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1944-1946 - Names Index

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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
1,858 WWII veterans in Wise County            Story            1946-10-04-pg01
10 Men Leave for Army and Navy-list            Story            1944-08-11-pg03
1936 & 37 graduating classes hold reunion            Story            1946-12-13-pg01
Abbercrombie, Bennett B.            Story            1945-02-16-pg04
Abbott, Lura Paulette  (Lewis E.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Able, Boyce            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Accepted for Army Service Oct 23rd - long list            Story            1944-10-27-pg01
Acker, D.E., Rev.            Story            1946-11-08-pg03
Acme Brick Plant makes improvements            Story            1946-09-27-pg01
Adams, John            Story            1945-01-05-pg04
Adams, John H., Mrs.     Story            1944-07-21-pg01
Adams, John Henry  Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Adams, John Henry  Story            1945-04-13-pg01
Admire, Robert            Story            1945-03-30-pg03
Airplane Accident near Weatherford kills 18            Story            1945-08-24-pg01
Alexander, Bill, Mrs.     Story            1945-08-10-pg02
Alexander, Dennis Glen  (Earl D.)            Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Alexander, Keith            Story            1944-04-28-pg01
Alford, Betty Jo/Richard Jack Carter            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Allen, H.W.W., Rev.     Story            1946-12-27-pg04
Allen, Harold Donald  (Lewis L.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Allen, Sharon Laura   Birth            1945-07-27-pg02
Allen, Velma/Tommie Garrett            Wedding        1945-04-06-pg04
Allen, William Spencer/Harriett Routh White            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Allgood, B.C.            Story            1944-03-31-pg02
Allison, A.L.            Story            1945-07-27-pg01
Allison, A.L.            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Allred, Sandra Earlene (Woody)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Allsbrooks, Weldon Bailey/Delores Iolene Gandy            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Anderson, Baby Boy  (Curtis)            Birth            1944-02-11-pg01
Anderson, Curtis, Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1945-02-16-pg03
Anderson, Lula Jane Fisher            Obituary          1944-04-07-pg01
Anderson, Roy, Rev.     Story            1945-02-16-pg01
Anderson, T.J. Family Reunion            Story            1944-02-04-pg02
Anderson, T.J. 'Tom'   Story            1944-06-30-pg01
Ansley, Johnny            Story            1945-07-13-pg04
Arcadia Theatre opening            Story            1946-12-13-pg01
Arcadia Theatre opening            Story            1946-12-20-pg01
Armes, Baz            Obituary          1944-02-11-pg01
Armes, Joyce/Raymond Mara            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
Armstrong, Ted            Obituary          1944-07-07-pg01
Arwine, Ike            Story            1944-06-23-pg01
Arwine/Armine, James D.            Story            1944-04-28-pg01
Atkinson, Warren Thomas            Story            1944-01-14-pg04
Audubon Land Use Profect            Story            1945-07-06-pg01
B.T.U. Intermediate Social - list attending            Story            1945-07-06-pg02
Badger, Marvin W.       Story            1945-09-14-pg01
Bailey, Carman            Story            1945-09-21-pg03
Bailey, Carmon/Helen Magin            Wedding        1945-04-20-pg01
Bailey, J.R.            Story            1945-07-27-pg03
Bailey, Thomas J.            Story            1946-10-04-pg06
Baker, Billie Rae            Picture            1946-10-18-pg01
Baker, Mary/Kenneth Adell Sowell            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Baldridge, V.E.            Story            1946-11-15-pg06
Ball, Richard O.            Obituary          1945-04-06-pg03
Baptist Brotherhood meeting            Story            1945-03-09-pg01
Barker, Effie Holcomb            Obituary          1945-01-05-pg01
Barker, Margaret Troxell            Obituary          1946-11-08-pg06
Barker, Russell P.            Obituary          1945-07-06-pg01
Barnett, John family reunion            Story            1945-04-06-pg02
Barnett, Mary Elizabeth Stutt            Obituary          1946-12-20-pg06
Barnett, Sandra Fern  (Ivy Otto)    Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Bass, John W.            Obituary          1944-11-10-pg01
Baughn, Donald Eugene (Willard Irvin)            Birth            1946-12-06-pg01
Bays, Harold Lynn     Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Eliza Lee Bays           1946-09-20-pg06
Bean, Velta Mae  (Roy)   Birth            1944-07-07-pg01
Bearden, J.C. 'Curley'            Story            1944-10-27-pg01
Beauchamp, Ruth Lee Moorman            Obituary          1944-10-13-pg01
Belcher, E.W./Wanda Nell Mitchell            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Belsick, Linda Lou (Ted)            Obituary          1944-07-14-pg01
Bennett, Thomas Howard (William H.)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Bevill, W.E.            Story            1944-07-07-pg01
Beville, Tennis, Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1945-05-11-pg01
Billie Green Dry Goods to move to Funk Building            Story            1945-04-27-pg03
Bingham, Elbert            Story            1945-01-05-pg01
Bingham, Elbert T.         Story            1945-01-19-pg01
Bingham, Elbert T.         Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Bingham, Elbert T.         Story            1945-06-29-pg01
Bingham, Elbert, Jr.        Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Bingham, Justin M.        Story            1944-03-10-pg01
Bingham, Justin M.        Story            1944-06-16-pg03
Bingham, Justin M.        Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Bingham, Walter - Family Reunion            Story            1944-07-14-pg01
Bird, Fluff Story            1945-07-27-pg02
Bird, L.C. Story            1946-12-20-pg01
Bird, Rex  Story            1945-09-14-pg01
Bird, Rex A.            Story            1945-01-19-pg01
Bird, Rex H./Mada T. Walker            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Bishop, Joe B.            Obituary          1944-12-01-pg01
Black, A.W. - family reunion            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Blankenship, Robert E./McDonald, Jewell Hill            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Blanton, William C.        Story            1944-09-29-pg03
Blue, Loyd            Obituary          1945-09-14-pg01
Boase, James            Story            1945-04-27-pg03
Boase, James            Story            1945-06-29-pg01
Boaz, Cleo            Story            1945-09-28-pg02
Bobo, William H./Mary Lesta Thornton            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Bolton, Joseph Edward            Obituary          1944-03-17-pg01
Bombing Runs will be made daily at Lake Bridgeport            Story            1945-03-16-pg01
Bonner, Baby Girl  (Cpl Tommy)            Birth            1944-11-10-pg01
Bordner, Frank            Story            1945-03-30-pg02
Bordner, John            Story            1945-04-06-pg04
Bost, R.E., Rev.            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Bost, William L.            Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Boswell, Ethel, Miss / McDaniel, Jess            Wedding        1944-07-14-pg03
Boulware, Edwin            Story            1945-05-18-pg01
Boulware, John B./Cleo Adella Poore            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Boulware, O.L., Jr.        Story            1944-04-28-pg01
Boulware, O.L., Jr.        Story            1944-07-07-pg01
Bowers, J.B./Mrs. Eula Smith            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Bowlin, William Rhea    Story            1945-03-09-pg01
Bowlin, William Rhea    Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Bowman, W.P./Alice Houston            Wedding        1945-06-29-pg04
Boyd School Honor Rolls - lists     Story            1946-11-15-pg03
Boyd, J.G.            Story            1946-11-08-pg01
Boydston, E.F.            Obituary          1945-08-31-pg04
Boydston, Joe            Obituary          1945-05-04-pg01
Boydston, Leonard Barty (Leonard F.)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Bradford, James Patrick            Obituary          1944-11-17-pg03
Bradley, Doyle Glenn (Johnie D.)       Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Brady, J. Wallace            Story            1944-01-14-pg01
Branner, Alice NeSmith            Obituary          1945-04-06-pg03
Brasher, Opal Doris/Clyde Calvin Pounds            Wedding        1945-09-14-pg04
Brawner, Pauline/Claud C. Caraway            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Bray, Arthur M./Deana M. Hall            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Bray, John C.            Story            1945-07-20-pg04
Brazier, Ollie, Mrs.     Story            1945-05-18-pg01
Brewer, Billy Jay & Nellie Faye            Birth            1945-06-29-pg04
Brewer, John Kelley Birth            1944-06-30-pg01
Brewer, Joseph Cecil   Story            1945-03-02-pg01
Bridgeport High 25 Seniors named  News            1944-10-06-pg01
Bridgeport School enrolment of 509 - list of teachers            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Bridgeport School Teachers - listing  Story            1945-09-07-pg01
Bridgeport Schools - numbers enrolled in grades  Story            1945-09-14-pg01
Bridges, Barbara Louise (T.W.)            Birth            1946-11-01-pg01
Bridges, Charles A./Marie Waller            Wedding        1945-08-03-pg02
Bridges, Stanley B.        Story            1945-05-04-pg01
Briley, Evalyn Henson            Obituary          1945-07-27-pg01
Brock Cleaning Plant sells to  Mrs. W.G. Locke & L.A. White   Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Brock, L.A.            Picture            1946-09-27-pg06
Brock, L.A.            Picture            1946-10-04-pg04
Brown, Alf, Jr.            Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Brown, Alfred Foy (Foy)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Brown, Bently            Story            1944-08-11-pg03
Brown, Bently B.            Story            1945-03-02-pg01
Brown, Guy, Jr.            Story            1945-03-30-pg03
Brown, J.T., Mrs.            Obituary          1944-01-07-pg01
Brown, James Isach 'J.T.'            Obituary          1944-06-30-pg01
Brown, Lawrence            Story            1945-09-14-pg01
Brown, O. Ray            Story            1945-06-08-pg03
Brown, Tom W., Mrs.            Obituary          1944-02-04-pg01
Brown, W.A.            Story            1944-02-11-pg03
Brown, W.A.            Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Bryan, M.A., Judge            Obituary          1944-09-08-pg03
