRAHAM Charley (TX)	KEITH Nettie May (TX)	Beulah May 07/14/90 F Greenwood [del. 28342] 
GRAHAM Charlie (TN)	PALMER Clarice (AL)	Gertrude 05/14/02 F Bridgeport [del. 15084] 
GRAHAM Dayton Grayson (VA)	PATTERSON Adella Caroline (TX)	Guy Leslie 9/2/05 M blank 2115 & 2115a
GRAHAM E.V.	MITTS K.	Eva Joe 1/9/33 F Alvord [No Image 10654] 
GRAHAM George Enoch (KY)	GOLDEN Emma Ellen (AL)	John Rufus 05/21/92 M Alvord [del. 28375] 
GRAHAM George Enoch (KY)	GOLDEN Emma Ellen (AL)	William Clayton 02/12/99 M Alvord [del. 8390] 
GRAHAM James Richard (TN)	LEWIS Mary Ella (TX)	Joseph Richard 12/15/00 M Chico [del. 7291] 
GRAHAM John B (AR)	TURNBOW Mary Alether (TN)	William Mancel 04/12/94 M Bridgeport [del. 9362] 
GRAHAM John M (AL)	HUDSON Betty E (TX)	Ruby 02/06/94 F Decatur [del. 24900] 
GRAHAM Joseph Daniel (TN)	RAYZOR Ollie Ann (IN)	Leon Laroy 03/02/98 M Chico [del. 4898] 
GRAHAM Joseph Daniel (TN)	RAZOR Olivia Ann (IN)	Bonnie Boyd 01/20/85 M Chico [del. 18966] 
GRAHAM Joseph Daniel (TN)	RAZOR Olivia Ann (IN)	Mabel Adelphia 07/06/96 F Chico [del. 9950] 
GRAHAM Keener Celathiel (AL)	LITTLEFIELD Mattie Ann (TX)	Reba Ella 03/07/91 F Garland Co AR [del. 19066] 
GRAHAM Lenard	BLANK blank	blank 8/10/06 M blank 2829 
GRAHAM Leonard	BLANK Mary	blank 6/10/05 M blank 1881 
GRAHAM M.	BLANK blank	blank 9/20/07 F blank 3554 
GRAHAM M.	EDWARD Minnie	Clyde 4/20/10 M blank 4086 
GRAHAM Marion	EDWARD Minnie	Clyde 4/22/10 M blank 4986 & 4986a
GRAHAM O.F.	NEWTON Eula	Mildred Louise 4/1/30 F blank [No Image 9642] 
GRAHAM Oran Francis	NEWTON Eula Maude	Billie Gene 2/19/28 M Bridgeport 8949 & 8949a
GRAHAM Will	(HUTSON) Myrtle	(Aubrey) 12/14/03 F blank 506 
GRAHAM William (KY)	BROWN Mary Catherine (MS)	Wesley Earl 07/22/99 M Paradise [del. 11594] 
GRAHAM Wood	BLANK blank	blank 2/24/06 F blank 2522 
GRAHAM Wood	BLANK blank	blank 2/24/06 F blank 2523 
GRANADO Ynes	CINA G.L.	blank 3/9/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9995] 
GRANSTAFF John Laban (MO)	BRADLEY Sarah (MS)	Grady Laban 10/26/96 M Briar [del. 14653] 
GRANSTAFF John Laban (MO)	BRADLEY Sarah (TN)	Jesse Carl 12/27/90 M Briar [del. 13822] 
GRANT John Calhoun (TX)	BECKHAM Sarah Virginia (GA)	Fred Carlton 02/27/87 M Crafton [del. 29343] 
GRANT W.J.	GREEN Sallie	Iris Edith 6/13/10 F Boonsville 5024 & 5024a
GRANTHAM R.D.	WOMACK E.	Bettie Nevesta 8/12/33 F Boonsville [No Image 10865] 
GRANTHAM Sherrod Sherfield (MS)	SMITH Mary Ann (TN)	Wesley Newton 09/26/85 M Alvord [del. 12303] 
GRANTHUM R.D.	WOMACK E.	Jessie Ray 4/16/31 M Boonsville [No Image 10042] 
GRANTHUM Robert Dacus	WOMACK E.	Bessie Mae 4/16/31 F Boonsville [No Image 10041] 
GRASS Ike	BLANK blank	blank 5/11/04 M blank 879 
GRAVES George Edward (AR)	MILLER Dollie (TX)	Josephine Doretta 05/12/01 F Bridgeport [del. 23155] 
GRAVES John J (KY)	GAINER Sarah E (KY)	Ruth Ann 11/22/99 F Springtown [del. 16187] 
GRAVIS John Jackson (KY)	GAINOR Sarah Elizabeth (KY)	Myrtle Lee 08/13/02 F Newark [del. 10669] 
GRAY Alec (TN)	ALLEN Lucy (TN)	Bascom 07/27/81 M Chico [del. 11857] 
GRAY B.L.	BLANK blank	blank 2/1/08 F blank 3820 
GRAY Brice Wright (MO)	BUCHANAN Annie (MS)	Lucille 6/13/09 F Chico 4661 
GRAY Henry Albert (MO)	TERRAL Aletha Katherine (TX)	Eva Lasca 01/17/00 F Park Springs [del. 28419] 
GRAY Horace	BLANK blank	blank 5/16/08 F blank 4027 
