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1970 - Names Index

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834 Pages were from 40 Newspapers were Photographed
(12 new papers with 253 pages have been added but not yet indexed)
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Below is an Index of 1,968; pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, births, weddings and obituaries.
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
287 Highway Proposed Route Around Alvord Picture            1970-08-07-pg16
4-H Club Elects Officers            Story            1970-09-25-pg16
4-H Club News            Story            1970-02-06-pg18
4-H Club News            Story            1970-03-27-pg17
4-H Club News            Story            1970-05-01-pg08
4-H Club News            Story            1970-06-12-pg14
4-H Club News            Story            1970-07-24-pg05
4-H Club News            Story            1970-09-11-pg08
4-H Club News            Story            1970-09-11-pg09
4-H Club News            Story            1970-09-25-pg10
4-H County Dress Revue - 70 girls     Story            1970-03-27-pg20
4-H District Food Show   Story            1970-03-20-pg10
4-H ers Complete Record Books            Story            1970-07-17-pg22
4-H Horse Profect Meeting            Story            1970-03-06-pg09
4-H Junior Leaders Held Meeting            Story            1970-06-19-pg18
4-H News   Story            1970-05-08-pg03
4-H News   Story            1970-12-11-pg18
4-H Photography Club Goes to Ft. Richardson            Story            1970-07-17-pg20
4-H Record Book Winners            Story            1970-08-07-pg15
4-H Record Books Entered            Story            1970-07-17-pg09
4-H Recreation Meeting            Story            1970-06-19-pg19
4-H Recreation Project Story            1970-05-01-pg23
4-H Roundup Time            Story            1970-06-05-pg09
8th Grade Commencement Held  Story            1970-06-05-pg11
AAA Tire Service            Story            1970-08-07-pg01
ACS Crusade Meeting at Runaway Bay            Story            1970-02-27-pg12
Adams, Fitzhugh            Story            1970-12-18-pg04
Albright, Lauren            Story            1970-04-17-pg15
Albright, Lauren            Story            1970-05-15-pg18
Allen, Bobby, Mrs.     Story            1970-03-27-pg23
Allen, Brettie            Story            1970-08-21-pg09
Allen, Sandy            Story            1970-05-01-pg23
Allen, Tawana            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Allen, Tawana            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Allison, Alfred            Picture            1970-10-23-pg24
Allison, Diane            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Allison, Diane            Story            1970-09-25-pg21
Allison, Diane            Picture            1970-10-23-pg25
Allison, Diane            Picture            1970-12-18-pg21
Allison, Jan            Story            1970-02-06-pg04
Allison, Jan            Picture            1970-02-27-pg01
Allison, Janice            Picture            1970-05-29-pg07
Allison, Richard            Story            1970-01-16-pg01
Allison, Richard E.         Story            1970-08-07-pg01
Allison, Suzanne            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Allison, Suzanne            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Allison, Tommy            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Altom, Bob            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Altom, Bob G.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg08
Altom, Bob G.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Altom, Lana Sue (f. Joe Max)            Birth            1970-07-17-pg09
Amburn, KaLinda            Story            1970-03-13-pg08
Amburn, KaLinda            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Amburn, KaLinda            Picture            1970-03-27-pg17
Amburn, KaLinda            Story            1970-03-27-pg18
Amburn, Kalinda            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Amburn, Kendall Ray      Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Anderson, Norma Cook    Story            1970-02-20-pg09
Andreason, Laura            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Archer, Alethea            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Armstrong, James R.        Story            1970-06-19-pg16
Arnold, Sara            Obituary          1970-09-18-pg20
Arnsdorff, John Gordon (f. A.G.)   Birth            1970-07-03-pg05
Assembly of God Singers            Picture            1970-06-05-pg15
Atkins, Gaylon Lynn/Mary Jane Austin            Wedding        1970-11-13-pg03
Atkins, Janice            Story            1970-12-11-pg20
Austin, Mary Jane/Gaylon Lynn Atkins            Wedding        1970-11-13-pg03
Bach, Harry            Story            1970-08-07-pg01
Bach, Harry            Picture            1970-08-07-pg20
Bailey & Love Fertilizers            Picture            1970-02-06-pg05
Bailey, Helen            Story            1970-09-04-pg09
Bailey, Ricky            Story            1970-05-01-pg19
Band - under direction of Bill Brady            Picture            1970-09-18-pg01
Band Brings Home First Division Trophy Story            1970-11-13-pg01
Barnes, Ben            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Barnes, Ira Story            1970-01-30-pg09
Barnett, Cindy            Picture            1970-08-21-pg08
Barnett, Gary            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Barnett, J.E., Mrs.            Story            1970-03-13-pg18
Barnett, J.E., Mrs.            Story            1970-08-21-pg15
Barnett, J.E., Mrs.            Story            1970-09-11-pg11
Barnsley, Randy            Picture            1970-03-27-pg05
Baseball - Independents Team   Story            1970-05-15-pg04
Baseball - Independents Win     Story            1970-05-08-pg05
Basketball-8th Grade Boys & Girls Teams            Story            1970-01-30-pg19
Baxter, Melba June/Clinton Lee Dennis            Wedding        1970-06-12-pg08
Bean, Shannon            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Bean, Sheena Vanedra (f. George V.)            Birth            1970-04-10-pg10
Beard, Tiann (f. Ronald)            Birth            1970-06-19-pg16
Beard, Tiann (f. Ronald)            Birth            1970-06-19-pg20
Beardon, Avron Thomas            Obituary          1970-06-19-pg17
Beck, Charles            Story            1970-06-12-pg06
Beck, Charles W.            Story            1970-08-21-pg09
Beeson, George            Picture            1970-06-12-pg01
Beeson, Norma            Picture            1970-06-12-pg01
Begley, Jerry            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Bell Manufacturing Co Building, Bowie Picture            1970-05-08-pg07
Bell, Danny            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Bell, Danny Ray            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Bell, Danny Ray            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Bell, Gary Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Bennett, Horace H.            Story            1970-01-23-pg01
Bennett, Rhonda Gayle (f. Jackie Don)            Birth            1970-07-03-pg16
Bergstrom, Jonathan E.            Story            1970-06-19-pg19
Bevill, W.E., Mrs.     Story            1970-09-18-pg09
Bilby, Coy            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Bilby, Rollins, Mrs.     Picture            1970-12-11-pg05
Billings, Dave            Story            1970-01-09-pg04
Billings, Dave            Picture            1970-01-23-pg03
Billings, Dave            Picture            1970-09-11-pg11
Billings, David e.            Picture            1970-05-15-pg08
Billington, Don            Story            1970-01-30-pg19
Billington, Don            Story            1970-04-03-pg09
Bill's Superette Grand Opening            Picture            1970-07-10-pg19
Bird, Becky            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Bird, Randy            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Bird, Randy            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Bishop, Nora            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Bishop, Ralph            Story            1970-01-09-pg04
Bishop, Sherry            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Black, Harold, Rev.     Picture            1970-01-23-pg09
Black, Harold, Rev.     Picture            1970-05-15-pg10
