Index of 19,202 Birth Records 
Recorded in Wise County, Texas
1860's - 1930's
Father's Last Names that Start With H-L
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Data is in Alphabetical order by Father's Name. 
Sorry for the MANY errors in this data.
[We DO NOT have the birth certificates where the number is in [Brackets] 
Most of those were delayed certificates and they were not on the microfilms

LAST NAME Fatherís Name (Place of Birth) | MOTHERís MAIDEN NAME First (POB) | Childís Name DOB Sex POB  Birth Cert #
HAAS William (Germany)	BAUMBLATT Bertha (AL)	Rosa 06/12/86 F Decatur [del. 17295] 
HACKER H.P.	BLANK A.A.	B.L. 11/23/03 M blank 460 
HACKER W.P.	BLANK A.A.	blank 1/16/09 M blank 4444 
HACKLER W.P.	BLANK A.A.	blank 11/8/10 F blank 5127 
HACKLER William Powell	FENNEL Addie Alethia	James Thomas 8/27/05 M Balsora 2095 
HACKLER William Powell (TX)	FENNELL Alethia Addlelade (SC)	Claud Workman 12/17/06 M Balsora 3062 & 3062a
HADAWAY Thomas Ellis (MS)	SINGLETON Martha Jane (MS)	Vivian Mae 08/17/00 F Boonsville [del. 18580] 
HADDIX Andrew Jackson (IL)	APPLE Addie Florence (OH)	Addle Jackson 04/24/98 M Decatur [del. 30445] 
HADDOCK James Albert (AR)	ALEXANDER Anna Bell (TN)	Elsie Mae 12/13/95 F Decatur [del. 15784] 
HADDOCK James Albert (AR)	ALEXANDER Anna Bell (TN)	Charley Curtis 06/19/97 M Decatur [del. 27808] 
HAFLEY Fred (France)	COLE Lara Ann (IA)	Jesse Jackson 01/06/90 M Alvord [del. 22704] 
HAGARD Walter (TX)	KING Hattie (TX)	Simmons 7/7/19 M Boyd 7105 
HAGEE Edward Oscar (TX)	THOMPSON Ida May (TN)	Oscar Thompson 04/03/97 M Alvord [del. 8006] 
HAGGARD William Jackson (TN)	VARDY Eva Constance (TX)	Leroy Eddins 12/05/95 M Chico [del. 10588] 
HAGLAND J.A.	BLANK A.E.	blank 11/22/06 F blank 3032 
HAGOOD Robert	WREN Eva	blank 9/4/15 F blank 6223 
HAGUE Columbus Iley (MS)	BARNETT Lizzie (TX)	Orell Butler 08/18/02 M Boyd [del. 29625] 
HAGUE David A.	TRUSSELL Mary Alice	Minnie Rhue 10/23/04 F Decatur 1296 & 1296a
HAGUE David Allie (MS)	TRUSSELL Mary Alice (TX)	Oglesby Durwood 03/29/02 M Decatur [del. 8223] 
HAGUE H.A.	BLANK blank	blank 3/29/08 M blank 3943 
HAIG W.W.	NEEL Verna	Roland Neil 3/31/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10400] 
HAIL Will	JONES Leona	Walter Russell 7/10/03 M Sunset 106 & 0106a & 0106b
HAIL William (TX)	JONES Leona (TX)	Ernest Frank 09/22/97 M Sunset [del. 16116] 
HAILEY Bernie	LOWRIE Myrtle	Wanda Rose 4/20/27 F Chico 8790 & 8790a
HAILEY Bernie (TX)	LOWRIE Myrtle (TX)	Garvin Price 2/23/24 M Chico 8015 & 8015a
HAILEY George Phillip (TX)	BARNETT Lula Lewis (TX)	Eskel 09/21/95 M Chico [del. 5893] 
HAILEY J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 9/5/06 M blank 2891 
HAILEY James Richard (TX)	SATTERWHITE Claudie Anierson (GA)	Nellie Mae 03/21/00 F Chico [del. 12747] 
HAILEY Richard Thomas (KY)	COUCH Mary Jane (TN)	Rebecca Elizabeth 02/24/87 F Crafton [del. 16825] 
HAILEY W.A.	BLANK blank	blank 6/16/05 M blank 1895 
HAINES blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/8/04 M blank 1337 
HAINS blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/15/07 F blank 3176 
HAINS blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/18/07 M blank 3343 
HALBROOKS Addol	RHOTAM Elizabeth	blank 9/19/17 M Springtown 6712 
HALCOMB H.J.	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/08 M blank 3870 
HALCOMB Harry Amos (MO)	DEWEES Annie Mae (TX)	Gladdice Leona 12/23/91 F Cottondale [del. 13213] 
HALE Ben F.	HUDSON Ella	blank 9/4/30 M blank [No Image 9798] 
HALE Ben F.	HUDSON Ella K.	James Marco 10/19/32 M Decatur [No Image 10602] 
HALE Benjamin Franklin	HUDSON Ella Catherine	Mary Jane 3/6/28 F Decatur 8966 & 8966a
HALE Benjamin Franklin (TX)	HUDSON Ella Catherine (TX)	Amanda Louella 10/9/22 F Decatur 7669 & 7669a
HALE Benjamin Franklin (TX)	HUDSON Ella Catherine (TX)	Joe Cody 6/12/24 M Decatur 8081 & 8081a
HALE Benjamin Franklin (TX)	HUDSON Ella Catherine (TX)	Lee Roy 6/12/26 M Decatur 8597 & 8597a
HALE blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/1/04 F blank 1317 
HALE blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/17/05 F blank 1517 
HALE Clifton J.	FREDERICK M.C.	Clifton Jerrel, Jr. 1/13/33 M Bridgeport [No Image 10656] 
HALE F.L.	YOUNG Ptella	Ralph Neal 5/18/28 M Chico 9019 
HALE Forest Leslie	YOUNG Peelia Augusta	Allen Keith 1/18/27 M Chico 8738 
HALE George Jackson	TETRICK Minnie Annie	Esther Clarice 2/12/06 F Paradise 2487 & 2487a
HALE H.E.	BROCK Lona Pearl	Harry Lee 8/28/28 F Decatur 9099 & 9099a
HALE Harry	BROCK Pearl	Leona P. 6/14/32 F Decatur [No Image 10469] 
HALE Imn	SMITH Velma	Virginia Nell 2/28/33 F Decatur [No Image 10698] 
HALE John Benton (TN)	PARSONS Annie Lucinda (TN)	Nellie Irene 04/18/02 F Hanna [del. 13043] 
HALE John Logan (TN)	BIRD Mary Ann (TN)	Clyde Earl 03/29/02 M Decatur [del. 18251] 
HALE John Wesley (TX)	VAUGHN Lee Ella (TX)	William Eark 6/7/25 M Rhome 8333 
HALE Perry	BLANK blank	blank 4/21/08 M blank 3980 
HALE Thomas Emmett	BAGBY Rebecca Viola	Warren Clarence Houston 7/15/04 M Decatur 1020 & 1020a
HALE Thomas Emmett (MO)	BAGBY Viola (TX)	Grady Leon 04/20/97 M Stoney [del. 16217] 
HALE W.A.	BLANK blank	blank 3/6/05 M blank 1649 
HALE William Alfred (LA)	McDANIEL Amanda Lurania (AR)	Benjamin Franklin 04/16/98 M Decatur [del. 7200] 
HALE William Robert (MO)	SMITH Minnie (SC)	Thomas William 06/20/95 M Bridgeport [del. 7641] 
HALFORD R.L.	THOMAS Myrtle	Opal 8/5/33 F blank [No Image 10849] 
HALL blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/7/08 F blank 3892 
HALL blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/2/08 F blank 4163 
HALL Clarence	NORMAN R.J.	Dorthy R. 11/21/33 F Rhome [No Image 10945] 
HALL Clifton	BROCK Maud	William B. 10/2/32 M Decatur [No Image 10576] 
HALL D.W.	BLANK Hester	Kate Marie 3/19/08 F blank 3922 
HALL E.C.	BLANK Mary	blank 4/16/08 M blank 3975 
HALL Elmer Garfield	CHANCELLER Clemtine	Elmer Faye 2/15/05 F Bridgeport 1599 & 1599a
HALL F.L.	YOUNG Pleta	Perry Neal 12/18/32 M Chico [No Image 10643] 
HALL Forrest Leslie (TX)	YOUNG Ptelea Augusta (TX)	Forrest Leslie, Jr. 5/16/25 M Chico 8316 
HALL G.D.	BLANK Cora	blank 2/16/04 blank blank 663 
HALL G.D.	BLANK Cora D.	(twin) 6/27/05 M blank 1919 
HALL G.D.	BLANK Cora D.	(twin) 6/27/05 F blank 1920 
HALL Grady (TX)	GILBERT Verginia (MO)	blank 8/9/29 F Decatur 9415 
HALL Harrison H. (TX)	DOYLE Eva Perl (TX)	Janie Ruth 8/28/25 F Slidell 8398 
HALL Harry	MARTIN Ethel L.	Anita Joyce 1/3/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9544] 
HALL Henry Clinton (MS)	NORTHCUTT Molly (MS)	Alma 07/27/87 F Decatur [del. 21502] 
HALL Herman E.	LOONEY Thelma I.	Norma G. 6/4/33 F Rhome [No Image 10789] 
HALL Isaac Heaton (TX)	CAMPBELL Amanda Augusta (MO)	Ernest Peter 04/15/86 M Paradise [del. 4978] 
HALL Isaac Heaton (TX)	CAMPBELL Amanda Augusta (MO)	Mary Emma 10/14/88 F Paradise [del. 4977] 
HALL Isaac Heaton(TX)	CAMPBELL Amanda Augusta (MO)	Stella Maud 12/28/83 F Springtown [del. 12903] 
HALL J.M.	BLANK Lula	blank 11/11/10 M blank 5129 
HALL James D (MO)	HALL Mary Frances (TX)	Francis Marion 10/12/87 M Alvord [del. 4274] 
HALL James William (Berry)	GUNTER Zettie Eulla	Ruby Lee 10/29/09 F Paradise 4829 
HALL John (MO)	HAGERMAN Mary (IN)	Delma Lillian 04/30/99 F Boonsville [del. 25170] 
HALL John L (MO)	PICKETT Bell (TX)	Vera 02/11/85 F New Port [del. 22970] 
HALL John Newton (TN)	DESSON Fannie Ann (TN)	Josie Stella 04/09/95 F Sunset [del. 27892] 
HALL L.P.	HANNA Della	blank 6/3/17 F blank 6639 
HALL Richard Van	GOODLETT Mollie Lee	Alice Gertrude 8/16/03 F Boyd 191 
HALL Richard Van (AL)	GOODLETT Mallie Lee (AL)	William Henry 03/14/02 M Chico [del. 19505] 
HALL Robert	BISHOP blank	blank 9/11/15 M blank 6236 
HALL Robert	BISHOP Gertie	blank 10/10/17 F Paradise 6733 
HALL Robert	BLANK Nola	William Debbs 12/23/09 M blank 4883 
HALL Robert Alonzo (AL)	WEST Mollie (TX)	Bulah Mae 06/25/96 F Keeter [del. 15327] 
HALL Robert Lee	TURNEY Dora	Drexel Lee 1/27/06 F Decatur 2448 & 2448a
HALL S.C.	SMITH Velma	Dorothy L. 2/24/31 F Alvord [No Image 9975] 
HALL Silas A (TX)	CAMPBELL Mary Almira (MO)	Benjamin Lewis 10/28/87 M Paradise [del. 4072] 
HALL T.A.	BLANK Florence	blank 11/16/08 M blank 4349 
HALL Thomas (TN)	PARKER Mary (TX)	Elsie Tennessee 09/23/84 F Decatur [del. 18291] 
HALL Thomas (VA)	PARKER Mary (TN)	Ervin Texas 10/02/97 M Decatur [del. 8704] 
HALL Thomas Edward (MO)	DOTSON Barbara Elisa (MO)	Lorena Frankie 07/16/91 F Boonsville [del. 23845] 
HALL Thomas H (GA)	PARKER Mary (TX)	William Walter 01/13/93 M Alvord [del. 11676] 
HALL Toomy (TX)	LEWIS Myrtie (TX)	Christine Maxine 3/4/21 F Slidell 7360 & 7360a
HALL Toomy Edward	LEWIS Myrtle	Ozella Mae 9/15/17 F Slidell 6709 & 6709a
HALL Toomy Edward (GA)	LEWIS Myrtie May (TX)	Turner Bill 7/17/25 M Slidell 8363 & 8363a
HALL W.D.	BLANK Nellie	Harry 8/13/04 M blank 1103 
HALL W.D.	WEST Lula	blank 1/24/14 F blank 5826 
HALL William	BLANK Willye	blank 6/10/09 F blank 3380 
HALL William Andrew (MS)	STIPP Louretta (IL)	Frank Isaac 03/14/00 M Boonsville [del. 8758] 
HALL William Berry (AR)	MARTIN Willie Cansada (TX)	Mary Edna 03/21/97 F Crafton [del. 25470] 
HALL William Franklin (KY)	TEAL Laura (AL)	Thomas Bryan 07/28/96 M Alvord [del. 15822] 
HALL William Goff (TN)	GALLAWAY Georgia Estelle (AL)	Willie Estelle 12/03/91 F Alvord [del. 21573] 
HALL William Goff (TN)	GALLAWAY Georgia Estelle (AL)	Ernest Elzie 02/01/96 M Sunset [del. 8085] 
HALL William Henry (TN)	STURDY Narcissa (MO)	Cora May 12/27/80 F Greenwood [del. 24417] 
HALL William Taylor (GA)	BOWERS Mary Jane (GA)	Toomy Edward 08/15/92 M Madison Co GA [del. 10222] 
HALL Willie Thomas (GA)	BOWERS Jane (GA)	Harrison Hop 09/10/02 M Decatur [del. 28263] 
HALMAN C.R.	BERRY Blanche	blank 5/31/30 F blank [No Image 9708] 
HALMAN Jasper Jackson (AL)	RICH Amanda Isabell (IL)	Myrtle Dove 02/22/01 F Chico [del. 14324] 
HALSELL Furd (TX)	ARCHER Rosalie (TX)	John Glenn 12/10/99 M Decatur [del. 7204] 
HALSELL Harry H. (TX)	SHANKS Ruth Eleanor (TX)	Ruth Naomi 12/7/08 F Decatur 4377 & 4377a & 4377b
HALSELL Harry Herndon	SHANKS Ruth	Margaret Jean 5/12/10 F Decatur 5000 & 5000a
HALSELL John Glenn (AL)	EARHART Julia Frances (TX)	Glenn 08/14/79 F Decatur [del. 8497] 
HALSELL John Glenn (AL)	EARHART Julia Frances (TX)	Mary Josephine 04/18/81 F Decatur [del. 7394] 
HALSELL Roswell Keach (TX)	PERRY Ida Lee (AR)	Claud Edward 11/01/82 M Decatur [del. 21457] 
HALSELL Roswell Keach (TX)	PERRY Ida Lee (TX)	Roswell Keach 11/21/86 M Decatur [del. 7582] 
HALSELL Roswell Keech (TX)	PERRY Ida Lee (AR)	Milton 10/30/91 M Decatur [del. 29132] 
HAM C.B.	ROSS Lora	Hollis Lee 10/4/30 M blank [No Image 9838] 
HAM C.B.	ROSS Lora	Alda Faye 1/26/33 F blank [No Image 10665] 
HAM James R. (OH)	FORBIS Annie Lee (TX)	J.D. 10/30/08 M Aurora 4323 & 4323a
HAM M.R.	BLANK blank	blank 2/12/07 F blank 3171 
HAM Thomas	WORKS Odie	Velma Jean 8/5/31 F Alvord [No Image 10171] 
HAM Thomas Jophta	MOYERS Leona Katherine	Lois Lorena 7/25/06 F Greenwood 2789 & 2789a & 2789b
HAM Will	BLANK Maud	blank 4/26/09 F blank 4606 
HAMBRIGHT H.R.	BLANK Caryne	blank 10/16/07 M blank 3613 
HAMER Joseph Milton (MS)	HANNA Mattie (LA)	Cecil Nannie 02/07/98 F East Carroll Parish LA [del. 12789]
HAMILTON Alex	BLANK blank	blank 10/15/04 F blank 1274 
HAMILTON Alex J. (TX)	ALLISON Effie May (TX)	Ruby May 4/19/06 F Decatur 2626 & 2626a
HAMILTON Andrew (TN)	McDANIEL Doshia (TN)	Dalton Westley 03/14/89 M Alvord [del. 22896] 
HAMILTON C.A.	MADES Myrtle	Sam Waley 12/27/33 M Crumpton [No Image 10974] 
HAMILTON Charles Wesley (TN)	YANCEY Martha Carson (TX)	John Gill 02/19/94 M Wise Co [del. 9019] 
HAMILTON Dave	MAHAFFEY Letia	Mary Henrietta 8/8/06 F Chico 2821 & 2821a
HAMILTON Edward Everette (MS)	McCOLLOUGH Anna Lou (MS)	Thomas William 03/06/84 M Boyd [del. 10993] 
HAMILTON G.W.	VAN ZANDT Cora	blank 4/21/14 F blank 5877 
HAMILTON George 	BLANK Lena	George S. 11/17/05 F blank 2284 
HAMILTON George	RECTOR Nettie	blank 9/23/11 M blank 5368 
HAMILTON George Washington	RECTOR Nettie Ellen	Mary Elizabeth 7/30/07 F Alvord 3452 & 3452a
HAMILTON J.C.	BROWN Annie L.	blank 7/21/17 M Chico 6659 
HAMILTON Jeff Davis (TN)	MAHAFFEY Leta (TX)	Luther 08/19/94 M Chico [del. 8388] 
HAMILTON Jefferson Davis (MO)	MICHAEL Annie Elizabeth (TN)	Lucy 11/28/90 F Chico [del. 23515] 
HAMILTON Joe	BLANK Dollie	blank 4/7/06 F blank 2602 
HAMILTON John	BLANK blank	blank 5/3/05 F blank 1786 
HAMILTON Joshua Harvey (TN)	ROGERS Sara Jane (TN)	John Hassin 03/24/93 M Springtown [del. 15326] 
HAMILTON Joshua Harvey (TN)	ROGERS Sarah Jane (TN)	Mary Jane 10/05/94 F Briar [del. 25010] 
HAMILTON L.	BEARDEN Grace	blank 3/19/17 M blank 6584 
HAMILTON Martin Luther (TN)	FORESTER Ella Ann (MO)	Earle Grady 12/09/91 M Alvord [del. 23704] 
HAMILTON Martin Luther (TN)	FORESTER Ella Anna (MO)	India Pearle 04/10/89 F Park Springs [del. 8624] 
HAMILTON Martin Luther (TN)	FORESTER Ella Anna (MO)	Leta Mae 08/03/95 F Decatur [del. 8625] 
HAMILTON Theorador Alexander (TX)	GODWIN Sarah Cathrin (TX)	Sarah Virginia 08/19/94 F Alvord [del. 23529] 
HAMILTON Thomas (KY)	LEE Ruth (TX)	blank 10/10/23 F Alvord 7913 
HAMILTON Thomas A (MO)	WALLACE Cynthia Ann (TX)	David Earl 07/13/98 M Decatur [del. 12860] 
HAMILTON Vance (TX)	TATUM Stella (TX)	Phraulene Edith 7/19/19 F Boyd 7112 & 7112a
HAMILTON Vance (TX)	TATUM Stella (TX)	blank 10/14/21 M S. Bend 7494 
HAMILTON Vance H. (TX)	TATUM Stella (TX)	blank 10/29/25 M Olney 8450 
HAMILTON William (TN)	PHILLIPS Pokahonts (VA)	Floyd Houston 04/07/01 M Boyd [del. 31013] 
HAMILTON William Henry (TN)	PHILLIPS Pocahontas (VA)	Florence Ann 11/21/96 F Boyd [del. 13982] 
HAMILTON William Henry (TN)	PHILLIPS Ponca Hunta (WV)	George Lee 05/14/91 M Boyd [del. 12962] 
HAMLETT Robert Lee (TN)	STANLEY Feeble D (KY)	Charles Stanley 01/18/86 M Aurora [del. 9073] 
HAMLETT Robert Lee (TN)	STANLEY Phebe D (KY)	Lena 03/20/87 F Aurora [del. 18809] 
HAMM H.B.	EVANS Dora	blank 11/20/14 F blank 5985 
HAMMER Frank William (TX)	McCREEDY Cynthia (GA)	Florence 02/14/91 F Decatur [del. 22518] 
HAMMOCK George	BLANK Rupert	blank 11/15/08 F blank 4347 
HAMMOCK George	JETER Rupert	blank 9/2/11 M blank 5338 
HAMMOCK J.M.	WARNER Ann May	blank 8/26/14 F blank 5951 
HAMMOCK J.M.	WARNER Annie	blank 6/17/17 F blank 6648 
HAMMOCK Jessie B.	TERRELL Lois Opal	James Weldon 2/25/28 M Chico 8956 
HAMPTON Johnie Ephram (AL)	MATTHEWS Mary Ethel (TX)	Dova Lee 9/5/08 F Opal, Wise Co. 4232 & 4232a
HAMPTON Johnnie E. (AL)	MATTHEWS Mary Ethel (TX)	Nola Bell 9/10/05 F blank 2131 & 2131a
HAMPTON Thomas	BLANK Martha	blank 8/11/04 F blank 1099 
HAMPTON W.O.	WILLIAMS O.J.	Willie Mac 8/12/33 M Paradise [No Image 10866] 
HAMPTON William Joseph (MS)	JONES Alice (MS)	William Roy 06/10/93 M Decatur [del. 17498] 
HAMPTON William Joseph (MS)	JONES Allie Ada (MS)	Albert Vernis 05/18/91 M Decatur [del. 8908] 
HANCOCK Albert Wilson (TN)	HOLLEY Fannie Frances (MS)	Mary Myrtice 12/28/02 F Decatur [del. 30192] 
HANCOCK Albert Wilson (TN)	HOLLEY Frances Haseline (MS)	Amy Oral 12/31/06 F Boonsville 3083 
HANCOCK Alvin Roswell (KY)	BILLBERY Bell (TN)	Sidney Leon 09/11/97 M Overton Co TN [del. 29624] 
HANCOCK Frank	CLOWERS T. May	blank 1/1/32 F Alvord [No Image 10320] 
HANCOCK Homer	SHAW Defue	Alpha Jean 12/27/29 F blank [No Image 9539] 
HANCOCK J J (TN)	OWENS Mary Francis (TN)	William Clyde 08/17/94 M Alvord [del. 29201] 
HANCOCK James Homer (TX)	SHAW Dixie (TX)	Lola Mae 3/4/22 F Alvord 7555 & 7555a
HANCOCK John James (TN)	OWENS Margaret Frances (TN)	James Homer 01/20/92 M Alvord [del. 25635] 
HANCOCK John James (TN)	OWENS Margaret Frances (TN)	Dorcie 01/19/97 F Alvord [del. 29545] 
HANCOCK John James (TN)	OWENS Margaret Frances (TN)	Frank 07/01/01 M Alvord [del. 29493] 
HANCOCK John James (TN)	OWENS Margaret Francis (TN)	Alice 01/22/99 F Alvord [del. 19048] 
HANCOCK John Preston (TN)	HART Lucinda Jane (TX)	George Henry 10/07/84 M Boonsville [del. 21572] 
HANCOCK Joseph Eben (TN)	McFARLAND Edna (OK)	Bryan 11/15/97 M Decatur [del. 27809] 
HANCOCK O.D.	BLANK F.C.	blank 7/12/05 M blank 1956 
HANCOCK William Chester	PROCTOR Fannie L.	William Chester 9/20/17 M Alvord 6714 
HANCOCK William Clyde (TX)	PRAYTON Fannie Leona (TX)	Gladys 11/22/21 F Alvord 7511 
HANDLEY C.W.	BUCKNER Blanche	blank 8/24/28 F Bridgeport 9093 
HANDLEY Jacob (England)	LARGENT Jemima Elizabeth (MO)	Richard Lawson 03/03/92 M Texas Co MO [del. 16118] 
HANDLEY Walter	BLANK Lizzie	blank 5/15/07 M blank 3342 
HANDLY Samuel David (MS)	NOBLES Ruby May (TX)	Rita Beth 7/5/22 F Rhome 7626 
HANDS Henry Ford (TX)	BYERS Mirty May (TN)	blank 8/2/25 M Boonsville 8371 
HANES Albert E. (GA)	FERGUSON Julia (TX)	Josie 1/21/25 M Decatur 8246 & [delayed 9686]
HANEY George	LAIRD Lucile	blank 7/25/15 F blank 6167 
HANEY William (TN)	MILLER Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Hiram Leonard 02/11/91 M Decatur [del. 24655] 
HANKINS Hiram Delancey (MS)	BARKER Martha Tina (NC)	Myrtle Lela 09/14/00 F Sunset [del. 11626] 
HANKINS John Henry (AR)	CRAFT Lora May (TX)	George Tyson 12/01/91 M Crafton [del. 23648] 
HANKINS John Henry (AR)	CRAFT Lora May (TX)	Maurice C 04/16/94 M Crafton [del. 3692] 
HANKINS John Henry (AR)	CRAFT Lora May (TX)	Fay 11/24/98 M Crafton [del. 6507] 
HANKINS John Henry (AR)	CRAFT Lora May (TX)	Mary Emma 09/03/01 F Crafton [del. 23446] 
HANKS J.C.	BLANK Bessie	blank 9/29/05 F blank 2168 
HANKS J.C.	BLANK Bessie	blank 3/21/07 M blank 3241 
HANKS James Houston (MS)	LITEL Susie (MS)	Volney 09/17/85 M Alvord [del. 8581] 
HANLEY Brooks	NOBLES blank	blank 7/10/15 F blank 6149 
HANNA Alexander Virgil (AL)	WRIGHT Mary Florence (TX)	Owen Cleveland 06/02/88 M Chico [del. 13764] 
HANNA Alexander Virgil (AL)	WRIGHT Mary Florence (TX)	Blanche 01/15/94 F Chico [del. 16975] 
HANNA Alexander Virgil (AL)	WRIGHT Mary Florence (TX)	Edith Margaret 08/28/95 F Chico [del. 11994] 
HANNA Alexander Virgil (AL)	WRIGHT Mary Florence (TX)	Lana Gordon 09/12/01 F Chico [del. 17176] 
HANNA O.C.	WRIGHT Emma	Orville Clark 9/5/16 M Chico 6471 & 6471a
HANNA Sidney  (AL)	BLANK Laura (AL)	Lee 1/29/06 M blank 2455 & 2455a
HANNA U.	BLANK M.	blank 10/8/03 M blank 349 
HANNER Gideon W.	PEYTON Hattie Helen	Elmer Odell-twin 3/10/17 M/F Alvord 6574 & 6574a
HANNER Joseph W (AL)	LEVERETT Phyola T E (GA)	Dora Ethel 09/06/00 F Alvord [del. 29494] 
HANNER Joseph Wilson (AL)	LEVERETT Ola (GA)	Gideon Wilson 02/13/88 M Alvord [del. 28112] 
HANNER Joseph Wilson (AL)	LEVERETT Phiola Theodothia (GA)	Sarah Anna 06/04/92 F Alvord [del. 29466] 
HANNER Joseph Wilson (GA)	LEVERETT Phiola Thedocia (AR)	Frances Almarie 08/03/89 F Alvord [del. 21214] 
HANNER Joseph Wilson (GA)	LEVERETT Thiola Theodocia (AR)	Mandy Emmerline 02/08/95 F Alvord [del. 12790] 
HANNER W.J. (TX)	NEVILLE Maude I. (TX)	blank 7/5/24 M Alvord 8090 
HANNER Walter James	NEVILLE Maude Irene	Melba Jean 7/26/28 F Alvord 9063 & 9063a
HANNON Jim (TX)	BLANK Nannie Millie (OK)	Jim 12/25/28 M Sunset 9211 
HANNON William H.	BLANK Bertha	blank 10/12/13 F blank 5781 
HANSON Peter (Sweden)	OGREN Tena (Sweden)	Nellie Cleone 08/27/02 F Bridgeport [del. 8080] 
HARBOUR J.W.	BLANK J.A.	blank 6/7/10 F blank 5017 
HARBUCK William Thomas (TX)	APEL Habie Lee (TX)	Mark Franklin 06/14/02 M Paradise [del. 33480] 
HARD J.O.	BLANK blank	blank 8/26/05 F blank 2093 
HARDCASTLE Charles (IL)	YOST Elizabeth (MD)	Frank 05/21/96 M Bridgeport [del. 4201] 
HARDCASTLE Charles (IL)	YOST Elizabeth (MD)	Robert C 12/24/98 M Bridgeport [del. 4318] 
HARDEE J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 1/7/13 M blank 5629 
HARDEE Joe	GALTANA Dessie	Ima Sue 6/22/33 F Newark [No Image 10799] 
HARDEE Joe	GALTANA Dessie	Mary Lou 6/22/33 F Newark [No Image 10800] 
HARDEE Sam	COVINGTON M.E.	Willie Lee 4/10/33 F Newark [No Image 10725] 
HARDEE Sam	COVINGTON M.E.	Hattie Brouxe 4/10/33 F Newark [No Image 10726] 
HARDEE Samuel B (TX)	RANSOM Georgia Anna (TX)	Joseph Abraham 01/06/02 M Decatur [del. 30987] 
HARDEE Samuel Brooks (TX)	COVINGTON Maudie Ella (TX)	Johnnie Clara 7/2/14 F blank 5923 & 5923a
HARDEE W.R.	DAWSON Mamie	blank 5/7/30 M blank [No Image 9681] 
HARDEE William R.	DAWSON Mary	Mary Emeline 5/21/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10773] 
HARDEN Lee (TX)	MEEK Nora (TX)	Farris William 12/11/19 M Bridgeport 7174 & 7174a
HARDER Carl	GAGE Effie	blank 12/17/29 F blank [No Image 9531] 
HARDER Carl F. (TX)	GAGE Effie (TX)	Lavern 2/27/26 F Decatur 8551 
HARDIE Richard Bladworth (Scotland)	IRELAND Annie Elizabeth (England)	James 11/03/85 M Slidell [del. 7440] 
HARDIN Elbert C.	BLANK Ethel	blank 3/22/05 M blank 1687 
HARDIN L.L.	BLANK Mary	blank 6/19/05 F blank 1903 
HARDIN Theodore Coleman (IN)	ADAMSON Mary Jane (IA)	Lewis Carbrey 12/26/93 M Greenwood [del. 7586] 
HARDIN W.	BLANK Pearl	blank 1/6/06 M blank 2390 
HARDING James Luck (KY)	PERRIN Sarah J (TN)	Earley 11/12/81 M Chico [del. 11428] 
HARDING John Donley (TN)	GOSE Martha Ann (MO)	Martha 09/18/85 F Decatur [del. 20615] 
HARDING John Donley (TN)	GOSE Martha ANN (MO)	Mineola 08/17/88 F Decatur [del. 24996] 
HARDING John Donley (TX)	GOSE Martha Ann (MO)	Ada Alice 11/24/74 F Decatur [del. 5261] 
HARDISTY Thomas Rufus (TX)	KYLE Margaret Ann (TX)	Lawrence 03/07/97 M Bridgeport [del. 8583] 
HARDWICK C L (TX)	DICKSON Lydia (TX)	Sylom Love 11/04/88 M Decatur [del. 22555] 
HARDWICK Edgar	NEAL blank	blank 5/11/14 M blank 5888 
HARDWICK Frank Peak (TX)	HOSKINS Maud Lena (MS)	Willie Loretta 01/29/96 F Decatur [del. 7828] 
HARDWICK Joe Earnest (TX)	LANEY Bell (TX)	Mayhum 04/22/02 F Alvord [del. 14919] 
HARDWICK O.E.	BLANK A.R.	Gladis C. 7/9/06 F blank 2760 
HARDWICK O.P.	BLANK Ada	blank 5/10/09 M blank 4620 
HARDWICK Sylmon Love (TX)	TAYLOR Ulra Vashti (TX)	Frank Dickson 3/24/24 M Decatur 8038 & 8038a
HARDWICK William Stanford (AR)	WHORTON Sara Frances (MO)	Pearl Lee 01/02/88 F Alvord [del. 16518] 
HARDWICK William Stanford (AR)	WHORTON Sara Frances (MO)	Lillie Myrtle 01/03/91 F Alvord [del. 23513] 
HARDWICK William Stanford (AR)	WHORTON Sara Frances (MO)	Earsy Jewel 01/25/94 F Pella [del. 24341] 
HARDWICK William Stanford (AR)	WHORTON Sarah Frances (MO)	Mattie Mae 09/30/84 F Pella [del. 16884] 
HARDY Harry (England)	McCLARY Inis (TN)	Lola Gertrude 08/02/89 F Slidell [del. 22895] 
HARDY Harry (England)	McCLEARY Inis (TN)	Luke Peree 04/24/96 M Bridgeport [del. 18365] 
HARDY Jesse	YALE Ada	blank 4/5/16 F blank 6396 
HARDY John Wade (England)	BURCH Ellen (TX)	Marnie Wilson 07/13/93 F Chico [del. 5630] 
HARDY John Wade (England)	BURCH Ellen (TX)	Elva Wade 04/07/95 F Chico [del. 5622] 
HARDY Roy (TX)	WORKMAN Beatrice (TX)	blank 6/4/20 M Weatherford 7256 
HARDY Samuel (England)	CAMPBELL Jean (Scotland)	Gertrude Elizabeth 07/26/95 F Bridgeport [del. 21479] 
HARGETT Marcus Emmett (MS)	JOHNSON Letitia Frances (TX)	Thelma Lucile 11/27/02 F Chico [del. 31801] 
HARGROVE Harvey Johnson (TX)	HEATH Minnie Ollie (TX)	Burnace Dewey 06/22/99 M Newark [del. 17465] 
HARGUS Walter (TX)	TURNS Lennis (TX)	Sara Gertrude 8/4/12 F Bridgeport 5557 & 5557a
HARKIN Will C.	GORGAS Mattie C.	James Willie 1/10/32 M Boyd [No Image 10330] 
HARKINS James A.	RASBURY Tessie	Rosa Edith 11/3/27 F Boyd 8865 & [delayed 13292?]
HARKINS James Worth (AL)	HANEY Mary Alice (IL)	Laura Jane 08/12/94 F Boyd [del. 23261] 
HARKINS William C. (TX)	GARGIS Mattie A. (AL)	Ruby Pauline 1/20/29 F Boyd 9244 
HARLAN John	BLANK Lena	blank 7/21/05 M blank 1983 [delayed 7023
HARLAN John (MO)	POTTS Lena (KY)	Ida Pearl 01/24/92 F Decatur [del. 25636] 
HARLAN John William (MO)	POTTS Lena Mildred (KY)	Charlie Jay 12/24/01 M Decatur [del. 7022] 
HARLAN John William (MO)	POTTS Lena, Mildred (KY)	William Henry 01/30/94 M Decatur [del. 9139] 
HARLAN Lewis W (MO)	McCRACKEN Eddie (TN)	Tommie Justin 09/08/97 F Decatur [del. 25471] 
HARLAN Lewis Wesley (MO)	McCRACKEN Eddie (TN)	Birdie 06/01/88 F Decatur [del. 18190] 
HARLAN Lewis Wesley (MO)	McCRACKEN Eddie (TN)	Mattie Ruth 11/19/94 F Decatur [del. 24901] 
HARLAN Lewis Wesley (MO)	McCRACKEN Eddie (TN)	John Mack 09/08/97 M Decatur [del. 14455] 
HARLAN Tim (TX)	WOMACK Ruth (TX)	blank 10/3/26 M Decatur 8685 
HARLESS J.W.	EVANS Ella	blank 5/20/16 M blank 6413 
HARLOW Tim	WOMACK blank	blank 10/16/11 F blank 5383 
HARMAN Chris (Germany)	GROTE Caroline (IL)	Edna Caroline 12/18/90 F Decatur [del. 24938] 
HARMES B.B. (TX)	COOK Sudie (TX)	blank 1/28/26 M Greenwood 8523 
HARMON Dan (IL)	THOMAS Irena Isabell (MS)	Lewis Ford 12/10/78 M Decatur [del. 9213] 
HARMOND Clem	BLANK blank	blank 8/29/07 F blank 3512 
HARMONSON Z.?	YOUNGBLOOD Sallie	Ralph Z. 9/24/32 M Decatur [No Image 10567] 
HARMS David Frederick (Germany)	COOPER May Elizabeth (IA)	Lee Joseph 07/21/94 M Paradise [del. 29761] 
HARMS Fred (Germany)	COOPER Mary (IA)	Harry Franklin 09/25/91 M Paradise [del. 14352] 
HARMS Fred (Germany)	COOPER Mary Elizabeth (IA)	Effie Evalyn 04/05/96 F Paradise [del. 11879] 
HARMS Fred (Germany)	COOPER Mary Elizabeth (IA)	Pearl Fay 03/02/98 F Paradise [del. 11877] 
HARMS Harry Franklin (TX)	YORK Nora Pearl (TX)	Edith Floryne 2/13/25 F Paradise 8540 & 8540a & 8540b
HARMS J D (OH)	MILLER Martha Lou (TX)	Glen Robert 06/12/02 M Paradise [del. 5486] 
HARMS John David (OH)	MILLER Louise (TX)	John Thomas 11/24/99 M Paradise [del. 16557] 
HARMS John David (TX)	MILLER Martha Lou Ada (TX)	Virgie Ola 01/13/92 F Paradise [del. 16728] 
HARMS Lee J. (TX)	WORLEY Nora (TX)	Helen Marie 9/30/28 F Paradise 9136 & 9136a
HARP James A. (OK)	MILLER Bertie Lee (TX)	blank 9/29/25 M Rhome 8433 
HARPER A.C. (AL)	MILLER Dora (TX)	Zella Elizabeth 9/4/08 F Sunset 4225 & 4225a
HARPER Aaron Curtis (AL)	MILLER Dora Ella (TX)	William Roy 07/19/97 M Sunset [del. 8701] 
HARPER Aaron Curtis (AL)	MILLER Dora Ella (TX)	Aaron Vivin 07/19/01 M Alvord [del. 9594] 
HARPER H.	BLANK Rose	blank 4/7/07 F blank 3277 
HARPER J.H.	BLANK Rosie	blank 6/23/05 F blank 1909 
HARPER John Belton (SC)	ASHWORTH Margaret May (GA)	George Burch 09/24/89 M Rhome [del. 4602] 
HARPER John Harvey (GA)	LUMSDEN Emily Rozilla (AL)	Charlie Homer 12/15/02 M Alvord [del. 6101] 
HARPER W.H.	POWERS Mable T.	blank 9/12/32 F Apache OK [No Image 10553] 
HARRAL Colie	PITTMAN Virgie	Gladys 8/8/32 F Paradise [No Image 10522] 
HARRALL Jesse H (TN)	SHARP Flora Ann (AR)	Roy Harrison 04/28/96 M Decatur [del. 8163] 
HARRELL Alfred Hall (AL)	LEROY Fannie May (AL)	Colie Mathew 12/13/00 M Houston Co AL [del. 22450] 
HARRELL Jack (AL)	MOORE Sallie Elizabeth (AL)	Edith Maggie 07/04/93 F Boyd [del. 16046] 
HARRELL R.B.	BLANK Bertie	blank 12/26/08 M blank 4414 
HARRELL Samuel Grant (AL)	MILLS Nancy Ellen (TX)	Cynthia Elizabeth 11/10/93 F Decatur [del. 12100] 
HARRINGTON J.R.	BLANK M.K.	blank 7/30/07 M blank 3451 
HARRINGTON John (AR)	SMALL Lula (TX)	Hubert John 12/25/13 M Bridgeport 5805 & 5805a
HARRIS A.R.	STOUT M.L.	blank 10/30/11 M blank 5394 
HARRIS A.R.	STREET Lena	blank 8/29/14 M blank 5952 
HARRIS Abiga Veach (MS)	McCRACKEN Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Abiga Eugene 05/21/95 M Boonsville [del. 15781] 
HARRIS Albert Joseph (AL)	COMPTON Francis Rosie (TX)	Jessie Veatrice 10/18/97 F Decatur [del. 11592] 
HARRIS Alva L. (TN)	ARMES Tiska (TX)	Glenn Dalton 2/22/24 M Willow Point 8014 
HARRIS Andrew	BLANK blank	blank 12/25/08 M blank 4410 
HARRIS Barney W. (TX)	MULLINS Maude (TX)	Joe 1/20/19 M Newark 7037 & [delayed 8362]
HARRIS Barney White	MULLINS Maude	Bonnie Wayne 9/13/27 F Briar 8845 
HARRIS blank	BLANK Annie	blank 2/6/06 M blank 2473 
HARRIS Claude Franklin	CRAFT Jessie Mae	Audrey Katherine 8/16/15 F Crafton 6199 & 6199a
HARRIS Clay	BLANK blank	blank 12/30/09 M blank 4890 
HARRIS Clyde	MCCONNELL Maggie	blank 4/8/15 M blank 6067 
HARRIS Clyde	MCCONNELL Maggie	blank 4/8/15 M blank 6068 
HARRIS Clyde (AL)	MCCONNELL Maggie (TX)	blank 12/5/19 M Boyd 7170 
HARRIS Elbert Riley (TX)	SHURBET Allie Lee (MS)	James Otis 10/20/05 M blank 2197 & 2197a
HARRIS Eldridge Mallard	GORDON Helen	Henry Drummond 7/1/03 M Rhome 85 & 0085a
HARRIS Eldridge Mallard (TX)	DRUMMOND Helen Gorden (West Indies)	Evan Pinkney 08/16/00 M Rhome [del. 10350] 
HARRIS Eldridge Mallard (TX)	DRUMMOND Helen Gordon (West Indies)	Pauline Anna 08/05/96 F Rhome [del. 17278] 
HARRIS Elidge (GA)	SEGO Sarah Elizabeth (AR)	Frank Marion 02/28/75 M Decatur [del. 20334] 
HARRIS Emmett Oscar	PEARSON Sallie	Mabel Emmett 10/5/04 F Boyd 1251 & 1251a
HARRIS Euyal (TX)	KEY Bertha Belle (TX)	Imogene 8/15/24 F Rhome 8144 & 8144a
HARRIS Everett Lee (AL)	WREN Minnie May (KY)	Robert Edgar 09/19/00 M Boyd [del. 7334] 
HARRIS Everett Lee (AL)	WREN Minnie May (KY)	Homer Eugene 08/26/02 M Springtown [del. 12192] 
HARRIS G.F. (TN)	REYNOLDS Ruth L. (TX)	blank 4/24/22 M Alvord 7583 
HARRIS George D. (TX)	LOWE Lucille (TX)	Vera Neel 11/8/25 F Sunset 8456 
HARRIS George Lee (GA)	PICKENS Eliza Potts (AL)	Artie Jane 01/20/86 F Park Springs [del. 18130] 
HARRIS George Lee (GA)	PICKENS Eliza Potts (AL)	Claude Franklin 01/21/90 M Crafton [del. 25506] 
HARRIS Green H (AL)	HOLLIS Nancy Jane (AL)	Emmett 01/18/97 M Boyd [del. 5006] 
HARRIS Guy (AL)	EASLEY Jessie (TX)	blank 6/5/19 M Boyd 7099 
HARRIS Guy (TX)	EASLEY Jessie (TX)	blank 4/5/22 M Boyd 7571 
HARRIS J.	PLUNK Etta	blank 8/9/13 M blank 5750 
HARRIS J.B.	WHITE Lucy	James Edwin 12/10/32 M Chico [No Image 10639] 
HARRIS J.D.	EARLS Lily	blank 7/12/30 F blank [No Image 9755] 
HARRIS James (TX)	MOSER Essie (TX)	Bessie Mae 4/8/06 F Greenwood 2604 & 2604a
HARRIS James Bradly (TX)	WHITE Lucy Estelle (TX)	Melba Ruth 10/10/29 F Chico 9473 
HARRIS James David	PYRON Docie Belle	Leta May 7/9/10 F blank 5041 & 5041a
HARRIS James Ransom (AL)	NOLEN Elvira (AL)	Guy Terrell 11/27/82 M Lamar Co AL [del. 12263] 
HARRIS James Riley (TX)	WOOD Jessie Jane (TX)	William Ernest 11/12/95 M Decatur [del. 17328] 
HARRIS James Riley (TX)	WOOD Jessie Jane (TX)	James Albert 06/29/97 M Decatur [del. 17327] 
HARRIS Jesse E (GA)	GERMANY Artemetia L (GA)	Panola 02/23/91 F Decatur [del. 22915] 
HARRIS Jesse E (GA)	GERMANY Artie (AL)	Luther Berhing 07/30/89 M Crafton [del. 22351] 
HARRIS Jesse Elisha (GA)	GERMANY Artie (GA)	Jesse Marvin 07/19/84 M Sunset [del. 22353] 
HARRIS Jessie Elishia (AL)	GERMANY Artie (MS)	Conah Myrtle 09/20/79 F Paradise [del. 17955] 
HARRIS John	BLANK Mattie	blank 2/17/05 F blank 1602 
HARRIS John F (IL)	DAVENPORT Mary S (TX)	Bertie Hester 03/26/98 F Decatur [del. 11992] 
HARRIS John Francis (IL)	DAVENPORT Mary Safarie (TX)	Troy Paris 03/23/95 M Decatur [del. 29538] 
HARRIS John Francis (IL)	DAVENPORT Mary Saphire (TX)	Thomas Ancil 11/06/85 M Decatur [del. 10782] 
HARRIS John Francis (IL)	DAVENPORT Mary Saphire (TX)	Otis Oliver 07/27/00 M Decatur [del. 6271] 
HARRIS L.E.	BLANK Minnie	blank 12/13/04 M blank 1434 
HARRIS Lane Ervin	HARNSBERGER Nancy Ellen	Flossie Arrila 8/18/17 F Chico 6677 & 6677a
HARRIS Mark (England)	WINN Cordia (TX)	Metcher 07/10/88 M Decatur [del. 8311] 
HARRIS R.J.	BLANK Annie	blank 7/25/12 F blank 5552 
HARRIS R.J.	WELLS Amy	blank 5/5/16 F blank 6408 
HARRIS Robert Franklin (AL)	VAUGHN Nora Belle (AL)	lola Belle 01/13/94 F Boyd [del. 10420] 
HARRIS Robert Franklin (AL)	VAUGHN Nora Belle (AL)	Leonard Pettey 01/29/95 M Boyd [del. 10545] 
HARRIS Rome Jackson (TX)	WELLS Ann Alice (MS)	Curtis Eaton 12/14/07 M Crafton 3738 & 3738a
HARRIS S.	BLANK Myrtle	blank 10/28/10 M blank 5122 
HARRIS S.	BOBO Myrtle	blank 4/9/12 F blank 5502 
HARRIS Sam H. (TX)	SHELBY Emad (TX)	Thomas Edward 8/19/29 M Alvord 9422 
HARRIS Sherrod (AL)	BOBO Myrtle Pearl (AL)	Dock Green 07/04/00 M Boyd [del. 32044] 
HARRIS Sherrod (TX)	BOBO Myrtle Pearl (TX)	John Amos 04/01/97 M Wise Co [del. 8305] 
HARRIS Sherrod (TX)	BOBO Myrtle Pearl (TX)	Roy Edmond 11/28/98 M Wise Co [del. 32076] 
HARRIS Tom	BLANK blank	blank 1/29/10 F blank 4923 
HARRIS Troy Paris (TX)	SMITH Sadie Leona (MO)	Gladys Movelda 5/6/29 F Paradise 9342 & 9342a
HARRIS Troy Parris (TX)	SMITH Sadie Leona (TX)	James Henry 9/17/20 M Paradise 7300 
HARRIS Victor	BLANK Effie 	blank 9/11/05 M blank 2134 
HARRIS Victor	BLANK Effie	blank 8/15/07 M blank 3487 
HARRIS W.B.	BLANK Maggie	blank 9/26/10 F blank 2163 
HARRIS W.C. (TX)	HARGUES Dollie (OK)	blank 10/17/26 F Decatur 8694 
HARRIS W.L.	BLANK G.M.	blank 5/3/08 M blank 4007 
HARRIS W.M.	BLANK blank	blank 10/16/10 F blank 5116 
HARRIS W.N.	BLANK Bettie	Redford (Jasper) 8/21/03 M blank 206 
HARRIS Walter	HARGIS Dollie	blank 5/1/18 F Paradise 6873 
HARRIS Walter Adam (GA)	STEENSON Emma (AL)	Beunah Myrle 10/14/98 F Boyd [del. 31511] 
HARRIS Wiley Hugh (AL)	SMITH Caturah Lee (AL)	Ethel Ann 01/16/94 F Rhome [del. 15417] 
HARRIS William (KY)	TERRY Tennay (TN)	Margaret Luvena 01/29/82 F Decatur [del. 17213] 
HARRIS William Jackson Houston (KY)	TERRY Tenny Margaret (TN)	Henry Lee 05/29/84 M Decatur [del. 19540] 
HARRIS William L (AL)	DAVIS Eliza Jane (AL)	Dee Arnold 11/22/84 M Boyd [del. 7693] 
HARRIS William Latham (AL)	DAVIS Jane Elizabeth (AL)	Herman Elmer 12/13/85 M Boyd [del. 10419] 
HARRIS William Lee (TX)	DICKEY Gussie May (TN)	Wilson Roger 8/20/24 M Crafton 8149 & 8149a
HARRIS Wily H (AL)	SMITH Caturah Lee (AL)	James Melvin 06/03/00 M Rhome [del. 9430] 
HARRIS Wily Hugh (AL)	SMITH Caturah Lee (AL)	Burton Smith 10/05/97 M Rhome [del. 4672] 
HARRIS Wily Hugh (AL)	SMITH Caturah Lee (AL)	William Hubert 01/08/99 M Rhome [del. 4671] 
HARRIS Worth	BLANK Minnie	blank 12/6/05 F blank 2335 
HARRIS Worth Upwright (AL)	VAUGHN Betty (MS)	James Dowden 07/15/00 M Bridgeport [del. 20263] 
HARRIS Worthy U. (AL)	VAUGHAN Betty (MS)	Lee Nora 1/21/07 F Paradise 3126 & 3126a
