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Confederate Pension Applications (Below on this page)
571 on List of Applications for Wise County
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Wise County, Texas - Military:  Confederate Pension Applications
On file at the Texas State Library and Archives at Austin, Travis Co., TX
Five hundred seventy-one (
571) applications were found for Wise County.
Sent in by Douglas Harris. Contributed by Veda Mendosa <>

Confederate Pension Application List

The index to the confederate pension applications at  list the claimant name, 
application number, county, husband's name for widow pension applications,
and the husbands application number if for a widow pension.

 Claimant's Name      App. No.  County Husband's Name
Adair, S. R. (Mrs)                     21625 Wise Adair, James Robert
Adams, Martha Ann                      46612 Wise Adams, Marvin
Albritton, Asa T.                      rej   Wise 
Allen, Sallie C.                       rej   Wise Allen, J. T.
Allen, William                         04479 Wise 
Allison, Elizabeth                     rej   Wise Allison, James William
Allison, K. J. (Mrs)                   39254 Wise Allison, Samuel Gillaspie
Bagwell, Nancy Ellen                   25954 Wise Bagwell, William Anderson
Bailey, A. E. (Mrs)                    18559 Wise Bailey, Horace Coleman      
Bailey, Horace Coleman                 09369 Wise 
Bailey, Josephus                       rej   Wise 
Bailey, Rebecca M.                     18558 Wise Bailey, Josephus
Bailey, W. F.                          18548 Wise 
Baits, Martha Jane                     rej   Wise Baits, George Edward
Baker, Andrew Jackson                  20112 Wise 
Baker, Martha                          27900 Wise Baker, Andrew Jackson       
Ball, Margaret Elizabeth               07732 Wise Ball, Benjamin Jackson
Banks, Andrew H.                       28982 Wise 
Banks, Andrew H. (Mrs)                 31875 Wise Banks, Andrew H.            
Barnett, A. L. (Mrs)                   rej   Wise Barnett, John Abb
Barnett, Elisha Green                  45914 Wise 
Barnett, F. M. (Mrs)                   38661 Wise Barnett, William H.         
Barnett, John                          06845 Wise 
Barnett, William H.                    25085 Wise 
Barr, James L.                         06851 Wise
Bartlett, Addie                        45538 Wise Bartlett, J. L.             
Bartlett, J. L.                        34119 Wise 
Bates, G. E. (Mrs)                     rej   Wise 
Baugh, A. G.                           20346 Wise 
Beaman, S. E. (Mrs)                    27027 Wise Beaman, Uriah
Beck, Mary Elizabeth                   rej   Wise Beck, Benjamin Franklin
Bennett, S.                            04480 Wise 
Bogg, J. V.                            rej   Wise 
Bogy, Joseph Vetoe                     16983 Wise 
Bogy, Ruth V.                          29231 Wise Bogy, Joseph Vetoe          
Bolton, Jasper N.                      09370 Wise 
Bowden, Samuel B.                      06848 Wise 
Bowers, John                           34146 Wise 
Bowlin, M. M. (Mrs)                    43468 Wise Bowlin, Newton Rhea
Boyd, Eliza                            42490 Wise Boyd, Thomas                
Boyd, Thomas                           39417 Wise 
Boyett, M. E. (Mrs)                    20827 Wise Boyett, James Elijah
Bray, James L.                         rej   Wise 
Brazil, Mary Ann                       23185 Wise Brazil, William Harding
Brecheen, James M.                     06837 Wise 
Breecheen, Sophia                      rej   Wise Breecheen, James M.
Breedlove, Henry C.                    20662 Wise 
Bridges, S. A. (Mrs)                   16984 Wise Bridges, James Allen
Brite, Thomas Benton                   26966 Wise 
Broun, Thomas R.                       rej   Wise
Broun, Thomas Rogers                   38956 Wise 
Broun, Thomas Rogers (Mrs)             42717 Wise Broun, Thomas Rogers        
Brown, Andrew J.                       21346 Wise 
Brown, Andrew J. (Mrs)                 30390 Wise Brown, Andrew J.            
Brown, Evan                            06832 Wise  
Brown, M. E. (Mrs)                     23235 Wise Brown, Jake
Brown, W. P.                           rej   Wise 
Brown, William H.                      rej   Wise 
Brown, William Harrison                rej   Wise 
Brownfield, Charles E.                 07736 Wise 
Bruner, Fannie                         12211 Wise Bruner, J. K. P.
