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Wise County, Texas
1962 - Names Index

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620 Pages were Photographed.
The May 4 and Nov 16 papers were not found, plus some second sections may be missing.
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Below is an index of 893; 
pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, 
births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by LaDarla Keith - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page

1910 Main Street, Bridgeport                1910 Picture    1962-12-07-pg08
1918 Picture Bridgeport Downtown                1918 Picture    1962-11-30-pg09
1955 Graduating Class                1955 Picture/Story                1962-06-22-pg12
Able, John, Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-10-pg08
Adams, E.R., Mrs.                Event                1962-07-20-pg03
Addison, Bill    Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Addison, Cindy                Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Addison, Cindy                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Allman, Craig  Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Altom, A.B.        Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Altom, Bob         Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Anderson, Jeffrey                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Armes, Jimmie, Mr. & Mrs.        Birth                1962-03-09-pg05
Armstrong, Elonda                Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Army Plane forced down      Picture                1962-08-24-pg01
Arnold, LaNita                Picture                1962-08-03-pg01
Arnold, Lawaynda                Picture                1962-08-03-pg01
Arrington, Paula Anne                Birth                1962-10-19-pg06
Arthur, C.A., Mr.& Mrs.                Picture                1962-10-12-pg11
Atkins, Gaylon Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Autrey, Donnie                Picture                1962-10-12-pg15
Babb Cemetery                Picture                1962-09-21-pg14
Babb, John       Story                1962-10-12-pg03
Bailey, Johnny   Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Bailey, Mike       Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Baker, Butch     Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Baker, John, Rev.                Picture                1962-03-30-pg11
Baldridge, V.E.                Picture                1962-01-26-pg01
Baldridge, V.E.                Picture                1962-09-14-pg05
Baldridge, V.E., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-08-17-pg11
Ball, M.B.       Picture                1962-10-05-pg03
Banks, Mary Alice                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Barke, Charlott  Picture                1962-08-31-pg10
Barnes, A.E.      Death                1962-01-19-pg01
Barnes, Archie E.                Obituary/Picture  1962-02-02-pg01
Barnes, Molly   Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Barnes, Myra    Picture                1962-05-25-pg14
Barnes, Myra Lee                Engagement       1962-07-06-pg03
Barnett, Cindy  Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Barnett, James E.                Obituary                1962-02-16-pg08
Barnett, Mary   Picture                1962-08-10-pg03
Barron, O.E.       Picture                1962-10-05-pg06
Bastian, Joy Harlan                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Bean, Dana       Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Bean, Mary Lee                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Beard, Jerry L., Mr. & Mrs.        Birth                1962-02-16-pg08
Beard, Larry       Picture                1962-03-23-pg01
Beard, Larry       Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Beard, Laurie Ann                Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Beard, Melanie Lee                Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Beard, Robin     Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Bearden, J.C., Major                Picture                1962-06-22-pg08
Beauty Pageant                Picture                1962-06-22-pg01
Beeson, Norma                Picture                1962-02-02-pg07
Beeson, Norma                Picture                1962-02-02-pg07
Beeson, Stacie Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Beggs, Bobby    Picture                1962-01-19-pg01
Bekker, Clayton                Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Bekker, Ray children                Picture                1962-01-12-pg09
Bekker, Teresa  Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Bekker, Teresa,                 Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Bekker, Terry    Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Bell, Lucretia Sue                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Bellah, Freddie   Picture                1962-04-13-pg02
Berry, Eddie      Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Berry, Lisa Jean                Picture                1962-11-30-pg03
bible Baptist Vacation Bible School                Picture                1962-08-03-pg01
Billington, Don                Picture                1962-08-24-pg12
Billington, Karen & Helf, Larry                Wedding              1962-09-14-pg02
Bird, Amos     Picture                1962-11-02-pg07
Bird, Becky     Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Bird, Buddy    Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Bird, Helen      Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Bird, Randy    Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Bird, Rickey    Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Bishop, Ruben H.                Event                1962-04-20-pg04
Black, Sammy   Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Black, W.A.      Obituary                1962-12-21-pg05
Blevins, Elmer, Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Boase, Beverly Kay & Covington, M.                Engagement       1962-12-28-pg02
Bolding, Judy   Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Boles, Ernest Neil & Rita McElhaney                Picture                1962-09-07-pg07
Bolling, Jo Ann & Mann, Jack                Picture                1962-12-14-pg10
Boner, Mary      Picture                1962-05-25-pg14
Bordner, Melinda                Picture                1962-06-29-pg07
Boren, Amos Levan                Obituary                1962-02-02-pg02
Boulware, Larry                Picture                1962-12-28-pg07
Boulware, Raymond                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Bowden, Jerry   Picture                1962-05-18-pg06
Brackett, Jack    Picture                1962-10-19-pg01
Brackett, Jamie  Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Bradley, Tanya                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Brake, Katha     Picture                1962-08-31-pg10
Branch, J.R.     Picture                1962-11-02-pg04
Brewer, Chuckie                Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Brewer, Don      Picture                1962-03-23-pg12
Brewer, Larry     Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Brewer, Nellie    Picture                1962-03-23-pg07
Brewer, Nellie    Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Brewer, Nellie    Picture                1962-12-21-pg08
Brewer, Nellie, Outstanding Player     Picture                1962-12-21-pg18
Bridgeport Grade School Basketball                Picture                1962-03-16-pg12
Bridges, Jane    Picture                1962-08-10-pg06
Bridwell, Melanie                Picture                1962-06-29-pg06
Brock, Luther A.                Picture                1962-10-12-pg05
Brock, W.T., Mrs.                Obituary                1962-02-16-pg08