GRAY J.B.	BLANK Edna	blank 6/27/04 F blank 972 
GRAY J.W.	BLANK J.G.	blank 9/7/10 F blank 5087 
GRAY John	NIBLETT Edna Virginia	Martha Elizabeth 10/1/06 F Paradise 2939 & 2939a
GRAY John Aaron (AR)	HUTCHINS Myra (TX)	Dewey Erasmus 05/14/98 M Decatur [del. 7285] 
GRAY Lon	BLANK Sallie	Barney 9/18/06 M blank 2917 
GRAY O.G.	BLANK blank	blank 11/11/04 M blank 1347 
GRAY O.G.	BLANK blank	blank 9/26/05 M blank 2161 
GRAY O.G.	BLANK blank	blank 2/27/09 F blank 4522 
GRAY Oscar	BLANK Eunice	(twin) 12/10/08 F blank 4385 
GRAY Oscar	BLANK Eunice	(twin) 12/10/08 M blank 4386 
GRAY Thomas L (TN)	RICE Malisa (MO)	Gladys Ola 09/15/01 F Alvord [del. 29752] 
GRAY William Alonzo	BLANK Martha Havana	Mary Melina 5/8/04 F Chico 872 
GRAY William Bartlett (TX)	SOUTHERN Cora Alice (TX)	Ivy Viola 09/01/91 F Chico [del. 21571] 
GREATHOUSE Furman	BLANK blank	blank 7/14/07 M blank 3423 & [delayed 14686]
GREATHOUSE George Ridgley (ID)	HODGES Gula Elma (TN)	William Duff 10/06/89 M Decatur [del. 22759] 
GREATHOUSE William H (TX)	PEACOCK Emma (TX)	Ruth Abilene 09/29/94 F Decatur [del. 8705] 
GREEN A.E.	CHAPMAN Alice	blank 9/20/17 F Alvord 6713 
GREEN A.E. (AL)	CHAMPION Alice M. (TX)	Josephine 4/23/24 F Alvord 8054 
GREEN Alfred S (GA)	GRESHAM Mary Lou )GA)	Shortes Alfred 07/18/01 M Newark [del. 6704] 
GREEN B.M.	ZILLMAN W.F.	blank 8/14/10 F blank 5070 
GREEN Ben	CARSLIE Hettie	blank 4/8/18 M Poolville 6856 
GREEN Ben (TX)	WEEKS Eliza (MS)	Jesse Lee 01/01/00 M Agnes [del. 8499] 
GREEN Billie	DAVIS Theo	Billie Carol 8/18/33 M Paradise [No Image 10869] 
GREEN Blevens Taylor (NC)	LARRISON Ellie Rosella (SC)	Ollie Lee 08/30/91 M Alvord [del. 25372] 
GREEN Charles	BLANK Eva	blank 1/15/07 F blank 3111 
GREEN Charles William (TN)	STOTTS Ura (MO)	Jesse Edward 12/07/92 M Alvord [del. 11679] 
GREEN Charles William (TN)	STOTTS Ura (MO)	Flossie Opal 07/19/99 F Alvord [del. 10919] 
GREEN Columbus (TX)	RIGGS Ada (MS)	Roy Lee 08/19/97 M Alvord [del. 14850] 
GREEN Columbus (TX)	RIGGS Ada (MS)	Gladys Vera 02/17/99 F Alvord [del. 5101] 
GREEN Cuel W. (TX)	DAVIDSON Minnie Lee (TX)	Duard Windell 10/20/29 M Bridgeport 9480 & 9480a
GREEN Ed	BLANK Myrtle	blank 7/29/08 M blank 4157 
GREEN Ed	BLANK Myrtle	blank 6/20/11 M blank 5284 
GREEN Elige Carr (TN)	DANIEL Ella N (TN)	Oma 08/18/87 F Alvord [del. 22705] 
GREEN Elijah Carr (TN)	DANIELS Ella Nora (TN)	Mary Lou 06/26/90 F Alvord [del. 18363] 
GREEN Elijah Carr (TN)	DANIELS Ella Nora (TN)	Helen Izola 04/19/92 F Alvord [del. 19171] 
GREEN Evy (AR)	COFFEE Beulah Bell (AR)	Felton Billie 03/13/01 M Baxter Co AR [del. 29535] 
GREEN Frank	BLANK blank	blank 4/3/06 M blank 2585 
GREEN Frank	MORGAN Lula	blank 2/25/09 M blank 4514 
GREEN Frank	MORGAN Lula	blank 12/10/11 F blank 5419 
GREEN George	BLANK blank	blank 7/30/14 F blank 5934 
GREEN George	BLANK Mamie	blank 1/17/07 F blank 3113 
GREEN George W (MS)	ARMSTRONG Mary Alice (MS)	Willie Essa 03/22/87 F Paradise [del. 7133] 
GREEN George Washington (MS)	ARMSTRONG Mary Alice (MS)	Ova Veola 04/26/84 F Paradise [del. 11532] 
GREEN Grady (TX)	DENNY Flossie (TX)	blank 1/5/24 F Bridgeport 7968 
GREEN Grady C.	DENNY Flossie	Johnny Cordell 12/4/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10637] 
GREEN H.A.	BLANK blank	blank 12/17/08 F blank 4398 
