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Wise County, Texas
1957 - Names Index

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360 Pages were Photographed. Papers from Jan 4 and Feb 29 were missing. Some sections may also be missing.
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Below is an index of 477; 
pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, 
births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by Royce Raven - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Abel, Thomas F.                Obituary                1957-07-12-pg05
Adams, Edgar Ross                Obituary                1957-06-21-pg01
Adams, Gary lee                Birth                1957-09-20-pg01
Adams, Nancy Lea                Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Allison, James E.                Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Anderson, Eddie                Picture                1957-07-26-pg06
Atkinson, Randy Lynn                Birth                1957-08-30-pg01
Atkonson, Richard                Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
Badger, Kyle Wayne                Birth                1957-11-01-pg01
Bailey, Shirley    Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Bailey, Stephen Ross                Obituary                1957-02-01-pg01
Bailey, Stephen Ross                Obituary                1957-02-08-pg02
Baker, Charlotte                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Baker, Johnny Rev.                Picture                1957-07-12-pg01
Baldridge, V. E.                Picture                1957-01-18-pg01
Baldridge, V. E.                Picture                1957-10-11-pg01
Baldridge, V. E.                Picture                1957-10-11-pg04
Baldridge, V. E. Mrs.                Picture                1957-10-11-pg04
Ball, Bobby Wade                Birth                1957-11-22-pg04
Ball, Brett       Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Balthrop, Steve                Picture                1957-10-04-pg08
Barnett, Baby Boy                Birth                1957-06-21-pg01
Barnett, Cynthia                Birth                1957-08-30-pg01
Barnett, johnny                Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Barnett, Paula Eileen                Birth                1957-05-31-pg01
Bastin, Robert Rarlan                Birth                1957-10-11-pg05
Bean, John Otis                Obituary                1957-04-05-pg05
Beck, Pat          Picture                1957-08-09-pg04
Beeson, George                Picture                1957-12-20-pg01
Beeson, Willie Mae                Obituary                1957-04-19-pg03
Bird, Randy    Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Bird, Rex Mrs.                Picture                1957-01-11-pg01
Blackburn, Claude Lowell    Obituary                1957-05-10-pg03
Blackburn, Effie                Obituary                1957-05-10-pg03
Blackburn, Willard                Obituary                1957-05-10-pg03
Bletsch, Henry Paul                Birth                1957-05-24-pg01
Boase, Les Mrs.                Picture                1957-10-11-pg04
Boldin, ??          Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Bradley, Elaine Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Bradley, Wayne                Picture                1957-02-01-pg03
Bradley, Wayne                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Bradley, Wenona Kay                Birth                1957-12-06-pg08
Brassfield, Vanessa Gayle      Birth                1957-05-24-pg01
Brawley, Judy Lynn                Birth                1957-05-17-pg01
Brawley,Boyd Wesley                Birth                1957-07-19-pg01
Brewer, Dudley Bruce Son born to Mr & Mrs Burlin Daniel Brewer Jr  
Brengel, James Rev.                Picture                1957-08-16-pg06
Bridgeport Twister                Event                1957-06-14-pg01
Britton, W.E./Boydston, Anita K.                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Brown, ?? (Baby)                Obituary                1957-09-20-pg01
Buckingham, James A., brother of Thomas F.,     Obituary       1957-02-15-pg03     
Buckner, Jeffery Lynn                Birth                1957-07-05-pg01
Bunnell, Carroll Wayne                Birth                1957-05-24-pg01
Burlingame, martin                Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Burlingame,M. V.                Picture                1957-08-30-pg01
Burns, Frances L.                Obituary                1957-06-21-pg01
Burton, George H.                Picture                1957-03-15-pg01
Butler, ??            Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Byrant, David Mrs.                Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Byrant, Paul      Picture                1957-11-22-pg01
Cage, ??            Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Canne, E.E.         Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Cantrell, Forrest Jimmy                Obituary                1957-01-04-pg01
Cantrell, Jimmie                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Cantrell, Jimmy Picture                1957-02-01-pg03
Carrington, Fred Mrs.                Picture                1957-12-13-pg08
Carrington, Fred Rev.                Picture                1957-12-13-pg08
Carrington,Wendall                Picture                1957-12-13-pg08
Carter, Bob         Picture                1957-10-04-pg08
Casillas, Carlos Obituary                1957-08-30-pg04
Chambliss, Orbie Dale                Birth                1957-08-30-pg01