Brown, Agnes  Picture                1962-10-12-pg08
Brown, Barbara                Picture                1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Elmer, Mr. & Mrs. & children                Picture                1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Fred, Mr & Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Brown, Fred, Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Brown, Guy       Picture                1962-12-28-pg06
Brown, Lester, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Lester, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Brown, Oma Lee                Picture                1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Patsy Stickler                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Brown, Richard J.                Picture                1962-11-30-pg06
Brown, Stephenia                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Brown, Tince    Obituary                1962-03-30-pg02
Brown, William Guy, Jr.                Picture                1962-03-30-pg03
Browning, Edward & McDaniel Mary A.                Wedding              1962-08-24-pg09
Browning, Gayle & Monett, Kenneth                Wedding              1962-08-17-pg02
Bryant, Cyndy  Picture                1962-07-06-pg01
Bryant, David   Picture                1962-08-31-pg01
Bryant, David, Dr.                Picture                1962-08-03-pg08
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1962-04-06-pg01
Bryant, Karen Sue                Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Bryant, Karen Sue                Picture                1962-07-06-pg01
Buchanan, Bob                Picture                1962-10-26-pg14
Buchanan, Clifford                Picture                1962-10-26-pg14
Buckner, Winford                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Bullard, J.B., Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-03-pg13
Bunnell, Donald                Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Burt, Lisa         Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Bush, Bill          Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Butler, Tommy   Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Butram, Mary Lou                Picture                1962-08-17-pg03
Byers, John Larry                Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Byers, Kenneth Paul                Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Call, Jimmy     Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Campbell, Larry Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Campbell, Larry Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Campsey, B.C., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
Campsey, Kathy                Picture                1962-08-10-pg03
Canova, Kenneth                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Cantrel, Wesley                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Cantrell, Lynda Louise                Picture                1962-06-22-pg16
Cantrell, Wesley                Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Caraway, Helen                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Carlton, Lynda                Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Carpenter Lumber Yard                Picture                1962-09-21-pg01
Carpenter, Jennye                Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Carpenter, Jimmy                Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Carpenter, Paul                Picture                1962-11-02-pg06
Carver, Gladys & Pete Erwin      Picture                1962-02-02-pg12
Cash, Cleola     Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Cash, Cleola     Picture                1962-06-22-pg09
Cash, Cleola     Picture                1962-06-29-pg01
Cash, Cleola     Picture                1962-06-29-pg07
Cash, Cleola     Picture                1962-07-27-pg01
Chaney, John Claborn                Obituary                1962-03-30-pg11
Chaney, John Claborn                Picture                1962-02-23-pg01
Cheves, Harold                Birth                1962-08-10-pg15
Chico Baptist Church                Picture                1962-08-24-pg10
Chilton, Johnny                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Christerson, Eddie                Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Christerson, Louise                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Christian, Bob  Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Clay, Elizie & White, J.F., Jr.                Wedding              1962-08-31-pg11
Clayton, Betty Lynn                Obituary                1962-02-16-pg01
Cleveland, Bob                Obituary                1962-09-07-pg03
Clower, Glenda  Picture                1962-05-25-pg11
Clower, Glenda  Picture                1962-05-25-pg15
Coale, Kent       Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Coale, Rose       Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Coale, Rose       Picture                1962-05-11-pg08
Coale, Rose       Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Coffman, Tom, Mr & Mrs                Anniversary        1962-01-19-pg12
Coggin, Nita & Fursman, Posey                Wedding              1962-08-31-pg08
Coleman, Doris                Picture                1962-11-30-pg06
Coleman, Sheri Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Collins, Clarence C.                Obituary                1962-04-13-pg09
Condron, Jessie Earl                Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Cook, Kenneth Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Cook, Kenneth Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Cook, Norma    Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Cook, Thurman                Picture                1962-05-25-pg01
Cooper, Martha                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Coursey, Bill    Picture                1962-03-23-pg01
Coursey, Billy Don                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Coursey, Calvin                 Picture                1962-07-27-pg15
Coursey, Sarah                Picture                1962-05-18-pg01
Coursey, Sarah                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Covered Wagon Travels Here                Picture                1962-11-02-pg01
Covington, Marcus, Lt. & Boase, B.K.                Engagement       1962-12-28-pg02
Cowling, Edgar Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Cox, Cheryl    Picture                1962-07-06-pg01
Cox, Jerry       Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Cox, Laura      Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Crawford, C.A., Mrs.                Obituary                1962-12-07-pg06
Crawford, Charles & Ruby Lee Norman                Picture                1962-01-12-pg12
Crawford, Elem. Principal Picture                1962-02\-19-pg12
Cretsinger, Esther Jarnagin Obituary                1962-12-28-pg02
Culpepper, Danny                Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Curley Mike       Picture                1962-06-29-pg06
Curley, Mike     Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Curley, Muriel  Picture                1962-05-18-pg01
Dale, Walter    Picture                1962-03-02-pg01
Dale, Walter    Picture                1962-10-05-pg01
Damaged Airplane                Picture                1962-10-05-pg01
Daugherty, Opal & Sue                Event                1962-07-20-pg03
Davidson, John, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-03-02-pg04
Davidson, Junior                Picture                1962-04-06-pg01
Davidson, Wayne                Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Davis, Floyd      Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Davis, Helen      Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Davis, Judy Ruth & Jennings Robert                Wedding              1962-10-12-pg09