GREEN Henry Clay (TN)	HALE Mary Davis (TN)	Mattie Alice 03/27/96 F Slidell [del. 24995] 
GREEN Herman	BLANK Ida	blank 8/24/05 M blank 2082 
GREEN Herman	BLANK Ida	blank 6/21/08 F blank 4096 
GREEN Herman	HUDSON Ida	blank 12/1/13 F blank 5797 
GREEN Homer G. (TX)	NEWTON Ada (TX)	Kenneth Judson 5/23/18 M Bridgeport 6901 & 6901a
GREEN J. Lee	BAIN L.A.	Opal Mae 5/8/32 F Paradise [No Image 10430] 
GREEN J. Monroe	CARPENTER Annie 	Annie Pearl 2/19/16 F Bridgeport 6365 & 6365a
GREEN J.B.	BLANK M.L.	blank 4/15/12 M blank 5506 
GREEN J.B.	BLANK Millie	blank 8/16/08 F blank 4188 
GREEN J.L. (TX)	BAINS Lydia Ann (TX)	Pearl Marie 9/13/23 F Poolville 7892 
GREEN J.M.	CARPENTER Annie Harriett Elizabeth	Nettie Jo 10/10/27 F Bridgeport 8856 & 8856a
GREEN J.M., Sr. (TX)	CARPENTER Annie (TX)	J.M., Jr. 8/15/29 M Bridgeport 9420 
GREEN J.S.	BLANK blank	Ida O. 9/24/04 F blank 1221 
GREEN Jacob Benjamin	HEFLIN Sarah Ann	Loyd Raymond 3/13/05 M Bridgeport 1667 & 1667a
GREEN Jacob Benjamin (MS)	HEFLIN Sarah Ann (LA)	Ollie May 01/22/93 F Paradise [del. 21755] 
GREEN Jacob Benjamin (MS)	HEFLIN Sarah Ann (LA)	Bernice Alva 11/05/99 F Paradise [del. 16204] 
GREEN James Isac (GA)	CHAMBERS Sarah Jane (AL)	Augustus Eugene 01/11/93 M Blount Co AL [del. 29750] 
GREEN James J (GA)	DEASON Fannie (TN)	Newton Taylor 07/10/85 M Alvord [del. 9739] 
GREEN James J (GA)	DEASON Mary Frances (TN)	Joseph David 02/14/93 M Alvord [del. 4203] 
GREEN John E.	PERKINS Elizabeth	Nancy Rhen 5/9/30 F Decatur [No Image 9682] 
GREEN John Franklin (TX)	MORGAN Mary Lucinda (MS)	Daisy Margrett 06/23/00 F Bridgeport [del. 29615] 
GREEN John Miles (GA)	PIPER Elizabeth (TX)	Jack Bailey 03/14/96 M Greenwood [del. 4716] 
GREEN M.	CARPENTER Annie	blank 9/30/14 F blank 5966 
GREEN Marion	BLANK Maggie	blank 2/8/05 M blank 1586 & [delayed 13850]
GREEN Marion (AL)	REDDELL Margaret (AR)	Homer George 12/11/97 M Bridgeport [del. 9472] 
GREEN Marion (AL)	REDDELL Margaret L (MO)	Marion Robert 06/18/93 M Bridgeport [del. 28444] 
GREEN Marion (GA)	REDDELL Margaret (AR)	James Monroe 03/14/96 M Bridgeport [del. 29616] 
GREEN Marion R. (TX)	JENKINS Fannie (TX)	Juanita Sue 6/2/29 F Bridgeport 9365 & 9365a
GREEN Monroe (TX)	CARPENTER Annie (TX)	Lillie Maxine 6/3/25 F Bridgeport 8332 
GREEN Otho	FERGUSON Ethel	William Carr 9/6/15 M Alvord 6227 & 6227a
GREEN Otho (Otto)	FERGUSON Ethel	Lou Dell 11/30/11 F Alvord 5415 & 5415a
GREEN Phinneas Jackson (MO)	McFARLAND Mary Lovina (MO)	James William 09/02/78 M Decatur [del. 6106] 
GREEN Robert	JENKINS Fanney	blank 5/19/22 F Bridgeport 7595 
GREEN Samuel Fletcher (MS)	MUSCLEWHITE Katie (MS)	Alvus Vernon 04/29/89 M Park Springs [del. 17499] 
GREEN Samuel Norris (MO)	DAVIS Alice (MO)	Josephine Estelle 02/02/81 F Chico [del. 18069] 
GREEN Thomas L.	WADDELL Susan Sarah	Eulalah Ruth 8/5/17 F Bridgeport 6672 & 6672a
GREEN Thomas L.	WADDILL Sarah Susan	Glenn Winfred 3/23/11 M Bridgeport 5204 & 5204a & 5204b
GREEN W.G.	BLANK blank	blank 11/27/32 M Chico [No Image 10634] 
GREEN W.P.	BLANK blank	blank 2/23/10 F blank 4940 
GREEN William	BLANK Mattie	Charley 7/2/18 M Bridgeport 6927 
GREEN William Ashley	WHITE Maggie Mae	Carl Johnson 11/27/10 M Paradise 5135 & 5135a
GREEN William Bailey (GA)	TERRY Josephine (GA)	John Irvin 04/08/95 M Alvord [del. 6509] 
GREEN William Nelson (MS)	HARRIS Sally (MS)	Lula Oma 04/22/86 F Paradise [del. 21050] 
