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Wise County, Texas

1971 - Names Index

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1,164 Pages were Photographed - 3 Papers were missing - Feb 26, Mar 12 & Nov 18
(3 new papers with 32 pages were added but are not yet indexed)
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Below is an Index of 1,864; pictures of local people, pictures of buildings, pictures of events, births, weddings and obituaries.
[Index by Sue Tackel - ]
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Last Name, First Name or EVENT        Type      Year-Month-Day-Page
Abbot, Sharon Picture                1971-04-02-pg16
Abt, Kathryn Jane/Sammy Joe Potts                Wedding              1971-02-19-pg05
Adams, Nancy                Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Adams, Nancy                Picture                1971-08-26-pg17
Adamson, George                Picture                1971-01-22-pg23
Airington, Mitch                Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Alexander, O.L. 'Pete'                Obituary                1971-02-05-pg23
Alexander, Shana                Picture                1971-04-09-pg05
Allen, Floyd M., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1971-09-09-pg01
Allen, Sandy     Picture                1971-11-11-pg25
Allen, Sandy     Picture                1971-12-02-pg11
Allen, Tawana Jeanette                Picture                1971-05-27-pg18
Allen, Tawana Jeanette                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Allen, Tawana Jeanette/John Randolph Newton                Wedding              1971-05-27-pg22
Allen, Tawana/John Randolph Newton                Wedding              1971-07-22-pg20
Allison, Carolyn Diane                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Allison, Carolyn Diane                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-02-05-pg19
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-02-19-pg19
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-03-05-pg19
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-03-19-pg19
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-03-19-pg26
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-04-30-pg27
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Allison, Diane Picture                1971-05-27-pg27
Allison, Jan      Picture                1971-11-25-pg03
Allison, Janice Picture                1971-11-25-pg01
Allison, Tommy                Picture                1971-07-01-pg21
Amburn, Kalinda                Picture                1971-04-02-pg16
Amburn, Kalinda                Picture                1971-04-16-pg05
Anderson, Andy                Picture                1971-05-07-pg08
Anderson, Daniel Elbert                Birth                1971-08-19-pg05
Anderson, Edwin R.                Picture                1971-12-23-pg09
Anderson, R.V. 'Andy'                Picture                1971-12-23-pg34
Andreasen, Laura                Picture                1971-07-08-pg20
Andreasen, Laurie                Picture                1971-07-08-pg17
Andreasen, Marilyn                Picture                1971-07-01-pg24
Andreasen, Marilyn                Picture                1971-07-08-pg20
Andreasen, Mike                Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Andreasen, Nelta                Picture                1971-07-01-pg24
Andreasen, Stacy                Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Applegate, Rodney W./Velda McGlothlin                Wedding              1971-04-02-pg03
Aquiler, Carlos Obituary                1971-09-02-pg05
Archer, Aletha  Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Armstrong, James                Picture                1971-07-01-pg04
Armstrong, Marsha                Picture                1971-03-19-pg19
Armstrong, Marsha Lee                Picture                1971-05-27-pg24
Armstrong, Marsha Lee                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Arnold, Kenneth                Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Arnold, Lawaynda                Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Arnsdorff, A.G., Mrs.                Picture                1971-01-15-pg08
Arnsdorff, John Gordon                Picture                1971-01-15-pg08
Arrington, Bill  Picture                1971-11-11-pg23
Ash, Mary Kay                Picture                1971-08-26-pg20
Avey, Dick        Picture                1971-11-04-pg07
Bailey & Love Feed Store       Picture                1971-12-02-pg23
Bailey, Buddy    Picture                1971-03-05-pg23
Bailey, Buddy    Picture                1971-08-26-pg05
Bailey, Ricky      Picture                1971-02-19-pg21
Bailey, Ricky      Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Bailey, Ricky      Picture                1971-09-30-pg21
Bailey, Ricky      Picture                1971-10-21-pg10
Bailey, Ricky      Picture                1971-12-02-pg11
Bailey, Ricky      Picture                1971-12-09-pg27
Bailey, Ricky      Picture                1971-12-23-pg35
Baker, Vera        Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Baker, William I.                Picture                1971-02-12-pg17
Ball, Billy D.   Picture                1971-08-19-pg01
Barnes, Ben, Lt. Governor                Picture                1971-01-22-pg03
Barnes, Ed         Picture                1971-05-07-pg08
Barnes, Ed         Picture                1971-12-02-pg10
Barnes, Ed         Picture                1971-12-16-pg04
Barnett, James F.                Picture                1971-04-02-pg09
Barney, Jessie Edward                Obituary                1971-07-29-pg11
Barnsley, Randy                Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
Barton, Cheryl Ann                Picture                1971-03-26-pg21
Baucom, Elaine                Picture                1971-04-23-pg01
Beaman, Lola Viola                Obituary                1971-01-01-pg13
Beard, Darla Sueann/Joe Lynn Mowery                Wedding              1971-06-24-pg16
Beard, George Bryan                Obituary                1971-02-12-pg08
Beck, Madalyn Sue/Donald Wayne Billington                Wedding              1971-01-08-pg05
Beebe, Joe          Obituary                1971-03-19-pg01
Begeman, Beverly                Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Begeman, Beverly Diane/Ricky Darrell Read                Wedding              1971-09-02-pg10
Bell, Chris       Picture                1971-04-30-pg18
Bell, Chris       Picture                1971-08-26-pg17
Bell, Cris         Picture                1971-04-02-pg25
Bell, Cris         Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Bell, Gary        Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Bell, James     Picture                1971-11-11-pg25
Bell, James A.                Picture                1971-08-12-pg01
Bell, James A.                Picture                1971-11-04-pg27
Bement, Rhonda                Picture                1971-02-05-pg21
Bement, Rhonda Lyn                Picture                1971-05-27-pg22
Bement, Rhonda Lyn/Michael J. Stockton                Wedding              1971-04-02-pg03
Bement, Rhonda Lyn/Michael J. Stockton                Wedding              1971-06-17-pg05
Bement, Rhonda Lynn                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Bement, Steve   Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Bergmann, Chris                Picture                1971-02-12-pg03
Bible Baptist Church                Picture                1971-10-14-pg21
Bickerstaff, Kennette Gayle      Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Biggerstaff, Michele Dena       Obituary                1971-04-23-pg08
Bilby, Diana      Picture                1971-07-08-pg20
Bilby, Dianna   Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Bilby, Scott       Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
Bill Hutto Agency Opening in M.L. Manoushagian Building Picture                1971-02-05-pg01
Billington, Donald Wayne/Madalyn Sue Beck                Wedding              1971-01-08-pg05
Bird, Rex Hallman                Obituary                1971-09-23-pg04
