Index of 19,202 Birth Records 
Recorded in Wise County, Texas
1860's - 1930's
Father's Last Names that Start With T-Z
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Data is in Alphabetical order by Father's Name. 
Sorry for the MANY errors in this data.
[We DO NOT have the birth certificates where the number is in [Brackets] 
Most of those were delayed certificates and they were not on the microfilms

LAST NAME Fatherís Name (Place of Birth) | MOTHERís MAIDEN NAME First (POB) | Childís Name DOB Sex POB  Birth Cert #
TABER James William (AR)	WHATLEY Kate (TX)	James Virgil 07/02/95 M Chico [del. 6664] 
TABNER John	BLANK blank	blank 6/31/14 F blank 5922 
TABNER John	BLANK C.	blank 9/13/03 M blank 280 
TABOR Allie (TX)	ROGERS Ida (KS)	Allie May 05/22/00 F Chico [del. 25415] 
TABOR Bonita	VALENTINE Annie	blank 5/2/18 M Boyd 6875 
TABOR E.L.A.	BLANK blank	blank 5/15/04 F blank 885 
TABOR I.N.	BLANK Josie	blank 8/9/04 M blank 1096 
TABOR William (MS)	SUTTON Mary Ella (TX)	Ivanhoe Carrol 08/27/97 M Bridgeport [del. 29013] 
TACKEL Charles	BLANK blank	blank 5/10/10 F blank 4997 
TACKEL Charles Lewis	HARDER Janie Fredie	Albert Lewis 1/12/05 M Decatur 1506 & 1506a
TACKEL Charley (OH)	THOMAS Nora (GA)	Eula Mae 10/21/97 F Bridgeport [del. 23940] 
TACKEL Charley (OH)	THOMAS Nora (GA)	Amanda Viola 10/25/02 F Bridgeport [del. 23939] 
TACKEL Charley (OH)	THOMAS Nora (GA)	Aubrey D. 11/5/06 M Bridgeport 2997 & 2997a
TACKEL Christ (Christopher)	(BLACKBURN) Minnie (Lee)	Albert 8/16/04 M blank 1116 
TACKEL Cris	BLANK Minnie	Eugenia 10/11/09 M blank 4807 
TACKEL D.D.	JOHNSTON O.G.	blank 8/17/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10184] 
TACKEL Frank	(TYRE) Emma	blank 8/3/04 M blank 1077 
TACKEL Frank	(TYRE) Emma	blank 6/11/07 F blank 3383 
TACKEL Fred	BLANK Fannie	blank 7/28/07 M blank 3446 
TACKEL Henry	(HARMON) Emma	blank 11/29/04 F blank 1401 
TACKEL Henry	(HARMON) Emma	blank 1/11/07 M blank 3102 
TACKEL Henry	BLANK blank	blank 8/2/10 M blank 5059 
TACKEL Henry (Germany)	HARMON Emma (IL)	Fritz 02/18/00 M Decatur [del. 24663] 
TACKEL Henry (Germany)	HARMON Emma (TX)	Dellie 06/23/94 F Decatur [del. 28024] 
TACKEL Henry (Germany)	HARMON Emma (TX)	Louise 01/27/98 F Decatur [del. 28203] 
TACKEL Henry (Germany)	HARMON Emma (TX)	Minnie 08/19/02 F Decatur [del. 29583] 
TACKEL Jesse Adolph (TX)	BUTLER Mary Frances (TX)	John Vincent 1/22/29 M Bridgeport 9247 & 9247a
TACKEL John (Germany)	WHITELER Recka (Germany)	Fred 10/27/81 M Bridgeport [del. 23193] 
TACKEL John T (Germany)	WITTLER Fredericka (Germany)	Emma 11/16/87 F Bridgeport [del. 22083] 
TACKEL Oscar F. (TX)	NEEL Alice LaVera (TX)	C.L. 9/18/23 M Bridgeport 7898 
TACKEL William Frederick (Germany)	CLOSE Etha Margaret (IL)	Ruby Melvina 12/03/93 F Bridgeport [del. 5113] 
TADLOCK A.G.	BLANK Delia	blank 10/15/04 M blank 1273 
TADLOCK Albert Gideon (AL)	PERRY Dora Cordelia (MS)	James Walter 05/27/98 M Chico [del. 14696] 
TADLOCK M.M.	BLANK Minnie	blank 3/31/04 M blank 773 
TADLOCK Marcus Marion (KS)	WHATLEY Minnie Ola (TX)	Travis Grady 01/03/98 M Chico [del. 6120] 
TADLOCK Marcus Marion (KS)	WHATLEY Minnie Ola (TX)	Edward Watson 12/18/00 M Chico [del. 6119] 
TAFNER John	BLANK Elanda	blank 12/23/04 M blank 1457 
TAGGARET Sam	BLANK blank	blank 2/23/06 M blank 2521 
TALKINGTON Steve Robert (AR)	WAGGONER Docia Earnestine (TX)	Samuel Jones 04/02/96 M Decatur [del. 7940] 
TALLEY James Benjamin (VA)	BRITTON Virginia Knox (TX)	Herman Aubrey 04/08/96 M Bridgeport [del. 29207] 
TALSEMAN Ben	BLANK Ida	blank 10/14/08 F blank 4300 
TANKERSLEY Clint	BLANK Annie	blank 9/4/06 M blank 2887 
TANKERSLEY Clint	BLANK blank	James 9/12/03 M blank 277 
TANKERSLEY Clint Windfield (AR)	STONE Annie Lee (KY)	Lola Bell 01/19/96 F Decatur [del. 24363] 
TANKERSLEY Clint Winfield (AR)	STONE Annie Lee (KY)	Exa Frances 06/23/90 F Decatur [del. 23732] 
TANKERSLEY John (TN)	WILKERSON Dollie (TN)	Hubert 12/9/25 M Leo 8476 & 8476a
TANKERSLEY John R. (AL)	WILKERSON Dollie (TN)	Helen 3/15/21 F Leo 7369 & 7369a
TANKERSLEY Samuel Green (AR)	FIELDS Frances Kate (MO)	Samuel Green 07/22/92 M Decatur [del. 11833] 
TANNER Joseph (AL)	HINKLE Eliza Bell	Emma Elizabeth 12/04/82 F Decatur [del. 17437] 
TANNIHILL Hesian	BLANK Alice	LeRoy I. 1/20/05 M blank 1521 
TARKINGTON James White (TX)	HARRISON Frances Elizabeth (TX)	Mary Florence 08/27/64 F Decatur [del. 25299] 
TARVEY blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/7/05 M blank 2127 
TATE A.B.	BLANK D.M.	John C. 5/23/07 M blank 3347 
TATE blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/5/06 M blank 2947 [delay. 4932]
TATE E.A. (TX)	STEPHENS Sallie (TX)	Ida Mae 7/17/09 F Paradise 4692 & 4692a
TATE Enos Asbury	STEVENS Sarah Ella	Lillian Ross 7/8/04 F Paradise 1001 & 1001a
TATE Enos Azbury (TX)	STEVENS Sallie Ella (TX)	Azzie Lee 09/09/98 M Paradise [del. 9816] 
TATE Enos Azbury (TX)	STEVENS Sarah Ella (TX)	John Andrew 03/24/00 M Paradise [del. 10025] 
TATE J.A. (TX)	LOCKE Goldie (TX)	Enos R.D. 2/2/24 M Decatur 7992 & 7992a
TATE W.B.	BLANK D.M.	A.B. & D.M. (twins) 10/21/08 F blank 4305 
TATE W.H.	BLANK M.I.	blank 10/27/08 F blank 4318 
TATUM Ernest (TX)	BLANK Lessie (TX)	V.T. 7/16/19 M Decatur 7109 
TATUM George	BLANK M.F.	blank 2/19/04 F blank 673 
TATUM George T (KY)	NOLEN Mary Frances (AL)	Raford L 09/28/94 M Boyd [del. 14473] 
TATUM George T (KY)	NOLEN Mary Frances (AL)	Stella Rose 12/20/96 F Paradise [del. 23294] 
TATUM George T (KY)	NOLEN Mary Francis (AL)	Hass 01/11/89 M Boyd [del. 7091] 
TATUM George Thomas (KY)	NOLEN Mary Francis (AL)	Emmit Kirkland 03/27/01 M Boyd [del. 12373] 
TATUM James	BLANK Ida	blank 11/17/04 M blank 1371 
TATUM James D (TN)	HOLT Mattie (TN)	Pearl May 10/06/95 F Dan [del. 22786] 
TATUM James Dee (TN)	HOLT Mattie Belle (TN)	Thurman 03/06/99 M Decatur [del. 7737] 
TATUM Raford (TX)	BRADFORD Ella (TX)	Theda 7/5/19 F Boyd 7103 
TATUM William Anson	NANCE Emma Matilda	Lula Mazell 9/7/11 F Bridgeport 5344 & 5344a
TATUN Charles Baxter (TN)	MOORE Mary Pearl (TN)	William Clayton 03/01/00 M Chico [del. 7669] 
TATUN Tom J (TN)	LOVE Alveda (TX)	Charley B 01/23/94 M Decatur [del. 7853] 
TAUBER John	BLANK Claude	blank 5/3/09 F blank 4616 
TAYLOR A.A.	BLANK Minnie	Ruby Jewel 5/23/11 F blank 5261 & 5261a
TAYLOR A.A.	YARBROUGH Minnie	blank 3/18/15 F blank 6056 
TAYLOR A.N.	BLANK Lula	blank 3/15/05 blank blank 1671 
TAYLOR Abe A. (TX)	YARBROUGH Minnie (TX)	blank 5/13/21 F Boyd 7392 
TAYLOR Alex A. (TX)	YARBROUGH M.J. (TX)	blank 2/29/24 M Boonsville 8024 
TAYLOR Andrew J. N	POTTER Anna Bell (TN)	Alma 8/12/20 F Boyd 7282 & 7282a
TAYLOR Ashley	PENICK Sylvia	Joseph Cicero 11/19/17 M Allison 6760 & 6760a
TAYLOR Ashley (TX)	PENIX Sylvia (TX)	Wade William 1/10/20 M Decatur 7192 & 7192a
TAYLOR B.W.	BLANK blank	blank 3/4/10 M blank 4951 
TAYLOR Bill (TX)	JENNINGS Emma (TX)	Emmett Jackson 10/10/91 M Decatur [del. 18419] 
TAYLOR blank	BLANK blank	blank 7/29/09 M blank 4708 
TAYLOR Burney	BLANK blank	blank 4/6/07 F blank 3275 
TAYLOR C.	BLANK H.	W. 9/14/03 M blank 286 
TAYLOR Charles	BLANK blank	blank 5/6/08 F blank 4015 
TAYLOR Charles (TX)	ADAMS Mary (TX)	blank 12/14/12 M Decatur 8231 
TAYLOR Charles E.	SAMUELL Grace	blank 7/2/31 blank blank [No Image 10132] 
TAYLOR Daniel Henry (IA)	APPLEWHITE Margaret L (TX)	Charles Winfield 05/16/89 M Paradise [del. 17201] 
TAYLOR David Alex (TN)	HALL Sarah (TN)	David Luke 10/02/90 M Morgan Co TN [del. 10196] 
TAYLOR David Luke (TN)	FULPS Anna Bell (AL)	Mablean 12/11/20 F Boyd 7324 & 7324a
TAYLOR Dick	BLANK blank	blank 11/17/04 F blank 1372 
TAYLOR E.	BLANK blank	blank 11/11/05 M blank 2271 
TAYLOR E.J.	SIDES Renda Tiletha	Lillian Carrlee 6/3/16 F Alvord 6423 & 6423a
TAYLOR Ed	BLANK blank	blank 8/13/04 F blank 1102 
TAYLOR Ed	BLANK blank	blank 7/1/15 M blank 6137 
TAYLOR Ed	RASBERRY Agnes	blank 1/7/16 M blank 6337 
TAYLOR Edd	RASBERRY Agnes	blank 1/2/18 blank Decatur 6781 
TAYLOR Emmett J.	SIDES Renda	Willie Lorene 1/30/28 F Decatur 8929 & 8929a
TAYLOR Emmit Wiley	ROBINSON Amanda Elizabeth	Avil Viola 10/9/16 F Boyd 6486 & 6486a
TAYLOR Ernest Alvin	TATUM Pearl	blank 12/8/17 F Alvord 6768 
TAYLOR Ernest Alvin (TX)	TATUM Pearl (TX)	Tressie Oleta 2/28/13 F Alvord 5659 & 5659a
TAYLOR Floyd D (TN)	WHITE Laura J (TN)	Ruby Ella 09/07/93 F Cottondale [del. 25641] 
TAYLOR Frank Leslie	HUDSON Mary Adaline	Madah Bell 9/12/10 F blank 5093 
TAYLOR Frank Leslie (TX)	HUDGEONS Mary Adaline (TX)	Gladys May 6/1/08 F Park Springs 4064 
TAYLOR Frank P. (TN)	EARP Jennie Sue (TN)	James Richard 7/18/29 M Rhome 9401 
TAYLOR George E. (TX)	STEVENS Susanah Annah (TX)	Verda Elizabeth 4/30/20 F Paradise 7238 
TAYLOR George Elbert (TX)	STEVENS Susannah Elizabeth (TX)	Lou Pearl 09/10/98 F Paradise [del. 15960] 
TAYLOR George Elbert (TX)	STEVENS Susannah Elizabeth (TX)	Mary Vietta 02/17/00 F Paradise [del. 29224] 
TAYLOR George K.	MOONEY Velma M.	Opal Joyce 3/10/31 F Decatur [No Image 10002] 
TAYLOR George K. (TX)	MOONEY Velma Mae (TX)	Juanita Fay 8/24/21 F Decatur 7449 
TAYLOR George K. (TX)	MOONEY Velma Mae (TX)	Frankie Lee 1/24/24 F Decatur 7985 
TAYLOR George Washington (TN)	PENNINGTON Maggie Jane (TX)	Alvin Alvis 01/30/97 M Park Springs [del. 24640] 
TAYLOR George Wiley (AL)	STROUD Martha Jane (AL)	George Kelly 12/30/96 M Boyd [del. 7893] 
TAYLOR George Wiley (AL)	STROUD Mattley Josephine (AL)	Olen Lee 09/08/91 M Lamar Co AL [del. 12943] 
TAYLOR Grover E.	JONES Ida Mae	Claud Winford 5/23/31 M Decatur [No Image 10079] 
TAYLOR H. Edward (TX)	BLANK Mary Ruth (TX)	blank 8/4/24 M Alvord 8132 
TAYLOR H.L.	BLANK blank	blank 10/28/04 M blank 1304 
TAYLOR H.L.	BLANK D.F.	blank 11/2/03 F blank 414 
TAYLOR H.L.	BLANK Dollie	blank 9/7/05 M blank 2125 
TAYLOR Henry Lee (TN)	CRABB Dollie Florence (TX)	Clifford 3/11/08 M Chico 3901 & 3901a
TAYLOR Herbert E. (TX)	COLLINS Mary Ruth (TN)	blank 2/4/22 M Alvord 7544 
TAYLOR Hugh C.	CHOOK Essie	blank 4/14/32 M Chico [No Image 10409] 
TAYLOR Isac	EAKMAN Maudie	Lucille Maxine 7/10/33 F Chico [No Image 10819] 
TAYLOR J. Edward (AL)	HOLLIDAY Alice (AL)	Floyd Bee 11/4/23 M Decatur 7935 & 7935a & 7935b
TAYLOR J.D.	BLANK blank	Dora 8/30/03 F blank 234 
TAYLOR J.D.	BLANK Ellen	blank 9/1/05 M blank 2110 
TAYLOR J.R.	LASTER Grace	Jimmie Oscar 12/17/33 M Decatur [No Image 10964] 
TAYLOR Jack (TX)	O'NEAL Alva (TX)	James O'Neal 10/20/22 M Alvord 7675 
TAYLOR Jack Dameron (TX)	O'NEAL Alva (TX)	June 6/15/25 F Alvord 8341 & 8341a
TAYLOR James (KY)	BRYAN Mollie (TN)	Willie B 11/18/87 F Decatur [del. 22321] 
TAYLOR James Andrew Jackson (TN)	SMITH Mary Eller (TX)	Buddy Elmore 03/06/01 M Decatur [del. 13366] 
TAYLOR James Archie (TN)	TAYLOR Angeline (TX)	Clyde B 09/03/90 M Park Springs [del. 16548] 
TAYLOR James Burley (TX)	WARREN Verda Olive (TX)	Leota 8/9/19 F Crafton 7117 & 7117a
TAYLOR James Edward (AL)	HOLIDAY Agness (AL)	Alice May 04/22/01 F Boyd [del. 29840] 
TAYLOR James Edward (AL)	HOLLIDAY Agnes Tranquilla (AL)	Anna Jewell 5/30/19 F Decatur 7094 & 7094a
TAYLOR James Henry (TX)	BROWN Minnie Myrtle (TX)	Mary Junetter 06/10/87 F Chico [del. 21486] 
TAYLOR James Madison (MO)	WICKER Sarah Elizabeth (MO)	Joseph Alford 10/24/93 M Howel Co MO [del. 24467] 
TAYLOR James W (AL)	BLANK Ada W (AL)	Raymond C 10/07/93 M Boyd [del. 23456] 
TAYLOR James W (AL)	BLANK Ada W (AL)	Roy V 01/10/97 M Boyd [del. 23455] 
TAYLOR James W (AL)	BLANK Ada W (AL)	Cumma Jane 03/21/02 F Aurora [del. 23457] 
TAYLOR James W (KY)	BRYAN Mary (TN)	Jack Damron 11/16/79 M Decatur [del. 11120] 
TAYLOR James W (KY)	BRYAN Mary Catherine (TN)	Dixie 02/07/96 F Decatur [del. 25102] 
TAYLOR Jeff	BLANK Ollie	Floyd Bee 3/9/05 M blank 1661 
TAYLOR Jerry (TN)	CAMPBELL Ola (KY)	Jessie Ruth 12/17/00 F Slidell [del. 8514] 
TAYLOR Jessie Richard (TX)	LASITER Grace (TX)	Lawrence Edward Jo Bailey 10/27/26 M Jo Bailey 8698 
TAYLOR Joe	WATSON Gertrude	Mary Joe 5/20/18 F Slidell 6898 
TAYLOR John	BLANK Arizona	blank 7/25/05 M blank 2000 
TAYLOR John (GA)	FULFORD Mollie (GA)	Lottie 01/10/02 F Decatur [del. 23858] 
TAYLOR John A (TN)	BLANK Angeline (TX)	Viola 11/15/94 F Park Springs [del. 14642] 
TAYLOR John Byron (TX)	JOHNSTON Mary Rosalea (TX)	Eugenia Montez 11/28/94 F Willow Point [del. 28174] 
TAYLOR John Byron (TX)	JOHNSTON Mary Rosalie (TX)	Edd Kirksey 07/13/90 M Willow Point [del. 12173] 
TAYLOR John Daniel	DUNCAN Cora Lizabeth	Ralph Man 9/27/15 M Decatur 6258 & 6258a
TAYLOR John Daniel (KY)	DUNCAN Cora Lizabeth (TX)	Melvin Duncan 12/23/20 M Decatur 7328 & 7328a
TAYLOR John Meritt (MS)	RAY Vannie Irene (TX)	Miller Merritt 05/24/99 M Decatur [del. 4546] 
TAYLOR John Merrit (MS)	RAY Vannie (TX)	Vera Blanch 10/08/95 F Decatur [del. 15539] 
TAYLOR John W.	DUNCAN Cora	blank 2/1/18 F Decatur 6812 
TAYLOR Joseph Cicero (AR)	LACKEY Chester Ann (AR)	Sidney Lee 11/22/95 M Decatur [del. 17152] 
TAYLOR Joseph Henderson (AL)	MOUNTS Ollive May (TX)	Felix Adolph 12/29/93 M Park Springs [del. 13625] 
TAYLOR Leo (TN)	CROWNOVER Ruth (TX)	O.C. 4/26/26 M Boyd 8577 
TAYLOR Leo (TN)	CROWNOVER Ruth (TX)	blank 3/11/29 M Boyd 9290 
TAYLOR Loyd W. (TX)	HUGHES Alma (TX)	Loyd W., Jr. 7/1/22 M Decatur 7624 
TAYLOR Luke	FULPS Annie	Vera Lucille 7/4/17 F Rhome 6652 
TAYLOR Luke (TN)	FULPS Anna (AL)	blank 1/10/24 M Boyd 7976 
TAYLOR Luke (TX)	FULPS Ann Bell (TX)	Opal Inez 7/19/22 F Boyd 7632 & 7632a & 7632b
TAYLOR M.R.	BLANK Nanie Mary	blank 8/10/05 F blank 2042 
TAYLOR Malachi Talbert (TX)	NEWTON Nola Ann (TX)	Chester Talbert 08/13/99 M Chico [del. 4833] 
TAYLOR Malichi Tolbert (TX)	NEWTON Nola Ann (TX)	Jasper Hubert 12/07/01 M Chico [del. 7407] 
TAYLOR Montgomery (AL)	DAVIS Fannie (MS)	Mollie Evergreen 04/07/82 F Paradise [del. 18186] 
TAYLOR Nathaniel Golaspi (TN)	ROAN Sallie Emily (TN)	Ab Nathaniel 12/26/85 M Murry Co TN [del. 20601] 
TAYLOR Newton	PRICE Agnes	Mixy Marie 1/23/33 F Decatur [No Image 10662] 
TAYLOR Newton F.	PRICE Agnes	Annah Lou 3/4/31 F Decatur [No Image 9987] 
TAYLOR Newton P.	PRICE Agnes Gertrude	Newton Price 12/8/27 M Decatur 8893 
TAYLOR Olin Lee	SMITH Effie May	Olin Lee, Jr. 8/2/33 M Rhome [No Image 10843] 
TAYLOR Oliver (AR)	BRANNON Rebecca (TN)	Lucy Flora 08/13/81 F Slidell [del. 17668] 
TAYLOR Pat M.	PETTY Gertie	Peggy 9/27/30 F Decatur [No Image 9831] 
TAYLOR Pink Alexander (TX)	HAYES Sydney Ethel (IL)	Melvin Douglas 4/22/25 M Decatur 8299 & 8299a
TAYLOR R.W.	BLANK Rene	blank 12/18/06 M blank 3063 
TAYLOR Riley Benjamin (AL)	HOGLAND John Ann (TX)	Rosa Louis 03/07/90 F Sunset [del. 23322] 
TAYLOR Robert (TX)	SIMMONS Sally (TX)	Simmons Durwood 5/21/20 M Decatur 7250 
TAYLOR Robert (TX)	SIMMONS Sally (TX)	Peggy Fay 8/30/21 F Decatur 7457 & 7457a
TAYLOR Robert Emmett (KY)	BISHOP Octavia Ellen (VA)	Ora Jane 01/07/91 F Slidell [del. 8730] 
TAYLOR Robert Emmett (KY)	BISHOP Octavia Ellen (VA)	Earl 07/09/92 M Slidell [del. 24185] 
TAYLOR Robert Emmett (KY)	BISHOP Octavia Ellen (VA)	May 12/18/93 F Slidell [del. 12771] 
TAYLOR Robert L.	CARDEN Daisy	Lee Cliff 2/17/11 M Alvord 5176 & 5176a
TAYLOR S P (KY)	WHITLOCK Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Rollins Burham 03/03/02 M Fayette KY [del. 29842] 
TAYLOR S.R. (KY)	TATE Mary Cornelia (VA)	Royce Arnold 11/13/06 M Decatur 3017 & 3017a
TAYLOR Seymour	MOORE Ellen	Seymour, Jr. 7/26/16 M blank 6442 
TAYLOR Silvesta (TN)	DUNLARP Prudy (TX)	blank 9/8/25 M Boyd 8410 
TAYLOR Speed P. (KY)	TATE Carnie (VA)	blank 3/12/23 M Decatur 7737 
TAYLOR Speed Parker (KY)	WHITLOCK Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Newton Pendleton 06/24/92 M Fayette Co KY [del. 29839] 
TAYLOR Sydney (TX)	FOSTER Gertrude (TX)	blank 9/28/19 F Allison 7140 
TAYLOR Sylvester (AL)	PARKER Emma Georgia Ann (TX)	William Slaughter 09/13/90 M Chico [del. 13530] 
TAYLOR T. Silvester	DUNLAP Prudy	Bobbie Jewel 11/24/26 F Boyd 8718 & 8718a
TAYLOR T. Silvester	DUNLAP Prudy	blank 12/18/27 M Boyd 8901 
TAYLOR Thomas Jefferson (AL)	SMITH Mary Jane (AL)	Bertie Lee 10/07/85 F Boyd [del. 19260] 
TAYLOR Thomas L (TN)	TAYLOR Melissa Ann (MS)	Robert Fuller 09/17/84 M Cottondale [del. 15128] 
TAYLOR Thomas L (TN)	TUDOR Melissa Ann (MS)	Edna Essie 02/29/80 F Cottondale [del. 6179] 
TAYLOR Thomas L (TN)	TUDOR Melissa Ann (MS)	Fred L 08/20/87 M Cottondale [del. 6665] 
TAYLOR Timothy Young (AL)	ROGERS Fannie Virginia (TN)	William Milton 10/27/84 M Aurora [del. 13342] 
TAYLOR Verne	HENRY Luila	John Wesley 2/1/30 M Alvord [No Image 9578] 
TAYLOR Vernie	HENRY Lula	Bonnie Marie 10/9/32 F Alvord [No Image 10586] 
TAYLOR Vernie W. (TX)	HENRY Lula Isabell (TX)	Victor Clarence 10/2/21 M Alvord 7483 
TAYLOR Vernie W. (TX)	HENRY Lula Isabell (TX)	Elvis Rex 8/28/26 M Alvord 8653 & 8653a
TAYLOR Vernie Winthrop (TX)	HENRY Lula Isabell (TX)	Vernie Junior 3/1/24 M Alvord 8025 & 8025a
TAYLOR W R (TX)	EDWARDS Minnie E (MS)	William Pierce 11/05/96 M Boyd [del. 23502] 
TAYLOR W.C.	BLANK M.B.	blank 5/15/11 F blank 5247 
TAYLOR W.F.	UTLEY Ivy	blank 8/15/17 F Chico 6676 & [delayed 10276]
TAYLOR W.R.	BLANK A.	Lida 1/31/04 F blank 627 
TAYLOR W.R.	BLANK M.	blank 2/7/04 F blank 640 
TAYLOR W.T. (TX)	UTLY Ivy (TX)	blank 12/15/23 F Chico 7954 
TAYLOR W.W.	WHITLOW Ainer May	Lotella 12/6/04 F Alvord 1421 & 1421a
TAYLOR Wade Clark (AL)	LIPPARD Sarah Lucindy (MS)	Alta Regina 10/11/91 F Decatur [del. 13067] 
TAYLOR Walter R (LA)	BROWN Ada (AR)	Lottie Ada 01/24/98 F Decatur [del. 14190] 
TAYLOR Will	BLANK blank	blank 11/1/08 F blank 4324 
TAYLOR Will	BLANK Isbell	blank 9/27/08 F blank 4269 
TAYLOR William	BLANK blank	blank 3/30/05 F blank 1704 
TAYLOR William (TN)	WOODALL Nancy (TN)	Grover Edward 12/25782 M Decatur [del. 19069] 
TAYLOR William Arthur (IL)	VAN METER Isabel Jane (IL)	Joseph Raymond 08/09/92 M Rhome [del. 14535] 
TAYLOR William Bernard (KY)	HARGETT Ella D. (KY)	Clavin Wright 5/28/08 M Decatur 4058 & [delayed 20821]
TAYLOR William Hop (MO)	FOSTER Annie A (MO)	Herbert Edward 08/30/96 M Alvord [del. 14191] 
TAYLOR William Isaac (AL)	ISOM Jewell (TX)	Roy Donald 1/16/22 M Alvord 7535 
TAYLOR William L (TX)	HAMPTON Mary Isabell (TX)	Willie Effie Electra 03/17/99 F Bridgeport [del. 22976] 
TAYLOR William Monroe (TN)	FRIZZELL Sallie Jane (TN)	Frank Perigan 07/20/96 M Coffee Co TN [del. 20273] 
TAYLOR William Richard (TX)	EDWARDS Minnie Elizabeth (MS)	Jessie Elizabeth 02/01/91 F Boyd [del. 8929] 
TAYLOR William Richard (TX)	EDWARDS Minnie Elizabeth (MS)	Mary James 09/15/94 F Garvin [del. 13305] 
TAYLOR William Thomas	HOLLIS Nancy Maggie	Millie Vester 10/20/03 F Decatur 383 & 0383a
TAYLOR William Thomas (AL)	HOLLIS Maggie (AL)	William Earnest 06/13/00 M Decatur [del. 10155] 
TAYLOR William Thomas (AL)	HOLLIS Nancy Magnolia (AL)	Hubert Garvin 12/30/95 M Keeter [del. 28134] 
TAYLOR William Wesley (AR)	GIBSON Frances Elvira (AR)	Ashley 01/28/80 M Slidell [del. 30770] 
TAYLOR Winthrop Hopson (MO)	FOSTER Annie A (MO)	William Wesley 06/23/81 M Alvord [del. 9762] 
TEAGIJE Oscar Fitzallen (MO)	HOWARD Sarah Ann (MO)	James Monroe 11/01/84 M Wright Co MO [del. 14643] 
TEAGUE Arthur	JONES Hattie	blank 8/31/17 M Bridgeport 6693 
TEAGUE blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/8/05 M blank 2203 
TEAGUE Earl Rodney	KAKER Lillian Margaret	Arthur Lee 6/6/28 M Bridgeport 9027 & 9027a
TEAGUE Earl Rodney	KAKER Lillian Margaret	Charles Earl 5/10/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10432] 
TEAGUE George H.	O'NEAL Lillie May	Maudie Marie 11/21/15 F Decatur 6304 & 6304a
TEAGUE George Washington (MO)	ELLIOTT Jennie (OH)	Henry Irwin 01/07/84 M Rhome [del. 6149] 
TEAGUE J.M.	BLANK blank	blank 8/8/12 F blank 5560 
TEAGUE J.O.	BLANK blank	blank 3/1/11 M blank 5185 
TEAGUE James Monroe	HODGES Lillie Adaline	Calvin Cleo 3/8/28 M Decatur 8967 & 8967a
TEAGUE M.F. (MO)	PROFITT Cordia (NC)	blank 12/4/18 F Decatur 7014 
TEAGUE Oscar (MO)	HOWARD Sallie (MO)	George Harrison 07/12/82 M Wright Co MO [del. 18184] 
TEAGUE Oscar (MO)	HOWARD Sally (MO)	Joseph Walter 08/16/87 M Wright Co MO [del. 13340] 
TEAGUE Rodney E.	KAKER Lillian	Helen Ruth 6/1/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9710] 
TEAGUE Walter	BLANK blank	blank 5/28/13 F blank 5710 
TEAGUE Walter	BLANK Jennie	blank 9/9/08 M blank 4241 
TEAGUE Walter (MO)	SHOATE Erla Jane (TN)	Bell Irene 5/28/13 F Decatur 5709 & 5709a & 5714a
TEAGUE William Arthur	JONES Hattie	Earl Rodney 8/24/07 M Bridgeport 3502 & 3502a
TEAGUE William Arthur (TX)	JONES Hattie (TX)	Myrtle Stella 8/15/12 F Decatur 5564 & 5564a
TEAGUE William Arthur (TX)	JONES Hattie (TX)	Ted 1/16/15 M Bridgeport 6018 & 6018a
TEAGUE William Arthur (TX)	JONES Hattie (TX)	James Arthur 4/8/23 M Bridgeport 7766 & 7766a
TEAL Charles Sim (TX)	LOYD Alta B. (TX)	Margaret 4/26/23 F Rhome 7784 
TEAL J.L.	DRAIN Pearle	June Ruth 6/1/33 F Rhome [No Image 10786] 
TEAL Jessie L.	DRAIN Pearl Opal	Rose Mary 9/21/31 F Rhome [No Image 10231] 
TEDROW Asa Wilson (IL)	KIDD Sarah Tensley (TX)	Elisha Henderson 04/02/87 M Paradise [del. 22084] 
TEDROW William Henry	LOGAN Sarah Alma	Warren Vaughn 3/17/27 M Rhome 8768 
TEETER Liberty G (MO)	GAMES Alice Margaret (IA)	Clyde Albert 09/02/89 M Crafton [del. 4279] 
TEETLE John Marion (TX)	PUGH Dora Eulee (TX)	Exer Esther 06/16/97 F Newark [del. 19056] 
TEPFER George Washington (TN)	REED Peachie Alma (TX)	Sarah B 08/07/01 F Aurora [del. 28570] 
TEPFER Le Roy (TX)	ROBERTS Sarah V. (TN)	Mildred Ruth 3/23/23 F Rhome 7746 
TEPFER Lee Roy (TX)	ROBERTS Sarah V. (TN)	Elton Wayne 10/19/24 M Rhome 8190 
TEPFER Leroy (TX)	ROBERTS Sarah V. (TN)	Mary Joe 12/28/25 F Rhome 8492 
TEPFER Roy (TX)	ROBERTS Sarah (TN)	Marion 1/8/21 M Rhome 7335 
TERRELL B.C. (TX)	FLETCHER Eunice (TX)	blank 4/10/24 F Chico 8046 
TERRELL Brady S.	FLETCHER Eunice	Robert 11/19/31 M Chico [No Image 10288] 
TERRELL Charles Vernon (TX)	MAY Etta (AL)	Tully Vernon 08/14/94 M Decatur [del. 5726] 
TERRELL J.D.	TRAISTER Buena	J.D., Jr. 11/25/27 M Alvord 8880 
TERRELL J.D. (TX)	TRAISTER Beuna V. (TX)	Vera Maurine 7/24/25 F Chico 8369 & 8369a
TERRELL Jacob Preston (TX)	LANIER Sallie Carter (TN)	Gladys Louis 11/12/87 F Decatur [del. 16091] 
TERRELL John James (TX)	SANDERS Jennie J (TX)	Oscar Otis 06/02/89 M Decatur [del. 6122] 
TERRELL John Russell (MS)	LADD Beulah Etta (TN)	Eugene Homer 05/14/01 M Newark [del. 15677] 
TERRELL L.J.	OGLE Frankie	blank 7/11/33 M Chico [No Image 10821] 
TERRELL L.J.	OGLE Frankie	blank 7/11/33 M Chico [No Image 10822] 
TERRELL L.J. (TX)	OGLE Frankie (TX)	Royce Odom 6/1/23 M Chico 7814 & 7814a & 7814b
TERRELL L.L.	BLANK Nora	blank 11/15/04 M blank 1366 
TERRELL L.N.	BLANK E.L.	blank 11/6/11 M blank 5398 
TERRELL Lafayette Philemon (TX)	WATSON Mary Emma (TX)	Drexel Catherine 10/05/90 F Decatur [del. 25028] 
TERRELL Lewis Taylor (TX)	SAUNDERS Lenora Estie (TX)	Meredith Waymon 8/9/06 M Chico 2828 & 2828a
TERRELL Lindsey Lee	MANN Nora Elizabeth	Lindsey Lee, Jr. 10/31/03 M Chico 406 & 0406a
TERRELL Lindsey Lemuel	GLASS Nora Elizabeth	Finis Weldon 6/17/10 M Chico 5026 & 5026a
TERRELL Luther Jerry (TX)	OGLE Francis Refecia (TX)	Mary Frances 11/23/28 F Chico 9183 & 9183a
TERRELL Robert Jackson (TN)	ADAMS Aura Frances (KY)	Brady Chafter 08/10/99 M Chico [del. 6194] 
TERRELL Robert Jerry (TN)	ADAMS Aura Frances (KY)	Lura Mae 05/09/95 F Chico [del. 25478] 
TERRES Isaac	BLANK Emma	blank 10/12/07 F blank 3606 
TERRY A.C.	GOODWIN Nettie	blank 7/29/11 M blank 5312 
TERRY Beverly Edwin	GRAVES Mary Elizabeth	Walter Edwin 12/30/15 M Decatur 6331 & 6331a
TERRY Charles R (NC)	DEPP Allie P (MO)	Bessie Lynn 10/15/00 Decatur [del. 29581] 
TERRY Henry Clay (TN)	GOODWIN Nettie Jane (TX)	Dewey Archie 1/22/14 M Alvord 5824 & 5824a
TERRY J.L.	BLANK U.	blank 9/29/03 F blank 325 
TERRY James (TN)	COLLINS Bell (TN)	Flora Jane 01/08/93 F Chico [del. 15985] 
TERRY James Jefferson	COOK Mamie Jane	J.T. 11/28/16 M Bridgeport 6517 & 6517a
TERRY James Jefferson (TX)	COOK Mamie Jane (TX)	Marie Ethel 6/24/19 F Decatur 7102 & 7102a
TERRY James Levi	MONK Victoria Elizabeth	Neoma Ozella 2/24/05 F Bridgeport 1628 & 1628a
