Old Papers 1970-1975
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Wise County, Texas

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We did not photograph beyond 1975 because those papers are bound and available to see at the Bridgeport Index Office.
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  Year  Number
of Papers + New
of Pages + New
  Indexed By
1970 40+12 Papers 834+253 Pages Sue Tackel
1971 49+3 Papers 1,164+72 Pages Sue Tackel
1972 26+26 Papers 690+718 Pages David Pitts
1973 45+8 Papers 1,316+200 Pages Sue Tackel
1974 45+7 Papers 1,068+151 Pages Sue Tackel
1975 20+32 Papers 332+547 Pages Sue Tackel & David Pitts  
(The 3 misc. papers below are also here)
1976 1 Paper 18 Pages

Other Misc. Papers


1 Paper

4 Pages

Alvord News


1 Paper

12 Pages Bowie Banner
1957 1 Paper 4 Pages Chico Review

New pages from microfilm have been added to the years 1965-1975: