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Wise County, Texas
1965 - Names Index

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574 Pages - 13 papers were missing-Feb 19, all of Mar, Apr 30, May 7, July 2 and 9, Aug 20, Nov 5 and 19 and 26. Some second sections may also be missing.  
(4 new papers with 60 pages were newly found and added. These are not yet indexed)

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Below is an Index of 868; 
pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by LaDarla Keith - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Adams, Becky Picture                1965-09-24-pg03
Adams, Karen Picture                1965-12-10-pg01
Adams, Karen Picture                1965-12-24-pg23
Adams, Lee (Mattie Smith), Mrs.                Obituary                1965-04-09-pg08
Addison, Bill    Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Alexander, J.R., Mrs (Cora Cordelia Sheppard)                Obituary                1965-08-06-pg11
Anderson, Kenneth Ray / Cook, Norma Jeanette                Wedding              1965-04-02-pg11
Anderson, Shirley                Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Anderson, Stuart                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Arthur, Jeanette                Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Atkins, Janice   Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Babb Cemetery                Picture                1965-06-04-pg12
Bailey, Bailey     Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Bailey, Greg        Picture                1965-10-01-pg01
Bailey, Gregory  Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Bailey, Mike       Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Baker, Jane        Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Baker, Ona         Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Baldridge, Lizzie Mae                Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Baldridge, V.E.                Picture                1965-08-13-pg08
Baldridge, V.E.                Picture                1965-09-10-pg09
Baldridge, V.E., Mrs.                Picture                1965-08-13-pg08
Banks, Mary Alice                Picture                1965-06-18-pg06
Barksdale, Alline                Picture                1965-07-23-pg04
Barksdale, Alline                Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Barnes, John     Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Barnett, Beverly                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Barnett, Bill       Picture                1965-12-17-pg08
Barnett, Keith, Jr.                Picture                1965-01-08-pg10
Barnett, Paula   Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Barnsley, Jimmy                Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Bastian, Joy Harlan                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Beard, Kimberly Laniece  (Lavert)  Birth                1965-08-13-pg13
Beard, Treva      Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Beauchamp, Patricia                Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Beeson, George                Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Begeman, Denise                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Bekker, Dale      Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Bekker, Pam       Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Bekker, Sandra  Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Bekker, Terry    Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Bellah, Jerry       Picture                1965-09-24-pg05
Bement, Rhonda                Picture                1965-09-03-pg01
Bentley, Ruby Nell                Obituary                1965-08-13-pg11
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1965-04-09-pg01
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1965-04-09-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1965-04-16-pg07
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1965-10-08-pg07
Bird, Walker   Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Black, Russell Bunt (Sam)      Birth                1965-09-17-pg11
Blaylock, J.W.  Obituary                1965-04-23-pg06
Blewett               Picture                1965-10-22-pg08
Boase, Les, Mrs.                Picture                1965-10-22-pg05
Boles, Michael Alex (Ernest)  Birth                1965-02-26-pg04
Boonsville         Picture                1965-10-22-pg08
Boonsville Community Building Picture                1965-04-23-pg01
Boonsville Community Center    Picture                1965-04-23-pg04
Boonsville Meeting                Picture                1965-05-14-pg01
Boonsville Pavilion                Picture                1965-05-14-pg14
Bordner, Melinda                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Boulware, Elizabeth Keith      Obituary                1965-09-24-pg11
Boulware, Larry                Picture                1965-09-10-pg08
Boulware, Larry                Picture                1965-09-24-pg13
Boulware, Virginia                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Brackett, Jimmy                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Branch, J.R., Sheriff                Picture                1965-02-26-pg01
Branch, J.R., Sheriff                Picture                1965-05-21-pg10
Brazier, J.H., Jr. Picture                1965-04-23-pg16
Brazier, J.H., Jr. Picture                1965-06-18-pg07
Brazier, J.H., Jr. Picture                1965-10-29-pg09
Brewer, Billy      Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Brewer, Billy      Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Brewer, Larry     Picture                1965-10-22-pg01
Bridgeport City Park                Picture                1965-11-12-pg14
Bridgeport City Park                Picture                1965-12-10-pg08
Bridgeport City Park                Picture                1965-12-31-pg07
Bridgeport High School Dress Up Day                Picture                1965-12-31-pg12
Bridgeport High School FHA       Picture                1965-04-09-pg05
Bridgeport High School Football Team Group Picture                Picture                1965-08-27-pg10
Bridgeport Homemaking Dept       Picture                1965-12-17-pg01
Bridges, Donna                Picture                1965-08-13-pg01
Bridges, Gus     Picture                1965-10-29-pg09
Bridges, Marie  Picture                1965-10-29-pg09
Bridwell, Doug  Picture                1965-09-10-pg04
Brints, Calvin     Picture                1965-02-05-pg01
Brogan, James Story                1965-11-12-pg01
Brown, Audrey McAfee                Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Brown, Elster Bettie                Obituary                1965-08-06-pg11
Brown, Guy, Mrs.                Picture                1965-10-22-pg05
Brown, Guy, Sr.                Obituary                1965-02-05-pg14
Brown, Johnny Joe / Fitzgerald, Paula                Wedding              1965-07-16-pg05
Brown, Johnny Joe / Fitzgerald, Paula                Wedding              1965-08-06-pg08
Brown, Maury W., Sergeant                Picture                1965-01-29-pg09
Brown, Patsy Stickler                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Brown, Reagan Picture                1965-05-21-pg10
Brown, Robbie Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Brown, Tommy Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Bruce, Gary        Picture                1965-08-13-pg05
