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Wise County, Texas
1961 - Names Index

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pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, 
births, weddings, obituaries, and stories about local events and people.
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page

4-H Club Members enter State Fair     Story            1961-09-22-pg02
4-H Club, 5th & 6th grade officers            Story            1961-11-03-pg13
4-H Winners at Banquet-listing            Story            1961-11-17-pg04
Absher, Oleta            Story            1961-06-09-pg04
Acme Brick Co. Presents employee awards Story            1961-04-14-pg10
Adams, Alonzo Bright            Obituary          1961-05-26-pg12
Albright, Clarice            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Albright, Clarice            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Albritton, L.G. Family Reunion            Story            1961-06-16-pg11
Alexander, Roy            Story            1961-11-17-pg13
Allen, Herchel, Mrs.     Story            1961-01-06-pg01
Allison, Thurman            Picture            1961-11-24-pg08
Altom, Bob            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Alvord Gymnasium-storm damage            Picture            1961-05-05-pg02
Alvord Methodists have dedication of new sanctuary            Story            1961-05-05-pg05
Ancell, George, IV        Story            1961-01-06-pg08
Anderson Family Reunion in T.R. Anderson home    Story            1961-06-23-pg09
Anderson, E.W.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Anderson, Thalia Joan     Picture            1961-09-22-pg03
Andreasen, Wayne Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Andreason, Wayne            Advertisement            1961-01-20-pg09
Applegate, J.R., Dr.            Advertisement            1961-01-06-pg03
Arcadia Theatre to reopen Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Armes, C.C.            Story            1961-07-14-pg02
Army Induction and Physical list       Story            1961-01-20-pg05
Arrington, Paul            Story            1961-02-10-pg10
Arrington, Paul            Story            1961-02-24-pg11
Arrington, Paul Edward/Patricia Anne New            Wedding        1961-05-19-pg07
Art lessons at The Stationery Shop    Picture            1961-05-19-pg02
Arthur, Barbara            Story            1961-04-14-pg12
Arthur, Barbara            Story            1961-06-23-pg11
Arthur, C.A.            Picture            1961-07-07-pg01
Ashcraft, Johnny            Picture            1961-06-02-pg03
Askey, W.A. 'Alvin' Story            1961-12-15-pg12
Austin, Linda Nell            Story            1961-06-23-pg05
Automotive Supply - new building            Picture            1961-04-28-pg08
Automotive Supply to have new building            Story            1961-03-10-pg01
Awalt, Earl T.            Story            1961-09-22-pg06
Bailey, Cuil            Story            1961-11-24-pg04
Bailey, Cuil            Story            1961-12-15-pg16
Bailey, Florence Maudena Matzinger            Obituary          1961-05-19-pg10
Bailey, Gregory            Picture            1961-09-29-pg12
Bailey, Gregory            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Bailey, Maudena            Obituary          1961-07-28-pg11
Bailey, Syd Charisse            Story            1961-05-19-pg07
Baker, A.J. Story            1961-09-22-pg06
Baker, Joe Picture            1961-12-29-pg01
Baker, John, Rev.            Story            1961-11-24-pg01
Baldridge, V.E.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Ball, M.B. Story            1961-09-01-pg02
Band Club Variety Show Pictures            Picture            1961-11-24-pg01
Band Wins Marching Trophy Picture            1961-11-10-pg06
Banks, Harvey - sister, Mrs. Harvey Kelly            Story            1961-12-08-pg07
Banks, Wilmoth Melinda Coleman            Obituary          1961-12-29-pg05
Baptist Chapel, Cates St.            Picture            1961-05-05-pg01
Baptist Youthful Builders Luncheon attendees            Story            1961-04-14-pg02
Barksdale, Carl            Picture            1961-11-17-pg11
Barksdale, Thomas            Story            1961-04-07-pg01
Barnes, A.E.            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Barnes, A.E.            Picture            1961-10-06-pg10
Barnes, John William            Obituary          1961-03-17-pg08
Barnes, Myra            Story            1961-05-19-pg12
Barnes, Myra Lee            Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Barnett, Charles            Story            1961-09-01-pg03
Barnett, George            Picture            1961-11-24-pg08
Barnett, John, Mrs. -family reunion            Story            1961-06-30-pg11
Barns moved from Fair Grounds to school            Picture            1961-05-19-pg09
Baseball league Bridgeport/Bowie      Story            1961-05-12-pg12
Baseball league Bridgeport/Weatherford            Story            1961-05-19-pg04
Baseball, Bridgeport takes league championship            Story            1961-09-01-pg10
Baseball, Bridgeport/Granbury Story            1961-08-04-pg02
Baseball, Bridgeport/Grandbury            Story            1961-06-09-pg10
Baseball, Bridgeport/Jacksboro Story            1961-05-26-pg12
Baseball, Bridgeport/Paradise    Story            1961-08-18-pg16
Baseball, Bridgeport/Weatherford            Story            1961-06-16-pg03
Baseball, White Sox Team swimming party    Story            1961-08-18-pg11
Basketball - Parents vs. Teachers            Story            1961-02-24-pg01
Basketball 'B' Team   Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Basketball League-list of Bridgeport players Story            1961-01-06-pg04
Basketball Results            Story            1961-12-08-pg16
Bays, Ernest            Obituary          1961-07-07-pg01
Bays, Ernest Dee            Obituary          1961-07-21-pg02
Bean, Eula Story            1961-01-20-pg05
Bean, Mary Lee            Picture            1961-01-13-pg11
Bean, Weldana Dee (f. Buddy)            Birth            1961-11-10-pg07
Beard, Melanie Lee      Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Beard, Melanie Lee      Story            1961-08-04-pg08
Beaty, Patricia Paulette/Allen Royce Stevens            Wedding        1961-09-01-pg06
Beauchamp, Loveta Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Beeson, Don Hines            Obituary          1961-05-05-pg12
Beeson, George            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Beeson, George            Picture            1961-06-16-pg04
Beeson, George            Picture            1961-12-29-pg05
Beeson, George T.            Story            1961-06-30-pg06
Beeson, M.D. 'June'            Obituary          1961-05-05-pg12
Bellah, D.W., Mrs.            Advertisement            1961-01-06-pg06
Bement, Mike, Mrs.     Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Bement, Rhonda            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Bennett, Kay            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Berry, Eddie            Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Berry, Eddie            Picture            1961-09-22-pg11
Bingham, Walter, Mrs.     Story            1961-08-25-pg10
Blalock, Buddy Erick   Birth            1961-04-28-pg02
Blaylock, Cornelia            Story            1961-02-17-pg07
Blue Birds, Merry - Mother-Daughter tea            Story            1961-05-19-pg09
Blue Birds, Merry - officers            Story            1961-04-21-pg06
Blue Birds, Singing - meeting            Story            1961-04-14-pg12
Blue Birds, Singing - travel to Fort Worth  Story            1961-05-12-pg04
Blue Birds, Singing - Weiner Roast            Story            1961-05-26-pg03
Bluebird, Happy - members            Story            1961-11-10-pg08
Bluebirds, Flying - Meeting            Story            1961-12-22-pg15
Bluebirds, Flying, Meeting            Story            1961-12-08-pg15
Bluebirds, Flying, Officers            Story            1961-10-06-pg03
Bluebirds, Merry            Story            1961-01-27-pg04
Bluebirds, Merry            Story            1961-02-10-pg06
Bluebirds, Nest of - meeting            Story            1961-02-24-pg09
Bluebirds, Nest of - members            Story            1961-01-20-pg10
Bluebirds, Nest of, Officers            Story            1961-10-20-pg08
Bluebirds, Nest of, Officers            Story            1961-12-08-pg07
Bluebirds, Singing            Story            1961-01-27-pg04
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting            Story            1961-02-17-pg04
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting            Story            1961-02-24-pg09
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting            Story            1961-03-03-pg09
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting            Story            1961-03-10-pg03
Bluebirds, Singing - members            Story            1961-01-20-pg10
Bluebirds, Singing meeting            Story            1961-02-10-pg06
Boase, Exia            Story            1961-12-22-pg03
Boase, Les            Obituary          1961-04-28-pg01
Boase, Les            Obituary          1961-05-05-pg12
Boase, Mary L.            Obituary          1961-07-07-pg12
Boaz, Rosalie            Advertisement            1961-01-13-pg15
Bobo, Lester R.            Story            1961-06-09-pg05
Boldin, Louise            Story            1961-11-17-pg01
Boles, Kathy            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Bolin, Judith Ann            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Boone, Billy R.            Story            1961-03-17-pg02
Boone, Billy R. & Joyce            Story            1961-11-17-pg02
Bostic, Larry            Story            1961-11-10-pg12
Bough, Ernest            Story            1961-05-19-pg10
Bough, Ernest            Story            1961-10-06-pg04
Bower, Earline            Story            1961-06-30-pg05
Bowling Class-Youthful Builders            Story            1961-05-05-pg09
Bowling League Formed by Ladies Class            Story            1961-03-24-pg02
Boyd Dam Proposed - map     Picture            1961-01-13-pg09
Boyd Lake Opposition - Donators list            Story            1961-02-10-pg03
Boyd Lake Opposition - Donators list            Story            1961-02-17-pg05
Boyd Lake Opposition Fund Donations            Story            1961-02-24-pg10
Boyd Lake Opposition Pancake supper Picture            1961-02-10-pg03
Boyd Lake Refected by State Board            Story            1961-12-08-pg01
Boyd, Wesley Hardie            Obituary          1961-06-30-pg05
Boykin, Ruby            Story            1961-09-01-pg09
Brackett, Jack            Story            1961-03-03-pg01
Brackett, Jack            Story            1961-04-07-pg01
Brackett, Jack            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Brackett, Jack            Picture            1961-05-19-pg07
Bradley, Tanya            Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Brantley, Sabra            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Braselton, B.E., Mrs.     Story            1961-01-06-pg04
Brazier, Annie            Obituary          1961-07-21-pg06
Brazier, J.H.            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Brewer, Raymond Lynn/Bobbie Jean White            Wedding        1961-06-30-pg04
Bridgeport High School Graduation            Story            1961-05-26-pg10
Bridgeport School Placed on Athletic Probation            Story            1961-04-14-pg01
Bridgeport Schools Honor Rolls   Story            1961-10-27-pg12
Bridgeport/Weatherford baseball game            Story            1961-04-28-pg02
Bridges, Sue Ann            Story            1961-06-02-pg03
Bridges, Sue Ann            Picture            1961-06-23-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1961-06-23-pg02
Bridwell, Keith, Douglas & Stan     Picture            1961-02-10-pg01
Brigance, Ed            Story            1961-05-05-pg01
Brigance, Ed            Story            1961-07-14-pg01
Brigance, Ed, Mrs.     Story            1961-05-05-pg04
Brisco, Onie M.            Obituary          1961-09-01-pg09
Brock, Luther A.            Story            1961-10-06-pg11
Brooks, Kerie Jo            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Brown, Albert            Picture            1961-11-24-pg08
