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Below is an index of ALL THE LOCAL NAMES [656 listings] that were in the 20 papers from 1925 and the one paper we had from 1939.
[Index by Sue Tackel - Sue@WiseCountyTexas.info ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
39th Highway Location                Story                1925-05-29-pg02
Adams, Edgar, used to own theatre, now of Memphis TX                Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Akin, W.J., Mrs. & sister, Mrs. Sue Davis      Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Alathean Class party, Baptist Church - long list attending                Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Alexander, Frank, Dectur - home burned                Name                1925-04-24-pg04
Allen, Ben         Story                1925-04-24-pg06
Allgood, B.C.    Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Alta Vista Cream Station, Mrs. S.A. Shawn    Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Alvord City Hall opening Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Anderson, Mose & wife in wreck Story                1925-12-18-pg01
Anderson, Mose, now of Spokane, WA - first born in Wise County   Story                1925-04-24-pg06
Anderson, Myerl/Sibyl Nix                Wedding              1925-03-27-pg02
Andrews, Irene, Miss, of Dallas                Obituary                1925-03-20-pg02
Automobile numbers in Texas      Story                1925-03-27-pg02
Bailey, Irma/Owen Funk                Wedding              1925-05-01-pg01
Baits, P.R., Tax Collector                Story                1925-11-27-pg06
Banks, Alice       Obituary                1925-12-18-pg06
Baptist Church - new brick building                Story                1925-05-29-pg04
Baptist Church - new building plans                Story                1925-04-24-pg01
Baptist Foreign Mission - Dr. J.F. Love                Story                1925-04-10-pg03
Baptist quilting meeting members                Name                1925-04-03-pg03
Baptist Sunday School presents "The Valley Farm"                Advertisement     1925-04-24-pg04
Barnes, W.S., Rock Island Sation Agent     Story                1925-05-29-pg04
Barnes, W.S., Rock Island Sation Agent     Story                1925-12-18-pg01
Barnett, E.G., mother of Mrs. Sam Culwell                Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Barnett, E.G., Mrs. & sister Mrs. Robert Rhea       Name                1925-05-22-pg04
Barnett, M.A., Mrs.                Obituary                1925-09-18-pg01
Barnett, M.A., Mrs. - list attending funeral                Obituary                1925-09-18-pg04
Barnett, W.O., Mrs., daughter of S.A. Easley    Name                1925-09-04-pg04
Bartlett, J.L. - Doan's Pills                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg03
Beason, W.J., Mrs., relative of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Lawson                Name                1925-08-07-pg04
Beville, Tennis, Mrs., sister of Edgar Adams, of Memphis TX                Name                1925-09-04-pg04
Bingham Bros. Grocery                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg02
Bingham, brothers, Otto, E.T., E.S., and C.T. Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Bingham, Ed, School Trustee  Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Bingham, Hortense/Robert Coffman                Wedding              1925-07-10-pg06
Black, A.W., Mr. & Mrs. & daughter, Mrs. Smisson Name                1925-04-17-pg01
Black, A.W., Mr. & Mrs. & Margaret                Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Black, Margaret, Miss - Bridgeport National Bank                Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Blevins, S.D., of Thomas Community                Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Blevins, Steve - White Leghorn eggs                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Blue Hole outing north of town  Story                1925-07-17-pg04
Boase, J.W.        Obituary                1925-04-03-pg01
Boase, J.W.        Obituary                1925-04-03-pg03
Boaz, Oscar - 5th dry goods store for Bridgeport                Story                1925-11-27-pg01
Boaz, P.A. - to build between Kaker Bros. & Hawkins McClung Barber Shop       Story                1925-11-27-pg01
Boaz, P.A. & daughters, Alice & Rosie & cousin, Rosaline Shabay   Name                1925-09-11-pg01
Boaz, P.A., Owner Light & Power Co.-moving back to Bridgeport                Story                1925-04-10-pg01
Boerger, F., Pastor of Lutheran Church                Name                1925-11-27-pg08
Bogy, I.F.          Name                1939-12-15-pg01
Bond Election for County Roads                Story                1925-05-22-pg01
Bond, Neata/Henry Clay                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg01
Boonsville to get no road in bond election  Story                1925-09-11-pg04
Boring, Ethel Coursey                Obituary                1925-07-10-pg03
Boring, Ethel Coursey                Obituary                1925-07-17-pg04
Boring, Mary Inez (baby of Mr. & Mrs. G.W.)      Obituary                1925-05-29-pg04
Bounds, Clarence, Pastor 1st Methodist Church   Story                1925-12-18-pg03
Bowie Cotton Mills - invest in stock                Advertisement     1925-07-31-pg04
Bowie Cotton Mills - Office, National Hotel Bldg.                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg03
Bowie Cotton Mills - Preferred and common stock                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg03
Brandt, O.N. & daughter Mrs. Chic Robertson                Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Bridge Club Meeting                Story                1925-05-08-pg04
Bridge Club Meeting                Story                1925-07-17-pg04
Bridge Club Meeting                Story                1925-07-31-pg04
Bridge Club Meeting                Story                1925-09-11-pg04
Bridgeport City Hall                Picture                1939-12-15-pg04
Bridgeport Coal Co.                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Bridgeport Coal Co. - groceries by phone                Advertisement     1925-05-01-pg01
Bridgeport Coal Co. - Phone for Food                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg01
Bridgeport Coal Co. - White Swan Coffee                Advertisement     1925-04-17-pg01
Bridgeport Drug Co.                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Bridgeport Drug Co. now selling Liberty Magazine                Advertisement     1925-04-24-pg04
Bridgeport Fire Truck - new at cost of $440        Story                1925-03-27-pg01
Bridgeport Gin Co.                Story                1939-12-15-pg03
Bridgeport Golf Club                Story                1925-05-08-pg01
Bridgeport Herald, first paper in Bridgeport- Luke Pierre, Publisher                Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Bridgeport High School Tattler staff names     Story                1925-09-18-pg04
Bridgeport Ice Co.                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg02
Bridgeport Lumber Co.                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg03