TERRY John Bunion (AL)	DICKENS Susan (AL)	Eliza Cleveland 12/01/84 M Madderson Co FL [del. 19269] 
TERRY John Richard (TN)	SHEWMAKER Mary Florence (TX)	Hubert Columbus 12/29/01 M Alvord [del. 10761] 
TERRY Luther (TN)	MCCAIN Lila (TX)	Minnie Elizabeth 7/22/21 F Rhome 7425 
TERRY Owen	BLANK blank	blank 3/3/11 F blank 5187 
TERRY Owen	BLANK blank	blank 2/22/15 F blank 6039 
TERRY Owen (TN)	GOODWIN Maggie Mae (TX)	Juanita Celeste 2/25/15 M Alvord 6043 & 6043a
TERRY Sherezer Knox (AL)	GRANSTAFF Nannie Lovina (TX)	John Burton 09/19/02 M Briar [del. 8874] 
TERRY W.O.	BLANK M.E.	blank 9/4/07 M blank 3518 
TERRY William Oliver (TN)	CRAB Mattie Cora (TX)	Bessie Bulah 12/21/01 F Alvord [del. 9924] 
TETER John H.	WADDELL N.M.	Peggy Ruth 8/14/32 F Decatur [No Image 10526] 
THARP Edgar Arthur (TX)	CROSS Margueritte Elizabeth (TX)	Clarence Orval 01/21/93 M Alvord [del. 5549] 
THARP Robert A (TN)	HARRISON Mattie (LA)	Bobbie Mildred 01/22/97 F Paradise [del. 13441] 
THATCHER Jack	BLANK blank	blank 5/11/05 F blank 1808 
THATCHER Jack	BLANK blank	blank 9/22/15 M blank 6254 
THATCHER Will Gordon (NY)	PARHAM Martha Jane (MO)	Frank C 11/02/92 M Stony [del. 12490] 
THEDFORD Mack (MS)	GILLEY Sallie (TX)	Charles Pulaski 10/17/83 M Boonsville [del. 19057] 
THEIRMOND Raymond	COLLIN Vera	R.C. 4/24/30 M Alvord [No Image 9670] 
THERSTON W.C. (GA)	HARRISON Nellye Grace (MS)	Nellie Grace 8/12/25 F Decatur 8381 
THETFORD Jay (MS)	JOHNSON Georgia Ellen (TX)	Sallie Jane 10/29/88 F Boonsville [del. 20775] 
THETFORD Jay (MS)	MILLER Georgia Ellen (TX)	Charlie Mack 01/24/86 M Boonsville [del. 20776] 
THETFORD Joseph P (MS)	MILLER Nettie (TX)	Jay Hugh 03/16/93 M Balsora [del. 24468] 
THOMAS (F.W.)	BLANK Allie	blank 6/24/09 F blank 4673 
THOMAS Adam William (TN)	MAJOR Mary Lou (MS)	Lynson Eustace 04/07/97 M Crafton [del. 23977] 
THOMAS Adam William (TN)	MAJOR Mary Lou (MS)	Verne Irene 09/14/98 F Chico [del. 27897] 
THOMAS Adam William (TN)	MAJOR Mary Lou (MS)	Major Albert 04/18/01 M Chico [del. 8557] 
THOMAS Al S.	BLANK blank	blank 5/14/07 F blank 3340 
THOMAS Andrew Jackson (TX)	KINARD Louezar (LA)	Rupert 05/05/87 M Decatur [del. 19070] 
THOMAS C.E.	WILLIAMS Myrtle	Earl Ray 1/3/31 M Decatur [No Image 9916] 
THOMAS C.N.	PANTER Laura Ella	blank 1/29/27 F Bridgeport 8741 
THOMAS George	SMITH Roxie	Annie Elvina 12/5/17 F Boyd 6767 
THOMAS George Washington (TN)	MADDEN Sallie Katherine (TX)	Erwin William 06/11/01 M Crafton [del. 7796] 
THOMAS Halland	BLANK Elen	blank 4/4/06 M blank 2589 
THOMAS Holland	BLANK Ella	blank 2/5/05 M blank 1573 
THOMAS Ike	MCMILLEN Cora	blank 3/7/12 M blank 5480 
THOMAS J.	BLANK F.	blank 2/7/08 F blank 3830 
THOMAS J.E. (MS)	NEWTON Myrtle (TX)	blank 5/30/22 M Decatur 7597 & [delayed 7245]
THOMAS J.H.	BLANK A.D.	blank 1/10/09 F blank 4429 
THOMAS J.W.	NALL R.M.	I.M. 7/18/31 F Paradise [No Image 10152] 
THOMAS James Hanry (TN)	PHILLIPS Addie Winston (TN)	Leo Lester 05/08/95 M Crafton [del. 6188] 
THOMAS James Henry (TN)	PHILLIPS Addie Winston (TN)	Beryle Irene 03/29/99 F Crafton [del. 17389] 
THOMAS Jessie Newton (TX)	KIDDY Cora Isabell (MO)	Leona Eveline 11/13/84 F Decatur [del. 13716] 
THOMAS Jim B. (TN)	WRIGHT Sue (KY)	Vernon Wright 7/4/14 M Alvord 5924 & 5924a & 5924b
THOMAS John	BLANK blank	twin 1/22/05 F blank 1530 
THOMAS John	BLANK blank	twin 1/22/05 M blank 1532 
THOMAS John (MO)	ANDERSON Minerva (MO)	Jennie 03/10/75 F Bridgeport [del. 3781] 
THOMAS John M. (MS)	MCENTIRE Dela (TN)	Hazel Ardella 11/7/18 F Bridgeport 7007 & 7007a
THOMAS John Marcus (MS)	McENTIRE Della (TN)	Velma 08/08/02 F Decatur [del. 11303] 
THOMAS John Simpson (GA)	ROBINSON Mattie (NE)	William Ebbie 10/11/90 M Bridgeport [del. 24204] 
THOMAS John Walker (KY)	ANDERSON Minerva Elizabeth (MO)	Olivia Jane 03/10/75 F Decatur [del. 4435] 
THOMAS Joseph (GA)	TINER Amanda (GA)	Alice Caroline 05/06/82 F Fannin Co GA [del. 16798] 
THOMAS Joseph (GA)	TINER Amanda (GA)	Sarah Jane 11/06/88 F Fanning Co GA [del. 22225] 
THOMAS Joseph (GA)	TYNER Amanda (GA)	Maude Ann 10/25/85 F Fannin Co GA [del. 22466] 
THOMAS Joseph (GA)	TYNER Amanda (GA)	Hattie Electra 06/10/91 F Decatur [del. 22396] 
THOMAS Joseph Edward (AR)	HUDDLESTON Roxie (TX)	Orbie Lewis 03/23/94 M Newark [del. 27912] 
THOMAS K D (KY)	PRIGMORE Maggie (MO)	Glenna 07/31/97 F Decatur [del. 23827] 
THOMAS K D (KY)	PRIGMORE Maggie (MO)	Clyde Bell 09/28/00 F Decatur [del. 22770] 
THOMAS Leo Lester (TX)	SMITH Susie Hunter (TX)	Evelyn Sue 4/9/26 F Alvord 8574 
THOMAS M.	BLANK Mary	blank 3/11/10 M blank 4958 
THOMAS Miles Martin (MS)	BLACKWELL Izora Josephine (TN)	Grover Cleveland 03/20/92 M Decatur [del. 4394] 
THOMAS O.A.	BLANK O.L.	blank 5/6/08 F blank 4014 
THOMAS O.F.	BLANK Annie	blank 8/8/03 M blank 177 
THOMAS Oster A (AR)	WALKER Eula (AL)	Albert Raymond 08/13/02 M Crafton [del. 5597] 
THOMAS R. Ham	WAIKS Odie	Jewel Dean H. 4/26/32 F Decatur [No Image 10417] 
THOMAS S.J. (GA)	THOMPSON Birdie	blank 9/24/29 F Bridgeport 9459 
THOMAS Sam Joseph	THOMPSON Bertie Eldora	Doris June 6/6/27 F Bridgeport 8805 & 8805a
THOMAS Samuel Joseph	THOMPSON Bertie L.	Helen Vaudean 10/4/11 F blank 5378 & 5378a
THOMAS Thom	BLANK May	Stella 10/21/06 F blank 2970 
THOMAS W.J.	BLANK Ivy	blank 12/15/07 M blank 3726 
THOMAS W.L.	BLANK blank	blank 2/21/06 M blank 2514 
THOMAS Wallace (TX)	ROOP Dee (VA)	blank 3/17/19 M Slidell 7062 
THOMAS Will	BLANK Ivy	blank 5/18/06 M blank 2675 
THOMAS Will L.	BLANK Nora	blank 2/24/05 F blank 1624 
THOMAS William Franklin (MS)	LISLIE Mary Alice (AR)	Ruby May 6/6/22 F Decatur 7606 & 7606a
THOMAS Willie Lee (AR)	LEE Jennie (MS)	Rosa Lee 09/13/90 F Nevada Co AR [del. 23697] 
THOMASON Gordon	BLANK Emma	blank 11/6/06 F blank 2998 
THOMASON Lee (AR)	GRIGGSBY Adiline (TX)	James Ewell 11/14/83 M Boonsville [del. 11185] 
THOMASON William Gordon	WAGES Emma	Gordon Randolph 9/26/05 M Decatur 344 & 0344a
THOMPSON A.L.	BLANK O.	blank 6/12/12 M blank 5539 
THOMPSON Andrew J (MO)	HIGGINS Dora E (TX)	Willie Arthur 08/10/85 M Decatur [del. 23813] 
THOMPSON Arthur Logan (TX)	GULLEY Ova Lee (TX)	Virgie Enza 4/10/07 F Willow Point 3281 & 3281a
THOMPSON B.B.	CANTRELL Virginia	Sammie Jack 6/24/33 M Alvord [No Image 10806] 
THOMPSON C.E.	BLANK M.C.	Henry Logan 1/2/05 M blank 1484 
THOMPSON Charles Caldwell (TN)	BEESON Margaret Alice (KY)	Charlie Alice 07/23/84 F Decatur [del. 16396] 
THOMPSON Charles E (TX)	THOMPSON Margaret Elizabeth (TX)	Hazel Elizabeth 08/19/00 F Joplin MO [del. 31083] 
THOMPSON Charlie Eton (AR)	THOMPSON Margaret Elizabeth (TX)	Herschel Emanuel 09/05/95 M Bridgeport [del. 30908] 
THOMPSON Charlie Eton (AR)	THOMPSON Margaret Elizabeth (TX)	Charles Herbert 09/20/97 M Decatur [del. 30828] 
THOMPSON Claude L. (TX)	ALBRITTON Lottie (TX)	Bobbie Ruth 1/12/26 F Decatur 8506 
THOMPSON Clyde Charles (TX)	RUDLOFF Tillie Anna (TX)	Emma Jean 9/20/29 F Decatur 9455 & 9455a
THOMPSON Clyde Coldstone	WHATLEY Dertha M.	Loretta May 6/13/28 blank Dallas 9044 & 9044a
THOMPSON Clyde G.	WHATLEY D.M.	blank 11/15/30 F blank [No Image 9867] 
THOMPSON Darzier W.	GREGG Anna V.	blank 10/23/14 M blank 5979 
THOMPSON David (TX)	GUINN Margaret Mahalla (TX)	David Baty 03/16/88 M Chico [del. 21105] 
THOMPSON Dee	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/04 M blank 1021 
THOMPSON Ed	BLANK Addie	blank 7/26/05 M blank 2002 
THOMPSON Ed	BLANK Addie	blank 1/21/07 F blank 3127 
THOMPSON Eus	BLANK Willie	Cash 11/14/04 M blank 1359 
THOMPSON Evertt	ROACH Bertie	Evertt, Jr. 5/10/33 M Alvord [No Image 10767] 
THOMPSON George M.	BLANK Annie	blank 11/17/05 F blank 2287 
THOMPSON George McClelland (KS)	COUCH John Ann (TX)	Edwin Pinkney 09/11/86 M Alvord [del. 23270] 
THOMPSON George McClelland (KS)	COUCH John Ann (TX)	Bertha Jane 12/16/89 F Alvord [del. 23269] 
THOMPSON George McClelland (KS)	COUCH John Ann (TX)	Willie May 12/31/97 F Alvord [del. 25042] 
THOMPSON H.F.	BLANK blank	blank 1/30/10 M blank 4924 
THOMPSON H.F.	BLANK L.B.	E.D. 6/23/12 F blank 5543 
THOMPSON H.I.	RENFRO Ella	blank 12/1/11 M blank 5416 
THOMPSON H.P.	BLANK Maggie	blank 2/12/08 M blank 3841 
THOMPSON H.T.	BLANK T.B.	Inez Ruby 12/14/04 F blank 1438 
THOMPSON Henry A (MO)	BRIM Georgia A (MO)	Lucy May 05/12/85 F Decatur [del. 22365] 
THOMPSON Homer V. (TX)	WILBORN Jewel Mae (TX)	Homer Virgil 1/20/19 M Alvord 7038 
THOMPSON Ira	BAKER Bettie	Peggy Sue 8/22/33 F Decatur [No Image 10874] 
THOMPSON J.C.	BLANK Violet	blank 9/1/05 F blank 2108 
THOMPSON J.E.	CASH Willie	blank 10/9/16 M blank 6487 
THOMPSON J.N.	NALL R.M.	Marthy Virginia 8/1/33 F Paradise [No Image 10842] 
THOMPSON James E. (TX)	CASH Willie (AL)	Everett Woodrow 6/23/18 M Boyd 6922 & 6922a
THOMPSON James Graves (MO)	NELSON Martha Ann (MO)	William Humphey 03/23/83 M Alvord [del. 8360] 
THOMPSON James Graves (MO)	NELSON Martha Ann (MO)	John Allen 11/20/96 M Alvord [del. 5251] 
THOMPSON James Harvey (MS)	ANDERSON Sally (MS)	Robert Mack 06/16/91 M Smith Co MS [del. 24469] 
THOMPSON Jess (TX)	BONER Christine (TX)	Hellen 11/20/28 F Bridgeport 9179 
THOMPSON Jim Graves (MO)	NELSON Martha Ann (MO)	Artie Missie 05/13/90 F Alvord [del. 31946] 
THOMPSON Joe C (MO)	HARDWICK Mary (TX)	Charles Franklin 05/28/80 M Decatur [del. 4437] 
THOMPSON John	BLANK B.	(Clyde G.) 12/12/03 M blank 503 
THOMPSON John	BLANK B.	blank 4/6/07 M blank 3274 
THOMPSON John Caruthers (AL)	HARKINS Violet (AL)	Tennie 3/23/07 F Newark 3244 & 3244a
THOMPSON John Eldridge	HARRISON Willie Idella	Emma Ione 2/13/05 F Bridgeport 1597 & 1597a
THOMPSON John G.	BLANK M.A.	Lee Obe 7/10/03 M blank 107 & [delayed 7894]
THOMPSON John G.	CATES Evelyn Leona	Geveneth Lee 7/24/32 F Decatur [No Image 10508] 
THOMPSON John Hall (MO)	CAMPBELL Texania (TX)	Dora Docia 09/17/83 F Alvord [del. 6927] 
THOMPSON John Hall (MO)	CAMPBELL Texanna (TX)	William Lafayett 12/31/80 M Decatur [del. 17288] 
THOMPSON John Hall (MO)	CAMPBELL Texanna (TX)	Thomas Elmer 01/23/88 M Alvord [del. 17289] 
THOMPSON John Herman (TX)	WISE Rebecca (TX)	Mulford Moose 03/18/90 M Decatur [del. 12375] 
THOMPSON John William (MO)	WILDER Sarah Artie (KY)	Grover Cleveland 10/17/89 M Decatur [del. 5551] 
THOMPSON John William (MO)	WILDER Sarah Artie (KY)	William Peyton 02/21/97 M Decatur [del. 15455] 
THOMPSON John William (MO)	WILDER Sarah Artie (KY)	John Leonard 10/30/99 M Decatur [del. 15454] 
THOMPSON John William (MO)	WILDER Sarah Artle (KY)	Martha Francis 03/31/93 F Decatur [del. 15836] 
THOMPSON L J (MO)	FLEEMING Ida Lou (TX)	Ida Lucille 03/28/90 F Decatur [del. 23268] 
THOMPSON Leonard J (MO)	FLEEMING Lee Ider (TX)	Jesse Franklin 04/21/94 M Decatur [del. 15928] 
THOMPSON Leonard Jackson (MO)	FLEMING Louida (TX)	Trula Myrtle 02/21/97 F Decatur [del. 29341] 
THOMPSON Louis Oliver (MO)	MURRAY Lee Anna Agnes (MO)	Lola Olive 02/02/00 F Alvord [del. 18129] 
THOMPSON Marion Thomas (KY)	STOKES Belle Zora (TX)	Claude Leslie 04/22/01 M Decatur [del. 11735] 
THOMPSON Nelson Montgomery (NC)	DAVIS Mary Delilah (NC)	Mattie Matilda 08/07/91 F Bridgeport [del. 19696] 
THOMPSON P.	BLANK Maggie	blank 1/4/09 M blank 4424 
THOMPSON P.	SHAW Maggie	blank 8/20/15 M blank 6203 
THOMPSON Purkle Henery	SHAW Maggie Lavern	Verna Celestie 8/16/11 M Alvord 5324 & 5324a
THOMPSON R.M. (MS)	LEWIS Lydia (TX)	Truman Lewis 10/28/29 M Sunset 9492 
THOMPSON Robert Gaston	CLEGG Mattie Pearl	Jerry LaVerne 12/4/09 F Decatur 4864 & 4864a
THOMPSON Sam	BRYAN blank	blank 12/19/09 F blank 4878 
THOMPSON W M (MO)	YOAKUN Mintie N (MO)	Gladys 05/08/96 F Boyd [del. 25186] 
THOMPSON W.N.	BLANK Mary	blank 9/8/08 M blank 4238 
THOMPSON W.O. (TX)	REYNOLDS Ilene (TX)	Owila 12/7/28 F Boyd 9195 
THOMPSON W.T.	BLANK blank	blank 4/22/05 M blank 1765 
THOMPSON Wiley N (TN)	ADAMS Martha (MO)	Emma Elvira 05/16/88 F Boyd [del. 20487] 
THOMPSON William B (GA)	BAKER Ella Penelope (GA)	Homer Virgil 10/15/93 M Alvord [del. 28136] 
THOMPSON William F (MS)	GASTON Mary Alma (MS)	John Guinn 02/26/90 M Decatur [del. 24364] 
THOMPSON William Franklin (MS)	GASTON Mary Alma (MS)	Mary Ella 04/20/88 F Decatur [del. 22226] 
THOMPSON William H.	SANDERS Bertha	Mary Elizabeth 5/26/17 F Alvord 6632 & 6632a
THOMPSON William John (GA)	SMITH Ora Anna (GA)	Jesse Jewel 02/22/02 M Greenwood [del. 5086] 
THOMPSON William Wilson (MO)	CRUTCHFIELD Matilda Francis (AR)	Dellah Hazelton 08/03/81 F Decatur [del. 17965] 
THOMPSON Willie	BLANK Alice	blank 1/22/05 F blank 1529 
THOMPSON Willie	BLANK Alice	blank 1/22/05 F blank 1538 
THOMPSON Willie	CASH Alice	Ourelia Ann 1/7/28 M Boyd 8909 & 8909a
THOMPSON Willis	CASH Mary Alice	Cledith Jewell 4/3/11 F Boyd 5212 & 5212a
THOMPSON Willis (TX)	CASH Mary (AL)	Burns 12/6/18 M Boyd 7015 
THOMPSON Willis (TX)	CASH Mary A. (AL)	Willis, Jr. 1/6/19 M Boyd 7026 
THORELL O.Z.	BRAMMER Dollie	Bulah Maxine 11/9/27 F Rhome 8872 
THORELL O.Z. (TX)	BRAMMER Dollie S. (VA)	Carl August 9/3/18 M Rhome 6966 
THORELL O.Z. (TX)	BRAMMER Dollie S. (VA)	Geneva 11/9/27 F Rhome 7162 
THORN James Emmett	MOTLEY Velvie Equilla	Verma Estelene 12/9/15 F Crafton 6317 & 6317a & 6317b
THORN James Henry (AL)	COBURN Elizabeth Caroline (MS)	Hettye Lou 07/30/95 F Love Co OK [del. 28192] 
THORN James Henry (MS)	COBURN Elizabeth Carolina (MS)	Minnie Lee 12/14/90 F Lee Co MS [del. 17015] 
THORN Marvin	BLANK B.	blank 5/27/09 M blank 4643 
THORN Marvin	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/08 M blank 4134 
THORN Marvin	STOCKTON Berneice	blank 8/30/11 F blank 5332 
THORN Sam	BLANK Mattie	blank 11/28/03 M blank 469 
THORN W.L.	BLANK Maggie	blank 2/3/12 F blank 5455 
THORN W.M. (MS)	STOCKARD Bernice (TX)	blank 8/30/18 F Crafton 6961 
THORN Wilson Huston (TX)	McFADDEN Nancy Jane (TX)	Samuel Aubrey 08/05/00 M Alvord [del. 7941] 
THORNBILL William	FRANKLIN Florida	blank 3/3/13 F blank 5660 
THORNE Quincy	ROSS Ruby	Albert 2/20/15 M blank 6038 & [delayed 5814]
THORNE S.M.	BLANK Mattie	blank 8/4/07 M Greenwood 3463 
THORNE Sam M.	BLANK Mattie A.	blank 2/24/05 M blank 1626 
THORNEBERRY Alfred H (TN)	STINNETT Mary M (TX)	Martha Alice 09/11/01 F Paradise [del. 15359] 
THORNEBERRY E.F.	BLANK F.A.	blank 3/25/06 F blank 2568 
THORNEBERRY John William (TX)	VOWELL Anna Alice (TX)	Walter Louis 03/03/96 M Sunset [del. 28939] 
THORNHILL C.N.	TILLAND Susie	Doris Parnell 4/5/12 F blank 5494 & 5494a
THORNHILL Charles Newton	BLANK Susie	Delma Lessie 1/20/04 F blank 614 
THORNHILL Charles Newton (AR)	GILLILAND Susie (AR)	Truett Eperson 9/1/06 M Boonsville 2879 & 2879a
THORNHILL Charles Newton (AR)	GILLILAND Susie Isabelle (AR)	Doyl Dooley 11/11/99 M Boonsville [del. 32092] 
THORNTON Henry Lee (MS)	PARHAM Melissa Olivia (MS)	Henry Clay 07/09/87 M Lafayette Co MS [del. 11516] 
THORP Claud	(PERKINS) Georgia	blank 8/11/09 F blank 4730 
THORP Claud	PEYT? Effie Elizabeth	Goldie Glenn 8/2/07 M Alvord 3460 & 3460a
THORP James 0 (IL)	RICH Nancy Ellen (IL)	Rhoda Belle 12/22/93 F Chico [del. 28615] 
THORP Ogle (TN)	RICH Nancy Ellen (IL)	Sarah Ellen 10/25/86 F Chico [del. 23778] 
THORP William Thomas (TX)	MORRIS Parthenia Caroline (TX)	Lester 0 08/31/93 M Decatur [del. 27863] 
THORPE J.H. (TX)	CLAYTON B.D. (TX)	blank 8/13/19 F Alvord 7120 
THRESHER Abner Wright (TX)	CHEVES Lillie May (TX)	Edna Bernice 12/28/97 F Willow Point [del. 14537] 
THRESHER E.W.	SMITH Annie May	Patsy June 6/12/30 F Decatur [No Image 9725] 
THRIFT Austin (TX)	WARD Mammie Bell (TX)	blank 6/8/26 F CA 8595 
THURMAN J.L.	WALSER Minnie Louella	Laura Velma 12/6/04 F Alvord 1411 & 1411a
THURMAN M.D.	BLANK Sallie	Ola Ruth 12/25/03 F blank 534 
THURMOND J.L.	BLANK Minnie	blank 9/5/06 F blank 2889 
THURMOND John Faver (GA)	MERRIFIELD Amanda Elizabeth (TX)	Mary Alice 01/24/86 F Rhome [del. 8126] 
THURNOND John Faver (GA)	MERRIFIELD Amanda Elizabeth (TX)	Milam Frank 06/10/94 M Rhome [del. 8123] 
THURNOND John Faver (GA)	MERRIFIELD Amanda Elizabeth (TX)	Joe 10/10/99 M Rhome [del. 8124] 
THURNOND John Faver (GA)	NERRIFIELD Amanda Elizabeth (TX)	John Forrest 08/05/90 M Rhome [del. 8125] 
TIBBETS Louis Eli (TX)	ELLIOTT Octavia (AL)	James Arthur 11/09/84 M Audubon [del. 14110] 
TIBBETS Louis Eli (TX)	ELLIOTT Octavia (AL)	William Sylvester 08/09/87 M Alvord [del. 7854] 
TIBBETS Louis Eli (TX)	ELLIOTT Octavia (AL)	Ernest Lee Grady 12/30/89 M Audubon [del. 14108] 
TIBBETS Louis Eli (TX)	ELLIOTT Octavia (AL)	Tabitha Bell 02/19/92 F Audubon [del. 14109] 
TIBBETS Louis Eli (TX)	ELLIOTT Prescilla Octavia (AL)	Joseph Paschall 07/07/99 M Audubon [del. 12942] 
TIBBETS Martin Van Buren (TN)	BASKET Ella Elizabeth (MS)	Lusenda 12/14/85 F New Hope [del. 9454] 
TIBBETS Willie S. (TX)	BEATTY Audie (TX)	Ernest Weldon 6/2/15 M Audubon 6110 & 6110a & 6110b & 6110c
TIBBETTS Eli	BLANK Octavey	blank 8/6/05 M blank 2029 
TIDWELL G.	BLANK blank	blank 10/10/03 M blank 353 
TIDWELL Gasam Montgomery (AL)	CRAWFORD Louvenda Leonora (TN)	George Crawford 10/18/95 M Paradise [del. 5667] 
TIDWELL Gazzam Montgomery (AL)	CRAWFORD Louvinda Lanora (TN)	Jame Dewit 12/04/98 M Paradise [del. 19477] 
TIDWELL J.J.	BURLSON Ruby	Jeraldine 8/4/33 F Alvord [No Image 10847] 
TIDWELL William Carol (TN)	BROOKS Viola (TN)	Minnie Belle 07/01/91 F Hardin Co TN [del. 23045] 
TIDWELL William Carol (TN)	BROOKS Viola (TN)	Ice May 05/14/93 F Hardin Co TN [del. 23046] 
TILGHMAN Robert Calvin (TX)	TOLAND May (AR)	Dana Louise 9/29/13 F Decatur 5772 & 5772a
TILGHMON Robert	STARNES May	blank 12/20/11 M blank 5427 
TILLMAN Robert	BLANK blank	blank 9/22/08 F blank 4259 
TIMBERG Fred G.	BLANK blank	John 7/20/03 M blank 131 
TIMBERLAKE Peter Foster (TN)	BAKER Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Jennie B 03/05/83 F Decatur [del. 19058] 
TIMBERLAKE Peter Foster (TN)	BAKER Sarah Elizabeth (TN)	Johnnie Ann 09/20/84 F Decatur [del. 15676] 
TIMMONS C.R. (OK)	PELL Mammie E. (TX)	M. Lois 7/18/26 F Alvord 8620 
TIMMONS Commadore A (KY)	CRENSHAW Martha Ann (KY)	Mary Elizabeth 04/10/87 F Decatur [del. 7942] 
TIMMONS Commadore Amplias (KY)	CRENSHAW Martha Ann (KY)	William Robert Alexander 09/30/78 M Decatur [del. 9407] 
TIMMONS Commadore Amplias (KY)	CRENSHAW Martha Ann (KY)	Herbert Norris 06/13/81 M Decatur [del. 9236] 
TIMMONS Commadore Amplias (KY)	CRENSHAW Martha ANN (KY)	Alonzo Lee 04/15/83 M Decatur [del. 9406] 
TIMMONS Cyrus Chulton (KY)	BAGGETT Idella I (GA)	William Albert 08/14/95 M Decatur [del. 5055] 
TIMMS Perry Harrison (GA)	TAYLOR Josie (TX)	Edd 05/12/94 M Cottondale [del. 28637] 
TIMMS Perry Harrison (GA)	TAYLOR Mary Josephine (TX)	Avis Josephine 02/16/01 F Cottondale [del. 25084] 
TIMMS Perry Harrison (NC)	BARNES Mary E (SC)	Isaac Vincent 10/26/81 M Bridgeport [del. 18066] 
TIMS F.H.	BLANK Jo	blank 10/18/03 F blank 378 
TINDLE Samuel A (MO)	SLAGLE Virginia C (MO)	Bertie E 09/30/79 F Decatur [del. 8275] 
TINDLE Samuel A (MO)	SLAGLE Virginia C (MO)	Nellie May 06/10/82 F Decatur [del. 8276] 
TINDLE Samuel A (MO)	SLAGLE Virginia C (MO)	Ollie Lee 08/22/84 F Decatur [del. 8278] 
TINDLE Samuel A (MO)	SLAGLE Virginia C (MO)	Minnie Otie 10/12/89 F Decatur [del. 8279] 
TINDLE Samuel A (MO)	SLAGLE Virginia C (MO)	Walter Marvin 10/22/91 M Decatur [del. 8277] 
TINDLE Samuel Asberry (MO)	SLAGLE Virginia C (MO)	Cora Effie 01/09/88 F Decatur [del. 25300] 
TINNEY George Griffith (AL)	WARD Ann Maria (TN)	Joseph Lloyd 12/20/80 M Bridgeport [del. 17491] 
TINNEY George Griffith (AL)	WARD Ann Maria (TN)	Etna Ona 04/07/91 F Paradise [del. 14791] 
TINNEY George Griffith (AL)	WARD Ann Maria (TN)	Mary Ola 04/07/91 F Paradise [del. 14792] 
TINNEY Joseph Lloyd	CAMPBELL Ada May	Mildred Elizabeth 10/12/09 F Bridgeport 4809 & 4809a & 4809b
TINSLEY Alva (KY)	MILLER Lillie (TX)	Oran Ditson 06/18/93 M Crafton [del. 28121] 
TINSLEY Alva (KY)	MILLER Lillie Elizabeth (TX)	Walter Miller 07/21/90 M Crafton [del. 7506] 
TINSLEY James Lilburn (KY)	BARNES Lorena Geneva (MS)	Irene 12/16/87 F Decatur [del. 21222] 
TINSLEY James Lilburn (KY)	BARNES Lorena Geneva (MS)	Esma 10/18/92 F Boonsville [del. 11655] 
TINSLEY James Lilburn (KY)	BARNES Lorena Geneva (MS)	Ruth 05/21/94 F Boonsville [del. 13717] 
TINSLEY James Lilburn (KY)	BARNES Lorena Geneva (MS)	Royal Lilburn 04/15/96 M Boonsville [del. 10079] 
TINSLEY James Lilburn (KY)	BARNES Lorena Geneva (MS)	Grace 01/13/00 F Boonsville [del. 12411] 
TINSLEY James Lilburn (KY)	BARNES Lorena Geneva (MS)	James Orwin 09/18/02 M Boonsville [del. 8606] 
TINSLEY William Julian (KY)	GAINES Georgia Ann (AR)	Bailey Franklin 12/31/89 M Crafton [del. 18867] 
TINSLEY William Julian (KY)	GAINES Georgia Annie (AR)	Orbie Edwin 08/10/87 M Crafton [del. 20085] 
TINSLEY William Julius (KY)	GAINES Georgie Ann (AR)	Cora Myrtle 07/03/93 F Crafton [del. 28049] 
TIPTON E.E.	BLANK Nora	blank 7/6/03 F blank 94 
TIPTON Elbert Ernest (GA)	BLANK Nora (MO)	Glen Chester 12/19/06 M Park Springs 3065 & 3065a
TIPTON J.E.	GILL Fay	Delores Jane 1/10/30 F Chico [No Image 9554] 
TIPTON J.R.	WARREN Leta	blank 10/19/31 M Chico [No Image 10261] 
TIPTON James Murray (TX)	JONES Jennie (TX)	Jess Edward 07/18/93 M Decatur [del. 8051] 
TIPTON James Thomas (TX)	RIGGS Sallie (TX)	Monroe Leftwich 04/15/93 M Alvord [del. 6744] 
TIREY Stephen William (MO)	STOKES Alice (TX)	John David 07/02/00 M Poolville [del. 7164] 
TIREY Stephen William (MO)	STOKES Nancy Alice (TX)	Nettie Venecie 10/12/92 F Decatur [del. 25119] 
TIREY Stephen William (MO)	STOKES Nancy Alice (TX)	Hettie Anna Ellen 02/16/96 F Boyd [del. 25118] 
TOCQUARD George J. (TX)	CLARK Ruy Ida (TX)	Violet Mae 1/16/19 F Paradise 7033 
TODD J.	BLANK E.M.	A.B. 9/2/03 F blank 250 
TODD J.E.	BLANK E.M.	Lena Leona 11/19/05 F blank 2293 
TODD J.E.	BLANK J.M.	blank 8/3/08 F blank 4164 
TODD J.E. (TX)	BASS Mary E. (TX)	blank 9/15/23 M Bridgeport 7894 
TODD J.F.	BLANK R.M.	Cletus 7/23/03 M blank 136 
TODD J.G.	BLANK blank	blank 11/30/09 M blank 4861 
TODD J.J.	BLANK Lena	W.L. 9/2/05 M blank 2111 
TODD J.J.	BLANK Lena	blank 5/27/12 M blank 5531 
TODD James J (TX)	GUNN Lena (TX)	James Eddie 08/14/02 M Willow Point [del. 14929] 
TODD James J.	GUNN Lena	Jewel Agnes 12/18/03 F Willow Point 519 & 0519a
TODD Louis	BLANK Lillie	blank 12/28/13 F blank 3375 
TODD William Brooks (MO)	WOODS Sarah Catherine (MS)	Thomas 12/19/94 M Sunset [del. 25171] 
TODD William Brooks (MO)	WOODS Sarah Catherine (TX)	Mitchell George 10/24/87 M Park Springs [del. 16090] 
TODD William Brooks (MO)	WOODS Sarah Catherine (TX)	Pearl May 10/23/89 F Park Springs [del. 23978] 
TODD William Brooks (TN)	WOODS Sarah Catherine (TN)	John Samuel 12/29/95 M Chico [del. 10530] 
TOLAND Cleford	MOORE blank	blank 12/28/13 M blank 5807 
TOLMAN Stephen Walter (TX)	BOYNTON Mary (TX)	Oba Rho 01/24/00 M Pella [del. 25004] 
TOLMAN Theadore J (TN)	POTTER Luceta (TN)	Dora Ellen 12/19/82 F Pella [del. 11407] 
TOMEZ Rejino H. (Mex)	LOPEZ Paula (TX)	Carlos Lopez 5/23/15 M Bridgeport 6102 
TOMKIES Charles William (VA)	SCOTT Sarah Viola (LA)	Gertrude Douglass 09/18/80 F Desoto Parish LA [del. 21856] 
TOMLINSON Brazell (TX)	CANTRELL Viola V. (TX)	Billy Jean 8/24/25 M Alvord 8393 
TOMLINSON Royce Budye	CANTRELL Bessie	Benny Joe 5/5/30 M blank [No Image 9679] 
TOMPKINS Leaneder (MO)	COMBS Jannie (MO)	Nora 03/21/87 F Chico [del. 10154] 
TOMPSON H.F.	BLANK L.B.	C.V. 4/27/07 M blank 3317 
TORRES Apalonio Samosana (Mex)	ROSALEZ Teliatas (Mex)	Francisco 6/4/23 M Bridgeport 7816 
TORRES Apolonio Samorana (Mex)	ROSALEZ Felisitas (Mex)	Benito 3/21/21 M Bridgeport 7372 
TORREZ Apolonio (Mex)	PASALOZ Felicitas (Mex)	Maria 4/27/24 F Bridgeport 8056 
TORTON Cleo K.	CRUESE Clara E.	blank 4/4/18 M Newark 6853 
TOWERY J.T.	BLANK blank	blank 2/7/05 F blank 1584 
TOWLES Wilbur B. (TX)	BLANK Laura Elizabeth (TX)	Betty Sue 8/8/25 F Alvord 8375 & 8375a
TOWLES William Barnett (TX)	BUTTERFIELD Emma Picilla (TX)	Wilbur B 04/28/99 M Alvord [del. 6300] 
TOWNSEND Amos William (MO)	GARRISON Rachel Caroline (TN)	Cora Ellen 05/29/85 F Decatur [del. 19270] 
TOWNSEND Eli (MS)	WILKERSON Harriett (MS)	Robert Patrick 09/25/94 M Decatur [del. 6150] 
