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1941-1943 - Names Index

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Index of 212 Pages from 53 Papers that were Photographed from these 3 years
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Adams, John H. / Manning, Laverne                Wedding              1943-04-09-pg01
Adams, Robert Eaco / Faith, Elba Irene                Wedding              1941-12-05-pg01
Alexander & Bass, Undertakers                Obituary                1941-10-10-pg03
Alexander, J.R., Mr. & Mrs.  Baby boy                Birth                1942-12-25-pg01
Arwine, Ike       News                1942-11-27-pg01
Atkinson, Pansy Lu                Girl of Week      1941-11-21-pg03
Bailey, Cecil       Boy of Week      1941-12-05-pg03
Baker, Lon Baker Hanged  Obituary                1942-11-20-pg01
Baldridge, J.F. Obituary                1942-10-16-pg01
Banks, Harvy, Mrs.                Shower                1941-08-29-pg01
Banks, Mary Alice (Harvey)                Birth                1943-11-19-pg03
Barnett, T.L.      Obituary                1943-10-01-pg01
Bird, Raymond, Jr.                News                1943-08-06-pg01
Bishop, Albert/Brummett, Clara Miss      Wedding   1941-10-31-pg01
Blanton,  Jack, Mr. & Mrs.   Baby girl                Birth                1942-10-09-pg02
Boase, Leslie closes Gro Store.      News                1941-10-24-pg01
Boaz, Ernest     Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Boaz, Paul / Shabay, Rosalie                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg03
Boldin, Louie,  Mr. & Mrs.  Baby boy                Birth                1942-11-20-pg04
Bordner, Pete, Mr. & Mrs. & Frankie                News                1941-10-17-pg01
Bradford Reunion                News                1942-11-06-pg02
Brain, Alice Constance / Johnson, William Delmo                Wedding              1942-11-13-pg01
Brewer, Elmer J. / Dethloff, Katherine, Miss                Wedding              1943-12-03-pg01
Bridgeport Bus Schedule  (Daily)                News                1943-11-26-pg03
Bridgeport buys Electric System   News                1941-10-17-pg01
Bridgeport Hospital                News                1941-09-12-pg01
Bridges, Lavada / Stutt, James                Wedding              1941-11-21-pg01
Brown, E.B. (Cap)                Obituary                1941-09-12-pg02
Brown, John M., Staff Sgt. /   Singleton, Mary Jean                Wedding              1942-12-25-pg01
Browning, Mozelle, Miss       At Fair                1941-10-03-pg01
Brummett, Clara Miss/Biship, Albert        Wedding    1941-10-31-pg01
Burton, Charles Obituary                1941-11-14-pg04
Butram, A.V. / Stutt, Billie Louise                Wedding              1941-10-24-pg04
Byrd, Will         Obituary                1943-05-14-pg01
Carrier, Erline / Coffman, Eugene                Wedding              1942-11-20-pg01
Carruthers, Will S.                Obituary                1941-12-05-pg01
Chapman, H.V., Lt. / Hartsell, LaVerne, Miss                Wedding              1943-09-10-pg03
Charles, Frank Richard / Wolverton, Jean                Wedding              1943-03-12-pg01
Cheves Donilia                Business School 1941-09-26-pg03
Chilton, Faye / Shores, A.D                Wedding              1941-09-12-pg01
Clark, W.L.       Obituary                1943-07-30-pg01
Clay, Ruby, Miss / Morrow, Urban, Pvt.                Wedding              1941-10-10-pg01
Clay, Tollie, Mrs.                Obituary                1943-05-14-pg01
Coal Mine Shaft                News                1941-11-14-pg04
Coffee Rationing                News                1942-10-30-pg03
Coffee, John Carlton                Obituary                1943-04-02-pg01
Coffman, Eugene / Carrier, Earline                Wedding              1942-11-20-pg01
Coffman, J.D. & Ruth Parish Coffman  Baby Boy                Birth                1943-04-23-pg02
Cook, Augusta / Moody, W.H.                Wedding              1941-10-24-pg01
Coursey, Joe    Obituary                1941-11-07-pg01
Cox Reunion News                1941-08-29-pg01
Cox, Mary, Mrs.                Obituary                1943-10-01-pg01
Craft, A.J., Mrs.                 Obituary                1941-10-10-pg03
Crocker, Jenny, Mrs.                Obituary                1941-10-31-pg01
Culver, G.L., Mr & Mrs.    Baby Girl                Birth                1943-04-30-pg01
Davidson, Donald                Aviation Work      1941-09-26-pg01