Bridgeport Mill & Groves Blacksmith Shop                Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Bridgeport Motor Co. - Fordson Tractor & Oliver plow & harrow                Advertisement     1925-08-07-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co. - new head lamp law starts Sept 1st                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co. - started in 1917, now to build 2 story annex                Story                1925-05-29-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co. - United States Tires                Advertisement     1925-09-18-pg03
Bridgeport Motor Co. - US Royal Cord & USCO cord tires                Advertisement     1925-07-31-pg02
Bridgeport Motor Co. - used car sale - 2 pages                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg02
Bridgeport Motor Co. - used car sale - 2 pages                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg04
Bridgeport Motor Co.- Ford batteries $16.50                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co.- new electric air compresser                Story                1925-04-10-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co.-Lincoln, Ford & Fordson tractors                Advertisement     1925-05-08-pg01
Bridgeport National Bank                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Bridgeport National Bank - buy Confederate Memorial Coins                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg01
Bridgeport National Bank-First National Bank - conditions                Advertisement     1925-04-17-pg03
Bridgeport Oil Lease Still Held Up                Story                1925-03-27-pg01
Bridgeport School commencement                Story                1925-05-08-pg04
Bridgeport School District Census - 555 students                Story                1925-04-10-pg01
Bridgeport Undertaking Co. - Hawkins & Johnson                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg02
Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Dept - contest for most popular girl                Story                1925-05-08-pg02
Bridgeport, new town in 1893 - list of people who had firsts       Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Brock, L.A. Tailor Shop                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Brock, L.A., Mrs. & sisters, Mrs. Frank Wallace & Mrs. Earl McKaniel                Name                1925-07-10-pg03
Brock, L.A., Mrs. Sister of Mrs. L.D. Shawver Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Brock, W.T., Mrs. & daughter Mrs. Clifton Hall                Name                1925-05-22-pg04
Brock, W.T., Mrs. & father Mr. A. Renfro    Name                1925-07-10-pg03
Brown, S.B., moved back to the R.H. Jones place                Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Brown, Scott & son-in-law, H.D. Hutto                Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Brown, Tom      Story                1925-04-24-pg06
Brown, W.B. - cemetery working at Wilson Prairie                Story                1925-04-24-pg06
Brunk's Comedians                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Buckingham, Frank & daughter Mrs. O.D. Strickland                Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Buckingham, Owen                Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Buckner, Berneze & sister, Mrs. Clyde Handley Name                1925-07-31-pg01
Buckner, K.L., Dr., of Fort Worth                Name                1925-05-29-pg04
Buckner, L.K. & daughters, Blanche & Bernice (20 yrs ago)        Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Burgess, Jim    Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Burned District - new buildings                Story                1925-03-20-pg01
Butram, A.V. & family visited their home in AL      Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Byrnes & Lipps Filling Station                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg08
Byrnes, T.J. lost watch                Name                1925-09-18-pg01
Byrnes, Thomas & Gomer, Coal Mine                Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Cage Hotel, at depot - for sale                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg08
Caldwell, Charles, Nephew of L.D. Kirkpatrick                Name                1925-09-11-pg04
Campbell, John, Manager of the new milk station                Story                1925-07-17-pg01
Campbell, Maggie, Miss & brother, James (20 yrs ago)                Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Cannon, W.W. & daughters, Bessie & Bertha (20 yrs ago)        Name                1925-05-29-pg02
Casey, C.C. - closed his bakery    Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Casey, Mr. - moved City Bakery from Dieb building Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Cates, Cliff, Decatur Chamber of Commerce Secretary                Name                1925-04-24-pg03
Cearley, John   Obituary                1925-06-26-pg04
Chambers, Caroline, Miss, County Home Demonstration Agent     Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Cherry, May, grandmother of Miss Wynona Dudley   Name                1939-12-15-pg02
Childress, C.C., Rev. & Mrs. & daughter, Mrs. Robert Hedrick  Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Childress, C.C., Rev. & son Clovis                Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Childress, C.C., Rev. & sons Clovis & Roby      Name                1925-07-10-pg03
Chilton, Fred, City Marshal - no fireworks in city                Story                1925-12-18-pg01
Christian Endeaver Program Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Christian Endeaver Program - listing                Story                1925-04-17-pg04
Christian Endeavor Program - listing                Story                1925-04-24-pg06
Christian Endeavor Program - listing                Story                1925-05-08-pg04
Church band meeting                Story                1925-07-31-pg04
City Market in the Gus B. Funk building                Story                1925-03-20-pg01
City of Bridgeport - list of officers in 1939                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg04
Clark, J.T., Mr. & Mrs.                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Clay, E.S., Mrs. & Iva                Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Clay, Henry/Neata Bond                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg01
Clover Farm Grocery Store       Story                1939-12-15-pg02
Coaches listed (5 from county)  Name                1925-11-27-pg03
Coal mines now working about 100 men  Story                1925-07-17-pg02
Coffman, Robert/Hortense Bingham                Wedding              1925-07-10-pg06
Coffman, Ruth, Miss, sister of Mrs. Dorsie Souther                Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Collier, Frank - convicted of murder                Story                1925-12-18-pg02
Collins, Jonah & Clarence & father, J.J.           Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Coronado, Miss                Name                1925-04-03-pg03
Cotton Co-operative                 Story                1925-04-10-pg02
Cotton Mill Coming to Bowie-TX produces a third of US cotton                Story                1925-07-31-pg01
Cotton Seed - 'Half and Half' - Bill Smith                Advertisement     1925-04-10-pg03
Counts' Sunday School Class Social                Story                1925-06-26-pg04
