Newspaper Clippings From The Bridgeport Index
Wise County, Texas
Obituaries 1910-1959
(Some Papers - Most are 1940's & 1950's)
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David Pitts separated these obituaries from the old Bridgeport Index newspapers that we had (see Old Papers link button)
If anyone has other old papers, we would welcome contributions.
David is still working on pulling obituaries and other information from these papers.
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Abel, Thomas F. 1957-07-12-pg05.jpg
Adams, Edgar Ross 1957-06-21-pg01.jpg
Adams, John Louis born Aug 3, 1888 in Covington TN 1956-10-26-pg01.jpg
Adams, Mary Elizabeh Karen Hill (Bettie) 1954-01-22-pg01.jpg
Admire, Clarence Holt 1958-05-03-pg01.jpg
Admire, Clarence Mrs listed 1956-11-16-pg02.jpg
Admire, Willie Audrey King wife of Clarence H. Admire 1956-11-09-pg01.jpg
Albritton, Robert Clifton 1959-07-24-pg04.jpg
Albutton, Mary Josephine 1958-07-18-pg01.jpg
Alexander & Bass, Undertakers 1941-10-10-pg03.jpg
Alexander, James Robinson Sr came to Bridgeport in 1898 1956-03-16-pg01.jpg
Allen, Matt 1959-08-21-pg01.jpg
Allen, Thomas Curtis born May 17, 1913 in Chico Texas 1953-06-26-pg01.jpg
Alman, Alfanso 1958-08-01-pg01.jpg
Anderson, Lula Jane Fisher 1944-04-07-pg01.jpg
Andrews, Irene, Miss, of Dallas 1925-03-20-pg02.jpg
Armes, Baz 1944-02-11-pg01.jpg
Armstrong, G. L. Mrs. 1958-07-25-pg02.jpg
Armstrong, Ted 1944-07-07-pg01.jpg
Atchley, Lamonte Mrs daughter of Mr & Mrs Lance Hudson 1956-01-13-pg01.jpg
Atkins, Sarah L. 1959-10-23-pg09.jpg
Atkinson, Charles W, born nov 17, 1881 in Wise County 1954-12-31-pg01.jpg
Bailey, Leslie Walter 1958-12-12-pg01.jpg
Bailey, Stephen Ross 1957-02-01-pg01.jpg
Bailey, Stephen Ross 1957-02-08-pg02.jpg
Baker, Bruce Wayne 1958-06-06-pg01.jpg
Baker, C.A. 1959-01-30-pg02.jpg
Baker, Lon Baker Hanged 1942-11-20-pg01.jpg
Baldridge, J.F. 1942-10-16-pg01.jpg
Baldridge, J.F. 1959-12-18-pg01.jpg
Ball, Richard O. 1945-04-06-pg03.jpg
Ballard, George A. 1959-02-06-pg01.jpg
Banks, Alice 1925-12-18-pg06.jpg
Barker, Effie Holcomb 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg
Barker, Margaret Troxell 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Barker, Russell P. 1945-07-06-pg01.jpg
Barnett, Annie Miss. 1958-07-25-pg01.jpg
Barnett, M.A., Mrs. 1925-09-18-pg01.jpg
Barnett, M.A., Mrs. - list attending funeral 1925-09-18-pg04.jpg
Barnett, Mary Elizabeth Stutt 1946-12-20-pg06.jpg
Barnett, Mrs. Fannie 1958-04-25-pg05.jpg
Barnett, Pat 1958-09-12-pg01.jpg
Barnett, Ruth Virginia Miss daughter of Joseph D. & Mary Barnett 1956-06-01-pg05.jpg
Barnett, T.L. 1943-10-01-pg01.jpg
Barnett, Versie K. Mrs 1958-07-04-pg03.jpg
Barr, O.M. 1959-08-07-pg05.jpg
Barton, Henry Wilburn 1958-12-05-pg01.jpg
Bass, John W. 1944-11-10-pg01.jpg
Baugh, Virginia Cox Mrs born June 16, 1880 in Texas 1953-05-08-pg01.jpg
Bean, John Otis 1957-04-05-pg05.jpg
Beauchamp, F.D., Dr. 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg
Beauchamp, Ruth Lee Moorman 1944-10-13-pg01.jpg
Beaumont, Ed, Mrs. 1910-06-17-pg04.jpg
Beeson, Willie Mae 1957-04-19-pg03.jpg
Belsick, Linda Lou (Ted) 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg
Bennett, Mary, Mrs. of Crowell was teacher here 1910-06-17-pg03.jpg
Beville, Angie Mrs. 1958-07-11-pg04.jpg
Beville, W.E. 1959-09-18-pg03.jpg
Bingham, Charley T., born Oct 8, 1868 in Missouri 1954-03-26-pg01.jpg
Bingham, Ed S. born May 2, 1873 at Pilot Point Texas 1956-05-18-pg01.jpg
Bingham, Elbert T. Missing in action 1945-01-19-pg01.jpg
Bishop, Joe B. 1944-12-01-pg01.jpg
Black, Ernest Ross, born Oct 17, 1901 in Bridgeport 1954-09-17-pg01.jpg
Black, John Thomas jefferson born July 9, 1877 in Grayson Co. TX 1956-11-16-pg01.jpg
Blackburn, Claude Lowell 1957-05-10-pg03.jpg
Blackburn, Effie 1957-05-10-pg03.jpg
Blackburn, Lester, very short one, lived in Decatur 1954-10-08-pg01.jpg
Blackwell, Clarence burned fatally when hit by train 1956-08-24-pg01.jpg
Blevins, Steve D. 1959-10-02-pg03.jpg
Blue, Loyd 1945-09-14-pg01.jpg
Boase, J.W. 1925-04-03-pg01.jpg
Boase, J.W. 1925-04-03-pg03.jpg
Boaz, Alice J. Miss killed in auto accident 1956-04-27-pg01.jpg
Boaz, Alice Josephine Miss died in a a highway accident 1956-05-11-pg01.jpg
Boaz, Alice Miss Memoriam by the Woman's Club, died Apr 21 1956-05-04-pg01.jpg
Boldin, Nellie May Mrs born Feb 5, 1909 Jack County Texas 1953-03-20-pg01.jpg
Boles, Idy obit, died in Randlett Oklahoma 1955-04-15-pg01.jpg
Bolton, Joseph Edward 1944-03-17-pg01.jpg
Bond, John Ripley obitiuary, former resident of Wise County 1955-08-12-pg01.jpg
Booker, Minnie Lee 1958-05-16-pg06.jpg
Bordner, David Carroll deceased infant son of Mr & Mrs Frank G. Bordner 1953-05-29-pg01.jpg
Bordner, John George, born Apr 1, 1858 in Austria 1954-05-28-pg01.jpg
Boring, Ethel Coursey 1925-07-10-pg03.jpg
Boring, Ethel Coursey 1925-07-17-pg04.jpg
Boring, John T. Mr age 73, died in Bridgeport Texas 1953-06-19-pg01.jpg
Boring, Mary Inez (baby of Mr. & Mrs. G.W.) 1925-05-29-pg04.jpg
Boulware, Bettie Mrs died in Lone Wolf Oklahoma, May 8, 1955 1955-05-20-pg02.jpg
Bowen, Luvisa K. Mrs born Mar 14, 1874 in Springtown TX 1948-09-10-pg01.jpg
Bowen, Reace Mrs Mr Thos. Reace Bowen died Aug 8 ,1938 1948-09-10-pg01.jpg
Boydston, E.F. 1945-08-31-pg04.jpg
Boydston, Joe 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg
Bradford, James Patrick 1944-11-17-pg03.jpg
Brady, J. Wallace, was Tax Assessor-Collector 1954-05-14-pg01.jpg
Brandt, O. N. Mrs obit, former Hilda Sophia Johnson of Sweden 1953-06-12-pg01.jpg
Branner, Alice NeSmith 1945-04-06-pg03.jpg
Brazier, James Henry (article was mostly missing) 1952-11-14-pg01.jpg
Brazier, John predeceased by brother Henry Brazier 1955-06-24-pg08.jpg
Brewer, Dasie Cordie Miss, obit, born Sept 9, 1886 Tennessee 1953-06-12-pg01.jpg
Bridges, Martha 1959-09-25-pg03.jpg
Bridges, Myrtle 1959-11-13-pg06.jpg
Bridges, Susan Adelia Mrs born July 24, 1875 in Wise County 1956-02-10-pg01.jpg
Briley, Evalyn Henson 1945-07-27-pg01.jpg
Browing, H. C. Mrs. 1958-05-23-pg10.jpg
Brown, ?? (Baby) 1957-09-20-pg01.jpg
Brown, Bentley Mrs funeral held in Corpus Christi 1947-04-18-pg01.jpg
Brown, E.B. (Cap) 1941-09-12-pg02.jpg
Brown, Frances Mae 1959-04-03-pg06.jpg
Brown, J.T., Mrs. 1944-01-07-pg01.jpg
Brown, James Isach 'J.T.' 1944-06-30-pg01.jpg
Brown, Lula J. 1959-09-18-pg02.jpg
Brown, Lula Mrs. 1959-09-18-pg04.jpg
Brown, Poston M. very short, survived by Joe Bounds 1955-05-06-pg07.jpg