Bruster, Sue      Picture                1965-04-09-pg08
Bruster, Sue      Picture                1965-04-16-pg07
Bryabt, Eldon L.                Picture                1965-04-09-pg03
Bryant, Cyndy  Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1965-08-13-pg01
Bryant, Mildred                Picture                1965-04-16-pg01
Buchanan, Clifford                Picture                1965-11-12-pg06
Bullard, J.B.     Picture                1965-05-28-pg20
Bullies of 1965   Picture                1965-09-24-pg12
Burgin, Donald Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1965-04-09-pg01
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1965-12-10-pg01
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1965-12-17-pg08
Burns, Arthur M.                Picture                1965-06-11-pg15
Burns, Ola Mae Cleveland                Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Burt, Amye     Picture                1965-07-16-pg07
Burt, John E.   Picture                1965-04-23-pg01
Burt, Johnny III                Picture                1965-05-21-pg12
Butler, Alva, Mrs.                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Butler, Charlotte                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Butler, Dennis   Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Butram, Mary Lou                Picture                1965-07-30-pg04
Caldron, Jessie Earl                Picture                1965-05-21-pg01
Calhoun, Katie                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Campsey, Iletha                Picture                1965-07-30-pg14
Campsey, Vickie                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Cantrell, Carole Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Cantrell, Johnny                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Caraway, Terry                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Carlino, Matthew Vincent / O'Dell, Janice                Wedding              1965-10-08-pg06
Carlton, Terry  Picture                1965-02-05-pg01
Carlton, Terry  Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Carlton, Terry  Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Carlton, Tommy                Picture                1965-06-11-pg12
Carpenter, Agnes                Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Carr, Jayanna Picture                1965-08-06-pg01
Carson, C.W., Mrs.                Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Cash, Joe, Mr & Mrs                Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Casillas, David Picture                1965-05-21-pg01
Chambers, Imogene                Picture                1965-02-05-pg02
Chester, J.D.      Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Chilton, J.P.      Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Chilton, Ralph Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Chilton, Sam    Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Chilton, Sue Montford                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Christerson, W.K.                Obituary                1965-10-29-pg08
Christian, Charles                Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Christmas, Mary / Ray, David                Wedding              1965-06-04-pg04
Christmas, Mary / Ray, David     Picture                1965-09-03-pg03
Clark, D.W., M.D.                Picture                1965-12-17-pg01
Clayton, Floyd L.                Picture                1965-05-28-pg19
Cleveland, Linda                Picture                1965-10-08-pg15
Coale, Claire      Picture                1965-09-17-pg01
Coale, Kent       Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Cocanougher, Bonnie                Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Cocanougher, Marion                Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Coffee, Cheryl  Picture                1965-06-11-pg08
Coffman, R.R.  Picture                1965-02-05-pg09
Coker, Kevin Lee                Picture                1965-01-08-pg09
Coker, Leroy C. Obituary                1965-05-14-pg08
Cole, Paul        Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Cole, Trey        Picture                1965-05-28-pg01
Coleman, John W. , Jr.                Picture                1965-08-13-pg08
Coleman, Larry                Picture                1965-01-08-pg09
Coleman, Leo   Picture                1965-01-08-pg11
Coleman, Lydia                Picture                1965-04-16-pg01
Coleman, Randy                Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Coleman, Sonny                Picture                1965-02-26-pg04
Coleman, Sonny                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Collins, Barry    Picture                1965-06-11-pg12
Collins, Marilyn, Mrs.                Picture                1965-05-14-pg03
Cook, Norma Jeanette / Anderson, Kenneth Ray                Wedding              1965-04-02-pg11
Cook, Vickie Diann/Jerry Ray Terrell                Wedding              1965-07-16-pg05
Coursey, Calvin                Picture                1965-06-11-pg06
Cowley, David Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Cowling, Edgar Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Cowling, Edgar Picture                1965-08-06-pg01
Cox, Donell    Picture                1965-10-08-pg05
Cox, Jerry       Picture                1965-02-05-pg04
Cox, Jerry       Picture                1965-07-23-pg09
Cox, Jerry       Picture                1965-08-27-pg01
Cox, Jewel      Picture                1965-07-23-pg04
Cox, John       Picture                1965-10-08-pg05
Cox, Laura      Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Cox, Laura      Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Cox, Laura      Picture                1965-06-18-pg09
Cox, Patsy      Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Cox, Patsy      Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Crawford, Henry                Picture                1965-04-23-pg06
Crawford, Henry                Picture                1965-05-21-pg10
Crawford, Henry                Picture                1965-06-11-pg13
Crawford, Marvin                Picture                1965-04-23-pg06
Crawford, Otis Picture                1965-06-11-pg01
Crawford, Pat  Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Crawford, Pat  Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Crawford, Pat  Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Crawford, Rob, Mrs.                Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Creighton, Tom                Picture                1965-09-03-pg06
Culpepper, Danny                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Culpepper, Kay Lee                Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Cunningham, Tom Joyce      Picture                1965-05-21-pg01
Cunnis, George                Picture                1965-05-28-pg20
Dale, Walter    Picture                1965-01-15-pg01
Dale, Walter, Police Chief       Picture                1965-02-26-pg01
Davis, Coleman, Mr & Mrs         Picture                1965-01-08-pg11
Davis, Jim          Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Davis, T.O., Mrs.                Picture                1965-02-26-pg08
Dean, Judy       Picture                1965-08-06-pg01
Deaton, Charles                Picture                1965-10-22-pg01
Deaton, Patricia                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Deaver, Harry Ranch                Picture                1965-11-12-pg08