Buckingham, Faye            Obituary          1944-01-14-pg02
Bullies players listed   Story            1946-10-11-pg04
Bunch, Juanita Alexnader/Johnson, James Charles            Wedding        1944-11-17-pg01
Bunnell, Doald Wayne     Son born to Mr. & Mrs Herman Monroe Bunnell    1946-12-06-pg01
Burchard, Winfred E.         Story            1945-09-21-pg03
Burk, James S.            Story            1945-09-21-pg03
Burkhart, Prentice Foster (Robert)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Burleson, Dale            Picture            1945-05-25-pg01
Burton, F.W.            Story            1944-10-06-pg01
Burton, F.W.            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Businesses (about 35 listed)            Story            1945-05-11-pg03
Butler, J.E. - family reunion            Story            1946-11-01-pg01
Byrnes, Tommy            Obituary          1945-08-03-pg01
Byrnes, Tommy            Obituary          1945-08-10-pg04
Byrnes, Tommy            Obituary          1945-08-31-pg01
Byrom, William F.            Story            1945-06-29-pg04
Calcote, D.W., Rev.     Story            1945-09-21-pg03
Caldwell, Charles C.            Obituary          1945-05-18-pg01
Caleote, D.W., Rev.     Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Camp Fire Girls - names of 17 girls     Story            1945-04-27-pg02
Camp Fire Girls Meet - list attending            Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Campbell, Joe J.            Obituary          1944-02-11-pg01
Campbell, John E./Mona Fay Reeves            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Candidate List for Election            Story            1944-07-21-pg03
Canova, Barbara Joan (Angelo)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Caram, Arthur            Story            1944-09-08-pg01
Caram, Arthur            Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Caraway, Claud C./Pauline Brawner            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Caraway, Ruby Norene/Larry Claton Starnes            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Carlton, Rayford            Story            1944-08-11-pg04
Carpenter, Edmond Wayne (Edmond W.)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Carpenter, John W.       Picture            1945-08-03-pg04
Carter, Bert S., Jr./Pearl Paine            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Carter, Richard Jack/Betty Jo Alford            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Caruthers, Emma A. Haynes            Obituary          1945-04-27-pg01
Cary, Pearl/Monroe Henderson            Wedding        1944-04-07-pg01
Cary, W.E.            Story            1944-04-28-pg01
Cash, Surch Eugene Story            1945-08-31-pg02
Castillo, Ausencion  (Felix) Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Casto, Billie Louise / Johns, Charles            Wedding        1944-01-14-pg04
Cayce, C.L. buys Raven Hatchery            Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Cazzell, Nellie Marie/George Riley Hinton            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Chadwick, Jim            Obituary          1945-06-08-pg01
Champman, Terrell A./Clara Massey            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Chapman, Carol Ann (Vernon)            Birth            1945-04-27-pg02
Chapman, Irwin Stanley/Mildred Lynda Holland            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Charles, Goldie            Story            1944-11-03-pg04
Charles, Goldie            Story            1945-03-16-pg01
Cheer leaders for year listed            Story            1946-10-11-pg04
Cheeves, Iva            Story            1944-07-21-pg01
Chemurgic Plant 'dehydrating sweet potatoes' to open    Story            1945-03-23-pg02
Cheves, Iva            Story            1945-03-23-pg01
Cheves, Norris            Story            1945-03-09-pg01
Cheves, Oscar Franklin            Obituary          1944-03-24-pg01
Chilton, Jonnie Michael (George Alexander)            Birth            1944-01-21-pg01
Chitwood, W.D. 'Dallas'            Obituary          1945-04-27-pg01
Clark, James Robert/Suleen May            Wedding        1945-05-04-pg01
Clark, Samuel Patterson            Obituary          1946-11-22-pg01
Class officers named for Sophomores & Juniors Story            1944-10-13-pg01
Clay Frank            Story            1944-01-14-pg01
Clay, Frank            Story            1944-07-14-pg03
Clay, Frank & L.C. Slimp 4 votes apart            Story            1944-09-08-pg01
Clemmer, John E., Jr.        Picture            1945-01-26-pg01
Cobb, Baby Girl (Walter)            Birth            1945-03-30-pg04
Cobb, Charles            Story            1944-09-22-pg02
Cobb, Charles L.            Story            1945-01-26-pg02
Cobb, Janice Ann (Walter N.)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Coffee, W.H.            Story            1944-01-14-pg01
Coffman, White            Story            1946-12-20-pg06
Cokendolpher, Floyd & Loyd            Story            1944-03-03-pg01
Cokendolpher, Loyd    Story            1945-05-11-pg01
Colgrove, Tommy            Picture            1945-05-25-pg01
Collier, Mattie Blake            Obituary          1945-03-30-pg04
Collins, Nannie            Obituary          1945-05-25-pg01
Cook, Bill L.            Story            1944-12-01-pg01
Cook, Bill Leslie            Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Cooper, Vida Mat/Jeffie Lee Sherman            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Cooper, W.H./Claudie Mitchell            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Cooper, W.H./Claudie Mitchell            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Corpus, Iva Lea/Lloyd Lane            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Corse, Joe Helen Byers   Story            1944-06-30-pg01
Counts, Etta/Walter C. Dunlap            Wedding        1945-04-06-pg04
Counts, Rena Estelle/Gerald Lee Worthington            Wedding        1946-12-13-pg06
County Agent & Demonstration Agent to be reinstated for county  Story            1945-08-24-pg01
County Men Leave for Service - List            Story            1945-01-12-pg01
Cox, Gerald, D.            Story            1944-11-03-pg01
Cox, Infant (Harvey)            Obituary          1945-09-07-pg04
Cox, John Q., Jr.            Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Cox, Johnnie Michael            Story            1946-11-08-pg01
Cox, O.L. Story            1945-01-05-pg02
Cox, Oscar, Jr. & Mrs.     Story            1946-11-08-pg01
Crawford, Charles D.        Story            1945-06-01-pg01
Crawford, Charles D.        Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Crissey, Julia            Story            1944-06-23-pg03
Cross, Lou Ann     Daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt P.           1946-09-20-pg06
Crouch, Buford D./Vivian Jones            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Crumm, Otis E.            Story            1945-07-27-pg01
Culpepper, Eddie R.        Story            1945-04-27-pg01
Culpepper, Eddie R.        Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Culpepper, J.M. sells Jack's Food Store to Spot Cash            Story            1945-03-30-pg02
Culpepper, Lawrence            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Culwell, Imogene 'Jean'   Picture            1946-11-08-pg01
Culwell, Sam J.            Obituary          1944-01-07-pg01
Cunningham, James B.            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Curley, Stephen            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Curley, W.S. & J.W.     Story            1946-12-13-pg01
Darlington, Alma            Obituary          1945-01-19-pg01
Dart, Clifford            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Davidson, Baby Boy (Donald)            Birth            1945-05-11-pg01
Davidson, Welton Hiram / Tucker, Bula Evelyn, Miss            Wedding        1944-05-19-pg02
Davis, Jeff P.            Obituary          1944-02-04-pg01
Davis, Jim Debs            Obituary          1945-07-20-pg02
Davis, Lonnie E.            Story            1944-03-17-pg01
Davis, Marvin            Story            1944-06-30-pg01
Davis, Ralph W./Sarah Glynn Gilbreath            Wedding        1945-07-20-pg03
Davis, W.C.            Story            1944-09-29-pg01
Davis, W.C.            Story            1944-11-17-pg01
Day, Joe   Picture            1945-05-18-pg01
D-Day Siren-Prayer Story            1944-06-16-pg03
Deatherage, Betty Louise (Orbon Wesley)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Deathridge, Robert Floyd  (Orbin W.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Deatliff, Ita Marie/T.J. Petty            Wedding        1946-12-13-pg01
Deaton, Patricia Sue (J.J.)            Birth            1946-11-08-pg03
Decatur Baptist College doubles enrollment to 79        Story            1944-09-22-pg01
Decatur Baptist College Opens for 53rd year            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Decker, Earl, Pvt. / House, Vista Mae            Wedding        1944-01-21-pg01
Dehydration Plant new Peeler            Picture            1945-05-11-pg01
Dethloff, Herchell E. 'Charles', Pfc.            Obituary          1944-10-27-pg01
Dethloff, Herschel E.             Obituary          1944-09-22-pg01
Dethloff, Herschel E. 'Slim'            Story            1944-08-11-pg02
Dethloff, James H.            Story            1944-04-28-pg04
Dethloff, Martha Josephine McElroy            Obituary          1944-01-07-pg01
Dethloff, Martin L.         Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Dethloff, Martin L.         Story            1945-04-06-pg03
Dethloff, Raymond L.            Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Devine, Clarence E.         Story            1945-09-07-pg04
Dickenson, Donald Wayne (James L.)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Dillehay, C.P., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1946-11-08-pg01
Dillihay, Sherry Jane (C.P.)            Birth            1944-11-10-pg01
Dodds, Worthy G.            Story            1944-09-29-pg04
Dodson, Ralph            Story            1945-09-21-pg04
Dodson, Thomas L.         Story            1945-07-20-pg04
Dodson, Thomas L.         Story            1946-11-15-pg01
Doyle, Larry L./Mildred Louise Morgan            Wedding        1945-09-14-pg03
Dreskill, Milford   Son born to Mr. & Mrs. John T.            1946-09-20-pg06
Driver, Clyde, Mrs.     Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Duck, Baby Girl (K.H.)  Birth            1946-11-01-pg03
Duck, William Harry / Greer, Edna Earl, Miss            Wedding        1944-11-10-pg04
Duffle, Dean F./Freeda Bob Linehan            Wedding        1946-11-22-pg08
Dunlap, Walter C./Etta Counts            Wedding        1945-04-06-pg04
Dunn, Faye buys Evans Café from Edna Wilkinson            Story            1944-09-15-pg02
Durbin, J.H., Mrs.            Picture            1945-05-18-pg01
Durham, W.F. (Bill)            Story          1944-02-04-pg01
Dutton, Ernest L.            Obituary          1944-08-11-pg01