Blake, Donna            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Blake, Donna            Story            1970-05-01-pg23
Blake, Donna            Picture            1970-09-25-pg19
Blakley, David Horold Story            1970-08-21-pg09
Blalock, Eric            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Blaylock, Billy Brice (f. Billy)            Birth            1970-04-17-pg18
Bletsch, William Pete            Obituary          1970-04-03-pg15
Board, Earl            Story            1970-05-29-pg09
Bogy, Asilee Young            Obituary          1970-05-29-pg23
Bolding, Judy            Picture            1970-09-11-pg01
Boles, Dale            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Boles, Dale L.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Boles, Dale L.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Boles, Kathy            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Boling, Hattye Jarnagin            Story            1970-05-01-pg23
Books Donated to Public Library            Story            1970-11-27-pg09
Boonsville 4-H News   Story            1970-03-27-pg23
Boonsville Joe Roughneck Gathering            Picture            1970-10-30-pg19
Boonsville Well Drilled 20 Years Ago            Story            1970-10-23-pg29
Boulware, Paula Ann/Jack E. Morgan            Wedding        1970-01-09-pg03
Boulware, Paula Ann/Jack E. Morgan            Wedding        1970-02-06-pg08
Bowman, Allen H., Jr.  Story            1970-03-20-pg11
Boy Scout Troop 194 Meeting            Picture            1970-06-26-pg05
Boyd, Barbara            Story            1970-07-17-pg21
Boyd, Barbara, Mrs.     Story            1970-05-15-pg20
Bradish, Paul G.            Story            1970-06-12-pg10
Bradley, Doyle Glenn/Myra Lynn Ray            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg10
Bradley, Doyle Glenn/Myra Lynn Ray            Wedding        1970-08-07-pg05
Brady, Bill            Picture            1970-05-08-pg03
Brady, Bill            Story            1970-06-12-pg08
Brady, Bill            Picture            1970-09-25-pg19
Brady, Bill            Picture            1970-10-23-pg27
Brady, William G.            Story            1970-11-13-pg01
Branch, J.R.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Brantley, Sabra            Story            1970-12-11-pg01
Brantley, Sidney            Picture            1970-06-19-pg17
Brantly, Sabra            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Brazier, Bobby            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Brazier, James M.            Picture            1970-07-24-pg15
Breeze, Billy Jack            Picture            1970-04-10-pg01
Breeze, Billy Jack            Picture            1970-09-18-pg01
Breeze, Billy Jack            Picture            1970-09-25-pg22
Brewer, Charles            Picture            1970-07-10-pg16
Brewer, Charles R.        Story            1970-12-25-pg03
Brewer, Charles Rosco  Story            1970-03-20-pg21
Brewer, E.J., Mr. & Mrs. Story            1970-03-27-pg09
Brewer, Pearl            Story            1970-08-28-pg15
Bridgeport Paints Opens on West Side     Story            1970-05-08-pg10
Bridges, Charlene            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Bridges, Gilley            Picture            1970-04-17-pg03
Bridges, Jerroll            Picture            1970-08-28-pg03
Bridwell, Doug            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1970-02-27-pg19
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1970-09-25-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan            Picture            1970-10-23-pg30
Bridwell, Harlan, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Bridwell, Melanie            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Bridwell, Randall Jason (f. Keith)  Birth            1970-11-27-pg04
Bridwell, Stan            Story            1970-10-23-pg26
Briscoe, Cathy            Picture            1970-01-23-pg21
Briscoe, Cathy            Story            1970-10-30-pg03
Brock, Luther A.            Picture            1970-02-06-pg01
Brooks, Melodye            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Brooks, R.C.            Story            1970-10-30-pg08
Brown, Alfred Wayne (f. Alfred)            Birth            1970-01-16-pg17
Brown, Alice Whitehead            Obituary          1970-09-04-pg01
Brown, Barbara            Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
Brown, Barbara            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Brown, Barbara            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Brown, Bill            1930 Picture 1970-12-25-pg07
Brown, Bobby            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Brown, John            Story            1970-12-25-pg08
Brown, Melissa            Picture            1970-12-18-pg19
Brown, Nora Leona            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg08
Brown, Nora Leona            Obituary          1970-12-11-pg05
Brown, Robert & Ronda  Story            1970-06-12-pg09
Brown, Sherlyn            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Brown, Sherlyn            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Brown, Stephania            Picture            1970-06-19-pg18
Brown, Tommy Z.            Story            1970-01-23-pg10
Bryant, David Wattam, Dr.            Story            1970-04-03-pg09
Bryant, David, Dr.            Story            1970-02-27-pg08
Bryant, Dr. & daughters            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Bryant, Edna Bernice            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg08
Bryant, John            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Bryant, Mildred            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Bryant, Mildred            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Bryant, Mildred            Picture            1970-06-05-pg15
Bryant, Mildred            Picture            1970-06-12-pg05
Bryant, Mildred            Picture            1970-06-12-pg20
Bryant, Mildred            Story            1970-07-03-pg11
Buchanan, Calvin            Story            1970-09-18-pg22
Buchanan, Calvin            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Buckner, Tammy Sue (f. G.A.)            Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Building Trades House  Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Bull Fall to Pirates Story            1970-11-13-pg01
Bull Fall to Pirates-cont            Story            1970-11-13-pg05
Bulls beat Northwest            Story            1970-10-30-pg01
Bulls beat Northwest-cont     Story            1970-10-30-pg08
Bulls Beat Springtown            Story            1970-09-18-pg01
Bulls Defeated by Nolan Team            Story            1970-10-23-pg01
Bulls Fall to Bulldogs            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Bulls Fall to Mansfield Here    Story            1970-09-25-pg05
Bulls Football Team   Picture            1970-09-11-pg01
Bulls Football Team   Picture            1970-11-13-pg14
Bundrant, Mamie Jarnagin            Obituary          1970-02-27-pg04
Burch, Troy            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Burgess, Melany Cherie (f. Charles)            Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
Burns, Earl            Picture            1970-04-03-pg15
Bush, Becky Lynn/Alan Randal Robinson            Wedding        1970-03-13-pg17
Bush, George            Picture            1970-07-03-pg16
Bush, Johnny            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Bush, Johnny Clayton            Picture            1970-05-29-pg17
Bush, Johnny Clayton            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Bushell, Donald            Picture            1970-07-10-pg09
Butler, Allen A.            Story            1970-01-30-pg07
Butler, Allen A.            Story            1970-09-25-pg16
Butler, Calley            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Butler, Troy            Picture            1970-09-25-pg01
Butram Shower Given for Neice, Clara Sue Arnsdorff            Story            1970-05-08-pg11
Butram, A.V.            Story            1970-03-27-pg20
Butram, A.V., Mrs.     Story            1970-05-01-pg21
Butram, Bessie            Picture            1970-12-18-pg17
Butram, Mary Lou            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Butram, Mary Lou            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Byrd, Alan Picture            1970-01-16-pg01