Brown, Tom W., Mrs. 1944-02-04-pg01.jpg
Browning, Horce C. 1959-10-23-pg11.jpg
Bryan, M.A., Judge 1944-09-08-pg03.jpg
Bryant, Graden 1958-11-07-pg01.jpg
Buckingham, C. C. Mrs native of Wise County Texas 1956-02-10-pg01.jpg
Buckingham, Faye 1944-01-14-pg02.jpg
Buckingham, James A. brother of Thomas F. Buckingham 1957-02-15-pg03.jpg
Buckingham, Mrs. Thomas F. (Laura) 1958-03-28-pg01.jpg
Buckingham, Thomas Franklin born 1865, died in Dallas 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg
Buckley, Nettle Leona 1958-10-10-pg10.jpg
Bunnell, E. E. Mr born 1883 in Crockett Texas 1953-12-18-pg01.jpg
Burch, M. W. death notice, county attorney in the 1930's 1956-05-25-pg04.jpg
Burns, Cecil W. obit, funeral Ft. Worth, died Macon GA 1953-03-20-pg01.jpg
Burns, Cecil W. obit, funeral Ft. Worth, died Macon GA 1953-03-27-pg01.jpg
Burns, Frances L. 1957-06-21-pg01.jpg
Burns, Francis 1958-06-13-pg08.jpg
Burrous, Ruby Mae 1958-02-21-pg08.jpg
Burton, Charles 1941-11-14-pg04.jpg
Butler, E. F. former resident dies in Abilene Texas 1955-06-17-pg03.jpg
Butler, John Ausborn born Aug 19, 1935 in Decatur Texas 1955-09-16-pg02.jpg
Byrd, Ann 1959-01-30-pg08.jpg
Byrd, Will 1943-05-14-pg01.jpg
Byrnes, Gomer Edward born 1898 in Coalville, Palo Pinto, TX 1953-12-18-pg01.jpg
Byrnes, Tommy 1945-08-03-pg01.jpg
Byrnes, Tommy 1945-08-10-pg04.jpg
Byrnes, Tommy 1945-08-31-pg01.jpg
Byrom, Ralph died in auto accident near Boyd Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg
Cage, Govie O. Mrs born 1878 in Mississippi 1953-12-18-pg01.jpg
Caldwell, Charles C. 1945-05-18-pg01.jpg
Campbell, A. died Thursday details in the next edition 1955-11-11-pg01.jpg
Campbell, Joe J. 1944-02-11-pg01.jpg
Campbell, Mary Alice 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg
Cannon, Anna more complete than the Aug 15 obit 1947-08-22-pg04.jpg
Cannon, Annie Armes born 1882, married Arthur Cannon 1904 1947-08-15-pg04.jpg
Cantrell, Forrest Jimmy 1957-01-04-pg01.jpg
Carlon, W. E. Mr for father of Mrs H. E. Price 1947-05-30-pg08.jpg
Carpenter Betty Dru Mrs born Sept 2, 1927 in Dalhart Texas 1955-02-18-pg01.jpg
Carpenter, Harold Ray (Red) born Oct 30, 1935 1956-08-31-pg01.jpg
Carpenter, Howard M., died at age 19 in a construction accident 1954-08-06-pg01.jpg
Carraway, Wesley obit, died in home fire 1952-10-10-pg01.jpg
Carruthers, Will S. 1941-12-05-pg01.jpg
Carter, A. R. Mrs. 1958-07-11-pg02.jpg
Carter, Nora Mrs. 1958-06-06-pg08.jpg
Caruthers, Emma A. Haynes 1945-04-27-pg01.jpg
Casillas, Carlos 1957-08-30-pg04.jpg
Cates, Opal Mrs parents Mr & Mrs Allen Kenny 1955-09-02-pg04.jpg
Cearley, John 1925-06-26-pg04.jpg
Chadwick, Jim 1945-06-08-pg01.jpg
Chambers, Hattie Octana born Feb 14, 1875 in Georgia 1956-10-05-pg01.jpg
Chesser, Navada Mrs came to Wise County at age 13 1947-10-03-pg01.jpg
Cheves, Oscar Franklin 1944-03-24-pg01.jpg
Chilton, Fred Douglas born Oct 8, 1884 in Wise County 1955-07-29-pg01.jpg
Chitwood, W.D. 'Dallas' 1945-04-27-pg01.jpg
Clark, R. T. Maggie Mrs born 1877 in Memphis tennessee 1953-07-10-pg01.jpg
Clark, Samuel Patterson 1946-11-22-pg01.jpg
Clark, W.L. 1943-07-30-pg01.jpg
Clay, Lockie Jane Mrs born Dec18, 1890 1956-01-27-pg05.jpg
Clay, Tollie, Mrs. 1943-05-14-pg01.jpg
Cobb, Archie Hubert born Dec 10, 1892 near Decatur 1952-05-30-pg01.jpg
Coble,Maude E. 1957-01-04-pg01.jpg
Coffee, John Carlton 1943-04-02-pg01.jpg
Coffee, Tobe born July 28, 1883 in Arkansas 1955-07-15-pg01.jpg
Coffman, Myrtle Mrs. 1958-05-30-pg08.jpg
Coffman, Samuel 1958-09-12-pg05.jpg
Cole, John Walter 1959-01-16-pg04.jpg
Coleman,Henry Clay 1957-11-29-pg06.jpg
Collier, Adie Preston (Buster) decease of former resident, fell from a horse 1947-07-25-pg01.jpg
Collier, Mattie Blake 1945-03-30-pg04.jpg
Collins, Nannie 1945-05-25-pg01.jpg
Collins, Robert M. (Buck) buried in Oaklawn Cemetery 1955-09-23-pg08.jpg
Collins, W.A. 1959-04-10-pg04.jpg
Connor, James Samuel 1958-01-24-pg02.jpg
Cook, George 1958-02-28-pg08.jpg
Cotten, Ida Mrs. 1957-11-15-pg01.jpg
Cotton, Clifton, for Korean War Victim 1953-05-29-pg01.jpg
Coursey, Joe 1941-11-07-pg01.jpg
Covington, William Mrs former Agnes Fensley born Arkansas 1956-11-09-pg01.jpg
Cowling, Murray Eugene 1958-01-24-pg02.jpg
Cox, Carl 1957-04-12-pg02.jpg
Cox, Carl Sr. 1957-04-19-pg04.jpg
Cox, Ernest obit, survived by wife 1955-05-20-pg08.jpg
Cox, Infant (Harvey) 1945-09-07-pg04.jpg
Cox, Mary, Mrs. 1943-10-01-pg01.jpg
Craft, A.J., Mrs. 1941-10-10-pg03.jpg
Craig, Walter Waymon born in 1888, died 1947 in Austin TX 1947-05-09-pg08.jpg
Crawford, Dona Mrs. 1958-09-26-pg02.jpg
Crawford, Lester Dalton brother of Mrs A. T. Holt of Bridgeport 1955-10-14-pg01.jpg
Crews, Mrs., sister of D.W. Weaver 1910-06-10-pg05.jpg
Crocker, Jenny, Mrs. 1941-10-31-pg01.jpg
Crumm, A. E. 1957-03-22-pg01.jpg
Culverhouse, Donald 1959-05-29-pg01.jpg
Culwell, Sam J. 1944-01-07-pg01.jpg
Cunningham, Raymond electrocuted whileworking on REA electric line 1955-11-11-pg01.jpg
Cunnius, James Tarlton died in Decatur April 13, 1956 1956-04-27-pg02.jpg
Cutter, G.J. 1957-08-09-pg01.jpg
Darlington, Alma 1945-01-19-pg01.jpg
Davidson, Earl Patton (Sonny Boy) 1943-03-19-pg01.jpg
Davidson, Tommy Wayne 1959-03-06-pg01.jpg
Davis, Ernest W. 1943-11-19-pg01.jpg
Davis, Henry E. born Sept 13, 1881 in Georgia 1956-07-27-pg01.jpg
Davis, Jeff P. 1944-02-04-pg01.jpg
Davis, Jim Debs 1945-07-20-pg02.jpg
Davis, Lee 1958-03-07-pg01.jpg
Davis, Lee 1958-03-14-pg05.jpg
Deathridge, Truman Lee 1943-04-09-pg01.jpg
DeCordova, Ray S. 1957-01-04-pg01.jpg
Denton, N.T. 1941-09-12-pg01.jpg
Denton, N.T. 1941-09-12-pg02.jpg
Dethloff, Etta Richardson survived by husband Jesse 1954-03-19-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Eva Richardson born Jan 6, 1906 1954-02-19-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Herchell E. 'Charles', Pfc. 1944-10-27-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Herschel E. 1944-09-22-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Kossie 1943-10-29-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Kossie (Ruby Bishop) 1941-11-07-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Martha A., Mrs. 1943-01-22-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Martha Josephine McElroy 1944-01-07-pg01.jpg
Dethloff, Melvin lee 1959-01-16-pg08.jpg
Dethloff, Sarah Alpha Died Dec 13, 1925 1925-12-18-pg01.jpg
Devereux, Albert obit, brother of Mrs Dick Taylor 1955-04-15-pg01.jpg
Dickenson, Minnie 1959-12-11-pg01.jpg