HARRISON Albert Lee	HATCHER Ann Eliza	Harry Lee 2/4/04 M Newark 636 & 0636a
HARRISON Charles Percival (TN)	HARGRAVE Hulda (IL)	Roswell R 04/30/80 M Aurora [del. 9899] 
HARRISON Charles Percival (TN)	HARGRAVE Hulda (IL)	Clyde C 06/20/82 M Aurora [del. 17954] 
HARRISON Clarence J., Sr.	SHEARIN Floy Lindol (TX)	Clarence J., Jr. 12/2/25 M Boyd 8467 & 8467a
HARRISON Gene	BLANK blank	blank 9/18/04 F blank 1203 
HARRISON George Marion (TN)	HALFORD Francis Kizzah (TN)	John Homer 07/30/87 M Gibson Co TN [del. 15182] 
HARRISON H.B.	WILLIAMS Trixie	H.B., Jr. 2/10/14 M blank 5837 
HARRISON Isom Daniel (IL)	ALLISON Etta (TX)	Katie 06/09/90 F Aurora [del. 5040] 
HARRISON Isom Daniel (IL)	ALLISON Etta (TX)	Selma 06/28/97 F Boyd [del. 5038] 
HARRISON Isom Daniel (IL)	ALLISON Etta (TX)	Amelia 05/04/01 F Boyd [del. 21421] 
HARRISON Isom Daniel (IL)	ALLISON Etta (TX)	Ophelia 05/04/01 F Boyd [del. 21422] 
HARRISON James Ellard (AL)	SHIRLEY Bashie Elizabeth (AL)	Fred Duvall 02/11/96 M Cowan Station [del. 24342] 
HARRISON James J (England)	LUELLIAN Molly (TX)	William Manford 09/06/94 M Decatur [del. 5448] 
HARRISON James J. (TX)	DAVIS Ida Bell (TX)	Margaret Lee 10/23/19 F Paradise 7152 & 7152a
HARRISON James J. (TX)	DAVIS Ida Bell (TX)	Willie Mae 3/10/21 F Paradise 7368 
HARRISON James M (IL)	EASLEY Martha E (TX)	Ethel Lottie 02/09/90 F Bridgeport [del. 20896] 
HARRISON James Monroe (IL)	EASLEY Martha Emaline (TX)	Arthur Cecil 05/30/86 M Bridgeport [del. 4677] 
HARRISON Jerrie	WAYS Julia	Billie Joe 8/21/33 M Alvord [No Image 10872] 
HARRISON John Joseph (AL)	SALMON Elizabeth (AL)	Joe Ethel 10/29/90 F Decatur [del. 24531] 
HARRISON Lee	BLANK blank	blank 10/30/06 M blank 2986 
HARRISON N.H.	JOHNSON Nellie	Ethel 9/4/15 F Alvord 6225 & 6225a
HARRISON S.G.	TALLY Lovella	Dovie Ruth 7/2/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10130] 
HARRISON S.G. (TX)	TALLY Lovella (TX)	Minnie(?) Mae 5/31/29 F Bridgeport 9364 
HARROLD Alma	BLANK Nettie	blank 6/21/04 F blank 963 
HARROLD L.W.	BLANK Martha	blank 4/14/11 M blank 5224 
HART F.J.	REDMOND Beatrice	Doris Fay 8/13/30 F Alvord [No Image 9786] 
HART F.J.	REDMOND Beatrice	Dorothy May 8/13/30 F Alvord [No Image 9787] 
HART James Alexander	MCDONALD Della Rose	Lily Bell 2/28/16 F Bridgeport 6375 & 6375a
HART M.M.	BLANK Ella	blank 7/15/07 F blank 3427 
HART William Henry (AL)	SIMMS Ada Heard (GA)	Mattie May 09/21/87 F Chambers AL [del. 17509] 
HART William Henry (AL)	SIMMS Ada Heard (GA)	Susie Belle 03/02/90 F Chambers AL [del. 17510] 
HART William Robert (TN)	BENNETT Mary Jane (TX)	Mertie Maude 02/06/90 F Decatur [del. 12262] 
HART William Theodore (IN)	HARDWICK Adelia Agnes (TX)	Walter Laurren 03/10/88 M Decatur [del. 18317] 
HARTGROVES William Louis (MS)	HERRON Mattie Clementine (TN)	Frankey Verle 06/07/96 F Chico [del. 8965] 
HARTGROVES William Louis (MS)	HERRON Mattie Clementine (TN)	Trella Hugh 01/04/93 F Chico [del. 8964] 
HARTMAN R.F.	BUCKNER B.M.	Emma Love 7/23/33 F Chico [No Image 10833] 
HARTSELL Arthur	GILES Edna	Estellene 2/3/18 F Bridgeport 6815 & 6815a
HARTSELL Bob	BLANK Zella	blank 5/2/05 M blank 1784 
HARTSELL Charles M.	BLANK M.J.	blank 12/24/03 M blank 532 
HARTSELL Charles Martin (TN)	WILSON Mollie (TN)	John Madison 04/02/00 M Bridgeport [del. 7532] 
HARTSELL Cleo	ELDERS Gladys Mildred	Eva Lovel 5/9/33 F Paradise [No Image 10764] 
HARTSELL H.L.	BLANK blank	blank 6/18/15 M blank 6125 
HARTSELL H.R. (TX)	CARPENTER Lillie (TX)	Betty Jo 10/11/29 F Chico 9496 & 9496a
HARTSELL Horace Richard (TN)	CARPENTER Lillie Wikle (TX)	Alice Marie 8/17/18 F Bridgeport 6956 & 6956a
HARTSELL Hugh L.(TN)	CARPENTER Flora Isabel (GA)	Amy May 12/4/06 F Bridgeport 3044 & 3044a
HARTSELL Isaac J.	RISH Fannie Bell	Isaac Byrle 7/15/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10143] 
HARTSELL J.R. (TX)	THOMPSON Aylin (TX)	Mattie L. 8/5/21 F Bridgeport 7434 
HARTSELL James Arthur	GILES Edna Caroline	Joseph Roger 9/24/11 M blank 5370 & 5370a
HARTSELL Joe (TX)	BARRETT Claudie (TX)	Roland 7/15/06 M Bridgeport 2770 & 2770a
HARTSELL John	THOMPSON Alyne	Audrey Fae 6/7/17 F Bridgeport 6642 
HARTSELL John M.	MCMILLEN Grace L.	Peggy Sue 2/1/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10672] 
HARTSELL John R. (TX)	THOMPSON Allie (TX)	(Foch) 10/15/18 M Bridgeport 6996 
HARTSELL Loward (TX)	HARRIS Lousra (TX)	blank 9/30/26 F rural Wise Co. 8684 
HARTSELL Luther	BLACKFORD Rose	blank 5/1/14 F blank 5881 
HARTSELL Martin L. (TX)	BLACKWOOD Rosa (TX)	Clifford Thomas 8/2/06 M Bridgeport 2808 & 2808a
HARTSELL Martin Luther	BLACKWOOD Rosa Viola	Isaac Jewel 2/3/05 M Bridgeport 1567 & 1567a
HARTSELL Martin Luther (MO)	BLACKWOOD Rosa Viola (TX)	Melton Lovard 01/06/02 M Bridgeport [del. 13257] 
HARTSELL Richard	CARPENTER Lillie	blank 4/5/17 M blank 6600 
HARTSELL Robert E.	BOULWARE Sarah Lilla	Lon Boulware 4/16/07 M Willow Point 3290 & 3290a
HARTSELL Robert E. (TN)	BOULWARE Sara Lillian (TX)	Bertie Lee 6/1/09 M Willow Point 4653 & 4653a
HARTSELL Russell (TX)	NEEL Blanche (TX)	blank 10/26/24 F blank 8200 
HARVEL James Franklin (AR)	WRIGHT Lucy Belle (TN)	Clara Mae 06/21/01 F Alvord [del. 5623] 
HARVES Lee J.	WORLEY Nora	blank 1/15/32 F Paradise [No Image 10336] 
HARVEY Charles Oscar (MS)	HOOKER Mollie Elizabeth (KY)	Vera Laverne 11/20/01 F Alvord [del. 29242] 
HARVEY Ciscero	BLANK Mollie	blank 10/12/08 M blank 4297 
HARVEY D.B.	BLANK A.L. (Addie)	Vida (Lee) 12/17/03 F blank 515 
HARVEY D.B.	BLANK blank	blank 3/13/05 M blank 1666 
HARVEY Hardin Thomas (KY)	COFFEY Virginia Bell (KY)	Thomas York 06/03/91 M Decatur [del. 10114] 
HARVEY J.W.	MCCLAIN blank	blank 2/17/14 F blank 5843 
HARVEY James Albert (MS)	GOSE Margaret Ellen (TX)	James In 05/01/88 M Decatur [del. 24635] 
HARVEY James Albert (MS)	GOSE Margaret Ellen (TX)	Joe Gose 02/13/97 M Decatur [del. 28881] 
HARVEY James Albert (MS)	GOSE Margaret Ellen (TX)	Francis Lawrence 07/31/02 M Alvord [del. 7694] 
HARVEY John Daniel (GA)	RAINEY Sarah Samantha (LA)	Annie Clorine 05/09/83 F Pella [del. 16592] 
HARVEY Prentice	FORD Ima J.	Jerry D. 8/13/33 M Newark [No Image 10867] 
HARVEY Prentice	FORD Ima Jene	Harold Howard 4/18/30 M blank [No Image 9665] 
HARVEY Prentice Lafayette	FORD Ima Irene	Norma Jean 6/19/28 F Newark 9040 & 9040a
HARVEY Rufus Wade (MS)	FRENSLEY Annie Laurie (AR)	Exa Estherline 12/27/97 F Alvord [del. 21795] 
HARVEY Sam	SCARBOROUH blank	blank 7/12/30 M Paradise [No Image 9757] 
HARVEY Thomas	STEIN Mary	blank 1/11/15 F blank 6014 
HARVEY Thomas A. (AL)	STEIN Mary Emily (KY)	Bertha Ann 3/16/07 F Slidell 3224 & 3224a
HARVEY W H (IL)	BUCKNER Clistie Elizabeth (IL)	John Guy 12/29/96 M Park Springs [del. 8083] 
HARVEY William Henry (IL)	BUCKNER Clistey Elizabeth (IL)	Ira Tim 07/29/79 M Crafton [del. 14126] 
HARVEY William Henry (IL)	BUCKNER Clistie Elizabeth. (IL)	Blanche 06/18/84 F Chico [del. 18773] 
HARVICK M.H. (TX)	BURKE Cleo (TN)	Lottie Louise 3/26/22 F Decatur 7565 & 7565a
HARVICK Marshall Hampton	BURKE Cleo Christina	Clara Virginia 10/11/27 M Decatur 8857 
HARVICK Oran	TEAGUE Estill	Elmer Leonard 6/7/31 M Decatur [No Image 10098] 
HARVILLE Eliga Franklin (AL)	GODBEY Mary Ellen (AL)	Hallie Guest 02/01/81 F Lawrence Co AL [del. 11027] 
HARWELL Blain	BLANK blank	blank 3/20/09 F blank 4563 
HARWELL Edgar (TX)	BROWN Velma L. (TX)	Morris Eugene 7/22/29 M Rhome 9404 
HARWELL J.F.	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/06 F blank 2430 
HARWELL James Fisher (LA)	MERRILL Alice (TX)	Thomas Virgil 09/09/02 M Decatur [del. 5526] 
HARWELL Jim	BLANK blank	blank 1/3/09 M blank 4423 
HARWELL Joe E. (TX)	BROWN Velma L. (TX)	blank 6/7/24 F Rhome 8078 
HARWELL Joseph Malone (MS)	CURRY Mary Leona (TN)	Joe Edgar 10/26/02 M Paradise [del. 19864] 
HARWELL R.	BLANK blank	blank 1/7/04 F blank 571 & [delayed 30924]
HARWELL W M (TN)	WARD Della (TN)	Cliffie 08/16/93 F Giles Co TN [del. 24488] 
HARWELL William	BLANK Minnie	blank 2/15/08 M blank 3846 
HARWELL William	BLANK Nanie	blank 10/17/06 F blank 2966 
HARWICK Oran (TX)	TEAGUE Estelle (TX)	Billie Ray 3/1/29 M Decatur 9276 
HASH Alfred T (MO)	STOKER Rhoda S (TX)	Lily Elner 07/02/91 F Boonsville [del. 18481] 
HASH Bob	BLANK Zadie	blank 1/16/06 M blank 2411 
HASH Elbert Gemes	THACKER Burilla Grace	Wade William 9/26/04 M Park Springs 1227 & 1227a
HASH G.E.	BLANK Burlie	Elbert 3/28/06 M blank 2571 
HASH J.A.	BRADLEY Maria	Melba Patricia 9/15/32 F Poolville [No Image 10557] 
HASH James Clark (TX)	STARK Laura Evaline (MO)	William Edgar 01/20/98 M Boonsville [del. 8387] 
HASH James Clark (TX)	STARK Laura Evaline (MO)	Ottis Ted 10/19/07 M Boonsville 3619 & 3619a
HASH John (TX)	GIFFORD Lydia Ann (IL)	James Alfred 02/23/92 M Boonsville [del. 18764] 
HASH John (TX)	GIFFORD Lydia Ann (IL)	Jesse Ray 10/23/98 M Boonsville [del. 19254] 
HASH Robert	BLANK L.	blank 2/7/04 M blank 641 
HASH Robert C (TX)	HEAD Edith Alzada (IL)	James Arthur 06/10/00 M Poolville [del. 6618] 
HASH Will	BLANK blank	blank 6/3/07 M blank 3368 
HASH Will	BLANK Ella	blank 8/20/04 M blank 1119 
HASKIN Elmer James (PA)	DUCKWORTH Mary Susan (TX)	Emmett Cecil 02/22/99 M Boonsville [del. 7827] 
HASKINS John	BLANK Allice	blank 9/19/04 M blank 1205 
HASKINS T.B.	BLANK blank	blank 8/15/06 M blank 2843 
HASTEY Noel N (GA)	HARVEY Malissa Lusenda (GA)	Ida Lou 01/28/73 F Claiborn Parish LA [del. 14325] 
HASTINGS blank	BLANK Laura	blank 5/7/05 F blank 1795 
HASTINGS John Robert (TN)	FRAZIER Miley Melinda (OK)	Joe Wallace 03/03/96 M Agnes [del. 28917] 
HASTINGS John Robert (TN)	FRAZIER Miley Melinda (TX)	James Gano 12/05/97 M Paradise [del. 12746] 
HASTY Henry Bee (AR)	MARTIN Mary Ann (AR)	Thomas Monroe 06/01/94 M Sebastian Co AR [del. 24948] 
HATCHER Emmett W (TX)	FENDLEY Ella Q (TX)	Ela Lura 01/10/91 F Decatur [del. 23837] 
HATCHER Emmett Wesley (TX)	FENDLEY Ella Q (TX)	Eulalie 08/09/97 F Decatur [del. 12963] 
HATCHER Emmette W (TX)	FENDLEY Ella Q (TX)	Ovid Fendley 12/03/92 M Decatur [del. 4975] 
HATCHETT Noah Webster (AR)	MORRISON Lizzie (AR)	Edward 05/31/86 M Alvord [del. 17600] 
HATCHETT R G (AR)	YORK Mary Jane (AR)	Mary Myrtle 10/30/91 F Searcy Co AR [del. 16434] 
HATCHETT R G (AR)	YORK Mary Jane (AR)	Beulah Margaret 08/22/94 F Alvord [del. 20523] 
HATCHETT R.G.	BLANK (Mary Jane)	(Jack M.) 11/6/08 M blank 4334 
HATFIELD John David (MO)	REATHERFORD Einmaline (TX)	James Bateman 11/24/99 M Garvin [del. 11062] 
HATLEY I.L.	VANLANDINGHAM E.A.	Thayron Eugene 5/8/31 M Boyd [No Image 10065] 
HATLEY James A. (TN)	BLANK Lillie Mae (TX)	J.W. 2/16/21 F Boyd 7348 
HATLEY John Riley (TN)	NORTH Lizzie Fay (TX)	Mildred Ophelia 2/20/21 F Paradise 7350 
HATLEY William Marion (TN)	RENFRO Sophia (TN)	James Lonzo 05/07/95 M Decatur Co TN [del. 9774] 
HATMAKER W.H.	BLANK blank	blank 1/16/16 M blank 6342 
HATMAKER W.H.	RATLIFF Zora	blank 5/19/17 M blank 6628 
HATTAN Stephen R (TX)	HALE Mattie (TX)	Isaac Newton 03/22/94 M Chico [del. 24397] 
HATTLEY J.R.	NORTH Lizzie F.	Fay Laverne 5/5/33 F Boyd [No Image 10756] 
HATTLEY J.R.	NORTH Lizzie F.	May Lavelle 5/5/33 F Boyd [No Image 10757] 
HATTLEY Liland (TN)	HICK Ethel (TX)	William Odom 3/28/25 M Boyd 8285 
HATTON Stephen R (TX)	HALE Mattie (TX)	Isaac Newton 03/22/94 M Decatur [del. 28131] 
HAWK blank	BLANK blank	blank 6/17/04 M blank 955 
HAWK Glenn Robert (TX)	RICHBERG Viola (TX)	Viola May 5/1/21 F Paradise 7389 
HAWK William P (TN)	McAFEE Sarah Alma (TX)	Edna Muriel 11/28/98 F Paradise [del. 22441] 
HAWKINS Billy	BLANK Trula	blank 10/7/05 M blank 2194 
HAWKINS blank	BLANK blank	blank 7/28/04 blank blank 1064 
HAWKINS Charles	BLANK Kattie	blank 12/6/08 F blank 4375 
HAWKINS David Peter (TX)	PERRY Margaret (TX)	Anna 05/28/89 F Decatur [del. 10422] 
HAWKINS Dill	BLANK Deana	blank 1/3/06 M blank 2382 
HAWKINS Earl (TX)	WRIGHT Mary (TX)	Effie Mae 1/14/24 F Bridgeport 7978 & 7978a
HAWKINS Earl Seborn (TX)	WRIGHT Maggie May (TX)	Belva Christine 10/19/20 F Bridgeport 7311 & 7311a
HAWKINS George Washington, Jr.	GREEN Lillie Ann	Margaret Beatrice 9/10/15 F Bridgeport 6235 & 6235a
HAWKINS Harvey Forney (NC)	MOORE Emma (SC)	Blanche 01/18/88 F Chico [del. 17763] 
HAWKINS Harvey Forney Sr (NC)	MOORE Emma (SC)	Harvey Forney 10/30/96 M Chico [del. 28825] 
HAWKINS Jess	BLANK Flora	blank 8/3/10 M blank 5061 
HAWKINS Jessie	BLANK blank	blank 6/10/07 M blank 3381 
HAWKINS Jessie	BLANK Flocy	blank 8/5/04 M blank 1085 
HAWKINS John Thomas (KY)	HARRISON Mary Agnes (AR)	Thomas Lester 04/21/95 M Paradise [del. 4522] 
HAWKINS John Wesley (KY)	CHITWOOD Tennie (MO)	William Alpha 01/16/84 M Bridgeport [del. 9216] 
HAWKINS O.L.	BLANK M.E.	blank 10/19/05 M blank 2224 
HAWKINS Sam (TX)	JOHNSON Mollie (TX)	Harvey Doke 09/13/88 M Wise Co [del. 12634] 
HAWKINS Thomas Conyers (KY)	HAWKINS Elizabeth (AR)	Jess Lee 12/18/83 M Chico [del. 13152] 
HAWKINS W. Alf (TX)	THOMAS Sarah Jane (GA)	Paul Hulen 11/17/06 M Bridgeport 3026 & 3026a
HAWKINS W.A.	THOMAS Sarah 	blank 3/26/17 M blank 6592 
HAWS James Lincoln (TN)	WAGGONER Jennie (TX)	Max Milburn 08/08/97 M Sunset [del. 29765] 
HAYDON Samuel Edwin (KY)	CARNEY Sarah Elizabeth (KY)	Edwina 03/05/94 F Aurora [del. 21394] 
HAYES C.H.	BLANK B.M.	Martha Bell 7/5/32 F Decatur [No Image 10486] 
HAYES Joe H.	GROVES Ethel P.	blank 3/3/18 F Cottondale 6840 
HAYES John	MONTGOMERY Nacie	blank 11/2/12 M blank 5590 
HAYES John Alexander (VA)	NASH Lorena Hill (IL)	Ella Priscilla 07/09/88 F Woodford Co IL [del. 22295] 
HAYES John Alexander (VA)	NASH Lorena Hill (IL)	Merton Mellville 08/27/98 M Peoria Co IL [del. 8966] 
HAYES N.	OWENS Ella	Owen - last name 1/9/04 F blank 576 
HAYES Tom	PHILLIPS Jannetta	Lillie Belle 7/20/05 F blank 2011 & 2011a
HAYES William Hamilton (GA)	CRANE Nevada (AR)	Ruey Virgil 05/26/01 M Paradise [del. 11927] 
HAYGOOD Jessie L (GA)	GLOVER Sarah (GA)	Ollie L 10/14/94 M Garvin [del. 25456] 
HAYGOOD John Andrew	FAITH Martha Gee	Hazel Lorene 1/16/08 F Boyd 3786 & 3786a & 3786b
HAYGOOD John Andrew	FAITH Mattie Gee	Earl 7/2/04 M Boyd 986 & 0986a
HAYGOOD Ollie Lewis (TX)	CUNNINGHAM Elmer Ray (TX)	Ollie Ruth 5/1/22 F Boyd 7586 & 7586a
HAYNES A.E.	FERGUSON Julia	blank 1/30/13 F blank 5647 
HAYNES Albert E.	BLANK blank	Martha Ann 7/5/32 blank blank [No Image 10486] 
HAYNES Claude H. (GA)	MCDONALD Beulah May (TX)	Billie Sue-twin 12/7/28 F Rhome 9193 & 9193a & 9193b
HAYNES Claude H. (GA)	MCDONALD Beulah May (TX)	Betty Lou-twin 12/7/28 F Rhome 9194 & 9194a
HAYNES Fred Melvin	WARE Effie Josephine	Albert Marion 9/11/03 M Decatur 270 & 0270a
HAYNES Frederick Malvin (MO)	WARE Effie Josephine (TX)	Minnie Estelle 04/09/01 F Decatur [del. 7203] 
HAYNES Frederick Melvin	WARE Effie Josephine	Thurmond Earnest 4/5/06 M Decatur 2594 & 2594a
HAYNES George Clarence (MO)	RONE Tennie Lou (MS)	Claude Edwards 12/05/92 M Decatur [del. 4515] 
HAYNES George Clarence (MO)	RONE Tennie Lou (TX)	Clara Edith 10/31/99 F Decatur [del. 13000] 
HAYNES James Washington (VA)	GEORGE Mary E (MO)	Gertie Rose 11/27/83 F Decatur [del. 11291] 
HAYS B.J.	ADDAMS B.L.	blank 12/6/33 F Boyd [No Image 10953] 
HAYS Chanley H (TX)	STUCKEY Sallie (TX)	James Thomas 05/06/84 M Decatur [del. 19050] 
HAYS J.E.	BLANK M.L.	blank 5/18/07 F blank 3344 
HAYS John E.	MATTHEWS Minnie Lee	Willie Estel 4/17/05 F Boyd 1748 & 1748a
HAYS N.A. (TX)	FORBES Georgia (TX)	Joseph William 11/7/19 M Boyd 7158 & 7158a
HAYS S.C.	LOAFMAN B.E.	Bessie Joyce 1/3/32 F Boyd [No Image 10321] 
HAYS Thomas	HARTSELL Bertie	blank 7/20/14 M blank 5932 
HAYS Thomas	HARTSELL Birdie	blank 9/6/11 M blank 5343 
HAYS Thomas B (TX)	HARTSELL Mary Bertie (MO)	Cuell Latasca 05/15/94 M Bridgeport [del. 8818] 
HAYS Thomas Burton (TX)	HARTSELL Bertie (MO)	Isaac Bernice 09/21/97 M Bridgeport [del. 12261] 
HAYS Thomas Burton (TX)	HARTSELL Mary Bertie (MO)	Myrtle Daphne 12/04/95 F Bridgeport [del. 15903] 
HAYS Thomas Burton (TX)	HARTSELL Mary Bertie (MO)	Mattie Elizabeth 03/22/00 F Bridgeport [del. 31468] 
HAYS Tom	PHILLIPS Jenneta Rebecca	Samuel Lee 7/4/03 M Newark 88 & 0088a
HAYS Walter	BLANK May	blank 5/20/09 F blank 4633 
HAYS William C (KY)	DRENNAN Mary (TX)	Cartie Bryant 01/23/98 M Boyd [del. 14326] 
HAYS William Carroll (TN)	HOWELL Elizabeth (IL)	Charlie Bunyon 12/14/84 M Bridgeport [del. 8817] 
HAYS William Nelson	CHASTAIN Nora Jane	Grace Wilma 3/16/09 F blank 4557 & 4557a
HAYSE John Henery (TX)	MONTGOMERY Pernecieann (TX)	Tuilla Mae 9/22/14 F Paradise 5963 
HAYTER J.P.	BLANK Jennie	blank 8/21/05 M blank 2074 
HAYTER J.P.	BLANK Jennie	blank 4/11/08 M blank 3969 
HAYWOOD Zachary Taylor (TX)	PRICE Dora Lula (AR)	Eddie Lee 03/03/96 M Pella [del. 16519] 
HAZLEKIRK Edward	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/11 M blank 5165 
HEAD Dick	BLANK blank	blank 3/8/08 M blank 3897 
HEAD Floyd (TX)	KELLER Travilla (TX)	Henry Floyd 7/19/19 M Decatur 7110 
HEAD H.F. (TX)	KELLER Travilla (TX)	James Martin 5/9/23 M Decatur 7797 
HEAD Isaac Walter (TX)	INGLE Cora Etta (TX)	Lester Taft 7/5/09 M Boonsville 4685 & 4685a
HEAD John Henry (IL)	SEARLS Lydia Esther (KS)	Jesse Lee 07/26/90 M Boonsville [del. 6779] 
HEAD John Henry (IL)	SEARLS Lydia Esther (KS)	Henry Floyd 02/14/96 M Boonsville [del. 7475] 
HEAD William	BLANK Matty	blank 12/21/07 M blank 3739 
HEAD William A (IL)	ROBERTSON Eudora Eleanor (MS)	Leslie Isaac 10/07/92 M Boonsville [del. 21917] 
HEAD William Alonza (IL)	ROBERTSON Eudora Eleanor (MS)	Lydia Jay 11/16/00 F Boonsville [del. 22703] 
HEARN Jesse (AL)	SCOTT Ada (TX)	Walter Printiss 02/13/87 M Decatur [del. 13732] 
HEARRON George (GA)	BUCKHART Laura Christene (GA)	Lummes H 12/02/90 M Decatur [del. 16448] 
HEATH blank	RAY Lucy	blank 11/24/14 F blank 5987 
HEATH F.M.	BLANK blank	Joyce 9/28/04 F blank 1232 & [delayed 19541]
HEATH J.M.	BLANK D.O.	blank 8/18/07 M blank 3495 
HEATH Jim (TN)	LACY Dora Odessa (GA)	Bertha Alma 10/28/01 F Willow Point [del. 14268] 
HEATH Oscar Allen	RECTOR Pearl M.	Earl Jethro 11/21/09 M Willow Point 4854 & 4854a
HEATH Robert Henry (GA)	YEATES Lizzie (GA)	Ona Eva 09/03/83 F Decatur [del. 14902] 
HEATH Roy	BLANK Effie	blank 12/7/04 M blank 1412 
HEATH Thomas Franklin	SMITH Susanna Ellen	James Porter 4/14/09 M Willow Point 4595 & 4595a & 4595b
HEATH Thomas Franklin (TX)	SMITH Susanna Ellen (TX)	Roxie Pearl 12/16/00 F Willow Point [del. 25662] 
HEATH Tom	BLANK Ida	blank 6/9/07 F blank 3379 
HEATHINGTON James Henry (MO)	REEVES Anna Viola (TX)	Roy Cecil 05/02/89 M Decatur [del. 9145] 
HEATIN W.I.	BLANK M.M.	blank 4/13/07 M blank 3285 
HEDGECOKE John Monroe (NC)	PITTS Minnie Belle (MO)	Sam 12/10/82 M Crafton [del. 15390] 
HEDGECOKE Samuel Minter (TX)	GOEMAN Eva (TX)	Lura Bernice 12/04/87 F Crafton [del. 21653] 
HEDRICK John Albert (TX)	WARD Dot Henrietta (TX)	Louis Allen 08/25/95 M Bridgeport [del. 4070] 
HEFFLIN L.I.	BLANK C.	L.I., Jr. 9/21/03 M blank 301 
HEFFNER G.A. (MO)	BROWNLEE Eunice (TX)	Emma Caroline 4/24/23 F Alvord 7781 
HEFLEY John Martin (TX)	WHORTON Little Bobbie (GA)	James Thomas 09/05/89 M Boonsville [del. 23262] 
HEFLEY W.R.	BLANK S.E.	blank 5/3/04 M blank 860 
HEFLEY William Richard (MS)	WOODY Sallie (TX)	Robert Fulton 11/02/86 M Decatur [del. 24012] 
HEFLEY William Richard (TX)	WOODY Sallie (TX)	Mildred Katherine 02/24/96 F Boonsville [del. 21051] 
HEFLEY William Richard (TX)	WOODY Sallie (TX)	Margaret 02/06/98 F Boonsville [del. 23102] 
HEFLIN John	BLANK Ada	blank 4/21/06 F blank 2633 
HEFNER Perry Harrison (AL)	LUMSDEN Susan Frances (AL)	Dovie Rozella 12/23/97 F Chico [del. 28629] 
HEFNER Perry Harrison (AL)	LUMSDEN Susan Frances (AL)	Jennie Cleota 10/09/99 F Chico [del. 23377] 
HEFNEY Owen	BLANK Donna	blank 1/4/05 M blank 1490 
HEISH Tom	BLANK Ella	blank 11/3/06 F blank 2993 
HELLON J.H.	BLANK Bentie	blank 10/20/07 F blank 3621 
HELM Aubrey Scott	MCQUINN Edna Lillian	blank 1/15/06 F blank 2409 
HELM Aubrey Scott	MCQUINN Elvie Lillian	Louisa Victoria 4/13/04 F Decatur 809 & 0809a
HELM Aubrey Scott (TX)	McQUINN Lillian (TX)	Eugenia 03/12/02 F Decatur [del. 30031] 
HELM Bascom (TX)	RODGER Francis Lause (TN)	Frank Leslie 03/17/94 M Paradise [del. 6103] 
HELM Benjamin Franklin (IL)	HUFF Margaret Jane (MO)	Amos Justice 03/13/85 M Brumlow [del. 10732] 
HELM Benjamin Franklin (IL)	HUFF Margaret, Jane (MO)	Lillian Grace 11/05/90 F Brumlow [del. 28420] 
HELM David	BLANK blank	James 10/7/04 M blank 1257 
HELM Earl Monroe	HAYNES Bernice Fay	Bennie Earl 2/15/27 M Newark 8748 
HELM Floyd H.	LEWIS Fannie	Shiela Virginia 5/25/09 F Decatur 4642 
HELM J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 9/1/05 F blank 2109 
HELM J.E.	BLANK Zella	blank 1/13/09 F blank 4439 
HELM Jim	RENFRO blank	blank 8/23/16 F blank 6465 
HELM Jim	RENFRO Jessie	Pearl Nelle 5/16/14 F Newark 5892 & 5892a
HELM Joe	BLANK Mayme	blank 10/26/04 F blank 1302 
HELM John, Rev.	BLANK blank	blank 4/15/17 F Boyd 6608 
HELM Oscar	BLANK Lelean	blank 10/4/03 M blank 336 
HELM R.E.	BLANK Amey	blank 8/2/03 F blank 152 
HELM Virgil	BLANK blank	blank 10/1/04 F blank 1241 
HELM W.C. (TX)	PONDER Goldie B. (OK)	W. Curtis 11/16/24 M Newark 8213 
HELM Wes (IL)	CHANCE Henrietta (IL)	Claud Dubois 12/08/81 M Decatur [del. 13423] 
HELM William Curtis	PALMER Goldie Bell	Margaret Llorraine 11/14/26 F Newark 8711 
HELM William Monroe (IL)	McBRIDE Ella (TX)	J Elmer 11/01/82 M Briar [del. 3844] 
HELMS J.C.	PRICE Martha	Sherman Duke 11/7/06 M blank 3003 & 3003a
HELMS John	BLANK blank	blank 6/1/13 M blank 5717 
HELMS S.W.	BLANK blank	blank 10/22/06 M blank 2972 
HELTON James (MS)	ROBERSON Nancy (MS)	Edgar Corner 10/22/89 M Chester Co TN [del. 29771] 
HELTON John	BLANK Catheine	blank 8/18/09 M blank 4741 
HELTON W.A.	PENDER Datie Winifred	Mildred Edna 3/17/04 F Decatur 741 & 0741a
HELTON William Andrew (MS)	PENDER Katie Winiford (TN)	Bertha Ann 10/19/98 F Boyd [del. 14047] 
HEMBREE George	BLANK blank	blank 6/21/08 F blank 4095 
HEMBREE George Washington, Rev.	THOMPSON Lora Docia	Fred Ottis 9/14/06 M Decatur 2906 & 2906a
HEMBREE J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 5/19/04 M blank 895 
HEMBREE James William (MS)	JONES Maggie Idalee (TX)	Walter Jones 10/15/92 M Paradise [del. 9312] 
HEMBREE James William (MS)	JONES Maggie Idalee (TX)	Ernest Graves 01/10/98 M Paradise [del. 9310] 
HEMBREE James William (MS)	JONES Maggie Idalee (TX)	Myrtle Marie 06/29/00 F Paradise [del. 5939] 
HEMBREE James William (MS)	JONES Maggie Idalee (TX)	Maud Oressa 06/22/02 F Paradise [del. 9311] 
HEMBREE Joe	CURRY Minnie	blank 2/16/14 M blank 5841 
HEMBREE Johnson H (GA)	WALLACE Malinda (MS)	Annie Cleveland 11/08/92 F Paradise [del. 9309] 
HEMBREE Joseph J (MS)	CURRIE Ada Francis (TX)	Minnie Lee 09/13/02 F Jefferson Co OK [del. 15597] 
HEMBREE Robert Franklin (TX)	RICHARDSON Florence (TX)	Wyona 08/26/98 F Bridgeport [del. 33777] 
HEMBREY Ben	GAINES Mary 	blank 4/29/05 F blank 1778 
HEMPHILL Marshall Aubrey (AR)	SCHAEFFER Sarah Alice (TX)	Doma Mae 09/24/99 F Alvord [del. 16994] 
HEMPHILL Marshall Aubrey (AR)	SCHAEFFER Sarah Alice (TX)	Alice Fern 12/01/01 F Alvord [del. 24828] 
HENARD Daniel Morgan (IL)	HEFLEY Louisa Alice (TX)	Bessie 03/21/85 F Boonsville [del. 16559] 
HENDERSON Charles Edward (AL)	AKINS Mary Etta (IN)	Mack 11/05/87 M Green Co AR [del. 10511] 
HENDERSON Charles S. (TN)	NORWOOD Josie Mandy (TN)	Oron Carthel 4/20/09 M Alvord 4599 & 4599a
HENDERSON Charles Sample	GARFIELD Amanda Josie	Carlos Okla 7/12/04 M Bridgeport 1012 & 1012a
HENDERSON Charles Sample (TN)	NORWOOD Amanda Josie (TN)	Rosa Ruth 4/6/06 F Rural Wise Co. 2600 & 2600a
HENDERSON D.M.	PREVITT V.N.	Billie Rita 8/9/32 F Newark [No Image 10523] 
HENDERSON Elis	BLANK blank	blank 9/4/07 M blank 3519 
HENDERSON Frank (TX)	STOKES May (TX)	Frankie Jewel 08/10/97 F Newark [del. 22313] 
HENDERSON G.O.	BLANK Minnie	blank 7/20/09 F blank 4694 
HENDERSON George	BLANK Alice	blank 7/7/09 M blank 4686 
HENDERSON George	PARISH Alice	blank 1/10/11 M blank 5161 
HENDERSON George (KS)	MERRILL Abbie (KS)	Gladys Fay 12/18/08 F blank 4403 
HENDERSON George E.	PARISH Alice	blank 5/30/14 F blank 5902 
HENDERSON Hamilton Charlie (TX)	YOUNGBLOOD Callie (TX)	Cleo Katherine 02/10/95 F Paradise [del. 24454] 
HENDERSON Jack James (TX)	GODWIN Fannie Ellen (TX)	John Robert 10/07/95 M Decatur [del. 11628] 
HENDERSON James Baxter (MO)	COOLEY Mattie Alice (KY)	Ruth Alice 10/16/95 F Decatur [del. 28710] 
HENDERSON Robert Hurt (TN)	DILLON Tobitha Elizabeth (TN)	Sallie Byner 01/14/79 F Aurora [del. 9466] 
HENDERSON William Melvin	TURPIN Wheeler	Claude Grayson 3/15/04 M Poolville 732 
HENDLEY Jacob (England)	LARGENT Jemima Elizabeth (MO)	James Gilbert 10/11/94 M Texas Co MO [del. 14998] 
HENDRIX James Melford (TX)	CORNELISON Ada Bell (TX)	Henry Nathan 04/17/95 M Park Springs [del. 7969] 
HENDRIX Samuel R G (KY)	RUSHING Mary Caroline (TN)	James Preston 03/20/85 M Decatur [del. 10116] 
HENRY Clarence (TX)	HOOKER Velma (TX)	Lillian Kathleen 7/25/21 F Bridgeport 7426 & 7426a
HENRY J.C.	HOOKER Velma	Hazel Aubre 1/16/32 blank Chico [No Image 10406] 
HENRY J.O. (TX)	WITHERS Florence (TX)	twins 4/29/24 F Decatur 8058 
HENRY J.O. (TX)	WITHERS Florence (TX)	twins 4/29/24 F Decatur 8059 
HENRY John Thomas	BRANTLEY Ada Lula	Henry Maudie 4/27/11 F Chico 5234 
HENRY Russell (TN)	TAYLOR Malinda (TN)	Lila 5/29/20 F Boyd 7254 
HENRY T.A. (TN)	MORGAN Dovie (MS)	Janney Ozelle 6/3/18 F Chico 6908 
HENRY William Andrew (MS)	ALLISON Louisa Lavinia (TX)	Myrtle Lee 11/29/94 F Decatur [del. 23489] 
HENSLEY Charley Byrd (AR)	GERMANY Nora Ada (TX)	John McDaniel 05/08/95 M Decatur [del. 8313] 
HENSLEY Charley Byrd (AR)	McCRACKEN Nora G (TX)	Charley Byrd 08/23/97 M Decatur [del. 18749] 
HENSLEY Elvin Laf lint (TX)	EWING Minnie Ola (TX)	Elvin Murrell 12/05/97 M Decatur [del. 25178] 
HENSLEY Elvin Lafett (MO)	EWING Minnie Ola (TN)	Glena Gladys 12/14/01 F Decatur [del. 12718] 
HENSLEY Wilson A (AR)	LEMAY Della (TN)	Olive 05/03/96 F Pella [del. 6956] 
HENSON Charles Henry (MO)	TRAFFENSTEDT Jueda Lou (TX)	James Robert 5/18/21 M Paradise 7398 
HENSON Charlie H. (MO)	TRAFFENSTEDT Lee (TX)	Roberta Katherine 12/12/19 F Paradise 7176 
HENSON Harly P. (TX)	UNDERWOOD Johnnie (TX)	blank 5/21/25 M Crafton 8319 
HENSON Jessie F. (TX)	TRAFFANSTEDT Maudie Ethel (AL)	Mary Ethel 1/30/20 F Paradise 7201 
HENSON John Henderson (MO)	CARUTHERS Mary (MS)	Dora Luella 12/01/84 F Decatur [del. 13550] 
HENSON John Madison (AR)	BURK Inez Clara Belle (TX)	Virginia Clyde 08/13/01 F Decatur [del. 9900] 
HENSON Jonathan Nathaniel (AR)	ABERNATHY Annie Price (MO)	Ida Mae 01/07/84 F Decatur [del. 21420] 
HENSON Louis Young (MO)	GRIDER Margaret Elvira (MO)	Cora Minnie 03/09/82 F Decatur [del. 17746] 
HENSON Louis Young (MO)	GRIDER Margaret Elvira (MO)	Anna Margaret 04/14/86 F Decatur [del. 17747] 
HENSON Phillip Robert (AL)	BRISCOE Martha Jane (TX)	Robert Edgar 03/11/75 M Decatur [del. 8626] 
HENSON R.D. (TX)	THORN Hattie (OK)	blank 12/15/23 F Chico 7953 
HENSON Thomas Marion (?)	LAKEY Annie Bell (?)	William Frances 12/10/92 M Crafton [del. 20781] 
HENSON William James (MO)	TURNER Lizzie (IL)	Harley Portwood 10/24/93 M Crafton [del. 22019] 
HENSON William James (MS)	TURNER Haniott Elizabeth (IL)	Roy Dennis 07/09/95 M Crafton [del. 28186] 
HENTON J.W.	BLANK Frankie	blank 10/7/06 F blank 2953 
HENTON J.W.	MOWERY Frankie	Vernon Ray 1/6/30 M Chico [No Image 9547] 
HENTON James Walter (MO)	MOWERY Frankie E. (TX)	Ila Mae 9/27/08 F Chico 4268 & 4268a
HENTON John Richard (MO)	ROSSLER Katherine (TN)	Evelyn Gretchen 05/01/98 F Alvord [del. 25295] 
HENTON William Casper (MO)	DABNEY Mollie K (TX)	Blanche 10/10/93 F Alvord [del. 3884] 
HERMAN Benjamin Franklin (AL)	SPRINGER Ursley Jane (AL)	William Mason 09/16/82 M Decatur [del. 8666] 
HERMAN Benjamin Franklin (AL)	SPRINGER Ursley Jane (AL)	Steve Price 07/18/86 M Decatur [del. 8667] 
HERNANDEZ Sontas	ORTIZ Luz	Henry 7/15/10 M blank 5044 
HERNDON Elvie Venson (MO)	GIBBS Ida Jessie (TX)	Ila Jewell 07/23/98 F Park Springs [del. 9897] 
HERNDON Venson Elventon (MO)	GIBBS Ida J (TX)	Jessie Alonzo 08/11/01 M Park Springs [del. 10733] 
HERNDON Venson Elvington (MO)	GIBBS Ida Jessie (TX)	Mary Jane 08/02/86 F Park Springs [del. 18124] 
HERNDON William Mack (TN)	FOSTER Annie (TX)	Doe William 02/25/86 M Greenwood [del. 4840] 
HERNDON William Mack (TN)	FOSTER Annie (TX)	Missouri Belle 12/05/91 F Decatur [del. 8162] 
HERON George (Germany)	WHITE Mary (AR)	Lafayette Lee 03/07/79 M Decatur [del. 10917] 
HERRIN Charley Gibson (TX)	HOLLEY Mary Etta (MS)	Cora Lee 11/26/97 F Boonsville [del. 8159] 
HERRIN Charlie Grissom (TX)	HOLLEY Etta (TX)	Bert 10/07/93/N Boonsville [del. 13425] 
HERRIN Charlie Grissom (TX)	HOLLY Mary Etta (MS)	Jody 12/23/99 M Boonsville [del. 7020] 
HERRIN J.W.	WOMACK Majorie	blank 2/12/14 F blank 5839 
HERRING M.C.	BLANK E.	blank 12/10/06 M blank 3051 
HERRIOTT A.	BLANK O.	blank 12/22/04 F blank 1454 
HERRIOTT A.L.	CHIPMAN Josephine	James Arthur 5/27/32 M Chico [No Image 10446] 
HERRIOTT Alexander (AR)	CHADWICK Druscilla Olive (KY)	Martha Ada Elizabeth 05/18/90 F Izard Co AR [del. 23752]
HERRIOTT Alexander (AR)	CHADWICK Druscilla Olive (KY)	Austin Herman 07/18/02 M Chico [del. 18024] 
HERRIOTT Alexander (AR)	CHADWICK Olive Ducilla (KY)	Arthur Leroy 05/30/00 M Chico [del. 29774] 
HERRIOTT Arthur L. (TX)	CHIPMAN Josephine (TX)	Connie LaVerne 5/29/24 F Chico 8074 & 8074a
HERRIOTT Elick (MO)	CHADWICK Ollie (KY)	John Elbert 01/08/88 M Chico [del. 22430] 
HERRIOTT John Elbert	COX Clara Rachel	Ernestine 5/27/17 F Chico 6633 & 6633a
HERRIOTT William R.	PARSON Lula	Willie Lee 2/14/17 F Crafton 6552 & 6552a
HERRON A.V. (TX)	HOWELL Ollie (AL)	blank 5/23/18 M Chico 6902 
HERRON Samuel James (AR)	WILSON Lucie Williams (VA)	A V 05/28/80 M Chico [del. 4945] 
HERRON William Harvey (TN)	WALLACE Cynthia Cornelia (TX)	Ludie May 06/29/94 F Chico [del. 19750] 
HESS Medford	BLANK blank	blank 11/20/07 F blank 3678 
HESTAND James	DURHAM Ethel	blank 11/21/26 F Decatur 8715 
HESTAND William Albert (TX)	McKELVY Aurora Lenora (TN)	Charles Claude 03/07/96 M Willow Point [del. 15785] 
HESTAND William Thomas (TX)	LIVELY Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Vivian Bulah 11/24/00 F Alvord [del. 28711] 
HESTAND William Thomas (TX)	LIVELY Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Joe Howard 08/01/02 M Alvord [del. 8219] 
HESTEAND Harvey J H (KY)	CARTER Virginia K (TN)	Minnie Ella 10/02/91 F Greenwood [del. 24788] 
HESTEANDE J.M.J. (TX)	DURHAM Ethel Ione (TX)	Viola Lois 10/8/23 F Greenwood 9144 & 9144a
HESTEANDE John M.J.	DURHAM E.I.	Ruby Jewell 1/28/30 F blank [No Image 9571] 
HESTER Henry F (MO)	McADOW Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	Ona 03/03/92 F Alvord [del. 7587] 
HESTER John Remny	YEAGER Anna	Nettie Lynn 2/6/28 F Chico 8935 & 8935a
HESTON W.F. (TX)	MCCATTY Sam (TX)	blank 5/13/21 M Sycamore 7393 
HEWITT Oran	BROWN Annie Lee	Mary Sue 9/10/32 F Boyd [No Image 10552] 
HIBBERT James Crawford (KY)	HINKEL Mary (IA)	Thomas Oliver 11/23/88 M Wise Co [del. 11926] 
HICHCOX James	BLANK Alice	blank 3/17/08 M blank 3921 & [delayed 10620]
HICHCOX James	BLANK Alice	blank 3/17/08 F blank 3923 
HICKS B.J.	RILEY F.B.	Bennie Ruth 2/5/30 F blank [No Image 9583] 
HICKS C.T.	BLANK blank	blank 10/4/04 M blank 1248 
HICKS Carson	BLANK May	blank 5/29/11 M blank 5270 
HICKS Charles	BLANK Sally	blank 12/13/06 M blank 3054 
HICKS Charles Andrew (TX)	MCQUEEN Eliza (TX)	Charles Mack 7/3/08 M Decatur 4114 & 4114a
HICKS Charlie Thomas (?)	RANSOM Sarah Frances (TX)	Harvey Alvin Lee 12/20/96 M Decatur [del. 30175] 
HICKS Green Andrew (AR)	HOBSON Letitia Ella (TX)	Annie Lee 09/07/95 F Decatur [del. 29979] 
HICKS Green Andrew (AR)	HOBSON Letitia Etta (IL)	Stella Mae 05/06/00 F Decatur [del. 12191] 
HICKS Henry Parker (TN)	THOMAS Martha Ann (MS)	John Carson 11/09/84 M Decatur [del. 19105] 
HICKS Henry Paschal (TN)	THOMAS Martha Ann (MS)	Tempie Belle 09/08/86 F Decatur [del. 9596] 
HICKS Isaiah Luther (AL)	CROW Malissa Ida (AL)	Fay 06/23/97 F Crafton [del. 23597] 
HICKS Isaiah Luther (AL)	CROW Malissa Ida (AL)	Frances 06/23/97 F Crafton [del. 23596] 
HICKS J.B.	BLANK blank	blank 2/19/09 F blank 4499 & [Delayed 13318]
HICKS J.M.	BLANK Nellie	blank 5/20/05 M blank 1833 
HICKS J.R.	BLANK blank	Eugene 1/3/05 M blank 1486 
HICKS James	BLANK N.	blank 10/10/03 F blank 356 
HICKS James Monroe	HARRIS Nellie Jane	Howard William 5/20/11 M Alvord 5257 & 5257a
HICKS Jim	HARRIS Nellie	blank 5/24/14 blank blank 5899 
HICKS W.D.	BLANK blank	Twins 12/14/05 F blank 2356 
HICKS W.D.	BLANK blank	Twins 12/14/05 F blank 2357 
HICKS W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 12/30/09 M blank 4889 
HICKS William David (AL)	HENDERSON Sarah (TN)	Leona Oleta 7/21/13 F Anneville 5740 & 5740a
HICKS William David (AL)	HENDERSON Sarah Delaney (TN)	Ethel Theo 01/11/99 F Bridgeport [del. 12193] 
HIETT Ellis (TX)	ROGERS Elnora (TX)	blank 9/25/29 M Newark 9463 
HIGDON Bass (GA)	BOTTOMS Mary (GA)	John Reese 07/20/78 M Fannin Co GA [del. 8158] 
HIGDON Douglas	BLANK Maggie	blank 7/31/03 M blank 147 
HIGDON John R.	BLANK Maggie	blank 8/1/06 F blank 2806 
HIGDON John Reese (GA)	ALEXANDER Maggie (TX)	Walter Leonard 12/21/01 M Bridgeport [del. 6697] 
HIGDON Reese Sabastine (GA)	FAIN Nora A (GA)	Fred Nimrod 01/18/93 M Bridgeport [del. 9052] 
HIGGINS Henry	BOYDSTON Alice	blank 4/6/13 M blank 5677 
HIGGINS J.E.	BLANK Lara	blank 7/15/07 M blank 3426 
HIGGINS John Wesley (TX)	DUCKWORTH Louisa Ann (AR)	Nevada 08/08/79 F Garvin [del. 12101] 
HIGGINS John Wesley (TX)	REYNOLDS Martha Ann (TX)	John Robert 06/10/85 M Boyd [del. 11288] 