Dycas, Jennie Lee Paschall            Story            1944-06-02-pg04
Dycas, Roger            Story            1944-06-02-pg04
Dycus, Roger, USN / Paschall, Jennie Lee, Miss            Wedding        1944-04-14-pg01
Eakin, F.D.            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Earley, J.H.            Story            1945-01-05-pg04
Early, Edgar V.            Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Earp, Virginia buys Evans Café from Edna Wilkinson            Story            1944-09-15-pg02
Easley, Gladys            Story            1944-07-21-pg01
Easley, Gladys            Story            1944-08-18-pg01
Economy Cash Grocery changes name to Kaker Bros.            Story            1945-06-08-pg02
Edmonson, S.E., Sgt. / Lester, Iris, Miss            Wedding        1944-12-01-pg04
Edwards, Alden V.        Story            1945-01-12-pg02
Edwards, L.J./Minnie Thurmond            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Egloff, Jo Ann/James Allen Parr            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Elder, Franklin Lester  Story            1944-03-24-pg01
Elder, George            Story            1945-06-01-pg02
Elders, Bobby            Picture            1946-09-20-pg01
Election results for county offices Story            1944-07-28-pg01
Elliott, Claude            Story            1944-03-24-pg04
Erickson, Shirley/Darrell Parish            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Ethridge, Baby Girl (W.J.)            Birth            1944-03-17-pg04
Evans, Baraba Dee  (John)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Evans, Cotton            Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Evans, Francis            Story            1944-08-25-pg02
Evans, James E.            Story            1944-04-21-pg02
Evans, James E. 'Cotton'            Story            1944-08-04-pg01
Evans, James Edward            Story            1944-03-31-pg01
Evans, James/Doris Reid            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
Evans, William Frances            Story            1944-08-04-pg01
Fagg, Earl C.            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Farm Numbers Down in County Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Farris, Mary G./Earl E. Watkins            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Feeder Breeder Assn Elects Officers - list            Story            1945-09-14-pg01
Ferguson, J.R., Rev.     Story            1946-12-27-pg04
Ferguson, John R., Rev.     Story            1944-10-27-pg01
Ferguson, John R., Rev.     Story            1944-11-17-pg01
Ferguson, John R., Rev.     Picture            1945-01-26-pg04
Ferguson, John R., Rev.     Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Ferguson, Ralph/Trula Jo House            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
FFA boys ag class names            Story            1944-10-06-pg03
FFA chapter officers and sweetheart            Story            1944-10-20-pg01
FFA Chapter officers listed            Story            1946-10-18-pg01
FFA Project Show - list of entries Story            1945-02-16-pg01
FFA Project Show - list of entries, cont.            Story            1945-02-16-pg02
Findley, Howard R.        Story            1944-11-17-pg01
Finley, Charles W.            Obituary          1945-05-04-pg03
Finley, Wilson            Story            1945-09-28-pg01
First Baptist Church building            Picture            1946-09-20-pg10
First Baptist Church building            Picture            1946-10-04-pg06
First Baptist Church -Johnnie & Margueritta            Picture            1946-11-01-pg02
Fisher, LaVelle            Story            1944-11-10-pg04
Fisher, LaVelle            Story            1945-08-31-pg03
Fletcher, Kyle C.            Story            1945-04-06-pg02
Fletcher, Kyle C.            Story            1945-06-08-pg02
Flickinger, Harry Emge, Jr.            Story            1945-07-20-pg04
Flickinger, Harry, Jr.        Picture            1945-08-10-pg01
Florida, John D./Allie Belle Mathis            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Florida, Robert Ellsworth            Obituary          1945-04-13-pg02
Forbess Store Sells to B.R. Bolteler            Story            1944-08-18-pg01
Ford, Willie M. / Jarnagan, Temple T.            Wedding        1944-09-29-pg02
Foreman, Cleo R.            Story            1945-01-12-pg02
Franks, A.E. -buys interest in Mattress & Broom Factory            Story            1944-09-08-pg03
Freeman, Jerry Joseph (George)      Birth         1944-11-03-pg04
Freeman, Sharow Gay (Hickey E.)       Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Freight Trains Crash, 3 Hurt            Story            1944-08-11-pg01
Frost, Earl E.            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Frost, Earl, Mrs.            Story            1946-09-20-pg04
Fry, R.W.  Story            1944-08-18-pg04
Fry, Sarah Elizabeth            Obituary          1945-09-07-pg01
Fuller, Hardy Lay, Jr.            Obituary          1944-02-18-pg01
Fuller, Robert Earl            Obituary          1945-08-31-pg01
Fundamentalist Baptist Church building plans            Story            1944-02-25-pg02
Gage, George T.            Obituary          1944-12-01-pg02
Galy, Glen Story            1944-12-08-pg01
Gandy, Delores Iolene/Weldon Bailey Allsbrooks            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Garrett, Jimmie            Story            1945-04-27-pg03
Garrett, Paul            Story            1946-10-18-pg02
Garrett, Tommie            Story            1945-04-27-pg03
Garrett, Tommie/Velma Allen            Wedding        1945-04-06-pg04
Gary-Nees Lumber Co. Celebrates 3rd Anniversary            Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Gasaway, Mona Rae  (W.L)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Gentry & Lyles Families Hold Reunion            Story            1946-09-27-pg06
Gettys, E.M.            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Gilbreath, Sarah Glynn/Ralph W. Davis            Wedding        1945-07-20-pg03
Gilliland, Earnest Clarence            Obituary          1944-10-06-pg01
Gilliland, Paul            Obituary          1944-11-03-pg01
Glass, Herman            Story            1945-08-03-pg04
Gober, Hubert            Story            1945-08-03-pg04
Gober, Thomas Samuel            Obituary          1944-02-25-pg01
Gober, Thomas Samuel            Obituary          1944-02-25-pg03
Goggans, Clarence     Obituary     1945-08-24-pg01
Goode, R.S., Mrs.            Story            1946-11-01-pg01
Goode, Richard S., Jr.   Story            1944-08-11-pg04
Grand Jury members listed            Story            1944-12-01-pg01
Granstaff, Sarah Bradley            Obituary          1945-03-09-pg03
Green, B.A.            Story            1944-10-20-pg01
Green, B.A., Mrs.            Story            1944-11-17-pg01
Green, Billie Buys Boteler's Store            Story            1945-02-16-pg01
Green, Cecil E.            Story            1945-06-08-pg03
Green, Clinton D.            Story            1944-03-24-pg03
Green, Clinton D.            Story            1944-04-07-pg01
Green, J.B., Mrs.            Story            1945-02-23-pg04
Green, Lillie Maxine / Ordway, Gordon            Wedding        1944-04-21-pg02
Green, Orval E.            Story            1944-05-19-pg02
Green, Orville Lee            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Green, Robert Lee            Story            1945-06-08-pg03
Green, Rupert            Story            1946-12-20-pg06
Green, Susie Sarah Waddell            Obituary          1945-03-23-pg01
Green, Susie Sarah Waddell            Obituary          1945-04-06-pg02
Green, Theresa Matilda Juny            Obituary          1944-10-13-pg02
Green, Tom, Mrs.            Obituary          1945-03-16-pg01
Greer, Edna Earl, Miss / Duck, William Harry            Wedding        1944-11-10-pg04
Gregg, Beulah            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Grill, Charlie             Birth            1946-10-18-pg02
Grisham, James            Story            1945-04-20-pg01
Groves, Gerald Wayne Son born to Mr. & Mrs. John William         1944-03-17-pg01
Grundy, Joe L./Ellen Vance            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Gulley, Mary Parmella Kinnard            Obituary          1944-02-04-pg01
Hale, Bobby Wayne  (LeRoy)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Hall, Deana M./Bray, Arthur M.            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Hall, Gerrald E.            Story            1945-09-28-pg03
Hall, Joyce H.            Story            1944-08-25-pg04
Hall, Nell Elizabeth            Obituary          1944-01-14-pg02
Hall, Sylvia Dean / Wallace, Tobe B., Jr. S/Sgt.            Wedding        1944-07-14-pg03
Hall, Walter Martin (Thomas Hall)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Hamilton, Cynthia Hines            Obituary          1945-02-16-pg01
Hancock, Wade/Newby, Bobbye Jean (sent in by Lee & Carol Veal )            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Haney, Archie E.            Story            1945-03-02-pg01
Haney, Clifton            Story            1945-09-14-pg02
Haney, Duane            Obituary          1945-05-04-pg01
Haney, Joe H.            Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Haney, Johnnie Duane  Picture            1945-07-06-pg01
Hardee, S.B./Vera Frances Morgan            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Hardee, William Roy            Obituary          1945-01-05-pg01
Harden, Farris W.            Story            1944-09-22-pg01
Harden, Farris W.            Story            1944-10-27-pg04
Harder, Joe, Pfc. / Railey, Leona, Miss            Wedding        1944-03-24-pg03
Hardin, Farris            Story            1944-08-11-pg02
Hardy, Harry            Obituary          1944-03-17-pg01
Hardy, Virginia Hope   Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Harges, Peter B.            Obituary          1946-12-06-pg01
Harris, La Verne/Chelcie Parkey            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Harris, W.U., Mrs.            Story            1945-06-01-pg04
Harrison, E.B.            Picture            1944-07-21-pg04
Hartsell, Bob            Obituary          1945-06-29-pg01
Hartsell, Claudia Jan  (Roy)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Hartsell, Coy B.            Story            1944-04-28-pg01
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt.            Obituary          1944-03-24-pg01
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt.            Obituary          1944-03-31-pg01
Hartsell, Ike            Story            1944-01-14-pg01
Harwood, George buys Cheeves Variety Store            Story            1944-01-28-pg01
Harwood, H.R. 'George'            Story            1945-05-18-pg01
Hassell, Davis F./Helen Elaine Stewart            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Hawkins, Bert            Picture            1945-04-06-pg02
Hawkins, D.S.            Obituary          1946-12-13-pg01
Hawkins, W.A. family  Story            1946-11-22-pg08
