Images of Newspaper Pages From The Bridgeport Index
Wise County, Texas
1958 - Names Index

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430 Pages were Photographed. All papers were found, but some second sections may be missing.
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Below is an index of 586; 
pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, 
births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by Royce Raven - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Adams, James Clinton                Birth                1958-08-29-pg05
Admire, Clarence Holt                Obituary                1958-05-03-pg01
Admire, Lola    Picture                1958-02-14-pg01
Admire, Lola    Picture                1958-09-26-pg01
Admire, Lola    Picture                1958-10-31-pg01
Air Plane Crash                Event                1958-03-28-pg01
AirForce Planes Collide                Picture                1958-04-11-pg05
Albutton, Mary Josephine                Obituary                1958-07-18-pg01
Allen, Bill          Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Allen, Mary/Van Hoose, James W.                Wedding              1958-08-01-pg01
Alman, Alfanso                Obituary                1958-08-01-pg01
Andersaon, John Mrs.                Picture                1958-11-28-pg01
Anderson,William Randolph                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Armstrong, G. L. Mrs.                Obituary                1958-07-25-pg02
Arrington, Jimmy Earl                Birth                1958-11-21-pg08
Arrington, Mitchell Gene       Birth                1958-11-21-pg08
Arthur, Barbara                Picture                1958-10-24-pg01
Arthur, C. A.     Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Arthur, Chet      Picture                1958-02-14-pg05
Atkinson, L.T.  Picture                1958-01-03-pg08
Bailey, Leslie Walter      Obituary     1958-12-12-pg01
Baker, Bruce Wayne                Obituary                1958-06-06-pg01
Barnes, Windell lee                Birth                1958-11-21-pg08
Barnett, Annie Miss.                Obituary                1958-07-25-pg01
Barnett, Mrs. Fannie                Obituary                1958-04-25-pg05
Barnett, Pat       Obituary                1958-09-12-pg01
Barnett, Patricia Ann                Birth                1958-03-28-pg06
Barnett, Versie K. Mrs                Obituary                1958-07-04-pg03
Barton, Henry Wilburn                Obituary                1958-12-05-pg01
Beakley, Ruby  Picture                1958-03-14-pg08
Bean, John T.   Picture                1958-12-12-pg07
Beard, Larry       Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Beeson, Jack    Profile                1958-01-17-pg01
Beeson, Johnnie Leroy                Birth                1958-06-06-pg01
Beville, Angie Mrs.                Obituary                1958-07-11-pg04
Bible Baptist Church                Profile                1958-03-21-pg06
Bird, Rebecca Birth                1958-11-21-pg08
Black, Dennis Mitchell                Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
Blackman, Daniel Howard  Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Blanks, Charles Keith                Birth                1958-10-17-pg14
Bogy, William Bario                Birth                1958-07-25-pg01
Bolding, Juanita                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Bolding,Judy Lynn                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Booker, Minnie Lee                Obituary                1958-05-16-pg06
Boulware, Paula Ann                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Bower, Carla       Picture                1958-04-18-pg01
Bower, Carla       Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Bower, Carla/Whitney, Warren                Wedding              1958-06-13-pg08
Bower, Earline    Picture                1958-05-30-pg01
Boyd, Ben Mrs.                Picture                1958-11-14-pg08
Boyd, Carol Ann                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Brassfield, Jerry Glynn                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Brewer, Charles R.                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Brewer, Jack Don                Birth                1958-12-19-pg03
Brewer, Jimmy Dale                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Bridgeport Baptist Church   Event                1958-12-19-pg01
Bridgeport Boys League Players   Picture                1958-06-20-pg01
Bridgeport Garden Club Organized                Event                1958-05-03-pg07
Bridgeport High School                Event                1958-03-07-pg08
Bridgeport Index, Merry Christmas                Event                1958-12-26-pg01
Bridgeport Twister                Event                1958-05-03-pg01
Briscoe, Randall                Picture                1958-12-12-pg07
Brock, L A         Picture                1958-03-07-pg01
Browing, H. C. Mrs.                Obituary                1958-05-23-pg10
Bryant, David   Picture                1958-04-18-pg01
Bryant, David   Picture                1958-04-25-pg07
Bryant, David's father                Picture                1958-04-25-pg07
Bryant, David's mother                Picture                1958-04-25-pg07
Bryant, Graden Obituary                1958-11-07-pg01
