Wise County Texas
1940 Census
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ED-Page-Line #   LAST NAME   First Name [(Extra information)]   Relationship    Age     Area

16-19B-47   ABBOTT      Elmer [Lewis Elmer]  Head   21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-49   ABBOTT      Linda J. [June] Son     10/12   Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-48   ABBOTT      Maxine [Volney Maxine (ELLIOTT)] Wife   21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-31A-06  ABEL Thomas         Step-Son       15      Decatur-Town
01-04B-61   ABERNATHY        Ella     Head   75      Decatur-Town
20-03B-50   ABERNATHY        Trecia (Swetnon)      Wife   38      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-49   ABERNATHY        Wilke  Head   37      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
01-32B-45   ABITZ         Harold Head   24      Decatur-Town
01-32B-46   ABITZ         Ruth   Wife   24      Decatur-Town
15-12A-17  ABLE A. A. (Astor Arlyce "Radio") Head   28      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-12A-18  ABLE Evelyn (Myra) Wife   28      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-05A-07  ABLE Frank (Thomas Franklin)       Head   70      Rural Boyd Area
15-12A-19  ABLE Jacqueline (Jackie)     Daughter       4        Page 61A-Boyd Area
08-07B-72   ABLE Betty [Bettie (MORRIS)]      wife    50      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-73   ABLE Boyce daughter        24      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-69   ABLE Carrol F [Caroll F]     head    27      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-71   ABLE Carrolyn        daughter        1        Park Springs & SE
08-07B-58   ABLE Forest head    55      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-74   ABLE Margrette [Marguerite Ruth]  daughter        21      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-75   ABLE Ozel [Virginia Ozelle] daughter        17      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-70   ABLE Watin V [Verline (LOVE)]    wife    27      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-71   ABLE Will M [William Morgan]      head    73      Park Springs & SE
12-04B-80   ABSHER      Emma Mother in law  68      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-13A-02  ACKER        Bettie Jean     Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
01-12B-80   ACKER        Earnest (David)        Head   33      Decatur-Town
01-13A-01  ACKER        Maggie (Imogene)     Wife   28      Decatur-Town
08-02B-43   ACKER        Barbara [Barbra Joe]  daughter        5        Park Springs & SE
08-02B-44   ACKER        Betty Jane [Jean]      daughter        3        Park Springs & SE
08-02B-42   ACKER        Grace daughter        10      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-40  ACKER        Joseph F [Joe T]       head    43      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-41   ACKER        Ollie [Edna (SMITH)  wife    30      Park Springs & SE
16-09A-05  ADAMS       Angel  Daughter       9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-17B-42   ADAMS       Betty (Hill)     Wife   48      East of Chico/Bridgeport
02-07A-33  ADAMS       Billy W.        son     2/12    Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-12B-73   ADAMS       Charles Bruce Son     59      Decatur-Town
09-06A-15  ADAMS       Cordelia        wife    20      Sunset-Crafton Rd
12-05B-55   ADAMS       Daisy  Wife   49      Boyd Town-N of Main St
20-12B-74   ADAMS       Garland W.    Son     18      Boonsville/Cottondale
02-07A-16  ADAMS       George M.     head   67      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-09A-04  ADAMS       Gloria Anne    Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-05B-57   ADAMS       Hazel  Daughter       9 ?     Boyd Town-N of Main St
02-13A-37  ADAMS       Henry  blank   17      Rt 2-E of Decatur
15-02A-19  ADAMS       J. P.    Head   56      Rural Boyd Area
17-14A-22  ADAMS       J.H.    head   42      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
09-06A-16  ADAMS       James T.       Father 68      Sunset-Crafton Rd
18-17B-44   ADAMS       John Henry    Son     14      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17B-41   ADAMS       John L.         Head   51      East of Chico/Bridgeport
12-05B-56   ADAMS       Kennie M.     Son     11      Boyd Town-N of Main St
20-12B-71   ADAMS       L.B. (Lon)     Head   55      Boonsville/Cottondale
15-02A-20  ADAMS       Lena   Wife   49      Rural Boyd Area
18-17B-46   ADAMS       M.G.   Brother         55      East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-12B-72   ADAMS       Marina (H.)    Wife   50      Boonsville/Cottondale
18-17B-45   ADAMS       Martha L.      Daughter       7        East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-12B-72   ADAMS       Matha Ann     Head   83      Decatur-Town
12-05B-54   ADAMS       Milton Elmore Head   69      Boyd Town-N of Main St
17-14A-23  ADAMS       Motie  wife    62      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
09-06A-17  ADAMS       Oatie   sister   34      Sunset-Crafton Rd
02-07A-17  ADAMS       Oma (CAMPBELL)  wife    65      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-17B-43   ADAMS       Robert Son     29      East of Chico/Bridgeport
09-06A-14  ADAMS       Robert H.      Head   25      Sunset-Crafton Rd
02-07A-32  ADAMS       Rosa V. (CARAWAY)        wife    21      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-06A-12  ADAMS       Sarah [F. (GRANDSTAFF)] Head   81      Alvord Town
16-09A-02  ADAMS       W.B.   Head   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-12B-73   ADAMS       William A.     Son     28      Boonsville/Cottondale
02-07A-31  ADAMS       William R. [Roscoe]   head   25      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-09A-03  ADAMS       Willie M.       Wife   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
08-08A-01  ADAMS       Carl    son     24      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-02  ADAMS       Maggie         daughter        20      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-80   ADAMS       Mollie wife    66      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-79   ADAMS       Robert L [Louis]       head    72      Park Springs & SE
05-08B-47   ADCOCK     Clara (WEBB)         Wife   54      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-10A-32  ADCOCK     Edward [Luther Edward]      Head   26      Alvord Town
05-08B-50   ADCOCK     Herbert [Hughes]      Son     19      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-08B-48   ADCOCK     Janie [Clara Jane]      Daughter       24      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-10A-33  ADCOCK     Jeffie [Elsie Mae (JONES-WILSON)]        Wife   23      Alvord Town
05-08B-46   ADCOCK     John Robert    Head   60      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-08B-49   ADCOCK     Johnie Mae [Johnnie Mae "Polly"]     Daughter       22      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-08B-51   ADCOCK     Mary Lou      Daughter       15      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
19-07A-24  ADMIRE      Audrie (Billie King)    wife    37      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-28  ADMIRE      Billie C.         son     6        W of Bridgeport
19-07A-23  ADMIRE      Clarence H. (Holt)     head   46      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-29  ADMIRE      Helen L.        daughter        5        W of Bridgeport
19-07A-27  ADMIRE      Jean    daughter        9        W of Bridgeport
19-07A-25  ADMIRE      Robert C. (Clarence)  son     11      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-26  ADMIRE      Rosetta         daughter        10      W of Bridgeport
16-13B-74   AGEE Donald Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-75   AGEE Dorothy [Marie]        Daughter       2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-72   AGEE Ione (WEST)  Wife   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-71   AGEE John [William] Head   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-76   AGEE Johnny [Johnnie William]       Son     9/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-73   AGEE Lucille Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-01A-31  AIUYX        Bobbie Wife   49      Slidell Town
16-01A-30  AIUYX        Walter G.      Head   54      Slidell Town
17-16B-43   AKIN Nellie Pauline  wife    67      Bridgeport E Side
17-16B-42   AKIN W.J.   head   76      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-23  ALAMAN     Alfonso         head   53      Bridgeport E Side
17-04A-03  ALBRITTON Addie Mae     daughter        19      Bridgeport (Cates St)
11-03B-64   ALBRITTON Archie Head   48      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-04A-02  ALBRITTON Belle (Isabelle S. Pearce)      wife    42      Bridgeport (Cates St)
17-04A-01  ALBRITTON Benjamin Franklin      head   39      Bridgeport (Cates St)
17-04A-08  ALBRITTON Betty Joy       daughter        1        Bridgeport (Cates St)
17-04A-05  ALBRITTON Billy (Jean)     son     13      Bridgeport (Cates St)
10-07A-03  ALBRITTON C C [Cull]      Son     55      S of Paradise on Highway
11-03B-65   ALBRITTON Delia ["Katy" Bridges] Wife   46      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-02B-73   ALBRITTON Dennis L       G-son  7        recopied on 12A-33
10-12A-33  ALBRITTON Dennis L       G son  7        S Main St., Paradise
17-04A-04  ALBRITTON Doris   daughter        17      Bridgeport (Cates St)
10-02B-72   ALBRITTON Estelle E (Emma)      Daughter       31      recopied on 12A-32
10-12A-32  ALBRITTON Estelle E (Emma)      Daughter       31      S Main St., Paradise
10-04A-11  ALBRITTON Eva Lou [Evia]         Daughter       9        recopied on 13A-32
10-13A-27  ALBRITTON Eva Lou [Evia]         Daughter       9        West St., Paradise Town
10-04A-10  ALBRITTON Gladys (BRIDGES)    Wife   30      recopied on 13A-26
10-13A-26  ALBRITTON Gladys (BRIDGES)    Wife   30      West St., Paradise Town
10-03A-04  ALBRITTON Ida (FERGUSON)     Daughter       55      recopied on 12B-44
10-12B-44   ALBRITTON Ida (FERGUSON)     Daughter       55      East St., Paradise Town
17-04A-07  ALBRITTON Ima Lee        daughter        7        Bridgeport (Cates St)
10-02B-70   ALBRITTON James C        Head   81      recopied on 12A-30
10-12A-30  ALBRITTON James C        Head   81      S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-71   ALBRITTON Josie M (Mary Josephine Wood)       Wife   68      recopied on 12A-31
10-12A-31  ALBRITTON Josie M (Mary Josephing Wood)       Wife   68      S Main St., Paradise
10-07A-02  ALBRITTON L G [Lemuel]  Head   83      S of Paradise on Highway
11-03B-66   ALBRITTON Lloyd  Son     20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-04A-09  ALBRITTON O G [Olden Gus]       Head   35      recopied on 13A-25
10-13A-25  ALBRITTON O G [Olden Gus]       Head   35      West St., Paradise Town
10-06B-53   ALBRITTON R C [Cliff]     Head   50      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-55   ALBRITTON Raz    Son     21      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-54   ALBRITTON Stella [P (ERWIN)]   Wife   43      S of Paradise on Highway
17-04A-06  ALBRITTON Teddy  son     10      Bridgeport (Cates St)
07-01B-74   ALCORN      Leona  Wife   63      S of Alvord
07-01B-73   ALCORN      W E    Head   63      S of Alvord
06-01A-25  ALDRIDGE   Ivy     Wife   58      N&E of Alvord
06-01A-24  ALDRIDGE   Joe F   Head   63      N&E of Alvord
15-09A-02  ALEXANDER         A. D. (Ausie)  Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
02-11A-27  ALEXANDER         Ada B. wife    21      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-06A-37  ALEXANDER         Ava Lee (Young)      Wife   20      Chico Town
15-09A-05  ALEXANDER         B. F.   Son     10      Rural Boyd Area
17-19B-50   ALEXANDER         Bill     son     12      Bridgeport E Side
16-14A-32  ALEXANDER         Charley         Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-22B-73   ALEXANDER         Claud  Brother         40      Decatur-Town
17-10B-69   ALEXANDER         Cora (C. Sheppard)    wife    70      Bridgeport E Side
18-05A-02  ALEXANDER         Dennis B.      Head   61      Chico Town
01-15A-01  ALEXANDER         Dollie (Boyd)  Wife   51      Decatur-Town
16-14A-26  ALEXANDER         Earl    Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-09A-03  ALEXANDER         Emmie (B.)    Wife   43      Rural Boyd Area
16-14A-27  ALEXANDER         Evelyn Wife   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14A-28  ALEXANDER         Floyd   Son     13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-10B-68   ALEXANDER         J.R., Sr. (James)       head   77      Bridgeport E Side
18-06A-38  ALEXANDER         Joe Ann        Daughter       2        Chico Town
18-06A-36  ALEXANDER         Lloyd  Head   23      Chico Town
18-05A-03  ALEXANDER         Modell (Mollie Sullivan)        Wife   55      Chico Town
09-01A-01  ALEXANDER         Nathin T.       Head   65      Park Springs-W of RR
16-14A-29  ALEXANDER         Odell   Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-19B-49   ALEXANDER         Ollie (Minkamett)      wife    49      Bridgeport E Side
02-11A-26  ALEXANDER         Ovid   head   22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
16-14A-31  ALEXANDER         Patsy  Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14A-30  ALEXANDER         Peggy  Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-08B-60   ALEXANDER         Richard         lodger  35      NW of Bridgeport
09-08B-74   ALEXANDER         Roy L. Head   35      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08B-75   ALEXANDER         Ruby Beatrice wife    30      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-01A-02  ALEXANDER         Ruth E.         wife    48      Park Springs-W of RR
15-09A-04  ALEXANDER         Veta Mae (Vata)      Daughter       17      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-24  ALEXANDER         W. L. (William)        Hired Hand    18      Rural Boyd Area
17-19B-48   ALEXANDER         W.H. (William)         head   50      Bridgeport E Side
01-14B-80   ALEXANDER         William R.(Robert)     Head   53      Decatur-Town
17-19B-51   ALEXANDER         Willie Maye    daughter        21      Bridgeport E Side
08-06A-40  ALEXANDER         Dora [May (WHITE)] wife    60      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-41   ALEXANDER         Floyd E         son     16      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-42   ALEXANDER         Lucile [Joy]    daughter        14      Park Springs & SE
08-06A-39  ALEXANDER         Wright R       head    57      Park Springs & SE
01-26A-29  ALLAND      Albert L. (Lawrence) Head   56      Decatur-Town
01-26A-32  ALLAND      Edith   Wife   23      Decatur-Town
01-26A-31  ALLAND      Gilbert E.       Head   33      Decatur-Town
01-26A-30  ALLAND      Minnie A. (Waggoner)         Wife   55      Decatur-Town
01-17A-30  ALLBRITTON        Addie Mae     House Keeper 19      Decatur-Town
14-05A-38  ALLCORN    Harrison        Son     24      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05A-39  ALLCORN    Joe     Son     19      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05A-37  ALLCORN    Ora    Wife   53      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05A-36  ALLCORN    Robert Head   70      Rhome-Justin Rd
18-02B-41   ALLEN        Addie (Bass)  wife    58      Chico Town
20-04B-68   ALLEN        Annie Jane (Swetnam)         Wife   58      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-70   ALLEN        Audie Cecil    Son     18      Boonsville/Willow P.
18-03A-28  ALLEN        Carl    Son     18      Chico Town
01-30A-19  ALLEN        Carrie  Head   51      Decatur-Town
20-04A-04  ALLEN        Clifford L.      Head   32      Boonsville/Willow P.
18-03A-29  ALLEN        Cora   D-in-law        17      Chico Town
18-03A-27  ALLEN        Curtis  Son     26      Chico Town
02-08B-65   ALLEN        D.L. [Dee Lester, Jr.] son     8        Rt 1 Ponder
02-08B-61   ALLEN        Dee L. [Lester]        head   38      Rt 1 Ponder
20-07A-38  ALLEN        Ellen   Sister  58      Boonsville Town
09-07B-69   ALLEN        Floyd W.       son     20      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
07-03A-07  ALLEN        H F [Henry]   Head   52      S of Alvord
01-01A-25  ALLEN        Helen  Lodger 19      Decatur-Town
20-07A-37  ALLEN        Ida     Sister  69      Boonsville Town
18-03A-30  ALLEN        Jack A.         Father 89      Chico Town
18-02A-40  ALLEN        John A.         head   62      Chico Town
02-08B-62   ALLEN        Lavern (CRUNK)     wife    32      Rt 1 Ponder
09-07B-70   ALLEN        LaVerne       daughter        15      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
20-12A-05  ALLEN        Leonard        Son-in-law     29      Boonsville
02-08B-64   ALLEN        Lorene daughter        10      Rt 1 Ponder
09-07B-67   ALLEN        Maddison B. (Beal)    Head   55      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-07B-68   ALLEN        Mary A. (Maudlin)     wife    44      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
20-12A-06  ALLEN        Myrtis Ann     G-daughter     6        Boonsville
18-03B-73   ALLEN        Nora   Sister  68      Chico Town
07-03A-08  ALLEN        Nora E Wife   55      S of Alvord
20-04B-67   ALLEN        R.B. (Roy Bradley)    Head   54      Boonsville/Willow P.
18-03A-26  ALLEN        Tom R.         Head   49      Chico Town
07-03A-09  ALLEN        Tommie        Son     15      S of Alvord
01-01B-47   ALLEN        Trecie Servant         20      Decatur-Town
20-04B-69   ALLEN        Treciola        Daughter       20      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-05  ALLEN        Vaud (L.Chivers)      Wife   38      Boonsville/Willow P.
02-08B-63   ALLEN        Vera   daughter        13      Rt 1 Ponder
18-02B-42   ALLEN        Waunita        daughter        24      Chico Town
19-12A-27  ALLEN        William  (J.)    hired help       47      NW of Bridgeport
20-07A-36  ALLEN        Willie (Bill)     Head   68      Boonsville Town
19-02A-26  ALLGOOD    B.C. (Jr.)       head   60      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-27  ALLGOOD    Ida  (E. Windham)     wife    56      SW of Bridgeport
14-05A-30  ALLISON     Bernice         Wife   20      Rhome-Justin Rd
19-07A-11  ALLISON     Billie Bob       son     5        W of Bridgeport
10-07A-08  ALLISON     Dewey Son     20      S of Paradise on Highway
10-07A-10  ALLISON     Dorthy Daughter       13      S of Paradise on Highway
10-09A-08  ALLISON     Edith [Malissa (McBRIDE)]  Wife   52      Highway N of Paradise
10-07A-06  ALLISON     Ellie [Ella (McBRIDE)]        Wife   43      S of Paradise on Highway
10-07A-09  ALLISON     Gerald Son     17      S of Paradise on Highway
19-07A-12  ALLISON     Harold son     1        W of Bridgeport
10-09A-09  ALLISON     J A     Son     35      Highway N of Paradise
10-09A-07  ALLISON     John S [Samson]       Head   59      Highway N of Paradise
19-07A-09  ALLISON     Movelda (Viola Read) wife    25      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-08  ALLISON     O.C.   head   30      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-10  ALLISON     Richard         son     7        W of Bridgeport
10-07A-11  ALLISON     Robert [Leslie]         Son     8        S of Paradise on Highway
10-09A-10  ALLISON     Saddie Daughter       20      Highway N of Paradise
10-07A-07  ALLISON     Thurmon       Son     23      S of Paradise on Highway
14-05A-29  ALLISON     Tob (T.B. "Toby")     Head   28      Rhome-Justin Rd
10-07A-05  ALLISON     W E [Walter]  Head   42      S of Paradise on Highway
01-24B-41   ALLRED      Allen E.        Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-09B-71   ALLRED      Callie Jane (Hodges)  Wife   23      Decatur-Town
01-17A-04  ALLRED      Charles         Son     15      Decatur-Town
01-17A-05  ALLRED      Clyde  Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-17A-06  ALLRED      J.E.    Son     10      Decatur-Town
01-17A-03  ALLRED      Lillian  Wife   33      Decatur-Town
01-09B-72   ALLRED      Linda  Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
01-24A-39  ALLRED      Orville Head   22      Decatur-Town
01-24B-42   ALLRED      Orville F.       Son     1        Decatur-Town
01-09B-70   ALLRED      Robert  (Lee)  Head   32      Decatur-Town
01-24A-40  ALLRED      Sarah (Roberts)        Wife   22      Decatur-Town
01-17A-02  ALLRED      Tom    Head   36      Decatur-Town
04-03A-35  ALMANRODE        C.F. (Calvin Francis)  Head   72      SW of Decatur
04-03A-36  ALMANRODE        Claude (Winston)      Son     47      SW of Decatur
04-03A-37  ALMANRODE        Laura  Daughter       38      SW of Decatur
01-16A-20  ALMONROAD       Roy, Jr.         Son     10      Decatur-Town
01-16A-17  ALMONROAD       Roy, Sr.        Head   39      Decatur-Town
01-16A-18  ALMONROAD       Samie (Manning)       Wife   34      Decatur-Town
01-16A-19  ALMONROAD       Steve A.        Son     17      Decatur-Town
07-01A-29  ALVORD     Fred    Head   42      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
07-01A-30  ALVORD     Nellie Eloise   Wife   22      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
17-04A-36  AMAN         Billy    son     12      Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-35  AMAN         Eugene (Harold Eugene)       son     15      Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-34  AMAN         Lois    wife    36      Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-33  AMAN         Ross   head   40      Bridgeport W Side
14-07B-47   ANDERSON  Ada    Wife   52      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-52   ANDERSON  Ada Belle      Daughter       11      Rhome-Dallas Rd
04-05B-69   ANDERSON  Alline  Wife   23      SW of Decatur
04-08A-27  ANDERSON  Aubrey         Laborer         25      SW of Decatur
18-12B-54   ANDERSON  Carl (Jimmy)   Son     8/12    East of Chico
18-12B-53   ANDERSON  Charles (Freeman)     Son     10      East of Chico
14-07B-67   ANDERSON  Dollie  Daughter       14      Rhome-Dallas Rd
04-06A-19  ANDERSON  Dora (I. Dudley)       Wife   62      SW of Decatur
02-12B-58   ANDERSON  Dortha [Lee (SHAW)]         wife    19      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12B-57   ANDERSON  Eddie [Edward George, Sr.]   head   22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-03A-39  ANDERSON  Ella     Wife   33      N&E of Alvord
14-07B-49   ANDERSON  Emma Ruth    Daughter       20      Rhome-Dallas Rd
10-08A-30  ANDERSON  Emmie Fay     Daughter       22      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-31  ANDERSON  Eula May       Daughter       20      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
05-10B-58   ANDERSON  Fannie (MOSLEY)    Wife   49      Alvord Town
01-05B-73   ANDERSON  Fay (Holcomb)         Wife   22      Decatur-Town
04-06A-18  ANDERSON  Fred (Frederick Alandru)      Head   71      SW of Decatur
14-07B-63   ANDERSON  G.W.   Son     24      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-48   ANDERSON  George          Son     22      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-46   ANDERSON  Henry H. (Harrison)   Head   56      Rhome-Dallas Rd
06-03B-42   ANDERSON  Imogene        Daughter       10      N&E of Alvord
18-12B-50   ANDERSON  Jack (John Leonard, Sr.)       Head   43      East of Chico
18-12B-52   ANDERSON  Jack, Jr. (John Leonard)       Son     12      East of Chico
10-08A-32  ANDERSON  James [Leroy] Head   31      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-35  ANDERSON  James Donald Son     3        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
17-21A-15  ANDERSON  Jennie L. (Collins)      wife    53      Bridgeport E Side
10-08A-29  ANDERSON  Jessie (COLLINS)     Wife   61      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
06-03A-38  ANDERSON  John    Head   38      N&E of Alvord
05-10B-57   ANDERSON  Kirby  Head   53      Alvord Town
14-07B-65   ANDERSON  Logan  Son     18      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-64   ANDERSON  Lottie Mae     Daughter       21      Rhome-Dallas Rd
18-14B-50   ANDERSON  Lula (Fisher)   Head   69      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
01-05B-72   ANDERSON  Luther (Melvin)        Head   26      Decatur-Town
06-03B-41   ANDERSON  Mary Alice     Daughter       12      N&E of Alvord
05-02B-65   ANDERSON  Mary L.        Lodger 34      Alvord Town
06-03A-40  ANDERSON  Mildred         Daughter       13      N&E of Alvord
10-08A-33  ANDERSON  Mildred [Decima (GRAY)]    Wife   25      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
14-07B-50   ANDERSON  Pauline Daughter       17      Rhome-Dallas Rd
04-05B-68   ANDERSON  R.P.    Head   28      SW of Decatur
14-07B-51   ANDERSON  Ruby Dale     Daughter       14      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-62   ANDERSON  Ruth   Daughter       25      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-61   ANDERSON  Rydell  Head   52      Rhome-Dallas Rd
10-08A-34  ANDERSON  Shirley Lee     Daughter       4        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-28  ANDERSON  Thomas         Head   67      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
17-21A-14  ANDERSON  Tom J. head   58      Bridgeport E Side
14-07B-66   ANDERSON  Vinnie Dell     Daughter       16      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-68   ANDERSON  Wiley T.        Son     9        Rhome-Dallas Rd
18-12B-51   ANDERSON  Willie (Mattie Molloy) Wife   30      East of Chico
08-06A-35  ANDERSON Effie   wife    49      Park Springs & SE
08-06A-36  ANDERSON Euric   son     10      Park Springs & SE
08-06A-34  ANDERSON James A        head    50      Park Springs & SE
01-31B-64   ANDREWS   Mary   Head   55      Decatur-Town
14-03A-34  ANGLIN       Fannie Wife   74      Newark-E of RR
14-03A-33  ANGLIN       Jim (James L.) Head   72      Newark-E of RR
14-03B-51   ANGLIN       Mary F.        Wife   63      Newark-E of RR
14-03B-50   ANGLIN       William D.     Head   68      Newark-E of RR
12-04A-13  APPLENHILE         Darlene         Daughter       25      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04A-12  APPLENHILE         Mary   Wife   48      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04A-11  APPLENHILE         Sam    Head   47      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-04B-76   APPLETON  Henry  Son     32      Decatur-Town
04-07B-41   APPLETON  Jeff D. Head   50      SW of Decatur
04-07B-42   APPLETON  Ruth   Wife   45      SW of Decatur
01-09A-16  APPLIN       Bernice         Head   21      Decatur-Town
01-24A-33  APPLIN       George Head   45      Decatur-Town