Buchanan, George A.                    18550 Wise 
Buchanan, Susan T.                     20548 Wise Buchanan, George A.         
Burton, Charles Clark                  47475 Wise 
Burton, Charles Clark (Mrs)            50802 Wise Burton, Charles Clark       
Burton, William F.                     30399 Wise 
Byrd, Rachel M.                        31983 Wise Byrd, Pleasant Wisley
Campbell, F. J. (Mrs)                  08577a Wise 
Campbell, James L.                     23326 Wise 
Carney, Rebecca                        rej   Wise Carney, George W.
Caruthers, Elizabeth                   rej   Wise Caruthers, Benjamin Newton
Casey, A. T.                           rej   Wise 
Casey, Henrietta                       33500 Wise Casey, Abner Tipton
Castles, James Alexander               33400 Wise 
Castles, Susan Ann                     36392 Wise Castles, James Alexander    
Cates, Rowena Hale                     rej   Wise Cates, Charles Donahue
Chenowith, Hannah                      07737 Wise Chenowith, T. L.
Chenowith, Thomas L.                   06847 Wise 
Church, Mastin                         04483 Wise 
Church, Nancy A.                       14499 Wise Church, Mastin
Clardy, Jesse Washington               34616 Wise 
Clary, W. T. (Mrs)                     51503 Wise Clary, Thomas Chester
Clayton, Mary A.                       06856 Wise Clayton, Norman B.
Clifton, Annie                         16982 Wise Clifton, Merit              
Clifton, Merit                         14049 Wise 
Cobb, Burwell Edward                   06838 Wise 
Cobb, George                           04481 Wise 
Collins, Lavanda Tinnie                36846 Wise Collins, Willis Green       
Collins, Margaret A.                   27277 Wise Collins, Robert Marion
Collins, Willis Green                  26748 Wise 
Cooper, W. A.                          06834 Wise 
Copeland, W. L.                        25844 Wise 
Covington, Joe Sorrelo                 26606 Wise 
Cowling, Sidneyham W. (Mrs)            23419 Wise Cowling, Sidneyham W.
Crabb, J. D.                           rej   Wise 
Crabb, Malissa                         36941 Wise Crabb, William Burton       
Crabb, William Burton                  19339 Wise 
Craft, Charity P.                      06842 Wise Craft, Joshua B.
Crawford, Callie C.                    51047 Wise Crawford, Henry P.          
Crawford, Henry P.                     32603 Wise
Crenshaw, Lewis Doison                 18547 Wise 
Crenshaw, M. W. (Mrs)                  22620 Wise Crenshaw, Lewis Doison18547
Crocker, Jennie M.                     38709 Wise Crocker, Peter Harry        
Crocker, Peter Harry                   12682 Wise 
Cross, Ryla J.                         04482 Wise 
Cunningham, John V.                    34377 Wise 
Curtner, John Henry (Mrs)              22783 Wise Curtner, John Henry
Dabney, J. B.                          26030 Wise 
Daniel, William                        rej   Wise 
Davenport, Thomas Wesley               19340 Wise 
Davis, E. (Mrs)                        28822 Wise Davis, Lunsford Green
Dawson, Katherine                      07905 Wise Dawson, P.
Dean, Fannie                           45981 Wise Dean, Wayman Attison
Dearman, Wellington Brooks             26862 Wise 
Dennis, Noah                           20155 Wise 
Dennison, Henry                        04485 Wise 
Derryberry, Henry A.                   06859 Wise 
Derryberry, Sarah                      08570 Wise Derryberry, Henry A.        
Dewees, J. W.                          35989 Wise 
Dickson, M. M. (Mrs)                   46435 Wise Dickson, John Nixon
Dodd, E. J. (Mrs)                      26848 Wise Dodd, William Short
Donald, Mattie C.                      42511 Wise Donald, Robert Steven       
Donald, R. Q.                          rej   Wise 
Donald, Robert Steven                  41754 Wise 
Donaldson, Martha                      04484 Wise Donaldson, Calvin
Donoldson, Buck W.                     40076 Wise 
Doss, A. S.                            18552 Wise 
Dotson, Leonidus Constantin            13122 Wise 
Dotson, M. E. (Mrs)                    22898 Wise Dotson, Leonidus Constantin 
Drennen, William C.                    rej   Wise 
Duff, J. B.                            10240 Wise 
Eason, John T.                         18551 Wise 
Eddins, Louis Banders                  20811 Wise 
Embry, James Monroe                    50411 Wise 
Embry, Wiley Greenville (Mrs)          42458 Wise Embry, Wiley Greenville
Ensey, E. L. A.                        rej   Wise 
Evans, Flora M.                        04486 Wise Evans, W. N.
