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1967 - Names Index

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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
3000 Acre Ranch Donated to Scouts on Lake Bridgeport            Story            1967-06-02-pg01
4-H Award Winners at Achievement Banquet            Story            1967-11-17-pg14
4-H Camp at Methodist Camp-pool picture Picture            1967-06-09-pg05
4-H Food Show Contestants             Picture            1967-11-03-pg18
4-H Horse Playday results  Story            1967-11-03-pg06
4-H Photography Class at lake            Picture            1967-08-18-pg08
4-H Second Annual County Horse Show Results            Story            1967-06-30-pg11
Ace Automotive opening            Advertisement            1967-11-03-pg04
Adams, Becky            Picture            1967-04-28-pg06
Adams, Karen Evon/Roger Dale Sharp            Wedding        1967-01-27-pg16
Adams, Lonnie Wayne Picture            1967-05-26-pg03
Aerni, Lucille Flowers            Obituary          1967-07-28-pg04
Akins, Dennis Wayne, Jr. (f. Dennis Wayne)            Birth            1967-08-18-pg10
Alexander, D.B., Mrs.     Story            1967-09-08-pg13
Alexander, H.B.            Obituary          1967-05-05-pg03
Alice Boaz Forum Building Board Members            Story            1967-06-30-pg09
Alice Boaz Woman's Forum  Story            1967-12-08-pg17
Allen, Ardath            Picture            1967-04-21-pg11
Allison, Diana            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Allison, Diane            Picture            1967-09-08-pg10
Allison, Janice            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Allison, Janice            Picture            1967-01-13-pg03
Allison, Janice            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Allison, Janice            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Allison, Janice            Picture            1967-04-21-pg01
Allison, Tommy            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Allison, Tommy            Picture            1967-04-21-pg03
Allman, John            Picture            1967-05-05-pg11
Allmann, John A., Rev.     Picture            1967-03-03-pg07
Anderson, Anita            Picture            1967-02-17-pg05
Anderson, Bobby            Story            1967-06-16-pg20
Anderson, Bobby            Story            1967-08-25-pg01
Anderson, Bobby, Mrs.     Story            1967-08-25-pg06
Andreasen, Cindy Carol (f. Dale Chester)            Birth            1967-12-22-pg05
Arcadia Theatre            Picture            1967-10-06-pg06
Arcadia Theatre            Story            1967-10-13-pg01
Armstrong, James            Picture            1967-05-26-pg03
Armstrong, James Walter            Obituary          1967-11-03-pg17
Arnold, Kenneth Lee      Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Arnold, Lawaynda Gail     Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Arrington, Tricia Lin (f. Paul E.)            Birth            1967-06-30-pg12
Art Show, Annual Sidewalk, -list of winners            Story            1967-10-13-pg03
Ashworth, Jackie Dale (L.C. & Amelia)            Birth            1967-01-13-pg06
Askey, Alvin            Picture            1967-10-06-pg16
Askey, W.A.            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Atkins House Hotel in Paradise in 1893    1893 Picture 1967-03-24-pg08
Atkins, Earl            Obituary          1967-02-10-pg06
Atkins, S.L. in 1893    1893 Picture 1967-03-24-pg08
Atkinson, John Thomas            Obituary          1967-09-29-pg05
Austin, Louis            Picture            1967-11-10-pg01
Automotive Supply expanding            Picture            1967-03-03-pg01
Bailey, Barbara            Picture            1967-02-03-pg08
Bailey, Barbara            Picture            1967-02-17-pg03
Bailey, Elbert            Story            1967-04-07-pg04
Bailey, Greg            Story            1967-07-14-pg16
Bailey, Johnny            Story            1967-02-10-pg14
Bailey, Johnny W.            Picture            1967-03-03-pg15
Bailey, Johnny W.            Story            1967-09-01-pg10
Bailey, Walter M.            Obituary          1967-05-12-pg06
Baker, Oliver Marshall & Emma Rater            Story            1967-01-13-pg08
Baker, Ona Story            1967-09-29-pg03
Baker, W. Harrison & Eula     Story            1967-06-23-pg04
Ball, M.B. Story            1967-12-08-pg01
Ball, M.B. Story            1967-12-15-pg01
Banks, Alvin            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Banks, Burn            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Banks, Harvey, Jr.            Story            1967-04-07-pg04
Baptist Association- annual county meeting            Story            1967-10-13-pg08
Barbara, Sister            Picture            1967-06-16-pg09
Barfield place house   Picture            1967-03-10-pg05
Barnard, John L.            Story            1967-09-01-pg10
Barnes, Ira Picture            1967-10-06-pg07
Barnes, Velma            Picture            1967-09-01-pg11
Barnett, Cindy            Picture            1967-03-10-pg11
Barnett, Gary            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Barnett, Jay            Picture            1967-09-22-pg05
Barnhill, Jim            Picture            1967-02-03-pg04
Barnsley, Jimmy            Picture            1967-12-01-pg20
Bartlett, George            Picture            1967-06-09-pg03
Bartlett, George, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1967-08-11-pg05
Bartlett, Grace & June     Picture            1967-08-11-pg05
Bass, Bill  Picture            1967-10-20-pg01
Beard, Jerry Don (f. Jerry)            Birth            1967-08-11-pg12
Beard, Kathy LaDena (f. Luther) Birth            1967-08-11-pg12
Beard, Kathy LaDena (f. Luther) Birth            1967-08-18-pg06
Beaty, Avery Crawford 'Blackie'            Obituary          1967-11-03-pg09
Beck, Charlie L.            Obituary          1967-04-21-pg07
Beck, El Dee            Obituary          1967-01-27-pg03
Beeson, Emmitt            Obituary          1967-02-10-pg06
Bell, Gary Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Bellah, Dow            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Bellah, Jerry Wayne/Darla Oliver            Wedding        1967-06-09-pg07
Bement, Rhonda            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Benjamin, Clifton            Picture            1967-06-16-pg10
Bergstrom, Jonathan Ezell/Karan Rae Payne            Wedding        1967-01-13-pg06
Bergstrom, Jonathan Ezell/Karan Rae Payne            Wedding        1967-02-03-pg07
Berry, Eddie            Story            1967-05-12-pg05
Berry, Eddie Lee            Story            1967-03-24-pg10
Biggs, A.A., Mrs.            Obituary          1967-02-17-pg08
Billington, Don            Picture            1967-03-03-pg16
Bird, Becky            Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Bird, Buddy            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Bird, Buddy            Picture            1967-02-03-pg13
Bird, Buddy            Picture            1967-02-10-pg01
Bird, Mada            Story            1967-04-28-pg04
Bird, Mary Helen            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Bird, Mary Helen            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Bird, Mary Helen            Story            1967-07-21-pg11
Bird, Mary Helen/Ronald Dean Mara            Wedding        1967-06-02-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen/Ronald Dean Mara            Wedding        1967-07-21-pg06
Bird, Rebecca            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Bird, Ricky            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Bird, Sammy            Picture            1967-11-10-pg07
Bishop, Patricia (f. Billy Layton)            Birth            1967-01-20-pg04
Bishop, Ralph & Nora    Story            1967-03-10-pg04
Bisidas, Eddie            Obituary          1967-02-03-pg12
Bivens, Beatrice            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bivens, Horace            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bivens, Zethner            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Black, Richard            Picture            1967-02-24-pg04
Black, Richard            Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Black, Sammie            Story            1967-06-16-pg07
Black, Samuel J.            Story            1967-02-10-pg14
Black, Samuel J.            Picture            1967-04-07-pg07
Bletsch, William P.         Story            1967-03-10-pg13
Blodget, Charlie F.            Obituary          1967-06-16-pg03
