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[Index by David Eugene Pitts ]

Last Name, Child's Name, Sex, DOB, Father's Name, Mother's First Name Mother's Maiden Name, Residence Cert. No. Other #s. Delayed

Aaron, blank, M, 6/11/04, Robert, Effie, (Rudd), blank, birthcert-0941.jpg
Aaron, blank, F, 6/4/05, Rob, Effie, blank, blank, birthcert-1868.jpg
Aaron, blank, M, 10/28/14, Jack, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5980.jpg
Aaron, blank, M, 8/24/27, Charlie, Mollie, Armstrong, Decatur, birthcert-8825.jpg
Abbott, blank, F, 2/23/08, E.A., Nola, blank, blank, birthcert-3858.jpg
Abbott, E.A., M, 1/28/06, E.A., Nola, blank, blank, birthcert-2450.jpg
Abbott, Stiles Aubrey, M, 10/22/03, Edwin Arthur, Nola, Triplett, Chico, birthcert-0388.jpg, birthcert-0388a.jpg
Abel, Thomas Anderson, M, 7/11/24, Walter Vernon (TX), Iva Elizabeth (TX), Clark, Boyd, birthcert-8098.jpg, birthcert-8098a.jpg
Aber, blank, M, 8/4/08, F.N., Laura, blank, blank, birthcert-4166.jpg
Abington, Edward Gordon, M, 5/5/15, Edward Bannerman (LA), Hal (TX), Crawford, Alvord, birthcert-6088.jpg, birthcert-6088a.jpg
Able, Anderson, F, 8/13/04, Frank, Ida, (Zorns), Boyd, birthcert-1104.jpg
Able, Artie, F, 9/2/04, William Morgan, Cora, Buchannan, Park Springs, birthcert-1162.jpg, birthcert-1162a.jpg
Able, Lucille, F, 11/9/06, Fuller Newton (SC), Laura Bell (TX), Baugh, Park Springs, birthcert-3006.jpg, birthcert-3006a.jpg
Able, Marguerite Ruth, F, 8/31/18, William Morgan (SC), Bettie (TX), Morris, Park Springs, birthcert-6963.jpg, birthcert-6963a.jpg
Able, Virginia Ozelle, F, 10/25/22, William M. (SC), Bettie (TX), Morris, Park Springs, birthcert-7678.jpg, birthcert-7678a.jpg
Abner, blank, F, 4/16/31, B.F., Hester, Copeland, Bridgeport, [No Image 10044 ]
Abner, blank, M, 4/16/31, B.F., Hester, Copeland, Bridgeport, [No Image 10045 ]
Abraham, John, M, 5/6/23, John (Asyeria), Lavina (TX), Lomez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7794.jpg
Abraham, Joseph, M, 5/6/23, John (Syria), Lues (Mex), Garcia, Newcastle, birthcert-7793.jpg, birthcert-7793a.jpg birthcert-7793b.jpg birthcert-7793c.jpg birthcert-7793d.jpg
Abraham, Moses, M, 12/14/29, Joe, Rafaela, Garcia, blank, [No Image 9529 ]
Absher, Billie L., F, 6/8/32, Guy R., Thelma, Brown, Rhome, [No Image 10460 ]
Absher, blank, M, 4/22/04, H.S., Erma, blank, blank, birthcert-0831.jpg
Absher, Guynn Ernest, M, 2/1/23, Bernice Evie (TX), Ava (TX), Guynn, Boyd, birthcert-7719.jpg, birthcert-7719a.jpg
Absher, Juanita Ruth, F, 12/8/20, Taylor Lee (TX), Alma Irene (TX), Backman, Boyd, birthcert-7323.jpg, birthcert-7323a.jpg
Adair, blank, M, 11/10/03, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0436.jpg
Adair, Jewel Fay, F, 2/22/06, Olen Thomas, Margarette Crella, Wilson, blank, birthcert-2518.jpg, birthcert-2518a.jpg
Adair, Opal Juanita, F, 2/29/16, Olin Thomas, Margaret Crella, Wilson, Decatur, birthcert-6376.jpg, birthcert-6376a.jpg
Adams, (Ella Viola), M, 11/24/12, H.G., L.B., Curtis, blank, birthcert-5595.jpg
Adams, (Opal Leone), F, 10/2/10, Edgar (Ross), Beulah (Etta), (Pitts), (Bridgeport), birthcert-5107.jpg
Adams, Acie Dee, M, 2/9/08, William Walter (TX), Maggie Alma (TX), Murphy, Alvord, birthcert-3835.jpg, birthcert-3835a.jpg
Adams, Betty Lou-twin, F, 3/15/27, William Walter, Margaret Alma, Murphy, Decatur, birthcert-8765.jpg
Adams, Blanch , F, 2/24/08, Lubbie Pittser (KY), Verdie Belle (MS), Gentry, Chico, birthcert-3862.jpg, birthcert-3862a.jpg
Adams, blank, F, 8/2/03, blank, Gertrude, blank, blank, birthcert-0153.jpg
Adams, blank, F, 5/21/04, J.E., Mae, blank, blank, birthcert-0897.jpg
Adams, blank, F, 8/17/07, F.P., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3492.jpg
Adams, blank, F, 11/8/07, John, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-3660.jpg
Adams, blank, F, 5/29/08, I.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4059.jpg
Adams, blank, M, 2/11/11, John, Bettie, blank, blank, birthcert-5175.jpg
Adams, blank, F, 12/27/17, W.W., Maggie, Murphy, Chico, birthcert-6778.jpg
Adams, blank, F, 5/7/28, Lon, Ester, Easley, Bridgeport, birthcert-9012.jpg
Adams, Bobbie H., M, 7/12/30, Dorris, Opal, Spencer, Decatur, [No Image 9756 ]
Adams, Eliza May, F, 2/14/13, Will, Maggie, Murphy, blank, birthcert-5653.jpg
Adams, Ella Viola, F, 8/20/05, Henson Grover, Eliza Barshabb, Curtis, blank, birthcert-2072.jpg, birthcert-2072a.jpg
Adams, Garland Wayne, M, 8/28/21, Alonzo Bright (TX), Marinia Helen (KY), Young, Bridgeport, birthcert-7454.jpg, birthcert-7454a.jpg
Adams, Laura Sue-twin, F, 3/15/27, William Walter, Margaret Alma, Murphy, Decatur, birthcert-8766.jpg
Adams, Martha LaRue, F, 7/11/32, John, Betty L., blank, Prec. #7, [No Image 10937 ]
Adams, Patsey Ruth, F, 6/27/31, John D., Capitola, Bolen, Bridgeport, [No Image 10127 ]
Adams, Peggy Joyce, F, 6/27/31, John D., Capitola, Bolen, Bridgeport, [No Image 10128 ]
Adams, Una Mae, F, 10/14/09, Mason Grover, Nellie Meula, Hill, Boonsville, birthcert-4813.jpg, birthcert-4813a.jpg
Adams, Urbel Almeda, F, 5/30/06, William Walter (TX), Margret (TX), Murphy, Alvord, birthcert-2690.jpg, birthcert-2690a.jpg
Adams, Vera Alza Bee, F, 11/2/06, Sim Joseph (KY), Martha Rebecca (AR), Pierce, Bridgeport, birthcert-2990.jpg, birthcert-2990a.jpg
Adams, W.H., M, 11/29/03, E.A., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-0470.jpg
Adams, William Leon, M, 1/15/32, L.M., Lillie, Crabtree, Decatur, [No Image 10335 ]
Aday, , F, 2/28/33, R.E., Bonnie, Bell, Decatur, [No Image 10697 ]
Adcock, blank, M, 6/25/13, J.R., Clara, Webb, blank, birthcert-5728.jpg
Adcock, Kathryn Ann, F, 6/21/04, John Robert, Clara, Webb, Alvord, birthcert-0962.jpg, birthcert-0962a.jpg
Adcock, Mary Lou, F, 4/7/25, John R. (AR), Clara (TX), Webb, Alvord, birthcert-8290.jpg, birthcert-8290a.jpg
Adcock, Nora Beatrice, F, 4/8/06, John Robert (AR), Clara (TX), Webb, Alvord, birthcert-2605.jpg, birthcert-2605a.jpg
Adcock, Philetus, F, 9/10/08, John Robert (AR), Clara (TX), Webb, Alvord, birthcert-4243.jpg, birthcert-4243a.jpg
Aderholt, Mary Ruth, F, 8/18/31, Arthur J., Ollie E., Dutton, Rhome, [No Image 10185 ]
Admire, Billy Charles, M, 9/25/33, C.H., Audrey, King, Chico, [No Image 10897 ]
Admire, Joan, F, 4/1/32, C.H., Audra, King, Chico, [No Image 10401 ]
Admire, Robert Clarence, M, 5/4/28, Clarence (H.), Billie A., King, Chico, birthcert-9011.jpg
Admire, Rosetta, F, 4/15/30, C.H., Audrie, King, Chico, [No Image 9659 ]
Aguilar, Mary, F, 8/6/15, Jose, Guadalupe, Silva, Chico, birthcert-6185.jpg, birthcert-6185a.jpg
Akard, blank, F, 9/12/04, I.K., Martha, blank, blank, birthcert-1190.jpg
Akins, Gifford, M, 1/16/05, Boone, Katie G., blank, blank, birthcert-1513.jpg
Albritton, (Olden G.), M, 9/23/04, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1216.jpg
Albritton, Addie Mae, F, 4/3/21, B.F. (TX), S. Isbelle (TX), Pearce, Paradise, birthcert-7374.jpg
Albritton, blank, M, 9/24/29, B.F. (TX), Belle (TX), Pierce, Bridgeport, birthcert-9458.jpg
Albritton, blank, M, 9/24/29, B.F. (TX), Belle (TX), Price, Bridgeport, birthcert-9460.jpg
Albritton, blank, blank, 7/8/30, Olden, Gladys, Bridges, Paradise, [No Image 9753 ]
Albritton, Estelle Emma, F, 5/26/08, James Christopher (TX), Mary Josephine (TX), Wood, Paradise, birthcert-4052.jpg
Alderson, blank, M, 6/4/05, W.S. (William Sidney), J.E. (Joe Ellen), blank, blank, birthcert-1866.jpg
Aleman, blank, M, 3/14/04, F., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0726.jpg
Alexander, blank, F, 8/23/04, Willace, Texanna, blank, blank, birthcert-1129.jpg
Alexander, blank, F, 9/10/04, J.C., Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-1189.jpg
Alexander, blank, M, 6/20/06, James, Cora, (Sheppard), blank, birthcert-2724.jpg
Alexander, blank, F, 3/17/07, W., Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-3230.jpg
Alexander, blank, F, 3/19/07, W.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3236.jpg
Alexander, blank, M, 12/8/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3720.jpg
Alexander, blank, F, 1/19/08, W.S., Texan, blank, blank, birthcert-3790.jpg
Alexander, blank, F, 6/4/18, W.H. (TX), Ollie (GA), Minkamett, Chico, birthcert-6909.jpg
Alexander, blank, M, 8/2/20, W.F. (AL), Minnie (AL), Prudy, Park Springs, birthcert-7278.jpg
Alexander, blank, M, 9/10/23, Joseph W. (AL), Clyde (TX), Vasti, blank, birthcert-7890.jpg
Alexander, Edwin Dempsey, M, 10/22/29, W.J. (AL), Clyde (TX), Fowler, Park Springs, birthcert-9482.jpg
Alexander, Elton, blank, 3/15/06, D.B. (Dennis), M.M. (M. Modell), blank, blank, birthcert-2555.jpg
Alexander, Ernestine, F, 12/13/19, Ernest E. (TX), Bennie M. (TX), Carloss, Alvord, birthcert-7177.jpg, birthcert-7177a.jpg
Alexander, Faye Estelle, F, 7/23/09, W.R. (AL), Dora May (AL), White, Park Springs, birthcert-4695.jpg
Alexander, James, M, 2/9/07, James, Della, blank, blank, birthcert-3164.jpg
Alexander, John Crockett, M, 6/28/20, G.F. (TX), Hollie (TX), Frank, Decatur, birthcert-7266.jpg
Alexander, Lucille Joy, F, 12/23/25, W.R. (Wright)(AL), Dora May (AL), White, Park Springs, birthcert-8486.jpg, birthcert-8486a.jpg
Alexander, Lula Marine, F, 11/26/29, W.T., Minnie, Prudy, blank, [No Image 9518 ]
Alexander, Moody Holland, M, 10/8/26, Boston G. (OK), Ida Mae (TX), Holland, Slidell, birthcert-8691.jpg, birthcert-8691a.jpg
Alexander, Retha Marie, F, 2/28/31, U.D., Marie (K.), Kramer, Bridgeport, [No Image 9981 ]
Alexander, Roy Lee, M, 8/22/04, Willis Franklin, Texan, Hanna, Chico, birthcert-1130.jpg, birthcert-1130a.jpg
Alexander, William Forest McDaniel, M, 9/6/21, William F. (AL), Willie (AL), Mation, Newark, birthcert-7461.jpg
Allbritton, blank, F, 5/1/08, Buck (A.T.), Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4002.jpg
Allcorn, (twin), M, 3/17/09, Robert Ben, Ora, McClain, blank, birthcert-4560.jpg
Allcorn, blank, F, 10/6/04, Ben, Ora, blank, blank, birthcert-1254.jpg
Allcorn, blank, M, 12/1/15, Ben, Ora, McClain, blank, birthcert-6310.jpg
Allcorn, Jack Gaston, M, 3/17/09, Robert Ben, Ora, McClain, Boyd, birthcert-4559.jpg, birthcert-4559a.jpg
Allcorn, Orvil Joe, M, 3/7/21, Ben (TX), Ora (TX), McClain, Rhome, birthcert-7365.jpg, birthcert-7365a.jpg
Allcorn, Robert Calvin, M, 6/12/29, Elmer A. (TX), Mary Jane (TX), Kenney, Decatur, birthcert-9371.jpg, birthcert-9371a.jpg
Allcorn, Willie Mae, F, 10/28/03, C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0401.jpg
Allen, blank, M, 3/4/04, Charles, L., blank, blank, birthcert-0701.jpg
Allen, blank, F, 11/5/04, L., Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-1332.jpg
Allen, blank, F, 12/31/04, Will, Lula, (Maley), blank, birthcert-1477.jpg
Allen, blank, F, 5/15/05, Frank, Susie, blank, blank, birthcert-1819.jpg
Allen, blank, M, 4/9/06, John, Addie, (Bass), blank, birthcert-2609.jpg
Allen, blank, M, 8/12/06, C., Zibie, blank, blank, birthcert-2836.jpg
Allen, blank, M, 12/28/07, R.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3748.jpg
Allen, blank, M, 6/3/08, Edgar, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4069.jpg
Allen, blank, F, 8/1/08, John, Olivia, blank, blank, birthcert-4161.jpg
Allen, blank, F, 4/12/09, Albert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4591.jpg
Allen, blank, F, 9/3/13, Finas, Ida, (Grubbs), blank, birthcert-5760.jpg
Allen, blank, M, 7/26/15, Henry, Cora, Turpin, blank, birthcert-6169.jpg
Allen, Emmil, M, 10/8/33, D.L. (David Lancaster), L.N. (Letha Nell), Crawford, Vineyard, [No Image 10903 ]
Allen, F.E., F, 9/20/03, C.S., T., blank, blank, birthcert-0298.jpg
Allen, Loliner, F, 6/17/25, Henry (TX), Laura B. (TX), Toliner, Rhome, birthcert-8343.jpg
Allen, Myrtis Ann, M, 5/20/33, H.L., O.N., Lawrence, blank, [No Image 10772 ]
Allen, Nona LaVerne, F, 7/11/24, Madison Beal (TN), Mary Adline (TX), Mauldin, Park Springs, birthcert-8099.jpg, birthcert-8099a.jpg
Allen, Paul Sylvester, M, 11/8/15, James Walter, Sallie Ellen, Clark, Alvord, birthcert-6296.jpg, birthcert-6296a.jpg
Allen, Raymond Leslie, M, 8/12/05, William Thomas(TN), Bertha (KY), Bailey, blank, birthcert-2047.jpg, birthcert-2047a.jpg
Allen, Sadie May, F, 11/24/08, Henry (TX), Bob Lee (TX), Madden, Decatur, birthcert-4358.jpg, birthcert-4358a.jpg birthcert-4358b.jpg birthcert-4358c.jpg
Allen, Vern Hill, M, 6/26/05, Ernest, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-1917.jpg
Allen, Viola, F, 3/20/10, Finis, Ida (AL), Grubbs, Greenwood, birthcert-3249.jpg, birthcert-3249aa.jpg
Allen, Zora Belle, F, 4/10/05, Eddie Richard, Lou Rindy, Clancy, Greenwood, birthcert-1734.jpg, birthcert-1734a.jpg
Allison, blank, M, 3/14/04, J.L., H., Allen, blank, birthcert-0730.jpg
Allison, blank, M, 6/12/09, Thomas, (Bertha), (Read), blank, birthcert-4660.jpg
Allison, blank, M, 10/10/11, Thomas, (Bertha), Read, blank, birthcert-5379.jpg
Allison, J.A., M, 2/21/05, John Samson, Edith Malissa, McBride, Decatur, birthcert-1615.jpg, birthcert-1615a.jpg
Allison, John Paul, M, 11/18/09, Samuel P., Mattie, Hamilton, blank, birthcert-4850.jpg, birthcert-4850a.jpg birthcert-4850b.jpg
Allison, Laura Mae, F, 10/23/07, Samuel Peter (TX), Mattie Carroll (TX), Hamilton, blank, birthcert-3627.jpg, birthcert-3627a.jpg
Allison, Mary Frances, F, 4/1/04, Elisha Mitchell, Mamie Frances, Sensibaugh, Decatur, birthcert-0779.jpg, birthcert-0779a.jpg birthcert-0779b.jpg
Allison, Ralph Carlton, M, 5/10/13, William B. (TX), Willie May (MS), Shelton, Decatur, birthcert-5695.jpg
Allison, Robert Leslie, M, 10/23/31, W.E., (Ella), McBride, Paradise, [No Image 10270 ]
Allred, blank, M, 1/7/07, N.F., Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-3098.jpg
Allred, blank, F, 11/6/08, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4333.jpg
Allred, blank, M, 2/28/25, George (TX), Ethel (TX), Jenison, Decatur, birthcert-8271.jpg
Allred, Brady Lee, M, 3/22/31, George H., Ethel V., Jenson, Decatur, [No Image 10014 ]
Allred, Ferdie Lee, F, 5/23/18, Ferdie Hansford, Virginia, Lee, Decatur, birthcert-6900.jpg, birthcert-6900a.jpg
Allred, James Martin, M, 12/19/27, George Hansford, Ethel, Jenson, Decatur, birthcert-8902.jpg, birthcert-8902a.jpg
Allred, Melvin Franklin, M, 8/23/19, Newton Frank (TX), Ida (TX), Myers, Decatur, birthcert-7126.jpg, birthcert-7126a.jpg birthcert-7126b.jpg
Allred, Myrtle, F, 4/16/05, Newton Frank, Maud, Myers, Decatur, birthcert-1744.jpg, birthcert-1744a.jpg
Allred, Troy Lestin, M, 4/10/23, T.H. (TX), Virgia (TX), blank, Decatur, birthcert-7768.jpg, birthcert-7768a.jpg
Allred, William T., M, 9/14/03, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0284.jpg
Allred, Woodrow Wilson, M, 7/25/21, Newton Frank (TX), Ida Maud (TX), Myers, Decatur, birthcert-7427.jpg, birthcert-7427a.jpg
Almonroad, blank, F, 3/2/04, C.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0697.jpg
Almonroad, blank, F, 1/4/07, D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3109.jpg
Almonroad, R.Y., M, 2/27/30, Roy, Sammy, Manning, blank, [No Image 9610 ]
Almonroad, Steve A., M, 3/14/23, Roy Francis (MO), Sammie Lorena (TX), Manning, Decatur, birthcert-7738.jpg, birthcert-7738a.jpg
Altman, Nathan Loyd, M, 9/30/07, Nathan N. (TX), Rosie Lee (TX), Piller, Alvord, birthcert-3575.jpg, birthcert-3575a.jpg
Altman, Reymond Franklin, M, 10/8/17, Nathan N., Rosie Lee, Pillers, Alvord, birthcert-6674.jpg, birthcert-6674a.jpg
Alvis, blank, F, 2/15/30, C.C., Nora, Davidson, blank, [No Image 9594 ]
Ameranders, blank, M, 4/12/15, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6073.jpg
Ames, Lillian A., M, 10/4/24, William A. (TX), Mattie B. (TX), Gordon, Willow Point, birthcert-8177.jpg
Anderson, Ada Belle, F, 3/22/29, Henry H. (TX), Ada M. (IL), McDonald, Decatur, birthcert-9302.jpg, birthcert-9302a.jpg
Anderson, Avis, M, 1/30/09, John William (TX), Mary O. (IA), Barthewmule, Crafton, birthcert-4463.jpg, birthcert-4463a.jpg
Anderson, Awida Elaine, F, 5/28/31, C.L., Frances A., Powers, Sunset, [No Image 10085 ]
Anderson, blank, M, 8/8/03, J.B., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0175.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 5/6/04, J.W., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-0866.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 6/2/04, J. William, R., blank, blank, birthcert-0918.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 11/10/04, T.D., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-1341.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 3/22/05, Aaron, Ollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1686.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 1/28/06, Milford (Melton), Roxie, (Hines), blank, birthcert-2453.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 7/24/06, C.D., Cyntha, blank, blank, birthcert-2788.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 1/19/07, J.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3120.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 10/18/07, William, Rowena, blank, blank, birthcert-3615.jpg, birthcert-3615a.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 9/27/09, Roscoe, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-4783.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 10/1/11, Tom, Jessie , Collins, blank, birthcert-5375.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 1/5/12, Connie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5437.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 10/14/14, Theoda, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5971.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 5/23/15, John, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-6103.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 2/2/16, R.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6353.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 12/28/16, Drew, Florence, Shelton, blank, birthcert-6532.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 1/28/18, Tom, Josie, Morgan, blank, birthcert-6808.jpg
Anderson, blank, M, 6/11/28, Unknown, Velma, Anderson, blank, birthcert-9034.jpg
Anderson, blank, F, 6/27/29, C.L. (TX), Frances (TX), Bowen, Alvord, birthcert-9384.jpg
Anderson, Charles Freeman, M, 8/22/29, Jack Leonard, Willie Mattie (TX), Malloy, blank, birthcert-9426.jpg, birthcert-9426a.jpg
Anderson, Clifton Franklin, M, 5/2/22, Isaac R. (TX), Nancy (TX), Lance, Alvord, birthcert-7587.jpg, birthcert-7587a.jpg
Anderson, Curtis Buchanan, M, 5/13/21, Thomas (TX), Jennie (TX), Collins, Bridgeport, birthcert-7394.jpg, birthcert-7394a.jpg
Anderson, Edith Delma, F, 4/6/05, Wilson, Sarah Ann, Hudgins, Alvord, birthcert-1720.jpg, birthcert-1720a.jpg
Anderson, Fred Hames, M, 8/23/33, Sam (M.), Linnie, Mooney, Decatur, [No Image 10875 ]
Anderson, Larena Bernice, F, 5/8/19, Andrew Jackson (TX), Florence Nanett (TX), Shelton, Bridgeport, birthcert-7081.jpg, birthcert-7081a.jpg
Anderson, Lorn W., M, 12/24/17, Arthur, Anna (Lee), Durham, Slidell, birthcert-6776.jpg, birthcert-6776a.jpg
Anderson, Odessa, F, 6/11/17, Theodore, Mary, Tabner, Boyd, birthcert-6645.jpg
Anderson, Ruby Dale, F, 5/14/25, Henry Harrison (TX), Ada Maud (IL), McDonald, Rhome, birthcert-8313.jpg, birthcert-8313a.jpg
Anderson, Thelma Pauline, F, 7/29/05, Lucius Herman(AL), Minnie Mae (GA), Milligan, blank, birthcert-2012.jpg, birthcert-2012a.jpg
Anderson, Wiley T., M, 4/22/30, R.J., Russell, McDonald, blank, [No Image 9667 ]
Anderson, Willie Dell, F, 12/12/23, Ruben J. (AL), Reedell (TX), McDonald, Rhome, birthcert-7952.jpg
Andrews, Windal B., M, 4/3/33, W.B., Vera Mae, Norvell, Houston, [No Image 10718 ]
Anstead, blank, F, 3/4/04, R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0703.jpg
Anstead, blank, F, 7/4/17, Richard, blank, blank, Decatur, birthcert-6651.jpg
Antonine, Janey Ruth, F, 7/12/33, I.L., Mollie F., Wilkins, Boonsville, [No Image 10823 ]
Antwine, blank, M, 12/16/07, J.E., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3730.jpg
Antwine, blank, F, 8/20/09, J.E., M., blank, blank, birthcert-4742.jpg
Antwine, Lewis Wilkins, M, 11/20/24, I.L. (TX), M.F. (TX), Wilkins, Poolville, birthcert-8219.jpg, birthcert-8219a.jpg
Antwine, Robert Heman, M, 10/5/10, J.R., Madie, Singleton, blank, birthcert-5110.jpg, birthcert-5110a.jpg
Antwine, William Thomas, M, 10/7/12, J.E. (MS), Modie (MS), Singleton, Boonsville, birthcert-5582.jpg, birthcert-5582a.jpg
Apple, Lee Milton, M, 8/29/08, Charlie Milton (TX), Alma (AR), Powell, Bridgeport, birthcert-4211.jpg
Applewhite, Audnie Pauline, F, 1/26/15, Samuel Cardus (TX), Mary Ida (TN), Erwin, Boyd, birthcert-6021.jpg, birthcert-6021a.jpg
Applewhite, Bertie Marie, F, 11/15/17, James Augustus, Mary Jane, Rasberry, Boyd, birthcert-6755.jpg, birthcert-6755a.jpg
Applewhite, James Clarence, M, 7/11/11, James Augustus, Mary Jane, Rasberry, Boyd, birthcert-5303.jpg, birthcert-5303a.jpg
Applewhite, Joe Carolous, M, 7/8/15, Will, Dana Emily, Moody, Boyd, birthcert-6146.jpg, birthcert-6146a.jpg
Applewhite, Silice Bedford, M, 8/6/15, James Augustus, Mary Jane, Raspberry, Boyd, birthcert-6186.jpg, birthcert-6186a.jpg
Applin, blank, M, 8/7/05, J.J., Virgie, (Carley), blank, birthcert-2033.jpg
Applin, blank, M, 1/11/09, Jeff, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4431.jpg
Applin, Hiram Harold, M, 12/2/18, Will (TX), Georgia (TX), Bostin, Decatur, birthcert-7013.jpg, birthcert-7013a.jpg
Applin, Leana Elizabeth, F, 4/5/29, O.M. (TX), Maud (Novella)(TX), McNeely, Alvord, birthcert-9316.jpg
Applin, Raffian, M, 10/25/23, W.E. (TX), Mary (AL), McKinney, Park Springs, birthcert-7928.jpg
Appling, blank, M, 2/10/05, John, Dollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1591.jpg
Appling, blank, F, 9/9/07, Enoch, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3528.jpg
Appling, blank, F, 10/22/11, I. (S.F.), (Ludie), Stack, blank, birthcert-5388.jpg
Appling, Grover Berry, Jr., M, 9/8/25, Grover Berry, Sr.(AR), Myrtle (TX), McKay, Park Springs, birthcert-8411.jpg, birthcert-8411a.jpg
Appling, J.B., M, 10/31/07, Stanley Elanso (AR), Ludie Ethel (MS), Stack, Chico, birthcert-3640.jpg, birthcert-3640a.jpg
Arms, blank, M, 10/24/29, C.C. (TX), V.B. (TX), Jennings, Boonsville, birthcert-9487.jpg
Armstrong, blank, M, 1/6/05, John, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-1493.jpg
Armstrong, blank, F, 4/6/06, G.L., M.C. (Manice), (Bogy), blank, birthcert-2598.jpg
Armstrong, blank, M, 8/15/25, William J. (TX), Florence M. (TN), Pallard, Leo, birthcert-8387.jpg
Armstrong, Ignace Joyce, M, 9/22/08, George Lee (TX), Mamie Ceclia (TX), Bogy, Willow Point, birthcert-4261.jpg, birthcert-4261a.jpg
Armstrong, Lura Myrtle, F, 4/4/10, William Asa, Martha Elizabeth , Gilliland, Willow Point, birthcert-4974.jpg, birthcert-4974a.jpg
Armstrong, Minnie Lee, F, 12/29/12, William Asa (TX), Martha Elizabeth (TX), Gillian, Willow Point, birthcert-5621.jpg, birthcert-5621a.jpg
Armstrong, Willie J., M, 9/11/18, Robert C. (AL), Mary Ellen (AL), Harwell, Paradise, birthcert-6975.jpg
Arnett, blank, F, 5/10/05, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1807.jpg
Arnett, blank, M, 7/30/07, Gus, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3450.jpg
Arnett, blank, M, 12/27/13, M.A., blank, Hogue, blank, birthcert-5806.jpg, [delayed 3696]
Arnett, John Milburne, M, 6/23/11, Milburn Anderson, Ina May, Hogue, blank, birthcert-5285.jpg, birthcert-5285a.jpg
Arnold, blank, M, 11/12/03, J.N., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0441.jpg
Arnold, blank, F, 9/21/06, R.L., May, blank, blank, birthcert-2922.jpg
Arnold, blank, M, 10/23/06, J.S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2973.jpg
Arnold, blank, F, 10/23/06, Arthur, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2974.jpg
Arnold, J.J., M, 3/1/05, Bob, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1637.jpg
Arnold, Nora Josephine, F, 12/22/05, Robert Lee, Sarah A., Allison, Paradise, birthcert-2372.jpg, birthcert-2372a.jpg
Arnold, Ola Mae, F, 11/13/03, James Sherman, Berdie Mae, Kelsey, Paradise, birthcert-0442.jpg, birthcert-0442a.jpg
Arps, blank, F, 3/15/27, S.L., Inez, Laseter, Chico, birthcert-8767.jpg
Arrington, Betty Jean, F, 2/12/31, D.A., Elva, Walker, Boyd, [No Image 9957 ]
Arrington, blank, M, 10/8/08, Lee, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-4286.jpg
Arrington, Essie Maud, F, 12/30/91, Joe, Rosena Ellen, Huff, Boyd, birthcert-0027.jpg
Arrington, Estella, F, 9/1/90, Joe, Rosena Ella, Huff, Boyd, birthcert-0025.jpg
Arrington, Guinn Elwood, M, 3/3/22, Burrell (TX), Olo (AL), Nesmith, Decatur, birthcert-7554.jpg, birthcert-7554a.jpg
Arrington, Ira Bunell, M, 6/16/23, Vince Talmage (TX), Bessie Lee (TX), Harris, Decatur, birthcert-7826.jpg, birthcert-7826a.jpg
Arrington, Marie Mozell, F, 11/19/20, Burrell (TX), Ola (AL), Nesmith, Boyd, birthcert-7315.jpg, birthcert-7315a.jpg
Arrington, Ross Thomas, M, 4/13/15, Sam (TX), Pearl (TX), Swinney, Decatur, birthcert-6074.jpg, birthcert-6074a.jpg
Arrington, Veneta J., F, 7/5/26, D.A. (TX), Elva (TX), Walker, Boyd, birthcert-8609.jpg
Arrington, Willie D., F, 3/8/26, Burrell (TX), Ola Lee (AL), Nesmith, Boyd, birthcert-8558.jpg
Arrington, Winjors B., M, 12/9/29, Burrell, Ora Lee, Nesmith, blank, [No Image 9526 ]
Arthur, Inez, F, 5/22/22, Irwen (TX), Willie (TX), Minor, Decatur, birthcert-7599.jpg, birthcert-7599a.jpg
Arwine, blank, M, 1/16/14, Ike, Nellie, Young, blank, birthcert-5822.jpg, [delayed 21189]
Arwine, blank, M, 3/8/17, Isaac, Nellie, Young, blank, birthcert-6572.jpg
Arwine, blank, F, 6/30/31, Dave B., Esta B., Taylor, Bridgeport, [No Image 10129 ]
Arwine, William Isaac, Jr., M, 7/2/31, W.I., Myrtle Pink, Kinble, Bridgeport, [No Image 10131 ]
Ash, (Hazel), F, 5/10/04, Robert (C.), (A.I.) (Inez), (Reid), blank, birthcert-0874.jpg
Ash, blank, F, 9/23/04, T.A., Maggie, (Munse), blank, birthcert-1218.jpg
Ash, blank, F, 5/30/16, Guy, blank, Small, blank, birthcert-6419.jpg
Ash, Laura, F, 9/11/09, R.M. (AL), Lena (MS), Caver, Decatur, birthcert-4765.jpg, birthcert-4765a.jpg birthcert-4765b.jpg
Ashford, blank, F, 8/2/23, J.L. (TX), Addie (TX), (Huckabee), Park Springs, birthcert-7867.jpg
Ashford, Lois Jaunell, F, 2/19/24, William Cantrell (TX), Myrtle Dove (TX), Halman, Chico, birthcert-8009.jpg, birthcert-8009a.jpg
Ashford, Lula Laverene, F, 2/14/25, John L. (Lesnett)(TX), Addie Mae (TX), Huckabee, Park Springs, birthcert-8265.jpg
Ashley, Ella Lois, F, 7/25/32, W.O., Euna, Williams, Alvord, [No Image 10509 ]
Ashlock, (J.B.), M, 6/7/04, J.W., (N.E.), blank, blank, birthcert-0929.jpg
Ashlock, blank, M, 8/26/04, Walter, Belle, (Miller), blank, birthcert-1140.jpg
Ashlock, blank, F, 10/4/09, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4798.jpg
Ashlock, blank, F, 4/11/12, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5504.jpg
Ashton, blank, M, 3/6/04, Morgan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0711.jpg
Ashton, blank, F, 4/25/08, Floyd, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3990.jpg
Ashton, Floyd Petty, M, 9/27/15, Floyd Cleveland, Mattie Bell, Morrison, blank, birthcert-6257.jpg, birthcert-6257a.jpg
Ashton, Velma Viola, F, 3/31/07, Floyd Cleveland (TX), Mattie Bell (AL), Morrison, Decatur, birthcert-3259.jpg, birthcert-3259a.jpg
Ashworth, blank, M, 7/11/11, Joe, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-5302.jpg
Ashworth, Florella, F, 8/28/27, C.L. (Cloyd), Laval, Burris, blank, birthcert-8832.jpg
Asken, blank, F, 9/22/03, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0306.jpg
Askey, Billy Alvin, M, 10/12/31, William A., Mildred, Davenport, Rhome, [No Image 10256 ]
Askey, Bobby Jess, M, 11/6/33, W. Alvin, Mildred, Davenport, Rhome, [No Image 10928 ]
Askey, Fannie Pearl, F, 8/20/09, William Henry (TX), Martha Elizabeth (TX), Burns, Rhome, birthcert-4743.jpg, [delayed 7497]
Askey, Marion Walter, Jr., M, 8/5/24, Marion Walter, Sr. (TX), Ola (TX), Barney, Decatur, birthcert-8135.jpg, birthcert-8135a.jpg
Askey, Minnie Ada, F, 7/14/05, William Henry, Martha Elizabeth, Burnzs, Rhome, birthcert-1958.jpg, birthcert-1958a.jpg
Askey, Nettie Lee, F, 9/1/03, William Henry, Martha Elizabeth, Burnes, Rhome, birthcert-0246.jpg, birthcert-0246a.jpg
Aston, blank, F, 7/1/05, E.P., J.L., blank, blank, birthcert-1932.jpg
Atkerson, Irven Leroy, M, 5/23/08, J.D. (TX), Ethel (TX), Arnold, Decatur, birthcert-4044.jpg, birthcert-4044a.jpg
Atkins, Billie Tilman, M, 10/11/31, Leo T., Ruby P., Odam, blank, [No Image 10255 ]
Atkins, blank, blank, 2/27/07, J.W., S.A., blank, blank, birthcert-3195.jpg
Atkins, Earl Waymon, M, 10/23/28, Earl (TX), Jewel (TX), Moser, Greenwood, birthcert-9161.jpg
Atkins, Nolan Dale, F, 7/24/28, Poy E., Eunice Mable, McRow, Greenwood, birthcert-9059.jpg, birthcert-9059a.jpg birthcert-9059b.jpg
Atkinson, Mollie Bell, F, 5/13/84, Paul, Nancy, Duncan, Bridgeport, birthcert-0007.jpg
Atkinson, Pansy Lu, F, 9/21/26, John Thomas (TX), Allie Frances (TX), Hudson, Bridgeport, birthcert-8674.jpg, birthcert-8674a.jpg
Atley, blank, F, 1/28/27, W.A., Pearl, Coffman, Chico, birthcert-8740.jpg
Atwood, Elmer Earl, M, 8/17/15, William Henry, Betty Lou, Lowrey, Decatur, birthcert-6200.jpg
Atwood, William Henry, Jr., M, 8/8/21, William Henry, Sr. (TX), Betty (AL), Lowery, Chico, birthcert-7437.jpg
Austin, blank, M, 6/30/05, C.A., B.M., blank, blank, birthcert-1930.jpg
Austin, Mary Florence, F, 1/30/07, Charley Augustus (CA), Beulah Myrtle (TX), Cox, Chico, birthcert-3150.jpg, birthcert-3150a.jpg
Autherholt, blank, M, 11/29/08, David, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4364.jpg
Axley, Doris, F, 1/24/23, Oscar (OK), Ina (TX), Williams, Alvord, birthcert-7714.jpg, birthcert-7714a.jpg
Bachelor, A.B., Jr., M, 3/26/28, A.B., Pearl, Bridges, Alvord, birthcert-8979.jpg, birthcert-8979a.jpg
Bacon, Clara Jewel, F, 10/14/09, Jerry Elijah, Louisa Rebecca, Stafford, Decatur, birthcert-4811.jpg, birthcert-4811a.jpg
Badger, Eddie Lee, M, 5/10/31, Marvin W., Ethel G., Bradford, Decatur, [No Image 10066 ]
Badger, James Rogers, M, 9/10/26, Marvin W. (TX), Ethel Gertrude (TX), Bradford, Decatur, birthcert-8662.jpg
Badgwell, blank, M, 1/2/23, J.H. (AR), Mary (TX), Wines, Park Springs, birthcert-7703.jpg, [Delayed 11605]
Badgwell, blank, F, 8/26/25, R.C. (TX), Beatrice B. (TX), McKay, Park Springs, birthcert-8396.jpg
Badgwell, Robert Chester, Jr., M, 2/2/20, Robert Chester, Sr.(TX), Beatrice Bell (TX), McKay, Park Springs, birthcert-7204.jpg, birthcert-7204a.jpg
Bagwell, blank, M, 7/20/08, Bruce, T., blank, blank, birthcert-4141.jpg
Bagwell, Juanita-twin, F, 3/16/24, Robert Chester (TX), Beatrice (TX), McKay, Park Springs, birthcert-8032.jpg, birthcert-8032a.jpg
Bagwell, twin, F, 3/16/24, Robert Chester (TX), Beatrice (TX), McKay, Park Springs, birthcert-8031.jpg
Bagwell, Wanzell-twin, F, 3/16/24, Robert Chester (TX), Beatrice (TX), McKay, Park Springs, birthcert-8033.jpg, birthcert-8033a.jpg
Bailey, blank, M, 7/24/04, Thomas A., Minnie, (Wilkerson), blank, birthcert-1048.jpg
Bailey, blank, F, 11/30/06, T.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3038.jpg
Bailey, blank, M, 4/5/07, J.W., Bertie, blank, blank, birthcert-3272.jpg
Bailey, blank, M, 12/17/07, Robert, Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-3731.jpg
Bailey, blank, M, 2/11/08, Jim , Julia, (Bobo), blank, birthcert-3839.jpg
Bailey, blank, M, 3/19/15, Ross (S.R.), Sallie, Anderson, blank, birthcert-6057.jpg
Bailey, blank, F, 8/24/31, Cuel, Vandie, Easley, Bridgeport, [No Image 10191 ]
Bailey, blank, M, 12/11/33, Brad, Myrtie, Early, Wise Co, [No Image 10959 ]
Bailey, Bonita Elizabeth, F, 9/13/17, Oliver Henry, Lillie Myrtle, Pruett, Slidell, birthcert-6707.jpg, birthcert-6707a.jpg
Bailey, Bud, M, 8/22/04, Ross (S.R.), Sallie, Anderson, Bridgeport, birthcert-1123.jpg, birthcert-1123a.jpg
Bailey, Davie Lee, F, 5/1/13, Loyd, Murtle, Justice, blank, birthcert-5691.jpg
Bailey, Dortha M., F, 4/5/33, D.S., Opal, Mosier, Slidell, [No Image 10719 ]
Bailey, Ethel May, F, 6/30/06, George Curtis (TX), Maggie (TX), Jones, Alvord, birthcert-2737.jpg, birthcert-2737a.jpg
Bailey, Fene Winford, M, 1/12/31, L., Maude, Vandiver, blank, [No Image 9927 ]
Bailey, Henry T., M, 8/9/06, Henry, Lemoret, blank, blank, birthcert-2822.jpg
Bailey, James Milton, M, 12/5/25, J.F. (TX), Fay O. (TX), Musgrove, blank, birthcert-8472.jpg, [delayed 11359]
Bailey, John Clifford, M, 5/27/04, Jim (M.), Julia, Bobo, Boyd, birthcert-0903.jpg, birthcert-0903a.jpg
Bailey, Mabel, F, 6/1/07, Stephen Ross (AR), Sallie A. (TX), Anderson, Chico, birthcert-3364.jpg, birthcert-3364a.jpg
Bailey, Mildred Lavaine, F, 9/25/29, Bud (TX), Mertie (TX), Earley, Bridgeport, birthcert-9462.jpg, birthcert-9462a.jpg
Bailey, Reuben Walter, M, 11/3/03, Robert Walter, Maggie, Wilks, Bridgeport, birthcert-0421.jpg, birthcert-0421a.jpg
Bailley, Cecil, M, 11/24/26, Cuil, Vaudie Avis, Earley, Bridgeport, birthcert-8717.jpg, birthcert-8717a.jpg
Bain, blank, M, 11/12/03, R.L., Nora A., (Pool), blank, birthcert-0439.jpg
Bain, blank, M, 8/24/05, R.L., Nora, (Pool), blank, birthcert-2080.jpg
Bain, Ima Florence, F, 3/27/06, Henry H., Hattie Florence, Mount, rhome, birthcert-2570.jpg, birthcert-2570a.jpg [Delayed 19534]
Bairett, Donia Frances, F, 11/25/21, Sam Houston (TN), Ritta Mae (TN), Morgan, Slidell, birthcert-7513.jpg, birthcert-7513a.jpg
Baits, Jo Beth, F, 8/9/24, Philip Reed (TX), Lee Rita (TX), Roberts, Decatur, birthcert-8139.jpg
Baits, Phillip R., M, 11/29/92, George E., Martha Jane, Smith, Decatur, birthcert-0030.jpg
Baker, Billie Jack, M, 2/25/33, C.E., Myrtle T., Hasting, Rhome, [No Image 10694 ]
Baker, blank, blank, 10/1/04, Albert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1240.jpg
Baker, blank, M, 1/3/05, Charley, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1487.jpg
Baker, blank, M, 9/16/05, Oscar, Exah, blank, blank, birthcert-2143.jpg
Baker, blank, F, 10/14/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2216.jpg
Baker, blank, F, 10/19/05, W.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2223.jpg
Baker, blank, M, 8/29/06, Jake, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2872.jpg
Baker, blank, F, 1/4/08, blank, blank, blank, Paradise, birthcert-3768.jpg
Baker, blank, F, 9/15/15, W.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6245.jpg
Baker, blank, F, 9/15/15, W.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6246.jpg
Baker, Engram Cornelious, M, 7/11/05, Henry Lee, Allie Lillie, Duck, Decatur, birthcert-1950.jpg
Baker, Eva Velma, F, 4/22/07, John Franklin (TX), Liddie T. (TX), Beck, Decatur, birthcert-3302.jpg, birthcert-3302a.jpg
Baker, Robert Dolph, M, 12/5/05, Albert Sydney, Nellie Jane, Cotner, blank, birthcert-2332.jpg, birthcert-2332a.jpg birthcert-2332b.jpg
Baker, William Henry, M, 9/3/11, Henry Lee, Allie, Duck, Decatur, birthcert-5339.jpg, birthcert-5339a.jpg
Balch, Annye Bess, F, 2/10/05, James Edwin, Fidella Virginia, Hulett, Boyd, birthcert-1588.jpg, birthcert-1588a.jpg
Balch, blank, M, 7/16/05, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1965.jpg
Balch, blank, M, 7/13/07, W.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3421.jpg
Balch, blank, M, 9/1/11, Ed, Viola, McGoughey, blank, birthcert-5336.jpg
Balding, Bettie Jane, F, 7/12/31, J.B., Myrtle, Aycock, Decatur, [No Image 10140 ]
Balding, blank, F, 9/21/28, Jesse B. (OK), Myrtle (OK), Aycox, Rhome, birthcert-9127.jpg
Baldock, blank, F, 4/13/33, O.E., Anna B., Alexander, Decatur, [No Image 10731 ]
Baldridge, blank, F, 2/25/08, V.E. (Victa Elgin), Ethel, (Curtner), Chico, birthcert-3863.jpg
Baldwin, blank, M, 11/3/15, Carl, Florene, Sartin, blank, birthcert-6293.jpg
Baldwin, Bonnie Lee, F, 3/15/08, Alford (TX), Ollie (AR), Glass, Sunset, birthcert-3914.jpg, birthcert-3914a.jpg birthcert-3914b.jpg birthcert-3914c.jpg
Baldwin, C.J., Jr., M, 8/9/06, A., O., blank, blank, birthcert-2826.jpg
Baldwin, Inez Loraine, F, 1/4/20, A.C. (AR), Ollie (TX), Glass, Sunset, birthcert-7186.jpg, birthcert-7186a.jpg
Baley, Arthur L., M, 9/10/22, John Mose (MO), Rosa Eelen (TX), Henson, Alvord, birthcert-7654.jpg
Baley, blank, M, 11/10/08, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4339.jpg
Ball, blank, F, 8/15/07, T.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3486.jpg
Ball, blank, F, 12/23/12, Jack, Emma, Krudwig, blank, birthcert-5615.jpg
Ball, blank, M, 8/8/19, Thomas J. (TX), Mary F. (TX), Price, Alvord, birthcert-7116.jpg
Ball, Ida O., F, 7/22/03, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0134.jpg
Ball, Rita Evelyn, F, 2/1/09, Carlo, Willie Evelyn, Badgery, Decatur, birthcert-4467.jpg, birthcert-4467a.jpg
Ball, Robert Bert, M, 2/19/29, D.S. (TX), Ira (TX), Fowler, Decatur, birthcert-9266.jpg, birthcert-9266a.jpg
Ball, Thomas Eugene, M, 8/27/04, Thomas L., Martha V., Standley, Decatur, birthcert-1143.jpg, birthcert-1143a.jpg
Ball, Virginia Anne, F, 5/1/30, D.S., Ira, Fowler, blank, [No Image 9675 ]
Ballard, Annie May, F, 8/30/21, Eliga Jack (TX), Sarah Jane (TN), Rose, Poolville, birthcert-7456.jpg, birthcert-7456a.jpg
Ballard, Audrey Margaret, F, 5/20/10, W.E., Julia Vernon, Frasier, blank, birthcert-5004.jpg, birthcert-5004a.jpg
Ballard, blank, M, 6/24/06, James, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-2727.jpg
Ballard, blank, M, 1/13/14, Jim , Louise, blank, blank, birthcert-5819.jpg
Ballard, blank, M, 6/1/16, J.B., Jr., Louise, Mingo, blank, birthcert-6421.jpg
Ballard, blank, F, 10/19/16, Howard, Maggie, Rose, blank, birthcert-6496.jpg
Ballard, Elnar Marcine, F, 12/8/28, L.L. (TX), Betty Emiline (AL), Morris, Greenwood, birthcert-9196.jpg
Ballard, Floyd Byron, M, 9/28/09, E.J. (TX), Sarah(TX), Rose, Poolville, birthcert-4787.jpg, birthcert-4787a.jpg
Ballard, George Allen, Jr., M, 1/17/17, George Allen, Sr., Romran Edna, Jameson, Boyd, birthcert-6545.jpg, birthcert-6545a.jpg
Balldock, blank, F, 8/21/08, Wallis, Ora, blank, blank, birthcert-4214.jpg
Ballthrop, Lorine, F, 9/30/07, James Monroe (TX), Maggie Lana (MO), Parkerson, Slidell, birthcert-3577.jpg, birthcert-3577a.jpg
Balthrop, Aletha , F, 7/28/04, James, Maggie Lena, Parkerson, Slidell, birthcert-1061.jpg, birthcert-1061a.jpg
Balthrop, blank, M, 12/31/14, J.H., Lena, Perkinson, blank, birthcert-6007.jpg, [delayed 8985]
Balthrop, Janelle Elizabeth, F, 2/15/17, April Peter, Velma Emily, Brooks, Slidell, birthcert-6553.jpg, birthcert-6553a.jpg
Balton, blank, M, 7/26/08, J.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4149.jpg
Bank, blank, F, 3/22/04, A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0751.jpg
Bankhead, blank, M, 1/27/31, J.B., Ruby, Phillips , Bridgeport, [No Image 9945 ]
Bankinstein, blank, M, 4/4/08, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3952.jpg
Banks, Armilda Jane, F, 2/20/20, Hosea (TX), Ruth (TX), Pierce, Bridgeport, birthcert-7215.jpg, birthcert-7215a.jpg
Banks, blank, blank, 2/17/04, T.D., A. (Annie), (Butler), blank, birthcert-0669.jpg
Banks, blank, F, 8/26/05, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2087.jpg
Banks, blank, M, 11/3/05, Tom, Amy, blank, blank, birthcert-2259.jpg
Banks, blank, M, 9/26/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2931.jpg
Banks, blank, M, 4/30/07, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3322.jpg
Banks, blank, M, 6/20/08, M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4092.jpg
Banks, blank, F, 9/27/08, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4267.jpg
Banks, blank, F, 1/8/09, Tom, Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-4427.jpg
Banks, blank, M, 6/7/11, Albert, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-5273.jpg
Banks, Edwin Rollin, M, 1/15/04, Hosea, Sarah Elizabeth, Love, Paradise, birthcert-0592.jpg, birthcert-0592a.jpg birthcert-0592b.jpg
Banks, Harvey, M, 8/1/06, Hosey J. (TN), Lizzie (TN), Love, Bridgeport, birthcert-2807.jpg, birthcert-2807a.jpg
Banks, James Alvin, M, 5/16/05, Robert Bruce, Lela Nevada, Morehead, Paradise, birthcert-1820.jpg, birthcert-1820a.jpg
Banks, Loretha Joyce, F, 4/30/29, James Alvin (TX), Gladys Luellia (TX), Martin, Poolville, birthcert-9338.jpg, birthcert-9338a.jpg
Banks, Mayme Fay, F, 9/1/11, Hosea J., Sarah Elizabeth, Love, Paradise, birthcert-5337.jpg, birthcert-5337a.jpg birthcert-5337b.jpg
Banks, Ray Aton, M, 8/5/33, J.A., G.L., Martain, Paradise, [No Image 10850 ]
Bankston, blank, M, 2/10/09, W.T., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-4488.jpg
Banley, blank, M, 5/3/32, J.A., G.L., Martin, blank, [No Image 10426 ]
Barber, blank, M, 5/16/04, J.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0887.jpg
Barber, blank, F, 10/11/07, J.S., Augusta, blank, blank, birthcert-3604.jpg
Barber, blank, F, 10/29/10, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5123.jpg
Barbosa, Carman, F, 6/18/30, Juan, Josephine, Villareal, Bridgeport, [No Image 9729 ]
Barbosa, Cliofas, F, 5/29/15, Juan (Mex), Josefa (Mex), Villarreal, Bridgeport, birthcert-6108.jpg
Barbosa, Falicitas, F, 9/4/24, Juan (Mex), Josefa (Mex), Villarreal, Bridgeport, birthcert-8160.jpg
Barclay, Thelma Rose, F, 6/23/32, E.D., Hazel, Brown, Alvord, [No Image 10475 ]
Barefield, blank, F, 2/5/04, P., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0638.jpg
Barefield, blank, F, 7/16/08, R.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4137.jpg
Barefield, blank, M, 8/2/11, P.E., Mattie, Harris, blank, birthcert-5314.jpg
Barefield, Mary Francis, F, 7/23/31, O.L., B.E., Holley, blank, [No Image 10158 ]
Barfield, blank, F, 2/10/12, R.E., E.Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-5459.jpg
Barfield, blank, M, 8/14/14, James, Stella, Mattingly , blank, birthcert-5945.jpg
Barfield, Odus Loyd, M, 5/27/06, R.E. (MS), Mary Ann Elizabeth (TX), Gilley, Paradise, birthcert-2686.jpg, birthcert-2686a.jpg
Barfield, Ruth Arthur, F, 3/19/33, Otis Loyd, Blanch J., Holley, Boonsville, [No Image 10710 ]
Barger, blank, F, 4/30/13, G.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5690.jpg
Barger, George Alvin, M, 3/13/18, George, Effie, Brewer, Boyd, birthcert-6842.jpg
Barger, R.V., M, 5/16/11, George Washington, Effie Dee, Brewer, Boyd, birthcert-5250.jpg
Barker, blank, F, 9/23/03, B., C., blank, blank, birthcert-0310.jpg
Barker, blank, F, 12/14/03, B., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0505.jpg
Barker, blank, F, 6/4/04, Daniel, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0920.jpg
Barker, blank, F, 7/26/04, Jake, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1056.jpg
Barker, blank, F, 10/31/05, J.S., Augusta, blank, blank, birthcert-2251.jpg
Barker, blank, M, 7/27/07, R.A., A.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3445.jpg
Barker, blank, M, 2/29/08, A.L., Ann, blank, blank, birthcert-3877.jpg
Barker, blank, F, 11/22/08, Jake, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4357.jpg
Barker, blank, F, 1/10/10, James, Bettie, blank, blank, birthcert-4900.jpg
Barker, Loyd Elmer, M, 8/29/06, Jake Tipton, Lula Maud, Bonham, Decatur, birthcert-2871.jpg, birthcert-2871a.jpg
Barksdale, Betsy Jean, F, 9/8/26, W.G. (TX), Ruthe (TX), Dale, Alvord, birthcert-8660.jpg, birthcert-8660a.jpg
Barksdale, blank, M, 1/15/08, Thomas, Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-3783.jpg
Barksdale, blank, M, 5/22/09, Lee (Levi), Essie, (Porter), blank, birthcert-4639.jpg
Barksdale, blank, F, 9/24/10, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5105.jpg
Barksdale, blank, M, 10/26/16, Garrett, Ruth, Dale, blank, birthcert-6500.jpg
Barksdale, blank, M, 12/30/28, Ramon (TX), Clelia L. (TX), Rogers, Chico, birthcert-9214.jpg
Barksdale, Cleo, F., 2/9/08, G., Ruth, blank, blank, birthcert-3836.jpg, birthcert-3836a.jpg
Barksdale, Jewell Louise, F, 10/11/05, Walter G., Ruthe, Dale, Chico, birthcert-2210.jpg, birthcert-2210a.jpg
Barksdale, Mary Lucille, F, 10/27/16, Ernest Lee, Ella Irene, Clark, Chico, birthcert-6502.jpg, birthcert-6502a.jpg birthcert-6502b.jpg
Barksdale, Pollyanna, F, 8/12/18, Walter Garret (TX), Ruth (TX), Dale, Chico, birthcert-6953.jpg, birthcert-6953a.jpg
Barksdale, Toy Tidwell, M, 10/25/05, John Thomas (TX), Dora Loueilla (AR), Cecil, Chico, birthcert-2233.jpg, birthcert-2233a.jpg
Barnes, Betty Louise, F, 12/30/23, Jesse Lee (TX), Gladys (TX), Guthrie, Alvord, birthcert-7965.jpg
Barnes, blank, M, 9/5/04, W.H., Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-1170.jpg
Barnes, blank, F, 11/12/06, John, Ollie, (Young), blank, birthcert-3015.jpg
Barnes, blank, F, 1/26/07, W.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3137.jpg
Barnes, blank, M, 4/11/08, John H., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3970.jpg
Barnes, blank, F, 7/17/08, Will, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-4138.jpg
Barnes, blank, M, 1/14/10, John, J., Simmons (?), blank, birthcert-4907.jpg
Barnes, blank, F, 2/7/24, Thomas (OK), Arozona (TX), Neel, Decatur, birthcert-7996.jpg
Barnes, Claud Coag, M, 8/5/16, John Henry, Addie Mae, Rennels, Boyd, birthcert-6451.jpg, birthcert-6451a.jpg
Barnes, Eppriham, Jr., M, 8/28/28, Eppriham, Sr. (TX), Mary L. (TX), Jones, Rhome, birthcert-9102.jpg
Barnes, Estelle, F, 9/23/03, J.A., Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-0308.jpg
Barnes, Estelle, F, 8/6/07, James Densmore, Laura Bell (Feuds), Allen, Chico, birthcert-3470.jpg, birthcert-3470a.jpg birthcert-3470b.jpg
Barnes, Homer, M, 9/5/04, William Henry, Pearl E., Sparks, Rhome, birthcert-1169.jpg
Barnes, Ira Wilson, M, 7/19/18, J.G. (TX), Bertha (TX), Parks, Chico, birthcert-6940.jpg
Barnes, Joseph, M, 4/28/33, J.W., Mary, Henderson, blank, [No Image 10751 ]
Barnes, Letha Alma, F, 10/23/04, John Henry, Addie Mae, Rennels, Boyd, birthcert-1297.jpg, birthcert-1297a.jpg
Barnes, W.H., M, 2/5/18, William, Denny, blank, Crafton, birthcert-6817.jpg