HIGGINS Marcus Lafayette (MO)	HARVEY Martha (TX)	Addison 03/26/84 M Decatur [del. 19933] 
HIGGINS Robert	BLANK Mollie C.	blank 10/7/16 M blank 6483 
HIGGS A.P.	CREEL Mary Bell	blank 7/24/17 F Chico 6666 
HIGGS A.P.	CRELL Bess	blank 2/2/12 F blank 5452 
HIGGS Frank	BLANK K.L.	blank 3/21/15 F blank 6059 
HIGGS Frank	BLANK Kate	blank 8/24/08 F blank 4202 
HIGGS John	BLANK blank	Jack 7/28/04 M blank 1060 
HIGGS Levi	BLANK Emma	Beatrice 4/23/06 F blank 2635 
HIGGS Sam	BLANK Leona	blank 7/31/07 F blank 3453 
HIGGS William Franklin (TN)	WARREN Katie Louemma (TN)	William Wiley 02/22/95 M Fayett Co TN [del. 11878] 
HIGH E.L.	BLANK B.M.	blank 10/31/07 M blank 3643 
HIGHTOWER Harrill Haddix	HIGGS Sallie Maud	Harrill Haddix, Jr. 3/1/27 M Fort Worth 8754 & 8754a
HIGHTOWER Isaac Elisha (TX)	POWELL Lennie Beatrice (TX)	Mary Eunice 03/13/91 F Garvin [del. 5976] 
HILBURN A.L. William	BEATY Minnie L.	William R. 1/10/18 M Newark 6791 
HILL A.L.	BLANK M.E.	(James M.) 12/17/03 M blank 514 
HILL Aaron Luther (MS)	ROMAN Hattie Bell (TX)	Vera Beatrice 8/1/07 F Balsora 3456 & 3456a
HILL Ab	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/13 M blank 5639 
HILL Allen	BLANK Mary	blank 9/10/07 F blank 3532 
HILL Allen	BLANK Mary	blank 7/26/09 M blank 4699 
HILL C.	BLANK Alice	blank 2/28/07 M blank 3198 
HILL Charles Henry (IN)	SANDS Martha Jane (TX)	Archie Leonard 05/09/89 M Greenwood [del. 6700] 
HILL D. Alvin (LA)	MOWERY Callie Ann (TX)	Sophronia Faye 8/13/08 F Decatur 4184 & 4184a
HILL D.G.	BLANK J.C.	blank 9/8/06 F blank 2894 
HILL Dan	BLANK Lula	blank 8/25/08 M blank 4204 
HILL Dan (SC)	JOHNSON Mary Louisa (AL)	Winnie May 04/24/91 F Chico [del. 17440] 
HILL Dan (SC)	JOHNSON Mary Louisa (AL)	Elzy Ray 08/30/92 M Chico [del. 13254] 
HILL Dan (SC)	JOHNSON Mary Louisa (AL)	Ruby Opal 08/03/01 F Chico [del. 18967] 
HILL Dan (SC)	JOHNSON Mary Louise (AL)	Nichola Lyman 12/18/88 M Chico [del. 17279] 
HILL Dan (VA)	JOHNSON Mary Louisa (AL)	Dan Coburn 1/10/07 M Chico 3101 & 3101a
HILL Dudley Gordon	JOHNSON Joe Addie	Dudley Gordon, Jr. 5/30/12 M Balsora 5534 & 5534a
HILL Dudley Gordon (MS)	JOHNSTON Jo Addie (MS)	J.G. 10/26/08 M Balsora 4316 
HILL E.A.	BLANK Nattie	blank 1/21/09 F blank 4451 
HILL E.F.	BLANK S.A.	blank 10/15/05 M blank 2217 
HILL E.T.	BLANK blank	(twin) 2/24/07 F blank 3186 
HILL E.T.	BLANK blank	(twin) 2/24/07 M blank 3187 
HILL Ed	BLANK blank	blank 7/31/08 M blank 4159 
HILL Felix	BLANK Fannie	Roy 9/17/03 M blank 293 
HILL I.V.	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/05 M blank 1788 
HILL J.H.	BLANK Maggie	blank 8/2/04 F blank 1072 
HILL J.R.	BLANK Maggie	blank 4/10/08 M blank 3965 
HILL James Monroe (TX)	HUDDLESTON Minerva (AR)	Elvina 08/31/92 F Aurora [del. 16416] 
HILL James Monroe (TX)	HUDDLESTON Minerva (TN)	Myrtle Lee 03/15/97 F Decatur [del. 9469] 
HILL James Monroe (TX)	HUDDLESTON Priscilla (?)	Iva Lena 01/17/95 F Briar [del. 4098] 
HILL James Richard (MS)	WOOD Maggie (TX)	John Ellis 09/22/00 M Boonsville [del. 5892] 
HILL James Richard (MS)	WOOD Sarah Maggie (TX)	Della Thelma 07/17/99 F Decatur [del. 31739] 
HILL Joe Mitchell (TN)	WATKINS Ida Blane (TN)	Vera Kathleen 11/08/97 F Decatur [del. 12473] 
HILL John Briggs (TX)	KING Martha Elizabeth (TN)	Flora Gladys 08/11/99 F Sunset [del. 24768] 
HILL John Briggs (TX)	KING Martha Elizabeth (TN)	Flossie Marie 08/11/99 F Sunset [del. 24767] 
HILL John Pinkney (LA)	KENNEBREW Merah (LA)	Callie 09/15/92 F Aurora [del. 21606] 
HILL John Pinkney (LA)	KINNEBREW Merah (LA)	Henry Floyd 12/13/93 M Aurora [del. 28612] 
HILL Lacy	KINDALL blank	blank 7/24/17 F Bridgeport 6665 
HILL Leander S (AL)	CLORE Martha W (KY)	Garland Alva 07/20/93 M Willow Point [del. 25644] 
HILL Leander S (TX)	CLOER Martha (AL)	Adolphus Lane 10/29/89 M Decatur [del. 20584] 
HILL Leander Septimus (TX)	CLOER Martha William (AL)	William Washington 07/29/84 M Boonsville [del. 9018] 
HILL Leoren S (TX)	CLOER Martha (AL)	Sidney Francis 12/19/86 M Decatur [del. 16520] 
HILL Omel Crockett (MO)	RUTLEDGE Rachael Elizabeth (LA)	Willie Thomas 01/26/99 M Decatur [del. 7773] 
HILL Reuben George (MS)	WOOTON Martha Jane (MS)	Robert Lee 04/17/78 M Lafayette Co MS [del. 14456] 
HILL Richard	EMMERSON blank	blank 8/22/15 M blank 6207 
HILL Robert	BLANK blank	blank 6/28/13 M blank 5731 
HILL Robert C.	WARREN Katie	Tressie Ann 2/22/16 F Boyd 6371 & 6371a
HILL Ruben C (MS)	WOOTON Martha Jane (MS)	Marvin Wooten 11/05/99 M Bridgeport [del. 6396] 
HILL S.R.	BLANK blank	blank 11/27/03 F blank 466 
HILL Sam A.	CARPENTER Ora	Betty Jean 4/19/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10743] 
HILL Silver L. (TX)	FLETCHER Jewel (TX)	Virginia Nell 6/17/22 F Park Springs 7614 
HILL Silver L. (TX)	FLETCHER Jewel (TX)	Luther Dan 9/28/23 M Park Springs 7905 
HILL W L (MS)	COWLEY Esther P (MS)	William Thomas 01/06/97 M Love Co OK [del. 19879] 
HILL W.A.	BLANK Mary	blank 11/12/04 M blank 1350 
HILL W.J.	BLANK Samantha	blank 2/11/09 F blank 4489 
HILL W.W.	BLANK Nora A.	Ruth 7/7/03 F blank 95 
HILL Will	WARREN Mattie	Haskell H. 1/9/17 M Boyd 6539 & 6539a
HILL William	REEVES Inez	blank 2/20/31 F Decatur [No Image 9969] 
HILL William Buster (MO)	BEARDEN Parevaid (MS)	Oscar Charles 11/21/98 M Alvord [del. 13981] 
HILL William Hall (AR)	WARREN Mattie Belle (AR)	Ernest Choy 10/23/12 M Boyd 5586 & 5586a
HILL William Kinch (TX)	PETTY Betty (TX)	Allie Pearlee 01/08/85 F Aurora [del. 16280] 
HILL William Thomas (TX)	GRAY Mary Love (AR)	Lela Bell 01/07/92 F Decatur [del. 7202] 
HILL Willie Buster (MO)	BEARDEN Paroze (MS)	Lee Ona 08/04/88 F Alvord [del. 16325] 
HILLIAN Thomas Winifred (OK)	VUNCANNON Lucy Jane (IN)	Mary Lulu 01/27/95 F Alvord [del. 16826] 
HILLIN W.D. (TX)	FERROD Virginia (TX)	Francis Ruth 1/20/29 F Decatur 9245 
HILLUMS W.D.	BLANK L.B.	blank 8/24/06 M blank 2865 
HILT S.E.	JONES Ruby	blank 7/16/31 F blank [No Image 10145] 
HILTON Joe	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/07 M blank 3124 
HILTON Joe H.	BLANK blank	blank 6/10/12 M blank 5537 
HILTON Joe Hamilton (TN)	COVINGTON Birdie Beason (TX)	Willie Edward 8/5/14 M Boyd 5938 & 5938a
HILTON Van Hiram	SPANN Jessie Mae	Billie Van 2/27/28 F Dalhart 8960 
HILTON Walter (TX)	JOBE Maudie (TX)	Mary Lee 8/13/29 F Decatur 9419 & 9419a
HILTON Walter Winfred	JOBE Maudie Parlie	William Leon 3/27/28 M Decatur 8982 & 8982a
HINDS Granison Wood (IL)	LONG Harriett Anne (CA)	Henrietta Louisa 07/02/84 F Willow Point [del. 14176] 
HINER Ira Hall	ELROD Mary Susan	Daisy Gertrude 1/25/05 F Alvord 1538 & 1538a
HINES blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/3/05 F blank 1642 
HINES Fred	BLANK Mollie	blank 1/9/06 M blank 2394 
HINES George Horace (TX)	DIAL Ella Nora (TX)	George Horace 05/28/00 M Bridgeport [del. 9075] 
HINES George William (TN)	EMBRY Lena (TX)	Ethel 06/13/98 F Paradise [del. 20524] 
HINES George William (TN)	EMBRY Lena (TX)	William Embry 5/30/06 M Paradise 2691 & 2691a
HINES J.C.	BLANK Mollie	T.E. 1/6/04 M blank 569 
HINES John C.	BLANK (Mollie)	(Louie M.) 8/27/08 M blank 4206 
HINES John C. (TN)	PYAHUE Mary Ann (TX)	Mary Ruth 7/17/06 F Alvord 2772 & 2772a
HINES John Thomas (TX)	BRANDON Eva Lena (AR)	Lillian Lois 07/16/95 F Wise Co [del. 8909] 
HINES John Thomas (TX)	BRANDON Eva Lena (AR)	Onnie Leah 06/04/02 F Bethel [del. 14489] 
HINES Mathias Turner (TX)	WOODS Cora Belle (IL)	Stella May 10/14/99 F Bridgeport [del. 29980] 
HINES O.W.	BLANK F.	blank 12/21/05 F blank 2371 
HINES R.P.	BLANK Ruth	L. (Lela Bell) 9/14/03 F blank 282 
HINES R.P.	BLANK Ruth	blank 7/18/05 F blank 1971 
HINES Richard Perry (TN)	EMBRY Ruth (TX)	Buena Vista 07/17/00 F Decatur [del. 10216] 
HINES Richard Perry (TN)	EMBRY Ruth (TX)	Eleanor Ruth 6/2/07 F Bridgeport 3367 & 3367a
HINES Robert Braxton (TX)	RODGERS Alice Josephine (TX)	Ernest Bland 07/05/96 M Paradise [del. 11060] 
HINES Solomon James (TX)	CULWELL Elizabeth Rebecca (AR)	John Thomas 05/23/75 M Wise Co [del. 8910] 
HINES Thomas Benjamin (TX)	BIRKS Sarah Jane (MO)	Vivie 08/15/94 F Boyd [del. 25179] 
HINES Thomas Benjamin (TX)	BIRKS Sarah Jane (MO)	Vera Dale 01/07/01 F Decatur [del. 5449] 
HINES W.B.	BLANK blank	blank 3/20/08 M blank 3928 
HINES William Embry (TX)	BINGHAM Bernice Balfour (TX)	Lady Joy 10/17/28 F Bridgeport 9156 & 9156a
HINES William Henry	BINGHAM B.	Mary Ann 9/10/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10214] 
HINES William T (TX)	DIAL Nora (TX)	Charles Hershel 11/10/96 M Decatur [del. 10475] 
HINKER Tom	BLANK Dora	blank 1/19/09 M blank 4448 
HINKLE Carl (TX)	WRIGHT May (TX)	James Eugene 7/16/23 M Boyd 7852 & 7852a
HINKLE Carl Dixon	WRIGHT Lillie May	Wanda Lee 10/4/27 F Newark 8853 
HINKLE Earnest D. (TX)	BROWN Lola (TX)	Earnest D., Jr. 2/23/22 M Wichita KS 7551 
HINKLE Horace (TX)	HOWARD Martha	Annie Laura 5/31/24 F Decatur 8075 
HINKLE Samuel Dixon (AL)	GREGG Lula (MS)	John Samuel 06/21/90 M Boyd [del. 9595] 
HINKLE W.A. (TN)	MATHEWS Julia Pearl (AL)	Emma Jo 4/5/24 F Decatur 8062 & 8062a & 8062b
HINKLE W.C. (TX)	PAYNOE E.E. (TX)	blank 4/18/25 F Decatur 8295 
HINKLE Willie	FUNCHESS M.	Wanda Fay 7/8/31 F Decatur [No Image 10136] 
HINKLE Wilson	BLANK blank	blank 7/9/06 M blank 2757 
HINSON H.P. (TX)	UNDERWOOD Johnie (TX)	Winnie L. 9/11/22 F Crafton 7655 
HINSON Harley P. (TX)	BLANK blank	blank 5/28/25 M Crafton 8327 
HINSON Roy	BLANK Hattie	blank 8/29/15 F blank 6214 
HINSON Will	BLANK Lizzie 	Will 12/22/03 F blank 526 
HINTON Tom	BLANK Teshie	blank 4/18/11 F blank 5225 
HIPP Simmon Hiram (AL)	CHAMBERS Maud (AL)	William Russell 03/04/96 M Sunset [del. 21366] 
HISER Elvan (MO)	KERLEE Jessie Elizabeth (MO)	William Albrum 05/09/95 M Newark [del. 5629] 
HITCHCOCK J N (MS)	MIDDLETON Sarah (?)	Loyd Gillespie 03/31/00 M Newark [del. 20265] 
HIX blank	BLANK Hettie, Miss (TX)	James E. 9/15/28 M Rhome 9123 
HIX blank	BLANK Patsy (TX)	Willie Fay 9/30/28 F Rhome 9135 
HIX James Brewer	LYNCH Josie	Lela Mae 10/18/15 F Decatur 6273 & 6273a
HIX James Brewer (TX)	LYNCH Josie (TX)	Bonnie Lee 5/21/13 F Decatur 5703 & 5703a
HOAD Walter (England)	BARBER Hattie Bell (NY)	Ruby Mary 12/04/90 F Decatur [del. 5360] 
HOBBS Edd (TX)	KENYON Allie (TX)	Oscar Virgil 10/03/02 M Poolville [del. 13044] 
HOBBS James F (TX)	SMITH Rosa (TX)	James Donal 08/17/02 M Paradise [del. 7128] 
HOBBS James Franklin	SMITH Rosa Pearl	Melvin Cecil 4/28/04 M Paradise 845 & 0845a
HOBBS James Franklin	SMITH Rosa Pearl	Allison Coho 11/18/05 M Paradise 2290 & 2290a
HOBBS James Henry (AR)	HUNTER America Jane (VA)	William Henry 01/11/88 M Decatur [del. 9998] 
HOBBS Shirley	BLANK blank	blank 12/1/09 M blank 4862 
HOBBS Shirley	BLANK Mabel	blank 1/16/12 F blank 5442 
HOBBS Shirley	HAYS Mable	blank 3/8/14 F blank 5851 
HOBDY Cornelius (KY)	BLACK Nannie Beatrice (AL)	Grace May 12/31/98 F Decatur [del. 13212] 
HOBDY Herbert (TN)	SOSSAMON Mainna Cornelia (GA)	Clarence Chester 11/28/02 M Alvord 77 &  [del. 2982] 
HOBDY Herbert (TN)	SOSSAMON Mainna Cornelia (GA)	Gladys Mainna 09/17/99 F Alvord [del. 19051] 
HOBDY Wade	BLANK Cora	blank 12/15/08 M blank 4396 
HOBSON Albert (IL)	WHITE Julia (TX)	Alice May 09/02/83 F Decatur [del. 19121] 
HOBSON Albert (IL)	WHITE Julia (TX)	Lark Pinkney 08/19/85 M Decatur [del. 18290] 
HOBSON Albert (IL)	WHITE Julia (TX)	Benjamin Franklin 03/30/91 M Decatur [del. 14560] 
HOBSON Dub	BLANK blank	blank 1/8/10 F blank 4897 
HOBSON Ed (IL)	ALLRED Margaret Sephronia (AL)	Tavy 02/05/84 M Decatur [del. 11928] 
HOBSON Edward (TN)	ALLRED Sephronia (AL)	Lora Adelle 02/22/86 F Decatur [del. 18123] 
HOBSON Edward (TN)	ALLRED Sephronia (AL)	Nora Belle 02/22/86 F Decatur [del. 18122] 
HOBSON Frank (IL)	BROWDER Sarah Ann (KY)	William Franklin 02/09/83 M Decatur [del. 7129] 
HOBSON Robert	BLANK blank	blank 1/17/05 M blank 1518 
HOBSON T.R.	BLANK blank	T.R. 6/6/04 M blank 924 
HOBSON William (TX)	GENTRY Verdia (TX)	William Claudice 05/24/02 M Decatur 74 & [del. 2164] 
HOBSON William Marion (TX)	GENTRY Virda Bell (MS)	William Chandos 05/24/02 M Decatur [del. 11205] 
HODGE Homer Eugene (AR)	HODGE (same) Beatrice (AR)	George Elvin 12/02/93 M Crafton [del. 11322] 
HODGE Homer Eugene (AR)	HODGE Beatrice A (AL)	Sidney Perryman 07/21/95 M Crafton [del. 8579] 
HODGE James O	BLANK blank	blank 6/18/04 F blank 956 
HODGE Lewis (LA)	ST CLAIR Venora Alice (TX)	Sarah Nevada 02/26/94 F Wise Co [del. 5037] 
HODGE Lewis L (LA)	ST CLAIR Venora (TX)	Nora Venice 02/22/97 F Audubon [del. 11260] 
HODGES David High (TX)	GARRISON Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Betty Pearl 09/15/96 F Decatur [del. 24416] 
HODGES David Hugh (TX)	GARRISON Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Thomas Nugent 12/02/94 M Decatur [del. 10051] 
HODGES David Hugh (TX)	GARRISON Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Winnie May 11/25/98 F Decatur [del. 30114] 
HODGES Ed	BLANK Lula	blank 12/2/09 F blank 4887 
HODGES Ed	MCGURT Lula	blank 4/22/14 F blank 5878 
HODGES H.B.	BLANK Alvina	blank 8/11/05 M blank 2045 
HODGES John M (GA)	WARD Texanna (GA)	Stella Rae 10/16/00 F Decatur [del. 17377] 
HODGES John Warren (TN)	LYNN Sarah Elizabeth (MS)	Mary Frances 12/09/83 F Audubon [del. 19172] 
HODGES Johnny Johnson	MCPHERSON Mary M.	Theodore Smith 5/12/05 M Balsora 1813 & 1813a
HODGES Soloman George (GA)	FARMER Mary Elizabeth (MO)	William Jessie 12/12/77 M Decatur [del. 9597] 
HODGES W.E.	BLANK Lula	blank 8/14/06 M blank 2839 & [Delay. 26011]
HODGES W.E.	MCGUIRT Lula	Lena 4/7/05 F blank 1723 & 1723a
HODGES W.E. (TX)	MCQUICK Lula (TX)	Meredith 4/21/25 F Alvord 8298 & 8298a
HODGES William Eddie	MCQUIRT Lula	Callie Jane 10/12/16 F Alvord 6489 & 6489a
HODGES William Eddie (TX)	MCGUERT Lula (TX)	Earl Lee 4/3/08 M Alvord 3951 
HODGES William Edward	MCQUIRT Lula	Jo Jimmie 10/31/27 F Alvord 8862 & 8862a
HODGES William Edwards (TX)	MCQUIRT Lula (TX)	Clovis 9/19/21 M Alvord 7473 
HODGISON D.W.	ALLEN A.A.	D.W., Jr. 11/13/30 M blank [No Image 9863] 
HODGISON W.R.	BLANK L.	blank 6/4/09 F blank 4655 
HODGSON J.P. (TX)	SESSIONS Ora A. (TX)	Maria 11/9/18 F Boonsville 7008 
HODGSON James P. (TX)	SESSIONS Ora A. (TX)	William Joe 2/15/22 M Boonsville 7548 
HODGSON William Reno (TN)	NEWSOM Lucetta (TX)	Martha Texana 09/05/87 F Boonsville [del. 23038] 
HODGSON William Reno (TN)	NEWSOM Lucetta (TX)	Menervia Caroline 09/11/93 F Boonsville [del. 21228] 
HODGSON William Reno (TN)	NEWSOM Lucetta (TX)	Daniel William 04/22/02 M Boonsville [del. 36509] 
HOFFMAN Clint	BLANK blank	blank 8/8/04 M blank 1093 
HOFFMAN John (TN)	BARRETT Martha (KY)	Tip Arra 08/13/79 F Decatur [del. 15844] 
HOFFMAN S C (MO)	BEESLEY Lillie (TX)	Lottie Jane 07/16/01 F Stoney [del. 28302] 
HOFFMAN S.C.	BLANK blank	blank 4/6/06 M blank 2599 
HOGC William Scott (MO)	WHITE Amy Louisa (MO)	Georgianna 02/10/81 F Pella [del. 12476] 
HOGEN J.E.	BLANK Lizzie 	blank 12/26/04 M blank 1463 
HOGG John Henry (IL)	MILLS Sarah Ann Frances (TX)	Audrey Eddrill 10/27/89 M Decatur [del. 11427] 
HOGG Scott (MO)	WHITE Amy (MO)	Walter Charles 02/14/85 M Alvord [del. 6314] 
HOGG William Scott (MO)	WHITE Amy Louisa (MO)	Hattie Susan 01/06/80 F Pella [del. 12234] 
HOGGARD Walter	BLANK blank	blank 7/27/13 F blank 5743 
HOGISON W.R.	FOSTER O.M.	Walter Dale 6/20/33 M Boonsville [No Image 10797] 
HOGLAND J A (TX)	POSEY Sarah Aline (TX)	Jessie Vinyard 03/19/97 F Sunset [del. 23132] 
HOGLAND J.A.	BLANK M.	blank 1/1/08 F blank 3756 
HOGLAND J.A.	BLANK T.A.	blank 1/28/05 M blank 1546 
HOGUE C.I. (MS)	BARNETT Lizzie (TX)	blank 8/23/20 M Decatur 7286 
HOLBERT Howard Wayne (MS)	McDONALD Nancy Adeline (TX)	Barney 09/03/87 M Chico [del. 22404] 
HOLBERT Howard Wayne (MS)	McDONALD Nancy Adeline (TX)	Bennie Wayne 10/08/95 F Chico [del. 24532] 
HOLBERT Howard Wayne (MS)	McDONALD Nannie Adelaide (TX)	Kelly William 11/06/85 M Chico [del. 4762] 
HOLBROOK blank	BLANK Bessie	blank 5/12/05 F blank 1812 
HOLDEN Alexander Taylor (GA)	BURRUS Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Choice Dewitt 09/25/96 M Alvord [del. 14233] 
HOLDEN Benjamin Franklin (KY)	WORD Ann America (TX)	John Gordon 11/03/90 M Chico [del. 4815] 
HOLDEN Benjamin Franklin (KY)	WORD Ann America (TX)	Laura 03/01/96 F Wise Co [del. 9688] 
HOLDEN C.W. (TX)	DILLERS Gussie (LA)	blank 8/20/29 F Poolville 9424 
HOLDEN C.W. (TX)	VIDIR Gussie (LA)	Coolidge Lain 3/4/25 M Poolville 8273 
HOLDEN Ira	BLANK Dora	blank 8/19/05 F blank 2068 
HOLDEN Ira (TX)	FLACHE Dora Antonia (TX)	Orlin 06/19/00 M Cottondale [del. 9467] 
HOLDEN Ira I (MO)	ALLEN Rosa Bell (TX)	Vera Mable 05/29/95 F Chico [del. 14490] 
HOLDEN James Harvey (MO)	CRAVENS Lula Starr (TX)	Charles Calvin 10/27/87 M Chico [del. 8757] 
HOLDEN Jasper Hiram (TX)	PERKINS Laura Bell (TX)	Minnie Mae 07/07/94 F Cottondale [del. 23912] 
HOLDEN John Ervin (KY)	AMIC Mary Etta (MO)	Leonard 06/14/86 M Wise Co [del. 13667] 
HOLDEN R A J (TX)	WOOD Amelia Ellen (AR)	Rminda German 04/24/83 M Decatur [del. 15971] 
HOLIDAY Jimmie Dick (AL)	HANKINS Henrietta (AL)	Agnes 03/25/81 F Lamar Co AL [del. 16591] 
HOLIMAN I.A.	DODSON Grace M.	Bobby Laverne 6/5/31 M Newark [No Image 10096] 
HOLLABAUGH Thomas Fountain (AR)	WRIGHT Etha Flora (KY)	Oma 07/28/90 F Alvord [del. 8824] 
HOLLABAUGH Thomas Fountain (AR)	WRIGHT Etha Flora (KY)	Beulah Maud 03/30/93 F Alvord [del. 8823] 
HOLLABAUGH Thomas Fountain (AR)	WRIGHT Etha Flora (KY)	Winnie 01/03/99 F Alvord [del. 8822] 
HOLLABAUGH Thomas Fountain (AR)	WRIGHT Etha Flora (KY)	Carl Thomas 10/14/00 M Alvord [del. 8821] 
HOLLAND John (TX)	MITCHELL Annie (OK)	blank 1/19/29 F blank 9243 
HOLLAND John Charles (GA)	DOYLE Emma Celena (TX)	Alvin B 07/30/94 M Slidell [del. 4439] 
HOLLAND John Charles (GA)	DOYLE Emma Gelana (TX)	Lula Mae 08/11/97 F Slidell [del. 11289] 
HOLLAND Silas Kirksy (GA)	SAUNDERS Darthulia Ann (TN)	Clyde Irvin 05/13/91 M Boonsville [del. 5943] 
HOLLAND Thomas America (GA)	ADAMS Elizabeth Jane (GA)	Delonia 07/16/95 M Decatur [del. 29203] 
HOLLAND Thomas Americus (GA)	ADAMS Elizabeth Jane (GA)	Benjamin Franklin 04/09/97 M Keeter [del. 15694] 
HOLLAND William J (AR)	SATERFIELD Nancy A (AR)	Polka Huntas 07/05/85 F Pella [del. 14235] 
HOLLEBAUGH F.N.	WRIGHT Ethel	blank 9/4/13 F blank 5761 
HOLLEBAUGH T.F.	WRIGHT Ethel	blank 9/4/13 F blank 5762 
HOLLESBOUGH T.F.	BLANK E.A.	I.M. 12/11/03 F blank 500 
HOLLEY A.B.	BLANK blank	blank 5/11/07 F blank 3336 
HOLLEY Hubert	CHEVES Julia	Oscar Marlin 5/23/28 M Boonsville 9021 
HOLLEY M.W.	BLANK Fannie	blank 2/26/08 F blank 3869 
HOLLEY S.D.	LAWRENCE R.E.	Ivy M. 1/1/33 M Poolville [No Image 10648] 
HOLLEY Sion Woodson (MS)	NEWSOM Eliza Haseltine (TN)	Benjamin Carroll 09/23/80 M Boonsville [del. 11880] 
HOLLEY W.M.	BLANK Fannie	blank 5/29/09 M blank 4647 
HOLLEY W.M.	STARKE Fannie	blank 3/19/12 F Boonsville 5485 
HOLLEY Wes	BLANK F.	blank 1/26/04 F blank 616 
HOLLEY Wes M. (MS)	STARK Fannie (TX)	Blanche Elizabeth 7/14/06 F Boonsville 2763 & 2763a
HOLLEY William Woodson (TX)	EVINS Ollie Janett (TN)	Audra Lee 07/20/92 F Boonsville [del. 12862] 
HOLLIDAY William Alsup	BLANK Alice Florence	Willie Akin 4/5/06 F blank 2595 
HOLLINGSWORTH blank	BLANK P.	John R.R. 6/1/33 M Prect #7 [No Image 10784] 
HOLLINGSWORTH C.	WAKEMAN Ann	blank 7/7/31 F blank [No Image 10135] 
HOLLINGSWORTH Carl (TX)	WORKMAN Ame (TX)	blank 3/15/22 M Wichita Falls 7559 
HOLLINGSWORTH J.G.	PERKINS Alba	Hollis Wayne 5/15/31 M Alvord [No Image 10073] 
HOLLINGSWORTH John	BLANK Sallie	blank 10/10/03 blank blank 355 
HOLLINGSWORTH L C (IN)	WILLIAMS Harriett Elizabeth (AR)	Irl R 07/17/90 M Wise Co [del. 3986] 
HOLLINGSWORTH L.G.	BROWNLEE Luelar	blank 7/19/13 M blank 5738 
HOLLINGSWORTH Little Berry (AR)	TANNER Alice Texas (GA)	Lee Berry 12/15/91 M Decatur [del. 18479] 
HOLLINGSWORTH Luther C (IN)	WILLIAMS Harriett Elizabeth (AR)	Ralph E 12/31/97 M Sunset [del. 5941] 
HOLLIS Arthur	EARLY Minnie Mae	Minerva Etta 2/19/16 F Boyd 6364 & 6364a
HOLLIS John (AR)	TUCKER Lizzie Idella (TX)	Annie Larue 12/16/90 F Alvord [del. 11677] 
HOLLIS Mahaiel H (AL)	FORDMAN Lucy (AL)	Elbert 03/18/94 M Boyd [del. 21993] 
HOLLIS Mihile H.	MATTHEW Lucy	Gettis 7/23/04 M Boyd 1047 & 1047a
HOLLIS William Thomas (AL)	CALDWELL Menervia Etter (KY)	Icie 07/20/91 F Boyd [del. 9997] 
HOLLIS William Thomas (AL)	CALDWELL Minerva Etta (KY)	Frankie 10/12/95 F Boyd [del. 18956] 
HOLLIS William Thomas (AL)	CALDWELL Minerva Etta (KY)	George Darling 05/08/01 M Boyd [del. 9598] 
HOLLIS William Thomas (AL)	CALDWELL Minerva Etta (KY)	Jean Etta 03/28/99 F Boyd [del. 7966] 
HOLLIS William Thomas (AL)	CALDWELL Minerva Etta (TX)	Arthur 10/18/92 M Boyd [del. 18820] 
HOLLOWAY Lexy (TN)	BLANK Judy (TX)	blank 6/12/18 M Crafton 6912 
HOLLOWAY William Lawson (MO)	VARDELL Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Arthur Henry 11/16/01 M Alvord [del. 7284] 
HOLLY L.M.	GUINN Faye	Fay 3/13/31 F Alvord [No Image 10006] 
HOLLY S.D.	LAWRENCE R.E.	J.L. 4/16/31 F Boonsville [No Image 10043] 
HOLMAN C.A.	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/07 F blank 3125 
HOLMAN Cornelius Adson (TX)	QUINN Unety (TX)	Jessie Vestus 04/13/97 M Bridgeport [del. 15416] 
HOLMAN James Logan (MO)	LYNCH Betty (MO)	Lewis Jasper 06/22/90 M Alvord [del. 12546] 
HOLMAN John William (AL)	WORD Ida Rebeca (TX)	Annie Elizabeth 08/04/87 F Cowan Stn [del. 10292] 
HOLMAN John William (AL)	WORD Ida Rebecca (TX)	Ida Viola 07/01/81 F Cowan Stn [del. 12195] 
HOLMAN John William (AL)	WORD Ida Rebecca (TX)	Tom Bugbee 09/30/89 M Chico [del. 23263] 
HOLMAN M.C.	BLANK Maurice	blank 6/26/07 F blank 3404 
HOLMAN W.H.	DENNY Tressie	blank 10/29/26 M Chico 8702 
HOLMES George Lafayette (TX)	PINSON Lurissia Elizabeth (TX)	Mattie Lucille 04/08/80 F Chico [del. 17877] 
HOLMES John Milton (TX)	KNIGHT Eva (TX)	William Stewart 07/12/99 M Decatur [del. 12152] 
HOLMES William H (AR)	HARRISON Lena I (IL)	Beatrice Alice 03/06/92 F Willow Point [del. 7642] 
HOLT Albert Sidney (TN)	BLANK Elizabeth (TN)	Oklahoma 04/13/89 M Giles Co TN [del. 21323] 
HOLT Alsie	KAKER Marie	Robert Ray 5/9/33 M Bridgeport [No Image 10766] 
HOLT Bob	BISHOP Ollie	blank 5/29/13 M blank 5711 
HOLT Carl W.	BEVILLE N.M.	blank 12/29/31 M Paradise [No Image 10316] 
HOLT Clyde E. (TX)	WILSON Margarite E. (TX)	Movelda 7/29/24 F Decatur 8123 
HOLT E.L.	BLANK R.E.	blank 12/25/06 M blank 3073 
HOLT E.M.	BLANK F.	blank 9/8/06 F blank 2895 
HOLT Eugene	BLANK Lina	blank 5/21/08 M blank 4039 
HOLT Eugene	MAYES Lena Mary	Roy Allen 8/27/03 M Chico 226 & 0226a
HOLT F.M.	HUGES Lillie	Frances Marion 9/11/17 F Crafton 6705 
HOLT F.N.	BLANK A.A.	blank 9/21/07 M blank 3560 
HOLT Frank	HUGHES Lillie	blank 10/5/16 F blank 6482 
HOLT J.D.	BLANK Laura	J.O. 3/30/04 M blank 771 
HOLT James Anderson (TN)	KENDRICK Malinda C (TN)	Lela 02/08/79 F Chico [del. 19660] 
HOLT James Anderson (TN)	KENDRICK Malinda C (TN)	Dora 12/09/82 F Chico [del. 19802] 
HOLT James Anderson (TN)	KENDRICK Mary Catherine (TN)	Willie May 04/04/85 F Chico [del. 19751] 
HOLT James Danforth (TX)	FLETCHER Laura Clementine (VA)	Winnie 05/28/99 F Slidell [del. 11105] 
HOLT James Danforth (TX)	FLETCHER Laura Clemintine (VA)	Ermyne 01/07/92 F Slidell [del. 11262]
HOLT James Danforth (TX)	FLETCHER Laura Clemintine (VA)	Hazel 08/17/01 F Slidell [del. 11104] 
HOLT Jesse (TX)	MOODY Bertha (TX)	blank 2/5/20 F Bridgeport 7206 
HOLT Joe T (TN)	MORSE Georgia Ann (TX)	Beulah Fletcher 10/02/86 F Decatur [del. 21212] 
HOLT L. Juett (TX)	WELLS Lorine (TX)	blank 1/17/23 M Crafton 7708 & [delayed 5100]
HOLT M.B.	BLANK Lillie	blank 5/15/08 M blank 4026 
HOLT N.R.	BLANK Ethel	blank 4/7/09 M blank 4588 
HOLT N.S.	BLANK E.W.	blank 12/11/04 M blank 1427 
HOLT Noble Smithson (TN)	DAVIDSON Lillie (TN)	Anna Belle 7/10/25 F Park Springs 8358 & 8358a
HOLT Robert	BISHOP Gertie	blank 9/23/11 M blank 5369 
HOLT Robert	BISHOP Gertrudell	Allie Lorena 6/25/06 F Bridgeport 2731 
HOLT Robert	BLANK Gertie	blank 8/24/04 F blank 1133 
HOLT Robert	BLANK Gertie	blank 3/17/09 F blank 4558 
HOLT Robert (FL)	ANDERSON Barcie (TX)	Belle 10/17/92 F Bridgeport [del. 27797] 
HOLT Robert (FL)	ANDERSON Barcie Lee (TX)	Ollie Arena 05/25/95 F Bridgeport [del. 25106] 
HOLT Robert (FL)	ANDERSON Barcie Lee (TX)	Jesse Robert 04/09/99 M Paradise [del. 15737] 
HOLT Robert (FL)	BISHOP Mary Gertrude (KY)	Bertha Mae 05/10/02 F Bridgeport [del. 21456] 
HOLT Samuel Josephus (TX)	WHITE Ivy Earle (TX)	Thelma Alsabee 6/27/06 F Bridgeport 2734 & 2734a
HOLT Thomas Newton (TN)	PIGG Annie (TX)	Joe Braselton 4/19/06 M Chico 2629 & 2629a
HOLT Thomas Sylvester (IL)	CARNEY Leila (KY)	Leila 09/07/85 F Aurora [del. 24069] 
HOLT W D (TN)	SHEPARD Mandy Lee (TN)	Ida I Della 12/01/86 F Bridgeport [del. 19327] 
HOLT W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 4/20/09 M blank 4600 
HOLT W.T.	BLANK S.M.	blank 3/13/07 M blank 3220 
HOLT William Alsey	KAKER Marie	Nellie Fae 9/6/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9804] 
HOLT William Alvis (TX)	KAKER Marie Melvin (TX)	Mary Lee 5/22/29 F Bridgeport 9358 
HOLT William David (TN)	SHEPARD Amanda Lee (TN)	Silas 12/03/98 M Bridgeport [del. 14322] 
HOLT William David (TN)	SHEPARD Amandy Lee (TN)	Walter Lee 10/30/94 M Bridgeport [del. 11531] 
HOLT William David (TN)	SHEPARD Mandy Lee (TN)	Francis Marion 01/03/89 M Bridgeport [del. 15119] 
HOLT William Davis (TN)	SHEPARD Amanda Lee (TN)	Bulah Lee 10/01/84 M Bridgeport [del. 16886] 
HOLT William Manuel (TN)	SIMS Eliza Victory (TN)	Richard Herbert 08/30/96 M Slidell [del. 18252] 
HOLTKAMP William B.	LIPPE Emma	Vernata 9/30/31 blank Boyd [No Image 10239] 
HOLTROOK A.M.	BLANK blank	blank 9/16/10 M blank 5098 
HOLTZCLAW A.L. (TX)	FORD Fannie (TX)	Dorothy Mae 8/4/23 F Wichita Falls 7870 & 7870a
HOLTZCLAW G.	BLANK blank	blank 3/4/04 M blank 704 
HOLTZCLAW Isaac Franklin (AL)	MEEKS Mary Lavina (TX)	Alvin Raymond 07/31/99 M Alvord [del. 9898] 
HOLTZCLAW J.F.	BLANK L.	blank 10/2/03 M blank 332 
HOLTZCLAW John	BLANK Iradora	blank 1/29/05 F blank 1551 
HOLTZCLAW John Martin (AL)	TEAGUE Almedia Isadore (TX)	Raybon Buren 03/17/97 M Alvord [del. 8446] 
HOLTZCLAW John Martin (AL)	TEAGUE Isadore (TX)	Alpha Lee 04/16/00 M Alvord [del. 8700] 
HOLTZCLAW John Thomas (GA)	WISE Annie Maria (AL)	Nannie Etta 03/03/83 F Alvord [del. 11287] 
HOLTZCLAW W.G.	BLANK Ada	blank 8/28/05 M blank 2101 
HOLTZCLAW William Jackson (AL)	LOWERY Ada (TX)	William Henry 09/02/99 M Alvord [del. 8492] 
HOLTZCLAW William Jackson (AL)	LOWERY Ada (TX)	Hattie Geneva 11/12/02 F Chico [del. 8491] 
HOLY James Anderson (TN)	KENDRICK Maylinda Katherine (TN)	Marvin Luther 12/01/80 M Chico [del. 7474] 
HOOD G.W.	BLANK M.E.	blank 7/20/07 M Crafton 3436 
HOOKER Walter Scott (TX)	BARTON Lucy Hannah (KY)	John Dee 08/03/97 M Decatur [del. 7281] 
HOOKS L.D.	BLANK blank	blank 6/27/04 F blank 973 
HOOKS Lorenzy Dow (TX)	BAKER Mary Cathrine (TX)	Ruey Allen 08/31/02 M Decatur [del. 12548] 
HOOPER A.J.	VEACH Ella	Fred Veach 8/12/33 M Alvord [No Image 10864] 
HOOTEN E.M. (TX)	RISCH J.A. (TX)	J.A. Risch 8/28/29 F Vineyard 9430 
HOOTEN James (TX)	COPELAND Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Fannie 02/14/88 F Aurora [del. 19402] 
HOOTEN Thomas Jay (TN)	SHEPARD Henrietta (TN)	Vergie May 04/16/96 F Bridgeport [del. 28344] 
HOOVER A.M.	EMBREY Ada	blank 9/13/14 M blank 5959 
HOOVER Laurance D.	KRUMM Francis	Lawrence Dale, Jr. 11/19/29 M blank [No Image 9511] 
HOOVER O.M. (MS)	BLANK blank	Oliver 5/5/21 M Boyd 7390 
HOPKINS C.M.	BROWN Lillian R.	Alvis Marion 6/13/32 M Sunset [No Image 10466] 
HOPKINS Grady (OK)	BLANK Ruth (TX)	Joe R. 7/31/24 M Krum 8125 
HOPKINS Joseph (MS)	HUGGONS Martha (MS)	Harvey 07/14/96 M Sunset [del. 15283] 
HOPKINS Joseph Alford (MS)	HUDGEONS Martha Lou (MS)	Della Bell 08/08/00 F Sunset [del. 28659] 
HOPKINS Joseph Shelby (MO)	MYERS Florence (TN)	Jessie Allmond 09/14/97 M Love Co OK [del. 29760] 
HOPKINS L.	BLANK Cora	blank 1/21/04 M blank 604 
HOPKINS M.	BLANK Maud	blank 6/27/06 M blank 2735 
HOPKINS M.B.	HUDDLESTON blank	blank 2/15/12 M blank 5466 
HOPKINS M.L.	BLANK Maud	blank 5/4/11 M blank 5240 
HOPKINS Pleasant Abner (MS)	TUDOR Julia Frances (MS)	Ammie Veneta 12/13/82 F Cottondale [del. 15549] 
HOPKINS Roy (TX)	MERFIELD Vada (TX)	R.S. 9/12/22 M Slidell 7657 
HOPKINS Roy S. (TX)	MERRIFIELD Vada Lee (TX)	J.O. 8/11/25 M Slidell 8379 
HOPPER Bun (TN)	EVANS Alice Mae (IA)	Lillie Jane 10/23/85 F Alvord [del. 20444] 
HOPPER John Walker (TN)	HOLLOWAY Babe (LA)	Katie Lou 01/10/77 F Alvord [del. 10473] 
HOPPER T.H. (TX)	RAY Willie (TX)	Carnea Que 2/16/24 F Chico 8006 & 8006a
HOPPER Tom Hampton (TX)	RAY Willie Ann (TX)	Thomas Edward 10/10/29 M Chico 9474 & 9474a
HOPPER Walker (TN)	HOLLOWAY Callie (TX)	Dicy 03/31/81 F Alvord [del. 8759] 
HOPPIE Pete	BLANK Lillie	blank 6/20/04 M blank 961 
HOPPY Pete	NELSON Lilly	Pete, Jr. 1/12/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9930] 
HOPPY Pete (MO)	VERSHIE Lillie (WI)	Juanita 11/7/23 F Bridgeport 7937 
HOPSON Peter Henry (IL)	HACKLER Mary Catherine (MO)	Robert Bernard 03/14/84 M Erath Co TX [del. 24006] 
HOPSON Peter Henry (IL)	HACKLER Mary Catherine (MO)	Peter Henry 08/13/91 M Paradise [del. 24005] 
HOPSON Robert B. (TX)	BROWN Susie (TX)	Ruth 7/25/23 F Boyd 7860 
HORMAN Chris (Germany)	GROTE Caroline (IL)	Augusta Tilda 10/28/85 F Decatur [del. 16099] 
HORN Bud	DODSON C.B.	blank 2/10/15 M blank 5461 
HORN I.R.	BLANK A.N.	C.A. 2/28/04 F blank 690 
HORN Ira R.	BLANK Alma	R. Weldon 4/2/11 M blank 5211 
HORNBACK Carl	MCNEELY Dessie	Carla Diana 12/26/29 F Alvord [No Image 9538] 
HORNBACK Carl Cletius (TX)	MCNEELY Dessie Alma (TX)	William Douglass 12/15/23 M Alvord 7955 
HORNBACK Edward F. (MO)	MEEKS Jessie (TX)	James Franklin 3/6/21 M Decatur 7363 
HORNBACK Edward Franklin	MEEK Jessie Jeanette	Molly Frances 1/24/27 F Decatur 8739 
HORNBACK Jim	BLANK blank	blank 1/22/04 F blank 606 
HORNBACK William (MO)	GOLDEN May (TX)	Willie May 10/27/23 M Alvord 7932 
HORNBECK C.C. (TX)	MCNEELY Dessie A. (TX)	Carlton Wayne 7/27/26 M Alvord 8626 & 8626a
HORNBECK Jackson (MO)	JENKINS Rachel Melvina (MO)	Gertrude 07/07/86 F Chico [del. 16119] 
HORNBECK William Sherman (MO)	NUNN Eliza (TX)	Carl Cletus 02/19/01 M Alvord [del. 9429] 
HORNER J.T.	AVERITT Binnie	Oleta Vivian 8/16/33 F Decatur [No Image 10867] 
HORNER J.T.	AVERITT Bonnie B.	J.T., Jr. 9/6/30 M blank [No Image 9805] 
HORNER William Albert (MO)	YOUNG Minnie (MO)	Cecil Guy 09/16/97 M McDonald Co NO [del. 29416] 
HORNER William Albert (MO)	YOUNG Minnie (MO)	J.T. (initials only) 8/12/09 M Decatur 4732 & 4732a
HORNSBERGER M.O.	BROWN Lilla	Peggy Joice 1/17/30 F Chico [No Image 9564] 
HORNSBY J.C.	GRAHAM Robie B.	blank 4/25/15 F blank 6080 
HORTA Paul	CORONA Hortense	Esperagen 2/7/30 blank Bridgeport [No Image 9587] 
HORTA V.	BLANK M.	blank 4/5/04 M blank 789 
HORTON A.	BLANK E.E.	S.B. 2/21/04 F blank 675 
HORTON blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/18/05 F blank 1678 
HORTON Calvin N (TX)	GILLILAND Bessie (TX)	Earl 04/09/02 M Paradise [del. 10294] 
HORTON Charles	BLANK blank	blank 7/5/04 F blank 995 
HORTON Charles	BLANK blank	blank 12/22/06 F blank 3069 
HORTON Charles	BLANK Mollie	blank 10/16/08 F blank 4302 
HORTON Charles William (TX)	WATTS Alice Elizabeth (TX)	Odah Blanche 02/01/98 F Park Springs [del. 12154] 
HORTON Marion (GA)	GILBERT Mattie (TX)	Marion 1/24/25 M Decatur 8461 
HORTON Marion J (GA)	NEIGHBORS Mary (TX)	Albert 09/05/99 M Newark [del. 14739] 
HORTON Marion J.	BLANK Mary J.	blank 7/1/03 M blank 82 
HORTON Marion J. (GA)	GALLETT Mattie Lou (TX)	Mamie Alice 3/31/23 F Decatur 7750 & 7750a
HORTON W.E.	BLANK L.J.	blank 3/19/07 M blank 3233 
HORTON W.E.	BLANK W.E.	blank 10/8/04 F blank 1258 
HORTON William Elbert (VA)	YOUNG Laura Jane (VA)	Gertrude Marie 07/31/02 F Decatur [del. 23180] 
HORTON William Jasper (TN)	LOYD Annie Mae (TX)	Clarence Calvin 08/07/95 M Cottondale [del. 15842] 
HOUCHENS Henry	BLANK Pearl	blank 11/29/10 M blank 5138 
HOUCHINS Alfonzo Crittenton (TX)	HELENS Marguerite Virginia (TX)	Minnie Mae 03/10/00 F Bridgeport [del. 28648] 
HOUCHINS Charles Franklin (KY)	PEWITT Hettie (TX)	Ione Fay 8/8/14 F Bridgeport 5941 & 5941a
HOUCHINS Henry (Peyton)	(BROWN) Pearl (Ophal)	(William P. 'Buster') 9/21/08 M blank 4258 
HOUGHTON Jim	BLANK blank	blank 10/12/07 M blank 3607 
HOUSE Charles	BLANK Burnettie	blank 10/6/08 F blank 4282 
HOUSE D.D.	BLANK Willie	blank 7/23/04 M blank 1042 
HOUSE Jacob Archibald (TN)	HINES Mary Elizabeth (TN)	John Greene 03/08/76 M Alvord [del. 11263] 
HOUSE John Thomas (TN)	HINES Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Emma Joe 04/16/90 F Decatur [del. 22820] 
HOUSE John Thomas (TN)	HINES Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Elbert Drew 05/11/97 M Alvord [del. 10424] 
HOUSE John Thomas (TN)	HINES Mollie Elizabeth (TN)	Jefferson Franklin 01/20/88 M Decatur [del. 7915] 
HOUSE Rex B. (TX)	POYNTER Ida May (TX)	twin 7/9/24 M Decatur 8092 
HOUSE Rex B. (TX)	POYNTER Ida May (TX)	twin 7/9/24 M Decatur 8093 
HOUSE Richard Green (TN)	ROBINSON Ella (AR)	Herman C 01/16/98 M Alvord [del. 14876] 
HOUSTON J.W.	BLANK Rachael	Sam 1/1/07 M blank 3086 
HOUSTON James Walter	MCDONALD Rachel May	Lorand Lee 3/7/11 M Park Springs 5189 & 5189a
HOUSTON John (TX)	LOWERY Mary Pairlee (AR)	Mattie Henrietta 02/23/84 F Decatur [del. 15823] 
HOUSTON Walter (MS)	MCDONALD Rachel (TX)	Kennon J. 5/24/08 M Park Springs 4049 & 4049a
HOWARD Charles Newton (TN)	THORN Amelia Louise (Germany)	Bennie David 8/26/21 M Justin 7452 & 7452a
HOWARD Charlie Newton (TN)	VALENTINE Annie May (TX)	Clarence Benjamin 01/13/91 M Anneville [del. 18863] 
HOWARD Clem J.	NORTH Pearl	blank 10/7/32 F Decatur [No Image 10583] 