Chapman, Donald Keith                Birth                1957-07-26-pg01
Chapman, Paul Edd                Birth                1957-07-19-pg01
Chestnut, Rockie Lee                Birth                1957-06-07-pg01
Cheves, Harold/Sutton, Janice                Wedding              1957-04-12-pg01
Chilton, Angela                Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Chilton, Charles                Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Chilton, Jackie Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Choate, ??        Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Christenson, K.D./Grooms, Nancy L                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Clayton, Jeanette                Picture                1957-04-05-pg01
Coble, Maude E.       Obituary       1957-01-04-pg01
Cogburn, R.J./Hogue, Lema L.                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Coleman,Henry Clay                Obituary                1957-11-29-pg06
Collins, Dennis Neal                Birth                1957-06-07-pg01
Connell, Walter                Picture                1957-10-11-pg01
Cooper, Bob     Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Cooper,Bill        Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Cotton, Ida Mrs.                Obituary                1957-11-15-pg01
Coursey, Q'Zella                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Coursey, Sherry                Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
Cowling, Edgar Picture                1957-01-18-pg01
Cowling, Edgar Picture                1957-08-30-pg01
Cox, Carl         Obituary                1957-04-12-pg02
Cox, Carl Sr.   Obituary                1957-04-19-pg04
Cretsinger, Royce Allen                Birth                1957-04-26-pg01
Crow, Carroll Ann                Birth                1957-08-02-pg01
Crumm, A. E.     Obituary                1957-03-22-pg01
Curley, Michael Stephen                Birth                1957-11-01-pg01
Currin, William Dougles                Birth                1957-08-02-pg01
Cutter, G.J.          Obituary                1957-08-09-pg01
Daniel, price       Picture                1957-11-15-pg02
Davis, Butch     Picture                1957-04-19-pg02
Davis, H.R.        Picture                1957-10-11-pg04
Davis, kathy      Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
DeCordova, Ray S.       Obituary     1957-01-04-pg01
Denton, Sammy                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Denton, Tommy                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Dickenson, Joel Loyd                Birth                1957-06-07-pg01
Dickinson, Benny                Birth                1957-04-12-pg01
Dillihay, R.H.    Obituary                1957-07-12-pg01
Dodd, Sam L.    Obituary                1957-02-08-pg01
Dokey,Berl Ruel                Obituary                1957-11-08-pg01
Dunn, Dickie Ray                Birth                1957-06-28-pg01
Early, Gary        Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Easley, Marion Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Edwardfs, Johnny                Picture                1957-07-12-pg01
Edwards, Jack  Picture                1957-07-12-pg01
Edwards, Johnny Mrs.                Picture                1957-07-12-pg01
Edwards, Wanda                Picture                1957-07-12-pg01
Ehle, ??            Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Enderle, Edward August                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Estel, Benny Van                Birth                1957-10-25-pg01
Estel, Benny Van                Birth                1957-11-01-pg01
Evans, Jeannette Sue                Birth                1957-12-06-pg08
Fagan, Mattie    Obituary                1957-11-22-pg06
Fagg, Cynthia Lou                Birth                1957-05-17-pg01
Fennell, Billy Doyle                Birth                1957-10-11-pg05
Fitzgerald, ??     Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Fitzgerald, Delia                Obituary                1957-06-21-pg08
Fitzgerald, H.S. Picture                1957-11-29-pg01
Fitzgerald, Joyce                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Fletcher, Sarah Jane                Obituary                1957-01-18-pg04
Flowers, Ollie Albine                Obituary                1957-07-12-pg05
Flushe, J.J./Becker, Sarah A                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Flynn, Pete        Obituary                1957-12-27-pg07
Foreman, ??      Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Foreman, Betty                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Franka, Ernst     Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Fryar, Todd      Obituary                1957-10-18-pg01
Gage, Raymond                Picture                1957-08-09-pg01
Garner, Mary Lou                Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Garrett , Clyde Jay Mrs.                Picture                1957-05-03-pg03
Garrett, Clyde Jay                Picture                1957-05-03-pg03
Gaylor, Johnny Dale                Birth                1957-06-07-pg01
Gentry, Garry Lynn                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Gentry, Gay       Picture                1957-08-09-pg04
Gilstrap, E.E./Shehane, Marilyn J.                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Glassie, Carolyn Sue                Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Glassle, Donna Joy                Birth                1957-10-25-pg01
Gober, Gay         Picture                1957-10-11-pg05