Barnett, (twin), F, 6/23/05, North, R.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1910.jpg
Barnett, (twin), F, 6/23/05, North, R.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1911.jpg
Barnett, blank, M, 8/24/03, B.B., Annie (Arrie), (Thompson), blank, birthcert-0220.jpg
Barnett, blank, F, 8/9/05, A. G., Alice blank, Crafton birthcert-2040.jpg
Barnett, blank, M, 11/10/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0434.jpg
Barnett, blank, M, 11/18/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0451.jpg
Barnett, blank, M, 2/17/05, M.W., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1603.jpg
Barnett, blank, F, 8/1/08, J.J., D.A., blank, blank, birthcert-4160.jpg
Barnett, blank, F, 8/30/13, Oscar, Annie, Cunningham, blank, birthcert-5757.jpg
Barnett, blank, F, 2/5/14, L.C., Mollie, Bolton, blank, birthcert-5835.jpg
Barnett, blank, F, 3/20/14, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5869.jpg
Barnett, blank, M, 7/22/17, Tom, blank, blank, Boyd, birthcert-6660.jpg
Barnett, blank, M, 6/2/16, Dick, Nora, Read, blank, [No Image 6422]
Barnett, Dorothy Jean, F, 3/25/33, William M., Rosa, Read, Decatur, [No Image 10703 ]
Barnett, E.D., F, 3/4/04, W.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0700.jpg
Barnett, Elsie Lee, F, 2/19/29, Clarence Durble (TX), Price Estelle (TX), Taylor, Chico, birthcert-9267.jpg, birthcert-9267a.jpg
Barnett, Hubert Dirk, M, 12/12/04, Henry B., Indie Bell, Clayton, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1431.jpg, birthcert-1431a.jpg
Barnett, L.D., M, 4/23/29, John B. (TX), Margaret (TX), Lewis, Alvord, birthcert-9331.jpg
Barnett, Lee, M, 9/14/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0285.jpg
Barnett, Majorie Lee, F, 5/30/30, Taylor D. (Donnie), Nola M., Payne, blank, [No Image 9706 ]
Barnett, Thelma Marie, F, 4/20/31, Loyd M., Thelma, Clark, Alvord, [No Image 10048 ]
Barnett, Velvia Inez, F, 5/5/10, Henry B., Endie Belle, Clayton, blank, birthcert-4993.jpg, birthcert-4993a.jpg
Barney, blank, M, 4/2/06, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2581.jpg
Barnhill, blank, M, 11/25/07, J.C., L.G., Wilkerson, blank, birthcert-3686.jpg
Barns, blank, F, 1/2/04, W.F., Dannie, blank, blank, birthcert-0555.jpg
Barns, blank, M, 1/27/04, J.D., Z., blank, blank, birthcert-0621.jpg
Barns, blank, M, 7/6/04, W.M., Mittie, blank, blank, birthcert-0997.jpg
Barr, James Earl, M, 12/7/07, James Oscar (KY), Isa Bell (AL), Harris, Boyd, birthcert-3715.jpg
Barrett, Cecil Weldon, M, 10/16/28, T.R. (TX), Nellie (TX), Hall, Chico, birthcert-9155.jpg, birthcert-9155a.jpg
Barrett, Harold Ray, M, 9/24/26, Thomas Ragland (TX), Nellie Aline (TX), Hall, Mansfield, birthcert-8676.jpg, birthcert-8676a.jpg
Barrick, Minnie May, M, 7/21/04, William Edward, Martha Jane, Davis, Paradise, birthcert-1038.jpg, birthcert-1038a.jpg
Barrington, Carl Lewis, F, 12/31/33, Carl, Winnie, White (Wheelis), OK, [No Image 10986 ]
Barrow, Darwell Lanion, M, 7/14/33, Charles G., Alamae, Ferguson, Prec. #1, [No Image 10826 ]
Barry, blank, M, 6/20/06, Harvey , blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2723.jpg
Barry, blank, F, 8/31/15, D.B., Mattie, Newton, blank, birthcert-6218.jpg
Barry, blank, F, 5/9/18, D.B., Mattie, Newton, blank, birthcert-6882.jpg
Barry, blank, M, 7/15/24, D.B. (AR), Mattie (AL), Newton, Chico, birthcert-8103.jpg
Bartholomew, Alvie Antoine, M, 11/9/06, Charles Samuel (IA), Ollie Olivia (TX), Latham, Alvord, birthcert-3008.jpg, birthcert-3008a.jpg
Bartholomew, blank, M, 2/3/06, Eugene, Emma, (Lurrett), blank, birthcert-2466.jpg
Bartholomew, Mary Ann, F, 10/20/15, Charlie, O.L., blank, blank, birthcert-6277.jpg
Bartholomew, Opal Agatha, F, 2/1/05, Charles Samuel, Ollie Olivia, Latham, Alvord, birthcert-1559.jpg, birthcert-1559a.jpg
Bartholomew, Sylvia Lucille, F, 2/19/09, C.S. (MO), Ollie O. (TX), Latham, Chico, birthcert-4498.jpg
Bartlett, Annie, F, 2/13/04, William Monroe, Emily, Carrick, Bridgeport, birthcert-0653.jpg, birthcert-0653a.jpg
Barton, blank, M, 5/11/12, H.W., (Pearl), Perrin, blank, birthcert-5520.jpg
Barton, blank, F, 9/5/13, J.O., Jane, Grazier, blank, birthcert-5763.jpg
Barton, Floyd, M, 4/4/07, W.J., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-3268.jpg
Barton, Jim Tom, M, 8/1/10, Henry Wilburn, Alma Pearl, Perrin, blank, birthcert-5056.jpg, birthcert-5056a.jpg birthcert-5056b.jpg
Barton, Laura Virginia, F, 7/2/22, Clyde A. (TX), Anita (TX), Arnez, Rhome, birthcert-7625.jpg
Barton, Loyd, M, 4/4/07, W.J., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-3269.jpg
Bass, blank, M, 9/26/04, W.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1226.jpg
Bass, blank, M, 6/30/05, E.O. (Ed), Mary, (Edwards), blank, birthcert-1929.jpg
Bass, blank, M, 7/3/05, J.W. (John), Lorne (Lannie), (Winfrey), blank, birthcert-1935.jpg
Bass, blank, F, 9/10/07, J.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3531.jpg
Bastian, (Matilda), F, 5/14/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1818.jpg
Bastian, blank, F, 6/29/11, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5288.jpg
Bastian, blank, F, 5/10/21, blank, Bertha, Bastian, Decatur, birthcert-7391.jpg
Bastian, George John, M, 1/31/08, John (Germany), Emma (TX), Hachtel, Decatur, birthcert-3813.jpg, birthcert-3813a.jpg
Bastian, John Fred, Jr., M, 11/6/33, John Fred, Jessie E. (Era), Price, Decatur, [No Image 10927 ]
Batchelor, Wilma Lee, F, 3/11/32, Alford B., Oma P., Bridges , Alvord, [No Image 10387 ]
Baten, Bonnie Florine, F, 4/5/31, Wilburn, Annie, Wells, Greenwood, [No Image 10030 ]
Bates, blank, F, 9/10/05, Amos, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2132.jpg
Bates, blank, M, 10/10/05, Amos, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2206.jpg
Bates, blank, M, 3/2/11, George, Hattie, blank, blank, birthcert-5186.jpg
Batt, blank, M, 6/18/07, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3394.jpg
Batt, Emma Lavonie, blank, 3/7/04, Thomas Henry, Sarah Ida, Vick, Greenwood, birthcert-0716.jpg, birthcert-0716a.jpg
Batten, Laphelia Alice, F, 8/12/16, Frank Hill, Alice Geneva, Teal, blank, birthcert-6452.jpg, birthcert-6452a.jpg
Baugh, blank, F, 2/27/05, Ernest, Virginia, blank, blank, birthcert-1635.jpg
Baugh, blank, F, 10/16/05, R.J., Lillie May, blank, blank, birthcert-2219.jpg
Baugh, blank, F, 10/2/11, Ernest (M.), Virginia (D.), Cox, blank, birthcert-5376.jpg
Baugh, blank, M, 3/11/19, Richard, blank, blank, Decatur, birthcert-7058.jpg
Baugh, Richard Horace, M, 6/14/16, Richard Johns, Lillie Mae, Pipkin, Bridgeport, birthcert-6426.jpg, birthcert-6426a.jpg
Baugh, Verner Schoolfield, M, 9/3/11, Verner Iona, Sallie, Bean, Park Springs, birthcert-5340.jpg, birthcert-5340a.jpg
Baughers, blank, M, 10/2/04, Asa, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1243.jpg
Baughier, blank, F, 2/20/16, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6370.jpg
Baughin, blank, M, 4/22/08, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3984.jpg
Baughyer, blank, F, 8/9/17, John, Ola, Robertson, Decatur, birthcert-6679.jpg
Bay, Perry Lenard, M, 1/13/18, Perry Lenard, Lillie Bell, Harper, Chico, birthcert-6793.jpg
Bayne, blank, M, 10/6/03, Jim, E., blank, blank, birthcert-0340.jpg
Bayne, blank, F, 9/1/04, L.C., Lou, blank, blank, birthcert-1154.jpg
Bayne, blank, M, 11/12/04, Jim S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1351.jpg
Bayne, blank, F, 1/24/05, Alex D., Leona (Levona Y.), (McGowan), blank, birthcert-1536.jpg
Bays, blank, M, 6/17/04, Guy, Effie, blank, blank, birthcert-0954.jpg
Bays, blank, M, 5/19/11, Guy (T.), Stacy, (Rankin), blank, birthcert-5256.jpg
Bays, Ernest Dee, M, 12/8/07, Guy F. (AR), Stacey Mae (TX), Rankin, Chico, birthcert-3719.jpg, birthcert-3719a.jpg
Bays, Lola, F, 9/8/11, Guy (TX), Stacy (TX), Rankins, Bridgeport, birthcert-5575.jpg, birthcert-5575a.jpg
Bazzlay, George David, M, 8/30/22, Fred (TX), Blanche M.(TX), Kemp, Decatur, birthcert-7649.jpg, birthcert-7649a.jpg
Bazzlay, Ruby Ola, F, 10/27/29, Fred (TX), Blanche (TX), Kemp, Decatur, birthcert-9491.jpg, birthcert-9491a.jpg
Beachamp, Herschel Boyd, M, 10/4/18, Vernon (KY), Della (TX), Boyd, Newark, birthcert-6992.jpg
Beachamp, Jesse Carl, M, 4/7/18, Jessie V., Exa I., Boyd, Newark, birthcert-6855.jpg
Beak, blank, M, 1/15/10, Taylor, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4909.jpg
Beall, Agnes Embry, F, 3/3/04, R.H., Harriett R., Renshaw, Decatur, birthcert-0708.jpg, birthcert-0708a.jpg
Beall, blank, M, 1/8/08, Aurhor, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3778.jpg
Beam, Doris Oretha, F, 4/8/25, Johnie W. (GA), Lela Mae (TN), Smith, Boyd, birthcert-8291.jpg, birthcert-8291a.jpg
Beaman, Ruth Ozelle, F, 2/25/29, Robert Campbell (TX), Lola Viola (TX), Lindsey, Bridgeport, birthcert-9273.jpg, birthcert-9273a.jpg
Bean, blank, F, 6/22/07, R.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3400.jpg
Bean, Manuel Buford, M, 7/25/29, Johnnie (GA), Lola Mae (TN), Smith, Newark, birthcert-9408.jpg, [delayed 18025]
Bean, Thelma, F, 1/4/06, John William, Eva, Jones, Paradise, birthcert-2386.jpg, birthcert-2386a.jpg
Beane, blank, F, 1/16/08, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3785.jpg
Beard, blank, F, 2/23/05, F.E., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-1620.jpg
Beard, blank, F, 2/7/06, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2478.jpg
Beard, blank, M, 4/9/08, Frank, J.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3963.jpg
Beard, blank, F, 8/27/15, B.W., Myrtle, Nix, blank, birthcert-6212.jpg
Beard, C.B., Jr., M, 1/10/04, C.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0580.jpg
Beard, Geneva, F, 7/1/12, William Taylor (TX), Alice (IN), Martin, Garvin, birthcert-5544.jpg, birthcert-5544a.jpg
Bearden, A.D., M, 11/19/99, Rufus Erskine, Nannie Bell, Smith, Alvord, birthcert-0060.jpg
Bearden, A.Y., M, 6/15/98, Rufus Erskine, Nannie Bell, Smith, Decatur, birthcert-0054.jpg
Bearden, blank, M, 2/10/05, Allen, Anne, (Bowman), blank, birthcert-1601.jpg
Bearden, blank, F, 7/21/05, Lee, Hattie, (Bartholomew), blank, birthcert-1984.jpg
Bearden, blank, M, 8/13/05, Eureka, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2050.jpg
Bearden, blank, F, 8/15/08, L.O., H.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2842.jpg
Bearden, blank, F, 11/7/06, J.C., M.B., blank, blank, birthcert-3004.jpg
Bearden, Dorothy, F, 2/20/26, H.H. (TX), Vera V. (TX), Nichols, Rhome, birthcert-8545.jpg
Bearden, Helen, F, 12/24/25, Ruben R. (TX), Icy May (TX), Nichols, Newark, birthcert-8488.jpg
Bearden, Lana Lee, F, 3/17/04, John Cambell, Nannie Bird, Smith, Chico, birthcert-0740.jpg, birthcert-0740a.jpg
Beasley, Alvin Monroe, M, 6/9/23, Lather Ben (AL), Mattie (TX), Price, Decatur, birthcert-7820.jpg, birthcert-7820a.jpg
Beasley, Bessie Lorena, F, 5/13/06, Starlin Monroe (KY), Florence Alma (TX), Young, Decatur, birthcert-2668.jpg, birthcert-2668a.jpg
Beasley, blank, M, 11/9/04, S.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1340.jpg
Beasley, blank, F, 6/30/06, blank, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2739.jpg
Beasley, blank, M, 1/18/08, Elmo, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3788.jpg
Beasley, blank, M, 7/11/11, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5304.jpg
Beasley, blank, M, 1/12/25, Ben G. (AL), Mattie (AL), Price, Decatur, birthcert-8241.jpg
Beason, blank, M, 6/4/15, Ed, Annie, Hefley, blank, birthcert-6114.jpg
Beaty, blank, M, 12/31/04, Tom, Jessie, Beary, blank, birthcert-1476.jpg
Beaty, blank, F, 1/1/27, T.M., Annie, Lane, Chico, birthcert-8729.jpg
Beauchamp, Billy, M, 3/22/22, William (TX), Icy (AL), Cash, Rhome, birthcert-7563.jpg, birthcert-7563a.jpg
Beauchamp, Conrad Vance, M, 2/22/29, J.V. (KY), Exa (TX), Boyd, Newark, birthcert-9269.jpg
Beauchamp, Kathryn, F, 3/29/17, Will, Nora, Cash, Boyd, birthcert-6594.jpg, birthcert-6594a.jpg
Beaumont, blank, M, 1/29/05, J. Ed, Ivana H., blank, blank, birthcert-1552.jpg
Beaumont, blank, M, 8/5/06, Ed, M., blank, blank, birthcert-2814.jpg
Beaumont, Elmira, F, 1/1/08, Edmond, Maudie Leona, Holden, Chico, birthcert-3759.jpg, birthcert-3759a.jpg
Beavers, blank, F, 3/29/05, Lon, Nancy, blank, blank, birthcert-1703.jpg
Beck, blank, M, 2/22/05, Frank, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-1617.jpg
Beck, blank, F, 3/24/05, blank, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-1690.jpg
Beck, blank, M, 1/3/09, G.L., Effie, blank, blank, birthcert-4421.jpg
Beck, blank, F, 2/5/09, J.H., W.K., blank, blank, birthcert-4475.jpg
Bedford, Blanche, M, 9/1/03, S.G., E.D., blank, blank, birthcert-0248.jpg
Bedford, blank, M, 11/1/07, G., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-3648.jpg
Bedford, William Gur, M, 6/10/08, William Noble (TX), Fannie Lee (TX), Strickland, Springtown, birthcert-4081.jpg, birthcert-4081a.jpg
Beeman, Robert, Jr., M, 1/14/31, Robert, Lola V., Lindsey, blank, [No Image 9933 ]
Beene, blank, M, 1/3/04, Russ, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0557.jpg
Beeson, blank, M, 8/21/08, Edd, Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-4194.jpg
Beeson, Connie Valeria, F, 1/2/31, Emett (Ernest), Ester, Sparks, blank, [No Image 9953 ]
Beeson, Connie Valeria, F, 1/2/31, Emmitt, blank, blank, blank, [No Image 9953 ]
Beeson, Mildred Faye, F, 4/24/12, Ed, Anna, Hefley, Bridgeport, birthcert-5508.jpg, birthcert-5508a.jpg
Beezley, A.B., M, 9/22/28, Audry Benett (TX), Laura Pearl (TX), Howell, Chico, birthcert-9128.jpg
Belasques, blank, M, 4/24/31, Manuel, Medellin, Sabinas, Bridgeport, [No Image 10054 ]
Belcher, Jean, M, 12/19/28, C.H. (VA), Alice (TX), Payne, Greenwood, birthcert-9207.jpg
Belew, blank, F, 3/31/22, Thad (TX), Bessie (Alice May)(TX), Price, Decatur, birthcert-7569.jpg
Belew, blank, M, 6/4/32, R.B. (Reuben), Clara, Patterson, Chico, [No Image 10457 ]
Belew, Mary Estell, F, 1/2/08, Luther (TX), Ollie May (TX), Cartwright, Decatur, birthcert-3762.jpg, birthcert-3762a.jpg
Belew, Olive R., F, 8/30/31, Hale, Esther, Gregg, Decatur, [No Image 10200 ]
Belew, Theresa June, F, 1/20/28, Hale, Esther, Gregg, Decatur, birthcert-8918.jpg, birthcert-8918a.jpg
Belew, Vaughn , M, 5/7/05, William D., Molly T., Marrett, Decatur, birthcert-1796.jpg, birthcert-1796a.jpg
Bell, Addie Ruth, F, 5/14/06, John (TX), Iona (TX), Scoggin, Decatur, birthcert-2672.jpg, birthcert-2672a.jpg
Bell, Billie Van, M, 9/9/28, Richard Omer (OK), Maggie Ora (TX), Cherry, Bridgeport, birthcert-9112.jpg
Bell, blank, F, 5/18/29, Henry (MS), Aquilla Rish (TX), Quillin, Bridgeport, birthcert-9353.jpg
Bellah, blank, M, 3/8/06, Walter, Gertrude, blank, blank, birthcert-2542.jpg
Bellamy, James Henry, M, 8/17/26, Gus Shults (TX), Edna (TX), Carruth, Medicine Mound, birthcert-8637.jpg
Bellington, blank, M, 3/24/10, W.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4962.jpg
Belvin, Roland Leon, M, 7/5/29, Glen I. (TX), Clairsey Ruth (TX), Milligan, Greenwood, birthcert-9393.jpg
Benavidez, Benito, M, 3/21/15, Nicanor (Mex), Paula (Mex), Santos, Bridgeport, birthcert-6060.jpg
Benavidez, Margarita, F, 5/19/21, Nicanor (Mex), Paula (Mex), Santos, Bridgeport, birthcert-7400.jpg
Benavidez, Nicanor, Jr., M, 4/7/17, Nicanor, Sr., Paula, Santos, Bridgeport, birthcert-6601.jpg
Benereldos, Edwin, M, 7/30/28, Quencom, Paulez, Francioes, blank, birthcert-9070.jpg
Benion, William H., M, 2/4/26, W.F. (TX), Bessie D. (TX), Barnett, Alvord, birthcert-8531.jpg
Bennett, blank, M, 8/21/03, C.G., M.P., blank, blank, birthcert-0203.jpg
Bennett, Norman Wayne, M, 12/7/24, Norman Ross (TX), Olla Mae (TX), King, Decatur, birthcert-8227.jpg, birthcert-8227a.jpg
Bennett, Robert Leslie, M, 12/3/09, Arthur Clifford, Della Gertrude, blank, blank, birthcert-4863.jpg
Benson, blank, F, 5/7/10, Richard, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4996.jpg
Benson, Verna, F, 6/15/07, William Wallace (TX), Nancy Elizabeth (TN), Smithey, Bridgeport, birthcert-3388.jpg, birthcert-3388a.jpg
Bently, blank, M, 5/28/07, W.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3357.jpg
Benton, blank, F, 2/16/04, M.E., Nettie, blank, blank, birthcert-0662.jpg
Benton, blank, M, 4/7/23, William Rufus (TX), Minnie May (TX), Whaley, Alvord, birthcert-7761.jpg
Bents, blank, F, 8/13/24, Joe John (AL), Valdrine (TX), Jett, Alvord, birthcert-8142.jpg
Berchard, blank, F, 3/12/06, H.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2546.jpg
Berg, blank, M, 10/10/17, O.W., Emma, Taylor, Sunset, birthcert-6731.jpg
Berg, Carl Arvid, M, 3/9/28, Herman E., Julia Mary, Wheelis, Quannah, birthcert-8968.jpg
Berg, Ida Mae, F, 8/24/26, H.E. (TX), Julia Mae (TX), Whellis, Alvord, birthcert-8649.jpg
Berg, James Harman, M, 11/29/24, H.E. (H.H.)(TX), Julia May (TX), Wheelis, Alvord, birthcert-8221.jpg
Berg, Robert J., M, 11/3/33, H.E., Julia, Whites, Alvord, [No Image 10924 ]
Berry, blank, F, 10/10/03, W., R., blank, blank, birthcert-0357.jpg
Berry, blank, F, 12/25/03, J.C., M.A., (Lenard), blank, birthcert-0536.jpg
Berry, blank, M, 4/16/05, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1745.jpg
Berry, blank, M, 11/9/05, Wales (Walter), Rebecca, (Gore), blank, birthcert-2270.jpg
Berry, blank, F, 8/3/06, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2809.jpg
Berry, blank, M, 11/26/19, J.S. (TX), Roxie (TX), Stewart, Boonsville, birthcert-7164.jpg
Berry, C., M, 3/24/04, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0758.jpg
Berry, George Franklin, M, 9/4/04, George Goddard, Missouri Dovie, King, Boonsville, birthcert-1166.jpg, birthcert-1166a.jpg
Berry, Jewel Para, F, 6/12/08, William Reeves (KY), Julia (TN), Payne, Decatur, birthcert-4086.jpg
Berry, Willie, F, 6/27/18, C.E. (TX), Myrtle (TX), blank, Abilene, birthcert-6925.jpg
Best, blank, M, 8/10/07, Oscar (James), Minnie, (Nickols), blank, birthcert-3476.jpg
Best, blank, F, 10/30/09, O.J., M.O., blank, blank, birthcert-4830.jpg
Best, Bruce Clifton, M, 12/23/04, James Augustus, Mattie Bea, Clifton, Greenwood, birthcert-1455.jpg, birthcert-1455a.jpg
Best, Charles Weldon (Peet), M, 5/5/14, Napoleon (GA), Ida (TX), Wilhite, Greenwood, birthcert-5884.jpg
Best, Fannie Mae, F, 11/13/08, James Augusta (TX), Mattie Bea (TX), Clifton, Greenwood, birthcert-4344.jpg, birthcert-4344a.jpg birthcert-4344b.jpg
Best, Mamie Eula, F, 1/12/05, Oscar James, Minnie Ola, Nickols, Alvord, birthcert-1505.jpg, birthcert-1505a.jpg
Best, Robert Travis, M, 5/16/00, Napoleon, Ida, Wilhite, Dan, TX, birthcert-0065.jpg
Bevill, blank, F, 5/21/10, Walter, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-5005.jpg
Beville, blank, M, 8/18/30, L.A., Eula D., Roberts , blank, [No Image 9689 ]
Beville, John E., M, 6/10/04, Col., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-0939.jpg
Bevins, Fay Ella, F, 3/11/29, Floyd (TX), E.F. (TX), Reed, Boyd, birthcert-9289.jpg
Bevins, James Henry, M, 9/18/21, James Loyd (TX), EllieFrancis (TX), Read, Cottondale, birthcert-7472.jpg
Biggerstaff, blank, M, 5/1/06, Joe, Dollie (Della), (McMurray), blank, birthcert-2647.jpg
Biggs, blank, M, 10/7/14, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5969.jpg
Bilbrey, Allen J., M, 4/21/05, P.E., Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-1759.jpg
Bilbrey, Alvis Elwin, M, 8/29/19, Lovey (TX), Minnie Elizabeth (TX), Wiley, Alvord, birthcert-7128.jpg, birthcert-7128a.jpg
Bilbrey, Helen Marie, F, 8/9/29, P.E. (MO), Maude (TX), Holland, Alvord, birthcert-9413.jpg
Bilbrey, Oster Lee, M, 6/24/20, Mance Field (TN), Elma Texas (TX), Bray, Park Springs, birthcert-7264.jpg, birthcert-7264a.jpg birthcert-7264b.jpg
Billington, blank, M, 2/26/04, W.A., E., blank, blank, birthcert-0682.jpg
Billington, blank, M, 9/28/07, A., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-3572.jpg
Billington, blank, F, 12/6/23, Louis (Lewis)(TX), Jewell (TX), Johnson, Decatur, birthcert-7948.jpg
Billrey, Linnie, F, 1/2/05, Henry, Jane, blank, blank, birthcert-1480.jpg
Bingham, blank, F, 8/9/05, Otto (C.), Ollie, (Hays), blank, birthcert-2041.jpg
Bingham, blank, M, 3/8/07, Elbert, Lettie, blank, blank, birthcert-3212.jpg
Bingham, blank, M, 10/4/09, Edward, Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-4799.jpg
Bingham, blank, F, 3/21/11, Otto (C.), Ollie, (Hays), blank, birthcert-5202.jpg
Bingham, Margie, F, 8/20/05, Elbert (T.), Lillie , (Hays), blank, birthcert-2071.jpg
Bingham, Mary, F, 5/2/04, Elbert (T.), Lillie, (Hays), blank, birthcert-0856.jpg
Bingham, Maudina Hortence, F, 10/31/05, Walter Monroe (MO), Lydia Elmira (GA), Thomas, Bridgeport, birthcert-2249.jpg, birthcert-2249a.jpg
Bingham, William P., M, 11/24/32, Horace, Clarabelle, Riley, Decatur, [No Image 10632 ]
Binion, Billie Dean, F, 5/8/24, Robert Samuel (TX), Mary Myrtle (TX), Elsom, Alvord, birthcert-8065.jpg, birthcert-8065a.jpg
Binion, blank, F, 6/16/04, J.W., (L.B.), (Suggs), blank, birthcert-0950.jpg
Binion, blank, M, 5/29/06, J.W., Laura, blank, blank, birthcert-2687.jpg
Binion, blank, F, 4/20/07, George, Agnes, blank, blank, birthcert-3299.jpg
Binion, blank, M, 5/30/09, J.W., Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-4649.jpg
Binion, blank, M, 1/5/13, G.W., Agness, Poore, blank, birthcert-5626.jpg
Binion, Florence Opal, F, 9/11/05, George Lee (IL), Agnes Elizabeth (TN), Poore, Crafton, birthcert-2133.jpg, birthcert-2133a.jpg birthcert-2133b.jpg birthcert-2133c.jpg birthcert-2133d.jpg birthcert-2133e.jpg
Binion, J., M, 2/25/04, L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0681.jpg
Binion, Odis Floyd, M, 11/17/08, George Lee (IL), Agnes Elizabeth (TN), Poore, Crafton, birthcert-4352.jpg, birthcert-4352a.jpg
Binyon, blank, M, 11/8/16, Longo (A.L.), Alice (M.A.), King, blank, birthcert-6508.jpg
Binyon, Robert Hugh, M, 10/14/14, Lan, Mary Alice, King, Bridgeport, birthcert-5973.jpg, birthcert-5973a.jpg
Bird, Betty Alice, F, 3/31/31, R.W., Stella, Brazier, Bridgeport, [No Image 10020 ]
Bird, blank, M, 5/31/05, Sam, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-1855.jpg
Bird, blank, F, 7/30/06, Oscar, Laura, blank, blank, birthcert-2802.jpg
Bird, blank, F, 10/26/11, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5391.jpg
Bird, blank, M, 3/9/27, S.O., Bertha, Dethloff, Chico, birthcert-8763.jpg
Bird, Eldred Holloway, M, 2/8/28, E.H., Edith, Laidlow, Bridgeport, birthcert-8942.jpg, birthcert-8942a.jpg
Bird, Raymond William, M, 7/4/04, Walter, Sarah, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-0991.jpg, birthcert-0991a.jpg
Bird, Shirley Jean, F, 1/5/31, Loyd C., Marie, Henderson, Decatur, [No Image 9922 ]
Birdwell, Erbie Lee, M, 1/28/18, Clarence, Mary, Jones, Keeter, birthcert-6807.jpg, birthcert-6807a.jpg
Bishop, B.H., M, 7/16/04, D.H., M.M. (Minnie), (Maxey), blank, birthcert-1022.jpg
Bishop, blank, M, 8/3/03, G., Nancy, blank, blank, birthcert-0156.jpg
Bishop, blank, M, 1/14/07, George, Nancy, blank, blank, birthcert-3108.jpg
Bishop, blank, F, 12/7/08, George, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4378.jpg
Bishop, blank, M, 6/13/12, George , Nancy, Blodgett, blank, birthcert-5540.jpg
Bishop, blank, F, 3/8/13, R.H., Dovie, Perkins, blank, birthcert-5665.jpg
Bishop, blank, F, 9/15/15, Frank, Myrtle, Wheeler, blank, birthcert-6244.jpg
Bishop, blank, F, 6/24/18, P.C. (TX), Addie (TX), Ellis, Avondale, birthcert-6923.jpg
Bishop, blank, F, 1/23/33, Truman, Ruby L., White, Greenwood, [No Image 10663 ]
Bishop, Dorris Fay, F, 8/21/25, Pierson W. (TX), Mamie Rose (TX), Good, Slidell, birthcert-8392.jpg
Bishop, Harvy Lee, M, 6/16/05, Emmit George Washington, Nancy Caroline, Blodgett, Chico, birthcert-1894.jpg, birthcert-1894a.jpg
Bishop, Joy Cleatus, M, 3/27/05, Ernest, Margaret Katherine, blank, Pella, birthcert-1697.jpg, birthcert-1697a.jpg birthcert-1697b.jpg
Bishop, Lawanda Ruth, blank, 9/7/33, Raymond, Elby Fay, White, Greenwood, [No Image 10886 ]
Bishop, Rubin Haward, M, 5/29/21, R.H. (TN), Dovie A. (TX), Pickens, Poolville, birthcert-7407.jpg, birthcert-7407a.jpg
Bishop, Vida May, F, 1/1/05, Jim, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1479.jpg
Bivens, blank, M, 10/23/30, Loyd, E.F., Read, blank, [No Image 9848 ]
Bivens, Jossie Bernice, F, 4/7/24, James Loyd (TX), Ellie Frances (TX), Read, Boyd, birthcert-8088.jpg, birthcert-8088a.jpg
Black, blank, F, 9/25/03, H.W., Nell, blank, blank, birthcert-0314.jpg
Black, blank, M, 4/1/07, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3262.jpg
Black, blank, F, 4/11/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4178.jpg
Black, Edward Lee, M, 6/28/33, Monroe, Beatrice, Koenenger, Paradise, [No Image 10839 ]
Black, Fannie Melvina, F, 4/14/05, Benjamin Bass, Nancy Jane, Carpenter, Paradise, birthcert-1739.jpg, birthcert-1739a.jpg
Black, Tinie Mae, F, 7/14/18, John Oliver (TX), Truma Margaret (TX), Cansler, Chico, birthcert-6934.jpg, birthcert-6934a.jpg
Blackburn, Annie Lee, M, 11/5/23, Eules (TX), Annie Embry (TX), Banghier, Decatur, birthcert-7936.jpg, birthcert-7936a.jpg
Blackburn, blank, F, 9/8/11, Willard, blank, Decker, blank, birthcert-5346.jpg
Blackburn, blank, M, 3/5/13, Willard, blank, Decker, blank, birthcert-5663.jpg
Blackburn, blank, F, 1/21/30, Odus, Lois, Hall, Decatur, [No Image 9568 ]
Blackburn, E.B., Jr., M, 8/4/19, E.B. (TX), Annie E. (TX), Baughier, Decatur, birthcert-7115.jpg
Blackburn, Louella, F, 11/30/05, Willard, Effie Dora, Decker, Decatur, birthcert-2321.jpg, birthcert-2321a.jpg
Blackerby, Matt George, Jr., M, 12/30/32, Matt G., Beatrice, Caraway, Decatur, [No Image 10646 ]
Blackford, blank, M, 1/25/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2440.jpg
Blackford, blank, M, 6/18/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4664.jpg
Blackman, blank, M, 2/11/04, B.L., N., blank, blank, birthcert-0648.jpg
Blackman, blank, F, 11/25/13, B.A., Mary, Gresham, blank, birthcert-5796.jpg
Blackman, Robert Lee, M, 5/13/25, A.I. (TX), Euna May (TX), Dausett, Sunset, birthcert-8310.jpg, birthcert-8310a.jpg
Blackwell, blank, M, 11/25/29, Claude E., Beatrice, Spradley, blank, [No Image 9515 ]
Blackwell, Charles Edward, M, 1/14/32, Claud E., Beatrice, Spradley, Boyd, [No Image 10334 ]
Blagg, blank, M, 9/29/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1237.jpg
Blagg, Ed, M, 6/1/94, John C., Josie Ann, Harris, Sunset, birthcert-0036.jpg
Blagg, Tennie May, F, 9/4/05, Edgar A., Annie L., (Davis), blank, birthcert-2120.jpg
Blair, Anna Lee, F, 8/25/03, Jesse O., Della Mae, White, Alvord, birthcert-0223.jpg, birthcert-0223a.jpg
Blair, blank, F, 3/2/10, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4950.jpg
Blair, Charley Clarence, M, 3/28/07, Jessie Onesimus (TX), Dellah May (TX), White, Alvord, birthcert-3252.jpg, birthcert-3252a.jpg
Blair, Clara Jean, F, 1/27/31, H.G., Delphia, Mayes, blank, [No Image 9946 ]
Blair, D.K., M, 5/8/05, E.M., Martha, blank, blank, birthcert-1797.jpg
Blair, Ruth Imogene, F, 12/7/20, Carl (TX), Daisy Ola (TX), Coleman, blank, birthcert-7517.jpg, birthcert-7517a.jpg
Blakeley, Minnie Marie, F, 8/5/15, Merlen Neal, Mariar Jannie, Cobb, Boyd, birthcert-6184.jpg, birthcert-6184a.jpg
Blakeman, Joy Lynn, F, 4/14/33, C.B., Lottie, Sheets, Alvord, [No Image 10733 ]
Blakeney, Joe, blank, 10/14/32, Clarence, Jewel, Barksdale, blank, [No Image 10594 ]
Blakeney, Neda Ruth, F, 5/6/29, Clarence (OK), Jewell (TX), Barksdale, Alvord, birthcert-9341.jpg
Blakley, Berdon, M, 11/17/22, M.N. (TX), Jamie (M.J.)(TX), Cobb, Boyd, birthcert-7689.jpg
blank, blank, F, 1/2/05, W.O., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-1483.jpg
blank, blank, F, 4/14/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3973.jpg
blank, blank, M, 4/10/18, blank, Vida, Poole, Paradise, birthcert-6860.jpg
blank, blank Lewis, M, 11/23/16, blank, Katie, Lewis, blank, birthcert-6514.jpg
blank, stillborn, F, 8/14/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0187.jpg
Blankenship, blank, F, 3/4/04, G.A., L., blank, blank, birthcert-0705.jpg
Blanton, blank, M, 1/31/16, John J. (Dr.), Cue, McCurdy, blank, birthcert-6352.jpg
Blanton, blank, F, 3/15/29, J.J. (TX), Lettie (TX), McElhaney, Bridgeport, birthcert-9293.jpg
Blanton, Piety Panceast, F, 2/3/05, William Panceast, Piety Elizabeth, Borden, Crafton, birthcert-1566.jpg, birthcert-1566a.jpg
Blason, blank, M, 6/26/10, Ed, Ann, blank, blank, birthcert-5032.jpg
Bledsoe, blank, F, 6/1/30, Ro. M., Annie, Lisby, Bridgeport, [No Image 9709 ]
Blevens, blank, F, 10/10/04, James, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-1264.jpg
Blevins, blank, F, 5/30/08, Stephen, Rebecca, blank, blank, birthcert-4063.jpg
Blevins, blank, M, 6/19/29, Steve Elmer (TX), Eva Jane (TX), Davidson, Bridgeport, birthcert-9377.jpg
Blevins, Hubert Wayne, M, 8/22/17, William McKinley, Vera Estell, Johnson, Chico, birthcert-6687.jpg, birthcert-6687a.jpg
Blevins, Steve Elmer, M, 8/19/05, Steve , Rebbeca Jane, Farris, blank, birthcert-2069.jpg, birthcert-2069a.jpg
Blewell, blank, M, 12/25/11, James, Wildey, Hudson, blank, birthcert-5430.jpg
Blewett, (Maude Lanier), F, 8/8/03, G.S., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0170.jpg
Blewett, blank, M, 3/15/04, Joe, W., blank, blank, birthcert-0731.jpg
Blewett, blank, F, 11/17/05, Jack, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2282.jpg
Blewett, blank, F, 12/19/06, J., W., blank, blank, birthcert-3067.jpg
Blewett, blank, M, 3/13/08, Granger, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3909.jpg
Blewett, Charles H.-twin, M, 3/17/27, Granger Salmon, Minnie Ola, Williams, Decatur, birthcert-8769.jpg
Blewett, Mary Margarett, F, 8/28/05, Waldo Baxter, Leona Leota, Gray, blank, birthcert-2099.jpg, birthcert-2099a.jpg
Blewett, Ward Hall-twin, M, 3/17/27, Granger Salmon, Minnie Ola, Williams, Decatur, birthcert-8770.jpg
Blewett, Willis Edgar, M, 8/5/03, Baxter Waldo, Leona Leota, Gray, Blewett, birthcert-0159.jpg, birthcert-0159a.jpg
Block, Elizabeth Raye, F, 9/20/28, Raymond (TX), Fannie (TX), Fuller, Decatur, birthcert-9126.jpg, birthcert-9126a.jpg
Blocker, blank, M, 6/8/04, U., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0934.jpg
Blocker, Darnell, M, 9/8/26, W.O. (OK), Myrtle (TX), Moser, Chico, birthcert-8661.jpg
Blocker, Ramomia, F, 5/12/30, Clyde C., Zelma Dean, (Johns), Chico, [No Image 9684 ]
Blodgett, blank, blank, 7/21/30, Charlie (F.), Rachel (Flora Bell), Walker, Decatur, [No Image 9764 ]
Blythe, Betty Jean, F, 12/30/31, Edward W., Jewel, Ferguson, Decatur, [No Image 9979 ]
Blythe, blank, M, 9/23/04, G.W., M.C. (Carrie), (Manning), blank, birthcert-1219.jpg
Blythe, blank, F, 10/13/09, Bob, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4810.jpg
Blythe, Robert Lee, Jr., M, 1/9/14, Robert Lee (TX), Maggie Naomi (AR), Starnes, Decatur, birthcert-5815.jpg, birthcert-5815a.jpg
Blythe, Ruby Venus, F, 11/16/26, Clarence Marion, Mary Eva, Bounds, Chico, birthcert-8712.jpg, birthcert-8712a.jpg birthcert-8712b.jpg
Boase, Virginia Cue, F, 2/12/21, Leslie (TX), Exia (TX), Paschall, Bridgeport, birthcert-7345.jpg, birthcert-7345a.jpg
Boaz, (Rosie), F, 8/20/07, Petero A., (Amaline), blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-3498.jpg
Boaz, Ruby Phea, F, 5/27/09, Tom Ross (Syria), Cora (TX), Long, Bridgeport, birthcert-4644.jpg, birthcert-4644a.jpg
Bobo, Betty Jean, F, 10/9/31, W.A., L.Z., Thompson, Boyd, [No Image 10249 ]
Bobo, blank, F, 2/20/06, Z.B., Bettie, blank, blank, birthcert-2509.jpg
Bobo, blank, F, 12/7/07, Z.B. (Zack Blount), Nellie (Elizabeth F.), (Morris), blank, birthcert-3718.jpg
Bobo, blank, F, 7/7/15, Add, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6145.jpg
Bobo, blank, F, 7/10/20, Loyd (TX), Omo (TX), Cobb, Boyd, birthcert-7271.jpg
Bobo, Wanda Lee, F, 1/25/26, Loyd W. (TX), Omie F. (TX), Hice, Rhome, birthcert-8522.jpg
Bobo, William Adron, M, 4/12/26, William Alfred (TX), Lillian Zay (TX), Thompson, Boyd, birthcert-8575.jpg, birthcert-8575a.jpg
Bock, blank, M, 11/20/05, Will, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-2295.jpg
Bock, blank, M, 4/19/06, Charles, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2627.jpg
Bogy, blank, F, 9/9/07, I.F., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3527.jpg
Bogy, blank, F, 1/25/09, J.F., Mae, blank, blank, birthcert-4456.jpg
Bogy, blank, M, 3/16/14, Ivy, Asilie, Young, blank, birthcert-5861.jpg
Bogy, Thelma Vaughine, F, 4/20/07, Ivy Firmin, Asilee, Young, Willow Point, birthcert-3300.jpg, birthcert-3300a.jpg
Bohanon, blank, M, 5/3/04, Henry, Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-0859.jpg
Bohanon, blank, M, 2/23/22, John B. (TX), Maggie Lee (TN), Howard, Rhome, birthcert-7550.jpg
Bolding, Bettie Jane, F, 7/12/31, J.B., Myrtle, Aycock, blank, [No Image 10140 ]
Bolding, blank, F, 6/2/28, C.E., Cora, Plumbee, Rhome, birthcert-9029.jpg
Bolding, Connie C., M, 9/25/31, Charles E., Cora L., Plumbee, Decatur, [No Image 10232 ]
Bolding, Elsie Faye, F, 10/6/26, Jesse B., Sr.(OK), Myrtle A. (AL), Aycox, Rhome, birthcert-8689.jpg, birthcert-8689a.jpg
Bolen, blank, F, 4/22/15, Jim, Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-6079.jpg
Boles, blank, M, 11/9/04, J.L., N.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1338.jpg
Boley, Gertie Alice, F, 8/3/24, Joe Mose (MO), Rosa Ellen (TX), Henson, Alvord, birthcert-8129.jpg, birthcert-8129a.jpg
Bolin, Alfred A., M, 4/2/33, A.C., L.M., Shelburn, Decatur, [No Image 10716 ]
Bolton, blank, M, 9/24/04, Ely (J.E.), Dovie, (Hague), blank, birthcert-1223.jpg
Bond, blank, blank, 4/25/07, J.L., Irene, (Tinsley), blank, birthcert-3312.jpg
Bond, blank, M, 6/26/07, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3403.jpg
Bond, blank, M, 6/23/08, J.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4098.jpg
Bond, blank, M, 9/16/08, J.L., Irene, blank, blank, birthcert-4250.jpg
Bond, blank, F, 6/2/09, T.A., Dessie, blank, blank, birthcert-4654.jpg
Bond, blank, M, 4/15/10, T.L., Ola, blank, blank, birthcert-4981.jpg
Bond, blank, F, 11/30/12, J.R., Fannie, Berry, blank, birthcert-5599.jpg
Bond, Eunice Maudena, F, 12/16/07, James Tarlton, Olah, Montgomery, blank, birthcert-3729.jpg, birthcert-3729a.jpg
Bond, Ina Leona, F, 8/12/06, John Ripley (TX), Fannie Bell (TX), Berry, Boonsville, birthcert-2837.jpg, birthcert-2837a.jpg
Bonds, Richard, M, 1/20/26, Leroy (TX), Lillie May (TX), Vers, Rhome, birthcert-8518.jpg
Boner, Alvis Benjamin, M, 10/28/26, Ben, Myrtle, Edge, Alvord, birthcert-8701.jpg, birthcert-8701a.jpg
Boner, Betty Fae, F, 6/4/31, Zeak, Jewell, Morrow, Bridgeport, [No Image 10094 ]
Boner, blank, M, 6/24/22, George Ben (TX), Myrtle (TX), Edge, Alvord, birthcert-7620.jpg
Boner, blank, M, 8/17/23, Z. (TX), Jewel (TX), Morrow, Chico, birthcert-7876.jpg
Boner, Clifford William, M, 10/4/21, Zeke (TX), Jewell (TX), Morrow, Alvord, birthcert-7486.jpg
Boner, Dixie Lee, F, 8/30/29, Roy (TX), Clara Bell (TX), Chilton, Alvord, birthcert-9436.jpg
Bonham, blank, F, 5/9/23, T.A. (Theodore Allen)(TX), Mary (Parmeto)(TX), Huckabee, Park Springs, birthcert-7798.jpg, [delayed 13755]
Boon, blank, F, 1/3/04, Ed (E.M.), M.B. (Mary Beck), (Martin), blank, birthcert-0558.jpg
Boon, blank, F, 11/4/05, S.B., L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2260.jpg
Boone, blank, F, 6/20/04, D.D. (Don), Lou, (Greesan), blank, birthcert-0959.jpg
Boone, blank, F, 8/8/04, Lawson, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1091.jpg
Boone, blank, F, 3/8/06, Dot, Lou, blank, blank, birthcert-2541.jpg
Boone, blank, M, 5/11/06, D.W., Onice, (Killgore), blank, birthcert-2663.jpg
Boone, Caldan, M, 8/17/03, William Penn, Mary Chrisida, Parker, Alvord, birthcert-0194.jpg, birthcert-0194a.jpg
Boone, Raymond Walker, M, 12/11/03, Daniel Webster, O.H., blank, Wise Co., birthcert-0499.jpg
Boone, Ruth, F, 12/2/04, E.H., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1405.jpg
Boot, blank, F, 1/1/08, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3760.jpg
Boram, Jessie, F, 3/4/05, Jess, Anne, blank, blank, birthcert-1644.jpg
Borbosa, Ventura, M, 10/1/22, Juan (Mex), Josefa (Mex), Villarreal, Bridgeport, birthcert-7663.jpg
Bordon, blank, F, 12/10/07, W.M., Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-3723.jpg
Boren, blank, M, 5/22/08, Tom, Essie, blank, blank, birthcert-4041.jpg
Boren, blank, blank, 10/28/12, Tom, Essie, Wilson, blank, birthcert-5588.jpg
Boren, Donald Lee, M, 9/6/18, Thomas C. (AR), Amy C. (TX), Wilson, Paradise, birthcert-6969.jpg
Boring, Albert Earl, F, 1/20/20, George (TX), De Louis (TX), Parsons, Bridgeport, birthcert-7195.jpg, birthcert-7195a.jpg
Boring, blank, F, 5/19/22, George (TX), Deloris (TX), Parsons, Bridgeport, birthcert-7596.jpg
Boring, blank, F, 4/6/23, John (TX), Susie (TX), Camp, Bridgeport, birthcert-7759.jpg
Boring, blank, F, 3/18/24, George (TX), Delon (TX), Parsons, Bridgeport, birthcert-8035.jpg
Boring, blank, F, 1/29/31, Edward W., Vera M., Jenkins, blank, [No Image 9950 ]
Boring, James O., M, 2/25/17, George W., Delois (J.D.), Parsons, Bridgeport, birthcert-6561.jpg, birthcert-6561a.jpg
Boring, Mary Edith, F, 9/16/26, Arthur Lee (TX), Carrie (TX), Whatley, Bridgeport, birthcert-8670.jpg, birthcert-8670a.jpg
Boring, Viola Malice, F, 8/8/13, Geoge Washington (TX), Delora (TX), Parson, Audobon, birthcert-5749.jpg, birthcert-5749a.jpg
Borum, (Harold Richard), M, 2/21/05, Edgar, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1613.jpg
Borum, blank, M, 4/20/07, Edgar, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3301.jpg
Bost, Harold Ruband, F, 1/15/26, Phillip S. (TX), Jesse Marie (TX), Nix, Rhome, birthcert-8514.jpg
Bost, Myrta Frances, F, 1/26/23, Phillips S. (TX), Jessie Marie (TX), Nox, Rhome, birthcert-7717.jpg, birthcert-7717a.jpg
Boulware, blank, M, 1/24/04, Oscar, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0609.jpg
Boulware, blank, M, 8/5/08, Oslan (Oscar), Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-4167.jpg
Boulware, blank, M, 10/5/10, Oscar, Lizzie, Chilton, blank, birthcert-5111.jpg
Boulware, J.B., F, 8/11/19, O.L. (FL), Lizzie (E.K.)(TX), Chilton, Bridgeport, birthcert-7119.jpg
Boulware, Mary Elizabeth, F, 12/14/12, Oscar L. (TX), Elizabeth Kieth (TX), Chilton, Bridgeport, birthcert-5610.jpg, birthcert-5610a.jpg
Boulware, Richard Clyde, M, 1/14/06, Oscar Lee, Elizabeth Keith, Chilton, Bridgeport, birthcert-2404.jpg, birthcert-2404a.jpg
Bowden, (Robert)Curtis Wayne, M, 10/3/05, Benjamin Clarence, Bessie Jane, Senter, blank, birthcert-2178.jpg
Bowden, blank, M, 8/16/07, Clarence, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3489.jpg
Bowden, blank, F, 2/2/12, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5453.jpg
Bowden, Virdie Allison, M, 1/18/07, James Ernest (NC), May (TX), Rosenberg, Bridgeport, birthcert-3117.jpg, birthcert-3117a.jpg
Bowen, Annie Mae, F, 4/8/05, Walter Alexander, Nannie Novella, Henry, Decatur, birthcert-1726.jpg, birthcert-1726a.jpg
Bowen, blank, M, 4/12/04, George, D., blank, blank, birthcert-0806.jpg
Bowen, blank, M, 5/5/05, Woody, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1787.jpg
Bowen, blank, F, 8/30/05, Tom, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-2103.jpg
Bowen, Jesse Edwin, M, 12/25/03, William Book, Ada Evelyn, Smith, Decatur, birthcert-0535.jpg, birthcert-0535a.jpg
Bowen, Mary Pauline, F, 3/3/07, Walter Alexander (MO), Nannie Novella (AL), Henry, Decatur, birthcert-3201.jpg, birthcert-3201a.jpg
Bowles, blank, M, 8/30/16, F.E., Mattie, Cox, blank, birthcert-6467.jpg
Bowles, Joyce, F, 1/29/29, T.E. (TX), Mattie (TX), Cox, Alvord, birthcert-9255.jpg
Bowlin, Barbara, F, 5/15/30, S.R., Katie, Montford, blank, [No Image 9689 ]
Bowlin, blank, M, 10/5/04, N.R., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-1250.jpg
Bowlin, John M., M, 4/28/27, Samuel Richmond, Kate, Montford, blank, birthcert-8794.jpg, birthcert-8794a.jpg
Bowlin, William Henry, M, 5/25/22, James Preston (TX), Jennie (TX), Van Meter, Bridgeport, birthcert-7602.jpg
Bowlin, William Rhea, M, 4/11/10, Samuel Richmond, Katherine, Montford, Bridgeport, birthcert-4978.jpg, birthcert-4978a.jpg
Bowling, blank, F, 7/4/08, H.W., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-4118.jpg
Bowman, Carl Houston, M, 8/29/30, William, May, Faust, Decatur, [No Image 9794 ]
Bowman, Gladys Ruth, F, 1/17/24, George B. (Brit)(TX), Minnie Ethel (TX), Spencer, Alvord, birthcert-7980.jpg
Bowman, Sam Kelly, M, 3/1/32, William, May, Faust, Decatur, [No Image 10373 ]
Bowser, blank, F, 8/29/04, George, (M.E.), (Solomon), blank, birthcert-1147.jpg
Boyce, blank, M, 6/19/07, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3395.jpg
Boyd, Ala Ruth, F, 6/30/05, Richard Pink, Harriett, Stephens, Boyd, birthcert-1927.jpg, birthcert-1927a.jpg
Boyd, Arvel William, M, 3/8/21, A. Weldon (TX), Bertha (TX), Ray, Boyd, birthcert-7366.jpg, birthcert-7366a.jpg
Boyd, Billy Gene, M, 4/27/21, Odie Elmer (TX), Edith (TX), Myers, Decatur, birthcert-7388.jpg, birthcert-7388a.jpg
Boyd, Billy Wayne, M, 5/21/30, Grady, Lilleth, Walker, Decatur, [No Image 9696 ]
Boyd, blank, F, 7/20/03, Will, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0130.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 7/30/04, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1068.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 7/25/05, E.T., Exale, blank, blank, birthcert-1998.jpg
Boyd, blank, M, 10/21/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2230.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 12/8/06, J.A., Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-3049.jpg, [delay. 8399]
Boyd, blank, F, 5/8/07, Edd, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3331.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 7/14/07, Edd, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3422.jpg
Boyd, blank, M, 1/30/08, T.B., Millie, (Barrett), blank, birthcert-3811.jpg
Boyd, blank, M, 3/2/08, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3880.jpg
Boyd, blank, M, 2/26/09, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4517.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 5/30/09, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4648.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 1/11/10, J.A., L.J., blank, blank, birthcert-4902.jpg, birthcert-4902a.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 1/11/10, J.W., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-4903.jpg
Boyd, blank, M, 10/23/11, Claude, blank, Tucker, blank, birthcert-5389.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 10/5/13, George, blank, Wade, blank, birthcert-5777.jpg
Boyd, blank, F, 10/26/17, Elmer, Emma, Job, Anneville, birthcert-6743.jpg
Boyd, Charles Ray, M, 10/8/23, A. Weldon (TX), Bertha (TX), Ray, Boyd, birthcert-7911.jpg, birthcert-7911a.jpg
Boyd, Doris Norma, F, 2/14/24, H. Claude (TX), Artie Mae (TX), Tucker, Decatur, birthcert-8003.jpg
Boyd, Edna May, F, 12/3/06, W.F., H.F., blank, blank, birthcert-3042.jpg
Boyd, Freda Virginia, F, 9/13/23, Clarence Hovencamp (TX), Lanna May (TX), Brammer, Rhome, birthcert-7891.jpg, birthcert-7891a.jpg birthcert-7891b.jpg
Boyd, George Arrington, M, 11/17/08, Richard Pink (TX), Hattie Katherine (TX), Stephens, Boyd, birthcert-4353.jpg
Boyd, Grady, M, 11/26/14, Grady, Lisba, Clayton, blank, birthcert-5988.jpg
Boyd, Harley Lynn, M, 11/21/03, Eddie E., Mary Emma, Robertson, Decatur, birthcert-0458.jpg, birthcert-0458a.jpg
Boyd, Harold Lloyd, M, 11/18/30, J.R., Ollie M., Walker, blank, [No Image 9871 ]
Boyd, Helen Alice, F, 12/2/20, Marvin Lee (TX), Clara (TX), Gaines, Boyd, birthcert-7320.jpg
Boyd, John Embry, M, 8/16/04, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1114.jpg
Boyd, Mae Estellene, F, 1/6/27, Clarence Hovencamp, Lona (Laura May), Brammer, Rhome, birthcert-8733.jpg
Boyd, Margaret Sidney, F, 7/25/09, Hugh French (TX), Stella Paralee (TX), Swinney, Bridgeport, birthcert-4698.jpg
Boyd, Mary Elizabeth, F, 10/26/24, Jesse Lloyd (TX), Ina (TX), Redwine, Alvord, birthcert-8199.jpg, [delayed 2/26/43]
Boyd, Melba, F, 9/29/19, Henry (TX), Willie (TX), Golden, Chico, birthcert-7141.jpg, birthcert-7141a.jpg
Boyd, Paul Sullivan, M, 7/9/07, George Lee, Martha Lovenia, Wade, Decatur, birthcert-3416.jpg, birthcert-3416a.jpg
Boyd, Robert Lee, M, 12/22/19, Robert Lee (AL), Jane (AL), Summers, Boyd, birthcert-7180.jpg
Boydston, B.E., M, 11/12/05, Joe Moonham, Miranda, McNeely, Greenwood, birthcert-2272.jpg, birthcert-2272a.jpg
Boydston, Billy Gene, M, 7/24/33, Lee, Mary, Anderson, Decatur, [No Image 10835 ]
Boydston, blank, M, 11/3/03, J.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0422.jpg
Boydston, blank, M, 5/18/18, George W., May, Moody, Bridgeport, birthcert-6896.jpg
Boydston, blank, F, 10/22/23, Charles, Bertha, Kemp, Rhome, [No Image 10913 ]
Boydston, Carroll Gene, M, 8/25/29, Charles Simmons (TX), Bertha Elizabeth (TX), Kemp, Decatur, birthcert-9428.jpg, birthcert-9428a.jpg
Boydston, Clifford, Jr., M, 6/19/27, Clifford E., Jessie Modena, Gentry, Decatur, birthcert-8808.jpg
Boydston, Delma Lee, F, 1/11/19, Samuel Lewis (MO), Lizzetta Virginia (TX), Caraway, Decatur, birthcert-7030.jpg, birthcert-7030a.jpg birthcert-7030b.jpg
Boydston, Ella Maxine, F, 11/14/30, G.C., Odis, Haygood, blank, [No Image 9864 ]
Boydston, Joseph Wade, M, 1/20/23, Tom (AL), Georgia (TX), Rexroat, Newark, birthcert-7712.jpg
Boydston, Loyd William, M, 7/1/04, William J., Nancy Louella, Gaylor, Boyd, birthcert-0984.jpg, birthcert-0984a.jpg
Boydston, Opal Dennice, F, 9/26/31, Lee, Mary, Anderson, Decatur, [No Image 10234 ]
Boydston, Raymond Frank, M, 9/16/26, Quint Raymond (TX), Elsie C. (TN), Hudson, Decatur, birthcert-8671.jpg, birthcert-8671a.jpg
Boydston, Rector Ross, M, 11/10/19, I.R. (TX), Elsie (TN), Hudson, Decatur, birthcert-7160.jpg
