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Wise County, Texas
1963 - Names Index

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718 Pages were Photographed. We found all papers but some second sections may be missing.
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Below is an index of 1,359; 
pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by Sue Tackel - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Abernathy, Bill          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Adams, Becky          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Adams, Becky          Picture          1963-12-20-pg03
Addison, Bill          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Albright, Julie/Freddy Thompkins          Wedding          1963-06-07-pg02
Albright, Julie/Freddy Thompkins          Wedding          1963-07-19-pg05
Albright, Lauren          Picture          1963-04-19-pg08
Albritton, Ben   1930 Picture          1963-06-28-pg06
Albritton, Razanna Kaye          Obituary          1963-11-08-pg05
Alexander, Clifford          1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Allison, Janice          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Altom, Donna Lou/Joe David Miller          Wedding          1963-07-05-pg08
Anderson, Danny          Picture          1963-12-20-pg02
Anderson, Eddie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
Anderson, Faye 1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Anderson, Wayne          Picture          1963-01-11-pg08
Andreasen, Loura Beth  Birth          1963-11-15-pg03
Arnn, John          Picture          1963-11-22-pg01
Arnold, Kenneth Lee   Birth          1963-08-16-pg15
Arthur, Barbara          Picture          1963-01-25-pg01
Arthur, Barbara/Dr. William V. Bradshaw          Wedding          1963-06-14-pg13
Arthur, Barbara/Dr. William V. Bradshaw          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg05
Arwine, Dad   190? Picture          1963-03-08-pg08
Ash, Fred          Picture          1963-05-17-pg07
Athins, David          Picture          1963-11-01-pg07
Atkerson, Leon          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Atkinson, Estelle          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Atkinson, Estelle          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Auto Mart - New on Chico Highway          Picture          1963-09-27-pg01
Awalt, Earl Tracy, Jr.          Obituary          1963-12-13-pg01
Bagley, Ronald Wayne          Obituary          1963-05-24-pg04
Bailey, Greg 'Night Train'          Picture          1963-04-12-pg01
Baker, Beverly Jane          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Baldridge, David Wayne          Birth          1963-05-03-pg03
Baldridge, V.E.          Picture          1963-05-17-pg10
Baldridge, V.E.          Picture          1963-05-17-pg13
Banks, Harvey          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Banks, Harvey          Picture          1963-08-23-pg14
Barber, Marvin R.L.          Obituary          1963-06-14-pg06
Barker, Bob   1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Barnett, Cindy          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Barnett, Mary          Picture          1963-02-22-pg08
Barnett, Mary          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Bastian, Jessie          Picture          1963-05-03-pg09
Beaman, Bob          Picture          1963-05-17-pg13
Beard, Darla          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Beard, J.F.          Obituary          1963-04-12-pg01
Beard, Jerry, Mr. & Mrs.          Picture          1963-12-06-pg11
Beard, Larry          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Beard, Laurie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Beard, Malanie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Beason Hotel 1917 Picture          1963-06-14-pg09
Beason, W.J.  1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Beeson, Glenda          Picture          1963-05-17-pg23
Beeson, Glenda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg16
Beeson, Glenda          Picture          1963-10-04-pg06
Beeson, Norma          Picture          1963-11-22-pg05
Belcher, Joe          Picture          1963-10-04-pg05
Bement, Brett Sanders          Birth          1963-02-08-pg10
Beville, Junie          Picture          1963-01-25-pg09
Bilderback, Bill Omer/Sharon Kathleen Winder          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg04
Billington, Don          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Billington, Louise          Picture          1963-04-19-pg09
Bingham, Margaret          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Bird, Helen          Picture          1963-05-10-pg01
Bird, Maud          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Bird, Rex          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Bird, Rex          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Bird, Walker          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Bitting, Erick Duncan          Obituary          1963-01-18-pg01
Black, Dennis          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Black, Karl          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Black, Kirt          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Black, Lee          Picture          1963-05-17-pg15
Black, Richard          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Blevins, Charles          Picture          1963-11-01-pg07
Boase, Beverly Kay/Marcus Covington, Jr.          Wedding          1963-02-15-pg05
Boase, James          Picture          1963-08-23-pg15
Boaz, Ernest          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Boaz, Ernest          Picture          1963-03-22-pg10
Boaz, Fred          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Boaz, Nannette          1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Bogy, Grandpa          190? Picture          1963-03-08-pg08
Bolin, Judy          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Bond, Fredda          Picture          1963-12-20-pg03
Boner, Mary          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Boner, Mary          Picture          1963-10-11-pg13
Boner, Mary          Picture          1963-12-20-pg06
Bones, Mary          Picture          1963-06-21-pg05
Bordner, Melinda          Picture          1963-10-11-pg14
Boren, Kenneth          Picture          1963-08-30-pg06
Boren, Kenneth          Picture          1963-09-06-pg08
Boruff, Myrtle          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Boswell, J.T., Mrs.          Picture          1963-06-28-pg13
Boulware, J.B.   1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Boulware, Larry          Picture          1963-04-12-pg09
Boulware, Paula          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
Boulware, Virginia          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Boulware, Virginia          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Boulware, Virginia          Picture          1963-08-23-pg02
Boyd, Carole Ann          Picture          1963-09-13-pg04
Boydston, Barty          Picture          1963-06-21-pg05
Bradley, Randy          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Bradshaw, William V., Dr./Barbara Arthur          Wedding          1963-06-14-pg13
Bradshaw, William V., Dr./Barbara Arthur          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg05
Bramlett, Kenneth          Obituary          1963-01-04-pg01
Branson, Charlie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg01
Branson, Charlie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg11
Brantly, Sabra          Picture          1963-12-20-pg15
Bray, Barbara          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Breeze, Delores          Picture          1963-05-31-pg13
Brewer, Charles          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-05-03-pg11
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg01
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg12
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg01
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Brewer, Nellie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg16
Brewer, Nellie Faye          Picture          1963-07-26-pg01
Brewer, Nellie/James Redwine          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg08
Bridgeport Bullies Football Team          Picture          1963-09-20-pg08
Bridgeport Café - Early 1900's          1900 Picture          1963-11-29-pg05
Bridgeport Gym & Group of Builders          1937 Picture          1963-11-15-pg14
Bridgeport Methodist Church-Early 1900's          1918 Picture          1963-06-07-pg10
Bridgeport Riding Club Wizard Wells Trail Ride          Picture          1963-09-06-pg10
Bridgeport School - New in 1902 1902 Picture          1963-03-08-pg05
Bridgeport School Until 1902          1902 Picture          1963-03-01-pg07
Bridgeport's First City Hall   1912 Picture          1963-09-27-pg06
Bridges, Donna          Picture          1963-09-27-pg12
Bridges, Melvin          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Briggs, Martha Jane/William Embry Hines, Jr.          Wedding          1963-04-19-pg04
Briggs, Martha Jane/William Embry Hines, Jr.          Wedding          1963-06-28-pg11
Brite, Clay          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Brock, Harvey          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Brooks, John Allen          Birth          1963-08-30-pg11
Brown, Bently          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Brown, Bently          Picture          1963-11-15-pg03
Brown, Carolyn          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Brown, Cheryl Annette          Birth          1963-08-30-pg06
Brown, Ethel 1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Brown, Guy, Jr.          Picture          1963-04-05-pg05
Brown, Guy, Sr.          1913 Picture          1963-04-05-pg08
Brown, Jimmie D., Jr.     Birth          1963-09-20-pg09
Brown, Mildred          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Brown, Paul          Picture          1963-08-09-pg12
Brown, Richard          Picture          1963-04-05-pg05
Brown, Richard J./Doris Marie Coleman          Wedding          1963-01-25-pg04
Brown, William Marion          Obituary          1963-08-02-pg03
Bruster, Jane          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Bruster, Jane/Robert Kasner          Wedding          1963-12-13-pg09
Bryant, David          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Bryant, Gary          Picture          1963-07-19-pg01
Bryant, Karen          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Buckner, Bernice          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Bullard, J.B.          Picture          1963-05-17-pg17
Bullard, J.B.          Picture          1963-09-27-pg01
Bullie Team in 1919 1919 Picture          1963-08-16-pg10
Bunnell, Donald          Picture          1963-05-10-pg05
Burdell, Gladys Nora Black          Obituary          1963-02-01-pg06
Burgin, Cathy          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Burgin, Kathy          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Burgin, Kathy          Picture          1963-08-23-pg02
