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Wise County, Texas
1959 - Names Index

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452 Pages - Missing the Feb 13 and Feb 20 papers, and also some second sections.
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Below is an index of 605; 
pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, 
births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by Royce Raven - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Adams, Beverley                Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Adams, Nancy                Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Admire, Lola    Picture                1959-06-12-pg05
Admire, Lola/Pedigo, Billy                Wedding              1959-06-12-pg05
Albright, Claire                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Albright, Claire                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Albright, Jim Mrs                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Albright, Julie  Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Albright,Julie   Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Albritton, Robert Clifton                Obituary              1959-07-24-pg04
Allen, Matt       Obituary                1959-08-21-pg01
Allred, Michelle Deanne                Birth                1959-07-10-pg05
Anderson, Robert Lee                Birth                1959-02-06-pg08
Armstrong, James                Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Arthur, Barbara                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Arthur,Barbara Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Atkins, Sarah L.                Obituary              1959-10-23-pg09
Atkinson, Randy                Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Atkinson, Randy                Picture                1959-12-18-pg01
Atkinson, Ricky                Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Atkinson, Ricky                Picture                1959-12-18-pg01
Atkinson, Terry                Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Atkinson, Terry Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-18-pg01
Atkinson, Terry Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Atkinson,Terry Rev.                Picture                1959-12-18-pg01
Atrickland, Ray                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Bailey, Shirley Jane/Stack, Danny Joe                Wedding              1959-03-13-pg03
Baker, Britt Allan                Birth                1959-07-10-pg05
Baker, C.A.                Obituary              1959-01-30-pg02
Baker, Johnny   Picture                1959-03-13-pg01
Baker, Johnny   Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Baker, Johnny   Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Baker,John       Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Baldridge, J.F.                Obituary              1959-12-18-pg01
Baldridge, V.E. Mr.                Picture                1959-03-27-pg07
Baldridge, V.E. Mr.                Picture                1959-11-06-pg01
Ballard, George A.                Obituary              1959-02-06-pg01
Barnes, A.E. Mrs                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Barnes, Myra    Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Barnes, Myra    Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Barnes, Myra    Picture                1959-05-29-pg08
Barnett, Cynitha                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Barr, O.M.                Obituary              1959-08-07-pg05
Barrett, Lonney Gene                 Birth                1959-09-04-pg05
Becker, Pamela  Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Becker, Sandra  Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Becker, Teresa  Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Becker, Terry    Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Beeson, George                Picture                1959-04-17-pg01
Beeson, George                Picture                1959-05-01-pg08
Bement, Rhonda Lyn                Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Bement, Steven Michael                Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Beville, Tresa    Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Beville, W.E.                Obituary              1959-09-18-pg03
Bird, C.M. Mrs                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Bird, Linda      Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Bird, Rex Mrs Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Black, Kirt Ellison                Birth                1959-12-11-pg10
Black, Sammy   Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Black, Sammy   Picture                1959-07-31-pg08
Blevins, Steve D.                Obituary              1959-10-02-pg03
Bliss, Adam     Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Blount, Joe        Picture                1959-02-06-pg01
Blount, Joey      Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Boase, Les Mrs Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
BoBo, Peyton, Jeffrey                Birth                1959-11-06-pg13
Bolin, Judy       Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Bolin, Judy       Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Bordner, Frank Picture                1959-05-01-pg08