Davidson, Donald, Mrs. (Miss Evelyn Workman)                Shower                1941-10-03-pg01
Davidson, Earl Patton (Sonny Boy)                Obituary                1943-03-19-pg01
Davis, Ernest W.                Obituary                1943-11-19-pg01
Deathridge, Truman Lee                 Obituary                1943-04-09-pg01
Denny, W.D.     Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Denton, N.T.    Obituary                1941-09-12-pg01
Denton, N.T.    Obituary                1941-09-12-pg02
Dethloff, Carl Ray                News                1943-08-06-pg01
Dethloff, Katherine, Miss / Brewer, Elmer J.                Wedding              1943-12-03-pg01
Dethloff, Kossie                Obituary                1943-10-29-pg01
Dethloff, Kossie (Ruby Bishop)  Obituary                1941-11-07-pg01
Dethloff, Martha A., Mrs.        Obituary                1943-01-22-pg01
Dodds, Frances                Obituary                1943-07-30-pg01
Dog Tag numbers explained                News                1943-07-30-pg03
Draft Bill Changes                News                1942-12-11-pg03
Draft Bill Passes House                News                1942-10-23-pg03
Draft Regulations Questions                News                1942-12-25-pg02
Dunn, George Luther/Selma Esther Elsie Mann     Wedding       1943-10-08-pg02
Duryea, Florence, Mrs.                Obituary                1943-07-23-pg01
Edward, Oscar, Mrs                Obituary                1941-11-21-pg01
Elliott, Lena Pearl, Miss                 News                1941-10-03-pg04
Evans, Joseph R., Sgt. / Hunter, Bonnie Bell                Wedding              1942-12-04-pg01
Faith, Elba Irene / Adams, Robert Eaco                Wedding              1941-12-05-pg01
Fathers to be drafted                News                1943-08-06-pg03
Faulkner, Robert M.                Obituary                1941-11-14-pg01
Fitzgerald, Dona / Shepard, Ollie U., Sgt.                Wedding              1942-12-04-pg02
Fitzgerald, Pauline, Miss / Weger, Edgar, Jr., Pvt.                Wedding              1943-08-06-pg01
Flowers, Boyce / Thomas, Doris                Wedding              1943-11-26-pg01
Food Rationing Starts                 News                1943-02-05-pg02
Football Players get Awards  News                1943-11-19-pg01
Football Queen                News                1943-10-22-pg01
Football Team Organized                News                1943-10-22-pg01
Ford, Frank      Obituary                1941-09-26-pg01
Freeman, James                Obituary                1943-10-01-pg01
Frost, J.C.          Obituary                1942-11-20-pg01
Frost, Mr. & Mrs. Earl & Jackie Jean                At Fair                1941-10-03-pg01
Funk, Caroline Pep Mascot  1941-09-26-pg01
Gallick, Mr. (Mrs. Pete Bordner's brother)    Obituary     1941-10-17-pg01
Gann, J.C.          Obituary                1943-10-08-pg01
Garrett, Eddie Lee (infant of Luther)    Obituray    1942-12-18-pg01
Gas Rationing Board                News                1942-10-30-pg01
Gatis, Minnie E., Miss                Obituary                1943-09-10-pg01
Gentry, M.G., Mrs                Obituary                1942-11-06-pg01
Godwin, J.C., Jr.                Boy of Week      1941-10-03-pg03
Goode, Richard / Gore, Letha, Mrs.                Wedding              1942-12-04-pg02
Gore, Letha, Mrs. / Goode, Richard                Wedding              1942-12-04-pg02
Green, Billie       Expands Store       1941-09-26-pg01
Groves, Obed  Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Hall, Elmer (Babe)                Obituary                1943-12-03-pg01
Hardcastle, Mary Elizabeth / Michael, Kenneth                Wedding              1941-10-31-pg01
Hartsell, LaVerne, Miss / Chapman, H.V., Lt.                Wedding              1943-09-10-pg03
Hartsell, Oscar Logan                Obituary                1943-03-26-pg01
Haunted House                News                1943-04-02-pg01
Hawkins Family Reunion News                1941-11-28-pg01
Hawkins, Diane (Bert)                Birth                1943-03-26-pg04
Heathington, J.H., Rev.                Obituary                1941-12-05-pg04
Heathington, Terry                Obituary                1943-07-30-pg01
Hembree, Hubert L. Prisoner Of Japs                News                1943-04-30-pg01
Highway Gone at Sandy Creek      News                1941-10-10-pg01