Byrd, Amos            Advertisement            1970-09-18-pg05
Byrd, Amos            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Caddell, Jerry L.            Picture            1970-03-06-pg04
Cagle, Betty            Picture            1970-02-20-pg01
Cagle, Betty            Picture            1970-12-18-pg22
Cain, Eugene Thomas, Sr.            Obituary          1970-04-17-pg18
Cairn Terrier Club Match at Paradise Valley Ranch            Picture            1970-06-12-pg20
Campbell, Johnnie            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Campsey, Banks C.        Story            1970-03-20-pg19
Campsey, Carol            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Canova, Brenda Joy       Picture            1970-05-29-pg17
Canova, Brenda Joy       Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Cantrell, Carol            Story            1970-07-10-pg20
Cantrell, Ernest            Story            1970-09-04-pg14
Caraway, Mel            Picture            1970-08-28-pg01
Caraway, Pete Family Reunion            Story            1970-08-21-pg16
Carlton, John Onie            Story            1970-05-08-pg04
Carlton, Terry            Story            1970-03-06-pg16
Carlton, William David/Brenda Joyce Culpepper            Wedding        1970-05-15-pg20
Carpenter, Della Mae            Obituary          1970-06-12-pg16
Caruthers, Eugene            Picture            1970-03-27-pg05
Casillas, Linda Ann (f. Martin)            Birth            1970-03-13-pg16
Castleberry, Eddie Ray            Obituary          1970-10-23-pg25
Castleberry, Melvin Stewart (f. Bob)    Birth            1970-02-27-pg13
Cavasos, Clay            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Chamber of Commerce Banquet            Story            1970-02-27-pg01
Chambers, Don            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Chambers, Don            Picture            1970-05-15-pg23
Chambers, Rodney Carl     Story            1970-05-15-pg18
Chapman, Cathy            Picture            1970-03-20-pg10
Chapman, Judy            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Cheves, Cynthia Gay      Story            1970-07-10-pg20
Cheves, Mike            Story            1970-03-20-pg15
Cheves, Sam            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Cheves, Susie            Story            1970-09-11-pg03
Chico Home Demostration Club Meeting            Story            1970-12-25-pg11
Chico Parsonage Addition            Picture            1970-09-25-pg11
Childers, Linda S.            Story            1970-03-13-pg10
Childers, Linda Susan/Randall Clark Flournoy            Wedding        1970-06-05-pg11
Childers, Linda Susan/Randall Clark Flournoy            Wedding        1970-07-17-pg24
Chilton, Charlie - Roadrunner Chevrolet Building            Picture            1970-03-06-pg20
Chilton, Delana LeeAnn (f. John)   Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
Choate, Lena            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Church Listings            Advertisement            1970-12-11-pg15
Churches listed            Story            1970-08-21-pg14
Church's Listed            Story            1970-05-15-pg05
Cites Service DVF Ladies Auxiliary Meeting            Story            1970-10-23-pg09
City Council Meeting            Story            1970-04-17-pg15
City Council Meeting            Story            1970-05-15-pg09
City Council Meeting            Story            1970-06-12-pg19
City Council Meeting            Story            1970-07-17-pg25
City Council Meeting            Story            1970-07-24-pg09
City Council Meeting            Story            1970-08-07-pg04
Civic Club Volleyball Tournament            Picture            1970-03-20-pg08
Clark, Debbie            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Clark, Don            Picture            1970-03-20-pg11
Cleveland, Omar B.        Story            1970-04-03-pg07
Cleveland, Omar B.        Picture            1970-04-10-pg04
Clinton, J.I., Rev.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Coale, Claire Lou            Picture            1970-05-29-pg10
Coale, Claire Lou            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Coale, Trey            Story            1970-05-01-pg19
Coates, Walter D.            Story            1970-09-11-pg09
Coats, Walter D.            Picture            1970-09-11-pg10
Cobb, Brenda            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Cobb, Patricia Deane (f. Archie Leon)            Birth            1970-02-06-pg17
Cocanougher, C.M., Dr.            Story            1970-02-06-pg19
Coffman, C.A.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Coggin, Jane            Picture            1970-01-23-pg01
Coggin, Jane            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Coggins, Jan            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Cole, Paul Wayne/Billye Ann Smith            Wedding        1970-02-27-pg19
Coleman, Akard, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-06-12-pg01
Coleman, John W., Jr.        Story            1970-03-27-pg09
Coleman, John W., Jr.        Story            1970-11-27-pg11
Coleman, Kari Michelle (f. Don)    Birth            1970-12-25-pg04
Coleman, Lavinia            Story            1970-09-11-pg03
Collier, Calvin Guy (f. Carroll)            Birth            1970-03-20-pg14
Collins, Frank            Picture            1970-12-18-pg19
Collins, Marilynn            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Collins, Mrs.            Story            1970-09-25-pg21
Collins, Robert Earl     Picture            1970-05-29-pg08
Collins, Robert Earl     Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Combs, Jack Owen            Obituary          1970-05-29-pg23
Comic Strips            Comics            1970-02-27-pg10
Community 4-H Club Meeting            Story            1970-02-27-pg19
Concerned Citizens of Prec 4-Executive Council            Story            1970-07-17-pg08
Condron, Jessie Earl, Miss            Story            1970-02-06-pg03
Condron, Jessie Earl, Miss            Story            1970-05-29-pg11
Conquest, J.L.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Conway, Lyndon E.         Picture            1970-03-06-pg04
Cook, Andrew Rollie            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg08
Cook, W.H., Mrs.            Story            1970-08-21-pg17
Copeland, D. King/Sharon Sue Morris            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg15
Cordova, Elise            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Cordova, Elise            Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
Cordova, Elise            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Cordova, Elise            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Cordova, Elise            Picture            1970-08-21-pg04
Cordova, Elise            Picture            1970-09-11-pg01
Cordova, Elise            Story            1970-09-25-pg21
Cordova, Elise            Story            1970-12-11-pg20
Councilmen & Mayor Election Results Story            1970-04-10-pg01
Coursey, Sherry Lynn/William Allen Parker            Wedding        1970-01-16-pg05
Coursey, Sherry Lynn/William Allen Parker            Wedding        1970-02-20-pg05
Cowart, Judy            Story            1970-06-12-pg08
Cowell, Charles            Picture            1970-07-03-pg18
Cowley, Tammy Monette (f. Artis Allen)            Birth            1970-08-28-pg16
Cowling, Ed            Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Cowling, Ed            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Cowling, Edgar W.       Story            1970-05-15-pg03
Cox, Cheryl/Ronald M. Stark            Wedding        1970-10-23-pg11
Cox, Jerry            Story            1970-03-06-pg16
Cox, Jerry            Story            1970-05-08-pg10
Cox, Jerry            Story            1970-10-23-pg15
Cox, John Quitman            Obituary          1970-05-08-pg09
Cox, Michael Raymond            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Cox, Michael Raymond            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Cox, Mike            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Crawford, Otis            Story            1970-01-09-pg04
Crawford, Patrick            Story            1970-03-06-pg16
Crawford, Robert Russell            Obituary          1970-06-19-pg17
Crawford, William            Story            1970-01-23-pg18