Counts, Etta, guardian of the estate of Paul Counts                Story                1925-08-07-pg04
Counts, Etta, mother of Mrs. E.D. Murray                Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Counts, Etta, Mrs. & daughter Mrs. E.D. Murray                Name                1925-11-27-pg08
Counts, Etta, Mrs., works at Kendall Dry Goods Store                Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Counts, U.L., Mr. & Mrs.        Name                1925-03-20-pg01
Cox, Oscar, at meat market    Story                1925-03-27-pg01
Crescent Garage - Star Car                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg06
Crescent Garage going in were Renshaw Grist Mill was                Story                1925-09-18-pg01
Crescent Garage- W.M. Bingham, Earl Thresher, & W.O. Johnson                Advertisement     1925-09-18-pg04
Culwell, A.L., School Trustee  Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Culwell, S.J., Mrs. - Womans Missionary Society   Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Culwell, Sam moved to the Bradford house (20 yrs ago)        Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Cunningham, M.E., Mrs., mother of Mrs. Gladie Flickinger                Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Cunningham, M.E., Mrs., Trip to Several Cities                Story                1925-09-18-pg04
Curley, J.W., Mr. & Mrs. - run theatre                Name                1925-09-11-pg01
Curley, Mrs.      Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Curly, Mr., operator of National Theatre                Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Dam on Trinity will bring thousands of acres under irrigation                Story                1925-12-18-pg02
Davis, Jim had a stroke                Name                1925-06-26-pg04
DeBerry, Willie M., Mrs.                Advertisement     1925-05-29-pg04
Decatur Baptist College - $313.50/session                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg02
Derryberry, Genavive, Miss       Name                1925-04-17-pg01
Dethloff, Joe - quilting meeting in home                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Dethloff, Sarah Alpha                Obituary                1925-12-18-pg01
Dickenson, Pearl, Miss                Obituary                1925-04-24-pg06
Dickson, E.A., Furniture & Variety, Chico - robbed   Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Dieb Brothers' Building-Opening of Pete Shabay Dry Goods                Advertisement     1925-04-03-pg01
Dieb, George & son, Jemel      Name                1925-04-24-pg01
Dieb, Jemel      Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Doan's Pills - relieves kidney trouble                Advertisement     1925-04-10-pg03
Dodson & Milligan Ice Plant, Decatur                Story                1925-04-24-pg04
Drug Store Opens, J.C. Frost       Story                1925-04-24-pg06
Durham, W.F., have clothes cleaned                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg03
Durham, W.F., Mrs., sister of Mr. H.C. Browning                Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Durham, W.F., Mrs., sister of Mrs. J.H. Arnold   Name                1925-07-31-pg04
Easley, J.A., Photographer                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg06
Easley, M.E., Mrs. & daughter, Mrs. W.R. Tripplet                Name                1925-05-08-pg01
Easly, J.A., Mr. & Mrs., parents of Arthur Easly      Name                1925-12-18-pg03
Eastern Star Meeting                Story                1925-09-04-pg04
Eastern Star, Bridgeport history from 1907 - many names given      Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Eaton, D.F., County Agent     Story                1939-12-15-pg03
Edgil, J.B., Mrs. & mother, Mrs M.J. Edgil       Name                1925-04-24-pg06
Edgil, James B. Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Elder, J.E. & son, R.C.                Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Elder, J.E., Mrs.                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Elliott, Lola/T.H. Jenkins                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg04
Elmira's Beauty Shop                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg04
Embroidery Club Meeting - list                Story                1925-04-17-pg04
Embroidery Club Meeting - list                Story                1925-05-08-pg04
Embroidery Club Meeting - list                Story                1925-05-22-pg04
Embroidery Club Members                Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Estes, R.L., Evangelist                Picture                1925-07-17-pg04
Eudaly, O.M., guardian of the estate of Cleo Eudaly                Story                1925-08-07-pg04
Euterpean Club Meeting                Story                1925-05-29-pg04
Euterpean Club officers                Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Euterpean Meeting                Story                1925-05-22-pg04
Euterpean Meeting                Story                1925-06-26-pg04
Euterpean Music Club organized                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Evans, Mark - sold lake camp to Bill Hill                Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Ewing, John & son Artie                Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Fansher, Claire Story                1925-03-27-pg02
Farm Club Encampment at Joe Wheeler Park        Story                1925-06-26-pg01
Farm Contest Plan Meetings                Story                1925-04-24-pg03
First Baptist Church Mother's Day Program Story                1925-05-08-pg04
First child born in Wise County                Story                1925-04-24-pg06
First National Bank - Oldest National Bank in Wise County                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg03
First National Bank - raise chickens                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg01
First National Bank of Bridgeport                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
First National Bank of Decatur new building Story                1925-03-27-pg02
Fitzgerald, John                Obituary                1925-09-11-pg04
Ford Fordor Sedan in Windsor Maroon - $660                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg02
Ford Motor Co. - Coupe $520                Advertisement     1925-08-07-pg02
Ford Motor Co. - Fordor Sedan $660                Advertisement     1925-05-22-pg03
Ford Motor Co. - guarantee on used cars                Story                1925-04-17-pg02
Ford Touring Car $290                Advertisement     1925-09-18-pg02
Fort Worth Star Telegram & Fort Worth Record                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg03
Forth of July - 2 day celebration plans                Story                1925-06-26-pg01
Forth of July celebration committee                Story                1925-05-08-pg01
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-05-01-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-05-08-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-05-22-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-06-26-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-08-07-pg01
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-09-04-pg01