Boydston, Willis Kemp, M, 8/6/31, Charles, Bertha B., Kemp, Decatur, [No Image 10172 ]
Boyett, blank, M, 1/17/17, J.J., Estelle, blank, blank, birthcert-6544.jpg
Boyett, Bobbie Ruth, F, 9/30/30, J.H., Florence, Hall, Decatur, [No Image 9835 ]
Boyett, Charlie Monroe, M, 5/29/22, James Jackson (TX), Minnie Estelle (TX), Hood, Crafton, birthcert-7603.jpg, birthcert-7603a.jpg birthcert-7603b.jpg
Boyett, Jewell-twin, M, 2/12/25, James Jackson (TX), Minnie Estelle (TX), Hood, Crafton, birthcert-8264.jpg
Boyett, Ola Lillian, F, 1/9/18, Juluis, Florence, Hall, Slidell, birthcert-6789.jpg
Boyett, Reba Sue, F, 8/24/28, J.H., Florence, Hall, Decatur, birthcert-9094.jpg, birthcert-9094a.jpg
Boyett, Uewell Edgar-twin, M, 2/12/25, James J. (TX), Minnie Estelle (TX), Hood, Crafton, birthcert-8263.jpg, birthcert-8263a.jpg
Boyett, Willie Lydia, F, 1/19/09, James J., Minnie Esbell, Hood, Crafton, birthcert-4450.jpg, birthcert-4450a.jpg birthcert-4450b.jpg
Boykin, J.E., Jr., M, 1/16/30, J.E., Sr., Clara, Boyd, Decatur, [No Image 9561 ]
Boyle, blank, M, 5/27/14, B.D., Susie, Newton, blank, birthcert-5901.jpg
Boyne, blank, M, 11/17/05, W.S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2283.jpg
Boythe, blank, M, 7/1/13, J.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5732.jpg
Brackett, Willie Mae, F, 6/3/06, William Albert (AL), Nancy M. (TN), Cope, Rhome, birthcert-2696.jpg, birthcert-2696a.jpg
Bradford, blank, F, 10/1/03, V.S., Bertha, (Hays), blank, birthcert-0330.jpg
Bradford, blank, F, 4/21/04, James (A.), Willie, (Gideon), blank, birthcert-0828.jpg
Bradford, blank, M, 3/7/07, Pat, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3209.jpg
Bradford, blank, F, 9/22/07, I. (P.), Ethel, (Wood), blank, birthcert-3561.jpg
Bradford, blank, M, 3/21/11, W.H. (Walter), Virgie, blank, blank, birthcert-5203.jpg
Bradford, blank, M, 2/11/18, W.H. (Walter), Virginia, Green, Boyd, birthcert-6823.jpg
Bradford, blank, M, 5/2/20, James P. (AL), Cary (AL), Harris, Rhome, birthcert-7239.jpg
Bradford, Dorthy J., F, 10/17/33, Harry E., Maye, Shaven , Rhome, [No Image 10911 ]
Bradford, Ella Belle, F, 2/16/09, James Patrick (AL), Carrie (AL), Harris, Rhome, birthcert-4495.jpg, birthcert-4495a.jpg birthcert-4495b.jpg
Bradford, Elva Maud, F, 2/21/05, James Patrick, Carrie, Harris, Rhome, birthcert-1610.jpg, birthcert-1610a.jpg
Bradford, Grace La Dona, F, 8/13/15, Charlie D., Roxie Ann, Sproggins, blank, birthcert-6194.jpg
Bradford, Lola Bell, F, 10/6/08, Jesse Claude (TX), Velma (AL), Adams, Boyd, birthcert-4280.jpg, birthcert-4280a.jpg
Bradford, W.B., F, 4/13/04, J.W., M.B., (Arwine), blank, birthcert-0811.jpg
Bradley, A.R., M, 1/29/04, J., C.B., blank, blank, birthcert-0625.jpg
Bradley, Arlie Merl, F, 8/19/21, Sam (TX), Sarah F. (TX), Brown, Poolville, birthcert-7445.jpg
Bradley, blank, M, 4/7/11, J.A., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-5217.jpg
Bradley, blank, F, 7/21/14, Sam, Sallie, Brown, blank, birthcert-5933.jpg
Bradley, blank, F, 10/15/14, J.A., Emma, Rose , blank, birthcert-5974.jpg
Bradley, blank, M, 2/26/21, George (TX), Beulah (TX), Stewart, Poolville, birthcert-7355.jpg
Bradley, Charles G., M, 6/30/85, Jonnthan, Clara Belle, Shewmaker, Alvord, birthcert-0009.jpg
Bradley, Dorothy Elizabeth, F, 2/28/23, George M., Beulah Ester, Stewart, Poolville, birthcert-7734.jpg, birthcert-7734a.jpg
Bradley, Floyd William, M, 8/21/12, Sam (TX), Sallie (TX), Brown, Boonsville, birthcert-5566.jpg, birthcert-5566a.jpg
Bradley, Jess Vernon, M, 3/18/17, Sam, (Sallie) Sarah F., Brown, Boonsville, birthcert-6583.jpg, birthcert-6583a.jpg
Bradley, Jessie Isabell, F, 6/20/94, Jonathan, Clara Belle, Shewmaker, Alvord, birthcert-0037.jpg
Bradley, Lula Belle, F, 11/4/14, Charles (TX), Lola (TX), McDowell, Alvord, birthcert-5982.jpg, birthcert-5982a.jpg
Bradley, Velma Ila, F, 11/11/08, Charles (TX), Lola (TX), McDowell, Alvord, birthcert-4341.jpg, birthcert-4341a.jpg birthcert-4341b.jpg
Bradshaw, blank, M, 6/28/29, S.E. (TX), H.L. (TX), Clark, Boyd, birthcert-9386.jpg
Brady, Alfred Drew, Jr., M, 5/22/26, Alfred Drew, Sr.(TX), Sylvia Cora (TX), Howell, Decatur, birthcert-8588.jpg, birthcert-8588a.jpg
Brady, Arthur Houston, M, 7/31/03, Henry Elmore, Anna May, Rucker, Decatur, birthcert-0114.jpg, birthcert-0114a.jpg
Brady, blank, F, 12/14/04, Charles (W.), M. (Martha), (Naglay), blank, birthcert-1435.jpg
Brady, blank, M, 6/3/05, H.E., May, (Rucker), blank, birthcert-1863.jpg
Brady, blank, F, 8/23/09, H.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4747.jpg, [delayed 3271]
Brady, blank, F, 5/29/11, H.E., May, blank, blank, birthcert-5269.jpg
Brady, Martha Ann, F, 9/17/29, Wallace (TX), Lee (TX), Askey, Decatur, birthcert-9452.jpg
Braidfoot, blank, M, 3/22/08, Andrew, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3932.jpg
Braisle, blank, M, 1/28/09, Lon, Lady, blank, blank, birthcert-4459.jpg
Bramlett, Billy Ray, M, 10/3/25, Will (TX), Ola Bell (TX), Collier, Decatur, birthcert-8436.jpg, birthcert-8436a.jpg
Bramlett, blank, M, 12/7/15, Fred, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6315.jpg
Bramlett, blank, M, 4/18/22, E.E. (TX), Lillie (TX), Davis, Decatur, birthcert-7577.jpg
Bramlett, Dorothy Pearl, F, 12/1/19, Bill (TX), Ola Bell (TX), Collier, Decatur, birthcert-7165.jpg, birthcert-7165a.jpg
Bramlett, Faye Dean, F, 9/5/22, John (TX), Lizzel (TX), Tackel, Decatur, birthcert-7653.jpg, birthcert-7653a.jpg birthcert-7653b.jpg
Bramlett, Ira Fred, M, 9/10/21, Fred (TX), Mary (TX), Amstead, Decatur, birthcert-7465.jpg, [delayed 3550]
Bramlett, John Wesley, M, 2/7/26, Erney Emmett (TX), Lillian (TX), Davis, Decatur, birthcert-8534.jpg, birthcert-8534a.jpg
Bramlett, Kelly Bob, M, 4/20/22, E.E. (TX), Lillie Cleo (TX), Davis, Decatur, birthcert-7579.jpg
Bramlett, Margaret Nell, F, 11/27/20, E.E. (TX), Lillie Cleo (TX), Davis, Decatur, birthcert-7318.jpg
Bramlett, May Bell, F, 1/14/24, Boney Oliver (TX), Mattie Mae (TX), Boner, Decatur, birthcert-7979.jpg, birthcert-7979a.jpg
Brammer, Alvin Kenneth, M, 7/22/21, Walter C. (VA), Alice (TX), blank, Rhome, birthcert-7423.jpg
Brammer, Anita Yvonne, F, 9/7/29, Ben M. (TX), Ima (TX), McKinnon, Newark, birthcert-9444.jpg
Brammer, Audrey Ruth, F, 11/7/19, C.J. (VA), D.M. (TX), Duke, Newark, birthcert-7157.jpg
Brammer, Billey Ray, M, 11/9/31, Walter C., Alice, Nesmith, Rhome, [No Image 10248 ]
Brammer, blank, M, 8/25/05, Abe, Etta, (Ash), blank, birthcert-2086.jpg
Brammer, blank, F, 7/2/08, Clarence, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-4113.jpg
Brammer, blank, F, 10/27/08, Ellis, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4319.jpg
Brammer, blank, M, 12/20/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4404.jpg
Brammer, blank, blank, 3/9/09, S.A., Elta, blank, blank, birthcert-4545.jpg
Brammer, blank, M, 4/1/09, Jeff, Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-4582.jpg
Brammer, blank, M, 12/31/09, S.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4891.jpg
Brammer, blank, F, 9/21/17, Jeff, Lucy, blank, Rhome, birthcert-6715.jpg
Brammer, Curtis H., M, 1/27/25, Walter C. (VA), Alete G. (AL), NeSmith, Rhome, birthcert-8248.jpg
Brammer, Florene Alice, F, 3/26/05, James Mathew, Mary Mollie, blank, Rhome, birthcert-1695.jpg, birthcert-1695a.jpg
Brammer, Garrett Hobert, Jr., M, 4/22/22, Garrett Hobert, Sr. (VA), Rouda (TX), McClung, Boyd, birthcert-7581.jpg, birthcert-7581a.jpg
Brammer, Gloria Ann, F, 7/21/28, Walter C., Alice Gertrude, Nesmith, Rhome, birthcert-9058.jpg, birthcert-9058a.jpg birthcert-9058b.jpg
Brammer, James Edward, M, 4/14/33, Benjamin, Ima, McKinnon, Rhome, [No Image 10735 ]
Brammer, Wanda V., F, 7/17/31, Ben M., Ima, McKinnon, Rhome, [No Image 10147 ]
Brammet, blank, F, 8/13/07, J.M., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3482.jpg
Branch, blank, M, 7/23/06, John, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-2786.jpg
Branch, blank, F, 11/28/09, J.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4859.jpg
Branch, blank, M, 9/24/15, J.M., blank, Kelly, blank, birthcert-6255.jpg
Branch, DeLaine, F, 7/25/32, Malcom, Marcille, Bastian, Decatur, [No Image 10511 ]
Branch, Hugh Malcolm, M, 7/25/08, John Malcolm (TX), Lanora Belle (TX), Kelly, Decatur, birthcert-4148.jpg, birthcert-4148a.jpg
Branch, John J.R., M, 2/17/12, John Malcolm, Lanora Belle, Kelly, Decatur, birthcert-5468.jpg, birthcert-5468a.jpg
Brandon, blank, M, 6/11/32, Dave, Edna, Clark, Decatur, [No Image 10464 ]
Braselton, (Katherine Louise), F, 8/31/03, B.E., (Sina), blank, blank, birthcert-0242.jpg
Braselton, Olivia Cue, F, 5/22/06, Benfamin Eli (TX), Sina (TX), Turner, Chico, birthcert-2679.jpg, birthcert-2679a.jpg birthcert-2679b.jpg
Braselton, Rosalie Fae, F, 7/13/04, Benjamin Eli, Sina, Turner, Chico, birthcert-1014.jpg, birthcert-1014a.jpg
Braser, blank, F, 11/25/05, H.W., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-2306.jpg
Brasfield, Floyd W., M, 2/1/33, Floyd, Florence, Walker, Decatur, [No Image 10673 ]
Brasher, Betty Joe, F, 6/17/26, Herbert J. (TN), Mattie Mae (TX), Smith, Decatur, birthcert-8602.jpg
Brasher, Billie Leon, M, 7/31/31, Herbert J., Mattie Mae, Smith, Decatur, [No Image 10166 ]
Brasher, blank, M, 10/9/21, Herbert J. (TN), May (TX), Smith, Decatur, birthcert-7492.jpg
Brasher, Dela Mae, F, 9/9/28, James (OK), Hassie (OK), Wright, Boyd, birthcert-9114.jpg
Brasher, Luciele, F, 7/15/23, Herbert (TN), May (TX), Smith, Decatur, birthcert-7851.jpg
Brasher, Opal Doris, F, 4/21/28, Herbert Jones, Mattie Mae, Smith, Decatur, birthcert-8997.jpg
Brasher, Opal Doris, F, 4/21/28, Herbert J., Mattie Mae, Smith, Decatur, birthcert-8998.jpg
Brashers, blank, F, 1/26/04, W.H., Bell, blank, blank, birthcert-0620.jpg
Brasherton, blank, M, 2/11/05, William, M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-1593.jpg
Brassfield, Robert Earl, M, 4/11/17, Floyd Donald, Catherine Florine, Walker, Boyd, birthcert-6606.jpg
Brassfield, Ulyses Grant, Jr., M, 10/23/29, Ulyses Grant, Sr.(AR), Mary C. (TX), Hancock, Boyd, birthcert-9485.jpg
Bray, blank, F, 8/18/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2850.jpg
Bray, blank, M, 12/6/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3713.jpg
Bray, blank, M, 12/8/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4382.jpg
Bray, blank, F, 10/24/08, J.D., blank, blank, blank, [No Image 4312]
Bray, Curtis Edmond, M, 12/30/31, Curtis, M.L., Gordis, Bridgeport, [No Image 10318 ]
Bray, James E., M, 12/17/24, John Edward (IN), Lee (AL), Parish, Bridgeport, birthcert-8233.jpg, birthcert-8233a.jpg
Bray, Joseph Tillman, Jr., M, 5/13/12, Joseph Thomas (TX), Irene Burton (TX), blank, Alvord, birthcert-5522.jpg
Bray, Robert Lee, M, 5/24/05, J.R., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-1843.jpg
Brazier, blank, M, 8/29/03, John, A., (Strain), blank, birthcert-0231.jpg
Brazier, blank, F, 5/6/05, J.W., A.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1793.jpg
Brazier, blank, F, 6/1/08, J.H., C.A., blank, blank, birthcert-4066.jpg
Brazier, blank, M, 5/20/14, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5897.jpg
Brazier, blank, M, 3/30/17, Henry, Annie, Humphries, blank, birthcert-6595.jpg
Brazier, Minnie Mertie, F, 5/6/07, John W. (TN), Alma E. (TX), Strain, Chico, birthcert-3328.jpg, birthcert-3328a.jpg
Brazil, blank, F, 11/4/04, William A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1327.jpg
Brazil, blank, F, 12/31/09, Kennard, Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-4892.jpg
Brazil, blank, M, 2/29/12, Kindred, Baralo, Crenshaw, blank, birthcert-5476.jpg
Brazil, G.L., M, 2/3/04, George L., Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-0634.jpg
Brazill, Frances Lulla, F, 2/2/18, Kinrod A., Sarah, Crenshaw, Springtown, birthcert-6814.jpg
Brazue, blank, M, 1/19/09, A.K., Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-4447.jpg
Breatherington, William Howard, M, 3/27/16, Billie, Martha Anne, Bishop, blank, birthcert-6392.jpg
Breedlove, Lois Lindley, F, 5/2/12, Hugh T. (TX), Grace Ruth (TX), Lindley, Decatur, birthcert-5512.jpg, birthcert-5512a.jpg
Brewer, Alton Spencer, M, 12/22/17, Oscar Eugene, Sarah Pauline, Kaker, Paradise, birthcert-6774.jpg, birthcert-6774a.jpg
Brewer, blank, F, 10/21/31, T.R., Susie M., Williams, blank, [No Image 10267 ]
Brewer, Dessie Mae, F, 6/28/16, Oscar Eugene, Sarah Pauline, Kaker, Paradise, birthcert-6434.jpg, birthcert-6434a.jpg
Brewer, Jim, M, 1/10/32, J.W., Tiny, Skinner, blank, [No Image 10329 ]
Brewer, Nellie Corine, F, 1/29/16, John Ples, Hazel Marie, Barehall, blank, birthcert-6351.jpg, birthcert-6351a.jpg birthcert-6351b.jpg
Brewer, Viola Violet, F, 1/8/15, Oscar Eugene (TN), Sarah Pauline (TX), Kaker, Paradise, birthcert-6011.jpg, birthcert-6011a.jpg
Brewer, Willie Lenora, F, 4/15/15, William Penn (TX), Mary Ethel (TX), May, Decatur, birthcert-6075.jpg, birthcert-6075a.jpg
Brewster, blank, M, 8/16/04, L.M. (L.N.), May Bell, (Callien), blank, birthcert-1113.jpg
Bridges, Beulah, F, 10/26/07, William Allen (AL), Mattie Mae (TX), Woody, Cottondale, birthcert-3626.jpg, birthcert-3626a.jpg
Bridges, Billy Melvin, M, 11/25/28, W.P. (TX), Beatrice (TX), Coleman, Paradise, birthcert-9185.jpg
Bridges, blank, F, 4/24/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0842.jpg
Bridges, blank, M, 8/29/04, F.C., Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-1148.jpg
Bridges, blank, F, 9/28/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1234.jpg
Bridges, blank, M, 7/16/05, W.A., Mattie, (Woody), blank, birthcert-1966.jpg
Bridges, blank, M, 10/27/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2244.jpg
Bridges, blank, F, 12/18/05, blank, Elizabeth, Miss, Bridges, blank, birthcert-2361.jpg
Bridges, blank, F, 1/14/06, Henry T., Edna, blank, blank, birthcert-2403.jpg
Bridges, blank, M, 1/25/06, T.C., Lela, blank, blank, birthcert-2437.jpg
Bridges, blank, F, 1/25/06, Henry, Edna, blank, blank, birthcert-2441.jpg
Bridges, blank, M, 10/20/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2969.jpg, [delay. 16667]
Bridges, blank, F, 8/27/15, Wile, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6213.jpg
Bridges, blank, M, 9/18/30, W.P. (Wright), B. (Beatrice), Coleman, blank, [No Image 9823 ]
Bridges, blank, F, 5/13/31, Frover, Emma, McCleary, Bridgeport, [No Image 10068 ]
Bridges, blank, F, 8/20/32, J.H., R.M., Hoyle, Paradise, [No Image 10536 ]
Bridges, Emilie Ann, F, 7/21/32, W.P., B., Coleman, Boyd, [No Image 10504 ]
Bridges, Fannie Adelia, F, 8/21/06, blank, Ettie, Adair, Paradise, birthcert-2854.jpg
Bridges, Frances Ruth, F, 4/25/04, Henry Thomas, Edna Essa, Taylor, Cottondale, birthcert-0843.jpg, birthcert-0843a.jpg
Bridges, Joe Quint, M, 9/10/30, J.H., R.M., Rose , blank, [No Image 9813 ]
Bridges, Lou Vee, F, 6/21/28, William, Anna, Albritton, Boyd, birthcert-9042.jpg, birthcert-9042a.jpg
Bridges, Mattie, M, 7/25/11, William Allen, Mattie, Woody, blank, birthcert-5296.jpg, birthcert-5296a.jpg
Bridges, Robert James, M, 2/10/09, James Edward (AL), Ettie (AL), Adair, Cottondale, birthcert-4487.jpg, birthcert-4487a.jpg
Briggs, blank, F, 4/15/07, D., Evelyn, blank, blank, birthcert-3287.jpg
Bright, blank, ?, 1/7/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3775.jpg
Bright, blank, F, 12/4/08, Marvin, Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-4374.jpg
Briley, (J.D.), M, 11/5/03, I.M. (J.H.), Lama (Laura), blank, blank, birthcert-0425.jpg
Briley, Joe Lee, M, 2/1/06, Joseph Mack, Laura Guinn, Williams, blank, birthcert-2464.jpg, birthcert-2464a.jpg
Briley, Verda Fanelle, F, 1/13/04, C.H., Boshie Catherine, Wheeler, Chico, birthcert-0589.jpg
Brinkley, blank, M, 10/12/08, John, Hettie, blank, blank, birthcert-4295.jpg
Brinkley, blank, M, 9/27/09, B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4784.jpg
Brinkley, blank, F, 4/4/10, J.J., D.B. (Dora), (Woody), blank, birthcert-4975.jpg
Brinkley, blank, F, 8/15/14, John, Hattie, Woody, blank, birthcert-5946.jpg
Brinkley, Bricie Lee, M, 3/25/12, John James, Dora Bell (Hattie), blank, Balsora, birthcert-5486.jpg, birthcert-5486a.jpg
Brinkley, Ethel D., F, 8/3/06, A.B., Ethel Daine, Cates, blank, birthcert-2810.jpg
Brinkley, James Roy, M, 11/14/07, Amos Bart (TX), Katy (AZ), Mathews, Boonsville, birthcert-3668.jpg, birthcert-3668a.jpg
Brinkley, L.P., F, 4/29/05, C.A., S.A., blank, blank, birthcert-1780.jpg
Brinkley, Nellie Gertrude, F, 3/17/17, John J., Hattie, Woody, Boonsville, birthcert-6582.jpg, birthcert-6582a.jpg
Brisco, blank, M, 11/27/30, W.O., Winnie, Fisher, Bridgeport, [No Image 9880 ]
Brisco, Othis, M, 9/7/18, Otto (TX), Winnie (TX), blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-6971.jpg
Brisco, Precilla Gertrude, F, 11/12/21, Willie Otta (TX), Winnie (TX), Fisher, Bridgeport, birthcert-7506.jpg
Bristendine, blank, F, 6/10/07, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3382.jpg
Brite, blank, F, 11/12/04, Stewart, Tempie, (Prittle), blank, birthcert-1352.jpg
Brite, Curtis Joy, M, 7/6/04, Alonzo, Nola (Nollie), Calihan (Callahan), Alvord, birthcert-0998.jpg, birthcert-0998a.jpg
Britt, blank, M, 6/18/04, J.A., E.E. (Elizabeth), (Ames), blank, birthcert-0957.jpg
Broadstreet, blank, M, 3/7/05, R.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1654.jpg
Broadstreet, blank, F, 12/8/13, A.H., Belle, Followill, blank, birthcert-5798.jpg
Brock, (Clyde), M, 10/19/03, W.T., A. (Augusta), blank, blank, birthcert-0381.jpg
Brock, Alvin Doyle, M, 11/2/22, Clinton Washington (TX), Ella (TX), Wollaver, Decatur, birthcert-7683.jpg, birthcert-7683a.jpg
Brock, Billy Ray, M, 2/1/30, D.B., Grace, Morrow, blank, [No Image 9576 ]
Brock, blank, M, 7/25/05, W.T., Augusta, blank, blank, birthcert-2001.jpg
Brock, blank, M, 3/14/16, T.R., Virtie, Shrimpshire, blank, birthcert-6385.jpg
Brock, blank, M, 10/19/17, Henry, Edwina, Thornbury, blank, birthcert-6739.jpg
Brock, C.L., M, 1/24/33, Charles, Gertie, Ford, Decatur, [No Image 10664 ]
Brock, Edith Mae, F, 7/26/03, John Harvey, Addie, Goben, Decatur, birthcert-0143.jpg, birthcert-0143a.jpg
Brock, Lena Pearl, F, 12/3/05, Charles, Ellen, Woolaver, Decatur, birthcert-2328.jpg, birthcert-2328a.jpg
Brock, Luther Amos, Jr., M, 3/23/31, Luther, Addie V. (Velma), Anderson, Bridgeport, [No Image 10017 ]
Brock, Minnie F., F, 10/5/31, Daniel, Grace, Morrow, Crafton, [No Image 10243 ]
Brock, Opal Marie, F, 3/20/20, Clinton W. (TX), Ella (TX), Woolaver, Decatur, birthcert-7227.jpg, birthcert-7227a.jpg
Brock, Ruby Beatrice, F, 5/7/19, Charles (KY), Ellen (TX), Woolaver, Decatur, birthcert-7080.jpg, birthcert-7080a.jpg
Brom, Lou Tessia Marie, F, 11/27/24, W.F. (TX), Roxie (TX), Galbsmith, Boonsville, birthcert-8220.jpg
Brookhead, Margret, F, 1/17/30, George, Ruby L., blank, blank, [No Image 9563 ]
Brooks, Arthur L., M, 5/30/21, Wesly (TX), Louisa (TX), Baker, Rhome, birthcert-7409.jpg
Brooks, blank, F, 7/3/05, Jim, Laura, (Turner), blank, birthcert-1937.jpg
Brooks, blank, F, 6/23/22, L.E. (KY), Lizzie (TX), Stout, Sunset, birthcert-7618.jpg
Brooks, blank, M, 1/20/33, Paul, Ethel, Stuart (Stewart), Decatur, [No Image 10660 ]
Brooks, Charles Alton, M, 7/11/05, Joseph C., Maggie, Reed, Chico, birthcert-1947.jpg, birthcert-1947a.jpg
Brooks, Darwin Lee, M, 8/29/30, Homer Elton, Annie L., Davidson, Chico, [No Image 9795 ]
Brooks, Dorthy Nell, blank, 5/30/30, Bean, Georgia, Arnold, blank, [No Image 9705 ]
Brooks, Fannie Wray, F, 3/22/28, John Andrew, Edith, Covington, Boyd, birthcert-8977.jpg
Brooks, Janet Louise, F, 5/7/33, Ben, Georia M., Arnold, Decatur, [No Image 10762 ]
Brooks, Jewel Ita, F, 4/25/07, James Thomas (TN), Laura (TX), Turner, Chico, birthcert-3311.jpg, birthcert-3311a.jpg
Brotherton, blank, M, 9/20/07, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3553.jpg
Brotherton, blank, M, 9/25/07, William, blank, blank, Boonsville, birthcert-3565.jpg
Brotherton, blank, M, 3/18/10, William, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-4961.jpg
Brotherton, blank, M, 4/6/13, J.W. (W.J.), Annie (M.A.), Bishop, blank, birthcert-5678.jpg
Brotherton, John B., M, 4/6/13, J.W. (MS), Annie, Bishop, Boonsville, birthcert-5679.jpg
Broult, blank, M, 1/8/24, August (Norway), Emma (TX), Garett, Decatur, birthcert-7974.jpg
Broun, Ada C., F, 12/21/24, B.W. (TX), Dora A. (USA), Stout, Alvord, birthcert-8236.jpg
Broun, blank, M, 3/12/12, W.H., Clara, Malone, blank, birthcert-5481.jpg
Browden, blank, F, 1/21/04, Clarence, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0602.jpg
Brower, blank, F, 6/1/04, W.H., A.B., blank, blank, birthcert-0913.jpg
Browley, blank, F, 9/13/03, Sam, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-0279.jpg
Browley, blank, M, 12/1/29, J.P., Lucy, Richardson, blank, [No Image 9523 ]
Brown, Albert D., M, 5/9/05, Joe, Frances Mae, Matsinger, Paradise, birthcert-1801.jpg, birthcert-1801a.jpg
Brown, Alf Aneta, F, 2/4/33, Alf, Jr., Virginia, Rhine, Decatur, [No Image 10674 ]
Brown, Alice Lorene, F, 11/13/17, Martin Lee, Mable Lillian, Holt, Newark, birthcert-6753.jpg
Brown, Benjamin Samuel, M, 3/12/29, Samuel J. (TX), Carrie F. (TX), Bevins, Newark, birthcert-9291.jpg
Brown, Beulah Mae, F, 2/27/14, John N.(TX), Cora Bell (TX), Powell, Newark, birthcert-5846.jpg, birthcert-5846a.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 1/4/04, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0564.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 4/22/04, Albert, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-0832.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 6/2/04, J.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0917.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 10/21/04, J.O., Terina, blank, blank, birthcert-1291.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 11/1/04, Early, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1315.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 12/12/04, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1430.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 3/25/05, Evan, Callie, blank, blank, birthcert-1693.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 6/12/05, Les, Myrtle, (Beckley), blank, birthcert-1886.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 8/17/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2062.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 11/26/05, Baldwin, Dany (Ella), (Lefors), blank, birthcert-2311.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 4/2/07, J.T., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3265.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 5/29/07, J.A., C.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3358.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 6/25/07, W.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3402.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 8/4/07, Tom, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3466.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 10/5/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3591.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 1/19/08, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3791.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 10/7/08, W.S., D.C., blank, blank, birthcert-4284.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 8/4/09, F.M., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-4722.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 10/31/09, Joe H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4833.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 7/21/10, G.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5047.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 7/22/10, Les, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5049.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 7/24/10, Henry, Clara, blank, blank, birthcert-5051.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 4/30/11, James, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-5235.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 12/18/12, Jerry, Flora, McBride, blank, birthcert-5613.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 1/11/14, W.H., Clara, Malone, blank, birthcert-5817.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 9/10/14, blank, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-5957.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 2/13/16, Tom, Jr., Molly, Porter, blank, birthcert-6362.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 5/25/16, O., Jannie, Wilson, blank, birthcert-6416.jpg
Brown, blank, F, 6/13/16, John Wesley, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6425.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 8/15/20, Earl (TX), Minnie (TX), Noll, Bridgeport, birthcert-7284.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 6/12/22, F.E. (TN), Agnes (TX), Davidson, Chico, birthcert-7610.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 12/1/22, W.S. (TX), Vara (TX), Woods, Decatur, birthcert-7692.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 1/13/26, Alf (TX), Virgie (TX), Rhine, Decatur, birthcert-8507.jpg
Brown, blank, M, 3/7/30, Russell, Bernice, McKeown, Decatur, [No Image 9619 ]
Brown, blank, F, 4/9/30, Charles A., Annie D., Walker, blank, [No Image 9649 ]
Brown, blank, M, 6/22/30, James C., Addie, Amos, blank, [No Image 9734 ]
Brown, blank, M, 8/13/30, Albert, Carrie, blank, blank, [No Image 9788 ]
Brown, blank, M, 6/21/31, Burl, Cardia, Ryan, Bridgeport, [No Image 10121 ]
Brown, Buster, M, 5/26/15, Eugene E. (TX), Ella B. (TX), Jorun, Alvord, birthcert-6106.jpg, birthcert-6106a.jpg
Brown, Cecil, M, 7/25/04, George, Wallis, blank, blank, birthcert-1054.jpg
Brown, Charles Lee, M, 4/16/32, M.L., Rowe, Alscone, Decatur, [No Image 10412 ]
Brown, Charlie Henry, M, 7/14/04, James Nelson, Nancy Catherine, Fowill, Bridgeport, birthcert-1017.jpg
Brown, Earnest, M, 8/26/18, James Albert (TX), Victoria Laura (AR), Hilton, Chico, birthcert-6959.jpg
Brown, Estell, F, 2/17/19, Arch (TX), Mattie (TX), blank, Newark, birthcert-7051.jpg
Brown, Gene Howard, M, 8/19/26, Sam J. (TX), Carrie Florence (TX), Burns, Newark, birthcert-8640.jpg, birthcert-8640a.jpg
Brown, George Ewel, M, 12/4/04, G.B., L.L., blank, blank, birthcert-1408.jpg
Brown, George William, M, 9/23/23, William B. (TX), Eula (TX), Jackson, Decatur, birthcert-7899.jpg, birthcert-7899a.jpg
Brown, Gordon Carpenter, M, 2/15/08, Elijal Thomas (TX), Margaret Jane (AR), Allison, Rhome, birthcert-3845.jpg, birthcert-3845a.jpg
Brown, Gwendolin, F, 3/17/18, J.L., blank, blank, Poolville, birthcert-6844.jpg
Brown, Helen, F, 3/21/30, John, Clara, Powell, blank, [No Image 9631 ]
Brown, Herbert Earl, Jr., M, 5/16/28, H.E., Minnie, Hall, Paradise, birthcert-9017.jpg, birthcert-9017a.jpg
Brown, Howard Gains, M, 6/16/06, Thomas Howard, Mary Elizabeth, Hollowway, Decatur, birthcert-2720.jpg, birthcert-2720a.jpg
Brown, James, M, 8/14/04, Jim, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1106.jpg
Brown, Jennie Mae, F, 5/1/10, J.T., Vidona, Busby, blank, birthcert-4992.jpg
Brown, Jerry Mack, M, 12/18/24, M.M. (TX), Bushel Alma (TX), Rhoads, Alvord, birthcert-8234.jpg
Brown, John Albert, M, 4/27/29, Lester (TN), Oma (TX), Davidson, Chico, birthcert-9335.jpg
Brown, Julia Ann, F, 10/30/25, Jessie Hugh (KY), Nellie V. (TX), Reed, Rhome, birthcert-8451.jpg
Brown, Kathleem, F, 11/1/26, Elbert B., Alma, Christian , Greenwood, birthcert-8705.jpg
Brown, L., M, 5/30/26, Lester (TN), Oma (TX), Davidson, Alvord, birthcert-8594.jpg
Brown, Lady Mouverneen, F, 1/11/09, Joe H., Ruth, Pope, blank, birthcert-4432.jpg, birthcert-4432a.jpg birthcert-4432b.jpg
Brown, Lareda, F, 4/9/30, Charles A., Anna, Walker, blank, [No Image 9650 ]
Brown, Lawrence Mark, M, 6/1/14, Fred (TX), Essie Josie (TX), Shelton, Decatur, birthcert-5904.jpg, birthcert-5904a.jpg
Brown, Lona Pearl, F, 10/21/04, Tom, Mattie, Brite, Alvord, birthcert-1290.jpg, birthcert-1290a.jpg
Brown, Lonnie Poteet, M, 8/22/26, Ballen Luther (TX), Lucy Ann (OK), King, Chico, birthcert-8643.jpg
Brown, Lura Mae, F, 9/9/10, Henry Washington, Nancy E., Benefield, blank, birthcert-5090.jpg, birthcert-5090a.jpg
Brown, M.L., M, 1/11/06, George, Allie, Wallace, blank, birthcert-2396.jpg
Brown, Mae Belle, F, 3/3/26, Fred E. (TN), Agnes (TX), Davidson, Chico, birthcert-8554.jpg, birthcert-8554a.jpg
Brown, Maess, F, 2/17/19, Arch (TX), Mattie (TX), blank, Newark, birthcert-7050.jpg
Brown, Marie E., F, 7/29/31, James A., Mytie E., Slimp, blank, [No Image 10103 ]
Brown, Mary Drew, F, 7/25/28, Alf, Virginia, Rhine, Decatur, birthcert-9062.jpg, birthcert-9062a.jpg birthcert-9062b.jpg
Brown, Mary Lois, F, 2/18/24, John (TX), Nannie (TX), Sharp, Krum, birthcert-8008.jpg
Brown, Mary Lou, F, 5/29/30, Robert J., Edith May, Stroud, blank, [No Image 9704 ]
Brown, Myrtle LaVivian, F, 10/25/23, Hubert Earl (TX), Minnie Helen (TX), Nall, Bridgeport, birthcert-7929.jpg, birthcert-7929a.jpg
Brown, Naida Emitt, F, 3/8/32, H.E., W.H., Walls, Paradise, [No Image 10383 ]
Brown, Paul, M, 7/30/15, Henry M., Nancy, Bonnifield, blank, birthcert-6177.jpg
Brown, Raley, M, 7/10/03, George, Laura, (Arnell), blank, birthcert-0105.jpg
Brown, Ray Lewis, M, 11/3/17, Bellan Luther, Lucy Ann, King, Chico, birthcert-6746.jpg
Brown, Robert, M, 11/13/23, Robert (TX), Iry (TX), Young, Rhome, birthcert-7917.jpg
Brown, Robert Amos, M, 8/17/24, James Thomas (AL), Cora Amanda (TX), Mercer, Decatur, birthcert-8147.jpg, birthcert-8147a.jpg
Brown, Thomas J., M, 5/22/30, Jennings C., Agnes, Duffey, Decatur, [No Image 9697 ]
Brown, Thora Nadine, F, 5/4/12, Earnes Eugene (TX), Ella Bertha (TX), Jones, Alvord, birthcert-5517.jpg, birthcert-5517a.jpg
Brown, Trixie Elizabeth, F, 3/24/06, James Hannah, Maude Alice, Fox, Arnesville, birthcert-2566.jpg, birthcert-2566a.jpg
Brown, Valeria Catherine, F, 10/15/13, George L. (TX), Allie (AR), Wallis, Decatur, birthcert-5784.jpg, birthcert-5784a.jpg
Brown, Vernis Clayton, M, 6/17/18, Overton (TX), Jennie (TN), Wilson, Chico, birthcert-6917.jpg, birthcert-6917a.jpg
Brown, Vernon, M, 5/19/14, Nelson, Nora, Hilton, Vernon, birthcert-5896.jpg
Brown, William Harlan, M, 6/13/11, William W., Birdie, Harlan, blank, birthcert-5278.jpg
Brown, Willie A., M, 12/24/33, Willie O., Josephine, Jennings, Rhome, [No Image 10972 ]
Brownd, Leuna, F, 7/25/23, Ellis L. (TX), Fannie Bearice (TX), Sharber, Chico, birthcert-7861.jpg, birthcert-7861a.jpg birthcert-7861b.jpg birthcert-7861c.jpg birthcert-7861d.jpg birthcert-7861e.jpg
Brownfield, blank, M, 11/28/04, M., F., blank, blank, birthcert-1397.jpg
Browning, blank, M, 7/19/04, William, Emaly, blank, blank, birthcert-1029.jpg
Browning, blank, M, 7/19/05, Will, Emaly, blank, blank, birthcert-1976.jpg
Browning, Elton Lavoy, M, 7/21/10, Walter Bruce, Pearl, Evans, Park Springs, birthcert-5045.jpg, birthcert-5045a.jpg
Brownlee, blank, M, 11/15/04, J.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1364.jpg
Brownlee, blank, F, 8/8/15, George, Nora, Davis, blank, birthcert-6188.jpg
Brownlee, blank, F, 4/29/25, G.W. (GA), Nora (AR), blank, Alvord, birthcert-8302.jpg
Brownlee, blank, F, 6/24/29, Tom (TX), Mary Belle, Beachamp, Alvord, birthcert-9379.jpg
Brownlee, Ella May, F, 8/28/26, Thomas (TX), May Dell, Beacham, Alvord, birthcert-8652.jpg, birthcert-8652a.jpg
Brownlee, Geneva Fay, F, 11/27/31, Tom, Modell, Beachum, Alvord, [No Image 10295 ]
Brownlee, May, F, 5/28/05, George, Ida, (Mayfield), blank, birthcert-1849.jpg
Brownlee, Olgh Katherine, F, 5/15/25, Thomas (TX), May Dell (TX), Beacham, Alvord, birthcert-8386.jpg, birthcert-8386a.jpg birthcert-8386b.jpg
Brownlee, Tomie Reves, M, 11/27/31, Tom, Madell, Beachum, Alvord, [No Image 10296 ]
Brownlett, blank, F, 4/22/32, B.O., Marty, Bone, blank, [No Image 10414 ]
Brumlow, blank, M, 9/12/09, Nathian, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4766.jpg
Brunner, Billie Faye, F, 3/17/28, S.B., Letta Lee, Dickenson, Chico, birthcert-8974.jpg, birthcert-8974a.jpg
Brunner, blank, M, 6/19/30, S.B., Letha, Dickenson, blank, [No Image 9730 ]
Bruno, Ira James, Jr., M, 9/12/20, I. James (Ira)(TX), Georgia (TX), Martin, Decatur, birthcert-7299.jpg
Bruton, Ora Mae, F, 8/7/07, James, Lucy Mae, Malone, Slidell, birthcert-3471.jpg, birthcert-3471a.jpg
Bryan, Allen, blank, 2/8/04, W.S., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0644.jpg
Bryan, blank, F, 3/11/05, Joe H., Lillian, blank, blank, birthcert-1664.jpg
Bryan, blank, F, 11/30/07, W.A., Billie, blank, blank, birthcert-3695.jpg
Bryan, blank, M, 7/27/09, Will, Bertha, blank, blank, birthcert-4701.jpg
Bryan, blank, M, 11/1/6/09, Ed, Nina, blank, blank, birthcert-4849.jpg
Bryan, J.O., M, 1/5/04, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0567.jpg
Bryan, Maria Liona, F, 12/19/30, Guy, Edith, Tipton, blank, [No Image 9896 ]
Bryan, Sadie Maxine, F, 6/25/31, William J., Sadie F., Foster, blank, [No Image 10124 ]
Bryan, Wayne Charles, M, 5/7/04, Charles Wilbur, Bertha, Caldwell, Rhome, birthcert-0867.jpg, birthcert-0867a.jpg
Bryan, William Hollis, M, 11/1/15, William Alexander, Belle, Nivens, Alvord, birthcert-6290.jpg, birthcert-6290a.jpg
Bryant, blank, F, 6/29/07, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3408.jpg
Bryant, blank, F, 5/20/08, G.W., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4033.jpg
Bryant, Mary Elizabeth, F, 8/11/28, Charles Vernon, Mildred H., Samuels, Rhome, birthcert-9081.jpg
Bryant, May Evans, F, 4/28/07, George William (TX), May (TX), Evans, Chico, birthcert-3319.jpg, birthcert-3319a.jpg
Bryant, Nettie Pearl, F, 5/5/08, Marion, Lou Ella, Reed, Decatur, birthcert-4010.jpg, birthcert-4010a.jpg
Bryant, William Pickney, M, 4/21/05, G.W., Nette, blank, blank, birthcert-1760.jpg
Bryian, blank, M, 9/21/08, Tom, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-4257.jpg
Brymer, blank, M, 12/9/05, Clarence, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2341.jpg
Buck, blank, F, 7/24/05, John, Baby, blank, blank, birthcert-1997.jpg
Buck, Guy Willard, M, 10/10/03, William Abraham, Zilpah, Brown, Decatur, birthcert-0358.jpg, birthcert-0358a.jpg
Buck, Joseph Herschel, M, 1/3/26, John Claud (TX), Mary Lena (TX), Tallant, Newark, birthcert-8499.jpg, birthcert-8499a.jpg
Buck, Myrtle May, F, 7/23/15, Perry Jackson, Lillie May, Tallant, Boyd, birthcert-6160.jpg, birthcert-6160a.jpg
Buck, Raymond Altus, M, 3/5/28, John Milton, Vera Ruth, Fancher, blank, birthcert-8964.jpg, birthcert-8964a.jpg
Buck, Willard Earl, M, 3/15/25, Jesse R. (TX), Ester Beatrice (TX), Wright, Alvord, birthcert-8282.jpg, birthcert-8282a.jpg
Buck, William Roy, M, 3/17/05, William Abraham, Zilpah, Brown, Decatur, birthcert-1673.jpg, birthcert-1673a.jpg
Buckholder, (Leslie), M, 7/9/03, Gilbert, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-0102.jpg
Buckingham, blank, F, 4/22/04, J.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0833.jpg
Buckingham, blank, F, 10/22/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2971.jpg
Buckingham, blank, M, 4/23/07, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3306.jpg
Buckingham, blank, M, 5/21/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4038.jpg
Buckingham, Henry Quin, M, 6/11/04, Thomas Franklin, Laura Francis, Martin, Paradise, birthcert-0942.jpg, birthcert-0942a.jpg
Buckingham, Opal Charlene, F, 11/26/31, C.C., Ruth, Hunter, blank, [No Image 10294 ]
Buckley, blank, M, 3/5/31, V.H., Bridgie, Steben, Bridgeport, [No Image 9991 ]
Buckner, blank, M, 5/5/14, J.H., Berdie, Kessner (Tutor), blank, birthcert-5883.jpg
Buckner, blank, M, 5/30/15, G.S., Lee Ora, Mullins, blank, birthcert-6109.jpg
Buckner, blank, M, 6/29/30, Ernest, Iva M., Alexander, blank, [No Image 9743 ]
Buckner, blank, F, 8/1/30, Willie, Lura, Holtzclaw, blank, [No Image 9776 ]
Buckner, Bobby Larue, F, 8/3/30, W.F., Lura, Holtzclaw, Alvord, [No Image 9778 ]
Buckner, Essie, F, 2/22/11, Riley, Ada Lee, Littlefield, Park Springs, birthcert-5177.jpg, birthcert-5177a.jpg
Buckner, Esta, F, 10/1/07, John Howard (AL), Bertha Buckner (KY), Tudor, Alvord, birthcert-3576.jpg, birthcert-3576a.jpg
Buckner, Eva, F, 12/11/05, Howard, Birdie, blank, blank, birthcert-2346.jpg
Buckner, Geraldine Marzette, F, 10/9/20, William Franklin (TX), Lura Bell (TX), Holtzclaw, Park Springs, birthcert-7308.jpg, birthcert-7308a.jpg
Buckner, Harlan Lee, M, 12/1/27, L.L., Beulah, Herriott, Chico, birthcert-8885.jpg, birthcert-8885a.jpg birthcert-8885b.jpg
Buckner, James Preston, M, 10/11/25, Joseph William (TX), Nora Dean (TX), Davis, Alvord, birthcert-8438.jpg, birthcert-8438a.jpg
Buckner, John Junior, M, 3/12/22, Joseph William (TX), Nora Dean (TX), Davis, Alvord, birthcert-7562.jpg, birthcert-7562a.jpg
Buckner, Marshal Ray, M, 6/10/31, L.L., Beulah, Herriot, Sunset, [No Image 10102 ]
Buckner, Thomas Wayne, M, 6/7/24, J.W. (TX), Nora D. (TX), Davis, blank, birthcert-8079.jpg, birthcert-8079a.jpg
Bulgarel, Venita Ruth, F, 9/20/19, Bruce Lawrence (Italy), Susie Emma (TX), Jameson, Slidell, birthcert-7135.jpg, birthcert-7135a.jpg
Bullock, blank, M, 8/11/06, Joe, Addie, (Jeter), blank, birthcert-2834.jpg
Bullock, blank, F, 2/20/09, Walter, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4503.jpg
Bullock, Orval Loyd, M, 10/2/04, Joseph A., Addie May, Jeter, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1244.jpg, birthcert-1244a.jpg
Bullock, Velda Mae, F, 8/11/11, Joe Ab, Addie Mae, Jeter, blank, birthcert-5320.jpg, birthcert-5320a.jpg
Bunch, blank, F, 1/13/08, E.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3782.jpg
Bunch, Emmett Allen, M, 8/6/22, Emmett A. (KY), Sarah (TX), Spencer, Alvord, birthcert-7639.jpg
Bunis, Nettie L., F, 5/26/32, Ben, Rubie E., Jones, Poolville, [No Image 10445 ]
Bunyan, Lufencian, F, 11/10/23, A.L. (TX), Alice, Keny, Bridgeport, birthcert-7938.jpg
Burch, blank, F, 3/20/07, Mack, Belle, blank, blank, birthcert-3237.jpg
Burchard, blank, M, 1/28/08, H.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3808.jpg
Burchard, George Franklin, M, 1/3/04, Horace Howard, Martha Eliza, Johnson, Greenwood, birthcert-0559.jpg, birthcert-0559a.jpg
Burden, Jewel Mance, M, 4/23/08, James (TN), Frances Lavine (TX), Myers, Sunset, birthcert-3985.jpg, birthcert-3985a.jpg
Burger, blank, M, 9/15/06, Jim, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-2909.jpg
Burgess, blank, M, 10/12/03, H., J., blank, blank, birthcert-0362.jpg
Burgess, blank, M, 1/2/04, Allen, O., blank, blank, birthcert-0554.jpg
Burgess, blank, M, 9/1/06, Harvey, Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-2709.jpg
Burk, blank, M, 12/20/03, W.S., S.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0522.jpg
Burk, blank, F, 6/19/04, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0958.jpg
Burk, blank, F, 11/11/04, Frank, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-1346.jpg
Burk, blank, M, 9/18/06, C.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2920.jpg
Burk, blank, F, 4/6/08, Frank, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-3957.jpg
Burk, blank, F, 5/3/21, Steve A. (TX), Allie L. (TX), Judge, Justin, birthcert-7410.jpg
Burk, blank, F, 8/12/23, John D. (TX), Velma E. (TX), Eidson, Justin, birthcert-7874.jpg
Burk, Clifford Elton, M, 1/23/26, Steve Archley (TX), Lalla Alla (TX), Judge, Decatur, birthcert-8521.jpg, birthcert-8521a.jpg
Burk, G.W., M, 11/29/03, J.P., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-0471.jpg
Burket, blank, F, 10/11/07, Jess, G.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3603.jpg
Burkett, Franklin Dee, F, 6/2/33, George W., Ollie Bell, Cryer (Sanders), Decatur, [No Image 10788 ]
Burkhart, Oretha Mae, F, 10/9/22, John Wesley (TX), Ida Mae (TX), Thornesberry, Sunset, birthcert-7668.jpg, birthcert-7668a.jpg
Burkholder, blank, M, 10/29/04, Gilbert, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-1308.jpg
Burks, blank, M, 2/6/05, Clarence, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1578.jpg
Burks, Lawrence Dee, M, 11/15/32, William Dee, Mildred L., Florida, Greenwood, [No Image 10628 ]
Burks, Roy Wiley, M, 9/17/17, Major Walter, Elma Lynn, Shelton, Decatur, birthcert-6711.jpg, birthcert-6711a.jpg
Burman, blank, blank, 1/3/18, Ray, Eva, Louis , Chico, birthcert-6782.jpg
Burnam, Sina Q., F, 7/16/06, John James (KY), Ellie (AR), Sturdivant, Chico, birthcert-2768.jpg, birthcert-2768a.jpg
Burnett, Betty Opaline, F, 3/6/32, Opal, Madge, Isral, Decatur, [No Image 10380 ]
Burnett, blank, M, 2/15/04, W.M., C., blank, blank, birthcert-0658.jpg
Burnett, blank, F, 2/17/05, D.T., Virgie, blank, blank, birthcert-1604.jpg
Burnett, blank, M, 6/27/05, Lee, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1921.jpg
Burnett, blank, M, 12/10/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2343.jpg
Burnett, blank, F, 10/28/07, H.B., J.B., blank, blank, birthcert-3632.jpg
Burnett, blank, M, 3/24/09, R.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4570.jpg
Burnett, Doris Learo, F, 2/26/09, William Henry (AR), Belle (MO), Morris, Bridgeport, birthcert-4516.jpg, birthcert-4516a.jpg
Burnnell, Dorothy G., F, 5/14/32, Heron, Nettie C., Johns, Decatur, [No Image 10437 ]
Burns, blank, F, 12/30/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3752.jpg
Burns, blank, M, 5/5/09, Ellis, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4618.jpg
Burns, blank, M, 9/12/09, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4767.jpg
Burns, blank, F, 9/20/10, Jesse, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5100.jpg
Burns, blank, F, 9/5/18, J.J. (AR), blank (TX), blank, Slidell, birthcert-6968.jpg
Burns, blank, F, 8/6/29, Joe Bill (TX), Ada Ruth (TX), Hinson, Bridgeport, birthcert-9411.jpg
Burns, J.W., M, 11/9/28, Thomas Edgar (OK), Arizona (TX), Ware, Decatur, birthcert-9172.jpg, birthcert-9172a.jpg
Burns, Leona Pearl, F, 3/26/20, James Joshua (AR), Ida L. (GA), Chadwick, Slidell, birthcert-7230.jpg, birthcert-7230a.jpg
Burns, Lottie Lee, F, 10/13/25, Thomas Edgar (OK), Arizona (TX), Ware, Decatur, birthcert-8441.jpg, birthcert-8441a.jpg
Burres, blank, M, 3/17/05, Will, Nancy, blank, blank, birthcert-1674.jpg
Burress, blank, F, 8/15/24, Weldon (MS), Myrtle J. (TX), Justice, Alvord, birthcert-8143.jpg
Burris, Allison Leon, M, 12/31/21, Allison W. (MS), Mary Jane (TX), Justice, Alvord, birthcert-7528.jpg
Burris, blank, M, 10/23/08, J.L., Hattie, blank, blank, birthcert-4311.jpg
Burris, blank, F, 2/4/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4473.jpg
Burris, blank, F, 7/19/19, Jess (TX), Bade (TX), Bryan, Decatur, birthcert-7111.jpg
Burris, blank, F, 1/19/25, William Alfred (TX), R. Myrtle (IA), Golden, Sunset, birthcert-8245.jpg
Burris, Hattie Mae, F, 1/6/11, John William , Nancy, Dethloff, Bridgeport, birthcert-5158.jpg, birthcert-5158a.jpg
Burris, Robert Leroy, M, 9/25/08, John William (OK), Nancy (OH), Dethloff, Decatur, birthcert-4265.jpg
Burris, Wanda, F, 2/27/28, W.B., Myrtle, Justice, Alvord, birthcert-8959.jpg
Burriss, blank, M, 11/1/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3647.jpg
Burriss, James Walker, M, 8/16/21, Luther L. (TX), Florence (TX), Johnson, Paradise, birthcert-7442.jpg
Burrow, blank, F, 3/16/24, Lee (MS), Lottie (MS), Davis, Boyd, birthcert-8030.jpg
Burrow, Davis Merdith, M, 8/11/06, Sam B. (TN), Addie P. (TX), Prigmore, Decatur, birthcert-2833.jpg, birthcert-2833a.jpg
Burrow, Leo Nell-twin, F, 9/6/20, Robert Lee (AL), Lottie (TX), Davis, Boyd, birthcert-7294.jpg, [delayed 15955]
Burrow, Robert Lee, Jr., M, 10/17/26, Robert Lee, Sr.(AL), Lottie (MS), Davis, Boyd, birthcert-8695.jpg, birthcert-8695a.jpg
Burry, blank, F, 9/14/08, R.C., Effie M., blank, blank, birthcert-4247.jpg
Burse, blank, F, 6/9/29, James Ramsey (TX), Sadie Mae (TX), Ross, Rhome, birthcert-9368.jpg
Burson, Bonnie Mabel, F, 6/17/16, John Ronzie, Lizzie Josephine, Sides, blank, birthcert-6427.jpg, birthcert-6427a.jpg
Burtis, Anne Lorraine, F, 9/13/29, Fred (IL), Mary Bell (TX), White, Decatur, birthcert-9450.jpg, birthcert-9450a.jpg
Burtis, Robert F., M, 3/14/32, Fred W., Mary Bell, White, Decatur, [No Image 10390 ]
Burton, blank, F, 3/23/07, Alcy, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3246.jpg
Burton, blank, F, 4/4/08, H.F., May, blank, blank, birthcert-3953.jpg
Burton, blank, M, 7/30/09, Forrest, (Nettye), (Taylor), blank, birthcert-4711.jpg
Burton, blank, F, 8/13/11, H.J., Ethel, Hunt, blank, birthcert-5321.jpg
Burton, blank, M, 12/24/13, L.C., blank, Davenport, blank, birthcert-5804.jpg
Burton, Don H., M, 7/18/31, Stanley, Eula Mae, Davis, blank, [No Image 10150 ]
Burton, James Ira, M, 4/9/24, Ira T. (TX), Gertrude (TX), Wilson, Decatur, birthcert-8161.jpg, birthcert-8161a.jpg
Burton, Peggy Jean, F, 5/21/31, Charlie A., Viola B., White, Decatur, [No Image 10077 ]
Burton, Twin, M, 1/12/09, Alsie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4433.jpg
Burton, Twin, F, 1/12/09, Alsie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4434.jpg
Burton, Williard H., M, 10/23/25, Edgar W. (TX), Violet (TX), Moser, Slidell, birthcert-8449.jpg
Buterres, blank, M, 7/7/29, Gertrudes (Mex), Ancella (Mex), Grarnis, Bridgeport, birthcert-9394.jpg
Butler, Billy Joe, M, 6/11/30, C.E. (Ervin), Anna M., Miller, blank, [No Image 9723 ]
Butler, blank, M, 6/22/07, Earl, Katie, blank, blank, birthcert-3399.jpg
Butler, blank, M, 12/1/08, E.F., Florence, blank, blank, birthcert-4367.jpg
Butler, blank, F, 9/8/23, King (H.)(TX), Nannie E.(Ellen)(TX), Anderson, Slidell, birthcert-7888.jpg
Butler, Clide A., M, 10/18/24, E.A. (TX), Mable (TX), McKinney, Decatur, birthcert-8187.jpg
Butler, Eva Jo, F, 6/30/30, B.J., Mabia, Hopson, blank, [No Image 9746 ]
Butler, Evelene Reta, F, 2/20/16, James Earl, Katie, Comar, Bridgeport, birthcert-6369.jpg