Bluebird, Giggliest - officers list            Story            1967-10-06-pg07
Boaz, Ernest            Old Picture 1967-03-03-pg05
Boaz, Freddy, Mrs.     Picture            1967-12-08-pg08
Boaz, Oscar, Mrs.     Picture            1967-12-08-pg08
Boaz, Paul, Mrs.            Picture            1967-12-08-pg08
Boaz, Roslie            Picture            1967-12-08-pg08
Bobcats trapped on L.R. Wood Ranch  Picture            1967-03-17-pg02
Bohenek, Stanley            Story            1967-06-30-pg01
Bohenek, Stanley            Story            1967-07-14-pg04
Bommarito, Maria  Picture            1967-03-31-pg07
Boonsville 4-H officers listed            Story            1967-10-20-pg02
Boonsville Community Center Ice Cream Supper            Picture            1967-08-11-pg08
Bordner, Melinda            Picture            1967-05-12-pg03
Bordner, Melinda            Picture            1967-11-17-pg13
Bott, Carol            Picture            1967-11-17-pg12
Boulware, Johnny            Picture            1967-03-03-pg16
Boulware, Johnny            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Boulware, Johnny            Picture            1967-05-12-pg04
Boulware, Virginia            Story            1967-06-30-pg12
Boulware, Virginia/Don K. Smith            Wedding        1967-05-12-pg04
Boulware, Virginia/Don Key Smith            Wedding        1967-07-14-pg11
Bouton, Carol            Picture            1967-04-28-pg06
Boyd, Arthur C.            Obituary          1967-06-16-pg09
Boyd, Billy            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Bradford, Christopher Allen (f. Gordon)            Birth            1967-05-05-pg09
Bradford, Toni            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Bradford, Toni            Picture            1967-09-08-pg10
Bradish, Jimmy Joe (Jerry Joe & Ruby Lee)            Birth            1967-01-20-pg04
Bradley, Lowell            Picture            1967-12-08-pg03
Bradley, Paula Kaye    Picture            1967-05-26-pg03
Branding Iron Café in Chico            Story            1967-07-14-pg01
Branding Iron Restaurant            Picture            1967-09-01-pg16
Brandon, Jerry            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Brandon, Larry            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Braselton, Sina            Obituary          1967-07-14-pg03
Brassfield, Don            Picture            1967-10-20-pg15
Brazier, J.H., Jr.            Story            1967-04-14-pg06
Breeze, Ronnie            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Breeze, Ronnie            Picture            1967-03-17-pg06
Brewer, Billy            Story            1967-12-08-pg03
Brewer, Billy J.            Picture            1967-04-07-pg08
Brewer, Billy Jay            Picture            1967-03-24-pg10
Brewer, Chuck            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Brewer, Chuck            Picture            1967-02-24-pg10
Brewer, Chuckie            Picture            1967-04-21-pg08
Brewer, Chuckie            Picture            1967-08-25-pg04
Brewer, Sam            Obituary          1967-01-20-pg12
Bridgeport Hospital - new wing construction            Picture            1967-09-22-pg01
Bridgeport Hospital addition construction            Picture            1967-06-30-pg01
Bridgeport Hospital addition ground breaking            Picture            1967-06-16-pg01
Bridgeport Insurance Agency            Story            1967-05-12-pg01
Bridgeport Motel fire      Picture            1967-08-11-pg01
Bridgeport Motel fire      Picture            1967-08-11-pg09
Bridges, Beulah            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Bobby D.        1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Della            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Della            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Dona            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Dona            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Donna            Picture            1967-01-27-pg05
Bridges, Donna            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Bridges, Donna            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Bridges, Edrie            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Grace            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Ina            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Ina            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, J.K.            Picture            1967-05-12-pg01
Bridges, Joe            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Lillie            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Mary            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Mary            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Melvin            Picture            1967-12-08-pg18
Bridges, Reagan            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Theresa            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Tom, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1967-03-24-pg10
Bridges, Wright            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1967-02-03-pg04
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1967-05-12-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan purcheses "Frisco Enterprise"            Story            1967-07-14-pg04
Brisco, Cathy            Picture            1967-10-27-pg01
Brisco, Robert B.            Picture            1967-02-17-pg11
Briscoe, Cathy            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Briscoe, Cathy            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Brock, Luther A., Dr./Linda Joanne Miller            Wedding        1967-07-28-pg04
Brock, Luther A., Dr./Linda Joanne Miller            Wedding        1967-09-08-pg08
Brooks, Melodye            Picture            1967-08-11-pg10
Brown, Bently B.            Story            1967-02-10-pg13
Brown, James Thomas (James Marvin & Margie Ann)    Birth            1967-01-13-pg06
Brown, Melissa Gail     Picture            1967-06-16-pg19
Brown, Rayeann            Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Brown, Richard E.            Story            1967-08-18-pg08
Brown, Sherlyn            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Brown, Sheryl Elaine  Story            1967-12-08-pg05
Bryant, David W., II          Story            1967-11-17-pg09
Bryant, David Wattam, III            Story            1967-05-26-pg05
Bryant, David, Mrs.     Picture            1967-12-22-pg29
Bryant, Karen            Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Bryant, Karen            Picture            1967-03-03-pg07
Bryant, Karen            Story            1967-04-07-pg15
Bryant, Karen            Picture            1967-04-28-pg08
Bryant, Karen            Story            1967-07-14-pg04
Bryant, Karen Sue            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Bryant, Karen Sue            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Buchanan, Calvin            Picture            1967-05-05-pg06
Buchanan, Clifford            Picture            1967-01-20-pg04
Buck, Johnnie W.            Picture            1967-04-21-pg14
Buckner, Calvin            Story            1967-04-07-pg04
Buckner, George A.        Story            1967-05-05-pg15
Buckner, Wilford            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Buckner, Wilford            Picture            1967-09-01-pg01
Bullard, J.B., Mrs.            Story            1967-07-14-pg13
Bullies Basketball Team   Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Bunnell, Donald Wayne/Vicki Felker            Wedding        1967-06-30-pg12
Burgin, Kathy            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Burgin, Kathy            Picture            1967-01-13-pg03
Burgin, Kathy            Picture            1967-01-20-pg04
Burgin, Kathy            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Burgin, Kathy            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Burgin, Kathy/Steve Potteiger            Wedding        1967-09-08-pg04
Burk, Benny            Picture            1967-10-27-pg07
Burris, George owner of Morrison's Barber Shop            Advertisement            1967-09-08-pg04
Burris, Kimberly Kay (f. James)            Birth            1967-08-11-pg12
Burt, Benny            Picture            1967-11-10-pg07
Burt, John  Picture            1967-08-18-pg09
Bush, Bill  Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Bush, Bill  Picture            1967-02-10-pg01
Bush, Bill  Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Bush, Bill  Picture            1967-03-03-pg07