Hines, W.E., Mr. & Mrs.   Baby Boy                Birth                1943-04-30-pg02
Hipps, Harold    Aviation Work      1941-09-26-pg01
Holder, Daniel, Mrs. (Elmira Rawl)                Obituary                1942-11-27-pg01
Holt, Alva Jewel                Girl of Week      1941-09-26-pg03
Holt, Alvin      Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Holt, Baby Bobby (Carl, Mr. & Mrs.)                Obituary                1943-10-01-pg02
Holt, Carl, Mr. & Mrs.  Have son                Birth                1941-10-10-pg01
Horse and Mules Census   News                1943-07-30-pg03
Hospital-Clinic, New                News                1941-12-05-pg01
House, Trula Jo                Girl of Week      1941-10-03-pg03
Housewright, Lee D., Lt. / Raven, Mary Nell                Wedding              1943-10-01-pg02
Hudsoin, John Henry                Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Hudson, John Henry                Drafted                1941-10-17-pg01
Hudson, Lonnie, Mr. & Mrs         Reunion           1941-10-24-pg01
Hudson, Tom / Miller, Blanche, Mrs.                Wedding              1943-11-26-pg03
Hunt, William / Wilson, Charlele, Miss                Wedding              1943-12-03-pg01
Hunter, Bonnie Bell / Evans, Joseph R., Sgt.                Wedding              1942-12-04-pg01
Hunter, Mary Nell / Slagle, William Boyd                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg01
Index Founder News                1941-12-05-pg01
Jackson, Della,Mrs.                Obituary                1943-10-08-pg01
Jackson, Dorothy / Nard, Robert                Wedding              1942-10-16-pg04
Jarrard, Ernest C., Pfc. / Stubblefield, Dovie                Wedding              1943-05-28-pg02
Johnson, William Delmo / Brain, Alice Constance                Wedding              1942-11-13-pg01
Kaker, Charles   Pep Mascot  1941-09-26-pg01
Kaker, Clarence, Mr. & Mrs. & Irma Frances  At Fair                1941-10-03-pg01
Kelley, Bena, Mrs.                Obituary                1941-11-21-pg01
Kendwick, Mack Jerald / Sisk, Gertrude                Wedding              1941-11-07-pg04
Kennedy, Bedford / Slagle, Maria                Wedding              1941-08-01-pg01
Kersey, Clinton, Mrs. & Janis Ruth                News                1941-10-03-pg04
King, J.W. Family Reunion News                1942-11-20-pg01
King, Milton    Obituary      1943-09-24-pg02
Koeinger, Franz Joseph                Obituary                1943-03-12-pg02
Langston, Donald                Aviation Work      1941-09-26-pg01
Lester, Gary        News                1943-08-06-pg01
Lobdell, H.E. Stove Explosion                Obituary                1942-10-23-pg01
Lobdell, Mary Katherine,  Stove Explosion                Obituary                1942-10-23-pg01
Locke, Garland, Corp. / Moser, Melba Jean                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg02
Lowell, Wayne / Rickels, Gwendolyn                Wedding              1943-04-02-pg02
Lusk, W.P.       Obituary                1941-11-07-pg01
Maddux, Audrey L., Sgt. POW                News                1943-04-02-pg02
Mann, Mary, Mrs.                Obituary                1943-04-30-pg02
Mann, Selma Esther Elsie/George Luther Dunn     Wedding      1943-10-08-pg02
Mann, Vera / Stutt, Kit Jay                Wedding              1941-11-21-pg01
Manning, Laverne / Adams, John H.                Wedding              1943-04-09-pg01
Married Men may be drafted   News                1942-11-13-pg04
Martin, W.V., Mr. & Mrs.   Baby girl                Birth                1942-10-09-pg02
Mask, M.P., Mrs. & Jo Ann        At Fair                1941-10-03-pg01
Mason, Vernon / Shipley, Opalene                Wedding              1941-12-05-pg01
Mattingly, Josephine Nabors, Mrs.                Obituary                1943-02-05-pg01
Matzinger, John Dewitt Jr & Virginia Johnson    Birth of Daughter Linda Kay Matzinger,     Jeff. Co. TX    1942-10-30-pg02
McAfee, Mary Jo                Girl of Week      1941-11-28-pg01
McCasland, A.N.,  Young Son                Obituary                1942-10-30-pg03
McCullar, Dan  Obituary                1943-04-02-pg01
McDaniel, Cecil Cordell / Webb, Delois                Wedding              1941-12-05-pg02
Meadows, Kenneth Franklin died of Snake bite                Obituary                1942-10-30-pg01
Merchant, R.C.      Obituary       1941-09-26-pg01
Michael, Kenneth / Hardcastle, Mary Elizabeth                Wedding              1941-10-31-pg01