Davis, Larry       Picture                1962-12-21-pg10
Dawkins, Dee   Picture                1962-07-20-pg09
Dawkins, Gary Picture                1962-03-09-pg06
Dawkins, Gary Picture                1962-03-23-pg09
Deatherage, Donald                Picture                1962-03-23-pg12
Deatherage, Donald                Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Deatherage, Donald                Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Deatherage, Donald                Picture                1962-08-31-pg01
Deatherage, Donald                Picture                1962-11-02-pg06
DeLille, Jack      Event                1962-02-16-pg01
DeMoss, Mike Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Denton, Dorothy                Picture                1962-06-29-pg09
Denton, Johnny W.                Picture                1962-11-09-pg03
Denton, Sharon                Picture                1962-03-23-pg07
Denton, Sharon                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Denton, Sharon                Picture                1962-12-21-pg18
Depot Bridgeport 1899                Picture                1962-01-26-pg06
Dethloff, Henry, Mrs.                Obituary                1962-11-23-pg09
Dickenson, Betty                Picture                1962-03-09-pg01
Dickenson, Gary                Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Dickenson, Gary                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Dickenson, Gary                Picture                1962-07-27-pg12
Donoho, David Brent                Birth                1962-10-12-pg13
Dugan, Nancy  Picture                1962-08-10-pg06
Duncan, E.L., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
Early, Shirley    Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Edgeinton, R.C., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
Edwards, J.O.   Picture                1962-01-26-pg01
Edwards, J.O.   Picture                1962-09-14-pg01
Elder, Brent      Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Enochs, Joe Walker, IV                Birth                1962-07-13-pg05
Enright, Fred, Coach                Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Erwin, Pete & Gladys Carver    Picture                1962-02-02-pg12
Ethridge, Glenda Sue & Jones, G.R.                Picture                1962-11-30-pg05
Ethridge, Sue   Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Eubanks, Jewell                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Eudaly, Dorothy                Picture                1962-02-02-pg07
Eudaly, Roy       Picture                1962-02-02-pg07
Evans, Billy        Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Evans, Jimmy     Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Fagg, Bobby    Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Fagg, Earl, Sr.   Obituary                1962-09-14-pg07
Fairbetter, Linda                Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Fairbetter, Linda                Picture                1962-06-29-pg01
Farmers, Jack    Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Fennell, Jimmy Neal & Welch, Jan                Wedding              1962-09-07-pg07
Fenner, Olen      Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Fenner, Olen      Picture                1962-08-03-pg08
Findley, Brenda & King, Eddie      Picture                1962-12-21-pg15
Finley, Brenda   Picture                1962-08-10-pg03
Fletcher, Jeanne                Picture                1962-06-29-pg12
Fletcher, Jeanne                Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1962-04-06-pg01
Ford, Bobby    Picture                1962-10-26-pg15
Foreman, C.R.  Picture                1962-10-19-pg06
Foreman, Eugene                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Forrester, Glen, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-02-09-pg01
Forsyth, Bill      Picture                1962-08-10-pg08
Forsyth, Clayton                Picture                1962-08-10-pg08
Forsyth, Dewey                Picture                1962-08-10-pg08
Forsyth, Glenn Picture                1962-08-10-pg08
Freeman, Sharon                Picture                1962-04-27-pg13
Freeman, Sharon                Picture                1962-05-25-pg14
Freeman, Sharon                Picture                1962-11-09-pg04
Freeman, Sharon                Picture                1962-11-23-pg13
Frnka, Frances  Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Frnka, Frances  Picture                1962-07-06-pg01
Frost, Earl E.     Picture                1962-01-05-pg01
Frost, Earl E. (Jack)                Picture                1962-06-22-pg08
Funk, G.B.         Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Fursman, Posey & Coggin, Nita                Wedding              1962-08-31-pg08
Galloway, Carolyn                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Galloway, Howard                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Gardner, Vicki  Picture                1962-08-17-pg11
Garrett, Butch   Picture                1962-04-06-pg01
Garrett, Gay       Picture                1962-05-25-pg11
Garrett, Gay       Picture                1962-05-25-pg15
Garrett, Gay       Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Garrett, Jennie Lynn                Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Garrison, Jim    Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Garrison, Jim    Picture                1962-10-12-pg01
Garrison, Jim    Picture                1962-10-19-pg08
Garrison, Jim    Picture                1962-11-02-pg06
Garrison, Jim    Picture                1962-12-21-pg10
Gentry, Glenda  Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
George, Eugene                Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Giles, Jo Linda Picture                1962-03-23-pg07
Giles, Jo Linda Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Giles, Jo Linda Picture                1962-12-21-pg08
Gilreath, Danny                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Gober, Reggie    Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Goode, K.O., Mrs.                Obituary                1962-02-09-pg01
Goode, K.O., Mrs.                Stroke                1962-01-26-pg01
Goode, Oran     Picture                1962-09-21-pg03
Goodger, Bryan                Picture                1962-08-17-pg10
Gosler, Jackie     Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Graham, Kathleen                Picture                1962-04-27-pg13
Graham, Kathleen                Picture                1962-05-25-pg14
Grantham, Doris                Picture                1962-08-10-pg01
Grantham, Doris                Picture                1962-08-10-pg06
Grantham, Robert                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Green, Billie Carroll                Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Green, Jack, Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Green, Marion Robert, Mr & Mrs                Picture                1962-01-05-pg08
Green, Peggy     Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Green, Robert & Fannie                Anniversary        1962-01-05-pg08
Green, Ronnie & Nichols, Joan                Wedding              1962-11-02-pg14
Grill, Mary      Obituary                1962-01-26-pg10
Grisham, James                Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Grove, Keeter    Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Groves, Gerald Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Groves, Glen    Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Groves, Judy   Picture                1962-06-29-pg06