Butler, Katie            Story            1967-09-22-pg16
Butler, Katie Connor Story            1967-09-08-pg12
Butler, Katie Connor Picture            1967-09-22-pg04
Butler, Thomas/Dana Nard            Wedding        1967-12-01-pg18
Butler, Tom            Picture            1967-05-26-pg04
Byrd, Charles            Picture            1967-05-12-pg01
Byrd, Charles, Mrs.     Picture            1967-11-03-pg19
Byrd, John Mark (f. Sammy)            Birth            1967-06-02-pg12
Byrd, Lisa Picture            1967-06-16-pg18
Cagle, Betty            Picture            1967-11-17-pg06
Cagle, Gerald/Betty Ransom            Wedding        1967-03-10-pg13
Cagle, Gerald/Betty Ransom            Wedding        1967-06-09-pg11
Cain, Gary L.            Picture            1967-03-10-pg11
Calhoun, Katie            Picture            1967-04-28-pg06
Camp Fire group meeting            Story            1967-10-27-pg07
Camp, Larry            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Campbell, Ruby            Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Campsey, Vicki            Picture            1967-11-17-pg13
Campsey, Vicki            Story            1967-12-08-pg09
Canova, Brenda            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Canova, Kenneth E.         Story            1967-05-05-pg15
Canova, Kenneth E.         Story            1967-10-13-pg11
Cantrell, Carol Sue      Picture            1967-12-15-pg01
Cantrell, Carole            Picture            1967-03-31-pg01
Cantrell, Nadine            Picture            1967-02-17-pg10
Cantrell, Nadine            Picture            1967-03-31-pg01
Cantrell, Traci Yvette (f. Bobby)            Birth            1967-09-29-pg08
Cantrell, Wesley, Mrs.     Picture            1967-03-17-pg03
Caraway, Thaddus            Obituary          1967-02-10-pg06
Carlton, David            Picture            1967-03-17-pg06
Carlton, Terry Ray/Judy Lynn Stokes            Wedding        1967-01-13-pg04
Carpenter, Gingy            Picture            1967-05-12-pg06
Carpenter, Jesse Paul     Picture            1967-01-27-pg12
Carpenter, Jesse Paul     Story            1967-04-07-pg04
Carpenter, Jesse Paul     Picture            1967-12-08-pg03
Carpenter, Jim, Mrs.     Story            1967-12-08-pg17
Carpenter, Jimmy to open new paint store            Story            1967-07-14-pg01
Carr, Jayanna/John Michael Cox            Wedding        1967-02-10-pg14
Carson, John Edgar   Story            1967-08-25-pg08
Carter, Gertrude            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Carter, Ophie            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Casey, Geneva            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Casey, Ray            Picture            1967-11-17-pg01
Casey, Verda            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Cash, C.M.            Picture            1967-02-17-pg10
Cash, Clifton            Picture            1967-05-26-pg03
Cash, Clifton W.            Story            1967-09-29-pg07
Cash, Clifton W.,Jr.  Story            1967-12-22-pg16
Cash, Joseph G.            Obituary          1967-09-08-pg14
Cash, Tip   Picture            1967-09-01-pg04
Casillas, David            Picture            1967-03-03-pg03
Casillas, Jesse (f. Martin, Jr.)            Birth            1967-10-13-pg05
Casillas, Marty            Picture            1967-06-16-pg19
Cates Street Baptist Church ground breaking            Picture            1967-11-10-pg07
Cates, James G.            Picture            1967-12-15-pg16
Catholic Church ground-breaking            Picture            1967-10-06-pg01
Caudle, Barbara Elnora Story            1967-01-27-pg10
Caudle, Clay, Mrs.            Story            1967-03-24-pg14
Cayce, Brandi            Picture            1967-01-13-pg04
Cayce, Brandi            Picture            1967-01-13-pg11
Chamber of Commerce xmas dinner            Story            1967-12-15-pg03
Chambers, Don            Picture            1967-06-02-pg13
Chambers, Don            Picture            1967-10-06-pg08
Chambers, Don            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Chandler, Mrs. R.L., 'Aunt' Lockey            Obituary          1967-05-12-pg06
Chaney, Kenneth            Picture            1967-02-10-pg10
Chaney, Kenny            Picture            1967-10-06-pg08
Cheves, Oscar & Mollie family reunion            Story            1967-08-18-pg04
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-02-03-pg08
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-02-17-pg03
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-03-17-pg16
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-03-24-pg01
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-04-07-pg06
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-05-12-pg03
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-05-12-pg07
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-08-25-pg01
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-10-20-pg01
Childers, Linda            Picture            1967-11-17-pg13
Children's World Clothing Store            Story            1967-11-03-pg01
Chilton, Moha            Picture            1967-09-01-pg11
Chisholm Trail history Story            1967-08-18-pg04
Christian, Katie            Picture            1967-04-28-pg06
Church, Don            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Claborn, Jenny            Story            1967-12-08-pg05
Clahorn, Becky            Picture            1967-03-03-pg08
Clark, Jimmy            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Clark, Oline Ruth Reid            Obituary          1967-05-05-pg11
Clark, Tina Melissa (William Lon & Mary Eva)            Birth            1967-01-13-pg06
Clayton, David/Toni Justus            Wedding        1967-08-18-pg13
Clayton, Kirth            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Clayton, Suzy            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Clemans, Charles            Picture            1967-01-27-pg04
Cleveland, Omar            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Cleveland, Oran 'Bob'    1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Clifton, Kyle            Story            1967-09-01-pg05
Clifton, Lula            Obituary          1967-02-03-pg04
Clinton, J.T.            Picture            1967-10-27-pg07
Coale, Kent            Picture            1967-04-21-pg11
Coale, Kent            Picture            1967-11-03-pg01
Cocanougher Ford    Picture            1967-12-29-pg05
Cocanougher, Gary    Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Coffman, Dick            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Coffman, Faye 'Dink'   1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Coffman, Goldie            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Coffman, Goldie            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Coffman, Joe            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Coffman, Linnie            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Coffman, Linnie            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Coffman, Ola            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Coffman, Robert            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Coleman, Denese            Story            1967-11-10-pg07
Coleman, Denese McNair            Story            1967-05-05-pg13
Coleman, John H., Mrs.     Picture            1967-12-15-pg19
Coleman, Johnny            Picture            1967-01-06-pg06
Coleman, Johnny W.       Story            1967-04-07-pg09
Coleman, Johnny W.       Picture            1967-06-23-pg02
Coleman, Johnny W.       Story            1967-10-27-pg15
Coleman, Johnny Walter/Denese Ann McNair            Wedding        1967-04-21-pg06
Collins, Bob            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Collins, Jim            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Collins, Marilyn            Picture            1967-09-01-pg11
Collins, Marilyn            Story            1967-09-08-pg10
Collins, Marilynn            Story            1967-03-10-pg08
Collins, Michael Allen (f. Michael John)            Birth            1967-10-13-pg05
Collins, Mrs.            Picture            1967-11-10-pg03
Collum, Frank, Mrs.     Story            1967-01-27-pg03
Colonial Restaurent to close    Story            1967-07-28-pg01
Condron, Jessie Earl     Picture            1967-06-23-pg05
Conner, Minnie            Obituary          1967-01-13-pg11
Conner, Minnie - cont.            Obituary          1967-01-20-pg11
Cook, Gay            Picture            1967-02-17-pg09
Cook, Gay            Picture            1967-03-17-pg09
Cook, Gay            Picture            1967-07-21-pg01
Cook, Jamie Lynn (f. James Thomas)            Birth            1967-06-23-pg07
Cook, Robert L.            Story            1967-12-22-pg23
Coomer, Shirley Ruth (f. E.L.)            Birth            1967-07-28-pg03
Cope, Larry C.            Story            1967-10-27-pg14
Cordova Elise            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Cottondale 1908-1909 School Group  1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Cottondale School 1915-1916            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Counts, Sheri Renae (f. Garry Lavern)            Birth            1967-12-08-pg18
Coursey, Larry Hudson/Joan Prochaska            Wedding        1967-10-20-pg17
Coursey, Larry Hudson/Joan Prochaska            Wedding        1967-12-15-pg18
Cowling, Edgar            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Cowling, Harriet            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Cowling, Harriett            Picture            1967-10-27-pg01
Cox, Carl Picture            1967-01-27-pg04
Cox, Carl Picture            1967-04-14-pg04
Cox, Carl Picture            1967-07-14-pg01
Cox, Cary Picture            1967-02-24-pg04
Cox, Donilla            Picture            1967-09-01-pg11
Cox, Donna            Picture            1967-01-13-pg03
Cox, Earline            Obituary          1967-03-10-pg05
Cox, Helen            Advertisement            1967-10-27-pg14
Cox, Jayanna Carr     Story            1967-02-24-pg13
Cox, Jerry            Picture            1967-07-14-pg01
Cox, John Michael/Jayanna Carr            Wedding        1967-02-10-pg14
Cox, Murray            Picture            1967-03-31-pg16
Cox, Rebecca            Story            1967-06-09-pg06
Cox, Traci Gale (f. Willie H.)            Birth            1967-10-06-pg10
Cox, W.S. & Mrs.            Picture            1967-02-03-pg12
Crawford, M.L.            Story            1967-08-11-pg11
Crawford, Marvin            Picture            1967-05-05-pg06
Crawford, Marvin            Picture            1967-12-15-pg08
Crawley, Elaine, Jimmie, Debbie & Tommie            Picture            1967-08-11-pg05
Crawley, Gilbert, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1967-08-11-pg05
Crews, Guy M., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1967-12-22-pg32
Crowley, Frank            Picture            1967-11-03-pg01
Culpepper, Brenda Picture            1967-04-21-pg03
Culpepper, Danny            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Culpepper, Danny            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Culpepper, Danny            Picture            1967-02-10-pg01
Culpepper, Debra            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Culpepper, Debra            Picture            1967-01-27-pg05
Culpepper, Debra            Picture            1967-02-10-pg04
Culpepper, Kay            Picture            1967-04-21-pg01
Culpepper, Kay Lee      Picture            1967-02-17-pg04
Culpepper, Kay Lee      Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Culpepper, Kay Lee      Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Culpepper, Kay Lee      Story            1967-09-29-pg05
Culpepper, Linda            Picture            1967-05-12-pg03
Culpepper, Linda            Picture            1967-05-12-pg06
Culpepper, Linda            Picture            1967-08-25-pg01
Culpepper, Linda            Picture            1967-11-10-pg03
Culpepper, Linda            Picture            1967-11-17-pg13
Culpepper, Pat            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Culpepper, Pat            Story            1967-04-07-pg01
Culpepper, Sandra            Picture            1967-05-12-pg07
Culwell, Ollie            Obituary          1967-12-15-pg10
Cunningham, A.W.            Story            1967-08-18-pg08
Cunnius, George            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Curtner, Paul            Story            1967-06-30-pg01
Dairy Festival - First Annual            Story            1967-06-02-pg01
Dale, Walter            Picture            1967-05-12-pg01
Darter, Marvin R.            Story            1967-03-17-pg09
Davenport, Fred, Jr.        Story            1967-02-17-pg11
Davidson, Pete            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Davis, James G./Sondra Kay Thomas            Wedding        1967-10-27-pg15
Davis, James G./Sondra Kay Thomas            Wedding        1967-12-22-pg04
Davis, Lon            Obituary          1967-12-15-pg04
Davis, Myrtle            Obituary          1967-02-10-pg06
Davis, Shon Allen (f. Floyd Allen)  Birth            1967-07-28-pg03
Dawkins, Dee            Story            1967-05-12-pg01
Dawkins, Mary Jean Fletcher            Story            1967-04-07-pg09
Dawson, Weldon            Picture            1967-10-20-pg15
Day, Sharon            Picture            1967-07-14-pg15
Deatherage, Travis W.            Story            1967-04-14-pg06
Deatherage, Travis W.            Story            1967-10-20-pg15
Deatherage, Treva Shery (f. Travis Wayne)            Birth            1967-12-22-pg05
Deaton, Paul R.            Story            1967-12-01-pg16
Deaton, Paul R.            Story            1967-12-15-pg11
Decker, Paula Ann (f. Doyle L.)       Birth            1967-07-21-pg13
Deel, Ethel            Obituary          1967-12-29-pg01
Deering, Linda Elaine (f. Clyde) Birth            1967-01-13-pg03
Demman, Tom            Picture            1967-12-15-pg08
Dennis, Billy B.            Story            1967-02-17-pg11
Denton, Mary            Story            1967-03-03-pg12
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-01-27-pg05
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-02-10-pg09
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-02-10-pg13
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-09-08-pg01
Denton, Paula            Picture            1967-10-27-pg01
Diamond, Arlo Kay/Paul Ray Meadows            Wedding        1967-04-21-pg06
Dickens, Don            Picture            1967-10-06-pg07
Dickenson, Gary            Story            1967-06-23-pg02
Dixie Discount Center  Picture            1967-10-13-pg01
Dixie Discount Center grand opening            Picture            1967-10-27-pg01
Dixon, Mary Kay            Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Dixon, Michelle            Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Donnell, T.D., Mrs.     Picture            1967-12-08-pg08
Dorothy's Fashion Coiffures            Story            1967-04-28-pg04
Doty, Bill  Story            1967-09-01-pg01
Doty, Randall C.            Story            1967-09-01-pg10
Doty, Randall C.            Story            1967-12-01-pg16
Dugan, Nancy/Alfred Walker            Wedding        1967-03-10-pg06
Dugger, Ricky Paul     Story            1967-10-13-pg09
Dugger, Ricky Paul     Picture            1967-10-20-pg15
Dunaway, J.C.            Story            1967-09-08-pg12
Dunlap, Andy            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Dunlap, Bud            Picture            1967-03-24-pg04
Dunn family reunion            Story            1967-09-08-pg04
Dunn, Annabell            Picture            1967-02-03-pg08
Durbre, Helen            Story            1967-08-18-pg12
Dutton, Orin            Picture            1967-12-15-pg05
Dutton, Thomas O./Nancy Jahnke            Wedding        1967-03-31-pg07
Eakman, Hollis W.            Picture            1967-06-02-pg12
Eakman, Vicky            Story            1967-06-23-pg03
Eakman, Vicky GaNell/Roland Roger Ray            Wedding        1967-06-30-pg12
Eakman, Vicky/Roland Ray            Wedding        1967-04-14-pg07
Early Rea  1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Early, Brutis            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Early, Byron            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Early, Cletis            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Early, Edith            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Early, Edith            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Early, Latha            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Early, Marie            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Early, Nellie            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Early, Zelma            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Early, Zelma            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
East Mound & Wilson Prairie school mates meet     Story            1967-05-26-pg07
East Side Cemetery gate damage            Picture            1967-05-12-pg01
Edwards, J.O.            Picture            1967-05-05-pg01
Edwards, J.O.            Picture            1967-05-26-pg08
Edwards, Superintendent            Story            1967-02-17-pg01
Ellis, D.E., Mrs.            Picture            1967-02-17-pg09
Ellis, Dorothy            Picture            1967-04-14-pg06
Ellis, Dorothy            Story            1967-04-28-pg04
Ellis, Dorothy            Advertisement            1967-10-27-pg14
Elsom, Billy Fred            Story            1967-08-25-pg08
Endres, Doris            Story            1967-12-08-pg05
Enis, Larry Don            Story            1967-08-25-pg08
Escajeda, Carmelita            Story            1967-03-17-pg01
Escajeda, Carmelita            Picture            1967-08-11-pg13
Ethridge, Bill, Mrs.     Picture            1967-11-10-pg07
Ethridge, Etta            Picture            1967-09-01-pg11
Ethridge, J.W.            Story            1967-05-05-pg15
Eubanks, J.R.            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Eubanks, J.R.            Picture            1967-01-13-pg12
Eubanks, J.R.            Picture            1967-01-27-pg11
Eubanks, J.R.            Picture            1967-02-03-pg04
Eubanks, J.R.            Picture            1967-02-10-pg01
Eubanks, J.R.            Picture            1967-02-17-pg04
Eubanks, J.R.            Picture            1967-03-03-pg08
Evans, Jimmy            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Evans, Jimmy            Story            1967-04-07-pg15
Evans, Jimmy            Picture            1967-04-21-pg08
Evans, Micki            Picture            1967-10-27-pg01
Evans, Pam            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Evans, Sandra            Story            1967-11-17-pg12
Evans, Susie            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Evans, Susie            Picture            1967-01-13-pg03
Evans, Susie            Picture            1967-01-20-pg04
Everett, Diana            Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Everett, Diana            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Everett, Diana            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Everhart, James W./Lavona Kaker            Wedding        1967-09-22-pg04
Expansion of Hospital            Story            1967-01-20-pg01
Fagg, Bobby            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Fagg, Danny            Story            1967-04-28-pg09
Fagg, Susie            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Fain, Jeffery Doyle (J.B. & Barbara)            Birth            1967-01-20-pg04
Felker, Vicki/Donald Wayne Bunnell            Wedding        1967-06-30-pg12
Fenner, L.D.            Story            1967-02-17-pg11
Ferguson, James A.        Picture            1967-04-21-pg03
Findley, Dorothy Faye/Tommy Gerald Neece            Wedding        1967-09-01-pg12
Finley, Bill            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Firemen by fire station  Old Picture 1967-03-03-pg05
Fite, Mikeul D.            Picture            1967-06-16-pg19
Fite, Mikeul D.            Picture            1967-09-08-pg14
Fitzgerald, Tommy Joe       Picture            1967-07-28-pg05
Fleece, John Clinton (f. Walter Clay)            Birth            1967-06-23-pg07
Fleming, John P.            Picture            1967-03-31-pg03
Fletcher, Bob            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Fletcher, Grace            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Fletcher, John Thomas            Story            1967-04-21-pg09
Fletcher, John Thomas            Story            1967-08-25-pg03
Fletcher, Tommy            Story            1967-03-24-pg10
Flowers, Marjorie June/Danny Ray Jackson            Wedding        1967-08-11-pg03
Folmar, Tom            Story            1967-05-05-pg15
Folmar, Tom            Picture            1967-05-12-pg01
Foodway Supermarket replaces M-Systems sign            Picture            1967-09-01-pg09
Football news, 7th & 8th grade            Story            1967-10-27-pg07
Football Team, Junior Varsity            Picture            1967-02-03-pg03
Ford, Bill            Advertisement            1967-11-03-pg04
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1967-02-10-pg07
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1967-02-10-pg09
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1967-02-10-pg13
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1967-05-26-pg05
Ford, Cindy            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Ford, Cindy            Picture            1967-01-27-pg05
Ford, Cindy            Picture            1967-02-10-pg04
Ford, Cindy            Picture            1967-02-24-pg15
Ford, Cindy            Picture            1967-08-25-pg01
Ford, Dean            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Foreman, C.R.            Picture            1967-12-22-pg29
Foreman, Emma Roxie            Obituary          1967-08-18-pg10
Foreman, Finis E.            Story            1967-04-28-pg08
Foreman, Karen            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Foreman, Karen            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Foreman, Karen            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Foreman, LaDonna            Picture            1967-02-17-pg04
Foreman, LaDonna            Picture            1967-03-03-pg08
Foreman, Ray            Picture            1967-06-23-pg01
Foreman, Travis            Story            1967-05-12-pg05
Foreman, Travis E.         Picture            1967-12-08-pg03
Forman, Albert Ray      Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Forman, La Donna            Story            1967-12-08-pg05
Forman, Ray            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Forman, Ray            Picture            1967-10-06-pg16
Forrest, Betty            Picture            1967-11-17-pg13
Forrester, Glena            Picture            1967-03-10-pg11
Forrester, Glenda Jo, Stehen & Bryan   Picture            1967-06-16-pg19
Forsyth, William Allen            Obituary          1967-12-01-pg20
Foster, Vonya            Picture            1967-04-28-pg06
Fox, Loraine/Bobby W. Shawn            Wedding        1967-06-16-pg03
Fox, Mary  Story            1967-09-29-pg01
Frank, Frances            Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Franklin, Myrtle Bell            Obituary          1967-12-15-pg10
Frnka, Ann            Picture            1967-02-03-pg08
Frnka, Ann            Picture            1967-09-08-pg01
Frnka, Farnces            Picture            1967-05-12-pg04
Frnka, Frances            Picture            1967-02-17-pg05
Frnka, Mark            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Frost, Jack Picture            1967-06-23-pg01
Fuqua, James            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Gage, Coke to donate DBC building to Historical Society            Story            1967-12-08-pg01
Galloway, John            Story            1967-03-31-pg16
Galloway, John            Story            1967-04-07-pg04
Garces, Norma Angela Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Garcia, Castula Flores            Obituary          1967-06-30-pg04
Garden Club officers listed            Story            1967-11-17-pg13
Gardner, Beth            Picture            1967-07-21-pg20
Garrett, Butch            Story            1967-12-15-pg10
Garrett, David            Obituary          1967-04-21-pg08
Garrett, David Gene            Obituary          1967-04-28-pg04
Garrett, Jimmy            Story            1967-12-08-pg05
Garrett, Luther Winford            Obituary          1967-04-07-pg07
Garrison, Billy            Picture            1967-02-03-pg01
Garrison, David            Picture            1967-04-21-pg08
Garrison, Jim            Picture            1967-10-06-pg07
Gasperson, Patsy            Story            1967-08-25-pg06
Gentry, Don            Picture            1967-01-27-pg04
Gentry, Don            Picture            1967-01-27-pg06
Gentry, Don            Picture            1967-04-14-pg05
Gentry, Don            Picture            1967-05-05-pg16
Gentry, Don            Picture            1967-11-10-pg18
Gentry, Glen            Picture            1967-05-05-pg05
Gentry, Glenn            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Gentry, Isaac            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Gentry, J.I. Farm            Picture            1967-10-06-pg07
George's Barber Shop & Bullie's Corral            Picture            1967-12-08-pg01
German, Earlene            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
German, Earlene            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
German, Earlene            Picture            1967-04-28-pg16
German, Earline            Story            1967-11-17-pg12
German, Patricia            Picture            1967-09-08-pg01
Geron, Billy            Picture            1967-05-26-pg03
Gholson, Denise Lorraine (f. Donald Ray)            Birth            1967-12-15-pg10
Giggliest Blue Bird Club officers            Story            1967-11-17-pg09
Giles, Margaret Montford            Obituary          1967-02-10-pg06
Gilky, Kathy            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Gilley, Gladys            Picture            1967-04-28-pg02
Gilley, Gladys            Picture            1967-04-28-pg06
Gilley, Gladys            Picture            1967-05-12-pg04
Gilley, Thomas Adam            Obituary          1967-03-10-pg06
Gilley, Tom            Picture            1967-08-11-pg13
Gilmore, Billy G.            Story            1967-01-20-pg13
Gilreath, Brenda            Picture            1967-02-03-pg08
Gilreath, Brenda            Picture            1967-02-17-pg03
GM&A Gas Products Plant            Picture            1967-01-20-pg01
Gober, David            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Gober, Lary D.            Picture            1967-05-05-pg15
Gober, Lary D.            Story            1967-09-01-pg05
Gober, Leanna Sue (f. Gary Lee)     Birth            1967-10-06-pg06
Gober, Reggie            Picture            1967-10-06-pg08
Gober, Reggie            Picture            1967-12-08-pg09
Golaz, Charles            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Golaz, Flossie Jane            Obituary          1967-08-18-pg10
Golaz, June            Picture            1967-05-26-pg02
Golaz, June            Picture            1967-05-26-pg03
Golaz, W.C.            Story            1967-03-10-pg03
Gomez, Mary            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Gonzales, Georgie Ann            Birth            1967-02-24-pg11
Goode, Dick & Leota   Picture            1967-09-01-pg16
Goode, Dick purchases Ann's Café in Chico   Story            1967-07-14-pg01
Goode, Oran, Mrs.     Picture            1967-03-31-pg06
Goode, Oran, Mrs.     Story            1967-11-03-pg01
Goode, Pam            Picture            1967-02-17-pg10
Goodger, Bill            Picture            1967-02-24-pg11
Gordon, Sherri Jo            Picture            1967-04-28-pg06
Gosler, Judy            Picture            1967-05-05-pg11
Gossler, Zack            Picture            1967-10-06-pg05
Gouldy, Ted            Picture            1967-06-23-pg01
Gozler, Judy            Picture            1967-11-03-pg07
Grantham, Billy            Picture            1967-02-24-pg12
Grantham, Drew            Story            1967-03-17-pg01
Grantham, Robert            Picture            1967-04-21-pg08
Grantham, Travis            Picture            1967-04-21-pg08
Grantham, Travis            Picture            1967-05-05-pg06
Grantham, Travis            Picture            1967-06-09-pg14
Grantham, Travis            Picture            1967-06-16-pg07
Gray, Douglas            Obituary          1967-12-15-pg10
Gray, Pamela Gail            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Green, Billie Carroll Picture            1967-09-29-pg15
Green, Billie, Sr., Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1967-12-22-pg29
Green, Billy            Picture            1967-09-08-pg08
Green, Billy Carroll Picture            1967-06-23-pg01
Green, Donnie            Story            1967-08-18-pg01
Green, James Monroe            Obituary          1967-12-29-pg06
Green, Jimmy            Story            1967-01-13-pg07
Green, Jimmy C., Mrs.     Story            1967-01-13-pg04
Green, La Vaine            Picture            1967-01-13-pg03
Green, Marion Robert            Obituary          1967-09-08-pg10
Green, Shannon Elise (f. Ronnie)            Birth            1967-09-08-pg09
Green, Teresia            Picture            1967-03-03-pg07
Green, Teresia            Picture            1967-03-31-pg04
Green, Teresia            Picture            1967-03-31-pg12
Green, Teresia            Picture            1967-04-07-pg01
Green, Teresia            Picture            1967-04-21-pg01
Green, Teresia            Picture            1967-04-21-pg08
Green, Teresia            Picture            1967-06-09-pg07
Green, Terisia            Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Greer, A.E.            Story            1967-11-17-pg01
Greer, Alfred E.            Story            1967-04-07-pg01
Gregg, Gene            Picture            1967-10-27-pg07
Gregg, Jean, Mrs.            Picture            1967-11-10-pg07
Gregg, Kenneth            Picture            1967-05-05-pg05
Gregg, Kenneth            Picture            1967-05-05-pg16
Gregg, Kenneth            Story            1967-09-29-pg15
Gregg, Kenneth            Picture            1967-10-06-pg08
Gregg, Kenneth            Picture            1967-12-08-pg09
Gregg, Kenneth Ray      Picture            1967-02-03-pg05
Gregg, Linda/Gary Seigler            Wedding        1967-08-18-pg08
Gregg, Rosalie            Picture            1967-10-06-pg16
Gregg, Wallace            Picture            1967-11-03-pg07
Grill, Charlie, Jr.            Picture            1967-09-22-pg05
Grill, Charlie, Jr.            Story            1967-12-08-pg03
Grisham, James, Jr.        Story            1967-02-24-pg03
Grooms, Eugene            Story            1967-04-07-pg04
Groves, Blanche            Picture            1967-06-16-pg08
Groves, Judy            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Groves, Judy            Story            1967-12-08-pg09
Groves, Obed            Obituary          1967-11-03-pg17
Guinn, Shondra Renea (f. Jerrell)            Birth            1967-01-27-pg05
Hadaway, James Thomas            Obituary          1967-11-03-pg17
Hadaway, James Thomas            Obituary          1967-11-10-pg02
Haggard, Shelby Toblert            Obituary          1967-12-01-pg08
Halford, Stephen Keith (f. R.L.)            Birth            1967-05-12-pg13
Hall, Jack  Picture            1967-06-16-pg10
Hamberger Ben's opening            Picture            1967-12-01-pg19
Hamblin, Robert            Picture            1967-10-27-pg09
Hamby, Gordon Miller/Mary Deanna Heintzelman            Wedding        1967-02-24-pg11
Hamilton, Virginia            Picture            1967-12-22-pg29
Hardee, Linda Fay/Donald Calvin Stinnett            Wedding        1967-05-26-pg07
Harden, Lee            Obituary          1967-09-08-pg10
Hardin, Jackie E.            Story            1967-06-02-pg07
Hardin, Jackie E.            Story            1967-10-20-pg15
Hargrove, Bethany Louise (f. Donald)            Birth            1967-08-25-pg08
Harlan, Brian Clayton (f. James) Birth            1967-10-20-pg04
Harrell, Jerry            Picture            1967-10-13-pg01
Harrington, Donna Jeanette (f. Richard)            Birth            1967-11-10-pg09
Harrington, Opal            Obituary          1967-12-15-pg08
Harris family reunion            Story            1967-07-28-pg03
Harris, Linda            Story            1967-04-14-pg07
Harris, Linda Fay/Harold E. Russell            Wedding        1967-01-20-pg05
Harris, Linda Fay/Harold E. Russell            Wedding        1967-05-05-pg07
Harris, Lorean/Bobby W. Shawn            Wedding        1967-03-10-pg14
Harris, Otis            Picture            1967-12-22-pg32
Harris, Otis, Mr. & Mrs. Story            1967-04-21-pg08
Hart, Nancy Jean/Thomas Leroy Michalson            Wedding        1967-01-06-pg08
Hartsell, Annie M.            Obituary          1967-06-02-pg04
Hartsell, Bill            Picture            1967-05-12-pg01
Hartsell, Bill            Picture            1967-06-16-pg05
Hartsell, Bill            Picture            1967-08-25-pg03
Hartsell, Rosa Viola Blackwood            Obituary          1967-04-21-pg14
Harvey, Billie E./Mamie Joyce Hubbard            Wedding        1967-01-13-pg04
Harvey, Glenda/Dan Simpson            Wedding        1967-08-18-pg13
Harvick, Pearl Frances            Obituary          1967-05-05-pg11
Harwood, George            Picture            1967-06-09-pg01
Harwood, George            Picture            1967-06-16-pg01
Harwood, George            Picture            1967-10-06-pg07
Harwood, George, Mayor  Picture            1967-10-06-pg01
Harwood, H.R.            Story            1967-09-22-pg01
Hastings, Roy            Picture            1967-05-05-pg01
Hawkins, Bert            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Hawkins, Bert            Picture            1967-06-23-pg01
Hawkins, Bobby            Picture            1967-09-29-pg01
Hawkins, Brant Heath (f. Bobby)            Birth            1967-08-25-pg08
Hawkins, Rick            Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Hawkins, Rick            Picture            1967-03-03-pg07