TOWNSEND Eli Sampson (MS)	WILKINSON Harriett Clementine (MS)	Grace Alice 01/14/93 F Decatur [del. 20602] 
TOWNSEND William	STRASNER Maggie Leona	Margie 7/17/07 F Decatur 3430 & 3430a
TOWSEND H.W.	STRASNER R.	blank 5/27/17 M blank 6634 
TRACKER George R (TX)	BARRICK Mary Alice (IL)	Lela Margie 07/26/97 F Paradise [del. 13715] 
TRACKER William David (TX)	HASH Elizabeth (TN)	Robert Madison 10/24/01 M Park Springs [del. 4275] 
TRAFENSTADT J.A.	BLANK C.	blank 11/2/05 M blank 2256 
TRAFFANSTEDT J.P.	BLANK Chassie	blank 3/17/07 M blank 3228 
TRAFFANSTEDT John Alexander (AL)	LOVE Mary C (AL)	Horace Moston 09/17/95 M Chico [del. 28924] 
TRAGUE Arthur (TX)	JONES Hollie (TX)	blank 3/25/22 M Bridgeport 7564 
TRAISTER Alonzo M. (TX)	NEATHERY Willie F. (TX)	Hazel 3/17/19 F Chico 7061 
TRAISTER C.E.	BLANK Sarah	blank 4/28/08 M blank 3992 
TRAISTER C.E. (Charles)	BLANK S.A. (Sarah)	blank 8/30/06 F (Chico) 2875 
TRAISTER Charles Alva (TX)	WAINER Letha (TX)	Williard Weldon 4/12/23 M Cundiff 7770 
TRAISTER Charles Edwin (MO)	BARTHOLOMEW Sarah Angeleta (MO)	Thomas Augustus 09/04/94 M Chico [del. 6069] 
TRAISTER Charles Edwin (MO)	BARTHOLOMEW Sarah Angilettie (MO)	Elizabeth May 05/01/96 F Chico [del. 23044] 
TRAISTER Medford Alonzo (MO)	HENSLEY Martha Elizabeth (MO)	Nora Ellen 02/08/90 F Chico [del. 21390] 
TRAISTER Medford Alonzo (MO)	HENSLEY Martha Elizabeth (MO)	Dona May 05/04/92 F Chico [del. 21319] 
TRAMMELL B.W.	ALLEN P.M.	Winfred 1/31/28 M Boonsville 8930 
TRAMMELL B.W.	ALLEN P.M.	R.A. 6/26/32 M Boonsville [No Image 10477] 
TRAMMELL B.W. (TX)	ALLEN Pearl M. (TX)	blank 2/22/21 M Boonsville 7351 & [delayed 4496]
TRAMMELL Ben	ALLEN Pearl	blank 8/17/14 F blank 5947 
TRAMMELL Ben	BLANK Pearl	blank 4/6/04 F blank 793 
TRAMMELL Marion (MO)	ALTMAN Emma (TX)	Odie Emerson 12/22/88 M Alvord [del. 22828] 
TRAMMELL Marion (MO)	ALTMAN Emma (TX)	Hettie 03/20/91 F Alvord [del. 16494] 
TRAMMELL Marion (MO)	ALTMAN Emma (TX)	Coy 11/30/96 M Alvord [del. 22829] 
TRAMMELL Marion (MO)	ALTMAN Emma (TX)	Jesse 09/30/98 M Alvord [del. 22827] 
TRAMMELL Marion (MO)	ALTMAN Emma (TX)	Nora Edith 03/06/01 F Alvord [del. 22830] 
TRAMMELL Marion (MO)	ALTMAN Melessa Emma (TX)	Roy 12/29/94 M Alvord [del. 5394] 
TRAMMELL T.B. (AR)	SISK V.J. (TX)	blank 10/8/28 F Boonsville 9147 
TRAMMELL T.R. (TX)	SISK Vena I. (TX)	Ruby E. 3/7/26 F Poolville 8557 
TRANT Vernon	BLANK blank	blank 11/27/33 blank Crafton [No Image 10950] 
TREADAWAY James Alexander (MS)	McCLUNG Eunice Mead (MS)	Lela Rivers 05/26/97 F Newark [del. 21060] 
TRENT C.	BLANK Ima	blank 11/13/08 F blank 4342 
TRIBBLE C.F.	VESS Lillie May	Lillie Fay 5/7/33 F Rhome [No Image 10761] 
TRICE John Thomas (GA)	DYER Elizabeth Frances (TX)	Bettie Pearl 02/24/88 F Decatur [del. 23942] 
TRIPLETT W.R.	BLANK Mary M.	blank 12/3/07 M blank 3710 
TRIPLETT William	BLANK Mary	blank 10/23/05 F blank 2239 
TRIPLETT Wilson Fairchild (IN)	STEWART Nancy Ann Elizabeth (AL)	Myrtle 06/11/94 F Chico [del. 21168] 
TRIPLETT Wilson Fairchild (NC)	STEWART Betty (LA)	Nannie Lou 02/28/88 F Chico [del. 8644] 
TRIPLETT Wilson Fairchild (NC)	STEWART Betty (LA)	Ruby 10/26/01 F Chico [del. 8646] 
TRIPLETT Wilson Fairchild (NC)	STEWART Betty (LA)	Ruth 10/26/01 F Chico [del. 8645] 
TROTTER Andrew Griffin (TX)	WILLIAMSON Agnes Ann (AR)	Andrew Griffin 07/19/97 M Sunset [del. 5406] 
TROTTER Andrew Griffin (TX)	WILLIAMSON Agnes Ann (AR)	Thomas Loyd 12/05/99 M Sunset [del. 5405] 
TROTTER Andrew Griffin (TX)	WILLIAMSON Agnes Ann (AR)	Angelo Delaney 12/10/01 M Sunset [del. 5395] 
TROUT J.L.	BLANK blank	blank 9/15/06 M blank 2908 
TROUT V.D.	BOYETT Willie Lydia	Vermn 5/15/28 F Crafton 9016 
TROUT Vernon Terrell (TX)	BOYETT Willie Lydia (TX)	Christine 8/14/25 F Crafton 8385 & 8385a
TROUT W.D.	BOYETT Willie	Lita May 9/17/30 F blank [No Image 9821] 
TROXELL Ellis C.	TAYLOR K.	William H. 3/13/32 M Rhome [No Image 10389] 
TROXELL Jacob Henry (OH)	MOUNT Serena Jane (IL)	Ellis Clyde 11/19/89 M Rhome [del. 9878] 
TROXELL Jacob Henry (OH)	MOUNT Serena Jane (IL)	Nellie Mount 03/03/94 F Rhome [del. 11080] 
TROXELL Jacob Henry (OH)	MOUNT Serena Jane (IL)	Clarence William 06/15/97 M Rhome [del. 6869] 
TROXELL Jacob Henry (OH)	MOUNT Serena Jane (IL)	Paul Kruger 11/29/99 M Rhome [del. 20455] 
TROXELL Jacob Henry (OH)	MOUNT Serena Jane (IL)	Charlie Cecil 09/29/02 M Rhome [del. 4647] 
TROXELL James	HARRIS blank	blank 5/14/13 M blank 5698 
TROXELL John (Switzerland)	MOSSHART Mary (OH)	Kate 10/12/87 F Rhome [del. 4582] 
TROXELL Joseph Albert (OH)	GARDNER Lena Brooks (TX)	Trula Kate 08/21/98 F Rhome [del. 4604] 
TROXELL Joseph Albert (OH)	GARDNER Lena Brooks (TX)	Sarah Elizabeth 06/20/01 F Decatur [del. 4603] 
TRUITT C. Bryan (TX)	BENTLEY Letha (TX)	Raymond 2/27/26 M Decatur 8547 & 8547a & 8547b
TRUITT Charley	BLANK blank	blank 4/7/05 F blank 1724 
TRUJILLA George	BLANK Carmine	Clara 5/4/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9678] 
TRUMBLE James E. (TX)	ORR Mattie Lou (MS)	Warner 10/29/08 M Bridgeport 2984 
TRUSSELL Andrew J (MS)	JOEL Catherine C (MS)	Chester Aubrey 03/19/95 M Keeter [del. 23979] 
TRUSSELL Andrew Jackson (MS)	JOEL Caroline Catherine (MS)	Archie Robert 09/25/00 M Decatur [del. 12986] 
TRUSSELL Daniel Carson (AL)	WILSON Nancy Ellen (MS)	Hiram Hugh 11/22/86 M Anneville [del. 6666] 
TRUSSELL G.W.	BLANK blank	blank 3/11/11 F blank 5191 
TRUSSELL George Washington (MS)	PAVILLARD Jeanette (TX)	Thelma 09/15/00 F Boyd [del. 8189] 
TRUSSELL George Washington (MS)	SOLOMON Lizzie Omega (TX)	Gladys Wynelle 9/5/23 F Boyd 7886 & 7886a
TRUSSELL John	BLANK Minnie	blank 12/19/04 M blank 1447 
TRUSSELL John Marion (AL)	CASTLES Minnie Octavia (MS)	Zada 04/16/97 F Boyd [del. 19757] 
TRUSSELL John M (MS)	CASTLES Minnie O (MS)	Nada 09/11/99 F Boyd [del. 30329] 
TRUSSELL M.F.	PRUIT Lula	triplet 9/11/11 M blank 5349 
TRUSSELL M.F.	PRUIT Lula	triplet 9/11/11 M blank 5350 
TRUSSELL M.F.	PRUIT Lula	triplet 9/11/11 M blank 5351 
TRUSSELL M.F.T.	BLANK Lula	blank 8/28/06 M blank 2869 
TRUSSELL Mose Franklin (AL)	PRUITT Louisa Katherine (TX)	Goldie 07/29/00 F Boyd [del. 8732] 
TRUSSELL Ralph T.	STOCKTON Ruth O.	Betty Janette 2/5/33 F Decatur [No Image 10675] 
TRUSSELL W.T.	BLANK Lula	blank 1/4/05 M blank 1488 
TRUSSELL William	BLANK M.	blank 11/10/04 F blank 1343 
TUCKER Augustine (AR)	PRUETT Sena Adeline (AL)	Eunice Irene 08/19/00 F Alvord [del. 6806] 
TUCKER Augustine (AR)	PRUETT Senna Adline (AL)	Maud Nell 03/28/92 F Alvord [del. 16831] 
TUCKER Augustine (AR)	PRUITT Sena Adilene (AL)	Marshall Lee 09/07/90 M Alvord [del. 22723] 
TUCKER Augustine (MS)	PRUETT Sena Adaline (AL)	Dee Roy 08/21/98 M Alvord [del. 22941] 
TUCKER Christopher Columbus (IL)	CALLAWAY Manda Woods (TX)	John Henry 09/22/95 M Decatur [del. 25231] 
TUCKER Christopher Columbus (IL)	WOOD Mandy Arogon (TX)	Dora 09/10/88 F Decatur [del. 19678] 
TUCKER Claud	BLANK Annie	blank 10/3/10 M blank 5109 
TUCKER Claud	DONALD Annie Emmie	Lena Wilton 2/17/06 F blank 2498 & 2498a
TUCKER James Coleman	WOODS Virgil Mae	Mary Luvenia 8/8/11 F Decatur 5318 & 5318a
TUCKER Jerry	CECIL blank	blank 9/17/11 F blank 5361 
TUCKER Joe Joseph (TX)	LOVE Laura (TX)	George Christopher 07/20/96 M Decatur [del. 8280] 
TUCKER John Major (TN)	CLAYTON Sarah Amanda (TN)	Walter William 06/15/83 M Springtown 5 &  [del. 2783] 
TUCKER John Major (TN)	CLAYTON Sarah Amanda (TN)	Lela Pearl 04/12/86 M Bridgeport 11 & [del. 2784] 
TUCKER John Major (TN)	CLAYTON Sarah Amanda (TN)	Jesse James 08/28/88 M Bridgeport 18 & [del. 2782] 
TUCKER John Major (TN)	CLAYTON Sarah Amanda (TN)	George Washington 07/26/93 M Bridgeport 32 & [del. 2781] 
TUCKER John Major (TN)	CLAYTON Sarah Amanda (TN)	Conley Carl 12/09/95 M Bridgeport 46 & [del. 2780] 
TUCKER L.C.	JONES Ruby	blank 8/29/27 M Boonsville 8834 
TUCKER Matthew (TN)	HICKMAN Jane (KY)	Hiram 10/23/98 M Decatur [del. 13718] 
TUCKER William Henry (TN)	MINOR Mainie Elizabeth (MO)	William Leonard 05/08/93 M Park Springs [del. 9923] 
TUDOR Robert Stamford (MS)	GILBERT Mary Elizabeth (TN).	Woody Benjamin 07/19/85 M Decatur [del. 11183] 
TULLOS John Riley (TX)	HIMBY Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Richard Willoughby 03/31/89 M Decatur [del. 9405] 
TULLY John Dillard (TX)	CRAFT Minerva Anna (TX)	Morris Craft 04/29/95 M Crafton [del. 22118] 
TUMELTY Phill (Ireland)	MOORE Maggie (Ireland)	Owen 01/24/97 M Decatur [del. 28871] 
TUMELTY Phillip (Ireland)	MOORE Margaret (Ireland)	Margaret Moore 07/24/95 F Decatur [del. 29841] 
TUNNELL James Sanford (TX)	MABRY Mary Francis (TX)	Sanford Bishop 10/06/92 M Bethel [del. 13749] 
TUNNELL M.	BLANK L.	Edison Orvil 1/23/04 F blank 607 
TUNNELL Marvin G.	HAMILTON Lilly	Edison Orvil 11/25/05 M blank 2309 
TUNNELL Marvin Gravis	HAMILTON Lillie West	Pauline Hamilton 8/24/07 F Bridgeport 3501 & 3501a
TUNNELL Marvin Gravis (TX)	HAMILTON Lilly West (MS)	Bert Thomas 09/06/01 M Bridgeport [del. 12704] 
TUNNELL Perry Wesley (AL)	PERRY Sarah Pamelia (TX)	Jesse Ross 07/25/86 M Bridgeport [del. 7797] 
TUNNELL Perry Wesley (AL)	PERRY Sarah Pernelia (TX)	Sanford Perry 03/22/83 M Bridgeport [del. 12209] 
TURMON Willie C.	ALEXANDER Addie	Nettie May 10/8/32 F Boyd [No Image 10584] 
TURNBOW Dan (TN)	NEWTON Georgia Anna (TX)	Roy Nathan 03/04/94 M Bridgeport [del. 11184] 
TURNBOW David Lee (TX)	HOLT Lavina Lou (TX)	Eleather Ellen 06/22/95 F Bridgeport [del. 22785] 
TURNBOW David Leon	HOLT Laura Lou	Clifford Lee 2/9/05 M Bridgeport 1587 & 1587a
TURNBOW Rufus Allen (TN)	GRAHAM Louisa Jane (AR)	Thomas Mancle 08/28/82 M Aurora [del. 4948] 
TURNER Benjamin Roe (IL)	LEWIS Louisa (IL)	Maud Velera 04/09/84 F Crafton [del. 19466] 
TURNER Benjamin Roe (IL)	LEWIS Louisa (IL)	Minnie Mae 04/28/91 F Crafton [del. 26724] 
TURNER C.A.	THORN Annie	Anita 12/10/29 F blank [No Image 9527] 
TURNER Cassie B (IL)	TURNER Nellie Ann (TX)	Bonnie Ralph 12/24/98 F Crafton [del. 18185] 
TURNER Clint A.	THORN Annie	Clinton Durwood 8/29/27 M Crafton 8833 & 8833a
TURNER Dan	BLANK blank	blank 1/1/08 M blank 3755 
TURNER Dave	BLANK May	blank 3/21/04 M blank 749 
TURNER Ernest (TX)	ROBINSON Mae (TX)	blank 9/19/18 F Decatur 6984 
TURNER Frank	BLANK Bell	blank 7/7/06 M blank 2753 
TURNER Frank	BLANK Bell	H.L. 10/1/09 M blank 4794 
TURNER Frank (TX)	HINES Anna Bell (TX)	Lora 6/10/12 F Bridgeport 5538 & 5538a
TURNER Frank (TX)	HINES Anna Belle (TX	William Hines 6/5/14 M Bridgeport 5908 
TURNER Frank (TX)	HINES Anna Belle (TX)	Opal 11/16/07 F Bridgeport 3671 & 3671a
TURNER George Washington (MS)	KEETON Manda Geneva (MS)	Dollie Emma 07/28/93 F Tippah Co MS [del. 24073] 
TURNER Giles Monroe (IL)	GRIFFIS Allie Cowan (TX)	Clint Amon 02/27/97 M Crafton [del. 25016] 
TURNER Henry Webster (TX)	SPEAR Lillie (TX)	Dow 03/22/95 M Alvord [del. 6741] 
TURNER Hode	CARLISLE Kate	Herman Edward 6/5/05 M Crafton 1870 
TURNER Hosa (IL)	CARLISLE Kate (TX)	Velma Maude 10/22/99 F Chico [del. 25103] 
TURNER Hosa (IL)	CARLISLE Kate (TX)	Inez Louel 03/25/02 F Chico [del. 15383] 
TURNER J.D.	BLANK Cora	blank 11/8/08 M blank 4336 
TURNER J.M.	BLANK Allie	G.W. 2/22/04 M blank 677 
TURNER J.R.	GUNTER Lucille	blank 9/12/30 M Chico [No Image 9815] 
TURNER Jiles Monroe (IL)	COWAN Allie (TX)	Rayman Lesley 12/12/05 M Crafton 2350 & 2350a
TURNER Jiles Monroe (IL)	GRIFFIS Allie Cowan (TX)	Orville Linson 04/29/98 M Crafton [del. 5275] 
TURNER Jiles Monroe (IL)	GRIFFIS Allie Cowan (TX)	Leo Theodore 08/25/99 M Crafton [del. 8359] 
TURNER John	BLANK blank	blank 6/12/05 M blank 1884 
TURNER John Blake (TN)	WALKER Mary Catherine (TX)	Guy Jennings 10/01/95 M Decatur [del. 7405] 
TURNER Leo T. (TX)	PHILLIPS Mary	blank 5/5/25 F Crafton 8306 
TURNER Leo T. (TX)	PHILLIPS Mary J. (TX)	Margie Lorece 5/23/25 F Crafton 8321 & 8321a
TURNER M.	BLANK blank	blank 11/2/04 F blank 1321 
TURNER Manson Samuel (MS)	GAY Lula Mae (MS)	Cora Emma 01/15/01 F Alvord [del. 12410] 
TURNER Marton Woodard (TN)	CALLAHAN Mary Nancy (TX)	Oscar James 07/23/01 M Wise Co [del. 9925] 
TURNER R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 10/2/06 F blank 2942 
TURNER Robert L.	BLANK Ella	Elsie M. 5/4/04 F blank 863 
TURNER Thomas Jefferson (GA)	BLOODWORTH Lorena Jane (GA)	Lou Ella 02/15/86 F Decatur [del. 14891] 
TURNER Thomas Pattman (TX)	BYRUM Irene (SC)	Elsie Burton 06/20/94 F Chico [del. 17369] 
TURNER Thomas Pattman (TX)	BYRUM Irene Pet (OK)	Floyd Millard 04/30/02 M Crafton [del. 17950] 
TURNER William Butler (LA)	PASCHALL Rebecca Catherine (KY)	Lillie Eleanor 04/30/86 F Chico [del. 26725] 
TURNER William Butler (LA)	PASCHALL Rebecca Catherine (KY)	David Aston 07/29/95 M Chico [del. 23926] 
TURNER William M.	BLANK C.D.	blank 12/23/04 F blank 1456 
TURNER Woodward	BLANK blank	blank 11/2/04 F blank 1318 
TURPIN A.E.	WILLIAMS Ola	Arnold Edgar 1/29/31 M blank [No Image 9949] 
TURPIN blank	BLANK Nora	blank 2/17/05 M blank 1605 
TURPIN Jesse	HUDSON M.	Jessie Burrell 3/31/32 M Decatur [No Image 10399] 
TURPIN John Newton (AL)	DEMOVILLE Susan Harriet (TX)	Robert Edison 12/17/00 M Boonsville [del. 20386] 
TUTT John	BLANK Dora	blank 9/5/04 F blank 1175 
TWITTY H.	BLANK blank	D.F. 10/5/03 F blank 339 
TYLER Andy (AL)	HINKLE Ella (AL)	James Rufus 03/30/79 M Wise Co [del. 17121] 
TYLER J.T.	RAMSEY Katherine	John Thomas 12/22/33 M Decatur [No Image 10969] 
TYLER John Wesley (IL)	ELLIS Martha Marie (IL)	Barney Gibbs 06/12/87 M Decatur [del. 11408] 
TYRA John	BLANK blank	blank 11/3/09 F blank 4836 
TYRE Charles Edward	ADAMS Callie Jane	Viola 3/28/05 F Decatur 1701 & 1701a
TYRE Charlie (OH)	ADAMS Callie (TN)	Sim Joe 07/01/99 M Decatur [del. 10529] 
TYRE John	BLANK blank	blank 2/16/08 F blank 3847 
TYRE John (TX)	TACKEL Minnie (TX)	Joseph Dewey 7/3/06 M Decatur 2746 & 2746a
TYRE Steve	BLANK Alma	blank 11/5/05 M blank 2262 
TYSON G.W.	BLANK blank	blank 3/5/09 F blank 4539 
TYSON Sam	BLANK Addie	blank 4/16/04 M blank 817 
ULLMAN J.	BLANK blank	blank 2/29/04 F blank 691 
ULLUMS T.	BLANK K.	L.M. 12/15/03 F blank 509 
ULRICH James Charles (MO)	SHORT Alleina (TX)	William Harvey 08/31/94 M Decatur [del. 29066] 
ULRICH Samuel Harvey (TX)	WILLIAMS Rosa Lelar (TX)	William Charley 02/06/99 M Brumlow [del. 10570] 
ULUM William (ND)	McGEE Mary Cathrine (MO)	Estelline 01/01/01 F Alvord [del. 6467] 
ULUM William Marceles (MO)	McGEE Mary Cathrine (MO)	Mabel Lee 01/15/95 F Alvord [del. 19566] 
ULUM William M (MO)	McGEE Mary C (MO)	Charles Orlando 01/22/90 M Alvord [del. 13066] 
ULUN William M (MO)	McGEE Mary C (MO)	Carl William 02/18/98 M Alvord [del. 8729] 
UMPHREY blank	BLANK blank	blank 7/2/06 blank blank 2744 
UNDERWOOD A.W.	BLANK blank	blank 12/2/08 F blank 4368 
UNDERWOOD A.W.	BLANK Fannie	Roy Alvis 7/28/06 M Park Springs 2796 & [delay. 10860]
UNDERWOOD Hugh	BLANK blank	Jarrell Lee 12/30/32 M Poolville [No Image 10647] 
UNDERWOOD John P (KY)	MARTIN Sallie (KY)	Johnnie 09/02/94 F Crafton [del. 33560] 
UNDERWOOD Thomas Alvis (AR)	SMITH Fannie (AR)	Anna Pearl 09/03/01 F Crafton [del. 10645] 
UNDERWOOD William	BLANK M.	blank 10/6/03 M blank 345 
UPTON Joseph R (MO)	LEDBETTER Caroline Melvina (AR)	Pauline Jo 03/15/93 F Boonsville [del. 6541] 
UTLEY Charles Edgar (IL)	SMITH Gussie Mary (AL)	Edgar Wylie 11/04/88 M Chico [del. 11790] 
UTLEY Charles Edgar (IL)	SMITH Mary Augusta (AL)	Olive Syble 03/08/00 F Chico [del. 21430] 
UTLEY Charles Edgar (IN)	SMITH Mary Augusta (AL)	Raymond Walter 07/04/98 M Alvord [del. 14724] 
UTLEY Dewey (TX)	SIMMONS Jennie Bell (TX)	Verna Jewel 7/25/29 F Rhome 9405 
UTLEY Dewey H.	SIMMONS Jennie B.	Lorene Grace 5/14/31 F Alvord [No Image 10072] 
UTLEY James L.	SLIMP Audrey V.	James L. 5/28/33 M Boyd [No Image 10782] 
UTLEY James Monroe	MORROW Elizabeth Alabama	Margaret Ethel 8/11/05 F blank 2043 & 2043a
UTLEY James Monroe (AL)	MORROW Alabama Elizabeth (AL)	Dewey Hobson 05/23/98 M Franklin Co AL [del. 13892] 
UTLEY James W.	SLIMP Audrey Vola	Mary Elizabeth 5/21/31 F Boyd [No Image 10076] 
VALADEZ Geron	BLANK Amie	blank 1/25/08 F blank 3802 
VALADEZ Jaun (Mex)	BLANK Agnes (TX)	Carmen 1/3/20 F Bridgeport 7185 
VALADEZ Juan	LOPEZ Agnes	Isabel 10/3/15 F blank 6265 & 6265a & 6265b
VALAZQUES Manuel	NAJERA Lusita	Guadalupe 12/2/16 F Bridgeport 6520 
VALAZQUES Manuel (Mex)	NOJERA Luseta (Mex)	Refugia 7/4/26 F Bridgeport 8608 
VALENTINE James Lafayette	TENNIE Austalia Pearl	Addie Durell 7/9/09 M Decatur 4687 
VAN DORAN C W (TX)	PERKINS Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Bessie Mae 07/12/97 F Cottondale [del. 29043] 
VAN HUSS James Alexander (TX)	BYERS Sarrah (VA)	Hubbard Buckner 08/18/95 M Bridgeport [del. 7733] 
VAN METER Archibald Abisha (IL)	BRYAN Mary Ellen (IL)	Jennie Belle 08/02/87 F Rhome [del. 12615] 
VAN METER Archie Abisha (IL)	BRYAN Mary Ellen (IL)	Mamie Estell 09/16/85 F Rhome [del. 8048] 
VAN METER Archie Belmont (TX)	SHAW Stella Blanche (TX)	Harold Belmont 12/16/06 M Rhome 3059 & 3059a
VAN METER C J (IL)	AVNENSHIRE Laura Ellen (TX)	Bessie Iva 04/24/97 F Rhome [del. 29421] 
VAN METER Caleb Jackson (IL)	AUVENSHIRE Laura Ellen (MO)	John Caleb 05/27/95 M Rhome [del. 10440] 
VAN METER Caleb Jackson (IL)	AUVENSHIRE Laura Ellen (MO)	James Olin 08/02/99 M Rhome [del. 10441] 
VAN METER Jacob (TX)	WILSON Nancy Ella (AL)	Mamie Grace 11/13/97 F Rhome [del. 14063] 
VAN METER Ray V. (MO)	MCKINNEY Essie (OK)	Raymond Eugene 1/1/22 M Decatur 7529 & 7529a
VANA Edd	BLANK blank	blank 10/1/05 M blank 2176 
VANARSDALL Letcher Ricker (KY)	SALLEE Mary Ellen (KY)	Letcher Lee 04/06/02 M Decatur [del. 9877] 
VANCE Edd	BLANK blank	blank 1/11/10 M blank 4901 
VANCE Edward F (MS)	GUNN Mary (GA)	Minnis May 03/27/92 F Cottondale [del. 7851] 
VANCE Edward Foy	GUNN Mary	Earl Lynne 9/2/03 M Boyd 252 & 0252a & 0252b
VANCE Edward Foy (MS)	GUNN Mary (GA)	Thames Lovelace 04/03/84 M Cottondale [del. 8513] 
VANCE Edward Foy (MS)	GUNN Mary (GA)	John Thomas 04/30/85 M Cottondale [del. 8512] 
VANCE Edward Foy (MS)	GUNN Mary (GA)	Mattie Lenora 09/05/88 F Paradise [del. 33930] 
VANCE Edward Foy (MS)	GUNN Mary (GA)	William Silas 02/14/01 M Paradise [del. 13891] 
VANCE Edward Foy (MS)	GUNN Mary (MS)	Edna Florence 05/28/95 F Boyd [del. 24929] 
VANCE John	BLANK blank	blank 6/20/09 F blank 4666 
VANCE William Jackson (MS)	GUNN Margaret (MS)	Benjamin Franklin 06/02/00 M Boyd [del. 21612] 
VANDIVER Carl (TX)	BIRDWELL blank (TX)	Wanda 11/22/18 F Boyd 7011 
VANDIVER Thomas Ausburn (SC)	ROE Martha Hasseltine (GA)	Jessie Brown 03/28/92 F Greenwood [del. 14503] 
VANHOOSE Joe (TX)	MORTON Minnie (TX)	Minnie 4/22/23 M Bridgeport 7776 
VANHOOSE Tom	BLANK Stella	blank 8/31/03 M blank 239 
VANHOOSE Tom	BLANK Stella	blank 2/15/06 F blank 2492 
VANHUSE Tom	BLANK Stella	blank 7/12/04 F blank 1009 
VANHUSS Tom	BLANK Stella	blank 8/31/03 F blank 238 
VANLANDINGHAM A.G.	BLANK A.	Geraldine 2/4/07 M blank 3156 
VANLANDINGHAM Addison Garland	WHITAKER Anna	Lydia Jewel 10/25/09 F Boonsville 4822 & 4822a & 4822b & 4822c
VANLANDINGHAM F C (MO)	EDWARDS Josephine (TX)	Martha Luther 03/05/81 M Decatur [del. 8469] 
VANLANDINGHAM Flavous Clay (MO)	EDWARDS Melissa Josephine (TX)	Mary Ada 09/26/85 F Decatur [del. 20115] 
VANLANDINGHAM John	MCENTIRE Sallie Beulah	Elinor Alice 8/12/04 F Decatur 1100 & 1100a
VANLANDINGHAM John Wesley (TX)	MCENTIRE Sallie Beulah (TX)	Ruby Nell 5/21/06 F Decatur 2678 & 2678a
VANMETER A.B.	CHARMBERS Alice B.	Archie Winston 7/24/32 M Decatur [No Image 10507] 
VANMETER Abisha Archbald	BRYANT Mary Ellen	Ruth Bryan 12/12/05 F blank 2354 & 2354a
VANMETER Archie Belmont	SHAW Stella Blanche	Merle Marguerite 3/28/04 F Rhome 764 & 0764a
VANMETER Archie Belmont	SHAW Stella Blanche	Sue Ella 2/6/09 F Rhome 4479 & 4479a
VANN James Madison (MS)	McRAE Frances Lorena (MS)	Mattie Lorena 05/24/96 F Desoto Parish LA [del. 19307] 
VANN Preston Brown (AL)	RUSH Annie (AL)	Mattie B 09/13/00 F Boyd [del. 11829] 
VANOVER Melvin (NC)	GRAYBEAL Almyre (NC)	Cora Ethel 04/26/90 F Ash Co NC [del. 23458] 
VANSICKEL Henry (OH)	GRANT Maranda (IL)	William Lee 05/13/79 M Decatur [del. 15984] 
VANZANT O.W.	BLANK Ida B.	L.B. 5/22/06 M blank 2681 
VAQUEZ Vicente (Mexico)	VAQUEZ Crecencia (Mexico)	Marcela 01/16/02 F Bridgeport 71 & [del. 3107] 
VARDELL J.J.	BLANK Nellie	blank 6/2/05 blank blank 1858 
VARGAS Vidae	AVILA Pamfila	Thomas Vargas 3/17/11 F Bridgeport 5197 
VARGAS Vidal (Mex)(died)	POMFELA Avila (Mex)	Anita 5/25/13 F Bridgeport 5706 
VARNER John Grier (NC)	McCONNELL Lelia (NC)	Mary Cornelia 01/20/02 F Decatur [del. 7457] 
VASQUES Frezis	BLANK blank	blank 9/9/04 F blank 1186 
VASQUEZ Andres	BLANK blank	blank 7/11/09 M blank 4688 
VASQUEZ Andres	BLANK Juna	blank 3/18/11 M blank 5198 
VASQUEZ Andres (Mexico)	AVILA Juana (Mexico)	Valentina 02/14/01 F Bridgeport [del. 22550] 
VASQUEZ Andrus	AVILA Juana	Louis 8/19/07 M Bridgeport 3497 
VASQUEZ E.	BLANK M.	Luella 11/25/05 F blank 2304 
VASQUEZ Gregorio (Mexico)	AVILA Isabel (Mexico)	Sofia 12/20/01 M Bridgeport [del. 21014] 
VASQUEZ Grigaris	BLANK Isabell	blank 12/19/07 M blank 3734 
VASQUEZ Sam	BLANK Malta	blank 4/5/11 F blank 5215 
VASQUEZ Severa	HUDO Julia M.	blank 2/22/28 F Bridgeport 8953 
VASQUEZ Severa	MARTINEZ Julia	Severa 7/28/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9773] 
VASSAR Nestar Samuel (KY)	CASH Kate (TX)	Noel Gustavis 09/21/93 M Alvord [del. 11689] 
VASTINE Edward Lee (PA)	DACUS Hazzie (MS)	Jennie Bell 02/12/00 F Bridgeport [del. 9279] 
VASTINE Edward Lee (PA)	DACUS Hazzie (MS)	Minnie Lee 06/11/02 F Boyd [del. 6662] 
VASTINE Walter Clifton (TX)	SMITH Annie (TX)	Tom May 4/22/07 F Decatur 3303 & 3303a
VAUGHAN Wille Edd (TX)	JAMESON Mary A. (TX)	Herman W. 3/12/25 M Slidell 8276 & 8276a
VAUGHAN William F (TN)	STAPLETON Mary Eliza (TN)	William Henry 10/19/93 M Alvord [del. 13784] 
VAUGHAN William Franklin (TN)	STAPLETON Mary Eliza (TN)	Jo Fay 05/03/88 F Alvord [del. 8049] 
VAUGHAN William Franklin (TN)	STAPLETON Mary Eliza (TN)	Quanah Cue 09/21/91 F Alvord [del. 8050] 
VAUGHN Albert Hawkins	COOK Sallie	Sam Farris 3/24/06 M Greenwood 2567 & 2567a
VAUGHN Charlie R.	SHORT Martha W.	Fannie Margaret 11/5/33 F Decatur [No Image 10925] 
VAUGHN Clarence M. (AR)	LANDERS Opal (TX)	Edward Ray 9/8/26 M Slidell 8659 
VAUGHN G.H.	BLANK blank	blank 9/26/03 M blank 316 
VAUGHN George Howard (GA)	LANGSTON Mantle (GA)	George Clinton 07/31/00 M Greenwood [del. 15892] 
VAUGHN J.L.	BLANK Mede	blank 8/6/03 F blank 162 
VAUGHN Milton Pearl (MO)	RAY Helen Lula (TX)	Irene Lyda 03/28/95 F Bridgeport [del. 18322] 
VAUGHN W.D.	CARAWAY Floye	Jessie Carlyle 1/29/33 M Alvord [No Image 10668] 
VAUGHN William Henderson (TX)	SNYDER Mary Liddy (TX)	William Dallas 01/27/98 M Bridgeport [del. 25172] 
VAUGHN William S.	CARAWAY Floye	Bobby Gene 2/23/31 M Decatur [No Image 9973] 
VAUGHT C.M.	BLANK R.L.	blank 10/30/04 F blank 1312 
VAZQUEZ Pepe (Mex)	CARRIZALES Petra (Mex)	Aureliano 3/4/19 M Thurber 7054 
VEACH Johnnie Harrison (KY)	ROMAN Louisa Jane (TN)	Jesse Critton 06/21/97 M Bridgeport [del. 28251] 
VEACH Lewis	(SCROGGINS) Louisa	blank 8/2/09 F blank 4715 
VEACH Lewis	SCROGGINS Elizabeth	Harold Allen 10/6/17 M Alvord 6727 
VEACH Lewis	SCROGGINS Louisa	Ellie 10/18/11 F Alvord 5384 & 5384a
VEACH Lewis	SCROGGINS Louisa	blank 9/6/15 F blank 6229 
VEACH Lewis Grover (TX)	BRASHER Maudie Lee (MS)	Lorena May 6/27/25 F Alvord 8346 & 8346a
VEACH Louis	SCROGGINS Louisa	blank 4/28/13 M blank 5686 
VEAL Acy Edwin	ZUSPANN Beulah Florence	Houston Lee Lewis 3/2/18 M Bridgeport 6839 & 6839a
VEAL Ed	 Beulah	blank (Faye Lavell) 5/3/07 F blank 3325 
VEAL G.C.	MCCLARY Julia	blank (Anna Mae) 3/17/17 F Chico 6580 
VEAL G.C.	MCCLARY Julia	Billie Don 11/23/32 M Greenwood [No Image 10631] 
VEAL James Tolbert (TX)	PORTER Florence Elizabeth (AL)	Layleth Anne 02/07/00 F Decatur [del. 21310] 
VEAL John	BLANK Jennie	blank 7/20/07 M blank 3435 
VEAL John	BLANK Sallie	blank 5/30/10 M blank 5010 
VEAL John T.	BLANK blank	blank 6/9/04 F blank 935 
VEAL Lee	ABERNATHY Josie	Billy Jim 11/18/26 M Decatur 8713 & 8713a (Lee Veal here is the same as the one with Pearl Bell Boydston.  Josie was his 2nd wife.)