01-24A-35  APPLIN       Hiram  Son     21      Decatur-Town
01-24A-36  APPLIN       Mack  Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-09A-17  APPLIN       Ola Francis    Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
01-24A-34  APPLIN       William          Son     17      Decatur-Town
09-07B-55   APPLING     Berry (Grover Berry, Jr.)      son     14      Crafton Rd
09-07B-53   APPLING     Grover B. (Berry, Sr.) Head   52      Crafton Rd
09-07B-54   APPLING     Myrtle (Ethel McKay) wife            Crafton Rd
08-04B-65   APPLING     Billy Gene      nephew         14      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-29  APPLING     Geneva         sister   62      Park Springs
08-04B-64   APPLING     Laymon         nephew         16      Park Springs & SE
08-04B-63   APPLING     Mamie          sister   38      Park Springs & SE
01-07A-39  ARMSTRONG        Clayton         Head   44      Decatur-Town
12-05B-43   ARMSTRONG        Edith   Wife   29      Boyd Town-N of Main St
20-05B-54   ARMSTRONG        Esta    Wife   37      Boonsville/Balsora
09-05B-69   ARMSTRONG        Fred    grandson       8        Sunset-Crafton Rd
20-01B-64   ARMSTRONG        George Brother         38      Boonsville
01-08B-67   ARMSTRONG        Isla     Daughter       56      Decatur-Town
10-04B-76   ARMSTRONG        J W (James Walter)   Head   57      recopied on 13B-68
10-13B-68   ARMSTRONG        J W (James Walter)   Head   57      Rd to School, Paradise Town
01-08B-65   ARMSTRONG        James  Head   82      Decatur-Town
09-05B-70   ARMSTRONG        Joe     grandson       2        Sunset-Crafton Rd
12-05B-42   ARMSTRONG        Joe     Head   36      Boyd Town-N of Main St
20-05B-53   ARMSTRONG        L.I. (Luke)     Head   39      Boonsville/Balsora
10-04B-77   ARMSTRONG        Lois Belle (Thomas)   Wife   53      recopied on 13B-69
10-13B-69   ARMSTRONG        Lois Belle (Thomas)   Wife   53      Rd to School, Paradise Town
12-05B-44   ARMSTRONG        Lola M.         Daughter       7        Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-08B-66   ARMSTRONG        Luna (Walker Thornton)       Wife   74      Decatur-Town
01-07A-40  ARMSTRONG        May    Wife   42      Decatur-Town
10-04B-78   ARMSTRONG        Porter T        Son     28      recopied on 13B-70
10-13B-70   ARMSTRONG        Porter T        Son     28      Rd to School, Paradise Town
12-05B-46   ARMSTRONG        Raymond E.   Son     2        Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-07B-41   ARMSTRONG        Sam    Son     5        Decatur-Town
12-05B-45   ARMSTRONG        Thelma L.      Daughter       4        Boyd Town-N of Main St
04-10A-11  ARNESWORTH      John    blank   45      SW of Decatur
01-04A-26  ARNETT      Elmira Head   78      Decatur-Town
01-05A-09  ARNETT      George Head   61      Decatur-Town
01-05A-10  ARNETT      Lula M. (May Rhine)  Wife   57      Decatur-Town
01-17A-12  ARNETTE    Anna Lynn     Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
01-17A-13  ARNETTE    David A.       Son     1        Decatur-Town
01-17A-10  ARNETTE    Glenn (Edward)        Head   27      Decatur-Town
01-17A-28  ARNETTE    Helen (Harris Hogan) Wife   31      Decatur-Town
01-17A-11  ARNETTE    Jackie M.(Mildred Brown)     Wife   24      Decatur-Town
01-17A-29  ARNETTE    Linda Kay      Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
01-17A-27  ARNETTE    Worth  Head   32      Decatur-Town
12-06B-76   ARNOLD     Billie (Tom)    Son     4        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-75   ARNOLD     Bobbie (Lozell)         Son     6        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-73   ARNOLD     Homer (John)  Head   28      Boyd Town-N of Main St
16-04B-46   ARNOLD     Juanita Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-43   ARNOLD     Lee [David Lee "Pete"]        Head   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-06B-80   ARNOLD     Lee [Sherman Lee]    Son     41      S of Paradise on Highway
16-04B-45   ARNOLD     Maxine         Daughter       17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-06B-78   ARNOLD     R L [Robert Lee]      Head   70      S of Paradise on Highway
16-04B-44   ARNOLD     Ruby (Meyer) Wife   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-06B-79   ARNOLD     Sadie [Sarah A (ALLISON)] Wife   68      S of Paradise on Highway
12-06B-74   ARNOLD     Stella (Fae Faust)      Wife   26      Boyd Town-N of Main St
10-07A-01  ARNOLD     Willie A        Son     41      S of Paradise on Highway
12-03B-76   ARRINGTON Beatrice (Roberson)   Wife   18      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-03B-52   ARRINGTON Betty Gene (Jean)     Daughter       8        Rural Boyd Area
04-03B-75   ARRINGTON Betty Jean     Daughter       13      SW of Decatur
04-02B-74   ARRINGTON Burl    Head   55      SW of Decatur
12-04B-66   ARRINGTON Burrell Head   45      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-05B-59   ARRINGTON C A [Charlie]  Head   62      N&E of Alvord
15-03B-49   ARRINGTON D. A. (Drew Alvin)    Head   40      Rural Boyd Area
12-06A-33  ARRINGTON Dan E. Head   64      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-37  ARRINGTON Daniel (James)         Grandson       1        Boyd Town-N of Main St
04-03B-72   ARRINGTON Drew (Alvin)  Head   55      SW of Decatur
15-03B-50   ARRINGTON Elva (Louise Walker)  Wife   35      Rural Boyd Area
04-03B-73   ARRINGTON Elva (W. Walker)      Wife   50      SW of Decatur
04-09B-49   ARRINGTON Esther (Ethel Elliott)   Wife   21      SW of Decatur
12-06A-35  ARRINGTON Flossie (Lou Parsons) Daughter in law        31      Boyd Town-N of Main St
04-03B-65   ARRINGTON G. Dave (Gus David)  Head   79      SW of Decatur
12-04B-68   ARRINGTON Guinn  Son     18      Boyd Town-S of Main St
04-03B-69   ARRINGTON Gus    Son     24      SW of Decatur
12-06A-34  ARRINGTON Gus (Ogden, Sr.)       Son     26      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-36  ARRINGTON Gus Jr. (Ogden)        Grandson       4        Boyd Town-N of Main St
04-06A-05  ARRINGTON Helen  Daughter       2        SW of Decatur
04-03B-74   ARRINGTON June    Daughter       16      SW of Decatur
12-03B-75   ARRINGTON Leland Head   26      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-05B-60   ARRINGTON Mabel (COOPER)     Wife   55      N&E of Alvord
12-04B-67   ARRINGTON Ola (Lee Nesmith)     Wife   41      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-13B-69   ARRINGTON Orrey  Head   71      Decatur-Town
04-03B-68   ARRINGTON Pearl (Mae Swinney)  Wife   48      SW of Decatur
04-06A-03  ARRINGTON Ross   Head   38      SW of Decatur
04-06A-04  ARRINGTON Ruth   Wife   32      SW of Decatur
04-03B-67   ARRINGTON Sam (L.)       Head   50      SW of Decatur
15-03B-51   ARRINGTON Venita Daughter       13      Rural Boyd Area
04-09B-48   ARRINGTON Vernon         Head   24      SW of Decatur
12-04B-69   ARRINGTON Willie (Doris)  Daughter       14      Boyd Town-S of Main St
04-03B-66   ARRINGTON Willie (Frances Walton)        Wife   76      SW of Decatur
12-04B-70   ARRINGTON Winfred B.     Son     10      Boyd Town-S of Main St
18-05A-12  ARTHERHOLT       Iva (Dee Holt)         Dau-in-law     28      Chico Town
18-05A-11  ARTHERHOLT       Floyd   Son     27      Chico Town
18-05A-10  ARTHERHOLT       Laura  Head   53      Chico Town
14-03A-36  ARTHUR      Annie (S.)      Head   71      Newark-E of RR
01-31A-25  ARTHUR      Charlie (Rogers)       Wife   58      Decatur-Town
01-31A-16  ARTHUR      Inez    Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
01-31A-14  ARTHUR      Irwin   Head   45      Decatur-Town
01-31A-24  ARTHUR      William Lee    Head   60      Decatur-Town
01-31A-15  ARTHUR      Willie (Minor)  Wife   35      Decatur-Town
19-04B-77   ARWINE      Ike (William Isaac, Jr.)         son     8        SW of Bridgeport
17-04A-09  ARWINE      Lewis (Louis)  head   47      Bridgeport W Side
19-04B-75   ARWINE      Myrtle (Brown)        wife    49      SW of Bridgeport
17-04A-10  ARWINE      Sarah  wife    48      Bridgeport W Side
19-04B-74   ARWINE      William I. (Isaac 'Ike') head   49      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-76   ARWINE      Winnone (Yvone)      daughter        17      SW of Bridgeport
01-18A-22  ASH   Annie (Workman)      Wife   41      Decatur-Town
01-21A-40  ASH   Guy A. Head   46      Decatur-Town
01-21A-39  ASH   Laura  Daughter       30      Decatur-Town
01-21A-38  ASH   Lena (Carver) Wife   65      Decatur-Town
01-21B-41   ASH   Minnie E.       Wife   42      Decatur-Town
01-18A-21  ASH   Paul (Alva)    Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-21A-37  ASH   Robert Milton  Head   76      Decatur-Town
18-05A-08  ASHFORD    Jannell (Lois)  Daughter       16      Chico Town
18-05A-07  ASHFORD    Myrtle (Dove Hallman)        Wife   38      Chico Town
18-05A-09  ASHFORD    W.C., Jr. (William Cantrell)    Son     10      Chico Town
18-05A-06  ASHFORD    William C., Sr. (Cantrell)       Head   42      Chico Town
04-08B-80   ASHLOCK    Elsa    Wife   57      SW of Decatur
04-08B-79   ASHLOCK    Grover (Cleveland)    Head   58      SW of Decatur
02-10B-46   ASHLOCK    Pauline daughter        18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-12A-24  ASHTON      Martha H [Harriet (HOLT)]  Head   80      N&E of Alvord
02-14A-40  ASKEY        Beatrice L. [Lee (JOBE)]     wife    25      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-02B-54   ASKEY        Billy Alvin      Son     8        E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
14-02B-55   ASKEY        Bobby Jess     Son     6        E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
14-02A-30  ASKEY        Henry  Head   64      E of Rhome-Private Rd
02-14B-42   ASKEY        Jerry W.        son     1        Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-02B-53   ASKEY        Johnnie Mae   Daughter       12      E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
14-02A-31  ASKEY        Martha E.      Wife   63      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02B-52   ASKEY        Mildred (Davenport)   Wife   31      E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
02-14B-41   ASKEY        Vernon D. [Douglas]  son     4        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14A-39  ASKEY        Vernon G.      head   29      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-02B-51   ASKEY        William A. (Alvin)     Head   32      E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
01-05A-20  ATCHLEY    Kester Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-05A-21  ATCHLEY    Lemonte (Hudson)     Wife   23      Decatur-Town
16-13B-68   ATKERSON  D. [Jessie Dee]        Head   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-69   ATKERSON  Edna [Ethel (ARNOLD)]      Wife   49      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-79   ATKERSON  Harley Son     30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-70   ATKERSON  Irvin [Irven Leroy]     Son     32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-77   ATKERSON  John [S]        Head   59      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-78   ATKERSON  Zuma (BROOKS)     Wife   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03A-34  ATKINS       Berta  Wife   50      Slidell Town
16-03A-35  ATKINS       Billie Jean      Daughter       17      Slidell Town
16-08A-24  ATKINS       Billy [Billie Tilmon]    Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-30  ATKINS       Donna Jo       Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-28  ATKINS       Dorothea [Dorotha Pauline (BILYEU)]       Wife   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-74   ATKINS       Dorothy [Dortha Pauline (BILYEA)] Wife   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-29  ATKINS       Douglas        Son     2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-60   ATKINS       Earl [Coleman]         Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-62   ATKINS       Eva Fay        Daughter       16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-73   ATKINS       George [David]         Head   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-27  ATKINS       George [Douglas]      Head   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-25  ATKINS       Glenn [Edward]        Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-61   ATKINS       Jewel (MOSER)       Wife   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-69   ATKINS       John    Head   65      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-22  ATKINS       Leo [Tilmon]   Head   33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-70   ATKINS       Lilla    Wife   60      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-71   ATKINS       Lucille Daughter       22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-23  ATKINS       Ruby [Pearl (ODOM)]         Wife   30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-05B-66   ATKINS       Sarah L         Mother-in-law 76      S of Paradise
16-03A-33  ATKINS       Thomas H.     Head   57      Slidell Town
16-03A-36  ATKINS       Tom    Son     12      Slidell Town
16-12B-63   ATKINS       Waymon [Earl Waymon]      Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-15A-13  ATKINSON   Allie (Hudson) Wife   48      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
19-04A-35  ATKINSON   Charlie  (W.)  head   57      SW of Bridgeport
18-15A-12  ATKINSON   John T.         Head   55      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-15  ATKINSON   Pansy Lee     Daughter       13      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-26  ATKINSON   Paul W.        Head   82      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-14  ATKINSON   Warren         Son     18      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
16-14B-77   AUSTIN       Charles         Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-06B-62   AUSTIN       D. F.   Head   70      Rural Boyd Area
15-06B-64   AUSTIN       Errett  Son     20      Rural Boyd Area
16-14B-74   AUSTIN       Fessie  Head   60      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-06B-63   AUSTIN       Mary E.        Wife   56      Rural Boyd Area
16-14B-76   AUSTIN       Mildred         Daughter       26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-06B-65   AUSTIN       Nellie  Daughter       14      Rural Boyd Area
16-14B-75   AUSTIN       Sallie   Wife   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14B-78   AUSTIN       Sallie   Mother 81      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-03  AUSTIN       Walter Head   61      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-04A-34  AUTRY        Claude E       Head   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-36  AUTRY        Donald Son     8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-39  AUTRY        Edna [Cora Edna]      Mother 55      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-35  AUTRY        Ella     Wife   30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-37  AUTRY        Kenneth        Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-38  AUTRY        William         Father 66      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-03A-19  AVALAS      Celeo  head   60      Bridgeport W Side
04-02A-20  AVANT       H.C. (Henry Clay)     Head   52      SW of Decatur
04-02A-22  AVANT       Johnnie         Son     13      SW of Decatur
04-02A-21  AVANT       Lizzie Mae (Burnett)  Wife   46      SW of Decatur
16-09B-62   AVENTE      Benton Head   59      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-64   AVENTE      Geniva Daughter       17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-63   AVENTE      Ivy     Wife   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-31B-76   AVERY        Martha Lodger 65      Decatur-Town
17-03A-29  AVILA         Marie  wife    53      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-30  AVILA         Santos son     18      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-28  AVILA         Victor  head   57      Bridgeport W Side
08-04A-31  BADGENELL         William         nephew         18      Park Springs
02-04B-75   BADGER      A.S.    head   83      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-06A-09  BADGER      Alvorita         daughter        22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-06A-12  BADGER      Eddie L. [Lee] son     8        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-06A-08  BADGER      Ethel [Gertrude (BRADFORD)]       wife    42      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-06A-11  BADGER      Jimmie [James Rogers]        son     12      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-06A-13  BADGER      Linda [Yvonne]        daughter        2        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-06A-10  BADGER      M.W., Jr. [Marvin Woody]    son     17      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-06A-07  BADGER      Marvin [Woody]       head   48      Rt 2-E of Decatur
09-01A-16  BADGWELL Beatrice Belle (Bell McKay)  wife    40      Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-20  BADGWELL Juanita daughter        16      Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-18  BADGWELL Paul Donald    son     18      Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-17  BADGWELL R.C., Jr. (Robert Chester)     son     20      Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-15  BADGWELL Robert C. (Chester, Sr.)        Head   41      Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-19  BADGWELL Wanzell         daughter        16      Park Springs-W of RR
08-04A-08  BAILEY       B W    head    53      Park Springs & SE
18-10A-29  BAILEY       Bud    Head   35      East of Chico
18-10A-32  BAILEY       Buddy (Charles)        Son     6        East of Chico
18-13A-11  BAILEY       Carmen         Son     25      SE of Chico
17-19A-08  BAILEY       Cecil   son     13      Bridgeport E Side
11-02A-19  BAILEY       Cliff J [John Clifford "Pat"]    Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-19A-06  BAILEY       Cuil    head   37      Bridgeport E Side
18-13A-01  BAILEY       Elbert B. ('Boose')     Head   27      SE of Chico
18-04A-25  BAILEY       Faye (Ovie Musgrove)         Wife   39      Chico Town
11-02A-20  BAILEY       Geraldine [Jimmie Geraldine (GILLEY)]      Wife   31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-22  BAILEY       Guinn [Clyde Gynne]  Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-19A-09  BAILEY       Helen  daughter        8        Bridgeport E Side
08-04A-09  BAILEY       Ida     wife    45      Park Springs & SE
17-19A-10  BAILEY       Irma Jean (Erma Jean)         daughter        4        Bridgeport E Side
15-10B-72   BAILEY       J. A. (Joseph) Father 90      Newark Town
08-04A-11  BAILEY       Jack    son     16      Park Springs & SE
18-04A-24  BAILEY       John F. (Forman)       Head   44      Chico Town
18-10A-31  BAILEY       Lavaine         Daughter       10      East of Chico
08-04A-12  BAILEY       Leroy son     11      Park Springs & SE
16-03A-38  BAILEY       Lillie   Wife   46      Slidell Town
18-13A-02  BAILEY       Maudine (Florence Matzinger)         Wife   26      SE of Chico
18-04A-26  BAILEY       Melton Son     14      Chico Town
18-10A-30  BAILEY       Myrtie (Myrtle Early)  Wife   35      East of Chico
01-19A-25  BAILEY       Odus   Lodger 55      Decatur-Town
16-03A-37  BAILEY       Ollie H.         Head   48      Slidell Town
18-13A-10  BAILEY       Opal   Daughter       28      SE of Chico
18-13A-08  BAILEY       S. Ross (Stephen)      Head   66      SE of Chico
18-13A-09  BAILEY       Sallie A. (Anderson)   Wife   60      SE of Chico
18-10A-33  BAILEY       Shirley Daughter       10/12   East of Chico
18-13A-12  BAILEY       T.J.    Son     21      SE of Chico
11-02A-21  BAILEY       Truman [Leroy]        Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-19A-07  BAILEY       Vandie (Early) wife    33      Bridgeport E Side
08-04A-10  BAILEY       Vel     son     18      Park Springs & SE
01-19A-16  BAITS Bruton Son     33      Decatur-Town
01-14A-04  BAITS Frank  Son     52      Decatur-Town
01-14A-03  BAITS Martha Head   90      Decatur-Town
01-19A-15  BAITS Nell    Head   58      Decatur-Town
15-03A-07  BAKER        Ålvin   Head   41      Rural Boyd Area
07-04A-37  BAKER        Anitta Y?      Niece  5        S of Alvord
01-29A-17  BAKER        Anna Lee      Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
17-24A-07  BAKER        Bessie (Jackson)       wife    39      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-08  BAKER        Billie Joe       son     4        Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
15-03A-09  BAKER        Billie Ray       Daughter       10      Rural Boyd Area
17-07B-75   BAKER        Billy Bernice   granddaughter 1        Bridgeport W Side
02-11A-25  BAKER        Curtis [Owen] son     20      Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-03B-41   BAKER        Darwin         Son     4        Alvord Town
15-03A-08  BAKER        Evelyn Wife   38      Rural Boyd Area
07-04A-35  BAKER        H  [Harvey?]  Head   64      S of Alvord
01-29A-16  BAKER        Harvey Joe    Son     16      Decatur-Town
02-11A-24  BAKER        Howard [E.]   son     23      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-07B-74   BAKER        Irene   daughter        18      Bridgeport W Side
02-05B-42   BAKER        Lida [Lydia (BECK)]  m/law  68      Rt 3-E of Decatur
05-03A-39  BAKER        Luna [Lena B.]         Wife   45      Alvord Town
01-29A-15  BAKER        Minnie Head   48      Decatur-Town
07-04A-36  BAKER        Minnie [Ella]   Wife   59      S of Alvord
02-11A-23  BAKER        Minnie E. [Mamie Evelyn (FOX)]     wife    60      Rt 2-E of Decatur
12-03B-52   BAKER        Minnie L.       Head   73      Boyd Town-S of Main St
10-10B-51   BAKER        R A    alone   66      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
02-11A-22  BAKER        Richard M. [Monroe]  head   57      Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-03A-38  BAKER        Robert [E.]     Head   39      Alvord Town
05-03A-40  BAKER        Robert, Jr.      Son     9        Alvord Town
17-24A-06  BAKER        Tom B.         head   42      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
01-10A-11  BAKER        Vera Lee       Lodger 35      Decatur-Town
04-02B-56   BALDOCK   Earl    Son     19      SW of Decatur
04-02B-54   BALDOCK   Ida (Lee Bazzley)      Wife   52      SW of Decatur
04-02B-53   BALDOCK   Joel (L.)        Head   57      SW of Decatur
04-02B-57   BALDOCK   Mineola         Daughter       15      SW of Decatur
04-02B-55   BALDOCK   Roy    Son     28      SW of Decatur
18-04A-37  BALDRIDGE Ethel (Curtner)         Wife   59      Chico Town
18-04A-36  BALDRIDGE Victor E.       Head   57      Chico Town
20-11B-46   BALDRIGE   Irene   Wife   42      Boonsville
20-11B-45   BALDRIGE   W.C.   Head   44      Boonsville
09-05B-65   BALDWIN    Alfred C. (Charles)    Head   55      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-05B-66   BALDWIN    Ollie (Irene Glass)     wife    50      Sunset-Crafton Rd
19-10B-77   BALES         Andrew         son     9        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-75   BALES         Daniel son     20      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-74   BALES         Hattie  wife    41      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-73   BALES         John M.        head   45      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-76   BALES         John, Jr.        son     13      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-78   BALES         Melton son     6        NW of Bridgeport
07-03A-24  BALL Bobby Son     6        S of Alvord
07-03A-22  BALL Estell   Wife   30      S of Alvord
07-03A-23  BALL Laconas        Son     12      S of Alvord
01-13A-27  BALL Martha (Stanly)        Wife   55      Decatur-Town
07-03A-21  BALL Otis    Head   34      S of Alvord
01-13A-26  BALL Thomas L.     Head   65      Decatur-Town
01-13A-28  BALL Valeria Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
08-08B-65   BALL Coy    son     19      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-64   BALL Mary (PRICE)?        wife    54      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-63   BALL Tom [Thomas J?]      head    56      Park Springs & SE
20-11A-06  BALLARD    Alice   Wife   27      Boonsville
20-08A-39  BALLARD    Carl    Son     14      Boonsville/Balsora
20-09A-05  BALLARD    Clyde  Son     12      Boonsville
20-08A-36  BALLARD    E.J.    Head   52      Boonsville/Balsora
01-14B-59   BALLARD    G.A.   Son     23      Decatur-Town
01-14B-56   BALLARD    George H.      Head   57      Decatur-Town
20-09A-03  BALLARD    H. (Howard)   Head   54      Boonsville
20-08A-38  BALLARD    Houston        Son     27      Boonsville/Balsora
20-11A-05  BALLARD    Hubert Head   26      Boonsville
20-11A-07  BALLARD    Lanora Daughter       2        Boonsville
20-09A-04  BALLARD    Maggie         Wife   47      Boonsville
01-14B-57   BALLARD    Romina (Jamerson)    Wife   56      Decatur-Town
01-14B-58   BALLARD    Ruby   Daughter       25      Decatur-Town
20-08A-37  BALLARD    Sarah  Wife   49      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-40  BALLARD    Virgil   Son     12      Boonsville/Balsora
16-11A-21  BALLINGER Billy B.         Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-22  BALLINGER Lesinna         Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-18  BALLINGER Luther H. [Hale]       Head   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-20  BALLINGER Maggie S.      Daughter       18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-19  BALLINGER Vada [Martin (ANDERSON)]         Wife   39      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-09  BALTHROP  Alpha [Mary Alpha Moore (BROWNFIELD)]        Wife   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-22  BALTHROP  Aulton Head   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-25  BALTHROP  Delores         Daughter       1/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-12  BALTHROP  Frank  Son     24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-10  BALTHROP  J.A.    Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-08  BALTHROP  James [Monroe]        Head   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-24  BALTHROP  Laverne        Daughter       2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-11  BALTHROP  Lela [Maggie Lena (PARKERSON)] Head   62      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-13  BALTHROP  Mike   Son     22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-23  BALTHROP  Stella (SHELL)         Wife   20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-11B-43   BANKS        Aga L Wife   27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-02A-22  BANKS        Alvin (James)  Head   34      E of Rhome-Private Rd