Butler, Gwendolyn Clyde, F, 11/2/16, Lawrence David, Julia, Pigford, Decatur, birthcert-6511.jpg, birthcert-6511a.jpg
Butler, James Melvin, M, 6/20/24, Albert E. (TX), Grace (IL), Gilbert, Rhome, birthcert-8083.jpg
Butler, Jess, Jr., M, 2/23/30, Jess, Verne, Jones, blank, [No Image 9607 ]
Butler, John Thomas, M, 5/3/05, James Eave, Katie, Connor, Bridgeport, birthcert-1785.jpg
Butler, L.D., Jr., M, 3/29/19, L.D. (TX), Julia (TX), Pigford, Decatur, birthcert-7064.jpg
Butler, Peggy Leona, F, 12/12/33, C.E., Anna, Miller, Decatur, [No Image 10960 ]
Butler, Virginia, F, 5/14/18, James Eave, Katie, Conner, Bridgeport, birthcert-6879.jpg
Byers, OkJuanita, F, 3/9/15, James Curtis (TX), Willie Mary (TX), Smith, Boonsville, birthcert-6051.jpg, birthcert-6051a.jpg
Byne, blank, F, 5/29/11, J.A., Maude, blank, blank, birthcert-5265.jpg
Byrd, blank, M, 9/26/07, R.O., D.R., blank, blank, birthcert-3566.jpg
Byres, blank, F, 9/7/12, J.C., M.W., blank, blank, birthcert-5574.jpg
Byrne, Mary Ellen, F, 11/6/29, Joe James, Emma, Freguson, blank, [No Image 9501 ]
Byrnes, blank, M, 2/2/07, John, Georgia, blank, blank, birthcert-3152.jpg
Byrom, Bettie Joe, F, 9/25/24, James Harris (TX), Lula May (TX), Beauchamp, Rhome, birthcert-8170.jpg
Byrom, blank, M, 1/1/06, Jim, May, blank, blank, birthcert-2379.jpg
Byrom, Delton Russell, M, 5/5/22, James H. (TX), Lula May (TX), Beachamp, Rhome, birthcert-7589.jpg, birthcert-7589a.jpg
Byrom, Jimmie Wayne, M, 11/16/31, W.L., Laddie E., Vess, Rhome, [No Image 10285 ]
Byrom, Kenneth Eugene, M, 8/19/33, E.F., Ruby, Sanders, Alvord, [No Image 10870 ]
Byrom, Lawrence Russell, M, 9/26/26, James Harris (TX), Lula May (TX), Beauchamp, Rhome, birthcert-8680.jpg
Byrom, Lula Rose, F, 12/28/03, George Albert, Annie Vergie, Caddis, Park Springs, birthcert-0545.jpg, birthcert-0545a.jpg
Byrom, Willie Mae, F, 5/9/27, Willie, Edith, Vess, Rhome, birthcert-8796.jpg
Byron, blank, F, 8/19/03, Joe, Lylian, blank, blank, birthcert-0199.jpg
Byron, blank, F, 3/28/18, Thomas V., A.M., Gilmore, Rhome, birthcert-6848.jpg
Byrone, John James, M, 6/19/32, John James, Jeniva, Furgison, Greenwood, [No Image 10473 ]
Byrum, Lawrence Edgar, M, 3/30/29, Willie L. (TX), Lydia Edith (TX), Vess, Rhome, birthcert-9308.jpg
Cable, blank, M, 8/8/15, Everett, Maude, Paschall, Boonsville, birthcert-6190.jpg
Cabol, blank, F, 5/13/11, D.E., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-5246.jpg
Caddell, Alton Dale, M, 4/11/19, Luther (TX), Nettie (TX), Terry, Decatur, birthcert-7069.jpg
Caddell, blank, F, 2/26/05, Scott, Mae, blank, blank, birthcert-1633.jpg
Caddell, blank, F, 12/4/05, blank, Viola, blank, blank, birthcert-2330.jpg
Caddell, blank, F, 12/25/05, Elvas, George, blank, blank, birthcert-2376.jpg
Caddell, blank, F, 11/12/06, Scott, Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-3016.jpg
Caddell, blank, M, 12/30/07, M.B., Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-3753.jpg
Caddell, blank, M, 11/23/09, J.M., D.H., blank, blank, birthcert-4855.jpg
Caddell, blank, F, 7/16/11, Scott, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5309.jpg
Caddell, Buster, M, 11/23/07, J.N. (TX), Cynthia (VA), Graham, Greenwood, birthcert-3636.jpg, birthcert-3636a.jpg
Caddell, Carl Richard, M, 6/17/06, Mart, Cora, blank, Greenwood, birthcert-2721.jpg, birthcert-2721a.jpg
Caddell, Lela Elsie, F, 3/11/08, Arthur (TX), Blanche (GA), Madden, Decatur, birthcert-3903.jpg
Cadler, Maggie Lee, F, 11/20/18, William (TX), Mary (TX), Washburn, Chico, birthcert-7010.jpg
Cage, Alanda Jean, F, 12/6/30, Ray D., Ruby L., Singleton, Bridgeport, [No Image 9891 ]
Cage, blank, M, 5/16/04, J.O., E.P., blank, blank, birthcert-0889.jpg
Cage, blank, M, 6/28/08, John, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-4106.jpg
Cage, blank, M, 2/24/09, Doc, Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-4512.jpg
Cage, blank, F, 8/18/32, Z.E., Myrtle, Washburn, Alvord, [No Image 10534 ]
Cage, Charley Wesley Harold, M, 10/31/29, Sam (TN), Sarah Emmaline (OK), Dake, Alvord, birthcert-9495.jpg, birthcert-9495a.jpg
Cage, Dorothy Dell, F, 1/19/24, Sam Clarence (TN), Sarah Emaline (OK), Doke, Alvord, birthcert-7982.jpg
Cage, Emmett Lee, M, 5/23/20, Ed (TN), Minnie V. (TX), Forrester, Alvord, birthcert-7251.jpg
Cage, Leon Clyde, M, 10/13/17, Reginald Barred, Velma, Ray, Alvord, birthcert-6736.jpg, birthcert-6736a.jpg
Cage, Minnie May, F, 7/7/28, Bob, Nellie, Barker, Bridgeport, birthcert-9052.jpg
Cage, Roy Earl, M, 11/7/33, Roy D., Ruby, Singleton, Bridgeport, [No Image 10930 ]
Cage, Ruby Viola, F, 10/13/22, Ed (TN), Minnie (TX), Forrester, Alvord, birthcert-7672.jpg
Cage, Willard D., M, 5/29/21, Sam C. (TN), Emma Eliza (OK), Doke, Alvord, birthcert-7408.jpg
Cagle, blank, M, 7/6/15, R.L., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-6142.jpg
Cagle, blank, M, 10/30/19, Robert L. (GA), Mary E. (TX), Elson, Alvord, birthcert-7154.jpg
Cagle, Ellen L., F, 11/12/31, W.R., Rosa M., Smith, Rhome, [No Image 10281 ]
Cagle, Octie, F, 11/2/04, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1322.jpg
Caldwell, (Artie Gilmer), M, 8/19/03, Sam, Elizabeth, blank, blank, birthcert-0198.jpg
Caldwell, blank, F, 12/28/03, T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0540.jpg
Caldwell, blank, F, 4/2/06, Sam, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-2584.jpg
Caldwell, blank, M, 6/2/07, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3365.jpg
Caldwell, blank, M, 1/20/08, Fred, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3792.jpg
Caldwell, blank, F, 1/14/13, Alfred, Nettie, Nash, blank, birthcert-5634.jpg
Caldwell, blank (Charles), M, 3/23/27, Whitt, Jewell, Wallace, Decatur, birthcert-8774.jpg
Caldwell, Claude Dexter, M, 7/22/04, John, Sophia, Kaker, Boyd, birthcert-1041.jpg, birthcert-1041a.jpg
Caldwell, Dorabelle, F, 11/11/04, Ben, Emma, Waglay, Boyd, birthcert-1344.jpg, birthcert-1344a.jpg
Caldwell, Fay Sue, F, 9/5/27, Lindsey Toliver, Nova Bell, Bowman, Rhome, birthcert-8838.jpg, birthcert-8838a.jpg
Caldwell, Gertrude Elizabeth, M, 2/6/05, Fred M., Lydia Belle, Dunaway, Decatur, birthcert-1577.jpg, birthcert-1577a.jpg
Caldwell, Warren Harding, M, 2/13/21, Lindsey T. (KY), Nova Bell (TX), Bowman, Rhome, birthcert-7347.jpg
Caldwell, Whit, M, 1/3/04, Edd, Ann, Grissom, Alvord, birthcert-0560.jpg, birthcert-0560a.jpg
Caldwell, William Virgil, M, 9/3/17, Joseph Floyd, Fannie, Long, Boyd, birthcert-6696.jpg, birthcert-6696a.jpg
Caleb, Fay, F, 4/16/29, W.F. (TX), Mary M. (TX), blank, Park Springs, birthcert-9322.jpg
Calhoun, blank, M, 11/30/04, Avrey, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-1402.jpg
Calhoun, blank, blank, 2/8/07, Oscar, Rebeca, blank, blank, birthcert-3161.jpg
Calhoun, Hazle Ruth, F, 2/5/18, Ernest E., Dora Bell, Blair, blank, birthcert-6820.jpg
Calican, blank, M, 1/24/23, Paul A. (TX), Ula (TX), Barnes, Crafton, birthcert-7716.jpg
Callahan, blank, M, 11/27/08, John, Celia, blank, blank, birthcert-4361.jpg
Callihan, blank, M, 8/23/05, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2079.jpg
Callihan, Hattie Pearlee, F, 4/4/11, James C., Oma May, Littlefield, Park Springs, birthcert-5213.jpg, birthcert-5213a.jpg
Callihan, Lela S., F, 9/6/05, Lee, Measie, blank, blank, birthcert-2122.jpg
Callihan, Samuel, M, 5/11/18, John, Collie, blank, Alvord, birthcert-6888.jpg
Calvin, blank, M, 4/6/08, J.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3956.jpg
Calwell, blank, M, 2/9/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2480.jpg
Calwell, blank, F, 12/18/07, R., Jessie, blank, blank, birthcert-3733.jpg
Calwell, blank, M, 4/12/09, Sam, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-4593.jpg
Calwell, blank, M, 9/19/09, S.J., Ollie, blank, blank, birthcert-4774.jpg
Calwell, Vivian Delores, F, 5/28/30, W.S., Gertrude, Taylor, blank, [No Image 9703 ]
Calwell, W.C., Jr., M, 6/20/30, W.C., Jewell, Wallace, Alvord, [No Image 9731 ]
Cambell, blank, M, 12/18/03, Andrew, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0518.jpg
Camp, blank, M, 11/29/04, Ray, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1399.jpg
Camp, Jerrall W., M, 7/24/29, W.W. (OK), Margaret (OK), blank, Alvord, birthcert-9407.jpg
Camp, Kamp, M, 11/27/16, R.E., Abbie, Roach, blank, birthcert-6516.jpg
Campbell, Ada Dora, F, 12/29/07, Joe J., Dora, Harms, Paradise, birthcert-3750.jpg, birthcert-3750a.jpg
Campbell, Alice Marie, F, 12/6/23, Hassell H. (TX), May C. (TX), Hanlee, Newark, birthcert-7947.jpg
Campbell, Bertha Dew, F, 7/31/05, Roy, Sallie, Massa, blank, birthcert-2015.jpg, birthcert-2015a.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 9/30/03, W.T., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0328.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 11/12/04, A.L., Lucinda, blank, blank, birthcert-1353.jpg
Campbell, blank, F, 2/6/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1579.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 4/9/05, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1727.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 5/16/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2673.jpg
Campbell, blank, F, 11/3/06, Caleb, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2996.jpg
Campbell, blank, F, 7/17/07, W.F., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-3431.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 9/28/09, J.W., Sally, blank, blank, birthcert-4786.jpg
Campbell, blank, F, 1/6/10, Newt, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4896.jpg
Campbell, blank, F, 12/6/10, M.D., Mannie, blank, blank, birthcert-5142.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 9/16/11, Newt, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5359.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 1/12/18, Lee, Minnie, Hest, Newark, birthcert-6792.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 2/2/26, Lee (TX), M.C. (TX), Holt, Newark, birthcert-8529.jpg
Campbell, blank, M, 8/13/28, Elmer, Lona, Hudson, Forth Worth, birthcert-9082.jpg
Campbell, Charles Edward, M, 6/15/05, Ples P., Sallie Mandy, Wright, Boyd, birthcert-1892.jpg, birthcert-1892a.jpg
Campbell, Essie, F, 12/11/25, Hassell (TN), Mary (TX), Hardee, Newark, birthcert-8478.jpg
Campbell, John C., M, 6/6/04, Joe J., Dora, Harms, Paradise, birthcert-0926.jpg, birthcert-0926a.jpg
Campbell, Lloyd Welton, M, 2/11/18, James Thomas, Ella, NeSmith, Boyd, birthcert-6825.jpg, birthcert-6825a.jpg
Campbell, Merke, F, 12/30/18, William (TX), Fae B. (TX), Bowen, France, birthcert-7022.jpg
Campbell, Nannie Estelle, F, 8/30/88, William Thomas, Julia Frances, Williams, Bledsoe, TX, birthcert-0019.jpg
Campbell, Ora May, F, 8/7/09, Marcellus Hartsell (TX), Minnie Bell (MO), Waldroup, Cottondale, birthcert-4725.jpg
Campbell, Roy, Jr., M, 2/27/04, Roy, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-0688.jpg
Campbell, Virginia B., F, 1/19/23, John Franklin (AL), Lottia Bell (TX), Reed, Decatur, birthcert-7711.jpg, birthcert-7711a.jpg
Campbell, White, F, 4/28/08, J.R., T.L., blank, blank, birthcert-3991.jpg
Campo, Anita, F, 7/14/29, M. (TX), Rosa (TX), Carrier, Bridgeport, birthcert-9399.jpg
Campo, Eustacio, M, 3/29/30, Luez, Virgine, Vallyo, Bridgeport, [No Image 9638 ]
Campo, John, M, 7/11/05, Juan, Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-1951.jpg
Canada, blank, M, 11/30/07, B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3696.jpg
Canady, blank, F, 2/26/05, blank, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-1632.jpg
Cannon, blank, M, 2/17/06, James, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-2499.jpg
Cannon, blank, M, 11/12/10, C.A., I.B., blank, blank, birthcert-5130.jpg
Cannon, blank, M, 11/15/13, Rex, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5792.jpg
Cannon, Herman Lee-triplet, M, 4/15/12, Truston Lee, Ida, Cautham, Boonsville, birthcert-5498.jpg, birthcert-5498a.jpg
Cannon, M.L., F, 5/1/06, T.L., C.G., blank, blank, birthcert-2646.jpg
Cannon, Sherman Lafayette-triplet, M, 4/15/12, Truston Lee, Ida, Cautham, Boonsville, birthcert-5497.jpg, birthcert-5497a.jpg
Cannon, Thurman Houston-triplet, M, 4/15/12, Truston Lee, Ida, Cautham, Boonsville, birthcert-5499.jpg, birthcert-5499a.jpg
Cannon, William Carl, M, 12/13/10, T.I., Ida Mae, Cotham, Boonsville, birthcert-5146.jpg
Cannon, William Seaph, M, 3/16/30, Leon William, Elberta, Peitzch, Bridgeport, [No Image 9628 ]
Canova, Wymond Martin, M, 2/9/33, D.C., Alleen, Reeves, Bridgeport, [No Image 10680 ]
Cansler, Thomas Verdell, M, 8/22/23, Thomas William (TX), Sarah Ethel (TX), Reed, Paradise, birthcert-7882.jpg, birthcert-7882a.jpg
Cantrell, Bettie Joe, F, 12/15/33, C., Viola, Dyer, Sunset, [No Image 10962 ]
Cantrell, blank, M, 2/23/05, Charles, Ada, blank, blank, birthcert-1619.jpg
Cantrell, Hazel, F, 10/25/24, William C. (AR), Ethel Lou (TX), Massey, Forrestburg, birthcert-8196.jpg
Cantrell, Lonnie Olin, M, 1/1/24, Lonnie O. (TX), Ellie (OK), Arnett, Montague Co., birthcert-8186.jpg, birthcert-8186a.jpg
Cantrell, Warren Elbridge, M, 7/8/26, Maine (TX), Sarah Elizabeth (TX), Miller, Sunset, birthcert-8613.jpg, birthcert-8613a.jpg
Cantrell, Wenda Lois, F, 6/3/32, M., Sarah, Miller, Sunset, [No Image 10453 ]
Cantwell, blank, F, 12/27/17, E.H., Clara E., Simpson, Chico, birthcert-6779.jpg
Capps, blank, M, 7/2/07, T.P., Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-3409.jpg
Capps, blank, M, 9/26/14, L.L., Myrtle, Roberts, blank, birthcert-5964.jpg
Capps, J.C., M, 11/19/30, J.C., Fay Julia, May, Alvord, [No Image 9874 ]
Capps, Lena, F, 5/19/33, Jim, Una, Fox, Alvord, [No Image 10771 ]
Capps, Tressie Alberta, F, 2/21/08, James Ambrose, Beulah Rachel, Reeves, Alvord, birthcert-3855.jpg, birthcert-3855a.jpg
Caranado, blank, M, 10/2/31, Meguel, Jonita, Garza, Bridgeport, [No Image 10240 ]
Caraway, blank, F, 10/29/06, Bud, Nan, blank, blank, birthcert-2985.jpg
Caraway, blank, M, 2/9/07, Will, Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-3163.jpg
Caraway, blank, M, 12/24/09, John, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-4885.jpg
Caraway, blank, M, 8/29/23, Wiley (TX), Ola (TX), Bingham, Decatur, birthcert-7884.jpg
Caraway, blank, F, 7/17/32, Thad D., Pauline, Young, Decatur, [No Image 10498 ]
Caraway, Doris, F, 4/9/05, William Robert, Lucy Frances, McDaniel, Bridgeport, birthcert-1728.jpg, birthcert-1728a.jpg
Caraway, Helen Marie, F, 11/2/27, Wiley, Ola, Bingham, Decatur, birthcert-8864.jpg, birthcert-8864a.jpg
Caraway, James, M, 1/9/26, Bud (TX), Katie B. (TX), Sherman, Wise Co., birthcert-8505.jpg
Caraway, Kenith Leo, M, 4/24/33, Monroe, Callie, Smith, Decatur, [No Image 10744 ]
Caraway, Mary Frances, F, 5/8/19, John (TX), Frances (TX), Chambers, Decatur, birthcert-7082.jpg
Caraway, Mary Jane, F, 3/5/26, Wiley (TX), Ola (TX), Bigham, Decatur, birthcert-8555.jpg
Caraway, Millie May, F, 10/28/03, John, Frances, Chambers, Boyd, birthcert-0400.jpg, birthcert-0400a.jpg
Caraway, Ola B., F, 2/6/06, John, Martha M., Allison, Decatur, birthcert-2472.jpg, birthcert-2472a.jpg
Caraway, Ola Fay, F, 12/28/33, Weley, Melba, Barnett, Chico, [No Image 10975 ]
Caraway, R.F., M, 4/10/04, Robert Franklin, Lottie, Johnson, Paradise, birthcert-0803.jpg, birthcert-0803a.jpg birthcert-0803b.jpg
Caraway, Robert Wiley, M, 3/5/22, Wiley (TX), Ola Adline (TX), Bigham, Decatur, birthcert-7556.jpg, birthcert-7556a.jpg
Caraway, Ruby Viola, F, 2/17/30, Wiley, Ola, Bingham, Decatur, [No Image 9598 ]
Caraway, William Earl, M, 4/15/30, W.E., Kate, Warren, blank, [No Image 9658 ]
Cardenas, Guadalupe, F, 4/29/28, Guadalupe, Bonfacia, Gomez, Bridgeport, birthcert-9006.jpg, birthcert-9006a.jpg
Carl, blank, M, 3/6/07, Sam, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3206.jpg
Carl, blank, F, 2/11/10, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4933.jpg
Carley, blank, M, 8/27/24, J.H. (TX), Alma (TX), Lanham, Park Springs, birthcert-8155.jpg
Carlile, Fay-twin, F, 4/16/29, William F. (TX), Mary (TX), Mashburn, Sunset, birthcert-9323.jpg
Carlile, Ray-twin, M, 4/16/29, William F. (TX), Mary (TX), Mashburn, Sunset, birthcert-9324.jpg
Carlisle, blank, F, 5/23/08, J.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4045.jpg
Carlisle, blank, M, 10/15/11, Louis, blank, Lewis, blank, birthcert-5382.jpg
Carlisle, blank, F, 2/21/33, E.F., Bessie, Stout, Chico, [No Image 10690 ]
Carlisle, Edwin Lee, M, 7/13/28, Edwin Forrest, Bessie Lee, Stout, Chico, birthcert-9054.jpg, birthcert-9054a.jpg
Carlisle, Rena Lois, F, 2/6/33, E.F., Bessie, Stout, Chico, [No Image 10678 ]
Carlos, Fannie, F, 7/21/03, William A., Zana B., blank, blank, birthcert-0132.jpg
Carlton, blank, M, 4/30/11, John W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5238.jpg
Carlton, Tom, M, 9/12/27, John Onie, Ruth, Wright, Boonsville, birthcert-8842.jpg, birthcert-8842a.jpg
Carlysle, blank, M, 6/1/05, J.R., Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-1857.jpg
Carmers, blank, M, 3/10/31, L.C., Vera, Duggan, Bridgeport, [No Image 9999 ]
Carnanzas, blank, M, 7/26/08, A. (Mex), M. (Mex), blank, blank, birthcert-4150.jpg
Caroilo, blank, F, 12/2/07, Ed, Donie, blank, blank, birthcert-3709.jpg
Carpenter, blank, F, 5/5/05, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1791.jpg
Carpenter, blank, M, 6/2/05, Jessie, Kate, blank, blank, birthcert-1860.jpg
Carpenter, blank, M, 3/25/06, H., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-2569.jpg
Carpenter, blank, M, 12/2/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3707.jpg
Carpenter, blank, F, 6/4/14, D.H., Lola, Taylor, blank, birthcert-5907.jpg
Carpenter, blank, F, 1/10/15, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6013.jpg
Carpenter, blank, F, 12/17/16, Morton, Louise, Long, blank, birthcert-6527.jpg
Carpenter, blank, F, 10/19/24, W.A. (IL), Myrtle M. (WI), Murry, Decatur, birthcert-8191.jpg
Carpenter, blank, F, 9/23/26, I.H. (TX), Della (TX), Green, Forth Worth, birthcert-8675.jpg
Carpenter, blank, M, 5/9/33, Jim, Agnes, Martin, blank, [No Image 10763 ]
Carpenter, Charles Jess, M, 8/4/33, Jess C., Addie M., Crowder, Rhome, [No Image 10848 ]
Carpenter, Clay Owen, M, 9/14/23, William David (TX), Frankie Jewel (TX), Henderson, Rhome, birthcert-7893.jpg
Carpenter, Ed Melton, M, 10/22/33, Jess C., Addie M., Crowder, Rhome, [No Image 10915 ]
Carpenter, Jesse Napolion, Jr., M, 4/18/31, Jessie W., Velma Fay, Bradford, Decatur, [No Image 10046 ]
Carpenter, Jim, M, 8/28/07, Sam H., Harriett A., Franklin, Bridgeport, birthcert-3510.jpg, birthcert-3510a.jpg
Carpenter, Marvin Paul, M, 10/18/16, John Alexander, Violet A., Mandy, Boyd, birthcert-6494.jpg, birthcert-6494a.jpg
Carpenter, Sam Houston, M, 3/28/04, Jess Henry, Harriett Alice, Franklin, Chico, birthcert-0763.jpg, birthcert-0763a.jpg
Carpenter, Velma, F, 5/27/15, Jesse H. (TX), Della (TX), Green, Bridgeport, birthcert-6107.jpg, birthcert-6107a.jpg
Carpenter, Virgil Morton, M, 10/30/24, Jess H. (TX), Della M. (TX), Green, Bridgeport, birthcert-8203.jpg, birthcert-8203a.jpg
Carpenter, Willeta Van, F, 8/30/15, Morton, Louise, Long, Bridgeport, birthcert-6189.jpg, birthcert-6189a.jpg birthcert-6189b.jpg
Carr, Annie Eloyse, F, 4/9/30, Gilbert, Annie, Spain, Decatur, [No Image 9648 ]
Carr, blank, F, 12/3/08, Dave, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4373.jpg
Carr, blank, M, 6/17/21, Parris (TX), Ethel (TX), Vandiver, Decatur, birthcert-7413.jpg
Carr, blank, M, 5/30/23, W.P. (TN), Ethel (Carolina), Vanover, Decatur, birthcert-7812.jpg
Carr, Ella Mae, F, 6/15/23, Thomas Jefferson (TN), Leana (TN), McBroom, Alvord, birthcert-7823.jpg, birthcert-7823a.jpg
Carr, J.H., M, 7/25/20, G.G. (TN), Annie (TX), Spain, Decatur, birthcert-7275.jpg
Carr, Jess, M, 4/7/23, Claude (TX), Maggie (TX), Allen, Bridgeport, birthcert-7760.jpg
Carr, Mary E., F, 10/31/24, T.J. (TN), Lena (TN), McBroom, Boyd, birthcert-8205.jpg
Carr, Vada Christell, F, 7/11/18, William Parris (TN), Ethel (NC), Vanover, Decatur, birthcert-6932.jpg, birthcert-6932a.jpg
Carren, blank, F, 6/20/04, D.T., S.L., blank, blank, birthcert-0960.jpg
Carrier, Angel Michael Rosendeio, M, 3/1/18, Eugenio Perez, Avila, Vuenseslada, Bridgeport, birthcert-6838.jpg
Carrier, blank, F, 1/10/30, Eugene, Benie, Aveda, Bridgeport, [No Image 9552 ]
Carrier, Dianisia Eleanor, F, 6/6/11, Eugenio Perez, Avila, Vuenseslada, Bridgeport, birthcert-5272.jpg
Carrier, Erlinda, F, 9/27/25, Eugenio Perez (Mex), Avila (Mex), Vuenseslada, Bridgeport, birthcert-8430.jpg
Carrier, Eugenio, Jr., M, 2/15/20, Eugenio Perez (Mex), Vuenseslada (Mex), Avila, Bridgeport, birthcert-7213.jpg
Carrier, Guadalupe Ruth, F, 5/18/23, Euginio Perez (Mex), Avila (Mex), Vuenseslada, Bridgeport, birthcert-7803.jpg
Carrier, Mary, F, 1/10/30, Eugenio P., Avila, Vuenseslada, blank, [No Image 9553 ]
Carrier, May, M, 7/18/23, Eugene (TX), Lizzie (TX), blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-7854.jpg
Carrier, Philiberto Robert, M, 11/3/15, Eugenio Perez, Avila, Vuenseslada, Bridgeport, birthcert-6294.jpg
Carrier, Rosa, F, 9/4/09, Eugenio Parez (Mex), Arila (Mex), Vuenseslada, Bridgeport, birthcert-4759.jpg
Carrier, Silvia, F, 5/18/23, Eugene, Benzie, Benez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7804.jpg
Carroll, blank, M, 1/13/10, Reed, Mary B., blank, blank, birthcert-4905.jpg
Carruthers, blank, M, 9/5/05, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2121.jpg
Carson, Anita Ruth, F, 11/8/28, Joseph Perry (MS), Illa Mae (TX), Lambert, Wichita Falls, birthcert-9170.jpg
Carson, Billie Jean, F, 10/31/26, Cecil Wesley, Beatrice, Walker, Boonsville, birthcert-8704.jpg, birthcert-8704a.jpg
Carson, blank, F, 12/5/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4866.jpg
Carson, blank, M, 12/8/31, Cecil W., Beatrice, Walker, Boonsville, [No Image 10300 ]
Carson, Charles Lewis, M, 9/8/30, E.W., Othella, Jones, blank, [No Image 9811 ]
Carson, Joseph Benson, M, 8/7/03, J.W., Rev., Ella, Roberts, Boonsville, birthcert-0167.jpg, birthcert-0167a.jpg birthcert-0167b.jpg
Carson, Margalie, F, 7/7/33, William, Ollie, Jadkins, Decatur, [No Image 10816 ]
Carter, Billie Jack, M, 8/12/29, Alvin J. (TX), Grace B. (TX), Maxley, Bridgeport, birthcert-9418.jpg
Carter, blank, M, 6/4/04, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0921.jpg
Carter, blank, F, 4/4/06, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2587.jpg
Carter, blank, M, 10/9/06, A.R., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-2955.jpg
Carter, blank, M, 3/18/07, W.G., Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-3232.jpg
Carter, blank, M, 2/28/08, Hiriam, Marie, blank, blank, birthcert-3874.jpg
Carter, blank, F, 5/26/08, A.R., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-4051.jpg
Carter, blank, M, 6/9/08, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4078.jpg
Carter, blank, F, 3/17/09, John T., Mabel, blank, blank, birthcert-4561.jpg
Carter, blank, F, 5/2/11, A.R., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-5239.jpg
Carter, blank, M, 9/13/14, blank, Mattie, Newsom, blank, birthcert-5961.jpg
Carter, blank, F, 1/4/16, Robert, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-6336.jpg
Carter, Dorothy Arline, F, 12/17/12, William Eugene (TX), Collie Cordelia (MS), Johnston, Bridgeport, birthcert-5612.jpg, birthcert-5612a.jpg
Carter, James Weldon, M, 5/3/09, James Zellie (AL), Maude Esther (TX), Shankle, Paradise, birthcert-4617.jpg, birthcert-4617a.jpg
Carter, John Preston, M, 4/16/22, Robert D. (TX), Lydia Jane (TX), Arnold, Rhome, birthcert-7576.jpg
Carter, John T., Jr., M, 7/16/03, John t., Mabel, blank, blank, birthcert-0122.jpg
Carter, William P., M, 11/2/04, John T., Mabell, blank, blank, birthcert-1319.jpg
Cartie, blank, M, 11/10/11, H.E., Verdia, Cook, blank, birthcert-5400.jpg
Cartwright, blank, M, 2/26/09, Omer, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4519.jpg
Cartwright, Oma Bruce, M, 2/7/23, Oma (TX), Hattie (TX), Triplett, Decatur, birthcert-7722.jpg
Carty, blank, M, 8/7/08, D.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4173.jpg
Caruthers, Betty Jo Ozell, F, 9/17/26, Stanley (TX), Viola (TX), Jeter, Paradise, birthcert-8672.jpg, birthcert-8672a.jpg
Caruthers, blank, F, 1/25/12, Lee, Julia, Dunn, blank, birthcert-5446.jpg
Caruthers, blank, M, 12/8/15, Lee, Julia, Dunn, blank, birthcert-6316.jpg
Caruthers, Lellam Allen, M, 9/16/30, Stanley, Viola, Jeter, blank, [No Image 9819 ]
Caruthers, W.C., M, 10/31/06, J.L., J.M., blank, blank, birthcert-2987.jpg
Carver, Antia, blank, 12/27/03, W.C., M.P., blank, blank, birthcert-0539.jpg, [delayed 4094]
Carver, blank, M, 8/16/06, W.C., Marella, blank, blank, birthcert-2844.jpg
Carver, blank, M, 7/24/09, W.C., Mozell, blank, blank, birthcert-4696.jpg
Carver, blank, F, 7/17/33, Fred A., Stella, Chook, blank, [No Image 10828 ]
Carver, Jacob Henry, M, 7/17/94, Benjaman F., Violet, Witt, Boyd, birthcert-0039.jpg
Carver, Stella Maurice, F, 4/17/32, Fred, Stella Mae, Choat, blank, [No Image 10413 ]
Carway, blank, M, 10/11/09, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4808.jpg
Carway, blank, M, 5/5/31, Wiley, Ola, Bingham, Decatur, [No Image 10061 ]
Cary, blank, M, 8/23/04, W.D., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1131.jpg
Case, blank, M, 3/13/06, Sam, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2551.jpg
Case, blank, M, 10/1/06, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2940.jpg
Caseleas, blank, F, 8/28/28, G. (Mex), Laura (Mex), Guadalupe, Bridgeport, birthcert-9100.jpg
Casellas, Jesus, M, 10/15/32, G., Guadalupe, De Luna, Bridgeport, [No Image 10596 ]
Casey, Arville Ward, M, 11/19/07, Mose Johnson (AR), Maud Lee (TX), Meeks, Decatur, birthcert-3676.jpg, birthcert-3676a.jpg
Casey, Bertie Mae, F, 7/28/06, Mose (AR), Maud (TX), Lee, Greenwood, birthcert-2795.jpg, birthcert-2795a.jpg
Casey, blank, M, 10/5/03, Sam, Rosey, blank, blank, birthcert-0337.jpg
Casey, blank, M, 11/17/04, M., Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1370.jpg
Casey, blank, M, 12/25/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1460.jpg
Casey, blank, M, 6/14/28, Ray, Lurline, Golden, Decatur, birthcert-9036.jpg
Casey, blank, F, 5/11/29, Ray (TX), Emeline (TX), Golden, Decatur, birthcert-9344.jpg
Casey, Guinn William, M, 1/1/10, John Calvin, Ora, Baley, blank, birthcert-4893.jpg, birthcert-4893a.jpg
Casey, Pansy Geneva, M, 10/3/07, Thomas (VA), Rebecca (TX), Bivens, Cottondale, birthcert-3586.jpg, birthcert-3586a.jpg
Casey, Wendell, Jr., M, 7/10/23, Wendell (TX), Rena Mauden (TX), Freeman, Alvord, birthcert-7848.jpg
Cash, (Agnes Leevell), F, 8/7/11, Emmett, Valena (Volina), LeFors, (Boyd), birthcert-5317.jpg
Cash, (Barbara Olena), F, 12/24/16, J.W. (Walter), Lou Ana (Louana), Le Forse (LeFors), blank, birthcert-6529.jpg
Cash, (Elvada), M, 3/27/19, Emmit A. (TX), Volina (TX), LeFors, Boyd, birthcert-7063.jpg
Cash, blank, M, 4/21/05, J.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1763.jpg
Cash, blank, M, 12/24/16, J.W. (Walter), Lou Ana (Louana), Le Forse (LeFors), blank, birthcert-6530.jpg
Cash, Leonard, M, 11/29/29, Felix, Mattie L. , Smith, blank, [No Image 9520 ]
Casileos, blank, M, 10/27/31, Charley, Grenasa, Josefa, Bridgeport, [No Image 10273 ]
Casillas, Felipe, M, 2/5/24, Manuel, Sr. (Mex), Margarita (TX), Sills, blank, birthcert-7995.jpg
Casillas, Manuel, M, 4/18/30, George, Sofia, Bora, Bridgeport, [No Image 9663 ]
Casillas, Manuel, M, 4/18/30, Gregorio, G., De Luna, Bridgeport, [No Image 9664 ]
Casillas, Manuel, Jr., M, 3/31/22, Manuel (Mex), Margarita (TX), Salis, Bridgeport, birthcert-7568.jpg
Casillas, Margarita, F, 1/29/19, Gregorio (Mex), Guadalupe (Mex), De Luna, Bridgeport, birthcert-7044.jpg
Casillas, Maria, F, 5/25/26, Gregario (Mex), Guadalupe (Mex), De Luna, Bridgeport, birthcert-8592.jpg
Casillas, Simon, M, 2/14/24, Gregorio (Mex), Guadalupe (Mex), De Luna, Bridgeport, birthcert-8004.jpg
Casleman, blank, M, 9/23/07, Earl, Hattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3562.jpg
Casner, Jacob Henry, M, 7/17/94, Ben, Violet, Witt, Boyd, birthcert-0038.jpg
Cason, blank, F, 9/29/04, J.M., M., blank, blank, birthcert-1236.jpg
Cason, blank, M, 9/22/19, Haskell B. (TX), Josephine (TX), Gossett, Alvord, birthcert-7136.jpg
Cassity, blank, F, 6/2/33, Glenn, Leora, Watts, Decatur, [No Image 10787 ]
Cassity, Jackie Howard, M, 1/1/30, H.M., Vern, Stewler, blank, [No Image 9542 ]
Cassity, Wanda Faye, F, 7/6/30, Lynn, Leola, Watts, blank, [No Image 9750 ]
Castaima, blank, M, 2/6/09, R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4481.jpg
Castanio, blank, M, 7/25/04, Rupert, Adela, blank, blank, birthcert-1052.jpg
Castillo, blank, F, 8/7/29, Felix (Mex), Theodera (TX), Carzalis, Bridgeport, birthcert-9412.jpg
Castillo, Long, F, 5/3/28, Simon, Terlina , blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-9009.jpg
Castillo, Paul, F, 1/25/29, Albert (Mex), Castorna (TX), blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-9250.jpg
Castle, blank, M, 3/20/05, Albert, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-1682.jpg
Castle, blank, F, 2/6/12, Jess, May, Haygood, blank, birthcert-5458.jpg
Castleberie, Shannon, F, 10/14/33, Ura, M.J., blank, blank, [No Image 10908 ]
Castleberry, Annie, F, 2/5/08, James Oscar (TX), Eva Mae (TX), Dewbre, Willow Point, birthcert-3875.jpg, birthcert-3875a.jpg
Castleberry, blank, M, 11/16/10, A.T., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-5131.jpg
Castleberry, blank, F, 11/5/30, W., F.M., Long, blank, [No Image 9856 ]
Castleberry, J.O., Jr., M, 4/7/13, J.O.(TX), May (AR), Dewbree, Willow Point, birthcert-5680.jpg, birthcert-5680a.jpg
Castleberry, Leita Mae, F, 5/20/05, Aaron Thomas, Margaret Elizabeth, Gibson, Balsora, birthcert-1830.jpg, birthcert-1830a.jpg
Castleberry, Marcha V., F, 4/9/31, Ernest, Catherine, Padgett, Decatur, [No Image 10033 ]
Castlebury, Clara Catherine, F, 4/7/29, A.V. (TX), Catherine Effa (TX), Padgett, Decatur, birthcert-9317.jpg
Castleman, blank, M, 8/18/07, Earl, Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-3494.jpg
Castleman, Castemon, M, 3/24/15, Earl B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6061.jpg
Castles, blank, M, 5/1/04, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0854.jpg
Caston, Byron Kay, M, 5/23/07, William D., Susan Pearl, Easterwood, Bridgeport, birthcert-3346.jpg, birthcert-3346a.jpg
Caswell, Betty Joyce, F, 10/6/28, Raymond (TX), Christine (TX), St Clair, OK, birthcert-9143.jpg
Caswell, Javene, F, 2/18/26, James R. (TX), E. Christine (TX), St Clair, Sunset, birthcert-8544.jpg
Cates, blank, F, 7/25/05, L.W., Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-1999.jpg
Cates, blank, M, 8/1/07, Jake, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3457.jpg
Cates, blank, F, 8/19/10, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5075.jpg
Cates, Charles Allen, M, 8/29/08, J.H. (TX), Opal (TN), Kenny, Decatur, birthcert-4210.jpg
Cates, Claude J., M, 12/15/04, Joe, Lillian, Gentry, Decatur, birthcert-1440.jpg, birthcert-1440a.jpg
Cates, Dorothy Pearl, F, 10/5/26, James P. (TX), Audrey L. (OK), Bivens, Rhome, birthcert-8687.jpg
Cates, Frances, F, 8/22/18, Robert M. (TX), Ethel (TX), Dwight, Boyd, birthcert-6958.jpg
Cates, James Gordon, M, 6/11/25, Joe Claud (TX), Mary (TX), Champion, Decatur, birthcert-8338.jpg, birthcert-8338a.jpg
Cates, John Warren Hale, Jr., M, 10/25/05, John Warren Hale, Opal, Kenny, blank, birthcert-2240.jpg, birthcert-2240a.jpg
Cates, Keanon Burton, M, 3/28/22, Keith (TX), Nancy Kate (TX), Burton, Ponder, birthcert-7566.jpg
Cates, Mary Frances, M, 6/4/24, James P. (TX), Lillian (TX), Bems, Rhome, birthcert-8077.jpg
Cates, Velda Keith, F, 9/9/27, Keith, Katherine, Burton, Decatur, birthcert-8841.jpg, birthcert-8841a.jpg
Cato, Lucile, F, 7/29/33, I.E., Lillian, Bingham, blank, [No Image 10840 ]
Caywood, blank, M, 11/30/08, James, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-4365.jpg
Caywood, blank, F, 3/25/15, John, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-6062.jpg
Cearley, Annie Grethel, F, 10/4/04, George Henry, Belsora Alice, Belcher, Decatur, birthcert-1249.jpg, birthcert-1249a.jpg
Cearley, blank, F, 9/23/03, O., A., blank, blank, birthcert-0309.jpg
Cearley, blank, F, 1/13/06, G.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2398.jpg
Cearley, blank, F, 1/10/13, Glen, Alice, Smiley, blank, birthcert-5632.jpg
Cearley, Edwina Fay, F, 11/26/17, Forrest Boothe, Sarah Elizabeth, Greene, blank, birthcert-6764.jpg, birthcert-6764a.jpg
Cearley, Hancel Jesse, M, 1/31/08, George Henry (TN), Balsora Alice (TN), Belcher, Decatur, birthcert-3815.jpg, birthcert-3815a.jpg
Cearley, Hancel Jessie, Jr., M, 3/30/28, Hancel Jessie, Odell, Sipes, Alvord, birthcert-8984.jpg, birthcert-8984a.jpg
Cearley, J.B., M, 11/22/17, Glenn, Alice, Smiley, Bridgeport, birthcert-6762.jpg, birthcert-6762a.jpg
Cearley, Jesse Ellis, M, 8/14/05, Oran Roberts (TX), Agnes Iola (MS), Hill, Bridgeport, birthcert-2052.jpg, birthcert-2052a.jpg
Cearley, John Franklin, M, 12/23/09, Oran P., Agnes Iola, Hill, Bridgeport, birthcert-4884.jpg, birthcert-4884a.jpg
Cearley, Martha Marion, F, 6/16/05, Robert Newton, Catherine, Coffman, Decatur, birthcert-1899.jpg, birthcert-1899a.jpg
Cearley, Orville Forrest, M, 12/12/11, Forrest, Sallie, Green, Bridgeport, birthcert-5421.jpg, birthcert-5421a.jpg
Cearley, Reba Pearl, F, 10/9/13, William Cary (TX), May, Green, blank, birthcert-5779.jpg, birthcert-5779a.jpg
Cearley, Vernon Glenn, M, 5/14/15, Forrest Boothe (TX), Sarah Elizabeth (TX), Greene, Bridgeport, birthcert-6087.jpg, birthcert-6087a.jpg
Cearly, blank, F, 6/30/04, R.N., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0978.jpg
Cearly, blank, F, 8/14/32, Elias, Eunice, Flaming, Decatur, [No Image 10527 ]
Cecil, blank, F, 2/2/04, William, Ada, blank, blank, birthcert-0631.jpg
Cecil, blank, M, 10/6/05, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2192.jpg
Chadwick, blank, M, 5/12/18, James, May, blank, Sunset, birthcert-6890.jpg
Chadwick, Doyl Wayne, M, 6/21/31, W.J., blank, Arp, Park Springs, [No Image 10122 ]
Chadwick, James J., M, 1/2/19, Will (GA), Flora (TX), Caddell, Slidell, birthcert-7023.jpg, birthcert-7023a.jpg
Chadwick, Thelma Selena, F, 9/20/13, J.F. (NC), Amandy Ella (GA), Springfield, Alvord, birthcert-5769.jpg, birthcert-5769a.jpg
Chaires, M.T., F, 3/26/07, J.L., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-3250.jpg
Chamberlien, Billie R., M, 6/17/24, S.A. (OK), E. Josephine (MN), Holliman, Alvord, birthcert-8082.jpg
Chambers, Artie Mae, F, 8/15/25, Charles Harrison (TX), Ersie Lanear (TX), Shipman, Alvord, birthcert-8389.jpg, birthcert-8389a.jpg
Chambers, C.C., M, 5/17/30, Robert B., Eunice, Wilson, blank, [No Image 9691 ]
Chambers, Geneva Pauline, F, 10/20/14, Isom Alfred (IL), Zora (TX), Whitaker, Alvord, birthcert-5976.jpg, birthcert-5976a.jpg birthcert-5976b.jpg
Chambers, Lotella Ann, F, 1/12/28, Benjamin F., Lizzie Florence, Hammock, Chico, birthcert-8913.jpg
Chambless, blank, M, 7/2/06, Green, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2745.jpg
Chambliss, blank, M, 7/2/06, G.N., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2742.jpg
Champion, Cora Deane, F, 9/10/24, F.A. (TX), Della L. (TX), Wallis, Alvord, birthcert-8164.jpg, birthcert-8164a.jpg
Champion, Francis Elizabeth, F, 1/11/24, Arthur Lee (TX), Mary Averille (TX), Sims, Alvord, birthcert-7977.jpg
Champion, John Curtis, F, 1/14/17, Justus, Mary Bell, Smith, Alvord, birthcert-6541.jpg, birthcert-6541a.jpg
Champion, John William, M, 8/4/22, Arthur Lee (TX), Mary Averille (TX), Sims, Alvord, birthcert-7638.jpg
Champion, Ruthie Lee, F, 7/28/05, John C., Nellie, Hicks, Alvord, birthcert-2006.jpg, birthcert-2006a.jpg
Champion, Wallis Festus, M, 7/24/29, F.A. (TX), Della (TX), Wallis, Alvord, birthcert-9406.jpg, birthcert-9406a.jpg
Chandler, blank, M, 1/18/04, L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0597.jpg
Chandler, blank, F, 10/19/15, Newt, M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-6274.jpg
Chandler, John Frederick, M, 4/28/06, William Newton (TN), Alice Martha (TN), Ashlock, Park Springs, birthcert-2642.jpg
Chandler, Melvin Leon, M, 4/23/22, David C. (TN), Nora (TX), Pinkerton, Decatur, birthcert-7582.jpg, birthcert-7582a.jpg
Chandler, Raymond Dee, M, 5/3/26, David C. (TN), Nora (TX), Pinkerton, Rhome, birthcert-8556.jpg, birthcert-8556a.jpg
Chandler, Samuel David, M, 5/19/24, David C. (TN), Nora (TX), Pinkerton, Rhome, birthcert-8072.jpg, birthcert-8072a.jpg
Chandler, Samuel Hollis, M, 6/3/19, Walton (TX), Lido (TX), Leatherwood, Poolville, birthcert-7098.jpg, birthcert-7098a.jpg
Chaney, blank, F, 11/17/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2286.jpg, [29729 delayed]
Chaney, Ruby, F, 8/30/04, John, Annie Vernon, Bridges, Paradise, birthcert-1151.jpg, birthcert-1151a.jpg
Chapman, blank, M, 8/14/15, W.W., A.L., Corley , blank, birthcert-6196.jpg
Chapman, blank, M, 10/31/19, James (TX), Docia (TX), Sullivan, Decatur, birthcert-7155.jpg
Chapman, Jim, M, 10/19/18, Clarence E. (TX), Murtie (TX), Ryan, Childress, birthcert-6998.jpg
Chapman, Wilma Lorraine, F, 7/28/17, Thomas H., Dora T., Cearley, Chico, birthcert-6668.jpg
Chappell, blank, F, 1/1/04, W.A., Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-0553.jpg
Chappell, blank, F, 9/15/04, J.J., S.A., blank, blank, birthcert-1196.jpg
Charia, blank, F, 5/4/08, Lorenzo (Mex), blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4009.jpg
Chavez, Catalino, M, 4/30/20, Primitive M. (Mex), Petra (Mex), Vasquez, Decatur, birthcert-7237.jpg
Chavis, Inez, F, 4/19/23, Ernest (TX), Inez (TX), Vasquez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7775.jpg
Cheaves, blank, M, 4/19/13, O.F., M., Thrasher, blank, [No Image 10484 ]
Cheeves, blank, M, 4/19/13, O.F., M., Thrasher, blank, birthcert-5683.jpg
Chenowith, blank, M, 8/26/07, John, Agnes, blank, Chico, birthcert-3506.jpg
Cherris, blank, M, 9/23/08, M.O., B.S., blank, blank, birthcert-4262.jpg
Cherry, blank, F, 12/7/03, Dale, May, blank, blank, birthcert-0488.jpg
Cherry, blank, F, 7/27/06, D., May, blank, blank, birthcert-2793.jpg
Cherry, blank, M, 1/8/08, Dock, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3777.jpg
Cherry, blank, M, 7/10/08, Dale, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4125.jpg
Cheser, Kate, F, 2/19/31, H.T., Ruby, Freeman, Forrestburg, [No Image 9966 ]
Chesher, Robert Henry, M, 12/18/79, George Woodruff, Mary Virginia, Elliott, Decatur, birthcert-0002.jpg
Chesney, Iris Oleta, F, 1/24/12, Albert Edward, Ida Florance , Murray, Decatur, birthcert-5444.jpg, birthcert-5444a.jpg
Chesser, blank, M, 12/8/07, J.R., E.L., blank, blank, birthcert-3721.jpg
Chesser, blank, M, 3/3/09, J.R., E.L., blank, blank, birthcert-4534.jpg
Chesser, blank, M, 11/26/23, Henry (TX), Ruby (TX), Freeman, Forrestburg, birthcert-7945.jpg
Chesser, Flake , M, 12/6/25, Henry (TX), Ruby P. (TX), Freeman, Forrestburg, birthcert-8473.jpg
Chesser, twins, M, 4/27/25, Willam B. (TX), Noama (TX), Ogles, Chico, birthcert-8300.jpg
Chesser, twins, M, 4/27/25, Willam B. (TX), Noama (TX), Ogles, Chico, birthcert-8301.jpg
Chessin, Elizabeth, blank, 11/16/27, Akney Percy, Bula Lois, Haggard, Rhome, birthcert-8877.jpg,
Chester, Annabelle Johnny, F, 4/30/26, Ernest (New Zealand), Clennie Minerva (TX), Leonard, Spearman TX, birthcert-8580.jpg, birthcert-8580a.jpg
Chesum, blank, F, 6/17/15, E.J., M.L., blank, blank, birthcert-6124.jpg
Cheves, blank, blank, 12/29/12, L.H., Mattie, Dillard, blank, birthcert-5619.jpg
Cheves, blank, M, 4/19/14, T.H., Mattie, Dillard, blank, birthcert-5876.jpg
Cheves, Orval Randle, M, 2/17/18, Oscar F., Mollie F., Thrasher, Willow Point, birthcert-6830.jpg
Chigle, Oda, F, 10/23/04, Tom, Martha , blank, blank, birthcert-1294.jpg
Chilcoat, blank, M, 6/17/05, J.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1901.jpg
Childers, blank, M, 1/2/05, J.T., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-1482.jpg
Childers, Cynthia Jane, F, 9/26/29, Eddie C. (TX), Loma B. (WV), Lowance, Krum, birthcert-9464.jpg, birthcert-9464a.jpg
Childers, Maurine Ruth, F, 11/27/27, Lonnie B., Willie Lee, Lewis, Krum, birthcert-8881.jpg, birthcert-8881a.jpg
Childress, Jackie Ann, F, 7/9/33, A.P., Ollie, Almonroad, Alvord, [No Image 10818 ]
Childress, Janie Evelyn, F, 5/13/26, A.R. (TX), Kizzie E. (TX), Baldwin, Rhome, birthcert-8585.jpg, birthcert-8585a.jpg
Childress, Luther L.T., M, 4/23/20, A.R. (TX), Kizzie (TX), Baldwin, Boyd, birthcert-7234.jpg, birthcert-7234a.jpg
Childress, Mary Jo, F, 6/27/28, Lonnie B., Willie Lee, Lewis, Krum, birthcert-9046.jpg, birthcert-9046a.jpg
Childress, Mary Lon, F, 9/20/31, Robert, Eualu, Rider, Newark, [No Image 10227 ]
Chilton, blank, F, 8/17/10, Rufus, Minnie T., blank, blank, birthcert-5074.jpg
Chilton, blank, M, 1/7/30, Pete, Billie, Cates, Decatur, [No Image 9548 ]
Chilton, Catherine Dougliss, M, 12/15/07, Rufus, Jeannie, blank, blank, birthcert-3725.jpg
Chilton, Ethel Faye, F, 9/8/22, Fred Dougless (TX), Lillian Ethel (MS), Stokes, Bridgeport, birthcert-7887.jpg, birthcert-7887a.jpg
Chilton, Flora Wayne, F, 10/23/11, William, Flora, West, blank, birthcert-5390.jpg, birthcert-5390a.jpg
Chilton, Helen Maxine, F, 8/25/22, J.E. (TX), Thelma (TX), Hawkins, Chico, birthcert-7647.jpg
Chilton, Millie Pauline, F, 10/18/18, Charles W. (TX), Berta Mae (TX), Newton, Bridgeport, birthcert-6997.jpg, birthcert-6997a.jpg
Chilton, Olive Ruth, F, 9/21/11, Fred Douglas, Lillian Ethel, Stokes, Bridgeport, birthcert-5366.jpg
Chinnis, blank, F, 6/23/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, [No Image 4671]
Chipman, blank, F, 4/1/23, E.S. (TX), Hattie (OK), Stokes, Crafton, birthcert-7751.jpg
Chipman, William Sidney, M, 10/26/15, Elbert, Hattie, blank, blank, birthcert-6285.jpg
Chism, blank, F, 9/28/07, E.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3573.jpg
Chism, blank, M, 9/3/09, E.E., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-4758.jpg
Chivers, blank, F, 4/6/11, J.L., Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-5216.jpg
Chivers, James R., M, 8/8/33, J.R., R.E., Barefield, Vineyard, [No Image 10856 ]
Chivers, James Ralf, M, 4/15/13, James Larkin (TX), Nora, Dwight, Willow Point, birthcert-5681.jpg, birthcert-5681a.jpg birthcert-5681b.jpg
Chivins, blank, M, 8/22/08, L.H., Lottie, blank, blank, birthcert-4199.jpg
Choat, blank, M, 3/24/09, S.S., Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-4568.jpg
Choats, Ora Marie , F, 2/23/31, J.C., Ora, England, Alvord, [No Image 9971 ]
Choise, blank, M, 9/25/15, Otis, Adena L., blank, blank, birthcert-6256.jpg
Choran, Norman, M, 1/29/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1553.jpg
Chrestman, (Samuel T.), M, 10/23/03, G.M., D. (Dovie), blank, blank, birthcert-0390.jpg
Chrestman, Amilia Guindoline, F, 10/27/24, Loyes O. (TX), Ethel (TX), Cowan, Forrestburg, birthcert-8201.jpg
Chrestman, Loyd George, M, 12/17/28, Alton (TX), Maggie (TX), Zoe, Decatur, birthcert-9206.jpg
Christal, Thomas Lillard, M, 9/21/03, R.B., Mary Edith, Day, Decatur, birthcert-0303.jpg
Christerfer, blank, M, 9/26/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4781.jpg
Christian, blank, F, 4/1/11, J.M., C.M., blank, blank, birthcert-5210.jpg
Christman, blank, M, 8/4/05, George, Dovie, blank, blank, birthcert-2027.jpg
Christopher, Bess, F, 6/17/04, Isaac, Dallas Maud, Sharp, Decatur, birthcert-0953.jpg, birthcert-0953a.jpg
Chumley, blank, M, 12/25/04, Dan, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-1461.jpg
Chumley, blank, M, 8/1/15, M.J., Myrtle, Griffith, blank, birthcert-6179.jpg
Chumley, blank, F, 8/31/17, M.J., Myrtle, Griffith, Sunset, birthcert-6694.jpg
Chumley, William Bert, M, 4/20/05, William Grant, Ida Mae, Drew, Alvord, birthcert-1757.jpg, birthcert-1757a.jpg
Cinfasor, Marceis, M, 10/7/05, Marcello, C.M., blank, blank, birthcert-2196.jpg
Claborn, Dellia May, F, 10/3/03, W.A., Verna, Reagan, Alvord, birthcert-0335.jpg, birthcert-0335a.jpg
Claborn, Kenneth, M, 4/19/25, Prince Avitt (TN), Elma (TX), Ray, Alvord, birthcert-8297.jpg, birthcert-8297a.jpg
Claborn, Lucille, F, 10/10/32, V.M., L., Hoffman , Alvord, [No Image 10588 ]
Claborn, Victor Ray, M, 3/11/28, V.M., Lillian, Hoffman, Alvord, birthcert-8969.jpg, birthcert-8969a.jpg
Claborn, Virgil M., Jr., M, 7/1/23, Virgil M. (TX), Lillian Carrie (TX), Hoffman , Alvord, birthcert-7841.jpg, birthcert-7841a.jpg
Claborn, Wanda Fay, F, 1/20/26, Virgil M. (TX), Lillian (TX), Hoffman , Decatur, birthcert-8517.jpg
Claborn, Willie, F, 11/26/09, William Alvin, Lou Vernie, Reagan, Alvord, birthcert-4857.jpg, birthcert-4857a.jpg birthcert-4857b.jpg
Claborne, Billie Mack, M, 8/11/33, E.B., Jettie, Cobb, Alvord, [No Image 10861 ]
Claburn, Earl C., M, 7/27/04, Sam Mack, Virginia, Reagan, Alvord, birthcert-1046.jpg, birthcert-1046a.jpg
Claiborn, Ezra, M, 11/6/31, E.B., Jettie, Cobb, Alvord, [No Image 10278 ]
Clampet, blank, M, 10/11/03, J., A.E., blank, blank, birthcert-0359.jpg
Clancy, blank, M, 2/25/04, W., T., blank, blank, birthcert-0680.jpg
Clancy, blank, F, 6/16/05, Will, Tiny, blank, blank, birthcert-1898.jpg
Clancy, blank, F, 9/29/05, James, Jessie, blank, blank, birthcert-2167.jpg
Clancy, blank, M, 10/11/08, A.P., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4293.jpg
Clancy, Daniel Webster, M, 8/27/03, Bart E., Minnie, Allison, Decatur, birthcert-0224.jpg, birthcert-0224a.jpg
Clare, blank, M, 9/14/04, W.J., Bessie, blank, blank, birthcert-1193.jpg
Clark, Baby, M, 1/1/08, L.R., Kessie, blank, Boyd, birthcert-3758.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 7/12/03, William L., Lidia J., blank, blank, birthcert-0112.jpg
