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Wise County, Texas
1968 - Names Index

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966 Pages - 50 Papers. Some second sections may be missing. 
(2 new papers with 32 pages have been added that are not yet indexed)

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pictures of, and stories about local people, pictures of buildings, events, births, weddings and obituaries.
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Abernathy, Bill               Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Ag boys, 2nd and 3rd year        Picture               1968-02-16-pg20
Ag Class, Freshman               Picture               1968-02-16-pg20
Ag III Class with landscaping               Picture               1968-03-29-pg06
Ag III Class with trailer they built               Picture               1968-02-16-pg01
Airport ground breaking Picture               1968-08-23-pg01
Alexander, William H., Sr.          Obituary               1968-12-13-pg09
Allan, Ardath    Picture               1968-04-19-pg08
Allen, Kelley Dorinda               Birth               1968-07-12-pg06
Allgood, Sally               Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
Allison, Angela & Teresa    Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Allison, Diane Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Allison, Janice               Story               1968-11-01-pg18
Allison, Janice               Story               1968-11-01-pg23
Alvey, Mark      Picture               1968-10-04-pg05
Alvey, Randy     Picture               1968-10-04-pg05
Anderson, America Josephine               Obituary               1968-06-14-pg18
Anderson, Anita               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Anderson, David Roy               Birth               1968-02-09-pg12
Anderson, Jodie               Story               1968-08-02-pg01
Anderson, Kenneth R.               Story               1968-06-14-pg10
Andress, Kimberly Ellen      Birth               1968-02-09-pg12
Anneville School Historical Marker set               Story               1968-03-29-pg16
Anneville School Historical Marker set               Story               1968-09-20-pg14
Armstrong, R.P.               Story               1968-12-06-pg03
Arnold, Wayne, Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1968-06-28-pg18
Arnsdorff, A.G. & Mrs.               Picture               1968-08-16-pg08
Babb Cemetery Historical Marker   Story               1968-09-20-pg09
Bailey, Bud family reunion  Story               1968-07-19-pg07
Bailey, Greg     Story               1968-12-13-pg01
Bailey, Greg - continued               Story               1968-12-13-pg03
Bailey, Johnny W.               Story               1968-07-05-pg10
Baker, Butch, Mrs.               Picture               1968-04-26-pg17
Baker, George D.               Story               1968-12-06-pg09
Baker, Laura      Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Baker, William Story               1968-04-12-pg09
Baldosser, Leanna/Billy Jay Brewer               Wedding             1968-09-27-pg17
Baldridge, E.A., Sr.               Obituary               1968-04-12-pg09
Baldridge, Lizzie Mae               Picture               1968-06-28-pg14
Banks family - 5 generations               Picture               1968-11-08-pg03
Banks, Mary Alice/Larry Rolison               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg07
Banks, Mary Alice/William Lawrence Rolison               Wedding             1968-10-25-pg02
Barker, James Pleasant               Obituary               1968-09-20-pg19
Barnard, John L.               Story               1968-07-05-pg10
Barnes, Ed       Picture               1968-03-01-pg06
Barnes, Ira       Story               1968-05-24-pg04
Barnes, Ira       Story               1968-06-07-pg07
Barnes, Philip Picture               1968-03-08-pg08
Barnes, Roark Picture               1968-07-12-pg08
Barnett, Garry Picture               1968-02-16-pg14
Barnett, Gary  Picture               1968-02-02-pg04
Barnett, Gary  Picture               1968-10-04-pg16
Barnett, James F.               Story               1968-03-22-pg03
Barnett, Jay     Story               1968-07-12-pg09
Barnett, Phillip               Story               1968-06-14-pg09
Barnett, William M.               Story               1968-06-07-pg14
Barrett, Thomas, C., Chico home of               Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Bartlett, George               Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Bass, Bill         Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Bays, Angela Dorene               Birth               1968-11-01-pg15
Bean, Louise   Obituary               1968-10-11-pg07
Beard, Treva/Johnny Mack Martin               Wedding             1968-11-22-pg05
Bearing Specialists Co. building               Picture               1968-03-08-pg03
Beaty, Thomas E./Suzanne Kay Halverson               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg03
Belknap, Henry E.               Story               1968-12-27-pg18
Bell, Blondie  Story               1968-03-15-pg07
Bell, Chris      Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Bell, Chris      Picture               1968-12-20-pg18
Bell, Gary       Picture               1968-04-19-pg10
Bell, Gary       Picture               1968-05-10-pg11
Bell, James     Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Bell, James A.               Picture               1968-06-28-pg14
Bell, Roy        Story               1968-12-13-pg01
Bell, Sue         Picture               1968-03-22-pg11
Bell, Sue         Picture               1968-06-28-pg14
Bellah, Tommy Lunn               Birth               1968-02-16-pg10
Bellah, Wesley Paul               Birth               1968-03-22-pg15
Bement, Steven               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Beville, Angie Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
BHS in play 'Gammer Gurton's Needle'               Picture               1968-03-29-pg06
Biggs, daughter of Michael Picture               1968-06-07-pg13
Bingham, Walter M.               Obituary               1968-02-16-pg03
Bird, Mary Helen               Picture               1968-10-11-pg08
Bishop, Rueben H.               Obituary               1968-01-05-pg08
Bishop, son of Richard               Birth               1968-08-02-pg17
Bisidas, Janette Lynn               Birth               1968-04-05-pg03
Bisidas, Tony James               Picture               1968-05-17-pg18
Blackburn, Fannie Alice      Obituary               1968-07-19-pg07
Blackwood, Lee R.               Story               1968-07-26-pg09
Blalock, Jeffery D.               Birth               1968-05-24-pg17
Boase, Exia      Picture               1968-09-20-pg08
Boase, Scott Edward/Donna KatherineCarter               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg06
Boase, Scott/Donna Carter               Wedding             1968-07-12-pg11
Bolding, Judy Picture               1968-03-29-pg07
Bordner, Melinda               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Bordner, Melinda               Picture               1968-05-17-pg04
Bordner, Melinda               Picture               1968-07-26-pg13
Boring, Emogene Thomas  Obituary               1968-11-29-pg14
Bouchillon, Debra Kay               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Bouchillou, Debra               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Bounds, Jimmy               Story               1968-12-13-pg01
Bounds, Larry  Picture               1968-11-29-pg15
Bowlin, Joe Bill               Obituary               1968-08-02-pg10
Bowlin, Kathyrn Montford               Obituary               1968-04-05-pg09
Boyle, Susie Newton               Picture               1968-05-03-pg14
Brackett, James               Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Bradford, Toni               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Bradford, Tony               Story               1968-04-12-pg08
Bradley, Clifford               Obituary               1968-04-19-pg01
Bradley, Jennifer LaChelle               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Bradley, Lowell L.               Story               1968-02-23-pg09
Bradshaw, Floyd               Picture               1968-04-26-pg02
Branch, J.R.     Story               1968-01-05-pg01
Brewer, Bill     Story               1968-12-13-pg18
Brewer, Billy J.               Story               1968-03-08-pg11
Brewer, Billy Jay/Leanna Baldosser               Wedding             1968-09-27-pg17
Brewer, Chuckie               Picture               1968-04-19-pg04
Brewer, Chuckie               Picture               1968-10-04-pg19
Brewer, Chucky               Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Brewer, Jimmy Dale               Story               1968-06-07-pg19
Brian, Mary, Sister               Picture               1968-06-21-pg08
Bridgeport FFA Chapter  Picture               1968-02-16-pg20
Bridgeport football team       Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Bridgeport High School VOE Lab class       Picture               1968-12-06-pg08
Bridgeport Insurance Agency  Picture               1968-03-29-pg22
Bridgeport Municipal Airport -construction begins    Picture               1968-11-08-pg01
Bridgeport School Board - plans for new Jr High               Picture               1968-09-13-pg01
Bridgeport Schools changes in faculty   Story               1968-08-23-pg01
Bridgeport Stage Band               Picture               1968-01-19-pg01
Bridgeport Stage Band               Picture               1968-05-10-pg01
Bridgeport students at Runaway Bay, Ben Barnew talk               Picture               1968-03-22-pg01
Bridges, Donna               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Bridges, Melvin               Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Bridges, Pete  Birth               1968-07-26-pg08
Bridwell, Doug               Picture               1968-02-16-pg18
Bridwell, Doug               Picture               1968-04-19-pg04
Bridwell, Doug               Picture               1968-05-03-pg24
Bridwell, Harlan               Story               1968-12-13-pg01
Bridwell, Jay Harlan               Birth               1968-04-19-pg04
Briscoe, Cathy               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Briscoe, Cathy               Picture               1968-04-12-pg05
Briscoe, Cathy               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Brock, Darren Keith               Birth               1968-08-23-pg20
Brock, George Lee/Lorinda Gay Haney               Wedding             1968-08-02-pg17
Brooks, Melodye Toniett   Picture               1968-08-02-pg03
Brooks, Tommy David               Birth               1968-08-30-pg20
Brown, Charles A.               Picture               1968-05-03-pg04
Brown, Doris Picture               1968-08-23-pg20
Brown, Elizabeth Alice Foster    Obituary               1968-03-08-pg08
Brown, Leroy, house fire on Irvin St               Picture               1968-02-16-pg10
Brown, Misty Dawn               Birth               1968-06-21-pg03
Brown, Paula DeAnn               Birth               1968-03-01-pg16
Brown, Raymond, Mrs.               Story               1968-10-04-pg22
Brown, Richanna               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Brown, Stacie Gale & Tracie Dale               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Brown, William G., Jr., Mrs. Picture               1968-05-24-pg18
Bryant, Cyndy Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Bryant, Cyndy & Karen               Picture               1968-05-17-pg04
Bryant, Debbie               Picture               1968-03-22-pg14
Bryant, Jeffrey Scott               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Bryant, Karen & Cindy               Picture               1968-07-12-pg02
Bryant, Karen & Cindy               Picture               1968-09-06-pg01
Bryant, Karen Sue               Story               1968-07-26-pg01
Bryant, Mildred               Picture               1968-03-01-pg01
Bryant, Mildred               Picture               1968-04-19-pg01
Bryant, Mildred - Cairn Terrier 'Maggie'               Picture               1968-12-20-pg03
Bryant, Mrs.    Picture               1968-10-25-pg16
Buchanan, Clifford Ray               Story               1968-07-19-pg11
Buckner, Helen               Story               1968-08-02-pg17
Buckner, Kelly Jo               Birth               1968-04-26-pg10
Bullard, Rachel               Story               1968-05-17-pg03
Bullie Band in Wise County Youth Fair Parade               Picture               1968-04-12-pg01
Bunnell, Don   Story               1968-11-22-pg01
Bunnell, Rex    Picture               1968-12-06-pg01
Bunnell, Rex Wayne               Birth               1968-11-22-pg04
Burger, Joe L. Obituary               1968-05-10-pg01
Burgin, Donald R.               Story               1968-12-20-pg07
Burns, Celissa Lynn               Birth               1968-12-20-pg05
Burris, H.B.     Picture               1968-03-15-pg08
Burris, H.B.     Story               1968-04-19-pg01
Burris, H.B.     Picture               1968-05-03-pg18
Burt Pharmacy new store      Picture               1968-12-06-pg06
Burt Pharmacy new store      Picture               1968-12-06-pg07