Bishop Motor Company in Bowie     Picture                1971-06-10-pg16
Bishop, Nora   Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Black, Matha    Picture                1971-04-30-pg09
Black, Ruby      Picture                1971-05-27-pg20
Blake, Donna    Picture                1971-02-19-pg21
Blake, Donna    Picture                1971-11-04-pg23
Blake, Donna Annette                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Blake, Donna Annette                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Blevins, Carolyn                Obituary                1971-12-23-pg01
Bluebird Group, Judy Rutherford's                Picture                1971-05-14-pg16
Blythe, Donald Picture                1971-01-22-pg23
Bob Goode's Restaurant Sells to Harold Holt                Event                1971-04-30-pg01
Bolding, Judy   Picture                1971-04-16-pg20
Bolin, Brent      Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Bolin, Cindy     Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Bolin, Debbie   Picture                1971-07-01-pg24
Bolinger, T.D.   Picture                1971-03-19-pg23
Bolinger, T.D.   Picture                1971-03-26-pg22
Bond, Fredda Ann/Willford Wayne Buckner                Wedding              1971-09-16-pg11
Boner, Milton R.                Picture                1971-09-30-pg03
Boonsville Community Center Lunch                Picture                1971-07-01-pg15
Boorhem, William                Picture                1971-05-20-pg09
Boulware, John R./Doris June Tucker                Wedding              1971-01-22-pg18
Boulware, Larry L./Dorothy Lambert Walker                Wedding              1971-01-29-pg18
Bowlin, James P.                Picture                1971-10-28-pg31
Bowyer, Kristin Michelle                Birth                1971-08-19-pg21
Boyd, Larry       Picture                1971-01-22-pg23
Boyd, Larry       Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Boyd, Ronda    Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Brackett, Bart    Picture                1971-10-14-pg27
Bradish, Sharon                Picture                1971-05-27-pg27
Bradley, Kay    Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Bradley, Wayne                Picture                1971-10-28-pg27
Brady, Jean        Picture                1971-04-30-pg26
Brady, Jean        Picture                1971-09-23-pg01
Brammer, Ollie May                Obituary                1971-04-09-pg14
Brantley, Sabra Faye                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Brantley, Sabra Faye                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Brantly, Charles Sidney                Obituary                1971-10-21-pg10
Brantly, Sabra  Picture                1971-02-05-pg19
Brantly, Sabra  Picture                1971-03-19-pg19
Brazier, James M.                Picture                1971-04-23-pg09
Brazil, Linda      Picture                1971-07-01-pg03
Bredemeier, Lorenz                Picture                1971-07-01-pg21
Breedlove, Beth                Picture                1971-07-29-pg03
Breedlove, Larry                Picture                1971-07-29-pg03
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-01-22-pg19
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-03-05-pg22
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-09-23-pg15
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-10-14-pg01
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-10-14-pg28
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-10-28-pg22
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-11-04-pg05
Breeze, Billy      Picture                1971-11-04-pg31
Breeze, Billy Jack                Picture                1971-01-15-pg01
Breeze, Billy Jack                Picture                1971-10-21-pg18
Breeze, Gay       Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Breeze, Ronnie P./Cathy Lynne Chapman                Wedding              1971-05-20-pg18
Breeze, Stacey Dawn                Birth                1971-09-16-pg10
Brewer, Christopher Jay                Birth                1971-05-07-pg23
Brewer, Chuck   Picture                1971-03-19-pg28
Brewer, Jimmy Dale                Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Bridgeport 3rd Grade Class - 1908                1908 Picture    1971-10-21-pg17
Bridgeport Bulls Football Team                Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Bridgeport Cardinals Baseball Team                Picture                1971-06-10-pg17
Bridgeport Cheerleaders Float in Rodeo Parade    Picture                1971-09-02-pg16
Bridgeport City Hall Building Picture                1971-12-23-pg11
Bridgeport City Pool Splash Day                Picture                1971-06-10-pg08
Bridgeport Football Awards Banquet 70-71       Picture                1971-01-22-pg05
Bridgeport Garden Club                Picture                1971-04-16-pg03
Bridgeport High School                Picture                1971-09-02-pg11
Bridgeport High School Band       Picture                1971-05-07-pg06
Bridgeport High School Band at Rodeo Parade    Picture                1971-09-02-pg10
Bridgeport High School Cheerleaders & Pep Squad                Picture                1971-10-28-pg30
Bridgeport High School Graduation                Picture                1971-06-10-pg10
Bridgeport High School Journalism I Class                Picture                1971-09-23-pg01
Bridgeport High School Journalism I Class                Picture                1971-12-02-pg15
Bridgeport High School Marching Band                Picture                1971-04-09-pg01
Bridgeport High School Pep Club - 1971                Picture                1971-10-07-pg15
Bridgeport High School Stage Band                Picture                1971-03-05-pg19
Bridgeport High School Volley Ball Team                Picture                1971-04-16-pg19
Bridgeport Homecoming Pep Rally on Main Street                Picture                1971-10-28-pg24
Bridgeport Jaycee-Ettes Float in Rodeo Parade    Picture                1971-08-26-pg14
Bridgeport Little League Yankees Team                Picture                1971-07-22-pg03
Bridgeport Marching Maroon Band                Picture                1971-10-21-pg01
Bridgeport Mrs. Williams' Homemaking Class      Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Bridgeport Riding Club                Picture                1971-09-02-pg14
Bridgeport Rodeo Parade Judges                Picture                1971-08-26-pg15
Bridgeport Sissies Basketball Team                Picture                1971-02-19-pg22
Bridges, Karen Picture                1971-08-26-pg04
Bridges, Karen Lois                Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Bridwell, Doug  Picture                1971-04-23-pg14
Bridwell, Harlan                Picture                1971-09-23-pg01
Bridwell, Melanie                Picture                1971-04-30-pg18
Bridwell, Melanie                Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Bromley, J.T. 'Treet'                Obituary                1971-01-15-pg19
Brooks, Melodye                Picture                1971-07-08-pg17
Brooks, Melodye                Picture                1971-07-08-pg20
Brown, Alice     Picture                1971-12-09-pg26
Brown, Ballem Luther                Obituary                1971-03-05-pg17
Brown, Barbara                Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Brown, Barbara Sue/Gary Paul Stewart                Wedding              1971-07-01-pg23
Brown, Barbara Sue/Gary Paul Stewart                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg10
Brown, Bobby Loyd                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Brown, Bobby Loyd                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Brown, Cathy   Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Brown, Deborah Marie/John Kingsley Deavenport                Wedding              1971-06-10-pg10
Brown, Delia Rene                Birth                1971-04-09-pg17
Brown, Donna  Picture                1971-07-01-pg24
Brown, Frances                Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Brown, Gene     Picture                1971-03-26-pg22