Miller, Blanche, Mrs. / Hudson, Tom                Wedding              1943-11-26-pg03
Miller, M.J., Mrs                Obituary                1943-10-08-pg01
Miller, M.S., M.D.                News                1941-10-24-pg01
Minor, Johnny DeForrest                Obituary                1941-10-10-pg04
Mitchum, Homer                Obituary                1941-08-08-pg01
Mitchum, Norma Jean / White, Archie Carl                Wedding              1941-11-07-pg04
Moody, W.H. / Cook, Augusta                Wedding              1941-10-24-pg01
Moore, Martha Alice                Obituary                1941-09-26-pg01
Morrison, W.H.                Obituary                1943-02-05-pg01
Morrison, Wade                News                1941-09-12-pg04
Morrow, Urban, Pvt. / Clay, Ruby, Miss                Wedding              1941-10-10-pg01
Morton, John   Obituary                1943-04-02-pg03
Moseley, Allie, Mrs.                Obituary                1941-09-12-pg01
Moser, Melba Jean / Locke, Garland, Corp.                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg02
Mullinax, Willie, Mrs.                Obituary                1942-11-20-pg01
Nard, Robert / Jackson, Dorothy                Wedding              1942-10-16-pg04
Nelson, Martin                Obituary                1943-10-22-pg01
NeSmith, Robert Henry                Obituary                1941-09-26-pg01
Newton, Gasper                Obituary                1943-02-05-pg01
Nichols. Joe      Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Old Age Assistance Checks cut                News                1942-11-06-pg01
Paschall, Marilyn / Simmons, R.L.                Wedding              1941-08-01-pg01
Pate, T.S.         News                1941-09-12-pg04
Patton, Ava Lee / Pearce, John Stallings                Wedding              1941-10-24-pg01
Patton, Ava Lee / Stallings, John                Wedding              1941-10-10-pg01
Patton, Ava Lee /Pearce, John Stallings                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg01
Pearce, John Stallings / Patton, Ava Lee                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg01
Pearce, John Stallings / Patton, Ava Lee                Wedding              1941-10-24-pg01
Pep Club History                News Story      1941-10-03-pg03
Perkins, George                Obituary                1942-10-30-pg03
Phillips, Minnie Dean/Leon Ross Riddle   Wedding     1941-12-05-pg02
Phillips, Walter, Mr. & Mrs.        Reunion                1941-10-03-pg01
Pike, Audrey / Slough, Wade M.                Wedding              1941-11-28-pg01
Pipes, Bert Wins Trip                News                1941-11-21-pg02
Pitman, W.L., Mrs.                Obituary                1941-11-28-pg01
Porter, George   Obituary                1943-09-10-pg01
Power, T.J.          Obituary                1941-10-17-pg01
Pres. Roosevelt asks for Draft of Men 18 and 19                News                1942-10-16-pg03
Railey, Thomas J. /  Sirbeck, Joyce Marie                Wedding              1943-10-22-pg02
Ramsey, Jack, Mr. & Mrs,  Baby boy                Birth                1942-11-06-pg02
Ration Book Application copy       News                1943-05-28-pg02
Rationing and Coupons                News                1942-12-25-pg03
Raven, G.J. Anniversary                News                1941-12-05-pg01
Raven, Mary Nell / Housewright, Lee D., Lt.                Wedding              1943-10-01-pg02
Read, Mitchell  (Read, Harold, Mr & Mrs)       Birth                1941-11-14-pg02
Rich, C.H.        Obituary                1941-11-14-pg01
Rickels, Gwendolyn / Lowell, Wayne                Wedding              1943-04-02-pg02
Riddle, Leon Ross/Minnie Dean Phillips   Wedding     1941-12-05-pg02
Rike, J.R.          Obituary                1942-11-27-pg01
Robinson, J.J.  Obituary                1942-11-13-pg01
Royston, Alvin                News                1943-08-06-pg01
Sanders, Carl     Obituary                1941-11-28-pg01
Sanders, Cyrus Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Sandlin, C.E., Mrs.                Obituary                1943-04-23-pg03
Savage, K.O. (Karl Othella)   Obituary                1943-09-24-pg01
Scales, Roy B.Lt.                Obituary                1943-05-14-pg01
Schivers, Bonnie, Miss                Obituary                1943-08-06-pg01
School Lunches via WPA Support                News                1941-08-29-pg01
Servicemen to leave Dec. 4, 1942                News                1942-11-27-pg01