GREENE Shirley Owen (GA)	RHOADS Lula Francis (KY)	Rufus Shirley 12/09/84 M Alvord [del. 8761] 
GREENE Shirley Owen (GA)	RHOADS Lula Francis (KY)	Frank Monroe 07/04/89 M Alvord [del. 11323] 
GREENE Shirley Owen (GA)	RHOADS Lula Francis (KY)	Nora Otta 05/03/97 F Alvord [del. 23258] 
GREENE William	LANGSTON Mary Lou	Virgil Henry 5/14/16 M Bridgeport 6412 & 6412a
GREENE William Thomas (AL)	GIDDENS Mary Theresa (TX)	Blanche 03/18/87 F Rhome [del. 5700] 
GREENE William Thomas (AL)	GIDDENS Mary Theresa (TX)	John Carl 08/14/89 M Rhome [del. 18567] 
GREENFIELD James B.	MYERS Fannie L.	Cecil Workman 12/20/03 M Willow Point 521 
GREENWALT John W. (OK)	HARRIS Fay Lena (OK)	John Bascom 9/1/29 F Rhome 9439 
GREENWOOD A.G. (TX)	NEW Bessie (TX)	Lola Mae 10/14/28 F Alvord 9150 & 9150a & 9150b & 9150c
GREENWOOD Bill	BATES Nannie	Ray 4/19/30 M Alvord [No Image 9666] 
GREENWOOD C.G.	NEW Audry	Calven Grady, Jr. 12/21/33 M blank [No Image 10968] 
GREENWOOD James Marion (TN)	MARTIN Mary Jane (AL)	Nancy Frances 10/13/89 F Decatur [del. 22874] 
GREENWOOD W.J.	BATES Nannie	Lois 1/21/32 F Alvord [No Image 10340] 
GREENWOOD William J.	BAITS Nancy Ellen	blank 1/21/18 F Alvord 6801 
GREENWOOD William Jefferson (TX)	BATES Nannie Ellen (TX)	Dora Elizabeth 4/20/24 F Alvord 8053 & 8053a
GREER G.W.	BLANK M.G.	blank 1/10/05 M blank 1501 
GREER Herman	HUDSON Frances Ida	Mattie Shela 8/1/10 F Bridgeport 5057 & 5057a
GREER Herman	HUDSON Ida	John Elbert 12/29/03 M Bridgeport 563 & 0563a
GREER Isaac Newton (LA)	FORBS Sarrah Ann (TX)	Isaiah Millard 02/02/87 M Decatur [del. 20931] 
GREER John Radway (TN)	SOUTHERN Bettie Dora (?)	Charlie Clayton 02/07/97 M Aurora [del. 19263] 
GREER Thomas H.	RIEGER Sarah L.	Hollis L. 11/2/03 M Decatur 413 & 0413a
GREER W.A.	WHITE Maggie	blank 12/8/16 F blank 6522 
GREESON C.W.	BLANK W.J.	blank 10/14/03 F blank 366 
GREESON Charles W (TN)	TERRY Una Jane (TN)	Laura N 10/28/84 F Alvord [del. 15477] 
GREESON Charles W (TN)	TERRY Una Jane (TN)	Alice 10/04/88 F Alvord [del. 15476] 
GREESON Charley W (TN)	TERRY Una Jane (TN)	Stroud N 03/02/95 M Alvord [del. 28185] 
GREESON Charlie W. (TN)	TERRY Euna J. (TN)	Estella 3/16/07 F Park Springs 3225 & 3225a
GREESON G.L.	MCGEE Frankie	blank 7/27/33 F LA [No Image 10836] 
GREESON S.H.	HOYLE Maggie	blank 11/21/17 F Sunset 6761 
GREESON S.H. (TX)	FAGLE Maggie (TX)	blank 7/2/20 F Park Springs 7267 
GREGG A.L.	HUBTLY Jewell	blank 11/10/15 M blank 6299 
GREGG Albert L.	HOBDY Rettie J.	blank 4/27/17 M Alvord 6619 
GREGG Birl Anderson	FORRESTER Anna Rader	Esther R. 3/27/10 F Decatur 4966 
GREGG Birl Anderson	FOSTER Annie Rader	Jettie Viola 4/24/04 F Alvord 840 & 0840a
GREGG Birl Anderson (AL)	FORRESTER Annie Rador (GA)	Perry B. 5/17/15 M Alvord 6098 & 6098a
GREGG Birl Anderson (TX)	FOSTER Annie (LA)	Abbie Ester 08/02/02 F Alvord [del. 22672] 
GREGG Francis	BLANK Minnie	blank 4/18/04 F blank 819 
GREGG G.W.	BLANK Ida	H.P. 7/7/06 M blank 2752 
GREGG G.W.	BLANK Ida	blank 6/29/09 M blank 4679 
GREGG George Oscar (TX)	EMERSON Florence N. (TX)	twins 3/27/23 M Alvord 7748 
GREGG George Oscar (TX)	EMERSON Florence N. (TX)	Billy Francis 5/16/25 M Alvord 8315 & 8315a
GREGG H.L.	HORNBECK Una	Nellie Bell 7/28/03 F Alvord 145 & 0145a
GREGG Homer Presley	HOWELL M.	Joy Marie 6/22/31 F Decatur [No Image 10123] 