Burkett, Billy/Billie Sanderson          Wedding          1963-05-10-pg10
Burns, Mickey          Picture          1963-10-18-pg04
Burress, Carol          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Burress, Marian Carol/Danny Verner          Wedding          1963-06-21-pg13
Burt, John          Picture          1963-06-07-pg01
Burt, John          Picture          1963-07-05-pg01
Burt, John E., Jr.          Picture          1963-01-11-pg02
Burt, John Edward, III          Birth          1963-02-22-pg10
Bush, Bill          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Butler, Virginia          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Butram, A.V.          Picture          1963-01-18-pg13
Butram, A.V., Mr. & Mrs.          Picture          1963-09-20-pg11
Butram, A.V., Mrs.          Picture          1963-04-12-pg10
Butram, A.V., Mrs.          Picture          1963-10-18-pg12
Butram, A.V., Mrs.          Picture          1963-11-01-pg03
Byrd, Charles Edward/Lynda Kay Coursey          Wedding          1963-05-17-pg05
Byrd, Charles Edward/Lynda Kay Coursey          Wedding          1963-06-28-pg02
Café Owned by Walt Johnson          1932 Picture          1963-04-26-pg05
Campbell, Drew 1919 Picture          1963-08-16-pg10
Campsey, Kathy          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Campsey, Kathy          Picture          1963-08-23-pg02
Campsey, Kathy          Picture          1963-10-04-pg03
Campsey, Kathy          Picture          1963-10-25-pg07
Campsey, Kathy          Picture          1963-11-01-pg06
Campsey, Kathy          Picture          1963-11-08-pg03
Campsey, Vickie          Picture          1963-04-12-pg07
Canady, Waymon Roland          Obituary          1963-11-01-pg01
Cannon, Eugene Knox          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg05
Canova, Angelo Junior          Obituary          1963-06-21-pg10
Canova, Debra Alyce          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
Canova, Dwayne          Picture          1963-02-01-pg01
Canova, Eugene          Picture          1963-02-01-pg01
Cantrell, Bobby Lee/Carole Sue Dethloff          Wedding          1963-12-13-pg06
Cantrell, Sheri          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Carana, Arthur          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Carlisle, Edna          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Carlton, Tom          Picture          1963-09-06-pg06
Carom, Arthur          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Carpenter, Jim          Picture          1963-03-15-pg11
Carpenter, Paul          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Carpenter, Paul          Picture          1963-11-01-pg06
Carpenter, Paul          Picture          1963-11-15-pg05
Carrier, Angel          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Carter, Marvin Newson          Obituary          1963-11-15-pg02
Casey, Brandi Elaine          Birth          1963-07-19-pg05
Casey, Mildred          Picture          1963-05-17-pg05
Cash, Cleola          Picture          1963-06-21-pg16
Castillo, Esther          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Cayce, Mildred Bingham          1931 Picture          1963-05-03-pg02
Chambers, Imogene          Picture          1963-02-15-pg01
Chaney, Amy          Picture          1963-08-16-pg12
Chaney, Amy Dell          Picture          1963-11-08-pg10
Chapman, Ferrill          Picture          1963-02-15-pg04
Chapman's Corner Garage & Station          Picture          1963-02-15-pg01
Cherry, Madeline          Picture          1963-05-24-pg07
Chevrolet Building Under Construction          Picture          1963-08-30-pg01
Chico Dragons Football Team          Picture          1963-09-20-pg06
Chico Quilting Club          Picture          1963-11-01-pg05
Chico Quilting Club          Picture          1963-11-01-pg16
Childres, Linda          Picture          1963-10-11-pg14
Chilton, Angela          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
Chilton, Douglas          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Chilton, Tamara          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Clark, Virgil          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Clay, Larry          Picture          1963-12-20-pg02
Clements, Cheryl Denise          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Cleveland, Bob          Picture          1963-09-20-pg07
Cleveland, Omar          Picture          1963-09-20-pg07
Cleveland, William Richard          Obituary          1963-11-08-pg04
Clower, Glenda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Clupepper, Kay          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
CM&M Gas Products Plant - New Tower          Picture          1963-11-22-pg06
Coale, Claire          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
Coale, Kent          Picture          1963-06-07-pg01
Cobb, Rondah          Obituary          1963-04-05-pg08
Cobb, Thomas David          Obituary          1963-04-19-pg01
Cocanaugher, C.M., Dr.          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Coffee, Cheryl          Picture          1963-04-05-pg04
Coffman, Janie          Picture          1963-10-04-pg01
Coffman, Jannie          Picture          1963-06-07-pg12
Coffman, Jannie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Coffman, Robert          Picture          1963-04-12-pg11
Coker, Kevin          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
Coleman, Doris Marie/Richard J. Brown          Wedding          1963-01-25-pg04
Coleman, Sonny          Picture          1963-04-05-pg04
Collins, Bena Ann          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Collins, Bena Ann          Picture          1963-07-05-pg03
Condron, Jessie Earl          Picture          1963-03-15-pg09
Condron, Jessie Earl          Picture          1963-11-29-pg08
Condron, Jessie Earl          Picture          1963-11-29-pg09
Cook, Kenneth          Picture          1963-05-10-pg05
Cook, Kenneth          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Coursey, Cecil Lloyd          Birth          1963-05-31-pg15
Coursey, Clarence          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Coursey, Lynda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Coursey, Lynda Kay/Charles Edward Byrd          Wedding          1963-05-17-pg05
Coursey, Lynda Kay/Charles Edward Byrd          Wedding          1963-06-28-pg02
Covington, Beverly Kay           Picture          1963-02-15-pg05
Covington, Marcus, Jr.          Wedding          1963-02-15-pg05
Cowling, Ed          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Cowling, Edgar, Jr.          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Cox, Al          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Cox, James          Picture          1963-09-06-pg07
Cox, James, Mr. & Mrs.          Picture          1963-09-06-pg03
Cox, Janet          Picture          1963-05-24-pg16
Cox, Jerry          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Cox, Laura          Picture          1963-04-19-pg04
Cox, Laura          Picture          1963-05-24-pg06
Cox, Laura          Picture          1963-08-30-pg12
Cox, Murry          Picture          1963-09-20-pg01
Crawford, Henry          Picture          1963-10-18-pg04
Crawford, Henry          Picture          1963-10-18-pg10
Crawford, Linda          Picture          1963-10-04-pg06
Crawford, Linda          Picture          1963-10-18-pg01
Crawford, Linda          Picture          1963-10-25-pg08
Crawford, Linda          Picture          1963-12-06-pg02
Culpepper, Danny          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Culpepper, Doris          Picture          1963-08-16-pg05
Culpepper, Linda          Picture          1963-04-12-pg07
Culver, Coleman G. 'Curley'          Obituary          1963-11-15-pg01
Cunningham, Glady          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Cunnius, George          Picture          1963-05-17-pg14
Cunnius, George          Picture          1963-05-17-pg17
Cunnius, George          Picture          1963-11-29-pg12
Curley, J.W., Mrs.          1931 Picture          1963-05-03-pg02
Curley, Mike          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Curtis, Chuck          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Cutter Bill-World Champ Cutting Horse          Picture          1963-08-09-pg08
Dabney Ford Tractor Co. Grand Opening          Picture          1963-12-06-pg01
Dale, Walter          Picture          1963-03-15-pg10
Dale, Walter          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Dale, Walter          Picture          1963-07-26-pg01
Dale, Walter          Picture          1963-11-01-pg02
Daley, Dr.          Picture          1963-07-05-pg06
Davidson, Alice/Donald Gilbert Schur          Wedding          1963-08-23-pg03
Davidson, Glinda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Davidson, Glinda          Picture          1963-06-14-pg16
Davis, Larry          Picture          1963-11-01-pg07
Davis, Larry          Picture          1963-11-15-pg05
Davis, Larry          Picture          1963-12-13-pg01
Davis, Tommie, Mrs.          Picture          1963-11-15-pg01
Dawkins, Dee, Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg01
Dawkins, Gary          Picture          1963-02-15-pg07
Dawkins, Gary          Picture          1963-05-24-pg06
Dawkins, Gary          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Dawkins, Gary          Picture          1963-10-04-pg03
Dawkins, Gary          Picture          1963-10-25-pg07
De Moss, Harold          Obituary          1963-05-03-pg01
Deatherage, Betty/Joe Keith Waldrep          Wedding          1963-08-23-pg15
Deatherage, Donald          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Deatheridge, Betty          Picture          1963-04-19-pg04
Deaton, Linda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Deaton, Mike          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Deib, Jemel          1919 Picture          1963-08-16-pg10
Denmark, Kenneth          Picture          1963-11-29-pg09
Denton, Leslie Lynn          Birth          1963-06-21-pg13
Denton, Pat          Picture          1963-05-17-pg08
Denton, Pat          Picture          1963-05-24-pg16
Denton, Pat          Picture          1963-11-01-pg06
Denton, Pat          Picture          1963-11-15-pg05
Denton, Paula          Picture          1963-09-27-pg12
Denton, Sharon          Picture          1963-02-22-pg02
Denton, Sharon          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Denton, Sharon          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Denton, Sharon          Picture          1963-09-27-pg13
Denton, Sharon          Picture          1963-11-08-pg15
Denton, Sharon          Picture          1963-12-20-pg10
Dethloff, Carole Sue          Picture          1963-08-02-pg07
Dethloff, Carole Sue/Bobby Lee Cantrell          Wedding          1963-12-13-pg06
Dial, John          Picture          1963-06-07-pg01
Dial, John          Picture          1963-08-30-pg11
Dial, John D.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg12
Dickenson, Betty          Picture          1963-04-19-pg04
Dickenson, Bettye          Picture          1963-07-05-pg08