Dickenson, Pearl, Miss 1925-04-24-pg06.jpg
Dill, Annie Mrs funeral held in Rosston last Friday 1956-06-01-pg02.jpg
Dillihay, R.H. 1957-07-12-pg01.jpg
Dodd, Sam L. 1957-02-08-pg01.jpg
Dodds, Frances 1943-07-30-pg01.jpg
Dokey,Berl Ruel 1957-11-08-pg01.jpg
Donaldson, Sinphronia Mrs, born aug 4, 1873 in Lynchburg TN 1954-06-11-pg01.jpg
Donnell, Dora Mrs died in Graham Texas on Tuesday 1955-04-01-pg01.jpg
Doss, Sarah E. Mrs born Sept 3, 1860 in Van Zandt County Texas 1947-04-11-pg01.jpg
Duryea, Florence, Mrs. 1943-07-23-pg01.jpg
Dutton, Ernest L. 1944-08-11-pg01.jpg
Earley, James Howard born Nov 27. 1875 in Gibtown Texas 1955-04-29-pg01.jpg
Easley, Carrie Ann Mrs born Jan 19, 1891 in Tarrant Co. TX 1956-12-07-pg01.jpg
Eckland, Mary Johns 1958-05-03-pg02.jpg
Eddleman, John list of funeral attendees given 1956-12-07-pg01.jpg
Edison, Joy Lynette 1959-07-10-pg01.jpg
Edward, Oscar, Mrs 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Ekland, Mrs. Paul 1958-04-18-pg06.jpg
Elder, Mark L. moved from Bridgeport in 1923 1955-07-29-pg01.jpg
Elliott, Jesse Madison buried in East Bridgeport Cemetery 1956-12-07-pg01.jpg
Elrod, Jess 1959-12-04-pg01.jpg
Erwin, William Wesley born Jan 22, 1882 Wise County Texas 1953-05-22-pg01.jpg
Everett, John W. Mr former resident died Clayton NM 1953-05-29-pg01.jpg
Fagan, Mattie 1957-11-22-pg06.jpg
Fagg, Irene Mrs burial in Cado Mills Cemetery 1955-07-29-pg01.jpg
Faulkner, Robert M. 1941-11-14-pg01.jpg
Ferguson, R. Ash died in Texarkana Arkansas 1952-10-03-pg01.jpg
Finley, Charles W. 1945-05-04-pg03.jpg
Fitzgerald, Delia 1957-06-21-pg08.jpg
Fitzgerald, John 1925-09-11-pg04.jpg
Flache, Otto born Oct 15, 1864 Gonzales TX 1952-04-25-pg01.jpg
Fletcher, Sarah Jane 1957-01-18-pg04.jpg
Florida, Robert Ellsworth 1945-04-13-pg02.jpg
Flowers, Amenda 1959-09-18-pg04.jpg
Flowers, Mrs, 1954-04-16-pg01.jpg
Flowers, Ollie Albine 1957-07-12-pg05.jpg
Floyd, E. R. Mr. 1958-05-23-pg01.jpg
Flynn, Pete 1957-12-27-pg07.jpg
Ford, Bertha Lane 1959-10-30-pg01.jpg
Ford, Frank 1941-09-26-pg01.jpg
Ford, Ollie Mae Phillips Mrs, born Oct 22, 1895 in Wise County 1954-09-24-pg01.jpg
Foster, Jessie 1958-09-19-pg08.jpg
Franklin, Henry 1959-03-13-pg03.jpg
Freeman, Fritz died in auto accident near Boyd Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg
Freeman, James 1943-10-01-pg01.jpg
Frost, J.C. 1942-11-20-pg01.jpg
Fry, Sarah Elizabeth 1945-09-07-pg01.jpg
Fryar, Todd 1957-10-18-pg01.jpg
Fulfer, Betty Lynell 1959-10-02-pg01.jpg
Fuller, Hardy Lay, Jr. 1944-02-18-pg01.jpg
Fuller, Robert Earl 1945-08-31-pg01.jpg
Fury, Clement Mr born in Bridgeport in 1880 1947-07-25-pg08.jpg
Gage, George T. 1944-12-01-pg02.jpg
Gallick, Mr Mrs Pete Bordner's brother 1941-10-17-pg01.jpg
Gann, J.C. 1943-10-08-pg01.jpg
Garcia, Antonio Mrs buried in Mexican Cemetery 1956-11-16-pg01.jpg
Garner, Raymond Mrs daughter of Mr & Mrs G. A. Lehmberg 1956-02-17-pg01.jpg
Garrett, Eddie Lee (infant) 1942-12-18-pg01.jpg
Gatis, Minnie E., Miss 1943-09-10-pg01.jpg
Gentry, M.G., Mrs 1942-11-06-pg01.jpg
Gibbs, V. A. Mrs. 1958-12-19-pg06.jpg
Gibbs, Virda 1959-01-09-pg08.jpg
Giles, Joseph E. Sr lived in Wise County since 1884 1956-03-23-pg01.jpg
Gill, Clyde V. 1958-10-10-pg01.jpg
Gill, Victoria Fielder 1959-01-09-pg05.jpg
Gilliland, Earnest Clarence 1944-10-06-pg01.jpg
Gilliland, Paul 1944-11-03-pg01.jpg
Glassie, Larry Wayne two day old infant 1953-04-24-pg01.jpg
Glenn, Earle, infant of Harry Glenn 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Gober, Thomas Samuel 1944-02-25-pg01.jpg
Gober, Thomas Samuel 1944-02-25-pg03.jpg
Godwin, J. C. Sr former Bridgeport Resident 1956-02-24-pg01.jpg
Goggans, Clarence 1945-08-24-pg01.jpg
Goodall, John S. buried Jayton Cemetery 1955-08-05-pg03.jpg
Granstaff, Sarah Bradley 1945-03-09-pg03.jpg
Green, Beulah Mrs 1959-02-27-pg09.jpg
Green, Susie Sarah Waddell 1945-03-23-pg01.jpg
Green, Susie Sarah Waddell 1945-04-06-pg02.jpg
Green, Theresa Matilda Juny 1944-10-13-pg02.jpg
Green, Thomas L., born Mar 18, 1889 Denton County 1954-08-06-pg01.jpg
Green, Tom, Mrs. 1945-03-16-pg01.jpg
Green, William Ashley dies in Levelland, born Jan 7, 1881 1954-11-12-pg01.jpg
Green, William Edward born June 30 1888 Tarrant County 1956-09-14-pg01.jpg
Greer, Betty Dora Southern born March 23, 1869 Paradise TX 1955-07-22-pg01.jpg
Greer, Franes Ida Mrs died in Chico at age 75 1953-06-19-pg01.jpg
Gregg, James Webster born June 17, 1895 in OK 1956-04-06-pg01.jpg
Gregory, Alice Mrs. 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Griffis, H. H. born in Cooke County, settled in Waco 1955-06-10-pg01.jpg
Gulley, Mary Parmella Kinnard 1944-02-04-pg01.jpg
Gunn, Mary Mrs. 1958-08-08-pg02.jpg
Hague, David A. died in Jacksboro 1955-07-15-pg01.jpg
Haire, Dora (Addie) Miss born Jan 27, 1876 in Mississippi 1954-07-30-pg01.jpg
Halbet, Flavia Beneva Mrs 1959-05-29-pg02.jpg
Hale, Dean 1957-12-20-pg01.jpg
Hall, Elmer (Babe) 1943-12-03-pg01.jpg
Hall, N. T, Mr. born April 4, 1877 in Palestine TX 1953-06-26-pg01.jpg
Hall, Nell Elizabeth 1944-01-14-pg02.jpg
Hall, Nellie Virginia Mrs born Jan 30, 1873 Tula Mississippi 1956-08-24-pg01.jpg
Hamilton, Cynthia Hines 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg
Hamilton, T.P. 1910-06-17-pg04.jpg
Hammock, Rupert Mrs aunt of MrsJohn Montford 1956-03-23-pg05.jpg
Haney, Duane 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg
Haney, Stewart Andrew born March 25, 1872 in Rockdale TX 1955-08-26-pg01.jpg
Hanson, Peter born May 20, 1869 in Sweden 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg
Harber, Noble 1957-10-25-pg01.jpg
Harclerode, William S. 1957-05-10-pg01.jpg
Harclerode, William S. 1957-06-07-pg01.jpg
Harclerode, William S. 1957-07-26-pg01.jpg
Hardee, William Roy 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg
Hardy, Harry 1944-03-17-pg01.jpg
Harges, Peter B. 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Harris, Nancy Ellen 1959-10-09-pg04.jpg
Harris, Robert Franklin, born 1871 in Alabama 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg
Harris, Worth Mrs born in May 1870 in Mississippi 1956-05-11-pg01.jpg
Harrison, John H. born in 1887 in Rutherford Tenn. 1954-08-20-pg01.jpg
Harsell, Harry H. 1957-02-08-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Bob 1945-06-29-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt. 1944-03-24-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Foch, Staff Sgt. 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Oscar Logan 1943-03-26-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Rebecca 1959-04-10-pg01.jpg