HOWARD Clinton (TX)	WILLESS Beulah (TX)	James Vermillion 5/26/19 M Boyd 7092 & 7092a
HOWARD Elbert (TN)	HOWARD (same) Eva (TN)	Lillian Ora 03/01/83 F Greenwood [del. 12547] 
HOWARD Herschel (KY)	HART Fannie (TX)	Clemma J 01/03/94 M Decatur [del. 23847] 
HOWARD J C (MS)	GOODGER Dona (MS)	David Clinton 05/17/94 M Boyd [del. 22916] 
HOWARD J.F.	BLANK Belle	blank 10/3/04 M blank 1247 
HOWARD J.S.	BLANK blank	blank 3/19/08 M blank 3926 
HOWARD J.S.	BLANK blank	blank 3/20/08 M blank 3929 
HOWARD J.S. (John)	(COX) M. E. (Mary Etta)	Elmer Bailey 11/20/06 M blank 3030 
HOWARD James	BAILEY Minnie	blank 12/13/15 M blank 6320 
HOWARD James Davis (TN)	CAMPBELL Ida (KY)	Dera Mabel 08/29/95 F Slidell [del. 7279] 
HOWARD Jasper Newton (AL)	BARNETT Rebecca Melinda (AL)	Stephen Bransom 04/30/97 M Audubon [del. 7338] 
HOWARD Jasper Newton (AL)	PATTON Mollie E (TX)	Warren Dorace 07/12/02 M Bridgeport [del. 4048] 
HOWARD Joe B.	KOINER C.E.	Joe B. 9/28/30 M blank [No Image 9833] 
HOWARD John Barnet (MO)	CHANCE Lilly Carline (KS)	Ethel Mary 02/03/94 F Brumlow [del. 12961] 
HOWARD John Barnett (MO)	CHANCE Lillia C (KS)	J Paul 03/10/98 M Greenwood [del. 3904] 
HOWARD John Barnett (MO)	CHANCE Lillie C (IL)	Joe Barnett 03/26/92 M Decatur [del. 24343] 
HOWARD John Barnett (MO)	CHANCE Lillie Caroline (KS)	Knowles Wright 11/04/82 M Brumlow [del. 20527] 
HOWARD John Barnett (MO)	CHANCE Lillie Margie (MO)	Robert Graves 04/26/88 M Brumlow [del. 14877] 
HOWARD John Barnett (MO)	CHANCE Lilly Caroline (KS)	Mark Twain 10/14/84 M Decatur [del. 22352] 
HOWARD John William (KY)	BENNETT Roberta (AL)	Herman Bonnie 03/27/92 M Paradise [del. 9428] 
HOWARD John William (KY)	BENNETT Roberta (TX)	William Alma 12/13/95 M Paradise [del. 7968] 
HOWARD John William (KY)	BENNETT Roberta (TX)	Lola Mae 05/18/98 F Paradise [del. 23846] 
HOWARD John William (KY)	BENNETT Roberta (TX)	Rudolph Wilson 04/27/01 M Paradise [del. 8493] 
HOWARD Logan Lee (TX)	FOSTER Nettie Belle (TX)	Robert Lee 08/26/02 M Greenwood [del. 27953] 
HOWARD O.T.	MORTON Edna Gertrude	Naomi Anita 1/18/28 F blank 8917 & 8917a
HOWARD Reed Theophilus (TN)	DOBSON Eva Neoma (GA)	Garland 09/04/99 M Audubon [del. 6954] 
HOWARD Robert Alexander (WI)	CALVIN Emaline (AR)	Robert M 04/02/84 M Wise Co [del. 5936] 
HOWARD Sion Lewis (TX)	RILANT Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Eugene Aron 11/30/83 M Decatur [del. 11752] 
HOWARD T.W.	BLANK blank	blank 6/6/08 M blank 4074 
HOWARD T.W.	BLANK blank	blank 6/6/08 F blank 4075 
HOWARD Thomas M.	WARDEN Martha Ann	Bonnie Faye 10/12/32 F Prect. #3 [No Image 10592] 
HOWARD W.F.	BLANK J.J.	blank 5/18/05 F blank 1827 
HOWARD Walter Scott	CLARDY Lillie Mae	Arthur Theophilus 8/23/03 M Alvord 218 & 0218a & 0218b & 0218c
HOWARD Walter Scott (TX)	CLARDY Lillie Mae (TX)	Joseph Moorell 09/22/99 M Alvord [del. 15782] 
HOWARD William	BLANK blank	blank 7/29/04 F blank 1066 
HOWE Jefferson F.	PHILLIPS Jess	blank 10/6/17 M blank 6728 
HOWEL W.E. (TX)	CHAMPION Ruth (TX)	blank 9/5/25 M Chico 8407 
HOWELL Abraham Gray	WOOD Eudora	Eugene Roscoe 11/19/04 M Paradise 1375 & 1375a
HOWELL Abraham Gray (NC)	WOOD Eudora	Sylvia Cora 1/6/07 F blank 3097 
HOWELL Bland	BLANK Leila	blank 1/23/11 M blank 5167 
HOWELL Bob	BLANK Gertie	blank 1/3/08 M blank 3763 
HOWELL G.L.	WATTS Hattie	Henry Wayne 6/11/30 M Alvord [No Image 9724] 
HOWELL George (PA)	McLELLAND Sarah (TX)	George B 09/11/98 M Decatur [del. 29546] 
HOWELL George (TX)	McCLEAN Bell (TX)	Mary 05/12/77 F Decatur [del. 17720] 
HOWELL George D (PA)	McCLAND Mary Bell (AR)	James Walter 02/05/92 M Decatur [del. 15472] 
HOWELL George D (PA)	McLAND Belle (TX)	Benjamin Franklin 02/05/95 M Decatur [del. 27822] 
HOWELL James Columbus (MS)	EZELL Mary (MS)	Louisia Jane 11/26/96 F Decatur [del. 27996] 
HOWELL James Hezechiah (MO)	BROWN Lucinda Cathern (KY)	Elzie Otis 03/06/96 M Crafton [del. 10703] 
HOWELL James Hezekiah (MO)	BROWN Lucinda Catherine (KY)	James Virgil 09/08/81 M Crafton [del. 17394] 
HOWELL Jim	WRIGHT Belle	twins 3/5/17 M blank 6567 
HOWELL Jim	WRIGHT Belle	twins 3/5/17 M blank 6568 
HOWELL L.E.	WATTS Hallie Bell	Billy Gene 5/31/33 M Alvord [No Image 10785] 
HOWELL R.O.	BLANK M.A.	blank 9/9/04 F blank 1184 
HOWELL R.O.	BLANK M.A.	blank 3/3/07 F blank 3202 
HOWELL Robert Otmon (MO)	CORNELISON Mary Anas (TX)	Nicholas Olin 04/09/00 M Park Springs [del. 4144] 
HOWELL Robert Theodore	FITZGERALD Minnie Gertrude	Birdie Lee 1/15/06 F Decatur 2407 & 2407a
HOWELL Samuel Edgar (MO)	STEPHENS Rebecca Ann (IA)	Mary Pearle 10/01/84 F Crafton [del. 21145] 
HOWELL Thomas Luther	CHESSER Edna Mildred	Johnnie Alexander 12/9/09 M Bridgeport 4871 & 4871a
HOWERTON John W (KY)	MINNIEFEE Bell (KY)	Thomas Bryan 03/23/84 M Wolfe Co KY [del. 14263] 
HOWERTON T.B.	BLANK Lee Berta	blank 6/30/30 F Alvord [No Image 9744] 
HOWERTON Thomas Bryan	BLANK Ruth Lee	Albert Wayne 3/3/28 M Alvord 8963 & 8963a
HOWERTON Thomas Bryon (KY)	LEE Ruth (TX)	Velma 5/23/21 F Decatur 7401 
HOWTON Benjamine Stuart (KY)	OWEN Reba Anna (?)	Gladys Pearl 08/09/01 F Greenwood [del. 24815] 
HOWTON J.F.	BLANK Lou	blank 12/25/04 M blank 1462 
HOYL Archie G. (TX)	BOYER Doris Ada (TX)	Jane Elizabeth 4/15/24 F Decatur 8049 
HOYL D.L.	BLANK Lillie	blank 8/6/08 F blank 4170 & [delayed 4832]
HOYL David Laken (LA)	BURTON Lillie Rosetta (TX)	Embry Lua 04/08/02 M Decatur [del. 5735] 
HOYL Shelby	RENSHAW Ella	Ruth 7/21/05 F Decatur 1982 & 1982a
HOYL Shelby (LA)	RENSHAW Ella (TX)	Archie Gladney 08/08/94 M Decatur [del. 24177] 
HOYL Shelby (LA)	RENSHAW Ella (TX)	Cecil Bryan 01/14/97 M Decatur [del. 14736] 
HOYL Thos C (AR)	GILLILAND Fannie E (AR)	William Cyrus 03/17/90 M Bethel [del. 24522] 
HOYLE A.C.	BLANK V.	blank 7/16/06 F blank 2771 
HOYLE A.C.	BLANK Verona	blank 4/8/08 F blank 3961 [see 3960]
HOYLE A.C.	KENNEDY Larne	blank 11/3/31 M Chico [No Image 10276] 
HOYLE Archie	BOYER Doris	Joyce Ann 10/15/26 F Decatur [No Image 9845] 
HOYLE Arthur Charles (LA)	BUMPASS Perona Jackson (TX)	Jane Elizabeth 4/8/08 F Decatur 3960 
HOYLE David L (TX)	BURTON Lillie R (TX)	Lillie May 11/24/97 F Decatur [del. 20156] 
HOYLE Embry L. (TX)	MCCLUNG Agnes (TX)	David William 10/6/28 M Decatur 9142 
HOYLE Emory	MCCLUNEY A.	Polly June 6/30/32 F Decatur [No Image 10479] 
HOYLE L.L.	BLANK Minnie	Lem, Jr. 8/1/06 M blank 2805 
HOYLE William Cyrus (TX)	MARTIN Ellen Lee (AR)	Trudy 3/15/14 F Poolville 5859 & 5859a & 5859b
HUBBARD C.T.	WOOD Ollie	Wallace Jack 10/2/31 M Decatur [No Image 10242] 
HUBBARD Glorden	GOSE Eureka	Joe Evelyn 11/5/30 F Alvord [No Image 9858] 
HUCKABEE blank	BLANK Ida Mae	Junior 4/25/33 M Alvord [No Image 10745] 
HUCKABEE Clay	BLANK blank	blank 9/1/11 M blank 5335 
HUCKABEE H.S.	HERDON Fannie	Eugene 2/13/32 M Alvord [No Image 10360] 
HUCKABEE H.S. (TN)	HERNDON Emma Frances (TX)	Virgil 6/4/29 M Alvord 9366 
HUCKABEE H.S. (TX)	HERDON Fannie (TX)	Vivian Chistian 2/6/20 F Park Springs 7207 
HUCKABEE Henry Clay (TN)	SHOOK Sarah Virginia (IN)	Bettie Myrtle 12/08/02 F Crafton [del. 33591] 
HUCKABEE Henry Stanley	HERNDON Emma Frances	Ila Mae Laven 8/27/15 F Park Springs 6211 & 6211a
HUCKABEE James Monroe	PITTS Maggie Magdaline	Edd Hanes 7/19/05 M Crafton 1975 & 1975a
HUCKABEE James Monroe (TN)	PITTS Mary Magdalene (TN)	Addie Mae 01/22/97 F Crafton [del. 9799] 
HUCKABEE James Monroe (TN)	PITTS Mary Magdalene (TN)	Hicks Henry 02/08/99 M Crafton [del. 9800] 
HUCKABY Richmond Pearson (MO)	WALDROUP Laura (MO)	Rada Ether 12/21/90 F Aurora [del. 7335] 
HUCKABY W.A. (TX)	PIMBERTON Gladys (AR)	Dorothy Mae 9/15/22 F Decatur 7658 & 7658a
HUCKLEBY H.C.	BLANK S.V.	blank 10/10/05 F blank 2205 
HUCKLEBY J.M.	BLANK M.M.	blank 8/1/08 M blank 4162 
HUDDLESTON A.S.	ADAMS Lottie J.	Grace Alice 5/10/32 F Newark [No Image 10433] 
HUDDLESTON Daniel Carl (TX)	JORDAN Martha Ann (LA)	Lillian Beatrice 06/21/93 F Cottondale [del. 16940] 
HUDDLESTON Franklin Paul (TN)	WEBSTER Elizabeth (TN)	Lucy Caroline 03/24/94 F Pella [del. 23073] 
HUDDLESTON Fred	BLANK blank	blank 7/10/10 F blank 5043 
HUDDLESTON Fred	BLANK blank	blank 2/24/12 F blank 5473 
HUDDLESTON Furman G.	ALLEN Irby Lucille	Alvis Ellerd 5/31/16 M Bridgeport 6420 & 6420a
HUDDLESTON G.N.	BLANK Lillie	blank 7/8/10 F blank 5038 
HUDDLESTON George Allen (TN)	WRIGHT Sarah Margaret (TN)	Permelia June 03/15/90 F Wise Co [del. 4732] 
HUDDLESTON J.H.	HINKLE Maggie	blank 11/13/17 F Newark 6752 
HUDDLESTON Jeff	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/08 M blank 4351 
HUDDLESTON Jeff	DEWEES Alice Rachel	Merle Beatrice 10/14/03 F Newark 367 & 0367a
HUDDLESTON Jeff Franklin (AR)	DEWEES Alice (TX)	Hilda Virginia 07/20/89 M Newark [del. 14578] 
HUDDLESTON Jefferson (TX)	DEWEES Alice Rachel (TX)	Alva Sterling 07/21/99 M Newark [del. 7126] 
HUDDLESTON Jefferson Francis (AR)	DEWEES Alice Racheal (TX)	Robert Byron 10/24/91 M Newark [del. 16203] 
HUDDLESTON Jefferson Francis (AR)	DEWEES Alice Rachel (TX)	Sylvia Ruth 09/16/01 F Wise Co [del. 5372] 
HUDDLESTON Johnathon Woodard (TX)	CAMPBELL Rozetta (TX)	Lela Faye 11/30/99 F Cottondale [del. 17095] 
HUDDLESTON Jonathan W (TX)	CAMPBELL Rozetta (TX)	Ector Lee 07/09/97 M Cottondale [del. 24024] 
HUDDLESTON L.L.	BLANK M.	blank 8/27/06 M blank 2868 
HUDDLESTON Lewis	BLANK Sally	blank 1/24/15 M blank 6020 
HUDDLESTON Lexington Lafayette (TN)	STOKES Mollie (AR)	Norman 11/13/93 M Decatur [del. 13037] 
HUDDLESTON Lexington Lafayette (TN)	STOKES Mollie (AR)	Myrtle 11/21/95 F Decatur [del. 13119] 
HUDDLESTON Lexington Lafayette (TN)	STOKES Mollie (AR)	Mabel Ruth 05/17/97 F Decatur [del. 13120] 
HUDDLESTON Lonie Baird (TX)	HARRISON Beatrice (TX)	Dorothy Mae 8/18/26 F blank 8638 
HUDDLESTON Louis	BLANK blank	blank 12/29/07 F blank 3749 
HUDDLESTON Matt (TX)	NASH Janna Vallie (TX)	Waldon G. & Aldon G.-twins 4/1/19 M Decatur 7065 & 7065a & 7065b
HUDDLESTON Pink	BLANK blank	blank 12/21/06 F blank 2370 
HUDDLESTON Pink (AL)	CHANDLER Allie (TN)	Earl Hix 05/11/95 M Park Springs [del. 18287] 
HUDDLESTON Pinkey Rufus (AL)	CHANDLER Allie (TN)	Grover Cleveland 05/17/96 M Park Springs [del. 15622] 
HUDDLESTON Pinkey Rufus (AL)	LASITER Anna Rebecka (SC)	William Fred 12/15/83 M Decatur [del. 15570] 
HUDDLESTON T.P. (GA)	HALL Anna (TX)	Jaunita Varline 9/11/29 F Sunset 9448 
HUDDLESTON Thomas P. (GA)	HALL Annie Mae (TX)	James Floyd 4/7/23 M Park Springs 7762 & 7762a
HUDDLESTON Thomas R. (GA)	HALL Anna Mae (TX)	blank 9/7/20 M Park Springs 7295 
HUDDLESTON Tom P. (TX)	BLANK Annie (TX)	blank 8/21/19 M Park Springs 7125 
HUDDLESTON W.N.	BLANK blank	blank 6/12/06 M blank 2714 
HUDDLESTON W.N.	GORE Ella	Bertha Lee 6/28/04 F Decatur 975 & 0975a
HUDDLESTON William Crawford (TN)	GREEN Minnie May (TX)	Wendall Wayne 03/17/02 M Rhome [del. 20715] 
HUDDLESTON William Newton (TX)	GORE Ella Virginia (TX)	Ernest Hugh 06/16/92 M Boonsville [del. 7530] 
HUDDUSTON blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/10/08 F blank 3900 
HUDGEON Henry	BLANK Minnie	blank 6/10/06 M blank 2713 
HUDGEONS Henry	BLANK blank	blank 12/28/03 M blank 543 
HUDGEONS John Henry (MS)	HAIL Minnie Elizabeth (TX)	Mary Magdalene 10/07/95 F Sunset [del. 29328] 
HUDGEONS W L (MS)	JACKSON E J (MO)	Iva Edward 01/16/02 M Sunset [del. 7131] 
HUDGEONS William Lewis (MS)	JACKSON Elizabeth Jane (MO)	Gertrude May 12/21/99 F Sunset [del. 9947] 
HUDGEONS William Louis (MS)	JACKSON Elizabeth (MO)	Lue Alice 04/04/93 F Sunset [del. 14737] 
HUDLOW Lindsey Edward (IN)	STONE Mary Lula (SC)	Anna Dulcena 10/02/96 F Alvord [del. 15516] 
HUDNALL Guy	BLANK Pearl	blank 12/16/08 M blank 4397 
HUDNALL Guy (KY)	MCCLAIN Pearl (TX)	Mary Belle 8/23/21 F Rhome 7448 
HUDNALL Jarrett	WILSON Katherine	Ida Margaret 7/23/30 F blank [No Image 9767] 
HUDNALL Jarrett	WILSON Katherine	Jarrett, Jr. 10/6/31 M Rhome [No Image 10245] 
HUDSON Allen Francis (KY)	PRUETT Mollie J (TX)	Leonard Austin 11/13/92 M Greenwood [del. 20802] 
HUDSON Allen Francis (KY)	PRUETT Mollie J (TX)	Lydia Mae 10/17/94 F Greenwood [del. 21880] 
HUDSON Allen Francis (KY)	PRUETT Mollie J (TX)	Lou Lottie Jane 11/17/96 F Greenwood [del. 21881] 
HUDSON Allen Francis (KY)	PRUETT Mollie J (TX)	Flossie Bell 08/08/99 F Greenwood [del. 21882] 
HUDSON Ambrose Joseph (TX)	THOMAS Mary Susan (AR)	Gladys 07/02/93 F Newark [del. 24880] 
HUDSON Ambrose Joseph (TX)	THOMAS Mary Susan (AR)	Arra 10/18/94 F Newark [del. 24881] 
HUDSON Ambrose Joseph (TX)	THOMAS Mary Susan (AR)	Ruby 08/01/96 F Newark [del. 27904] 
HUDSON B.	BOYDSTON blank	blank 6/12/13 F blank 5725 
HUDSON Bailey	BLANK blank	blank 5/9/14 M blank 5887 
HUDSON Bayles E. (SC)	UNDERWOOD Clara (TX)	Aubrey Clifford 12/9/19 M Rhome 7172 & 7172a
HUDSON blank	BLANK Myrtle	blank 5/30/32 M Decatur [No Image 10448] 
HUDSON blank	BLANK Myrtle (TX)	blank 1/27/29 M Decatur 9254 
HUDSON Cecil (TX)	FENNELL Lula (TX)	J.B. 10/13/23 M Decatur 7918 & 7918a
HUDSON Cecil (TX)	TERRELL Lula (TX)	blank 6/30/29 M Decatur 9390 
HUDSON E. Cecil	FENNELL Lula	J.L. 11/16/27 M Decatur 8876 & 8876a
HUDSON Edra Granville (TX)	BARNETT Minnie Nattie (TX)	Herman Oliver 10/26/02 M Bridgeport [del. 12474] 
HUDSON Elmer Cecil (TX)	FINNELL Lula Mae (TX)	Lora Mae 9/9/21 F Decatur 7463 & 7463a
HUDSON F.	BLANK blank	blank 3/15/04 M blank 734 
HUDSON Harve (TN)	WATSON Laura Hilda (TN)	Lawrence Franklin 10/30/02 M Slidell [del. 20369] 
HUDSON Harve H (TN)	WATSON Laura (AL)	Bertha Edith 06/25/00 F Greenwood [del. 13879] 
HUDSON Harvey	BLANK blank	blank 4/19/05 F blank 1755 
HUDSON Ire	BLANK Maud	blank 3/8/08 M blank 3896 
HUDSON J.B.	BOYDSTON Kittie	blank 1/3/31 F Decatur [No Image 9917] 
HUDSON J.B. (KY)	BOYDSTON Kittie (TX)	Dessie Louise 8/7/25 F Decatur 8372 & 8372a
HUDSON J.O. (TX)	COX Lizzie (TX)	Samuel Bryan 6/6/06 M Bridgeport 2699 
HUDSON James Oliver (TX)	COX Melvina Elizabeth (TX)	John Walter 10/13/01 M Bridgeport [del. 13848] 
HUDSON Jim	ASH Fay	blank 7/18/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10499] 
HUDSON Jim	ASH Fay	Norma Jean 7/7/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10814] 
HUDSON John (KY)	SANDERS Mary (KY)	Tillie Ford 02/25/98 M Decatur [del. 29623] 
HUDSON John C (TN)	SANDERS Mary C (TN)	Frank N 09/22/90 M Clay Co TN [del. 24789] 
HUDSON John C (TN)	SANDERS Mary C (TN)	Ella Catherine 04/07/02 F Decatur [del. 29621] 
HUDSON John Calhoun (TN)	SANDERS Mary Caroline (TN)	Elmer Cecil 03/25/00 M Decatur [del. 29544] 
HUDSON John Holly (AL)	DEVILIN Martha A (AL)	Charles Clinton 04/11/86 M Cottondale [del. 6780] 
HUDSON L.	BLANK Flora	(Euwell Lee) 8/8/03 M blank 171 & [delayed 7021]
HUDSON L.A. (TX)	GARET Vivian Lee (TX)	Myrle Ann 11/21/28 F Newark 9180 
HUDSON Lafayette Russell	MOBLEY Lucinda	Nellie 11/14/05 F Bridgeport 2279 & 2279a
HUDSON Lafayette Russell (TX)	MOBLEY Lucinda (TX)	Esther Mae 4/22/07 F Bridgeport 3304 & 3304a
HUDSON Lance	BLANK Tiny	blank 12/27/06 M blank 3076 
HUDSON Lesalie Edward (TX)	LASLEY Alta Brambie (TX)	Esta Belle 9/2/22 F Crafton 7652 & 7652a
HUDSON Manciel N.	HARRISON Sallie	Bonnie 10/20/04 F Newark 1284 & 1284a
HUDSON Newton	WOODARD Annie	blank 11/26/16 M blank 6515 
HUDSON Oliver Landson (TX)	COUCH Oleavie (TX)	Thomas High 08/31/99 M Decatur [del. 7393] 
HUDSON Ollie	BLANK Lizzie 	blank 6/6/06 M blank 2701 
HUDSON Ollie	BLANK Lizzie 	blank 3/7/08 M blank 3894 
HUDSON Robert (MS)	McCLUNG Mary E (AR)	Mattie N 07/11/96 F Chico [del. 24415] 
HUDSON Robert A (TX)	EARP Ora C (TX)	Vesta 07/30/99 F Newark [del. 15442] 
HUDSON Robert A. (TX)	REDDELL Mary (TX)	blank 7/30/18 M Bridgeport 6945 
HUDSON Robert Lansdon	PORTER Snora Tina	Oran Hoyt 4/17/05 M Bridgeport 1749 & 1749a
HUDSON Robert Lansdon (TX)	PORTER Snora Tina (TX)	Ava Kathrian 8/16/19 F Bridgeport 7124 & 7124a
HUDSON S R (AL)	HOMES Lou (TX)	Allie Frances 03/31/92 F Bridgeport [del. 31826] 
HUDSON Samuel R.	BOWEN Ruth	Betty Jean 8/20/28 F Bridgeport 9090 
HUDSON Samuel Russell (AL)	HOLMES Lou (AL)	Samuel Russell 10/11/90 M Bridgeport [del. 20370] 
HUDSON Samuel Russell (TX)	BOWEN Ruth (TX)	Sylvia Bernice 10/11/13 F Bridgeport 5780 & 5780a
HUDSON Thomas James (TN)	CARUTHERS Mary Byron (TN)	Elsie C 04/05/99 F Smith Co TN [del. 12194] 
HUDSON Tillie	BRIDGES Pearl	blank 8/31/32 F Decatur [No Image 10545] 
HUDSON Tillie Ford (TX)	BRIDGES Pearl Kathrine (TN)	Claud William 9/26/23 M Decatur 7901 & 7901a
HUDSON Tillie Ford (TX)	BRIDGES Pearl Kathrine (TN)	Charles Ray 8/9/29 M Decatur 9414 & 9414a
HUDSON Tom	RICH Maude	Arthur M. 11/8/30 M Alvord [No Image 9860] 
HUDSON Udra	BLANK Minnie	blank 3/25/05 M blank 1694 
HUDSON Vance	BLANK Tiny	blank 2/4/08 M blank 3824 
HUDSON W.	BLANK M.	blank 3/31/04 F blank 774 
HUDSON W.L.	MCDANIEL F.	Peggy J. 11/6/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10926] 
HUDSON Walter	BARNETT Maud	blank 4/11/15 M blank 6072 
HUDSON Will	BLANK Dovie	blank 7/21/10 F blank 5048 
HUDSON William	BLANK Dulana	blank 7/7/05 F blank 1939 
HUDSON William Allen (AL)	WILLIAMS Bell (IL)	Minnie Mae 05/02/91 F Paradise [del. 23913] 
HUDSON William Allen (AL)	WILLIAMS Belle (IL)	William Lloyd 03/13/95 M Paradise [del. 23627] 
HUDSON William Allen (TX)	MCMINN Katherine (TX)	Agnes Leona 10/25/07 F Bridgeport 3629 & 3629a
HUDSON William C (KY)	GREEN Leah (TX)	Carl 09/08/96 M Slidell [del. 4197] 
HUDSON William Owen (MS)	HARRELL Frances Helena (TN)	Artie Esma 01/28/86 F Decatur [del. 24455] 
HUDSON William S. (TX)	PORTER Ollie Dovie (TX)	Leta Mae 11/10/12 F Bridgeport 5593 & 5593a
HUDSON William Stanhope (TX)	PORTER Dovie (TX)	Velda Frances 8/9/20 F Bridgeport 7281 & 7281a
HUDSON Willie	BLANK Dovie	blank 9/5/07 F blank 3522 
HUDSON Willis	BLANK Maud	blank 10/11/07 F blank 3605 & 3605a
HUDSON Willis	BLANK Maud	blank 9/6/08 F blank 4233 
HUDSON Woody	BLANK blank	blank 11/10/11 M blank 5399 
HUDSPETH A.	GRIMSLEY Minnie	blank 12/4/16 F blank 6521 
HUDSPETH John (MO)	CANNON Ann (TX)	Nora Mandy 12/12/80 F Alvord [del. 16729] 
HUDSPETH John (MO)	CANNON Ann (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 10/22/85 F Alvord [del. 5699] 
HUDSPETH John (MO)	CANNON Malissa (TX)	Alfred 11/09/92 M Alvord [del. 23815] 
HUDSPETH Ralph R.	GRENSLY Allie Belle	Sylvia Melissa 5/24/16 F blank 6415 
HUERTA Agapete	CORONA Francisco	Manuela (twin) 2/27/05 F Bridgeport 1696 
HUERTA Agapete	CORONA Francisco	Maria (twin) 3/27/05 F Bridgeport 1698 
HUERTA Agapito	CORONA Francisco	Modesta 2/24/12 F Bridgeport 5472 
HUEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/24/09 M blank 4602 
HUEZDOS John	ROLIARD Maggie	blank 9/4/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9800] 
HUFF Alonzo Granville (IL)	SCROGGINS Mary Tennessee (TN)	Iva Jane 07/27/93 F Boyd [del. 23791] 
HUFF B.	CORDES Mary 	Charles Fred 3/17/06 M Boyd 2560 & 2560a
HUFF Charles Harvey (IL)	HAYS Margarett Emily (IL)	Florence Abigail 01/31/83 F Boyd [del. 8164] 
HUFF Charles Harvey (IL)	HAYS Margarett Emily (IL)	Nora Elizabeth 03/10/86 F Boyd [del. 8081] 
HUFF Charles R (IL)	BRADLEY Amanda C (MS)	Nathan David 01/09/74 M Newark [del. 15183] 
HUFF Claud	BLANK Allie 	blank 1/14/07 F blank 3106 
HUFF Granville Perry (MO)	BIRDWELL Nannie Sinthia (AR)	Bessie Velor 03/24/92 F Decatur [del. 23767] 
HUFF Granville Perry (TX)	BURDELL Martha (TX)	Martha May 04/17/94 F Decatur [del. 24556] 
HUFF Jim	CREGG blank	blank 8/14/15 F blank 6195 & 6195a
HUFF Jim (TX)	GREGG Pearl Irine (TX)	Redus Oliver 09/23/02 M Boyd [del. 23181] 
HUFF Jim E.	GREGG Pearl	Winton Robert 8/12/05 M Boyd 2048 & 2048a
HUFF Nathan Harvey (IL)	WHITTEN Mary L (MO)	Clinton Clay 12/11/97 M Boyd [del. 7829] 
HUFF Nathan Harvey (IL)	WITTEN Mary Lusetta (MO)	Lula May 04/10/92 F Aurora [del. 8905] 
HUFF T.M.	HIGGINBOTTOM T.E.	T.M., Jr. 10/25/32 M Decatur [No Image 10411] 
HUFF Thomas B. (TX)	HOLLIS Minnie B. (TX)	(Jackie Ray) 5/6/20 F Newark 7244 
HUFF Thomas Bell (TX)	HOLLIS Minnie Prudie (TX)	Leo Mae 08/18/98 F Newark [del. 13039] 
HUFF Thomas Bell (TX)	HOLLIS Minnie Prudy (TX)	Jackie Ray 4/29/26 M Newark 8579 & 8579a
HUFF Thomas J (TX)	EDWARDS Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Rosa Catherine 01/28/97 F Decatur [del. 17610] 
HUFF Tom Ball	HOLLIS Minnie Prudie	Alvin Dan 12/19/17 M blank 6772 & 6772a
HUFF William Albinus	CORDES Mary Ann	Cora Maye 3/19/14 F Boyd 5863 & 5863a
HUFFINES O.B.	ROGERS Sybil	blank 6/23/33 M Chico [No Image 10801] 
HUFFMAN H.C.	BLANK blank	blank 7/17/08 M blank 4139 
HUFFMAN S.C.	BASLEY Lillie	blank 5/22/18 M Decatur 6899 
HUFFMAN S.C.	BLANK blank	blank 7/29/15 M blank 6174 
HUFHINES Elisha Sersey (IL)	FREDERICK Ann Eliza (TX)	Amy Lou 08/17/99 F Chico [del. 10290] 
HUFHINES Elisha Sersey (IL)	FREDERICK Ann Eliza (TX)	Melvin Adolphus 11/27/02 M Chico [del. 4553] 
HUFHINES Elisha Sersey (MO)	FREDERICK Ann Eliza (TX)	Ima Pearl 05/04/93 F Chico [del. 11146] 
HUGGINS Frank Lee (TX)	STOKES Dessie O. (TX)	Harly Cecil 7/16/24 M Alvord 8104 
HUGGINS Henry Waterloo (GA)	BOYDSTON Geneva Alice (TX)	Frankie Lee 10/22/02 M Alvord [del. 29539] 
HUGHES Billy (TX)	BOYD Alice Irene (TX)	Lone D 07/16/94 M Decatur [del. 9112] 
HUGHES Billy (TX)	BOYD Alice Irene (TX)	Silas Thomas 09/24/00 M Decatur [del. 8584] 
HUGHES Daniel Webster (TN)	CAMERON Alice Wade (MS)	Etolia Adalaide 10/21/84 F Greenwood [del. 17146] 
HUGHES George W. (MS)	RIGGS Sarah J. (TX)	Archie 1/28/19 M Newark 7041 
HUGHES Guy R. (AR)	BRANDENBURG Josephine (TX)	Emory Luther 2/29/24 M Decatur 8022 
HUGHES Henry Marvin (TX)	PRICE Piercia (MO)	Annie Marvin 03/11/01 F Bridgeport [del. 24456] 
HUGHES Jerry Brady (SC)	HESTAND Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Walter Thomas 12/01/93 M Willow Point [del. 22018] 
HUGHES John	BLANK blank	blank 9/21/04 F blank 1212 
HUGHES John H (TX)	BAITS Sarah Ella (TN)	Mary Anne 03/17/98 F Decatur [del. 21163] 
HUGHES John W (TX)	SKINNER Julia Ann (TX)	Ethel May 03/12/81 F Decatur [del. 17339] 
HUGHES Percy	BLANK H.M.	Jessie 8/1/03 F blank 150 
HUGHES Richard Lee	SIMMONS Alta E.	Lackie M. 1/14/30 F blank [No Image 9560] 
HUGHES Wallace	HALL Bulah	Johnnie Hall 11/1/32 M Decatur [No Image 10615] 
HUGHES William	BLANK blank	blank 3/2/05 F blank 1640 
HUGHS E.A.	PHILLIPS Christine	blank 12/30/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10979] 
HUKILL Aubrey	COLLINS Thelma	Mark Frontas 8/1/30 blank Decatur [No Image 9775] 
HUKILL Aubrey (TX)	COLLINS Thelma (TX)	Orville Lee 7/20/25 M Decatur 8368 & 8368a
HUKILL James K Polk (TX)	AUTRY Elizabeth Jane (GA)	Rosa Lee 07/18/84 F Decatur [del. 21946] 
HULETT George Millard (TX)	NUNNALLY Maud Lea (TX)	William Emory 11/12/99 M Boyd [del. 7439] 
HULETT William Ross (TX)	TULLOS Mary Ann (MS)	Nelie 02/04/78 F Boyd [del. 25571] 
HULL George Butts (TX)	EARLY Julia Angelina (MO)	Minnie Lee 02/19/81 F Audubon [del. 5660] 
HULL George Washington (IL)	JOHNSON Addie (KY)	Charley Lee 10/05/91 M Sevier Co AR [del. 18864] 
HULMUS Bert	BLANK Lillie	blank 2/2/05 F blank 1565 
HULSEY James Franklin (TX)	PEAY Bessie Bell (TN)	Hamilton Jackson 4/25/23 M Alvord 7782 & 7782a
HULSEY L.W.	BLANK blank	Jim T. 8/20/03 M blank 200 
HULSEY L.W.	BLANK blank	blank 10/10/08 F blank 4288 
HULSEY Lucious W.	ST CLAIR Mary D.	Alma 3/23/11 F blank 5205 
HULSEY Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 3/3/05 M blank 1643 
HULTGREEN W.A. (TX)	MATHESON Hester (TX)	Estha Bernice 8/21/24 F Poolville 8151 
HUMPHRES blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/16/14 F blank 5999 
HUMPHREY A.G.	BLANK M.S.	blank 2/20/07 M blank 3183 
HUMPHREYS Charley (KY)	TABOR Drue (KY)	Annie Bell 02/13/86 F Livingston Co KY [del. 20371] 
HUMPHREYS John Patterson (KY)	BRADSHAW Lucy Clementine (KY)	William Robert 12/17/83 M Aurora [del. 14813] 
HUMPHREYS John Patterson (KY)	BRADSHAW Lucy Clementine (KY)	Nora 01/11/86 F Aurora [del. 14814] 
HUNN W.H. (AR)	SHAWN Bessie (TX)	Alice Inez 10/28/29 F Bridgeport 9493 
HUNN William Harlow	SHAWN Bessie Lee	Flossie Jewel 11/4/27 F Bridgeport 8868 & 8868a & 8868b
HUNT Alf (AR)	LEFORS Sarah Elizabeth (AR)	Leipell 02/02/93 M Poolville [del. 25440] 
HUNT Brice	LAIL Sarah	Forrest Conley 2/11/06 M Slidell 2484 & 2484a
HUNT David Larkin (AL)	BOOTH Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Sarah Jane 04/05/88 F Paradise [del. 17703] 
HUNT David Larkin (TN)	BOOTH Sadie Elizabeth (TN)	Richard Clayton 03/03/98 M Paradise [del. 15970] 
HUNT David Larkin (TN)	BOOTH Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Eva Annis 12/07/92 F Paradise [del. 21381] 
HUNT Glenn	PERRIN Katie Lee	Warren Lee 12/13/27 M Decatur 8898 
HUNT J.D.	BLANK Lula	blank 11/15/06 F blank 3019 
HUNT John	BLANK blank	M. 12/17/03 M blank 516 
HUNT John	BLANK Dora	blank 5/12/05 M blank 1814 
HUNT John Deskin	UNDERWOOD Sarah Lou	William Henry 8/28/04 M Crafton 1118 & 1118a
HUNT John Wilton (KY)	GRANT Katie (TX)	Karl Grant 04/29/91 M Alvord [del. 5260] 
HUNT Judge Barrett (GA)	BELEW Susan Annie (MS)	James Thomas 01/31/85 M Aurora [del. 22588] 
HUNT Perry (TX)	BOYLES Ethel (TX)	Donald Loyd 6/14/18 M Boyd 6915 & 6915a
HUNT Robert	BLANK Maud	blank 4/15/08 M blank 3974 
HUNT Robert Lafayette (MO)	RILEY Sallie Ann (NC)	Robert Lee 03/03/85 M Wise Co [del. 12300] 
HUNT Robert Lee	PLAXACO Virginia Maud	Bonita Isabelle 9/10/10 F Decatur 5092 & 5092a
HUNT W.N.	BLANK Mollie	blank 9/15/05 F blank 2141 
HUNTER Bert	BLANK Allie 	Blanche 2/12/18 F Bridgeport 6826 
HUNTER Bertrum M. (TX)	TACKEL Eula Mae (TX)	Eula 2/13/21 F Bridgeport 7346 
HUNTER C.E.	BLANK D.	blank 12/26/03 F blank 537 
HUNTER Charles	BLANK Nola	blank 12/26/05 F blank 2377 
HUNTER Charles R. (TN)	OGLE N. Donnie (TX)	Shore 9/30/07 F Chico 3579 & 3579a
HUNTER Charlie Edward (TN)	OGLE Nora Dona (TX)	Joe Henry 12/15/01 M Chico [del. 29859] 
HUNTER Clinton Alexander (TX)	CUNNINGHAM Mary Eldors (TX)	Moses Shores 04/22/85 M Greenwood [del. 14236] 
HUNTER Efton Casper	BECK Ida Mae	Alma Lee 2/18/10 F Rhome 6363 & 6363a
HUNTER George Washington (MO)	DEATON Martha P (TN)	Jesse Walter 01/12/80 M Chico [del. 7640] 
HUNTER J.H.	HAGUE Minnie R.	blank 4/21/31 F Chico [No Image 10049] 
HUNTER J.H.	HOGUE Mamie	blank 11/12/27 M Chico 8875 
HUNTER James	HOPPER May	blank 6/1/17 F blank 6638 
HUNTER John	BLANK blank	Joseph William 9/28/04 M Decatur 1235 & 1235a
HUNTER John	BLANK Roy	blank 11/5/08 M blank 4331 
HUNTER Joseph Anderson (TN)	CUNNINGHAM Rebecca (TN)	Luther Edward 12/19/94 M Lowden Co TN [del. 15904] 
HUNTER Lowery (TN)	BOHANAN Zuria (TN)	Charlie Edgar 11/13/79 M Putnam Co TN [del. 16115] 
HUNTER Montgomery	BLANK Josie	blank 8/22/04 F blank 1126 
HUNTER Montgomery G (TN)	MURDOCK Mary Josephine (TN)	Bertram Montgomery 06/17/96 M Chico [del. 22761] 
HUNTER Oscar	BLANK Mollie	blank 12/7/07 F blank 3717 
HUNTER Roy	GUTHRIE Ona	Leon Fay 1/6/31 F Boyd [No Image 9923] 
HUNTER Roy (TX)	GUTHRIE Ona (TX)	Geraldine 1/11/25 F Avondale 8240 
HUNTER Samuel (AR)	ROBERTSON Delia (AR)	Sidney Carl 10/15/90 M Alvord [del. 6216] 
HUNTER Samuel (AR)	ROBERTSON Delia (AR)	Kizzie Unice 03/05/94 F Alvord [del. 6215] 
HUNTER Thomas French (KY)	JOHNSTON Ida Maria (TX)	Odessa Johnny 03/12/93 F Boonsville [del. 25580] 
HUNTER Thomas French (KY)	JOHNSTON Ida Marie (TX)	George Allan 04/16/88 M Boonsville [del. 5469] 
HUNTER Thomas French (KY)	JOHNSTON Ida Marie (TX)	Thomas French 02/28/90 M Boonsville [del. 7970] 
HUNTER William Wright (TN)	SMITHWICK Sephronia (TN)	Walter Burdy 03/26/83 M Wilson Co TN [del. 18821] 
HURDT Ray	BLANK Clyde	(Alma Lee) 1/13/07 F blank 3104 
HURLEY Steven	BLANK Minnie	blank 2/3/09 M blank 4471 
HURST J.H.	BLANK N.E.	blank 3/25/08 M blank 3936 
HURST J.M.	BLANK Fannie	blank 3/18/09 F blank 4562 
HURT John	BLANK blank	blank 9/21/04 M blank 1214 
HUSBAND William David (TX)	OWENS Jane (AR)	James Madison 03/20/84 M Alvord [del. 9946] 
HUSE R.L.	SIMMONS Allen E.	Roy Allen 5/24/31 M Alvord [No Image 10080] 
HUSKEY E.E. (TX)	JOHNSON May (TX)	James Nolan 6/22/23 M Chico 7832 & 7832a
HUSKEY J.M.	BAGWELL Hattie	blank 3/22/16 F blank 6389 
HUSKY James Maynard (TX)	BAGWELL Hattie (TX)	Curtis Eugene 6/11/18 M Crafton 6911 & 6911a
HUTCHENS Francis Marion (AR)	WEST Susan Zadie (AR)	Grace 02/18/00 F Washington Co AR [del. 25441] 
HUTCHENS Otho (TX)	ELROD Cora (AR)	Terrell Elgin 07/15/00 M Alvord [del. 20714] 
HUTCHENS Thomas Lowery (AL)	MEALER Ara Mantha (AR)	Oscar 12/26/84 M Alvord [del. 20158] 
HUTCHENS Thomas Lowery (AL)	MEALER Ara Mantha (AR)	Gilbert Blanton 11/08/97 M Alvord [del. 20157] 
HUTCHENS Thomas Lowery (AL)	NEALER Ara Mantha (AR)	Lois Eugenia 11/09/95 F Wise Co [del. 31389] 
HUTCHESON Adolphus Lee (TN)	PROCTOR Maud (TX)	Don Adolphus 10/14/96 M Bridgeport [del. 20529] 
HUTCHESON Charles William (TN)	BOATWRIGHT Rhoda Elizabeth (TX)	Garner Wood 04/15/00 M Bridgeport 64 & [del. 2678] 
HUTCHESON Darius Lee (TX)	ROBERTS Mary Artimis (TX)	Hannissa Annabeth 02/17/01 F Alvord [del. 17087] 
HUTCHESON James W (TN)	RUSH Ruby (TX)	Glenn (Glenda Sue) 08/22/87 F Decatur 14 & [del. 2577] 
HUTCHESON Knox	BLANK Hilda	Patricia Ann 1/16/31 F Rhome [No Image 9936] 
HUTCHESON Robert	MYERS Martha	Ted Wayne 11/9/04 M Rhome 1339 & 1339a
HUTCHESON Samuel Arthur (TN)	POPE Amanda Jane (TX)	John Knox 04/13/77 M Chico [del. 4141] 
HUTCHESON Tom	BLANK blank	Bessie 3/8/05 F blank 1657 
HUTCHINS A.L.	BAKER Fannie	blank 5/23/13 M blank 5705 
HUTCHINS Erasmus Junmus (TN)	LOWRY Sarah Ann Loueser (TN)	William Elijah 11/01/78 M Alvord [del. 8699] 
HUTCHINS Erasmus Junmus (TN)	LOWRY Sarah Ann Loueser (TN)	Hattie Mae 02/03/81 F Alvord [del. 8389] 
HUTCHINS Erasmus Junmus (TN)	LOWRY Sarah Ann Loueser (TN)	Nona 09/01/86 F Alvord [del. 8911] 
HUTCHINS Erasmus Junmus (TN)	LOWRY Sarah Ann Loueser (TN)	Rossor 08/24/90 M Alvord [del. 4558] 
HUTCHINS Isaac E (TN)	CRAVEY Bunner Frances (AL)	Ophelia Grace 08/06/01 F Alvord [del. 14713] 
HUTCHINS J.E.	BLANK B.F.	blank 4/1/04 F blank 778 
HUTCHINS June W (TX)	FERGUSON Lou (TX)	Rhoda Olas 11/20/92 F Alvord [del. 19561] 
HUTCHINS Otho	BLANK blank	blank 9/16/05 F blank 2144 
HUTCHINS Thomas Wilson (MS)	CURRIE Alma Pauline (MS)	Lalla Bertha 11/11/00 F Hinds Co MS [del. 24178] 
HUTCHINS William Thomas (AR)	BATES Henrietta (TX)	Floyd Eugene 07/14/96 M Alvord [del. 24745] 
HUTCHINSON Knox	HUDDLESTON H.	Bobbie Knox 10/11/33 M Rhome [No Image 10906] 
HUTCHINSON Matt (OK)	PUTNAM Sallie (AL)	William Howard 01/27/85 M Pella [del. 19989] 
HUTCHINSON Oscar Dunreath (MS)	WOODY Nora Anna (TX)	Lola Frederick 07/03/96 F Decatur [del. 19966] 
HUTCHINSON Oscar Dunreath (MS)	WOODY Nora Anna (TX)	Valeria Mae 08/17/99 F Decatur [del. 25457] 
HUTCHISON Knox (TX)	HUDDLESTON Hilda (TX)	Grace 3/22/08 F Rhome 3931 & 3931a
HUTCHISON Robert (TN)	MYERS Martha (TX)	Fannie Lee 03/03/97 F Aurora [del. 9315] 
HUTCHISON Robert (TN)	MYERS Mollie (TX)	James Cleve 05/06/91 M Rhome [del. 15080] 
HUTCHISON Robert (TN)	NYERS Martha Washington (TX)	Nina Glyeen 05/20/01 F Rhome [del. 8447] 
HUTCHISON Samuel Alexander (TN)	POPE Amanda Jane (TX)	Cornelia 07/21/88 F Chico [del. 4963] 
HUTSON J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 5/29/04 F blank 907 
HUTSON J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 4/10/08 F blank 3966 
HUTSON Lee	MCDOWELL Ollie	Nolan Fairert 1/26/15 M blank 6022 
HUTSON Robert	BLANK blank	blank 4/1/04 F blank 780 
HUTSON Tillie (TX)	BRIDGES Pearl (TX)	blank 7/22/20 M Decatur 7274 
HUTTO C.J.	FRANKS Virginia	Mary 12/21/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10967] 
HUTTO J.E. (Or B) (AL)	STINE Laura Emma (AL)	Elza Alma 1/21/06 F Chico 2429 & 2429a
HUTTO W.E. (Will)	BLANK Eliza (Jane)	(Bernice Bryant) 9/16/06 M blank 2910 
HUTTO William Henry (AL)	LUCAS Eliza Jane (AL)	Fronabarger 05/25/97 M Boyd [del. 24939] 
HUTTO William Noah (FL)	WHITE Caroline (NC)	William Riley 11/29/92 M Decatur [del. 13763] 
HUTTON William Melton (?)	ROLES Martha Acenseth (TX)	Nellie May 03/02/91 F Decatur [del. 4819] 
HUTTON William Melton (?)	ROLES Martha Acenseth (TX)	William Franklin 05/18/93 M Decatur [del. 4818] 
HUTTON William Melton (?)	ROLES Martha Acenseth (TX)	George Francis 01/19/96 M Decatur [del. 4820] 
HYATT Clarence (TX)	EVANS Gennie (TX)	Pauline 12/24/28 F Boyd 9210 
HYATT Clarence McDonald (TX)	EVANS Janie Melvin (TX)	Orville McDonald 12/7/24 M Newark 8226 
HYDE Chester V.	LAMAR Ester	Vivian L. 12/18/31 F Park Springs [No Image 10304] 
HYDER J.D.	LEE S.A.	blank 9/1/15 M blank 6219 
HYDER Noah D (TN)	BARNES Alice Frances (TN)	Lou Ila 03/09/91 F Chico [del. 25095] 
HYDER Noah Dillard (TN)	BARNES Alice Francis (TN)	Dee 08/16/98 M Chico [del. 8221] 
HYETT Clarence	MELVIN Jammie	blank 1/13/27 M Newark 8737 
HYLAND Mark James (KS)	LAUGHLIN Kate (WI)	George Oliver 02/14/91 M Paradise [del. 4415] 
IDELL Roy E. (TN)	HUSE Berrie May (TX)	Johnnie 12/26/25 M Rhome 8491 
IDELL Roy Edgar (TN)	HUSE Bessie Mary (TX)	Nelli Mae 6/26/24 F Rhome 8086 & 8086a
IDELL William (TN)	BLANK Rosa Etta (KY)	Clyde Elmo 6/14/25 M Rhome 8340 
IDELL William (TN)	RUTHERFORD Nancy (TN)	Rosa Etta 09/23/83 F Wayne Co KY [del. 22838] 
IDELL William (TN)	RUTHERFORD Nancy (TN)	Charlie Aarion 11/01/89 M Wayne Co KY [del. 22839] 
INALLS blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/12/04 M blank 724 
INCE Robert (TX)	HUDSON Ethel (AR)	Ruby Gene 6/10/20 F Allison 7259 & 7259a
INGLE Henry Washington (VA)	MOORE Mollie Delila (VA)	Ebbie Belle 08/18/80 F Colburn Co VA [del. 17212] 
INGLE Ira (VA)	MORRIS Mary (TX)	Bertha Mae 5/3/23 F Decatur 7789 & 7789a
INGLE J.D. (TX)	WILSON Maud (TX)	blank 3/1/21 M Poolville 7358 
INGRAM John Jay (TX)	THOMAS Sarah Isabel (TN)	Jay 10/05/89 M Anneville [del. 6504] 
INGRAM John Jay (TX)	THOMAS Sarah Isabel (TN)	Fay 09/15/91 F Anneville [del. 6506] 