Dieb, Jimmie          1920 Picture          1963-08-16-pg14
Donley, Jimmy          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Dosier, Jack          Picture          1963-04-05-pg11
Doty, Debra          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Doty, Donna          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Dowers, V.H.          Picture          1963-11-08-pg01
Dugan, Becci          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
Dugan, Jimmy          Picture          1963-05-31-pg13
Duncan, C.H.          Picture          1963-11-08-pg01
Durham, Bill          Picture          1963-07-12-pg03
Durham, Marguerite          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Durham, Virginia          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Dutton, Orin          Picture          1963-11-08-pg01
Dutton, Tom          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
E.P. Cowling's Transfer & Bus Service          1917 Picture          1963-06-14-pg09
Earl Mooney New Home          Picture          1963-11-29-pg11
Early, Gary          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Edwards, J.O.          Picture          1963-08-23-pg08
Elliot, Donna          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Elliott, Clifford          1913 Picture          1963-04-05-pg08
Enochs Hardware Store Fire          Picture          1963-10-25-pg01
Enochs, Walker          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Erwin, Evelyn          1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Erwin, Evelyn          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Erwin, Riley 1913 Picture          1963-04-05-pg08
Ethridge, Sue/Gerald Ray Jones          Wedding          1963-01-04-pg04
Eubanks, J.R.          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Eubanks, J.R.          Picture          1963-03-01-pg06
Evans, Frank          Picture          1963-10-18-pg09
Evans, Ruby          Picture          1963-11-22-pg12
Evans, Susie          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Evans, Susie          Picture          1963-07-12-pg08
Everett, Diane          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Ewing, Amos D., Major          Picture          1963-01-18-pg01
Fagg, Bobby          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Farmer, Eddie          Picture          1963-12-20-pg02
Fennell, Patricia Dawn          Birth          1963-12-20-pg09
Fenner, Olen          Picture          1963-07-05-pg06
Fenner, Olen          Picture          1963-11-22-pg01
Fenoglio, Charles          Picture          1963-11-01-pg07
Ferguson, Jim          Picture          1963-05-17-pg11
Ferguson, Linda Rae/Charles Howell Young          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg10
Fina Station Opening-Clark Montgomery Owner          Picture          1963-08-16-pg01
Findley, Brenda Kay/Eddie Wayland King          Wedding          1963-02-01-pg03
Findley, Cyndy          Picture          1963-05-17-pg05
Findley, Dorothy          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Finer Food Market           1950 Picture          1963-09-06-pg13
Finley, Pearlie          Obituary          1963-05-03-pg01
First Baptist Sunday School Class          1922 Picture          1963-08-23-pg11
First National Bank 1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Fishermen's Club Dock at Lake View Estates          Picture          1963-07-05-pg06
Fitzgerald, Tommy          Picture          1963-05-10-pg07
Fletcher, Jeanne          Picture          1963-05-03-pg08
Fletcher, Jeanne          Picture          1963-05-10-pg06
Fletcher, Jeanne          Picture          1963-07-26-pg07
Fletcher, Jeannie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Ford, Charles          Picture          1963-05-10-pg06
Ford, Cindy          Picture          1963-09-27-pg12
Ford, Jill          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Ford, Jimmy          Picture          1963-12-13-pg01
Foreman, Finis E., Lt. Col.          Picture          1963-05-03-pg06
Forman, Ray          Picture          1963-05-17-pg01
Forman, Ray          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Foster, Cecil, Rev.          Picture          1963-08-09-pg14
Foster, O.L.          Obituary          1963-09-06-pg09
Fox, Henley          Picture          1963-12-20-pg02
Fox, Junior          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Fred Green's Barber Shop in 1918 1918 Picture          1963-01-25-pg12
Freeman, Ruth Hunter          Picture          1963-08-30-pg03
Freeman, Sharon          Picture          1963-06-21-pg05
Frnka, Ernest 'Beans'          Picture          1963-05-31-pg01
Frnka, Frances          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Frnka, Frances          Picture          1963-02-22-pg05
Frnka, Frances          Picture          1963-05-24-pg11
Frost, Earl E. 'Jack'          Picture          1963-07-12-pg03
Frost, Hoberta          Picture          1963-02-01-pg05
Frost, Jack          Picture          1963-03-15-pg07
Frost, Jack          Picture          1963-10-11-pg01
Frost, Jack          Picture          1963-10-25-pg06
Frye, Inez          Picture          1963-06-07-pg12
Frye, Inez          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Fulbright, W.C.          Picture          1963-06-07-pg01
Fulbright, W.C.          Picture          1963-10-25-pg06
Funk, Reba 1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Funk, Reba 1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Fuqua, Venice Gailynn          Birth          1963-08-30-pg03
Furr, Katherine          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Galey, Glen  1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Galloway, Johnny          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Garrett, Carlton Dwayne          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
Garrett, Gay          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Garrett, Gay          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Garrett, Martha          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Garrett, Martha Ladeen/James M. Morin          Wedding          1963-12-06-pg07
Garrett, Red          Picture          1963-10-18-pg09
Garrett, Robert Neil/Jo Linda Giles          Wedding          1963-06-07-pg09
Garrett, Robert Neil/Jo Linda Giles          Wedding          1963-06-28-pg16
Garrison, David          Picture          1963-08-02-pg08
Garrison, James          Picture          1963-08-02-pg08
Garrison, Jim          Picture          1963-07-26-pg12
Garrison, Jim          Picture          1963-08-02-pg08
Garrison, Jim          Picture          1963-09-20-pg05
Garrison, Jim          Picture          1963-10-25-pg08
Garrison, Jim          Picture          1963-11-15-pg05
Garrison, Jim          Picture          1963-12-13-pg01
Garrison, Ruth          Picture          1963-08-02-pg03
Gasaway, Glenda Gae/Raymond Pond          Wedding          1963-05-10-pg11
Gentry, J.I., Mrs.          Picture          1963-08-02-pg01
George, Eugene          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
German, Patricia          Picture          1963-09-27-pg12
Geron, Billy Earl, Mrs.          Picture          1963-02-08-pg01
Gibbens, Geneva          Obituary          1963-09-13-pg05
Gilbreath, Sharon          Picture          1963-05-24-pg06
Giles, Evada Sue/Ralph L. Rowe, Jr.          Wedding          1963-12-20-pg14
Giles, J.E.          Picture          1963-03-15-pg11
Giles, J.E.          Picture          1963-05-17-pg15
Giles, Jo Linda          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Giles, Jo Linda          Picture          1963-04-19-pg09
Giles, Jo Linda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Giles, Jo Linda          Picture          1963-06-14-pg16
Giles, Jo Linda/Robert Neil Garrett          Wedding          1963-06-07-pg09
Giles, Jo Linda/Robert Neil Garrett          Wedding          1963-06-28-pg16
Giles, W.B.          1879 Picture          1963-05-10-pg08
Gilley, Tom          Picture          1963-06-28-pg03
Gilley, Tommy          Picture          1963-01-04-pg01
Gober, James Cecil          Obituary          1963-02-15-pg09
Gober, R.M., Mrs.          Obituary          1963-05-24-pg03
Gober, Reggie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
Goen, Bill, Jr.          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Goen, Jimmy Lee          Birth          1963-02-08-pg12
Goen, Jimmy Lee          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Golaz, James          Picture          1963-05-24-pg07
Golaz, June Ellen          Picture          1963-05-24-pg02
Golaz, Myrtle/Ben L. May          Anniversary          1963-03-29-pg07
Goode, K.O./Ola Wilson          Wedding          1963-05-31-pg14
Goode, Keila Ann          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
Goodger, Bryan          Picture          1963-08-02-pg11
Goodman, Ethel 1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Gosler, Zackie          Picture          1963-03-08-pg03
Gosler, Zackie          Picture          1963-05-10-pg05
Gosler, Zackie          Picture          1963-05-10-pg09
Grebe, Sherri Renee          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
Green, Billie F.          Picture          1963-09-13-pg12
Green, Cynthia Robin          Birth          1963-05-24-pg04
Green, Fred  1918 Picture          1963-01-25-pg12
Green, Glenn G./Peggy Shannon          Wedding          1963-01-18-pg12
Green, J.M., Jr.          Picture          1963-01-04-pg01
Green, Jake, Mrs.          1914 Picture          1963-11-29-pg10
Green, Kenneth          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Green, Loyd 1919 Picture          1963-08-16-pg10
Green, Ollie  1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Green, Robert Otis   Birth          1963-07-05-pg07
Green, Sam  1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Green, Stacy          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Greer, Doris          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Greeson, C.W.          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg04
Grisham, James          Picture          1963-03-08-pg03
Grisham, James          Picture          1963-05-10-pg05
Grisham, James          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Grisham, James          Picture          1963-11-01-pg07
Grisham, Mary Esther          Obituary          1963-08-23-pg14
Gross, Jimmy Lee/Phyllis Jean Jones          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg10
Groves, Clyde          Obituary          1963-02-22-pg04
Groves, Gerald          Picture          1963-01-25-pg01
Groves, Obed          Picture          1963-01-04-pg04
Guynne, Ethel 1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Hague, Mary Elizabeith          Obituary          1963-08-09-pg09
Hague, Mary Elizabeith          Obituary          1963-08-16-pg15
Halsell Street Around 1930 - Jones Store 1930 Picture          1963-08-16-pg15
Hamilton, Jimmy R.          Picture          1963-05-31-pg15
Hamilton, Mike          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Hancock, Earlene/Don Niblett          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg09
Handley, Brooks          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Harbach, Max          Picture          1963-11-08-pg01