Bostick, Billy Wayne                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Boulware, Douglas Scott       Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
Bozell, Darrell    Picture                1959-02-27-pg09
Brackett, Jack    Picture                1959-05-29-pg11
Brandon, Red  Picture                1959-09-18-pg01
Bridgees, Donna                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Bridgepot Post Office                Event                1959-01-02-pg01
Bridges, Allen  Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Bridges, Martha                Obituary              1959-09-25-pg03
Bridges, Myrtle                Obituary              1959-11-13-pg06
Bridges, Pat      Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Bridges, Patsy  Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Bridwell, Harlan                Picture                1959-08-28-pg01
Brigance, David                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Brigance, Ed Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Brigance, Katherine                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Broen, Jack        Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Brooks, Johnelle Moody   Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Brown, Frances Mae                Obituary              1959-04-03-pg06
Brown, Gergory Britt                Birth                1959-02-06-pg08
Brown, Lula J.           Obituary         1959-09-18-pg02
Brown, Lula Mrs.                Attended Obituary              1959-09-18-pg04
Brown, Rickanna                Birth                1959-08-28-pg06
Brown, Rickanna                Birth                1959-08-28-pg09
Brown, Tina Gayle                Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
Browning, Horce C.                Obituary              1959-10-23-pg11
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1959-09-25-pg01
Buford, Marilue/Harwell, William                Wedding              1959-06-12-pg08
Bullard, J.B.     Picture                1959-08-28-pg01
Bullard, Rachael Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-18-pg08
Bunnell, Donald                Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Bunnell, Herman Coach                Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Bunnell, Robert Earl                Birth                1959-10-02-pg05
Burt, John       Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Burt, John       Picture                1959-05-01-pg01
Burt, John       Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Burt, Lisa         Picture                1959-05-01-pg01
Bush, Melvin   Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Bush, Melvin MrsRoberts, Roy                Picture                1959-05-29-pg11
Byrd, Ann                Obituary              1959-01-30-pg08
Campbell, Leon Picture                1959-12-11-pg01
Campsey, Gayle June/Geron, Billy Earl                Wedding              1959-08-28-pg08
Campsey, Gayle June/Geron, Billy Earl         Picture                1959-08-28-pg08
Canova, Duane                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Canova, Duane                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Cantrell, Sheri Denise                Birth                1959-07-03-pg06
Carlisle, Evelyn                Picture                1959-12-11-pg01
Carlton, Tommy Curtis                Birth                1959-02-06-pg08
Carpenter, Joy/Hutchins, Neal                Wedding              1959-01-09-pg05
Casillas, Mary Frances                Birth                1959-05-22-pg04
Chapman, Robert Wayne   Birth                1959-09-25-pg03
Cheves, Floyd  Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Chilton, Angela                Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Chilton, Danny                Picture                1959-11-13-pg01
Christerson, Kendel Wayne   Birth                1959-07-03-pg04
Clarke, Anne      Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Cline, Edenice  Picture                1959-10-16-pg01
Cline, Elbert C. Picture                1959-10-16-pg01
Cline, Elbert Mrs.                Picture                1959-10-16-pg01
Cloud, Gary Lee                Birth                1959-05-22-pg04
Coffee, Delanna Joy                Birth                1959-02-27-pg03
Coffee, Roy C.  Picture                1959-07-17-pg10
Coker, Lynda Warford                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Coker,Myra      Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Cole, John Walter                Obituary              1959-01-16-pg04
Collins, W.A.                Obituary              1959-04-10-pg04
Counts, Randal Lynn                Birth                1959-07-03-pg06
Coursey, Jimmy R.                Picture                1959-06-19-pg08
Cowling, E.W.   Picture                1959-08-28-pg01
Cox, Jerry       Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Cradduck, vickie Linn                Birth                1959-07-03-pg06
Crawford, Florence                Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Culpepper, Sandra Lynn       Birth                1959-09-04-pg05
Culverhouse, Donald      Obituary          1959-05-29-pg01
Culwell, Wylie Loyd                Picture                1959-12-25-pg01
Curley, Steven  Picture                1959-06-05-pg01
Daniel, Price       Picture                1959-02-06-pg08
Darby, James Mrs.                Picture                1959-06-26-pg07
