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Wise County, Texas
1964 - Names Index

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682 Pages were Photographed - All papers were found, but some second sections may be missing
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
6 Inch Snow                Picture                1964-01-24-pg08
Acme Brick Plant       Picture                1964-07-10-pg01
Adams, Beverly  Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Adams, J.S.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg08
Adams, Karen     Picture                1964-07-03-pg04
Adams, Margaret                Picture                1964-10-02-pg15
Addison, Scotty    Picture                1964-12-04-pg01
Akins, Glenelle/Donald Gene Hendrix  Wedding                1964-12-11-pg13
Albrittion, Doris      1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Albritton, Addie May            1930 Picture    1964-06-19-pg09
Albritton, T.H.?      1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Alexander, Parker     Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Allen, Dale                Picture                1964-10-02-pg08
Allen, E.D., Rev.        Obituary                1964-07-10-pg06
Allison, Helen Laverne/Floyd Allen Davis                Wedding                1964-03-20-pg12
Anderson, Audrey  Picture                1964-02-21-pg07
Anderson, Jennie     190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Anderson, Tom        190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Armes, Vera        Picture                1964-05-15-pg09
Armstrong, Elonda    Picture                1964-01-17-pg12
Armstrong, Porter     1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Arnold Family of Wilma's Coin-O-Matic Laundry                Picture                1964-07-03-pg01
Arthur, Regina    Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Arwine, William Issac 'Ike'                Obituary                1964-08-28-pg08
Atkinson, J.T.          Picture                1964-05-15-pg14
Atkinson, Warren   1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Babbitt, Sid                Picture                1964-11-13-pg15
Bailey, Sally Anderson                Obituary                1964-12-11-pg15
Baker, Linda      Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Baldridge, V.E.         Picture                1964-12-11-pg06
Banks, Buddy    1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Hattie     1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Luther    1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Nora       1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Ruth Pierce                Obituary                1964-08-14-pg06
Barksdale, Carl         Picture                1964-02-28-pg08
Barksdale, Carl         Picture                1964-11-20-pg08
Barnett, Albert     190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Barnett, Bennie    Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Barnett, Bill                Picture                1964-11-20-pg12
Barnett, Charles Keith/Avis Adelle Murrell                Wedding                1964-04-24-pg09
Barnett, John L., Jr./Betty Jean Ivy          Wedding                1964-10-09-pg07
Barnett, John L., Jr./Betty Jean Ivy          Wedding                1964-10-16-pg08
Barnett, John Monroe                Obituary                1964-06-26-pg03
Barnsley, Bill          Obituary                1964-10-23-pg01
Barnsley, William A.                Obituary                1964-10-23-pg11
Barrett, Bessie    190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Bass, Maud                Obituary                1964-04-24-pg10
Bays, Harold    Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Bean, George Shannon  Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Beard, E.P.                Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Bearden, J.C.          1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Bearden, Terrell Opal                Obituary                1964-12-11-pg15
Beeson, Edd         1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Beeson, Glenda    Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Beeson, Glenda Kay/Joe Edward Smith                Wedding                1964-05-08-pg09
Beeson, Glenda Kay/Joe Edward Smith                Wedding                1964-06-19-pg05
Beeson, Norma    Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Beeson, Ona         Obituary                1964-02-07-pg06
Bell, James                Picture                1964-12-04-pg01
Bell, John, Lt.Col.    Picture                1964-04-17-pg12
Bennett, Karene   Picture                1964-07-17-pg04
Berry, J.D.                Picture                1964-08-28-pg04
Berry, Linda/Gary Wayne Potts       Wedding                1964-03-06-pg04
Best, Betty                Picture                1964-01-03-pg12
Beville, Lola Adams                Obituary                1964-12-04-pg05
Bilberry, Roy, Mrs.                Picture                1964-06-19-pg01
Billington, Don        Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Billington, Louise    Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Bingham, Elbert Thurman                Obituary                1964-02-21-pg07
Bingham, Elsie        1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Bird, Mary                Picture                1964-10-30-pg01
Black, Edward   Picture                1964-12-25-pg19
Black, Helen      Picture                1964-12-25-pg19
Black, Sam J., S/Sgt. Picture                1964-09-11-pg04
Blackford, Ed           1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Blackford, Edd         1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Blackford, Webster 1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Boaz Store remodeled into Corner Drug       Picture                1964-08-14-pg01
Boner, Mary      Picture                1964-11-06-pg04
Boner, Mary      Picture                1964-11-20-pg11
Boon, Annie     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Boon, Lattie      1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Boon, Lizzie                1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Boon, Lizzie                1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Boon, Lizzie                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Boon, Lottie      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Boon, Ray                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Boone, Annie     1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Danny L., Rev.                Picture                1964-03-27-pg03
Boone, Lattie      1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Lizzie      1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Nettie     1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Ozell       1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Ray                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Boonsville Commuity Center Building Picture                1964-09-11-pg03
Boonsville Open Are Pavillion Building Picture                1964-09-11-pg03
Boorhem, Bill          Picture                1964-01-03-pg01
Booth, John       Picture                1964-10-09-pg07
Boren, Ken                Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Boren, Kenneth Picture                1964-09-11-pg10
Bost, R.E., Mrs.        Obituary                1964-05-15-pg08
Boswell, Daniel Dean          Birth                1964-07-10-pg11
Boswell, J.T.          Picture                1964-07-03-pg08
Boulware, Larry       Picture                1964-03-27-pg06
Boulware, Virginia  Picture                1964-05-29-pg10
Boulware, Virginia  Picture                1964-08-28-pg07
Boulware, Virginia  Picture                1964-09-04-pg01
Boyd, Charles   Picture                1964-09-25-pg01
Brackett, Jack        Picture                1964-09-04-pg03
Bradley, Nolan     Picture                1964-11-20-pg12
Bradley, Tanya     Picture                1964-01-10-pg12
Bradley, Vivain     Picture                1964-02-21-pg07
Brady, A.                Picture                1964-09-18-pg01
Bratcher, Bill          Picture                1964-10-16-pg05
Brazier, J.H.                Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Brenkus, Regis Edward/Amyana Kaker      Wedding                1964-10-02-pg02