GREGG J.A., Jr. (TX)	LONG Lena Idus (TX)	Billie Joe 1/13/29 F Willow Point 9233 & 9233a
GREGG James Madison (MO)	MILLER Leah (TX)	Minnie May 07/03/93 F Carter Co OK [del. 17280] 
GREGG James Madison (MO)	MILLER Leah (TX)	James Webster 06/17/95 M Caddo Co OK [del. 14458] 
GREGG James William	CLARK Lula	Ara Wanda 2/1/05 F Decatur 1558 & 1558a
GREGG Joe A.	LONG I.L.	Mary Belle 6/9/31 F Vineyard [No Image 10099] 
GREGG John Samuel (AL)	JUSTICE Louisa Jane (MS)	Albert Louis 11/20/92 M Alvord [del. 10704] 
GREGG John Samuel (AL)	JUSTICE Lousiana Jane (MS)	William Brantley 11/08/94 M Alvord [del. 8969] 
GREGG John Sylvester (TX)	CHEVES Hattie (TX)	Misbey Maurine 6/23/09 F Willow Point 4672 & 4672a
GREGG John W.	BLANK Hattie	Alma Ester 4/21/04 F blank 827 
GREGG Lee	BLANK blank	blank 5/7/04 F blank 870 
GREGG M. Johnnie Henry (TX)	WILLIS Angie Alice (TX)	Zilla Mae 3/14/25 F Alvord 8278 & 8278a
GREGG Marshall (AR)	TROXELL Mary Ellen (KS)	John Ernest 10/20/87 M Decatur [del. 19264] 
GREGG Marshall (AR)	TROXELL Mary Ellen (OH)	Wallace Maxwell 01/29/84 M Decatur [del. 24659] 
GREGG Marshall (AR)	TROXELL Mary Ellen (OH)	Earl Burch 12/14/92 M Decatur [del. 7286] 
GREGG Marvin	DAVENPORT J.	Marvin, Jr. 12/30/32 M Alvord [No Image 10650] 
GREGG Nolan (TX)	CATES Eva (TX)	Eva Jo 5/29/29 F Decatur 9363 
GREGG Oliver Kirk	BLANK Effie Mae	blank 6/23/05 F Boyd 1907 
GREGG Oscar	EMERSON F.	James 6/8/30 M Alvord [No Image 9719] 
GREGG Quincy	BLANK Vena	Floyd C. 8/8/05 M blank 2035 
GREGG Robert Nolan	CATES Kara Marie	Robert Nolan, Jr. 8/23/15 M Decatur 6209 & 6209a
GREGG Wesley Andrew (TX)	FRANKLIN Mary Magdalene (MO)	Joseph Benjamin 09/17/01 M Wise Co [del. 33278] 
GREGG William Brantly	NEWMAN Mary	William B., Jr. 3/14/30 M Decatur [No Image 9625] 
GREGG William Brantly (TX)	NEWMAN Mary Lee (TX)	Ethelene Ann 7/1/23 F Alvord 7840 
GREGG William Charles (TN)	BREEDEN Bettie (TN)	William Franklin 08/01/95 M Decatur [del. 10621] 
GREGGS George	BLANK I.	blank 3/28/04 F blank 762 
GREGORY David Alexander (AR)	WHITE Annie Elizabeth (IL)	Ora Iva 06/16/86 F Decatur [del. 18585] 
GREGORY J.A.	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/08 M blank 4011 
GREGORY John	BLANK blank	blank 10/16/03 M blank 371 
GREGORY John	BLANK blank	blank 2/21/06 M blank 2513 
GREGORY John Pruitt (AL)	HARRIS Ida (AL)	Clara Bell 10/07/98 F Paradise [del. 28542] 
GREGORY John Pruitt (AL)	HARRIS Ida (AL)	Daisy Estelle 03/09/02 F Opal [del. 10177] 
GREGORY Julins	COOK Minnie	blank 5/8/17 M blank 6625 
GREGORY Lee	STRICKLAND Nettie	Mary Ruth 7/13/30 F blank [No Image 9758] 
GREGORY Samuel (TX)	BRALLEY Theodosia Belle (TX)	Leonard Edward 05/29/97 M Alvord [del. 11678] 
GREGORY W.M.	BLANK A.I.	blank 1/24/07 M blank 3134 
GRESHAM Dave S.	ADCOCK Hazel	blank 4/10/18 F blank 6859 
GRESHAM Ed	BLANK Etta	blank 1/20/07 M blank 3088 
GRESHAM Will	BLANK S.	blank 2/26/04 F blank 684 
GRESHAM Willie O (TX)	STOKES Stella (TX)	John Tate 02/07/02 M Newark [del. 15475] 
GRIBBLE blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/10/05 F blank 1733 
GRIBBLE blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/15/14 F blank 5891 
GRIBBLE J.A.	BLANK blank	blank 2/12/13 F blank 5651 
GRIFFETH Bradford Alonzo (TX)	LEWALLEN Amelia (TX)	Elizabeth Violet 08/18/98 F Alvord [del. 14740] 