Burt Rexall Pharmacy to open  Story               1968-11-08-pg01
Burt, John       Picture               1968-04-19-pg01
Burt, John       Picture               1968-12-06-pg06
Burt, John       Picture               1968-12-06-pg07
Burton, Charles A.               Story               1968-04-19-pg20
Bush, A.J., Mrs. & 5 generations               Picture               1968-09-13-pg07
Bush, George  Picture               1968-10-25-pg10
Bush, Johnny   Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Butler, Rodney Gerald               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Butram, Bessie               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Byers, Ronda Lee               Birth               1968-12-20-pg18
Byrd, John Mark & Lisa        Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Cage, Robert Zeldon 'Bob'       Obituary               1968-08-02-pg06
Calderson, Joey               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Camp, Larry      Picture               1968-04-19-pg10
Campbell, John Earl               Picture               1968-08-23-pg16
Campbell, Johnny               Picture               1968-09-27-pg03
Campbell, Patti               Picture               1968-11-01-pg04
Campsey, Carol               Picture               1968-12-20-pg07
Canova, Brenda               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Canova, Brenda               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Cantrell, Brandi De'Ann   Birth               1968-02-23-pg02
Cantrell, Todd               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Cantrell, Traci Yvette               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Cargill, Joyce  Picture               1968-11-22-pg05
Carlisle, Willie F.               Obituary               1968-05-03-pg10
Carlton, Billie Picture               1968-09-20-pg06
Carlton, David Picture               1968-02-16-pg18
Carlton, David Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Carlton, David Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Carlton, Tom, Bridgeport home of           Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Carpenter, Jesse Paul               Story               1968-05-24-pg22
Carpenter, Jesse Paul               Story               1968-07-05-pg22
Carter, Donna Katherine/Scott Edward Boase               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg06
Carter, Donna/Scott Boase               Wedding             1968-07-12-pg11
Cash, Clifton W., Jr.               Story               1968-02-23-pg09
Cash, Pammy Michelle               Birth               1968-08-23-pg20
Casper, David Lynn               Birth               1968-02-09-pg12
Castleberry, Betty               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Castor, Gaylan Braley               Birth               1968-05-17-pg10
Cates Street Baptist Church   Picture               1968-07-05-pg03
Cayce, Brandi  Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Chamber of Commerce members at scout ranch      Picture               1968-10-18-pg01
Chamber, Don               Picture               1968-02-16-pg14
Chambers, Don               Picture               1968-10-04-pg16
Chambers, John W.               Picture               1968-05-17-pg06
Chambers, John W.               Story               1968-06-07-pg09
Chaney, Kenneth               Picture               1968-05-03-pg03
Chaney, Kenneth               Picture               1968-05-10-pg11
Chapman, Lloyd               Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Chapman, Ronnie               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Chapman, William Woodard               Obituary               1968-11-22-pg17
Chesier, Herbert M.               Picture               1968-06-21-pg03
Cheves, Allene               Picture               1968-03-22-pg11
Childers, Linda               Picture               1968-04-12-pg08
Childers, Linda               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Chisholm Trail Historical Marker   Story               1968-09-20-pg09
Christian, Tommy Lee               Story               1968-02-16-pg04
Christian, Tommy, Mr. & Mrs. & Kimberly Jean               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Church, Donald D.               Story               1968-03-22-pg03
Church, Geneva               Picture               1968-12-06-pg06
Civic Club Volleyball Tournament               Picture               1968-03-22-pg08
Clark family gathering               Story               1968-07-12-pg11
Clayton, Floyd Lee/Karen Ilene Perry               Wedding             1968-02-23-pg07
Clayton, Floyd Lee/Karen Ilene Perry               Wedding             1968-04-19-pg14
Clayton, Floyd Lee/Karen Ilene Perry               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg18
Clayton, Karen               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Clemans, Charles               Story               1968-01-19-pg01
Clemans, Charles               Picture               1968-11-01-pg21
Clemens, Walter R.               Story               1968-04-12-pg09
Cleveland, Carlin Michele Birth               1968-06-21-pg13
Coale, Kent, III Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Coale, Rose Marie Turner    Obituary               1968-04-26-pg08
Cocanougher Feed Mill burns      Story               1968-01-19-pg01
Cocanougher Ford new building Picture               1968-09-27-pg08
Coffman, D.C. & Mrs.               Picture               1968-03-22-pg17
Coffman, Fay               Story               1968-07-26-pg12
Coffman, Gracie Jewel Woodard               Picture               1968-03-22-pg17
Coffman, R.L.               Story               1968-12-06-pg04
Coggin, Bruce Wayne/claudia Kay Stickney               Wedding             1968-08-16-pg03
Cole, Bob        Picture               1968-07-05-pg23
Coleman, Johnny W. 'Sonny' & Denese               Story               1968-04-05-pg14
Coleman, Mike               Story               1968-06-07-pg19
Collum, Sylvia               Story               1968-02-02-pg08
Comics           Picture               1968-03-29-pg23
Comics           Picture               1968-04-26-pg06
Comics           Picture               1968-05-24-pg06
Condron, Jessie Earl               Picture               1968-06-28-pg03
Condron, Jessie Earl               Picture               1968-11-15-pg06
Condron, Jessie Earl               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Conway, Lori  Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Cook, Beverly Gay/Gary Don Hornback               Wedding             1968-04-26-pg05
Cook, Gay        Picture               1968-05-17-pg07
Cook, Gay        Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Cook, Kenneth Lynn               Obituary               1968-03-08-pg01
Cook, Kenneth Lynn               Obituary               1968-03-29-pg03
Cook, Kenneth Lynn               Picture               1968-06-07-pg01
Cook, Mrs. - 95 years old          Picture               1968-08-23-pg17
Cook, Robert L.               Story               1968-01-12-pg02
Cook, Robert L.               Story               1968-01-26-pg07
Cook, Robert L.               Story               1968-07-05-pg10
Cope, Kathryn Jewell               Birth               1968-12-20-pg05
Cordar, Terry Dewayne               Birth               1968-07-19-pg07
Cordova, Elise Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Cordova, Elise Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
Cordova, Elise Picture               1968-10-18-pg01
Cotterell, Leonard D.               Story               1968-05-10-pg09
Coursey, Joan Prochaska               Story               1968-04-26-pg08
Coursey, Sherry               Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
Cowley, David L.               Story               1968-04-19-pg15
Cowley, David L.               Picture               1968-05-10-pg09
Cowley, David L.               Story               1968-11-01-pg09
Cowling, Ed     Picture               1968-06-28-pg03
Cowling, Harriet               Picture               1968-04-12-pg05
Cowling, Harriet               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Cowling, Harriet Jane/David Paul Garrison               Wedding             1968-08-02-pg17
Cox, Carl        Picture               1968-09-27-pg03
Cox, Cary       Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Cox, James R.               Story               1968-12-13-pg03
Cox, Jerry      Picture               1968-11-01-pg23
Cox, Linda      Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Crane, Larry      Picture               1968-04-19-pg10
Crawford, Patrick               Story               1968-01-26-pg04
Crawford, William R.               Picture               1968-04-05-pg03
Crawford, William R.               Story               1968-05-10-pg09
Crisp, Floyd Ivan               Birth               1968-07-26-pg03
Crofford, Nancy Lynn/Leonard Walker, Jr.               Wedding             1968-10-11-pg08
Cross, Lanoy A.               Picture               1968-11-22-pg04
Crowley, Frank               Picture               1968-01-26-pg01
Crump, Christopher Scott      Birth               1968-11-15-pg19
Cub Scouts at Index Office    Picture               1968-06-28-pg18
Culpepper, Brenda               Picture               1968-03-29-pg01
Culpepper, Brenda               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Culpepper, Brenda               Picture               1968-12-20-pg07
Culpepper, Doris               Picture               1968-10-25-pg08
Culpepper, Linda               Picture               1968-02-09-pg02
Culpepper, Linda               Picture               1968-04-12-pg08
Culpepper, Linda               Picture               1968-10-04-pg01
Culpepper, Linda               Picture               1968-11-15-pg05
Culpepper, Linda               Picture               1968-11-15-pg08
Culpepper, Sandy               Picture               1968-11-08-pg15
Dairy Festival Queen contestants               Picture               1968-07-19-pg08
Dairy Festival, Second Annual   Story               1968-05-10-pg03
Dale, Walter G.               Story               1968-01-19-pg01
Dale, Walter Wayne               Birth               1968-06-28-pg07
Daniels, Ray    Picture               1968-03-01-pg06
Daugherty, Suzanne/William 'Sonny' Tackel               Wedding             1968-03-29-pg07
Davidson, Glinda/Elba Lee Freeman               Wedding             1968-06-07-pg16
Davidson, Glinda/Elba Lee Freeman               Wedding             1968-06-14-pg09
Davidson, Kathy/Lynn W. Taylor               Wedding             1968-04-12-pg23
Davis, Sondra Thomas               Story               1968-02-23-pg07
Dawkins, Jeanne Fletcher Picture               1968-08-30-pg08
Dawkins, Mary Jean               Story               1968-03-15-pg09
Dawkins, Mary Jean               Story               1968-10-25-pg09
Dawson, Weldon               Story               1968-09-20-pg16
Deatherage, Lester, Mrs.       Picture               1968-04-26-pg17
Deaton, Diane Picture               1968-12-06-pg15
Deaton, Paul R.               Story               1968-10-11-pg09
Decatur Baptist College Administration Building Picture               1968-01-05-pg01
Deel, Ethel Loraine               Obituary               1968-01-05-pg08
Deen, George C.               Story               1968-04-12-pg16
Dennis, Clinton Lee               Picture               1968-10-18-pg18
Denton, Paula Delayne/Theodore Lynn Hachtel               Wedding             1968-01-19-pg03
De-railed cars near City Park               Picture               1968-04-19-pg08
Dethloff, James Homer   Obituary               1968-04-26-pg09
Devil's Den     Story               1968-11-22-pg20
Dhyates, Willie Clyde, Mrs.       Obituary               1968-07-26-pg15
Dickson, Wayne Ray               Story               1968-10-18-pg15
Dixon, Larry, Mrs.               Picture               1968-12-06-pg14
Dixon, Mary    Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Dodds, James C.               Obituary               1968-12-13-pg06
Dodson, Tom L.               Picture               1968-10-04-pg04
Doke, Daniel J.               Birth               1968-11-15-pg19
Dollagite, David R.               Story               1968-07-19-pg17
Doty, Cecil      Picture               1968-06-07-pg03
Doty, Randy     Story               1968-08-02-pg19
Dowers, Virgil               Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Draco Historical Marker & descendants of W.J. Mann               Picture               1968-06-14-pg04
Dress Revue Winners               Picture               1968-04-12-pg05
Driskell, Frank A.               Picture               1968-09-20-pg01
Drum, Charles Edwin, Jr./Sandra Ann Morrow               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg10
Duff, Patricia  Story               1968-11-08-pg01
Dulkowski, Henry L.               Story               1968-02-23-pg08
Dulton, Caroline               Story               1968-11-01-pg01
Duncan, Linda Kay/Jerry Van Petty               Wedding             1968-03-15-pg07
Dunn, Annabelle               Picture               1968-10-25-pg01
Dunn, Tommy E.               Story               1968-10-04-pg22
Durbin, Joe     Story               1968-11-08-pg08
Durbin, Joe     Picture               1968-12-20-pg01