Brewer, Esther     1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Brewer, Esther     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Brewer, Pearl       1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Brewer, Pearl       1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Brewer, Wilburn 1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Brewer, Wilburn 1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Brewer, Wilburn 1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Bridgeport Coal Company's Deer Shaft No.2             19?? Picture    1964-03-13-pg02
Bridgeport Elementary Boys Basketball Team                Picture                1964-03-13-pg01
Bridgeport Future Farmers Officers  Picture                1964-05-08-pg09
Bridgeport High School Band                Picture                1964-11-13-pg07
Bridgeport High School Basketball B Team                Picture                1964-12-25-pg12
Bridgeport High School Football Team      Picture                1964-09-04-pg06
Bridgeport High School Junior Class 1933             1933 Picture    1964-02-14-pg06
Bridgeport Junior High Band Members                Picture                1964-04-10-pg12
Bridgeport Library Moves to Lion's Hall                Event                1964-08-21-pg08
Bridgeport Recreation Center Building construction                Picture                1964-04-24-pg02
Bridgeport School Cafeteria Lunchroom Cooks                Picture                1964-03-06-pg07
Bridgeport Second Grade Class 1930        1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Bridgeport Seventh Grade Football Team                Picture                1964-11-20-pg01
Bridgeport Varsity Basketball Team      Picture                1964-12-11-pg01
Bridgeport, Junior High Football Team      Picture                1964-11-27-pg05
Bridgeport's Main Street at Night                Picture                1964-08-21-pg03
Bridwell, Douglas Picture                1964-01-24-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan    Picture                1964-02-21-pg04
Bridwell, Harlan    Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Briscoe, R.W.       Picture                1964-10-16-pg19
Brock, L.A., Mrs.        1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Brock, L.A., Mrs.        1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Brookins, J.K.         Picture                1964-08-28-pg04
Brooks Motor Co., Chico                Picture                1964-11-27-pg04
Brooks, Appliance Co., Chico                Picture                1964-11-27-pg04
Brooks, Melodye Toniett  Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Brooks, Tommy William    Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Broom, Jim                Picture                1964-10-09-pg06
Brown, Alfred/Berta Mae Slagle     Wedding                1964-05-01-pg18
Brown, Alfred/Berta Mae Slagle     Wedding                1964-06-26-pg08
Brown, Carolyn  Picture                1964-01-31-pg11
Brown, Carolyn  Picture                1964-05-22-pg03
Brown, Cindy     Picture                1964-12-25-pg18
Brown, Foy, Mrs.                Obituary                1964-08-21-pg01
Brown, Guy,Sr., Mrs.                Picture                1964-11-06-pg01
Brown, John Clinton         Birth                1964-11-27-pg02
Brown, O. Ray         Picture                1964-01-17-pg01
Brown, O. Ray         Picture                1964-09-25-pg07
Brown, Rickanna                Picture                1964-03-27-pg08
Brown, Stephenia Ann                Picture                1964-12-04-pg10
Brown, Tommy   Picture                1964-11-20-pg12
Browning, Cheryl Annette                Picture                1964-03-27-pg08
Browning, Cheryl Annette                Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Brummell, Nancy    Picture                1964-08-14-pg01
Bryant, Harlan    Picture                1964-08-28-pg01
Bryant, Michael  Birth                1964-07-10-pg11
Buchanan, Clifford   Picture                1964-11-06-pg04
Buchanan, Clifford   Picture                1964-12-18-pg06
Bullard, J.B.                Picture                1964-08-21-pg12
Bullard, J.B.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg08
Bumpas, Fronia     Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Bunnell, Donald   Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Burgin, Kathy     Picture                1964-05-29-pg10
Burgin, Kathy     Picture                1964-08-28-pg07
Burgin, Kathy     Picture                1964-09-04-pg01
Burgin, Kathy     Picture                1964-10-30-pg01
Burkick, Billey Ray              Birth                1964-06-05-pg08
Burlingame, Mark       Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Burnett, Opal        1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Burnett, Orville    1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Burnett, Orville    1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Burnney, Luther    Picture                1964-05-22-pg01
Burns, Barbara  Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Burress, Lela         1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Burris, Ben                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Burris, Frank      1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Burris, Joe                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Burt, John E., Jr.       Picture                1964-03-27-pg07
Burt, John, III            Picture                1964-12-11-pg12
Burt, John, Mr.&Mrs.                Picture                1964-03-27-pg12
Bush, George and Family                Picture                1964-08-28-pg05
Bush, Melvin   Picture                1964-10-02-pg15
Bush, Melvin   Picture                1964-10-23-pg10
Butram, A.V.        1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Butram, A.V.        Picture                1964-08-28-pg12
Butram, A.V.        Picture                1964-11-13-pg03
Butram, A.V.        Picture                1964-11-20-pg03
Butram, Mary Lou                Picture                1964-08-28-pg12
Butram's New Furniture Store - drawing of plan                Picture                1964-06-05-pg10
Butram's New Furniture Store Grand Opening                Picture                1964-11-13-pg01
Byars, Terri Lynn       Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Byrd, Amos                Picture                1964-11-20-pg06
Byrd, Charles   Picture                1964-11-20-pg06
Campbell, Ada        1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Campbell, Beatrice  1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Campbell, Beatrice  1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Campbell, Beatrice  1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Campbell, Elmer      1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Campbell, Jeanie     Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Campbell, John       1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Campbell, Johnnie  1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Campbell, Linda      Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Campbell, Stan        Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Campbell, Tim         Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Campbell, Willie      1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Campbell, Willie      1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Campsey, Carol       Picture                1964-08-28-pg09
Campsey, Kathy     Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Canova, Joanna   Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Canova, Judith     Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Cantrell, Cloma/Joseph Evans                Wedding                1964-11-27-pg05
Cantrell, Jimmy     Picture                1964-11-27-pg03
Cantrell, Johnny   Picture                1964-11-27-pg03
Cantrell, Nadine   Picture                1964-01-31-pg12
Cantrell, Sheri       Picture                1964-01-10-pg12
Cantrell, Sheri       Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Cantrell, Sherry    Picture                1964-11-27-pg03
Cantrell, Wesley/Nadine Smith                Wedding                1964-01-03-pg08
Carlson & Cradduck Construction Company                Picture                1964-04-24-pg05
Carlton, Lynda     Picture                1964-01-17-pg12
Carlton, Terry      Picture                1964-10-02-pg07