Brown, Karen   Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Brown, Leroy    Picture                1971-12-23-pg37
Brown, Rudy    Picture                1971-06-10-pg17
Brown, Sherlyn                Picture                1971-01-22-pg21
Brown, Sherlyn                Picture                1971-05-27-pg19
Brown, Sherlyn                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Brown, Stephanie                Picture                1971-04-23-pg04
Bruner, Angela Heather                Birth                1971-11-25-pg08
Bruner, Roy Lee/Ernestine Smith                Wedding              1971-07-01-pg11
Bryant, Claude, Family                Picture                1971-08-19-pg05
Bryant, David, Dr., Family    Picture                1971-08-19-pg05
Bryant, Ella        Picture                1971-12-02-pg18
Bryant, Karen Sue/Lucien B. Clark, Jr.                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg11
Bryant, Mildred                Picture                1971-05-07-pg01
Bryant, Mildred                Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Bryant, R.C. 'Butch'                Picture                1971-08-19-pg19
Buckner, Willford Wayne/Fredda Ann Bond                Wedding              1971-09-16-pg11
Bull Track Club                Picture                1971-04-16-pg22
Bulls and Cheerleaders 1971-72   Picture                1971-09-09-pg06
Burch, Coach     Picture                1971-10-28-pg30
Burch, Coach     Picture                1971-11-11-pg18
Burch, Troy       Picture                1971-01-22-pg22
Burch, Troy       Picture                1971-04-16-pg22
Burch, Troy       Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Burch, Troy       Picture                1971-09-02-pg01
Burch, Troy       Picture                1971-09-16-pg04
Burch, Troy       Picture                1971-11-25-pg01
Burleson, Omar                Picture                1971-12-02-pg05
Burleson, Omar                Picture                1971-12-09-pg25
Burns, Pam         Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Burris, Debbie   Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Burris, Debbie   Picture                1971-08-26-pg17
Burris, Debbie   Picture                1971-10-14-pg27
Burris, Debbie   Picture                1971-12-02-pg21
Burris, Ira Herbert                Obituary                1971-09-09-pg14
Burris, Sheri       Picture                1971-08-26-pg17
Burt, John       Picture                1971-06-17-pg05
Burton, Charles Picture                1971-05-07-pg04
Bush, Melba     Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Bush, William 'Bill'/Becky Lois Dunn                Wedding              1971-04-09-pg11
Bushell, Donald                Picture                1971-08-12-pg10
Butler, Callie      Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Butler, Callye     Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Butler, Chris       Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Butler, Kim         Picture                1971-03-19-pg30
Butler, Kim         Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Butler, Kim         Picture                1971-07-08-pg20
Butler, Troy       Picture                1971-03-05-pg03
Butram, A.V., Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1971-12-23-pg34
Butram, Mary Lou                Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Butram's Store Employees                Picture                1971-12-23-pg10
Byrd, Birdie Proctor                Obituary                1971-05-27-pg21
Cagle, Betty      Picture                1971-04-16-pg19
Cain, Johnny, Lt.                Picture                1971-12-16-pg19
Calhoun, Katie                Picture                1971-01-22-pg01
Calhoun, Katie                Picture                1971-04-02-pg16
Calhoun, Katie                Picture                1971-04-09-pg19
Calhoun, Katie                Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Camerion, Debbie/Jerald Ray Shawn                Wedding              1971-06-10-pg08
Cameron, Debbie Elaine/Jerald Ray Shawn                Wedding              1971-05-07-pg22
Camp, Larry       Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Campbell, Beverly Lynn/Steve Galley Stevens                Wedding              1971-10-07-pg04
Campbell, Beverly Lynn/Steve Galley Stevens                Wedding              1971-12-23-pg39
Campsey, Carol                Picture                1971-03-05-pg19
Campsey, Carol                Picture                1971-04-02-pg25
Campsey, Carol                Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Campsey, Carol                Picture                1971-09-09-pg01
Campsey, Carol                Picture                1971-11-25-pg08
Campsey, Carol                Picture                1971-12-09-pg20
Campsey, Carol                Picture                1971-12-23-pg38
Cansler, Tommy                Picture                1971-02-05-pg22
Cansler, Tommy                Picture                1971-03-05-pg19
Cansler, Tommy                Picture                1971-03-05-pg22
Carlton, Barbara                Picture                1971-01-22-pg22
Carlton, Barbara                Picture                1971-02-19-pg20
Carlton, Barbara                Picture                1971-05-27-pg27
Carlton, Barbara Ann                Picture                1971-05-27-pg21
Carlton, Barbara Ann                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Carlton, Lynda                Picture                1971-09-30-pg21
Carpenter, Patty                Picture                1971-10-28-pg19
Carpenter, Patty                Picture                1971-11-11-pg25
Carter, Robert Allen                Birth                1971-01-15-pg03
Carter, Shirley    Picture                1971-12-09-pg03
Carter, Terry/Jimmy Lee Prock                Wedding              1971-07-22-pg19
Cartwright, Jim, Lt.                Obituary                1971-01-15-pg17
Caruthers, Lorena Fitzgerald                Obituary                1971-07-22-pg03
Caruthers, Skeet                Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
Caruthers, Skeet                Picture                1971-10-28-pg26
Casello, Pauline                Picture                1971-05-20-pg19
Casillas, David Picture                1971-07-29-pg04
Cassity, Ann    Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Cassity, Debra Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Castell, Mary    Picture                1971-12-09-pg03
Castleberry, Betty Fay/Marcus E. Skaggs                Wedding              1971-03-26-pg23
Castro, Valenzuela                Obituary                1971-09-02-pg05
Chadwell, Kerry Edwin                Birth                1971-01-15-pg03
Chambers, Carl, Mrs.                Picture                1971-08-26-pg04
Chambers, Don Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Chambers, James Donald                Picture                1971-02-05-pg08
Chambers, Mark                Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Chapman, Cathy Lynne/Ronnie P. Breeze                Wedding              1971-05-20-pg18
Chapman, Donald                Picture                1971-07-01-pg21
Chapman, Donald                Picture                1971-07-08-pg01
Charlie Chilton Motor Co.          Picture                1971-12-23-pg40
Cheeves, Mike Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Cherry, Felecia  Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Cheves, Mike   Picture                1971-04-16-pg01
Childers, Julia Elaine/Thomas Lowell Dyer                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg04
Childers, Julia Elaine/Thomas Lowell Dyer                Wedding              1971-09-02-pg03
Ching, Li Lee     Picture                1971-06-17-pg17
Chivers, Nora   Obituary                1971-03-19-pg08
Church, Sharon                Picture                1971-11-11-pg26
Claborn, Thomas L.                Picture                1971-01-22-pg03
Clark, Debbie   Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Clark, Lucien B., Jr./Karen Sue Bryant                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg11
Clark, Mary      Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Clark, Mary      Picture                1971-11-04-pg10