Heath, Ovella/Edson Owens            Wedding        1944-01-07-pg04
Hembree, Gwendolyn/John E. Shelton            Wedding        1945-01-05-pg01
Henderson, Claud            Story            1945-01-05-pg02
Henderson, Claud            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Henderson, Monroe/Pearl Cary            Wedding        1944-04-07-pg01
Henley, Melba Joyce/E.D. Mabe, Jr.            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Henry, J.C.            Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Hicks, J.R., Rev.            Story            1944-08-11-pg01
High School News staff listed            Story            1946-10-18-pg01
Hill, Howard P./Aline Sanders            Wedding        1945-01-12-pg01
Hill, James W.            Obituary          1945-02-16-pg01
Hill, James W.            Obituary           1945-02-23-pg01
Hill, Lee   Story            1944-04-21-pg02
Hill, W.F.            Obituary          1944-02-04-pg04
Hines, Dick            Obituary          1946-11-01-pg01
Hines, Embry            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Hines, Embry            Story            1945-06-29-pg01
Hines, Embry            Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Hines, Embry            Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Hines, Embry, Mrs.     Story            1944-06-02-pg01
Hines, Mary Ann            Story            1944-05-26-pg01
Hines, W.E.            Story            1944-10-06-pg01
Hinkle, Lloyd            Story            1946-12-20-pg06
Hinsley, Mary Lou/John H. Newsom            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Hinton, George Riley/Nellie Marie Cazzell            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Hipp, Louie F.            Story            1945-04-20-pg03
Hodge, Effie Marie/Calvin Jake Tucker            Wedding        1944-09-15-pg03
Hodge, Effie Marie/Calvin Jake Tucker            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Hodge, Jimmie Ray (Earl L.)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Hoffman, James            Story            1945-05-04-pg01
Holland, Mildred Lynda/Irwin Stanley Chapman            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Holland, S.G.            Obituary          1944-11-03-pg01
Holland, S.G.            Obituary          1944-11-10-pg01
Holt, Alva Jewell            Story            1944-03-10-pg01
Holt, Dan Moody/Jaunita Louise Person            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Holt, Danny Dale  (Harold)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Holt, Jerry Randal (Arthur Nelson)            Birth            1944-01-21-pg01
Holt, Robert Royce  (Aulsie Boyce) Birth            1944-01-21-pg01
Hood, Lorenella Jane  (Loren W.)      Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Hood, Ruby            Story            1945-05-18-pg01
Hoover, Sarah Jane Barnett            Obituary          1944-10-13-pg02
Hornback, Molly Frances/Ray Rhine            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Houchins, Eddie Leon  (Leon)            Birth            1944-10-20-pg02
Houchins, Leon            Story            1945-06-29-pg04
House, Drew Thomas            Story            1944-03-31-pg01
House, G.C., Rev.            Story            1944-12-01-pg01
House, G.C., Rev.            Story            1944-12-01-pg03
House, J. Frank buys store from W.R. Panter  Story            1944-11-10-pg01
House, James Frank            Obituary          1945-02-23-pg01
House, James Frank            Obituary          1945-03-02-pg01
House, James Frank            Obituary          1945-03-09-pg04
House, James Frank   Story            1945-07-27-pg01
House, James Frank   Story            1945-08-24-pg01
House, James Frank            Obituary          1945-01-05-pg01
House, Nettie            Obituary          1944-03-31-pg01
House, Trula Jo/Ralph Ferguson            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
House, Vista Mae / Decker, Earl, Pvt.            Wedding        1944-01-21-pg01
Houston, Alice/W.P. Bowman            Wedding        1945-06-29-pg04
Howard, Adrian A./Louise Lynch            Wedding        1945-06-01-pg04
Howard, James V.        Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Howell, Mary A./James S. McDaniel            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg06
Howle, B.S. 'Scottie', Lt.            Obituary          1944-07-14-pg01
Huckabee, H.C.            Story            1946-11-01-pg03
Hudnall, Glen R.            Story            1945-09-21-pg03
Hudson, Edgebert T.         Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Hudson, Ewell Lee      Story            1945-08-24-pg02
Hudson, Joseph Price            Obituary          1945-05-25-pg01
Hudson, R.A. buys Cheves Grocery            Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Hudson, Russell, Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1945-06-08-pg03
Hudson, S.R.            Story            1945-05-18-pg01
Hudson, Stanley R.        Story            1945-01-12-pg04
Hudspeth, W.D.            Picture            1946-09-20-pg01
Huezdos, Johnnie A.        Story            1945-02-23-pg02
Hughes, George Luther            Obituary          1946-09-27-pg01
Hunn, Clay            Story            1945-04-13-pg01
Hunter, Bert            Story            1945-03-16-pg01
Hunter, Frances, Miss    Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Hunter, Frances, Miss    Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Hunter, Julia            Picture            1944-07-21-pg01
Husdon, Edgbert            Story            1944-02-11-pg03
Hutcheson, Abraham            Obituary          1945-03-16-pg03
Hutcheson, W.H.            Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Hutson, O.B., Rev.     Picture            1945-01-26-pg03
Ingle, James Edward  (Azie E.)       Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Isom, R.W./Pauline Sasse            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Ivey, Jackie Joe (H.T.)            Obituary          1944-02-11-pg02
Ivy, Harry T.            Obituary          1944-02-11-pg02
Jackson, Helmer William            Story            1944-06-30-pg01
Jackson, John            Obituary          1946-10-04-pg06
Jackson, John William            Obituary          1946-10-11-pg01
Jackson, Lester A.            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Jackson, William Allen            Obituary          1945-08-31-pg03
Jackson, William Darwin  (William L.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Jackson, William G.        Story            1945-08-10-pg02
Jarnagin, Temple T. / Ford, Willie M.            Wedding        1944-09-29-pg02
Jefferson, J.H./Annie Tanahill            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Jennings, A.T. Buys New Home for His Laundry            Story            1944-08-18-pg01
Jennings, A.T. moves wash house to Leonard building            Story            1944-09-29-pg01
Jennings, Alma            Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Jennings, Orville Ray  (Tommy O.)       Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Jeter, Pollard            Story            1944-01-21-pg02
Jeter, Pollard, Jr.            Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Johns, Charles            Story            1944-05-19-pg02
Johns, Charles / Casto, Billie Louise            Wedding        1944-01-14-pg04
Johnson, Earl C.            Story            1945-06-01-pg01
Johnson, Elwood T.         Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Johnson, Georgetta            Story            1945-05-11-pg01
Johnson, Glenn            Story            1946-09-27-pg08
Johnson, James Charles / Bunch, Juanita Alexander, Mrs.            Wedding        1944-11-17-pg01
Johnson, Kizzie R. Downs            Obituary          1946-10-18-pg02
Johnson, Thomas R./Olevia E. Talley            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Jones, Annie Nell/LeRoy Newton Schlittler            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Jones, Baby Boy  (William)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Jones, Bert F./Betty Lou McCollough            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Jones, E.L., Mrs. - Family Reunion            Story            1944-06-23-pg04
Jones, E.W. buys Kaker Bros. Hardware            Story            1945-03-30-pg04
Jones, E.W. new owner of Kaker Hardware            Story            1945-03-23-pg03
Jones, Julious H., Mrs.     Story            1944-10-06-pg01
Jones, M.E., Mrs.            Obituary          1944-08-25-pg01
Jones, Mary Evelyn/Delwyn Ray Scott            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Jones, T.E.            Obituary          1944-01-21-pg01
Jones, Viola Pearl/Cecil Owen            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Jones, Vivian/Buford D. Crouch            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Jordan, Holman            Story            1946-11-01-pg01
Junior Class Elects Officers            Story            1945-09-28-pg03
Junior Class Play - cast members listed   Story            1944-11-24-pg01
Kaker, Baby Boy  (Arlan)            Birth            1944-04-28-pg03
Kaker, Baby Son  (Sam)  Birth            1944-12-01-pg01
Kaker, Irma Frances            Story            1945-08-31-pg03
Kaker, Irma Frances            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Kaker, John (Orlan C.)            Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Kaker, Melvin            Story            1944-03-31-pg01
Kaker, Oscar Henry  Story            1945-02-16-pg01
Kammeter, Angeline E./Willie R. Wilson            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Kasner, Fred S.            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Kasner, Fred S.            Story            1945-09-28-pg04
Kasner, Mattie            Obituary          1945-04-20-pg01
Kasner, Robert Matt (Fred Simon) Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Keen, Willis Arvin            Obituary          1945-06-08-pg02
Kelley, C.F., Jr.            Picture            1945-06-08-pg02
Kelly, Francis Virginia/Delbert Ray Pierce            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Kendall, J.S., Judge            Obituary          1944-02-11-pg01
Kendrick, T.J.            Story            1945-04-13-pg01
Kennedy, Bedford A.            Story            1945-01-05-pg01
King, Baby Boy (J.D., Jr.)            Birth            1944-01-14-pg04
King, Cecil J.            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
King, Clinton Billy    Story            1945-01-19-pg01
King, Eddie Wayland (J.D., Jr.)       Birth            1944-01-21-pg01
King, Emma            Obituary          1945-02-16-pg01
King, John E.            Story            1945-08-24-pg01
King, Ruby            Story            1944-11-03-pg01
Kirkpatrick, L.D.            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Kirkpatrick, L.D.            Story            1946-09-20-pg04
Knight, R.W./Dorothy Neel Vandiver            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Knight, William B.        Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Knox, Audavee B.        Story            1945-08-10-pg04