Brown, Beaumont            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Brown, Cherry            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Brown, E.B., Mrs.            Story            1961-01-06-pg06
Brown, Earl, Mrs.            Picture            1961-07-07-pg11
Brown, Foy            Story            1961-01-06-pg01
Brown, Guy, Mrs.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Brown, Joe            Obituary          1961-01-13-pg08
Brown, Joe            Thank you note            1961-01-13-pg08
Brown, Johnnie            Story            1961-02-24-pg07
Brown, O. Ray            Story            1961-07-28-pg07
Brown, Paulette/Doyle Gene Smith            Wedding        1961-10-20-pg01
Brown, Rickanna            Story            1961-08-25-pg04
Brown, William Guy, Jr.            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Bruce, G.H., Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1961-08-25-pg10
Bryant, David            Picture            1961-01-13-pg11
Bryant, David            Picture            1961-09-29-pg08
Bryant, David, Dr.            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
Bryant, David, Mrs.     Picture            1961-04-21-pg07
Bryant, Davy            Story            1961-08-25-pg09
Bryant, Eldon            Picture            1961-12-29-pg05
Bryant, J.T.            Picture            1961-10-27-pg08
Buchanan, Clifford            Picture            1961-10-27-pg15
Buckingham, Curtis  Story            1961-09-01-pg02
Buckingham, Frank Family Reunion            Story            1961-09-22-pg02
Bullard, J.B., Mrs.            Story            1961-08-18-pg13
Bullie Win Consolation Championship            Story            1961-12-15-pg02
Bullies      Story            1961-01-27-pg09
Bullies Football Team Picture            Picture            1961-09-15-pg01
Bullies practice session Picture            1961-09-08-pg03
Bullies report            Story            1961-02-10-pg02
Bullies workout at Bullie Stadium            Picture            1961-08-25-pg01
Bunnell, Carolyn Ann      Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Burford, William H.        Story            1961-10-27-pg06
Burt, John  Picture            1961-10-06-pg01
Burt, John - Helen Evans Entertains in Home   Story            1961-11-10-pg03
Burt, John E.            Advertisement            1961-01-20-pg08
Burt, John E., Jr.            Story            1961-08-04-pg11
Burt, John E., Jr.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Burt, John E., Jr.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg07
Burton, Tom W.            Obituary          1961-03-03-pg04
Bush, Jean            Advertisement            1961-01-13-pg11
Butler, James Earl, Mrs. - family reunion            Story            1961-06-30-pg02
Butram, A.V., Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1961-01-27-pg01
Butram, A.V., Mrs.     Picture            1961-05-26-pg11
Butram, A.V., Mrs.     Picture            1961-12-15-pg17
Butram, Mary Lou            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Byrd, Amos            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Byrnes, Nell Louise Lipps            Obituary          1961-12-29-pg03
Call, Jim   Story            1961-01-20-pg05
Call, Jim   Picture            1961-09-29-pg12
Call, Jimmy            Picture            1961-09-29-pg08
Camp Fire Girls - caroling group            Story            1961-01-06-pg04
Camp Fire Girls - Shu Kani Ka Ga meeting            Story            1961-03-03-pg09
Camp Fire Girls Activities            Story            1961-11-17-pg02
Camp Fire Girls Have Lake Party    Story            1961-10-06-pg03
Camp Fire Girls Hike at Lake            Story            1961-11-03-pg11
Camp Fire Girls Meet    Story            1961-10-27-pg02
Camp Fire Girls Meet    Story            1961-12-15-pg10
Camp Fire Girls officers            Story            1961-03-10-pg06
Camp Fire Girls Officers            Story            1961-12-08-pg15
Camp Fire Girls Officers Elected            Story            1961-09-15-pg09
Camp Fire Girls Officers Elected            Story            1961-09-22-pg09
Camp Fire Girls, Shu Kani Ka Ga meeting            Story            1961-02-24-pg05
Camp Fire Group Meeting            Story            1961-05-12-pg08
Camp Fire, Ao-wa-ki-ya meeting            Story            1961-03-17-pg08
Campbell, Lula Mae     Story            1961-02-17-pg01
Campbell, Lula Mae     Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Candidates for School Trustee            Story            1961-03-10-pg01
Cannon, E.L.            Obituary          1961-06-30-pg10
Cansler, Melinda Ruth     Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Cansler, Tommy            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Cantrell, Jimmie D.        Story            1961-01-06-pg02
Cantrell, Jimmie D.        Story            1961-02-10-pg12
Carlton, Barbara            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Carlton, Terry            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Carlton, Tom, Mrs.     Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Carpenter, Bob, Mrs.     Story            1961-01-27-pg01
Carpenter, Bobby            Picture            1961-01-27-pg02
Carpenter, Bobby C.        Story            1961-12-29-pg02
Carpenter, Harold C.        Story            1961-06-30-pg01
Carpenter, Jim            Story            1961-06-30-pg03
Carpenter, Jimmy, Mrs.     Story            1961-11-10-pg08
Carpenter, Jimmy, Mrs.     Story            1961-12-08-pg14
Cary, W.E.            Obituary          1961-09-15-pg03
Cash, Cleola G.            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Castleberry, Lynn            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Castleberry, Metz            Story            1961-09-29-pg01
Cayce, Mildred            Story            1961-09-29-pg04
Cayce, Randall/Jane Hartsell            Wedding        1961-02-03-pg01
Chambers, Imogene            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Chambers, Jocob, Jr.        Story            1961-07-28-pg06
Chaney, Amy            Story            1961-08-04-pg12
Chaney, Amy Dell            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Cherry, Danial A.            Obituary          1961-05-26-pg09
Cheyne, Jane/Billy Kelley Potts            Wedding        1961-05-26-pg03
Chico F.F.A. Rodeo winners list       Story            1961-04-07-pg05
Chico Lumber Co.-storm damage            Picture            1961-05-05-pg02
Chilton, Lillian Ethel Stokes            Obituary          1961-12-29-pg08
Chivers, Paula Shevon (f. Tommy)            Birth            1961-07-07-pg05
Christerson, Danny  Story            1961-02-24-pg02
Christerson, Kendal Wayne 'Skippy'            Obituary          1961-12-22-pg16
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-01-20-pg06
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-01-27-pg03
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-02-03-pg07
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-02-10-pg07
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-02-24-pg03
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-03-03-pg05
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-03-10-pg04
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-03-24-pg05
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-04-14-pg03
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-04-21-pg10
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-04-28-pg07
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-05-05-pg04
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-05-12-pg10
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-05-19-pg05
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-05-26-pg09
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-06-02-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-06-09-pg03
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-06-16-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-06-23-pg06
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-06-30-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-07-07-pg10
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-07-14-pg06
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-07-21-pg06
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-07-28-pg02
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-07-28-pg04
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-08-04-pg10
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-08-11-pg10
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-08-18-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-08-25-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-09-01-pg11
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-09-08-pg09
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-09-15-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-09-22-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-09-29-pg05
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-10-06-pg09
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-10-13-pg06
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-10-20-pg08
Church Notes - many names            Story            1961-12-15-pg03
Church of Christ - new building            Picture            1961-01-06-pg01
Clark, Pearl            Story            1961-06-30-pg06
Clayton, Reno            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Cleveland, Shirley            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Coale, Paul            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Coffee, Cheryl            Story            1961-06-23-pg12
Coffee, DeLanna Joy       Picture            1961-02-10-pg02
Coffee, E.B. "B"            Picture            1961-11-24-pg08
Coffee, Edgar            Story            1961-09-08-pg12
Coffee, Edgar            Story            1961-12-08-pg09
Coffman, White, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1961-10-27-pg12
Coker, Charlie Family Reunion            Story            1961-09-08-pg02
Coleman, Don/Virginia Sydow            Wedding        1961-06-30-pg04
Coleman, Don/Virginia Sydow            Wedding        1961-07-14-pg05
Coleman, Johnny            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Coleman, Larry            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Coleman, Larry            Picture            1961-06-02-pg04
Color TV-first set sold locally            Story            1961-06-23-pg12
Condron, Jessie Earl     Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Coursey, Bill            Picture            1961-12-15-pg08
Coursey, K.L.            Story            1961-07-07-pg04
Cowling, Ed            Story            1961-04-21-pg09
Cox, Carl Picture            1961-02-24-pg02
Cox, Carl Story            1961-11-17-pg10
Cox, Carl, Jr.            Picture            1961-12-22-pg16
Cox, Janet            Picture            1961-06-09-pg04
Cox, Oscar            Story            1961-01-13-pg02
Cox, W.S. Story            1961-07-07-pg12
Cozart, E.R.            Story            1961-03-10-pg12
Craig, Albert Richard            Obituary          1961-05-05-pg12
Crawford, Otis            Story            1961-02-24-pg02
Crawford, Sam            Story            1961-10-27-pg15
Crawford, William R.            Story            1961-11-03-pg02
Crownover, Sally            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Cub Scouts Dens 1-5 - Picture&Names          Picture            1961-11-10-pg12
Cub Scouts on train     Picture            1961-03-17-pg05
Culpepper, Debra            Picture            1961-05-19-pg10
Culpepper, E.R.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Culpepper, Lawrence N.            Story            1961-12-22-pg09
Curley, Stephen            Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Curley, W.S.            Advertisement            1961-07-07-pg02
D.A.V. Entertains Vets at McKinney            Story            1961-10-20-pg01
Dale, W.G.            Picture            1961-04-14-pg01
Dale, Walter            Story            1961-06-30-pg06
Dale, Walter            Picture            1961-11-17-pg12
Dale, Walter Appointed Chief of Police            Story            1961-11-17-pg01
Darling, Frankie            Picture            1961-05-19-pg02
Darnell, B.R. & Imojene            Story            1961-02-03-pg01
