Index of 19,202 Birth Records 
Recorded in Wise County, Texas
1860's - 1930's
Father's Last Names that Start With M-Q
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Data is in Alphabetical order by Father's Name. 
Sorry for the MANY errors in this data.
[We DO NOT have the birth certificates where the number is in [Brackets] 
Most of those were delayed certificates and they were not on the microfilms

LAST NAME Fatherís Name (Place of Birth) | MOTHERís MAIDEN NAME First (POB) | Childís Name DOB Sex POB  Birth Cert #
MABERRY William Marshall (NC)	BOCK Martha Frances (MO)	Vella Cathern 05/15/93 F Decatur [del. 24943] 
MABERRY William Marshall (NC)	BOCK Martha Frances (MO)	Alta 10/01/96 F Chico [del. 25442] 
MABRY Dave P (MS)	GANN Abbie (TX)	Nettle Florence 01/09/80 F Decatur [del. 23184] 
MABRY David Prude (AL)	GANN Sarah Abigail (TN)	Tennie Alice 03/29/79 F Decatur [del. 11200] 
MABRY James Albert (AR)	THOMPSON Martha Pearl (TN)	Leone 11/30/96 F Crafton [del. 28317] 
MACKEY Elias (AR)	WHITE Martha Ellen (TX)	George Robert 09/30/85 M Decatur [del. 14989] 
MACKEY Giles (TX)	NITHOLSON Sallie (AR)	Mary Idella 11/25/79 F Decatur [del. 17515] 
MACKEY James Robert Matthew (MO)	FULLER Mary Catherine (TX)	William Douglas 02/05/82 M Decatur [del. 14991] 
MACKEY James Robert Matthew (MO)	FULLER Mary Catherine (TX)	Franklin 06/16/84 M Decatur [del. 14990] 
MACOM Robert Paramore (MO)	NELSON Lucy Ellen (MO)	Marion Layfayette 04/06/92 M Alvord [del. 11922] 
MACOM Robert Paramore (MO)	NELSON Lucy Ellen (MO)	Florence Janet 05/26/94 F Alvord [del. 14381] 
MADDEN Jerimiah Gose (GA)	RANDALL Susie Jane (GA)	Frellie May 10/06/85 F Hart Co GA [del. 20108] 
MADDEN Jerry Gose (GA)	RANDALL Susie Jane (GA)	Byrtie Vada 11/06/88 F Banks Co GA [del. 10695] 
MADDEN Jerry Gose (GA)	RANDALL Susie Jane (GA)	Lois Coetis 02/11/94 F Banks Co GA [del. 10698] 
MADDEN Robert Lee (SC)	WELLS Mary Alma (MS)	Lama Qua 08/25/98 F Crafton [del. 17203] 
MADDOX A.L.	BLANK M.S.	blank 9/21/12 M blank 5578 & [delayed 4281]
MADDOX Perris	BLANK Mandy	blank 12/26/14 M blank 6004 & [delayed 16276]
MADDOX Tom	MOSIER Mae	blank 5/31/13 F blank 5713 
MADDUX Albert	BLANK Mollie	blank 6/6/06 F blank 2700 
MADDUX Henry M (MS)	CASEY Hallie D (TN)	Isaac Henry 03/04/97 M Wise Co [del. 21800] 
MADDUX Jesse Arris (TX)	FITZGERALD Ollie (TX)	Henry Bayless 12/30/98 M Paradise [del. 5610] 
MADDUX T.B.	BLANK F.M.	blank 4/1/12 M blank 5489 
MADDUX Tapley Baily Sr (MO)	McBRAYER Wasson Alzabee (AL)	Tapley Baily 05/23/88 M Paradise [del. 28920] 
MADDUX Tapley Baylos (TN)	McBRAYER Wasson (AL)	Albert Lee 06/27/79 M Willow Point [del. 6591] 
MADENA G.	BUTENEZ A.D.	blank 6/18/31 M blank [No Image 10114] 
MADER C.H.	WOOD Claud O.	LaVaudia Ann 8/14/32 F Chico [No Image 10528] 
MADER C.H.	WOOD Opal	blank 8/26/33 M Chico [No Image 10879] 
MAEYERS L.D.	BARKER Ella B.	Daniel Barker 1/14/32 M blank [No Image 10657] 
MAEYERS Ruphet	BARKER Ella B.	Daniel Barker 1/14/33 M Rhome [No Image 10657] 
MAGERS C.A.	PACE Fannie	blank 11/3/15 M blank 6292 
MAGERS Carrol	(PACE) Fannie	blank 6/18/09 M blank 4665 
MAGERS Carroll	PACE Fannie	blank 11/12/13 M blank 5791 
MAGERS H.T.	BLANK Lou	blank 12/2/08 M blank 4371 
MAGERS Henry Thomas (TN)	LANCASTER Lou (MO)	Stella Grace 04/05/91 F Alvord [del. 7568] 
MAGERS Henry Thomas (TN)	LANCASTER Lou (MO)	Frank Procter 05/03/93 M Alvord [del. 7570] 
MAGERS Henry Thomas (TN)	LANCASTER Lou (MO)	Roy Thomas 06/04/95 M Alvord [del. 24413] 
MAGERS Henry Thomas (TN)	LANCASTER Lou (MO)	Ivan Reid 10/27/97 M Alvord [del. 25573] 
MAGERS Henry Thomas (TN)	LANCASTER Lou (MO)	Gladys Christine 01/12/00 F Alvord [del. 7569] 
MAGERS Henry Thomas (TN)	LANCASTER Lou (MO)	Floy Elon 12/27/01 F Alvord [del. 7567] 
MAGERS L.H.	BLANK Lou	blank 12/19/05 M blank 2367 
MAGERS O. Ray (TX)	ORR Azzie Lee (TX)	Patsy Ann 6/27/29 F Paradise 9385 
MAGERS Roy T. (TX)	ADAIR Ida Mae F. (TX)	Doris F. 5/16/24 F Bowie 8071 
MAGERS Walter	BRADY Hazel Mae	Harry Thomas 10/9/31 M blank [No Image 10250] 
MAGERS Walter A. (TX)	BRADY Hazel Mae (TX)	Christine 10/27/20 F Alvord 7312 
MAGIL Manuel	BLANK blank	Tolencia 4/16/10 M blank 4982 
MAGINNIS Barney (Ireland)	BRILEY Minervia Adeline (TX)	Barney Joe 08/15/92 M Chico [del. 14732] 
MAGNUS Kin	BLANK blank	blank 3/27/14 F blank 5867 
MAHAFFEY Haram Thomas (MS)	DUNCAN Mary (TX)	John Thomas 07/09/74 M Bridgeport [del. 23340] 
MAHAFFEY John Thomas (TX)	THOMPSON Fannie Gertrude (TX)	Charles Clifford 11/11/96 M Bridgeport [del. 12093] 
MAHON Dennis John (Ireland)	ETHERIDGE Maude Aline (TX)	William Homan 12/23/95 M Alvord [del. 24791] 
MAIDENS Chas. Wm.	HOUSE Melba	Charles Lindon 8/25/32 M Decatur [No Image 10538] 
MAIDENS Clive Linden	HARDWICK Ida Nixie	Charles William 5/16/05 M Decatur 1821 
MAIDENS Clive Linden (Canada)	HARDWICK Ida Nixie (TX)	Ronald Keith 9/4/09 M Decatur 4760 & 4760a
MAIDENS William (Canada)	WEESE Nettie (Canada)	Clive L 08/07/85 M Prince Edward Co Canada [del. 25512]
MAINESS blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/15/06 M blank 3022 
MALCOLM G.B. (TX)	HARMON Edna (TX)	blank 8/9/22 M Decatur 7640 
MALCOLM Robert	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/04 F blank 1165 & [delayed 10536]
MALCOM George (TX)	HARMON Edna (TX)	blank 7/11/19 M Decatur 7106 
MALCOMB George 	HARMON Edna	blank 5/11/17 F blank 6621 
MALDENDO Santiago	SORIANO Maria	Albert 7/31/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10164] 
MALEY Ira	BLANK blank	blank 5/31/07 M blank 3361 
MALEY J.	BLANK blank	blank 3/5/04 M blank 707 
MALEY Jesse	PRIDDY Ruby	Jerry Lee 3/15/32 M Decatur [No Image 10394] 
MALEY Joe	OWENS Jennie Bell	Ona Corrine 3/4/06 F blank 2538 & 2538a
MALEY John	BLANK Annie, Mrs.	blank 8/4/05 F blank 2026 
MALEY Joseph John (AL)	OWEN Jennie Belle (AR)	Effie Belle 10/15/96 F Decatur [del. 28172] 
MALEY Joseph John (AL)	OWEN Jennie Belle (AR)	Lillye Maye 02/03/00 F Greenwood [del. 7813] 
MALEY Joseph Willard (WI)	McALISTER Rhoda (AR)	Jesse Lee 11/12/98 M Greenwood [del. 6483] 
MALEY W.M.	BLANK blank	blank 4/22/07 F blank 3305 
MALEY William Marion	KING Vina	Ila Mae 6/6/05 F Greenwood 1871 & 1871a
MALLARD W.L.	BLANK blank	blank 7/28/16 M blank 6445 
MALLARD Walter L. (TX)	NEEL Eva Dora (TX)	Claud William 5/28/07 M Greenwood 3356 & 3356a
MALONE Andy	RAINEY Alta	Wanda Ruth 3/22/31 F Decatur [No Image 10015] 
MALONE Andy	RAINEY Alta	blank 10/8/04 F blank 1260 
MALONE Andy	RANEY Alta	Jewel Lucille 3/17/06 F Slidell 2561 & 2561a
MALONE Andy (TX)	RANEY Alta (TN)	Anna Lee 9/11/08 F Slidell 4245 & 4245a
MALONE Andy (TX)	RANEY Alta (TX)	Ardena Lois 12/8/19 F Slidell 7171 & 7171a
MALONE Andy James	RAINEY Alta E.	Josephine Arlice 2/6/16 F blank 6359 & 6359a
MALONE Bill	MOORE Margaret	blank 3/7/32 M Decatur [No Image 10382] 
MALONE G.C.	DILINGHAM Eva Kate	blank 6/22/14 M blank 5919 
MALONE G.C.	DILINGHAM Kate	blank 3/8/17 F blank 6573 
MALONE Grover C. (TX)	DILLINGHAM Eva Kate (TX)	Mary Nell 12/7/23 F Alvord 7950 & 7950a
MALONE J.J.	ROBERTS Henrietta	Lottie May 1/12/23 F Decatur 7706 
MALONE James Wesley (TX)	BAUGH Ida Green (KY)	Jessie Dora 07/16/89 F Bridgeport [del. 15772] 
MALONE James Wesley (TX)	BAUGH Ida Green (KY)	Maude 01/12/91 F Bridgeport [del. 15774] 
MALONE James Wesley (TX)	BAUGH Ida Green (KY)	Eula Mary 10/07/92 F Bridgeport [del. 15773] 
MALONE James Wesley (TX)	BAUGH Ida Green (KY)	Ruby Katherine 04/13/00 F Bridgeport [del. 15775] 
MALONE L.	BLANK M.	blank 1/15/08 F blank 3784 
MALONE L..	BLANK Myrtle	blank 7/26/06 M blank 2791 & [delay. 18369]
MAN B.A.	BLANKENSHIP Vallie	blank 11/3/30 F Decatur [No Image 9855] 
MAN Robert T.	LAIRD Mary	blank 5/17/27 M Decatur 8799 & [delayed 13374]
MAN Walter Boisseau (TX)	SPAKE Rachel Elvira (IA)	Howard Elgin 11/04/91 M Decatur [del. 6091] 
MAN Walter Boisseau (TX)	SPAKE Rachel Elvira (IA)	Samuel Anthony 01/18/93 M Decatur [del. 7188] 
MAN Walter Boisseau (TX)	SPAKE Rachel Elvira (IA)	Benjamine Alphonso 11/01/00 M Decatur [del. 7187] 
MANAY J.E.	BLANK blank	blank 5/16/09 F blank 4629 
MANCIL Charles Stanley	BERRINGTON Tula	Bernice Elizabeth 1/15/18 F Alvord 6795 & 6795a
MANESS A.C.	BLANK Christine	blank 6/28/10 F blank 5033 
MANESS blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/4/08 F blank 4229 
MANESS J.M. (AR)	BAKER Frankie (AR)	blank 3/17/22 F Paradise 7560 
MANESS James Riley (TN)	RICHARDSON Nancy Catherine (AL)	Andrew Franklin 04/18/91 M Bridgeport [del. 17083] 
MANESS Joseph Meeks (AR)	BAKER Frankie Catherine (AR)	Leona Florence 2/27/24 F Paradise 8019 & 8019a
MANESS Steven Wesley (TN)	KIZER Margaret Tennessee (GA)	Lizzie 02/17/91 F Paradise [del. 13756] 
MANESS William J (AR)	PANELL Mattie (TN)	Daniel White 12/05/97 M Decatur [del. 17124] 
MANESS William James (TN)	PANNELL Mary E (TN)	Odie David 01/16/02 M Decatur [del. 24609] 
MANESS William Talley (TN)	PANNELL Mattie (AR)	Mary Elizabeth 01/01/87 F Paradise [del. 23225] 
MANIAN David	GOGORTH Maudie	Mary Elizabeth 4/15/31 F Wichita Falls [No Image 10037] 
MANIRE A.D. (TX)	STONE Ida (TX)	Robert Arther 5/4/26 M Decatur 8582 
MANIRE Arthur	BLANK Ella	blank 11/8/05 M blank 2257 & 2257a
MANIRE Benjamin Franklin (TN)	ELLISON Mary Magdelene (TN)	Charlie Theodora 01/27/97 M Greenwood [del. 25586] 
MANIRE Benjamin Franklin (TN)	ELLISON Mary Magdelene (TN)	Annie Gertrude 08/26/98 F Decatur [del. 17555] 
MANIRE Benjamin Franklin (TN)	ELLISON Mary Magdelene (TN)	William Francis 02/21/88 M Greenwood [del. 17554] 
MANIRE Benjamin Franklin (TN)	ELLISON Mary Magdelene (TN)	Joel Wayman 12/18/00 M Decatur [del. 17556] 
MANN (William) Bryan	(MITCHELL) (Irene)	Kenneth Ray 2/11/33 M Decatur [No Image 10682] 
MANN (William) Bryan	DAVENPORT Rena A. (Alyce)	Alyce Lenora 3/2/30 F Decatur [No Image 9615] 
MANN Andrew Jackson (TN)	WHORTON Della (TX)	Frank Alvin 11/24/85 M Decatur [del. 14448] 
MANN Andrew Jackson (TX)	WHORTON Della (GA)	Lela 01/30/89 F Decatur [del. 11276] 
MANN Andrew Jackson (TX)	WHORTON Fidella (GA)	Burch 10/26/95 F Decatur [del. 11849] 
MANN B.A.	BLANKENSHIP Vallie	blank 8/28/32 ? Decatur [No Image 10542] 
MANN blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/28/09 F blank 4645 
MANN Dan O.	BLANK Nell	blank 12/27/04 M blank 1464 
MANN Frank	CARLTON Mary M.	L.W. 7/20/32 M Rhome [No Image 10500] 
MANN Frank (TX)	CARLTON May (TX)	Bert Ellis 6/23/25 M Decatur 8344 & 8344a
MANN George	DAVIS A.	Dixie Qzella 3/25/17 F Balsora 6590 & 6590a
MANN George (TX)	DAVIS Audno (TX)	blank 4/25/19 M Balsora 7074 
MANN George Washington	PEARSON Mary Ellie	Judia Margaret 2/20/05 F Balsora 1611 & 1611a
MANN George Washington (TX)	DAVIS Harriet Audna (TX)	Quilla 2/15/15 F Balsora 6035 & 6035a
MANN George Washington (TX)	PEARSON Mary (MS)	William Butler 06/07/86 M Boonsville [del. 23434] 
MANN George Washington (TX)	PEARSON Mollie E (MS)	James Albert 11/23/90 M Balsora [del. 22072] 
MANN George Washington (TX)	PEARSON Mollie Elizabeth (MS)	George Washington Jr 03/28/92 M Balsora [del. 29790] 
MANN Grover	MATHEWS Lathie	blank 1/24/16 M blank 6348 
MANN Grover (TX)	MATHEWS Lottie (TX)	Elsie Burch 8/16/08 F Decatur 4190 & 4190a
MANN Henry H. (TX)	SPARKS Connie Bell (TX)	Dwight Rhodes 1/17/29 M Bridgeport 9239 
MANN J.H.	REED L.M.	Dorris Wanda 1/9/30 F Decatur [No Image 9551] 
MANN Joe Edward (VA)	JONES Lois (TX)	Fred Alvin 01/19/93 M Boyd [del. 25397] 
MANN L.Z.	BLANK Lura	blank 3/26/09 M blank 4574 
MANN Linn J.	BOLEY Luna	George Boley 2/16/12 M Decatur 5467 
MANN Linn Z.	BALEY Luna	Worden Weldon 4/26/09 M Decatur 4605 
MANN Linn Z.	BOLEY Luna	Worden Weldon 4/26/09 M blank 4607 
MANN Robert (Jay)	LAIRD R.M. (Rosa May)	Jackie Eugene 11/14/30 M Decatur [No Image 9865] 
MANN Robert (Jay)	LAIRD R.M. (Rosa May)	Ernest Rue 2/21/33 M Decatur [No Image 10689] 
MANN Robert (Jay)(TX)	LAIRD Rosa May (TX)	Robert J., Jr. 5/19/23 M Decatur 7805 
MANN Robert Jay (TX)	LAIRD Rosa May (TX)	C.T. 5/29/21 M Decatur 7404 & 7404a
MANN Samuel C. (Candor)(SC)	MADDEN Lou Emma (GA)	William Bryan 10/24/08 M Decatur 4313 & 4313a & 4313b
MANN Samuel Candor (SC)	MADDEN Lou Emma (GA)	Robert J 09/24/95 M Boyd [del. 11021] 
MANN Thomas Hardin (AL)	LEECH Jennie Elizabeth (MS)	Guy Monunen 07/27/87 M Itawamba Co MS [del. 29636] 
MANN Thomas Jefferson (TX)	KING Inez Jeanette (TX)	James Homer 09/24/01 M Decatur [del. 11053] 
MANN W L (SC)	BARNETT Angie (SC)	Emma Leola 06/15/94 F Franklin Co GA [del. 28691] 
MANN W.J.	BLANK blank	blank 9/8/04 M blank 1182 
MANN W.J.	ELDER Ovella Ruth	Charles 9/7/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9809] 
MANN W.M. (TX)	SMITH Myrtle (TX)	Robert Weldon 9/1/28 M Ft. Worth 9108 
MANN Walter Marshall	SMITH Myrtle	Walter Marshall 5/23/27 M Ft. Worth 8801 
MANN William J (TN)	LINDSEY Atlanta (TX)	James Henry 07/11/89 M Cottondale [del. 6482] 
MANN William J (TX)	LINDSEY Mary (TX)	Richard Coke 04/09/97 M Paradise [del. 10285] 
MANN William J (TX)	LINDSEY Mary Alanta (TX)	Robert Burleson 08/21/01 M Paradise [del. 21995] 
MANN William J (TX)	LINDSEY Mary Atlanta (TX)	Linn Z 03/13/83 M Paradise [del. 10578] 
MANN William J (TX)	LINDSEY Mary Atlanta (TX)	Charles William 04/24/91 M Paradise [del. 10880] 
MANN William J (TX)	LINDSEY Mary Atlanta (TX)	John Patterson 11/19/98 M Paradise [del. 13975] 
MANN William James (TX)	LINDSEY Mary Atlanta (TX)	Mary Allie 04/12/93 F Paradise [del. 33230] 
MANN William Louis (SC)	BARNETT Angie (SC)	Elizabeth Caldona 04/10/80 F Pickens Co SC [del. 28690] 
MANNAS Phil	BLANK blank	blank 2/6/09 M blank 4480 
MANNESS John Nye Pink (TN)	MORRISON Lucy May (MO)	Nancy Ellen 04/03/99 F Paradise [del. 16096] 
MANNING D.	BLANK Lucy	blank 8/24/06 M Chico 2866 
MANNING Dave (MS)	GUINN Millie Lue (LA)	Adora Mallisa 12/14/79 F Audubon [del. 16402] 
MANNING Dee	BIRD Selma	blank 4/20/16 M blank 6399 & [delayed 18484]
MANNING E.O.	BATCHELOR Ottie	Billie Zern 12/20/29 M blank [No Image 9533] 
MANNING Eskel Orby (TX)	BATCHELOR Ottie Lucille (OK)	Carrol LeRoy 8/10/24 M Chico 8045 & 8045a
MANNING Homer	BERRY Velma	Travis Carl 7/26/15 M Chico 6171 & 6171a
MANNING Homer Jackson (TX)	BERRY Velma Pearl (TX)	Lesca Juanita 6/15/22 F Chico 7611 & 7611a
MANNING J L (MO)	BARTON Mary Elizabeth (Indian Territory)	James William 07/06/01 M Brumlow [del. 6378] 
MANNING James David (MS)	GUINN Millie Louisa (LA)	Eskel Orbra 12/18/96 M Chico [del. 29558] 
MANNING James David Sr (GA)	GUINN Millie L (GA)	James David Jr 07/29/86 M Chico [del. 24735] 
MANNING M.T.	MOTLEY Opal	Onita Merle 3/5/32 F blank [No Image 10379] 
MANNING Murrell Thomas	MOTLEY Opal Evon	Nelda LaVerne 6/8/27 F Chico 8807 & 8807a
MANNING T.T.	BLANK Mammie	Myrtle Lee 8/8/04 F blank 1095 
MANNING Thomas Thades (MO)	PORTER Mary Fleming (AL)	Velma Tommie 4/21/08 F Decatur 3982 & 3982a
MANNING William Eton (MS)	RAY Eugenia (KY)	Belva Lockwood 12/24/88 F Decatur [del. 21386] 
MANNING William Eton (MS)	RAY Eugenia Ivy (KY)	Robert Young 06/28/84 M Decatur [del. 11419] 
MANSFIELD George Washington (TN)	LYLES Mollie E (TX)	Robert. Blucher 07/13/87 M Crafton [del. 24331] 
MANSFIELD George Washington (TN)	LYLES Mollie E (TX)	Mary E 10/12/89 F Crafton [del. 24566] 
MANSFIELD George Washington (TN)	LYLES Mollie E (TX)	Mattie Belle 08/03/91 F Crafton [del. 24565] 
MANSFIELD George Washington (TX)	LYLES Mollie E (TX)	John L 08/06/83 M Crafton [del. 9942] 
MANUS A.C.	NALL Christian	blank 5/13/15 F blank 6096 
MAPLES Isham Gilbert (GA)	HOOD Mary Amelia (GA)	Charles Alfred 04/13/92 M Chattanooga Co GA [del. 13379] 
MARA J.E.	MCGUIRE Pearl	blank 3/30/27 F Chico 8782 
MARA Thomas	BLANK Maud	blank 1/16/05 M blank 1515 
MARA Thomas Darby (TX)	MORRIS Amanda Jane (TX)	John Edward 03/11/02 M Crafton [del. 29880] 
MARA Tom	BLANK Mandy	blank 7/23/07 M blank 3441 
MARA Tom D.	BLANK Amanda, Mrs.	Lizzie J. 2/4/18 F Crafton 6816 
MARCRUM Reef	BLANK blank	blank 7/25/04 M blank 1051 
MARIANA Matilda	FAUSTIRE Mrs.	blank 9/30/05 F blank 2169 
MARINO Jess	BLANK Souvina	Saulico 10/22/23 ? Bridgeport 7927 
MARION William	BLANK Zarilda	blank 11/11/06 M blank 3014 
MARKHAM Bert	BLANK Bessie, Mrs.	blank 10/27/05 M blank 2243 
MARKHAM Henry	MATTIE blank	Mattie 11/10/04 M blank 1342 
MARKHAM Rufus	BLANK Ida	blank 7/15/08 M blank 4132 
MARKHAM Rufus Etheridge (TN)	McGAUGHEY Ida Julia (TN)	Artis E 05/24/00 F Alvord [del. 25529] 
MARKHAM William Franklin (KY)	BARNETT Sarah Frances (KY)	John Franklin 09/01/96 M Bridgeport [del. 6583] 
MARKHAM Winston Baird (KY)	HACKETT Ada (IA)	Edith Marie 04/19/89 F Decatur 21 & [del. 2255] 
MARKHAM Winston Baird (KY)	HOCKETT Ada (IA)	Baird Hockett 03/28/87 M Decatur [del. 3985] 
MARLER James Alonzo (AR)	NICHOLSON Mary Isabelle (IA)	Floy Beatrice 10/21/94 F Decatur [del. 7572] 
MARLER James Alonzo (AR)	NICHOLSON Mary Isabelle (IA)	Nola Sabrina 09/30/96 F Decatur [del. 6942] 
MARLETT D.F.	THORN Minnie Lee	blank 10/16/17 M Crafton 6738 
MARLETT Joseph (IN)	BALL Mary Adeline (KY)	William Carlow 12/11/86 M Decatur [del. 23324] 
MARLETT William (IL)	REEVES Paralee A (TX)	Abigail 08/31/79 F Alvord [del. 16401] 
MARNAY G.W.	BLANK M.	blank 2/16/04 M blank 665 
MARNEY D.W.	BLANK Etta	blank 2/2/05 F blank 1564 
MARNEY G.W.	BLANK Ettie	blank 7/15/03 F blank 119 
MARNEY G.W.	BLANK M.	blank 6/20/10 M blank 5028 
MARNEY I.N.	BLANK blank	blank 2/27/08 M blank 3872 
MARNEY William Louis (TX)	COUCH Cordelia (TX)	Jewell 04/13/02 F Bridgeport [del. 28367] 
MARRILL W.A., Rev.	JOHNSTON Lissie Belle	John Ansil 11/8/05 M Decatur 2269 & 2269a
MARROW I.C.	BLANK B.C.	blank 12/19/05 M blank 2365 
MARSHALL C S (TX)	LEWIS Willie Victoria (AL)	Esther Selata 12/02/96 F Boonsville [del. 9679] 
MARSHALL Frank (AR)	SHOOK Sudie (AR)	Thomas Jewel 12/24/94 F [del. 11279] 
MARSHALL Thomas Eliwood (IN)	MARTIN Isabelle (TX)	John William 04/28/81 M Decatur [del. 13357] 
MARTIN Ake (IL)	THURMAN Eliza Olivia (IN)	Burk Burnett 06/26/94 M Crafton [del. 15434] 
MARTIN Ake Henry (TN)	THURMAN Eliza Olivia (IN)	Jerry Thurman 04/01/96 M Chico [del. 9643] 
MARTIN Albert Gilbert (KY)	HUGHES Laura Ellen (AL)	Manuel Mann 3/15/07 M Bridgeport 3227 & 3227a
MARTIN Arthur	BLANK Mada	blank 2/16/06 M blank 2495 
MARTIN blank	BLANK blank	blank 6/8/07 F blank 3377 
MARTIN Bob	BLANK O.P.	(William Daniel) 8/31/03 M blank 240 
MARTIN C.E.	BLANK Mary Lee	blank 10/14/07 F blank 3612 
MARTIN C.T. (GA)	LITTLETON S.A. (TX)	Willie Josephine 6/8/23 F Paradise 7819 
MARTIN D.	BLANK H.	blank 4/13/04 F blank 814 
MARTIN Dave	BLANK blank	blank 10/13/05 F blank 2214 
MARTIN Dave	BLANK blank	blank 5/11/06 F blank 2661 
MARTIN David Kar (TN)	BESS Elizabeth Ann (GA)	Samuel Isiah 05/22/79 M Chico [del. 14705] 
MARTIN David Stanmore (TX)	WILLIS Lovie (MS)	Charlie Ray 08/28/97 M Greenwood [del. 15821] 
MARTIN David Stanmore (TX)	WILLIS Lovie (MS)	Tillie Ella 04/01/00 F Greenwood [del. 15679] 
MARTIN Dock	BLANK blank	blank 9/24/03 M blank 312 
MARTIN Dock	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/05 M blank 1968 
MARTIN E K (?)	RICH Isabelle (?)	Isiah Harrison 01/10/84 M Chico [del. 20019] 
MARTIN Emmit Griffon (KY)	DEERING Lillie (KY)	James Moore 08/02/92 M Crafton [del. 8068] 
MARTIN Frances M (TX)	CLATON Lucy A (TX)	William Henry 01/10/90 M Alvord 23 & [del. 2635] 
MARTIN Francis Marion (MS)	PASCHALL Mary Elizabeth (TN)	James Wesley 03/14/92 M Bridgeport [del. 24150] 
MARTIN Frank	BLANK blank	blank 6/30/08 F blank 4110 
MARTIN Frank	REED Mertyce	Chester William 4/8/17 M Anneville 6599 & 6599a
MARTIN Frank (TX)	REED Mertyce (TX)	Joe 5/12/19 M Boyd 7083 
MARTIN Gilbert	BLANK Lena	blank 11/3/09 M blank 4838 
MARTIN Harry	BLANK blank	blank 8/16/06 F blank 2845 
MARTIN Harry	BLANK Pearl	blank 8/22/04 M blank 1125 
MARTIN Harry (TX)	THOMPSON Harvey Pearl (MS)	Hardy Roy 3/31/08 M Chico 3947 & 3947a & 3947b
MARTIN Henry	GUNN Zuda	blank 4/25/15 F blank 6083 
MARTIN Henry (IN)	KAYS Mary Belle (KY)	Hattie Myrtle 01/17/95 F Decatur [del. 24915] 
MARTIN I.H. (TX)	THOMPSON Pearl M. (TX)	Pearl 9/25/19 F Chico 7139 
MARTIN Isaiah H.	MULLINS Flora	Hazel Qualls 5/10/04 F Crafton 875 & 0875a
MARTIN Izah	THOMPSON Harvey	Betty June 6/23/32 F Crafton [No Image 10474] 
MARTIN J.A.	FAIRE Martha E.	blank 10/11/17 M Bridgeport 6734 
MARTIN J.C.	PALMER Agnes	blank 6/18/13 F blank 5723 
MARTIN J.M.	BLANK Minnie	John (Vernon M.) 8/7/03 M blank 166 
MARTIN James	BLANK Belle	blank 12/3/07 M blank 3712 
MARTIN James Wilson (IL)	McCULOCK Emily Jane (MS)	Robert Harrison 03/03/90 M Paradise [del. 12345] 
MARTIN Jim (TX)	CARTER Clemmie (TX)	Henry Dillard 07/05/90 M Boyd [del. 23687] 
MARTIN Jimmy (TX)	SANDERS Katy (TX)	Jimmie Lee 07/10/96 F Paradise [del. 24119] 
MARTIN John Clint (AR)	CULWELL Mattie Lucinda (TX)	Samuel Nelson 11/22/99 M Paradise [del. 11020] 
MARTIN John Cothern (TN)	PARNER Laura Agness (TX)	Richard Franklin 09/14/96 M Newark [del. 25376] 
MARTIN John William (KY)	SMITH Linnie Lee (TX)	Mary Ilene 10/20/00 F Chico [del. 29555] 
MARTIN L.	BLANK Saddie	blank 6/4/07 blank blank 3372 
MARTIN L.M.	BLANK blank	blank 3/13/08 F blank 3907 
MARTIN Lee	BLANK E.	V.O. 12/7/03 M blank 487 
MARTIN Mabel	BLANK blank	blank 11/16/30 F blank [No Image 9868] 
MARTIN Newt (TN)	SEWELL Bettie (TN)	Oscar 09/17/93 M Alvord [del. 22824] 
MARTIN O.P.	BLANK blank	blank 6/16/05 M blank 1900 
MARTIN O.P.	BLANK blank	blank 3/19/07 M blank 3234 
MARTIN Ollie Purdy (KY)	STEWART Bobbie (MS)	Carrie Mae 09/15/02 F Crafton [del. 14073] 
MARTIN Ray B.	TERRELL Katie O.	George D. 3/28/33 M Boyd [No Image 10714] 
MARTIN Roy B.	FEWELL Kate	Laura Margaret 12/27/30 F blank [No Image 9904] 
MARTIN Rufus	BLANK blank	blank 7/24/07 M blank 3442 
MARTIN Rufus (IN)	WHITE Effie (TX)	Effie E. 7/9/20 F Decatur 7268 
MARTIN Samuel Isaiah	MULLINS Flora Elizabeth	Clyde Columbus 11/21/05 M Chico 2305 & 2305a
MARTIN Samuel Isiah (TX)	MULLINS Flora Elizabeth (MS)	Loyd Hugh 11/3/07 M Crafton 3654 & 3654a
MARTIN Thomas Houston (TX)	ADAMS Avarilla Kathryn (GA)	Jewish Ovida 1/30/08 F Slidell 3810 & 3810a & 3810b
MARTIN W.B. (TX)	COOPER Annie (MO)	blank 3/9/22 F Bridgeport 7557 
MARTIN W.V.(Virgil)	MCDANIEL Pearl M.	Betty Marie 4/29/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10057] 
MARTIN W.V.(Virgil)	MCDANIEL Pearl M.	Geneva Ruth 3/7/33 F blank [No Image 10705] 
MARTIN Walter Bird	COOPER Mary Ann	Annie Fay 9/16/17 F Decatur 6710 & 6710a
MARTIN Walter Virgil (TX)	MCDANIEL Pearl Maxine (TX)	Rubin Virgil 9/12/29 M Bridgeport 9449 & 9449a
MARTIN Will	BLANK Simin., Mrs.	blank 2/7/06 F blank 2477 
MARTIN William D.	ROGERS Addie	William D. 4/14/33 M Alvord [No Image 10736] 
MARTIN William Franklin	REED Mertyce Catheline	Flora Adaline 9/27/11 F Boyd 5435 & 5435a
MARTIN William Henry (TN)	MEDLING Elizabeth (AR)	Thomas Floyd 06/26/94 M Alvord [del. 14444] 
MARTINEAU E.J. (France)	BURNETT Hazel (TX)	Hazel V. 5/27/25 F Breckenridge 8326 
MARTINEZ A.S.	BLANK blank	blank 3/14/05 F blank 1669 2495
MARTINEZ Florencio	FLORIS Maria	Victor 12/23/15 M Bridgeport 6325 
MARTINEZ Florencio	FLORIS Maria	Fernino 7/7/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10487] 
MARTINEZ Florenclo (Mexico)	FLORIS Marie (TX)	Fermino 07/07/02 M Bridgeport [del. 975]
MARTINEZ Frank (TX)	ALEMAN Moreg (TX)	Francesco 6/29/23 M Bridgeport 7835 
MARTINEZ Iran Guel	BLANK Margel	Antonio 5/10/05 F blank 1805 
MARTINEZ Juan	BLANK Moraudo	blank 12/17/09 M Bridgeport 4874 
MARTINEZ Juan	CRUNEIA Munes	blank 9/7/17 M Bridgeport 6700 
MARTINEZ Juan (Mex)	GOMEZ Crochia (Mex)	Juanie 1/16/21 F Bridgeport 7338 
MARTINEZ Juan (Mex)	MINORES Crerenas (Mex)	blank 11/17/23 M Bridgeport 7940 
MARTINEZ L.	DANILA F.	Amelia 3/10/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9620] 
MARTINEZ Magnel (MEXICO)	FILOMINA Rosalus (MEXICO)	Pedro 1/31/06 M blank 2460 
MARTINEZ Manuel	BLANK Maronda	blank 12/3/07 F blank 3711 
MARTINEZ Mirizits	BLANK Marande	Frankey 1/31/06 M blank 2461 
MARTINEZ Pablo (Mexico)	MIRELES Petra (Mexico)	Faustino 02/15/98 M Bridgeport [del. 4545] 
MARTINEZ Pascal	BLANK blank	blank 2/29/10 M blank 4948 
MARTINEZ Pascal	BLANK Taliza	blank 2/5/08 M blank 3826 
MARTINEZ Passal	BLANK M.P.	Marans 4/28/05 M blank 1776 
MARTINEZ R.	BLANK blank	blank 7/29/08 M blank 4158 
MARTINUS M.	BLANK blank	blank 3/2/09 M blank 4533 
MARTINUS R.	BLANK blank	blank 2/7/09 F blank 4483 
MASH William G (MS)	WEBB Elizabeth (AL)	McLine Pierce 12/26/81 M Kipper Co MS [del. 11096] 
MASH Willie	JONES Josie (TX)	Ernest William 1/1/20 M Slidell 7183 & 7183a
MASHBURN Joe (J.W.)	BLANK Edney (S.E.)	(twin) 8/22/06 F blank 2859 
MASHBURN Joe (J.W.)	BLANK Edney (S.E.)	(twin) 8/22/06 F blank 2860 
MASHBURN John Wesley (TX)	RICH Sarah Ellen (TX)	Mary Aminda 10/08/99 F Park Springs [del. 30603] 
MASK J.S.	BLANK A.O.	blank 6/17/04 M blank 952 
MASON Bernie (TX)	TEAL Katie (TX)	Iva Oleta 5/8/23 F Rhome 7796 & 7796a
MASON C.D.	GAMBLE R.	Charles 2/26/32 M Ponder [No Image 10370] 
MASON C.M.	BLANK L., Mrs.	blank 12/2/05 M blank 2322 
MASON C.W.	CHRISTIAN Sallie	Corene 2/20/17 F Chico 6556 & 6556a
MASON Charles Whitmore (IN)	PRUITT Ida Nancy (KY)	Wilbur Alvin 08/31/92 M Cowley Co KS [del. 10839] 
MASON Clarence Winston	BARFIELD Exah Louella	Clifton Columbus 4/24/04 M Bridgeport 839 & 0839a
MASON Columbus Harvy	MERRELL Florence Percy	Bailey Freemont 8/13/07 M Paradise 3483 & 3483a
MASON Frank (TX)	BLANK Viola (TX)	blank 5/25/20 M Boyd 7252 
MASON Gabe Smith (AL)	SLOANE Pattie (KY)	William Wallace 11/10/96 M Decatur [del. 21078] 
MASON Harry A.	YOUNG Euna Belle	Jimmie Theo 2/15/09 F Decatur 4494 & 4494a
MASON Layfayette Prestley (TN)	ALBRITTON Sallie Sarah (TX)	Leura Izora 08/24/99 F Paradise [del. 15658] 
MASON Luke Turner (TN)	BURNETT Myrtilla Martin (TN)	Clara May 04/12/85 F Paradise [del. 14281] 
MASON N.B. (TX)	TEEL Katie Lee (TX)	Burnie Lee 2/8/20 F Decatur 7209 & 7209a
MASON Nathan B.	TEEL Katie Lee	blank 5/28/31 M Rhome [No Image 10084] 
MASON Nathan B.	TEEL Katie Lee	blank 6/5/33 M Rhome [No Image 10790] 
MASON Wade	BLANK blank	blank 3/5/06 F blank 2539 
MASON Wade	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/07 M blank 3129 
MASON Wade Hamilton (SC)	DONALDSON Victoria (MS)	Henry Grady 01/24/99 M Paradise [del. 15862] 
MASSEY E.D.	BLANK Ada C.	H.P. 7/21/05 M blank 1980 
MASSEY E.T.	INGLE Ada Bell	Johnny Byron 12/2/10 M Poolville 5139 
MASSEY E.T.	SUGLA Ada	blank 10/5/13 F blank 5776 
MASSEY John Anderson (MS)	HETTICH Malenda Jane (IL)	Viola Gladys 01/22/00 F Decatur [del. 24412] 
MASSEY Johnson (AR)	BARTHOLOMEW Vinie (MO)	Ethel Lue 08/19/84 F Chico [del. 15411] 
MASSEY Johnson (TN)	BARTHOLOMEW Vinie (IA)	Charles William 07/20/88 M Chico [del. 15611] 
MASSEY Johnson (TN)	BARTHOLOMEW Vinie (IA)	Johnson Jr 07/29/95 M Chico [del. 13378] 
MASSIE E.T. (AR)	INGLE Ada B. (TX)	blank 5/6/20 M Poolville 7243 
MASSIE Eligah Curtis (MO)	LEMONDS Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Alvord Mosiath 09/19/88 M Alvord [del. 29330] 
MASSIE Elijah Curtis (MO)	LEMMONS Mollie Elane (MO)	Dennis Hardin 10/20/86 M Chico [del. 8656] 
MASSIE Tom	ENGLE Ella	blank 3/28/16 F blank 6393 
MASSIE William Clayton (MO)	CARLISLE Addie May ((MO)	Retta Irene 12/08/96 F Chico [del. 15819] 
MASSIE William Clayton (MO)	CARLISLE Addie May (MO)	Loula May 08/02/94 F Chico [del. 15820] 
MASTER David Jackson (TX)	DEPP Nettie Lee (MO)	Clinton Alexander 04/13/98 M Decatur [del. 16109] 
MASTER Mike Washington (AR)	CAPPS Cynthia (MO)	Homer Riley 04/08/89 M Audubon [del. 10979] 
MASTERS John Wesley (IN)	BARKER Lula (TX)	Daisey Ann 01/27/88 F Decatur [del. 17701] 
MASTERS John Wesley (MO)	BARKER Eliza Emerline (AR)	Grover Cleveland 02/06/90 M Decatur [del. 23380] 
MASTERSON William Washington (TN)	MILLS Mary Eliza (AL)	Dessie Regina 04/19/89 F Decatur [del. 12181] 
MATA Marcas (Mex)	GARCIA Viviana (TX)	Ester 12/28/25 F Bridgeport 8493 
MATA Marco	BILANO Mara	Marie 3/23/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9634] 
MATA Marcus	GARCIA Vivian	Erlinda 3/22/30 F blank [No Image 9633] 
MATAR Pete Abdalla (Syria)	HASSAN Maroon (Syria)	Freda 7/8/15 F blank 6148 
MATAR Pete Abdalla (Syria)	HASSAN Maroon (Syria)	Phillip 8/11/18 M Bridgeport 6952 
MATHERSON D.P.	RUNNELLS Pearl	blank 2/23/17 M blank 6559 
MATHERSON Dave	BLANK blank	blank 9/6/05 F blank 2123 
MATHESON D.P.	(RUNNELLS) Pearl	blank 12/21/03 M blank 525 
MATHESON D.P. (TX)	RUNMELL Pearl (TX)	David Rumell 5/29/21 M Poolville 7406 
MATHESON D.P. (TX)	RUNNELLS Pearl (TX)	twins 7/25/24 M Poolville 8116 
MATHESON George McDonald (AL)	LAIRD Margaret Rebecca (TX)	Velma 06/25/98 F Cottondale [del. 10580] 
MATHESON George McDonald (AL)	LAIRD Margaret Rebecca (TX)	Ora Mae 08/11/01 F Cottondale [del. 8070] 
MATHESON William Nixon (AL)	LAIRD Mary Alice (TX)	Zola Margaret 10/30/99 F Cottondale [del. 8660] 
MATHESON William Nixon (AL)	LAIRD Mary Alice (TX)	Ulra Mae 01/17/01 F Cottondale [del. 8659] 
MATHEWS C.C.	BLANK Betty, Mrs.	blank 8/23/05 M blank 2077 
MATHEWS Walter	BLANK blank	blank 2/1/13 F blank 5648 
MATHEWS Walter	HEBREW Nellie	blank 1/28/11 F blank 5171 
MATHEWS Walter C.	BLANK Nellie	blank 3/28/07 M blank 3254 
MATHEWS Walter Scott (TX)	HELTON Nettie Lou (TN)	Nina Faye 4/29/09 F Springtown 4612 & 4612a
MATHEWS William (MO)	MATTHEWS Allie (TX)	Sherman Cylvania 07/10/87 M Springtown [del. 19753] 
MATHIS James P (TN)	WINTERS Sarah Ella (TX)	Ben Franklin 07/03/96 M Decatur [del. 10102] 
MATHIS May E.	TEMMA Bernice S.	Samuel B. 11/23/26 F? Decatur 8716 
MATHIS Samuel Joseph	MATHIS Alva	Eva Joe 4/20/28 F Decatur 8996 
MATHIS W.T.	LAKEY Mariline	blank 6/18/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10115] 
MATHISON David	RUNNELS Pearl	blank 8/16/13 M blank 5751 
MATLEY C.A. (TX)	MASON Iris (GA)	blank 9/7/18 M Chico 6970 
MATLEY John	BLANK Alice	blank 9/9/04 M blank 1183 
MATLEY V.C.	GORDON Exea	blank 1/6/32 M Crafton [No Image 10325] 
MATLEY Vestel C.	GORDON Ersa V.	Mosell 2/5/30 F Crafton [No Image 9852] 
MATLEY Vestle C.	GORDON Eura V.	Olin Eugene 1/6/32 M Crafton [No Image 10326] 
MATLEY W.A.	BLANK L.M.	blank 7/3/05 M blank 1938 
MATLEY W.A.	BLANK Lilly	blank 9/4/08 M blank 4230 
MATNEY Clyde	MINOR Audrey Faye	Jerry A. 10/19/32 M Decatur [No Image 10601] 
MATNEY Homer	WATTS Mamie	Homer, Jr. 9/25/32 M Alvord [No Image 10568] 
MATNEY R.L.	PERKINS Augusta	Imogene La Vern 9/30/27 F Decatur 8852 & 8852a
MATSINGER blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/15/05 M blank 1512 
MATTHEW Mancil Walter (TX)	McAFEE Minnie Matilda (IL)	Drusilla Blanche 03/23/97 F Paradise [del. 28829] 
MATTHEWS Alexander Campbell (TX)	PARKER Harriett Susan (GA)	Myrtle Maggie 10/13/80 F Paradise [del. 18581] 
MATTHEWS Benjamin Chilton (TX)	BOYDSTON Mollie (TX)	Allie Lucille 12/22/84 F Decatur [del. 19868] 
MATTHEWS blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/22/04 M blank 1124 
MATTHEWS Ely Hugh (AR)	GILES Janie (TN)	James Pinkney 03/21/86 M Cottondale [del. 18485] 
MATTHEWS James Knox Pope (MO)	PERKINS Mary Louisa (TX)	William Od 10/24/92 M Boyd [del. 21654] 
MATTHEWS John Almrine (TX)	KENNEDY Lucinda (MO)	George Virgil 03/30/82 M Springtown [del. 18192] 
MATTHEWS M.F.	CLOVISON Thelma	Velda Wanell 1/8/31 F Sunset [No Image 9924] 
MATTHEWS Mancil Walter (TX)	McAFEE Minnie Matilda (IL)	Margaret Almeda 08/18/02 F Paradise [del. 28830] 
MATTHEWS Mansfield Walter (TX)	McAFEE Minnie Matilda (IL)	Znoma Lucille 06/22/95 F Paradise [del. 23631] 
MATTHEWS Mansfield Walter (TX)	McAFEE Minnie Matilda (IL)	Alma May 08/12/99 F Paradise [del. 23630] 
MATTHEWS Simpson Jones (AR)	HILL Margaret Sevilla (AR)	Minnie Bell Merina 6/4/07 F Chico 3373 & 3373a
MATTHEWS Walter	BLANK Nettie, Mrs.	blank 7/29/05 M blank 2009 
MATTHEWS Z D (AL)	BURROW Luna (AL)	Rainah 04/07/02 F Boyd [del. 11055] 
MATTINGER blank	BLANK blank	blank 7/1/08 M blank 4111 
MATTINGLEY S.L.	BLANK blank	blank 10/23105 M blank 2237 
MATTINGLEY William H. (IL)	NABORS Josephine (AL)	Mary Etta 9/16/07 M Paradise 3544 & 3544a
MATTINGLY L.F.	NALL O.L.	Weldon Finis 6/5/33 M Paradise [No Image 10793] 
MATTINGLY S.L.	BLANK blank	blank 1/22/07 F blank 3132 
MATTIRS R.	COLLIER Alice	Robert E. 6/19/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10117] 
MATTIX D.L.	BLANK blank	blank 2/28/09 M blank 4527 
MATTIX Edward (MO)	KNOX Harritt Elizabeth (TN)	David Lucky 01/02/77 M Decatur [del. 6161] 
MATTIX Houston	BLANK blank	blank 11/4/10 M blank 5125 
MATTIX James Samuel (TN)	MOONEY Sarah Ann (TX)	Inez 10/05/97 F Decatur [del. 5929] 
MATTIX John	EUDALEY blank	blank 12/25/15 M blank 6327 & [delayed 6772]
MATTIX John A. (OK)	EUBANKS Georgia (TX)	Eddie Abner 11/1/18 M Decatur 7003 
MATTIX John Alfred	EUDALY Georgia Lee	Sam Petty 12/30/26 M Decatur 8728 & 8728a & 8728b
MATTIX R.G.	REN (WREN?) Bessie	Wilma Ruth 10/19/15 F blank 6275 
MATTOX Sam	BLANK Sallie	blank 12/11/04 M blank 1423 
MATTOX Tom	MOSIER May	blank 5/31/13 F blank 5714 
MATZINGER Bill	SHELTON Jewel	Harold Lee 7/29/30 M Decatur [No Image 9774] 
MATZINGER blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/5/07 F blank 3204 
MATZINGER blank	BLANK blank	blank 6/8/09 M blank 4657 
MATZINGER William	SHELTON Jewel	Virginia Nell 7/2/33 F Decatur [No Image 10810] 
MAUGHAN Albert Iva	HARTLINE Edwinna Maude	Marie Audna 5/22/15 F Boyd 6100 & 6100a
MAUGHAN Albert Iva	HARTLINE Edwinna Maude	Ella Blanch 2/21/17 F blank 6558 & 6558a
MAUGHAN Albert Stanford (GA)	GUINN Georgia Annie (TX)	Buren Itis (Otis) 03/12/99 M Paradise [del. 20616] 
MAUGHAN Albert Stanford (GA)	GUYNN Georgia Annie (TX)	George Washington 01/18/87 M Boyd [del. 23531] 
MAUGHAN Albert Stanford (GA)	GUYNN Georgia Annie (TX)	Emmit Jefferson 11/28/88 M Paradise [del. 22521]
      (Another son of Albert Stanford & Georgia Annie - Willie Carl Maughan, Born Paradise Feb 27, 1902, Died Cooke County Mar 11, 1967, buried at Valley View Cemetery) 
MAULDIN A.L. (TX)	KEY Luara (TX)	Douglas 5/6/29 M Alvord 9343 
MAULDIN Arthur Luke (MS)	WALLS Tommie E (TX)	Grace Kate 10/06/02 F Alvord [del. 31165] 
MAULDIN Benjamin Louis (MS)	PARR Mary Lou (AR)	Marcus Benjamin 08/09/99 M Chico [del. 9299] 
MAULDIN C.F.	MCCRAW Mabel	Ford, Jr. 2/26/31 M Crafton [No Image 9977] 
MAULDIN C.F.	MUSGRAVE M.M.	Bennie Ford 2/26/31 M Crafton [No Image 9978] 
MAULDIN Francis Marion (MS)	CROOK Jenny Lind (MS)	Oscar Bishop 07/01/81 M Wise Co [del. 12739] 
MAULDIN Frank (MS)	ROBERTS Dora Ann (TN)	Mary Adeline 05/19/95 F Crafton [del. 24832] 
MAULDIN George Lee (TX)	WATERS Sarah Francis (MS)	Maudie May 01/17/89 F Chico [del. 12220] 
MAULDIN George Lee (TX)	WATERS Sarah Francis (MS)	Nellie Gray 03/17/94 F Alvord [del. 19936] 
MAULDIN George Washington (MS)	HUMPHREY George Ann (MS)	Mary Eunice 11/15/89 F Greenwood [del. 13904] 
MAULDIN Henry	BLANK Emma	blank 7/19/04 F blank 1030 
MAULDIN Henry L (MS)	WALLACE Emma (TX)	Callie 02/02/99 F Greenwood [del. 12465] 
MAULDIN Henry Lee (MS)	WALLACE Emma Mars (TX)	Gilmer Roy 03/08/95 M Greenwood [del. 16765] 
MAULDIN Henry Lee (MS)	WALLACE Emma Mars (TX)	Vela Ruth 12/06/97 F Greenwood [del. 9983] 
MAULDIN M.T.	GENTRY Etta	Lilliam Laveen 11/6/03 F Park Springs 427 & 0427a
MAULDIN T.R.	MEDLEY blank	William Byron 10/28/15 M blank [No Image 10358] 
MAULDIN W.A.	BLANK Nannie	blank 8/25/04 M blank 1134 
MAULDIN William Albert (MS)	WILLIAMSON Frances (TX)	Ruth Beatrice 06/29/01 F Greenwood [del. 13113] 
MAULDIN William Albert (MS)	WILLIAMSON Frances Hall (TX)	Tressa Eula 09/27/95 M Greenwood [del. 20446] 
MAULDIN William Albert (MS)	WILLIAMSON Frances Hall (TX)	Edna May 02/01/98 F Greenwood [del. 19459] 
MAULIN T.R.	MEDLEY blank	blank 10/28/15 M blank 6287 [delayed 10358]
MAXEY E.E.	BLANK R.	W.T. (William) 10/12/03 M blank 361 
MAXEY Ervin	THOMAS Rebecca	Edward E. 11/30/07 M blank 3698 & 3698a
MAXEY Willard Ashley (IL)	HARMON Minnie Lee (TN)	Earl Harmon 05/19/88 M Aurora [del. 4584] 
MAXEY Willard Ashley (IL)	HARMON Minnie Lee (TN)	Theodosia 11/14/93 F Aurora [del. 4539] 
MAXWELL James Newton (MO)	BARNES Mary Ellen (AL)	Naoma Mae 08/22/77 F Chico [del. 12713] 
MAXWELL James Newton (MO)	BARNES Mary Ellener (AL)	Elsie Birdie 10/22/85 F Chico [del. 17173] 
MAXWELL James Newton (MO)	BARNES Mary Elloner (AL)	Essie Ruth 02/22/88 F Bridgeport [del. 17337] 
MAXWELL John Jack	MCDANIEL Oleta F.	Billie Jack 9/26/33 M Greenwood [No Image 10894] 
MAXWELL Newton	MCDANIEL Aleta	Mary John 2/28/30 F Decatur [No Image 9613] 
MAXWELL O.S.	MOCK Lola	Olene Marie 7/24/30 F blank [No Image 9768] 
MAXWELL Thomas Benton (AR)	SCOGGINS Theodosia (TN)	Orlena Clementine 11/27/83 F Chico [del. 10209] 
MAXWELL Thomas Benton (MO)	SCOGGINS Theodosia Orlena (TN)	Varian 02/14/80 M Chico [del. 5882] 
MAXWELL Thomas Benton (MO)	SCOGGINS Theodosia Orlena (TN)	Alice Meddie 02/25/81 F Chico [del. 17497] 
MAXWELL Thomas Benton (MO)	SCOGGINS Theodosia Orlena (TN)	Arthur Byron 09/07/82 M Chico [del. 5883] 
MAXWELL Thomas Benton (MO)	SCOGGINS Theodosia Orlena (TN)	Dona Evelyn 06/06/94 F Chico [del. 17516] 
MAXWELL Tom	BLANK Odesa	blank 10/10/06 M blank 2957 
MAXWELL Tom	BLANK Odesa	blank 4/23/08 M blank 3987 
MAXWELL William N.	GALES Nora	blank 3/5/14 M blank 5849 
MAY Ben L. (TX)	GOLAZ Flora Myrtle (TX)	Bessie B. 9/26/20 F Paradise 7304 
MAY Burt A. (TX)	WOODY Mary Wilson (TX)	Joseph Andeson 1/9/19 M Poolville 7028 
MAY Elmer Abner (MS)	REED Mary Arminia (MO)	Bart Anderson 02/08/97 M Boonsville [del. 10458] 
MAY James William (MS)	BALLARD Dona Anna (TX)	Howard Elmer 09/17/99 M Boonsville [del. 7995] 
MAY James William (MS)	BALLARD Dona Anna (TX)	Lloyd Wilson 08/12/01 M Boonsville [del. 6882] 
MAYER B.L.	GOLAZ Flora M.	blank 12/22/30 M blank [No Image 9898] 
MAYFIELD Alton N.	RANDOLPH Bessie	Mike Arnold 10/3/32 F Rhome [No Image 10577] 
MAYFIELD H.W.	BLANK Nannie	blank 7/7/12 F blank 5548 
MAYFIELD Harvey Allen	REYNOLDS Herbie A.	Norman Ray 11/19/30 M blank [No Image 9872] 
MAYFIELD Joe	BLANK M.E.	blank 3/23/04 M blank 752 
MAYFIELD Joe Henry (AL)	WAGGONER Flora Renda (TN)	Eula Grace 09/26/84 F Chico [del. 6134] 
MAYFIELD Joe Henry (AL)	WAGGONER Flora Renda (TN)	Ver 11/19/94 F Chico [del. 6828] 
MAYFIELD T.E. (GA)	PUTMAN Maggie B. (GA)	Ruth Mildred 11/19/25 F Alvord 8459 & 8459a
MAYFIELD Thomas E. (GA)	PUTMAN Maggie Eula (GA)	Eula Earline 3/25/23 F Alvord 7747 & 7747a
MAYNESS John D. (TX)	HINTON Gretchen (TX)	Robert M. 5/3/25 M Alvord 8304 
MAYO S.H.	BLANK Allie	blank 8/4/11 M Alvord 5316 
MAYO Samuel Haywood (?)	HATFIELD Neda Mae (AR)	Raymon Odell 11/25/00 M Bridgeport [del. 12258] 
MAYS A.J.	BLANK blank	blank 4/7/05 M blank 1722 
MAYS Elijah (TX)	BELL Romelia (TN)	Jennie Allen 12/23/87 F Rhome [del. 16587] 
MAYS Emmett Hillory	TRAMELL Carrie	Ruth Ann 2/6/28 F Decatur 8934 & 8934a
MAYS Hub	BLANK blank	blank 6/7/17 M Boyd 6641 
MAYS John Jeptha (GA)	WHORTON Mary Elizabeth (GA)	Lexia May 02/16/85 F Wise Co [del. 19880] 
MAYS L.F.	BLANK Annie	blank 3/17/04 F blank 742 
MAYS William Jefferson (MS)	FULTON Mary Florence (AR)	Lloyd Lee 5/8/08 M Decatur 3898 
MAYSON C.W.	BLANK blank	blank 10/13/07 M blank 3611 
MCADOO George	CANTRELL blank	blank 6/20/15 F blank 6127 
MCADOO S.W.	CURTISS Sallie	blank 3/20/16 M blank 6388 
MCAFEE Geo.	BLANK blank	blank 1/26/11 M blank 5168 
MCAFEE George	BLANK Amanda	blank 2/5/09 F blank 4477 
MCAFEE George	BLANK blank	blank 4/23/05 F blank 1767 
MCAFEE George	BLANK blank	blank 3/7/07 M blank 3210 
MCAFEE H.F.	DICKSON Johnnie	James Marvin 7/14/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10142] 
McAFEE James Alfred (GA)	STANSEL Martha Josephine (GA)	Hue Fern 02/05/99 M Bridgeport [del. 20532] 
MCAFEE James Alfred (GA)	STANSEL Martha Josephine(GA)	Bonnie Florence 9/23/05 F blank 2156 & 2156a
McAFEE John A (IL)	GREEN Emma Rebecca (MS)	Audrey 07/29/82 F Paradise [del. 22077] 
MCAFEE Thomas Jefferson	LATTY Annie Ophelia	Florene Mary 4/3/05 F Bridgeport 1709 & 1709a
MCAFEE W.	BLANK blank	blank 10/5/03 F blank 338 
McALISTER John Tipton (GA)	LAMBERT Emily Elizabeth (TX)	Roger Elisha 12/09/88 M Rhome [del. 15617] 
McALISTER John Tipton (GA)	LANBERT Emily Elizabeth (TX)	Grover Elijah 12/09/88 M Rhome [del. 15303] 
McALISTER John Tipton (GA)	LANBERT Emily Elizabeth (TX)	Maudie Ellar 09/29/91 F Agnes [del. 10538] 
McALISTER Rufus Edward (TX)	ODOM Pearl D (TN)	Florence 09/07/01 F Cottondale [del. 15178] 
McALLISTER Charles A (MO)	CLARK Fannie Marshal (MO)	Gale Tolbert 02/22/00 M Greenwood [del. 11925] 
McALLISTER Charley A (IN)	CLARK Fannie M (MO)	Hester Lee 02/15/96 F Greenwood [del. 25112] 
McANTOSH William Sylvester (?)	CLARK Laura Cathryn (?)	Joseph Jackson 06/20/98 M Park Springs [del. 28386] 
MCATEER R.L.	BLANK N.E.	Ezell 7/12/03 M blank 113 
MCBRIDE A.	THOMPSON Minnie	Paul Adolphus 7/20/06 M blank 2781 & 2781a
MCBRIDE blank	BLANK blank	Elbert Dewie 1/4/05 M Paradise 1489 
MCBRIDE Doff	BLANK blank	blank 11/20/08 M blank 4354 
MCBRIDE H.E.	HOLLAND Tennie Viola	Viola Agnes 1/13/09 F Boonsville 4437 & [Delayed 21885]
McBRIDE Isac Newton (OH)	JOHNSON Margaret Flora (GA)	Martin Alonzo 06/29/94 M Paradise [del. 23600] 
McBRIDE James Lee (TX)	GROVES Anna Virginia (WV)	Luna Belle 01/28/87 F Paradise [del. 19867] 
MCBRIDE Jessie James	MARTIN Estell	Raymond Calvin 11/30/31 M Paradise [No Image 10298] 
MCBRIDE Jessie James	MARTIN Estell	Raymond Calvin 11/30/31 M Paradise [No Image 10298] 
McBRIDE John Franklin (MO)	TATE Rebecca (GA)	Lee Johnathon 08/21/97 M Paradise [del. 9893] 
McBRIDE John Oliver (TX)	GARDENHIRE Clarissa Josephine (TX)	Callie 01/15/93 F Rhome [del. 23433] 
McBRIDE John Wesley (AL)	KING Alberta J (TX)	Edgar Liston 07/27/97 M Sunset [del. 14039] 
MCBRIDE Lem	BLANK Emma, Mrs.	blank 2/17/06 M blank 2502 
McBRIDE Martin Simeon (MO)	CAMPBELL Minerva Ball (TX)	Ella Edith 05/01/95 F Paradise [del. 14261] 
McBRIDE Martin Simmons (MO)	CAMPBELL Minerva Ball (TX)	Eva Ethel 12/24/93 F Paradise [del. 16972] 
MCBRIDE O.E. (GA)	DAVIS Effie R. (TX)	James Cecil 8/12/20 M Poolville 7283 
MCBRIDE O.E. (TX)	DAVIS Effie R. (TX)	Mary Deliah 1/17/22 F Poolville 7536 
McBRIDE Sun Martin (TX)	CAMPBELL Merniva (TX)	Homer Cleaborn 05/24/02 M Paradise [del. 31586] 
McBRIDE Thomas Calhoun (KY)	MUMCEY Alice Virginia (KY)	Lillie Gertrude 12/11/90 F Slidell [del. 7522] 
McBRIDE Thomas Calhoun (KY)	MUMCEY Alice Virginia (TX)	Beulah Ett 01/25/94 F Slidell [del. 13759] 
McBRIDE Thomas E (TX)	WHITTEN Ida T (AR)	Jesse James 02/22/96 M Paradise [del. 20900] 
MCBRIDE Thomas Edgar	WHITTEN Ida Tennessee	Allie Zoeilla 2/12/10 F blank 4934 & 4934a
McBRIDE Thomas Edgar (MO)	WHITTEN Ida Tennessee (AR)	Isaac Floyd 03/28/93 M Paradise [del. 21232] 
MCBRIDE Will	HOLLAND T.	blank 7/1/11 F blank 5289 
McBRIDE Wilson E (IL)	CRENSHAW Francis Howard (MS)	Leonard Norris 10/31/80 M Decatur [del. 16654] 
MCBROOM Roe	PARKS Velma (TX)	Jack Lavern 8/23/20 M Decatur 7287 
MCCAGE E.A. (OK)	BROWN Nellie (TX)	blank 9/29/21 F Chico 7481 
MCCANN Thomas	PARKS Ethel	Evelyn Joyce 11/8/30 F Alvord [No Image 9859] 
McCANNE Thomas Pinkney (TX)	SHANKLE Laura Elvira (AR)	Ethel Ann 06/11/98 F Newark [del. 25034] 
McCANNE Thomas Pinkney (TX)	SHANKLE Laura Elvira (AR)	Ora Belle 12/18/00 F Newark [del. 8074] 
MCCANNE Tom	BLANK blank	blank 9/10/04 M blank 1187 
McCARMACK James Thomas (TN)	PARHAM Nancy Sidney (MO)	Jesse Franklin 04/10/87 M Scott Co AR [del. 8748] 
MCCARROLL blank	BLANK Lou, Miss	blank 9/16/05 F blank 2145 
MCCARROLL Green (AR)	POTTER Vera (TX)	Mildred 9/15/18 F Slidell 6983 
MCCARROLL Green (TX)	POTTER Vera (TX)	James Taylor 3/15/21 M Slidell 7370 & 7370a
MCCARROLL J. Green	BLANK Elvia	blank 6/30/08 M blank 4108 
MCCARROLL J. Green	BLANK Elvia	blank 6/30/08 M blank 4109 
McCARROLL Mansel B (TX)	STRANGE Susan R (TN)	Lula Mae 08/16/89 F Boonsville [del. 25374] 
McCARROLL Mansel Brigham (TX)	STRANGE Susan (TN)	Lee Lackey 02/28/97 M Boonsville [del. 7759] 
McCARROLL Mansel Brigham (TX)	STRANGE Susie Arbell (TN)	Samuel Arthur 01/06/87 M Boonsville [del. 20053] 
McCARROLL Mansell Brigham (TX)	STRANGE Susie Arbell (TN)	Charlie Wilson 10/11/90 M Boonsville [del. 20081] 
McCARROLL Thomas (LA)	DERRICK Nancy Jane (TX)	Maude Amanda 04/08/88 F Boonsville [del. 25539] 
McCARTER James Neal (GA)	ROBINSON Minnie (AR)	Erwin Lillard 09/04/94 M Decatur [del. 6599] 
MCCARTER K.B.	BLANK Lillie B.	Julia Vivian 1/18/06 F blank 2418 
MCCARTHY D.H.	BLANK blank	blank 10/8/04 F blank 1259 
McCARTY George Buchanan (MS)	HILL Mary Ann (GA)	Mattie Evalena 12/21/93 F Greenwood [del. 19706] 
McCARTY George Buchanan (MS)	HILL Mary Ann (GA)	Hazel Berneice 12/24/02 F Greenwood [del. 20228] 
McCARTY George Buchanan (MS)	HILL Mary Ann (GA)	James Ray 01/20/97 M Greenwood [del. 5681] 
McCARTY Will Andy (TX)	SANDERSON Tilda (TX)	William Murray 11/05/01 M Decatur [del. 26735] 
MCCASKEY Finis C.	MARTIN Ina Mae	Jerry Thomas 2/20/31 M Decatur [No Image 9967] 
MCCASKEY Finis C.	MARTIN Ina Mae	Jerry Thomas 2/20/31 M Decatur [No Image 9967] 
MCCASKEY James	BLANK blank	blank 9/24/04 F blank 1222 
MCCASKEY James	BLANK blank	blank 3/12/07 F blank 3218 
McCASKILL Jim (AL)	KILLOUGH Bettie (TX)	Sam E 08/04/84 M Decatur [del. 7869] 
McCASKILL Jim K (AL)	KILLOUGH Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Hattie Christian 04/11/86 F Garvin [del. 15714] 
McCASLAND Tull O (TN)	LEEDY Fannie E (TX)	Myrtle 02/21/97 F Chico [del. 30687] 
MCCLAIN Alfred	BLANK Ed	blank 5/25/05 M blank 1844 
McCLAIN Alfred I (AL)	CALDWELL Mary Eddie (KY)	George Randle 10/10/97 M Boyd [del. 27945] 
McCLAIN Alfred Isac (GA)	CALDWELL Mary Edna (KY)	James Floyd 05/17/93 M Boyd [del. 8694] 
MCCLAIN R.S.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 1/21/05 M blank 1525 
McCLANAHAN Edwin French (TN)	RICHERSON Margaret (MO)	Ira Arthur 04/18/80 M Decatur [del. 13082] 
MCCLARY J.O.	BLANK blank	blank 2/9/10 M blank 4928 
MCCLARY James Nelson (TN)	BUMPASS Mattie Berrilla (TX)	Mollie Estell 5/11/09 F Rhome 4622 & 4622a
McCLARY Robert Washington (TN)	TAYLOR Maggie Elvira (TX)	William Wesley 01/17/96 M Slidell [del. 17143] 
MCCLAY Bryan (TX)	COOK Annie (TX)	blank 8/19/25 F Decatur 8390 
McCLELLAN T J (MS)	NUNNALLY Mary E (MS)	Howard Nunnally 06/30/94 M Boyd [del. 9728] 
MCCLENDON J.A.	BOLIN Elizabeth	Benard Lingie 8/17/16 M Decatur 6458 & 6458a
MCCLENDON J.A.	BOLIN Lizzie	Ray & Fay 4/1/18 M-F Slidell 6850 
McCLENDON Jess (TX)	PALMER Laura Jane (AL)	Roy 07/05/99 M Bridgeport [del. 28385] 
MCCLENDON John Alex (TX)	BALLEN (BOLIN) Lizzie (LA)	Eunice 3/13/15 F Slidell 6048 & 6048a
McCLESKEY John (TN)	BANKS Susan Verlinnie (AR)	John Lewis 03/08/99 M Paradise [del. 7817] 
McCLESKEY John Newton (TN)	BANKS Susan Verlinnia (AR)	Rose Ella 05/15/97 F Paradise [del. 14483] 
MCCLESKEY Rufus	BLANK Stella	blank 3/13/05 M blank 1665 
MCCLUNG C.J. (TX)	CULVERHOUSE Barbara (TX)	blank 11/28/28 F Chico 9187 
MCCLUNG E.H.	BLANK blank	Lela 9/6/03 F blank 258 
MCCLUNG Ed	BLANK Mollie	blank 4/30/11 M blank 5236 
McCLUNG Edward H (TX)	DENNY Mollie (TX)	Alvis Davis 07/11/91 M Chico [del. 13929] 
McCLUNG Edward Hamilton (AR)	DENNEY Mary Emmaline (TN)	Elbia Sueann 08/20/97 F Chico [del. 9357] 
MCCLUNG J.H.	BROWN Lula	James Ross 4/30/30 M Alvord [No Image 9674] 
McCLUNG James Washington (AL)	KUYKENDALL Narcissia (AL)	Andrew Lawson 07/27/88 M Decatur [del. 16767] 
McCLUNG James Washington (AL)	KUYKENDALL Narsissia (GA)	Albert Posey 11/04/85 M Pella [del. 5683] 
MCCLUNG M.E.	MCELHANEY B.	Berta Jean 3/28/32 F Chico [No Image 10397] 
MCCLUNG Roy Hamilton	LUMSDEN Emma Gertrude	Roy Lee 11/23/15 M Alvord 6305 & 6305a
MCCLUNG Roy Hamilton	LUMSDEN Emma Gertrude	Edward Zelma Van 5/12/18 M Chico 6889 & 6889a
MCCLURE C.A.	MOSLEY Maud	James Hoyt 2/29/04 M rural, Wise Co. 692 & 0692a
MCCLURE C.J.	BLANK B.J.	Vera 5/10/07 F blank 3334 
MCCLURE C.J.	BLANK Bettie	blank 7/29/05 M blank 2010 
MCCLURE C.J.	BLANK Bettie	blank 1/18/09 F blank 4445 
MCCLURE Con	BLANK blank	Mary Lee 1/20/06 F blank 2424 
MCCLURE Ed	BLANK Lula	blank 11/24/03 M blank 464 
MCCLURE Harold (TX)	MOSLEY Eva Gay (TN)	Edith Elizabeth 9/10/07 F Alvord 3533 
MCCLURE J.A.	BLANK L.	blank 10/17/03 M blank 372 
MCCLURE J.H.	MOSLEY Eva	Walter Louis 2/20/06 M Crafton 2506 & 2506a
MCCLURE James	BLANK blank	blank 8/21/09 M blank 4744 
McCLURE John (TN)	PARR Jennie Elizabeth (TN)	Oscar Benton 06/03/98 M Crafton [del. 25398] 
McCLURE John Alexander (TN)	MUSGROVE Lizzie Alice (AL)	Carl Neal 11/27/00 M Alvord [del. 11138] 
MCCLURE John Harral	MOSLEY Eva Gay	Donella 9/28/16 F Alvord 6480 & 6480a
MCCLURE N.G.	BLANK blank	blank 11/1/05 M blank 2254 
MCCLURE R.C.	BLANK blank	blank 11/5/04 M blank 1328 
MCCLURE Ray	BLANK blank	blank 11/28/08 M blank 4363 
MCCLURE Ray	BLANK blank	blank 11/30/08 M blank 4366 
MCCLURE Robert	BLANK blank	blank 12/1/07 F blank 3700 
MCCLURE Robert	MURRELL Jennie	Nina May 1/4/06 F Decatur 2384 & 2384a
McCLURE Robert (TN)	MURRELL Jennie (TN)	Tallie 11/13/90 M Decatur [del. 22775] 
McCLURE Robert C (TN)	NURRELL Jennie (TN)	Earl Miller 07/08/00 M Decatur [del. 12899] 
McCLURE Robert Charles (TN)	MURRELL Jiny Bell (TN)	Robert Lee 12/27/02 M Decatur [del. 20374] 
MCCLURE S.C.	CARAWAY Ola 	blank 6/24/33 F Decatur [No Image 10805] 
MCCLURE Tom	BLANK blank	blank 10/26/05 ? blank 2242 
MCCLURE Tom	BLANK blank	blank 10/26/05 ? blank 2244 
MCCLUSKEY M.	BLANK blank	blank 7/25/07 M blank 3444 
MCCLUSKEY Rufe	BLANK (Pearl)	blank 11/15/03 F blank 448 
MCCONNE Edgar E. (TX)	TRIBBLE Alma Lee (TX)	blank 9/11/25 F Alvord 8415 
MCCONNELL Asa	BLANK blank	blank 9/29/05 M blank 2166 & 2166a
MCCONNELL J.E.	GOODYEAR Bulah	blank 2/13/15 F blank 6031 
MCCONNELL James William	IRWIN Mamie	Vera Ruth 10/29/04 F Boyd 1307 & 1307a
McCONNELL John Mose (AR)	CARLTON Margrett Francis (TX)	Nora Lea 04/20/89 F Garvin [del. 8525] 
McCONNELL John Mose (TX)	CARLTON Margrett F (TX)	Ora Mae 10/09/86 F Garvin [del. 24333] 
MCCONNELL Lee	BLANK blank	blank 1/27/13 M blank 5643 
MCCORD J.J. (TX)	MINOR Lula (TX)	blank 2/17/23 M Bridgeport 7729 
MCCORD Josh	MINOR Bertha	blank 10/1/13 M blank 5774 
McCORD Martin (MO)	PERKINS Jane (AR)	Rachael Annie 10/02/78 F Chico [del. 15593] 
MCCORLEY G.B.	BLANK blank	blank 2/12/06 M blank 2488 
McCORMACK Joseph Daniel (MC)	BARKSDALE Alice Elizabeth (MS)	Alice Elizabeth 06/24/86 F Greenwood [del. 20951] 
McCORMACK Joseph Daniel (MS)	BARKSDALE Alice Elizabeth (MS)	Stonewall Jackson 11/02/84 M Greenwood [del. 17064] 
McCOWN George (MO)	McKINSEY Margrette Alice (MO)	Myrtle Fern 03/01/95 F Decatur [del. 23495] 
McCOY John M (TN)	LESTER Nancy J (TN)	Cora Ethel 03/15/85 F Decatur [del. 11421] 
McCOY John Melton (MO)	LESTER Nancy Jane (IL)	Thomas Clay 11/15/84 M Bridgeport [del. 20338] 
McCOY John W (TN)	HUBBARD Missouri Catherine (GA)	Mabel 06/11/92 F Alvord [del. 23042] 
McCOY John W (TN)	HUBBARD Missouri Catherine (GA)	Maggie Lee 12/11/93 F Alvord [del. 23041] 
McCOY John Wesley (AR)	HUBBARD Missouri Catherine (GA)	Barbara Oliff 11/16/99 F Audubon [del. 18023] 
McCOY Thomas Henry (TX)	HILL Nanie Viola (TX)	Lovey Mae 11/30/96 F Greenwood [del. 12574] 
McCOY William (?)	ROSE Sarah Aderline (GA)	Mearl Anna 01/19/97 F Alvord [del. 29102] 
McCOY William (TN)	ROSE Sarah Adeline (GA)	Joseph Walter 02/12/85 M Alvord [del. 9987] 
McCOY William Harvey (AR)	ROSE Sarah Adline (GA)	William Edgar 12/30/88 M Decatur [del. 19108] 
MCCRACKEN A.J. (TN)	ROSS Mary (TX)	Chester 4/24/29 M Decatur 9332 
MCCRACKEN G.F.	BLANK Faith	blank 8/20/11 M blank 5327 
McCRACKEN George Franklin (TN)	FAITH Brittie Mart (KY)	Bertie Lee 04/18/89 F Decatur [del. 22463] 
McCRACKEN George Franklin (TN)	FAITH Brittie Mart (KY)	Commie Ella 04/14/92 F Decatur [del. 19298] 
McCRACKEN George Franklin (TN)	FAITH Brittie Mart (KY)	John Banister 10/13/94 M Decatur [del. 19389] 
McCRACKEN George Franklin (TN)	FAITH Brittie Mart (KY)	Corrie Mae 03/13/00 F Decatur [del. 20210] 
McCRACKEN George Franklin (TN)	FAITH Brittle Mart (KY)	Glen Ford 04/15/97 M Decatur [del. 19299] 
McCRACKEN William T (TN)	BELSHE Josephine L (MO)	Bernice 01/20/98 F Marshall OK [del. 6773] 
McCRACKEN William Thomas (TN)	BELCHE Josephine (MO)	Gladys Modena 11/04/95 F Decatur [del. 28661] 
McCRACKEN William Thomas (TN)	BELSHE Josephine L (MO)	William Earl 03/05/93 M Decatur [del. 7997] 
McCRACKEN William Thomas (TN)	BELSHE Josie L (MO)	Willie Blanche 02/21/01 F Chicasaw Nation OK [del. 20415] 
MCCRARY Robert Edgar (AL)	CAGLE Cary Oliver (AL)	Homer James 3/3/29 M Rhome 9279 
MCCRARY Tom	HURD Lonie Josephine	James Howard 2/24/08 M Boyd 3865 & 3865a
MCCRARY Unknown	MCCRARY Lorene	Naomi Gladys 12/26/27 F Rhome 8906 
McCRAW Edward Luther (AL)	SMITH Laura Idella (TX)	Dora Lee 08/10/87 F Newark [del. 14040] 
McCRAW Edward Luther (AL)	SMITH Laura Idella (TX)	Maudie May 05/07/92 F Newark [del. 18482] 
McCRAW Edward Luther (AL)	SMITH Laura Idella (TX)	Robert Houston 10/16/96 M Wise Co [del. 11852] 
McCRAW Edward Luther (AL)	SMITH Laura Idella (TX)	Naomi Trixie 11/21/01 F Newark [del. 18415] 
MCCRAW J.E.	PIKE Mary	blank 10/18/10 F blank 5118 
McCRAW James Enoch (AL)	OAKS Nancy Mahalia (AL)	Enoch Dee 07/10/92 M Aurora [del. 7688] 
MCCRAW L.P.	BLANK blank	blank 3/17/06 F blank 2558 
MCCRAW L.P.	BLANK blank	blank 3/27/08 F blank 3941 
McCRAW Lemuel Smith (AL)	HAYES Julia Ann (TX)	Lara Jane 03/29/82 F Briar [del. 16536] 
MCCRAW Thomas Owens (TX)	NOLER Mary Adaline (TX)	Radie Lorene 8/27/22 F Rhome 7648 
MCCREARY Joseph T.	LISBY Ora Dell	Virginia Josie Lee 4/1/28 F Rhome 8985 
MCCREARY Robert Edgar	CAGLE Carrie Olivia	blank 2/10/28 M Rhome 8943 
McCRIGHT D W (TX)	CASTLES Mary Anna (AR)	Ruby 06/22/98 F Decatur [del. 21308] 
McCRIGHT Doctor Washington (TX)	CASTLE Mary Anna (AR)	Charity Marie 09/16/01 F Rhome [del. 7426] 
McCRIGHT William J (TX)	ESKRIDGE Eliza (SC)	Lena Josephine 01/04/87 F Decatur [del. 14807] 
McCRORY J C (AR)	UNSTED Maggie (AR)	Rosa Elizabeth 07/10/99 F Boonsville [del. 21080] 
McCRORY James Crawford (AR)	EDWARDS Molly (AR)	Edna Sara 07/27/89 F Boonsville [del. 22950] 
MCCRORY Lee Curtis	SLOVER Rebecca Ann	Gladys Evelyn 10/22/15 F blank 6282 & 6282a & 6282b
MCCULLOUGH W.R.	BLANK Belle	blank 4/18/10 M blank 4984 
MCCURDY D.M.	OWEN Sarah E.	Geraldine 1/5/18 F Rhome 6784 
McCURDY Thomas Smith (GA)	GORDON Carrie (NC)	Cura Era 05/22/81 F Chico [del. 7818] 
McCURDY Thomas Smith (GA)	GORDON Carrie (NC)	Carl 12/22/84 M Chico [del. 7573] 
McCURRY Charlie (GA)	HERNDON Nela (GA)	Bobbie 06/13/92 F Paradise [del. 25399] 
MCCURRY Claude	BLANK blank	blank 1/21/12 M blank 5443 
MCCURRY James	PENEDD Sussie	blank 11/25/13 M blank 5795 
MCCURRY Tom	BLANK blank	(twin) 7/30/09 M blank 4712 
MCCURRY Tom	BLANK blank	(twin) 7/30/09 F blank 4713 
MCDANIEL A.	BLANK blank	blank 4/8/04 M blank 795 
McDANIEL Andrew J (MC)	PHILLIPS Missouri Elizabeth (MO)	Jesse James 09/19/84 M Alvord [del. 14941] 
McDANIEL Andrew Jackson (MC)	WILSON Fannie (TN)	Hariam Lafayette 03/15/79 M Alvord [del. 14942] 
McDANIEL Andrew James (MC)	PHILLIPS Missouri Elizabeth (MO)	Riley 08/29/96 M Alvord [del. 10043] 
MCDANIEL C.R.	SMALL Leona	blank 2/25/17 M blank 6560 & [delayed 6380 & 6379]
MCDANIEL Charles (TX)	BARRETT Abbie (TX)	Iris 10/19/25 F Decatur 8446 
MCDANIEL Clye	BLANK blank	blank 8/9/06 M blank 2824 
MCDANIEL Edgar	BLANK E.	Willard Allen (twins)(Charlie Roy) 7/8/03 M blank 99 & [delayed 9424]
MCDANIEL Elwood	REED Fay	blank 10/15/31 F blank [No Image 10259] 
MCDANIEL G. (TX)	MOODY Cora (TX)	blank 6/25/18 F Bridgeport 6924 
MCDANIEL George	MCREA Alice O.	Lena Emma 3/31/18 F Newark 6849 
McDANIEL George Washington (AL)	TIPPEN Nannie (TX)	Samuel Centenial Read 08/07/76 M Decatur [del. 12419] 
McDANIEL Granvil W (AR)	CARTER Jocie (TX)	Thomas Luther 05/05/82 M Decatur [del. 15281] 
McDANIEL Granvil W (AR)	CARTER Jocie (TX)	Asher W 08/18/84 M Decatur [del. 15282] 
MCDANIEL J.E.	BLANK May	blank 6/17/07 F blank 3391 
MCDANIEL J.I.	BLANK blank	blank 7/9/11 F blank 5298 
MCDANIEL J.I., Jr. (TX)	WRIGHT Naomi (TX)	Patricia 6/10/29 F Decatur 9370 
MCDANIEL J.T.	BLANK Maggie	blank 1/9/07 F blank 3099 
McDANIEL James Andrews (TN)	PHILLIPS Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Claud Roy 01/13/93 M Alvord [del. 13602] 
MCDANIEL Jessie	BLANK M.L.	Sybel 7/22/04 F blank 1040 
MCDANIEL John	BLANK Allie	blank 3/10/06 M blank 2543 
MCDANIEL John	BLANK Allie	blank 6/4/08 M blank 4070 
MCDANIEL John	BLANK blank	blank 1/29/06 M blank 2457 
MCDANIEL John	MADDUX Allie	blank 8/7/15 M blank 6187 
McDANIEL John Craig (AR)	CARTER Harriett Elizabeth (TX)	Cora 03/15/92 F Sycamore [del. 13502] 
McDANIEL John Edgar (TX)	DOBSON Mary Ethel (TX)	Edith Lillian 02/04/00 F Sycamore [del. 10103] 
McDANIEL John I (AR)	CECIL Maggie P (TX)	Dessie Cecil 11/13/95 F Greenwood [del. 12783] 
McDANIEL John I (AR)	CECIL Maggie P (TX)	Lessie Viola 07/25/97 F Greenwood [del. 12782] 
MCDANIEL John R. (MO)	HALE Nannie (MO)	Pearl 10/19/21 F Decatur 7503 
MCDANIEL John S.	MADDOX Allie	blank 3/17/13 M blank 5668 
McDANIEL Joseph E (MO)	CLAWSON Mary Alice (TX)	Muriel Claudie Kaysandra 09/09/96 F Bridgeport [del. 12467] 
MCDANIEL L.S.	BLANK L.M., Mrs.	blank 7/31/05 M blank 2016 
McDANIEL Larkin S (AR)	BARNETT Mollie (TX)	Mary Annie 09/18/91 F Balsora [del. 24792] 
MCDANIEL Larkin Scott	BARNETT Mary Lou	Cue Ell 9/9/16 F Bridgeport 6472 & 6472a
MCDANIEL Larkin Scott	MOODY Cora Matilda	Ernest Clarence 2/19/10 M blank 4936 & 4936a
McDANIEL Larkin Scott (TN)	BARNETT Mary (TX)	Flora Matilda 11/01/94 F Boonsville [del. 23628] 
MCDANIEL Larkin Scott (TX)	MOODY Cora Matilda (TX)	Reaford Cordell 9/4/14 M Bridgeport 5955 & 5955a
MCDANIEL Marvin	WALKER Emma	blank 1/8/33 M Decatur [No Image 10653] 
MCDANIEL R.D. (TX)	SANDERS Florence (TX)	James Silvester 4/3/24 M Bridgeport 8042 
MCDANIEL Richard Don	SAUNDERS Florence Winford	Anna Lee 2/7/28 M Decatur 8938 & 8938a
McDANIEL Robert Lee (AL)	OTTS Rita Jane (TX)	Stella May 03/04/94 F Decatur [del. 28689] 
McDANIEL W W (MC)	GEE Mary (TN)	Cora 12/22/87 F Sunset [del. 22076] 
MCDANIEL W.M.	BLANK Nancy	blank 11/29/03 M blank 473 
MCDANIEL Walter	DAMERSON Allie	blank 1/1/30 F Decatur [No Image 9543] 
MCDANIEL Walter (TX)	DAMRON Alice (TX)	Russell Bennett 2/22/24 M Decatur 8013 & 8013a
MCDANIEL Webb	BLANK blank	blank 10/14/05 M blank 2215 
McDANIEL Wiley W (KS)	CLIFTON Serene (MO)	Walter Calvin 06/25/87 M Greenwood [del. 14601] 
McDANIEL Wiley White (AR)	CLIFTON Serene Williams (MO)	Katie Pearl 01/07/98 F Decatur [del. 7114] 
McDANIEL William M (MO)	PIPER Martha Jane (TX)	Charles Thomas 06/05/96 M Slidell [del. 20826] 
McDANIEL William T (MS)	FELDERS Mollie (MS)	Benson 07/11/89 M Decatur [del. 23496] 
MCDANIELD John H.	RANDOLPH Vivian	J.E., Jr. 10/10/32 M Decatur [No Image 10587] 
MCDARNELL B.D.	BLANK blank	blank 9/1/10 F blank 5085 
McDONALD Arch M (TX)	ALEXANDER Emma (TX)	Lonnie William 09/01/90 M Decatur [del. 8289] 
McDONALD Arch M (TX)	ALEXANDER Emma (TX)	Hubert Paul 02/21/93 M Decatur [del. 8290] 
McDONALD Archie M (TX)	ROGERS Emma (TX)	Archie Buford 02/27/84 M Decatur [del. 7687] 
MCDONALD C.E.	MORROW Angie	Leroy E. 11/6/29 M blank [No Image 9503] 
MCDONALD C.E.	MORROW Angie	Ira Mae 11/8/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10327] 
MCDONALD C.E.	MORROW Augie	blank 1/25/28 M Felghurgle 8923 
MCDONALD C.E.	MORROW S.A.	Maudie E. 10/12/33 F Newark [No Image 10907] 
MCDONALD Charles L. (TX)	HUDDLESTON Thelma B. (TX)	Thelma Marie 5/7/20 F Newark 7245 
MCDONALD Charles Leslie (TX)	HUDDLESTON Thelma B. (TX)	Abbie Lou 11/3/29 F Newark 9498 
MCDONALD D.M. (TX)	OTTOM Mattie (MO)	Mary Ruth 1/19/29 F Alvord 9242 
McDONALD Frank (Ireland)	BAGBY Mary (TX)	Benjamin Franklin 03/24/90 M Paradise [del. 9795] 
MCDONALD Hugh T.	FREEMAN Virginia	Katherine A. 4/3/31 F Slidell [No Image 10025] 
MCDONALD J.	WARNER Artty	blank 6/14/14 F blank 5912 & [delayed 10/30/42]
MCDONALD J.J. (TX)	WARNER Artie I. (TX)	blank 5/5/23 M Alvord 7791 
McDONALD James Manning (TX)	PERRY Esther (TX)	Charles Burnett 11/14/93 M Chico [del. 7190] 
McDONALD James Manning (TX)	PERRY Jonnie Esther (TX)	Roy Byrd 10/01/96 M Chico [del. 12346] 
MCDONALD John	WARNER Andie	Franklin Fred 12/23/33 M Alvord [No Image 10970] 
MCDONALD John	WARNER Ardie	George Maurice 11/17/30 M Alvord [No Image 9873] 
MCDONALD John Thomas	APPLING Mary LouVena	Derestine 8/15/04 F Park Springs 1111 & 1111a
MCDONALD John Thomas (TX)	APPLING Mary LouVena (AR)	Kerney Washington 9/2/06 M Park Springs 2882 & 2882a
McDONALD Kerney (AL)	WEST Tempa Ann (TN)	Anna Mariah 05/05/87 F Park Springs [del. 23278] 
McDONALD Kerney (GA)	NEAREN Annie (TN)	James Robert 09/17/78 M Park Springs [del. 13757] 
MCDONALD M.E.	QUINN Hilda	Phyllis 6/15/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10113] 
McDONALD Mark (Ireland)	LEWIS Mary Ann (TX)	Andrew Jackson 12/02/86 M Alvord [del. 9013] 
McDONALD Mark (Ireland)	LEWIS Mary Ann (TX)	Annie 01/08/93 F Alvord [del. 29502] 
McDONALD Mark (Ireland)	LEWIS Mary Ann (TX)	Sam 01/07/97 M Alvord [del. 12142] 
McDONALD Mark (Ireland)	LEWIS Mary Ann (TX)	Emma Jane 12/13/98 F Alvord [del. 29501] 
McDONALD Mark (Ireland)	LEWIS Mary Ann (TX)	Hanora 12/15/78 F Alvord [del. 8486] 
McDONALD Mark Sr (Ireland)	LEWIS Mary Ann (TX)	Mark Jr 09/12/91 M Alvord [del. 8749] 
MCDONALD Newton F. (TX)	BURNS Susie J. (TX)	Barbara 1/3/21 F Bridgeport 7331 
MCDONALD Ruben J. (AL)	BLANK Rudall (TX)	Velma Anderson 1/2/25 F Rhome 8238 
MCDONALD S.H.	BLANK Katie	blank 7/25/12 F blank 5553 
MCDONALD W.G.	GIBSON Cleo	Jackie Lee 8/10/33 M Alvord [No Image 10860] 
MCDONALD W.O. (OK)	PRICE Willie (TX)	Vera Lue 11/8/24 M Decatur 8210 & 8210a
MCDONALD W.O. (TX)	PRICE Willie (TX)	blank 12/17/23 M Decatur 7956 
MCDONALD William	ELSOM Wm.	blank 9/12/13 M blank 5767 
McDONALD William Marion (GA)	WHITTAKER Lillie Jane (KY)	Flossie Ella 04/04/98 F Decatur [del. 9051] 
McDONALD William Melvin (TX)	THOMAS Louella (TN)	James Melvin 10/29/92 M Chico [del. 24523] 
McDONALD William Webster (MS)	CALDWELL Lula Jane (MC)	John Houston 09/30/96 M Chico [del. 24883] 
McDONALD William Webster (MS)	CALDWELL Lula Jane (MC)	Daniel Eugene 03/04/99 M Chico [del. 4974] 
MCDONNALL C.H. (TX)	MANSFIELD Katie (TX)	blank 6/15/23 F Crafton 7822 
MCDOWELL blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/10/03 F blank 493 
MCDOWELL blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/21/06 F blank 2563 
MCDOWELL Bruce	BLANK blank	blank 3/16/11 ? blank 5196 
MCDOWELL J.H.	BLANK S.	blank 4/30/04 M blank 852 
MCDOWELL J.M.	BLANK blank	blank 8/27/08 M blank 4207 
McDOWELL James Elec (MO)	GIBSON Lucy Ellen (TX)	Dollie Mae 11/13/98 F Paradise [del. 13289] 
McDOWELL Jim C (MO)	GIBSON Ellen (TX)	Ernest Sam 01/12/92 M Decatur [del. 24402] 
McDOWELL Joe Henery (TX)	ALLRED Nannie (TX)	Alvin Bates 04/27/02 M Decatur [del. 8526] 
MCDOWELL Joseph Henry	ALLRED Samantha	Morris Shepperd 11/18/11 M Decatur 5406 & 5406a & 5406b
McDOWELL Joseph Henry (AR)	ALLRED Samantha (MO)	Lona Leon 11/10/89 F Decatur [del. 20743] 
MCDOWELL Marion L.	BLANK Maggie	Eustice E? 5/30/09 M blank 4650 
MCDOWELL Will	BLANK Ida	blank 9/3/06 M blank 2883 
MCDUFFEY William E.	BLANK Millie	blank 2/23/11 M blank 5178 
MCDUFFEY William E. (TX)	HOYSE Mary Frances (TX)	Mersel Aftina 9/13/09 F Boonsville 4770 
MCELHANEY James D.	POTEET Reba	Jo Ann 3/5/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9992] 
MCELHANEY James Dexter	POTEET Reba	Bettye Jane 7/26/28 F Chico 9064 
McELHANEY Joseph (IN)	PASCHALL Virginia Ellen (TN)	Vergil Dewitt 06/03/98 M Chico [del. 4841] 
McELHANEY Joseph (IN)	PASCHALL Virginia Ellen (TN)	Flora Irene 01/17/00 F Chico [del. 23265] 
MCELHANY Joe	BLANK Jennie	blank 8/20/03 M blank 201 & [delayed 10172]
McELREATH John Matthews (TX)	BROOKSHIER Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Annie Myrie 09/06/01 F Decatur [del. 18371] 
McELREATH John M (TN)	BROOKSHIRE Elizabeth (TX)	Hattie Lee 01/06/00 F Decatur [del. 18483] 
McELREATH Reuben Pinkney (GA)	OXFORD Melcina Haseltine (MS)	Annie Meheta Belle 08/10/96 F Alvord [del. 20450] 
McELREATH Warren Franklin (GA)	KEMP Laura Caroline (GA)	Ila 10/28/88 F Chico [del. 10044] 
McELREATH Warren Franklin (GA)	KEMP Laura Caroline (GA)	Neal Palmer 12/08/90 M Chico [del. 10045] 
McELROY Druey Marion (GA)	EARRICK Josephine (OH)	Lola Elizabeth 09/14/94 F Bridgeport [del. 22764] 
McELROY Druey Marion (GA)	EARRICK Josephine (OH)	Hettie Mae 01/18/98 F Bridgeport [del. 22763] 
McELROY Druey Marion (GA)	EARRICK Josephine (OH)	Dessie Ovie 09/22/02 F Bridgeport [del. 22762] 
McELROY Jonathan Brownlow (TN)	RAWLSTON Laura Ann (GA)	Bertha 06/08/98 F Bridgeport [del. 11101] 
MCELROY T.J.	BLANK Sarah	blank 8/21/03 F blank 211 & [delayed 13760]
McELROY Thomas J (KY)	CASEY Sarah A (TX)	Ora 10/29/94 F Decatur [del. 16200] 
McELROY Thomas Johnson (KY)	CASEY Sarah Angeline (TX)	Orin Winfred 02/19/01 M Decatur [del. 17850] 
McELWREATH Reuben Pinkney (GA)	OXFORD Melcina (MS)	Carsin Pinkney 09/29/97 F Alvord [del. 14451] 
MCENTIRE Ab	BLANK blank	(twin) 4/27/09 M blank 4609 
MCENTIRE Ab	BLANK blank	(twin) 4/27/09 F blank 4610 
McENTIRE Ab Washington (TN)	BOULWARE Laura Anna (TX)	Onie Mae 10/23/02 F Bridgeport [del. 8294] 
MCENTIRE Albert W.	BOULWARE Laura Anna	Lilla Della 2/2/04 F Bridgeport 630 & 0630a
MCENTIRE Clive	BLANK blank	blank 1/30/10 M blank 4925 
McENTIRE Daniel Turner (TN)	HOPPER Katie (TX)	Robert Daniel 10/14/02 M Alvord [del. 5442] 
MCENTIRE Dick	BLANK blank	blank 2/19/09 M blank 4502 
MCENTIRE Earnest	BLANK blank	blank 6/13/07 M blank 3386 
MCENTIRE Earnest Franklin (TN)	LANGSTON Alice Alfretta (AR)	Mary Magdeline 2/1/09 F Decatur 4466 & 4466a
MCENTIRE Earnest P.	BLANK blank	blank 11/23/10 F blank 5132 
McENTIRE George W (AL)	REYNOLDS Sarah Elizabeth (AL)	Aubrey Houston 06/17/94 M Decatur [del. 14517] 
McENTIRE George W (AL)	REYNOLDS Sarah Elizabeth (AL)	Albert Washington 07/10/97 M Decatur [del. 14518] 
MCENTIRE J.D.	BLANK blank	Attie Marie 8/19/11 M blank 5326 
MCENTIRE J.D. (TN)	MORRIS Mary Ellen (TN)	Attie Marie 12/16/07 M blank 3728 
MCENTIRE J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 9/11/05 M blank 2135 
McENTIRE Jasper Dan (TN)	MORRIS Mary Ellen (TN)	Lawrence Ward 08/23/02 M Decatur [del. 20375] 
McENTIRE Jasper Daniel (AL)	SHRADER Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Daniel Turner 02/21/80 M Giles Co TN [del. 11749] 
McENTIRE Jasper Daniel (GA)	MORRIS Mary Ellen (TN)	Harmel Coy 01/19/96 M Decatur [del. 7382] 
MCENTIRE Turner	BLANK blank	blank 3/14/09 F blank 4555 
MCENTIRE Turner	BLANK blank	blank 8/11/12 F blank 5561 
MCENTYRE O.N.	BLANK S.	blank 1/9/04 M blank 574 
MCFARLAND John	BLANK Wenie	blank 2/1/09 M blank 4465 
MCGAHA J.A.	WHITE B.L.	blank 6/21/30 M Decatur [No Image 9733] 
MCGAHA James A.	WHITE Bonnie Lee (TX)	James Loyd 1/30/29 M Greenwood 9259 
McGAHA John (TN)	FARAR Martha Jane (TN)	James Arthur 02/03/94 M Sevier Co TN [del. 14647] 
MCGANGHEY A.P.	HORNBECK Gertie	blank 9/19/11 F blank 5364 
McGARVAN Robert James (TX)	MILLER Bernice Edna (TX)	Lloyd Wilbur 08/18/97 M Boyd 51 & [del. 3040] 
MCGAUGHAY Harvey (TX)	GREGG Mary Lee (TX)	blank 8/3/24 F Alvord 8130 
MCGAUGHEY Bert	BLANK blank	blank 11/30/04 F blank 1403 
MCGAUGHEY O.P.	HORNBECK Gertie	blank 7/1/05 M blank 6435 
MCGAUGHEY Odom Plumer (AR)	HORNBECK Gertrude (TX)	Valeria 1/26/07 F Rural Wise Co. 3138 & 3138a
MCGAUGHEY Sam	BLANK Lillian	blank 10/13/07 M blank 3609 
MCGAUGHEY Samuel  (GA)	ALSTON Lillian A.	Reba Dot (Ark) 1/18/06 F Decatur 2421 & 2421a & 2421b
McGAUGHEY Thomas Dick (AL)	HAMILTON Almita Elizabeth (TN)	Lexie Harvey 09/07/94 M Alvord [del. 3846] 
McGAUGHEY Thomas Dick (TN)	HAMILTON Almeda Elizabeth (TN)	Jewel Knox 05/15/97 M Alvord [del. 10612] 
MCGEE blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/9/07 M blank 3474 
MCGEE C.C.	BLANK N.E.	blank 10/13/08 M blank 4299 
MCGEE C.C.	BLANK Nannie	blank 6/13/04 F blank 946 
MCGEE C.C.	BLANK Nannie	blank 8/10/06 M blank 2832 
MCGEE E.L.	BLANK N.I., Mrs	blank 10/5/05 M blank 2190 
MCGEE E.L. (TX)	O'BRIEN Clara Mae (TX)	Joy Lea 2/25/24 F Alvord 8018 & 8018a
McGEE Edgar Trent (AR)	BEAVERS Flora (AL)	Homer Edgar 10/15/85 M Alvord [del. 6136] 
McGEE Edgar Trent (AR)	BEAVERS Flora (AL)	Orville Lafayette 06/05/98 M Alvord [del. 10728] 
McGEE Edgar Trent (AR)	BEAVERS Flora (AL)	Fred 08/05/00 M Alvord [del. 28045] 
MCGEE Elza	BROWN Ollie	blank 6/14/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10110] 
MCGEE F.A.	BLANK blank	blank 5/22/06 M blank 2680 
MCGEE F.A.	BLANK Cynthia	blank 2/8/04 M blank 643 
MCGEE F.A.	BLANK Synthia	blank 2/10/08 F blank 3838 
MCGEE John	BLANK Della	blank 7/15/07 M blank 3425 
McGEE John H (MO)	JACKSON Mary I (MO)	Lockie Albert 06/24/99 F Chico [del. 6600] 
McGEE John Harvey (MO)	JACKSON Mary Idella (MO)	Elza H 08/25/92 M Park Springs [del. 26687] 
McGEE John Harvey (MO)	JACKSON Mary Idella (MO)	Eldon Iral 12/11/94 M Chico [del. 6382] 
McGEE John W (MO)	WELCH Clearsie E (MO)	John Harvey 02/06/00 M Sunset [del. 31301] 
McGEE John Welch (MO)	WELCH Clearsie Eveline (MO)	Clora Mae 10/22/98 F Sunset [del. 10840] 
MCGEE Marion	DODGEN Maggie	George Calvin 4/30/27 M Decatur 8791 & 8791a 
MCGEE Marion	DODSON M.M.	Bettie Maye 3/10/32 F Decatur [No Image 10585] 
MCGEE Pat	BLANK blank	blank 2/15/15 F blank 6034 
MCGEE Robert	BLANK blank	blank 6/19/05 F blank 1904 
McGEE William Forrest (AR)	SMITH Lorena Wella (TN)	William Claude 12/19/89 M Alvord [del. 11137] 
MCGLASSON Horace H.	FOWLER Lola Belle	William Hugh 5/2/28 M Decatur 9007 & 9007a
MCGLASSON Horace H. (TX)	FOWLER Lola Bell (TX)	Dorothy Lee 10/21/21 F Decatur 7497 
MCGLAUGHLIN George	BLANK Laura	blank 4/5/06 F blank 2593 
MCGOODWIN Sid W. (TX)	LUSK Ethel F. (TX)	Omlia 12/27/23 F Rhome 7962 
MCGOODWIN Sidney (TX)	TEETLE Ethel (TX)	Novaline 2/22/29 F Rhome 9270 
MCGOODWIN Sidney W.	TEETLE Ethel F.	Dorris Lenelta 10/22/31 F Rhome [No Image 10269] 
MCGOUGHEY A.P.	HORNBECK Gertie	blank 9/19/11 F blank 53 
MCGOUGHEY L.H. (TX)	GREGG Lee (TX)	Bonnie 5/12/29 F Alvord 9345 
MCGOUGHEY Sam	BLANK Alston	blank 11/24/11 F blank 5412 
MCGOUGHY Samuel (GA)	ALSTON Lillian Ann (AR)	Mary Edna 7/11/09 Decatur 4689 & 4689a
McGOVERN John (SC)	RUSSELL Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Thomas Horrel 02/28/90 M Sycamore [del. 5829] 
McGOVERN John (SC)	RUSSELL Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Alda Gertrude 12/01/91 F Decatur [del. 25273] 
MCGOVERN John Abran	KELLUM Louella	Kenneth Jackson 9/21/30 M Decatur [No Image 9827] 
MCGOVERN John Abran	KELLUM Lovella	Ruth Elizabeth 2/28/27 F Decatur 8752 & 8752a & 8752b
MCGOVERN John Abran (TX)	KELLUM Lou Ella (TX)	Garland Douglas 9/30/25 M Decatur 8434 & 8434a
MCGOVERN T.G.	WARNER Elva	Vada Faye 9/10/15 F blank 6234 
MCGOVERN Thomas	ROSENBURG Ruby	Vada Faye 7/17/17 F Slidell 6657 & 6657a
McGOWAN Ace Goode (TN)	YOUNG Fannie (KY)	Samuel Ace 01/28/79 M Aurora [del. 8148] 
MCGOWAN Sam	BLANK Edna	blank 6/9/04 F blank 936 
McGOWAN Samuel Asly (TX)	VESSELS Edna Pearl (AL)	Mary Lee 07/23/99 F Boyd [del. 10287] 
MCGRANT Lawrence (MN)	WRIGHT Beatrice B. (TX)	blank 10/17/24 F Decatur 8184 
McGUAIRT Jack (AR)	WHITLOW Mary (MS)	Henry Cundiff 09/09/99 M Decatur [del. 7112] 
McGUAIRT Jack (TN)	WHITLOW Mollie (TN)	Ruie Katherine 05/05/92 F Decatur [del. 25475] 
McGUIRE Frank Marion (TX)	SMITH Mollie Elizabeth (IA)	Frank Marion 12/10/80 M Decatur [del. 20719] 
MCGUIRE J.R.	BLANK M.E.	blank 1/31/08 M blank 3818 
MCGUIRE John	STONE Mary	Roxie Gladys 4/5/05 F Chico 1718 & 1718a & 1718b & 1718c
McGUIRE John Frank (TX)	ESTES Maggie Elizabeth (TX)	Ras Sanfley 01/11/00 M Decatur [del. 5970] 
McGUIRE Robert E Lee (TX)	CARTWRIGHT Alice Nova (TX)	Lounette 06/20/98 F Chico [del. 14913] 
McGUIRE William Sanford (TX)	CLARK Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Marshall Commadore 09/15/02 M Chico [del. 6947] 
McGUIRE William Sanford (TX)	JOHNSON Ada (OK)	Robert Edward Lee 05/06/95 M Chico [del. 27857] 
McILVAIN James Hazard (IL)	ADAMS Annie A (TX)	James William 06/18/82 M Decatur [del. 7632] 
MCINTIRE A.W.	BLANK blank	blank 4/28/05 F blank 1775 
MCINTIRE blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/03 M blank 254 
MCINTIRE D.J.	BLANK K.L.	blank 10/14/04 M blank 1271 
MCINTIRE E.W.	HUBBARD Doris	Dave 4/22/31 M Alvord [No Image 10051] 
MCINTIRE Earnest	BLANK blank	blank 12/3/05 M blank 2324 
MCINTIRE Earnest (TX)	HANCOCK Dorcie (TX)	Glenn Walker 9/28/28 M Alvord 9133 & [delayed 3/30/45]
MCINTYRE F.F.	PENROD blank	blank 5/14/17 M blank 6623 
McINTYRE Leonard Gary (LA)	LEE Mattie Davis (TN)	John Phillip 11/09/92 M Alvord [del. 9300] 