David, ?? Rev.   Picture                1959-03-06-pg06
Davidson, Tommy Wayne     Obituary     1959-03-06-pg01
Davis, Don Rev.                Picture                1959-09-18-pg01
Davis, Helen Miss                Picture                1959-05-15-pg05
Davis, Jack        Picture                1959-05-01-pg08
Deaton, Earline                Picture                1959-09-25-pg01
Deaton, Earline                Picture                1959-09-25-pg01
Denton, Byron A.                Picture                1959-05-08-pg07
Denton, Johnny                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Denton, Johnny                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Denton, Johnny                Picture                1959-06-26-pg05
Denton, Johnny                Picture                1959-10-09-pg07
Denton, Paul    Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Denton, Sheron                Picture                1959-09-25-pg01
Dethloff, Melvin lee                Obituary              1959-01-16-pg08
Dickenson, Minnie                Obituary              1959-12-11-pg01
Donley, Gayle  Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Donley, Gayle  Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Drennan, Pop   Picture                1959-05-01-pg08
Dunham, Art Rev.                Picture                1959-08-28-pg01
Dunham, Clerance W.                Birth                1959-11-20-pg08
Early, Kenneth Wayne                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Early, Lana Sue                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Edison, Joy Lynette      Obituary        1959-07-10-pg01
Edwards, J.O.   Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Edwards, J.O.   Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Elrod, Jess                Obituary              1959-12-04-pg01
Esslinger, William P.                Picture                1959-03-20-pg01
Ethridge, Maurice Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Eudaly, Patricia Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Eudly, Pat          Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Evans, Dale        Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Evans, David Rev.                Picture                1959-06-05-pg01
Evans, David T. Picture                1959-02-06-pg01
Evans, Elizabeth Ann                Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Fennell, Sandra D'Ann                Birth                1959-11-20-pg08
Fenner, Olin       Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Fenner, Olin       Picture                1959-08-28-pg01
Fite, R.L.         Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Fitzgerald, H.S. Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Fitzgerland, H.S.                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Flowers, Amenda                Obituary              1959-09-18-pg04
Ford, Bertha Lane                Obituary              1959-10-30-pg01
Ford, Brenda Kay                Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Ford, C.I.          Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Franklin, Henry                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg03
Fulfer, Betty Lynell                Obituary              1959-10-02-pg01
Fulfer, Bettye Lynn                Birth                1959-10-09-pg04
Garcia, David     Birth                1959-11-06-pg13
Garcia, Sammy   Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Garcia, Sammy   Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Garrett, Robert  Picture                1959-10-09-pg10
Gasstineau, Terry Louann  Birth                1959-02-06-pg08
Geer, Lori Page                Birth              1959-03-20-pg05
Gentry, Elrica    Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
George, Francine                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
George, Francine                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
George, Francine                Picture                1959-05-29-pg08
George, Francine                Picture                1959-08-14-pg01
George, Francine                Picture                1959-08-21-pg04
Gibbs, Virda                Obituary              1959-01-09-pg08
Gill, Victoria Fielder                Obituary              1959-01-09-pg05
Gilliland, Sarah  Picture                1959-11-13-pg01
Glassie, Tommie                Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Gose, Mr & Mrs J.E.                Anniversary        1959-01-09-pg01
Gosler, Zackie    Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Green, Beulah Mrs                Obituary              1959-02-27-pg09
Green, Martha/Polniaszek Edmond John                Wedding              1959-07-24-pg08
Green, Rhonda Gayle                Picture                1959-09-25-pg01
Green, Terry Ray                Birth                1959-02-27-pg03
Green, Van         Picture                1959-05-15-pg07
Green, Van         Picture                1959-05-15-pg07
Green, Van         Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Green, Willeta Van                Picture                1959-10-09-pg03
Gregory, Alice Mrs.                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg05
Grill, Donna    Picture                1959-06-19-pg05
Grill, Donna/Hill, George                Wedding              1959-06-12-pg01
Groves, Milford                Picture                1959-05-22-pg08