Denmark, Kenneth                Picture                1965-05-21-pg01
Dennis, Elizabeth                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Denton, Paula  Picture                1965-08-13-pg01
Denton, Sharon                 Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Denton, Sharon / Read, Truman                Wedding              1965-09-03-pg03
Dethloff, Raymond / Wright, Gladys                Wedding              1965-12-31-pg10
Dickenson, Bettye                Picture                1965-06-18-pg09
Dillard, Ron       Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Donoho, Sherri Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Doty, Bill          Picture                1965-12-10-pg04
Doty, Burl         Picture                1965-09-10-pg06
Dougherty, Sue                 Picture                1965-08-27-pg10
Doyle, Floyd      Picture                1965-06-04-pg01
Dugan, J.W., Mrs                Picture                1965-09-24-pg01
Duncan, Kathryn                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Dunn, Annabelle                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Dutton, Ronnie                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Dycus, John     Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Eakman, Albert                Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Edgington, Betty                Picture                1965-10-22-pg08
Edwards, J.O.   Picture                1965-07-30-pg04
Elder, John Elmore                Obituary                1965-01-15-pg10
Escajeda, Carmen                Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1965-09-17-pg14
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1965-10-22-pg07
Eudaly, Foy       Obituary                1965-01-29-pg07
Evans, Jimmy     Picture                1965-12-03-pg01
Evans, Linda      Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Evans, Linda      Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Evans, Susie      Picture                1965-08-13-pg01
Fagg, Bobby    Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Fagg, Danny    Picture                1965-09-17-pg14
Fagg, Susie      Picture                1965-09-03-pg01
Farmer, Eldon    Picture                1965-02-26-pg04
Fenner, Olen L. Picture                1965-01-08-pg10
Ferguson, Doyle W., Jr. / Hill, Judy Ann                Wedding              1965-06-11-pg15
Fitzgerald, Paula / Brown Johnny Joe                Wedding              1965-07-16-pg05
Fitzgerald, Paula / Brown, Johnny Joe                Wedding              1965-08-06-pg08
Fletcher, Jeanne                Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Fletcher, Jeanne                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Fletcher, Jeanne                Picture                1965-06-18-pg03
Fletcher, Kenneth                Mugged / Critical 1965-06-11-pg06
Fletcher, T.R., Mrs.                Picture                1965-04-16-pg01
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1965-12-03-pg09
Fontenot, Russell                Picture                1965-09-17-pg07
Ford, Brenda   Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Ford, Brenda   Picture                1965-09-03-pg01
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1965-12-10-pg01
Ford, Craig       Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Ford, Craig       Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Ford, Jimmy     Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Foreman, C.R.  Picture                1965-02-05-pg04
Foreman, C.R.  Picture                1965-06-25-pg01
Foreman, C.R.  Picture                1965-09-24-pg01
Forman, Karen Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Fowler, William Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Franka, Ann      Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Franklin, Judge Picture                1965-04-09-pg03
Freeman, Lauvaughn                Picture                1965-04-02-pg01
Frnka, Frances  Picture                1965-09-17-pg11
Frost, Jack        Picture                1965-09-03-pg07
Frost, Jack        Picture                1965-10-08-pg01
Funk, G.B.         Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Funk, Owen, Mrs.                Picture                1965-10-22-pg05
Fuqua, Floyd      Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Fuqua, Sheila Renee (Charles)                Birth                1965-10-01-pg06
Gage, Bill          Picture                1965-05-21-pg10
Gamble, Charles                Picture                1965-10-22-pg01
Garrett, Butch   Picture                1965-09-24-pg13
Garrett, Owen    Obituary                1965-06-11-pg08
Garrison, Jennie Jones                Obituary                1965-12-31-pg11
Garrison, Sam  Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Gause, Jimmy F. Obituary                1965-05-14-pg08
Geer, Carol       Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Gentry, Don      Picture                1965-10-01-pg01
Gentry, Don      Picture                1965-10-29-pg09
George Mitchell & Assoc. Office                Picture                1965-02-12-pg06
German, Earlene                Picture                1965-08-13-pg01
Gilbreath, Max   Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Gilreath, Danny                Picture                1965-12-03-pg01
Gilreath, Judy / Grisham, James, Jr.                Wedding              1965-12-24-pg18
Gober, La Reita  Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Gober, LaReita   Picture                1965-07-23-pg04
Golaz, Anita      Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Goode, Bob       Picture                1965-09-17-pg01
Goode, Kelli LaDawn   (Oran)     Birth                1965-10-15-pg06
Goodyear Blimp                Picture                1965-10-29-pg01
Gordon, Sherrie                Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Grantham, J.R. Barn                Picture                1965-05-28-pg09
Grantham, J.R. Farm of Boonsville Community                Picture                1965-04-23-pg07
Green, Addie Ruth                Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Green, Barry      Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Green, Beth        Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Green, Cecil M., Lt. Col.                Picture                1965-01-08-pg08
Green, Cecil, Mrs.                Picture                1965-01-08-pg08
Green, Charles Leslie                Picture                1965-04-09-pg08
Green, Fred        Picture                1965-02-12-pg01
Green, Jeff          Picture                1965-06-11-pg12
Green, Kenneth, Mrs.                Obituary                1965-08-13-pg07
Green, Nadine   Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Green, Peggy Shannon                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Green, Sherry Lynn                Picture                1965-01-08-pg08
Green, Stacy      Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Greenwood /Sycamore                Picture                1965-10-22-pg08
Gregg, Jean        Picture                1965-10-29-pg05
Gregg, Kenneth Picture                1965-04-09-pg03
Griffeth, Linda  Picture                1965-04-09-pg13
Grisham, James                Picture                1965-07-23-pg04
Grisham, James, Jr. / Gilreath, Judy                Wedding              1965-12-24-pg18
Groves, Gerald Picture                1965-01-15-pg07
Groves, Judy   Picture                1965-04-09-pg01