MCKATHAN J.E.	BLANK Dovie	blank 12/30/06 M blank 3082 
MCKAY A.M.	BLANK blank	Pribble 10/17/10 M blank 5117 
MCKAY C.A. (TX)	BUCKNER Mary (TX)	blank 2/28/24 M Park Springs 8020 
MCKAY C.L.	THOMPSON Sue	Kenneth Leon 9/14/31 M Maras [No Image 10218] 
McKAY Dolphus Smith (TN)	NEELY Laura (TX)	Claude Edward 12/18/86 M Crafton [del. 21525] 
McKAY Dolphus Smith (TN)	NEELY Laura (TX)	Ophia Leslie 04/04/90 F Crafton [del. 21526] 
MCKAY J.M.	TIPTON Lula	Opal Naomi 8/30/03 F Park Springs 235 & 0235a
MCKAY Jerimah M. (TN)	TIPTON Addie Callie (GA)	Calvin Luther 11/6/06 M Park Springs 2999 & 2999a
McKAY Jerry Miah (TN)	TIPTON Addie California (GA)	Beatrice Bell 03/11/99 F Park Springs [del. 25585] 
McKAY Jerry M (TN)	TIPTON Callie A (GA)	Thomas Orion 07/27/95 M Chico [del. 27946] 
McKAY John Milton (TN)	TIPTON Lula Ann (GA)	Jewel Ermma 06/07/94 F Park Springs [del. 18138] 
MCKEE Bob	BLANK blank	blank 8/19/17 M blank 6678 
MCKEE Lonnie (AL)	SLIMP Pearl (TX)	blank 1/31/20 M Rhome 7202 
MCKEE Wester A. (AL)	SLIMP Roda Pearl (TX)	Dorothy June 9/13/28 F Rhome 9121 
MCKEE William Henry	BLANK blank	blank 7/5/17 M Decatur 6653 
McKEEHAN Charles Houston (AR)	WRIGHT Nancy N (TX)	William Tocson 02/20/84 M Alvord [del. 13845] 
MCKENSIE J.C.	HALL Lizzie	blank 11/17/17 F Alvord 6757 
MCKENZIE J.A.	BLANK Julia	blank 4/16/08 F blank 3976 
MCKENZIE L.M.	WILSON May	Talmadge Edward 4/27/32 M Chico [No Image 10419] 
MCKETHAN James Elda (TN)	NEWMAN Dovie Lee (MO)	Sylvia Irene 12/6/08 F Bridgeport 4376 & 4376a
MCKIBBEN G.D.	STOCK F.E.	Bobby Glen 5/31/31 M blank [No Image 10086] 
MCKIBBEN Orvil H. (MI)	ROMAN Carrie Irene (TX)	Ruby Evelyne 12/29/13 F Bridgeport 5808 & 5808a
MCKIBBEN T.P. (MS)	KIRKLAND Lathe (TX)	blank 2/12/22 M Bridgeport 7546 
MCKIBBIN F.P. (MO)	KIRKLAND Lottie (TX)	Lottie Opal 9/27/23 F Bridgeport 7903 
McKINLEY John Rice (KY)	SIMPSON Sarah Ella (TX)	Leona 09/16/95 F Decatur [del. 18960] 
McKINLEY John Rice (KY)	SIMPSON Sarah Ella (TX)	Pearl 11/18/01 F Sunset [del. 24637] 
McKINNEY Billie (AR)	WALKER Maggie (MO)	James Benjamon 04/14/81 M Crafton [del. 18021] 
MCKINNEY E.Z.	BLANK blank	Bethel 8/3/04 F blank 1074 
McKINNEY Ezekiel (AR)	BOYD Virginia (TX)	Velma Lee 09/09/02 F Greenwood [del. 24736] 
MCKINNEY Harry L. (AL)	APPLELIN Annie Lee (TX)	H.L., Jr. 10/29/19 M Park Springs 7153 
MCKINNEY J.S. (TX)	FLANAGAN Mary Ann (TX)	Myrtle Hazel 1/9/20 F Park Springs 7191 
McKINNEY Jacob Samuel (TX)	FLANAGAN Mary Eliza (TX)	Clarence Orvin 01/08/02 M Decatur [del. 6261] 
MCKINNEY Jacob Samuel (TX)	FLANIGAN Mary Eliza (TX)	Etta Ann 12/21/07 F Park Springs 3740 & 3740a
MCKINNEY James (MS)	DURHAM Matilda Jane (MO)	Ervin Lee 2/13/14 M Slidell 5858 & 5858a
McKINNEY James Carroll (TX)	BENTON Elizabeth (MO)	Elbert Young 12/17/96 M Decatur [del. 19164] 
MCKINNEY Jim	BLANK Tildy	blank 1/22/09 M blank 4452 
MCKINNEY John Ross	CEARLEY Lola	Johnnie 11/12/30 M blank [No Image 9852] 
MCKINNEY P.F.	BLANK Lula	blank 10/3/07 M blank 3587 
MCKINNEY R.L.	BLANK Lula	blank 9/13/09 F blank 4771 
McKINNEY Robert Benjamin (KY)	FAUBUSH Mary Frances (KY)	Everett 07/01/02 M Greenwood [del. 23384] 
MCKINNEY Sam	BLANK Eliza	blank 2/18/05 F blank 1606 
MCKINNEY Sam Jake (TX)	FLAING Mary Elsie (TX)	Minnie Lee 8/2/23 F Park Springs 7869 
McKINNEY Samuel Hasting (AL)	BATTLE Mary Jane (AL)	Georgia Aline 04/29/00 F Madison Co AL [del. 14037] 
MCKINNEY W.J. (TX)	BLANK Martha Paralee (TN)	Mary Alice 8/16/08 F Park Springs 4189 & 4189a
MCKINNEY William	BLANK Annie M., Mrs.	blank 8/6/17 F blank [No Image 6673] 
McKINNEY William Henry (MO)	WALKER Margaret (MO)	Alice Fadona 02/08/80 F Crafton [del. 16746] 
MCKINNON blank	CARPENTER M.E.	blank 12/11/31 M Rhome [No Image 10301] 
MCKINNON John	BLANK Belva P.	Joice Lavina 4/28/30 F blank [No Image 9672] 
MCKINNON John	INWON Belva	Doris Odena 4/15/27 F Boyd 8784 
MCKINNON R.	BLANK Cora	blank blank ? blank 2281 
MCKINNON R.M.	BLANK Cora	blank 7/29/04 M blank 1065 
MCKINNON Rufus	ELAN Cora	blank 1/22/18 M Newark 6802 
McKINNON Rufus (TX)	ELAN Cora (TX)	James Monroe 09/23/94 M Rhome [del. 23768] 
McKINNON Rufus (TX)	ELAN Cora (TX)	George 07/26/99 M Willow Point [del. 6027] 
MCKINON R.L. (TX)	ALDRIDGE Velma P. (KS)	blank 2/17/26 M Boyd 8542 
MCKNIGHT Capso	MUSE Eugene V.	Robert K. 9/7/31 M Boyd [No Image 10213] 
MCKNIGHT Charles O. (TX)	MUSE Lorene (TX)	Charles Thomas 7/11/29 M Boyd 9396 
McLAIN David Logan (IL)	BROWN Rosanna (TX)	William Alfred 03/26/91 M Boyd [del. 8692] 
McLAIN David Logan (IL)	BROWN Rosanna (TX)	Jessie James 12/18/92 M Boyd [del. 8693] 
McLAIN Norvel Green (TX)	MANNING Dora Milissie (TX)	James Herschel 08/20/99 M Chico [del. 13978] 
McLAIN R E (TX)	HUTCHENS Mary Idella (MO)	Festus D Vernon 08/25/99 M Alvord [del. 25297] 
MCLAIN Woody (TX)	LYNN Fannie M. (OK)	Frances Opal 12/14/18 F Newark 7017 & 7017a
McLANE John Andrew (MO)	RUSSELL Mary Virginia (AR)	Charles L 03/22/95 M Alvord [del. 11871] 
McLAUGHLIN George Rezin (AR)	KELLER Laura Elizabeth (TX)	Mattie Faye 04/02/01 F Alvord [del. 12222] 
McLAUGHLIN Henry (AR)	ROGERS Sallie (TX)	James Thomas 07/08/81 M Decatur [del. 18239] 
McLESTER James (IN)	ADAMS Margaret (AL)	Winnie Elizabeth 01/28/90 F Decatur [del. 9587] 
McLESTER James (IN)	ADAMS Margaret Isabelle (AL)	George Patrick 02/10/85 M Decatur [del. 10537] 
McLESTER James (India)	ADAMS Margaret (TX)	Callie 12/09/86 F Wise Co [del. 8527] 
McMAHAN Henry Harrison (MO)	CHALLENGE Rosanna (IL)	Orin 06/12/82 M Greenwood [del. 12572] 
McMAHAN Henry Harrison (MO)	CRALLINS Rose Anna (IL)	Vivie Inez 02/23/89 F Brumlow [del. 22700] 
McMAHAN William Wesley (TX)	MEADOR Sarah E (TN)	Edward Eugene 12/28/96 M Brumlow [del. 4202] 
McMATH Sidney Smith (AR)	RUDD Lula May (AR)	Myrtle Sidney 12/30/94 F Decatur [del. 24919] 
McMATH Sidney Smith (AR)	RUDD Lula May (AR)	Baylor Hogg 11/24/96 M Decatur [del. 24918] 
MCMATH William Jasper	PARSON Mary Etta	William Nolan 12/23/16 M Alvord 6528 & 6528a
McMATH William Jasper (TX)	PARSON Mary Etta (TX)	Clarence Milton 12/12/01 M Alvord [del. 20950] 
McMULLEN Joseph D (TX)	McGOWAN Carrie Viola (MO)	Wavia Bell 02/05/96 F Johnson Co OK [del. 13796] 
MCMURRAY Clide	BLANK blank	blank 8/9/07 M blank 3473 
McMURRAY George Washington (TN)	GAINES Mary Lena (AR)	Annalee 10/11/94 F Crafton [del. 11748] 
McMURRAY James Franklin (AL)	FOWLER Sally Logan (AL)	Myrtle Elsie 01/07/91 F Alvord [del. 21921] 
MCMURRAY W.J.	BLANK E.L.	Harvie 5/29/05 F blank 1850 
MCMURREY Marcus	HARDY Bessie	blank 10/1/32 M Rhome [No Image 10575] 
McMURRY James Robert (TN)	JONES Beadie (TN)	Connie Cleveland 12/07/92 M Crafton [del. 7268] 
McMURRY James Robert (TN)	JONES Bedie Elizabeth (TN)	Ray 10/02/94 M Crafton [del. 7425] 
McMURRY William James (TN)	OLIVER Eula Lee (AL)	William Burns 12/06/98 M Crafton [del. 12182] 
MCNAB Guy	BLANK blank	blank 7/11/08 M blank 4129 
MCNAIR Robert J.	MEDES Bell	blank 9/12/13 M blank 5766 
MCNALLY J.W.	BLANK Ada	blank 11/3/07 F blank 3650 
MCNALLY John William	MIRES Ada Magnola	Claude Joseph 4/18/05 M Chico 1753 & 1753a
McNALLY William John (MO)	MIRES Ada (TX)	William Everett 01/14/00 M Chico [del. 27894] 
MCNEAL William Millard	HOLLIS Annie LaRue	Betsy Helen 12/3/11 F Alvord 5417 & 5417a
MCNEELEY Albert (TX)	CHILTON Fannie L. (TX)	blank 6/22/19 M Greenwood 7101 
MCNEELEY Bill (TX)	BEATTY Minnie (TX)	blank 6/19/21 F Greenwood 7415 
McNEELEY James William (TX)	HOLDEN Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Albert 05/02/83 M Greenwood [del. 13817] 
McNEELEY James William (TX)	HOLDEN Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Georgia 08/27/90 F Decatur [del. 13818] 
MCNEELEY Martin	LANGSTON Allie	Minnie 6/1/19 F Boyd 7095 
MCNEELEY Thomas Greer (TX)	NIKIRK Roena (IN)	Onas Jewel 3/2/22 M Alvord 7553 & 7553a
MCNEELEY Tom	BLANK blank	D.M. 3/4/04 ? blank 702 
McNEELY Icom Monroe (MS)	SAFRONIE Carrie (TX)	John Leo 08/17/83 M Decatur [del. 19404] 
McNEELY Joe (TX)	WOMACK Fronie (TX)	Joseph Cleve 05/03/84 M Decatur [del. 10359] 
McNEELY Joe (TX)	WOMACK Fronie (TX)	James Lam 08/03/91 M Decatur [del. 10360] 
McNEELY Levi (TX)	ROBERTS Millie Prescilla (AL)	Margaret Cattie 12/01/89 F Decatur [del. 6084] 
McNEELY Thomas Jefferson (TN)	KEITAL Sarah Alice (GA)	William Oscar 07/02/92 F Chico [del. 17325] 
McNEELY Thomas Jefferson (TN)	KYTLE Sarah Alice (AL)	Lula 01/17/85 F Decatur [del. 23341] 
McNEELY William Andrew (TN)	ROE Martha Melissa (LA)	Henry Clayton 08/16/88 M Decatur [del. 9528] 
McNEELY William Andrew (TN)	ROE Martha Melissa (LA)	Elbert Tipton 12/12/89 M Decatur [del. 9530] 
McNEELY William Andrew (TN)	ROE Martha Melissa (LA)	Thomas Jefferson 05/09/91 M Decatur [del. 9529] 
McNEELY William Andrew (TN)	ROE Martha Melissa (LA)	General Weaver 06/20/93 M Decatur [del. 9527] 
McNEELY William Andrew (TN)	ROE Martha Melissa (LA)	Rufus Tinsley 05/14/95 M Decatur [del. 9531] 
McNEELY William Andrew (TN)	ROE Martha Melissa (LA)	Clyde 01/21/97 M Decatur [del. 7911] 
MCNEIL C.M.	BLANK blank	C.M. 8/31/10 F blank 5084 
MCNEIL Eugene	BLANK blank	blank 10/28/15 F blank 6288 
MCNEIL Eugene	WELCH blank	blank 4/16/14 M blank 5873 
MCNEIL Eugene	WELCH Minnie M.	Jack Gene 3/22/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9632] 
MCNEIL Frank	BLANK blank	blank 11/29/09 M blank 4860 
MCNEIL R.E.	BLANK Mira	blank 11/12/03 M blank 440 
MCNEIL Robert Ed	EATON Myra	Claud Clifton 11/5/05 M Chico 2263 & 2263a
MCNEIL Robert Edd	EATON Myra	Bertie Eva 11/1/09 F Bridgeport 4834 
MCNEIL William F.	DUDLEY Maude J.	blank 7/19/30 M blank [No Image 9762] 
MCNEIL Willis Franklin	DUDLEY Maudie Josephine	Callie Maye 5/6/11 M Willow Point 5241 & 5241a
MCNEILL T.A.	OATES Jessie Mae	T.A., Jr. 1/2/23 M Boyd 7720 & 7720a & 7720b & 7720c
MCNELLIS M.	BLANK blank	blank 3/20/08 M blank 3930 
McNELLY James Carril (TX)	CLIFTON Serene (MO)	Fred Bethel 10/12/95 M Greenwood [del. 13576] 
McNIEL Benjamin Franklin (TX)	CASH Eliza (IL)	Ambers Eugene 07/24/90 M Bridgeport [del. 13202] 
McNIEL John Wesley (TX)	WALLER Myrtle Geneva (AR)	Truman Winifred 01/25/02 M Dan [del. 5827] 
MCNUTT F.M.	CAMPBELL Lydia	blank 1/20/15 F blank 6019 
MCNUTT Frank	CAMPBELL L.	blank 3/19/17 ? blank 6585 
MCPHERSON Alfred F. (TX)	BLANK Edna (TX)	Zoe Edan 4/18/23 F Byers TX 7773 
MCPHERSON Alfred F. (TX)	BLANK Edna (TX)	Woody Horace 4/18/23 M Byers TX 7774 
McPHERSON Bartlett Graves (MO)	KEEN Fannie (MS)	Nesbert William 10/01/81 M Springtown [del. 12224] 
MCPHERSON R.R.	BUNNELL Estell	Frances J.L.(Jolu) 2/26/33 F Decatur [No Image 10695] 
McPHERSON Stephen Smith (IA)	JACKSON Viola Jane (AR)	Donnie Adolphus 03/13/77 M Decatur [del. 5931] 
MCQUIN D.	HOWARD blank	blank 8/3/16 M blank 6450 & [delayed 8575]
MCQUINN Bob	BLANK blank	blank 3/19/05 M blank 1680 
MCQUINN Earnest	DRAKE Lulu	Margaret 12/1/33 F Decatur [No Image 10951] 
MCQUINN Londy Deolas	HOWARD Lula Lourenay	Roswell Guy 10/26/10 M Decatur 5121 & 5121a
MCQUINN Peck (J.T.)	BLANK (Deolus)	blank 9/8/08 F blank 4239 
McQUOWN James Morrison (KY)	BOYD Etta (AR)	Golda Rosalie 02/07/93 F Decatur [del. 24905] 
McRAE William Anguish (AL)	BULLARD Emma Louis (TX)	Lorez 02/22/97 F Decatur [del. 21552] 
McSPADDEN George Taylor (TX)	MILLER Johnnie Lucille (TX)	Bert Lee 10/13/94 M Decatur [del. 6885] 
McSPADDEN George Taylor (TX)	MILLER Johnnie Lucille (TX)	George Milton 01/22/00 M Decatur [del. 10912] 
McSPADDEN George W (TN)	SMITH Wyatt Ann (TX)	Evaline Lucinda 08/01/92 F Greenwood [del. 23398] 
MCSPADDEN J.C.	STALLINGS Mable	Margaret Faye 10/25/32 F Ponder [No Image 10607] 
McSPADDEN James Joseph (TX)	HICKS Ollie Cole (AL)	Luther Ford 09/27/95 M Decatur [del. 11100] 
McSPADDEN James Joseph (TX)	HICKS Ollie Cole (AL)	Lila 11/16/97 F Decatur [del. 11528] 
MCSPADDEN Marshall (GA)	HAREN Morma May (TX)	Erwin Frances 11/5/24 M Ponder 8208 
McSPADDEN Robert Humphreys (TN)	MAGILL Uretta Isabelle (GA)	Fannie Belle 09/25/90 F Catoosa Co GA [del. 22949] 
McSPADDEN Stonewall Jackson (TX)	CROLEY Sarah Jane (TX)	Bonnie Bell 06/08/96 F Decatur [del. 23323] 
McSPADDEN Thaddus Shelby (TX)	BLEWETT Josephine (KY)	B B 10/13/99 M Decatur [del. 6135] 
MCWHIRTER Daniel Lee	FLOWERS Cora Lee	Melba Jean 4/15/28 F Alvord 8992 
MCWHIRTER Don L. (AR)	FLOWERS Cora (TX)	blank 6/6/19 M Alvord 7100 
McWHIRTER John Newton (MO)	COLLIER Jemima Clementine (MO)	Daniel Lee 09/06/91 M Madison Co AR [del. 15280] 
McWHIRTER William L (AR)	DAVIS Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Bessie Navada Abagale 04/13/95 F Bridgeport [del. 18939] 
McWHORTER James Marion (GA)	GREGORY Nancy Katherine (TX)	Nimrod Calvin 03/30/90 M Decatur [del. 23601] 
McWHORTER Sylvester (AL)	PREVOE Melvina (MO)	Thressie 12/17/81 F Springtown [del. 19109] 
McWHORTER Sylvester (AL)	PREVOE Melvina (MO)	Willis Lee 12/24/83 M Springtown [del. 8576] 
MEAD Thomas A (IL)	TEEDLE Tilda (TX)	Will L 01/30/89 M Newark [del. 9585] 
MEAD W.M. (TX)	ROBINSON Labeth (TX)	William Merston 10/15/28 M Chico 9153 
MEAD William Harvey (TX)	SCOTT Bell (IL)	William Moody 10/14/89 M Decatur [del. 23226] 
MEADOR Ambrose Terrel (IL)	DOBBS Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Annie 02/19/75 F Decatur 1 & [del. 2287] 
MEADOR Audy	BLANK B.	Bessie 12/18/03 M blank 517 
MEADOR John Ollie	FURLOW Etna Ella	Helen Idella 9/30/17 F blank 6723 
MEADOR John Wesley (TN)	CROWDER Sarah Jane (TN)	Essie May 05/12/95 F Alvord [del. 8894] 
MEADOR Loyd	CARAWAY M.	blank 5/26/30 F blank [No Image 9700] 
MEADOR O.P. (MO)	WALT Maude (TX)	Georgia Bell 1/28/09 F Chico 4461 & 4461a & 4461b
MEADOR Oscar James	MORRIS Nelle Edith	Rowe Morgan 7/5/15 M Alvord 6141 & 6141a
MEADOR Oscar James (TX)	MORRIS Nelle Edythe (IL)	Peggy Kathleen Stivers 6/8/12 F Alvord 5536 & 5536a
MEADOR Oscar James (TX)	MORRIS Nellie Edith (IL)	James Morris 3/31/08 M Alvord 3946 & 3946a
MEADOR William Edward (TX)	MATTOX Carrie (AL)	Oma Una 10/18/83 F Chico [del. 12569] 
MEADOW Floyd	CARAWAY M.	Bonnie Ruth 10/7/31 F blank [No Image 10246] 
MEADOW H.C.	STEVENS T.W.	Henry C., Jr. 4/13/33 M Paradise [No Image 10730] 
MEADOW Joe	STEARNER M.	blank 11/25/33 M Rhome [No Image 10948] 
MEADOWS blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/9/05 M blank 1658 
MEADOWS blank	BLANK blank	blank 7/13/09 M blank 4691 
MEADOWS Carl	LEGG Estell	Wilma Louise 12/31/33 F Decatur [No Image 10981] 
MEADOWS Henry Franklin	MARTIN Abbie Chambers	Mary Carolina 7/7/03 F Paradise 96 & 0096a
MEADOWS Henry Franklin	MARTIN Abbie Chambers	Sarah Ruth 12/29/28 F Paradise 8926 & 8926a
MEADOWS I.J.	JONES O.M.	Edith Marie 2/9/31 F Paradise [No Image 9950] 
MEADOWS J.M.	FERRIS Evelyn	Mary Jim 11/14/31 F Alvord [No Image 10284] 
MEADOWS John T.	HORTON Alice	Thomas Jefferson 1/6/05 M Paradise 1495 & 1495a
MEADOWS John Tolbert (AL)	HORTON Alice (TX)	Henry Clayton 01/21/02 M Paradise [del. 20617] 
MEADOWS Lee	KENNEDY Ella	blank 5/29/12 M blank 5532 
MEADOWS Perry J. (AL)	ALLEN Edith (TX)	Opal Ruth 7/2/26 F Chico 8606 & 8606a
MEADOWS Pleasant Deloriam (AL)	READ Sarah Elizabeth (MO)	Effie May 10/04/99 F Paradise [del. 21852] 
MEADOWS Pleasant Delorum (AL)	REED Sarah Elizabeth (AR)	Lilla Caroline 04/02/84 F Paradise [del. 15613] 
MEADOWS Ples Delorum (GA)	REED Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Ella Jane 07/06/86 F Paradise [del. 14734] 
MEADOWS Will	BLANK blank	blank 7/27/17 M Decatur 6667 
MEADOWS William Oliver (TX)	MARTIN Mary Alice (TX)	Arthur James 10/1/08 M Paradise 4273 & 4273a & 4273b
MECASKEY B.J. (TX)	GOSS Mary Alma (TX)	Raymond Gose 10/7/25 M Hereford 8356 & 8356a
MECASKEY Charles Barney	ROBERTS Mary	C.B. Simmons, Jr. 9/7/03 M Decatur 261 & 0261a
MECASKEY Charles Barney (TX)	ROBERTS Mary M (TX)	Finis C 12/02/97 M Decatur [del. 20377] 
MECASKEY Finis	MARTIN Ina Mae	Jerry Thomas 2/20/31 M blank [No Image 9967] 
MECASKEY James (TX)	STILES Bessie (KY)	Maye 10/12/01 F Decatur [del. 29222] 
MECASKEY James Hamilton (TX)	STILES Bessie (KY)	Madge 11/26/99 F Decatur [del. 17375] 
MEDATREE Antonio 	BLANK M.	blank 7/10/08 M blank 4126 
MEDDELLIN Antonio (Mexico)	MONTELORGA Francisca (Mexico)	Sabina 12/30/02 F Bridgeport [del. 18016] 
MEDELLIEN T.	BLANK Marie	blank 7/12/05 M blank 1954 
MEDINA Antonio	BLANK Monett	Alepar 5/1/06 F blank 2648 
MEDLEN Francis N (KS)	DAVIS Nancy Ann (AR)	Pearl 04/08/90 F Robinson OK [del. 25332] 
MEDLEY Buck	BLANK blank	blank 8/4/04 M blank 1078 
MEDLEY Garland Garner (TX)	EVANS Opal Sarah (TX)	Cleo Mae 9/12/24 F Alvord 8167 & 8167a
MEDLEY Jud	BLANK blank	blank 8/25/04 M blank 1137 & [delayed May 48]
MEDLEY William	LEVY Callie, Mrs.	Eula M. 12/22/05 F blank 2373 
MEDLIN Buck	BLANK blank	blank 4/4/07 M blank 3270 
MEDLIN Buck	BLANK blank	blank 4/4/07 M blank 3271 
MEDLIN Francis	YATES Millie D.	Billie Wayne 9/7/31 M Prec 7 [No Image 10212] 
MEDLIN Francis M.	DAVIS Nancy Anne	Paul 10/2/10 M Bridgeport 5108 & 5108a
MEDLOCK Jerry (TX)	EATON Laura Elizabeth (TX)	Cecil Coldman 12/10/98 M Paradise [del. 11417] 
MEDLOCK Jerry Morris (TX)	EATON Laura Elizabeth (TX)	John Dewey 08/08/00 M Greenwood [del. 23741] 
MEDOLINA Antonio	BLANK blank	Andrew 5/22/05 M blank 1838 
MEEK blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/1/06 F blank 2938 
MEEK blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/26/09 F blank 4457 
MEEK Charles	BLANK Emma	blank 1/9/09 M blank 4428 & [Delayed 12/13/50]
MEEK J.B. (TX)	DICKENSON Lola (TX)	blank 4/25/23 F Chico 7783 
MEEK J.C. (TX)	GRIFFITH Emma (GA)	twin 7/23/24 ? Chico 8109 
MEEK John Charles (TX)	GRIFFITH Emma Mae (GA)	Grady Lamond-twin 7/23/24 M Chico 8110 & 8110a
MEEK Robert C (GA)	GOODWIN Emma N (GA)	Lois Mildred 04/25/01 F Chico [del. 22449] 
MEEK Robert C (GA)	NORCISUS Emma N (GA)	Leila Pearl 10/22/91 F Cobb Co GA [del. 23012] 
MEEK Robert C.	GOODWIN Emma	Coleman Iverson 9/14/03 M Chico 283 & 0283a
MEEK Robert Christopher (GA)	GOODWIN Emma Narciss (GA)	Oneida Louisa 05/20/96 F Cobb Co GA [del. 21871] 
MEEKS George C.	MATHESON Veda L.	Paul Martin 1/26/30 M Decatur [No Image 9569] 
MEEKS Henry Edwin (TX)	TRIPLETT Emma Florence	Opal Dorine (TX) 7/14/06 F Alvord 2764 & 2764a & 2764b
MEEKS Henry Edwin (TX)	TRIPLETT Emma Florence (TX)	Eldridge Franklin 06/19/91 M Chico [del. 3753] 
MEEKS John Wesley (AR)	HERNDON Mary Tennessee (TN)	Maud Lee 02/23/82 F Greenwood [del. 13814] 
MEEKS L.A.	UNDERWOOD L.A.	Julia May 12/5/33 F Poolville [No Image 10952] 
MEEKS L.A.	UNDERWOOD Maud	William Sanford 9/16/31 M Paradise [No Image 10220] 
MELTON C.B.	BLANK blank	blank 7/24/04 M blank 1050 
MELTON George Washington (TX)	WILSON Martha Ann (TX)	Harvey Webb 04/21/80 M Audubon [del. 9586] 
MELTON George Washington (TX)	WILSON Martha Ann (TX)	Samuel Edgar 03/12/82 M Audubon [del. 9102] 
MELTON George Washington (TX)	WILSON Martha Ann (TX)	Joseph Alfred 02/23/86 M Audubon [del. 24095] 
MELTON George Washington (TX)	WILSON Martha Ann (TX)	William Nose 04/12/90 M Decatur [del. 8895] 
MELTON George Washington (TX)	WILSON Martha Ann (TX)	Hattie Viola 04/22/92 F Audubon [del. 7683] 
MELTON George Washington (TX)	WILSON Martha Ann (TX)	Mattie Mae 07/04/94 F Alvord [del. 25474] 
MELTON John Wiley (AR)	McDANIEL Mary (AR)	Annie Isabl 02/19/94 F Green Co AR [del. 25099] 
MELTON William Henry (MO)	PHILLIPS Martha Ellen (TN)	Lena 03/20/93 F Paradise [del. 22356] 
MENASCO John Alden (TX)	NIX Emma Paralee (AL)	Ila Mae 7/31/07 F Park Springs 3454 
MENDENHALL Riley Fred (TX)	PIERCE Winnie (TX)	Elwood 7/13/24 M Alvord 8100 & 8100a
MERCER Alford P.	HICKS Ella	James Belton 7/9/32 M Boyd [No Image 10489] 
MERCER Arthur	CANOVA Ada	blank 12/5/29 M blank [No Image 9525] 
MERCER D.E.	BLANK Maud	blank 1/27/04 F blank 622 
MERCER David Edwin (TX)	NEWBANKS Maud Muller (TX)	Ruby 03/17/02 F Boyd [del. 17125] 
MERCER Francis Grover (GA)	CANNON Esta Opal (TX)	Annaruth 8/6/20 F Decatur 7280 & 7280a
MERCER John Artist (OK)	DILLARD Viola Delia(TX)	Dorothy Oleta 7/5/22 F Decatur 7628 & 7628a
MERCER M.	BLANK M.	blank 3/13/14 F blank 5857 
MERCER Will	BOBO Lillie	blank 1/2/17 M blank 6535 
MERCER William (TX)	BOBO Lillie (TX)	blank 7/27/18 M Boyd 6942 
MERCER William Grady (TX)	BOBO Lillie Helen (TX)	Myrtis Eula 12/14/19 F Boyd 7178 & 7178a
MERCHANT John Henderson (MS)	TULLOUS Amanda (TX)	Margaret Della 10/01/84 F Willow Point [del. 23937] 
MERRELL William Brownlow (GA)	GOODMAN Geneva (TX)	Fred Carl 05/31/88 M Boonsville [del. 8614] 
MERRELL William Brownlow (GA)	GOODMAN Geneva Elizabeth (TX)	Stella 03/25/86 F Keeter [del. 14872] 
MERRICK J.	BLANK blank	blank 7/12/05 M blank 1955 
MERRIFIELD Lewis	GREEN Maud	blank 4/22/13 M blank 5684 
MERRIFIELD Lewis	GREEN Maude	blank 4/22/13 M blank 5685 
MERRIFIELD Lewis (TX)	GREEN Maud (TX)	Vada Lee 12/06/01 F Decatur [del. 29063] 
MERRIFIELD Louis	(GREEN) Maud	blank 11/15/04 F blank 1363 
MERRIMAN Theodore (PA)	ETHERIDGE Elizabeth (TN)	Frances Cora Lee 11/22/84 F Chico [del. 15255] 
MERRIMAN Theodore Earnest (TN)	PARR Lilly Maude (TX)	Theodore Parr 08/26/98 M Chico [del. 9252] 
MERRITT Joe	BLANK blank	blank 11/28/06 M blank 3036 
MERRITT Joseph Elmer	PRICE Bonnie B.	Elmer Price 4/9/05 F Decatur 1730 & 1730a
MERRYFIELD Lewis	GREEN Maude	Verla Mozell 7/22/15 F blank 6158 & 6158a
MERRYFIELD Louis	BLANK Maud	blank 7/24/03 M blank 139 
MERSHON Frederick Lincoln (KY)	REED Mary Jane (TN)	Perry Austin 01/12/85 M Decatur [del. 22397] 
MERSHON John Wesley (TX)	MOORE Birdie Lynette (TX)	Eunice Gay 05/03/02 F Wise Co [del. 31117] 
MERSHON William Harvey (KY)	BRITT Mary Winnifred (MO)	Wilford Hall 07/23/85 M Paradise [del. 11415] 
MEXICAN blank	BLANK blank	blank 6/23/15 ? blank 6131 
MEXICAN Blank	BLANK Blank	Blank 7/25/15 M blank 6165 
MEXICAN John	BLANK blank	blank 4/17/17 M Boyd 6613 
MEYERS J.D. (TX)	RIDER Eunice (TX)	blank 6/3/24 M Rhome 8076 
MEYERS Jim (IN)	ROBERTS Lucinda (TX)	Mattie Gee 06/27/93 F Decatur [del. 11923] 
MICHAEL Charles Monroe (TN)	TROUT Mary (TX)	Charles Monroe Jr 02/28/82 M Decatur [del. 7517] 
MICHAEL Charles Monroe (TN)	TROUT Mary (TX)	John Carl 06/01/84 M Decatur [del. 7519] 
MICHAEL Charles Monroe (TN)	TROUT Mary (TX)	Mabel 02/06/86 F Decatur [del. 7518] 
MICHAEL George (TX)	BRAWLEY Fannie (TX)	George Ella 03/21/82 F Chico [del. 18803] 
MICHIEL Richard	CHOICE Leatrice	Richard Greary 2/10/32 M Crafton [No Image 10358] 
MIDDLETON Charles C (IL)	BREEZE Mary Jane (IL)	Thomas T 04/22/82 M Aurora [del. 8688] 
MIDDLETON Frank	CANNON Jose	Almeda Pauline 8/6/13 F Boonsville 5747 & 5747a
MIDDLETON Frank	CANNON Josie	blank 3/27/15 F blank 6063 
MIDDLETON Henry Augustus (IL)	FATHEREE Nancy Jane (IL)	Eric Edwin 09/29/97 M Boyd [del. 10460] 
MIDDLETON J.E.	HOOTEN (SCOOTEN) P.I.	Frances Irene 3/19/33 F Boonsville [No Image 10709] 
MIDDLETON J.H. (TX)	WORLY Fidelia (MS)	Mittie Frances 6/10/15 F Boonsville 6118 & 6118a
MIDDLETON J.H.(TX)	WORLEY Jenny Fedilia (MS)	Molly Virginia 1/31/14 F Boonsville 5834 & 5834a
MIDDLETON John Thomas (TN)	COOPER Puss Victoria (MS)	Linnie Dale 5/9/08 F Decatur 4017 & 4017a
MIDDLETON Samuel Everett (IL)	ROBERSON Meddie Lou (MS)	June Harritte 06/14/98 F Newark [del. 15464] 
MIDDLETON Samuel Everett (IL)	ROBERSON Meddie Lou (MS)	Edna Earl 02/28/91 F Briar [del. 23279] 
MIDDLETON Samuel Everett (IL)	ROBERSON Meddie Lou (MS)	Dezzie Venora 11/22/92 F Newark [del. 15463] 
MIDDLETON Samuel Everett (IL)	ROBERSON Meddie Lulu (MS)	Carl Webster 03/15/94 M Boyd [del. 7571] 
MIDDLETON William Pollard (TX)	CLARK Cora Matilda (TX)	William Bryan 06/06/00 M Decatur [del. 16615] 
MIERS A.A.	BLANK Etta	Clide 4/6/05 M blank 1719 
MIERS James R.	MEEKS Bessie	blank 10/22/33 F Decatur [No Image 10914] 
MILES William N. (TN)	BOYDSTON Hazel E. (TX)	William T. 7/26/21 M Justin 7428 
MILLER Barton (TX)	WOMACK Elizabeth Rachel (MS)	Sarah Esther 01/19/01 F Decatur [del. 17566] 
MILLER Ben	BLANK T.	blank 12/16/03 M blank 511 
MILLER Bert	BLANK blank	blank 4/14/05 M blank 1738 
MILLER blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/29/09 F blank 4646 
MILLER Burel White (KY)	BURNS Rebecca (IL)	Virgil Wallace 02/26/90 M Anneville [del. 11097] 
MILLER C.A.	WORLEY Elvira	blank 6/19/14 M blank 5917 
MILLER Charles Andrew (TX)	WORLEY Elma Ruby (TX)	Mitta Mollyveen 12/13/12 F blank 5608 & 5608a
MILLER Charles Christian (Germany)	LONG Mary Ann (GA)	Hattie Maude 02/09/81 F Decatur [del. 18621] 
MILLER Charles Hector (KY)	STACKS Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Lizzie Mae 08/09/99 F Decatur [del. 29866] 
MILLER Charles Hector (KY)	STOCKS Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Robert Hershel 08/14/93 M Decatur [del. 7906] 
MILLER Charles M. (TX)	MITCHELL Effie F. (TN)	J. Leroy 3/14/26 M Decatur 8562 
MILLER Dick	BLANK blank	blank 8/21/06 M blank 2857 
MILLER Dock	BLANK Myrtle	blank 6/28/08 F blank 4105 
MILLER G.R.	(WALKER) Emma (Ruth)	8/16/04 M (Boonsville) 1115 
MILLER George (TX)	ALLISON Margaret Jane (AR)	Edgar Earnest 02/25/88 M Paradise [del. 24944] 
MILLER George Alex (MO)	BRALLEY Mary Fannie (TX)	Oscar 02/27/88 M Chico [del. 19668] 
MILLER George Alex (MO)	BRALLEY Mary Fannie (TX)	Nary Alice 06/06/90 F Chico [del. 19667] 
MILLER George Alex (MO)	BRALLEY Mary Fannie (TX)	Joseph Bailey 12/21/91 M Chico [del. 19666] 
MILLER George Alex (MO)	BRALLEY Mary Fannie (TX)	Trula Grace 12/23/93 F Chico [del. 19669] 
MILLER George Randolf	WALKER Ruthie Emmer	Rector Thomas 8/16/04 M Boonsville 1112 
MILLER George Randolph (TX)	WALKER Emma (TX)	George Homer 04/29/97 M Boonsville [del. 11094] 
MILLER George Washington (TX)	ALLISON Mary Jane (TX)	Silas Washington 06/17/87 M Decatur [del. 21440] 
MILLER Green Anderson (IL)	PARSON Ann (KY)	Martha Ann 03/23/75 F Audubon [del. 17374] 
MILLER Green Anderson (IL)	WILSON Ophelia Day (TX)	Hattie Elizabeth 02/08/92 F Audubon [del. 23517] 
MILLER Harry Clay (PA)	HAYLEY Lucy Lee (AL)	Charlie Lee 10/16/93 M Decatur [del. 5733] 
MILLER J.A.	DYESS Gussie Odena	Harrell Austin 11/15/15 M Alvord 6302 & 6302a
MILLER J.H.	ROBERTS Margaret	Thomas J. 8/31/31 M Decatur [No Image 10203] 
MILLER James (TX)	TOTEM Ulna (TX)	Juanita 5/15/22 M Fort Worth 7593 
MILLER James Floyd	SEWELL Lucy Jane	Everett Eldridge 5/30/10 M Alvord 5009 & 5009a
MILLER James McClough (MS)	MORTON Docia Bell (AL)	James Terry 04/18/02 M Boyd [del. 14707] 
MILLER James McCulloch (MS)	MORTON Docia Bell (TX)	William Emmett 02/05/00 M Paradise [del. 14283] 
MILLER James Nicholas (OK)	SMALL Lillie Ethel (TX)	Ruth Kathryn 6/6/14 F Decatur 5910 & 5910a
MILLER James Polk (MS)	JONES Mary Caroline (AR)	Vera Lee 01/08/94 F Decatur [del. 9419] 
MILLER Jesse C. (TX)	ELLIS Vallie K. (TN)	Ray Odell 6/7/25 M Decatur 8334 & 8334a & 8334b & 8334c
MILLER Joe Alexander (TN)	GLOVER Nellie Holt (TX)	Nora Dean 12/04/92 F Alvord [del. 11098] 
MILLER John A.	DYESS Gussie A	Ida Mae 4/21/11 F blank 5228 
MILLER John A. (TX)	DYESS Gussie Odenea (TX)	Barney Cecil 11/16/21 M Alvord 7507 
MILLER John Allen (TX)	CALHOUN Ida (TX)	Charles Andy 06/09/89 M Boonsville [del. 22262] 
MILLER John Allen (TX)	CALHOUN Nettie Ida (TX)	Nellie Ida 04/07/92 F Boonsville [del. 22843] 
MILLER John Quincy (TN)	PAUL Sarah Jane (TN)	Nellie May 05/21/90 F Alvord [del. 21671] 
MILLER June P (NC)	PORTER Allie (TN)	Leota 11/30/94 F Chico [del. 12859] 
MILLER June P (NC)	PORTER Allie (TN)	Louie 11/11/96 F Chico [del. 12858] 
MILLER June P (NC)	PORTER Allie (TN)	Edna E 07/15/01 F Chico [del. 22765] 
MILLER L.O.	BLANK D.M	blank 1/5/05 F blank 1492 
MILLER L.O.	BLANK Dora	blank 2/6/06 M blank 2475 
MILLER Lawrence	BLANK Lucy	blank 8/28/05 F blank 2100 
MILLER Lawrence	FREE Lucy Neal	James Emmett 8/20/07 M Alvord 3499 
MILLER Lee	BLANK blank	blank 4/19/07 M blank 3296 
MILLER Leonard	HALL Ruth	blank 8/21/31 M Decatur [No Image 10188] 
MILLER Leonard	HALL Ruth	blank 9/10/32 F Decatur [No Image 10551] 
MILLER Louis Oliver (TX)	SENSIBAUGH Oma Alice (TX)	Elizabeth Ellen 10/11/96 F Decatur [del. 7328] 
MILLER Matthew Henderson (MS)	JONES Louisa Virginia (MS)	William Bailey 05/17/92 M Greenwood [del. 5930] 
MILLER Matthew Henderson (MS)	JONES Louisa Virginia (MS)	Josephine Irene 04/09/94 F Greenwood [del. 15513] 
MILLER Monroe	BLANK Ada	blank 1/30/06 M blank 2459 
MILLER R.R.	BLANK Kate	blank 3/2/08 F blank 3882 
MILLER Ray	BEARDEN Ruth	Helen Ray 6/13/28 F Decatur 9035 
MILLER Richard Riley	CARVER Katie Jane	Charles Theodore 10/14/11 M Willow Point 5381 & 5381a
MILLER Robert True	COZBY Mary Evelyn	Tullie True 7/30/04 F Knob, Wise Co. 1069 & 1069a
MILLER Rufus (TX)	DODD Lottie (TX)	blank 9/29/23 M Decatur 7907 
MILLER Rufus (TX)	DODDS Lottie (TX)	blank 4/17/21 F Decatur 7381 
MILLER Samuel Black (MO)	HEADSPETH Martha Katherine (MO)	Emily Frances 02/12/86 F Alvord [del. 16319] 
MILLER Samuel Black (MO)	HEDGESPETH Martha Catherina (MO)	Parilee Cassandra 09/17/88 F Alvord [del. 22387] 
MILLER V F (TX)	POTTS Ella (KY)	Glen Thomas 01/14/02 M Decatur [del. 3349] 
MILLER Vincent	BLANK blank	blank 5/3/04 M blank 857 
MILLER W.L.	(CHEVES) E.A.	B.D. 10/31/03 M blank 408 
MILLER Wilburn L. (TX)	CHEVES Eva Ann (TX)	Roy Neil 8/13/08 M Willow Point 4185 & 4185a
MILLER Wilburn Lang (TX)	CHEVES Eva Ann (TX)	Elmer Luther 01/03/02 M Willow Point [del. 15175] 
MILLER Will A (AR)	BEARD Nellie (TX)	Lee Roy 12/17/97 M Decatur [del. 29324] 
MILLER William Cross (KY)	BRYAN Rachel Caroline (TN)	Katherine 03/20/77 F Decatur [del. 20109] 
MILLER William Lecurgus (MS)	TRUE Tulle Emma (AL)	Alma Travis 11/17/82 F Boyd [del. 29498] 
MILLER William Lee	KNOX Harriett Selina	James William 5/10/04 M Hanna, Wise Co. 873 & 0873a
MILLER William Lycurgus (MS)	TRUE Tullie (AL)	Waddy Leo 08/11/90 M Boyd [del. 11277] 
MILLER William Thomas (MO)	DILLARD Martha Christine (AR)	Vincent Valentine 11/30/91 M Alvord [del. 5081] 
MILLER William Y.(or L.)	BLANK blank	blank 2/17/06 M blank 2497 
MILLHOLLON Bat Wood (TX)	FOWLER Vira (TX)	William Fred 08/10/02 M Decatur [del. 6945] 
MILLHOLLON Samuel Linley (TX)	CARREY Charlotte Cordea (TX)	Isabelle 05/29/88 F Decatur [del. 22073] 
MILLIGAN Cassius Ayers (PA)	FENWICK Ella (TX)	Jones Reuben 06/11/98 M Greenwood [del. 16041] 
MILLIGAN Cassius Ayers (PA)	FENWICK Ella (TX)	Cassius Ayers Jr 03/26/00 M Greenwood [del. 16040] 
MILLIGAN Ellis Washington (AR)	CEARLEY Laura Viola (MO)	Vesta Mae 10/11/97 F Slidell [del. 9681] 
MILLIGAN George F.	ARNETT Minnie P.	Jack C. 6/14/31 M blank [No Image 10112] 
MILLIGAN George R..	HOPKINS G.M.	blank 4/7/33 M Greenwood [No Image 10722] 
MILLIGAN Olan	BALTHROP Elna	Jack Rondal 5/17/32 M Greenwood [No Image 10441] 
MILLIGAN Olin A. (TX)	BALTHROP Elna J. (TX)	Alfred Ray 8/25/26 M Slidell 8650 
MILLIGAN Omer	SCOFF Della	Stella Pearl 5/2/18 F Allison 6876 & 6876a
MILLIGAN Omer (TX)	SCARFF Della (TX)	blank 10/30/24 M Decatur 8204 
MILLIGAN Omer Lee	SCOFF Delia Della	DeLoyd 2/11/27 M Decatur 8747 & 8747a
MILLIGAN Omer Leo	SCAFF Della	Leslie Milford 7/18/15 M Slidell 6156 & 6156a
MILLIGAN Omi L.	SCAFF Della	blank 9/13/31 M Decatur [No Image 10216] 
MILLIGAN Thomas Freemont (PA)	CADDELL Hattie (TX)	Albert Ward 07/01/99 M Greenwood [del. 7910] 
MILLIGAN Thomas Freemont (PA)	CADDELL Hattie (TX)	Percy Freemont 08/17/01 M Greenwood [del. 6589] 
MILLIGAN W.C.	CLIFTON Bertie Mae	Annie Ruth 3/6/05 F Greenwood 1651 & 1651a
MILLIGAN William Cody (TX)	CLIFTON Bertie Mae (TX)	George Frances 2/11/08 M Decatur 3840 & 3840a
MILLION Charlie (TX)	HART Margarett (TX)	Suda 08/12/77 F Paradise [del. 18255] 
MILLS Arron B (FL)	OSBORN Sarah Elizabeth (GA)	William Luther 02/07/95 M Decatur [del. 21918] 
MILLS James K (TN)	ALEXANDER Letha (TN)	J K 11/02/01 M Chico [del. 8147] 
MILLS Peter Andrew (NJ)	RAGSDALE Martha Jane (AL)	Andrea Martha 12/12/89 F Alvord [del. 18254] 
MILLS W.S.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 9/3/08 F blank 4220 
MILLS William Seth (AR)	LONG Sarah Josephene (AR)	Minerva Ann 09/14/93 F Decatur [del. 24586] 
MILTON H.	BLANK Pearl	Teddy 3/6/05 M blank 1652 
MILTON Harve	BLANK Pearl	blank 11/3/06 F blank 2992 
MILTON William	BLANK May	blank 11/5/09 M blank 4839 
MINCY Reuben Phillips (GA)	PITNER Bethena Elan (GA)	Floyd Pitner 12/11/85 M Chico [del. 7004] 
MINGUS George Washington (OH)	SKIPWORTH Viola Kathurah (TN)	Georgia Viola 08/02/93 F Newark [del. 29010] 
MINHINETTE William Jope (England)	CHAMBERS Olevia J (GA)	Jack Thomas 01/11/93 M Milton Co GA [del. 9680] 
MINOR James Lowery (AL)	MARCUM Emma Ann (MS)	Mary Frances 02/09/88 F Balsora [del. 9352] 
MINOR Joe Bert	BROWN Cora Myrtle	Willie B. 4/18/27 F Paradise 8785 & 8785a
MINOR Joe Bert (TX)	BROWN Cora Myrtle (TX)	Ruby Virginia 10/7/07 F Paradise 3594 & 3594a & 3594b
MINOR Joseph Martin (TX)	PARRISH Willie (AL)	Charles Simmons 08/20/98 M Bridgeport [del. 22074] 
MINOR Ozel	GARDNER Mary	blank 4/6/27 M Decatur 8783 
MINOR Ozle	GARDNER Mary	Thomas A. 8/15/28 M Decatur 9087 
MINOR S.E.	BLANK Edith	blank 10/19/07 M Boonsville 3620 
MINOR William Lowery (TX)	CARUTHERS Nancy Victoria (TX)	William Lowery, Jr. 12/24/00 M Decatur 67 & [del. 2535] 
MINTER Thomas Anthony (MO)	BURNETT Amanda Maud (TX)	Jerry Burnett 07/22/83 M Aurora [del. 7814] 
MINYARD Chester	SMITH Harriett Merle	Howard Chester 7/14/28 M Corsicana 9055 
MIRES Shelt (TX)	LISENBY Mary (TX)	Jerry Wilson 01/18/80 M Decatur [del. 9889] 
MISTROT Charles Leonce (LA)	PERKINS Carrie Hunter (TX)	Leon Hunter 11/11/90 M Decatur [del. 11195] 
MISTROT Charles Leonce (LA)	PERKINS Carrie Hunter (TX)	Nellie Malvina 11/21/92 F Decatur [del. 11196] 
MITCHAM Coy	BLANK blank	blank 10/16/05 M blank 2220 
MITCHAM F.	BLANK blank	blank 4/9/04 F blank 800 
MITCHAM Iray	BLANK blank	blank 12/15/04 M blank 1439 
MITCHAM Parks (GA)	RHOADS Mary A (KY)	Bertha Dana 10/12/92 F Alvord [del. 18237] 
MITCHAM Parks (GA)	RHOADS Mary Abasilla (KY)	Demia Ola 06/04/00 F Alvord [del. 23280] 
MITCHAM Parks (GA)	RHOADS Mary Absala (KY)	Sallie Ermine 09/02/02 F Alvord [del. 25219] 
MITCHAM Parks (GA)	RHOADS Mary Absilla (KY)	Frankie Pearl 02/12/97 F Alvord [del. 4494] 
MITCHAM Wilse (TX)	BEATY Margaret K (AR)	Dewey Lee 07/22/98 F Alvord [del. 23450] 
MITCHBORN Willis	BLANK Clara	blank 10/13/06 F blank 2963 
MITCHELL Daniel R.	 IDELL Donnie Bessie	Donna Fay 1/28/33 F Rhome [No Image 10666] 
MITCHELL Daniel R.	RUSSELL Mary Ethel    	Della Mae 8/24/27 F Decatur 8824 
MITCHELL Daniel Robert (IA)	HAMILTON Beulah May (IA)	Daniel Robert 12/07/00 M Woodbury Co IA [del. 10727] 
MITCHELL David Lynn (TN)	ERVIN Marilda Caroline (MS)	Susan 06/24/94 F Pella [del. 18583] 
MITCHELL Ernest Willie (TX)	EASTEP Rosa (TX)	Roy Ernest 10/12/28 M Rhome 9149 
MITCHELL Floyd Menick (TX)	BEASLEY Margaret Lucille (TX)	Doris Marie 10/17/29 F Rhome 9476 
MITCHELL Gree Beary (AR)	DURGON Martha Jane (KY)	James Preston 10/15/73 M Decatur [del. 11199] 
MITCHELL John	BLANK blank	blank 4/24/06 M blank 2637 
MITCHELL John B. (MS)	TAYLOR Sarah Amelia (AR)	Minnie Lou 1/30/08 F Decatur 3809 & 3809a
MITCHELL John B. (MS)	TAYLOR Sarah Amelia (ARK)	Leta Jewell 1/18/06 F Decatur 2420 & 2420a
MITCHELL John Calvin (TX)	WILSON Manie Ida (TX)	Calvin Henry 04/11/99 M Pella [del. 8658] 
MITCHELL Malon Eugene (VA)	YOAKUM Birdie (TX)	Fletcher 03/20/99 M Decatur [del. 17447] 
MITCHELL R.N.	BLANK Minnie	blank 11/24/07 F blank 3685 
MITCHELL Rufus (AR)	PUTMAN Allie (IN)	Clarence Barton 12/24/95 M Alvord [del. 13926] 
MITCHELL S.Y.	BLANK Ida V.	blank 12/26/08 F blank 4412 
MITCHELL S.Y.	BLANK Ida V.	blank 12/26/08 F blank 4413 
MITCHELL Thomas J (MS)	GRISHAM Lou (MS)	Luna May 08/28/91 F Decatur [del. 24883] 
MITCHELL W.C.	BLANK blank	blank 5/27/08 M blank 4056 
MITCHELL William	BLANK blank	blank 1/24/10 M blank 4918 
MITCHINSON J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 4/25/07 blank blank 3313 
MITCHUM Franklin Fitzhugh	ALEXANDER Ethel	Geraldine Warren 8/25/28 F Bridgeport 9095 & 9095a
MITCHUM Henry	BLANK M.	blank 12/1/03 F blank 478 
MITCHUM Hoyt	SHERMAN Kate B.	Thomas Ray 8/25/32 M Decatur [No Image 10532] 
MITCHUM J.H.	BLANK Roxie	blank 9/13/06 M blank 2905 
MITCHUM Jack	BLANK Leva	blank 8/22/06 F blank 2858 
MITCHUM Jackson M.	HURDT Ellen Olivia	Eunice Lucille 5/24/05 F Park Springs 1841 & 1841a
MITCHUM Wit	BLANK Agre	blank 8/27/05 M blank 2096 
MOBLEY R.L.	BLANK Eliza	blank 6/8/02 F blank 1873 
