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Wise County, Texas
1966 - Names Index

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648 Pages from 44 Papers were Photographed - Some second sections may be missing 
(8 new papers with 144 pages are added but not yet indexed)
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pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, births, weddings and obituaries.
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
A & A Engineering Fire                Picture                1966-11-25-pg05
A&A Engineering                Fire                1966-11-18-pg01
Adams, Beverly/Potts, Larry                Wedding              1966-01-21-pg07
Adams, John Henry                Picture                1966-06-03-pg19
Adams, Karen Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Alberts, Tressie Marie (Charles)                Birth                1966-09-30-pg15
Albright, Lauren                Picture                1966-04-01-pg03
Albright, Lauren                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Alexander, Carla Sue  (David)   Birth                1966-09-30-pg15
Allison, Janice Picture                1966-11-11-pg03
Altom, Bob         Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Altom, Joe          Picture                1966-08-19-pg08
Altom, Joe          Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Alvey, Tammy   Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Anderson, Drew                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Anderson, James Curtis (Ronald) Birth                1966-09-30-pg15
Anderson, Oscar                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Andreason, Marilyn, Stacy & Laura                Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Andreason, Mike                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Armstrong, Jim, Mr. & Mrs         Picture                1966-01-14-pg03
Ashcraft, Charlie                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Award Pictures  Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Bailey, Helen      Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Bailey, Johnny   Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Baker, Countess                Picture                1966-07-01-pg01
Baldridge, V.E., Mrs                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Banks, Joe Reagan                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Banks, Renez     Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Banks, Ruby      Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Barksdale, Aline                Picture                1966-10-07-pg08
Barksdale, Carl  Picture                1966-04-08-pg23
Barnard, Ruth   Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Barnett, Airman William M.           Picture                1966-02-18-pg12
Barnett, Dealey                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Barnett, Gary    Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Barnett, Gary    Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Barnett, Mary Jean                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Barnifield, John                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Beard, Dale        Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Beeson, Valerie                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Bell, James     Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Bellah, Stacey Lynn (Freddie)                Birth                1966-08-26-pg16
Bement, Mike  Bridgeport Park                Picture                1966-01-28-pg12
Beville, Angela Dawn (Tennis, Jr)                Birth                1966-07-01-pg08
BHS School Dress Codes     Dress Codes     1966-07-29-pg09
Billington, Don                Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Billington, Louise                Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Billington, Louise                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Billington, Louise / Thornhill, Charles                Wedding              1966-06-10-pg07
Bird, Buddy    Picture                1966-09-09-pg03
Bird, Buddy    Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1966-03-04-pg12
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1966-03-11-pg13
Bird, Mary Helen                Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Bird, Raymond, Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Bird, Shirley    Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Black, Elizzie, Mrs.                Obituary                1966-09-09-pg04
Black, George L., Jr.                Picture                1966-11-18-pg05
Black, Richard  Picture                1966-08-26-pg11
Black, Richard  Picture                1966-09-30-pg10
Black, Richard  Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Blalock, Eric     Picture                1966-04-22-pg11
Blodgett, C.F., Mrs.                Obituary                1966-11-11-pg04
Bloomer, C.W.  Obituary                1966-02-18-pg06
Blount, Bobby Joe                Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Boaz, Freddie   Picture                1966-12-02-pg01
Bonnefield, Bertha (Denny) 1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Boone, Danny, Rev.                Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Boonsville Telephones                Story                1966-06-17-pg05
Bordner, Melinda                Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Bordner, Pete G., Mr. & Mrs         Picture                1966-04-22-pg14
Boseman, Paul  Obituary                1966-02-18-pg03
Bost, Mary Lois                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Boulware, Johnny                Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Boulware, Johnny                Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Boulware, Larry                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Bradford, G.L.   Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Bradley, Doyle G.                Picture                1966-12-02-pg07
Bradley, Tanya Jo                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Branch, J.R., Sheriff                Picture                1966-03-18-pg05
Branch, J.R., Sheriff                Picture                1966-03-18-pg08
Brandon, Larry                Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Brandon, Roger                Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Branson, Charlie                Picture                1966-04-22-pg08
Breeze, Virgil Lee (Otis)                Birth                1966-11-18-pg05
Brewer, Burlin L.                Picture                1966-10-28-pg03
Brewer, Chuck   Picture                1966-09-30-pg10
Brewer, Chuckie                Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Brewer, Larry     Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Brewer, Larry     Picture                1966-09-30-pg13
Brewer, Lottie Ludell, Mrs.        Obituary                1966-10-21-pg05
Brewster, A.B.   Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Brewster, Judy  Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Brewster, Sue    Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Bridgeport Bullies Squads   Picture                1966-11-11-pg15
Bridgeport City Park                Picture                1966-01-07-pg11
Bridgeport F.F.A.                Picture                1966-01-07-pg05
Bridgeport High Ranch/Western Day         Picture                1966-02-25-pg05
Bridgeport High Ranch/Western Day         Picture                1966-02-25-pg06
Bridgeport High Ranch/Western Day         Picture                1966-02-25-pg07
Bridgeport Western Days       Picture                1966-02-25-pg01
Bridges, Della   Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Dona  Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Donna                Picture                1966-02-25-pg14
Bridges, Donna                Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Bridges, Donna                Picture                1966-08-05-pg02
Bridges, Grace  Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Ina      Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Mary  Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Stanley, Mrs.                Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Bridges, Wright                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Bridwell, Keith Harlan / Jay, Karen Elizabeth                Wedding              1966-07-29-pg04
Briscoe, Cathy Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Brock, Luther A.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Brooks, Jeffrey Coy (Homer)  Birth                1966-08-19-pg10
Brooks, R.C.     Picture                1966-08-26-pg10
Brown, Barbara Sue & Leroy C., Jr., & Angela   Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Barbara, Mrs.                Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Brown, Carolyn Sue / Maag, Alva                Wedding              1966-09-09-pg08
Brown, Charles W.                Picture                1966-06-17-pg06
Brown, Linda & Cynthia                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Lisa Diane                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Brown, Melissa Gail  (Johnny Joe)                Birth                1966-12-23-pg18
Brown, Richard Guy                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Rickanna                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Stephanie                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Browning, Cheryl Anetta    Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Bruster, Sue      Picture                1966-11-18-pg06
Bryant, Cindy   Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Bryant, David W., ll / Byrd, Linda Lee                Wedding              1966-12-23-pg15
Bryant, David, Dr.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg22
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1966-09-09-pg01
Bryant, Karen   Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Bryant, Karen & Cindy                Picture                1966-08-19-pg07
Bryant, Mildred  (Mrs. David)    Picture                1966-12-09-pg01
Bryant, Rex E.   Picture                1966-04-08-pg03
Bryant, Sherry Ann                Obituary                1966-01-21-pg05
Bryant, Syndie  Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Buchanan, Clifford                Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Buckner, Wilford                Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Bullard, J.B.     Picture                1966-04-08-pg11
Bunnell, Donald                Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1966-02-11-pg14
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1966-06-10-pg09
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1966-07-22-pg01
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1966-08-05-pg08
Burgin, Kathy   Picture                1966-09-02-pg01
Burress, E.L., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Burt, Paul        Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Bush, Johnny   Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Butler, Mrs.        Picture                1966-04-22-pg14
Butram, A.V.   Picture                1966-04-08-pg08
Butram, A.V. & Mary Lou         Picture                1966-06-10-pg04
Butram, A.V., Mrs.                Picture                1966-08-26-pg13
Byrd, Charles Alan                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Byrd, Linda Lee / Bryant, David W, II                Wedding              1966-12-23-pg15
Byrd, Sammy   Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Campbell, Elmer F., Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-21-pg08
Campbell, Kevin Lynn                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Campsey, Kathy                Picture                1966-02-11-pg13
Campsey, Kathy                Picture                1966-04-08-pg31
Campsey, Kathy / Kleam, Bobby                Picture                1966-06-03-pg06
Cannon, Thomas                Picture                1966-02-04-pg07
Canova, Brenda                Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Cansler, Millie   Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Cansler, Ruby Jo, baby of            Birth                1966-02-25-pg11
Cantrell, Bobby, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-14-pg05
Cantrell, Bobby, Mrs.                Picture                1966-11-18-pg06
Cantrell, Paul    Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Cantrell, Paul Wesley                Birth                1966-01-28-pg09
