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Hi LaDarla,

How is everything going for you? I got very excited when I saw unidentified picture #10 on the Wise Co., TX website, but I think I was mistaken.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a younger picture of my great great grandfather, William H. Ferguson/Furgerson b. 24 June 1843 d. 11 Dec 1904 Wise Co., TX buried in Alvord Cemetery and was married to Sarah/Sallie Hathcox/Hathcock. On closer observation I don't think the mystery picture is William. Both men had a sort of squinty left eye, similar ear shape, similar facial hair, though the mystery man's facial hair looks fuller and longer. It was difficult to compare chin lines because my picture of William has facial hair between the beard and his ear, and it looks as if the other man does not. However the hairline of the man in the mystery picture is different. Still they look very similar - enough that they could be related, perhaps father and son or brothers. I don't know the date of the mystery picture, but my picture was dated before 1904 when William died - other than that, I have no idea of the date.

William H. had a son John H. b. 27 Sep 1872 and Albert Franklin b. 18 Jan 1880 d. 24 May 1968 Sulphur, Murray Co., OK. I have a xerox of some pictures of John and Albert. I have some of William and Sarah's daughters, and some of some of their children if you'd like more pictures for comparison sake. Depending on the date of the picture and not having great pictures to compare to - it's possible that the mystery man could be Albert. I don't know anything about William's parents or siblings - I have not definitely proven who his parents were yet.

I only have the one picture of William H. I am sending that picture, another angle and a close up, and then a side by side of my picture of William and the mystery picture #10. I am also sending a few pix of Albert and John.

Do you have any idea what the date is of the photo of the mystery man? I think he's definitely a Ferguson relative - would you compare these pictures to the mystery man and tell me what you think?

Kind regards,


William and mystery man

John and Albert

Ferguson Siblings


William close up

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