Gusvig, W.F.   Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Hadderton, Charles                Picture                1959-12-18-pg08
Halbet, Flavia Beneva Mrs                Obituary              1959-05-29-pg02
Hand, Russell Kent                Birth                1959-02-06-pg08
Handley, Mr & Mrs                Picture                1959-01-23-pg02
Haney, Johnnie Stwart                Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Harmon, Thomas                Birth                1959-09-18-pg02
Harris, Nancy Ellen                Obituary              1959-10-09-pg04
Harris, Roy         Picture                1959-07-31-pg05
Hartsell, Claudia                Picture                1959-09-25-pg01
Hartsell, Claudia                Picture                1959-09-18-pg01
Hartsell, Patricia Gayle/ McWilliams, Paul Woodrow                Wedding              1959-01-02-pg01
Hartsell, Rebecca                Obituary              1959-04-10-pg01
Hartsell, Rebecca                Obituary              1959-04-17-pg05
Hartsell, Roy Wayne                Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Haynes, Brenda Gay                Birth                1959-10-23-pg05
Haynes, H.C.                Obituary              1959-09-11-pg01
Haynes, Julia Mrs.                Obituary              1959-08-14-pg01
Hays, Thomas  Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Health, Tom G.                Obituary              1959-11-27-pg01
Herdon, Fredda                Picture                1959-05-22-pg08
Herdon, Pamela Joy                Birth                1959-07-10-pg05
Herring, R.A. Mrs.                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg06
High, Mark       Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Hill, L. Lee Jr.     Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Hill, Randy Alan                Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Hill, V.M.       Picture                1959-12-25-pg03
Hines, Embry Mrs                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Holland, Betty Lee                Picture                1959-04-10-pg02
Holland, Betty Lee/Rountree, Fred                Wedding              1959-03-27-pg07
Holt, Janie Jayne                Birth                1959-07-10-pg05
Houk, Virginia Maxine                Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
House, Gertrude                Obituary              1959-07-31-pg02
House, Patricia/Van Hoose, James                Wedding              1959-08-28-pg07
Howell, George Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Huckabee, Todd E.                Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Hudson, Connie                Picture                1959-11-20-pg01
Hudson, Flora Mrs.                Obituary              1959-07-24-pg04
Hudson, James Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
hudson, James Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Hudson, John Henry                Picture                1959-03-06-pg07
Hudson, Johnny                Picture                1959-10-23-pg01
Hudson, Wanda                Picture                1959-09-04-pg08
Hudson, Wanda/Hawkins, Bobby                Wedding              1959-07-24-pg08
Hudson, Wanda/Hawkins, Bobby                Wedding              1959-09-04-pg08
Hutson, Holt Rev.                Picture                1959-12-04-pg01
Inabnett, W.T.  Picture                1959-07-24-pg01
Inman, Warner                Obituary              1959-04-03-pg06
Jackson, Carl Wayne                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Jackson, Douglas                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Jackson, Ronnie                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Jackson, Ronnie                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Jarvis, Dick        Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Jeter, W.P                Obituary              1959-04-24-pg08
John, Lisle Cecil Miss                Obituary              1959-04-24-pg02
Johnson, Pat    Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Johnson, Sherry                Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Johnson, Wanda                Picture                1959-11-20-pg01
Johnson, Wayne Bro.                Picture                1959-04-17-pg01
Johnson, Wayne Bro.                Picture                1959-04-17-pg06
Johnston, Buddy C.                Picture                1959-06-05-pg10
Johnston, Charles W. Mrs.        Picture                1959-06-05-pg10
Johnston, Lee Ann                Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Jones, Ernst       Picture                1959-03-06-pg07
Jones, Ernst       Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Jordan, Mary Elizabeth                Obituary              1959-10-23-pg04
Justus, Debbie Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Justus, Toni      Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
Kaiser, Cindy Lee                Birth                1959-05-22-pg04
Kaker, Darlene  Picture                1959-05-15-pg07
Kaker, Darlene  Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Kaker, Darlene  Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Kaker, Etta                Obituary              1959-06-05-pg06
Kaker, Gladys    Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Kaker, Henry Lawson                Obituary              1959-03-27-pg03