Carlton, Bill, Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Carlton, Billie Rae                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Carlton, David Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Carpenter, Jimmy Lloyd                Picture                1966-07-29-pg01
Carpenter, Jimmy Lloyd  (House Fire)                Picture                1966-02-18-pg01
Carpenter, Jimmy Lloyd  (House Fire)                Picture                1966-02-18-pg01
Carruth, Melton                Picture                1966-06-03-pg12
Carter, Herbert   Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Carter, Maurice Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Carter, Opal        Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Cash, C.M.       Picture                1966-02-25-pg06
Cash, C.M.       Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Cash, Matilda  Picture                1966-04-22-pg13
Cash, Matilda  Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Cash, Matilda / Newton, Louis                Wedding              1966-06-17-pg07
Casteall, Verlie & Ruth                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Chaney, Claforn                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Chaney, Mattie, Mrs.                Obituary                1966-12-09-pg06
Chapman, Cathy                Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Chapman, Kenneth Wayne   Obituary                1966-12-09-pg04
Chapman, Ronnie                Picture                1966-09-30-pg10
Chapman, Ronnie                Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Chapman, Ronny                Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Cheves, Elaine Picture                1966-04-22-pg13
Cheves, Elaine Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-02-18-pg08
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-06-10-pg09
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-07-22-pg01
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-08-05-pg08
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-09-02-pg01
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Childers, Linda Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Chilton, Georgia                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Chilton, Janie   1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Chilton, Joe      1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Chilton, John   1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Chuck Wagon Charlie                Picture                1966-11-18-pg01
Church, Don    Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Church, Lisa    Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
City Park New Swings                Picture                1966-05-13-pg02
Clark, Audna    Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Clark, Lester     Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Clark, Mary      Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Clark, Ruby      Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Clements, Cleo                Picture                1966-08-05-pg05
Cleveland, Bob                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Cleveland, Ola Mae                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Cleveland, Omar                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Coachs Hill & Gariety & Jr. Track Team                Picture                1966-04-22-pg01
Coale, Claire      Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Coale, Rose       Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Coale, Rose / Young, Melvan                Wedding              1966-07-29-pg11
Cocanougher, B.G.                Picture                1966-06-03-pg14
Coch, Connie   Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Coch, Connie   Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Coch, Connie   Picture                1966-11-11-pg14
Coeli, Sister Regina                Picture                1966-06-17-pg14
Coffee, William H.                Obituary                1966-07-01-pg12
Coffer, Jama Evette (Elmer)    Birth                1966-08-05-pg04
Coffman, Fay (Dink)                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Coffman, Goldie                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Coffman, Helen                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Coffman, Linnie                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Coffman, Muriel & Melba Jo                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Coffman, Ruth & Francis & Reba                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Coffman, Vesta Mae                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Coffman, Willa Dean                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Colburn, Bill      Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Cole, Kent       Picture                1966-03-11-pg01
Cole, Kent Home                Snow Picture    1966-01-21-pg01
Coleman, Cheryl Dee                Wedding              1966-03-04-pg11
Coleman, Larry                Picture                1966-07-01-pg16
Coleman, Larry G., Pfc. & Vietnam Story                Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
Coleman, Maxine                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Collier, Monty Robert (Charles)                Birth                1966-08-19-pg10
Collins, Bob       Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Collum, J.           Picture                1966-11-11-pg08
Cook, Gay         Picture                1966-04-01-pg03
Cook, Gay         Picture                1966-07-22-pg01
Cook, Gay         Picture                1966-08-26-pg01
Cook, Gay         Picture                1966-11-04-pg01
Cottondale School 1930-31            Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Country Club Grand Opening Picture                1966-12-02-pg03
Country Club Grand Opening Picture                1966-12-02-pg05
Coursey, Larry                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Coursey,Trent Don (Billy Don)                Birth                1966-07-29-pg09
Cowling, Edgar Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Cowling, Harriet                Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Cox, J.D.         Obituary                1966-06-10-pg04
Cox, Jerry       Picture                1966-05-13-pg06
Cox, Mildred Earliene (Mrs.)     Obituary                1966-11-25-pg10
Cox, Oscar ,Sr., Mrs.                Obituary                1966-11-18-pg01
Craft, Allie, Mrs.                1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Crawford, Esther                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Crawford, Henry                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Crawford, William R., Capt.       Picture                1966-07-08-pg02
Crawford, Zula                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Crowley, Gilbert, Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Culpepper, Danny                Picture                1966-10-07-pg06
Culpepper, Debra                Picture                1966-12-02-pg06
Culpepper, Eddie, Mrs                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Culpepper, J.M., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Culpepper, Kay                Picture                1966-02-11-pg14
Culpepper, Kay                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Culpepper, Kay Lee                Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1966-02-18-pg01
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1966-06-10-pg09
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1966-07-22-pg01
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1966-08-05-pg08
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1966-09-02-pg01
Culpepper, Linda                Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Culpepper, Pat                Picture                1966-06-03-pg19
Cumfy, Beatrice                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Cunnius, George                Picture                1966-04-08-pg11
Curtiss, Flora   Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Dale, Dwayne Picture                1966-02-25-pg07
Dale, Walter, Police Chief       Picture                1966-03-18-pg01
Dale, Walter, Police Chief       Picture                1966-03-18-pg05
Dale, Walter, Police Chief       Picture                1966-04-08-pg29
Darling, Frankie, Jr.                Picture                1966-11-04-pg01
Darling, Tom    Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Davidson, Sandra Lynn                Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Davila, Benny , Jr.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg08
Davila, Benny , Sr.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg08
Davila, Joe & Robert & Lisa         Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Davis, Bill          Picture                1966-02-25-pg07
Davis, Bill          Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Davis, Garland, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-07-pg08
Davis, Georgia  Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Davis, J.L., Mr & Mrs                Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Davis, Jean        Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Davis, Julie Aleen (Charles)                Birth                1966-11-18-pg05
Davis, Mamie    Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Davis, Rickie     Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Davis, Ricky      Picture                1966-04-01-pg03
Davis, T.O., Mrs                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Davis, T.O., Mrs.                Picture                1966-02-11-pg05
Dawkins, Dee   Picture                1966-04-22-pg12
Day, Sharon   Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Day, Sharon   Picture                1966-08-12-pg07
Day, Sharon   Picture                1966-09-30-pg13
Deatherage, Crystal                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Deatherage, Leslie Alan                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Deaton, Charles                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Deaton, Mike   Picture                1966-08-19-pg01
Deaton, Mike   Picture                1966-08-19-pg06
Deaton, Mike   Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Deaton, Mike   Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Deaton, Patricia Sue                Picture                1966-02-11-pg05
Deaton, Patricia Sue / Esteridge, Robert C.                Wedding              1966-03-11-pg07
Deaton, Rebecca                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Denton, Leslie Linn                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Denton, Lorene                Picture                1966-03-25-pg19
Denton, Pat, USN                Picture                1966-07-08-pg02
Denton, Paula  Picture                1966-09-09-pg01
Denton, Paula  Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Dickens, Don    Picture                1966-08-05-pg03
Dickenson, Gary                Picture                1966-03-04-pg09
Donley, James W.                Obituary                1966-06-03-pg06
Doty, Randy    Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Doty, Rocky     Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Drawing of City Park                Picture                1966-03-04-pg06
Duncan, Patricia Kay (James)   Birth                1966-08-05-pg04
Dunham, R.E.    Obituary                1966-01-21-pg05
Dunlap, Bud    Picture                1966-04-01-pg02
Dunn, Charlie    Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Dunn, Ester       Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Dunn, Jimmy     Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
Dunn, Ronnie, Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Dunn, Ruby      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Dunn, Troy       Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Dunn, Vera        Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Dunn, Vivian     Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Durham, Frances M. (Mrs Bill)                Obituary                1966-06-10-pg04
Durham, Frances M. (Mrs Bill)                Memory                1966-07-29-pg05
Dvans, Micki    Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Early, Edith       Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Early, Marie      Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Early, Zelma     Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Easley, James   Obituary                1966-05-13-pg12