Hardee, Beulah          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Hardon Hardware Store 1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Hardy, Eleanor          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Hardy, Gertrude          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Hardy, Lola          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Hardy, Mary  1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Hardy, Roy          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Harlow, Byron W.          Picture          1963-08-02-pg11
Harms, Lee          Picture          1963-02-08-pg10
Harris, Carmen Marie Birth          1963-06-21-pg02
Harris, Kenneth          Picture          1963-04-12-pg01
Harris, Mary Ellen/Billy Ralph Smith          Wedding          1963-01-25-pg11
Hartsell, Betty          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Hartsell, Bill          Picture          1963-03-29-pg10
Hartsell, Danny/Veanna Stewart          Wedding          1963-01-11-pg14
Harvey, Kenton          Picture          1963-02-22-pg12
Hatley, Elinor          Picture          1963-11-22-pg05
Hawkins, Bert   1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Hawkins, Bert          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Hawkins, Bert          Picture          1963-11-29-pg04
Hawkins, Bert, Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg01
Hawkins, Jack  1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Hawkins, Jack  1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Hawkins, Paul  1913 Picture          1963-04-05-pg08
Hawkins, Reba Jewell          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Hawkins, Reba Jewell          Picture          1963-03-29-pg05
Hawkins, Ricky          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Hawkins, Robert          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Hawkins, Shara/William Paul Howell          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg03
Haynes, Phil          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Healy, Nellie Hanson          ? Picture          1963-09-27-pg06
Heath, O.A.          Picture          1963-02-15-pg06
Hembree, Annie          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Hembree, Gene          1906 Picture          1963-08-09-pg06
Hembree, Gene          1919 Picture          1963-08-16-pg10
Hembree, Stina 1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Hembree, W.E.          Picture          1963-01-11-pg06
Henderson, Carl          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Henderson, Carley          Obituary          1963-11-01-pg01
Henderson, Ellis          Picture          1963-05-17-pg14
Henderson, Ellis          Picture          1963-05-17-pg17
Henderson, Forrest          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Henning, W.H., Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-03-pg12
Hennings, Hank          Picture          1963-06-21-pg15
Henry, John Clarence          Obituary          1963-08-30-pg02
Herndon, Judy          Picture          1963-11-01-pg16
Hill, Lee          Picture          1963-07-19-pg01
Hilton, Mike          Picture          1963-06-21-pg05
Hines, Cynthia          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Hines, William Embry, Jr./Martha Jane Briggs          Wedding          1963-04-19-pg04
Hines, William Embry, Jr./Martha Jane Briggs          Wedding          1963-06-28-pg11
Hobbs, Billy          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Hobbs, W.B.          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg07
Hogan, Cynthia          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Holland, Judy          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Holland, Pam          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07
Holley, Lawrence          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Holley, Marla Jan          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Holly, Bernice          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Holt, Alvin, Mrs.          Picture          1963-07-19-pg08
Holt, Francis          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Holt, Perry          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Hornback, Eddie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Hornback, Eddie          Picture          1963-11-29-pg12
Howard, Maurine          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Howell, George          Picture          1963-05-10-pg09
Howell, Jake          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Howell, William Paul/Shara Hawkins          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg03
Huckabee, Eddie          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Hudson, Bobby          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Hudson, Connie          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Hudson, Connie          Picture          1963-04-19-pg09
Hudson, Connie          Picture          1963-05-03-pg11
Hudson, Connie          Picture          1963-05-10-pg01
Hudson, Connie          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Hudson, Ernest          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Hudson, James          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Hudson, Karen Rae          Birth          1963-11-15-pg12
Hudson, Kenneth          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Hudson, Mildred          1931 Picture          1963-05-03-pg02
Hudson, Stanley          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Hudson, Tommy          Picture          1963-02-15-pg07
Hufhines, James Gary          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
Hufhines, Rebecca Lynne          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Hufhines, Shirley Danette          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
Hughes, George          190? Picture          1963-03-08-pg08
Hughes, Sherri          Picture          1963-11-15-pg10
Hughes, Virgil          Picture          1963-02-15-pg06
Hunn, Harlow          Picture          1963-06-14-pg05
Hvezdos, John          Obituary          1963-02-01-pg01
Ivy, Betty          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Jackson, Thomas          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
Jaggers, Stanley          Picture          1963-08-30-pg06
Jaggers, Stanley          Picture          1963-09-06-pg08
Jarnigan, Russell          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Jeeter, Bud   1930 Picture          1963-06-28-pg06
Jeeter, Clyde          1930 Picture          1963-06-28-pg06
Jenkins, Charles          Picture          1963-07-12-pg13
Jenkins, Mildred Pate          Picture          1963-06-14-pg07
Jenkins, O.H.  1923 Picture          1963-02-08-pg04
Jennings, Paula          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Jeter, Ronald          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
John, Mary          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Johns, Lois  1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Johnson, Bill          Picture          1963-05-03-pg11
Johnson, Bill          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Johnson, Delmo          1932 Picture          1963-04-26-pg05
Johnson, Larry          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Johnson, R.E., Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg12
Johnson, Raymond          Picture          1963-01-11-pg06
Johnson, Virginia          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Johnson, Walt  1932 Picture          1963-04-26-pg05
Johnston, Sallie Belle          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Jones, Daughter of Gerald Ray   Birth          1963-11-08-pg11
Jones, Gerald Ray/Sue Ethridge          Wedding          1963-01-04-pg04
Jones, James 'Cid'          Picture          1963-12-06-pg18
Jones, Jasper Loyd          Obituary          1963-11-22-pg05
Jones, Karen Frances/Leonard Stickler          Wedding          1963-09-20-pg09
Jones, Phyllis Jean/Jimmy Lee Gross          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg10
Jones, Sandra          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Jones, 'Sweetie'          190? Picture          1963-03-08-pg08
Jones, Willie 1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Jordan, Howard          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Just Rite Cleaners          1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Kaker Buildings Fire - Rear View          Picture          1963-10-25-pg04
Kaker Grocery Store Fire          Picture          1963-10-25-pg01
Kaker, Henry          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Kaker, Henry          Picture          1963-05-17-pg08
Kaker, Henry          Picture          1963-05-24-pg09
Kaker, Henry          Picture          1963-05-24-pg16
Kaker, John Harold          Birth          1963-08-09-pg08
Kaker, Lawson          190? Picture          1963-03-08-pg08
Karnes, Dolly 1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Kasner, Hettie          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Kasner, Lettie          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Kasner, Robert/Jane Bruster          Wedding          1963-12-13-pg09
Keen, William          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Kelley, Earl          Picture          1963-05-17-pg10
Kelley, Martha Lou          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Kelley, Pamela Jane          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Kennedy, Dwayne          Picture          1963-11-15-pg05
Kennedy, Dwayne          Picture          1963-12-06-pg02
Kennedy, Dwayne          Picture          1963-12-13-pg01
Kennedy, Jeffie          Picture          1963-07-19-pg01
Kennedy, W.G., Mrs.          Obituary          1963-03-22-pg05
Kessler, Kay          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Killion, G.C.          Obituary          1963-08-30-pg03
Kindle, W.A. 'Bill'          Obituary          1963-02-15-pg11
King, Eddie Wayland/Brenda Kay Findley          Wedding          1963-02-01-pg03
King, Jim          Picture          1963-01-25-pg04
King, Jim          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
King, Pamela Kay          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
King, Ruby          Picture          1963-11-22-pg05
Kinsey, Ruby          Picture          1963-12-06-pg15
Kirkland, Larry          Picture          1963-09-13-pg11
Kleam, Bobby          Picture          1963-02-22-pg02
Kleam, Bobby          Picture          1963-08-02-pg08
Kleam, Bobby          Picture          1963-11-01-pg06
Kleam, Bobby          Picture          1963-11-08-pg03
Laird, Robert Dalton, Jr./Gloria Jean Smith          Wedding          1963-11-22-pg15
Lake Bridgeport Dam  1930 Picture          1963-06-28-pg06
Lambert, Charlie 'Boss'          Picture          1963-01-11-pg11
Lambert, Donna          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Lambert, Donna          Picture          1963-12-20-pg03
Lane, Myrtle          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Larimore, Cecil          Picture          1963-05-17-pg17