Farmer, Henry                          rej   Wise 
Faulkner, Isaac G.                     22161 Wise 
Ferguson, Posey Munroe                 26585 Wise 
Ferree, Sarah                          19342 Wise Ferree, John Presley
Field, James A.                        18549 Wise 
Fishback, L. L. (Mrs)                  16690 Wise Fishback, William Henry
Fitzgerald, James E.                   16985 Wise 
Fletcher, Alice J.                     51592 Wise Fletcher, Garrett Henderson 
Fletcher, Garrett Henderson            49427 Wise 
Flowers, William H.                    07073 Wise 
Followill, Catherine                   rej   Wise Followill, Moses
Followill, Moses                       04488 Wise 
Forster, William A.                    23674 Wise
Fowler, E. B.                          04487 Wise 
Fry, Andrew Jackson                    26108 Wise 
Fry, Sarah E.                          36737 Wise Fry, Andrew Jackson         
Fugate, Z. N.                          46611 Wise 
Fullingim, Jesse P.                    42627 Wise 
Gage, C. M. (Mrs)                      19345 Wise Gage, William Chaney
Gant, John J.                          rej   Wise 
Gardner, J. A.                         40666 Wise 
Garrison, G. B.                        36070 Wise 
Gentry, Lottie                         40669 Wise Gentry, Samuel G.
Gentry, William                        40177 Wise 
Gibbs, John M.                         rej   Wise 
Gibson, William I.                     26480 Wise 
Gilley, G. W.                          33779 Wise 
Gilley, M. A. (Mrs)                    42695 Wise Gilley, John B.
Glover, James Jasper (Mrs)             41839 Wise Glover, James Jasper
Gore, James G.                         23946 Wise 
Gore, James G. (Mrs)                   40897 Wise Gore, James G.              
Gore, Madorah                          36261 Wise Gore, Andrew Jackson
Goss, Felix                            17002 Wise 
Gray, William J.                       rej   Wise 
Green, C. E. (Mrs)                     rej   Wise Green, James
Green, S. E. (Mrs)                     04489 Wise Green, Thomas B.
Greer, Sarah                           29902 Wise Greer, William Lewis
Gregg, J. M.                           29606 Wise
Gunter, E. M. (Mrs)                    27078 Wise Gunter, John Balis
Hale, L. A. (Mrs)                      35042 Wise Hale, John Slinkerd
Ham, A. E. (Mrs)                       21790 Wise Ham, Henry Russell
Hancock, O. M.                         30096 Wise 
Hanna, J. H.                           23685 Wise 
Hanna, Maggie Ellen                    51559 Wise Hanna, William Wayman (wamon)
Hanna, William Wamon                   42926 Wise 
Harbison, P. F.                        09372 Wise 
Hardin, M. A. (Mrs)                    32272 Wise Hardin, Patrick Winston     
Hardin, Patrick Winston                25951 Wise 
Harding, Martha A.                     20131 Wise Harding, John Douley
Harris, Daniel M.                      04493 Wise 
Harris, E. V. (Mrs)                    28400 Wise Harris, James Ransom
Harris, J. R.                          rej   Wise 
Harris, M. J. (Mrs)                    32600 Wise Harris, George H.
Hash, James P.                         24114 Wise 
Hawkins, C. C.                         38262 Wise 
Head, James W.                         19341 Wise 
Head, John                             28279 Wise 
Henderson, A. J.                       16988 Wise 
Henderson, E. A. (Mrs)                 04492 Wise Henderson, Thomas H.