Buckingham, Mrs. Thomas F.                Obituary                1958-03-28-pg01
Buckley, Nettle Leona                Obituary                1958-10-10-pg10
Bunnell, Elvis Roy                Birth                1958-08-08-pg07
Burns, B.            Picture                1958-07-18-pg08
Burns, F. P.        Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Burns, Francis   Obituary                1958-06-13-pg08
Burrous, Ruby Mae                Obituary                1958-02-21-pg08
Burt, John       Picture                1958-08-08-pg06
Burt, John       Picture                1958-10-03-pg04
Bush, Melba Jean                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Bush,Bill          Picture                1958-08-08-pg06
Byers, Kenneth Paul                Birth                1958-03-14-pg07
Byers, Zoe Helen                Picture                1958-03-28-pg01
Byrant, Mrs. David                Picture                1958-04-25-pg07
Cain, Ed           Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Camosey, Gala  Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Campbell, Linda                Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
Cansler, Mildred Inez                Birth                1958-06-27-pg04
Cantrell, Cloma/Lawrence, N. C. Mr.                Wedding              1958-11-14-pg01
Cantrell, Jimmie                Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Cantrell, Johnny                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Caraway, jay Alan                Birth                1958-03-28-pg06
Caraway, Richard Warren   Birth                1958-07-25-pg01
Caraway, Richard Warren   Birth                1958-08-01-pg08
Carptenter, Lowry                Picture                1958-06-27-pg04
Carr, Herman  Picture                1958-07-18-pg08
Carter, A. R. Mrs.                Obituary                1958-07-11-pg02
Carter, Hub        Picture                1958-08-01-pg05
Carter, Nora Mrs.                Obituary                1958-06-06-pg08
Chanber of Commerce Organized                Event                1958-04-04-pg01
Chapman, Russell Wayne   Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
Chilcutt, Patrica                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Chilcutt,Pamela                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Christie, Mitchell & Mitchell Gas Plant       Picture                1958-10-17-pg06
Clayton, Cyntha Kay                Birth                1958-03-14-pg07
Cobb, L. B. Dr.  Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Cobb, Sylvantes Clinton                Picture                1958-10-24-pg02
Coffman, Myrtle Mrs.                Obituary                1958-05-30-pg08
Coffman, Samuel                Obituary                1958-09-12-pg05
Coker, Kathy Lou                Birth                1958-06-27-pg04
Coker, Stanley   Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Coleman, Don  Picture                1958-11-28-pg01
Coleman, Doris                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Coleman, Leo D.                Profile                1958-02-14-pg06
Coleman, Wilene                Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
Collis, Stephen Birth                1958-10-31-pg04
Condron, Jesse Earl Miss.      Picture                1958-11-28-pg04
Connor, James Samuel                Obituary                1958-01-24-pg02
Cook, George   Obituary                1958-02-28-pg08
Cowling, Mrs. Ed                Picture                1958-03-07-pg06
Cowling, Ed        Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Cowling, Murry Eugene                Obituary                1958-01-24-pg02
Cox, Gina Renae                Birth                1958-11-07-pg06
Crawford, Dona Mrs.                Obituary                1958-09-26-pg02
Cruz, Bobby Brent                Birth                1958-04-18-pg04
Culpepper, James Earl                Birth                1958-01-31-pg07
Curley, Mike     Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Daughter of Mr&Mrs Edwin Ross                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Davidson, Bobby Lee                Birth                1958-09-12-pg05
Davidson, Joyce Kay                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Davidson, Royce Ray                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Davila, ?? (son) Mr. & Mrs. Ben Devila                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Davis, James     Picture                1958-19-03-pg05
Davis, Lee          Obituary                1958-03-14-pg05
Deering, Robert Earl                Birth                1958-08-22-pg01
Denton, Linda  Picture                1958-10-31-pg01
DeRossett, William E.                Picture                1958-11-21-pg04
Dickerson, Gary                Picture                1958-11-21-pg01
Dickerson, J. G.                Picture                1958-02-14-pg05
Dickey, Allen Poe/Linda Lou Eaton                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg03
Dickinson, J. G.                Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Dodson, Ralph Picture                1958-04-25-pg07
Duncan, Ervin L.                Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Duncan, Jack/Harlan, Myrle                Wedding              1958-05-16-pg08
Dunlap, Cindy Picture                1958-06-20-pg05
