Wise County Texas
1940 Census
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ED-Page-Line #   LAST NAME   First Name [ (Extra information)]   Relationship    Age     Area

01-06A-27  MABRY       Betty (Wilson) Wife   51      Decatur-Town
01-29A-38  MABRY       Catherine (Joyce Cunningham)         Wife   23      Decatur-Town
01-25A-05  MABRY       Clarence       Head   24      Decatur-Town
01-06A-28  MABRY       Cleo    Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-29A-37  MABRY       Clifford         Head   28      Decatur-Town
01-29A-40  MABRY       Delores A.     Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
01-05A-16  MABRY       George Head   23      Decatur-Town
01-05A-17  MABRY       Rachael (Lambert)     Wife   23      Decatur-Town
01-05A-18  MABRY       Richard         Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-25A-06  MABRY       Tommie (Lee Smith)   Wife   17      Decatur-Town
01-29A-39  MABRY       Wilton Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-06A-26  MABRY       Wilton (E.)     Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-03B-44   MADDEN     Susie Jane      Head   78      Decatur-Town
04-08B-68   MADDIN      Finis    Head   63      SW of Decatur
04-08A-06  MADDOX     Aubrey         Head   28      SW of Decatur
04-08A-07  MADDOX     Estelle Wife   23      SW of Decatur
04-08A-08  MADDOX     Joseph Son     5        SW of Decatur
17-15B-46   MADDUX     Albert (L.)     head   60      Bridgeport E Side
09-03B-44   MADDUX     Arila (Flossie Arrila Harris)    wife    22      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03B-45   MADDUX     Donald Eugene         son     6/12    Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
20-05B-55   MADDUX     Jerald  Lodger 16      Boonsville/Balsora
09-03B-43   MADDUX     Tapley J. (Jodie)       Head   28      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
15-06A-11  MADEWELL Aaron  Son     8        Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-06  MADEWELL D. Y.  Head   41      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-09  MADEWELL Evelyn Daughter       13      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-10  MADEWELL J. D.   Son     11      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-08  MADEWELL Ruth   Daughter       15      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-07  MADEWELL Winnie Wife   34      Rural Boyd Area
07-04B-49   MADGERS    Louella [Luella A.]     Wife   84      S of Alvord
04-09B-54   MAEYERS    Burch (Barker)         Wife   39      SW of Decatur
04-09B-53   MAEYERS    Dale   Head   41      SW of Decatur
04-09B-55   MAEYERS    Marjorie Dale  Daughter       12      SW of Decatur
04-09B-56   MAEYERS    Samuel Son     10      SW of Decatur
05-04A-02  MAGERS      Azzie [Lee (ORR)]    Wife   47      Alvord Town
05-04A-04  MAGERS      James B.       Son     14      Alvord Town
05-04A-05  MAGERS      Patsy Ann      Daughter       10      Alvord Town
05-04A-01  MAGERS      Roy O. [Oda Roy]     Head   47      Alvord Town
05-04A-03  MAGERS      Roy, Jr.         Son     20      Alvord Town
07-04B-48   MAGERS      W L [William] Head   84      S of Alvord
05-07A-24  MAGNESS    Bob [Robert W. ]      Son     14      Alvord Town
05-07A-22  MAGNESS    Denver [John D.]      Head   46      Alvord Town
05-07A-23  MAGNESS    Gretchen [E. (HENTON)]     Wife   41      Alvord Town
05-07A-25  MAGNESS    Marion [K.]    Daughter       13      Alvord Town
03-02A-37  MAIDEN      William         head   77      NW of Decatur
01-22B-63   MAIDENS    Cathrine        Daughter       26      Decatur-Town
01-11B-63   MAIDENS    Charles (W.)   Head   34      Decatur-Town
01-11B-65   MAIDENS    Charles Lindon         Son     7        Decatur-Town
02-03B-64   MAIDENS    Clive L. (Linden)       head   54      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-11B-64   MAIDENS    Melba  (House)        Wife   33      Decatur-Town
02-03B-65   MAIDENS    Nixie (Hardwick)      wife    54      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-22B-62   MAIDENS    Ronald Son-in-Law    28      Decatur-Town
02-06B-54   MALCOLM   Arica  dau/law         18      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-51   MALCOLM   Edna (Harmon)         wife    50      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-50   MALCOLM   George B. (Sr.)         head   60      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-53   MALCOLM   George, Jr. (B.)        son     20      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-52   MALCOLM   Margerite      daughter        22      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-55   MALCOLM   William G.      father  91      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-10B-67   MALEY       Edna (Burton) Wife   49      Decatur-Town
01-10B-66   MALEY       Ira F.  Head   56      Decatur-Town
12-05B-59   MALEY       Laurene        Wife   68      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05B-58   MALEY       W.H. (William 'Dutch')         Head   76      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-29A-27  MALLARD   Claud  Head   32      Decatur-Town
01-29A-28  MALLARD   Ina (Belle Sloan)       Wife   32      Decatur-Town
16-18B-61   MALONE     Alta [Ara (RAINEY)] Wife   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-11A-18  MALONE     Alton? P        Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-18B-60   MALONE     Andy [James] Head   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-03A-37  MALONE     Belle   Head   63      Chico Town
16-02B-73   MALONE     Billie M. [Billy Moore] Son     8        Slidell Town
11-11A-19  MALONE     Elva L Wife   27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-19A-31  MALONE     Erma Lou (BROOKS)         Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-07A-17  MALONE     Eula M.         Wife   41      Boyd Town-N of Main St
07-03B-71   MALONE   G C [Grover Cleveland, Sr.]   Head   50      S of Alvord
16-19A-30  MALONE     Jack    Head   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-32  MALONE     Jackie Lou     Daughter       9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
07-03B-72   MALONE   Jimmie [J. D]  Son     20      S of Alvord
01-07B-50   MALONE     Josephine       Head   81      Decatur-Town
16-02B-72   MALONE     Marguerite [Myrtle (MOORE)]        Wife   26      Slidell Town
07-03B-73   MALONE   Mary Nell      Daughter       16      S of Alvord
12-07A-16  MALONE     Michie ?        Head   42      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-11A-20  MALONE     Robbey?        Son     2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
07-03B-74   MALONE   R P [Robert Pinkney "Pink']   ?        47      S of Alvord
16-18B-62   MALONE     Wanda R. [Ruth]       Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-02B-71   MALONE     William [James William "Bill"] Head   26      Slidell Town
11-11A-21  MALONE     William P       Son     7/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-04A-32  MAN  Alfonso (Benjamin Alfonso)   Head   39      Decatur-Town
01-04A-35  MAN  Ben Russell    Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-16A-04  MAN  Bryan  Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-16A-07  MAN  E.C.    Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-16A-05  MAN  Irene (Mitchell)         Wife   26      Decatur-Town
01-16A-06  MAN  Kenneth        Son     6        Decatur-Town
01-04A-34  MAN  Ralph  Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-04A-33  MAN  Vallie (Blankenship)   Wife   38      Decatur-Town
01-12B-49   MANIRE      Arthur (D.)    Head   61      Decatur-Town
01-12B-52   MANIRE      Crellon Son     18      Decatur-Town
01-12B-50   MANIRE      Ida (B. Stone) Wife   51      Decatur-Town
01-12B-51   MANIRE      J.P.    Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-12B-53   MANIRE      Leon   Son     16      Decatur-Town
01-12B-54   MANIRE      Robert (Arthur 'Roboat')       Son     13      Decatur-Town
17-01B-59   MANN         Audna (Harriett Davis)         Wife   46      Bridgeport W Side
16-18A-35  MANN         Bert    Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-20B-52   MANN         Billie Joe (Billy)        Son     14      Decatur-Town
05-08A-22  MANN         Billy    Wife   31      Alvord Town
10-04A-07  MANN         Bobbie Ruth   Daughter       4        recopied on 13A-23
10-13A-23  MANN         Bobbie Ruth   Daughter       4        West St., Paradise Town
01-20B-50   MANN         C.J.    Son     18      Decatur-Town
18-16A-09  MANN         Carlos (Elder) Son     9        East of Chico/Bridgeport
16-18A-38  MANN         Carlton Son     2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-34  MANN         Christell        Daughter       16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-20B-53   MANN         Daisy M.       Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
05-08A-21  MANN         E.C.    Head   36      Alvord Town
01-20B-55   MANN         Earnest         Son     7        Decatur-Town
16-18A-33  MANN         Fidellia Daughter       18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-31  MANN         Frank [Alvin]  Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-01B-58   MANN         George (Washington)  Head   48      Bridgeport W Side
18-12B-57   MANN         J.H. (James)   Head   50      East of Chico
20-13B-63   MANN         J.P. ("Pat")     Head   41      Boonsville area
01-20B-54   MANN         Jackie E.       Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
05-08A-24  MANN         John    Son     5        Alvord Town
01-20B-56   MANN         Juanita Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
16-18A-37  MANN         L.W.   Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-14B-70   MANN         Lela    Head   52      Decatur-Town
20-13B-64   MANN         Lona E. (Butler)        Wife   38      Boonsville area
01-20B-58   MANN         Lou Emma     Mother 67      Decatur-Town
01-20B-49   MANN         Mae (Laird)    Wife   40      Decatur-Town
16-18A-32  MANN         Mary [Margaret (CARLTON)]        Wife   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-36  MANN         Mary F.        Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-12B-58   MANN         Maude (Lillie Maude Read)   Wife   49      East of Chico
18-12B-59   MANN         Neal   Son     21      East of Chico
10-03A-13  MANN         Orval N        Son     26      N of Paradise
18-16A-08  MANN         Ovella (Ruth Elder)    Wife   27      East of Chico/Bridgeport
10-04A-06  MANN         Pauline [Laura Pauline (READ)]      Wife   29      recopied on 13A-22
10-13A-22  MANN         Pauline [Laura Pauline (READ)]      Wife   29      West St., Paradise Town
10-03A-15  MANN         R T    Son     17      N of Paradise
05-08A-23  MANN         Robert Son     9        Alvord Town
01-20B-48   MANN         Robert (Sr.)    Head   45      Decatur-Town
01-20B-51   MANN         Robert, Jr.      Son     16      Decatur-Town
18-16A-10  MANN         Roberta Ann   Daughter       2        East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-13B-65   MANN         Rosalie Daughter       19      Boonsville area
10-03A-12  MANN         Ruth   Head   52      N of Paradise
01-20B-57   MANN         S. Candor      Father 67      Decatur-Town
10-08B-51   MANN         T S     alone   54      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
18-12B-61   MANN         Truitt W.       Son     13      East of Chico
10-03A-14  MANN         Vera   Daughter       24      N of Paradise
20-13B-66   MANN         Votie   Son     12      Boonsville area
10-04A-05  MANN         W V [William Vincent]         Head   29      recopied on 13A-21
10-13A-21  MANN         W V [William Vincent]         Head   29      West St., Paradise Town
18-16A-07  MANN         W.J. (William Jennings)        Head   28      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-03B-65   MANN         Walter P.       Head   75      Decatur-Town
18-12B-62   MANN         Wanda Daughter       12      East of Chico
10-04A-08  MANN         Wanda Pearl   Daughter       2        recopied on 13A-24
10-13A-24  MANN         Wanda Pearl   Daughter       2        West St., Paradise Town
18-12B-60   MANN         Woodrow      Son     18      East of Chico
19-11A-17  MANNING    ? (Nelda?)     daughter        ?        NW of Bridgeport
09-03B-62   MANNING    Bertha wife    22      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
19-11A-12  MANNING    Betty Joe       daughter        13      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-13  MANNING    Billie (Zern)    son     10      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-14  MANNING    Buford (H.)    brother 50      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-09  MANNING    Eskell (Orby 'Eck')     head   43      NW of Bridgeport
09-03B-78   MANNING    Homer (Jackson)       Head   52      Crafton-Chico Road
09-03B-80   MANNING    Juanita (Lesca)         daughter        17      Crafton-Chico Road
09-03B-63   MANNING    Kenneth Wayne        son     2        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
19-11A-11  MANNING    LeRoy (Carroll)        son     15      NW of Bridgeport
02-12A-35  MANNING    Mammie F. (Mary Porter)     wife    59      Rt 2-E of Decatur
19-11A-18  MANNING    Merk   daughter        8        NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-15  MANNING    Merle (Murrell Thomas 'Little')        head   47      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-16  MANNING    Opal (Evon Motley)    wife    37      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-10  MANNING    Ottie (L. Bachelor )    wife    34      NW of Bridgeport
02-12A-34  MANNING    Thomas T. (Thaddis)  head   76      Rt 2-E of Decatur
09-03B-61   MANNING    Travis C. (Carl)        Head   23      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03B-79   MANNING    Velma (Pearl Berry)   wife    45      Crafton-Chico Road
20-12B-68   MANUSS      Christian        Wife   56      Boonsville/Cottondale
20-12B-67   MANUSS ?   A.C.   Head   61      Boonsville/Cottondale
08-07A-31  MANZINGO Alexander      head    63      Park Springs & SE
02-01B-41   MAPLES      Charles (Alfred)        head   48      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-43   MAPLES      Fred    son     26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-42   MAPLES      Gertrude (Irene Grammer)     wife    43      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-44   MAPLES      Helen  daughter        19      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-46   MAPLES      Susan  mother 72      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-45   MAPLES      Zene   daughter        17      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-32  MARA         A.C.   son     8        Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-11A-24  MARA         Amanda        Note   58      Decatur-Town
08-07A-05  MARA         Bobby [Travis]         son     19(?)      Park Springs & SE
02-08A-30  MARA         Clarence       head   28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
08-07A-06  MARA         Donellin [Doris Donella]       daughter        13      Park Springs & SE
02-08A-31  MARA         Estelle wife    28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-21  MARA         Frances (Cox) wife    33      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-33A-10  MARA         Helen F.        Housekeeper's Daughter       22      Page 61A-Decatur
01-11A-26  MARA         Herman        Note   13      Decatur-Town
03-03B-72   MARA         Jack    head   19      NW of Decatur
02-08A-22  MARA         Jean    son     2        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-20  MARA         Jewell (Thomas Jewel)         head   32      Rt 4-E of Decatur
08-07A-03  MARA         John E [Edward]       head    40      Park Springs & SE
03-03B-73   MARA         Mildred         wife    19      NW of Decatur
08-07A-04  MARA         Pearl (McGUIRE)     wife    38      Park Springs & SE
03-03B-74   MARA         Ray    son     11/12   NW of Decatur
08-07A-07  MARA         Raymond [Bailey]      son     6(19)        Park Springs & SE
01-11A-25  MARA         T.D., Jr.        Note   16      Decatur-Town
17-07A-35  MARIETTA   John    head   77      Bridgeport W Side
02-10A-02  MARK         Bonnie lodger  20      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-28  MARKUM    Charles W.     son     9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-25  MARKUM    Clyde A.       son     17      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-23  MARKUM    Clyde T.        head   50      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-27  MARKUM    Fred W.        son     12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-30  MARKUM    Horace R.      son     4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-24  MARKUM    Mattie (E. Rice)        wife    44      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-29  MARKUM    Mattie J.        daughter        7        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-26  MARKUM    Virginia         daughter        15      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-16B-48   MARLETT    C.F. (Curtiss Franklin) Head   28      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17A-11  MARLETT    D.F. (Frank)   Head   52      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17A-13  MARLETT    Hollis  Son     17      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17A-12  MARLETT    Minnie (Thorn)         Wife   49      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17A-14  MARLETT    Sybil   Daughter       12      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16B-49   MARLETT    Vera (O'dell)  Wife   22      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17A-15  MARLETT    Zane   Son     10      East of Chico/Bridgeport