Lawrence, Dollie Stewart          1909 Picture          1963-10-25-pg13
Lawson, Davey Lee          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
Lee, Jimmie/Lenda Loreaz Shawn          Wedding          1963-08-23-pg16
Lee, Jimmie/Linda Shawn          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg10
Lehmberg, Josephine          Obituary          1963-08-09-pg07
Lightfoot, Alma May          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Lindsey, Scottie          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Linehan, Truett          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Linehan, Verna Mae/Donald Ray Manning          Wedding          1963-04-19-pg04
Little, Phil          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Livsey, Rubye Ann          Obituary          1963-09-06-pg02
Locke, Emma Catherine          Obituary          1963-01-25-pg11
Loftis, Charles          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Loftis, Linda          Picture          1963-05-31-pg01
Love, Doyle          Picture          1963-09-20-pg01
Love, Doyle          Picture          1963-10-04-pg07
Love, Jerry          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Love, Verlon          Picture          1963-04-26-pg12
Lovette, Jack          Picture          1963-11-15-pg01
Lowe, Minnie          Picture          1963-11-22-pg05
Lowery, Lena 1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Lowery, Preston          Picture          1963-09-20-pg01
Lowry, Lena 1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Lutenbaker, Quilla          Picture          1963-08-16-pg07
Lutenbaker, Tamari          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Luther Brock House-Moving on 114 Overpass          Picture          1963-08-30-pg01
M System Super Market Opens          Picture          1963-11-01-pg01
M System Super Market Opens          Picture          1963-11-08-pg06
M Systems Super Market Sign & Location          Picture          1963-07-12-pg01
Maddux, Albert Lee          Obituary          1963-04-19-pg11
Main Street in 1918-Shows Index Office          1918 Picture          1963-08-09-pg07
Maness, Shelly          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Mann, Carlos, Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-24-pg01
Mann, Jim          Picture          1963-07-12-pg03
Mann, Neal          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Mann, Sandi          Picture          1963-05-24-pg01
Mann, Sherry          Picture          1963-05-24-pg01
Mann, Susan          Picture          1963-05-24-pg01
Mann, Susan          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Mann, Terry          Picture          1963-03-08-pg03
Mann, Terry          Picture          1963-05-10-pg05
Mann, Thomas Sloan          Obituary          1963-11-22-pg05
Manning, Clyde          Picture          1963-12-20-pg06
Manning, Donald Ray/Verna Mae Linehan          Wedding          1963-04-19-pg04
Manoushagian, Milton, Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg01
Marburger, Monette          Picture          1963-02-22-pg08
Marney, Marita          Picture          1963-11-22-pg17
Martin, Coach-Chico Junior High Football          Picture          1963-10-11-pg12
Martin, Faye 1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Martin, Obie 1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Mask, M.P.          Picture          1963-07-12-pg03
Mason, Verna Loy/Philip Stanley McMains          Wedding          1963-08-02-pg10
Massingill, Clifford          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Matar, Fay          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Matar, Fred          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Matlock, Charles          Obituary          1963-01-04-pg07
Mator, Phillip          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Mattingly, Ricky Hart          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
Matzinger, J.D.   1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
May, Ben L./Myrtle Golaz          Anniversary          1963-03-29-pg07
May, Robert C., Rev.          Picture          1963-06-07-pg04
Mayers, Susie          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Mayfield, Larry          Picture          1963-03-29-pg10
McAlister, C.W., Mrs.          Picture          1963-03-29-pg10
McAlister, Charles          1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
McAnear, Linda          Picture          1963-04-05-pg04
McClung, Alvis Davis          Obituary          1963-09-06-pg14
McClung, Delores          Picture          1963-08-23-pg02
McClung, Dolores          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
McClung, Dolores          Picture          1963-05-17-pg08
McClung, Dolores          Picture          1963-05-24-pg16
McClung, Harold          1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
McClung, Tony          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
McCord, Freida          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
McCord, George E., Col.          Picture          1963-05-31-pg11
McCormick, Judy          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
McCurdy, Clyde          Obituary          1963-04-05-pg07
McCurdy, Fannie B.          Obituary          1963-11-08-pg06
McDow, Hugh          Picture          1963-03-29-pg09
McElhaney, Billy          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
McElhaney, Billy 'Iron Man'          Picture          1963-04-12-pg01
McGee, Earl   1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
McGee, Earl   1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
McGee, Earl   1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
McKaniel, Johnny Dean Birth          1963-09-20-pg02
McKeever, Dennis Wayne          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
McKinley, Linda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
McMains, Philip Stanley/Verna Loy Mason          Wedding          1963-08-02-pg10
McMurray, Randy          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
McNair, Denice          Picture          1963-04-12-pg07
McNeely, Clifton          Picture          1963-05-17-pg08
McNeely, Clifton          Picture          1963-08-23-pg08
McNeely, Mike          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
McNeely, Phil          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
McWilliams, Cynthia Kay          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
McWilliams, Gary Wayne          Birth          1963-08-30-pg11
McWilliams, Patricia          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Meador, Donna          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Meadors, Leland          Picture          1963-05-10-pg05
Meadows, Alice          Obituary          1963-02-01-pg04
Medden, Reishell          1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Meissner, Michael Maurice          Birth          1963-04-19-pg09
Meyers Chevrolet Building - Opening          Picture          1963-11-22-pg08
Meyers Chevrolet Building - Opening          Picture          1963-11-22-pg12
Meyers, Buck, Mrs.          Picture          1963-06-28-pg13
Meyers, Freddie          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Meyers, Freddie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
Meyers, H.F. 'Chief'          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Meyers, H.F. 'Chief', Sr.          Picture          1963-11-29-pg07
Meyers, H.F., Jr.          Picture          1963-03-29-pg10
Meyers, H.F., Jr.          Picture          1963-11-22-pg01
Meyers, H.F., Jr.          Picture          1963-11-29-pg07
Meyers, Howard          Picture          1963-05-31-pg01
Meyers, Howard          Picture          1963-08-30-pg01
Meyers, Howard          Picture          1963-10-04-pg08
Mier, Pam          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Mildred's Beauty Shop 1931 Picture          1963-05-03-pg02
Miller, Howard          Picture          1963-05-31-pg13
Miller, Hugh          Picture          1963-05-17-pg24
Miller, Joe David, Mrs.          Picture          1963-08-16-pg08
Miller, Joe David/Donna Lou Altom          Wedding          1963-07-05-pg08
Miller, Neal          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
Miller, Owen          Picture          1963-06-07-pg01
Miller, Stephen          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Miller, Steve          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Minor, Albert          1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Minor, Charlie          1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Mitchell, Bonnie O., Jr.          Picture          1963-11-22-pg20
Mitchell, Maida          Picture          1963-11-22-pg05
Mitchum, Mark, Mrs.          Obituary          1963-04-12-pg09
Molloy, Pat          Picture          1963-06-14-pg01
Molloy, Pat          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Molloy, Patsy          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Molloy, Shelley Renee          Birth          1963-02-15-pg08
Montford, Donald          Picture          1963-01-11-pg14
Montford, Donald          Picture          1963-10-11-pg13
Montgomery, Ben          Picture          1963-01-11-pg03
Montgomery, Ben Allen          Picture          1963-02-01-pg06
Montgomery, Ben Charles          Picture          1963-02-01-pg06
Montgomery, Ben F.          Picture          1963-02-01-pg06
Montgomery, Ben W.          Picture          1963-02-01-pg06
Montgomery, Clark          Picture          1963-05-03-pg03
Montgomery, L. Clark/Eva Sue Richardson          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg09
Montgomery, L. Clark/Sue Richardson          Wedding          1963-11-22-pg16
Montrief, May          Obituary          1963-07-12-pg01
Moody, Lee Alan          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Moody, Loreta          Picture          1963-11-22-pg03
Moody, Mitzi          Picture          1963-04-19-pg04
Mooney, Earl, Mrs.          Picture          1963-11-29-pg08
Mooney, Earl, Mrs.          Picture          1963-11-29-pg09
Mooney, Molly          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07
Moore, C.B.  1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Moore, Lacresia          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
Moore, Lacresia Gae  Birth          1963-03-01-pg11
Morin, James M./Martha Ladeen Garrett          Wedding          1963-12-06-pg07
Morris, Pamela          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Morris, Sandra/Billy Fred Walker          Wedding          1963-02-01-pg08
Morris, Sherri Gay          Birth          1963-05-31-pg15
Morris, Susie          Picture          1963-05-24-pg06
Morris, Susie          Picture          1963-08-30-pg12
Morris, Suzy          Picture          1963-12-27-pg06
Morrison, Fred, Mrs.          Picture          1963-11-22-pg18
Morrow, Cynthia Jill          Picture          1963-04-26-pg04
Morrow, Jerry          Picture          1963-10-18-pg09
Morrow, Paul          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Morrow, Paul          Picture          1963-06-14-pg16
Mortain, Don   1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Moser, Jeffery          Obituary          1963-11-15-pg14