Gray,James Edward                Birth                1957-10-25-pg01
Green, Dwight   Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Green, Elizabeth                Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
Green, Fred        Picture                1957-03-29-pg01
Green, Fred        Picture                1957-04-19-pg01
Green,Robbie Lee                Birth                1957-07-12-pg01
Groves, Betty  Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Groves, Glenn  Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Hale, Dean       Obituary                1957-12-20-pg01
Hall, Alan Ray                Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Hancock, Thomas Max                Birth                1957-05-17-pg01
Haney, Joyce    Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Haney, Joyce/Beard, Jerry                Wedding              1957-12-27-pg12
Haney,Johnnie StewPart                Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Harber, Noble   Obituary                1957-10-25-pg01
Harclerode, William S.                Obituary                1957-06-07-pg01
Harclerode, William S.                Obituary                1957-07-26-pg01
Harms, Dara Kay                Birth                1957-06-14-pg01
Harris, Joe Wayne                Birth                1957-11-22-pg04
Harsell, Harry H.                Obituary                1957-02-08-pg01
Hartsell, Bryle   Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Hartsell, Michael                Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Hartsell, Pat      Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Hartsell, Roy Wayne                Birth                1957-09-20-pg01
Hartsell, Tony  Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Harvick, Letha Faye/Tebbetts, Raymond Ward                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg06
Harwood, George                Picture                1957-03-29-pg01
Harwood, George                Picture                1957-04-19-pg01
Harwood, George                Picture                1957-05-03-pg01
Harwood, George                Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Harwood, Geroge                Picture                1957-08-23-pg05
Hatchtel, Jimmy William                Obituary                1957-03-08-pg01
Hately, ??          Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Hawkins, Bobby                Picture                1957-02-01-pg03
Hawkins, Bobby                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Hawkins, Diana                Picture                1957-08-09-pg04
Haynes, ??        Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Herdon, Fredda                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Herdon, Nadine                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Hernupont, Jack                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Hill, Jay Dene                Picture                1957-05-10-pg04
Hill, O.L.         Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Hill, Savannah Lee                Birth                1957-07-19-pg01
Hill, Virginia  Birth                1957-11-22-pg04
Hines, Embry     Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Hines, Embry     Picture                1957-07-05-pg01
Holley, Susan Gay                Birth                1957-09-20-pg01
Holly, David     Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Holmes, Lorene Gibbons     Obituary                1957-01-11-pg01
Holt, Berryl Ray                Birth                1957-05-17-pg01
Holt, Jody       Picture                1957-04-05-pg04
Holt, Ronny Dale                Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Holt, Vickie Gail                Birth                1957-10-11-pg05
Hood, ?? Coach                Picture                1957-09-06-pg01
Hood, Jeanette Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Hood,Ruth Ann                Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Hoskinson, Jawions                Picture                1957-02-15-pg01
Howe, Ralph E. Obituary                1957-04-26-pg04
Howell, Rondall Eugene                Birth                1957-06-07-pg01
Huckabee          Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Huckabee, Eddie                Picture                1957-05-24-pg01
Hudgins, Edgar                Picture                1957-03-29-pg02
Hudson, J.C. Jr Obituary                1957-04-26-pg01
Hudson, Thomas D.                Obituary                1957-07-19-pg01
Hudson, Thomas Nolen                Obituary                1957-08-02-pg01
Huges, Sarah T. Judge                Picture                1957-11-15-pg05
Hughes, Charlie                Obituary                1957-10-25-pg01
Hughs, Leslie Terrell                Birth                1957-06-07-pg01
Hulcy, D.A.        Picture                1957-08-02-pg04
Hunter, Thurman Cleo                Obituary                1957-08-16-pg01
Jackson, John   Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Jackson, Teresa Ann                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Jacobs, LeAnna Mae                Birth                1957-04-12-pg01
Jacobs, LeAnna Mae                Birth                1957-05-31-pg01
Jennings, Opal Obituary                1957-02-22-pg01
Johnson, Nedra Lee Beville                Obituary                1957-04-26-pg01
Jones, Gerald     Obituary                1957-04-26-pg01
Kaker, J. L. Mr. & Mrs.                Anniversary        1957-01-25-pg02
Kaker, S. A.       Obituary                1957-10-11-pg01