08-07A-02  MARLETTE Mireal wife    17      Park Springs & SE
08-07A-01  MARLETTE Truman         head    20      Park Springs & SE
06-07A-17  MARQUEZ   Alice Jane      Wife   52      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-16  MARQUEZ   J A     Head   54      N&E of Alvord
10-10B-50   MARR         Helen Lavair   Niece  16      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
18-19A-04  MARSHALL  Mark   Lodger 68      Page 81A Chico
19-07B-67   MARTIN      Abbie L.        daughter        20      W of Bridgeport
10-06A-01  MARTIN      Ada [S. Ada (LITTLETON)] Head   54      copied onto another sheet
10-13B-77   MARTIN      Ada [S. Ada (LITTLETON)] Head   54      Rd to School, Paradise Town
19-07B-68   MARTIN      Ala L..(Analee)        daughter        18      W of Bridgeport
19-07B-66   MARTIN      Annie (Mary Ann Cooper)     wife    58      W of Bridgeport
12-01B-65   MARTIN      Attie (Rogers) Wife   30      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-11A-04  MARTIN      Bernice         Daughter       11      N&E of Alvord
09-02B-71   MARTIN      Bettie Irene    daughter        7        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
10-06A-02  MARTIN      Bettie Lee      Daughter       14      copied onto another sheet
10-13B-78   MARTIN      Bettie Lee      Daughter       14      Rd to School, Paradise Town
20-02A-17  MARTIN      Bettie Marie   Daughter       8        Boonsville
20-02A-21  MARTIN      Billy Jack       Son     1        Boonsville
07-03B-57   MARTIN      Bobbie (STEWART)  Wife   68      S of Alvord
20-02A-19  MARTIN      Bobbie Jean    Daughter       4        Boonsville
12-01B-67   MARTIN      Bobbie L.      Daughter       5        Boyd Town-S of Main St
09-02B-70   MARTIN      Bonnie Sue     daughter        12      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
10-04B-80   MARTIN      Cornelius       Head   64      recopied on 13B-72
10-13B-72   MARTIN      Cornelius       Head   64      Rd to School, Paradise Town
06-11A-03  MARTIN      Earnest         Son     14      N&E of Alvord
17-06B-42   MARTIN      Edna   head   69      Bridgeport W Side
12-01B-68   MARTIN      Ellen J. Daughter       2        Boyd Town-S of Main St
04-03B-70   MARTIN      Erma Lea (Arrington) Daughter       21      SW of Decatur
18-01A-32  MARTIN      Ervin J.         head   60      Chico Town
12-04A-25  MARTIN      Estella (V.)    Head   58      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-10B-79   MARTIN      G C    Head   52      N&E of Alvord
04-03B-71   MARTIN      Glenn  Son-in-law     23      SW of Decatur
09-02B-67   MARTIN      Hardy R.       son     32      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
06-11A-06  MARTIN      Harold Ray    Son     7        N&E of Alvord
06-11A-05  MARTIN      Irene   Daughter       10      N&E of Alvord
09-02B-65   MARTIN      Isada H. (Harry)       Head   56      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
20-02A-18  MARTIN      Jeneva Ruth   Daughter       7        Boonsville
12-01B-69   MARTIN      Jerry Fred      Son     1        Boyd Town-S of Main St
03-04A-01  MARTIN      Joseph D [Sr.] head   31      NW of Decatur
03-04A-03  MARTIN      Joseph D, Jr.   son     5/12    NW of Decatur
06-11A-02  MARTIN      Joyce  Daughter       15      N&E of Alvord
03-04A-02  MARTIN      Leona (GRIMES)      wife    27      NW of Decatur
09-02B-69   MARTIN      Leonard Ray   son     15      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
06-10B-80   MARTIN      Lula    Wife   47      N&E of Alvord
04-01A-03  MARTIN      Marsh Head   22      SW of Decatur
07-03B-56   MARTIN      O P [Ollie Purdy]      Head   66      S of Alvord
09-02B-66   MARTIN      Pearl (Thompson)   wife    54      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
20-02A-15  MARTIN      Pearl M. (McDaniel)  Wife   28      Boonsville
06-11A-01  MARTIN      Raymond       Son     17      N&E of Alvord
20-02A-16  MARTIN      Ruben Son     10      Boonsville
09-02B-68   MARTIN      Ruth Maryellen         daughter        17      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
20-02A-20  MARTIN      Shirley Jean    Daughter       3        Boonsville
19-07B-65   MARTIN      Walter B. (Bird)        head   68      W of Bridgeport
20-02A-14  MARTIN      Walter V.      Head   34      Boonsville
06-11A-07  MARTIN      Wanda Daughter       4        N&E of Alvord
12-01B-64   MARTIN      William Daniel Head   36      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01B-66   MARTIN      William Jr.     Son     7        Boyd Town-S of Main St
08-05B-75   MARTIN      Edna   head    44      Park Springs & SE
16-02A-37  MARTINEAU         Hazel  Lodger 49      Slidell Town
16-02A-38  MARTINEAU         Hazel Virginia Lodger 14      Slidell Town
17-02A-23  MARTINEZ   Alberto (Albert)        head   29      Bridgeport W Side
17-16A-27  MARTINEZ   Amelia daughter        10      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-29  MARTINEZ   Aneselema     daughter        2        Bridgeport E Side
17-02A-24  MARTINEZ   Angelia (Medellin)     wife    19      Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-76   MARTINEZ   Anselmo        son     2        Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-71   MARTINEZ   Arthur (Altoro)         son     18      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-28  MARTINEZ   Aurilio brother in law  33      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-16  MARTINEZ   Aurora (Villaral)       Wife   31      Bridgeport W Side
17-16A-28  MARTINEZ   Bruna  daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
17-02B-77   MARTINEZ   Bruno  head   26      Bridgeport W Side
17-16A-30  MARTINEZ   Dolores         daughter        1        Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-25  MARTINEZ   Felicita (Dabilo)        wife    28      Bridgeport E Side
17-02B-74   MARTINEZ   Fermin ('Frank')        head   37      Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-68   MARTINEZ   Florencis (Florencio)   head   58      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-15  MARTINEZ   Fred    Head   32      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-17  MARTINEZ   Jesse   Son     2        Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-27  MARTINEZ   Jesse June     daughter        2        Bridgeport W Side
17-16A-26  MARTINEZ   Juana  daughter        12      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-24  MARTINEZ   Liandro         head   36      Bridgeport E Side
17-02B-73   MARTINEZ   Manuel         son     12      Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-69   MARTINEZ   Maria (F.)      wife    53      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-26  MARTINEZ   Mary Rios      wife    30      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-25  MARTINEZ   Mike   head   34      Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-72   MARTINEZ   Pedro (Pete)   son     16      Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-78   MARTINEZ   Refugia (Srita Refugio Rios)   wife    21      Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-70   MARTINEZ   Victor  son     24      Bridgeport W Side
17-02B-75   MARTINEZ   Victoria (Casillas)      wife    22      Bridgeport W Side
17-24B-66   MARX         Bob    lodger  27      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-15A-22  MASK Jo Ann daughter        11      Bridgeport E Side
17-15A-20  MASK M.P. (McLine Pierce) head   59      Bridgeport E Side
17-15A-21  MASK Ollie (Lee McCurdy)  wife    46      Bridgeport E Side
01-03B-74   MASON       Alma (L. Tackel)      Wife   29      Decatur-Town
02-08B-55   MASON       Calvin D.       head   52      Rt 1 Ponder
02-08B-59   MASON       Charles         son     8        Rt 1 Ponder
01-03B-73   MASON       Fate    Head   34      Decatur-Town
13-02B-52   MASON       Katie (Lee Teal)       Head   44      Rhome Town-S Addition
02-08B-60   MASON       Lois    daughter        5        Rt 1 Ponder
14-06B-78   MASON       Lucinda (Frances Elizabeth Lawson)? Head   72      Aurora Villiage
02-08B-57   MASON       Malena         daughter        13      Rt 1 Ponder
14-06B-79   MASON       Mamie?        Daughter       47      Aurora Villiage
13-02B-54   MASON       Norma (Jean)  Daughter       5        Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02B-53   MASON       Oleta   Daughter       16      Rhome Town-S Addition
02-08B-58   MASON       Robert son     10      Rt 1 Ponder
02-08B-56   MASON       Rose (Gamble)         wife    34      Rt 1 Ponder
18-11B-43   MASON       Rosie (Lorentz)         Wife   41      East of Chico (Thomas)
10-07A-04  MASON       Sallie   Daughter       60      S of Paradise on Highway
18-11B-44   MASON       Vernon         Son     21      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-45   MASON       W.A., Jr. (Wilber)     Son     16      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-46   MASON       Wanda Daughter       4        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-42   MASON       Wilber A. (Sr.)         Head   47      East of Chico (Thomas)
20-08B-75   MASSEY      Ada    Head   59      Boonsville
17-03B-44   MASSEY      Bennie Joe     stepdaughter   10      Bridgeport W Side
20-08B-46   MASSEY      Blanche        Wife   32      Boonsville
20-08B-76   MASSEY      Boyd   Son     19      Boonsville
20-10A-19  MASSEY      C. Eugene ("Gene")    Son     3        Boonsville
17-03B-41   MASSEY      Clara Mae     stepdaughter   19      Bridgeport W Side
17-03B-43   MASSEY      Donaletta       stepdaughter   14      Bridgeport W Side
20-10A-18  MASSEY      Edward Thomas (Eddie Tom) Son     6        Boonsville
20-08B-45   MASSEY      J.B.    Head   29      Boonsville
20-10A-16  MASSEY      Q.C. (Quanah "Mike") Head   36      Boonsville
09-05B-75   MASSEY      Ruby Jo        wife    20      Sunset-Crafton Rd
20-10A-17  MASSEY      Vera (Berry)  Wife   35      Boonsville
09-05B-74   MASSEY      William         Head   22      Sunset-Crafton Rd
17-03B-42   MASSEY      William (L.)    stepson         16      Bridgeport W Side
17-18A-21  MATAR       Albert (A.)     nephew         32      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-20  MATAR       Charlie son     15      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-19  MATAR       Edward         son     22      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-17  MATAR       Fae (Fay)      daughter        25      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-18  MATAR       Frieda (Freda) daughter        24      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-16  MATAR       Maroon (H.)   head   44      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
18-04B-53   MATHES      Carl R. G-Son  9        Chico Town
18-04B-52   MATHES      Mary S. (Gibson)       Daughter       34      Chico Town
20-07A-23  MATHESON Eldon  Son     15      Boonsville Town
20-07A-22  MATHESON Pearlee (Campbell)    Head   55      Boonsville Town
10-08B-66   MATHEWS   Belva  Nephew        36      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
17-20A-18  MATHEWS   Bernice June   daughter        11      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-19  MATHEWS   Christine        wife    29      Bridgeport E Side
07-01A-33  MATHEWS   J W [John Willis]       Son     18      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
17-20A-17  MATHEWS   J.E. (James)   head   34      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-20  MATHEWS   Margaret       daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-21  MATHEWS   Mary Ruth     daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
07-01A-31  MATHEWS   N F [Needon Thomas]         Head   51      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
07-01A-32  MATHEWS   Pearl [Leety Pearl (DEAR)]  Wife   42      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
17-20A-22  MATHEWS   Ransy  son     12      Bridgeport E Side
16-18B-65   MATHIS       Jack    Lodger 19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-01B-43   MATNERLY Mammie Dor  wife    35      Crafton Town
09-01B-42   MATNERLY Samuel T.      Head   35      Crafton Town
01-04B-55   MATNEY     Alma Lee      Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
01-04B-53   MATNEY     Augusta (Perkins)      Wife   38      Decatur-Town
01-04B-58   MATNEY     Don    Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-29A-02  MATNEY     Eddie Ray      Son     8/12    Decatur-Town
01-04B-57   MATNEY     Francis          Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
01-28B-79   MATNEY     Homer (S.)     Head   30      Decatur-Town
01-29A-01  MATNEY     Homer, Jr.     Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-04B-56   MATNEY     Imogene        Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-04B-54   MATNEY     Lavelle Daughter       19      Decatur-Town
01-28B-80   MATNEY     Mamie (Watts)         Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-04B-52   MATNEY     Robert Lee     Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-19A-21  MATSINGER Harold L.       Grand Son      9        Decatur-Town
01-19A-22  MATSINGER Virginia         Grand Daughter        6        Decatur-Town
13-04B-42   MATTHEWS Bill     Head   47      Rhome Town-B St North
09-07A-06  MATTHEWS Delbert         son     25      Crafton-Alvord Rd
13-04B-43   MATTHEWS Etta (Mary)    Wife   44      Rhome Town-B St North
13-04B-44   MATTHEWS Ivan    Son     16      Rhome Town-B St North
15-06A-05  MATTHEWS Luna (O.Burrow)      Wife   64      Rural Boyd Area
09-07A-07  MATTHEWS Marie  daughter        14      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-05  MATTHEWS Nettie  wife    58      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-04  MATTHEWS Walter S.       Head   66      Crafton-Alvord Rd
15-06A-04  MATTHEWS Z. D. (Zachariah)      Head   73      Rural Boyd Area
18-02A-27  MATTINGLY J.N.    brother in law  66      Chico Town
20-13A-34  MATTINGLY Josie (Neighbors)      Wife   68      Boonsville area
20-13A-13  MATTINGLY L.F.    Head   38      Boonsville area
20-13A-14  MATTINGLY Opal Lee (Nalls)       Wife   35      Boonsville area
20-13A-17  MATTINGLY Sammy Lee    Daughter       1        Boonsville area
20-13A-15  MATTINGLY Thomas W.    Son     11      Boonsville area
20-13A-33  MATTINGLY W.H.  Head   69      Boonsville area
20-13A-16  MATTINGLY Weldon F.      Son     6        Boonsville area
03-03A-35  MATTIX       Clyde  head   24      NW of Decatur
03-04A-34  MATTIX       Georgia [Lee (EUDALY)]    wife    50      NW of Decatur
03-04A-33  MATTIX       John [Alfred]  head   70      NW of Decatur
03-03A-36  MATTIX       Nellie  wife    22      NW of Decatur
03-03A-37  MATTIX       Ruth   daughter        5        NW of Decatur
03-04A-35  MATTIX       San J   son     13      NW of Decatur
01-03B-61   MATZINGER Arnie  Head   56      Decatur-Town
20-13B-69   MATZINGER DeWitt (Dewert)       Son     17      Boonsville area
01-03B-64   MATZINGER Hardie Son     17      Decatur-Town
20-13B-67   MATZINGER I.F. (Irving)    Head   52      Boonsville area
01-03B-62   MATZINGER Irv (F.) Son     35      Decatur-Town
02-03A-35  MATZINGER Marvin step/son        11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-13B-68   MATZINGER Mary (Caroline Meadows)     Wife   36      Boonsville area
02-03A-33  MATZINGER Mildred         step/dau        14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-17B-43   MATZINGER Pearl (Gladys) head   52      Bridgeport E Side
01-03B-63   MATZINGER Ray    Son     21      Decatur-Town
02-03A-34  MATZINGER Raymond       step/son        14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
06-08A-38  MAULDIN    A L [Arthur Luke]     Head   56      N&E of Alvord
16-09A-26  MAULDIN    Albert  Head   67      Greenwood-Slidell Area
07-05A-39  MAULDIN    B L [Benjamin Louis] Head   82      S of Alvord
06-08A-40  MAULDIN    Douglas        Son     5        N&E of Alvord
01-33A-22  MAULDIN    Eloise  Lodger 32      Page 61A-Decatur
16-09A-27  MAULDIN    Francis Wife   61      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-08A-39  MAULDIN    Laura (KEY)  Wife   47      N&E of Alvord
07-05A-40  MAULDIN    Mary Lou (PARR)    Wife   70      S of Alvord
11-01A-40  MAXEY       Billie J Daughter       2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-38  MAXEY       David  Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-37  MAXEY       Irene [Agness (WALLACE)] Wife   24      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-36  MAXEY       Jack  [Jack William]   Head   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-39  MAXEY       Jack [Jackie Everett]  Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-03A-10  MAXEY       R.B. (Radford)         Head   34      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03A-11  MAXEY       Susan (Isabel) Mother 71      Boyd Town-S of Main St