Durham, Ralph H.               Story               1968-03-29-pg07
Dutton, H.O.   Story               1968-04-19-pg15
Dutton, Orin   Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Dyer, Geraldine               Picture               1968-09-13-pg07
Easley Laundromat fire         Story               1968-02-02-pg01
Easley, Joyce Picture               1968-02-16-pg05
Eastern Star members at installation of officers Picture               1968-06-28-pg05
Eastern Star new officers Picture               1968-06-28-pg14
Edwards, Hayden M., Rev.        Obituary               1968-01-05-pg01
Edwards, John Story               1968-03-22-pg07
Elder, Jana        Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Elder, Jana        Picture               1968-12-13-pg06
Ellis, Jack & Dorothy               Story               1968-10-04-pg07
Emco Drilling Co. bar-b-q          Picture               1968-07-12-pg01
Emco to drill 1000th well        Story               1968-07-05-pg01
Emco's 1000th well celebration-picture montage               Picture               1968-07-12-pg03
Erwin, Darryl    Picture               1968-03-15-pg03
Evans, Gene Paul               Obituary               1968-03-15-pg07
Evans, J. Louis  Story               1968-01-26-pg01
Evans, Jimmy    Picture               1968-02-02-pg01
Evans, Jimmy    Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Evans, Jimmy    Picture               1968-08-30-pg01
Evans, Micki     Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Evans, Sandra    Story               1968-03-08-pg09
Everett, Diana  Story               1968-10-18-pg15
Everett, Diana Jean/Billy Wayne White               Wedding             1968-09-13-pg02
Everett, Diana Jean/Billy Wayne White               Wedding             1968-10-25-pg12
Everett, Gary    Picture               1968-03-15-pg06
Everett, Gary    Picture               1968-06-07-pg07
Everhart, James H./Lavona Kaker               Wedding             1968-02-09-pg04
Fagg, Bobby    Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Fagg, Danny/Linda Martin               Wedding             1968-11-01-pg04
Fain, Jay B.     Obituary               1968-02-02-pg01
Fain, Jay B.     Obituary               1968-02-02-pg08
Fant, David     Picture               1968-12-13-pg08
Ferguson, Jim Picture               1968-08-23-pg01
FFA District Sweetheart Contestants               Picture               1968-02-23-pg05
Finley, Doyle   Obituary               1968-04-26-pg01
Finley, Doyle   Obituary               1968-04-26-pg05
Finley, Elizabeth               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Finley, James Emsley               Obituary               1968-06-28-pg05
Finley, Michael Doyle - car of     Picture               1968-07-19-pg07
Finson, Jackie               Picture               1968-10-04-pg01
First Graders tour Index      Picture               1968-07-19-pg17
First National Bank Building addition construction               Picture               1968-07-19-pg01
Flanary, Jay Neel               Birth               1968-10-04-pg20
Fleming, John Paul/Barbara Ellen Sandefur               Wedding             1968-01-12-pg12
Fletcher, John Thomas               Story               1968-11-08-pg14
Fletcher, Tommy               Picture               1968-03-01-pg09
Flowers, Mike Picture               1968-04-19-pg15
Flowers, Mike Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Force, Janet      Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Force, Janet Elaine/Larry Wayne 'Butch' Garrett               Wedding             1968-07-26-pg03
Ford, Bill         Picture               1968-12-20-pg01
Ford, Brenda   Picture               1968-08-30-pg01
Ford, Cindy     Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Ford, Cindy     Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Ford, Cindy     Picture               1968-08-30-pg01
Ford, Dean      Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Ford, Dean      Picture               1968-04-12-pg05
Ford, Jill          Picture               1968-03-29-pg07
Ford, Sally Ann               Birth               1968-08-02-pg17
Ford, Toni Lynne               Birth               1968-07-26-pg03
Foreman, Brian Neal               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Foreman, C.R.               Story               1968-10-04-pg01
Foreman, Gerald Van               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Foreman, Jimmy Dan               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Foreman, Karen               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Foreman, Karen               Picture               1968-04-12-pg05
Foreman, Karen               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Foreman, Karen               Picture               1968-05-17-pg04
Foreman, Karen               Picture               1968-08-02-pg01
Foreman, Karen               Picture               1968-10-18-pg01
Foreman, Karen               Picture               1968-11-22-pg01
Foreman, LaDonna               Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Forester, Carrie Mae Hartsell Obituary               1968-10-04-pg09
Forrester, Virgal H. - family reunion               Story               1968-08-16-pg09
Forsyther, Michael/Anita Kotorbae               Wedding             1968-11-29-pg02
Foster, Lorie Ann               Birth               1968-02-02-pg06
Fowler, Gerand Dean               Birth               1968-03-22-pg15
Freeman, Elba Lee/Glinda Davidson               Wedding             1968-06-07-pg16
Freeman, Elba Lee/Glinda Davidson               Wedding             1968-06-14-pg09
Freeman, Molly               Story               1968-07-05-pg22
Freeman, Ralph R., Sgt.               Obituary               1968-11-01-pg07
Freeman, Tracy               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Funk, Norma Gale               Picture               1968-04-19-pg08
Fuqua, Jimmy    Picture               1968-09-27-pg24
Furr, Mr. - killed in 1934      1934 Story      1968-08-02-pg06
Gage, Brent      Picture               1968-10-11-pg03
Gage, James Robert               Obituary               1968-12-20-pg04
Galey, Glen       Obituary               1968-09-06-pg07
Gamble, Charles C./Bennie Faye Wallin               Wedding             1968-02-16-pg15
Garden Club Flower Show at Boaz Building Picture               1968-05-24-pg01
Gardner, Beth  Story               1968-07-12-pg06
Gardner, J. Beth               Story               1968-08-30-pg09
Gardner, Mary Picture               1968-02-23-pg01
Garrett, Cynthia               Obituary               1968-03-01-pg03
Garrett, Johnny Michael Birth               1968-02-09-pg12
Garrett, Larry Wayne 'Butch'/Janet Elaine Force               Wedding             1968-07-26-pg03
Garrison, David               Picture               1968-04-19-pg14
Garrison, David               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Garrison, David Paul/Harriet Jane Cowling               Wedding             1968-08-02-pg17
Gasperson, Patsy               Picture               1968-03-15-pg06
Gasperson, Patsy               Story               1968-11-15-pg01
Gentry, Dale   Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Gentry, Don    Picture               1968-05-03-pg20
Gentry, Don    Picture               1968-09-27-pg03
Gentry, Glenn Picture               1968-05-03-pg03
Gentry, Joe P. Story               1968-10-25-pg09
George Mitchell cabin at Runaway Bay               Picture               1968-11-22-pg18
George Mitchell Employees strike               Story               1968-07-05-pg01
George, Jacob Demarcus               Obituary               1968-09-13-pg02
German, Mike               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
German, Patricia               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
German, Patricia               Picture               1968-10-18-pg01
German, 'Tish' Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
Gibson, Gregory & Kathy     Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Gibson, Gregory & Kathy     Story               1968-05-10-pg08
Giles, Luther Edward, Sr.          Obituary               1968-01-05-pg08
Gilkey, Dickey Ervin               Story               1968-07-12-pg02
Gill, Burl & Earl               Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
Gill, Denice   Birth               1968-11-22-pg05
Gill, James     Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
Gill, Linda      Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
Gill, M.E., Mrs.               Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
Gill, Marvin E. & family    Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
Gilley, Gladys Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Gilley, Gladys Story               1968-07-19-pg11
Gilley, Michael A.               Story               1968-06-14-pg19
Gober, Carolyn               Picture               1968-08-23-pg05
Gober, Gary     Picture               1968-07-05-pg01
Gober, Jim       Picture               1968-03-01-pg06
Gober, Nolen - killed in 1934      1934 Story      1968-08-02-pg06
Goins, John & 4 children Picture               1968-04-05-pg08
Golaz, David     Picture               1968-09-27-pg24
Golaz, James     Story               1968-04-12-pg09
Golaz, Stacy Dale               Birth               1968-08-23-pg20
Gomez, Linda  Picture               1968-05-10-pg01
Gomez, Linda  Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Goode, Pamela Yvonne/Paul Wayne Morrow               Wedding             1968-05-10-pg02
Goode, Richard Samuel   Obituary               1968-08-30-pg10
Goode, Richard, Jr.               Story               1968-06-07-pg07
Gorman, Thomas K., Rev.        Picture               1968-06-07-pg08
Gowan, W. Crozier, Jr.               Picture               1968-01-26-pg14
Grantham Dairy               Picture               1968-03-29-pg20
Grantham Dairy               Picture               1968-03-29-pg21
Grantham, Jesse & Mabelle Picture               1968-03-29-pg20
Grantham, Robert               Picture               1968-02-09-pg02
Grantham, Robert               Picture               1968-02-16-pg18
Grantham, Robert               Picture               1968-04-19-pg15
Grantham, Robert               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Grantham, Robert               Picture               1968-06-07-pg07
Grantham, Robert               Picture               1968-06-07-pg19
Gray, Nancy    Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Green, Billie C.               Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Green, Billy Carrol               Picture               1968-07-12-pg09
Green, Bobby Ray/Gwen Waters               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg13
Green, Bobby Ray/Gwen Waters               Wedding             1968-08-30-pg03
Green, Duard W.               Picture               1968-07-19-pg07
Green, Fred Grant               Obituary               1968-07-26-pg01
Green, Jack B., Mr. & Mrs.       Story               1968-10-18-pg05
Green, Lloyd Raymond               Obituary               1968-06-07-pg09
Green, Mickey Edward               Birth               1968-11-01-pg15
Green, Pauline               Story               1968-07-12-pg07
Green, Teresia Story               1968-12-27-pg29
Green, Viola Fay               Picture               1968-11-29-pg12
Green, Wynona/Richard Carroll Hawkins               Wedding             1968-06-07-pg18
Gregg, Kenneth               Picture               1968-05-03-pg03
Gregg, Kenneth               Picture               1968-05-10-pg11
Gregg, Kenneth               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Grill, Charles, Jr.               Story               1968-02-16-pg04
Grill, Charlie, Jr.               Story               1968-10-11-pg07
Grill, Helen Petras               Obituary               1968-11-15-pg21
Grisham, Gina Kristen               Birth               1968-04-19-pg20
Groves, Blanche               Story               1968-05-24-pg01
Groves, Judy    Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Groves, Judy Kay/Larry William Morrow               Wedding             1968-03-22-pg15
Groves, Judy Kay/Larry William Morrow               Wedding             1968-06-28-pg06
Grugg, Molly Maricia               Picture               1968-05-10-pg09
Guidry, Pamela Kay               Birth               1968-02-23-pg05
Guinn, Dozier, Mrs.               Picture               1968-09-13-pg03
Guseman, Lawrence Frank, Jr., Dr./Patricia Beth Knight               Wedding             1968-04-19-pg04
Guseman, Lawrence Frank, Jr., Dr./Patricia Beth Knight               Wedding             1968-06-28-pg07
Hachtel, Theodore Lynn/Paula Delayne Denton               Wedding             1968-01-19-pg03
Hagle, Joann/Dewayne Keller               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg07
Hagman, Gary & family    Picture               1968-11-01-pg17
Haines, Carol Elizabeth/James Rodney Read               Wedding             1968-08-30-pg08
Hall, Jack W.  Picture               1968-05-24-pg02
Hall, John       Picture               1968-10-18-pg20
Hall, John       Picture               1968-10-25-pg10
Halverson, Suzanne Kay/Thomas E. Beaty               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg03