Kennedy, Jeffery                Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
kersey, Bill        Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Key, Jimmie    Picture                1957-09-06-pg01
Kuntz, Terrsa Joy                Birth                1957-07-12-pg01
Kuperman, David                Picture                1957-02-08-pg05
Lambert, Nelda Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Lane, Dallas     Obituary                1957-06-07-pg01
Largent, Mary Cathryn                Birth                1957-05-17-pg01
Lawrence, William Darrel                Birth                1957-11-01-pg01
Lawrence, Donald                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Laycock,Yvonne                Obituary                1957-11-22-pg01
Leinart, Jean      Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Leinert, Jene      Picture                1957-04-05-pg01
Lester, Tom        Obituary                1957-08-09-pg01
Lewis, Joe          Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
Lewis, Nita         Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
Lindsey, Davis Gene                Obituary                1957-07-12-pg04
Lisby, Benny    Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Locke, Harold L.                Obituary                1957-06-14-pg01
Long, Hurbert  Picture                1957-04-19-pg02
Long,Dormand                Picture                1957-04-19-pg02
Loper, Rocky     Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Love, Cynthia Kay                Birth                1957-07-12-pg01
Lowe, Venus Diane                Birth                1957-06-28-pg01
Lowery, Cassanra                Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Mann, Jack        Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Mann, Jack        Picture                1957-07-05-pg01
Mann, Sandi Layne                Birth                1957-10-25-pg01
Mann, Sherry    Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Martin, Barbara Ann/Clifton, Don                Wedding              1957-09-20-pg01
Martin, Clarence E. Mrs.                Obituary                1957-08-02-pg05
Martin, Jim, Mrs.        Obituary         1957-11-22-pg01
Martinez, Ester Birth                1957-08-30-pg01
Mathis, Thomas Glenn                Birth                1957-07-05-pg01
McAfee, Ethel Obituary                1957-06-21-pg08
McClary, Ella Joyce                Birth                1957-04-26-pg01
McClary, Nora Joyce                Birth                1957-04-26-pg01
McClung, C.C.  Picture                1957-05-10-pg02
McClung, Judy Picture                1957-07-26-pg06
McClung, Linda                Picture                1957-04-05-pg01
McDaniel, Lanetta Gwen      Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
McEachern, ??  Birth                1957-06-28-pg01
McElhaney, Rita                Picture                1957-11-08-pg01
McElhaney, Virgil                Obituary                1957-08-16-pg01
McGee, Billye Ann                Picture                1957-08-23-pg04
McWilliam, Paul                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Meek, Betty      Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Meek, Betty/Cantrell, Jimmie                Wedding              1957-06-14-pg02
Meek, robeert   Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Menton, John   Picture                1957-09-06-pg01
Mercer, Maria Joyce                Birth                1957-06-21-pg01
Miller, Dennis   Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Milligan, Monte Lee                Birth                1957-04-12-pg01
Milligan, Monte Lee                Birth                1957-05-31-pg01
Mitchell, Johnny                Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Mitchell, Johnny                Picture                1957-08-30-pg01
Moody, ??        Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Moody, Mitzi   Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Moore,Paula Kay                Birth                1957-07-12-pg01
Moser, Norman                Picture                1957-03-29-pg02
Mowery, Diana Lynne                Birth                1957-10-11-pg05
Mulliniux, Raymond        Obituary     1957-12-06-pg01
Myers, Howard                Picture                1957-03-29-pg01
Myers, Howard                Picture                1957-04-19-pg01
Nelson, ??        Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
New, Margie/Lemme, Melvin                Wedding              1957-06-21-pg03
Newark School Event                1957-04-12-pg03
Nikirk, Joy          Picture                1957-07-26-pg06
Nimmo, Donald Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
O'Dell, Dean       Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Odell, Gerry Wayne                Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Odell, Glen        Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Odell, Marilyn  Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
O'Dell, Melba Jo                Birth                1957-05-24-pg01
Ogle, Lola/Collins, J.W.                Wedding              1957-05-03-pg06
O'Kelley, Lindy  Jane                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Palmer, Ralph    Picture                1957-03-29-pg01
Palmer, Ralph    Picture                1957-04-19-pg01
Palmer, Unice Harvey                Obituary                1957-12-06-pg05
Parker, Susan     Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
Pashal, Sandra  Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Patterson, Sarah L.                Obituary                1957-06-21-pg01
Perkins, John Bert                Obituary                1957-11-08-pg01