Easterling, H.R. Picture                1966-04-08-pg11
Easterling, H.R. Picture                1966-04-08-pg12
Eaves, James Rupert, Jr.                Obituary                1966-10-28-pg16
Edwards, J.O.   Picture                1966-03-11-pg01
Elder, Nelda Fay                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Elliott, Clifford, Councilman                Picture                1966-08-05-pg03
Ellison, R.A., Mr & Mrs.                Picture                1966-05-20-pg09
Elmore, Floyd    Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Elmore, Ida        Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Elmore, Lillie      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Elmore, Lizzie    Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Elmore, Minnie Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Elmore, Ollie      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
England, Joe, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Enochs, Joe, Mrs.                Picture                1966-01-28-pg09
Enochs, Joe, Mrs.                Picture                1966-03-11-pg07
Erwin, Jim D.      Obituary                1966-11-25-pg02
Escajeda, Carmen                Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Escajeda, Carmen                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Escajeda, Carmen                Picture                1966-03-25-pg07
Escajeda, Carmen                Picture                1966-05-27-pg09
Escajeda, Carmen                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Escajeda, Carmen                Graduation           1966-06-03-pg09
Esteridge, Robert C. / Deaton, Patricia Sue                Wedding              1966-03-11-pg07
Estridge, Robert C.                Picture                1966-02-11-pg05
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-03-25-pg05
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-04-22-pg02
Eubanks, J.R.    Football                1966-07-22-pg09
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-08-19-pg06
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-09-30-pg09
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Eubanks, J.R.    Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Evans, Cloma     Picture                1966-02-04-pg07
Evans, Jimmy     Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Evans, Jimmy     Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Evans, Micki      Picture                1966-04-08-pg25
Evans, Susie      Picture                1966-09-09-pg01
Everett, Diana  Picture                1966-02-18-pg16
Everett, Diane  Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Everett, Diane  Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Fagg, Danny    Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
Fagg, Danny    Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Fagg, Susie      Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Fain, Christi    Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
FHA Girls        Picture                1966-05-20-pg08
Fitzgerald, Callie, Mrs.                Picture                1966-01-28-pg07
Fitzgerald, Jim   Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Fitzgerald, Teresa, Mrs. (Mrs. Bill)                Obituary                1966-12-09-pg06
Fitzgerald, Tommy                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Fletcher, Grace Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Fletcher, Jeanne                Picture                1966-07-22-pg06
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1966-03-04-pg12
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1966-03-25-pg07
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1966-05-27-pg09
Fletcher, Tommy                Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Fletcher, Tommy                Graduation           1966-06-03-pg09
Flooded Farm, David Bryant, MD                Picture                1966-05-20-pg16
Forbis, Ed           Picture                1966-04-29-pg11
Ford, Bill, Mrs.                Picture                1966-03-11-pg01
Ford, Brenda   Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Ford, Brenda   Picture                1966-12-02-pg06
Ford, C.J., Mrs.                Picture                1966-01-28-pg09
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1966-06-10-pg09
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1966-08-05-pg08
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1966-09-02-pg01
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Ford, Cindy     Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Ford, Craig / Wilkinson, Lelani     Picture                1966-06-03-pg06
Ford, Reagan   Obituary                1966-01-21-pg16
Foreman, Karen                Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Foreman, Karen                Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Forrester, Glen Picture                1966-10-21-pg01
Fortenberry, Jan                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Fortenberry, Kay                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Fortenberry, Patty                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Foster, George   1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Fowler, Kenneth Ray, Jr. (Kenneth)                Birth                1966-08-05-pg04
Fowler, William Arthur, Pvt.         Picture                1966-01-28-pg08
Fowler, William Arthur, Pvt.         Picture                1966-03-04-pg11
Franklin, Sondrea Joy                Birth                1966-04-08-pg04
Frazier, James   Picture                1966-09-30-pg16
French, Leslie    Picture                1966-04-29-pg01
Fugitt, Susan Ileene                Birth                1966-04-08-pg04
Fullingham, Frances                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Funk, Gus Burns                Obituary                1966-08-19-pg12
Fuqua, Floyd      Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Fuqua, James     Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Fuqua, Jimmy     Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Fuqua, Vanice Gairlynn & Shelia Renae                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Future World Builders                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Gaiser, Johnny   Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Gann, Gaye / Steadman, John                Wedding              1966-12-23-pg15
Garcia, Sammy   Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Garden Club / FFA Planting Picture                1966-03-25-pg02
Garman, Belinda                Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Garrett, Barry Giles                Birth                1966-07-29-pg09
Garrett, Butch   Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Garrett, Kimberly Diane (J. Clarence & Gale)       Birth                1966-06-03-pg14
Garrett, Sammy Picture                1966-02-25-pg14
Garrett, Sammy Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Garrett, Sammy Picture                1966-04-01-pg03
Garrett, Sammy Picture                1966-05-27-pg10
Garrett, Sammy Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Garrison, David                Picture                1966-09-30-pg10
Garrison, David                Picture                1966-11-18-pg08
Gentry, David   Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Gentry, Don      Picture                1966-02-04-pg04
Gentry, Don      Picture                1966-09-30-pg06
Gentry, Don, Mr. & Mrs                Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Gentry, Doug    Picture                1966-02-04-pg04
Gentry, Glenn    Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Gentry, Glenn    Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Gentry, Isaac     Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
German, Earline                Picture                1966-09-09-pg01
Gettys, Charlotte                Picture                1966-11-11-pg08
Gibson, Wendell                Picture                1966-10-21-pg01
Giles, J.E.          Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Glenn, Ricky      Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Goins, Mary Elizabeth                Birth                1966-03-25-pg17
Golaz, William   Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Goode, Myrna  Picture                1966-12-23-pg22
Goode, Pam       Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Goode, Pam       Picture                1966-11-04-pg04
Gordon, Sherrie Jo                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Gosler, Judy       Picture                1966-03-25-pg21
Grantham, Billy & Travis                Picture                1966-02-25-pg16
Grantham, Robert                Picture                1966-03-25-pg08
Gray, Pamela    Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Gray, Sarah / Jackson, Ronnie                Wedding              1966-03-11-pg07
Green, Billie Carroll                 Picture                1966-10-14-pg05
Green, Cynthia Robin                Picture                1966-06-03-pg09
Green, Dellie (Carpenter)                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Green, Fred        1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Green, Fred, Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Green, Homer    Obituary                1966-12-23-pg18
Green, J.B., Mrs.                Obituary                1966-02-25-pg15
Green, Jesse      1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Green, Jimmie Carroll, Mrs.        Picture                1966-05-20-pg08
Green, Jimmy / Morrison, Waidene                Wedding              1966-02-04-pg04
Green, M.W.      Picture                1966-04-08-pg22
Green, Opal Priscilla Gose       Obituary                1966-05-13-pg05
Gregg, Jerry       Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Gregg, Kenneth Picture                1966-09-30-pg16
Gregg, Rosalie   Picture                1966-04-01-pg01
Griffis, J.H., Mrs                Picture                1966-08-26-pg13
Grill, Charlie    Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Grill, Johnny   Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Grisham, Judy  Picture                1966-05-27-pg12
Groves, Blanche                Picture                1966-09-30-pg03
Groves, Blanche, Miss                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Groves, Obed, Fire Chief       Picture                1966-01-07-pg01
Guajardo, Ruth Diane & Orpha Elia                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Hailey, Leatha Lenora, Mrs.        Obituary                1966-10-21-pg05
Hale, Draci Dawn (Ben)                Birth                1966-09-30-pg15
Hales Trucking Company                Picture                1966-06-03-pg01
Hall, Kenneth Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Hamblin, Bill      Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Hamblin, Bob    Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Hamblin, James Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Hamby, Euel C.                Obituary                1966-01-14-pg03
Hamilton, Jonathan Glenn (Homer)                Birth                1966-09-02-pg06
Hancock, L.P.   Picture                1966-11-18-pg01
Hardee, Debra Kay                Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Harden, Nora Geneva                Obituary                1966-08-05-pg04
Harlan, Hubert  Obituary                1966-02-25-pg03
Harlan, Kristin  Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Harms, Lee, Mr.& Mrs                Picture                1966-01-28-pg06
Harris, Celia Ann                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Harris, Effie        1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Harris, Homer    Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Harris, Robert    Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Harrison, Roger Nathan                Birth                1966-03-25-pg19
Hartsell, Bill      Picture                1966-02-25-pg01
Hartsell, Bill      Picture                1966-06-03-pg14
Hartsell, Claudia                Picture                1966-01-28-pg09
Hartsell, Claudia                Picture                1966-07-01-pg06
Hartsell, Claudia                Picture                1966-07-29-pg09
Hartsell, Claudia / Roberts, Tommy                Wedding              1966-09-02-pg04
Hartsell, Roy     Picture                1966-03-11-pg05
Hartwell, Byerl Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Harvick, Lynwood                Picture                1966-05-20-pg05