Henry, James Rufus                     24683 Wise 
Herndon, Ida Ann                       45884 Wise Herndon, Vince Elvinton
Herron, George G.                      06864 Wise 
Hill, Henry Harry                      23173 Wise
Hill, Hetty A.                         42077 Wise Hill, William Jasper
Hill, Juliann                          19344 Wise Hill, Richard T. *          
Hill, Mary                             rej   Wise Hill, Henry Harry           
Hilton, E. M. (Mrs)                    24959 Wise Hilton, Robert Valentine
Hines, Joseph James (Mrs)              39712 Wise Hines, Joseph James
Hines, M. J. (Mrs)                     18557 Wise Hines, Joseph
Hobbs, John Thomas                     26017 Wise 
Hodges, B. F.                          42362 Wise 
Hodges, E. L.                          04490 Wise 
Hodges, William H.                     17217 Wise 
Hornback, J. A. (Mrs)                  21383 Wise Hornback, Silas Henry Franklin
House, M. A. (Mrs)                     29947 Wise House, Chesley Green
Houston, James Milton                  04491 Wise 
Huddleston, D. C.                      28950 Wise 
Huddleston, J. A.                      16987 Wise 
Hudgeons, Robert T.                    04494 Wise 
Huff, Amanda C.                        29207 Wise Huff, Charles Ratliff
Hughes, Nancy J.                       12210 Wise Hughes, Silas S.
Hughes, Silas S.                       06833 Wise 
Hullett, Sarah J.                      rej   Wise Hullett, Benjamin Eaton
Hulsey, Alford                         29105 Wise 
Hundley, Adelia A.                     35787 Wise Hundley, John
Hunt, Corinne                          41860 Wise Hunt, Jud Barrett
Hunt, David Larkin                     33415 Wise 
Hunt, David Larkin (Mrs)               33486 Wise Hunt, David Larkin          
Hutson, Mary J.                        10507 Wise Hutson, A. T.
Ireland, M. A. (Mrs)                   25849 Wise Ireland, Robert Rended
Jackson, J. H.                         04496 Wise 
Jacobs, Thomas Moses                   31618 Wise 
Jarrell, M. J. (Mrs)                   24088 Wise Jarrell, Thomas Jefferson
Jennings, G. W.                        rej   Wise 
Jennings, T. L.                        26705 Wise 
Johnson, R. W.                         04495 Wise 
Johnson, Robert S.                     22690 Wise 
Johnson, Washington                    06858 Wise 
Johnston, John M.                      06839 Wise 
Johnston, Melville Burr                26550 Wise 
Jones, A. R.                           21382 Wise 
Jones, C. C.                           rej   Wise 
Jones, Charles P.                      38480 Wise 
Jones, E. Samuel                       rej   Wise 
Jones, Elizabeth                       16991 Wise Jones, Reese
Jones, James Alexander                 18546 Wise 
Jones, James Daniel (Mrs)              50307 Wise Jones, James Daniel
Jones, M. R.                           24130 Wise 
Jones, Matihlda D.                     28074 Wise Jones, William Axley
Jones, N. J. (Mrs)                     31921 Wise Jones, James Robert
Jones, Wason Alzibee (Mrs)             49418 Wise McDaniel, Richard Perkins
Jordan, William Harris                 26343 Wise 
Jorden, Alabama H.                     35758 Wise Jorden, William Harris      
Kelsay, Curtis William                 rej   Wise 
Kelsay, Curtis William (Mrs)           rej   Wise Kelsay, Curtis William      
Kendrick, S. A. (Mrs)                  rej   Wise Kendrick, J. R.
Kennedy, M. A. (Mrs)                   rej   Wise Kennedy, Samuel Banard
Kenny, Allen Sammons                   22449 Wise 
Kenny, Belle J.                        31856 Wise Kenny, Allen Sammons        
Kerr, James M.                         16992 Wise 
Kerr, Mary Jane                        46023 Wise Kerr, James M.              
Kincaid, W. S.                         06850 Wise 
King, J. C.                            06860 Wise 
King, S. J. (Mrs)                      19343 Wise King, James Chopple
King, William Ashley                   38834 Wise 
Knight, George Washington              18677 Wise 
Knight, S. A. (Mrs)                    48058 Wise Knight, George Washington   
Laird, E. F. (Mrs)                     rej   Wise Laird, William Turner       
Laird, William Turner                  06835 Wise 
Langston, I. A. (Mrs)                  35753 Wise Langston, Thomas W.         
Langston, Thomas W.                    32771 Wise 
Lawrence, Mary L.                      04497 Wise Lawrence, Benjamin F.