Clark, Terri        Picture                1971-07-08-pg20
Clark, Terri Jo   Picture                1971-07-01-pg24
Clark, Tina        Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Clements, Charles                Picture                1971-12-09-pg23
Clifton, Kyle      Picture                1971-03-05-pg08
Clifton, Kyle      Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Coach House Inn Restaurant                Picture                1971-05-27-pg20
Cobb, Brenda/Billy Ross Slimp                Wedding              1971-04-09-pg21
Cocanougher, D'Ann                Picture                1971-05-27-pg01
Cocanougher, D'Ann                Picture                1971-05-27-pg31
Coffee, Nancy Belle                Obituary                1971-02-19-pg18
Cohn, M.S.        Picture                1971-06-10-pg07
Cole, Bob         Obituary                1971-12-02-pg18
Cole, Leigh Ann                Birth                1971-05-20-pg20
Coleman, Frank Hall, Jr./Julia Anne Leake                Wedding              1971-06-03-pg11
Coleman, Sherri                Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Collins, Frank    Picture                1971-03-19-pg19
Collins, Frank    Picture                1971-04-16-pg01
Collins, Frank    Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Collins, Marilynn                Picture                1971-02-05-pg21
Condron, Jessie Earl, Mrs.        Picture                1971-05-14-pg16
Conte, Norma    Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Cook, Robert Leslie/Sharon Gwen Shackelford                Wedding              1971-03-26-pg17
Cook, Robert Leslie/Sharon Gwen Shackelford                Wedding              1971-04-09-pg23
Cordova, Elise Picture                1971-03-19-pg19
Cordova, Elise Picture                1971-11-25-pg17
Cordova, Henri Elise                Picture                1971-05-27-pg25
Cordova, Henri Elise                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Corner Drug Indians Pee-Wee Football Team      Picture                1971-11-11-pg23
Corner Drug Indians Pee-Wee Football Team      Picture                1971-12-02-pg19
Costner, Candace                Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Costner, Sharon                Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Coursey, Hattie                Picture                1971-05-20-pg19
Coursey, James D.                Obituary                1971-02-12-pg23
Cowart, Judy    Picture                1971-02-05-pg20
Cowart, Judy    Picture                1971-12-02-pg18
Cowen, Mary Belle                Obituary                1971-09-02-pg20
Cowling, Ed       Picture                1971-03-26-pg01
Cowling, Ed       Picture                1971-08-26-pg10
Cowling, Phyliss                Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Cowling, Phyllis                Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Cox, Julia        Picture                1971-06-10-pg17
Cox, Theresa  Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Cox, Willy H. Picture                1971-08-19-pg01
Cranford, Donald                Picture                1971-04-09-pg21
Crawford, Callie                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, Charlie                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, Emery                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, H.P., Family - Early 1900's                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, H.P., Mrs. 'Mary'     Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, Henry                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, John                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, Laura                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, Robert/Margie Sue Morgan                Wedding              1971-02-12-pg09
Crawford, Sam H.                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawford, Walter S.                Early 1900s Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Crawley, Ingrid Picture                1971-05-27-pg20
Crawley, James Picture                1971-10-28-pg29
Creighton, Tom                Picture                1971-01-22-pg03
Crockett, Charles                Picture                1971-12-02-pg11
Cross, Shelley Joan/Charles Raymond Goode                Wedding              1971-04-02-pg12
Crumbie, Paula Picture                1971-03-26-pg25
Crunk, Barbara  Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Cub Scout Pack 194- Pinewood Derby                Picture                1971-11-04-pg16
Cub Scouts of Den 5                Picture                1971-06-03-pg08
Cub Scouts, Den 3, at First National Bank       Picture                1971-01-29-pg17
Culpepper, Kay Lee/Leon Conrad Matthis                Wedding              1971-10-28-pg09
Cunningham, Abdel Wirt        Obituary                1971-03-19-pg08
Cuppy, Glenn/Esther Jane Williamson                Wedding              1971-12-02-pg24
Curry, Basil H.  Obituary                1971-01-22-pg08
Curry, Basil Holloway                Obituary                1971-01-15-pg01
Curry, Elizabeth                Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Curtner, Paul     Picture                1971-04-30-pg01
Dale, Esther Loraine                Obituary                1971-10-14-pg10
Daniels, Lorneta                Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Davenport, Larry Don                Picture                1971-05-27-pg31
Davenport, Mark                Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Davidson, Jane/Kenneth Wood                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg14
Davidson, Pete                Picture                1971-05-27-pg27
Davidson, Pete                Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Davidson, Pete                Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Davidson, Pete                Picture                1971-10-28-pg30
Davidson, Pete                Picture                1971-11-04-pg30
Davidson, Pete                Picture                1971-12-23-pg35
Davidson, Terry                Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Davidson, Terry                Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Davidson, Terry                Picture                1971-12-02-pg11
Davis, Bedford Campbell                Obituary                1971-02-12-pg08
Davis, Donna    Picture                1971-02-05-pg19
Davis, Donna    Picture                1971-02-19-pg19
Davis, Donna    Picture                1971-04-16-pg20
Davis, Donna    Picture                1971-05-14-pg21
Davis, Donna    Picture                1971-11-25-pg17
Davis, Donna June                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Davis, Donna June                Picture                1971-05-27-pg32
Davis, James, Mrs.                Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Davis, Jimmie Ray/Korless Browning Shawn                Wedding              1971-03-05-pg17
Davis, Jimmy     Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Davis, Kent       Picture                1971-10-14-pg27
Davis, T.O., Mrs.                Picture                1971-04-16-pg24
Davis, T.O., Mrs.                Picture                1971-10-14-pg05
Davitt, William   Picture                1971-02-19-pg20
Dawkins, Dee   Picture                1971-08-19-pg01
Dawkins, Gary Picture                1971-04-30-pg24
Dawkins, Jean  Picture                1971-11-11-pg03
Dawkins, M.D. Picture                1971-01-08-pg01
Dawkins, Ozelle                Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Deaton, John, III/Debbie Henry                Wedding              1971-02-12-pg09
Deavenport, John Kingsley/Deborah Marie Brown                Wedding              1971-06-10-pg10
Deavenport, Larry                Picture                1971-02-05-pg19
Deavenport, Larry                Picture                1971-04-16-pg20
Deavenport, Larry Don                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Decatur Baptist College Administration Building Picture                1971-04-23-pg09
Denney, Kim     Picture                1971-04-02-pg16