Hawkins, Rickey            Story            1967-09-29-pg05
Hays, Thomas            Picture            1967-09-29-pg01
Head, Myrl D.            Picture            1967-08-25-pg07
Hebern, Hug D.            Story            1967-06-23-pg04
Heintzelman, Mary Deanna/Gordon Miller Hamby            Wedding        1967-02-24-pg11
Helf, Larry            Story            1967-05-12-pg04
Helton, Edgar C., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1967-05-26-pg08
Helton, Edgar C., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1967-06-02-pg11
Hembree, William E.            Picture            1967-07-28-pg01
Henderson, B.O.            Picture            1967-10-13-pg08
Henderson, Carl            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Henderson, J.B., Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1967-10-13-pg11
Hensley, Larry            Picture            1967-05-05-pg05
Henson, Harley Portwood            Obituary          1967-03-24-pg07
Herndon, Paula            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Heussner, Linda            Picture            1967-11-10-pg03
Heuvel, Bobby Joe       Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Heuvel, Tracy Allen   Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Hicks, Laura            Picture            1967-03-03-pg08
Hill, Susan Leslie            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Hill, V.M. Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Hines, Kimberly Dawn (f. Joe Paul)    Birth            1967-07-21-pg13
Hinkle, Lloyd            Picture            1967-11-10-pg01
Hinkle, Molly            Picture            1967-11-10-pg03
Hipp, W.R., Mr. & Mrs.     Picture            1967-07-14-pg08
Historical Marker for 1st post office in Wise County Story            1967-11-10-pg07
Historical Marker for Ira Long            Story            1967-10-06-pg16
Historical Marker for Robert Calvin Mount            Story            1967-10-13-pg11
Historical Marker for the James Brothers' campsite            Picture            1967-10-06-pg09
Hobson, Midge            Obituary          1967-04-07-pg01
Hodge, Mike            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Hodge, Mitch            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Hodge, R.E.            Story            1967-02-10-pg07
Hoefle, Martin            Picture            1967-06-02-pg07
Hogue, George J./Waynda Jean O'Dell            Wedding        1967-10-20-pg08
Holden, Minnie            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Holden, Nola            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Holmes, Marva Denise (f. Marvin)            Birth            1967-05-05-pg09
Holt, Alan Picture            1967-06-16-pg19
Holt, Don  Story            1967-05-12-pg08
Holt, Karen            Picture            1967-11-03-pg07
Holt, Renea            Picture            1967-11-03-pg07
Holt, Teresa            Picture            1967-06-16-pg18
Holt, W.L., Jr.            Story            1967-08-25-pg01
Honor Roll 1st-6th lists            Story            1967-04-21-pg16
Honor Roll 2nd-5th lists            Story            1967-11-03-pg02
Honor Roll 2nd-8th lists            Story            1967-12-15-pg09
Honor Roll-Jr. High lists            Story            1967-04-28-pg16
Hood, Joe Dwayne            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Hood, Lisa Diane            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Hood, Sidney Richard            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Hopkins, Edward L.         Story            1967-03-31-pg02
Hopkins, Mattie Boyd            Obituary          1967-01-06-pg04
Hornback, Gary Don     Picture            1967-03-17-pg09
Hospital court yard     Picture            1967-12-22-pg27
Hospital Open House  Picture            1967-12-15-pg17
Houx, Nora            Story            1967-02-10-pg13
Howard, Michael Shane (f. Paul E.)       Birth            1967-10-27-pg15
Howard, Paul E.            Picture            1967-04-28-pg08
Howell, Charlie            Picture            1967-12-08-pg05
Howell, Jackie Earl     Story            1967-08-25-pg08
Hubbard, Jean            Picture            1967-06-16-pg10
Hubbard, Mamie Joyce/Billie E. Harvey            Wedding        1967-01-13-pg04
Huckabee, Douglas R.            Story            1967-04-28-pg10
Huckabee, Douglas R.            Story            1967-09-22-pg03
Huddleston, Linda   Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Huddleston, William E. & Pauline M.            Story            1967-08-11-pg10
Huddleston, William E., Dr.       Picture            1967-06-16-pg01
Huddleston, William, Mrs.            Picture            1967-12-22-pg29
Hudson, Harvey L.         Story            1967-04-28-pg08
Hudson, J.T. 'Tommy'            Story            1967-11-10-pg03
Hudson, Jerry            Obituary          1967-07-14-pg01
Hudson, Jerry            Obituary          1967-07-14-pg03
Hudson, Jerry D.            Picture            1967-06-09-pg07
Hudson, Keith (f. Johnnie)            Birth            1967-01-13-pg03
Hudson, Lizzie            Picture            1967-11-10-pg04
Hudson, Maudie            Obituary          1967-03-17-pg01
Hudson, Mozelle            Advertisement            1967-10-27-pg04
Huff, Ronald E.            Story            1967-04-07-pg09
Huffhines, Ray            Picture            1967-06-16-pg05
Huffhines, Ray            Picture            1967-11-10-pg08
Huggins, Frankie/Terry Mae Lawrence            Wedding        1967-04-14-pg07
Hughes, Carter            Story            1967-12-29-pg01
Hughes, Celtyn            Picture            1967-02-03-pg09
Hughes, Glenn            Picture            1967-01-27-pg10
Hughes, Lowell            Picture            1967-02-03-pg05
Hughes, Lowell            Picture            1967-04-28-pg13
Hughes, Lowell            Story            1967-09-29-pg05
Hughes, Lowell            Picture            1967-10-06-pg08
Hughes, Lowell            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Hughes, Lowell & Glen Picture            1967-01-27-pg03
Hughes, Sherrie Lynn    Picture            1967-05-26-pg03
Hunt, Boyd, Dr.            Picture            1967-06-23-pg02
Hunter, Donna            Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Hunter, James E., Dr.       Story            1967-01-20-pg01
Hunter, James E., Dr.       Picture            1967-06-16-pg01
Hunter, Jim, Mrs.            Picture            1967-12-22-pg29
Hutto, Bill Picture            1967-06-23-pg01
Hutto, Bill            Advertisement            1967-10-27-pg10
Isom, Mary            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Isom, Monroe            Story            1967-06-23-pg06
Jackson, Danny Ray/Marjorie June Flowers            Wedding        1967-08-11-pg03
Jackson, Denise Michele (f. Dennis)            Birth            1967-05-05-pg09
Jackson, Shelly Renae (f. Ronald W.)            Birth            1967-09-29-pg08
Jaggers, Stanley            Picture            1967-05-26-pg08
Jaggers, Stanley, Mrs.     Story            1967-06-30-pg04
Jahnke, Nancy/Thomas O. Dutton            Wedding        1967-03-31-pg07
James, Bud            Picture            1967-10-27-pg07
James, Buddy            Picture            1967-03-03-pg16
James, Buddy            Picture            1967-03-31-pg12
James, Roger            Picture            1967-10-27-pg03
Janecka, Mike            Picture            1967-06-23-pg05
Jenkins, Harold 'Mike'  Story            1967-07-28-pg01
Jennings, Debbie            Story            1967-12-08-pg05
Jennings, Paula            Story            1967-04-28-pg08
Jennings, Paula Faye/Conney Ray Massey            Wedding        1967-06-09-pg11
Jennings, Robert Lee            Obituary          1967-12-22-pg29
Jobe, E.J.  Story            1967-10-13-pg01
Jobe, Jerry            Story            1967-03-31-pg01
John Kidd house built in 1905            190? Picture 1967-07-14-pg03
Johnson, Bill            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Johnson, Carolyn/James L. Potteiger            Wedding        1967-03-31-pg10
Johnson, Larry            Picture            1967-03-10-pg01
Johnson, Larry            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Johnson, Leisa Lea (f. Gordon H.)       Birth            1967-12-01-pg20
Johnson, Ray            Story            1967-06-16-pg13
Johnson, Steve            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Johnston, Buddy C.        Story            1967-01-27-pg12
Johnston, Buddy C.        Picture            1967-10-20-pg15
Johnston, John B., Jr.        Picture            1967-10-13-pg11
Jones, Carl Ray            Picture            1967-12-15-pg05