Hamilton, Jim, Mrs.               Story               1968-11-22-pg18
Handerson, Carl               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Haney, Lorinda Gay/George Lee Brock               Wedding             1968-08-02-pg17
Hanks, Norman E./Diane Lynn Phillips               Wedding             1968-04-26-pg14
Hanks, Norman Ear;/Diane Lynn Phillips               Wedding             1968-07-12-pg06
Harclerode, Nona Mae               Birth               1968-10-04-pg20
Hardee, Mamie Mary               Obituary               1968-10-18-pg03
Harms, Harry Franklin               Obituary               1968-05-03-pg20
Harms, Lee     Picture               1968-01-26-pg01
Harrell, Jerry   Picture               1968-07-05-pg01
Harris, Troy P. & Lena               Picture               1968-01-05-pg08
Hartsell, Bill  Picture               1968-07-19-pg20
Hartsell, Bill  Picture               1968-12-13-pg08
Hartsell, Bill  Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Hartsell, Danny P.               Story               1968-04-05-pg20
Hartsell, John Obituary               1968-08-02-pg10
Hartsell, Milton Lovard   Obituary               1968-07-19-pg11
Hartsell, Roland, Mrs.               Story               1968-10-18-pg18
Harvick, James Lynwood/Garon Renee Reid               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg07
Harvick, James, Mr. & Mrs.       Story               1968-08-30-pg20
Harwood, George               Picture               1968-03-01-pg01
Harwood, George               Picture               1968-04-19-pg01
Harwood, George               Picture               1968-06-28-pg05
Harwood, George               Picture               1968-07-12-pg05
Harwood, George               Picture               1968-08-23-pg01
Harwood, George               Story               1968-11-01-pg01
Hastings, William Ed/Sheila Margaret Pierce               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg06
Hawkins, Richard Carroll/Wynona Green               Wedding             1968-06-07-pg18
Hawthorne, Gertrude               Picture               1968-09-20-pg08
Haynes, A.B., Mrs.               Picture               1968-04-19-pg04
Haynes, Marion Elaine/John Alvin Winder, Jr.               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg10
Haynes, Marion Elaine/John Alvin Winder, Jr.               Wedding             1968-08-30-pg11
Haynes, Phil    Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Heard, Bobby  Picture               1968-04-19-pg20
Heard, Roy J./Jocelyn Kaye Smith               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg05
Heard, Roy John 'Johnny'  Picture               1968-11-29-pg09
Henderson, Chet               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Hendrickson, Jeffery Lee/Betsey Slover               Wedding             1968-08-16-pg03
Hensley, Larry               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Herbern, Hugh D.               Story               1968-11-22-pg16
Heredia, Chris David               Birth               1968-04-05-pg03
Herndon, Paula               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Herndon, Paula               Picture               1968-05-17-pg04
Herrera, Carmen Lynn               Birth               1968-12-20-pg18
Hickerson, Tulu               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Highway 24 from Jacksboro to Chico now to be called FM 1810               Story               1968-10-11-pg04
Hill, Charles Elledge               Picture               1968-06-28-pg19
Hill, George  Story               1968-06-07-pg13
Hill, Loretta   Picture               1968-03-22-pg11
Hill, V.M.       Picture               1968-10-25-pg01
Hill, V.M., Mrs.               Story               1968-02-09-pg04
Hilton, Tory Lynn               Birth               1968-01-26-pg09
Hines, Tonya Veloise               Birth               1968-10-04-pg20
Hinkle, Loyd  Picture               1968-07-05-pg08
Hobbs, Frank O'Dell               Birth               1968-04-05-pg03
Hodge, Arthur A.               Picture               1968-09-20-pg01
Hodges, JoAnn               Picture               1968-03-22-pg11
Hodges, Joanne               Story               1968-08-02-pg17
Hodges, Joe Victor               Obituary               1968-03-29-pg01
Holmes, Tom & family               Picture               1968-05-03-pg10
Holmes, Tom & Vickie & Patsy & Chuck               Picture               1968-11-01-pg21
Holt family reunion               Story               1968-10-04-pg22
Holt, Don        Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Holt, Donald, Rev.               Picture               1968-04-19-pg08
Holt, Michael Alan               Birth               1968-03-15-pg06
Holt, Rebecca Faye               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Holt, Sharon   Picture               1968-03-08-pg02
Holt, Teresa & Alan               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Holt, W.L.       Picture               1968-10-25-pg01
Homemaking II class with play school children Picture               1968-12-20-pg18
Hooten, Wayne               Story               1968-11-08-pg01
Hornback, Gary Don/Beverly Gay Cook               Wedding             1968-04-26-pg05
Horton, Homer               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Horton, Homer Allen/Dathryn Dorene Niblett               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg05
Houchins, R.E.               Picture               1968-10-04-pg05
Houlton, Richard Hershel  Birth               1968-03-08-pg14
Houtchens, Bryan Clay               Birth               1968-02-02-pg06
Houx, Nora Brown               Obituary               1968-03-22-pg15
Howard, Joe, Mrs.               Story               1968-05-17-pg15
Howell, Charlie               Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Howell, Earl M., Paradise home of               Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Howell, Jeffrey               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Huddleston, Charles               Picture               1968-07-12-pg05
Hudson, Bert, Mrs.               Picture               1968-05-24-pg02
Hudson, Dove  Picture               1968-08-23-pg16
Hudson, E.E., Mrs.               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Hudson, Harvey L.               Story               1968-10-25-pg09
Hudson, John Walter               Obituary               1968-11-01-pg23
Hudson, Louise               Story               1968-11-01-pg23
Huffhines, Ray               Picture               1968-12-20-pg05
Huffhines, Ray               Picture               1968-12-20-pg17
Huggins, Frankie Lee               Story               1968-08-23-pg01
Hughes, Carter Picture               1968-01-05-pg09
Hughes, Joie D.               Story               1968-02-23-pg09
Hughes, Lowell               Picture               1968-05-03-pg03
Hughes, Lowell               Picture               1968-05-10-pg11
Hughes, Lowell               Picture               1968-05-17-pg09
Hughes, Lowell               Picture               1968-09-27-pg24
Hughes, Lowell               Picture               1968-10-04-pg16
Hunt, Stacie Lynn               Birth               1968-05-24-pg17
Hunter, James E., Dr.               Picture               1968-11-22-pg05
Hunter, James, Mrs.               Picture               1968-04-19-pg01
Hutto, Bill         Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Iiams, Danny Lyne               Birth               1968-12-20-pg03
Ince, Billy Gene & William Norris               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Ince, Biverly Mischa               Birth               1968-07-12-pg06
Irvin, Hayden, Mrs.               Obituary               1968-11-08-pg11
Jackson, David Lee               Birth               1968-12-20-pg05
Jackson, David Lee               Birth               1968-12-20-pg19
Jackson, James W.               Obituary               1968-02-09-pg02
Jackson, Mona               Story               1968-06-07-pg08
Jackson, Robert               Story               1968-02-02-pg01
Jackson, Robert D.               Obituary               1968-09-13-pg01
Jackson, Ronald Mark               Birth               1968-10-04-pg09
Jaggers, Stanley               Picture               1968-04-05-pg17
Jennings, Jerry Don               Birth               1968-10-04-pg20
John Burt's new pharmacy construction               Picture               1968-07-19-pg01
Johnson, Billy Eugene/Connie Ruth Koch               Wedding             1968-03-22-pg15
Johnson, Billy Eugene/Connie Ruth Koch               Wedding             1968-06-28-pg06
Johnson, Larry               Picture               1968-02-02-pg01
Johnson, Larry               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Johnson, Leisa Lea               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Johnson, Walter               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Johnson, William Myatt     Obituary               1968-11-01-pg04
Johnston, Buddy               Picture               1968-01-05-pg04
Johnston, Opal Locke               Obituary               1968-09-06-pg16
Jones, Carl Ray               Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Jones, D.E.        Picture               1968-02-23-pg04
Jones, Darren James               Birth               1968-09-06-pg07
Jones, J.T.         Story               1968-01-12-pg12
Jones, James T.               Story               1968-03-01-pg03
Jones, Jimmie  Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Jones, Marvin J.               Obituary               1968-04-19-pg01
Jones, Nathan   Story               1968-02-09-pg06
Jones, Orion Calvin               Obituary               1968-11-29-pg07
Jones, Vance     Story               1968-11-08-pg08
Jones, Vicki      Picture               1968-01-26-pg01
Jones, William Albert               Obituary               1968-05-10-pg11
Jordan, Virginia               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Jordan, Weldon C.               Story               1968-04-12-pg09
Jordon, Shirley               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Junior High football players   Picture               1968-09-06-pg01
Junior High School-site of new on Hwy 24 bypass               Picture               1968-09-20-pg08
Junior High Science Fair        Picture               1968-03-15-pg06
Justice, Andrew Wiley               Birth               1968-01-19-pg03
Kaker, Charles               Picture               1968-08-23-pg01
Kaker, Charles               Story               1968-08-23-pg09
Kaker, Lavona/James H. Everhart               Wedding             1968-02-09-pg04
Kaker, Lorena Z.               Story               1968-06-28-pg07
Kaker, S.C., Mrs.               Story               1968-10-18-pg18
Kaker, Sharon Lin               Story               1968-02-23-pg03
Kaker, Steven Frank               Story               1968-01-12-pg12
Kasner, Robert, Mrs.               Picture               1968-04-26-pg17
Kasner, Virginia               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Keller, Dewayne/Joann Hagle               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg07
Kelley, Jimmy               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Kelley, Mary A.               Obituary               1968-10-11-pg07
Kelley, Patricia               Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Kendrick, Terrye               Picture               1968-09-13-pg02
Kennedy, Bedford, Mrs.               Picture               1968-06-21-pg16
Kennedy, Caprice               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Kennemer, Mike               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Keown, Ronald P.               Story               1968-12-20-pg16
Kerr, Vance     Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Kidd, Sam        Picture               1968-02-16-pg14
Kievet, Dawn Blaine               Birth               1968-01-19-pg03
Kindle, Mary  Obituary               1968-11-08-pg14
King, Alice      Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
King, Alice      Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
King, James D.               Story               1968-10-04-pg07
King, Loria A. Erwin               Obituary               1968-03-29-pg09
Kinsey, Robert Wesley               Obituary               1968-06-07-pg18
Kirkland, Michael Allen      Birth               1968-12-27-pg27
Klevit, Donald J., Jr.               Story               1968-07-19-pg09
Klussmann, Wallace               Picture               1968-11-08-pg11
Knapp, William W.               Story               1968-01-26-pg07
Knight, Patricia Beth/Dr. Lawrence Frank Guseman, Jr.               Wedding             1968-04-19-pg04
Knight, Patricia Beth/Dr. Lawrence Frank Guseman, Jr.               Wedding             1968-06-28-pg07
Knight, Samuel Lewis               Obituary               1968-03-29-pg03
Koch, Connie   Story               1968-06-21-pg07
Koch, Connie Ruth/Billy Eugene Johnson               Wedding             1968-03-22-pg15
Koch, Connie/Billy Johnson               Wedding             1968-06-28-pg06
Kotorboe, Anita/Michael Forsyther               Wedding             1968-11-29-pg02
Kumpe, Steven Ray               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Kumpe, Steven Ray               Birth               1968-11-01-pg15