Hales, Walter    Picture                1965-10-29-pg05
Hamilton, Helen                Picture                1965-08-27-pg01
Hamilton, William Homer / Orr, Helen La Verne                Wedding              1965-08-06-pg08
Haralson, J.J., Mr & Mrs                Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Haralson, J.J., Mrs.                Picture                1965-11-12-pg14
Haran, Tom        Picture                1965-02-26-pg04
Harlan, James / Muncy, Raetta                Wedding              1965-06-11-pg15
Harrell, Patti      Honors Story      1965-04-23-pg14
Harris Linda      Picture                1965-02-12-pg01
Harris, Anne      Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Harris, Anne      Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Harris, Laura      Picture                1965-02-12-pg01
Harris, Laura      Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Harris, Linda      Picture                1965-10-08-pg15
Harris, Luckey   Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Harris, Lucky     Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Harris, Worth    Obituary                1965-01-01-pg06
Harwick, V.K., Rev. / Henson, Carolyn                Wedding              1965-08-27-pg07
Harwood, George, Mayor    Picture                1965-12-03-pg01
Harwood, H.R., Mrs.                Picture                1965-10-22-pg05
Hawkins, B.E., Mrs.                Picture                1965-04-23-pg01
Hawkins, Wanda                Picture                1965-06-04-pg01
Hawthorne, Gertrude                Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Hawthorne, Gertrude, Mrs.        Picture                1965-07-23-pg04
Healer, James / Herndon, Judy                Wedding              1965-09-10-pg03
Healer, James / Herndon, Judy                Wedding              1965-10-22-pg12
Henderson, Ellis                Picture                1965-05-28-pg20
Henderson, Holly                Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Henderson, Wayne, Mrs.        Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Hensley, Larry  Picture                1965-09-24-pg05
Hensley, Larry  Picture                1965-12-10-pg05
Henson, Carolyn / Harwick, V.K., Rev.                Wedding              1965-08-27-pg07
Herndon, Judy / Healer, James                Wedding              1965-09-10-pg03
Herndon, Judy / Healer, James                Wedding              1965-10-22-pg12
Herndon, Paula                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Highway 24 construction                Picture                1965-01-01-pg09
Hill, Coach     Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Hill, Doris Black                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Hill, Judy Ann / Ferguson, D.W., Jr.                Wedding              1965-06-11-pg15
Hill, Vinessa  Picture                1965-12-31-pg01
Hines, Embry, Jr.                Picture                1965-09-10-pg14
Hinkle, Lloyd      Picture                1965-05-28-pg19
Holland, H.N., Mrs.                Obituary                1965-06-18-pg06
Holland, Judy   Picture                1965-10-22-pg03
Holland, Wanda                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Holley, David   Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Holley, Randy  Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Holley, Ronny  Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Holman, W.H.  Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Holt, Carol       Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Holt, Renea     Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Holt, Theron, Mrs.                Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Hood, Ruth Ann car wreck      Picture                1965-01-22-pg01
Hoover, James Russell                Picture                1965-09-17-pg11
Horton, Homer                Picture                1965-12-10-pg05
Huckabee, Todd                Picture                1965-07-23-pg01
Huddleston, David                Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Huddleston, Kelly                Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Huddleston, Linda                Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Huddleston, Linda                Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Huddleston, Linda                Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Huddleston, Polly                Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Hudson, Bobby                Picture                1965-10-01-pg09
Hudson, James Picture                1965-12-03-pg08
Hudson, Tommy                Picture                1965-02-26-pg04
Hudson, Tommy                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Hughes, Celtyn                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Hughes, Guy R.                Obituary                1965-06-18-pg01
Hughes, Lowell                Picture                1965-04-02-pg12
Hutto, Mike       Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Irvin, J.M.        Picture                1965-02-05-pg09
Jackson, Bob    Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Jackson, Carl Wayne                Picture                1965-12-03-pg07
Jackson, Floyd Picture                1965-12-31-pg06
Jackson, Jesse W.                Picture                1965-05-28-pg01
Jackson, P.D.    Picture                1965-04-09-pg03
Jaggers, Patti    Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Jeffries, Jimmy Picture                1965-05-28-pg06
Jenkins, Bobbie                Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Jenkins, Lela     Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Jenkins, Mike   Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Johns, Edwin Burl                Picture                1965-02-05-pg01
Johnson, E.O., Mrs                Obituary                1965-09-10-pg14
Johnson, I.N., Mrs.        Obituary        1965-10-29-pg08

Johnson, Larry                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Johnson, Roland                Picture                1965-05-21-pg12
Jones, Chuck     Picture                1965-08-13-pg05
Jones, Clifford   Obituary                1965-01-22-pg05
Jones, Greg        Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Jones, Syd         Picture                1965-11-12-pg01
Jordan, Howard                Picture                1965-05-21-pg10
Jordan, Howard, Deputy Sheriff    Picture                1965-01-01-pg01
Jordan, Howard, Mrs.                Picture                1965-04-23-pg01
Jordan, Susan   Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Jordan, Virginia                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Kaker, Ann        Picture                1965-01-15-pg01
Kaker, Carl Kersey (Eldon)   Birth                1965-01-22-pg12
Kaker, Charles (Chock)                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Kaker, Eldon      Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Kaker, Eldona    Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Kaker, Henry Holland / McAnear, Linda                Wedding              1965-08-13-pg13
Kaker, Janis Kersey                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Kaker, O.C.        Obituary                1965-09-17-pg09
Kaker, Sammy   Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Kasner, Cara     Obituary                1965-05-14-pg08
Kasner, Robbie                Picture                1965-07-16-pg06
Kasner, Virginia                Picture                1965-10-15-pg08
Keith, Karen     Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Keith, Kimberley Diane (C.L.)      Birth                1965-04-16-pg10
Kelley, Pam         Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Kemp, K.W.       Picture                1965-04-23-pg05
Kennedy, Carla                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Kennemer, Doris                Picture                1965-12-31-pg07
King, Loretta Howell                Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Kirkland, Larry                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Lake Bridgeport Dam                Picture                1965-07-16-pg07
Lambert, Donna                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Lasiter, Harold  Picture                1965-02-26-pg04
Lawrence, Bill J., Mr. & Mrs. (Dollie)                Picture                1965-06-25-pg12
Lawson, Davey                Picture                1965-09-24-pg10
Lee, Thurman                Obituary                1965-09-10-pg14
Lewis, Jack        Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Lewis, Jeanell    Picture                1965-12-10-pg01
Liles, Don        Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Liles, Kathy     Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Lindsey, Kenneth Rayford (J.R.)                Birth                1965-01-01-pg06
Lippincott, Julie / Charles Peace                Wedding              1965-01-08-pg07
Little, Gregory Steven (Fain)      Birth                1965-08-06-pg08
Love, Debbie   Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Love, Debbie   Picture                1965-09-17-pg01
Love, Mary      Obituary                1965-12-03-pg05
Lovejoy, James Picture                1965-07-16-pg08
Lovejoy, James E.                Picture                1965-04-23-pg16
Lovejoy, John L.                Picture                1965-04-23-pg16
Lowe, Minnie   Picture                1965-09-17-pg05
Macon, Maurine                Picture                1965-04-09-pg03
Madeley, R.C.  Picture                1965-05-28-pg20
Mann, Carlton   Picture                1965-05-21-pg12
Mann, James N.                Picture                1965-12-24-pg05
Mann, Pat, Mr. & Mrs                Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Mann, Rudy Elden/Nelda Diane Miller                Wedding              1965-07-16-pg05
Mann, Sharon   Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Markham, Roy, Mrs.                Picture                1965-02-26-pg08
Marney, Carolyn                Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Martin, Roger   Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Martin, Sonny  Picture                1965-10-29-pg05
Martin, Ted       Picture                1965-05-21-pg01
Martin, William C., Bishop   Picture                1965-02-26-pg11
Mathison, Lewis                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
McAlister, C.H., Mrs.                Picture                1965-10-22-pg05
McAnear, Linda                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
McAnear, Linda / Kaker, Henry Holland                Wedding              1965-08-13-pg13
McClung, C.C.  Story                1965-07-23-pg01
McCormick, Judy                Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
McDaniel, Jimmie                Picture                1965-08-27-pg04
McDaniel, Lanetta                Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
McDuff, Glenda                Picture                1965-07-30-pg16
McElhaney, James D.                Obituary                1965-02-05-pg11
McEntire, Dennis                Picture                1965-09-17-pg14
McGee, Jerry Don                Picture                1965-08-27-pg04
McGee, L.R.     Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
McMurry, Randy                Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
McNeely, Mike                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
McNeely, Phil  Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
McNeil, Minnie                Picture                1965-09-17-pg05
McQuinn, Freddie                Picture                1965-01-01-pg12
McRae, Ralph  Picture                1965-04-23-pg05
McWilliams, Patricia / Williams, Donald                Wedding              1965-09-03-pg04
Meadows, Mary                Picture                1965-09-24-pg05
Meadows, Melvin                Picture                1965-10-29-pg09
Meier, Debbie   Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Mercer, Esta     Obituary                1965-09-10-pg11
Mercer, Esta     Obituary                1965-09-17-pg03
Mercer, Marvin                Picture                1965-02-26-pg04
Methodist Church in 1912        1912 Picture    1965-02-05-pg09
Meyers Chevrolet Christmas Party                Picture                1965-01-01-pg04
Meyers, Cathy Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Meyers, Freddy                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Meyers, Howard                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Meyers, Howard                Picture                1965-02-26-pg06
Meyers, Howard                Picture                1965-09-03-pg01
Meyers, Howard                Picture                1965-10-08-pg01
Meyers, Jimmy Picture                1965-09-03-pg01
Miles, Clarence Picture                1965-09-24-pg05
Miles, Clarence Picture                1965-12-10-pg03
Miller, Nelda Diane/Rudy Elden Mann                Wedding              1965-07-16-pg05
Miller, Sybil       Picture                1965-08-13-pg04
Milligan, D.L., Mr & Mrs                Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Milligan, Ricky  Picture                1965-12-10-pg03
Miontgomery, Ben W., Mrs         Picture                1965-04-23-pg01
Mitchell, Jan    Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Mitchell, Thomas                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Molloy, Cathy Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Molloy, Pat / Younger, Don                Wedding              1965-04-02-pg08
Monette, Mary Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Monts, Kenneth Ray, Jr (Bubba)  Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Monts, Pam       Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Monts, Pam       Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Moody, Hiram, Mr & Mrs         Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Moody, John, Mr & Mrs         Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Moody, William H.                Obituary                1965-05-14-pg08
Moore, Larry     Picture                1965-09-24-pg05
Moorehead, Mattie Evelyn    Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Morehead, Scott                Picture                1965-10-29-pg05
Morgan, Joe      Picture                1965-12-10-pg03
Morris, Gary      Picture                1965-09-24-pg03
Morris, R. Lee   Picture                1965-09-10-pg05
Morris, Suzie     Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Morris, Suzie     Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Morrison, Wade, Mrs. Dress Shop                Picture                1965-08-27-pg05
Morrow, Billy / Smith, Sandra                Wedding              1965-12-03-pg03
Morrow, Paul W.                Picture                1965-12-03-pg08
Moyers, Sandy Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Muhlinghouse, Clint                Picture                1965-11-12-pg01
