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#5-- (Sent by Doris Hall) (Possible identification: C. J. Bauer Family---See 5a & 5b below.)

#5a---(Sent by Tom Payne at payne.cj5@worldnet.att.net--compare with #5 above. We believe this to be the C. J. Bauer family from Bauer, Iowa. See also next picture #5b.)

#5b--- See above 5 and 5a.

5c---*Note on #5 above

#6--(Sent by dwaller@tcsn.net
#7--(Deanie Waller)
#8--(Deanie Waller)

#10--(Deanie Waller)

#11--(Margaret Lawrence)

#12--(Margaret Lawrence)

#13--(Margaret Lawrence)

#14--(Margaret Lawrence)

#15--(Margaret Lawrence)

#16--(Margaret Lawrence)

#17--(Margaret Lawrence)

#18--(Margaret Lawrence)

#19--(Margaret Lawrence)

#20--(Margaret Lawrence)

#21--(Margaret Lawrence)

#22--(Vicki Youngblood Reynolds)

#23--(Lynn Wright)

#24--(Julie & Vera)

How are they related?
Back Row (L-R) Bertha Mae Jones and Josephine Jones--FrontL Flora Jones, Bessie Jones Moreman, and Viola Jones-Approx 1912

#26 is10 of WISE COUNTY "DIRTY DOZEN" sent by AltaMDurden@aol.com

#25 Picture Who are these Vets? Note from Dorothy Short Love (click here)

Following pictures from rosiesmemories2@msn.com

Who Am I?

Hi La Darla,
I was hoping I could ask a favor of you by posting a link on the Wise County TXGenWeb page. I have a picture that I am desperately trying to date and identify. I know it will be unlikely that anyone has seen the picture (but I can always hope!), but I am hoping someone may be able to recognize one of the men in it. I think that one may be my 2nd great grandfather, but the only picture of him is small and he is much much older, so I can't make a positive identification.

If someone else can recognize someone in the picture, then I could approximate their age and then date the photo. That would tell me if it is possible one of them men is my 2nd great grandfather.

I sent a copy of the photo and the men's faces to Rosalie Gregg. She had never seen it, nor did she recognize the men. She thinks, however, the photograph could be of the first bridge across Ventioner Creek west of Chico.

If you could find a place on the Wise County page to place these links, I would be so appreciative.

Here is a link to the bridge page:
Bridge Page

Here is a closer picture of the men:
Men Closer

Here is the important one - the close up of each of the men's faces:
Faces of Men

My 2nd great grandfather, Samuel Young, moved to Wise County about 1874 from Denton County. His second wife died there in 1880, and he married Mariah (Turner) Powell at East Mound in 1883.
He moved in the late 1880 or early 1890's just across the county line to Jack County.
His brother Ezekiel P. Young, also moved to Wise County, and was living somewhere between Bridgeport and Chico.

Again, thanks for any help you can provide.


Norman Lewis

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