Lawrence, William G.                   26280 Wise 
Lawson, Jessie A.                      19354 Wise 
Layton, L. C. (Mrs)                    21868 Wise Layton, John Clifton
Lewis, B. G.                           16993 Wise 
Lewis, John                            09371 Wise 
Livermore, V. A. Hoffman               40405 Wise Hoffman, Laben John
Locke, James R.                        41620 Wise 
Lumsden, Nancy Jane                    42847 Wise Lumsden, Jeremiah Townsend
Lusk, Bill                             36491 Wise 
Lyles, Jonah                           14050 Wise 
Maddox, Henry C.                       04500 Wise 
Malone, M. M. (Mrs)                    28554 Wise Malone, James Allen
Mann, John H.                          rej   Wise 
Marney, William Carrell (Mrs)          30888 Wise Marney, William Carrell
Martin, William T.                     04502 Wise 
Mashone, Fred (Mrs)                    rej   Wise Mashone, Fred
Mason, Luke T.                         26427 Wise 
Massey, John                           22616 Wise 
Mathis, Mary E.                        39843 Wise Mathis, William Albert *    
Matthews, Joseph Thomas                16990 Wise 
Matthews, Mary                         31635 Wise Matthews, Joseph Thomas     
May, M. E. (Mrs)                       rej   Wise May, Soliman Gillmore
McBryde, William Clay                  34384 Wise 
McCarty, Sarah E.                      42496 Wise McCarty, James Benjamin
Franklin *      12576
McClendon, V. A. (Mrs)                 30902 Wise McClendon, James Munrow
McCormack, Cornelia                    36957 Wise McCormack, Joseph Daniel    
McCormack, Joseph Daniel               34962 Wise 
McDaniel, John Henry                   20740 Wise 
McDaniel, John Henry (Mrs)             31364 Wise McDaniel, John Henry        
McDaniel, R. M. (Mrs)                  34623 Wise McDaniel, Markes Silvester
McDaniel, Rosettie                     rej   Wise McDaniel, Marcus Silvester
Miller, John                           08014 Wise 
Miller, John                           32059 Wise 
Miller, M. L. (Mrs)                    18555 Wise Miller, John                
Miller, William L.                     18544 Wise 
Mills, William Henry                   21480 Wise 
Mitchell, J. F.                        39794 Wise 
Mitchell, J. F. (Mrs)                  40344 Wise Mitchell, J. F.             
Mooney, W. E.                          10302 Wise 
Morehead, Bernard Hoe                  09956 Wise 
Morehead, Emma                         19500 Wise Morehead, Bernard Hoe       
Morse, George Washington (Mrs)         31149 Wise Morse, George Washington
Moses, William G.                      rej   Wise 
Mullins, Susan A.                      06846 Wise Mullins, A. B.
Murdock, E. K.                         24333 Wise 
Muse, Emily J.                         39778 Wise Muse, John Henry            
Muse, John Henry                       21925 Wise 
Musgrove, Alexander Neel               20932 Wise 
Musgrove, L. J. (Mrs)                  21120 Wise Musgrove, Alexander Neel    
Nash, Stephen Perry                    40394 Wise 
Neathery, Miranda Clementine           46714 Wise Neathery, William Froge     
Neathery, William Froge                39072 Wise 
Neely, James Alexander                 34076 Wise 
Neely, S. T. (Mrs)                     37808 Wise Neely, James Alexander      
Newby, James Hilliard                  18545 Wise 
Newby, P. J. (Mrs)                     21416 Wise Newby, James Hilliard       
Newsom, Mattie                         43357 Wise Newsom, Dan Parker
Newton, Andrew D.                      34587 Wise 
Nicklas, J. T.                         07739 Wise 
Nisbett, Ben F.                        06857 Wise 
Nisbett, C. B. (Mrs)                   25953 Wise Nisbett, James William
Norfleet, Edward D.                    34510 Wise 
Norton, William A.                     24228 Wise 
Odom, Frances R.                       11175 Wise 
Onstead, F. E. (Mrs)                   22130 Wise Onstead, William Washington
Owen, George Vaughn                    16986 Wise 
Owen, Lucinda                          27091 Wise Owen, George Vaughn         
Owens, J. C.                           29473 Wise 
Owens, Lucien T.                       38571 Wise 
Owens, Savanah                         51321 Wise Owens, Lucien T.            
Palmer, James                          37330 Wise 
Parker, M. M. (Mrs)                    18553 Wise Parker, Tully F.