Kaker, Lawson                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg01
Kaker, Sneed Mrs.                Picture                1959-06-05-pg07
Kearney, Belle Miss                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg05
Keith, Clarence Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Keith, Debra Sue                Birth                1959-01-16-pg03
Keith, Lisa         Birth                1959-11-20-pg08
Keith, Marion Lorene/Johnston, Buddy Charles                Wedding              1959-04-24-pg01
Keller, David Alva                Obituary              1959-10-09-pg02
Kelley, Earl Mrs Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Kelley, Jerry       Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Kelley, Jerry       Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Kellum, Linda    Picture                1959-02-27-pg09
Kennedy, Darla Gayle                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Kersey, Della Jo/Farris, James                Wedding              1959-02-06-pg01
Kirby, Gregory Wayne                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Kouns, Jenifer  Birth                1959-09-04-pg05
Kouns, Russe Ekizabeth                Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Kudlik, R.E. Mrs                Picture                1959-04-03-pg01
Laird, Linnie Mrs.                Obituary              1959-05-01-pg07
Lambert, Carter Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Lambert, Carter Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Lambert, Carter Picture                1959-12-18-pg08
Lambert, Melanie Denice    Birth                1959-10-30-pg07
Lambert, Timothy James                Birth                1959-11-27-pg08
Langsford, Bill  Picture                1959-08-28-pg05
Lawrence, Cotton                Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Lawrence, Cotton                Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Lawrwnce, Donald                Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Lindsey, Lee Rev.                Story              1959-07-17-pg01
Lineham, Edward P.                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg05
Lisby, Benny W.                Picture                1959-07-24-pg08
Locke, Mr & Mrs M.L.                Picture                1959-01-23-pg07
Loftis, Linda      Picture                1959-09-18-pg01
Long, C.L.                Obituary              1959-11-13-pg07
Loper, Jessie Lee                Birth                1959-01-02-pg03
Love, Jerry       Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Lowe, Diane      Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Lowe, Jerry Wayne                Birth                1959-07-03-pg06
Lowry, Luther L.                Obituary              1959-05-01-pg08
Lumus, Sam H.                Obituary              1959-07-17-pg02
Lyles, Carter Rev.                Picture                1959-05-01-pg01
Lyles, Tommy   Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Malone, Bryan Alton                Birth                1959-07-03-pg06
Mann, Jack    Picture                1959-03-20pg05
Marlett, Ronald Lynn                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Martin, Lu Juana                Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Mathis, Sherri Earl                Birth                1959-01-02-pg03
Matzinger, Pearl Gladys              Obituary              1959-01-30-pg02
Matzinger, Pearl                Obituary              1959-02-06-pg04
McCasland, Sheree Denice    Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
McClurg, C.C.   Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
McCrow, Robert     Obituary      1959-07-10-pg01
McKee, John   Picture                1959-02-06-pg08
McLaughan, Charles                Picture                1959-10-23-pg01
McSpadden, J. Cecil                Obituary              1959-10-02-pg01
McWilliams, Pat Harstell                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
McWilliams, Patricia                Picture                1959-05-22-pg01
McWilliams, Reggie                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Medlin, Walter                Picture                1959-04-03-pg01
Meek, Joy          Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Meek, Otis         Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Meek, Otis         Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Meek, Robert    Picture                1959-09-04-pg04
Meier, Wayne   Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Meir, Wayne   Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Meisaner, Debra                Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Meissener, Sandra                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Miers, Julie louise                Birth                1959-09-25-pg03
Minga, T. Herbert Mrs..                Picture                1959-12-18-pg01
Minga, T. Herbert Rev.                Picture                1959-12-18-pg01
Mitchell, Johnny                Picture                1959-07-24-pg01
Mize, Sam Allen                Obituary              1959-02-27-pg01
Molloy, Cynthia Ann                Birth                1959-05-08-pg02
Molloy, Gene Paul                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Molloy, Gene Paul                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Molloy, Gene Paul                Picture                1959-06-26-pg05