Knox, Joseph P.            Obituary          1946-11-01-pg01
Knox, Paul Edd (Joseph Paul)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg07
Laird, Billie, Pfc.            Obituary          1944-09-15-pg01
Laird, Walter            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Lake Bridgeport Hospital Project Story            1944-10-13-pg03
Lancaster, Stanley Earl  (Jack)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Land, Presley B.            Obituary          1945-09-21-pg02
Lane, Lloyd/Iva Lea Corpus            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Largent, Anna Belle            Obituary          1944-11-03-pg01
Largent, Charles Ray (Lenley)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Law, W.R. 'Bob'            Obituary          1945-01-12-pg01
Lawrence, Opal Faye / Pike, Thomas Durmont, Cpl.            Wedding        1944-02-04-pg02
Lawrence, Spurgeon/Sadie Matar            Wedding        1946-10-18-pg01
Layfield, Sanford M.        Story            1945-07-20-pg01
Leave for Army - list of 13            Story            1944-09-08-pg01
Leave for Army - list of 18            Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Leave for Army & Navy - list of 27        Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Lee, Alton B.            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Lehmberg, Bill T.            Story            1945-02-23-pg01
Leslie, Baby Boy  (Lasa B.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Lester, Connie Mack   Story            1945-03-30-pg02
Lester, Connie Mack   Story            1945-04-06-pg03
Lester, Gary Michael             Birth            1946-12-20-pg08
Lester, Imogene            Story            1944-02-25-pg04
Lester, Imogene            Story            1944-03-17-pg01
Lester, Imogene            Story            1945-04-13-pg04
Lester, Imogene/Harmon Sandefer            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg06
Lester, Imogene/Harmon Sandefer            Wedding        1946-11-15-pg06
Lester, Iris, Miss / Edmonson, S.E., Sgt            Wedding        1944-12-01-pg04
Lewing, H.D. Pvt.            Obituary           1945-09-07-pg03
Lewis, Harvey Don (Harvey D.)       Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Lewis, J.M., Rev.     Story            1946-11-22-pg08
Lewis, J.M., Rev.     Story            1946-12-27-pg04
Lewis, Marlin            Story            1945-09-28-pg01
Lightfoot, Sam            Story            1946-10-11-pg06
Lindsey, Dill            Story            1944-03-24-pg01
Lindsey, H.D.            Story            1944-06-30-pg01
Linehan, Freeda B.        Story            1944-12-01-pg02
Linehan, Freeda Bob/Dean F. Duffle            Wedding        1946-11-22-pg08
Lions Club Elects Officers - listed   Story            1945-06-29-pg01
Lion's Club meeting            Story            1946-11-22-pg01
Lions Install New Officers - list            Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Lipps, Riley            Obituary          1945-09-21-pg01
Lipps, T.H., Mrs.            Story            1944-04-07-pg01
Lipps, Tillman Riley            Obituary          1945-09-28-pg03
Livingood, Mary            Obituary          1946-12-06-pg01
Logan, H.M.            Obituary          1944-03-10-pg01
Logan, Harry            Picture            1945-05-25-pg01
Logan, James Caldwell            Obituary          1946-11-08-pg03
Logan, M.H.            Obituary          1944-03-24-pg01
Long, Mary Thedoshia Evaline            Obituary          1944-03-31-pg01
Long, W.A., Mrs.            Obituary          1944-03-24-pg01
Looney, Fred B./Eunice Pauline Rawling            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Looney, Harold L. 'Jack'   Story            1945-07-27-pg01
Loper, Baby Girl (A.L.)  Birth            1945-03-23-pg04
Loper, Eugene            Story            1944-01-28-pg01
Lost Batallion News   Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Lost Batallion Relatives Sent Air-Mail - 37 listed   Story            1945-08-24-pg01
Lost Batallion -Statis list            Story            1945-09-28-pg01
Lost Battalion - Word from 8 Wise County boys     Story            1945-09-07-pg01
Lost Battalion Families Receiving Cards from Prisoner of War Camps            Story            1945-01-26-pg01
Lummus, Ronnie            Story            1944-04-07-pg01
LyBrand, Burma            Picture            1946-09-27-pg08
Lyles & Gentry Families Hold Reunion            Story            1946-09-27-pg06
Lynch, Louise/Adrian A. Howard            Wedding        1945-06-01-pg04
Mabe, E.D., Jr./Melba Joyce Henley            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Magin, Helen/Carmon Bailey            Wedding        1945-04-20-pg01
Malcolm, Carolyn Aress  (George B.)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Malcolm, William G.            Obituary          1945-04-13-pg02
Mann, Carlos            Picture            1946-09-20-pg01
Mann, J. Lee & Mrs. Gibbins Mann   Story            1946-11-15-pg01
Mann, J.H.            Story            1946-09-27-pg01
Mann, J.H. - family reunion            Story            1945-07-27-pg01
Mann, J.H. - family reunion            Story            1946-09-27-pg10
Mann, Neal            Story            1944-08-04-pg01
Mann, Neal            Story            1945-03-16-pg01
Mann, Truett            Story            1945-02-23-pg01
Manning, Leroy/Rachel Nabors            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
Mara, Raymond/Joyce Armes            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
Marine Plane Plunged into Lake Bridgeport-2 killed   Story            1944-09-22-pg01
Marler, Doris/Jim Trammell            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Martin, Jimmie, Miss    Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Martinez, Alicia Erlinda  (Fernando)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Martinez, Johnnie (Ferman)            Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Mask, Fred            Obituary          1944-01-07-pg02
Mask, Joan            Story            1945-09-14-pg01
Mason, Vernon W.       Story            1944-10-20-pg01
Masons Install New Officers - list       Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Massey, Clara/Terrell A. Champman            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Matar, Sadie/Spurgeon Lawrence            Wedding        1946-10-18-pg01
Mathis, Allie Belle/John D. Florida            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Matthews, Delbert            Story            1945-01-12-pg02
Mauldin, Elouise            Story            1945-04-13-pg01
May, Suleen/James Robert Clark            Wedding        1945-05-04-pg01
Mayfield, Estel A.            Story            1945-06-29-pg01
McAdams, R.H.            Story            1944-08-11-pg04
McAdams, R.H.            Story            1945-01-26-pg02
McAdams, R.H.            Story            1945-03-30-pg03
McAlister, Charles H. buys Jones Garage & Station Story            1944-09-08-pg01
McAlister, Charles Hayden  (Charles H.)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
McBride, J.S.            Story            1945-08-03-pg01
McClary, J.N., Mrs            Obituary          1944-08-11-pg01
McClary, Mattie Berilla Bumpass            Obituary          1944-08-25-pg01
McClary, Willis Hayes  Story            1946-11-01-pg01
McCollough, Betty Lou/Bert F. Jones            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
McConnell, Lou/J.N. Rasburry            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
McCurdy, Carol C.        Story            1944-02-18-pg01
McCurdy, R. Cal            Story            1945-07-20-pg01
McDaniel, Florence Bernice/Ted Teague            Wedding        1946-09-27-pg08
McDaniel, Florence Bernice/Ted Teague            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
McDaniel, James S./Mary A Howell            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg06
McDaniel, Jess / Boswell, Ethel, Miss            Wedding        1944-07-14-pg03
McDaniel, Jess E.            Story            1944-02-04-pg01
McDonald, Elmo J./Lorene Nichols            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
McDonald, Jewell Hill/Robert E. Blankenship            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
McDonald, Robert L./Joy Lea McGee            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
McDougal, R.M., Rev.     Story            1946-12-27-pg04
McDougald, R.B.            Story            1946-11-01-pg01
McElroy, Mrs.            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
McGee, Elza            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
McGee, Hoyt            Story            1944-10-20-pg03
McGee, Hoyt A.            Story            1944-02-04-pg04
McGee, Joy Lea/Robert L. McDonald            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
McGee, Russell Brown Story            1945-08-10-pg01
McKeever, Jerry Wayne  (Elmer W.)      Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
McKenzie, J.S., Mrs.            Obituary          1944-08-18-pg01
McKenzie, J.S., Mrs.            Obituary          1944-08-25-pg01
McNamar, Leo O., Rev.            Picture            1946-09-20-pg04
McNamar, Leo O., Rev.            Picture            1946-10-04-pg06
McNeil, Cecil            Story            1945-03-02-pg01
McNeil, Cecil            Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Meadows, E.W. - family reunion            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Meadows, Viola Jean  Daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Cecil            1944-05-26-pg01
Medlin, M.            Story            1944-03-17-pg01
Meek, Ottis Buys Green Interest in Grocery            Story            1944-08-11-pg01
Meek, R.C., Mrs.            Story            1944-04-28-pg03
Men Accepted for Navy Service - list       Story            1944-11-03-pg02
Mercer, Dianne Lee (Arthur Lee)     Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Mercer, Edward            Obituary          1944-02-18-pg01
Miller, M.S., Dr.            Story            1944-06-23-pg03
Minor, Samuel Joe       Story            1944-11-24-pg02
Mitchell, Claudie/W.H. Cooper            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Mitchell, Claudie/W.H. Cooper            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Mitchell, J.R.            Story            1945-07-27-pg02
Mitchell, Wanda Nell/E.W. Belcher            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Mitchum, Thomas Troy            Obituary          1944-05-19-pg01
Mitchum, Troy T., Jr.            Obituary          1945-05-04-pg01
Monett, John C.            Story            1945-09-28-pg03
Montford, John            Obituary          1944-03-31-pg01
Montford, Sarah            Story            1945-05-11-pg04
Montrieff, J.V., Mayor            Obituary          1944-01-07-pg01
Montrieff, J.V., Mayor            Obituary          1944-01-14-pg01