Pesek, Edward F. Dr.                Picture                1957-07-05-pg01
Pewitt, Sylvia     Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Pewitt, Sylvia     Picture                1957-06-07-pg08
Pherson, Ethel Mac                Picture                1957-03-08-pg01
Phillips, Janet Miss                Picture                1957-08-02-pg01
Phillips, Sarah  Obituary                1957-05-24-pg01
Pieffer, Sharon/Smith Jimmie Joe                Wedding              1957-12-06-pg02
pitts, Connie Gayle                Birth                1957-08-02-pg01
Porter, Audrey  Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Porter, Jimmie    Picture                1957-09-06-pg01
Porter,Audry    Picture                1957-09-06-pg01
Porter,Lester T.                Picture                1957-08-02-pg04
Poteet, R. W. Mrs.                Obituary                1957-11-08-pg08
Potts, Chris Atkins                Obituary                1957-07-19-pg01
Price ancel       Picture                1957-11-29-pg01
Price, Kathy Carroll                Birth                1957-10-11-pg05
Price, Marvin G                Obituary                1957-11-29-pg01
Pruett, Columbus Oran                Obituary                1957-07-12-pg05
Puckett, ??         Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Putman, ??        Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Quisenberry, C.M., Justice of the Peace     Obituary     1957-05-10-pg02
Ramerez, Juliane                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Ramsey, Carl     Picture                1957-05-10-pg03
Ray, David     Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Ray, Pamela    Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Ray, Ronnie   Picture                1957-04-19-pg06
Ray, Tommy   Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Ray, Tran Lee                Obituary                1957-12-06-pg01
Rayle, Faith Ann                Birth                1957-05-24-pg01
Read, ??            Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Read, Deborah Reney                Birth                1957-05-24-pg01
Read, Scott Mitchell                Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Read,Darwin Dee                Birth                1957-10-11-pg05
Reid, Joyce Elaine                Birth                1957-08-02-pg01
Reid, Paul Bryant                Birth                1957-12-06-pg08
Remmele, ??     Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Renshaw, Luna Kenney, Mrs.    Obituary      1957-07-12-pg01
Reves, O.P. Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1957-08-23-pg06
Reynolds, Ladye                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Rhine, Barbara  Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Riggs, John       Picture                1957-03-29-pg02
Ringgold, Novis B.    Obituary      1957-09-27-pg01
Roberts, Don    Picture                1957-02-01-pg03
Roberts, Donald                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Roberts, L.C.     Obituary                1957-11-29-pg05
Roberts, Roy     Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Roe, Jimmy David                Birth                1957-07-19-pg01
Rogers, O.B. Rev.                Picture                1957-10-11-pg04
Rolison, Charles D.                Obituary                1957-07-19-pg01
Roper, John H. Mr. & Mrs.                Anniversary        1957-08-09-pg01
Ross, Paula Beth                Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Rottan, Lewis/Mitchell, Laverne                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Rozell, Rodney Neal                Birth                1957-10-11-pg05
Rushin, Debbie Lynn                Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Sagle, Claude    Picture                1957-11-29-pg01
Sagle, Claudia Ann                Picture                1957-11-29-pg01
Saliz,Rose Marie                Birth                1957-10-25-pg01
Sartwelle,J.D.    Picture                1957-11-15-pg02
Seagraves, Ernest L.                Obituary                1957-01-25-pg01
Selz, L.V. Dr.   Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Selz, L.V. Dr.   Picture                1957-08-30-pg01
Sewalt, Alvis Lynn                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Shanks, E. J.     Picture                1957-03-29-pg01
Shanks, E. J.     Picture                1957-04-19-pg01
Shanks, Jackie Picture                1957-11-29-pg01
Shaw,Kenneth Picture                1957-04-19-pg02
Shawn, Kathryn                Obituary                1957-04-05-pg05
Shawn, Vicki     Birth                1957-12-20-pg01
Shepard, Joe Michael                Picture                1957-10-04-pg01
Simons, W,D,/Loper, Maudie M                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Simpson, Robert                Obituary                1957-12-06-pg05
Slagle, William   Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Slimp, Karen     Birth                1957-08-02-pg01
Smith, Carolyn  Picture                1957-05-10-pg04
Smith, D.C.        Obituary                1957-08-23-pg01
Smith, Debbie   Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Smith, Donna    Picture                1957-04-12-pg04
Smith, Earl         Obituary                1957-11-15-pg01
Smith, Gerry Vergil                Birth                1957-12-06-pg08
Smith, H.W. Mr.                Picture                1957-04-26-pg01
Smith, H.W. Mrs.                Picture                1957-04-26-pg01
Smith, James David                Birth                1957-09-20-pg01
Smith, Janice Reyna                Birth                1957-12-06-pg08