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-09-04-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing                Story                1925-09-11-pg01
Foster & Hardy Insurance & Real Estate                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Foster, C.F., now of Kent County   Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Foster, Judge     Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Fourth of July Concessions                Advertisement     1925-05-22-pg01
Frost Drug Store                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg03
Frost, J.C. - new druggist from Paradise Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Frost, J.C. - School Supplies                Advertisement     1925-09-11-pg02
Frost, J.C. of Paradise                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Frost, J.C. to open drug store here                Story                1925-03-27-pg01
Frost, J.C., Drug and Cold Drinks                Advertisement     1925-04-24-pg03
Frost, J.C., Drug Co. - Devoe Home Improvement Plan                Advertisement     1925-09-11-pg02
Frost, J.C., Druggist - Devoe Marble Floor Varnish                Advertisement     1925-05-29-pg04
Frost, J.C., Drugs & Sundries, Cigars & Cigarettes                Advertisement     1925-05-22-pg02
Frost, J.C., father of Earle Frost                Name                1925-11-27-pg08
Frost, Jacqulyn Jean - recital     Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Funk, Gus Building to open       Story                1925-03-27-pg01
Funk, Owen, car taken by teenager                Story                1925-06-26-pg04
Funk, Owen/Irma Bailey                Wedding              1925-05-01-pg01
Funk, P.C., Dr. & Mrs. & Owen Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Garages & filling stations (4)-one to stay open on Sundays                Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Gibbons, Lorena - lost a fountain pen                Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Gilliland, Ben & son, W.P. (20 yrs ago)                Name                1925-05-29-pg02
Golf Club goes to Jacksboro                Story                1925-09-11-pg01
Goode, Ayleen - party for Sunday School Class                Story                1925-07-31-pg01
Goode, K.O. - buys J.W. Myers home                Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Goode, R.F., Mrs., mother of Mrs. J.B. Andrews & Mrs. M.E. Cunningham                Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Goss, Percy - Nor-Goss Confectionery                Story                1925-05-01-pg01
Grady, Albert - car struck on Meridian Highway                Story                1925-04-24-pg04
Gray, John       Story                1925-12-18-pg01
Green, Bernice, Mr., buyer for King-Kollie Cotton Co.                Name                1925-09-11-pg04
Green, J.B. - moves to Decatur  Story                1925-04-17-pg04
Green, J.B. - School district census                Story                1925-03-27-pg04
Green, J.B., Mr. & Mrs. Honored at party                Story                1925-06-26-pg04
Green, W.E. brother-in-law of Mrs. Julia Pearson  Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Green, W.E., Mrs.                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Grisham, Addie, Miss                Name                1925-05-01-pg01
Groves, Obed, bought blacksmith shop from W.M. Tackel                Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Guffee, S.A. & father, S.A. & brother, Jim          Name                1925-05-29-pg04
Hall, Clifford, son of                Birth                1925-04-17-pg04
Hallum, Minnie, Miss, sister of Mrs. R.T. Gillentine                Name                1925-07-10-pg03
Hand, H.C., Rev. & daughters, Dorothy & Lula Grace      Name                1925-05-29-pg04
Handley & Massengale bought Poore's Confectionery                Advertisement     1925-09-11-pg04
Handley, Clyde - moves to Jacksboro                Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Handley, Clyde - store in corner drug                Story                1925-09-04-pg01
Hanson Hotel - headquarters for oil geologists                Story                1925-05-08-pg01
Hardcastle, Charles & daughter Mrs. Wooten Winton (20 yrs ago)                Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Hardcastle, Charles & daughter, Mrs. A.C. Raines                Name                1939-12-15-pg02
Hardin, H.H.- Building Material & Undertaking                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Hardy, Luke, Mrs.                Name                1925-12-18-pg01
Hardy's, Mrs. Art Shop                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Harland, John, County Treasurer                Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Hartsell, Luther, Commissioner                Story                1925-03-27-pg04
Hartsell, Luther, Commissioner                Name                1925-05-01-pg01
Hartsell, Russell, to work for TN Dairy                Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Hawkins, W.A., Funeral Director                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg02
Hawkins, W.A., Purchesed Coleman's Barber Shop (20 yrs ago)                Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Haynes, Albert, Mrs., aunt of Miss Babe Albritton                Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Helm, Floyd & brother Orville    Name                1925-05-29-pg01
Helm, Floyd buys W.S. Barnes home                Story                1925-12-18-pg03
Helm, Floyd, Bridgeport Motor Co. Manager                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Helm, Floyd, Manager of Bridgeport Motor Co.                Story                1925-11-27-pg01
Helm, Floyd, School Trustee  Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Henry, J.C., Chico sweet potato plants                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg01
Highway 114 to be hard surfaced Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Highway 39 from Chico to Jacksboro                Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Highway 39 funds-Decatur to Bridgeport                Story                1925-05-01-pg01
Highway bond for road from Big Sandy to rock crusher                Story                1925-04-17-pg02
Highway Bond voted down 2 to 1                Story                1925-09-18-pg01
Hill, Bill, Camp at Lake                Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Hill, Lee, Brick Plant Foreman Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Hill, Reuben  Obituary                1939-12-15-pg01
Hillan, George   Obituary                1925-04-03-pg01
Hines Grocery - Gold prizes & Red Seal auction                Advertisement     1925-05-01-pg01
Hines Grocery Co. - 24th Anniversary Sale                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg01
Hines Grocery has Red Seal money                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Hines, Dorothy Obituary                1925-03-20-pg02
Hines, H.C. & daughter, Lena Belle                Name                1925-04-24-pg06
Hines, H.C., parents of Mrs. W.S. Cowling Name                1925-03-27-pg01