11-11A-25  BANKS        Annie R (BUTLER)   Wife   54      Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-01B-55   BANKS        Armilda (Armeldia)    daughter        20      SW of Bridgeport
14-02A-26  BANKS        Bennie Son     8        E of Rhome-Private Rd
11-04A-29  BANKS        Bruce [Robert Bruce] Head   42      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-31  BANKS        Carl    Son     20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-33  BANKS        Emma L        Daughter       15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-02A-29  BANKS        Eugene         Son     1        E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-23  BANKS        Gladys Wife   30      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-28  BANKS        Harold Dean   Son     4        E of Rhome-Private Rd
19-01B-54   BANKS        Harvey         son     34      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-51   BANKS        Hosey J.        head   66      SW of Bridgeport
11-04A-32  BANKS        Joe [Reagan]  Son     19      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11A-26  BANKS        Joe M  Son     18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-42   BANKS        John  A?       Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-02A-25  BANKS        Joyce  Daughter       10      E of Rhome-Private Rd
11-04A-30  BANKS        Lila [Lela MOREHEAD)      Wife   53      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-02A-24  BANKS        Luella  Daughter       13      E of Rhome-Private Rd
01-30A-24  BANKS        Margie Step-Daughter 17      Decatur-Town
14-02A-27  BANKS        Ray    Son     7        E of Rhome-Private Rd
19-01B-52   BANKS        Ruth (Pierce)  wife    43      SW of Bridgeport
10-02A-38  BANKS        Thomas T      Head   64      W of Paradise
11-11A-24  BANKS        Tom [T D]     Head   54      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-02A-39  BANKS        Warren V      Son     27      W of Paradise
19-01B-53   BANKS        Willie  son     43      SW of Bridgeport
19-04A-05  BARBER      Harold E        son     5        SW of Bridgeport
19-04A-06  BARBER      Hazel L.        daughter        3        SW of Bridgeport
17-06B-70   BARBER      Jeanetta Faye  daughter        1        Bridgeport W Side
19-04A-04  BARBER      Joyie Mae      daughter        7        SW of Bridgeport
19-04A-02  BARBER      Marvin L.      head   29      SW of Bridgeport
17-06B-68   BARBER      Mary Viola (Riggs)    wife    19      Bridgeport W Side
17-06B-67   BARBER      N.L. (Noble)   head   25      Bridgeport W Side
19-04A-03  BARBER      Ora Mae (VanHoose) wife    25      SW of Bridgeport
17-06B-69   BARBER      Patricia Ann   daughter        3        Bridgeport W Side
19-04A-07  BARBER      Ronald L.      son     2        SW of Bridgeport
17-03B-45   BARBER      N.W.  son     15      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-39  BARBER      Noble (W.)     head   51      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-40  BARBER      Ruth   wife    41      Bridgeport W Side
05-07A-04  BARCLAY    Barbara J.      Granddaughter 0/12    Alvord Town(Pine St)
05-07A-03  BARCLAY    Barbara J. ["Bobbye" (MOSLEY)]    Daughter       16      Alvord Town(Pine St)
05-07A-02  BARCLAY    Johnnie [Elmer John]  Son-in-law     20      Alvord Town(Pine St)
17-14A-29  BARCLAY    Sara Frances  lodger  70      Bridgeport E Side
20-12A-13  BARFIELD   Blanche (Holley)       Wife   33      Boonsville
20-12A-17  BARFIELD   Doris Beth     Daughter       4/12    Boonsville
20-11A-39  BARFIELD   M.E. (Mary Ann Elizabeth Gilley)     Wife   63      Boonsville
11-02A-25  BARFIELD   Mary [J]        Mother 65      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-12A-14  BARFIELD   Mary Frances Daughter       8        Boonsville
11-02A-24  BARFIELD   Morris K [Maurice]    Father 71      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-12A-12  BARFIELD   O.L. (Odus Lloyd "Poke")     Head   33      Boonsville
20-12A-16  BARFIELD   Odus Loyd     Son     5        Boonsville
20-11A-38  BARFIELD   R.E (Robert Earvin)   Head   62      Boonsville
11-02A-23  BARFIELD   Rodger Head   49      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-12A-15  BARFIELD   Ruth Aylene   Daughter       7        Boonsville
20-11A-40  BARFIELD   W.T.   Brother         52      Boonsville
11-11A-34  BARKER      Effie M [Mae (HOLCOMB)] Wife   45      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-01A-14  BARKER      Glenn  Head   35      SW of Decatur
14-03A-13  BARKER      Gordon (John) Son     37      E of Rhome-Rd to Fairview
14-03A-12  BARKER      Maggie (Troxell)       Head   68      E of Rhome-Rd to Fairview
05-07B-70   BARKER      Mary F.        Mother-in-law 83      Alvord Town
11-11A-35  BARKER      Robert H       Son     15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11A-33  BARKER      Robert L       Head   48      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-03A-02  BARKLEY    Mary Jo        Lodger 30      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
05-03B-72   BARKSDALE         Betsy Jeanne [Betty]  Daughter       13      Alvord Town
18-16B-51   BARKSDALE         Dora (L. Cecil)         Wife   67      East of Chico/Bridgeport
05-03B-70   BARKSDALE         Garrett [Walter G.]    Head   54      Alvord Town
18-16B-50   BARKSDALE         John Thomas  Head   68      East of Chico/Bridgeport
05-03B-71   BARKSDALE         Ruth [E. (DALE)]     Wife   53      Alvord Town
18-16B-52   BARKSDALE         Thomas Franklin       Son     39      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-03A-02  BARNES      Bertha (May Brunson)         Head   45      Chico Town
18-06A-33  BARNES      Bertha (Wright)        Daughter       61      Chico Town
05-05A-30  BARNES      Beve Allen (QUARLES)      Wife   25      Alvord Town
07-04A-28  BARNES      Billy [Charles William] Son     21      S of Alvord
07-04A-30  BARNES      Dorothy [Jane]         Daughter       15      S of Alvord
07-04A-29  BARNES      Frances         Daughter       18      S of Alvord
18-03A-03  BARNES      Ira      Son     21      Chico Town
07-04A-32  BARNES      J B [Joshua]   Son     7        S of Alvord
07-04A-26  BARNES      J W [John William]    Head   70      S of Alvord
19-12A-35  BARNES      John (William) head   56      NW of Bridgeport
07-04A-31  BARNES      John ["Johnnie"]        Son     12      S of Alvord
18-06A-34  BARNES      Jud (Judson)   G-Son  25      Chico Town
05-05A-29  BARNES      Marvin E.      Head   27      Alvord Town
07-04A-27  BARNES      Mary A. (HENDERSON)     Wife   44      S of Alvord
19-12A-28  BARNES      Ollie (Young)  head   56      NW of Bridgeport
10-05B-43   BARNETT    Anna May     Daughter       45      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
18-08A-27  BARNETT    Bertha (May Brunson)         Wife   49      Chico Area
06-01B-45   BARNETT    Billy C Son     6        N&E of Alvord
09-07A-19  BARNETT    Bonnie Faye   daughter        8        Crafton-Alvord Rd
10-05A-36  BARNETT    C H [Charles Howard]         Head   41      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
01-26B-67   BARNETT    Camile Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
10-05A-40  BARNETT    Charles A [Allen]      Son     4/12   Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
10-05B-42   BARNETT    Clarence       Son     50      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
06-01B-42   BARNETT    Coda [Alpha Coda (BURNS)]         Wife   30      N&E of Alvord
06-01B-41   BARNETT    D B [Douglas Dewey]         Head   42      N&E of Alvord
17-15B-72   BARNETT    Dorothy        wife    27      Bridgeport E Side
01-26B-65   BARNETT    E. King (Sr.)   Head   33      Decatur-Town
01-26B-68   BARNETT    E.K., Jr. (King)         Son     9        Decatur-Town
17-15B-73   BARNETT    Edward         son     18      Bridgeport E Side
10-02B-42   BARNETT    Fannie G [Francis Gertrude (CANSLER)]    Wife   60      recopied on 12A-02
10-12A-02  BARNETT    Fannie G [Francis Gertrude (CANSLER)]    Wife   60      S Main St., Paradise
11-02B-49   BARNETT    George Head   39      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-01B-43   BARNETT    Gerald D       Son     11      N&E of Alvord
05-10B-51   BARNETT    Harald Son     12      Alvord Town
10-02B-43   BARNETT    Iva E   Daughter       19      recopied on 12A-03
10-12A-03  BARNETT    Iva E   Daughter       19      S Main St., Paradise
17-15B-71   BARNETT    J.W.   head   37      Bridgeport E Side
10-05B-45   BARNETT    Jennie Joe      Daughter       39      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
18-08A-26  BARNETT    John J. Head   52      Chico Area
17-11B-56   BARNETT    John M. (Monroe)     head   48      Bridgeport E Side
10-05A-39  BARNETT    Katie Jo        Daughter       3        Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
06-01B-46   BARNETT    Kenneth R [Ray]       Son     1        N&E of Alvord
05-10B-49   BARNETT    Lloyd [Minus] Head   35      Alvord Town
01-26B-66   BARNETT    Lucille Wife   30      Decatur-Town
05-10B-52   BARNETT    Marie  Daughter       8        Alvord Town
09-07A-18  BARNETT    Marjorie Lee   daughter        9        Crafton-Alvord Rd
10-05B-41   BARNETT    Mary E [Elizabeth (STUTT)]  Head   76      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
10-05A-37  BARNETT    Myrtle (CASH)        Wife   30      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
17-15B-74   BARNETT    Nadine daughter        15      Bridgeport E Side
18-08B-74   BARNETT    Nancy E.       Head   74      East of Chico
10-05A-38  BARNETT    Nannie P?      Daughter       6        Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
09-07A-17  BARNETT    Nola Mae (Payne)     wife    31      Crafton-Alvord Rd
11-02B-50   BARNETT    Pinkney E      Brother         35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-05B-44   BARNETT    Ruth V Daughter       41      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
09-07A-16  BARNETT    Taylor D. (Dennie)    Head   35      Crafton-Alvord Rd
05-10B-50   BARNETT    Thelma (TRU) Wife   34      Alvord Town
10-02B-41   BARNETT    Thomas L (Lerner)    Head   69      recopied on 12A-01
10-12A-01  BARNETT    Thomas L (Lerner)    Head   69      S Main St., Paradise
17-11B-57   BARNETT    Tina (Senora Porter)   wife    54      Bridgeport E Side
06-01B-44   BARNETT    Travis  Son     9        N&E of Alvord
17-15B-75   BARNETT    Troy (Eugene) son     7        Bridgeport E Side
12-06A-04  BARNEY      A.C.   Grandson       20      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-12A-01  BARNEY      Lula (E. Staggs)        Wife   69      Decatur-Town
01-11B-80   BARNEY      Rennard H.    Head   69      Decatur-Town
12-06A-03  BARNEY      Will H. Grandson       22      Boyd Town-N of Main St
18-03B-59   BARNHILL   James C.       Head   76      Chico Town
18-03B-60   BARNHILL   Lena G. (Wilkerson)   Wife   67      Chico Town
01-23A-39  BARRETT    Alice   Lodger 24      Decatur-Town
02-01A-04  BARRETT    C.V. [Clyde Vernon]  head   50      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-02B-67   BARRETT    Ella M. head   58      Bridgeport W Side
17-17A-06  BARRETT    Eutie   wife    49      Bridgeport E Side
02-01A-05  BARRETT    Isabell (COOK)        wife    50      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-17A-05  BARRETT    John    head   67      Bridgeport E Side
02-01A-06  BARRETT    Martin D.      son     16      Rt 4-E of Decatur
08-02B-59   BARRETT     Erma [Ermal Mae]     daughter        5        Park Springs & SE
08-02B-57   BARRETT     Harold [Ray]  son     13      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-56   BARRETT     Nellie O [Nellie Alene (HALL)]       wife    32      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-60   BARRETT     T C [Thomas Columbus]       son     3        Park Springs & SE
08-02B-55   BARRETT     Thomas R [Ragland]  head    38      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-58   BARRETT     Weldon C [Cecil Weldon]      son     11      Park Springs & SE
01-21A-24  BARRICK     Martha Mother-in-Law         67      Decatur-Town
01-21A-23  BARRICK     William         Father-in-Law 68      Decatur-Town
06-09A-10  BARRON     Benny Son     2/12   N&E of Alvord
06-09A-05  BARRON     C C    Head   40      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-09  BARRON     Corene Daughter       2        N&E of Alvord
17-05B-51   BARRON     Keener         son     25      Bridgeport W Side
06-09A-07  BARRON     La Verne       Step dau       11      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-06  BARRON     Laduska        Wife   36      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-08  BARRON     Milton  Son     3        N&E of Alvord
17-05B-49   BARRON     O.E.   head   52      Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-50   BARRON     Reba   wife    48      Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-53   BARRON     Shirley Ann    granddaughter 4        Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-52   BARRON     Winnie Belle   daughterinlaw  23      Bridgeport W Side
03-03A-29  BARROW     Joyce  daughter        4        NW of Decatur
10-06B-52   BARROW     Loyd   Son     16      S of Paradise on Highway
03-03A-28  BARROW     May    wife    30      NW of Decatur
03-03A-27  BARROW     Melvine         head   34      NW of Decatur
20-13A-28  BARTHOLOMEAU  C.L.    Head   60      Boonsville area
20-13A-29  BARTHOLOMEAU  Ollie (Laythorn)        Wife   56      Boonsville area
06-07A-13  BARTON      Charles Edward        Son     5        N&E of Alvord
06-07A-14  BARTON      Kenneth Ray  Son     3        N&E of Alvord
06-07A-11  BARTON      Lewis D        Head   29      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-12  BARTON      Zona [Arizona (RAY)]         Wife   25      N&E of Alvord
18-04A-30  BASS  Elias   Head   61      Chico Town
18-04A-31  BASS  Maude (Fenwick)      Wife   51      Chico Town
18-04A-32  BASS  Ralph  Son     18      Chico Town
12-03B-50   BASSHAM    Alvin   Son     3        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-74   BASSHAM    Arleen Daughter       1        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-72   BASSHAM    Arlie   Head   25      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-73   BASSHAM    Bertha Wife   24      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-47   BASSHAM    Chester         Head   36      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-49   BASSHAM    Donald Son     11      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-48   BASSHAM    Edna   Wife   37      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-51   BASSHAM    Evelyn Daughter       3        Boyd Town-S of Main St
02-03A-27  BASTIAN     Emma (HATCHTEL) head   63      Rt 4-E of Decatur
10-08B-67   BASTIAN     Fred J [John Fred, Sr.] Head   42      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08B-69   BASTIAN     Fred J Jr. [John Fred] Son     6        Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08B-71   BASTIAN     Garland P [Gerald Price]       Son     3        Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
02-03A-28  BASTIAN     George son     32      Rt 4-E of Decatur
10-08B-68   BASTIAN     Jessie E [Eva (PRICE)]        Wife   28      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08B-70   BASTIAN     Richard         Son     5        Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
01-23A-27  BASTIAN     William G.      Lodger 40      Decatur-Town
06-01B-72   BASTON      Bertha Wife   50      N&E of Alvord
06-01B-71   BASTON      C T    Head   54      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-08  BATCHELOR         Alfred [Bayliss]        Head   35      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
06-06A-12  BATCHELOR         Billie Ray       Son     10      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
06-06A-11  BATCHELOR         E J     Son     11      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
06-06A-10  BATCHELOR         Helen  Daughter       13      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
06-06A-14  BATCHELOR         Lynn   Son     4        Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
06-06A-09  BATCHELOR         Pearl [Ona Pearl (BRIDGES)]         Wife   29      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
06-06A-13  BATCHELOR         Wilma [Lee]   Daughter       7        Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
01-03B-45   BATDORFF  Lois    Daughter       46      Decatur-Town
10-07A-29  BATEMAN   Callie  Head   33      recopied on 14A-25
10-14A-25  BATEMAN   Callie  Head   33      East St., Paradise
16-10A-29  BATEN        Annie [Alma (WELLS)]       Wife   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-33  BATEN        Bonnie [Florine]        Daughter       9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-30  BATEN        Delbert         Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-31  BATEN        Gilbert Son     13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-34  BATEN        Guyda Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-32  BATEN        Hugo S.        Grandson       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-31  BATEN        Jess [Jesse Anderson] Son     52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-35  BATEN        Jimmy [Ray]   Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-30  BATEN        Martha [Ann (McDONALD)]         Head   73      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-68   BATEN        Nora   Wife   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-67   BATEN        Preston         Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-32  BATEN        Raymond       Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-69   BATEN        W.P.   Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-28  BATEN        Winburn        Head   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-15B-42   BATES         Lettie  Head   71      Decatur-Town
14-10A-18  BAUGH       Dewey Head   40      E&S of Rhome
18-16A-01  BAUGH       Earnest         Head   59      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16A-02  BAUGH       Virginia D. (Cox)      Wife   59      East of Chico/Bridgeport
17-02A-01  BAUGHN     Barnie E.       son     19      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-04  BAUGHN     Donald Ray    son     11      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-05  BAUGHN     Estella daughter        9        Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-02  BAUGHN     Gilbert son     16      Bridgeport W Side
17-01B-79   BAUGHN     Josephine       Son     21      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-03  BAUGHN     Newton C.     son     13      Bridgeport W Side
17-01B-77   BAUGHN     Verda May    Head   47      Bridgeport W Side
17-01B-80   BAUGHN     Wanda daughter        22      Bridgeport W Side
17-01B-78   BAUGHN     Willard Son     23      Bridgeport W Side
01-04A-36  BAUMGAERTNER  Lizzie  Head   75      Decatur-Town
20-01A-24  BAYS Bert    Head   66      Boonsville
19-10B-68   BAYS E.B.    son     10      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-67   BAYS Edna (Edith Lough)    wife    29      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-66   BAYS Eliga L. (Lee) head   38      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-72   BAYS Helen  daughter        1        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-71   BAYS Ora    daughter        3        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-69   BAYS Peggy Joe      daughter        9        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-70   BAYS Tommy Lee    son     6        NW of Bridgeport
12-03B-59   BEACH        Ada    Wife   72      Boyd Town-S of Main St
04-08A-38  BEACH        Mabel  Wife   41      SW of Decatur
04-08A-39  BEACH        Margaret       Daughter       15      SW of Decatur
04-08A-37  BEACH        Robert E.       Head   50      SW of Decatur
04-08A-40  BEACH        Robert G.      Son     13      SW of Decatur
12-03B-58   BEACH        Seldon Head   69      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-20B-59   BEALL        Charley         Head   44      Decatur-Town
01-20B-61   BEALL        Howard        Son     21      Decatur-Town
01-20B-62   BEALL        Ina Mae        Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
01-20B-60   BEALL        Maude (Young)        Wife   47      Decatur-Town
01-20B-63   BEALL        Opal   Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
16-18A-15  BEAM Amanda [Jane (COX)]         Wife   55      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-06A-19  BEAM Daphine        Daughter       5        Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
14-06A-16  BEAM Doris   Daughter       14      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
16-18A-14  BEAM John H. [Henry]        Head   62      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-06A-14  BEAM Johnnie W. (William)  Head   36      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
16-18A-18  BEAM Juanita Daughter       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-06A-15  BEAM Lela (Mae Smith)      Wife   32      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
14-06A-18  BEAM Manuel (Buford)       Son     10      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
14-06A-17  BEAM Marvaline      Daughter       12      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
16-18A-16  BEAM Roscoe         Son     18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-17  BEAM Roxie  Daughter       18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-14A-04  BEAMAN     Lola (Lindsey) Wife   42      NE of Bridgeport
18-14A-03  BEAMAN     Robert C. ('Bob')       Head   41      NE of Bridgeport
18-14A-05  BEAMAN     Ruth   Daughter       11      NE of Bridgeport
18-14A-06  BEAMAN     Warren         Son     9        NE of Bridgeport
05-02A-12  BEARD        Pearl [Annie Pearl]    Lodger 44      Alvord Town(S. Wickham St)
01-31A-09  BEARDEN    Bennie Paul    Son     17      Decatur-Town
17-04A-39  BEARDEN    Haskell (Homer)       son     27      Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-40  BEARDEN    Josephine (Downs)    daughterinlaw  17      Bridgeport W Side
01-31A-08  BEARDEN    Lessie (Gladys Eakin/Aiken)  Wife   37      Decatur-Town
17-04A-38  BEARDEN    Myrtle head   46      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-41   BEARDEN    Patricia Ann   granddaughter 4m     Bridgeport W Side
01-31A-07  BEARDEN    Paul (James)   Head   45      Decatur-Town
15-04B-62   BEARDEN    Theodore       Brother-in-law 52      Rural Boyd Area
18-01B-43   BEARDEN    Allen A.        head   68      Chico Town
18-01B-45   BEARDEN    Roy C. son     30      Chico Town
18-01B-44   BEARDEN    Sara A. (Ann Bowman)        wife    66      Chico Town
05-06A-24  BEATTY      Zona   Mother-in-law 84      Alvord Town
04-08B-62   BEATY        Charles C.     Son-in-law     26      SW of Decatur
09-05B-72   BEATY        Eva Lillian      wife    39      Sunset-Crafton Rd
04-08B-61   BEATY        Irene (Norris)  Daughter       19      SW of Decatur
09-05B-71   BEATY        Paul L. Head   41      Sunset-Crafton Rd
04-11A-01  BEATY        Shirley Daughter       0/12    SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
13-02B-42   BEAUCHAMP        Anna Lois      Daughter       20      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-10A-25  BEAUCHAMP        Carl    Son     21      Newark Town
15-10A-26  BEAUCHAMP        Conrad (Vance)        Son     11      Newark Town
15-10B-43   BEAUCHAMP        Della (Boyd)   Wife   44      Newark Town
15-10A-24  BEAUCHAMP        Exa (Boyd)    Wife   45      Newark Town
15-10A-13  BEAUCHAMP        H. B. (Herschel)       Head   21      Newark Town
15-10B-64   BEAUCHAMP        Herman        Head   25      Newark Town
13-02B-41   BEAUCHAMP        Icey (Icy Bell Cash)   Wife   49      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-10B-66   BEAUCHAMP        Janice  Daughter       1        Newark Town
15-10A-14  BEAUCHAMP        Juanita (Katherine Bradley)   Wife   21      Newark Town
13-02B-46   BEAUCHAMP        Juanita (Stevens)       Daughter in law        22      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02B-45   BEAUCHAMP        LeRoy Son     27      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-10B-65   BEAUCHAMP        Nova   Wife   23      Newark Town
15-10A-15  BEAUCHAMP        Robert (Herschel)      Son     11/12   Newark Town
13-02B-47   BEAUCHAMP        Tarlin Lee (Tarland)   Grandson       3        Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02B-44   BEAUCHAMP        Travis  Son     13      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-10A-23  BEAUCHAMP        Vance (J. Vance)      Head   48      Newark Town
15-10B-42   BEAUCHAMP        Vernon         Head   52      Newark Town
13-02A-40  BEAUCHAMP        Will    Head   48      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02B-43   BEAUCHAMP        William         Son     17      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-08B-43   BEAVER      L. J. (Leonard)         Head   61      Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-44   BEAVER      Nancy (A.)    Wife   61      Rural Boyd Area
07-01B-53   BEAVERS    Billie [J]        Son     10      S of Alvord
07-01B-52   BEAVERS    Dorris [Doris] Daughter       11      S of Alvord
07-01B-50   BEAVERS    Earnest         Son     16      S of Alvord
07-01B-55   BEAVERS    Frank  Son     3        S of Alvord
07-01B-51   BEAVERS    Lucille Daughter       13      S of Alvord
07-01B-49   BEAVERS    Nora [Ella (KING)]    Wife   37      S of Alvord
07-01B-48   BEAVERS    Sam M [Marshall, Sr} Head   42      S of Alvord
07-01B-54   BEAVERS    Sam Marshall, Jr.      Son     5        S of Alvord
02-13B-51   BEAVERS    Susan  sis/law 48      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-02A-32  BECK Bessie (B.)     Wife   46      Boonsville
20-02A-37  BECK Billie   GrDaughter    5        Boonsville
20-02A-38  BECK Bob    GrSon  4        Boonsville
20-02A-35  BECK Charles         Son     26      Boonsville
20-02A-31  BECK E.D. (El Dee) Head   47      Boonsville
20-02A-36  BECK Edna   Dau-in-law     27      Boonsville
20-02A-33  BECK Marcelle        Daughter       15      Boonsville
01-08B-59   BEDWELL    Effie   Nurse  58      Decatur-Town
12-03A-29  BEESON      Addie (C. Landers)    Head   83      Boyd Town-S of Main St
10-01A-40  BEESON      Arman L [Laura Armon]      Wife   ?        Paradise-Draco Rd.