11-01B-41   MAXEY       William L [Lawrence] Son     11/12  Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-16A-14  MAXWELL   Billy J. Son     6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-46   MAXWELL   Carolyn         Daughter       2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-43   MAXWELL   Charley [Charlie Maynard]    Head   33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-20  MAXWELL   Charley T.     Son     5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-44   MAXWELL   Clara F. [Fred (GENTRY)]   Wife   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-48   MAXWELL   Dess [Theodesia Orlena (SCOGGINS)]       Wife   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-19  MAXWELL   Jimmie M. [Junnie M (ROYAL)]      Wife   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-13  MAXWELL   Mary J. [John] Daughter       10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-11  MAXWELL   Newton         Head   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-12  MAXWELL   Oleta [Fay (McDANIEL)]    Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-47   MAXWELL   Thomas [Benton]      Head   69      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-18  MAXWELL   Thomas [T N] Head   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-45   MAXWELL   Virginia A. [Ann]      Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-21  MAXWELL   William F. [Frank]     Son     2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
08-09A-18  MAXWELL   Helen (McCLURG)   wife    24      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-17  MAXWELL   N P     head    30      Park Springs & SE
10-01B-62   MAY  Ben L  Head   46      W of Paradise
10-01B-66   MAY  Benny Jayce   Daughter       16      W of Paradise
02-03B-48   MAY  Charley T.     head   54      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-50   MAY  Clifton son     16      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-49   MAY  Ethel   wife    54      Rt 3-E of Decatur
10-06A-26  MAY  Helen Marie (PITTMAN)     Wife   33      Paradise-Across RR North
10-06A-28  MAY  Katie Kathleen         Daughter       13      Paradise-Across RR North
10-01B-64   MAY  Leroy  Son     24      W of Paradise
13-03B-77   MAY  LeRoy Lodger 24      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
10-06A-27  MAY  Mary V         Daughter       15      Paradise-Across RR North
10-03B-79   MAY  Mattie Head   59      Paradise
10-01B-65   MAY  Mynon Daughter       21      W of Paradise
10-01B-63   MAY  Myrtle [Flora Myrtle (Golaz)] Wife   45      W of Paradise
02-03B-51   MAY  Ray D. grandson       10      Rt 3-E of Decatur
10-06A-25  MAY  Theodore E [Edwin]   Head   52      Paradise-Across RR North
10-01B-67   MAY  Willard E       Son     8        W of Paradise
08-02A-18  MAY Alfa    daughter        35      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-17  MAY Jack    son/law         41      Park Springs & SE
14-08B-79   MAYFIELD   Abner F.       Head   57      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-03B-66   MAYFIELD   Alton (Newt)  Head   35      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-03B-67   MAYFIELD   Bessie (Rudolph/Randolph)    Wife   31      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-03B-71   MAYFIELD   Estel   Son     20      Newark-Boyd Rd
13-04A-29  MAYFIELD   George D.      Son     1/12    Rhome Town-B St North
14-03B-69   MAYFIELD   Harvey (Allen)         Head   55      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-03B-70   MAYFIELD   Herbie (Herby Augusta Reynolds)     Wife   44      Newark-Boyd Rd
13-04A-26  MAYFIELD   Leeman (Osborne)     Head   28      Rhome Town-B St North
16-08B-47   MAYFIELD   Maggie J.      Lodger 22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-04A-28  MAYFIELD   Mary Ellen     Daughter       1        Rhome Town-B St North
13-04A-27  MAYFIELD   Mattie Faye (Stokes)  Wife   23      Rhome Town-B St North
14-03B-68   MAYFIELD   Mike (Arnold) Son     7        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-03B-72   MAYFIELD   Norman R. (Ray)      Son     9        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-03B-73   MAYFIELD   Vernon         Son     7        Newark-Boyd Rd
04-04B-55   MCADAMS   C.E.    Head   27      SW of Decatur
04-04B-57   MCADAMS   Clinton Son     4        SW of Decatur
04-04B-56   MCADAMS   Margaret       Wife   25      SW of Decatur
01-03A-18  MCADAMS   Robert H.      Head   57      Decatur-Town
17-10B-56   MCAFEE      Earl Dickson   son     4        Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-50   MCAFEE      Fern (Hugh Fern)      head   44      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-54   MCAFEE      James Marvin son     8        Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-51   MCAFEE      Johnnie (Dickson)      wife    36      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-29  MCAFEE      Josephine (Martha Jo Stansel) head   63      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-52   MCAFEE      Mary Jo        daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-53   MCAFEE      Patsy Jean     daughter        12      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-55   MCAFEE      Sarah Jane     daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-03  MCALISTER Beulah (Hayden)       wife    38      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-02  MCALISTER C.W. (Charles William, Sr.)   head   44      Bridgeport E Side
17-23A-14  MCALISTER Charles (William, Jr.)  son     18      Pg61A Out of Order-Bridgeport
05-05B-63   MCANELLY Sarah F.        Head   63      Alvord Town
10-05A-27  MCBRIDE    Bertha (WHITE)       Wife   32      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
10-05A-28  MCBRIDE    Carla J Daughter       6        Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
19-06B-64   MCBRIDE    Doris Nell      daughter        3        W of Bridgeport
10-05A-29  MCBRIDE    Gary [Lane]   Son     2        Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
19-06B-65   MCBRIDE    Glena Fae      daughter        2        W of Bridgeport
10-06A-30  MCBRIDE    H C [Homer Cleabern, Sr.]    Head   37      Paradise-Across RR North
10-06A-32  MCBRIDE    H C Jr. [Homer Cleabern]     Son     10      Paradise-Across RR North
19-06B-66   MCBRIDE    Hardie head   22      W of Bridgeport
10-05B-46   MCBRIDE    Ida     Head   67      S of Paradise
19-06B-67   MCBRIDE    Jean (Elizabeth Davis) wife    18      W of Bridgeport
10-05B-47   MCBRIDE    Jeolla? Daughter       39      S of Paradise
19-06B-62   MCBRIDE    Juanita (Brown)        wife    25      W of Bridgeport
10-06A-34  MCBRIDE    Juanita Fay     Daughter       4        Paradise-Across RR North
10-06A-35  MCBRIDE    M S    Father 74      Paradise-Across RR North
10-06A-31  MCBRIDE    Myrtle J [Jewel (SANDERS)]         Wife   27      Paradise-Across RR North
19-06B-63   MCBRIDE    Nita Ruth       daughter        5        W of Bridgeport
02-14A-16  MCBRIDE    Pat     son     10      Rt 2-E of Decatur
10-05A-26  MCBRIDE    R W [Roy Washington]        Head   40      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
02-14A-15  MCBRIDE    Ruth (Patterson)       wife    33      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14A-14  MCBRIDE    Terrell T.       head   35      Rt 2-E of Decatur
10-06A-33  MCBRIDE    Velma Ray     Daughter       9        Paradise-Across RR North
19-06B-61   MCBRIDE    William J. (Will)        head   65      W of Bridgeport
15-02B-72   MCBROOM  Billy Joe        Son     7        Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-70   MCBROOM  Helen  Daughter       14      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-71   MCBROOM  Henrietta       Daughter       9        Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-69   MCBROOM  Jack    Son     16      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-67   MCBROOM  Velma Wife   37      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-66   MCBROOM  W. M. Head   43      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-68   MCBROOM  William         Son     19      Rural Boyd Area
18-07A-05  MCCALEB    Evelyn M. (Mount)    Daughter       31      Chico Area
01-26B-54   MCCALEB    Thomas         Head   44      Decatur-Town
01-27A-15  MCCALLUM Edna   Wife   44      Decatur-Town
01-27A-16  MCCALLUM Floyd   Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-27A-14  MCCALLUM Sam A.         Head   44      Decatur-Town
07-03B-51   MCCANNE   Alma   Wife   50      S of Alvord
07-03B-52   MCCANNE   Bobby Son     24      S of Alvord
07-03B-50   MCCANNE   E E [Ed]        Head   52      S of Alvord
07-03B-53   MCCANNE   La Rue         Daughter       19      S of Alvord
07-03B-54   MCCANNE   Marjary         Daughter       14      S of Alvord
07-03B-55   MCCANNE   Patsy  Daughter       9        S of Alvord
16-06B-43   MCCARROLL        Chloe (McDANIEL)  Wife   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-37  MCCARROLL        Green [Joseph Green] Head   62      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-41   MCCARROLL        Maggie [Margaret A (TAYLOR)]    Mother 85      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-42   MCCARROLL        Manuel [Ray]  Head   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-39  MCCARROLL        Mildred         Daughter       21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-40  MCCARROLL        Taylor [James Taylor] Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-38  MCCARROLL        Vira [Elvere "Vira" (POTTER)]       Wife   58      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-21  MCCARTER  Jack    Head   33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-13A-32  MCCARTER  James H.       Head   74      Decatur-Town
01-13A-33  MCCARTER  Mary   Wife   71      Decatur-Town
16-05A-22  MCCARTER  Ruby   Wife   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-01A-17  MCCARTHY Daniel [H]     Head   68      Slidell Town
16-01A-18  MCCARTHY Mary T. (McDANIEL)        Wife   68      Slidell Town
20-04B-56   MCCARTY   Aurbin Son     23      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-55   MCCARTY   Cleo    Wife   45      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-57   MCCARTY   Inez    Daughter       21      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-54   MCCARTY   O.P.   Head   52      Boonsville/Willow P.
03-02A-19  MCCASKEY Charlie son     15      NW of Decatur
03-02A-17  MCCASKEY Finnis [C]      head   42      NW of Decatur
03-02A-18  MCCASKEY Ina Mae (MARTIN)  wife    35      NW of Decatur
01-17A-40  MCCASKEY James H.       Father in Law 76      Decatur-Town
03-02A-20  MCCASKEY Jerry [Thomas]         son     9        NW of Decatur
03-02A-21  MCCASKEY Jimmey         son     2        NW of Decatur
01-17B-41   MCCASKEY Mae    Sister in Law  38      Decatur-Town
01-21B-61   MCCASKEY Mollie  Lodger 72      Decatur-Town
17-07B-80   MCCASLAND        Ancil H. (Herman)     head   29      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-06  MCCASLAND        Ben (Harden)  head   27      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-03  MCCASLAND        Bertha May    daughter        4        Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-08  MCCASLAND        Betty LaVerne         daughter        5        Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-09  MCCASLAND        Billy Earl (William Earl)        son     4        Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-02  MCCASLAND        Dorothy Nell   daughter        6        Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-05  MCCASLAND        Herman Edward       son     0m     Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-07  MCCASLAND        Johnnie (G.)    wife    25      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-01  MCCASLAND        Ophelia (Barbara Ophelia McDaniel) wife    24      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-10  MCCASLAND        Royce Edward son     3        Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-04  MCCASLAND        Wanda Lee    daughter        2        Bridgeport W Side
14-05A-28  MCCLAIN    Delmar C.      Brother in Law         35      Rhome-Justin Rd
17-21A-35  MCCLANE   Edna Mae (Rogers)    head   49      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-36  MCCLANE   Vernon         son     15      Bridgeport E Side
16-09B-71   MCCLARTY Darcy  Wife   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-72   MCCLARTY Genevieve      Daughter       20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-70   MCCLARTY William         Head   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-21A-03  MCCLARY   Ella (P. Hayes)         wife    51      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-02  MCCLARY   George (H.)    head   56      Bridgeport E Side
15-01B-59   MCCLARY   Irma   Wife   43      Rural Boyd Area
17-21A-05  MCCLARY   Mattie B.       mother 73      Bridgeport E Side
15-01B-58   MCCLARY   Richard         Head   63      Rural Boyd Area
15-01B-60   MCCLARY   Thomas         Son     20      Rural Boyd Area
17-21A-04  MCCLARY   Willis Hayes   son     12      Bridgeport E Side
10-10B-75   MCCLINTOCK       Haskell         Head   29      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
10-10B-76   MCCLINTOCK       Lois    Wife   21      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
12-04B-78   MCCLUNEY Dwight Head   47      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04B-79   MCCLUNEY Ruth   Wife   44      Boyd Town-S of Main St
17-14B-45   MCCLUNG   A.D. (Alvis Davis)     head   48      Bridgeport E Side
01-28B-59   MCCLUNG   Berta (McElhaney)    Wife   43      Decatur-Town
17-14B-47   MCCLUNG   Billy    son     13      Bridgeport E Side
05-09A-31  MCCLUNG   Emma [Gertrude (LUMSDEN)]       Wife   51      Alvord Town
11-05B-72   MCCLUNG   Ferris  Head   20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-03B-79   MCCLUNG   Harold          Head   20      Decatur-Town
01-28B-60   MCCLUNG   Jack    Son     25      Decatur-Town
01-28B-61   MCCLUNG   Jean    Daughter       8        Decatur-Town
05-09A-32  MCCLUNG   LaRue [Martha LaRue]        Daughter       19      Alvord Town
11-05B-77   MCCLUNG   Lulu M Wife   50      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-33A-32  MCCLUNG   Margaret       Lodger 17      Page 61A-Decatur
11-05B-73   MCCLUNG   Margaret       Wife   20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-28B-58   MCCLUNG   Marvin E.      Head   46      Decatur-Town
17-14B-46   MCCLUNG   Maude (Sallie Maude Hunter) wife    46      Bridgeport E Side
01-03B-80   MCCLUNG   Mildred         Wife   18      Decatur-Town
11-05B-76   MCCLUNG   Robert B       Head   51      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-09A-30  MCCLUNG   Roy H. [Hamilton]     Head   52      Alvord Town
12-01B-43   MCCLUNNEY        Anna L.        Wife   66      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01B-44   MCCLUNNEY        Hugh   Son     35      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01B-42   MCCLUNNEY        Sam    Head   73      Boyd Town-S of Main St
10-10B-48   MCCLURE    B B    Head   56      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
10-10B-49   MCCLURE    B B, Mrs.      Wife   53      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
16-15B-46   MCCLURE    Bobby Ray     Son     5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15B-47   MCCLURE    Eddie Lynn     Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-11A-28  MCCLURE    Edna (RAY)   Wife   46      N&E of Alvord
16-15B-44   MCCLURE    Jimmy L.       Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15B-42   MCCLURE    Ola [Olla B (CARAWAY)]   Wife   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15B-43   MCCLURE    Sam B.         Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15B-41   MCCLURE    Samuel [Carson]       Head   35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-11A-27  MCCLURE    Tallie   Head   47      N&E of Alvord
16-15B-45   MCCLURE    Wanda Fay    Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-05B-73   MCCLURG   C.C. (Clarence Clifton)        Head   36      Boonsville/Balsora
20-05B-75   MCCLURG   Edwin  Son     5        Boonsville/Balsora
20-05B-76   MCCLURG   Linda Lou      Daughter       5/12    Boonsville/Balsora
20-05B-74   MCCLURG   Maudina (Josephina Cannon)  Wife   35      Boonsville/Balsora
08-08A-06  MCCLURG    F H     mo/law          70      Park Springs & SE
01-31B-80   MCCOLLOUGH      Ollie    Wife   31      Decatur-Town
01-31B-79   MCCOLLOUGH      R.D.   Head   31      Decatur-Town
01-22A-19  MCCONNELL        Lou    Head   53      Decatur-Town
12-05B-80   MCCONNELL        Pearl   Head   53      Boyd Town-N of Main St
19-09A-16  MCCORD     Norris (Novis?)         brother in law  17      NW of Bridgeport
03-02B-42   MCCORMACK       Edna [Earl]    wife    70      NW of Decatur
02-15A-31  MCCORMACK       Ellen R.         daughter        18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15A-30  MCCORMACK       J.M.    head   50      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15A-32  MCCORMACK       James M.      son     16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
03-02B-41   MCCORMACK       Stanley [J]     head   60      NW of Decatur
01-10B-64   MCCORMICK        Addie Jo        Daughter       24      Decatur-Town
01-24A-08  MCCORMICK        James  Grandson       1        Decatur-Town
01-10B-62   MCCORMICK        Jesse (F.)      Head   53      Decatur-Town
01-10B-63   MCCORMICK        Lottie (Catherine Campbell)   Wife   52      Decatur-Town
01-24A-07  MCCORMICK        Ruth   Daughter       19      Decatur-Town
20-11B-44   MCCOY       Billie Wayne   Son     2        Boonsville