Groves, Karen Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Groves, Larry   Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Guinn, Hunter    Picture                1962-02-23-pg01
Hamblin, James Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Harlan, James   Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Harms, E.R.         Picture                1962-09-14-pg10
Harris, John W. Death                1962-10-12-pg01
Harris, Linda      Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Harris, Linda      Picture                1962-06-22-pg09
Harris, Terry      Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Hartsell, Claudia                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Hartsell, O.L., Mrs.                Obituary                1962-03-02-pg04
Harvick, W.B.   Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Harwood, George                Picture                1962-02-09-pg01
Harwood, George                Picture                1962-08-10-pg01
Harwood, George & Phil Luker      Picture                1962-05-25-pg01
Harwood, George, Mayor    Picture                1962-10-19-pg01
Harwood, George, Mayor    Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Hayes, Thomas  Picture                1962-11-02-pg06
Hays, Clayton  Picture                1962-05-25-pg01
Helf, Larry & Billington, Karen                Wedding              1962-09-14-pg02
Helf, Larry W.                Event                1962-01-19-pg11
Helf, Larry W. & Janie La Mattery                Picture                1962-04-27-pg05
Hembree, Gene Picture                1962-09-21-pg14
Henderson, Wendell                Picture                1962-06-29-pg07
Herford, Melissa                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Herrick, John W.                Picture                1962-04-13-pg01
Hicks, Rhonda  Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
High, Mark       Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Hightower, Russell C. children  Picture                1962-01-12-pg09
Hill, Doris Black                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Hill, Loretta   Picture                1962-03-09-pg01
Hill, Vanissa  Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Hill, Vinessa  Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Hoefle, Emelia   Picture                1962-06-29-pg06
Hoefle, Suzanne                Picture                1962-06-29-pg06
Hogan, Cindy Jo                Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Holley, Lawrence                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Holman, Bobby                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Holt, Rickey    Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Holt, Ricky Wayne                Birth                1962-08-31-pg02
Holt, Ronnie   Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Hootenpile, Jimmy                Picture                1962-11-23-pg14
Hopkins, C.B. "Hoppy"                Picture                1962-08-24-pg03
Hopkins, Dorothy                Picture                1962-02-16-pg01
Hornback, Jim Frank                Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Howard, Maurine                Picture                1962-04-27-pg13
Huckabee, Eddie                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Huckabee, Todd                Picture                1962-01-26-pg09
Huddleston, Kelly                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Huddleston, Linda                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Hudson, Connie                Picture                1962-08-10-pg03
Hudson, Connie                Picture                1962-11-02-pg01
Hudson, Connie                Picture                1962-11-02-pg14
Hudson, Connie                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Hudson, Connie                Picture                1962-12-21-pg08
Hudson, Jerry   Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Hughes, Celtyn                Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Hughes, Judge W.A.                Picture                1962-01-05-pg01
Hughes, W.A., Judge                Picture                1962-09-28-pg02
Hunn, Ann        Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Hutcheson, Don A.                Obituary                1962-04-06-pg10
Hutcheson, Don A.                Obituary                1962-04-13-pg09
Hvezdos, Kathy                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Ivy, James     Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Ivy, Jerry       Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Jack County Commissioners Court      Picture                1962-06-01-pg07
Jackson, Davis Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Jackson, Dixie Lee Harclerode                Death                1962-08-17-pg02
Jackson, Kay    Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Jackson, Kay & Stokes, Earl                Wedding              1962-06-22-pg16
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Jenkins, Ronald L., Rev.                Picture                1962-07-13-pg10
Jennings, Robert L., Pvt.                Picture                1962-05-25-pg15
Jennings, Robert Lee & Davis Judy                Wedding              1962-10-12-pg09
Johnson, Irene                Picture                1962-08-31-pg10
Johnston, Buddy C. & Marion   Birth                1962-02-09-pg04
Johnston, Thomas F.                 Obituary                1962-04-06-pg07
Johnston, Thomas F.                 Obituary                1962-04-13-pg11
Jones, Ernest     Picture                1962-07-27-pg04
jones, G.R. & Ethridge, Glenda Sue                Picture                1962-11-30-pg05
Jones, Jim, Mrs.                Obituary                1962-11-23-pg03
Jones, Rubin E., Jr.                Picture                1962-06-22-pg16
Kaker, Amyana Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Kaker, Ann        Picture                1962-01-05-pg01
Kaker, Charles   Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Kaker, Chock & Ann                Picture                1962-10-26-pg01
Kaker, Henry     Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Kaker, Henry     Picture                1962-10-12-pg01
Kaker, Henry     Picture                1962-11-02-pg06
Kaker, Henry     Picture                1962-12-21-pg10
Kaker, Johnnie Lee                Obituary                1962-07-13-pg06
Kaker, Lavona, Mgr.                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Kaker, Sammy   Picture                1962-10-19-pg08
Kaker, Steven Frank                Birth                1962-01-05-pg01
Kaker, Steven Frank                Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Kaker, Tommy   Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Kasner, Dwayne                Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Kasner, Dwayne                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Kasner, Robert Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Keith, C.L., Mrs                Event                1962-07-27-pg10
Kelly, Charles, Mrs.                Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Kennedy, Dwayne                Picture                1962-12-21-pg10
Kennedy, Gaylord                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Kersey, Clinton, Rev.                Event                1962-01-05-pg06
Key, Karen     Picture                1962-06-29-pg07
Key, Myron W.                Picture                1962-08-17-pg01
King, Eddie      Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
King, Eddie & Findley, Brenda   Picture                1962-12-21-pg15
King, Elisa        Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
King, Jimmy     Picture                1962-11-30-pg03
King, Lindy      Picture                1962-03-23-pg12
King, Lindy      Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