Lackey, Eddie Story               1968-06-28-pg01
Lake Bridgeport to be raised 10 feet               Story               1968-10-18-pg01
Lambert, Nickey R.               Picture               1968-03-29-pg19
Lampkin, John               Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Lasiter, Buddy Picture               1968-10-04-pg16
Lawrence, Clyde Freddy   Story               1968-03-15-pg03
Lawrence, Myrtle May               Obituary               1968-01-05-pg08
Lehmberg, Winnie Elizabeth/Andrew Thomas Reason               Wedding             1968-09-13-pg08
Lewis, Darrell G.               Story               1968-11-22-pg17
Lewis, Jeanell Picture               1968-04-12-pg08
Lewis, Jeanell Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Lewis, Jeanell Picture               1968-06-28-pg07
Lewis, John     Picture               1968-03-08-pg03
Lewis, John     Picture               1968-04-19-pg05
Lewis, W.M., Dr.               Picture               1968-02-16-pg01
Linehan, Truett G.               Picture               1968-03-22-pg03
Lions Club student's lunch      Picture               1968-03-08-pg01
Lipstreu, Mykel Kay/Michael Sipes               Wedding             1968-10-25-pg03
Little Miss Bridgeport' 3 to 5 year olds               Picture               1968-04-05-pg04
Locke, M.L. & Mary Jane Briscoe               Story               1968-12-20-pg09
Long, Charolette               Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Long, Charolette               Picture               1968-12-13-pg01
Long, Charolette               Picture               1968-12-13-pg06
Long, Charolette               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Long, Connie Rochelle               Birth               1968-10-04-pg20
Long, George, Mrs.               Picture               1968-09-13-pg03
Loper, Rosie   Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Loraus, Gregory/Carolyn Sue Weatherly               Wedding             1968-07-26-pg03
Love, Debbie   Picture               1968-10-04-pg01
Love, Debbie   Picture               1968-11-15-pg08
Love, Debbie   Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Love, Debbie   Picture               1968-12-13-pg10
Love, Jerry Keith               Birth               1968-12-27-pg03
Lowe, Douglas W.               Story               1968-01-26-pg07
Lowe, Douglas Wayne               Picture               1968-03-22-pg03
Lowe, Minnie   Obituary               1968-03-15-pg10
Lowery, Melonie               Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Lowrance, Gene               Picture               1968-02-16-pg19
Loyd, Nancy    Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Luker, Phil        Story               1968-10-18-pg01
Lumsden, Sarah Elizabeth               Obituary               1968-12-06-pg19
Lutenbaker, Debra & Chris      Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Lyons, E.L., Mrs.               Picture               1968-06-28-pg19
Mader, Claude - killed in 1934  1934 Story      1968-08-02-pg06
Mann, J.P.         Picture               1968-06-14-pg04
Mann, Robert V.               Picture               1968-06-14-pg04
Mann, Shirley   Picture               1968-03-22-pg11
Mann, Votie A. Picture               1968-06-14-pg04
Manning, Clyde Eugene               Obituary               1968-12-06-pg04
Manoushagian, Ralph               Picture               1968-08-30-pg01
Manoushagian, Ralph               Story               1968-10-04-pg07
Marcum, Kathy               Picture               1968-06-21-pg08
Marcum, Kathy               Picture               1968-06-28-pg18
Marcum, Kathy               Picture               1968-07-05-pg08
Marcum, Kathy               Story               1968-07-12-pg05
Marcum, Kathy               Picture               1968-10-11-pg14
Marcum, Kathy               Picture               1968-11-15-pg03
Marcum, Kathy               Picture               1968-12-13-pg08
Marcum, Kathy               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Marie, Ivan, Sister               Picture               1968-06-21-pg08
Marlett, Brenda Rena               Birth               1968-08-02-pg17
Marlett, Zane Grey               Obituary               1968-11-29-pg04
Marlett, Zanetta               Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Marney, Carolyn               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Marney, Emma               Obituary               1968-11-01-pg21
Marney, W.W., Mrs.               Obituary               1968-11-01-pg07
Marshall, Dale Story               1968-08-02-pg06
Martin, Emma Jane Smith     Obituary               1968-01-26-pg09
Martin, Jerrel Dean               Birth               1968-12-20-pg05
Martin, Jo Ann               Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
Martin, Johnny Mack/Treva Beard               Wedding             1968-11-22-pg05
Martin, Larry Gene               Birth               1968-05-03-pg20
Martin, Linda/Danny Fagg               Wedding             1968-11-01-pg04
Martin, Roger Picture               1968-02-02-pg01
Martin, Roger Story               1968-06-28-pg16
Martin, W.B. - family reunion  Story               1968-07-26-pg12
Martinez, Arthur               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Martinez, Lupe               Birth               1968-11-01-pg15
Mask, Ollie Lee McCurdy               Obituary               1968-01-19-pg04
Mask, Wayne & Martha               Story               1968-07-12-pg16
Massengill, Clifford, Mrs.       Picture               1968-04-26-pg14
Massingill, Melissa Sue         Birth               1968-07-26-pg10
Master's Quartet               Picture               1968-04-26-pg02
Mathis, Judy    Story               1968-07-26-pg03
Mathis, Judy    Story               1968-08-02-pg17
Mathison, Lewis N., Chico home of               Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Mauldin, Cheryl Delaine  Birth               1968-11-15-pg19
Maxwell, Julie               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Maxwell, Michelle Rene      Birth               1968-04-19-pg03
McBride family reunion  Story               1968-08-30-pg05
McBride, Royce G.               Picture               1968-12-06-pg09
McCain, Leslie David               Birth               1968-10-04-pg09
McCann, Betty               Picture               1968-08-23-pg06
McClain, Earl Story               1968-07-12-pg07
McClung, Debbie               Story               1968-03-01-pg16
McClung, Debbie               Story               1968-05-24-pg09
McComis, Kenneth               Picture               1968-11-15-pg05
McCord, Sheila               Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
McCreary, Wayn Walter   Birth               1968-01-05-pg01
McCullough, Bobby/Saundra Parsons               Wedding             1968-07-05-pg17
McCullough, Bobby/Saundra Parsons               Wedding             1968-09-20-pg17
McDaniel, Krist Lanae               Birth               1968-05-10-pg16
McElhaney, Billy Mike, Jr.               Birth               1968-01-05-pg01
McElhaney, J.D., Mrs.               Story               1968-07-26-pg03
McGee, Ann    Story               1968-11-01-pg01
McGlothlin, J.W.               Story               1968-07-12-pg09
McKeever, Raymond, Mrs.       Picture               1968-07-12-pg14
McLeod, Stephen Raymond               Birth               1968-12-20-pg05
McMinn, Roland               Picture               1968-12-13-pg08
McMurry, Randy               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
McMurry, Randy               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Meckel, Dick  Picture               1968-09-13-pg03
Meek, Sue         Picture               1968-08-30-pg05
Meek, Tina Sue Story               1968-10-25-pg09
Meier, L.V.      Story               1968-04-26-pg14
Meissner, Debra               Picture               1968-03-29-pg07
Meissner, Monty Lee               Birth               1968-01-26-pg09
Meyers, Freddy               Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Michalson, Thomas L.               Story               1968-10-18-pg09
Midkiff, Janie Picture               1968-12-20-pg07
Miles, Clarence               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Miller, Edward Picture               1968-04-05-pg17
Miller, Edward Picture               1968-04-12-pg18
Miller, Gayle   Picture               1968-10-25-pg01
Miller, Jeanette               Story               1968-10-11-pg09
Miller, Owen   Picture               1968-03-01-pg01
Miller, Owen   Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Miller, Raleigh W.               Story               1968-10-25-pg20
Miller, Sybil    Picture               1968-12-06-pg07
Minton, Ethel Frierson               Obituary               1968-01-26-pg08
Minton, John   Story               1968-03-08-pg08
Minton, John   Story               1968-04-19-pg04
Minyard, Suzie & Rickey   Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Mitchell, Dee Ann & Joe         Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Mitchell, Doris               Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Mitchell, Jan   Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Mitchell, Jan   Picture               1968-04-19-pg04
Mitchell, Jan   Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Mitchell, Lenos               Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Mitchum, Debra               Picture               1968-03-29-pg06
Mitchum, Debra               Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Moad, Jane        Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Moad, Jane Ann               Story               1968-05-17-pg07
Monnett, Mary               Picture               1968-09-20-pg08
Monoushagian, Monty               Picture               1968-10-18-pg20
Montford, Emma               Story               1968-03-08-pg11
Montford, Sara Virginia               Obituary               1968-02-23-pg09
Montgomery, Ben, Mrs.       Picture               1968-04-19-pg01
Montgomery, Kenneth Clark      Birth               1968-05-17-pg10
Moody family reunion               Story               1968-07-05-pg17
Moody, Nancy Ann/William Glen Odell               Wedding             1968-03-08-pg11
Moore, Betty Jo               Birth               1968-12-20-pg07
Moore, Claude A.               Obituary               1968-07-12-pg09
Moore, Kenneth D.               Obituary               1968-03-29-pg03
Moore, Leonard E.               Picture               1968-02-09-pg07
Moore, Leonard E.               Story               1968-09-20-pg16
Moore, Sherry Dalynn               Birth               1968-04-26-pg10
Moore, Tammie Elaine               Birth               1968-08-02-pg17
Moore, Tammy Denea               Birth               1968-04-19-pg03
Moore, W.C.  Story               1968-02-09-pg07
Morgan, Jackie Loyd               Picture               1968-09-20-pg20
Morgan, Joe   Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Morin, James Michael               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Morris, Roy Leslie 'Shorty'  Obituary               1968-06-14-pg15
Morrow, Jerry Wayne/Lula Thompson               Wedding             1968-03-08-pg03
Morrow, Jerry Wayne/Lula Thompson               Wedding             1968-04-12-pg11
Morrow, Larry William/Judy Kay Groves               Wedding             1968-03-22-pg15
Morrow, Larry William/Judy Kay Groves               Wedding             1968-06-28-pg06
Morrow, Linda               Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Morrow, Paul Wayne/Pamela Yvonne Goode               Wedding             1968-05-10-pg02
Morrow, Sandra Ann/Charles Edwin Drum, Jr.               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg10
Morton, James Picture               1968-03-29-pg07
Morton, Richard B.               Picture               1968-10-18-pg20
Morton, Richard, Rev. & Mrs.   Story               1968-01-05-pg01
Mosely, Joe, Rev.               Picture               1968-06-07-pg18
Mosley, Joe     Story               1968-08-30-pg15
Moss, Michael Craig               Birth               1968-11-01-pg15
Mote, Phil        Story               1968-07-12-pg07
Motel under construction on shores of Lake Bridgeport               Picture               1968-03-01-pg01
Motley, Cynthia Lou               Birth               1968-05-24-pg17
Motley, Cynthia Lou               Picture               1968-08-23-pg16
Motley, Linda Pearl               Picture               1968-08-23-pg16
Moyers, Bennie               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Moyers, James               Picture               1968-02-16-pg18
Moyers, James               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Muhlinghause, Clint, Mr. & Mrs.               Picture               1968-01-19-pg08
Muncy, Jim     Story               1968-06-21-pg09
Munn, Kevin Wayne               Birth               1968-11-08-pg14
Munn, Mischa   Picture               1968-06-14-pg19
Murphy, Artie               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Murphy, Joe   Story               1968-11-01-pg03
Murphy, Patricia/Frank D. White               Wedding             1968-03-29-pg07
Myers, James Roy               Obituary               1968-04-05-pg20