Hines, J.J. & daughters, Mrs. L.M. Steel & Mrs. J.M. Anderson                Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Hines, J.J. parents of Mrs. Milton Anderson (20 yrs ago)        Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Hines, Joe & sister, Mrs. Frank Turner (20 yrs ago) Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Holt, A.T., Plumbing                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg04
Holt, Robert - 59 at family reunion                Story                1925-09-11-pg01
Home Bakery                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg02
Home Bakery - Fruit Cake Time                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg06
Home Encampment Week at Joe Wheeler Park in Decatur  Story                1925-07-17-pg02
Hooper's Tetter-Rem - cures all skin diseases                Advertisement     1925-04-10-pg03
House, Frank, brother of Elbert & Miss Buena House                Name                1925-07-17-pg04
House, Frank, Postmaster of Bridgeport                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
House, Frank, Postmaster to get raise        Story                1925-04-03-pg03
House, J. Frank & sisters, Trula & Nettie     Name                1925-05-22-pg04
Hubbard, Charles H., Judge     Obituary                1925-03-20-pg02
Hudson, Ernest                Name                1939-12-15-pg01
Hughes, Henry, death of daughter & granddaughter                Name                1925-05-22-pg04
Hunter, Charlie, Mrs., sister of L.L. Nately    Name                1939-12-15-pg02
Hutchison, Ethel - hemstitching                Advertisement     1925-04-03-pg01
Hutson, Grace/Luther Richardson                Wedding              1925-05-01-pg04
Hutto, Jack in old Panter's Furniture Store                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Hutto, Jack, Dry Goods Business                Story                1925-09-11-pg04
Ingram, Jay, of Decatur                Name                1925-04-24-pg04
Itson, S.N./Dsha (Dasha) Welch                Wedding              1925-05-08-pg04
Jenkins, T.H. to teach school    Story                1925-09-04-pg04
Jenkins, T.H., brother of I.B. Jenkins                Name                1925-08-07-pg04
Jenkins, T.H./Lola Elliott                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg04
Jeter, A.B. - 64 at family reunion  Story                1925-08-07-pg04
Jeter, A.B. & garnddaus. Vivian Mae Crawford & Freddie Mae Perry       Name                1925-07-31-pg04
Jeter, Pollard, School Trustee  Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Jeter, W.P., Mrs.                Name                1939-12-15-pg04
John, Lisle, Miss, head of Eng Dept of Westmoorland College   Story                1925-09-18-pg01
John, W.H. & daughter Miss Lisle                Name                1925-11-27-pg08
John, W.H., Mr. & Mrs. & Julia    Name                1925-03-20-pg04
John, W.H., of the Bridgeport Coal Co.          Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Johnson Café                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Johnson, W.O. & sister, Mrs. R.A. Herring                Name                1925-07-10-pg01
Johnston, J.R. & daughter Opal                Name                1925-05-29-pg04
Johnston, R.L., Mr., cousin of George Fancisco                Name                1925-04-24-pg01
Jones, C.C., of Wichita Falls owns 2 stores on Hallsell St            Story                1925-05-29-pg01
Jones, C.E., Dry Goods Store, Chico - robbed   Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Jones, Corrine/Rush Roberts                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg01
Jones, Corrine/Rush Roberts                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg04
Jones, daughter of Andy                Birth                1939-12-15-pg01
Jones, Ernest - Fordson Tractor Training School in Dallas                Story                1925-09-18-pg02
Kaker Brothers Hardware - Sherwin-Williams Paints                Advertisement     1925-05-22-pg01
Kaker, Irma Frances - recital     Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Kaker, John       Obituary                1925-07-31-pg01
Kaker, Lawson, Mrs., mother of Irma Bailey     Name                1925-05-01-pg01
Kaker, S.A., owner of Bridgeport Mill                Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Kearney, Miss, Millinery Store                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Kelley, J.H. and family named    Name                1925-05-01-pg04
Kelley, Ottis, Mrs.                Name                1925-05-01-pg04
Kelsay, C.W., Mrs.                Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Kemp, Mr. & Mrs. Moved into Reuben Martin's place       Name                1939-12-15-pg04
Kendall, I.M. - buys Masonic building                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Kendall, I.M., Mr. & Mrs.        Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Kendall, I.M., Mr. & Mrs.        Name                1925-04-24-pg06
Kendall's Dry Goods Store, history from 1907                Story                1939-12-15-pg02
Kendrick, Red, Prop. Kendrick Camp - boats & minnows                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg03
Kiehl, John       Obituary                1925-03-27-pg02
Kincannon, Nina, mother of Henry                Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Kirkpatrick, L.D. & daughter, Mrs. Lee Mott                Name                1925-09-11-pg04
Kirkpatrick, L.D. & nephews Charles Caldwell & Howard Balck                Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Kirkpatrick, L.D. is moving to the Miller house (20 yrs ago) Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Kirkpatrick, L.D., Mr. & Mrs. & daughter Mrs. Lee Mott                Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Koeninger, J.F., moved into Helm place                Name                1925-09-18-pg01
Koons, G.C. & son, Ray                Name                1925-04-24-pg06
Koons, G.C. buys W.S. Slover farm                Name                1925-05-29-pg04
Koons, Perry, shooting of young folks in Wheeler County                Story                1925-09-18-pg01
Krugle, Mrs. - to put in bakery in Mrs. Clay's rock building Story                1925-08-07-pg01
Laff-a-Lots Meeting                Story                1925-09-18-pg01
Lake Bridgeport Project    Story                1925-05-22-pg02
Lamons, S.M., Editor of the Index                Name                1939-12-15-pg03
Lane, W.H., father of Mrs. Carl Arnold                Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Largent, Cora, aunt of Mrs. T.S. Pate                Obituary                1939-12-15-pg01
Leonard Bros Store, Fort Worth                Advertisement     1925-04-10-pg03
Leonard, H.G., father of Edgar Leonard                Name                1925-07-31-pg04
Leonard, H.G., Pres. First National Bank                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Leonard, Robert, Bookkeeper for First National Bank       Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Leverett, T.J.     Obituary                1925-09-04-pg01
Lewis, Mr., high school band director                Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Light & Power Co. - new 24 hour service   Story                1925-04-10-pg01
Lillard Milling Co., Pride of Texas Flour                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg04
Lillard, J.F., Superintendent of Bridgeport Brick Co.          Name                1925-09-11-pg04