Crawley, Thomas            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Cross, Lanoy A.            Story            1970-09-11-pg09
Crum, Dawson, Steve (f. Jayson Steve)            Birth            1970-09-18-pg22
Cub Scout Circus Parade Picture            1970-05-01-pg07
Cub Scouts of Den 3   Story            1970-11-13-pg09
Culpepper, Brenda Picture            1970-03-13-pg05
Culpepper, Brenda Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Culpepper, Brenda Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Culpepper, Brenda Joyce/William David Carlton            Wedding        1970-05-15-pg20
Culpepper, Debra Jean/James Linden Galyon            Wedding        1970-01-09-pg03
Culpepper, James Monroe            Obituary          1970-05-29-pg23
Cundiff, Ronald            Picture            1970-07-10-pg10
Cunningham, A.W.            Story            1970-08-21-pg16
Curry, Basil, Mrs.            Story            1970-04-03-pg05
Curry, Basil, Mrs.            Picture            1970-05-08-pg05
Curry, Elizabeth            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Curtis, Ken            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Cutshaw, Jeanette            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
CVAE Homemaking II Fashion Show            Picture            1970-10-23-pg09
Dairy Festival at Bridgeport Park - Pictures            Picture            1970-05-29-pg24
Dairy Festival at Bridgeport Park Pavillion - Supporters            Advertisement            1970-05-15-pg14
Dairy Show at Springtown            Story            1970-04-03-pg10
Dale, Cynthia Viann (f. Pleasant)            Birth            1970-01-16-pg17
Dale, Les   Story            1970-07-10-pg20
Dale, Walter            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Daniel & Sitzes Farm    Picture            1970-12-18-pg24
Davidson, Terry            Picture            1970-09-18-pg01
Davidson, Terry            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Davila, Belinda            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Davila, Belinda            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Davilla Lisa            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Davis, Aspen            Story            1970-03-13-pg01
Davis, Charles Thomas            Obituary          1970-07-03-pg09
Davis, Donna            Picture            1970-08-28-pg15
Davis, Donna            Picture            1970-09-11-pg01
Davis, Donna            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Davis, Donna            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Davis, Donna - As Teens See It          Story            1970-08-21-pg15
Davis, Freda            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Davis, Freda            Picture            1970-12-18-pg21
Davis, James L.            Story            1970-12-18-pg24
Davis, Jonathon Wayne (f. James) Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Davis, Tommie Ann            Obituary          1970-09-25-pg14
Davis, T.O., Mrs.            Picture            1970-03-20-pg22
Davis, T.O., Mrs.            Picture            1970-04-10-pg03
Davitt, Margie            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Davitt, William            Story            1970-10-23-pg25
Dawert, Gerda            Picture            1970-09-25-pg01
Dawkins, M.D.            Picture            1970-02-27-pg19
Dawkins, Ozelle            Story            1970-05-15-pg21
Dawson, Eunice Marie            Obituary          1970-04-17-pg18
De Hoyos, Maria Guadalupe            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Deavenport, Larry   Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Deavenport, Larry   Story            1970-12-11-pg01
Deavenport, Larry   Picture            1970-12-18-pg19
Decatur Hospital - Architect's Drawing            Picture            1970-04-10-pg19
Decatur National Guard Enlists 5          Story            1970-03-13-pg18
Deep Creek Historical Marker Story            1970-05-15-pg24
DeHoyos, Hilda (f. Juan)            Birth            1970-06-05-pg16
Deib, Nick, Mrs.            Picture            1970-12-11-pg05
Denney-Lumsden Reunion Held            Story            1970-08-28-pg14
Dennis, Clinton Lee/Melba June Baxter            Wedding        1970-06-12-pg08
Dennis, James Aaron (f. James) Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Dennis, William            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Dennis, William            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Denton, Debbie            Picture            1970-06-12-pg17
Denton, Debbie            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Denton, Lonnie            Picture            1970-07-03-pg01
Dethloff, Rosie            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
Dewberry, Charles R.            Story            1970-11-13-pg09
Dewbree, Helen O.            Obituary          1970-04-10-pg09
Dick, Virginia, Dr.            Picture            1970-09-25-pg09
Dickenson, Bettye Jeanne/Richard P. Rigdow            Wedding        1970-12-11-pg16
Dickenson, Margaret            Story            1970-03-06-pg04
Dickson, Price            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Dieb, Eva  Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Dittrick, Mary Lou            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
DMF Ladies Auxiliary Meeting            Story            1970-06-19-pg16
DMF Ladies Auxiliary Meeting            Story            1970-08-21-pg09
DMF Ladies Auxiliary Meeting            Story            1970-09-18-pg11
Donkey Softball - Lion's Club vs. Optimist Club            Story            1970-07-10-pg01
Donkey Softball - Lion's Club vs. Optimist Club            Picture            1970-07-17-pg06
Donkey Softball - Lion's Club vs. Optimist Club            Picture            1970-07-17-pg07
Donley, David            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Donnell, Tom/Regina Tucker            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg15
Donohue, Michael Dee            Picture            1970-05-29-pg18
Donohue, Michael Dee            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Donohue, Mike            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Donohue, Mike            Picture            1970-05-15-pg03
Donohue, Mike            Picture            1970-05-15-pg22
Dosier, Jackie L.            Story            1970-06-19-pg16
Dowell, Dana            Picture            1970-06-05-pg08
Driskill, Frank            Picture            1970-01-23-pg01
Driskill, Frank            Picture            1970-01-30-pg01
Duck, Bobby/Beverly Ann Hartsell            Wedding        1970-08-28-pg16
Duck, Willie, Mrs.     Picture            1970-01-09-pg07
Duke, Mary Delaina (f. Michael D.)            Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
Dunlap, J.L.            Story            1970-03-13-pg08
Dunn, Jimmy W.            Story            1970-05-15-pg09
Dunn, Laura Lea (f. Donnie)            Birth            1970-01-23-pg17
Dunsworth, Kelly            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Durbin, Joe            Picture            1970-02-27-pg01
Durbin, Joe            Picture            1970-06-05-pg01
Durbin, Joe            Picture            1970-09-25-pg01
Dutton, Ronald H.            Story            1970-07-17-pg29
Dye, Thomas Moseley            Obituary          1970-03-20-pg19
Eanes, Joseph L.            Story            1970-02-20-pg09
Early Family Reunion            Story            1970-09-25-pg10
Early, David            Picture            1970-03-27-pg05
Easley, Albert            Obituary          1970-03-27-pg16
East, Judy  Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Eastern Star District Meeting            Story            1970-09-18-pg15
Edmonds, Scotty Ray (f. Donald Roy)    Birth            1970-09-18-pg22
Edwards, John            Story            1970-12-18-pg24
Eighter From Decatur' Term            Story            1970-10-23-pg31
Eison, Mary            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Eison, Ronnie            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Elementary School Damaged by Fire     Picture            1970-07-10-pg01
Elementary School special learning class            Picture            1970-12-18-pg04
Ellis, Guinn            Picture            1970-03-13-pg05
Ellis, Guinn            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Ellis, Gwen            Picture            1970-03-20-pg22
Ellis, Gwen            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Ellis, Gwendolyn Yvette  Picture            1970-07-17-pg01
Ellison, Robert            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Emco Drilling Company Auction Sale            Picture            1970-03-06-pg01
Emerson, Leila            Story            1970-12-11-pg20
Escajeda, Carmelita            Story            1970-04-10-pg19
Escajeda, Carmelita/William S. Hamblin, Jr.            Wedding        1970-03-20-pg20
Escajeda, Carmelita/William S. Hamblin, Jr.            Wedding        1970-04-10-pg03
Ethridge, James W.       Story            1970-09-25-pg16
Eubanks, Elmer J.R./Saundra Gail Read            Wedding        1970-03-27-pg15
Eubanks, J.R./Saundra Gail Read            Wedding        1970-02-06-pg03
Evans, Billy            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Evans, Jack Billy            Obituary          1970-09-04-pg01
Evans, Jack Billy            Obituary          1970-09-04-pg05
Evans, Joe Robert            Obituary          1970-07-17-pg09
Everett, Gary            Picture            1970-04-10-pg01
Everett, Gary            Picture            1970-09-25-pg08
Everett, Gary            Story            1970-10-23-pg28
Extravaganza Vol IV at DBC Auditorium            Story            1970-06-12-pg10
Fackler, Michiele            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Fackler, Michiele            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Fagg, Earl Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Fagg, Sue  Picture            1970-04-10-pg05
Fagg, Sue  Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Fagg, Susan            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Fagg, Susie            Picture            1970-12-18-pg22
Fain, Doyle Lee            Story            1970-07-24-pg01
Fain, Jessie            Story            1970-08-21-pg09
Fain, Melissa            Picture            1970-12-18-pg19
Fain, Sam            Obituary          1970-04-10-pg09
Fain, Stephanie            Picture            1970-12-18-pg19
Faith, Estelle Ennie            Obituary          1970-05-29-pg23
Families Gather at Fireman's Park in Graham            Story            1970-07-24-pg05
Farley, A.A., Rev.            Story            1970-09-18-pg07
Farris, Bryan            Picture            1970-10-23-pg27
FFA Members            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
FHA Junior Chapter Elects Officers            Story            1970-06-05-pg16
FHA Members Attend Meeting at TWU   Story            1970-03-13-pg18
FHA Officers Elected in Paradise            Story            1970-09-04-pg05
FHA Officers Hold Meeting            Story            1970-08-21-pg16
FHA Senior Chapter Elects Officers            Story            1970-05-15-pg21
Findley, Lola            Story            1970-02-20-pg05
Fiolle, Ann            Story            1970-03-27-pg09
Fiolle, F.M.            Picture            1970-07-17-pg32
Fire Damages Bridgeport Motel   Picture            1970-07-03-pg01
Fire Department Meeting            Story            1970-01-16-pg07
Fire Department members            Story            1970-07-24-pg04
Firemen's Wives Form Auxiliary            Story            1970-03-13-pg01
First graders at public school week    Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
First Methodist Church Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Fish, Opal Mae            Obituary          1970-05-15-pg16
Fisher, Mary            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Fisher, Mary            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Fisher, Walter, Mrs.     Picture            1970-12-11-pg05
Fitzgerald, Bill Joe            Obituary          1970-06-19-pg17
Fletcher, Mayme            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Fletcher, Tommy            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Fletcher, Tommy            Story            1970-07-17-pg30
Flournoy, Randall Clark/Linda Susan Childers            Wedding        1970-06-05-pg11
Flournoy, Randall Clark/Linda Susan Childers            Wedding        1970-07-17-pg24
Flowers, Annie            Obituary          1970-08-07-pg04
Flowers, H.E. 'Pep'    Picture            1970-10-30-pg01
Flowers, H.E. 'Pop'    Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Football News            Story            1970-09-25-pg22
Ford, Bill  Story            1970-07-24-pg01
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1970-01-09-pg01
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1970-01-30-pg01
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1970-04-17-pg15
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1970-05-08-pg15
Ford, Brenda            Story            1970-05-15-pg01
Ford, Brenda            Picture            1970-05-15-pg04
Ford, Brenda Kay            Picture            1970-05-29-pg18
Ford, Brenda Kay            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Ford, Brenda Kay/C.D. Phillips            Wedding        1970-12-25-pg05
Ford, Cynthia A.            Story            1970-07-03-pg16
Ford, Cynthia Ann            Story            1970-07-24-pg10
Ford, Vicki Lynn/Chuck Woodard            Wedding        1970-09-25-pg14
Forman, Elbert            Picture            1970-06-19-pg17
Forman, Jody            Picture            1970-06-19-pg17
Forman, La Verne            Picture            1970-07-24-pg01
Forrester, Betty            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Forrester, V.H. Family Reunion            Story            1970-08-07-pg09
Franch, Robert L.            Picture            1970-03-06-pg10
Franklin, Daniel Blaine (f. John)   Birth            1970-03-13-pg16
Frazier, James Scott (f. James Earl)    Birth            1970-10-30-pg17
French, Owen            Obituary          1970-10-23-pg11
Freshman Class Elects Officers            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Frost, Jack Picture            1970-09-18-pg22
Fulbright, W.C.            Picture            1970-09-18-pg22
Fultz, Mary Ruth            Obituary          1970-04-17-pg18
Fundamental Baptist Church Celebrates Anniversary            Story            1970-08-07-pg14
Funk, Owen            Story            1970-03-06-pg19
Fuqua, James            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Gabriel, Frederick A.            Story            1970-10-30-pg20
Gage, Bill            Story            1970-07-17-pg20
Gage, Coke            Story            1970-04-17-pg10
Gage, Coke            Picture            1970-10-23-pg31
Gage, Leslie            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Gage, Leslie            Story            1970-09-25-pg22
Gallaher, B.H., Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-07-17-pg32
Galyon, James Linden/Debra Jean Culpepper            Wedding        1970-01-09-pg03
Gamble, John Lewis            Obituary          1970-07-24-pg10
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-03-13-pg05
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-08-21-pg04
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-10-30-pg01
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-12-11-pg01
Gann, Lynette            Story            1970-12-11-pg20
Gann, Lynette            Picture            1970-12-18-pg20
Gant, George Norris            Obituary          1970-01-23-pg03
Gant, Norris            Obituary          1970-01-23-pg01
Garber, William & Janan            Picture            1970-08-07-pg18
Garcia, Froylan Zamora (f. Rosarid M.)            Birth            1970-06-05-pg16
Garcia, Richard            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Garcia, Sammy/Lupe Salinas            Wedding        1970-12-25-pg06
Garden Club Flower Show Results Story            1970-06-12-pg15
Garden Club Meeting            Story            1970-09-18-pg11
Garden Club Meeting            Story            1970-12-18-pg23
Garden Club News   Story            1970-01-16-pg05
Garden Club News   Story            1970-03-27-pg14
Garden Club News   Story            1970-04-10-pg19
Garden Club News   Story            1970-05-01-pg17
Garden Club News   Story            1970-05-08-pg10
Garden Club News   Story            1970-05-15-pg09
Garden Club News   Story            1970-05-29-pg09
Garden Club Plants Trees in Park     Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Garrett, Bobby J.            Story            1970-10-23-pg14
Garrett, Kelly            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Garrett, Sammy D.            Story            1970-09-25-pg16
Garza, Lorenzo, Jr. (f. Lorenzo)            Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