Patterson, M. J. (Mrs)                 18554 Wise Patterson, William Alexander
Pegues, Susan Laura                    36316 Wise Pegues, Oliver S. *         
Perdue, M. A. (Mrs)                    21961 Wise Perdue, Marcus Lafayette
Perkins, Ezekiel                       07710 Wise 
Perry, F. S.                           rej   Wise 
Pewitt, M. J. (Mrs)                    rej   Wise Pewitt, Joseph Andes
Phillips, Benjamin Franklin            06843 Wise 
Phillips, E. M. (Mrs)                  29628 Wise Phillips, Benjamin Franklin 
Pior, B. B.                            27185 Wise
Pitts, R. H.                           rej   Wise 
Pitts, Robert H.                       22665 Wise 
Plumlee, Susan                         18662 Wise Plumlee, William Denney
Porter, William                        20588 Wise 
Pounds, Mary E.                        25017 Wise Pounds, Reuben C.
Powers, G. H.                          33191 Wise 
Prather, Maggie                        41236 Wise Prather, Siles Edward       
Prather, Silas Edward                  39396 Wise 
Prestridge, Elizabeth Louis            51677 Wise Prestridge, John Milton     
Prestridge, John Milton                40923 Wise 
Price, J. W.                           07074 Wise 
Price, Marmaduke Norphlete             32479 Wise 
Privitt, Ann E.                        rej   Wise Privitt, Frank Merion
Provence, A. M. (Mrs)                  rej   Wise Provence, Thomas Marion
Prunty, Sue                            40573 Wise Prunty, James Wesley
Quinn, William Orange                  16996 Wise 
Ragsdale, Lewis M.                     35435 Wise 
Rainey, W. A.                          rej   Wise 
Raley, D. B. (Mrs)                     25867 Wise Raley, Henry
Ransom, Russell                        06861 Wise 
Ransom, Russell (Mrs)                  33171 Wise Ransom, Russell             
Ratliff, Elizabeth                     09950 Wise Ratliff, William
Ratliff, J. T.                         31024 Wise  
Ratliff, William                       06862 Wise 
Read, E. V. (Mrs)                      43320 Wise Read, John Franklin
Reed, Joe B.                           34131 Wise 
Reed, M. E. (Mrs)                      44054 Wise Reed, John Gideon
Reynolds, C. D.                        29900 Wise 
Rhine, Athur Melton                    32029 Wise 
Rhine, Martha Jane                     37562 Wise Rhine, Arthur Melton        
Richardson, John H.                    24820 Wise 
Riley, Sylvester                       rej   Wise 
Roach, James Harrison                  17001 Wise 
Roach, James Harrison (Mrs)            34876 Wise Roach, James Harrison       
Rodgers, Marion W.                     30548 Wise 
Rogers, R. E. (Mrs)                    33735 Wise Rogers, Thomas S.           
Rogers, S. J. (Mrs)                    27590 Wise Rogers, William Thomas
Rogers, Thomas S.                      23621 Wise 
Rogers, Thomas S.                      27983 Wise 
Roman, H. C. (Mrs)                     25746 Wise Roman, William Wesley
Roman, Sam                             rej   Wise 
Ross, A. W.                            16998 Wise 
Rowden, James Wiley                    16999 Wise 
Rowden, Sarah                          38322 Wise Rowden, James Wiley         
Royster, Joseph W.                     06853 Wise 
Rumley, Matilda M.                     20199 Wise Rumley, Christopher
Rutledge, S. A. (Mrs)                  rej   Wise Rutledge, Robert G.
Sailing, N. M. (Mrs)                   26149 Wise Sailing, James S.
Sanders, A. A. (Mrs)                   43265 Wise Sanders, John J.
Sanders, Elijah B.                     04504 Wise
Sanders, M. C. (Mrs)                   16997 Wise Sanders, William Marion
Sanders, W. J.                         29106 Wise 
Scoggins, Malisey A.                   28886 Wise Scoggins, Andrew Jackson
Scott, Samuel W.                       06852 Wise 
Seely, Sue                             rej   Wise Seely, William E.