DAV Christmas Party - Children & Santa   Picture            1961-12-29-pg05
Davis, Charlotte Baker   Story            1961-11-17-pg07
Davis, Charlotte Baker   Story            1961-12-08-pg12
Davis, Judy            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Davis, T.G.            Story            1961-03-03-pg01
Davis, T.G., Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1961-12-29-pg01
Dawkins, Dee, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1961-12-29-pg01
Dawkins, Gary            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Dawkins, Gary            Picture            1961-03-10-pg12
Dawson, Lillian Ann/Charles Franklin Kaker            Wedding        1961-04-07-pg05
Dean, Patricia            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Deatherage, Donald Picture            1961-10-06-pg05
DeLille, J.B.            Picture            1961-07-07-pg01
DeLille, Jack, Mrs.     Picture            1961-11-03-pg01
Denney, Ora Pearl            Obituary          1961-08-18-pg13
Denton, Jeanette            Picture            1961-01-20-pg08
Denton, Johnny            Story            1961-11-03-pg01
Denton, Johnny W.       Story            1961-06-09-pg01
Denton, Linda            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Denton, Linda            Story            1961-07-07-pg01
Denton, Linda/Shelton Ogle            Wedding        1961-10-27-pg10
Denton, Linda/Shelton Ogle            Wedding        1961-11-24-pg07
Denton, Pat            Picture            1961-09-29-pg12
Denton, Pat            Picture            1961-12-15-pg02
Denton, Sharon            Story            1961-06-23-pg05
Denton, Sharon            Picture            1961-08-04-pg01
Denton, Sharon            Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Denton, Sharon            Picture            1961-10-20-pg01
Denton, Sharon            Picture            1961-11-17-pg01
Denton, Sharon            Picture            1961-12-15-pg08
Dethloff, Arrildia            Story            1961-11-17-pg07
Dethloff, Billy Wayne            Obituary          1961-03-24-pg02
Dethloff, Billy Wayne Thank you note            1961-03-24-pg10
Dethloff, Drewie            Story            1961-09-01-pg02
Dethloff, Drewie            Story            1961-09-08-pg05
Dewveall, Jamie Sue            Obituary          1961-06-16-pg06
Dickenson, Gary            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Dickenson, Gary            Picture            1961-05-19-pg04
Dickenson, Gary            Picture            1961-07-21-pg03
Dickenson, Gary            Picture            1961-11-10-pg06
Dill, Grady Andrew/Barbara Jean Pugh            Wedding        1961-01-27-pg03
Disabled American Veterans Plan Building            Story            1961-11-17-pg11
Donley, David            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Donley, Jim            Picture            1961-01-13-pg11
Donley, Mary Beth     Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
Dooley, Charles            Story            1961-08-25-pg01
Dooley, Charles family  Story            1961-04-21-pg01
Dry County Baseball League playoff            Story            1961-08-04-pg02
Duderstadt, Jerome & Cora Nell            Story            1961-06-09-pg03
Dugan, Mary Ann            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Dugan, Mary/Edwin Ray Haynes            Wedding        1961-07-14-pg02
Dunn, David Henry, Sr.            Obituary          1961-05-19-pg12
Dunn, David Henry, Sr.            Obituary          1961-06-02-pg01
Dutton, H. Orin, Mr. & Mrs., Tom & Ronnie            Story            1961-01-06-pg01
Dutton, Ronnie            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Dutton, Tom            Story            1961-01-13-pg07
Early, Bret            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Early, Gary            Story            1961-09-29-pg03
Early, Laura            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Earnest, Jean            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Easley, Marion/Joyce Evans            Wedding        1961-05-26-pg03
Eastern Star new officers            Story            1961-06-16-pg01
Eastern Star School of Instruction-list attending            Story            1961-03-03-pg06
Eaton, George E., Col.     Picture            1961-12-15-pg01
Edwards, Billy Jack     Story            1961-05-26-pg04
Edwards, Hayden            Story            1961-05-26-pg04
Edwards, J.O.            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Edwards, J.O.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Edwards, J.O.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Edwards, J.O.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg07
Edwards, J.O.            Picture            1961-10-20-pg02
Elder, J.E. Story            1961-01-20-pg09
Elder, Velton W.            Obituary          1961-03-17-pg08
Elementary School Honor Roll     Story            1961-01-27-pg04
Elementary School new addition            Picture            1961-07-14-pg01
Elliott, Lorene            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Enis, Bennie G.            Picture            1961-08-11-pg01
Enright, Fred            Picture            1961-07-28-pg01
Epsilon Epsilon has lake party            Story            1961-05-12-pg08
Escajeda, Sebero 'Shorty', Mr. & Mrs.     Story            1961-03-03-pg11
Ethridge, Maurice            Story            1961-01-27-pg01
Eudaley, Dortha            Picture            1961-06-16-pg04
Eudaley, Dortha            Story            1961-07-14-pg03
Eudaley, Leroy            Picture            1961-06-16-pg01
Eudaly, LaRoy, Mrs.     Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Evans, Bobby Ray            Story            1961-08-04-pg09
Evans, Dave            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Evans, Dave            Picture            1961-05-26-pg01
Evans, Dave            Picture            1961-06-09-pg02
Evans, Dean            Story            1961-07-28-pg01
Evans, Dean R.            Story            1961-08-18-pg14
Evans, Elizabeth Anne    Story            1961-02-10-pg10
Evans, Joyce/Marion Easley            Wedding        1961-05-26-pg03
Evans, Pam            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
F.F.A. District Banquet at Paradise            Story            1961-03-03-pg08
F.F.A. Judging Team   Story            1961-03-10-pg02
Fagg, Earl Story            1961-09-01-pg09
Fagg, Earl, Jr.            Story            1961-03-03-pg01
Fagg, Earl, Jr.            Story            1961-04-07-pg01
Fagg, Earl, Jr.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Fagg, Suzie            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Fairbetter, Linda            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Fairbetter, Linda            Story            1961-06-02-pg03
Fairbetter, Linda            Picture            1961-06-23-pg01
Fairbetter, Linda            Picture            1961-07-07-pg01
Farm Bureau Officers & Directors            Story            1961-11-03-pg04
Farmers installing ponds and terraces-list            Story            1961-04-14-pg05
Faught, Karen            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Federated Woman's Club Meeting            Story            1961-05-12-pg06
Fenner, Olen            Story            1961-05-19-pg01
Fewell, W.W.            Story            1961-01-13-pg10
FFA District Officers            Story            1961-10-20-pg01
FFA Judging teams listed            Story            1961-04-21-pg08
Findley, Brenda            Picture            1961-08-04-pg01
Findley, Brenda            Picture            1961-09-08-pg01
Finley, Ronny            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Fire Department Elects Officers            Story            1961-01-20-pg01
First Baptist Church steeple-storm damage            Picture            1961-05-05-pg02
First Baptist Girl's Auxiliary            Story            1961-09-29-pg03
First Presbyterian Church Joy Gift Program            Story            1961-12-22-pg13
Fite, R.L.   Picture            1961-02-24-pg01
Fite, R.L.   Picture            1961-08-11-pg01
Fitts, John, Mrs.            Story            1961-10-27-pg12
Fitzgerald, Tommy            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Fitzgerald, Tommy            Picture            1961-04-21-pg06
Fletcher, Jeanne            Picture            1961-05-19-pg10
Flower Show Big Success            Story            1961-05-26-pg11
Football Results            Story            1961-10-20-pg04
Football Results            Story            1961-11-03-pg08
Football Team Picture Picture            1961-09-01-pg12
Football, B, Young Bullies/Azle            Story            1961-10-06-pg10
Football, B, Young Bullies/Springtown     Story            1961-09-29-pg04
Football, Bullies/Jacksboro Tigers            Story            1961-09-22-pg10
Football, Bullies/Saint Jo        Story            1961-09-08-pg01
Football, Bullies/Saint Jo - cont            Story            1961-09-08-pg03
Ford, C.I., Mrs.            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Ford, Ragan            Story            1961-11-03-pg14
Ford, Roger Allen            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Foreman, C.R.            Story            1961-02-24-pg12
Foreman, Eugene            Picture            1961-09-29-pg08
Foreman, Karen            Picture            1961-05-19-pg10
Foreman, Lonnie            Picture            1961-06-02-pg03
Foreman, Lonnie R.        Story            1961-06-30-pg11
Foster, Jolene/Richard Shawn            Wedding        1961-12-08-pg02
Franklin, Meleciah C.            Obituary          1961-04-14-pg12
Freeman, Sharon            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Fulbright, William C.            Story            1961-03-10-pg12
Funk, G.B. Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Funk, Theron, Dr.            Picture            1961-06-09-pg09
Fuqua, Floyd, Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Gabryl, Francis, Rev.     Story            1961-06-23-pg06
Gage, Coke L.            Advertisement            1961-03-24-pg04
Garcia, Pete            Picture            1961-04-07-pg01
Garcia, Pete            Picture            1961-04-07-pg07
Garcia, Pete            Picture            1961-04-21-pg09
Garcia, Safira Lopez            Obituary          1961-10-20-pg01
Garden Club Flower Show            Story            1961-05-12-pg05
Garden Club Meeting            Story            1961-09-29-pg10
Garden Club Meeting            Story            1961-11-10-pg12
Garden Club officers            Story            1961-03-10-pg02
Garrett, David            Picture            1961-10-06-pg05
Garrison, Jim            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Garrison, Jim            Picture            1961-05-05-pg10
Garsia, Sammy            Picture            1961-04-07-pg01
Gentry, Willard            Story            1961-03-03-pg01
George, Francine            Story            1961-02-10-pg06
George, Jeanette            Obituary          1961-07-28-pg06
Gettys, Charles T.            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Gettys, Tom            Picture            1961-12-15-pg01
Giles, Gladys            Story            1961-10-06-pg11
Giles, J.E. Story            1961-07-21-pg04
Giles, Jo Linda            Picture            1961-08-04-pg01
Giles, Jo Linda            Picture            1961-09-08-pg01
Gill, Joe Leland/Fredda Joyce Herndon            Wedding        1961-05-12-pg11
Gill, Joe Leland/Fredda Joyce Herndon            Wedding        1961-06-30-pg05
Gilliland, Sarah Bell     Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Gilliland, Sarah/D. Edward Rich            Wedding        1961-04-14-pg04
Glenn's Drive-in to open Story            1961-02-17-pg01
Gober, E.R.            Story            1961-11-17-pg03
Gober, James            Picture            1961-12-08-pg09
Goen, William Fred, Jr.            Birth            1961-06-30-pg03
Goffi, Joe  Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Golaz, James            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Golden Years Retreat Picture            1961-01-13-pg05
Golden Years Retreat Picture            1961-01-13-pg14
Golden Years Retreat Picture            1961-01-20-pg02
Golden Years Retreat Dedicated            Story            1961-01-20-pg01
Golden Years Retreat open house   Story            1961-01-06-pg01