Garza, Mary            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Garza, Pauline (f. Frank R.)            Birth            1970-06-05-pg16
Gasperson, Joanna            Story            1970-12-18-pg19
Gasperson, Patsy            Picture            1970-10-23-pg27
Gentry, Glenn            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Gentry, Letha            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Gentry, Letha Ann/Gary Lyn Lasater            Wedding        1970-06-05-pg09
Gentry, Penny            Picture            1970-03-27-pg14
German, Mike            Story            1970-07-17-pg20
Gifford Hill Christmas Party    Story            1970-12-18-pg04
Gifford Hill Christmas Party    Picture            1970-12-18-pg18
Gifford-Hill Pipe & Concrete Co Combine            Story            1970-09-04-pg07
Gifford-Hill Plans Dust-free Plant            Story            1970-05-15-pg01
Gifford-Hill Reports Income Story            1970-05-15-pg03
Gifford-Hill to Purchase Concrete Companies            Story            1970-07-03-pg08
Gilliland, Karen Ann (f. Gaylord)            Birth            1970-11-27-pg08
Gilliland, Sherri Gay      Picture            1970-11-27-pg08
Gilmore, B.R.            Story            1970-07-24-pg08
Gilmore, Royce            Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Gilreath, Brend Jayne   Picture            1970-05-29-pg17
Gilreath, Brenda Jayne   Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Gober, James Eugene (f. Reggie)            Birth            1970-05-08-pg09
Golaz, Charles            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Golf - Women's Tournament at Country Club            Story            1970-07-24-pg14
Golf - Women's Tournament at Jacksboro            Story            1970-07-03-pg08
Golf Club News            Story            1970-06-05-pg11
Golf News, Country Club            Story            1970-03-13-pg11
Gonzales, Albert            Picture            1970-04-17-pg01
Gonzales, Albert            Picture            1970-04-17-pg06
Gonzales, Albert            Picture            1970-05-01-pg03
Gonzales, Albert            Story            1970-05-01-pg19
Gonzales, Albert            Picture            1970-12-18-pg22
Gonzales, Gabriel (f. Filiberto)            Birth            1970-12-11-pg22
Goode, Bob            Story            1970-09-11-pg08
Goode, Bob            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Goode, Bob - Restaurant Building            Picture            1970-05-29-pg01
Gordon's Man Shop Opening            Advertisement            1970-09-18-pg17
Gordon's Man Shop Opening            Story            1970-09-25-pg23
Graham, Jimmy David/Barbara Jan Mitchell            Wedding        1970-03-13-pg10
Grantham, Donna            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Green, Addie Ruth            Picture            1970-02-06-pg01
Green, Gail            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Green, Juanita            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Green, Lavain            Picture            1970-12-18-pg18
Greene, Joe Baily 'Jack'            Obituary          1970-01-30-pg03
Green's Dry Goods Store            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Greenway, Bob            Story            1970-02-06-pg03
Greenway, Bob            Story            1970-05-29-pg11
Greenway, Bob            Picture            1970-06-12-pg16
Greenway, Bob            Picture            1970-11-27-pg01
Greenway, Bob            Picture            1970-12-18-pg17
Greenway, Bob & Mrs.     Picture            1970-12-11-pg04
Greenwood Club Meets  Story            1970-09-25-pg10
Greer, A.E.            Picture            1970-01-23-pg01
Greer, A.E.            Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
Greer, A.E.            Picture            1970-05-15-pg10
Greer, A.E.            Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Greer, A.E.            Picture            1970-09-25-pg16
Greer, A.E.            Story            1970-10-23-pg01
Greer, Alfred            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Greer, Cheryl            Story            1970-03-13-pg08
Greer, Cheryl            Picture            1970-03-20-pg21
Greer, Cheryl            Story            1970-03-27-pg18
Greer, Gerry            Story            1970-05-01-pg19
Greer, Gerry            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Greer, William Neal (f. Gerald Tom)            Birth            1970-12-11-pg22
Griffis, John Harvey, Jr.            Picture            1970-08-28-pg09
Grooms, Willene            Picture            1970-12-18-pg18
Group to Study Needs of School Story            1970-06-26-pg01
Group to Study Needs of School-cont            Story            1970-06-26-pg04
Grove, Dot Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Groves, Glenn            Story            1970-10-30-pg21
Groves, R.L., Jr.            Story            1970-10-30-pg21
Grub Hill Hobby Club Meeting            Story            1970-02-20-pg04
Guinn, Mary Helen   Picture            1970-01-16-pg01
Guthrie, G.D.            Picture            1970-05-15-pg08
Guthrie, Marty            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Hair, Bailey            Picture            1970-11-27-pg13
Hale, Scotty Mark (f. Benjamin)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Hale, Walter            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Hale, Willie Mae Davis            Obituary          1970-02-06-pg17
Hall, Rebecca Ann/Jimmy Dwayne Kelley            Wedding        1970-11-13-pg11
Halsell, George T.            Story            1970-04-17-pg19
Hamblin, Barbara            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Hamblin, Carmilita Escajeda            Story            1970-06-05-pg11
Hamblin, Larry            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Hamblin, Terry            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Hamblin, William S., Jr./Carmelita Escajeda            Wedding        1970-03-20-pg20
Hamblin, William S., Jr./Carmelita Escajeda            Wedding        1970-04-10-pg03
Hamilton, Glen            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Hamilton, Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-03-20-pg11
Hankins, Rolla Ray (f. Robert)            Birth            1970-08-07-pg05
Harlan, James            Story            1970-04-17-pg07
Harms, E.R.            Story            1970-03-20-pg20
Harms, James Brantley            Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Harms, James Brantley            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22
Harms, Jimmy            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Harris, Twyla            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Harrison, Jewell R.          Obituary        1970-03-13-pg11
Hart, Russell            Story            1970-03-20-pg15
Hartman, Mary            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Hartsell, Beverly Ann/Bobby Duck            Wedding        1970-08-28-pg16
Hartsell, John, Mr. & Mrs. Story            1970-02-20-pg05
Hartsell, Lon            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg08
Harvick, William            Story            1970-09-25-pg03
Harwood, George            Story            1970-02-06-pg01
Harwood, George            Picture            1970-04-10-pg08
Harwood, George            Picture            1970-11-13-pg01
Harwood, H.R. 'George'            Picture            1970-10-23-pg30
Hastings, Infant Daughter of Tom            Obituary          1970-01-23-pg07
Hastings, Roy            Story            1970-06-19-pg14
Hastings, Sheila            Story            1970-04-17-pg15
Hastings, Sheila M.        Story            1970-08-21-pg17
Hastings, Sheila M.        Story            1970-09-25-pg03
Hastings, Tom            Picture            1970-07-17-pg32
Hastings, Tom            Story            1970-10-30-pg11
Hawkins, Bert Hudson            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Hawkins, Bobby            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Hays, Mary Bertie Hartsell            Obituary          1970-04-17-pg14
Hayslip, Nona/Sam C. Parker            Wedding        1970-04-17-pg10
Head, Dwayne            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Hefley, Eddie L.            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Heflin, James            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Hembree, W.E.            Story            1970-01-30-pg01