19-01B-79   BEESON      Connie Lera   daughter        9        SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-76   BEESON      Emmitt (Ernest)        head   43      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-04  BEESON      Emmitt (Irv)   son     14      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-72   BEESON      Estelle (Atkinson)      wife    21      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-77   BEESON      Esther (Lee Sparks)   wife    42      SW of Bridgeport
10-01B-41   BEESON      George L       Son     23      Paradise-Draco Rd.
19-01B-78   BEESON      Jack    son     12      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-75   BEESON      Jacquelyn      daughter        7m     SW of Bridgeport
12-03A-30  BEESON      James  Son     43      Boyd Town-S of Main St
19-01B-74   BEESON      John L.         son     3        SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-02  BEESON      Maude (J. Matzinger) head   48      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-71   BEESON      McCage D. (M.D. 'June')     head   22      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-73   BEESON      Omega daughter        5        SW of Bridgeport
10-01A-39  BEESON      One [Ona]     Head   58      Paradise-Draco Rd.
19-02A-03  BEESON      Sara    daughter        18      SW of Bridgeport
01-23B-61   BEILKE       Margarie Kay Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
01-23B-60   BEILKE       Marion Wife   27      Decatur-Town
01-23B-62   BEILKE       Miloa May     Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
01-23B-59   BEILKE       Oscar  Head   28      Decatur-Town
01-29A-36  BELEW        Alice (May Price)      Wife   45      Decatur-Town
04-02A-24  BELEW        Esther (Gregg) Wife   42      SW of Decatur
04-02A-23  BELEW        Hale   Head   46      SW of Decatur
04-02A-25  BELEW        June (Theresa June)   Daughter       12      SW of Decatur
04-02A-26  BELEW        Kathleen (Mary Kathleen)     blank   8        SW of Decatur
01-19A-35  BELEW        Martha V.      Step Daughter 20      Decatur-Town
08-01A-25  BELEW        Molly [T (MERRITT)]         wife    75      Park Springs & SE
04-02A-27  BELEW        Sandra blank   4        SW of Decatur
01-29A-35  BELEW        Thad   Head   45      Decatur-Town
08-01A-26  BELEW        Vaughn         son     32      Park Springs & SE
08-01A-24  BELEW        W D [William] head   78      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-78   BELEW        Betty Jean      wife    27      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-79   BELEW        Betty Jean      daughter        1        Park Springs & SE
08-05B-77   BELEW        William H      head    26      Park Springs & SE
01-01B-46   BELL  Amy C. (Bentley)      Wife   63      Decatur-Town
01-33A-37  BELL  Bill     Lodger 20      Page 61A-Decatur
17-07A-18  BELL  Billy Dan       grandson       11      Bridgeport W Side
01-07B-67   BELL  Earnest         Head   33      Decatur-Town
01-33A-19  BELL  Elizabeth       Daughter       24      Page 61A-Decatur
01-07B-68   BELL  Eloise (McDaniel)      Wife   29      Decatur-Town
02-12A-17  BELL  Eunice (TIMMONS)  mo/law 88      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-15A-12  BELL  Gussie Wife   50      Decatur-Town
01-33A-20  BELL  Harold Son     22      Page 61A-Decatur
01-30A-09  BELL  John Willie, Jr. Son     9        Decatur-Town
01-30A-07  BELL  L. Napolean   Son     10      Decatur-Town
01-15A-11  BELL  Lester Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-30A-05  BELL  Lila Mae       Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-15A-13  BELL  Marvin Son     19      Decatur-Town
01-30A-08  BELL  Maude Alice   Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
17-07A-16  BELL  Ora    daughter        42      Bridgeport W Side
17-07A-17  BELL  Paula  granddaughter 19      Bridgeport W Side
01-30A-06  BELL  R.J.    Son     13      Decatur-Town
17-07A-15  BELL  Richard O.     soninlaw        40      Bridgeport W Side
01-01B-45   BELL  Robert E.       Head   68      Decatur-Town
01-31B-77   BELL  Roosevelt (V.) Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-31B-78   BELL  Willie Mae (Branch)   Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-12A-09  BELLAH      Odus   Head   24      Decatur-Town
01-12A-10  BELLAH      Walter Brother         21      Decatur-Town
01-33A-34  BELLOWS    Fred J. Lodger 48      Page 61A-Decatur
16-09A-25  BELVIN       Hilda (TRETSCH)     Wife   30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-54   BELVIN       Jesse [Jess B] Head   53      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-55   BELVIN       Lydia [June/Mae (HUDSON)]         Wife   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-24  BELVIN       Ray  [L]        Head   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-33A-12  BENDER      Robert B., Jr.  Lodger 24      Page 61A-Decatur
01-13A-10  BENNETT    Arthur C.       Head   60      Decatur-Town
02-14A-13  BENNETT    Artie (PATTISON)    wife    56      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-13A-11  BENNETT    Della G. (Whittington) Wife   60      Decatur-Town
02-14A-12  BENNETT    Drurey B. [Burton]    head   76      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-33A-14  BENNETT    Eloise  Daughter       26      Page 61A-Decatur
02-07B-70   BENNETT    Hestand [Henry Hestand]     head   35      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-02A-17  BENNETT    John H Head   65      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-33A-13  BENNETT    Robert Son-in-Law    30      Page 61A-Decatur
02-07B-71   BENNETT    Rubye (TINNEN)     wife    34      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-02A-18  BENNETT    Susan V        Wife   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-09  BENSON?     Andy H         Head   51      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-05B-65   BENTLEY    Deward        Son     5        SW of Decatur
04-05B-62   BENTLEY    Henry (H.)     Head   32      SW of Decatur
04-05B-64   BENTLEY    Henry D. (Dale)       Son     6        SW of Decatur
05-02B-61   BENTLEY    Jack C.         Head   33      Alvord Town
05-02B-63   BENTLEY    James A.       Son     11      Alvord Town
04-05B-63   BENTLEY    Jewell (Alice Jewel Holbrook) Wife   30      SW of Decatur
04-05B-66   BENTLEY    R.C.   Son     4        SW of Decatur
05-02B-62   BENTLEY    Ruth   Wife   30      Alvord Town
16-05A-30  BENTLEY    Sarah  Wife   58      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-05B-67   BENTLEY    Thomas (Ray) Son     3        SW of Decatur
16-05A-29  BENTLEY    Wesley [Moore]        Head   61      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-03A-24  BENTON      Luther Head   71      E of Rhome-Highway 81
14-03A-25  BENTON      Nannie Sister  69      E of Rhome-Highway 81
01-29B-51   BERG Alfred Head   59      Decatur-Town
01-29B-52   BERG Alfred, Jr.      Son     16      Decatur-Town
01-27A-29  BERG Beaulah (Haynes)      Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-29B-53   BERG Billie Maxine   Son     9        Decatur-Town
02-15B-62   BERG Charley H. [Harmon]  head   25      Rt 1 Rhome
01-29B-55   BERG Dorothy        Daughter-in-Law       16      Decatur-Town
01-29B-54   BERG Ed      Son     22      Decatur-Town
01-15A-04  BERG Harley Head   37      Decatur-Town
01-15A-05  BERG Iona    Wife   27      Decatur-Town
01-27A-28  BERG John W.        Head   73      Decatur-Town
02-15B-64   BERG Milton  son     1        Rt 1 Rhome
02-15B-63   BERG Mona R. [Rhe (JONES)]      wife    23      Rt 1 Rhome
01-27A-30  BERG Yvonne         Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
19-11A-27  BERRY        Adlade (Wilmuth Jordan)      wife    58      NW of Bridgeport
16-08A-05  BERRY        Bula M. [Beulah Mae (MONROE)]  Wife   19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-09A-35  BERRY        J.S. (Joseph)   Head   51      Boonsville
20-09A-37  BERRY        Quinton L.     Son     20      Boonsville
19-11A-29  BERRY        Rebecca (E. Gore)     wife    65      NW of Bridgeport
16-08A-04  BERRY        Reginald [Henry Reginald]     Head   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-09A-36  BERRY        Roxie (M. Stewart)    Wife   43      Boonsville
19-11A-28  BERRY        Walter head   78      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-26  BERRY        Will J. (John)  head   72      NW of Bridgeport
16-12A-15  BERT Marshall        Head   70      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-16  BERT Mollie  Wife   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-06A-17  BEST  Ida     Head   66      Decatur-Town
05-03B-44   BEST  Mary L.        Head   83      Alvord Town
18-03A-06  BETTS         Billye R.        Daughter       13      Chico Town
18-03A-07  BETTS         Carolyn         Daughter       6        Chico Town
18-03A-05  BETTS         Mamie R. (Ruthkline) Wife   32      Chico Town
18-03A-04  BETTS         William T.      Head   36      Chico Town
19-04A-15  BEVILL       Minnie F. (Francis Romine)    wife    60      SW of Bridgeport
19-04A-14  BEVILL       Will E. (Emmitt)        head   64      SW of Bridgeport
17-13B-80   BEVILLE      Lola (Adams)  wife    40      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
17-13B-79   BEVILLE      Tennis (Flem)  head   51      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
17-14A-01  BEVILLE      Tennis Adams, Jr. ('Junie')     son     16      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
16-06B-73   BIBBS Joe     Head   39      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-74   BIBBS Mary   Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-75   BIBBS Robert L.       Father 72      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-12A-38  BILLINGSLEY        Carl    Son     29      Boonsville
20-12A-37  BILLINGSLEY        Effie   Wife   61      Boonsville
20-12A-36  BILLINGSLEY        S.M.   Head   65      Boonsville
01-20A-06  BILLINGTON         Donald Grandson       3        Decatur-Town
01-20A-05  BILLINGTON         Effie (Inez Sewell)     Daughter in Law       26(20)      Decatur-Town
20-03A-09  BILLINGTON         Elzie   Head   38      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-12  BILLINGTON         Faye   Daughter       12      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
01-20A-04  BILLINGTON         George (Arlington)     Son     27(28)      Decatur-Town
01-20A-03  BILLINGTON         Lizzie (Elizabeth)  Head   60(62)      Decatur-Town
20-03A-14  BILLINGTON         Lorene Daughter       11      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-10  BILLINGTON         Minnie (L.)     Wife   34      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-13  BILLINGTON         Roy    Son     12      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-15  BILLINGTON         Vera May      Daughter       10      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-11  BILLINGTON         Wayne Son     14      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
17-21A-08  BINGHAM    Addie (Ann Powers)  wife    59      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-74   BINGHAM    C.J. (Charles) fatherinlaw     71      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-07  BINGHAM    Edwin S. (Edward)    head   66      Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-67   BINGHAM    Elbert  head   65      Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-68   BINGHAM    Elsa (Elsie)     wife    53      Bridgeport E Side
01-18B-75   BINGHAM    Hazel  Wife   26      Decatur-Town
01-18B-74   BINGHAM    Joe     Head   27      Decatur-Town
17-18B-49   BINGHAM    Lydia (Elmira Thomas)         wife    5        Bridgeport E Side
17-18B-50   BINGHAM    Margarite (Margaret)  daughter        21      Bridgeport E Side
01-18B-76   BINGHAM    Philip D.        Daughter       4?      Decatur-Town
17-18B-48   BINGHAM    Walter (Monroe)       head   62      Bridgeport E Side
05-08A-18  BINION       Billy Dean      Daughter       15      Alvord Town(O-Neill St)
05-08A-20  BINION       Bobbie Jean    Daughter       3        Alvord Town(O-Neill St)
05-08A-17  BINION       Myrtle [Mary Myrtle (ELSOM)]       Wife   36      Alvord Town(O-Neill St)
05-08A-16  BINION       Sam [Robert Samuel]  Head   46      Alvord Town(O-Neill St)
05-08A-19  BINION       Sammie Lee   Daughter       14      Alvord Town(O-Neill St)
17-20A-28  BIRD  Bettie Alice    daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
19-07B-72   BIRD  Charlie M. (Melvin)    head   40      W of Bridgeport
01-15B-52   BIRD  Eulalie Wife   64      Decatur-Town
19-07B-73   BIRD  Helen V. (Collier)      wife    39      W of Bridgeport
17-18A-01  BIRD  Loyd C.        head   38      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-02  BIRD  Marie (Henderson)    wife    40      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-25  BIRD  Raymond (W.) head   35      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-27  BIRD  Raymond Jr    son     14      Bridgeport E Side
19-07B-74   BIRD  Rex (H.)       son     21      W of Bridgeport
19-03B-75   BIRD  Ruby   wife    40      SW of Bridgeport
17-18B-78   BIRD  Sarah (Isabell Smith)  wife    63      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-03  BIRD  Shirley Jean    daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-26  BIRD  Stella (Brazier)         wife    31      Bridgeport E Side
01-15B-51   BIRD  Thomas L.     Head   66      Decatur-Town
19-03B-74   BIRD  Virgil   head   55      SW of Bridgeport
17-18B-77   BIRD  Walter head   67      Bridgeport E Side
12-04A-20  BIRDWELL   Abe    Head   49      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-05B-49   BIRDWELL   Clarence       Head   47      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05B-51   BIRDWELL   Erbie (Lee)    Son     22      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05B-50   BIRDWELL   Mae    Wife   47      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-04A-21  BIRDWELL   Ruby   Wife   42      Boyd Town-S of Main St
20-07A-20  BISHOP       Bernice         Daughter       17      Boonsville Town
01-28A-01  BISHOP       Billie G.         Son     2        Decatur-Town
01-27B-80   BISHOP       Carlton C.      Son     4        Decatur-Town
17-09B-76   BISHOP       Dalton brotherinlaw   22      Bridgeport E Side
03-05B-51   BISHOP       Doris [Jo]      daughter        2        NW of Decatur
20-09A-27  BISHOP       Dovie  Wife   47      Boonsville
16-12B-67   BISHOP       Ellis D. Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-65   BISHOP       Fay [Elba/Elbie Fay (WHITE)]        Wife   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
03-05B-50   BISHOP       Hellen [Louise (MILLS)]      wife    20      NW of Decatur
16-12B-68   BISHOP       Jackie [Lee]   Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-09A-29  BISHOP       Jeannine        Daughter       11      Boonsville
18-06A-07  BISHOP       Jo Anne        St-daughter    12      Chico Town
03-05B-49   BISHOP       Joe     head   24      NW of Decatur
01-28A-02  BISHOP       John D.         Son     7/12    Decatur-Town
01-27B-79   BISHOP       Johnnie         Wife   26      Decatur-Town
20-09A-26  BISHOP       R.H. (Rubin, Sr.)       Head   52      Boonsville
20-09A-28  BISHOP       R.H., Jr. (Rubin)       Son     18      Boonsville
16-12B-64   BISHOP       Richard [Raymond]    Head   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
03-05B-52   BISHOP       Troy [Joe]      son     7/12    NW of Decatur
16-12B-66   BISHOP       Wanda          Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-27B-78   BISHOP       Wilbert Head   24      Decatur-Town
10-03B-67   BITTING      Benjamin       Son     13      recopied on 13A-05
10-13A-05  BITTING      Benjamin       Son     13      West St., Paradise Town
10-03B-65   BITTING      E D (Erick Duncan)   Head   40      recopied on 13A-03
10-13A-03  BITTING      E D (Erick Duncan)   Head   40      West St., Paradise Town
10-03B-66   BITTING      Mildred         Wife   36      recopied on 13A-04
10-13A-04  BITTING      Mildred         Wife   36      West St., Paradise Town
11-06B-74   BIVENS       Ellie F [Frances (READ)]     Wife   40      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-80   BIVENS       Elvira? Daughter       7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-78   BIVENS       Ila M? Daughter       12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-73   BIVENS       James L [Loyd]        Head   43      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-75   BIVENS       James W       Son     18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-76   BIVENS       Josie B [Jossie Bernice]        Daughter       16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-07A-02  BIVENS       Leroy [Lee Roy]       Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-07A-03  BIVENS       Senthia [Cynthia Deloris]      Daughter       2/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-77   BIVENS       Thurwood E   Son     14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-79   BIVENS       Wanda O [Oleta]      Daughter       12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-07A-01  BIVENS       William L       Son     5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-16B-44   BLACK        A.W.(Ausborn Webster)       head   66      Bridgeport E Side
10-02A-22  BLACK        Beatrice (KOENINGER)      Wife   33      W of Paradise
18-17A-23  BLACK        Bonnie Wife   22      East of Chico/Bridgeport
17-19A-39  BLACK        Clarence (Willis)       head   27      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-19B-41   BLACK        Doris Helen    daughter        3        Bridgeport (Stevens St)
10-02A-23  BLACK        Edward Lee   Son     6        W of Paradise
17-17A-12  BLACK        Elizabeth (Lizzie Read/Reid)   wife    60      Bridgeport E Side
17-16B-45   BLACK        Ellen  (Nell) (Campbell)        wife    58      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-11  BLACK        J.T. (John Thomas Jefferson) head   63      Bridgeport E Side
10-02A-24  BLACK        Kain Thomas  Son     3        W of Paradise
13-01B-54   BLACK        Millie   housekeeper  25      Rhome Town-C St
10-02A-21  BLACK        Monroe M     Head   37      W of Paradise
17-19A-40  BLACK        Ruby (McEntire)       wife    21      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
18-17A-22  BLACK        William T.      Head   21      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-06A-30  BLACKBURN        Annie (Banghier)       Wife   40      Decatur-Town
01-06A-32  BLACKBURN        Annie Lee      Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
01-22B-56   BLACKBURN        Chub (Odns)   Head   30      Decatur-Town
01-32A-27  BLACKBURN        Clara (Thompson)      Wife   24      Decatur-Town
01-10A-37  BLACKBURN        Claude Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-06A-31  BLACKBURN        E.B.    Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-10A-36  BLACKBURN        Effie (Decker) Wife   52      Decatur-Town
01-06A-29  BLACKBURN        Euless Head   42      Decatur-Town
01-22B-58   BLACKBURN        Helen Ruth     Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
01-07B-65   BLACKBURN        Jewel (Clay)   Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-32A-26  BLACKBURN        John    Head   26      Decatur-Town
01-03B-41   BLACKBURN        Leroy  Head   43      Decatur-Town
01-07B-64   BLACKBURN        Lester (A.)     Head   45      Decatur-Town
01-22B-57   BLACKBURN        Lois (Hall)     Wife   30      Decatur-Town
01-03B-42   BLACKBURN        M. Autry (Martha A.) Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-32A-29  BLACKBURN        Peggy  Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
01-03B-43   BLACKBURN        Vera Ruth      Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
01-32A-28  BLACKBURN        Willard Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-10A-35  BLACKBURN        Willard B.      Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-02B-49   BLACKERBY         Beatrice (Caraway)   Wife   31      Decatur-Town
01-02B-51   BLACKERBY         John G.         Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-02B-47   BLACKERBY         Kitty (Kittie)   Head   75      Decatur-Town
01-02B-50   BLACKERBY         Matt Y.         Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-02B-48   BLACKERBY         Matthew (George)     Head   35      Decatur-Town
01-01A-12  BLACKFORD         Annie (Laura Cook)   Wife   34      Decatur-Town
10-02A-34  BLACKFORD         Edd    Head   51      W of Paradise
10-02A-35  BLACKFORD         Frances G      Mother         80      W of Paradise
01-19A-14  BLACKFORD         Leroy  Lodger 27      Decatur-Town
01-01A-11  BLACKFORD         Webster (William Webster)    Head   34      Decatur-Town
09-07B-56   BLACKMAN Alonzo J.       Head   56      Crafton Rd
09-07B-57   BLACKMAN Eunice Mae (Dausett) wife    49      Crafton Rd
09-07B-60   BLACKMAN Gladys daughter        12      Crafton Rd
09-07B-58   BLACKMAN Paul    son     16      Crafton Rd
09-07B-59   BLACKMAN Robert son     14      Crafton Rd
18-02A-39  BLACKMON Evie    partner 22      Chico Town
07-04A-18  BLACKNEY  Billie Wayne   Son     14      S of Alvord
07-04A-20  BLACKNEY  Clarence Joe   Son     7        S of Alvord
07-04A-17  BLACKNEY  Jewel (BARKSDALE)        Wife   33      S of Alvord
07-04A-19  BLACKNEY  Nada Ruth     Daughter       10      S of Alvord
07-04A-21  BLACKNEY  Tommy Dale [Thomas]        Son     5        S of Alvord
11-11B-49   BLACKWELL         Burter C [Calvin]      Head   49      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-50   BLACKWELL         Pearlie [Ruth (BECK) Wife   48      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-51   BLACKWELL         Tempia         Sister  47      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-10A-40  BLACKWOOD       Bell [Minnie Bell]      daughter        26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-38  BLACKWOOD       Monroe S. [Smith]     head   69      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-39  BLACKWOOD       Rebecca [Jane (STANARD)] wife    69      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-04A-30  BLAKENEY  Ben [J. Ben]   Head   58      Alvord Town
05-01B-71   BLAKENEY  Charlie B.      Head   32      Alvord Town
07-04A-16  BLAKENEY  Cy [Clarence] Head   37      S of Alvord
05-01B-74   BLAKENEY  Darrell C.      Son     5        Alvord Town
05-01B-72   BLAKENEY  Flora M. (REYNOLDS)       Wife   33      Alvord Town
05-01B-73   BLAKENEY  Joy Lynn       Daughter       6        Alvord Town
05-04A-31  BLAKENEY  Nada [Neda}  Wife   55      Alvord Town
05-04A-32  BLAKENEY  Randle [L.]    Son     15      Alvord Town
05-01B-75   BLAKENEY  Roger Neal    Son     6/12    Alvord Town
18-04B-62   BLALOCK    Connie Lee    Daughter       4        Chico Town
12-06B-50   BLALOCK    Helen (Sue)    Lodger 22      Boyd Town-N of Main St
18-04B-61   BLALOCK    Ora B. Wife   28      Chico Town
18-04B-63   BLALOCK    Ronald Son     1        Chico Town
18-04B-60   BLALOCK    William         Head   29      Chico Town
01-02A-25  BLANKENSHIP      Amanda (West)        Wife   69      Decatur-Town
01-02A-24  BLANKENSHIP      Robert L. (Lee)        Head   74      Decatur-Town
18-04B-70   BLANTON    Cue    Head   57      Chico Town
09-01B-78   BLANTON    Helen Ruth     daughter        16      Crafton Town
18-18A-07  BLANTON    Jack    son     27      Page 61A Chico
09-01B-76   BLANTON    James B.       son     19      Crafton Town
09-01B-74   BLANTON    James B. (Burgess)    Head   45      Crafton Town
09-01B-79   BLANTON    Patsy Jane     daughter        12      Crafton Town
09-01B-77   BLANTON    Paul Ann       daughter        17      Crafton Town
09-01B-75   BLANTON    Valerie wife    40      Crafton Town
17-11B-70   BLEVINS     Belle (Cobb)   wife    52      Bridgeport E Side
17-11B-69   BLEVINS     Steve D.        head   66      Bridgeport E Side
01-17B-49   BLEWETT    Linnie  Daughter       35      Decatur-Town
01-17B-48   BLEWETT    Minnie Ola (William)  Head   54      Decatur-Town
16-05A-07  BLOCK        Billy Joe        Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-08  BLOCK        Earl Ray        Son     5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-05  BLOCK        Hiram [Hie Harmon]  Head   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-09  BLOCK        Opal [Sherleen]        Daughter       5/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-06  BLOCK        Vera W. [Mae (JOHNSON)] Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-02B-62   BLOCKER    Darrell son     13      Chico Town
18-02B-63   BLOCKER    Glenda daughter        3        Chico Town
18-02A-11  BLOCKER    Hugh   head   29      Chico Town
18-01A-19  BLOCKER    Josie (Joda L. Easley) wife    66      Chico Town
18-02A-12  BLOCKER    May (Coursey)         wife    29      Chico Town
18-02B-61   BLOCKER    Myrtle (Maser)         wife    39      Chico Town
18-01A-18  BLOCKER    William U. (Unis)      head   67      Chico Town