Denney, Walter D.                Obituary                1971-03-26-pg08
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-04-02-pg25
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-09-09-pg01
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-09-16-pg20
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-09-30-pg21
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-11-25-pg08
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-12-09-pg23
Denton, Debbie                Picture                1971-12-23-pg35
Denton, Deborah                Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Denton, Lonnie                Picture                1971-04-02-pg08
Denton, Paul Ed                Picture                1971-08-19-pg01
Dethloff, Drewie Ernest                Obituary                1971-08-12-pg09
Dethloff, Dwain Thomas                Obituary                1971-09-16-pg04
Dethloff, Louella                Picture                1971-04-23-pg15
Dickenson, Fred                Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Dieb, Eva         Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Diechmone, James                Picture                1971-06-10-pg17
Doke, Daniel J. Obituary                1971-05-27-pg21
Donley, Mary  Picture                1971-05-27-pg20
Doris' Café Burns                Picture                1971-02-05-pg15
Doty, Randal Clark/Sissi Martin                Wedding              1971-10-14-pg16
Douglas, Aaron Burette                Birth                1971-07-29-pg11
Dozen Dandies from Decatur Elementary School    Picture                1971-05-07-pg05
Duncan, Danny                Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Dunlap, Pennye                Picture                1971-07-01-pg18
Dunn, Becky Lois/William 'Bill' Bush                Wedding              1971-04-09-pg11
Durbin, Joe        Picture                1971-03-05-pg04
Durbin, Ruth     Picture                1971-07-22-pg19
Dyer, Thomas Lowell/Julia Elaine Childers                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg04
Dyer, Thomas Lowell/Julia Elaine Childers                Wedding              1971-09-02-pg03
Dyksterhuis, E.J., Dr.                Picture                1971-07-01-pg21
Early, Luther 'Lute'                Obituary                1971-08-19-pg09
Easley, George Littleton                Obituary                1971-04-02-pg04
East, Donald   Picture                1971-08-26-pg04
East, Judy       Picture                1971-02-05-pg19
East, Judy       Picture                1971-12-23-pg37
Edgin, Noma      Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Ehart, Gloria      Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Eison, Mary      Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Ellis, Gwen      Picture                1971-03-05-pg20
Ellis, Gwendolyn Yvette    Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Ellis, Gwendolyn Yvette    Picture                1971-05-27-pg32
Ellis, Gwendolyn/Leslie Walker                Wedding              1971-04-09-pg05
Ellis, Mary Alice Bartholomew Drennan Obituary                1971-01-15-pg08
Emanuel, Fred   Picture                1971-10-14-pg25
Emanuel, Sylvia                Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Emmanuel, Sylvia                Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Erwin, Don W.  Picture                1971-07-29-pg03
Erwin, Don W.  Picture                1971-09-02-pg04
Escajeda, Sebro 'Shorty'                Picture                1971-01-01-pg05
Eskew, Gail         Picture                1971-04-23-pg04
Eskew, Gail         Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Eskew, Gail         Picture                1971-06-17-pg10
Eubanks, Don  Picture                1971-03-05-pg22
Eubanks, Don  Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Eubanks, Don  Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Eubanks, Don  Picture                1971-11-04-pg05
Eubanks, Don  Picture                1971-11-04-pg14
Eubanks, Don  Picture                1971-11-11-pg05
Evans, Billy Jack                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Evans, Billy Jack                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Evans, Pam         Picture                1971-01-22-pg21
Evans, Pamela Sue                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Evans, Pamela Sue                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Everett, Gary    Picture                1971-01-22-pg01
Everett, Gary    Picture                1971-01-22-pg19
Everett, Gary    Picture                1971-03-05-pg22
Everett, William Gary                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Everett, William Gary                Picture                1971-05-27-pg34
Fagg, Shirley Sue                Picture                1971-05-27-pg18
Fagg, Shirley Sue                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Fagg, Sue         Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Fagg, Susie      Picture                1971-02-19-pg22
Fagg, Susie      Picture                1971-03-05-pg19
Fain, Kim         Picture                1971-07-08-pg17
Fain, Kim         Picture                1971-07-08-pg20
Fain, Samuel Arthur 'Joe Sam'                Obituary                1971-04-23-pg08
Fain, Toni        Picture                1971-07-01-pg18
Fant, David     Picture                1971-12-09-pg23
Farris, Tommy   Picture                1971-03-26-pg01
Ferguson, Mattie                Obituary                1971-11-11-pg19
Fikes, Edwana  Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Finley, Steve      Picture                1971-04-09-pg21
Fisher, Mary      Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Fisher, Mary      Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Fisher, Mary      Picture                1971-12-09-pg03
Fisher, Walter    Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Fitts, John Thomas                Obituary                1971-02-05-pg23
Fitzgerald, Loyd 'Tuff'                Obituary                1971-06-17-pg03
Fitzgerald's Grocery Sells to Sam Cheves   Event                1971-11-25-pg15
Fletcher, John Thomas                Picture                1971-02-19-pg01
Flowers, Effie Evelyn                Obituary                1971-07-01-pg19
Flowers, Herbert                Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Flying Birds, Blue Bird Group     Picture                1971-03-19-pg04
Ford, Shella     Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Foreman, Ann  Picture                1971-03-19-pg30
Foreman, Ann  Picture                1971-07-01-pg23
Foreman, Beverly                Picture                1971-03-19-pg30
Foreman, Beverly                Picture                1971-07-01-pg18
Foreman, C.R.  Picture                1971-07-15-pg03
Foreman, C.R.  Picture                1971-12-09-pg04
Foreman, C.R.  Picture                1971-12-23-pg08
Foreman, Penny                Picture                1971-03-19-pg30
Foreman, Penny                Picture                1971-04-23-pg14
Foreman, Penny                Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Forman, Ray     Picture                1971-05-07-pg04
Fortenberry, Blake                Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Fortenberry, Judy                Picture                1971-12-02-pg21
Fortenberry, Leslie                Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Foster, Stacy      Picture                1971-02-05-pg23
Fowler, Doyle   Picture                1971-08-19-pg22
Frasier, Jannette                Picture                1971-04-09-pg20
Freeby, Bruce    Picture                1971-07-15-pg03
Freiberg, Wally Picture                1971-05-27-pg17
Frick, Peter Nichols                Obituary                1971-05-27-pg21
Frissell, William George                Birth                1971-02-12-pg07
Frost, Jack        Picture                1971-06-17-pg05
Fry, Harriett/Sammy Kaker                Wedding              1971-11-25-pg24
Funk, G.B.         Picture                1971-01-08-pg01
Funk, Mark       Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Fuqua, Kenneth Picture                1971-04-09-pg21