MOBLEY Reese Leroy (GA)	TROXELL Elizabeth (OH)	Rhome Elmo 04/09/01 M Rhome [del. 31741] 
MODE John Oliver (NC)	PELLER Margaret Ann (NC)	James Weaver 06/30/82 M Alvord [del. 8947] 
MOIER Paul	DAWSON V.	blank 2/9/17 M blank 6551 
MOLLOY Jack	WALLACE Nora Mae	Roy Douglass 6/12/31 M Alvord [No Image 10107] 
MOLLOY Jack	WALLACE Nora Mae	Roy Douglas 6/12/31 M Alvord [No Image 10107] 
MOLLOY William Milton (AR)	LOCKHART Elizabeth (TX)	Louis Constantine 06/29/92 M Decatur [del. 19460] 
MONK H.A.	MARSHALL Annie B.	Chrstine 7/27/33 F Alvord [No Image 10837] 
MONK Henry A. (TX)	BLANK Gracie (TN)	Hazel Fay 2/8/20 F Alvord 7208 
MONK James Houston (KY)	GREGORY Sarah Ann (AL)	Tuck N 04/07/96 M Paradise [del. 28217] 
MONK John Elbert (TX)	BARNETT Ellen F. (TX)	John Elbert, Jr. 6/16/15 M Bridgeport 6123 & 6123a
MONK John William (GA)	McINTYRE Ann Caroline (LA)	Stella Alveretta 02/18/82 F Alvord [del. 15076] 
MONK John William (TX)	COOK Mary (MS)	Nancy Louan 11/18/98 F Bridgeport [del. 3606] 
MONK M.M. (TX)	WHITE Vera E. (TX)	blank 2/25/26 M Chico 8550 
MONK Willis (TX)	LACY Emma (TN)	Henry Andrew 12/17/92 M Chico [del. 13408] 
MONK Willis (TX)	LACY Emma (TN)	Marvin Mark 12/04/96 M Alvord [del. 6132] 
MONROE J.A.	MANN M.L.	Don Roy 11/2/32 M Quenado, NM [No Image 10617] 
MONROE J.J.	LOWRIE Bessie	Jessie Jake, Jr. 11/29/30 M Decatur [No Image 9881] 
MONROE Jessie Jake	LOWERY Bessie Pearl	Elsie Virginia 1/26/28 F Alvord 8924 & 8924a
MONROE John N (IL)	HASTINGS Carrie (IN)	William James 09/15/91 M Morris Co KS [del. 22773] 
MONROE John Nathaniel (IL)	HASTINGS Carrie (IN)	May 06/13/90 F Morris Co KS [del. 16899] 
MONROE Lee Sherman (TX)	HARVELL Cliffie (TN)	Floyd Volton-twin 5/15/29 M Alvord 9350 & 9350a
MONROE Lee Sherman (TX)	HARVELL Cliffie (TN)	Lloyd Alton-twin 5/15/29 M Alvord 9351 & 9351a
MONROE W.J.	WILSON Effie W.	Lawanda May 7/30/32 F Park Springs [No Image 10513] 
MONROE William James (KS)	WILSON Effie Bea (TN)	Howard Glenn 11/25/28 M Park Springs 9184 & 9184a
MONTFORD John	JETER Emma	John Gordon 8/25/04 M Bridgeport 1135 & 1135a
MONTFORD John	JETER Emma	Ross Hamilton 7/11/09 M Bridgeport 3418 & 3418a
MONTFORD John	JETER Emma	Margaret Gwendolyn 8/5/10 F Bridgeport 5064 & 5064a
MONTFORD John	JETER Emma	Mary Jane 11/13/17 F Bridgeport 6751 & 6751a
MONTFORD John (TX)	JETER Emma (TX)	Charlie T 11/27/99 M Bridgeport [del. 9823] 
MONTFORD John (TX)	JETER Emma (TX)	Lalla Kookh 03/22/01 F Bridgeport [del. 22263] 
MONTFORD John (TX)	JETER Emma (TX)	Thomas Loyce 9/27/14 M Bridgeport 5965 & 5965a
MONTFORD John Gordon	BEVILL Ruth	blank 3/12/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10005] 
MONTFORD William (Ireland)	HOLDEN Jane (Ireland)	Kathryn 03/17/88 F Bridgeport [del. 22842] 
MONTFORD William (Ireland)	HOLDEN Jane (Ireland)	Sarah Virginia 05/07/93 F Bridgeport [del. 31669] 
MONTGOMERY Abner (IL)	PINKSTAFF Miranda (IL)	Wiley Pringle 03/02/78 M Chico [del. 14709] 
MONTGOMERY Bart	BLANK blank	blank 12/18/10 F blank 5148 
MONTGOMERY Charles	BLANK Mae	blank 7/3/05 M blank 1936 
MONTGOMERY Charles C.	STEIN Janie R.	Lou Jane 9/14/33 F Greenwood [No Image 10889] 
MONTGOMERY Claud C	DENMON Jewel B.	Loretta May-twin 7/29/27 F Rhome 8817 
MONTGOMERY Claud C	DENMON Jewel B.	Jarnita Rae-twin 7/29/27 F Rhome 8818 
MONTGOMERY Claud C	DENMON Jewel B.	Oma Jo 3/11/31 F Rhome [No Image 10003] 
MONTGOMERY G.C.	DENMON Jewel B.	Claudie 9/20/32 F Rhome [No Image 10562] 
MONTGOMERY James Walter (AR)	PHILLIPS Carrie E. (TX)	Dessie Edith 6/26/08 F Decatur 4054 & 4054a
MONTGOMERY Jesse Alonzo (AL)	FLANAGAN Willie Ann (AL)	Tom Glenn 01/16/99 M Briar [del. 7263] 
MONTGOMERY Lewis W (TX)	FRAZIER Mary Elliott (MS)	Necie Ann 03/01/92 F Cottondale [del. 25366] 
MONTGOMERY Lewis W (TX)	FRAZIER Mary Elliott (MS)	Laura Edith 03/25/95 F Boonsville [del. 24809] 
MONTGOMERY Lewis Washington (TX)	FRAZIER Mary Elbuth (MS)	George Elmer 04/04/99 M Paradise [del. 11708] 
MONTGOMERY Lewis Washington (TX)	FRAZIER Mary Elliot (MS)	Knok 04/22/90 M Wise Co [del. 8433] 
MONTGOMERY P.B.	BLANK blank	blank 7/17/04 F blank 1026 
MONTGOMERY Polk	BLANK Nurt	blank 1/19/09 M blank 4446 
MONTGOMERY Sye	HORTON M.K.	Sye 8/14/33 M Vineyard [No Image 10868] 
MONTGOMERY William Charles (TX)	ROBERTS Lura (TX)	James Clare 9/23/07 M blank 3564 & 3564a
MONTGOMERY William Charlie	ROBERTS Lura Frances	Charlie Clarence (Dusty) 10/17/03 M Greenwood 375 & 0375a
MOODY blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/11/04 F blank 586 
MOODY blank	BLANK Maggie	blank 10/17/13 F blank 5785 
MOODY Corn	MCDANIEL (Josie)	blank 5/27/13 M blank 5707 
MOODY Corn Moody	MCDANIEL Josie	Ruth Rosetta 10/14/15 F Chico 6271 & 6271a
MOODY Henry	BOONE Lizzie	blank 1/2/14 F blank 5810 
MOODY John Carlton	LARKIN Trula Fae	Ila Marie 11/22/16 F Bridgeport 6513 & 6513a
MOODY L.P. (TX)	REED Eva May (TX)	Harold Eugene 3/5/29 M Paradise 9281 & 9281a
MOODY Pete (AR)	REEDY Harriett Ann (TX)	Effie Mae 11/02/91 F Aurora [del. 23383] 
MOODY Pete (TN)	HUFF Denitia Eva (TX)	Laura Jane 05/24/80 F Boyd [del. 5928] 
MOODY W.C.	MCDANIEL Josie	Doris Mae 7/10/31 F blank [No Image 10138] 
MOODY W.C. (TX)	MCDANIEL Josie (TX)	Lois F. 11/6/28 F Chico 9168 & 9168a
MOODY William	COFFEE Lou	Opal Mae 6/9/05 F Paradise 1896 & 1896a & 1896b & 1896c
MOODY William Corn (TX)	MCDANIEL Josie (TX)	Annie Lorena 3/26/26 F Bridgeport 8569 & 8569a
MOODY William Preston (MO)	COFFEE Lou C (AR)	William Henry 02/22/92 M Baxter Co AR [del. 25222] 
MOODY William Preston (MO)	COFFEE Lou C (AR)	John Calton 06/16/92 M Baxter Co AR [del. 25220] 
MOODY William Preston (MO)	COFFEE Lou C (AR)	Joseph Harm 01/11/97 M Baxter Co AR [del. 25221] 
MOODY William Thomas (AR)	PRUETT Annie Louiza (AL)	Roy Alvus 05/13/86 M Paradise [del. 14346] 
MOODY William Thomas (AR)	PRUETT Annie Louiza (AL)	Edgar Wayne 06/28/94 M Bridgeport [del. 25491] 
MOONEY Ed	BLANK blank	blank 10/26/09 M blank 4827 
MOONEY Edward	ELLIOTT Grace	Jimmie Marion 1/7/33 M Decatur [No Image 10652] 
MOONEY Edward	ELLIOTT Grace T.	Helen Laverne 11/29/29 F blank [No Image 9521] 
MOONEY Edward H (MS)	SENSIBAUGH Charlottie E (TX)	Velma Charlottie 11/02/02 F Decatur [del. 25025] 
MOONEY Edward Harris	SENSIBAUGH Elizabeth Carlotte	Linnie Alice 5/17/05 F Decatur 1825 & 1825a
MOONEY Edward Harris (MS)	SENSIBAUGH Bettie Charlottie (TX)	Edward Oliver 12/10/00 M Decatur [del. 7961] 
MOONEY George	BLANK blank	blank 2/9/08 M blank 3837 
MOONEY Harvey Madison (TX)	MITCHELL Eva V. (TX)	Booth 7/3/12 M Decatur 5546 & 5546a
MOONEY Harvey W. (TX)	MITCHELL Eva (TX)	blank 10/17/24 F Decatur 8185 
MOONEY Henry Jenkins (MS)	SMITH Julia Elizabeth (AR)	Zella Allen 11/14/99 M Decatur [del. 4827] 
MOONEY Henry M. (TX)	MITCHELL Eva (TX)	Boyiet In? 5/24/23 M Decatur 7809 
MOONEY R.F.	BLANK A.F.	blank 8/9/06 M blank 2825 
MOONEY Robert (TX)	NORTH Maudia	blank 9/7/24 M Decatur 8162 
MOONEY Walter	BLANK blank	blank 7/13/11 F blank 5306 
MOONEYHAM Wiley Blunford (AR)	GIBBS Eliza Frances (IL)	Ella Jane 09/14/84 F Sunset [del. 7867] 
MOORE A S (TN)	ROBERTS Elizabeth (TN)	Benjamin Howard 09/05/87 M Cottondale [del. 23382] 
MOORE Alexander Black (TX)	WILLIAM Luella (TX)	Galdys Clara 08/10/01 F Decatur [del. 13927] 
MOORE Alfred Thomas (MO)	BLYTHE Lizzie (AR)	Fill Clark 02/18/93 M Perry Co AR [del. 20619] 
MOORE Andrews Starriott	JOHNSON Nora Mae	Mary Nell 3/17/28 F Oklahoma 8971 
MOORE Ben A. (TX)	WILSON Sallie Ruth (TX)	Bennie Ruth 4/23/21 F Greenwood 7386 
MOORE blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/16/05 F blank 1747 
MOORE blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/1/09 M blank 4581 
MOORE C.B.	REED Viola	blank 8/14/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10177] 
MOORE Calvin Lafayette (TX)	HARRISON Orpha Elizabeth (TX)	George Macon 04/10/86 M Greenwood [del. 4504] 
MOORE Calvin Lafayette (TX)	HARRISON Orpha Elizabeth (TX)	Mallie Fayette 01/01/93 F Greenwood [del. 14447] 
MOORE Charles	BLANK blank	blank 9/12/03 F blank 275 
MOORE Charles Minor (GA)	CAMPBELL Mary Ada (TX)	Annabelle 12/14/02 F Decatur [del. 15659] 
MOORE Charlie Edgar (TX)	BOWSER Mary Ella (TX)	Clarence Dickson 10/5/06 M Paradise 2948 & 2948a
MOORE Doc. Thomas Asberry (AR)	GARRETT Fannie Pearl (TN)	Nelma Jeneva 11/26/19 F Greenwood 7163 
MOORE E. Price (TX)	WALLER Beatrice O. (TX)	Kenneth Ray 7/12/25 M Alvord 8361 
MOORE E.B.	BLANK blank	blank 4/22/05 F blank 1766 
MOORE Edward	WALKER Beatrice 	Annie Sue 8/12/30 F blank [No Image 9785] 
MOORE Edward N.	WALKER Beatrice O.	Babie Joe 7/23/33 F Park Springs [No Image 10834] 
MOORE F.D.	BLANK A.E.	Willard 7/4/03 M blank 90 
MOORE Floyd	FORD Virginia	Bennie Joe 8/7/28 M Decatur 9076 & 9076a
MOORE Floyd	FORD Virginia	Floyd Wayne 6/14/30 M Decatur [No Image 9726] 
MOORE Francis Talbert (TX)	STEWART Clara Belle (PA)	Homer Talbert 01/05/01 M Decatur [del. 11801] 
MOORE Francis Tolbert (TX)	STEWART Clara Belle (PA)	Elba 03/16/89 F Jim Ned [del. 19266] 
MOORE Francis Tolbert (TX)	STEWART Clara Belle (PA)	Ethel Mae 08/13/94 F Decatur [del. 25100] 
MOORE Frank	BLANK blank	blank 4/6/08 F blank 3958 
MOORE Frank	BLANK Clara	blank 10/5/05 M blank 2191 
MOORE G.W.	BLANK blank	Theodore Roosevelt 5/10/05 M blank 1806 
MOORE George	WILLIAMS Sallie Stewart	Ida Cecil 12/14/16 F Alvord 6525 & 6525a
MOORE George W.	GILBERT Mandora	Vernon Thelma 1/21/04 F Slidell 603 & 0603a
MOORE George Washington (KY)	GILBERT Mandora (MO)	Henry Bearl 3/21/07 M Slidell 3242 & 3242a
MOORE George Washington (KY)	MOORE Mandora (MO)	Alma Essie 09/27/95 F Slidell [del. 8613] 
MOORE Isaac A (AR)	APPLING Elizabeth (AR)	Bonnie Lava 08/04/02 F Park Springs [del. 6883] 
MOORE Issac Andrew (AR)	APPLING Elizabeth (AR)	Ernest Macon 01/05/00 M Park Springs [del. 13543] 
MOORE J P (KY)	LEFORS Martha (AR)	Velma Inez 12/03/95 F Poolville [del. 21368] 
MOORE J P (KY)	LEFORS Martha Jane (AR)	Martha Flora 04/10/93 F Gibtown [del. 20416] 
MOORE J.A.	BLANK Julia	Ellis C. 6/29/05 M blank 1925 
MOORE J.J.	BLANK S.J.	blank 6/24/08 F blank 4102 
MOORE J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 4/1/07 F blank 3264 
MOORE J.S.	BLANK J.	blank 10/17/03 F blank 376 
MOORE James	BLANK Anne	Minerva Mae 7/20/04 F blank 1036 
MOORE James A.	BRIGHT Willie Leona	Berta Maud 9/20/07 F Chico 3556 & 3556a
MOORE James Alexander	BRIGHT Willie Leona	Robbie Elsie 12/6/05 F Chico 2336 & 2336a
MOORE James Alexander (AR)	BRIGHT Willie Leona (MS)	Lola Bertha 12/17/02 F Park Springs [del. 21758] 
MOORE James Marion (AR)	JACKSON Bertha Ellen (TX)	Nina 01/31/02 F Decatur [del. 10608] 
MOORE James Wardell (KY)	READ Catherine Ada (TX)	Ada Mildred 09/20/99 F Newark [del. 6826] 
MOORE Jeremiah Bonapart (TX)	KELLAN Mary Josephine (TX)	Anna Preston 10/25/93 F Decatur [del. 27813] 
MOORE Jeremiah Bonapart (TX)	KELLAN Mary Josephine (TX)	Vernon Eugene 04/26/96 M Decatur [del. 27812] 
MOORE Jerry S (IL)	BRYANT Josie Elizabeth (CO)	Robert Elvin 11/17/01 M Greenwood [del. 9100] 
MOORE Jerry S. (KS)	LAWRENCE Josie Elizabeth (IL)	Jennie Belle 12/20/07 F Greenwood 3737 & 3737a
MOORE Jim	BLANK blank	blank 2/23/09 ? blank 4509 
MOORE John	BLANK blank	blank 8/11/10 M blank 5068 
MOORE John	BLANK Cora	blank 1/14/06 M blank 2402 
MOORE John (Ireland)	WEATHERFORD Luella (GA)	John Christian 06/19/97 M Boyd [del. 21920] 
MOORE John William (TX)	MACKEY Maldrine (MO)	Clarence Fortes 05/29/83 M Wise Co [del. 13079] 
MOORE John William (TX)	MACKEY Maldrine (MO)	Grover Cleveland 01/24/85 M Wise Co [del. 13081] 
MOORE John William (TX)	MACKEY Maldrine (MO)	Mary Elizabeth 11/09/86 F Wise Co[del. 13080] 
MOORE John William (TX)	MACKEY Maldrine Missouri (MO)	Arthur Lee 11/20/93 M Decatur [del. 6685] 
MOORE John William (TX)	MACKEY Maldrine Missouri (MO)	Ida Mae 05/07/96 F Decatur [del. 6686] 
MOORE John Wilson (AL)	WAGNER Elizabeth (MO)	Dan Thomas 07/20/82 M Decatur [del. 18370] 
MOORE Joseph Absalom (AL)	JONES Julia Ann (MS)	Ora Lee 10/18/93 F Decatur [del. 20020] 
MOORE Joseph Absalom (AL)	JONES Julia Ann (MS)	Nina Jewel 06/19/97 F Decatur [del. 29051] 
MOORE Joseph Absolom	JONES Julia Ann	Imogene Ruth 9/13/10 F Decatur 5095 & 5095a
MOORE Joshua Paul (KY)	LEFORS Martha Jane (AR)	Walter Welch 01/23/90 M Boonsville [del. 23185] 
MOORE Marion L.	WINNINGTON L.	P.K. 8/1/30 M blank [No Image 9777] 
MOORE Marvin	POLLARD Cora	blank 10/15/16 F blank 6493 
MOORE Norbett A.	CATES Mary E.	Norbett Apt 4/12/16 M Decatur 6397 
MOORE Norbett A. (TX)	CATES Mary E. (TX)	Nannie Rowena 1/8/19 F Decatur 7027 
MOORE Orphas Allen (AR)	WOLF Viola (AR)	Robert Orville 08/29/00 M Bridgeport [del. 8379] 
MOORE Oscar	BLANK Lizzie	blank 1/7/09 F blank 4426 
MOORE Oscar E.	LAWYER Lucinda	Ola Lee 5/21/05 F Park Springs 1834 & 1834a
MOORE Phel Clark (AR)	MCBRIDE Myrtrie (GA)	Nina Bell 12/9/21 F Decatur 7518 
MOORE Phil C. (AR)	MCBRIDE Ruth (GA)	blank 5/6/25 M Decatur 8307 
MOORE Robert	TATE Nervia	blank 1/16/18 F Alvord 6796 
MOORE Robert E.	BLANK Mable	blank 8/18/05 F blank 2063 
MOORE Robert E.	URQUHART Bessie B.	Era Jo 1/21/33 F Greenwood [No Image 10661] 
MOORE Rufe Neeley (TN)	CRAWFORD Laura Ann (TX)	Samuel Albert 02/21/99 M Bridgeport [del. 8746] 
MOORE Rufus Neely	CRAWFORD Laura Anne	Ruth Nina 6/11/05 F Bridgeport 1882 & 1882a
MOORE Sam E (TX)	CAPPS Mary Jane (TX)	Lillie D 03/07/95 F Sunset [del. 20341] 
MOORE Sam E (TX)	CAPPS Mary Jane (TX)	Lottie Lee 03/07/95 F Sunset [del. 20342] 
MOORE Stanford	GARRETT Dora	blank 8/26/28 F Decatur 9096 
MOORE Stanford (TX)	GARRETT Done (TX)	blank 1/14/22 M Decatur 7534 
MOORE Stanford (TX)	GARRETT Dora (TX)	blank 8/18/26 M Decatur 8639 
MOORE T.D.	BLANK Annie	blank 6/25/08 F blank 4104 
MOORE Thomas Denton (AR)	TANKERSLEY Annie Emily (AR)	Samuel Jessie 07/02/88 M Sercey Co AR [del. 19968] 
MOORE Thomas Matthew (TN)	NALL Lydia Aalar (TX)	Ollie May 08/29/94 F Bridgeport [del. 11976] 
MOORE Virgle (TX)	RICHARDSON Bertha (TX)	blank 7/17/18 M Bridgeport 6938 
MOORE W.	BLANK blank	blank 9/17/03 F blank 292 
MOORE W.	BLANK C.	blank 4/20/04 F blank 826 
MOORE W.C.	BLANK Mollie	blank 2/23/06 F blank 2520 
MOORE W.E. (TN)	ADAMS Claudie Lee (TX)	blank 6/15/23 M Chico 7824 
MOORE W.F.	BLANK blank	blank 12/26/07 M blank 3746 
MOORE W.F.	BLANK C.L.	blank 7/24/05 M blank 1996 
MOORE W.I.	BLANK blank	blank 2/3/08 M blank 3822 
MOORE W.N.	BLANK blank	blank 4/28/07 F blank 3321 
MOORE W.W. (TX)	NALL Minnie (TX)	blank 8/4/20 F Poolville 7279 & [delayed 11870]
MOORE Walter	NALL Minnie	blank 11/12/14 M blank 5986 
MOORE Walter Franklin (TN)	ADAMS Claudia Lee (TN)	Walter Franklin 12/17/02 M Chico [del. 15690] 
MOORE Walter Welch (TX)	NELL Minnie Margaret (NC)	Alice Arline 12/28/22 F Poolville 7698 & 7698a
MOORE Will	BLANK blank	May 7/28/05 F blank 2008 
MOORE Will	BLANK Carrie	blank 8/4/07 M blank 3467 
MOORE William Elvis (MO)	WILLIAMS Margaret Alleta (MO)	John Elvis 12/20/01 M Boyd [del. 21423] 
MOORE William Gaston (AL)	NEWBY Molly (TX)	Ethel Leola 10/19/90 F Paradise [del. 21672] 
MOORE William Gaston (AL)	NEWBY Molly (TX)	Martha Lillie 05/07/95 F Paradise [del. 23325] 
MOORE William N (AR)	GLASS Sarah Tabitha (AR)	Henry Harvey 10/22/96 M Sunset [del. 12178] 
MOORE William N (IL)	RHYNE Leaner (TX)	Della 06/08/99 F Pottawatomme Co OK [del. 25280] 
MOORE William N (IL)	RHYNE Leaner (TX)	Minnie 03/15/02 F Pottawatomme Co OK [del. 25279] 
MOORE William Newton	GLASS Sarah Tabitha	Jesse James 4/12/03 M Park Springs 81 
MOORE William Newton	GLASS Sarah Tabitha	Velma Dena 5/12/05 F Park Springs 1810 & 1810a
MOORE William Newton (AR)	GLASS Sarah Tibetha (AR)	Marshall Monroe 09/16/98 M Sunset [del. 10462] 
MOORE William T. (AL)	BROWNFIELD M.A. (TX)	Paul Thompson 10/27/21 M Leo 7499 & 7499a
MOORE Willie B (TN)	BLANK Eva (TN)	Lessie Helen 04/05/94 F Slidell [del. 25126] 
MOORHEAD Napoleon Gerome (TX)	WILLIAMS Ader Angeline (TN)	Permelie Eutakus 08/17/92 F Decatur [del. 11278] 
MORAN James F.	NOLAN Viola	Thomas Jefferson 1/22/18 M Rhome 6803 & 6803a
MORE Jones	BLANK Annie	blank 8/25/07 M blank 3503 
MORE Willie	BLANK Nora B.	Ludie 4/29/04 F blank 848 
MOREHEAD Henry Walter (TX)	JEFFERSON Cora Valentine (TX)	Nora Lee 05/26/99 F Cottondale [del. 16498] 
MOREHEAD James Benjamin (AR)	MURPHY Lola Eugene (TX)	Audrey Fay 03/23/01 F Paradise [del. 16638] 
MOREHEAD Lewis	BLANK Olie	blank 8/16/05 M blank 2060 
MOREHEAD N.G.	BLANK Ada	N.G. 10/4/05 M blank 2185 & [delayed 9173]
MOREHEAD Oscar	BLANK Dorothy	blank 7/14/06 M blank 2765 
MOREHEAD Oscar Bud (AL)	MIDDLETON Armilda Florence (IL)	Galden Euclyd 05/03/91 M Briar [del. 15731] 
MOREHEAD Oscar Bud (AL)	MIDDLETON Armilda Florence (IL)	Dora Elenor 09/13/96 F Briar [del. 15732] 
MORELAND Webb (TX)	CAGE Bessie (TX)	blank 6/29/23 M Alvord 7834 
MORELOCK J., Rev.	BLANK blank	blank 3/16/06 F blank 2557 
MOREMAN Marion (MS)	KENNEDY Dora (TX)	Myrtle Alice 10/13/95 F Alvord [del. 16403] 
MORENO Enselire	GIYARGO Maggie	Jaustina 2/15/18 F Bridgeport 6829 
MORENO Eusebio	GUAJARGO Maggie	Faustina 2/15/18 F Bridgeport [2557] 2557AA
MORENO Matilda (Mex)	GONZALES Faustina (Mex)	Rebecca 8/30/14 F Bridgeport 5953 
MORENO Matilde	GONZALES Faustina	Ezekiel 11/2/03 M Bridgeport 415 & 0415a & 0415b
MORGAN D.A.	BRADLEY M.A.	blank 10/2/09 F blank 4795 
MORGAN D.A.	BRADLEY Minnie	blank 12/25/10 M blank 5153 
MORGAN D.C. (TX)	TURNER Thelma (TX)	Annie Frances 1/22/29 F Chico 9248 & 9248a
MORGAN D.L.	WATSON Velma	Beulah Estell 7/8/30 F Chico [No Image 9752] 
MORGAN David A (?)	BEASLEY Minnie A (TX)	Rosa Anna 01/06/93 F Sunset [del. 28058] 
MORGAN Elbert	PITTS Stella Mae	Patsy Ruth 2/5/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10353] 
MORGAN Henry Hillard (AL)	BUSBY Melissia Elizabeth (AL)	America Josephine 02/24/79 F Pike Co AL [del. 12094] 
MORGAN Ira	WARD Guila	Nelor Pauline 11/27/32 F Chico [No Image 10633] 
MORGAN J.C. (TX)	WATSON M.L. (TX)	Mary Iona Jo 2/21/26 F Chico 8546 & 8546a
MORGAN James Seth (TX)	FISHER Etta Ann (MO)	Elmer Clyde 03/14/99 M Paradise [del. 30605] 
MORGAN Joe Lee (NC)	BRITT Margaret Ann (NC)	Myrtle Ione 8/9/08 F Willow Point 4175 & 4175a
MORGAN John	BLANK Mammie	blank 5/17/04 M blank 893 
MORGAN John Calvin	WATSON Martha Louise	Jack Paul 7/1/28 M Bridgeport 9049 & 9049a
MORGAN John Gordon (MS)	HARTSELL Grace (Crickett)(TN)	Olamae 8/11/07 F Bridgeport 3478 & 3478a
MORGAN John Washington (TX)	ADAMS Martha Ellen (Ind Terr OK)	Maggie Ellen 02/09/93 F Decatur [del. 25593] 
MORGAN John Washington (TX)	ADAMS Martha Ellen (IND Terr OK)	May Bell 10/12/97 F Decatur [del. 25646] 
MORGAN John Washington (TX)	ADAMS Martha Ellen (TX)	John Joseph 12/16/94 M Decatur [del. 5563] 
MORGAN John William (KY)	FERGUSON Sophie Permelia (KY)	Finis Alma Rhine 10/10/85 M Cumberland Co KY [del. 17393]
MORGAN John Young (MS)	GOODWIN Ora Susan (MO)	Eddie Albert 04/18/00 M Alvord [del. 7267] 
MORGAN John Young (MS)	GOODWIN Ora Susan (MO)	Lydia Frances 10/27/06 M Alvord 2981 & 2981a
MORGAN Joseph Lee (NC)	BRITT Margaret Ann (NC)	Wilk Scott 12/19/00 M Balsora [del. 29470] 
MORGAN Lish	BLANK blank	blank 2/3/04 M blank 635 
MORGAN Louis David	GEIDON Lillie Word	Lonnie Lee 10/7/04 M Bridgeport 1256 & 1256a
MORGAN Louis David (TX)	GEIDON Lillie Word (MS)	Clarence Luther 03/20/02 M Bridgeport [del. 30042] 
MORGAN Robert Bryant (TX)	LONG Jewel Eveline (TX)	Margurette 12/20/25 F Decatur 8485 & 8485a & 8485b
MORGAN Seth	BLANK Leta	blank 9/19/05 M blank 2149 
MORGAN Thomas A.	GANN Emma	Lillie Fae 3/4/12 F Chico 5478 & 5478a
MORGAN Thomas Allen (TN)	STEPHENSON Agnes Ann (TX)	Ira Daniel 03/28/00 M Park Springs [del. 14382] 
MORGAN Thomas Jones	HOPKINS Lillie Leona	Susie Jewel 5/8/05 F Sunset 1798 
MORGAN Thomas Mathew (NC)	DEATON Lucy Jane (NC)	Pearl Heather 4/6/09 F Willow Point 4585 & 4585a & 4585b
MORGAN Walter Perry	MASTHER Ruth	Mary Josephine 7/30/26 F Decatur 8819 
MORGAN Will	BLANK blank	blank 9/3/06 F blank 2886 
MORGESON J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 12/17/04 M blank 1445 
MORLEY A.P.	BLANK blank	blank 7/30/10 F blank 5055 
MORMAN Jack E. (TX)	DRENNAN Oma (TX)	blank 8/2/23 F Kemp 7868 
MORREL Walter	BLANK blank	blank 7/13/11 F blank 5307 
MORREN Travis Wright (TX)	DOTSON Stella (TX)	Lillie May 02/01/92 F Alvord [del. 17062] 
MORREN Travis Wright (TX)	DOTSON Stella (TX)	Myrtle Ann 07/26/93 F Alvord [del. 28476] 
MORRIS Albert	NEWTON Alma 	Houston Lowell 2/23/33 M Decatur [No Image 10693] 
MORRIS Albert C.	NEWTON Alma Lee	Samuel Berry 6/1/31 M Decatur [No Image 10090] 
MORRIS Allen (MO)	HARRELSON Minnie (MO)	Mary George 04/04/96 F Sunset [del. 30132] 
MORRIS Amos H. (TX)	BELT Maude E. (TX)	Amos H., Jr. 1/26/20 M Chico 7199 
MORRIS Archie	ROSS Bertie	Stella Bess 1/18/33 F Decatur [No Image 10658] 
MORRIS Archie Raymond	ROSS Bertie	Raymond Ross 10/31/16 M Decatur 6503 
MORRIS Benjamin (VA)	BLAIR Roxana (AL)	James Pugh 08/13/75 M Barber Co AL [del. 24721] 
MORRIS Billie T.	AUSTIN Mildred	Bettie Louise 7/12/32 F Decatur [No Image 10490] 
MORRIS David Lee (TN)	GREEN Mary Emma (TX)	Mona Agnes 12/09/95 F Alvord [del. 22454] 
MORRIS David Lee (TN)	GREEN Mary Emma (TX)	Mamie Eithel 10/27/97 F Alvord [del. 22460] 
MORRIS E M (AL)	NEEL Mary (KY)	Iota June 06/04/01 F Boyd [del. 29794] 
MORRIS E.M.	BLANK Allice	Elizabeth 9/7/04 F blank 1179 
MORRIS Earnest William (MO)	CLARK Annie Elizabeth (TX)	Olen 05/03/01 M Decatur [del. 9941] 
MORRIS Ed	BLANK Mary	blank 1/11/08 F blank 3780 
MORRIS Ed M.	BLANK Mary	blank 1/6/04 M blank 570 
MORRIS Ellis Worth (TN)	ELROD Alice Madora (AR)	Clifton Siever 7/6/08 M Alvord 4121 & 4121a
MORRIS Felix Britton (TN)	BEYETTE Fannie (Canada)	Jesse Britton 12/15/82 M Alvord [del. 21240] 
MORRIS Franklin Jack (TN)	McMATH Minnie Lee (TN)	Clement Buwford 01/16/01 M Alvord [del. 20899] 
MORRIS Franklin Jackson (TX)	McMATH Minnie Lee (TX)	Jewel Gose 03/20/99 M Briar [del. 9298] 
MORRIS George R. (AL)	MALPAS Edell (TX)	blank 10/5/29 F Greenwood 9468 
MORRIS Gipson	BLANK Kate	blank 5/28/04 F blank 905 
MORRIS Grady	MONDRICK Ella	William Larry 9/12/30 M blank [No Image 9814] 
MORRIS Grady (TX)	MONDRICK Ella (TX)	Joan Grady 2/25/29 F Rhome 9272 & 9272a
MORRIS Hilary M.	ASKEY Amy Mae	Hilary Mae 3/28/27 F Decatur 8779 & 8779a & 8779b
MORRIS Hilary M. (AR)	ASKEY Amie Mae (TX)	H.M. 7/18/29 M Decatur 9400 & 9400a
MORRIS J D (TX)	BLANK Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Maud Ann 02/11/96 F Decatur [del. 21799] 
MORRIS J.W.	BLANK Nora	blank 12/10/08 M blank 4388 
MORRIS Jack	(JOHNSTON) (Meldora)	Gordon Jack 11/17/03 M blank 449 
MORRIS James Whitfield (TN)	BEYETTE Mary (TN)	Ernest Clyde 01/22/90 M Alvord [del. 24610] 
MORRIS Jasper Watson (IL)	JONES Sarah Francis (AL)	Nora Francis 09/29/86 F Decatur [del. 21147] 
MORRIS Jessie Whitfield (TN)	BEYETTE Mary (TN)	Cleatice Elwood 07/07/96 M Alvord [del. 17448] 
MORRIS Joe B. (AL)	ROBERTS Hettie (TX)	blank 6/19/23 M Decatur 7827 
MORRIS John Edward (TN)	HUFFNAN Barbara Johnson (TN)	Roy Leslie 08/23/00 M Chico [del. 14733] 
MORRIS John Edward (TN)	HUFFNAN Mollie J (TN)	Thomas Edd 09/05/91 M Chico [del. 29789] 
MORRIS Jonathan Hampton (MO)	JACKSON Aurelia T (MO)	Silas Loyde 08/27/88 M Decatur [del. 20055] 
MORRIS Jonathan Hampton (MO)	JACKSON Aurelia T (MO)	Archie Raymond 03/02/90 M Decatur [del. 6480] 
MORRIS Jonathan Hampton (MO)	JACKSON Aurelia T (MO)	Aurelia Ellen 04/16/92 F Decatur [del. 12500] 
MORRIS Joseph C (TN)	CARLTON Sallie (AL)	Calvin Albert 11/01/96 M Jackson Co AL [del. 14598] 
MORRIS Joseph C (TN)	CARLTON Sallie (AL)	Jake Wilson 07/08/01 M Jackson Co AL [del. 14345] 
MORRIS Kenny A. (TX)	MOSLEY Mamie (AR)	blank 3/14/25 F blank 8281 
MORRIS R.B.	BLANK A.	blank 3/17/04 F blank 744 
MORRIS R.L.	MCGUIRE Winnie	Roy Hulen 3/5/30 M blank [No Image 9676] 
MORRIS Rev.	BLANK blank	blank 6/30/06 M blank 2738 
MORRIS Russell B.	STUART Josephine Angelina	Russell Boyd, Jr. 1/22/09 M Chico 4453 
MORRIS Russell Boyd (TX)	STUART Josephene A. (AR)	Nannie Belle 1/30/07 F Chico 3149 & 3149a
MORRIS Sam Davis (MO)	CARLTON Cynthia Ann (TN)	Jesse Lee 01/19/01 M Jackson Co AL [del. 6376] 
MORRIS Samuel Davis (MO)	CARLTON Cynthia Ann (TN)	Albert Calvin 01705/99 M Franklin Co TN [del. 29554] 
MORRIS Thomas Hampton (MO)	SHUNATE Will Ette (KY)	Thomas William 08/18/82 M Sunset [del. 18180] 
MORRIS W.J.	JOHNSON Dora	blank 7/16/12 F blank 5550 
MORRIS W.W.	MANN Lou	blank 7/8/03 M blank 97 
MORRIS William Anderson (AR)	PARHAM Nancy Sidney (MO)	Marjory Lou 02/20/01 F Scott Co AR [del. 13077] 
MORRIS William Anderson (AR)	PARHAM Sidney Nancy (MO)	Hillary Marvin 05/20/92 M Scott Co AR [del. 9008] 
MORRIS William Elijah (TN)	KEMP Mattie Clara (TN)	Theodore Roosevelt 04/17/00 M Alvord [del. 9726] 
MORRIS William J. (TX)	JOHNSTON Maldora E. (TX)	Gordon Jack 7/24/08 M Boonsville 4147 & 4147a
MORRIS William Joseph	JOHNSON Meldora E.	Avis Virginia 7/20/05 F Boonsville 1979 & 1979a
MORRIS William Joseph (TX)	JOHNSON Meldora Elizabeth (TX)	Ora Mae 02/05/97 F Boonsville [del. 18586] 
MORRIS William Wade (AL)	CATE Louise (TX)	Charles Blair 04/07/00 M Rhome [del. 11621] 
MORRIS William Wade (AL)	CATES Annie Louise (TX)	Roxana 10/15/90 F Rhome [del. 28001] 
MORRIS William Wade (AL)	CATES Annie Louise (TX)	Rena Frances 08/24/88 F Rhome [del. 18942] 
MORRIS William Wade (AL)	CATES Annie Louise (TX)	Winnie Mae 10/15/95 F Rhome [del. 18999] 
MORRISON J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 8/15/08 F blank 4187 
MORRISON Jacob Jasper (TX)	ROBERTS Eva (TX)	James Dee 01/05/00 M Decatur [del. 31875] 
MORRISON Joe W (AR)	DAVIS Eva (TN)	Walter Lummus 02/05/81 M Decatur [del. 12674] 
MORRISON Joe William (AR)	DAVIS Eva (TN)	Myrtle Arthur 04/16/86 F Anneville [del. 20229] 
MORRISON McKay	WILLIAMS Nancy	Pearl 9/19/04 F Alvord 1208 & 1208a
MORRISON McKay (LA)	WILLIAMS Nancy Ann (TN)	Jerry Floyd 04/08/96 M Alvord [del. 19430] 
MORRISON McKay (MS)	WILLIAMS Nancy (TN)	Jewell 08/12/02 M Alvord [del. 22719] 
MORRISON Otis R.	WILLIAMSON E.M.	Royal Brice 5/18/30 M Chico [No Image 9692] 
MORRISON Sam (IL)	LANEY Malisa Ann (IL)	Mattie May 05/13/77 F Washington Co IL [del. 7992] 
MORRISON Wade	HOLT Allie L.	Helen Joyce 1/30/33 F Paradise [No Image 10670] 
MORRISON Walter (TX)	ROGERS Willie (TX)	Bessie Mae 04/23/99 F Chico [del. 7467] 
MORRISON Weedon Hamilton (MO)	EVANS Georgia (TX)	Fred Lee 02/28/94 M Paradise [del. 14383] 
MORRISON William Joseph (AR)	GUEST Susanna (TX)	William Joseph Jr 12/09/87 M Decatur [del. 20761] 
MORRISS Thomas Edward	ROBISON Geneva	blank 7/5/32 M Chico [No Image 10485] 
MORROW Cliff	BLANK Minnie	blank 10/11/05 M blank 2209 
MORROW Cliff	BLANK Minnie Bell	Sarah Angie 4/13/04 F Chico 813 & 0813a
MORROW Clifford (TX)	BELL Minnie (TX)	Virgie Alice 3/28/07 F Chico 3253 & 3253a
MORROW E.R.	CARTER Etta	Mosel Velma 3/17/17 F blank 6581 & 6581a
MORROW George (TX)	STRAIN Sarah (IA)	Harvey Luther 07/14/89 M Chico [del. 12740] 
MORROW George I (TX)	BOOTHE Charlotte (TX)	Isaac Ciron 02/01/78 M Chico [del. 34184] 
MORROW Harvey Luther (TX)	WORLEY Bettie (TX)	Roy Luther 9/22/19 M Chico 7138 & 7138a
MORROW J.C.	(GARDNER) Burton	Martha Washington 2/22/15 F blank 6040 
MORROW J.C.	GARDNER Burless	Susie 9/5/17 F Chico 6697 & [delayed 15118]
MORROW J.L.	BALLARD Birdie	blank 3/2/17 M blank 6563 
MORROW James A. (MS)	HAMLIN Mildred (TX)	Eunice Katherine 6/17/25 F Rhome 8342 
MORROW Joe Williams (TX)	BURNHAN Nancy Ann (KY)	Vester Scott 12/02/99 M Chico [del. 13905] 
MORROW John M.	BALLARD Birdie	blank 2/28/18 F Bridgeport 6837 
MORROW L.L.	BLANK E.M.	blank 10/8/07 M blank 3596 
MORROW Lewis	DAVIS Edna	blank 5/25/12 F blank 5530 
MORROW O.C. (TX)	LEWIS Willie (TX)	blank 9/25/26 F Chico 8678 
MORROW O.C. (TX)	LEWIS Willie (TX)	blank 8/5/24 F Chico 8134 
MORROW Vester S.	CONWAY Myrtle A.	blank 8/8/33 F Chico [No Image 10855] 
MORROW Vester S. (TX)	CANTWELL Myrtle Adelia (TX)	Edith Eliza 9/5/19 F Chico 7132 & 7132a
MORROW W.A.	BLANK G.G.	blank 10/3/07 F blank 3588 
MORROW W.A.	BLANK G.G.	blank 7/1/10 M blank 5034 
MORROW William Arthur (TX)	MOUNT Cynthia Rebecca (TX)	Davida Rebecca 12/14/98 F Chico [del. 28090] 
MORSE John Andrew (MO)	MORRIS Ledina Ann (TX)	Lydia May 01/23/82 F Decatur [del. 18179] 
MORTAIR Lum	BLANK Sallie	blank 6/4/07 M blank 3371 
MORTEZ Alegorda	BLANK blank	blank 7/4/09 M blank 4684 
MORTON blank	BLANK blank	Mamie Gertrude 1/18/04 F blank 599 
MORTON Columbus	TAYLOR Sally	blank 5/22/14 F blank 5898 
MORTON E.	BLANK Ada, Mrs.	blank 8/2/05 F blank 2020 
MORTON J.Y.	SMITH Lucy Joan	Mildred Lorene 4/2/17 F Bridgeport 6598 & 6598a
MORTON James William (TX)	MILLER Sarah Jane (PA)	Jewel Bell 01/29/97 F Bridgeport [del. 33081] 
MORTON Jessie W (AR)	STANSEL Ida (GA)	Ethel 04/05/98 F Rhome [del. 8377] 
MORTON Jim W (TX)	MILLER Sarah J (PA)	Horace 11/14/99 M Paradise [del. 24772] 
MORTON Jim William	MILLER Sarah Jane	Nannie Gertrude 6/22/04 F Paradise 969 & 0969a
MORTON John D. (TX)	COOK Lennie Mae (TX)	Victor Hugh 9/10/28 M Paradise 9119 
MORTON John M. (TX)	HORDEN Ollie (TN)	blank 11/10/22 F Crafton 7687 
MORTON John Thomas (AL)	RUNAGE Annie Laura (TX)	Lloyd D 05/28/98 M Paradise [del. 23040] 
MORTON John Thomas (AL)	RUNAGE Annie Laura (TX)	Selma Moody 02/20/00 F Paradise [del. 20804] 
MORTON John U.	MOORE Lela	James Walter 12/10/03 M rural, Wise Co. 497 & 0497a
MORTON John Wesley (TX)	DOLMAN Ora Alene (TX)	Bessie Jewel 6/22/09 F Paradise 4669 & 4669a
MORTON John White (AL)	GEAR Jessie Marie (TX)	William Tarkington 04/21/01 M Paradise [del. 11194] 
MORTON Luke	BLANK Pattie	blank 7/8/04 M blank 1002 
MORTON Lum	BLANK Sallie	blank 9/1/05 F blank 2107 
MORTON Luther Douglas (AL)	WOOD Martha Ellen (TX)	John Douglas 10/12/95 M Paradise [del. 10980] 
MORTON Luther Douglas (AL)	WOOD Martha Ellen (TX)	Alva 03/12/98 F Paradise [del. 7566] 
MORTON Luther Douglas (AL)	WOOD Martha Ellen (TX)	Bernice Fay 09/07/00 F Paradise [del. 21216] 
MOSER Berry S (TN)	MOORE Elizabeth (TN)	Charles W 08/31/93 M Greenwood [del. 28451] 
MOSER Berry S (TN)	MOORE Elizabeth (TN)	Ivan S 11/22/01 M Greenwood [del. 28426] 
MOSER Berry Starnes (TN)	MOORE Elizabeth Margaret (TN)	Gertrude Irene 04/01/99 F Slidell [del. 15324] 
MOSER Berry Starnes (TN)	MOORE Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Dewey 07/08/97 M Greenwood [del. 9012] 
MOSER Charles W. (TX)	POLLARD Ruth (TX)	Enod Marie 2/6/29 F Slidell 9263 & 9263a
MOSER David Harley (TN)	PRUITT Della (TX)	Eva Jewel 6/26/07 F Greenwood 3405 & 3405a
MOSER Harley	BLANK blank	blank 6/26/07 F blank 3406 
MOSER Jack (TX)	SMITH Ruth (TX)	Robbie Lou 9/8/29 F Chico 9445 
MOSER James Washington	FULKS Sarah Margaret	James Warren 11/19/03 M Chico 445 & 0445a
MOSER James Washington (AR)	FULKS Margaret (AR)	William Eugene 10/20/87 M Independence Co AR [del. 24414] 
MOSER John Ephram (AR)	HAWKINS Martha Elizabeth (AL)	Curtis Musgrove 08/14/98 M Chico [del. 20621] 
MOSES William Gregory (AL)	LONG Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Mary Angie 10/07/91 F Decatur [del. 21949] 
MOSIER A.M.	BLANK Dollie	blank 8/15/09 M blank 4737 
MOSIER H.L. (TX)	SMITH Ruth (TX)	Jack 9/8/29 F Chico 9446 
MOSIER John	BLANK Mary M.	John 6/25/05 M blank 1914 
MOSIER John Q. (TN)	POWERS Mary Melinda (TN)	Jessie 3/5/08 M Alvord 3890 & 3890a
MOSIER Joseph Henry	BLANK Julia A.	John Sparkman 2/19/05 M blank 1608 
MOSIER Joseph Henry (TN)	SIPES Julia Ann (TN)	William Jasper 02/26/89 M Paradise [del. 16650] 
MOSIER Joseph Henry (TN)	SIPES Julia Ann (TN)	Jewel Dawson 02/23/99 M Alvord [del. 29499] 
MOSIER Joseph Henry (TN)	SIPES Julia Ann (TN)	Baltus Newton 07/22/01 M Alvord [del. 9771] 
MOSIER L. (L.E.)	BLANK (L.C.)	(Ruby M.) 10/14/03 F blank 365 
MOSIER L.E.	BLANK Alice	blank 12/4/05 F blank 2331 
MOSIER Lawrence Henry (TX)	NIVANS Katie Naomi (TX)	William Ellis 4/19/13 M Alvord 5692 & 5692a
MOSIER Lawrence Henry (TX)	NIVENS Katie Naomi (TX)	Charles Elbert 6/20/08 M Alvord 4094 & 4094a
MOSLEY J.W. (TX)	WANTES E.J. (TX)	blank 7/4/25 M Sunset 8351 
MOSLEY Jack	TAYLOR Ora	Jack, Jr. 8/10/32 M Alvord [No Image 10524] 
MOSLEY John Floyd (TX)	TAYLOR Ora Jane (TX)	Estella LaVerne 1/5/23 F Alvord 7705 & 7705a
MOSLEY John Floyd (TX)	TAYLOR Ora Jane (TX)	Barbara Josephine 2/29/24 F Alvord 8023 & 8023a
MOSLEY John Thomas (TN)	TEAGUE Lou Viney (AR)	John Floyd 09/17/96 M Alvord [del. 9103] 
MOSLEY John Thomas (TN)	TUGIE Lou Irena (AR)	Fannie Bell 07/29/89 F Gibson Co TN [del. 22378] 
MOSLEY Luther	CAPPS Dollie	blank 1/8/13 F blank 5630 
MOSLEY Monroe Jackson	MCDANIEL Julia Lee	Mabel Oleta 8/6/05 F blank 2031 & 2031a
MOSLEY Monroe Jackson (TN)	MCDANIEL Julia (TX)	Leonard Garner 9/8/07 M Alvord 3524 & 3524a
MOSLEY W.T. (TN)	FREE Nancy (TX)	Jo Ann 2/11/29 F Alvord 9264 & 9264a
MOSLEY Walter	FREE Nancy	twin 11/28/11 M blank 5413 
MOSLEY Walter	FREE Nancy	twin 11/28/11 M blank 5414 
MOSLEY Walter	FREE Nancy Anne	Rachel Virginia 3/30/10 F Alvord 4967 & 4967a
MOSLEY Walter	WELL Nancy	blank 12/26/15 F blank 6328 
MOSLEY Walter (TN)	FREE Nancy (TX)	Dorothy Lou 7/14/07 F Alvord 3424 & 3424a
MOSLEY Walter S.	FREE Nancy	blank 8/3/13 M blank 5746 
MOSS Allen	BLANK blank	blank 9/9/05 F blank 2130 
MOSS David Jackson	KENNY Pauline	Kathrine Kenny 10/7/10 F Decatur 5115 
MOSS G.J.	BLANK Pauline	blank 8/10/09 M blank 4729 
MOSS George B., Sr. (AL)	BARKLEY Myrtle B. (TX)	George B., Jr. 4/6/25 M Alvord 8289 & 8289a
MOSS George Bradly (AL)	BARCLAY Myrtle Bell (TX)	Ila Faye 11/24/23 F Alvord 7943 & 7943a
MOSS J.A.	BLANK Maria	blank 8/27/09 M blank 4749 
MOSS J.W.	BLANK M.S.	blank 5/25/07 M blank 3349 
MOSS Robert Lee (AR)	ARMSTRONG Sarah A (AR)	Johnie D Willard 09/20/98 M Boyd [del. 30256] 
MOSS Robert Lee (AR)	ARMSTRONG Sarah A (AR)	Arnie Marion 03/17/02 M Decatur [del. 28304] 
MOSS Robert Lee (AR)	ARMSTRONG Sarah Adula (AR)	Nevada 03/13/00 F Decatur [del. 29244] 
MOSS William	BURCH Dorothy	Willie 6/6/04 F Chico 925 & 0925a
MOSS William Miles (TN)	BURCH Dorothy (TX)	Jimmie Lucile 5/25/07 F Chico 3350 & 3350a
MOTE Edwin Hamilton (TX)	ALLEN Elva Loyce (TX)	Allen Dwain 3/12/19 M Decatur 7060 & 7060a
MOTE F P (GA)	SAMPLER Mary Jane (GA)	Carroll Homer 02/22/95 M Greenwood [del. 29560] 
MOTE Felix Pryor (GA)	SAMPLER Mary Jane (GA)	Edna 01/31/91 F Greenwood [del. 24393] 
MOTE Felix Pryor (GA)	SAMPLER Mary Jane (GA)	Varina Jefferson 03/05/98 F Greenwood [del. 16345] 
MOTLEY blank	GORDEN Essie V.	Dorothy Mozelle 2/5/30 F blank [No Image 9582] 
MOTLEY C.A. (TX)	MASON Iris (GA)	Raymond Ray 9/28/21 M Chico 7480 & 7480a
MOTLEY C.A. (TX)	MASON Iris (GA)	Eldon Wendell 4/24/23 M Chico 7780 & 7780a
MOTLEY George Thomas (GA)	COGGINS Mollie Ella (TN)	Gladys 05/03/00 F Alvord [del. 28305] 
MOTLEY George William (GA)	CASSELS Cresa (GA)	Allen Clarence 11/05/93 M Park Springs [del. 11587] 
MOTLEY James Marion (GA)	McGEE Vernette (MO)	Mona Estel 10/19/94 M Decatur [del. 8145] 
MOTLEY John	BLANK Alice	blank 9/8/06 M blank 2896 
MOTLEY John Henry (GA)	EMERY Alice Clara (TX)	Eskell Hollis 03/14/01 M Sand Springs [del. 21608] 
MOTLEY W.A. (GA)	HAILEY Lillie (TX)	LaRue 9/4/21 F Crafton 7460 & 7460a
MOTLEY William Absalom (GA)	HAlLEY Lillie Mae (TX)	Velvie Equilla 10/18/95 F Chico [del. 12179] 
MOTSENBOCKER J.T.	HOLT Ollie	Doris Marie 10/12/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9842] 
MOTSENBOCKER Joe	BLANK Effie	blank 9/2/04 F blank 1158 
MOTSENBOCKER John	BLANK Carrie	blank 7/20/06 F blank 2780 
MOTSENBOCKER John F. (KS)	HOLT Ollie (TX)	Barcie Lee 5/22/13 F Bridgeport 5704 & 5704a
MOTSENBOCKER John F. (KS)	HOLT Ollie O. (TX)	Mary LaVonne 5/29/21 F Bridgeport 7405 & 7405a
MOTSENBOCKER John Floyd (KS)	HOLT Ollie A. (TX)	Ralph 9/5/26 M Bridgeport 8658 & 8658a
MOTSENBOCKER Joseph (IN)	FYE Effie (OH)	John F 06/20/94 M Crawford Co KS [del. 25258] 
MOTSENBOCKER Lee	BLANK H.	blank 5/11/08 M blank 4020 
MOTSENBOCKER Lee	BLANK Hattie	Elmer Lee 1/21/05 M blank 1527 
MOUNT G.P.	BLANK Eva	blank 8/21/08 F blank 4197 
MOUNT George Pierce (TX)	SHEEHAN Eva (NC)	Evelyn 08/20/00 F Chico [del. 29500] 
MOUNT Milton Horace (TX)	JOHNSON Felicia Esther (TX)	Glenn Maurice 03/12/01 M Chico [del. 18659] 
MOUNT Robert Calvin (KY)	WALLACE Martha Isabel (TX)	Woodie Wraymond 08/02/90 M Chico [del. 23281] 
MOUNT Robert Calvin (TX)	LOVE Nina Casin (TX)	Mabel Clare 12/13/91 F Decatur [del. 28368] 