Mote, Felix          Picture          1963-11-01-pg07
Motley, Richard L.          Picture          1963-01-18-pg11
Mott's Place Store 1923          1923 Picture          1963-02-08-pg04
Moyers, Sandy          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Muhlinghause, C.E.          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg07
Muhlinghause, Clint          Picture          1963-01-18-pg10
Muhlinghause, Clint          Picture          1963-05-31-pg14
Muhlinghause, Clint          Picture          1963-11-15-pg02
Muhlinghause, Melanie          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
Munn, Misha          Picture          1963-05-24-pg03
Murphy, Kieron          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Nall, Joseph Alexandra          Obituary          1963-08-16-pg12
Nantz, E.J.          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Naugle, Kay          Picture          1963-02-22-pg08
Neely, Archie          Picture          1963-01-04-pg01
Newby, Randall Neil   Birth          1963-06-14-pg04
Newquist, Barbara          Picture          1963-02-08-pg03
Newton, Louis          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Niblett, Don          Picture          1963-08-02-pg08
Niblett, Don/Earlene Hancock          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg09
Nikirk, Jackie          Picture          1963-08-16-pg13
Nimmo, Alfred          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Nimmo, Donald          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Nix, Gertrude          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Nobles, Ruby 1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Nobles, Victor          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Norris, Debra          Picture          1963-11-15-pg12
Norris, Donald          Picture          1963-03-08-pg03
Norris, Donald          Picture          1963-05-10-pg07
Norris, Donald          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Norris, Donald          Picture          1963-11-01-pg07
Oagle, Miss  1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Oates, Marcia          Picture          1963-11-15-pg10
O'Dell, Billy          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
O'Dell, Buddy          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
O'Dell, Carolyn          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
O'Dell, Debra Lynn          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
O'Dell, Glen          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
O'Dowd, Bill          Picture          1963-07-05-pg06
Offutt, Brenda          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Ogle, Shelton          Picture          1963-02-15-pg02
O'Kelley, Brett          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
O'Kelley, David          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
O'Kelley, Diane          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
O'Kelley, Elizabeth          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
O'Kelley, Lindy Jane          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
O'Kelley, Martha          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
O'Kelley, Rebecca Lea          Picture          1963-05-31-pg13
Oneal, Dayton          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Oneal, Dayton          Picture          1963-11-22-pg11
Oneal, Dayton, Mrs.          Picture          1963-04-12-pg10
Ownsbey, Bobby          Picture          1963-11-08-pg02
Padfield, Dean          Picture          1963-03-29-pg02
Padfield, Dean          Picture          1963-06-21-pg05
Padfield, Dean          Picture          1963-10-11-pg04
Padfield, Dean          Picture          1963-10-18-pg10
Padfield, Dean, Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-24-pg11
Painter, Maud 1914 Picture          1963-11-29-pg10
Pannell, Vickey          Picture          1963-12-20-pg03
Pannell, Vickie          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Parker, Judy          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Parkhill, Lillie Mae          Obituary          1963-01-04-pg04
Parrish, Dalton          Obituary          1963-07-12-pg16
Parrish, Teresa          Picture          1963-10-11-pg14
Parsons, Butch          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Parsons, Grady          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg01
Parsons, Joy          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Parsons, Michael Wayne          Birth          1963-05-31-pg15
Paschall, Jennie Lee          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Paschall, Jennie Lee          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Paschall, Jim B., Capt.          Picture          1963-05-31-pg11
Paschall, Sandra          Picture          1963-03-22-pg01
Pate, L.M.          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Pate, L.M., Jr.     1923 Picture          1963-02-08-pg04
Pate, L.M., Sr.     1923 Picture          1963-02-08-pg04
Payne, A.L.          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Payne, Juanita Pate          Picture          1963-06-14-pg07
Pemberton, Betty          Picture          1963-10-25-pg07
Pemberton, Betty          Picture          1963-11-01-pg06
Peninger, Eldon/Linda Reaves          Wedding          1963-02-01-pg04
Peninger, Eldon/Linda Reaves          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg02
Peninger, Eldon/Linda Reaves          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg02
Peninger, John          Picture          1963-02-22-pg07
Peninger, Lynn          Picture          1963-07-26-pg07
Peninger, Lynne          Picture          1963-05-10-pg06
Penion, Roy, Mrs.          Picture          1963-06-28-pg13
Pennartz, Clarence          Picture          1963-04-19-pg05
Pennartz, Clarence          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Pennington, Suzette          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Petty, Cecil/Florence Mae Weatherly          Wedding          1963-01-25-pg04
Petty, Ronny          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Petty, Sandra          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Petty, Sandra          Picture          1963-08-23-pg02
Petty, Sandra Cue/Roy Edward Roberts          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg08
Pewitt, Lottie          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Pewitt, Sharon DeAnn          Birth          1963-05-17-pg07
Peyton, John          Picture          1963-05-24-pg08
Phillips, C.D.          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Phillips, Kay          Picture          1963-02-15-pg07
Phillips, Pam          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Phillips, Robert P.          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg01
Phillips, Sheri Lynn          Birth          1963-04-19-pg05
Pierce, Belle          Obituary          1963-01-18-pg13
Pierce, H.O.          Picture          1963-07-05-pg07
Pierce, Phillip          Picture          1963-11-15-pg05
Pierce, Thomas Frazier          Obituary          1963-06-14-pg14
Pittman, Sharon Annette          Birth          1963-10-18-pg08
Pond, Raymond/Glenda Gae Gasaway          Wedding          1963-05-10-pg11
Poore, Callie          Picture          1963-04-26-pg09
Poore's Fountain          Picture          1963-02-22-pg11
Porter, Jim          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Porter, Jim          Picture          1963-05-10-pg06
Porter, Jim          Picture          1963-09-06-pg01
Poteet, Donnie          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Poteet, Georgie          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
Poteet, Kimberly          Picture          1963-05-17-pg06
Potts, Joe          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Potts, Robert          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Powell, Alton          Picture          1963-03-29-pg10
Power, Donna Joann          Birth          1963-01-04-pg03
Powers, Jack          Picture          1963-10-11-pg16
Price, Charlene          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Price, Gertrude          Picture          1963-11-15-pg13
Price, Orville          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Prine, Ora          Picture          1963-07-26-pg07
Raley, Leslie W./Mabeth Robertson          Wedding          1963-02-15-pg03
Raley, Timmy          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Ramsey, Billy Jack          Picture          1963-11-29-pg07
Ramsey, John 1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Raven, Roy Dan          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
Raven, Ruby 1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Ray, Becky          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
Ray, Bill          Picture          1963-10-04-pg06
Ray, Wilson          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Rayburn, Lloyd 1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Read, Carl, Jr.     1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Read, James Benjamin          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg07
Read, Robert          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Read, Rodney          Picture          1963-10-04-pg03
Reaves, Linda          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Reaves, Linda          Picture          1963-05-03-pg11
Reaves, Linda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Reaves, Linda/Eldon Peninger          Wedding          1963-02-01-pg04
Reaves, Linda/Eldon Peninger          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg02
Reaves, Linda/Eldon Peninger          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg02
Recer, Cynthia Katherine          Obituary          1963-12-13-pg07
Redding, Rex          Picture          1963-11-08-pg01
Redwine, Coy          Picture          1963-01-04-pg01
Redwine, James/Nellie Brewer          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg08
Reed, Alyeen          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Reed, Alyeen          1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Reed, Ed          Picture          1963-10-11-pg04
Reeves, Debra          Picture          1963-12-27-pg06
Reid, Ben          Obituary          1963-05-24-pg01
Reid, Ben E.          Obituary          1963-05-31-pg16
Reid, Ben, Jr.     1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Remmele, Carolyn          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Remmele, Carolyn Joy          Picture          1963-05-24-pg02
Remmele, Glenda          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Remmele, Sharon          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Rendon, Richard          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Rexall Drug Store          Picture          1963-02-22-pg11
Reynolds, Claudia          Picture          1963-09-27-pg12
Reynolds, H.M.          Picture          1963-03-29-pg09
Reynolds, Hollis, Mrs.          Picture          1963-06-28-pg13
Reynolds, James Michael          Birth          1963-04-05-pg02