Lillard, Margrete Ann, daughter of Jack Lillard     Birth                1925-09-11-pg04
Lindley, M.A., Mrs. & sister, Mrs. W.W. McClister                Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Lipps, T.H.        Name                1925-04-03-pg03
Lipps, T.H. & wife, Frances Margaret Boyd      Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Lone Star Gas Co.                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Love, County Agent - meeting about prize money                Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Lynch, J.P. of Chico                Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store - big apron sale                Advertisement     1925-04-24-pg06
Mack's Shoe Store - Christmas 1939 sale                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg04
Mack's Shoe Store - Insured Trunk & Arrow Brand Hosiery                Advertisement     1925-04-10-pg04
Mack's Shoe Store - New Fall Line                Advertisement     1925-09-18-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store in the Weaver building Story                1925-03-20-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store opening after Nov fire  Story                1925-03-27-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store sale                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Mack's Show Store - page ad                Advertisement     1925-04-03-pg04
Mack's Show Store - too much Gingham & Voil                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg04
Maddux, J.A., Mr. & Mrs. & son, Capt H.B. Maddux                Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Man, Howard, of Decatur  Story                1925-04-24-pg04
Mask, M.P. - home on Halsell to be finished in June                Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Mask, Mack, new home                Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Massengale, J.C. - Nor-Goss store                Story                1925-09-04-pg01
Massingale, J.C. sold interest in Nor-Goss Confectionery                 Story                1925-11-27-pg08
Matar, P.S.         Name                1925-05-01-pg04
Matar, P.S., home from hospital  Story                1925-09-11-pg04
Matheson, G.M.D., County Assessor                Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Mattress factory coming                Story                1925-04-10-pg04
McAfee, T.J., Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Jack Lillard     Name                1925-03-27-pg04
McClary, George & son, Willis Hayes - returned home on the Rocket                Name                1939-12-15-pg01
McClung, A.D. - Safety hatch incubator for sale                Advertisement     1925-04-17-pg04
McClung, Marvin & A.D.        Name                1925-03-27-pg04
McCord, J.J.      Name                1925-12-18-pg01
McDonald, Daniel, father of Dr. N.F.                Obituary                1925-04-24-pg06
McDonald, son of N.F.                Birth                1925-09-11-pg04
McKeehan, C.E. & family - cotton mills at Bowie                Story                1925-07-17-pg01
McKeehan, J.C., Mrs.                Name                1925-03-20-pg01
McKeehan, J.C., Mrs. Mother of Mrs. J.D. Peeler                Name                1925-05-29-pg01
McKeehan, Mrs., mother of Mrs. J.D. Peeler                Name                1925-08-07-pg04
McKenzie, J.S. - Racket Goods & Furniture                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg05
McKenzie, J.S. Store                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg03
McKenzie, J.S., Mrs. & Neice, Mrs. Alvin Rains      Name                1925-04-17-pg04
McKenzie, J.S., Nickel Store                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg03
Medlin, M.       Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Meek, R.C.         Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Methodist Church conference-list                Story                1925-05-01-pg04
Methodist Church Revival   Story                1925-07-31-pg04
Milk Station to open again under the TN Dairies at Dallas     Story                1925-07-17-pg01
Miller, Luke, Mrs., sister of W.A. Sensibaugh                Obituary                1925-09-11-pg01
Mineral Wells, famous health resort                Story                1925-07-10-pg03
Montgomery, W.A., Mrs., daughter of Rev. & Mrs. A.D. Roberts  Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Montgomery, W.A., Mrs., daughter of Rev. & Mrs. A.D. Roberts  Name                1925-07-31-pg04
Montrief, J.V., Mrs. & mother, Mrs. M.B. Weakley                Name                1925-07-31-pg01
Moody, E.L., Pastor                Name                1925-03-20-pg01
Mooney, M.A., Mrs. - 50 acres for oil lease                Advertisement     1925-09-11-pg03
Morris Mercantile Co., Chico - robbed                Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Morris, R.L., of Chico                Name                1925-03-27-pg02
Mott & Gilmore - Cackelo Poultry Feed & Milkelo Dairy Feed                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg06
Mott, A.J., Barber Shop                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg02
Moyer, Mr., of Decatur                Story                1925-04-24-pg04
Murphy, J.A., father of Mrs. J.A. Leonard                Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Myers' Variety in Dr. Funk building                Story                1925-03-20-pg01
Myers Variety Store                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg04
Myers' Variety Store - candy                Advertisement     1925-04-03-pg03
Myers, R.S. & relatives                Name                1925-04-03-pg03
National Theatre                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
National Theatre - $5 gold piece to winning ticket                Advertisement     1925-06-26-pg01
National Theatre - Paramount Week                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg04
NeSmith, W.W., Rev. & Mrs.        Name                1925-03-20-pg01
NeSmith, W.W., Rev. & Mrs. Parents of Mrs. J.P. Lynch                Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Nix, Sibyl/Myerl Anderson                Wedding              1925-03-27-pg02
Nor-Goss Confectionery                Advertisement     1925-04-03-pg02
Nor-Goss Confectionery - Bargain Days in toilet articles                Advertisement     1925-07-31-pg04
Nor-Goss Confectionery - Easter candy & Ice Cream                Advertisement     1925-04-10-pg04
Nor-Goss Confectionery - interior improvements                Story                1925-05-01-pg01
Nor-Goss Confectionery - Laurene Toilet articles                Advertisement     1925-05-08-pg04
Nor-Goss sells to Handley & Massengale                Story                1925-09-04-pg01
Norwood, D.M., Editor of Index  Name                1925-03-20-pg02
Norwood, D.M., Mrs. & sister, Mrs. John Haynes  Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Norwood, Jack, Mrs.                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Norwood, Louise, Miss                Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Oil development-blocking of acreage  Story                1925-03-27-pg02
Oil drilling to start - Castleberry No.1 & Hoyle well                Story                1925-07-31-pg01