20-11B-42   MCCOY       Eula    Wife   32      Boonsville
20-11B-43   MCCOY       James Ray     Son     11      Boonsville
17-21B-67   MCCOY       Kathryn        sister  56      Bridgeport E Side
20-11B-41   MCCOY       O.A.   Head   43      Boonsville
01-02B-60   MCCRACKEN        Ward  Brother-in-Law         21      Decatur-Town
01-09A-40  MCCRACKIN         Josephine L. (Belshe) Wife   68      Decatur-Town
01-09A-39  MCCRACKIN         William T. (Thomas)   Head   69      Decatur-Town
14-09B-61   MCCRARY   Alice LaVerne Daughter       4        S of Rhome-Private Rd
02-14B-60   MCCRARY   Annie M.       wife    53      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-09B-60   MCCRARY   Billie Joe       Son     7        S of Rhome-Private Rd
15-04B-47   MCCRARY   Carrie (Olivia Cagle)  Wife   51      Rural Boyd Area
14-09B-62   MCCRARY   Clayton Earl   Son     2        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-46   MCCRARY   Della M. (Mae Boydston)      Wife   17      S of Rhome-Private Rd
01-01A-34  MCCRARY   Earnest P.      Son     16      Decatur-Town
13-04A-03  MCCRARY   Glenn  Grandson in law        27      Rhome Town-B St North
15-04B-50   MCCRARY   Homer (James)         Son     11      Rural Boyd Area
02-14B-59   MCCRARY   John B.         head   55      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-09B-56   MCCRARY   Joseph (Clark) Son     35      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-58   MCCRARY   Josie Lee       Daughter       12      S of Rhome-Private Rd
15-04B-48   MCCRARY   Louise Daughter       16      Rural Boyd Area
01-01A-35  MCCRARY   Myrtie M.      Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
01-01A-32  MCCRARY   Myrtle Head   46      Decatur-Town
14-09B-57   MCCRARY   Oradell (Lisby)         Wife       31      S of Rhome-Private Rd
15-04B-46   MCCRARY   R. E. (Robert Edgar)  Head   57      Rural Boyd Area
01-01A-33  MCCRARY   Robert Son     18      Decatur-Town
01-01A-36  MCCRARY   Rose M.        Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
02-14B-62   MCCRARY   Sue L. dau/law         19      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-09B-55   MCCRARY   Thomas C.     Head   57      S of Rhome-Private Rd
13-04A-04  MCCRARY   Trilby (Hudnall)        Granddaughter 28      Rhome Town-B St North
14-09B-59   MCCRARY   Verda Lee     Daughter       9        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-45   MCCRARY   W. Jack (Woodrow Jackson)  Head   19      S of Rhome-Private Rd
15-04B-49   MCCRARY   Watson         Son     14      Rural Boyd Area
14-09B-47   MCCRARY   Woodroe H. (Woodrow Howard)      Son     10/12   S of Rhome-Private Rd
02-14B-61   MCCRARY   Woodrow      son     21      Rt 2-E of Decatur
16-03A-31  MCCRAW    Clifford         Grandson       3        Slidell Town
15-04B-68   MCCRAW    Georgia (Clementine Rexroat) Wife   41      Rural Boyd Area
16-03A-32  MCCRAW    Mildred         Granddaughter 1        Slidell Town
14-09B-70   MCCRAW    Nettie E.       Mother in Law 68      S of Rhome-Private Rd
13-05A-12  MCCRAW    Radie  Granddaughter 17      Rhome Town-E Addition
15-04B-69   MCCRAW    Robert Son     6        Rural Boyd Area
15-04B-70   MCCRAW    Rosa Myrtle (Rosie Nall)      Daughter       4        Rural Boyd Area
15-04B-67   MCCRAW    T. O. (Thomas Owens)        Head   50      Rural Boyd Area
04-03A-31  MCCRIGHT  Alfred (James Alfred) Son     16      SW of Decatur
04-03A-32  MCCRIGHT  Flora (Mae)    Daughter       13      SW of Decatur
04-03A-33  MCCRIGHT  Frances (Fay) Daughter       13      SW of Decatur
04-03A-29  MCCRIGHT  J.H. (James Hamilton) Head   49      SW of Decatur
04-03A-34  MCCRIGHT  Mattie (Karen Mattie) Daughter       8        SW of Decatur
04-03A-30  MCCRIGHT  Ollie (Isla Cleo Bowen)        Wife   35      SW of Decatur
20-09B-63   MCCULLAR Dan (Otis Dan)         Son     13      Boonsville to South
20-09B-62   MCCULLAR Edna Earl      Daughter       15      Boonsville to South
20-07A-28  MCCULLAR Mandy L. (Amanda)   Head   70      Boonsville Town
20-09B-60   MCCULLAR O.J. (Otis)     Head   41      Boonsville to South
20-09B-61   MCCULLAR Ruth ( (Bessie King)   Wife   34      Boonsville to South
01-24A-30  MCCULLOUGH      Betty Lou      Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
01-24A-29  MCCULLOUGH      E. Leon         Son     13      Decatur-Town
01-24A-28  MCCULLOUGH      Gelma L.       Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
01-24A-25  MCCULLOUGH      J.W.   Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-24A-31  MCCULLOUGH      Johnnie S.      Son     9        Decatur-Town
01-24A-26  MCCULLOUGH      Minnie M. (Barrick)   Wife   35      Decatur-Town
01-24A-27  MCCULLOUGH      W. Howard    Son     17      Decatur-Town
02-13B-80   MCCURDY   Ava E. (Elizabeth Chambers) wife    52      Rt 2-E of Decatur
13-02B-69   MCCURDY   Billy Wade     Son     15      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-19B-66   MCCURDY   Carroll son     24      Bridgeport E Side
17-15A-23  MCCURDY   Clara   sister in law    34      Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-64   MCCURDY   Clyde  head   51      Bridgeport E Side
02-14A-01  MCCURDY   Elton M.        son     12      Rt 2-E of Decatur
13-02B-70   MCCURDY   Elwanda        Daughter       6        Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-02B-66   MCCURDY   Everett (Charles)       Head   42      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-19B-65   MCCURDY   Fannie (B. McSpadden)        wife    49      Bridgeport E Side
02-14A-02  MCCURDY   Floyd T.        son     10      Rt 2-E of Decatur
13-02B-68   MCCURDY   Mary Lee      Daughter       17      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
02-13B-79   MCCURDY   R. Cal head   56      Rt 2-E of Decatur
13-02B-67   MCCURDY   Winnie (Mae Morris)  Wife   44      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
01-25B-44   MCDANIEL  Abbie  Head   46      Decatur-Town
02-16A-21  MCDANIEL  Addie L.        dau/law         18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-16A-17  MCDANIEL  Alice O. (Damron)     wife    41      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-02B-68   MCDANIEL  Anna Lee      Daughter       12      Boonsville
16-18B-68   MCDANIEL  Anne   Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-20B-53   MCDANIEL  Annie  (O. Moody)    mother in law  72      Bridgeport E Side
07-04A-15  MCDANIEL  Audie May [Audie Mae (BRALEY)] Wife   31      S of Alvord
20-02B-69   MCDANIEL  Bernice         Daughter       10      Boonsville
20-02B-73   MCDANIEL  Bessie Nell     Daughter       2        Boonsville
16-18B-69   MCDANIEL  Betty [Bittie]   Daughter       2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-02B-65   MCDANIEL  Cecil   Son     18      Boonsville
01-35A-01  MCDANIEL  Charles G.     Head   36      Pg-Nonresident Schedule
09-03B-70   MCDANIEL  Cora (Matilda Moody) wife    50      Crafton-Chico Road
20-02B-71   MCDANIEL  Cora Beth (Read)      Daughter       4        Boonsville
20-08B-72   MCDANIEL  Dan    Son     13      Boonsville
20-02B-75   MCDANIEL  Delane Gr Daughter   5        Boonsville
20-02B-70   MCDANIEL  Don    Son     7        Boonsville
09-03B-72   MCDANIEL  Edith   daughter-in-law         25      Crafton-Chico Road
16-18B-63   MCDANIEL  Edward [Jess Edward]         Head   62      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-66   MCDANIEL  Elwood         Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-12B-55   MCDANIEL  Emma L. (Lee Walker)        wife    42      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12B-56   MCDANIEL  Ernest H.       son     17      Rt 2-E of Decatur
16-18B-64   MCDANIEL  Ethel [Lucille (BOSWELL)]   Wife   62      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-08A-34  MCDANIEL  Euna   Daughter       26      Alvord Town
05-08A-33  MCDANIEL  Eunice Daughter       26      Alvord Town
16-18B-67   MCDANIEL  Fay (REED)   Wife   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-02B-64   MCDANIEL  Florence (Winford Sanders)   Wife   44      Boonsville
07-04A-14  MCDANIEL  Forrest [B. Forrest]    Head   32      S of Alvord
01-35A-02  MCDANIEL  Gladys (Clement)      Wife   29      Pg-Nonresident Schedule
06-05A-23  MCDANIEL  Guy    SIL    34      N&E of Alvord
05-08A-31  MCDANIEL  H.L. [Hiram L.]        Head   61      Alvord Town
16-18B-70   MCDANIEL  Harriet (CARTER)    Mother 83      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-02B-74   MCDANIEL  Hubert Son     22      Boonsville
01-25B-45   MCDANIEL  Iris     Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
04-03B-78   MCDANIEL  J.A. (Josrph Andrew) Head   61      SW of Decatur
01-08A-09  MCDANIEL  J.E., III         Son     7        Decatur-Town
20-02B-66   MCDANIEL  James  Son     16      Boonsville
20-08B-74   MCDANIEL  Jerry   Son     3        Boonsville
01-08A-08  MCDANIEL  Jewel (Ethel Dobson)  Wife   26      Decatur-Town
04-03B-80   MCDANIEL  Joe Nell (Jonell)        Daughter       24      SW of Decatur
10-11A-22  MCDANIEL  John D Head   69      recopied on 14B-67
10-14B-67   MCDANIEL  John D Head   69      Paradise Town-W side
01-08A-07  MCDANIEL  John Edger     Head   29      Decatur-Town
09-03B-69   MCDANIEL  Larkin S. (Scott)       Head   55      Crafton-Chico Road
04-03B-79   MCDANIEL  Laura (Suvanah Bennett)      Wife   58      SW of Decatur
06-05A-24  MCDANIEL  Lottie Mae (GASPERSON)   Daughter       29      N&E of Alvord
05-08A-32  MCDANIEL  Lou Ida [Ida Lieu (WHITAKER)]    Wife   52      Alvord Town
09-03B-74   MCDANIEL  Lydia Marie    granddaughter 5/12    Crafton-Chico Road
07-04A-25  MCDANIEL  Maggie         Wife   65      S of Alvord
17-09A-38  MCDANIEL  Marion Ely     son     1        Bridgeport E Side
02-12B-54   MCDANIEL  Marvin L. (Lee)        head   43      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-07B-77   MCDANIEL  Mary (Louise Frederick)       wife    58      Bridgeport W Side
17-07B-76   MCDANIEL  Millard E. (Earl)        head   59      Bridgeport W Side
20-08B-73   MCDANIEL  Mona Sue      Daughter       5        Boonsville
17-09A-35  MCDANIEL  Pearl   head   36      Bridgeport E Side
09-03B-71   MCDANIEL  Reaford (Cordell)      son     25      Crafton-Chico Road
09-03B-73   MCDANIEL  Reaford Wayne        grandson       1        Crafton-Chico Road
01-35A-03  MCDANIEL  Renay L.       Daughter       2        Pg-Nonresident Schedule
02-16A-19  MCDANIEL  Reta M.        daughter        10      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-02B-63   MCDANIEL  Richard (Dow)         Head   42      Boonsville
02-16A-18  MCDANIEL  Russell B.      son     16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-02B-67   MCDANIEL  Rvon   Son     14      Boonsville
20-02B-72   MCDANIEL  Tommy Jack   Son     3        Boonsville
07-04A-24  MCDANIEL  W M   Head   65      S of Alvord
02-16A-20  MCDANIEL  Walt, Jr. (Walter H.)  son     18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-16A-16  MCDANIEL  Walter H. (Sr.)         head   40      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-13A-05  MCDANIELS Emma L. (Tate)        wife    21      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-13A-04  MCDANIELS Joseph E.       head   22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
12-04A-18  MCDONAGLE        Shamas         Lodger 56      Boyd Town-S of Main St
16-09B-65   MCDONALD Addie  Mother-in-Law         83      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-01A-26  MCDONALD Andrew J. [Jackson]  Head   53      Alvord Town(N.Wickham St)
19-10A-11  MCDONALD Angie (Augie?)         wife    36      NW of Bridgeport
07-01B-57   MCDONALD Artie A [Ardella (WARINER)]        Wife   58      S of Alvord
02-12B-73   MCDONALD Bill     head   57      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-12B-77   MCDONALD Bill, Jr. Head   26      Decatur-Town
19-10A-12  MCDONALD Dupre (Deprew)       son     13      NW of Bridgeport
18-01A-15  MCDONALD Etta    head   72      Chico Town
02-12B-76   MCDONALD Eugena         daughter        17      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-01B-63   MCDONALD Franklin D      Son     6        S of Alvord
05-01A-27  MCDONALD Freddie (ELSOM)     Wife   43      Alvord Town(N.Wickham St)
07-01B-62   MCDONALD George Maurice        Son     9        S of Alvord
19-10A-10  MCDONALD Hollis (David?)         head   36      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-15  MCDONALD Ina Mae        daughter        8        NW of Bridgeport
07-01B-56   MCDONALD J J [John J. or John Patrick?]  Head   60      S of Alvord
07-01B-59   MCDONALD James T        Son     22      S of Alvord
07-01B-60   MCDONALD John W         Son     16      S of Alvord
19-10A-13  MCDONALD Jonnie (John)  son     12      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-14  MCDONALD LeRoy son     10      NW of Bridgeport
06-10B-58   MCDONALD M A [Mary Ann (LEWIS)]    Head   81      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
19-10A-16  MCDONALD Maudie         daughter        6        NW of Bridgeport
07-01B-61   MCDONALD Max Davis     Son     12      S of Alvord
02-12B-75   MCDONALD Minis? (John?) son     25      Rt 2-E of Decatur
19-10A-19  MCDONALD Minnie Nola    daughter        11m    NW of Bridgeport
02-12B-74   MCDONALD Nellie R. (Gose)        wife    55      Rt 2-E of Decatur
19-10A-18  MCDONALD Patsy Ann      daughter        3        NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-17  MCDONALD Rena   daughter        4        NW of Bridgeport
07-01B-58   MCDONALD Robert L [Lewis]      Son     24      S of Alvord
01-12B-78   MCDONALD Ruth (Mollie Wilson)   Wife   26      Decatur-Town
06-10B-60   MCDONALD Sam    Son     43      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
16-09B-66   MCDONALD Tony   Brother-in-Law         42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
08-04A-30  MCDONALD          Anna   head    53      Park Springs
18-17A-01  MCDUFF      Betty Rashaud Daughter       13      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16B-80   MCDUFF      Lizzie (Elizabeth Myers)       Wife   40      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16B-79   MCDUFF      Marvin M.     Head   40      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16A-17  MCELHANEY        Atrel (Davis)  Wife   25      East of Chico/Bridgeport
19-08B-49   MCELHANEY        Betty Jane     daughter        11      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-50   MCELHANEY        Jean    daughter        9        NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-47   MCELHANEY        Jim D. (James Dexter)         head   36      NW of Bridgeport
18-16A-16  MCELHANEY        Joe R. Head   32        East of Chico/Bridgeport
19-08B-48   MCELHANEY        Reba (Poteet) wife    35      NW of Bridgeport
18-16A-40  MCELHANEY        Virginia (Hunn)         Head   67      East of Chico/Bridgeport
07-01B-65   MCELROY   Bonnie [Lucille (ALLEN)]     Wife   34      S of Alvord
07-01B-66   MCELROY   Norma Daughter       11      S of Alvord
07-01B-64   MCELROY   Orin Winford  Head   39      S of Alvord
07-03B-49   MCELROY   Sarah  Mother         73      S of Alvord
07-01B-68   MCELROY   Shirley [Max]  Son     5        S of Alvord
07-01B-67   MCELROY   Tommie Keith Son     7        S of Alvord
20-11A-36  MCEMERY   C.H.   Father 68      Boonsville
20-11A-37  MCEMERY   Lee    Sister  45      Boonsville
20-11A-35  MCEMERY   W.M.  Head   40      Boonsville
18-15B-51   MCENTIRE   Albert W.      Head   63      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-53   MCENTIRE   Charlie Son     30      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
06-09B-52   MCENTIRE   D T [Daniel Turner]   Head   60      N&E of Alvord
07-01A-04  MCENTIRE   Dan    Son     8        Hwy 81-S of Alvord
07-01A-02  MCENTIRE   Dorsie [Dorcie (HANCOCK)]         Wife   42      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
06-09B-54   MCENTIRE   E C    Son     34      N&E of Alvord
07-01A-01  MCENTIRE   Earnest [W]   Head   35      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
07-01A-03  MCENTIRE   Glenn [W.]     Son     11      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
06-09B-53   MCENTIRE   Katie (HOPPER)      Wife   63      N&E of Alvord
18-15B-52   MCENTIRE   Laura (Boulware)      Wife   62      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
07-01A-05  MCENTIRE   Mildred Faye  Daughter       6        Hwy 81-S of Alvord
12-04B-42   MCENTIRE   Verland         Step Son        9        Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-16B-66   MCFARLAND        Alice   Wife   26      Decatur-Town
01-16B-65   MCFARLAND        John    Head   27      Decatur-Town
06-01A-04  MCFARLING Emmitt [W E] Head   48      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
06-01A-05  MCFARLING Grace [Mrs Thorp]    Wife   58      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
17-12A-22  MCFAUL      Iva Jane        step daughter  35      Bridgeport E Side
16-07A-25  MCGAHA     Bonnie [Lee (WHITE)]        Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-24  MCGAHA     James A. [Arthur]     Head   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-26  MCGAHA     James L. [Loyd "Jack"]        Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-27  MCGAHA     Raymond       Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-02A-16  MCGAUGHY John H. (Henry)        Head   65      SW of Decatur
04-02A-17  MCGAUGHY Ora (Mitchell) Wife   64      SW of Decatur
17-08B-79   MCGEE        Anna Lee (Nelson)    niece   26      Bridgeport E Side
17-08B-78   MCGEE        Bill (William Harvey)  nephew         27      Bridgeport E Side
17-08B-80   MCGEE        Billy Ann       greatniece      7m     Bridgeport E Side
11-07B-72   MCGEE        Dan    Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-13A-25  MCGEE        Earl    head   21      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
11-07B-69   MCGEE        Ella     Wife   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-16B-57   MCGEE        Elza (Hannable)        son     47      Bridgeport E Side
11-07B-70   MCGEE        Frank  Son     13      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-07B-71   MCGEE        Gracie Daughter       10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-03A-11  MCGEE        Horace         head   69      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-13  MCGEE        Horace J.      grandson       17      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-16B-58   MCGEE        Hoyt   son     32      Bridgeport E Side
09-07B-43   MCGEE        Jewel W. (Wayne)     Head   21      Crafton Rd
17-16B-55   MCGEE        John H.         head   66      Bridgeport E Side
09-07B-45   MCGEE        Joyce Delaine daughter        0/12    Crafton Rd
11-07B-68   MCGEE        Mac M         Head   46      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-21B-68   MCGEE        Marvin head   29      Bridgeport E Side
09-07B-44   MCGEE        Mary Charlene         wife    21      Crafton Rd
17-16B-56   MCGEE        Mary Idella (Jackson) wife    66      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-69   MCGEE        Roma M.       wife    26      Bridgeport E Side
02-03A-12  MCGEE        Vivia S.         wife    70      Rt 4-E of Decatur
08-05B-64   MCGEE        Bobby E        son     0/12    Park Springs & SE
08-06B-69   MCGEE        Bonnie          daughter        21      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-71   MCGEE        Clara [Mae (O'BRIEN)]       wife    48      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-70   MCGEE        Elbert L         head    56      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-21  MCGEE        Eloise gr/dau 3        Park Springs
08-06B-67   MCGEE        Emily   wife    50      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-61   MCGEE        Francis M      head    28      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-63   MCGEE        Francis M      son     4        Park Springs & SE
08-06B-68   MCGEE        Ineza   daughter        21      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-66   MCGEE        Ira L   head    55      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-72   MCGEE        Joy Lee [Lea] daughter        16      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-01  MCGEE        Juanita          wife    22      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-20  MCGEE        Lorena [Wella (SMITH)]      daughter        31      ParkSprings
08-05B-62   MCGEE        Ruth O (HARDEE)   wife    25      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-80   MCGEE        Leather [Odell]         head    26      Park Springs & SE
17-19B-73   MCGINNIS   Barney, Jr.     head   48      Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-74   MCGINNIS   Minnie (Wheeler)      wife    48      Bridgeport E Side
13-04A-20  MCGLOTHIN         John    Head   60      Rhome Town-B St North
13-04A-21  MCGLOTHIN         Maude Wife   47      Rhome Town-B St North
14-08B-59   MCGOODWIN        Annie  Head   74      Newark-Aurora Rd
15-01B-42   MCGOODWIN        Bele    Wife   37      Rural Boyd Area
14-08B-65   MCGOODWIN        Bettie Sue      Granddaughter 6        Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-64   MCGOODWIN        Doris   Granddaughter 8        Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-61   MCGOODWIN        Ethel   Daughter in Law       36      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-62   MCGOODWIN        James L.       Grandson       14      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-63   MCGOODWIN        Lois    Granddaughter 11      Newark-Aurora Rd
15-01B-41   MCGOODWIN        Rube   Head   49      Rural Boyd Area
14-08B-60   MCGOODWIN        Sidney W.      Son     46      Newark-Aurora Rd
16-19A-23  MCGOVERN Betty Ruth [Ruth Elizabeth]   Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-22  MCGOVERN Garland [Douglas]     Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-11  MCGOVERN Howell Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-20  MCGOVERN John    Head   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-10  MCGOVERN Joyce (SULLIVAN)  Wife   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-24  MCGOVERN Kenneth [Jackson]     Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-21  MCGOVERN Luella [Ruth (KELLUM)]     Wife   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-14  MCGOVERN Margarett      Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-13  MCGOVERN Mary R. [Ruth]         Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-12  MCGOVERN Nadine Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-36  MCGOVERN Pete    Head   62      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-09  MCGOVERN Thomas H.     Head   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-06A-24  MCGUIRE    Bailey J.        Head   32      Chico Town
09-05A-37  MCGUIRE    Carl    son     8/12    Howell Lane
09-05A-36  MCGUIRE    Hazel  wife    21      Howell Lane
09-05A-33  MCGUIRE    John R.         Head   65      Howell Lane
18-06A-25  MCGUIRE    Louise (Morris)         Wife   26      Chico Town
09-05A-34  MCGUIRE    Mary (Stone)  wife    56      Howell Lane
18-06A-26  MCGUIRE    Patricia         Daughter       6        Chico Town
09-05A-35  MCGUIRE    Wilson B.      Head   27      Howell Lane
20-11B-73   MCINTIRE    E.      Head   61      Boonsville
20-11B-74   MCINTIRE    Sylvia (Hortence Gholson)     Wife   52      Boonsville
01-03A-04  MCINTIRE/MCENTIRE      Barbara J.      Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
01-08B-78   MCINTIRE/MCENTIRE      D.T.   Head   24      Decatur-Town
01-03A-03  MCINTIRE/MCENTIRE      Lois (Barrow) Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-08B-79   MCINTIRE/MCENTIRE      Mary Frances (McDonald)    Wife   20      Decatur-Town
01-03A-02  MCINTIRE/MCENTIRE      Robert (Dan)  Head   37      Decatur-Town
02-11B-53   MCKAMY    Lillian  wife    54      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-11B-52   MCKAMY    William A.     head   54      Rt 2-E of Decatur
09-08A-09  MCKAY       Allie    wife    69      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-08  MCKAY       Benjamin F. (Franklin) Head   70      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-01A-10  MCKAY       Callie  Head   73      Park Springs-W of RR
09-03A-26  MCKAY       Darius son     11      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-01A-14  MCKAY       Darius  Lee    son     12      Park Springs-W of RR
09-08A-10  MCKAY       Eula Mae (May)       daughter        45      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-03A-23  MCKAY       Iva     wife    41      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-24  MCKAY       J.S.     son     18      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-08A-11  MCKAY       Jerry W.        son     35      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-01A-11  MCKAY       John E.         son     50      Park Springs-W of RR
09-03A-22  MCKAY       John E.         Head   50      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
05-03B-47   MCKAY       Mary [Elizabeth (BUCKNER)]        Lodger 44      Alvord Town
18-08B-61   MCKAY       Mattie Lodger 62      SE of Chico
09-01A-13  MCKAY       Oreta Jane     daughter        17      Park Springs-W of RR
09-03A-25  MCKAY       Oreta Jane     daughter        16      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-01A-12  MCKAY       S.S.    son     18      Park Springs-W of RR
08-06B-48   MCKAY       Lee B [Boyce]         son     16      Park Springs & SE
08-04B-41   MCKAY       Lula    head    74      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-47   MCKAY       Mary [Elizabeth (BUCKNER)]        head    45      Park Springs & SE
14-09A-07  MCKEE        Dorothy June  Daughter       11      Rhome-Aurora Rd
14-09A-01  MCKEE        Earl    Head   21      Rhome-Aurora Rd
14-09A-02  MCKEE        Opal (Howell) Wife   22      Rhome-Aurora Rd
14-09A-06  MCKEE        Pearl (Rhody Pearl Slimp)     Wife   39      Rhome-Aurora Rd
14-09A-05  MCKEE        Webster A. (Alonzo)  Head   49      Rhome-Aurora Rd
08-01A-40  MCKEEVER  Elmer W [William]     head   26      Park Springs & SE
08-01B-41   MCKEEVER  Evelene O (BONER)  wife    20      Park Springs & SE
08-01B-42   MCKEEVER  Raymond W [William] son     1        Park Springs & SE
07-05A-38  MCKELVY   Mollie (ROBINSON?)         Sister  67      S of Alvord
19-05A-40  MCKENZIE   Acy C. (Acy Lawrence)       head   49      SW of Bridgeport
17-18B-64   MCKENZIE   J.S. (James)   head   69      Bridgeport E Side
17-18B-65   MCKENZIE   Julia (Juliet Hardcastle)        wife    65      Bridgeport E Side
19-05B-41   MCKENZIE   Lola (Margrett Byers)          wife    44      SW of Bridgeport
01-34A-08  MCKINLEY  John Paul       Guest  29      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
19-03A-34  MCKINNEY  Billie    son     13      SW of Bridgeport
16-01A-29  MCKINNEY  Burlis  Daughter-in-Law       19      Slidell Town
14-09A-18  MCKINNEY  Don C. (Corley)        Son     3        Justin Rd from Hwy 81
19-03A-32  MCKINNEY  Eddie Mae     wife    38      SW of Bridgeport
16-01A-28  MCKINNEY  Edgar  Son     22      Slidell Town
09-01A-06  MCKINNEY  Elizabeth       sister   66      Park Springs-W of RR
02-02A-18  MCKINNEY  Ernest (Otto)  head   35      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-20  MCKINNEY  Ernestine       daughter        9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-01A-26  MCKINNEY  Ervin Lee      Son     26      Slidell Town
02-02A-21  MCKINNEY  Freda J.        daughter        1        Rt 4-E of Decatur
15-08A-36  MCKINNEY  Goldie (Belle Seely)    Wife   45      Rural Boyd Area
02-02A-19  MCKINNEY  Inez (Lillie McCarthy) wife    24      Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-03A-33  MCKINNEY  J.D.    son     14      SW of Bridgeport
15-08A-37  MCKINNEY  James (F.)     Son     20      Rural Boyd Area
16-01A-24  MCKINNEY  James D.       Head   63      Slidell Town
15-08A-40  MCKINNEY  Jerry (C.)      Son     12      Rural Boyd Area
14-09A-17  MCKINNEY  John Jr. ( Ross)        Son     7        Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09A-14  MCKINNEY  John R. (Ross) Head   34      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
15-08A-39  MCKINNEY  L. C. (Lawton Clifford Jr.)    Son     14      Rural Boyd Area
15-08A-35  MCKINNEY  L. C. (Lawton Clifford, Sr.)   Head   48      Rural Boyd Area
14-09A-15  MCKINNEY  Lola M. (Lola May Corley)    Wife   33      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
15-06A-27  MCKINNEY  Martha P       Wife   71      Rural Boyd Area
19-03A-35  MCKINNEY  Martha Sue    daughter        4        SW of Bridgeport
16-01A-25  MCKINNEY  Matilda [Jane (DURHAM)]   Wife   58      Slidell Town
15-08B-41   MCKINNEY  Myrtle (Roena Darlene)        Daughter       10      Rural Boyd Area
16-01A-27  MCKINNEY  Myrtle Fay     Daughter       18      Slidell Town
15-08B-42   MCKINNEY  Obie Leon      Son     5        Rural Boyd Area
15-08A-38  MCKINNEY  Orveta (Leota M.)     Daughter       17      Rural Boyd Area
14-09A-16  MCKINNEY  Robbie J.       Daughter       11      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09B-53   MCKINNEY  Ruby   Wife   20      S of Rhome-Private Rd
19-03A-31  MCKINNEY  Thomas B.     head   44      SW of Bridgeport
15-06A-26  MCKINNEY  W. J.   Head   64      Rural Boyd Area
14-09B-54   MCKINNEY  Wanda Fay    Daughter       3/12    S of Rhome-Private Rd
09-01A-05  MCKINNEY  William L.      Head   71      Park Springs-W of RR
14-09B-52   MCKINNEY  Willie  Head   29      S of Rhome-Private Rd
08-04B-61   MCKINNEY Frank head    47      Park Springs & SE
08-04B-62   MCKINNEY Georgia         sister   40      Park Springs & SE
13-04B-60   MCKINNON Arlie   Son     22      Rhome Town-B St North
13-03A-16  MCKINNON Belva (Belsa/Besa Inman)     Wife   41      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-17  MCKINNON Doris (Odena) Daughter       12      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-04A-19  MCKINNON J.M.    Son     8        Rhome Town-B St North
13-04A-17  MCKINNON James (Monroe)        Head   47      Rhome Town-B St North
13-03A-15  MCKINNON John (R.)       Head   44      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-04B-59   MCKINNON M.E.   Head   63      Rhome Town-B St North
13-04A-18  MCKINNON Mary (Elizabeth Carpenter)    Wife   45      Rhome Town-B St North
04-07A-21  MCKISSIC    Ella     Wife   58      SW of Decatur
04-07A-20  MCKISSIC    John W.        Head   60      SW of Decatur
08-07A-22  MCLANE      Edith   wife    30      Park Springs & SE
08-07A-21  MCLANE      Geo A head    42      Park Springs & SE
08-07A-23  MCLANE      James son     5        Park Springs & SE
09-07B-46   MCLARTY   Charlie A.      Father-in-law  63      Crafton Rd
01-02B-57   MCLEAN     Burt (Bert Wade)      Head   41      Decatur-Town
01-02B-59   MCLEAN     Burt, Jr.        Son     11      Decatur-Town
01-02B-58   MCLEAN     Vinnie (Ann McCracken)      Wife   33      Decatur-Town
10-05A-34  MCLEROY   Rebecca        Daughter       51      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
06-02B-54   MCMATH     Etta [Mary Etta (PARSON)]  Wife   55      N&E of Alvord
06-02B-53   MCMATH     W J [William Jasper "Bill"]     Head   57      N&E of Alvord
01-06A-34  MCMILLAN  Beulah M.      Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
01-06A-33  MCMILLAN  Laura  Head   59      Decatur-Town
05-05A-11  MCMILLIAN Sallie (MASON)       Head   58      Alvord Town
01-23A-18  MCMURRAY         Bettie  Head   75      Decatur-Town
19-07A-16  MCNAIR      Cullen H. (Horace)    son     7        W of Bridgeport
19-07A-14  MCNAIR      Cullen L. (Leslie 'C.L.')        head   40      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-15  MCNAIR      Ruth (Payne)  wife    37      W of Bridgeport
16-07A-15  MCNEELEY  Albert  Head   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-17  MCNEELEY  Clifton Son     20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-16  MCNEELEY  Fannie [L (CHILTON)]        Wife   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-07  MCNEELEY  Serene (CLIFTON?)  Daughter       66      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-55   MCNEELY    Beatrice [Charlie Beatrice (SAMPLES)]      Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-35  MCNEELY    Clive   Head   55      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-56   MCNEELY    Coleman        Son     24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-20  MCNEELY    Jerry   Son     8/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-52   MCNEELY    Jimmie Lee    Sister  24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-54   MCNEELY    Larn [James Larn]     Head   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-19  MCNEELY    Laurine         Wife   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-18  MCNEELY    Weldon         Head   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-21A-22  MCNEIL       Cecil   son     19      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-19  MCNEIL       Gene (Eugene)         head   49      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-23  MCNEIL       Jack    son     9        Bridgeport E Side
18-03A-10  MCNEIL       Lillie   Daughter       52      Chico Town
18-03A-09  MCNEIL       Maggie M.     Head   72      Chico Town
17-21A-21  MCNEIL       Marjetta        daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-20  MCNEIL       Minnie (Mae Welch)  wife    43      Bridgeport E Side
16-13A-37  MCNUTT     Edgar  Head   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-38  MCNUTT     Gladys Wife   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-39  MCNUTT     Milton  Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-40  MCNUTT     Tina    Mother 52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-11A-03  MCPHERSON      Edwin Price  Son     9        E of Paradise
10-11A-02  MCPHERSON      Estelle [Eddie Estella (BUNNELL)]  Wife   32      E of Paradise
10-11A-04  MCPHERSON      Frances Jolu      Daughter       7        E of Paradise
10-11A-01  MCPHERSON      R.R. (Robert Raymond)    Head   33      E of Paradise
01-32A-35  MCQUINN    Bobby Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-32A-33  MCQUINN    Era (Dee Voss)        Wife   23      Decatur-Town
01-32A-32  MCQUINN    Frank (Ford 'Dock')    Head   25      Decatur-Town
01-23B-70   MCQUINN    Glenn  Head   23      Decatur-Town
01-23B-71   MCQUINN    Ida     Wife   21      Decatur-Town
01-28B-73   MCQUINN    L.D.   Head   61      Decatur-Town
01-28B-74   MCQUINN    Lula (Lori Bates)       Wife   53      Decatur-Town
01-32A-34  MCQUINN    Peggy  Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
01-07B-48   MCRAE       Lottie G. (Davis)       Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-07B-47   MCRAE       Nelson Head   59      Decatur-Town
05-07A-07  MCREYNOLDS      Evretta Daughter       22      Alvord Town(W.Elm St)
05-07A-06  MCREYNOLDS      Fannie [Mae (CLOWER)]     Wife   47      Alvord Town(W.Elm St)
05-07A-05  MCREYNOLDS      Henry [E.]     Head   48      Alvord Town(W.Elm St)
05-07A-08  MCREYNOLDS      Ora Mae       Daughter       20      Alvord Town(W.Elm St)
11-11B-67   MCSPADDEN        Doris M        Daughter       10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-66   MCSPADDEN        John M         Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-68   MCSPADDEN        Nellie J         Daughter       7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-65   MCSPADDEN        Norma L       Daughter       14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-63   MCSPADDEN        Stanley [Maynard]     Head   42      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-64   MCSPADDEN        Thelma M (BROWN) Wife   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-05B-42   MCWHIRTER         Cora (FLOWERS)     Wife           N&E of Alvord
06-05B-41   MCWHIRTER         D L [Daniel/Don Lee] Head           N&E of Alvord
06-05B-46   MCWHIRTER         Donnie J [Jr.]  Son             N&E of Alvord
06-05B-47   MCWHIRTER         J N [John Newton]    Father         N&E of Alvord
06-05B-43   MCWHIRTER         Lois    Daughter               N&E of Alvord
06-05B-45   MCWHIRTER         Melba Jean    Daughter               N&E of Alvord
06-05B-44   MCWHIRTER         Thelma         Daughter               N&E of Alvord
02-03B-71   MCWHITER  Bobbie D.      son     1        Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-68   MCWHITER  Marvin (Clarence, Sr.) head   24      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-70   MCWHITER  Marvin, Jr. (Clarence) son     4        Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-69   MCWHITER  Mary R. (Ruth Smith) wife    20      Rt 3-E of Decatur
09-07B-73   MCWILLIAMS        Beatrice        Friend  59      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
18-02B-79   MEADE       Billie   grandson       11      Chico Town
18-02B-78   MEADE       La Beth        daughter        29      Chico Town
18-02B-77   MEADE       Marston        soninlaw        37      Chico Town
02-12A-26  MEADOR     Amanda (Jane Brown)         wife    60      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-29A-20  MEADOR     Billy Joe        Son     6        Decatur-Town
02-09B-64   MEADOR     Bobbie R.      daughter        8        Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-10A-40  MEADOR     Claude Son-in-Law    ?        Decatur-Town
04-01B-47   MEADOR     David  Son     3y11m SW of Decatur
02-09B-65   MEADOR     Dorothy        daughter        3        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-61   MEADOR     Floyd (B.)      head   29      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-01B-45   MEADOR     Jeff D. (David)         Head   22      SW of Decatur
01-29A-18  MEADOR     Joe (B.)        Head   27      Decatur-Town
01-29A-19  MEADOR     Maggie (Lillian Starnes)        Wife   24      Decatur-Town
02-09B-62   MEADOR     Margaret (Elizabeth Caraway)         wife    30      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-10B-72   MEADOR     Nell [E. (MORRIS)]   Wife   53      Alvord Town
05-10B-71   MEADOR     Oscar J.        Head   57      Alvord Town
01-10B-41   MEADOR     Ruby   Daughter       29      Decatur-Town
02-09B-63   MEADOR     Vera   daughter        10      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-01B-46   MEADOR     Vernia Louise (Mann) Wife   21      SW of Decatur
02-12A-25  MEADOR     William L. (Thomas)   head   60      Rt 2-E of Decatur
10-11A-32  MEADOWS   A C [Abbie Chambers (MARTIN)]   Wife   54      Cottondale
11-03B-52   MEADOWS   Alice   Wife   67      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-10  MEADOWS   Henry [Clayton]        Head   38      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-11A-31  MEADOWS   Henry F [Franklin]     Head   60      Cottondale
11-03B-51   MEADOWS   John T Head   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-28  MEADOWS   John T [Tolbert]        Head   62      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-13  MEADOWS   Johnny W      Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-29  MEADOWS   Kattie [Alice (HORTON)]    Wife   56      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-11A-33  MEADOWS   Mildred Lee    Daughter       14      Cottondale
11-09A-31  MEADOWS   Mort   Son     21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-15  MEADOWS   Raymond L [Lee]      Son     2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-30  MEADOWS   Robert Son     31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-14  MEADOWS   Ruthy E        Daughter       9        Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-11A-34  MEADOWS   Sarah Ruth     Daughter       11      Cottondale
11-04A-11  MEADOWS   Tommie W [STEVENS]       Wife   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-53   MEADOWS   Wayne Gson  15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-12  MEADOWS   Wayne Son     15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-32  MEADOWS   Willie  Son     15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-14A-05  MEALER      Sallie   Housekeeper  60      Decatur-Town
02-05A-25  MEDERIS     Jim  M.         head   56      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05A-26  MEDERIS     Minnie          wife    0        Rt 3-E of Decatur
17-17A-20  MEDLEN      Billy Wayne    son     8        Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-21  MEDLEN      Frances Ann   daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-40  MEDLEN      Frances M. (Marion)  head   78      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-18  MEDLEN      Marion (Francis Marion)       head   34      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-19  MEDLEN      Millie Belle (Yeats)    wife    29      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-41   MEDLEN      Walter (Lee)   son     41      Bridgeport E Side
17-08A-30  MEDLEY      Billy Joyce     daughter        13      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-31  MEDLEY      Bobby Jean    daughter        12      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-29  MEDLEY      Gracie M. (Davis)     wife    34      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-28  MEDLEY      W.B. (Willis)  head   39      Bridgeport W Side
10-09B-64   MEEK Betty Ann      Daughter       1        N of Paradise
10-09B-61   MEEK Coleman        Head   36      N of Paradise
10-09B-63   MEEK Dennis Son     13      N of Paradise
17-12A-02  MEEK Emma Narciss (Goodwin)     head   71      Bridgeport E Side
02-12B-63   MEEK Frank  father/law      92      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-02B-56   MEEK Lola    daughter        39      Chico Town
17-12A-03  MEEK Marvin son     25      Bridgeport E Side
18-02B-57   MEEK Melba  granddaughter 17      Chico Town
17-12A-04  MEEK Mildred         daughterinlaw  20      Bridgeport E Side
10-09B-62   MEEK Naomi (Womack)      Wife   31      N of Paradise
08-02A-26  MEEK          Charles J [John Charles]       head    49      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-68   MEEK          Chatherine [Catherine Estella (ROSS)]        wife    24      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-27  MEEK          Emma (GUFFIN)      wife    47      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-29  MEEK          Erma   daughter        18      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-31  MEEK          Grace daughter        15      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-30  MEEK          Grady [Lamond]       son     15      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-32  MEEK          J C [John Charles, Jr?]         son     13      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-67   MEEK          John [N]        head    26      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-33  MEEK          Josie   mother          82      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-28  MEEK          Lela    daughter        22      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-69   MEEK          Margrite [Margret Sue]        daughter        6        Park Springs & SE
01-33A-31  MEEKER      Joe     Lodger 31      Page 61A-Decatur
02-02A-08  MEEKER      Katie   m/in law        68      Rt 4-E of Decatur
15-12A-22  MELTON      Betty Jo        Daughter       11      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-12A-23  MELTON      Ellen Bell       Daughter       9        Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-12A-20  MELTON      G. G.   Head   44      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-12A-21  MELTON      Maudine        Wife   31      Page 61A-Boyd Area
17-04B-69   MERCER      Amos  head   24      Bridgeport W Side
15-08A-13  MERCER      Belle (A. Scroggins)   Wife   64      Rural Boyd Area
15-08A-15  MERCER      Bessie Daughter       39      Rural Boyd Area
17-09B-56   MERCER      Billy    son     14      Bridgeport E Side
11-09B-52   MERCER      Cleo [Lilly Cleo (DEAN)]     Wife   23      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-05B-61   MERCER      Dalton Grand-son      8        SW of Decatur
11-09B-43   MERCER      David E [Edwin, Sr.]  Head   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09B-45   MERCER      David E, Jr. [Edwin]   Son     19      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-08A-34  MERCER      Edgar  head   22      Bridgeport W Side
17-08B-64   MERCER      Edward (William Edward)     head   22      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-55   MERCER      Esta (Opal Cannon)    wife    48      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-54   MERCER      F.G. (Frances Grover) head   52      Bridgeport E Side
11-09A-18  MERCER      Gloria J         Daughter       4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-17  MERCER      Ina B (SANDERS)    Wife   37      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-08A-14  MERCER      J. E. (Edd J.)  Son     45      Rural Boyd Area
17-08A-36  MERCER      J.A..   brother 20      Bridgeport W Side
17-09A-39  MERCER      Jack    lodger  29      Bridgeport E Side
11-09B-53   MERCER      Joan [Allen]    Daughter       4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09B-51   MERCER      John A [Allen] Head   30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-08B-65   MERCER      Juanita (Brown)        wife    18      Bridgeport E Side
17-08A-35  MERCER      Kate   wife    21      Bridgeport W Side
11-09B-54   MERCER      Lavena [Audray Lavena]      Daughter       1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-09B-57   MERCER      Marvin son     7        Bridgeport E Side
17-04B-70   MERCER      Mary (Jones)  wife    19      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-71   MERCER      Mary Lou      daughter        1        Bridgeport W Side
11-09B-44   MERCER      Maud [Muller (NEWBANKS)]        Wife   59      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-08B-66   MERCER      Roy Leon      son     10m    Bridgeport E Side
11-09A-16  MERCER      Rufus [S R]    Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-20  MERCER      Rufus Jr.       Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-08A-12  MERCER      T. H. (Tom)   Head   70      Rural Boyd Area
11-09A-19  MERCER      Vada M [Marie]       Daughter       2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-01A-10  MERCHANT Curtis R.       son     15      Chico Town
18-01A-09  MERCHANT Lewella (Louella Frances Williams)   wife    59      Chico Town
18-01A-08  MERCHANT Richard C.     head   62      Chico Town
18-04B-69   MERRIFIELD         Dorothy        Sis-in-law      12      Chico Town
01-19B-52   MERRITT     Aileen Wife   23      Decatur-Town
05-05B-74   MERRITT     Alpha [A.]     Head   78      Alvord Town
01-19B-51   MERRITT     Foster  Head   30      Decatur-Town
20-11B-68   MESSER?     Aunt Dutch    Mother 60      Boonsville
20-11B-67   MESSER?     Bill     Head   25      Boonsville
17-18B-57   MIDDLETON         E.B.    son     18      Bridgeport E Side
20-03A-19  MIDDLETON         Fidelia (Woosley Waverly)     Wife   54      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
17-18B-54   MIDDLETON         J.R. (John Robert, Sr.) head   54      Bridgeport E Side
17-18B-56   MIDDLETON         J.R., Jr. (John Robert) son     20      Bridgeport E Side
20-03A-18  MIDDLETON         James H.       Head   64      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
17-18B-55   MIDDLETON         Laura (Jane Palmer)   wife    56      Bridgeport E Side
02-02A-05  MIERS         Bessie (Meek) wife    42      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-06  MIERS         Jack    son     9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-04  MIERS         James R.       head   50      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-07  MIERS         Patsy  daughter        6        Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-13B-72   MILAM        Margaret       lodger  31      Bridgeport E Side
07-03A-16  MILES         Lee H Head   44      S of Alvord
07-03A-17  MILES         Rosa May      Wife   43      S of Alvord
01-27A-07  MILHOLLON         Bat (Bartholomew W.)         Head   63      Decatur-Town
01-27A-08  MILHOLLON         Vira (Fowler)  Wife   61      Decatur-Town
17-12A-33  MILLER       Barbara Jo     daughter        4        Bridgeport E Side
16-04B-78   MILLER       Bert    Head   63      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-24A-20  MILLER       Beulah N.      head   39      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-05B-48   MILLER       Blanche        daughter        47      Bridgeport W Side
20-01B-79   MILLER       Bobby Nephew        21      Boonsville
16-06A-32  MILLER       Carolyn Sue    Daughter       9/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-13B-54   MILLER       Charles W.     Son     8        Boonsville area
20-01B-78   MILLER       Charlie Brother         55      Boonsville
20-13B-53   MILLER       Diner Grace (Dinah?) Daughter       11      Boonsville area
17-24A-21  MILLER       Dollie May     daughter        17      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-23  MILLER       Doris Ann      daughter        7        Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
04-07A-07  MILLER       Dorothy        Step-daughter  10      SW of Decatur
15-10B-46   MILLER       Eliza   Sister  78      Newark Town
01-31A-11  MILLER       Ella (Potts)     Wife   62      Decatur-Town
04-06B-79   MILLER       Elsie   Mother 63      SW of Decatur
20-01B-76   MILLER       Emma Head   63      Boonsville
16-05A-03  MILLER       Faye [Nolio Fay (McLARTY)]        Wife   21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-08B-69   MILLER       Frank  Head   46      SW of Decatur
17-24A-22  MILLER       Fred T.         son     12      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
01-11B-78   MILLER       Helen Ray     Dau    11      Decatur-Town
18-03B-49   MILLER       Jean    G-Daughter    6        Chico Town
16-06A-31  MILLER       Jewel (JOHNSON)    Wife   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-13B-55   MILLER       John R.         Son     5        Boonsville area
17-10B-78   MILLER       Juanita lodger  22      Bridgeport E Side
20-13B-52   MILLER       Juanita M. (Aycock)   Wife   32      Boonsville area
20-13B-51   MILLER       L.W.   Head   36      Boonsville area
04-08B-70   MILLER       Laura  Wife   45      SW of Decatur
04-08B-63   MILLER       Law    Nephew        15      SW of Decatur
16-06A-30  MILLER       Leon   Head   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-26A-03  MILLER       Leonard        Son-in-Law    33      Decatur-Town
01-26A-05  MILLER       Leonard        Grandson       10      Decatur-Town
17-12A-31  MILLER       Lois Bairfield  wife    30      Bridgeport E Side
17-12A-30  MILLER       M.S., Dr.       head   37      Bridgeport E Side
01-14A-22  MILLER       Naomi (Burtis) Wife   23      Decatur-Town
20-13B-56   MILLER       Nelda Jo        Daughter       2        Boonsville area
17-12A-32  MILLER       Patricia Ann   daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
01-11B-76   MILLER       Ray    Head   34      Decatur-Town
01-14A-23  MILLER       Richard R.     Son     23      Decatur-Town
01-26A-06  MILLER       Roy    Grandson       7        Decatur-Town
01-14A-21  MILLER       Rufus G.(Guy) Head   44      Decatur-Town
01-26A-04  MILLER       Ruth   Daughter       30      Decatur-Town
01-11B-77   MILLER       Ruth (Bearden)         Wife   31      Decatur-Town
20-01B-77   MILLER       Sam L. Brother         57      Boonsville
01-10B-73   MILLER       Sarah E.        Head   86      Decatur-Town
04-06B-78   MILLER       Silas    Father 64      SW of Decatur
04-07A-06  MILLER       Tommie        Step-son        12      SW of Decatur
17-10B-77   MILLER       Vernice (E.)   lodger  31      Bridgeport E Side
01-31A-10  MILLER       Vincent (Franklin)      Head   63      Decatur-Town
16-05A-02  MILLER       Virgil [Eugene]         Head   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-04  MILLER       Wanda [Fay]  Daughter       7/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-20A-38  MILLER       Mary Ruth     head   56      Bridgeport E Side
16-04B-57   MILLIGAN   Alfred R. [Ray]        Son     13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-28A-35  MILLIGAN   Annie (Ford)   Wife   56      Decatur-Town