Hartsell, Rebecca 1959-04-17-pg05.jpg
Hatchtel, Jimmy William 1957-03-08-pg01.jpg
Hawkins, D.S. 1946-12-13-pg01.jpg
Haynes, H.C. 1959-09-11-pg01.jpg
Haynes, Julia Mrs. 1959-08-14-pg01.jpg
Health, Tom G. 1959-11-27-pg01.jpg
Heathington, James.H., Rev. 1941-12-05-pg04.jpg
Heathington, Terry 1943-07-30-pg01.jpg
Henderson, Margaret Mrs born March 7, 1872 in Alabama 1956-03-23-pg01.jpg
Herring, R.A. Mrs. 1959-03-13-pg06.jpg
Hightower, T. H. former resident died in Henderson Texas 1956-08-31-pg01.jpg
Hill, Benjamin Franklin born March 20 1891 1956-02-17-pg01.jpg
Hill, Elic, born Jan 9, 1895 Walden Arkansas 1953-05-22-pg02.jpg
Hill, James W. 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg
Hill, James W. 1945-02-23-pg01.jpg
Hill, Reuben 1939-12-15-pg01.jpg
Hill, Robert Lee born April 17, 1878 near Oxford MS 1955-01-21-pg01.jpg
Hill, Sallie Lee Mrs, born Jan 16, 1876 1954-06-18-pg01.jpg
Hill, Sallie Lee Mrs, born Jan. 16, 1876 1954-06-11-pg01.jpg
Hill, W.F. 1944-02-04-pg04.jpg
Hillan, George 1925-04-03-pg01.jpg
Hines, Dick 1946-11-01-pg01.jpg
Hines, Dorothy 1925-03-20-pg02.jpg
Hines, W. E. Mr born in Paradise, reared in Bridgeport 1953-07-31-pg01.jpg
Hoefle, Mary Agnes born in New York on Nov 3, 1869 1956-01-06-pg01.jpg
Holder, Daniel, Mrs. (Elmira Rawl) 1942-11-27-pg01.jpg
Holland, S.G. 1944-11-03-pg01.jpg
Holland, S.G. 1944-11-10-pg01.jpg
Holley, Frances Elmira Stark born Jan 6, 1881 Wise Co. TX 1952-11-21-pg01.jpg
Hollingsworth, Frank M. born Feb 18, 1874 Chico TX 1950-07-28-pg05.jpg
Hollingsworth, Frank M. incorrectly listed as Collingsworth 1950-07-28-pg05.jpg
Holmes, Lorene Gibbons 1957-01-11-pg01.jpg
Holmes, Richard A. killed in auto accident near Azle Texas 1956-01-13-pg01.jpg
Holt, Arthur brother of Frank Holt 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg
Holt, Baby Bobby (Carl, Mr. & Mrs.) 1943-10-01-pg02.jpg
Holt, Perry L. obit, died in Wichita Falls, former resident 1954-12-24-pg01.jpg
Holt, Robert born Feb. 10, 1869 Key West FL 1952-08-01-pg01.jpg
Hoover, Sarah Jane Barnett 1944-10-13-pg02.jpg
Horseman, Melvina Miss died in Wichita Falls 1954-02-12-pg05.jpg
Houchins, William Paton, Infant son lived only a few hours 1953-07-03-pg01.jpg
House, Gertrude 1959-07-31-pg02.jpg
House, James Frank 1945-02-23-pg01.jpg
House, James Frank 1945-03-02-pg01.jpg
House, James Frank 1945-03-09-pg04.jpg
House, James Frank 1945-08-24-pg01.jpg
House, James Frank, Cpt. 1945-01-05-pg01.jpg
House, Nettie 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg
Howe, Ralph E. 1957-04-26-pg04.jpg
Howell, Johnny Mrs born at Willie Grace McDaniel 1955-06-24-pg01.jpg
Howle, B.S. 'Scottie', Lt. 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg
Hubbard, Charles H., Judge 1925-03-20-pg02.jpg
Hudson, Flora Mrs. 1959-07-24-pg04.jpg
Hudson, J.C. Jr 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg
Hudson, James Oliver 1958-08-01-pg01.jpg
Hudson, James. R. 1958-09-05-pg01.jpg
Hudson, Joseph Price 1945-05-25-pg01.jpg
Hudson, Thomas D. 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg
Hudson, Thomas Nolen 1957-08-02-pg01.jpg
Hudson, Tom in Memorium by wife poem by Blanch Hudson 1957-09-06-pg02.jpg
Hudson, William Leonidas born June 2, 1871 in Alabama 1956-10-05-pg01.jpg
Hughes, Charlie 1957-10-25-pg01.jpg
Hughes, George Luther 1946-09-27-pg01.jpg
Hunter, Bert M. born June 17, 1896 1956-03-16-pg01.jpg
Hunter, Nora Donnie Mrs born apr 13, 1883 in Dallas County 1955-02-18-pg01.jpg
Hunter, Thurman Cleo 1957-08-16-pg01.jpg
Hutcheson, Abraham 1945-03-16-pg03.jpg
Hvezdos, Johnnie A. 1958-01-17-pg01.jpg
Hyde, Lula Bell Wilson, born Feb 6, 1877 Bosque Co. TX 1954-04-16-pg01.jpg
Inman, Warner 1959-04-03-pg06.jpg
Ivey, Jackie Joe (H.T.) 1944-02-11-pg02.jpg
Ivy, Harry T. 1944-02-11-pg02.jpg
Jackson, Della,Mrs. 1943-10-08-pg01.jpg
Jackson, John 1946-10-04-pg06.jpg
Jackson, John William 1946-10-11-pg01.jpg
Jackson, William Allen 1945-08-31-pg03.jpg
James, A. E. 1958-03-14-pg05.jpg
James, E. W. 1958-09-12-pg05.jpg
James, Elzie W. 1958-09-26-pg04.jpg
Jenkins, S. O. 1958-09-12-pg04.jpg
Jenkins, S. O. Mr. 1958-09-26-pg05.jpg
Jennings, Ida Hartsfield 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Jennings, Opal 1957-02-22-pg01.jpg
Jennings, Thomas Napoleon born March 11, 1874 1954-03-12-pg01.jpg
Jeter, W.P 1959-04-24-pg08.jpg
John, Julia Cecil 1958-01-10-pg07.jpg
John, Julia Cecil (formerly Julia Cecil) 1958-01-03-pg05.jpg
John, Lisle Cecil Miss 1959-04-24-pg02.jpg
Johnson, Charles Mrs. 1958-10-10-pg11.jpg
Johnson, J. R. died in Olney Texas 1954-02-12-pg01.jpg
Johnson, Kizzie R. Downs 1946-10-18-pg02.jpg
Johnson, Nedra Lee Beville 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg
Johnson, Peggy Mrs killed in auto accident near Decatur Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg
Jones, Cassie Belle born Nov 1, 1870 in Tarrant County TX 1955-08-05-pg01.jpg
Jones, Coylene Miss (died in boating accident) 1953-03-20-pg01.jpg
Jones, Floyd funeral service in Paradise 1954-01-15-pg05.jpg
Jones, Gerald 1957-04-26-pg01.jpg
Jones, John S. (Alice Jane) Mrs funeral held in Decatur last week. 1955-04-08-pg08.jpg
Jones, Lela 1958-01-24-pg07.jpg
Jones, M.E., Mrs. 1944-08-25-pg01.jpg
Jones, Richard Horace, born 1887 in Dickson Missouri 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg
Jones, T.E. 1944-01-21-pg01.jpg
Jones, Wilson W. Mr died Tuesday Oct 23 in Denton Hospital 1956-10-26-pg01.jpg
Jordan, Clara Miss born Oct. 3, 1875 in Alabama 1955-07-08-pg01.jpg
Jordan, Emma Miss, buried in Parkdale Cemetery 1954-03-19-pg01.jpg
Jordan, Mary Elizabeth 1959-10-23-pg04.jpg
Kaker, Etta 1959-06-05-pg06.jpg
Kaker, Gussie Faulkner born Aug 4, 1873 in Paris Texas 1956-07-27-pg01.jpg
Kaker, Henry Lawson 1959-03-27-pg03.jpg
Kaker, John 1925-07-31-pg01.jpg
Kaker, Lawson 1959-03-13-pg01.jpg
Kaker, Lemont Mrs, born in Mississippi in 1878 1953-08-14-pg01.jpg
Kaker, Mervie Virginia 1958-12-05-pg01.jpg
Kaker, S. A. 1957-10-11-pg01.jpg
Kasner, Mattie 1945-04-20-pg01.jpg
Kearney, Belle Miss 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Keen, Willis Arvin 1945-06-08-pg02.jpg
Keller, David Alva 1959-10-09-pg02.jpg
Kelley, Mena, Mrs. 1941-11-21-pg01.jpg
Kelly, George (Machine Gun) photo of casket for Christian Funeral Home 1954-07-23-pg01.jpg
Kendall, J.S., Judge 1944-02-11-pg01.jpg