MOUNT Robert Calvin (TX)	LOVE Nina Casin (TX)	Robbie Rita 08/14/93 F Chico [del. 22406] 
MOUNT Robert Calvin (TX)	LOVE Nina Casin (TX)	Lucille Love 08/26/99 F Chico [del. 23397] 
MOUNT S.	BLANK K.	Ruth Elizabeth 1/10/04 F blank 579 
MOUNT Seymour Houston (IL)	BROWNING Kate Elizabeth (TX)	Pearl 09/02/95 F Rhome [del. 6588] 
MOUNT Seymour Houston (IL)	BROWNING Katie Elizabeth (TX)	Alma 05/03/02 F Rhome [del. 4302] 
MOUNT Tim	BLANK Mattie	blank 12/4/03 F blank 480 
MOUNT Timothy Silas (IL)	VAN METER Mattie Alcinda (TX)	Victor Timothy 09/11/01 M Rhome [del. 6592] 
MOUNT Timothy Silas (TN)	VAN METER Martha Alcinda (TX)	Rita Vanzy 08/09/96 F Rhome [del. 29232] 
MOUNT Timothy Silus (IL)	VAN METER Martha Alcinda (TX)	Conrad Caleb 09/15/00 M Rhome [del. 24401] 
MOUNT W.W. (TX)	STOCK Ulma K. (TX)	Devadia E. 9/9/21 F Chico 7462 
MOURGASON John	STEWART Mary Elisabeth	Annie Lorene 8/8/03 F Decatur 243 & 0243a
MOWERY Hanger	ROSENBERG Lillie	blank 7/10/15 M blank 6150 
MOWERY Lewis Henager (TX)	ROSENBERG Libbie (TX)	Mable Lee 8/27/18 F Chico 6960 & 6960a
MOWERY Lewis Henager (TX)	ROSENBURG Libbie (TX)	James Leon 1/13/26 M Decatur 8509 & 8509a
MOWERY O.C.	STACK Bernice	Billie Joe 3/11/30 M Alvord [No Image 9623] 
MOWERY Ollie William (TX)	WATSON Ollie May (TX)	Wesley Harold 10/7/26 M Decatur 8690 & 8690a
MOWERY Robert Henry (TN)	GAUT Sallie Ann (TN)	Addle Alma 09/28/80 F Decatur [del. 15710] 
MOWERY Robert Henry (TN)	GAUT Sallie Ann (TN)	Winfred Cuthbert 01/20/83 M Chico [del. 15711] 
MOWERY Robert Henry (TN)	GAUT Sallie Ann (TN)	Darwin Draper 09/04/84 M Decatur [del. 17759] 
MOWERY Robert Henry (TN)	GAUT Sallie Ann (TN)	Frances Edith 11/07/86 F Decatur [del. 15712] 
MOWERY Walter	BLANK blank	blank 2/27/13 F blank 5657 
MOWERY Walter	BLANK blank	blank 8/22/15 M blank 6208 
MOWERY Walter Lee	MITCHELL Minnie Lee	Walter Lee, Jr. 12/18/17 M Decatur 6770 & 6770a
MOWERY William N (TN)	BLANK Mary Ann (TN)	Lewis Henager 06/06/84 M Decatur [del. 16181] 
MOWERY William N (TN)	BLANK Mary J (TN)	Minnie 01/27/92 F Decatur [del. 28091] 
MOWERY William N (TN)	BLANK Mary Jane (TN)	Ollie William 09/22/96 M Decatur [del. 21919] 
MOWERY William Nicholas	BLANK Mary Jane	Orvid Charley 12/29/03 M Decatur 547 & 0547a
MOWERY William Nicholes (TN)	BLANK Mary (TN)	Walter Lee 07/19/89 M Decatur [del. 21148] 
MOWREY R.L.	JONES Margret	blank 8/19/13 F blank 5753 
MOXEY E.E.	BLANK Becky	Charles Curtis 1/29/06 M blank 2456 
MOYER George	DAWSON Maggie	blank 4/12/17 M Slidell 6607 
MOYERS George (TX)	DAWSON Maggie (TN)	Wilbern William 3/18/21 M Slidell 7371 & 7371a
MOYERS James P.	NEEL Ruby	blank 5/14/31 M Decatur [No Image 10070] 
MOYERS James P. (TX)	NEEL Ruby Bell (TX)	Bonnie Bell 9/2/21 F Slidell 7458 & 7458a
MOYERS James Prophet (TX)	NEEL Ruby Belle (TX)	Mattie Helen 9/1/28 F Decatur 9109 & 9109a
MOYIER James P. (TX)	NEEL Ruby (TX)	blank 8/21/24 M Slidell 8150 
MULHOLLAND Batt	BLANK blank	blank 9/24/05 F blank 2158 
MULINIX W.N.	BLANK Jane	Tommie McMurray 8/6/04 M blank 1089 
MULKEY S.H. (TX)	FORD Lenna O. (TX)	blank 5/16/21 F Decatur 7396 
MULKEY W.P.	PRICE Julia	William Everitt 2/15/28 M Bridgeport 8950 
MULKEY William Parrish (TX)	PRICE Julia (TX)	Gilley Hayes 2/7/26 M Decatur 8533 & 8533a
MULLARD Frank	BLANK blank	blank 10/20/17 M blank 6740 
MULLIN J.R.	BLANK blank	blank 12/10/08 M blank 4389 
MULLIN John	BLANK Nancy	blank 11/3/07 M blank 3653 
MULLINS A.L.	BLANK Martha	blank 11/17/05 M blank 2285 
MULLINS C.D.	BLANK Artie	blank 10/8/05 F blank 2199 
MULLINS Clark Dean?	THOMPSON Annie Missie?	Eldon Arbra? 5/29/08 M Alvord 4060 
MULLINS Cleotus (TX)	MONGRESS Veronia (TX)	Edward Josephine 9/1/24 F Alvord 8156 
MULLINS Harvey Rufus (TX)	SUDDUTH Anna Maria (AL)	Nary Ruth 03/05/98 F Bridgeport [del. 30194] 
MULLINS Harvey Rufus (TX)	SUDDUTH Anna Mariah (AL)	Lemuel Eichelberger 09/18/90 M Briar [del. 10837] 
MULLINS I.S.	BRITE Iurrilla	blank 5/13/17 F blank 6622 
MULLINS Ira Sidney (TX)	BRITE Surrilda (TX)	Eunice Larue 05/06/02 F Alvord [del. 4885] 
MULLINS J.M.	BLANK H.E.	blank 10/11/06 M blank 2961 
MULLINS J.M.	BLANK K.E.	blank 1/23/05 M blank 1533 
MULLINS J.M.	BLANK Kate	blank 12/10/04 F blank 1422 
MULLINS John	BLANK blank	blank 4/30/11 F blank 5237 
MULLINS Joseph Benton (MS)	DICKINSON Mary Catherine (MS)	Alma Mary 12/23/99 F Chico [del. 9253] 
MULLINS Lewis	BLANK Susie	blank 7/22/05 M blank 1986 
MULLINS Louis	BLANK Luda	blank 1/1/07 M blank 3085 
MULLINS Louis Kannon (AL)	SANDERS Susan Alice (MS)	Nellie 01/10/97 F Paradise [del. 4225] 
MULLINS Louis Kannon (AL)	SANDERS Susan Alice (MS)	Samuel Joseph 12/19/98 M Bridgeport [del. 7755] 
MULLINS William Emmett (AL)	KID Emma Bell (TX)	Fannie Comora 08/27/97 F Decatur [del. 16675] 
MUNCY Ed (TX)	STEVENS Kitty (OK)	blank 1/2/20 M Slidell 7184 
MUNCY H.	BLANK B.	J.F. 1/11/04 M blank 584 
MUNCY Harve	BLANK Bell, Mrs.	blank 2/8/06 F blank 2479 
MUNCY Harvey Lee (TX)	GILL Cora Belle (TX)	Nevil 04/19/98 M Slidell [del. 4154] 
MUNCY Harvey Lee (TX)	GILL Cora Belle (TX)	Vara 09/05/01 F Slidell [del. 4155] 
MUNCY J.W.	BLANK Grace	blank 9/5/06 F blank 2890 
MUNCY Leonidas Monroe (TX)	MODE Stella May (TX)	Leona May 05/28/99 F Slidell [del. 24060] 
MUNCY Levi N VA)	FLETCHER Angiline (VA)	George Edward 05/24/90 M Slidell [del. 8898] 
MUNCY M.L.	BLANK Sallie	blank 10/27/07 M blank 3631 & 3631a
MUNCY Marion L (VA)	DRAKE Sallie Leona (TX)	Clarence Edgar 03/11/94 M Slidell [del. 20533] 
MUNCY Marion Lee (TX)	DRAKE Sallie Leona (TX)	William Henry 10/22/98 M Slidell [del. 16586] 
MUNCY Robert Emmet (WV)	QUISENBERRY Cora Eugene (MO)	Beulah May 12/25/90 F Slidell [del. 7327] 
MUNCY Robert Emmet (WV)	QUISENBERRY Cora Eugene (MO)	Eula Lee 12/25/90 F Slidell [del. 7865] 
MUNCY William Henry (TX)	WILLIAMSON Marguerite Iona (TX)	Norma Lee 10/6/24 F Greenwood 8179 & 8179a
MUNDAY Joe	BLANK blank	blank 12/10/05 M blank 2344 
MUNDY Joseph Preston (TX)	HARMS Rosa (OH)	Aubrey Frederick 10/18/00 M Paradise [del. 15661] 
MUNK H.H.	MATHEWS Annie	blank 6/16/11 F blank 5281 
MUNN Daniel N (MS)	NELSON Diana (MS)	John Loyd 06/17/93 M Boyd [del. 8573] 
MUNN M.L.	VANDIVER Clara	blank 6/15/11 M blank 5280 & [Delayed 9418]
MUNN M.L.	VANDIVER Clara	Robert Lee 12/30/30 M blank [No Image 9910] 
MUNN Orlie W.	MCBRIDE Eva	Billie Wayne 3/2/33 M Boyd [No Image 10699] 
MUNN W.E.	BLANK Annie	blank 1/19/05 F blank 1520 
MUNN W.J. Bryan	LEWIS Genetta	Donald Lewis 8/14/27 M Boyd 8822 & 8822a
MUNN William Eugene (MS)	MUSE Annie Cirg (MS)	William Jennings Bryan 10/23/99 M Boyd [del. 12380] 
MUNSEY W.H.	WILLIAMSON M.	blank 5/9/28 M Slidell [No Image 9914] 
MUNSEY W.H.	WILLIAMSON Margaret	blank 5/9/28 M Slidell 9014 
MURDOCK John	BLANK blank	blank 8/29/07 F blank 3514 
MURDOCK Willis Asberry (MS)	ROSS Melissa Vashti (MS)	John Luther 02/03/83 M Alcorn Co MS [del. 16320] 
MURPHREE Alby Lee	BECK Lena	Burnetta Louise 5/7/11 F Decatur 5242 & 5242a & 5242b
MURPHY Charles	BLANK Pearl	blank 12/29/04 F blank 1474 
MURPHY E.L.	BLANK blank	blank 3/16/11 F blank 5195 
MURPHY George (MS)	FREEMAN Mary Eliza (MS)	Leska 12/20/85 F Decatur [del. 22075] 
MURPHY George W (MO)	OWENS Annie J (TX)	Mabel Anja 03/17/93 F Alvord [del. 17888] 
MURPHY George Washington (MO)	OWEN Annie J (TX)	Walter Park 11/12/80 M Pella [del. 9522] 
MURPHY J.E.	CULWELL Myrtle	Raymond Leon 3/5/28 M Bridgeport 8965 & 8965a
MURPHY J.E.	CULWELL N.M.	blank 11/19/33 M Poolville [No Image 10943] 
MURPHY Joe G (KY)	CAMPBELL Lavina (TX)	Sidney Eunice 04/21/91 F Cottondale [del. 14600] 
MURPHY Joe G.	ATKINS Cora	Juanita Fay 4/25/10 F Paradise 4990 
MURPHY Joseph Earl	CULWELL Naomi M.	blank 4/9/18 F blank 6858 
MURPHY Pinkney Jerome	MOORE Mattie Mae	Vivian Lorene 9/25/11 F Decatur 5372 & 5372a
MURPHY Robert	BLANK Dollie	blank 10/22/04 M blank 1292 
MURPHY Roy	BUCHANAN Merle	Glenn Darwin 2/24/30 M Decatur [No Image 9608] 
MURPHY Samuel Thomas (MS)	DANIEL Laura Jenny (TX)	Vera Birch 01/31/97 F Alvord [del. 30496] 
MURPHY Samuel Thomas (MS)	DANIEL Laura Jenny (TX)	Frances Blanche 12/25/01 F Alvord [del. 22522] 
MURPHY Samuel Thomas (TN)	DANIEL Laura Jenny (MS)	Myrna Patricia 02/02/01 F Alvord [del. 13108] 
MURPHY Walter Park (TX)	PALMER Bertie Laura (TX)	Metta Viola 02/02/02 F Pella [del. 9526] 
MURPHY William F (MS)	MONKRESS Mary Lee (TX)	Mary Lee 02/27/02 F Cottondale [del. 33385] 
MURRAY C.A.	BLANK Mary	blank 8/19/08 F blank 4192 
MURRAY Coleman C (MO)	EDWARDS Corientha (MS)	Albert Homer 01/05/81 M Decatur [del. 16933] 
MURRAY Coleman Caldwell (MO)	EDWARDS Corinthia Clementine (TX)	Pearl Corinthia 09/01/84 F Decatur [del. 12714] 
MURRAY E.J.	SCROGGINS Emma	Geneva Lou 6/8/32 F Alvord [No Image 10461] 
MURRAY Jefferson B (MO)	RAYZOR Nancy Ellen (TX)	Delbert Otis 09/24/93 M Alvord [del. 5548] 
MURRAY Jefferson Benjamin (MO)	RAZOR Nancy Ellen (TX)	Edgar Dude 02/04/01 M Alvord [del. 21801] 
MURRAY William Elijach (GA)	SNYDER Minnie (TN)	Marvin John 07/03/99 M Bridgeport [del. 26690] 
MURRAY William James (NC)	SMITH Gertrude Elizabeth (TX)	Rutherford Lemuel 04/12/83 M Chico [del. 25412] 
MURRELL Clifford (TX)	ROWE Willie Mae (TX)	blank 10/11/25 F Decatur 8439 
MURRELL Harrison (MO)	WISE Rilda Marie (MO)	Geneva 10/24/02 F Green Co MO [del. 21596] 
MUSE Bob	STUTT Lou	blank 12/12/12 M blank 5607 & [delayed 7/20/50]
MUSE J T (MS)	PARKER Myra Lenora (MS)	Claud Dee 07/05/88 M Keeter [del. 6209] 
MUSE J.K.	BLANK blank	blank 9/15/08 M blank 4249 
MUSE J.T.	GAILY Mollie	blank 4/4/12 F blank 5493 
MUSE James Thomas	GALEY Mallie Dale	Nellie Ward 11/10/03 F Boyd 435 & 0435a
MUSE R.B.	MUSE Helen	blank 7/5/04 M blank 994 
MUSE R.C.	BOOKER Lou	blank 2/5/11 M blank 5173 
MUSE R.V.	BLANK Helen	blank 3/27/09 M blank 4575 
MUSE Robert Van	BAILEY Helen	Robert Van, Jr. 12/28/06 M Chico 3078 & 3078a
MUSE T.J.	LEE Alice	blank 8/1/14 M blank 5936 
MUSE W.E.	BLANK Annie	W.E. 8/14/15 M blank 6032 
MUSE W.F.	WALKER Emma	blank 8/16/10 M blank 5073 
MUSGRAVE Felix A (AL)	LAYTON Martha Delilah (NC)	Clifton Neil 10/27/92 M Alvord [del. 9353] 
MUSGROVE E.J.	BLANK blank	blank 8/21/03 M blank 205 
MUSGROVE F.A.	BLANK D.M.	W.B. 12/11/03 M blank 498 
MUSGROVE Felix Andrew (AL)	LAYTON Martha Delilah (GA)	Lowell Glenn 08/19/01 M Alvord [del. 10208] 
MUSGROVE Houston Gaines (AL)	WINTER Mary Malinda (MS)	Terrell Norris 06/29/98 M Alvord [del. 29637] 
MUSGROVE Houston Gaines (AL)	WINTER Mary Malinda (MS)	Francis Neil 01/22/00 M Alvord [del. 13630] 
MUSGROVE Houston Gaines (AL)	WINTER Mollie (MS)	Jessie Kate 11/07/95 F Alvord [del. 23832] 
MUSGROVE Houston Gaines (AL)	WINTER Mollie M (MS)	Curtis Comegys 12/03/01 M Alvord [del. 23661] 
MUSGROVE Houston Gaines (MS)	WINTER Molly (AL)	Lee Emmett Sebrow 12/17/96 M Alvord [del. 6598] 
MUSGROVE Seborn Rosco (AL)	WHITE Connie Pearl (IL)	Ovie Faye 12/11/00 F Alvord [del. 29801] 
MUSGROVE Sebron Rosco (AL)	WHITE Connie Pearl (IL)	John Aubrey 10/19/08 M Park Springs 4303 & 4303a
MUSICK Harvey Thomas (MO)	THRIFT Mary Ann (VA)	Ruben Blanden 03/24/82 M Rhome [del. 20482] 
MUSKGROVE Erostus	BLANK blank	blank 9/17/06 F blank 2915 
MYER Thomas	MOYER Dora	blank 5/23/17 M blank 6631 
MYERS A.A.	BLANK blank	blank 6/11/15 F blank 6120 
MYERS A.A.	BLANK M.C.. Mrs.	blank 11/13/05 M blank 2276 
MYERS Aaron (TX)	REEVES Etta Susan (TX)	Willie Bell 09/26/98 F Alvord [del. 29392] 
MYERS Aaron Abernathy (TX)	STANFORD Mattie Clara (AL)	Joseph Weldon 4/9/07 M Park Springs 3280 & 3280a
MYERS Aaron Aberonthy	STANDFORD Mattie Clare	Aaron Grady 8/6/04 M Chico 1087 & 1087a
MYERS Aaron C. (TX)	CHAPPEL Emma (AR)	Leurn F. 8/21/23 M Decatur 7881 & 7881a
MYERS B.	BLANK blank	blank 11/22/05 F blank 2298 
MYERS C.J.	(EADGER) (Mary) Annie	blank 11/14/08 F blank 4345 
MYERS Charles Joel	BEDGER Mary Annie	Eva Maud 12/18/05 F blank 2364 & 2364a
MYERS Charles Joel (IN)	BADGER Mary Anna (TX)	Edyth Eliza 03/30/00 F Decatur [del. 8893] 
MYERS Charles Joel (IN)	BADGER Mary Anna (TX)	Harley Woody 05/28/01 M Decatur [del. 27955] 
MYERS G.B.	BLANK Luna	blank 9/4/04 M blank 1168 
MYERS G.D.	BLANK N.A.	Clarence 12/11/05 M blank 2347 
MYERS Gearve V (IL)	HAMPLINTON Nancy L (MS)	Hardy Harry 12/08/97 M Decatur [del. 16766] 
MYERS George B (TX)	HAMILTON Mary (TX)	Charlie George 06/18/96 M Decatur [del. 29245] 
MYERS J.	BLANK Nettie	blank 12/27/08 F blank 4415 
MYERS J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 2/2/04 M blank 633 
MYERS J.L.	ALLEN Maud	blank 2/1/18 M Chico 6813 
MYERS J.L.	STEVENS Charley	Blank 1/6/28 F Chico 8908 
MYERS James Alman (TN)	MUNCY Rosa Bell (TX)	Coy Laman 02/08/02 M Slidell [del. 11095] 
MYERS Jay	ALLEN Maude	blank 4/22/16 M blank 6400 
MYERS Jessie Lemiel (TX)	ALLEN Myrtle Maude (TX)	Harry Earl 9/24/21 M Chico 7478 & 7478a & 7478b
MYERS Joe (TX)	RODREQUEZ Maria (TX)	blank 11/7/28 F Bridgeport 9169 
MYERS John	BLANK Sarah	blank 8/5/05 M blank 2028 
MYERS John (IA)	BUTCHER Mary (KY)	George Washington 09/08/83 M Alvord [del. 13032] 
MYERS John (IA)	BUTCHER Mary (KY)	Walter Thomas 01/02/85 M Alvord [del. 13031] 
MYERS John (IA)	BUTCHER Mary (KY)	Frank William 04/13/88 M Alvord [del. 12778] 
MYERS John Harrel (AL)	DALLAS Sarah E (MS)	Eva Mable 09/14/94 F Boonsville [del. 24748] 
MYERS John Harrold (AL)	DALLAS Sarah Elizabeth (MS)	Iva Katherine 02/17/01 F Bridgeport [del. 31147] 
MYERS Lewis	BLANK Georgia	blank 7/31/08 F blank 2014 
MYERS Oscar	BLANK Ada	blank 4/10/07 F blank 3283 
MYERS T.W.	RICH Maud	Stella Ethel 8/3/05 F Decatur 2024 & 2024a
MYERS Tom	BLANK Ada	blank 9/1/03 M blank 247 
MYERS Wallace (TX)	LARGENT Eva (TX)	blank 7/29/24 M Chico 8121 
MYERS Walter K.	BLANK Mary	blank 9/21/08 M blank 4256 
MYERS William Riley (IA)	BLANK Maggie (MO)	Harry Elbert 05/31/82 M Chico [del. 24007] 
MYERS William Riley (IA)	BLANK Maggie (MO)	Leata Leona 06/09/91 F Chico [del. 24006] 
MYERS William Riley (IA)	BLANK Maggie (MO)	Mary Bethena 03/27/93 F Chico [del. 24014] 
MYERS William Riley (IA)	BLANK Maggie (MO)	Lura Mae 04/04/00 F Chico [del. 25296] 
MYERS William Riley (IA)	BLANK Maggie (MO)	Ella Lois 08/13/01 F Chico [del. 7993] 
MYERS William Robert (IA)	BLANK Maggie (MO)	Leorah Thurmon 09/21/88 M Chico [del. 11054] 
MYRES R.C. (TX)	GORDEN Neda Bell (TX)	blank 3/3/25 M Decatur 8272 
NABORS Charlie (MS)	CHENNAULT Maud (MS)	John Rufus 03/07/01 M Boyd [del. 20997] 
NABORS M.O.	MOODY Maggie J.	Rachel Elizabeth 9/13/27 F Bridgeport 8844 & 8844a
NALL J.E.	BLANK Maud E.	Joy E. 7/1/31 F blank [No Image 10087] 
NALL Joseph Alexander (TX)	CLARK Maude Evelyn (MS)	Eula Frances 9/9/28 F Paradise 9113 & 9113a
NALL Joseph Allen (NC)	WILLIAMS Susan (TN)	John Harding 11/27/85 M Bridgeport [del. 8744] 
NALL Joseph Allen (NC)	WILLIAMS Susana (GA)	Sarah Eveline 07/23/83 F Paradise [del. 23649] 
NALL Raleigh Howard (NC)	LADINGHAM Rosa Bell (TX)	Raleigh Elton 2/23/08 M Poolville 3881 & 3881a
NALL Thomas Brown (NC)	WILLIAMS Sarah Frances (NC)	Nannie Pearl 12/18/95 F Paradise [del. 24917] 
NALL Thomas Brown (NC)	WILLIAMS Sarah Frances (NC)	Joseph Alexander 07/02/97 M Paradise [del. 29640] 
NALL W.A.	ISBELL Emma	B.F. 1/3/16 M Paradise 6335 
NALL W.A.	ISBELL Emma	B.F. 8/29/29 M Paradise 9432 
NALL William Alfred (TX)	ISBELL Emma (TX)	James Douglas 6/30/14 M Paradise 5921 
NANCE William Frederick (GA)	DOWDELL Sallie Uteah (TX)	Nina 7/30/07 F blank 3459 & 3459a
NASH Almon L (TN)	CARR Missouri E (TN)	Nannie Myrtle 08/23/01 F Cottondale [del. 14731] 
NASH blank	BLANK Winnie	blank 5/27/33 F Poolville [No Image 10781] 
NASH Robert	MCBRYDE Mary	blank 3/10/14 M blank 5854 
NAUGLE John W. (Wesley)(TX)	LOONEY Geoga G. (Glenice)(TX)	Robert Glenn Looney 9/1/24 M Rhome 8157 
NAUGLE John Wesley	LOONEY Georgia Glenice	Wanda Inez 3/12/28 F Rhome 8970 & 8970a
NAYLOR Joe Foster	POTTER Gertrude	Bessie Annie 7/24/11 F Decatur 5310 & 5310a
NEAL C.B., Jr.	MARTIN Flora F.	Jack Martin 2/3/32 M Alvord [No Image 10352] 
NEAL F.J.	BLANK Mollie	blank 4/30/09 M blank 4613 
NEAL Sidney Bruce (TX)	WEBB Tyressa F. (TX)	Martha Lou 7/18/25 F Alvord 8366 & 8366a
NEAL William Harrison (MO)	JOHNSON Agnes (MO)	Mattie Bell 02/18/79 F Cottondale [del. 15366] 
NEEL Bunyan Powell (KY)	McCARTY Amanda Murvina (TX)	Ona Jim 09/12/99 F Boyd [del. 20952] 
NEEL Earl (TX)	CROWDER Martha Lou (TX)	Earl Crowder 10/20/25 M Decatur 8447 & 8447a
NEEL Ed.	MEYERS Lizzie	Ernest Lawrence 1/23/17 M blank 6548 & 6548a
NEEL James Elvis (KY)	CHENOWETH Sarah Josephine (TX)	Agnes 03/16/91 F Aurora [del. 11524] 
NEEL James W.	VESS Linnie B.	Gladys Lucille 5/27/30 F blank [No Image 9702] 
NEEL James W.	VESS Linnie B.	Mary 6/17/32 F Rhome [No Image 10472] 
NEEL James W. (TX)	VESS Linnie Bell (TX)	Julia May 9/16/26 F Rhome 8667 
NEEL James Walter, Sr. (TX)	VESS Minnie Bell (TX)	James Walter, Jr. 1/16/29 M Rhome 9237 
NEEL Vincent Hayes (KY)	REAGAN Margaret Tressa (TN)	Sarah Ruth 10/23/87 F Boyd [del. 18678] 
NEEL William	BLANK blank	blank 6/4/07 F blank 3370 
NEELEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/28/08 M blank 4270 
NEELEY Ed	BLANK blank	blank 8/20/03 F blank 202 
NEELEY Jesse Powell (IN)	JOHNSON Mandy Jane (TX)	Lucinda 01/24/84 F Decatur [del. 16318] 
NEELEY Jesse Powell (IN)	JOHNSON Mandy Jane (TX)	George Coleman 11/18/84 M Wise Co [del. 16400] 
NEELEY Marcus	BLANK Charlot	blank 3/12/08 F blank 3906 
NEELY Allen (TX)	DAVIDSON Rachel Adeline (MO)	Walter Green 03/27/85 M Decatur [del. 8286] 
NEELY Bennett Leatheridge	MCDUFF Della Rhea	Augie Eugene 5/19/11 M Boyd 5254 & 5254a
NEELY C.E.	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/04 F blank 1368 
NEELY Joe Clifton (MS)	WOODS Rose Ann (TX)	John 12/22/87 M Sunset [del. 30850] 
NEELY Marcus	BLANK Charlotte	blank 7/24/06 F blank 2787 
NEHAMEYER John (TX)	PICKETT Rosa Lee (TX)	Ida May 5/4/25 F Rhome 8305 
NEHEMAYER John E.	PICKETT Rosa Lee	Dorothy Ruth 10/21/28 F Rhome [No Image 9158] 
NEIGHBORS H.A.	BLANK Elizabeth	blank 4/14/11 F blank 5214 
NEIGHBORS H.A.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 9/26/04 M blank 1228 
NEIGHBORS M.O. (AL)	MOODY Maggie (TX)	blank 6/6/18 M Bridgeport 6910 
NEIGHBORS Robert Judson (TX)	SANDERS Cora L (AL)	John Edwin 11/27/98 M Briar [del. 9581] 
NEIGHBORS W.C.	DAVIS M.M.	James Ray 2/14/31 M Newark [No Image 9959] 
NEIL Ed.	BLANK Mira	blank 8/3/08 M blank 4165 
NEILSON M.	BLANK Annie	blank 2/20/05 M blank 1612 
NELSON Ben Charles (KY)	MAY Elizabeth Jane (KY)	May Elise 01/19/78 F Paradise [del. 9172] 
NELSON George (Sweden)	BOWMAN Nancy (TX)	Henry 12/29/76 M Aurora [del. 13874] 
NELSON Henry	BLANK Lena	blank 1/17/07 F blank 3114 
NELSON Hugh J. (IL)	FORD Laura (TX)	Hubert Raymond 12/7/08 M Rhome 4379 & 4379a & 4379b & 4379c
NELSON R.E.	STOOL Gladys M.	Bettie Marie 10/22/31 F Decatur [No Image 10268] 
NELSON Robert Alfred (MS)	HAMILTON Nany Bell (TX)	Robert E 11/06/88 M Decatur [del. 10037] 
NELSON Robert Alfred (TX)	BELL Nannie (TX)	Joseph Edward 06/26/81 M Decatur [del. 3869] 
NELSON Robert Alfred (TX)	HAMILTON Nannie Bell (TX)	Mattie Emma 07/01/83 F Decatur [del. 22846] 
NELSON Robert Alfred (TX)	HAMILTON Nannie Bell (TX)	Mae 05/23/86 F Decatur [del. 20534] 
NELSON Robert Alfred (TX)	HAMILTON Nannie Bell (TX)	Blanche Katy 03/06/91 F Decatur [del. 22845] 
NEMO Willie	BLANK blank	blank 6/24/05 M blank 1913 
NERRINK E.H.	VANDERSTOCK M.	blank 6/14/32 F Azle [No Image 10467] 
NESMITH J.R.	BLANK Julia	blank 2/18/06 F blank 2503 
NESMITH William Wallace (AL)	CHILES Laura Jane (AL)	Lieu Etta 10/11/81 F Lawrence Co AL [del. 15279] 
NETHERLAIN David D (TX)	ODOM Mary Eugine (TX)	Leving Collins 08/29/85 M Springtown [del. 4445] 
NETHERLAIN Levin Collin (AL)	FRALEY Rhivaniah (TN)	Charlie Christopher 01/05/97 M Boyd [del. 11800] 
NEVENS William	BLANK Lee	blank 7/22/08 M blank 4146 
NEVILLE Halket Sylvanus (AL)	PECK Mary Elba (AL)	Mary Annie 02/02/90 F Alvord [del. 24096] 
NEW Gordon	BLANK Alice	Velma 11/18/05 F blank 2289 
NEW J.G.	LOVE Coy	Marian Florence 9/21/31 F Decatur [No Image 10230] 
NEW J.G.	LOVE Coy	Bobby Louis 11/24/33 M Decatur [No Image 10946] 
NEW James Gordon	EVANS Julia Alice	John Curren 7/21/04 M Decatur 1039 & 1039a & 1039b
NEW John C.	ASKEY Minnie Ada	Elizabeth 2/7/31 F Decatur [No Image 9955] 
NEW John Curren, Sr.(TX)	ASKEY Minnie Ada 	John Curren, Jr. 1/14/26 M Decatur 8512 & 8512a
NEW John Curtis (TX)	ASKEY Ada (TX)	Henry Gordon 3/11/29 M Decatur 9288 
NEW John Thomas	MCGHEE Lula Ellen	Tressie Belle 12/16/04 F Alvord 1442 & 1442a
NEW M.M. (TN)	BLANK Effie S. (TX)	Gola F. 5/11/24 F Decatur 8067 
NEW Thomas G (TN)	PARSON Mary Frances (TN)	Ethel May 03/17/92 F Decatur [del. 21719] 
NEW Thomas Graves (TN)	PARSON Fannie Frances (TN)	Gordon James 09/04/81 M Giles Co TN [del. 13629] 
NEW Thomas Graves (TN)	PARSON Mary Frances (TN)	Grady Graves 12/21/89 M Decatur [del. 6478] 
NEW Thomas Graves (TN)	PARSON Mary Frances (TN)	Benjamin Earl 03/09/94 M Decatur [del. 19462] 
NEW William Arthur	JOHNSON Alice J.	Lola May 7/13/03 F Decatur 117 & 0117a & 0117b & 0117c
NEWBERRY blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/22/06 M blank 2519 
NEWBERRY Farve	BLANK Jessie	Paul 8/14/09 M blank 4736 
NEWBERRY Harris	BLANK Jessie	Ivins Nelson 9/13/07 M blank 3538 
NEWBERRY John (TN)	SMITH Dora (TX)	Ena Lou 01/08/94 F Alvord [del. 18193] 
NEWBERRY John (TN)	SMITH Dora A (TX)	Maud 11/24/95 F Paradise [del. 8524] 
NEWBERRY John Cyrus (TX)	RINNERT Lena (AL)	Robert Lee 11/14/97 M Bridgeport [del. 9582] 
NEWBERRY John Ivy (MO)	JOHNSON Mollie Demar (TN)	Clyde Everett 02/12/96 M Aurora [del. 4932] 
NEWBERRY John Mack (TN)	YOUNG Bell (TN)	Kirk 08/12/85 M Overton Co TN [del. 24151] 
NEWBERRY Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 4/5/06 F blank 2597 
NEWBERRY Tom	BLANK blank	blank 9/12/03 F blank 276 
NEWBERRY William Robert (TN)	DENNIS Mary (TN)	William Olney 08/12/97 M Boonsville [del. 4344] 
NEWBERRY William Robert (TN)	DENNIS Mary (TN)	Aubert Jairyl 02/27/96 M Boonsville [del. 25413] 
NEWBON W.	BLANK N.	blank 3/7/04 F blank 715 
NEWBY C.C.	RHOTEN G.M.	Jorene 8/13/31 F Paradise [No Image 10175] 
NEWBY Charles Simmons	PERSON Nellie	Milas Edward 11/28/27 M Newark 8884 & 8884a
NEWBY Cody C. (TX)	RHOTEN Gertie M. (TX)	Alene Janell 6/30/29 F Paradise 9389 & 9389a
NEWBY David Franklin (AL)	(?) (AL)	Dick 01/15/01 M Boyd [del. 23831] 
NEWBY David Franklin (AL)	HINES Ellen Jane (TX)	Leo Franklin 08/05/92 M Cottondale [del. 16535] 
NEWBY George William	GRISHAM Mary Ida Dicy	Ina Elva 7/12/04 F Cottondale 1010 & 1010a
NEWBY George William (TX)	GRISHAM Mary Ida Dicy (TX)	Willie Carl 04/26/02 M Cottondale [del. 24357] 
NEWBY H.	BOWLES O.B.	blank 9/20/31 M Springtown [No Image 10226] 
NEWBY H.H.	BANKS O.B.	Iris Leone 8/26/33 M Boyd [No Image 10880] 
NEWBY H.R.	FREEMAN Z.L.	Ralph Milton 11/30/29 M blank [No Image 9522] 
NEWBY James Spivy (AL)	CLARK Mary (TX)	Annie Mildred 11/20/91 F Agnes [del. 14646] 
NEWBY Jimmy Spivy (AL)	CLARK Mary Emma (TX)	David Melvin 04/18/98 M Agnes [del. 12672] 
NEWBY John (GA)	PHILLIPS Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Charlie Simons 10/04/92 M Keeter [del. 14342] 
NEWBY John Simpson (AL)	PHILLIPS Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Mattie Dorrie 09/23/90 F Decatur [del. 23771] 
NEWBY John Sims (GA)	PHILLIPS Mary Elizabeth (GA)	Sarah Evelyn 10/20/00 F Boyd [del. 30852] 
NEWBY John W (TX)	KNOX Barbara Allen (TX)	Eva Reta 06/23/98 F Cottondale [del. 14343] 
NEWBY R.R.	FREEMAN Z.L.	Benny Lawrence 11/10/33 M blank [No Image 10934] 
NEWBY Robert Harrison (TX)	PATTERSON Florence Jane (TX)	Howard Hilliard 2/20/08 M Paradise 3853 & 3853a & 3853b
NEWBY Samuel Hankins (AL)	DRAGOO Mary Ann (TX)	Sarah Epsey 11/11/84 F Decatur [del. 15590] 
NEWBY W.H.	BLANK Laverne	blank 1/13/05 F blank 1508 
NEWBY Will H.	BLANK M.J.	Laura May 7/31/03 F blank 149 
NEWBY William	BLANK M.E.	blank 4/26/06 F blank 2639 
NEWCOMER D M (TX)	RUCKER Fannie (TX)	James N 02/01/95 M Decatur [del. 3460] 
NEWKIRK John William	TALLEY Elma Era	Justen William 10/16/17 M Poolville 6737 & 6737a
NEWMAN Morris	BLANK Willie	blank 10/18/07 M blank 3617 
NEWSOM D.P. (TX)	RIGSBY Beatrice (TX)	Frankie 3/11/26 F Allison 8561 
NEWSOM Daniel Porter (IL)	REYNOLDS Martha Ann (TN)	Lucile Lucy Lucinda 09/11/95 F Boonsville [del. 24953] 
NEWSOM I.W.	BLANK blank	blank 5/10/04 M blank 876 
NEWSOM J.H.	STOCKLAND Andie	blank 8/26/13 F blank 5756 
NEWSOM J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 9/9/07 F Boonsville 3529 
NEWSOM J.W. (John Wesley)	BOND Beatrice (Acord)	blank 12/2/12 M blank 5600 
NEWSOM John W[esley].	BLANK Beatrice (Acord)	blank 11/13/05 M Boonsville 2277 
NEWSOM T.C.	HARRIS Zella	Mildred Alline 11/11/31 F Alvord [No Image 10279] 
NEWSOM William Harvey (MS)	GAVIN Jessie Florence (IL)	Lillian May 05/01/94 F Boonsville [del. 7956] 
NEWSOM William Harvey (MS)	GAVIN Jessie Florence (IL)	Sophie Luretta 11/13/98 F Boonsville [del. 7957] 
NEWSOM William Harvey (MS)	STIPPS Jessie Florence (IL)	Frank Garvin 02/22/96 M Boonsville [del. 5506] 
NEWSON William Harvey (MS)	GAVIN Jessie Florence (IL)	Clarence William 03/05/01 M Boonsville [del. 7958] 
NEWTON Albert Lee	TURBERVILLE Artie	Floyd Elting 4/23/07 M blank 3308 & 3308a
NEWTON Albert Lee	TURBEVILLE Artie	Una Ethel 5/17/05 F rural, Wise Co. 1826 & 1826a
NEWTON Albert Lee	TURBEVILLE Artie	Elsie Juanita 5/25/12 F Bridgeport 5529 & 5529a
NEWTON Alfred (TX)	DICKERSON Mytie (OK)	blank 5/22/22 F Bridgeport 7600 
NEWTON Allen (TX)	DICKERSON Lela (TX)	blank 2/2/22 F Bridgeport 7543 
NEWTON Anderson (TN)	CROW Amanda Caroline (AR)	Etna Frances 01/17/76 F Decatur [del. 21948] 
NEWTON Andrew D (GA)	HENDERSON Troop (GA)	Henry Barnie 05/11/85 M Calhoun Co AL [del. 25110] 
NEWTON G.B.	BLANK E.	C.N. 3/10/04 M blank 720 
NEWTON George	BLANK Addie	blank 7/13/03 F blank 116 
NEWTON George	BLANK blank	blank 11/13/04 M blank 1357 
NEWTON George	BLANK blank	blank 4/14/05 M blank 1741 
NEWTON George	MORGAN Addie	Lola Mae 8/12/07 F Bridgeport 3479 & 3479a
NEWTON George	MORGAN Addie	blank 3/26/12 M blank 5487 
NEWTON George Washington	MORGAN Addie	Delva 4/5/06 F blank 2596 
NEWTON George Washington (TX)	MORGAN Addle (MS)	James Hubert 04/22/02 M Bridgeport [del. 33096] 
NEWTON Isaac (TX)	ANDERSON Unie Viola (OK)	Opal Evelyn 5/24/18 F Bridgeport 6904 & 6904a
NEWTON Isiac	ANDERSON Eunice	blank 9/15/15 F Bridgeport 6242 
NEWTON J.	BLANK Dora	blank 8/22/03 M blank 216 
NEWTON J.J.	PANTER Millie Jane	Mattie Magnolia 1/15/04 F Bridgeport 593 & 0593a & 0593b & 0593c
NEWTON James W.	PHILLIPS Lorene	blank 9/3/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10207] 
NEWTON James William (AL)	DOTSON Helen Nettle (TX)	Jessie Echols 07/11/82 M Bridgeport [del. 18765] 
NEWTON James William (GA)	DODSON Helen Eunitte (MS)	Mary V 01/10/84 F Bridgeport [del. 16649] 
NEWTON James William (GA)	DODSON Nettie (MS)	Isaac Edward 11/30/92 M Bridgeport [del. 11340] 
NEWTON James William (GA)	DODSON Nettle (TN)	Henry Lee 11/08/88 M Bridgeport [del. 22645] 
NEWTON James William (GA)	DOTSON Helen Eunette (MS)	Susie Melinda 02/12/95 F Bridgeport [del. 23497] 
NEWTON James William (GA)	DOTSON Helen Eunettie (MS)	Roy Judson 10/11/05 M blank 2208 & 2208a
NEWTON James William (GA)	DOTSON Nettie (OK)	Ernest Washington 9/24/09 M Bridgeport 4779 & 4779a
NEWTON James William (GA)	DOTSON Nettie E (GA)	John Frank 01/05/02 M Bridgeport [del. 29562] 
NEWTON Jasper Henry (AL)	RAYZOR Mattie Jane (KY)	Dolly 02/21/95 F Alvord [del. 10283] 
NEWTON Jasper Henry (AL)	RAYZOR Mattie Jane (KY)	Connie 06/10/97 F Alvord [del. 10282] 
NEWTON Jes	DODSON Dora	blank 5/6/15 F blank 6090 
NEWTON Jes J.E. (OK)	WALKER Dora (OK)	Agnes 5/6/15 F blank 6089 & 6089a & 6089b & 6089c
NEWTON Jess	BLANK blank	blank 3/18/11 M blank 5199 
NEWTON Jesse Echols (TX)	WALKER Dora Effie (OK)	Millie Vida 5/2/06 F Bridgeport 2649 & 2649a
NEWTON Jesse Echols (TX)	WALKER Dora Effie (OK)	Clara Verda 10/12/08 F Bridgeport 4298 
NEWTON Jesse Judson (GA)	PANTER Millie Jane (GA)	Ada 01/31/99 F Bridgeport [del. 28059] 
NEWTON Jesse Judson (TN)	PANTER Minnie Jane (GA)	James William 06/28/93 M Bridgeport [del. 31606] 
NEWTON Jessie E. (TX)	WALKER Dora (OK)	Irene Elizabeth 4/18/21 F Bridgeport 7383 & 7383a
NEWTON John	BLANK Minnie	blank 10/13/07 F blank 3608 
NEWTON John Edward	WALLACE Amanda W.	Ural Edward 8/23/05 M blank 2076 & 2076a
NEWTON John Edward (AR)	WALLACE Amanda Willie (TX)	Mary Abbigale 01/04/94 F Bridgeport [del. 17061] 
NEWTON John Edward (AR)	WALLACE Amanda Willie (TX)	Earl Hobson 09/23/01 M Bridgeport [del. 10413] 
NEWTON John Frank (TX)	MCENTIRE Lilla Della (TX)	Alvie Darrell 7/7/23 M Bridgeport 7847 & 7847a
NEWTON Luther	EASLEY Audrey L.	blank 10/8/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10904] 
NEWTON Luther (TX)	COOPER Reta (TX)	blank 5/24/26 M Bridgeport 8591 
NEWTON Luther (TX)	EARLEY Audrey Lee (TX)	Doris June 2/27/29 F Bridgeport 9274 & 9274a
NEWTON R.L.	WALLACE Allie	Jackie Gerald 8/30/27 M Bridgeport 8836 & 8836a
NEWTON W.A.	DICKENSON Sallie Myrtle	Lou Ellen 10/1/31 F Chico [No Image 10257] 
NEWTON W.A. (TX)	DICKENSON Lela Alice (TX)	blank 1/7/24 M Chico 7971 
NEWTON W.A. (TX)	DICKENSON Myrtle (OK)	Annie Mae 2/2/24 F Chico 7991 & 7991a
NEWTON W.A. (TX)	DICKERSON Myrtle (OK)	Neoma Ruth 9/19/28 F Chico 9125 & 9125a
NEWTON William	BLANK blank	blank 6/23/07 F blank 3401 
NEWTON William A. (TX)	DICKENSON Sallie M. (TX)	Carmie N. 2/5/26 M Decatur 8532 
NEWTON William Alfred (TX)	DICKENSON Myrtle Sallie (OK)	J.T. 2/23/21 M Bridgeport 7352 & 7352a
NIBLETT Jim	BLANK Edna	blank 7/5/04 M blank 996 
NIBLETT John William (TX)	BEAN Josephine (TX)	Marion Auvis 2/15/23 M Poolville 7727 & 7727a
NICHOLDS blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/14/05 M blank 1740 
NICHOLS Clarence E. (TX)	WARD Tressie Mae (TX)	Bobbie Gene 1/22/29 M Newark 9246 
NICHOLS William T (AR)	FIELDS Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Rittle C 04/11/86 F Evans Co AR [del. 25259] 
NICHOLSON D.F.	BLANK D.T.	blank 4/8/08 F blank 3962 
NICHOLSON Thomas Otto (IA)	WALKER Linda Lea (TX)	Zona Agnes 03/15/97 F Decatur [del. 28249] 
NICHOLSON Thomas Otto (TX)	WALKER Leota (TX)	William Edward 10/22/94 M Decatur [del. 25111] 
NICHOLSON William Jasper (IA)	KIRKPATRICK Ruth Hall (IA)	Edith Jewel 10/07/89 F Decatur [del. 22114] 
NICKELL Isaac Wash (WA)	BARNETT Elizabeth (KY)	Minnie Ola 02/25/87 F Alvord [del. 21274] 
NICKOLDS blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/1/07 F blank 3084 
NICKSON William Houston (TN)	FRANKLIN Zula Florence (MO)	Benjamin Carl 09/13/97 M Willow Point [del. 24361] 
NICODEMUS Alfred	BLANK blank	blank 1/26/04 M blank 617 
NIGH Johnathon Cook (OH)	WILLIAMS Martha Ann (MO)	Charles Henry 03/03/82 M Alvord [del. 14380] 
NIGHT Ben Frank	BLAKE Nellie E.	Bennie Frank 8/20/33 M Rhome [No Image 10871] 
NIGLESTEP J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 11/18/11 F blank 5405 
NIKIRK Homer	WYLIE Della May	blank 10/7/10 F blank 5114 
NIKIRK Homer (TX)	WILEY Della M. (TX)	Audrey Faye 12/11/25 F Alvord 8477 & 8477a
NIKIRK Homer (TX)	WILEY Della Maud (AR)	Ila Cecil 8/18/19 F Alvord 4739 & 4739a & 4739b
NIKIRK Homer (TX)	WYLIE Della Maud (AR)	Oma Jewel 5/27/13 F Alvord 5708 & 5708a & 5708b
NIKIRK Homer N.	WYLIE Della Maude	Connie Florence 3/7/18 F Alvord 6841 & 6841a
NIKIRK Homer, Sr.(TX)	WYLIE Della Maude (TX)	Homer, Jr. 7/8/21 M Alvord 7421 & 7421a
NIKIRK John (IN)	BUTCHER Harriett (IN)	Lewis 11/06/87 M Alvord [del. 24587] 
NIKIRK L.N.	PRINCE May	blank 12/9/15 M blank 6318 
NIKIRK Louis	PRINCE May	Roy Lee 11/10/29 M blank [No Image 9504] 
NIMMO William David (TX)	RAGSDALE Nancy Ann (TX)	Iva Elizabeth 11/13/02 F Boonsville [del. 28268] 
NIPPER C.H. (TX)	NIVENS Dessie (TX)	W.A. 11/14/22 M Alvord 7688 
NIPPER C.H. (TX)	NIVENS Dessie (TX)	Betty Lou 6/7/29 F Alvord 9367 & 9367a
NIPPER Samuel Henry (TN)	LOGAN Nancy Josephine (TN)	Nina Josephine 01/04/95 F Crafton [del. 16198] 
NIVENS A.B.	BLANK Julie	blank 12/31/11 M blank 5432 
NIVENS A.B.	MORRIS Julia	blank 3/14/17 M blank 6577 
NIVENS A.B.	MOSIER Julia K.	blank 10/19/14 M blank 5975 
NIVENS Alma Berry (TX)	MOSIER Julia (TN)	Foy Weldon 11/28/21 M Alvord 7514 & 7514a
NIVENS Amil Berry	MOSIER Julia K.	Vernon Travis 8/30/04 M Alvord 1149 
NIVENS Amy	BLANK Julia	Charles 4/11/06 M blank 2610 
NIVENS Amy	MOSIER Julia Kay	Bonnie Gladys 11/13/09 F blank 4846 & 4846a
NIVENS Amy Berry (TX)	MOSIER Julia Kay (TN)	Arville Calvin 2/28/24 M Alvord 8021 & 8021a
NIVENS Archie	RALEY Sue	William Raley 5/13/33 M Alvord [No Image 10768] 
NIVENS C.B.	REED Christina	Elizabeth Ann 7/17/31 F Alvord [No Image 10148] 
NIVENS Coy	GRISSOM Dorothy	Lloyd William 1/15/31 M Alvord [No Image 9934] 
NIVENS Dewey S. (TX)	PIGG Barba (TX)	Melva D. 8/6/24 F Alvord 8136 
NIVENS Henry N.	BLANK Bertie M	blank 4/29/04 F blank 847 
NIVENS Jessie Lee	YORK Dessie	Opal Lee 10/18/15 F Alvord 6289 & 6289a
NIVENS L.T.	SWAIN Sybil	L. Thomas 12/31/30 M Alvord [No Image 9911] 
NIVENS Luther (TX)	GOODWIN Beatrice (TX)	Howard 9/26/23 M Alvord 7902 
NIVENS William Thomas (TX)	RICHARDSON Amie Lou (TX)	Buford Martin 8/15/22 M Alvord 7641 & 7641a
NIVENS William Thomas (TX)	RICHARDSON Lou (TX)	Luther Thomas 12/25/96 M Alvord [del. 17817] 
NIX James Thomas (TX)	REED Febe Virginia (TX)	Rebecca 07/04/87 F Decatur [del. 23160] 
NIX William Alvin (TX)	LANCASTER Nancy Pearl (TX)	Stella Pearl 8/1/21 F Cottondale 7432 & 7432a
NIX William Moses (MS)	BENNETT Miriam Devora (MS)	Pearl 03/16/97 F Alvord [del. 16705] 
NOBLES A.R.	RHINE Annie	blank 10/22/32 M Decatur [No Image 10604] 
NOBLES Dave (TN)	JOLLY Ida.(MS)	Luther Earl 12/20/91 M Bridgeport [del. 12712] 
NOBLES Davied (TN)	JOLLY Ida (MS)	Davied Elmer 06/16/87 M Wise Co [del. 13974] 
NOBLES James David (TN)	McCLUNG Sara Paralee (AR)	Bartha Lavetta 02/08/90 F Chico [del. 8484] 
NOBLES James David (TN)	McCLUNG Sara Paralee (AR)	Alma Mae 04/05/94 F Chico [del. 8485] 
NOBLES James David (TN)	McCLUNG Sara Paralee (AR)	Tony Everett 02/16/92 M Chico [del. 8483] 
NOBLES Joshua Bailey (TN)	BOYETT Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Wesley Fern 06/14/87 F Chico [del. 7000] 
NOBLES Joshua Bailey (TN)	BOYETT Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	James Rex 03/04/89 M Chico [del. 9046] 
NOBLES Joshua Bailey (TN)	BOYETT Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Carl Vernon 01/28/92 M Chico [del. 9047] 
NOBLES Joshua Bailey (TN)	BOYETT Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Glen Boyett 10/03/99 M Chico [del. 9048] 
NOBLES R.W.	BLANK M.L.	blank 6/4/07 M Decatur 3369 
NOBLES Ray	RHINE Annie	Jack Rhine 3/16/31 M Decatur [No Image 10008] 
NOBLES Robert Wesley (TN)	BOYETT Margaret Leona (TN)	Ariadne Estelle 09/22/88 F Decatur [del. 10355] 
NOBLES Robert Wesley (TN)	BOYETT Margaret Leona (TN)	Robert Lovard 01/17/90 M Decatur [del. 6130] 
NOBLES Robert Wesley (TN)	BOYETT Margaret Leona (TN)	Arthur Ray 09/09/97 M Decatur [del. 12176] 
NOBLES Robert Wesley (TN)	BOYETT Margaret Leona (TN)	Jay Leslie 01/15/01 M Decatur [del. 6771] 
NOBLES Robert Wesley (TN)	NOBLES Margaret Leona (TN)	Victor 09/02/95 M Decatur [del. 21150] 
NOBLES Roger	HELM Kathrine R.	blank 12/28/31 M Decatur [No Image 10314] 
NOBLES Victor (TX)	STREET Barbara (TX)	Bermyl Wayne 12/24/21 F Decatur 7523 
NOBLES W.	BLANK Maggie	blank 6/1/10 M blank 5011 
NOEL Dudley (KY)	BRADLEY Elizabeth (MO)	Edgar 02/28/94 M Alvord [del. 8803] 
NOEL Dudley Walker (KY)	BRADLEY Elizabeth (MO)	Mollie 05/30/81 M Alvord [del. 11375] 
NOEL Dudley Walker (KY)	BRADLEY Elizabeth (MO)	Artle 06/26/97 M Alvord [del. 6580] 
NOEL Edgar (TX)	HOLLOBOUGH Oma (TX)	William Edgar 8/19/22 M Alvord 7644 
NOEL N.	BLANK S.	blank 7/1/04 M blank 982 
NOEL Nollie	SMITH Sophronia Alice	Morton Arvel 7/1/04 M Alvord 983 
NOKES George Lewis (IL)	CROSS Annie E (TX)	George William 06/28/82 M Pella [del. 14681] 
NOKES George Lewis (IL)	CROSS Annie E (TX)	Lewis Clement 07/02/89 M Alvord [del. 14680] 
NOLAN Thomas Henry (TX)	MORRIS Rachel Alice (TX)	Eula Ann 12/24/00 F Greenwood [del. 33251] 
NOLES George David	PRICE Mima Ellen	Edith Corinne 8/5/04 F Decatur 1084 & 1084a
NOMERY Ollie (TX)	WATSON Ollie May (TX)	blank 1/6/29 F Decatur 9222 