Moody, Nora Lee (Louis) Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Moody, Thelma Louise (Louis James) Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Moore, Elizah Frances/James Boyd Stricklin            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Moore, W.W. - on Holt Farm            Story            1944-06-23-pg01
Morgan, Mildred            Story            1945-06-01-pg01
Morgan, Mildred Louise/Larry L. Doyle            Wedding        1945-09-14-pg03
Morgan, Vera Frances/S.B. Hardee            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Morris, A.R. 'Arch'   Story            1944-01-28-pg01
Morris, J.P., Mrs.            Story            1945-08-03-pg02
Morrow, Roy L.            Story            1945-03-02-pg01
Morrow, Urban W.       Picture            1945-07-20-pg01
Morrow, W.C.            Obituary          1945-07-06-pg01
Moss, Martha Janell    (newspaper error) Daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wenton       1946-09-20-pg06
Mote, John Phillip  (Hiram Monroe)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Motley, Travis Windell (Eldon)            Birth            1946-12-20-pg08
Motley, W.A., Mr. & Mrs. Story            1944-11-10-pg03
Motsenbocker, Joe, Rev.            Story            1945-06-01-pg01
Mott, Thomas Jefferson            Story            1944-12-08-pg01
Mount, Milton Henry            Obituary          1944-10-13-pg03
Mullins, James R.            Picture            1945-03-02-pg01
Municipal Hospital $60,000 Bond Carries             Story            1946-09-27-pg01
Munn, Fay Evelyn Allison            Obituary          1944-11-10-pg01
Myers, Ida Ella, Mrs.            Obituary          1944-08-04-pg01
Myers, J.R. buys Pate Café from Dick Taylor            Story            1944-09-15-pg01
Nabors, Baby Boy  (R.J.)            Birth            1944-01-07-pg02
Nabors, R.J.            Story            1944-07-21-pg01
Nabors, Rachel/Leroy Manning            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
Nabors, Randy Carroll (Randy J.)        Birth            1944-01-21-pg01
Neal, Jimmie, Mrs.            Obituary          1944-09-08-pg01
Neel, James Anderson            Obituary          1946-10-18-pg02
Neely, Fay Hempstead, Mr.            Obituary          1944-05-26-pg01
NeSmith, Laura Jane Russell            Obituary          1944-03-10-pg01
NeSmith, Laura Jane Russell            Obituary          1944-03-10-pg02
NeSmith, W.W., Rev.     Story            1945-01-26-pg04
Newby, Bobbye Jean/Wade Hancock (sent in by Lee & Carol Veal )            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Newby, Joe, Rev.            Story            1946-12-27-pg04
Newquist, Melvin W., Lt. / Reaves, Patsy            Wedding        1944-07-14-pg01
Newsom, John H./Mary Lou Hinsley            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Newton, Billie G.            Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Newton, J.T.            Story            1945-01-26-pg01
Niblett, Lonnie Lee (Carlton)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Nichols, C.A.            Story            1944-06-23-pg01
Nichols, C.A.            Story            1945-06-08-pg02
Nichols, Lorene/Elmo J. McDonald            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Niece, Tommy Gerald  (Ben L)        Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Nikirk, Carrie May  (John H.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Nimmo, W.D.            Story            1944-08-18-pg01
Nimmo, W.D. family reunion            Story            1944-11-03-pg01
North, Mary Janet (Eldridge E.)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Norton, James E.            Picture            1945-04-06-pg01
O.E.S. Installs New Officers - list       Story            1944-06-16-pg02
O'Dell, Audery Lavern (Melvin E.)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
O'Hara, Tommy            Story            1944-02-04-pg01
Ordway, Gordon / Green, Lillie Maxine            Wedding        1944-04-21-pg02
Orr, J.H. - family reunion            Story            1944-11-17-pg01
Orr, W.A. - Frozen Food Locker Story            1945-04-27-pg01
Orr, W.A. - Frozen Food Locker Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Owen, Cecil/Viola Pearl Jones            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Owens, Edson/Ovella Heath            Wedding        1944-01-07-pg04
Paine, Pearl/Bert S. Carter, Jr.            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Palestine Division Plans Proposed            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Paleszewski, Aloysius J.            Obituary          1944-09-22-pg01
Paradise Canning Center  Story            1945-07-27-pg01
Parish, Darrell/Shirley Erickson            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Park at Lake            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Parkey, Chelcie/La Verne Harris            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Parr, James Allen/Jo Ann Egloff            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Parsons, Thurman            Story            1946-11-15-pg01
Paschall, E.L. 'Ed'            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Paschall, E.R. to move Western Auto to Billie Green's store            Story            1945-04-27-pg03
Paschall, Jennie Lee, Miss / Dycus, Roger, USN            Wedding        1944-04-14-pg01
Paschall, Maurice L.         Story            1944-09-15-pg03
Paschall, Maurice L.         Story            1945-03-09-pg01
Pastors Association is Organized            Story            1946-12-20-pg01
Pate, W.H., Mrs. - family reunion            Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Patton, Roy L., Rev.     Story            1944-10-27-pg01
Payne, Martha Palmer            Obituary          1944-10-13-pg01
Payne, Martha Palmer - cont.            Obituary          1944-10-13-pg02
Pearson, Cleo Aline/Curtis William Wolsch            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Pearson, Harriett Penelope Kelley            Obituary          1944-08-04-pg01
Peike, Tom            Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Perez, Senor Thomas            Obituary          1944-08-11-pg04
Perkins, Mary Fenton            Obituary          1944-10-06-pg01
Person, Jaunita Louise/Dan Moody Holt            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Petty, James W.            Picture            1945-01-26-pg01
Petty, T.J./Ita Marie Deatliff            Wedding        1946-12-13-pg01
Pewitt, Ed            Story            1944-06-16-pg01
Pewitt, Edgar L.            Story            1944-03-10-pg01
Phillipps, Grace/Jesse A. Shawn, Jr.            Wedding        1945-01-12-pg03
Phillips, A.L.            Story            1944-03-03-pg03
Phillips, Baby Boy  (Clarence V.)       Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Phillips, E.E. Family Reunion            Story            1944-01-07-pg01
Pickard, Linda Maxine (Clifford W.)            Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Pierce, Delbert Ray/Francis Virginia Kelly            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Pike, T.D. to open pottery store in Goode Café            Story            1944-02-25-pg01
Pike, Thomas Durmont, Cpl. / Lawrence, Opal Faye            Wedding        1944-02-04-pg02
Pike, William J.            Story            1944-12-08-pg01
Pitchard, Sylvester W./Molly J. Plumer            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Plumer, Molly J./Sylvester W. Pitchard            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Poore, Cleo Adella/John B. Boulware            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Poore, Lora Beth            Story            1944-06-23-pg03
Poore, Lora Beth            Story            1945-05-11-pg01
Porter, Anita            Story            1945-04-27-pg02
Porter, Maggie            Story            1945-03-16-pg01
Poteet, Harry            Obituary          1944-06-23-pg01
Potts, Joe T., Jr.            Story            1945-05-25-pg03
Potts, Larry Marr (Sam A.)            Birth            1946-09-27-pg08
Pounds, Clyde Calvin/Opal Doris Brasher            Wedding        1945-09-14-pg04
Power, Frank Turner Story            1945-01-05-pg01
Power, Frank Turner            Obituary          1945-05-04-pg01
Power, Henry Leonard            Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Power, Patsy Deene (H.L.)            Birth            1946-10-04-pg08
Provence, Charlie            Obituary          1945-01-12-pg03
Pruett, Jack            Story            1944-01-28-pg01
Pruett, Rushia A.            Obituary          1946-12-13-pg01
Pugh, Dalton H.            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Quisenberry, Robert, Mrs.            Obituary          1944-03-10-pg04
Railey, Leona, Miss / Harder, Joe, Pfc.            Wedding        1944-03-24-pg03
Ramsey, Charlie Culwell             Obituary          1945-03-02-pg01
Rasburry, J.N./Lou McConnell            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Rasbury, Lester C.            Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Ratliff, Calvin Taylor            Obituary          1945-05-04-pg01
Raven Hatchery opens   Story            1944-02-18-pg01
Raven, G.J.            Story            1944-04-07-pg01
Raven, Oscar            Story            1945-03-30-pg03
Raven, Oscar            Story            1945-04-13-pg01
Raven, Rilla            Obituary          1944-09-15-pg02
Raven, Rilla Roberta            Obituary          1944-09-22-pg01
Raven, Ruby opens hatchery for season            Story            1945-02-16-pg03
Raven, Theland            Story            1944-05-26-pg01
Rawling, Eunice Pauline/Fred B. Looney            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Ray, Marion/William H. 'Bud' Turner            Wedding        1945-03-16-pg01
Ray, Marion/William H. 'Bud' Turner            Wedding        1945-03-23-pg02
Read, Carl, Sr. Dr.            Obituary          1944-09-22-pg01
Read, Carl, Sr. Dr.            Obituary          1944-09-29-pg01
Read, Henry            Obituary          1944-01-28-pg01
Reaves, Patsy / Newquist, Melvin W., Lt.            Wedding        1944-07-14-pg01
Reddell, Bill            Story            1944-04-07-pg01
Reddell, William Jefferson            Obituary          1945-09-14-pg01
Reddell, William Jefferson, cont.            Obituary          1945-09-14-pg02
Reed, Ben E., Jr.            Story            1944-08-18-pg02
Reed, James O.            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Reeves, Mona Fay/John E. Campbell            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Reid, Ben Eli, Jr.            Picture            1945-01-12-pg01
Reid, Ben Eli, Jr.            Story            1945-03-16-pg01
Reid, Billy R.            Story            1945-01-26-pg01
Reid, Doris/James Evans            Wedding        1946-12-06-pg01
Rhine, Ray            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Rhine, Ray/Molly Frances Hornback            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Rhoads, John Everett  (newspaper error)  Son born to Mr. & Mrs. John L.      1946-09-20-pg06