Key, Ola Maude Mrs born in 1881 in Hood Co. Texas 1953-07-31-pg01.jpg
Kiehl, John 1925-03-27-pg02.jpg
Kilgore, J. L. 1958-03-21-pg03.jpg
Killough, William Francis died in auto accident near Boyd Texas 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg
King, Emma 1945-02-16-pg01.jpg
King, Milton 1943-09-24-pg02.jpg
King, William Luther 1958-12-05-pg03.jpg
Knox, Joseph P. 1946-11-01-pg01.jpg
Koeinger, Franz Joseph 1943-03-12-pg02.jpg
Koeninger, Delia Bridget Connor Mrs born Nov 20, 1861 in Chicago 1954-05-07-pg01.jpg
Koons, Marth Ann born June 7, 1860 in Spirngtown TX 1956-12-21-pg01.jpg
Koontz family home was in California, stationed in Enid OK 1955-04-15-pg01.jpg
Laird, Billie, Pfc. 1944-09-15-pg01.jpg
Laird, Linnie Mrs. 1959-05-01-pg07.jpg
Lamkin, John Martin born Jan 1871 1956-11-09-pg01.jpg
Land, Presley B. 1945-09-21-pg02.jpg
Lane, Dallas 1957-06-07-pg01.jpg
Largent, Anna Belle 1944-11-03-pg01.jpg
Largent, Cora, aunt of Mrs. T.S. Pate 1939-12-15-pg01.jpg
Law, W.R. 'Bob' 1945-01-12-pg01.jpg
Laycock,Yvonne 1957-11-22-pg01.jpg
Leonard, Earnest 1910-06-17-pg03.jpg
Leonard, Earnest died at home of L.R. Smith 1910-06-17-pg03.jpg
Leonard, H. G. former Bridgeport resident 1955-09-23-pg01.jpg
Leonard, James A. born in Springfield MO in 1871 1947-08-29-pg01.jpg
Leonard, Jim survived by wife 2 sons and daughter 1947-08-22-pg01.jpg
Lester, Tom 1957-08-09-pg01.jpg
Leverett, T.J. 1925-09-04-pg01.jpg
Lewing, H. D. Pvt 1945-09-07-pg03.jpg
Lindsey, Davis Gene 1957-07-12-pg04.jpg
Lineham, Edward P. 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Lipps, Riley 1945-09-21-pg01.jpg
Lipps, Tillman Riley 1945-09-28-pg03.jpg
Livingood, Mary 1946-12-06-pg01.jpg
Lobdell, H.E. Stove Explosion 1942-10-23-pg01.jpg
Lobdell, Mary Katherine, Stove Explosion 1942-10-23-pg01.jpg
Locke, Harold L. 1957-06-14-pg01.jpg
Locke, Maggie M. born Feb 29, 1880 Cleburne Texas 1954-10-29-pg04.jpg
Logan, H.M. 1944-03-10-pg01.jpg
Logan, James Caldwell 1946-11-08-pg03.jpg
Logan, M.H. 1944-03-24-pg01.jpg
Long, C.L. 1959-11-13-pg07.jpg
Long, Lillie May Mrs, born Oct 8, 1879 in Henrietta OK 1954-07-30-pg01.jpg
Long, Mary Thedoshia Evaline 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg
Long, W.A., Mrs. 1944-03-24-pg01.jpg
Loper, Archie Lee came from Hall County in 1941 1953-06-05-pg01.jpg
Lovejoy, Booker K. born Dec 27, 1881 in Wise County TX 1956-11-09-pg01.jpg
Lowry, Luther L. 1959-05-01-pg08.jpg
Lumus, Sam H. 1959-07-17-pg02.jpg
Lusk, W.P. 1941-11-07-pg01.jpg
Malcolm, William G. 1945-04-13-pg02.jpg
Mann, Lillie Maud Mrs buried in East Bridgeport Cemetery 1956-03-23-pg01.jpg
Mann, Lillie Maude daughter of Mr & Mrs Jess Read 1956-04-06-pg01.jpg
Mann, Lillie Maude Mrs Memoriam by the Eastern Star, died Mar 21 1956-05-04-pg01.jpg
Mann, Mary, Mrs. 1943-04-30-pg02.jpg
Manton, W. J. Mrs, born in Janesville Wisconsin in 1864 1954-06-04-pg01.jpg
Mara, John Mrs. 1958-12-12-pg01.jpg
Marney, Etta Mrs maiden name Miss Etta McDaniel 1955-06-10-pg01.jpg
Marshall, Mark, age 81 funeral service held in Chico Texas 1956-03-23-pg05.jpg
Martin, Jim Mrs 1957-11-22-pg01.jpg
Martin, Ollie Purdy 1958-10-03-pg02.jpg
Martin,Clarence E. Mrs. 1957-08-02-pg05.jpg
Mask, Fred 1944-01-07-pg02.jpg
Mask, R. D. Mr brother of M. P. Mask 1947-07-11-pg01.jpg
Mattingly, Josephine Nabors, Mrs. 1943-02-05-pg01.jpg
Matzinger, Pearl 1959-02-06-pg04.jpg
Matzinger, Pearl Gladys 1959-01-30-pg02.jpg
McAfee, Ethel 1957-06-21-pg08.jpg
McAfee, John Carlton former resident died in Dallas Nov 7 1956-11-09-pg01.jpg
McAlister, Mary Idella Moreland Mrs b. 1891 in Decatur Alabama 1947-04-25-pg01.jpg
McBride, William Jasper born Nov 8, 1875 in Illinois 1953-04-24-pg01.jpg
McCasland, A.N., Young Son 1942-10-30-pg03.jpg
McClary, J.N., Mrs 1944-08-11-pg01.jpg
McClary, Mattie Berilla Bumpass 1944-08-25-pg01.jpg
McClure, Barney Buel buried in Electra Texas 1956-01-13-pg06.jpg
McClure, Mac funeral held in Denton 1955-10-28-pg06.jpg
McCord, Perry lee 1958-12-19-pg07.jpg
McCrow, Robert 1959-07-10-pg01.jpg
McCullar, Dan 1943-04-02-pg01.jpg
McCurdy, Charles Everett brother of Mrs M P. Mask 1955-07-29-pg01.jpg
McDaniel, Earl 1958-06-27-pg06.jpg
McDonald, Daniel, father of Dr. N.F. 1925-04-24-pg06.jpg
McDonald, John 1958-03-07-pg01.jpg
McDonald, Lula Jane, married William Webster McDonald 1954-04-23-pg01.jpg
McElhaney, V. E. Mrs formerly Virginia Eilen Paschall 1955-08-12-pg01.jpg
McElhaney, Virgil 1957-08-16-pg01.jpg
McEntire, Albert W. Mr. born april 6, 1877 Tennessee 1953-05-22-pg01.jpg
McGee, L. O. (Shag) 1958-05-03-pg01.jpg
McGee, Lorene Greenson, died in Wichita Falls 1954-09-24-pg01.jpg
McGlothlin, John Henry served as Rhome City TX secretary 1955-04-29-pg01.jpg
McGuire, John R. 1958-03-14-pg08.jpg
McKenzie, J.S., Mrs. 1944-08-18-pg01.jpg
McKenzie, J.S., Mrs. 1944-08-25-pg01.jpg
McNeely, James Larn 1958-12-12-pg06.jpg
McNeil, Myra Eaton born 1876 in Johnson Co. Texas 1947-10-03-pg01.jpg
McSpadden, Corry Baker 1958-03-28-pg04.jpg
McSpadden, J. Cecil 1959-10-02-pg01.jpg
Meadows, Kenneth Franklin died of Snake bite 1942-10-30-pg01.jpg
Meek, R. C. Mrs, born April 24, 1868 in Georgia 1954-07-02-pg01.jpg
Mercer, Edward 1944-02-18-pg01.jpg
Merchant, B. C. 1941-09-26-pg01.jpg
Miller, Charles Henson born April 15, 1874 1956-10-19-pg01.jpg
Miller, Harold, Mrs J W.Curly's brother 1942-10-16-pg01.jpg
Miller, Homer E. Mrs 1953-07-31-pg01.jpg
Miller, Luke, Mrs., sister of W.A. Sensibaugh 1925-09-11-pg01.jpg
Miller, M.J., Mrs 1943-10-08-pg01.jpg
Miller, Wallace E. brother of Mrs J. W. Curley 1956-08-17-pg01.jpg
Minor, Aubrey Earl born Aug. 29, 1901 in Paradise TX 1955-02-11-pg01.jpg
Minor, Johnny DeForrest 1941-10-10-pg04.jpg
Mitchell, Samuel Jacob, born Oct 13, 1940 in Cundiff 1954-06-11-pg01.jpg
Mitchum, Homer 1941-08-08-pg01.jpg
Mitchum, Thomas Troy 1944-05-19-pg01.jpg
Mitchum, Troy T., Jr. 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg
Mize, Sam Allen 1959-02-27-pg01.jpg
Mobley, Ernest Mrs lived with daughter Mrs J. D. George 1956-07-13-pg01.jpg
Monnett, M.H. Mrs. 1959-12-18-pg08.jpg
Montford, John 1944-03-31-pg01.jpg
Montrieff, J.V., Mayor 1944-01-07-pg01.jpg
Montrieff, J.V., Mayor 1944-01-14-pg01.jpg
Moore, A. E. Mr born in South Carolina in 1874 1953-12-18-pg01.jpg
Moore, Mary Alice 1941-09-26-pg01.jpg
Morehead, Foy Junior died of brain tumor in route to Odessa Texas 1956-07-20-pg03.jpg
Morehead, O. L. drowned trying to rescue his daughter 1947-08-15-pg01.jpg