Golden Years Retreat open house   Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Gomez, Don            Picture            1961-09-15-pg11
Goode, Dick            Story            1961-08-04-pg01
Goode, K.O. & Dan      Story            1961-02-10-pg06
Goode, K.O., Mrs.     Story            1961-07-14-pg06
Goode, Oran            Story            1961-05-26-pg06
Goode, Oran            Story            1961-10-13-pg01
Goode, Richard Floyd            Obituary          1961-06-09-pg09
Graham, Kathleen            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Grantham, Drew, Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1961-03-10-pg02
Green, Billy            Advertisement            1961-01-13-pg11
Green, Fred            Advertisement            1961-01-20-pg09
Green, Fred            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Green, Fred            Story            1961-07-07-pg04
Green, Gary H.            Picture            1961-04-07-pg04
Green, Kellye Ann            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Green, M.R., Mr. & Mrs. Story            1961-01-20-pg03
Green, Monroe Family Reunion            Story            1961-10-06-pg04
Green, Robert            Story            1961-10-20-pg01
Green, Ronald            Story            1961-07-14-pg08
Green, Ronnie            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Green, Ronny            Picture            1961-01-27-pg01
Green, Ronny            Story            1961-03-24-pg06
Green, Ronny            Picture            1961-07-21-pg03
Green, Tony Allen (f. Donnie)            Birth            1961-01-13-pg07
Greene, William Washington, Jr.        Story            1961-06-02-pg03
Greene, William Washington, Jr.        Story            1961-08-25-pg02
Grissom, Jeanette            Story            1961-06-02-pg03
Grissom, Jeanette            Picture            1961-06-23-pg01
Groves, Gerald            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Haggar Slacks to locate in Bowie Story            1961-06-16-pg01
Haire, Mr. Story            1961-06-30-pg09
Hamilton, Virginia Harris  Story            1961-07-07-pg01
Haney's Service Station purchased by Bennie Trammell            Advertisement            1961-02-03-pg05
Haralson, J.J.            Story            1961-01-06-pg08
Haralson, J.J.            Story            1961-05-19-pg03
Harlan, Kay/Rives McBee            Wedding        1961-09-29-pg09
Harland, Frank            Story            1961-03-10-pg12
Harms Family Reunion at Wesco Club at Lake Bridgeport            Story            1961-07-21-pg07
Harris, Bertie            Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
Harris, Bertie            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Harris, Bertie Lynn/Jerry Lyndell Utley            Wedding        1961-06-16-pg05
Harris, Kenneth            Picture            1961-06-30-pg01
Harris, Kenneth            Story            1961-07-28-pg01
Harris, Kenneth            Story            1961-11-17-pg01
Harris, Troy            Story            1961-08-04-pg07
Harris, Worth            Story            1961-09-01-pg01
Hartman, G.B.            Story            1961-07-28-pg06
Hartsell, Charlie M. - Family Reunion            Story            1961-08-18-pg15
Hartsell, Claudia            Story            1961-03-24-pg06
Hartsell, Claudia            Story            1961-06-23-pg05
Hartsell, Claudia            Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Hartsell, Claudia            Picture            1961-10-20-pg01
Hartsell, J.B. - family reunion            Story            1961-01-13-pg16
Hartsell, Jane/Randall Cayce            Wedding        1961-02-03-pg01
Hartsell, Rosa            Story            1961-10-06-pg02
Hartsell, Roy            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Hartsell, Tommy            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Harwood, George            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Harwood, George            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Harwood, Mayor            Picture            1961-12-29-pg05
Harwood, Sam            Obituary          1961-12-22-pg03
Hawkins lake cabin party for high school seniors Story            1961-06-09-pg05
Hawkins, Bert            Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Hawkins, Bert            Picture            1961-01-20-pg01
Hawkins, Diane            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Hawkins, Diane            Story            1961-06-02-pg01
Hawkins, Diane            Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Hawkins, Earl            Story            1961-07-14-pg06
Hawkins, Helen            Story            1961-03-10-pg01
Hawkins, Reba Jewell Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Hawkins, Reba Jewell Story            1961-07-14-pg08
Hawkins, Robert Wilson Story            1961-03-03-pg06
Hawkins, Robert Wilson Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Hawkins, Sarah Jane     Picture            1961-01-20-pg01
Hawkins, Sarah Jane     Story            1961-07-21-pg04
Haynes, Edwin Ray/Mary Dugan            Wedding        1961-07-14-pg02
Hays, Thomas            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Helf, Larry            Story            1961-02-24-pg02
Hembree, Ada            Story            1961-01-06-pg06
Hembree, Ada            Story            1961-01-20-pg01
Hembree, Ada            Story            1961-05-19-pg10
Hembree, Ada            Story            1961-09-08-pg12
Hembree, W.E.            Story            1961-02-10-pg02
Henesby, Bobby            Picture            1961-04-21-pg06
Herndon, Fredda Joyce/Joe Leland Gill            Wedding        1961-05-12-pg11
Herndon, Fredda Joyce/Joe Leland Gill            Wedding        1961-06-30-pg05
Herndon, Johnny Allen (f. John B.)       Birth            1961-11-03-pg02
Hicks, Evelyn            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Hicks, F.F.            Story            1961-03-24-pg02
Hicks, F.F.            Story            1961-07-07-pg12
Hicks, F.F.            Story            1961-10-13-pg01
High School Band to March in Stock Show Parade Story            1961-12-22-pg02
High School Officers Elected            Story            1961-09-29-pg12
Highway 114 Bypass construction begins  Picture            1961-12-08-pg06
Hill, Donna            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Hill, Maggie            Story            1961-09-22-pg12
Hill, Sevannah Lee            Obituary          1961-07-28-pg03
Hill, Vinessa Michelle (f. Veness M., Jr.)            Birth            1961-06-16-pg11
Hilltop Station            Story            1961-03-10-pg07
Hilton, Paul            Picture            1961-04-21-pg06
Hines, Embry            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Hines, Embry            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Hines, Embry            Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Hoefle, Martin            Picture            1961-10-06-pg02
Hoefle, Martin P.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Hoefle, Martin, Mrs.     Story            1961-03-03-pg01
Hoeldtky, George            Picture            1961-05-05-pg08
Holland, Irene            Story            1961-03-10-pg10
Holland, Irene            Story            1961-08-04-pg09
Holland, Irene            Story            1961-09-08-pg01
Holt, A.T.  Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Holt, A.T., Mrs.            Story            1961-07-07-pg12
Holt, Aulsie            Obituary          1961-06-09-pg08
Holt, R., Mrs.            Obituary          1961-03-24-pg01
Holt, R., Mrs.            Obituary          1961-04-14-pg05
Holt, Thurman            Story            1961-03-03-pg06
Holt, Thurman L.            Picture            1961-10-13-pg02
Homemaking Style Show - models Picture            1961-04-21-pg08
Honey's Drive-in            Story            1961-02-17-pg01
Honor Roll for Elementary, Junior High & High School            Story            1961-04-28-pg03
Honor Roll for Junior High & High School            Story            1961-02-03-pg04
Hood, Doyle, Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1961-12-29-pg01
Hood, Ruth Ann            Story            1961-06-23-pg05
Hopkins, C.B. 'Hop'    Picture            1961-05-05-pg09
Hoppie, Pete            Thank you note            1961-01-13-pg03
Hoppie, Peter Benjamin            Obituary          1961-01-13-pg07
Horner, Guy            Story            1961-12-15-pg04
Houchin's Cleaners to be Lu's Cleaners            Story            1961-02-17-pg01
Houchins, Betty Lucille Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
House Furniture Remodeling            Story            1961-12-29-pg01
Howard, Jerry            Story            1961-07-21-pg08
Howard, Jerry            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Hoyle, O.K.            Obituary          1961-05-05-pg11
Huckabee, Eddie            Picture            1961-02-24-pg02
Huckabee, Sherry LeAnn (f. Eddye) Birth            1961-10-13-pg02
Hudson, Connie            Picture            1961-03-03-pg07
Hudson, Connie            Picture            1961-08-04-pg01
Hudson, Connie            Picture            1961-09-08-pg01
Hudson, E.E.            Picture            1961-03-10-pg10
Hudson, James Edward            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Hudson, Jerry            Picture            1961-09-29-pg08
Hudson, Jerry            Picture            1961-11-17-pg12
Hudson, Johnny Ray      Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Hudson, Monty            Story            1961-01-20-pg05
Hudson, Monty            Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
Hudson, Monty            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Hudson, Stanley R.            Obituary          1961-09-15-pg04
Hughes, H.G., Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1961-06-23-pg11
Hunn, Harlow, Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1961-07-07-pg11
Hunn, Jimmy            Thank you note            1961-01-06-pg05
Hunter, James Edward, Dr.            Story            1961-06-30-pg01
Hurricane Carla            Story            1961-09-22-pg01
Hutto, Homer Lewis            Obituary          1961-07-14-pg05
Induction Orders for Dec.            Story            1961-12-22-pg06
Induction Orders for Nov.            Story            1961-11-10-pg01
Induction Orders for Oct.            Story            1961-10-06-pg04
Ivy, Betty    Picture            1961-08-04-pg01
Ivy, Betty    Picture            1961-09-08-pg01
Ivy, Peggy   Picture            1961-05-26-pg01
Ivy, Peggy   Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Ivy, Peggy/Clifford Richey            Wedding        1961-06-09-pg10
Jacksboro to have Ski Tournament            Story            1961-08-25-pg01
Jackson, James H.            Story            1961-12-15-pg16
Jackson, Jesse W.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Jackson, Kay            Picture            1961-08-04-pg01
Jackson, Kay            Picture            1961-09-08-pg01
Jackson, Kay            Picture            1961-10-20-pg01
Jackson, Kay            Picture            1961-12-15-pg08
Jackson, Ronald W.       Story            1961-01-20-pg10
Jackson, Ronald W.       Story            1961-06-16-pg06
Jackson, Ronald W.       Picture            1961-06-30-pg02
James, Arthur Martin/Ann Stewart            Wedding        1961-08-25-pg03
James, Maurice            Picture            1961-01-13-pg11
James, Maurice            Picture            1961-04-14-pg02
James, Maurice B.            Picture            1961-04-21-pg11
James, Maurice B.            Story            1961-05-12-pg01
Jenkins Family Reunion            Story            1961-08-11-pg12
Jenkins, Wesley            Obituary          1961-06-23-pg04
Johnson, Bill            Story            1961-04-07-pg01
Johnson, Billie            Picture            1961-03-10-pg07
Johnson, Myrtle            Story            1961-05-19-pg04
Johnson, Wanda            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Johnson, Wanda Sue/Joe Lynn Rich            Wedding        1961-06-16-pg11
Johnston, Buddy C.        Story            1961-06-02-pg03
Jones, Beth            Story            1961-07-14-pg01
Jones, Carl Ray, Mrs.     Story            1961-04-07-pg05
Jones, Cliff            Story            1961-12-08-pg06