Smith, Leslie      Obituary                1957-06-14-pg01
Smith, Nancy    Birth                1957-02-01-pg01
Smith, Shirley    Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Smith, Sue/McDuff, Johnny                Wedding              1957-12-20-pg05
Smith, Willie      Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Smith,Lori Annette                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Sparks, Leroy    Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Splawn, W. M. W.                Picture                1957-05-03-pg03
Stekler, leonard Picture                1957-09-06-pg01
Stewart, Hugh H.                Obituary                1957-10-25-pg01
Stokes, Stephen Dwayne Birth                1957-05-17-pg01
Strickland, Otis Dr.                Picture                1957-09-06-pg04
Stweart, Charles                Picture                1957-03-29-pg02
Sullivan, Leo     Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Summerour, Ida Brown                Obituary                1957-09-20-pg01
Supina,Edward  Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Swain, John T.   Obituary                1957-11-22-pg01
Tackel, ??/ Ray Tackel                Birth                1957-03-22-pg01
Tackel, Cornelia                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
Tackett, Rocky Lane                            
Tackett, Tresia jean                Birth                1957-08-30-pg01
Tate, Sarah Mrs.                Obituary                1957-01-25-pg02
Terrell, B.D./Barge, Mildred                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Terry, Linda      Picture                1957-02-08-pg05
Thetford, Jay H.                Obituary                1957-11-29-pg07
Thetford, Jay H.                Obituary                1957-12-06-pg07
Thorton, Ricky Dale                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Todd, A. R.       Picture                1957-01-11-pg01
Towne, ??          Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Trammel, Benny                Picture                1957-11-29-pg01
Tucker, C.J. Mr.                Obituary                1957-10-18-pg01
Tucker, Samuel Obituary                1957-08-30-pg01
Tucker, Teresa Ann                Birth                1957-12-27-pg06
Turner, Frank Mrs. (Anna Belle Hines)               Obituary                1957-03-08-pg01
Turner, Linda/Huber, Chris                Wedding              1957-09-13-pg08
Van Hoose, Janie                Picture                1957-05-17-pg01
VanHoose, billy                Picture                1957-08-09-pg01
Vogt, John H.  Picture                1957-12-20-pg05
Wages, Rush   Picture                1957-06-21-pg01
Ward, ??            Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Ward, James W.                Obituary                1957-12-06-pg05
Washburn, Pennye Rence     Birth                1957-07-05-pg01
Weatherly, June LaNell                Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Weatherly, Ricky Lynn                Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Weaver, R. E. Mr.                Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Webb, Michael Gene                Birth                1957-08-02-pg01
Welder, Leo      Picture                1957-11-15-pg02
Wells, R.H./McNallen, Jerry Ann                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
West, J.H.         Picture                1957-12-13-pg06
Whatley, Mary Etta                Obituary                1957-07-12-pg01
White, A.B.        Picture                1957-10-11-pg01
White, Amelia    Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
White, Billy Don                Birth                1957-08-30-pg01
White, Bobbie Jean                Picture                1957-09-27-pg01
White, Brenda   Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
White, Donna Jean                Picture                1957-02-08-pg01
Whitley, John T.                Picture                1957-08-02-pg08
Wigley, Ted Mrs.                Picture                1957-01-11-pg01
Wilhite, charles                Picture                1957-08-23-pg01
Wilhite, Joe Mrs.                Obituary                1957-11-29-pg01
Wilkerson, Mary                Obituary                1957-04-12-pg02
Wilkerson, Rickie                Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Williams, Bertie Hill        Obituary       1957-01-04-pg01
Williamson, Jerry                Picture                1957-04-26-pg05
Wilson, Dan    Obituary                1957-06-28-pg01
Wilson, Kay Lynn                Birth                1957-07-05-pg01
Wolff, Cynthia Elizabeth                Birth                1957-06-14-pg01
Womack, Ronald                Picture                1957-10-04-pg08
Wood, Charles Mrs.                Picture                1957-01-25-pg01
Workman, Debra Lynn                Birth                1957-08-02-pg01
Worthington, ??                Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Wright, J.C./Huckabee, Peggy A                Wedding              1957-05-17-pg03
Wright, William                Obituary                1957-12-13-pg01
Yeats, Lucy Edna Mrs.                Obituary                1957-01-18-pg03
Young, ??          Birth                1957-03-29-pg03
Young, Annie   Obituary         1957-11-22-pg01
Young, Bobby  Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Young, R.D.      Picture                1957-06-14-pg01
Younger, Don   Picture                1957-04-19-pg02
Younger, Douglas                Picture                1957-04-19-pg02
Younger, John  Picture                1957-10-04-pg08