Clark, blank, F, 2/9/04, George, Clara, blank, blank, birthcert-0646.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 3/20/04, Prof., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0746.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 4/12/04, Edwan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0807.jpg
Clark, blank, F, 11/17/04, Oscar, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1374.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 4/18/05, W.L., Lydia, blank, blank, birthcert-1751.jpg
Clark, blank, F, 7/10/05, Charles D., Martha R., blank, blank, birthcert-1945.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 10/12/05, George, Clara, blank, blank, birthcert-2213.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 11/14/05, Oscar, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2278.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 6/15/05, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2718.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 2/11/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3170.jpg
Clark, blank, F, 3/31/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3258.jpg
Clark, blank, F, 8/1/07, blank, blank, blank, Paradise, birthcert-3458.jpg
Clark, blank, F, 2/24/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3864.jpg
Clark, blank, F, 2/23/09, V.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4565.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 5/12/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4623.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 6/26/13, Marion, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5729.jpg
Clark, blank, M, 3/4/16, Oscar, Lula, Meadows, blank, birthcert-6379.jpg
Clark, Brice Velma, F, 10/16/04, Rachel, C.C., blank, blank, birthcert-1276.jpg
Clark, Carolina, F, 4/3/26, George H. (Canada), Trula Mae (TX), Stutt, Decatur, birthcert-8571.jpg
Clark, Charles Leo, Jr., M, 9/11/25, Charles Leo (OK), Mary Vesta (AR), Grace, Decatur, birthcert-8414.jpg
Clark, Claude Ivos, M, 5/3/19, Stephen Oscar (GA), Lilla Caroline (TX), Meadows, Boyd, birthcert-7076.jpg, birthcert-7076a.jpg birthcert-7076b.jpg
Clark, Green, F, 4/11/10, George, Alma, Green, blank, birthcert-4977.jpg
Clark, Hazel Utah, F, 10/3/21, A.D. (TX), Ellen S. (TX), Ingle, Poolville, birthcert-7485.jpg, birthcert-7485a.jpg
Clark, Ida, F, 11/2/03, Charlie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0416.jpg
Clark, Jewel, F, 10/29/03, Lon W., Ella Gertrude, Kelley, Paradise, birthcert-0404.jpg, birthcert-0404a.jpg
Clark, Johnnie Richard, M, 3/24/10, Walter, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4963.jpg, birthcert-4963a.jpg
Clark, Lometa F., F, 5/25/33, Raymond W., K.I., Jones, Poolville, [No Image 10777 ]
Clark, Mary Sue, F, 3/22/31, O.D., Lucie, Walker, Sunset, [No Image 10016 ]
Clark, Walter, M, 10/27/31, J.R., E.A., blank, Alvord, [No Image 10272 ]
Clarke, blank, M, 3/29/14, H.W., Eula, blank, blank, birthcert-5868.jpg
Clarly, Chrestman, M, 10/26/24, Elias A. (TX), Eunice Jewel (TX), Flannery, Alvord, birthcert-8198.jpg
Clay, blank, F, 9/29/03, Georde, Susan, blank, blank, birthcert-0322.jpg
Clay, blank, F, 11/6/17, Bulter, Annie, Shirley, Avondale, birthcert-6748.jpg
Clay, blank, M, 11/18/28, Frank (TN), Jewel (TX), Pounds, Decatur, birthcert-9177.jpg
Claybook, blank, F, 6/10/08, John, Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-4080.jpg
Clayborn, Mary Lee, F, 10/1/30, P.A., Elmo, Ray, Alvord, [No Image 9836 ]
Clayborn, Opal Louise, F, 11/9/16, Prince Avitt, Elma, Ray, Decatur, birthcert-6509.jpg, birthcert-6509a.jpg
Clayton, Alfred Blake, M, 4/12/10, John Blake, Rebecca Caroline, Phillips, Balsora, birthcert-4979.jpg, birthcert-4979a.jpg
Clayton, blank, F, 5/10/11, John B., C.R., blank, blank, birthcert-5244.jpg
Clayton, Emily Myrtle, F, 9/13/11, Charles David, Sara Caroline, Richardson, Balsora, birthcert-5357.jpg, birthcert-5357a.jpg
Clayton, Sarah Alma, F, 4/12/09, John Blake, Rebecca Caroline, Phillips, Balsora, birthcert-4592.jpg
Clearly, Alma Lee, F, 10/14/13, Alvin Arthur (AL), Myrtle Lee (AL), Stockton, Alvord, birthcert-5783.jpg, birthcert-5783a.jpg
Clearly, blank, F, 12/11/12, A.A., Myrtle, Stockton, blank, birthcert-5606.jpg
Cleary, blank, M, 4/13/23, Alvin Arthur (AL), Myrtle Lee (AL), Stockton, Alvord, birthcert-7771.jpg
Clemens, blank, M, 8/10/03, Thomas C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0178.jpg
Clemens, blank, blank, 12/15/15, L.H., Nettie, Dillard, blank, birthcert-6321.jpg
Clement, blank, F, 12/6/06, W.B., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-3047.jpg, [Delay. 8835]
Clement, blank, F, 11/22/08, W.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4356.jpg
Clement, blank, M, 7/30/23, Frank (TX), Jewel (TX), LeFors, Decatur, birthcert-7864.jpg
Clement, blank, M, 11/4/27, Charles, Myrtle, Caswell, Decatur, birthcert-8867.jpg
Clement, Selma, M, 7/3/13, Charles (TX), Myrtle Mae (TX), Caddell, Decatur, birthcert-5735.jpg, birthcert-5735a.jpg
Clement, Winferd Roy, M, 5/13/29, Charles (TX), Myrtle (TX), Caddell, Decatur, birthcert-9346.jpg, birthcert-9346a.jpg
Clements, blank, M, 9/29/07, Elmo, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-3574.jpg
Clements, blank, M, 1/20/22, Thomas, Jr. (TX), blank, Walker, Greenwood, birthcert-7537.jpg
Clements, LaFlora R.M., F, 8/15/31, C.W., A.L., Hollybee, Greenwood, [No Image 10180 ]
Clements, Laflora R.M., F, 8/15/32, C.H., A.L., Hollybee, Greenwood, [No Image 10530 ]
Clements, Martha, F, 8/30/18, Lee (AL), Dora, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-6962.jpg
Clements, Tommie, F, 11/27/05, Tom, Emma, Jones, Brumlow, birthcert-2314.jpg, birthcert-2314a.jpg
Clemmes, blank, M, 1/3/09, W.A., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-4422.jpg
Clemont, blank, M, 3/2/32, Tom, Lena, Walker, Bowie, [No Image 10375 ]
Cleveland, blank, F, 4/23/04, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0838.jpg
Cleveland, blank, M, 2/16/06, Joe, Dell, blank, blank, birthcert-2496.jpg
Cleveland, Cora Addie, F, 10/18/05, Will Cleveland (SC), Sudie Mabel (TN), Scales, Audubon, birthcert-2222.jpg, birthcert-2222a.jpg
Cleveland, Mable, F, 5/11/04, William O., Sudie Mable, Scales, Chico, birthcert-0878.jpg, birthcert-0878a.jpg
Cleveland, Oran Bob, M, 11/27/03, W.R., Savilaty Ann, Cunningham, Cottondale, birthcert-0468.jpg, birthcert-0468a.jpg
Cleveland, Robert Bulton, M, 12/4/30, Orion, Memery, Funchess, Decatur, [No Image 9887 ]
Cleveland, William Grover, Jr., M, 7/12/25, William Grover, Sr.(TN), Isabell (TX), Stark, Decatur, birthcert-8360.jpg, birthcert-8360a.jpg
Clifft, blank, M, 1/1/13, Claude, Ruth, Oshields, blank, birthcert-5625.jpg
Clifton, blank, F, 4/28/06, Ed, Carrie, blank, blank, birthcert-2643.jpg
Clifton, blank, M, 1/31/08, Dave, Belle, blank, blank, birthcert-3814.jpg
Clifton, George William, M, 8/24/26, William F. (TX), Bernice L. (TX), Splawn, Decatur, birthcert-8648.jpg
Clifton, Maudie May, F, 3/5/10, John C., Martha Caroline, Newkerk, blank, birthcert-4952.jpg, birthcert-4952a.jpg
Climer, Ray Everett, M, 1/30/26, Jack (TX), Willie Mae (TX), Flowers, Decatur, birthcert-8526.jpg
Clinton, blank, F, 10/8/05, John, Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-2201.jpg
Clinton, blank, F, 11/26/09, John, Kate, blank, blank, birthcert-4856.jpg
Clower, Billy Joe, M, 9/2/29, C.B. (TX), Maudie Loraine (TX), Smith, Alvord, birthcert-9440.jpg, birthcert-9440a.jpg birthcert-9440b.jpg
Clower, Johnnie B., M, 1/7/29, John Brown (TX), Edith Jewell (TX), Boner, Alvord, birthcert-9226.jpg, birthcert-9226a.jpg
Clower, Vernon Leon, M, 9/17/30, Brown, Jewell, Boner, Alvord, [No Image 9820 ]
Clower, William D., M, 12/14/32, Brown, Jewel, Bones, Alvord, [No Image 10641 ]
Clowers, Kenneth Wayne, M, 2/1/30, George Shelton, Lola, McDonal, Alvord, [No Image 9577 ]
Coat, blank, M, 3/26/09, Dan, Artie, blank, blank, birthcert-4572.jpg, [Delayed 3866]
Coats, blank, M, 6/16/07, Dan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3389.jpg
Cobb, (Albert Lee), M, 9/17/04, Ned, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-1199.jpg
Cobb, Albert Lee, M, 9/3/04, J.T., Georgia, Michael, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1164.jpg, birthcert-1164a.jpg
Cobb, blank, M, 7/14/04, Hugh, Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-1016.jpg
Cobb, blank, M, 5/20/05, William, Dovie, blank, blank, birthcert-1831.jpg
Cobb, blank, F, 4/15/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2619.jpg
Cobb, blank, M, 7/10/07, Oscar, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3417.jpg
Cobb, blank, M, 8/26/07, blank, blank, blank, Paradise, birthcert-3507.jpg
Cobb, blank, M, 10/6/07, D.W., D.J., blank, blank, birthcert-3592.jpg
Cobb, blank, F, 6/9/25, Commer (TX), Winnie L. (TX), Elliott, Alvord, birthcert-8337.jpg
Cobb, blank, M, 12/22/29, A.H., Overda, Meek, blank, [No Image 9536 ]
Cobb, Desie, F, 3/30/06, Hugh, Anna, Thorn, Greenwood, birthcert-2579.jpg, birthcert-2579a.jpg
Cobb, Hubert Harold, M, 10/22/29, Archie Hubert (TX), Oneida Louisa (GA), Meek, Bridgeport, birthcert-9483.jpg, birthcert-9483a.jpg
Cobb, Marvin Lee Dale, F, 2/10/30, George Cecil, N.B., Swafford, blank, [No Image 9592 ]
Cobb, Melba Ruth, F, 2/27/28, James Allen, Mary Sue, Hamilton, Bridgeport, birthcert-8958.jpg
Cobb, Ray Morris, M, 10/10/32, W.R., Hazle, Rawle, Alvord, [No Image 10589 ]
Cocanougher, Allen Howell, M, 10/20/28, Glenn (TX), Gertrude (TX), Mecaskey, Decatur, birthcert-9160.jpg, birthcert-9160a.jpg
Cocanougher, blank, F, 8/12/33, Glen, G., Mecaskey, Decatur, [No Image 10862 ]
Cocanougher, Bonnie Glenn, M, 1/21/32, Glenn, Gertrude, McCaskey, Decatur, [No Image 10344 ]
Cocanougher, Charles Marvin, M, 1/11/32, Charles M., Lucille, Stalling, Decatur, [No Image 10332 ]
Cocanougher, Dorothy Lynn, F, 8/12/33, Glen, G., Mecaskey, Decatur, [No Image 10863 ]
Cochran, blank, M, 7/13/08, S.T., J.B., blank, blank, birthcert-4131.jpg
Cochran, blank, M, 11/6/09, W.S., Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-4840.jpg
Cochran, blank, M, 7/5/14, W.S., Annie, Redman, blank, birthcert-5926.jpg
Cody, Beatrice, F, 4/6/04, Albert L., Evalena L., Cherry, Slidell, birthcert-0792.jpg, birthcert-0792a.jpg birthcert-0792b.jpg birthcert-0792c.jpg
Coffee, blank, F, 9/21/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0299.jpg
Coffee, blank, F, 2/17/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2500.jpg
Coffee, Katie Valera, F, 10/20/03, Aurelius, Jessie Edna, Bryant, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-0382.jpg, birthcert-0382a.jpg
Coffey, William Ross, M, 1/24/08, Aurelius (AL), Jessie Edna (TX), Bryant, Slidell, birthcert-3799.jpg, birthcert-3799a.jpg
Coffman, blank, F, 2/6/05, A.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1580.jpg
Coffman, blank, ?, 2/4/06, Tom, Etna, blank, blank, birthcert-2470.jpg
Coffman, blank, M, 8/21/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2855.jpg
Coffman, blank, M, 7/28/09, Everett, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4703.jpg
Coffman, blank, F, 6/8/10, C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5019.jpg
Coffman, blank, blank, 8/27/28, Robert Henry, Margie H., blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-9097.jpg
Coffman, Melba Joe, F, 11/1/22, Joe Holt (TX), Lillie (TX), McBride, Paradise, birthcert-7682.jpg, birthcert-7682a.jpg
Coffman, Rosa Faye, F, 11/19/11, Jim C., Surfonia Ann, Benson, Decatur, birthcert-5409.jpg
Cogburn, Alva Lee, M, 3/6/16, Robert Lee, Virdie Minnie, Doyle, blank, birthcert-6382.jpg, birthcert-6382a.jpg
Cogburn, blank, M, 4/15/22, Robert Lee (TX), Verdie (TX), Christian, Slidell, birthcert-7574.jpg
Cogburn, blank, M, 8/10/25, Robert L. (TX), Vertie L. (TX), Doyl, Slidell, birthcert-8377.jpg
Cogburn, Clara Pearl, F, 7/11/20, Robert Lee (TX), LaVerta (TX), Doyle, Krum, birthcert-7269.jpg, birthcert-7269a.jpg
Cole, Alice Mae, F, 2/6/05, Walter Winfred, Cora Esther, Stingham, Park Springs, birthcert-1575.jpg, birthcert-1575a.jpg
Cole, blank, M, 6/12/07, Edd, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3385.jpg
Coleman, blank, F, 11/20/03, Joseph, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0457.jpg
Coleman, blank, M, 11/26/05, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2310.jpg
Coleman, blank, F, 1/28/07, Joe, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-3141.jpg
Coleman, blank, F, 1/28/07, Joe, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-3142.jpg
Coleman, blank, M, 12/16/30, Dewey, Grace, Metcalf, blank, [No Image 9894 ]
Coleman, Carlton Akard, M, 6/20/16, Akard, Ethel, Paschall, blank, birthcert-6431.jpg
Coleman, Elmer Lee, M, 4/29/13, Akard (TX), Ethel (TX), Paschall, Bridgeport, birthcert-5688.jpg
Coleman, Helen Louise, F, 5/2/30, Ed, Maud Luella, Dawson, Decatur, [No Image 9676 ]
Coleman, James Arthur, M, 6/13/26, Edd, Jr.(TX), Maud Luella (OK), Dawson, Decatur, birthcert-9374.jpg, birthcert-9374a.jpg
Coleman, James Walter, M, 4/16/22, W.S. (TN), Alice (TX), Hembree, Bridgeport, birthcert-7575.jpg
Coleman, John Weldon, M, 11/24/30, B. Clayton, Lizzie M., Ballard, Decatur, [No Image 9878 ]
Coleman, Mary Odis, F, 3/24/05, James Allen, Willie Lee, Parks, Bridgeport, birthcert-1692.jpg, birthcert-1692a.jpg
Coliar, blank, M, 4/2/23, William Lee (TX), Lorra (TX), Colley, Crafton, birthcert-7752.jpg
Collier, blank, F, 5/19/06, Frank, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-2676.jpg
Collier, blank, F, 8/21/17, G.A., May, Mason, Crafton, birthcert-6682.jpg
Collier, blank, M, 2/10/24, Guy Colan (TX), May (GA), Mason, Crafton, birthcert-8000.jpg, [delayed 10595]
Collins, Agnes Odell, F, 8/19/13, James Edward (TN), Mary Elizabeth (TN), Morris, Alvord, birthcert-5754.jpg, birthcert-5754a.jpg
Collins, Bell, F, 2/16/30, Z.L., Viola, Anderson, Alvord, [No Image 9595 ]
Collins, Ben O., M, 5/9/05, Terrell, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-1802.jpg
Collins, Billie D., M, 9/3/31, Henry J., Clara L., Blackstock, Bowie, [No Image 10206 ]
Collins, blank, M, 10/29/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0403.jpg
Collins, blank, M, 10/18/04, Bob, Essie, blank, blank, birthcert-1280.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 8/16/05, Thomas, Effie, blank, blank, birthcert-2061.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 10/31/05, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2250.jpg
Collins, blank, M, 8/8/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2819.jpg
Collins, blank, M, 10/21/08, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4307.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 2/13/09, Ed, Elizabeth, blank, blank, birthcert-4492.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 3/7/15, H.O., T.M., Taylor, blank, birthcert-6049.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 10/17/15, W.W., Minnie, Upton, blank, birthcert-6272.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 3/23/16, John, Docia, Porter, blank, birthcert-6390.jpg, [delayed 12831]
Collins, blank, F, 9/8/17, T.M., M., blank, Alvord, birthcert-6703.jpg
Collins, blank, M, 11/13/23, George W. (TX), Ethel (TX), Mosley, Decatur, birthcert-7939.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 1/22/25, William W. (TN), Minnie May (AR), Option , blank, birthcert-8247.jpg, [dealyed 10631]
Collins, blank, F, 11/23/28, J.T. (TX), Clara (TX), Gelly, Alvord, birthcert-9182.jpg
Collins, blank, F, 7/10/31, Cecil, Essie, Vess, Decatur, [No Image 10137 ]
Collins, blank, M, 6/27/33, Zack, Velar, Andison, Alvord, [No Image 10808 ]
Collins, Byron Edward, M, 7/14/11, Ed, Lizzie, Morris, Alvord, birthcert-5308.jpg
Collins, Charlene, F, 8/8/26, Charles L. (TX), Nora Lee (TX), Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-8631.jpg
Collins, Doris, F, 8/27/23, Hershel (TX), Jammie (TX), Stout, Alvord, birthcert-7883.jpg
Collins, Doris Joan, F, 11/29/30, W.W., Minnie, Heffman, Alvord, [No Image 9882 ]
Collins, Eva, F, 5/18/33, Clyde, Vera, Hoyle, Alvord, [No Image 10769 ]
Collins, J.W., M, 4/24/28, Z.L., Velar Ellen, Anderson, Alvord, birthcert-9003.jpg, birthcert-9003a.jpg
Collins, Lavada E., F, 11/25/29, Henry J., Clara L., Blackstock, blank, [No Image 9516 ]
Collins, Mary Florene, F, 5/22/27, William Henry, Lillie, Slimp, Rhome, birthcert-8800.jpg
Collins, Nell, F, 2/16/30, Z.L., Viola, Anderson, Alvord, [No Image 9596 ]
Collins, Ollie Mae, F, 9/13/26, Walter Monroe (VA), Katherine Lee (TX), Hite, Rhome, birthcert-8665.jpg, birthcert-8665a.jpg birthcert-8665b.jpg birthcert-8665c.jpg birthcert-8665d.jpg
Collins, Ruth Virginia, F, 1/25/24, William Henry (VA), Lillie, Slimp, Rhome, birthcert-7986.jpg
Collins, Thelma, F, 12/10/04, John C., Mary Theadocia, Porter, Paradise, birthcert-1419.jpg, birthcert-1419a.jpg
Collins, Verma Aylen, F, 8/26/20, Kelly Anderson (TX), Maggie Delia (TX), Jones, Decatur, birthcert-7288.jpg
Combs, blank, F, 10/17/12, Wesley, Elizabeth, Lee, blank, birthcert-5584.jpg
Combs, Elmer Eugene, M, 9/9/07, Worthy Eugene (TX), Olie Zelo (TX), Erick, blank, birthcert-3525.jpg, birthcert-3525a.jpg
Combs, Lynn Wood Spencer, M, 5/4/20, Oscar J. (TX), Bessie M. (TX), Mann, Paradise, birthcert-7241.jpg
Combs, Robert, M, 10/13/04, C.P., Rev., Ida M., blank, blank, birthcert-1269.jpg
Combs, S.E., M, 4/22/23, William Martin (KY), Charlotte (GA), Huggins, Alvord, birthcert-7777.jpg
Combs, W.E., M, 8/12/21, Worthy Eugene (TX), Ollie Z. (TX), Erick, Paradise, birthcert-7441.jpg, birthcert-7441a.jpg
Comer, blank, M, 8/28/07, J.M., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-3511.jpg
Compton, blank, F, 4/4/16, John, Ethel, Wright, blank, birthcert-4973.jpg
Compton, blank, F, 7/8/10, M.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5039.jpg
Conder, blank, F, 3/3/15, Charlie, Florence, blank, blank, birthcert-6047.jpg
Cone, blank, M, 2/29/12, J.L., Artie, Harris, blank, birthcert-5477.jpg
Cone, Helen Lucille, F, 3/23/07, Stanton William, Nora Belle, Thomas, Crafton, birthcert-3245.jpg, birthcert-3245a.jpg
Conesen, blank, M, 4/23/30, Y.L., Hattie Mae, Greer, Bridgeport, [No Image 9668 ]
Conkey, blank, F, 1/8/05, Lee, Pearlie, blank, blank, birthcert-1499.jpg
Conkey, blank, M, 4/23/30, Y.L., Hattie M., Greer, blank, [No Image 9669 ]
Conley, blank, F, 9/30/05, A.B., Jr., Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-2175.jpg
Conley, blank, blank, 6/3/32, John Oliver, Flora, Huckaby, Chico, [No Image 10452 ]
Conner, blank, blank, 3/5/04, G.C., A.L., blank, blank, birthcert-0706.jpg
Conner, Mary Eleanor, F, 11/14/33, James, Mary E., Riley, Bridgeport, [No Image 10938 ]
Conrad, Eldon Murl, M, 10/15/29, W.E. (IL), Connie (OK), Inman, Decatur, birthcert-9475.jpg, birthcert-9475a.jpg
Contrais, blank, M, 2/22/30, Marcus, Alisa, Golas, Bridgeport, [No Image 9606 ]
Contreros, Marcos Donez, M, 10/7/05, Marcelo, Concepcion, Estrado, blank, birthcert-2195.jpg
Controliza, blank, M, 1/26/08, Salo (Mex), Moniz, blank, blank, birthcert-3805.jpg
Cook, (Oliver L. 'Dock'), M, 10/17/03, Bart, Della, blank, blank, birthcert-0374.jpg
Cook, Annie Laura, F, 3/2/06, Bart, Della, Foster, blank, birthcert-2534.jpg, birthcert-2534a.jpg
Cook, Betty Jo, F, 9/22/29, Marvin Chapel (TX), Urval (TX), Adams, Decatur, birthcert-9456.jpg
Cook, Billie, F, 3/7/10, Wallace Marion, Lela, Thompson, Decatur, birthcert-4953.jpg
Cook, blank, F, 11/11/04, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1349.jpg
Cook, blank, M, 2/13/05, Lucas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1596.jpg
Cook, blank, M, 2/15/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2494.jpg
Cook, blank, F, 1/3/07, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3093.jpg
Cook, blank, F, 4/19/07, Wallace, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3294.jpg
Cook, blank, F, 4/19/07, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3295.jpg
Cook, blank, M, 4/21/08, Dick, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3979.jpg
Cook, blank, F, 12/12/16, W.P., Agnes, Neel, blank, birthcert-6523.jpg
Cook, blank, M, 9/3/17, W.F., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6695.jpg
Cook, blank, F, 3/9/31, A.C., Larena, Burnes, Bridgeport, [No Image 9993 ]
Cook, blank, F, 7/13/32, T.F., R., McCracken , Decatur, [No Image 10493 ]
Cook, blank, M, 10/29/33, Oliver L., Alta Mae, Hilton, Decatur, [No Image 10919 ]
Cook, Doris Faye, F, 5/25/29, Menzo (TX), Flora (TX), Martin, Decatur, birthcert-9360.jpg, birthcert-9360a.jpg birthcert-9360b.jpg
Cook, Dorothy Mae, F, 9/12/26, Marvin Chapel (TX), Urvel Almeda (TX), Adams, Decatur, birthcert-8664.jpg
Cook, Grace Olean, F, 3/23/04, Willie Renshaw, Mattie Cora, Boyd, Decatur, birthcert-0754.jpg, birthcert-0754a.jpg
Cook, Helen Joyce, F, 3/19/28, Menzo D., Flora, Martin, Decatur, birthcert-8975.jpg, birthcert-8975a.jpg
Cook, Joe Gene, M, 12/19/31, J.B., Bera, Dodd, Alvord, [No Image 10305 ]
Cook, Lige Edwin, M, 4/19/07, John Henry, Vergie Lee, Orsborn, Decatur, birthcert-4826.jpg, birthcert-4826a.jpg
Cook, Myrtle L., F, 5/9/12, William Moore (TX), Willie L. (TX), Grose, Boyd, birthcert-5519.jpg, birthcert-5519a.jpg
Cook, Patricia June, F, 6/9/31, Menzo, Flora, Martin, Decatur, [No Image 10100 ]
Coon, blank, F, 12/8/06, E.E., Mildred, blank, blank, birthcert-3048.jpg
Coon, blank, M, 2/6/18, Berkley M., Victoria, Kelley, Alvord, birthcert-6821.jpg
Coone, Arthur Nolon, M, 7/13/15, Berkley Martin, Victoria Viola, Kelley, Alvord, birthcert-6152.jpg
Cooper, Benjamin Wilson, M, 10/12/06, David Wilson (TN), Mary Ida Lee (TX), Kelly, Chico, birthcert-2962.jpg, birthcert-2962a.jpg
Cooper, blank, F, 5/28/05, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1848.jpg
Cooper, blank, M, 2/20/08, Boaz, Vina, blank, blank, birthcert-3852.jpg
Cooper, blank, M, 3/1/09, J.W., Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-4530.jpg
Cooper, blank, M, 1/23/10, Joe, Lilly, blank, blank, birthcert-4916.jpg
Cooper, blank, M, 5/12/15, David S., Minnie, Farmer, blank, birthcert-6094.jpg
Cooper, Cleo Thurmon, M, 5/2/23, Cecil Clyde (TX), Alba (TX), Loter, Slidell, birthcert-7788.jpg, birthcert-7788a.jpg
Cooper, Elizabeth, F, 7/23/24, Will (TX), Blanche (TX), Askey, NM, birthcert-8112.jpg
Cooper, Hazel Orleana, F, 2/28/08, Joe (MO), Minnie Elzabeth (TX), Green, Boonsville, birthcert-3876.jpg, birthcert-3876a.jpg
Cooper, Mattie, F, 12/29/04, John, M., blank, blank, birthcert-1470.jpg
Cooper, Mattie Vera, F, 12/29/03, John, Mattie, Bramlett, Boyd, birthcert-0546.jpg
Cooper, Orval B., M, 5/3/12, J.F. (MO), Minnie Elizabeth (TX), Green, Boonsville, birthcert-5515.jpg, birthcert-5515a.jpg
Cooper, W., M, 12/28/03, C.B., J.E., blank, blank, birthcert-0541.jpg
Cooper, William Thomas, M, 2/21/24, Donnie Jetty, Sr.(AL), Marggie Jannis (AR), Bagwell, Park Springs, birthcert-8010.jpg, birthcert-8010a.jpg
Copeland, Annie Jet, F, 7/7/06, Verner Aubry, Willie Mae, Ogburn, Alvord, birthcert-2754.jpg, birthcert-2754a.jpg
Copeland, blank, F, 1/18/06, L.D., L.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2419.jpg
Copeland, blank, M, 3/29/07, Joe, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-3256.jpg
Copeland, James Wesley, M, 4/6/07, Edward (AL), Rose Janey (TX), Gilley, Alvord, birthcert-3276.jpg, birthcert-3276a.jpg
Corbin, Samuel Jewel, F, 3/6/05, James P., Lourvinnie, Pugh, Wise Co., birthcert-1653.jpg, birthcert-1653a.jpg birthcert-1653b.jpg
Corder, blank, M, 7/16/08, J.H., H.B., blank, blank, birthcert-4136.jpg
Corley, blank, M, 12/2/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3708.jpg
Corley, Melva June, F, 6/3/32, J.O., Flora Mae, Huckabee, blank, [No Image 10452 ]
Cormack, blank, F, 9/4/03, William, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0256.jpg
Cormack, Oswald William, M, 9/21/09, William (Canada), Minnie Margaret (TX), Wilson, Bridgeport, birthcert-4777.jpg, birthcert-4777a.jpg
Cornstubble, Dewey Albert, M, 3/26/04, James Albert, Nannie Lettia, Brady, Briar, birthcert-0760.jpg, birthcert-0760a.jpg
Cornstubble, Rendie Lee, F, 7/23/04, Steve Shurman, Mary Ann, Dill, Newark, birthcert-1043.jpg, birthcert-1043a.jpg
Corona, blank, M, 11/4/04, J., P., blank, blank, birthcert-1325.jpg
Coronado, Leopoldo Nestor, M, 2/26/08, Helario (Mex), Constanza (Mex), Cuellars, Bridgeport, birthcert-3867.jpg, [delayed 2752]
Cortez, Naruista, F, 6/6/06, Ges, Matilda, blank, blank, birthcert-2703.jpg
Cosillas, Luis, M, 8/19/26, Manuel, Sr. (Mex), Margarita (TX), Salis, Bridgeport, birthcert-8641.jpg
Costello, blank, M, 9/24/17, Joe M., Gauena, Garcia, Bridgeport, birthcert-6716.jpg
Cotner, Gracie Maude, F, 1/22/28, Marion, Grace Maude, Campbell, Decatur, birthcert-8920.jpg, birthcert-8920a.jpg
Cotner, Gwynne Hayse, M, 9/22/30, Marion E., Grace M., Campbell, Decatur, [No Image 9828 ]
Cotton, blank, M, 12/18/03, Ed, Oma, blank, blank, birthcert-0520.jpg
Cotton, blank, M, 12/22/03, Edd, Oma, blank, blank, birthcert-0527.jpg
Cotton, Cecil C., M, 7/18/06, H.T., S.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2776.jpg
Couch, Blanche Hester, F, 2/16/93, Orval Lee, Dorotha Lee, Morrow, Chico, birthcert-0031.jpg
Couley, blank, F, 11/19/09, A.P., Grace, blank, blank, birthcert-4852.jpg
Counter, blank, M, 2/13/07, J.I., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3173.jpg
Counts, (Freddie James), M, 8/23/03, J.M., L.C., blank, blank, birthcert-0217.jpg
Counts, blank, M, 1/11/07, J.M., L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-3103.jpg
Counts, blank, F, 1/20/18, J.T., Sallie, Sanders, Chico, birthcert-6800.jpg
Counts, blank, M, 5/5/23, W.N. (TX), Alpha (TX), Reddell, Chico, birthcert-7790.jpg, [delayed 10381]
Counts, blank, M, 5/5/23, W.N., Alpha, Reddell, Chico, [No Image 10381 ]
Counts, Geneva, M, 11/17/31, Herbert, Ruth, Finley, blank, [No Image 10286 ]
Counts, Loveta Joy, F, 1/16/29, Lawrence Earl (TX), Mattie Lorene (TX), Smith, Chico, birthcert-9236.jpg, birthcert-9236a.jpg
Counts, Paul, M, 9/9/04, James Madison, Lieu Etta, NeSmith, Chico, birthcert-1180.jpg, birthcert-1180a.jpg
Counts, Tammy Gene, M, 8/19/30, T.C., Lissie, Johnson, blank, [No Image 9790 ]
Coursey, blank, F, 2/26/08, Lee, Pam, blank, blank, birthcert-3868.jpg
Coursey, blank, M, 3/21/13, Gene, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5670.jpg
Coursey, Clarence Eugene, M, 9/24/17, George Francis, Mary Elizabeth, Palmer, Bridgeport, birthcert-6717.jpg, birthcert-6717a.jpg
Coursey, James Delano, M, 7/18/23, Eugene G.F. (TX), Mary Elizabeth (TX), Palmer, Bridgeport, birthcert-7853.jpg, birthcert-7853a.jpg
Coursey, Joe Lee, M, 7/2/32, K.L., Leta Mae, Hudson, Bridgeport, [No Image 10482 ]
Coursey, R.J., M, 3/17/31, T.L., Hattie May, Greer, Bridgeport, [No Image 10209 ]
Coursey, Reba Lorene, F, 8/10/25, E.T. (TX), Iva Mae (TX), Boring, Bridgeport, birthcert-8378.jpg, birthcert-8378a.jpg
Courter, blank, M, 7/22/07, O.L., Leathe, blank, blank, birthcert-3439.jpg
Covington, blank, M, 3/5/08, William, Agnes, (Frensley), blank, birthcert-3889.jpg
Covington, blank, M, 10/20/09, William, Agnes, blank, blank, birthcert-4818.jpg
Covington, blank, M, 5/8/13, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5694.jpg
Covington, blank, M, 8/30/15, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6217.jpg
Covington, Bobby Wayne, M, 8/7/25, William Carl (TX), Bertha Eunice (TX), Smith, Alvord, birthcert-8373.jpg, birthcert-8373a.jpg
Covington, Jewel Betty J., F, 12/5/31, J.J.W., Effie, blank, Decatur, [No Image 10262 ]
Covington, John Thomas, M, 5/11/15, Frank, Roxie, Dyer, Decatur, birthcert-6092.jpg
Covington, Jullie Edna Ella, F, 5/12/20, Joseph John Walter (TX), Effie (TX), Williamson, Greenwood, birthcert-7247.jpg, birthcert-7247a.jpg
Covington, Neel Joe, M, 11/3/07, George, Lissie, Tuttle, Rhome, birthcert-3656.jpg, birthcert-3656a.jpg
Covington, twins, M F, 8/3/10, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5062.jpg
Covington, Weldon, M, 3/5/08, William (TX), Agnes (TX), Frensley, Alvord, birthcert-3887.jpg
Covington, William, Jr., M, 6/13/12, William, Sr. (TX), Agnes (MS), Frensley, Alvord, birthcert-5541.jpg, birthcert-5541a.jpg
Covington, William, Jr., M, 6/13/12, William, Agnes (TX), Frensley, Alvord, birthcert-5542.jpg
Covington, Willie, M, 6/24/15, W.A., Agnes, Frensley, blank, birthcert-6133.jpg
Covington, Willie Brock Amos, M, 3/30/09, William L., Maud, Delaney Tuttle, Decatur, birthcert-4579.jpg, birthcert-4579a.jpg
Cowan, blank, M, 3/8/05, M.C., M.J., blank, blank, birthcert-1656.jpg
Cowell, blank, F, 11/7/04, Charles, Jimmie, blank, blank, birthcert-1335.jpg
Cowley, Barbara LaVerne, F, 7/5/12, Moses Midleton (AL), Fannie Pauline (TX), Allen, Chico, birthcert-5547.jpg, birthcert-5547a.jpg
Cowley, blank, M, 7/4/03, Aron, Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-0091.jpg
Cowley, blank, M, 4/2/05, A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1708.jpg
Cowley, blank, M, 3/30/27, M.M., Fannie, Allen, Chico, birthcert-8781.jpg
Cowley, C.A., M, 7/8/24, Mose M. (TN), Fannie (TX), Allen, Crafton, birthcert-8095.jpg, birthcert-8095a.jpg
Cowley, Lucy Everal, F, 5/19/19, Mose Middleton (MS), Fannie Pauline (TX), Allen, Sunset, birthcert-7089.jpg, birthcert-7089a.jpg
Cox, Alsa Jean, F, 12/17/28, Herbert Lousin (TX), Hattie (TX), Blocker, Chico, birthcert-9219.jpg, birthcert-9219a.jpg
Cox, Alvis Raymond, M, 1/30/13, Burnett, Julia (TX), Moren, Alvord, birthcert-5646.jpg, birthcert-5646a.jpg
Cox, Baby Craft, F, 1/18/17, E., Ruth, Stockard, blank, birthcert-6546.jpg
Cox, Bennie Joe, M, 12/10/33, E.T., L.M., Payton, Chico, [No Image 10958 ]
Cox, Betty Lee, F, 5/19/29, Earnest Cleveland (TX), Linnie Jewell (TX), Ogle, Chico, birthcert-9356.jpg, birthcert-9356a.jpg
Cox, Betty Ruth, F, 11/12/33, J.D., Mary, Happy, Bridgeport, [No Image 10936 ]
Cox, Bill Pert, M, 8/31/29, John Quitman (TX), Lena Katherine (TX), Belew, Chico, birthcert-9438.jpg, birthcert-9438a.jpg
Cox, blank, F, 5/31/04, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0909.jpg
Cox, blank, M, 7/3/04, Dan, Mary Jane, blank, blank, birthcert-0987.jpg
Cox, blank, F, 7/20/06, M.M., M.J., blank, blank, birthcert-2779.jpg
Cox, blank, F, 2/26/09, J.M., O.B., blank, blank, birthcert-4518.jpg
Cox, blank, F, 3/2/09, J.H., Docia, blank, blank, birthcert-4532.jpg
Cox, blank, F, 9/9/10, B.B., J.B., Moore, blank, birthcert-5089.jpg
Cox, blank, F, 12/5/10, Oscar Lee, Mildred Evelyne, blank, blank, birthcert-5141.jpg
Cox, blank, M, 1/20/30, W.S., Jeall, Denney, blank, [No Image 9567 ]
Cox, blank, F, 12/25/33, J.I., Lena, Belew, Chico, [No Image 10973 ]
Cox, Edward William, F, 2/6/17, W.H., Bridget, blank, blank, birthcert-6550.jpg, birthcert-6550a.jpg
Cox, Ernest Lee, M, 8/28/32, Earnest C., L.J., Ogle, Chico, [No Image 10541 ]
Cox, Gilbert Lee, M, 12/2/27, Charles Frederick, Lillie Zelma, Wilson, Decatur, birthcert-8886.jpg
Cox, Imogene, F, 10/23/32, Weldon, Maggie, Nash, Rhome, [No Image 10605 ]
Cox, James Roy, M, 1/15/31, F.N., Mary E., Scott, Bridgeport, [No Image 9935 ]
Cox, Lillian Bessie, F, 12/8/03, William Jackson, Nora, Wilson, Newark, birthcert-0489.jpg, birthcert-0489a.jpg
Cox, Opal Lee, M, 1/3/17, Claude Sherl, Blanche L., Largent, Chico, birthcert-6536.jpg, birthcert-6536a.jpg
Cox, Pharain, F, 11/7/27, Ernest, Linnie, Ogle, Chico, birthcert-8870.jpg
Cox, Robert Lee, M, 11/30/31, J.D., Mary, Happy, Bridgeport, [No Image 10297 ]
Cox, Samella Fayne, F, 1/24/08, Sam E. (TN), Dollie Vennie (TX), Phillip, Bridgeport, birthcert-3801.jpg, birthcert-3801a.jpg birthcert-3801b.jpg
Cox, Velva Mildred, F, 10/4/05, F.M., Philis Bell, Ross, Chico, birthcert-2182.jpg, birthcert-2182a.jpg
Cox, Willie Smith, M, 1/25/07, T.S. (TN), Dora B. (TN), Bilbrey, Chico, birthcert-3136.jpg, birthcert-3136a.jpg
Coyburn, Beatrice, F, 4/13/18, Robert, Verda, Doyle, blank, birthcert-6861.jpg
Crabb, Adrain E., M, 1/3/27, Ebb Lee, Nancy Jane, Splawn, Boyd, birthcert-8730.jpg, birthcert-8730a.jpg
Crabb, blank, F, 7/19/03, T., Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-0127.jpg
Crabb, blank, F, 12/1/07, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3704.jpg
Crabb, Bonnell Grover, M, 5/30/17, Edward Lee, Nancy Jane, Splawn, Garvin, birthcert-6636.jpg, birthcert-6636a.jpg
Crabb, Madge Marie, M, 1/28/13, Edward Lee (TX), Nancy Jane (TX), Splawn, Boyd, birthcert-5645.jpg, birthcert-5645a.jpg
Crabb, S.L., M, 1/10/17, John, Lida, Splawn, blank, birthcert-6540.jpg
Crabb, Vera, F, 9/8/06, Timothey T. (TX), Dora (TX), Ashlock, Boyd, birthcert-2897.jpg, birthcert-2897a.jpg
Crabtree, blank, M, 1/22/14, Newt, blank, Perdue, blank, birthcert-5825.jpg
Crabtree, Samuel Edmond, M, 12/27/32, Edward, Minnie, Lambert, Rhome, [No Image 10644 ]
Crafford, blank, M, 2/16/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0664.jpg
Crafford, Zula May, F, 4/10/04, Walter Reatt, Dana, Fitzgerald, Paradise, birthcert-0804.jpg
Craft, Anna Lee, F, 3/1/15, Eff, Nancy, Spaw, blank, birthcert-6046.jpg
Craft, blank, F, 4/6/05, Luther, Ada, blank, blank, birthcert-1721.jpg
Craft, blank, F, 10/5/20, Walter L. (TX), Ruby (TX), Knight, Park Springs, birthcert-7307.jpg
Craft, Ruth Opal, F, 3/8/04, Andrew Jackson, Allie Jackson, Jones, Crafton, birthcert-0717.jpg, birthcert-0717a.jpg
Craft, Theodore Pancoast, M, 8/3/07, Thomas Luther (TX), Rachel Alice (IL), Turner, Crafton, birthcert-3462.jpg, birthcert-3462a.jpg
Crafton, blank, F, 12/28/06, Lon, Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-3079.jpg
Crafton, blank, M, 2/11/18, A.P., Lena, Stockton, Alvord, birthcert-6824.jpg
Crafton, W.S., M, 12/11/03, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0502.jpg
Craig, blank, F, 9/22/05, Henry, Dale, blank, blank, birthcert-2152.jpg
Craig, Ethelene, F, 7/15/05, Edgar Lee, Susan Emmaline, Smith, Rhome, birthcert-1961.jpg, birthcert-1961a.jpg
Craven, Frank Ollie, M, 5/14/04, Richard N., Milissa, Largent, Chico, birthcert-0883.jpg, birthcert-0883a.jpg
Cravin, Cary Epes, M, 11/2/06, Luther C., Willie, McGoodwin, Aurora, birthcert-2991.jpg
Crawfield, blank, F, 1/14/09, Will, Ruth, blank, blank, birthcert-4442.jpg
Crawford, blank, M, 6/4/04, R.W., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-0923.jpg
Crawford, blank, F, 10/2/07, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3581.jpg
Crawford, blank, M, 8/21/08, A.J., Maude, blank, blank, birthcert-4195.jpg
Crawford, blank, M, 10/11/23, Richard (TX), Jesse (TX), Freeman, Alvord, birthcert-7914.jpg
Crawford, blank, M, 3/31/29, Charley (TX), B.L. (MS), Norman, Vineyard, birthcert-9309.jpg
Crawford, Bobby Ruth, F, 8/30/29, James Henry (TX), Agnes (TX), Plymell, Paradise, birthcert-9434.jpg
Crawford, Leta Mae, F, 10/26/12, Charles (TX), Ruby (MS), Norman, Paradise, birthcert-5587.jpg, birthcert-5587a.jpg
Crawford, Letha Nell, F, 9/4/14, Charles (TX), Ruby (MS), Norman, Paradise, birthcert-5954.jpg, birthcert-5954a.jpg
Crawford, Ora Pauline, F, 11/28/15, Clarence W., Lena Etta, Hicks, Decatur, birthcert-6309.jpg, birthcert-6309a.jpg
Crawford, Thomas Hicks, M, 3/24/13, Clarence (TX), Lena Etta (TX), Hicks, Decatur, birthcert-5672.jpg, birthcert-5672a.jpg
Creed, blank, M, 9/25/25, Leyman W. (AL), Ollie M. (TX), Odon, blank, birthcert-8429.jpg
Creel, blank, F, 8/21/15, Will, Essie, blank, blank, birthcert-6206.jpg
Crenshaw, Bennie Braselton, M, 5/31/14, George G. (TX), Alice (TX), Hembree, Bridgeport, birthcert-5903.jpg, birthcert-5903a.jpg
Crenshaw, Bettie Lou, F, 2/15/33, W.N., B.J., Kelly, Paradise, [No Image 10685 ]
Crenshaw, blank, M, 11/19/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1376.jpg
Crenshaw, Esther Mae, F, 7/9/11, George Gentry, Alice, Hembree, Bridgeport, birthcert-5299.jpg
Crenshaw, Wanda June, M, 9/8/30, M.N., B.I., Kelly, blank, [No Image 9810 ]
Crews, blank, F, 3/28/04, F., E., blank, blank, birthcert-0766.jpg
Crews, blank, F, 4/15/07, Frank, Effie, blank, blank, birthcert-3288.jpg
Crews, blank, F, 11/16/08, Frank, Effie, blank, blank, birthcert-4350.jpg
Crews, blank, M, 6/4/23, Edwin (FL), Leona (TX), Whetsell, Park Springs, birthcert-7817.jpg
Crews, Clyde Courtney, M, 1/8/31, Guy, Fay, Hughes, Alvord, [No Image 9925 ]
Crista, Dorothy Viola, F, 3/18/31, M.F., V., Milligan, Alvord, [No Image 10010 ]
Criswell, blank, M, 2/26/07, James, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3192.jpg
Crites, Billie Joe, M, 3/29/30, Joe W., Ruby L., Slimp, blank, [No Image 9637 ]
Crites, blank, M, 2/2/04, Will, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-0632.jpg
Crites, blank, M, 4/2/08, John, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-3950.jpg, [delayed 4/13/1950]
Crites, Johnnie Louise, F, 4/7/30, J.F., F., Randolph, blank, [No Image 9644 ]
Crocker, blank, F, 11/10/07, R., T., blank, blank, birthcert-3663.jpg
Crocker, Christine, F, 12/3/05, Rimpson George, Latina, Davis, Chico, birthcert-2325.jpg, birthcert-2325a.jpg birthcert-2325b.jpg
Crockett, blank, F, 4/18/05, Dave, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1750.jpg
Crook, blank, F, 12/18/04, F.F., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-1446.jpg
Crosby, blank, M, 9/1/06, R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2880.jpg
Crosby, blank, M, 12/2/08, J., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4370.jpg
Cross, Bernice Charlotte, F, 6/6/28, Odie V., Claude B., Dodds, Greenwood, birthcert-9030.jpg, birthcert-9030a.jpg
Cross, blank, F, 9/19/03, D.F., E., blank, blank, birthcert-0296.jpg
Cross, blank, F, 8/8/05, J.F., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2039.jpg
Cross, blank, M, 12/9/08, Joe, Nora, blank, blank, birthcert-4383.jpg
Cross, Johnnie Dell, F, 7/21/32, Versie J., Anne, Hudson, Decatur, [No Image 10502 ]
Crow, Gladys, F, 5/22/07, John (LA), Mary Frances (LA), Fowler, Paradise, birthcert-3345.jpg, birthcert-3345a.jpg birthcert-3345b.jpg
Crow, Ruth Mary, F, 5/27/04, Robert F., Mary Elizabert, Cartwright, Decatur, birthcert-0902.jpg, birthcert-0902a.jpg
Crowder, blank, F, 3/23/04, A.A., B.N., blank, blank, birthcert-0755.jpg
Crowder, blank, F, 5/21/09, A.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4637.jpg
Crowder, blank, M, 5/15/23, A.M. (Carolina), Eva (Carolina), Ingle, Decatur, birthcert-7800.jpg
Crowder, Donnie Jean, F, 5/1/32, Hays, Leona, Pounds, Decatur, [No Image 10424 ]
Crowder, Johnnie Lee, F, 6/11/30, Hays, Leona, Pounds, Decatur, [No Image 9722 ]
Crowder, Johnny Hays, M, 2/16/04, Ace M., Era, Ingle, Blewett Com., birthcert-0667.jpg, birthcert-0667a.jpg
Crowder, Thelma Jewel, F, 5/16/13, Ace Melton (NC), Era H. (NC), Ingle, Decatur, birthcert-5701.jpg, birthcert-5701a.jpg
Crownover, James Melvin, M, 3/9/05, Hollie Jackson, Mary Melissa, Parker, Newark, birthcert-1660.jpg
Crumpton, Doris Imogene, F, 9/3/27, S.R., Maude Lee, Evans, Rhome, birthcert-8837.jpg
Cruz, Ollie Fay, F, 6/2/28, Andy, Pearl Pauline, Keeter, Rhome, birthcert-9028.jpg
Cruze, Mildred Earline, F, 5/7/26, A.C. (TX), Pearl P. (TX), Kelter, Rhome, birthcert-8584.jpg
Cryer, Bobbie Jean, M, 12/5/30, Edward G., Beulah I., Prukston, blank, [No Image 9890 ]
Cuillos, blank, M, 3/24/09, H., G., blank, blank, birthcert-4569.jpg
Culdwell, blank, F, 11/14/29, M.T., Cretchen, Wright, blank, [No Image 9508 ]
Cullers, Clement Evelyn, F, 8/31/18, Clement L. (TX), Evelyn J. (AR), McDaniel, Decatur, birthcert-6965.jpg
Culpepper, Harold Lloyd, M, 8/26/30, L.M., Ruth, Morrow, blank, [No Image 9793 ]
Culwell, blank, F, 4/10/05, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1732.jpg
Culwell, Jewell Hazel, F, 3/27/14, B.R., Nettie, Erick, blank, birthcert-5866.jpg, birthcert-5866a.jpg
Culwell, Joe Etklins, F, 8/8/31, W.L., Gretchen, Wright, Paradise, [No Image 10173 ]
Culwell, Noah Moose, M, 3/5/04, William Preston, Nancy Elizabeth, Elder, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-0709.jpg, birthcert-0709a.jpg
Cummings, blank, M, 4/19/06, James, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2628.jpg
Cundiff, (Jess L.), M, 5/30/08, Bob, Susie, blank, blank, birthcert-4062.jpg
Cunningham, blank, M, 2/12/12, Carl, Martha, Sparks, blank, birthcert-5463.jpg
Cunningham, blank, M, 5/17/19, A.W. (TX), Julia B. (TX), Carloss, Alvord, birthcert-7087.jpg
Cunningham, blank, M, 3/28/22, Arthur (TX), Julia Bethel (TX), Codass, Alvord, birthcert-7567.jpg, [delayed 13161]
Cunningham, Catherine Joyce, F, 6/20/16, W.V., Florence, blank, Paradise, birthcert-6430.jpg
Cunningham, Charles Louis, M, 1/18/32, Arvie P., Lillie May, Spenser, blank, [No Image 10337 ]
Cunningham, Rena Ruth, F, 8/21/16, Arthur Wade, Julia Bethel, Carloss, Alvord, birthcert-6463.jpg, birthcert-6463a.jpg
Cunningham, Retha Zenia, F, 9/17/15, Abdal Wirt, Nellie Zenia, Hunt, Boyd, birthcert-6248.jpg, birthcert-6248a.jpg
Cunningham, Ruth Gertrude, F, 9/9/19, W.V. (TX), Florence (TX), Davis, Decatur, birthcert-7118.jpg, birthcert-7118a.jpg
Cunnius, blank, F, 9/10/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0268.jpg
Curlee, (twin), M, 4/19/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2630.jpg
Curlee, (twin), F, 4/19/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2631.jpg
Curley, Wallace Stephen, M, 3/22/17, John William, Olive Altha, Miller, Bridgeport, birthcert-6587.jpg, birthcert-6587a.jpg
Curry, blank, M, 8/8/28, Steve, Fannie, Henry, Bridgeport, birthcert-9078.jpg
Curtis, blank, M, 5/26/04, H.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0901.jpg
Curtis, blank, M, 1/26/06, H.E., L.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2442.jpg
Curtis, blank, F, 3/4/09, H.E., L.A., blank, blank, birthcert-4536.jpg
Curtis, blank, M, 9/29/11, M.G., Vadie, Cash, blank, birthcert-5374.jpg
Curtis, blank, M, 4/2/12, Walter, Belle, Holland , blank, birthcert-5490.jpg
Curtis, blank, M, 5/12/15, Henry, Vila, Cook, blank, birthcert-6093.jpg
Curtis, Dessie Estelle, F, 3/18/14, Mason Greenfield (MS), Jessie Lavada (TX), Cook, Boonsville, birthcert-5862.jpg, birthcert-5862a.jpg
Curtis, Flora Lula, F, 2/19/06, Walter G., Ora Bell, Holland, blank, birthcert-2505.jpg, birthcert-2505a.jpg
Curtis, Jessie Green, M, 11/1/12, Mason Green (TN), Jessie Lavada (TX), Cook, blank, birthcert-5589.jpg, birthcert-5589a.jpg
Curtis, Ora Ione, F, 3/5/08, Walter Garfield (TN), Ora Bell (TX), Holland, Boonsville, birthcert-3888.jpg, birthcert-3888a.jpg
Curtis, Vernest Elden, M, 6/2/05, J.L., Mattie , blank, blank, birthcert-1859.jpg
Curtner, blank, F, 2/25/05, S.H., Rossie, blank, blank, birthcert-1631.jpg
Curtner, blank, F, 4/18/07, Robert, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-3293.jpg
Curtner, Douglas Ross, M, 3/4/06, Arthur Richard, Ida Vesta, Trussell, blank, birthcert-2537.jpg, birthcert-2537a.jpg
Curtner, Oswald Lemoyne, M, 2/4/06, Robert, Sarah Eveline, Rodgers, Anneville, birthcert-2469.jpg, birthcert-2469a.jpg
Curtner, Thora Dell, F, 10/10/04, Robert, Ida Sarah Eveline, Rodgers, Anneville, birthcert-1262.jpg, birthcert-1262a.jpg
Dabney, Clara E., F, 7/25/06, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2790.jpg
Dabney, Johnnie Mae, F, 6/6/28, Otis A,, Mary E., Copeland, Decatur, birthcert-9031.jpg
Dabney, Johnnie Mae, F, 6/16/28, Otis A., Mary Eva, Copeland, Alvord, birthcert-9038.jpg
Dabney, Sylvia Christine, F, 10/23/13, Otis Atterberry (TX), Mary Eva Pricella (TX), Copeland, Alvord, birthcert-5787.jpg, birthcert-5787a.jpg
Dabney, Vinnie Latha, F, 11/14/03, John, Sallie C., Simmons, Alvord, birthcert-0446.jpg, birthcert-0446a.jpg
Dacus, blank, M, 8/11/03, Bob, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0181.jpg
Dacus, Edna Earl, F, 10/20/26, Elmer Hale (TX), Esther (TX), Rambo, Rhome, birthcert-8696.jpg
Dacus, Ruth Helen, F, 1/6/27, Elmer Dale, Ester, Rambo, Rhome, birthcert-8734.jpg
Dacus, Vernon Lee, M, 6/1/31, Elmer D., Ester, Rambo, Rhome, [No Image 10089 ]
Daggett, blank, F, 9/6/33, W.H., Cassie, Wood, Paradise, [No Image 10885 ]
Daggett, Helen Elizabeth, F, 8/1/21, Stanley B. (TX), Flossie Lillie (TX), Jones, Paradise, birthcert-7431.jpg, birthcert-7431a.jpg
Daitet, blank, M, 8/7/08, V., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-4174.jpg
Dale, blank, F, 9/30/09, W.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4791.jpg
Dalrymple, blank, M, 8/14/06, T.H., Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-2840.jpg
Dalton, Margaret Inez, F, 1/20/06, Jere,iah Meed (TX), Laura Belle (KY), Allen, blank, birthcert-2427.jpg birthcert-2427a.jpg
Dameron, blank, M, 1/8/06, J.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2393.jpg
Danial, Charles Lee, Jr., M, 8/30/25, Charles Lee, Sr.(TN), Betty C. (TN), Morris, Decatur, birthcert-8399.jpg
Daniel, Betty Jo, F, 4/14/30, C.E., Myrtle, McCluney, blank, [No Image 9657 ]
Daniell, Dortha Dale, F, 12/22/17, Edd, Myrtle, McClurg, Boyd, birthcert-6775.jpg
Daniell, Orlanda, F, 2/5/16, Ed, Myrtle, McClung, blank, birthcert-6355.jpg
Daniell, Orlanda, F, 2/5/16, Charles Edward, Myrtle Lee, McCluney, Boyd, birthcert-6356.jpg, birthcert-6356a.jpg
Daniels, blank, M, 2/7/28, Charles Lee, Betty Caroline, Norris, Decatur, birthcert-8937.jpg
Daniels, blank, F, 7/24/28, S.A., Bonney, Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-9061.jpg
Daniels, Charline, F, 7/22/21, C.E. (VA), Myrtle (TX), McCleary, Boyd, birthcert-7424.jpg
Daniels, Leonard Boyd, M, 3/27/11, Ben, Mary Linnie, Morelock, blank, birthcert-5207.jpg, birthcert-5207a.jpg
Danis, blank, F, 7/20/23, C.P. (GA), Lelia (TX), Lasiter, Chico, birthcert-7857.jpg
Darrell, blank, M, 7/7/07, O.C., M., blank, blank, birthcert-3413.jpg
Darter, Bobbie Joe, M, 10/25/31, R.W., Phebie C., Jennings, Rhome, [No Image 10271 ]
Darter, Henry Thomas, Jr., M, 9/8/32, Henry T., Grace W., Hays, Rhome, [No Image 10549 ]