Morgan, Jack Paul born July 1, 1928 in Wise County TX 1955-08-26-pg01.jpg
Morgan, Tom Mrs former Lucy Jane Deaton 1956-12-14-pg01.jpg
Morrison, W.H. 1943-02-05-pg01.jpg
Morrison, W.H. 1943-02-05-pg02.jpg
Morrow, W.C. 1945-07-06-pg01.jpg
Morton, John 1943-04-02-pg03.jpg
Moseley, Allie, Mrs. 1941-09-12-pg01.jpg
Mott, Arthur J. 1959-04-24-pg07.jpg
Mount, Milton Henry 1944-10-13-pg03.jpg
Mullinax, Willie, Mrs. 1942-11-20-pg01.jpg
Mulliniux, Raymond 1957-12-06-pg01.jpg
Munn, Fay Evelyn Allison 1944-11-10-pg01.jpg
Muse, Claude Dee Obit, survived by wife Leta Maude Rogers Muse 1956-03-02-pg01.jpg
Mutchie, Carrie Lee 1959-01-30-pg05.jpg
Myers, C. J. Mrs former Miss Annie Badger 1956-03-30-pg03.jpg
Myers, Ida Ella, Mrs. 1944-08-04-pg01.jpg
Nabors, Melvin born Jan 11, 1876 in Alabama 1955-07-15-pg01.jpg
Nall, W. W. Mrs born Eliza Jane McLead in 1855 1947-12-12-pg01.jpg
Nately, Rebecca Ogle, born Nov 19, 1873 in Tennessee 1948-09-03-pg01.jpg
Neal, Jimmie, Mrs. 1944-09-08-pg01.jpg
Neel, James Anderson 1946-10-18-pg02.jpg
Neely, Fay Hempstead, Mr. 1944-05-26-pg01.jpg
Nelson, Martin 1943-10-22-pg01.jpg
Nelson, Pete Verishie, born Mar 30, 1896 in Wisconsin 1954-12-03-pg01.jpg
NeSmith, Laura Jane Russell 1944-03-10-pg01.jpg
NeSmith, Laura Jane Russell 1944-03-10-pg02.jpg
NeSmith, Robert Henry 1941-09-26-pg01.jpg
Newsom, Winnie Miss, daughter of Rev. & Mrs D. P. Newsom 1954-11-19-pg01.jpg
Newton, Gasper 1943-02-05-pg01.jpg
Newton, Inez Siddons Mrs born 1907 Chico Texas 1953-06-19-pg01.jpg
Newton, Isaac Edward, born Nov. 30, 1891 near Bridgeport 1954-05-21-pg01.jpg
Nimmo, W.D. 1959-09-11-pg07.jpg
Nutter, John William obitiuary, born Apr 4,1869 in Leicester England 1948-09-10-pg01.jpg
O'Dell, Jim born Jan 4, 1874 in TN 1954-02-12-pg01.jpg
O'Dell, Lania Ann (infant) parents were Mr & Mrs Ernest O'Dell 1955-07-08-pg01.jpg
Orr, James Hubert 1958-10-17-pg04.jpg
Ortendahl, Joel M. Rev. 1958-12-05-pg03.jpg
Owenby, Sam 1958-05-30-pg04.jpg
Paleszewski, Aloysius J. 1944-09-22-pg01.jpg
Palmer, Unice Harvey 1957-12-06-pg05.jpg
Panter, Hubert married Eva Barksdale 1953-04-17-pg01.jpg
Parrish, Cleburne Mrs 1957-11-15-pg01.jpg
Parrish, Dalton born May 31, 1916 in Bridgeport 1955-03-18-pg01.jpg
Pate, Lewis Monroe, born Nov 14, 1884 1954-12-03-pg01.jpg
Pate, Nancy M. Mrs, born Oct 9, 1863 1954-03-12-pg01.jpg
Patterson, Sarah L. 1957-06-21-pg01.jpg
Payne, Martha Palmer 1944-10-13-pg01.jpg
Payne, Martha Palmer - cont. 1944-10-13-pg02.jpg
Pearson, Harriett Penelope Kelley 1944-08-04-pg01.jpg
Perez, Senor Thomas 1944-08-11-pg04.jpg
Perkins, George 1942-10-30-pg03.jpg
Perkins, John Bert 1957-11-08-pg01.jpg
Perkins, Mary Fenton 1944-10-06-pg01.jpg
Peterson, Walter A. 1925-11-27-pg08.jpg
Petty, R. E. 1958-06-20-pg02.jpg
Phillips, Alley Albert married Aug 5, 1906 Bridgeport 1952-08-15-pg01.jpg
Phillips, Bettie Jane (infant of Mrs. & Mrs. W.L.) 1925-05-29-pg04.jpg
Phillips, Jim L., born Oct 9, 1879 1954-01-29-pg01.jpg
Phillips, Lee Mr. 1959-07-17-pg09.jpg
Phillips, Lee Mr. 1959-07-24-pg03.jpg
Phillips, Myrtle Adelia Mrs 1959-05-29-pg02.jpg
Phillips, Sarah 1957-05-24-pg01.jpg
Pike, Franklin P. died in waiting room at the hospital 1955-04-08-pg01.jpg
Pike, Nona Mrs. 1959-05-01-pg02.jpg
Pike, Thomas Dunivan born June 8 ,1878 in Franklin Texas 1955-07-08-pg01.jpg
Pinner, Alvin T/5 killed in an accident in Yokohama Japan 1947-03-28-pg01.jpg
Pitman, W.L., Mrs. 1941-11-28-pg01.jpg
Pitts, Stevens Carlos (infant) 1952-09-12-pg01.jpg
Poore, Benjamin B. born Oct 8, 1870 1954-02-19-pg01.jpg
Poore, Roy Brinkley son of B. B. & Ada Poore 1947-08-29-pg01.jpg
Porter, George 1943-09-10-pg01.jpg
Poteet, Harry 1944-06-23-pg01.jpg
Poteet, R. W. Mrs. 1957-11-08-pg08.jpg
Potts, Chris Atkins 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg
Power, Frank Turner 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg
Power, T.J. 1941-10-17-pg01.jpg
Price, Marvin G 1957-11-29-pg01.jpg
Provence, Charlie 1945-01-12-pg03.jpg
Province, Lillie 1959-03-13-pg05.jpg
Pruett, Columbus Oran 1957-07-12-pg05.jpg
Pruett, Rushia A. 1946-12-13-pg01.jpg
Prunty, John Virgil (retired dentist) 1958-11-28-pg01.jpg
Putman, Claude Dr. survived by wife and son Edwin 1947-08-15-pg01.jpg
Pyeatt, Mary Carolyn Mrs, born Nov 30, 1864 in Arkansas 1947-03-28-pg01.jpg
Queen, Zelma Lucille Mrs born March 30, 1916 in Chico Texas 1956-08-10-pg01.jpg
Quisenberry, C. M. Justice of the Peace 1957-05-10-pg02.jpg
Quisenberry, Robert, Mrs. 1944-03-10-pg04.jpg
Raines, Alvin Cadwell Sr. former resident of Bridgeport 1953-07-03-pg01.jpg
Ramsdale, Elbert born Jan 15, 1899 Paradise TX 1952-09-05-pg01.jpg
Ramsey, Charlie Culwell 1945-03-02-pg01.jpg
Ramsey, Deanna born Feb 9, 1881 in Alabama 1955-07-15-pg01.jpg
Rankin, Louise Verona Mrs, daughter of Billy & Margaret McKinney 1954-11-19-pg02.jpg
Ransom, John Abram 1958-10-17-pg08.jpg
Ratcliffe, Josephine Panter Mrs obit, died in Indiana, burial Highland Lawn Cem 1953-06-12-pg01.jpg
Ratliff, Calvin Taylor 1945-05-04-pg01.jpg
Raven, Rilla 1944-09-15-pg02.jpg
Raven, Rilla Roberta 1944-09-22-pg01.jpg
Rawle, Dora Ellen born Dec 18, 1887 in Bowie Texas 1954-05-28-pg01.jpg
Rawles, George R. 1959-11-20-pg02.jpg
Ray, Ollie (brother of Rev Hubert Ray) 1958-03-28-pg01.jpg
Ray, Tran Lee 1957-12-06-pg01.jpg
Ray, Tran Mrs. 1959-12-04-pg01.jpg
Read, Carl, Sr. Dr. 1944-09-22-pg01.jpg
Read, Carl, Sr. Dr. 1944-09-29-pg01.jpg
Read, Henry 1944-01-28-pg01.jpg
Read, James Dillard 1953-03-20-pg01.jpg
Reddell, Edgar 1959-07-17-pg01.jpg
Reddell, William Jefferson 1945-09-14-pg01.jpg
Reddell, William Jefferson, cont. 1945-09-14-pg02.jpg
Reeves, Ben F. 1959-08-14-pg08.jpg
Reeves, G.W. 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Reeves, J.B., Mrs. 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Reeves, Sarah Jane Mrs age 89, born March 12, 1858 Tenn. 1947-04-18-pg01.jpg
Reilly, Marvin Dennison born June 29, 1892 in Clinton KY 1956-02-17-pg02.jpg
Reneau, Coy E. Petty Officer 3rd class killed in auto accident 1955-11-18-pg01.jpg
Renshaw, Luna Kenney Mrs 1957-07-12-pg01.jpg
Resolutions of Sympathy - Zorns 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg
Rich, C.H. 1941-11-14-pg01.jpg
Rich, Dalton E. obit killed by conveyor belt at the Stone Crusher 1955-10-28-pg01.jpg
Rich, Robert L. 1945-09-14-pg01.jpg
Richards, Clarence O. Mr father of deceased Cpl Clarence Richards USMC 1947-10-17-pg01.jpg
Richards, John Mrs. 1958-10-03-pg08.jpg