Reynolds, Terry          Picture          1963-03-29-pg09
Rhine, Charles Bret   Birth          1963-08-30-pg10
Rhine, Eva Sue          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Richards, T.J.          Picture          1963-10-18-pg04
Richardson, Eva Sue/L. Clark Montgomery          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg09
Richardson, George, Mr. & Mrs.          Picture          1963-09-06-pg03
Richardson, Jack          Picture          1963-04-19-pg06
Richardson, Janice          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Richardson, Sue/L. Clark Montgomery          Wedding          1963-11-22-pg16
Riddle, Kyle L., Gen.          Picture          1963-06-07-pg05
Riding Club Arena          Picture          1963-09-06-pg06
Riggs, J.B.          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg10
Rike, Dorothy Faye 1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Roberts, Allen Webb          Obituary          1963-10-04-pg05
Roberts, C.H.          Obituary          1963-05-10-pg10
Roberts, E.L.          Picture          1963-01-04-pg01
Roberts, Eddie          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Roberts, Roy Edward/Sandra Cue Petty          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg08
Robertson, Mabeth/Leslie W. Raley          Wedding          1963-02-15-pg03
Robinson, Lamar          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Rogers, T.O., Mrs.          Obituary          1963-09-20-pg01
Rooney, Michele          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Rooney, Stan          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Ross, Bob          190? Picture          1963-03-08-pg08
Ross, Loyd          Picture          1963-01-04-pg01
Rowe, Ralph L., Jr./Evada Sue Giles          Wedding          1963-12-20-pg14
Rowetter, Harry          Picture          1963-11-08-pg01
Royston, Ralph L.          Picture          1963-09-06-pg11
Royston, Wilma          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Russell, F.P., Mrs., Johnson          Obituary          1963-11-29-pg10
Russell, Jane          Picture          1963-10-11-pg15
Russell, Sharon          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Rutherford, Bill          Picture          1963-06-07-pg01
Rutherford, Bruce          Picture          1963-04-05-pg04
Rutherford, Bruce          Picture          1963-05-24-pg16
Rutherford, Fran Hunter          Picture          1963-08-30-pg03
Rutherford, Paul          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Rutherford, W.B.          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Samples, Ralph          Obituary          1963-12-13-pg08
Sampson, H.H. 'Prof'          1920 Picture          1963-06-14-pg12
Sampson, H.H. 'Prof'          Picture          1963-07-12-pg03
Sams, R.L.          Picture          1963-05-03-pg09
Sams, Red          Picture          1963-07-12-pg05
Sanders, James B., Capt.          Picture          1963-08-02-pg03
Sanderson, Billie/Billy Burkett          Wedding          1963-05-10-pg10
Saunders, Clay          Picture          1963-01-04-pg01
Saunders, Clay          Picture          1963-06-21-pg10
Saunders, Clay          Picture          1963-06-28-pg03
Saunders, Delbert Hoyt          Obituary          1963-09-13-pg10
Saunders, Ronald          Picture          1963-12-20-pg13
Saunders, Sandra          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Savoy Café 1923          1923 Picture          1963-02-08-pg04
Scales, James          Obituary          1963-03-08-pg01
Schur, Donald Gilbert/Alice Davidson          Wedding          1963-08-23-pg03
Scott, Sherrie          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07
Scroggins, E.G., Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg12
Scroggins, Gary          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Scroggins, Helen          Picture          1963-05-03-pg01
Scroggins, Helen          Picture          1963-08-23-pg02
Scroggins, Helen          Picture          1963-10-25-pg07
Scroggins, Helen          Picture          1963-11-01-pg06
Scroggins, Helen          Picture          1963-11-15-pg05
Scroggins, Helen          Picture          1963-11-22-pg16
Scroggins, Kathy          Picture          1963-04-12-pg07
Scroggins, Randy          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Scroggins, Ricky          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Selz, Milton          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Sensibaugh, Ferd          1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Shabay, Pete  1913 Picture          1963-04-05-pg08
Shabay, Pete          Obituary          1963-01-04-pg04
Shannon, Peggy/Glenn G. Green          Wedding          1963-01-18-pg12
Shaw, Cletis J.          Picture          1963-10-11-pg11
Shawn, Arthur, Mrs.          Picture          1963-07-26-pg12
Shawn, Elmer          Picture          1963-06-14-pg05
Shawn, Kenneth Ray   Birth          1963-07-05-pg07
Shawn, Lenda Loreaz/Jimmie Lee          Wedding          1963-08-23-pg16
Shawn, Linda/Jimmie Lee          Wedding          1963-09-13-pg10
Shepherd, Joe M.          Picture          1963-03-01-pg09
Shepherd, Joe M.          Picture          1963-10-25-pg10
Shepherd, Joe M.          Picture          1963-10-25-pg14
Sheriff's Posse New Building          Picture          1963-03-15-pg09
Shipley, Melvin          1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Shipley, Melvin          Picture          1963-02-22-pg04
Shipley, Ola Mae          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Shipp, Norma          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Shown, Joe, Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-17-pg17
Sidowi, Joseph          Picture          1963-08-23-pg01
Sigler, Barbara          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Sigler, Barbara          Picture          1963-02-22-pg08
Simpson, Betty          Picture          1963-07-12-pg08
Simpson, Ida Estelle          Obituary          1963-01-25-pg09
Singelton, Ray   1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Singleton, C.B., Mrs.          1914 Picture          1963-11-29-pg10
Singleton, Ray          Picture          1963-01-18-pg08
Sipes, Danny          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Sisk, Kaye          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Sisk, Kaye          Picture          1963-06-21-pg05
Sisk, Linda          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Sisk, Sandra          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Sisk, Sandra          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Sivley, Robert          Picture          1963-08-30-pg06
Sivley, Robert          Picture          1963-09-06-pg08
Skinner, Madge          Obituary          1963-07-26-pg01
Slagle, Berta          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Slagle, Bill          1950 Picture          1963-09-06-pg13
Slagle, Bill          Picture          1963-11-29-pg07
Slagle, Cindy          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Slagle, Clem 1950 Picture          1963-09-06-pg13
Slagle, Mary Nell Hunter          Picture          1963-08-30-pg03
Slover, Henry          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Smetana, Joe          Picture          1963-10-25-pg08
Smith, A.N.          Obituary          1963-02-01-pg01
Smith, Billy Ralph/Mary Ellen Harris          Wedding          1963-01-25-pg11
Smith, Bryan          Picture          1963-05-17-pg04
Smith, Cathleen          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Smith, Christine          1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Smith, Ernestine          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Smith, Ernestine          Picture          1963-04-19-pg04
Smith, Ernestine          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Smith, Ethel          Picture          1963-05-10-pg01
Smith, Gloria Jean/Robert Dalton Laird, Jr.          Wedding          1963-11-22-pg15
Smith, J.K., Mrs.          Picture          1963-04-12-pg10
Smith, Joe          Picture          1963-05-17-pg02
Smith, Kathy          Picture          1963-10-11-pg14
Smith, Lavelle          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Smith, Nadine          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Smith, Ozelle          Picture          1963-05-10-pg04
Smith, Rodney          Picture          1963-04-26-pg01
Smith, Rodney          Picture          1963-08-02-pg07
Smith, Rodney          Picture          1963-12-13-pg01
Smith, Sharon          Picture          1963-05-31-pg03
Smith, Teresa          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Smith, William Edward          Obituary          1963-03-29-pg07
Soil Condervation Service Office Fire          Picture          1963-10-25-pg01
Speedof, W.F.          Picture          1963-08-16-pg11
Spencer, Thelma          Picture          1963-11-22-pg05
St. John, Dan          Picture          1963-09-06-pg14
St. John, Gregory          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
St. John, Gregory          Picture          1963-09-06-pg14
Stack, Shirley          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Stanford, Billy          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Stanford, Billy          Picture          1963-03-01-pg06
Stanford, Billy          Picture          1963-03-29-pg01
Star Garage          Picture          1963-06-14-pg05
Stark, Dell          Picture          1963-03-29-pg09
Starnes, Gale          Picture          1963-10-11-pg14
Starnes, Gayle          Picture          1963-04-12-pg07
Starnes, Martha          Picture          1963-07-12-pg14
Stearman, David          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Stephens, Coy Ann          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Stephens, Coy Ann          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Stephens, Stephanie          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Stephens, Stephanie          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Steuver, Myrtice          Picture          1963-09-06-pg05
Stewart, Arlie  1909 Picture          1963-10-25-pg13
Stewart, Nan   1909 Picture          1963-10-25-pg13
Stewart, Spurgeon          1909 Picture          1963-10-25-pg13
Stewart, Veanna/Danny Hartsell          Wedding          1963-01-11-pg14
Stewart, William Arlington          1909 Picture          1963-10-25-pg13
Stickler, Leonard/Karen Frances Jones          Wedding          1963-09-20-pg09
Still, Grace Wileman          Obituary          1963-04-19-pg03
Still, Velma Ruth  1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Stockton, Mike          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Stockton, Richard Leonard          Obituary          1963-09-20-pg01
Stogner, Linda          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Stokes, Barry Todd          Birth          1963-10-11-pg15
Stokes, Judy          Picture          1963-04-19-pg09
Story, Madge Elizabeth          Obituary          1963-02-15-pg08
Street, Elmer          Picture          1963-02-08-pg09
Strickland, Calvin          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Strickland, Orville Ray/Carol Francisa Supina          Wedding          1963-08-02-pg04
