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Named for U. S. Senator Henry A. Wise, from Virginia ,Wise County lies in North-Central Texas, touching the counties of: Parker,Tarrant,Jack,Denton,Cook, and Montague.

Wise County covers about 900 square miles and is just a short drive from the Red River and Oklahoma. This proximity created many problems in the mid 1800's with outlaw and Indian raids from the Indian Territory just across the river. (see our star)

The county seat is located in Decatur, with its beautiful pink granite courthouse built in 1895. From its high hill in the middle of the town square, it overlooks the town and is visible for miles.

Wise County was settled by farmers and cattlemen in the mid 1800's. Dairy farming later became a major business. Brick production and crushed limestone plants soon followed to replace the defunct coal mines. Oil and gas fields were developed in the 1950's and became a thriving industry.

Historical markers, erected through efforts of the Wise County Historical Commission, sparked by the enthusiasm and hard work of their chairman, Rosalie Gregg, mark its rich history, including the Butterfield Stage Line, historic cattle trails ,and outlaw hide-outs, famous areas of Indian depredations and frontier cemeteries.


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