Darter, Verde Pearl, F, 6/10/31, H.L., Grace Thm., Cahle, Rhome, [No Image 10103 ]
Darvall, blank, F, 5/16/13, G.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5700.jpg
Darwin, James Thomas, Jr., M, 4/13/33, James T., Cecil, Taylor, Decatur, [No Image 10732 ]
Datson, blank, M, 11/30/04, B.R., L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1404.jpg
Daurte, Gandalupe, M, 2/26/31, Magnas, Maria, Majira, Bridgeport, [No Image 9980 ]
Davenport, Betty Lee, F, 11/30/25, C.C. (TX), Jennie Lee (TX), Cook, Alvord, birthcert-8464.jpg, birthcert-8464a.jpg
Davenport, blank, F, 6/4/08, Jess, Carrie, blank, blank, birthcert-4071.jpg
Davenport, blank, M, 2/12/24, Coma C. (TX), Jennie Lee (TX), Cook, Alvord, birthcert-8002.jpg
Davenport, blank, F, 11/30/26, C.C., Jennie Lee, Cook, Alvord, birthcert-8720.jpg
Davenport, Fred A., Jr., M, 2/11/24, Fred A. (TX), Mary Velma (TX), Carpenter, Decatur, birthcert-8001.jpg
Davenport, Molly Sue, F, 8/3/33, F.A., Mary V., Carpenter, Decatur, [No Image 10845 ]
Davidson, blank, F, 3/16/04, P., E., blank, blank, birthcert-0738.jpg
Davidson, blank, F, 5/12/07, J.A., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-3337.jpg
Davidson, blank, F, 9/22/09, J.H., Dessie, blank, blank, birthcert-4778.jpg
Davidson, blank, M, 12/15/11, Bud, Dessie, Jenkins, blank, birthcert-5425.jpg
Davidson, Cleo Loranie, F, 3/26/29, Cecil (TX), Olive Belle (TX), Weaver, Bridgeport, birthcert-9303.jpg
Davidson, Harold Lloyd, M, 7/6/33, H.I., Lear, Callahann, Chico, [No Image 10813 ]
Davidson, Roy Lee, M, 1/29/30, J.A., Virgie, Reno, blank, [No Image 9574 ]
Davila, Andres-triplet, M, 9/10/28, Ambrosio (Mex), Augustina (Mex), Segovia, Wise Co., birthcert-9115.jpg
Davila, Aveleno-triplet, M, 9/10/28, Ambrosio (Mex), Augustina (Mex), Segovia, Wise Co., birthcert-9117.jpg
Davila, Francisco-triplet, M, 9/10/28, Ambrosio (Mex), Augustina (Mex), Segovia, Wise Co., birthcert-9116.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 8/6/03, J.O., S.J., blank, blank, birthcert-0161.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 1/16/04, J.S., B., blank, blank, birthcert-0594.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 1/26/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0619.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 2/18/04, L., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0670.jpg, [delayed 11637]
Davis, blank, M, 5/29/04, M.L., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-0906.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 6/10/04, William, May, blank, blank, birthcert-0938.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 6/28/04, blank, Rebecca (widow), blank, blank, birthcert-0976.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 7/27/04, S.T., F.J., blank, blank, birthcert-1059.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 2/2/05, Charlie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1560.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 6/28/05, H., Della, blank, blank, birthcert-1923.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 7/17/05, Lee, M.F., blank, blank, birthcert-1969.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 9/3/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2885.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 3/9/07, W.J., May, blank, blank, birthcert-3213.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 5/27/17, Albert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3354.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 9/17/07, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3547.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 4/2/08, A.H., Ray, blank, blank, birthcert-3949.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 10/7/08, Elmer, May, blank, blank, birthcert-4283.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 2/28/09, A.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4524.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 12/8/09, W.E., E.J., blank, blank, birthcert-4870.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 8/21/10, Elbert, May, blank, blank, birthcert-5077.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 2/1/12, John, Mollie, Avery, blank, birthcert-5451.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 5/16/12, William, May, Mathew, blank, birthcert-5525.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 7/16/13, A.H., Ray, blank, blank, birthcert-5737.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 6/16/14, Milborn B., May, Mathews, blank, birthcert-5914.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 10/27/17, A.H., Allie, Ray, Alvord, birthcert-6744.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 4/16/18, G.M., Mattie, Stanford, Greenwood, birthcert-6864.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 5/6/18, R.N., Lottie, Cansler, blank, birthcert-6880.jpg
Davis, blank, M, 3/16/26, Bank (TX), Valley (TX), Setser, Chico, birthcert-8564.jpg, [delayed 5952]
Davis, blank, F, 3/1/28, T.B., Valley, Setser, Chico, birthcert-8962.jpg
Davis, blank, blank, 10/18/28, Lettie (TX), Laura Fay (TX), blank, Alvord, birthcert-9157.jpg
Davis, blank, F, 10/20/31, Rubin C., Fanney Ann, Cox, Chico, [No Image 10265 ]
Davis, Boyd Lee, M, 3/20/04, Louis Floyd, Lillian Lee, Stockton, Alvord, birthcert-0747.jpg, birthcert-0747a.jpg birthcert-0747b.jpg
Davis, Corna, F, 4/4/05, James C., Lucy, Stanley, blank, birthcert-1713.jpg
Davis, Dewey Harrison, M, 9/1/09, J.C. (WV), Molly (TX), Buckner, Rhome, birthcert-4754.jpg
Davis, Erma Alma, F, 1/20/07, Leonard LaFayette (MO), Frances Jane (MO), Absher, Bridgeport, birthcert-3122.jpg, birthcert-3122a.jpg
Davis, Ernesteen Melba, F, 12/3/27, Earnest Winter, Lois Aftin, Ewing, Paradise, birthcert-8887.jpg
Davis, Franklin, M, 3/5/33, Dewey, Ira Lee, Hooper, Alvord, [No Image 10702 ]
Davis, Geraldine Yvonne, F, 9/28/25, A.R. (TX), Bernice (TX), Phipps, Bridgeport, birthcert-8431.jpg
Davis, Grace B., F, 1/24/05, William Thomas, Dona Bell, Read, Bridgeport, birthcert-1535.jpg, birthcert-1535a.jpg
Davis, Herbert Carl, M, 10/18/24, Rufus Carl (TX), Tommie Annie (OK), Cox, Alvord, birthcert-8189.jpg
Davis, Ione, F, 11/20/04, D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1378.jpg
Davis, James Lawrence, M, 2/19/16, Paul, Gladys, Baker, Chico, birthcert-6366.jpg, birthcert-6366a.jpg birthcert-6366b.jpg
Davis, Jewel, F, 2/6/05, W.T., Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-1576.jpg
Davis, Juanita, F, 11/8/17, James D., Bessie, McConnell, Boyd, birthcert-6749.jpg
Davis, Lena May, F, 8/23/06, Robert Edwin (MS), Mary Ann (TX), Morris, Paradise, birthcert-2862.jpg, birthcert-2862a.jpg
Davis, Leota Mae, F, 12/1/03, James L., Lexie Viola, Copeland, Alvord, birthcert-0477.jpg, birthcert-0477a.jpg
Davis, Lewell Thomas, M, 5/15/31, H.W., A.E., blank, Bridgeport, [No Image 10074 ]
Davis, Lola Bee, F, 8/15/04, Marion Lafette, Effie, Bramlett, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1108.jpg, birthcert-1108a.jpg
Davis, Lola Floys, F, 4/20/05, William James, Martha Louise, Edwards, Paradise, birthcert-1758.jpg, birthcert-1758a.jpg
Davis, Mable Ruth, F, 1/17/10, Leonard Laffayette, Fannie Jane, Absher, Boonsville, birthcert-4911.jpg, birthcert-4911a.jpg
Davis, Mary Ruby, F, 8/2/16, William Thomas, Dona Bell, Read, Bridgeport, birthcert-6449.jpg, birthcert-6449a.jpg
Davis, Maudie Lee, F, 4/26/08, Henry T. (TX), Della (TN), Thomas, Alvord, birthcert-3988.jpg
Davis, Mildred Janet, F, 10/2/28, Rufus C. (TX), Fannie (OK), Cox, Chico, birthcert-9139.jpg, birthcert-9139a.jpg
Davis, Oba Leon, M, 8/2/32, H.W., E.A., Parks, Paradise, [No Image 10517 ]
Davis, Ola Mae, F, 10/10/19, George Martin (TX), Madie Thomas (TX), Stanford, Greenwood, birthcert-7144.jpg, birthcert-7144a.jpg
Davis, R.P., Jr., M, 10/17/23, R.P. (TX), Carrie (TX), Stevens, Boyd, birthcert-7921.jpg
Davis, Viola Pearl, F, 5/28/04, Robert Edwin, Mary Ann, Morris, Paradise, birthcert-0904.jpg, birthcert-0904a.jpg
Davis, William Jay, M, 12/16/04, W.P., Alice, Moore, Garvin, Wise Co., birthcert-1443.jpg, birthcert-1443a.jpg
Davis, William Parry, M, 11/6/17, Paul, Gladys, Baker, Boyd, birthcert-6747.jpg
Davis, William W., M, 10/23/05, William, Nola, blank, blank, birthcert-2238.jpg
Dawson, blank, M, 5/14/09, W.G., W.D.D., blank, blank, birthcert-4626.jpg
Dawson, blank, M, 4/29/16, James, Ora, Stone, blank, birthcert-6404.jpg
Dawson, Thelma Loudora, F, 4/3/23, W.G. (TX), Nellie (MO), Griffith, Decatur, birthcert-7754.jpg, birthcert-7754a.jpg
Day, Alma Ruth, F, 1/9/26, Joe F. (TX), Blanche (TX), Hutcheson, Rhome, birthcert-8503.jpg
Day, Billy Joe, F, 9/14/25, Billy (TX), Mazil (TX), Snord, Decatur, birthcert-8422.jpg
Day, Jim Tom, M, 7/1/23, Joseph Fletcher (TX), Willie Blanche(TX), Hutcherson, Rhome, birthcert-7839.jpg, birthcert-7839a.jpg
Day, Mary Ellen, F, 12/21/27, Joseph, Blanche, Hutcheson, Haslet, birthcert-8904.jpg
De Lao, Jacobita, F, 5/10/24, Paulino (Mex), Florindo (Mex), Villarrae, Bridgeport, birthcert-8067.jpg
De Las, Paulino, Jr, M, 3/3/27, Paulino, Villarreal, Florindo , Bridgeport, birthcert-8757.jpg
De Leon, blank, M, 4/3/05, Juan, Marie, blank, blank, birthcert-1710.jpg
De Leon, Victoria, F, 1/12/10, J., C., blank, blank, birthcert-4904.jpg
Dea, blank, F, 5/5/05, Jessie, Laura, (Davis), blank, birthcert-1790.jpg
Deal, blank, M, 7/6/04, G.C., Nettie, Davis, blank, birthcert-0999.jpg
Dean, blank, M, 4/13/05, Wayman, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1737.jpg
Dean, blank, M, 12/13/15, John, Susie, Califf, blank, birthcert-6332.jpg
Dean, blank, F, 9/17/23, John (AL), Susie (AL), McCobb, Boyd, birthcert-7896.jpg
Dean, blank, F, 9/3/28, M.M. (TX), Pearl M. (TX), Penwood, Poolville, birthcert-9111.jpg
Dean, Herchel Edwin, M, 10/22/23, Oscar Wilburn (TX), Lila Mae (TX), Cox, Poolville, birthcert-7926.jpg, birthcert-7926a.jpg
Dean, James Othello, M, 3/2/20, M.M. (TX), Pearl M. (TX), Penrod, Poolville, birthcert-7220.jpg
Dean, Lillie Cleo, F, 1/20/16, Tom, Susie, McCaleb, Boyd, birthcert-6346.jpg, birthcert-6346a.jpg
Dean, Mildred Olivia, F, 9/17/28, Elvis (TX), Roda (TX), Sanders, Boyd, birthcert-9124.jpg
Dean, Mildred Oretha, F, 5/21/19, Oscar (TX), Lela (TX), Cox, Poolville, birthcert-7090.jpg
Dean, Morris Wendall, M, 1/24/22, M.M. (TX), Pearl M. (TX), Penroad, Poolville, birthcert-7538.jpg
Dearing, Melba Ray, F, 11/10/28, J.A., Clennis, Riddle, Rhome, birthcert-9174.jpg
Deatheridge, blank, M, 1/5/08, J.L., Vicy, blank, blank, birthcert-3770.jpg
Deathloff, blank, F, 1/24/06, Henry, May, blank, blank, birthcert-2435.jpg
Deathloff, blank, M, 5/13/29, Louis (TX), Leona (TX), Story, Bridgeport, birthcert-9347.jpg
Deathloff, blank, F, 9/21/30, Kozzie, Ruby, Bishop, Bridgeport, [No Image 9826 ]
Deathloff, C.E., F, 11/17/30, J.T., J.E., Holley, blank, [No Image 9869 ]
Deathloff, I.M., Jr., F, 9/3/29, I.M., Sr. (TX), E.O. (TX), Richardson, Bridgeport, birthcert-9441.jpg
Deaton, Arnie Ray, M, 3/14/32, Arnie, Eunice, Womack, Decatur, [No Image 10392 ]
Deaton, blank, M, 4/19/05, Gus, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1754.jpg
Deaton, blank, F, 2/24/08, Jim, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-3860.jpg
Deaton, blank, F, 3/6/09, T.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4541.jpg
Deaton, Daniel Aubrey, M, 8/28/09, James Macom (TX), Minnie (MS), Donaldson, Decatur, birthcert-4750.jpg, birthcert-4750a.jpg
Deaton, David Grady, M, 10/4/98, John, Ollie, Faith, Decatur, birthcert-0055.jpg
Deaving, Melba Roy, F, 11/10/28, J.A., Clennie, Riddle, Rhome, birthcert-9173.jpg
Decker, Athneil Ambros, M, 6/11/95, C.C., Elender, Stark, Decatur, birthcert-0043.jpg
Decker, Elmer T., M, 5/23/00, C.C., Sarah Elender, Stark, Decatur, birthcert-0066.jpg
Decker, Irven C., M, 7/18/02, C.C., Sarah Elender, Stark, Decatur, birthcert-0075.jpg
Deckerson, blank, F, 4/30/04, Dan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0853.jpg
Deering, blank, F, 3/11/09, R.I., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4548.jpg
Delaney, blank, F, 12/12/04, W.A., Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-1428.jpg
Dele Rosa, blank, M, 6/29/09, Juan, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4678.jpg
Deleon, blank, M, 2/25/28, Alphonso, Cressutio, Simon, Bridgeport, birthcert-8957.jpg
Delerosa, L.J., F, 9/2/03, J.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0249.jpg
Dellis, Horace Allen, M, 5/24/32, L.G., J.R., McCarter, Decatur, [No Image 10443 ]
Dempsey, Bonnie Ruth, F, 1/2/29, R.Z. (AR), Clara, blank, Greenwood, birthcert-9218.jpg
Dempsey, Kerns, Jr., M, 7/20/27, Nathan, Cecil, Honzece, Greenwood, birthcert-8813.jpg
Dendy, blank, M, 11/15/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1367.jpg
Denham, blank, M, 9/24/04, Anderson, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1220.jpg
Denney, (Flossie Lee), F, 7/8/05, O.S., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1941.jpg
Denney, blank, M, 7/25/03, J.N., Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-0141.jpg
Denney, blank, F, 2/28/05, Walter, Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-1636.jpg
Denney, blank, M, 4/15/06, W.S., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2617.jpg
Denney, blank, M, 2/26/09, W.H., T.L., blank, blank, birthcert-4515.jpg
Denney, Emmie Estelle, F, 8/13/03, Walter D., Ora Pearl, Hefner, Chico, birthcert-0186.jpg, birthcert-0186a.jpg birthcert-0186b.jpg
Denney, John Davis, M, 1/1/04, Sam, Emma, Terry, Alvord, birthcert-0550.jpg, birthcert-0550a.jpg
Denney, L.E., F, 3/24/04, J.D., L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-0757.jpg
Denney, Leonard Davis, M, 4/27/33, Huston P., Ruth, Redwine, Chico, [No Image 10748 ]
Denney, Levis Jewell, F, 8/11/06, Walter (TN), Pearl (TX), Hefner, Chico, birthcert-2835.jpg, birthcert-2835a.jpg
Denney, Robert Wren, M, 2/2/05, Luther, Ida, McNeely, Chico, birthcert-1563.jpg, birthcert-1563a.jpg
Dennie, Annie Lee, F, 4/25/06, Sam, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2638.jpg
Dennis, blank, M, 8/26/04, J.W., Prof., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1139.jpg
Denny, blank, M, 1/10/04, W.H., F.L., blank, blank, birthcert-0577.jpg
Denny, blank, F, 3/30/09, Joe, Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-4578.jpg
Denny, blank, M, 10/6/09, Sam, blank, Anna, Chico, birthcert-4800.jpg
Denny, blank, F, 4/29/23, H.S. (TX), Loura (TX), Champion, Chico, birthcert-7786.jpg
Denny, blank, F, 2/16/26, S.H. (TX), Cora (TX), Bailey, Chico, birthcert-8541.jpg
Denny, Flossie Lee, F, 7/16/05, J.S., Nannie, Nobles, Chico, birthcert-1964.jpg, birthcert-1964a.jpg
Denny, twin, M, 2/27/06, W.H., F.L., blank, blank, birthcert-2529.jpg
Denny, twin, M, 2/27/06, W.H., F.L., blank, blank, birthcert-2530.jpg
Denton, blank, F, 1/25/04, H.A., R., blank, blank, birthcert-0613.jpg
Derryberry, Albert-twin, M, 11/20/24, John A. (TX), Mabel (TX), Harrison, Boyd, birthcert-8218.jpg
Derryberry, Elbert-twin, M, 11/20/24, John A. (TX), Mabel (TX), blank, Boyd, birthcert-8217.jpg
Derryberry, Henry, M, 9/1/05, Henry, Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-2106.jpg
Derryberry, I.D., M, 6/28/25, John A. (TX), Mabel (TX), blank, Boyd, birthcert-8347.jpg
Derryberry, Louis Earl, M, 2/21/02, John A., Mabel, Harrison, Boyd, birthcert-0072.jpg
Dethloff, blank, F, 1/2/04, Henry, Mae, blank, blank, birthcert-0556.jpg
Dethloff, blank, F, 4/25/04, Charles, Ozella, blank, blank, birthcert-0844.jpg
Dethloff, blank, M, 4/10/17, Ernest, Dora, Bladgett, blank, birthcert-6605.jpg
Dethloff, Ethel Jane, F, 8/6/04, John, Martha, McElray, Bridgeport, birthcert-1086.jpg, birthcert-1086a.jpg
Dethloff, Lucille G., F, 9/21/30, Kozzie, Ruby, Bishop, blank, [No Image 9826 ]
Dethloff, Viola Carolina, F, 6/8/11, Earnest, Dora, Blogett, Paradise, birthcert-5274.jpg, birthcert-5274a.jpg
Dethridge, blank, M, 1/28/05, M.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1547.jpg
Dewbre, blank, F, 2/10/05, W.T., Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-1589.jpg
Dewbre, blank, F, 12/19/07, W.F., Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-3735.jpg
Dewbre, blank, F, 8/10/09, E.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4727.jpg
Dewbre, blank, M, 2/26/10, Floyd, Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-4942.jpg
Dewbre, Jessie Bill, M, 6/8/09, William J. (AR), Mary Elizabeth (TX), Maness, Paradise, birthcert-4656.jpg, birthcert-4656a.jpg
Dewbree, blank, M, 5/11/11, Floyd, Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-5245.jpg
Dewees, Homer Sylvester, M, 11/12/05, Oscar W., Lottie, Foote, blank, birthcert-2273.jpg, birthcert-2273a.jpg
DeWitt, blank, F, 8/8/03, Wilmer, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0174.jpg
Diaz, blank, M, 5/5/08, Juan (Mex), blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4012.jpg
Diaz, Endaldo, M, 8/25/04, Joselp, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1136.jpg
Dickenson, blank, F, 11/24/03, Alvin, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0465.jpg
Dickenson, blank, M, 8/5/04, John, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-1083.jpg
Dickenson, Curtis Wayne, M, 8/9/28, Alva Lafayette, Bessie Pearl, Denney, Chico, birthcert-9079.jpg, birthcert-9079a.jpg
Dickenson, James LaFayette, M, 9/20/18, G.L. (TX), M.E. (TX), Taylor, Chico, birthcert-6985.jpg, birthcert-6985a.jpg
Dickenson, R.B., M, 10/20/03, Edd, U., blank, blank, birthcert-0384.jpg
Dickenson, Thomas Lilis, M, 8/25/08, Thomas H. (TN), Texanna (AL), Molloy, Chico, birthcert-4203.jpg, birthcert-4203a.jpg
Dickerson, Bert, M, 9/2/19, E.A. (TX), Grace (TX), Williams, Chico, birthcert-7130.jpg
Dickerson, blank, M, 3/18/05, Lester, Ellen, blank, blank, birthcert-1679.jpg
Dickerson, blank, F, 9/9/08, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4240.jpg
Dickerson, blank, F, 7/19/31, O.G., L.J., Lumsden, Chico, [No Image 10154 ]
Dickey, Annie Lee, F, 12/21/14, John Hugh (TN), Emmalette (AR), Walker, Alvord, birthcert-6002.jpg, birthcert-6002a.jpg
Dickey, blank, F, 11/21/04, D.L., Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-1383.jpg
Dickey, blank, F, 1/26/16, Ed, Dolly, blank, blank, birthcert-6349.jpg
Dickey, Blendena Mae, F, 2/1/27, Leonard B., Lorena, Ring, Decatur, birthcert-8744.jpg
Dickey, James M., M, 8/6/33, Merlin H., L.M., Anderson, Rhome, [No Image 10851 ]
Dickey, Nellie Jane, F, 12/16/04, John Jacob, Mosie Ann, Timmons, Crafton, birthcert-1441.jpg, birthcert-1441a.jpg
Dickey, Ruth, F, 9/20/08, John Hugh (TN), Emmalett (AR), Walker, blank, birthcert-4253.jpg, birthcert-4253a.jpg birthcert-4253b.jpg
Dickinson, blank, M, 7/7/07, John, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3414.jpg
Dickinson, blank, F, 9/12/07, L.B., T.E., blank, Chico, birthcert-3536.jpg
Dickinson, blank, M, 7/23/15, E.A., Grace, blank, blank, birthcert-6162.jpg
Dickinson, Donald Lewis, M, 8/16/32, A.L., Ella, Allen, Alvord, [No Image 10531 ]
Dickson, Charley Douglas, M, 10/26/04, John Granville, Nellie Mae, Tindle, Decatur, birthcert-1301.jpg, birthcert-1301a.jpg
Dickson, Maurine B., F, 6/4/10, John, Nellie, Tindle, Decatur, birthcert-5016.jpg, birthcert-5016a.jpg
Dill, Addie Leona, F, 3/13/06, Andrew Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth J., blank, blank, birthcert-2550.jpg, birthcert-2550a.jpg
Dill, W.W., M, 12/28/03, C.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0542.jpg
Dillard, blank, M, 1/9/04, S.G.A., M.F., blank, blank, birthcert-0575.jpg
Dillard, Elva & Elvis, M-F, 8/20/26, William Carroll (MS), Ezzie (MS), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-8651.jpg
Dillard, Elvis, M, 8/20/26, William C. (MS), Ezzie (MS), Brown, Rhome, birthcert-8642.jpg
Dillard, Jerry Stephens, M, 7/8/32, J. Rose, L.F., Stephens, Decatur, [No Image 10488 ]
Dillehay, blank, M, 8/3/07, T.J., Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-3461.jpg
Dillehay, blank, M, 8/3/09, T.J., Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-4717.jpg
Dishman, blank, M, 11/29/17, Charley, Irma, Utley, Newark, birthcert-6766.jpg
Dison, blank, F, 2/12/04, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0651.jpg
Dixon, blank, F, 2/15/04, Marvin, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-0661.jpg
Dixon, blank, M, 4/23/08, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3986.jpg
Dobbs, (Chester L.), M, 9/6/03, John, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-0259.jpg
Dobbs, blank, M, 8/13/03, Silas, Luna, blank, blank, birthcert-0185.jpg
Dobbs, blank, M, 11/2/04, John, Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-1320.jpg
Dobbs, blank, M, 5/5/06, John, Liza, blank, blank, birthcert-2653.jpg
Dobbs, Marie, F, 4/4/31, C.L., Eura De Lois, Mitchum, Alvord, [No Image 10028 ]
Dobson, Anna Lou, F, 11/20/04, Will S., Callie, Hamilton, Audubon, birthcert-1380.jpg, birthcert-1380a.jpg birthcert-1380b.jpg
Dobson, Eva Doyce, F, 9/23/25, Frank I. (TX), Leora (TX), Powell, Alvord, birthcert-8426.jpg, birthcert-8426a.jpg
Dobson, Frankie Lee, F, 6/14/31, F.J., Ola P., blank, Alvord, [No Image 10109 ]
Dobson, Jerrel Wayne, M, 10/26/32, Frank, Ola, Powell, Alvord, [No Image 10612 ]
Dobson, L., F, 9/30/03, Newt, A., blank, blank, birthcert-0329.jpg
Dodd, Betty Jan, F, 12/7/31, Floyd R., Dessie, McDonald, Decatur, [No Image 10299 ]
Dodd, blank, M, 1/4/17, A.H., V., Gabel, blank, birthcert-6537.jpg
Dodd, Denny Winston, M, 2/25/14, Lowell Jefferson (GA), Bessie Elizabeth (TX), Landers, Alvord, birthcert-5845.jpg
Dodd, Gladys, F, 4/23/07, L.J. (GA), Bessie E. (TX), Sanders, Keller, birthcert-3307.jpg, birthcert-3307a.jpg
Dodd, Lee Mae, F, 4/29/28, Richard, LaRue, Phillips, Decatur, birthcert-9004.jpg
Dodd, Richard Calvin, M, 5/14/06, Calvin Nute (TX), Edna (TX), Southern, Paradise, birthcert-2670.jpg, birthcert-2670a.jpg
Dodd, Velmer Lowell, M, 5/6/04, Lowell Jefferson, Bessie Elizabeth, Sanders, Alvord, birthcert-0865.jpg, birthcert-0865a.jpg
Dodds, blank, F, 5/23/06, W.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2682.jpg
Dodds, blank, M, 3/6/09, Newt, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4540.jpg
Dodds, Daniel, M, 8/8/03, N., Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-0176.jpg
Dodge, blank, F, 3/13/05, E.W., Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-1668.jpg
Dodge, blank, M, 7/12/07, E.M., Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-3419.jpg
Dodge, Mattie Be, F, 1/12/25, Charles Richard (TX), Lettie Ileta (OK), Martin, Decatur, birthcert-8242.jpg, birthcert-8242a.jpg
Dodson, blank, F, 10/9/04, J.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1261.jpg
Dodson, blank, M, 1/31/06, J.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2462.jpg
Dodson, blank, M, 4/15/09, O.T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4596.jpg
Dodson, blank, M, 10/22/10, Albert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5120.jpg
Dodson, blank, F, 10/12/24, Frank I. (TX), Leola (TX), Powell, Alvord, birthcert-8182.jpg
Dodson, Dora E., F, 7/28/06, B.R., L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2797.jpg
Dollar, blank, M, 4/30/27, Dean, Augusta E., Eidson, Justin, birthcert-8792.jpg
Dollar, Earman Douglas, M, 10/15/21, Emory Caswell (AL), Ida (AL), Foster, Decatur, birthcert-7495.jpg, birthcert-7495a.jpg
Dollar, Flora Maydell, F, 7/18/04, Embry Caswell, Ida Bell, Foster, Decatur, birthcert-1027.jpg, birthcert-1027a.jpg
Dollar, Loyd Emory, M, 8/23/08, Emory Caswell (AL), Ida (AL), Foster, Decatur, birthcert-4200.jpg, birthcert-4200a.jpg
Dolye, blank, F, 5/3/07, Oscar, Lace, blank, blank, birthcert-3326.jpg
Domingo, Juan, M, 5/22/05, Lazerus, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1837.jpg
Domingo, Lazarus, M, 5/23/05, Lazerus, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1840.jpg
Donald, blank, F, 8/12/12, W.S., blank, Frederick, blank, birthcert-5562.jpg
Donaldson, blank, M, 4/29/16, Henry, Young, blank, blank, birthcert-6405.jpg
Donaldson, O., F, 9/3/03, H., L., blank, blank, birthcert-0253.jpg
Dooley, Edna Faye, F, 8/15/26, Mack Henry (TX), Merena Belle (OK), Caraway, Decatur, birthcert-8635.jpg
Dooley, James Henry, M, 12/16/28, Mack Henry (TX), Merena Belle (OK), Caraway, Decatur, birthcert-9204.jpg, birthcert-9204a.jpg
Dorris, Betty Sue, F, 12/3/29, Robert A., Irine, Laird, blank, [No Image 9524 ]
Dorsey, blank, F, 5/1/04, J.L., Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-0855.jpg
Doss, Willie Wesley, M, 5/31/06, Samuel Smith (TX), Chattie Elizabeth (TX), Sanders, Paradise, birthcert-2695.jpg, birthcert-2695a.jpg
Dossey, blank, M, 4/23/04, J.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0836.jpg
Doty, blank, M, 2/17/30, Ronnie, Hassie, Hinkle, blank, [No Image 9597 ]
Doty, Nettie Lorene, F, 7/30/27, Mark, Elsie Bivian, Morris, Boyd, birthcert-8820.jpg, birthcert-8820a.jpg
Doughty, blank, M, 9/22/04, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1215.jpg
Douglas, Beryl Ash, F, 12/6/03, James C., Betty, Smith, Rhome, birthcert-0484.jpg, birthcert-0484a.jpg
Douglas, Estelle Josephine, F, 9/16/04, William Elmo, Lavicia, Cooley, Decatur, birthcert-1197.jpg, birthcert-1197a.jpg
Douglas, Jack, M, 11/4/31, Joseph E., Erma L., Chambers, blank, [No Image 10277 ]
Douglas, Jackie Louise, F, 5/19/25, Loyd R. (TX), Ora Mae (TX), Matherson, Rhome, birthcert-8318.jpg
Douglass, Lou Ann, F, 11/23/29, Earl, Erma Mae, Chambers, blank, [No Image 9513 ]
Dover, Janette, F, 11/30/30, John H., Mary E., Brown , blank, [No Image 9883 ]
Downing, Olive Gertrude, F, 6/22/07, Oscar (TX), Molly (TX), Kennemer, Chico, birthcert-3397.jpg, birthcert-3397a.jpg
Downs, Edith, F, 8/8/18, C.A. (KS), Pearl (TX), blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-6949.jpg
Doyle, blank, M, 10/28/05, Andy, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2247.jpg
Doyle, blank, M, 3/17/08, R.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3920.jpg
Doyle, Earlena Rae, F, 2/22/26, Earl C. (TX), Lena Mae (TX), Watson, Fort Worth, birthcert-8548.jpg, birthcert-8548a.jpg
Doyle, Elda Lorene, F, 2/21/08, Edward Silas (VA), Geneva Mae (TX), Cartwright, Slidell, birthcert-3851.jpg, birthcert-3851a.jpg
Doyle, Maxine Catherine, F, 5/13/18, Floyd, Marie, Wilson, Slidell, birthcert-6891.jpg
Drain, Albert Sterling, Jr., M, 7/5/25, Albert Sterling, Sr.(AR), Bessie Sammie (TX), Burk, Decatur, birthcert-8353.jpg, birthcert-8353a.jpg
Drain, Alice M., M, 6/24/30, Toy Thomas, Mattie M., McCraw, blank, [No Image 9737 ]
Drain, Alice Merl-twin, F, 9/16/26, George E. (AR), Mary Lucy (TX), Baldwin, Rhome, birthcert-8668.jpg, birthcert-8668a.jpg
Drain, Bennie Jr., M, 11/17/27, Toy, Mattie May, McCraw, Rhome, birthcert-8878.jpg
Drain, blank, M, 9/30/32, Ivy Mae, Dortha L., , Newark, [No Image 10574 ]
Drain, Burl Jefferson-twin, M, 9/16/26, George E. (AR), Mary Lucy (TX), Baldwin, Rhome, birthcert-8669.jpg
Drain, Dixie Joe, M, 6/21/23, Albert (AR), Bessie (TX), Burke, Decatur, birthcert-7829.jpg
Drain, Dorothy Mae, F, 4/14/21, Albert Sterling (AR), Bessie (TX), Burk, Rhome, birthcert-7380.jpg, [delayed 2134]
Drain, E. Joyce, F, 7/1/33, Fay F., Mattie M., McCraw, Rhome, [No Image 10809 ]
Drain, Juanita Mae, M, 5/3/20, George E. (AR), Mamie (TX), Baldwin, Newark, birthcert-7240.jpg, birthcert-7240a.jpg
Drain, Ray Paul, M, 10/26/29, Albert B. (TX), Bessie, Burk, Decatur, birthcert-9488.jpg, birthcert-9488a.jpg
Drain, Ruth Elizabeth, blank, 1/5/25, Toy Thomas (AR), Mattie May (TX), McCraw, Rhome, birthcert-8239.jpg
Drake, blank, F, 8/26/03, Marian, Ina, blank, blank, birthcert-0225.jpg
Drake, blank, F, 4/5/09, J.J., M., blank, blank, birthcert-4584.jpg
Drake, blank, M, 6/19/16, Lonnie, Viola, Young, blank, birthcert-6428.jpg
Drake, blank, M, 6/13/17, Louis, Viola, Young, blank, birthcert-6646.jpg
Drake, Ishmiel, F, 5/9/18, Alvin, Elmer, Smith, Slidell, birthcert-6884.jpg
Draper, blank, M, 6/21/15, Jedmus, Zedia, blank, blank, birthcert-6128.jpg
Drennan, (twin), M, 10/6/06, I.P., E., blank, blank, birthcert-2943.jpg
Drennan, (twin), F, 10/3/06, I.P., E., blank, blank, birthcert-2944.jpg
Drennan, Mary Dodene, F, 7/25/30, G.O., F.V., Kensey, blank, [No Image 9770 ]
Drennin, Joe, F, 7/3/04, Joe, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-0990.jpg
Driskell, blank, M, 8/11/32, John Thomas, C., McGregory, Decatur, [No Image 10525 ]
Driskell, Donald Lee, M, 10/27/30, Emmitt L., Lottie, Allen, Decatur, [No Image 9851 ]
Driskell, Tommie Joe, M, 6/21/30, John, Ker, McGregory, Decatur, [No Image 9732 ]
Dromgoole, blank, F, 9/27/09, Roy, Rosa, blank, blank, birthcert-4782.jpg
Dromgoole, blank, F, 8/26/10, C.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5080.jpg
Dromgoole, blank, F, 3/6/13, C.D., Leatha, Mathews, blank, birthcert-5664.jpg
Drumgoole, blank, M, 4/25/15, Roy, Rosa, Mathew, blank, birthcert-6082.jpg
Drummond, blank, M, 1/10/06, N.V., R.M., blank, blank, birthcert-2395.jpg
Duarta, Gregoria, M, 5/24/28, Miguel, Meria, Nalera, Bridgeport, birthcert-9022.jpg
Duarte, Crestino, M, 4/7/06, Marcos (Mex), Inacencia (Mex), Velasquez, blank, birthcert-2601.jpg
Duarte, Higinis, M, 1/11/04, Marcos, Iovcencia, Velasquez, blank, birthcert-0587.jpg
Duarte, Juan, M, 5/16/13, Marcos (Mex), Inocencia (Mex), Velasquez, blank, birthcert-5699.jpg
Duarte, Marcos, M, 1/15/15, Marcos (Mex), Inocencia (Mex), Velasquez, blank, birthcert-6016.jpg
Duarte, Victoria , F, 3/10/11, Marcos, Inocencia, Velasquez, blank, birthcert-5190.jpg
Dubre, blank, F, 12/22/08, Z.W., Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-4405.jpg
Duck, blank, F, 11/22/06, Harry, Rosa, blank, blank, birthcert-3031.jpg
Duck, blank, F, 4/21/11, Harry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5227.jpg
Duck, blank, M, 5/17/20, W.H. (TN), Rosa Lee (TX), Watkins, Park Springs, birthcert-7249.jpg, [delayed 5642]
Duck, Frances Marion, M, 2/4/05, Harvey, Rosey, blank, blank, birthcert-1572.jpg
Duck, Rena Louise, F, 7/2/28, Kinnie Hicks, Willie Naomi, McKay, Sunset, birthcert-9050.jpg, birthcert-9050a.jpg
Duck, William Harry, M, 10/25/23, Kennie Hicks (TN), Willie Neoma (TX), McKay, Park Springs, birthcert-7930.jpg, birthcert-7930a.jpg
Duckworth, blank, F, 1/31/05, John, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-1557.jpg
Duckworth, Claude Ernest, M, 12/22/05, Thomas D., Martha Ella, Hunt, Gibtown, birthcert-2374.jpg, birthcert-2374a.jpg
Duckworth, Gretta L., M, 2/14/06, Robert L., Maggie Ellen, Upton, blank, birthcert-2491.jpg, birthcert-2491a.jpg
Duckworth, Ruth Elema, F, 1/2/20, C.E. (TX), Betty (TX), Strickland, Boonsville, birthcert-7194.jpg, birthcert-7194a.jpg
Duckworth, Vena, F, 11/7/03, Thomas D., martha Ella, Hunt, Boonsville, birthcert-0428.jpg, birthcert-0428a.jpg birthcert-0428b.jpg
Dudley, blank, M, 7/29/06, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2799.jpg
Dudley, Peggy Lou, F, 12/22/31, G.D., Ruedine, Walson, Bridgeport, [No Image 10310 ]
Dunagan, blank, M, 12/19/05, J.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2368.jpg
Dunaway, Annella Grace, F, 10/14/32, J.C., Hilda, Rhine, Decatur, [No Image 10595 ]
Duncan, Cloyd-twin, M, 7/23/17, N.A., Cordie, Stephens, Slidell, birthcert-6664.jpg
Duncan, Loyd George, M, 7/23/17, N.A., Cordie, Stephens, Slidell, birthcert-6663.jpg, birthcert-6663a.jpg
Duncan, Loyd Jay, M, 7/24/15, William Walter, Mollie, Coursey, Decatur, birthcert-6164.jpg, birthcert-6164a.jpg
Dunkin, blank, F, 8/26/13, Richard H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5755.jpg
Dunn, Anna Lee, F, 5/24/30, D.H., Ida Bell, Holt, blank, [No Image 9698 ]
Dunn, blank, F, 9/16/07, D.H., S.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3551.jpg
Dunn, blank, M, 9/16/11, Dave, Ida, Gunn, blank, birthcert-5360.jpg
Dunn, blank, M, 12/6/11, J.W., D.B., blank, blank, birthcert-5418.jpg
Dunn, blank, F, 5/25/26, D.H. (TX), Ida Bell (TX), Holt, Bridgeport, birthcert-8593.jpg
Dunn, blank, F, 11/9/26, Dock, Manilla, Jeter, Bridgeport, birthcert-8709.jpg, [delayed 11500]
Dunn, blank, M, 5/6/32, D.P., Manilla, Jeter, Bridgeport, [No Image 10429 ]
Dunn, David Henry, Jr., M, 7/4/32, David Henry, Ida Bell, Holt, Bridgeport, [No Image 10484 ]
Dunn, Geneva Loucille, F, 10/27/29, Johnie (TX), Lorine (AR), Norris, Decatur, birthcert-9490.jpg
Dunn, John Thomas, M, 11/9/10, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5128.jpg, [Delayed 7397]
Dunn, John Willard, M, 11/2/32, Johnnie, Velma L., Norris, Decatur, [No Image 10618 ]
Dunn, Johnnie Ruth, F, 1/17/19, J.A. (TN), Florence (TN), Elwick, blank, birthcert-7034.jpg
Dunn, Loyd Acie, M, 6/18/10, R.H., Virginia Jane, Baylor, blank, birthcert-5027.jpg, birthcert-5027a.jpg
Dunn, M.E., F, 10/26/06, J.W., D.B., blank, blank, birthcert-2979.jpg
Dunn, Myrtle Loren, F, 4/27/09, D. Henry, Ina Mae, Gunn?, Willow Point, birthcert-4608.jpg
Dunn, Nina Faye, F, 9/22/20, David Henry (TX), Ida Belle (TX), Holt, Paradise, birthcert-7303.jpg, birthcert-7303a.jpg
Dunn, Robert Eugene, M, 10/8/26, James Alton (TN), May Claire (TX), Spain, Rhome, birthcert-8692.jpg
Dunn, Ruth Matie, M, 9/28/09, John William (TX), Della (TX), Brown, Balsora, birthcert-4785.jpg, birthcert-4785a.jpg
Dunn, Vera Myrtle, F, 9/6/04, J.W., D.B., Brown, Balsora, birthcert-1176.jpg, birthcert-1176a.jpg birthcert-1176b.jpg
Dunnaway, blank, F, 5/24/05, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1842.jpg
Duranti, blank, M, 1/27/09, Marcus, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4458.jpg
Durbre, C.L., F, 3/27/07, H.B., R.C., blank, blank, birthcert-3251.jpg
Durden, blank, M, 11/11/08, W.E., Linnie, blank, blank, birthcert-4340.jpg
Durentie, M., F, 2/28/07, M., M., blank, blank, birthcert-3197.jpg
Durham, blank, F, 9/24/16, Hellen, Jessie, Coff, blank, birthcert-6477.jpg
Durham, blank, F, 12/28/19, Page (TX), Dora (TX), Rhyne, Slidell, birthcert-7182.jpg
Durham, blank, M, 8/29/21, Allen (TX), Jessie (OK), Capp, Slidell, birthcert-7455.jpg
Durham, blank, F, 2/1/24, Robert F. (TX), Zelpha (TX), Hayes, Slidell, birthcert-7990.jpg
Durham, Geneva E., F, 4/21/21, Walter P. (TX), Dora (TX), blank, Slidell, birthcert-7384.jpg
Durham, Jessie Louise, F, 5/2/22, Jessie Nathaniel (TX), Isabel (TX), Best, Decatur, birthcert-7588.jpg
Durham, Kenneth P., M, 10/20/31, Allen William, June Mae, Capp, Slidell, [No Image 10263 ]
Durham, Lillian Mae, F, 1/1/15, Allen William (TX), Jessie Mae (TX), Copp, Slidell, birthcert-6009.jpg, birthcert-6009a.jpg
Durham, Rachel Effie, F, 9/5/33, Eaf B., Kittie M., Mask, Decatur, [No Image 10884 ]
Dutton, blank, F, 9/27/07, G.A., Arrow, blank, blank, birthcert-3570.jpg
Dutton, Juanita, F, 7/26/22, C.E. (TX), Annie Lee (TX), Lefors, Boyd, birthcert-7635.jpg
Dutton, Mary Ethel, F, 1/8/14, George, Arram, Mathews, Rural, Wise Co., birthcert-5814.jpg, birthcert-5814a.jpg
Duvall, Cecil Claud, M, 4/8/11, Claude, Lula, King, Alvord, birthcert-5219.jpg
Dye, Billie D., M, 7/8/26, Dee W. (TX), Bertie (TX), Hall, Greenwood, birthcert-8614.jpg, birthcert-8614a.jpg
Dye, Don Rhea, M, 1/30/32, James S., Prema, Worley, Decatur, [No Image 10351 ]
Dyer, blank, F, 12/18/14, G.W., Etter, Osborn, blank, birthcert-6001.jpg
Dyer, Lemta C., F, 8/6/33, Clyde, Avonell, Hines, Alvord, [No Image 10852 ]
Dyer, Ollie Florine, F, 5/26/07, Walter, Nova Lena, Mauldin, Rural Wise Co., birthcert-3353.jpg, birthcert-3353a.jpg
Dyer, Ollie Monroe, M, 8/9/92, Irie Ediford, Dora Bell, Dudley, Alvord, birthcert-0029.jpg
Dykes, blank, M, 12/12/05, Leo, Eula, blank, blank, birthcert-2352.jpg
Dyre, blank, F, 9/8/06, Jack, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-2898.jpg
Dyson, blank, F, 1/30/07, Will, Burlie, blank, blank, birthcert-3146.jpg
Eaken, blank, M, 5/16/11, J.M., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-5249.jpg
Ealey, blank, F, 8/14/07, Jim, Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-3484.jpg
Earick, Beulah Faye, F, 3/21/13, Earnest Worley (TX), Bertha Carolyn (TX), Slate, Bridgeport, birthcert-5671.jpg, birthcert-5671a.jpg
Earick, blank, F, 12/21/11, Ernest, Bertha, Slate, blank, birthcert-5428.jpg
Earl, blank, F, 4/20/07, William, May, blank, blank, birthcert-3298.jpg
Earl, William W., M, 8/6/03, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0163.jpg
Earley, blank, M, 11/10/26, J.H., Roberta, Messer, Chico, birthcert-8710.jpg
Earley, Velma R., F, 5/6/33, John R., F.W., Arrington, Boyd, [No Image 10760 ]
Early, blank, F, 10/29/04, Sam I., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1311.jpg
Early, blank, F, 12/15/08, A.W., F.P., blank, blank, birthcert-4395.jpg, [delayed 29095]
Early, Finis Knolton, M, 1/10/16, Samuel Howard, Millie Mildred, Campbell, Cottondale, birthcert-6338.jpg, birthcert-6338a.jpg
Early, J. Richard, M, 3/26/26, J.R. (TX), Flora (TX), Arrington, Boyd, birthcert-8568.jpg
Early, Myrtie Jane, F, 1/28/05, James, Roberta, Messer, Bridgeport, birthcert-1544.jpg, birthcert-1544a.jpg
Early, Tommie Jo, F, 1/27/23, Sam L. (TX), Nell (TX), Muse, Boyd, birthcert-7718.jpg, birthcert-7718a.jpg
Earp, blank, M, 11/21/11, Sam, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5411.jpg
Earp, George V., F, 1/6/32, S.L., Tris, Lasiter, Park Springs, [No Image 10324 ]
Earp, Hershel Reece, M, 9/28/11, W.L., Pearl, Teague, Park Springs, birthcert-5373.jpg, birthcert-5373a.jpg
Earrick, blank, M, 5/18/11, Dave, Velma, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-5255.jpg
Easley, blank, M, 1/14/04, Sam, Myra, blank, blank, birthcert-0591.jpg
Easley, blank, F, 3/12/06, W.B., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2545.jpg
Easley, blank, M, 1/18/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3787.jpg
Easley, blank, M, 3/26/08, W.B., E.B., blank, blank, birthcert-3937.jpg
Easley, blank, F, 2/13/13, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5652.jpg
Easley, blank, M, 4/18/19, Newton (TX), Annie (TX), Gargus, Boyd, birthcert-7070.jpg
Easley, blank, M, 8/17/21, J.H. (TX), Mary (TX), Barnett, Chico, birthcert-7443.jpg
Easley, blank, M, 10/9/27, Charles E., Lois, Harris, Decatur, birthcert-8855.jpg
Easley, Dorothy Marie, F, 3/25/04, Ben M., Nancy Joan, McLemore, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-0759.jpg, birthcert-0759a.jpg
Easley, Frances Irene, F, 4/5/21, George (TX), Bertha (OK), Holt, Bridgeport, birthcert-7375.jpg, birthcert-7375a.jpg
Easley, Gladys Ines, F, 1/26/08, James Franklin (MS), Carrie Anna (TX), Jones, Paradise, birthcert-3804.jpg, birthcert-3804a.jpg
Easley, Laezell, F, 9/21/10, W.B., Emma Bell , Fitzgerald, blank, birthcert-5101.jpg, birthcert-5101a.jpg
Easley, Lucile Laverne, F, 8/4/26, George (TX), Bertha (TX), Holt, Paradise, birthcert-8628.jpg, birthcert-8628a.jpg birthcert-8628b.jpg
Easley, Malrus Clayton, M, 4/16/14, William Berry (TN), Emma Bell, Fitzgerald, Boonsville, birthcert-5875.jpg, birthcert-5875a.jpg
Easley, Marvin Lee, M, 11/29/05, Thomas Levie, Rosa Lee, Israel, Decatur, birthcert-2318.jpg, birthcert-2318a.jpg
Easley, Willena Marie, F, 4/14/04, James Alexander, Claudia, Lichlyter, Decatur, birthcert-0815.jpg, birthcert-0815a.jpg
Easly, blank, F, 6/10/10, Charles, Mary Elizabeth, McLemore, Boyd, birthcert-5022.jpg
Eason, Beulah Agnes, F, 7/22/06, Edmond Floyd (TX), Charlois Anna (AL), Lowrey, Alvord, birthcert-2784.jpg, birthcert-2784a.jpg
Eason, blank, M, 12/10/08, E.F., C., blank, blank, birthcert-4384.jpg
Eason, blank, M, 10/19/09, Charles, Lula, blank, blank, birthcert-4816.jpg
Eason, blank, F, 12/5/10, J. Raymond, Cassie Ann, blank, blank, birthcert-5140.jpg
Eason, blank, M, 9/11/11, Charles, Eula, Thompson, blank, birthcert-5348.jpg
Eason, blank, F, 12/27/15, Roy, Cassie, Swain, blank, birthcert-6329.jpg
Eason, Leola Burgess, F, 9/18/12, John Raymond (TX), Cassie Ann (AR), Swaim, Alvord, birthcert-5576.jpg, birthcert-5576a.jpg
Eason, Martha Nell, F, 1/6/18, John Raymond, Cassie Ann, Swaim, Alvord, birthcert-6785.jpg, birthcert-6785a.jpg
Easp, Clarence W., M, 1/4/30, Sam L., Johnie I., Laster, blank, [No Image 9546 ]
Easter, blank, F, 11/30/05, Dave, Sarah, blank, blank, birthcert-2320.jpg
Eaton, blank, M, 2/2/09, H.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4468.jpg
Eaton, Henry S., M, 5/5/04, Henry Elmer, Eleanore, Lynn, Decatur, birthcert-0864.jpg, birthcert-0864a.jpg
Echols, blank, M, 8/20/25, Winfry A. (TX), Pearl (TX), Adams, Poolville, birthcert-8391.jpg
Eddins, blank, M, 4/26/06, J.W., Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-2641.jpg
Eddowes, Bertha, F, 9/11/19, M., blank, blank, Fort Worth, birthcert-7134.jpg
Edens, blank, F, 4/19/04, J.W., Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-0822.jpg
Edge, Hazel Beatrice, F, 5/26/28, Varner Milburn, Velma Mae, Wren, Bridgeport, birthcert-9024.jpg, birthcert-9024a.jpg
Edmason, blank, M, 10/27/09, W.H., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-4828.jpg
Edmonson, (twin), F, 11/4/08, S.W., Edith, blank, blank, birthcert-4330.jpg
Edmonson, blank, F, 3/9/13, W.H., Emma O., Lorantz, blank, birthcert-5666.jpg
Edmonson, blank, M, 11/14/15, W.H., Minnie, Lorentz, blank, birthcert-6301.jpg
Edmonson, Oren Aubra, M, 11/4/08, Samuel Webster (MS), Edith Eleanor (TX), Glasgow, Alvord, birthcert-4329.jpg, birthcert-4329a.jpg birthcert-4329b.jpg
Edwards, (William Luter), M, 8/8/03, M.H., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-0173.jpg
Edwards, blank, M, 2/10/05, Zeno, Lucy, blank, blank, birthcert-1590.jpg
Edwards, blank, M, 7/14/26, Robert F. (TX), Audrey (TX), Loafman, Boyd, birthcert-8618.jpg, [delayed 14356]
Edwards, Hattie Ann, F, 10/7/83, James, Rebecca Jane, Beer, Chico, birthcert-0006.jpg
Edwards, Ila Mae, F, 12/2/25, Roy V. (TX), Leno E. (TX), Gray, Alvord, birthcert-8468.jpg
Edwards, Lucy Lois, F, 9/3/32, R.T., A.C., Loafman, Boyd, [No Image 10547 ]
Edwards, Noel Joseph, M, 3/21/20, L.C. (TX), Vester H. (TX), blank, Park Springs, birthcert-7229.jpg
Edwards, Penn, M, 7/13/17, Zeno, Lucy, Slyger, Boyd, birthcert-6654.jpg
Eidson, Eveline Earline, F, 2/20/27, Earl E., Jewell, Lennie, Decatur, birthcert-8750.jpg,
Eidson, James Henry, M, 7/6/25, James Sidney (TX), Cassie (TX), Newton, Decatur, birthcert-8354.jpg, birthcert-8354a.jpg
Elam, blank, M, 8/21/03, W., Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-0208.jpg
Elder, Audra Fae, F, 11/3/03, John Elmo, Roberta, Paschall, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-0417.jpg, birthcert-0417a.jpg
Elder, blank, M, 3/20/05, Mark, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1683.jpg
Elder, blank, F, 4/5/25, George T. (TX), M. Blanche (OK), McCracken, Decatur, birthcert-8288.jpg
Elder, Bobby Lee, M, 6/2/30, Edgar Lee, Buna, Yates, Bridgeport, [No Image 9711 ]
Elder, George Ann, F, 1/11/29, George (MO), Blanch (OK), McCracken, Decatur, birthcert-9230.jpg
Elder, Nelda Faye, F, 11/26/31, E.L., Buna, Yates, Bridgeport, [No Image 10292 ]
Elder, Ovella Ruth, F, 3/31/13, John Elmore (AR), Roberta (TN), Paschall, Bridgeport, birthcert-5676.jpg, birthcert-5676a.jpg
Elder, Ruth Bee, F, 2/3/12, Marcus Luther, Mary Elizabeth, Gentry, Bridgeport, birthcert-5454.jpg, birthcert-5454a.jpg
Elder, Vernon Leslie, M, 2/23/11, John Elmore, Roberta, Paschall, Bridgeport, birthcert-5180.jpg, birthcert-5180a.jpg
Elders, blank, F, 8/13/06, Elmore, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4190.jpg
Elders, blank, M, 8/21/08, Elmore, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4193.jpg
Elders, Sidney Gladys, F, 3/13/06, T.B., Mae, Murphy, Cottondale, birthcert-2548.jpg, birthcert-2548a.jpg
Eliot, blank, M, 11/22/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3680.jpg
Elliott, blank, M, 11/18/03, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0452.jpg
Elliott, blank, M, 6/10/04, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0940.jpg
Elliott, blank, F, 3/24/05, Walter, Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-1689.jpg
Elliott, blank, M, 8/30/08, George, May, blank, blank, birthcert-4212.jpg
Elliott, blank, M, 8/2/26, Arthur E. (TX), Rosa Mae (TX), Rice, Forestburg, birthcert-8627.jpg
Elliott, Clifford H., M, 8/27/04, Claud Lee, Lara Eva, Reed, Bridgeport, birthcert-1142.jpg, birthcert-1142a.jpg
Elliott, Lola Ayleene, F, 6/9/06, Claude Lee, Laura Evelyn, Read, Bridgeport, birthcert-2710.jpg, birthcert-2710a.jpg
Elliott, Louisa Delia, F, 7/1/03, William Henry, Theodosia Alabama, Tilley, Boyd, birthcert-0086.jpg, birthcert-0086a.jpg
Elliott, Velma Jane, F, 12/16/25, J.E. (AR), Annie (TX), Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-8482.jpg, birthcert-8482a.jpg
Ellis, blank, M, 4/1/04, J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0776.jpg
Ellis, blank, F, 10/29/04, A.D., Lok, blank, blank, birthcert-1310.jpg
Ellis, blank, F, 1/24/08, Will, Edna, blank, blank, birthcert-3800.jpg
Ellis, Camilla, F, 1/9/21, George (NY), Alma (TX), Harris, Boyd, birthcert-7336.jpg
Ellis, George, F, 3/9/19, George (NY), Alma (TX), Harris, New York, birthcert-7057.jpg
Ellis, Iva Lee, F, 12/11/05, W.D., Edna, blank, blank, birthcert-2348.jpg, [12160 delayd]
Ellison, Jimmie Lee, M, 7/29/33, Leon, blank, blank, Decatur, [No Image 10830 ]
Ellrod, blank, F, 2/6/09, Newton, Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-4478.jpg
Elmore, blank, F, 8/15/05, William, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-2057.jpg
Elmore, blank, F, 8/27/05, C.E., S.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2098.jpg
Elmore, blank, M, 7/25/10, W.C., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-5052.jpg
Elmore, Henry Floyd, M, 11/28/07, William Charles (KY), Mattie (KY), Roe, Paradise, birthcert-3692.jpg, birthcert-3692a.jpg
Elrod, blank, M, 1/10/04, J.R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0581.jpg