Hembree, W.E.            Story            1970-06-12-pg01
Hembree, W.E.            Story            1970-09-04-pg04
Hembree, W.E.            Obituary          1970-09-11-pg01
Hembree, William Eugene            Obituary          1970-09-11-pg15
Henderson, Chet            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Henderson, Paula            Story            1970-04-10-pg19
Hendrix, J.C. 'Shorty'            Picture            1970-05-01-pg01
Hendrix, J.C. 'Shorty'            Picture            1970-05-01-pg07
Henry, Yanez Marcus, Jr. (f. Marcus)            Birth            1970-09-18-pg22
Hensley, Gina Renee (f. Larry)  Birth            1970-06-12-pg04
Hensley, Gina Renee (f. Larry)  Birth            1970-06-19-pg16
Herndon, Paula            Picture            1970-05-29-pg07
Hicks, W.A., Mrs.            Obituary          1970-04-10-pg19
Higgins, Lester P., Dr.            Obituary          1970-01-23-pg10
High School Graduation Commencement Program            Picture            1970-05-29-pg03
Hill, Patrick George Story            1970-05-29-pg11
Hill, Randy            Story            1970-10-23-pg28
Hill, Susan            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Hilscher Barn Burns   Picture            1970-08-21-pg01
Hilscher, David K., Mrs.            Story            1970-08-21-pg01
Hines, Leola            Story            1970-04-10-pg01
Hines, Leola -continued            Story            1970-04-10-pg04
Hinkle, Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs. Picture            1970-04-17-pg01
Hipp, William Russell            Obituary          1970-05-15-pg16
Historical Marker for Little Church in Decatur            Picture            1970-09-18-pg15
Historical Society Elects Officers            Story            1970-01-30-pg18
Historical Society News   Story            1970-03-06-pg11
Historical Society News   Story            1970-03-27-pg19
Historical Society News   Story            1970-05-01-pg18
Historical Society News   Story            1970-05-29-pg15
Historical Society News   Story            1970-07-03-pg10
Historical Society News   Story            1970-08-28-pg03
Hitt, Jimmy Leon, Jr. (f. Jimmy)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Hitt, Stella Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Hobo Day for 8th Graders            Picture            1970-05-15-pg18
Hobson, Harry E.            Obituary          1970-07-24-pg10
Hodges, Rhonda Lyn (f. Ronald Wayne)            Birth            1970-09-04-pg09
Holland, Betty/Randy Nabors            Wedding        1970-03-20-pg14
Hollingworth, Clarence            Obituary          1970-03-27-pg16
Holt, Lislie Dale (f. Ronny)            Birth            1970-03-27-pg16
Homecoming bond-fire            Picture            1970-10-23-pg05
Homecoming Bonfire            Picture            1970-10-23-pg25
Homemaking Class re-covering chair            Picture            1970-09-18-pg22
Homemaking Play School Story            1970-06-05-pg11
Honor Roll            Story            1970-10-23-pg15
Honor Roll            Story            1970-12-11-pg16
Honor Roll - Grade School            Story            1970-06-05-pg09
Honor Roll - Grade School            Story            1970-06-05-pg15
Honor Roll, Elementary School Story            1970-01-23-pg17
Honor Roll, Elementary School Story            1970-01-23-pg18
Honor Roll, Elementary School Story            1970-03-20-pg14
Honor Roll, Elementary School Story            1970-03-20-pg15
Honor Roll, Elementary School Story            1970-05-01-pg10
Honor Roll, Elementary School Story            1970-05-01-pg14
Honor Roll, High School Story            1970-04-10-pg09
Honor Roll, Jr & High School            Story            1970-05-15-pg24
Honor Roll, Junior High            Story            1970-01-30-pg08
Honor Roll, Junior High            Story            1970-03-20-pg09
Honor Roll, Junior High            Story            1970-06-05-pg04
Honor Roll, Junior High School Story            1970-05-01-pg03
Horn, David            Picture            1970-12-18-pg21
Horn, Ronnie            Picture            1970-12-18-pg21
Hornback, Jim Frank   Picture            1970-06-12-pg16
Horton, Richard            Picture            1970-04-10-pg10
House built by students            Picture            1970-05-08-pg05
House, Carol            Picture            1970-12-18-pg21
Howell, Charles, Mrs.     Picture            1970-03-20-pg22
Howell, Charles, Mrs.     Picture            1970-04-10-pg03
Howell, Charlie            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Howell, Christal            Picture            1970-03-20-pg16
Howell, Christal            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Howell, Crystal            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Howell, Linda            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Howell, Susie Dorthula            Obituary          1970-05-15-pg16
Huchabee, Rhonda            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Huddleston, Kelly   Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Huddleston, William E., Dr.       Story            1970-04-03-pg09
Huddleston, William E., Dr.       Picture            1970-06-19-pg01
Huddleston, William, Mr. & Mrs. Story            1970-03-13-pg05
Hudson Butane Grand Opening            Story            1970-07-03-pg18
Hudson Butane to be Jones Blair Paint Co            Story            1970-03-20-pg01
Hudson Butane to sell Sterling Paints  Story            1970-06-26-pg04
Hudson, Eddie            Story            1970-09-25-pg14
Huffines, O.B., Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-01-09-pg07
Hufhines, Joe            Advertisement            1970-08-07-pg04
Hufhines, Melvin A.            Obituary          1970-09-11-pg15
Hughes, Billie Mack   Story            1970-10-23-pg25
Hughes, Dan            Picture            1970-07-03-pg10
Hughes, Ella            Obituary          1970-03-20-pg19
Hughes, Jimmy Celtyn  Picture            1970-05-29-pg18
Hughes, Jimmy Celtyn  Picture            1970-05-29-pg20
Hughes, Joe            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Hughes, Lowell            Picture            1970-05-01-pg22
Hughes, Lowell            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Hughes, W.A., Judge   Picture            1970-11-27-pg04
Hunt, Stacy Lanette (f. Elmer) Birth            1970-02-20-pg03
Huse, Connie            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Huslig, Clarence            Picture            1970-10-23-pg32
Hutcheson, Ethel Hines            Obituary          1970-05-08-pg09
Hutchinson, Mary Ava            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg08
Hutto, Jerry Lee (f. Roy C.)            Birth            1970-05-01-pg09
Hyde Cemetery Cleanup            Picture            1970-09-11-pg09
Hyde Cemetery to be Reclaimed            Story            1970-08-07-pg10
Iker, Thomas D. 'Denny' Picture            1970-02-20-pg15
Ince, Johnny            Story            1970-09-04-pg05
Irwin, Michael, Father  Story            1970-09-18-pg18
Isom, Larry            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Jackson, Anne/Robert E. Smith            Wedding        1970-03-06-pg19
Jackson, Brain Keith            Obituary          1970-08-07-pg19
Jackson, D.L., Mrs.     Story            1970-09-18-pg20
Jackson, John A.            Picture            1970-10-23-pg30
James, Buddy            Story            1970-06-05-pg03
Jarnagin Home Meeting-40 people Picture            1970-09-25-pg15
Jarnagin, Arther & Mrs. Picture            1970-09-25-pg15
Jenkins, Harold Michael/Janice Richardson            Wedding        1970-09-04-pg08
Jenkins, Junior            Story            1970-09-25-pg22
Jenkins, Marilyn            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Jenkins, Marilyn            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Jenkins, Marilyn            Picture            1970-03-27-pg21
Jenkins, Marilyn            Story            1970-05-01-pg23
Jenkins, Marilyn            Picture            1970-05-29-pg08
Jenkins, Marilyn            Picture            1970-08-07-pg01
Joe Roughneck            Story            1970-10-23-pg32
Joe Roughneck Monument            Picture            1970-10-30-pg01
Johnson, Debbie            Picture            1970-06-05-pg08
Johnston, Charles            Story            1970-05-08-pg15
Johnston, Hugh            Obituary          1970-06-12-pg16
Jones, Alma Jean Trammell            Picture            1970-01-16-pg19
Jones, D.E.            Picture            1970-01-23-pg01