Sellars, Marcus D.                     32629 Wise 
Sensabaugh, J. H.                      42694 Wise 
Shamberger, A. D. (Mrs)                25152 Wise Shamberger, John Wilson     
Shamberger, John Wilson                06854 Wise 
Shannon, J. M. P. (Mrs)                36738 Wise Shannon, William Houston    
Shannon, William Houston               29873 Wise 
Sharp, Nancy Elizabeth                 45949 Wise Sharp, Joseph Jackson
Shaw, Hugh Jasper                      rej   Wise 
Shearer, Sarah                         18556 Wise Shearer, George McCloud
Shofer, A. J.                          29786 Wise 
Shook, Lanso Dolphes                   26620 Wise 
Shook, Rebecca                         32454 Wise Shook, Lanso Dolphes        
Shreve, Mahala J.                      36905 Wise Shreve, Thomas Joshua       
Shreve, Thomas Joshua                  20019 Wise 
Siddons, M. E. (Mrs)                   24478 Wise Siddons, James Auston
Simpson, Terressa                      24802 Wise Simpson, Allen Jasper
Singleton, M. S. (Mrs)                 23697 Wise Singleton, Thomas Reinett
Smith, M. A.                           rej   Wise 
Smith, M. L.                           38697 Wise 
Smith, Martha                          25325 Wise Smith, David Johnson
Smith, Martha C.                       30384 Wise Smith, William M.           
Smith, N. E. (Mrs)                     35592 Wise Smith, William Anderson     
Smith, Otterson                        26917 Wise 
Smith, R. D.                           29830 Wise 
Smith, Robert Games                    14051 Wise 
Smith, Robert Games (Mrs)              32487 Wise Smith, Robert Games         
Smith, S. J. (Mrs)                     24602 Wise Smith, William Allen
Smith, W. A.                           rej   Wise 
Smith, William Anderson                16995 Wise 
Smith, William M.                      29239 Wise 
Spain, Mary Jane                       30067 Wise Spain, James
Sparks, Markes D. Lafaite              28058 Wise 
Sparks, Markes D. Lafaite (Mrs)        32263 Wise Sparks, Markes D. Lafaite   
Speer, D.                              17000 Wise 
Spencer, John                          22640 Wise 
Spencer, John (Mrs)                    30867 Wise Spencer, John               
Spencer, R. F.                         22321 Wise 
St. Clair, N. C. (Mrs)                 11176 Wise St. Clair, R. R.
Stalmaker, Samuel G.                   43113 Wise 
Stamps, B. F.                          04506 Wise 
Stanford, Francis Marion               07740 Wise 
Stanford, Sarah Malinda                rej   Wise Stanford, James Franklin
Stegall, James F.                      49115 Wise 
Stephens, H. A. (Mrs)                  28967 Wise Stephens, Andrew Jackson
Stevenson, N. E. (Mrs)                 23510 Wise Stevenson, Thomas Jefferson
Stewart, Antinet                       04503 Wise 
Stewart, Robert Franklin               04505 Wise 
Stewart, Sallie R.                     16994 Wise Stewart, Robert Franklin    
Stockton, H. E. (Mrs)                  24804 Wise Stockton, Henry Harrison
Stokes, Charles Thomas                 23225 Wise 
Stokes, M. L. (Mrs)                    24951 Wise Stokes, Charles Thomas      
Stout, Jasper N.                       06849 Wise 
Stribling, T. W.                       30137 Wise 
Sullivan, James P.                     26344 Wise 
Sullivan, James P. (Mrs)               34610 Wise Sullivan, James P.          
Tabner, M. J. (Mrs)                    32660 Wise Tabner, Nathaniel           
Tabner, Nathaniel                      17003 Wise 
Tate, E. A.                            07730 Wise 
Tate, M. A. (Mrs)                      09913 Wise Tate, E. A.
Taylor, E. J. (Mrs)                    30170 Wise Taylor, William W.
Taylor, Eliza                          20205 Wise Taylor, James Tilghman
Taylor, M. E. (Mrs)                    27477 Wise Taylor, John Pernecias
Teague, Oscar Fitsallen                36835 Wise 
Teague, Oscar Fitsallen (Mrs)          40636 Wise Teague, Oscar Fitsallen     
Terrell, P. A. (Mrs)                   34251 Wise Terrell, James Jackson
Terry, Charles Robertson               17004 Wise 
Terry, Charles Robertson (Mrs)         34931 Wise Terry, Charles Robertson    
Terry, J. H. H.                        27438 Wise 
Thetford, Caroline F.                  08016 Wise Thetford, Joseph
Thomas, Hugh Bone                      24731 Wise
Thomas, Louisa A.                      07734 Wise Thomas, J. O.
Thomas, M. E. (Mrs)                    29766 Wise Thomas, John Walker
Thomas, Martha J.                      07735 Wise Thomas, H. C.