Richards, Park Mr funeral service held in Fort Worth 1947-06-06-pg08.jpg
Richards, Park Mr Mrs Dalton Parrish attended funeral in Denton 1947-06-13-pg05.jpg
Richardson, Bettie Joe 1944-11-17-pg03.jpg
Richardson, Floy Belle McEntire 1945-03-09-pg01.jpg
Richardson, Floy Belle McEntire 1945-03-16-pg01.jpg
Richardson, G.E. 'George', Mrs. 1945-03-02-pg03.jpg
Richardson, W.A. 1945-02-23-pg01.jpg
Rickels, Alvin buried in South Prarie Cemetery, Ivan Texas 1956-09-28-pg01.jpg
Rike, J.R. 1942-11-27-pg01.jpg
Riley, Claude 1925-05-01-pg04.jpg
Rimare, J.D. 'John' 1944-08-25-pg01.jpg
Ringgold, Novis B. 1957-09-27-pg01.jpg
Roach, Charley Thomas diedi n Wichita Falls Hospital 1956-01-20-pg01.jpg
Robb, Mary Alice Panter 1945-01-05-pg02.jpg
Roberts, Beverly Donna died when she fell under the car 1956-05-04-pg01.jpg
Roberts, Fances B. Mrs born Nov 29 1907 in Crawford TX 1956-04-20-pg01.jpg
Roberts, James Roy born Dec 17, 1879 Sparksburg SC 1953-05-01-pg01.jpg
Roberts, L.C. 1957-11-29-pg05.jpg
Roberts, Mrs. H. H. 1958-04-25-pg03.jpg
Roberts, Sallie of Centralia MO 1910-06-10-pg05.jpg
Roberts, Velma 1925-04-24-pg06.jpg
Robertson, Georgia Anna Elizabeth Mrs born Aug 23, 1966 TX 1953-05-08-pg01.jpg
Robinson, Ella 1946-12-13-pg03.jpg
Robinson, J.J. 1942-11-13-pg01.jpg
Rogers, Ella Mrs buried in Paradise Cemetery last Friday 1954-10-08-pg03.jpg
Rogers, J. B. Mr found dead in his home, dead for several days 1947-04-11-pg08.jpg
Rohus, Thurman Grady, born Mar 18, 1912 in Quinlan TX 1954-10-29-pg01.jpg
Rolison, Charles D. 1957-07-19-pg01.jpg
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Pres. 1945-04-20-pg01.jpg
Roper, Susan, Mrs. 1944-10-13-pg01.jpg
Rose, Minta born Sept. 18, 1879 in Springtown TX 1955-09-02-pg02.jpg
Ross, Elizabeth Burgess Rountree born Aug 10, 1871 Springtown TX 1952-12-19-pg01.jpg
Rushin, Houston L. born July 25, 1913 1952-05-23-pg01.jpg
Sabacky, Joseph former resident dies in Falls Church Virginia 1956-05-18-pg05.jpg
Sanders, Carl 1941-11-28-pg01.jpg
Sanderson, Jesse 1944-07-07-pg01.jpg
Sandlin, C.E., Mrs. 1943-04-23-pg03.jpg
Saunders, Cyrus 1958-08-22-pg01.jpg
Savage, K.O. 1943-09-24-pg01.jpg
Scales, Jeanette Allen Mrs born October 1915 1953-07-03-pg01.jpg
Scales, Roy B.Lt. 1943-05-14-pg01.jpg
Schivers, Bonnie, Miss 1943-08-06-pg01.jpg
Schults, Lucian D. 1945-08-24-pg01.jpg
Seabolt, John Ballard, born Aug 8, 1877, Bardwell TX 1954-04-16-pg01.jpg
Seagraves, Ernest L. 1957-01-25-pg01.jpg
Seagraves, Ernest L. 1959-01-09-pg08.jpg
Sechrist, Betty killed in Okla. City 1956-01-20-pg01.jpg
Seigler, Dessie Mrs. 1959-11-06-pg17.jpg
Sellman, Collis Michael infant son of Mr & Mrs Collis D. Sellman 1956-05-04-pg01.jpg
Sensibaugh, W. A. Mrs born Nancy Jane Power, Apr 7, 1870 1956-12-14-pg01.jpg
Shannon, R. G. (Boss) served 11 years in prison 1956-12-28-pg01.jpg
Sharp, Mary C. Mrs. 1959-04-24-pg08.jpg
Shaw, Marion M. 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Shawn, Charles Edward 1959-05-01-pg08.jpg
Shawn, Charles Edward 1959-06-05-pg03.jpg
Shawn, D. A. Mr. born March 23, 1919 Balsora Texas 1953-05-22-pg01.jpg
Shawn, Joseph Weldon 1959-11-13-pg01.jpg
Shawn, Kathryn 1957-04-05-pg05.jpg
Shawn, William Leonard born July 25, 1881 in Wise County TX 1956-02-17-pg01.jpg
Shawyer, L. D. married to former Miss Rosa Lee Anderson 1955-09-16-pg02.jpg
Sheffield, Maud Mrs. 1959-03-27-pg07.jpg
Shelton, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.W. 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Shephard, A. M. Mrs former Dora Zipora Kaker 1955-02-11-pg01.jpg
Shipley, George B. 1959-04-10-pg04.jpg
Shipley, Robert 1944-08-04-pg01.jpg
Shipley, Robert Lee, Sgt. 1944-08-11-pg01.jpg
Siddons, James Louis, born Dec 2, 1876 in Tennessee 1954-08-20-pg01.jpg
Simone, Jane Duval 1944-06-02-pg01.jpg
Simons, J. G. 1958-02-07-pg01.jpg
Simpson, Edith (Mrs J. E.) born July 28, 1872 in Arkansas 1955-01-14-pg01.jpg
Simpson, Ethel Mrs daughter of Phillip & Laura Johnson 1955-01-21-pg02.jpg
Simpson, Ethel Mrs funeral attended by Azz Tate, Clyde Lawrence 1955-01-21-pg04.jpg
Simpson, Paul Wesley 1943-04-09-pg01.jpg
Simpson, Robert 1957-12-06-pg05.jpg
Sizemore, G.W. 1959-10-09-pg01.jpg
Slagle, Marshall Clem born june 16, 1872 in Tennessee 1956-08-24-pg01.jpg
Slaughter, Mary Jane Skipworth 1943-10-01-pg01.jpg
Slover, John, Mrs. 1945-03-23-pg02.jpg
Slover, Sarah Joeanna 1945-03-30-pg04.jpg
Slover, William Sanders 1944-06-16-pg01.jpg
Smith, Charles William, born June 24, 1930 1954-03-26-pg01.jpg
Smith, Charles William, suicide, born June 24, 1930 1954-03-19-pg01.jpg
Smith, D.C. 1957-08-23-pg01.jpg
Smith, Earl 1957-11-15-pg01.jpg
Smith, Emmit W. 1958-04-04-pg05.jpg
Smith, James 1958-10-10-pg01.jpg
Smith, Leslie 1957-06-14-pg01.jpg
Smith, Theodosia T. Mrs wife of Postmaster Marvin B. Smith 1947-04-11-pg01.jpg
Smith, William C. 1944-11-03-pg01.jpg
Sneed, Alice Mrs, born July 25, 1869, Paris TX 1954-03-05-pg01.jpg
Sneed, Zack F. 1925-11-27-pg08.jpg
Souther. L. P. Mr. 1958-04-25-pg04.jpg
Sparks, N. B. Mr born Aug 26, 1881 Tennessee 1952-08-15-pg01.jpg
Specht, Belle 1945-09-28-pg03.jpg
Staples, Deward, born Aug 8, 1924, died Mar 22, 1947 1947-03-28-pg01.jpg
Starnes, Wilford 38 year old, murdered 1952-08-15-pg01.jpg
Stevens, W O 1958-02-28-pg05.jpg
Stewart, Hugh H. 1957-10-25-pg01.jpg
Stewart, N. Elmer Mr. 1958-12-05-pg08.jpg
Stewart, Ruben Mrs (relatives listed) 1958-06-13-pg08.jpg
Stinger, Maggie L. 1959-07-17-pg07.jpg
Stipp, E. M. 1958-02-14-pg05.jpg
Stipp, Marcellus Edwin 1959-03-20-pg08.jpg
Stokes, George Thomas born Feb. 22, 1882 in Mississippi 1956-10-19-pg01.jpg
Stout, A. L. 1958-03-07-pg05.jpg
Strickland, Pearl 1958-03-07-pg01.jpg
Stubblefield, Mrs Katherine Louisa maiden name was Dunaway 1955-05-20-pg01.jpg
Sullins, Amanda, Mrs. 1943-11-26-pg01.jpg
Sullins, Edward Newton 'Ed' 1944-04-21-pg01.jpg
Summerour, Ida Brown 1957-09-20-pg01.jpg
Summers, W. H. Mrs. 1958-10-10-pg02.jpg
Summers,W H 1958-02-28-pg01.jpg
Swaim, Harold 1945-08-24-pg01.jpg
Swain, John T. 1957-11-22-pg01.jpg
Swofford, Sarah Ann Taylor Swinney 1945-01-12-pg02.jpg
Swope, William Paxton born May 11 1884 in Lordsburg NM 1955-06-10-pg01.jpg
Tackel, Auguste Pauline 1942-11-20-pg01.jpg
Tackel, Charley 1958-02-28-pg05.jpg
Tackel, Charlie funeral attendees 1958-03-07-pg05.jpg
Tackel, Minnie L. Blackburn 1925-05-01-pg04.jpg
Taft, William H. 1958-12-05-pg01.jpg
Tallant, Sarah Jane daughter Mrs Morris Dalby came for funeral 1956-08-17-pg05.jpg