Carpender, Vernon   1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Carpenter, Jennge   Picture                1964-01-17-pg12
Carpenter, Jim          Picture                1964-11-06-pg04
Carpenter, Jimmy     Picture                1964-03-27-pg10
Carpenter, Paul        Picture                1964-03-13-pg06
Carpenter, Paul        Picture                1964-04-03-pg01
Carpenter, Paul        Picture                1964-05-15-pg13
Carpenter, Paul        Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Carr, Jayanna Picture                1964-07-24-pg07
Carr, Jayanna Picture                1964-10-23-pg11
Carr, Jayanna Picture                1964-11-06-pg10
Carr, John W.           Picture                1964-04-10-pg05
Caruthers, Guinn     1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Caruthers, Idia         1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Caruthers, Leland    1945 Picture                1964-10-09-pg14
Caruthers, Stanley   1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Caruthers, Stanley   1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Caruthers, Stanley   1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Caruthers, Stanley   1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Caruthers, Stanley   1945 Picture                1964-10-09-pg14
Caruthers, Wayne   1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Caruthers, Wayne   1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Caruthers, Wayne   1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Cary, Pearl                1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Cash, Ellisa Rae         Birth                1964-07-10-pg11
Castleberry, Bob         Picture                1964-10-02-pg07
Caton, Jim                Picture                1964-02-07-pg01
Cauthers, Clifford   1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Cayce, Brandi    Picture                1964-03-27-pg08
Chapman, Ermal      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Chapmand, Janett Lee              Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Chevront, Ted         Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Chico First Baptist Church Building Picture                1964-11-27-pg04
Chico High School Building                Picture                1964-11-27-pg04
Chico Square - East Side                Picture                1964-11-27-pg04
Chico Square - South Side                Picture                1964-11-27-pg04
Childers, Linda      Picture                1964-05-29-pg10
Childers, Linda      Picture                1964-08-28-pg07
Childers, Linda      Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Childers, Linda      Picture                1964-09-04-pg01
Childres, Linda      Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Chilton, J.P.                1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Chilton, Sambo    1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Church of the Nazarene, Bridgeport, Members                Picture                1964-07-03-pg05
Church, Sharon   Picture                1964-08-28-pg09
Clay, Bobby    1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Clayton, Floyd, Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1964-09-25-pg07
Clemans, Bobby    Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Clemans, Charles   Picture                1964-10-02-pg08
Clemans, Charles   Picture                1964-10-16-pg18
Clements, Clemo     Picture                1964-02-21-pg05
Cliff, Maud                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Coale, Kent                Picture                1964-10-02-pg05
Coale, Kent 'Tres', III Picture                1964-10-02-pg05
Cobb, Ollie                1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Coble, David Emmett                Obituary                1964-06-05-pg06
Coffee, Cheryle  Picture                1964-05-22-pg01
Coffee, Cheryle  Picture                1964-05-29-pg09
Coffee, E.R.                Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Coffer, Connie   Picture                1964-10-23-pg05
Coffer, Marla Kaye           Birth                1964-06-05-pg08
Coffman, Faye       1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Cole, Paul                Picture                1964-11-20-pg12
Coleman, Akard     1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Coleman, Arkard    1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Coleman, Dallas     1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Coleman, Dallas     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Coleman, Lee          1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Coleman, Lee          1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Coleman, Lee          1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Coleman, Maggie  1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Coleman, Maggie  1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Coleman, Molly     1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Coleman, Molly     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Coleman, Sonny    Picture                1964-11-20-pg12
Coleman, T.L.         Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Coleman, W.S.       1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Coltharp, Roger L. Picture                1964-03-20-pg04
Connally, John, Gov.                Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Connally, John, Gov.                Picture                1964-05-01-pg06
Cook, Kenneth Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Cook, Kenneth Picture                1964-02-21-pg03
Cook, Lestie 'Bill'             1926 Picture    1964-10-23-pg07
Cook, T.F.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg11
Cook, T.F.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg18
Cook, Vicki                Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Cook, Vicki                Picture                1964-02-28-pg04
Cook, Vicki                Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Corse, George   Picture                1964-07-31-pg09
Corse, George   Picture                1964-09-25-pg01
Corse, George   Picture                1964-10-02-pg03
Corse, George   Picture                1964-10-09-pg01
Corse, George, Jr.                Picture                1964-09-18-pg13
Cotten, James     Picture                1964-03-27-pg01
Cotton Compress in Bridgeport             1910 Picture    1964-07-10-pg06
Cotton, James     Picture                1964-02-21-pg01
Cotton, James     Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Coultom, Don        1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Counts, Ione        1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Coursey, Billy/Tina Smith                Wedding                1964-09-18-pg04
Coursey, Calvin     Picture                1964-05-15-pg12
Coursey, Sarah Frances                Obituary                1964-12-04-pg01
Coursey, Travis     Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Cowling, Ed                Picture                1964-02-07-pg06
Cowling, Ed                Picture                1964-10-30-pg01
Cowling, Harriott  Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Cowling, Harriott  Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Cox, Freddie May         1930 Picture    1964-06-19-pg09
Cox, Jack                Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Cox, Janet                Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Cox, Jerry                Picture                1964-04-10-pg01
Cox, Jerry                Picture                1964-09-25-pg11
Cox, Kellie Darlene  Birth                1964-02-07-pg09
Cox, Laura                Picture                1964-09-18-pg10
Cox, Laura                Picture                1964-10-30-pg01
Cox, Loura                Picture                1964-09-11-pg01
Crane, Margaret                Picture                1964-08-28-pg09
Cranford, Weldon, Mrs.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg13
Crawford, John W. Obituary                1964-03-27-pg05
Crawford, Otis         Picture                1964-05-22-pg07
Crawford, Pat          Picture                1964-02-21-pg06
Crawford, Walter - House                Picture                1964-02-28-pg01
Creighton, Tom        Picture                1964-03-27-pg01
Crissey, Julia John, Mrs./Dr. Joe E. Moose                Wedding                1964-01-03-pg11