18-02B-60   BLOCKER    Winifred        head   46      Chico Town
09-04A-36  BLOOMER   Bessie Bee     wife    46      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-04A-37  BLOOMER   Cecil   son     25      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-04A-35  BLOOMER   Clarence R.    Head   53      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
17-13B-66   BLOOMER   Joyce  daughter        8        Bridgeport E Side
18-03A-24  BLOOMER   Margaret       Wife   79      Chico Town
17-13B-65   BLOOMER   Mary Lee      head   27      Bridgeport E Side
18-03A-23  BLOOMER   Melvin Head   84      Chico Town
20-12A-25  BLUE Eddy Floyd     Son     5        Boonsville
20-12A-23  BLUE J.E.    Head   33      Boonsville
20-12A-24  BLUE Ruby   Wife   30      Boonsville
01-27A-26  BLYTHE      Betty Jean     Daughter       8        Decatur-Town
01-27A-25  BLYTHE      Jewell  Head   31      Decatur-Town
09-03A-06  BOARD       Hazel  wife    32      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-07  BOARD       Leland son     13      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-05  BOARD       Lewis E.       Head   40      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
17-12A-26  BOASE        Exia (Louise Paschall) wife    44      Bridgeport E Side
17-15A-37  BOASE        James E. (Edward)    head   23      Bridgeport E Side
17-12A-25  BOASE        Leslie  head   45      Bridgeport E Side
17-15A-38  BOASE        Reba (Parish)  wife    22      Bridgeport E Side
17-12A-27  BOASE        Virginia Cue   daughter        18      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-22  BOAZ Alice (Josephine)       head   34      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
16-20A-11  BOAZ Bobby Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-18A-26  BOAZ Cleo    sister   17      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-24  BOAZ Ernest brother 27      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-25  BOAZ Juliette sister   23      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
16-20A-09  BOAZ Leroy  Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-10  BOAZ Margaret       Daughter       11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-08  BOAZ Mineola         Wife   37      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-07  BOAZ Robert Head   41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-18A-23  BOAZ Rosa (Rosie Elizabeth)         sister   32      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
11-10B-57   BOBO Adron [William Adron]         Son     14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-53   BOBO Benny [B A]   Head   27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10B-58   BOBO Betty J [Jean] Daughter       8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-73   BOBO Bobby R [Ray]         Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-72   BOBO Delbert         Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-57   BOBO Doria? Wife   57      Cottondale-Keeter Area
13-01B-52   BOBO Elizabeth [F (MORRIS)]       Wife   72      Rhome Town-C St
11-05B-54   BOBO Hattie L (KIRKLAND)        Wife   21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-56   BOBO John A Head   67      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-71   BOBO John Alvin      Son     8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-59   BOBO Judy O Daughter       21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10A-31  BOBO Lawanda?      Daughter       13      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-69   BOBO Lester [Redford, Sr.]  Head   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-74   BOBO Lester, Jr. [Lester Redford, Jr.]        Son     2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10B-56   BOBO Lillian [Zay (THOMPSON)]  Wife   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10A-28  BOBO Lloyd W [Winford]    Head   39      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-55   BOBO Marie [Alice Marie]   Daughter       3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-70   BOBO Oma [Mildred (ROMINE)]    Wife   30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10A-29  BOBO Omie Fay (HICE)      Wife   36      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-75   BOBO Roy J  Son     0/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10A-30  BOBO Wanda L [Lee]         Daughter       14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10B-55   BOBO William A [Alfred]     Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-58   BOBO Willis R         Daughter       18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
13-01B-51   BOBO Z B [Zack Blount]     Head   82      Rhome Town-C St
18-02B-70   BOCK Clemmie (Long)        wife    39      Chico Town
18-02B-69   BOCK Frank T.        head   55      Chico Town
18-02B-71   BOCK Virginia         daughter        4        Chico Town
17-12B-57   BOGY Asilee (Y.)     wife    58      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-56   BOGY J.T. (Ivy Firman)       head   61      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-59   BOGY Lewis Toll (Louis Tol) son     17      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-58   BOGY Margaret Lee  daughter        20      Bridgeport E Side
20-05B-79   BOLDIN       L.I.     Lodger 38      Boonsville/Balsora
20-05B-80   BOLDIN       Nellie  Lodger-Wife   32      Boonsville/Balsora
02-13B-63   BOLDING     Beluey Gr/dau 3        Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-06A-01  BOLDING     Clarence       Son     13      Boonsville Town
02-13B-64   BOLDING     Girlens grand/son       9/12    Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-13B-62   BOLDING     Isabell (Teague)        daughter        26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-06A-03  BOLDING     J.L.    Son     6        Boonsville Town
20-06A-02  BOLDING     Juanita Daughter       11      Boonsville Town
02-13B-61   BOLDING     L.L.    son/law         24      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-08A-40  BOLIN         Alford (Alfred Anderson, Sr.) Head   52      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08B-46   BOLIN         Alford A., Jr. (Alfred Anderson)       Son     6        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08B-45   BOLIN         Dorothy        Daughter       8        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08B-42   BOLIN         J.T.    Son     23      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08B-44   BOLIN         Jessie M.       Daughter       16      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08B-41   BOLIN         Leila (Lela Mae Shelburn)     Wife   38      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08B-43   BOLIN         Tom    Son     19      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08B-47   BOLIN         Virgil L.(Lee)  Son     5        S of Rhome-Private Rd
15-06A-24  BOLLES       Denver         Son     13      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-23  BOLLES       Harley Son     17      Rural Boyd Area
06-09B-56   BOND Edna (PERKINS)      Wife   44      Hopewell-N&E of Alvord
12-03A-19  BOND Emma J.        Head   85      Boyd Town-S of Main St
16-02A-24  BOND Jane    Wife   56      Slidell Town
06-09B-55   BOND Ned    Head   49      Hopewell-N&E of Alvord
05-09A-35  BOND Oliver  Head   51      Alvord Town
16-02A-23  BOND R.L.    Head   63      Slidell Town
06-09A-40  BONDS        Adelle Wife   23      N&E of Alvord
06-09B-41   BONDS        Claudette       Daughter       2        N&E of Alvord
06-09A-39  BONDS        Frank  Head   26      N&E of Alvord
11-12A-05  BONE ?        Vernon         hired hand     35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
08-01A-20  BONER        Alvis [Benjamin]       son     13      Park Springs & SE
08-01A-16  BONER        Ben    head   49      Park Springs & SE
06-08B-42   BONER        Clara Bell (CHILTON)        Wife   36      Cottonwood-N&E of Alvord
06-08B-43   BONER        Dixie Lee      Daughter       10      Cottonwood-N&E of Alvord
08-01A-18  BONER        John T son     18      Park Springs & SE
06-08B-44   BONER        Julia Ann (MYERS)   Mother         75      Cottonwood-N&E of Alvord
08-01A-17  BONER        Murtle [Myrtle (EDGE)]       wife    50      Park Springs & SE
08-01A-19  BONER        Odis    son     13      Park Springs & SE
06-08B-41   BONER        Roy [Alton]    Head   35      Cottonwood-N&E of Alvord
19-07A-35  BONER        Betty Lou      daughter        8        W of Bridgeport
19-07A-33  BONER        Clifford (Wilbie)        son     18      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-32  BONER        Jewel (Victoria Morrow)       wife    40      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-34  BONER        Tommie        son     16      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-31  BONER        Zeak   head   40      W of Bridgeport
05-05B-46   BONHAM     B.R. [Benjiman Robert]        Father 70      Alvord Town
05-05B-43   BONHAM     C.H. [Charlie] Head   42      Alvord Town
05-05B-45   BONHAM     Charles, Jr.     Son     22      Alvord Town
05-05B-44   BONHAM     Minnie [Mae (ROWDEN)]    Wife   39      Alvord Town
01-34A-04  BOOKER      Estella E.       Wife   35      Page 81A-Decatur
01-34A-03  BOOKER      George A.      Head   67      Page 81A-Decatur
17-06A-01  BOOKER      John W.        head   54      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-02  BOOKER      Minnie Lee     wife    55      Bridgeport W Side
01-28A-06  BOOLES      Aldie Raymond         Step-Son       11      Decatur-Town
18-08B-58   BOOTH        Ben F. Head   46      SE of Chico
18-08B-60   BOOTH        E.A. (Estella Agnes Phillips)  Head   81      SE of Chico
18-08B-59   BOOTH        Vera (Holden) Wife   44      SE of Chico
17-05A-12  BORDNER    Frank (G. 'Petie')       son     17      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-11  BORDNER    Helen (Galik)  wife    36      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-04  BORDNER    John    head   80      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-10  BORDNER    Pete    head   41      Bridgeport W Side
11-12B-69   BOREN        Amy [C (WILSON)]  Head   60      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-70   BOREN        Donald [Lee]  Son     21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-71   BOREN        T C, Jr. [Thomas]      Son     17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-10A-13  BORING       Audrey Fay    daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
19-09A-38  BORING       Author L.      son     8        NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-34  BORING       Author L. (Lee)        head   36      NW of Bridgeport
17-10A-15  BORING       Billy George   son     2        Bridgeport E Side
17-10A-14  BORING       Bobbie son     6        Bridgeport E Side
19-09A-35  BORING       Carrie (Western Whatley)     wife    39      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-37  BORING       Carrie Lee     daughter        10      NW of Bridgeport
17-07A-20  BORING       E.J. (Ernest)   head   33      Bridgeport W Side
17-10A-11  BORING       E.W. (Edward)         head   34      Bridgeport E Side
19-09A-39  BORING       Gracie daughter        4        NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-36  BORING       Mary E.        daughter        13      NW of Bridgeport
17-10A-12  BORING       Vera (Mae Jenkins)   wife    27      Bridgeport E Side
17-07A-21  BORING       Zella Mae      wife    23      Bridgeport W Side
19-08A-24  BORUFF      Jack    son     21      NW of Bridgeport
19-08A-23  BORUFF      Tom    head   56      NW of Bridgeport
04-03B-76   BOSLEY      G.W.   Head   79      SW of Decatur
20-11B-57   BOST A.R.   Head   56      Boonsville
20-11B-58   BOST Alma   Wife   54      Boonsville
13-03A-35  BOST Frances         Daughter       17      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-36  BOST Harold Son     14      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
20-11B-59   BOST Jacquline       Daughter       18      Boonsville
13-03A-34  BOST Jessie  Wife   50      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-11A-31  BOST Lavon  son     13      Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-30  BOST Leon   son     20      Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-32  BOST Mary Lois      daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-29  BOST Nola   wife    46      Bridgeport E Side
13-03A-33  BOST Philip   Head   51      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-11A-28  BOST R.E., Rev.      head   48      Bridgeport E Side
18-16B-43   BOSWELL    Ethel   Daughter       12      East of Chico/Bridgeport
05-06B-71   BOSWELL    Haskell [W.]   Grandson       30      Alvord Town
18-16B-42   BOSWELL    Hattie (C. Ellis)         Wife   42      East of Chico/Bridgeport
05-06A-04  BOSWELL    Samuel E.      Grandson       12      Alvord Town
05-06B-69   BOSWELL    William L.      Head   78      Alvord Town
18-16B-41   BOSWELL    Willie R.        Head   43      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-12B-49   BOULWARE Elizabeth (K. Chilton)  Wife   59      East of Bridgeport
18-13B-79   BOULWARE Herbert Frazier         Head   39      NE of Bridgeport
18-13B-80   BOULWARE Modell (Anna Phillips) Wife   29      NE of Bridgeport
18-12B-48   BOULWARE O.L. (Oscar)  Head   69      East of Bridgeport
18-14A-01  BOULWARE Raymond       Son     5        NE of Bridgeport
18-14A-02  BOULWARE Rex Keith      Son     1        NE of Bridgeport
10-04A-13  BOUNDS      Bertha A       Wife   51      recopied on 13A-30
10-13A-30  BOUNDS      Bertha A       Wife   51      West St., Paradise Town
19-10B-80   BOUNDS      Hertha (Lorene Yale) wife    24      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-01  BOUNDS      Jimmie Y.      son     4        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-79   BOUNDS      Joe W. head   31      NW of Bridgeport
01-26B-53   BOUNDS      Lucy (Thompson)      Wife   63      Decatur-Town
01-26B-52   BOUNDS      P.M.   Head   64      Decatur-Town
10-04A-12  BOUNDS      Robert W      Head   56      recopied on 13A-29
10-13A-29  BOUNDS      Robert W      Head   56      West St., Paradise Town
03-03B-62   BOWDEN     Bernie [Winston]       son     3        NW of Decatur
03-03B-60   BOWDEN     Carl W [Wesley]       head   31      NW of Decatur
03-03B-64   BOWDEN     Earl    brother 40      NW of Decatur
03-03B-63   BOWDEN     Helen [ Ann]  daughter        5/12    NW of Decatur
01-17A-24  BOWDEN     Henry  Head   66      Decatur-Town
03-05B-71   BOWDEN     Henryiel        son     7        NW of Decatur
03-05A-26  BOWDEN     James  head   39      NW of Decatur
03-05B-72   BOWDEN     Lenda [Linda Zoe]     daughter        4        NW of Decatur
03-03B-61   BOWDEN     Marcy [Mary Elizabeth (BOULWARE)]      wife    27      NW of Decatur
01-17A-25  BOWDEN     Melinda (Florence Parrish)    Wife   62      Decatur-Town
03-05A-27  BOWDEN     Ora    wife    29      NW of Decatur
03-05B-69   BOWDEN     Rosco [Victor] head   37      NW of Decatur
03-05B-70   BOWDEN     Stella [Caroline (BYRD)]      wife    24      NW of Decatur
01-17A-26  BOWDEN     Velma Daughter       30      Decatur-Town
12-02B-53   BOWEN       Edwin R.       Head   34      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02B-54   BOWEN       Hazel  Wife   25      Boyd Town-S of Main St
04-10A-05  BOWEN       Luvena         Mother-in-law 66      SW of Decatur
13-03A-02  BOWERS      William W.     Lodger 77      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
05-04B-43   BOWLES      Frank E. [Elmo "Banks"]       Head   59      Alvord Town
05-04B-46   BOWLES      Gus [E.]        Son     23      Alvord Town
05-04B-45   BOWLES      Jessie [W.]     Son     27      Alvord Town
05-04B-44   BOWLES      Mattie [F. (COX)]     Wife   50      Alvord Town
05-04B-47   BOWLES      Walton [W.]   Son     17      Alvord Town
19-05A-22  BOWLIN      Bobbie son     9        SW of Bridgeport
20-05B-78   BOWLIN      J.W.   Head   42      Boonsville/Balsora
19-05A-19  BOWLIN      Jimmie P.      son     20      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-21  BOWLIN      John  (Montford)       son     12      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-18  BOWLIN      Kathryn (Montford)    head   48      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-20  BOWLIN      Mary Kate     daughter       16      SW of Bridgeport
10-02B-58   BOWLING    Lorena Wife   26      recopied on 12A-18
10-12A-18  BOWLING    Lorena Wife   26      S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-57   BOWLING    Virgil S         Head   30      recopied on 12A-17
10-12A-17  BOWLING    Virgil S         Head   30      S Main St., Paradise
04-09B-59   BOWMAN    Billy    Son     15      SW of Decatur
01-05A-19  BOWMAN    Cora   Head   64      Decatur-Town
04-09B-58   BOWMAN    Ethel   Wife   51      SW of Decatur
06-10B-74   BOWMAN    G. B. [George Brit]    Head   53      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
04-09B-62   BOWMAN    Lervy  Daughter       10      SW of Decatur
06-10B-75   BOWMAN    Minnie (SPENCER)   Wife   36      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
04-09B-61   BOWMAN    Ruth   Daughter       10      SW of Decatur
04-09B-60   BOWMAN    W.M., Jr.       Son     13      SW of Decatur
04-09B-57   BOWMAN    William M. (Sr.)        Head   61      SW of Decatur
13-03A-28  BOX   Betty   Daughter       7        Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-29  BOX   Billy    Daughter       3        Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-27  BOX   Edna   Wife   29      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-26  BOX   Roy    Head   33      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
12-02B-77   BOYD Annie  Wife   55      Boyd Town-S of Main St
17-09A-28  BOYD Arthur J.       head   31      Bridgeport E Side
12-03B-69   BOYD Arvel (Welton)         Head   43      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-70   BOYD Bertha Wife   38      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-18A-08  BOYD Billie (Billy Gene)      Son     18      Decatur-Town
01-18A-11  BOYD Bobbie (Bobby L.)     Son     9        Decatur-Town
12-03B-71   BOYD Charlie Son     16      Boyd Town-S of Main St
14-06A-33  BOYD Clarence H.    Head   40      Newark-Boyd Rd
01-18A-07  BOYD Edith (Edith Eliza Myers)      Wife   40      Decatur-Town
19-07A-03  BOYD Edna (Mae Prewett)   wife    47      W of Bridgeport
02-06B-61   BOYD Emma L. (CREGHORN)      wife    55      Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-07A-04  BOYD Evertt  lodger  21      W of Bridgeport
12-03A-26  BOYD Fannie (W)     Head   77      Boyd Town-S of Main St
14-06A-35  BOYD Freda Jean     Daughter       16      Newark-Boyd Rd
20-05B-70   BOYD Geneva (Reed)         Wife   18      Boonsville/Balsora
20-05B-71   BOYD Geraldine       Daughter       9/12    Boonsville/Balsora
16-19A-19  BOYD Hallie  Wife   53      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-05B-61   BOYD Harold L. [Loyd]       son     9        Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-18A-09  BOYD Helen (Helen Ruth)    Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
06-03A-10  BOYD Ina (REDWINE)       Head   38      N&E of Alvord
20-05B-69   BOYD J.C. (James Carl)      Head   26      Boonsville/Balsora
02-05B-59   BOYD J.R.    head   29      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-18A-12  BOYD Jackie (Jack Woody)  Son     7        Decatur-Town
02-05B-62   BOYD Jackie G. [Glen]        son     1        Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-18A-10  BOYD Joannee (Jo Ann)      Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
14-06A-37  BOYD L. Vineta       Daughter       11      Newark-Boyd Rd
15-10B-44   BOYD L., Mrs.         Mother-in-law 64      Newark Town
14-06A-34  BOYD Lanna M.      Wife   37      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-06A-36  BOYD M. Estelene    Daughter       13      Newark-Boyd Rd
06-03A-11  BOYD Mary Elizabeth         Daughter       15      N&E of Alvord
20-05B-72   BOYD O.L.   Brother         30      Boonsville/Balsora
01-18A-06  BOYD Odie (Odie Elmer)     Head   43      Decatur-Town
12-03A-27  BOYD Odis  (Otis R.) Son     40      Boyd Town-S of Main St
02-05B-60   BOYD Olive M. [Ollie Maud (WALKER)]   wife    29      Rt 3-E of Decatur
17-09A-29  BOYD Opal Fay (Weatherby) wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
12-02B-76   BOYD Richard         Head   57      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-13B-70   BOYD Sam    Brother         66      Decatur-Town
20-02A-02  BOYD Sybil   Daughter       15      Boonsville
02-06B-60   BOYD Teddie D.      head   56      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-02A-01  BOYD W.V.  Head   55      Boonsville
16-19A-18  BOYD Walter Head   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-07A-02  BOYD Wesley H. (Hardee)   head   45      W of Bridgeport
04-06A-16  BOYDSTON  Bernice (Opal Bernice)        Daughter       8        SW of Decatur
16-19A-26  BOYDSTON  Bertha [Elizabeth (KEMP)]   Wife   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-06A-17  BOYDSTON  Billy Jean       Daughter       5        SW of Decatur
02-09B-80   BOYDSTON  Birdine [Robert Birdine]        head   56      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-19A-27  BOYDSTON  Carol [Carroll Gene]   Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-25  BOYDSTON  Charlie [Simmons]     Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-16A-25  BOYDSTON  Dana (Louise Tilghman)       Wife   26      Decatur-Town
01-16A-08  BOYDSTON  E.F.    Head   51      Decatur-Town
02-05A-14  BOYDSTON  Elsie [C. (HUDSON)] wife    41      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-16A-09  BOYDSTON  Ethel (Tennel) Wife   49      Decatur-Town
02-10A-01  BOYDSTON  Florence (GIVENS)   wife    60      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-26B-72   BOYDSTON  George Head   71      Decatur-Town
01-26B-73   BOYDSTON  L.Jane (Eliza Caraway)        Wife   86      Decatur-Town
04-06A-14  BOYDSTON  Lee    Head   41      SW of Decatur
01-15B-55   BOYDSTON  Leonard        Head   25      Decatur-Town
04-06A-15  BOYDSTON  Mary (Elanora Anderson)      Wife   31      SW of Decatur
01-15B-56   BOYDSTON  Mattie Fay(Meda Fay McDaniel)      Wife   20      Decatur-Town
01-16A-10  BOYDSTON  Milburn Holly  Son     29      Decatur-Town
01-16A-24  BOYDSTON  Nolan  Head   28      Decatur-Town
02-05A-13  BOYDSTON  Quint R. [Raymond]   head   45      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05A-16  BOYDSTON  Raymond [Frank]      son     13      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05A-15  BOYDSTON  Rector [R. Rex]        son     20      Rt 3-E of Decatur
16-19A-29  BOYDSTON  Velda [Charlene]       Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-28  BOYDSTON  Willis [Kemp "Bubba"]         Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-06A-26  BOYETT      Charlie M. (Monroe)  son     17      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-24  BOYETT      Euwell          son     15      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-22  BOYETT      James J. (Jackson)     Head   54      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-25  BOYETT      Jewell (F.)     son     15      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-27  BOYETT      Leona  daughter        12      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-23  BOYETT      Minnie E. (Estell Hood)        wife    47      Sunset-Crafton Rd
06-10A-30  BOYKIN      Betty La Rue  Daughter       2        N&E of Alvord
06-10A-31  BOYKIN      Billie Wayne   Son     1        N&E of Alvord
06-10A-29  BOYKIN      Edna [Sue (ALLEN)] Wife   23      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-28  BOYKIN      T R [Theodore]        Head   35      N&E of Alvord
07-04B-44   BOYKINS     J A [John]      Head   63      S of Alvord
07-04B-45   BOYKINS     Lillie [B.]       Wife   60      S of Alvord
12-01A-16  BRADFORD  Carrie  Wife   61      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-19B-67   BRADFORD  Charles D.     Lodger 28      Decatur-Town
16-16B-46   BRADFORD  Charles W.     Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-30  BRADFORD  Charley         Head   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-31  BRADFORD  Dana   Wife   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-12A-24  BRADFORD  Ethel (Wood)  wife    57      Bridgeport E Side
16-16B-45   BRADFORD  J.L.    Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-47   BRADFORD  Jack [Greer]   Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-01A-15  BRADFORD  James  Head   65      Boyd Town-S of Main St
16-16B-43   BRADFORD  Louis  [James Louis]  Head   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-18B-71   BRADFORD  Minnie House Keeper 27      Decatur-Town