Myers, Richard               Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Namtz, Paul Gail               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Nash Estate in SW county-Salt Creek watershed               Picture               1968-04-12-pg19
Nelson, Johnny W.               Picture               1968-05-17-pg04
Nevels, Debbie               Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
New, Tommy C.               Story               1968-11-08-pg10
Newquist, Weldon D.               Picture               1968-08-30-pg17
Newton, Cheryl               Picture               1968-04-05-pg08
Newton, Henry Lee               Obituary               1968-07-05-pg04
Newton, Lillia Della               Obituary               1968-11-08-pg01
Newton, Louis E.               Story               1968-12-13-pg16
Niblett, Dathryn Dorene/Homer Allen Horton               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg05
Niblett, Kathy  Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Niblett, Ricky  Picture               1968-04-19-pg10
Niblett, Ricky  Picture               1968-10-04-pg16
Nivens, Phyllis               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Nobles, William A.               Story               1968-10-11-pg14
Nolan, Bertie  Picture               1968-09-20-pg08
Nolan, Deanna Picture               1968-09-20-pg08
Norris, Connie               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Norris, Donald               Picture               1968-09-27-pg03
Norris, Donald, Paradise home of               Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Nunn, Delois    Picture               1968-06-21-pg08
O'Connor, James Allan, III           Birth               1968-04-19-pg03
O'Dell, Sherry Picture               1968-10-18-pg07
O'Dell, Vernon               Story               1968-08-02-pg01
Odell, William Glen/Nancy Ann Moody               Wedding             1968-03-08-pg11
O'Kelly, Diane               Picture               1968-06-28-pg03
Old Stone Prison Museum               Picture               1968-07-12-pg02
O'Neal, Dayton, Mrs.               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Oneal, Robert L.               Story               1968-04-19-pg09
O'Neil, Dawton, Mrs.               Picture               1968-12-20-pg18
Ooton, Kathy   Picture               1968-03-29-pg06
Owens, Eileen               Picture               1968-12-20-pg07
Owens, Weldon               Picture               1968-06-28-pg05
Pack, Pam        Picture               1968-12-20-pg07
Padfield, Dean Story               1968-06-14-pg09
Padfield, Dean Picture               1968-07-26-pg14
Padfield, Dean Picture               1968-10-25-pg08
Pageant contestants, Miss Teenage Bridgeport               Picture               1968-04-26-pg01
Pannell, Vicki Picture               1968-10-11-pg03
Paradise float in Youth Fair Parade               Picture               1968-04-12-pg02
Parish, Teresa  Picture               1968-04-12-pg01
Park Pavilion plan drawing  Picture               1968-10-25-pg07
Parker, Frank Burley               Obituary               1968-02-16-pg03
Parker, John G.               Story               1968-03-22-pg03
Parker, John G.               Story               1968-10-11-pg09
Parker, John G.               Story               1968-12-20-pg15
Parrish, Teresa               Picture               1968-05-24-pg02
Parrish, Teresa               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Parson, Karl H.               Story               1968-03-29-pg17
Parsons, Saundra/Bobby McCullough               Wedding             1968-07-05-pg17
Parsons, Saundra/Bobby McCullough               Wedding             1968-09-20-pg17
Paschall, Billye Ann               Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
Patrick, Jo, Mrs.       Obituary        1968-01-05-pg01
Payne, Lester, Mrs.               Picture               1968-06-14-pg14
Payne, Terry Lama               Obituary               1968-01-26-pg09
Pearce, Michael               Picture               1968-10-04-pg05
Pearce, Miki   Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Pearce, Miki   Picture               1968-12-13-pg10
Pecan Queen reception at Bridgeport Country Club               Picture               1968-12-13-pg12
Peninger, Eldon               Picture               1968-11-01-pg01
Peninger, Millard               Picture               1968-11-01-pg01
Pennartz, Gary               Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Pennartz, Jerry               Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Pennartz, Wayne               Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Perry, Bobby D.               Story               1968-05-17-pg20
Perry, Bobby D.               Story               1968-12-20-pg05
Perry, Karen     Picture               1968-02-02-pg09
Perry, Karen Ilene/Floyd Lee Clayton               Wedding             1968-02-23-pg07
Perry, Karen Ilene/Floyd Lee Clayton               Wedding             1968-04-19-pg14
Perry, Karen Ilene/Floyd Lee Clayton               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg18
Petty, Jerry Van/Linda Kay Duncan               Wedding             1968-03-15-pg07
Petty, Steven Lee               Birth               1968-11-29-pg01
Pewitt, Claude Picture               1968-01-26-pg11
Pewitt, David   Story               1968-05-10-pg09
Pewitt, David   Story               1968-08-30-pg05
Pewitt, David W.               Picture               1968-11-15-pg05
Pewitt, David W., Jr.               Story               1968-11-22-pg03
Pewitt, Kathy   Picture               1968-03-22-pg05
Pewitt, Paul      Story               1968-06-07-pg19
Peyton, Roy    Story               1968-11-01-pg16
Peyton, Roy Alvin, II               Birth               1968-07-26-pg08
Phillips, C.D.  Picture               1968-06-07-pg03
Phillips, Diane Lynn/Norman E. Hanks               Wedding             1968-04-26-pg14
Phillips, Diane Lynn/Norman Earl Hanks               Wedding             1968-07-12-pg06
Phillips, Ray, Mrs.               Picture               1968-08-23-pg16
Pierce, Richard Leslie               Birth               1968-09-20-pg24
Pierce, Richard Leslie               Birth               1968-10-04-pg20
Pierce, Sheila Margaret/William Ed Hastings               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg06
Pipes, Robbie   Picture               1968-10-11-pg03
Pittman, J.C.K.               Picture               1968-03-22-pg03
Pitts, Donald Keith               Obituary               1968-03-15-pg10
Plant, James Scott               Birth               1968-12-20-pg05
Play School story time       Picture               1968-07-19-pg08
Porter, Mr.       Picture               1968-07-12-pg09
Poteet, Craig, Mrs.               Picture               1968-04-26-pg17
Potteiger, James Bradford               Birth               1968-06-14-pg04
Potts, Danny    Picture               1968-10-25-pg01
Potts, Shawnea & Shellie   Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Powers, Doyle Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Poyner, Clay    Picture               1968-03-15-pg06
Poyner, Clay    Picture               1968-04-19-pg14
Price, Effie Mary               Obituary               1968-12-20-pg04
Price, George Robert               Birth               1968-05-10-pg16
Price, Nita        Picture               1968-05-17-pg03
Price, Nita        Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Prine, Ora         Story               1968-11-29-pg02
Prine, Ora Katherine               Story               1968-03-15-pg09
Prine, Ora Katherine               Story               1968-05-17-pg09
Prine, Ora Katherine               Story               1968-06-21-pg15
Prine, Ora Katherine               Story               1968-10-11-pg01
Prine, Ora Katherine               Story               1968-10-25-pg09
Prine, Ora Katherine               Story               1968-11-29-pg01
Prine, Ora Katherine continued story               Story               1968-10-11-pg04
Provence, Brandy               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Provence, Marcia Denise   Birth               1968-06-21-pg13
Provence, Red, explosion of home      Picture               1968-11-15-pg01
Pryor, Derek Wayne               Birth               1968-04-05-pg03
Pryor, Tommy W.               Story               1968-08-23-pg16
Purdy, Alton      Story               1968-10-18-pg15
Raines, Louie Picture               1968-04-19-pg15
Raines, Louie Picture               1968-06-07-pg19
Raines, Louie Picture               1968-09-27-pg01
Raley, Les         Picture               1968-12-06-pg07
Raley, Timmy, Science Profect  Picture               1968-03-15-pg01
Raley, Tommy  Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Raley, Tommy  Picture               1968-11-22-pg06
Rattan, Rebbecca               Picture               1968-04-12-pg08
Rattan, Rebecca               Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Rawle, Thomas William Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Rawls, Phil      Picture               1968-06-28-pg03
Rawls, Phillip L.               Story               1968-10-18-pg09
Ray, Becky    Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Ray, Becky    Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
Ray, Becky    Picture               1968-10-18-pg01
Ray, Becky    Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Ray, David     Picture               1968-06-28-pg08
Ray, Myra      Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
Read, Barry Dickson               Birth               1968-08-30-pg20
Read, Duane    Picture               1968-09-27-pg24
Read, Duane    Picture               1968-10-04-pg16
Read, Ernest    Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Read, Ernest E., Sr., Paradise home of               Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Read, Ernie      Picture               1968-04-19-pg04
Read, Ernie      Picture               1968-05-03-pg24
Read, Gary       Picture               1968-02-16-pg18
Read, Gary       Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Read, James R.               Story               1968-12-06-pg17
Read, James Rodney/Carol elizabeth Haines               Wedding             1968-08-30-pg08
Read, Rickey   Picture               1968-09-27-pg24
Reason, Andrew Thomas/Winnie Elizabeth Lehmberg               Wedding             1968-09-13-pg08
Reed, Billy D., Chico home of Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Reed, Weldon  Picture               1968-01-19-pg05
Reese, Jim       Picture               1968-04-12-pg18
Reese, Jim       Picture               1968-04-26-pg09
Reid, Garon     Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Reid, Garon Renee/James Lynwood Harvick               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg07
Reid, Kathy     Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Remmele, Glenda               Picture               1968-06-28-pg03
Remmele, Glenda               Picture               1968-11-15-pg06
Remmele, Glenda               Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Remmele, Jacob Benjamin               Obituary               1968-01-12-pg09
Remmele, Sharon               Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Rendleman, Terry               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Rendon, Richard               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Rendon, Rudy  Picture               1968-10-04-pg05
Rendon, Stella Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Renner, Terry Lynn               Birth               1968-04-19-pg03
Reno, Sam - family reunion  Story               1968-07-12-pg09
Reynolds, Charles A.               Story               1968-01-26-pg07
Reynolds, Claudia               Picture               1968-04-12-pg05
Reynolds, Claudia               Picture               1968-08-23-pg08
Reynolds, Claudia               Picture               1968-10-18-pg01
Reynolds, Harold               Story               1968-08-30-pg09
Reynolds, Hollis               Story               1968-02-02-pg09
Reynolds, Karri               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Reynolds, Karri               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Reynolds, Mary Beth               Picture               1968-03-22-pg11
Rich, Patricia Gayle               Birth               1968-02-02-pg06
Richardson, Andrew Scott      Birth               1968-10-04-pg20
Richardson, Brenda Kay        Picture               1968-01-12-pg10
Richardson, Jack               Story               1968-08-23-pg01
Richardson, Janice               Picture               1968-05-03-pg20
Richardson, Judy               Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Richardson, W.A.               Picture               1968-01-12-pg10
Richey, Johnny H.               Picture               1968-08-23-pg18
Riding Club Rodeo Parade float - Amity Club               Picture               1968-06-21-pg01
Riggs, Randy     Story               1968-05-10-pg08
Roberts, Donald               Story               1968-04-26-pg01
Roberts, Donna Lee               Birth               1968-06-14-pg04
Roberts, Gerald               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Roberts, Michal & Jimmy    Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Roberts, Pete M., Bridgeport home of           Picture               1968-02-09-pg06