Oil Prospects Getting Better     Story                1925-07-17-pg01
Oil Well for Bridgeport                Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Oil well, Castleberry No.1, drilling continues                Story                1925-09-04-pg01
Old Town's Building Program-Burned District   Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Owen, L.C., owner of Ice Plant       Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Panhandle Telephone Co. - rooms over bank for rent                Advertisement     1925-08-07-pg02
Panter, W.M., patents of Mrs. R.W. Bolton                Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Panter, W.R. - sells Monitor windmill                Advertisement     1925-04-17-pg01
Panter's Furniture Store in Hardy Building                Story                1925-03-20-pg01
Park Springs Bank Robbery Attempt                Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Parrish, Jack, Produce House west of track                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg05
Paschall, E.L.   Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Paschall, E.L., Mrs. - Rhode Island Red eggs                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Perkins-Timberlake Co., Decatur                Advertisement     1925-07-10-pg06
Peterson, Walter A.                Obituary                1925-11-27-pg08
Pete's Shoe Store                Advertisement     1925-07-10-pg01
Phillips, Addie, sister of Mrs. J.O. Kelley                Name                1925-12-18-pg03
Phillips, Bettie Jane (infant of Mrs. & Mrs. W.L.)                Obituary                1925-05-29-pg04
Phillips, J.C., Mrs., sister of Mrs. J.V. Reasoner                Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Phillips, Walter                Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Pockrus, W.D., Owner of Pockrus Place, boats & minnows                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg02
Poore, B.B. - Headquarters for Real Gifts                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg05
Poore, Cleo, Miss, birthday party - list attending                Story                1939-12-15-pg01
Power, D.L. - Estate by Alice Power                Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Powers, T.J., manager of Bridgeport Gin                Story                1939-12-15-pg03
Procter, Orion, former owner of paper                Story                1925-06-26-pg04
Ran, Paul, of Decatur                Name                1925-03-20-pg02
Ratliff, G.C., relatives of Rev. & Mrs. W.W. NeSmith                Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Ratliff, R.T., owner of Clover Farm Store since 1936                Story                1939-12-15-pg02
Raven, Alton -College of pharmacy in Little Rock       Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Raven, Alton, to be Pharmacist in Throckmorton                Name                1925-09-11-pg01
Raven, G.J., & son, Oscar and other relatives Name                1925-09-11-pg04
Raven, G.J., aunt of Sterling Leverett                Name                1939-12-15-pg02
Raven, George, Mrs., sister of T.J. Leverett Name                1925-09-04-pg01
Ray, Tran, night watchman & bread wholesale                Name                1925-05-29-pg04
Rayborn, S.E., Mrs., rooms for rent                Advertisement     1925-04-03-pg01
Rayborn, Sallie & relatives Name                1925-04-03-pg03
Read, Carl, Dr., Dentist                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg02
Read, Carl, Mrs. & brother, C.W. Pearson  Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Reed, Carl, Mrs. & mother Mrs. W.J. Pearson  Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Reeves, N.A. & son, Roddy Reeves                Name                1925-09-18-pg04
Renfro, Amos   Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Renshaw, Will, Mrs. Music class                Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Richardson, Luther/Grace Hutson                Wedding              1925-05-01-pg04
Riley, Claude    Obituary                1925-05-01-pg04
Riley, Mary Wilkins, Miss       Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Riley, R.Q., Rev. & son, John       Story                1925-05-22-pg04
Riley, R.Q., Rev. of Presbyterian Church   Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Riley, W.R., Mrs. To Mineral Wells waters    Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Road Bond Election Ordered  Story                1925-05-29-pg01
Road building bonds - 39th highway, etc.          Story                1925-04-10-pg02
Roberts, A.D., Mrs., Mother of Miss Lassye Mae & Mrs. W.A. Montgomery                Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Roberts, Rush/Corrine Jones                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg01
Roberts, Rush/Corrine Jones                Wedding              1925-03-20-pg04
Roberts, Velma Obituary                1925-04-24-pg06
Rock Island Exhibit Car coming   Story                1925-04-24-pg01
Rock Island Farm Prosperity Car                Story                1925-05-08-pg01
Rock Island Railway Co. - agriculture plan for Bridgeport                Story                1925-04-10-pg02
Rogers, Blanche, Owner of Blanche's Café                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg02
Rone, C.Y./Stella Thompson (20 yrs ago)                Wedding              1925-05-29-pg02
Roper, J.J., Carpenter, Painter, etc.                Advertisement     1925-08-07-pg04
Roper, J.J., Mrs., daughter of Mrs. J.H. Chandler                Name                1925-08-07-pg01
Roper, J.J., Mrs., sister of Mrs. Jess Hearrell                Name                1925-09-11-pg04
Sam Culwell Insurance                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Sampson, H.H., Prof. & Mrs. & Miss Birdie      Name                1925-09-04-pg01
Sampson, H.H., Prof., Superintendent of Schools  Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Sanders, Allie, guardian of the estate of Alziabee McDaniel                Story                1925-08-07-pg04
Saunders, Venazuela, Miss       Name                1925-04-17-pg01
School begins, names new teachers                Story                1925-09-04-pg01
School News - many names     Story                1925-09-18-pg04
School Tax Defeated 125 to 68 - no new teacher to be hired       Story                1925-06-26-pg01
School to get moving picture machine?                Story                1925-12-18-pg01
Schools of Wise County - list        Story                1925-05-08-pg04
Sensibaugh, W.A., Mr. & Mrs., parents of Bonnie St. Claire      Name                1925-03-27-pg04
Sensibaugh, W.A., Prop'tr of City Meat Market                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg02
Service Filling Station - Byrnes & Lipps                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg05
Shabay, P.G. - Shield Brand clothing                Advertisement     1925-04-10-pg03
Shabay, P.G., Dry Goods - 2 page ad                Advertisement     1925-04-24-pg02
Shabay, P.G., Dry Goods - 2 page ad                Advertisement     1925-04-24-pg05
Shabay, Paul & Pete                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Shabay, Pete                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Shabay, Pete - sale 65cents on the dallar-page ad                Advertisement     1925-05-01-pg03