NORMAN Andrew Jackson (IL)	McGRAW Nancy Ann (AL)	Martha Elendor 03/03/86 F Briar [del. 5926] 
NORMAN E.O.	BLANK blank	Baby 11/23/06 M blank 3033 
NORMAN E.O.	BLANK blank	(Ruth) 6/11/08 F blank 4085 
NORMAN Erastus Lester (SC)	ATKINSON Mary Louisa (MS)	Estha Blanche 11/14/02 F Boyd [del. 10356] 
NORMAN Erastus Lester (SC)	NORMAN Mary Louise (MS)	Melburne Earl 04/21/99 M Boyd [del. 30827] 
NORMAN J. Earnest (TX)	LISBY Letha (TX)	Beryl Anderson 6/10/21 M Rhome 7411 & 7411a
NORMAN J. Ernest	LISBY Letha	J.E. 8/31/17 M Rhome 6692 
NORMAN James E.	LISBY Letha Mae	Billie Ray 6/8/30 M blank [No Image 9720] 
NORMAN John	MOORE Eva	blank 3/13/15 M blank 6053 
NORMAN John Willie (TN)	EWING Marsh (CO)	William Lynn 08/02/96 M Decatur [del. 17373] 
NORRIS Joe	ROBERTS Etta	Juanita Fay 11/20/31 F Decatur [No Image 10289] 
NORRIS Joe B. (MO)	ROBERTS Hillie Mae (TX)	Betty Jo 6/13/29 F Decatur 9373 
NORRIS John H.	BLANK blank	blank 7/11/03 F blank 111 
NORRIS Robert Joshua (TX)	COX Susan Jane (MS)	Leonard N 10/06/81 M Crafton [del. 11921] 
NORRIS William Richard (GA)	ELLIOT Mary Katherine (GA)	Nathan Albert 02/02/86 M Blunt Co AL [del. 16989] 
NORRIS William Richard (GA)	ELLIOTT Mary Catherine (GA)	Rosa Anthia Angeline 03/12/79 F Blunt Co AL [del. 10207]
NORTH Earnest Clifton (TX)	SPEAR Ara Bell (TN)	Douglas Clifton 5/7/25 M Decatur 8308 & 8308a
NORTH J W (MO)	MILLER Susan (TX)	Beckie Jane 02/28/89 F Cottondale [del. 22937] 
NORTH Jeff	BLANK blank	Nora 11/22/03 F blank 459 
NORTH Jeff	BLANK blank	blank 12/2/07 F blank 3705 
NORTH Jeff	REYNOLDS Elizabeth	Albert Lee 12/28/09 M Decatur 4888 & 4888a & 4888b
NORTH John J. (TX)	RASBURY Ima Viola (AL)	Tessie Edna 12/5/19 F Decatur 7169 & 7169a
NORTH John L. (AR)	TRAMMELL Essie (TX)	Dorothy Bernice 12/20/28 F Decatur 9208 & 9208a
NORTH John William	MILLER Susan	Maud 1/22/05 F Decatur 1531 & 1531a & 1531b
NORTH Thomas Jefferson (MO)	REYNOLDS Elizabeth (TX)	Pearl May 03/11/00 F Decatur [del. 23850] 
NORTH Thomas Jefferson (MO)	REYNOLDS Lizzie (TX)	Walter Jefferson 10/23/01 M Decatur [del. 15546] 
NORTH Thomas Jefferson (MO)	REYNOLDS Lucy Elizabeth (TX)	Nancy Ethel 09/14/97 F Cottondale [del. 23282] 
NORTH Walter (TX)	STANDLEY Zella (TX)	blank 10/6/22 M Decatur 7667 & [delayed 6375]
NORTH Walter Jefferson	STANLEY Zollie Mae	Joe Lee 3/7/27 M Decatur 8759 & 8759a
NORTH Walter Jefferson (TX)	STANLEY Zollie Mae (TX)	Lois Ella 9/11/28 F Decatur 9120 & 9120a
NORTH William Henry (TN)	SWANN Ann Maude (WV)	Katherine Oleita 07/12/84 F Decatur [del. 6026] 
NORTH William Henry (TN)	SWANN Ann Maude (WV)	Jennie Augustus 10/01/85 F Decatur [del. 22711] 
NORTH William Henry (TN)	SWANN Annie Maud (WV)	William Henry 03/05/93 M Decatur [del. 8376] 
NORTHAN J.H.	BLANK blank	blank 2/4/07 F blank 3157 
NORTHCUTT Elijah H (TX)	FIGURES Ella (TX)	Clarence Eugene 02/06/95 M Decatur [del. 3212] 
NORTHCUTT John Alexander (GA)	WELCH Lucy Ann (?)	Charles Chois 05/01/95 M Decatur [del. 23011] 
NORTON Eligah E. (TN)	TERRY Henry Ada (TN)	James Madison 9/24/09 M Bridgeport 4780 & 4780a
NORTON J.H.	BLANK F.K., Mrs	blank 12/31/05 F blank 2378 
NORTON Luther (TX)	KIDD Myrtle (OK)	blank 7/14/18 M Bridgeport 6933 
NORTON R.E. (TN)	LOCKETT Ruby (TX)	blank 12/13/24 F Decatur 8230 
NORTON Sieman (AL)	CAGLE Letha (AL)	Hoy-twin 10/8/18 M Rhome 6993 
NORTON Sieman (AL)	CAGLE Letha (AL)	Roy-twin 10/8/18 M Rhome 6994 
NORTON Simeon Thomas (AL)	CAGLE Litha Jane (AL)	Irene 9/16/21 F Rhome 7468 & 7468a
NORTON Simeon Thomas (AL)	CAGLE Litha Jane (AL)	Ilene 9/16/21 M Newark 7469 & 7469a
NORWOOD Alfred L (TX)	BROWN Maud (AR)	Cyril Aubrey 08/02/96 M Decatur [del. 28047] 
NORWOOD Alpha Leon (TX)	BROWN Maude (AR)	Royal Ohm 09/12/93 F Decatur [del. 28387] 
NORWOOD Alpha Leon (TX)	BROWN Maude (AR)	Martin Max Lynn 11/25/98 M Decatur [del. 28388] 
NORWOOD Joshlah Silas (TN)	MARTIN Nancy Ellen (IN)	William Henry 11/14/97 M Alvord [del. 23921] 
NORWOOD William Pulaski (TN)	JAMES Effie Jane (TN)	Grace Mae 05/14/98 F Chico [del. 16633] 
NORWOOD William Pulaski (TN)	JAMES Effie Jane (TN)	Mable Claire 07/15/01 F Crafton [del. 28545] 
NOWLIN Jim Henry (LA)	THOMPSON Mary (Canada)	Robert Henry 12/09/92 M Alvord [del. 10354] 
NUE Marvin	BLANK blank	Mattie 9/26/03 F blank 318 
NUNALLY Curtis Desmond	MATHEWS Oma Ruth	Alleene Joe 9/8/17 F Boyd 6702 & 6702a
NUNALLY James Bartlett	DACUS Lena Florence	Victoria 4/15/04 F Boyd 816 & 0816a
NUNN Hillery Mosley (KY)	GIBBS Elizabeth Elliott (TX)	John Milburn 10/25/97 M Decatur [del. 5466] 
NUNN Newsome Jesse (VA)	LACKS Sarah Isabelle (MO)	Lena Catherine 01/03/91 F Alvord [del. 29103] 
NUNNALLY C.K.	BLANK L.	blank 2/25/04 F blank 679 
NUNNALLY Charlie Kennell (MS)	DACUS Lillian Lee (MS)	Myrtle Agnes 03/01/96 F Boyd [del. 13076] 
NUNNALLY James Barton (MS)	DACUS Lena Florence (MS)	Clara Dale 08/21/98 F Boyd [del. 25355] 
NUTON G.B.	BLANK E.L.	blank 1/24/07 F blank 3133 
NUTTING Rufus C. (TX)	RICE Gertrude (TX)	Rufus Rice 10/11/25 M Decatur 8440 
NUTTING Rufus C. (TX)	RICE Gertrude F. (TX)	Sarah Ruth 4/7/22 F Decatur 7572 
NUTTING Rufus Cleveland	RICE Gertrude Francis	Anna Jean 12/21/27 F Decatur 8903 
O'BRIAN Walter Garner (TX)	WILLIAMS Lula Mae (KY)	Nellie Beth 08/29/94 F Alvord [del. 15322] 
O'BRIEN Francis Marion (TX)	COOPER Minnie Mae (TX)	Pearl Ibera 01/24/02 F Alvord [del. 28200] 
O'BRIEN Joseph S (TX)	GALLANT Hettie M (IL)	Orval 03/06/97 M Chico [del. 5269] 
O'DELL James Eugene (TN)	McKINNEY Mary (TX)	Lonnie Eugene 03/13/98 Park Springs [del. 16673] 
O'DELL Theodore Albert (IL)	GREEN Bettie (TN)	Eugene Pinkney 08/09/96 M Rhome [del. 25665] 
O'DELL Theodore Albert (IL)	GREEN Elizabeth (TN)	Raymond Willis 04/01/01 M Rhome [del. 3779] 
O'KELLEY Harry H (MO)	HUGHS Fannie E (TX)	Lena Mae 04/19/88 F Greenwood [del. 10577] 
O'KELLEY Judson Washington (GA)	MOLLOY Willie Ann (AL)	James Lee Madison 02/03/97 M Chico [del. 23285] 
O'NEAL Allen Wright (AR)	BOWDEN Sadie (AR)	William Edgar 05/22/77 M Wise Co [del. 15935] 
O'NEAL Green Hill (TX)	WILBIRNE Tennie Racheal (TX)	Esther Lenora 02/27/99 F Alvord [del. 12219] 
O'NEAL Green Hill (TX)	WILBORN Tennie Racheal (TX)	Nettle Pearl 09/09/85 F Alvord [del. 11093] 
O'NEAL Green Hill (TX)	WILBORN Tennie Racheal (TX)	Loma Bernice 08/17/95 F Alvord [del. 11092] 
O'NEAL Green Hill (TX)	WILBORN Tennie Rachel (TX)	William Jefferson 11/23/90 M Alvord [del. 10352] 
O'NEAL James Albert (TX)	BOONE Josephine Adustia (TX)	Oren Ellis 12/30/97 M Alvord [del. 29803] 
O'NEAL James Albert (TX)	BOONE Josie Adusta (TX)	Agnes Esther 08/05/02 F Alvord [del. 10168] 
O'NEAL John H (AL)	REEVES Mary Frances (TX)	William M 02/02/86 M Alvord [del. 6769] 
O'NEAL John H (AL)	REEVES Mary Frances (TX)	Alva 02/28/94 F Alvord [del. 11413] 
O'SHIELDS Hammett Patton (SC)	COLTSON Fannie (AL)	Luther P 12/29/77 M Mississippi Co AR [del. 15770] 
OAKLEY John W (VA)	HOLT Emma Ida (TN)	Jesse Lee 01/17/98 M Slidell [del. 7184] 
OATES A.R.	FLOWERS Mamie	Ernestine 7/1/30 F blank [No Image 9747] 
OATES Benjamen F (TX)	VAN METER Lillie (TX)	Nellie Louise 09/26/97 F Rhome [del. 25101] 
OATES Benjamin Franklin (TX)	VAN METER Lillie (TX)	Archie Brawley 09/16/99 M Rhome [del. 5825] 
OATES J.E.A.	BLANK M.J.	blank 8/9/06 M blank 2823 
OATES John Edward (NC)	DOYLE Mary Jane (NC)	Flossie Attellia 09/07/96 F Rhome [del. 23385] 
OATES John Edward (TX)	HOYLE Mary Jane (NC)	Mary Sonora 06/26/91 F Cleveland Co NC [del. 17005] 
OATES John Miner (OK)	PEOPLES Josie (AR)	Fannie Minnie 07/31/02 F Decatur [del. 24460] 
OATES Joseph Charles	KAY Clara L.	Gluster Fay 7/13/05 M Sunset 1957 & 1957a
OATES Marcus Taylor (NC)	WARD Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Martha Fay 01/07/91 F Rhome [del. 20417] 
OATES William I. (TX)	HAGAN Ola (TX)	Clara Dell 1/21/07 F Decatur 3128 & 3128a
OATIS Henry Bascom (GA)	PENNY Elizabeth Allison (GA)	Lloyd Benton 12/23/02 M Greenwood [del. 14071] 
OATS Glenn	TAYLOR Marie	Emma Lee 2/9/30 F blank [No Image 9591] 
O'BRIEN B.A. (TX)	GRAHAM Velma Jewel (TX)	Norvel B. 10/1/22 M Alvord 7664 
O'BRIEN B.R.	KERR Bernice	Bobby 8/11/30 M Decatur [No Image 9783] 
O'BRIEN Charles (TX)	OLGLE Nola (TX)	Fred Robison 3/20/06 M Crafton 3238 & 3238a
O'BRIEN Charlie	BLANK Nola	blank 10/25/04 M blank 1300 
O'BRIEN Ed	BLANK blank	blank 6/25/09 F blank 4675 
O'BRIEN Edward (TX)	MALONE Emma (AR)	blank 5/13/19 M Decatur 7084 
O'BRIEN John Edd (TX)	MALONE Emma (AR)	Wilma Juanita 8/25/21 F Decatur 7451 & 7451a
O'BRIEN Walter J.	WARD Iris	blank 1/21/32 F Okla [No Image 10343] 
O'BRIEN Walter J. (OK)	WARD Iris (TX)	Mildred Jean 1/2/26 F OK 8496 
OBRYAN Fred B.	ARNOLD Annie B.	Billy Fred 3/17/30 M blank [No Image 9629] 
O'CALLAHAN J.R.	PHILLIPS Lettie	John Richard 1/27/30 M Decatur [No Image 9570] 
O'CALLAHAN J.R.	PHILLIPS Margaret	Florene Theresa 10/8/31 F Decatur [No Image 10247] 
O'DELL Donnie	BLANK blank	blank 3/15/31 M Rhome [No Image 10007] 
O'DELL J.A.	BLANK blank	blank 5/8/08 F blank 4016 
O'DELL James	BLANK blank	blank 5/30/13 F blank 5712 
O'DELL K.A.	ANDERSON Delma	blank 9/4/31 M blank [No Image 10210] 
O'DELL Kennie Henry	ANDERSON Edith Delma	Vernon Alvin 3/6/23 M Park Springs 7735 & 7735a
O'DELL Kinnie (TX)	ANDERSON Edith Delma (TX)	Essie Faye 4/15/29 M Bridgeport 9321 & 9321a
O'DELL Lon	EARLEY Esther	blank 12/8/33 M Bridgeport [No Image 10954] 
O'DELL Lon (TX)	EARLEY Esther (TX)	Bertha Inez 11/4/22 F Park Springs 7685 
O'DELL W.F.	BLANK blank	blank 10/10/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10590] 
O'DELL W.F.	WHETSELL Bessie	blank 6/17/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9728] 
ODELL Will (TX)	WHETSELL Bessie (TX)	Alva William 3/30/25 M Chico 8286 & 8286a
O'DELL William M. (TX)	WHETSELL Bessie (TX)	Ernest G. 1/16/20 M Park Springs 7193 
O'DELL Willie Francis	WHETSELL Bessie	Annie Lois 8/19/17 F Boyd 6680 & 6680a
ODLE Bird O.	FRAZE Lola Belle	Lee Edward 2/26/18 M Alvord 6834 & 6834a
ODLE John S. (KS)	SIDES Roxie O. (TX)	Walter S. 4/14/24 F Alvord 8048 
ODOM blank	BLANK blank	blank 2/26/09 F blank 4520 
ODOM Sim F.	BLANK Mary	Ethel Ruth 7/26/03 F blank 142 
ODOM Simms Furd (TX)	GREGORY Mary Katherine (AL)	Charles Eph 01/28/00 M Decatur [del. 19969] 
ODOM Thomas Daniel (GA)	HOLLINGSWORTH Ida Lillian (MS)	William Odell 10/04/94 M Decatur [del. 7422] 
ODOM Thomas Daniel (GA)	HOLLINGSWORTH Ida Lillian (MS)	Lyda 02/24/02 M Alvord [del. 30117] 
ODOM William Emerson (GA)	DUCKETT Nannie E (TN)	Dessie Idella 08/31/95 F Bridgeport [del. 15657] 
OGLE George Shelby (MS)	MULLEN Marie (AR)	Willard Eargel 1/30/24 M Alvord 7988 & 7988a
OGLE George Shelby (MS)	MULLEN Mave Opal (AR)	blank 8/13/25 M Alvord 8384 
OGLE J.V.	CHAMBERS Mary	Bettie Jean 2/16/33 F Chico [No Image 10686] 
OGLE James 	BLANK Vina	blank 3/20/05 M blank 1684 & [delayed 20830]
OGLE James Lewis (TN)	ODOM Cynthia Melvina (TX)	Linnie Jewel 07/17/98 F Chico [del. 29807] 
OGLE James Lewis (TN)	ODOM Cynthia Melvina (TX)	Ola Lee 04/21/02 F Chico [del. 14443] 
OGLES Marvin L (Ireland)	ROSS Nevada Augusta (TX)	Onie Clementine 10/13/99 F Chico [del. 28546] 
OGLETREE Samuel Sanford (TX)	SHELTON Laura (TX)	Carl Raymond 07/28/94 M Chico [del. 19937] 
O'HAVER William Morton	ANTHONY Irene Mechin	James Henry 5/12/04 M blank 886 & 0886a
O'KELLEY J.M.	BROOKS Lila	Velma Louise 4/18/31 F Chico [No Image 10047] 
OKELLEY J.M. (TX)	BROOKS Florilla (TX)	Willie Florebell 3/2/29 F Chico 9277 & 9277a
O'KELLEY J.W. (GA)	MOLLOY Willie Ann (AL)	Ernest Justin 8/6/08 M Chico 4172 & 4172a
OLDHAM Oliver Pinkney (TX)	TRUSS Julia Irene (TX)	Oscar Frasier 11/17/96 M Alvord [del. 11523] 
OLDHAM Oliver Pinkney (TX)	TRUSS Julia Irene (TX)	Jack Virgil McKinney 06/02/01 M Alvord [del. 32058] 
OLDHAM Riley (NC)	LEVERETT Nancy Jane (GA)	Lester Bryan 03/01/98 M Alvord [del. 13755] 
OLIVE George Washington (GA)	KELLEY Sarah Minerva (GA)	Andrew Washington 01/11/78 M Paradise [del. 15563] 
OLIVER Ben T (AL)	GRAY Frances Elizabeth (AL)	Pearl 09/14/89 F Crafton [del. 11747] 
OLIVER C A (AR)	JOHNSON Martha M (AR)	Lou Alice 02/27/84 F Decatur [del. 12092] 
OLIVER Charlie Andrew (AR)	JOHNSON Martha (AR)	Jennie 12/07/77 F Decatur [del. 15433] 
OLIVER Charlie Andrew (AR)	JOHNSON Martha (AR)	Nettle 02/20/79 F Decatur [del. 15432] 
OLIVER James Caswell (GA)	DODSON Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Virginia Dare 04/02/95 F Decatur [del. 19821] 
OLIVER James Robert (TN)	DAVIDSON Octavia Brown (TN)	Maxie Lee 02/12/85 F Chico [del. 21164] 
OLIVER James Robert (TN)	DAVIDSON Octavia Brown (TN)	Mary Essie 09/27/90 F Chico [del. 26764] 
OLIVER James Robert (TN)	DAVIDSON Octavia Brown (TN)	George Marvin 09/03/93 M Chico [del. 23662] 
OLIVER James Robert (TN)	DAVIDSON Octavia Brown (TN)	Marion Davidson 11/05/98 M Chico [del. 8426] 
OLIVER James Robert (TX)	DAVIDSON Octavia Brown (TX)	Frankie Florence 03/22/96 F Chico [del. 11018] 
OLIVER John (TX)	REEVES Cornelia Catherine (TX)	Francis Augustus 04/07/92 M Decatur [del. 6575] 
OLIVER Joseph (TN)	CURTNER Ida (TX)	Orva Dorothy 01/12/92 F Chico [del. 25298] 
OLIVER Martin (AR)	HUNTER Emily Tennessee (AR)	Mary Elizabeth 10/26/79 F Alvord [del. 16068] 
OLIVER Martin (AR)	HUNTER Emily Tennessee (AR)	Ida Kay 01/31/93 F Alvord [del. 16067] 
OLIVER Olin Oscar (TX)	MCSPADDEN Nina (OK)	blank 2/21/19 F Alvord 7052 
OLIVER W.H.	BREWER Maude	Raymond Odell 11/22/30 M Sunset [No Image 9878] 
OLIVER W.H.	CHUMLEY Ruth Alice	Eula Faye 8/15/15 F Sunset 6197 & 6197a
OLMSTEAD E.	MOTLEY Bonnie	Kenneth E. 12/12/32 M Frederick, OK [No Image 10640] 
ONEAL A.P.	LEWIS Maryetta	blank 2/14/32 M Decatur [No Image 10362] 
O'NEAL Albert D. (TX)	LEWIS Mary Etta (TN)	Anna LaVerne 6/12/25 F Decatur 8339 & 8339a & 8339b
O'NEAL Charley	BLANK Annie	blank 7/9/05 M blank 1942 
O'NEAL Charley	BLANK Ola	blank 11/8/07 F blank 3661 
O'NEAL Jack (TX)	MEDDLY E. May (TX)	Countess 8/5/24 F Alvord 8133 & 8133a
O'NEAL James E. (TX)	SHELBURNE Florence E. (TX)	Mae Lucille 10/18/24 F Decatur 8188 & 8188a & 8188b
O'NEAL James Earl (TX)	SHELBURNE Florence Elizabeth (TX)	Elmer Eugene 3/29/29 M Decatur 9305 & 9305a
ONEAL M.M.	HOLLIS Laura	blank 10/31/14 M blank 5981 
O'NEAL Millard (TX)	HOLLIS LaRue (TX)	Martha 7/31/24 F Alvord 8124 
O'NEAL Ray Herbert (TX)	NORTH Ethel (TX)	Grady Joe 5/22/26 M Decatur 8589 
ONEAL Roy	ASHLOCK Dassie	Coy Henry 4/16/33 M Decatur [No Image 10740] 
ONEAL Roy	NORTH Ethel	Ella Sue 2/12/28 F Decatur 8945 & 8945a
ONEAL Walter	JOBE Lela	blank 12/8/27 F Decatur 8894 
ONEAL Walter	JOBE Lela	Walter Bedford 1/5/33 M Rhome [No Image 10651] 
ONEAL Will	BLANK Johnnie	blank 11/7/08 F blank 4335 
O'NEAL Will	BLANK Johnnie	blank 6/8/06 M blank 2705 
O'NEAL William	BLANK Johnnie	blank 1/20/05 F blank 1524 
ONEAL William Miller (TX)	HOLLIS Lorne (TX)	blank 2/15/23 F Alvord 7725 
OPEL George (MS)	MULLINS Marie (AR)	blank 1/29/29 M Alvord 9256 
ORLAGO Pete (Mex)	VASQUEZ Jewel (TX)	blank 1/30/21 F Bridgeport 7341 
OROZCO Marcos (Mex)	DOMINQUEZ Lorenza (Mex)	Guadalupe 6/3/12 M Bridgeport 5535 
OROZCO Marcos (Mex)	DOMINQUEZ Lorenza (Mex)	Consepcion 1/5/14 F Bridgeport 5811 
OROZCO Marcos (Mex)	DOMINQUEZ Lorenza (Mex)	Mauricio 2/9/15 M blank 6027 
OROZCO Marcos (Mex)	DOMINQUEZ Lorenza (Mex)	Marcos, Jr. 2/12/19 M Bridgeport 7049 
OROZCO Marcos (Mexico)	GONZALES Consepesion (Mexico)	Maurico 01/11/94 M Santo Tomas TX 35 &  [del. 3084] 
OROZCO Mauricio	VALASQUEZ Jacoba	Adala 10/13/16 F blank 6492 
OROZCO Mauricio (TX)	VALASQUEZ Jacoba (TX)	Guadalupe 6/12/13 M Bridgeport 5718 & [delayed 3065]
OROZCO Mauricio (TX)	VALASQUEZ Jacoba (TX)	Constancia 1/1/15 F Bridgeport 6008 
OROZCO Mauricio (TX)	VALASQUEZ Jacoba (TX)	Antonia 12/4/19 F Bridgeport 7167 
OROZCO Mauricio (TX)	VALASQUEZ Jacoba (TX)	Mauricio, Jr. 4/4/22 M Bridgeport 7570 
OROZCO Mauricio (TX)	VALASQUEZ Jacoba (TX)	Manuel V. 12/18/23 M Bridgeport 7957 
OROZCO Mauricio (TX)	VALASQUEZ Jacoba (TX)	Consepcion 10/5/29 F Bridgeport 9469 
ORR Alexander Calvin (AR)	HOLLABAUGH Dora (AR)	Garland B 07/26/92 M Alvord [del. 4012] 
ORR Alexander Calvin (AR)	HOLLABAUGH Dora (AR)	Bertle Newton 02/13/94 M Pella [del. 11373] 
ORR Alexander Calvin (AR)	HOLLABAUGH Lucinda Emmadora (AR)	Leah Franklin 08/04/97 F Pella [del. 29052] 
ORR J.H.	WILKINSON Dora B.	Kenneth E. 5/26/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9701] 
ORR Leslie	BLANK Cora	blank 4/4/06 M blank 2591 
ORR W.E.	BLANK M.E. Mrs.	blank 1/14/06 M blank 2401 
ORR William E (TN)	EPPERSON Mary Ellen (TN)	Azzie Lee 10/11/92 F Chico [del. 24567] 
ORR William E (TN)	EPPERSON Mary Ellen (TN)	Ona 06/04/95 F Chico [del. 30387] 
ORR William E (TN)	EPPERSON Mary Ellen (TN)	William Austin 01/16/01 M Alvord [del. 10455] 
ORRELL Edgar Monroe (AR)	BURGETT Mary Ellen (TX)	Joseph Virgil 07/11/94 M Park Springs [del. 7627] 
ORRELL Edgar Monroe (AR)	BURGETT Mary Ellen (TX)	William Homer 12/03/99 M Alvord [del. 14569] 
ORTO Sinpir (Mex)	CANDIO Marie (Mex)	blank 12/24/28 M Bridgeport 9209 
OSBORN blank	BLANK blank	Twins 11/29/05 M blank 2317 
OSBORN blank	BLANK blank	Twins 12/5/05 F blank 2333 
OSBORN George Washington (MO)	WHARTON Siby Jane (MO)	Henry Clay 09/19/85 M Alvord [del. 19881] 
OSBORN L.E.	BLANK L.L.	blank 1/5/08 M blank 3771 
OSBORN William Wiley (AR)	LANCE Lucinda (AR)	Rufus 11/19/96 M Marion Co AR [del. 25035] 
OSBORNE C.H. (TX)	HAYDEN Mamie (TX)	blank 1/11/29 ? Decatur 9231 
OSBORNE Thomas Monroe (TN)	McKIDDY Rhoda Ann (KY)	Luellen 10/11/92 F Decatur [del. 24884] 
O'SHIELD Dick Richard (TX)	WAKEMON May (TX)	Elkins Henry 2/19/08 F Decatur 3182 & 3182a
O'SHIELD Richard	BLANK blank	blank 6/23/08 F blank 4099 
O'SHIELD Richard	BLANK blank	blank 6/23/08 F blank 4100 
O'SHIELDS blank	BLANK blank	blank 11/23/03 F blank 461 
O'SHIELDS blank	BLANK blank	E. 4/21/04 F blank 829 
O'SHIELDS Charlie Morris	FARMER Nancy Ann	Charles Vaughn 4/2/06 M Decatur 2583 
O'SHIELDS Elkins Scott Henry	WINN Daisy	Tommye Cue 6/30/30 F blank [No Image 9745] 
O'SHIELDS Elkins Scott Henry	WINN Daisy	Sammy Andrew 12/3/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10636] 
OTERA Nev	BLANK blank	Clarpet 1/12/05 F blank 1504 
OUSTATT Jessie	HERRICK Bertha	blank 12/11/11 M blank 5420 
OUTLER Edmund Riley (IL)	BALL Alice Idella (TX)	Edith R 05/28/94 F Decatur [del. 16095] 
OUTLER Joseph Bruce (IL)	SONGER Lila Etta (IN)	Ersie Amber 10/23/88 F Decatur [del. 13356] 
OWEN Albert Hannibal (TN)	McALESTER Harriet Josephine (AR)	Albert Hope 04/23/97 M Decatur [del. 21398] 
OWEN Albert Hannibal (TN)	McALISTER Harriett Josephine (AR)	Minnie Florence 10/26/90 F Decatur [del. 15839] 
OWEN Albert Hannibal (TN)	McALISTER Harriett Josephine (AR)	Dottie Civility 10/02/94 F Decatur [del. 24806] 
OWEN Bert	PARKS Margaret	blank 12/16/14 F blank 5998 
OWEN Charles (Wales)	JONES Emma (IN)	Charles Arthur 08/17/85 M Alvord [del. 6579] 
OWEN Ed	BLANK Lucy	blank 9/28/09 M blank 4788 
OWEN Emeral H.	PARKER Maude Rebecca	Joyce Lunnie 9/17/10 F Boonsville 5099 & 5099a
OWEN Fred	PATTERSON Myrtle	Ray Franklin 8/26/15 M Boyd 6210 & 6210a
OWEN Fred Mack	PATTERSON Laura Myrtle	Letha Frances 12/14/26 F Boyd 8725 & 8725a
OWEN Ira	BLANK blank	blank 4/16/17 M blank 6612 
OWEN J.H.	BLANK M.E.	blank 3/15/09 M blank 4556 
OWEN Jasper (AR)	DUNAWAY Lue Cindy (TN)	Jasper Pearl 09/05/95 M Alvord [del. 15510] 
OWEN Jess (TX)	TAYLOR Pearl Eliza (TX)	Benjamin Franklin 09/07/99 M Alvord [del. 11316] 
OWEN John Richmond (TN)	NORDEN Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Ray H 08/26/93 M Decatur [del. 23739] 
OWEN John Richmond (TN)	NORDEN Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Winnie Davis 10/14/98 F Decatur [del. 23740] 
OWEN John Richmond (TN)	NORDON Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Mary Elizabeth 03/05/01 F Decatur [del. 11315] 
OWEN John Richmond (TN)	NORTON Mary Elizabeth (AR)	Elmer 02/10/96 M Decatur [del. 29806] 
OWEN Marshall A.	CADELL Della May	Harmon 10/21/03 M Bridgeport 387 & 0387a
OWEN Thomas Charles H (AR)	ATKINS Margret Jane (IL)	Jasper Olin 11/07/93 M Pella [del. 8890] 
OWEN Thomas Hinmon (AR)	ATKINS Margaret Jane (IL)	Sarah Iva 01/27/91 F Pella [del. 14938] 
OWEN Thomas Hineman (AR)	ATKINS Margaret Jane (IL)	Jessie Myrtle 11/13/87 F Alvord [del. 20662] 
OWEN W.C.	BLANK blank	blank 6/10/08 F blank 4082 
OWEN W.O. (MS)	EARLY Eunice (TX)	Myrtle Vera 3/14/25 F Decatur 8277 & 8277a
OWEN William Henry (TX)	HOPPER Viola (TX)	Myrtle Mae 08/16/96 F Alvord [del. 30688] 
OWEN William Henry (TX)	HOPPER Viola (TX)	William Henry Jr 07/07/00 M Alvord [del. 6254] 
OWEN William Henry (TX)	HOPPER Viola (TX)	Roy 02/28/02 M Alvord [del. 6255] 
OWEN William O. (MS)	EARLY Unice (TX)	Robert Allison 11/28/22 M Crafton 7691 
OWENS Benjamin Franklin (TX)	MCDANIEL Ollie Belle (GA)	Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 8/18/22 M Decatur 7643 & 7643a
OWENS E.H.	SNIDER Bessie	blank 9/26/17 M Decatur 6718 
OWENS Ed	OWENS Lucy	blank 9/17/04 F blank 1201 
OWENS Edd, Jr. (TX)	YALE Mary Effie (TX)	Mamie Merl 6/13/21 F Alvord 7412 & 7412a
OWENS Edd, Jr. (TX)	YALE Mary Effie (TX)	Jettie Geneva 7/28/23 F Alvord 7863 & 7863a
OWENS Harry Henton	ALLEN Lissie Ann	Robert Earl 4/19/10 M Boonsville 4985 & 4985a
OWENS Harry Hinton	ALLEN Melissa Ann	Jerrel Dean 5/30/16 M Boonsville 6418 & 6418a & 6418b
OWENS Hezekiah J (AL)	BARTON Rachel Pauline (IL)	Otis Homer 10/31/95 M Paradise [del. 8945] 
OWENS James B (AR)	BROWN Florence (IL)	Winnie Mae 03/30/00 F Decatur [del. 16431] 
OWENS Jess Campbell (TX)	WELLS Mary Francis (TN)	Jonathan 02/02/79 M Alvord [del. 11371] 
OWENS Jesse Campbell (MO)	WELLS Mary Francis (TX)	Rosie Bird 08/13/81 F Audubon [del. 11017] 
OWENS John	BLANK Allie	blank 8/6/05 M blank 2030 
OWENS Lucien Thompson (KY)	ASHLOCK Sue (TX)	Ruby Lee 12/31/91 F Decatur [del. 23688] 
OWENS Lucion Thompson (KY)	BARNES Tennessee (TX)	Rebecca Jane 01/16/74 F Audubon [del. 16647] 
OWENS Lushion Tompson (KY)	BARNES Tennie G (TX)	Ellen Francis 10/14/77 F Audubon [del. 9886] 
OWENS Marshall Owen	CADDELL Della May	Druie McLeroy 1/29/06 M blank 2458 & 2458a
OWENS Sterlin Bonaparte (TX)	KINSOLVING Eugenia Arletta (WV)	Ada Lee 10/15/95 F Decatur [del. 16988] 
OWENS W.O.	EARLY Eunice	Myrtle Vera 4/14/28 M Decatur 8990 
OWENS W.O. (MS)	EARLEY Eunice (TX)	blank 9/8/19 F Chico 7133 
OWENS Will	BLANK blank	blank 10/29/07 M blank 3639 
OWENSBY blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/14/08 M blank 4024 
OWENSBY blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/14/08 M blank 4025 
OWENSBY Bowie (MO)	JOHNSON Dovie (AR)	Joseph Everett 10/17/94 M Alvord [del. 4529] 
OWENSBY Bowie (MO)	JOHNSON Dovie (AR)	Walter Zelmon 07/05/98 M Audubon [del. 4563] 
OXFORD Luther Crowson (MS)	PERRIN Malinda (TX)	Lela Mae 11/18/91 F Decatur [del. 15709] 
OXFORD Luther Crowson (MS)	PERRIN Malinda (TX)	Andrew Jackson 02/05/99 M Decatur [del. 15323] 
PACE Bob	STOVALL Anice N.	Mollie 11/5/04 F Alvord 1329 & 1329a
PACE Charles Milton (TX)	TAYLOR William Frances (TX)	John Henry 03/21/97 M Alvord [del. 13571] 
PACE George	SIPES Maude Beatrice	Lorand Artist 12/14/08 M Alvord 4391 
PACE George Robert (TX)	STOVALL Anice Naomia (MO)	Verdine Alberto 12/25/99 M Alvord [del. 10412] 
PACE George Robert (TX)	STOVALL Anice Naomia (MO)	Theodore Irwin 09/09/01 M Alvord [del. 9641] 
PACE George Robert (TX)	STOVALL Anice Neomia (MO)	Floyd Curtis 06/10/95 M Sunset [del. 29423] 
PACE Jim (TX)	LOWREY Emma (AL)	Sula Bertice 8/19/05 F blank 2067 
PACE T.A.	MAJORS Cora E.	blank 5/21/17 M blank 6630 
PACE Thomas Appleton (TX)	MAGERS Cora Elinor (AR)	Noma 12/15/08 F Alvord 4393 & 4393a
PACE Thomas Appleton (TX)	MAJORS Cora Elinor (AR)	Cecil Thomas 2/26/07 M Alvord 3193 & 3193a
PACHECO Juan (TX)	REYES Francisca (TX)	Juan Reyes 11/11/98 M Bridgeport [del. 14702] 
PACHECO Juan (TX)	REYES Francisca (TX)	Martin 02/04/00 M Bridgeport 62 & [del. 1504] 
PADDICK Allen	BLANK blank	blank 4/22/06 F blank 2634 
PADDICK Allen	DEVERS Arra	Minnie Alma 1/4/04 F Paradise 565 & 0565a
PADDICK Allen (TX)	BLANK blank	George Alexander 6/7/07 M Decatur 3374 
PADDICK Allen (TX)	DEVERS Ira (TX)	Jessie Mae 7/30/13 M Decatur 5744 & 5744a
PADDOCK Allen (TX)	D? Ira	Allen James 5/23/09 M Decatur 4640 
PADGETT Terry A.	FRIZIE Ruby B.	Mary U. 1/30/32 M Decatur [No Image 10350] 
PADGETT Terry Allen (TX)	SMITH Artie Elizabeth (AR)	Ruby Pauline 8/11/24 F Decatur 8140 & 8140a
PADRON Antonio	BACILIA Tena	Angel P. 5/?/18 M blank 6877 
PADRON Antonio	BASITIA Pena	Victoriana 12/16/16 F Bridgeport 6526 
PADRON Antonio (Mex)	PENA Bacilia (Mex)	Angel P. 8/5/18 M blank 6947 
PADRON Antonio (Mex)	PENA Bacilla (Mex)	Cruz P. 5/13/14 M blank 5889 
PADRON Antonio (Mex)	PENA Bacilla (Mex)	Estelbina 7/28/21 F blank 7429 
PADRON Antonio (Mex)	PENA Baselin (Mex)	Juan 12/30/25 M Bridgeport 8494 
PAGE George G.	BALDWIN Belle	Jack Lowell 3/30/10 M Decatur 4968 & 4968a
PAGE John Edwin	DEATON Mary Ella	Mary Page 3/30/06 F blank 2578 & 2578a
PAGE L.A.	LONG Minnie	blank 2/20/30 F Chico [No Image 9603] 
PAGE L.I.	BLANK blank	blank 7/22/05 M blank 1985 
PAGE Lafa (TX)	SPLAWN Lillie Jane (SC)	Lafa Love 11/15/02 M Decatur [del. 4899] 
PAGE Lafa.	SPLAWN Lillie Jane	John Splawn 7/22/05 M Decatur 1987 
PAIGE Leslie A.	LONG Mamie	Betty Lynn 6/20/31 F Chico [No Image 10119] 
PAIN C.P.	BLANK Pearl	C.P. 10/1/08 F blank 4285 
PAIN John	BLANK blank	blank 9/7/08 F blank 4236 
PALMER Ara (TX)	RUFFINGTON Mottie (TX)	Alta Faye 6/30/23 F Newport 7836 
PALMER David Desoto (TN)	WILEY Mattie (MO)	Bertie Laura 09/23/83 F Pella [del. 9575] 
PALMER E.A. (TX)	NEAL Myrtle E. (TX)	Hazel Elizabeth 9/16/22 F Alvord 7659 
PALMER George	(GALLOP) Bessie	blank 11/1/04 F Alvord 1316 
PALMER George Owen	GALLOP Bessie Anna	Mary Arminda 1/25/06 F blank 2439 & 2439a
PALMER H.G. (AR)	REED Inez (TX)	H.G. 8/9/18 M Newark 6950 
PALMER Houston G (AR)	SNIDER Lula May (TX)	Carl Webster 08/12/00 M Newark [del. 6159] 
PALMER James H (SC)	HUDDLESTON Arminda (MS)	Edward Love 10/17/85 M Newark [del. 8141] 
PALMER John W.	WRIGHT Maud	Zenobia Catherine 11/21/11 F Bridgeport 5410 & 5410a
PALMER Raymond R.	CLARK Lillie May	Raymond Leroy 12/9/33 M Newark [No Image 10956] 
PALMER Thomas Jefferson (AR)	THOMAS Theressa McCibbin (AR)	Virgie Lee 04/12/97 F Decatur [del. 24907] 
PALMER Will	BLANK Della	blank 2/5/09 F blank 4476 
PALMER William	BLANK blank	blank 10/17/04 F blank 1279 
PALMER William	BLANK blank	blank 9/21/06 F blank 2924 
PALMER William Joseph (SC)	WISE Dealie Lee (TX)	Cora Estell 03/15/96 F Bridgeport [del. 28831] 
PALMER William Joseph (SC)	WISE Delie Lee (TX)	Ida Ethel 07/06/92 F Bridgeport [del. 14029] 
PALSOM Elm	BLANK Sallie	blank 3/1/08 F blank 3879 
PAMPA Antonio	DETTERS Julia	Pabea 9/18/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10222] 
PANKEY Rufus Hampton (NC)	WILLIAMS Martha (NC)	Martha Virginia 03/16/87 F Decatur [del. 17277] 
PANNELL Bernice Clyde (TX)	FORTENBERRY Monnie Dell (TX)	Milton Lee 10/25/26 M Greenwood 8697 
PANTER W M (NC)	STANSBURY Mary (GA)	Hubert 10/24/95 M Bridgeport [del. 11368] 
PANTER William Middleton (NC)	STANSBURY Mary Ann (TN)	Dora 05/18/91 F Bridgeport [del. 23772] 
PARISH Christopher Columbus (AL)	PARISH Rachael Matilda (AL)	Lee 08/17/84 F Bullock Co AL [del. 10870] 
PARISH Clyde	SMITH Imogene	Mary Belle 9/6/15 F Decatur 6228 & 6228a
PARISH Cornelius (England)	MOODY Rebecca (England)	Jessie Daniel 06/24/79 M Decatur [del. 17967] 
PARISH Jesse Daniel	NEW Katherine	Rufus Almer 4/10/05 M Decatur 1735 & 1735a
PARISH Jessie D. (TX)	NEW Katherine (TN)	Grace Marie 3/14/07 F Decatur 3221 & 3221a
PARISH John Madison (AL)	BUCK Margaret Lee (TX)	Floyd Christopher 10/20/07 M Bridgeport 3623 & 3623a
PARISH Pearl H (TX)	OWEN Maggie (TX)	Pearl Gertrude 09/25/96 F Pella [del. 28004] 
PARISH Pearl H (TX)	OWEN Maggie (TX)	Demia Stella May 11/12/98 F Pella [del. 21996] 
PARISH Rufus	YOUNG May	Eleanor Joyce 7/21/33 F Decatur [No Image 10832] 
PARISH Thomas T.	MCCURRY Flora	Reba 9/27/17 F Bridgeport 6720 & 6720a
PARISH Thomas T.	MCCURRY Flora Paris	Ruby Pearl 6/7/04 F Decatur 927 & 0927a
PARKER Claud	(MCCLUNG) (Margaret)	(Flora Guin) 4/28/08 F (Chico) 3995 
PARKER G.H. (AL)	MCCLUNG Margaret (AR)	Flora Guin 7/22/07 M Chico 3440 & 3440a
PARKER George Calvin (GA)	MORELAND Mamie (GA)	Radia Moreland 03/25/98 F Alvord [del. 30215] 
PARKER George Henry (AL)	McCLUNG Marjorie (AR)	Sam Luther 05/09/86 M Alvord [del. 9099] 
PARKER George Henry (TX)	McCLUNG Margaret Ann (TX)	Ivy Myrtice 10/26/89 F Alvord [del. 14310] 
PARKER Hollis Lee	ALEXANDER Lillie Mae	Thomas Claude 9/21/32 M Sunset [No Image 10564] 
PARKER Hollis Lee	ALEXANDER Lillie Mae	Minnie L. 9/21/32 F Sunset [No Image 10565] 
PARKER J.M.	BLANK Alice	blank 4/7/06 M blank 2603 
PARKER J.N.	WHITE Ernest	Ira J. 9/27/17 M Alvord 6719 
PARKER John	BLANK Annie	blank 12/20/04 M blank 1451 
PARKER John Abner (TX)	MONTGOMERY Rosa Adelle (MO)	Olan Maryon 10/23/00 M Chico [del. 9769] 
PARKER John Marion (GA)	TUNNEL Harriet Annie (TX)	John Calvin 4/15/07 M Park Springs 3289 & 3289a
PARKER John Marion (GA)	TUNNELL Harriett Ann (TX)	Jewell Beatrice 11/04/00 F Alvord [del. 30050] 
PARKER Leslie (TX)	ARMSTRONG Athilia (TX)	blank 3/2/24 M Newport 8026 
PARKER Malcolm	SIMMS Louise J.	blank 1/17/18 M blank 6798 
PARKER Perry Franklin (AR)	DEEN Martha Malinda (AR)	John Franklin 05/28/00 M Decatur [del. 19431] 
PARKER Ralph	TATE Eddie	Mozelle 1/3/32 F Sunset [No Image 10649] 
PARKER Sam	BLANK May	blank 8/12/05 M blank 2046 
PARKER Thomas Allen (TX)	GRAHAM Bessie (TX)	Bessie Mae 4/24/22 F Bridgeport 7584 
PARKER Tom	(GRAHAM) Bessie	blank 7/21/08 M blank 4144 
PARKER Tul A.	PHILLIPS Annie	blank 5/6/15 M blank 6091 
PARKER Tulley A. (TX)	PHILLIPS Anna (TX)	Melvina 11/3/18 F Boyd 7004 
PARKS Abram (TX)	BLANK blank	blank 1/2/22 M Decatur 7531 
PARKS C.E. (TX)	MCBROOM Willie Pearl (TX)	Clara Jean 11/29/28 F Alvord 9186 & 9186a & 9186b
PARKS H.W.	HANNER Frances	Loyd Wilson 8/27/32 M Alvord [No Image 10540] 
PARKS Harrison Monroe (AR)	OWENS Martha Ellen (AR)	Minnie Lee 12/08/92 F Decatur [del. 24945] 
PARKS Harrison Monroe (AR)	OWENS Martha Ellen (AR)	Peter Henry 10/06/94 M Decatur [del. 29809] 
PARKS J.	BLANK O.J.	T. 4/2/04 F blank 783 
PARKS J.A.	BLANK Sallie	blank 6/10/08 F blank 4083 
PARKS J.J.	BLANK blank	blank 11/15/08 F blank 4348 & [delayed 16802]
PARKS Jud	BLANK blank	blank 2/2/09 ? blank 4469 
PARKS M.E.	BLANK Martha E.	blank 4/20/04 M blank 825 
PARKS William Jordan (AR)	JENNINGS Calantha Mae (TX)	Henry Wilson 01/06/90 M Alvord [del. 21217] 
PARKS William Jordan (AR)	JENNINGS Calantha Mae (TX)	William Isaac 03/20/95 M Alvord [del. 9005] 
PARKS William Jorden (AR)	JENNINGS Calantha Mae (TX)	Clyde Earl 04/27/98 M Alvord [del. 14032] 
PARMER George Washington (TX)	CUPP Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	James Walter Scott 07/06/92 M Chico [del. 11916] 
PARNELL M.D.	BLANK D.M.	blank 7/30/06 M blank 2800 
PARNELL Marhsall D (TX)	LOVE Della Magnolia (TX)	Maude Emma 12/14/97 F Chico [del. 29148] 
PARNELL Marshall D (TX)	LOVE Della Magnolia (TX)	Zella Frances 02/06/96 F Chico [del. 17757] 
PARR Albert F. (TX)	BRIAN Effie Mae (TX)	blank 12/3/25 F Sunset 8469 
PARR Clyde J.	SHERBET Ethel M.	Travis Beny 2/19/12 M blank 5470 & [Delayed 5492]
PARR Evander Allen (AR)	GUINN Joe Anna (AL)	Lou Etta 11/15/85 F Crafton [del. 12291] 
PARR F.L.	ROTAN Susie	Luther Loyd 12/24/30 M Decatur [No Image 9901] 
PARR Marcus	STEWART Amanda	Susan Roberta 8/18/04 F Crafton 1117 & 1117a & 1117b
PARR Marcus C (AR)	STUART Amanda J (IL)	Grady 01/06/98 M Crafton [del. 33636] 
PARR Marcus Columbus (AR)	STEWARD Amanda Jane (IL)	Clyde J 07/11/92 M Crafton [del. 24524] 
PARR Marcus Columbus Jackson (AR)	STEWARD Amanda Jane (IL)	F O 12/30/01 M Crafton [del. 24535] 
PARR Marcus Columbus Jackson (AR)	STEWART Amanda Jane (IL)	Rachel Loraine 11/3/06 F Crafton 2995 & 2995a
PARRIS Charles Jefferson (GA)	QUINN Willie (TX)	Otis Lowry 07/08/02 M Decatur [del. 6570] 
PARRISH blank	BLANK blank	blank 4/23/04 M blank 835 
PARRISH Clyde (TX)	BLANK blank	blank 2/19/22 M Decatur 7549 
PARRISH James Mack (FL)	SHORT Mary C (AR)	Young Pearl 06/05/79 M Pella [del. 10871] 
PARRISH John	(BUCK) Maggie	blank 9/22/05 M blank 2154 
PARRISH John Hall (MO)	NELSON Sarah Elizabeth (LA)	Lola Maude 12/25/93 F Paradise [del. 6766] 
PARRISH Rufus (TX)	YOUNG Clara Mae (TX)	Ola Mae 4/18/25 F Decatur 8296 
PARRISH Thomas T (AL)	McCURRY Paris (GA)	Cleburne 12/30/98 M Bridgeport [del. 5608] 
PARROTT George William (KY)	LEAKE Frances Cedonia (MO)	Frances Virginia 11/28/80 F Wise Co [del. 10349] 
PARSON Franklin Pearce (KY)	WATSON Elizabeth (AL)	James Milton 01/23/71 M Decatur [del. 4402] 
PARSON Franklin Pierce (KY)	WATSON Elizabeth (AL)	Edna Tinnie Melvina 08/24/90 F Decatur [del. 19393] 
PARSON Hosey	PARSONS Kittie	Trollie 11/5/05 M Paradise 2266 & 2266a
PARSON Hosey Powers	BLANK Katie	Flossie Lou 7/10/08 F blank 4123 & 4123a
PARSON N.A.	WHATLEY E.M.	Elsie Geneva 3/1/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9982] 
PARSON N.G.	BLANK blank	blank 3/24/04 F blank 756 
PARSON Noah George (KY)	POTTER Isabelle (TX)	Charles Edward 06/01/94 M Alvord [del. 17276] 
PARSONS Jessie (MO)	NOIL Maggie (MO)	Hosey 04/23/83 M Paradise [del. 17171] 
PARSONS Van Willard (TX)	RUSSELL Livonia (TX)	Lillie 8/17/14 F Alvord 5948 & 5948a
PASCHALL Andy H (KY)	SPIKES Ella (TX)	Annabell 11/23/82 F Sunset [del. 17715] 
PASCHALL E.L. (TX)	STAMP Nellie (TX)	blank 4/27/21 F Bridgeport 7387 
PASCHALL E.R.	BAREFIELD M.A.	blank 12/22/31 ? Paradise [No Image 10311] 
PASCHALL Ed	STAMPS Nellie	Frank Stamps 9/3/13 M blank 5759 
PASCHALL Ed	STAMPS Nellie	Frank Stamps 12/11/13 M blank 5800 
PASCHALL Edward Lee	STAMPS Nellie Elizabeth	Dennis Edward 10/21/27 M Bridgeport 8859 & 8859a
PASCHALL Elmer Regan (TX)	BARFIELD Addie (TX)	Maurice Leroy 7/25/24 M Burkburnett 8117 & 8117a
PASCHALL J T (TX)	GOODGER Josephine (MS)	Walter Mason 05/12/91 M Boyd [del. 21872] 
PASCHALL John Franklin (TN)	REEVES Martha Alice (TX)	Rufus Edmond 01/15/91 M Cottondale [del. 6567] 
PASCHALL John Franklin (TN)	REEVES Martha Alice (TX)	Dora Alice 09/18/92 F Cottondale [del. 9580] 
PASCHALL Robert A (TN)	DILL Mollie (TN)	Exia C 12/21/95 F Paradise [del. 29648] 
PASCHALL Robert A (TN)	DILL Molly (TN)	Alexander Lloyd 05/11/98 M Paradise [del. 29566] 
PASCHALL Robert Alexander (TN)	DILL Mollie (TN)	Ruth Clyde 11/04/93 F Cottondale [del. 13373] 
PASCHALL Robert Alexander (TN)	DILL Molly (TN)	Elmer Reagan 04/11/01 M Paradise [del. 29816] 
PASCHALL W.M	(BELEW) Ellar	blank 10/3/04 M blank 1246 
PASCHALL William Dennis (TX)	STAMPS Fannie Belle (TX)	Albert Vance 01/10/92 M Boyd [del. 14068] 
PASCHALL William Newton (TX)	BELEW Ella (MS)	Roy Lunsford 03/11/01 M Boyd [del. 5384] 
PASCHALL William Newton (TX)	BELEW Ella (MS)	Reba Inez 6/21/08 F Boyd 4097 
PASS John James (MS)	SULLIVAN Virginia Cordelia (MS)	Henry Hugo 10/03/94 M Chico [del. 21011] 
PATE Billy	BLANK Betta	blank 6/9/05 M blank 1877 
PATE Frul M.	SHAWN Nancy J.	Lucy Mae 3/25/32 F Boonsville [No Image 10396] 
PATE Louis	BLANK Ella	blank 11/2/09 F Bridgeport 4835 
PATE Louis M.	SPENCER Pearl Mae	Viola Mildred 12/6/05 F Bridgeport 2334 & 2334a
PATE Stephen Francis (TN)	WITHERSPOON Rebecca Eugenia (TN)	Keymons Alton 02/13/97 M Bridgeport [del. 24906] 
PATE William Henry (TX)	SMITH Nancy M (TN)	Mary Ann Lou 12/24/88 F Paradise [del. 8884] 
PATE William Henry (TX)	SMITH Nannie M (TN)	Lola Edith 08/02/97 F Bridgeport [del. 16066] 
PATRICK Claude W.	STONE Faye	Dorothy Vinita 11/19/03 F Bridgeport 453 
PATTEN Walter	CHAMBERS Ruby Edith	Joseph Edson 3/10/31 M Chico [No Image 10000] 
PATTERSON Artis (OK)	MINOR Orvilla (TX)	blank 1/13/29 F Paradise 9234 
PATTERSON Claud A.	BLANK Dela	blank 5/25/10 F blank 5006 
PATTERSON J.A.	BLANK Era	Mary Bell 8/18/03 F blank 197 
PATTERSON J.A.	BLANK Eva	blank 7/27/06 M blank 2794 
PATTERSON J.A.	BROWDER Ann	blank 12/9/13 F blank 5799 
PATTERSON J.C.	GARDNER Lucille	Billie 3/15/30 M Alvord [No Image 9626] 
PATTERSON J.C.	GARDNER Lula	Della Geneva 12/16/31 F Alvord [No Image 10303] 
PATTERSON J.W.	ADAMS Annie	blank 1/1/11 M blank 5155 
PATTERSON James A.	BLANK blank	blank 9/20/08 F blank 4254 
PATTERSON James Kethne (TX)	FOSTER Ella Amelia (NY)	Margetta 05/14/99 F Cottondale [del. 22878] 
PATTERSON James Thomas (TX)	BEDFORD Mary Elizabeth (TX)	James Arthur 04/20/79 M Springtown [del. 14197] 
PATTERSON James V.	MILLIGAN Carrie L.	Fred William 12/25/29 M Decatur [No Image 9537] 
PATTERSON James W.	ADAMS Annie	blank 12/29/10 M blank 5154 
PATTERSON John Wesley (MS)	DEES Louisa Elizabeth (MS)	Joseph Carl 12/31/91 M Cottondale [del. 8572] 
PATTERSON John William (KY)	BAKER Nannie Virginia (TX)	Willie Moselle 11/23/84 F Decatur [del. 8944] 
PATTERSON John William (KY)	BAKER Nannie Virginia (TX)	Ella Ernestine 08/15/87 F Decatur [del. 8943] 
PATTERSON John William (KY)	BAKER Nannie Virginia (TX)	Bertha Marie 05/21/90 F Decatur [del. 8942] 
PATTERSON John William (KY)	BAKER Nannie Virginia (TX)	John Walker 09/08/93 M Decatur [del. 8941] 
PATTERSON John William (KY)	BAKER Nannie Virginia (TX)	Anita Celeste 12/28/02 F Decatur [del. 8685] 
PATTERSON Joseph Eligah (NC)	HAMMONS Lucinda (IL)	Edward Davis 07/29/95 M Boyd [del. 10976] 
PATTERSON Joseph Elija	HAMMONDS Lucinda	Archie Redford 7/19/03 M Boyd 129 & 0129a
PATTERSON Joseph Warren (TX)	RANEY Donna Elvira (MS)	Ollie Gertrude 04/10/84 F Decatur [del. 15707] 
PATTERSON K.A.	OWENS Lorene	blank 1/24/18 F Poolville 6804 
PATTERSON K.A. (TX)	NELSON Audrie L. (TX)	Monnar Leon 10/12/26 M Poolville 8693 
PATTERSON L.B.	LYLE Della	Bobby Wayne 2/22/30 M blank [No Image 9605] 
PATTERSON Lon	(HARRIS) Hattie	blank 7/19/07 F blank 3433 
PATTERSON Lon	HARRIS Hattie	blank 9/6/12 F blank 5573 
PATTERSON Louis	FERGUSON Margaret	Cecile Lina 1/26/12 F Alvord 5447 & 5447a
PATTERSON Louis Oscar, Sr. (TX)	FERGUSON Margaret E. (TX)	Louis Oscar, Jr. 10/15/22 M Alvord 7674 
PATTERSON Lynn (TX)	BRADFORD Ethel (TX)	blank 5/25/20 M Boyd 7253 
PATTERSON Lynn (TX)	BRADFORD Ethel (TX)	blank 6/21/22 F Boyd 7616 
PATTERSON M.B.	STEWART Carrie	blank 4/9/17 F Boonsville 6604 
PATTERSON M.B. (TX)	STUART Carrie (TX)	Davis Wayne 4/21/22 M Poolville 7580 & [delayed 5969]
PATTERSON Newt	MCNEELY Jimmie L.	blank 6/11/31 F Decatur [No Image 10105] 
PATTERSON Olin	COLE Jessie Mae	Molvie Lena 8/14/28 F Decatur 9084 
PATTERSON Ona M. (TX)	PITTS Harriett Myrtle (TX)	Margie Wynell 3/26/24 F Decatur 8040 & 8040a
PATTERSON Van Buren (TN)	CHESNUT Lucinda (IN)	Minnie Pearl 08/28/91 F Alvord [del. 7420] 
PATTERSON Ven B.	YOUNG Beulah I.	Bernice Mervin 4/14/18 F blank 6862 
PATTERSON W.C. (MO)	ROSS Ioma (AR)	twins 1/6/26 M Boyd 8500 
PATTERSON W.C. (MO)	ROSS Ioma (AR)	twins 1/6/26 F Boyd 8501 
PATTERSON Wiley A. (TX)	HARRIS Hattie (AL)	Beryl Harris 9/26/12 F Paradise 5580 & 5580a
PATTERSON Wiley Alonzo	HARRIS Hattie Lou	Bonnie Pearl 12/7/09 F Paradise 4869 & 4869a & 4869b & 4869c
PATTERSON Wiley Alonzo	HARRIS Hattie Louella	Preston Crockett 9/23/05 M blank 2155 & 2155a
PATTERSON Wiley Alonzo (TX)	HARRIS Hattie Louella (MS)	Ima Deane 11/05/01 F Paradise [del. 25531] 
PATTERSON William Collins (AR)	VAUGHAN Clara Emaline (AL)	Oliver Collins 08/01/84 M Paradise [del. 4684] 
PATTERSON William Melton (TX)	HAGERTY Sarah Eliza (TX)	William Ardis 06/02/95 M Love Co OK [del. 14548] 
PATTERSON William Riley (TN)	MORROW Adeliah (TX)	Bessie Adeliah 10/08/01 F Chico [del. 11369] 
PATTERSON William Rodger (AR)	ENSEY Sarah Margret (TX)	William Lonzo 01/14/92 F Decatur [del. 24491] 
PATTON Emmett H. (VA)	COLLINS Minnia Nora (VA)	William Monroe 2/4/24 M Rhome 7994 
PATTON J.W.	BLANK Clara	blank 9/10/07 M blank 3530 
PATTON Ninnie Jefferson (AR)	CROOK Laura Elizabeth (AR)	William Van 08/17/90 M White Co AR [del. 22972] 
PATTON R.L. (TX)	BELL Trula (TX)	blank 8/3/22 M Decatur 7637 
PATTON S.G.	ELLIS Etha	Elvis Warren 12/16/27 M Decatur 8899 & 8899a
PATTON S.G. (TX)	ELLIS Etha (TX)	blank 2/24/23 F Decatur 7731 
PATTON S.G. (TX)	ELLIS Ethel (TX)	blank 10/18/20 M Decatur 7310 
PATTON Sam	HAVEN Essie	Margie Julia 6/22/30 F blank [No Image 9735] 
PATTON Sidney Gus (TX)	ELLIS Ethel Elizabeth (TX)	Wallace Wayne 9/20/25 M Decatur 8423 & 8423a
PAUL Dan C (VA)	JOHNSON Luisa Ann (TN)	India Pearl 03/07/80 F Alvord [del. 11190] 
PAUL Daniel Calhoun (VA)	JOHNSON Luisa (TN)	Festus Custer 01/08/84 M Alvord [del. 11090] 
PAUL Daniel Calhoun (VA)	JOHNSON Luisa Ann (TN)	Clarence Ember 06/23/86 M Alvord [del. 8522] 
PAUL Robert	BLANK Sallie	blank 10/27/05 M blank 2245 
PAUL Robert Thomas (TX)	BEATY Sarah Ethel (AR)	Alvin Jason 05/03/96 M Alvord [del. 11918] 
PAUL Robert Thomas (TX)	BEATY Sarah Ethel (AR)	Festus Terrell 11/09/00 M Audubon [del. 6206] 
PAVILLARD Calvin C (TX)	PHILLIPS Cadia (TX)	Myrtle Evia 08/19/87 F Decatur [del. 16634] 
PAVILLARD Calvin C (TX)	PHILLIPS Cadia (TX)	Alma 06/08/92 F Decatur [del. 16635] 
PAVILLARD Calvin Louis (TX)	WILKERSON Ann (TX)	Thomas Edward 05/19/84 M Decatur [del. 20083] 
PAVILLARD Charles	ALMONRODE Hattie Mae	Louis Cordell 7/28/15 M Decatur 6173 & 6173a
PAVILLARD Daniel (TX)	SPENCER Mary Alice (AR)	Jewell 06/23/94 F Decatur [del. 9578] 
PAVILLARD Daniel (TX)	SPENCER Mary Alice (AR)	Samuel Roy 03/30/97 M Decatur [del. 9577] 
PAVILLARD Daniel (TX)	SPENCER Mary Alice (AR)	William Haskell 01/18/00 M Decatur [del. 9579] 
PAVILLARD Lon	BLANK blank	blank 3/4/09 M blank 4537 
PAVILLARD Louis (Switzerland)	BROADSTREET Elicabeth Ezeipha (MS)	Albert 06/02/89 M Boyd [del. 24062] 
PAYNE Albert Sidney (KY)	JETER Hattie (TX)	Eva Mae 08/04/95 F Bridgeport [del. 14034] 
PAYNE Charles Davenport (MS)	WALLACE Allie Francis (TX)	Word Hugh 11/20/93 M Chico [del. 13789] 
PAYNE Charles Ernest (TX)	BROWN Rachel (TX)	Aron Leroy 9/13/14 M Rhome 5960 
PAYNE Charles Winton (AL)	BAIRD Louise Belle (TX)	Thomas Edwin 02/17/97 M Alvord [del. 4512] 
PAYNE David Horace (MO)	TERRELL Lillie (TX)	Paul Horace 10/05/91 M Decatur [del. 3766] 
PAYNE David Horace (MO)	TERRELL Lillie Lorena (TX)	Ruth Catherine 10/21/02 F Decatur [del. 18487] 
PAYNE Edmond Lindsey (AL)	LEDBETTER Susan Thomas (AL)	Ara Viola 12/07/91 F Decatur [del. 15589] 
PAYNE George W.	TRAISTER Nora Ellen	Stanley J. 7/24/15 M Chico 6163 
PAYNE James Clay (KY)	PALMER Martha (AR)	Pearl Blanche 02/20/97 F Newark [del. 11972] 
PAYNE James Clay (KY)	PALMER Martha Adolphus (AR)	Leslie Ransome 10/04/95 M Newark [del. 9208] 
PAYNE James Clay (KY)	PALMER Martha Adolphus (AR)	Charles Ernest 10/03/93 M Newark [del. 10454] 
PAYNE James Clay (KY)	PALMER Mattie Adolphus (AR)	James Lester 01/01/01 M Rhome [del. 18068] 
PAYNE Thomas Elton (AL)	REYNOLDS Annie Ella (MS)	Robert Thurman 05/30/86 M Alvord [del. 15215] 
PAYNE Thomas Elton (AL)	REYNOLDS Annie Ella (MS)	Edmond 05/06/93 M Alvord [del. 6252] 
PAYNE Thomas Elton (AL)	REYNOLDS Annie Ella (TX)	Deming 08/12/88 M Decatur [del. 8056] 
PAYTON Ben	BLANK blank	blank 1/19/09 M blank 4449 
PAYTON G.P.	BLANK Beulah	blank 10/28/04 F blank 1306 
PAYTON Nill	THROP Ethel	blank 6/20/14 F blank 5918 
PAYTON William	BLANK blank	blank 9/16/07 F blank 3546 
PEACH Earnest (Ger)	HUEBLER Bertha Clara (Ger)	Herbert William 8/13/14 M Decatur 5944 
PEACOCK Isaac Sharp (IA)	WALLACE Alice E (AL)	Luther Wallace 01/26/84 M Decatur [del. 17202] 
PEADEN Will A.	CANTRELL June	Theopolious 5/23/15 M Audubon 6101 & 6101a
PEARCE Bud	BLANK Martha	blank 6/6/06 M blank 2702 
PEARCE Oliver N (TN)	SPARKS Nina Elizabeth (TN)	Jacob Loyd 09/21/99 M Paradise [del. 27803] 
PEARCE Oliver Nelson (TN)	SPARKS Nina Elizabeth (TN)	Nan Frances 10/04/97 F Paradise [del. 28568] 
PEARCE Stephen Isom (LA)	DEWITT Olivia (LA)	Ben Lloyd 06/02/02 M Alvord [del. 4699] 
PEARCE William	BLANK Mary	blank 5/14/06 F blank 2671 
PEARCY W.R.	LENNING Dale	blank 1/29/30 M blank [No Image 9572] 
PEARSON D.A.	ISBELL Estennay	Laverl Pearson 5/18/30 F blank [No Image 9693] 
PEARSON Dave (MS)	PEDEN John Ann (MS)	Dave Andrew 10/04/95 M Cottondale [del. 29649] 
PEARSON Dave A (MS)	PEDEN John Anna (MS)	Andy Hamilton 01/26/89 M Cottondale [del. 25038] 
PEARSON Jefferson Lee	PORTWOOD Lula Nevada	Venor Nesbert 9/14/05 M blank 2140 & 2140a
PEARSON Jefferson Lee (MS)	PORTWOOD Lula Nevada (TX)	Carl Madison 03/23/01 M Boyd [del. 25180] 
PEARSON Loyd B.	COBB Emma Mae	Minnie Lue 9/7/30 F Decatur [No Image 9807] 
PEARSON Monroe	BLANK Carrie	blank 4/5/07 M blank 3273 
PEARSON Robert Joe (AR)	PEARY Rebecca Louise (TX)	Claud Wilford 03/04/02 M Decatur [del. 28651] 
PEARSON Robert Joe (AR)	PERRY Rebecca Louise (TX)	Sanford Joe 04/29/99 M Bridgeport [del. 25402] 
PEARSON William Frank (MS)	DUNLAP Livonia (TX)	Birtie Anner 12/10/94 F Cottondale [del. 7563] 
PEARSON William Frank (MS)	DUNLAP Livonia (TX)	Thomas Frank 03/26/98 M Paradise [del. 11050] 
PEARSON William Franklin S (MS)	DUNLAP Livonia (TX)	Nancye Elizabeth 02/25/90 F Cottondale [del. 23532] 
PEARSON William Jackson (MS)	KELLEY Harriett Penelope (TN)	Charles Wesley 03/30/83 M Paradise 4 & [del. 2394] 
PEARSON William Jackson (MS)	KELLEY Harriett Penelope (TN)	Samuel Bexter 10/24/84 M Paradise 8 & [del. 2395] 
PEARSON William Jackson (MS)	KELLEY Harriett Penelope (TN)	Eugenia Maude 05/09/86 F Paradise 12 & [del. 2396] 
PEARSON William Jackson (MS)	KELLEY Harriett Penelope (TN)	Henry B 03/17/90 M Paradise 24 & [del. 2397] 
PEARSON William Jackson (MS)	KELLEY Harriett Penelope (TN)	Ruth 12/18/91 F Paradise 26 & [del. 2398] 
PECK Jake Osceola (TN)	WHITLOCK Minnie Bell (TN)	William Robert 12/05/00 M Rhome [del. 9939] 
PECK William D.	WHITE Jewell O.	Bobby Ray 12/17/33 M Dallas [No Image 10965] 
PEDEN Charlie	LEE blank	blank 5/1/15 F blank 6085 
PEDEN Cornelius Reed Miller (KY)	HARRIS Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Margaret M 06/30/94 F Decatur [del. 16611] 
PEDEN Isaac Nelson (TN)	SNEED Paralee (TN)	Mary Lee Kate 08/01/81 F Warren Co TN [del. 12255]
PEDEN Samuel James (MS)	BLANK Sarah Emmaline (SC)	David Alexander 12/22/83 M Boonsville [del. 18292] 
PEDEN Samuel James (MS)	BLANK Sarah Emmaline (SC)	Archy Felix 01/08/86 M Boonsville [del. 15933] 
PEDEN T.J. (T.I.)	BLANK (N.A.)	Vera (M.) 7/11/03 F blank 109 
PEDEN Thomas I (MS)	STOKES Jeanette Ann (TX)	Carl Hamilton 07/13/96 M Briar [del. 28603] 
PEDIGO John L.	BARNETT Mattie	Evelyn Joyce 2/4/30 F Decatur [No Image 9581] 
PEDIGO William Thomas (MO)	HARLAN Mary Susan (MO)	John Lewis 03/21/91 M Franklin Co AR [del. 16065] 
PEEK Augustice Montivile (LA)	BROTHERS Mary Catherine (TX)	Myrtle Ida 09/17/86 F Decatur [del. 22847] 
PEEK Thomas Booker (TX)	CANSLER Sarah Francis (TX)	Marcus Homer 01/18/97 M Paradise [del. 9724] 
PEEL Henry Benton (TX)	ERICK Effie (TX)	Lenny Henry 12/10/12 M Bridgeport 5604 & 5604a
PEEL Robert Mack (TX)	BUSY Lucy Ann (TX)	Carrie Jane 07/30/01 F Boyd [del. 29810] 
PEEL S.W. (TX)	GASTON Pearl (TX)	Iva Mae 6/17/29 F Boyd 9376 
PEELER William Alonzo (NC)	GLASS Nancy Carlyn (NC)	Holly Cynthie 10/08/78 F Alvord [del. 15818] 
PEETER Billy	SCARBORO Mollie	Herbert John 11/12/32 M Ft. S. Houston [No Image 10623] 
PEEVY Benjamin Franklin (TX)	SMITH Laura Willis (TX)	Retta Evelyn 04/18/90 F Grady Co OK [del. 12776] 
PEGG J.C.	BLANK E.A.	blank 5/21/08 M blank 4037 
PEGUES George	BLANK blank	blank 9/10/20 M Rhome 7297 
PEGUES George William (TX)	BEARDEN Etta May (TX)	June Anita 6/11/22 F Rhome 7607 & 7607a
PENCE John Allison (SC)	TOWNSEND Maggie Dale (MS)	Susie Ann 04/22/92 F Tate Co MS [del. 25225] 
PENDER John	BLANK blank	blank 1/5/12 M blank 5436 
PENDER John	BLANK Opal	blank 9/9/05 F blank 2129 
PENICK Richard Benjamin (KY)	WRIGHT Amanda (AR)	Otis 09/04/96 M Slidell [del. 24568] 
PENINGER D.J.	BLANK blank	blank 2/15/06 M blank 2493 
PENINGER David J (NC)	LESTER Sara Lou (TX)	D J 07/17/02 M Decatur [del. 4843] 
PENN James Ambrose (TN)	VAN CLEAVE Catherine (AL)	Josephine Alice 07/09/89 F Decatur [del. 13790] 
PENN James Ambrose (TN)	VAN CLEAVE Catherine Prudence (AL)	Bessie Francis 08/07/87 F Decatur [del. 19806] 
PENN James Ambrose (TN)	VAN CLEAVE Katherine Prudence (AL)	Royal Van Cleave 10/14/96 M Decatur [del. 11411] 
PENNELL Buford Washington (KY)	TAYLOR Camila (TN)	Mary Ethel 12/29/97 F Decatur [del. 17901] 
PENNINGTON A.E.	BLANK L.M.	blank 2/21/10 F blank 4937 
PENNINGTON Abraham A (AR)	RICHEY Nancy Jane (MO)	Clifford Charley 11/25/97 M Bridgeport [del. 14897] 
PENNINGTON Carroll Austin (TN)	TOLMAN Eliza Ann (TN)	George Murphy 09/29/97 M Pella [del. 19302] 
PENNINGTON E.A.	BLANK L.M.	blank 7/21/10 F blank 5046 
PENNINGTON E.E.	GRAZIER Pearl	blank 3/30/32 F blank [No Image 10398] 
PENNINGTON Eleaney D. (KY)	DENHAM Clementine L. (IL)	Virgie I. 5/31/07 F Sunset 3360 & 3360a
PENNINGTON N.M.	BLANK Martha	blank 11/24/04 M blank 1389 
PENNINGTON W.V.	MAGNESS Cora Belle	Damon Norris 9/29/27 M Alvord 8851 & 8851a
PENROD George Washington (IL)	SHERWOOD Sarah Elizabeth (AL)	Sarah Belle 04/20/85 F Boonsville [del. 18823] 
PENROD George Washington (IL)	SHERWOOD Sarah Elizabeth (AL)	Pearl May 05/01/90 F Boonsville [del. 18822] 
PENROD John Walter (IL)	WALLACE Lilly Ann (AL)	Clarence Luther 01/23/96 M Poolville [del. 4224] 
PERATIS Jesus	BLANK blank	blank 2/7/09 M blank 4482 
PERDUE D.B.	BLANK Sallie	blank 11/25/08 F blank 4359 
PERDUE Marcus Lafayette (GA)	BURNETT Martha Ann (AL)	Barton Perry 08/13/84 M Sycamore [del. 9134] 
PEREZ J.	BLANK blank	blank 9/7/09 F blank 4762 
PEREZ J.	BLANK blank	blank 9/7/09 M blank 4763 
PEREZ Jessie M.	BLANK Malissa	blank 8/4/07 F blank 3465 
PEREZ Press	BLANK blank	blank 2/24/09 M blank 4513 
PERKINS A.M.	KNOX Gladys	Billie Fae 7/25/32 F Decatur [No Image 10510] 
PERKINS A.M. (TX)	KNOX Gladys (OK)	Ernest S. 2/7/25 M Decatur 8259 
PERKINS Bert	THORP Eula	blank 10/8/05 F blank 2204 
PERKINS Bert (TX)	THORP Eula (TX)	Clifton Tully 10/2/23 M Alvord 7910 
PERKINS Daniel Samuel (VT)	HOISINGTON Lydia Mahala (OH)	Daniel Samuel 09/02/78 M Alvord [del. 18912] 
PERKINS E	BLANK A.	G.A. 8/29/03 M blank 233 
PERKINS E.L.	BLANK blank	Virgil 4/15/05 M blank 1742 
PERKINS Earsey Embry	BAITS Etta May	Johnnie Gordon 11/6/16 M Alvord 6507 & 6507a
PERKINS Emory B. (TX)	DOLLAR Estell (TX)	Llaverne 7/11/26 F Decatur 8616 
PERKINS Ernest	WILLIAMS blank	blank 9/3/13 M blank 5758 
PERKINS Ernest	WILLIAMS Miss	blank 8/4/11 M blank 5315 
PERKINS Ernest Leander	WILLIAMS Victoria Augusta	Ernest Cecil 8/14/11 M blank 5322 & 5322a
PERKINS George Augusta (IA)	PERRIN Mary Josephine (TX)	Charles Alva 10/18/92 M Alvord [del. 9885] 
PERKINS George H. (TX)	SANDERS Ada Lee (TX)	Audrey Fay 11/1/24 F Alvord 8175 
PERKINS George W (AR)	LOFTON Lucinda (TX)	Earsy Embry 07/08/91 M Decatur [del. 24493] 
PERKINS George Washington (AR)	LOFTON Lucinda (AR)	Jesse Joel 10/13/96 M Alvord [del. 29011] 
PERKINS Henry Clay	CAGLE Frances V.	Mary Frances 12/20/31 F Alvord [No Image 10306] 
PERKINS Isaac (TX)	BRITTON Lizzie (MO)	Minnie 09/13/93 F Decatur [del. 16898] 
PERKINS J.B.	THROP Eula Eliza	blank 7/7/14 M blank 5928 
PERKINS James Edward (TX)	HALL Mary Finton (TX)	Curtis Clinton 01/28/02 M Cottondale [del. 16848] 
PERKINS James Edwards (TX)	HALL Mary (TX)	Bascom Lyle 05/25/98 M Cottondale [del. 11974] 
PERKINS Jim (TX)	LAIRD Lou (TX)	Ina 08/25/97 F Decatur [del. 24070] 
PERKINS John (TX)	MCELROY Toy (OK)	Sylvia LaVerne 2/13/26 F Decatur 8539 & 8539a
PERKINS John Leonard (IA)	CASEY Amanda (AR)	Emory Bryan 03/04/98 M Dan [del. 30140] 
PERKINS John Leonard (IA)	CASEY Amanda Viola (AR)	Harley Evert 11/20/02 M Alvord [del. 10345] 
PERKINS Josh	BLANK blank	blank 1/17/06 M blank 2413 
PERKINS Joshua Lorance (TX)	SHIRLEY Sarah Findora (AL)	George Harley 01/06/01 M Alvord [del. 8423] 
PERKINS Kendall (TX)	NEVILLE Viola (TX)	Eula Fay 8/5/21 F Alvord 7435 
PERKINS Sterling Paul (TX)	BENNETT Sudie A (TX)	Alvord Lee 06/09/02 M Alvord [del. 29338] 
PERKINS Thomas (TX)	BANKS Leona (TX)	Maude Ethel 08/07/99 F Decatur [del. 11704] 
PERKINS Thomas A (IA)	GRIFFITH Maggie (TX)	Shrilda Elizabeth 02/20/96 F Decatur [del. 21151] 
PERKINS Thomas A (IA)	GRIFFITH Maggie (TX)	Bertha Delight 12/11/98 F Alvord [del. 29425] 
PERKINS Thomas Robert (MS)	CARSON Madora (TN)	Robert Leslie 08/20/81 M Sunset [del. 17758] 
PERKINS W.A.	BLANK blank	blank 10/3/11 F blank 5377 
PERKINS W.F. (TX)	POOLE Lola (TX)	blank 1/22/20 M Poolville 7196 
PERKINS Will	BLANK (J.I.)	O. (Clifford D.) 10/14/03 M blank 368 
PERKINS William Washington (TX)	BLACK Janie Ida (AL)	John Bert 10/05/86 M Alvord [del. 19925] 
PERKINS William Washington (TX)	BLACK Janie Ida (AL)	Effie Elizabeth 08/15/90 F Alvord [del. 19926] 
PERKINS William Washington (TX)	BLACK Janie Ida (AL)	William Albert 03/01/94 M Alvord [del. 19927] 
PERKINS William Washington (TX)	BLACK Janie Ida (AL)	Vernie Lee 09/05/00 M Alvord [del. 6204] 
PERKINSON Samuel Dehaven (KY)	JONES Sally (KY)	Paul Ellington 03/20/95 M Decatur [del. 33167] 
PERNELL James Edward (MS)	LAMB Harriett (MS)	James Lee 05/20/90 M Decatur [del. 20146] 
PEROLIS J.	BLANK blank	blank 8/9/09 M blank 4726 
PERRIN Abb	BLANK blank	blank 9/1/04 F blank 1155 
PERRIN Abb (TX)	WILLIAMS Maud (TX)	Clyde 02/21/96 M Decatur [del. 10907] 
PERRIN Abner (TX)	WILLIAMS Liola Maude (TN)	Zora Juanita 2/26/08 F Decatur 3871 & 3871a
PERRIN Earl	WOMACK Exa	Lois Earline 12/11/27 F Decatur 8896 
PERRIN Earl	WOMACK Exa	Jo Ann 8/27/32 F Decatur [No Image 10539] 
PERRIN H.	WILKINS Maud	blank 4/19/13 F blank 5682 
PERRIN H.	WILKINS Maud	blank 4/29/13 F blank 5689 
PERRIN Henry Clay (TX)	STEVENS Susan (TX)	Henry Pierce 04/12/86 M Decatur [del. 9004] 
PERRIN James (KY)	GOSE Henrietta (MO)	William Roy 02/08/85 M Decatur [del. 7811] 
PERRIN James (KY)	GOSE Henrietta (MO)	Carl Sterling 06/09/88 M Decatur [del. 24536] 
PERRIN Steve	BLANK blank	blank 10/21/09 M blank 4819 
PERRIN T (KY)	SENSIBAUGH Jennie (CA)	Katie Lee 06/05/87 F Decatur [del. 23518] 
PERRIN Tee (KY)	SENSIBAUGH Jennie (CA)	William Ivory 02/14/94 M Decatur [del. 22299] 
PERRIN Temoleon (KY)	SENSIBAUGH Jennie (MS)	Oscar Lafette 05/07/91 M Decatur [del. 24411] 
PERRIN Temolion (KY)	SENSIBAUGH Jinnie (TX)	Earl 08/12/89 M Decatur [del. 23603] 
PERRSON J.F.	BLANK May	blank 4/30/08 M blank 3998 
PERRY blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/7/07 F blank 3593 
PERRY Bud	BLANK blank	blank 2/29/04 M blank 693 
PERRY Charley (TX)	GLASS Wilma (TX)	blank 1/13/19 M Slidell 7032 
PERRY E.C.	PERRY G.D.	Dale 7/10/05 M blank 1943 
PERRY E.C.	PERRY Lulu	blank 5/20/08 F blank 4034 
PERRY Henry	BLANK Beulah	blank 9/4/08 M blank 4228 
PERRY Henry C (TX)	HOLT Beulah Lee (TX)	Bonnie Beatrice 12/31/02 F Bridgeport [del. 21481] 
PERRY Henry L.	NEWSOM Mary E.	Lester N. 6/6/06 M Boonsville 2704 & 2704a & 2704b
PERRY Henry L. (MS)	NEWSOM Elizabeth	Estella Florence 7/5/08 M Boonsville 4119 & 4119a
PERRY James William (MS)	SMITH Hattie (TX)	Marion Frank 07/04/98 M Chico [del. 6764] 
PERRY L.M.	JOHNSTON A.C.	Elda Nadine 5/10/32 F Boonsville [No Image 10434] 
PERRY L.N.	JOHNSTON A.C.	Lester N. 5/10/32 M Boonsville [No Image 10435] 
PERRY Leroy (TX)	FITZGERALD Mattie (TX)	Carl William 02/02/98 M Bridgeport [del. 34428] 
PERRY Oliver (TX)	WHITTEN Conelius Elizabeth (TX)	Alma 10/04/95 F Paradise [del. 28188] 
PERRY Oliver (TX)	WHITTEN Cornelius Elizabeth (AR)	Ruby 10/23/02 F Paradise [del. 28189] 
PERRY Oliver (TX)	WHITTEN Nelia Elizabeth (AR)	Oliver Glenn 09/13/99 M Paradise [del. 20268] 
PERRY Paul (Mex)	SARIA Polly (Mex)	Petro 1/18/21 F Bridgeport 7339 
PERRY Roy	BLANK Mattie	blank 6/13/05 M blank 1887 
PERRY Roy Sanford (TX)	FITZGERALD Martha Alice (TX)	Ethel May 11/11/99 F Paradise [del. 21597] 
PERRY Thomas J. (TX)	ANDERSON Stella (TX)	John Freeland 6/12/20 M Park Springs 7260 
PERRY Tom	QUDISON Estela	blank 5/10/13 M blank 5697 
PERRY Wesley S (TX)	BUTLER Genorah Rosetta (IL)	Leah Ella 10/21/92 F Bridgeport [del. 8425] 
PERRY William	BLANK Mattie	blank 4/16/05 F blank 1746 
PERSON Charles	JONES Malinda	blank 11/17/11 F blank 5404 
PERSON Floyd O. (TX)	SPADLEY Clara (TX)	Deane Orella 11/30/24 F Boyd 8223 
PERSON James Alvin (TX)	ALEXANDER Ruby George (TX)	Juanita Louise 10/15/25 F Boyd 8443 & 8443a
PERSON Richard P. (TX)	LISBY Elby Myrl (AL)	Velda May 9/11/25 F Rhome 8416 
PERSONS James A.	ALEXANDER R.G.	James Harold 11/30/30 M blank [No Image 9884] 
PERZ J.M.	BLANK blank	blank 7/3/09 M blank 4681 
PETERS Edwin B (MS)	MOORE Nora Inez (AL)	Linda May 11/05/94 F Uzz [del. 11191] 
PETERS Edwin Burns (TN)	MOORE Nora (AL)	Fred Clifford 11/22/99 M Greenwood [del. 11129] 
PETERS Lemuel Joseph (TX)	WARREN Katie Clark (AL)	James Hugh 07/14/91 M Chico [del. 10951] 
PETERS Noah Hoses (TN)	AKARD Amanda Emalinee (TN)	Noah Carl 04/07/85 M Decatur [del. 8684] 
PETERSON C.A.	COWLEY Elsie	Lena Evelyn 9/30/30 F blank [No Image 9834] 
PETERSON Jesse Oscar	TAYLOR Minnie Belle	Mary Ruth 3/12/08 F Bridgeport 3924 & 3924a
PETMAN George	BLANK blank	blank 2/6/08 F blank 3829 
PETREE Hazel (TX)	SHELTON Mittie (TX)	Harold Wendell 5/13/20 M Fort Worth 7248 
PETTON J.L.	CLAYTON Willie	John H, Jr. 7/17/30 M Alvord [No Image 9760] 
PETTUS Eugene A. (TX)	BARTON Pearl Virginia (GA)	Larline Eugene 10/3/21 M Alvord 7484 
PETTUS Eugene A. (TX)	BARTON Pearly Virginia (GA)	Charles Wesley 1/4/24 M Alvord 7967 & [delayed 6566]
PETTUS William B. (TX)	GENTLE Sadie A. (TX)	Theo D. 12/1/25 M Alvord 8465 
PETTUS Williard B. (TX)	GENTLE Sudie Adoline (TX)	Letha Mae 8/17/23 F Alvord 7875 
PETTY G.T.	BLANK Edith	blank 10/12/04 F blank 1268 
PETTY James W (MS)	BLANK Lou Frances (MS)	Reuben Earl 04/23/90 M Keeter [del. 22386] 
PETTY James W (MS)	PARKER Lou Frances (MS)	Audrey Mae 08/19/96 F Keeter [del. 24794] 
PETTY James William (MS)	PARKER Louisa Francis (MS)	Cora Etna 02/11/82 F Boyd [del. 18137] 
PETTY Jerome Alexander (AR)	RANEY Sallie (AR)	Ima Lee 09/14/98 F Decatur [del. 19822] 
PETTY John	BARNETT Mattie	blank 1/26/12 F blank 5448 
PETTY Reuben Earl (TX)	HART Susie (AL)	Betty Sue 2/21/25 F Boyd 8268 & 8268a
PETTY Rufus (TX)	ERWIN Dovie (TX)	Otella 11/23/28 F Paradise 9181 & 9181a
PETTY Samuel J.	STRINGER LaVega	Tully Judson 6/13/06 M Park Springs 2716 & 2716a
PETTY Samuel Jesse, Dr. (TX)	STRINGER Lavaga (AL)	Gertie Framces 11/12/07 F Park Springs 3664 & 3664a
PETTY Samuel Jesse, Dr. (TX)	STRINGER Lavega (AL)	Gladys Lavega 4/30/09 F Decatur 4614 & 4614a
PETTY T.F.	BLANK Laura	blank 8/14/05 M blank 2054 
PETTY Tulley Francis (TX)	PURSER Laura Jane (GA)	Wilburn Loyd 07/17/00 M Boyd [del. 7990] 
PETTY Tullie Francis	PERCER Laura Jane	Sam Ben 2/20/16 M Cottondale 6368 & 6368a
PETTY Tully Francis (TX)	PURCER Laura Jane (GA)	Andrew Jackson 8/8/18 M Cottondale 6948 & 6948a
PETTY Tully Judson	ADCOCK Phylitis	Tully Judson, Jr. 8/13/28 M Alvord 9083 & 9083a
PEW M.L.	BLANK Sallie	blank 1/27/07 F blank 3140 
PEWETT J.A.	PHILLIPS Lanell	Billie Ray 6/14/30 M Chico [No Image 9727] 
PEWETT W.D.	MANN J.M.	Janollo 11/6/29 F Boonsville [No Image 9502] 
PEWETT W.T.	MANN J.	Doris Joann 2/14/33 F Vineyard [No Image 10684] 
PEWETT Walter P.	WOODS Amanda	Connie Fay 5/13/28 F Paradise 9015 
PEWETT William David	BLAIR Kathryn Louise	Esther Loda 1/26/10 F Paradise 4921 & 4921a
PEWETT William Thomas	MANN Julia Margaret	Gladdon Laverne 8/10/31 M Boonsville [No Image 10101] 
PEWITT Charles	BLANK blank	blank 9/10/08 M blank 4242 
PEWITT Charles	BLANK blank	blank 9/10/08 F blank 4244 
PEWITT Charley B (TX)	WOOD Addie L (TX)	Osro Silas 09/07/00 M Paradise [del. 33083] 
PEWITT Dave	BLAIR Kate	Edgar Jodie 11/14/15 M blank 6300 
PEWITT Dave	BLANK Kate	Will 8/25/04 M blank 1138 
PEWITT Davie (TX)	BLAIR Kate (TX)	Edgar Jodie 4/4/07 M Paradise 3267 & 3267a
PEWITT Ernest D. (TX)	MOORE Della V. (TX)	David Weldon 1/6/21 M Bridgeport 7332 
PEWITT James 	BLANK Ella	blank 12/7/07 M blank 3716 
PEWITT James Marion (TX)	WALKER Ella (MS)	Stella Ivy 01/23/98 F Bridgeport [del. 13925] 
PEWITT James Marion (TX)	WALKER Ella Jones (MS)	Viola Rubie 11/11/02 F Bridgeport [del. 31827] 
PEWITT James Monroe (TX)	WALKER Ella (TN)	James Alvin 07/01/00 M Bridgeport [del. 30851] 
PEWITT Jess	WALKER Ella	blank 9/7/17 M Bridgeport 6701 
PEWITT Roy Otto	SIPES Mable Clara	Ima Estell 10/9/16 F Bridgeport 6488 & 6488a
PEWITT William D (TX)	BLAIR Katherine L (AR)	Effie 0 11/10/96 F Bridgeport [del. 25037] 
PEYTON Ben	BLANK blank	blank 1/13/06 M blank 2400 
PEYTON J.F.	PERKINS Irene 	Floydena 4/17/28 F Alvord 8993 
PEYTON J.H.	CLABORN Willie	J.H., Jr. 7/17/30 M blank [No Image 9760] 
PEYTON J.H.	CLABURN Willie	Glennive 8/19/32 M Alvord [No Image 10535] 
PEYTON John Oliver (MO)	ADY Amanda (TX)	Ben Lincoln 07/12/83 M Greenwood [del. 22848] 
PEYTON John Oliver (MO)	ADY Amanda N (TX)	William Dyer 01/26/82 M Decatur [del. 17815] 
PEYTON Perry	BLANK blank	blank 6/1/07 M blank 3363 
PEYTON William D. (TX)	THOYSE Ethel L. (TX)	Ethel Francis 6/2/25 F Alvord 8331 
PFIESTER Beno L.	BLANK blank	Kathryn Deloris 4/16/31 M blank [No Image 10040] 
PHAGANS Andrew Jackson (GA)	MELTON Mary Lula (TX)	Floyd Otis 04/28/99 M Audubon [del. 8481] 
PHARR John D.	BLANK blank	blank 7/17/03 M blank 123 
PHARR John Virgil (GA)	NOBLETT Carrie Mae (GA)	Beulah Nona 07/31/99 F Alvord [del. 28921] 
PHELPS blank	BLANK blank	blank 3/27/08 M blank 3942 
PHENIX Allen Andrew (TX)	HESTAND Eliza Ann (AR)	Vera 09/15/01 F Alvord [del. 14677] 
PHILLIPS A.J. (TX)	DALALES Bonna (TX)	Bertha Faye 3/16/20 F Poolville 7225 
PHILLIPS Albin Lewis (VA)	ALRED Martha Mahala (TN)	Bertha Lillian 02/14/93 F Cottondale [del. 26751] 
PHILLIPS Alfred (NC)	MELTON Margaret Frances (TX)	Edgar 01/29/87 M Paradise [del. 9171] 
PHILLIPS Allie Boyd	MORRISON Bessie Inez	Farrar Orlen 3/28/17 F Alvord 6562 & 6562a
PHILLIPS B.P. (TX)	HOBBS Pauline (TX)	Vida V. 4/29/26 F Poolville 8578 
PHILLIPS Ben L.	SMITH Clyde Della	Calvin Franklin 7/28/33 M Crafton [No Image 10838] 
PHILLIPS Ben Leburn (TN)	SMIRL Clydella (TX)	Edgar Elmer 9/3/25 M Park Springs 8405 & 8405a
PHILLIPS blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/27/03 M blank 397 
PHILLIPS blank	BLANK blank	M.C. 2/14/15 M Boonsville 6033 & 6033a
PHILLIPS Braze	BLANK Myrtle	blank 11/29/07 M blank 3694 
PHILLIPS Buster P. (TX)	HOBBS Rubie Lee (TX)	blank 4/23/24 F Poolville 8055 
PHILLIPS C.H.	BLANK M.M., Mrs	blank 2/28/06 F blank 2531 & [Delayed 20887]
PHILLIPS Charles Morgan	COX Nancy Frances	Carl Raymond 3/16/12 M blank 5484 & 5484a
PHILLIPS Charles Morgan (TX)	COX Mary Frances (TX)	Polly Jeanette 1/23/08 F blank 3798 & 3798a
PHILLIPS Clarence	TUCKER Minnie	Andy Lee 7/22/32 M Boyd [No Image 10506] 
PHILLIPS Clarence R. (TX)	LATHAM Tera Fay (TX)	Clarence Artie 10/8/18 M Boyd 6995 & 6995a
PHILLIPS Clarence Richard (TX)	LATHAM Terry Faye (TX)	Arrie Leon 10/10/20 M Boyd 7309 & 7309a
PHILLIPS Cyrus Henderson (TX)	MORELAND Maggie Missouri (GA)	Nolan Conley 04/13/99 M Decatur [del. 6373] 
PHILLIPS Dick (TX)	FIELDS Lizzie (MO)	Allie Boyd 02/23/95 M Decatur [del. 8424] 
PHILLIPS E.E.	MANN T.	blank 6/28/11 M blank 5287 
PHILLIPS E.E.	MANN T.R	blank 2/28/10 M blank 4946 
PHILLIPS Ed	BLANK Lola	blank 2/5/16 M blank 6357 
PHILLIPS Esquire Alfred (NC)	HELTON Margaret Frances (TX)	George Harrison 05/01/02 M Paradise [del. 6128] 
PHILLIPS Esquire Alfred (TN)	HELTON Margaret Frances (TX)	James Arthur 02/17/94 M Paradise [del. 8611] 
PHILLIPS Frederick Taylor (AL)	EDENS Clara Jane (TX)	Anita Maud 10/01/96 F Boonsville [del. 11311] 
PHILLIPS Frederick Taylor (TN)	EDENS Clara Jane (TX)	Ted Hillery 12/12/96 M Decatur [del. 7748] 
PHILLIPS G W (AR)	CRABB Jessie (TX)	Pearl 12/29/87 F Decatur [del. 28218] 
PHILLIPS George E. (TX)	HOWARD Lola Dessie (OK)	Birtha Wanda 9/30/26 F Poolville 8683 
PHILLIPS George W (TX)	SPARKS Lula Estelle (TN)	Claudia Rebecca 02/06/01 F Paradise [del. 5523] 
PHILLIPS George Washington (AR)	CRABB Jessie London (TX)	Odis Washington 11/26/93 M Decatur [del. 4784] 
PHILLIPS H.	BLANK blank	blank 12/6/03 F blank 486 
PHILLIPS Isom Benjamin (TX)	WRIGHT Margaret Marandy (TX)	Caroline Lena Margrette 07/24/90 F Decatur [del. 6156] 
PHILLIPS J.W.	BLANK Sallie	M.R. 5/2/07 F blank 3323 
PHILLIPS J.W. (TX)	POOL Mattie D. (AL)	William Pool 6/4/22 M Poolville 7604 
PHILLIPS James (GA)	KIRK Fannie (SC)	Effie 03/06/88 F Paradise [del. 18570] 
PHILLIPS James Willard (IN)	BOOTH Malinda (MS)	Henry 07/20/82 M Chico [del. 14256] 
PHILLIPS Jay (MO)	DAVISON Addie (MO)	Joe 12/04/98 M Bridgeport [del. 13447] 
PHILLIPS Jess Franklin (TX)	BROWN Nancy Jane (TX)	Mary Vivian 12/03/98 F Paradise [del. 30159] 
PHILLIPS Joe (TN)	TEAGUE Jeanette (AR)	Ben Leburn 07/26/85 M Obine Co TN [del. 16533] 
PHILLIPS John	CLAYTON Carrie	blank 12/3/14 M blank 5991 
PHILLIPS John Benjamin (AR)	FREEMAN Lillie Bell (TN)	Ross Campbell 01/29/84 M Giles Co TN [del. 11089] 
PHILLIPS John Harvel	LOWE Ida Belle	Laura Felice 7/19/03 F Willow Point 128 & 0128a
PHILLIPS John L.(P)	DOYLE Minnie L.	Violet May 4/17/10 F Slidell 4983 
PHILLIPS L.T.	STEWART Allie M.	Nilma Fay 9/30/33 F Poolville [No Image 10896] 
PHILLIPS Lee	BLANK Mattie	blank 6/14/08 M blank 4087 
PHILLIPS Lee (TN)	BARNETT Martha J (TX)	Dessie Mae 12/07/94 F Paradise [del. 29253] 
PHILLIPS Lee (TN)	BARNETT Martha J (TX)	Nellie Pearle 04/25/96 F Paradise [del. 5968] 
PHILLIPS Lee (TN)	BARNETT Martha J (TX)	Addie Alice 02/18/01 F Paradise [del. 5966] 
PHILLIPS Lee (TN)	BARNETT Martha Jane (TX)	Walter Lee 02/06/98 M Paradise [del. 9725] 
PHILLIPS Lee Roy (TN)	McDANIEL Dealie (TN)	Hattie Lee 04/20/00 F Sunset [del. 21369] 
PHILLIPS Leo	BLANK blank	blank 8/8/06 M blank 2818 
PHILLIPS Lon	(KELSEY) Mary	Lon 1/30/07 M blank 3151 
PHILLIPS Lon (TX)	KELSEY Mary E. (TX)	William Woody 5/6/12 M Bridgeport 5518 & 5518a
PHILLIPS R.R.	BLANK blank	blank 8/4/06 F blank 2813 
PHILLIPS Richard Bell (KY)	FIELDS Carline Elizabeth (MO)	Etta Elizabeth 08/26/00 F Decatur [del. 8143] 
PHILLIPS Richard Bell (KY)	FIELDS Mary Elizabeth (MO)	James Arthur 06/12/92 M Jonestown [del. 23519] 
PHILLIPS Richard Bell (TX)	FIELDS Lizzie (MO)	Richard Arba 04/09/98 M Decatur [del. 12025] 
PHILLIPS Robert Oscar (TN)	KIMBLE Nora (TX)	Callie 02/02/97 F Poolville [del. 11745] 
PHILLIPS Roland	BLANK blank	blank 7/24/07 M blank 3443 
PHILLIPS Rowland Houston	YOUNG Ollie Ellis	Paschal Carl 1/27/10 M Decatur 4922 & 4922a
PHILLIPS Roy Maurise (TX)	GOSSETT Mattie Bell (TX)	blank 12/20/18 M Alvord 7020 
PHILLIPS S A (TN)	MELTON Margaret (MO)	Ernest Alfred 08/30/96 M Paradise [del. 28117] 
PHILLIPS Samuel Madison (AR)	BEAVER Margaret Ellen (AR)	Robert Lee 12/14/88 M Decatur [del. 17157] 
PHILLIPS Samuel Madison (AR)	BEAVERS Maggie (AR)	Charlie Morgan 12/21/85 M Decatur [del. 24810] 
PHILLIPS Solomon Madison (AR)	BEAVER Margaret Ellen (AR)	Florence Emma 06/18/95 F Decatur [del. 13354] 
PHILLIPS Solomon Madison (AR)	BEAVER Margaret Ellen (AR)	Roy Monroe 08/09/97 M Decatur [del. 13353] 
PHILLIPS Squire Alfred (NC)	MELTON Margaret Frances (TX)	William Payton 04/12/92 M Paradise [del. 11744] 
PHILLIPS T.M. (MS)	HESTER Scottie (AR)	Lorene 8/5/07 F Chico 3469 & 3469a
PHILLIPS Thomas M.	WILEY Scotty Hester	Carl Lee 3/6/27 M Chico 8758 
PHILLIPS Thomas Madison	WILEY Scottie Hester	Velma Lanell 8/31/04 F rural, Wise Co. 1152 & 1152a
PHILLIPS Thomas Madison	WILEY Scottie Hester	Edna Mae 12/13/05 F Bridgeport 2355 & 2355a
PHILLIPS Thomas Madison	WILEY Scottie Hester	Sidney Garland 3/10/09 M blank 4546 & 4546a
PHILLIPS Thomas Madison	WILEY Scottie Hester	Clarence Dee 7/4/15 M Chico 6153 & 6153a
PHILLIPS Tom (SC)	BOWERS Hallie (TX)	Etta Beatrice 12/13/91 F Park Springs [del. 23706] 
PHILLIPS Tom Harvey	MIDDLETON Julia Ann	Ovella Clara 8/10/15 F Boonsville 6193 & 6193a
PHILLIPS Verl	PEDIGO Maurine	Clinton Lloyd 3/1/32 M Decatur [No Image 10374] 
PHILLIPS Verl (TX)	PEDIGO Maurine (TX)	Billie Ruth 12/6/28 F Decatur 9191 
PHILLIPS W.A.	BLANK M.E.	blank 3/4/05 M blank 1645 
PHILLIPS Walter	STEPHENS Willie	Billie Gene 8/6/28 M Decatur 9075 & 9075a
PHILLIPS Walter	STEPHENS Willie	Betty Lou 5/4/31 F Decatur [No Image 10060] 
PHILLIPS Will	BLANK Natie	Gidion 7/19/04 M blank 1032 
PHILLIPS Will G.	KELLY Nettie M.	blank 10/20/15 M blank 6279 
PHILLIPS Will Guy	KELLY Nettie M.	blank 10/20/15 M blank 6278 
PHILLIPS William (W.)	BLANK N.N. (N.M.)	blank 8/10/03 M blank 179 
PHILLIPS William Church (TN)	WIGINTON Minnie Frances (TX)	Cecil Earnest 10/15/00 M Crafton [del. 22024] 
PHILLIPS William David, Sr.(TX)	ARNETT Clara (MO)	William David, Jr. 2/11/19 M Decatur 7048 
PHILLIPS William Harrison (NC)	MELTON Martha Ann (MO)	Charles Spurgeon 04/06/93 M Paradise [del. 10096] 
PHILLIPS William Harrison (TN)	MITCHAN Beulah (MS)	William Jennings Bryan 09/03/96 M Paradise [del. 25460] 
PHILLIPS Williams Highly (MS)	YATES Josaphine (MS)	Lee Ora 11/06/92 M Decatur [del. 25026] 
PHILPOT Joe E.	BLANK blank	blank 4/2/09 M blank 4583 
PHIMMELL William S.	WALLACE Elizabeth	George Aaron 7/29/28 M Rhome 9069 
PHOENIX A.A.	HESTAND Elisa Ann Mercer	Opal 10/5/05 F Decatur 2189 & 2189a
PICKARD C.W.	WALKER Gertrude	Billy Jean 11/27/33 F Poolville [No Image 10949] 
PICKARD M.M.	BLANK blank	blank 9/28/09 F blank 4789 
PICKARD N.M.	BLANK blank	blank 2/28/09 F blank 4528 
PICKENS Joseph Houston	HEAD Laura Bell	Reba May & Ruby J. 9/7/05 F blank 2126 & 2126a
PICKETT Cas (MO)	LEVASY Mary Jane (MO)	Lucy 08/21/78 F Decatur [del. 14031] 
PICKETT Cas (MO)	LOVISAY Mary Jane (MO)	Mark Twain 09/18/84 M Decatur [del. 9767] 
PICKETT George B (KY)	SCARBOROUGH Cordelia (AR)	Electra 12/22/80 F Decatur [del. 15685] 
PICKETT Gus	BLANK Maggie	blank 12/30/06 F blank 3080 & [delay. 6997]
PICKETT Gus (TX)	FULLINGIM Maggie (TX)	Barnetta 07/08/02 F Decatur [del. 22778] 
PICKLE David V. (TX)	NICHOLS Margarie (TX)	David Hayden 3/9/29 M Bridgeport 9285 
PIER Ben	BLANK blank	blank 4/29/09 F blank 4611 
PIERCE Ben	BLANK Annie	blank 5/25/08 M blank 4050 
PIERCE blank	BLANK Cora	blank 7/23/04 M blank 1045 
PIERCE Franklin Jeff (GA)	RICHARDS Ollie Arvie (AR)	Ola Mae 03/04/00 F Decatur [del. 10690] 
PIERCE Franklin Jeff (GA)	RICHARDS Ollie Arvie (AR)	Velma Rena 12/06/01 F Boyd [del. 8653] 
PIERCE Hartwell Eugene (TX)	TODD Willie Ella (TN)	Grace Myrtle 01/22/84 F Chico [del. 20379] 
PIERCE J.W.	BLANK N. Zella	blank 3/17/04 M blank 743 
PIERCE James Wesley (TN)	BROWN Zuella Matilda (TX)	James Homer 06/14/92 M Greenwood [del. 8058] 
PIERCE James Wesley (TN)	BROWN Zuella Matilda (TX)	Burl Robinson 02/24/01 M Greenwood [del. 4321] 
PIERCE James Wesley (TX)	BROWN Zuella Matilda (TX)	Fred Allard 12/17/98 M Greenwood [del. 6994] 
PIERCE M.M.	BLANK Gertie	blank 10/31/07 M blank 3644 
PIERCE Marvin	BLANK Dora	blank 6/13/04 F blank 945 
PIERCE Miles Maston (AR)	HOUSER Giter Cordelia (TX)	Velma Ruth 01/19/96 F Boyd [del. 11312] 
PIERCE Miles Maston (AR)	HOUSER Giter Cordlie (TX)	Nathan Edward 10/15/96 M Opal [del. 9517] 
PIERCE O.N.	BLANK N.	blank 2/13/04 M blank 654 
PIERCE Robert Franklin (TX)	WRIGHT Ella (MS)	Edgar 01/12/93 M Decatur [del. 22777] 
PIERCE Robert Franklin (TX)	WRIGHT Ella (MS)	Pearl Ann 04/15/95 F Decatur [del. 16849] 
PIERCE Robert Franklin (TX)	WRIGHT Ella (MS)	Roy Joseph 09/22/00 M Decatur [del. 11091] 
PIERCE Robert H. (AR)	PRICE Ida M. (TX)	Eva Mae 11/6/12 F Willow Point 5592 & 5592a
PIERCE W.A.	BLANK A.	blank 11/26/04 F blank 1394 
PIERCE W.M.	BLANK M.	blank 6/22/07 M blank 3398 
PIERCE W.R.	MUSE Annie	W.C. 4/30/30 M Alvord [No Image 9673] 
PIERCE William Aaron (IL)	SOLOMON Armilda (TN)	Solomon P 10/02/02 M Bridgeport [del. 6158] 
PIERCE William R.	FOREMAN Ophelia	Roy W. 3/31/17 M Alvord 6565 & 6565a & 6565b & 6565c
PIERSON Charlie Manuel	JONES Malinda Jane	Charlsie Jane 6/20/16 F blank 6429 & 6429a
PIERYEAR Sam	BLANK Della	blank 11/15/06 M blank 3021 
PIESTA B.L.	PRICHARD Rena	Beno 4/16/31 F Rhome [No Image 10040] 
PIETROCK Ernest	BLANK blank	blank 8/13/12 M blank 5563 
PIGG Bob	BLANK blank	blank 10/9/08 F blank 4287 
PIGG Bob	BLANK blank	blank 8/25/10 M blank 5079 
PIGG David Edgar (TX)	HOGELAND Ollie (TX)	William Edgar 08/02/95 M Crafton [del. 24909] 
PIGG George Washington (VA)	DUNKLEY Margaret Jane (VA)	Sallie Lucy 05/07/93 F Crafton [del. 11797] 
PIGG John	BLANK blank	blank 10/20/05 M blank 2226 
PIGG John	RILEY Mary	blank 11/26/12 M blank 5596 
PIGG John Noah (TX)	RILEY Mary Mildred (AR)	Barbara Bell 05/28/02 F Alvord [del. 29504] 
PIGG R.A.	BLANK Emma	blank 2/17/17 F blank 6555 
PIKE Frank	BLANK Ella	blank 9/16/03 M blank 290 
PIKE Frank (AL)	MENNIS Ante (AL)	Irene 01/30/96 F Bridgeport [del. 29565] 
PIKE Frank (AL)	MENNIS Artie (TX)	Mary 01/20/94 F Bridgeport [del. 28763] 