INGRAM John Jay (TX)	THOMAS Sarah Isabel (TN)	Jewel 12/26/93 F Decatur 34 & [del. 3145] 
INGRAM John Jay (TX)	THOMAS Sarah Isabel (TN)	Aubrey 01/28/96 M Anneville [del. 6505] 
INGRAM John Jay (TX)	THOMAS Sarah Isabel (TN)	Selma 05/23/99 M Anneville [del. 6503] 
INGRAM Robert Loumus (AR)	HARRIS Sarah Alice (TX)	Velma Maud 10/6/08 F blank 4281 & 4281a
INGRAM Samuel H. (TX)	TURPIN Lucy E. (TX)	blank 8/19/21 M Alvord 7444 
INKLEBARGER Joe N (TN)	HOUSER Susie (TX)	Lila May 08/26/93 F Opal [del. 28445] 
INMAN G.C. (TX)	ALLCORN Maggie E. (TX)	Ronald 2/11/26 M Rhome 8538 
INMAN James Madison (AL)	WILKINSON Lou Venia (MS)	Gettys Cowan 09/28/96 M Boyd [del. 10509] 
INMAN James Madison (AL)	WILKINSON Lou Venia (MS)	Belva Beatrice 02/02/99 F Boyd [del. 10507] 
INMAN James Madison (AL)	WILKINSON Lou Venia (MS)	James Waldon 05/05/01 M Boyd [del. 8445] 
INMAN Jim O.	BLANK Lou	(Dessie Mae & Essie Fay) 12/21/03 F blank 523 
INMAN Joel Shedrick (AL)	LYLES Cora Belle (TX)	Willie Cowen 01/23/02 M Boyd [del. 5935] 
INMAN Warner	COFF Loretta B.	Wane Loretta 8/24/31 F Boyd [No Image 10192] 
INMAN Will (TX)	MCDANIEL Josey (TX)	Ralph Nathaniel 2/4/26 M Boyd 8530 & 8530a
INMAN William C.	ALEXANDER H.C.	Jacquline Louise 11/11/29 F blank [No Image 9505] 
INMAN Willie (TX)	ALEXANDER Cleo (TX)	(Roy Doron) 8/17/24 M Boyd 8146 & [delayed 7389]
INMAN Willie C.	ALEXANDER Addie Cleo	Billie Sue 5/12/27 F Boyd 8798 & 8798a
IRBY Terry (AL)	BROWN Alice (AR)	Albert Raymond 06/05/94 M Alvord [del. 19403] 
IRELAND D.	ARRINGTON Amanda	Reba Naomi 7/30/16 F blank 6446 & 6446a
IRELAND D.	BLANK Rosa	blank 11/5/04 F blank 1331 
IRELAND Dee White (AL)	ARRINGTON Amanda Rosetta (AR)	Gifford Dee 09/30/02 M Boyd [del. 28523] 
IRIE Marge	BLANK blank	blank 4/18/08 M blank 3978 
IRLAND Sid	BLANK Effie	blank 6/9/04 M blank 937 
IRVIN Charlie	BLANK blank	blank 9/17/15 F blank 6247 
IRVIN Iker	BLANK blank	blank 10/7/15 F blank 6268 
IRVIN Joel Asker	SANDERS Alice Lucinda	Ila Van 3/7/10 F Boyd 4954 & 4954a
IRVIN Tom (TN)	CASH Eva (TX)	blank 7/14/24 F Rhome 8102 
IRVIN Walter	CURTNER Myrtle	blank 1/9/12 M blank 5439 
IRVIN William Martin (MS)	BRUNNER Annie T. (TX)	blank 3/16/23 M Alvord 7739 
ISABELL Alfred Veal (TX)	BAGWELL Minnie (AL)	George Alfred 12/22/07 M Cottondale 3741 & 3741a
ISBELL Alford Veal	BAGWELL Mary Catherine	Esther May 4/29/05 F Paradise 1779 & 1779a & 1779b & 1779c
ISBELL C.A.	BAREN M.B.	C.A. 3/2/31 M Paradise [No Image 9983] 
ISBELL Carl A. (TX)	BOREN Myrtle (TX)	Oleta Cleo 3/4/29 F Paradise 9280 & 9280a
ISBELL E.V.	RHOTEN H. Dollie	Chaston Everett 9/15/30 M blank [No Image 9816] 
ISBELL E.V.	RHOTEN H.D.	blank 11/4/32 F Paradise [No Image 10620] 
ISBELL E.V.	RHOTEN H.D.	blank 11/4/32 F blank [No Image 10621] 
ISBELL Elbert (TX)	RHOTEN H.C. (TX)	A.V. 10/23/29 M Paradise 9484 
ISBELL George Washington (GA)	HALL Mary Elizabeth (GA)	Charlie Franklin 03/17/78 M Chico [del. 11991] 
ISBELL K.R.	YOUNG blank	blank 10/20/11 F blank 5386 
ISBELL Will W.	RUMIGLE Z.	William 8/19/31 M Chico [No Image 10186] 
ISENBURG P.J. (TX)	DANIEL Gladys (VA)	blank 2/9/24 F Decatur 7999 
ISENBURG S.J.	DAVIS Gladys Ada	blank 2/19/15 M blank 6037 
ISENBURG S.J. (TX)	DAVIS Gladys (VA)	blank 4/21/21 F Rhome 7385 
ISENBURG S.J. (TX)	DAVIS Gladys (VA)	blank 6/21/22 F Rhome 7617 
ISOM Robert L (IN)	ROPER Mary Jane (AR)	Callie May 04/12/96 F Paradise [del. 28303] 
ISRAEL Ben	BROWN blank	blank 3/5/13 M blank 5662 
ISRAEL Ben (AR)	BROWN Ada Sally (TX)	Madge Elizabeth 3/18/07 F Decatur 3231 & 3231a
ISRAEL Ben J (TX)	BROWN Ada (TX)	Hobert T 01/24/02 M Decatur [del. 24149] 
ISRAEL Hobert T. (TX)	PHILLIPS Floy Edna (TX)	Bobbie Christine 8/21/29 F blank 9425 
ISRAEL James Ben	BROWN Sallye Ada	James Beatrice 6/22/04 M Decatur 968 & 0968a
IUNJANO Anastacio	LOPEZ Manuela	Rebecca 7/7/10 F Bridgeport 5037 
IVEY J.T.W.	GAGE blank	blank 1/30/33 M Decatur [No Image 10669] 
IVIE Morgan	BLANK Rosa	blank 9/2/05 M blank 2113 
IVIE Return Vardiman	MCQUINN Allie 	Jewell Juanita 1/17/06 F blank 2416 & 2416a & 2416b
IVY J.I.V.	GAGE Ellen	blank 12/24/30 M blank [No Image 9908] 
JACKS John William (AR)	CHAPPELEAR Joannah (GA)	Ora May 02/19/95 F Decatur [del. 13358] 
JACKSON Albert Wesley (TX)	HAlLEY Arabella (TX)	Vernis Eura 04/14/93 M Chico [del. 14285] 
JACKSON Arlie Elisa (TX)	BLACK Ruby Jane (TX)	Hazel Marie 9/23/22 F Park Springs 7662 & 7662a
JACKSON B.F. (TX)	CASH Mattie Pearl (TX)	Bettie Sue 12/14/28 F Newark 9203 
JACKSON Billie B. (TX)	HARTSELL Petrola (MS)	Billy Howard 8/12/25 M Alvord 8382 & 8382a
JACKSON Bob (MO)	MURPHY Sarah (MO)	James Walter 06/15/89 M Decatur [del. 24656] 
JACKSON Bob (MO)	MURPHY Sarah (MO)	Albert 03/10/91 M Decatur [del. 20660] 
JACKSON C.E.	BLANK Elvira	blank 12/16/10 F blank 5147 
JACKSON C.E.	JONES M.E.	blank 3/13/14 F blank 5856 
JACKSON C.E.	RICE Mable	Bonnie Mae 6/4/32 blank Alvord [No Image 10455] 
JACKSON C.G.	JONES M.E.	blank 1/6/12 M blank 5438 
JACKSON C.V.	BRYAN Virdie	blank 12/11/30 M blank [No Image 9893] 
JACKSON Charles Elmer (TX)	RICE Mabel Gladden (MO)	Eva Olivene 7/13/24 F Alvord 8101 & 8101a
JACKSON Charles Thomas (TX)	WALKER Atlanta (TX)	George William 07/07/92 M Boonsville [del. 28649] 
JACKSON Charles Thomas (TX)	WALKER Atlantia (TX)	Bessie May 04/04/90 F Boonsville [del. 25510] 
JACKSON Charles Thomas (TX)	WALKER Atlantia (TX)	Nellie Jane 07/29/94 F Boonsville [del. 25509] 
JACKSON Charley Thomas (TX)	WALKER Atlantia (TX)	Charley Andy 12/19/96 M Boonsville [del. 5833] 
JACKSON Dan	BLANK Ruth	blank 8/1/04 F blank 1071 
JACKSON Ed	BLANK Bobbie	blank 10/12/05 F blank 2234 
JACKSON Elias (MO)	FOSTER Lois Anna (TN)	Ethel Lois 10/13/97 F Sunset [del. 18865] 
JACKSON George Alvin	HONEYCUT Leona	Lee Roy 5/3/28 M Decatur 9008 & 9008a
JACKSON George Riley (MO)	BALL Nellie (MO)	Ira Elias 08/19/86 M Decatur [del. 10616] 
JACKSON George Scott (LA)	WALL Elizabeth (MS)	Emma 10/01/83 F Wise Co [del. 5293] 
JACKSON H.C.	DOSIER Hellon G.	John Herman 3/31/30 M Chico [No Image 9641] 
JACKSON J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 8/28/09 M blank 4751 
JACKSON J.W.	BLANK L.	blank 2/8/04 F blank 642 
JACKSON J.W.	MADDEN M.	blank 1/4/27 M Bridgeport 8731 
JACKSON James Andrew (AR)	SMITH Fannie Lear (TX)	Bessie Beatrice 01/17/02 F Willow Point [del. 15939] 
JACKSON James S (AR)	KIDD Elizabeth Frances (TX)	John Louis 10/27/85 M Paradise [del. 13315] 
JACKSON James Stephens (AR)	KIDD Elizabeth Francis (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 04/06/90 F Paradise [del. 7770] 
JACKSON James Stephens (AR)	KIDD Elizabeth Francis (TX)	Ida Belle 01/12/95 F Paradise [del. 7768] 
JACKSON James Stephens (AR)	KIDD Elizabeth Francis (TX)	Ira Thomas 04/28/98 M Boonsville [del. 7769] 
JACKSON James Thomas	DUNAWAY Sarah Elizabeth	John Jacob 7/13/03 M Chico 115 & 0115a
JACKSON John B. (TX)	HAYS Mary (TX)	Alice Ruth 8/5/29 F Boyd 9410 
JACKSON John D (MO)	NICKELL Fannie (MO)	Alba Alvin 11/16/88 M Alvord [del. 10779] 
JACKSON John Daniel (MO)	NICKELL Sarah Francis (MO)	Wilmer Willis 12/08/84 M Alvord [del. 13420] 
JACKSON John Robert (TN)	ADAMS Louisa Elizabeth (KY)	Onah 09/30/93 F Chico [del. 24457] 
JACKSON John Robert (TN)	ADAMS Louisa Elizabeth (KY)	Robert Asbury 04/21/95 M Chico [del. 24733] 
JACKSON John Washington (TX)	PARSON Laura May (TX)	Earl Elmer 12/18/00 M Alvord [del. 7472] 
JACKSON John William (TX)	STARK Callie (MS)	Elton Leslie 02/06/98 M Boonsville 52 & [del. 3073] 
JACKSON John William (TX)	STARK Callie Marvin (GA)	Hollis D. 2/16/07 M Willow Point 3180 & 3180a
JACKSON John William (TX)	STARKS Calie (IL)	Weldon Declarmin 09/06/99 M Boonsville [del. 26734] 
JACKSON Lonzo	SILLO Alice	blank 6/14/11 F blank 5279 
JACKSON Ollie Lee (TX)	LEONARD Rosa Lundy (TX)	Bessie 12/20/02 F Alvord [del. 31145] 
JACKSON Robert Lee (MO)	DENNY Maggie William (TN)	Guy Samuel 09/06/98 M Bridgeport [del. 10175] 
JACKSON Sam Houston (TX)	WHORTON Jennie Elizabeth (TX)	Edd Houston 08/04/91 M Decatur [del. 8077] 
JACKSON Sam Houston (TX)	WHORTON Jennie Elizabeth (TX)	Lorado Margaret 01/22/98 F Audubon [del. 28055] 
JACKSON Thadius Iseral (MS)	LUTHER Mary Parthne (TX)	Ruby Dee 08/24/00 F Wise Co [del. 22520] 
JACKSON Thomas Jacob (TX)	BALL Helena Rivers (TX)	James Wesley 02/24/96 M Decatur [del. 24804] 
JACKSON Thomas Jefferson (MO)	COPP Amy Elizabeth (MO)	Annie Lee 12/25/89 F Decatur [del. 29949] 
JACKSON W.A.	THOMPSON Docie	Frances Louise 11/30/30 F blank [No Image 9854] 
JACKSON Washington Lafayette (GA)	GREEN Margrett (GA)	Leota Alvord 12/03/87 F Alvord [del. 24058] 
JACKSON Will	BLANK blank	Will 8/14/05 M blank 2056 
JACKSON William (MO)	REED Mary L (IN)	Lyman Lewis 11/10/90 M Clay Co KS [del. 18855] 
JACKSON William Allen (AR)	THOMPSON Docia E. (LA)	Florence Evelyn 8/22/21 F Rhome 7447 
JACKSON William Andrew (MO)	GOSE Josie (TX)	Mary Luella 09/23/84 F Decatur [del. 20078] 
JACKSON William Andrew (MO)	GOSE Josie (TX)	Susan Rena 10/12/88 F Decatur [del. 20079] 
JACKSON William B (MS)	PARKER Sarah Emma (MS)	Eula Pearl 05/22/91 F Keeter [del. 23792] 
JACKSON William Grant (MO)	CHRISTIAN Judith A (MO)	Charles Elmer 07/20/85 M Alvord [del. 20586] 
JACKSON William Sanford (TN)	DENNIS Belle (TN)	James Houston 01/10/99 M Alvord [del. 23492] 
JACKSON William Sanford (TN)	DENNIS Belle (TN)	Mary Lillian 12/07/01 F Alvord [del. 23491] 
JACKSON William Sanford (TN)	DENNIS Ella Belle (TN)	Jacob Carl 08/01/97 M Alvord [del. 10658] 
JACKSON William Wood (MO)	NIVENS Jennie (TX)	Arthur Lee 10/16/94 M Alvord [del. 16748] 
JACOBS Fred John (NJ)	WILLIAMS Louie (TX)	Ruth Camille 11/23/92 F Decatur [del. 17086] 
JACOBS Joe J (TX)	HARDWICK Maudie Allie (TX)	Garvin Bailey 10/25/99 M Alvord [del. 8003] 
JACOBS Thomas Moses (GA)	PETERSON Sarah Louisa (AL)	John Thomas 01/07/88 M Alvord [del. 5139] 
JAMES Andrew Jackson (IL)	DEPREE Anna Eliza (KY)	Brady Martin 11/01/96 M Rhome [del. 6612] 
JAMES Arthur Elihu (TX)	KARNES Millie (TX)	Arthur Ray 3/15/26 M Chico 8563 & 8563a
JAMES Arthur Elihue	KARNES Millie	Alta Ladean 1/31/18 F Chico 6811 & 6811a
JAMES Benjamin Thompson (LA)	HUDSON Jeanette (TX)	Stanton Key 11/02/90 M Chico [del. 3942] 
JAMES Benjamin Thompson (LA)	HUDSON Jennette (TX)	Mary Alice 03/17/87 F Decatur [del. 21458] 
JAMES J.A.	BENNETT Lina	Betty Jo 6/6/28 F Decatur 9032 & 9032a
JAMES J.M.	BLANK blank	blank 3/9/11 F blank 5188 
JAMES J.M.	BLANK Dosie	blank 2/26/07 M blank 3191 
JAMES James	BLANK Theodoshia	blank 7/23/05 F blank 1988 
JAMES James Arthur (AL)	BENNETT Pearlina (TN)	Annie Ruth 10/3/24 F Decatur 8176 & 8176a
JAMES James Madison	PERRY Theodosha	Leila Alasta 10/15/03 F Park Springs 370 & 0370a
JAMES L.A.	BLANK V.W.	Elmer 4/26/06 M blank 2640 
JAMES Marion Albert (TX)	WRIGHT Mable Alice (IL)	Rayborn Franklin 4/24/09 M Rhome 4601 & 4601a
JAMES Noah Lee (GA)	BINGHAM Emma Mae (GA)	William Jesse 12/03/94 M Decatur [del. 5934] 
JAMES S.T.	BLANK L.	blank 2/5/04 F blank 637 
JAMES Spencer Thompson	BURTON Lua Jane	Tommy 5/17/05 F Park Springs 1824 & 1824a
JAMES Spencer Thompson (?)	BURTON Lua Jane (TX)	Esther 11/25/99 F Park Springs [del. 3865] 
JAMES Spencer Thompson (?)	BURTON Lua Jane (TX)	Lua 07/14/01 F Park Springs [del. 3867] 
JAMES Wiley Louis (MS)	HARPOLE Mary Pearl (MS)	Milton Carl 4/15/23 M Decatur 7772 & 7772a
JAMESON Joe A. (TX)	MORGAN Edith M. (TX)	William Blake 7/18/25 M Slidell 8365 & 8365a
JAMISON C.R.	BLANK Bettie	blank 12/24/04 F blank 1458 
JAMISON Charlie R (AL)	ARRINGTON Bettie (TN)	Earlie Warner 10/31/97 M Anneville [del. 8157] 
JARBOE Edwin (TX)	BUTLER Texanna (TX)	Walter Hoyt 03/22/89 M Decatur [del. 10889] 
JARBOE Edwin (TX)	BUTTLER Texanna Bell (TX)	James Winson 11/08/87 M Decatur [del. 13211] 
JARBOE Robert Walter (TX)	TEAGUE Rebecca Parsetta (TX)	Hollis 02/02/90 M Decatur [del. 10113] 
JARRELL Thomas Jefferson (LA)	KING Mary Mollie (TX)	Gus Jerry 04/22/88 M Decatur [del. 33249] 
JARRETT W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 2/14/07 F blank 3175 
JARRETT W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 4/1/09 M blank 4580 
JARVIS George	BLANK blank	blank 3/12/14 F blank 5853 
JARVIS George (AL)	SWINFORD Mary (TX)	Mary 1/2/19 F Boyd 7024 
JARVIS J M (AL)	KEITH Jennie (AL)	Aubrey 05/02/98 M Boyd [del. 4720] 
JARVIS J.M.	BLANK Jennie	blank 6/24/05 M blank 1912 
JARVIS John J.M. (AL)	KEETH Jeanet (AL)	Joseph Edward 10/21/14 M Keeter 5978 & 5978a
JARVIS John M (AL)	KEITH Jeanett (AL)	Maggie 08/15/91 F Boyd [del. 23835] 
JARVIS John M (AL)	KEITH Gennette (AL)	Roy 01/06/00 M Boyd [del. 30765] 
JARVIS Marion (TX)	LEGGETT Cordie (TX)	John C. 7/21/21 M Boyd 7420 & 7420a
JAY William H (NC)	SCOGGINS Edith Smith (NC)	Birdie Beatrice 09/15/93 F Paradise [del. 25096] 
JAY William Hall (NC)	SCOGGINS Edith (NC)	Xi Meno Xerxes 03/20/77 M Rutherford Co NC [del. 8444]
JAY X.X.	BLANK blank	blank 8/24/05 F blank 2081 
JEANNETT Prudent Celeston (France)	FOGELIN Emma Marie (Sweden)	Hubert Louis 03/12/96 M Decatur [del. 10618] 
JEFFERSON Samuel Edward (TX)	SIMONS Mary Jane (KY)	Loretta 11/12/91 F Aurora [del. 24829] 
JEFFREY Frank	CARTER Maudie E.	Billie Jean 9/23/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10893] 
JEFFREY O.B.	SIMMONS Etta M.	Margaret Sue 11/11/33 F Rhome [No Image 10935] 
JEFFREYS William James	LANDERS Flora	Allie Elizabeth 9/8/03 F Garvin 266 & 0266a
JEFFRIES James T.	DAY Roberta	Charles E. 11/28/29 M blank [No Image 9519] 
JEFFRIES W.B.	SIMMONS E.M.	Barbara Lou 9/14/31 F Rhome [No Image 10217] 
JENKINS Herbert P. (TX)	KIRBY Dona Bell (TX)	blank 8/13/25 M Slidell 8383 
JENKINS R.F.	HARDING Awilda Marie	Jay Marie 1/22/28 F Newark 8919 
JENKINS S.O.	OWENS Lottie	blank 2/17/14 M blank 5842 
JENKINS S.O.	OWENS Lottie	blank 8/14/32 M Chico [No Image 10529] 
JENKINS Sidney Oscar (TX)	OWEN Charlotte Gertrude (TX)	Hazel Beatrice 3/18/25 F Chico 8274 & 8274a
JENKINS Sidney Oscar (TX)	OWENS Charlotta Gertrude (TX)	Vera May 12/20/12 F Bridgeport 5614 & 5614a
JENKINS T.H.	ELLIOTT L.A.	Mary E. 9/4/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9801] 
JENKINS T.H. (TX)	ELLIOTT Lola Aylean (TX)	Darfia Ruth 1/14/29 F Bridgeport 9235 
JENNINGS A.E.	BLANK Bertie	Newt S. 5/30/06 M blank 2692 
JENNINGS Augustis Cartlidge (GA)	WALKER Lucindy Jane (GA)	Joseph Edward 06/29/85 M Decatur [del. 19507] 
JENNINGS George	BLANK Minnie	blank 1/8/04 M blank 573 
JENNINGS Henry Oliver	MATHEWS Evelene	H.R. 10/7/17 M Springtown 6729 
JENNINGS John	BLANK blank	blank 11/30/16 M blank 6518 
JENNINGS John Carrel (TX)	BRASHER Hattie (TX)	John Carrel, Jr. 6/30/15 M Boyd 6135 & 6135a
JENNINGS Lige	WRIGHT Ada	blank 5/24/18 M Boyd 6903 
JENNINGS M.A.	BOYDSTON L.	Cecil Alten 3/20/31 M blank [No Image 10012] 
JENNINGS Mason	BOYDSTON Letha	blank 9/28/15 M blank 6261 
JENNINGS Mason	BOYDSTON Letha	blank 9/28/15 M blank 6262 
JENNINGS Melvin N., Sr. (TX)	JOHNSON Opal (TX)	Melvin N., Jr. 3/5/29 M Chico 9282 
JENNINGS Thomas Jefferson (MO)	JARNAGIN Martha Joan (KS)	Charley Myrtle 03/19/92 F Decatur [del. 24490] 
JENNINGS W.L.	BLANK D.	blank 10/10/03 M blank 352 
JENNINGS William Leonard (TX)	PENNELL Dora Bell (TX)	Nora Lee 05/07/96 F Decatur [del. 9257] 
JENNINGS William Leonard (TX)	PENNELL Dora Bell (TX)	Milburn Dinnise 02/13/99 M Bridgeport [del. 7434] 
JENNINGS William Leonard (TX)	PENNELL Dora Bell (TX)	Lillie Pearl 05/11/01 F Decatur [del. 9258] 
JERNIGAN William Calvin (TN)	FULLER Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Ida Mae 03/27/96 F Dan [del. 19990] 
JERNIGAN William Calvin (TN)	FULLER Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Ross Alexander 03/12/98 M Dan [del. 19991] 
JESTER Pollard	BLANK blank	blank 12/29/04 M blank 1472 
JETER A B (TX)	COX Henrietta (TX)	Lawson Perrylee 03/09/01 M Bridgeport [del. 5098] 
JETER Argulious Bouregard (TX)	COX Rebecca Henrietta (LA)	Clyde 11/20/92 M Bridgeport [del. 14010] 
JETER Argulous Bouguard (TX)	COX Rebecca (LA)	Nell 07/18/98 F Bridgeport [del. 11493] 
JETER C.T.	HUDSON Sylvia B.	Patsy Ruth 11/14/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9866] 
JETER C.T.	HUDSON Sylvia B.	blank 7/21/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10503] 
JETER Clyde	DUNN Mettie	blank 8/6/28 F Paradise 9074 
JETER Ealey Elija	RAY Katie Jane	Jesse Ray 9/20/04 M Bridgeport 1211 
JETER Ealey Elija	RAY Katie Jane	Henry Jackson 11/13/07 M Bridgeport 3665 & [delayed 2754]
JETER Ealey Elija (LA)	RAY Katie Jane (TX)	Willie Elija 8/29/06 M Bridgeport 2870 
JETER Earl (TX)	SHADDY Mattie Pearl (TX)	Audrey Lee 9/1/08 F Bridgeport 4217 & 4217a
JETER Ely	BLANK Katie	blank 9/20/04 M blank 1210 
JETER Ely	BLANK Katy	blank 8/29/06 M blank 2874 
JETER Ely	RAY Kate	blank 11/13/07 M Bridgeport 3666 
JETER Henry Elijah (LA)	FORTSON Mary Ann Elizabeth (TX)	Richard Henry 11/10/89 M Bridgeport [del. 16540] 
JETER Henry Elijah (LA)	FORTSON Mary Ann Elizabeth (TX)	Della Ruth 12/24/94 F Bridgeport [del. 15937] 
JETER P.	BLANK Ethel	blank 1/1/09 M blank 4420 
JETER Paul	HUDSON Annie	blank 8/2/28 M Bridgeport 9072 
JETER Pollard	BLANK Ethel	Zella Aberta 11/3/03 F blank 419 
JETER Willis Pollard	BLANK Ethel Catherine	Willis Henry 12/29/04 M Bridgeport 1471 
JETER Willis Pollard	WILSON Ethel Catherine	Byno Leroy 2/11/11 M Bridgeport 5174 
JETER Willis Pollard	WILSON Ethel Catherine	Pollard, Jr. 5/4/16 M blank 6407 
JETER Willis Pollard (TX)	WILSON Ethel Catherine (IL)	Calvin Thomas 1/5/09 M Bridgeport 4425 
JETER Zoley C (LA)	SCOGGINS Margaret Jane (AR)	Jewell Marie 05/22/02 F Bridgeport [del. 14452] 
JETTON John Abraham (TN)	CANE Geneva (AL)	Fred Burgger 01/15/97 M Decatur [del. 28265] 
JOBE D.A. (TX)	CHEVES Nellie (TX)	blank 10/4/22 F Decatur 7665 
JOBE David Abalou	CHEVES Nellie Ida	Bertie Orlena 6/13/10 F blank 5023 & 5023a
JOBE G.W.	BLANK M.A.	blank 9/7/06 M blank 2893 
JOBE George	BARTON Mary	Addie Lee 10/30/11 F Decatur 5395 & 5395a
JOBE George William	BOSTON Mary Earshel	Alice Lorene 3/8/10 F blank 4956 & 4956a
JOBE George William (TX)	BOSTON Mary Erasell (TX)	Maudie Paralee 1/31/08 F Decatur 3812 
JOBE Joe (TX)	McKINNEY Betty Martha (TX)	Julia Jane 12/28/93 F Bowie TX [del. 14604] 
JOBE John (TX)	SMITH Lettie (TX)	blank 1/1/25 M Decatur 8237 
JOBE John Henry (TX)	SMITH Lilley Ardena (TX)	James Donald 8/31/22 M Alvord 7651 & 7651a
JOHNS John E (MO)	STRAIN Ada Louisa (IA)	Mary Elva Marty 09/04/98 F Chico [del. 16805] 
JOHNS John Sanford (IN)	FLANERY Martha Alice (TX)	John Oliver 08/12/90 M Alvord [del. 10617] 
JOHNSON A.B.	BLANK Blanch	blank 2/27/05 M blank 1634 
JOHNSON A.J.	BLANK M.E.	blank 12/8/03 M blank 490 
JOHNSON A.T. (IL)	BURICK Mary	Opal Audrie 1/20/06 F blank 2423 
JOHNSON Aaron	PEONELL Grace	Virgil Lewis 8/2/32 M Decatur [No Image 10516] 
JOHNSON Abner Mohon (?)	MILLER Blanche Geneva (MS)	Vera Zell 08/13/01 F Greenwood [del. 10544] 
JOHNSON Abraham (?)	COUCH Laura (?)	Maud Katherine 08/22/95 F Bridgeport [del. 11529] 
JOHNSON Adam Thomas (IL)	BARRICK Mary Catherine (MO)	Arthur Durwood 06/14/00 M Chico [del. 29549] 
JOHNSON Adam Thomas (IL)	BARRICK Mary Catherine (MO)	A.T., Jr. 8/11/08 M Chico 4177 & 4177a
JOHNSON Albert	BLANK Clara	Clara Virginia 1/21/05 F blank 1526 
JOHNSON B.	BLANK blank	blank 12/24/08 M blank 4408 
JOHNSON Benjamin Franklin (AL)	GRIFFIN Mary Belle (AL)	William Allen 03/10/84 M Decatur [del. 19661] 
JOHNSON Bun (MS)	RHODES Allie (LA)	Nora 07/31/95 F Paradise [del. 6501] 
JOHNSON Bun (MS)	RHODES Allie (LA)	Sam 05/06/98 M Paradise [del. 6499] 
JOHNSON Bun (MS)	RHODES Allie O (LA)	Florence 01/13/97 F Paradise [del. 6500] 
JOHNSON Bun (MS)	RHODES Allie O (LA)	Walter 02/23/92 M Paradise [del. 6498] 
JOHNSON Charley E. (TX)	GREGORY Jettie (TX)	Billy Bob 5/23/29 M Alvord 9359 
JOHNSON Charlie Earl (TX)	GREGG Jettie Viola (TX)	Hazel 11/30/24 F Alvord 8222 & 8222a
JOHNSON Clarence	BLANK blank	blank 7/1/03 F blank 83 
JOHNSON Clarence Horton	LYNCH Sereptia Eaton	Nell Jackie Lee 8/27/27 F Alvord 8830 & 8830a
JOHNSON Clyde Newton (TX)	SMITH Harriett Elizabeth (TX)	Mary Eugenia 6/13/14 F Decatur 5911 & 5911a & 5911b
JOHNSON Ed	STEWART Ittie Inez	Gayle C. 12/18/09 M Bridgeport 4876 & 4876a
JOHNSON Ed, Jr.	BLANK Rosa	blank 6/14/05 M blank 1891 
JOHNSON Emmett	BRADLEY Mary E.	Cole Younger 6/3/31 blank Newark [No Image 10093] 
JOHNSON Frank	BLANK blank	blank 12/22/04 M blank 1452 
JOHNSON George (OK)	POTTER Francis (TN)	Lucile 05/06/93 F Decatur [del. 28359] 
JOHNSON George (TX)	BOND Mora (TX)	blank 12/7/18 F Alvord 7016 
JOHNSON George M.	BOND Mora	blank 12/27/15 F blank 6330 
JOHNSON H.L.	MCDANIEL Ollie May	Samuel Lee 3/27/17 M Alvord 6593 & 6593a
JOHNSON Harry L (TX)	STRATTON Artie (TX)	Joseph Jefferson 02/03/90 M Alvord [del. 23223] 
JOHNSON Harvey Basconi (KY)	GAY Henrietta Florence (IL)	Morris Lee 08/24/02 M Chico [del. 25645] 
JOHNSON Henry Clay (TX)	JOHNSON Mary Jane (TN)	George Ann 04/04/78 F Aurora [del. 18132] 
JOHNSON Henry Lee	MCDANIEL Ollie May	Artie 9/4/15 F blank 6224 & 6224a
JOHNSON Henry Lee (MO)	MCDANIEL Ollie May (TX)	Bertha May 1/13/14 F Alvord 5818 & 5818a
JOHNSON Henry Lee (MO)	STRATTON Artie (TX)	Mecia Cordia 07/27/97 F Alvord [del. 28114] 
JOHNSON Henry Lee (MO)	STRATTON Artie Mecia (AR)	George Melvin 05/13/92 M Decatur [del. 14901] 
JOHNSON Isaac Martin (IL)	WALLACE Margaret Ellen (TX)	Elva Dale 06/02/90 F Chico [del. 22354] 
JOHNSON J.A. (TX)	LAIRD Rosa B. (TX)	blank 8/2/22 F Decatur 7636 
JOHNSON James Black (TN)	STANTON Annie Lee (MO)	Dorothy Gertrude 01/09/02 F Leflore Co OK [del. 28446]
JOHNSON Jess	BLANK Mary	blank 7/3/08 M blank 4115 
JOHNSON Jess	BLANK Mary	blank 7/25/09 M blank 4697 
JOHNSON Jesse	COBB Mary	blank 11/26/15 F blank 6308 
JOHNSON Jessie S.	COBB May	blank 10/8/12 M blank 5583 
JOHNSON John	JETER Nealia	blank 9/22/11 M blank 5365 
JOHNSON John M (MO)	ROBERTS Sarah Ann (MO)	Myrtle Rosie 03/04/89 F Sunset [del. 24197] 
JOHNSON John Scott (TN)	WHITE Mary Emeline (CA)	Essie Earl 01/16/82 F Sunset [del. 12506] 
JOHNSON John Thomas (TN)	RHOADS Mary Catherine (KY)	Minnie Dana 10/17/79 F Audubon [del. 16917] 
JOHNSON John Thomas (TN)	RHOADS Mary Catherine (KY)	Mary Lou 09/29/89 F Decatur [del. 27998] 
JOHNSON Johnie (MO)	ROBERTS Sarah Ann (MO)	Willis Lee 02/14/82 M Alvord [del. 18191] 
JOHNSON Joseph Edward (TX)	NALL Lida Florance (TX)	Lloyd Joe 6/8/20 M Poolville 7257 & 7257a
JOHNSON Joseph Solomon (AL)	HUDSON Ella Gertrude (AL)	Martha Lucile 10/08/97 F Cottondale [del. 7388] 
JOHNSON L.	BLANK Mary	blank 1/29/04 F blank 626 
JOHNSON Lewis C. (AR)	WALLACE Alice Gertrude (AR)	Alvin Thomas 2/19/29 M Boyd 9268 & 9268a
JOHNSON Louis	WALLACE Alice	James 4/3/31 M Boyd [No Image 10024] 
JOHNSON Lyman (TX)	JOHNSON (same) Mary (TX)	George Tylor 06/14/86 M Decatur [del. 23133] 
JOHNSON Major (NY)	JOHNSON (same) Mary (AL)	Walter 01/07/80 M Aurora [del. 16939] 
JOHNSON Marvin	NALER Rhoda E.	Ertie Ruth 4/8/30 F blank [No Image 9646] 
JOHNSON Marvin V.	MALER Radie E.	Bonnie Jane 6/18/31 F blank [No Image 10116] 
JOHNSON Maxey Gregory (SC)	O'NEAL Allice Elizabeth (AR)	Eslie 01/05/99 M Park Springs [del. 7436] 
JOHNSON O.	BLANK M.	blank 9/28/03 M blank 319 
JOHNSON P S (TN)	MEADOWS Hattie (AL)	Edna 06/03/96 F Aurora [del. 23848] 
JOHNSON Paul (AL)	WADDILL Georgette (TX)	Jimmie Worth 11/8/28 F Decatur 9171 
JOHNSON R.F.	NEW Ethel May	Thomas Melvin 2/22/09 M blank 4508 & [Delayed 20703]
JOHNSON Richard Taylor (MO)	CEVAUX Charles Ann (OK)	William Henry 05/11/94 M Decatur [del. 8531] 
JOHNSON Richard Taylor (MO)	CEVAUX Charlie Ann (OK)	Herman Frederick 04/25/95 M Decatur [del. 29627] 
JOHNSON Richard Taylor (MO)	CEVOX Charles Annie (TX)	Edith 11/18/98 F Decatur [del. 14996] 
JOHNSON Richard Taylor (TX)	CEAVOUX Charles Ann (OK)	Ralph Richard 07/18/02 M Decatur [del. 31210] 
JOHNSON Richard W.	WEATHERFORD Mary M.	Della Margaret 6/12/31 F blank [No Image 10108] 
JOHNSON Robert Abner	HARRELL Maud Myrtle	Joe Tom 10/21/04 M Decatur 1287 & 1287a
JOHNSON Roosevelt (TX)	SANSEN Dora (TX)	Rosa Lee 3/19/26 F Decatur 8566 & 8566a
JOHNSON Rubin (TX)	ACKER Beryol (TX)	blank 2/19/25 F Slidell 8266 
JOHNSON Rupert Orris	WOODS Chloe Eva	Ruby June 6/19/27 F Chico 8809 & 8809a
JOHNSON Silas	BLANK Kitty	blank 10/1/06 F blank 2941 
JOHNSON Stiles Liddell (TX)	TRIPLETT Georgia Alma (TX)	Jesse Donaho 04/09/02 M Chico [del. 24608] 
JOHNSON Thomas (GA)	WOLFE Kissika Kidd (MO)	Minnie Jane 07/26/89 F Springtown [del. 14521] 
JOHNSON W.E.	BLANK M.G.	blank 4/12/06 M blank 2611 & [Delayed 12545]
JOHNSON W.E.A.	BLANK M.G.	blank 1/24/04 F blank 611 
JOHNSON W.E.A.	BLANK M.G.	blank 4/22/08 M blank 3982 
JOHNSON W.L.	BLANK Mary	blank 10/21/04 M blank 1289 
JOHNSON W.L.	FLIPPO Clara	blank 7/5/11 F blank 5294 
JOHNSON Walter Oscar	THOMAS Hattie Electra	Mary Elizabeth Roberta 7/22/17 F Bridgeport 6661 & 6661a
JOHNSON Wiley Robert (AR)	JOHNSON Roena Margaret (AR)	Baxter Thurman 11/08/90 M Cottondale [del. 16278] 
JOHNSON Will	BLANK Robbie	blank 8/19/06 F blank 2851 
JOHNSON William Ellis (TN)	RANSON Minervia (IL)	Walter Oscar 12/15/88 M Bridgeport [del. 22394] 
JOHNSON William Elmo (TX)	CRENSHAW Fannie B (TX)	Coy Elmer 03/10/96 M Decatur [del. 4849] 
JOHNSON William Henry (MS)	WAGGONER Molly Lucy (TN)	Pamona 03/10/01 F Chico [del. 31103] 
JOHNSON William Henry (MS)	WAGONER Mary Lucy (AR)	Dena 03/08/94 F Crafton [del. 12422] 
JOHNSON William Joseph (MS)	COLEMAN Emily Gertrude (MS)	Ruby Gay 03/22/91 F Decatur [del. 8156] 
JOHNSON William Owen (AL)	WRIGHT Emma (AL)	John Shelby 08/27/01 M Decatur [del. 6692] 
JOHNSON William Rollins (TX)	MILLER George Ellen (TX)	Emma Eugenia 07/15/02 F Boonsville [del. 22668] 
JOHNSTON Charles	WOLF Lara	Claribel 9/15/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10556] 
JOHNSTON Charles	WOLFF Clara	blank 2/22/28 F Bridgeport 8952 
JOHNSTON Don Hugh (MO)	BUTTS Ella Mae (MO)	Eleanor Butts 11/17/96 F Bridgeport [del. 27804] 
JOHNSTON George Eugene (TX)	MOYER Donnie Lois (TX)	Gracy Imogene 2/1/26 F Newark 8528 & 8528a
JOHNSTON John	BLANK Cornelia	Opal Grace 2/24/09 F blank 4511 
JOHNSTON John	JETER Nellie	Mollye Lorena 6/16/05 F Boonsville 1897 & [delayed 4701]
JOHNSTON John Porter (MS)	SIMMONS Henrietta (TX)	William Marshall 02/08/95 M Greenwood [del. 11876] 
JOHNSTON John Rowland (TX)	JETER Cornelia (TX)	Thomas Floyd 09/26/02 M Boonsville [del. 4705] 
JOHNSTON Luther (TN/MS)	BURGESS Mary P.	Artema C. 3/23/08 F Bridgeport 3934 & 3934a
JOHNSTON M.V.	NALER K.E.	Raymond T. 12/7/32 M Rhome [No Image 10638] 
JOHNSTON Martin Luther (TN)	BURGES Mary (AL)	John Martin 08/03/00 M Bridgeport [del. 17953] 
JOHNSTON Martin Luther (TN)	BURGES Mary Paralee (MS)	Charles Wesley 08/31/94 M Bridgeport [del. 22218] 
JOHNSTON Melville Burr (TN)	CAMPBELL Adella Harrison (TN)	Reuben Powers 08/24/95 M Briar [del. 13798] 
JOHNSTON Melville Burr (TN)	CAMPBELL Adella Harrison (TN)	Monnie 10/06/97 F Decatur [del. 28919] 
JOHNSTON O.H.	BLANK M.L.	blank 5/17/09 F blank 4630 
JOHNSTON O.H.	BLANK W.L.	blank 9/16/10 M blank 5097 
JOHNSTON Virgil	SHADLE Maud	blank 7/3/15 M blank 6139 
JOHNSTON W.H.	BLANK Mary L.	blank 5/12/08 M blank 4021 
JOINER Isaiah K (AL)	EARNHEART Sarah Ora Ellen (IL)	Mary Belle 02/01/82 F Decatur [del. 11673] 
JONES A.D.	BLANK blank	Allen 11/20/03 M blank 454 
JONES A.D. (Absalom Duncan)	(REEVES) (Liona Bell)	(Pauline) 12/24/10 F blank 5152 
JONES A.M.	WOODARD Vada Mae	Billie Jack 5/30/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9677] 
JONES A.M.	WOODARD Vada Mae	blank 10/12/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10593] 
JONES A.P.	PATTERSON Minnie	blank 5/21/16 F blank 6414 
JONES Absalom Duncan (AL)	REEVES Liona Bell (TX)	Libby Iona 06/04/02 F Decatur [del. 11591] 
JONES Alexander (TN)	GLASGOW Margarete (TN)	William Alfred 03/22/89 M Chico [del. 11855] 
JONES Andrew Jackson (AL)	REYNOLDS Ella Nora (TX)	Mary Ann 03/21/97 F Paradise [del. 16840] 
JONES Arthur Beard (TN)	CROCKETT Sally Frances (VA)	William Arthur 08/08/83 M Cowan Station [del. 15992] 
JONES B.F.	BLANK blank	blank 10/4/07 F blank 3590 
JONES blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/10/07 F Paradise 3600 
JONES Brock	BLANK blank	blank 9/22/08 F blank 4260 
JONES Brock	BLANK Nettie	blank 4/18/06 M blank 2625 
JONES Bruce	BLANK Nealy	Clifford E. 1/27/06 M blank 2446 
JONES Bruce	BLANK Nealy	blank 1/29/09 M blank 4462 
JONES C.E.	GILL Bernie	blank 11/12/27 M Chico 8874 & [delayed 5620]
JONES Calvin C (TN)	TURNER Mary Anna (TN)	Calvin C 10/22/92 M Decatur [del. 10214] 
JONES Captain Brack (TX)	MERSHON Jeanette Lee (TX)	Constance Mershon 10/21/00 F Alvord [del. 19662] 
JONES Captain Brackston (TX)	NERSHON Janet (TX)	Joe Gose 08/22/98 M Alvord [del. 27999] 
JONES Charles B. (TX)	MERSHON Jeannette (TX)	Alice Modell 2/16/13 F Alvord 5655 & 5655a
JONES Charles Powell (GA)	TAYLOR Melvira (TX)	Hattie 07/16/82 F Bridgeport [del. 16918] 
JONES Chester Pleasant (TX)	MURPHY Nannie Ruth (TX)	Theodore Lawrence 08/07/97 M Alvord [del. 14577] 
JONES Clarence	BROWN Rubie	blank 12/31/16 F blank 6533 
JONES Clarence (TX)	BROWN Birdie (TX)	Sallie Jane 5/19/19 F Chico 7088 
JONES Clarence Haskell	BROWN Ruby Estella	Gerald Eugene 6/9/28 M Chico 9033 
JONES Claud	BLANK C.A.	blank 4/21/08 F blank 3981 
JONES Curby	BLANK Maud	blank 3/24/09 F blank 4567 
JONES D.I. (TX)	MILLER Rowena (TX)	Billie Marie 7/17/25 F Alvord 8362 & 8362a
JONES Darrell	BELLAH Julia	Janice 6/23/33 F Decatur [No Image 10803] 
JONES David (TX)	JONES Dora Alice (IL)	Bessie Lee 09/15/96 F Decatur [del. 8386] 
JONES E.L.	BLANK Belle	blank 8/5/08 M blank 4168 
JONES Earnest W.	MCENTIRE Willie	Carl Ray 7/27/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10161] 
JONES Edgar Augustus (TX)	RIFFE Annie (KY)	Charles Shelly 12/28/86 M Alvord [del. 5621] 
JONES Edmond Taylor	PACE Fedelia	Elsie Simpkins 7/20/05 F Decatur 1978 & 1978a
JONES Emet	ARWINE Bell	blank 1/28/14 M blank 5831 
JONES Emmitt Lynwood 	ARWINE Cassie Bell	Le Moyne 2/1/06 F Paradise 2465 & 2465a
JONES Enos	STOVALL Una	blank 5/25/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10444] 
JONES Farm F. (TX)	MILLER Alma (TX)	Lowel Ray 9/23/29 F Greenwood 9457 
JONES Floyd A.	WILLIAMSON Hettie	Anita Ruth 2/8/30 F Decatur [No Image 9589] 
JONES Frank (TN)	SWAFFORD Eliza (TN)	William Thomas 03/19/91 M Boyd [del. 25364] 
JONES George Martin (IL)	GOODWIN Mary (MO)	Pearl Alice 09/03/85 F Sunset [del. 12577] 
JONES George Martin (IL)	GOODWIN Mary Bell (MO)	Hershel 10/02/93 M Decatur [del. 6694] 
JONES George Martin (IL)	GOODWIN Mary Belle (MO)	Araminta May 04/06/98 F Alvord [del. 12297] 
JONES Glenn B.	MASON Beatrice	Shirley 3/22/33 F Alvord [No Image 10712] 
JONES Gomer (IL)	McDANIEL Annie (TX)	Luther David 10/08/98 M Bridgeport [del. 7333] 
JONES Gomer Christopher (IL)	McDANIEL Annie Jane (TX)	Blodwen Mildred 12/07/95 F Bridgeport [del. 14487] 
JONES H.B.	BLANK blank	blank 7/21/08 F blank 4142 
JONES H.L.	CADWELL F.J.	blank 6/21/13 M blank 5726 
JONES Hampton (WI)	HAMMONTREE Martha (MO)	Edwin Austin 06/29/78 M Decatur [del. 15938] 
JONES Hampton S (AL)	ISBELL Minnie Etna (AL)	Tennie Beatrice 05/08/98 F Newark [del. 17518] 
JONES Hanford Leon (OK)	CADDELL Frances Jane (AL)	Maud 4/11/08 F Decatur 3968 & 3968a
JONES Homer L.	CARLOCK Rosa	blank 10/27/16 M blank 6501 
JONES Homer R. (TX)	CARLOCK Rose M. (TX)	Emma Elouise 2/21/24 F Chico 8011 & 8011a
JONES Hosea Roscoe (TX)	ISRAEL Josephine (AR)	Melbourne Ingram 07/12/01 M Decatur [del. 10780] 
JONES J.A.	BLANK Matilda	blank 2/5/07 F blank 3158 
JONES J.A.	DAVIDSON L.	blank 2/1/31 F Chico [No Image 9963] 
JONES J.A.	DAVIDSON L.	blank 2/17/31 F Chico [No Image 9964] 
JONES J.A.	DAVIDSON L.	blank 12/12/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10961] 
JONES J.A.	DAVIDSON Laura	Mildred Evelyn 11/27/27 F Bridgeport 8883 & 8883a
JONES J.A. (TX)	YOUNG Lizzie (TX)	blank 2/6/19 F Chico 7045 
JONES J.R.	MOSE Maud	Marva Jean 9/2/31 F Boyd [No Image 10204] 
JONES J.S.	PIXLER Lula B.	blank 10/18/32 F blank [No Image 10599] 
JONES J.T.	BLANK Ollie	blank 8/17/03 M blank 195 
JONES Jacob Henry (MO)	EDENS Ada (TX)	Sadie Ellen 09/27/96 F Decatur [del. 27810] 
JONES James Andrew Andy (TX)	DAVIDSON Laura Opal (TX)	Mary Viola 8/7/24 F blank 8137 
JONES James Frances (AL)	McDANIEL Lucinda Jane (AL)	Ida May 02/18/02 F Decatur [del. 25663] 
JONES James Francis (AL)	McDANIELS Lucinda Jane (AL)	William Henry 11/21/99 M Alvord [del. 12231] 
JONES James Franklin (AL)	McDANIEL Lucinda Jane (AL)	Lucretia Elizabeth 05/21/77 F Decatur [del. 7471] 
JONES James Franklin (KY)	SWOFFORD Eliza (TN)	Jimmie Robert 02/04/96 M Boyd [del. 9308] 
JONES James Jackson (TX)	MERSHON Mary (TX)	Mary 08/19/90 F Decatur [del. 29548] 
JONES James Layfette (MO)	SMITH Virginia Lee (MO)	Leona May 10/25/85 F Decatur [del. 20313] 
JONES James Leroy (MS)	ARRINGTON Emma Jane (AR)	Bonnie Viola 04/20/01 F Boyd [del. 6892] 
JONES James William (TX)	JOHNSON Emily (TX)	Ollie Ruth 05/17/00 F Greenwood [del. 16297] 
JONES James William (TX)	JOHNSON Emily Elizabeth (TX)	Kitty Cly 03/21/97 F Wise Co [del. 33975] 
JONES James William (TX)	JOHNSON Emma Elizabeth (TX)	Elba 06/21/88 M Greenwood [del. 7438] 
JONES James William (TX)	JOHNSON Emma Elizabeth (TX)	Marvin Gentry 09/22/98 M Greenwood [del. 7639] 
JONES James Wilson (KY)	HARVEY Eva (TN)	Dewitt Talmage 08/15/95 M Alvord [del. 13359] 
JONES Jasper Green (TN)	SWINEY Sarah Ann (TN)	General Lee 04/11/76 M Marshall Co TN [del. 15155] 
JONES Jefferson Young (TX)	FRENCH Ann Maria (New Zeland)	Mark Coy 11/20/89 M Decatur [del. 9179] 