VEAL Lee	BLANK P.	blank (Viola L.) 1/15/09 F blank 4443 ((Joseph) Lee Veal and Pearl Bell Boydston were married in Aug. 25, 1907 in Wise County) 
VEAL W.A.	(LOCKE) Daisy	blank (Willie Thelma) 9/27/04 F blank 1230 
VEAL Will	(LOCKE) Daisy	blank (Walter Grady) 5/30/06 M blank 2693 
VEAL Will	LOCKE (Daisy)	blank (Greely Earl) 3/15/13 F blank 5667 
VEAL William Alexander (TX)	LOCKE Daisy Dean (TX)	Mary Elsie 5/21/08 F Paradise 4035 & 4035a
VELAZQUES Manuel (Mex)	NAJERA Lusita (Mex)	Carmel 11/26/20 F Bridgeport 7317 
VELAZQUES Manuel (Mex)	NAJERA Lusita (Mex)	Jovita 2/15/23 F Bridgeport 7724 
VELAZQUES Manuel (Mex)	NAJERA Lusita (Mex)	Juana 6/24/24 F Bridgeport 8084 
VERMILLION Francis Marion (MO)	CECIL Joanna (TX)	Viola 10/01/82 F Greenwood [del. 20625] 
VERMILLION Francis Marion (MO)	CECIL Joanna (TX)	Maude Mae 10/24/84 F Decatur [del. 19567] 
VERMILLION Francis Marion (MO)	CECIL Joanna (TX)	Frankie 09/22/90 F Greenwood [del. 21815] 
VERMILLION Francis Marion (MO)	CECIL Joanna (TX)	Verner Carroll 06/30/97 M Greenwood [del. 29135] 
VERMILLION Francis Marion (MO)	CECIL Joanna (TX)	Willie Alice 06/20/99 F Greenwood [del. 21657] 
VERMILLION Francis Marion (MO)	CECIL Joanna (TX)	Mollie Laura 02/28/02 F Greenwood [del. 21658] 
VERMILLION Francis Marion (MO)	CECIL Joanne (TX)	Ruby Rodie 06/13/92 F Greenwood [del. 28571] 
VERNER Arthur F. (TX)	ARRINGTON Essie May (TX)	Joseph Charles 2/8/26 M Decatur 8536 
VERNER C.F.	WRIGHT Jessie	Donald Beryl 8/3/30 M Chico [No Image 9779] 
VERNER John (TX)	GARRETT Mayette (TX)	Bessie V 04/26/02 F Bridgeport [del. 23779] 
VERNER John Henry (TX)	GIBSON Martha (TX)	Pearl May 09/02/90 F Boonsville [del. 25232] 
VERNER John Henry (TX)	GIBSON Mattie Lee (TX)	Charles Franklin 09/29/95 M Chico [del. 20858] 
VERNON William Leroy (TN)	OSBORN Martha Jane (TN)	Mary Elizabeth 08/22/83 F Alvord [del. 19071] 
VESS Claude (AL)	SEALS Minnie (AR)	Claude, Jr. 10/16/19 M Boyd 7147 
VESS Dick	BLANK blank	blank 9/24/05 M blank 2157 
VESS Dick	BLANK blank	blank 6/29/08 F blank 4107 
VESS Floyd (TX)	GASTON Ima (TN)	blank 1/7/21 F Boyd 7333 
VESS Floyd (TX)	GAXTOM Ima (TX)	blank 10/21/22 M Boyd 7677 
VESS Floyd Redford (TX)	GASTON Ima (TX)	Dorothy Dale 10/9/28 F Boyd 9148 & 9148a
VESS J.D.	BLANK blank	Lucy Jane 10/24/06 M blank 2975 
VESS James Ray (TX)	DODSON Annie May (TX)	Claud King 09/12/00 M Boyd [del. 29843] 
VESS Marvin Francis (AL)	NICKLES Julia Ann (AL)	Richard V 06/27/79 M Colbert Co AL [del. 18323] 
VESS R.D. (AL)	FULPS Belle (AL)	blank 4/29/20 M Boyd 7236 
VESS R.L.	BAILEY Frances	Betty Fern 8/21/32 F Rhome [No Image 10550] 
VESS Richard Loys (TX)	BAILEY Frances (TX)	Herman Loys 8/31/25 M Rhome 8400 & 8400a
VESS Richard V. (AL)	FULPS Esmer May (AL)	James Lester 9/22/21 M Boyd 7475 & 7475a
VESS Soys	BAILEY Frances	Johnnie Ruth 1/27/28 F Decatur 8925 
VESS William E. (AL)	MARR Pearl (TX)	J. Harlan 4/18/20 M Boyd 7233 
VESSELLS Claud	BLANK blank	blank 12/21/15 M blank 6324 
VESSELS Julia Theoffles (AL)	TAYLOR Sattie Jane (AL)	Clara May 06/15/01 F Boyd [del. 28483] 
VESSELS Julius Caesar (AL)	BRISTOW Sallie Ann (IL)	Dollie May 03/28/94 F Keeter [del. 17880] 
VESSELS Julius Ceasar (AL)	BRADFORD Narcissus (AL)	Cora Lee 04/06/79 F Limestone Co AL [del. 15453] 
VICK John (TN)	McDANIEL Sarah Elizabeth (AR)	Thilitha Bell 09/11/84 F Greenwood [del. 18427] 
VICK Thomas Erastus (MO)	LEWIS Susan Kathryn (TX)	Susie 08/18/84 F Greenwood [del. 16491] 
VIDAL Manuel	PEREZ Concepcion	Isidra 5/15/10 F blank 5001 
VIDAL Manuel (Mex)	PEREZ Consancion (Mex)	Timotio 1/24/14 M Bridgeport 5827 
VIDAL Manuel (Mex)	PEREZ Consancion (Mex)	Marcos 4/25/15 M Bridgeport 6081 
VIDAL Manuel (Mex)	PEREZ Consancion (Mex)	Ynis 4/20/22 M Bridgeport 7578 
VIDUE Jesus (Mex)	PEREZ Refrigia (TX)	Jose 3/3/29 M Bridgeport 9278 
VILLARE Geranima	DELEON Angelia	blank 5/1/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10058] 
VILLEREAND E.	BLANK blank	blank 8/3/09 M blank 4719 
VINE Harry Bernard (France)	WALKER Emma Page (IL)	Harry Bernard Jr 03/29/90 M Clay Co IN [del. 17459]
VINES B.D. (TX)	BLANK T.B. (TX)	Claudine Minnie 7/25/18 F Arlington 6941 
VINNER George O.	BLANK blank	blank 6/21/10 F blank 5029 
VINYARD George Thomas (GA)	ARMSTRONG Cleminie Jane (TN)	Truman 02/18/99 M Crafton [del. 15675] 
VOGT August (Germany)	ROTH Mary (AR)	Mabel 12/19/95 F Willow Point [del. 9710] 
VOLKERSON George F. (TX)	GILLEY Vera May (TX)	blank 10/23/24 M Forrestburg 8194 
VOLKMAN F.W. (TX)	BLANK Laura V. (TX)	Francis Wayne 2/14/23 M Park Springs 7723 
VOWELL John Marshall (TX)	STONE Luida Bell (TX)	Myrtle Dale 02/12/82 F Crafton [del. 4725] 
VOWELL John Marshall (TX)	STONE Luida Bell (TX)	Marshall Perry 10/27/87 M Crafton [del. 4726] 
WADDELL Jim	DONALDSON Sirphronia	blank 9/30/05 F blank 2170 
WADDILL James Park	DONALDSON Sirphronia	James Burton 8/2/10 M Bridgeport 5078 & 5078a
WADDILL James Park (KY)	DONALDSON Sirphronia (TN)	Georgia Etta 12/24/95 F Bridgeport [del. 13782] 
WADDILL James Park (KY)	DONALDSON Sirphronia (TN)	Joe Woodson 11/28/02 M Bridgeport [del. 12170] 
WADDLE E.	BLANK E.	blank 3/23/07 M blank 3243 
WADE G.W.	BLANK Mary	blank 2/24/07 F blank 3185 
WADE Mack	BLANK Eula	Ardina Katheine 6/24/15 F blank 6132 
WADE Pete	BLANK M.F.	J.P. 3/15/04 M blank 733 
WADE Peyton Lisby (TX)	WILTON Mary Jessie (TX)	Lisby Lucius 09/11/80 M Decatur [del. 9451] 
WADE Peyton Lisby (TX)	WILTON Mary Jessie (TX)	Henry Hawkins 11/05/81 M Decatur [del. 9452] 
WADE Peyton Lisby (TX)	WILTON Mary Jessie (TX)	Martha Luvenia 07/27/84 F Decatur [del. 6065] 
WADE Peyton Lisby (TX)	WILTON Mary Jessie (TX)	Virgil Mae 10/02/89 F Decatur [del. 6066] 
WADE William Thomas (MO)	CRAIG Alice E (MO)	David Benjamin 05/12/78 M Crafton [del. 12275] 
WADELL blank	BLANK Ione	blank 4/9/04 F blank 801 
WADILL James Park (KY)	DONALDSON Sirphronia (TN)	Nancy Mary 08/27/97 F Bridgeport [del. 27959] 
WADILL James Park (KY)	DONALDSON Sirphronia (TN)	Sarah Ethel 04/11/99 F Little River AR [del. 27960] 
WADKINS Ed	BLANK Nora	blank 5/14/07 F blank 3339 
WADKINS Homer	BLANK Susie	blank 7/12/05 M blank 1952 
WAFFORD J.E.	BLANK D.B.	blank 3/11/07 F blank 3215 
WAGES James (AL)	BRYANT Fannie (TN)	Julie May 06/12/00 F Decjueen AR [del. 29672] 
WAGGONER Charlie William (IL)	McGUIRE Mary C (TX)	Charlie William 09/12/99 M Decatur [del. 11514] 
WAGGONER Francis Marion (TN)	AGEE Melissie Jane (MO)	Hattie Anna Mae 01/28/93 F Alvord [del. 10019] 
WAGGONER Francis Milton (TN)	DUNN Ada Telitha (AR)	Ora Josephine 01/09/88 F Chico [del. 13338] 
WAGGONER Francis Milton (TN)	DUNN Ada Telitha (AR)	Francis Tolbert 03/07/90 M Chico [del. 13339] 
WAGGONER Francis Milton (TN)	MOORE Mary Alice (AR)	Noah Webster 10/04/99 M Park Springs [del. 13337] 
WAGGONER John O (TX)	BLOODWORTH Nancy Lou (TX)	Carl Homer 02/11/91 M Bridgeport [del. 6735] 
WAGGONER John O (TX)	BLOODWORTH Nancy Lou (TX)	Clara Belle 03/15/92 F Bridgeport [del. 24573] 
WAGGONER John O (TX)	BLOODWORTH Nancy Lou (TX)	Esther 12/29/94 F Bridgeport [del. 23980] 
WAGGONER John O (TX)	BLOODWORTH Nancy Lou (TX)	Murrell 04/17/97 F Bridgeport [del. 6736] 
WAGGONER John O (TX)	BLOODWORTH Nancy Lou (TX)	Vivian 07/27/02 F Bridgeport [del. 4759] 
WAGGONER John Thomas (MO)	MOORE Sarah Ann (AL)	Beuna Vista 11/12/76 F Decatur [del. 5811] 
WAGGONER Thomas Jefferson (TX)	GOSE Mary Frances (TX)	Merle Thomas 03/23/90 M Decatur [del. 5810] 
WAGGONER William Thomas (TX)	HALSELL Ella (TX)	Guy L 09/21/83 M Decatur [del. 16817] 
WAGGONER William Thomas (TX)	HALSELL Ella (TX)	Edward Paul 04/09/89 M Decatur [del. 7500] 
WAGGONSELLER William Riley (IL)	PUTNAM Rosa May (IN)	Albert Martin 11/30/00 M Alvord [del. 9448] 
WAGGONSELLER William Riley (IN)	PUTNAM Rosa May (IN)	Clara Leota 08/07/95 F Alvord [del. 23799] 
WAGGONSELLER William Riley (IN)	PUTNAM Rosa May (IN)	George Murphy 03/20/98 M Alvord [del. 11512] 
WAGLEY William (TX)	NEELY Mary Ann (GA)	Frances Missourah 03/20/76 F Aurora [del. 4434] 
WAGLEY William (TX)	NEELY Mary Ann (GA)	Martha Belle 08/30/83 F Briar [del. 4283] 
WAGLEY William (TX)	NEELY Mary Ann (GA)	Robert 06/15/93 M Briar [del. 4284] 
WAIDE James Morgan (?)	FORTENBERRY Lucy A (TX)	Clara Eula 04/13/97 F Slidell [del. 28062] 
WAITS Jacob Newton (TX)	WAITS Betty (TX)	James Modrell 03/26/88 M Audubon [del. 22787] 
WAKELEY George	BLANK Martha	blank 8/13/05 M blank 2051 
WAKELY George	BLANK Martha	blank 12/6/09 M blank 4868 
WAKEMAN Charles	BLANK Eula	blank 10/26/05 M blank 2241 
WAKEMAN Robert Ross (TX)	SHULTS Emma Oma (TX)	Fred Allen 3/19/24 M Decatur 8036 & 8036a
WAKEMAN S.W.	BLANK blank	blank 12/2/03 F blank 479 
WAKEMAN W S (IL)	HARLAN Martha (MO)	Robert Ross 04/04/98 M Decatur [del. 29510] 
WAKEMAN William Scott (TX)	HAMM Cella Jeanette (TX)	Scott Rauls 6/20/26 M Decatur 8604 & 8604a
WAKEMAN Winfield Scott (IA)	HARLAN Martha Jane (KY)	Charles Wallace 12/22/80 M Decatur [del. 4290] 
WALCH E.J.	BLANK C.M	blank 3/23/08 M blank 3933 
WALCOTT D.E.	BLANK Theressa	blank 8/21/03 F blank 204 
WALCOTT Dexter Elliott (TX)	HALSELL Theresa Thompson (TX)	Frances Herndon 02/16/96 F Decatur [del. 8869] 
WALCOTT Dexter Elliott (TX)	HALSELL Theresa Thompson (TX)	Helen Louise 03/09/00 F Boyd [del. 8870] 
WALCOTT Dexter Elliott (TX)	HALSELL Theresa Thompson (TX)	Marie Elliott 02/07/02 F Boyd [del. 30346] 
WALCOTT Dexter Elliott (TX)	HALSELL Theresa Thompson (TX)	Lorena 07/29/98 F Decatur [del. 30306] 
WALCOTT Dexter Elliott (TX)	THOMPSON Theressa (TX)	Virginia Harriott 12/13/06 F Boyd 3055 
WALDEN Aleck (MS)	RIGGS Alice (TX)	Sylvester Kirk 11/15/88 M Alvord [del. 11788] 
WALDON Brady (TX)	RUTH Neva Dean (OK)	Richard Royce 11/27/25 M Chico 8462 & 8462a
WALDON Bray	OLIVER Margaret	blank 9/19/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10223] 
WALDRIP D.J.	HAMER Lillie V.	blank 4/16/17 M blank 6611 
WALDRIP D.J.	HANNER Lillie V.	Willie Arthur 4/19/30 M blank [No Image 9653] 
WALDRIP D.J.	HANNER Lillie V.	blank 5/5/33 M Decatur [No Image 10758] 
WALDRIP Dee J.	HANNER Lillie Viola	Vessie Ayleen 5/26/28 F Decatur 9025 & 9025a
WALDRIP Emmett (TX)	HAM Clevis Aline (TX)	blank 2/20/25 F Grandview 8267 
WALDRIP Emmett Roy	HAMM Clemice Alene	Emmett Lynn 9/27/27 M Alvord 8847 & 8847a & 8847b
WALDRIP Emmett Roy Rufus	HAMM Clemice Aline (TX)	Ira Virginia 2/20/25 F Grandview 8255 & 8255a
WALDRIP I.W.	BLANK E.I.	Reasor 7/19/04 M blank 1031 
WALDRIP Leo (TX)	VENABLE Elsie (TX)	Harmon Edgar 9/15/29 M Boyd 9451 
WALDRIP T.G.	MCKNIGHT Emma Virginia	blank 5/19/17 M blank 6629 
WALDRIP T.W.	BLANK blank	blank 3/15/06 F blank 2554 
WALDROP Alonzo Dudly (GA)	KINDRICK Mary Elizabeth (GA)	Hattie Zolla 01/10/95 F Boyd [del. 23669] 
WALDROP Alonzo Dudly (GA)	KINDRICK Mary Elizabeth (GA)	Ila Lea 02/07/97 F Boyd [del. 23668] 
WALDROP Andrew Charley (TN)	JOHNSON Suda Ann (TX)	Robert Wesley 07/31/00 M Decatur [del. 29437] 
WALDROP C.A.	BLANK A.	blank 2/11/05 M blank 1592 
WALDROP Clark	REESE Jessie	Jewel William 8/19/05 M blank 2066 & 2066a
WALDROP Lee	COOK Opal	Olena Wedia 4/27/33 F Decatur [No Image 10747] 
WALDROP Martin Luther (NC)	SMITH Mattie Lorena (GA)	Gertrude Beatrice 07/04/92 F Greenwood [del. 25417] 
WALDROP Martin Luther (NC)	SMITH Mattie Lorena (GA)	Maudie Eleanor 03/13/94 F Greenwood [del. 9876] 
WALDROUP James Isaac (GA)	ROBERTS Amanda (TN)	Winnie Ola 10/20/96 F Decatur [del. 8113] 
WALKER A.A. (TX)	CLEMENT Georgia (TX)	Julia Anna 3/7/29 F Decatur 9284 & 9284a
WALKER A.J.	MCKINNEY Etta	blank 7/2/32 F Bowie [No Image 10481] 
WALKER Albert	WAGGONER B.	blank 1/1/04 F blank 552 
WALKER Alph	CLEMENT blank	twin 9/28/25 M blank 6259 
WALKER Alph	CLEMENT blank	twin 9/28/25 F blank 6260 
WALKER Bert (KS)	YOUNG Pearl (MO)	Floe 05/26/02 F Decatur [del. 29848] 
WALKER C.E.	HOLLINSWORTH B.	Callie Ozell 8/15/31 F Park Springs [No Image 10181] 
WALKER Carl E. (TX)	HOLLINSWORTH Bessie (TX)	Junior Lee 12/13/28 M Park Springs 9201 & 9201a
WALKER Charles A.	MARTIN Una L. (MS)	blank 2/23/20 F Paradise 7219 
WALKER Claud	BLANK Ann	twins 7/6/03 blank blank 93 
WALKER Claud	BLANK Ann	blank 2/14/08 M blank 3843 
WALKER Claud	MOSES blank	blank 9/21/15 M blank 6252 
WALKER Claud E.	MOSES Annie	Onie 1/13/05 M Decatur 1507 & 1507a
WALKER Claude	BLANK Anna	blank 9/21/06 M blank 2923 
WALKER Claude (TN)	MOSES Ann	William Gregory 4/21/10 M Decatur 4987 & 4987a
WALKER D.O.	REED Edna Clyde	Emmy Alice 11/15/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10940] 
WALKER Dewey Otis	REED Edna Clyde	Winfred Weldon 7/4/30 M blank [No Image 9749] 
WALKER Dewey Otis (TX)	REED Edna C. (VA)	Donald Felton 4/8/23 M Poolville 7763 
WALKER E.	BLANK blank	blank 5/28/17 F blank 6635 
WALKER Edward B.	SIMPSON Ethel Mae	E.B. 7/28/28 M Decatur 9067 & 9067a
WALKER Enoc Russell (TN)	SEWELL Nancy Jane (TN)	John Enoc 07/13/81 Alvord M [del. 18298] 
WALKER Enoch Russel (TN)	SEWELL Nancy Ann (TN)	Ezra 09/13/89 M Audubon [del. 12369] 
WALKER G.(George W.)	(CALHOUN) A.B.(Allie Bell)	(Pluma) 8/21/12 F (Boonsville) 5568 
WALKER Garland	RUSSELL Elva	blank 4/8/17 F Boyd 6602 
WALKER Garland (TX)	RUSSELL Ela Leona (OK)	Garland Eugene 12/7/20 M Boyd 7321 
WALKER Garland (TX)	RUSSELL Elvia (OK)	Minnie 6/3/19 F Boyd 7097 
WALKER General Lafayette (TN)	MOORE Sarah Anna (TX)	Alpha Arthur 10/19/82 M Decatur [del. 16291] 
WALKER George N. (AR)	HARVEY Adalee (TX)	James Neal 12/26/14 M Alvord 6003 & 6003a
WALKER George Washington	(CALHOUN) (Allie Bell)	Dollie 4/29/04 F Boonsville 846 
WALKER George Washington	(CALHOUN) Alice (Allie Bell)	(Robert Samuel) 1/2/10 M Boonsville 4894 
WALKER George Washington	FITZGERALD M.E.(Mary Emmeline)	Jimmy Joe 12/15/33 M Boonsville [No Image 10963] 
WALKER George Washington, Jr.	CALHOUN Allie Bell	Eunice 7/3/07 F Boonsville 3410 & 3410a
WALKER George Washington, Jr.	CALHOUN Allie Bell	George Washington, III 12/1/14 M (Boonsville) 5990 
WALKER Guss	HELLAN Willie	Marvin Henry 11/19/05 M Rhome 2292 & 2292a
WALKER H.O.	BLANK Earley	blank 8/15/07 M blank 3485 
WALKER Hardin George (KY)	DUNAGAN Martha Frances (TX)	Georgia Kathleen 02/18/85 F Decatur [del. 20214] 
WALKER Harold	BLANK blank	blank 1/18/10 F blank 4912 
WALKER Harold E. (TX)	YOUNG Velma (TX)	Mary Jean 4/27/29 F Decatur 9336 & 9336a
WALKER Harold Eugene (TX)	YOUNG Mary Velma (TX)	Harold Eugene, Jr. 4/27/24 M Decatur 8057 
WALKER Harold Eugene (TX)	YOUNG Velma (TX)	Harold Eugene, Jr. 4/20/24 M Decatur 8052 & 8052a
WALKER Harris	GILE Hattie	blank 10/19/13 M blank 5786 
WALKER Harris	GILES Hattie	blank 5/12/15 F blank 6095 
WALKER Harrison	GILES Hattie	Bonnie Lorene 11/16/17 F Bridgeport 6756 & 6756a
WALKER Henry	BLANK Ida	blank 1/22/08 M blank 3796 
WALKER Henry	BLANK Marie	blank 2/20/06 F blank 2508 
WALKER Horace	BOYD blank	blank 8/18/13 F blank 5752 
WALKER Horace Aldine	BOYD Leva Lena	Clara Nell 6/11/11 F blank 5277 & 5277a
WALKER J.B.	CLARK Elma V.	blank 2/11/04 F blank 650 
WALKER J.B.	CLARK Elma V.	Sherry Nell 5/16/32 F Decatur [No Image 10439] 
WALKER J.D.	BLANK Emma	blank 12/19/06 F blank 3066 
WALKER J.L.	BLANK blank	blank 5/29/06 F blank 2689 
WALKER J.N.	REDDELL Rena	blank 12/12/14 M blank 5996 
WALKER James	BLANK Florence	blank 7/21/03 F blank 133 
WALKER James	ROGERS Sallye	blank 1/15/16 F blank 6341 
WALKER James Asa	YOUNG Ida Bell	Vera Jewel 8/2/04 F Decatur 1073 & 1073a
WALKER James Asa (KS)	YOUNG Ida Bell (MO)	Lora Mae 08/20/99 F McDonald Co MO [del. 29675] 
WALKER James M (TX)	WARD Angie R (MS)	Edward Lee 10/01/90 M Decatur [del. 24186] 
WALKER James Usher (TX)	EVANS Evalyn Gertrude (TX)	Lillian Arella 7/26/08 F Alvord 4151 
WALKER James Vance (TN)	MORGAN Kizzie (TN)	John Wesley 04/22/80 M McMinn Co TN [del. 17560] 
WALKER James W (IL)	GILLEY Emma Lee (TX)	Vera Essie 01/24/94 F Boonsville [del. 23818] 
WALKER James W.	GILLEY Emily Robecca	Eunice Eva 10/8/03 F Boonsville 350 & 0350a
WALKER James W.	GILLEY Emma	blank 5/3/12 M blank 5516 
WALKER James Wilcox (IL)	GILLEY Rebecca Emily (TX)	John Harris 02/05/90 M Boonsville [del. 10020] 
WALKER James Wilcox (IL)	GILLEY Rebecca Emily (TX)	Ellena Mae 04/09/96 F Boonsville [del. 21391] 
WALKER James Wilcox (IL)	GILLEY Rebecca Emily (TX)	Dewey Otis 10/14/98 M Boonsville [del. 30347] 
WALKER James William (TX)	NORTH Rebecca Jane (TX)	Willie B. 9/3/24 F Boyd 8159 & 8159a
WALKER Jesse	BLANK blank	blank 8/27/10 M blank 5081 
WALKER Jesse	BLANK L.	Thelma 1/11/04 F blank 585 
WALKER Jessie	ROSE Willie	blank 12/11/14 F blank 5995 
WALKER Jessie	ROSE Willie	James Rose 7/16/17 M Bridgeport 6656 & 6656a
WALKER Jessie Marshall (TX)	RODGERS Callie (TN)	William Henry B 04/26/88 M Aurora [del. 5592] 
WALKER Jim (TX)	ALLEN Florance (TX)	Lena Mary 10/28/97 F Decatur [del. 28527] 
WALKER Jim (TX)	WARD Angie (TX)	Charlie Madison 05/30/87 M Decatur [del. 9274] 
WALKER John	BLANK Alice	blank 2/14/08 M blank 3844 
WALKER John	BLANK blank	blank 12/5/09 F blank 4865 
WALKER John	BLANK Nettie	blank 10/5/17 F Boyd 6726 
WALKER John (MO)	MOORE Clovis (AL)	Virgil Augustus 03/06/93 M Decatur [del. 15273] 
WALKER John B (MS)	GENTRY Emma (MS)	Emma Lona 12/14/93 F Bridgeport [del. 25132] 
WALKER John Bunyan (MS)	GENTRY Emma Lecurgus (MS)	Carinin Brown 08/08/00 M Decatur [del. 9707] 
WALKER John Bunyan (MS)	GENTRY Emma Lou (MS)	Albert Spurgeon 11/12/95 M Bridgeport [del. 4391] 
WALKER John Bunyan (MS)	GENTRY Emma Lycurgus (MS)	John Samuel 10/29/91 M Bridgeport [del. 22790] 
WALKER John C.	GREEN Katie Lee	Dee Thomas 6/4/04 M Greenwood 919 & 0919a
WALKER John C. (TX)	GREEN Katie Lee (TX)	Audrey Jo 7/5/18 F Bridgeport 6930 & 6930a
WALKER John Euoc (TX)	SCOGGINS Mae E. (TX)	Anna Belle 1/19/19 F Alvord 7035 & 7035a
WALKER John H. (TX)	GILES Hattie (TX)	Dewey E. 1/2/26 M Alvord 8497 
WALKER John Hale (AR)	HALE Judith Gabriella (MO)	William Edward 10/6/13 M Alvord 5778 & 5778a
WALKER John Harris (TX)	GILES Hattie (TX)	Lois Berniece 2/12/20 F Bridgeport 7211 & 7211a
WALKER John Harris (TX)	GILES Hattie (TX)	Elton Dewey 2/1/26 M Alvord 8527 
WALKER John M.	BLANK Bety	blank 7/18/03 M blank 126 
WALKER John Randolph (AR)	HAMILTON Mary Lucinda (AL)	Ruth Hannby 01/31/85 F Aurora [del. 3294] 
WALKER John Randolph (AR)	HAMILTON Mary Lucinda (AL)	Roy 02/09/86 M Aurora [del. 3295] 
WALKER John Thomas (England)	WISE Maggie Bell (KY)	Charles Higbee 03/31/96 M Bridgeport [del. 24540] 
WALKER John Thomas (TX)	WISE Maggie (TX)	Dora Ellen 10/10/92 F Bridgeport [del. 13065] 
WALKER John W.	BREWER Elsey	blank 12/7/15 M blank 6313 
WALKER John W.	BREWER Esia	blank 2/8/14 M blank 5836 
WALKER John W.	PITTS Jessie	blank 6/15/14 F blank 5913 
WALKER John Wesley (TX)	PITTS Jessie Lillian (AL)	Dennis Ray 11/30/20 F Boyd 7319 & 7319a
WALKER John Wesley (TX)	PITTS Jessie Lillian Mae (AL)	Zoe Evelyn 2/7/25 F Decatur 8260 & 8260a
WALKER Joseph J (MO)	HEATH Mollie (TX)	Mary Frances 10/26/83 F Chico [del. 12009] 
WALKER Landers Clarence (TX)	MCCRACKEN Jessie Mildred (OK)	Billy Landers 1/1/26 M Dallas 8495 
WALKER Lee	BLANK Lilly	Geneva Emmerva 1/20/06 F Boyd 2428 
WALKER Lee (MS)	SMITH Lillie (TN)	Rudolph 08/07/01 M Boyd [del. 4221] 
WALKER Lee (MS)	SMITH Lillie Pearl (TN)	Gary Akard 10/04/97 M Boyd [del. 18549] 
WALKER Lee (TN)	SMITH Lillie Pearl (TN)	Gladys 02/19/95 F Boyd [del. 24131] 
WALKER M.L.	BLANK Myrtle	blank 1/29/05 M blank 1555 
WALKER Martin Luther (TX)	CADDELL Florence Myrtle (TX)	Effie Myrtle 08/14/89 F Decatur [del. 21373] 
WALKER Martin Luther (TX)	CADDELL Florence Myrtle (TX)	Lafayette Martin 04/27/97 M Decatur [del. 15108] 
WALKER O.C. (TX)	BLANK Ruby (OK)	blank 1/18/26 F Alvord 8515 
WALKER O.F.	BLACKMAN Daisy	Eugene Louis 12/7/30 M blank [No Image 9892] 
WALKER O.J.	BLACKBURN Daisy	Lavella C. 4/27/32 F Sunset [No Image 10418] 
WALKER O.J.	MCKINNEY Etta	blank 2/27/30 M blank [No Image 9612] 
WALKER Orville	RHINE Vera	blank 1/29/28 F Decatur 8927 
WALKER Orville	RHINE Vera	Mary Ella 1/9/31 F Decatur [No Image 9926] 
WALKER R.L.	(CASTLE) Maggie	blank 8/23/04 F blank 1127 
WALKER R.L.	CASTLE Maggie	Pete & Jack-twins 8/28/16 M blank 6466 & [for Clyde Walker see delayed 5088]
WALKER R.L. (TX)	CASTLE Maggie (TX)	Robert Vernon 3/13/15 M Decatur 6054 & 6054a
WALKER Robert Benjamin (VA)	STANDIFER Julia Caroline (TX)	John Vivian 06/16/81 M Garvin [del. 12560] 
WALKER Robert Byrd (AL)	SHELTON Mary Elizabeth (TN)	Hyram Judson 03/21/92 M Alvord [del. 24405] 
WALKER Robert McClellan	MILLER Emma	Willema Margaret 1/11/03 F blank 79 
WALKER S.H.(Samuel Harvey)	GLASS Bobbie (Cora)	Burel 2/4/12 F (Boonsville) 5456 
WALKER Sam	(GLASS) (Bobby Cora)	Ronald Wayne 2/5/08 M (Boonsville) 3825 
WALKER Sam (TX)	RENFRO Sophia (TN)	Homer T. 4/18/08 M Park Springs 3977 
WALKER Samuel Joshua (MS)	GENTRY Elizabeth Adeline (MS)	Jackson Lamar 12/20/81 M Decatur [del. 13231] 
WALKER Spencer Lee (MS)	SMITH Lillie Pearl (TN)	Burnice 05/18/99 M Boyd [del. 24840] 
WALKER William	BANDY Ethel	blank 12/16/04 M blank 6000 
WALKER William	GREGG Minnie	blank 7/24/13 M blank 5741 
WALKER William Henry (TX)	HESTANDE Mary Elizabeth (KY)	William Lee 02/19/95 M Brumlow [del. 6339] 
WALKER William Henry (TX)	HESTANDE Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Alpha Lenear 12/14/97 M Brumlow [del. 6340] 
WALKER William Henry (TX)	HESTANDE Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Esper Layfiette 03/14/01 M Decatur [del. 13064] 
WALKER William Henry (TX)	HESTANDE Mary Elizabeth (KY)	Sarah Esby 03/14/01 F Decatur [del. 6338] 
WALKER William L. (TX)	COFFEY Ava (TX)	Billy Joe 6/26/24 M Rhome 8085 
WALKER William Richard	GREGG Minnie	Billie Lucille 8/20/15 F Boonsville 6204 & 6204a
WALL A.J.	BLANK Anna	blank 8/14/04 M blank 1107 
WALL Andrew Jackson	COTTON Annie Estelle	Sam Sidney 1/19/07 F Rural Wise Co. 3119 & 3119a
WALL Arthur	BLANK Dell	blank 5/30/05 F blank 1851 
WALL Estelle (TX)	EWING Inez (TX)	Ida 3/7/23 F Decatur 7736 
WALL Harley E. (TX)	HOBSON Clayton M. (TX)	Dorothy Fay 3/17/29 F Decatur 9297 & 9297a
WALL Henry	BLANK Callie	blank 5/23/08 F blank 4043 
WALL Johnathon Franklin (MO)	THOMPSON Callie (TX)	Charlie Franklin 01/09/84 M Willow Point [del. 5864] 
WALL R J (KY)	CHESHIRE Rosa Lee (KY)	Juanita 01/19/01 F Decatur [del. 18139] 
WALL R.J.	BLANK Rosa L.	blank 7/19/11 M blank 5297 & 5297a
WALL R.L.	BLANK blank	Margaret Louise 3/14/17 F blank 6576 
WALL Robert	CHESSIER Rosa	Ollie 7/4/03 F Decatur 92 & 0092a
WALL Robert	CHESSIER Rosa	blank 2/9/06 M blank 2482 
WALL Robert (TX)	OXFORD Parthenia (MS)	Emmett Emory 07/12/84 M Decatur [del. 21488] 
WALL Robert J (KY)	CHESHIER Rosa Lee (KY)	Woody Sterman 10/04/95 M Davis Co KY [del. 24187] 
WALL Woodie Steman, Sr.(KY)	CRAIN Ruby Erma (TX)	Woodie Steman, Jr. 12/20/25 M Decatur 8484 
WALL Woody 	CRAINE Ruby E.	Robert Keith 8/21/17 M Decatur 6681 
WALL Woody Sterman	CRAIN Ruby Irma	Jo Irmalene 2/8/28 F Decatur 8939 & 8939a
WALLACE A.L.	BLANK M.I.	E.L. 4/18/04 F blank 820 
WALLACE C.W.	ADAIR Ethel	blank 4/29/16 F blank 6403 
WALLACE Charles Robert (TX)	BARKSDALE Annie May (TX)	Herman 10/21/96 M Chico [del. 21727] 
WALLACE Charles Robert (TX)	BARKSDALE Annie May (TX)	Roxie Iberia 12/14/98 F Chico [del. 25642] 
WALLACE Charles Verner	MADDEN Eunice	Paul Francis 2/12/28 M Greenwood 8944 & 8944a
WALLACE Clifford H.	LEONARD Velma Pearl	Rose Marie 1/12/28 F blank 8912 & 8912a
WALLACE J.S.	(HARRIS) Maggie	blank 12/24/06 M blank 3071 
WALLACE J.S.	(HARRIS) Mary	blank 8/6/08 M blank 4171 
WALLACE James	BLANK Mattie	blank 10/19/07 F blank 3618 
WALLACE James Benton (AL)	CRAWFORD Mary Jane (GA)	Mary Nellie 11/25/87 F Chico [del. 13407] 
WALLACE James S.	HARRIS Maggie	Jewel Lavada 9/29/03 F Decatur 321 & 0321a
WALLACE James William (TX)	MASON Mattie Belle (TN)	Carl Mason 06/23/00 M Paradise [del. 9815] 
WALLACE Jim	BLANK blank	blank 5/20/05 F blank 1832 
WALLACE Joel Sylvanus (AL)	GANN Susan Minerva (TX)	Myrtle Elizabeth 03/12/89 F Chico [del. 10681] 
WALLACE John	BLANK blank	blank 3/1/04 M blank 695 
WALLACE John	BLANK Mattie	blank 8/18/05 M blank 2065 
WALLACE John (TX)	LUMSDEN Flora (AL)	Vera Helen 1/8/29 F Decatur 9227 & 9227a
WALLACE John H (AR)	KILLOUGH Mattie E (TX)	Mary Elizabeth 05/01/00 F Decatur [del. 22120] 
WALLACE John H (TX)	KILLOUGH Martha Ellen (TX)	John K 01/18/98 M Decatur [del. 8356] 
WALLACE John Henry (AR)	CALVERT Hope Lucretia (MO)	Robert Marion 06/21/85 M Decatur [del. 19809] 
WALLACE John Henry (AR)	CALVERT Hopia L (TX)	Alice Lee 03/29/92 F Decatur [del. 23164] 
WALLACE John Henry (TX)	CALVERT Hopia (TX)	Charles Louis 06/19/87 M Decatur [del. 13186] 
WALLACE John R (AR)	EASLEY Sarrah Ellen (TN)	James Levi 08/05/79 M Cottondale [del. 14303] 
WALLACE John Sphinks (MS)	GREEN Mariah Mellissa (MS)	Emma Ethel 10/05/91 F Paradise [del. 25043] 
WALLACE John Thomas	FORD Nancy Eula	Willard Olin 10/23/03 M Boyd 395 & 0395a
WALLACE John Thomas	FORD Nancy Eula	Maggie May 5/7/10 F Decatur 4995 & 4995a
WALLACE John Thomas (TN)	FORD Nancy E. (AL)	Erma Lucile 8/21/06 F Boyd 2856 
WALLACE John Thomas (TN)	FORD Nancy Eula (AL)	Charles Clyde 10/07/01 M Muse [del. 5090] 
WALLACE Robert Marion (TX)	PENN Bessie Francis (TX)	Robert Vancleave 4/9/07 M Decatur 3279 & 3279a
WALLACE Virgle (TX)	DENNY Minnie (TX)	blank 5/1/19 F Bridgeport 7075 
WALLACE W.V.	(DENNY) Minnie	blank 6/15/07 F Decatur 3387 
WALLEN Frank	BLANK Jessie	Frank 2/28/09 M blank 4525 
WALLER William Alexander (TN)	BUSH Mary Margaret (AL)	Willie Alma 10/13/91 F Dan [del. 12244] 
WALLIS Boss	BLANK Annie	blank 9/3/15 M blank 6221 
WALLIS Clifford	BANKS Alice L.	James E. 4/9/30 M blank [No Image 9652] 
WALLIS Clifford	BOND Lura	Cleotus George 11/9/26 M Boyd 8708 & 8708a
WALLIS M.L.	WILLIAMS Mary Frances	Florence Waunell 11/26/05 F Decatur 2312 & 2312a
WALLIS R C (AR)	JARRELL Katherine (AR)	Allie 05/01/84 F Jefferson Co AR [del. 19467] 
WALLIS Robert E (MS)	WEST Cora Ellen (TN)	Armst Daniel 05/25/02 M Chico [del. 28839] 
WALLIS Robert E (TX)	WEST Cora Ellen (TN)	Joseph Houston 09/17/98 M Alvord [del. 11513] 
WALLIS Robert E. (TX)	WEST Cora E. (TN)	Myrtle Mae 10/5/06 F Alvord 2950 & 2950a
WALLIS Robert Edgar	WEST Cora Ellen	Robert Edgar, Jr. 3/6/04 M Alvord 713 & 0713a
WALLIS Robert Edgar (TX)	WEST Cora Ellen (TN)	Robert Austin 10/05/96 M Chico [del. 5865] 
WALLS Arthur S.	LOUDERMILK Della B.	Hazel Melissa 9/20/15 F Alvord 6251 & 6251a
WALLS J.V.	BLANK Mary	blank 12/8/12 F blank 5603 
WALTER blank	PENNINGTON Martha	blank 3/3/17 F Boyd 6564 
WALTERS Elijah Thomas (TN)	THOMAS Lou (AL)	Essie Gould 12/02/98 F Cottondale [del. 12370] 
WALTERS Joe	BLANK blank	blank 7/28/09 F blank 4702 
WALTON Meridith Gray (KY)	BYARS Elvira (AR)	Elmer Alfred 04/03/91 M Alvord [del. 7312] 
WALTON Meridith Gray (KY)	BYERS Elvirah (TN)	Edgar Lee 02/06/93 M Alvord [del. 6115] 
WALTZ E.W. (LA)	BEAUMONT Lucille (TX)	Jimmie Doyle 8/30/26 M Crafton 8654 
WAMPLER O.E.	DICKEY Ruth	blank 1/1/13 M blank 5624 
WAMPLER Vollie (TX)	ELLIOTT Ada (TX)	Floyd 11/07/01 M Bridgeport [del. 8873] 
WAMPLER W.H.	(WHITLEY) M. (Minnie D.)	blank 6/16/08 F blank 4088 
WAMPLER W.H.	(WHITLEY) M. (Minnie D.)	blank 6/16/08 F blank 4089 
WAMPLER W.H.	(WHITLEY) M.B. (Minnie D.)	blank 7/4/09 M blank 4682 
WAMPLER W.H.	WHITLEY Minnie	(Elsie Mae) 2/25/15 M blank 6042 
WANE George H. (TN)	SUMMERS Allie A. (TN)	I.R. 11/25/23 M Rhome 7944 
WARD Albert C (AR)	McDONALD Emma (TX)	Hazel Lee 10/05/87 F Bridgeport [del. 19987] 
WARD Albert G.	BLANK Emma Lee	Albert Donald 11/27/04 M Bridgeport 1396 & 1396a
WARD Albert Galatin (AR)	McDONALD Emma Lee (TX)	Ruth Virginia 05/12/02 F Bridgeport [del. 28925] 
WARD Berry Francis (TX)	KALAN Mary Emilee (AR)	James Daniel 09/20/00 M Decatur [del. 8788] 
WARD blank	BLANK blank	blank 12/6/05 F blank 2338 
WARD E.	BLANK L.	James 9/13/03 M blank 281 
WARD E.W.	BLANK M.M.	blank 12/12/04 F blank 1429 
WARD Franklin Madison (MS)	ROGERS Itae Jane (TN)	Newton Edward 03/28/96 M Anneville [del. 10264] 
WARD Franklin Madison (MS)	ROGERS Itie Jane (TN)	Ruth 05/17/01 F Decatur [del. 17667] 
WARD George Hershal	SUMMARS Annie	Beatrice Sue 10/6/09 F Rhome 4801 
WARD Gilbert Elmer (KS)	MONTGOMERY Florence Rachel (KS)	Inez Marie 12/07/01 F Bridgeport [del. 30195] 
WARD H L (TX)	TREWHITT May (KY)	Henry Grady 01/14/89 M Decatur 20 & [del. 2010] 
WARD H.L.	TREWHITT May	blank 12/22/09 M blank 4882 
WARD Henry	BLANK Edna	blank 1/22/07 M blank 3131 
WARD Henry Lawrence (TX)	TREWHITT May (KY)	Maud 12/26/85 F Decatur [del. 5723] 
WARD Jake Wilson (TX)	HASTY Nancy Susan (TX)	William Henry 01/29/99 M Park Springs [del. 5401] 
WARD James Francis (TX)	WHITESIDES Nanny Elizabeth (TN)	Bess 01/26/91 F Rhome [del. 12802] 
WARD James W. (MS)	JOHNSTON Mary Arvilla (MS)	Guy Eula 8/4/06 F Boonsville 2812 & 2812a
WARD James W. (MS)	JOHNSTON Mary Arvilla (MS)	Quanah Darwin 12/18/08 M Boonsville 4399 & 4399a & 4399b
WARD Jesse Lawrence (TX)	BEARD Jennie (KY)	Ruth Lorena 02/12/91 F Rhome [del. 21602] 
WARD John William (AR)	TATE Luella (TX)	Della Maydalene 08/26/94 F Crafton [del. 24808] 
WARD John William (AR)	TATE Luella (TX)	Dessie Frances 03/26/96 F Willow Point [del. 18826] 
WARD L.O.	BLANK Stella	blank 5/8/14 F blank 5886 
WARD Lindsey Lafayette (MS)	GOOLSBY Martha Susie (MS)	James Webster 08/31/80 M Lafayette Co MS [del. 17656] 
WARD Robert	BLANK blank	blank 4/29/04 F blank 850 
WARD Robert Daniel (AR)	JOHNSON Etta (AR)	Brice Holbert 10/05/94 M Paradise [del. 9276] 
WARD Samuel G.	STARK Bertha (OK)	blank 1/5/24 F Bowie 7970 
WARD Sherman William (TN)	HARMS Mary L (TX)	Lucy Emma 06/17/91 F Decatur [del. 25234] 
WARD Sherman William (TN)	HARMS Mary L (TX)	Mary Bessie 09/12/94 F Decatur [del. 25006] 
WARD Thomas B.	MUNN Alta Mae	Evelyn Audene 10/9/30 F blank [No Image 9839] 
WARD Thomas Bryan	MUNN Alta Mae	Verna Juanice 5/28/27 F Boyd 8803 & 8803a
WARD W.J.	BLANK Agnes	blank 3/11/06 M blank 2544 
WARD W.J.	BLANK Agnes	blank 1/22/08 M blank 3795 
WARD Wilbert Ross (AR)	BAILEY Susan Alice (?)	William Clarence 10/20/00 M Chico [del. 29482] 
WARD Will	ROSE Hallie	Clarence Osborn 10/31/07 M Bridgeport 3642 & 3642a
WARD William E (TX)	PASCHALL Clemmie (TX)	Edward 06/25/87 M Deep Creek [del. 21084] 
WARD William Edward (TX)	PASCHALL Tabitha C (TX)	Julian Elvis 06/11/85 M Rhome [del. 6659] 
WARD William Robert (AR)	WILEY Lou Eler (TN)	Abner Major 01/10/89 M Alvord [del. 13864] 
WARD William Sherman (TN)	HARMS Mary (OH)	Albert Reuben 05/14/97 M Paradise [del. 24404] 
WARD Willie	ROSE Hallie 	Mollie Arline 9/24/10 F Bridgeport 5104 & 5104a
WARDEN John (TN)	SMITH Mary Manila (TN)	John Samuel 09/18/94 M Crafton [del. 28964] 
WARDEN John Bell (TN)	SMITH Manila (TN)	Alice Blanche 03125/89 F Crafton [del. 24406] 
WARDEN John Bell (TN)	SMITH Mary Manila (TN)	Mattie Mae 03/05/91 F Crafton [del. 24156] 
WARDEN John Samuel	JONES Kithel	Opal Lee 4/25/17 F Crafton 6618 & 6618a
WARDEN L.A.	HERRON Lutie	blank 1/30/18 M Chico 6810 
WARDEN Robert Lee	LAWYER Mary Adline	Mattie Estell 9/13/11 F Park Springs 5354 & 5354a
WARE George Washington (GA)	DAVENPORT Nancy Emaline (MO)	Harry Eugene 03/05/90 M Decatur [del. 28888] 
WARE George Washington (GA)	DAVENPORT Nancy Emmaline (MO)	Coy Oliver 12/04/91 M Decatur [del. 14302] 
WARE James	BLANK blank	blank 9/22/03 M blank 305 
WARE James Henry (GA)	HUTSON Letha (AR)	George Henry 04/17/89 M Decatur [del. 8786] 
WARE James Henry (GA)	HUTSON Letha (AR)	John Embry 06/11/00 M Decatur [del. 30608] 
WARE John Emmett (TN)	GRAHAM Margaret Louise (TX)	Tommie Henry 07/10/94 M Decatur [del. 6728] 
WARE John Emmett (TN)	GRAHAM Margaret Louise (TX)	Mable Layuna 07/26/98 F Decatur [del. 19758] 
WARE Thomas Emmet (TX)	TURNER Minnie Lois (TX)	Thomas Jefferson 4/3/20 M Park Springs 7231 & 7231a
WARE William D.	WILSON Bernice	Billie 8/1/28 ? Decatur 9068 & 9068a
WARINER George Franklin (MO)	HENSLEY Mary (AR)	Marcus Dero 12/23/80 M Alvord [del. 15855] 
WARINER George Franklin (MO)	HENSLEY Mary Eliza (AR)	George Washington 07/04/90 M Alvord [del. 15674] 
WARINER George Franklin (MO)	HENSLEY Mary Eliza (AR)	Ida Leona 03/27/95 F Alvord [del. 23943] 
WARINER James Alexander (MO)	PRUETT Fannie Jane (TX)	Joseph James 08/26/84 M Decatur [del. 15249] 
WARINER James Alexander (MO)	PRUITT Frances Jane (TX)	Nora Elizabeth 11/23/77 F Alvord [del. 16394] 
WARINER James Alonzo (MO)	PRUITT Frances Jane (TX)	John David 09/26/86 M Decatur [del. 12368] 
WARLICK James A (MO)	THOMPSON Ellen (IL)	George W 08/18/94 M Boyd [del. 24470] 
WARLICK Owen	BLANK Nora	blank 11/4/04 F blank 1324 
WARNER George	(DOWNING) Martha	blank 2/22/08 F blank 3857 
WARNER George	(DOWNING) Mattie	blank 3/29/04 M blank 769 
WARNER George	DOWNING Mattie	B.M. 4/30/12 M blank 5511 & [delayed 6738]
WARNER Richard Edwin	MCDANIEL Melvina Alziske	Vodis Lotella 4/27/27 F Chico 8788 
WARNER Richard Ervin (TX)	MCDANIEL Melvina Alziabee (TX)	Gilbert Erwin 1/9/29 M Chico 9229 
WARREN A.P.	BLANK Ellen	blank 6/1/04 M blank 916 
WARREN Artemas Alexander (AL)	WILKERSON Sarah Frances (MS)	Auddie Arolla 03/15/01 F Boyd [del. 11950] 
WARREN Artemas Perry (AL)	GAINES Mary A (AL)	Henry Ellison 06/30/86 M Boyd [del. 25104] 
WARREN Artemis Alexander (TN)	WILKERSON Sarah Frances (TN)	Barney Lee 11/20/97 M Boyd [del. 22789] 
WARREN Buckner Bolind (TX)	BULLARD Laura Delia (MS)	Arnold Howard 03/15/94 M Boyd [del. 27887] 
WARREN Buckner Boliver (TX)	BULLARD Laura D (MS)	James Artemus 09/28/95 M Boyd [del. 8354] 
WARREN Buckner Boliver (TX)	BULLARD Laura Delier (MS)	Cornelious 11/13/97 M Boyd [del. 6972] 
WARREN E.L.	BLANK Danny	blank 4/30/08 M blank 3999 
WARREN Ernest Lynnwood (AL)	BROWN Mary Dannie (TX)	Ernest William 10/30/00 M Greenwood [del. 20422] 
WARREN Ernest Lynnwood (AL)	BROWN Mary Dannye (TX)	Jack 11/11/98 M Greenwood [del. 4099] 
WARREN Ernest Lynnwood (AL)	BROWN Mary Donnie (TX)	Robert Emmett 10/03/96 M Greenwood [del. 4387] 
WARREN Ernest Lynwood (AL)	BROWN Mary Donnie (TX)	Katherine Elizabeth 10/20/05 F Greenwood 2227 & 2227a
WARREN James Lafayette (AL)	ROGERS Amanda Cordelius (MS)	John Reagan 04/09/90 M Decatur [del. 13806] 
WARREN John (AR)	SNEED Lizza (AR)	Sam 12/25/78 M Alvord [del. 18420] 
WARREN John Marshall (AR)	GRIFFIN Kathrine Drucilla (AR)	Dovie Maye 10/21/98 F Yell Co AR [del. 24965] 
WARREN R D (MS)	WRIGHT Sarah (MS)	Mollie Della 12/13/96 F Sevier Co AR [del. 27914] 
WARREN Ruben Davis (MS)	WRIGHT Sarah (AR)	Louida 03/05/94 F Sevier Co AR [del. 25017] 
WARREN Sam	BLANK Jessie	blank 4/13/05 M blank 1736 
WARREN Sam B (TX)	STEVENS Jessie Bell (TX)	Chloe Aleen 09/16/98 F Alvord [del. 25406] 
WARREN Virgil	BLANK blank	twin 8/31/11 M blank 5334 
WARREN W.J. (TN)	LARGENT Virgie (TX)	Leota B. 12/15/08 F Chico 4392 & 4392a & 4392b
WARREN W.W.	BLANK Maggie Mae	Raymond Leon 6/11/28 M Paradise 8911 
WARREN Will	BLANK blank	twin 8/31/11 M blank 5333 
WARREN William John (IL)	SHIRLEY Cora B (IN)	Letta Jane 05/09/96 F Bridgeport [del. 28926] 
WARREN William Joseph (TN)	LARGENT Virgie (TX)	Preston Largent 6/14/18 M Crafton 6916 & 6916a
WARRINER S.C.	BLANK Armilia	blank 4/24/05 F blank 1771 
WARSON Columbus Andrew (TN)	MERRIMAN Helen May (TN)	Hazel Aleene 04/14/98 F Chico [del. 19478] 
WARTMAN Frank	PARKER Vera Alice	Mildred Lotella 2/23/28 F Chico 8955 
WASHBURN Audie A.	FOSTER Stella J.	Bobbie Wayne 6/6/32 M Greenwood [No Image 10458] 
WASHBURN C.B.	BLANK Nellie	blank 12/18/06 M blank 3064 
WASHBURN Claud	DYE Virginia	Peggy June 6/18/28 F Greenwood 9039 
WASHBURN G.T.	KINGSLEY blank	blank 2/15/12 F blank 5464 
WASHBURN George T.	STRICKLIN Carrie E.	Estelle 9/16/16 F Decatur 6473 & 6473a
WASHBURN George Tribble	STRICKLIN Carrie Estell	Grady Daniel 2/11/10 M blank 4930 & 4930a
WASHBURN George Tribble (MS)	STRICKLIN Estell (MS)	Alice Jewell 5/4/14 F Decatur 5882 & 5882a
WASHBURN James Petis (TN)	STEVENS Martha Pauline (TX)	Ida Houton 10/20/95 F Alvord [del. 12902] 
WASHBURN James Thomas (MS)	ROSS Amer Elizabeth (MS)	Audie Almus 11/08/02 M Prentice Co MS [del. 12522] 
WASHBURN L.A.	GILMORE Mary K.	Ruth L. 9/20/31 F Newark [No Image 10228] 
WASHBURN L.A.	GILMORE Mary Kate	Wanda Faye 10/25/33 F Newark [No Image 10918] 
WASHBURN Luther C. (MS)	HENDRIX Lula (TX)	blank 5/18/21 F Greenwood 7397 
WASHBURN O.L.	NIKIRK Nora	Harold Lee 6/8/32 M Alvord [No Image 10462] 
WASHBURN Robert W. Lee (MS)	PRICE Cornelia Elizabeth (MS)	Essie Fae 12/12/07 F Greenwood 3724 & 3724a
WASHBURN Tom	BLANK Lula	blank 3/28/04 M blank 765 
WASHFORD G.W.	PHILLIPS blank	blank 7/23/15 M blank 6161 
WASSON William R (TX)	BRAMLET Mary (TX)	Hardy H 09/07/79 M Decatur [del. 7242] 
WATERS Cecil	SHORT Alice Mae	Lotella 3/2/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9844] 
WATERS John Ira (TX)	THOMPSON Nancy Belle (TX)	Jarvis Cecil 01/14/00 M Decatur [del. 21311] 
WATERS Oscar V.	ALLEN Anita Mae	Bobby Joe 9/18/31 M Decatur [No Image 10221] 
WATKINS Charles Temple (TN)	MEANS Ella (TX)	Elven Wright 07/31/95 M Decatur [del. 20086] 
WATKINS Charles Temple (TN)	MEANS Ella (TX)	Vivian 04/11/97 F Decatur [del. 20087] 
WATKINS Ed	MCCONNELL Nora	blank 12/8/14 F blank 5994 
WATKINS Ike (AR)	BETHANY Malissa (TN)	Clara Lee 08/21/85 F Decatur [del. 14469] 
WATKINS James	BLANK Lucy	blank 8/4/03 M blank 157 
WATKINS James (TN)	JORDAN Lucy (AL)	Lelia Estelle 11/14/93 F Decatur [del. 25418] 
WATKINS James Buchanan (TN)	KIMBALL Lou Anna (TN)	Mollye Hazel 05/05/90 F Henrey Co TN [del. 17458] 
WATKINS James Buchannan (TN)	KIMBELL Luanne (TN)	Flossie Beatrice 09/01/87 F Chico [del. 24010] 
WATKINS James S.	BLANK Lucy	blank 9/4/05 M blank 2119 
WATKINS James Scruggs (TN)	JORDAN Lucy (AL)	Guy Jordan 11/27/91 M Gum [del. 20489] 
WATKINS James Scruggs (TN)	JORDAN Lucy (AL)	Edwin Gaines 11/26/98 M Decatur [del. 14211] 
WATKINS James Scruggs (TN)	JORDAN Lucy (AL)	Cecil 03/20/01 M Decatur [del. 12452] 
WATKINS Joseph Henry (AR)	BEAVERS Molina (GA)	Louis Monroe 11/09/78 M Aurora [del. 14502] 
WATKINS Lee (AR)	REYNOLDS Deanie (TX)	Murrel Garcey 07/02/98 F Paradise [del. 28573] 
WATKINS Lee (AR)	REYNOLDS Deanie (TX)	Carl Cecil 02/27/00 M Paradise [del. 28572] 
WATKINS W. Ben	WORLEY Vina Bell	Marshall L. 4/25/18 M Decatur 6868 
WATKINS W.B. (TX)	WORLEY Vina Bell (TX)	Mary Jo 2/5/23 F Decatur 7721 
WATKINS William Allen (AR)	BOOTON Phoebe Frances (IA)	Gladys Jewell 06/14/95 F Boyd [del. 24818] 
WATKINS William Calvin	CAMORA Daisy	Anthony Martin 9/7/03 M Boyd 262 & 0262a & 0262b
WATKINS William Calvin (TX)	BURKE Daisy Comora (MO)	Daisy Vashiti 06/24/01 F Decatur [del. 19885] 
WATKINS William Clavin	BURKS Daisey Camorah	Armstead Terrill 3/9/05 M Boyd 1662 & 1662a
WATSON C.	BLANK Mary	blank 10/2/07 M blank 3582 
WATSON C.H.	DICKENSON Edna	Joanne Laverne 3/11/31 F Chico [No Image 10004] 
WATSON C.O. (TX)	HAYES Rittie (TX)	Prudence L. 9/20/25 F Decatur 8424 
WATSON Clifford H.	HIX Bonnie Lee	Jimmie Gar 3/7/33 M Decatur [No Image 10704] 
WATSON Columbus Andrew (TN)	MERRIMAN Helen May (TN)	Vesta Inez 08/05/95 F Chico [del. 7792] 
WATSON Columbus Andrew (TN)	MERRIMAN Helen May (TN)	Ruby Emily 06/29/00 F Chico [del. 7794] 
WATSON Columbus Andrew (TN)	MERRIMAN Helen May (TN)	Ruth Merriman 06/29/00 F Chico [del. 7793] 
WATSON Edward Smith (OK)	RAMSEY Lucy Jane (AR)	Roy Vernon 03/13/02 M Wise Co [del. 33039] 
WATSON G.F. (TX)	ADAMS Nora (TX)	blank 7/22/26 M Decatur 8623 
WATSON Houston Richard	OGLE Mary Cue	Jaquita Dawn 6/27/33 F Chico [No Image 10807] 
WATSON J.C.	BLANK blank	blank 3/15/12 M blank 5483 
WATSON J.C.	BLANK Rosa	blank 2/23/05 M Chico 1621 
WATSON J.F.	BLANK Ellen	blank 12/11/04 M blank 1426 
WATSON James Andrew (VA)	BOYD Mary Jane (TN)	Edwin Boyd 10/14/78 M Decatur [del. 13023] 
WATSON James C (GA)	CARLISLE Rosa Ann (GA)	William Amos 01/11/02 M Park Springs [del. 10528] 
WATSON James Loving (TX)	BAILEY Elizabeth (TX)	Winifred Lee 10/17/95 F Decatur [del. 5753] 
WATSON James Loving (TX)	BAILEY Elizabeth (TX)	Theresa Boyd 11/14/97 F Decatur [del. 5754] 
WATSON James Loving (TX)	BAILEY Elizabeth (TX)	Verona Ann 01/21/00 F Decatur [del. 5751] 
WATSON Jeff	BLANK Annie	blank 2/22/05 M blank 1618 
WATSON Jeff	BLANK Jennie	T.J. 7/10/03 M blank 108 
WATSON Jeff Davis (MS)	WILEMAN Jennie (MS)	Roy Clifton 06/05/99 M Boyd [del. 6538] 
WATSON Joe Cortas	MARTIN Martha Ann	Oscar Raymond 3/16/04 M Chico 739 & 0739a
WATSON Joe Cortus	MARTIN Mattie Ann	James Earl 5/13/05 M Chico 1816 & 1816a
WATSON John Henry (MS)	ROBERTS Cynthia Cornnine (MS)	Dessie Edna 3/8/07 F Willow Point 3211 & 3211a
WATSON Leslie Witt (WV)	QUISENBERRY Nora (MO)	Gertrude Ola 12/03/99 F Slidell [del. 17958] 
WATSON Lewis Edward	WILLIAMS Minnie Ethel	Paul Lewis 12/26/08 F blank 4411 & 4411a
WATSON Lewis Edward (TX)	WILLIAMS Minnie Ethel (TX)	Lorene Alice 11/28/02 F Bridgeport [del. 21927] 
WATSON Lon	BLANK blank	blank 10/3/05 F blank 2180 
WATSON Louis	BLANK M.	blank 10/26/06 F blank 2978 
WATSON Louis	BLANK Minnie	blank 4/1/05 M blank 1706 
WATSON Lum	BLANK M.	blank 1/6/04 F blank 568 
WATSON N.R.	ROBERTS Lou	blank 11/7/13 M blank 5788 
WATSON O.R.	MCGUIRE Gladys	Bonnie Joyce 2/21/30 F blank [No Image 9604] 
WATSON Steve	MCDONALD Cora Susie	blank 9/30/09 F blank 4792 
WATSON Steve (TX)	MCDANIEL Cora (TX)	Seth S. 4/2/19 M Slidell 7066 
WATSON Steve (TX)	MCDANIEL Cora (TX)	Gertrude 1/19/24 F Slidell 7981 
WATSON Steve (TX)	MCDANIEL Susie (TX)	Houston Richard 6/1/07 M Bridgeport 3362 & 3362a
WATSON Steve (TX)	MCDONALD Susie (TX)	Susie 3/20/23 F Bridgeport 7743 
WATSON T.T.	FREEMAN Fannie	blank 3/23/17 F blank 6589 & 6589a
WATSON Thomas Terrell	FREEMAN Julia Frances "Fannie"	Alma 11/28/05 F blank 2315 & 2315a
WATSON Thomas Terrell (AL)	FREEMAN Julie Francis (TX)	Allie Mae 8/12/08 F Alvord 4181 
WATSON Tom	FREEMAN Fannie	Charley 11/9/03 M blank 433 
WATSON Tom	FREEMAN Fannie	blank 3/12/11 M blank 5192 
WATSON W.S.	BLANK Lyda Letha	Jennie Mosell 5/6/31 F Chico [No Image 10063] 
WATSON W. Walton	LAUGHTER Verna Clifton	Verna Ruth 8/19/16 F Boyd 6461 & 6461a
WATSON Walter	BLANK Mollie	blank 1/30/05 M blank 1556 
WATSON William H.	PLEASANT B.A.	Dorothy Elane 5/26/31 F Chico [No Image 10082] 
WATSON William H.	PLEASANT B.A.	Doris Delane 5/26/31 F Chico [No Image 10083] 
WATSON William Lewis (TX)	HENSON Serena (TX)	Bon 02/05/89 M Decatur [del. 13781] 
WATSON William Lewis (TX)	HENSON Srenia (MO)	Floyd 02/11/87 M Decatur [del. 14432] 
WATSON William Walter (AL)	PEELER Molly Cynthia (TX)	Leon Zeb 02/18/02 M Alvord [del. 14641] 
WATSON Wyatt N (MS)	NEWBERRY Anna (MO)	Lurline Owena 10/09/98 F Boyd [del. 6973] 
WATSON Wyatt Stant	BLANK Lydia Letha	Lillie Faye 1/30/27 F Chico 8743 & 8743a
WATSON Wyatt Stant (OK)	LYDA Letha (TX)	Era Cue 11/3/28 F Chico 9166 & 9166a & 9166b
WATTERS John Ira (TN)	McDANIEL Nancy Belle (TX)	Gertrude Demerith 10/12/97 F Decatur [del. 9203] 
WATTERS John Ira (TN) 	THOMPSON Nancy Belle (TX)	Jarvis Cecil 01/14/00 M Decatur [del. 9202] 
WATTS C.H.	NIKIRK Ila Cecil	Faye Dean 1/8/30 F Alvord [No Image 9549] 
WATTS Carlos Houston	NIKIRK Ila Cecil	Claudie Maxine 2/5/28 F Alvord 8933 & 8933a
WATTS George	BLANK blank	blank 3/18/05 M blank 1675 
WATTS George Washington (TN)	DODD Maggie Mae (TN)	Jewel Leora 1/29/07 F Rural Wise Co. 3144 & 3144a
WATTS H.	BLANK M.C.	blank 3/29/04 M blank 767 
WATTS Harley A.	SCOTT Mattie	Harlie Lee 1/22/31 M Decatur [No Image 9940] 
WATTS Henry (TN)	JONES Mary Callie (TX)	Harlie Andrew 12/19/95 M Alvord [del. 8725] 
WATTS Henry (TN)	JONES Mary Callie (TX)	Beulah Elizabeth 08/20/97 F Alvord [del. 9502] 
WATTS Henry (TN)	JONES Mary Callie (TX)	Alvy Lee 01/14/99 M Alvord [del. 9503] 
WATTS Henry (TN)	JONES Mary Callie (TX)	Bessie Jewell 09/04/01 F Alvord [del. 9504] 
WATTS Oscar	PARKS Mabel	blank 7/29/12 M blank 5554 
WATTS Oscar Riley (TX)	PARKS Maybell (TX)	Edward 4/1/26 M Decatur 8570 
WATTS W.J.	BLANK May	blank 4/13/07 M blank 3286 
WEAKLEY John A (KY)	BARNES Martha (MO)	Quincy May 05/01/82 F Decatur [del. 22028] 
WEATHERBY W.M BLANK Beulah blank 10/15/05 F blank 2218
WEATHERBY W.M. (William Minor) HOFFMAN Beulah twin (Carol) 8/2/03 M blank 155
WEATHERBY W.M. (William Minor) HOFFMAN Beulah twin (Harold Rufus) 8/2/03 M blank 154
WEATHERBY William Minor (TX) HOFFMAN Beulah (TX) Berta Gertrude 12/18/90 F Greenwood [del. 14304]
WEATHERBY William Minor (TX) HOFFMAN Beulah (TX) Berta May 03/29/96 F Decatur [del. 6063]
WEATHERBY William Minor (TX) HOFFMAN Beulah (TX) Beulah Eva 01/20/98 F Decatur [del. 6299]
WEATHERBY William Minor (TX) HOFFMAN Beulah (TX) Charles Floyd 11/11/94 M Greenwood [del. 14305]
WEATHERBY William Minor (TX) HOFFMAN Beulah (TX) Flossie Mae 08/24/01 F Decatur [del. 6061]
WEATHERBY William Minor (TX) HOFFMAN Beulah (TX) Truitt Elmo 5/28/08 M Decatur 4057 & 4057a
WEATHERFORD Arch Webster (MO) JOHNSON Florence Lorena (MO) Mable 12/03/96 F Boyd [del. 28927]
WEATHERLY G.C. (TN) ANDERSON Amiee (TX) Vetris Donetia 10/7/19 F Slidell 7143
WEATHERLY G.W. GALMER Ethel blank 6/6/17 M Chico 6640 & [delayed 15404]
WEATHERLY G.W. GALNEAR Ethel blank 3/10/31 M Chico [No Image 10001]
WEATHERLY William (MO) McCUCHEN Comanza (TN) Pauline 04/18/83 F Decatur [del. 16108]
WEATHERLY William Nuckles (TX) LOE Lucy Obedia (LA) Zoe 12/01/91 F Alvord [del. 8047] 
WEAVER Allen	BLANK Annie	blank 12/28/04 F blank 1468 
WEAVER J.C.	BLANK Nora	Will Blanton 6/22/05 M blank 1906 & 1906a
WEAVER John C.	HOSSELL Nora	Will Blanton 6/2/05 M Crafton 1906 & 1906a
WEAVER W.L.	IRWIN Daisy M.	Evelyn Ann 8/31/31 F Decatur [No Image 10202] 
WEAVER William J (TN)	THOMPSON Dora (TN)	Rena Pinnie 11/23/02 F Crafton [del. 11569] 
WEAVER William J.	THOMPSON Dora	Willie Ocela 4/2/05 F Crafton 1711 & 1711a
WEBB B.Y.	HALE Ruby	Annie Mae 3/20/33 F Decatur [No Image 10711] 
WEBB C.O. (TX)	BAKER Eva (TX)	Charline Joy 10/18/29 F Decatur 9479 & 9479a
WEBB D.E..	HILTON Flossie	Frankie Bobby Jane 8/18/32 F Decatur [No Image 10533] 
WEBB David York, Sr. (TX)	HALE Ruby (TX)	David York, Jr. 6/14/29 M Decatur 9375 & 9375a
WEBB Dee	ROBERTS Mabel	blank 6/23/30 M Chico [No Image 9736] 
WEBB Dempsey	HALE Ruby	William 4/1/31 M Decatur [No Image 10022] 
WEBB J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 7/30/13 F blank 5745 
WEBB James W.	BLANK Allie	blank 7/9/08 F blank 4124 
WEBB James William (TX)	BOLTON Allie (TX)	Dee Martin 08/04/94 M Decatur [del. 25345] 
WEBB James William (TX)	BOLTON Allie (TX)	Julia Omah 06/20/00 F Decatur [del. 22322] 
WEBB Levi (TX)	McCAULEY Susanna (TX)	John Harvey 04/29/82 M Brumlow [del. 14337] 
WEBB Robert Pinkney (MS)	PERCELL Kathryn Ann (IL)	Bonnie Lillian 10/25/92 F Alvord [del. 24913] 
WEBB T.R.	BLANK Hannah	blank 10/29/04 M blank 1309 
WEESE A J (TX)	CROSS Mollie (TX)	Emitte Harold 02/08/97 M Sunset [del. 20603] 
WEESE Andrew Jackson (TX)	CROSS Mollie Florence (TX)	Herman Ardon 07/03/01 M Pella [del. 14248] 
WEEVER Joe, Rev.	BLANK blank	blank 2/3/06 M blank 2467 
WEGER Edgar	GREEN Ella	blank 6/28/30 M blank [No Image 9742] 
WELCH A.P.	(WILLIAMS) N.L. (Nancy Lee)	blank 3/10/08 F blank 3899 
WELCH A.P.	BLANK N.E.	blank 1/4/06 blank 2325 
WELCH A.P.	WILLIAMS Nancy Lee	blank 7/3/04 M blank 988 
WELCH A.P.	WILLIAMS Nancy Lee	blank 1/4/06 M blank 2385 
WELCH Arch	WILLIAMS Nancy Lee	blank 3/29/13 F blank 5675 
WELCH Archey (LA)	WILLIAMS Nannie (TX)	Minnie May 08/18/96 F Chico [del. 28221] 
WELCH Archie Patric (LA)	WILLIAMS Nancy Lee (TX)	Laura Loney 09/20/98 F Bridgeport [del. 22791] 
WELCH Martin Jerry (MO)	CAGE Louella (TX)	Nona Lavada 05/25/01 F Crafton [del. 24471] 
WELCH Minor Columbus (AL)	WRIGHT Georgia Ann (TN)	Vernon 06/30/94 M Decatur [del. 10719] 
WELCH Ora Alvin	SANDERS Ida Leona	Loyce Varnell 8/18/28 F Bridgeport 9089 & 9089a & 9089b
WELCH T.W.	BLANK Alla	blank 5/4/04 F blank 862 
WELCH Thomas	BLANK Allie	blank 4/12/06 M blank 2612 
WELCH W.W.	BLANK blank	blank 2/24/10 F blank 4941 [Delayed 8/7/50]
WELCH Will	BLANK Hattie	blank 4/26/07 M blank 3314 
WELCH Will (LA)	GRAY Hattie Lee (TX)	Robert Franklin 9/15/18 M Bridgeport 6981 & 6981a
WELCH William Henry (MO)	MARSH Mary Ellen (TX)	Liza Cathern 12/15/85 F Alvord [del. 18493] 
WELKER Abraham (OH)	BILLINGTON Mary Agnes (TX)	Minnie Mabel 07/21/87 F Rhome [del. 17014] 
WELKER Abraham (OH)	BILLINGTON Mary Agness (TX)	Zella 07/18/80 F Decatur [del. 5962] 
WELLS Ben	BLANK Loula	blank 5/16/04 M blank 888 
WELLS H.A.	BLANK blank	blank 9/24/04 F blank 1224 
WELLS H.D.	BLANK Ellen	Arthur 2/24/05 M blank 1625 
WELLS Henry Alexandra (TN)	BRUTON Nettle (MO)	James 05/09/87 M Alvord [del. 10821] 
WELLS Henry Clay (MS)	DUKE Lucy Barclay (MS)	Martha Clay 11/13/96 F Chico [del. 22323] 
WELLS J.B.	HARRIS Lula	Opal Mae 1/18/07 F Crafton 3116 & 3116a
WELLS Joseph Ben (MS)	HARRIS Lula Bland (TX)	Elsie Lorene 12/07/00 F Crafton [del. 10683] 
WELLS William Jerome (AR)	WILLIAMSON Tithia Ann (AR)	Emma Lorene 6/4/06 F Decatur 2697 & 2697a
WELLS William Carroll (AR)	PRUITT Rebecca Arizona (TX)	William Carlos 03/23/97 M Alvord [del. 7314] 
WESH William (AR)	MOORE Amy Ellen (AR)	Alta Ellen 04/25/82 F Audubon [del. 11789] 
WEST Aurelius Henry (GA)	FELKNER Rachel Elizabeth (IL)	Charlie Aurelius 09/04/00 M Decatur [del. 4936] 
WEST C.W.	BLANK Maggie	blank 5/5/05 M blank 1789 
WEST Charles	BLANK Sarah	blank 8/11/07 F blank 3477 
WEST Charles Winston (AR)	NIKIRK Maggie (IN)	Jessie Simpson 08/09/99 M Alvord [del. 29673] 
WEST Charley	BLANK blank	Ire & Otis (twins) 4/29/04 M blank 851 
WEST Charlie W (TN)	NIKIRK Maggie Ann (IN)	Lavada May 05/31/02 F Chico [del. 25483] 
WEST George Crompton (VA)	PRUITT Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Charlie Winston 07/01/90 M Boyd [del. 11652] 
WEST Herman L.	MYERS Ella Estel	Ollie Lucille 3/5/30 F Chico [No Image 9617] 
WEST James Allen (GA)	HOOKER Lelia Belle (KY)	Henry Augustus 12/06/88 M Alvord [del. 15765] 
WEST John (AR)	RUSHING Myrtle T (TX)	Samuel Edgar '03/24/01 M Decatur [del. 15106] 
WEST John Berry (KS)	BROOMFIELD Martha Agness (KS)	Agness Adelia 08/14/97 F Blum TX [del. 28014] 
WEST John W.	MORELAND Mollie	Justin W. 10/2/04 M Chico 1242 & 1242a
WEST John Weaver (TX)	BROOMFIELD Martha Agnes (TX)	Johnnie Katherine 01/17/96 F Wise Co [del. 18331] 
WEST John White (?)	MORELAND Mary Frances ((?)	Minnie Dee 06/22/01 F Decatur [del. 16195] 
WEST John White (TN)	MORELAND Mary Frances (TN)	Irvin Clinton 10/22/96 M Chico [del. 5663] 
WEST John White (TN)	MORELAND Mary Francis (GA)	Flora Belle 03/11/95 F Decatur [del. 31053] 
WEST Joseph Mathew (KY)	DAVIS Bettie E (TX)	Reginald 10/18/92 M Park Springs [del. 9787] 
WEST Robert S.	EVANS Eva May	Mary Charles 6/14/31 F Rhome [No Image 10111] 
WEST Robert S. (TN)	EVANS Eva May (AR)	Robert M. 9/30/24 M Rhome 8174 
WEST Samuel Littleton (AL)	TOWRY Margaret Elizabeth (AR)	Sidney Littleton 02/06/00 M Paradise [del. 10022] 
WEST Samuel Martin (TX)	SULLINS Laura Ellen (MO)	Carrie Ellen 03/02/01 F Bridgeport [del. 22086] 
WEST Thomas	CONNER Mattie B.	Vera Willie 5/27/05 M Bridgeport 1847 & 1847a
WEST Thomas C. (TN)	SIMS Bennie H. (AL)	Winnie Ruth 1/15/26 F Rhome 8513 
WEST Thomas Jefferson (TN)	LEFEVER Maud (TN)	Robert Stanley 02/22/97 M Cannon Co TN [del. 13232] 
WEST Tom C.	BLANK Mary	Mary 5/25/05 F blank 1845 
WESTBROOK Oliver B.	WATKINS Minnie May	Mary B. 7/25/03 F Decatur 140 & 0140a
WESTERN L.A.	HENRY Laphy	Lou Melinda 9/28/33 F Alvord [No Image 10895] 
WESTERN L.A. (TX)	HENRY Lockie	blank 4/22/23 M Bridgeport 7778 & [delayed 6733]
WESTERN Thomas	BLANK E.M.	blank 6/29/05 M blank 1926 
WESTERN William Thomas (TX)	BROOKS Ida Eugenia (TN)	Joseph Artie 05/30/95 M Chico [del. 22026] 
WESTERN William Thomas (TX)	BROOKS Ida Eugenia (TN)	Thomas Jefferson 09/30/97 M Chico [del. 22027] 
WESTON James	BLANK blank	Pearl 10/18/04 F blank 1282 
WHARTON Albert B.	BLANK Electra W.	Thomas Waggoner 11/3/03 M blank 420 
WHARTON Ed	LEONARD Ida	Jewel Ople 7/15/04 F blank 1019 
WHARTON Ed	LEONARD Ida	blank 3/16/15 F blank 6055 
WHARTON Frank Bernard (PA)	RAY Ella (MS)	Estelle 07/08/78 F Dido [del. 12011] 
WHARTON Frank Bernard (PA)	RAY Ella (MS)	Ruth 05/01/82 F Cottondale [del. 18945] 
WHATLEY Enoch White (AL)	TABER Nora Ann (KY)	James Walter 12/30/95 M Chico [del. 7615] 
WHATLEY John	LANGLEY Eliza	blank 9/9/15 M blank 6232 
WHATLEY John P. (AL)	LANGLEY Eliza Jane (TX)	Dorothy May 2/24/08 F Bridgeport 3861 
WHATLEY W.J.	ROACH Gertie Melanie	Earl Eugene 8/31/31 M Chico [No Image 10201] 
WHATLEY W.L.	ROACH Gertie Melanie	Wanell 8/19/31 F Chico [No Image 10187] 
WHATLEY Walker Lee	ROACH Gertie Melanie	Mary Anita 12/27/29 F blank [No Image 9541] 
WHATLEY William	BLANK M.	blank 9/15/06 M blank 2907 
WHATLEY William Webster (TX)	MICHAEL Mamie Elizabeth (TX)	Earl 02/11/99 M Chico [del. 5209] 
WHATLEY William Webster (TX)	MICHAEL Mary Elizabeth (TX)	William Jewell 01/25/01 M Chico [del. 5722] 
WHEELER Foster (TX)	PITTS Thelma (TX)	blank 1/31/25 F Decatur 8251 
WHEELER J.F. (TX)	PITTS Thelma (TX)	blank 1/31/25 M Decatur 8250 
WHEELER John M (MO)	HILER Katherine L (TX)	Esther Minnie 07/15/90 F Crafton [del. 20216] 
WHEELER Thomas Andrew (GA)	GARRETT Laura Alfonz (TN)	Helen Elizabeth 10/06/85 F Chico [del. 4534] 
WHEELER William Monroe (TX)	HARRELL Florence (AR)	Walter Lee 11/26/92 M Chico [del. 9667] 
WHEELER William T. McKinney (TX)	GRUBBS Pearl (TX)	blank 9/29/19 M Greenwood 7142 
WHEELIS J.M., Sr.	HEAD Golda	James Martin, Jr. 7/16/32 M blank [No Image 10496] 
WHEELIS James (AR)	HEAD Golda (TX)	Lewis C. 9/4/23 M Alvord 7885 
WHEELIS Jim (AR)	HEAD Golda?	Jimmie Mae 7/1/29 F Alvord 9391 
WHEELIS Lewis Washington (IA)	STEPP Jo Anna (IN)	Theeadore William 12/07/88 M Alvord [del. 6235] 
WHEELIS Louis Washington (IA)	STEPP Joanna (IN)	Julia May 06/03/02 F Alvord [del. 22957] 
WHEELIS Theodore	WEST Stella Mae	Jewell Theodre 2/6/30 M Decatur [No Image 9585] 
WHEELOCK Carroll E.	WILDER Ruth Jane	blank 2/16/31 M Decatur [No Image 9962] 
WHEELOCK Carroll Emmett (TX)	WILDER Ruth Jane (TX)	blank 9/26/26 F Greenwood 8681 
WHEELOCK R N (TX)	COX Callie (TX)	Mollie Elizabeth 09/28/90 F Greenwood [del. 23708] 
WHEELOCK Robert N (TX)	COX Callie (TX)	Carroll Emet 12/03/96 M Greenwood [del. 10526] 
WHEELOCK Robert N (TX)	COX Callie (TX)	Callie Myrtle 10/22/98 F Greenwood [del. 29438] 
WHEELOCK Robert N (TX)	COX Sarah Callie (TX)	Cora May 01/25/93 F Rush Creek [del. 5207] 
WHEELOCK Robert Napoleon (TX)	COX Sara Callie (TX)	Bertha Bee 11/23/00 F Greenwood [del. 28105] 
WHEELS Wash	BLANK blank	blank 11/20/07 M blank 3677 
WHELLIS Jim	HEAD Rive	James Martin 7/16/32 M Alvord [No Image 10496] 
WHETSELL Ed	BLANK Edy	blank 1/3/07 F blank 3089 
WHETSELL Homer	STAFFORD Hazel	Wanona Joyce 7/23/30 F blank [No Image 9766] 
WHETSELL Jess	BLANK Lee	blank 10/2/03 M blank 333 
WHETSELL Jesse Lemual (TX)	GASS Lee (TX)	Weldon O'Ferrel 6/26/22 M Boyd 7622 & 7622a
WHETSELL Mose Mical (TX)	SEBASTIN Lizzie (AL)	Roy 12/19/00 M Alvord [del. 11243] 
WHETSELL W.E. (TX)	ERWIN Myrtle Ester (TX)	Opal Ardell 10/27/23 F Park Springs 7931 & 7931a
WHETSELL Will	BLANK Mollie	blank 8/15/04 F blank 1110 
WHETSELL William D (TN)	TAYLOR Mary Ellen (AR)	Claud D 03/01/90 M Park Springs [del. 19479] 
WHETSELL William Dedrick (TN)	TAYLOR Mary Ellen (AR)	Ella Mae 05/03/83 F Sunset [del. 19167] 
WHETSELL William Dedrick (TN)	TAYLOR Mary Ellen (AR)	Floyd Marshall 12/03/00 M Park Springs [del. 10896] 
WHILMIRE R.L.	BLANK Nannie	blank 12/21/10 M blank 5149 
WHINSHUNT R.L.	LYDA R.G.	blank 11/2/12 F blank 5591 
WHISENHUNT R.L.	BLANK blank	blank 11/25/04 F blank 1391 
WHISENHUNT Robert Lee	LYDA Rittie Gertrude	Etta LaDelia 3/31/11 F blank 5209 & 5209a
WHISENHUNT Robert Lee (AR)	LYDA Rittie Gertrude (TN)	Gladys Berle 8/18/09 F Willow Point 4740 & 4740a
WHISTLER George Washington (TX)	McAFFE Effie Josephine (IL)	Vera 10/30/01 F Bridgeport [del. 14888] 
WHITAKER Ernest B.	SMITH Ruthie D.	Ruth Earnestine 12/16/26 F Crafton 8726 & 8726a
WHITAKER Ira Pascal (KY)	STEPP Lourena (TX)	Nettie Mae 06/18/94 F Alvord [del. 24911] 
WHITAKER Ira Pascal (TX)	STEPP Lourena (TX)	Joseph Esker 07/19/92 M Alvord [del. 20961] 
WHITAKER J.T.	SANDERS Effie	blank 2/10/27 F Sunset 8746 
WHITAKER James Arthur (TX)	LARGENT Hazel Bernice (TX)	James Richard 9/2/29 M Alvord 9442 & 9442a
WHITAKER James Frank (TX)	SANDERS Effie (TX)	Wayne Kenneth 2/9/19 M Park Springs 7210 & 7210a
WHITAKER James William (KY)	STEPP Elmira (IN)	Arthur James 04/27/93 M Alvord [del. 11828] 
WHITAKER James William (KY)	STEPP Elmira (IN)	Joshua N 10/02/95 M Alvord [del. 10684] 
WHITAKER James William (KY)	STEPP Elmira (IN)	Ella Mae 03/11/02 F Alvord [del. 23981] 
WHITAKER John David (KY)	JERNIGAN Sarah Alice (TX)	Melvin Vergil 04/07/93 M Alvord [del. 15272] 
WHITAKER John James (IL)	STAFFORD Eliza Phalinia (IA)	Mary 03/22/90 F Boonsville [del. 23194] 
WHITAKER Joshua N. (TX)	RANEY Ione (TX)	Daisy Ann 12/12/25 F Alvord 8479 & 8479a
WHITAKER W.M. (TX)	MAGERS Myrtle M.(TX)	blank 7/22/24 M Alvord 8108 
WHITAKER William M. (TX)	MAGERS Myrtle Mae (TX)	blank 8/6/21 F Alvord 7436 
WHITCHER William John (England)	CAUDLE Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Leatha Anna 08/11/96 F Bridgeport [del. 30542] 
WHITCHER William John (England)	CAUDLE Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Ola Barrett 02/09/98 M Bridgeport [del. 13101] 
WHITCHER William John (England)	CAUDLE Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Emma Leona 03/01/00 F Bridgeport [del. 12981] 
WHITCHER William John (England)	CAUDLE Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	Norena Fain 08/27/01 F Bridgeport [del. 30591] 
WHITCOTTON A.J.	BLANK blank	blank 9/30/14 M blank 5967 
WHITE A.F.	BLANK blank	blank 1/25/08 M blank 3803 
WHITE Admiral (OH)	JONES Sarah Elizabeth (AR)	Florence Alma 11/04/96 F Paradise [del. 21086] 
WHITE Albert E. (TX)	MARTIN Minnie E. (TX)	blank 1/22/19 F Paradise 7039 
WHITE Albertie Edward (TX)	MARTIN Minnie (TX)	Bertha Cedela 10/28/08 F Decatur 4321 & 4321a & 4321b
WHITE Andy (AL)	WOODS Ella (MO)	Tom Robert 06/30/91 M Murray Co OK [del. 28613] 
WHITE Arthur	BLANK Katie	blank 9/16/07 M blank 3542 
WHITE Arthur	LOCKE Kate	blank 8/24/12 F blank 5571 
WHITE Arthur E (TX)	LOCKE Katy W (TX)	Ethel L 07/05/98 F Bridgeport [del. 29287] 
WHITE Ben	BLANK Lizzie	blank 8/16/03 M blank 192 
WHITE Ben	BLANK Lizzie	blank 11/14/04 F blank 1362 
WHITE Charles Angleton	JONES Opal Inez	Charles O. 6/10/33 M blank [No Image 10796] 
WHITE D.	WILSON Laura Lee	Harrell Weldon 5/11/27 M Greenwood 8797 & 8797a
WHITE D.	WILSON Laura Lee	Margie Ruth 3/11/30 F blank [No Image 9622] 
WHITE D. (TX)	WILSON Laura Lee (NM)	Hurbert Wallace 9/2/24 M Greenwood 8158 & 8158a
WHITE Earl 	GILBERT Ina	blank 8/1/15 F Decatur 6180 
WHITE Earl Vann	GILBERT Ina Wade	Lonnie D. 5/10/18 M Alvord 6885 & 6885a
WHITE Fred (OK)	WATSON Ella (AR)	Lillie Pearl 5/23/22 F Alvord 7601 & 7601a
WHITE G.	BLANK Alice	blank 1/6/08 F blank 3772 
WHITE George A (MO)	ARNOLD Myrtle (TX)	Raleigh Admiral 03/01/98 M Paradise [del. 15810] 
WHITE George Admiral (MO)	ARNOLD Myrtle Christiania (TX)	Verda May 01/11/01 F Paradise [del. 11610] 
WHITE Henry Marshall (AR)	BAILEY Alice (AR)	Jesse Cleo 08/31/94 M Chico [del. 8271] 
WHITE Henry Marshall (AR)	BAILEY Sarah Alice (GA)	Chester Alvin 02/11/01 M Chico [del. 13528] 
WHITE J.A.	PARKS blank	blank 1/15/14 M blank 5821 
WHITE J.C.	BROOKS Elbert W.	James William 5/26/33 M Sunset [No Image 10778] 
WHITE J.F.	BLANK Mary	(twin) 3/13/09 M blank 4551 
WHITE J.F.	BLANK Mary	(twin) 3/13/09 F blank 4552 
WHITE J.J.	ARTERBERRY Mittie	blank 1/23/31 F Bridgeport [No Image 9941] 
WHITE J.M.	GRAHAM Minnie B.	blank 12/18/11 F blank 5426 
WHITE J.W.	BLANK Lottie	blank 2/13/07 M blank 3172 
WHITE James	BLANK Lula	White 4/15/06 F blank 2616 
WHITE Joe	(HUFF) Maud	blank 6/12/07 F blank 3384 
WHITE Joe Reece	HUFF Maud	Gracie Juanita 12/24/08 F Decatur 4409 & 4409a & 4409b & 4409c
WHITE John (TX)	BAKER Ivy (TX)	Barney Edward 8/16/22 M Decatur 7642 & 7642a
WHITE John Allen (TX)	PARKS Willie Connie May (TX)	Chester Mae 8/10/09 F Decatur 4728 & 4728a & 4728b
WHITE John Duncan (IL)	LACKEY Lucy (AR)	Maggie May 08/25/86 F Paradise [del. 17606] 
WHITE John Duncan (IL)	LACKEY Lucy (AR)	Lucy Estelle 08/18/96 F Paradise [del. 27947] 
WHITE John Duncan (IL)	LACKEY Lucy (AR)	Willie Dee 11/04/98 M Paradise [del. 7359] 
WHITE John Duncan (IL)	LACKEY Lucy (AR)	Harriett Stella 07/30/01 F Bridgeport [del. 31978] 
WHITE John Duncan (VA)	LACKEY Lucy (AR)	George Lemuel 07/18/88 M Bridgeport [del. 5903] 
WHITE John Duncan (VA)	LACKEY Lucy (AR)	James Walter 11/16/90 M Bridgeport [del. 5189] 
WHITE John Henry (TX)	BAILEY Martha Rossanna (LA)	Edna Jo 6/14/26 F Decatur 8599 & 8599a
WHITE John Irvin (TX)	BAKER Ivy Pearl (TX)	Annie Pearl 9/12/24 F Decatur 8166 & 8166a
WHITE John P (MS)	BELL Jane (MO)	Julia Alice 12/08/85 F Decatur [del. 23047] 
WHITE John T (TX)	PENNELL Janie (TX)	Nolan Greenberry 10/21/96 M Decatur [del. 24841] 
WHITE John Thomas (TX)	PENNELL Martha Jane (TX)	Gardner Paul 09/14/99 M Alvord [del. 11334] 
WHITE Joseph Monroe (MO)	GRAHAM Minnie Bell (MO)	Wallace Elbert 11/28/07 M Boonsville 3690 
WHITE Joseph Monroe (TX)	GRAHAM Minnie Bell (AR)	Alice Amanda 6/24/09 F Balsora 4674 & 4674a
WHITE Marvin Troy	SIMPSON Minnie Lee	Elmer Ray 11/25/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10291] 
WHITE Marvin Troy (TX)	SIMPSON Minnie Lee (TX)	Neva Nell 9/27/24 F Bridgeport 8172 & 8172a
WHITE Marvin Troy (TX)	SIMPSON Minnie Lee (TX)	Fay Marie 7/14/29 F Paradise 9398 & 9398a
WHITE Oscar William (TX)	WATTS Eula Elizabeth (TX)	Birdie Lucille 12/2/23 F Bowie 7946 & 7946a
WHITE T.G. (TX)	WILSON Clara (TX)	J.W. 5/16/24 M Slidell 8070 
WHITE Wilford (TX)	ROMAN Mary Catherine (TN)	Floyd 09/21/02 M Bridgeport [del. 22303] 
WHITE William D. (TX)	KINCAID? Ozrah Alice (TN)	Evie Marie 9/22/06 F blank 2925 
WHITE William Denny	KINCAID Ozearam	Audry Ruth 1/14/05 F Bridgeport 1510 & 1510a
WHITE William H (TN)	PETTY Frankie (MS)	Leuna 09/11/84 F Springtown [del. 19468] 
WHITE William McKeever	ROMAN Mary Catherene	Boyd 1/21/04 F Bridgeport 605 & 0605a
WHITE William N. (TX)	COOK Fannie A. (TX)	W.F. 8/6/26 M Chico 8630 
WHITE Woodman	BLANK Fanny	Richard Claborn 9/19/04 M blank 1207 
WHITEHEAD A.R.	BLANK blank	blank 9/21/03 F blank 300 
WHITEHEAD Alexander Spotwood (VA)	EWING Ellen N (VA)	Weldon Bailey 05/16/00 M Garvin Co OK [del. 29846] 
WHITEHEAD Augustus Roberts (GA)	HALSELL Addie Elizabeth (TX)	Aurelia Halsell 08/22/80 F Decatur [del. 18684] 
WHITEHEAD Augustus Roberts (GA)	HALSELL Addie Elizabeth (TX)	Oscar W 10/18/83 M Decatur [del. 18685] 
WHITEHEAD Augustus Roberts (GA)	HALSELL Addie Elizabeth (TX)	Thetis Thompson 10/20/85 F Decatur [del. 18686] 
WHITEHEAD Augustus Roberts (GA)	HALSELL Addie Elizabeth (TX)	Julia Francis 09/06/87 F Decatur [del. 18687] 
WHITEHEAD Augustus Roberts (GA)	HALSELL Addie Elizabeth (TX)	Adelene Augusta 01/01/97 F Decatur [del. 18688] 
WHITEHEAD Charles Arnold (MS)	HOLMAN Sarah Frances (MS)	Jennie Elizabeth 10/03/98 F Decatur [del. 30143] 
WHITEHEAD J.N.	THOMPSON A.	blank 8/30/32 F Decatur [No Image 10544] 
WHITEHEAD J.W.	THOMPSON A.	blank 8/30/32 M Decatur [No Image 10543] 
WHITEHEAD John	(MOORE) Myrtle	blank 3/3/08 F blank 3884 
WHITEHEAD John R. (TX)	MOORE Myrtle (TX)	Ada Mae 7/13/22 F Rhome 7629 
WHITEHEAD John R. (TX)	MOORE Myrtle (TX)	James Calvin 10/3/24 M Rhome 8224 
WHITEHEAD John Russell	MOORE Myrtle	Billy Joe 5/16/28 M Rhome 9018 & 9018a
WHITEHORN George Thomas (TN)	SHOEMAKER Mattie Yancy (AL)	Olive Lee 07/30/96 F Decatur [del. 29297] 
WHITESIDE Amos J.	MCNULL Mary E.	Sylvia 5/3/18 F Newark 6878 
WHITESIDES Sam A (KY)	JONES Francis J (TX)	William Mikiel 11/14/98 M Willow Point [del. 16630] 
WHITLOCK Andrew Frank (TN)	EDWARD Tennie Belle (TX)	Ruby Lee 08/15/02 F Rhome [del. 24528] 
WHITLOCK Frank	BLANK Belle	blank 10/29/06 M blank 2983 
WHITLOCK Frank	BLANK blank	blank 10/21/04 F blank 1286 
WHITLOCK George R.	BLANK C.I.	R.A. 8/9/04 M blank 1097 
WHITLOCK R.L.	BLANK Manda	blank 10/27/06 M blank 2980 
WHITLOW Thomas Newton (MS)	KILLINGSWORTH Thaney Catherine (TN)	Jidy Onice 04/20/01 M Alvord [del. 18946] 
WHITLOW Walter Lee	KESSLER Grace	Walter Denail 2/24/11 M Alvord 5181 & 5181a
WHITLOW Walter Lee (TX)	KESSLER Grace (TX)	Joseph Orus 11/10/08 M Alvord 4338 & 4338a & 4338b
WHITSELL H.W.	STAFFORD Hazel	blank 3/9/33 M Park Springs [No Image 10707] 
WHITSENHURST R.L.	BLANK R.G.	blank 8/26/07 F blank 3504 
WHITSON Thomas Jefferson (TN)	GOULD Amanda Adiline (TX)	Gracy Melvin 09/08/97 M Boyd [del. 5809] 
WHITT D.W.	BLANK Mollie	blank 1/29/05 M blank 1544 
WHITT David William (TN)	MINOR Mary Susan (TX)	Exa May 01/26/97 F Decatur [del. 23141] 
WHITT David William (TN)	MINOR Mary Susan (TX)	Johnnie Pearl 08/13/98 F Decatur [del. 21509] 
WHITT David William (TN)	MINOR Mary Susan (TX)	Velma Emily 03/21/01 F Decatur [del. 9921] 
WHITTEN John Van (MS)	HALL Lou Ella (MS)	Ira May 12/17/00 F Greenwood [del. 31299] 
WHITTEN Thomas M.	BLANK blank	H.N. 8/31/03 F blank 237 
WHITTENBERG H.C.	HANKINS Kate	Laura Ethel 8/26/27 F Decatur 8828 
WHITTINGTON Claude K.	SPENCER Annie B.	Claudia Gene 4/22/32 F Rhome [No Image 10416] 
WHITTLEY L.B.	SMITH Ola Mae	L.B., Jr 1/31/31 M Alvord [No Image 9952] 
WHITTON William Franklin (IN)	HARRELL Nancy Elizabeth (VA)	Marvin King 07/18/84 M Decatur [del. 10856] 
WHITTON William Franklin (IN)	HARRELL Nancy Elizabeth (VA)	Della Jeanette 05/14/86 F Decatur [del. 20845] 
WHITTON William Franklin (IN)	HARRELL Nancy Elizabeth (VA)	Martha Elizabeth 03/23/90 F Decatur [del. 11896] 
WHITTON William Franklin (IN)	HARRELL Nancy Elizabeth (VA)	Walter Marson 05/25/92 M Decatur [del. 4390] 
WHOOTEN N.O.	ALEXANDER Ola	blank 11/13/29 M blank [No Image 9507] 
WHORTON John Hugh (AL)	WOODWARD Lela Elizabeth (MS)	Mamie 04/20/97 F Decatur [del. 17622] 
WHORTON William Turner (GA)	GUINE Mary Ann (AL	Oscar Lowe 11/22/91 M Agnes [del. 6013] 
WHORTON William Turner (GA)	GUINE Mollie (AL)	Willie D 02/25/94 M Decatur [del. 6540] 
WHORTON William Turner (GA)	GUINE Mollie (AL)	Jeptha Howard 06/06/97 M Decatur [del. 5402] 
WICKER A.	BLANK Etta	blank 6/4/08 F blank 4072 
WICKER Charles	COX blank	blank 9/13/11 F blank 5355 
WIGGINS S.S.	MORTON Rebecca	Rual Clyde 9/16/03 M Decatur 289 & 0289a
WIGGINS Seaborn S (GA)	MORTON Martha R (MO)	Iva Stone 07/02/94 M Boonsville [del. 25188] 
WIGGINS Seaborn Stone (GA)	MORTON Martha R (MO)	Emma May 05/16/97 F Boonsville [del. 28271] 
WIGGINS Sebern Stone (GA)	MORTON Martha Rebecca (TX)	Walter P 04/02/91 M Agnes [del. 24395] 
WIGGINS Sebern Stone (GA)	MORTON Rebecca (MO)	Jay Oscar 10/05/99 M Poolville [del. 13859] 
WIGGINS William Bates (AL)	MITCHELL Ada Louisa (AL)	Horace Loranza 09/18/98 M Greenwood [del. 25346] 
WIGINGTON William Floyd	SHIELDS Mae	Floyd Melvin 12/4/27 M Bridgeport 8889 & 8889a
WIGLEY D.L.	BLANK C.C.	blank 9/4/06 M blank 2888 
WILBANKS T.C. (TX)	LIMBERG Loueta May (TX)	blank 12/5/22 M Alvord 7694 
WILBORN Arthur (TX)	ALCORN Laura (MO)	George Arthur 12/10/98 M Decatur [del. 13235] 
WILBORN Arthur W.	BLANK Fannie	Nina Inez 10/3/07 F blank 3585 
WILBORN I.B. (TX)	LEATH Lillie P.(TX)	blank 9/23/19 M Alvord 7137 
WILBORN John (TX)	SMITH Mattie Druzella (TX)	Viola May 09/13/99 F Audubon [del. 14371] 
WILBORN John Bunion	LEETH Lillie Pearl	Linnie Elizabeth 2/7/05 F rural, Wise Co. 1585 & 1585a
WILBORN John Bunion (TX)	LEETH Lillie Pearl (TX)	Dora Lee 01/17/02 F Alvord [del. 27864] 
WILBORN Samuel Newton (TX)	ROWLETT Minnie Bell (TX)	Ola Mae 10/03/01 F Alvord [del. 30993] 
WILBORN William E. (TX)	GOSSETT Elnora S. (TX)	blank 10/13/19 M Alvord 7145 
WILBORN William E. (TX)	GOSSETT Nora Savanah (TX)	William Truett 6/19/18 M Alvord 6918 & 6918a
WILBORN William Irvin (TX)	GOSSET Nora G. (Savannah)(TX)	blank 8/24/24 M Alvord 8152 
WILCOX J.C.	BLANK L.A.	A.L. 7/23/05 M blank 1994 
WILCOX Jesse Clayborn (TN)	RUSSELL Nora (TX)	Tennie Jewel 6/29/07 F Willow Point 3407 & 3407a
WILCOX T.A.	RUSSELL blank	blank 8/3/09 M blank 4718 
WILDER Joel Martin (KY)	DABNEY Drucilla Helena (TX)	Vinnie Lenore 10/22/81 F Decatur [del. 15981] 
WILDER William Sol (KY)	RAINEY Mamie (OK)	William Homer 03/02/95 M Decatur [del. 5593] 
WILEY Alfred (AR)	TWITTY Elisebeth (AR)	Harvey Joe 12/28/98 M Alvord [del. 15891] 
WILEY Alfred W (GA)	TWEEDY Elizabeth (AR)	Forest Samual 02/20/90 M Franklin Co AR [del. 16170] 
WILEY F.M.	BLANK Lillie	blank 8/4/03 M blank 158 
WILEY F.M.	BLANK Lillie	blank 8/4/09 M blank 158 
WILEY Forest Samuel	WASHBURN Essie	Alfred Lee 2/19/28 M Alvord 8948 & 8948a
WILEY Frank Mathis (TN)	WILBORN Lillie (TX)	Marvin Finley 02/20/97 M Alvord [del. 28272] 
WILEY Franklin M (TN)	WILBORN Lillie (TX)	James Loyd 04/14/94 M Alvord [del. 29584] 
WILEY Franklin Mathis (TN)	WILBORN Willie (TX)	Annie Beulah 11/23/01 F Alvord [del. 29588] 
WILEY Franklin M (TN)	WILBORN Willie (TX)	Claude J 01/19/00 M Alvord [del. 29587] 
WILEY H.J.	SANDERS Auda	Billy Jo 4/2/31 M Alvord [No Image 10023] 
WILEY Harvey Joe (TX)	SANDERS Audie (TX)	Eula Fay 8/22/26 F Alvord 8644 
WILEY James Loyd (TX)	FERGUSON Tonie Mae (TX)	Claudia Marvine 8/13/18 F Alvord 6913 & 6913a
WILEY Marvin F.	STEVENS Lela	Billy Ray 12/7/26 M blank 8890 & 8890a
WILEY R.C.	WASHBURN Carrie	Lydall Wayne 2/7/32 M Alvord [No Image 10357] 
WILEY R.O.	BLANK Una	Bernice 5/16/05 F blank 1822 
WILEY R.O.	BLANK Una	blank 11/18/07 F blank 3674 
WILEY Reuben Oscar (TX)	TRAVIS Una Mae (TX)	John Hinkle 9/30/08 M Springtown 4272 
WILEY William Alford (TN)	CARTWRIGHT Mary Catherine (TX)	Nannie Jim 07/07/02 F Crafton [del. 28609] 
WILEY William Alfred (TN)	CARTWRIGHT Mary Catherine (TX)	Willie Alfred 09/24/99 F Crafton [del. 28528] 
WILHITE Charles Alexander (TX)	CASEY Della May (TX)	Emmet 05/12/98 M Greenwood [del. 12845] 
WILHITE Charlie Alexander (TX)	CASEY Della May (TX)	Arthur 12/11/96 M Greenwood [del. 5564] 
WILHITE Dale George (TX)	BRUTON Ona Lee (TX)	Bruton 9/19/29 M Decatur 9453 
WILHITE George W (TN)	KING Martha Sue (MO)	Maggie Tolley 01/24/84 F Greenwood [del. 22883] 
WILHITE George Washington (TN)	KING Martha Susan (MO)	Ida Lavonia 07/10/87 F Greenwood [del. 25131] 
WILHITE George Washington (TN)	KING Martha Susan (MO)	Ranie Gertrude 09/21/93 F Greenwood [del. 17167] 
WILHITE James Houston (TN)	KING Fanny (MO)	Charles Stanford 02/07/94 M Greenwood [del. 21487] 
WILHITE Joe	HARPER Frances	Joe Hoody 7/24/03 M blank 138 
WILHITE Joe	PATTON Lula	Dale 1/28/05 M Greenwood 1545 & 1545a
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Joseph Moody 07/24/1903 M Greenwood [del. 8551] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	George Dale 01/28/1905 M Greenwood [del. 32082] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Juanita Adell 10/13/1908 F Greenwood [del. 12612] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Opal Florence 08/27/1911 F Greenwood [del. 24157] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Charles Riddle 05/15/1915 M Greenwood [del. 17767] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Travis Palmer 01/09/1917 M Greenwood [del. 9201] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Windle Fred 03/11/1919 M Greenwood [del. 9200] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Lois Maxine 02/12/1921 F Decatur [del. 16229] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Mattie Frances 06/09/1923 F Decatur [del. 19873] 
WILHITE Joseph Earl (TX)	PATTON Lula Melvina (AR)	Grace Gertrude 11/13/01 F Decatur [del. 32081] 
WILKENS Emory S.	BLANK Brice	Charles Smith 3/20/05 M blank 1681 
WILKERSON A.D.	HOOPER Stacie	blank 1/18/13 F blank 5636 
WILKERSON Barney Lee (TX)	POPE Mary Jane (TX)	Barney Michael 04/24/98 M Aurora [del. 16547] 
WILKERSON Curtis	BLANK Allie	blank 11/23/05 M blank 2300 
WILKERSON J.R.	BLANK L.M.	blank 1/30/07 M blank 3148 
WILKERSON James West (KY)	PURYEAR Etholine Imogene (KY)	Elie Keron 04/02/85 F Briar [del. 5434] 
WILKERSON James West (KY)	PURYEAR Imogene Etholine (KY)	Ruth Imogene 04/19/89 F Briar [del. 10598] 
WILKERSON Jim	BLANK Pearl	blank 11/29/04 F blank 1400 
WILKERSON John	BLANK blank	blank 6/12/04 M blank 944 
WILKERSON Rice (TX)	PETTY Edna (TX)	blank 9/13/18 F Boyd 6977 
WILKERSON Silous Marion	CLARK Phebia Milison	Ina Bell 7/12/11 F Garvin 5305 & 5305a
WILKERSON Standley B (KY)	DISON Mary R (KY)	Curtis K 09/05/84 M Rhome [del. 24667] 
WILKERSON Standley B (KY)	DISON Mary R (KY)	Ola N 09/03/94 F Rhome [del. 24664] 
WILKERSON Standley Blackburn (KY)	DISON Molly R (KY)	Roy 05/17/90 M Rhome [del. 8269] 
WILKERSON Will	BLANK Estelle	blank 9/18/04 F blank 1202 
WILKINS blank	BLANK Una Lee	Billy Fritz 5/15/32 M Poolville [No Image 10438] 
WILKINS George	BLANK blank	blank 3/14/04 M blank 727 
WILKINS George W (TN)	VAN DYKE Sarah Adell (TN)	Thomas Edward 09/23/01 M Chester Co TN [del. 25596] 
WILKINS J.F. (TX)	SELLS Martha (TX)	G.L. 7/22/24 M Poolville 8107 
WILKINS J.I. (TX)	SALLS Martha (TX)	Wilford Mayne 10/28/26 M Poolville 8700 
WILKINS J.Q. (AL)	SELLS Lucy (TX)	blank 8/15/25 F Poolville 8388 
WILKINS J.T.	DUNLAP Elsie Jane	Melvin Von 5/24/11 M Decatur 5262 & 5262a
WILKINS Joseph Albert (AR)	ARMSTRONG Mary Manisa (AR)	Loyd Joseph 07/18/98 M Decatur [del. 35365] 
WILKINS Joseph Albert (AR)	ARMSTRONG Mary Maniza (AR)	Granville Thruston 07/04/96 M Greenwood [del. 6064] 
WILKINS R.R. (TX)	SUGLE Bessie (TX)	Margaret Virginia 7/7/19 F Poolville 7104 
WILKINS Thomas	BLANK E.J.	blank 2/25/06 F blank 2524 
WILKINS Tom	BLANK E.	blank 12/12/03 blank blank 524 
WILKINS Tom	BLANK E.	blank 12/21/03 M blank 524 
WILKINS blank	BLANK Ethel	blank 5/8/11 F blank 5243 
WILKINS Will H.	TOWNSON Alice	blank 7/10/31 M Bridgeport [No Image 10139] 
WILKINSON A F (MS)	SELF Lillian (TX)	Oscar Lee 08/28/98 M Keeter [del. 28966] 
WILKINSON Aipheus Forest (MS)	SELF Amanda Lillian (TX)	Mamie Vera 12/07/96 F Keeter [del. 15537] 
WILKINSON Amos	BLANK blank	blank 3/7/14 F blank 5850 
WILKINSON Benjamin Franklin (MS)	PAVILLARD Fannie Adeline (TX)	Naomi 03/16/85 F Decatur [del. 19568] 
WILKINSON Henry Dow (MS)	BRADFORD Viola Narcissus (TX)	Ruth Amanda 08/28/02 F Boyd [del. 9505] 
WILKINSON James Marion (MS)	VANDIVER Mary Pearl (AR)	Willie Mae 07/25/99 F Boyd [del. 6804] 
WILKINSON James Marion (MS)	VANDIVER Pearl (AR)	Dora Bell 10/17/07 F Bridgeport 3614 
WILKINSON Rice	BLANK blank	blank 7/28/16 F blank 6444 
WILLBANKS Mack Asbury (AL)	HAM Virginia Pollyann (AL)	Etta Virginia 05/29/79 F Decatur [del. 9450] 
WILLENBURG H.O.	BLANK blank	blank 3/2/19 M Decatur 7053 
WILLETT C.J. (TX)	RICHARDSON Jessie (TX)	blank 10/30/22 F Burkburnett 7680 
WILLIAM William I.	BLANK blank	Willie Pearl 11/18/07 F blank 3675 
WILLIAMS A.F.	MOWERY Ola	Lefeda 4/27/30 F Alvord [No Image 9671] 
WILLIAMS A.J.	BLANK blank	N.E. 2/17/04 F blank 668 
WILLIAMS Augustus A C (AR)	LASTER Sarah Weltha Ann (AR)	Oscar Decab 11/06/95 M Audubon [del. 13277] 
WILLIAMS Baby	BLANK Lula	blank 6/14/09 F blank 4662 
WILLIAMS Ben	BLANK Elsie	blank 7/4/06 M blank 2749 
WILLIAMS Ben F.	BLANK Ida	blank 8/22/03 M blank 214 
WILLIAMS blank	BLANK Elizabeth	blank 5/18/04 M blank 894 
WILLIAMS Bob	BLANK Lula	Grace 12/2/04 F blank 1406 
WILLIAMS Bud	BARKSDALE Cleo	Katherine 2/16/28 F Alvord 8947 
WILLIAMS C.B. (TX)	GOODE Erma Alycen (TX)	Ralph Goode 1/13/29 M Bridgeport 9232 
WILLIAMS Charles Porter (MO)	JENNINGS Martha Elizabeth (MO)	John William 08/20/82 M Decatur [del. 11041] 
WILLIAMS Charles Porter (MO)	JENNINGS Martha Elizabeth (MO)	Jesse Earl 09/11/88 M Decatur [del. 11040] 
WILLIAMS Charles Porter (MO)	JENNINGS Martha Elizabeth (MO)	Olive Mae 10/11/91 F Decatur [del. 9813] 
WILLIAMS Charles Wesley	LETT Mattie Adelia	Gladys Calvin 9/22/03 M Chico 307 & 0307a
WILLIAMS Chris	BLANK blank	blank 3/31/05 F blank 1705 
WILLIAMS Dave (AL)	SHEPPARD Ida Idella (TN)	Nannie Pearl 07/13/95 F Bridgeport [del. 29324] 
WILLIAMS David Henry (TX)	TABOR Melvina (TX)	Nancy Lee 11/09/80 F Paradise [del. 17090] 
WILLIAMS Dick	BLANK blank	blank 1/20/13 M blank 5638 
WILLIAMS Erasmus Merideth (TX)	TINCHER Willie Viola (WV)	Lonnie Merideth 03/08/02 M Greenwood [del. 7548] 
WILLIAMS Guinn (MS)	LEATHERWOOD Minnie Lee (MS)	Lucile Frances 10/09/95 F Decatur [del. 6232] 
WILLIAMS Guinn (MS)	LEATHERWOOD Minnie Lee (MS)	Ruth 04/26/97 F Decatur [del. 6233] 
WILLIAMS Guinn (MS)	LEATHERWOOD Minnie Lee (MS)	Guinn Jr 04/26/99 M Decatur [del. 6231] 
WILLIAMS Homer (TX)	TAYLOR Sarah Ruth (TX)	Jerry Tom 12/7/23 M Decatur 7949 
WILLIAMS J.A.	ADAMS Lela B.	Johnie M. 8/7/33 M Harlingen [No Image 10853] 
WILLIAMS J.H.	CASH Havana	Lillie Mae 1/3/30 F blank [No Image 9545] 
WILLIAMS J.H.	CASH Unna	James H. 6/1/32 M Boyd [No Image 10449] 
WILLIAMS J.N.	BLANK Annie	blank 4/9/15 F blank 6069 
WILLIAMS J.S.	CHERRY Bettie Ann	Clent Cecil 2/26/12 M Boyd 5474 & 5474a
WILLIAMS J.W.	BLANK Annie	blank 4/9/15 F blank 6070 
WILLIAMS Jack (AL)	SMITH Mary (AL)	Josie Bird 07/14/85 F Decatur [del. 14021] 
WILLIAMS Jack (AL)	SMITH Mary (AL)	Sam Houston 11/18/91 M Audubon [del. 22533] 
WILLIAMS James Marion (GA)	MABRY Fannie (GA)	James Turner 06/20/79 M Brooks Co G [del. 15672] 
WILLIAMS James S (KY)	FURGURSON Melinda (KY)	Martha B 03/28/01 F Decatur [del. 5863] 
WILLIAMS James Thomas (TN)	BILLINGSLEY Mary Evelyn (AR)	Mary Opal 4/25/08 F Rhome 3989 & 3989a & 3989b
WILLIAMS James Thomas (TX)	HUDSON Ann Victoria (TX)	Essie May 06/20/87 F Aurora [del. 12873] 
WILLIAMS James Thomas (TX)	SNIDER Florence Elizabeth (TN)	Docia Lee 12/18/91 F Newark [del. 11571] 
WILLIAMS James Thomas (TX)	SNYDER Florence Elizabeth (TN)	Arthur Gray 09/08/97 M Newark [del. 7664] 
WILLIAMS John	CHERRY Bettie	Carrie 12/8/04 F Keeter 1414 & 1414a
WILLIAMS John (TX)	SHOWN Myrtle (TX)	L.V. 10/21/18 M Boyd 6999 
WILLIAMS John Sherrell (TN)	CHERRY Bettie Ann (TN)	James Robert 11/23/95 M Boyd [del. 24894] 
WILLIAMS L.	BLANK M.	blank 3/15/04 M blank 735 
WILLIAMS L.W.	ALLEN Abby	blank 3/25/18 F Poolville 6845 
WILLIAMS M.G. (TX)	COOK V.B. (OK)	Yvonne 4/13/29 F Paradise 9319 & 9319a
WILLIAMS May Scott (LA)	HILLBURN Sarah Elizabeth (TX)	John James 01/06/91 M Rhome [del. 15105] 
WILLIAMS Ollie	YOUNG Mertie	blank 6/11/17 F Anneville 6644 
WILLIAMS Ollie (TX)	YOUNG Fern (MO)	J.B. 12/5/18 M Boyd 7018 
WILLIAMS Polk	BLANK blank	blank 8/12/08 M blank 4182 
WILLIAMS Richard Allen (GA)	TRALER Anna Narcissus (AL)	Tommie Odessa 01/22/86 F Decatur [del. 22398] 
WILLIAMS Richard Allen (GA)	TRALOR Anna Narcissus (AL)	Willie M 07/26/82 F Decatur [del. 20945] 
WILLIAMS Sam E. (TX)	HUTCH Elva (TX)	blank 5/15/21 M Decatur 7395 
WILLIAMS Sam Edward (GA)	RUTHERFORD Martha (MO)	Ivy Andrew 07/04/84 M Decatur [del. 17801] 
WILLIAMS Stephen S (TN)	BATES Daisey C (IN)	Homer Hade 06/21/94 M Keeter [del. 10642] 
WILLIAMS T.	BLANK J.	blank 1/26/04 M blank 618 
WILLIAMS Taylor	BLANK blank	blank 3/14/08 M blank 3910 
WILLIAMS Thaddeus S (MO)	ILES Inda May (KY)	Amelia Elizabeth 09/22/89 F Pawnee Co KS [del. 19940] 
WILLIAMS Thaddeus Spencer (MO)	ILES India May (KY)	Charles Joseph 08/17/91 M Pawnee Co KS [del. 24819] 
WILLIAMS Thomas Benton	CAGE Mattie Ella	Goldie Ola 5/17/11 F Alvord 5251 & 5251a
WILLIAMS Thomas Guthery (TN)	ELLERBY Lula (TX)	Floyd Thomas 06/14/92 M Decatur [del. 12126] 
WILLIAMS Wesley M (MO)	HARRELL Mary Ada (TX)	Lizzie Myrtle 04/28/90 F Chico [del. 4902] 
WILLIAMS Wesley M (MO)	HARRELL Mary Ada (TX)	Rupert Elmore 01/15/92 M Chico [del. 4901] 
WILLIAMS William	BLANK blank	blank 7/8/06 F blank 2756 
WILLIAMS William Franklin (TN)	RUSSELL Mary Eliza (TN)	Jesse Vaden 08/08/90 M Decatur [del. 8270] 
WILLIAMS William Ollie (TN)	BLEWETT Sallie (TX)	Homer Salmon 08/21/95 M Decatur [del. 9122] 
WILLIAMS William R (AR)	CONYERS Emma V (TN)	William C 05/10/93 M Decatur [del. 7501] 
WILLIAMS William R (AR)	CONYERS Emma V (TN)	Mary Hattie 04/04/98 F Sycamore [del. 14591] 
WILLIAMS William Robert (AR)	CONYERS Emma V (TN)	Annie F 04/24/99 F Sycamore [del. 13622] 
WILLIAMS William T. (KY)	BAKER Lizzie (TX)	twin 9/12/21 F blank 7467 
WILLIAMS William Taylor (KY)	BAKER Lizzie (TX)	Joe - twin 9/12/21 M Rhome 7466 & 7466a
WILLIAMS William Washington (TX)	THOMPSON Menever Jane (TX)	Edna May 12/21/81 F Decatur [del. 25575] 
WILLIAMS Wilmer	ALLEN Jossie	blank 1/14/09 M blank 4440 
WILLIAMS Wilmer Linley (TX)	ALLISON Josie Ellen (TX)	Herbert Lavon 4/4/29 M Paradise 9313 & 9313a
WILLIAMSON Benjamin Franklin (MS)	NIBLETT Susan Ann Eliza (AL)	Sarah Elizabeth 02/18/93 F Decatur [del. 24642] 
WILLIAMSON blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/13/06 M blank 2667 
WILLIAMSON Bryan	BLANK blank	Maud 7/3/06 F blank 989 
WILLIAMSON Claud	FUGATE Irene	Bobby Lyn-twin 7/6/23 M Decatur 7845 & 7845a
WILLIAMSON Claude L. (TX)	FUGATE Irene Mae (TX)	Dorothy Byn-twin 7/6/23 F Decatur 7844 & 7844a
WILLIAMSON Eldon	ELLIOTT Effie Glee	blank 8/30/27 F Decatur 8835 
WILLIAMSON Eldon	ELLIOTT Glee	Betty Mozelle 11/17/29 F blank [No Image 9509] 
WILLIAMSON H.	BLANK Alice	blank 7/1/04 M blank 979 
WILLIAMSON Henry	BLANK blank	blank 11/10/06 M blank 3009 
WILLIAMSON Henry (TX)	MAULDIN Alice (TX)	Eldon 11/24/96 M Greenwood [del. 14189] 
WILLIAMSON Henry (TX)	MAULDIN Alice Josephine (TX)	Edith May 03/16/02 F Greenwood [del. 12610] 
WILLIAMSON Homer (TX)	TAYLOR Ruth (TX)	Lou Ann 3/18/26 F Decatur 8565 
WILLIAMSON James Homer (TX)	TAYLOR Sarah Ruth (TX)	James Taylor 5/30/20 M Greenwood 7255 & 7255a
WILLIAMSON Jerry	BLANK blank	blank 9/21/07 F blank 3558 
WILLIAMSON Jerry	GENTRY Lou	Irving Dale 9/20/04 M Greenwood 1209 & 1209a & 1209b
WILLIAMSON Jerry (MO)	GENTRY Lou Emma (TX)	Mattie 10/13/85 F Greenwood [del. 20148] 
WILLIAMSON Jerry (MO)	GENTRY Lou Emma (TX)	Claude L 03/11/87 M Wise Co [del. 13748] 
WILLIAMSON Jerry (MO)	GENTRY Lou Emma (TX)	Calvin Weaver 09/02/98 M Greenwood [del. 29136] 
WILLIAMSON Jerry (TN)	GENTRY Lou (TX)	Luther 12/29/95 M Greenwood [del. 9278] 
WILLIAMSON John Fulton (MS)	HORTON Frances Elizabeth (TX)	Callie 10/21/94 F Cottondale [del. 28929] 
WILLIAMSON M.B., Jr.	HUGGINS M.O.	Admin Brison 12/20/33 M Greenwood [No Image 10966] 
WILLIAMSON Marian Brison (AL)	MONTGOMERY Elizabeth (TX)	William Edgar 02/19/00 M Decatur [del. 11271] 
WILLIAMSON Marion Bryson	MONTGOMERY Lizzie	Marguerite Ione 7/3/04 F Slidell 989 & 0989a & 0989b
WILLIAMSON Marion Bryson (AL)	MONTGOMERY Mary Elizabeth (TX)	John Fred 07/27/98 M Greenwood [del. 19680] 
WILLIAMSON Marion Bryson (AL)	MOSER Gertrude Irene (TX)	Betty Jean 6/20/29 F Greenwood 9378 & 9378a
WILLIAMSON Thornton (MO)	ALLEN Ollie (IL)	Henry Vernon 09/17/95 M Decatur [del. 23388] 
WILLIAMSON William Brownlow (TN)	NICHOLSON Ida Theodocia (IA)	John Aubrey 09/27/80 M Greenwood [del. 12730] 
WILLIFORD Basil Duke (AR)	CULWELL Rebecca Elizabeth (AR)	Hezekiah Clinton 06/20/84 M Cottondale [del. 19999] 
WILLIFORD Basil Duke (AR)	CULWELL Rebeckah Elizabeth (TX)	Robert Nelson 07/15/86 M Cottondale [del. 11515] 
WILLIFORD J.E.	LINNER B.L.	Melvin Ocie 12/25/30 M blank [No Image 9903] 
WILLIFORD J.E. (TX)	LINER B.L. (TX)	blank 3/20/29 F Poolville 9300 
WILLIFORD J.E. (TX)	LINER Lois (TX)	Alton 1/23/20 M Poolville 7197 
WILLIFORD J.M.	BLANK Lucinda	blank 9/5/04 M blank 1174 
WILLINGHAM John Franklin (AR)	CECIL Martha (AR)	Lonzo Beldon 01/01/76 M Greenwood [del. 14163] 
WILLINGHAM R.P.	BLANK Lou	blank 5/14/12 F blank 5524 
WILLINGRAM Lonzo Beldon (TX)	WARREN Sarah Cathander (TX)	William Trube 09/05/02 M Greenwood [del. 14215] 
WILLIS Alonzo Eugene (TX)	KEY Mary Lynn (AR)	Opal Pearl 8/13/08 F Decatur 4183 & 4183a
WILLIS Andrew Woodson	GIBBONS Maggie Mae	Frances Mae 4/3/10 F Bridgeport 4971 & 4971a
WILLIS Dick	BLANK blank	blank 11/2/06 M blank 2989 
WILLIS Grady (TX)	WILBURN Ola Mae (TX)	Melba Lois 3/19/29 F Alvord 9298 
WILLIS Nathaniel Purdue (IN)	JONES Frances Elizabeth (IL)	William Edward 11/15/84 M Decatur [del. 15507] 
WILLIS Robert W.	OATS Cora Lee	Jennie Lee 2/16/27 F Fort Worth 8749 
WILLIS W.A.(LA)	BELEW Mae (TX)	Brady Warner 5/27/07 M Chico 3355 & 3355a
WILLIS Will	BLANK Ethel	J.H. 8/2/03 M blank 151 
WILLIS Will F.	WILIE Ethel	Weldum 6/16/15 M blank 6122 
WILLIS William F. (TN)	WYLIE Ethel (TX)	Dan Alden 9/21/20 M Rhome 7302 & 7302a
WILLIS William Franklin (TN)	WYLIE Ethel (TN)	Stella Cosema 11/03/01 F Claiborne Co TN [del. 10335] 
WILLMOTT Bailey (TX)	PERKINS Retha (TX)	twins 2/2/25 M Decatur 8254 
WILLOUGHBY Ed (TN)	BROWN Fannie (TN)	Edward Prentis 10/11/81 M Bolivar TX [del. 18324] 
WILLS Henry Louis (MO)	STEVENS Fannie Francis (GA)	Ella Earl 09/27/92 F Boyd [del. 23236] 
WILLS Jesse	VANCE Jennie Lee	Mary Magoline 5/26/27 F Boyd 8802 
WILLS Jessie W. (TX)	NIGHT Jennie Lee (TX)	Rosa Lee 9/20/25 F Boyd 8425 
WILLS John William (VA)	CAMPBELL Martha Ann (TX)	Charles Lawrence 11/12/79 M Decatur [del. 14590] 
WILLS Louis W (IN)	STEPHENS Mary Frances (GA)	John Alfred 10/06/96 M Boyd [del. 23140] 
WILLS Walter L (IN)	STEPHENS Fannie F (GA)	Charles Henry 01/29/89 M Boyd [del. 23139] 
WILMONT Joe Bailey (TX)	PERKINS Retha Beatrice (TX)	Ruth Margurette 2/2/25 F Decatur 8252 & 8252a
WILMOTT Joe Bailey	PERKINS Ruthie Bernice	Trula Fay 2/25/27 F Decatur 8751 & 8751a
WILSON Al	PRICE Bell	blank 1/28/14 M blank 5832 
WILSON Calvin Thomas (IL)	MATCHETT Mary Catherine (IN)	Ethel Catherine 09/17/82 F McDonough Co IL [del. 12844] 
WILSON Charles Franklin (MO)	RECTOR Mollie E (MO)	Maggie Morton 09/16/97 F Boonsville [del. 22692] 
WILSON Charles Walton (TX)	BOWLING Mary Ann (TX)	Ollie 06/09/86 F Decatur [del. 10641] 
WILSON Charley Goode (TX)	CHEYSTAL Goldie (TX)	Joe Verlyn 11/20/21 M Boyd 7508 & 7508a
WILSON Claud Luther (AR)	OGLE Ola Lee (TX)	Doss Randall 5/29/29 M Chico 9362 
WILSON D.A.	WALLACE blank	Freda Mae 1/13/30 F blank [No Image 9559] 
WILSON Dan Joe	WRIGHT Lula Dell	Thomas Jefferson 12/28/15 M Boyd 6322 & 6322a
WILSON Dewey	WALLACE G.M.	Ethel Virginia 5/1/32 M Boyd [No Image 10425] 
WILSON E H (TX)	CANNON Nancy F (TX)	Bettie Eve 11/22/79 F Wise Co [del. 17490] 
WILSON Edward P (OK)	WADDLE Milia Magneta (AR)	Jennie May 01/26/98 F Crafton [del. 16999] 
WILSON Eli Norman (TX)	HORTON Jessie (TX)	Minnie Lee 07/20/99 F Paradise [del. 24020] 
WILSON Frank H (England)	BEARDEN Cleo Patrick (MS)	Gilbert Edward 09/10/93 M Decatur [del. 14722] 
WILSON Frank Hamilton (England)	BEARDEN Cleoprator (MS)	Reginald Victor 09/05/97 M Decatur [del. 28872] 
WILSON G.A.R. (AR)	BIRDSONG Elizabeth (TN)	Loyd Waldon 11/8/22 M Rhome 7686 
WILSON G.E.	MALCOLM Mary	Eula Bernice 5/17/32 F Greenwood [No Image 10440] 
WILSON George Perry	RICH Lydia Pearl	Harold Bobby 10/8/17 M Chico 6730 & 6730a
WILSON H.E.	FALLOWELL Mattie	Billie Jack 4/15/31 M Newark [No Image 10038] 
WILSON H.E. (TX)	FALLSWILL Mittie M. (TX)	Violet Marie 6/20/18 F Newark 6920 
WILSON J J (TN)	CALDWELL Laura (KY)	Robert Abner 02/13/90 M Boyd [del. 16312] 
WILSON J.D.	BLANK blank	blank 3/21/07 M blank 3239 
WILSON J.D. (TX)	WRIGHT Lula Bell (TX)	Billie George 10/5/28 M Paradise 9140 
WILSON J.N.	BLANK Minnie	blank 5/7/07 F blank 3330 
WILSON J.W. (TX)	PEARSON Mattie (TX)	blank 4/17/29 M Boyd 9326 
WILSON Jacob Umble (TN)	ETHRIDGE Nannie (TN)	Ola Nannie 10/13/91 F Chico [del. 16530] 
WILSON James (TX)	McGOWAN Mollie (TX)	Thomas Andrew 06/04/86 M Keeter [del. 20943] 
WILSON James J.	HAYS Elsie	James Rodney 3/11/30 M Decatur [No Image 9621] 
WILSON James J. (TX)	HAYS Elsie (MO)	Joyce Marie 10/6/28 F Greenwood 9141 & 9141a
WILSON James Madison Price (MO)	FERGUSON Mollie (GA)	Vona Pete 05/31/91 F Alvord [del. 9875] 
WILSON James W.	PEARSON Mattie P.	Louis Maselle 4/27/18 F blank 6872 
WILSON James William (TX)	PEARSON Mattie Pearl (TX)	James Ewell 12/11/20 M Boyd 7325 & 7325a
WILSON Jerry Marr (TN)	EVANS Susan Virginia (TN)	Effie B 06/10/94 F Hardin Co TN [del. 23389] 
WILSON Jesse	HOGUE Etta	blank 4/6/12 F blank 5500 
WILSON Joe	BLANK blank	blank 8/17/06 M blank 2848 
WILSON Joe Bole (MO)	BARNARD Mallie Elmerine (KY)	Macel Dee 1/24/09 F Aurora 4454 & 4454a
WILSON John	BLANK Minnie	blank 10/8/05 M blank 2198 
WILSON John	GALEY blank	blank 7/28/08 M blank 4154 
WILSON John (IA)	WOOD Matilda C (AR)	Walter 10/19/86 M Decatur [del. 15109] 
WILSON John C.	BLANK Flora	blank 7/16/04 M blank 1024 
WILSON John Jasper (TN)	CALDWELL Laura (KY)	Katie Jane 12/14/87 F Aurora [del. 21816] 
WILSON John Jasper (TN)	CALDWELL Laura (KY)	James Toliver 04/23/95 M Boyd [del. 23342] 
WILSON John Jasper (TN)	CALDWELL Laura Manthas (KY)	Gertie Agness 02/05/93 F Aurora [del. 22087] 
WILSON John Walter (IL)	PATTERSON Roxie (TX)	James William 02/13/89 M Bridgeport [del. 19072] 
WILSON Joseph Creighton (TN)	WRIGHT Alice Sandwill (AL)	Nellie Wright 09/09/98 F Anneville [del. 9400] 
WILSON Leonard Leslie (?)	BUFLER Ella Leah (?)	Effie Viola 03/21/97 F Bridgeport [del. 30695] 
WILSON Marion	BLANK blank	blank 1/19/10 M blank 4914 
WILSON Marston Howell (IL)	PRIDDY Bertie Lee (AL)	Nettie Mae 12/14/02 F Bridgeport [del. 31930] 
WILSON Marvin	BLANK blank	blank 9/5/07 F blank 3520 
WILSON Orbe (TX)	DENNY Mattie (TX)	blank 5/3/19 F Chico 7078 
WILSON Owen F (VA)	YEARY Elizabeth Ann (VA)	Arminda Elizabeth Jean 02/10/00 F Slidell [del. 22920] 
WILSON Robert Abner (TX)	CAGLE Ida Ruth (AL)	Daisy Ruth 6/23/15 F Rhome 6130 & 6130a & 6130b
WILSON Robert Franklin (TN)	THURMAN Eliza Olivia (IN)	Joseph Monroe 10/28/01 M Park Springs [del. 15425] 
WILSON Robert Marion	WEATHERBY George Ann	Sally Ruth 1/27/05 F Greenwood 1543 & 1543a
WILSON Robert Marion (AR)	WEATHERBY George Ann (TX)	Ethel Margaret 02/23/91 F Decatur [del. 24590] 
WILSON Robert Marion (AR)	WEATHERBY George Ann (TX)	Burl Franklin 04/15/02 M Greenwood [del. 10077] 
WILSON Robert Marion (AR)	WEATHERBY George Ann (TX)	John James 8/19/07 M Greenwood 3496 & 3496a
WILSON Sam (TN)	BLASHINGHAM Sudie Elizabeth (TN)	Aubra Clinton 08/07/94 M Obion Co TN [del. 14864] 
WILSON Sam Emmanuel (TN)	BLASINGAME Susie Elizabeth (TN)	Iva Elon 07/20/98 F Chico [del. 30772] 
WILSON Sam H.	JONES Julia Mae	Dorris E. 8/8/30 F Decatur [No Image 9782] 
WILSON Sam Henry (TX)	JONES Julia May (TX)	William Osborn 8/23/26 M Decatur 8647 
WILSON T.J. (Tollie)(TX)	LEFORS Rhoda (TX)	(Tommie June) 6/5/23 F Boyd 7818 
WILSON Tally J. (Tollie)	LEFORS Roda (Rhoda)	blank 1/10/16 F (Boyd) 6339 
WILSON Tom	BLANK Myrtle	(twins) 10/6/04 F blank 1255 
WILSON Tom	HOLLIS I.	blank 4/16/17 F blank 6610 
WILSON Tom A. (TX)	HOLLIS Icie (TX)	William Thomas 6/13/26 M Boyd 8598 
WILSON Tom A. (TX)	HOLLIS Icy (TX)	Essie Lavelle 3/5/21 F Boyd 7361 & 7361a
WILSON Tom Andrew	HOLLIS Icie	Belva Minnietta 6/10/11 F Boyd 5276 & 5276a
WILSON Tully (Tollie J.)	LEFORS (LAFORA) Rhoda	J.T. (James) 7/15/17 M Boyd 6655 
WILSON Vester Francis (TX)	EVANS Lillie Lou (TX)	George Fred 2/24/21 M Decatur 7353 & 7353a
WILSON W.	BLANK O.	blank 12/28/04 F blank 1469 
WILSON William Allen (MS)	JONES Myrtle Pearl (AR)	Ruby Mae 10/9/07 F Bridgeport 3598 & 3598a
WILSON William Henry (TN)	APPLING Sarah Jane (AR)	Claud Luther 12/27/96 M Grant Co AR [del. 14433] 
WILSON William Hugh (India)	PRESCOTT Elizabeth (India)	John Rubin 01/26/93 M Anneville [del. 7616] 
WILSON William Hugh (India)	PRESCOTT Elizabeth (India)	Manilla Kathern 05/05/98 F Decatur [del. 28392] 
WILSON William Neely (TN)	JACKSON Mary Ann (TX)	Lola May 04/16/91 F Alvord [del. 23442] 
WILSON William Samuel	TROXELL Ida Mae	Gilbert Wayne 12/6/03 M rural, Wise Co. 485 & 0485a
WILSON William Samuel (AL)	TROXELL Ida Mae (KS)	Raymond Cronje 05/14/00 M Rhome [del. 16577] 
WILSON William Samuel (MS)	ANDERSON Cornelia Olive (TX)	James William 11/14/82 M Rhome [del. 13862] 
WILSON William Samuel (MS)	ANDERSON Cornelia Olive (TX)	Walter Howard 12/27/86 M Briar [del. 13861] 
WILSON William Walter (TN)	WRIGHT Elizabeth Nettle (TN)	Currie Thomas 11/04/00 M Alvord [del. 9814] 
WILTON George Cornelius (TX)	TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth (AL)	Maud 05/29/86 F Decatur [del. 24641] 
WIMBERLY James (TX)	McCRORY Eliza (TX)	Carrie Leone 06/29/87 F Boonsville [del. 12979] 
WIMBERLY James (TX)	McCRORY Eliza Ann (TX)	George Amanzer 04/04/78 M Boonsville [del. 12276] 
WIMBERLY James (TX)	McCRORY Eliza Ann (TX)	Mary Eunice 03/25/89 F Boonsville [del. 13398] 
WIMBERLY John Martin	JETER Lena Alexsine	Doty Roster 5/7/05 F rural, Wise Co. 1794 & 1794a
WIMBERLY John Martin (TX)	JETER Linnie Alexzina (TX)	Raymon Meridith 04/23/02 M Bridgeport [del. 5230] 
WIMBERLY William Edgar (TX)	MONTFORD Margaret Dale (TX)	Archie Maurice 10/18/00 M Bridgeport [del. 21239] 
WIMBLEY Jack H (TX)	BLANK Tisha M (TX)	Albert D 10/14/00 M Boonsville [del. 35081] 
WIMBLY John	BLANK Tinnie	blank 8/31/03 F blank 236 
WIMBLY William Edgar.	MONTFORD Margaret Dale	Reba Jane (twin) 2/22/06 F Bridgeport 2515 & 2515a & 2515b & 2515c
WIMBLY William Edgar.	MONTFORD Margaret Dale	Ruba Joe (twin) 2/22/06 F Bridgeport 2516 
WIMS L.L.	BLANK blank	blank 10/6/08 M blank 4279 
WIN Riley	R. blank	blank 11/6/33 M Bridgeport [No Image 10929] 
WINEGAR Bill (TX)	PORTWOOD Christine	Christine 11/5/29 F Sunset 9500 
WINES S.S.	BLANK blank	blank 4/18/06 F blank 2624 
WINES Shalor Smith (MO)	BEAR Etha Ethel (MO)	Alpha Omega 06/01/00 M Park Springs [del. 24188] 
WINES Smith S (MO)	BEAR Etha Ethel (KS)	Charlie Wesley 01/25/91 M Park Springs [del. 23944] 
WINES Smith S (MO)	BEAR Etha Ethel (MO)	Myrtle May 06/21/93 F Crafton [del. 24717] 
WINES Smith Shalor (MO)	BEAR Etha Ethel (MO)	Bertha Belle 07/08/98 F Sunset [del. 18376] 
WINN C.W.	MEDLEY Nannie O.	Billie Jack 8/3/30 M Bridgeport [No Image 9780] 
WINN Charlie	BLANK Ossie	blank 2/18/18 M Bridgeport 6831 
WINN Claude Earl (KS)	HARRISON Ida Mae (TX)	Frances Maunita 09/10/01 F Decatur [del. 11948] 
WINN Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 8/11/14 F blank 5943 
WINN Thomas F (TN)	REDDELL Ida Virginia (AR)	Clyde Claude 09/14/98 M Bridgeport [del. 29589] 
WINN Thomas Forrest (TN)	REDELL Eda A (AR)	Mary Elizabeth 01/04/94 F Bridgeport [del. 16797] 
WINN Thompson Forrest (TN)	REDELL Ida (MO)	Roxie Mamie 10/19/00 F Bridgeport [del. 16893] 
WINSTON William Thomas (KY)	HIBBLER Hattie Arabella (MS)	Harry Joseph 08/21/88 M Garvin [del. 5812] 
WINTER Francis Sylvester (03/24/52)(AL)	GIVINS Louisa Jane (09/25/52)(AL)	Francis Coleman 02/19/89 M Pella [del. 23637] 
WINTER Francis Sylvester (MS)	GIVENS Louisa Jane (AL)	Ruby 12/05/93 F Alvord [del. 18071] 
WINTER Francis Sylvester (MS)	GIVINS Louisa Jane (MS)	Lilly Mildred 01/24/80 F Audubon [del. 13365] 
WISDOM Grover C. (OK)	BARTHOLOMEW Grace E. (IA)	Helen Beatrice 5/13/08 F Alvord 4022 & 4022a
WISDOM James F (MO)	EWING Mary (IL)	Thomas L 06/16/85 M Boyd [del. 24130] 
WISDOM James F (MO)	EWING Mary (IL)	Geneva 06/16/91 F Boyd [del. 23781] 
WISDOM James F (MO)	EWING Mary (IL)	August 08/28/96 F Boyd [del. 23780] 
WISDOM Michael J.	RISH Tessie F.	Nora Ruth 12/2/30 F Bridgeport [No Image 9905] 
WISE B.S. (TX)	REED Glenis Ruth (TX)	James Elmore 7/22/22 M Boyd 7633 
WISE Barney S.	REID Ruth G.	Golda Re 4/17/30 F blank [No Image 9772] 
WISE J.L.	MORGAN Olie	blank 2/11/15 M blank 6029 
WISE Lee	PUGH Alzert	blank 5/18/17 M Bridgeport 6627 
WISE Michael Herring (AL)	DYER Florence (MO)	John Quincy 07/04/86 M Bridgeport [del. 9402] 
WISE Qunnie	MORGAN Pattie	blank 10/4/17 F Bridgeport 6725 
WISE R.L.	PUGH Alzert	Neldia Evelyn 7/17/32 F Chico [No Image 10497] 
WISEMAN blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/15/03 F blank 287 
WISEMAN William Manles (TN)	HOLT Maggie May (TN)	Lossie Furn 05/04/02 F Boyd [del. 24472] 
WITHERS blank	BLANK Carrie Mae (TX)	Betty Jane Reeves 4/12/25 F Decatur 8293 
WITHERS J.L. (TX)	LEWIS Dona (TX)	blank 2/18/26 blank Decatur 8543 
WITT Bert	BLANK blank	blank 10/10/07 M blank 3599 
WITT V.W.	BLANK blank	blank 7/4/10 F blank 5035 
WITT William Franklin (AL)	GAYLOR Allie Anora (TN)	Minnie Lee 12/12/93 F Alvord [del. 28930] 
WITTEN Issac James (MO)	HUDSON Mary Ellen (AR)	Annie Frances 03/08/89 F Sunset [del. 13860] 
WITTEN Thomas O (AL)	BAGBY Beatrice Josephine (GA)	Willie May 10/20/84 F Decatur [del. 18244] 
WITTENBERG Mark	MOODY Gundolyn	blank 7/22/31 M Paradise [No Image 10156] 
WOLF Herman	GASTON Della	James Herman 1/31/30 M blank [No Image 9575] 
WOLF Homer	GASTON Dela	Frances Louise 5/3/28 F Boyd 9010 
WOLF Joe	KING Melvina	Jodie 4/9/18 M blank 6857 
WOLF Martin B.	EUDALY Cleo B.	William Fred 1/2/31 M blank [No Image 9913] 
WOLF Paul John, Sr.(Germany)	RAMSEY Allie (TX)	Paul John, Jr. 10/24/29 M Bridgeport 9486 & 9486a
WOLF Richard V.	PARKS Mattie L.	Richard Lloyd 4/9/33 M Boyd [No Image 10407] 
WOLF William	BLANK blank	blank 11/16/06 F blank 3024 
WOLFE C.F.	VEST Ida	Charles 4/12/33 M Boyd [No Image 10729] 
WOLFE James Monroe (MO)	MEADOWS Sallie Jane (AL)	Minnie Caroline 03/29/92 F Cottondale [del. 23296] 
WOLFE Jess C (TN)	BLANK Laurie (MO)	Emmitt Porter 12/31/93 M Decatur [del. 28653] 
WOLFE William E (TN)	WILLIAMS Katherine Estell (GA)	Hallie Elizabeth 09/19/98 F Decatur [del. 27948] 
WOLFF Frank (Germany)	HUEBNER Maria Anna (TX)	Dora Louise 1/5/14 F Bridgeport 5812 & 5812a
WOLFF M.B.	UDALY Cleo	Oliver Stephen 2/2/28 M Bridgeport 8932 
WOLFF Martin B.	EUDALY Cleo C.	Annie Marie 5/28/33 F Bridgeport [No Image 10783] 
WOLFF Paul John	RAMSEY Allie	James Robert 7/23/27 M Bridgeport 8815 
WOLFF Stephen (Germany)	SEIDEL Ernestine (Germany)	Stephenie 02/04/87 F Germany [del. 23234] 
WOLFF Stephen (Germany)	SEIDEL Ernestine (Germany)	Frieda Rosa 08/30/88 F Germany [del. 25576] 
WOLFF Stephen (Germany)	SEIDEL Ernestine (Germany)	Hattie Martha 07/29/89 F Germany [del. 23233] 
WOLFF Stephen (Germany)	SEIDEL Ernestine (Germany)	Martin Ben 08/20/97 M Germany [del. 11651] 
WOLFF Stephen (Germany)	SEIDEL Ernestine (Germany)	Clara Minnie 07/03/01 F Germany [del. 25517] 
WOMACK Ab	BLANK Margaret	blank 9/27/05 M blank 2164 
WOMACK Albert Richard (TN)	ALLEN Marjorie (TX)	Lucille 02/20/02 F Chico [del. 34459] 
WOMACK Arthur Fletcher (TN)	McGEE Othie (TN)	Cecil 01/14/02 M Alvord [del. 9447] 
WOMACK blank	BLANK blank	blank 8/8/04 F blank 1094 
WOMACK C.E.	CLINE Bessie	Opal Marie 6/7/32 F Rhome [No Image 10459] 
WOMACK C.W.	BLANK A.M.	blank 12/2/06 M blank 3040 
WOMACK Charlie Wilson	NEWTON Annie May	Willie Wilson 8/17/03 M Chico 193 & 0193a
WOMACK Charlie Wilson (TN)	NEWTON Annie (GA)	John Richard 02/08/93 M Alvord [del. 16269] 
WOMACK Clarence	CLINE Bessie	Glenn Russell 7/18/30 M blank [No Image 9761] 
WOMACK Francis Marion (MS)	ANDERSON Mattie Agnes (TX)	Bettie 11/12/88 F Briar [del. 3889] 
WOMACK Francis Marion (MS)	ANDERSON Mattie Agnes (TX)	Wanda Wynema 03/18/95 F Briar [del. 15003] 
WOMACK Francis Marion (MS)	ANDERSON Mattie Agnes (TX)	John Marvin 05/19/96 M Briar [del. 4565] 
WOMACK Francis Marion (MS)	ANDERSON Mattie Agnes (TX)	Hattie 11/12/88 F Briar [del. 3888] 
WOMACK J.A.	BLANK L.R.	blank 12/10/08 F blank 4387 
WOMACK J.C.	GLASS Bertha	blank 12/26/11 F blank 5431 
WOMACK J.C.	GLASS Cina Elizabeth	Evelene 12/25/09 F Boonsville 4886 & 4886a & 4886b
WOMACK J.G. (TX)	LANCASTER Cell (TX)	blank 9/28/18 F Chico 6989 
WOMACK James	MILLER Della	blank 1/2/14 F blank 5809 
WOMACK James Calvin (TN)	GLASS Cena Elizabeth (TN)	Dewey Robert 03/09/00 M Boonsville [del. 15926] 
WOMACK James Laverne (TN)	MILLER Della Leta (TX)	Carland Coree 4/17/15 M Boonsville 6077 & 6077a
WOMACK John	BLANK Bessie	William Henry 5/12/04 M blank 881 
WOMACK John	BLANK Bessie	blank 12/28/06 M blank 3077 
WOMACK John F (MS)	ANDERSON Sallie (MS)	Mary Eunice 09/08/97 F Decatur [del. 24498] 
WOMACK John F. (MS)	ANDERSON Sarah (MS)	John Earnest 6/7/08 M Decatur 4076 & 4076a
WOMACK John Franklin (MS)	ANDERSON Elizabeth Rachel (MS)	Emma Jane 08/04/02 F Decatur [del. 24921] 
WOMACK John Franklin (MS)	ANDERSON Sallie Sarah (MS)	Otha Roy 07/09/00 M Decatur [del. 14164] 
WOMACK John Franklin (MS)	ANDERSON Sarah Elizabeth (MS)	Lewis Clayton 05/22/92 M Boyd [del. 14214] 
WOMACK John Henry (AL)	WEATHERLY Bessie (AL)	Pearlie Mae 3/26/09 F Chico 4571 
WOMACK Joseph A.	MEEKS Lizzie Mauldin	Esther Theresa 8/8/05 F blank 2038 & 2038a
WOMACK Joseph Andrew (?)	MAULDIN Lizzie Brown (TX)	Otis Lee 09/21/94 M Chico [del. 29397] 
WOMACK W.A.	BLANK L.E.	blank 9/5/08 F blank 4231 
WOMACK W.W. (TX)	MORRIS Ora Mary (TX)	Headley 5/17/22 F Boonsville 7594 
WOMACK Will	MORRIS Ora May	Leona 12/17/15 F Boonsville 6323 & 6323a & 6323b
WOOD Benjamin Franklin (MO)	MUNDY Elizabeth Cora (KY)	Eudora Ann 02/06/83 F Paradise [del. 18771] 
WOOD Charley B (MO)	PROCTOR Laura Alice (TX)	Charley Proctor 01/09/88 M Chico [del. 13828] 
WOOD Charley Benjamin (IN)	PROCTOR Laura (TX)	Wille Gayle 02/17/90 M Chico [del. 14372] 
WOOD Commadore Robert (MO)	LAWRENCE Marjorie Alice (IA)	Robert G 12/23/82 M Boyd [del. 10855] 
WOOD Dale (TX)	JENSON Irene (TX)	Dalene 7/17/25 F Decatur 8364 & 8364a
WOOD Daniel Byrd (MO)	LOWDER Margaret Jane (AR)	Daniel Byrd 04/24/85 M Boonsville [del. 3772] 
WOOD Daniel Byrd (MO)	LOWDER Margaret Jane (AR)	Maidie Esther 04/17/93 F Boonsville [del. 19176] 
WOOD Daniel Byrd (MO)	LOWDER Margaret Jane (AR)	Maude May 05/14/95 F Boonsville [del. 19177] 
WOOD Frank	BLANK Ida	blank 7/15/05 M blank 1959 
WOOD Guy (TX)	FERGUSON Grace (TX)	Cassie Lanell 10/10/06 F Paradise 2959 & 2959a & 2959b
WOOD H.L.	BLANK Josie	blank 5/26/07 F blank 3352 
WOOD H.T.	MCBRIDE Josie	blank 3/1/14 M blank 5847 
WOOD Henry	BLANK Ola	blank 2/13/04 F blank 655 
WOOD J. Austin	WHEELER Myrtle	Neal Hartsell 12/30/33 M Decatur [No Image 10978] 
WOOD J.M.	BLANK H.E.	M.A. 5/11/06 F blank 2664 
WOOD J.M.	GENTRY Bettie L.	James Bennie 4/22/31 M Greenwood [No Image 10050] 
WOOD J.W.	BLANK blank	blank 5/23/04 F blank 898 
WOOD James Austin (TX)	WHEELER Myrtle Josephine (TX)	Calven Eugene & Calva Christine 7/29/21 M&F Decatur 7356 & 7356a & 7356b & 7356c
WOOD James Walter (TX)	STEWART Lorena (TX)	Daily 03/21/00 M Sycamore [del. 20389] 
WOOD Joe (MO)	QUINN Josie (TX)	Nose Price 02/02/85 M Paradise [del. 8872] 
WOOD John (J.W.)	BLANK (Bell)	(Isaac J.) 7/15/03 M blank 118 
WOOD John Nathon (NC)	EVANS Carry Frances (OK)	Ruth Bell 11/28/02 F Bridgeport [del. 31892] 
WOOD John William (TX)	RHODES Susie Elizabeth (LA)	Nettie Olivia 12/23/89 F Paradise [del. 11609] 
WOOD John William (TX)	RHODES Susie Elizabeth (TX)	Leslie 06/28/93 M Paradise [del. 12272] 
WOOD John William (TX)	RHODES Susie Elizabeth (TX)	Eunice 03/27/95 F Paradise [del. 9872] 
WOOD John William (TX)	RHODES Susie Elizabeth (TX)	Leone 05/23/97 F Paradise [del. 9874] 
WOOD P.	BLANK Maude	blank 8/6/10 M blank 5066 
WOOD Robert Edward	LOW Alma Eli	Beatrice Capitola 6/16/10 F Boyd 5025 & 5025a
WOOD Travis Matthew (AR)	DICKENSON Mary Hamilton (TN)	Susie Alice 05/31/98 F Red Oak [del. 23271] 
WOOD Travis Matthew (AR)	DICKENSON Mary Hannah (TN)	Ora Eunice 08/12/94 F Park Springs [del. 15853] 
WOOD Uriah Losson (TN)	GIVENS Sallie Dora (AR)	Orval Randolph 01/08/98 M Decatur [del. 23536] 
WOOD W.G.	BLANK Mary A.	Cleota Opal 7/5/10 F blank 5036 
WOOD Wiliford Worth (NC)	BOLES Mary Cathern (MO)	Linda Bella 10/17/02 F Bridgeport [del. 28310] 
WOOD William N (GA)	JENNINGS Mary Alice (TX)	Oswald Dallas 12/29/02 M Decatur [del. 33782] 
WOOD Willie G.	MCDAVID Mary A.	blank 11/14/17 M Chico 6754 
WOODALL Dave (AL)	BLANK Hattie (AL)	blank 8/13/24 M Paradise 8141 
WOODARD Albert (TX)	ARTHUR Minnie (TX)	Shannon 09/29/00 F Decatur [del. 22530] 
WOODARD James (TX)	LEWIS Sallie (TN)	blank 9/10/18 F Decatur 6974 
WOODARD Jefferson Davidson (MS)	WOODY Exah Jane (TX)	Birdie May 01/26/90 F Decatur [del. 24125] 
WOODARD Sam W.	BRUNO Iva	Ivan Clayton 9/29/17 M OK 6722 & 6722a
WOODCOCK Thomas W (KY)	HERNDON Sarah Jane (KY)	Laura 09/02/92 F Alvord [del. 10640] 
WOODDELL Dave Anderson (AL)	MOZELEY Hattie Janettie (TX)	Virgie Mae 2/15/23 F Boyd 7726 
WOODELL J. Henry (TX)	YINGLING Hollie (TX)	blank 7/17/22 F Boyd 7631 
WOODRUFF blank	BLANK blank	blank 9/29/03 F blank 320 
WOODRUFF Irvin (TX)	KING Mary Francis (TX)	Ruby Myrtle 09/16/96 F Alvord [del. 12842] 
WOODRUFF Irvin (TX)	KING Mary Francis (TX)	Ollie Beatrice 10/11/98 F Alvord [del. 12841] 
WOODRUFF Irvin (TX)	McBRIDE Bonnie Vesta (AL)	Fred E 10/11/98 M Alvord [del. 4299] 
WOODRUFF John Franklin (AL)	BROWN Nancy (AL)	William Murrell 11/25/88 M Franklin Co AL [del. 9873] 
WOODRUFF John Warren (AL)	LEWIS Fannie Lee (AL)	Henry Grady 08/09/93 M Cottondale [del. 6343] 
WOODRUFF John Warren (AL)	LEWIS Fannie Lee (AL)	Willard Bennett 08/18/01 M Cottondale [del. 6344] 
WOODRUFF John Warren (AL)	LEWIS Fannie Lee (AL)	Wilma Lee 08/18/01 F Cottondale [del. 6346] 
WOODS A.C.	HIGGINS B.V.	blank 12/11/31 F Paradise [No Image 10302] 
WOODS Addy Johnson (AR)	RICH Lucinda (IL)	George Forest 04/08/80 M Chico [del. 13563] 
WOODS Charles P. (TX)	LARGENT Maude E. (TX)	Wilson Roe 5/29/18 M Chico 6906 
WOODS Fulton	BLANK blank	Willard Weldon 7/15/03 M blank 120 
WOODS H.L.	MCBRIDE Josie	blank 6/16/15 M blank 6121 & [delayed 9786]