Rhoten, Lawrence Q.            Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Rich, Robert L.            Obituary          1945-09-14-pg01
Richardson, Bettie Joe            Obituary          1944-11-17-pg03
Richardson, Floy Belle McEntire            Obituary          1945-03-09-pg01
Richardson, Floy Belle McEntire            Obituary          1945-03-16-pg01
Richardson, G.E. 'George', Mrs.            Obituary          1945-03-02-pg03
Richardson, Kenneth            Story            1945-08-03-pg02
Richardson, W.A.            Obituary          1945-02-23-pg01
Richardson, W.A. - Family Reunion            Story            1944-07-07-pg01
Richardson, W.A., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1946-10-18-pg01
Richie, Raymond            Story            1945-09-14-pg01
Riggs, Ronald Gerald  (Stanford)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Rimare, J.D. 'John'            Obituary          1944-08-25-pg01
Rios, Paulino  (Paulino Eaacio)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Roark, C.E., Rev.            Story            1944-06-23-pg03
Robb, Mary Alice Panter            Obituary          1945-01-05-pg02
Roberson, Lou            Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Roberts, C.H., Mr. & Mrs.            Wedding Anniversary            1946-11-22-pg08
Robertson, Troyce W.            Story            1945-09-14-pg04
Robinson, Baby Boy  (Melvin)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Robinson, Ella            Obituary          1946-12-13-pg03
Robinson, Susan Pitts     Picture            1944-10-06-pg01
Rock Crusher Building Burns            Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Rocket Café has fire      Story            1944-02-18-pg02
Rodden, John David  Story            1945-09-21-pg04
Rohus, Loyd E.            Story            1944-01-07-pg01
Rohus, Loyd Edward, Jr.   Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Edward          1944-03-10-pg04
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Pres.            Obituary          1945-04-20-pg01
Roper, Claud - family reunion            Story            1945-07-20-pg04
Roper, Everett            Story            1945-07-06-pg01
Roper, Susan, Mrs.            Obituary          1944-10-13-pg01
Rosenberg, Sandra Annette  (Thomas W.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Rosenburg, B.A. 'Bert'    Story            1944-04-07-pg01
Rosson, George G.            Story            1945-08-24-pg02
Rutherford, Baby Boy (W.B.)(Frances Hunter)            Birth            1946-10-11-pg06
Salazar, Jaun Jesus (Dorotes)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Salazar, Mamuel (Dorita)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Salazar, Margarella (Margarito)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Sampson, H.H.            Story            1945-01-12-pg01
Sampson, L.W.            Story            1944-05-26-pg01
Sandefer, Harmon/Imogene Lester            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg06
Sandefer, Harmon/Imogene Lester            Wedding        1946-11-15-pg06
Sanders, Aline/Howard P. Hill            Wedding        1945-01-12-pg01
Sanderson, Jesse            Obituary          1944-07-07-pg01
Sasse, Pauline/R.W. Isom            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Savage, Linnie Doyle/Robert Trumble            Wedding        1945-04-13-pg02
Schlittler, LeRoy Newton/Annie Nell Jones            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
School Enrollment            Story            1945-09-14-pg03
School lunchroom feeds 300-list of staff Story            1946-11-01-pg01
Schults, Lucian D.            Obituary          1945-08-24-pg01
Scott, Delwyn Ray/Mary Evelyn Jones            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Scott, Thomas Michael      Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Nash E.          1946-09-20-pg06
Senior Class Social Event 'Gypsy Party' - list attending            Story            1945-06-01-pg02
Sermons, Mary Frances  (Woodrow)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Sermons, Mary Lou  (Arnold Lee)     Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Service Men Visit Home - list            Story            1945-07-20-pg02
Sewing Room Open    Story            1945-08-10-pg02
Shanks, Baby Girl (E.J.)   Birth            1945-01-05-pg03
Shannon, Boss            Story            1944-11-10-pg02
Shannon, Margaret Leona (Armand C.)            Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Shannon, R.G. 'Boss'   Story            1944-11-03-pg02
Shannon, Robert P.         Story            1944-12-08-pg01
Shaw, Marion M.            Obituary          1946-11-08-pg06
Shawn, Jesse A., Jr./Grace Phillipps            Wedding        1945-01-12-pg03
Shawn, Myrtle Louise  (Aaron Thomas)            Birth            1944-01-21-pg01
Shelton, John E./Gwendolyn Hembree            Wedding        1945-01-05-pg01
Shepard, Aubrey Dee/Ruby Lee Shepard            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Shepard, Ruby Lee/Aubrey Dee Shepard            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Sheppard, Dora opens the Rocket Café            Story            1944-09-29-pg01
Sherman, Jeffie Lee/Veda Mat Cooper            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Shipley, Martha            Story            1944-03-24-pg02
Shipley, Ray Davis  (Orale D.)       Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Shipley, Robert            Obituary          1944-08-04-pg01
Shipley, Robert Lee, Sgt.            Obituary          1944-08-11-pg01
Shoultz, V.H., Dr.            Story            1945-06-01-pg01
Simmons, John A.            Story            1944-01-14-pg01
Simone, Jane Duval            Obituary          1944-06-02-pg01
Simpson, Marvin            Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Singleton, Laurice            Story            1945-07-20-pg01
Sizemore, G.W., Jr.        Story            1944-02-11-pg04
Slagle, M.C., Family Reunion            Story            1944-05-26-pg01
Slate, Baby Girl (Earl)  Birth            1945-03-30-pg02
Slimp, L.C.            Story            1944-02-25-pg01
Slimp, L.C.            Story            1944-03-03-pg01
Slover, John, Mrs.            Obituary          1945-03-23-pg02
Slover, Sarah Joeanna            Obituary          1945-03-30-pg04
Slover, William Sanders            Obituary          1944-06-16-pg01
Smith, Billie Joyce            Story            1946-12-13-pg06
Smith, Charlotte  (Johnny E.)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Smith, Emma W./Walter W. Wamach            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Smith, Eula, Mrs./J.B. Bowers            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Smith, Hulda/Matt Square            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Smith, Lowery            Story            1944-01-14-pg01
Smith, Marguerita Ann  (Donald D.)       Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Smith, Phillip Wayne (Clyde)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Smith, Ray Lee (Dud Clark)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Smith, William C.            Obituary          1944-11-03-pg01
Soleman, John H.            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Sowell, Kenneth Adell/Mary Baker            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Sparks, John B.            Story            1945-01-19-pg01
Specht, Belle            Obituary          1945-09-28-pg03
Spencer, Adenia Nell  (Earl C.)            Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Spencer, Howard F.         Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Square, Matt/Hulda Smith            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Stack, Harold D.            Story            1945-08-24-pg03
Stanfield, Baby Boy (J.Q.)            Birth            1944-08-04-pg03
Stanfield, James S.         Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Stanfield, Jerry Wayne (J.Q.)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Staples, Deward R.        Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Starks, Allie B./Myrtle Youngkins            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Starnes, Larry Claton/Ruby Norene Caraway            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Starnes, Woodrow            Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Stephens, J.G.            Story            1946-12-20-pg06
Stevens, J.G.            Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Stevens, Thelma Louise, Miss / Woods, James Lee            Wedding        1944-01-07-pg04
Stevens, William Oscar   Story            1945-02-16-pg03
Stewart, Helen Elaine/Davis F. Hassell            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Stewart, Hollis P.            Story            1945-08-03-pg03
Stewart, Vanna Kay  (Hollis P.)       Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Still, Frank, Mr. & Mrs. - family reunion            Story            1945-07-20-pg01
Stokes, J.B. buys Texaco Station from Paul Denton Story            1946-09-27-pg10
Stoneking, Truett T.         Story            1944-08-04-pg01
Stout, B.    Story            1944-02-04-pg01
Strain, Jerry Lynn  Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Taylor Strain            1944-09-29-pg01
Stricklin, James Boyd/Elizah Frances Moore            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Stubblefield, W.D.    Story            1945-06-01-pg01
Student Council member's names  Story            1944-09-29-pg01
Sugar Shortage Remains Acute            Story            1946-09-20-pg02
Sullins, Charlie Bill      Story            1945-03-30-pg02
Sullins, Edward Newton 'Ed'            Obituary          1944-04-21-pg01
Summers, J.L.            Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Suson, Walter O.            Story            1945-08-03-pg02
Swafford, Sandra Sue (Johnny Lee)     Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Swaim, Harold            Obituary          1945-08-24-pg01
Swofford, Sarah Ann Taylor Swinney            Obituary          1945-01-12-pg02
Tackel, Edward C.            Story            1945-04-06-pg04
Tackel, James Wayne (James William)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Taff, Frances/Joyce H. Townzn            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Talbot, Ted            Story            1944-04-07-pg01
Tallent Show Benefit 'Victory Vanities' - cast            Story            1945-05-11-pg03
Talley, Olevia E./Thomas R. Johnson            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Tanahill, Annie/J.H. Jefferson            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Tanner, Joe W.            Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Tatum, O.T.            Story            1945-06-01-pg01
Taylor, Norma            Story            1946-10-11-pg01
Taylor, Thomas Dale  (Clinton S.)       Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Teague, James A. 'Jack'            Obituary          1945-03-23-pg01
Teague, James A. 'Jack'            Obituary          1945-04-20-pg01