JONES Jefferson Young (TX)	FRENCH Annie M (New Zealand)	Jefferson Young 10/17/98 M Decatur [del. 12351] 
JONES Jehu (AR)	HUTTON Julia Elizabeth (TX)	Ruth 10/24/94 F Sunset [del. 29344] 
JONES Jim M (TX)	NEWKIRK Matilda (TX)	Effie Bell 04/26/94 F Bridgeport [del. 29062] 
JONES Jim Natt (TX)	NEWKIRK Matilda Jane (MO)	Harm Lavenda 08/26/92 M Poolville [del. 29099] 
JONES Joe A.	YOUNG Lizzie	blank 4/3/18 F Decatur 6852 
JONES Joe Allen	YOUNG Lizzie	Cora 7/30/16 F blank 6447 & 6447a & 6447b
JONES John	BLANK Annie	blank 6/14/05 F blank 1889 
JONES John	BLANK Julia	Nolen Mary 4/17/15 F blank 6076 
JONES John A (TN)	GREEN. Nancy Jane (GA)	Johnie Ernest 03/25/86 M Decatur [del. 16298] 
JONES John G (MO)	SULLINS Melinda F (MO)	Ernest William 09/26/00 M Bridgeport [del. 29776] 
JONES John T. (GA)	WIDEMON Willie (TX)	blank 9/13/18 M Decatur 6976 
JONES Johnie L (AL)	PORTER Effa (GA)	Ethel Lola 11/01/98 F Alvord [del. 10584] 
JONES Johnnie Jackson (TN)	STEVENSON Mary Elizabeth (GA)	Joady Clarence 10/30/97 M Alvord [del. 8664] 
JONES L.N.	JACKSON Lizzie	blank 7/9/11 F blank 5300 
JONES Lee	BLANK blank	blank 3/16/07 M blank 3223 
JONES Lee	BLANK blank	blank 4/30/08 F blank 3996 
JONES Lee	BLANK Pollie	Jessie D. 4/30/06 M blank 2645 
JONES Lee (TX)	WILKINS Julia (TX)	blank 10/14/19 M Poolville 7146 
JONES Levi (TX)	JACKSON Liddy (TX)	Charlie Frederick 01/27/00 M Decatur [del. 15258] 
JONES M.F.	GIBBS Ruby F.	Ollie Fay 10/25/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10608] 
JONES M.F.	GIBBS Ruby F.	Dolly May 10/25/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10609] 
JONES Marion Theodore (IL)	McBRIDE Sophronia (IL)	Maude Arminta 01/14/01 F Nickleville [del. 14735] 
JONES Merritt Rittman (SC)	RUDD Malinda (NC)	John Henry 07/16/88 M Dan [del. 13086] 
JONES Micheal Berrion (TX)	GREEN Mary Jane (TX)	lam 03/04/87 M Rhome [del. 4103] 
JONES Pete	BROWN Opal	J.T. 7/22/31 M Chico [No Image 10155] 
JONES Phillip	BLANK blank	Pearl 3/28/05 F blank 1700 
JONES Phillip	BLANK Mary	blank 5/5/10 F blank 4994 
JONES R.E.	BLANK L.B.	blank 10/24/03 blank blank 393 
JONES R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 1/25/10 M blank 4920 
JONES Reese James Sr (IL)	SMITH Elizabeth (MO)	Reese James Jr 09/16/84 M Park Springs [del. 24557] 
JONES Robert R (TX)	HOUSTON Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	Buford Houston 07/08/99 M Decatur [del. 9651] 
JONES Robert Ricket (TX)	HOUSTON Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	Dulca Beatrice 07/06/97 F Greenwood [del. 29176] 
JONES Rosco	BLANK Josephine	blank 9/12/10 M blank 5094 
JONES Roy	ROSE Velma	blank 10/26/27 F Chico 8861 [delayed 16938]
JONES Rufus Elmer (TX)	PACE Lilly Belle (AL)	Addle May 05/30/97 F Decatur [del. 25108] 
JONES S.C.	BRYAN Mona	blank 9/6/30 F Decatur [No Image 9806] 
JONES Sam (TX)	BRIEN Mona (TX)	blank 1/24/20 F Slidell 7198 
JONES Sam (TX)	DOBBS Violet (TX)	Manda Cloe 6/6/22 F Poolville 7605 
JONES Samuel (TN)	SIPES Mary Agnes (TN)	Mary Ellen 05/20/85 F Decatur [del. 12505] 
JONES Standifer	HELMS Lula	blank 9/9/17 M Chico 6704 
JONES Stephen H.	BLANK blank	blank 5/26/08 F blank 4053 & [delayed 3/10/51]
JONES Stephen Harvey (AL)	WILKINSON Tela Kindness (MS)	Clarence Wilkinson 11/28/00 M Decatur [del. 4057] 
JONES Thomas	BLANK Ida	blank 5/19/09 M blank 4631 
JONES Thomas A. (TX)	GREEN Merle Maush (TX)	Spencer 12/10/19 M Paradise 7173 
JONES Thomas Arthur (TX)	GREEN Maria Mard (TX)	Thomas Henry 5/12/22 M Paradise 7591 
JONES Thomas Minitry (?)	CARPENTER Annie Mae (?)	Lela 07/24/02 F Alvord [del. 29046] 
JONES Tom	BLANK Alice	blank 10/18/03 M blank 379 
JONES Tom Henry (TX)	HARDIN Pink (OK)	Mae Clifford 04/15/95 F Sunset [del. 9895] 
JONES Tom Henry (TX)	HARDING Pink (Indian Territory)	Clifford Mae 04/15/96 F Sunset [del. 19819] 
JONES W.L.	BLANK blank	blank 9/1/08 F blank 4218 
JONES W.S.	BLANK J.E.	blank 10/6/09 M blank 4802 
JONES W.W.	HUNTER Emma	Effie Mae 3/2/04 F Chico 698 & 0698a
JONES Wade Hampton (AL)	ISBELL Minnie Etna (AL)	Eunice Minnie 02/17/96 F Newark [del. 8078] 
JONES Walter	BLANK blank	blank 6/12/05 F blank 1885 
JONES Walter A.	HUMPHREY R.E.	George Alfred 2/21/31 M Decatur [No Image 9970] 
JONES William David (TN)	CURRIE Lula Edna (AL)	Floyd Allen 11/11/97 M Paradise [del. 7125] 
JONES William David (TN)	CURRY Lula (AL)	Othella 04/04/01 F Paradise [del. 29626] 
JONES William H.	HANNA Dora Ethel	Veda Lanell 9/26/30 F Alvord [No Image 9830] 
JONES William Henry (TX)	HANNER Dora Ethel (TX)	Vergie Oleta 7/7/26 F Alvord 8611 & 8611a
JONES William Lee (TN)	SIDES Pallie (TX)	Velma Elizabeth 04/05/00 F Alvord [del. 30585] 
JONES William Newton (AL)	MOSE Frances Marion (AR)	Ruth 09/26/01 F Decatur [del. 29391] 
JONES William Otis (TX)	SHAMRON Jemmia H. (TX)	James Henry 3/14/22 M Paradise 7558 
JONES William Saxton (GA)	NEELEY Barbara Allen (AR)	Milia M 06/26/86 F Decatur [del. 24492] 
JONES William Sherman (KY)	BOYD Lula Bell (TX)	Ella Pauline 01/05/93 F Rhome [del. 24398] 
JONES William Sherman (KY)	BOYD Lula Bell (TX)	Harvey Mack 02/06/96 M Rhome [del. 24399] 
JONES William Sherman (KY)	BOYD Lula Bell (TX)	Bertha Ethel 10/19/98 F Rhome [del. 23378] 
JONES Wilson W (TN)	HUNTER Emma (TN)	Clarence Haskell 03/07/97 M Chico [del. 7579] 
JONES Wilson W (TN)	HUNTER Emma (TN)	Alice Jewell 09/19/01 F Chico [del. 19698] 
JONES Wilson W. (TN)	HUNTER Emma (TN)	Lola Velma 3/4/08 F Chico 3883 & 3883a
JONES Zebedee Filbert (MO)	NEWKIRK Amanda (MO)	Flossie Lillie 06/20/02 F Paradise [del. 30070] 
JORDAN Henry	BLANK blank	blank 7/28/05 M blank 2005 
JORDAN Henry (TX)	ALLEN Nettie (TX)	Millie Arizona 9/15/24 F Rhome 8168 
JORDAN Henry A (GA)	MASON Kitty (GA)	John Hoyt 06/29/02 M Alvord [del. 5259] 
JORDAN J.R. (NC)	EDWARDS Susie (TX)	Jenie Floyd 7/16/26 M Rhome 8619 
JORDAN James W.	MCNEELY Nellie Ora	O. Cecil Wayne 2/22/18 M Chico 6833 
JORDAN Perry Lafette (LA)	DEAN Mary Ann (TX)	Martha Corrie 09/24/84 F Garvin [del. 13545] 
JORDON Flem	BLANK Jennie	blank 4/18/09 M blank 4598 
JORDON Henry (TX)	ALLEN Nettie (TX)	James Allen 7/17/22 M Rhome 7630 
JORDON Walter Lee	ADAMS Addie Lou	Lydia Maurine 1/5/11 F Decatur 5159 & 5159a
JORDON William Fleming	GENG? Jennie	Fletta 9/4/04 F Bridgeport 1167 
JOST Earnest	GARVIN Eunice Estelle	Majorie Lou 8/22/28 F Greenwood 9091 
JUDGE Mark	SMITH Eva	Adrain Bailey 1/7/27 M Decatur 8736 
JUDGE T.W.	BLANK M.	T.M. 10/7/03 F blank 347 
JUDKINS W.G. (MS)	COLE Mary (TX)	Willy Eugene 1/11/14 M Decatur 5816 & 5816a & 5816b
JUSTICE Buford C. (TX)	EMERSON Beulah M. (TX)	Doris Mildred 1/14/25 F Alvord 8244 
JUSTICE Buford C. (TX)	EMERSON Bulah M. (TX)	William Douglass 11/24/21 M Alvord 7512 
JUSTICE Buford Clarence	EMERSON Beulah Mae	Darwin Rogers 3/3/31 M Decatur [No Image 9985] 
JUSTICE James A (MS)	GREGG Mattie Jane (AL)	Buford Clarence 09/02/00 M Audubon [del. 13316] 
JUSTICE James Allen (MS)	GREGG Mattie Jane (TX)	James Birl 07/09/93 M Alvord [del. 9109] 
JUSTICE Jim	BLANK Mattie	Ethel E. 7/22/06 F blank 2783 
KAKER blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/19/08 M blank 4032 
KAKER Carl C. (TX)	TACKEL Tressa (TX)	William Harold 12/8/25 M Dallas 8474 
KAKER Frank	BLANK blank	(Twins) (M/F) 8/14/05 F Bridgeport 2053 
KAKER Frank	BLANK blank	blank 3/17/04 F blank 745 
KAKER Frank 	FAULKNER Gussie	blank 3/17/13 M Bridgeport 5669 
KAKER Frank F (OH)	FAULKNER Gussie (TX)	Carl Cecil 01/22/97 M Bridgeport [del. 11204] 
KAKER Frank Frederick (OH)	FAULKNER Gussie (TX)	Robert Alonzo 04/02/94 M Bridgeport [del. 25396] 
KAKER Frank Frederick (OH)	FAULKNER Gussie (TX)	Eugene Samuel 01/11/98 M Bridgeport [del. 12148] 
KAKER Frank Frederick (OH)	FAULKNER Gussie (TX)	Opal Valiera 01/27/99 F Bridgeport [del. 30539] 
KAKER Frank Fredick (OH)	FAULKNER Gussie (TX)	Dora Edna 04/06/01 F Bridgeport [del. 25392] 
KAKER Fred (Germany)	TROM Sophie (Germany)	Johnnie L 07/06/81 M Bridgeport [del. 23224] 
KAKER Henry Frederick (OH)	CLOSE Etta (IL)	Harry Charles 09/09/01 M Bridgeport [del. 23396] 
KAKER Henry Frederick (TX)	CLOSE Etta Rose (IL)	Sam Frederick 12/27/98 M Bridgeport [del. 11259] 
KAKER John (Germany)	REINKE Dora (Germany)	Lawson Henry 04/15/79 M Bridgeport [del. 21374] 
KAKER John Albert (OH)	WALLACE Dorothy (TX)	Sidney Clarence 11/17/00 M Bridgeport [del. 22108] 
KAKER John Lee	WOLF Hattie Martha	Marie Melvina 10/3/03 F Bridgeport 334 & 0334a & 0334b
KAKER John Lee	WOLFF Hattie	Oscar Henry 8/22/17 M Bridgeport 6683 
KAKER S.C.	BAILEY Leta L.	Irma Frances 2/6/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9586] 
KAKER S.C. (TX)	BAILEY Leta (TX)	Earl Bailey 9/2/28 M Bridgeport 9110 
KAKER Tom	BLANK Vergie	William Garner 10/24/06 M blank 2976 
KAKER William	BLANK Dell	blank 1/7/06 M blank 2391 
KAKER William Gorner	KNIGHT T.M.	blank 9/21/31 F Paradise [No Image 10229] 
KAKER William Joseph (OH)	FAULKNER Mary Della (TX)	Grace Melissa 03/18/97 F Bridgeport [del. 28448] 
KARE Sam	BLANK blank	blank 3/27/08 F blank 3940 
KARNES Manoah Franklin (TN)	GREGORY Carolina (TX)	Betty Manerva 12/15/81 F Chico [del. 12230] 
KARNES Manoah Franklin (TN)	GREGORY Caroline (TX)	Laura Lee 03/01/88 F Chico [del. 17851] 
KARNES Manoah Franklin (TN)	GREGORY Carolona (TX)	Pearl 08/01/86 F Chico [del. 19663] 
KAUFMAN E.C.	BLANK blank	blank 4/6/09 F blank 4586 
KAY Ray (SC)	STEWART Iva J. (TX)	Elizabeth 9/29/18 F Newark 6990 
KAYS James (IN)	KAYS Ettie E (IN)	Homer 11/27/93 M Alvord [del. 15619] 
KEARNEY John Newton (TX)	BRANTLEY Lida Ladonia (TX)	Myrtle Era 10/04/96 F Decatur [del. 16883] 
KEE G.T.	BLANK Fannie	Bertha Bell 4/18/04 F blank 818 
KEE L. Rush	THOMPSON Vergie	Arthur Arlene 2/23/33 M Vineyard [No Image 10692] 
KEELE James William (IL)	KNIGHT Dora Serene (TX)	Della May 11/17/94 F Rhome [del. 29047] 
KEELE James William (IL)	KNIGHT Dora Serene (TX)	Roy William 05/05/00 M Rhome [del. 29048] 
KEEN B.T.	HARMAN Addie	blank 12/27/12 M blank 5617 
KEEN Benjamin Tucker	HARMON Addie	Mildred Mae 8/29/15 F Crafton 6215 & 6215a
KEEN James Walter (TX)	LOVETTE Lula Belle (AL)	Homma Lester 1/25/07 M Decatur 3135 & 3135a
KEER Tumps J.A.	GIBSON Berdie	J.A. Tumps, Jr. 10/28/32 blank Alvord [No Image 10613] 
KEETER Charles McDowell (NC)	HAWKINS Mary Jane (NC)	Terrell Joseph 12/23/96 M Rutherford Co NC [del. 10886] 
KEETER Julius Grant (GA)	YOAKUM Louisa Jane (TX)	Ida Cleo 06/26/99/F Decatur [del. 10504] 
KEETER W.F.	HIGHT Mamie C.	Gilbert Ancel 4/15/33 M Rhome [No Image 10739] 
KEETER W.F.	HIGHT Manie C.	Bessie 2/14/32 F blank [No Image 10361] 
KEETER W.F.	HIGHT Minnie	Eva Fay 11/23/30 F blank [No Image 9877] 
KEETON Paul	BLANK blank	blank 9/25/08 M blank 4264 
KEETON Paul	BLANK Mabel	blank 3/12/06 F blank 2547 
KEITH Albert	BLANK Annie	blank 7/27/03 M blank 144 
KEITH Albert	BLANK blank	blank 7/28/05 M blank 2004 
KEITH James Albert (AR)	WALKER Mary Ann (TX)	Pearl Marie 01/26/02 F Decatur [del. 8489] 
KEITH James Albert (AR)	WALKER Mary Annie (TX)	James Floyd 06/26/00 M Decatur [del. 24199] 
KEITH William Jesse (AR)	PACE Emma P (AL)	Henry Bailey 09/06/00 M Decatur [del. 30193] 
KELLAM Jacob Preston (AR)	HALL Mary Ann (TX)	Mary Josephine 12/23/72 F Decatur [del. 9015] 
KELLAM Jacob Preston (AR)	HALL Mary Ann (TX)	Marvin Henderson 03/06/84 M Decatur [del. 17599] 
KELLAM Jacob Preston (AR)	HALL Mary Ann (TX)	John Denton 09/20/85 M Decatur [del. 12576] 
KELLER David Alva (OH)	YISEL Luella Ann (KS)	Vara May 05/10/99 F Canadian Co OK [del. 11379] 
KELLER George (TX)	MILLER Mary Ellen (TX)	Floy Travilla 01/11/98 F Decatur [del. 28376] 
KELLEY D.W.	FELKNER Lula	Velma Annie 8/6/03 F Cottondale 160 & 0160a
KELLEY Dolphie Washington (TX)	FELKNER Lula (TX)	Carrie Mae 02/06/02 F Cottondale [del. 16184] 
KELLEY Frank	PATE May	blank 8/15/10 M blank 5072 & [Delayed 8154]
KELLEY George Henry (TN)	CEARLEY Rosa Belle (TX)	Ella Lee 08/25/01 F Decatur [del. 20782] 
KELLEY Giddeon Peacock (AL)	MULLINS Maria Austin (AL)	Grade Flower 06/09/99 F Cottondale [del. 16110] 
KELLEY Gideon Peacock (AL)	MULLINS Auta (AL)	Gideon Claud 05/16/81 M Paradise [del. 13419] 
KELLEY Gideon Peacock (AL)	MULLINS Maria Austin (AL)	Martha Gertrude 07/05/93 F Cottondale [del. 13381] 
KELLEY Gidion Peacock (AL)	MULLINS Miriah (AL)	Homer Jack Austin 07/21/02 M Paradise [del. 33330] 
KELLEY Hugh Caperton. (TN)	HOLDEN Era Jane (TX)	James Reuben 04/02/90 M Greenwood [del. 12999] 
KELLEY James Henry (AL)	GILMORE Bena (AR)	Virgie 10/12/88 F Aurora [del. 20226] 
KELLEY John Baxter (TN)	ADAIR Julia (TN)	Milton Alonzo 07/24/87 M Paradise [del. 25081] 
KELLEY John Carroll (TN)	QUISENBERRY Patty Frances (TX)	Oina Kathleen 10/20/94 F Greenwood [del. 19664] 
KELLEY John Carroll (TN)	QUISENBERRY Pollie Frances (TX)	Ella Lee 09/15/90 F Greenwood [del. 21307] 
KELLEY John Carroll (TN)	QUISENBERRY Polly Frances (TX)	Abraham Charles 03/03/97 M Slidell [del. 7018] 
KELLEY John Carroll (TN)	QUISENBERRY Polly Frances (TX)	Alta R 04/22/00 F Decatur [del. 28957] 
KELLEY Luther E.	HIXSON Lola	Joyce 11/9/33 F Rhome [No Image 10931] 
KELLEY R.M.	BLANK Stella	blank 1/23/06 F blank 2434 
KELLEY Robert Lee (TN)	STEPHENS Ella (GA)	Allen G Thurman 09/11/98 M Greenwood [del. 12229] 
KELLEY Robert N (GA)	GUNNELS Estella (TX)	Lessie E 03/14/97 F Alvord [del. 25097] 
KELLEY W.A.	BUTLER Corine	Eula Faye 1/17/30 F blank [No Image 9565] 
KELLEY William Charles (TX)	McDANIEL Nettie Frances (TX)	Annie May 09/01/98 F Decatur [del. 14043] 
KELLEY William Charles (TX)	McDANIEL Nettie Frances (TX)	Nannie Lee 04/29/00 F Greer Co OK [del. 14486] 
KELLUM Andrew Jackson (TN)	BARBER Mary Ella (TN)	Lila Augusta 12/31/94 F Decatur [del. 27790] 
KELLUM Robert A. (TX)	GOURLOY Ollie L. (MO)	William A.-twin 5/31/25 M Justin 8328 
KELLUM Robert A. (TX)	GOURLOY Ollie L. (MO)	Etna May-twin 5/31/25 F Justin 8329 
KELLY Abraham Sims (AR)	PRICE Mary Ann Celinda (TX)	Nettle Albjna 03/17/80 F Rhome [del. 16323] 
KELLY Adolph	BLANK Lula	blank 12/14/04 F blank 1437 
KELLY C.M.	BLANK Dennie B.	Nora 9/2/31 F Alvord [No Image 10205] 
KELLY Dolphus	BLANK Lula	blank 3/18/06 M blank 2562 
KELLY Fay W.	WRIGHT Addie May	Robert Leon 9/3/31 M Greenwood [No Image 10208] 
KELLY Fay W.	WRIGHT Addie May	Garland Keith 4/28/33 M Greenwood [No Image 10749] 
KELLY Fay W.	WRIGHT Addie May B.	Willie W. 12/19/29 M blank [No Image 9532] 
KELLY George	BLANK Rosa	blank 10/29/03 M blank 402 
KELLY Giddieon Peacock (AL)	MULLINS Autia Mariah (AL)	Amelia Missouri 12/27/85 F Cottondale [del. 15218] 
KELLY Homer (TX)	TABER Rita (TX)	John Henry Taber 1/6/20 M Paradise 7189 
KELLY John O.	MCCREARY Mattie L.	Zanie Maral 9/19/31 F Rhome [No Image 10225] 
KELLY Lon	BUTLER Carrie	Verda Mae 4/14/33 F Paradise [No Image 10734] 
KELLY Rube (TX)	HORSEMAN Stella (TX)	blank 5/10/22 M Decatur 7590 
KELLY Rube F.	HORSEMAN Stella Mae	Nova Jewell 11/8/15 F Decatur 6298 & 6298a & 6298b
KELLY William Thomas (GA)	FERGUSON Lillian Magill (MS)	William Noah 10/05/86 M Decatur [del. 9734] 
KELSAY John H (MO)	McKINNEY Margaret Ann (TX)	Minnie Lee 03/19/95 F Decatur [del. 19934] 
KELSAY William (MO)	SWETMAN Carrie Coleman (MO)	Susie Madora 05/26/00 F Alvord [del. 10583] 
KELSAY William (MO)	SWETNAM Carrie Coleman (MO)	John Franklin 11/06/98 M Alvord [del. 21275] 
KELSEY Cyrus K (TX)	LOWE Martha J (TX)	Charles Arthur 07/22/82 M Decatur [del. 21229] 
KELSEY Joe	DAVIS Lou	blank 11/19/14 F blank 5984 
KELSO Henry Wilson (TN)	EVANS Rosa E (TN)	Ita Lanell 03/07/01 F Chico [del. 25591] 
KELSO Robert Lee (TN)	TERRELL Celia Catherine (TX)	Ruth Naomi 11/10/95 F Bridgeport [del. 25012] 
KELSO Robert Lee (TX)	TERRELL Celia C (TX)	Velma Pearl 07/17/00 F Chico [del. 25592] 
KELTNER William Henry (TX)	POTTER Susannah (LA)	Nema Pearl 01/20/82 F Pella [del. 11988] 
KELTNER William Henry Harrison (Indian Territory)	POTTER Susana (AL)	Winfred Hazie 11/02/90 F Pella [del. 8958] 
KEMP blank	BLANK blank	Earlie Ruth 4/8/30 F blank [No Image 9646] 
KEMP blank	BLANK blank	Bonnie June 6/18/31 F blank [No Image 10116] 
KEMP O.E. (AR)	BLANK I. (TX)	blank 8/14/18 M Bridgeport 6955 
KEMP O.H. (TX)	WALDROP Ann (GA)	blank 12/17/28 M Sunset 9205 
KEMT Eannis	BLANK blank	blank 9/20/07 F blank 3555 
KENDALL Calvin C (TX)	SUMULTY Annie (TX)	Lucille Frances 05/27/97 F Decatur [del. 11803] 
KENDALL Dolph	BLANK D.	blank 5/12/06 F blank 2666 & [delayed 12503]
KENDALL John Evans (AR)	HOBBS Leatha Champ (TX)	Mary Lena 09/17/01 F Decatur [del. 22447] 
KENDALL Lee (TN)	CALDWELL Katie (TN)	Joe Roscoe 08/20/02 M Decatur [del. 33163] 
KENDALL Roy	BLANK Nezzie	blank 1/16/17 M blank 6543 
KENDALL Roy	HOLLOWAY Nezzie Ella	Raymond Samuel 5/9/18 M Crafton 6883 & 6883a
KENDALL Sam Gainer (TN)	WYATT Sarah Harriett (TN)	Ellen 12/10/79 F Independence Co AR [del. 10212] 
KENDRICK Andrew Meron (TN)	BOWMAN Moly Frances (IL)	Vivan Andrew 03/20/92 M [del. 24558] 
KENDRICK H.J.	BLANK Julia	blank 3/29/06 F blank 2576 
KENDRICK James	BLANK Lela	blank 5/3/07 M blank 3327 
KENDRICK James Henry (TN)	NOBLES Liza (TN)	Lee Cecil 03/29/83 M Chico [del. 11990] 
KENDRICK James Henry (TX)	NOBLES Eliza Ann (TX)	James Arthur 03/01/82 M Chico [del. 9178] 
KENDRICK John	BLANK Mattie	blank 6/8/10 M blank 5018 
KENDRICK Lee	BLANK Lizzie	blank 1/23/04 M blank 608 
KENDRICK Thomas J (TN)	HESTER Blanche (LA)	Gee 11/21/87 M Alvord 16 & [del. 2767] 
KENDRICK Thomas J (TN)	HESTER Blanche (LA)	Theo Braxton 12/30/94 M Chico 41 & [del. 2848] 
KENDRICK Thomas J (TN)	HESTER Blanche (LA)	Tim Hester 10/24/96 M Chico 48 & [del. 2847] 
KENDRICK Thomas J (TN)	HESTER Blanche (LA)	Hazel Moore 08/21/99 F Bridgeport 58 & [del. 2849] 
KENDRICK W.J.	BLANK blank	blank 4/17/06 M blank 2623 
KENDRICK Wyatt Riley (TN)	BLACKBURN Martha Jannie (TX)	Elsie Annie 05/30/98 F Alvord [del. 30386] 
KENEDA William Henry (AR)	CROOK Delia Ann (AR)	Susan Veora 12/20/00 F Decatur [del. 25459] 
KENEDY J.D.	BLANK Dorsey	Paul 3/26/10 M blank 4965 
KENNADA W.H.	COOK Deliat	blank 10/31/16 M blank 6504 
KENNEDY Andrew Levi (AR)	GREER Laura F (TX)	Marion Zebedee 02/10/93 M Boyd [del. 25637] 
KENNEDY Andrew Levi (AR)	GREER Lona Fee (LA)	Hattie Lee 06/14/97 F Boyd [del. 29133] 
KENNEDY Andrew Levi (AR)	GREER Lona Fee (LA)	Cordia Fee 10/16/98 F Boyd [del. 13634] 
KENNEDY Andy Levi (AR)	GREER Fee Lona (LA)	Isaac Andrew 01/23/01 M Boyd [del. 14201] 
KENNEDY blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/06 M blank 3025 
KENNEDY Elzie Morris	WARNER Ethel	Clifton Eugene 8/27/28 M Chico 9098 & 9098a
KENNEDY George H. (TX)	JONES Ruby (TX)	Wanda Lou 1/2/29 F Muleshoe TX 9220 
KENNEDY J.A. (AR)	ALBRITTON Lenie (TX)	Bedford Arthur 7/16/18 M Bridgeport 6937 & 6937a
KENNEDY James Arthur	ALBRITTON Linnie L.	Mildred Inez 8/31/16 F Bridgeport 6468 & 6468a
KENNEDY Jim L (TX)	RICHARDSON Georgia Alice (TX)	Lera 10/09/92 F Bridgeport [del. 24998] 
KENNEDY Joseph G (GA)	FLOYD Barbara Ann (GA)	Floyd William 12/19/94 M Agnes [del. 17464] 
KENNEDY Marshall	BLANK Laura	blank 5/25/09 M blank 4641 
KENNEDY Paul L.	BALLARD Mary	Billie Pauline 1/5/28 F Decatur 8907 
KENNEDY Samuel D.	MCWILLIAMS Jessie Lee	Jesse Cornelius 8/20/04 F Aurora 1120 & 1120a
KENNEDY Thomas Jesse (TX)	SPANN Eda Leanna (TX)	Jesse Bernard 12/19/08 M Chico 4400 & [delayed 5/8/53]
KENNEDY W.L.	BLANK Lenie	blank 5/12/05 M blank 1809 
KENNEDY W.M.	BLANK blank	W.M. 5/31/05 M blank 1854 
KENNEDY Walter	TATUM Lavera	blank 4/9/17 M blank 6603 
KENNEDY William	BLANK Lizzie	A.F. 10/5/06 F blank 2949 
KENNEMER George Washington (AL)	JOHNSON Hattie Lee (TX)	Roy Victor 01/22/90 M Alvord [del. 12228] 
KENNEMER George Washington (AL)	JOHNSON Hattie Lee (TX)	Stiles Martin 10/08/92 M Chico [del. 8000] 
KENNEMER George Washington (AL)	JOHNSON Hattie Lee (TX)	William Angus 11/18/94 M Chico [del. 7999] 
KENNY Allen Gammons (TN)	WILKES Isabella Jane (TN)	Ira Opal 02/24/73 F Haywood Co TN [del. 10213] 
KENT Bob	BLANK blank	blank 9/20/16 M blank 6475 
KENT Earnest	BLANK Cora	blank 2/15/12 M blank 5465 
KENT Emmitt (TX)	GERTIS Alice (TX)	blank 7/3/21 M Boyd 7418 
KENT James R. (AL)	ARVILLE Lucy (TX)	James R. 8/8/25 M Justin 8374 
KENT James R. (AL)	SWINNEY Arneler (TX)	William H. 1/19/26 M Boyd 8516 
KENT Robert H (AL)	BERRYMAN Hester Ann (AL)	Robert Hance 01/02/93 M Boyd [del. 26683] 
KENT Russell	BLANK blank	blank 4/12/08 M blank 3972 
KENYON John E. (TX)	RUSSELL Mattie M. (TX)	Warren Russell 5/26/21 M Poolville 7403 
KEONINGER W.M.	BLANK M.M.	blank 11/23/07 F blank 3683 
KEOWN Allen (TX)	ABBOTT Pearl (TX)	Paul Francis 4/5/23 M Greenwood 7756 & 7756a
KEOWN Francis Bart (GA)	COTNER Mollie (MO)	Henry W Grady 11/09/91 M Greenwood [del. 25514] 
KEOWN Francis Bart (GA)	COTNER Molly (MO)	Thomas Allen 08/20/95 M Greenwood [del. 6390] 
KEOWN Francis Bart (GA)	COTTNER Mollie (MO)	Lona Bell 07/20/88 F Greenwood [del. 15219] 
KEOWN Fuller	SHIFTLEFT B.W.	Mary Ann 8/29/31 F Greenwood [No Image 10198] 
KEOWN John Alexander (GA)	FOSTER Mary Lavina (AR)	William Peyton 02/27/97 M Greenwood [del. 6036] 
KEOWN John Alexander (GA)	FOSTER Mary Lavina (AR)	Elbert Newton 12/12/00 M Greenwood [del. 7198] 
KERNS J.F.	BLANK Ada	John 2/2/05 M blank 1561 
KERR Dennis Stimpson, Sr.(TX)	ROSENBURG Alice (TX)	Dennis Stimpson, Jr. 10/9/29 M Decatur 9472 & 9472a & 9472b
KERR Frank T.	STIMPSON Ethel Maud	Dennis Stimpson 10/5/04 M Decatur 1252 & 1252a
KERR James Alexander (WV)	FOX Nina Berthenia (OH)	Nanny Dot 07/08/91 F Chico [del. 25458] 
KERR James P.	CATTRELL Amed (TX)	Ellen Edward 4/28/29 M Alvord 9337 
KERR Walter Akels (TX)	INGLISH Dossie Pearl (TX)	Pauline 01/17/01 F Decatur [del. 17161] 
KERR Walter Akels (TX)	INGLISH Dossie Pearl (TX)	Mildred Jane 05/22/02 F Decatur [del. 17160] 
KERSEY V.C.	BLANK K.F.	blank 5/26/05 F blank 1846 
KERSEY Welsey Hillman	MOSLEY Josephine	Della Jo 7/37/28 F Bridgeport 9065 & 9065a
KESSLER Nathaniel Green (KY)	TUDOR Lou Vina (KY)	Ruby Irene 01/11/98 F Alvord [del. 22774] 
KETCHUM Luther (TX)	MONROE Rosie (TX)	blank 7/18/24 F Forrestburg 8105 
KEY Alfred Clark (TX)	WHORTON Plinie Ellen (TX)	Laura Cleveland 11/10/92 F Decatur [del. 23743] 
KEY George T (TX)	ROWLETT Fannie Ellen (TX)	Olan 08/15/02 M Audubon [del. 11059] 
KEY Granville (TN)	McKEEHAN Minnie Ann (KY)	Carroll L 12/21/88 M Willow Point [del. 14124] 
KEY Porter (KY)	MORRIS Ola M. (TX)	Jack Dempsey 12/12/20 M Decatur 7326 & 7326a
KEY Robert Lee (LA)	SCHRODER Donnie (TX)	Charlie Homer 08/25/90 M Willow Point [del. 14008] 
KIBLER Charles Frank (TX)	DICKEY Ila Dell (TN)	Lola Ivy 10/28/06 F Crafton 2982 & 2982a
KIDD John	ALEXANDER Mary	blank 1/27/18 F Bridgeport 6806 
KIDD John Allen	ALEXANDER Mary Jane	Ora Alma 1/29/04 F Bridgeport 624 
KIDD John Allen	ALEXANDER Mary Jane	Jesse Lee 2/8/09 M Bridgeport 4486 & 4486a & 4486b
KIDD John Allen (TX)	ALEXANDER Mary Jane (TX)	Robert Wayne 8/24/06 M Bridgeport 2863 & 2863a
KIDD Thomas Richard (TX)	MARTIN Cora Jane (TX)	James Elzie 10/06/99 M Decatur [del. 28425] 
KIDD Virgil	WOLF Anna	blank 11/10/16 M blank 6510 
KIDD William Henry (TX)	METCALF Virginia Caroline (TX)	Henry Marvin 04/15/89 M Decatur [del. 10111] 
KIDWELL E.M.	BLANK blank	Babe 7/20/07 M blank 3434 
KIDWELL Elzie Monroe (TX)	HALL Louisa (KS)	Paul Dean 12/08/01 M Decatur [del. 22897] 
KILE Dallas (TN)	WAGONSELLER Dora (TX)	Sara May 10/16/97 F Pella [del. 27954] 
KILE Martin (TN)	DONALDSON Kattie (MS)	Shallie Inez 11/17/99 F Alvord [del. 10988] 
KILGORE George Washington (TN)	STREET Emma Bell (TN)	Clarence Erastus 05/25/95 M Bridgeport [del. 6389] 
KILGORE Jim Bob (MS)	MITCHELL Bettie (MS)	Robert Landrum 03/28/87 M Lafayette Co MS [del. 10364] 
KILGORE Loney	HOLLIS Frankie	Joseph 1/7/18 M Boyd 6786 & [delayed 5446]
KILGORE Neal L.	SHAWN Belva E.	Neal Wayne 6/7/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9718] 
KILGORE R.L. (MS)	HOLLIS Frankie (TX)	Emma Catherine 9/4/20 F Boyd 7292 
KILGORE Robert F. (MS)	HOLLIS Frankie (TX)	blank 12/4/28 M Boyd 9189 
KILGORE W.L.	SHAWN Belva E.	blank 9/15/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10555] 
KILLINGSWORTH Isaac David (TN)	HUFF Emma George (GA)	Cora Ellen 12/16/97 F Alvord [del. 31667] 
KILLINGSWORTH Isaac David (TN)	HUFF Emma George (Mo)	Henry Lee 08/13/91 M Alvord [del. 17162] 
KILLINGSWORTH Isaac David (TN)	HUFF Emma George (MO)	Minnie Alice 07/14/95 F Alvord [del. 16679] 
KILLINGSWORTH Isaac David (TN)	HUFF Emma George (MO)	Sadie Velma 04/20/99 F Alvord [del. 16678] 
KILLINGSWORTH Isaac David (TN)	HUFF George Emma (TX)	Charles Luther 07/02/89 M Alvord [del. 14231] 
KILLOUGH Allison William (TN)	DILLARD Eva (TX)	Sam Blackburn 10/24/87 M Aurora [del. 22020] 
KILLOUGH Allison Woodville (TN)	DILLARD C Evelyn (TX)	John Harve 06/20/95 M Newark [del. 21869] 
KILLOUGH George A (TX)	HULETT Ella (TX)	Luther George 02/19/91 M Paradise [del. 28532] 
KILLOUGH George A (TX)	HULETT Ella (TX)	Ernest James 12/05/96 M Paradise [del. 28526] 
KILLOUGH George Allison (TX)	HULETT Elinore Georgiana (TX)	William Emery 11/20/83 M Keeter [del. 19865] 
KILLOUGH George Allison (TX)	HULETT Elinore Georgiana (TX)	Joe A 04/02/89 M Decatur [del. 25216] 
KILLOUGH George Allison (TX)	HULETT Elinore Georgiana (TX)	Exsa Ruth 01/05/95 F Paradise [del. 25343] 
KILLOUGH James Paten (TX)	GENTRY Lessie Cornelia (TX)	Irma Cynthia 07/12/00 F Decatur [del. 24940] 
KILLOUGH John Hamilton (TN)	DILLARD Naomi Jane (TX)	Harriett Elizabeth 02/26/81 F Aurora [del. 13664] 
KILLOUGH John Hamilton (TN)	DILLARD Naomi Jane (TX)	Martha Winnie 03/01/88 F Aurora [del. 13607] 
KILLOUGH John Nash (TX)	PARKER Zora (MS)	John Allen 06/12/91 M Aurora [del. 28000] 
KILLOUGH William A (TX)	PEARSON Juda M (MS)	Sam Virgil 04/09/97 M Paradise [del. 17517] 
KILLOUGH William Allen (TX)	PEARSON Judia Margaret (MS)	Alma Leona 08/02/91 F Decatur [del. 23264] 
KILLOUGH William Allen (TX)	PEARSON Judia Margaret (MS)	Hattie Ruth 03/30/01 F Cottondale [del. 28266] 
KILMAN William A (KY)	KEY Elizabeth Emma (TX)	Edgar Rowlett 06/04/82 M Alvord [del. 14174] 
KIMBELL O.C.	BLANK Mattie J.	blank 12/1/07 F blank 3703 
KIMBLE Arron Edward (IL)	POTTER Nennie Emyline (IN)	Martha May 05/01/93 F Alvord [del. 29329] 
KIMBLE Oliver Charles	ROBERTS Martha Jane	Charles Tyton 5/11/18 M Decatur 6886 & 6886a
KIMBLE Oliver Charles (MO)	ROBERTS Martha Jane (TX)	Harry Oliver 02/13/02 M Wise Co [del. 33413] 
KIMBROUGH Isaac Thomas (TN)	MAXWELL Sarah Medline (MO)	Levie Clementine 05/24/88 F Chico [del. 19752] 
KIMES J.H.	PATTERSON Brock	blank 11/4/11 F blank 5397 
KIMES John Henry (TX)	PATTERSON Notie Brock (TX)	Flossie Irene 1/26/14 F Boonsville 5830 & 5830a
KIMES Robbin Thomas	STEWART Mary A. Dot	Terrell Cleamon 4/11/12 M Boonsville 5503 
KIMMENS B.H. (TX)	GIBSON Elizabeth (TX)	blank 6/27/22 F Crafton 7623 
KIMMONS A.	BLANK blank	blank 6/21/04 M blank 964 
KIMMONS B.H. (TX)	GIBSON Catherine (TX)	blank 12/20/23 M Chico 7961 
KIMMONS Oscar Eugene (MS)	WARDEN Mary Ada (TX)	Bonnie Hugh 10/19/00 M Crafton [del. 7275] 
KIMMONS Oscar Eugene (MS)	WARDEN Mary Ada (TX)	Maggie Eugene 08/05/02 F Crafton [del. 7276] 
KIMP Roy	BLANK blank	(twin) 7/19/06 M blank 2777 
KIMP Roy	BLANK blank	(twin) 7/19/06 F blank 2778 
KINARD Andrew Jackson (LA)	BOND Ama (TX)	Donald L C 08/22/85 M Chico [del. 9464] 
KINBEE O.C.	BLANK blank	blank 7/27/09 M blank 4700 
KINCAID G.W. (TX)	ASHTON Maudie Emma (TX)	William Marvin 5/14/14 M Decatur 5890 
KINCAID George William (TX)	ASHTON Maud (TX)	Lela Mae 1/6/20 F Decatur 7187 & 7187a
KINCANNON B.E. (Benjamin Ellis)	(MILLER) (Dora)	M.M. 9/3/05 F blank 2118 
KINCANNON Cunigan (TX)	PARKS Maggie (AL)	Nina 12/28/01 F Paradise [del. 10887] 
KINCANNON David Thomas (TX)	HENDERSON Nina Jane (TX)	Roy Ellis 09/29/00 M Boonsville [del. 8529] 
KINCANNON Robert Resire (TX)	IVANS Ollie Jeanette (TN)	Ivan Josephine 08/26/00 F Boonsville [del. 30729] 
KINCANNON Robert S (TX)	BURTON Sarah Frances (TX)	James. Burton 11/04/94 M Chico [del. 8903] 
KINCANNON W.H. (TX)	WOOD Nettie Olivia (TX)	Nettie Elizabeth 7/12/20 F Paradise 7272 
KINCANON David Thomas (TX)	HENDERSON Nina Jane (TX)	Alma Lee 09/24/98 F Boonsville [del. 8530] 
KINCANON Robert Resire (TX)	EVINS Ollie Jeanett (TN)	Doris Elizabeth 04/21/02 F Boonsville [del. 28991] 
KINDGER J.F.	BLANK Ruby	blank 9/2/08 M blank 4219 
KINDLE George	THOMPSON Cue	Charles Orion 12/22/04 M Balsora 1453 & 1453a
KINDRICK J.E.	BLANK blank	blank 11/19/06 M blank 3028 
KINDRICK John	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/08 F blank 3866 
KINDRICK W.R.	BLANK M.J.	blank 3/13/09 M blank 4553 
KING Albert Chester (TN)	BOSEMAN Emma Lizzie (TX)	Maude Ellen 12/13/93 F Park Springs [del. 21367] 
KING Arthur	BLANK blank	blank 7/4/09 M blank 4683 
KING Benjamin Franklin (AL)	MCELREATH Lula (GA)	Imogene Choisy 9/5/18 F Chico 6967 & 6967a
KING Bill (TX)	WOODALL Mary (TX)	Lula 04/15/96 F Wise Co [del. 17762] 
KING blank	BLANK Ruth (TX)	Weldon Harold 2/3/25 M Rhome 8256 
KING C. Oran (TX)	ROWLAND Mary Z. (TX)	blank 9/10/24 M Forestburg 8165 
KING C.E.	MCDONALD Mary	blank 5/26/16 M blank 6417 
KING Cecil E. (TX)	FAITH Ruby Pearl (TX)	Edward Oliver 9/15/26 M Decatur 8666 
KING Cecil St. Clair	JONES Ethel Beatrice	James Walter 12/3/27 M Alvord 8888 
KING Charles	MCDONALD Mary	blank 1/6/13 F blank 5628 
KING Clifford (TX)	ROWLAND Mary Zella (TX)	blank 10/3/25 M Alvord 8437 
KING Clifton	BOYD Prissimae	blank 12/9/17 M Saginaw 6769 
KING D. (TX)	HIGGINS Lena (TX)	Bertie Ruth 1/13/26 F Decatur 8508 
KING Ernest L.	WITT Ruby Jewell	Barbara Joyce 7/11/33 F Rhome [No Image 10820] 
KING G.E.	ALDRIDGE P.	Osena Dorlene 3/19/32 F Alvord [No Image 10395] 
KING George	BLANK Erma	J.O. 8/22/04 M blank 1122 
KING George L (TN)	DURHAM Emma (TN)	Mack Elbert 10/21/92 M Lincoln Co TN [del. 20531] 
KING George Rawlins (TN)	McCLURE Eunice (TN)	George Loyed 08/05/98 M Paradise [del. 16347] 
KING George Washington (TN)	MATHEWS Martha Elizabeth (MO)	William Luther 03/05/86 M Alvord [del. 21273] 
KING George Washington (TN)	MATHEWS Mattie Elan (AR)	Hattie Mae 04/11/82 F Decatur [del. 15040] 
KING Gus B (TX)	GENTRY Hattie Belle (MS)	George Clyde 01/04/96 M Decatur [del. 28826] 
KING Henry O.	LONG O.D.	Nolan Henry 9/26/31 M Decatur [No Image 10233] 
KING Henry Thomas (LA)	TROTTER Ida (TX)	Susie Jane 01/04/01 F Bowie [del. 12227] 
KING J.B.	BLANK blank	blank 1/6/05 M blank 1494 
KING J.E.	AVERITT A.V.	Vesta Myrtle 12/22/29 F blank [No Image 9535] 
KING J.H.	BLANK Leona	blank 11/15/03 M blank 447 
KING J.W. (TX)	ERWIN Louise (TX)	blank 5/17/19 M Decatur 7085 
KING James H (TX)	RAY Nancy Jane (MS)	Josie Callie 06/14/85 F Bridgeport [del. 24344] 
KING James Henry (AR)	CASTLEBERRY Leona (GA)	Henry Odum 09/04/02 M Newark [del. 24922] 
KING James Henry (AR)	HAGUE Ena Lucene (AR)	Ira Clifton 10/14/95 M Boyd [del. 9210] 
KING James Horten (TN)	WORTHAM Allie (AR)	Lawrence Clinton 11/01/00 M Alvord [del. 7526] 
KING James Horten (TN)	WORTHAM Allie (AR)	Clifford Oran 12/17/02 M Alvord [del. 8076] 
KING James Raford (TX)	DAVIS Mattie (TX)	Della 05/31/02 F Paradise [del. 23918] 
KING James Raphard (TX)	DAVIS Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Joe Ruffus 11/20/98 M Paradise [del. 21868] 
KING Joe	BLANK blank	blank 3/7/08 M blank 3893 
KING Joe	BLANK blank	blank 7/24/12 M blank 5551 
KING Joel Charles (GA)	TAYLOR Sarah Emma (AL)	Dora Ellen 06/10/95 F Bridgeport [del. 24414] 
KING Joel Charley (GA)	TAYLOR Sarah Emma (AL)	Audrey Velma 04/12/02 F Opal [del. 12998] 
KING John	MCDANIEL Tilley	blank 6/18/14 M blank 5915 
KING John (TN)	MOORE Mary Annie (AL)	Veva Jewell 07/17/96 F Boyd [del. 7636] 
KING John Walter (TX)	ERWIN Lora (OK)	Billy Clinton 12/31/28 M Decatur 9215 & 9215a
KING Joseph Hotaway (MS)	BURROW Mary (TX)	Lela 07/04/96 F Boyd [del. 25365] 
KING K.	BLANK Maud	blank 9/17/07 F blank 3549 
KING Landon (TN)	BURGESS Rosa Altha (AL)	John Albert 08/30/82 M Bridgeport [del. 19388] 
KING Landon A (TN)	BURGESS Rose Altha (AL)	Lucy Ann 05/10/87 F Carter Co OK [del. 19296] 
KING M.C.	BLANK E.B.	Martin 5/14/06 M blank 2669 
KING Melvin (TX)	CAPPS Emma (TX)	blank 9/11/22 M Alvord 7656 
KING Melvin Cornelius	CAPPS Emma	Ozella 7/14/04 F Alvord 1015 & 1015a
KING Ora Albert (MO)	WILLIAMSON Mattie (TX)	Ernest Martin 8/18/07 M Dan 3493 & 3493a
KING P.J.	BLANK Katie	blank 6/22/04 F blank 967 
KING Pearl	BLANK blank	(Ernest Martin) 9/27/07 F blank 3571 
KING Pearl Jackson (TX)	GRIFFITH Kate (TX)	Earl 07/12/00 M Decatur [del. 6836] 
KING Robert Hatton (TX)	WEAVER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Beulah May 01/18/88 F Alvord [del. 24949] 
KING T.P.	SHARP Rubie (OK)	blank 7/9/24 M Chico 8094 
KING W.E.	BLANK Mary	blank 4/23/04 F blank 837 
KING W.M.	DODSON Dollie	James David 3/29/31 M Alvord [No Image 10021] 
KING W.M. (TX)	DOLSON Dolly (TX)	Wilburn Melvin 4/26/29 M Alvord 9334 
KING Will	BLANK Lola	blank 9/11/07 M blank 3535 
KING William Andrew (TX)	WOODALL Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Dora Dean 12/05/93 F Aurora [del. 22651] 
KING William Eppy (TX)	HUDSPETH Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Elmer Wilson 05/12/02 M Alvord [del. 5692] 
KING William Jefferson (MS)	MORRIS Vada (TX)	Billie Dean 8/26/24 F Rhome 8154 
KING William L. (TX)	BENNETT Lola (IL)	Nellie Bernice 8/3/05 F blank 2021 & 2021a & 2021b
KING William Luther	THOMPSON Mary Madalene	George Warren 5/24/11 M Alvord 5263 & 5263a
KING William Marion (MS)	HOUSTON Fannie Emiline (AR)	Francis Marion 05/24/84 M Decatur [del. 19474] 
KING William Robert, Sr.	TAYLOR Lola Belle	William Robert, Jr. 6/8/27 M Decatur 8806 
