La Darla Walker Keith

CC for Wise County, Texas

Listowner of TXWISE-L

My maternal ancestors came into what is now Texas in 1821. My paternal ancestors became Wise County citizens in 1845 and this is my home county, five generations later. All four of our daughters were born in Wise County, by design, no matter where we lived at the time.

I married my high school sweetheart and we have enjoyed our children, our 9 grandchildren, and our life together for nearly 50 years.
Genealogy, Travel, Photography, Reading, and Computers are my hobbies.
I retired from a Cadillac dealership (Warranty Administrator) in Dallas after many years, in 1998, and moved back "home" to Bridgeport, Wise County, Texas. We have a much smaller home, (what a challenge) and the population of our town is less than 5,000. After Dallas, this is wonderful. Also have time for research and visiting Wise County Sites.

I became interested in Genealogy and Family History in 1972. We had just moved to Dallas, TX and about the only significant resource there at the time was an LDS library (one and only, I think at that time) deep in the Turtle Creek area of Highland Park.
I did not become active again until the mid 80's and really started "cooking" when we got our first computer in 1988.
I attended a seminar in September 1996, given by a neighbor of mine, Mike Basham. I immediately learned enough HTML to get the Wise County TXGen Web on line.
I have added the TXWISE news list and we have a nice group exchanging information and help.

I publish two booklets each year for family reunions, with pictures and genealogy information. I have a binding system and make "keeper" books, hoping to inspire some of the younger generation to "pick up the torch" earlier than I did.

One reunion is the Conner Reunion, held in Wise County in the Spring. The other annual event is the Keith Family Reunion in Smithville, DeKalb Co., Tenn. each June. We discovered these wonderful Keith families in Tennessee through research. And the trip up there gives us a chance for research in the Deep South.

I have found many, many cousins through my computer and by spending lots of time on-line.
I am working to get all the Wise County Census Records available on my web page.
I am also posting Cemetery grave listings and Family Histories and nearly anything I can find of interest and inspiration to Wise County folks.

This Genealogy work is the most interesting "Game in Town" for me. A huge puzzle waiting for me to put it all toghther. And what a thrill when I find a piece of the puzzle or a "new" cousin.

First picture is of C.L."Sonny" Keith and La Darla Keith, 1998
Second picture is of my parents & siblings.
Billy Fred Walker; Doris Marguerite Walker-1918-1997; Robert Samuel Walker-1910-1982; La Darla Keith,
Glenda St. John.
Taken about 1975.