Dunn, Becky     Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Dunn, Randy    Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Early, Lana Sue                Birth                1958-11-07-pg06
Earp, Mr & Mrs Sam                Anniversary        1958-03-28-pg05
Eaton, Linda Lou/Allen Poe Dickey                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg03
Eckland, Mary Johns                Obituary                1958-05-03-pg02
Edwards, Johnny                Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Ehle, Vickie Lynn                Birth                1958-09-19-pg04
Ekland, Mrs. Paul                Obituary                1958-04-18-pg06
Ekland, Paul J.   Picture                1958-10-03-pg01
Eslinger, William P.                Picture                1958-10-24-pg08
Evan, Byrle       Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Evan, Rhonda Diane                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Evans, Billy Jack                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Evans, Micki Gale                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Evans, Pamela Sue                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Fagg, Rodney George                Birth                1958-09-12-pg05
Fairbetter, Linda                Picture                1958-08-15-pg10
Farner, Barbara Lee                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Fenner, Hollan Lee                Birth                1958-04-25-pg08
Fite, Tony lynn                Birth                1958-09-12-pg05
Fitzgerald, H S  Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Fitzgerald, Randel Eugene   Birth                1958-02-07-pg01
Floyd, E. R. Mr. Obituary                1958-05-23-pg01
Ford, Faye/Dugan, Tommie                Wedding              1958-12-05-pg08
Foreman, Betty/McKennie, Tommie                Wedding              1958-04-04-pg07
Forman, David Michel                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Foster, Helen      Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Foster, Jessie     Obituary                1958-09-19-pg08
Fox, Nelda      Picture                1958-07-25-pg01
Garrett, Carlton/Linda Kelley                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg08
Garrett, Johnny C.                Picture                1958-09-26-pg05
Garrett, Melvia Jo                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Gentry, Gay       Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Gentry, Jimmy Ray                Birth                1958-03-07-pg01
Gentry, Patricia/Read, Ernst                Wedding              1958-06-27-pg04
George, Francine                Picture                1958-10-31-pg01
George, Sharron                Picture                1958-06-27-pg05
Geron, Bill          Picture                1958-02-21-pg01
Geron, Billy        Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Geron, Billy Earl                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Geron, Billy Earl                Picture                1958-07-11-pg01
Gibbs, Helen      Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
Gibbs, V. A. Mrs.                Obituary                1958-12-19-pg06
Gilbreath,Max Byron                Birth                1958-08-15-pg01
Giles,Linda        Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Gill, Clyde V.      Obituary       1958-10-10-pg01
Gill, John William                Birth                1958-09-05-pg02
Glass, Betty/Culpepper, Donald                Wedding              1958-12-19-pg01
Golaz, Johnnie  Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Graham, Walker Mrs.                Picture                1958-11-28-pg04
Grantham, Billy Leon                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Grantham, Travis Don                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Green, Billie Jr.  Picture                1958-10-10-pg01
Green, Cynitha Joy                Picture                1958-04-18-pg06
Green, Joy          Birth                1958-06-06-pg01
Green, Joy/Besson, Johnnie                Wedding              1958-04-25-pg05
Green, Joye        Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Green, Marion W.                Profile                1958-03-07-pg06
Green, Roger Lynn                Birth                1958-03-14-pg07
Green, Rupert Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1958-10-03-pg01
Green, Stacy      Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Green, Van         Picture                1958-09-26-pg01
Groves, Glenn  Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Groves, Larry Franklin                Birth                1958-11-07-pg06
Gunn, Mary Mrs.                Obituary                1958-08-08-pg02
Hall, Alan Ray                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Hall, Cathy Renee                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Haney, Karen Jeane                Birth                1958-02-07-pg01
Harlan, Kay       Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Harlan, Kay       Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Harlan, Myrle/Duncan, Jack                Wedding              1958-07-04-pg05
Harris, Carolyn/Hill, Rex                Wedding              1958-12-26-pg04
Harrison, John Rev.                Picture                1958-10-17-pg01