GRIFFETH Charles Wesley (GA)	REECE Cornelia (GA)	Thomas Edward 10/26/88 M Rome GA [del. 24354] 
GRIFFETH Charles Wesley (GA)	REECE Cornelia (GA)	Carl Wesley 11/20/92 M Floyd Co GA [del. 12549] 
GRIFFETH Thomas Edward (GA)	PERKINS Tommie Homer (TX)	Tommie Ruth 8/23/26 F Decatur 8645 & 8645a
GRIFFIN B.C.	BLANK Mollie	Ben 9/3/16 M blank 6470 
GRIFFIN Charles Walter	STOCKARD Gertie Lee	Reba Marie 3/15/16 F blank 6386 & 6386a
GRIFFIN F.	HOLLOWAY blank	blank 8/30/11 M blank 5331 
GRIFFIN John Wood (TX)	ABBOTT Roxana (TX)	Lula Roxana 01/03/85 F Aurora [del. 20205] 
GRIFFIN M.T.	HOLLOWAY Ida J.	blank 11/3/16 M blank 6505 
GRIFFIN Marion Tillman (TX)	HOLLOWAY Ida Jane (TX)	Robert Franklin 4/29/14 M Decatur 5880 & 5880a
GRIFFIN William Carter (TX)	CUNNINGHAM Sally (TX)	Jessie lona 09/25/94 F Bridgeport [del. 28262] 
GRIFFIS C.W.	STOCKARD Gertie	blank 5/19/18 M blank 6897 
GRIFFITH A.W.	KELSO May	Lucille 10/11/31 M Decatur [No Image 10252] 
GRIFFITH C.E.	PERKINS Tommie	Charlie Lee 1/4/31 M Decatur [No Image 9919] 
GRIFFITH E.L.	BLANK Ethel	blank 3/14/05 F blank 1670 
GRIFFITH Ed (GA)	PERKINS Tommie (TX)	blank 8/3/24 M Decatur 8131 
GRIFFITH Edward	PERKINS Tommie	blank 2/5/33 F Decatur [No Image 10677] 
GRIFFITH G.L.	BLANK Roberta	blank 3/1/09 F blank 4531 
GRIFFITH George Washington (IL)	LEWIS Jessie Mae (MO)	Margaret Lee 12/17/96 F Newark [del. 10890] 
GRIFFITH J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 10/6/06 M blank 2951 
GRIFFITH O.L.	BLANK Cora	blank 6/13/05 F blank 1888 
GRIFFITH O.L. (Oscar L.)	BLANK C.M. (Cora Margaret)	blank 12/26/03 F blank 538 
GRIFFITH William Harrison (TN)	SMITH Lizzie (TN)	Amos Benjamin 09/27/91 M Greenwood [del. 23546] 
GRIFFITHS Charles C. (OK)	MOORE Merle Mae (TX)	Charles C., Jr. 10/15/25 M Decatur 8444 
GRIFFITTS Granville T (TN)	HARRIS Alice E (TX)	Minnie 07/10/98 F Willow Point [del. 15997] 
GRIFFITTS Granville T (TN)	HARRIS Alice E (TX)	Davis Lawton 09/07/01 M Willow Point [del. 9833] 
GRIFFITTS Oscar L (?)	ALLEN Cora Margret (TX)	Loyd 12/07/01/N Willow Point [del. 32001] 
GRIGGS Benjamin David (GA)	MOORE Jennie Eminerett (GA)	Ernest Ralph 08/18/00 M Alvord [del. 13582] 
GRIGSBY Willis (TX)	DAVIS Ellen (TX)	Ollie 07/25/92 M Cowan Station [del. 14239] 
GRILL Frank	BLANK Mary	blank 10/20/05 F blank 2228 
GRILL Frank (Austria)	NOVAK Mary (Austria)	Carrie 03/15/98 F Bridgeport [del. 23902] 
GRILL Frank (Germany)	NOVAK Mary (Austria)	Louise 11/24/94 F Bridgeport [del. 18579] 
GRILL Frank (Germany)	NOVAK Mary (Germany)	Frank Jr 06/07/96 M Bridgeport [del. 7589] 
GRILL Johnnie	HALL Bertha	Johnnie, Jr. 2/20/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9968] 
GRIMSLEY Freddie Jeff	JOHNSON Maggie Laura	Billy Gene 4/8/28 M Alvord 8988 & 8988a
GRINES R.D.	BLANK Pearl	Hattie Dell 2/24/05 F blank 1629 
GRISHAM Charlie	BLANK Luda	blank 5/9/05 M blank 1803 
GRISHAM James Ellie (KY)	MALERY Carnelia Isabell (KY)	John Buckner 05/11/89 M Bridgeport [del. 29413] 
GRISHAM John	BREWER Ester	James Strauthers 8/30/17 M Bridgeport 6690 & 6690a
GRISHAM John Buckner	BREWER Mary Esther	Marvin Allin 5/30/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9707] 
GRISHAM John Buckner (TX)	BREWER Mary Zether (TX)	Devilla Irene 8/11/21 F Bridgeport 7439 & 7439a