Cromwell, David/Mary Pierce                Wedding                1964-12-04-pg05
Crushers, Inc. Opening                Picture                1964-01-03-pg01
Culpepper, Debra     Picture                1964-02-21-pg01
Culpepper, Debra     Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Cunnius, George   Picture                1964-08-21-pg12
Cunnius, George   Picture                1964-10-16-pg18
Currie, Stuart D., Dr.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg19
Curry, Hattie     1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Curry, Hatty      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Curry, Myrtle    1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Curry, Myrtle    1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Curry, Myrtle    1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Dale, Edmond Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Dale, Walter    Picture                1964-10-16-pg15
Dansby, Melvin   Picture                1964-03-27-pg01
Dansby, Melvin   Picture                1964-10-16-pg12
Darby, James Royce         Birth                1964-12-11-pg13
Davidson, Donald   1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Davidson, Sonny Boy            1930 Picture    1964-06-19-pg09
Davis, Beckie    1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Davis, Chrystal Denice    Birth                1964-06-05-pg08
Davis, Floyd Allen/Helen Laverne Allison                Wedding                1964-03-20-pg12
Davis, Geneva   1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Davis, Larry       Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Davis, Ruby      1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Davis, Sam                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Dawkins, Gary        Picture                1964-02-21-pg06
Dawkins, Gary        Picture                1964-04-10-pg12
Dawkins, Gary        Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Deatherage, Leslie Allen                Picture                1964-03-27-pg08
Deatherage, Orbin      1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Deatherage, Wayne   1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
DeCraene, M.L.        Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Denmark, Kenneth Picture                1964-07-17-pg05
Denmark, Kenneth Picture                1964-09-25-pg09
Dennis, James     Picture                1964-02-21-pg04
Dentler, H.J.         Picture                1964-08-28-pg04
Denton, Pat                Picture                1964-03-27-pg03
Denton, Pat                Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Denton, Paula      Picture                1964-09-11-pg01
Denton, Paula      Picture                1964-09-18-pg10
Denton, Sharon   Picture                1964-05-15-pg01
Denton, Sharon   Picture                1964-05-29-pg01
Denton, Sharon   Picture                1964-05-29-pg11
Denton, Sharon   Picture                1964-05-29-pg14
Denton, Sharon   Picture                1964-05-29-pg15
Denton, Sharon   Picture                1964-06-05-pg09
Denton, Sharon   Picture                1964-07-24-pg01
Denton, Sharon Ruth                Picture                1964-10-23-pg05
Dethloff, Edna       1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Dethloff, Hattie     1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Dethloff, Jess        Obituary                1964-07-24-pg07
Devila, Trinda    Picture                1964-02-14-pg01
Devil's Den, Lake Bridgeport    190? Picture    1964-02-07-pg03
Dichner, Frances  Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Dickenson, Bettye    Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Dickenson, Bettye    Picture                1964-07-17-pg07
Dickenson, Gary        Picture                1964-10-23-pg11
Dickinson, Bobbie   Picture                1964-12-25-pg19
Dickinson, Maud     Obituary                1964-05-15-pg09
Dickinson, Vanda     Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Dickson, Wanda   Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Dill, Sally       Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Dorricott, Herbert   Picture                1964-08-28-pg01
Doty, Donna    Picture                1964-02-21-pg07
Douglas, C.W.       Picture                1964-08-28-pg04
Downs, Inez         1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Draughon, G.E          Picture                1964-10-16-pg03
Ducan, Sharon Diane        Birth                1964-05-22-pg08
Dugan, Nancy    Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Dugan, Nancy    Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Dugan, Nancy    Picture                1964-05-22-pg03
Dukes, Joe, Rev.        Picture                1964-04-10-pg12
Dunaway, Dorman H.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg15
Dunnam, Gary        Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Dutton, Ronnie   Picture                1964-02-21-pg06
Early, Catherine                Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Early, David     Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Early, Kenneth W.                Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Easley, Frank      Obituary                1964-03-20-pg09
Easley, George   1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Easley, George   1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Easley, Gladys    1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Easley, Lottie      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
East Mound School Group 1912        1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
East View Apartment Construction - Bridgeport                Picture                1964-10-30-pg03
Eaton, D.F.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg17
Edwards, J.O.         Picture                1964-03-13-pg08
Elaine Penion    Picture                1964-07-03-pg08
Elder, Grady     1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Elder, Notie                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Eldridge, Linda      Picture                1964-11-27-pg09
Elliott, Jess                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Elmore, Ita                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Elmore, Minnie   1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Elmore, Tillie       1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
England, Terry      Picture                1964-11-06-pg04
England, Terry      Picture                1964-11-20-pg11
Erick, Zina                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Erwin, Daughter of Sammy                Birth                1964-07-10-pg08
Erwin, Scotty    Picture                1964-07-17-pg09
Ethridge, J.W./Kay Phillips                Wedding                1964-11-20-pg04
Eudaly, Dortha    Picture                1964-03-13-pg08
Evans, Joe                Picture                1964-11-27-pg03
Evans, Joseph/Cloma Cantrell                Wedding                1964-11-27-pg05
Evans, Micki      Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Everett, Nanette  1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Everetts, Dianna   Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Ewing, Morris B.                Picture                1964-12-18-pg01
Faith, H.P.                Picture                1964-07-24-pg11
Fenner, Olen        Picture                1964-05-01-pg05
Fenner, Olen        Picture                1964-12-25-pg20
Ferguson, John R., Rev.         1945 Picture    1964-10-09-pg14
Fisher, Ethel       1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Fisher, Ethel       1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Fisher, Lena       Obituary                1964-08-28-pg12
Fisher, Mae                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Fisher, Mae                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Fisher, May                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Fisher, Reuben  1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Fisher, Reuben  1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Fisher, Rob                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Fisher, Rubin     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Fitzgerald, Paula      Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Fleming, Jerry Lynn/Glenda Sue Nelson   Wedding                1964-07-31-pg02