16-08B-50   MILLIGAN   Arlena E.       Wife   30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-46   MILLIGAN   Bobby Joe      Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-29B-65   MILLIGAN   Cameron (Lee)         Head   30      Decatur-Town
01-29B-67   MILLIGAN   Cameron, Jr.   Son     4        Decatur-Town
04-05A-08  MILLIGAN   Claudia (Claud Ellis-male?)    Daughter       8        SW of Decatur
16-01B-80   MILLIGAN   Dale E.         Son     5        Slidell Town
04-05A-05  MILLIGAN   Della (Delia Della Scaff)       Wife   51      SW of Decatur
16-04B-56   MILLIGAN   Elna [Jauneta? (BALTHROP)]        Wife   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-28A-37  MILLIGAN   Francis (George)       Head   33      Decatur-Town
16-11B-69   MILLIGAN   Fred T.         Head   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-49   MILLIGAN   Fremont        Head   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-01B-79   MILLIGAN   Geneva [G M (HOPKINS)]   Wife   30      Slidell Town
16-01B-78   MILLIGAN   George R.      Head   29      Slidell Town
01-28A-39  MILLIGAN   Jack Cody      Son     9        Decatur-Town
16-05B-43   MILLIGAN   Johnny Head   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-02A-01  MILLIGAN   Joyce Fay      Daughter       3        Slidell Town
16-01B-73   MILLIGAN   Laura [Viola (CEARLY)]     Head   62      Slidell Town
04-05A-07  MILLIGAN   Lloyd (Deloyd)         Son     13      SW of Decatur
16-05B-45   MILLIGAN   Margie L.      Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-29B-66   MILLIGAN   Maurene (Dickson)    Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-28A-38  MILLIGAN   Minnie Pearl (Arnett)  Wife   31      Decatur-Town
16-11B-70   MILLIGAN   Mollie [Mary Eureka (SPLAWN)]    Wife   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-55   MILLIGAN   Olin [Alford?] Head   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-05A-06  MILLIGAN   Omar H., Jr.   Son     15      SW of Decatur
04-05A-04  MILLIGAN   Omar L. (Lee) Head   54      SW of Decatur
16-01B-74   MILLIGAN   Ralph  Son     19      Slidell Town
16-04B-59   MILLIGAN   Randall [Jack Rondel] Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-58   MILLIGAN   Royce [Olan]  Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-28A-34  MILLIGAN   W. Cody       Head   64      Decatur-Town
16-05B-44   MILLIGAN   Willie M.       Wife   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-12A-08  MILLS         Allie R.         daughter        11      Rt 2-E of Decatur
03-05B-55   MILLS         Barbara [Barbra Louise]       daughter        2        NW of Decatur
02-12A-10  MILLS         Dottie M.       daughter        4        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-05  MILLS         Fred O. (Sr.)   head   50      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-09  MILLS         Fred, Jr. (O.)  son     8        Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-03A-32  MILLS         Gaynell         Daughter       6        Newark-E of RR
03-05B-53   MILLS         J T     head   25      NW of Decatur
14-03A-30  MILLS         J. Frank        Head   44      Newark-E of RR
03-05B-54   MILLS         Jannie (BENTLY)     wife    25      NW of Decatur
02-12A-07  MILLS         Mary F.        daughter        13      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-03A-31  MILLS         Nell (Nellie Boyd)      Wife   38      Newark-E of RR
02-12A-06  MILLS         Sara    wife    35      Rt 2-E of Decatur
08-08B-60   MILTON       Jack    head    50      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-62   MILTON       John    son     18      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-61   MILTON       Maryetta       daughter        20      Park Springs & SE
18-07B-53   MINHINETTE         Doris   Daughter       3        Chico Area
18-07B-50   MINHINETTE         Jack (J.T.)     Head   46      Chico Area
18-07B-52   MINHINETTE         Joyce  Daughter       7        Chico Area
18-07B-51   MINHINETTE         Ruby (Flowers)         Wife   45      Chico Area
07-03A-20  MINNERLY  C L    Head   51      S of Alvord
01-31B-52   MINOR        Ezell   Head   24      Decatur-Town
01-31B-53   MINOR        Frankie (Mary Gardner)        Wife   26      Decatur-Town
17-13B-76   MINOR        Joseph Birt     brother in law  57      Bridgeport E Side
01-31B-54   MINOR        Odell   Son     7        Decatur-Town
10-03B-49   MINOR        Willie B         Daughter       12      recopied on 12B-67
10-12B-67   MINOR        Willie B         Daughter       12      East St., Paradise Town
16-05A-23  MISK  Hubert Nephew        17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-03A-30  MITCHAM    Agat [Agate]  Wife   57      N&E of Alvord
06-03A-32  MITCHAM    Ellen   DIL   28      N&E of Alvord
06-03A-34  MITCHAM    J C     Son     32      N&E of Alvord
06-03A-31  MITCHAM    M P    Son     24      N&E of Alvord
06-03A-33  MITCHAM    Robert M       G son  3        N&E of Alvord
06-03A-29  MITCHAM    W [Wilson]    Head   64      N&E of Alvord
18-05A-04  MITCHELL   Dorothy Lee (Alexander)      Daughter       17      Chico Town
02-02A-24  MITCHELL   Joe     son     18      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-22  MITCHELL   John    head   60      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-05A-05  MITCHELL   Richard D.     Son in Law     28      Chico Town
01-17A-31  MITCHELL   Sallie T.        Head   58      Decatur-Town
02-02A-23  MITCHELL   Sarah (Taylor) wife    56      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-03B-61   MITCHUM    Barbara Kay   Daughter       3        Alvord Town
19-09B-69   MITCHUM    Bruce (B.)     son     32      NW of Bridgeport
05-03B-60   MITCHUM    Fay [Ulena Faye (THOMAS)]         Wife   24      Alvord Town
19-09B-66   MITCHUM    Hattie Ann (Myers)    wife    59      NW of Bridgeport
19-04A-34  MITCHUM    Hoyet (Manning)       lodger  36      SW of Bridgeport
17-07B-70   MITCHUM    Katie B. (Bell Sherman)       head   36      Bridgeport W Side
06-04B-67   MITCHUM    Norma [Neoma/Naomi (LEE)]         Wife   30      N&E of Alvord
19-09B-67   MITCHUM    Norma Gene   daughter        17      NW of Bridgeport
05-03B-59   MITCHUM    O.V. [Oscar]  Head   29      Alvord Town
06-04B-66   MITCHUM    Ray ["Buck", R B]     Head   33      N&E of Alvord
06-04B-68   MITCHUM    Ray Lynn      Son     7/12   N&E of Alvord
17-07B-71   MITCHUM    Richard H.     son     10      Bridgeport W Side
17-07B-72   MITCHUM    Tommy Ray (Thomas)         son     8        Bridgeport W Side
19-09B-65   MITCHUM    Troy T.         head   61      NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-68   MITCHUM    Troy, Jr.        son     16      NW of Bridgeport
08-04B-55   MITCHUM    Ella [Ellen Olivia (HURDT)]  wife    62      Park Springs & SE
08-04B-54   MITCHUM    Jack M [Jackson]      head    64      Park Springs & SE
02-01A-39  MOATES      Duane son     12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01A-37  MOATES      John    head   37      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01A-40  MOATES      Norma J.       daughter        8        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01A-38  MOATES      Stella   wife    34      Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-01A-03  MOBLEY     James L.       head   39      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-08  MOBLEY     Lorane daughter        11      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-04  MOBLEY     Mae    wife    36      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-09  MOBLEY     Melvin son     5        SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-07  MOBLEY     Murl   son     13      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-05  MOBLEY     Rural   son     17      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-06  MOBLEY     Thaniel son     16      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-10  MOBLEY     Weldon         son     5        SW of Bridgeport
03-01B-71   MOBRY       James  head   54      NW of Decatur
03-01B-72   MOBRY       Lula    wife    40      NW of Decatur
18-11A-22  MOLLOY     Harvey Guinn  Son     5        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-09A-29  MOLLOY     Herman (Parker)       Head   26      East of Chico
18-11A-19  MOLLOY     Jack    Head   32      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-09A-30  MOLLOY     Marie (Alice Marie Hartsell)  Wife   22      East of Chico
18-09A-28  MOLLOY     Nannie (Nancy Ann Lacy)    Wife   53      East of Chico
18-11A-20  MOLLOY     Nora (May Wallace)  Wife   29      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11A-21  MOLLOY     Ray Douglas   Son     8        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-09A-27  MOLLOY     W.A. (William Arthur)         Head   61      East of Chico
13-03B-54   MONDRICK  Charles         Head   55      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-57   MONDRICK  Gussie Son     26      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-56   MONDRICK  Joe     Son     33      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-55   MONDRICK  Laura  Wife   52      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-58   MONDRICK  Virginia         Daughter       19      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
05-10B-48   MONK         Aline [Ruby Aline (WATSON)]       Wife   23      Alvord Town
05-10B-47   MONK         Elmo [Bertram]        Head   24      Alvord Town
06-01A-38  MONK         Lee [E]         Son     14      N&E of Alvord
06-01A-39  MONK         Lillie Mae      Daughter       3        N&E of Alvord
06-01A-36  MONK         Marvin M [Mark]      Head   43      N&E of Alvord
05-10A-10  MONK         Ola [May (SHAW)]   Head   45      Alvord Town
05-11A-08  MONK         Rube B. [Ruben]       Head   45      Alvord Town
06-01A-37  MONK         Vera [Emma Lavera (WHITE)]       Wife   35      N&E of Alvord
01-23A-28  MONROE     Ben    Lodger 45      Decatur-Town
09-01A-21  MONROE     Carrie  Head   72      Park Springs-W of RR
06-09A-15  MONROE     Cliffie (HARWELL)  Wife   46      N&E of Alvord
09-07B-78   MONROE     Effie   wife    45      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
06-09A-16  MONROE     Elmer  Son     19      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-17  MONROE     Floyd [Velton] Son     10      N&E of Alvord
09-08A-03  MONROE     Howard Glenn son     11      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
06-09A-19  MONROE     Huston Son     5        N&E of Alvord
03-02B-69   MONROE     Jewell  wife    60      NW of Decatur
03-02B-68   MONROE     John    head   62      NW of Decatur
09-07B-79   MONROE     John J. (Jerry) son     21      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-05  MONROE     Kenneth Wayne        son     2        Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-04  MONROE     LaWanda Mae         daughter        7        Park Springs-Crafton Rd
06-09A-14  MONROE     Lee S [Sherman]       Head   60      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-18  MONROE     Loyd [Alton]   Son     10      N&E of Alvord
09-07B-80   MONROE     Roy    son     19      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-02  MONROE     Rubie Marie   daughter        13      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-01  MONROE     William Charlie         son     17      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-07B-77   MONROE     William J.      Head   47      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
17-06A-18  MONTAS     Cornelio (Coronado)   head   58      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-19  MONTAS     Louisa (Loviea)        wife    47      Bridgeport W Side
19-03A-15  MONTFORD Billie G. (Gordon)        son     13      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-45   MONTFORD Clara C. (Claudine Ford)       wife    23      SW of Bridgeport
19-03A-16  MONTFORD Donald (Hugh)  son     9        SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-01  MONTFORD Emma (Jeter)  wife    59      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-03  MONTFORD Jewel  daughter in law         24      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-02  MONTFORD Jimmie son     25      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-04  MONTFORD Joe Helen      granddaughter 1        SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-80   MONTFORD John    head   61      SW of Bridgeport
19-03A-13  MONTFORD John G. (Gordon 'Dink')        head   34      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-44   MONTFORD Ron H. (Ross Hamilton)       head   32      SW of Bridgeport
19-03A-14  MONTFORD Ruth (Hattie Ruth Lavonia Beville)    wife    33      SW of Bridgeport
19-03B-73   MONTFORD Sarah (Virginia)        lodger  47      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-46   MONTFORD Sue Nan        daughter        3        SW of Bridgeport
09-06A-06  MONTGOMERY     Addie Opal (Adams)  wife    28      Sunset-Crafton Rd
16-18A-20  MONTGOMERY     Anna May [Mae]      Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-01A-03  MONTGOMERY     Beauford       Son     20      E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-07B-47   MONTGOMERY     Bill [Carrol Francis?]  Head   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-49   MONTGOMERY     Charles W. [William]  Son     8/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-26  MONTGOMERY     Charley [Charles C]   Head   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-01A-07  MONTGOMERY     Claudia (Dean)         Daughter       7        E of Rhome-Private Rd
20-13A-25  MONTGOMERY     Glen W.        Son     26      Boonsville area
20-13A-23  MONTGOMERY     J.W. (John)    Head   58      Boonsville area
14-01A-01  MONTGOMERY     Jack (Claude Chestley)         Head   48      E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-18A-19  MONTGOMERY     James [C "Dude"]      Head   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-06A-07  MONTGOMERY     James F.       son     4        Sunset-Crafton Rd
14-01A-02  MONTGOMERY     Jewel (Beatrice Denman)      Wife   48      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-01A-04  MONTGOMERY     Juanita (Ray)  Daughter       12      E of Rhome-Private Rd
20-13A-24  MONTGOMERY     Katie (B.)      Wife   58      Boonsville area
16-04A-29  MONTGOMERY     Kenneth        Son     5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-06A-09  MONTGOMERY     Lewis Dalton (Valton) son     1        Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-05  MONTGOMERY     Lewis E. (Earl)         Head   31      Sunset-Crafton Rd
14-01A-05  MONTGOMERY     Loreta (May)  Daughter       12      E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-04A-28  MONTGOMERY     Lujane [Lou Jane]     Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-12B-57   MONTGOMERY     Marion (Henry)        Head   41      Decatur-Town
14-01A-06  MONTGOMERY     Oma Joe       Daughter       9        E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-04A-27  MONTGOMERY     Ruth [Janie R (STEIN)?]      Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-06A-08  MONTGOMERY     Treva Clois    daughter        2        Sunset-Crafton Rd
01-12B-58   MONTGOMERY     Vivian (Margaret Hachtel)     Wife   24      Decatur-Town
16-07B-48   MONTGOMERY     Winona [Lela Wynona (KEOWEN)]  Wife   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
08-04A-18  MONTGOMERY      Chatherine     sis/law          22      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-17  MONTGOMERY      Ellen   mo/law          66      Park Springs & SE
17-24A-10  MONTRIEF   Charles W., Dr.        head   54      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-12  MONTRIEF   Ella     daughter        17      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-12B-47   MONTRIEF   J.V. (James Virgil)     head   68      Bridgeport E Side
17-24A-11  MONTRIEF   Mae    wife    47      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-12B-48   MONTRIEF   May (Quincy May Weakly)   wife    58      Bridgeport E Side
09-03A-40  MOODY       Annie (Lorena)         daughter        14      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-17B-64   MOODY       Arlin   Head   26      East of Chico/Bridgeport
17-15A-03  MOODY       Craig   lodger  20      Bridgeport E Side
09-03B-42   MOODY       Doris   daughter        8        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-16A-35  MOODY       Drew  Mother 50      East of Chico/Bridgeport
09-03A-38  MOODY       Etta    daughter        18      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
10-03A-29  MOODY       Eva M [May (READ)]         Wife   33      W of Paradise
10-03A-30  MOODY       Harold E [Eugene 'Jack']      Son     10      W of Paradise
10-09B-73   MOODY       Iona [Ikey Earldine (HARMS)]        Wife   38      N of Paradise
10-09B-72   MOODY       J H [Joseph Hiram, Sr.]        Head   43      N of Paradise
10-09B-74   MOODY       J H, Jr. [Joseph Hiram]        Son     15      N of Paradise
10-09A-26  MOODY       J L     Head   46      Highway N of Paradise
10-03A-31  MOODY       Jennie Lou     Daughter       3/12   W of Paradise
18-16A-33  MOODY       John F. Head   22      East of Chico/Bridgeport
09-03A-36  MOODY       Josie (F. McDaniel)    wife    50      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-16B-44   MOODY       Lewis  Son-in-law     20      East of Chico/Bridgeport