16-16B-44   BRADFORD  Myrtle [Effie Myrtle (DUNAWAY)] Wife   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-12A-23  BRADFORD  Q.P. (Quint)   head   60      Bridgeport E Side
05-02A-31  BRADLEY    Charles [H.]   Son     54      Alvord Town
20-09A-22  BRADLEY    Florence        Wife   52      Boonsville
01-30B-63   BRADLEY    Guy Hughland Step-Son       14      Decatur-Town
20-09A-21  BRADLEY    H.B.   Head   57      Boonsville
05-02A-30  BRADLEY    John [Johnathan]       Head   83      Alvord Town
20-09A-23  BRADLEY    Marie  Adopt Dau     27      Boonsville
05-02A-32  BRADLEY    Rose   Wife   45      Alvord Town
01-05A-33  BRADY       A.D., Jr.        Son     13      Decatur-Town
01-05A-31  BRADY       Alfred (Drew) Head   38      Decatur-Town
01-26B-77   BRADY       Anna M. (May Rucker)        Wife   66      Decatur-Town
01-26B-78   BRADY       Arthur Son     36      Decatur-Town
01-05A-34  BRADY       Bobbie Gene   Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-26B-76   BRADY       Elmore Head   73      Decatur-Town
01-23A-22  BRADY       Laura Francis  Sister-in-Law  30      Decatur-Town
01-20A-21  BRADY       Lee (Nettie Lee Askey)        Wife   36      Decatur-Town
01-20A-22  BRADY       Martha A.      Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
01-05A-35  BRADY       Patsy Ann      Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
01-05A-32  BRADY       Sylvia (Howell)         Wife   33      Decatur-Town
01-20A-20  BRADY       Wallace (J. Wallace)  Head   43      Decatur-Town
04-07B-56   BRAMLETT  A.Z.   Laborer         19      SW of Decatur
04-09A-39  BRAMLETT  Alice   Daughter       12      SW of Decatur
04-08B-53   BRAMLETT  Annie Bell      Wife   38      SW of Decatur
04-08B-52   BRAMLETT  Bill     Head   40      SW of Decatur
04-08B-54   BRAMLETT  Bill, Jr. Son     12      SW of Decatur
04-09A-36  BRAMLETT  Boner O. (Boney Oliver)       Head   50      SW of Decatur
04-08B-44   BRAMLETT  Ernest E (Earney Emmett)     Head   44      SW of Decatur
04-09A-37  BRAMLETT  Estelle Wife   46      SW of Decatur
01-12A-36  BRAMLETT  Fay Dean      Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
04-08B-67   BRAMLETT  Fred    Son     58      SW of Decatur
01-12A-34  BRAMLETT  John    Head   43      Decatur-Town
04-09A-38  BRAMLETT  John Drew     Son     15      SW of Decatur
04-08B-47   BRAMLETT  John W (Wesley)      Son     12      SW of Decatur
04-08B-46   BRAMLETT  Kelly (Bob)    Son     14      SW of Decatur
04-08B-48   BRAMLETT  Kenneth (Darrell)      Son     10      SW of Decatur
04-08B-45   BRAMLETT  Lillie (Davis)   Wife   42      SW of Decatur
04-08B-66   BRAMLETT  Lottie (Mary Elizabeth Ware) Wife   79      SW of Decatur
01-12A-35  BRAMLETT  Louise (Emma Tackel)         Wife   42      Decatur-Town
04-09B-41   BRAMLETT  Philip   Son     8        SW of Decatur
04-08B-65   BRAMLETT  Wesley         Head   81      SW of Decatur
04-09A-40  BRAMLETT  Wesley         Son     10      SW of Decatur
13-02A-18  BRAMMER   Alice   Wife   46      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-21  BRAMMER   Billy Ray       Son     8        Rhome Town-S Addition
14-08A-31  BRAMMER   Dewey Head   37      Newark-Aurora Rd
13-02A-20  BRAMMER   Gloria Ann     Daughter       11      Rhome Town-S Addition
14-08B-66   BRAMMER   Hannah         Head   43      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08A-33  BRAMMER   Jerry Lane     Son     5        Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-67   BRAMMER   Kate   Sister  35      Newark-Aurora Rd
13-02A-19  BRAMMER   Kenneth        Son     18      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-01B-66   BRAMMER   Lillie   Wife   44      Rural Boyd Area
14-08A-32  BRAMMER   Lois    Wife   27      Newark-Aurora Rd
15-01B-65   BRAMMER   M. C.  Head   49      Rural Boyd Area
14-08A-34  BRAMMER   Valda Jean     Daughter       3        Newark-Aurora Rd
15-01B-68   BRAMMER   Velma Daughter       15      Rural Boyd Area
15-01B-67   BRAMMER   Viola Mae      Daughter       17      Rural Boyd Area
13-02A-17  BRAMMER   Walter Head   47      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-01B-69   BRAMMER   Zelma  Daughter       15      Rural Boyd Area
14-04A-13  BRAMMER  B.W.   Head   28      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-07  BRAMMER  Ben (Benjamin Franklin Matthews)    Head   31      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-16  BRAMMER  Deanna (Ruth) Daughter       1        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-08  BRAMMER  Ima (McKinnon)       Wife   28      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-11  BRAMMER  James E. (Edward)    Son     6        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-15  BRAMMER  Leslie (Caroll) Son     3        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-12  BRAMMER  Marrh L.       Son     5        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-14  BRAMMER  Nora (Agnes Melear) Wife   24      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-10  BRAMMER  Wanda (Vernelle)      Daughter       8        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-09  BRAMMER  Yvonne (Anita)         Daughter       10      Newark-Boyd Rd
16-18B-56   BRANCH     DeLaine        Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-74   BRANCH     Flora [Catherine (HACHTELL)]      Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-57   BRANCH     Hugh M. [Malcomb, Jr]        Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-73   BRANCH     John  [J R]     Head   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-75   BRANCH     Kenneth [J]    Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-76   BRANCH     Laune [Nora Laune]   Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-54   BRANCH     Malcomb [Hugh Malcomb, Sr.]        Head   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-55   BRANCH     Marcille (BASTIAN)  Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-05B-48   BRANDON   Bobby Son     12      SW of Decatur
04-05B-46   BRANDON   Clayton ('Shorty')      Daughter(Son) 16      SW of Decatur
04-05B-43   BRANDON   Dave (Grady, Sr.)      Head   52      SW of Decatur
04-05B-45   BRANDON   Dave, Jr. (Grady)      Son     18      SW of Decatur
04-05B-44   BRANDON   Edna (Pearl Clark)     Wife   47      SW of Decatur
04-05B-49   BRANDON   James (Jimmie Clark) Son     8        SW of Decatur
04-05B-47   BRANDON   Melba Joe      Daughter       14      SW of Decatur
17-11B-41   BRANDT      Hilda (Sophia) head   70      Bridgeport E Side
05-10A-30  BRANSFORD         B.G.   Head   59      Alvord Town(N. Trappier St)
05-10A-31  BRANSFORD         Matie  Wife   48      Alvord Town(N. Trappier St)
02-10A-09  BRANT/BRANDT    Olean  daughter        36      Rt 4-E of Decatur
10-04B-44   BRASHER    Bettie Jo        Daughter       13      recopied on 13A-36
10-13A-36  BRASHER    Bettie Jo        Daughter       13      West St., Paradise Town
10-04B-46   BRASHER    Billie Leon     Son     8        recopied on 13A-38
10-13A-38  BRASHER    Billie Leon     Son     8        West St., Paradise Town
10-04B-43   BRASHER    Edna Lucille   Daughter       16      recopied on 13A-35
10-13A-35  BRASHER    Edna Lucille   Daughter       16      West St., Paradise Town
10-04B-41   BRASHER    H J [Hubert Jones]    Head   44      recopied on 13A-33
10-13A-33  BRASHER    H J [Hubert Jones]    Head   44      West St., Paradise Town
10-04B-42   BRASHER    Mattie May (SMITH) Wife   35      recopied on 13A-34
10-13A-34  BRASHER    Mattie May (SMITH) Wife   35      West St., Paradise Town
10-04B-45   BRASHER    Opal Doris     Daughter       11      recopied on 13A-37
10-13A-37  BRASHER    Opal Doris     Daughter       11      West St., Paradise Town
01-24A-02  BRASSFIELD         Bobbie Son     7/12    Decatur-Town
01-23B-80   BRASSFIELD         Charles          Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-24A-01  BRASSFIELD         Earl    Son     3        Decatur-Town
01-23B-78   BRASSFIELD         Florine (Walker)        Wife   27      Decatur-Town
01-23B-77   BRASSFIELD         Floyd   Head   28      Decatur-Town
01-23B-79   BRASSFIELD         Wesley         Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-34A-05  BRASTED    Nathan R.      Guest  43      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
12-04B-63   BRAWLEY   Arvella Daughter       1        Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-06A-18  BRAWLEY   Boyd   Son     7        Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-14  BRAWLEY   Clarence       Son     13      Rural Boyd Area
12-04B-59   BRAWLEY   Earnest         Head   35      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04B-61   BRAWLEY   Earnest Jr.     Son     8        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04B-60   BRAWLEY   Hazel  Wife   26      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-06A-15  BRAWLEY   Hershel         Son     10      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-20  BRAWLEY   James Don     Son     3        Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-17  BRAWLEY   Joyce  Daughter       8        Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-19  BRAWLEY   Melba  Daughter       5        Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-13  BRAWLEY   Rosa Lee       Wife   31      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-16  BRAWLEY   Royce Son     8        Rural Boyd Area
12-04B-62   BRAWLEY   Thomas         Son     3        Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-06A-12  BRAWLEY   W. R. (Wesley)        Head   39      Rural Boyd Area
02-02B-49   BRAWNER   Alton   son     21      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10B-47   BRAWNER   Bobbie son     11      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-22A-40  BRAWNER   Currin  Head   52      Decatur-Town
02-10B-44   BRAWNER   Curry R.        head   47      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-24B-70   BRAWNER   Elton   Head   22      Decatur-Town
02-02B-48   BRAWNER   Floyd   son     23      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-24B-71   BRAWNER   Frankie (Harwick)     Wife   20      Decatur-Town
02-10B-45   BRAWNER   Jessie [E.]      wife    46      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-02B-46   BRAWNER   Millerint [Miltes?]      head   55      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-22B-41   BRAWNER   Myrtle? (Bernice Appling?)    Wife   36      Decatur-Town
02-02B-47   BRAWNER   Nora   wife    50      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-22B-42   BRAWNER   Sammie         Son     7        Decatur-Town
15-02B-64   BRAY Anna Bell      Hired Help     31      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-65   BRAY Henry Lee     Hired Helps Son        14      Rural Boyd Area
17-05B-80   BRAY James  son     15      Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-78   BRAY Lee (Parish)   head   55      Bridgeport W Side
19-08B-42   BRAZIER     Alma (Esther Strain)   wife    61      NW of Bridgeport
17-09B-59   BRAZIER     Annie (Bell Humphrey)        wife    54      Bridgeport E Side
17-07A-30  BRAZIER     Billy Joy (Billie Joyce) daughter        2        Bridgeport W Side
03-05A-39  BRAZIER     Cleo (BRUMFIELD)  wife    39      NW of Decatur
17-09B-60   BRAZIER     Dalton son     20      Bridgeport E Side
19-08B-44   BRAZIER     Eloise  daughter        21      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-43   BRAZIER     George W. (William)  son     41      NW of Bridgeport
03-05A-38  BRAZIER     Groves head   48      NW of Decatur
17-09B-58   BRAZIER     Henry  head   58      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-61   BRAZIER     J.H.    son     17      Bridgeport E Side
17-07A-28  BRAZIER     John (L.)       head   25      Bridgeport W Side
19-08B-41   BRAZIER     John W. (William)      head   68      NW of Bridgeport
18-04B-59   BRAZIER     Mattie Keeps House  24      Chico Town
17-23A-07  BRAZIER     Melvin B.      son     30      Pg61A Out of Order-Bridgeport
17-07A-29  BRAZIER     Ollie (King)    wife    27      Bridgeport W Side
03-05A-40  BRAZIER     Ralond son     18      NW of Decatur
19-13A-01  BRECKINRIDGE     Alpha  head   71      Page was 61A
01-14B-65   BREEDLOVE         Billie   Wife   25      Decatur-Town
01-14B-64   BREEDLOVE         Farris  Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-01B-52   BREEDLOVE         Grace (Ruth)  Daughter       53      Decatur-Town
01-01B-51   BREEDLOVE         Hugh T. (Taylor)       Son-in-law     63      Decatur-Town
01-01B-48   BREEDLOVE         J. David (James David)        Head   53      Decatur-Town
01-01B-49   BREEDLOVE         Lona B. (Bell Burton) Wife   51      Decatur-Town
16-09B-52   BREWER      Alma   Lodger 55      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-08B-77   BREWER      Cordie Daughter       52      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
01-03A-37  BREWER      Delva  Head   40      Decatur-Town
16-07A-30  BREWER      Gwendolyn     Daughter       20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-03A-38  BREWER      Herman Greer Son     16      Decatur-Town
10-08B-78   BREWER      Pearl [Leona Pearl]    Daughter       45      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
01-03A-39  BREWER      Sarah Louise   Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
10-08B-76   BREWER      W S Mrs. [Martha Elvira (MYERS)] Head   81      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08B-79   BREWER      Wilburn         Son     43      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
19-08B-70   BRIAN         Custer (Aaron)         head   67      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-72   BRIAN         Ellis (Ellice C.) son     32      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-73   BRIAN         Jessie (Irene Westherly)       daughter in law         20      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-71   BRIAN         Mary (Francis Haile)  wife    65      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-74   BRIAN         Patricia         granddaughter 7m     NW of Bridgeport
16-15B-73   BRICE         Joseph Step-Son       16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-02B-45   BRIDGES     Ada M Head   62      recopied on 12A-05
10-12A-05  BRIDGES     Ada M Head   62      S Main St., Paradise
11-02A-06  BRIDGES     Albert  Head   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-75   BRIDGES     Allen [Richard Allen]  Son     13      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-06A-13  BRIDGES     Alonzo (Loyd) Head   34      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-02A-37  BRIDGES     Alta M [Mae (Lawrence]      Wife   31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-64   BRIDGES     Anna (ALBRITTON) Wife   42      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-06A-14  BRIDGES     Belva (Wilson) Wife   28      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-02A-39  BRIDGES     Benny Coleman        Son     9        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-45   BRIDGES     Beulah Sister  30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-10B-61   BRIDGES     Billie   bro/law         16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
11-02A-38  BRIDGES     Billie M [Melvin]       Son     11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-02B-80   BRIDGES     Charles Neel   Son     3        recopied on 12A-40
10-12A-40  BRIDGES     Charles Neel   Son     3        S Main St., Paradise
11-02A-03  BRIDGES     Charlie C [Charles Ross]      Head   52      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-43   BRIDGES     Della   Head   40      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-44   BRIDGES     Dona   Sister  39      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-18A-01  BRIDGES     Edna   Sister in Law  60      Decatur-Town
11-02A-40  BRIDGES     Emma [Emilie Ann]    Daughter       8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-07  BRIDGES     Faye [Knox]   Wife   25      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-02B-79   BRIDGES     Gertrude V (Virginia NEEL)  Wife   22      recopied on 12A-39
10-12A-39  BRIDGES     Gertrude V [Virginia (NEEL)]         Wife   22      S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-78   BRIDGES     Gus C [Charles Augustus]     Head   24      recopied on 12A-38
10-12A-38  BRIDGES     Gus C [Charles Augustus]     Head   24      S Main St., Paradise
01-14A-38  BRIDGES     Gwendolyn     Daughter       0/12    Decatur-Town
12-06A-15  BRIDGES     Janice (Marie) Daughter       4        Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-12B-72   BRIDGES     Joe H [Joseph Henry] Head   44      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-79   BRIDGES     June [Rose June]       Daughter       2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-65   BRIDGES     Lou Vee        Daughter       12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-02B-46   BRIDGES     Loueda         Daughter       26      recopied on 12A-06
10-12A-06  BRIDGES     Loueda         Daughter       26      S Main St., Paradise
01-14A-36  BRIDGES     Marguerite     Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
11-12B-78   BRIDGES     Mary J [Jewell]        Daughter       7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-46   BRIDGES     Melvin E       Beulah's son   11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-04  BRIDGES     Myrtle [Pavillard]      Wife   52      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-80   BRIDGES     Norma Grace  Daughter       1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-42   BRIDGES     Peggy [Alice]  daughter        2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-77   BRIDGES     Quint [Joe Quint]       Son     9        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-51   BRIDGES     Robert H [Henry]      Head   68      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-73   BRIDGES     Rose [Rosetta Mae (Hoyle)]  Wife   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-05B-58   BRIDGES     Sidney Lodger 35      Boonsville/Balsora
11-04B-52   BRIDGES     Susan A [Adelia (BANKS)]   Wife   64      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-14A-35  BRIDGES     Thurman       Head   21      Decatur-Town
01-14A-37  BRIDGES     Thurman Lee  Son     1        Decatur-Town
11-12B-76   BRIDGES     Venita Mae    Daughter       11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-63   BRIDGES     William A      Head   44      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-05  BRIDGES     Wright          Uncle  82      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-36  BRIDGES     Wright [Pendleton]     Head   34      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-74   BRIDGES     Wynell [Frances Wynelle]     Daughter       15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-08A-36  BRIGGS       Clifford H      Son     1/12    SW of Decatur
04-08A-32  BRIGGS       Doris Ray      Daughter       7        SW of Decatur
04-08A-30  BRIGGS       Harris  Head   35      SW of Decatur
04-08A-33  BRIGGS       Melba Jane    Daughter       6        SW of Decatur
04-08A-34  BRIGGS       Patricia Ann   Daughter       3        SW of Decatur
04-08A-31  BRIGGS       Susie   Wife   28      SW of Decatur
04-08A-35  BRIGGS       Wayne Son     2        SW of Decatur
19-10A-35  BRILEY       Bessie (Lorene Goad) wife    39      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-36  BRILEY       Doris   daughter        13      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-34  BRILEY       Mert C. (Clarence)    head   45      NW of Bridgeport
08-04A-15  BRILEY       Arno   son     21      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-16  BRILEY       Norville         son     10      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-14  BRILEY       Vidia (MONTGOMERY)     wife    43      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-13  BRILEY       Walter L        head    50      Park Springs & SE
01-28A-36  BRISCOE     Lovera Housekeeper  20      Decatur-Town
01-24A-17  BRISCOE     W.M.  Step-Son       10      Decatur-Town
18-07B-75   BRISCOE      Charles         Son     11      Chico Area
18-07B-73   BRISCOE      Cora Reaves   Daughter       14      Chico Area
18-07B-70   BRISCOE      Joe M. (Joseph M.)    Head   44      Chico Area
18-07B-72   BRISCOE      Kenneth        Son     15      Chico Area
18-07B-71   BRISCOE      Lillie May (Washburn) Wife   41      Chico Area
18-07B-74   BRISCOE      Ralph  Son     12      Chico Area
13-04A-01  BRITT Gay    Head   51      Rhome Town-B St North
17-03B-58   BROADMAY Herod  son in law      32      Bridgeport W Side
17-03B-59   BROADMAY Jannell daughter        27      Bridgeport W Side
17-21B-49   BROCK        Augusta (Mae Renfro)         aunt    68      Bridgeport E Side
01-22A-30  BROCK        C.L.    Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-22A-28  BROCK        Charlie Head   67      Decatur-Town
01-22A-29  BROCK        Gertie (Simpson)       Wife   44      Decatur-Town
17-13A-20  BROCK        Lou (Lola)     daughter        54      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
17-19B-61   BROCK        Luther Amos  head   41      Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-63   BROCK        Luther Amos, Jr.       son     9        Bridgeport E Side
17-13A-19  BROCK        Sarah Elizabeth (Ramsey)     head   78      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
17-19B-62   BROCK        Velma (Abbey Anderson)     wife    39      Bridgeport E Side
03-01B-68   BROOKHILL Joe     head   28      NW of Decatur
03-01B-70   BROOKHILL Pauline daughter        1        NW of Decatur
03-01B-69   BROOKHILL Trula   wife    26      NW of Decatur
01-31B-50   BROOKS      Alberta (Swearingen)  Wife   26      Decatur-Town
18-07A-28  BROOKS      Alton C. (Charles)     Head   34      Chico Area
18-10A-35  BROOKS      Annie Lee (Davidson) Wife   29      East of Chico
01-16B-69   BROOKS      Arthur Head   29      Decatur-Town
18-11A-05  BROOKS      Beatrice (Hawkins)    Wife   24      East of Chico (Thomas)
01-30B-55   BROOKS      Ben    Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-30B-57   BROOKS      Bennie F.       Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
09-05A-11  BROOKS      Blanche G.     wife    69      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
01-30B-44   BROOKS      Bobbie Lee    Step-Grandson 5        Decatur-Town
18-07A-31  BROOKS      Cecil   Son     13      Chico Area
18-07A-30  BROOKS      Clarence (Homer)     Son     15      Chico Area
18-10A-36  BROOKS      Darwin         Son     9        East of Chico
01-30B-58   BROOKS      Dorothy        Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
01-30B-42   BROOKS      Ethel   Step-Daughter 25      Decatur-Town
01-32A-03  BROOKS      Euga Mae (Driver)    Wife   32      Decatur-Town
01-16B-70   BROOKS      Eula Mae       Wife   25      Decatur-Town
18-10A-38  BROOKS      Everett (Homer)       Son     3/12    East of Chico
01-30B-56   BROOKS      Georgia (Arnold)       Wife   31      Decatur-Town
01-30B-62   BROOKS      Hattie Mae (Evans)    Wife   29      Decatur-Town
18-10A-34  BROOKS      Homer E. (Everett)    Head   32      East of Chico
09-03A-31  BROOKS      Houston        Head   31      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-09A-07  BROOKS      J.C. (Joseph)  Head   70      East of Chico
01-30B-59   BROOKS      Janet L.        Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
09-03A-34  BROOKS      Jimmie Wayne son     1        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-11A-04  BROOKS      John O.         Head   30      East of Chico (Thomas)
01-32A-04  BROOKS      Josie Mae      Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
18-07A-33  BROOKS      Laverne        Daughter       6        Chico Area
01-32A-02  BROOKS      Lee Roy        Head   41      Decatur-Town
18-07A-32  BROOKS      Lois    Daughter       12      Chico Area
18-09A-22  BROOKS      Lovette (Davis)        Wife   18      East of Chico
18-09A-08  BROOKS      Maggie (J. Reed)      Wife   67      East of Chico
09-03A-32  BROOKS      Magie (Hunter)         wife    30      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-11A-06  BROOKS      Marion Son     3        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-08A-35  BROOKS      Marshall        B-in-law        31      South of Chico
01-31B-51   BROOKS      Marvin Son     8        Decatur-Town
01-30B-64   BROOKS      Mary   Head   47      Decatur-Town
01-30B-61   BROOKS      Maurice        Head   24      Decatur-Town
18-10A-37  BROOKS      Methel Daughter       2        East of Chico
01-16B-71   BROOKS      Milton R.       Son     5        Decatur-Town
09-03A-33  BROOKS      Mona Joyce    daughter        4        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
01-30B-60   BROOKS      Paul    Brother         26      Decatur-Town
01-30B-43   BROOKS      Pauline Step-Granddaughter   8        Decatur-Town
09-05A-10  BROOKS      Pleasant H.    Head   76      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