King, Pamela    Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
King,Jim & Mary Ann                Picture                1962-09-21-pg07
Kleam, Bobbie   Picture                1962-08-31-pg01
Kleam, Bobby    Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Koehler, L.J., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
La Mattery, Janie Carol & L.W. Helf                Picture                1962-04-27-pg05
Lambert, John Charles, Rev.        Picture                1962-10-26-pg06
Lankford, Carol Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Lankford, Loretta                Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Lankford, Loretta                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Lawson, Carrie Picture                1962-02-02-pg07
Lawson, David Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Layton, W.T., Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-10-pg08
Leathe, Joanne Picture                1962-07-13-pg04
Linehan, Verna Picture                1962-06-01-pg10
Lipps, Matt       Obituary                1962-11-30-pg02
Little, Gay         Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Little, Gay         Picture                1962-07-06-pg01
Loftis, Charles   Picture                1962-11-02-pg06
Loftis, Linda      Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Loftis, Linda      Picture                1962-06-22-pg09
Loftis, Linda & McPherson, Robert    Picture                1962-10-26-pg06
Loper, Minnie Home                Picture                1962-06-15-pg12
Love, Jerry       Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Love, Pat          Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Love, T.F. Mr & Mrs                 Anniversary        1962-01-05-pg05
Lowery, Cassandra                Picture                1962-05-25-pg11
Lowery, Cassandra                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Lowery, Leisha                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Lowery, Melanie                Picture                1962-05-25-pg11
Lowery, Melonie                Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Lowrance, Joe Bruce                Picture                1962-11-23-pg14
Lowrance, Joe Bruce                Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Lowrance, Johnny Dan                Picture                1962-11-23-pg14
Loyd, Lawrence                Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Luker, Phil         Picture                1962-08-10-pg01
Lutenbaker, Tamari                Picture                1962-03-30-pg10
Lutenbaker, Tamari                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Lyon, Kaye & Meissner, Ronnie                Picture                1962-05-11-pg07
Lyon, Ronald J.                Picture                1962-10-12-pg05
Mann, Jack & Bolling, Jo Ann        Picture                1962-12-14-pg10
Mann, Sandi      Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Mann, Susan     Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Mann, Terry      Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Manning, Clyde                Picture                1962-11-30-pg12
Manoushagian, Milton                Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Manoushagian, Milton                Picture                1962-09-07-pg06
Manoushagian, Milton                Picture                1962-10-19-pg01
Manoushagian, Milton                Picture                1962-11-02-pg08
Manoushagian, Ralph, Mgr.       Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Maples, C.A., Mrs.                Picture                1962-10-19-pg05
Marlett, Georgia                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Martin, Judy     Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Martin, Stephen                Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Mask, M.P.        Picture                1962-09-14-pg06
Mattingley, W.H.                Obituary                1962-01-19-pg05
Mauldin, Romaine                Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Mauldin, Romaine                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
May, Bob, Rev.                Picture                1962-10-05-pg06
Mayfield, Bobby                Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Mayfield, Joe   Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
McAlister, C.W., Mrs.                Picture                1962-03-30-pg11
McAlister, C.W., Mrs.                Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
McAlister, Charles William   Obituary                1962-09-07-pg01
McAnear, Glenda                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
McAnear, Linda                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
McBride, Carol                Picture                1962-08-10-pg06
McClung, Linda                Picture                1962-06-08-pg03
McClung, Tony                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
McDaniel, Mary  & Browning, Edward                Wedding              1962-08-24-pg09
McElhaney, Billy                Picture                1962-11-02-pg14
McElhaney, Billy                Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
McElhaney, Rita Jo                Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
McElhaney, Rita Jo & Boles, E.N.                Picture                1962-09-07-pg07
McEntire, Ernest F.                Obituary                1962-01-19-pg01
McKeever, Raymond, Mr & Mrs                Birth                1962-01-05-pg05
McKinley, Bill   Picture                1962-10-26-pg15
McNeely, Clifton                Picture                1962-10-26-pg08
McNeely, Clifton, Mrs.                Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
McNeely, Mike                Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
McNeely, Phil  Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
McNeely, Sheryl                Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
McNeely, Sheryl                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
McWilliams, Pat                Picture                1962-03-09-pg01
Meadors, Leland                Picture                1962-11-23-pg14
Meadows, Ray                Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Medlen, Francis "Buck"                Picture                1962-03-16-pg01
Medlen, Francis Marion                Funeral                1962-10-05-pg05
Meier, Lee          Event                1962-02-16-pg01
Meier, Lee V.     Picture                1962-09-21-pg13
Meier, Lee, Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1962-10-12-pg11
Meissner, Debora                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Meissner, Joe Bailey, Mr & Mrs                Picture                1962-01-26-pg01
Meissner, Ronnie & Kaye Lyon                Picture                1962-05-11-pg07
Mellinger, John                Picture                1962-06-29-pg10
Men of Co C., 49th Armored Division                Picture                1962-08-17-pg04
Mercer, Becky  Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Mercer, M.D. children                Picture                1962-01-12-pg09
Methodist Church                Event                1962-02-02-pg01
Meyers Chev, Bldg. hit by car     Picture                1962-12-28-pg04
Meyers, Cathey                Picture                1962-05-11-pg01
Meyers, Freddy                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Meyers, H.F., Sr.                Picture                1962-10-19-pg01
Meyers, Susie  Picture                1962-09-28-pg01
Middleton, J.R.                Obituary                1962-09-28-pg02
Miller, Owen      Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Miller, Sybil       Picture                1962-08-31-pg06
Mills, Lonnie children                Picture                1962-01-12-pg09
Minton, John   Picture                1962-07-06-pg05