Fletcher, Jeanne    Picture                1964-02-07-pg01
Fletcher, Jeannie   Picture                1964-02-21-pg06
Flores, Alcadio 'Mr. Flowers'                Picture                1964-07-24-pg10
Flowers, June        Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Fogle, Maggie  1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Foote, Oliver, Jr.               1930 Picture    1964-06-19-pg09
Ford, Cindy                Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Ford, Cindy                Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Ford, Cindy                Picture                1964-09-11-pg01
Ford, Cindy                Picture                1964-09-18-pg10
Ford, Jimmy                Picture                1964-04-24-pg12
Foreman, Dennis C./Jerry Paulette Gilliland                Wedding                1964-01-17-pg09
Foster, Klent Wayne        Birth                1964-11-13-pg08
Fox, Mary      Picture                1964-07-24-pg11
Frederick, Jewell Fay              1930 Picture    1964-06-19-pg09
Freeman, Orville    Picture                1964-02-21-pg04
Frost, Earl                Picture                1964-11-06-pg06
Fry, Annie     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Fry, Jesse      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Fulbright, W.J.        Picture                1964-05-22-pg01
Funchess, Ruby      1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Funk, Mark                Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Funk, Owen, Mrs.                Picture                1964-11-06-pg01
Fuqua, Ruby      1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Gabriel, F.J., Father     Picture                1964-10-09-pg04
Gage, Joe                Picture                1964-12-18-pg06
Garcia, Sammy   Picture                1964-06-19-pg01
Garcia, Sammy   Picture                1964-12-04-pg01
Garrett, Gay                Picture                1964-11-06-pg04
Garrett, Marvin   Picture                1964-06-19-pg01
Garrett, Sammy   Picture                1964-11-13-pg05
Garrison, Jim          Picture                1964-04-24-pg06
Garrison, Jim          Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Gearden, Haskell   1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Geer, Connie   Picture                1964-08-28-pg09
Gentry, Don        Picture                1964-02-28-pg09
Gentry, Don        Picture                1964-10-02-pg12
Gentry, Don        Picture                1964-10-09-pg06
Gentry, Roy B.            Obituary                1964-10-23-pg01
Gentry, Roy B.            Obituary                1964-10-23-pg11
George, Amy       Picture                1964-08-07-pg03
German, Earline    Picture                1964-09-11-pg01
German, Earline    Picture                1964-09-18-pg10
German, Mike       Picture                1964-11-27-pg01
Geron, Billy                Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Ghost, Vera                1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Gibbs, F.C.                Picture                1964-12-18-pg06
Gibson, W.C.       Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Gilbreath, Sharon/Larry Shawn                Wedding                1964-03-20-pg08
Gilley, W.B.                Picture                1964-03-06-pg01
Gilliland, Jerry Paulette/Dennis C. Foreman                Wedding                1964-01-17-pg09
Gilliland, Lyndel M.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg15
Gilly, Gladys    Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Glass, Fred, Mrs.        Picture                1964-08-28-pg01
Glassey, Linda      Picture                1964-12-25-pg18
Glenn, Larry A. Picture                1964-12-04-pg15
Glenn, Larry Allen/Margaret Ann O'Dell                Wedding                1964-12-04-pg12
Gober, Elmer      Obituary                1964-10-09-pg01
Gober, Elmer Robert Lee                Obituary                1964-10-23-pg11
Goen, Melvin   1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Golaz, James Carl/Anita Kay Lewis      Wedding                1964-06-05-pg04
Golaz, June                Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Goldwater, Barry, Sen.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg03
Goldwater, Barry, Sen.                Picture                1964-10-23-pg04
Gomez, Linda      Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Goode, Carl                Obituary                1964-12-04-pg01
Goode, Elizabeth                Picture                1964-07-10-pg07
Goode, Judith Elizabeth    Birth                1964-06-05-pg08
Goode, Keila       Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Goode, Oran       Picture                1964-11-06-pg01
Gosler, Zackie    Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Gosler, Zackie    Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Graham, Elizabeth                Picture                1964-06-19-pg01
Graham, R.W., Mrs.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg15
Grant, Oscar Bailey 'Judge'                Obituary                1964-05-15-pg07
Grantham, R.D.        Picture                1964-10-02-pg08
Granthum, Robert    Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Graves, H.C.        Obituary                1964-02-28-pg01
Gray, Nelda/Gary Lee Pyle                Wedding                1964-06-05-pg10
Gray, Sarah                Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Grayson, Kathryn/John Harlin                Wedding                1964-05-08-pg09
Green, Barry      Picture                1964-05-15-pg12
Green, Bobby    Picture                1964-02-14-pg05
Green, Cecil E.             Picture                1964-08-14-pg06
Green, Homer    1945 Picture                1964-10-09-pg14
Green, Lillie Mae        1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Green, Mrs.                Picture                1964-11-06-pg01
Green, Stephen Picture                1964-03-20-pg09
Green, W.A.      1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Green, W.A.      1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Greer, Wecla     1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Griffis, W.P.                Picture                1964-11-20-pg03
Grill, Charles   Picture                1964-04-24-pg06
Grisham, Addie     190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Grisham, Denella   1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Grisham, J.B.          Picture                1964-08-07-pg04
Grisham, James     Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Grisham, James     Picture                1964-03-13-pg04
Grisham, James     Picture                1964-05-15-pg08
Grisham, James, Jr.                Picture                1964-04-24-pg04
Grissom, Willie      Picture                1964-10-16-pg11
Grissom, Willie      Picture                1964-10-16-pg18
Groves, Blanch    1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Groves, Grace      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Groves, Judy       Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Groves, Ross       1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Grub Hill High School Class                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Grub Hill High School Girls 1907 Picture    1964-01-17-pg03
Grub Hill School group        1910 Picture    1964-01-31-pg06
Grub Hill School group in 1907                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Grub Hill School group in 1916                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Guffee, Bob                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Guffee, Bob                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Guffee, Clarence 1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Guffee, Clarence 1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Guffee, Edgar      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Guffee, Josie       1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Halford, Rebecca Lee          Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Hall, Joyce                1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Halloween Parade in Bridgeport                Picture                1964-11-06-pg08