KING Ziba (IL)	WARNER Mary (MO)	William Eppy 07/06/80 M Alvord [del. 5691] 
KINGSLEY blank	BLANK W.R.	Freda Nell 7/6/33 F Greenwood [No Image 10812] 
KINGSLEY Daniel Washington (SC)	GARDNER Lottie (GA)	Joseph Clinton 03/10/88 M Prentis Co MS [del. 19223] 
KINGSLEY J.C.	MCCARTY E.L.	Norman E. 1/21/31 M blank [No Image 9938] 
KINGSTON Marion (IL)	HALL Mary (KS)	William Edward 06/20/78 M Sunset [del. 13578] 
KINNE Sylveans Leroy (TN)	BURTON Nancy Harriett (TX)	Tempel Leroy 12/09/79 M Wise Co [del. 8753] 
KINNEBROUGH Christopher Hillard (AR)	SELLARS Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Dixie 03/19/81 F Decatur [del. 7822] 
KINNEBROUGH Christopher Hillard (AR)	SELLARS Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Bess 11/29/87 F Decatur [del. 7821] 
KINNEBROUGH Christopher Hillard (AR)	SELLARS Mary Elizabeth (MO)	San Juan Marie 04/11/96 F Decatur [del. 8814] 
KINNEMER Will	COX Josie	blank 3/5/16 M blank 6381 
KINNOMS B.H. (TX)	GIBSON Cathelene (TX)	blank 9/5/25 F Chico 8406 
KINSEY Gabe Wiley	NEWLON Willie Mary	Mary Alice 8/28/03 F Boyd 228 & 0228a & 0228b
KINSOLVING Bushrod Washington (TX)	GREER Flora Love (TX)	Charles William 01/18/00 M Alvord [del. 34404] 
KINSOLVING Walter A (WV)	RILEY Pearl (TX)	Anna Lee 03/23/97 F Greenwood [del. 29320] 
KIRBY B. Dexter	YOUNG Hazel L.	Edward Roy 7/21/32 M Chico [No Image 10501] 
KIRBY H.A.	BLANK M.D.	blank 1/28/04 F blank 623 
KIRBY Hardy Alexander (KY)	GARDNER Mattie D. (TN)	Maurine 1/25/06 F Chico 2436 & 2436a
KIRBY Henry (TX)	GREGORY Minnie (TX)	blank 5/14/26 F Decatur 8586 
KIRBY J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 10/12/08 M blank 4296 
KIRBY Joseph Henry (AL)	LAWSON Margaret Ellen (AL)	Annie Derinda 7/5/06 F Decatur 2751 & 2751a
KIRBY Joseph Henry (AL)	LAWSON Margaret Ellen (AL)	Bannie May 10/12/07 F Alvord 3601 & 3601a
KIRBY Olivas J. (TX)	JENKINS Mamie (TX)	blank 12/12/25 M Slidell 8480 
KIRBY William Buckingham (IL)	HAWKINS Linnie Louise (TX)	William Odus 02/21/93 M Wise Co [del. 8214] 
KIRBY William Buckingham (IL)	HAWKINS Linnie Louise (TX)	Estie Linnie 08/10/94 F Wise Co [del. 8215] 
KIRBY William Buckingham (IL)	HAWKINS Linnie Louise (TX)	John Ira 12/20/96 M Wise Co [del. 8216] 
KIRKHAM William Edwin (MS)	HAILEY Mary Maud (TX)	Nora Mary 02/09/02 F Chico [del. 16903] 
KIRKLAND A.D. (TX)	CRABTREE Mary (TX)	David Gordon 10/6/21 M Chico 7489 
KIRKLAND B.D.	HOLLEY Katie L.	Lavador Myrl 2/20/32 F Decatur [No Image 10367] 
KIRKLAND Daniel Alonzo (AL)	THOMPSON Martha Elizabeth (MO)	Della Ozell 10/01/88 F Decatur [del. 26722] 
KIRKLAND David A. (TX)	CRABTREE Mary Jane (TX)	Addie Alline 4/22/19 F Bridgeport 7073 & 7073a
KIRKLAND Oscar D.	PATTERSON Obie B.	Nellie Demerise 1/21/31 F Decatur [No Image 9939] 
KIRKPATRICK A.	BLANK Mary	blank 6/26/06 M blank 2733 
KIRKPATRICK C.B.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 3/18/08 F blank 3925 
KIRKPATRICK Charles Bell	FRISSELL Lizzie Levanie	Ada Len 10/11/04 F Decatur 1265 & 1265a
KIRKPATRICK Elmer	BLANK E.M.	blank 2/26/06 M blank 2528 
KIRKPATRICK Henry	TATE Delia	blank 7/27/16 M blank 6443 
KIRKPATRICK John (MO)	COOLEY Annie (MO)	Nellie 10/23/89 F Paradise [del. 21077] 
KIRKPATRICK John (MO)	COOLEY Annie (MO)	Ira 10/14/95 M Paradise [del. 21076] 
KIRKPATRICK John (MO)	COOLEY Annis (MO)	Roy 01/23/98 M Paradise [del. 10700] 
KIRKPATRICK John (TX)	COOLEY Annis (MO)	Earl 08/05/93 M Paradise [del. 27798] 
KIRKPATRICK Louis Dillard (TX)	CAMPBELL Mary (PA)	Edna Claire 02/04/98 F Bridgeport [del. 31262] 
KISER A.H.	GILBERT Cora	blank 3/7/17 F blank 6571 
KISER George	BLANK blank	blank 8/6/09 F blank 4724 
KLEIN E.C. (TX)	BLAIR Willie (TX)	Ima Ruth 11/14/28 F Boyd 9176 
KLEIN Joseph Frances (PA)	ODOM Sarah Etta (TX)	Maude Louisa 05/02/89 F Paradise [del. 7196] 
KLEIN Joseph Frances (PA)	ODOM Sarah Etta (TX)	Alva Frances 04/12/93 F Paradise [del. 7576] 
KLEIN Joseph Frances (PA)	ODOM Sarah Etta (TX)	Joe Lyle 06/19/95 M Paradise [del. 7197] 
KLEIN Joseph Frances (PA)	ODOM Sarah Etta (TX)	Gracy Mary 11/14/01 F Paradise [del. 6095] 
KLEIN Joseph Frances (PA)	ODON Sarah Etta (TX)	Earl Calvin 10/05/97 M Paradise [del. 31493] 
KLEIN M.J.	NEELY L.A.	Jake Newton 12/17/29 M blank [No Image 9530] 
KLEIN Mathis J.	NEELY Lennie A.	Melton 3/14/18 M Springtown 6843 
KLEIN W.J.	WESLEY L.A.	Till Esten 8/4/32 blank Springtown [No Image 10548] 
KLEPPER blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/7/05 M blank 2267 
KLEPPER blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/13/08 M blank 4023 
KLEPPER Pete Thomas (TN)	YOUNG Jennie (TN)	Richard Cleaves 09/03/82 M Alvord [del. 5619] 
KNIGHT Andrew Jackson (AR)	WALLIS Sarah Catherine (AR)	Charles Jefferson 05/30/01 M Opal [del. 12382] 
KNIGHT blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/7/04 F blank 714 
KNIGHT George Washington (IL)	FULTON Sarah Ann (IL)	Joseph Immanuel 11/21/81 M Rhome [del. 19328] 
KNIGHT W.T.	GOOD Carman	Peggy Ruth 4/26/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10055] 
KNIGHTSTEP John Dabney (WV)	BRADLEY Thalia Frances (TX)	Willie Mae 06/12/93 F Park Springs [del. 23766] 
KNOX Charles Henry (TN)	FENWICK Bessie (TX)	Walter Scott 08/05/94 M Greenwood [del. 8697] 
KNOX Charles Henry (TN)	FENWICK Bessie (TX)	James Henry 01/23/01 M Greenwood [del. 6265] 
KNOX Charles Henry, Dr.	FENWICK Bessie	Mary Elizabeth 7/15/05 F Decatur 1962 & 1962a
KNOX Joseph P (TN)	MUNCY Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	William Glen 11/22/02 M Indian Territory [del. 23755] 
KNOX Joseph Peeler (TN)	MUNCY Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 04/05/99 F Maricopa Co AR [del. 23753] 
KOEHN Charles	BLANK blank	blank 8/22/03 M blank 215 & [delayed 21415]
KOENINGER A.C.	BLANK L.A.	R.E. 3/13/07 M blank 3219 
KOENINGER Albert Henry (TX)	SMITH Gladys (TX)	Mary Ruth 4/26/22 F Bridgeport 7585 
KOENINGER Charles Frederick (Germany)	SCOGGINS Elizabeth (GA)	August Clifford 10/09/82 M Willow Point [del. 6891] 
KOENINGER Francis Joseph (Germany)	CONNOR Delia Bridget (IL)	Francis Joseph 03/31/89 M Willow Point [del. 17773] 
KOENINGER J.	BLANK D.	blank 2/5/04 F blank 639 
KOENINGER Joe (Germany)	CONNOR Delia B (IL)	James Lenhart 05/28/99 M Willow Point [del. 5569] 
KOENINGER Joseph	BLANK blank	blank 11/24/05 M blank 2303 
KOENINGER Joseph Frederick (Ger)	KAKER Annie Marie (OH)	Beatrece Minnie 7/23/06 F Paradise 2785 & 2785a
KOENINGER Joseph Frederick (Germany)	KAKER Mary Ann (OH)	Albert Henry 02/11/94 M Paradise [del. 27905] 
KOENINGER Joseph Frederick (Germany)	KAKER Mary Ann (OH)	Sidney Ralph 01/22/02 M Paradise [del. 24914] 
KOENINGER Joseph Frederick (Germany)	KAKER Mary Anna (OH)	Edward 03/17/96 M Paradise [del. 8442] 
KOENINGER W.N.	BLANK blank	blank 1/14/10 M blank 4908 
KOENINGER W.N.	BLANK R.M.M.	I.V. 7/14/06 F blank 2767 
KOENINGER W.N.	MARTIN Mattie	blank 7/2/11 blank blank 5290 
KOENMER Frank	WORLEY Allie May	blank 12/29/14 M blank 6006 
KORNGAY Joel W (MS)	MIMS Tina A (TX)	Alexander William 11/21/98 M Slidell [del. 24720] 
KOUNS J.H. (TX)	GRILL Sofia (TX)	J.H., Jr. 10/20/23 M Bridgeport 7924 
KRAMER Pete (Germany)	McGOWN Addie Frances (GA)	Barbara Gary 01/01/01 F Bridgeport [del. 23007] 
KRELL John (PA)	FLACHE Emma Augusta (TX)	Edna Valeria 09/10/99 F Bridgeport [del. 30602] 
KRELL John (PA)	FLUCHE Emma A. (TX)	Moveta Evelyn 10/19/05 F Paradise 2225 & 2225a
KRUDWIG John Joseph (MO)	BOWERS Anna (TN)	Leona Josephine 11/05/96 F Alvord [del. 8619] 
KRUDWIG John Joseph (MO)	BOWERS Anna (TN)	Bertha Helen 11/06/98 F Alvord [del. 8618] 
KRUDWIG John Joseph (MO)	BOWERS Anna (TN)	Howard Clifton 09/04/01 M Alvord [del. 8620] 
KRUEGER Andrew Elbert (KY)	THURMON Mary Belle (TX)	Oleta Louise 10/20/24 F Alvord 8195 & 8195a
KURTTNER A.J.	BLANK blank	blank 8/16/07 M blank 3488 
KUTEJ Frank	DANEK Mollie	Jack 3/2/32 M Decatur [No Image 10376] 
KUTEJ Frank	DANEK Mollie	Jo Ann 3/2/32 F Decatur [No Image 10377] 
KUTEJ Frank	DANEK Willie	Virginia 8/10/33 F Decatur [No Image 10859] 
KUTEJ Frank	DENEK Millie	blank 12/28/29 M blank [No Image 9906] 
KYLE Andrew Jackson (TN)	DONALDSON Katie (MS)	Andrew Crockett 10/07/92 M Boyd [del. 23277] 
LABOON Warren Joseph (SC)	TALLEY Fannie Evaline (TN)	Joseph Warren 11/25/98 M Chico [del. 9106] 
LACEY Robert Ray (TX)	MCELREATH Maurine (TX)	Robert Ray, Jr. 6/16/22 M Decatur 7613 & 7613a
LACKEY George	BLANK blank	blank 3/24/05 F blank 1691 
LACKEY James Columbus (AR)	WILSON Nancy R (TX)	Vonnie Ann 10/07/91 F Greenwood [del. 13506] 
LACKEY James Columbus (AR)	WILSON Nancy R (TX)	Johnny Stem 12/18/96 M Decatur [del. 13505] 
LACKEY James Columbus (AR)	WILSON Nancy R (TX)	William Elvie 11/17/98 M Decatur [del. 13504] 
LACY C.F.	BLANK Tilda	blank 3/28/09 M blank 4576 
LACY Luther	MARSHALL Estelle	Doyle Leon 11/20/30 M Alvord [No Image 9875] 
LAGONE Bob	WILLS Kate	Juanita Mozell 2/16/17 F Decatur 6554 & 6554a & 6554b
LAGUIRE D.E.	MOTE Varina	Mary Ruth 1/25/31 F Decatur [No Image 9943] 
LAGUIRE Phillip Edward (OK)	WRIGHT Retta Jane (TX)	Duard Earnest 08/16/02 M Greenwood [del. 10467] 
LAIN Sam (TN)	BEARDEN Ninnie Alma (KY)	Jack Daniel 11/12/96 M Alvord [del. 7433] 
LAIRD Andy	BLANK blank	blank 2/28/04 F blank 689 
LAIRD Andy (Andrew Jackson)	JOHNSON (Daisy) Pearl	Ella Juanita 6/19/05 F Decatur 1905 & 1905a
LAIRD Floyd	HARMS Hattie	blank 4/2/28 F Wizard Wells 8986 
LAIRD Floyd	HARMS Hattie	blank 4/2/28 F Wizard Wells 8987 
LAIRD France (TX)	MANN Sarah Ruth (TX)	Mary Alice 04/13/81 F Decatur [del. 6035] 
LAIRD Francis Marion	HARRIS Hattie	Nancy Jane 12/13/11 M Alvord 5423 & 5423a
LAIRD James (CA)	CLARK Minnie (MO)	James Fred 06/16/92 M Greenwood [del. 10614] 
LAIRD James Columbus (TX)	LEONARD Ruby (TX)	Earl Albert 03/22/02 M Bridgeport [del. 30017] 
LAIRD Jim	BLANK Ruby	blank 12/28/04 M blank 1465 
LAIRD Robert Lee	HORTON Laura Ellen	John Austin 4/18/17 M Alvord 6615 & 6615a
LAIRD Tom (Thomas W.)(TX)	MALONE Myrtle (TX)	Thomas, Jr. 11/19/20 M Decatur 7316 
LAIRD Tom J. (Thomas W.)	MALONE Myrtle	Dessie Estella 5/13/30 F Decatur [No Image 9686] 
LAIRD William Turner (Ireland)	HINES Elisa F (AL)	Thomas W 04/28/89 M Decatur [del. 5007] 
LAIRD William Turner (Ireland)	HINES Elisa F (AL)	Reuben Splawn 07/19/94 M Decatur [del. 21574] 
LAIRD William Turner (Ireland)	HINES Eliza F (AL)	Gilbert Lafayette 04/29/93 M Decatur [del. 5830] 
LAKEY Andrew Lewis (TX)	CORNELISON Martha Lee (TX)	William Jacob 08/29/84 M Decatur [del. 11853] 
LAKEY Andrew Lewis (TX)	CORNELISON Martha Ulee (TX)	Pearl 01/18/88 F Crafton [del. 4930] 
LALLER Walter	BLANK blank	blank 2/7/09 M blank 4484 
LAMANCE James Franklin (TX)	SMITH Elizabeth (TX)	Thomas Ruben 08/14/95 M Decatur [del. 16277] 
LAMANSE James Franklin (TX)	SMITH Elizabeth (TX)	Charlie James 1/10/07 M Boyd 3092 & 3092a
LAMB W.A.	BLANK Julia	blank 4/28/08 F blank 3994 
LAMB W.A.	BLANK Julia	blank 8/15/10 F blank 5071 
LAMBERT Arch	BLANK blank	blank 5/19/21 M blank 6512 
LAMBERT Charles (LA)	SMITH Katie Pearl (MO)	blank 3/20/29 F Decatur 9299 
LAMBERT Charley	TATE Ida Mae	Charlie Roger 8/8/33 M Decatur [No Image 10854] 
LAMBERT G.W. (George)	TATE (Velma)	George Azzlee 8/24/33 M Paradise [No Image 10876] 
LAMBERT George	TATE Velma	(stillborn) 11/1/30 M Decatur [No Image 9853] 
LAMBERT Joe S. (MS)	HALE Lizzie (KY)	blank 4/5/21 M Rhome 7376 & [delayed 8578]
LAMBERT John Daniel Webster (AL)	MOORE Clementine (MS)	Leonidus Albert 11/03/87 M Decatur [del. 25023] 
LAMBERT John Daniel Webster (MS)	MOORE Clementine (MS)	John Matthew 02/20/81 M Decatur [del. 16296] 
LAMBERT John Henry Thomas	SMITH Ida Roosevelt	Gilbert Willis 3/25/28 M Decatur 8978 & 8978a
LAMBERT John M (TX)	PATRICK Inah Bell (TX)	Paschal Henry 08/12/01 M Bridgeport [del. 6493] 
LAMBERT John Mathew	PATRICK Ina Bell	Ina Rachel 5/18/17 F Decatur 6626 & 6626a
LAMBERT Josiah	HALE Nancy	Joe Allen 7/5/33 M Decatur [No Image 10811] 
LAMBERT Josiah (MS)	HALE Nancy E. (KS)	Dorris Ester 12/22/25 M Decatur 8487 
LAMBERT Mert	BLANK blank	blank 8/8/14 M blank 5940 
LAMBERT S. Arch	MCGOVERN Alta	Rachel Vonita 3/27/28 F blank 8981 & 8981a
LAMBERT S.A. (MS)	MCGOVERN Alda (TX)	Vera Zelma 5/19/21 F Decatur 7399 & 7399a
LAMBERT Samuel H (MS)	STANTON Mervia (AR)	Charlie Rhoda 03/30/91 F Boonsville [del. 23834] 
LAMBERT Thomas	SMITH Ida	Thomas Henry 10/12/32 M Decatur [No Image 10591] 
LAMBERT Thomas	SMITH Ida Roosevelt	Paul Edward 6/26/30 M Decatur [No Image 9740] 
LAMBERT Tony	BOYD Merg	Bonny 9/3/32 F Decatur [No Image 10573] 
LAMBERT W.M. (Stanley)	HOLLIMAN M. (Minnie Ola)	Betty Joann 2/5/27 F Decatur 8745 & 8745a
LAMBERT William M.(Stanley)(MS)	HALLEMAN Minnie Ola (AR)	Otis Warren 1/30/24 M Decatur 7989 & 7989a
LAMBERT William Robert (TX)	RAY Vertie (TX)	blank 11/20/21 F Decatur 7509 
LAMKINS Ezekiel (MS)	SEBASTIAN Loucinda (MO)	Effie Lee 12/07/87 F Decatur [del. 9796] 
LAMM Anthony (Germany)	SOUTHARD Mary Einerline (AR)	Joseph 12/12/85 M Bridgeport [del. 4822] 
LAMNUS A.L.	BLANK B.M.	blank 3/23/07 M blank 3247 
LANCASTER Allen Powell (AR)	PHILLIPS Martha Catherine (MO)	Luther Marion 10/21/83 M Stoney [del. 9302] 
LANCASTER Allen Powell (AR)	PHILLIPS Martha Catherine (MO)	Daniel Lee 09/27/87 M Slidell [del. 10503] 
LANCASTER Allen Powell (AR)	PHILLIPS Martha Catherine (MO)	John Jackson 08/14/89 M Slidell [del. 22112] 
LANCASTER Argile G. (TX)	SMITH Lelon Ray (AR)	Vanita 7/27/23 F Alvord 7862 
LANCASTER Argyle G. (TX)	SMITH Leland Ray (TX)	Arnold G. 8/11/21 M Alvord 7440 
LANCASTER blank	OWENS Ollie	blank 8/14/17 F Decatur 6675 
LANCASTER George D (MO)	WHITSON Eva (AR)	Ruby Delma 08/23/94 F Franklin Co AR [del. 10362] 
LANCASTER George Delaney (MO)	WHITSON Nelson Evaline (AR)	Whitson Arnold 08/30/98 M Alvord [del. 7195] 
LANCASTER John William Sr (MO)	McLANE Minnie (MO)	John William Jr 01/15/94 M Chico [del. 13416] 
LANCASTER John Williams (MO)	McLANE Minnie (MO)	Mary Verdie 02/05/92 F Sunset [del. 12997] 
LANCASTER O.N.	RHOADS Maud	blank 4/23/16 F blank 6402 
LANCASTER Samuel Levi (TN)	SAYLOR Minnie Ella (TX)	Lois Olga 1/15/07 F Rural Wise Co. 3110 & 3110a
LAND Andrew Jackson (LA)	THOMAS Josie (IL)	Jessie Clarence 01/21/87 M Sevear Co AR [del. 29468] 
LANDERDALE Elbert	BLANK Mary	blank 9/20/07 F blank 3557 
LANDERS James Randolph (TN)	SHAWN Mary Elizabeth (MS)	James Simmons 04/14/88 M Decatur [del. 19703] 
LANDERS John Randolph (AL)	SHAWN Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Luella 09/28/89 F Boyd [del. 19804] 
LANDERS O.R.	BLANK blank	J. & J. (twins) 4/13/04 F blank 812 
LANDERS O.R.	BLANK Louise	blank 2/12/06 F blank 2489 
LANDRETH W.B. (TX)	MAYS Madgie 	Dorothy Mae 5/13/24 F Decatur 8069 & 8069a
LANE Adam Mark (TX)	HAMILTON Janet (PA)	John Hamilton 09/02/01 M Bridgeport [del. 11284] 
LANE Dee (TX)	STRATTON Nellie Lee (TX)	Edward-twin 5/19/29 M Chico 9354 
LANE Dee (TX)	STRATTON Nellie Lee (TX)	Edna-twin 5/19/29 F Chico 9355 
LANE E.T. (AR)	PRICE Bessie (AR)	blank 4/30/23 M Chico 7787 
LANE John Summerfield (MS)	BRUMBY Maria B (LA)	Maggie Gershon 01/13/95 F Decatur [del. 13934] 
LANE John Summerfield (MS)	BRUMBY Maria B (LA)	Mary Eva 08/28/96 F Decatur [del. 13933] 
LANE John Summerfield (MS)	BRUNBY Maria B (LA)	Sarah Valeria 03/14/99 F Decatur [del. 13932] 
LANE John Summerfield (MS)	BRUNBY Maria B (LA)	Henrietta Frances 11/12/01 F Decatur [del. 13931] 
LANE Judson Dawson (LA)	STEWART Ida May (TX)	Clara May 01/01/02 F Decatur [del. 14603] 
LANE William E (KY)	STEELY Margaret P )MO)	Nellie M 04/28/83 F Springtown [del. 5200] 
LANE William Henry (MO)	STONE Minnie (TN)	Dallas 08/09/96 M Newark [del. 18367] 
LANE William Lethel (TX)	BRUEMER Mary Margaret (MO)	Catherine Florene 12/13/21 F Bridgeport 7520 
LANEY David E (TX)	RAY Alsie (TX)	Albert Ervin 10/22/00 M Alvord [del. 28945] 
LANEY David Emmitt (MS)	RAY Alsie (MS)	Thomas Emmitt 07/29/88 M Alvord [del. 12259] 
LANEY David Ewing (MS)	RAY Alsie (MS)	John Harmon 03/23/92 M Pella [del. 25218] 
LANG H.E.	ARRINGTON M.R.	Helen Frances 8/29/31 F blank [No Image 10197] 
LANGSTON H.S. (TX)	BURCH Minnie M. (TX)	Francis Keithel 4/13/20 M Slidell 7232 
LANGSTON Henry Singleton(MO)	UNDERDORN Rachela (TN)	Beulah Mae 8/26/05 F blank 2091 & 2091a
LANGSTON J.H.	BUNCH Minnie	Beatrice Bernice 1/14/15 F blank 6015 & 6015a
LANINGHAM Sidney	COUNER Alline B.	Sidney Ray 5/1/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10059] 
LANKFORD blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/30/05 F blank 2174 
LANKFORD James Henry (GA)	BAILEY Carrie Jane (GA)	Alice Myrl 07/26/98 F Sunset [del. 25013] 
LANKSTER Jack	GARDNER Dovie	Helen Marie 6/16/32 F Alvord [No Image 10471] 
LARGENT B.K.	CRAFT Ruth	Mary Jane 8/25/30 F Chico [No Image 9791] 
LARGENT B.K. (TX)	CRAFT Ruth (TX)	blank 3/9/29 M Chico 9286 
LARGENT C.	BLANK Belle	blank 1/17/06 M blank 2412 
LARGENT E.C.	MCPHERSON Grace M.	Bobbie Wayne 7/17/33 M Chico [No Image 10829] 
LARGENT E.F.	BLANK Laura	blank 8/12/07 F blank 3480 
LARGENT E.T.	BLANK L.E.	blank 4/4/04 M blank 786 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Maudie Elizabeth 06/11/88 F Chico [del. 21797] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Dola May 10/03/89 F Chico [del. 21757] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Blanche Leona 07/22/91 F Chico [del. 22405] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Pinkney Cleveland 04/02/93 M Chico [del. 26763] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Thomas Bertram 10/13/94 M Chico [del. 10656] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Charlie Hiram 02/22/96 M Chico [del. 5690] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Amma Kathryn 12/06/97 F Chico [del. 28056] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	John Jacob 04/16/01 M Chico [del. 24330] 
LARGENT Elijah Thomas (MO)	ANDERSON Laura Alice (TX)	Tommie Angeline 10/13/02 F Chico [del. 10047] 
LARGENT Fulton	BLANK M.B.	blank 5/27/08 F blank 4055 
LARGENT M.C.	BLANK A.B.	blank 7/12/04 F blank 1011 
LARGENT Pink	BLANK Cora	blank 12/4/03 F blank 482 
LARGENT Pink	BLANK Cora	blank 10/8/05 M blank 2202 
LARGENT Pink	BLANK Cora	blank 12/8/08 M blank 4381 
LARGENT Pink Alonzo (MO)	CEARLEY Cora Eva (TX)	Alma Ruth 08/19/99 F Bridgeport [del. 19215] 
LARGENT Pinkney Alonzo (TX)	CEARLEY Cora Evelyn (TX)	Charles Gilbert 09/06/97 M Chico [del. 28770] 
LARGENT Thomas Bertrum	JENNINGS Ruth Irene	Melvin Thomas 5/8/18 M Chico 6881 & 6881a
LARGENT Thomas Valentine (AR)	NEWTON Tinnie Hasseltine (GA)	Myrtle Belle 01/28/92 F Decatur [del. 22316] 
LARGENT V.S.	MALONE Mary Bell	blank 1/24/32 M Chico [No Image 10345] 
LARGENT Vergel Stewart (MO)	BIRD Elizabeth Ellen (IL)	Esther Jewel 02/05/97 F Chico [del. 28566] 
LARGENT Virgil S (MO)	BIRD Ella Elizabeth (MI)	John Blanton 06/09/89 M Chico [del. 28883] 
LARGENT Virgil Stewart (MO)	BIRD Ella Elizabeth (MI)	Ella Lucile 03/21/91 F Chico [del. 7633] 
LARGENT Virgil Stewart (MO)	BIRD Ella Elizabeth (MI)	Paul 08/20/00 M Chico [del. 6137] 
LARKIN William	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/07 M blank 3515 
LASATER Cobbs Belton (TX)	BROWN Exsa Allie (TX)	Franklin Cobbs 7/20/29 M Decatur 9402 & 9402a
LASATER Earnest (TX)	HARRISON Grace (TX)	Lorine 1/26/29 F Chico 9251 
LASATER Forrest D.	ABERNATHY Ada A.	Forest W. 3/5/31 M Decatur [No Image 9990] 
LASATER J.J.	BLANK M.L.	blank 8/25/03 F blank 222 
LASATER Jess	BLANK blank	blank 7/22/03 M blank 135 
LASITER Allen (TX)	HOWEL Cellie (TX)	A.W. (initials only) 9/23/21 F Chico 7477 & 7477a
LASITER Ernest	HARRISON Grace	Ernest Lloyd 3/24/27 M Chico 8775 & 8775a
LASITER Henry Fielding (NC)	GALLOWAY Mary Ethel (AL)	Earl Henry 04/22/96 M Sunset [del. 25511] 
LASITER Homer	SMITH Emma	J.V. 11/23/15 M Alvord 6306 & 6306a
LASITER Thomas Granvel (TN)	GORE Rosa Ida (TN)	Ernest 09/26/02 M Chico [del. 6491] 
LASITER Thomas Granville (TN)	GORE Rosa Ida (TN)	Lela Ruth 10/17/96 F Chico [del. 29778] 
LASSATER W.D. (TX)	PINKERTON Pearl (TX)	Mayme Lou 1/5/24 F Decatur 7969 & [delayed 9255]
LASSITER Jess	BLANK blank	blank 12/6/05 F blank 2337 
LASSITER W.M.	BLANK Mamie	blank 4/28/05 M blank 1777 
LASTER blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/6/04 M blank 712 
LATFLAM James W (TN)	LEWIS Margaret Helen (WA)	Clarence Ruby 10/28/00 M Newark [del. 29862] 
LATHAM Charlie Corbet (TX)	THOMPSON Mary P. (TX)	Devell Wenoch 3/16/20 F Poolville 7224 & 7224a
LATHAM James	BLANK Maggie	blank 10/17/04 F blank 1277 
LATHAM S.W.	BANKS Lillie	blank 6/20/15 F blank 6126 
LATHAM Sam Wesley	BANKS Lillie Florence	Mayme Ellen 1/15/06 F blank 2408 & 2408a
LATHAN J.J.	BLANK Etta	blank 12/19/04 M blank 1448 
LATHROP Henry Lee (CT)	WASHBURN Celia (OH)	Walter Washburn 11/22/78 M Decatur [del. 7332] 
LATHROP Henry Lee (CT)	WASHBURN Celia (OH)	Alice Washburn 06/02/80 F Decatur [del. 15304] 
LATIN blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/31/08 F blank 3817 
LAUDERDALE E.B.	BLANK Mary	blank 6/23/05 F blank 1908 
LAUGHTER Edward P (MS)	CLIFTON Lela (MS)	Mabel Love 09/07/00 F Rhome [del. 13206] 
LAWRENCE B.O.	HUDSON Maria Zora	Benjamin Lee 8/29/03 M Cundiff, Jack Co. 232 & 0232a & 0232b
LAWRENCE blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/28/06 F blank 2452 
LAWRENCE blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/20/06 M blank 2677 
LAWRENCE blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/7/08 M blank 4380 
LAWRENCE blank	BLANK blank	Billy Wayne 10/24/33 blank Paradise [No Image 10910] 
LAWRENCE C.B.	WARD Louisa Ella	blank 5/17/14 M blank 5893 
LAWRENCE Charles	BLANK blank	blank 6/38/5 F blank 1924 
LAWRENCE H.I.	BLANK blank	blank 9/30/03 M blank 326 
LAWRENCE H.I.	BLANK blank	blank 8/30/08 M blank 4213 
LAWRENCE H.I.	BLANK blank	blank 3/15/11 M blank 5194 
LAWRENCE Henry	BLANK blank	blank 1/28/07 M blank 3143 
LAWRENCE Henry Ivy (AL)	NIBLETT Sarah A (TX)	William Howard 10/02/94 M Boonsville [del. 8441] 
LAWRENCE J.	BLANK L.	twins 9/24/03 M&F blank 311 
LAWRENCE J.D.	STEWART Myrtle	blank 12/8/12 F Boonsville 5602 
LAWRENCE J.D.	STEWART Myrtle	blank 8/23/14 F blank 5950 
LAWRENCE Riley	BLANK Hattie	blank 5/2/08 F blank 4005 
LAWRENCE Samuel Benton (AL)	OWENS Sallie ELIZABETH (AL)	William Jordon 11/02/91 M Russell Co AL [del. 22701] 
LAWRENCE W.B.	BLANK Bertie	blank 1/27/06 M blank 2445 
LAWRENCE Wesley W.	DORSEY Alma	Willie Roy 10/11/31 M Rhome [No Image 10253] 
LAWRENCE William J. (AL)	STEWART Dollie May (TX)	blank 5/13/23 M Boonsville 7799 
LAWRENCE Woodford B (KY)	KINSER Alberta (KY)	Mary Bolen 01/08/02 F Wise Co [del. 34299] 
LAWRENCE Woodford Brooks (KY)	KINCER Alberta (KY)	Elbert Richard 04/09/96 M Bridgeport [del. 29321] 
LAWSON A.A.	BLANK blank	blank 4/2/04 F blank 784 
LAWSON Alonzo A. (TN)	SMITH Alice Mae (TX)	Ruth Annalee 10/18/06 F Paradise 2968 & 2968a
LAWSON Alonzo Alinedo (TN)	SMITH Alice May (TX)	Rosebud 01/17/00 F Paradise [del. 21054] 
LAWSON Alonzo Almedo (TN)	SMITH Alice May (TX)	Naomi Mary 01/01/02 F Paradise [del. 30054] 
LAWSON Andy (KY)	COUNTS Linnie Christian (MO)	Elvin Thomas 06/17/91 M Decatur [del. 24746] 
LAWSON Andy (MO)	COUNTS Laney (MO)	Elgin Waithum 06/17/92 Decatur [del. 14316] 
LAWSON D.O.	BLANK blank	blank 9/2/04 M blank 1161 & [delayed 7470]
LAWSON Earnest	BLANK Tabetha	blank 9/2/09 F blank 4757 
LAWSON James Taylor	BARNETT Ella Nancy	William Bailey 3/22/04 M Alvord 750 
LAWSON Julius Edward (TX)	FUNCHESS Aid Clide (TX)	Ina Jewel 8/17/06 F Paradise 2846 & 2846a
LAWSON Miles Milford (AR)	BARRY Zella (MO)	Lelia Myrtle 01/15/82 F Washington Co AR [del. 18178] 
LAWSON Ray (TX)	BEASON Kathrine (TX)	Lee Ray 11/23/25 M Decatur 8460 
LAWSON Will	BLANK blank	blank 8/30/04 M blank 1150 
LAWSON William (Scotland)	HUNT Helen Josephine (TX)	Jessie Eunice 09/15/00 F Rhome [del. 11258] 
LAWYER Daniel Wilson (IL)	LONG Theadothia (AR)	William Charley 02/08/88 M Crawford Co AR [del. 12031] 
LAWYERS Jim	BLANK Lizzie	blank 1/7/08 M blank 3774 
LAYFIELD C.C.	BLANK Minnie	blank 6/4/05 F blank 1865 
LAYFIELD Chester	DANCAN Gladys	Chester Troxall, Jr. 7/24/30 M Decatur [No Image 9769] 
LAYFIELD Chester	DUNCAN V.G.	Betty Joyce 5/30/32 F Decatur [No Image 10447] 
LAYFIELD Chester (TX)	DUNCAN Gladys (TX)	Billy Bob 8/30/28 M Decatur 9104 
LAYFIELD Clifton C (GA)	TROXELL Minnie Dora (TX)	Eugene Clifton 03/07/00 M Stephens Co OK [del. 29632] 
LAYFIELD Eugene C. (OK)	TAYLOR Lottie Maggie (TX)	Norma Ruth 12/14/24 F Decatur 8232 & 8232a
LAYFIELD Eugene C. (OK)	TAYLOR Lottie Maggie (TX)	Peggye Dean 3/30/29 F Decatur 9306 & 9306a
LAYFIELD Jeff Davis (GA)	HANNAN Hattie Mae (MO)	John Frances 04/08/01 F Rhome [del. 11987] 
LAYFIELD Jeff Davis (GA)	HANNAN Hattie May (MO)	Nannie Bell 11/06/98 F Rhome [del. 11589] 
LAYFIELD John William (GA)	WHITTEN Jackie Ozella (GA)	Sanford Morgan 12/22/07 M Rhome 4406 & 4406a
LAYTON William Oscar (MS)	LEE Cora Rebecca (MS)	Victor Russell 12/12/96 M Park Springs [del. 21053] 
LEA Coleman Lowery (TX)	DELK Ida Fronzo (TN)	Homer Arthur 01/06/00 M Alvord [del. 7763] 
LEACH James Alonzo (TN)	CURTNER Carrie Dell (TX)	Doyle Inez 10/15/98 F Chico [del. 4495] 
LEACH Leander Hosea (TN)	BOONE Ida Ann (TX)	Austin Felix 10/14/91 M Chico [del. 12096] 
LEACH Lee H (TN)	BOONE Ida Ann (TX)	Albert Gordon 11/18/93 M Alvord [del. 19545] 
LEACH W.J.	BLANK H.	blank 7/9/04 M blank 1005 
LEACH W.J.	BLANK Helen	blank 5/8/06 F blank 2656 & [delayed 7431]
LEACHMAN Woffard L. (AR)	ANGLIN Mary Belle (AR)	Edna Ayleen 3/16/20 F Paradise 7223 & 7223a
LEAKE Houston F.	WALKER Blanche Aline	William Gene 11/24/27 M Decatur 8879 
LEAKES Houston	WALKER Blanche	Jackie Lee 11/1/32 M Decatur [No Image 10616] 
LEARY John C.	BLANK Olive	John 8/27/04 M blank 1141 
LEATHERWOOD Willie Lanford (TN)	DENNIS Mary Ann (TN)	Dessie 06/17/84 F Blount Co TN [del. 18368] 
LEDBETTER Isaac William (AL)	ALEXANDER Louise Sherman (TX)	Odessa 03/12/90 F Decatur [del. 18959] 
LEDBETTER Isaac William (AL)	ALEXANDER Louise Sherman (TX)	Frankie Mae 11/27/91 F Decatur [del. 18750] 
LEDBETTER Isaac William (AL)	ALEXANDER Louise Sherman (TX)	Ruby Charlotte 06/02/94 F Decatur [del. 23660] 
LEDBETTER L.M.	BLANK blank	blank 10/17/09 M blank 4815 
LEDBETTER Wesley Columbus (TX)	SLATON Rebecca Anna (AL)	Annie York 08/20/88 F Decatur [del. 13761] 
LEDERER Carl Edward, Sr.(MN)	BODEN Octavia (TX)	Carl Edward, Jr. 7/8/26 M Alvord 8615 & 8615a
LEE A.J. (TN)	SANDIFER Josephine (TX)	Winnie Mae 6/3/14 F Boyd 5905 & 5905a & 5905b
LEE Albert	JUSTICE Ethel	Mary 8/22/33 F Alvord [No Image 10873] 
LEE Benjamin Franklin (MS)	LAWSON Emma Josephine (MS)	Lucy Lillin 03/15/83 F Decatur [del. 4852] 
LEE Benjamin Franklin (MS)	LAWSON Emma Josephine (MS)	Rebecca Pauline 03/04/85 F Decatur [del. 4851] 
LEE Benjamin Franklin (MS)	LAWSON Emma Josephine (MS)	James Darling 05/01/86 M Decatur [del. 4853] 
LEE Berry Lee	JONES Catherine Elizabeth	Lana Gladys 8/7/03 F Chico 169 & 0169a
LEE Edgar	MCENTIRE E.	Edora LaVern 9/19/33 M Alvord [No Image 10892] 
LEE Ernest A. (TX)	SANDLIN Ruby M. (TX)	Vernon A. 9/9/24 M Alvord 8163 
LEE Ernest G.	BROWN M.E.	Joyce 12/21/31 F Decatur [No Image 10307] 
LEE F.P.	BLANK Cora	blank 5/16/08 M blank 4028 
LEE Gomer Ernest	BROWN Maggie Embry	Norman Clyde 3/13/27 M Decatur 8764 
LEE James Franklin (MS)	CALLIHAM (TX) Pruddie (TX)	Viola Georgia 8/4/12 F Decatur 5558 & 5558a
LEE Jefferson Davis (AR)	SCHAEFFER Arah (TX)	Audrey 04/17/90 F Alvord [del. 9305] 
LEE Jim	BLANK Prudie	blank 1/21/08 F blank 3794 
LEE Joe	BLANK blank	L.M. 2/26/04 F blank 685 
LEE John	BLANK blank	John, Jr. 1/19/04 M blank 600 
LEE John Able	DORNION Willie Miles (TX)	blank 7/20/26 F Paradise 8622 
LEE John Harding (TX)	KIERCE Homer Eugenia (AL)	Noah Aquilla 10/02/94 M Sunset [del. 19866] 
LEE John Thomas (TX)	PERKINS Susan Elizabeth (TX)	Eunice Elizabeth 06/13/98 F Decatur [del. 28449] 
LEE Joseph Avery (TX)	NIKIRK Nettie Christ (TX)	Oscar Earl 07/25/97 M Alvord [del. 29863] 
LEE Marion Francis Colubus (AR)	WYATT Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (TX)	Marion William 12/23/06 M Decatur 3070 & 3070a
LEE Posey Woodson (GA)	SIPES Delia (TN)	Mary Luella 03/07/95 F Decatur [del. 10582] 
LEE Posey Woodson (GA)	SIPES Delia (TX)	Gomer Ernest 10/10/99 M Decatur [del. 29781] 
LEE Posie Woodson (GA)	SIPES Louisa Cordelia (TN)	Posie Richardson 08/06/98 M Dan [del. 5509] 
LEE R (TN)	HARPER Liza (MO)	Soleman Burrell 04/12/93 M Agnes [del. 14384] 
LEE Robert Edward (TN)	ALLRED Tennie Elizabeth (AR)	Henry Cyrl 10/11/91 M Alvord [del. 21396] 
LEE Thomas Berry (TN)	JAMES Catherine Elizabeth (TN)	Thomas Leonard 04/21/89 M Obine Co TN [del. 23182] 
LEE Thomas Berry (TN)	JAMES Catherine Elizabeth (TN)	John Alvin 12/12/97 M Chico [del. 22109] 
LEE Thomas Berry (TN)	JAMES Catherine Elizabeth (TN)	Mary Ethel 02/01/01 F Chico [del. 22110] 
LEE Thomas Leonard (TN)	BRUNSON Ima Jewell (TX)	Annie Mildred 12/14/28 F Chico 9202 
LEE Tom	BRUNSON Ima	James Thomas 1/1/18 M Chico 6780 
LEE Walter	BLANK blank	blank 1/11/08 F blank 3781 
LEE William Alexander (AL)	COX America Ann (AL)	Walter Elmer 09/09/77 M Decatur [del. 11102] 
LEEK George Mask (TN)	BEADLE Levina (TX)	Jesse Mask 06/01/94 M Alvord [del. 29049] 
LEETH Lemuel A. (TX)	DODD Gladys (TX)	Kathleen Joyce 2/24/29 F Alvord 9271 
LEETH Lemuel L (TX)	REEVES Margaret Elizabeth (TX)	Nora May 05/21/93 F Alvord [del. 12226] 
LEETH Lemuel L (TX)	REEVES Margaret Elizabeth (TX)	Maggie Neoma 03/25/99 M Alvord [del. 30540] 
LEETH Lemuel Lafayette (TX)	REEVES Margaret Elizabeth (TX)	James Albert 01/23/88 M Alvord [del. 7272] 
LEFORS B. (Bedford Perry)	(PETTY) C. (Cora Etna)	(Jewel) 10/23/03 F (Boyd) 391 
LEFORS Bedford Perry	PETTY Cora Etna	Lewis Bender 4/9/05 M Boyd 1731 & 1731a
LEFORS Bedford Perry (TX)	PETTY Cora E (TX)	Arwell Keith 02/18/02 M Boyd [del. 29007] 
LEFORS Floyd LeRoy (TX)	RICHARDSON Cleo Patsy Mae (TX)	Bernie Floyd 9/26/26 M Boyd 8679 
LEFORS Hamilton Ray (TX)	VANDIVER Lou Lizzie (AR)	Floyd Leroy 09/15/98 M Boyd [del. 8900] 
LEFORS Hamilton Ray (TX)	VANDIVER Lou LIzzie (AR)	Ruth Ester 12/19/99 F Boyd [del. 24790] 
LEFORS Samuel Bender (AR)	MACKEY Mary Frances (TX)	Henry Collins 05/16/88 M Opal [del. 16934] 
LEFORS Samuel Bender (MO)	MACKEY Mary Frances (TX)	Annie Ledoritha 06/10/92 F Boyd [del. 7575] 
LEFORS Thomas H (AR)	JENNINGS Margaret (TX)	Volina 04/09/90 F Boyd [del. 24882] 
LEFORS Thomas Henry (AR)	JENNINGS Margaret (TX)	Louana 12/25/94 F Boyd [del. 24747] 
LEFORS Thomas Henry (MO)	JENNINGS Margrette Mary Ann (TX)	Bessie Leona 10/05/00 F Boyd [del. 8300] 
LEGGETT Beady	HAUSER Lila H.	Thomas Beady 7/13/33 M Springtown [No Image 10824] 
LEHMBERG Adolph	ALEXANDER Eugenia	(Ruben H.) 12/13/12 M blank 5609 
LEHMBERG Adolph	ALEXANDER Eugenia	blank 4/4/14 F blank 5871 
LEHMBERG Adolph	ALEXANDER Robie	Margetta Ruth 6/24/30 F blank [No Image 9738] 
LEHMBERG Adolph (TX)	ALEXANDER Eugenia (TX)	blank 10/1/21 M Bridgeport 7482 
LEHMBERG Fred	TAYLOR Pearl	blank 12/27/14 M blank 6005 
LEHMBERG Gustav Adolph	ALEXANDER Robbie Eugenia	Gustav Albert 1/1/17 M Bridgeport 6534 & 6534a
LEITNER James Jefferson (SC)	KLECKLEY Belva (SC)	Joseph Farrell 07/29/85 M Alvord [del. 23158] 
LEMASTER Seman Dallas (MO)	WHITE Martha Lenora (MS)	Flora Isabell 12/05/85 F Alvord [del. 19350] 
LEMAY Phota	BLANK Mary	Granville 1/8/06 M blank 2392 
LEMAY Richard L (TN)	MOORE Mary (AL)	Rivvie L 12/20/95 F Alvord [del. 25653] 
LEMME blank	BLANK blank	(Fredrick C.) 11/1/03 M blank 412 
LEMME blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/31/07 M blank 3359 
LEMME Frederick Carl (TX)	JONES Dessie Irene (TX)	Earl David 4/23/29 M Bridgeport 9330 & 9330a
LEMME John Rudolph August (Germany)	HARMS Anna Sophia (OH)	Louise Elizabeth 07/21/95 F Paradise [del. 28827] 
LEMMONS L.F. (MS)	SMITH Ernie (MS)	blank 3/5/24 M Decatur 8027 
LEMS Isaac	BLANK Alice	blank 6/15/06 M blank 2717 
LEMUEL J.C.	JONES D.C.	blank 11/1/33 blank Paradise [No Image 10923] 
LENG L.H.	BLANK M.E.	blank 8/17/07 M blank 3491 
LEONARD Bill	CORNELIUS Argnitus	blank 4/17/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9660] 
LEONARD blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/28/08 F blank 4271 
LEONARD Dave	BLANK Allie	blank 10/2/07 M blank 3583 
LEONARD Dave	BLANK blank	blank 3/4/09 F blank 4538 
LEONARD Dave	WAKEMAN blank	blank 12/30/12 M blank 5622 
LEONARD Dave	WORKMAN Allie	blank 1/26/18 M blank 6805 
LEONARD George Jones (TN)	DOSS Mary Marsie (TX)	Nora Lottie 08/22/02 F Decatur [del. 31756] 
LEONARD Henry Gaines (MS)	EDGAR Nathalia (MO)	Grace 10/12/97 F Bridgeport [del. 4040] 
LEONARD Isaac	BLANK Pearl	Doyle 10/7/03 F blank 346 
LEONARD J.W.	FUNK Annie	Archie Clyde 7/16/04 M Decatur 1023 & 1023a
LEONARD James Abraham	MURPHY Lula Lee	Velma Pearl 12/23/03 M Paradise 529 & 0529a
LEONARD James Abraham (MO)	MURPHY Lula Lee (TX)	Arthur Willy 11/29/01 M Paradise [del. 23157] 
LEONARD Joe Hartford (MS)	SCOTT Amanda Jane (MS)	Mary Ada 04/14/87 F Audubon [del. 19010] 
LEONARD John Wesley (TN)	FUNK Annie Altie (MO)	Irene Ruth 10/29/97 F Alvord [del. 15468] 
LEONARD John Wesley (TN)	FUNK Annie Altie (TX)	Bessie Leonard 5/2/12 F Decatur 5513 & 5513a
LEONARD John Wesley (TN)	FUNK Annie Attie (TX)	Dorothy Catherine 5/24/06 F Decatur 2683 
LEONARD Joseph Hartford (MS)	SCOTT Amanda Jane (MS)	Octa Dequentes 07/27/93 F Alvord [del. 21851] 
LEONARD W John (TN)	FUNK Annie (MO)	Willie Jackson 04/25/95 M Decatur [del. 28544] 
LEONARD Will	BLANK blank	blank 4/12/04 F blank 808 
LEONARD Will	SPARKS A.B.	blank 7/13/15 M blank 6151 
LEONARD William (MO)	SPARKS Mary Ann (TN)	Emma Celeste 04/17/99 F Wise Co [del. 30685] 