WOODS J.H.	BLANK M.	blank 6/23/09 F blank 4670 
WOODS J.L.	BLANK R.L.	blank 2/4/07 M blank 3155 
WOODS J.T.	LAIN Mary A.	John Thomas, Jr. 8/7/30 M blank [No Image 9781] 
WOODS Jepe	BLANK Rosa	blank 5/19/04 F blank 896 
WOODS Jesse Houston (AR)	PHILLIPS Nannie (AR)	Pearl Arzona 03/28/94 F Greenwood [del. 22899] 
WOODS Jesse Leroy (TN)	SCOGGINS Rosa Lee (TX)	Eula Ethel 10/23/98 F Balsora [del. 23443] 
WOODS Joseph Nelson (TN)	PROCTOR Mary Edith (TN)	Elizabeth Esther 06/03/95 F Decatur [del. 27888] 
WOODS Mitchell Clay (TX)	McDANIEL Mary Etter (TN)	Roy Samuel 07/27/98 M Sunset [del. 7894] 
WOODS T.J.	BLANK N.C.	blank 1/3/04 M blank 561 
WOODS Thomas (TX)	GOWER Amanda J (KS)	Charlie T 03/12/85 M Sunset [del. 4458] 
WOODS Thomas Alford (MO)	BALL Annie (AL)	William Thomas 09/19/84 M Bridgeport [del. 6729] 
WOODS Thomas Donadus (TN)	WOODS Hattie Elizabeth (TX)	William Rufus 01/06/98 M Decatur [del. 4891] 
WOODS Thomas E.	STEEN Malisie D.	James Virgil 4/25/18 M Decatur 6870 & 6870a
WOODS U.N.	BLANK Alice	blank 2/12/05 M blank 1594 
WOODS W.F. (TX)	WHATLEY Pearl (TX)	Fred Lanham 9/10/29 M Chico 9447 & 9447a
WOODS W.G.	MCDANIEL Annie	blank 12/18/27 M Chico 8900 
WOODS W.W.	BLANK Katie	blank 10/17/03 F blank 377 
WOODS Walter	BLANK Lou	blank 2/1/08 M blank 3821 
WOODWARD William Soloman (KY)	STANFIELD Sarah Emma (TX)	James Stanfield 11/03/90 M Aurora [del. 22173] 
WOODY A.	BLANK M.	blank 3/9/04 F blank 719 
WOODY C. Robert (MO)	FARMER Jaunita E. (TX)	V. Helen 5/4/24 F AR 8063 
WOODY Charles	BLANK Mary A.	blank 8/21/03 M blank 209 
WOODY Charley (TX)	GREGG Mary Mollie (TX)	Virgle Andrew 07/19/97 M Boonsville [del. 28665] 
WOODY Drew Thomas (TX)	BOYD Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Drew Marshall 07/29/94 M Decatur [del. 10152] 
WOODY Hugh	FOSTER Maggie	Madge Foster 9/23/10 F Cottondale 5103 & 5103a
WOODY J.J.	BLANK Willie (Anna)	Elizabeth 8/26/05 F blank 2088 
WOODY Jess	BLANK Dora	blank 1/2/07 M blank 3087 
WOODY Jesse M (TX)	BAITS Reva (TN)	Leta 07/22/91 F Decatur [del. 24063] 
WOODY Joe L (TN)	LINDSEY Donie (MO)	George Quint 12/20/82 M Cottondale [del. 23928] 
WOODY John Columbus (TX)	TINSLEY Ettie Mae (TX)	Cora Lee 08/14/00 F Boonsville [del. 12879] 
WOODY Robert Oliver (TX)	COWLING Merle Elizabeth (TX)	Robert Paul 12/12/00 M Bridgeport [del. 9446] 
WOODY Thomas Drew (TX)	BOYD Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Samuel Richard 12/16/82 M Decatur [del. 11332] 
WOODY Thomas Drew (TX)	BOYD Martha Elizabeth (TX)	Ethel Pearl 01/16/86 F Decatur [del. 5458] 
WOODY W.J.	BLANK Dora	blank 9/20/09 F blank 4775 
WOOLAVER Charles	GILL Pauline	blank 3/9/27 M Decatur 8762 
WOOLAVER Charles Lanham (TX)	GILL Nonnie Pauline (TX)	Lillie Maye 3/22/23 F Decatur 7745 & 7745a
WOOLAVER Charles Lanham (TX)	GILL Nonnie Pauline (TX)	Gladney Ray 1/7/29 M Decatur 9225 & 9225a
WOOLERY George	BLANK Cora	blank 9/2/04 M blank 1159 
WOOLEY Maslone (Babe)	LONG Mary Annie	Theda Van 11/8/15 F Bridgeport 6297 & 6297a
WOOLSEY Eriel C.	JONES Rosa	Minnie 1/18/18 F Boyd 6799 
WOOLSEY J.A.	BEACH Maverva	Marjorie Ella 10/21/31 F New Port [No Image 10266] 
WOOLVER Charles (TX)	GILL Pauline (TX)	blank 10/8/24 M Decatur 8180 
WOOTEN C.F.	PIGG Mildred	blank 1/29/32 F blank [No Image 10349] 
WOOTEN Ed	BLANK Ellen	blank 6/8/05 F blank 1874 
WOOTEN William Cal (SC)	DUNN Mary Emma (SC)	Luna Arthur 05/30/01 M Decatur [del. 20391] 
WORD Charles Thompson (TX)	GREGORY Laura Josephine (TX)	William Grandison 11/19/86 M Chico [del. 19219] 
WORD Orville Thomas (AR)	SCOTT Sarah Isabel (TX)	Maggie B 09/16/83 F Decatur [del. 7400] 
WORD Orville Thomas (TX)	SCOTT Isabel (TX)	Ira Wiley 09/30/80 M Wise Co [del. 15506] 
WORKMAN A.J.	BLANK blank	blank 4/10/09 M blank 4589 
WORKMAN Claude Newton (MS)	ROTH Josiephine (TX)	Beatrice Floryne 06/23/97 F Willow Point [del. 29110] 
WORKMAN Roy (TX)	REEVES Ruth (TX)	Gerald Wayne 1/16/29 M Decatur 9238 & 9238a
WORKMAN William	BLANK blank	blank 8/17/11 M blank 5325 
WORKMAN William Mortimer (SC)	DAVIS Alice Lunsford (MS)	Claudie Mae 10/12/92 F Decatur [del. 5756] 
WORKMAN William M W (SC)	DAVIS Alice Lunsford (MS)	Elizabeth 01/27/95 F Decatur [del. 25267] 
WORKMAN Wills M. (SC)	DAVIS Alice (MS)	Blake L. 8/12/08 M Decatur 4180 
WORKS L.R. (Lucian)	BLANK (Leola)	(Charles B.) 6/22/07 M blank 3396 
WORKS L.R. (TX)	SANDERS Lela (TX)	Velma 9/13/09 F Decatur 4769 & 4769a
WORKS Lucian Robert	SANDERS Annie Leeola	Odie 11/13/04 F Rhome 1358 & 1358a
WORKS None	WORKS Velma	Johnnie V. 3/19/27 F Alvord 8772 & 8772a
WORLDLY E.E.	BLANK E.	blank 4/2/06 F blank 2582 & 2582a
WORLEY Benjamin Franklin (GA)	BRADLEY Tinie (GA)	Jettie Lula 09/03/91 F Oklahoma Co OK [del. 25235] 
WORLEY Charles Phillips (IL)	HORTON Emmer Lou (KY)	George Clarence 05/08/94 M Crafton [del. 4433] 
WORLEY Edward Everett	THOMPSON Mittie Cordelia	Doswell Margaret 4/9/04 F Boonsville 799 & 0799a
WORLEY Edward Everett (MS)	THOMPSON Mittie Cardilia (TN)	Adora D 03/16/02 F Boonsville [del. 17091] 
WORLEY Eugene Clarance (KS)	HARRISON Bertha Elizabeth (KS)	Clarance Lee 06/11/91 M Rockford Co WA [del. 8789] 
WORLEY J.M.	BLANK T.M.	blank 5/16/09 F blank 4627 
WORLEY J.N.	BLANK L.	blank 9/9/03 F blank 267 
WORLEY James Newsom (TN)	LEWIS Lulu May (AL)	Mary Nexie 08/30/95 F Boonsville [del. 10929] 
WORLEY James Newsom (TN)	LEWIS Lulu May (AL)	Ormond Leon 03/04/99 M Boonsville [del. 10492] 
WORLEY James Newsom (TN)	LEWIS Lulu May (AL)	James Vernon 10/17/01 M Boonsville [del. 10270] 
WORLEY John Bell (MS)	MARSHALL Laura John (TX)	Vina Belle 04/20/96 F Boonsville [del. 22956] 
WORLEY John Bell (MS)	MARSHALL Laura John (TX)	Corinne Marie 10/21/97 F Boonsville [del. 33473] 
WORLEY John Bell (TN)	MARSHALL Laura John (TX)	Albert Sidney Jackson 07/28/92 M Boonsville [del. 13564] 
WORLEY N.S.	NALER Wilda E.	Peggy Joyce 4/17/30 F blank [No Image 9661] 
WORLEY Nolen S. (OK)	BLANK Wilda E. (TX)	Geneva Wilda 9/29/25 F Rhome 8432 
WORLEY W.M.	BLANK Lydia	blank 10/17/04 M blank 1278 
WORSHAM Augustus (TX)	VAN VICKLE Eliza (NE)	Kate 03/21/98 F Decatur [del. 11479] 
WORSHAM Yancy Elmore (?)	TRUSSELL Florence Louise (MS)	Amy Vera 06/26/02 F Boyd [del. 31212] 
WORTHAM A.J.	BLANK Ella	blank 6/28/04 M blank 974 
WORTHAM Benjaman (TN)	STRARAN Acenith (TX)	Sarah Lovie 02/22/95 F Audubon [del. 17079] 
WORTHINGTON S.S. (TX)	BARFIELD Mary A. (TX)	Alma M. 10/22/24 F Boyd 8193 
WORTHINGTON Sam (TX)	BAREFIELD Agnes (TX)	Carlton Neel 12/7/19 M Boyd 7046 & 7046a
WORTHY J.W.	VICK Susan	blank 12/25/15 M blank 6326 & [delayed 9124]
WORTHY Thomas C (GA)	DYER Mollie (MO)	John William 09/18/81 M Audubon [del. 20353] 
WORTHY Tomas Chester (GA)	DYER Mary Elizabeth (MO)	Lei].a Mae 05/20/89 F Greenwood [del. 22788] 
WORTHY Will	(VICK) Susan	blank 5/15/04 M blank 884 
WORTMAN Frank	PARKER Vera A.	Doris La Verne 2/27/30 F blank [No Image 9611] 
WORTMAN Robert Frank (TX)	PARKER Vera Adia (OK)	Raymond 4/4/26 M Chico 8572 & 8572a
WPITE John Coleman (AR)	WEAVER Sarah Green Adaline (MS)	Alpha Elizabeth 07/21/86 F Bridgeport [del. 11242] 
WRAY Bennett Christopher (TX)	GOEN Nancy Ann (TX)	Margaret May 02/15/81 F Decatur [del. 9091] 
WRAY James Madison (IL)	LANHAM Malissa Ann (TX)	Joseph Clinton 03/08/84 M Decatur [del. 11405] 
WREN Ernest J.	HENDERSON Veda	Buford Cecil 12/26/17 M Boyd 6777 & 6777a
WREN J.A.	BLANK Emily	blank 1/24/04 M blank 610 
WREN James Argilious (TN)	WARD Emily (MS)	Garry Lee 05/23/90 M Wise Co [del. 16171] 
WREN Joe G. (TX)	TRUSSELL Opal (TX)	Ralph George 8/25/24 M Rhome 8153 & 8153a
WREN Joe Gibson	TRUSSELL Opal	Beverly Gay 10/14/30 F Decatur [No Image 9843] 
WREN Joe Gibson	TRUSSELL Opal	Beverly Gay 10/14/30 F Decatur [No Image 9844] 
WRIGHT Alexander F (Scotland)	SELLAR Isabella (Scotland)	Allena Celeste 06/22/98 F Decatur [del. 14865] 
WRIGHT Alexander Forbes (Scotland)	SELLAR Isabella (Scotland)	Bella Jane 03/15/93 F Decatur [del. 12701] 
WRIGHT Alexander Forbes (Scotland)	SELLAR Isabella (Scotland)	Edward William 02/23/01 M Decatur [del. 25348] 
WRIGHT Arvil	BLANK blank	blank 7/16/07 M blank 3428 
WRIGHT blank	BLANK blank	blank 10/12/03 M blank 363 
WRIGHT blank	BLANK blank	blank 5/5/08 F blank 4013 
WRIGHT C.C.	BLANK M.S.	blank 11/24/03 F blank 462 
WRIGHT C.C.	BLANK Mary	blank 4/10/09 M Decatur 4590 
WRIGHT Carl	BLANK Julia	blank 12/10/05 F blank 2345 
WRIGHT Charlie (AR)	TERRY Myrtle Mae (TX)	Ola Ione 4/1/08 F Decatur 3948 & 3948a
WRIGHT E.C.	BEENE W.M.	E.C. 5/11/10 F blank 4999 
WRIGHT E.J.	BLANK T.A.	blank 5/22/11 F blank 5260 
WRIGHT Edgar Eugene (GA)	VESSELS Cora Lee (AL)	Lula Bell 11/06/95 F Boyd [del. 26692] 
WRIGHT Edgar Eugene (GA)	VESSELS Cora Lee (AL)	Mary Ethel 05/28/00 F Boyd [del. 15451] 
WRIGHT Elihe	HARWELL Mattie	blank 9/13/17 M Sunset 6708 
WRIGHT George Anderson (AL)	MOORE Mary Ellen (MS)	Thelma 05/08/92 F Cottondale [del. 23327] 
WRIGHT George Anderson (AL)	MOORE Mary Ellen (MS)	Charles Newton 08/17/94 M Crafton [del. 23328] 
WRIGHT Henry Judson (GA)	ROBINSON Anzenetta Florence (GA)	Otis Cleveland 09/27/92 M Cobb Co GA [del. 17168] 
WRIGHT Hollis	PRITCHARD Oretha	Billie Joe 6/30/28 M Rhome 9048 
WRIGHT Hollis	PRITCHARD Oretha	Buna Vastine 10/2/31 F Boyd [No Image 10241] 
WRIGHT Isam Thomas (IL)	RENFRO Jane (IL)	William Otto 09/27/86 M Boonsville [del. 8785] 
WRIGHT Isham Thomas (IL)	RENFRO Eliza Jane (IL)	Edgar Amos 12/16/01 M Boonsville [del. 14272] 
WRIGHT Isham Tom (IL)	RENFRO Jane (TX)	Isham James 10/12/95 M Bridgeport [del. 13234] 
WRIGHT J.O.	MCNEELY L.P.	John O. 10/19/31 M Boyd [No Image 10260] 
WRIGHT James G.	NICHOLS Dora lee	Jewett C. 1/10/05 M Decatur 1502 & 1502a
WRIGHT James Madison (TN)	HARGROVE Era Lee (TX)	Opal Vivan 09/09/00 F Crafton [del. 9761] 
WRIGHT Jesse E.	HAYES Bertha L.	Emma Lee 2/21/32 F blank [No Image 10368] 
WRIGHT Jesse E. (TX)	HAYS Bertha Lee (TX)	Manton Eldon 8/21/23 M Boyd 7880 
WRIGHT Jim Henry (GA)	WELLS Rosa (AR)	Thomas Jefferson 03/23/93 M Decatur [del. 11403] 
WRIGHT John	BLANK blank	blank 5/8/05 M blank 1800 
WRIGHT John	BLANK blank	blank 9/16/05 M blank 2147 
WRIGHT John	GEORGE Orrie	blank 10/20/14 F blank 5977 
WRIGHT John Clayton (AL)	BLACK Emma Jean (AL)	Eva Eula 08/19/88 F Decatur [del. 22380] 
WRIGHT John Clayton (AL)	BLACK Emma Judson (AL)	Ross Allison 03/24/90 M Decatur [del. 18188] 
WRIGHT John Clayton (GA)	BLACK Emma (AL)	Reece Barton 11/16/95 M Decatur [del. 17615] 
WRIGHT John Clayton (GA)	BLACK Emma Judson (AL)	Samuel Embry 12/23/85 M Decatur [del. 12653] 
WRIGHT John Oscar (IL)	GEORGE Orrie (TX)	Christine 04/06/98 F Bridgeport [del. 23110] 
WRIGHT John Oscar (IL)	GEORGE Orrie (TX)	Ruth 10/14/99 F Bridgeport [del. 23111] 
WRIGHT John Oscar (IL)	GEORGE Orrie (TX)	Jewell 08/22/01 F Bridgeport [del. 10018] 
WRIGHT John Oscar (IL)	GEORGE Orrie (TX)	Della 11/21/02 F Bridgeport [del. 10017] 
WRIGHT John Oscar (IL)	GEORGE Prrie (TX)	Gretchen 1/18/07 F Bridgeport 3115 & 3115a & 3115b
WRIGHT John Thomas (AL)	BRADFORD Mary Pearl (AR)	Harry Maurice 02/27/01 M Bridgeport [del. 11118] 
WRIGHT Joseph H.	DAVIDSON Willie Mae	blank 10/9/32 M Bridgeport [No Image 10585] 
WRIGHT K.	BLANK E.	blank 4/1/04 F blank 777 
WRIGHT Leonard	BLANK Belle	blank 6/29/04 M blank 977 
WRIGHT Levi Jefferson (KY)	HENDRICK Norcissa (KY)	Robert Vernon 06/16/84 M Rhome [del. 15213] 
WRIGHT Loranzo D (MS)	McCRACKEN Martha Jane (AR)	Dovie Sylvester 06/20/88 F Springtown [del. 11335] 
WRIGHT M.L.	BLANK Lucy	blank 6/17/11 M blank 5282 
WRIGHT Maurice (AR)	WOLFE Sarah Jane (MO)	Leonard Earl 07/10/84 M Audubon [del. 11734] 
WRIGHT Milburn Green (AL)	GRIFFIS Mary Francis (TX)	Clara Ethel 08/24/94 F Crafton [del. 13589] 
WRIGHT Morris (AR)	WOLFE Sarah Jane (WI)	Fred 06/06/89 M Audubon [del. 8640] 
WRIGHT Mose Joshua (MS)	BROOK Martha Ellen (IL)	Dora Ellen 08/13/83 F Aurora [del. 23859] 
WRIGHT Moses J (MS)	BROCK Mary E (IL)	Robert 12/21/94 M Bridgeport [del. 29386] 
WRIGHT Moses Joshua (MS)	BROCK Martha Ellen (TX)	Henry 09/26/00 M Bridgeport [del. 17198] 
WRIGHT Moses Joshua (MS)	BROCK Martha Ellen (TX)	William Benjamin 02/25/85 M Bridgeport [del. 17199] 
WRIGHT Moses Joushau (MS)	BROOK Martha Ellen (IL)	Charles Wesley 06/22/97 M Bridgeport [del. 21728] 
WRIGHT Noel King (KY)	GREER Emma Palestine (IL)	Grace 02/23/92 F Aurora [del. 23553] 
WRIGHT Otis	KENNEDY Lura	Bobby Wayne 4/15/33 M Chico [No Image 10738] 
WRIGHT Owen Pulaski (MS)	SCROGGINS Margarett Jane (TX)	Hollis H 08/25/93 M Boyd [del. 6464] 
WRIGHT Paul M.	BUCKINGHAM J.	Tommie Melvin 4/4/31 M Decatur [No Image 10027] 
WRIGHT Paul M.	BUCKINGHAM J.	Laura Imogene 10/23/32 F Decatur [No Image 10606] 
WRIGHT R.E.	BLANK Stella	blank 11/9/08 F blank 4337 
WRIGHT Robert Mose (MS)	WINTER Eliza Marcile (AL)	George Dewitt 07/01/95 M Alvord [del. 14022] 
WRIGHT S.B. (TX)	STUBBLEFIELD Grace (TX)	Raymond Scott 8/19/23 M Chico 7879 & 7879a
WRIGHT W.C.	BLANK Dessa	blank 5/21/08 M blank 4036 
WRIGHT W.H.	BLANK Annie	blank 6/25/08 M blank 4103 
WRIGHT W.O.	BLANK D.M.	blank 9/26/05 M blank 2162 
WRIGHT W.R.	BLANK Luddie	Vera Ovida 11/12/05 F blank 2274 
WRIGHT Walter	BLANK Fannie	blank 9/8/05 M blank 2128 
WRIGHT Wesley (TX)	MEEK Lois (TX)	Ethelda Laverne 3/9/21 F Bridgeport 7367 & 7367a
WRIGHT William Blackstone (AL)	LUSK Corrie Emmaline (GA)	William Jonas 12/27/01 M Decatur [del. 12277] 
WRIGHT William H (England)	TAYLOR Sarah Anna (IN)	Paul McKinley 06/26/01 M Rhome [del. 29512] 
WRIGHT William H (IN)	TAYLOR Sarah Ann (IL)	William Hubert 05/28/99 M Rhome [del. 23909] 
WRIGHT William H.	DAVIS Flora E.	blank 3/15/32 F blank [No Image 10393] 
WRIGHT William Henry (IN)	TAYLOR Sarah Annie (IL)	Jessie Lee 09/30/96 F Rhome [del. 31067] 
WRIGHT William M.	HANNA Vala Eudora	William Parker 11/21/05 M Alvord 2297 & 2297a
WRIGHT William Payne (GA)	MOORE Loucile (GA)	Emma Pauline 08/18/97 F Rhome [del. 23019] 
WRIGHT William Pulaski (MS)	SCROGGINS Margarite (TX)	Cora Ida 03/06/00 F Garvin [del. 23109] 
WYATT William Bell (TX)	BOYDSTON Emma Georgia (MO)	Dora Omigo 04/15/94 F Pella [del. 25494] 
WYLIE Chester	WILSON Gertie	blank 7/27/15 F blank 6172 
WYLIE Chester H. (TN)	WILSON Gertie (TX)	blank 1/1/22 M Boyd 7530 
WYLIE Chester H. (TX)	WILSON Bertie (TX)	Wilson 10/18/19 M Boyd 7148 
WYLIE Chester Herbert (TN)	WILSON Gertie Agnes (TX)	Druecilla Maye 10/2/23 F Boyd 7909 & 7909a
WYLIE Robert Franklin (TN)	PAYNE Mary C (TN)	Chester Hurbert 05/13/90 M Claborne Co TN [del. 20550] 
WYLIE Thomas	BLANK Ira	blank 8/21/08 F blank 4196 
WYNN George Washington (TX)	RAYNER Maggie Beulah (TX)	Mary Ina 03/22/96 F Paradise [del. 12980] 
WYNN Thomas	BLANK blank	blank 3/14/04 F blank 729 
WYNN Thomas	BLANK Julia	blank 9/2/09 F blank 4756 
YALE Dick	BLANK blank	blank 4/28/07 M blank [No Image 3318] 
YALE J.K.	MONK Emma	J.K. 3/25/16 M blank 6391 
YALE James Aaron (AR)	EVANS Georgia Delilah (TX)	R A 01/07/91 M Chico [del. 12243] 
YALE Jesse Kelsey	MONK Alta	Wallace Steve 10/10/17 M Alvord 6732 & 6732a
YALE W Richard (TX)	DODD Letie (TN)	Pollie 12/01/98 M Alvord [del. 25484] 
YALE William R (AR)	DODD Letie (TN)	Hattie Agustie 06/21/94 F Alvord [del. 28347] 
YALE William Richard	DODD Lettie Dora	Bennie Arthur 8/26/05 M Alvord 2089 & 2089a
YALE William Richard (AR)	DODD Letie (TN)	Maggie May 04/10/93 F Alvord [del. 28346] 
YALE William Richard (AR)	DODD Lettie (TN)	Bertha Jane 02/10/90 F Alvord [del. 33440] 
YALE William Richard (AR)	DODD Lettie L (TN)	Jettie Geneva 04/05/02 F Alvord [del. 33292] 
YALE William Richard (TX)	DODD Leatie (TN)	Fannie Emelia 08/31/90 F Alvord [del. 15834] 
YAMARA Urbano (Mex)	MORENO Christine (Mex)	Theodore 11/9/13 M blank 5789 
YANCEY John H.	COLEMAN Georgia M.	Royce Weldon 4/4/18 M Newark 6854 & 6854a
YANCEY John L (GA)	WOMMACK Sallie (GA)	Lucy Allie 03/25/80 F Bridgeport [del. 16212] 
YANCEY William H C (TN)	MANNING Jennie (GA)	Robert Lafayette 11/14/80 M Keeter [del. 8549] 
YANCEY William Sanders (AR)	McDANIEL Lovie Ellen (TN)	Marcus Esther 10/24/97 M Sunset [del. 7159] 
YANCEY William Sanders (AR)	McDANIEL Lovie Ellen (TN)	Effie Fay 09/09/01 F Park Springs [del. 7160] 
YANCY Robert D.?	WAGTAY? Roxie Anna?	Frances May? 5/24/08 F Decatur 4047 
YANCY W.S.	BLANK blank	blank 12/16/06 M blank 3060 
YANCY W.S.	BLANK Lock	blank 8/9/04 M blank 1098 
YANT Letcher T. (TX)	ROYAL Minnie (TX)	Dorothy Lou 9/16/23 F Newark 7895 
YARBOR blank	BLANK blank	blank 1/13/09 M blank 4435 
YARBOROUGH C.D.	ARNETTE Bertha L.	Charles Arnette 4/7/31 M Boyd [No Image 10031] 
YARBOROUGH T.B.	BLANK Glen, Mrs.	blank 1/14/06 F blank 2405 & 2405a
YARBROUGH J.T. (TX)	HUFF Ivy (TX)	blank 11/3/22 M Boyd 7684 
YARBROUGH John H (AL)	EASLEY Nancy Elizabeth (TN)	Minnie Jane 11/21/92 F Boyd [del. 13561] 
YARBROUGH John Henry (AL)	EASLEY Nancy Elizabeth (TX)	John Thomas 04/11/91 M Boyd [del. 25187] 
YARBROUGH Tom Bell (TX)	HALSELL Glenn (TX)	Dan Waggoner 10/05/02 M Decatur [del. 7087] 
YATE Willie L.	CHOAT Hazel	Billie Joe 12/4/26 M Decatur 8722 
YEAKLEY E.W.	BLANK S.E.	James Allen 12/7/07 M blank 3714 
YEAKLEY George Washington (MO)	MOORE Sallie Major (SC)	Varina Davis 02/17/02 F Chico [del. 9665] 
YEAKLEY George Washington (TX)	EDWARDS Maggie (TX)	Charles Chuglu 07/16/95 M Chico [del. 15026] 
YEARLEY L.H.	BLANK blank	Leslie L. 8/5/04 M blank 1082 
YEARY A.S.	BLANK Josie	Ethel 11/25/05 F blank 2308 
YEARY James Emit (VA)	BURTON Cherry (TX)	Ada Coleman 07/13/92 F Slidell [del. 14909] 
YEARY James Emmit (VA)	BURTON Cherry Kee (TX)	Preston Turner 03/06/99 M Slidell [del. 9870] 
YELL James Henderson (AL)	McDANIEL Virginia Tennessee (TN)	Nancy Luettie 12/26/81 F Decatur [del. 23554] 
YENNY J.E.	BLANK Cherry	blank 3/15/08 F blank 3912 
YERBY John Lee (TX)	PORTER Eliza Janie (TX)	Jimmie 01/10/02 M Alvord [del. 7730] 
YOAKUM A J (TX)	SPARKS Dicie Laurina (TN)	Gladys Rebecca 07/19/98 F Decatur [del. 17505] 
YOAKUM J J (MO)	LOFTIS Rebecca (SC)	Mark Chick 05/20/82 M Rhome [del. 18868] 
YOAKUM J J (MO)	LOFTIS Rebecca (SC)	Regan Bliss 08/27/87 M Rhome [del. 17119] 
YOAKUM James Clark (TN)	DENNISON Louisa Catherine (MO)	Louisa Jane 09/28/78 F Keeter [del. 16506] 
YOAKUM Jesse James (MO)	LOFTIS Rebecca (SC)	Grace Kathline 11/07/98 F Rhome [del. 30448] 
YOAKUM L.M.	LANNING Emma MayBell	Hazel DeEtta 9/3/11 F Boyd 5341 & 5341a
YORK B.L.	PUGH Minnie 	blank 5/15/11 M blank 5248 
YORK B.L.	PUGH Minnie Myrtle	blank 7/13/14 F blank 5930 
YORK G.F.	COBB Esther	Wanda Faye 5/25/33 F Paradise [No Image 10775] 
YORK M.H.	BLANK L.E.	blank 12/17/05 M blank 2359 
YORK William Henry	RATLIFF Laura Ethel	Otis Valentine 2/14/08 M blank 3842 & 3842a
YOUNG Azilin	BOGY Ivy	blank 5/7/16 M blank 6410 
YOUNG Charles	MCCONNELL Dora	blank 2/28/15 M blank 6045 [delayed 8996]
YOUNG Charles E.	MCCONNELL Dora	blank 1/28/18 M Decatur 6809 
YOUNG Charles E. (TX)	MCCONNELL Dora (TX)	Frances Emilie 7/20/21 F Boyd 7422 
YOUNG Charles E. (TX)	MCCONNELL Dora (TX)	John 1/8/24 M Decatur 7975 
YOUNG Charles Etter	MCCONNELL Dora Jane	Edwin Barton 4/13/11 M Decatur 5223 & 5223a
YOUNG Charley Sawyer (KY)	SANDY Sarah Lee (TX)	Lulu Belle 04/18/92 F Alvord [del. 14499] 
YOUNG Charlie	BLANK blank	blank 10/31/04 M blank 1313 
YOUNG Dewey	BLANK blank	blank 10/14/09 M blank 4812 
YOUNG E.C.	MARTIN Letha	blank 8/10/15 M blank 6191 
YOUNG Ed	BLANK blank	blank 5/20/11 F blank 5258 
YOUNG Edd (TX)	LOWANCE Margie (TX)	Jim Tom 9/12/25 M Decatur 8418 & 8418a
YOUNG Edd (TX)	LOWANCE Margie (TX)	Bobby Gene 7/29/29 M Ponder 9409 & 9409a
YOUNG Edgar Howell (TX)	FINCH Stella Lee (TX)	Orrey Irene 12/07/98 F Decatur [del. 15535] 
YOUNG Elmer	MARTIN Eliza	blank 1/20/32 F Decatur [No Image 10339] 
YOUNG Ezekiel Perry (MO)	KNIPP Amanda Elizabeth (AR)	Franklin Carrol 07/18/93 M Wise Co [del. 4731] 
YOUNG Ezekiel Perry (MO)	KNIPPS Amanda Elizabeth (AR)	Winnie Lee 04/12/81 F Bridgeport [del. 17272] 
YOUNG G.F.	HALL Ellen Rebecca	Roxanna Franklin 6/4/30 F Decatur [No Image 9715] 
YOUNG George E.	MCDANIEL Minnie J.	Alice Gale 10/31/09 F blank 4832 
YOUNG George E. (TX)	MCDANIEL Minnie J. (TX)	Maxine Adelle 10/14/14 F Decatur 5970 
YOUNG George E. (TX)	MCDANIEL Minnie J. (TX)	George Collin 12/12/19 M Decatur 7175 
YOUNG Grady	MCKINNEY Mary A.	Joan 3/10/31 F Boyd [No Image 9997] 
YOUNG Guss	BLANK Ella	blank 1/23/05 F blank 1534 
YOUNG Guss	BLANK Eola	blank 4/26/07 F blank 3315 
YOUNG Henry Marvin (TX)	BOYD Dink M. (TX)	Ella Jewell 04/29/02 F Boyd 73 & [del. 2595] 
YOUNG Ivy Franklin (LA)	CALDWELL Mattie Louisa (AR)	Beulah Irene 11/27/96 F Lafayette Co AR [del. 24366] 
YOUNG Ivy Franklin (LA)	CALDWELL Mattie Louisa (AR)	Lester Ophelia 04/03/98 F Lafayette Co AR [del. 16412] 
YOUNG James Franklin (AL)	LANDERS Jackie Ann (AL)	Mattie Ethel 01/30/84 F Decatur [del. 16438] 
YOUNG James William (MS)	KING Sivilla (MS)	Murdoch Embry 01/05/90 M Decatur [del. 10718] 
YOUNG Jesse	OWENS Annie	blank 9/29/17 F Decatur 6721 
YOUNG Jesse (TX)	OWENS Anna (TX)	blank 6/9/20 F Alvord 7258 
YOUNG Jessie Monroe (TX)	OWENS Annie Bell (TX)	Marion Paul 1/21/26 M Decatur 8520 & 8520a
YOUNG Jessie Monroe (TX)	OWENS Annie Belle (TX)	Alice Faye 7/19/23 F Decatur 7855 & 7855a
YOUNG Jim	BLANK blank	blank 1/24/10 M blank 4917 
YOUNG Jim D (TN)	BOCKOUT Lona (TN)	Omer 06/14/91 M McDonald Co MO [del. 23929] 
YOUNG Jim D (TN)	BOCKOUT Lona (TN)	John Farley 05/03/97 M McDonald Co MO [del. 28664] 
YOUNG John (TX)	BROWN Effie (TX)	Lona Margaret 10/19/23 F Decatur 7923 & 7923a
YOUNG John Ernest	GRIFFITH Nellie Ruth	John Ballard 11/27/27 M Decatur 8882 
YOUNG Johnie Farley (TX)	BROWN Effie Dulsa (TX)	James Perk 10/22/19 M Decatur 7151 & 7151a
YOUNG Jonnie Benten (TX)	DAVIS Amma M. (TX)	Mary 8/17/29 F Alvord 9421 
YOUNG M.	BLANK D.	blank 10/24/03 F blank 392 
YOUNG Newt E (GA)	ARGO Carrie (GA)	Osgood Claude 07/29/83 M Decatur [del. 25589] 
YOUNG Newton Edgar (GA)	ARGO Emily Caroline (GA)	Henry Marvin 09/15/78 M Anneville [del. 3737] 
YOUNG Newton Edgar (GA)	ARGO Emily Caroline (GA)	Thomas Homer 02/25/80 M Anneville [del. 3738] 
YOUNG Newton Edgar (GA)	ARGO Emily Caroline (GA)	Willie Earl 09/28/85 M Anneville [del. 20458] 
YOUNG Newton Edgar (GA)	ARGO Emily Caroline (GA)	Drummond Burch 10/24/89 M Decatur [del. 10524] 
YOUNG Newton F (KY)	MAYNARD Mary C (TN)	Annie Maude 01/17/93 F Decatur [del. 29015] 
YOUNG Newton French (KY)	MAYNARD Mary (TN)	Sidney Lee 04/27/95 M Decatur [del. 9705] 
YOUNG O.C.	BLANK blank	blank 8/3/10 M blank 5060 & 5060a
YOUNG Otis A.	TUTTEN Anna M.	Helen L. 1/27/32 F Bridgeport [No Image 10347] 
YOUNG Perry E	LOGSDEN Canney	Mander Joe 9/4/31 F blank [No Image 10211] 
YOUNG Robert Jason (AR)	PRYOR Viola Adeline (MO)	Lillie Maud 08/03/84 F Paradise [del. 18063] 
YOUNG Robert Jason (AR)	PRYOR Viola Adeline (MO)	Dora Adeline 08/12/91 F Wise Co [del. 17209] 
YOUNG Robert Jason (AR)	PRYOR Viola Adeline (MO)	Ethel Clotilde 11/28/93 F Paradise [del. 17210] 
YOUNG Robert Jason (AR)	PRYOR Viola Clothilde (MO)	Clarence Jason 04/28/96 M Paradise [del. 10263] 
YOUNG Thoma E (IL)	GABBERT May (MO)	Julia Agnes 06/10/90 F Decatur [del. 22693] 
YOUNG Thomas E (IL)	GABBERT May (MO)	Lola Lee 09/01/96 F Decatur [del. 22694] 
YOUNG Thomas Elliott (IL)	GABBERT May (MO)	Robert Heathington 09/07/99 M Decatur [del. 9974] 
YOUNG Thomas Elliott (IN)	GABBERT May Cecil (MO)	Amelia May 01/21/93 F Decatur [del. 8868] 
YOUNG Thomas Elliott (TX)	GABBERT May (TX)	Gene 07/29/87 M Decatur [del. 11786] 
YOUNG Thomas Homer (TX)	HUFF Myrtle Lorena (TX)	Brady Gillman 01/22/02 M Boyd [del. 6923] 
YOUNG W.E.	GREGG blank	blank 7/9/16 M blank 6436 
YOUNG W.P.	BLANK blank	blank 2/22/09 M blank 4506 
YOUNG Wiley Jackson (PA)	PEARSON Rodha Ann (MS)	Deal 02/09/91 F Decatur [del. 28253] 
YOUNG William Albert (MO)	HOLLOWAY Dora (KS)	Hestel Viola 03/08/02 F Decatur [del. 34054] 
YOUNG William David (TX)	REESE Ada Lecy (TX)	Elsie B 09/29/95 F Bridgeport [del. 9706] 
YOUNG William Oscar	STOUT Tinnie	Charles Oscar 3/9/04 M rural, Wise Co. 718 & 0718a
YOUNG Wyatt (TX)	RUNNELS Rebecca (TX)	Bessie 9/9/23 F Rhome 7889 
YOUNG Wyatt (TX)	RUNNELS Rebecca (TX)	L.C. 5/24/25 M Rhome 8322 
YOUNGBLOOD Eligah B (IL)	CARTER Nancy Tiliman (NC)	Lizzie Elzety 12/29/77 F Chico [del. 10070] 
YOUNGBLOOD Eligah B (IL)	CARTER Nancy Tillman (NC)	Elvis Marvin 03/23/81 M Chico [del. 10071] 
YOUNGBLOOD Jack C. (TX)	LEWIS Florence Mae (MS)	Lee C. 5/11/06 F Rhome 2662 & 2662a
YOUNGBLOOD James Newton (TX)	WHITE Georgia Ella (TX)	Ellen Cordelia 6/11/22 F Chico 7608 & 7608a
YOUNGBLOOD Thomas Jefferson (AR)	MAXWELL Mary Caroline (MO)	Dema May 01/12/88 F Alvord [del. 22001] 
YOUNGER P.C.	BLANK May	blank 2/11/07 F blank 3169 
YOUNGER Pierce	BLANK May	blank 9/23/04 M blank 1217 
YOUNGER Pierce C (SC)	CRIM Agness (GA)	Roy C 10/23/96 M Park Springs [del. 24002] 
YOUNGER Pierce Camp (SC)	CRIM Agnes (TX)	Coleman Cashes 06/27/98 M Sunset [del. 12123] 
YOUNGER Pierce Camp (SC)	CRIM Agnes (TX)	Linnie Louise 10/14/99 F Sunset [del. 12978] 
ZADIK William (Poland)	LEVY Rosa (AL)	Florence Amelia 05/12/86 F Decatur [del. 5400] 
ZADIK William (Poland)	LEVY Rosa (AL)	Albert York 07/09/91 M Decatur [del. 17614] 
ZAMORA Taburcia	VALDEZ Margarita	blank 6/2/30 M Decatur [No Image 9713] 
ZELLES Arthur R. (AL)	ALLRED John (TX)	Carrie Vivian 10/24/18 F Boyd 7000 
ZIEGLER Jacob Rosson (TN)	RUTHERFORD Mary Elizabeth (TX)	Thomas Wright 07/04/79 M Aurora [del. 18629] 
ZIGLER Andrew Jackson (KY)	CHURCH Amanda Lula (TX)	Mary Wild 02/01/95 F Alvord [del. 24774] 
ZIGLER Isaac Newton (KY)	JERNINGAN Ida Benton (Indian Territory)	Dora Idella 06/02/90 F Alvord [del. 22922] 
ZILLS Arthur Robinson	ALLRED Johnnie Bruce	Arthur Coyle 9/26/16 M Boyd 6478 & 6478a
ZION Aca Thomas (VA)	MUNCY Elvira (VA)	Elmer Eugene 01/31/93 M Slidell [del. 25486] 
ZOMORA Tiaburcis	VALDEZ Margarita	Allfandra 6/2/30 F Decatur [No Image 9712] 
ZONES George A.	MARTIN Ora Mae	Margaret E. 6/16/32 F Boyd [No Image 10470] 
ZONNY Ed	LOWANCE Margie	blank 4/29/27 F Decatur 8789 
ZORNS R.E.	BLANK Mollie	blank 10/27/04 M blank 1303 
ZORNS Robert Anderson (KY)	BRAWLEY Mary L (TX)	Jennie J 03/11/89 F Boyd [del. 16338] 
ZORNS Robert Anderson (KY)	BRAWLEY Mary L (TX)	Eddie Ethel 12/04/93 F Boyd [del. 7399] 
ZUSPANN Jake (TX)	BOLES Mary Catherine (MO)	Ethel May 01/14/95 F Bridgeport [del. 28371]