Harston, Jan      Picture                1958-06-27-pg05
Hartsell, Anthony Dean                Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Hartsell, Betty/Pashal, Ronald                Wedding              1958-06-13-pg08
Hartsell, John   Picture                1958-11-21-pg04
Hartsell, Patricia Gayle                Picture                1958-11-21-pg01
Hartson, Jan      Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
Harwood, George                Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Haselwood, Kenneth lee           Birth                1958-08-15-pg01
Haynes, Millisia Kaye                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Hendrix, Floyd Edward                Birth                1958-03-14-pg07
Hickman, Deli   Picture                1958-08-22-pg01
Hicks, Nell/Admire, Billy                Wedding              1958-07-11-pg08
HIGH SCHOOL RIBBON CUTTING                Event                1958-01-03-pg01
Hoefle, Suzann Birth                1958-03-07-pg01
Hogan, Karen Fay                Birth                1958-02-21-pg04
Holt, Judy       Picture                1958-05-30-pg03
Houtchens, Artes/Eddie Huchabee                Wedding              1958-01-31-pg05
Howell, Dwyane                Picture                1958-05-23-pg01
Howell, Jackie   Picture                1958-10-03-pg05
Huckabee, Eddie/Artes Houtchens                Wedding              1958-01-31-pg05
Huddleston, Linda Marchan                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Huddleston,Thomas Kevin     Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Hudson, James Oliver                Obituary                1958-08-01-pg01
Hudson, James. R.                Obituary                1958-09-05-pg01
Hudson, Wanda                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Hudson, Wanda                Picture                1958-09-26-pg01
Hudson, Wanda                Picture                1958-10-03-pg04
Hunt, Edward Don                Birth                1958-01-31-pg07
Hunter, Donna Gayle                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Hvezdos, Johnnie A.                Obituary                1958-01-17-pg01
Hwy 24 Bridge Opens to Jacksboro                Event                1958-02-14-pg01
HWY 24 to HWY 380                Event                1958-03-07-pg01
Isom, kenneth Charles                Birth                1958-12-19-pg03
Ivy, Peggy     Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Jackson, Dickey Joe                Birth                1958-09-26-pg08
James, A. E.       Obituary                1958-03-14-pg05
James, E. W.      Obituary                1958-09-12-pg05
James, Elzie W.  Obituary                1958-09-26-pg04
Jenkins, Cynthia Ann                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Jenkins, S. O.    Obituary                1958-09-12-pg04
Jenkins, S. O. Mr.                Obituary                1958-09-26-pg05
Jennings, Robert                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Jinkins, Gary Gene                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
John, Julia Cecil                Obituary                1958-01-03-pg05
John, Julia Cecil                Picture                1958-01-03-pg08
John, Julia Cecil                Obituary                1958-01-10-pg07
Johnson, Charles Mrs.                Obituary                1958-10-10-pg11
Johnston, Buddy C.,                 Picture                1958-04-11-pg01
Johnston, Buddy C., Cadet      Picture                1958-01-03-pg05
Johnston, R. L. Mrs. (Aunt Molly)                Picture                1958-10-17-pg17
Jones, Burt Mr. & Mrs.                Anniversary        1958-09-26-pg07
Jones, Kevin Ray                Birth                1958-07-04-pg01
Jones, Lela         Obituary                1958-01-24-pg07
Jones, Melvin Willard                Birth                1958-04-25-pg08
Jones, R. E. Rev.                Picture                1958-08-01-pg05
Jones, Roy         Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Joshua, Julius  Picture                1958-11-28-pg01
Kaker, Clarence Event                1958-08-15-pg01
Kaker, Mervie Virginia Mrs.        Obituary     1958-12-05-pg01
Kasner, Hubert                Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Keith, Clarisa Karen                Birth                1958-02-07-pg01
Keith, Donald   Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Kelley, George (Machine Gun)       Picture                1958-06-27-pg08
Kelley, Jimmy Dwayne                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Kelley, Kathryn Picture                1958-06-27-pg08
Kelley, Linda/Carlton Garrett                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg08
Kelley, RichardMeadows, Raymond                Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Kelly, Jerry       Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Kemmerer,John G.                Picture                1958-12-12-pg07
Kennedy, Darla Gayle                Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Key, Jimmie    Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Key, Jimmy     Picture                1958-02-21-pg01
Key, Jimmy     Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Key, Wayne   Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Kidd, Sammy Dwayne                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Kilgore, J. L.     Obituary                1958-03-21-pg03