LEONARD William Alford (MS)	BROCK Mallissie Jane (AR)	Ruthy Mae 08/04/97 F Alvord [del. 32036] 
LEONARD William Alfred (MS)	BROCK Mallissie Jane (AR)	Ruby Fay 08/04/97 F Decatur [del. 16201] 
LEONARD Willie J.	COMILINS Augusta	Bobbie James 12/16/32 M Decatur [No Image 10642] 
LEONARD Willie Jackson (TX)	CORNELIUS Augusta (TX)	Jessie John 2/5/29 M Decatur 9262 & 9262a
LEONHARDT W.C.	WILLIAMS D.M.	Bettie Jean 4/10/33 F Rhome [No Image 10724] 
LESLIE Alva J.	RHOADS Belva	Mary Elizabeth 11/17/17 F Alvord 6758 
LESLIE Andrew Yell (AR)	BRYAN Lizzie (TX)	Clela Mae 07/16/94 F Alvord [del. 23516] 
LESLIE L.B.	MCDONEL Lena B.	Bobby Jack 4/22/32 M Alvord [No Image 10428] 
LESLIE Pleas Ode (TX)	WARD Victoria (TX)	James Ward 3/7/19 M OK 7056 
LESLIE Pleas Ode (TX)	WARD Victoria (TX)	Victoria 7/20/24 F Decatur 8106 
LESLIE Samuel Gipson (AR)	HOLLABAUGH Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Alva J 06/18/92 M Alvord [del. 20143] 
LESLIE Samuel Gipson (AR)	HOLLABAUGH Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Roy Hollabaugh 10/27/94 M Alvord [del. 4823] 
LESTER B.M.	BLANK H.J.	blank 7/20/04 M blank 1034 
LESTER blank	BLANK blank	Donald Lee 10/27/30 M blank [No Image 9851] 
LESTER Blymer M (MS)	TERRY Hattie Jessie (TX)	Ethel Nora 04/12/01 F Decatur [del. 16043] 
LESTER Blymer Morton (MS)	TERRY Hattie Jessie (TX)	Charlie Alonzo 09/15/95 M Wise Co [del. 9990] 
LESTER Joe M (MS)	HART Ida (TX)	Leonard Leroy 08/24/93 M Decatur [del. 13930] 
LESTER Joseph Martin (MS)	HART Mary Ida (TX)	Lillie May 05/27/95 F Decatur [del. 11670] 
LEVERETT Burgess Elijah (GA)	CATO Bettie Elizabeth (TX)	Donie Belle 01/11/95 M Decatur [del. 17145] 
LEVY Otis	JACOBS blank	blank 9/15/15 F blank 6243 
LEWALLEN Andrew Jackson (AL)	RAMSEY Nancy (MS)	Edgar 04/09/79 M Aurora [del. 17006] 
LEWIS Albert	PREWITT Vannie	Lois 3/29/16 M blank 6395 & 6395a
LEWIS Alonzo Walter (TX)	COCHRAN Addie Elizabeth (TX)	Alonzo Walter, Jr. 7/1/06 M Paradise 2741 & 2741a
LEWIS Benjamin F (TN)	CLOUSE Eliza (TN)	Mary Etta 01/19/02 F Sumner Co TN [del. 18620] 
LEWIS Benjamin Franklin (TN)	BRUCE Florence Alma (TN)	Martha Ann 02/22/87 F Sumner Co TN [del. 16992] 
LEWIS Benjamin Franklin (TN)	CLOUSE Eliza Lu Vernia (TN)	Hugh Robert 04/28/99 M Sumner Co TN [del. 29783] 
LEWIS blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/11/08 F blank 4179 
LEWIS Charles Thornton (MO)	WALLACE Rebecca Bingham (MO)	Texanna Owen 07/11/87 F Decatur [del. 14348] 
LEWIS Charles Thornton (MO)	WALLACE Rebecca Bingham (MO)	Mary Rebecca 02/08/90 F Decatur [del. 19163] 
LEWIS Charles Warner (MO)	MITCHELL Johnet (MO)	Florence Cunningham 11/16/95 F Chico [del. 6691] 
LEWIS Christopher Douglas (TX)	POPE Nina Nicie (TX)	Mary Maude 11/16/00 F Newark [del. 16707] 
LEWIS Earl	MORRIS Avis	blank 2/8/28 F Slidell 8941 
LEWIS Frank	BLANK blank	blank 10/9/09 M blank 4806 
LEWIS George Washington	POTTER Cecile Pearl	Emmitt Allen 11/24/04 M rural, Wise Co. 1388 & 1388a
LEWIS Harry	BLANK Cora	blank 7/11/05 F blank 1948 
LEWIS J.L.	BLANK M.B.	blank 9/24/04 M blank 1225 
LEWIS James	BLANK G.	blank 1/5/04 M blank 566 
LEWIS James A.	PATTON Lottie	Thelma Ruth 2/28/33 F Decatur [No Image 10750] 
LEWIS John N (TX)	ANDERSON Julia (TX)	Jimmie Anderson 10/17/02 M Chico [del. 16044] 
LEWIS John Patterson (TN)	HAMILTON Eugenia Tennessee (TN)	Edith Gill 04/25/90 F Alvord [del. 5140] 
LEWIS John R (KY)	MONK Margaret (OH)	George Franklin 01/06/79 M Decatur [del. 7871] 
LEWIS Lindsey	BLANK blank	blank 2/9/07 F blank 3165 
LEWIS Logan Monroe (MO)	READ Florialla Louise (MO)	William Read 10/21/88 M Wise Co [del. 7014] 
LEWIS Logan Monroe (MO)	REID Forilla Louise (MO)	Ruth Edna 04/19/91 F Park Springs [del. 23432] 
LEWIS Logan Monroe (MO)	REID Forilla Louise (MO)	Lydia Virginia 08/15/93 F Park Springs [del. 23494] 
LEWIS Luther Edwin (MO)	PHILLIPS Mary Ellen (TX)	William Lester 07/31/01 M Paradise [del. 4941] 
LEWIS M.M.	BLANK H.M.	blank 10/4/05 M blank 2184 
LEWIS Olin	BLANK Mamie	Milton 10/10/22 M Crafton 7670 
LEWIS P.B.	BISHOP Mytis	Joame 6/19/31 F Decatur [No Image 10118] 
LEWIS Ray	JONES Connie	William Ray 6/9/33 M blank [No Image 10795] 
LEWIS Robert C.	BROWN A.M.	Bobbie G. 11/9/33 M blank [No Image 10932] 
LEWIS Robert H (AR)	CANSLER Fannie Maud (TX)	James Henry 07/20/88 M Crafton [del. 15133] 
LEWIS Sullivan	WOODARD Shannon	Mozell 10/28/17 F Decatur 6745 & 6745a
LEWIS Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 9/8/04 F blank 1181 
LEWIS Thomas Jefferson (MS)	McCALL Ida (TX)	Effie 06/29/97 F Alvord [del. 20445] 
LEWIS W.F.	BLANK Cardelia	blank 8/4/07 F blank 3468 
LEWIS William E.	HAMILTON Mattie	blank 11/6/15 M blank 6295 
LEWIS William F.	MOBLEY Cordelia	Arvil 12/19/09 M Bridgeport 4880 & 4880a & 4880b & 4880c & 4880d
LEYDA J.A.	BLANK S.F.	blank 10/10/08 F blank 4289 
LIGHT Joseph Monroe (GA)	GARRISON Elzada Elizabeth (MO)	Hattie 06/03/85 F Decatur [del. 23448] 
LIGHT Joseph Monroe (GA)	GARRISON Elzadie Elizabeth (MO)	Joseph Oscar 09/30/80 M Decatur [del. 13728] 
LIGHTFOOT John Samuel (GA)	FAULKNER Alice (TX)	Alma May 04/19/92 F Bridgeport [del. 3248] 
LILE Charles W.	BLANK blank	blank 4/8/06 F blank 2606 
LILES Charles	BENNETT Etta	Pauline 8/20/10 F Bridgeport 5076 & 5076a
LILES E.R. (TX)	JENNINGS Margaret (TX)	blank 8/4/24 M Chico 8138 
LILES Elbert	BLANK Epsie	blank 1/20/06 M blank 2426 & 2426a
LILES Elbert F (MS)	BENNETT Epsie L (TX)	Elbert Raymond 07/13/00 M Chico [del. 8812] 
LILES Elbert Francis	BENNETT Epsie Lillian	Elbert Francis, Jr. 3/7/17 M Chico 6570 & 6570a & 6570b
LILES James	BLANK blank	James 12/15/03 M blank 508 
LILES James	BLANK Carry	blank 6/9/05 M blank 1878 
LILES James Alfred (AL)	ROGERS Cordelia (MS)	Queenie 05/20/00 F Bridgeport [del. 16676] 
LILES James Alfred (KY)	POWELL Mary Catherine (AR)	Sudie May 02/01/01 F Alvord [del. 22458] 
LILES Raymond (TX)	JENNING Margaret (TX)	Harold Dewitt 9/12/20 F Bridgeport 7298 & 7298a
LILES S.S.	BLANK R.A.	P. 2/13/04 M blank 656 
LILLARD James Jasper (KY)	MUSICK Martha (MO)	Orestes Eugene 06/08/83 M Garvin [del. 12032] 
LILLARD S.A.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 6/1/08 F blank 4067 
LILLARD Stephen A (KY 02/09/59)	TERRELL Mary Elizabeth (TX 11/13/1865)	James Warren 04/03/86 M Decatur [del. 15991] 
LILLARD Stephen A (KY)	TERRELL Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Samuel Terrell 02/23/88 M Decatur [del. 4813] 
LILLARD Stephen A (KY)	TERRELL Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Zack Ford 01/03/94 M Decatur [del. 9534] 
LILLARD Steve, Jr.	JARRETT Bettie T.	Elizabeth Louise 3/23/14 F Decatur 5864 
LILLEY James Robert (TX)	TURNER Serelda Caroline (TN)	Herman Jefferson 02/06/83 F Decatur [del. 26744] 
LILLEY Joseph Key (TX)	MATTOX Willie May (AL)	Sarah Annie 06/06/82 F Crafton [del. 6385] 
LILLEY Will	BLANK blank	blank 4/8/06 M blank 2607 
LILLEY William Simpson	CLARK May Agatha	Patrick D. 12/14/04 M Greenwood 1436 & 1436a
LINDSAY Charles Linn (MO)	THOMASON Cassie Dane (AR)	Tom Berry 12/29/81 M Boonsville [del. 16902] 
LINDSAY William V. (OK)	JONES Carrie (TX)	Thelma Geneva 3/14/25 F Crafton 8280 & 8280a & 8280b
LINDSEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/20/05 F blank 2070 
LINDSEY Charles Alfred (IL)	DUNCAN Annie Catherine (MO)	Leona B 03/09/84 F Paradise [del. 19705] 
LINDSEY Dickson Madison (TN)	BEGLEY Elizabeth (AR)	Maude 06/26/82 F Pella [del. 13577] 
LINDSEY Hugh	ANDERSON Grace	Margueritte Marie 12/11/09 F blank 4872 & 4872a
LINDSEY Hugh Dillard (MS)	McAFEE Mary Eva (IL)	William Whitfield 02/20/80 M Paradise [del. 9425] 
LINDSEY Hugh Dillard (MS)	McAFEE Mary Eva (MO)	Pearl Idona 05/05/81 F Paradise [del. 17625] 
LINDSEY Hugh Dillard (MS)	McMICKLE Anna (MS)	Velma 10/21/95 F Paradise [del. 23039] 
LINDSEY Hugh Dillard (MS)	McMICKLE Anna (MS)	James Virgil 09/26/01 M Paradise [del. 18253] 
LINDSEY Hugh Hillard (M5)	McMICKLE Anna (MS)	Ras 01/05/91 M Paradise [del. 9827] 
LINDSEY R.B. (TX)	COMBS Myrtle (TX)	Claire Nell 6/25/29 F Paradise 9381 
LINDSEY W F (OH)	SELLARS Martha Jane (MO)	Elmer D 09/20/87 M Paradise 15 & [del. 2354] 
LINDSEY William F (OH)	SELLERS Martha J (MO)	Lola Viola 11/11/96 F Paradise [del. 23810] 
LINDSEY William Franklin	SELLARS Martha Jane	Beaulah Mae 1/21/05 F Paradise 1528 & 1528a
LINDSEY William Franklin (OH)	SELLERS Martha Jane (MO)	Annie Maudes 09/22/84 F Paradise [del. 19704] 
LINEHAN J.B.	CRAW C.E.	blank 5/20/30 F blank [No Image 9695] 
LINEHAN J.B.	CROW C.W.	Vera John 10/11/31 F Boonsville [No Image 10254] 
LINEHAN M.A.	SHEPPARD Leska I.	Velma Lois 7/20/30 F blank [No Image 9763] 
LINEHAN M.A. (TX)	SHEPPARD Leska Ida (TX)	Wanda Anita 9/1/28 F Balsora 9106 & 9106a
LINGLE J.L.	MARTIN Minnie May	Martin Dale 4/11/33 M Poolville [No Image 10727] 
LINGLE Meredith (IL)	WILLIAMS Elizabeth Ann (AL)	Irma Phoeba 08/21/97 F Poolville [del. 28660] 
LIPFORD J. Alvin	BROWN Maude Olive	Jessie Lorena 10/16/27 F Decatur 8858 & 8858a
LIPPS H.M.	THOMPSON Ruth E.	Lee Maddison 11/26/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10293] 
LIPPS O.	BLANK blank	blank 9/2/03 M blank 251 
LIPPS Oley (TX)	NOLEN Sarah Olive (TX)	Oren Odell 07/17/01 M Bridgeport [del. 5080] 
LIPPS Riley	BLANK blank	blank 8/21/03 F blank 213 
LIPPS Riley	BLANK Lea	blank 4/5/05 M blank 1715 
LISBER Olin L. (TX)	COOK Clara (TX)	blank 6/12/29 F Decatur 9372 
LISBY C.W. (AL)	PEARSOM H.I. (TX)	Thelma 11/8/19 F Newark 7159 
LISBY I.S.	BARNES Jennie	Alford Jones 3/13/16 M blank 6384 
LISBY I.S.	BLANK blank	(Otho Neal) 9/29/06 M blank 2934 
LISBY I.S. (Isadora Stevens)	BLANK Jennie (Pryor Jane)	(Otho Neal) 9/16/06 M blank 2912 
LISBY Isador	BLANK Jennie	(Olen Lee) 9/28/04 M blank 1233 
LISBY J.S.	BLANK Maud	blank 6/16/09 F blank 4663 
LISBY John R.	MCKIMION Ruth (TX)	Earline 8/12/26 F Newark 8634 & 8634a
LISBY John Russell (AL)	BERRY Fannie Elizabeth (AL)	Russell Andrew 03/18/96 M Lawrence Co AL [del. 9176] 
LISBY O.N.	MCDANIEL Thelma	Edith Rumell 2/14/31 F Decatur [No Image 9960] 
LISBY Otho Neal (TX)	MCDANIEL Thelma (TX)	Joan 8/26/29 F Fort Worth 9429 & 9429a
LISBY Paul D.	LILES M.A.	R.D. 2/15/18 M Newark 6828 
LISBY R.A.	TEETLE Esther	Hershell Marion 3/16/30 M blank [No Image 9627] 
LISBY William Claud	PERSON Hattie I.	Edward H. 7/31/31 M Prect. #5 [No Image 10165] 
LISENBY Jasper (MO)	BRANNAM Nancy Ellen (OK)	Leslie Floyd 11/14/87 M Chico [del. 9894] 
LISENBY Samuel Jasper (MO)	BRANNAM Nancy Ellen (Indian Territory)	Ira Lee 06/26/91 M Chico [del. 19297] 
LISENBY William Emerson (TX)	RICHARDS Henrietta Jane (TX)	Bernard Arthur 04/01/87 M Chico [del. 21438] 
LISENBY William Emerson (TX)	RICHARDS Henrietta Jane (TX)	Della Myrtle 01/01/94 F Chico [del. 20716] 
LISENBY William Emmerson (TX)	RICHARDS Henrietta Jane (TX)	William Oscar 09/26/88 M Chico [del. 21870] 
LITTLE N A (AR)	GORDAN Lue (AR)	Alexander 09/20/96 M Seveir Co AR [del. 10109] 
LITTLE Robert (GA)	KELLER Mary (England)	blank 9/28/24 F Decatur 8173 
LITTLEFIELD blank	ALEXANDER Ruth	blank 3/2/33 blank Park Springs [No Image 10700] 
LITTLEFIELD Cleve	BLANK Bessie	blank 9/7/08 F blank 4237 
LITTLEFIELD Cube	BLANK Bessie	blank 10/21/05 M blank 2232 
LITTLEFIELD James F (SC)	HOLT Julia (TN)	Otho Blanton 05/23/91 M Alvord [del. 11986] 
LITTLEFIELD James Franklin (SC)	HOLT Julia Ann (TN)	Oma May 10/09/88 F Boyd [del. 13117] 
LITTLEFIELD Virgil	BELL Roxie Ann	Arthur Escar 4/3/06 M Park Springs 2586 & 2586a
LITTLEFIELD Virgil	BLANK blank	blank 4/3/04 F blank 785 
LITTLEFIELD Virgil (TX)	MORGAN Roxie Ann (MS)	James Espy 2/23/08 M Sunset 3859 & 3859a
LITTLEFIELD William Smith (TN)	GRAY Mollie Emma (SC)	Imogene 08/06/94 F Park Springs [del. 20080] 
LITTRELL Louis	BLANK N.	blank 1/30/09 M blank 4464 
LITTRELL Louis E.	STROUD Nolie	Robert Lee 2/28/18 M Decatur 6835 & 6835a
LIVELY Floyd Benjamin (TX)	PRUITT Nethie Delcina (TX)	Joseph Layfaette 09/24/01 M Audubon [del. 9826] 
LIVENGOOD A.J.	KELLY V.A.	blank 7/15/32 M Paradise [No Image 10495] 
LIVENGOOD James Madison (MS)	IRWIN Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Albert J 03/27/92 M Paradise [del. 5618] 
LIVENGOOD James Madison (MS)	IRWIN Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Lula May 09/10/96 F Cottondale [del. 30304] 
LIVENGOOD John Thomas, Sr.	COFFMAN Leola Jean	Juanita Thelma 11/17/17 F Paradise 6759 & 6759a
LIVINGSTON Robert Duncan (AL)	LUCAS Letilda Alma (AL)	Pearl 02/18/92 F Boyd [del. 7963] 
LIVSEY Watterson Ends (TX)	ALEXANDER Rubye Ann (TX)	Ella Maude 8/30/19 F Decatur 7129 & 7129a
LLOYD James Bailey (TX)	HATCHER Sarah Rebecca (TX)	Ada Prudence 08/07/87 F Decatur [del. 24110] 
LLOYD John C (TX)	COTNER Florence Louise (TX)	William Mark 07/15/83 M Greenwood [del. 19508] 
LLOYD John Chester (MO)	COTTNER Florence Louise (MO)	Jiles Thomas 07/15/91 M Greenwood [del. 10699] 
LLOYD Will	BLANK Effie	blank 9/17/09 M blank 4773 
LOAFMAN E.F. (Elmer T.)	BLANK blank	blank 10/26/08 M blank 4317 
LOCK Charlie	BLANK blank	blank 1/11/16 blank blank 6334 
LOCK Dave	BLANK Emma	blank 11/24/05 M blank 2302 
LOCK Gus	BLANK blank	triplet 2/27/10 M blank 4943 
LOCK Gus	BLANK blank	triplet 2/27/10 M blank 4944 
LOCK Gus	BLANK blank	triplet 2/27/10 M blank 4945 
LOCK Luther	BRISCO Mattie	blank 10/22/16 M blank 6499 
LOCK R.L.	BLANK L.	A.L. 8/29/06 M blank 2873 
LOCK Walter	BLANK blank	blank 9/8/10 M blank 5088 
LOCKARD Thomas H. (MO)	BRAY Birdie Tong (TX)	Mary Catherine 4/22/23 F Alvord 7779 & 7779a
LOCKE Bengie F (AR)	PERYMAN Elizabeth Ann (AR)	George F 11/29/89 M Chico [del. 17819] 
LOCKE Dave	BLANK blank	blank 8/24/09 M blank 4748 
LOCKE David Jerome (AL)	BLACKBURN Emma (MO)	Ella Mae 01/24/94 F Bridgeport [del. 28687] 
LOCKE James	BLANK blank	blank 6/15/05 F blank 1893 
LOCKE James Roberts (TN)	CLEM Sarah C (AL)	Walter 03/08/93 M Bridgeport [del. 6492] 
LOCKE Luther	BLANK P.	blank 9/30/09 F blank 4793 
LOCKE Morris Buford (?)	POST Jessie Augusta (?)	Pauline A 09/27/91 F Decatur [del. 23756] 
LOCKE Tas Upsher (AL)	HARRISON Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Annie Laura 7/20/13 F Decatur 5739 & 5739a
LOCKHART D.W.	HARKINS Laura J.	Ward, Jr. 5/13/31 M Boyd [No Image 10067] 
LOCKHART D.W. (MS)	HARKINS Laura Jane (TX)	Ruby Jo 3/13/29 F Newark 9292 
LOCKHART Daniel W. (MS)	HARKINS Laura Jane (TX)	Floyd Barney 10/13/21 M Boyd 7493 
LOCKHART Daniel W. (MS)	HARKINS Laura Jane (TX)	Francis 5/11/25 F Boyd 8453 
LOCKHART Daniell Carter (MS)	RASBURRY Mary Francis (AL)	Daniell Ward 12/22/87 M Monroe Co MS [del. 14574] 
LOCKHART Daniell Ward	HARKINS Laura Jane	Naomi Ruth 3/7/27 F Boyd 8760 & 8760a
LOCKHART Ward (AL)	HARKINS Laura (TX)	James Garland 12/19/23 M Boyd 7958 & 7958a
LOCKHART William	THACKER Belle	Albert Lee 6/4/32 M Decatur [No Image 10454] 
LOE Fulton Beecher (AL)	CLARK Tinnie C (AL)	Eunice Addie 06/23/88 F Alvord [del. 19427] 
LOE Stephen Austin (LA)	SCRUGGS Leona Rebecca (TX)	James Fulton 01/29/84 M Decatur [del. 10384] 
LOFTIS blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/14/03 F blank 443 
LOFTIS Will	BLANK blank	blank 6/11/09 F blank 4659 
LOFTIS William Franklin (TX)	EWING Emma Mae (KS)	John Roscoe 09/30/01 M Paradise [del. 6212] 
LOFTIS Zacariah Taylor (GA)	EASLEY Nancy Elizabeth (MS)	William Franklin 07/30/78 M Garvin [del. 12186] 
LOFTON F.W. (MS)	SMITH Susan (AL)	Charles F. 8/30/29 M Alvord 9437 
LOGAN B.W.	BLANK Pearl	Harris Hamilton 7/12/05 M blank 1953 
LOGAN B.W.	BLANK Pearl	blank 11/14/07 M blank 3667 
LOGAN Brawner Washington	BARKER Pearl	William Boyd 4/18/04 M Rhome 821 & 0821a
LOGAN Brawner Washington (TX)	BARKER Pearl (TX)	Verda Irene 09/14/02 F Rhome [del. 14650] 
LOGAN John	BLANK blank	blank 7/31/09 M blank 4714 
LOGAN John Theordore	MCALLISTER Lizzie	Virgie 9/15/03 F Rhome 288 & 0288a
LOGAN John Thomas (MO)	McALISTER Lizzie (AR)	William Robert 02/14/96 M Rhome [del. 19967] 
LOGAN U G (AL)	VAUGHN Ardellia Mindora (AL)	Bessie 07/23/92 F Decatur [del. 21883] 
LOGAN W.B.	BLANK Mary	blank 12/4/05 F blank 2329 
LOGAN William Boyd (TX)	RICHARDSON Lucille (TX)	June Larue 10/31/28 F Rhome 9165 
LONG Billie (AL)	WOMACK Etter Lue (TN)	Edna 04/14/98 F Lawrence Co AL [del. 24094] 
LONG blank	BLANK Mamie	blank 3/14/08 M blank 3911 
LONG Charles (TX)	BLANK Mary A. (TX)	Connie Lee 4/9/24 F Decatur 8044 
LONG Clifton	ALEXANDER Clara	Janelle Joy 12/5/30 F Chico [No Image 9888] 
LONG E.E.	HOLT Ina	Doyle Wayne 8/17/33 M Chico [No Image 10865] 
LONG Ernest Edgar (AL)	HOLT Ina Mae (TX)	Travis Lawrence 2/17/24 M Chico 8007 & 8007a
LONG G.R.	BLANK blank	Richard 9/5/04 F blank 1171 
LONG H.A.	WHITE Myrtle	Harold Dean 7/4/32 M Chico [No Image 10483] 
LONG Howard E.	ARRINGTON Mildred	Helen Frances 8/29/31 F Boyd [No Image 10197] 
LONG Howard E.	ARRINGTON Ruth	Delores Nell 8/10/33 F Boyd [No Image 10858] 
LONG Hubert Redding	GHEEN Ruthey	William Henry 4/24/05 M Decatur 1769 & 1769a
LONG Ira (MO)	JARMAN Mattie Martha (AL)	James Hubert 01/22/84 M Decatur [del. 7385] 
LONG Ira (MO)	JARMAN Mattie Martha (AL)	Ira Olive 02/15/91 F Decatur [del. 14173] 
LONG J.O.	ROBINSON O.E.	Bobbie Jean 12/5/30 F blank [No Image 9889] 
LONG M B (KY)	CROFFORD Emma Jane (TX)	Fannie Kate 01/27/84 F Rhome [del. 19122] 
LONG M.E.	SIMPSON Clemmie	Kenneth Ray 7/6/30 M blank [No Image 9751] 
LONG M.E. (AL)	SIMPSON Clemmie (TX)	Ottis Lincoln 9/2/25 M Chico 8402 & 8402a
LONG Micajah Beauchamp (KY)	CROFFORD Emma Jane (TX)	Micajah Beauchamp 07/18/86 M Rhome [del. 5832] 
LONG O.J.	BROOKS Audray	blank 4/3/31 F Chico [No Image 10026] 
LONG O.J. (TX)	BROOKS Aubry Bell (TX)	blank 1/27/29 F Cundiff 9252 
LONG S.H.	BLANK M.	blank 6/9/05 M blank 1875 
LONG Solomon Houston (AL)	WOMACK Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Clifton Willard 12/24/02 M Chico [del. 10613] 
LONG Will	BLANK blank	J.B. (James Oran 'Bill') 10/8/03 M blank 348 
LONG William A (TX)	SHAWN Mary D (TX)	Myrtle J 01/15/02 F Willow Point [del. 29420] 
LONG William Archibald, Jr.	SHAWN Mary Doshia Eveline	Floy Movlene 7/3/11 F Willow Point 5292 & 5292a
LONG William Washington (AL)	WOMACK Etta E.	Hayes Alton 3/23/06 M Chico 2565 & 2565a
LONGSHAW John	BLANK blank	blank 9/18/08 M blank 4252 
LONGSHORE John Pinkney (TX)	BAIN Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Bertie Ophelia 10/07/92 F Garvin [del. 22314] 
LONGSHORE John Pinkney (TX)	BAIN Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Miles Jefferson 01/08/97 M Boyd [del. 9731] 
LOOKINGBILL John Lee	KELLEY Grace	William Alton 8/23/04 M Boyd 1033 & 1033a
LOOKINGBILL John Lee (TX)	KELLEY Grace A (TN)	Loyd Hatcher 12/31/97 M Paradise [del. 8810] 
LOOKINGBILL John Lee (TX)	KELLEY Grace A (TN)	Loys Baxter 12/31/97 M Paradise [del. 8809] 
LOOKINGBILL John Lee (TX)	KELLEY Grace A (TN)	Effie May 04/14/00 F Paradise [del. 8808] 
LOOKINGBILL John Lee (TX)	KELLEY Grace A (TN)	Cecil Edward 12/30/01 M Paradise [del. 8807] 
LOONEY Ed	BLANK Ila	blank 10/1/05 M blank 2177 
LOONEY Eugene	POWELL Gertie	Mavis Jewel 12/4/26 F Decatur 8723 & 8723a
LOONEY Francis Lewis (MO)	BAKER Eula Lee (TX)	Jewell Faye 12/18/90 F Paradise [del. 21100] 
LOONEY Francis Louis (MO)	BAKER Eula Lee (TX)	Victor F 12/23/91 M Paradise [del. 5291] 
LOONEY George Arthur (AL)	FERGASON Lucy Ann (AL)	Hayden Caruth 09/13/99 M Boyd [del. 7634] 
LOONEY John Edward	SIPE Ila Letty	Lola Beatrice 1/10/04 F Chico 578 & 0578a
LOONEY P.E.	BLANK Alpha	blank 6/12/05 F blank 1883 
LOONEY Percey	REAID Alpha	Vernon Percey 2/11/11 M blank 5271 & 5271a
LOONEY W.C.	STOCKTON E.P.	Jo Ann 10/30/31 F blank [No Image 10275] 
LOONEY Walter C. (TX)	STOCKTON Eber Pauline (TX)	Walter Charles 4/21/29 M Rhome 9329 
LOONEY Walter C. (TX)	STOCKTON Ebler (TX)	Geraldine 7/1/25 F Rhome 8349 
LOPEZ blank (TX)	CORONADO Ansetiria (TX)	Bentia 4/4/29 F Bridgeport 9314 
LOPEZ G.	BLANK E.	blank 12/16/03 F blank 510 
LOPEZ G.	GAMEZ E.G.	Vencente 7/19/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10153] 
LOPEZ Grabrell	BLANK E.	blank 4/30/08 F blank 3997 
LOPEZ J.	OROSET C.	blank 4/22/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10052] 
LOPEZ Jose (TX)	ORESCO Conseption (TX)	blank 12/13/28 F Bridgeport 9200 
LOPEZ M.	BLANK L.	Lolarene 4/30/06 M blank 2644 
LOPEZ M.	BLANK M.	Loreta 2/27/07 M blank 3196 
LOPEZ Pedro (TX)	COMPA Paulela (TX)	Tomasito Neftat 10/12/23 M Bridgeport 7915 
LOPEZ R.	BLANK D.	Gonzalo N. 1/10/10 M blank 4899 
LOPEZ Santos (TX)	MARTINEZ Alerez (TX)	Pabalo 5/19/23 M Bridgeport 7806 
LOPEZ T.	BLANK blank	blank 12/25/03 M blank 533 
LOPEZ Tom	CORRONA A.	Estivan 7/27/10 M Bridgeport 5054 
LOPEZ Tom	CORRONA Audra	Safira 3/29/06 F Bridgeport 2574 
LOPEZ Tom (Mex)	CORRONA Audra (Mex)	Candelaria 1/26/13 F Bridgeport 5642 
LOPEZ Tom (Mex)	CORRONA Audra (Mex)	Arturo 6/19/14 M Bridgeport 5916 
LOPEZ Tom (Mex)	CORRONA Aufra (Mex)	Elias 7/29/08 M Bridgeport 4156 & 4156a
LOPEZ Tom (Mexico)	CARRONA Audra (Mexico)	Paula 01/15/97 F Bridgeport 49 & [del. 182] 
LOPEZ Tom (Mexico)	CARRONA Audra (Mexico)	Pedro 06/29/99 M Bridgeport 57 & [del. 181] 
LOPP John Lemuel (NC)	TRIEVES Harriet (TX)	Trieves Wendell 10/07/01 M Dan [del. 6606] 
LORENTZ Frank Thomas (MD)	ALLEN Lena Rivers (TN)	Rosie Winona 05/12/98 F Slidell [del. 25024] 
LORENTZ J.F.	PARKER Mattie	Alta Veon 1/29/15 F blank 6023 
LORENTZ Ollie Olen (TX)	TRAMMELL Hattie (TX)	blank 8/11/26 M Alvord 8633 
LORK Tas	BLANK blank	blank 9/26/03 M blank 315 
LOTIS Henry	BLANK blank	blank 9/13/05 M blank 2138 
LOUCKS John	MOORE Mary	blank 12/11/13 M blank 5801 
LOUDERMILK Joe Henry (MO)	COBB Margaret (TX)	Claud Theodore 04/09/98 M Greenwood [del. 8805] 
LOUDERMILK Joseph Henry (MO)	COBB Margaret Parlee (AR)	William Hugh 11/02/91 M Greenwood [del. 16432] 
LOUDERNILK Henry (MO)	COBB Margaret Parlee (AR)	Lula May 10/17/95 F Greenwood [del. 19052] 
LOVE James Wesley (TN)	RUMINER Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Ellis Terrell 02/24/90 M Izard Co AR [del. 10731] 
LOVE Obediah Thomas (AL)	FLEMING Pauline (TX)	Paul Fleming 09/26/02 M Decatur [del. 11139] 
LOVEJOY B.K.	LONG Lizzie	Modena 2/2/16 F blank 6354 & 6354a
LOVEJOY Booker	BLANK blank	blank 2/23/10 M blank 4939 
LOVEJOY Booker	BLANK blank	blank 8/7/12 M blank 5559 
LOVEJOY Frank	BLANK blank	blank 11/25/07 M blank 3688 
LOVEJOY Frank	BLANK M.	blank 10/21/03 M blank 385 
LOVEJOY James Francis	EADES Myrtle Lee	John Lemuel 7/15/05 M Bridgeport 1960 & 1960a & 1960b 1960c
LOVEJOY James Francis (TX)	EADS Myrtle (TX)	Clarence Ray 5/25/07 M Bridgeport 3351 & 3351a
LOVEJOY James Francis (TX)	SIKES Minnie (MS)	Lois Lucille 08/18/92 M Decatur [del. 21384] 
LOVEJOY S.	BLANK blank	Roland 5/11/25 M Decatur 8309 
LOVEJOY William (TX)	STUBBLEFIELD Mary M (MO)	Gertrude 01/28/82 F Decatur [del. 14556] 
LOVEJOY William Andrew (TX)	HUME Nannie Jane (MO)	Robert Glenn 07/26/95 M Decatur [del. 30686] 
LOVEJOY William C (TX)	STUBBLEFIELD Mary M (MO)	Bessie Lee 09/12/78 F Chico [del. 16202] 
LOVELACE Benjamin Monroe	SIMMONS Margerita Barry	Mary Nicholas 1/1/04 F Decatur 551 & 0551a
LOVELACE Elam E (TN)	WILHITE Lena Mae (TX)	Mattie Lois 02/17/01 F Greenwood [del. 8153] 
LOVELACE Elam Erasmus (TN)	WILHITE Lena Mae (TX)	Minnie Ola 05/29/93 F Greenwood [del. 13118] 
LOVELACE Elam Erasmus (TN)	WILHITE Lena Mae (TX)	Tibitha Ann 01/27/95 F Greenwood [del. 12632] 
LOVELACE Elium E (TN)	WILHITE Lena May (TX)	Homer Lester 09/08/91 M Greenwood [del. 24179] 
LOVELACE J.E. (TX)	PLUMLEE Estelle (TX)	Dorothy 4/24/26 F Poolville 8576 
LOVELADY Coleman John (MS)	STINETTE Susan Rebecca (TX)	Maggie Bell 10/19/96 F Paradise [del. 16069] 
LOVELL Fuqua	BLANK Minnie	blank 11/13/04 F blank 1356 
LOVELL Fuqua (TN)	RAMSEY Minnie (TX)	Warner Earl 7/28/19 M Boyd 7114 
LOVELL Fuqua (TN)	RAMSEY Minnie Etta (TX)	William Green 05/26/96 M Boyd [del. 8813] 
LOVEN Newton Harrison (TN)	STEWART Rachel Caroline (TN)	Fannie Vivian 12/23/85 F Alvord [del. 14558] 
LOW James	BLANK blank	blank 5/15/15 F blank 6097 
LOW June	BLANK Flora	blank 4/9/11 M blank 5220 
LOWDER John Ellis (TX)	WOOD Mary Rachael (TX)	Sarah Elizabeth 01/25/80 F Wise Co [del. 14900] 
LOWE George D (TN)	HARRISON Mary E (TX)	John Newton 07/17/99 M Cottondale [del. 22021] 
LOWE George D (TN)	HARRISON Mollie E (TX)	George Robert 01/26/91 M Springtown [del. 8440] 
LOWE George D (TN)	HARRISON Mollie E (TX)	Joe Franklin 09/27/92 M Cottondale [del. 13452] 
LOWE Hezekiah Franklin (TN)	BLANK Roena E (TN)	J D 08/08/01 M Alvord [del. 7913] 
LOWE Hezekiah Franklin (TN)	BLANK Rolnie Elizabeth (TN)	Clyde N 08/01/95 M Alvord [del. 12144] 
LOWE James C (MO)	TERRY Mary E (TX)	Oscar 11/01/84 M Decatur [del. 14994] 
LOWE James H. (TX)	BIRDWELL Frances L. (TX)	Mary Net 9/14/18 F Springtown 6979 
LOWE Joe F.	GLASS Minnie	blank 1/5/27 M Decatur 8732 
LOWE Robert Lee (TX)	WRIGHT Agnes Murella (MS)	Stella May 02/02/94 F Decatur [del. 28650] 
LOWE Robert Lee (TX)	WRIGHT Agnes M (MS)	Maggie Hope 03/20/99 F Decatur [del. 28868] 
LOWERY A.H.	BLANK Olie	blank 10/25/04 M blank 1299 
LOWERY A.H.	BLANK Olie	blank 4/9/06 M blank 2608 
LOWERY blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/11/05 M blank 2211 
LOWERY C.B.	FLOWERS Bessie	Carl Gordon 8/27/31 M Chico [No Image 10195] 
LOWERY C.B.	FLOWERS Bessie May	blank 11/2/27 F Chico 8863 
LOWERY Charles	BLANK La Gena	blank 4/21/05 F blank 1762 
LOWERY Charlie	BLANK blank	blank 7/9/03 F blank 103 
LOWERY Hampton Gurley	MAGERS Nettie Alice	Velma Dell 10/22/17 F Alvord 6742 & 6742a
LOWERY Hiram Charles (IN)	RAY Mary Carolyn (TX)	Robert Garrison 09/15/85 M Sunset [del. 8696] 
LOWERY John Alva (AL)	BRYAN Sarah Frances (GA)	Samuel Clyde 10/15/95 M Chico [del. 9306] 
LOWERY Thomas Jefferson (AL)	TURNER Alice Demarius (AL)	Raymond Clarence 11/16/01 M Paradise [del. 21850] 
LOWERY William (TX)	BLANKSHIP Elizabeth (TX)	Marion 1/4/29 M Bridgeport 9221 
LOWRANCE John William (TN)	CANTRELL Lucy Ellen (TX)	Lillie Maybell 11/09/97 F Pella [del. 17618] 
LOWREY Cicero Walker (AL)	JOHNSON Tallulah Catherine (AL)	Gaither Newton 06/21/93 M Burer Co AL [del. 8488] 
LOWREY Hampton Gurley (AL)	MAGERS Nettie Alice (TX)	Lura Valice 9/23/06 F Alvord 2928 & 2928a
LOWREY Hiram Charles (IN)	RAY Mary Carolyn (TX)	Benjamin Franklin 08/27/83 M Sunset [del. 17144] 
LOWREY John Alva (AL)	BRYAN Sarah Frances (AL)	Attie Bathena 11/16/93 F Alvord [del. 29777] 
LOWREY John Alva (AL)	BRYAN Sarah Frances (GA)	Effie Jane 12/12/91 F Dekalb Co AL [del. 18800] 
LOWRIE D.L. (TX)	SANDERS Esta (TX)	blank 7/29/24 F Chico 8122 
LOWRIE Elgin	BLANK Martha	blank 10/13/07 M blank 3610 
LOWRIE Lawrence	BLANK Mandy	blank 8/12/03 F blank 182 
LOWRIE M.W.	BLANK Missouri	blank 1/15/05 F blank 1511 
LOWRIE William Maredith (TX)	HILL Missouri (TX)	David Luther 07/10/81 M Audubon [del. 15038] 
LOWRIE William Meredith (TX)	HILL Missouri (TX)	Virgil Austin 08/28/94 M Alvord [del. 14041] 
LOWRY A H (MS)	NOBLES Ollie (TN)	Otis Kilgore 10/31/94 M Bridgeport [del. 4110] 
LOWRY Alexander Hamilton (MS)	NOBLES Ollie (TN)	Denver Aston 11/03/00 M Bridgeport [del. 7016] 
LOWRY John W (MS)	REEVES Narcissus Elizabeth (MS)	Mamie 01/10/86 F Decatur [del. 17205] 
LOWRY John W (MS)	REEVES Narcissus Elizabeth (MS)	Robert Earl 11/11/87 M Decatur [del. 6605] 
LOWRY John William (MS)	REEVES Narcissus E (MS)	Mahala Earnest 08/06/78 F Decatur [del. 11669] 
LOWRY John William (MS)	REEVES Narcissus E (TN)	James Isom 03/12/80 M Decatur [del. 11023] 
LOWRY John William (MS)	REEVES Narcissus E (TN)	Millie Lee 06/23/82 F Decatur [del. 18177] 
LOWRY John William (MS)	REEVES Narcissus Elizabeth (MS)	Thomas Martin 03/24/91 M Decatur [del. 31469] 
LOWRY Lucian Perry (IN)	RAMSDALE Ellen Melinda (TX)	Oscar 05/15/86 M Aurora [del. 22202] 
LOWRY Oscar G. (TX)	BEAUCHAMP Alleen (TX)	Margaret Ruth 1/28/19 F Newark 7043 & 7043a
LOYD Coke	BLANK Laura	blank 8/30/05 M blank 2104 
LOYD T.L.	BLANK Mattie	Garma 10/31/04 F blank 1314 
LUCAS Thomas Loyd (IN)	ELKINS Sara Ellen (IN)	Emma Jane 05/13/89 F Decatur [del. 25278] 
LUCAS Thomas Loyd (IN)	ELKINS Sara Ellen (IN)	Lottie 12/21/90 F Decatur [del. 24903] 
LUCKMAN W.L.	ANGLIN Mary	Charles Edward 6/26/28 M Paradise 9045 
LUCUS B.F.	BLANK Irene	blank 5/27/11 M blank 5264 
LUMMUS A.R.	SMITH R.L.	Anita Ray 12/21/30 F blank [No Image 9897] 
LUMMUS Alford Lynn (GA)	CROCKER Monte Bell (LA)	Gladys 06/29/98 F Alvord [del. 29782] 
LUMMUS Alfred Lynn (GA)	CROCKER Bell Montie (LA)	Nell 11/23/01 F Chico [del. 25373] 
LUMMUS James Waddel	SMITH Maud	Cora Thelma 5/19/10 F Decatur 5020 & 5020a
LUMMUS Jimmie Clyde	GREEN Daisy Margaret	Hazel Pauline 2/27/18 F Decatur 6836 & 6836a
LUMSDEN B.	BLANK Sarah	blank 2/26/06 M blank 2527 
LUMSDEN Boon	BLANK blank	blank 11/2/08 M blank 4326 
LUMSDEN J.B. (AL)	JETSON Sarah (AL)	blank 6/20/23 F Chico 7828 
LUMSDEN J.B. (AL)	JETTON Sarah Elizabeth (AL)	Ross Madison 8/18/18 M Chico 6957 & 6957a
LUMSDEN J.J.	BUCKNER Velma	Armetta Velma 8/23/31 F Chico [No Image 10190] 
LUMSDEN Jermiah Townsend (GA)	HALL Nancy Jane (GA)	Flora Viola 06/30/01 F Dekalb Co AL [del. 29469] 
LUMSDEN Madison Bell (AL)	LOVE Annie Jane (AL)	Josie Lou 01/18/97 F Chico [del. 9105] 
LUMSDEN O.E.	HARPER Pauline	Billie Wayne 6/3/30 M Alvord [No Image 9714] 
LUMSDEN O.E.	HARPER Pauline	Carl Thomas 10/6/33 M Alvord [No Image 10902] 
LUMSDEN Thomas Buford (AL)	DENNY Ada (TX)	Thomas Buford, Jr. 8/24/21 M Alvord 7450 & 7450a
LUNDAY W.J.	BLANK J.E.	blank 11/5/05 F blank 2265 
LUNSFORD J.N.	BLANK blank	blank 5/23/12 M blank 5527 
LUNSFORD J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 2/2/05 M blank 1562 
LUNY blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/25/04 M blank 761 
LUSK Burt (GA)	MADDEN Nancy Jane (GA)	Katie 07/09/00 F Boyd [del. 25257] 
LUSK Jabus Burt (GA)	MADDEN Nancy Jane (?)	Robert Newt 04/25/99 M Decatur [del. 31890] 
LUSK Jerry Daniel (AR)	MILLS Annie Laura (TX)	Alice Oneta 12/7/12 F Alvord 5601 & 5601a
LUSK Lanins	BLANK Carrie	blank 3/9/07 M blank 3214 [delay. 18968]
LUSK Lewis N.	MANNING Carrie	Thurman 8/28/04 M Bridgeport 1146 & 1146a
LUSK Lewis Newton (TX)	MANNING Caroline Rose Ann (TX)	Vernon 08/07/01 M Bridgeport [del. 13415] 
LUSK Will	BLANK blank	blank 12/19/09 F blank 4881 
LUSK Will	BLANK Winnie	blank 10/9/07 M blank 3597 
LUSK William	BLANK blank	blank 9/6/04 F blank 1177 
LUTHER Charles H.	RIGGS Mattie	Nannie 7/31/15 F blank 6178 
LUTHER Charles H. (AR)	ELROD Mattie May (AR)	blank 2/21/24 blank Alvord 8012 
LUTHER Charlie Hutchens (AR)	RIGGS Mattie May (AR)	Virgil Lee 05/26/02 M Alvord [del. 29630] 
LUTHER John Taylor (GA)	ABBOTT Julia Elizabeth (TX)	Preston Fay 07/22/92 F Decatur [del. 19173] 
LUTHER John Taylor (GA)	ABBOTT Julia Elizabeth (TX)	Mae 07/22/94 F Chico [del. 14943] 
LUTHER V.L.	GRAY Edna	Veneta Joyce 10/20/31 F Alvord [No Image 10264] 
LUTTRELL Dewitt Clinton (TX)	SHADLE Grace Gertrude (TX)	Myrtle Inez 3/11/15 M Boonsville 6052 & 6052a
LYBRAND J.T. (AL)	LUMSDEN Jessie B. (AL)	Burma Loyce 7/4/24 F Paradise 8089 & 8089a
LYDA Ben	MORROW Etta	Jefferson Chilton 1/14/28 M Wizard Wells 8916 & 8916a
LYDA J.H.	BLANK S.F.	blank 11/19/04 F blank 1377 
LYDA John Henry	WHISENHUNT Sarah Frances	Preston Lonnie 12/23/10 M Willow Point 5150 & 5150a
LYDA John Henry (AR)	WHISENHUNT Sarah (AR)	Dorothy Ilene 8/8/06 F Vineyard, Jack Co. 2817 & 2817a
LYLES James (TX)	HARWELL Adda (TX)	Artie 9/28/23 M Boyd 7906 
LYLES Jonah (SC)	HENDRIX Mary Martissha (MS)	Cora Belle 12/29/82 F Cottondale [del. 17692] 
LYLES T.V.	BRIDGES Datler	blank 9/4/15 F blank 6222 
LYNCH Bob	FREEMAN Nell	Joe 5/20/32 M Alvord [No Image 10442] 
LYNCH J.T.	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/05 F blank 1792 
LYNCH J.T.	BLANK blank	blank 1/20/08 M blank 3793 
LYNCH Jasper Newton (OH)	BARRICK Nancy Jane (IL)	Myrtle 03/31/86 F Paradise [del. 10730] 
LYNCH Jes P. (TX)	NESMITH Ida (TX)	Mable Jeanette 9/22/18 F Chico 6987 
LYNCH Jesse	BROWN Laura M.	Wanda L. 11/18/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9870] 
LYNCH Luther (TX)	JENKINS Effie (TX)	Bruce Adnell 1/7/24 M Slidell 7972 & 7972a
LYNCH Naphly Horatio (AL)	McCLENDON Margaret (AL)	Sureptia Eaton 02/13/85 F Lawrence Co AL [del. 19935] 
LYNCH Nepthalia Horatie (AL)	McCLENDON Margaret Elmania (AL)	Robert Sylvanis 11/22/94 M Decatur [del. 29467] 
LYNCH Oscar Alvis	THOMPSON Nattie Lee	Joseph Allen 9/7/03 M Alvord 263 
LYNCH Robert	FREEMAN Georgia Nell	Walker 1/17/23 M Alvord 7709 
LYNCH Robert (TX)	FREEMAN Nellie (TX)	blank 9/24/25 F Forrestburg 8427 
LYNCH Robert Sylvania	FREEMAN Georgia Nell	Robert Julius, Jr. 2/6/28 M Alvord 8936 & 8936a
LYNCH Sam	BLANK Nettie R.	Billie Joe 9/29/31 M Alvord [No Image 10238] 
LYNCH Thomas Jefferson (MO)	CHRISENBERRY Mary Dezziemoney (AR)	James Thomas 2/7/09 M Greenwood 4485 & 4485a
LYNCH Thomas Jefferson (MO)	NIGH Sallie Katherine (MO)	Clarence L 10/14/98 M Alvord [del. 23686] 
LYNCH Thomas Jefferson (MO)	QUISENBERRY Mary Dezie (AR)	America 05/03/91 F Sharp Co AR [del. 24458] 
LYNN Lon	BLANK Belle	blank 12/28/04 F blank 1466 
LYNN Medford D.	NORTH Nancy	Mary Pearl 7/25/15 F Decatur 6166 & 6166a
LYNN Sam Porter (AL)	LUCAS Bell (AL)	Delia Burance 03/06/99 F Boyd [del. 24941] 
LYNN Sam Porter (AL)	LUCAS Bell (AL)	Gilbert Edward 03/04/01 M Boyd [del. 24942] 
LYON Andrew Thomas (AR)	OWEN Mat tie M (TX)	Roy Allison 12/04/93 M Pella [del. 7017] 
LYON Andrew Thomas (AR)	OWEN Mattie Della (TX)	George Murphy 05/21/89 M Pella [del. 8695] 
LYON David Faint (MO)	HILL Carrie Lee (GA)	Charlie Neet 10/28/90 M Greenwood [del. 15413] 
LYON Thomas Andrew (AR)	OWEN Martha Delphenia (TX)	Nora Louise 07/12/97 F Pella [del. 24180]