Harvick, Lynwood                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Harvick, W.B.   Picture                1966-06-17-pg05
Harwood, George, Mayor    Picture                1966-08-05-pg03
Harwood, George, Mayor    Picture                1966-10-14-pg10
Harwood, H.R., Mayor                Picture                1966-01-07-pg01
Harwood, H.R., Mayor                Picture                1966-04-29-pg01
Harwood, H.R., Mayor                Picture                1966-04-29-pg11
Harwood, H.R., Mayor                Picture                1966-05-13-pg04
Hastings, Roy  Picture                1966-05-13-pg04
Hastings,Tom   Picture                1966-05-20-pg11
Hatchell, Joan  Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Hawick, Lynwood                Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
Hawkins, Bert  Picture                1966-05-20-pg11
Hawkins, Bert  Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Hawkins, Bert,Sr., Jack, Reba Jewell                Picture                1966-04-22-pg04
Hawkins, Bobby                 Mystery Money   1966-01-21-pg01
Hawkins, Bobby, Mrs                Picture                1966-02-11-pg05
Hawkins, Jack  Obituary                1966-08-05-pg06
Hawkins, Leon Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Hawkins, Rick  Picture                1966-08-26-pg11
Hawkins, Rick  Picture                1966-09-30-pg10
Hawkins, Rick  Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Haynes, Joe      Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Haynes, Melissa                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Haynes, Phyllis                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Hazlewood, Wilbert Glenn (Donald)                Birth                1966-11-25-pg05
Head, M.D.       Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Heintzelman, Mary Deanna wrecked car           Picture                1966-05-27-pg01
Helms, Jimmy Victor                Birth                1966-06-17-pg14
Hembree, Joe J.                Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
Hendricks, Shorty                Picture                1966-03-18-pg01
Hendrix, Shorty                Picture                1966-04-08-pg29
Hensley, Larry  Picture                1966-09-30-pg16
Hensley, Larry  Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Hensley, Larry  Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Herring, Jerrie Lee                Picture                1966-04-29-pg04
Herring, Jerrie Lee                Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Herriott, Ada, Miss                Obituary                1966-01-21-pg05
Hickerson, Tulu, Mrs.                Picture                1966-06-17-pg02
Hill, Susan Leslie                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Hines, J.L. / Medford, Leola                Wedding              1966-07-01-pg06
Hines, Leola, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Hines, Mary Ann                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Historic home at 1204 Carpenter                Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
Hlavek, Robert L.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg05
Hlavek, Robert L.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg08
Hlavek, Robert L.                Picture                1966-04-22-pg08
Hodges, Traci   Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Hogan, James E., II                Birth                1966-01-07-pg01
Hogan, Karen   Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Holland, Judy   Picture                1966-06-10-pg09
Holland, Judy   Picture                1966-07-22-pg01
Holland, Judy   Picture                1966-08-05-pg08
Holland, Judy   Picture                1966-09-02-pg01
Holt, Alan       Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Holt, Alicia      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Holt, Alvin      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Holt, Alvin, Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Holt, Carole Sue / Richardson, Jack                Wedding              1966-08-26-pg07
Holt, Glen        Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Holt, Karen     Picture                1966-03-25-pg21
Holt, Loyd       Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Holt, Silas        Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Hornback, E.F. Picture                1966-04-22-pg09
Horton, Homer                Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Horton, Homer                Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Hotz, Jerry David (Herman)                Birth                1966-07-22-pg10
Houchin, Ernest                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Houchin, girl     Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Houchins, Elbert                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Houchins, girl   Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Howell, Sharon Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Huckabee, Eddie                Picture                1966-02-11-pg01
Huckabee, Eddie                Picture                1966-08-05-pg03
Huckabee, Eddie  Bridgeport Park                Picture                1966-01-28-pg12
Huddleston, W.E., Dr.                Picture                1966-08-05-pg03
Hudson, Allie (Atkinson)                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Hudson, Bobby                Picture                1966-08-19-pg06
Hudson, Bobby                Picture                1966-08-26-pg06
Hudson, Bobby                Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Hudson, Bobby                Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Hudson, Bobby                Picture                1966-11-18-pg08
Hudson, Eric Edward (Eddie)   Birth                1966-08-26-pg16
Hudson, Gary   Picture                1966-12-09-pg11
Hudson, Lon     1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Hudson, Mary  1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Hudson, Newt  1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Hudson, Russell                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Hughes, Celton                Picture                1966-10-07-pg06
Hughes, Glen    Picture                1966-03-25-pg20
Hughes, Lowell                Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Hughes, Lowell                Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Hughes, W.A.  Picture                1966-08-26-pg03
Hughes, W.A., Mrs.                Picture                1966-04-29-pg11
Hutto, Bill          Picture                1966-12-09-pg13
Ingersoll, Sherry                Picture                1966-07-22-pg06
Isom, Dewey    Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Isom, James     Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Isom, Mary      Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Jackson, Elvin   Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Jackson, Mona Lynn                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Jackson, Ronnie / Gray Sarah                Wedding              1966-03-11-pg07
Jaggers, Chuckie                Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Jaggers, Stanley and Sissie Basketball Team      Picture                1966-02-11-pg07
James, Buddy    Picture                1966-01-28-pg12
James, Buddy    Picture                1966-02-11-pg14
Janecka, Mike   Picture                1966-09-30-pg13
Jay, Karen Elizabeth / Bridwell, Keith                Wedding              1966-07-29-pg04
Jenkins, Coach Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Joe Potts       Picture                1966-11-18-pg08
Johnson, Carolyn                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Johnson, Gene                Picture                1966-06-17-pg10
Johnson, Larry                Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Johnston, Buddy C., Lt.                Picture                1966-12-02-pg16
Jones, Bladley Glenn                Birth                1966-04-08-pg04
Jones, Carl Ray Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Jones, Ernest     Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Jones, Greg        Picture                1966-04-29-pg04
Jones, Jamie Rae & Teresa Kay                Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Jones, Jennie     Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Jones, Nathan   Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Jones. Brimson A., Rev.                Obituary                1966-11-11-pg14
Jones. Brimson A.,Mrs                Obituary                1966-11-11-pg14
Jordan, John Wesley & Jodie Lynn                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Jordan, Lynn     Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Jordan, Lynn     Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Jordan, Susan   Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Jordon, Howard, Mrs.                Picture                1966-02-11-pg05
Jordon, Howard,Dept. Sheriff    Picture                1966-03-18-pg05
Jordon, Virginia                Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Kaker, Ann, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-28-pg05
Kaker, Ann, Mrs.                Picture                1966-12-09-pg04
Kaker, Ann, Mrs.                Picture                1966-12-09-pg05
Kaker, Charles   Picture                1966-12-09-pg04
Kasner, Angela Renae (Robert) Birth                1966-12-09-pg03
Kasner, Robby Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Kasner, Robby Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Kasner, Virginia                Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Keith, Karen     Picture                1966-04-29-pg04
Keith, Karen     Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Kelley, Jimmy     Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Kelley, Mary Lou                Picture                1966-02-11-pg13
Kelley, Mary Lou / Urban, Harvey Lee                Wedding              1966-04-22-pg13
Kelley, Rex, Mr & Mrs.                Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Kelly, Floyd      Picture                1966-04-29-pg01
Kennedy, Carla Sue                Picture                1966-11-04-pg08
Kennedy, Gaylord                Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Kerr, Bernice   Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Kidd, Dwayne Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Kievit, Donald, Jr.                Picture                1966-01-14-pg04
Kimbell, Dave    Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Kincade, Lou   Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Kincade, Nannie                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
King, Alice       Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
King, Jim          Picture                1966-06-17-pg01
King, Robert    Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Kirkpatrick, Mary E.                Obituary                1966-08-05-pg04
Kleam, Bobby    Picture                1966-04-08-pg31
Kleam, Bobby / Campsey, Kathy                Picture                1966-06-03-pg06
Koch, Connie   Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Laird, Vaughn  Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Lake Bridgeport Development Plat                Picture                1966-05-13-pg01
Lake Spillway Picture                1966-05-20-pg12
Landers, Maxine                Picture                1966-02-04-pg07
Largent, Billy Keith                Birth                1966-04-08-pg04
Largent, Vicki Ann                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Lasater, Vicki    Picture                1966-06-03-pg13
Lasater, Vicki    Picture                1966-08-12-pg07
Lasater, Vicki    Picture                1966-09-30-pg13
Laster, Vickie     Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Law, Emma Lee                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Lawrence, Bill J., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Lawrence, Freddy                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Lawson, Davey & Diane                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Layfield, Francette                Picture                1966-06-03-pg13
Layfield, Gene   Picture                1966-10-28-pg01
Leath, Jim          Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Leatherwood, Rickey, Paul, Stevie & Tony      Picture                1966-02-25-pg16
Lee. Willie, Mrs.                Picture                1966-06-17-pg12