Jones, Cliff            Story            1961-12-15-pg04
Jones, Earnest            Picture            1961-02-17-pg04
Jones, Earnest            Picture            1961-02-24-pg08
Jones, Eddie            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Jones, Eddie            Story            1961-09-15-pg01
Jones, Eddie            Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Jones, Ernest            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Jones, Ernest            Picture            1961-12-15-pg01
Jones, G.L.            Story            1961-07-14-pg02
Jones, G.L., Mrs.            Story            1961-09-29-pg03
Jones, Guy            Story            1961-09-08-pg05
Jones, Jonnie McLane            Story            1961-10-27-pg01
Jones, Marion Lucille/Dean Meadows            Wedding        1961-03-03-pg08
Jones, R.E.            Story            1961-02-24-pg09
Jones, R.E., Rev. & Mrs. Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Jones, Roy            Story            1961-11-17-pg10
Jones, William Odes            Obituary          1961-05-12-pg11
Jordan, Loomis            Story            1961-06-30-pg06
Jordan, Vernie            Story            1961-06-09-pg02
Jr. Woman's Club fashion show            Story            1961-04-21-pg01
Junior G.A. Girls meeting            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Junior Woman's Club Officers            Story            1961-06-02-pg08
Junior Woman's Club Tea            Story            1961-09-29-pg06
Kaker, Charles Franklin/Lillian Ann Dawson            Wedding        1961-04-07-pg05
Kaker, Henry            Picture            1961-11-10-pg06
Kaker, R. Sneed            Story            1961-08-25-pg02
Kaker, Sam            Story            1961-08-25-pg01
Kaker, Sam & Henry  Story            1961-06-16-pg10
Kaker, Sam, Mrs.            Story            1961-08-18-pg13
Kaker, Sammy            Picture            1961-05-26-pg08
Kaker, Tommy            Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
Kaker, Tommy            Picture            1961-09-08-pg11
Kaker, Tommy            Picture            1961-09-22-pg11
Kaker, Tommy            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Kaker, Tommy            Picture            1961-12-15-pg08
Kaker, Weldon Frank            Obituary          1961-07-28-pg03
Kaker, Weldon Frank - list attending            Obituary          1961-07-28-pg04
Kasner, Dwain            Picture            1961-11-10-pg06
Kasner, Dwayne            Picture            1961-10-06-pg05
Kasner, Fred            Picture            1961-10-06-pg11
Kasner, Robert            Picture            1961-10-06-pg05
Kasner, Robert            Picture            1961-11-10-pg06
Keath, Betty            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Keath, Betty            Story            1961-06-23-pg05
Keith, C.L., Mrs.            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Keith, Mickie            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Kelley, Earl            Story            1961-07-07-pg04
Kelley, Henry            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Kelley, J.O.            Story            1961-07-28-pg04
Kelley, Jim M. - Home Burns            Picture            1961-11-03-pg01
Kelley, Mary Lou            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Kelley, Richard/Patsy Owensby            Wedding        1961-12-22-pg05
Kelly, J.O. Story            1961-01-06-pg06
Kennedy, Arthur, Mrs.     Story            1961-11-24-pg04
Kennedy, Dwayne            Picture            1961-12-15-pg02
Kennedy, Linnie, Mrs.     Story            1961-04-07-pg08
Key, Karen            Picture            1961-08-04-pg07
Killion, G.C.            Story            1961-08-25-pg02
King, Eddie            Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
King, Eddie            Picture            1961-09-22-pg11
King, Effie            Obituary          1961-03-10-pg02
Kirks, Hattie C.            Story            1961-02-17-pg03
Kleam, Bobby            Picture            1961-03-10-pg07
Kouns, Larry, Mrs.     Story            1961-05-12-pg01
Kouns, Q'Zella Coursey            Picture            1961-04-28-pg01
Kudlik, Dick, Mrs.     Picture            1961-12-15-pg17
Kudlik, R.E.            Picture            1961-03-10-pg10
Lamb, Jack            Story            1961-04-07-pg05
Lamberth, John C.        Story            1961-10-06-pg01
Lamberth, John C.        Picture            1961-10-13-pg01
Lassiter, Inez            Story            1961-06-16-pg01
Laurence, Bill J.            Story            1961-05-19-pg10
Lawrence, Bettye            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Lawrence, W.J.            Story            1961-06-23-pg09
Lawrence, W.J.            Story            1961-08-25-pg03
Lawrence, W.L.            Story            1961-02-10-pg02
Lawson, David Lee (f. Van)            Birth            1961-09-15-pg11
Lawson, Von            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Lawson, Von, Mrs.     Story            1961-08-25-pg10
Lee, Thurma Gail            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Lehmberg, G.A., Mrs.     Story            1961-06-16-pg06
Lehmberg, Gustav Adolph            Obituary          1961-04-14-pg12
Lemme, Fritz            Story            1961-11-17-pg09
Lemme, Rhonda Jeannette (f. M.H.)  Birth            1961-09-29-pg03
Library Moves to Tenth Street            Story            1961-11-17-pg01
Lienart, Ocie            Story            1961-09-29-pg03
Liles, Raymond            Story            1961-12-08-pg01
Lindsey, Jimmy            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Lions Club Bridge-Domino-Canasta Tournament            Story            1961-05-05-pg01
Lions Club Officers Installed            Story            1961-07-14-pg08
Lions Hall Public Schools Week Luncheon            Picture            1961-03-10-pg01
Lipps, Maggie            Story            1961-07-14-pg02
Lipps, Maggie            Story            1961-09-29-pg12
Lipps, Matt & Ruth     Story            1961-01-27-pg08
Little League Ball Club pictures            Picture            1961-06-09-pg07
Little League Baseball Scores Story            1961-06-23-pg09
Little, Glee            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Little, Phil Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Livengood, Marvin Picture            1961-01-13-pg10
Livengood, W.E.            Story            1961-01-27-pg01
Long, Bill  Story            1961-04-07-pg07
Long, C.L., Mrs.            Story            1961-11-24-pg07
Love, Doyle            Story            1961-11-17-pg10
Love, Jerry            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Love, Verlon            Picture            1961-01-13-pg10
Love, Verlon            Story            1961-06-30-pg10
Love, Verlon            Story            1961-12-08-pg12
Love, Verlon Doyle  Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Lowe, Frances Ozell   Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Lowe, M.A., Mrs.     Story            1961-09-01-pg09
Lowe, Minnie            Story            1961-07-21-pg02
Lowery, Cassandra            Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Lowery, Melonie            Picture            1961-01-27-pg09
Lowery, Melonie            Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Lowery, Preston            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Lowrance, Joe Bruce   Picture            1961-11-17-pg04
Luker, Phil Story            1961-06-09-pg01
Lumpkin Family Reunion            Story            1961-08-11-pg09
Lumsden, Nancy Jane            Obituary          1961-03-17-pg08
Lu's Cleaners            Story            1961-02-24-pg02
Luther, Carl C., Mrs.     Story            1961-06-30-pg03
Lyles, Carter, Rev.     Picture            1961-08-18-pg08
Lynch, Tommy            Picture            1961-11-17-pg04
Maddux, Albert            Story            1961-09-29-pg02
Maddux, Glenn W.       Story            1961-09-08-pg02
Magers, O.R.            Story            1961-07-14-pg03
Mail Delivery Approved in City     Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Mail Delivery to start in city            Story            1961-05-05-pg01
Mann, Cindy            Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Mann, George family reunion            Story            1961-06-02-pg01
Mann, Jack            Story            1961-01-13-pg07
Mann, Pat Picture            1961-03-24-pg04
Mann, Patti            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Mann, Pattie            Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Mann, Susan            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Mann, Votie            Picture            1961-03-24-pg04
Manoushagian, M.L.    Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Manoushagian, M.L.    Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Manuel, Don            Story            1961-09-08-pg01
Marlett, Curtis D.            Story            1961-08-18-pg13
Marney, W.W.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Martin, Grayce & Lorene Story            1961-06-23-pg11
Martin, Mary Ann Cooper            Obituary          1961-12-15-pg13
Martin, Wanda            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Mask, Dub            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Mask, M.P.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Mask, M.P.            Story            1961-07-14-pg06
Matar, Albert A.            Obituary          1961-12-29-pg01
May, Bob  Picture            1961-06-09-pg02
May, R.C., Mrs.            Story            1961-11-17-pg04
McAlister, C.W.            Story            1961-01-13-pg04
McBee, Rives/Kay Harlan            Wedding        1961-09-29-pg09
McBride, Billy E.            Story            1961-01-13-pg03
McBride, Gary L.            Story            1961-08-11-pg01
McBride, Roy - House Fire            Story            1961-11-17-pg01
McBride, Royce Gordon            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
McBride, Ruth Patterson            Story            1961-06-30-pg09
McCain, H.D.            Story            1961-10-06-pg03
McClary, Ella            Story            1961-03-03-pg09
McClary, Willis            Story            1961-06-16-pg03
McClary, Willis            Story            1961-07-28-pg01
McClung, A.D.            Story            1961-09-29-pg09
McClung, J.L.            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
McClurg, Linda            Story            1961-11-17-pg07
McCord, Leck family  Thank you note            1961-04-21-pg10
McCurdy, Clyde, Mrs.     Story            1961-07-07-pg12
McDonald, T.E.            Story            1961-07-14-pg01
McElhaney, Jim            Story            1961-06-16-pg01
McGee, Linda            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
McGuire, Gerry            Picture            1961-11-17-pg04
McIntire, John F.            Story            1961-11-10-pg05
McNeeley, Clifton Picture            1961-03-03-pg10
McNeeley, Clifton Picture            1961-10-20-pg02
McNeil, A.E.            Story            1961-08-18-pg01
McNeil, Mickey            Story            1961-04-14-pg01
McSpadden, Naomi Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Meadows, Dean/Marion Lucille Jones            Wedding        1961-03-03-pg08
Meadows, Raymond            Story            1961-11-17-pg10
Meek, Joy/Jimmy N. Munn            Wedding        1961-10-06-pg04
Meek, Otis            Advertisement            1961-01-06-pg07
Meek, Otis            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Meek, Otis            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Meek, Robert            Picture            1961-03-10-pg07
Meek, Robert            Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
Meek, Robert            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Meek, Robert            Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Meissner, Ronnie            Story            1961-04-07-pg01
Meissner, Ronnie            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Mentch, A.B.            Advertisement            1961-01-20-pg03
Methodist Church-model of new $110,000 building            Picture            1961-06-23-pg01
Methodist Men Elect Officers            Story            1961-12-08-pg12
Meyers Chevrolet Corvans            Picture            1961-02-10-pg08