20-10A-25  BROOKS      S.E.    M-in-Law      71      Boonsville
01-31B-49   BROOKS      Sherril Head   29      Decatur-Town
18-09A-21  BROOKS      Tom A.         Head   28      East of Chico
18-07A-29  BROOKS      Zona (May Dickerson)         Wife   33      Chico Area
15-09B-60   BROWN       A. C.  Head   58      Rural Boyd Area
19-05B-62   BROWN       A.C.   cousin  5        SW of Bridgeport
18-06B-47   BROWN       Agnes (Davidson)      Wife   39      Chico Area
01-01B-75   BROWN       Agnes (Duffey)        Wife   34      Decatur-Town
10-03A-19  BROWN       Albert [D]      Head   34      N of Paradise
15-01B-57   BROWN       Alberta         Daughter       21      Rural Boyd Area
01-26B-56   BROWN       Alf, Jr. Son     21      Decatur-Town
17-13A-24  BROWN       Alice (Elizabeth Alice Foster) wife    51      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
01-09B-74   BROWN       Allie    Wife   54      Decatur-Town
01-01B-62   BROWN       Alma (Christian)       Wife   45      Decatur-Town
01-06A-22  BROWN       Alseone (Elseane Rowe)       Wife   30      Decatur-Town
14-03B-75   BROWN       Anthonette (Pope)     Wife   44      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-05  BROWN       Archie Head   58      Newark-Boyd Rd
10-02A-32  BROWN       Audry M       Wife   67      W of Paradise
13-02A-38  BROWN       Ava Lee (House)      Daughter in law        18      Rhome Town-S Addition
19-06B-52   BROWN       Baliam L. (Luther)     head   53      W of Bridgeport
15-11A-14  BROWN       Bennie (Samuel)       Son     11      Newark Town
02-08A-17  BROWN       Bernice         daughter        11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-01B-60   BROWN       Beulah (RHOADES)  Wife   40      Alvord Town
17-13A-36  BROWN       Billy Jo grandson       13      Bridgeport E Side
01-06B-71   BROWN       Birdie (Harlow)        Wife   51      Decatur-Town
18-06B-48   BROWN       Blanton         Son     17      Chico Area
11-02A-11  BROWN       Bobby Joe      Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-08B-75   BROWN       Bobby R. [Ray]        Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-06B-54   BROWN       Bonnie (Foster)         son     28      W of Bridgeport
01-24B-46   BROWN       Carolyn         Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
15-11A-10  BROWN       Carrie (Florence Burns)        Wife   41      Newark Town
10-03A-20  BROWN       Carrie [L]      Wife   45      N of Paradise
14-03B-80   BROWN       Cecil   Son     12      Newark-Boyd Rd
02-08A-15  BROWN       Charles         son     16      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-08B-73   BROWN       Charles [Lee]  Head   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-06A-23  BROWN       Charles L.      Son     8        Decatur-Town
09-07B-71   BROWN       Charlie E.      Head   80      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
15-09B-61   BROWN       Clara   Wife   57      Rural Boyd Area
11-01B-74   BROWN       Clara M        Daughter       20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-01B-77   BROWN       Claud  Son     6        Decatur-Town
14-03B-46   BROWN       Cynthia         Head   73      Newark-E of RR
18-11A-33  BROWN       D.T.   Head   66      East of Chico (Thomas)
15-11A-13  BROWN       Dean Howard Son     13      Newark Town
01-06B-72   BROWN       Donald Son     25      Decatur-Town
18-12A-33  BROWN       Dora (Dorothy Studdards)     Wife   62      East of Chico
01-24B-48   BROWN       Doris  Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
02-08A-16  BROWN       Dorothy        daughter        13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-03B-78   BROWN       Earl    Son     18      Newark-Boyd Rd
20-14A-03  BROWN       Earl    Head   46      Boonsville area
14-09B-43   BROWN       Edith   Wife   31      S of Rhome-Private Rd
02-08A-18  BROWN       Edna E.         daughter        8        Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-01B-61   BROWN       Elbert B. (Blanton)     Head   62      Decatur-Town
15-01B-55   BROWN       Ella (H.)        Wife   54      Rural Boyd Area
04-01B-44   BROWN       Elsie   Mother-in-law 67      SW of Decatur
01-07B-77   BROWN       Emily Ann      Daughter       5/12    Decatur-Town
16-15B-69   BROWN       Essie [Josie (SHELTON)]     Wife   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-26B-57   BROWN       Eva Beth       Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
15-12A-02  BROWN       F. E., Mrs. (Mableanne Taylor)        Wife   23      Page 61A-Boyd Area
02-08A-19  BROWN       Florence        daughter        4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-15B-68   BROWN       Floyd [Fred]   Head   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-01B-73   BROWN       Forest W       Son     24      Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-01A-21  BROWN       Foy (E.)        son     27      SW of Bridgeport
15-12A-01  BROWN       Foy E. (Elmer) Head   25      Page 61A-Boyd Area
17-17A-31  BROWN       Frances Ann (Jennings)        wife    34      Bridgeport E Side
20-14A-10  BROWN       Frances Jean  Daughter       1        Boonsville area
01-06A-24  BROWN       Francis E.      Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
01-32A-22  BROWN       Frankie         Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
01-32A-21  BROWN       Franklin         Son     5        Decatur-Town
18-06B-46   BROWN       Fred E.         Head   39      Chico Area
13-02A-36  BROWN       Gayle  Son     28      Rhome Town-S Addition
01-26B-55   BROWN       Gene   Head   54      Decatur-Town
01-09B-73   BROWN       George Head   59      Decatur-Town
01-15B-57   BROWN       George (C.)    Head   64      Decatur-Town
01-09B-76   BROWN       George Earl    Son     17      Decatur-Town
02-08A-14  BROWN       Geraldine       daughter        24      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-08A-21  BROWN       Gladys N.      Daughter       17      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-03B-74   BROWN       Grover (C.)    Head   50      Newark-Boyd Rd
17-17A-32  BROWN       Guy, Jr.         son     12      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-30  BROWN       Guy, Sr. (William Guy)         head   34      Bridgeport E Side
11-01B-78   BROWN       Gwendelyn     G dau 5       Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-06B-73   BROWN       Harlan Son     28      Decatur-Town
18-18A-09  BROWN       Harry Mack   son     8        Page 61A Chico
20-14A-06  BROWN       Hubert Son     12      Boonsville area
09-07B-72   BROWN       Ida E.  wife    66      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
15-01B-53   BROWN       J. A.   Father-in-law  69      Rural Boyd Area
01-31A-29  BROWN       J.B.    Head   72      Decatur-Town
06-09A-27  BROWN       James  Head   65      N&E of Alvord
15-09B-52   BROWN       James (A.)     Head   36      Rural Boyd Area
09-03B-75   BROWN       James A.       Head   61      Crafton-Chico Road
20-14A-11  BROWN       James A.       Son     3/12    Boonsville area
01-01B-74   BROWN       Jennings C. (Crisp)    Head   43      Decatur-Town
05-01B-61   BROWN       Jerry Mac      Son     15      Alvord Town
19-05B-61   BROWN       Jess    cousin  35      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-19  BROWN       Joe (C.)        head   59      SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-63   BROWN       Joe Louis       cousin  3        SW of Bridgeport
03-04A-04  BROWN       John    head   37      NW of Decatur
20-14A-05  BROWN       John Henry    Son     15      Boonsville area
01-31B-55   BROWN       John Wesley   Head   50      Decatur-Town
01-07B-76   BROWN       Kate (Pearl Wilson)   Wife   21      Decatur-Town
01-01B-63   BROWN       Kathleen       Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
19-01A-23  BROWN       Laurene (Laverne Adams)    daughter in law         17      SW of Bridgeport
16-15B-70   BROWN       Lawrence [Mark]      Son     26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-15B-58   BROWN       Lillian (Aaron) Wife   59      Decatur-Town
17-24A-13  BROWN       Lillie   housekeeper   36      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
11-02A-10  BROWN       Lois [Virginia Lois (ADAMS)]         Wife   25      Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-06B-57   BROWN       Lonnie son     12      W of Bridgeport
05-07B-79   BROWN       Lonnie [Franklin]       Head   34      Alvord Town
05-01A-37  BROWN       Lottie [Elizabeth]       Daughter       27      Alvord Town
19-06B-53   BROWN       Lucy (Ann King)       wife    52      W of Bridgeport
09-03B-76   BROWN       Lula    wife    59      Crafton-Chico Road
06-09A-28  BROWN       Lula [(POWELL) Wilburn]    Wife   67      N&E of Alvord
01-06A-21  BROWN       M.L.   Head   34      Decatur-Town
14-08A-20  BROWN       Mable L.(Lillian)       Wife   41      Newark-Aurora Rd
05-01B-59   BROWN       Mac C. [Manuel M.]  Head   47      Alvord Town
19-01A-20  BROWN       Mae (Frances Matzinger)      wife    57      SW of Bridgeport
16-08B-74   BROWN       Maggie [Nettie (WINSTEAD)]        Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-14A-07  BROWN       Maida  Daughter       8        Boonsville area
01-24B-47   BROWN       Marcia Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
15-09B-54   BROWN       Marie  Daughter       8        Rural Boyd Area
01-06A-25  BROWN       Marion J.       Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
10-02A-31  BROWN       Marshall S     Head   75      W of Paradise
01-06B-74   BROWN       Martha Daughter-in-Law       22      Decatur-Town
01-06B-75   BROWN       Martha Sue    Granddaughter 5/12    Decatur-Town
14-08A-19  BROWN       Martin L.       Head   47      Newark-Aurora Rd
18-06B-51   BROWN       Marvin Son     1/12    Chico Area
01-31B-73   BROWN       Mary   Head   63      Decatur-Town
18-19A-01  BROWN       Mary   Head   74      Page 81A Chico
01-31A-30  BROWN       Mary  Wife   46      Decatur-Town
04-07A-33  BROWN       Mary E         Wife   67      SW of Decatur
14-09B-44   BROWN       Mary Lou      Daughter       9        S of Rhome-Private Rd
18-06B-50   BROWN       Mary Lou      Daughter       3        Chico Area
01-01B-78   BROWN       Mattie Mother 81      Decatur-Town
14-04A-06  BROWN       Mattie Wife   53      Newark-Boyd Rd
05-01A-36  BROWN       Mattie [Pearl (BRITE)]        Head   55      Alvord Town
18-06B-49   BROWN       May Bell       Daughter       14      Chico Area
14-03B-76   BROWN       Melvin Son     23      Newark-Boyd Rd
01-24B-45   BROWN       Mildred         Head   42      Decatur-Town
15-01B-56   BROWN       Mildred (F.)    Daughter       27      Rural Boyd Area
01-28B-50   BROWN       Millard (S.)     Head   51      Decatur-Town
20-14A-04  BROWN       Minnie (Eads) Wife   39      Boonsville area
01-31A-27  BROWN       Missouri        Mother 73      Decatur-Town
02-08A-13  BROWN       Mollie (ELMS)         wife    43      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-01B-77   BROWN       Mona  D-I-Law       24      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-09  BROWN       Morton Leon   Head   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-12  BROWN       Morton Leon   Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-09B-53   BROWN       Myrtle (E. Slimp)       Wife   29      Rural Boyd Area
09-03B-77   BROWN       Nellie  daughter        21      Crafton-Chico Road
15-11A-12  BROWN       Nettie ( A.)    Daughter       17      Newark Town
17-14A-09  BROWN       Nora   motherinlaw    57      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
01-24B-49   BROWN       Norman        Son     8        Decatur-Town
01-28B-51   BROWN       Ocie (Oscie Reeves)  Wife   46      Decatur-Town
18-18A-08  BROWN       Opal   Daughter       38      Page 61A Chico
01-31B-56   BROWN       Orlena (Miner)         Wife   31      Decatur-Town
01-07B-75   BROWN       Oswald         Head   32      Decatur-Town
16-08B-76   BROWN       Pat G. [Gordon]        Son     7/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-01A-22  BROWN       Paul (V.)       son     21      SW of Bridgeport
17-13A-35  BROWN       Paul, Jr.        grandson       18      Bridgeport E Side
11-01B-76   BROWN       Porter  Son     30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-12A-32  BROWN       R.A.   Head   67      East of Chico
13-02A-37  BROWN       R.C.   Son     20      Rhome Town-S Addition
14-03B-77   BROWN       R.V.   Son     21      Newark-Boyd Rd
13-02A-39  BROWN       Ras    Son     22      Rhome Town-S Addition
01-32A-19  BROWN       Raymond (E.) Head   30      Decatur-Town
17-17A-33  BROWN       Richard Jennings       son     6        Bridgeport E Side
14-03B-79   BROWN       Robert Son     17      Newark-Boyd Rd
01-28B-52   BROWN       Robert          Son     20      Decatur-Town
14-09B-42   BROWN       Robert J.       Head   41      S of Rhome-Private Rd
19-06B-56   BROWN       Roy L. (Lewis)         son     22      W of Bridgeport
01-32A-20  BROWN       Ruby (Frances Dobbins)       Wife   23      Decatur-Town
13-01B-64   BROWN       Ruth   Head   50      Rhome Town-S Addition
05-07B-80   BROWN       Ruthie Bee (FUNK)   Wife   27      Alvord Town
15-11A-09  BROWN       S. J. (Sam)     Head   46      Newark Town
15-11A-11  BROWN       Sarah (E.)      Daughter       19      Newark Town
19-06B-55   BROWN       Sherman L.    son     26      W of Bridgeport
20-14A-09  BROWN       Shirley Dean   Daughter       1        Boonsville area
20-14A-08  BROWN       Sonny  Son     6        Boonsville area
15-01B-54   BROWN       T. G. (Thomas)         Head   55      Rural Boyd Area
01-01B-76   BROWN       Tom    Son     9        Decatur-Town
04-07A-32  BROWN       Tom H Head   65      SW of Decatur
12-05B-41   BROWN       Tom H.         Head   67      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-01B-72   BROWN       Tom T Head   60      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-09B-75   BROWN       Valera Daughter       26      Decatur-Town
11-01B-75   BROWN       Virginia         Daughter       16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-09B-62   BROWN       William                 30      Rural Boyd Area
17-13A-23  BROWN       William Asa    head   67      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
02-08A-12  BROWN       William M      head   47      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-06B-70   BROWN       William W.     Head   58      Decatur-Town
13-02A-35  BROWN       Willie  Head   57      Rhome Town-S Addition
08-08A-23  BROWN        Bertie Dean (LAWYER)]    wife    22      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-22  BROWN       D B [Daniel Burlin ]   head    32      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-28  BROWN       Ella     head    61      Park Springs
08-08A-24  BROWN       Jeanette [Sue Jeanette]        daughter        4        Park Springs & SE
16-02A-21  BROWNFIELD       Charles         Head   75      Slidell Town
04-07A-39  BROWNFIELD       Clara (R. Clara Hooker)       Daughter       28      SW of Decatur
04-07A-40  BROWNFIELD       Floyd   Son-in-law     35      SW of Decatur
16-02A-22  BROWNFIELD       William         Son     36      Slidell Town
09-07A-28  BROWNING  Billie Ann      daughter        0/12    Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-20  BROWNING  Elton L. (Eldon?)       Head   29      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-25  BROWNING  Harrison L. (LeRoy) Head   23      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-22  BROWNING  Katherine Cornell      daughter        3        Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-27  BROWNING  Mary C.         daughter        3        Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-21  BROWNING  Mollie  wife    29      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-26  BROWNING  Pauline (Moore)        wife    21      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-24  BROWNING  Pearl   wife    47      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-23  BROWNING  Walter B. (Bruce)       Head   53      Crafton-Alvord Rd
06-05B-77   BROWNLEE Ella May       Daughter       13      N&E of Alvord
06-05B-80   BROWNLEE Geneva Fay    Daughter       5        N&E of Alvord
06-06A-02  BROWNLEE Joyce Bell?    Daughter       2        N&E of Alvord
06-05B-76   BROWNLEE Katherine [Olgh/Olga Katherine]      Daughter       14      N&E of Alvord
06-05B-75   BROWNLEE Maydell [May Dell (BEACHUM)]    Wife   36      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-01  BROWNLEE Retta La?      Daughter       5        N&E of Alvord
06-05B-74   BROWNLEE Tom J [Thomas]       Head   42      N&E of Alvord
06-05B-79   BROWNLEE Tommie R? [Tomie Reves]    Son     8        N&E of Alvord
06-05B-78   BROWNLEE Wanda Nell    Daughter       10      N&E of Alvord
15-10B-49   BRUCE        C. H.  Head   41      Newark Town
15-10B-50   BRUCE        Lola    Wife   36      Newark Town
03-04B-59   BRUMBALOW       Araline [Arlee T]      son     28      NW of Decatur
03-04B-57   BRUMBALOW       Elex [Alex]    head   52      NW of Decatur
03-04B-58   BRUMBALOW       Maggie [May (SMITH)]       wife    49      NW of Decatur
03-01B-53   BRUMFIELD Ira G   father/law      81      NW of Decatur
15-10B-61   BRUNER      Billy Faye (Billie)       Daughter       12      Newark Town
09-04B-80   BRUNER      Ella Mae       mother-in-law  66      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
15-10B-63   BRUNER      Gordon Son     6        Newark Town
15-10B-60   BRUNER      Letha (Lee Dickenson)         Wife   32      Newark Town
15-10B-62   BRUNER      Loyd Ray      Son     9        Newark Town
15-10B-59   BRUNER      S. B. (Silas Bailey "Dike")     Head   36      Newark Town
18-08A-23  BRUNSON    George S.      Son     38      Chico Area
18-08A-24  BRUNSON    Gwendolyn (Mount)    D-in-Law      35      Chico Area
18-08A-25  BRUNSON    Kenneth        G-Son  3        Chico Area
18-08A-22  BRUNSON    William J.      Head   73      Chico Area
01-07B-51   BRUTON      Lucy   Daughter       58      Decatur-Town
02-02A-17  BRUTON      Sallie [Sally]   head   40      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-02A-14  BRYAN       Bobby W.      Son     8        E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-17  BRYAN       Buddie Carrol  Son     10/12   E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-09A-33  BRYAN       Carrie [Jocy Carrie (SOUTH)]        Head   65      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-28  BRYAN       Claude [Lee]  Head   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-02A-15  BRYAN       Eva Sue        Daughter       6        E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-09A-29  BRYAN       Marsha         Wife   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-01B-55   BRYAN       R.L.    Head   60      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-02A-13  BRYAN       Thes (Dorotha Theo Tipps)    Wife   28      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-12  BRYAN       Wayne (C.)    Head   35      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-16  BRYAN       Wilbur Lee     Son     3        E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-18A-06  BRYANT      America        Head   81      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-10A-11  BRYANT      Jay     gr/dau  15      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-12  BRYANT      Jean    gr/dau  12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-21A-04  BRYANT      Jennie (Prior)  Wife   58      Decatur-Town
01-21A-03  BRYANT      O.T. (Ocie Tillman)    Head   65      Decatur-Town
02-10A-10  BRYANT      Wendell        grandson       19      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-08A-26  BRYANT      Wylie  Stepson         33      Newark-Aurora Rd
19-02B-72   BRYANT      Betty Joe       daughter        2        SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-68   BRYANT      Eldon Lee      son     13      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-65   BRYANT      Ellar    daughter        18      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-71   BRYANT      Franklin         son     6        SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-63   BRYANT      Hessie (Wigington)    wife    43      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-67   BRYANT      James  son     14      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-62   BRYANT      James T.       head   46      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-66   BRYANT      Joe Earl        son     16      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-64   BRYANT      Raymond       son     22      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-70   BRYANT      Ruth   daughter        9        SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-69   BRYANT      Zula Mae       daughter        11      SW of Bridgeport
18-15B-47   BRYSON      James  Son     14      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-48   BRYSON      Juanita Daughter       12      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-49   BRYSON      Maxine         Daughter       8        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-46   BRYSON      Ola May        Daughter       16      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-45   BRYSON      Oleta   Daughter       17      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-44   BRYSON      Sadie   Wife   39      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-50   BRYSON      Tommy         Son     6/12    E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-43   BRYSON      W.J.   Head   40      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
04-06B-42   BUCHANAN Catherine (Kate Franks)       Wife   49      SW of Decatur
04-06B-41   BUCHANAN J.R. (John Robert, Sr.) Head   53      SW of Decatur
04-06B-43   BUCHANAN John R., Jr. (John Robert, Jr)  Son     17      SW of Decatur
04-06B-44   BUCHANAN Marjorie        Daughter       22      SW of Decatur
15-13A-07  BUCK ????   Head   80      Page 62A-Boyd Area
03-04A-05  BUCK Dan [Daniel Luther]   head   51      NW of Decatur
04-08B-71   BUCK Daniel (Luther)         Head   60      SW of Decatur
03-04A-25  BUCK Ester [Beatrice (WRIGHT)]  wife    46      NW of Decatur
03-04A-26  BUCK J D [Jesse D]  son     24      NW of Decatur
03-04A-24  BUCK Jess R head   52      NW of Decatur
15-10B-45   BUCK Lodema        Head   66      Newark Town
03-04A-27  BUCK Lucile  daughter        21      NW of Decatur
01-22B-77   BUCK Margaret A.   Grandmother   78      Decatur-Town
01-22B-76   BUCK Myrtle G.       Daughter       7/12    Decatur-Town
03-04A-06  BUCK Pearl (DILL)  wife    56      NW of Decatur
04-08B-72   BUCK Pearl (Dill)     Wife   59      SW of Decatur
01-22B-74   BUCK Robert (Myrtle)        Head   29      Decatur-Town
03-04A-29  BUCK Vera   daughter        18      NW of Decatur
01-22B-75   BUCK Vera (Fleta Lavera Legg)     Wife   30      Decatur-Town
03-04A-28  BUCK Weldon [Johnnie Weldon]      son     19      NW of Decatur
03-04A-30  BUCK Wellard [Willard Earl] son     15      NW of Decatur
18-04B-41   BUCKINGHAM      Charlene       Daughter       8        Chico Town
18-04A-39  BUCKINGHAM      Curtis C. (Charles)     Head   41      Chico Town
17-06A-20  BUCKINGHAM      Frank (Thomas Frank) head   74      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-04  BUCKINGHAM      Grace (Gamble)        wife    27      Bridgeport W Side
18-04B-43   BUCKINGHAM      Jerry   Son     4        Chico Town
17-06A-21  BUCKINGHAM      Laura (Morton)         wife    70      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-03  BUCKINGHAM      Quinn (Henry Quinn)  head   35      Bridgeport W Side
18-04A-40  BUCKINGHAM      Ruth (Hunter) Wife   36      Chico Town
18-04B-42   BUCKINGHAM      Virgie Wayne  Daughter       13      Chico Town
17-06A-06  BUCKINGHAM      Wanda Jean   daughter        3        Bridgeport W Side
07-01B-44   BUCKMAN   R E    cousin 35      S of Alvord
05-09A-39  BUCKNER    Clyde  Head   42      Alvord Town
05-09A-40  BUCKNER    Corna [Cornell (DAVIS)]      Wife   35      Alvord Town
17-13A-29  BUCKNER    Laura  head   82      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
05-09B-41   BUCKNER    Tommie Joe    Son     6        Alvord Town
08-04A-04  BUCKNER    Ada L [Lee (LITTLEFIELD)]         wife    64      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-52   BUCKNER    Bessie (DICKSON)   wife    47      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-27  BUCKNER    Betty Jo [Bettie Joe]   daughter        3        Park Springs & SE
08-05A-36  BUCKNER    Beulah (HERRIOTT) wife    35      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-79   BUCKNER    Bobby son     9        Park Springs & SE
08-03A-25  BUCKNER    Buford          son     9        Park Springs & SE
08-05A-40  BUCKNER    Calvin [Dee]   son     4        Park Springs & SE