Muncy, Raetta                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Muncy, Raetta / Harlan, James                Wedding              1965-06-11-pg15
Munn, Jerry       Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Myers, Patsy    Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Neel, Nell, Mrs.                Picture                1965-05-28-pg11
New apartments                Picture                1965-01-01-pg11
New, Linda      Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Newton, Lewis Picture                1965-09-17-pg08
Ninth Street Construction                Picture                1965-07-16-pg01
Nolan, Bertie      Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Norris, Donald   Picture                1965-02-05-pg04
Norris, Donald   Picture                1965-09-24-pg05
Norris, Donald   Picture                1965-10-01-pg01
Oak Grove     Picture                1965-10-22-pg08
Obrnour, Ross A., Mrs.                Picture                1965-04-16-pg01
O'Dell, Janice / Carlino, Matthew Vincent,                 Wedding              1965-10-08-pg06
O'Dell, Melba     Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
O'Dell, Waynda Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
O'Dowd, Bill      Picture                1965-04-23-pg06
O'Dowd, Bill      Picture                1965-05-28-pg14
O'Dowd, W.C.   Picture                1965-11-12-pg01
O'Kelley, Diane                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
O'Neal, Dayton Picture                1965-10-08-pg01
O'Neal, Robert  Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Orr, Helen      Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Orr, Helen      Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Orr, Helen La Verne / Hamilton, William Homer                Wedding              1965-08-06-pg08
Palmer, John W.                Obituary                1965-08-06-pg11
Pannell, Vickie  Picture                1965-09-24-pg03
Paradise Cotton Gin 1916        Picture                1965-01-01-pg03
Paradise First Baptist                Picture                1965-10-22-pg14
Parker, Sam, Mr & Mrs                Picture                1965-01-15-pg09
Parsons, Larinda Kathleen (Mike)                Birth                1965-05-14-pg12
Paschall, Betty Reeves                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Payne, A.L.        Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Payne, Charles   Picture                1965-05-28-pg08
Payne, Karen     Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Payne, Lester     Picture                1965-04-16-pg01
Peace, Charles / Julie Lippencott                Wedding              1965-01-08-pg07
Peck, James M.                Picture                1965-01-08-pg08
Pemberton, Betty                Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Pemberton, Betty                Picture                1965-06-18-pg09
Peninger, Beth  Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Peninger, Eldon                Picture                1965-01-15-pg07
Peninger, Lynn Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Peninger, Lynne                Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Peninger, Lynne                Picture                1965-05-21-pg10
Peninger, Vivian Renee  (Eldon)   Birth                1965-09-03-pg03
Peterson, B.D., Mrs                Picture                1965-04-16-pg01
Petty, Jerry       Picture                1965-12-03-pg04
Phillips, C.D.    Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Phillips, Jeanette, Miss                Picture                1965-05-14-pg03
Phillips, M.J.    Picture                1965-05-28-pg20
Pierce, Drucilla  Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Pierce, James     Picture                1965-10-22-pg01
Pinkerton, Helen                Picture                1965-11-12-pg06
Pinkerton, J.W. Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Pipes, Bert         Picture                1965-02-05-pg12
Play School    Picture                1965-06-11-pg05
Poore, Callie      Picture                1965-07-23-pg04
Poore, Callie      Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Potts, Joe          Picture                1965-12-03-pg04
Potts, Larry       Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Potts, Linda      Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Potts, Roby      Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Powers, Doyle Picture                1965-09-24-pg05
Powers, Doyle Picture                1965-12-10-pg05
Poyner, A.L., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1965-12-03-pg01
Price, Debbie   Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Price, Karen     Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Prince, Kay         Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Prine, Ora          Picture                1965-01-22-pg05
Prine, Ora          Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Prine, Ora          Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Prine, Ora          Picture                1965-05-21-pg07
Prine, Ora          Picture                1965-06-04-pg08
Prochaska, Joan                Picture                1965-12-10-pg01
Prochaska, Joan                Picture                1965-12-17-pg08
Province, Travis                Picture                1965-02-05-pg01
Province, Travis                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Pruett, Irene       Picture                1965-04-09-pg13
Pruitt, Curtis     Picture                1965-05-21-pg12
Raines, Louie    Picture                1965-12-03-pg01
Ramsey, Bill      Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Rankin, Kimberly Sue (Ray)      Birth                1965-04-02-pg08
Raven, Roy E.    Obituary                1965-10-29-pg06
Ray, Becky     Picture                1965-09-03-pg01
Ray, Bill / Supina, Julia                Wedding              1965-09-24-pg11
Ray, David / Christmas, Mary                Wedding              1965-06-04-pg04
Ray, David / Christmas, Mary                Picture                1965-09-03-pg03
Ray, Myra      Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Ray, Roland   Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Read, Faye       Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Read, J.D.         Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Read, Roger     Picture                1965-12-03-pg09
Read, Truman / Denton, Sharon                Wedding              1965-09-03-pg03
Reasoner, Peggy                Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Reed, Ed           Picture                1965-01-15-pg01
Reed, Ed           Picture                1965-02-05-pg12
Reed, Ed           Picture                1965-02-12-pg06
Reed, Gary        Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Reed, Gary        Picture                1965-12-03-pg01
Reed, Glen        Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Reed, Janie       Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Reed, Robin     Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
Remmele, Carolyn                Picture                1965-02-26-pg04
Remmele, Carolyn                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Remmele, Carolyn                Picture                1965-11-12-pg06
Remmele, Glenda                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Remmele, Sharon                Picture                1965-04-16-pg06
Rendleman, Terry                Picture                1965-12-10-pg05