Minton, Judith Ann & Rhine, Ronnie A.                Wedding              1962-01-19-pg04
Miss Wise County Scenes   Picture                1962-06-29-pg07
Mitchell, Madea                Picture                1962-02-02-pg07
Molloy, Allen  Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Molloy, Cynthia                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Molloy, Gueen, Mr. & Mrs.        Event                1962-02-02-pg01
Molloy, Pat      Picture                1962-03-09-pg01
Molloy, Scott  Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Monett, Kenneth & Browning, Gayle                Wedding              1962-08-17-pg02
Montford, Ross                Picture                1962-12-14-pg12
Montgomery, Ben, Mrs.                Picture                1962-11-02-pg08
Montgomery, Clark                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Monts, Kenneth, Mrs.                Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Monts, Ray       Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Moody, Henry Lee                Picture                1962-05-25-pg12
Mooney, Dwayne & Tucker, Karen                Wedding              1962-09-07-pg09
Moore, Elisa      Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Moore, Joe Mark                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Moore, Joe Mark                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Morehead, Becki                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Morehead, Becky                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Morehead, Cindi                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Morehead, Cindy                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Morehead, Mark                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Morehead, Mark                Picture                1962-11-30-pg03
Morehead, Scotti                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Morehead, Scotty                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Moreland, La Dena                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Moreland, Tonja                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Morris, Sandra  Picture                1962-10-12-pg01
Morris, Sandra  Picture                1962-10-19-pg01
Morris, Sandra & Billy Fred Walker                Picture                1962-11-30-pg11
Morris, Susie    Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Morrow, Billy   Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Morrow, Curt   Picture                1962-08-31-pg04
Morrow, Joe Don                Picture                1962-10-26-pg15
Morrow, Linda Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Morrow, Linda Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Mullinghause, Clint                Picture                1962-10-26-pg04
Mullins, Bobby                Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Mullins, Brett   Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Mullins, Jerri     Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Munn, Ronald   Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
New Methodist Church   Picture                1962-04-27-pg01
New, Oleta       Picture                1962-09-07-pg01
New, Reba       Picture                1962-05-18-pg12
Newquist, Weldon D., Lt. Col.   Picture                1962-06-29-pg10
Nichols, Joan    Picture                1962-03-23-pg07
Nichols, Joan & Green, Ronnie                Wedding              1962-11-02-pg14
Nicholson, Norm & Weatherford, Trudy     Picture                1962-09-21-pg11
Nimmo, Doris    Picture                1962-08-24-pg07
Norman, Ruby Lee & Crawford, Chas                Picture                1962-01-12-pg12
Norris, Hettie     Picture                1962-08-31-pg10
Oates, V.L., Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
O'dell, Alva W. children                Picture                1962-01-12-pg09
O'Dell, Deborah Lynn                Birth                1962-09-28-pg06
O'Dell, Jo            Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
O'dell, Leon children                Picture                1962-01-12-pg09
Odle, Henry Lee                Obituary                1962-02-09-pg03
O'Dowd, William C.                Picture                1962-06-08-pg12
Offett, Brenda   Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Offutt, I.S., Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
Oneal, Dayton   Picture                1962-02-09-pg01
Outlaw, Leon, Mgr.                Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
P & W Grocery  Picture                1962-07-13-pg01
Padfield, Dean  Picture                1962-08-10-pg01
Parker, Frank      Picture                1962-01-26-pg01
Parrish, Teresa  Picture                1962-06-29-pg07
Parson, Thurmon                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Paschall , Betty Reaves                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Paschall, Elmer                Picture                1962-10-05-pg05
Paschall, Laurel                Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Paschall, Laurel                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Paschall, Weldon Bruce                Birth                1962-07-20-pg03
Payne, A.L., Mgr.                Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Peden, Danny    Picture                1962-05-18-pg07
Pelham, James, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-02-09-pg01
Pemberton, Betty                Picture                1962-08-10-pg03
Pemberton, Betty                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Pemberton, Kathy                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Pennartz, Clarence                Picture                1962-12-21-pg03
Pennartz, Julius Picture                1962-10-19-pg04
Pennington, Tousion, Mrs.        Picture                1962-08-10-pg08
Pewitt, Claude    Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Pewitt, Claude, Mr. & Mrs.        Obituary                1962-03-02-pg01
Pewitt, David     Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Pewitt, Melvin   Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Pewitt, Olan        Picture                1962-09-14-pg05
Pewitt, Patricia Elaine                Obituary                1962-03-02-pg01
Phillips, Bunna                Picture                1962-12-07-pg06
Phillips, C.D.    Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Phillips, Robert Paul                Award                1962-01-19-pg05
Phillips, Robert Paul, Lt. (jg)          Picture                1962-04-20-pg08
Pierce, Timmy    Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Pinkerton, Helen                Picture                1962-05-25-pg11
Pinkerton, Helen                Picture                1962-05-25-pg15
Pinkerton, Helen                Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Pitts, Georgia Ann                Obituary                1962-02-09-pg02
Poland, Sid        Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Poore, Callie      Picture                1962-08-10-pg09
Porter, Aud        Picture                1962-03-23-pg12
Porter, J.W.        Obituary                1962-01-26-pg07
Porter, Jim          Picture                1962-03-23-pg01
Porter, Jim          Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Poteet, Johnny   Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Potts, Gary        Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Potts, Robbie   Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Presbyterian Women                Picture                1962-05-11-pg05