Tate, Sarah Mrs. 1957-01-25-pg02.jpg
Teague, James A. 'Jack' 1945-03-23-pg01.jpg
Teague, James A. 'Jack' 1945-04-20-pg01.jpg
Thacker, Walter obit, dies in Atoka Oklahoma 1953-03-27-pg01.jpg
Thetford, Jay H. 1957-11-29-pg07.jpg
Thetford, Jay H. 1957-12-06-pg07.jpg
Thomas, Helen 1959-10-23-pg11.jpg
Thomas, Louis Henry burial in Paradise Cemetery 1956-12-07-pg01.jpg
Thomas, Sam J. survived by wife and eleven children 1947-08-08-pg01.jpg
Thomason, Leonard born Mar 23, 1885 in Wagoner Texas 1956-10-19-pg01.jpg
Thompson, Arthur L. Mr. 1958-04-25-pg08.jpg
Thompson, David Baty born March 16, 1888 in Wise County 1955-09-09-pg01.jpg
Thompson, Durward 1944-03-03-pg01.jpg
Thompson, Durward A. 1944-03-03-pg02.jpg
Thompson, Durwood 1944-02-25-pg01.jpg
Thompson, Mabel Claire Phillips 1944-12-01-pg01.jpg
Thompson, Myrta Ann 1945-09-14-pg01.jpg
Thurman, Pat 1959-10-02-pg01.jpg
Tidwell, Marcel 1958-04-11-pg02.jpg
Timmons, J.E. 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Timms, Burl, born in Cottondale Oct 14, 1890 1954-07-16-pg01.jpg
Tims Burl, born Oct 14, 1890 in Cottondale TX 1954-07-02-pg01.jpg
Tinney, Mrs. J.L. 1959-01-09-pg08.jpg
Titus, Clarence 1958-10-10-pg01.jpg
Todd, Bill Mrs. 1958-09-12-pg05.jpg
Trammell, Ben E. 1946-09-27-pg01.jpg
Tribble, Finley Russell 1958-12-19-pg07.jpg
Tucker, Bennie Camper, Mrs. (Murder) 1943-09-24-pg02.jpg
Tucker, C.J. Mr. 1957-10-18-pg01.jpg
Tucker, N.W., Mr. (Suicide) 1943-09-24-pg02.jpg
Tucker, Samuel 1957-08-30-pg01.jpg
Tufaner, Gobie Rosetta born Nov 16, 1911 1956-08-17-pg01.jpg
Tugwell, F.C. 1958-10-17-pg01.jpg
Turner, Frank Mrs. 1957-03-08-pg01.jpg
Turner, George Lee 1959-11-27-pg01.jpg
Tyler, Colgan, Mrs. 1944-03-03-pg03.jpg
Upperman, Max 1945-09-14-pg01.jpg
Ussery, A. B. Mr. 1958-10-10-pg11.jpg
Van Hoose, James (Jack) M. born in Mississippi Oct 8, 1883 1953-05-08-pg01.jpg
Vanvetterman, Infant of Joseph, Mr. & Mrs. 1910-10-21-pg08.jpg
Vaughan, H.H., Rev. 1910-10-21-pg08.jpg
Vaught, Phillip D. Staff Sgt Missing in action 1944-03-17-pg01.jpg
Vine, Emma, Mrs. 1943-07-23-pg01.jpg
Vine, Harry B, died in Houston March 9, 1954 1954-03-12-pg01.jpg
Waddell, James Park 1944-07-07-pg01.jpg
Waldron, Billie 1945-01-12-pg01.jpg
Waldrop, Charley survived by wife former Miss Allie Morton 1956-04-27-pg01.jpg
Walker, Albert F. 1958-03-07-pg05.jpg
Walker, J.W., Judge 1941-08-08-pg01.jpg
Walker, Robert David son of Mr & Mrs D. O. Walker 1953-12-18-pg01.jpg
Walker, W.H. 1925-04-03-pg01.jpg
Walker, William B. 'Spuddy' 1945-05-18-pg01.jpg
Walker, William Richard 1944-01-14-pg01.jpg
Wallace, J.T. 1943-01-22-pg01.jpg
Wallace, Minnie Denny Mrs born Dec. 13, 1885 1952-07-18-pg01.jpg
Ward, Frank 1959-03-20-pg02.jpg
Ward, James W. 1957-12-06-pg05.jpg
Ward, John C. 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg
Warner, J. P. Mrs formerly Miss M. L. Moon born in TN 1947-05-23-pg08.jpg
Warren, Lanette, Miss former resident died in California 1955-06-10-pg01.jpg
Waters, Ethel Marie 1959-11-20-pg01.jpg
Waters, James Emmett 1945-09-07-pg03.jpg
Waters, Nelson 1945-09-14-pg01.jpg
Watson, Helen May lived in Chico in 1878 1956-09-14-pg01.jpg
Watson, Joe Curtis 1959-11-20-pg03.jpg
Watson, Sarah Ann 1944-10-06-pg01.jpg
Watson, Susie, Mrs 1944-07-14-pg01.jpg
Watson, Turner, Mrs. 1944-09-29-pg01.jpg
Watts, George W. 1944-10-06-pg03.jpg
Weaver, Barlow Allen born Jan 9, 1894 in Hico Texas 1956-07-27-pg01.jpg
Weaver, R. Earnest 1959-10-02-pg02.jpg
Welch, Olen 1941-11-28-pg01.jpg
Wells, Bass, Mrs. 1925-07-10-pg03.jpg
West, L.F. 1958-07-04-pg06.jpg
West, S. M. Mrs died at daughter's, Mrs Tina Redden of Idalou 1947-05-09-pg01.jpg
Wharton, Taxewell S., Jr. 1944-09-22-pg01.jpg
Whatley, John Pinkman born Jan. 17, 1862 (or 1863) 1947-04-11-pg01.jpg
Whatley, Mary Etta 1957-07-12-pg01.jpg
Whitaker, Glenn 1945-03-02-pg03.jpg
White, Marvin Troy 1945-04-06-pg01.jpg
White, Minnie Lee (Marvin T., Mrs.) 1944-01-21-pg01.jpg
White, Peggy Lois 1958-05-30-pg04.jpg
White, W.D., Mrs. (Ozorah Kincaid) 1941-08-29-pg03.jpg
White, Weldon Leo 1945-04-27-pg01.jpg
White, Will 1958-03-21-pg02.jpg
Whitten, David H. died in traffic accident, b. Prague OK 1947-12-05-pg01.jpg
Whitten, Loyd 1945-05-18-pg01.jpg
Whittenberg, Kate Lee Hankins born 1888 Malone, Hill Co. Texas 1953-12-18-pg04.jpg
Wigginton, W.L. 1944-08-18-pg01.jpg
Wilde, Charles J. services were held in Decatur Assumption Church 1956-04-06-pg01.jpg
Wileman, Evelyn Alice Mrs born 1886 near Boyd Texas 1947-10-03-pg01.jpg
Wilhite, Joe E. early soil conservationist 1955-10-28-pg01.jpg
Wilhite, Joe Mrs. 1957-11-29-pg01.jpg
Wilkerson, Mary 1957-04-12-pg02.jpg
Wilkes, Sam M. Mr. 1958-09-26-pg05.jpg
Williams, Barney Brinkley Williams of Amarillo attended funeral 1955-02-25-pg04.jpg
Williams, Barney correction from last week 1955-02-25-pg01.jpg
Williams, Barney W. born Apr 24, 1887 Parker Co. Texas 1955-02-18-pg01.jpg
Williams, Bertie Hill 1957-01-04-pg01.jpg
Williams, Thomas Preston 1945-09-07-pg01.jpg
Williams, W.W., Mrs. 1944-10-20-pg01.jpg
Williamson, John Fulton born May 7, 1864 in Mississippi 1956-09-07-pg02.jpg
Willis, Jesse 1944-06-30-pg01.jpg
Willis, Jesse W. 1944-07-07-pg01.jpg
Willoughby, David 1959-08-14-pg05.jpg
Wilson, Claud 1959-08-07-pg01.jpg
Wilson, Dan 1957-06-28-pg01.jpg
Wilson, Eugene Milburn 1945-08-10-pg01.jpg
Wilson, Myron 1944-03-17-pg01.jpg
Winton, Charles K. 1958-09-26-pg08.jpg
Wise, W.F. 1959-01-23-pg04.jpg
Wolff, Allie 1959-07-17-pg01.jpg
Wood, Laura Alice 1946-11-08-pg06.jpg
Woodruff, Fannie L. Lewis 1945-08-31-pg04.jpg
Woods, Dalton G. 1959-03-13-pg01.jpg
Woods, Guy Andrew, born in 1891 in Buffalo Texas 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg
Woody, Myrle E. Mrs, obit, buriedi n Grenwood Cemetery Ft. Worth 1954-08-27-pg01.jpg
Woolaver, Ida Mae Miss born Aug 12, 1890 in Missouri 1953-04-24-pg06.jpg
Workman, Charlie May, born Jan 10, 1877 1954-03-19-pg03.jpg
Wright, Dave 1942-11-27-pg01.jpg
Wright, Elmer J. born 1889, died in Texarkana 1953-10-02-pg01.jpg
Wright, J.G., teacher from Newport 1916-11-03-pg01.jpg
Wright, William 1957-12-13-pg01.jpg
Yancey, Mac Mrs killed in car crash, buried in Malvern AR 1956-07-06-pg01.jpg
Yeats, Lucy Edna Mrs. 1957-01-18-pg03.jpg
Yoachum, C.M. 1945-01-19-pg01.jpg
Young, Annie Mrs 1957-11-22-pg01.jpg
Young, Charles E., funeral held at Carswell AFB 1954-11-19-pg04.jpg
Zorns, Alvah 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg
Zorns, Alvah Anderson 1910-10-21-pg07.jpg