Meyers, Freddy            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Meyers, H.F., Jr.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Meyers, H.F., Jr.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg07
Meyers, Howard            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Meyers, Howard            Picture            1961-04-07-pg06
Meyers, Howard            Picture            1961-12-08-pg04
Meyers, Howard, Jr.        Picture            1961-09-15-pg01
Meyers, Howard, Mrs.     Picture            1961-04-21-pg07
Middleton, John            Story            1961-01-13-pg16
Middleton, John            Story            1961-02-10-pg03
Middleton, John            Story            1961-06-16-pg09
Middleton, John            Story            1961-08-25-pg01
Middleton, John            Story            1961-09-29-pg11
Middleton, Johnny Story            1961-07-28-pg04
Midford, Leola            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Milbryan Kennels Cairn Terrier            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Miller, Don            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Miller, Owen A, Jr.        Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Milligan, Leslie Milford, Jr.            Story            1961-08-04-pg09
Mills, Lonnie            Story            1961-10-13-pg01
Minton, John            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Minton, Judy            Picture            1961-04-21-pg08
Miss Wise County Beauty Pageant            Picture            1961-06-30-pg01
Mitchell, Maida            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Mitchell, Thomas            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Mitchum, Hattie            Story            1961-05-26-pg09
Mitchum, Hattie            Story            1961-12-15-pg03
Molloy, Gene Paul     Story            1961-03-17-pg04
Monett, John            Picture            1961-12-29-pg05
Monett, John, Mrs.     Picture            1961-12-15-pg17
Monett, Mary            Picture            1961-12-29-pg05
Montague County Hereford Association Meeting            Story            1961-08-18-pg10
Montford, Donald            Picture            1961-02-24-pg02
Montford, Donald            Story            1961-11-17-pg10
Montford, John G.            Story            1961-07-28-pg07
Montford, Ross            Advertisement            1961-01-13-pg06
Montford, Ross            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Montgomery house coke part for high school seniors            Story            1961-06-09-pg06
Montgomery, Knox, Mr. & Mrs.     Story            1961-12-22-pg08
Moody, Henry Lee      Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Moody, Hiram            Picture            1961-12-15-pg12
Moody, Robert            Story            1961-11-17-pg09
Morehead, Herman Charles            Obituary          1961-08-18-pg09
Morehead, Judy            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Morris, Franklin Jackson            Obituary          1961-03-17-pg08
Morris, Gordon Jack            Obituary          1961-11-10-pg01
Morris, Sandra            Picture            1961-02-24-pg08
Morris, Sandra            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Morris, Sandra            Story            1961-06-02-pg01
Morrison, W.N.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Morrow, Berton Campbell, Mrs.            Obituary          1961-04-14-pg12
Morrow, Bessie            Story            1961-01-06-pg07
Morrow, Bessie            Story            1961-07-14-pg08
Morrow, Cliff & Minnie - family reunion            Story            1961-01-13-pg04
Morrow, Curtis Paul     Picture            1961-08-25-pg07
Mote, Felix            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Mote, Robert, Mrs.     Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Motel to be built in Decatur            Story            1961-01-13-pg02
Motsenbacker, Joe       Picture            1961-08-04-pg10
Moyers, J.P.            Story            1961-01-06-pg08
Moyers, James            Story            1961-06-16-pg09
Moyers, Jim            Story            1961-02-17-pg04
Muhlinghause, Clint    Story            1961-02-10-pg01
Muhlinghause, Clint    Story            1961-05-19-pg02
Muhlinghause, Clint    Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Mullins, Eddie            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Munn, Jimmy N./Joy Meek            Wedding        1961-10-06-pg04
Munn, Orville V.            Picture            1961-06-09-pg08
Munn, Orville V.            Story            1961-10-06-pg02
Munn, Ronald            Picture            1961-09-29-pg08
Murphree, Kye            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Murphy, Joe            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Murphy, Joe            Picture            1961-07-28-pg10
Murphy, Joe Earl            Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Nevels, C.S., Mrs.     Story            1961-04-28-pg07
New, A.V.            Story            1961-11-03-pg08
New, Patricia Anne/Paul Edward Arrington            Wedding        1961-05-19-pg07
New, Patsy            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Newby, Darrel/Jackie Van Hoose            Wedding        1961-09-15-pg04
Newby, Darrel/Jacquelyn Van Hoose            Wedding        1961-08-04-pg08
Niblett, J.T.            Story            1961-03-17-pg05
Niblett, John D.            Story            1961-07-28-pg05
Niblett, John D.            Story            1961-10-13-pg02
Niblett, John D.            Story            1961-12-08-pg07
Nichols, J.M.            Story            1961-08-11-pg08
Nichols, Joan            Picture            1961-12-22-pg07
Nimmons, Bill, Jr.        Birth            1961-11-24-pg08
Nix, Bill    Story            1961-08-11-pg01
Nix, W.O.  Picture            1961-11-10-pg01
Nix, W.O. 'Bill'            Picture            1961-04-14-pg01
Nobles, William A.        Story            1961-03-17-pg05
Nolen, Bertie            Story            1961-08-04-pg07
Norris, Donald            Picture            1961-01-13-pg10
Norris, Donald            Picture            1961-02-17-pg01
Norris, Donald            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Norris, Vanessa Ann      Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
O'Dell, Carolyn            Picture            1961-01-13-pg11
O'Dell, Charles            Picture            1961-06-02-pg03
O'Dell, Herman Eugene            Obituary          1961-10-27-pg01
O'Dell, Lon            Story            1961-07-21-pg08
O'dowd, Billy            Picture            1961-05-05-pg10
Ogle, Shelton            Story            1961-09-29-pg04
Ogle, Shelton/Linda Denton            Wedding        1961-10-27-pg10
Ogle, Shelton/Linda Denton            Wedding        1961-11-24-pg07
Oglesbee, C.R.            Picture            1961-03-10-pg10
Oil & Gas News            Story            1961-08-11-pg03
Oil & Gas News            Story            1961-08-18-pg07
Oil & Gas News            Story            1961-08-25-pg06
Oil & Gas News            Story            1961-09-01-pg04
Oil & Gas News            Story            1961-09-08-pg06
O'Kelley, Brett            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
O'Kelley, David            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
O'Kelley, Diane            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
O'Kelley, James - 6 children             Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
O'Kelley, Lindy            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
O'Kelley, Martha            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
O'Kelley, Rebecca            Picture            1961-07-21-pg01
O'Neal, Dayton            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
O'Neal, Dayton, Mrs.     Picture            1961-12-15-pg17
Outlaw, Bobby M.            Story            1961-02-10-pg12
Outlaw, Bobby M.            Picture            1961-03-10-pg09
Owensby, Patsy/Richard Kelley            Wedding        1961-12-22-pg05
Paradise F.F.A. Dad-Son Banquet            Story            1961-05-05-pg08
Paradise F.F.A. Project show            Story            1961-04-14-pg07
Paradise FFA Boys Place at North TX Fair            Story            1961-09-22-pg03
Paradise FFA judging teams            Story            1961-05-05-pg11
Paradise High School Sr. Trip     Picture            1961-06-16-pg09
Paradise High School, 15 graduate            Story            1961-05-19-pg03
Paradise Tribune newspaper of 1927    Story            1961-06-30-pg09
Paradise Woman's Society of Christian Service Meeting            Story            1961-11-10-pg08
Parker, Frank            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Parkhill, Lillie            Story            1961-06-23-pg12
Parrish, Flora            Story            1961-08-11-pg04
Parsons, Dorothy/Clifford Taylor            Wedding        1961-09-01-pg06
Paschall, E.L.            Story            1961-01-06-pg08
Paschall, Elmer            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Paschall, Lloyd            Story            1961-09-01-pg01
Paschall, Lloyd, Mrs.     Story            1961-06-09-pg01
Paschall, Ralph            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Paschall, Sandy            Story            1961-05-12-pg06
Patterson, J.M.            Story            1961-01-06-pg02
Pee Wee League, Yankees            Picture            1961-06-09-pg01
Pemberton, Betty            Picture            1961-08-04-pg01
Pemberton, Betty            Picture            1961-09-08-pg01
Peninger, John            Story            1961-02-17-pg01
Peninger, John            Picture            1961-03-17-pg04
Peninger, John            Story            1961-10-06-pg04
Peninger, John            Picture            1961-12-15-pg06
Peninger, John Edward            Story            1961-05-12-pg06
Peninger, John Edward            Story            1961-11-17-pg04
Peninger, John Edward            Story            1961-12-15-pg16
Pennartz, J.J.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Pennartz, J.J.            Picture            1961-11-17-pg12
Petty, Lindy            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Petty, T.J., Mrs.            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Pewitt, Olan Andus            Obituary          1961-04-07-pg06
Peyton, George            Story            1961-03-17-pg01
Peyton, John H., Jr.        Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Phillips, Clinton Darrell Story            1961-06-30-pg01
Phillips, D.A.            Advertisement            1961-03-10-pg07
Phillips, Jeanette            Story            1961-05-05-pg08
Phillips, Lee            Story            1961-08-04-pg12
Phillips, Robert P.         Story            1961-01-27-pg09
Piano Pupils in Guild Auditions            Story            1961-05-05-pg04
Pierce, H.O.            Advertisement            1961-01-27-pg03
Pierce, H.O.            Story            1961-07-21-pg07
Pierce, H.O.            Story            1961-11-10-pg05
Pierce, Phillip            Picture            1961-05-05-pg10
Pierce, Timmy Dean (f. Gerald)            Birth            1961-12-22-pg14
Pitts, Clarence            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Pitts, David            Story            1961-05-26-pg06
Pitts, S.A. Story            1961-05-26-pg06
Pitts, William A.            Story            1961-09-08-pg02
Play School            Picture            1961-09-01-pg09
Play School on playground            Picture            1961-07-14-pg01
Poore, Callie            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Porter, Audrey            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Porter, Audrey            Picture            1961-09-29-pg08
Porter, Henry M.            Picture            1961-06-02-pg07
Porter, Jim            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Porter, Maggie Leona            Obituary          1961-12-22-pg08
Potts, Billy Kelley/Jane Cheyne            Wedding        1961-05-26-pg03
Potts, Gary Picture            1961-09-29-pg12
Potts, Larry            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Potts, Sam  Picture            1961-06-16-pg01
Price, D.W.            Story            1961-11-17-pg07
Price, Doyle            Story            1961-01-20-pg01