Shabay, Rosalie / Boaz, Paul                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg03
Shelton, Mary C., Miss / Simpson, Albert Monroe                Wedding              1943-10-08-pg02
Shelton, V.F., Mrs.                At Fair                1941-10-03-pg01
Shepard, Ollie U., Sgt.  / Fitzgerald, Dona                Wedding              1942-12-04-pg02
Shipley, Opalene / Mason, Vernon                Wedding              1941-12-05-pg01
Shores, A.D. / Chilton, Faye                Wedding              1941-09-12-pg01
Simmons, R.L. / Paschall, Marilyn                Wedding              1941-08-01-pg01
Simmons, R.L., Mr. & Mrs.   Baby girl                Birth                1942-10-09-pg02
Simpson, Albert Monroe / Shelton, Mary C., Miss                Wedding              1943-10-08-pg02
Simpson, Paul Wesley                Obituary                1943-04-09-pg01
Singleton, Mary Jean / Brown, John M., Staff Sgt.                Wedding              1942-12-25-pg01
Sirbeck, Joyce Marie / Railey, Thomas J.                Wedding              1943-10-22-pg02
Sisk, Gertrude / Kendwick, Mack Jerald                Wedding              1941-11-07-pg04
Sizemore, G.W.  Aviation Work      1941-09-26-pg01
Slagle, Maria / Kennedy, Bedford                Wedding              1941-08-01-pg01
Slagle, William Boyd / Hunter, Mary Nell                Wedding              1941-10-17-pg01
Slaughter, Mary Jane Skipworth                Obituary                1943-10-01-pg01
Slough, Wade M. / Pike, Audrey                Wedding              1941-11-28-pg01
Smith, Dardnella / Smith, Walter Odell                Wedding              1941-11-21-pg01
Smith, Walter Odell / Smith, Dardnella                Wedding              1941-11-21-pg01
Stallings, John / Patton, Ava Lee                Wedding              1941-10-10-pg01
Stubblefield, Dovie / Jarrard, Ernest C., Pfc                Wedding              1943-05-28-pg02
Stutt, Billie Louise / Butram, A.V.                Wedding              1941-10-24-pg04
Stutt, James / Bridges, Lavada                Wedding              1941-11-21-pg01
Stutt, Kit Jay / Mann, Vera                Wedding              1941-11-21-pg01
Sullins, Amanda, Mrs.                Obituary                1943-11-26-pg01
Tackel, Auguste Pauline                Obituary                1942-11-20-pg01
Taylor, S.D.       News                1943-08-06-pg01
Thomas, Doris / Flowers, Boyce                Wedding              1943-11-26-pg01
Trades Day         News                1942-10-30-pg04
Tucker, Bennie Camper, Mrs.    (Murder)                Obituary                1943-09-24-pg02
Tucker, N.W., Mr.  (Suicide)                Obituary                1943-09-24-pg02
Twelfth Grade added at Bridgeport                News                1941-08-08-pg01
Vaught, B.P. buys Holley land                News                1942-10-30-pg02
Vaught, Phillip Dewayne                Boy of Week      1941-11-21-pg03
Victory Tax      News                1942-12-25-pg01
Vine, Emma, Mrs.                Obituary                1943-07-23-pg01
Waldrop, Melvin T. Cpl is Japanese Prisoner News                1943-04-02-pg01
Walker, Dennis, Mr. & Mrs. (baby girl)                Birth                1941-10-24-pg01
Walker, J.W., Judge                Obituary                1941-08-08-pg01
Wallace, J.T.      Obituary                1943-01-22-pg01
Ward, Earl, Jr.   Aviation Work      1941-09-26-pg01
Ward, Earl, Mr. & Mrs.   Baby Girl                Birth                1943-04-30-pg01
Webb, Delois / McDaniel, Cecil Cordell                Wedding              1941-12-05-pg02
Weger, Edgar, Jr., Pvt. / Fitzgerald, Pauline, Miss                Wedding              1943-08-06-pg01
Welch, Olen      Obituary                1941-11-28-pg01
White, Archie Carl / Mitchum, Norma Jean                Wedding              1941-11-07-pg04
White, Laura Lee                Business School 1941-09-26-pg03
White, W.D., Mrs. (Ozorah Kincaid)                Obituary                1941-08-29-pg03
Williams, Brinkley                Firemen                1941-09-26-pg01
Wilson, Charlele / William Hunt                Wedding              1943-12-03-pg01
Wise County Oil Well                News                1942-10-23-pg01
Wolverton, Jean / Charles, Frank Richard                Wedding              1943-03-12-pg01
Workers Frozen in Jobs                News                1942-10-30-pg03
Wright, Dave   Obituary                1942-11-27-pg01