Price, Frankie Lynn                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Price, George   Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Price, Neta        Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Price, Nita         Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Price, Ruby      Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Prickett, Jack     Picture                1962-02-09-pg01
Provence, Roy                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Purcell, Judge Graham B.                Picture                1962-01-05-pg01
Raines, Derinda                Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Raines, Louie    Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Raley, Tommy   Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Ramsey, Peggy                Picture                1962-02-02-pg07
Ramsey, Will, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-07-20-pg03
Rankin, Mark Stevens                Birth                1962-11-30-pg05
Raven, Roy Dan                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Ray, Billy Wayne                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Ray, Myra      Picture                1962-06-01-pg01
Ray, Richard Charles                Birth                1962-10-05-pg05
Ray, Ronnie   Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Ray, Wilson   Picture                1962-10-19-pg01
Ray, Wilson   Picture                1962-10-19-pg08
Read, Bob, Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
Read, David     Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Read, Gary        Picture                1962-06-15-pg01
Read, Saundra Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Read, W.O.       Obituary                1962-06-22-pg10
Reaves, Linda  Picture                1962-03-23-pg07
Reaves, Linda  Picture                1962-04-06-pg12
Reaves, Linda  Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Reaves, Linda  Picture                1962-12-21-pg18
Reed, Ed, Mrs  Picture                1962-01-26-pg01
Remlee, Carolyn Joy                Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Rendon, Richard                Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Rhine, Ronnie A. & Minton, Judith Ann                Wedding              1962-01-19-pg04
Rich, Sheryl Lynn                Picture                1962-11-30-pg10
Richardson, Bonnie                Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Richardson, Joe Wayne                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Richardson, Judy                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Richardson, Tammie                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Road Improvements                Picture                1962-04-20-pg05
Roberts, Allen  Picture                1962-08-31-pg10
Roberts, Eddie  Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Robertson, James                Picture                1962-04-06-pg10
Rode, Robert    Picture                1962-04-13-pg02
Rohwedder, Harry                Picture                1962-02-09-pg01
Roman, Minnie Obituary                1962-08-31-pg11
Rooney, Michelle                Picture                1962-09-28-pg01
Roper, Myrtle    Death                1962-01-19-pg04
Ross, Bill, Mr. & Mrs                Picture                1962-02-09-pg01
Ross, Hazel      Picture                1962-09-28-pg03
Rowe, Norman  Picture                1962-04-13-pg02
Royston, George                Picture                1962-09-28-pg07
Rutherford, Bruce                Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Rutherford, Velpeau                Obituary                1962-02-16-pg08
Samms, Raymond                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Sampson, June Picture                1962-06-29-pg06
Saunders, Clay Picture                1962-12-28-pg03
Saunders, N.C. (Clay)                Picture                1962-05-25-pg01
Scroggins, Gary                Picture                1962-11-02-pg06
Scroggins, Gary                Picture                1962-12-21-pg10
Scroggins, Helen                Picture                1962-08-10-pg03
Scroggins, Helen                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Sellers, Bill, Crawford, J.O. Edwards                Picture                1962-02\-19-pg12
Sellers, Jayne    Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Sellers, Jenye    Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Sellers, Scooter                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Sellman, Billye Sue Kelley     Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Selz, L.V., Dr.  Picture                1962-10-19-pg08
Selz, Leo V., Dr.                Picture                1962-08-03-pg04
Selz, Milton, Mgr,                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Senior Class Play                Picture                1962-11-09-pg01
Sensibaugh, Fred                Obituary                1962-11-23-pg03
Setliff, Danny    Picture                1962-04-06-pg01
Setliff, J.D. children                Picture                1962-01-12-pg09
Seyferth, Alfred, Mr. & Mrs.        Event                1962-03-23-pg03
Seyffert, Alfred                Death                1962-07-13-pg04
Shawn, David   Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Shawn, Larry     Picture                1962-03-23-pg12
Shawn, Raymond                Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Shepherd, Joe  Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Shepherd, Joe  Picture                1962-11-23-pg14
Shepherd, Joe M.                Picture                1962-11-23-pg13
Shepherd, Joe Michael                Picture                1962-11-09-pg04
Shepherd, Wayne                Picture                1962-11-23-pg14
Shepherd, Wayne                Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Sheppard, Bobby                Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Shiffman, Anita                Picture                1962-11-30-pg08
Shipley, C.H., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-03-02-pg04
Shipley, C.H., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Shipley, C.H., Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Shipley, Otto, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-03-02-pg04
Shipley, Otto, Mrs.                Picture                1962-08-31-pg03
Short, Shirley    Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Short, Shirley Jo                Picture                1962-01-19-pg09
Sikes, Larry       Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Singleton, Lon A.                Obituary                1962-04-20-pg02
Singleton, Randy                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Sipes, D.C., Dr.                 Picture                1962-07-13-pg07
Sipes, D.C., Dr. & Mrs.                Birth                1962-03-23-pg11
Sipes, Danny    Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Sisk, Kay         Picture                1962-04-27-pg13
Sisk, Kay         Picture                1962-05-25-pg14
Sisk, Linda      Picture                1962-04-27-pg13
Sisk, Linda      Picture                1962-05-25-pg14
Slagle, Berta       Picture                1962-03-09-pg01
Slagle, William Marshal & Story, D.F.                 Wedding              1962-09-07-pg07
Slimp, L.C. (Clyde)                Picture                1962-12-07-pg05
Smith, Cathleen                Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Smith, Connie   Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Smith, Earnestine                Picture                1962-03-23-pg07
Smith, Ernest     Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Smith, Ernestine                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Smith, Ernestine                Picture                1962-12-21-pg08
Smith, Ernestine                Picture                1962-12-21-pg18
Smith, Glenn      Picture                1962-11-23-pg10
Smith, Joe          Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Smith, Joe Ed    Picture                1962-09-07-pg04