Teague, Ted            Story            1945-05-25-pg03
Teague, Ted/Florence Bernice McDaniel            Wedding        1946-09-27-pg08
Teague, Ted/Florence Bernice McDaniel            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Tennessee Dairy pays a million dollars a year to 350 dairymen            Story            1945-05-04-pg01
Tennessee Dairy to build plant on Pete Hanson lots            Story            1945-03-30-pg03
Texas Power & Light Decatur Crew - listed            Story            1945-08-03-pg04
Thomas, Michael Ray  (Roy Thomas)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Thomas, Michael Roy  (Roy Thomas)            Birth            1944-08-18-pg01
Thompson, Brenda Joyce (Marlin L.)       Birth            1946-09-27-pg03
Thompson, Durward            Obituary          1944-03-03-pg01
Thompson, Durward A.            Obituary          1944-03-03-pg02
Thompson, Durwood            Obituary          1944-02-25-pg01
Thompson, John Warren   (Melvin W.)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Thompson, Lee Wayne  (James W,)      Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Thompson, Mabel Claire Phillips            Obituary          1944-12-01-pg01
Thompson, Myrta Ann            Obituary          1945-09-14-pg01
Thornton, Mary Lesta/William H. Bobo            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Thurmond, Minnie/L.J. Edwards            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Timmons, J.E.            Obituary          1946-11-08-pg06
Townzn, Joyce H./Frances Taff            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Traister, Mary Ann  (Eugene W.)      Birth            1944-05-19-pg01
Trammell, Ben E.            Obituary          1946-09-27-pg01
Trammell, Jim/Doris Marler            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Tripp, J.C.            Story            1946-09-20-pg01
Trumble, Robert/Linnie Doyle Savage            Wedding        1945-04-13-pg02
Tucker, Bula Evelyn, Miss / Davidson, Welton Hiram            Wedding        1944-05-19-pg02
Tucker, Calvin Jake/Effie Marie Hodge            Wedding        1944-09-15-pg03
Tucker, Calvin Jake/Effie Marie Hodge            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Tumelty, Phillip            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Turner, William H. 'Bud'/Marion Ray            Wedding        1945-03-16-pg01
Turner, William H. 'Bud'/Marion Ray            Wedding        1945-03-23-pg02
Tyler, Colgan, Mrs.            Obituary          1944-03-03-pg03
Underwood, W.T.    Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Upperman, Max            Obituary          1945-09-14-pg01
USS Missouri Scene of Jap Surrender            Picture            1945-08-31-pg01
Van Hoose, J.W.            Story            1944-04-28-pg02
Van Hoose, James            Story            1945-09-07-pg03
Vance, Ellen/Joe L. Grundy            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Vandiver, Dorothy Neel/R.W. Knight            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Vandiver, Jimmie Stuart  (John T.)       Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Vanlindingham, Vernon L.            Story            1945-09-28-pg02
Vaught, Phillip            Story            1945-05-25-pg01
Vaught, Phillip D.            Story            1944-04-28-pg01
Vaught, Phillip D.            Story            1944-11-10-pg03
Vaught, Phillip D., Staff Sgt.            Missing in Action            1944-03-17-pg01
Vaught, Phillip D., Staff Sgt.            Story            1944-04-14-pg01
VE Day      Story            1945-05-11-pg01
Vess, Dorothy Dal/Starley Goode Wilson            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Waddell, James Park            Obituary          1944-07-07-pg01
Walden, Jerry David (Earl)            Birth            1946-09-20-pg06
Waldron, Billie            Obituary          1945-01-12-pg01
Waldrop, Wanda Jean (Charlie)            Birth            1944-02-18-pg01
Walker, Buford W.       Story            1944-06-23-pg04
Walker, Buford, Mrs.     Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Walker, Donald F.            Story            1944-12-01-pg01
Walker, Donald F.            Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Walker, Jack R.            Story            1945-03-23-pg01
Walker, Mada T./Rex H. Bird            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Walker, Ora Mae            News            1944-08-04-pg01
Walker, Warner            Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Walker, William B. 'Spuddy'            Obituary          1945-05-18-pg01
Walker, William Richard            Obituary          1944-01-14-pg01
Wallace, Glenda Marie (John Clarence)            Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Wallace, Tobe B., Jr., S/sgt  / Hall, Sylvia Dean            Wedding        1944-07-14-pg03
Waller, Marie/Charles A. Bridges            Wedding        1945-08-03-pg02
Walton Variety Store    Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Walton, W.F.            Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Wamach, Walter W./Emma W. Smith            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
War in Europe ends - 132,000 American casualties            Story            1945-05-11-pg01
Ward, Earl, Jr.            Story            1945-05-18-pg01
Ward, J.E. Story            1944-01-28-pg01
Ward, J.L., Dr.            Picture            1945-04-20-pg02
Ward, John C.            Obituary          1944-07-14-pg01
Waters, Cone J.            Story            1944-12-08-pg03
Waters, Cone J., Jr.        Story            1945-06-22-pg04
Waters, James Emmett            Obituary          1945-09-07-pg03
Waters, Maurice            Story            1946-11-22-pg01
Waters, Nelson            Obituary          1945-09-14-pg01
Waters, Oren            Story            1945-08-03-pg01
Watkins, Billy D.            Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Watkins, Earl E./Mary G. Farris            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Watkins, Ray, Mrs.     Story            1945-01-05-pg01
Watson hospital reopens            Story            1944-10-06-pg03
Watson, Lawrence B.        Story            1945-06-22-pg01
Watson, O.M., Dr.            Story            1944-08-25-pg01
Watson, O.M., Dr.            Story            1944-09-08-pg01
Watson, O.M., Dr.            Story            1945-02-16-pg01
Watson, O.M., Sr.            Story            1945-05-11-pg01
Watson, Sarah Ann            Obituary          1944-10-06-pg01
Watson, Susie, Mrs            Obituary          1944-07-14-pg01
Watson, Turner, Mrs.            Obituary          1944-09-29-pg01
Watts, George W.            Obituary          1944-10-06-pg03
Western, Weldon O.        Story            1945-09-21-pg01
Wharton, Taxewell S., Jr.            Obituary          1944-09-22-pg01
Whatley, Baby Girl (Gus)            Birth            1944-06-02-pg03
Whitaker, Glenn            Obituary          1945-03-02-pg03
White, Harriett Routh/William Spencer Allen            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
White, John D.            Story            1945-08-31-pg02
White, Marvin Troy            Obituary          1945-04-06-pg01
White, Minnie Lee (Marvin T., Mrs.)            Obituary          1944-01-21-pg01
White, Weldon Leo            Obituary          1945-04-27-pg01
Whitten, Bill            Story            1945-03-30-pg02
Whitten, George E. 'Bill'            Story            1945-07-13-pg01
Whitten, Lloyd Allen   Story            1946-10-18-pg01
Whitten, Lloyd Allen            Obituary          1946-10-18-pg01
Whitten, Loyd            Obituary          1945-05-18-pg01
Wigginton, W.L.            Obituary          1944-08-18-pg01
Wildcat Oil Well staked on F.F. Kaker farm            Story            1944-09-29-pg03
Wiley, Illona Joyce  (N.)            Birth            1944-09-29-pg01
Wilkinson, Edna Buys Evans Café     Story            1944-08-25-pg01
Williams, Audrey Aleane (Jesse T.)       Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Williams, Baby Boy (A.C.)            Birth            1945-08-24-pg02
Williams, Barney, Mrs.     Story            1944-09-29-pg01
Williams, D.H.            Story            1945-08-03-pg04
Williams, Thomas Preston            Obituary          1945-09-07-pg01
Williams, W.W., Mrs.            Obituary          1944-10-20-pg01
Willis, Jesse            Obituary          1944-06-30-pg01
Willis, Jesse W.            Obituary          1944-07-07-pg01
Willow Point School Transfers to Bridgeport            Story            1945-07-20-pg04
Wilson Laboratories Closes Story            1945-06-08-pg01
Wilson Prairie has new church            Story            1946-10-18-pg01
Wilson, Eugene Milburn            Obituary          1945-08-10-pg01
Wilson, Gilbert C. Laboratories            Story            1945-04-13-pg01
Wilson, Gilbert C. Laboratories            Picture            1945-05-11-pg01
Wilson, Jack            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Wilson, Myron            Obituary          1944-03-17-pg01
Wilson, Starley G.            Story            1945-03-30-pg01
Wilson, Starley G.            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Wilson, Starley Goode/Dorothy Dal Vess            Wedding        1944-10-13-pg03
Wilson, Thomas Lee (Thomas J.)        Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Wilson, Willie R./Angeline E. Kammeter            Wedding        1946-10-11-pg03
Wise County Court House Burns - 50 years ago            Story            1945-01-12-pg03
Wise County Meet - many names  Story            1945-04-13-pg01
Wise County Men Leave for Army & Navy - list     Story            1945-02-23-pg01
Wise County Stock Show - winners listed            Story            1945-05-18-pg01
Wise County Stock Show - winners listed, cont.    Story            1945-05-18-pg02
Wise County Teacher's Meeting            Story            1946-12-20-pg06
Wise County Teacher's Meeting - list from Bridgeport            Story            1945-09-28-pg04
Wolsch, Curtis Williams/Pearson, Cleo Aline            Wedding        1946-11-08-pg06
Womack, Eugene A.        Story            1944-07-07-pg01
Wood, Dalton G.            Story            1945-08-10-pg01
Wood, Laura Alice            Obituary          1946-11-08-pg06
Wood, Sylvia (Cecil Ray, Sr.)      Birth            1944-09-15-pg01
Wood, Wilson R., Col.     Story            1945-04-06-pg01
Woodruff, Fannie L. Lewis            Obituary          1945-08-31-pg04
Woods, James Lee / Stevens, Thelma Louise            Wedding        1944-01-07-pg04
Worthington, Gerald Lee/Rena Estelle Counts            Wedding        1946-12-13-pg06
Wright, Ernest H.            Story            1945-07-20-pg01
Yoachum, Billie James  Story            1944-09-15-pg02
Yoachum, C.M.            Obituary          1945-01-19-pg01
Young, G.C.            Story            1945-08-31-pg01
Young, George            Story            1944-04-14-pg01
Youngkins, Myrtle/Allie B. Starks            Wedding        1946-09-20-pg06
Zuber, Lary Edward (Roland)            Birth            1945-03-23-pg04