Hallum, Ella                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Hallum, Ella                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Hallum, Minnie   1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Hallum, Minnie   1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Hallum, Tressa    1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Hallum, Tressa    1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Halsell Street/Highway 114 Intersection                Picture                1964-02-28-pg04
Hamilton, Naomi     1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Hand, Sharon   Picture                1964-11-27-pg09
Handy, Linda      Picture                1964-05-08-pg01
Haralson, J.J.           Picture                1964-11-13-pg14
Harclerode, Louis Howard       Birth                1964-09-04-pg12
Harclerode, Thelma Louise                Picture                1964-05-22-pg12
Hardee, Sam         1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Hardon, Doss       Picture                1964-07-17-pg01
Hardon, Doss       Picture                1964-07-17-pg06
Hardon, Doss       Picture                1964-07-24-pg07
Harlin, John/Kathryn Grayson                Wedding                1964-05-08-pg09
Harlow, Byron     Picture                1964-07-17-pg05
Harlow, Byron     Picture                1964-10-16-pg04
Harlow, Byron     Picture                1964-12-18-pg01
Harms, E.R., Mrs.        1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Harms, Earl                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Harms, Effie                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Harms, Effie                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Harms, Effie                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Harms, Ella                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Harms, Harry      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Harms, Lee                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Harms, Pearl       1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Harms, Pearl       1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Harms, Pearl       1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Harriman, Averell   Picture                1964-02-21-pg08
Harrington, DeEtta    1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Harrington, Fred        1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Harrington, Raymond               1916 Picture    1964-05-22-pg08
Harris, Celia                Picture                1964-07-17-pg09
Harris, Ed                Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Harris, Hilliard   1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Harris, Ken                Picture                1964-04-10-pg12
Harrison, Sandra    Picture                1964-05-15-pg01
Hartsell, Bill                Picture                1964-04-17-pg06
Hartsell, Danny Scott          Birth                1964-06-05-pg08
Hartsell, Emma      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Hartsell, Fred Akin                Obituary                1964-01-10-pg06
Hartsell, Ike                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Hartsell, Ike                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Hartsell, Joseph Bowman                Obituary                1964-10-02-pg01
Hartsell, Thomas Allen       Birth                1964-04-03-pg09
Hartsell, Tim         Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Hartsfield, Camille   Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Harvey, Kenton, Mrs.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg13
Harvill, Bert                Picture                1964-10-16-pg05
Harwood, George   Picture                1964-03-20-pg01
Harwood, George   Picture                1964-06-05-pg01
Harwood, George   Picture                1964-12-04-pg07
Harwood, H.R.        Picture                1964-01-03-pg01
Harwood, H.R.        Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Hatley, Elinor      Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Hawkins, Bert Hudson                Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Hawkins, Diane/Bennie Warren Loper      Wedding                1964-02-28-pg11
Hawkins, Diane/Bennie Warren Loper      Wedding                1964-06-12-pg08
Hawkins, Robert Wilson, II                Picture                1964-06-05-pg07
Hays, Clayton  Picture                1964-10-16-pg18
Healy, A.J.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg03
Heckmann, Carl, Rev.                Picture                1964-10-23-pg06
Helf, Holley Wayne   Birth                1964-10-02-pg05
Hembry, Annie     1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Hembry, Annie     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Hembry, Stiner      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Henderson, Chet        Picture                1964-12-04-pg01
Henderson, Ellis         Picture                1964-08-21-pg12
Hendrix, Donald Gene/Glenelle Hendrix  Wedding                1964-12-11-pg13
Hensley, Mary      Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Herndon, Judy       Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Herrell, Charles David, Jr. Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Hicks, Archie    Picture                1964-01-10-pg12
Hicks, David Wayne                Picture                1964-03-20-pg09
Hicks, Geneva Evelyn/Bert Leon 'Butch' Ryan                Wedding                1964-12-04-pg12
Hicks, Geneva Evelyn/Bert Leon 'Butch' Ryan                Wedding                1964-12-25-pg09
Hicks, Rhonda  Picture                1964-01-17-pg12
High Water on Halsell Street-5.7 inch rain Picture                1964-06-05-pg01
Hill, Lois        1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Hill, Lola Mae               1926 Picture    1964-10-23-pg07
Hill, V.M.       Picture                1964-09-11-pg10
Hipp, W.R.                Picture                1964-07-03-pg01
Hoad, Walter    1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Hodges Hardware & Weaver's Variety Opening                Picture                1964-05-08-pg06
Hodges Hardware Store                Picture                1964-05-01-pg05
Hodges Hardware Store Opening Picture                1964-05-01-pg01
Hodges, Joe, Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1964-05-01-pg05
Hodges, Tracey    Picture                1964-07-03-pg04
Hogan, Debora   Picture                1964-01-10-pg12
Holley, Randall   Picture                1964-03-27-pg08
Holley, Ronald   Picture                1964-03-20-pg09
Holly, Lavern    1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Holmes, Tom        Picture                1964-02-07-pg01
Holmes, Tom        Picture                1964-03-06-pg06
Holmes, Tom        Picture                1964-03-27-pg01
Holt, Allie                190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Allie                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Holt, Belle                190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Bertha                190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Bertha                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Holt, Bob                190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Bob, Mrs.        190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Bobby/Sharon Lawrence                Wedding                1964-01-03-pg11
Holt, Edna Pearl       1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Holt, Fonda Lynn       Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Holt, Glen                Picture                1964-12-11-pg12
Holt, Iva                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Holt, Jesse                190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Jessie                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Holt, Karen                Picture                1964-08-28-pg09
Holt, Ollie                190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Reba                190? Picture                1964-02-07-pg03
Holt, Sharon   Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Holt, Thurman Lee/Connie Lou Hudson                Wedding                1964-03-13-pg05
Holt, Thurman Lee/Connie Lou Hudson                Wedding                1964-04-03-pg04
Holt, Waldron Price                Obituary                1964-10-23-pg08