Smith, John E.   Picture                1962-03-30-pg07
Smith, John E.   Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Smith, Kent       Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Smith, L.L., Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
Smith, Lisa         Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Smith, Mike       Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Smith, Nancy    Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Smith, Nancy    Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Smith, Rodney  Picture                1962-04-20-pg07
Smith, Rodney  Picture                1962-08-17-pg01
Smith, Rodney  Picture                1962-12-21-pg10
Smith, Sarah      Obituary                1962-04-06-pg04
Sparks, Allen    Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
St. John, Gregory                Picture                1962-07-27-pg02
Stack, Herbert   Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Stanfield, Jerry  Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Stanfield, Louise                Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Stanfield, Louise                Picture                1962-06-22-pg09
Stanfield, Robert                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Stanford, Kenneth                Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Stearman, Gary Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Stearman, Valerie                 Picture                1962-07-27-pg07
Stewart, Roy     Picture                1962-11-23-pg08
Stickler, Connie                Picture                1962-12-28-pg08
Stickler, V.E.      Obituary                1962-07-13-pg02
Stiles, J.H., Jr.   Picture                1962-06-22-pg05
Stinnett, Rita    Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Stockton, Mike                Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Stogner, Linda Picture                1962-05-25-pg11
Stogner, Linda Picture                1962-05-25-pg15
Stokes, Earl & Jackson, Kay                Wedding              1962-06-22-pg16
Stokes, Judy     Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Story, Donalda Fern,& Slagle Will M.                Wedding              1962-09-07-pg07
Story, Earl         Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Street, Elmer      Picture                1962-11-09-pg02
Stutt, Bobby    Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Supina, Carol     Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Swope, David Neil                Birth                1962-12-21-pg10
Tackett, Clifford                Picture                1962-04-20-pg01
Tapp, Paul        Picture                1962-10-26-pg14
Tapp, Paul        Picture                1962-11-23-pg13
Tapp, Paul        Picture                1962-11-23-pg14
Tapp, Paul        Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Thomas, Mike   Picture                1962-03-23-pg12
Thomason, Doug                Picture                1962-12-28-pg01
Thompkins, Pamela                Picture                1962-06-29-pg06
Thompson, B.J.                Picture                1962-04-20-pg11
Thompson, Cara Ann                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Thompson, Mary Lee                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Thompson, Shirley Ann        Picture                1962-10-26-pg06
Thompson, Yvonne                Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Tindel, Z.T.         Picture                1962-10-12-pg01
Tucker, Karen & Mooney, Dwayne                Wedding              1962-09-07-pg09
Upperman, S.R. (Doc)                Picture                1962-06-08-pg01
Van Hoose, Brenda                Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Van Hoose, Thresia Ann        Picture                1962-07-06-pg03
Vaught, Phillip  Picture                1962-11-23-pg05
Vaught,Teresa  Picture                1962-06-01-pg05
Vest, Lester & Young, Sharon   Picture                1962-12-14-pg09
Vest, Lester & Young, Sharon                Wedding              1962-12-28-pg03
Vickers, Joe      Picture                1962-06-29-pg07
Vickers, Joe      Picture                1962-08-10-pg06
Vickers, Joe & Margaret                Picture                1962-01-26-pg01
Vinson, Johnny Hampton                Birth                1962-07-27-pg10
Walker, Billy Fred & Sandra Morris                Picture                1962-11-30-pg11
Walker, Glenda                Event                1962-07-27-pg10
Walker, Leonard                Picture                1962-11-30-pg06
Walling, Coach                Picture                1962-12-21-pg08
Wang, Merle      Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Wang, Russell Lee                Birth                1962-10-26-pg15
Ware, Henry     Obituary                1962-11-30-pg10
Warner, A.W., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1962-11-02-pg03
Wash, Patricia Moss                Picture                1962-04-20-pg08
Watkins, Bobby                Picture                1962-03-23-pg01
Watkins, Bobby                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
Weat, Perle       Obituary                1962-04-13-pg09
Weatherford, Trudy & Nicholson, Norm                Picture                1962-09-21-pg11
Welch, Jan        Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Welch, Jan        Picture                1962-06-15-pg01
Welch, Jan        Picture                1962-06-22-pg09
Welch, Jan & Fennell, Jimmy Neal                Wedding              1962-09-07-pg07
Wharton, Debbie                Drowning              1962-08-10-pg08
Wharton, Linda                Picture                1962-12-14-pg01
White, Carl         Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
White, Cecil       Picture                1962-11-23-pg03
White, David Allen                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
White, Diana Lynn                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
White, J.F., Jr. & Clay, Elizie                Wedding              1962-08-31-pg11
White, Wayne   Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Whitehead, Paul                Obituary                1962-01-05-pg01
Wilhite, Charles                Picture                1962-05-25-pg01
Wilhite, Charles                Picture                1962-09-21-pg08
Wilkerson, Ella Maye                Picture                1962-10-12-pg15
Wilkerson, Leon                Picture                1962-10-12-pg15
Wilkerson, Leon                Picture                1962-10-19-pg01
Wilkinson, Rick                Picture                1962-11-02-pg14
Willmon, Zena Kay                Picture                1962-11-02-pg05
Wilson, David Picture                1962-12-07-pg07
Wilson, Trudy Picture                1962-11-23-pg15
Winder, John    Picture                1962-05-25-pg01
Winder, John, Judge                Picture                1962-08-10-pg01
Winder, John, Judge                Picture                1962-09-14-pg08
Wise County Judge Winder   Picture                1962-05-25-pg01
Womack, Sue Sellman                Picture                1962-06-22-pg12
Wood, Betty      Picture                1962-06-22-pg05
Wood, Charles & Ruth                Birth                1962-01-12-pg12
Wood, Cynthia  Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Wright, Elisa    Picture                1962-06-29-pg03
Wright, Randall                Picture                1962-06-22-pg13
Young, Bobby  Picture                1962-05-25-pg04
Young, Claborn                Picture                1962-05-25-pg05
Young, Sharon & Vest, Lester     Picture                1962-12-14-pg09
Young, Sharon & Vest, Lester                Wedding              1962-12-28-pg03
Young, Tommy Picture                1962-11-23-pg01
Zoch, Kemberly                Birth                1962-08-10-pg13