Molloy, Gene Paul                Picture                1959-10-16-pg01
Monnett, M.H. Mrs.                Obituary              1959-12-18-pg08
Monroe, Lisa Bogan                Birth                1959-03-20-pg03
Montford, Ross                Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Montgomery, Ben Mrs.                Picture                1959-10-16-pg05
Moody, Lee Alan                Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Moody, Perry Eugene                Birth                1959-07-17-pg10
Moody, Robert                Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Mooring, Fred Rev.                Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Morris, Betti Ann                Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
Morris, Janice Lanell                Birth                1959-05-08-pg08
Morris, Sandra  Picture                1959-09-18-pg01
Morrow, Curt   Picture                1959-09-11-pg03
Morrow, J. Willard Bro.                Picture                1959-05-01-pg05
Morrow, Tarleton Judge                Picture                1959-07-24-pg01
Morton, Judy Diann                Birth                1959-01-02-pg03
Motsenbocker, Joe                Picture                1959-08-14-pg01
Mott, Arthur J.                Obituary              1959-04-24-pg07
Murphy, Carol Mirielle                Birth                1959-12-25-pg12
Mutchie, Carrie Lee                Obituary              1959-01-30-pg05
Myers, H.F. Jr.  Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Myers, Howard                Picture                1959-06-05-pg01
Neighbors, Cheryl Dene                Birth                1959-12-25-pg12
New Bank Building/ Event      Picture                1959-03-20-pg01
Nichols, Joyce  Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Nichols, Sandy Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Nimmo, Doris    Picture                1959-05-15-pg01
Nimmo, Doris    Picture                1959-05-15-pg07
Nimmo, Doris    Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Nimmo, Doris    Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Nimmo, W.D.                Obituary              1959-09-11-pg07
Nimmons, Rhonda Lee                Birth                1959-10-23-pg12
Nix, W.O.       Picture                1959-05-22-pg01
Oates, Kimberly Ann                Birth                1959-01-02-pg03
Oats, ?? Mr.     Picture                1959-03-27-pg03
Obrecht, Paula Picture                1959-02-27-pg09
O'Dell, Gayla      Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
O'Dell, Marilyn  Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
O'Dell, Tonie Vee                Birth                1959-09-25-pg03
Ogleskee, Teresa Careen                Birth                1959-11-20-pg08
O'Gwynn, Melba/George, Jerry                Wedding              1959-12-04-pg08
Outlaw, Jerry  Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Outlaw, Jerry  Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Outlaw, Jerry  Picture                1959-06-26-pg05
Outlaw, Jerry  Picture                1959-10-09-pg07
Padfield, Dean Dr.                Picture                1959-05-29-pg11
Parkhams, Sid   Picture                1959-07-24-pg01
Paschall, Beverly Ann                Birth                1959-07-03-pg06
Paschall, Laurie                Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Paschall, R.A. Mr. & Mrs.                Anniversary        1959-03-13-pg02
Paschall, Ralph                Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Paschall, Ralph Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-25-pg10
Paschall, Sandra                Picture                1959-05-29-pg03
Patterson, Floyd                Picture                1959-07-31pg05
Payne, Sonny    Picture                1959-09-11-pg07
Perry, Rosaine/Verch, Charles                Wedding              1959-01-16-pg04
Phillips, Lee           Obituary             1959-07-17-pg09
Phillips, Lee Mr.                Obituary              1959-07-24-pg03
Phillips, Myrtle Adelia Mrs                Obituary              1959-05-29-pg02
Pierce, Gerald     Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Pike, Nona Mrs.                 Obituary              1959-05-01-pg02
Postmann, Caroline Mrs.        Picture                1959-03-20-pg03
Price, Bertie Elaine/Martin, Tobey                Wedding              1959-03-13-pg08
Price, Stward, Cred                Birth                1959-11-27-pg08
Province, Lillie                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg05
Rankin, Brenda Picture                1959-05-22-pg01
Rankin, David Ray                Birth                1959-11-20-pg05
Rankin, Jonella  Picture                1959-11-20-pg01
Rankin,, Brenda Molloy                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Rawles, George R.                Obituary              1959-11-20-pg02
Ray, David     Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Ray, David     Picture                1959-09-04-pg04
Ray, Pam         Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Ray, Ronnie   Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Ray, Tran Mrs.                Obituary              1959-12-04-pg01
Read, Gary E.   Picture                1959-11-20-pg05
Reddell, Edgar Thomas               Obituary              1959-07-17-pg01
Reed, Jennifer  Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Reed, Raymond                Picture                1959-04-17-pg01