Hood, Ruth                Picture                1964-05-08-pg03
Hood, Sheila     Picture                1964-03-20-pg09
Horn, Patricia   Picture                1964-05-08-pg01
Horn, Patricia   Picture                1964-05-29-pg01
Horn, Patricia   Picture                1964-05-29-pg11
Horn, Patricia   Picture                1964-08-14-pg01
Hornback, Eddie      Picture                1964-12-18-pg01
Hornback, Jim Frank                Picture                1964-12-18-pg01
House, Mary Elizabeth     1930 Picture    1964-06-19-pg09
Howard, Joe B., Mrs.                Picture                1964-10-02-pg15
Howell, Annis     1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Howell, George   Picture                1964-10-16-pg01
Howell, George   Picture                1964-10-16-pg03
Howell, Jackie     Picture                1964-05-29-pg04
Howell, Jeffrey    Picture                1964-11-27-pg01
Howell, Sharon   Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Howell, Sharon   Picture                1964-02-21-pg03
Howell, Sharon   Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Huckabee, Douglas Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Huckleberry, A.J., Mrs.                Picture                1964-05-15-pg10
Huddleston, Charles, Dr.                Picture                1964-08-07-pg01
Huddleston, Harold  Obituary                1964-05-01-pg01
Huddleston, Richard Clark      Birth                1964-09-04-pg12
Huddleston, Richard Earl, Jr.   Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Hudson Butane Opening                Picture                1964-01-31-pg10
Hudson, Connie Lou/Thurman Lee Holt Wedding                1964-03-13-pg05
Hudson, Connie Lou/Thurman Lee Holt Wedding                1964-04-03-pg04
Hudson, Edgbert 'Ed'                Picture                1964-01-31-pg10
Hudson, James     Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Hudson, James     Picture                1964-02-28-pg12
Hudson, James     Picture                1964-09-25-pg11
Huff, Ronnie   Picture                1964-05-15-pg13
Hughes, Glennis Ann          Birth                1964-02-28-pg11
Hughes, Mike       Picture                1964-12-11-pg01
Hughes, Sherrie    Picture                1964-02-07-pg13
Hughes, Virginia, Mrs.                Picture                1964-12-11-pg01
Humphree, Lola        1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Humphres, Elmer      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Hunter, B.C. 'Sug'                Obituary                1964-10-09-pg14
Hurn, R.W., Rev.        Picture                1964-05-29-pg14
Hutchings, Margarett                Picture                1964-09-18-pg12
Hutto, Idell                1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Hvezdos, Joe          1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Idell, W.J.                Picture                1964-03-27-pg03
Index's Automatic Harris Offset Press                Picture                1964-06-19-pg01
Inman, J.W.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg01
Inman, J.W.                Picture                1964-10-16-pg03
Isom, Dewey    Picture                1964-12-11-pg01
Ivy, Betty Jean/John L. Barnett, Jr.                Wedding                1964-10-09-pg07
Ivy, Betty Jean/John L. Barnett, Jr.                Wedding                1964-10-16-pg08
Jackson, Robert E.                Picture                1964-03-27-pg12
Jaggers, Stanley   Picture                1964-09-11-pg10
Janecka, Mike       Picture                1964-10-02-pg11
Jay & George's Sinclair Service Station                Picture                1964-08-21-pg01
Jean Mara Grocery Store Fire in Chico      Picture                1964-07-24-pg01
Jefferies, Jimmy     Picture                1964-06-19-pg10
Jeffus Investments, Chico                Picture                1964-11-27-pg04
Jenkins, Bobby, Mrs.                Picture                1964-11-27-pg01
Jenkins, John       Picture                1964-11-27-pg01
Jenkins, Lindsey  Picture                1964-08-28-pg10
Jennings, Robert L., Spec. 4th Class      Picture                1964-01-24-pg03
Jeter, Pollard, Jr.              1924 Picture    1964-03-20-pg07
Jobe, Sherry Lynn          Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Johnson, Lyndon, President                Picture                1964-02-21-pg05
Johnson, Michael  Picture                1964-11-27-pg01
Johnson, Nancy    Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Johnson, Steven Dale                Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Jones, Cary                1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Jones, Cary                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Jones, Chuck     Picture                1964-07-17-pg01
Jones, Clifford   Obituary                1964-12-18-pg03
Jones, Ernest     1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Jones, Ernest     1945 Picture                1964-10-09-pg14
Jones, Eunice    1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Jones, Eunice    1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Jones, Floyd      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Jones, Greg                Picture                1964-11-20-pg12
Jones, James     Picture                1964-08-07-pg05
Jones, Jennie     1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Jones, LeMoyne               1912 Picture    1964-01-24-pg12
Jones, LeMoyne               1916 Picture    1964-05-22-pg08
Jones, Linda Kay                Picture                1964-05-15-pg01
Jones, Linda Kay                Picture                1964-05-29-pg11
Jones, Lona                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Jones, Lona                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Jones, Lona                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Jones, Lula L.             Obituary                1964-02-21-pg03
Jones, Mamie    1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Jones, Mary      1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Jones, O.C.                Picture                1964-10-23-pg15
Jones, Ollie                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Jones, Ollie                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Jones, Ollie                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Jones, Ray                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Jones, Ray                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Jones, Teresa Kay                Picture                1964-07-17-pg09
Jones, Tonya Lynn                Picture                1964-07-31-pg03
Jones, Uell R.            Obituary                1964-11-13-pg09
Joyce, Jack                Picture                1964-02-21-pg04
Joyce, Jack                Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
Kaker, Amyana/Regis Edward Brenkus Wedding                1964-10-02-pg02
Kaker, Bernice   1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Kaker, Bernice   1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kaker, Bud                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Kaker, Carl                1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Kaker, Charles   Picture                1964-12-18-pg08
Kaker, Edna                1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Kaker, Edna                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Kaker, Edna                1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kaker, Eugene   1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Kaker, Eugene   1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kaker, Eva                1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Kaker, Garland  1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kaker, Gladys    1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kaker, Grace      1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Kaker, Grace      1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Kaker, Grace      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kaker, Lovana   Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Kaker, Opal                1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Kaker, Orlean    1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Kaker, Pauline   1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Kaker, Robbie   1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Kaker, S.C., Mr. & Mrs.                Picture                1964-05-15-pg09