PIKE J.G.	LANDERS blank	blank 5/13/12 M blank 5523 
PIKE James	BLANK Bette	blank 1/25/05 M blank 1540 
PIKE John Gabrel	LANDRUM Mary Boyce	Omadell Marie 4/22/16 F Decatur 6401 & 6401a
PIKE Tom (Lon)	BLANK Effie	blank 10/6/09 M blank 4804 
PILGRIM James Dean (AR)	LAWSON Mary Lou (AR)	Joe Henry 03/03/88 F Decatur [del. 20589] 
PILGRIM Joseph William (GA)	TAYLOR Barbara Ellen (AL)	Homer Sidney 02/02/99 M Boyd [del. 6374] 
PILKINTON J.H.	COKER Cora	Alton Caroll 12/12/10 M Boonsville 5143 & 5143a & 5143b & 5143c
PILLERS John	BLANK blank	Mary 12/7/04 F blank 1413 
PINDER John	BLANK blank	blank 6/25/13 M blank 5727 
PINDER John	BLANK Nora	blank 3/18/15 F blank 6050 
PINION James L (GA)	RICE Delia (NC)	James Lewis 12/19/87 M Calhoun Co AL [del. 12090] 
PINKERTON A.J.	BAZZLEY Grace	blank 6/6/31 F Decatur [No Image 10097] 
PINKERTON A.J. (AR)	BAZZLEY Grace (TX)	Allen Jimmie 10/3/26 F Decatur 8686 & 8686a
PINKERTON Allan (TX)	BILLINGTON Alice (TX)	Allan 1/27/20 M Decatur 7200 
PINKERTON Allen Jones (AR)	BILLINGTON Alice (TX)	Lou Ellen 10/21/22 F Decatur 7676 & 7676a
PINKERTON J. Dee (TX)	KINCAID Ella Bell (TX)	blank 8/8/23 M Decatur 7872 
PINKERTON J.W. (TX)	BILLINGTON Virginia (TX)	J.W., Jr. 12/28/19 M Alvord 7181 
PINKERTON James	BARTON Della	blank 8/20/15 F blank 6205 
PINKERTON James A. (TX)	BARTON Delia (TX)	Helen Russell 6/24/22 F Rhome 7619 
PINKERTON Percy (TX)	NEELEY Ruth (TX)	blank (Anna Lois) 8/30/29 F Decatur 9435 
PINKERTON R.A,	RUCKER Estell	Arnold Dean 8/21/31 M blank [No Image 10189] 
PINKERTON Raymond (TX)	RUCKER Estella (TX)	blank 12/13/22 M Decatur 7695 
PINKERTON Raymond (TX)	RUCKER Estella (TX)	Linda Fay 3/18/25 F Decatur 8294 & 8294a
PINKERTON Raymond Ashley, Sr.(TX)	RUCKER Estell (TX)	R.A., Jr. 7/12/19 M Decatur 7107 & 7107a
PINKERTON W.D.	BLANK blank	blank 2/25/07 M blank 3189 
PINKERTON William D (TN)	COTHAM Sarah E (TN)	Allen T 03/01/87 M Independent Co AR [del. 28453] 
PINKERTON William David (TN)	COTHAM Sarah E (TN)	Jim Dee 08/11/00 M Cottondale [del. 22023] 
PINKERTON William David (TN)	COTTAHAM Sarah Emiline (TN)	Raymond Ashley 07/16/98 M Cottondale [del. 23104] 
PINKSTON James Thomas (AR)	WILEY Nancy Ann (IA)	May 02/04/93 F Greenwood [del. 25260] 
PINNION Lester	SHOOK A.L.	Jo Ann 12/24/33 F Vineyard [No Image 10971] 
PIOR Adam	GLAUGLE May	Lucille Margaret 10/4/14 F blank 6266 & 6266a
PIOR Ben	BLANK D.	blank 4/5/04 M blank 788 
PIOR Robert Benjamin (LA)	DAVIS Mary Ella (TN)	Edward Odem 03/21/95 M Alvord [del. 13539] 
PIOR Robert Benjamin (LA)	DAVIS Mary Ella (TN)	Lila Alene 07/30/97 F Alvord [del. 14003] 
PIOR Robert Benjamin (TN)	DAVIS Mary Ella (TN)	Laura Idella 03/30/00 F Alvord [del. 26736] 
PISTLE Will	BLANK Bessie 	blank 7/23/05 F blank 1989 
PITMAN Earl	ALEXANDER C.	Bennie Dwayne 2/16/32 M Park Springs [No Image 10364] 
PITMAN S.T.	MCENTOSH Willie M	William Mitchell 4/22/32 F Poolville [No Image 10416] 
PITT Jacob Perry (TN)	FLOWERS Esther (TN)	Alvin Perry 08/11/00 M Chico [del. 9820] 
PITTMAN Earl H.	ALEXANDER C	Henry Edward 4/9/30 M blank [No Image 9651] 
PITTMAN George W (TX)	HOPWOOD Virginia (TX)	Bertha May 12/24/02 F Alvord [del. 21388] 
PITTMAN Jim Perry	WARNER Lela (TX)	Evaleen Mildred 9/3/26 F Gainesville 8656 
PITTMAN Jim Perry (TX)	WARNER Lela (TX)	T.C. 12/30/22 F Gainesville 7699 
PITTMAN Jim Perry (TX)	WARNER Lela (TX)	Barbara Darlene 9/20/24 F Gainesville 8169 & 8169a
PITTMAN Shad	JONES Belle	Delbert Lee 1/17/31 M Chico [No Image 9937] 
PITTMAN Thomas B (TN)	MEANS Lula May (TX)	Lewis Means 01/02/89 M Decatur [del. 10772] 
PITTS B.L.	DAVIDSON Emma	Lola Irene 4/5/31 F Chico [No Image 10029] 
PITTS Brown Lou (AL)	DAVIDSON Emma Mae (TX)	J.D. 11/14/28 M Chico 9175 & 9175a
PITTS Charlie Lee (AL)	BELCHER Rhoda (AL)	John Diaze 01/01/91 M Jefferson Co AL [del. 20535] 
PITTS Charlie Lee (AL)	BELCHER Rhoda (AL)	Jessie Lillian 01/24/94 F Jefferson Co AL [del. 25540] 
PITTS Dock	BLANK blank	blank 10/2/08 M blank 4274 
PITTS J.D.	BUDDELL Caroline	blank 2/3/30 M blank [No Image 9580] 
PITTS James H (AL)	PATTERSON Fannie E (TN)	Cora Flossie 07/21/00 F Crafton [del. 28960] 
PITTS Jim (AL)	PATTESON Fannie (TN)	Fetus Noble 5/16/09 M Crafton 4628 & 4628a
PITTS John	BLANK blank	blank 10/5/08 F blank 4278 
PITTS John D.	HODGE Belle	Willie Mae 12/18/17 F Boyd 6771 
PITTS John Walter (TX)	SKAGGS Georgia Ann (TX)	Wilson Everett 11/05/90 M Bridgeport [del. 28115] 
PITTS John Wesley (TX)	SKAGGS Georgia (TX)	Stella M 09/29/99 F Chico [del. 24394] 
PITTS John Williams (MS)	MEADORS Almona Pearl (OK)	Lonnie William 8/11/07 M Chico 3257 & 3257a
PITTS M.A.	BLANK M.S.	blank 10/22/16 M blank 6498 
PITTS R.A. (TX)	SLATON Emma J. (AR)	blank 3/15/20 M Park Springs 7222 
PITTS Ray T.	DETHLOFF Ethel J.	J.W. 11/13/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10627] 
PITTS Rufus (AL)	ROBERTSON Ona (TX)	blank 3/17/29 M Decatur 9296 
PITTS Thomas	BLANK blank	Alice 1/18/05 F blank 1519 
PITTS Will	BLANK Fannie	blank 1/13/09 F blank 4438 
PITTS William	BLANK Fannie	William 12/18/05 F blank 2363 
PITTS William	BLANK Fannie	blank 5/14/07 F blank 3338 
PITTS William Sherman (TN)	BLANK Phyllis Frances (TN)	Rufus Claude 06/30/01 M Willow Point [del. 29647] 
PIXLER Sheridan R.	EDMONS Martha	Truman Joe 4/16/32 M Chico [No Image 10411] 
PLAXCO Charles	BLANK blank	blank 12/24/06 M blank 3072 
PLAXCO Charles	BLANK Myrtle	blank 7/28/07 F blank 3447 
PLAXCO E.M.	BLANK blank	blank 5/19/09 M blank 4632 
PLAXCO Ellis Edward (MS)	CRINER Parlee Belle (TX)	Elon Quay 12/11/00 F Decatur [del. 10453] 
PLAXCO Enoch Morgan (AL)	ANDERSON Minerva Elizabeth (MO)	William Frank 09/24/91 M Bridgeport [del. 24559] 
PLAXCO Enoch Morgan (AL)	ANDERSON Minerva Elizabeth (MO)	Rose Ann 10/05/99 F Bridgeport [del. 24795] 
PLAXCO Frank	COFFEE Ida Pearl	John Morgan 4/18/16 M blank 6398 & 6398a
PLAXCO George Franklin (AL)	PORTER Sarah Isabelle (MS)	Charles Franklin 12/09/80 M Decatur [del. 14378] 
PLAXCO George Franklin (AL)	PORTER Sarah Isabelle (MS)	Luna Belle 10/16/84 F Decatur [del. 14839] 
PLAXCO George Franklin (AL)	PORTER Sarah Isabelle (MS)	John Henry 07/04/92 M Decatur [del. 27815] 
PLAXCO George Franklin (AL)	PORTER Sarah Isabelle (MS)	Ann Mertis 12/23/94 F Decatur [del. 20418] 
PLAXCO Stephen	PHILLIPS Thelma	blank 1/28/19 M Decatur 7042 
PLEASANT A.B.	SMITH Lucy G.	Thomas Andrew 3/2/04 M Alvord 696 & 0696a & 0696b & 0696c
PLEASANT Acie Melvin	COX Annie Lee	Grace 5/10/06 F Chico 2659 & 2659a
PLEASANT Acie Melvin (TN)	COX Annie Lee (TX)	Eureka Lee 9/5/08 F Chico 4226 & 4226a
PLEASANT Avery	BLANK Sarah	blank 8/24/04 F blank 1132 
PLEASANT H.A.	BLANK Sarah	blank 8/4/06 F blank 2811 
PLEASANT Lonnie F. (TN)	ROYAL Effie (TX)	Annie Mae 9/22/21 F Alvord 7476 
PLUMBLEE Charles	BLANK Lucy	blank 8/22/09 M blank 4746 
PLUMBLEE Henry	BUCKINGHAM Patsy	blank 8/18/16 M blank 6459 
PLUMBLEE W.H.	BLANK M.	J.R. 8/15/03 M blank 190 
PLUMLEE J.M.	BLANK L.M.	Geraldine 11/3/06 F blank 2994 
PLUMLEE John Taylor (TX)	NORTHCUTT Jennie Lee (MS)	William Hershel 09/26/95 M Paradise [del. 8743] 
PLUMLEE William Campbell (TX)	BYRD Mintie Lee (LA)	Ruth Naomi 11/19/00 F Decatur [del. 15461] 
PLUNKETT James Thomas (AL)	JOLLY Cordelia Eveline (AL)	William Leonard 11/16/95 M Sunset [del. 11619] 
PLYMELL L.H.	GILES Mary Lola	Patsy Sue 3/21/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10013] 
PLYMELL William (IL)	BARRICK Ermina Jane (IL)	Claude Fuller 12/09/99 M Paradise [del. 21459] 
PLYMELL Willis	BLANK blank	blank 8/18/03 M blank 196 
PLYMELL Willis P (IL)	WALKER Nancy (MS)	Jewel Agnes 01/17/98 M Paradise [del. 36300] 
PLYMER Clancy	BLANK Ethel	blank 3/11/09 M blank 4550 
POINDEXTER John Green (TN)	LYNCH Annie Elizabeth (TX)	John Jay 5/10/08 M Bridgeport 4018 
POLK Pink	(DUTTON) Fannie	Inez 11/4/03 M blank 423 
POLLARD A N (TN)	CLAMPITT Flora (TN)	Ruth 04/13/95 F Slidell [del. 28427] 
POLLARD J.R.	NORVILLE Clara	blank 10/7/32 M Sunset [No Image 10581] 
POLLARD Jimmie Leonard (VA)	TAYLOR Anna Emma (TN)	Albert Franklin 04/16/94 M Decatur [del. 6879] 
POLLEY blank	BLANK Norrell	blank 1/20/06 M blank 2425 
POLLOCK John Kirkman (AR)	TAYLOR Nancy Eva (TX)	Charles Edward 01/29/82 M Decatur [del. 18014] 
POLON Jesse E. (TX)	YANT Sarah Tenny (TX)	Ina May 3/1/22 F Rhome 7552 
POLSON J.E.	BLANK (S.A.)	blank 3/4/07 F blank 3203 
POLSON Lee	NIVENS Mittie	Minnie Lee 12/29/04 F Alvord 1475 & 1475a
POLSON Lee (TN)	NIVENS Mittie (TX)	Mable Maxine 8/6/13 F Alvord 5748 & 5748a
POLSTON Elmore	BLANK blank	Minnie 10/12/04 F blank 1267 
PON Byrom	BLANK Beulah	blank 10/4/05 F blank 2186 
PONDER James M.	SMITH Gertrude	Mary Ruth 8/6/05 F blank 2032 & 2032a
POOL James Dodge (GA)	BANKS Hattie Fay (TX)	Ethel Fay 03/04/01 F Cottondale [del. 5824] 
POOL Jess	BLANK Hollie	Jess 6/13/04 M blank 947 & [delayed July 1950]
POOL Jesse Parks (GA)	WATKINS Hallie Eugenia (TX)	Homer Anthony 11/12/00 M Cottondale [del. 7750] 
POOL Jesse Parks (GA)	WATKINS Hallie Eugenia (TX)	Ila Eugenia 11/25/02 F Cottondale [del. 19352] 
POOL Joe	BLANK blank	blank 8/31/03 F blank 245 
POOL Joseph Henry (GA)	DODD Rosie Mary (TX)	Vida 03/16/98 F Paradise [del. 9133] 
POOL V.W.	BLACK Esther I.	Victor Willis 1/3/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9915] 
POOLE Frank P (TN)	PATTON Lela (TX)	Marie P 10/29/97 F Bridgeport [del. 11486] 
POOLE Frank P (TN)	PATTON Lela Hay (TX)	Cannon P 11/07/99 M Bridgeport [del. 13075] 
POOLE Frank P (TN)	PATTON Lela Hay (TX)	Faye 06/27/02 F Bridgeport [del. 13074] 
POORE J.H.	HODGE Ella	blank 12/24/12 F blank 5616 
POORE Roy Brinkley	DAVIDSON Laura Ola (KS)	Lora Elizabeth 9/1/28 F Bridgeport 9107 & 9107a
POP J.M.	BLANK blank	blank 8/12/10 M blank 5069 
POPE A.L.	BLANK blank	blank 12/5/09 F blank 4867 
POPE blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/15/08 F blank 4186 
POPE Jode (TX)	STEPHENS Edith (TX)	John Philip 9/17/21 M Newark 7471 
POPE Pinkney F.	DUTTON Fannie	Ines 11/17/04 F Briar 1369 & 1369a
POPE Richard (TX)	HARMON Mary Abegill (TX)	Jodie 08/30/82 M Aurora [del. 18416] 
POPE Robert A (TX)	STARK Rhoda Hay (IL)	Maye 02/14/88 F Briar [del. 13375] 
POPE Robert A (TX)	STARK Rhoda May (IL)	Ruth 05/21/89 F Newark [del. 23400] 
POPE Robert A (TX)	STARK Rhoda May (IL)	Robert Pinkney 11/02/97 M Briar [del. 13406] 
POPE Robert Alexander (TX)	STARK Rhoda Hay (IL)	Lillie Beth 06/18/91 F Briar [del. 11488] 
POPE Robert Alexander (TX)	STARK Rhoda May (IL)	Lenora 08/05/86 F Aurora [del. 17060] 
POPE Robert Alexander (TX)	STARK Rhoda May (IL)	Bess Imogene 02/01/00 F Boyd [del. 17059] 
POPE William Thomas	RIGGS Nettie	William Pickney 5/3/27 M Newark 8793 
POPLIN W.C.	BLANK R.E.	blank 10/18/07 M blank 3616 
PORTER Charlie	BLANK blank	blank 11/5/05 M blank 2264 
PORTER Claud (TX)	WOMACK Ruby Lee (TX)	Ola Fay 8/13/09 F Decatur 4733 & 4733a
PORTER Ed F.	SEWELL Laura Bell	Gladys Lucille 6/21/11 F Park Springs 5283 & 5283a
PORTER G.B.	BLANK blank	G.B. 5/3/12 M blank 5514 
PORTER George	BLANK Mary	blank 10/8/09 F blank 4805 
PORTER George	MCENTIRE Maggie	blank 6/10/15 M blank 6119 
PORTER George Baxter (MS)	BELL Fannie T (MS)	James Willard 10/18/89 M Decatur [del. 23013] 
PORTER George Baxter (MS)	BELL Frances (MS)	Snora Tina 05/12/85 F Decatur [del. 24569] 
PORTER Henry	GOODGER Minna	Cherrie Jo 9/13/33 F Paradise [No Image 10887] 
PORTER Henry Sherwood (KY)	LAMER Vivian Agatha (IL)	Lynnell 06/12/99 F Chico [del. 12290] 
PORTER Ira Prentice (MS)	HOPSON Mary Susan (TX)	William Troy 6/7/07 M Decatur 3376 & 3376a
PORTER J.B.	BLANK blank	blank 9/19/03 M blank 294 
PORTER J.B.	BLANK blank	blank 4/20/05 F blank 1756 
PORTER James Culwell (NC)	WALKER Nancy Malinda (MS)	Jammie Carrie 02/19/87 F Decatur [del. 12810] 
PORTER John Francis Findley (MS)	SPAIN Mary Jane (MS)	Ira Printice 06/04/82 M Prentiss Co MS [del. 19432] 
PORTER John Sharp (TN)	READ Virginia Clementine (TX)	Thomas Sharp 12/23/93 M Boyd [del. 13355] 
PORTER John Sharp (TN)	READ Virginia Clementine (TX)	John Read 10/09/95 M Boyd [del. 9170] 
PORTER John Sharp (TN)	SKATES Josie (TX)	Blair Leeper 10/16/84 M Garvin [del. 16850] 
PORTER Levi M.	WALKER Anna	Billie Zerrell 6/26/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10125] 
PORTER Tom	BLANK blank	blank 8/24/08 M blank 4201 
PORTER W.W.	BLANK Lizzie	blank 12/3/05 M blank 2326 
PORTER William Franklin	STEWART Carrie	Fannie Kathleen 9/10/03 F S of Decatur 269 & 0269a
PORTER William Joe (GA)	WATERS Mary Ella (TX)	Fred Carroll 11/15/01 M Alvord [del. 7107] 
PORTER William Joseph (GA)	WATERS Mary Ella (TX)	James Loyd 04/09/92 M Alvord [del. 12217] 
PORTER William Joseph (TX)	WATERS Mary Ella (TX)	Minnie Canvesters 02/17/95 F Alvord [del. 24893] 
PORTER William N.	BLANK blank	blank 3/6/05 M blank 1648 
PORTER William Thomas (MO)	McKAY Laura Ellen (TN)	Frankie Lou 02/12/99 F Park Springs [del. 11367] 
PORTER William Thomas (MO)	McKAY Laura Ellen (TN)	John Hack 12/01/92 M Crafton [del. 6767] 
PORTER William White (TX)	WOOLSEY Laura Jane (IN)	Essie May 07/07/94 F Park Springs [del. 18751] 
PORTER William White (TX)	WOOLSEY Laura Jane (IN)	Ruby Alice 08/15/96 F Park Springs [del. 18752] 
PORTMAN Jerry Vardaman (KY)	SWEENEY Elizabeth Ann (KY)	Carl Richard 10/19/94 M Decatur [del. 18240] 
PORTMAN Jerry Vardaman (KY)	SWEENEY Elizabeth Ann (KY)	Mary Margaret 02/18/00 F Decatur [del. 18241] 
PORTWOOD blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/2/04 M blank 1407 
PORTWOOD blank	BLANK Minnie	blank 5/18/13 M blank 5702 & [delayed 5678]
PORTWOOD Charles Madison (MS)	RUSSELL Madaline (TN)	Carrie Hortense 01/18/91 F Boyd [del. 17847] 
PORTWOOD Ed	BLANK blank	blank 7/21/08 F blank 4143 
PORTWOOD Ed	BLANK blank	blank 7/21/08 F blank 4145 
PORTWOOD Edgar	BLANK Nellie	blank 11/29/06 M blank 3037 
PORTWOOD Fred	BLANK blank	blank 12/22/03 M blank 528 
PORTWOOD Fred	BLANK Mary	blank 8/24/06 F blank 2864 
PORTWOOD J.S.	BLANK L.C.	Ruby J. 1/17/06 F blank 2414 
PORTWOOD James Allen (MS)	TAYLOR Ann (TX)	Kate Lee 09/16/98 F Boyd [del. 4500] 
PORTWOOD James Allen (MS)	TAYLOR Ann (TX)	Enna 08/12/00 F Boyd [del. 4501] 
PORTWOOD James Allen (MS)	TAYLOR Ann (TX)	James Edgar 04/21/02 M Boyd [del. 4502] 
PORTWOOD Levi (AL)	MOORE Rachel (NC)	Mae 02/03/90 F Boyd [del. 11192] 
PORTWOOD Levi (AL)	MOORE Rachel (NC)	Bessie 08/06/93 F Boyd [del. 11051] 
PORTWOOD Marshall Howard (MS)	CASTLES Nannie A (MS)	Wayne Neil 10/02/01 M Boyd [del. 5879] 
PORTWOOD Sidney Lee (TX)	HUELETT Iona Ann (TX)	Ruth 7/13/06 F blank 2762 & 2762a
PORTWOOD Sidney Lee (TX)	HULETT Ion Anne (TX)	Mildred Ann 12/26/02 F Boyd [del. 33082] 
PORTWOOD William Bruce (TX)	PAYNE Hattie (KY)	Thomas Bruce 08/27/93 M Decatur [del. 7679] 
POSEY Lucious Emery (TX)	EVANS Fannie Lee (TX)	Osie Emery 10/15/08 M Rural Wise Co. 4301 & 4301a
POSS John Hames (MS)	SULLIVAN Virginia (MS)	Avola Lula 05/03/89 F Chico [del. 22917] 
POSS William Jasper (GA)	WALKER Nancy Evelyn (AR)	Eunice Ruby 11/06/97 F Newark [del. 20723] 
POSTON Thomas B (TX)	LEWIS Ellen C (TX)	Oliver Ortra 02/03/85 M Greenwood [del. 14679] 
POSTON Thomas B (TX)	LEWIS Ellen C (TX)	Lewis Erastus 07/15/87 M Decatur [del. 11746] 
POTEET George Washington (TN)	HARRIS Winnie (OK)	Andrew Jackson 05/07/90 M Chico [del. 7989] 
POTEET Harry Otis (TX)	MCCLUNG Myrtle E. (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 12/20/21 F Bridgeport 7522 
POTEET J.E.M.	BLANK Allie	(Reba) 2/7/05 F blank 1583 [delayed 29590]
POTEET James Edmond (TX)	CLICK Alice Amanda (TX)	Lucean Hertz 06/10/00 M Chico [del. 3762] 
POTEET James Edmond Monroe (TX)	CLICK Alice Amanda (TX)	Festue Achilles 05/31/92 M Chico [del. 15708] 
POTEET James Edmond Monroe (TX)	CLICK Alice Amanda (TX)	Ewell Vere 10/09/97 M Chico [del. 29651] 
POTEET Lucean Mertz (TX)	ZILES Bertha Lena (TX)	Daisy Dee 10/27/26 F Chico 8699 
POTEET Sam H (TX)	BIARD Harriett Jane (TX)	Barton William 08/30/90 M Chico [del. 23650] 
POTEET T.M.	BLANK blank	blank 3/26/09 F blank 4573 
POTEET Thomas McDonald (KY)	VEAZEY Sallie Cora (AL)	Ernest Haygood 02/25/96 M Boyd 47 & [del. 2534] 
POTEET Thomas McDonald (KY)	VEAZEY Sallie Cora (AL)	Marvin Gladwin 02/06/00 M Rhome 63 & [del. 2570] 
POTEET Thomas McDonald (KY)	VEAZEY Sallie Cora (AL)	Louis Matthews 12/28/02 M Rhome 78 & [del. 2572] 
POTEET Thomas McDonald (KY)	VEOZEY Sallie Cora (AL)	Naomi Alyne 11/27/12 F Rhome 5597 
POTEET Walter	BLANK blank	blank 7/15/06 M blank 2769 
POTTER George Washington (MO)	COOK Nancy Jane (KY)	Goldie Zona 03/04/98 F Rhome [del. 11370] 
POTTER George Washington (MO)	COOK Nancy Jane (KY)	Mable Jewel 06/30/00 F Rhome [del. 15148] 
POTTER H.M.	PITTS Nellie	Venita Nell 10/5/33 F Decatur [No Image 10899] 
POTTER Hozy M. (TX)	PITTS Nellie (TX)	blank 3/4/21 M Decatur 7359 
POTTER Hozy Marvin	PITTS Nellie	Marvin 3/29/28 M Decatur 8983 & 8983a
POTTER Hozy Marvin (TX)	PITTS Nellie (TX)	Mary Thelma 8/16/24 F Decatur 8145 & 8145a
POTTER Jim (KY)	SELVAGE Bessie Florence (TN)	Mary Dane 07/27/01 F Decatur [del. 33664] 
POTTS J.T.	ADKINS A.L.	Naomi Ruth 3/15/33 F blank [No Image 10708] 
POTTS J.T.	BLANK blank	blank 9/17/08 M blank 4251 
POTTS J.T.	POWELL blank	blank 1/28/12 M blank 5449 
POTTS John (TX)	PETTY Lola May (TX)	Alice May 03/19/02 F Greenwood [del. 24722] 
POTTS John H.	BLANK blank	blank 6/14/05 F blank 1890 
POTTS John Henry (TX)	PETTY Lola May (OK)	Anna Ella 08/05/97 F Greenwood [del. 5385] 
POTTS John Henry (TX)	PETTY Lola May (OK)	Ezra Neal 12/26/99 M Greenwood [del. 28454] 
POTTS John Hewey	EAKES Mary Jane	Eva Lena 10/11/03 F Greenwood 360 & 0360a
POTTS Joseph Tatman (KY)	POWELL Lottie (KY)	Lottie Mae 03/24/96 F Decatur [del. 24835] 
POTTS Joseph Tatman (KY)	POWELL Lottie Hay (KY)	Willie Ray 01/11/01 M Decatur [del. 3401] 
POTTS Joseph Tatman (KY)	SMITH Molly Lou (KY)	Joseph Tatman Jr 07/02/92 M Flatwoods [del. 21803] 
POTTS William Guthrie (TN)	CUNDIFF Varina Davis (TX)	Mary Jane 11/05/88 F Decatur [del. 9292] 
POUND Claud William	DAVIS Vera	Clyde Calvin 10/29/26 M Decatur 8703 & 8703a
POUNDS Arthur	TAYLOR Cummie	blank 11/11/31 F Decatur [No Image 10280] 
POUNDS Arthur Thomas (TX)	TAYLOR Cumma Jane (TX)	Tommie Lois 5/17/29 F Paradise 9352 & 9352a
POUNDS James	BLANK blank	blank 12/12/03 F blank 504 
POUNDS Jim	(KING) Hattie	blank 5/1/08 F blank 4001 
POUNDS Jim	KING Hattie Mae	Joe Bailey 1/5/06 M Decatur 2388 & 2388a
POUNDS Lewis K (MO)	WILLIAMS Katherine (MO)	Sterling Price 02/10/77 M Decatur [del. 7751] 
POUNDS Lewis K (MO)	WILLIAMS Katherine (MO)	James Richard 03/18/82 M Decatur [del. 14803] 
POUNDS Louis K (MO)	WILLIAMS Katherine (MO)	Rube K 11/03/79 M Decatur [del. 15861] 
POUNDS Rube	BLANK Elsie	blank 8/11/05 M blank 2044 
POUNDS Rube (TX)	BOWLING Elsie Mae (TX)	Mabel Fay 7/10/08 M Decatur 4127 & 4127a
POUNDS Sherl	BLANK Maud	blank 9/17/07 F blank 3550 
POUNDS Sterling Price (TX)	FRANKLIN Maudie (TX)	Lillie Mae 02/02/02 F Decatur [del. 25164] 
POVINCE Mexie	DAVIS Mary	Billie Dove 4/5/33 F Paradise [No Image 10720] 
POVINCE Zeb Edwin	TIMMS Lillie May	Robert Maxie 5/3/06 M blank 2535 & 2535a
POWELL C.E.	BLANK blank	blank 10/19/09 M blank 4817 
POWELL C.E.	BLANK F.	blank 12/16/03 F blank 512 
POWELL Charles Ezell (TN)	CURRY Fannie Auzalia (TN)	Walter Lafayette 01/28/88 M Greenwood [del. 11193] 
POWELL Charlie Ezell (AL)	CURRY Fannie (AL)	Charles Raymond 10/02/00 M Greenwood [del. 8883] 
POWELL Francis H (TN)	HOWARD Lucy Elizabeth (AL)	Charles Monroe 02/02/96 M Audubon [del. 19303] 
POWELL Guy	MILROY Agnes	John Moreland 3/8/33 M Decatur [No Image 10706] 
POWELL Guy M.	MILROY Agnes	Emily Ruth 8/17/31 F Decatur [No Image 10183] 
POWELL Harvey	RATLIFF Nettie	Harvey Oliver 4/5/06 M Decatur 2592 & 2592a
POWELL Jace (AL)	KEY Minnie Lee (TX)	Emmett Elzy 09/03/00 M Alvord [del. 10908] 
POWELL James	BLANK Ella	blank 3/20/11 M blank 5200 
POWELL Luther Clarence (KY)	WOODRUFF Mary May (AR)	Lucy Alma 11/15/89 F Pella [del. 22204] 
POWELL R.A.	BLANK Kate	blank 8/9/07 M blank 3472 
POWELL Russell Wade (TX)	LOGAN Myrtle Lou (TX)	Nellie Mae 7/27/24 F Crafton 8120 & 8120a
POWELL William "Bill"(TX)	COLLINS May (TX)	William Maurice 10/13/22 M Decatur 7673 & 7673a
POWELL William (TX)	COLLINS Mae (TX)	blank 9/17/21 M Decatur 7470 
POWELL William R.	COLLINS Iva May	Juanita Joyce 3/10/31 F Decatur [No Image 9998] 
POWER D.L.	THOMAS Alice C.	Jesse Thomas 6/9/07 M blank 3378 & 3378a
POWER D.L.	THOMAS Alice Caroline	Electra Cortez 7/9/11 F Bridgeport 5301 & 5301a
POWER Dee	THOMAS Alice	blank 4/15/17 M blank 6168 
POWER John R. (TX)	MITCHUM Della Pearl (MS)	Claudie Bent 9/19/12 F Bridgeport 5577 & 5577a
POWERS D	(THOMAS) Alice	(twin) 6/20/09 M blank 4667 
POWERS D	(THOMAS) Alice	(twin) 6/20/09 M blank 4668 
POWERS D.	(THOMAS) Alice	blank 6/25/06 M blank 2730 
POWERS D.L.	(THOMAS) Alice	blank 4/27/05 M blank 1922 
POWERS Dee	THOMAS Alice	blank 6/27/05 M blank 6609 
POWERS James Alonzo (AL)	HAMILTON Matilda Ann (AL)	James Percy 09/13/85 M Aurora 10 & [del. 2579] 
POWERS James Alonzo (AL)	HAMILTON Matilda Ann (AL)	Nellie Reybourne 02/28/87 F Aurora 13 & [del. 2536] 
POWERS James Alonzo (AL)	HAMILTON Matilda Ann (AL)	Mary Hamilton 11/16/88 F Decatur [del. 11254] 
POWERS Jessie T.	HARRIS R.O.	Peggy Darlene 2/23/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9972] 
POWERS John	MITCHELL Della	blank 11/13/09 F blank 4847 
POWERS John Randolph, Sr.	MITCHUM Della Pearl	John Randolph, Jr. 2/23/11 M blank 5179 & 5179a
POWERS Y.L.	HOWELL Annie P.	blank 3/20/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 10011] 
POYNER Joe P.	YOUNGBLOOD L.P.	Geraldine Angelina 7/14/33 F Greenwood [No Image 10825] 
PRATHER Merit	BLANK Mollie	blank 5/8/06 M blank 2657 
PRAYTOR J.F. (TX)	RHOADS Opal Laroda (OK)	Lena Catherine 11/25/22 F Alvord 7690 
PRENTISS Benjamin Calvin (TN)	GAGE Missouri Ann (MO)	William Eugene 02/26/87 M Decatur [del. 4285] 
PRENTISS Benjamin Calvin (TN)	GAGE Missouri Ann (MO)	Hubert Emery 02/12/89 M Decatur [del. 4286] 
PRESCOTT James	BLANK Minnie	blank 7/28/05 M blank 2007 
PRESCOTT James Madison	CHERRY Minnie Lota	Grady McCoy 9/3/07 M Bridgeport 3517 & 3517a
PRESCOTT James S.	RIGGS Mary Alice	Robert James 11/20/03 M Alvord 456 
PRESCOTT Joseph I. (TX)	RAILBOCK Vergie L. (TX)	blank 4/4/19 F Alvord 7067 
PRESCOTT Whit White (MS)	COOK Mary F (MS)	Hattie lola 11/19/87 F Greenwood [del. 23135] 
PRESCOTT Whit White (MS)	COOK Mary Frances (MS)	Mamie Mabel 03/28/92 F Decatur [del. 25533] 
PRESCOTT Whitt (MS)	COOK Minnie L (MS)	James H 01/28/80 M Decatur [del. 17900] 
PRESKETT Lloyd	LUSK Katie	Bobbie Evandor 1/13/31 M Decatur [No Image 9932] 
PRESKETT Lloyd (TX)	LUSK Kate (OK)	blank 6/14/20 F Decatur 7262 
PRESKETT Lloyd (TX)	LUSK Katie (TX)	Echo Delane 1/20/19 F Decatur 7036 
PRESKETT Loyd, Sr. (TX)	LUSK Katie (TX)	Loyd Jr. 9/27/28 M Decatur 9132 
PRESKETT Polk	GALLOWAY Mary	Lorena 1/30/15 F blank 6024 
PRESKITT Evander Allison (AL)	SHOEMAKER Cora (IN)	Charlie Thomas 12/15/97 M Decatur [del. 11412] 
PRESKITT Hillage Warren (AL)	McINTIRE Rebecca Jane (AL)	George William 09/28/85 M Decatur [del. 20057] 
PRESKITT Lloyd (TX)	LUSK Katie (TX)	blank 5/28/23 F Decatur 7811 
PRESKITT Millage Watkins (AL)	LEE Eugenia (VA)	Ida Frashier 06/09/78 F Decatur [del. 16987] 
PRESKITT Samuel David (AL)	ANDERS Lena Leoti (TX)	Claude Odell 02/12/90 M Decatur [del. 8059] 
PRESLEY James Abner (MS)	TEDDER Della May (TX)	Gene Abidell 6/2/19 F Alvord 7096 
PRESTON George (TX)	BOWMAN Melda Adelle (TX)	William Oscar 07/23/94 M Bridgeport 40 & [del. 2671] 
PREWETT John	BLANK blank	blank 5/8/07 M blank 3333 
PREWITT Charles Marion (TX)	HANLIN Jennie Lodusky (OH)	Haskell 01/15/97 M Alvord [del. 23498] 
PRICE A.D. (TX)	PIERCE Florence (AR)	blank 3/1/21 M Bridgeport 7357 
PRICE Alford David (TX)	PIERCE Florence Lener (AR)	Bertha Reba 9/4/08 F Bridgeport 4227 & 4227a
PRICE Carman	BORDNER Mary	Russell George 7/14/30 M Decatur [No Image 9759] 
PRICE Charles	BLANK Sallie	blank 7/9/10 M blank 5042 
PRICE Duke	BLANK Florence	blank 6/5/15 M blank 6115 
PRICE Duke (KY)	CARTER Eminey (TX)	Martha 09/10/78 F Decatur [del. 17123] 
PRICE George	BLANK Mary	blank 12/10/06 F blank 3050 
PRICE George A (MO)	RICHARDSON Margaret (TN)	Lottie 12/17/99 F Bridgeport [del. 29150] 
PRICE George Allen (MO)	RICHARDSON Margaret Jane (TN)	Ida Hay 02/26/95 F Bridgeport [del. 7325] 
PRICE H.C.	BLANK blank	blank 4/11/08 M blank 3971 
PRICE J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 2/17/13 F blank 5656 
PRICE J.W. (TX)	HALL Nettie (TX)	blank 7/3/18 M Chico 6929 
PRICE James Oscar	WILSON Cordine	James Orville 9/17/15 M Bridgeport 6249 
PRICE John	BLANK blank	blank 9/7/08 F blank 4235 
PRICE John	BLANK blank	blank 7/22/16 F blank 6440 
PRICE John	CAVER Orrie	Jessie Era 11/3/11 F Decatur 5396 & 5396a
PRICE John	CAVERS blank	blank 6/6/14 F blank 5909 
PRICE John	JAMESON Myrtle	blank 9/9/15 M blank 6233 
PRICE John (TX)	JAMESON Myrtle (TX)	Flossie May 7/27/24 F Newark 8119 
PRICE John Lancaster (TN)	BROWN Isabel Jane (AR)	John Allen 09/09/92 M Poolville [del. 23634] 
PRICE John Thomas (MO)	WEISS Cynthia A (AR)	Charles William 04/16/86 M Bridgeport [del. 19882] 
PRICE John Thomas (TX)	WEESE Synthia Ann (TX)	Alford David 02/29/84 M Bridgeport [del. 19001] 
PRICE L.W.	BLANK Maggie	blank 10/22/04 M blank 1293 
PRICE Lafayette W (PA)	HUSER Margaret C (AR)	Bessie Rue 04/13/95 F Izard Co AR [del. 17402] 
PRICE Lafayette W (PA)	MOSER Margaret C (AR)	Otos Erastus 01/09/91 M Izard Co AR [del. 17401] 
PRICE O.E.	DICKEY Ruth	blank 1/1/13 M blank 5624 
PRICE Oscar (TX)	WILSON Cordie (AR)	blank 5/3/25 M Bridgeport 8303 
PRICE Otis E. (AR)	DICKEY Ruth Timmons (TN)	Carney Dayton 12/29/12 M Crafton 5620 
PRICE T.H.	BLANK blank	blank 9/15/04 M blank 1195 
PRICE Thomas H (GA)	DUTTON Sarah F (AL)	John Alexander 09/03/86 M Decatur [del. 23288] 
PRICE Thomas H (GA)	DUTTON Sarah F (AL)	James R 12/29/90 M Opal [del. 23923] 
PRICE Thomas Harris (GA)	DUTTON Sarah Frances (AL)	Alice May 12/05/94 F Decatur [del. 6823] 
PRICE Thomas Harris (GA)	DUTTON Sarah Frances (AL)	Eva Lenah 01/05/01 F Boyd [del. 12091] 
PRICE W.H. (TX)	WHITLEY Minnie (TN)	Elsie Mae 1/1/13 F Boonsville 5623 & [delayed 16339]
PRICE William	BLANK blank	blank 11/4/05 F blank 2261 
PRICE William Columbus (MS)	MEDLEN Florence (TX)	John Vernon 09/10/01 M Bridgeport [del. 9722] 
PRICE William Lafayette (TN)	MOSER Margarete Caldonia (AR)	Mamie Susan 06/25/02 F Chico [del. 23737] 
PRICE Woodford (TX)	BURKS Hollie (TX)	blank 5/31/18 M Bridgeport 6907 
PRICHET Carl	MCGORNN Donna Roma	Meda Vilo 12/29/30 F blank [No Image 9909] 
PRIDDY George Burk (TN)	JONES Mary (TN)	John Otys 12/21/92 M Decatur [del. 11798] 
PRIDDY Roscoe (MS)	JOHNSON Mattie Lou (AL)	Juana Jane 8/23/26 F Decatur 8646 & 8646a
PRIEST John	DIGBY E.	blank 5/20/15 M blank 6099 
PRIEST Oscar	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/07 F blank 3429 
PRIGMORE John L.	BLANK blank	blank 11/14/04 M blank 1360 
PRIGMORE John William (TX)	LOWE Ella (KY)	Moten Paskle 04/23/96 M Decatur [del. 24836] 
PRIGMORE Joseph D (TX)	OWENS Cora (TX)	Leon Owens 05/31/92 M Stony [del. 5604] 
PRINCE Albert 	BLANK Pearl	blank 9/3/08 F blank 4221 
PRINCE Henry Ellis (IL)	CHAMBERS Martha (IN)	Amos Ludlow 08/29/77 M Colse Co IL [del. 9006] 
PRINCE L.V.	SHEROD Bertie	blank 2/24/16 M blank 6372 
PRINCE Tom	BLANK blank	blank 11/3/08 M blank 4328 
PRINCESS blank	BLANK blank	Benita 2/24/05 M blank 1630 
PRINDLE Amos (MI)	BELL Lora Alice (MO)	William Jasper Earl 11/02/00 M Decatur [del. 11339] 
PRINDLE Amos (OH)	JENSON Joanna (MI)	Robert Malcolm 12/23/85 M Decatur [del. 19110] 
PRINDLE Herbert	BLANK Mattie	blank 12/2/05 F blank 2323 
PRINDLE James Allen (TX)	MASON Minnie Elizabeth (TN)	Beulah Hay 05/17/90 F Paradise [del. 21532] 
PRINDLE James Allen (TX)	MASON Minnie Elizabeth (TN)	Ethel Lorena 08/07/91 F Paradise [del. 24560] 
PRINDLE James Allen (TX)	MASON Minnie Elizabeth (TN)	Maggie Eulalia 04/13/00 F Paradise [del. 21530] 
PRINDLE James Allen (TX)	MASON Minnie Elizabeth (TN)	Velma Attie 10/02/01 F Paradise [del. 21531] 
PRINDLE Vernon (TX)	WILLIS Malinda Bettie (TX)	Josie Mae 7/21/06 F Decatur 2782 & [Delay.14730]
PRINGLE William Otis (TX)	McENTIRE Hollie Frances (TX)	Francis Otis 12/09/95 M Decatur [del. 5922] 
PRIVETT Charles	PORTER M.	Chareline 4/29/32 F Decatur [No Image 10420] 
PRIVETT John	KIRBY E.	blank 1/16/17 F blank 6542 
PRIVITT George Simpson (AR)	MERRITT Nellie Susan (TX)	Clyde Embry 03/12/00 M Decatur [del. 6249] 
PRIVITT Hiram David (AR)	HADDOCK Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Hiram Leroy 12/07/91 M Decatur [del. 23549] 
PRIVITT John Thomas (AR)	DENHAN Emma (AR)	Cecil Loyd 10/25/98 M Decatur [del. 12293] 
PRIVITT Samuel Jackson (AR)	MERRITT Anna Belle (IL)	Ethel May 05/24/95 F Decatur [del. 21598] 
PRIVITT Samuel Jackson (AR)	MERRITT Anna Belle (IL)	Glen Merritt 12/24/98 M Decatur [del. 5082] 
PRIVITT Samuel Jackson (AR)	MERRITT Annie Belle (IL)	Claude Moody 05/22/02 M Decatur [del. 27885] 
PROCTER James Henry (KY)	THORP Mary E (TX)	Ogle Ellis 09/30/84 M Chico [del. 19986] 
PROCTER James Henry (KY)	THORP Mary Emma (TX)	Clinton James 11/27/95 M Chico [del. 10691] 
PROCTOR Edgar (MS)	HENDERSON Dora (TX)	James Spencer 01/25/02 M Boyd [del. 13724] 
PROCTOR Frances Marion (SC)	WILSON Mary Asenath (TX)	Etta Lorena 07/16/92 F Alvord [del. 29813] 
PROCTOR Frances Marion (SC)	WILSON Mollie A (TX)	Homer Levering 02/11/95 M Alvord [del. 6571] 
PROCTOR Frances Marion (SC)	WILSON Mollie Asenath (TX)	Audrey Nova 09/23/87 F Alvord [del. 13973] 
PROCTOR Francis Marion (SC)	WILSON Mary Aseneth (TX)	Nellie Estell 02/14/00 F Alvord [del. 31833] 
PROCTOR Francis Marion (SC)	WILSON Mary Aseneth (TX)	Marion Francis 12/13/01 F Alvord [del. 28961] 
PROCTOR James A (KY)	HUNT Mary (KY)	Maud 07/13/76 F Bridgeport [del. 9768] 
PROCTOR John William (OK)	CANTRELL Maggie Elizabeth (TX)	Velma Rosy Lee 09/30/02 F Decatur [del. 15429] 
PROCTOR Nelson	BLANK P.	blank 8/6/03 F blank 165 
PROCTOR O.E. (TX)	STOUT N.M. (TX)	Cora Estelle 5/5/19 F Chico 7079 
PROCTOR Oian	BLANK Maud	blank 10/28/07 M blank 3633 
PROCTOR Orian	BLANK Maud	blank 9/14/05 F blank 2139 
PROCTOR Will	BLANK Hattie	blank 4/4/05 M blank 1714 
PROCTOR William Davis (TX)	BOGGS Hettie Ellen (MO)	John James 04/10/86 M Bridgeport [del. 12139] 
PROVENCE John Marion (TX)	MASE Olga Bathsheba (TX)	Thomas Onie 07/06/02 M Cottondale [del. 8609] 
PROVENCE Thomas M (AL)	LAIRD Mandy (GA)	Zebulon Edwin 01/09/81 M Cottondale [del. 17446] 
PROVINCE Leb	BLANK Emma	blank 6/4/06 M blank 2698 
PRUET Madison F (TX)	GIVENS Mary Dessie (MO)	Henry Dill 10/01/94 M Paradise [del. 12462] 
PRUET Madison Floyd (TX)	GIVENS Mary Dessie (TX)	James Floyd 02/10/86 M Paradise [del. 22158] 
PRUETT Ernest L.	AMYX Wilma	Shirley Ann 10/25/32 F Slidell [No Image 10610] 
PRUETT John Simeon (TX)	SIMMONS Lucinda Annis (AL)	Alee James 11/11/00 M Slidell [del. 13873] 
PRUETT John Simeon (TX)	SUMMERS Lucinda Annis (AL)	Homer Nathaniel 12/25/98 M Slidell [del. 13872] 
PRUETT John Simeon (TX)	SUMMERS Lucinda Annis (AL)	Sarah Bertha 06/28/96 F Slidell [del. 13871] 
PRUETT Lenn	BLANK blank	Betsy Ann 7/19/05 F blank 1974 
PRUETT Lon	BLANK Frances	blank 8/31/08 M blank 4215 
PRUETT Wallie	BLANK Lizy	blank 11/3/07 F blank 3652 
PRUETT William Alfred	HULLETT Ida Bell	Clarence Lensie 7/18/03 M Slidell 124 & 0124a
PRUIETT F.S.	BLANK L.S.	blank 10/21/05 M blank 2231 & [20866 delayed]
PRUITT Aaron (MO)	INMAN Caroline Matilda (MO)	John Thomas 01/07/80 M Boyd [del. 5875] 
PRUITT Alfred	BLANK Ida	blank 9/15/05 F blank 2142 
PRUITT Charles	BLANK Addie	blank 7/17/06 M blank 2773 
PRUITT John	BLANK Egerla	blank 3/31/04 M blank 772 
PRUITT John Thomas (MS)	DAVIS Staffie (AL)	John Thomas 02/08/97 M Cottondale [del. 27895] 
PRUNER L.D.	BROWNFIELD Ida	Edna Ruth 1/1/05 F Greenwood 1478 & 1478a
PRUNER La Doss (TX)	BROWNFIELD Ida (TX)	Jim Ed 10/02/02 M Greenwood [del. 11313] 
PRUNER William (TN)	FORTENBERRY Elizabeth (AR)	Allen J 01/09/76 M Greenwood [del. 12670] 
PRUNTY B.F.	GILL Sarah Frances	Lois Modena 1/22/06 F blank 2433 & 2433a
PRUNTY Bob	BLANK blank	blank 2/11/12 M blank 5462 
PRUNTY John Virgil	DIXON Minnie	Lady Bess 10/1/04 F Boyd 1238 & 1238a
PRUNTY Robert	BLANK Annie	blank 1/3/05 M blank 1485 
PRUNTY Robert H.	PYBAS Annie	Nina Belle 2/22/06 F blank 2517 & 2517a
PRUNTY Robert Homer	PYBAS Anna B.	Frances Eleanor 8/15/03 F Aurora 189 & 0189a
PRUNTY Thomas William (TX)	FULLERTON D'Etta (TN)	Lillian Gertrude 01/21/95 F Boyd [del. 29652] 
PRUNTY Thomas William (TX)	FULLERTON D'Etta (TN)	Juanita 05/06/96 F Rhome [del. 14278] 
PRUNTY Thomas William (TX)	FULLERTON D'Etta (TN)	D'Etta Hortense 10/31/97 F Boyd [del. 29646] 
PRUNTY Thomas William (TX)	FULLERTON D'Etta (TN)	Kitty Lorena 10/24/02 F Boyd [del. 29645] 
PUCKETT Lee B.	LEWIS Mattie L.	blank 10/7/32 F Slidell [No Image 10582] 
PUETT J.A.	PHILLIPS Lanell	Wanda Lorene 9/19/32 F Chico [No Image 10559] 
PUGH R.M.	WRIGHT Cora	blank 4/25/12 F blank 5510 
PUGH Richard Melvin	WRIGHT Cora Ellen	Virginia Elizabeth 7/2/04 F Boonsville 985 & 0985a
PUGH Richard Melvin	WRIGHT Cora Ellen	Alma Rilla 1/19/10 F Boonsville 4915 & 4815a
PUGH Richard Melvin (AR)	WRIGHT Cora Ellen (IL)	Jess Allen 04/21/00 M Boonsville [del. 12669] 
PUGH Richard Melvin (AR)	WRIGHT Cora Ellen (IN)	Lannie Melba 11/11/06 F Boonsville 3013 & 3013a
PUGH William Lesley	BELA Velma	Myrtle Marzell 9/14/15 F Willow Point 6239 
PURCELL C.A. (TX)	SANDS Nora Fere (TX)	Margetta Elizabeth 7/28/08 F Alvord 4155 & 4155a
PURCELL Daniel Webster (IL)	RAGSDALE Margaret Elizabeth (AL)	Bryan 01/06/96 M Alvord [del. 7681] 
PURSER E.N. (AL)	OLIVER Coy (TX)	Flossie Rue 2/10/19 F Decatur 7047 & 7047a
PURSER Emory N.	OLIVER Ida Kay	Essie Fay 6/15/17 F Alvord 6649 & 6649a
PURYEAR Francis Marion (GA)	BROWN Anna Embersetta (GA)	Anna Embry 08/01/91 F Decatur [del. 19671] 
PURYEAR Sam	ROSS Adelia	Lora Louise 1/13/05 F Poolville 1509 & 1509a
PUSTRIDGE John Hilton (AL)	REESE Louis Elizabeth (GA)	Louis Reese 03/06/01 M Floyd Co GA [del. 29888] 
PUTMAN T.J. (Thomas)	(MAGERS) Nellie J.	blank 12/30/06 F blank 3081 
PUTMAN Thomas 	(MAGERS) Nellie J.	Annie Lee 12/28/04 F Alvord 1467 
PUTMAN Thomas J. (GA)	MAGERS Nellie (TX)	Annie Lee 4/26/23 F Alvord 7785 & [delayed 7181]
PUTMAN Tom	MAGERS (Nellie J.)	blank 8/20/12 M blank 5565 
PUTMAN Tom	MAGERS (Nellie J.)	blank 10/20/12 M blank 5585 
PYATT J.B.	BLANK blank	blank 11/6/09 M blank 4841 
PYLES John H (TX)	DRINKARD Virginia Lee (TX)	Zorado Bruce 05/30/96 F Decatur [del. 28764] 
PYLES Jonathan	BLANK Emma	Plato 7/1/05 M blank 1931 
PYLES Samuel Harvey (TX)	PERKINS Atla Jane (IA)	Ruth Mable 04/21/88 F Dan [del. 25445] 
PYLES Samuel Harvey (TX)	PERKINS Atla Jane (IA)	John Marion 06/29/93 M Dan [del. 29054] 
QUAJANO Mata	PENTE Vincente	Mary 3/20/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9630] 
QUALLS Eddie Lafayette	CARLISLE Nancy Sarah Jane	Esther Helen 9/6/11 F blank 5342 & 5342a
QUICK William Crawford (AL)	WILLIAMS Jane (TX)	William Earl 07/10/91 M Decatur [del. 24461] 
QUIJANO Anastacio	LOPEZ Manuela	Frances 3/9/16 F blank 6383 
QUIJANO Anastacio	LOPEZ Marvelae	Martha 1/12/12 F Bridgeport 5441 
QUIJANO Anastacio (Mex)	LOPEZ Manneta (TX)	Rachael 3/31/29 F Bridgeport 9311 & 9311a
QUIJANO Anastacio (Mex)	LOPEZ Manuela (TX)	Pauline 6/29/18 F Bridgeport 6926 
QUILLIN Clarence L.	LOWE Myrtie E.	Alva Charles 1/1/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 9912] 
QUILLMAN J.H. (TX)	BROWN Dora (TX)	blank 7/11/24 F Chico 8097 
QUINN G.A.	BLANK L.A.	blank 4/2/07 M blank 3266 
QUINN Moses (TX)	WOOD Nannie Ella (TX)	John Hall 03/10/97 M Paradise [del. 3977] 
QUINN Moses (TX)	WOOD Nannie Ellen (TX)	Leona 02/22/90 F Paradise [del. 23326] 
QUINN Noses (TX)	WOOD Nannie Ella (TX)	Charles Henry 05/03/85 M Paradise [del. 9067] 
QUINN William	BLANK blank	blank 3/8/10 M blank 4957 
QUISENBERRY C.M.	BLANK One	blank 1/6/08 M blank 3773 
QUISENBERRY Charles Moore (TX)	BAILIFF Alma Maggie (TN)	Knox 07/01/00 M Greenwood [del. 5603] 
QUISENBERRY Foy (TX)	TRUETT Bulah (TX)	Mona Ruth 10/8/28 F Greenwood 9146 
QUISENBERRY Wallace	LAMBERT Jessie	Jo Ann 5/4/33 F Decatur [No Image 10755]