Jones, D.E.            Story            1970-10-23-pg25
Jones, Kevin            Picture            1970-08-07-pg10
Jones, Lanora            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Jones, Mike            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Jones, Sue Picture            1970-03-06-pg19
Jones, Teresa            Story            1970-12-25-pg08
Jordan, Coleta            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Jordan, Francis            Story            1970-05-15-pg18
Jordan, Jodie            Story            1970-12-25-pg16
Jordan, Wesley            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Jordon, Howard            Story            1970-07-17-pg20
Jordon, Howard J.         Story            1970-09-25-pg23
Jowitt, Lynn            Story            1970-12-18-pg21
Jowitt, Mr.            Story            1970-03-06-pg07
Judge, Richard, Father  Story            1970-02-27-pg07
Junior Class Elects Officers            Story            1970-09-25-pg21
Junior High Coordinated Vocational Academic Party    Picture            1970-02-27-pg04
Junior High School Library            Picture            1970-10-23-pg08
Kaker, Clarence            Story            1970-12-25-pg01
Kaker, Eldon R.            Story            1970-01-30-pg10
Kaker, Leta            Picture            1970-08-07-pg18
Kaker, Steven            Picture            1970-03-27-pg05
Kasner, Jan            Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
Kasner, Matt            Picture            1970-02-27-pg08
Kasner, Virginia            Story            1970-07-17-pg21
Keller Telephone Building Ground Breaking            Picture            1970-11-13-pg01
Kelley, Jimmy            Picture            1970-06-12-pg10
Kelley, Jimmy Dwayne/Rebecca Ann Hall            Wedding        1970-11-13-pg11
Kelly, Rex Picture            1970-10-23-pg03
Kennedy, Donna            Picture            1970-08-21-pg08
Kennedy, Kelly Dawayne (f. Dawayne)            Birth            1970-12-25-pg04
Kent, Huey            Advertisement            1970-08-07-pg04
Kerr, Lynn Story            1970-09-25-pg03
Kersey, Alice Josephine            Picture            1970-07-03-pg11
Key, Dean            Picture            1970-09-04-pg01
Key, Jeannie, Mrs.     Story            1970-05-15-pg20
Kidd, Dwayne            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Kincaid, Billy Wayne Story            1970-12-25-pg09
Kindergarten Not Planned             Story            1970-08-21-pg04
Kindergarten, Public, to Delay Opening            Story            1970-05-08-pg10
King, Dee  Picture            1970-06-12-pg01
King, Mr. & Mrs.            Picture            1970-12-11-pg17
King, Rob  Story            1970-12-25-pg09
King, Susan Gayle/Louie Alton Raines            Wedding        1970-07-10-pg11
Kirkes, Patty            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Kleam, Randy            Story            1970-12-18-pg22
Koch, Penny            Picture            1970-03-20-pg05
Lack, Allan            Picture            1970-05-15-pg16
Ladies D.M.F. Auxiliary Meeting            Story            1970-01-23-pg11
Lake Bridgeport Pictures            Story            1970-06-19-pg14
Lamance, David Stephen            Story            1970-06-05-pg11
Lamance, David Stephen            Story            1970-08-28-pg08
Lamb, Teresha            Story            1970-12-25-pg03
Lambert, Billie Sue/Melvin C. Shipley            Wedding        1970-05-01-pg06
Lambert, Cindy            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Lambert, Pat            Picture            1970-07-24-pg01
Lambert, Pat            Story            1970-08-28-pg01
Lambert, Pat, Jr.            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Lambert, Patrick John, Jr.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg06
Lambert, Patrick John, Jr.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Lambert, Vicki            Picture            1970-03-20-pg16
Lambert, Vicki            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Lambert, Vickie            Picture            1970-07-24-pg03
Lamkin, John            Story            1970-02-20-pg01
Lamkin, John            Picture            1970-03-13-pg01
Lamkin, John            Picture            1970-03-13-pg19
Lamkin, John            Picture            1970-03-20-pg11
Lamkin, John & Mrs.     Picture            1970-11-13-pg01
Lane, Robert            Obituary          1970-04-10-pg09
Largent, Donna            Picture            1970-03-06-pg06
Largent, Donna            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Largent, Donna            Picture            1970-03-27-pg10
Largent, James            Story            1970-01-16-pg01
Lasater, Buddie            Picture            1970-05-15-pg23
Lasater, Buddie            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Lasater, Gary Lyn/Letha Ann Gentry            Wedding        1970-06-05-pg09
Lasher, Bobbye            Picture            1970-12-18-pg05
Lautaret, Andre            Story            1970-04-17-pg05
Lawrence, Larry            Story            1970-09-25-pg20
Lawson, Diane            Picture            1970-03-27-pg15
Leake, George Randall            Obituary          1970-11-27-pg03
Leake, George, Mrs.     Story            1970-09-18-pg24
Lester, Darrell, Mrs.     Picture            1970-06-05-pg08
Lewis, Bula            Picture            1970-03-13-pg08
Lewis, Clarence H.            Obituary          1970-07-03-pg16
Lewis, Jeanell            Story            1970-09-18-pg24
Lewis, Jearene            Picture            1970-01-30-pg03
Lewis, Jearene            Picture            1970-03-27-pg01
Lewis, Jearene            Picture            1970-03-27-pg21
Lewis, Jearene            Picture            1970-05-01-pg17
Lewis, Jearene            Picture            1970-07-03-pg04
Lewis, Jearene            Picture            1970-09-11-pg01
Lewis, Jerene            Picture            1970-03-20-pg23
Lewis, Sheree            Story            1970-12-18-pg20
Lewis, Sherie            Picture            1970-04-10-pg05
Lewis, Terry            Picture            1970-05-29-pg28
Lewis, W.M., Dr.            Story            1970-04-17-pg09
Lewis, W.M., Dr.            Advertisement            1970-08-21-pg16
Library Board Elects Officers            Story            1970-07-17-pg15
Library Meeting Held    Story            1970-03-13-pg05
Liles, Donald H.            Story            1970-06-05-pg11
Lilliputian Carnival            Picture            1970-07-10-pg03
Lindley, Jeff            Story            1970-09-11-pg04
Lindsay, Everett Lee            Obituary          1970-02-20-pg04
Lindsay, Everett Lee            Obituary          1970-02-27-pg12
Linehan, Rosie            Story            1970-06-05-pg11
Linehan, Rosie Marie  Story            1970-07-17-pg21
Lions Club Christmas Trees   Picture            1970-12-18-pg08
Lions Club Student's Luncheon             Picture            1970-03-20-pg11
Long, Bobby            Story            1970-12-25-pg31
Long, George            Picture            1970-07-03-pg10
Long, George Coleman            Obituary          1970-03-20-pg19
Long, Jim John            Obituary          1970-09-18-pg20
Long, Milton            Obituary          1970-07-03-pg11
Lopez, Andrea C.            Obituary          1970-11-13-pg05
Lost Battalion Members Reunion            Story            1970-08-21-pg17
Lost Valley Porcelain Art Club to Meet            Story            1970-03-27-pg17
Love, Debbie            Picture            1970-05-29-pg01
Love, Debby            Story            1970-01-30-pg18
Love, Debby            Story            1970-04-03-pg14
Love, Deborah Jean     Picture            1970-05-29-pg18
Love, Deborah Jean     Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Low, Donna Kay (f. Walter C.)            Birth            1970-05-01-pg09
Lowery, Cassandra            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Lowery, Melaine            Picture            1970-04-10-pg16
Lowrance, Joe Bruce/Linda Ferne Maness            Wedding        1970-06-12-pg03
Lowrance, John R., Jr.  Story            1970-04-17-pg19
Lumsden, Mr. & Mrs.     Picture            1970-06-12-pg14
Lutenbaker, Reba            Story            1970-09-18-pg20
Luxton, Earnest            Picture            1970-02-27-pg03
Luxton, Ernest            Picture            1970-04-17-pg01
Luxton, Ernest L.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg21
Luxton, Ernest L.            Picture            1970-05-29-pg22

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