Leonard, Bill      Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Lewis, Jack        Picture                1966-10-07-pg16
Lewis, Jeanelle  Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Lewis, Jeanelle  Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Lewis, Terry      Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Library Open House                Picture                1966-05-13-pg07
Lindsey, Glenn, Mrs.                Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Lindsey, Pamela Gay                Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Linehan, Rosie Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Linehan, Rosie (Honor)                Picture                1966-01-21-pg10
Lipsey, G.R.       Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Lively, Larry       Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Livengood, Spencer                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Lone Star Gas Bldg                Picture                1966-03-25-pg01
Long, Byron     Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Love, Debbie   Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Love, Debbie   Picture                1966-06-10-pg09
Love, Debbie   Picture                1966-07-22-pg01
Love, Debbie   Picture                1966-08-05-pg08
Love, Debbie   Picture                1966-09-02-pg01
Love, Debbie   Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Love, Tammy   Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Love, Tammy Delette                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Lowrey, Preston                Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Lozano, John S.                Picture                1966-08-05-pg08
Lynch, J.P.          Picture                1966-03-18-pg01
Lyons, William   Obituary                1966-06-03-pg03
Maag, Alva / Brown, Carolyn Sue                Wedding              1966-09-09-pg08
Maddox, Norma Jean                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Maddux, Debbra Kay  (Glenn)   Birth                1966-09-09-pg08
Madrid, Loretta Sue (Jose)     Birth                1966-09-30-pg15
Mann, Gerald     Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Mann, Janet & Brent                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Mann, Karen     Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Mann, Karen     Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Mann, W.J,        Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Manning, Clyde                Picture                1966-04-29-pg07
Manoshagian, Ralph                Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Manoushagian, Milton                Picture                1966-05-20-pg11
Manoushagian, Milton                Picture                1966-10-14-pg10
Manoushagian, Ralph                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Manoushagian, Ralph                Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Manoushagian, Ralph                Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Markham, Roy, Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Markum, Roy, Mrs.                Picture                1966-11-18-pg06
Marney, Marietta                Picture                1966-11-11-pg08
Marney, Marietta                Picture                1966-11-11-pg10
Marshall, Rene Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Martin, Arvy B.                Obituary                1966-04-29-pg14
Martin, Judy     Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Martinez, Arthur                Picture                1966-09-09-pg03
Martinez, Arthur                Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Martinez, Rene Birth                1966-03-25-pg17
Mason, Nettie 1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Massingill, Cliff                Picture                1966-11-18-pg06
Matherson, Big Boy & Olin         Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Matherson, Tilman                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
McAfee, Jimmy                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
McAfee, Mrs.  Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
McAlister, C.W., Mrs                Picture                1966-07-08-pg01
McBride, Gary Picture                1966-02-04-pg04
McCain, Michael D., Pfc.         Picture                1966-02-25-pg08
McClary, Mary Picture                1966-03-11-pg16
McClary, Ricky                Picture                1966-06-03-pg13
McClung, J.L.   Picture                1966-05-20-pg01
McClung, J.L., Mrs                Picture                1966-06-17-pg10
McClung, Michelle (B.F.)      Birth                1966-06-10-pg03
McClure, Dewane Dean                Birth                1966-03-25-pg17
McCoy, A.J.     Picture                1966-12-02-pg07
McDaniel, William, Mr & Mrs    Picture                1966-01-07-pg02
McElhaney, Billy Mike, Pvt.         Picture                1966-01-28-pg08
McElhaney, Pat                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
McEntire, Dennis                Picture                1966-04-22-pg02
McEntire, Dennis                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
McGee, Elza from 1909                Picture                1966-06-17-pg15
McGee, Jerry   Picture                1966-04-01-pg04
McKeever, Dennis Wayne   Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
McKenzie, J.S., Mr & Mrs.        Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
McMurray, Dennis                Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
McMurray, Randy                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
McMurry, Annlee                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
McMurry, Bernice                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
McMurry, Randy                Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
McNair, Denese                Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
McNair, Denise                Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
McNeely, Clifton                Picture                1966-03-11-pg13
McNeely, Clinton, Mrs.                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
McPeek, Teresa                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
McPherson, Eddie Estell, Mrs.                Obituary                1966-11-25-pg09
McSpadden, Cordelia, Mrs.        Obituary                1966-02-11-pg11
McWilliams, Beverly                Picture                1966-01-07-pg06
McWilliams, Debbie                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
McWilliams, Gary Wayne & Regina                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
McWilliams, Patricia                Picture                1966-11-18-pg06
McWilliams, Stanley                Picture                1966-07-01-pg12
Meadows, Brady                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Meadows, Henry                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Meadows, Michael & Donald   Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Meadows, Paul R.                Military                1966-06-10-pg12
Meadows, Ronald Lynn       Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Meadows, Tom                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Medford, Leola / Hines, J.L.                Wedding              1966-07-01-pg06
Medlin, Peter   Picture                1966-03-25-pg20
Meek, Otis         Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Meek, Robert Grady                Picture                1966-06-03-pg03
Meek, Robert Trevor  (Robert) Birth                1966-11-11-pg07
Melson, Johnny                Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Messeck, D.C., Jr.                Picture                1966-02-25-pg01
Messero, Mollie                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Meyers, Cathey                Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Meyers, Cathy Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Meyers, Freddie                Picture                1966-10-07-pg06
Meyers, Freddie                Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Meyers, Freddie                Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Miles, Clarence Picture                1966-09-30-pg16
Miles, Clarence Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Miller, Ivy          Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Miller, LaDora   Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Miller, Tommy   Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Milligan, Ricky  Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Milligan, Ricky  Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Minor, Earl         Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Minor, Quilla      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Minor, Ruby      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Mitchell, John Paul                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Mitchell, Rhonda                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Mitchell, W.S. Obituary                1966-11-11-pg11
Monahan, Sharon & Nancy    Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Montford, A.H.                Obituary                1966-06-03-pg11
Montford, Ruth, Mrs.                Picture                1966-11-04-pg05
Montgomery, Alta                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Montgomery, Bobbie                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Montgomery, Loyd                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Monts, Ray (Bubba)                Picture                1966-06-03-pg10
Moody, Carolyn                Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Moody, Holly  Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Moody, Mark  Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Moody, Mitzi   Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Moore, Jena & Joe Mark                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Morehead, Fay Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Morehead, Oscar Madge   Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Morgan, Joe      Picture                1966-09-30-pg16
Morgan, Joe      Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Morris, Amos Hinton                Obituary                1966-08-05-pg04
Morris, Gary      Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Morris, Gary      Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Morris, Martha Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Morris, Pam       Picture                1966-09-30-pg13
Morris, Sammie Lane                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Morrison, Norma Waidene/Green, Jimmy                Wedding              1966-02-04-pg04
Morton, Norman                Picture                1966-04-29-pg01
Moser, Mary Ethel                Obituary                1966-08-05-pg04
Moyers, James Picture                1966-08-19-pg08
Moyers, James Picture                1966-09-09-pg03
Mueller, Jean     Picture                1966-02-04-pg07
Muhlinghause, Clint                Picture                1966-12-02-pg08
Muncy, Jim      Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Munn, Charles Allen                 Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Munn, Mischa & Neil                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Munn, Shirley    Picture                1966-07-29-pg12
Muse, Will         Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Nall, Annie     Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Nall, Ira           Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Naugle, Joni     Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Neighbors        Picture                1966-07-01-pg01
Neil, David     Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Nelson, Douglas (12 lbs 14 oz) (Wilbert)                Picture                1966-12-09-pg06
New Country Club Bldg.       Picture                1966-11-25-pg04
New, Tommy   Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
New, Tommy   Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Newton, Harold R., Pvt.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg03
Newton, John   Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Newton, Louis / Cash, Matilda                Wedding              1966-06-17-pg07
Newton, Pat      Picture                1966-02-18-pg01