Elrod, blank, M, 4/24/07, I.N., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3309.jpg
Elrod, Colby, M, 4/17/29, J.E. (TX), Thelma (TX), Matthews, Sunset, birthcert-9325.jpg
Elrod, Opal Almeda, F, 6/4/05, Isaac Newton, Myrtle, McGaughey, Alvord, birthcert-1867.jpg
Elsom, Jackie Marvin, M, 6/8/33, F.M., Minnie, Morris, Alvord, [No Image 10794 ]
Elsom, James Milton, M, 8/5/23, George Milton (TX), Atlanta G. (TX), Ledbetter, Alvord, birthcert-7871.jpg
Elsom, Myrtle Mary, F, 3/23/04, Daniel Porter, Mollie, Buckner, Alvord, birthcert-0753.jpg, birthcert-0753a.jpg
Ely, blank, M, 9/27/07, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3569.jpg
Emerson, John Riley, M, 3/20/29, D.P. (KS), Lena (TX), Royal , Alvord, birthcert-9301.jpg
Emerson, Kenneth D., M, 2/24/31, D.P., Lena M., Royal , Alvord, [No Image 9974 ]
Emerson, Mary Ellen, F, 11/5/04, Guy, Parelee, Lester, blank, birthcert-1333.jpg
Emerson, Maxie Jeanne, F, 1/6/20, Don Pedro (KS), Lena (TX), Royal , Alvord, birthcert-7188.jpg, birthcert-7188a.jpg
Emery, blank, F, 12/1/06, Arthur, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3039.jpg
Emery, blank, M, 12/4/06, Arthur, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3043.jpg
Emery, Magdlyn Margaret, F, 8/10/08, Arthur E. (TX), Mabela Mae (TX), Jamison, Decatur, birthcert-4176.jpg, birthcert-4176a.jpg
England, blank, M, 11/24/04, Gordon, Anna, blank, blank, birthcert-1390.jpg
England, blank, F, 9/11/05, Victor, Ivy, blank, blank, birthcert-2136.jpg
England, blank, F, 9/25/05, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2159.jpg
England, blank, F, 6/12/06, Gordon, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-2715.jpg
England, Catherine Lucile, F, 10/28/24, Walter B. (TX), Nell Mary Catherine (TX), Keeter, Rhome, birthcert-8202.jpg, birthcert-8202a.jpg
England, Jocelyn Louella, F, 10/9/16, Robert Christopher, Jennie Belle, Wade, blank, birthcert-6485.jpg, birthcert-6485a.jpg
Enos, blank, M, 1/10/16, W.T.I., Willie L., Breazzeal, Alvord, birthcert-6340.jpg, [delayed 21414]
Enos, blank, M, 11/22/17, W.A., Quin, Horton, Alvord, birthcert-6763.jpg
Enos, Herman, M, 5/2/15, H.M., Mada, Drumgoole, Alvord, birthcert-6086.jpg, birthcert-6086a.jpg
Enos, James Edward, M, 10/6/15, W.A., Onie, Horton, blank, birthcert-6267.jpg
Ervin, Adolphus Fred, F, 2/5/13, Adolphus Franklin (TX), Bessie (TX), Campbell, Decatur, birthcert-5650.jpg
Ervin, blank, M, 3/16/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0736.jpg
Ervin, blank, M, 2/6/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2474.jpg
Erwin, blank, M, 12/12/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0501.jpg
Erwin, blank, F, 2/16/04, J.E., N.E., blank, blank, birthcert-0666.jpg
Erwin, blank, M, 1/2/06, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2380.jpg
Erwin, blank, F, 6/14/32, L.H., Jane, McDonald, Alvord, [No Image 10468 ]
Erwin, Crisbus Jason, F, 9/27/08, A.F. (TX), Ila Mae (TX), Funchess, Paradise, birthcert-4266.jpg, birthcert-4266a.jpg
Erwin, Dovie Middie, F, 7/13/09, Jefferson D. (AR), Thressa Jane (LA), Hargis, Decatur, birthcert-4690.jpg, birthcert-4690a.jpg
Erwin, Howard Luther, M, 1/13/28, Thomas Luther, Eva Jane, Cash, Rhome, birthcert-8914.jpg, birthcert-8914a.jpg
Erwin, Ivy Iona, F, 8/3/05, Arvie, Ila Mae, Funchess, blank, birthcert-2037.jpg, birthcert-2037a.jpg
Erwin, Jo Ella, F, 12/25/30, Tom, Eva, Cash, blank, [No Image 9902 ]
Erwin, Pearl, F, 2/21/23, Tom (TN), Eva (AL), Cash, Rhome, birthcert-7730.jpg
Erwin, Pete Lowe, Jr., M, 1/4/19, Pete L. (TX), Gladys Mae (TX), Conner, Paradise, birthcert-7025.jpg
Erwin, Ruby Jewell, F, 3/16/08, William Wesley (TX), Helen A. (TX), Sanders, Paradise, birthcert-3918.jpg, birthcert-3918a.jpg birthcert-3918b.jpg
Escaba, Emelia, F, 1/28/24, Guellermo (TX), Emellia (Mex), Casillo, Bridgeport, birthcert-7987.jpg, [delayed 3290]
Escaba, Manuel, M, 5/26/10, Miguale, Clara, Garcia, Bridgeport, birthcert-5007.jpg
Escalante, blank, F, 6/7/04, Fred, Patre, blank, blank, birthcert-0928.jpg
Escalantes, blank, M, 9/12/06, Fredrico, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2904.jpg
Escolante, blank, M, 6/20/08, Fredrico, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4093.jpg
Esculentis, blank, F, 8/4/10, Frederico, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5063.jpg
Esdridge, blank, M, 11/20/05, A., Sylvia, blank, blank, birthcert-2294.jpg
Estrada, Andruia, F, 11/30/05, Mariano, Jovita, Chaves, blank, birthcert-2319.jpg
Estrado, Harnando, M, 11/15/05, E., M., blank, blank, birthcert-2280.jpg
Estus, blank, F, 3/13/14, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5855.jpg
Etheridge , (twin), M, 9/18/06, C.P., N.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2918.jpg
Etheridge , (twin), M, 9/18/06, C.P., N.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2919.jpg
Etheridge , blank, F, 9/29/03, R.L., M.V., blank, blank, birthcert-0323.jpg
Etheridge , blank, M, 2/21/06, Luther, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-2511.jpg
Etheridge , blank, F, 9/21/08, Harley, Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-4255.jpg
Ethridge , blank, F, 6/21/04, C.P., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0965.jpg
Etter, blank, M, 1/29/07, M.E., Allie, blank, blank, birthcert-3145.jpg
Etter, Leslie Henry, M, 5/7/04, W.E., Alice, McDaniels, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-0868.jpg, birthcert-0868a.jpg
Etter, Merle Victoria, F, 8/21/12, Lester (TX), Maud Estula (TX), Vanstory, Boonsville, birthcert-5567.jpg, birthcert-5567a.jpg
Eubanks, Ernest W., Jr., M, 7/31/28, Ernest W., Mattie Leora, Heard, Rhome, birthcert-9071.jpg
Eubanks, Mary K., F, 4/23/31, E.W., Mattie L., Heard, Rhome, [No Image 10053 ]
Eubanks, Mettie E., F, 5/21/26, E.W. (GA), Mattie L. (TX), Heard, Rhome, birthcert-8587.jpg
Eudaly, blank, M, 10/26/08, O.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4315.jpg
Eudaly, blank, M, 7/4/25, J.A. (TX), Sarah T. (OK), Morrow, Decatur, birthcert-8352.jpg
Eudaly, blank, M, 3/6/30, F.M., Vinita, McCord, blank, [No Image 9618 ]
Eudaly, F.M., M, 7/18/28, F.M., Vinita, McCord, Bridgeport, birthcert-9057.jpg, birthcert-9057a.jpg
Evans, Bertha Ellen, F, 9/5/06, Simson Marion (MS), Rosa Ellen (IL), Martin, Chico, birthcert-2892.jpg, birthcert-2892a.jpg
Evans, Billy Jack, blank, 12/31/33, Roy A., Leona, Moore, blank, [No Image 10980 ]
Evans, blank, F, 2/19/04, William G., Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-0671.jpg
Evans, blank, M, 2/12/05, J.W., Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-1595.jpg
Evans, blank, F, 1/22/06, J.B., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2431.jpg
Evans, blank, F, 5/3/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2651.jpg
Evans, blank, F, 11/20/13, Ralph W., Minnie L., Turpin, blank, birthcert-5794.jpg
Evans, blank, M, 1/6/14, Elbert, M., Stockton, blank, birthcert-5813.jpg
Evans, blank, M, 10/1/14, Gus, Minnie, Pewitt, blank, birthcert-5968.jpg
Evans, blank, F, 7/7/15, James, Callie, Moser, blank, birthcert-6144.jpg
Evans, blank, M, 3/22/17, Frank, blank, Medlin, blank, birthcert-6588.jpg
Evans, blank, F, 2/4/24, Ralph (TX), Ollie (TX), Owens, Decatur, birthcert-7993.jpg
Evans, Charles Henry, M, 10/2/07, Emanuel Edwin, Callie, Clark, blank, birthcert-3584.jpg, birthcert-3584a.jpg
Evans, Clara May, F, 2/9/08, Arthur Winston (MI), Cora R. (LA), Brown, Alvord, birthcert-3834.jpg, birthcert-3834a.jpg
Evans, Douglas Clifford, M, 9/6/25, Pearl James (TX), Vietta Lucile (TX), Collins, Alvord, birthcert-8408.jpg
Evans, Elbert E., Jr., M, 8/2/24, Elbert E., Sr. (TX), Maude (TX), Stockton, Alvord, birthcert-8128.jpg
Evans, Ina Velma, F, 11/14/03, Gus, Minnie , blank, blank, birthcert-0444.jpg
Evans, James Randolph, M, 9/25/26, Archie L. (TX), Ruby Pearl (TX), Jenkins, Decatur, birthcert-8677.jpg
Evans, Jimmie, M, 11/20/03, A.W., C.R., blank, blank, birthcert-0455.jpg
Evans, John S., M, 6/17/05, J.S., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-1902.jpg
Evans, Mart Ellen, M, 11/6/03, Sim, Rosa, blank, blank, birthcert-0426.jpg
Evans, Memory Lee, M, 4/23/04, James Bradley, Mary Ann, Brown, Newark, birthcert-0834.jpg
Evans, Opal Sarah, F, 10/12/05, Arthur Winston, Cora R., Brown, Alvord, birthcert-2212.jpg, birthcert-2212a.jpg
Evans, Vernon Quincy, M, 7/2/09, Charles (TX), Nellie (TX), Miller, Alvord, birthcert-4680.jpg, birthcert-4680a.jpg
Evans, Willie & Lillie, M & F, 8/23/05, David Henry, Minnie Myrtle, Morris, blank, birthcert-2078.jpg, birthcert-2078a.jpg
Ewin, blank, F, 11/22/07, G.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3679.jpg
Ewing, blank, F, 7/27/04, Eugene D., M.C., blank, blank, birthcert-1058.jpg
Ewing, blank, M, 2/16/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3179.jpg
Ezzell, blank, M, 2/9/16, C.F., blank, Cooper, blank, birthcert-6360.jpg
Fagan, blank, M, 2/22/06, Jack, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2512.jpg
Fagart, E., F, 10/25/03, S., M.F., blank, blank, birthcert-0396.jpg
Fain, blank, F, 2/18/15, A.W., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-6036.jpg
Fairbetter, Marilyn, F, 8/28/28, Raymond (TX), Myrtle (TX), Stephens, Boyd, birthcert-9101.jpg
Fairbetter, Modena, F, 3/2/25, R.S. (TX), Myrtle (TX), Stephens, Boyd, birthcert-8253.jpg, birthcert-8253a.jpg
Fairbetter, Ruby Jewel, F, 7/10/20, Barnie (TX), Naomi (TX), Jennings, Boyd, birthcert-7270.jpg, birthcert-7270a.jpg
Fairbetter, Ruby Jewel, F, 7/10/23, Barnie S. (TX), Ovena (TX), Jennings, Boyd, birthcert-7849.jpg
Fairchild, blank, M, 1/14/07, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3107.jpg
Fairchild, Clarence, M, 6/11/08, R.L., Julia, Skipper, Paradise, birthcert-4084.jpg
Faith, Alvine Ruby, F, 8/16/19, Hubert Lawton (TX), Virgie (TX), Denney, Alvord, birthcert-7123.jpg, birthcert-7123a.jpg
Faith, Betty Leota, F, 4/9/33, Harvey, Irene, Denney, Decatur, [No Image 10723 ]
Faith, blank, M, 2/5/17, Elmer, Ola, Lumsden, blank, birthcert-6549.jpg, birthcert-6549a.jpg
Faith, Douglas, M, 8/24/11, Carl, Ara Ada, Turney, Decatur, birthcert-5329.jpg, birthcert-5329a.jpg
Faith, Hamp Pitt, M, 1/18/04, Tom, Ora Pearl, Huff, Decatur, birthcert-0598.jpg, birthcert-0598a.jpg birthcert-0598b.jpg birthcert-0598c.jpg
Faith, Harvey Thomas, M, 11/15/09, Joseph Thomas, Ora Parlee, Huff, Decatur, birthcert-4848.jpg, birthcert-4848a.jpg birthcert-4848b.jpg
Faith, Thomas Curtis, M, 2/27/15, Elmer Joe (TX), Mattie Viola (TX), Lumsden, Alvord, birthcert-6044.jpg, birthcert-6044a.jpg
Fancher, Thelma Viola, F, 2/6/08, John Tate (AR), Mary Susan (TX), blank, Chico, birthcert-3828.jpg
Fanning, blank, F, 9/29/09, S.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4790.jpg
Farady, twins, blank, 7/8/03, Jordan, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-0100.jpg
Farady, twins, M, 7/8/03, Jordan, Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-0101.jpg
Farmer, Arlena, F, 3/19/27, O.T., Onada, Stone, Decatur, birthcert-8771.jpg, birthcert-8771a.jpg
Farmer, blank, F, 2/12/15, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6030.jpg
Farmer, Helen Bearice, F, 10/17/21, J.E. (TX), Lena (MS), Stone, Decatur, birthcert-7496.jpg, birthcert-7496a.jpg
Farmer, Nancy L., F, 1/30/31, James M., M.F., Gareth, Decatur, [No Image 9951 ]
Farmer, Newel Stone, M, 5/6/23, James Everett (TX), Jonny Evelena (MS), Stone, Decatur, birthcert-7792.jpg, birthcert-7792a.jpg
Farmer, twin, F, 11/16/11, L.R., Katie, Mitchell, blank, birthcert-5402.jpg
Farmer, twin, M, 11/16/11, L.R., Katie, Mitchell, blank, birthcert-5403.jpg
Farmer, Wilene, F, 10/15/25, Clifton Alexander (TX), Mary Oneda (MS), Stone, Rhome, birthcert-8445.jpg, birthcert-8445a.jpg
Farrington, Millie May, F, 10/6/03, Harvey Shell, Bettie, Hodges, Alvord, birthcert-0341.jpg, birthcert-0341a.jpg
Faulkner, blank, M, 10/8/07, Sam, Beulah, blank, blank, birthcert-3595.jpg
Faust, blank, F, 1/5/12, Tom, Jannie, blank, blank, birthcert-5433.jpg
Faust, blank, F, 3/25/14, Tom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5865.jpg
Faust, Ruth Odella, F, 4/19/15, Tom (TN), Maggie (TX), Jarvis, Boyd, birthcert-6078.jpg, birthcert-6078a.jpg
Feller, Walton Leon, M, 1/9/29, David (TX), Erma (TX), Ermine, Myra TX, birthcert-9228.jpg
Fellows, blank, M, 10/31/03, J.B., Lutie, blank, blank, birthcert-0407.jpg
Fenley, blank, M, 7/2/06, Frank, Sofranie, blank, blank, birthcert-2743.jpg
Fennell, blank, M, 2/11/10, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4929.jpg
Fennell, blank, M, 5/13/30, John M., Minnie, Hicks, Decatur, [No Image 9687 ]
Fennell, John, Jr., M, 2/7/24, John (TX), Minnie (TX), Hicks, Decatur, birthcert-7998.jpg, birthcert-7998a.jpg
Fennell, William Leroy, M, 5/24/26, John (TX), Minnie (TX), Hicks, Decatur, birthcert-8590.jpg, birthcert-8590a.jpg
Fenwick, blank, F, 6/16/06, Henry, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2719.jpg
Fergason, blank, F, 7/31/05, blank, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-2017.jpg
Fergason, Myrtle Francis, F, 2/4/15, John William (AL), Maggie Lee (TX), Reid, Boyd, birthcert-6026.jpg, birthcert-6026a.jpg
Ferguson, (Carrol Tidwell), M, 2/7/08, George, Ester (S.M.), blank, blank, birthcert-3832.jpg
Ferguson, Billy Glynn, M, 2/10/26, John (TX), Jewell (TX), Howard, Alvord, birthcert-8537.jpg, birthcert-8537a.jpg
Ferguson, blank, F, 11/11/03, W.R., Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-0438.jpg
Ferguson, blank, M, 2/20/06, Thomas, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2507.jpg, [See Delayed]
Ferguson, blank, F, 10/11/08, Jess, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4291.jpg
Ferguson, blank, F, 3/10/09, George, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-4547.jpg
Ferguson, blank, M, 4/26/11, R.L., Marie, blank, blank, birthcert-5231.jpg
Ferguson, blank, M, 10/28/15, Jesse, blank, Hutchins, blank, birthcert-6286.jpg
Ferguson, blank, M, 7/30/17, R.A., Myrtle, Smith, Boyd, birthcert-6669.jpg
Ferguson, Clara, F, 2/9/30, B.A., Mary, Biggers, Alvord, [No Image 9590 ]
Ferguson, George Wright, M, 2/17/07, Hardy Thompson (TN), Callie (IL), Wright, Rhome, birthcert-3181.jpg, birthcert-3181a.jpg
Ferguson, Jewel Esther, F, 3/9/04, Luther, Zeda Elizabeth, Bilbrey, Alvord, birthcert-0694.jpg, birthcert-0694a.jpg
Ferguson, John Wendell, M, 12/24/23, John (TX), Jewell (TX), Howard, Audubon, birthcert-7964.jpg, birthcert-7964a.jpg birthcert-7964b.jpg
Ferguson, Oleta Ruth, F, 12/9/04, William M., Mary Elizabeth, Mann, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1417.jpg, birthcert-1417a.jpg
Ferguson, Oscar William, Jr., M, 10/29/32, Oscar William, Essie, Walker, Decatur, [No Image 10614 ]
Ferguson, Peggy Pauline, F, 2/5/30, John, Jewell, Howard, Alvord, [No Image 9584 ]
Ferguson, Ralph M., M, 5/23/25, C.W. (TX), Lizzie M. (TX), Miller, Decatur, birthcert-8320.jpg
Ferguson, Zula Aileen, F, 4/28/13, Samuel Jesse (TX), Nona (TX), Hutchins, Alvord, birthcert-5687.jpg, birthcert-5687a.jpg
Ferlow, William Joe, M, 10/15/23, Robert (TX), Cleo Green (TX), Pillers, Alvord, birthcert-7920.jpg
Ferrell, blank, F, 9/3/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4222.jpg, [delayed 20789]
Ferris, blank, M, 1/1/08, Paul, C., blank, blank, birthcert-3757.jpg
Ferris, Phillip Peter, F, 5/1/05, Paul, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1781.jpg
Ferris, Trinidad, M, 4/25/10, Paul, blank, Clapart, blank, birthcert-4989.jpg
Fielding, blank, M, 5/19/11, George, M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-5253.jpg
Fields, blank, M, 12/12/08, W.A., D.A., blank, blank, birthcert-4390.jpg
Fields, Dennie Simpson, M, 11/19/06, Wilson Thomas (AR), Mary America (TX), Boles, Decatur, birthcert-3029.jpg, birthcert-3029a.jpg
Fields, George William, M, 6/9/10, Joe Calvin, Rose, Buck, Boyd, birthcert-5021.jpg, birthcert-5021a.jpg
Finch, blank, F, 6/27/05, J.F., May, blank, blank, birthcert-1918.jpg
Finch, Mary Emma, F, 3/3/09, Thomas Edward, Edna, Leons, Boyd, birthcert-4535.jpg
Findley, Sylvia Louise, F, 4/14/32, Farris, Minnie, Gray, Bridgeport, [No Image 10410 ]
Finger, blank, F, 9/21/04, Arthur, Dovie, blank, blank, birthcert-1213.jpg
Finlayson, Louie Bullard, M, 9/6/93, William Jordon, Margaret Jane, Day, Rhome, birthcert-0033.jpg
Finley, Alada Jane, F, 8/10/26, Ralph M. (TX), Annie (TX), Gee, Decatur, birthcert-8632.jpg
Finley, Aratha Jannette, F, 10/31/30, Charlie, Mary Etta, Stevens, blank, [No Image 9852 ]
Finley, blank, M, 9/1/04, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1157.jpg
Finley, blank, M, 3/14/06, E.M., Martha, blank, blank, birthcert-2552.jpg
Finley, blank, F, 12/12/21, M.E. (TN), Rainey B. (TX), Monett, Poolville, birthcert-7519.jpg
Finley, blank, M, 4/12/32, Charlie, M.E., Stevens, Paradise, [No Image 10408 ]
Finley, Bobbie Louise, F, 8/30/26, Wiley H. (TX), Sarah Gertrude (TX), Ribble, Alvord, birthcert-8655.jpg
Finley, Hanks Wendell, M, 4/17/33, Hanks, Alma, Barnes, Paradise, [No Image 10741 ]
Finley, John William, M, 7/13/29, Onie (TX), Maudie (TX), Barnes, Paradise, birthcert-9397.jpg, birthcert-9397a.jpg
Finley, Mary Jo, F, 4/12/23, Wiley H. (TX), Sarah Ger. (TX), Ribble, Alvord, birthcert-7769.jpg, birthcert-7769a.jpg
Finley, Onie, Jr., M, 5/16/31, Onie, Maudie, Barnes, Boyd, [No Image 10075 ]
Finley, Thurman Lee, M, 7/20/33, Onie, Maude, Barnes, Cottondale, [No Image 10831 ]
Finn, Frances LaBeth, F, 1/29/29, Paul (TX), Anna (TX), Davis, Sunset, birthcert-9257.jpg
Finnell, blank, F, 4/16/06, J.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2621.jpg
Finnell, blank, M, 10/11/08, J.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4292.jpg
Finnell, Thelma Loretta, F, 6/13/20, John William (TX), Effie Bell (TX), Allen, Decatur, birthcert-7261.jpg, birthcert-7261a.jpg
Finney, blank, F, 10/17/24, Ben (TX), Ilna (OK), Cassity, Sycamore, birthcert-8183.jpg
Finney, Sherman L., M, 12/2/25, B.M. (TX), Ilma (OK), Cassity, Decatur, birthcert-8466.jpg
Firl, blank, F, 11/17/15, J.H., Lena, Simmons, blank, birthcert-6303.jpg
Fisher, blank, F, 10/30/03, Neal, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0405.jpg
Fisher, blank, M, 1/9/05, Neet, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1500.jpg
Fisher, Carroll Guinn, M, 7/1/29, John Reubon (TX), Iva Laura (TX), Holt, Paradise, birthcert-9392.jpg, birthcert-9392a.jpg
Fisher, Lora Frances, F, 4/19/04, Berry Edgar, Mandana Moore, Sinor, Bridgeport, birthcert-0824.jpg, birthcert-0824a.jpg
Fisher, Oscar Cecil, M, 9/30/05, William P., Lena, Morgan, blank, birthcert-2173.jpg
Fisher, Oscar Cecil, M, 9/3/06, William Bejamin, Eve Lena, Morgan, Chico, birthcert-2884.jpg, birthcert-2884a.jpg
Fisher, Robert Clarence, M, 12/10/04, James Robert, Ida, Cooley, Paradise, birthcert-1420.jpg, birthcert-1420a.jpg
Fisher, triplett, M, 9/30/05, William, Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-2171.jpg
Fisher, triplett, F, 9/30/05, William, Lena, blank, blank, birthcert-2172.jpg
Fitts, Mildred Jane, F, 5/25/28, O.P., Paralee, Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-9023.jpg
Fitts, Paul Edd, M, 6/2/31, O.P., Paralee, Taylor, Decatur, [No Image 10092 ]
Fitts, Pauline, F, 6/2/31, O.P., Paralee, Taylor, Decatur, [No Image 10091 ]
Fitzgerald, Anna Belle, F, 3/21/06, Homer, Meddie Belle, Couch, Boonsville, birthcert-2564.jpg
Fitzgerald, blank, M, 9/5/04, E.J., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1173.jpg
Fitzgerald, blank, M, 10/5/05, Clarence, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2188.jpg
Fitzgerald, blank, M, 10/3/07, J.L., Callie, blank, blank, birthcert-3589.jpg
Fitzgerald, blank, M, 10/20/07, Lige, Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-3622.jpg
Fitzgerald, blank, M, 10/27/08, Homer, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4320.jpg
Fitzgerald, Carl Clayton, M, 10/27/30, O.W., L.C., Allen, blank, [No Image 9850 ]
Fitzgerald, Carl William, M, 9/2/05, Clarence Leonard, Florence B., Williams, Alvord, birthcert-2112.jpg, birthcert-2112a.jpg
Fitzgerald, Etta Mae, F, 2/20/20, J. Luther (TX), Callie (TX), Crawford, Paradise, birthcert-7216.jpg
Fitzgerald, Hubert Sylvester, M, 1/14/09, J.L., Callie, Crawford, Paradise, birthcert-4441.jpg, birthcert-4441a.jpg birthcert-4441b.jpg birthcert-4441c.jpg
Fitzgerald, Leroy, M, 12/28/31, Olen, Charles, ?, Boonsville, [No Image 10315 ]
Fitzgerald, Lloyd, M, 1/2/11, Joseph Luther, Callie Ann, Crawford, Paradise, birthcert-5156.jpg, birthcert-5156a.jpg
Fitzgerald, Mary E., M, 12/12/05, Joseph L., Callie, Crawford, Paradise, birthcert-2351.jpg, birthcert-2351a.jpg birthcert-2351b.jpg
Fitzgerald, O.L., F, 9/3/33, H.S., blank, Houchins, Paradise, [No Image 10882 ]
Fitzgerald, Rayford Lee, M, 4/1/04, Homer, Meady Belle, Couch, Boonsville, birthcert-0782.jpg, birthcert-0782a.jpg
Fitzhugh, Asa, M, 5/26/06, R.N., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2685.jpg
Flanary, C.W., Jr., M, 1/18/16, C.W., Vernie, Sparkman, blank, birthcert-6344.jpg
Flanery, Laura Shady, F, 10/5/05, John L., Nancy Lee, Johnson, Greenwood, birthcert-2187.jpg, birthcert-2187a.jpg birthcert-2187b.jpg
Fletcher, Billie Sue, F, 10/7/29, Robert Glenn (TX), Irma Maggie (NC), Crowder, Decatur, birthcert-9471.jpg, birthcert-9471a.jpg
Fletcher, blank, M, 8/4/04, Robert, Bettie, blank, blank, birthcert-1079.jpg
Fletcher, blank, M, 10/1/07, Ira, Essie, blank, blank, birthcert-3580.jpg
Fletcher, blank, F, 11/25/07, L.A., S.J., blank, blank, birthcert-3687.jpg
Fletcher, blank, F, 12/9/07, L.A., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3722.jpg
Fletcher, blank, M, 3/6/09, L.A., S.J., blank, blank, birthcert-4542.jpg
Fletcher, blank, M, 7/15/19, don't know, Jewel (TX), Fletcher, Chico, birthcert-7108.jpg
Fletcher, BobbieRuth, F, 6/17/26, J.H. (TN), Myrtle (TN), Amyx, Slidell, birthcert-8601.jpg
Fletcher, Eunice, F, 7/27/05, L.A. (MS), Sarah Jane (AR), Applin, Chico, birthcert-2003.jpg
Fletcher, Grace Lynn, F, 2/11/06, Ira, Essie, Williams, blank, birthcert-2490.jpg, birthcert-2490a.jpg
Fletcher, Jack, M, 12/12/28, J.H. (TN), Myrtle Mae (TN), Amyx, Slidell, birthcert-9199.jpg
Fletcher, Sallie Elizabeth, F, 9/16/05, William Nimrod (VA), Mary Bell (AL), Childers , Slidell, birthcert-2146.jpg, birthcert-2146a.jpg
Flippen, Ima Jean, F, 4/3/33, W.E., Verna, Ellens, Boonsville, [No Image 10717 ]
Flippin, Joseph Edwin, M, 1/2/08, Samuel Jiles, Carrie Lee, Perry, Bridgeport, birthcert-3767.jpg, birthcert-3767a.jpg
Florida, blank, F, 5/7/04, R.E., L.D., blank, blank, birthcert-0869.jpg
Florida, Frank, M, 12/9/05, Robert Elsberry, Loranza Dow, Vandiver, Greenwood, birthcert-2339.jpg, birthcert-2339a.jpg
Florida, Lola Delbert, M, 1/12/22, Thomas Carroll (TX), Lola Mae (TX), Chrestman, Greenwood, birthcert-7532.jpg, birthcert-7532a.jpg
Florida, Tennis, M, 3/17/07, Robert E. (GA), L.D. (TX), Vandiver, Greenwood, birthcert-3229.jpg, birthcert-3229a.jpg
Flourney, blank, M, 12/3/05, Will, Eula, blank, blank, birthcert-2327.jpg
Flowers, blank, M, 9/19/03, F.B., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-0297.jpg
Flowers, blank, M, 7/24/05, C., Lizzie, blank, blank, birthcert-1995.jpg
Flowers, blank, M, 8/3/05, G.D., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2023.jpg
Flowers, blank, M, 1/15/06, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2410.jpg
Flowers, blank, F, 7/17/07, D.H., S.P., blank, blank, birthcert-3432.jpg
Flowers, blank, F, 1/28/09, D.H., Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-4460.jpg
Flowers, blank, F, 10/29/11, C.F., Lizzie, Bray, blank, birthcert-5393.jpg
Flowers, blank, F, 1/10/18, Columbus, Lizzie, Bray, Chico, birthcert-6790.jpg, [delayed 4052]
Flowers, blank, M, 7/2/23, E.D. (TX), Bertha (TX), Jameson, Boyd, birthcert-7842.jpg, [delayed 11351]
Flowers, Earnest Jameson, Jr., M, 2/5/21, Earnest (OK), Bertha (TX), Jameson, Wichita Falls, birthcert-7342.jpg, birthcert-7342a.jpg
Flowers, Estle Lee, F, 4/15/06, Joseph Gentry (TN), Myrtle Odela (MO), Meador, Chico, birthcert-2622.jpg, birthcert-2622a.jpg birthcert-2622b.jpg
Flowers, Harvey, M, 1/23/28, E.D., Bertha, Jameson, Decatur, birthcert-8921.jpg
Flowers, Lady Ruth, F, 9/19/03, Joseph Gentry, Myrtle Odela, Meador, Chico, birthcert-0295.jpg, birthcert-0295a.jpg
Flowers, Lyla Jane, F, 7/27/08, William Henry (TN), Joan Amanda (TN), Crocker, Chico, birthcert-4153.jpg, birthcert-4153a.jpg
Foot, blank, F, 1/31/08, C.L., Beckie, blank, blank, birthcert-3816.jpg
Ford, Alton Weldon, M, 7/4/04, M.M., R., blank, blank, birthcert-0993.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 1/7/04, R.M., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-0572.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 6/13/04, B.S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0948.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 7/8/04, Ben, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1003.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 7/20/04, M.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1037.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 9/27/06, Ben, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2932.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 10/17/06, R.M., Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-2967.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 12/15/06, Bascom, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3058.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 7/27/08, M.M., R., blank, blank, birthcert-4152.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 5/8/09, J.T., N.R., blank, blank, birthcert-4619.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 5/31/09, Frank, Beck, blank, blank, birthcert-4652.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 9/17/16, William, Henry, blank, blank, birthcert-6474.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 9/12/17, W.A., Leilah, Cox, Newark, birthcert-6706.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 4/17/18, M.M., Roberta, Dixby, Rhome, birthcert-6865.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 1/2/21, E.T. (AL), Maggie (TX), Cash, Boyd, birthcert-7329.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 11/30/21, M.M. (AL), Roberta (TX), Digsby, Rhome, birthcert-7516.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 8/23/22, Willie (MO), Maggie (AL), Pitts, Decatur, birthcert-7645.jpg
Ford, blank, M, 6/6/27, Pate, Bertha, Caraway, Decatur, birthcert-8804.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 10/31/28, Marian M. (AL), Roberta (MS), Digby, Rhome, birthcert-9164.jpg
Ford, blank, F, 1/27/31, James K., Jewel, Thomas, Decatur, [No Image 9947 ]
Ford, Cecil, M, 9/9/04, Bascomb, Jennie, Easley, blank, birthcert-1185.jpg, [delayed 1948]
Ford, Digby Mannon, M, 4/25/12, M.M. (AL), Roberta (TX), Digsby, Rhome, birthcert-5509.jpg
Ford, Gladys Oma, F, 11/30/03, E.T., Sarah Margaret, Cash, Boyd, birthcert-0476.jpg, birthcert-0476a.jpg
Ford, John Franklin, M, 10/3/05, Francis Johnston, Mary Rebecca, Kenny, Decatur, birthcert-2179.jpg, birthcert-2179a.jpg
Ford, Kenneth, M, 9/4/31, W.G., Iva, Brown, blank, [No Image 10209 ]
Ford, Lois Rhoda Ann, F, 2/4/09, Bennie Stamford (MO), Effie Mae (KS), Walker, Decatur, birthcert-4472.jpg
Ford, M. Manley, M, 10/10/24, Manly M. (AL), Robert (MS), Digby, Rhome, birthcert-8181.jpg
Ford, Marvin Wallace, M, 6/2/25, James L. (MO), Bertha A. (TX), Caraway, Decatur, birthcert-8330.jpg, birthcert-8330a.jpg
Ford, Rainey Luriana Elizabeth, F, 9/2/25, William Henry (MS), Maggie (AL), Pitts, Decatur, birthcert-8404.jpg, birthcert-8404a.jpg
Ford, Vola Lynndine, F, 3/17/20, Manley Mannon (AL), Ruberta (MS), Digby, Rhome, birthcert-7226.jpg, birthcert-7226a.jpg
Ford, Welton Preston, M, 3/26/17, Ethelbert Timmons, Sarah Margaret, Cash, Boyd, birthcert-6591.jpg, birthcert-6591a.jpg
Foreman, blank, M, 7/7/23, Ray (TX), Edna (TX), Daughtee, Decatur, birthcert-7846.jpg, [delayed 8765]
Foreman, Neita Fae, F, 4/18/33, Travis B., Ruth O., Faust, Paradise, [No Image 10742 ]
Forest, Nora Frances, F, 2/13/28, Albert, Ruby, Fugua, Decatur, birthcert-8946.jpg
Forester, blank, M, 1/16/18, Robert E.Lee, Mary A., Drake, Forestburg, birthcert-6797.jpg
Foresyth, Marie, F, 8/30/29, D.J. (TX), Viola (TX), Moore, Park Springs, birthcert-9433.jpg
Forman, Clim Meroney, M, 5/16/25, Ray Hugh (TX), Eula Clayton (TX), Daughter, Decatur, birthcert-8314.jpg, [delayed 8766]
Formora, Eureigue, M, 7/15/05, M., M., blank, blank, birthcert-1963.jpg
Forrester, blank, F, 2/28/26, William V. (TX), Sarah E. (TX), Landerdale, Alvord, birthcert-8552.jpg
Forrester, Jane, F, 12/28/28, W.B. (TX), Ellen (TX), Lauderdale, Alvord, birthcert-9213.jpg
Forrester, Loyce Elizabell, F, 8/19/21, Robert L. (AL), Mary A. (TX), Dake, Alvord, birthcert-7446.jpg, birthcert-7446a.jpg birthcert-7446b.jpg
Forsyth, blank, F, 3/14/04, J., Q., blank, blank, birthcert-0728.jpg
Forsyth, Dewey Jefferson, M, 7/7/07, John, Annie, White, blank, birthcert-3412.jpg
Forsyth, Jewell Mae, F, 3/22/28, William A., Cleo, Wright, Decatur, birthcert-8976.jpg, birthcert-8976a.jpg
Forsythe, blank, F, 5/19/05, John, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-1828.jpg
Forsythe, blank, F, 7/26/31, J.D., V., Moore, Park Springs, [No Image 10159 ]
Fortenberry, Ann-twin, F, 8/26/25, William E. (TX), Fern (TX), Harper, Slidell, birthcert-8395.jpg
Fortenberry, blank, F, 10/29/07, B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3638.jpg
Fortenberry, blank, M, 9/29/20, Orb (TX), Carrie (TX), Bundy, Leo, birthcert-7305.jpg
Fortenberry, blank, M, 4/11/22, Ambrose (TX), Eula (TX), Willis, Leo, birthcert-7573.jpg
Fortenberry, Clauda Mae, F, 8/2/17, Claude, Veda N., Gilliland, blank, birthcert-6671.jpg, birthcert-6671a.jpg
Fortenberry, James Stem-twin, M, 8/26/25, William E. (TX), Fern (TX), Harper, Slidell, birthcert-8394.jpg
Fortenberry, Leta Mae, F, 5/3/05, Ambrose Taylor, Eula, Willis, Greenwood, birthcert-1783.jpg, birthcert-1783a.jpg
Fortenberry, Willis, M, 1/9/17, Ambrose, Eula, Willis, blank, birthcert-6538.jpg, birthcert-6538a.jpg birthcert-6538b.jpg
Foster, Archie Vera, F, 4/21/18, Archie, Ida, Burk, Decatur, birthcert-6867.jpg
Foster, Billie Adam, M, 1/30/26, E.R. (TX), Edith (MO), Lynch, Decatur, birthcert-8524.jpg, birthcert-8524a.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 2/10/04, Arch, L., blank, blank, birthcert-0647.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 4/29/04, Jim, T., blank, blank, birthcert-0849.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 5/4/04, J.B., Ava, blank, blank, birthcert-0861.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 10/1/04, A.T., Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-1239.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 9/19/05, E.H.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2151.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 6/28/06, Marvin, Daisy, blank, blank, birthcert-2736.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 4/26/07, Will, Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-3316.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 9/13/07, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3537.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 9/18/07, Charlie, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3552.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 9/30/07, N.B., May, blank, blank, birthcert-3578.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 11/15/07, Andy, Eva, blank, blank, birthcert-3669.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 12/1/07, E.H.H., P.M., blank, blank, birthcert-3702.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 5/1/08, Bart, Jessie, blank, blank, birthcert-4000.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 11/28/08, Nick, May, blank, blank, birthcert-4362.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 12/29/08, Jeff, K.T., blank, blank, birthcert-4416.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 2/28/09, Andy, Eva, blank, blank, birthcert-4526.jpg
Foster, blank, M, 3/8/09, William, Gertie, blank, blank, birthcert-4543.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 8/16/09, W.H., H., blank, blank, birthcert-4738.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 11/7/10, T.J., K.L., blank, blank, birthcert-5126.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 5/23/12, George, Bessie, Nichols, blank, birthcert-5528.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 5/24/15, R.L., Carrie, Wimberly, blank, birthcert-6104.jpg
Foster, blank, F, 9/14/15, Charles A, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6238.jpg
Foster, Bob, F, 9/14/15, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6237.jpg
Foster, Charles T., M, 4/10/29, Dewell A., H.P., Rhine, Greenwood, [No Image 10034 ]
Foster, Clavin F., M, 3/10/26, R.B. (TX), Lillie Day (TX), Fuller, Rhome, birthcert-8560.jpg
Foster, Dewell Andrew, M, 5/17/06, Thomas Preston (TX), Sue Jene (GA), Madden, Greenwood, birthcert-2674.jpg, birthcert-2674a.jpg birthcert-2674b.jpg
Foster, Era Fern, F, 8/21/03, Andrew L., Era Lee, Shiflett, Slidell, birthcert-0210.jpg, birthcert-0210a.jpg birthcert-0210b.jpg
Foster, Helen Louise, F, 10/20/24, Andrew Elbert (KY), Mary Belle (TX), Thurmon, Alvord, birthcert-8195.jpg, birthcert-8195a.jpg
Foster, Ida Bell, F, 4/4/06, A.L., Balie, blank, blank, birthcert-2588.jpg
Foster, Jaunita, F, 6/25/27, Archie, Jr., Ida, Burk, Decatur, birthcert-8811.jpg, birthcert-8811a.jpg
Foster, Joel Lynn, M, 2/22/18, Joseph Edward, Eula Vivian, Terry, Decatur, birthcert-6832.jpg, birthcert-6832a.jpg
Foster, L.A., M, 8/3/31, Lee, M.D., blank, Alvord, [No Image 10169 ]
Foster, Marvin Truett, M, 6/15/28, Richard B., Lillie Day, Fuller, Rhome, birthcert-9037.jpg, birthcert-9037a.jpg
Foster, Nellie, F, 12/13/11, D.B., Edna, Paschell, blank, birthcert-5422.jpg
Foster, R., M, 1/28/11, W.H., F., Cluary, blank, birthcert-5170.jpg
Foster, Roy Jean, MM, 6/27/31, Dewell A., H.P., Rhine, Greenwood, [No Image 10126 ]
Foster, Stella Inez, F, 9/2/04, Pres, Susie, Madden, Greenwood, birthcert-1163.jpg, birthcert-1163a.jpg
Fowler, blank, M, 12/26/18, Wiley (TX), Effie (TX), Parks, Decatur, birthcert-7021.jpg
Fowler, blank, M, 10/28/21, Shelby (TX), Virgie (TX), Terry, Decatur, birthcert-7501.jpg, [delayed 7919]
Fowler, Burnetta Fowler, F, 3/3/06, Jessie Newton, MaNila Ellenor, Green, Alvord, birthcert-2536.jpg, birthcert-2536a.jpg
Fowler, Dorothy Minnie Dora, F, 12/26/21, Wiley (TX), Effie Mae (TX), Parks, Decatur, birthcert-7526.jpg, birthcert-7526a.jpg
Fowler, Laura, F, 8/21/04, Jessie, Nellie, blank, blank, birthcert-1121.jpg
Fowler, Lola Belle, F, 5/9/05, Wiley, Effie Mae, Parks, Decatur, birthcert-1804.jpg, birthcert-1804a.jpg
Fowler, Viola, F, 12/15/07, Wiley, Effie, Parks, Decatur, birthcert-3727.jpg, birthcert-3727a.jpg
Fowler, Virginia, F, 12/19/19, Shelby Frank (TX), Virginia T. (TX), Terry, Decatur, birthcert-7179.jpg, birthcert-7179a.jpg
Fox, blank, F, blank, Milt, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2454.jpg
Fox, blank, M, 9/11/06, C.H., M.A., blank, blank, birthcert-2902.jpg
Fox, blank, F, 7/3/08, Albert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4116.jpg
Fox, blank, blank, 9/13/33, Dudley, blank, blank, Decatur, [No Image 10888 ]
Fox, Bluford Douglas, Jr., M, 6/7/26, Bluford Douglas, Sr.(TX), Mabel Missouri (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-8610.jpg, birthcert-8610a.jpg
Fox, Catherine Ruth, F, 11/2/29, Dudley (TX), Mabel Missouri (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-9497.jpg, birthcert-9497a.jpg
Fox, Cora Etta, F, 2/11/24, Dudley (TX), Mabel (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-8262.jpg, birthcert-8262a.jpg
Fox, Dorothy Fay, F, 6/7/30, B.F., Alice, Earls, Decatur, [No Image 9716 ]
Fox, Edna Nell, F, 12/20/24, Ben Joe (TX), Mary Electra (TX), Gose, Alvord, birthcert-8235.jpg
Fox, Elma Oline, blank, 11/30/30, Ben, Electra, Gose, blank, [No Image 9885 ]
Fox, Gose Durwood, M, 6/10/26, Ben J. (TX), Electra (TX), Gose, Alvord, birthcert-8596.jpg
Fox, Jimmie Darrett, M, 8/25/32, B.J., Electra, Gose, Alvord, [No Image 10537 ]
Fox, Margaret Ann, F, 1/8/28, Ben, Electra, Gose, Alvord, birthcert-8910.jpg
Fox, Mary Marie, F, 9/3/21, Dudley Milton (TX), Mabel Mossouri (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-7459.jpg, birthcert-7459a.jpg
Fox, Wilburn Allen, M, 3/10/32, Dudley, Mable, Taylor, Decatur, [No Image 10384 ]
Foxall, blank, F, 3/31/07, Fred, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3260.jpg
Frage, Petra, F, 2/13/31, Bartola F., Mannele, Sanders, Bridgeport, [No Image 9958 ]
Fralin, blank, M, 2/1/20, Aubrey (TX), Artie (TX), Shaw, Boyd, birthcert-7203.jpg
Fralin, June, F, 7/1/23, Aerle (TX), Tommie (TX), Almonrode, Crosbyton, birthcert-7837.jpg, birthcert-7837a.jpg
Fralin, Robert, M, 7/2/03, R.H., Loura, blank, blank, birthcert-0087.jpg
Frank, blank, M, 6/3/05, J.B., M.J., blank, blank, birthcert-1861.jpg
Frank, blank, F, 1/24/09, J.W., Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-4455.jpg
Frank, blank, M, 4/8/19, Anson (TX), Nora (TX), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-7068.jpg
Frankland, John Upton, M, 7/13/20, D.M. (TX), Josette (TX), Upton, Paradise, birthcert-7273.jpg
Franklin, Andy, M, 8/31/03, F.M., L.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0241.jpg
Franklin, Benjimin, M, 7/16/05, W.A., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-1967.jpg
Franklin, blank, M, 4/28/07, A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3320.jpg
Franklin, blank, F, 4/28/08, W.A., S.C., blank, blank, birthcert-3993.jpg
Franklin, blank, M, 12/13/10, W.A., S.E., blank, blank, birthcert-5145.jpg
Franks, twins, F, 9/1/04, J.B., M.J., blank, blank, birthcert-1156.jpg
Franks, Vera Lahoma, F, 4/3/14, Claud (TN), Mary Pearl (TX), McCord, Bridgeport, birthcert-5870.jpg, birthcert-5870a.jpg
Frantz, Emmett Austin, Jr., M, 1/9/19, Emmett Austin, Sr.(MO), Della Mae (TX), Dickson, France, birthcert-7029.jpg
Frantz, Phillip, Jr., F, 9/22/06, Phillip, Nannie, blank, blank, birthcert-2926.jpg
Frazer, (Ima Liddell), F, 12/27/06, A.H., C.I., blank, blank, birthcert-3075.jpg
Frazier, blank, F, 4/25/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4603.jpg, [delayed 13642]
Frazier, blank, M, 8/30/15, Joe Lee, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-6216.jpg
Frazier, Harold Roscoe, M, 9/3/19, Charles Boyd (TX), Donna (MO), McCombs, Chico, birthcert-7131.jpg, birthcert-7131a.jpg
Frazier, Jim Bob, M, 10/25/07, Napoleon B., Julia, Haynes, Paradise, birthcert-3630.jpg, birthcert-3630a.jpg
Freeman, Billie Joan, F, 1/21/32, R.H., L., Otis, Alvord, [No Image 10561 ]
Freeman, blank, M, 2/21/05, Henry, Ossu, blank, blank, birthcert-1616.jpg
Freeman, blank, M, 2/25/06, J.F., Eva, blank, blank, birthcert-2525.jpg
Freeman, blank, M, 1/16/11, W.H., Essie, blank, blank, birthcert-5164.jpg
Freeman, blank, M, 11/11/11, H.M., Josephine, Hornsley, blank, birthcert-5401.jpg
Freeman, blank, M, 7/15/13, John, J., blank, blank, birthcert-5736.jpg
Freeman, blank, M, 9/27/13, Henry, Ella, Gill, blank, birthcert-5771.jpg
Freeman, blank, M, 10/21/15, Bob, Oto, Leslie, blank, birthcert-6280.jpg
Freeman, blank, F, 12/25/21, Dave (TX), Lona Edna (TX), Sands, New Harp, birthcert-7524.jpg
Freeman, blank, F, 10/8/23, William (TX), Katie (AL), Lynch, New Harp, birthcert-7912.jpg
Freeman, Emma Beryl, F, 11/15/06, James, Mattie, Fullingim, Slidell, birthcert-3020.jpg, birthcert-3020a.jpg
Freeman, Jimmy Fritz, M, 12/23/30, C.R., H.R., Denney, blank, [No Image 9900 ]
Freeman, John Gipson, M, 9/22/13, Robert Henry (TX), Otis (TX), Leslie, Alvord, birthcert-5770.jpg, birthcert-5770a.jpg
Freeman, Junior Dan, M, 2/15/29, L.E. (TX), Cona, Foster, New Harp, birthcert-9265.jpg, birthcert-9265a.jpg
Freeman, Lola Beatrice, F, 8/3/15, Durling Richard, Myrtle May, King, blank, birthcert-6182.jpg, birthcert-6182a.jpg birthcert-6182b.jpg
Freeman, Oce Inez, F, 10/23/08, James (TX), Mattie (TX), Fullingim, Slidell, birthcert-4310.jpg, birthcert-4310a.jpg
Freeman, Virgie Loreta, F, 5/21/22, Sterling Flint, Katie Thelma, Booth, New Harp, birthcert-7598.jpg, birthcert-7598a.jpg
French, blank, M, 7/8/03, A.D., Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-0098.jpg
French, blank, M, 5/2/08, Luce, Flo, blank, blank, birthcert-4004.jpg
Frigate, blank, M, 6/17/04, Robert, Belle, blank, blank, birthcert-0951.jpg
Fritts, blank, M, 10/9/03, Arthur, Dora, blank, blank, birthcert-0351.jpg
Fritts, blank, F, 11/2/24, O.P. (TX), Pearl (TN), Taylor, Decatur, birthcert-8206.jpg
Frost, blank, F, 9/3/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2116.jpg
Frost, Jacquelyn Jean, F, 10/8/27, Earl Edwin, Hoberta Katherine, Shelby, Bridgeport, birthcert-8854.jpg
Fryer, blank, F, 8/21/08, A.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4198.jpg
Fugate, blank, M, 10/2/18, George R. (TX), Mattie Mae (TX), Melton, Alvord, birthcert-6991.jpg
Fugate, G.R., M, 4/4/15, Robert Emmett (TX), Ada Belle (TN), Sides, Alvord, birthcert-6065.jpg, birthcert-6065a.jpg
Fugate, Paul Revel, M, 9/20/20, Thomas (TX), Varina (TX), Mote, Decatur, birthcert-7301.jpg
Fulbright, blank, M, 10/3/05, Dock, Neoma, blank, blank, birthcert-2181.jpg
Fulbright, blank, F, 6/26/15, C.N., Florence, blank, blank, birthcert-6134.jpg
Fullbright, Charlie, M, 8/26/05, Will, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2090.jpg
Fuller, Harry Russell Kirby, M, 12/13/25, W.H. (TX), Bertha M. (TX), Kirby, Rhome, birthcert-8481.jpg, [delayed 11150]
Fuller, Verda Lois, F, 9/22/27, Henry, Bertha, Lisbey, Rhome, birthcert-8848.jpg
Fullingham, blank, M, 9/27/04, Alf, Meboly, blank, blank, birthcert-1231.jpg
Fullingim, blank, M, 2/11/10, A.B., M., blank, blank, birthcert-4932.jpg
Fulps, Jimmie Ruth, F, 8/17/16, Jim Miron, Belle, Vess, Boyd, birthcert-6456.jpg, birthcert-6456a.jpg
Fulps, Laura Waunita, F, 2/26/21, Harvey Clarence (TX), Madge (TX), Baker, Decatur, birthcert-7354.jpg, birthcert-7354a.jpg
Fulps, Ruby Darnell, F, 4/3/12, James M., Ada Belle, Vess, Boyd, birthcert-5491.jpg, birthcert-5491a.jpg
Fulps, twins, M, 4/24/05, Jim, Bell, blank, blank, birthcert-1772.jpg
Fulton, Eula Maude, F, 1/13/09, Samuel H. (AR), Addie Pearl (IL), Wright, blank, birthcert-4493.jpg
Fulton, Minnie Mae, F, 4/27/05, Sam H., Adle Pearl, Wright, Bridgeport, birthcert-1773.jpg, birthcert-1773a.jpg
Funchess, Memry May, F, 3/29/06, Lucious Cullen, Flora May, Erwin, Paradise, birthcert-2575.jpg, birthcert-2575a.jpg
Funchess, Ruby Mae, F, 8/28/03, Thaddeus Stewart, Sarah Alpha, Nunn, Cottondale, birthcert-0227.jpg, birthcert-0227a.jpg
Funchins, blank, M, 4/25/09, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4604.jpg
Funk, Clifton, M, 10/27/03, William, Dee, blank, blank, birthcert-0399.jpg
Funk, Gus Burnes, M, 11/11/89, Presly Cardell, Martha Caldonia, Hartzog, Alvord, birthcert-0022.jpg
Funk, Owen True, M, 8/25/99, Presly Cardell, Martha Caldonia, Hartzog, Bridgeport, birthcert-0059.jpg
Funk, Presley Clyde, M, 1/3/88, Presly Cardell, Martha Caldonia, Hartzog, Gordonville, birthcert-0017.jpg
Funk, Reba, F, 1/29/95, Presly Cardell, Martha Calsonia, Hartzog, Bridgeport, birthcert-0042.jpg
Funk, Theron Hartzog, M, 8/17/02, Presly Cardell, Martha Caldonia, Hartzog, Bridgeport, birthcert-0076.jpg
Fuqua, Henry T., Jr., M, 5/26/25, Henry T. (TX), Allene (AL), Mayes, Rhome, birthcert-8324.jpg
Furgeson, blank, F, 4/1/05, Joe, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-1707.jpg
Furgeson, blank, F, 11/23/10, Jesse, Nona, blank, blank, birthcert-5133.jpg
Furguson, blank, M, 7/27/06, Albert, O., blank, blank, birthcert-2792.jpg
Furguson, blank, F, 3/3/12, W.C., M.B., Franklin, blank, birthcert-5479.jpg
Furlow, Vernon, M, 6/26/17, Robert Estel, Cleo Green, Pillars, Alvord, birthcert-6650.jpg, birthcert-6650a.jpg
Gage, Alta Ellen, F, 1/9/08, Buddie (TX), Jessie Ann (TN), Fennell, blank, birthcert-3779.jpg, birthcert-3779a.jpg
Gage, Billy Jack, M, 6/27/28, Buddy, Nanzine, Martin, Decatur, birthcert-9066.jpg, birthcert-9066a.jpg
Gage, blank, M, 3/11/09, Bud, Josie, blank, blank, birthcert-4549.jpg
Gage, blank, M, 8/27/11, M.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5330.jpg
Gage, blank, F, 1/21/23, Lundy (TX), Lela (TX), Boyd, Decatur, birthcert-7713.jpg
Gage, blank, M, 5/2/24, Earl R. (TX), Leta (TX), Byrom, Krum, birthcert-8061.jpg
Gage, Harold Ray, M, 3/10/25, Jerl (TX), Ora (TX), Quisenberry, Slidell, birthcert-8275.jpg, birthcert-8275a.jpg
Gage, James Roger, M, 5/23/23, James Elmer, Pauline Sophia (TX), Harder, Decatur, birthcert-8073.jpg, [delayed 2/27/43]
Gage, James William, M, 12/7/20, Jerl (TX), Ora (TX), Quissenberry, Slidell, birthcert-7322.jpg, birthcert-7322a.jpg
Gage, Marian, F, 6/8/04, James, A., Donald, blank, birthcert-0932.jpg
Gage, Mary Evelyn, F, 2/27/09, Willie Blackmer, Mary Evelyn, Beall, Decatur, birthcert-4521.jpg, birthcert-4521a.jpg
Gage, Namosy, F, 6/24/32, W.B., Fay, Boydston, Decatur, [No Image 10476 ]
Gailey, blank, M, 6/16/04, W.J., Lura, blank, blank, birthcert-0949.jpg
Gaines, Nola Marie, F, 8/21/05, Arthur Franklin, Marle, Washburn, blank, birthcert-2075.jpg, birthcert-2075a.jpg
Gains, blank, M, 7/11/08, Joseph, Evalene, blank, blank, birthcert-4128.jpg
Gaither, Charlie Floyd, M, 3/11/17, George Washington, Ella, Long, blank, birthcert-6575.jpg, birthcert-6575a.jpg
Gales, blank, M, 12/31/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4418.jpg
Gales, blank, M, 12/31/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4419.jpg
Galey, (twin), M, 7/23/05, M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1993.jpg