GRISHAM Nathaniel Reuben (KY)	BROWN Iren (TN)	Matthew Addison 04/17/88 M Springtown [del. 20780] 
GRISHAM William	BLANK Lillie	William, Jr. 4/6/04 M blank 790 
GRISNUTT R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 10/22/08 F blank 4309 
GRISSOM C.W.	BLANK blank	blank 8/14/09 F blank 4734 
GRISSOM Charles Davidson (MS)	HUNT Margaret Florence (KY)	Hardy 06/07/85 M Alvord [del. 14606] 
GRISSOM Charles Davidson (MS)	HUNT Margaret Florence (KY)	Pearl 08/28/88 F Alvord [del. 14608] 
GRISSOM Charles Davidson (MS)	HUNT Margaret Florence (KY)	Ernest 04/03/94 M Alvord [del. 14609] 
GRISSOM Charles Davidson (MS)	HUNT Margaret Florence (KY)	Clyde 02/24/97 M Alvord [del. 14607] 
GRISSOM James William (MS)	MOORE Mary Sheldon (GA)	James Edward 01/25/82 M Tippa Co MS [del. 15369] 
GRISSOM James William (MS)	MOORE Mary Sheldon (GA)	William Lee 01/28/89 M Tippa Co MS [del. 28658] 
GRISSOM James William (MS)	MOORE Mary Sheldon (GA)	Thomas Haywood 07/11/91 M Tippa Co MS [del. 14179] 
GRISSOM James William (MS)	MOORE Mary Sheldon (GA)	Floyd Hobert 05/17/98 M Alvord [del. 10591] 
GRISSOM T.H. (TX)	CIPER M.M.S. (TX)	blank 7/18/26 M Alvord 8621 
GRISSOM W.L. (TX)	PRICE Mattie Ola (TX)	William S. 7/23/24 M Alvord 8111 
GRISSOM William	BLANK R.	blank 1/25/12 M blank 5445 
GRISSOM William L. (TX)	PRICE Mattie O. (TX)	blank 2/28/26 M Alvord 8553 
GRISSOM William Lee (MS)	PRICE Minnie Ola (TX)	blank 2/13/22 M Alvord 7547 & [delayed 5946]
GROOM Marshall D (TN)	ADAMS Maya Myrtle (TN)	Annie Marie 12/27/01 F Dekalb Co TN [del. 10996] 
GROSIER Robert T.	RAY Edith	blank 4/20/18 M Decatur 6866 
GROSS Isaac Martin (TN)	FREEMAN Elizabeth Mary (TX)	Elbert Martin 06/24/00 M Alvord [del. 9540] 
GROSS Isaac Martin (TN)	FREEMAN Elizabeth Mary (TX)	Odus 02/17/02 M Alvord [del. 10589] 
GROSS Isaac Morton (TN)	FREMAN Elizabeth Mary (TX)	Bennie Ernest 07/20/98 M Alvord [del. 9539] 
GROTE David	GRANT Agnes	blank 5/11/10 F blank 4998 
GROTE William H.	SHARMONS Jessie	William H., Jr. 12/27/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10313] 
GROUNDS Hargrove	BOSWELL Ombra Ella	Mary Helen 4/12/26 F Alvord 8721 & 8721a
GROVES Charley Milton (MO)	ROBERSON Allie Lee (MS)	Damie Mae 12/07/02 F Briar [del. 9317] 
GROVES Clyde	TACKEL blank	blank 8/22/12 M blank 5570 
GROVES Clyde	TACKEL Emma	blank 1/2/10 M blank 4895 
GROVES Clyde	TACKEL Emma	Frederick 10/10/15 F blank 6270 
GROVES Clyde	TACKEL Emma	Mary Blanche 6/24/28 F Bridgeport 9043 & 9043a
GROVES Clyde (TX)	TACKEL Emma (TX)	Raymond Leroy 9/21/07 M Bridgeport 3559 & 3559a
GROVES George	BLANK Dellia	blank 8/25/08 M blank 4205 
GROVES Ross (TX)	BLANK Belle (OK)	Jesse 9/7/18 M Bridgeport 6972 
GROVES William P (LA)	MULLINS Nancy Jane (MS)	Gussie Eloise 03/10/91 F Paradise [del. 18808] 
GROVES William Pierce (LA)	MULLINS Nancy Jane (MS)	Olen Leo 07/24/84 M Paradise [del. 10891] 
GROVES William Pierce (MS)	MULLINS Nancy Jane (LA)	Clyde 01/16/88 M Paradise [del. 22070] 
GROVES William Pierce (MS)	MULLINS Nancy Jane (LA)	Blanch 07/06/89 F Bridgeport [del. 20757] 
GROVES William Pierce (TX)	GROVES Nancy Jane (TX)	Bessie Lela 02/01/86 F Paradise [del. 12037] 
GRUBBS Charles	REED Minnie	(O'Dell) Leona 3/20/11 F Decatur 5201 & 5201a & 5201b & 5201c
GRUBBS W.L.	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/04 F blank 683 