Renshaw, Steve                Picture                1965-08-13-pg07
Reynolds, Claudia                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Reynolds, Hollis                Picture                1965-08-27-pg10
Rhine, Brett       Picture                1965-10-22-pg09
Rhine, Manda   Picture                1965-01-01-pg08
Rhodes, Donna                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Richardson, Ada Mae                Obituary                1965-08-13-pg11
Richardson, George                Picture                1965-08-27-pg10
Richardson, Janice                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Roberts, Kelli Le Ann (Eddie)   Birth                1965-01-29-pg10
Roberts, Monty                Picture                1965-06-11-pg12
Rock Island Depot in 1933        Picture                1965-07-16-pg03
Rogers, T.G., Mrs.                Picture                1965-02-26-pg08
Rosenburg, L.E., Mrs.                Obituary                1965-09-24-pg08
Ross, Hazel      Picture                1965-10-22-pg08
Ross, Mamie    Picture                1965-08-06-pg10
Rutherford, Ann                Picture                1965-10-15-pg08
Saunders, Clay Picture                1965-05-28-pg04
Saunders, Marlow                Picture                1965-06-11-pg01
Schmitt, Dean, Mrs.                Picture                1965-04-23-pg05
Scott, Albert     Picture                1965-01-22-pg01
Scott, Albert     Picture                1965-04-23-pg06
Scott, Albert     Picture                1965-05-28-pg14
Scott, Tammy   Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Scroggins, Gary                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Scroggins, Helen                Picture                1965-10-22-pg03
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Sellers, Scooter                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Sellman, Billie Kelly                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Selz, Milton    Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Setliff, Danny    Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Shanks, Jerry   Picture                1965-09-17-pg01
Shanks, Terry  Picture                1965-09-17-pg01
Sharpless, Elaine                Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Sharpless, Jack, Mrs.                Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Shawn, Angela Robin  (Larry)    Birth                1965-11-12-pg01
Shawn, Sharon Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Shelton, Bob    Picture                1965-05-28-pg06
Shepherd, Joe  Picture                1965-02-12-pg10
Shepherd, Joe  Picture                1965-06-11-pg16
Shirley, Frank, Mr & Mrs, Beverly, Susan, & Bobby                Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Shown, Mrs.      Picture                1965-05-28-pg20
Singleton, Jeff   Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Singleton, Randy                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Sipes, Danny    Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Sipes, Eddie      Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Sisk, Sandra    Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Sitz, Judy       Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Slagle, Billy        Picture                1965-06-25-pg02
Smith, Don        Picture                1965-04-23-pg03
Smith, Don        Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Smith, Don        Picture                1965-05-21-pg10
Smith, Frank / Smith Glenda                Wedding              1965-12-03-pg03
Smith, Glenda    Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Smith, Glenda / Smith, Frank                Wedding              1965-12-03-pg03
Smith, Gordon, Mrs.                Picture                1965-02-26-pg08
Smith, Hannah  Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Smith, J.K., Mrs.                Picture                1965-05-28-pg05
Smith, Jeanette Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Smith, Johnny   Picture                1965-11-12-pg07
Smith, Kathy     Picture                1965-10-22-pg03
Smith, Nancy    Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Smith, Sandra    Picture                1965-10-22-pg03
Smith, Sandra / Morrow, Billy                Wedding              1965-12-03-pg03
Smith, Stella      Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Smith, Willie T. / Tiffany, Barbara                Wedding              1965-08-06-pg09
Snider, William   Picture                1965-07-30-pg12
Sparks, David   Picture                1965-01-15-pg12
Spot Cash moved                Picture                1965-10-01-pg03
Spot Cash Opening                Picture                1965-06-11-pg01
St John, Jerry Don / Walker, Glenda Gayle                Wedding              1965-08-27-pg08
St. John, Jerry Don / Walker, Glenda Gayle                Wedding              1965-08-13-pg13
Stagner, Linda   Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Stagner, Paula   Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Stanford, Billy  Picture                1965-12-03-pg04
Stanford, Kenneth                Picture                1965-04-23-pg08
Starnes, Bobby                Obituary                1965-06-11-pg05
Starnes, Gail     Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Stevens, Steve  Picture                1965-12-10-pg05
Stiles, Becky     Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Stinson, Mildred                Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Stockton, Carla                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Stockton, J.B., Mrs.                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Stockton, Mike                Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Stogsdill, Essie Ellen                Obituary                1965-01-01-pg08
Stone, Tim         Picture                1965-02-05-pg01
Stone, Tim         Picture                1965-09-17-pg14
Stone, Tim         Picture                1965-10-22-pg01
Strickland, Bill  Picture                1965-07-16-pg12
Strickland, Joe, Bro.                Picture                1965-10-29-pg03
Strickland, Zoerene                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Sugg, Raye Nell                Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Supina, Julia / Ray, Bill                Wedding              1965-09-24-pg11
Sutton, Craig     Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Tackel,  Kathy  Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Tackel, A.D., Mrs.                Picture                1965-10-22-pg05
Tackel, Betty (Mrs. Roy)                Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Tackel, Pam       Picture                1965-09-03-pg01
Tapp, Paul        Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Taylor, Vada     Obituary                1965-07-30-pg12
Terrell, B.H., Rev                Obituary/Picture  1965-06-18-pg01
Terrell, Jerry Ray/Vickie Diann Cook                Wedding              1965-07-16-pg05
Thomas Home Demonstration Club        Picture                1965-07-30-pg03
Thomas, A.D.    Picture                1965-10-01-pg05
Thomas, A.D., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1965-10-01-pg06
Thomas, A.E., Mr & Mrs                Picture                1965-10-01-pg06
Thomas, Aaron Picture                1965-10-01-pg05
Thomas, Carl Scott                Picture                1965-10-01-pg05
Thomas, Lloyd Aaron                Picture                1965-10-01-pg05