Galey, blank, F, 1/28/05, John, Ellen, blank, blank, birthcert-1549.jpg
Galey, blank, M, 4/27/11, R.M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5232.jpg
Galey, Glenn, M, 4/24/20, Alva Jackson (AL), Lyda (KY), Glenn, Bridgeport, birthcert-7235.jpg
Galey, Maurine, F, 2/23/15, Alva Jackson (AL), Lyda (KY), Glenn, blank, birthcert-6041.jpg
Galey, William Haskell (twin), M, 7/28/05, Richard Martin, Stella Belle, Reid, Aurora, birthcert-1992.jpg, birthcert-1992a.jpg
Gallup, blank, F, 1/25/22, Floyd (TX), Bertha (TX), Scroggins, Boyd, birthcert-7539.jpg, [delayed 7875]
Gallup, blank, F, 11/4/29, W.F. (TX), B.M. (TX), Scroggins, Boyd, birthcert-9499.jpg
Gamble, blank, F, 2/4/05, Charles, Willie, blank, blank, birthcert-1571.jpg
Gamble, Ruby Nell, F, 9/11/28, Ray (TX), Lillian (TX), Armstrong, Chico, birthcert-9118.jpg, birthcert-9118a.jpg
Gann, blank, M, 4/13/12, John, Mary, Franks, blank, birthcert-5505.jpg
Gann, blank, F, 7/2/13, John M., Anna Belle, Garrett, blank, birthcert-5734.jpg
Gann, blank, M, 3/16/14, Homer, Zula, Anderson, blank, birthcert-5860.jpg
Gann, Clarence Wendel, M, 9/15/11, J.H., Mabel Dillard, Norman, blank, birthcert-5358.jpg, birthcert-5358a.jpg
Gann, Clifford Lem, M, 9/14/18, L.D. (TX), Fannie (TX), Stalnaker, Chico, birthcert-6978.jpg
Garcia, Amelia, F, 1/25/13, Carmen (Mex), Manuela O. (Mex), Suna, Bridgeport, birthcert-5641.jpg
Garcia, Carmen, Jr., M, 7/3/18, Carmen, Sr. (Mex), Manula (Mex), Osuma, Bridgeport, birthcert-6928.jpg
Garcia, Manuel, M, 1/12/31, Joe, Jane, Elgardo, blank, [No Image 9931 ]
Garcia, Mary, F, 10/8/21, Esiquia (Mex), Merry (Mex), Fabre, Bridgeport, birthcert-7490.jpg
Garcia, Milchar, M, 8/8/14, Carmen (Mex), Manula (Mex), Osuma, Bridgeport, birthcert-5942.jpg
Garcia, Ramon, M, 6/12/31, Carmen, Manela, Ozumi, Bridgeport, [No Image 10106 ]
Garcia, T.A. Tedo, M, 1/25/14, Jusus, Santas, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-5828.jpg, birthcert-5828a.jpg birthcert-5828b.jpg
Garcia, Trinidad, M, 8/9/27, Meguel, Rita, Castilla, blank, birthcert-8821.jpg
Garcia, Viviana, F, 11/22/98, Cleafas, Parfiria, blank, Alice, TX, birthcert-0056.jpg
Gardner, blank, M, 1/12/04, Tom, B., blank, blank, birthcert-0588.jpg
Gardner, blank, M, 4/27/05, Will, Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-1774.jpg
Gardner, blank, F, 5/10/09, W.S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4621.jpg
Gardner, blank, F, 12/20/23, William Monroe (AL), Inez (MS), Kingsley, Alvord, birthcert-7960.jpg
Gardner, Elizabeth Eugene, F, 9/14/28, Oscar E. (TX), Thresa E. (TX), Brooks, Decatur, birthcert-9122.jpg
Gardner, Lonie Franklin, M, 3/16/07, William Monroe (AL), Ines (MS), Kingsley, Greenwood, birthcert-3226.jpg, birthcert-3226a.jpg
Gardner, Melba Joe, F, 1/24/28, Marion Elmer, Laverne Chloe, Pierce, Sunset, birthcert-8922.jpg
Gardner, Oscar Embra, Jr., M, 6/5/24, Oscar Embra (TX), Thressa Imogine (TX), Brooks, Decatur, birthcert-8064.jpg, birthcert-8064a.jpg
Gardner, twins, F, 5/26/23, Oscar (TX), Theresa (TX), Brooks, Decatur, birthcert-7810.jpg
Garett, Oscar Paul, M, 1/12/30, L.W., Nannie, Morton, blank, [No Image 9557 ]
Gargis, blank, F, 2/12/06, Henry, L.E., blank, blank, birthcert-2486.jpg
Gargis, Earnestine L., F, 12/11/29, G.H., Velma, Splawn, blank, [No Image 9528 ]
Garner, Mary Evelyn, F, 5/1/18, Bullard A., Alline, Potter, blank, birthcert-6874.jpg
Garner, Sam William, M, 3/29/16, Sam Winston, Emma Levina, Kennedy, Boyd, birthcert-6394.jpg, birthcert-6394a.jpg
Garner, Virginia Lee, F, 7/31/04, Robert, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1070.jpg
Garnison, blank, M, 3/27/08, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3939.jpg
Garrett, Billy Gene, M, 5/1/33, Zell, blank, blank, Chico, [No Image 10753 ]
Garrett, blank, F, 2/26/11, W.D., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5182.jpg
Garrett, blank, F, 8/27/27, R.O., Pearl, Hopkins, Chico, birthcert-8829.jpg, [delayed 11148]
Garrett, blank, M, 9/22/32, Luther, Gertrude, Morton, Bridgeport, [No Image 10566 ]
Garrett, Clyde William, M, 2/15/31, Clarence Edward, F.E., Stevens, Boyd, [No Image 9961 ]
Garrett, Jackie Jones, F, 4/29/28, Charles R., Emma Marie, Easley, Chico, birthcert-9005.jpg
Garrett, Mary Helen, F, 2/20/33, V.L., May, Redwine, Alvord, [No Image 10688 ]
Garrett, Thomas, M, 9/22/06, T.H., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2927.jpg
Garrison, Baby, M, 1/27/06, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2449.jpg
Garrison, Billy, M, 3/16/29, Jesse (TX), Marl K. (TX), Brown, Decatur, birthcert-9294.jpg, birthcert-9294a.jpg
Garrison, blank, M, 1/18/10, William, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4913.jpg
Garrison, blank, M, 9/29/31, Jesse, Catherine, Brown, Decatur, [No Image 10235 ]
Garvey, blank, M, 10/7/32, Marion, Elzoda, Hartline, Decatur, [No Image 10580 ]
Gary, Seagles, M, 6/4/31, William L., M., Basely, Decatur, [No Image 10095 ]
Gasperson, Adrian, M, 7/25/19, John G. (MO), Laura (TX), Lee, Alvord, birthcert-7113.jpg, birthcert-7113a.jpg
Gasperson, Foy, F, 2/13/32, Ray, Aurellih, Jackson, Alvord, [No Image 10359 ]
Gass, Marshall James, M, 7/21/05, John Henry, Julia, Price, Park Springs, birthcert-1981.jpg, birthcert-1981a.jpg
Gauntt, Catherine Elizabeth, F, 1/20/24, Roy Newton (TX), Ollive May (TX), Fairchild, Rhome, birthcert-7983.jpg
Gee, blank, M, 11/22/04, M.L., Mattie, blank, blank, birthcert-1386.jpg
Gentry, B.L., F, 8/1/31, B.I., Eula M., Barefield, Prect #8, [No Image 10167 ]
Gentry, Billy Tom, M, 12/27/29, T.L., Mildred, Cooper, blank, [No Image 9540 ]
Gentry, blank, M, 11/7/05, Lanham, Ollie M., blank, blank, birthcert-2268.jpg
Gentry, blank, F, 6/22/10, Fred, Ella, blank, blank, birthcert-5030.jpg
Gentry, blank, F, 6/11/24, J.H. (TX), Lucy (TX), Gaines, Boyd, birthcert-8080.jpg
Gentry, blank, M, 4/1/29, J.T. (TX), T.B. (TX), Bridges, Paradise, birthcert-9312.jpg
Gentry, Donald Isaac, M, 5/25/31, James Isaac, T.P., Bridges, Paradise, [No Image 10081 ]
Gentry, Elbert Bailey, M, 9/3/08, J. Lanham (TX), Ollie (TX), Gregg, Decatur, birthcert-4223.jpg, birthcert-4223a.jpg
Gentry, Gregg, M, 1/20/13, John Lanham (TX), Ollie Mary (TX), Gregg, Decatur, birthcert-5637.jpg, birthcert-5637a.jpg
Gentry, Lottie Louise, F, 3/26/07, Andrew George (MS), Cora Lee (MS), Bates, Decatur, birthcert-3249.jpg, birthcert-3249a.jpg
Gentry, Lucy Vivian, F, 8/9/25, John Hamilton (TX), Lucy (TX), Gains, Decatur, birthcert-8376.jpg, birthcert-8376a.jpg birthcert-8376b.jpg
Gentry, Mary Ruth, F, 9/8/27, John Hamilton, Lucy, Gaines, blank, birthcert-8840.jpg, birthcert-8840a.jpg birthcert-8840b.jpg
Gentry, Nelda Bernice, F, 10/15/31, T.L., Mildred, Cooper, blank, [No Image 10258 ]
Gentry, Thomas Lamar, M, 2/1/10, Edward Jackson, Lola May, Bullock, Bridgeport, birthcert-4927.jpg, birthcert-4927a.jpg
Gentry, Willard Datton, M, 10/19/32, J.D., T.P., Bridges, Paradise, [No Image 10603 ]
George, blank, M, 12/6/04, J.C., Clara, blank, blank, birthcert-1410.jpg
George, blank, F, 12/8/04, H.E., Eunice, blank, blank, birthcert-1416.jpg
George, blank, M, 8/21/05, Jim, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-2073.jpg
George, blank, M, 10/10/06, Frank, (Maude), (Owens), blank, birthcert-2958.jpg
George, blank, M, 8/6/14, Charley, Ida, Wells, blank, birthcert-5939.jpg
George, Esta Marie, F, 12/23/07, Henry Elmer (TX), Victoria Ann (AR), Appling, Park Springs, birthcert-3744.jpg, birthcert-3744a.jpg
George, Glenn Harold, M, 12/27/12, Benjamin Franklin (MO), Maretta (TX), Owens, Alvord, birthcert-5618.jpg, birthcert-5618a.jpg birthcert-5618b.jpg
George, James Vernie, M, 3/13/10, James Henry, Nancy Elizabeth, Brandenburg, blank, birthcert-4969.jpg, birthcert-4969a.jpg
George, Jewel Beverage, F, 1/28/06, James Hezekiah, Birtha Ellen, Stapp, blank, birthcert-2451.jpg, birthcert-2451a.jpg
George, John Thomas, M, 10/28/28, Louis (MO), Ada May (GA), Minhinnette, Decatur, birthcert-9162.jpg, birthcert-9162a.jpg
Geos, blank, F, 4/8/04, Lewis, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0796.jpg
German, blank, M, 10/26/15, blank, Clara, blank, blank, birthcert-6284.jpg
Geronomo, blank, F, 9/11/03, S., C., blank, blank, birthcert-0272.jpg
Gerra, Atilana, F, 10/5/22, Marin (Mex), Viviana (TX), Gracia, Runge, birthcert-7666.jpg
Gerra, Maria, F, 2/26/16, Marin, Viviana, Garcia, blank, birthcert-6373.jpg
Getty, blank, F, 10/4/08, Lon, Elsie, blank, blank, birthcert-4275.jpg
Gibbens, blank, M, 7/28/07, Charles, Lettie, blank, blank, birthcert-3448.jpg
Gibbins, F.A., M, 6/23/06, John, Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-2726.jpg
Gibbon, blank, F, 10/20/04, Jewell, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1283.jpg
Gibbon, blank, F, 1/3/06, Marion, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2381.jpg
Gibbon, blank, M, 11/6/07, Charles, Stella, blank, blank, birthcert-3658.jpg
Gibbon, Mary Francis, F, 8/27/20, Julian E. (TX), Lucinda (TX), Card, Decatur, birthcert-7290.jpg
Gibbon, Roy, M, 9/12/03, M.J., J., blank, blank, birthcert-0273.jpg
Gibbons, blank, M, 9/6/09, Marvin, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4761.jpg
Gibbons, Saumel Edward, M, 10/10/06, Jewel B. (TX), Estelle Josephine (TX), Green, Decatur, birthcert-2960.jpg, birthcert-2960a.jpg
Gibbs, Edna Fay, F, 10/15/33, A.A., Lena Mae, Stein, Slidell, [No Image 10909 ]
Gibson, blank, M, 7/31/07, J.K., Frankie, blank, Boonsville, birthcert-3455.jpg
Gibson, blank, F, 9/15/08, J.K., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4248.jpg
Gibson, blank, F, 1/19/16, Lee D., Ruby, Knee, blank, birthcert-6345.jpg, [delayed 6702]
Gibson, James Vanzant, M, 4/6/05, John Keaton, Sarah Frances, Wilton, rural, Wise Co., birthcert-1716.jpg, birthcert-1716a.jpg
Gibson, Mary Stanton, F, 12/12/05, R.E., Estella, blank, blank, birthcert-2349.jpg
Gibson, Patricia Kay, F, 10/3/30, Joseph R., Francis L., Abbott, Decatur, [No Image 9837 ]
Gibson, Robert Elijah, Jr., M, 3/5/08, Robert Elijah (TX), Sally Estelle (TX), Finwick, Chico, birthcert-3886.jpg, birthcert-3886a.jpg
Gilbert, blank, M, 10/21/11, Ira, Alice, blank, blank, birthcert-5387.jpg
Gilbert, blank, M, 7/3/23, John W. (AR), Lilly Mae (TX), Stokes, Alvord, birthcert-7843.jpg
Gilbert, Clyde, M, 12/31/03, Robert Lemuel, Elmy Agnes, Sparks, Decatur, birthcert-0548.jpg, birthcert-0548a.jpg
Gilbert, D.L., Jr., M, 3/20/20, D.L., Ida Bell (TX), McConnell, Poolville, birthcert-7228.jpg
Gilbreth, Henry Owen, M, 1/16/16, Henry Frenton, Maudie Dorenda, Ceils, Boyd, birthcert-6343.jpg, birthcert-6343a.jpg
Giles, Billy Wayne, M, 10/16/28, Homer Adolphus (TX), Lyda Pearl (TX), Martin, Bridgeport, birthcert-9154.jpg, birthcert-9154a.jpg
Giles, blank, M, 12/27/16, Luther, Vera, Hallis, blank, birthcert-6531.jpg
Giles, blank, F, 1/14/21, Clayton (TX), Lavada (OK), Culwell, Bridgeport, birthcert-7337.jpg
Giles, blank, M, 6/10/23, L.E. (TX), Vera (TX), Harris, Chico, birthcert-7821.jpg
Giles, blank, M, 8/12/30, Homer A., Pearl, Martin, blank, [No Image 9784 ]
Giles, blank (twin), M, 8/29/03, Joseph E., Erora, Roe, Bridgeport, birthcert-0230.jpg
Giles, Clara Inez, F, 5/24/18, William Clayton, Lavada, Culwell, Bridgeport, birthcert-6905.jpg, birthcert-6905a.jpg
Giles, Douglas Elbert, M, 2/27/32, Homer A., Pearl, Martin, Bridgeport, [No Image 10361 ]
Giles, Emma Joanne, F, 4/26/33, Frank, M., Montford, Decatur, [No Image 10746 ]
Giles, Florence Arizona, F, 1/23/13, Joseph Elbert (AR), Eroa (TX), Roe, Bridgeport, birthcert-5640.jpg, birthcert-5640a.jpg
Giles, Forrest Duane, F, 1/4/31, F.B., M.G., Montford, Decatur, [No Image 9918 ]
Giles, Horace Edwin, M, 8/29/03, Joseph E., Erora, Roe, Bridgeport, birthcert-0229.jpg, birthcert-0229a.jpg
Giles, Joseph Bruce, M, 7/14/16, Joseph Arnold, Tommie Etna, Walker, Decatur, birthcert-6437.jpg, birthcert-6437a.jpg
Giles, Mary Elwanda, F, 3/8/23, Leslie Virgil (TX), Willie Mae (TX), Shelton, Bridgeport, birthcert-7765.jpg, birthcert-7765a.jpg
Giles, Mary Lola, F, 2/16/08, Joseph Elbert (AR), Erora Ann (TX), Roe, blank, birthcert-3848.jpg, birthcert-3848a.jpg
Giles, Maurice, F, 10/7/17, Joseph Arnold, Tommie E., Walker, Bridgeport, birthcert-6724.jpg
Gill, Albert Archibald, M, 6/30/05, James, Mamie Estelle, Van Meter, blank, birthcert-1928.jpg
Gill, blank, M, 7/10/05, Robert E., Victoria, blank, blank, birthcert-1946.jpg
Gill, blank, F, 12/12/06, J.B., M., blank, blank, birthcert-3053.jpg
Gill, blank, M, 2/7/08, Frank, L., blank, blank, birthcert-3831.jpg
Gill, blank, M, 9/25/25, J. Paul (TX), Carrie (TN), Russell, Decatur, birthcert-8428.jpg
Gill, John William, M, 7/8/24, Marvin Estus (TX), Irene Ruth (TX), Leonard, Dalhart, birthcert-8091.jpg, birthcert-8091a.jpg
Gill, Lawrence Z., M, 5/31/04, Robert E., Victoria, blank, blank, birthcert-0908.jpg
Gill, Sally Ruth, F, 12/7/26, Marvin Estus, Irene Ruth, Leonard, Decatur, birthcert-8724.jpg, birthcert-8724a.jpg
Gill, Vera Zoe, F, 1/13/28, Paul, Carrie, Russell, Decatur, birthcert-8915.jpg, birthcert-8915a.jpg
Gilley, (Norma L.), F, 12/10/03, Henry, Eva, blank, blank, birthcert-0496.jpg
Gilley, Bertha Seavey, F, 11/30/07, C.D. (TX), Mary Florence (IL), Cooper, blank, birthcert-3697.jpg, birthcert-3697a.jpg
Gilley, blank, F, 3/13/08, J.S., Etter, blank, blank, birthcert-3908.jpg
Gilley, blank, M, 7/8/08, Charles, Edith, blank, blank, birthcert-4122.jpg
Gilley, blank, F, 4/5/12, A.W., Eloie, Davis, blank, birthcert-5495.jpg
Gilley, blank, F, 2/6/25, T. (TX), Ida (TX), Austin, Bridgeport, birthcert-8258.jpg, [delayed 9802]
Gilley, Thomas Fred, M, 11/12/29, T.A., Ida, Austin, blank, [No Image 9506 ]
Gilliland, Frances, F, 2/11/04, John Porter, Katherine, Miller, Alvord, birthcert-0649.jpg, birthcert-0649a.jpg
Gilliland, I.B., Jr., F, 11/4/03, D.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0424.jpg
Gilliland, John T. Sanford, M, 6/10/05, Roy, Birdie, blank, blank, birthcert-1880.jpg, [delayed 4418]
Gillot, blank, F, 4/4/04, blank, S.A., blank, blank, birthcert-0787.jpg
Gilly, blank, F, 11/1/08, Joe, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4325.jpg
Gilmore, (twin), F, 6/10/06, C.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2711.jpg
Gilmore, (twin), M, 6/10/06, C.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2712.jpg
Gilmore, blank, M, 10/10/03, C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0354.jpg
Gilmore, blank, M, 7/23/05, C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1990.jpg
Gilmore, blank, M, 9/3/05, C.E., M.L., blank, blank, birthcert-2117.jpg
Gilmore, blank, M, 10/8/05, Ernest, Belle, blank, blank, birthcert-2200.jpg
Gilmore, blank, F, 11/26/07, H.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3689.jpg
Gilmore, blank, M, 1/3/08, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3765.jpg
Gilmore, blank, M, 3/14/10, H.B., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4959.jpg
Gilmore, Grace Marie, F, 10/6/21, Carl J. (SC), Leola (TX), McCraw, Newark, birthcert-7488.jpg
Gilmore, Mary Ethel, F, 7/23/04, John Nale, Amarilla, Houd, Alvord, birthcert-1044.jpg, birthcert-1044a.jpg
Gilsan, Robert Marvin, M, 5/17/04, Ed, Jessie, Collins, blank, birthcert-0891.jpg
Gipson, blank, M, 8/28/08, E.P., Jessie, blank, blank, birthcert-4208.jpg
Girdley, Bettie Ann, F, 2/3/29, Virgil (TX), Beulah (AR), Sorder, Alvord, birthcert-9260.jpg
Given, D., F, 8/4/05, R.D., Jennie, blank, blank, birthcert-2025.jpg
Gladney, Daisy Viola, F, 11/3/09, Walter Alcorn, Maggie Viola, Smith, Alvord, birthcert-4837.jpg, birthcert-4837a.jpg
Gladys, blank, M, 11/2/06, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2988.jpg
Glass, Audrey Mae, F, 5/21/09, John (TX), Fannie (TX), Furguson, Alvord, birthcert-4636.jpg
Glass, Bernice Wilburn, M, 11/23/07, John Biglar (TX), Fannie(TX), Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-3684.jpg, birthcert-3684a.jpg
Glass, blank, M, 7/29/06, J.W., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-2798.jpg
Glass, blank, F, 7/6/08, blank, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4120.jpg
Glass, blank, M, 10/30/09, J.W., Emma, blank, blank, birthcert-4831.jpg
Glass, blank, F, 11/3/24, Charlie (TN), Elsie (TX), Crow, Alvord, birthcert-8207.jpg
Glass, Opal Lee, F, 1/5/13, J.B. (TX), Fannie (TX), Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-5627.jpg, birthcert-5627a.jpg
Glass, Thomas Weldon, M, 9/5/14, J.B. (TX), Fannie (TX), Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-5956.jpg, birthcert-5956a.jpg
Glenn, Lonnie Bert, M, 5/9/33, James B., Francis, Lacy, Decatur, [No Image 10765 ]
Glossup, blank, F, 9/7/29, T.F. (TX), Rosebunt (TX), Hooten, Decatur, birthcert-9443.jpg
Glover, John J., M, 12/12/24, John J. (TX), Annie Bell (TX), Carroll, Boonsville, birthcert-8229.jpg
Glover, Thomas Clude, Jr., M, 6/26/20, Thomas Claude (WV), Flora S. (TX), Grissom, Alvord, birthcert-7265.jpg
Gluson, blank, M, 2/18/12, M.L., M.C., Phillips, blank, birthcert-5469.jpg
Goad, Blanche Pamela, F, 9/21/06, William Thomas (TN), Nettie Elizabeth(TN), Etheridge, Chico, birthcert-2921.jpg, birthcert-2921a.jpg
Gober, Leatrice Joyce, F, 10/17/29, T.S. (TX), Nettie May (TX), Maynard, Bridgeport, birthcert-9477.jpg
Goen, (Twin), F, 8/25/05, John, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2084.jpg
Goen, (Twin), F, 8/25/05, John, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2085.jpg
Goff, blank, F, 1/9/07, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3100.jpg
Goforth, blank, M, 12/30/08, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4417.jpg
Goforth, blank, F, 2/1/11, Ed, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5172.jpg
Goforth, blank, F, 10/18/32, G.E., Margret, Pinington, Decatur, [No Image 10600 ]
Goforth, Clarence Elwood, M, 2/29/28, G.E., Louise, Pennington, Decatur, birthcert-8961.jpg
Goforth, Effie Katheine, F, 2/22/25, George Ed (NC), Louisa M. (KY), Pennington, Rhome, birthcert-8269.jpg
Goforth, Maxine, F, 9/1/30, G. Ed, L.M., Pennington, Decatur, [No Image 9796 ]
Goforth, Polly P., F, 9/1/30, G. Ed, L.M., Pennington, blank, [No Image 9797 ]
Goforth, William Charles, Jr., M, 10/22/28, William Charles, Sr. (TX), Lula Dora (TX), Cotner, Decatur, birthcert-9159.jpg
Golaz, blank, F, 11/9/03, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0431.jpg
Golden, blank, F, 8/7/03, C., C., blank, blank, birthcert-0168.jpg
Golden, Dixie, F, 7/18/06, Robert Fulton, Ora, Cunningham, Alvord, birthcert-2775.jpg
Golden, Jessie Lee, M, 12/14/03, Moses Clopton, Jessie Ione, Beasley, Alvord, birthcert-0507.jpg, birthcert-0507a.jpg
Golden, Joe, M, 11/17/03, Harrison, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0450.jpg
Golden, May Violet, F, 9/14/04, Archie Clade, mary Magdalene, Gose, Alvord, birthcert-1194.jpg, birthcert-1194a.jpg
Goltham, Mary Sabro, F, 5/8/20, Lewis E. (OK), Essie May (TX), Sampson, Newark, birthcert-7246.jpg
Gomez, blank, M, 8/14/06, A.E., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2838.jpg
Gonzalas, Victoriana, F, 3/23/31, Saverine, Euatial, Rangal, Bridgeport, [No Image 10019 ]
Gonzales, Alice, F, 6/8/30, Frank, Solas, Consulo, blank, [No Image 9721 ]
Gonzales, blank, F, 12/1/07, Connie, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-3701.jpg
Gonzales, blank, F, 9/30/28, John G. (Mex), blank, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-9138.jpg
Gonzales, blank, M, 5/10/30, Severn, Eulabia, Rangel, Bridgeport, [No Image 9683 ]
Gonzales, blank, F, 7/18/31, Antonio, Ateteno, Delgado, Bridgeport, [No Image 10151 ]
Gonzales, Severino, M, 1/8/01, Nicanor, Maria, Hernanez, Rock Creek, TX, birthcert-0069.jpg
Gonzalez, Carolina, F, 9/26/28, Frank (TX), Consella (Mex), Salas, Bridgeport, birthcert-9129.jpg
Gonzalez, Consulo, F, 1/6/27, Frank, Salea, Cousulo, Bridgeport, birthcert-8735.jpg
Gonzalez, Octabino, Jr., M, 10/13/23, Octabino (TX), Cerapia (TX), Pena, Mexico, birthcert-7916.jpg
Gonzalez, Teresa, F, 7/25/24, Frank (TX), Consaelo (Mex), Salas, Bridgeport, birthcert-8114.jpg
Gonzaliz, La Nina V., F, 3/23/31, Saberine, Eulalia, Rangal, Bridgeport, [No Image 10018 ]
Gooch, Marvin, M, 8/30/22, M. (MS), Mattie (TN), Sanders, Boyd, birthcert-7650.jpg, birthcert-7650a.jpg
Good, blank, M, 5/26/04, Tom, Nettie, blank, blank, birthcert-0900.jpg
Good, blank, F, 7/8/05, W.J., Nettie, blank, blank, birthcert-1940.jpg
Good, blank, F, 3/15/11, J.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5193.jpg
Good, Gladys Thelma, F, 2/2/09, James Levy, Mollie Z., Sanders, Alvord, birthcert-4470.jpg, birthcert-4470a.jpg
Good, Lee Otis, M, 3/6/05, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1650.jpg
Goode, Kossie Oran, M, 3/19/92, Robert Fairchild, Emma Elizabeth, Furlow, Bridgeport, birthcert-0028.jpg
Goodger, (Raymond "Dub"), M, 9/9/06, J.H. (Henry), E. (Emma), blank, blank, birthcert-2899.jpg
Goodger, Baby Joe, F, 1/5/32, B. Clide, blank, Fulps, blank, [No Image 10323 ]
Goodger, blank, M, 9/27/05, J.T., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2165.jpg
Goodger, blank, M, 1/2/21, Herman (TX), Ethel (TX), Miller, Decatur, birthcert-7330.jpg, [delayed 5222]
Goodger, blank, M, 11/7/25, W.L. (TX), Lossie Era (TX), Wren, Boyd, birthcert-8455.jpg
Goodger, Emily Ann, F, 6/18/21, William Lawrence (TX), Lossie (TX), Wren, Boyd, birthcert-7414.jpg, birthcert-7414a.jpg
Goodger, Harris, M, 2/6/32, Ira, Floe, Walker, Decatur, [No Image 10354 ]
Goodger, Ira Harris, M, 10/27/03, J. Henry, Emma, Belew, Boyd, birthcert-0398.jpg, birthcert-0398a.jpg
Goodger, Nelda, F, 9/19/30, W.L., Lessie Eva, blank, blank, [No Image 9824 ]
Goodgion, Myrtle Faye, F, 12/3/19, Elgin Author (TX), Bonnie B. (TX), Cash, Park Springs, birthcert-7166.jpg, birthcert-7166a.jpg
Goodlett, blank, F, 5/1/05, Sal, Katie, blank, blank, birthcert-1782.jpg, [delayed 9024]
Goodman, blank, F, 11/3/05, G.T., Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-2258.jpg
Goodner, Linas Carl, M, 8/20/11, Frank G., Minnie Lee, Machen, Decatur, birthcert-5328.jpg, birthcert-5328a.jpg
Goodrum, blank, F, 7/12/06, Ben, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-2761.jpg
Goodwin, Bettie L., F, 10/10/33, Glenn, Nellie, Greenwood, Alvord, [No Image 10905 ]
Goodwin, blank, M, 11/1/07, J.T., Elizabeth, blank, blank, birthcert-3645.jpg
Goodwin, blank, F, 7/4/08, D.F., Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-4117.jpg
Goodwin, Emma, F, 9/29/03, Bud, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0324.jpg
Goodwin, James O., M, 10/24/15, David Franklin, Pearl May, Williams, Alvord, birthcert-6283.jpg, birthcert-6283a.jpg
Goodwin, Mary Lou, F, 2/20/30, John D.L., Laura, Conley, Alvord, [No Image 9602 ]
Goodwin, May, F, 5/10/04, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0877.jpg
Gordon, Anna Mae, M, 1/30/22, J.H. (TN), Pearl (TN), Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-7541.jpg
Gordon, Billie Wayne, M, 6/25/29, James Harvey (TN), Pearl Elizabeth (TN), Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-9380.jpg, birthcert-9380a.jpg
Gordon, blank, F, 4/6/12, A.A., T.A., blank, blank, birthcert-5496.jpg
Gordon, Loyd Douglas, F, 7/3/31, Roy James, blank, Mooney, blank, [No Image 10134 ]
Gordon, William Aubrey, M, 5/17/14, J.H. (TN), Pearl Elizabeth (TN), Thomas, Decatur, birthcert-5894.jpg, birthcert-5894a.jpg
Gore, blank, M, 8/15/03, J.O., T., blank, blank, birthcert-0188.jpg
Gore, Claude Clifford, M, 7/14/06, Amos Mathew (TN), Susan Matilda (TN), Neely, Chico, birthcert-2766.jpg, birthcert-2766a.jpg
Gore, James Allen, M, 11/8/03, Amos, Susan, blank, blank, birthcert-0430.jpg
Gore, Joe Ann, F, 2/3/31, John B., Lettie, blank, blank, [No Image 9954 ]
Gorman, blank, F, 11/1/03, James, B., blank, blank, birthcert-0409.jpg
Gose, blank, M, 8/27/05, Cris, Othella, blank, blank, birthcert-2094.jpg
Gose, blank, F, 3/30/08, W.S., Etta, blank, blank, birthcert-3945.jpg
Gose, blank, M, 8/31/08, Ace, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4216.jpg
Gose, blank, M, 2/19/09, William R., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4501.jpg
Gose, blank, M, 1/14/18, Robert H., Myrtle, Justice, Alvord, birthcert-6794.jpg
Gose, Electir, F, 4/7/04, Ace, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0794.jpg
Gose, Gerald Forrest, M, 7/4/15, Joe, Annie, blank, blank, birthcert-6140.jpg
Gose, Jackie, F, 12/9/03, J.G., Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0491.jpg
Gose, Jarrell Emet, M, 10/29/20, Steven (TX), Allie (TX), Jarrell, Decatur, birthcert-7502.jpg, [error see delayed]
Gose, Joseph Monk, M, 9/28/14, Joseph (TX), Stella A. (TX), Monk, Alvord, birthcert-7904.jpg, [delayed 9/24/42]
Gose, M., M, 9/7/03, C.C., J.O., blank, blank, birthcert-0264.jpg
Gose, Opal Priscilla, F, 1/16/13, Joe (TX), Mary Annie (TX), Neville, Alvord, birthcert-5635.jpg
Gose, Willie Eureka, F, 5/4/06, William Ace (TX), Nellie May (TX), Elsom, Alvord, birthcert-2652.jpg, birthcert-2652a.jpg
Gosler, blank, F, 2/19/08, A.L., Fannie, blank, blank, birthcert-4500.jpg
Goss, blank, blank, 2/20/04, J.H., Julia, blank, blank, birthcert-0674.jpg
Gossett, blank, M, 9/6/03, A.J., M., blank, blank, birthcert-0260.jpg
Gossett, Hattie E., F, 8/2/31, Jack, M.L., Rich, Alvord, [No Image 10168 ]
Goszello, blank, M, 8/9/21, blank, Angel (TX), Gonzales, Rhome, birthcert-7438.jpg
Gotcher, Jackie Marie, F, 5/25/33, Jessie, Ruth, Foster, Decatur, [No Image 10776 ]
Gotcher, Virginia Maxine, F, 9/4/30, Jessie, Ruth, Foster, Decatur, [No Image 9799 ]
Gouch, blank, F, 12/17/05, Albert, Addie, blank, blank, birthcert-2360.jpg
Gountt, William Lee, M, 3/18/22, Roy N. (TX), Ollie May (TX), Fairchild, Rhome, birthcert-7561.jpg
Graffenstead, blank, M, 4/24/04, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0841.jpg
Graham, (Aubrey), F, 12/14/03, Will, Myrtle, (Hutson), blank, birthcert-0506.jpg
Graham, Billie Gene, M, 2/19/28, Oran Francis, Eula Maude, Newton, Bridgeport, birthcert-8949.jpg, birthcert-8949a.jpg
Graham, blank, M, 2/1/04, Charles, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0628.jpg
Graham, blank, M, 6/5/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1869.jpg
Graham, blank, M, 6/10/05, Leonard, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-1881.jpg
Graham, blank, F, 2/24/06, Wood, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2522.jpg
Graham, blank, F, 2/24/06, Wood, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2523.jpg
Graham, blank, M, 8/10/06, Lenard, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2829.jpg
Graham, blank, F, 9/20/07, M., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3554.jpg
Graham, Clyde, M, 4/20/10, M., Minnie, Edward, blank, birthcert-4086.jpg
Graham, Clyde, M, 4/22/10, Marion, Minnie, Edward, blank, birthcert-4986.jpg, birthcert-4986a.jpg
Graham, Eva Joe, F, 1/9/33, E.V., K., Mitts, Alvord, [No Image 10654 ]
Graham, Guy Leslie, M, 9/2/05, Dayton Grayson (VA), Adella Caroline (TX), Patterson, blank, birthcert-2115.jpg, birthcert-2115a.jpg
Graham, Mildred Louise, F, 4/1/30, O.F., Eula, Newton, blank, [No Image 9642 ]
Granado, blank, M, 3/9/31, Ynes, G.L., Cina, Bridgeport, [No Image 9995 ]
Grant, Iris Edith, F, 6/13/10, W.J., Sallie, Green, Boonsville, birthcert-5024.jpg, birthcert-5024a.jpg
Grantham, Bettie Nevesta, F, 8/12/33, R.D., E., Womack, Boonsville, [No Image 10865 ]
Granthum, Bessie Mae, F, 4/16/31, Robert Dacus, E., Womack, Boonsville, [No Image 10041 ]
Granthum, Jessie Ray, M, 4/16/31, R.D., E., Womack, Boonsville, [No Image 10042 ]
Grass, blank, M, 5/11/04, Ike, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0879.jpg
Gray, (twin), F, 12/10/08, Oscar, Eunice, blank, blank, birthcert-4385.jpg
Gray, (twin), M, 12/10/08, Oscar, Eunice, blank, blank, birthcert-4386.jpg
Gray, Barney, M, 9/18/06, Lon, Sallie, blank, blank, birthcert-2917.jpg
Gray, blank, F, 6/27/04, J.B., Edna, blank, blank, birthcert-0972.jpg
Gray, blank, M, 11/11/04, O.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1347.jpg
Gray, blank, M, 9/26/05, O.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2161.jpg
Gray, blank, F, 2/1/08, B.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3820.jpg
Gray, blank, F, 5/16/08, Horace, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4027.jpg
Gray, blank, F, 2/27/09, O.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4522.jpg
Gray, blank, F, 9/7/10, J.W., J.G., blank, blank, birthcert-5087.jpg
Gray, Lucille, F, 6/13/09, Brice Wright (MO), Annie (MS), Buchanan, Chico, birthcert-4661.jpg
Gray, Martha Elizabeth, F, 10/1/06, John, Edna Virginia, Niblett, Paradise, birthcert-2939.jpg, birthcert-2939a.jpg
Gray, Mary Melina, F, 5/8/04, William Alonzo, Martha Havana, blank, Chico, birthcert-0872.jpg
Greathouse, blank, M, 7/14/07, Furman, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-3423.jpg, [delayed 14686]
Green, Annie Pearl, F, 2/19/16, J. Monroe, Annie , Carpenter, Bridgeport, birthcert-6365.jpg, birthcert-6365a.jpg
Green, Billie Carol, M, 8/18/33, Billie, Theo, Davis, Paradise, [No Image 10869 ]
Green, blank, M, 2/8/05, Marion, Maggie, blank, blank, birthcert-1586.jpg, [delayed 13850]
Green, blank, M, 8/24/05, Herman, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-2082.jpg
Green, blank, M, 4/3/06, Frank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2585.jpg
Green, blank, F, 1/15/07, Charles, Eva, blank, blank, birthcert-3111.jpg
Green, blank, F, 1/17/07, George, Mamie, blank, blank, birthcert-3113.jpg
Green, blank, F, 6/21/08, Herman, Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4096.jpg
Green, blank, M, 7/29/08, Ed, Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-4157.jpg
Green, blank, F, 8/16/08, J.B., Millie, blank, blank, birthcert-4188.jpg
Green, blank, F, 12/17/08, H.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4398.jpg
Green, blank, M, 2/25/09, Frank, Lula, Morgan, blank, birthcert-4514.jpg
Green, blank, F, 2/23/10, W.P., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4940.jpg
Green, blank, F, 8/14/10, B.M., W.F., Zillman, blank, birthcert-5070.jpg
Green, blank, M, 6/20/11, Ed, Myrtle, blank, blank, birthcert-5284.jpg
Green, blank, F, 12/10/11, Frank, Lula, Morgan, blank, birthcert-5419.jpg
Green, blank, M, 4/15/12, J.B., M.L., blank, blank, birthcert-5506.jpg
Green, blank, F, 12/1/13, Herman, Ida, Hudson, blank, birthcert-5797.jpg
Green, blank, F, 7/30/14, George, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5934.jpg
Green, blank, F, 9/30/14, M., Annie, Carpenter, blank, birthcert-5966.jpg
Green, blank, F, 9/20/17, A.E., Alice, Chapman, Alvord, birthcert-6713.jpg
Green, blank, M, 4/8/18, Ben, Hettie, Carslie, Poolville, birthcert-6856.jpg
Green, blank, F, 5/19/22, Robert, Fanney, Jenkins, Bridgeport, birthcert-7595.jpg
Green, blank, F, 1/5/24, Grady (TX), Flossie (TX), Denny, Bridgeport, birthcert-7968.jpg
Green, blank, M, 11/27/32, W.G., blank, blank, Chico, [No Image 10634 ]
Green, Carl Johnson, M, 11/27/10, William Ashley, Maggie Mae, White, Paradise, birthcert-5135.jpg, birthcert-5135a.jpg
Green, Charley, M, 7/2/18, William, Mattie, blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-6927.jpg
Green, Duard Windell, M, 10/20/29, Cuel W. (TX), Minnie Lee (TX), Davidson, Bridgeport, birthcert-9480.jpg, birthcert-9480a.jpg
Green, Eulalah Ruth, F, 8/5/17, Thomas L., Susan Sarah, Waddell, Bridgeport, birthcert-6672.jpg, birthcert-6672a.jpg
Green, Glenn Winfred, M, 3/23/11, Thomas L., Sarah Susan, Waddill, Bridgeport, birthcert-5204.jpg, birthcert-5204a.jpg birthcert-5204b.jpg
Green, Ida O., F, 9/24/04, J.S., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1221.jpg
Green, J.M., Jr., M, 8/15/29, J.M., Sr. (TX), Annie (TX), Carpenter, Bridgeport, birthcert-9420.jpg
Green, Johnny Cordell, M, 12/4/32, Grady C., Flossie, Denny, Bridgeport, [No Image 10637 ]
Green, Josephine, F, 4/23/24, A.E. (AL), Alice M. (TX), Champion, Alvord, birthcert-8054.jpg
Green, Juanita Sue, F, 6/2/29, Marion R. (TX), Fannie (TX), Jenkins, Bridgeport, birthcert-9365.jpg, birthcert-9365a.jpg
Green, Kenneth Judson, M, 5/23/18, Homer G. (TX), Ada (TX), Newton, Bridgeport, birthcert-6901.jpg, birthcert-6901a.jpg
Green, Lillie Maxine, F, 6/3/25, Monroe (TX), Annie (TX), Carpenter, Bridgeport, birthcert-8332.jpg
Green, Lou Dell, F, 11/30/11, Otho (Otto), Ethel, Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-5415.jpg, birthcert-5415a.jpg
Green, Loyd Raymond, M, 3/13/05, Jacob Benjamin, Sarah Ann, Heflin, Bridgeport, birthcert-1667.jpg, birthcert-1667a.jpg
Green, Nancy Rhen, F, 5/9/30, John E., Elizabeth, Perkins, Decatur, [No Image 9682 ]
Green, Nettie Jo, F, 10/10/27, J.M., Annie Harriett Elizabeth, Carpenter, Bridgeport, birthcert-8856.jpg, birthcert-8856a.jpg
Green, Opal Mae, F, 5/8/32, J. Lee, L.A., Bain, Paradise, [No Image 10430 ]
Green, Pearl Marie, F, 9/13/23, J.L. (TX), Lydia Ann (TX), Bains, Poolville, birthcert-7892.jpg
Green, William Carr, M, 9/6/15, Otho, Ethel, Ferguson, Alvord, birthcert-6227.jpg, birthcert-6227a.jpg
Greene, Virgil Henry, M, 5/14/16, William, Mary Lou, Langston, Bridgeport, birthcert-6412.jpg, birthcert-6412a.jpg
Greenfield, Cecil Workman, M, 12/20/03, James B., Fannie L., Myers, Willow Point, birthcert-0521.jpg
Greenwalt, John Bascom, F, 9/1/29, John W. (OK), Fay Lena (OK), Harris, Rhome, birthcert-9439.jpg
Greenwood, blank, F, 1/21/18, William J., Nancy Ellen, Baits, Alvord, birthcert-6801.jpg
Greenwood, Calven Grady, Jr., M, 12/21/33, C.G., Audry, New, blank, [No Image 10968 ]
Greenwood, Dora Elizabeth, F, 4/20/24, William Jefferson (TX), Nannie Ellen (TX), Bates, Alvord, birthcert-8053.jpg, birthcert-8053a.jpg
Greenwood, Lois, F, 1/21/32, W.J., Nannie, Bates, Alvord, [No Image 10340 ]
Greenwood, Lola Mae, F, 10/14/28, A.G. (TX), Bessie (TX), New, Alvord, birthcert-9150.jpg, birthcert-9150a.jpg birthcert-9150b.jpg birthcert-9150c.jpg
Greenwood, Ray, M, 4/19/30, Bill, Nannie, Bates, Alvord, [No Image 9666 ]
Greer, blank, M, 1/10/05, G.W., M.G., blank, blank, birthcert-1501.jpg
Greer, blank, F, 12/8/16, W.A., Maggie, White, blank, birthcert-6522.jpg
Greer, Hollis L., M, 11/2/03, Thomas H., Sarah L., Rieger, Decatur, birthcert-0413.jpg, birthcert-0413a.jpg
Greer, John Elbert, M, 12/29/03, Herman, Ida, Hudson, Bridgeport, birthcert-0563.jpg, birthcert-0563a.jpg
Greer, Mattie Shela, F, 8/1/10, Herman, Frances Ida, Hudson, Bridgeport, birthcert-5057.jpg, birthcert-5057a.jpg
Greeson, blank, F, 10/14/03, C.W., W.J., blank, blank, birthcert-0366.jpg
Greeson, blank, F, 11/21/17, S.H., Maggie, Hoyle, Sunset, birthcert-6761.jpg
Greeson, blank, F, 7/2/20, S.H. (TX), Maggie (TX), Fagle, Park Springs, birthcert-7267.jpg
Greeson, blank, F, 7/27/33, G.L., Frankie, McGee, LA, [No Image 10836 ]
Greeson, Estella, F, 3/16/07, Charlie W. (TN), Euna J. (TN), Terry, Park Springs, birthcert-3225.jpg, birthcert-3225a.jpg
Gregg, Alma Ester, F, 4/21/04, John W., Hattie, blank, blank, birthcert-0827.jpg
Gregg, Ara Wanda, F, 2/1/05, James William, Lula, Clark, Decatur, birthcert-1558.jpg, birthcert-1558a.jpg
Gregg, Billie Joe, F, 1/13/29, J.A., Jr. (TX), Lena Idus (TX), Long, Willow Point, birthcert-9233.jpg, birthcert-9233a.jpg
Gregg, Billy Francis, M, 5/16/25, George Oscar (TX), Florence N. (TX), Emerson, Alvord, birthcert-8315.jpg, birthcert-8315a.jpg
Gregg, blank, F, 4/18/04, Francis, Minnie, blank, blank, birthcert-0819.jpg
Gregg, blank, F, 5/7/04, Lee, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0870.jpg
Gregg, blank, F, 6/23/05, Oliver Kirk, Effie Mae, blank, Boyd, birthcert-1907.jpg
Gregg, blank, M, 6/29/09, G.W., Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-4679.jpg
Gregg, blank, M, 11/10/15, A.L., Jewell, Hubtly, blank, birthcert-6299.jpg
Gregg, blank, M, 4/27/17, Albert L., Rettie J., Hobdy, Alvord, birthcert-6619.jpg
Gregg, Esther R., F, 3/27/10, Birl Anderson, Anna Rader, Forrester, Decatur, birthcert-4966.jpg
Gregg, Ethelene Ann, F, 7/1/23, William Brantly (TX), Mary Lee (TX), Newman, Alvord, birthcert-7840.jpg
Gregg, Eva Jo, F, 5/29/29, Nolan (TX), Eva (TX), Cates, Decatur, birthcert-9363.jpg
Gregg, Floyd C., M, 8/8/05, Quincy, Vena, blank, blank, birthcert-2035.jpg
Gregg, H.P., M, 7/7/06, G.W., Ida, blank, blank, birthcert-2752.jpg
Gregg, James, M, 6/8/30, Oscar, F., Emerson, Alvord, [No Image 9719 ]
Gregg, Jettie Viola, F, 4/24/04, Birl Anderson, Annie Rader, Foster, Alvord, birthcert-0840.jpg, birthcert-0840a.jpg
Gregg, Joy Marie, F, 6/22/31, Homer Presley, M., Howell, Decatur, [No Image 10123 ]
Gregg, Marvin, Jr., M, 12/30/32, Marvin, J., Davenport, Alvord, [No Image 10650 ]
Gregg, Mary Belle, F, 6/9/31, Joe A., I.L., Long, Vineyard, [No Image 10099 ]
Gregg, Misbey Maurine, F, 6/23/09, John Sylvester (TX), Hattie (TX), Cheves, Willow Point, birthcert-4671.jpg birthcert-4672.jpg
Gregg, Nellie Bell, F, 7/28/03, H.L., Una, Hornbeck, Alvord, birthcert-0145.jpg, birthcert-0145a.jpg
Gregg, Perry B., M, 5/17/15, Birl Anderson (AL), Annie Rador (GA), Forrester, Alvord, birthcert-6098.jpg, birthcert-6098a.jpg
Gregg, Robert Nolan, Jr., M, 8/23/15, Robert Nolan, Kara Marie, Cates, Decatur, birthcert-6209.jpg, birthcert-6209a.jpg
Gregg, twins, M, 3/27/23, George Oscar (TX), Florence N. (TX), Emerson, Alvord, birthcert-7748.jpg
Gregg, William B., Jr., M, 3/14/30, William Brantly, Mary, Newman, Decatur, [No Image 9625 ]
Gregg, Zilla Mae, F, 3/14/25, M. Johnnie Henry (TX), Angie Alice (TX), Willis, Alvord, birthcert-8278.jpg, birthcert-8278a.jpg
Greggs, blank, F, 3/28/04, George, I., blank, blank, birthcert-0762.jpg
Gregory, blank, M, 10/16/03, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0371.jpg
Gregory, blank, M, 2/21/06, John, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2513.jpg
Gregory, blank, M, 1/24/07, W.M., A.I., blank, blank, birthcert-3134.jpg
Gregory, blank, M, 5/5/08, J.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4011.jpg
Gregory, blank, M, 5/8/17, Julins, Minnie, Cook, blank, birthcert-6625.jpg
Gregory, Mary Ruth, F, 7/13/30, Lee, Nettie, Strickland, blank, [No Image 9758 ]
Gresham, blank, F, 2/26/04, Will, S., blank, blank, birthcert-0684.jpg
Gresham, blank, M, 1/20/07, Ed, Etta, blank, blank, birthcert-3088.jpg
Gresham, blank, F, 4/10/18, Dave S., Hazel, Adcock, blank, birthcert-6859.jpg
Gribble, blank, F, 4/10/05, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-1733.jpg
Gribble, blank, F, 2/12/13, J.A., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5651.jpg
Gribble, blank, F, 5/15/14, blank, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5891.jpg
Griffeth, Tommie Ruth, F, 8/23/26, Thomas Edward (GA), Tommie Homer (TX), Perkins, Decatur, birthcert-8645.jpg, birthcert-8645a.jpg
Griffin, Ben, M, 9/3/16, B.C., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-6470.jpg
Griffin, blank, M, 8/30/11, F., blank, Holloway, blank, birthcert-5331.jpg
Griffin, blank, M, 11/3/16, M.T., Ida J., Holloway, blank, birthcert-6505.jpg
Griffin, Reba Marie, F, 3/15/16, Charles Walter, Gertie Lee, Stockard, blank, birthcert-6386.jpg, birthcert-6386a.jpg
Griffin, Robert Franklin, M, 4/29/14, Marion Tillman (TX), Ida Jane (TX), Holloway, Decatur, birthcert-5880.jpg, birthcert-5880a.jpg
Griffis, blank, M, 5/19/18, C.W., Gertie, Stockard, blank, birthcert-6897.jpg
Griffith, blank, F, 12/26/03, O.L. (Oscar L.), C.M. (Cora Margaret), blank, blank, birthcert-0538.jpg
Griffith, blank, F, 3/14/05, E.L., Ethel, blank, blank, birthcert-1670.jpg
Griffith, blank, F, 6/13/05, O.L., Cora, blank, blank, birthcert-1888.jpg
Griffith, blank, M, 10/6/06, J.C., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2951.jpg
Griffith, blank, F, 3/1/09, G.L., Roberta, blank, blank, birthcert-4531.jpg
Griffith, blank, M, 8/3/24, Ed (GA), Tommie (TX), Perkins, Decatur, birthcert-8131.jpg
Griffith, blank, F, 2/5/33, Edward, Tommie, Perkins, Decatur, [No Image 10677 ]
Griffith, Charlie Lee, M, 1/4/31, C.E., Tommie, Perkins, Decatur, [No Image 9919 ]
Griffith, Lucille, M, 10/11/31, A.W., May, Kelso, Decatur, [No Image 10252 ]
Griffiths, Charles C., Jr., M, 10/15/25, Charles C. (OK), Merle Mae (TX), Moore, Decatur, birthcert-8444.jpg
Grill, blank, F, 10/20/05, Frank, Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-2228.jpg
Grill, Johnnie, Jr., M, 2/20/31, Johnnie, Bertha, Hall, Bridgeport, [No Image 9968 ]
Grimsley, Billy Gene, M, 4/8/28, Freddie Jeff, Maggie Laura, Johnson, Alvord, birthcert-8988.jpg, birthcert-8988a.jpg
Grines, Hattie Dell, F, 2/24/05, R.D., Pearl, blank, blank, birthcert-1629.jpg
Grisham, blank, M, 5/9/05, Charlie, Luda, blank, blank, birthcert-1803.jpg
Grisham, Devilla Irene, F, 8/11/21, John Buckner (TX), Mary Zether (TX), Brewer, Bridgeport, birthcert-7439.jpg, birthcert-7439a.jpg
Grisham, James Strauthers, M, 8/30/17, John, Ester, Brewer, Bridgeport, birthcert-6690.jpg, birthcert-6690a.jpg
Grisham, Marvin Allin, M, 5/30/30, John Buckner, Mary Esther, Brewer, Bridgeport, [No Image 9707 ]
Grisham, William, Jr., M, 4/6/04, William, Lillie, blank, blank, birthcert-0790.jpg
Grisnutt, blank, F, 10/22/08, R.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4309.jpg
Grissom, blank, F, 8/14/09, C.W., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-4734.jpg
Grissom, blank, M, 1/25/12, William, R., blank, blank, birthcert-5445.jpg
Grissom, blank, M, 2/13/22, William Lee (MS), Minnie Ola (TX), Price, Alvord, birthcert-7547.jpg, [delayed 5946]
Grissom, blank, M, 2/28/26, William L. (TX), Mattie O. (TX), Price, Alvord, birthcert-8553.jpg
Grissom, blank, M, 7/18/26, T.H. (TX), M.M.S. (TX), Ciper, Alvord, birthcert-8621.jpg
Grissom, William S., M, 7/23/24, W.L. (TX), Mattie Ola (TX), Price, Alvord, birthcert-8111.jpg
Grosier, blank, M, 4/20/18, Robert T., Edith, Ray, Decatur, birthcert-6866.jpg
Grote, blank, F, 5/11/10, David, Agnes, Grant, blank, birthcert-4998.jpg
Grote, William H., Jr., M, 12/27/31, William H., Jessie, Sharmons, Bridgeport, [No Image 10313 ]
Grounds, Mary Helen, F, 4/12/26, Hargrove, Ombra Ella, Boswell, Alvord, birthcert-8721.jpg, birthcert-8721a.jpg
Groves, blank, M, 8/25/08, George, Dellia, blank, blank, birthcert-4205.jpg
Groves, blank, M, 1/2/10, Clyde, Emma, Tackel, blank, birthcert-4895.jpg
Groves, blank, M, 8/22/12, Clyde, blank, Tackel, blank, birthcert-5570.jpg
Groves, Frederick, F, 10/10/15, Clyde, Emma, Tackel, blank, birthcert-6270.jpg
Groves, Jesse, M, 9/7/18, Ross (TX), Belle (OK), blank, Bridgeport, birthcert-6972.jpg
Groves, Mary Blanche, F, 6/24/28, Clyde, Emma, Tackel, Bridgeport, birthcert-9043.jpg, birthcert-9043a.jpg
Groves, Raymond Leroy, M, 9/21/07, Clyde (TX), Emma (TX), Tackel, Bridgeport, birthcert-3559.jpg, birthcert-3559a.jpg
Grubbs, (O'Dell) Leona, F, 3/20/11, Charles, Minnie, Reed, Decatur, birthcert-5201.jpg, birthcert-5201a.jpg birthcert-5201b.jpg birthcert-5201c.jpg
Grubbs, Arthur Sidney, M, 8/8/06, W.L. (AL), Via Elean (AL), Bentley, Greenwood, birthcert-2820.jpg, birthcert-2820a.jpg
Grubbs, blank, F, 2/26/04, W.L., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-0683.jpg
Grundy, Billie Gene, M, 12/12/27, Porter, Myrtle, Rosenburg, Decatur, birthcert-8897.jpg, birthcert-8897a.jpg
Grundy, E.P., Jr., M, 9/5/30, E.P., Pauli, Hays, Sunset, [No Image 9803 ]
Grundy, Etta Ethel, F, 2/7/24, Edward Dee (OK), Etta Lee (TN), Smith, Alvord, birthcert-7997.jpg, birthcert-7997a.jpg
Guage, blank, F, 9/17/05, Jim, blank, blank, blank, birthcert-2148.jpg
Guerrero, Anastacia J., F, 7/30/14, Santos (Mex), Manuela (Mex), Juarez, blank, birthcert-5935.jpg
Guerrero, Elidra J., F, 7/18/16, Santos, Manuela, Juarez, Bridgeport, birthcert-6438.jpg
Guerro, blank, M, 1/9/26, Barrtalo (Mex), blank (TX), blank, Alvord, birthcert-8504.jpg
Guess, Ernestyne, F, 10/11/31, Ernest C., E.L., Liles, blank, [No Image 10251 ]
Guess, James, M, 12/10/33, E.C., Lorena, Liles, Chico, [No Image 10957 ]
Guffee, blank, M, 6/3/15, Smith, Vera, Hartsell, blank, birthcert-6113.jpg
Guffee, Clarence Albert, M, 8/8/03, Smith Albert, Mary Lowenia, Hartsell, Chico, birthcert-0172.jpg
Guirer, blank, M, 11/27/05, blank, Delia, blank, blank, birthcert-2313.jpg
Gulledge, Charles Raymond, M, 4/4/08, Clinton Austin (TX), Aurelia Lillian (TX), Carter, Bridgeport, birthcert-3954.jpg, birthcert-3954a.jpg birthcert-3954b.jpg
Gullege, Joe Henry, M, 2/18/31, H.C., Laura, Haraca, OK, [No Image 9965 ]
Gulley, blank, F, 10/15/09, J.W., M.R., blank, blank, birthcert-4814.jpg
Gulley, blank, F, 9/22/12, J.W., M.E., blank, blank, birthcert-5579.jpg
Gumm, Billie Lee, M, 4/19/27, Ivy, Annie Belle, Meek, Chico, birthcert-8786.jpg
Gunn, B.P., F, 11/18/05, N.H., May, blank, blank, birthcert-2291.jpg
Gunn, blank, F, 5/31/04, R.M., Mollie, blank, blank, birthcert-0910.jpg
Gunn, blank, M, 8/29/08, J.F., A.F., blank, blank, birthcert-4209.jpg
Gunn, blank, F, 11/29/12, Robert, Fannie, Jenkins, blank, birthcert-5598.jpg
Gunn, blank, M, 1/16/23, Clarence (KY), Velma (TX), Roberson, Rhome, birthcert-7707.jpg
Gunn, C.H., M, 11/28/03, W.H., Mary, blank, blank, birthcert-0467.jpg
Gunn, Charles Browning, M, 1/1/29, Taylor (TX), Anna Belle (TX), Meeks, Chico, birthcert-9217.jpg
Gunn, Johnny Low, F, 10/25/33, J.C.C., Lollie, Holbert, Decatur, [No Image 10917 ]
Gunter, blank, M, 10/21/08, P.G., Elmier, blank, blank, birthcert-4308.jpg
Gunter, blank, M, 2/29/10, Will, Maud, blank, blank, birthcert-4949.jpg
Gunter, blank, M, 2/27/11, P.G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5184.jpg
Gunter, blank, M, 12/8/14, Perry G., blank, blank, blank, birthcert-5993.jpg
Guthrie, Meridith E., M, 10/5/21, M.E. (TX), Verma (TX), Wade, Avondale, birthcert-7487.jpg
Gutteria, blank, M, 5/21/23, Lomas (TX), Lonie (TX), Vasquez, Bridgeport, birthcert-7808.jpg
Gwin, Jessie Lee, F, 5/9/07, Robert D. (TX), Virginia (Jennie) (TN), Bray, Chico, birthcert-3332.jpg, birthcert-3332a.jpg