Reese, Jimmy Dan                Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Reeves, Ben F.        Obituary        1959-08-14-pg08
Reid, Elaine     Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Rich, Betty      Picture                1959-03-06-pg06
Richardon, Judy Ann                Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Roberts, Roy     Picture                1959-03-13-pg01
Roberts, Roy     Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Roderick, Margaret                Picture                1959-07-24-pg01
Roderick, Margaret Miss       Picture                1959-07-31-pg01
Romines, Bart Allen                Picture                1959-08-14-pg06
Ross, Lloyd Mrs                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Ross, Myrna    Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Ross, Myrna    Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Russell, F.P. Rev                Picture                1959-08-21-pg01
Russell, Geanne Gay                Birth                1959-04-24-pg02
Russell, Tommy                Picture                1959-10-09-pg10
Sampson, H.H. Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Saunders, Clay Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Saunders, Juanita                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Saunders, N.C. Mrs                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Saunders,Juanita                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Schafer, Cora Mrs.                Picture                1959-03-20-pg03
Schults, Donna                Picture                1959-09-25-pg01
Seagraves, Ernest L.                Obituary              1959-01-09-pg08
Seigler, Carol Ann                Birth                1959-07-03-pg06
Seigler, Dessie Mrs.                Obituary              1959-11-06-pg17
Selby, Nan         Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Sellman, Sue Miss                Picture                1959-08-28-pg07
Sellman, Sue/Womack, Gilbert W.                Wedding              1959-08-28-pg08
Sewalt, La Tonne                Picture                1959-01-23-pg01
Sewalt, Ronnie Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Sewalt, Ronnye                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Seward, Annie Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-25-pg03
Sharp, James Rutledge                Birth                1959-07-17-pg10
Sharp, Mary C. Mrs.                Obituary              1959-04-24-pg08
Shawn, Charles Edward        Obituary          1959-05-01-pg08
Shawn, Charles Edward                Obituary              1959-06-05-pg03
Shawn, Joseph Weldon                Obituary              1959-11-13-pg01
Shawn, Peggy   Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Shawn, Peggy   Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Shawn, Vicki Iyonne                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Sheffield, Maud Mrs.                Obituary              1959-03-27-pg07
Sherwood, Carrie Sue                Birth                1959-02-27-pg03
Shipley, George B.                Obituary              1959-04-10-pg04
Short, Shirley    Picture                1959-09-18-pg01
Shults, Bill          Picture                1959-03-13-pg07
Sims, Dorothy Picture                1959-11-20-pg01
Sizemore, G.W.                Obituary              1959-10-09-pg01
Slage, Claudia   Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Slagle, Claudia   Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Small, Nowasa  Picture                1959-07-31-pg01
Small, Nowasa Mrs.                Picture                1959-07-24-pg01
Smith, Cecil       Picture                1959-01-16-pg01
Smith, Evelyn    Picture                1959-05-01-pg01
Smith, John Paul                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Smith, John Paul                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Smith, Patti        Picture                1959-08-14-pg07
Smith, Sue Lee  Picture                1959-05-08-pg08
Smith, Sue Lee/Darby, James Royce                Wedding              1959-06-26-pg07
Snow, Anne      Picture                1959-07-24-pg08
Sparks, Robert Marion                Birth                1959-07-17-pg10
Standfield, Pasty Dean Miss       Picture                1959-06-19-pg05
Stanfield, Pasty Picture                1959-06-26-pg07
Stanfield, Pasty/Pewitt, Claude E.                Wedding              1959-06-26-pg07
Stanfield, Patsy Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Stanfield, Patsy Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Stanfield, Paul Clyde                Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
Starnes, Mary Letha                Birth                1959-07-17-pg10
Starnes, Red     Picture                1959-03-27-pg03
Stevens, J.G.(Galley)                Picture                1959-04-03-pg08
Stevens, J.G.(Galley)                Picture                1959-05-29-pg10
Stinger, Maggie L.                Obituary              1959-07-17-pg07
Stipp, Marcellus Edwin                Obituary              1959-03-20-pg08
Stkinson, Terry Rev.                Picture                1959-05-01-pg01
Stokes, Earl       Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Strickland, Ray                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Stutt, Bobby    Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Summers, E.F.  Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Supina, Carol     Picture                1959-12-18-pg01