Newton, Pat      Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Newton, Pat      Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Niblet, Mike       Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Niblett, Mike     Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Nichols, Jim      Picture                1966-08-05-pg03
Nicholson, Christy Lynn (Norman)                Birth                1966-06-17-pg07
Nixon, Jan Glynn                Picture                1966-05-20-pg04
Nixon, Jan Glynn / Powers, Edwin                Wedding              1966-07-01-pg06
Nobles, Bill, Mrs.                Picture                1966-04-29-pg11
Nobles, Billy, Mrs                Picture                1966-04-29-pg07
Norris, Connie   Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Norris, Curtis     Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Norris, Curtis     Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Norris, Debbie   Picture                1966-03-25-pg20
Norris, Donald   Picture                1966-09-30-pg11
Norwood, Millie, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-14-pg10
Nuncio, Angia & Danny Joe                Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Nuncio, Rebecca                Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Nuncio, Rebecca                Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Oates, March    Picture                 1966-03-25-pg21
O'Dell, Jimmy     Obituary                1966-06-17-pg01
O'Dell, Randy William (A.W.)    Birth                1966-11-11-pg09
Odenthal, Warner                Picture                1966-05-13-pg04
O'Dowd, Bill      Picture                1966-04-08-pg01
O'Dowd, Bill      Picture                1966-04-08-pg24
O'Dowd, Bill      Picture                1966-09-30-pg15
Old Paradise School Fire         Picture                1966-07-08-pg01
Oneal, Dayton   Picture                1966-11-04-pg15
O'Neal, Robert  Military                1966-06-03-pg11
Owens, Susie    Picture                1966-06-03-pg13
Pannell, Barbara                Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Pannell, Vickie  Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Panter, R.W., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Paradise 4-H Groups                Picture                1966-02-25-pg10
Paradise New School                Picture                1966-01-28-pg01
Parnell, Barbara                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Parnell, Barbara                Picture                1966-08-12-pg07
Parrish, Teresa  Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Parrish, Teresa  Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Pate, L. M,, Mr & Mrs.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg01
Pate, L.M.        Picture                1966-05-13-pg04
Pate, L.M., Mrs.                Picture                1966-07-29-pg01
Patterson, Bob  Picture                1966-11-25-pg04
Payne, Charles Thomas / Short, Shirley Jo                Wedding              1966-08-05-pg05
Payne, Lester     Picture                1966-03-11-pg01
Payne, Lester     Picture                1966-03-11-pg13
Pegues, Etta     Picture                1966-07-01-pg01
Pelham, J.R.     Picture                1966-10-21-pg01
Pemberton, Betty Ann                Picture                1966-02-18-pg07
Pemberton, Betty Ann / Van Hoose, Travis L.                Wedding              1966-04-01-pg04
Pemberton, Kathy                Picture                1966-04-29-pg04
Pemberton, Kathy                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Pemberton, Kathy / Pierce, Phillip                Wedding              1966-06-17-pg07
Peninger, Lynne / Tim Stone                Wedding              1966-07-01-pg06
Penninger, Lynn                Picture                1966-02-25-pg11
Perry, Bobby    Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Perry, Bobby    Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Perry, Bobby    Picture                1966-09-30-pg13
Perry, Bobby D.                Picture                1966-11-04-pg11
Perry, Karen     Picture                1966-04-08-pg25
Perry's Café        Picture                1966-02-04-pg01
Petty, Jerry       Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
Petty, Jerry       Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Petty, Paul J.     Picture                1966-05-13-pg05
Pewitt, Bill          Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pewitt, David     Picture                1966-12-09-pg12
Pewitt, Edgar      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pewitt, Elmer      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pewitt, Ernest     Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pewitt, Ira           Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pewitt, Iva          Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pewitt, Necie      Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pewitt, Ozro        Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Peyton, Donna                Picture                1966-04-01-pg04
Peyton, John H., Jr.                Picture                1966-02-11-pg01
Peyton, Richard Allen                Birth                1966-03-25-pg17
Phillips, C.D.    Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Phillips, C.D.    Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Phillips, Martha Jane, Mrs.        Obituary                1966-10-21-pg05
Phillips, Pam     Picture                1966-05-13-pg06
Phillips, Sheri Lynn                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Phillips, Walter L.                Obituary                1966-11-25-pg03
Phippips, Melisa Ann (Jackie, Mr. & Mrs.)      Birth                1966-04-22-pg04
Pierce, James     Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
Pierce, James     Picture                1966-11-18-pg08
Pierce, James     Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Pierce, Kathryn Picture                1966-01-14-pg04
Pierce, Philip Leslie                Picture                1966-04-29-pg04
Pierce, Philip Leslie /Pemberton, Kathy                Wedding              1966-06-17-pg07
Pike, Irene       1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Pike, Mary      1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Pipe, J.A.         Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Pipes, Bert         Picture                1966-10-28-pg01
Pipes, Bert         Picture                1966-10-28-pg05
Pipes, Burt, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-28-pg05
Pipes, Burt, Mrs.                Picture                1966-12-09-pg05
Pitman, La Reesea Michelle Birth                1966-04-08-pg04
Pittman, Thelbert Wayland                Birth                1966-05-13-pg08
Pitts, Robert    Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Porter, Virginia Ann                School                1966-07-01-pg11
Poteet, Kim         Picture                1966-05-20-pg04
Poteet, Kimberly Ann                Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Poteet, Pat, Mrs.                Picture                1966-12-23-pg17
Potts, Joe          Picture                1966-02-11-pg14
Potts, Joe          Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
Potts, Joe          Picture                1966-03-25-pg05
Potts, Joe          Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Potts, Joe T.     Obituary                1966-06-10-pg04
Potts, Larry/Beverly Adams                Wedding              1966-01-21-pg07
Potts, Linda Shawnea                Birth                1966-03-25-pg17
Potts, Robbie   Picture                1966-03-25-pg08
Potts, Shawnea                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Power, Joy          Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Powers, Carl     Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Powers, Donnie                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Powers, Doyle Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Powers, Edwin / Nixon Jan                Wedding              1966-07-01-pg06
Powers,Doyle  Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Poynor, A.L.     Picture                1966-03-25-pg06
Price, George   Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Price, Jimmy Carrol                Birth                1966-03-25-pg17
Prince, Ellen       Picture                1966-07-22-pg06
Prince, Peggy     Picture                1966-07-22-pg06
Prindel, Beulah  Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Prindle, R.T.       Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Prochaska, Joan                Picture                1966-04-08-pg25
Proctor, Gina Marie (B.J.)       Picture                1966-10-14-pg09
Provence, Donald                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Provence, Ella Marie                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Provence, Maxie                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Provence, Travis                Picture                1966-06-17-pg12
Provence, Travis Don                Picture                1966-11-04-pg08
Provence, Woodrow                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Pruett, Ava Nell                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Pruett, Charles Ray, Mrs.                Picture                1966-11-11-pg03
Pruett, Lona Jean                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Pruitt, Renee     Picture                1966-02-25-pg07
Pryor, Barbara  Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Pyle, Kathy Renee (Haskell)                Birth                1966-09-09-pg08
Radford, Vickie Lee (R.L.)      Birth                1966-11-18-pg05
Rains, Louie      Picture                1966-03-25-pg08
Ramirez, Paul  (Julian)                Birth                1966-12-09-pg03
Rankin, Jerry & Larry                Picture                1966-02-25-pg16
Ransom, Betty Picture                1966-05-13-pg05
Raven, Thelma   Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Rawls, J.B.          Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Rawls, Phil         Picture                1966-02-25-pg07
Ray, Becky     Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Ray, Bill, Mrs Picture                1966-06-17-pg10
Ray, Myra      Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Ray, Roger     Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Ray, W.W.     Picture                1966-05-20-pg11
Ray, Wilson   Picture                1966-04-08-pg19
Ray, Wilson   Picture                1966-04-22-pg08
Ray, Wilson   Picture                1966-04-22-pg12
Ray, Wilson, Banker                Picture                1966-05-13-pg04
Ray, Wilson, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-07-pg08
Read, Duane    Picture                1966-03-25-pg20
Read, Ed           Picture                1966-10-28-pg05
Read, Ernie       Picture                1966-08-19-pg08
Read, Lola Frost                Picture                1966-10-28-pg08
Read, Mitchell Picture                1966-03-25-pg20
Read, Robert, Mrs.                Picture                1966-06-17-pg02
Read, Roger     Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Read, Saundra Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Reddell, Bill       1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Reddell, Frank   1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Reddell, J.W., Mrs.                Obituary                1966-01-07-pg10
Reddell, Mollie  Obituary                1966-03-18-pg05
Reed, Edd         Picture                1966-12-09-pg04
Reed, Gary        Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Reed, Glenn      Picture                1966-10-07-pg06
Reed, Glenn      Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Reed, Hermon  Obituary                1966-06-03-pg16
Reed, Janie       Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Reid, Gary        Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Remmele, Benny                Picture                1966-03-25-pg20
Remmele, Carolyn                Picture                1966-07-29-pg09
Remmele, Carolyn                Picture                1966-11-11-pg01
Remmele, Glenda                Picture                1966-03-25-pg21
Remmele, Glenda                Picture                1966-03-25-pg21
Remmele, Sharon                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Remmele,Carolyn                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Rendelman, Terry                Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Rendleman, Terry                Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Reynolds, Claude                Picture                1966-06-10-pg12
Reynolds, Claudia                Picture                1966-09-09-pg01