Shawn, G.C., Grocery                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg01
Shawn, G.C., Grocery                Advertisement     1925-09-04-pg01
Shawn, G.C., Grocery - All Gold Coffee                Advertisement     1925-04-17-pg01
Shawn, S.A., Shawn Produce Co.                Story                1939-12-15-pg04
Shirley, Black, father of Mrs. Will Casey                Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Shriners Attend Masonic Services at Jacksboro - list                Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Simpson, W.M. - 10 acre Cunningham place for rent                Advertisement     1925-09-11-pg04
Simpson, W.M. - Jersey for sale                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Simpson, W.M. - list of children  Name                1925-06-26-pg04
Simpson, W.M. - Meal and cake for sale                Advertisement     1925-05-08-pg04
Simpson, W.M. & relatives Walter Johnson & Etta Cines      Name                1925-05-22-pg04
Simpson, W.M. & sister, Mrs. Ike Killough Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Simpson, W.M. & son, Marvin, daughter Annie Beason                Name                1925-04-03-pg01
Simpson, W.M., Mrs. & neice, Mrs. Joe Godwin  Name                1925-04-03-pg03
Simpson, Zollie to play football at Decatur Baptist Col.         Story                1925-09-11-pg04
Smisson, R.C., Dr. & Mrs.        Story                1925-04-17-pg01
Smith, Earle, Mrs.                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
Smith, John, Mrs., sister of Mrs. J.W. Oxford    Name                1925-09-04-pg04
Smith, Leonard 'Lefty' to work at Coal Co. Store       Story                1925-09-04-pg04
Sneed, Zack F.   Obituary                1925-11-27-pg08
Sneed, Zack, Mrs. & son, Mr. Sam Lightfoot                Name                1925-09-18-pg01
Sneed, Zack, Mrs., sister of Mrs. Della Kaker      Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Sparks, Billy      Name                1925-05-22-pg04
Spencer, Arzelia, Miss                Name                1925-03-20-pg04
St. Clair, Prof. & Bonnie, of Newark   Story                1925-04-17-pg04
Star Garage                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg08
State Fair of Texas                Advertisement     1925-09-11-pg03
Steele, B.C., closed business at Sunset    Name                1925-09-04-pg04
Steele, W.F., of Paradise                Name                1925-04-24-pg06
Stencer, R.T., Dr.                Story                1925-11-27-pg01
Stevens Building to house several businesses                Story                1925-04-03-pg03
Still Raided - 520 gallon still on Decatur road                Story                1925-04-10-pg02
Stovall, B.F. - Johnson grass hay                Advertisement     1925-03-20-pg04
Stovall, B.F. & son, Prof. L.D. Stovall                Name                1925-09-11-pg04
Stovall, John, son of B.F.                Name                1925-05-01-pg01
Street, E.N., Mrs.                Name                1925-04-03-pg03
Street, Elmer, Cashier of Bridgeport National Bank                Name                1925-07-17-pg04
Summers, W.H. & C.E. Butler home from KY          Name                1925-08-07-pg04
Summers, W.H., new home      Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Tackel, D.D., Mrs., sister of Mrs. E.J. Curry                Name                1939-12-15-pg02
Tackel, Minnie L. Blackburn                Obituary                1925-05-01-pg04
Taylor, George, Merchant of Paradise Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Thomas Cemetery to be worked   Story                1925-07-17-pg04
Thomas, Charles, Deputy   Name                1925-05-08-pg04
Thompson, Marjorie, selling Lady Margaret Toilet Preps                Advertisement     1925-05-29-pg04
Thompson, N.M. & sons, Luther & Arthur (20 yrs ago)        Name                1925-05-29-pg02
Thompson, Stella/C.Y. Rone (20 yrs ago)                Wedding              1925-05-29-pg02
Tinney, G.G., Mrs. & twins, Ola & Ona & brother, A.G. Ward (20 yrs ago)                Name                1925-05-22-pg03
Tinney, Ona, Miss, saleslady at Mack's Show Store       Name                1925-07-31-pg04
Trice, John       Story                1925-04-24-pg06
Trinity Dam        Story                1925-05-22-pg02
Tuberculosis Christmas Seals                Advertisement     1925-12-18-pg02
Turner, Billy      Name                1925-04-10-pg04
Turner, Frank, Cashier at First National Bank                Advertisement     1925-03-27-pg01
Turner, Frank, uncle of Fae & Cue Braselton                Name                1925-08-07-pg04
Turner, Lora, Miss, daughter of Frank                Story                1925-05-29-pg04
Vaughn, M.J., Rev., of Decatur - revival                Story                1925-08-07-pg01
Veal, Beulah & daughter, Miss Fae Veal Name                1925-04-17-pg04
Vine, Harry, Mrs. & sister Mrs. Harry Myers    Name                1925-06-26-pg04
W.M.U. Social - list                Story                1925-09-11-pg04
Walden, J.D. - barn on west side burned                Story                1925-04-10-pg04
Walker, W.H.   Obituary                1925-04-03-pg01
Ward, A.L., Swine Husbandman at A&M     Picture                1925-09-11-pg02
Ward, Earle & mother, Viola Ward                Name                1925-04-24-pg01
Ward, S.M., Hon. County Judge                Name                1925-05-01-pg01
Ward, Sam, Judge on Bond Issue                Story                1925-09-11-pg01
Ward, Viola - has apartment house                Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Warren, G.R., Wise County Agent                Story                1925-11-27-pg01
Welch, Dsha (Dasha)/S.N. Itson                Wedding              1925-05-08-pg04
Wells, Bass, Mrs.                Obituary                1925-07-10-pg03
West, S.M., Mr. & Mrs., parents of Leonard F. West                Name                1925-07-10-pg03
White, A.E., carpenter for the Bridgeport Coal Co. Story                1925-12-18-pg03
Williams, Elden, Decatur Post Office     Story                1925-03-20-pg04
Williams, Guinn 'Big Boy' & father Congressman Guinn     Name                1925-07-31-pg04
Wilson, A.E., Star Garage                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg08
Wise County Baptist Assn Meeting                Story                1925-09-04-pg02
Wise County Community Development Members                Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Wise County's First Court House burned in 1860                Picture                1939-12-15-pg03
Wolfe, Martine  Name                1925-05-22-pg01
Womans Missionary Society Meeting - list           Story                1925-04-17-pg04
Woods, Gale, Mr., brother of Mrs. Oscar Cox, hurt by rock   Story                1925-09-04-pg01
Woody, Sam, Mrs.                Picture                1939-12-15-pg03
Workman, Sheriff - 700 gallons of whiskey Story                1925-03-20-pg02
Wright, Mrs., mother of X.X. Jay Name                1925-12-18-pg06
Yarb's Food Store                Advertisement     1939-12-15-pg03
Yates, A.J. - Johnson grass & sorghum hay                Advertisement     1925-11-27-pg06
Zuspann, A.L. & brother, John                Name                1925-03-27-pg01
Zuspann, L.A., Mrs., sister of Will Veal                Name                1925-12-18-pg06