Gage, Leslie      Picture                1971-02-19-pg19
Gage, Leslie      Picture                1971-05-14-pg21
Gage, Leslie      Picture                1971-10-14-pg25
Gamble, Reba Raven                Picture                1971-02-05-pg14
Gamble, Willie Siddons                Obituary                1971-09-09-pg11
Gann, Beverly Lynette                Picture                1971-05-27-pg18
Gann, Beverly Lynette                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-02-05-pg20
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-02-19-pg19
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-04-16-pg19
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-05-07-pg06
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-05-27-pg01
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-05-27-pg27
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-06-17-pg01
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-07-15-pg01
Gann, Lynette  Picture                1971-08-12-pg14
Garcia, Pedro 'Pete' F.                Obituary                1971-04-16-pg08
Garcia, Sammy, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1971-01-29-pg05
Garcia, Son of Sammy                Birth                1971-12-02-pg08
Gardner, Brenda                Picture                1971-07-01-pg18
Garrett, Dwayne                Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
Garrett, Jennie   Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Garrett, Joy        Picture                1971-04-23-pg01
Gentry, Jimmy   Picture                1971-04-09-pg20
Gentry, Roger   Picture                1971-04-09-pg21
Gentry, Wally   Picture                1971-04-09-pg21
Gerhart, Teddy Picture                1971-07-29-pg03
German, Mark  Picture                1971-02-19-pg04
Getchell, Fred    Picture                1971-03-26-pg22
Gholson, Don  Picture                1971-02-05-pg09
Gil, Kelli        Picture                1971-12-02-pg18
Gill, Carol       Picture                1971-07-29-pg09
Gilley, Beth        Picture                1971-03-05-pg20
Gilley, Beth        Picture                1971-03-19-pg21
Gilley, Tommie Jo                Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Gilley, Vada Beth                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Gilley, Vada Beth                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Gilmore, B.R.     Picture                1971-10-07-pg01
Gilmore, B.R.     Picture                1971-11-04-pg22
Gilmore, Bill      Picture                1971-05-14-pg24
Gilmore, Linda  Picture                1971-07-01-pg03
Gilmore, Royce Picture                1971-06-24-pg01
Gober, David     Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Gober, Nettie Maynard                Obituary                1971-12-16-pg05
Goen, John Hissington                Obituary                1971-11-04-pg18
Goff, Cecil, Rev.                Picture                1971-07-15-pg25
Golaz, Charles   Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Golaz, William Carl                Obituary                1971-01-29-pg08
Gomez, Mary    Picture                1971-05-27-pg27
Gomez, Mary Alice                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Gomez, Mary Alice                Picture                1971-05-27-pg35
Gonzalas, Albert                Picture                1971-02-05-pg22
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-03-05-pg22
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-05-27-pg20
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-06-10-pg17
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-10-14-pg28
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-10-28-pg19
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-11-11-pg05
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-11-11-pg21
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-11-11-pg23
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-12-16-pg20
Gonzales, Albert                Picture                1971-12-23-pg35
Goode, Bob       Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Goode, Bob       Picture                1971-10-07-pg01
Goode, Bob       Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Goode, Bob       Picture                1971-11-04-pg05
Goode, Bob       Picture                1971-11-04-pg30
Goode, Bob       Picture                1971-11-11-pg23
Goode, Bob       Picture                1971-11-25-pg11
Goode, Charles Raymond/Shelley Joan Cross                Wedding              1971-04-02-pg12
Goode, Oran     Picture                1971-08-19-pg01
Goode, Robert  Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Goode, Robert  Picture                1971-10-14-pg28
Goode, Susie    Picture                1971-04-02-pg25
Goode, Suzie     Picture                1971-09-09-pg01
Goode, Suzie     Picture                1971-11-25-pg08
Goodson, Ronald                Picture                1971-06-10-pg15
Gordon, Sherri Jo/Henry Dale Roe                Wedding              1971-04-23-pg05
Gordova, Elise Picture                1971-02-19-pg19
Gosler, Judy Marie/Billy Leon Grantham                Wedding              1971-12-09-pg24
Gosler, Zack T./Kay Denise Robinson                Wedding              1971-01-22-pg11
Gosler, Zack T./Kay Denise Robinson                Wedding              1971-02-12-pg21
Gould, Darry, Dr.                Picture                1971-02-12-pg03
Grantham, Billy Leon/Judy Marie Gosler                Wedding              1971-12-09-pg24
Green, Charlie    Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Green, Charlie    Picture                1971-10-14-pg25
Green, Charlie    Picture                1971-11-04-pg30
Green, Clayton  Picture                1971-09-09-pg11
Green, Donnie, Mr. & Mrs. & Tim, House Of                Picture                1971-11-04-pg19
Green, Elizabeth                Picture                1971-09-09-pg11
Green, Gail         Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Green, Gail         Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Green, Gail         Picture                1971-09-09-pg11
Green, Gary        Picture                1971-09-09-pg11
Green, James and Family                Picture                1971-09-09-pg11
Green, James, Mrs.                Picture                1971-09-09-pg11
Green, Jo            Picture                1971-08-26-pg20
Green, Michael Stephen/Jeanell Lewis                Wedding              1971-06-03-pg10
Green, Sheila     Picture                1971-12-02-pg21
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-07-15-pg26
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-09-16-pg05
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-10-21-pg18
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-11-04-pg32
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-11-11-pg05
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-11-25-pg05
Green, Tim         Picture                1971-11-25-pg19
Greenway, Bob                Picture                1971-01-08-pg01
Greenway, Bob                Picture                1971-01-29-pg03
Greenway, Bob                Picture                1971-05-07-pg04
Greenway, Bob                Picture                1971-05-14-pg16
Greenway, Bob                Picture                1971-09-16-pg01
Greer, Gerry      Picture                1971-04-16-pg20
Greer, Gerry      Picture                1971-12-02-pg11
Gresham, Mary Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Grisham, Lori Ann                Birth                1971-07-15-pg24
Grooms, Vicki   Picture                1971-04-02-pg16
Groves, Blanche                Picture                1971-07-08-pg01
Groves, Blanche                Picture                1971-07-15-pg25
Groves, Dot     Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Groves, June    Picture                1971-06-10-pg07
Guest, Myra       Obituary           1971-03-26-pg19
Gulley, Ida Ivy   Obituary                1971-02-19-pg18
Guthrie, Clay    Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Hall, Barry      Picture                1971-06-10-pg07
Hall, Judy       Picture                1971-08-26-pg17
Hall, Perry       Picture                1971-07-22-pg05