Rhine, Ronda & Bret                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Rhine, Ronnie   Picture                1966-04-08-pg08
Rich, Sheryl Lynn                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Richardson, Bertha                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Richardson, Brenda K.                Picture                1966-02-04-pg03
Richardson, Etta                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Richardson, Eva                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Richardson, Jack / Holt, Carole Sue                Wedding              1966-08-26-pg07
Richardson, Jack David                Wedding              1966-03-04-pg11
Richardson, Nemon                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Richardson, Susie                Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Richardson, W.A.                Picture                1966-02-04-pg03
Riggs, Randy    Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Riggs, Ronnie   Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Riggs, Russell   Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Roberson, Courtney                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Roberson, Gertrude                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Roberson, Joe Slade                Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Roberts, Donna, Mrs.                Obituary                1966-07-22-pg06
Roberts, Marcil, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Roberts, Mildred Lorraine (Mrs. E.L.)        Obituary                1966-11-11-pg13
Roberts, Roy     Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Roberts, Sammy Lee (Sammy) Birth                1966-08-05-pg04
Roberts, Terry, Miss                Picture                1966-10-28-pg07
Roberts, Tommy / Hartsell, Claudia                Wedding              1966-09-02-pg04
Rodeo Ride        Picture                1966-05-20-pg13
Rone, C.Y.         Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Roper, Jesse J.   Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
Roper, Johnnie  Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
Rose, Doni Lynn                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Ross, W.E.       Picture                1966-10-21-pg01
Rowe, Jerry       Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Rowe, Jerry       Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Rowh, Guy         Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Rowh, Mark       Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Runaway Bay Sign New                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Russell, Cindy  Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Russell, Deon   Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Russell, Ida Lillian                Obituary                1966-08-05-pg04
Rutherford, Elizabeth                Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Rutledge, G.D., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Ryan, Rex          Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Sammons, Katherine/Williams, Richards                Wedding              1966-01-14-pg04
Sanchez, Richard (G.J.)                Birth                1966-08-26-pg16
Sanders, Don    Picture                1966-04-29-pg01
Saulter, Barry    Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Saunders, Clay Picture                1966-07-01-pg01
Saunders, Diane                Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Scales, Clay, Mrs.                Obituary                1966-12-02-pg06
Schlick, John P.                Picture                1966-05-13-pg04
School wing       Picture                1966-06-03-pg01
Scoggins, Randy                Picture                1966-06-03-pg13
Scott, Albert     Picture                1966-04-08-pg01
Scott, Albert     Picture                1966-05-27-pg01
Scroggins, Helen                Picture                1966-03-25-pg14
Scroggins, Helen                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1966-08-05-pg10
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1966-09-30-pg01
Scroggins, Randy                Picture                1966-12-02-pg12
Sellers, Scooter                Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Sellers, Scooter                Picture                1966-10-07-pg06
Sellman, C.F., Mrs.                Obituary                1966-08-19-pg12
Selz, Milton    Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Selz, Milton    Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Selz, Milton    Picture                1966-10-07-pg06
Sensibaugh, Virginia                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Setliff, Danny    Picture                1966-01-28-pg12
Shanks, Claud  Obituary                1966-07-08-pg02
Shanks, Jerry   Picture                1966-07-22-pg08
Shanks, Patty   Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Sharkey, Jack    Picture                1966-07-08-pg01
Sharpless, Cathy                Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Sharpless, Eddie                Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Shawn, Angela Robbin                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Shawn, Charley                Obituary                1966-08-26-pg09
Shawn, Grace, Mrs.                Picture                1966-01-21-pg13
Shawn, Peggy   Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Shawn, Sharon Picture                1966-09-30-pg05
Shawn, Vicki     Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Shelton, Bethel Winn                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Shelton, Lizzie Winn                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Shepherd, Joe, Pvt.                Picture                1966-12-09-pg08
Sherman, David Lynn (Alton)   Birth                1966-08-05-pg04
Shipley, Claude H. & Pearl Ann Davidson Shipley                Picture                1966-08-19-pg07
Shipley, Claude H. & Pearl Ann Davidson Shipley                Picture                1966-09-02-pg06
Shipley, Parker Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
Shipley, Robert, Sgt                Picture                1966-02-25-pg04
Short, Shirley Jo                Picture                1966-06-03-pg19
Short, Shirley Jo / Charles Thomas Payne                Wedding              1966-08-05-pg05
Silletti, Steven    Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Simpson, Murphy                Picture                1966-04-22-pg08
Simpson, Murphy & Vaughn  Picture                1966-04-08-pg14
Simpson, Vaughan                Picture                1966-04-22-pg08
SIpes, D.C., Dr. Picture                1966-05-20-pg11
Sipes, Danny    Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Sister Amata    Picture                1966-06-17-pg16
Sister Thomas Marie                Picture                1966-06-17-pg04
Sivley, Shelle Nan                Birth                1966-06-10-pg07
Skiles, Leticia Lynn & Tammie Lea                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Slagle, Jaimie Dawn                Birth                1966-02-04-pg07
Sleigh, Roy, Mr & Mrs                Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Sloan, C.S., Mr & Mrs.                Picture                1966-05-20-pg09
Smart, Marcus  Picture                1966-07-08-pg07
Smart, Tony & Tonya                Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Smith, Evelyn    Picture                1966-03-25-pg19
Smith, Frank, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-14-pg05
Smith, Frank, Mrs.                Picture                1966-11-18-pg06
Smith, Jeannie   Picture                1966-08-26-pg07
Smith, Kyle        Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Smith, Lucy       Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Smith, Monica  Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Smith, Patty / Webb, Gervis                Wedding              1966-12-23-pg11
Smith, Ronnie   Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Smith, Ruth Ward, Mrs.                Obituary                1966-10-07-pg08
Smith, Sandra    Picture                1966-04-01-pg03
Smith, Sandra    Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Smith, T.R.         Obituary                1966-09-09-pg12
Smith, T.R., Mrs                Obituary                1966-09-09-pg12
Smith, Viola       Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Snakes              Picture                1966-04-01-pg05
Snider, Willie      Picture                1966-06-17-pg06
Snow Damage  Picture                1966-01-28-pg01
Souther, Eula Ruth (Mrs. L.P.)                Obituary                1966-09-09-pg05
Sparks, Teresa Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Splawn, Wanda Jean                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
St. John, Pamela Sue (Bobby) Birth                1966-07-01-pg08
Staats, Earl Otho                Obituary                1966-08-05-pg04
Stack, Mike       Picture                1966-12-02-pg08
Staley, Royce     Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Stanford, Billy  Picture                1966-02-25-pg09
Stanford, Billy  Picture                1966-03-04-pg12
Stanford, Billy  Picture                1966-03-11-pg13
Stanford, Billy  Picture                1966-03-25-pg01
Stanford, Billy  Picture                1966-03-25-pg05
Steadman, John / Gann, Gaye                Wedding              1966-12-23-pg15
Stegall, Kelly     Picture                1966-03-25-pg08
Stegall, Kelly     Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Stegall, Kelly     Picture                1966-08-19-pg08
Stegall, Kelly     Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Stegall, Kelly     Picture                1966-11-18-pg08
Stelletti, Curtis  Picture                1966-07-08-pg06
Stephens, Sherry                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Stevens, Galley Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Stevens, J.G.      Picture                1966-04-08-pg24
Stevens, J.G.      Picture                1966-04-08-pg29
Stevens, J.G.      Picture                1966-04-22-pg08
Stevens, Steve  Picture                1966-08-26-pg07
Stevens, Steve  Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Stewart, David  Picture                1966-06-03-pg13
Stewart, Roy     Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Stiles, Becky     Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Stiles, James H., Mrs.                Picture                1966-06-10-pg07
Stiles, Jimmy     Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Stiles, Jimmy, pastor                Picture                1966-05-20-pg06
Stiles, Jimmy, Rev.                Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Stinson, Mildred                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Stinson, Mildred                Picture                1966-04-01-pg07
Stinson, Mildred                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Stinson, Mildred                Picture                1966-11-25-pg13
Stockton, Mike                Picture                1966-09-09-pg03
Stockton, Mike                Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Stockton, Mike                Picture                1966-12-09-pg15
Stogner, Linda Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Stokes, Judy     Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Stone, Gene       Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Stone, Tim         Picture                1966-02-25-pg14
Stone, Tim         Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Stone, Timothy Earl                Picture                1966-02-25-pg11
Strickland, Jake, Rev.                Picture                1966-01-14-pg01
Strickland, Walter                Picture                1966-08-26-pg11
Stricklin, Jake, Rev.                Picture                1966-08-19-pg05
Stricklin, Walter                Picture                1966-09-30-pg10
Stricklin, Walter                Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Student Council Candidates                Picture                1966-03-18-pg06
Students          Picture                1966-03-18-pg04
Stutt, Douglas Nelson  (Wilbert)                Birth                1966-12-09-pg03
Sutliff, J.L.          Picture                1966-11-04-pg15
Swain, Becky     Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Swain, Cliff         Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Swain, Joey        Picture                1966-09-09-pg11