Killough, Karen Lee                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
King, William Luther                Obituary                1958-12-05-pg03
Kirby, Gregory Wayne                Birth                1958-11-28-pg08
Kleam,Kenneth Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Kopecky, Jo Lynn                Birth                1958-04-25-pg08
Kraft, Dan         Picture                1958-11-28-pg01
Kuperman, David                Picture                1958-03-14-pg08
Largent, Ernst   Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Lewis, Timothy John                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Lloyd,  Rod         Picture                1958-10-10-pg07
Loftis, Linda      Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Lowe, Diane      Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Lowe, Jerry       Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Lowery, Cassandra                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Lowery, Keith  Picture                1958-03-14-pg08
Lowery, Lynnette                Picture                1958-11-14-pg04
Lowery, Melonie Joyce                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Lozanos, Joe Jr.                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Lumaden, Bob  Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
Lunday, A. J.    Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Lynch,Danny Wayne                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Malloy, Brenda                Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Malloy,Gene    Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Mann, Jack        Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Mann, Roberta Ann                Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Mann, W.J.        Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Manning, Clyde                Picture                1958-07-25-pg04
Manning,Clyde                Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Manoushagian, Jean                Picture                1958-03-07-pg01
Mara, John Mrs.                Obituary                1958-12-12-pg01
Martin, Billy Edward                Birth                1958-11-07-pg06
Martin, Ollie Purdy                Obituary                1958-10-03-pg02
Massey,Karen Elaine                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Maxwell, Mae  Profile                1958-02-21-pg01
Maxwell, Mae  Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
McAlister, Harry C.                Profile                 1958-03-28-pg07
McAnally, Joe Robert                Birth                1958-11-07-pg06
McCanlie, James                Picture                1958-08-08-pg06
McCasland, Sheere Denice    Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
McClary, ??      Birth                1958-05-30-pg08
McClung, Linda                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
McClurg, Linda                Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
McCord, Perry lee                Obituary                1958-12-19-pg07
McCurdy, Mr & Mrs R. Cal                Anniversary        1958-04-25-pg03
McDaniel, Earl Obituary                1958-06-27-pg06
McDaniel, Laneta                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
McDonald, John                Obituary                1958-03-07-pg01
McDonald, Rhonda Gay                Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
McElhaney       Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
McGee, Elza     Picture                1958-05-30-pg01
McGee, Elza Mr.                Picture                1958-05-30-pg05
McGee, Elza Mrs.                Picture                1958-05-30-pg05
McGee, L. O. (Shag)                Obituary                1958-05-03-pg01
McGee, Leigh Mr.                Picture                1958-05-16-pg01
McGee, Linda  Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
McGee, Linda  Picture                1958-03-07-pg07
McGuire, John R.                Obituary                1958-03-14-pg08
McLean, Katherine                Picture                1958-10-03-pg08
McNeely, James Larn                Obituary                1958-12-12-pg06
McNiel, Jack     Picture                1958-06-13-pg08
McSpadden, Corry Baker      Obituary                1958-03-28-pg04
McWilliams, James Reginald                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
McWilliams, Stan                Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Meadows, Dean                Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Meadows, Raymond                Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Meier, Lee          Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Melton, Wing O'Neal                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Michael, Oris Kirk                Picture                1958-10-24-pg04
Miles, Davis Joe                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Miller, LaDora   Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Miller, Ricky      Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Miller, Tommy Wayne Son born to Mr & Mrs Thomas J. Miller 1958-02-07-pg01
Minute Coffee shop                Event                1958-06-27-pg01