GRUBBS W.L. (AL)	BENTLEY Via Elean (AL)	Arthur Sidney 8/8/06 M Greenwood 2820 & 2820a
GRUBBS William Lemuel (AL)	BENTLEY Vie Elizabeth (AL)	Flossie 01/25/01 F Greenwood [del. 30130] 
GRUBBS William Lemuel (AL)	BENTLY Vie Elizabeth (AL)	Sarrah Emeline 11/10/98 F Greenwood [del. 29414] 
GRUNDY E.P.	HAYS Pauli	E.P., Jr. 9/5/30 M Sunset [No Image 9803] 
GRUNDY Edward Dee (OK)	SMITH Etta Lee (TN)	Etta Ethel 2/7/24 F Alvord 7997 & 7997a
GRUNDY Porter	ROSENBURG Myrtle	Billie Gene 12/12/27 M Decatur 8897 & 8897a
GUAGE Jim	BLANK blank	blank 9/17/05 F blank 2148 
GUERRERO Santos	JUAREZ Manuela	Elidra J. 7/18/16 F Bridgeport 6438 
GUERRERO Santos (Mex)	JUAREZ Manuela (Mex)	Anastacia J. 7/30/14 F blank 5935 
GUERRO Barrtalo (Mex)	BLANK blank (TX)	blank 1/9/26 M Alvord 8504 
GUESS E.C.	LILES Lorena	James 12/10/33 M Chico [No Image 10957] 
GUESS Ernest C.	LILES E.L.	Ernestyne 10/11/31 F blank [No Image 10251] 
GUESS Rhodes Sanders (MS)	ROOKER Emma Eugene (MS)	Roy Sanford 02/11/92 M Paradise [del. 11680] 
GUFFEE Smith	HARTSELL Vera	blank 6/3/15 M blank 6113 
GUFFEE Smith Albert	HARTSELL Mary Lowenia	Clarence Albert 8/8/03 M Chico 172 
GUINN Albert (TN)	SPRINGFIELD Rebecca Avaline (AL)	Nellie Jane 10/27/79 F Decatur [del. 16120] 
GUINN James A (GA)	NORTHCUTT Naoma (TX)	Johnny J 09/07/97 M Decatur [del. 3254] 
GUINN James Alman (GA)	NORTHCUTT Neomi (TX)	Lillie Belle 12/04/95 F Decatur [del. 10843] 
GUINN John Madison (TX)	SCRIMSHIRE Sarah Elizabeth (MS)	Lillie May 11/27/83 F Decatur [del. 17868] 
GUINN Wiley Franklin Baker (AL)	MARTIN Laura Belle (KY)	Alfred Preston 03/25/96 M Crafton [del. 30041] 
GUIRER blank	BLANK Delia	blank 11/27/05 M blank 2313 
GULLEDGE Clinton Austin (TX)	CARTER Aurelia Lillian (TX)	Charles Raymond 4/4/08 M Bridgeport 3954 & 3954a & 3954b
GULLEGE H.C.	HARACA Laura	Joe Henry 2/18/31 M OK [No Image 9965] 
GULLEY J.W.	BLANK M.E.	blank 9/22/12 F blank 5579 
GULLEY J.W.	BLANK M.R.	blank 10/15/09 F blank 4814 
GULLEY James Samuel (TX)	CARTER Eliza (AL)	Ethel 09/16/88 F Bridgeport [del. 22893] 
GUMM Ivy	MEEK Annie Belle	Billie Lee 4/19/27 M Chico 8786 
GUNN Clarence (KY)	ROBERSON Velma (TX)	blank 1/16/23 M Rhome 7707 
GUNN Cullen Boleyn (GA)	VANCE Sarah Ellen (MS)	Margaret Elizabeth 11/21/85 F Garvin [del. 22105] 
GUNN J.C.C.	HOLBERT Lollie	Johnny Low 10/25/33 F Decatur [No Image 10917] 
GUNN J.F.	BLANK A.F.	blank 8/29/08 M blank 4209 
GUNN James Thomas (MO)	ARMSTRONG Ada Lavina (TX)	Orpha Ethel 10/26/95 F Willow Point [del. 22293] 
GUNN N.H.	BLANK May	B.P. 11/18/05 F blank 2291 
GUNN R.M.	BLANK Mollie	blank 5/31/04 F blank 910 
GUNN Robert	JENKINS Fannie	blank 11/29/12 F blank 5598 
GUNN Taylor (TX)	MEEKS Anna Belle (TX)	Charles Browning 1/1/29 M Chico 9217 
GUNN W.H.	BLANK Mary	C.H. 11/28/03 M blank 467 
GUNTER George Washington (TX)	GRAHAM Maudie (MS)	Ollie 12/04/97 M Paradise [del. 10735] 
GUNTER P.G.	BLANK blank	blank 2/27/11 M blank 5184 
GUNTER P.G.	BLANK Elmier	blank 10/21/08 M blank 4308 
GUNTER Perry G.	BLANK blank	blank 12/8/14 M blank 5993 
GUNTER Will	BLANK Maud	blank 2/29/10 M blank 4949 
GUTHRIE M.E. (TX)	WADE Verma (TX)	Meridith E. 10/5/21 M Avondale 7487 
GUTTERIA Lomas (TX)	VASQUEZ Lonie (TX)	blank 5/21/23 M Bridgeport 7808 
GWIN Robert D. (TX)	BRAY Virginia (Jennie) (TN)	Jessie Lee 5/9/07 F Chico 3332 & 3332a