Jones, Gerald, Mrs.     Picture            1967-11-10-pg07
Jones, Glenda Sue Ethridge            Story            1967-01-27-pg11
Jones, Gregory            Story            1967-04-07-pg04
Jones, J.M. family reunion            Story            1967-07-21-pg09
Jones, Jim Picture            1967-10-27-pg07
Jones, Nathan G.            Picture            1967-12-15-pg11
Jones, Nathan Gene/Vicki Lynn Roberts            Wedding        1967-09-22-pg04
Jones, Terry            Picture            1967-03-10-pg12
Jordan, Cherry Lynn/Al J. Mayer            Wedding        1967-01-06-pg08
Jordan, Cherry Lynn/Al J. Mayer            Wedding        1967-02-03-pg07
Jordon, Virginia            Picture            1967-03-17-pg07
Junior Class Plays - cast of 3 plays    Story            1967-11-10-pg09
Junior High Honor Roll            Story            1967-06-02-pg03
Junior High Honor Roll            Story            1967-10-27-pg07
Junior High School bond passes  Story            1967-12-22-pg29
Junior High students in hall            Picture            1967-12-15-pg01
Justus, Toni/David Clayton            Wedding        1967-08-18-pg13
Kaker, Eldona            Story            1967-02-17-pg11
Kaker, Eldona            Story            1967-12-08-pg17
Kaker, Garland, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1967-11-03-pg16
Kaker, Kelli Kay            Birth            1967-03-24-pg12
Kaker, Lavona/James W. Everhart            Wedding        1967-09-22-pg04
Kaker, Robert Alonzo            Obituary          1967-08-11-pg10
Kaker, Sam, Mrs.            Story            1967-08-25-pg02
Kaker, Sharon Lin       Picture            1967-06-16-pg18
Kaker, Sharon Lin (Charles Franklin & Ann)    Birth            1967-02-10-pg04
Kaker, Steven Frank   Story            1967-01-13-pg06
Kaker, Steven Frank   Picture            1967-06-16-pg18
Kasner, Angela Renae (Robert Matt & Myra)            Birth            1967-01-13-pg06
Kasner, Ardath Kay      Picture            1967-11-17-pg13
Kasner, Fred            Picture            1967-10-27-pg07
Kasner, Jane            Picture            1967-03-03-pg07
Kasner, Jane            Picture            1967-03-31-pg01
Kasner, Jane            Picture            1967-09-08-pg08
Kasner, Matt            Picture            1967-03-31-pg12
Kasner, Virginia            Picture            1967-04-21-pg05
Keith, Sonny            Picture            1967-06-16-pg10
Keller Telephone Co.      Story            1967-09-08-pg13
Keller, Dewane            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Kelley, Earl            Picture            1967-12-22-pg18
Kelley, Freddie            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Kelley, Pam            Picture            1967-05-12-pg07
Kelly, Grace            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Kelly, Jimmy            Story            1967-04-07-pg15
Kennedy, David Dale (f. Roger Dale)   Birth            1967-06-09-pg10
Kent, Carole            Picture            1967-06-16-pg01
Kent, Carole            Story            1967-06-16-pg05
Kersey, Clinton            Picture            1967-05-05-pg04
Kersey, Clinton 'Bill', Jr.            Picture            1967-10-27-pg07
Kersey, Glen            Picture            1967-03-10-pg14
Kersey, Jim Wesley/Sally Spencer            Wedding        1967-09-01-pg12
Kidd, John 190? Picture 1967-07-14-pg03
Kidd, Myrtle            190? Picture 1967-07-14-pg03
Kidd, Sammy            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Kidd, Virgil            190? Picture 1967-07-14-pg03
Kinchen, Teresa Ann      Picture            1967-04-07-pg06
King, Eddie W.            Story            1967-09-08-pg09
King, James F. 'Jimmy'            Obituary          1967-06-16-pg09
King, Jimmy            Obituary          1967-06-09-pg01
King, Kevin            Picture            1967-06-16-pg18
Kirkland, Baby Boy (f. Larry D.)       Birth            1967-01-27-pg14
Kirkland, Larry, Jr.        Picture            1967-06-16-pg18
Kleam, Kristin Leann (f. Bobby)            Birth            1967-06-16-pg19
Koch, Connie            Picture            1967-02-24-pg14
Koch, Connie            Picture            1967-05-12-pg03
Koch, Connie            Picture            1967-05-12-pg06
Koehler, Louis J.            Picture            1967-10-06-pg08
Koeninger, Anda May Galaz            Obituary          1967-02-24-pg02
Laird, Beverly Gayle (Robert Dalton & Gloria Jean Smith)  Birth            1967-03-24-pg16
Laird, Paul            Story            1967-03-03-pg10
Laird, Vaughn Paul     Story            1967-09-29-pg11
Lambert, Michael Leroy   Story            1967-08-25-pg08
Lambert, Ralph James  Story            1967-08-25-pg08
Lamkin, John            Picture            1967-09-08-pg13
Langford, Ted W.            Story            1967-09-29-pg13
Lanier, Cleve E.            Story            1967-04-07-pg07
Lankford, Joseph B.        Story            1967-03-03-pg15
Largent, Finis B.            Story            1967-05-12-pg02
Largent, Vicki            Picture            1967-04-28-pg02
Largent, Vicki            Picture            1967-05-12-pg04
Lasater, Vicki            Picture            1967-01-20-pg04
Lasater, Vicki            Picture            1967-07-21-pg20
Lawrence, Clyde F.         Story            1967-04-14-pg06
Lawrence, Clyde F.         Story            1967-10-20-pg15
Lawrence, Freddy C.            Story            1967-10-27-pg09
Lawrence, Larry            Picture            1967-02-24-pg01
Lawrence, Terry Mae/Frankie Huggins            Wedding        1967-04-14-pg07
Lawson, Diana            Picture            1967-06-23-pg03
Leake, Ray            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Leonard, Almeda            Obituary          1967-01-06-pg06
Lester, Thomas D. 'Kelly'            Obituary          1967-10-13-pg01
Lewis, Bill            Picture            1967-03-17-pg08
Lewis, Janelle            Picture            1967-01-06-pg01
Lewis, Jeanell            Picture            1967-01-27-pg05
Lewis, Jeanell            Picture            1967-02-10-pg13
Lewis, Jeanell            Picture            1967-05-26-pg05
Lewis, Jeanell            Picture            1967-11-17-pg13
Lewis, Jeanelle            Picture            1967-05-12-pg03
Lewis, Jeanelle            Picture            1967-05-12-pg06
Lewis, Jearene            Picture            1967-02-17-pg08
Lewis, Terry            Picture            1967-12-01-pg03
Lightfoot, Sam            Obituary          1967-09-22-pg16
Liles, Elbert Raymond            Obituary          1967-09-29-pg05
Linehan, Billie M.            Picture            1967-06-16-pg13
Linehan, Rosie            Story            1967-04-14-pg08
Linehan, Rosie            Story            1967-10-27-pg15
Lions Club luncheon meeting            Picture            1967-03-17-pg01
Little League Tigers in bullpen            Picture            1967-06-09-pg07
Little League-all teams and members listed            Story            1967-05-12-pg03
Little Miss Bridgeport - Runners-up            Picture            1967-01-13-pg11
Lively, Larry            Story            1967-04-21-pg04
Livengood, Albert            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Livengood, Ethel            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Livengood, Lula            1908 Picture 1967-09-22-pg16
Livingood, Spencer's dog Patches            Picture            1967-02-03-pg08
Livingood, Trisha Jean (f. Marvin)            Birth            1967-12-01-pg20
Locke, M.L.            Story            1967-05-12-pg08
Loftis, Helen            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Loftis, Johnny            1915 Picture 1967-01-06-pg03
Long, Ira - Historical Marker for grave   Story            1967-10-06-pg16
Love, Debbie            Picture            1967-05-12-pg03
Love, Debbie            Picture            1967-08-25-pg01
Love, Delette            Picture            1967-03-03-pg04
Love, Jerry            Story            1967-03-03-pg04
Love, Verlon            Story            1967-02-17-pg02
Love, Verlon Doyle  Story            1967-06-02-pg12
Lowe, Douglas W.       Story            1967-08-11-pg11
Lowery, Bobbie            Picture            1967-03-03-pg08
Lowery, Cassandra            Picture            1967-10-06-pg12
Lowery, Cassandra            Picture            1967-11-03-pg07
Lowrance, Bruce            Story            1967-07-14-pg04
Lowrance, Joe Bruce   Story            1967-07-21-pg19
Lumsden, Jerry A.        Picture            1967-12-22-pg16
LyBrand, James T., Mr. & Mrs.            Story            1967-04-28-pg05
Lynch, Nepthly H.            Obituary          1967-06-23-pg10

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