Roberts, Roy, Mrs.               Picture               1968-07-05-pg12
Roberts, Terry Lynn               Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Robins, Jimmy               Picture               1968-10-04-pg05
Roe, Henry     Picture               1968-04-19-pg15
Roe, Henry     Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Rolison, Larry/Mary Alice Banks               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg07
Rolison, William Lawrence/Mary Alice Banks               Wedding             1968-10-25-pg02
Romine, Dale & Darrel    Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Romine, Glen, Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1968-10-18-pg05
Romine, Luther Joe               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Rooney, Stan  Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Rose, Jim         Picture               1968-11-22-pg05
Ross, James R., Jr.               Story               1968-06-14-pg09
Ross, Mamie   Picture               1968-12-06-pg06
Rosson, Regina Marie               Birth               1968-03-15-pg06
Rowe, Jerry      Picture               1968-02-16-pg14
Rowe, Jerry      Picture               1968-09-27-pg24
Royston, Ralph L.               Story               1968-12-06-pg16
Runaway Bay aerial photo     Picture               1968-08-16-pg01
Runaway Bay Boat Show      Picture               1968-07-26-pg01
Runaway Bay Inn grand opening               Story               1968-07-05-pg01
Runaway Bay water ski show               Picture               1968-07-12-pg16
Runaway Bay's 'Aquaduck' cruiser   Picture               1968-05-24-pg05
Rural Life Sunday 4-H'ers at Lutheran Church   Picture               1968-05-24-pg22
Rush, Kristen Denise               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Rush, Tom       Story               1968-09-20-pg16
Rush, Tom       Story               1968-10-04-pg21
Rush, Tom, Mr. & Mrs.               Picture               1968-10-18-pg04
Russell, Cindy Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Russell, Ray R.               Story               1968-07-05-pg10
Sampson, Prof.               Picture               1968-03-15-pg11
San Filippo, Peter               Picture               1968-04-26-pg01
San Filippo, Peter               Picture               1968-11-22-pg17
San Filippo, Peter B.               Picture               1968-05-10-pg09
San Filippo, Peter B.               Picture               1968-07-05-pg23
San Filippo, Peter B.               Picture               1968-07-19-pg17
San Filippo, Peter B.               Picture               1968-08-23-pg01
San Filippo, Peter B.               Picture               1968-12-20-pg05
Sanchez, Eloya               Obituary               1968-09-27-pg01
Sandefur, Barbara Ellen/John Paul Fleming               Wedding             1968-01-12-pg12
Sanders, Allie Maddux               Obituary               1968-03-22-pg09
Saunders, Clay               Picture               1968-07-26-pg14
Schad, L?/Edward Ross Supina               Wedding             1968-02-09-pg04
Schkode, Alan Picture               1968-08-16-pg06
Schmidt, Landon J.               Picture               1968-07-26-pg12
Scott, Albert    Picture               1968-04-12-pg17
Scott, Albert    Picture               1968-06-07-pg12
Scott, Albert    Picture               1968-11-01-pg21
Scroggins, Michael               Picture               1968-05-17-pg03
Scroggins, Randall Wayne   Story               1968-11-29-pg01
Scroggins, Randall Wayne - continued               Story               1968-11-29-pg04
Scroggins, Randy               Picture               1968-05-10-pg01
Scroggins, Randy               Picture               1968-05-10-pg15
Scroggins, Randy               Picture               1968-05-24-pg02
Scroggins, Randy               Picture               1968-05-24-pg20
Scroggins, Randy               Story               1968-12-06-pg06
Scroggins, Ricky               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Sears, Kenneth Eugene               Obituary               1968-07-19-pg07
Sellers, Jayne  Picture               1968-03-29-pg01
Sellers, Jeyne  Picture               1968-03-29-pg01
Selletti, Curtis & Steven & Jeffery               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Sellman, Kelly Ann               Birth               1968-04-26-pg10
Senior Play cast "Take Your Medicine"               Picture               1968-02-16-pg17
Setliff, Danny d.               Picture               1968-05-10-pg09
Sewalt, Ronnye               Story               1968-11-22-pg10
Seward, Donna               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Shanks, Bell    Picture               1968-03-22-pg11
Shanks, Elbert Joel               Obituary               1968-02-16-pg03
Shanks, Gene, Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1968-05-17-pg01
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-05-17-pg01
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-05-17-pg04
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-05-17-pg08
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-06-14-pg03
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-07-19-pg06
Shanks, Jerry   Picture               1968-10-04-pg01
Shanks, Terry  Picture               1968-10-04-pg01
Shannon, Shannon               Obituary               1968-08-23-pg09
Sharpless, Jack               Story               1968-01-05-pg01
Sharpless, Jackie               Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Sharpless, Jackie               Picture               1968-11-22-pg03
Shawn, Angelea Robin & Wendy Colette               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Shawn, Bud - killed in 1934      1934 Story      1968-08-02-pg06
Shawn, Donald Ray               Obituary               1968-05-10-pg08
Shawn, Donald Ray               Picture               1968-05-17-pg20
Shawn, Gilbert Story               1968-10-04-pg01
Shawn, Raymond B.               Obituary               1968-07-19-pg01
Shawn, Robert Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Shepard, Bobby               Story               1968-05-17-pg08
Shepard, Bobby J.               Picture               1968-07-12-pg08
Shepard, Bobby J.               Picture               1968-11-22-pg09
Sheperd, Joe M.               Story               1968-03-01-pg09
Sheppard, Doyle               Picture               1968-03-29-pg21
Shipp, Jay Michael               Birth               1968-11-01-pg15
Shown, Raymond               Picture               1968-11-08-pg01
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Bar-B-Q               Picture               1968-11-01-pg08
Silletti, Connie               Picture               1968-07-12-pg09
Simmons, James Louie               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Simmons, Lucas               Story               1968-12-06-pg01
Simpson, James Lesley & John Wesley               Birth               1968-05-17-pg18
Simpson, James Lesley & John Wesley               Picture               1968-05-24-pg04
Simpson, James W., Mrs.       Picture               1968-05-24-pg04
Simpson, James Wesley  Story               1968-02-16-pg04
Simpson, Joel  Picture               1968-04-19-pg10
Simpson, Paul Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Sipes, Danny    Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Sipes, Michael/Mykel Kay Lipstreu               Wedding             1968-10-25-pg03
Sissel, Ray       Picture               1968-05-03-pg01
Skiles, Sammie, Mrs.               Picture               1968-05-24-pg18
Slagle, Claude, Mr. & Mrs.       Picture               1968-08-02-pg08
Slate, Steve      Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Slaughter, William, paintings by               Picture               1968-05-24-pg19
Slover, Betsey/Jeffery Lee Hendrickson               Wedding             1968-08-16-pg03
Smith family reunion               Story               1968-06-28-pg09
Smith, Beverly  Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Smith, Buddy    Picture               1968-12-06-pg06
Smith, Coach    Picture               1968-10-11-pg01
Smith, Connie   Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Smith, Don Key               Story               1968-05-17-pg04
Smith, Douglas Howard               Birth               1968-01-26-pg08
Smith, Evelyn    Picture               1968-06-28-pg20
Smith, Fredrick Scott               Birth               1968-05-10-pg16
Smith, Hermon Wylie               Obituary               1968-11-08-pg01
Smith, Jim         Story               1968-07-12-pg09
Smith, Jimmie Joe               Birth               1968-07-26-pg03
Smith, Jocelyn Kaye/Roy J. Heard               Wedding             1968-07-19-pg05
Smith, Joe Ed    Picture               1968-11-01-pg01
Smith, Joe Ed, Mrs.               Picture               1968-04-26-pg14
Smith, John       Picture               1968-05-03-pg01
Smith, John       Picture               1968-10-25-pg01
Smith, John       Picture               1968-12-20-pg01
Smith, John E.   Story               1968-09-13-pg01
Smith, John E.   Picture               1968-10-18-pg20
Smith, Judy       Picture               1968-10-25-pg01
Smith, Kathy     Story               1968-05-03-pg06
Smith, Kathy     Story               1968-05-24-pg05
Smith, Kathy     Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Smith, Kyle       Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Smith, Larry L. Picture               1968-05-24-pg03
Smith, Nancy    Picture               1968-03-29-pg06
Smith, Nancy    Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Smith, Patti       Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Smith, Preston  Picture               1968-03-01-pg01
Smith, Randal Scott               Birth               1968-09-06-pg07
Smith, Rosa       Obituary               1968-12-13-pg07
Smith, Sharon   Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Smith, Sharon   Picture               1968-12-13-pg06
Smith, Timothy Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Smith, Tonya LaNette               Birth               1968-10-18-pg19
Sneed, Sherry  Picture               1968-07-12-pg06
Souther, Jerry Story               1968-03-01-pg09
Sparks, Charlene               Picture               1968-08-23-pg20
Spot Cash Supermarket - Attempted Burglary               Story               1968-01-12-pg01
St. John, Glenda G.               Story               1968-03-15-pg09
St. John, Rubin               Picture               1968-09-20-pg23
St. John's Catholic Church   Picture               1968-06-07-pg01
Stack, Dan, Mrs.               Picture               1968-05-24-pg18
Stack, H.R., Mrs.               Story               1968-03-22-pg03
Stack, William Keith               Birth               1968-01-26-pg09
Stanford, Billy Picture               1968-11-29-pg07
Stanford, Billy Don               Story               1968-11-08-pg09
Stanford, Kenneth               Picture               1968-07-19-pg14
Stanley, Lola   Story               1968-07-05-pg22
Starnes, Bobby Ray               Birth               1968-02-09-pg12
Starnes, Gail/Clifford 'Gerb' Tackett               Wedding             1968-12-13-pg23
Stephens, Coy               Picture               1968-06-21-pg08
Stephens, Coy Ann               Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Stevens, George - Grave Marker               Story               1968-07-12-pg02
Stevens, Steve               Picture               1968-04-19-pg04
Stevens, Steve               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Stewart, Roy   Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Stickney, Claudia Kay/Bruce Wayne Coggin               Wedding             1968-08-16-pg03
Stinnett, Hershel               Picture               1968-04-19-pg14
Stinson, Charlie, Mr. & Mrs.       Story               1968-02-16-pg04
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-02-16-pg18
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-06-07-pg07
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-06-07-pg19
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-09-27-pg01
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-10-04-pg19
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-11-15-pg01
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-11-15-pg08
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-11-22-pg06
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-11-22-pg07
Stockton, Mike               Picture               1968-11-22-pg19
Stockton, Mike               Story               1968-12-06-pg01
Stogner, Linda               Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Stogner, Sandra               Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Stokes, Gary Joe               Picture               1968-07-26-pg09
Stokes, Lori Michelle               Birth               1968-01-19-pg03
Stokes, Mickey Dale               Obituary               1968-05-10-pg15
Stokes, Morris Bradley               Obituary               1968-12-13-pg10
Stokes, Todd & Lori               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Stone, Bobby    Picture               1968-07-12-pg05
Stone, Tonya & Tammy               Picture               1968-11-01-pg03