Supina, Edward Picture                1959-05-15-pg07
Supina, Edward Picture                1959-09-04-pg04
Sutton, Valeria Ann                Picture                1959-08-14-pg06
Swain, Charles Michael                Picture                1959-01-09-pg07
Swain, Oren       Picture                1959-01-09-pg07
Swain, Oren, Jr. Picture                1959-01-09-pg07
Swain, Stephen Picture                1959-01-09-pg07
Swain, Thomas E                Picture                1959-01-09-pg07
Swain, Vera        Picture                1959-01-09-pg07
Taylor, Jimmie  Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Teel, Horace   Picture                1959-04-17-pg01
Thomas, Cecil   Picture                1959-07-03-pg01
Thomas, Helen                Obituary              1959-10-23-pg11
Thompson, Bartha                Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Thompson, Bartha                Picture                1959-05-29-pg06
Thompson, Mary Lee                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Thurman, Pat                Obituary              1959-10-02-pg01
Tinney, Mrs. J.L.                Obituary              1959-01-09-pg08
Tipton, Joe        Picture                1959-05-01-pg08
Todd, Luther    Picture                1959-09-04-pg06
Tucker, Karen   Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
Tucker, Karen   Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Tucker, Laura, Neil                Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Tucker, Tina      Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Tucker,Teresa   Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Turner, George Lee                Obituary              1959-11-27-pg01
Upshaw, Kermit                Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Van Hoose, Cecil Wayne   Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
Van Hoose, James                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Vickers, Katherine Lynn                Birth                1959-01-02-pg03
Vickery, Nancy/Rhodes, Jeff Donald                Wedding              1959-08-14-pg03
Walker, L.A.     Picture                1959-06-26-pg01
Wallis, Ricky Neal                Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
Ward, Frank                Obituary              1959-03-20-pg02
Ward, Jean Mrs.                Picture                1959-12-25-pg03
Warford, Lynda/Coker, Stanley                Wedding              1959-01-09-pg05
Washburn, Lisa Gaye                Birth                1959-09-25-pg03
Waters, C.J.      Picture                1959-03-20-pg08
Waters, C.J. Mrs.                Picture                1959-10-16-pg05
Waters, Ethel Marie                Obituary              1959-11-20-pg01
Watkins, Roy Lee                Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
Watson, Joe Curtis                Obituary              1959-11-20-pg03
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1959-07-10-pg01
Weatherford, Trudy                Picture                1959-12-04-pg08
Weatherfore, Trudy                Picture                1959-09-18-pg01
Weaver, Charlette/Sparks, Leroy                Wedding              1959-06-19-pg05
Weaver, DeWitt Coach                Picture                1959-08-14-pg09
Weaver, R. Earnest                Obituary              1959-10-02-pg02
Whatley, Kenneth Ray                Birth                1959-10-23-pg05
White, Amelia Carol                Picture                1959-12-25-pg07
White, Bobbie   Picture                1959-05-29-pg01
White, Bobbie   Picture                1959-05-29-pg07
White, Bobby Jean                Picture                1959-05-15-pg01
White, Teresa Victoria                Birth                1959-02-27-pg03
Whitehead, Douglas                Picture                1959-10-23-pg01
Whitney, Vickie LaNelle                Birth                1959-05-15-pg01
Wilder, Herschel                Picture                1959-05-01-pg08
Williams, Millie May                Picture                1959-07-24-pg01
Willoughby, David                Obituary              1959-08-14-pg05
Wilson, Claud                Obituary              1959-08-07-pg01
Winder, John Judge                Picture                1959-08-07-pg01
Wise, W.F.                Obituary              1959-01-23-pg04
Wolff, Allie                Obituary              1959-07-17-pg01
Wolff, Cynitha  Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Womack, Gary Wayne                Picture                1959-08-28-pg04
Wood, Baby of M.R.Wood Mr. & Mrs.        Birth                1959-12-11-pg10
Wood, Gayle Mr.& Mrs.                Anniversary        1959-10-02-pg01
Woods, Dalton G.                Obituary              1959-03-13-pg01
Workman, Debra                Picture                1959-08-14-pg10
Worlow, Gary   Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Worlow,Wayne                Picture                1959-08-21-pg10
Wright, Anthony Edward   Birth                1959-08-07-pg02
Wright, Carl      Picture                1959-02-27-pg09
Wright, Carol Ann                Picture                1959-12-25-pg06
Wuarles, Thurmond                Picture                1959-05-01-pg08
Yarbrough, Biff Picture                1959-03-06-pg08
Young, Marilyn Faye                Birth                1959-10-09-pg04
Young, Vickey Ray                Birth                1959-10-09-pg04