Hall, Tine        Obituary                1971-09-30-pg04
Halloway, Rosalinda                Picture                1971-06-24-pg18
Halpin, James M./Rosie Linehan                Wedding              1971-06-03-pg10
Halpin, James M./Rosie Linehan                Wedding              1971-08-12-pg14
Hames, Carolyn                Picture                1971-06-10-pg07
Hammack, Janis                Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Hammack, Janis                Picture                1971-04-02-pg05
Hancock, Janis Picture                1971-12-02-pg21
Hancock, Jug    Obituary                1971-11-11-pg11
Harris, Celia       Picture                1971-04-23-pg14
Harris, Celia       Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Harris, James H.                Picture                1971-01-22-pg23
Harris, Laura      Picture                1971-10-14-pg23
Hart, George   Picture                1971-05-07-pg01
Hartman, Beverly                Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Hartman, Mary                Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Hartman, Robin                Picture                1971-07-29-pg03
Hartsell, Bill      Picture                1971-05-07-pg04
Hartsell, Bill      Picture                1971-09-09-pg07
Hartsell, Bill      Picture                1971-12-09-pg03
Hartsell, Bill      Picture                1971-12-09-pg23
Harvey, Dan, Sgt.                Picture                1971-12-16-pg20
Harvey, Donna                Picture                1971-12-02-pg21
Harvey, Donna                Picture                1971-12-09-pg01
Harvick, Bernice                Picture                1971-09-02-pg07
Harwood, George                Picture                1971-06-24-pg04
Hasford, Dolly  Picture                1971-12-02-pg05
Hastings, Clifford                Picture                1971-12-02-pg05
Hastings, Roy  Picture                1971-12-16-pg01
Hastings, Roy  Picture                1971-12-16-pg14
Hastings, Roy, Mr. & Mrs.        Picture                1971-08-05-pg15
Hastings, Roy, Mrs. 'Swampy'                Picture                1971-12-16-pg14
Hastings, Tom  Picture                1971-01-22-pg23
Hastings, Tom  Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Hastings, Tom  Picture                1971-03-26-pg26
Hastings, Tom  Picture                1971-12-16-pg01
Hastings, Tom  Picture                1971-12-16-pg04
Hastings, Tom  Picture                1971-12-16-pg05
Hatcher, Ray, Mrs.                Picture                1971-06-10-pg07
Hawkins, Lillie Ann                Obituary                1971-02-12-pg08
Hayne, Della     Picture                1971-02-12-pg19
Haynie, James Picture                1971-03-19-pg23
Haynie, Sandra                Picture                1971-03-19-pg29
Haynie, Sandra                Picture                1971-06-10-pg15
Head, Flossie   Picture                1971-11-25-pg03
Heard, Dolores  Picture                1971-03-05-pg20
Heard, Jonna Lynne                Birth                1971-06-24-pg05
Helmick, Bill      Picture                1971-05-07-pg11
Henderson, Angela                Picture                1971-12-09-pg23
Henderson, Carl                Picture                1971-04-16-pg19
Henderson, Carl                Picture                1971-10-28-pg01
Henderson, Chet                Picture                1971-10-21-pg19
Henderson, Chet                Picture                1971-11-04-pg05
Henderson, Chet                Picture                1971-11-04-pg36
Henderson, Holly                Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Henderson, Wayne                Picture                1971-12-09-pg24
Henry, Debbie/John Deaton, III                Wedding              1971-02-12-pg09
Herndon, Paula Faye/William Gary Reed                Wedding              1971-06-10-pg08
Herndon, Paula Faye/William Gary Reed                Wedding              1971-09-02-pg17
Herriott, John Elbert                Obituary                1971-04-09-pg14
Hicks, Rhonda  Picture                1971-12-09-pg27
Hill, Bobby G., Jr.                Birth                1971-01-08-pg05
Hill, Randy    Picture                1971-02-05-pg01
Hill, Randy    Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Hill, Randy    Picture                1971-10-28-pg20
Hill, Randy    Picture                1971-11-11-pg18
Hill, Vinessa  Picture                1971-07-15-pg21
Hillman, Keith  Picture                1971-12-09-pg23
Hilton, Dwight Glenn                Obituary                1971-05-27-pg21
Hilton, Walter Winfred                Obituary                1971-06-24-pg17
Hinkle, Donald   Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Hitt, Stella      Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Hodges, Bessie Leona                Obituary                1971-05-27-pg21
Hoefle, Emelia   Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Holloway, Bob                Picture                1971-12-16-pg11
Holloway, Rosa Linda                Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Holmes, Samuel                Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Holmes, Tom    Picture                1971-03-26-pg11
Holt, Beverly  Picture                1971-04-09-pg20
Holt, Jennie     Picture                1971-05-27-pg20
Holt, Leta        Picture                1971-06-10-pg11
Holt, Morgan Gentry                Birth                1971-09-09-pg11
Horn, Ronnie   Picture                1971-07-22-pg19
Horn, Ronnie   Picture                1971-12-09-pg27
Hornback, Jim Frank                Picture                1971-06-03-pg01
Horner, Bethny Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
House, Carol     Picture                1971-11-11-pg27
Howell, Charlie  Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Howell, Charlie  Picture                1971-10-28-pg29
Howell, Crystal Picture                1971-03-05-pg21
Howell, Crystal Picture                1971-11-25-pg17
Howell, Crystal Alene                Picture                1971-05-27-pg28
Howell, Crystal Alene                Picture                1971-05-27-pg31
Huckabee, Rhondy                Picture                1971-04-30-pg28
Huddleston, Cassandra                Picture                1971-04-02-pg16
Hudnall, Barbara                Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Hudson, Tom    Picture                1971-04-09-pg08
Hudson, Tommy                Picture                1971-04-30-pg18
Hudson, Tommy                Picture                1971-07-01-pg01
Hudson, Tommy                Picture                1971-12-02-pg10
Hudspeth, Paula                Picture                1971-11-04-pg09
Hughes, Russell                Picture                1971-11-11-pg25
Hughes, Tretha                Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Hughes, W.A., Judge                Picture                1971-08-19-pg22
Hughes, W.A., Judge                Picture                1971-12-16-pg11
Hulsey, Miss   Picture                1971-05-14-pg22
Humphrey, Hubert                Picture                1971-11-04-pg29
Huslig, Clarence                Picture                1971-06-17-pg05
Huslig, Stephen                Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Hutto, Beth        Picture                1971-07-01-pg24
Hvezdos, Stephen Sylvester                Obituary                1971-07-29-pg09
Isom, Dewey    Picture                1971-10-14-pg27
Isom, Larry       Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Isom, Larry       Picture                1971-10-21-pg18
Isom, Larry       Picture                1971-11-04-pg05
Isom, Larry       Picture                1971-11-11-pg28
Ivey, Tom        Picture                1971-01-01-pg05
Jackson, Dorothy                Picture                1971-10-14-pg23
Jackson, Elton Leslie                Obituary                1971-11-11-pg01
Jackson, Floyd Obituary                1971-01-01-pg13
Jackson, Gaylon Dale                Obituary                1971-03-26-pg08
Jackson, Janice Lynn                Picture                1971-03-26-pg21
Jaggers, Stanley                Picture                1971-05-27-pg01
Jaycee Charter Banquet at Coach House Inn          Picture                1971-05-07-pg18