Strickland, Orville Ray/Carol Francisa Supina          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg09
Stroup, Viola          Picture          1963-08-02-pg03
Sublett, John William          Obituary          1963-07-26-pg09
Supina, Carol Francisa/Orville Ray Strickland          Wedding          1963-08-02-pg04
Supina, Carol Francisa/Orville Ray Strickland          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg09
Supina, Julia          Picture          1963-05-24-pg06
Supina, Julia          Picture          1963-08-30-pg12
Sutton, Ken          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Swain, Cliff          Picture          1963-11-08-pg06
Tackel, Chris          Picture          1963-12-20-pg04
Tackel, Pam          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
Tackel, Ruby Roper          1922 Picture          1963-08-23-pg11
Tally, John          Picture          1963-12-20-pg13
Tapp, Paul          Picture          1963-05-17-pg01
Tapp, Paul          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Taylor, Bob   1917 Picture          1963-06-14-pg09
Taylor, Phyllis          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07
Teague, Ted   1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Teague, W.A., Mrs.          Obituary          1963-01-04-pg02
Teague, Walter          1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Tendel, Z.T.          Picture          1963-08-16-pg07
Thetford, Sue Ann          Picture          1963-02-15-pg07
Thompkins, Freddy/Julie Albright          Wedding          1963-06-07-pg02
Thompkins, Freddy/Julie Albright          Wedding          1963-07-19-pg05
Thompkins, Pam          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
Thompson, Ann          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Thompson, Aubrey          Picture          1963-05-17-pg17
Thompson, Jack          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Thompson, Mattie          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Thompson, Paula          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Thompson, Stella          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Thompson, Stella          Picture          1963-07-05-pg03
Thompson, Yvonne          Picture          1963-05-24-pg20
Thornton, Andred          Picture          1963-12-20-pg15
Thornton, Barbara          Picture          1963-12-20-pg15
Thornton, Beth          Picture          1963-12-20-pg15
Tinney, Ola          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Tinney, Ona   1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Torres, DeWayne          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Torres, Tereasa          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Trailwinds Motel Opens          Picture          1963-06-28-pg01
Trailwinds Motel Opens          Picture          1963-06-28-pg03
Traister, Robert Charles          Picture          1963-06-07-pg03
Tribble, Donald R.          Picture          1963-09-27-pg06
Tucker, Laura          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Tucker, Laura          Picture          1963-05-24-pg11
Tucker, Ralph          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Tucker, Sam, Mrs.          Picture          1963-07-05-pg01
Tucker, Tina          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Tunnell, Eva   1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Turner, Opal  1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Upperman, Max   1930 Picture          1963-11-15-pg06
Van Hoose, Dale          Picture          1963-12-13-pg01
Van Hoose, Travis          Picture          1963-05-24-pg15
Van Horn, Ted Kelley          Birth          1963-02-15-pg11
Vaught, E.L.          Picture          1963-08-02-pg11
Verley, Mabel          Obituary          1963-09-06-pg11
Verner, Danny/Marian Carol Burress          Wedding          1963-06-21-pg13
Verner, Sharon          Picture          1963-05-24-pg09
Vest, Sharon          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Vickers, Joe          Picture          1963-11-15-pg01
Vickers, Karol Linda          Birth          1963-07-26-pg06
Vickers, Samuel Joseph, Sr.          Obituary          1963-07-05-pg08
Vidal, Vicki          Picture          1963-02-15-pg12
Vidal, Vicki          Picture          1963-05-17-pg12
Vidal, Vicki          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Vidal, Vicki          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Vinson, Jackie          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
Vinson, Johnny          Picture          1963-03-29-pg10
Vinson, Johnny, II          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
W.A. Brown Grocery          1920 Picture          1963-04-19-pg11
Waldrep, Joe Keith/Betty Deatherage          Wedding          1963-08-23-pg15
Walker, B.W.          Obituary          1963-01-25-pg08
Walker, Billy Fred/Sandra Morris          Wedding          1963-02-01-pg08
Walker, George W.          Obituary          1963-06-21-pg14
Walker, John W., Mr. & Mrs.          Anniversary          1963-07-05-pg01
Walker, Leonard          Picture          1963-06-21-pg11
Walker, Lois  1927 Picture          1963-11-15-pg09
Walker, Mary          Picture          1963-08-02-pg03
Wang, Merle          Picture          1963-03-29-pg08
Wang, Merle          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
Ward, Earl, Jr.     1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Ward, Hazel          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Ward, Jewel          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Ward, Jewell          1910 Picture          1963-12-20-pg05
Warden, Betty          Picture          1963-08-16-pg07
Warlow, Hubert          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Warner, David          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Warren, Rupert          1913 Picture          1963-04-05-pg08
Watkins, Bobby          Picture          1963-04-05-pg01
Watkins, Bobby          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Watkins, Eddie          Picture          1963-03-01-pg01
Watkins, Eddie          Picture          1963-03-01-pg06
Watts, Kristi Lynnette          Birth          1963-01-11-pg01
Weatherly, Florence Mae/Cecil Petty          Wedding          1963-01-25-pg04
Weatherly, Johnny          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Wedemeyer, Bill          Picture          1963-02-15-pg06
Wembley, Tisha          Obituary          1963-06-14-pg15
West, Charles          Picture          1963-10-11-pg08
West, Charles          Picture          1963-11-29-pg07
White, Buddy Wayne          Picture          1963-07-19-pg01
White, Darwin Lee          Birth          1963-07-12-pg11
White, Donna          Picture          1963-02-15-pg03
White, John F.          Picture          1963-01-18-pg11
White, Sandra Kay          Obituary          1963-07-26-pg09
White, Sarah E.          Obituary          1963-11-01-pg05
Whitehead, D.B., Dr.          Picture          1963-06-14-pg10
Whitehead, D.B., Dr.          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Whitehead, D.B., Dr.          Picture          1963-10-25-pg16
Whitehead, Kim          Picture          1963-12-06-pg20
Whitehead, Kimberly Ann   Birth          1963-02-22-pg03
Whitehead, Kimberly Ann          Picture          1963-10-25-pg03
Whitehead, Sherry          Picture          1963-02-22-pg01
Whitehead, Sherry          Picture          1963-02-22-pg05
Whitehead, Sherry          Picture          1963-05-24-pg06
Whitehead, Sherry          Picture          1963-08-30-pg12
Whitney, Tammy Sue          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
Whitney, Vicki Lynell          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
Whitten, Earl   1927 Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Widlake, Kathy          Picture          1963-02-22-pg08
Wigley, Ted, Mrs.          Picture          1963-11-15-pg01
Wilderson, Leon          Picture          1963-06-07-pg01
Wilderson, Michaeleon          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Wiley, Cheryl          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07
Wiley, Glenda          Picture          1963-12-27-pg06
Wiley, Rhonda          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07
Wilhite, Dena          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Wilkerson, Leilana          Picture          1963-04-19-pg09
Wilkerson, Leon          Picture          1963-02-15-pg06
Wilkerson, Leon          Picture          1963-03-01-pg10
Wilkerson, Leon          Picture          1963-06-21-pg12
Wilkinson, R.L., Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg12
Wilkinson, Rick          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Willard Gentry's Humble Station          Picture          1963-01-11-pg01
Williams, O'Day          Picture          1963-05-24-pg18
Willman, Zena          Picture          1963-11-01-pg04
Wilson, Geneva          1903 Picture          1963-03-29-pg04
Wilson, Ola/K.O. Goode          Wedding          1963-05-31-pg14
Winder, Karen          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Winder, Marcus          Picture          1963-07-19-pg01
Winder, Michelle          Picture          1963-05-17-pg05
Winder, Sharon Kathleen/Bill Omer Bilderback          Wedding          1963-08-30-pg04
Wise County Park clearing          Picture          1963-06-28-pg03
Wise County Park Cove          Picture          1963-06-28-pg16
Wise County Park Peninsula          Picture          1963-06-28-pg14
Wood, Charles          Picture          1963-08-16-pg03
Wood, Charles          Picture          1963-08-16-pg06
Wood, David Alexander          Obituary          1963-11-22-pg14
Wood, Irene          Picture          1963-08-02-pg03
Wood, Lloyd          Picture          1963-03-29-pg02
Wood, Lloyd          Picture          1963-06-21-pg08
Wood, Lloyd, Mrs.          Picture          1963-04-12-pg10
Wood, Madge          Picture          1963-08-02-pg03
Wood, Ruth          Picture          1963-08-16-pg03
Wood, Wilson R., Col.          Picture          1963-06-28-pg07
Woodruff, W.B.          Picture          1963-11-15-pg01
Woods, Jimmy          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Woodward, Ruth          1921 Picture          1963-05-24-pg05
Woolaver, Joe          Obituary          1963-03-01-pg02
Workman, Charles Calvin          Obituary          1963-11-22-pg05
Workman, Debbie          Picture          1963-05-31-pg09
Worthington, Rena Counts          Picture          1963-11-29-pg03
Wren, Stephanie          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07
Wright, Eric          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
Wright, H.L.          Picture          1963-04-12-pg05
Wright, H.L.          Picture          1963-11-08-pg04
Wright, Steve          Picture          1963-05-03-pg05
Yale, Steve          Obituary          1963-08-16-pg01
York, Roscoe          Picture          1963-05-03-pg09
Young, Barbara          Picture          1963-04-12-pg06
Young, Bob, Mrs.          Picture          1963-05-10-pg12
Young, Charles Howell/Linda Rae Ferguson          Wedding          1963-07-26-pg10
Young, Patsy          Picture          1963-05-24-pg14
Young, Sara          Picture          1963-12-20-pg07