Thomas, Mary E.                        32756 Wise Thomas, Hugh Bone           
Thomas, W. L.                          23380 Wise 
Thompson, Alice                        40180 Wise Thompson, Charles Caldwell
Thompson, N. G.                        24424 Wise 
Thornton, Preston (Presley) Wren       22571 Wise 
Throneberry, Benjamin Lewis            06116 Wise 
Thurmond, Andrew James                 36466 Wise 
Thurmond, Andrew James (Mrs)           39572 Wise Thurmond, Andrew James      
Tipton, Ruth L.                        rej   Wise Tipton, Samuel Pleasant
Tipton, T. J.                          28467 Wise 
Trussell, Betsey                       36467 Wise Trussell, Moses Franklin    
Trussell, Moses Franklin               23189 Wise 
Tugwell, John W.                       22022 Wise 
Tunnell, V. C. (Mrs)                   22705 Wise Tunnell, Green Hurrah
Turner, W. B.                          23872 Wise 
Vandiver, T. A.                        36542 Wise 
Vandivier, John Albert                 45688 Wise 
Vandivier, M. C. (Mrs)                 46172 Wise Vandivier, John Albert      
Vaughan, Harriet E.                    30050 Wise Vaughan, Hiram Blanton      
Vaughan, Hiram Blanton                 22666 Wise 
Vaughn, James B.                       rej   Wise 
Veal, Acie Lot Warren (Mrs)            30852 Wise Veal, Acie Lot Warren
Vessels, J. C.                         27205 Wise 
Vick, Thomas E.                        23129 Wise 
Walker, A. M. (Mrs)                    27004 Wise Walker, William Edward
Walker, E. A. (Mrs)                    23134 Wise Walker, Sam Joshua Benson   
Walker, Sam Joshua Benson              12212 Wise 
Wallace, J. T.                         47472 Wise 
Wallace, Joel S.                       rej   Wise 
Ward, W. M.                            06863 Wise 
Wasson, J. A.                          29049 Wise 
Watkins, S. F. (Mrs)                   26335 Wise Watkins, Walter Elihu
Watson, Bettie F.                      51581 Wise Watson, Thomas H.
Watson, David M.                       rej   Wise 
Watson, Robert Anderson                rej   Wise 
Watson, Thomas Henry (Mrs)             rej   Wise Watson, Thomas Henry
Watts, Lucinda                         14052 Wise Watts, William M.           
Watts, William M.                      04507 Wise 
Weems, Emma S.                         46214 Wise Weems, Thomas Jefferson     
Weems, Thomas Jefferson                23754 Wise 
Wells, Henry Harrison                  39100 Wise 
Wells, M. J. (Mrs)                     41373 Wise Wells, Henry Harrison       
White, James Denny                     39487 Wise 
Wilkinson, Amanda                      37161 Wise Wilkinson, Stephen Abraham
Wilkinson, W. M.                       23003 Wise 
Williams, J. A.                        04508 Wise 
Williams, Malinda                      07738 Wise Williams, J. N.
Williams, Minervia Jane                47702 Wise Williams, William Washington
Williams, Uriah                        35440 Wise 
Williams, William M.                   14501 Wise 
Willis, Esther                         20969 Wise Willis, Richard Blouton     
Willis, G. W.                          rej   Wise 
Willis, Richard Blouton                14500 Wise 
Wimberly, James                        42303 Wise 
Wines, George Washington               30468 Wise 
Wines, George Washington (Mrs)         33926 Wise Wines, George Washington    
Witt, Eli                              04509 Wise 
Wood, Jane                             06836 Wise Wood, Isaac K.
Workman, C. N.                         31216 Wise 
Worthy, M. E. (Mrs)                    20922 Wise Worthy, Thomas Chester      
Worthy, Thomas Chester                 06840 Wise 
Wright, E. S. Jay (Mrs)                39932 Wise Jay, William H.
Wright, James Anderson                 25585 Wise 
Wright, Mary A.                        35822 Wise Wright, James Anderson      
Yancey, Permelia Jane                  39754 Wise Yancey, William Hines Crawford
Yeakley, James Madison                 40123 Wise 
Yeakley, Minerva Adaline               43791 Wise Yeakley, James Madison      
Young, Sevilla Hardin                  47408 Wise Hardin, Pete P.

* Transcriber/compiler Notes:

Hill, Richard T.                   listed in Johnson County, TX.
Mathis, William Albert             listed in Tarrant County, TX.
McCarty, James Benjamin Franklin   listed in Parker County, TX.
Pegues, Oliver S.                  listed in Hopkins County, TX.