Molloy, Allen Ray                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Moody, Jannie                Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Moody, Lee Alan                Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Moody,Kenneth Don                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Morrow, Curtis Paul                Birth                1958-08-29-pg05
Morton, Edward D. Dr.                Picture                1958-08-08-pg01
Mosley, Donald Lee                Birth                1958-03-28-pg06
Mosley, Ronald Lee                Birth                1958-03-28-pg06
Mott, Mary Lee/Maxine, Willis Henry                Wedding              1958-10-10-pg03
Mowery,Melinda Gaye                Birth                1958-02-07-pg01
Musser, Skyles Picture                1958-07-25-pg06
Myers, Howard                Picture                1958-04-25-pg07
Neal, David     Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Neblett, Charles                Picture                1958-07-18-pg08
Neely, John Edward                Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
Nelson, Donald C./Opal Agnes Ricker                Wedding              1958-01-03-pg01
Nelson, Donald C./Opal Agnes Ricker                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg07
Nevels, Deborah Ann                Birth                1958-09-26-pg08
New, Guy Merrill                Birth                1958-12-05-pg05
Niblett, Lonnie  Picture                1958-05-23-pg01
Nichols, Frieda Picture                1958-06-27-pg05
Oats. Marcy    Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
O'Dell, Gayla Ann                Birth                1958-02-28-pg03
Odie, Pasty/Mann, Jim                Wedding              1958-11-14-pg01
Odie, Pat          Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Offutt, Irvin S. Jr.                Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Orr, James Hubert                Obituary                1958-10-17-pg04
Ortendahl, Joel M. Rev.                Obituary                1958-12-05-pg03
Outlaw, Jerry  Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Owenby, Sam  Obituary                1958-05-30-pg04
Patterson, Pat    Picture                1958-08-01-pg05
Payne, Patricia Ann/Moore, Thomas                Wedding              1958-07-18-pg01
Payne, Patrisia   Picture                1958-06-20-pg01
Payne, Sonny    Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Pedigo, Billy      Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Peek, Virginia  Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Pennington, Randy                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Pennington, Susan                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Petty, Linda Gay                              1958-05-09-pg08
Petty, R. E.        Obituary                1958-06-20-pg02
Pewitt, Mary Elizabeth                Birth                1958-10-17-pg14
Peyton, John Lee                Birth                1958-09-12-pg05
Peyton, John Lee                Picture                1958-10-24-pg08
Phillips, Bud     Picture                1958-10-03-pg01
Phillips, Clinton Darrell                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Phillips, Lee Mr. & Mrs.                Anniversary        1958-10-31-pg01
Phillips, Robert                Profile                1958-02-21-pg03
Phillips, Wanda                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Phillips,Wanda                Picture                1958-04-18-pg01
Pierce,Janette   Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Pittit, Daniel Wayne                Birth                1958-06-27-pg04
Plowman, Randall Charles   Birth                1958-04-25-pg08
Porter, Jimmy     Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Porter,LaNita/Arnold, Wayne   Picture                1958-08-29-pg01
Poteet, Eddie Gwen                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Potts, Kyle Russell                Birth                1958-09-12-pg05
Powers, Bill      Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Price, Ancel     Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Price, Mark Allen                Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
Price,James Edward Jr.                Birth                1958-08-01-pg08
Prunty, John Virgil, Dr.      Obituary       1958-11-28-pg01
Ransom, John Abram                Obituary                1958-10-17-pg08
Rawles, Faith Sue                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
Ray, bill           Picture                1958-08-08-pg06
Ray, Ollie (brother of Rev. Hubert Ray)      Obituary    1958-03-28-pg01
Read, Duane    Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Read, Mitch     Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Read, Rhonda Fay                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Read, Richard Leon                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Read, Vickie Lee                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Reed, Dixie       Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Reed, Dorothy Joyce/Ryan, Jimmy Dearl                Wedding              1958-09-05-pg01
Reed, Roberta Dell/McClure, Duane Arnold                Wedding              1958-04-04-pg03