Price, Norma Jo            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Prine, Ora Katherine            Picture            1961-05-26-pg08
Procter Family Reunion            Story            1961-06-16-pg05
Procter, Willie Anderson 'Skinner'            Obituary          1961-10-20-pg05
Pryor, L.B.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Public Library History            Story            1961-12-08-pg10
Public Library Officials & Directors            Story            1961-11-03-pg01
Pugh, Barbara Jean/Grady Andrew Dill            Wedding        1961-01-27-pg03
Quarterback Club Organized-Officers            Story            1961-10-27-pg01
Raborn, William F.         Story            1961-03-03-pg10
Rainbow Girls attend Grand Assembly in Dallas  Story            1961-06-30-pg06
Raley, Les Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Ramsey, Carl 'Rook'  Thank you note            1961-01-06-pg05
Ramsey, Rook            Story            1961-01-06-pg01
Rankin, Bob            Story            1961-12-08-pg01
Rankin, Debra Rene (f. R. Ray)    Birth            1961-02-10-pg10
Rankin, Jonella            Story            1961-05-05-pg09
Rankin, Jonella            Story            1961-05-19-pg06
Rankin, Jonella            Story            1961-10-13-pg02
Raue, Edward            Story            1961-08-04-pg09
Raven, Roy            Story            1961-01-06-pg06
Raven, Roy            Story            1961-02-10-pg04
Raven, Roy, Mr. & Mrs. Story            1961-11-17-pg01
Raven, Ruby            Story            1961-09-08-pg01
Ray, Becky            Picture            1961-02-10-pg04
Ray, Bill    Picture            1961-12-15-pg02
Ray, David Alan            Picture            1961-02-10-pg04
Ray, Ernest            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Ray, Myra  Picture            1961-05-19-pg10
Ray, Pam   Picture            1961-02-17-pg01
Ray, Wayne            Story            1961-03-24-pg06
Ray, Wilson            Picture            1961-05-19-pg07
Read, Beverly Gay            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Read, Beverly Gay (f. Marvin Ray)    Birth            1961-03-03-pg06
Read, Daisy            Story            1961-10-27-pg12
Read, Gary            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Read, Marvin Ray, Jr.        Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Reaves, Linda            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Reaves, Linda            Story            1961-07-14-pg01
Reaves, Linda            Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Reaves, Linda            Picture            1961-12-22-pg07
Reaves, Peggy            Story            1961-03-17-pg04
Rebekah Lodge initiation ceremony            Story            1961-06-30-pg06
Reeves, John Bob            Story            1961-07-28-pg06
Reid, Ben  Story            1961-03-03-pg09
Reid, Ben  Story            1961-05-19-pg10
Reid, Ben  Story            1961-09-22-pg01
Reynolds, Hollis            Story            1961-03-03-pg04
Reynolds, Hollis            Story            1961-09-29-pg09
Reynolds, Hollis            Picture            1961-10-06-pg02
Reynolds, Linda/Donald J. Thompson            Wedding        1961-07-21-pg03
Reynolds, Marjorie            Picture            1961-05-26-pg01
Reynolds, Marjorie            Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
Rich, D. Edward/Sarah Gilliland            Wedding        1961-04-14-pg04
Rich, Joe Lynn/Wanda Sue Johnson            Wedding        1961-06-16-pg11
Richardson, David  Picture            1961-05-19-pg03
Richardson, Janice  Story            1961-01-27-pg01
Richardson, Joe            Story            1961-11-17-pg10
Richardson, Joe Wayne (f. Joe)            Birth            1961-10-27-pg05
Richey, Clifford/Peggy Ivy            Wedding        1961-06-09-pg10
Riding Club members attend Forrestburg Rodeo  Story            1961-09-29-pg03
Riding Club members attend Saint Jo Rodeo  Story            1961-07-28-pg03
Roberson, Marcine            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Roberts, Byrle & Diane   Picture            1961-02-10-pg01
Roberts, Carl            Story            1961-06-16-pg10
Roberts, Eddie            Picture            1961-10-06-pg05
Roberts, H.H.            Story            1961-03-10-pg05
Roberts, Ronnie            Story            1961-06-23-pg02
Roberts, Tommy            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Roberts, Tommy            Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Robertson, James Melvin Story            1961-11-03-pg03
Robinson, Jack            Story            1961-06-23-pg01
Robinson, Sylvia Ruth     Picture            1961-08-18-pg01
Rodden, Albert N.            Obituary          1961-03-03-pg10
Rogers, C.C., Mrs.     Picture            1961-07-14-pg08
Rogers, T.S.            Story            1961-01-06-pg06
Romans, C.W., Mrs.     Story            1961-07-07-pg01
Rooney, Stanley            Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Ross, Kenneth            Story            1961-07-21-pg04
Ross, Lloyd            Story            1961-05-26-pg06
Ross, Lloyd            Story            1961-09-29-pg11
Royston, Bob            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Royston, Bobby            Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Royston, G.A.            Picture            1961-07-21-pg04
Royston, Jimmy            Picture            1961-08-04-pg05
Russell, F.P.            Story            1961-03-03-pg11
Rutherford, W.B.            Story            1961-11-10-pg01
Ryan, J.W. Story            1961-07-21-pg04
Sammons, Maudie            Story            1961-09-01-pg10
Samples, Jessie, Mrs.     Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Sanders, Allie            Story            1961-09-29-pg02
Sanderson, Beatrice            Thank you note            1961-03-17-pg02
Sanderson, Mattie            Story            1961-09-29-pg11
Sandreson, Deatrice Ethelyne            Obituary          1961-03-17-pg08
Saunders, Clay            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Schertz, Kathy            Picture            1961-02-24-pg01
School Board election results            Story            1961-04-07-pg01
School Board election results-cont.            Story            1961-04-07-pg08
School Board Notes   Story            1961-11-17-pg08
School Honor Rolls   Story            1961-12-08-pg16
Schroeder, Carol Ann      Picture            1961-05-05-pg08
Science Club - Officers            Story            1961-02-03-pg03
Science Fair Awards            Story            1961-03-17-pg02
Scott's Café in Paradise - Fire            Story            1961-11-17-pg01
Scroggins, Caren            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Scroggins, Garland            Picture            1961-02-17-pg01
Scroggins, Rickie            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Scroggins, Terry            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Sellers, Bil            Picture            1961-12-29-pg05
Sellers, Bill            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Sellers, Bill, Mrs.            Story            1961-07-14-pg05
Sellers, Bill, Mrs.            Picture            1961-09-29-pg01
Selz, L.V., DDS            Advertisement            1961-01-13-pg08
Selz, Leo V., Dr.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Selz, Milton            Picture            1961-03-17-pg01
Setliff, Debbie            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Setliff, J.D., Mrs.            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Sewalt, Ronnie            Story            1961-12-08-pg01
Seward, Chester, Mrs.     Picture            1961-04-21-pg05
Seward, Clarence Roscoe            Obituary          1961-03-24-pg01
Shanks, Gene            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Shanks, Gene            Story            1961-07-28-pg01
Shanks, Gene            Picture            1961-08-11-pg01
Shanks, Jerry            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Shanks, Sue            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Shanks, Sue            Story            1961-03-24-pg06
Shanks, Terry            Picture            1961-04-14-pg09
Shannon, Ora            Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Shannon, R.G. 'Boss' - will            Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Shaw, Patsy            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Shawn, Billy/Fredia Smith            Wedding        1961-09-08-pg12
Shawn, Harold, Mrs.     Story            1961-11-03-pg11
Shawn, Richard/Jolene Foster            Wedding        1961-12-08-pg02
Shawn, S.A.            Story            1961-03-10-pg03
Shawn, Vicki Iyonne  Story            1961-12-22-pg14
Shepard, Joe M.            Story            1961-10-13-pg02
Shepard, Joe M.            Story            1961-10-27-pg12
Shepherd, Alton            Story            1961-03-17-pg01
Shepherd, B.J. & J.M.     Story            1961-06-23-pg12
Shepherd, Joe M.            Story            1961-01-20-pg08
Shepherd, Joe M.            Story            1961-02-10-pg09
Shepp, Leann            Picture            1961-10-27-pg15
Sheppard, Joe M.            Picture            1961-10-27-pg15
Sheppard, Joe M.            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Sheppard, Wayne            Picture            1961-10-27-pg15
Sheppard, Wayne            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Sherwood Forest Addition map & pictures            Advertisement            1961-07-07-pg02
Shipley, C.H.            Story            1961-02-24-pg02
Shipley, C.H., Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1961-08-25-pg12
Shipley, C.H., Mrs. - reunion of 7 sisters            Story            1961-07-07-pg04
Short, Shirley            Story            1961-06-23-pg05
Short, Shirley            Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Shrine Club Officers            Story            1961-01-27-pg06
Shults, Bill            Advertisement            1961-02-03-pg08
Shults, Bill            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Shults, Bill            Picture            1961-06-23-pg02
Shults, Dona            Picture            1961-04-21-pg08
Simmons, Albert M.        Story            1961-10-06-pg02
Singleton, Jeff            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Sinks, Robert, Mrs.     Story            1961-09-15-pg02
Sipes, D.C., Dr.            Advertisement            1961-01-27-pg03
Sipes, D.C., Dr.            Story            1961-05-19-pg11
Sipes, D.C., Dr.            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Sipes, Eddie            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Sisk, Kaye            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Sissies      Story            1961-01-27-pg09
Sissies report            Story            1961-02-10-pg02
Sitz, Alvin J.            Story            1961-07-28-pg07
Skiles, Billy G.            Story            1961-09-29-pg03
Skiles, Carol Gene    Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Slagle, Claude            Story            1961-06-23-pg12
Slagle, William Lee      Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Slate, A.Y. Picture            1961-05-19-pg10
Slate, Anna            Picture            1961-05-19-pg10
Small, Eleanor            Story            1961-10-06-pg02
Smith, Carolyn            Story            1961-01-20-pg05
Smith, Carolyn/Dan St. John            Wedding        1961-04-14-pg03
Smith, Connie Kathrynn            Picture            1961-06-09-pg01
Smith, Doyle Gene/Paulette Brown            Wedding        1961-10-20-pg01
Smith, Edward Jones - Family Reunion            Story            1961-08-25-pg04
Smith, Ernestine            Picture            1961-12-29-pg07
Smith, Fredia/Billy Shawn            Wedding        1961-09-08-pg12
Smith, Glenn - Glenn's Drive-In         Story            1961-07-28-pg02
Smith, Glenn E.            Story            1961-02-17-pg01
Smith, Harvey            Story            1961-07-28-pg01
Smith, Hermon W.            Picture            1961-04-14-pg11
Smith, Jack            Story            1961-09-15-pg03
Smith, Jasper K.            Story            1961-12-29-pg01
Smith, Jo    Picture            1961-09-22-pg11
Smith, Joe  Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Smith, Joe  Picture            1961-11-10-pg06