Jenkins, Jana Suzette                Birth                1971-12-09-pg04
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1971-02-19-pg19
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1971-04-16-pg20
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1971-05-27-pg01
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1971-06-03-pg08
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1971-10-28-pg27
Jenkins, Marilyn                Picture                1971-11-11-pg25
Jim Bowie Saddle Club in Bridgeport Rodeo Parade    Picture                1971-08-26-pg14
Jobe, Shirley    Picture                1971-05-27-pg36
Johns, Lorenzo M., Jr.                Picture                1971-09-16-pg09
Johnson, Janie                Picture                1971-06-10-pg07
Johnson, John C.                Picture                1971-05-14-pg09
Johnson, Johnny                Picture                1971-06-10-pg07
Johnson, Nancy                Picture                1971-03-19-pg30
Johnson, Nancy                Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Jones, Carl E.     Picture                1971-02-12-pg22
Jones, D.E.         Picture                1971-10-28-pg01
Jones, Ella/Flavy Long                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg10
Jones, Ernest     Obituary                1971-09-02-pg01
Jones, Gerald     Picture                1971-04-09-pg08
Jones, Gerald     Picture                1971-09-09-pg01
Jones, J.T., Jr.    Picture                1971-03-26-pg26
Jones, Lanora    Picture                1971-05-27-pg11
Jones, Lanora Marie                Picture                1971-03-26-pg21
Jones, Mike       Picture                1971-08-26-pg01
Jones, Mike       Picture                1971-11-11-pg18
Jones, Tammie  Picture                1971-07-01-pg19
Jones, Teresa    Picture                1971-07-08-pg17
Jones, Terry      Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Jordan, John     Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
Jordan, John     Picture                1971-10-28-pg29
Jordan, John Wesley                Picture                1971-03-05-pg08
Jorden, Coleta Gay                Picture                1971-05-27-pg29
Jordon, Coleta Gay                Picture                1971-05-27-pg33
Jowitt, Len         Picture                1971-09-30-pg20
Junior Play Cast - 'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay'                Picture                1971-12-02-pg15
Justus, Juney E.                Obituary                1971-02-12-pg08
Kaker, Clarence, Mrs.                Picture                1971-12-09-pg03
Kaker, Eldon, Mrs.                Picture                1971-07-08-pg01
Kaker, Sammy/Harriett Fry                Wedding              1971-11-25-pg24
Kaker, Steven    Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
Kash and Karry Grocery Store                Picture                1971-04-02-pg08
Kee, Rex D.     Obituary                1971-04-09-pg14
Keller Central Telephone Office Bridgeport Building Picture                1971-05-27-pg16
Keller Central Telephone Office Runaway Bay Building Picture                1971-05-27-pg16
Keller Telephone Company Building Construction                Picture                1971-01-15-pg03
Kelly, Gary Windell                Birth                1971-01-15-pg03
Kerr, Jeannie   Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Kersey, Clinton                Picture                1971-01-15-pg16
Kersey, Russ   Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Key, Cindy     Picture                1971-04-23-pg04
Key, Cindy     Picture                1971-05-27-pg15
Key, Cindy     Picture                1971-06-10-pg10
Key, Cindy     Picture                1971-06-24-pg19
Key, Debbie   Picture                1971-05-27-pg01
Key, Debbie   Picture                1971-06-03-pg10
Key, Pam         Picture                1971-05-27-pg01
Key, Pam         Picture                1971-05-27-pg32
Kidd, Virgil       Picture                1971-03-19-pg05
King, James     Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
King, James     Picture                1971-10-28-pg29
King, James Davis                Obituary                1971-01-01-pg13
Kirkland, Cindy Sheree                Birth                1971-02-12-pg07
Kramer, Rebecca                Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Kush, Carol Ann/Charles E. Kuykendall                Wedding              1971-08-12-pg09
Kuykendall, Charles E./Carol Ann Kush                Wedding              1971-08-12-pg09
Kuykendall, William K.                Obituary                1971-01-15-pg01
Kuykendall, William K.                Obituary                1971-01-22-pg11
Lack, Hazel      Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Lack, Pete        Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Lack, Pete        Picture                1971-08-26-pg10
Lack, Richard  Picture                1971-11-11-pg24
Lambert, Kirk    Picture                1971-10-28-pg10
Lambert, Vicki   Picture                1971-02-05-pg01
Lambert, Vicki   Picture                1971-02-19-pg19
Lambert, Vicki   Picture                1971-04-16-pg20
Lambert, Vicki   Picture                1971-05-14-pg08
Lambert, Vicki   Picture                1971-05-27-pg01
Lasater, Casey Zane                Birth                1971-04-02-pg04
Lawrence, Debbie                Picture                1971-03-26-pg20
Lawrence, Larry                Picture                1971-10-28-pg20
Lawson, Denae Lyn                Birth                1971-08-19-pg05
Leake, Julia Anne/Frank Hall Coleman, Jr.                Wedding              1971-06-03-pg11
Leake, Marguerite                Picture                1971-05-14-pg14
Leath, Kerri       Picture                1971-05-27-pg26
Lee, Albert     Obituary                1971-01-29-pg08
Leeseter, H. David                Obituary                1971-09-09-pg05
Lemme, Bud Albert                Obituary                1971-04-09-pg14
Lemme, Fredrick Carl                Obituary                1971-11-04-pg14
Leslie, J. Norman, Lt. Col. & Mrs.                Picture                1971-12-09-pg03
Lewis, Darrell/Carol Ann Marrlett                Wedding              1971-04-23-pg10
Lewis, Jeanell/Michael Stephen Green                Wedding              1971-06-03-pg10
Lewis, Jearene/Michael Stephen Rawlings                Wedding              1971-01-22-pg24
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth                Obituary                1971-04-30-pg23
Lewis, Sheeree  Picture                1971-04-16-pg20
Lewis, Sheeree  Picture                1971-04-16-pg21
Lewis, William M., Dr.                Picture                1971-01-29-pg18
Lillison, Gary   Obituary                1971-04-16-pg04
Linch, Jim          Picture                1971-04-23-pg11
Linehan, Holly Marie                Birth                1971-06-03-pg11
Linehan, Rose Marie/James M. Halpin                Wedding              1971-08-12-pg14
Linehan, Rosie/James M. Halpin                Wedding              1971-06-03-pg10
Links, Michael Ray                Obituary                1971-09-02-pg04
Links, Roy Dean                Obituary                1971-09-02-pg04
Litterst, Frank C.                Picture                1971-10-14-pg05
Little League All-Star Team      Picture                1971-07-22-pg03
Long, Ann        Picture                1971-04-23-pg14
Long, Falvy/Ella Jones                Wedding              1971-08-05-pg10
Long, Julia        Picture                1971-03-26-pg03
Long, Lynda     Picture                1971-04-23-pg14
Long, Lynda     Picture                1971-05-07-pg03
Long, Terry      Picture                1971-10-28-pg11
Loraus, Kevin Glenn                Birth                1971-08-12-pg10
Love, Aubrey, Sgt.                Picture                1971-04-02-pg17
Love, Jerry       Picture                1971-03-05-pg23
Lowery, Cassandra                Picture                1971-04-09-pg20
Lowery, Lishia Picture                1971-04-09-pg20
Luscombe, Nancy                Picture                1971-11-11-pg23
Luscombe, Nancy                Picture                1971-12-09-pg03
Lutenbaker, Quella                Picture                1971-10-14-pg23
Luther, Sherri    Picture                1971-12-02-pg21