Reese, ?? Coach                Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Reynolds, Shirley                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Reynolds, Shirley/Kersey, Bill                Wedding              1958-07-04-pg03
Reynolds, Victor                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Reynolds,Shirley/Kersey, Clinton, Jr                Wedding              1958-05-23-pg09
Richards, John Mrs.                Obituary                1958-10-03-pg08
Richardson,Judy Ann                Birth                1958-08-15-pg01
Ricker, Opal Agnes/Donald C. Nelson                Wedding              1958-01-03-pg01
Ricker, Opal Agnes/Donald C. Nelson                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg07
Roberts, Martha/Brown, James                Wedding              1958-10-10-pg08
Roberts, Mrs. H. H.                Obituary                1958-04-25-pg03
Robertson, Dale                Picture                1958-12-26-pg03
Rogers, Eunice May                Birth                1958-03-28-pg06
Rogers, Sue     Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Rogers, Sue/Rushin, Billy D.                Wedding              1958-05-16-pg02
Rogers, T.S., Mr & Mrs                Anniversary        1958-01-03-pg06
Ross, Myrna    Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Roundtree, Sammie                Birth                1958-02-21-pg04
Rowe, Gerry Michael                Birth                1958-04-04-pg08
Rowe, Gerry Michael                Birth                1958-04-18-pg04
Royston, G. B. Picture                1958-10-24-pg08
Royston, Robert Wayne   Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Rudd, Lynda     Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Russell, Janie    Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Ryan, W. T.      Picture                1958-11-28-pg01
Saunders, Cyrus      Obituary           1958-08-22-pg01
Saunders, Diane                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Scaff, Allen Randall                Birth                1958-02-21-pg04
Scott, Tommyia Anita                Birth                1958-12-19-pg03
Selz, Dan         Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Selz, Scott Melton                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Severin, A. G. Rev                Picture                1958-09-26-pg07
Sewell, Stwart     Picture                1958-08-01-pg05
Shanks,Jackie  Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Shannon, Armon                Picture                1958-06-27-pg08
Shannon, R. G. (Boss)                Picture                1958-06-27-pg08
Shannon, R. G. Mrs.                Picture                1958-06-27-pg08
Sharpless, Kathy Jeanne    Birth                1958-02-28-pg03
Shephard, Malcolm LeRoy III                Birth                1958-12-12-pg01
Sherwood, ?? (Daughter)/ Mr & Mrs Perry Sherwood                Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
Short, shirley    Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Simmons, Joe    Picture                1958-09-12-pg01
Simons, J. G.     Obituary                1958-02-07-pg01
Simpson, Patricia Kay                Birth                1958-08-22-pg01
Sims, Kay         Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Slate, Arch Y.  Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Smith, Clifford   Picture                1958-03-14-pg08
Smith, Darlene/Wilson, Lloyd                Wedding              1958-05-23-pg01
Smith, Emmit W.                Obituary                1958-04-04-pg05
Smith, James     Obituary                1958-10-10-pg01
Smith, Sue         Picture                1958-06-27-pg05
Smith,Darlene/Wilson, Loyd                Wedding              1958-07-11-pg03
Snow, Norman  Picture                1958-03-21-pg07
Son of Mr & Mrs D E Chapman                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Son of Mr & Mrs R C Story      Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Souther. L. P. Mr.                Obituary                1958-04-25-pg04
Sparkman, Leon/Jean Young                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg04
Sparks, David Leroy                Picture                1958-02-21-pg02
Splawn, Michael Dean                Birth                1958-08-15-pg01
St John, Lois Inez                Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
St. John, Randall Eugene   Birth                1958-03-14-pg07
Stack, Bobbie Glen                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Stack, Michael Keith                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Stephens, Stevie                Picture                1958-08-08-pg06
Stevens, Allen  Picture                1958-05-23-pg08
Stevens, W O    Obituary                1958-02-28-pg05
Stewart, N. Elmer Mr.                Obituary                1958-12-05-pg08
Stewart, Ruben, Mrs.      Obituary         1958-06-13-pg08
Stickler, Leonard                Picture                1958-02-21-pg01
Stickler, Leonard                Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Stickler, Leonard                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Stipp, E. M.       Obituary                1958-02-14-pg05
Stokes, J. B.       Picture                1958-10-10-pg01
Stout, A. L.       Obituary                1958-03-07-pg05
Strickland, Pearl                Obituary                1958-03-07-pg01