Smith, Joe E.            Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
Smith, Larry            Picture            1961-03-03-pg01
Smith, Lisa Marie            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Smith, Robert            Story            1961-07-28-pg01
Soil Awards Banquet            Picture            1961-05-05-pg07
Soil Conservation Services - list of farmers            Story            1961-09-22-pg09
Southard, Mark            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Soyfferth, Alfred            Story            1961-06-30-pg02
Sparks, Lee R.            Picture            1961-08-25-pg12
Spivey, Nolan            Story            1961-06-16-pg01
Spot Cash Grocery Burglarized            Story            1961-10-13-pg01
Sprecher, Art, Mr. & Mrs. Story            1961-11-17-pg01
Sprecher, Red            Story            1961-02-10-pg04
St. John, Carolyn Smith   Picture            1961-05-26-pg10
St. John, Dan/Carolyn Smith            Wedding        1961-04-14-pg03
Stack, Del Story            1961-12-08-pg09
Stack, H.R., Family Reunion            Story            1961-10-27-pg01
Stack, H.R., Mrs.            Story            1961-05-19-pg09
Stevens, Allen Royce/Patricia Paulette Beaty            Wedding        1961-09-01-pg06
Stevens, Galley, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1961-10-06-pg03
Stewart, Ann/Arthur Martin James            Wedding        1961-08-25-pg03
Stewart, Ed, Bro.            Picture            1961-04-14-pg01
Stickler, Leonard            Story            1961-02-10-pg05
Stickler, Linda            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Street Signs to be Installed for City Mail Delivery            Story            1961-03-10-pg01
Street, Elmer            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Strickland, Cal            Picture            1961-03-03-pg08
Strickland, Otis            Advertisement            1961-06-02-pg06
Strickland, Ray            Story            1961-02-10-pg06
Stubblefield, Beatrice Phillips            Obituary          1961-12-22-pg12
Stubblefield, W.D.    Story            1961-01-06-pg06
Stubblefield, W.D.    Story            1961-10-20-pg01
Stubblefield, Wayne Story            1961-10-06-pg11
Summers, J.L., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1961-11-17-pg02
Superette Grocery Store    Picture            1961-07-28-pg01
Supina, Carol            Picture            1961-01-13-pg06
Supina, Edward Ross    Story            1961-01-13-pg03
Supina, Julia            Story            1961-06-23-pg05
Supina, Julia            Picture            1961-09-01-pg01
Sydow, Virginia/Don Coleman            Wedding        1961-06-30-pg04
Sydow, Virginia/Don Coleman            Wedding        1961-07-14-pg05
Tackel, J.A., Mrs.            Story            1961-08-04-pg09
Tackel, Sonny            Picture            1961-11-10-pg06
Tapp, Paul Picture            1961-10-27-pg15
Tapp, Paul Picture            1961-11-17-pg04
Tapp, Paul Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Tasker, George R.            Story            1961-03-10-pg12
Taylor, Buster            Picture            1961-11-17-pg04
Taylor, Clifford/Dorothy Parsons            Wedding        1961-09-01-pg06
Teacher's Forum Held at Chico            Story            1961-02-24-pg10
Teachers, Names of 14 New this Year    Story            1961-09-01-pg01
Teel, Horace            Story            1961-10-06-pg11
Teel, Horace G.            Story            1961-09-01-pg01
Terrell, B.H., Rev & Mrs. Story            1961-08-25-pg04
Terrell, Robert J.            Story            1961-01-20-pg01
Thomas Home Demonstration Club - meeting            Story            1961-11-24-pg04
Thomas Home Demonstration Club - members            Story            1961-01-20-pg09
Thomas Home Demonstration Club - members            Story            1961-10-06-pg03
Thomas Home Demonstration Club Meets            Story            1961-12-08-pg07
Thompson, Cara Ann      Story            1961-11-03-pg15
Thompson, Curtis            Story            1961-11-03-pg09
Thompson, Donald J./Linda Reynolds            Wedding        1961-07-21-pg03
Thompson, John G.        Story            1961-07-28-pg07
Thompson, Thuron            Story            1961-11-03-pg16
Thompson, Truman            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Tindel, Jean            Story            1961-08-04-pg01
Tindel, Zeb            Picture            1961-02-17-pg01
Tindel, Zeb            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
Tinney, Louise            Picture            1961-03-03-pg09
Tinney, Ona            Story            1961-06-02-pg08
Trammell, Alma            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Ben - family 18 years ago            1953 Picture 1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Bennie            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Bennie            Story            1961-02-03-pg01
Trammell, Benny            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Trammell, Dollie            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Gladys            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Hiawatha            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Ida Belle   Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Jim            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Matt            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Minnie            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Mug            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Trammell, Pearl            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Pearl - family reunion            Story            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Richard            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Squirrel            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Ted            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Tom            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
Trammell, Winford            Picture            1961-01-06-pg04
US 81 Loop around Decatur to open    Story            1961-06-09-pg01
Utley, Jerry Lyndell/Bertie Lynn Harris            Wedding        1961-06-16-pg05
Van Hoose, Billy F.         Story            1961-06-16-pg12
Van Hoose, Billy F.         Story            1961-09-15-pg01
Van Hoose, Francis            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Van Hoose, Jackie/Darrell Newby            Wedding        1961-09-15-pg04
Van Hoose, Jacquelyn/Darrel Newby            Wedding        1961-08-04-pg08
Van Hoose, James Calvin (f. James O.)            Birth            1961-06-16-pg09
Van Hoose, James William            Obituary          1961-05-19-pg10
Van Hoose, Jerry            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Van Hoose, Jerry            Story            1961-09-15-pg01
Van Hoose, Jerry            Story            1961-11-24-pg05
Vande Kamp, Harold Picture            1961-03-10-pg10
Vaught, Danny            Story            1961-03-03-pg04
Verley, Mable            Story            1961-05-19-pg10
Verner, Cecil F.            Story            1961-10-27-pg06
Verner, Lori Therese (f. Cecil F.)            Birth            1961-06-23-pg04
Vest, Lester            Story            1961-09-22-pg01
Vickers, Joe            Picture            1961-05-19-pg01
Vidal, Vicki            Picture            1961-09-29-pg12
Von Heuvel, David Edward (f. James E.)            Birth            1961-01-06-pg01
Walker Café Burglarized            Story            1961-12-08-pg01
Walker, Charles H.        Picture            1961-05-12-pg01
Walker, L.A.            Story            1961-03-03-pg01
Walker, Leonard            Story            1961-04-07-pg08
Walker, Leonard            Picture            1961-12-08-pg13
Walker, Mary            Story            1961-08-18-pg14
Wang, Merle            Story            1961-12-29-pg01
Warner, Richard, Mrs.     Story            1961-11-17-pg02
Water Board election results            Story            1961-01-13-pg01
Watkins, "Big Bob"    Story            1961-11-10-pg12
Watkins, Bobby            Picture            1961-10-06-pg05
Watkins, Bobby            Story            1961-12-15-pg02
Watkins, Bobby            Picture            1961-12-29-pg07
Weather Station-Science Club project Picture            1961-03-10-pg05
Weatherford, Trudy   Picture            1961-06-09-pg01
Weatherford, Trudy   Picture            1961-06-23-pg01
Weaver, Vera            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Weger, Jody            Picture            1961-04-21-pg06
Welch, Jan            Picture            1961-02-24-pg01
Welch, Jan            Picture            1961-11-17-pg12
Welding course             Picture            1961-05-05-pg03
West, Alma            Advertisement            1961-07-21-pg02
West, Alma            Story            1961-08-25-pg10
Wester, Peggy            Picture            1961-04-14-pg01
Wester, Peggy            Story            1961-06-02-pg03
Wester, Peggy            Picture            1961-06-23-pg01
Whetsell, Wayne            Picture            1961-11-17-pg13
White, Bobbie Jean     Story            1961-05-12-pg04
White, Bobbie Jean/Raymond Lynn Brewer            Wedding        1961-06-30-pg04
White, Clyde S.            Story            1961-03-17-pg04
White, Wayne            Picture            1961-04-21-pg01
White, Willie            Story            1961-09-01-pg10
Whitehead, Doug            Picture            1961-03-24-pg03
Whitehead, Doug            Picture            1961-05-26-pg07
Whitehead, Doug            Picture            1961-07-21-pg03
White's Auto Store    Picture            1961-01-27-pg06
Wilkes, Juddie            Story            1961-08-18-pg14
Williams, O'Day            Story            1961-07-28-pg01
Williamson, W.E., Dr.            Advertisement            1961-01-13-pg11
Wilson, C.F.            Story            1961-01-20-pg03
Wilson, John            Picture            1961-05-05-pg08
Wilson, Tom            Picture            1961-11-17-pg05
Winder, John A., Judge   Picture            1961-12-15-pg01
Winder, John, Judge   Picture            1961-03-10-pg10
Winn, Bill            Story            1961-06-23-pg01
Winn, Bill, Mrs.            Story            1961-12-08-pg14
Winn, Charlie W.            Obituary          1961-05-26-pg08
Winn, Ethel            Obituary          1961-06-09-pg04
Wise County Beauty Pageant at Lake Bridgeport            Picture            1961-07-07-pg07
Wise County Beauty Pageant at Lake Bridgeport            Picture            1961-07-07-pg08
Wise County Fair            Story            1961-09-22-pg01
Wise County Fair - Winners            Story            1961-10-13-pg05
Wise County Fair - Youths Show Livestock - many pictures            Picture            1961-10-13-pg04
Wise County Fair - Youths Show Livestock - many pictures            Picture            1961-10-13-pg05
Wise County Fair Parade - many pictures            Picture            1961-10-06-pg06
Wise County Fair Parade - many pictures            Picture            1961-10-06-pg07
Wise County Water Control members            Story            1961-08-11-pg02
Womack, Orman M.        Story            1961-07-28-pg05
Woman's Society of Christian Service Meeting            Story            1961-11-03-pg11
Wood, Betsy            Picture            1961-04-14-pg07
Wood, Billy            Picture            1961-04-21-pg06
Wood, Carolyn            Picture            1961-08-04-pg03
Wood, Carolyn            Story            1961-12-29-pg02
Wright, Paul            Story            1961-07-14-pg08
Wright, Paul            Story            1961-07-21-pg03
Wright, W.H. Family Reunion            Story            1961-09-08-pg12
Yarbrough, Biff            Story            1961-05-26-pg05
Yarbrough, Biff            Picture            1961-06-16-pg02
Yoas, Ruth            Picture            1961-05-19-pg02
Young, Bill            Advertisement            1961-03-24-pg04
Young, Bobby            Picture            1961-03-10-pg06
Young, Bobby            Picture            1961-04-14-pg02
Youth Fair Homemaking winners            Story            1961-04-21-pg08
Youth Fair-list of Bridgeport winners            Story            1961-04-14-pg10
Youth Fair-list of FFA members to participate            Story            1961-04-07-pg08