Thomas, Mark   Picture                1965-10-01-pg05
Thompson, Aubrey                Picture                1965-05-28-pg20
Thompson, Cheryl                Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Thompson, David                Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Thompson, Melvin Wayne  (T.R.)                Picture                1965-12-10-pg08
Thompson, Stephen                Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Tiffany, Barbara / Smith, Willie T.                Wedding              1965-08-06-pg08
Tindel, Z.T., Mrs.                Picture                1965-04-16-pg01
Todd, Dora Lee                Obituary                1965-04-23-pg15
Trammell Restaurant                Picture                1965-02-12-pg01
Trammell, Bennie                Picture                1965-08-27-pg13
Trammell, Bennie                Picture                1965-11-12-pg01
Trammell, Bennie (Karo)                Picture                1965-10-22-pg01
Trammell, Karo Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Van Hoose, Jimmy Ray, Jr.   Birth                1965-10-22-pg12
Van Hoose, Tommy                Picture                1965-11-12-pg07
Van Hoose, Virgil                Picture                1965-06-18-pg07
VanHoose, Dale                Picture                1965-04-23-pg16
Vaught, B.P., Mrs.                Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Vaught, Betty   Picture                1965-05-14-pg06
Vaught, E.L.      Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Vickers, Joe      Picture                1965-08-06-pg01
Vickers, Joe      Picture                1965-09-03-pg06
Vickers, Joe      Picture                1965-12-17-pg01
Vickers, Kathy Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Vidal, Vicki       Picture                1965-01-08-pg01
Vinson, Jackie Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Vinson, Jackie Picture                1965-09-17-pg01
Vinson, Johnny, Mrs.                Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Vinson, Vicki   Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Volkman, J.C.   Picture                1965-12-03-pg01
Von Heuvel, Mary                Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
Walker, Billy Fred                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Walker, Glenda Gayle / St John, Jerry Don                Wedding              1965-08-13-pg13
Walker, Glenda Gayle / St John, Jerry Don                Wedding              1965-08-27-pg08
Walker, Leonard                Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Walker, Leonard, Jr.                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Walker, Linda   Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
Walker, Linda   Picture                1965-04-09-pg01
Walker, Loyan Picture                1965-09-03-pg06
Wallace, Dan     Picture                1965-09-17-pg15
Wallace, Garland                Picture                1965-04-16-pg09
Wallace, J.H., Mrs.                Picture                1965-01-08-pg05
Wallace, J.H., Mrs.                Picture                1965-11-12-pg15
Walton, W.F.   Picture                1965-10-22-pg05
Wang, Merle      Picture                1965-01-29-pg12
Watermelon Crop                Picture                1965-09-24-pg14
Waters, Mary  Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
Watkins, Glenda                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Watson, Bassett                Picture                1965-06-11-pg13
Way, Joe          Story                1965-06-25-pg01
Weatherly, Carolyn                Picture                1965-01-29-pg07
Weatherly, Johnny F.                Picture                1965-06-18-pg07
Weatherly, Johnny L.                Picture                1965-04-23-pg16
Weatherly, Larry / Whitehead, Sherry                Wedding              1965-06-04-pg02
Weger, Marion Picture                1965-12-10-pg05
West, Charles   Picture                1965-02-05-pg04
Wharton, Linda                Picture                1965-04-09-pg08
Wharton, Linda                Picture                1965-04-16-pg07
Wharton, Suzanne                Picture                1965-04-09-pg08
Wharton, Suzanne                Picture                1965-04-16-pg07
Wharton, Suzanne                Picture                1965-05-21-pg03
Wharton, Suzanne                Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Wharton, Suzanne                 Picture                1965-06-18-pg06
White, Bill          Picture                1965-01-29-pg01
White, Brenda   Picture                1965-01-29-pg10
White, Carl         Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
White, Debbie   Picture                1965-04-16-pg12
White, Delia       Picture                1965-08-13-pg14
White, W.M.      Picture                1965-05-28-pg14
Whitehead, Dan B.                Picture                1965-04-23-pg05
Whitehead, Doug                Picture                1965-08-13-pg05
Whitehead, Sherry / Weatherly, Larry                Wedding              1965-06-04-pg02
Whitehead, W.B.                Picture                1965-12-24-pg18
Wilkerson, Mike                Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Wilkinson, Leilani                Picture                1965-08-06-pg08
Wilkinson, Leilani                Picture                1965-12-03-pg09
Wilkinson, Leilani                Picture                1965-12-10-pg01
Williams, Jimmy                Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Williams, Jimmy / McWilliams, Patricia                Wedding              1965-09-03-pg04
Winden, John, Judge                Picture                1965-09-24-pg03
Winder, John, Judge                Picture                1965-02-05-pg12
Winder, John, Judge                Picture                1965-06-04-pg01
Wise, Carrie      Picture                1965-02-12-pg04
Witty, Percy      Picture                1965-09-24-pg10
Wolff, Cynthia  Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1965-12-10-pg05
Womack, Arnold Lynn                Picture                1965-12-10-pg03
Womack, Jimmy                Picture                1965-04-02-pg03
Womack, Ronald                Picture                1965-04-02-pg03
Womack, Sue Sellman                Picture                1965-06-25-pg08
Womack, Thurman, Mrs.        Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Wood, Barry      Picture                1965-06-04-pg09
Wood, L.R.         Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Wood, Lloyd, Mrs.                Picture                1965-05-14-pg06
Woodruff, Martin                Picture                1965-08-13-pg05
Woods, Frank  Picture                1965-10-01-pg12
Wooldridge, B.S.                Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Wooldridge, B.S., Mrs.                Picture                1965-05-14-pg13
Works, Tim       Picture                1965-09-24-pg03
Wright, Eula Coursey                Obituary                1965-10-15-pg12
Wright, Gladys / Dethloff, Raymond                Wedding              1965-12-31-pg10
Wright, Kent    Picture                1965-05-21-pg08
Wright, Tonya Picture                1965-01-22-pg07
Wyatt, Cecil       Picture                1965-02-05-pg04
Young, Brenda Picture                1965-05-21-pg06
Young, C.W.     Obituary                1965-01-29-pg07
Young, E.C.       Obituary                1965-01-08-pg12
Young, Tresa    Picture                1965-01-29-pg08
Younger, Don / Molloy, Pat                Wedding              1965-04-02-pg08