Wise County, Texas Rose

Moved to Town

Lake Bridgeport March 9, 2001

Class of 1954 BHS
1954 Black & White

House on Carpenter Street Bridgeport 1913

Bridgeport School Music Class 1902! Our thanks to Bob Leonard, who got this picture from his grandmother, LOLA GERTRUDE HARDY.

Bridgeport School 1913

Old Cars on Halsell St. Bridgeport

Jack Frost Birthday Celebration

Holt Family

Some Bridgeport Old Timers

Wild Deer

Bridgeport Street in 1918 (near 4 way stop)

1929-1930 Bridgeport Second Grade Class

1927 Bridgeport Second Grade Class

1921 Bridgeport School Second Grade Class

A family picture of Harry Hardy family contributed by Bob Leonard, taken about 1905. He got this picture (and the ones to follow) from his grandmother, LOLA GERTRUDE HARDY.
Can anyone read the pennant? Who are the ladies? Picture contributed by Bob Leonard of Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Thought to be a picture of Bridgeport School classes. Picture sent by Bob Leonard
Rhome School about 1915. Picture sent by Bob Leonard. His grandfather is the male teacher in the photo (Robert Edgar Leonard seen at the right of photo).

Luther Brock going into church. Which one?

Photo sent by Doris Hall of Weatherford, TX

Petty Family

William Thomas Pierce

Joanne Deshong sent the following pictures from Wise county past times. Contact her atjdeshong@nctv.com for more information.

Hulett Girls

I.A. Hough

Joe Parker and Brothers

Lucile Hulett, Spring of 1910

Ruby Stanfield-1888-1986

Stanfield, Gardner, Ramsdale, etc. Reunion

The people in picture above indentified by Joanne are:
Second row, 6th adult from left, Ruby Stanfield, beside her, Viola Stanfield, little girl beside Viola, Mary Standfield.
Top Row, 7th person over, Robert Wilshier Stanfield, Mollie Gardner Stanfield to his right.

Stanfield House

Viola Stanfield and friends

Viola and Ruby Stanfield

Elder Family

William Francis Stanfield (1849-?) married Maggie Elder on Feb. 14, 1884. they had 5 children. William Francis Stanfield died in Arlington at the Home for Aged Masons.

Misc Stanfield pictures

Pictures L to R:Top Row (1) Joe Parker and Bros., (2)Unknown (3) Fred Gardner (4) Fannie and Lena Gardner (Parks- Troxell) (5) Ada Humphrey (6) Gut and Fred Humphrey

Bottom row--- (7)Robert & wife Mary Elizabeth, "Mollie" Gardner in two views (8)& (9) Ray or Roy Dillard in two pictures (10) Mary Stanfield, and Mary with parents, Robert and Mollie. (11) Beulah Harvey


Picture of Burton Elmo Burfeind Squad
Submitted by Stephen J. Wilch of 800 Elwood St. Middletown, OH 45042

Looking for any relatives of Burton Elmo Burfeind. He and his parents lived on what is now called "Old Decature Road", between Alvord and Decatur. Beleived he attended Alvord schools. Father's name was John & pretty sure Burton Elmo Burfeind, was an only child.
These sparse details were provided by chance contacts we have in Wise County, his still living, nearby neighbors by the names Claud Jr. & Jack Elsom. We thank these two for providing the information & directing us to post a query at the Wise County Historical Society.
Our purpose to contact Elmo's relatives, is to share with them the WW II stories of Elmo's great WW II accomplishments, since with the speed of the invading forces during his D-Day landing and advancement thru France, was not recognised by the U.S. Army.
Burton Elmo Burfeind was in the 29th Division, 115th Regiment, Company E, 2nd platoon, 2nd squad, with William A. Wilch 83 and still going strong, of Middletown, Ohio. Bill has finally told the fateful stories of his being kept from being captured, and nearly killed, several times by the actions of Burton Elmo Burfeind. He'd like to share these stories with all in Wise County, but especially so with any relatives that can be found. He doesn't want to come to the end of his own life, without anyone thinking Elmo never existed. He doesn't seek publicity for himself, as it all belongs to Elmo, since he took Bill under his wing being a little older. And without his daring and brave actions, Bill or his family would not exist today.
Burton Elmo Burfeind was never seen again after Bill was wounded in August 1944, sent to England to recover and returned to France with his unit. All were new replacements in the unit, Bill asked of Elmos whereabouts and no one had heard of him or knew his whereabouts.
Bill was wounded again, sent to England, never to return to France to join his buddy Elmo. Only after the war, did he learn that Burton Elmo Burfeind was KIA in September 1944 in the assault on Brest, France. Claud Jr. & Jack Elsom related that they beleive Elmo was returned to Wise County after the war by surviving family, for internment. 
Hard it will be, to find relatives of an only son, KIA so long ago. But if distant relatives are not found, Elmos stories will be written for all interested in Wise County to view. We will provide them to the Wise County Historical Society & Wise Museum.
Sending a photo of Burton E. Burfeind & William A. Wilch with their squad in England, from March 1944, with names in photo caption, to the "Photos Section" of the Wise County Historical, website. Anyone feel free to contact for any reason, those listed below.
Thank You Wise County;
William A. Wilch 
210 Highview Rd.
Middletown, Ohio 45044
Phone; 513-422-4722
For William,
Stephen J.Wilch, son
800 Elwood St.
Middletown Ohio 45042
Phone; 513-422-5877