Kaker, Sam                1912 Picture                1964-03-27-pg05
Kaker, Sam Frederick                Obituary                1964-12-04-pg04
Kaker, Sammy   Picture                1964-03-13-pg06
Kaker, Sammy   Picture                1964-12-11-pg01
Kaker, Steve      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kaker, Zetta       1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Kareshoom, George   Picture                1964-09-25-pg01
Kasner, Robert Hale           Birth                1964-07-10-pg10
Keath, Adrin S. Picture                1964-03-06-pg10
Keath, Adrin S. Picture                1964-11-13-pg10
Keen, Gene                Picture                1964-05-29-pg13
Keeton, Dale        Picture                1964-05-08-pg04
Keith, Karen     Event                1964-10-02-pg13
Kelley, J.O., Judge     Obituary                1964-04-03-pg08
Kelley, James Otis                Obituary                1964-03-27-pg06
Kelley, Jimmy     Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Kelley, Patricia   Picture                1964-08-28-pg09
Kelly, Floyd      Picture                1964-12-04-pg07
Kelly, Jimmy     Picture                1964-03-06-pg01
Kennedy, Carla       Picture                1964-10-30-pg01
Kennedy, Dwayne Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Kennedy, Kaye/Harold D. Read, Jr.            Wedding                1964-06-05-pg08
Kennedy, Weldon  1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Kennemer, Robert Martin/Doris Jennette Nimmo                Wedding                1964-03-06-pg10
Kennemer, Robert Martin/Doris Jennette Nimmo                Wedding                1964-09-11-pg09
Keoniger, Beatrice  1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Keoniger, Sidney    1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Killion, Maggie May                Obituary                1964-07-03-pg05
Kindred, Joe          Picture                1964-09-25-pg01
King, Pam                Picture                1964-01-10-pg12
King, Ruby                Picture                1964-02-28-pg10
King, Sarah                Picture                1964-09-18-pg15
Kirkpatrick, Boze       1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kirkpatrick, Jewel      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kirkpatrick, Ruby      1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Kirkpatrick, Tudie      1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Kirkratrick, Ruby      1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Kleam, Bobby    Picture                1964-05-29-pg12
Kleinwechter, Frank, Lt.Col.                Picture                1964-04-17-pg12
Klepper, Agnes    1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Klepper, Agnes    1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Klepper, Agnes    1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Klepper, Amon     1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Klepper, Arthur    1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Klepper, Cleveland              1907 Picture    1964-08-14-pg07
Klepper, Cora        1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Klepper, Docia      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Klepper, Dora       1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Klepper, Ella          1907 Picture                1964-01-17-pg03
Klepper, Ella          1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Klepper, Ella          1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Klepper, Emma      1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Klepper, Flossie   1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Klepper, Flossie   1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Klepper, Franklin  1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Klepper, Lucile     1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Klepper, Lucille    1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Klepper, Lucille    1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Klepper, Oscar      1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Koeininger, Albert     1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Koeininger, Edward   1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Koeninger, Albert     1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Koeninger, Leo         1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Koeninger, Leo         1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Koeninger, Sidney    1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Kouns, Howard, Jr.            1930 Picture    1964-06-19-pg09
Kuntz, Kelley Renee         Birth                1964-06-05-pg08
Kuykendall, David, Rev.                Picture                1964-07-31-pg11
Lail, Ruth       Picture                1964-05-22-pg01
Lamkin, Trula       1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Lamkin, Trula       1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Lamkin, Trula       1907 Picture                1964-08-14-pg07
Lampkins, Babe       1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Landers, S.M.        Picture                1964-08-28-pg04
Langdon, Jim C.      Picture                1964-04-03-pg05
Langdon, Jim C., Railroad Commissioner                Picture                1964-05-01-pg06
Langdon, Jim, Family, Railroad Commissoner                Picture                1964-04-17-pg08
Lankford, Carol       Picture                1964-02-21-pg07
Lawrence, Sharon/Bobby Holt                Wedding                1964-01-03-pg11
Lawson, Davey    Picture                1964-01-10-pg12
Lee, Gail/Henry Lee Moody                Wedding                1964-04-24-pg10
Lehmberg, Bill          Picture                1964-11-20-pg10
Leonard, Billy Jim Picture                1964-03-20-pg04
Leonard, Bob         Picture                1964-06-19-pg01
Leonard, Will, Mrs.                Picture                1964-05-08-pg02
Lewis, Anita Kay/James Carl Golaz      Wedding                1964-06-05-pg04
Lewis, Jenelle    Picture                1964-03-13-pg07
Linbergh, Herman  1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Lindsey, Dewey    1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Lindsey, Dewey    1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Lindsey, Dewey    1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Lindsey, Jimmy     Obituary                1964-10-16-pg01
Lindsey, John R.   Picture                1964-04-24-pg01
Lindsey, John R.   Picture                1964-05-01-pg14
Lindsey, Lola        1910 Picture                1964-01-31-pg06
Lindsey, Lola        1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Lindsey, Mae        1912 Picture                1964-01-24-pg12
Lindsey, Mae        1916 Picture                1964-05-22-pg08
Lineham, Rosie      Picture                1964-03-06-pg01
Linehan, Rosie      Picture                1964-05-08-pg03
Lippincott, Julie Ann/Charles Len Peace      Wedding                1964-12-04-pg12
Lipsey, G.R. 'Buck'      Picture                1964-10-16-pg18
Little, Robyn Dale           Birth                1964-05-01-pg09
Livengood, Betty      Picture                1964-02-28-pg09
Livengood, Eff           Obituary                1964-12-18-pg01
Livengood, Vanessa Kay         Birth                1964-08-14-pg02
Locke, Harold    1924 Picture                1964-03-20-pg07
Locke, James     1930 Picture                1964-06-19-pg09
Locke, M.L.                Picture                1964-09-18-pg09
Locke, Maurine 1926 Picture                1964-10-23-pg07
Loftis, Linda/Robert Ray McPherson                Wedding                1964-01-17-pg11
Lokey, Blufford 1906 Picture                1964-02-28-pg05
Loper, Bennie Warren/Diane Hawkins Wedding                1964-02-28-pg11
Loper, Bennie Warren/Diane Hawkins Wedding                1964-06-12-pg08
Lorance, Johnny   Picture                1964-08-28-pg06
Love, Jerry                Picture                1964-02-07-pg15
Love, Pat                Picture                1964-11-13-pg05
Lumsden, Jerry       Picture                1964-05-22-pg07
Lutenbaker, Bryan     Picture                1964-03-13-pg09
Lutenbaker, Quilla      Picture                1964-05-01-pg05
Lynn, Emerson, Mrs.                Picture                1964-02-21-pg08