Swain, Joey        Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Swimming Pool Construction                Picture                1966-05-27-pg01
Swirczynski, Mary Jane                Picture                1966-08-12-pg07
Swope, Jonathan Robert                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Symitzek, Margaret                Picture                1966-07-22-pg06
Tackel, Carl, Mrs.                Picture                1966-04-22-pg04
Tackel, Henry, Mrs                Obituary                1966-01-14-pg08
Tackel, Jess      Picture                1966-11-25-pg01
Tackel, Jimmy   Picture                1966-11-25-pg02
Tackel, John D.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg28
Tackett, Clifford                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Tackle, Pam       Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Tally, John H.  Obituary                1966-11-25-pg09
Taylor, Diane    Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Teague, Melita Darlene (Robert) Birth                1966-09-09-pg08
Thomas, Sandra                Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Thomas, Sondra                Picture                1966-04-08-pg25
Thompkins, Freddie, Mrs.        Picture                1966-02-11-pg05
Thompson, A.J.                Picture                1966-04-08-pg11
Thompson, Erma                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Thompson, Erma                Picture                1966-11-25-pg13
Thompson, Judy, Miss                Picture                1966-10-28-pg06
Thompson, Mary                Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Thompson, Paula                Picture                1966-04-08-pg25
Thompson, Roy                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Thompson, Sharon                Picture                1966-04-29-pg04
Thornhill, Charles/Lousie Billington                Wedding              1966-06-10-pg07
Tim Stone / Peninger, Lynne                Wedding              1966-07-01-pg06
Tindle, G.E.         Picture                1966-10-21-pg01
Tindle, Z.T., Mrs.                Picture                1966-03-11-pg01
Trammell, Bennie                Picture                1966-01-07-pg12
Trammell, Bennie                Picture                1966-06-03-pg09
Trammell, Bennie                Picture                1966-06-17-pg06
Trammell, Bennie, Jr. (Karo)     Picture                1966-02-25-pg06
Trammell, Bennie, Jr. (Karo)     Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Trammell, Benny (Karo)                Picture                1966-11-18-pg08
Trammell, Karo Picture                1966-08-05-pg14
Trammell, Karo Picture                1966-11-04-pg04
Trammell, Karo Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Trammell,George Allen (Squirrel)                Obituary                1966-11-11-pg07
Treadway, Wynett                Picture                1966-09-30-pg04
Trinity Flood waters on 920          Picture                1966-05-13-pg03
Tucker, Laura    Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Tucker, Laura    Picture                1966-12-02-pg01
Tucker, Regina  Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Turner, Benjamin, Mr. & Mrs.        1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Turner, George 1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Turner, Hosea (Hode)                1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Turner, Kay       1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Turner, Minnie 1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Turner, Nicy Bell                1903 Picture    1966-03-25-pg24
Tyl, Albert, Rev.                Picture                1966-04-22-pg14
Tyl, Father Albert                Picture                1966-06-17-pg16
Urban, Harvey Lee / Kelly Mary Lou                Wedding              1966-04-22-pg13
Urgan, Harvey   Picture                1966-02-11-pg13
Vacation Bible School Bridgeport First Baptist   Picture                1966-07-22-pg09
Van Hoose, Brenda Lee & Bobby Ray                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Van Hoose, Hubbard                1903 Picture    1966-03-11-pg06
Van Hoose, Tammy & Jimmy Ray                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Van Hoose, Tommy                Picture                1966-06-10-pg05
Van Hoose, Travis Leon       Picture                1966-02-18-pg07
Van Hoose, Travis Leon / Pemberton, Betty Ann                Wedding              1966-04-01-pg04
Vandeventer, Kay                Picture                1966-12-09-pg12
VanHoose, James                Picture                1966-04-22-pg15
Vaught, Mark & Phillip                Picture                1966-02-25-pg16
Verner, Danny, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-14-pg05
Verner, Sharon Picture                1966-06-17-pg09
Verner, Teresa Elaine                Birth                1966-05-27-pg02
Vickers, Joe      Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Vickers, Joe      Picture                1966-08-26-pg03
Vidal, Vickie     Picture                1966-03-25-pg14
Von Heuvel, Mary & Claire      Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Von Heuvel, Shirley, Mrs.        Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Von Heuvel, Tracy                Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Walker, Helen  Picture                1966-07-01-pg01
Walker, Josephine Maggie (J.V.)                Obituary                1966-12-09-pg06
Walker, Linda   Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Walker, Michael Leon                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Wallace, Charles                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Wallace, J.H., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Waters, C.J. Home in Snow      Picture                1966-01-28-pg04
Waters, C.J., Mrs                 Picture                1966-01-28-pg09
Waters, C.J., Mrs                 Picture                1966-03-11-pg07
Waters, C.J., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg03
Waters, C.J., Mrs.                Picture                1966-09-30-pg08
Watkins, Eddie                Picture                1966-03-25-pg05
Watkins, Howard                Obituary                1966-12-09-pg06
Watkins, Jill Ann, infant      Birth                1966-03-11-pg02
Watson, Cynthia Kay                Picture                1966-03-25-pg10
Watson, Ernest                Picture                1966-08-26-pg03
Weatherly, Beverly                Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
Weatherly, Larry                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Weaver, Bobbie                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Webb, Gervis / Smith, Patty                Wedding              1966-12-23-pg11
Webb, Mary      Picture                1966-11-18-pg11
Wharton, Linda                 Picture                1966-04-29-pg04
Wharton, Linda                 Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Whatley, Leland L.                Military                1966-06-03-pg18
Wheland, A.J.  Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
White, Bill          Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
White, Bill          Picture                1966-03-25-pg07
White, Bill          Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
White, Cecil, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-07-pg08
White, Debbie   Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
White, Donna    Picture                1966-09-02-pg07
White, W.M.      Picture                1966-04-08-pg01
White, Wilton    Obituary                1966-11-25-pg02
Whitehead, Beverly                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Whitehead, Dan, Dr.                Picture                1966-01-21-pg12
Wighley, Ted, Mrs.                Picture                1966-10-07-pg08
Wiley, Billy        Picture                1966-08-19-pg06
Wiley, Billy        Picture                1966-08-26-pg08
Wiley, Billy        Picture                1966-10-14-pg02
Wiley, Billy        Picture                1966-11-04-pg12
Wiley, Billy        Picture                1966-11-11-pg05
Wiley, Billy        Picture                1966-11-11-pg14
Wilhite, Charles, Mr & Mrs.        Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Wilkenson, Shelly Michele   (Richard L., Jr.)                Birth                1966-12-02-pg07
Wilkinson, Leilani                Picture                1966-03-04-pg12
Wilkinson, Leilani                Picture                1966-03-11-pg08
Wilkinson, Leilani                Picture                1966-04-01-pg03
Wilkinson, Leilani                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Wilkinson, Leilani / Ford, Craig                Picture                1966-06-03-pg06
Williams, Richard/Sammons, Katherine                Wedding              1966-01-14-pg04
Williams, Rodney Leo (Alford)  Birth                1966-08-19-pg10
Willingham, Judy                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Wilmon, Leon   Picture                1966-11-11-pg07
Wilson Prairie School 1913        Picture                1966-07-01-pg13
Wilson, Bobby                Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Wilson, David Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Wilson, Dick    Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Wilson, Donald                Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Wilson, Donald                Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Wilson, Gladys                Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Wilson, Katy Pearl                Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Wilson, Tom    Picture                1966-07-22-pg12
Wilson, Treva Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Winder, John, Judge                Picture                1966-07-01-pg01
Winder, Judge  Picture                1966-09-30-pg13
Wolfe, Cynthia  Picture                1966-04-01-pg08
Wolfe, Nola, Mrs.                Picture                1966-08-05-pg09
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-01-14-pg08
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-05-20-pg08
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-06-03-pg13
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-08-05-pg10
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-09-30-pg01
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-09-30-pg16
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-11-11-pg01
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-11-18-pg07
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-11-18-pg16
Womack, Arnold                Picture                1966-12-09-pg03
Womack, Gary Wayne                Picture                1966-02-25-pg16
Womack, Jimmy                Picture                1966-02-25-pg07
Womack, O.M. Picture                1966-02-04-pg04
Womack, Ronald                Picture                1966-02-25-pg07
Wood, Craig       Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Wood, Kevin     Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Wood, Lloyd      Picture                1966-02-25-pg16
Wood, Lloyd, Mrs.                Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Wood, Paul        Picture                1966-02-25-pg16
Woodard, Chuck                Picture                1966-01-28-pg12
Woodard, Chuck                Picture                1966-02-18-pg16
Woodruff, W.B., Jr.                Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Woodward, Chuck                Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Wooldridge, Bennie, Mrs.        Picture                1966-02-11-pg08
Wright, Carol   Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Wright, H.L.     Picture                1966-10-21-pg05
Wright, H.L.     Picture                1966-11-04-pg15
Wright, Larry   Picture                1966-04-29-pg05
Wright, Leon    Picture                1966-06-17-pg01
Wright, Steven Ray & Eric Quentin & Tommy Lee                Picture                1966-06-03-pg15
Wyllins, Raeann Michelle (Raymond)                Birth                1966-07-01-pg08
Yang, Allana    Picture                1966-11-25-pg08
Yeager, Hal        Picture                1966-03-04-pg01
Yeates, Donna  Picture                1966-12-23-pg14
Young, Lee        Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Young, Lester   Picture                1966-09-09-pg10
Young, Melissa Renee (Melvin) Birth                1966-11-18-pg05
Young, Melvan                Picture                1966-05-27-pg13
Young, Melvan / Coale, Rose                Wedding              1966-07-29-pg11
Youth Fair Crafts                Picture                1966-04-01-pg01