08-06B-55   BUCKNER    Cecil   son     11      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-39  BUCKNER    Dorthory        daughter        6        Park Springs & SE
08-06B-53   BUCKNER    Elsie    daughter        15      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-20  BUCKNER    Ernest E [Eugene, Sr.] head    39      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-23  BUCKNER    Ernest E Jr [Eugene]  son     14      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-03  BUCKNER    George R [Riley]       head    71      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-78   BUCKNER    Gerldine        daughter        19      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-37  BUCKNER    Harlen [Harland Lee] son     12      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-49   BUCKNER    Henry [Harvey]        head    68      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-26  BUCKNER    Herman         son     6        Park Springs & SE
08-03A-21  BUCKNER    Iva [Mae (ALEXANDER)]   wife    37      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-57   BUCKNER    James son     7        Park Springs & SE
08-06B-51   BUCKNER    Jess    head    50      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-77   BUCKNER    Lara [Lura Belle (HOLTZCLAW)]   wife    39      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-35  BUCKNER    Luther L [Lee]         head    36      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-50   BUCKNER    M M [Missouri May (BROWNING)] wife    61      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-38  BUCKNER    Marshall [Ray]         son     8        Park Springs & SE
08-03A-22  BUCKNER    Orell   son     15      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-54   BUCKNER    Roy    son     13      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-24  BUCKNER    Virgina          daughter        13      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-56   BUCKNER    Wayne          son     9        Park Springs & SE
08-03B-76   BUCKNER    Willie F [William Franklin]     head    43      Park Springs & SE
01-23A-12  BUFFINGTON        Jackie  Wife   38      Decatur-Town
01-23A-13  BUFFINGTON        Peggy  Son     11      Decatur-Town
01-23A-11  BUFFINGTON        William R.      Head   48      Decatur-Town
01-28A-11  BULGAREL  Bruce  Head   42      Decatur-Town
01-28A-13  BULGAREL  Lawrence      Son     18      Decatur-Town
01-28A-12  BULGAREL  Sue (E. Jameson)      Wife   38      Decatur-Town
02-07B-47   BULLARD    Eliza C.         wife    55      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07B-48   BULLARD    Joyce  daughter        14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07B-46   BULLARD    Sidney S. [S.E.]        head   57      Rt 4-E of Decatur
06-10B-78   BUNCH       Emmet G son 17      N&E of Alvord
06-10B-77   BUNCH       Sarah [A. (SPENCER)]       Daughter       47      N&E of Alvord
10-04B-54   BUNNELL    Dorothy Gene Daughter       7        recopied on 13B-46
10-13B-46   BUNNELL    Dorothy Gene Daughter       7        Rd to School, Paradise Town
10-06A-21  BUNNELL    E E     Head   57      Paradise-Across RR North
10-04B-52   BUNNELL    Herman (Monroe)     Head   34      recopied on 13B-44
10-13B-44   BUNNELL    Herman (Monroe)     Head   34      Rd to School, Paradise Town
10-06A-24  BUNNELL    J E     Son     21      Paradise-Across RR North
10-06A-22  BUNNELL    Japhie  Wife   55      Paradise-Across RR North
10-04B-53   BUNNELL    Nettie (Palestine)      Wife   34      recopied on 13B-45
10-13B-45   BUNNELL    Nettie (Palestine)      Wife   34      Rd to School, Paradise Town
10-06A-23  BUNNELL    Thomas         Son     25      Paradise-Across RR North
01-23A-29  BURCH        James Lodger 24      Decatur-Town
14-07A-31  BURCH        James D. (Sr.) Head   49      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-07A-33  BURCH        James D. Jr.   Son     23     Rhome-Justin Rd
01-34A-06  BURCH        McAfee W.    Lodger 56      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
14-07A-32  BURCH        Nell T. Wife   46      Rhome-Justin Rd
16-10A-09  BURCHARD Alice  [Mina Alice (SELLERS)]       Daughter-in-Law       28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-36  BURCHARD Austin Head   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-08  BURCHARD George [Franklin]      Son     35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-07  BURCHARD Martha [Eliza (JOHNSON)]  Head   71      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-12  BURCHARD May (PINKSTON)    Wife   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-11  BURCHARD Orvis [O T]    Head   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-37  BURCHARD Ruby (YARBOR)     Wife   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-38  BURCHARD Wanna Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-10  BURCHARD Winnie F. [Franis]      Granddaughter 3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-05A-40  BURCHFIELD        Charlie E.      Head   39      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-45   BURCHFIELD        Billie    Daughter       7        Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-42   BURCHFIELD        Glenn  Son     12      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-44   BURCHFIELD        Merline         Daughter       8        Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-43   BURCHFIELD        Wayne Son     11      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-41   BURCHFIELD        Winnie (J.)     Wife   31      Rhome-Justin Rd
06-12A-26  BURFEIND   Bonnie Wife   46      Flat Rock-N&E of Alvord
06-12A-27  BURFEIND   Elmo [Burton Elmo]   Son     16      Flat Rock-N&E of Alvord
06-12A-25  BURFEIND   John Bob       Head   47      Flat Rock-N&E of Alvord
19-07A-30  BURGESS     John A.         uncle   84      W of Bridgeport
14-04B-41   BURK Clifford (Elton)         Son     14      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-05A-33  BURK Coleen (Emma)        Daughter       4        Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05A-31  BURK Coy    Head   33      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05A-35  BURK Doris Jean     Daughter       11/12   Rhome-Justin Rd
02-06A-31  BURK Emma [V.]     head   69      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-04A-40  BURK J.S.     Son     16      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04B-43   BURK Joyce  Daughter       9        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-36  BURK Lalla (Alla Judge)      Wife   43      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04B-42   BURK Lila     Daughter       12      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-05A-32  BURK Lily (Lillie May Kemp)         Wife   26      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04A-37  BURK Lloyd  Son     22      S of Rhome-Private Rd
02-06A-32  BURK Marshall [D.]  son     30      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-04A-39  BURK Nadyne         Daughter       18      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-38  BURK Nina Ruth      Daughter       20      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-35  BURK Steve (Archley)        Head   45      S of Rhome-Private Rd
02-06A-33  BURK Thurman [T.]  son     37      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-20A-20  BURK Walter A.      Head   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-05A-34  BURK William Coy    Son     3        Rhome-Justin Rd
01-16B-75   BURKE        Albert Lee     Head   48      Decatur-Town
16-03B-69   BURKE        Earlene         Daughter       11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-67   BURKE        Earnest         Head   43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-07B-76   BURKE        Lois    wife    39      W of Bridgeport
16-03B-68   BURKE        Mamie Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-16B-76   BURKE        Newell E. (Tarrant)    Wife   35      Decatur-Town
19-07B-75   BURKE        Rufus  head   44      W of Bridgeport
19-07B-77   BURKE        Rufus  son     14      W of Bridgeport
19-07B-78   BURKE        Sarah Ann     daughter        12      W of Bridgeport
03-05B-48   BURKETT    Boby   son     2        NW of Decatur
03-05B-46   BURKETT    Edith   wife    30      NW of Decatur
02-05A-12  BURKETT    Frankie [Franklin/Frankye Dee]        daughter        6        Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05A-06  BURKETT    George W.     head   61      Rt 3-E of Decatur
03-05B-47   BURKETT    Lester son     5        NW of Decatur
02-05A-11  BURKETT    Lowell son     11      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05A-07  BURKETT    Olive [Ollie Bell CRYER (SANDERS)]       wife    43      Rt 3-E of Decatur
18-15A-37  BURKETT    Ruth F. (Frances Briscoe)     Wife   45      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
03-05B-45   BURKETT    Ted M head   34      NW of Decatur
18-15A-36  BURKETT    William H. (Henry)    Head   44      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
11-11B-54   BURKHALTER       Lila F  Daughter       5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-53   BURKHALTER       Lissia A        Wife   26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-52   BURKHALTER       Tommy L      Head   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-06B-56   BURKS        Dee [William Dee]     Head   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-59   BURKS        Floreta Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-58   BURKS        Lawrence [Dee]       Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-57   BURKS        Mildred [Louise (FLORIDA)] Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-60   BURKS        Oscar [Robert]         Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-06A-38  BURLESON  Carl A Head   36      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-40  BURLESON  Carl Loyd      Son     10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-39  BURLESON  Florance        Wife   27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-41   BURLESON  Glenn R        Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-07A-29  BURLESON  J.       Head   54      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-30  BURLESON  Rena   Wife   43      Rural Boyd Area
01-16B-80   BURNETT    Ann    Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
01-09A-34  BURNETT    Argyle Son     40      Decatur-Town
15-05B-62   BURNETT    Betty   Wife   47      Rural Boyd Area
04-04A-18  BURNETT    Betty (Bettie Opaline) Daughter       8        SW of Decatur
15-05B-64   BURNETT    Betty Jo        Daughter       13      Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-65   BURNETT    Dortha Kay    Daughter       5        Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-50   BURNETT    Douglas Henry         Son     8/12    Rural Boyd Area
01-09A-32  BURNETT    Emma V. (Virginia Campbell) Wife   70      Decatur-Town
15-05B-47   BURNETT    Etta Marie (Howe)    Wife   26      Rural Boyd Area
01-16B-72   BURNETT    Gordon (O.)    Head   26      Decatur-Town
01-16B-74   BURNETT    Gordon Jr.      Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-16B-73   BURNETT    Grace (Kelley) Wife   24      Decatur-Town
01-16B-79   BURNETT    Helen  Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
15-05B-46   BURNETT    Henry R. (Pickney)    Head   30      Rural Boyd Area
11-07B-50   BURNETT    Herman        Head   44      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-17A-01  BURNETT    Joy     Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
01-16B-78   BURNETT    Lottie (Hoffman)       Wife   38      Decatur-Town
04-04A-17  BURNETT    Madge (Madge Elizabeth Israel)       Wife   38      SW of Decatur
15-05B-61   BURNETT    Marce Head   52      Rural Boyd Area
01-09A-31  BURNETT    Mart (Martin)  Head   77      Decatur-Town
11-07B-51   BURNETT    Mary   Wife   40      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-09A-33  BURNETT    Modena        Daughter       42      Decatur-Town
01-16B-77   BURNETT    Odus (James Odus)    Head   47      Decatur-Town
04-04A-16  BURNETT    Opal (Hughes 'O.H.')  Head   40      SW of Decatur
04-04A-19  BURNETT    Ruth June (Wanda June)       Daughter       3        SW of Decatur
04-04A-15  BURNETT    Tisha (Marylou Tishie Steele) Wife   62      SW of Decatur
04-04A-14  BURNETT    Tom (Thomas Rufus)  Head   66      SW of Decatur
15-05B-63   BURNETT    Victor  Son     16      Rural Boyd Area
04-07B-59   BURNS        Arthur Head   32      SW of Decatur
11-05A-02  BURNS        Aubrey H      Son     28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-05B-77   BURNS        Betty M.       Daughter       10      Alvord Town
11-04B-76   BURNS        Clara W [C M (KIRKLAND)]        Wife   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-07B-60   BURNS        Clarisa Wife   28      SW of Decatur
05-05B-79   BURNS        Donald Lewis  Son     4        Alvord Town
11-04B-79   BURNS        Doris A [Arline]        Daughter       2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-75   BURNS        Earl E [Sr.]    Head   40      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-77   BURNS        Earl E, Jr.      Son     7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-08A-07  BURNS        Fannie Wife   57      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
01-10A-01  BURNS        Hubert Head   24      Decatur-Town
10-08A-06  BURNS        J W    Head   62      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
11-04B-78   BURNS        James J         Son     5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-05B-75   BURNS        John A. [Abery]        Head   36      Alvord Town
11-04B-80   BURNS        John B Head   72      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-01  BURNS        Julia J  Wife   60      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-05B-78   BURNS        Marion Joyce  Daughter       8        Alvord Town
01-10A-02  BURNS        Nadine Wife   20      Decatur-Town
05-05B-76   BURNS        Rosa Mae (SMITH)   Wife   33      Alvord Town
01-06B-42   BURRESS     Arthur Head   40      Decatur-Town
17-21A-25  BURRESS     Beatrice (Joyce Beatrice McNeil)     daughter        24      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-24  BURRESS     Bill     son in law      29      Bridgeport E Side
01-06A-39  BURRESS     Florence (Johnson)     Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-06A-40  BURRESS     Harvey         Son     21      Decatur-Town
17-21A-26  BURRESS     Joyce Ann     grand daughter         Bridgeport E Side
01-06A-38  BURRESS     Luther (L.)     Head   44      Decatur-Town
01-06B-41   BURRESS     Neal   Son     18      Decatur-Town
05-08B-72   BURRIS       Alison  Son     18      Alvord Town
05-08B-75   BURRIS       Edward         Son     4        Alvord Town
05-08B-73   BURRIS       Harmon [Birl] Son     15      Alvord Town
05-08B-71   BURRIS       Myrtle [Jane (JUSTICE-GOSE)]      Wife   43      Alvord Town
05-08B-74   BURRIS       Wanda Daughter       12      Alvord Town
05-08B-70   BURRIS       Willie B. [William]     Head   46      Alvord Town
16-02A-12  BURTON      Amanda A. (HALL)  Wife   66      Slidell Town
01-11B-69   BURTON      Ann (Howse)  Wife   34      Decatur-Town
01-11A-19  BURTON      Anna Marie    Dau    18      Decatur-Town
01-20A-02  BURTON      Barbara        Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
16-03B-43   BURTON      Battle T.        Son     12      Slidell Town
01-19B-79   BURTON      Beatrice (Viola White)         Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-12A-21  BURTON      Bernett         Daughter In Law       51      Decatur-Town
16-03B-44   BURTON      Billie    Daughter       10      Slidell Town
01-05A-05  BURTON      Charles Alee   Son     1        Decatur-Town
01-19B-78   BURTON      Charles D. (Alvin)     Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-11B-68   BURTON      Charles M.     Head   40      Decatur-Town
02-12A-16  BURTON      Daisy B. [Belle]        wife    61      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-12A-20  BURTON      E.H.   Son     51      Decatur-Town
16-03A-39  BURTON      Edgar [Willard]         Head   38      Slidell Town
16-03B-45   BURTON      Elaine  Daughter       6        Slidell Town
04-11A-10  BURTON      Ella     Mother-in-law 70      SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
01-05A-03  BURTON      Furman         Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-11A-18  BURTON      Gertrude (Wilson)      Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-12A-23  BURTON      Harry  Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-11A-17  BURTON      Ira T.  Head   47      Decatur-Town
16-03B-41   BURTON      Isla Sue         Daughter       16      Slidell Town
01-11A-20  BURTON      James  Son     16      Decatur-Town
01-11A-21  BURTON      Jaqueline       Dau    9        Decatur-Town
01-10B-68   BURTON      Jewel  Step Daughter 25      Decatur-Town
01-20A-01  BURTON      Kenneth        Son     5        Decatur-Town
16-20A-23  BURTON      Lanell  Gronddaughter 13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-12A-24  BURTON      Lola (Coursey)         Wife   35      Decatur-Town
01-05A-04  BURTON      Lora (Turner)  Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-10A-31  BURTON      Mary B.        Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-12A-19  BURTON      Mattie Head   71      Decatur-Town
16-02A-11  BURTON      May    Head   67      Slidell Town
16-20A-24  BURTON      Melba  Gronddaughter 7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-19B-80   BURTON      Peggy  Daughter       8        Decatur-Town
02-12A-15  BURTON      Tom W. [Thomas Washington]        head   56      Rt 2-E of Decatur
16-03A-40  BURTON      Violet (MOSER)       Wife   35      Slidell Town
01-10A-32  BURTON      Will E. Daughter       25      Decatur-Town
16-03B-42   BURTON      Willard [H]     Son     14      Slidell Town
04-08B-49   BUSEY        George (Catlett, Sr.)   Head   52      SW of Decatur
04-08B-51   BUSEY        Gloria Ann     Daughter       10      SW of Decatur
04-08B-50   BUSEY        Ruth (Christal) Wife   51      SW of Decatur
04-06B-74   BUTLER      Anna (Margaret Miller)        Head   38      SW of Decatur
04-02A-01  BUTLER      Clarence       blank   22      SW of Decatur
16-01A-21  BUTLER      Cora Lee       Daughter       16      Slidell Town
16-01A-22  BUTLER      Corrie Jane    Daughter       11      Slidell Town
05-11A-06  BUTLER      David O.       Head   72      Alvord Town
04-01B-80   BUTLER      Delia (Delilia Decker) Wife   42      SW of Decatur
15-05A-31  BUTLER      Dorothy (V. Jackson) Daughter       16      Rural Boyd Area
13-04B-63   BUTLER      Edna   Head   61      Rhome Town-B St North
06-11B-58   BUTLER      Elbert  Son     7        N&E of Alvord
16-01A-20  BUTLER      Ellen [Nannie ANDERSON)] Wife   42      Slidell Town
16-01A-23  BUTLER      Hampton [King Hampton, Jr, "Hamp"]         Son     5        Slidell Town
10-10B-44   BUTLER      J M [John Monroe]    Head   55      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
17-09A-40  BUTLER      J.E. (James Earl)       head   66      Bridgeport E Side
06-11B-60   BUTLER      Jane    Mother         69      N&E of Alvord
10-10B-46   BUTLER      John Asburn [Ausborn]        Son     5        Paradise-Decatur Rd.
17-09B-41   BUTLER      Katie (Theresa Conner)        wife    64      Bridgeport E Side
16-01A-19  BUTLER      King [Hampton, Sr.]   Head   53      Slidell Town
20-13A-30  BUTLER      Lee.O. (Otis)  Head   48      Boonsville area
15-05A-32  BUTLER      Lola (D.)       Daughter       12      Rural Boyd Area
06-11B-59   BUTLER      Lue Ellen       Daughter       5        N&E of Alvord
10-10B-45   BUTLER      Marie (CARGILL)    Wife   39      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
19-01A-02  BUTLER      Maud (Jones)  wife    45      SW of Bridgeport
05-11A-07  BUTLER      Narticha [N.]  Wife   72      Alvord Town
04-01B-79   BUTLER      Oscar L.       Head   45      SW of Decatur
10-10B-47   BUTLER      Thomas Lee   Son     1        Paradise-Decatur Rd.
19-01A-01  BUTLER      Tom E.         head   46      SW of Bridgeport
20-13A-31  BUTLER      Tommy Justin (Jett)    Wife   43      Boonsville area
06-11B-57   BUTLER      Violet  Wife   31      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-56   BUTLER      W O   Head   36      N&E of Alvord
15-05A-30  BUTLER      W. C. (William Cletus)         Head   39      Rural Boyd Area
20-13A-32  BUTLER      William Burton Son     16      Boonsville area
17-05B-43   BUTRAM     A.V., Jr. (Arthur Vernon)     son     24      Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-41   BUTRAM     A.V., Sr. (Arthur Vernon)     head   58      Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-42   BUTRAM     Bessie (Myers)         wife    48      Bridgeport W Side
01-25A-20  BUTTRIL     Burns  Son     21      Decatur-Town
01-25A-19  BUTTRIL     Eunice (Crawford)     Wife   50      Decatur-Town
01-25A-18  BUTTRIL     Henry (Madson)       Head   52      Decatur-Town
19-09B-50   BYERS        Dortha (Ellen Kennedy)        wife    24      NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-51   BYERS        Franklin         son     3        NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-49   BYERS        Haskell (Lee)  head   31      NW of Bridgeport
17-21B-66   BYERS        Hattie  head   47      Bridgeport E Side
19-08B-62   BYERS        Icy (Peppin)   wife    53      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-61   BYERS        Isaac A. (Andrew)    head   52      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-63   BYERS        Jonnie  (Johnnie)       son     19      NW of Bridgeport
11-06B-50   BYERS        Martha L       Wife   27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-49   BYERS        Marvin W      Head   30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-08B-65   BYERS        Russell son     13      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-64   BYERS        Vivian daughter        17      NW of Bridgeport
06-06A-35  BYFORD      Cleo Don       Son     3        N&E of Alvord
06-06A-29  BYFORD      Hugh W [Wesley]     Son     19      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-32  BYFORD      Imogene        Daughter       12      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-31  BYFORD      Jewel A        Daughter       15      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-34  BYFORD      Joan    Daughter       5        N&E of Alvord
06-06A-27  BYFORD      L S [Louie Silas]       Head   39      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-33  BYFORD      Loyd   Son     9        N&E of Alvord
06-06A-30  BYFORD      Maedell         Daughter       18      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-28  BYFORD      Marie R [Mamie Arlena (FORRESTER)]     Wife   41      N&E of Alvord
05-01A-07  BYRD Bettie [Stivers (WILLIAMS)] Wife   55      Alvord Town
05-01A-06  BYRD Clarence J. [Jackson] Head   61      Alvord Town
05-01B-57   BYRD Elizabeth Jean [Betty] Daughter       10      Alvord Town
05-01B-56   BYRD Eula Mae (RENSHAW)       Wife   35      Alvord Town
05-01B-55   BYRD Foy W. [Wallace, Sr.] Head   35      Alvord Town
05-01B-58   BYRD Foy W., Jr. [Wallace] Son     3        Alvord Town
20-04B-75   BYRD Josie (Glass)   Wife   43      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-74   BYRD L.R. (LeRoy)  Head   48      Boonsville/Willow P.
17-19A-13  BYRD Murray         lodger  26      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-32  BYRNES      Gomer lodger  42      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-43   BYRNES      Nellie (Nell Louise Lipps)      wife    53      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-45   BYRNES      Robert          son     13      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-44   BYRNES      Tom LeRoy    son     16      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-42   BYRNES      Tommy         head   53      Bridgeport E Side
14-08B-55   BYROM       Edith   Daughter       17      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-54   BYROM       Hazel  Wife   39      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-53   BYROM       Lloyd (Floyd H.)        Head   42      Newark-Aurora Rd
15-09B-51   BYROM       Maudie (A. Gilmore)  Wife   49      Rural Boyd Area
14-08B-58   BYROM       Ralph  Son     7        Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-56   BYROM       Ray L. Son     21      Newark-Aurora Rd
04-01A-07  BYROM       Richard         Lodger 27      SW of Decatur
09-04A-38  BYROM       Richard E.     Head   31      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-04A-39  BYROM       Sylvia Mae (Williams) wife    30      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
15-09B-50   BYROM       Tom (A.)       Head   55      Rural Boyd Area
14-08B-57   BYROM       W.F. (William) Son     16      Newark-Aurora Rd

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