Strickland, Ray                Picture                1958-04-04-pg01
Strickland,Cal   Picture                1958-04-04-pg01
Strickler, Connie Lannette                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Strickler, Pasty Sue                Picture                1958-09-19-pg01
Summer, Martha Arlene                Birth                1958-08-15-pg01
Summers, W. H. Mrs.                Obituary                1958-10-10-pg02
Summers,W H Obituary                1958-02-28-pg01
Supina, Carol     Picture                1958-03-14-pg01
Supina, Carol     Picture                1958-10-31-pg01
Supina, Edwin   Picture                1958-02-28-pg01
Tackel, Charley                Obituary                1958-02-28-pg05
Tackel, Charlie (funeral attendees)    Obituary      1958-03-07-pg05
Tackel, Roberta                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Tackel,?? (Daughter)/ William Tackel Mr. & Mrs.                Birth                1958-08-08-pg07
Taft, William H.                Obituary                1958-12-05-pg01
Talbot, D. G.     Picture                1958-08-29-pg06
Tapp, Paul        Picture                1958-11-21-pg01
Taylor, Billie Paul                Birth                1958-02-28-pg03
Thetford, Jerry  Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Thomnkins, Freddie                Picture                1958-05-23-pg07
Thompson, Arthur L. Mr.          Obituary                1958-04-25-pg08
Thompson, Bartha                Picture                1958-10-17-pg01
Thompson, Sandra                Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Tidwell, Marcel Obituary                1958-04-11-pg02
Tipton, Maurice Edward                Birth                1958-02-28-pg03
Titus, Clarence Obituary                1958-10-10-pg01
Todd, Bill Mrs. Obituary                1958-09-12-pg05
Torres, Leria     Birth                1958-11-14-pg05
Townsen, Verna Linehan                Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Tribble, Finley Russell                Obituary                1958-12-19-pg07
Tugwell, F.C.      Obituary      1958-10-17-pg01
Urschel, Charles F.                Picture                1958-06-27-pg08
Ussery, A. B. Mr.                Obituary                1958-10-10-pg11
Van Doiah, Vaughn S.                Picture                1958-02-14-pg03
Van Hoose, Robert Lee          Birth                1958-06-06-pg05
VanHoose, Jane                Picture                1958-08-01-pg08
VanHoose, Janie/Lindsey, Norman                Wedding              1958-09-05-pg05
Walker, Albert F.                Obituary                1958-03-07-pg05
Walker, Carolyn Sue                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Walker, James Leon                Picture                1958-05-03-pg06
Ward, Mary Ann                Picture                1958-07-18-pg02
Warner, Richard M.                Picture                1958-05-09-pg01
Watson, Kenneth Eugene   Birth                1958-04-18-pg04
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1958-01-03-pg01
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1958-04-18-pg01
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1958-04-25-pg01
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1958-08-08-pg01
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1958-08-15-pg10
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1958-09-26-pg01
Weatherly, Michael                Picture                1958-05-09-pg08
Weaver, Phil    Picture                1958-07-18-pg08
West, L.F.         Obituary                1958-07-04-pg06
Wester, Elaine  Picture                1958-05-30-pg01
Wharton, W. E. Mr & Mrs                Anniversary        1958-02-07-pg08
Whatley, Donna Ann                Birth                1958-03-28-pg06
Whitaker, Danny Richard  Birth                1958-03-07-pg01
White, Billy Dan                Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
White, Bobby Miss.                Picture                1958-11-28-pg01
White, Lee Ann Picture                1958-05-09-pg02
White, Peggy Lois                Obituary                1958-05-30-pg04
White, Will         Obituary                1958-03-21-pg02
Whitley, J. B. Dr.                Picture                1958-10-10-pg01
Whitsitt. Myrna Euloine                Birth                1958-08-01-pg08
Wigley, Ted     Picture                1958-08-22-pg01
Wilhite, Charles                Picture                1958-04-25-pg07
Wilkes, Sam M. Mr.                Obituary                1958-09-26-pg05
Wilson, Davis Marion                Birth                1958-09-05-pg02
Winder, John    Picture                1958-11-21-pg01
Winn, Ethel       Picture                1958-09-26-pg07
Winton, Charles K.                Obituary                1958-09-26-pg08
Wiseco Gas Processing Plant       Picture                1958-02-14-pg08
Wolfinbarger, James Otis         Birth                1958-03-07-pg01
Wood, Douglas Ray                Birth                1958-12-19-pg03
Wood, Marilynn                Picture                1958-03-21-pg07
Wright, Carol Ann                Birth                1958-02-07-pg01
Young, Bob       Picture                1958-10-03-pg01
Young, Janet Ruth                Birth                1958-02-21-pg04
Young, Jean/Leon Sparkman                Wedding              1958-01-24-pg04
Young, Jimmie Dean                Birth                1958-06-27-pg04