Storey, Benton, Dr.               Picture               1968-12-13-pg08
Stroud, Carmen Michelle               Birth               1968-06-21-pg03
Stroud, George               Story               1968-07-26-pg10
Stutt, Douglas & Judy & Tony  Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Stutt, Tony Lynn               Birth               1968-02-09-pg12
Sugar, Carl        Picture               1968-08-23-pg01
Sugar, Carl, Mr. & Mrs. & group from Brazil     Picture               1968-06-14-pg01
Sugg, Maryalin               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Summers, Douglas               Story               1968-10-04-pg03
Supina, Edward Ross/L? Schad               Wedding             1968-02-09-pg04
Tackel, David  Picture               1968-05-03-pg03
Tackel, Diane Jo               Birth               1968-11-22-pg03
Tackel, Pam    Picture               1968-08-30-pg01
Tackel, Phyllis               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Tackel, William 'Sonny'/Suzanne Daugherty               Wedding             1968-03-29-pg07
Tackett, Clifford 'Gerb'/Gail Starnes               Wedding             1968-12-13-pg23
Tackett, Coy Glenn               Birth               1968-06-28-pg07
Tackett, Jack, Mrs.               Story               1968-11-15-pg01
Tackett, Rhonda Gale               Birth               1968-01-19-pg03
Tackett, Robbie Darnell  Birth               1968-05-17-pg10
Talley, Bob      Picture               1968-12-20-pg01
Tamplen, Sandra Denise   Birth               1968-08-30-pg20
Tamplin, Michael Joe               Obituary               1968-11-22-pg03
Tate, Earl        Picture               1968-09-27-pg03
Taylor, Gordon               Story               1968-11-15-pg21
Taylor, Gordon, Mrs.               Picture               1968-11-22-pg18
Taylor, Iva Irene               Obituary               1968-11-29-pg05
Taylor, Julia Elaine               Picture               1968-04-19-pg17
Taylor, Karen   Picture               1968-05-03-pg21
Taylor, Karen   Picture               1968-05-17-pg04
Taylor, Karen   Picture               1968-10-04-pg01
Taylor, Karen   Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Taylor, Karen   Story               1968-12-13-pg01
Taylor, Karen   Picture               1968-12-13-pg06
Taylor, Karen   Picture               1968-12-20-pg07
Taylor, Lynn W./Kathy Davidson               Wedding             1968-04-12-pg23
Taylor, Robert Leroy               Obituary               1968-03-29-pg03
Teague, Walter               Story               1968-04-26-pg01
Tedrow, Virgil G.               Story               1968-02-02-pg14
Terry, T.O.        Story               1968-03-01-pg15
Thacher, Frank B., II               Story               1968-05-10-pg09
Thane, Bill         Picture               1968-11-15-pg06
Thane, Bill         Story               1968-12-13-pg01
Thane, Michael David               Birth               1968-06-14-pg04
Thomason, Beadie               Obituary               1968-08-23-pg14
Thompson, Ada Campbell               Obituary               1968-01-19-pg03
Thompson, Brenda/Bennie Trammell               Wedding             1968-06-07-pg07
Thompson, Charles               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Thompson, Curtis O., III           Story               1968-05-17-pg07
Thompson, Freddie L.               Picture               1968-12-06-pg16
Thompson, Lula/Jerry Wayne Morrow               Wedding             1968-03-08-pg03
Thompson, Lula/Jerry Wayne Morrow               Wedding             1968-04-12-pg11
Thompson, Paula               Picture               1968-08-30-pg01
Thornton, Hillary               Picture               1968-05-17-pg20
Thornton, Isom, Mrs.               Picture               1968-05-17-pg19
Tidmore, L.L.   Story               1968-07-05-pg14
Tidmore, Wade               Story               1968-11-01-pg18
Tindel, Z.T.      Picture               1968-08-23-pg09
Torres, Ernest Alex               Birth               1968-03-22-pg15
Townsend, Ellen               Picture               1968-09-20-pg06
Trammell, Bennie/Brenda Thompson               Wedding             1968-06-07-pg07
Trammell, Steven Howard  Birth               1968-08-30-pg20
Trammell, Steven Howard  Birth               1968-09-06-pg07
Trammell, Tom               Picture               1968-06-28-pg08
Tucker, Ruth    Picture               1968-12-13-pg13
Turner, Charles               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Turner, James Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Turner, Sally Blanche               Obituary               1968-06-28-pg19
Tyl, Albert, Father               Picture               1968-06-21-pg02
Underwood, Frank, Mrs.       Picture               1968-11-22-pg05
Van Hoose, Angela Marie     Birth               1968-07-12-pg11
Van Hoose, Virgil D.               Story               1968-09-20-pg20
Vana, Richard C.               Story               1968-10-25-pg09
Vaught, Betty J.               Story               1968-06-14-pg19
Vaught, Phil     Picture               1968-04-19-pg04
Vaught, Phil     Picture               1968-05-03-pg24
Vaught, R.L. family reunion  Story               1968-10-11-pg14
Vickers, Joe    Picture               1968-10-18-pg20
Vinson, Jackie               Picture               1968-11-15-pg08
Vinson, Jackie               Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Waldon, Bob  Story               1968-06-28-pg01
Walker, Dick, Mrs.               Picture               1968-11-22-pg18
Walker, Leonard, Jr./Nancy Lynn Crofford               Wedding             1968-10-11-pg08
Walker, Leslie Picture               1968-04-19-pg14
Walker, Linda  Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Walker, Rhonda Jo               Birth               1968-03-01-pg16
Walker, Winford R.               Obituary               1968-09-06-pg09
Wall, Debra Louise               Birth               1968-06-21-pg03
Wallace, Lavenia                Obituary               1968-07-26-pg08
Wallace, Lavenia Ore               Obituary               1968-07-19-pg12
Wallin, Bennie Faye/Charles C. Gamble               Wedding             1968-02-16-pg15
Wallin, Faye   Story               1968-02-23-pg07
Wang, Merle     Picture               1968-04-05-pg08
Wang, Merle     Picture               1968-08-23-pg04
Ward, James E.               Obituary               1968-02-16-pg14
Ward, Reedy Isiacc               Birth               1968-01-19-pg03
Warner, Mr.   Picture               1968-08-30-pg07
Water System for Bridgeport -new in 1935  1935 Picture   1968-12-06-pg17
Water Treatment Plant cave-in in 1934               1934 Picture   1968-08-02-pg06
Waters, Cone Johnson               Obituary               1968-04-12-pg10
Waters, Gwen/Bobby Ray Green               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg13
Waters, Gwen/Bobby Ray Green               Wedding             1968-08-30-pg03
Watkins, Eddie               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Watkins, Eddy Picture               1968-04-12-pg05
Watkins, Tonie Lynn               Birth               1968-08-02-pg17
Watson, Jerry  Picture               1968-05-17-pg19
Watson, Jerry  Picture               1968-05-17-pg20
Watson, Kenneth               Picture               1968-11-01-pg01
Watts, Barbara Ann               Birth               1968-02-09-pg12
Weatherford, Marvin Brown    Obituary               1968-06-21-pg03
Weatherly, Arty Mae McDaniel               Obituary               1968-01-12-pg09
Weatherly, Carolyn               Picture               1968-04-05-pg08
Weatherly, Carolyn Sue/Gregory Loraus               Wedding             1968-07-26-pg03
Weatherly, Herman Quied 'Cowboy'               Obituary               1968-06-07-pg18
Weaver, Linda Kaye/Larry Glynn Wilson               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg13
Webster, Red   Picture               1968-06-28-pg05
Weger, Marion               Picture               1968-05-17-pg07
Weger, Marion               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Weger, Marion               Story               1968-06-14-pg19
West, Vicky Kay               Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Wharton, Odie Mae               Obituary               1968-05-03-pg20
Whatley, Mrs. Picture               1968-08-16-pg05
White, Bill       Story               1968-02-16-pg20
White, Billy Wayne/Diana Jean Everett               Wedding             1968-09-13-pg02
White, Billy Wayne/Diana Jean Everett               Wedding             1968-10-25-pg12
White, Frank D./Patricia Murphy               Wedding             1968-03-29-pg07
Whitehead, Cindy               Picture               1968-01-05-pg09
Wiest, Edwin   Story               1968-06-28-pg19
Wiley, Carol    Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Wiley, Kimberly Gayle               Birth               1968-03-01-pg16
Wilhite, Dena  Picture               1968-12-06-pg20
Wilkerson, Ella Maye               Picture               1968-06-28-pg14
Wilkerson, Leon               Picture               1968-04-19-pg01
Wilkerson, Leon               Picture               1968-06-28-pg14
Wilkerson, Leon               Picture               1968-11-22-pg05
Wilkinson, R.L.               Story               1968-08-02-pg15
Wilkinson, Rick, Jr.               Picture               1968-03-29-pg22
Wilkinson, Rick, Jr.               Picture               1968-05-03-pg04
Wilkinson, Rick, Sr., Mr. & Mrs.               Picture               1968-03-29-pg22
Wilkinson, Thomas Howard  Birth               1968-11-08-pg14
Williams, Bob Picture               1968-03-08-pg03
Williams, Don, Mrs. & sons       Picture               1968-05-03-pg08
Williams, John Edward               Birth               1968-12-20-pg18
Williams, Lynn               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Williams, Lyodd Ervin & Noel  Birth               1968-05-03-pg08
Williams, Mike               Picture               1968-07-19-pg05
Willmon, Leon               Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Wilson, Larry Glynn/Linda Kaye Weaver               Wedding             1968-06-21-pg13
Wilson, Thomas Brent               Birth               1968-02-02-pg06
Wimberly, Linnie Alexine Jeter               Obituary               1968-01-26-pg09
Winder, John Alvin, Jr./Marion Elaine Haynes               Wedding             1968-05-17-pg10
Winder, John Alvin, Jr./Marion Elaine Haynes               Wedding             1968-08-30-pg11
Winter, Jim     Story               1968-04-12-pg05
Wise County Courthouse               Picture               1968-03-15-pg15
Wise County Museum building donation               Picture               1968-01-05-pg01
Wise County Rescue Squad Truck               Picture               1968-04-12-pg23
Witty, Sarah      Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Wolff, Martine               Obituary               1968-09-27-pg14
Womack, Arnold               Picture               1968-05-24-pg07
Womack, Arnold               Story               1968-09-06-pg10
Womack, Gary               Picture               1968-11-08-pg07
Womack, Jimmy               Picture               1968-04-19-pg10
Womack, Jimmy               Picture               1968-05-03-pg03
Womack, Jimmy               Picture               1968-09-27-pg24
Womack, Jimmy               Picture               1968-12-06-pg18
Womack, Sammy, Mrs.       Picture               1968-04-26-pg14
Wood Ranch near Boonsville               Picture               1968-04-12-pg17
Wood, Barry    Picture               1968-08-23-pg16
Wood, Lloyd - Charolais cross steers     Picture               1968-07-05-pg22
Wood, Loyd    Story               1968-01-19-pg01
Wood, Loyd    Picture               1968-07-26-pg14
Wood, Loyd - Ranch tank        Picture               1968-04-12-pg22
Wood, Paul      Picture               1968-04-05-pg01
Wood, Paul      Picture               1968-06-28-pg03
Wood, Paul      Picture               1968-11-15-pg06
Wood, Paul      Story               1968-12-27-pg23
Wood, Paul & Loyd               Picture               1968-07-26-pg15
Wood, Ruth     Story               1968-03-08-pg01
Wood, Ruth Beaman & Infant, Carol Ann               Obituary               1968-03-08-pg08
Woodard, Randy               Picture               1968-05-24-pg21
Wooten Motor Co. in Decatur  Picture               1968-10-25-pg08
Workman, B.D.               Story               1968-07-26-pg10
Worlow, Gary G.               Story               1968-07-12-pg09
Worlow, Gary G.               Story               1968-08-30-pg09
Worthington, Tim               Picture               1968-01-05-pg09
Wright, Leon   Picture               1968-06-28-pg01
Wright, Steve   Picture               1968-11-08-pg07
Wright, Thomas               Story               1968-03-22-pg07
Wright, Thomas               Picture               1968-11-08-pg07
Wright, Wesley               Obituary               1968-03-29-pg06
Yarbrough, George L.               Picture               1968-12-13-pg09
Young Women's Amity Club dinner at Runaway Bay               Picture               1968-05-17-pg08
Young, Rodney Dwayne               Birth               1968-03-22-pg15
Younger, Shawn Michael               Birth               1968-03-22-pg15
Younger, Bryan               Picture               1968-06-28-pg17
Young's Iron Works               Picture               1968-09-20-pg18