09-03B-41   MOODY       Lois    daughter        11      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-16A-34  MOODY       Loretta (Haney)        Wife   18      East of Chico/Bridgeport
10-03A-25  MOODY       Lou [Louisa  C (COFFEE)]   Wife   68      W of Paradise
10-03A-28  MOODY       Loyd P [Peek] Head   31      W of Paradise
18-16B-45   MOODY       Nona Pearl (Boswell) Daughter       17      East of Chico/Bridgeport
09-03A-37  MOODY       Ruth   daughter        24      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-10A-01  MOODY       Scott   son     6        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
10-09A-27  MOODY       Trula (LAMKIN)      Wife   42      Highway N of Paradise
18-17B-65   MOODY       Violet  Wife   19      East of Chico/Bridgeport
10-03B-68   MOODY       W H [William Henry?]         Head   48      recopied on 13A-06
10-13A-06  MOODY       W H [William Henry?]         Head   48      West St., Paradise Town
10-03A-24  MOODY       W P [William Preston]         Head   75      W of Paradise
09-03A-39  MOODY       William         son     16      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-35  MOODY       William C. (Corn)      Head   56      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
10-09B-75   MOODY       William Emmett        Son     5        N of Paradise
02-15B-71   MOOLEY     Betty L.        daughter        8/12    Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-69   MOOLEY     Harry  head   34      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-70   MOOLEY     Lela    wife    26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
03-02A-09  MOONEY     Dan    son     16      NW of Decatur
03-02A-07  MOONEY     Eva [Virginia (Mitchell)]       wife    65      NW of Decatur
03-02A-12  MOONEY     Frank [Dudley Frank] son     5        NW of Decatur
03-02A-08  MOONEY     Fred    son     22      NW of Decatur
03-02A-14  MOONEY     Helen [Mary Helen]   daughter        1        NW of Decatur
03-02A-13  MOONEY     Laura [Beth]   daughter        3        NW of Decatur
03-02A-11  MOONEY     Mary [Jo Louise (HOPSON)] wife    23      NW of Decatur
03-02A-10  MOONEY     Mat H [Harvey Madison, Jr.] head   25      NW of Decatur
03-02A-06  MOONEY     Mat H [Harvey Madison, Sr.] head   66      NW of Decatur
05-06B-57   MOORE       Annie Ray (LEE)      Wife   28      Alvord Town
14-05A-22  MOORE       Beatrice        Daughter       18      Rhome-Justin Rd
01-25A-24  MOORE       Ben A. (Asberry)      Head   41      Decatur-Town
02-04A-07  MOORE       Benj Joe        son     11      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-25A-26  MOORE       Bennie Ruth   Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
16-09B-45   MOORE       Bessie [Belle (URQUHART)]         Wife   33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-05A-23  MOORE       Billie Evelyn   Daughter       11      Rhome-Justin Rd
07-05A-21  MOORE       Burnell Son     26      S of Alvord
02-08B-41   MOORE       Clara   head   70      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-05A-28  MOORE       Claudia L. (Lee Adams)       Wife   60      Chico Town
11-12A-03  MOORE       Clyde  Head   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-05A-29  MOORE       D.G.   Son     16      Chico Town
04-10A-06  MOORE       Della   blank   70      SW of Decatur
01-29B-41   MOORE       Earl    Head   28      Decatur-Town
07-05A-20  MOORE       Elizabeth       Wife   49      S of Alvord
16-09B-44   MOORE       Elvin [Robert Elvin]    Head   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-49   MOORE       Eva Jo Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-04A-05  MOORE       Floyd   head   32      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04A-08  MOORE       Floyd D.        son     9        Rt 3-E of Decatur
06-03A-24  MOORE       Geo    Head   54      N&E of Alvord
01-19B-76   MOORE       George M.     Head   40      Decatur-Town
05-06B-59   MOORE       Gerry Anne    Daughter       2        Alvord Town
11-12A-04  MOORE       Gladys Wife   30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-05A-20  MOORE       Guy    Head   49      Rhome-Justin Rd
02-04A-09  MOORE       Helen C.       daughter        5        Rt 3-E of Decatur
06-03A-25  MOORE       Ida     Wife   51      N&E of Alvord
16-09B-47   MOORE       Irma   Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-25A-27  MOORE       Jackie  Son     13      Decatur-Town
01-29B-42   MOORE       Jackie  Wife   21      Decatur-Town
01-29B-43   MOORE       Jackie Earl     Son     2        Decatur-Town
16-09B-50   MOORE       Jennie [Elizabeth]      Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-18B-72   MOORE       John R. (Ross) Head   57      Decatur-Town
14-05A-21  MOORE       Lela (Agnes Waggoner)       Wife   45      Rhome-Justin Rd
07-05A-19  MOORE       M L    Head   61      S of Alvord
18-13B-76   MOORE       Martha A.      M-in-Law      83      NE of Bridgeport
01-23B-44   MOORE       Mary (E.Cates)(2.Mary R. Patton)    Wife   54      Decatur-Town
01-19B-77   MOORE       Mary Alice     Wife   40      Decatur-Town
01-23B-45   MOORE       N.A., Jr. (Norbet Apt) Son     24      Decatur-Town
01-23B-43   MOORE       Norbet A. (Apt, Sr.)   Head   60      Decatur-Town
16-09B-46   MOORE       Oliver  Son     15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-06B-60   MOORE       Perry Lee      Son     0/12    Alvord Town
16-09B-48   MOORE       R.E.    Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-06B-56   MOORE       Radford [Oma]         Head   25      Alvord Town
05-06B-58   MOORE       Radford Eugene        Son     4        Alvord Town
16-09B-51   MOORE       Robert [Homer Robert Lee]   Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-25A-28  MOORE       Sally A.         Daughter       6/12    Decatur-Town
12-02A-33  MOORE       Sam A.         Lodger 41      Boyd Town-S of Main St
16-02A-34  MOORE       Samuel Son-in-Law    52      Slidell Town
01-25A-25  MOORE       Sarah R. (Ruth Wilson)        Wife   35      Decatur-Town
02-04A-11  MOORE       Sheila  daughter        8/12    Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04A-10  MOORE       Shirlene         daughter        2        Rt 3-E of Decatur
18-05A-30  MOORE       T.H. (Thomas)         Son     15      Chico Town
02-04A-06  MOORE       Virginia (Ford) wife    30      Rt 3-E of Decatur
16-02A-35  MOORE       Vista (DURHAM)     Daughter       52      Slidell Town
18-05A-27  MOORE       Walter F. (Franklin)    Head   62      Chico Town
01-18B-73   MOORE       Zella (Zelah Ogan)     Wife   56      Decatur-Town
08-05A-13  MOORE       Anna Sue [Annie]      daughter        9        Park Springs & SE
08-05A-08  MOORE       Beatrice [O (WALKER)]     wife    47      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-14  MOORE       Bobby Jo [Bobbie]     daughter        6        Park Springs & SE
08-05A-10  MOORE       Claude          son     24      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-07  MOORE       Edward R      head    54      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-02  MOORE       J D     bro/law         17      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-12  MOORE       Kenneth R     son     14      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-09  MOORE       Viola   daughter        28      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-11  MOORE       Willie Opal     daughter        17      Park Springs & SE
14-04A-04  MORAN       Frank  Half Brother   54      Newark-Boyd Rd
11-08A-02  MOREHEAD Billie W [Wanda]      Daughter       10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-01  MOREHEAD Carrie  Wife   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-60   MOREHEAD Dorothy [Dorothula (COFFMAN)]    Wife   53      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-12B-79   MOREHEAD Dorothy Evelyn         G-dau  5        East St., Paradise Town
10-03B-61   MOREHEAD Dorothy Evelyn         G-dau  5        recopied on 12B-79
11-04B-62   MOREHEAD Foy Jr. Gson  7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-03B-60   MOREHEAD Mattie Evelyn (Hartsell)        Daughter       22      recopied on 12B-78
10-12B-78   MOREHEAD Mattie Evelyn (Hartsell)        Daughter       22      East St., Paradise Town
11-04B-59   MOREHEAD Oscar Bell     Head   62      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-07B-80   MOREHEAD Oscar L        Head   39      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-03B-62   MOREHEAD Randall Scott   Grandson       3        recopied on 12B-80
10-12B-80   MOREHEAD Randell Scott  Grandson       3        East St., Paradise Town
10-12B-77   MOREHEAD S C [Scott Cochrane]  Son-in-law     30      East St., Paradise Town
11-08A-03  MOREHEAD Sharill [Shirl]   Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-03B-59   MOREHEAD          S C [Scott Cochrane]  Son-in-law     30      recopied on 12B-77
15-04A-35  MORELAND Billy Marvin    Son     9        Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-34  MORELAND Jimmie Son     11      Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-31  MORELAND Lizzie Belle     Daughter       18      Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-30  MORELAND Lyddia Wife   42      Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-36  MORELAND Margie Jane   Daughter       6        Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-33  MORELAND Ozelle  Daughter       14      Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-29  MORELAND R. W. (Robert, Sr.)    Head   50      Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-32  MORELAND Robert Jr. (W.)         Son     16      Rural Boyd Area
01-10B-55   MORELL      Lucinda Texas Head   95      Decatur-Town
20-02B-59   MORGAN     Addie  Wife   26      Boonsville
19-01A-39  MORGAN     Annie  daughter        11      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-40  MORGAN     Beaula (Beulah)        daughter        10      SW of Bridgeport
02-11A-10  MORGAN     Betty B.        gr/dau  9        Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-01B-68   MORGAN     Betty Lou      Daughter       7        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
19-01B-41   MORGAN     Bobbie D.      son     6        SW of Bridgeport
20-11A-03  MORGAN     C.H.   Lodger 57      Boonsville
20-02B-46   MORGAN     Claude Son     17      Boonsville
02-11A-08  MORGAN     David H.       son/law         48      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-02B-60   MORGAN     Donald Son     12      Boonsville
19-01A-36  MORGAN     Dortha (Dorothy)      daughter        15      SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-34  MORGAN     Doug L. (Douglas Lee)        head   37      SW of Bridgeport
19-09B-47   MORGAN     Emma (Tabatja Gann) mother in law  59      NW of Bridgeport
20-02B-50   MORGAN     Emma Ruth    Daughter       8        Boonsville
18-16A-27  MORGAN     Guyena (Ward)         Wife   33      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16A-26  MORGAN     Ira D.  Head   40      East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-02B-44   MORGAN     J.C.    Head   41      Boonsville
20-02B-49   MORGAN     Jack    Son     12      Boonsville
19-01A-38  MORGAN     James C.       son     12      SW of Bridgeport
20-02B-51   MORGAN     John, Jr.        Son     5        Boonsville
18-16A-30  MORGAN     Linda  Daughter       3/12    East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-02B-45   MORGAN     Louis (Luie Watson)   Wife   42      Boonsville
20-02A-07  MORGAN     Lucy (Jan Deton/Drbon)       Wife   57      Boonsville
20-02B-48   MORGAN     Mary Jo        Daughter       14      Boonsville
14-01B-67   MORGAN     Mary Sue      Daughter       7        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
20-02B-47   MORGAN     Mildred         Daughter       16      Boonsville
18-16A-29  MORGAN     Nelda  Daughter       7        East of Chico/Bridgeport
14-01B-66   MORGAN     Nettie  Wife   50      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
18-16A-28  MORGAN     Opal   Daughter       13      East of Chico/Bridgeport
10-07B-54   MORGAN     Philip   Head   69      recopied on 14A-34
10-14A-35  MORGAN     Philip   Head   69      East St., Paradise
02-11A-09  MORGAN     Roberta M.    daughter        41      Rt 2-E of Decatur
19-01B-42   MORGAN     Sue Nell        daughter        3        SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-37  MORGAN     T.J.    son     13      SW of Bridgeport
20-02A-06  MORGAN     T.M.   Head   51      Boonsville
19-01A-35  MORGAN     Velma (Velmer May Watson) wife    36      SW of Bridgeport
20-02B-58   MORGAN     Will    Head   29      Boonsville
14-01B-65   MORGAN     William          Head   59      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
13-04B-62   MORRIS       Ada    Wife   47      Rhome Town-B St North
01-20A-16  MORRIS       Ada Lee        Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
16-17B-74   MORRIS       Albert [Calvin, Sr.]     Head   41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-76   MORRIS       Albert, Jr. [Calvin]     Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-75   MORRIS       Alma [Lee (NEWTON)]      Wife   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-03B-44   MORRIS       Almeta gr/dau  16      Rt 3-E of Decatur
09-04A-19  MORRIS       Amos H.       Head   54      Buffalo Spring Road
01-20A-15  MORRIS       Amy May (Askey)     Wife   40      Decatur-Town
16-17B-78   MORRIS       Anna Lee      Daughter       10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-09A-03  MORRIS       Anna Lee (Dillehay)   Wife   50      Decatur-Town
18-19A-03  MORRIS       Annie T. (Buchanan)  Wife of lodg   63      Page 81A Chico
01-25B-57   MORRIS       Archie (R.)    Head   50      Decatur-Town
09-06B-79   MORRIS       Arlan R.        son     7        Crafton-Alvord Rd
01-04A-25  MORRIS       Aurelia Head   80      Decatur-Town
19-06B-50   MORRIS       Beatrice (Irene)        wife    45      W of Bridgeport
13-04B-65   MORRIS       Berta  Wife   53      Rhome Town-E Addition
01-25B-58   MORRIS       Birdie (Ross)  Wife   47      Decatur-Town
01-06B-65   MORRIS       Bobbie Son     9        Decatur-Town
01-06B-66   MORRIS       Brooks Son     6        Decatur-Town
16-03B-78   MORRIS       Calvin [A]      Head   43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-03  MORRIS       Carol R.        Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-05  MORRIS       Catherine       Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-03B-70   MORRIS       Charles         Head   40      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
02-03B-42   MORRIS       Cynthia A. (Ann Carlton)      wife    67      Rt 3-E of Decatur
16-13B-61   MORRIS       Dale [Willie Dale]      Son     6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-05A-24  MORRIS       Darrell Lodger 40      Rhome Town-E Addition
13-04B-61   MORRIS       Dewitt Head   47      Rhome Town-B St North
20-07A-10  MORRIS       Donna Fay     Daughter       12      Boonsville Town
20-07A-35  MORRIS       Dora (Eldora Johnston)         Wife   63      Boonsville Town
16-13B-60   MORRIS       Dorothy [Lee (ROBERTS)]   Wife   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-07A-09  MORRIS       Dorothy Lee   Daughter       14      Boonsville Town
01-06B-63   MORRIS       Ella (Mondrick)         Wife   31      Decatur-Town
13-03B-71   MORRIS       Ella Fae        Wife   34      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
16-17B-41   MORRIS       Elsie   Lodger 31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-07A-08  MORRIS       Estelle Wife   31      Boonsville Town
18-14A-20  MORRIS       Euvonna        Daughter       12      NE of Bridgeport
01-11A-22  MORRIS       Eva E. Dau    20      Decatur-Town
17-24B-62   MORRIS       Faye   head   43      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
05-02B-74   MORRIS       Florance [Elizabeth (BRYAN)]        Wife   48      Alvord Town
20-07B-51   MORRIS       Gordon J. (Jack)       Head   31      Boonsville Town
01-06B-62   MORRIS       Grady (R.)     Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-20A-19  MORRIS       H.M, Jr. (Hilary)       Son     10      Decatur-Town
01-20A-14  MORRIS       Hilary (M., Sr.)         Head   47      Decatur-Town
01-20A-18  MORRIS       Hilary Mae     Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
16-04A-01  MORRIS       J.M.    Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-24B-63   MORRIS       Jack    son     17      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
19-06B-51   MORRIS       Jack    son     15      W of Bridgeport
16-13B-63   MORRIS       Jack [Darwin] Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-02B-73   MORRIS       Jack F. [Franklin Jackson]     Head   64      Alvord Town
13-04B-64   MORRIS       James P.       Head   69      Rhome Town-E Addition
09-04A-21  MORRIS       Jessie (Grace) daughter        30      Buffalo Spring Road
01-06B-64   MORRIS       Joan    Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
16-04A-07  MORRIS       Juanita [Jo]    Daughter       0/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-80   MORRIS       Laverne        Son     17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-62   MORRIS       Leroy [James Leroy]  Son     5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-80   MORRIS       Lowell [Houston Lowell]       Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-05A-13  MORRIS       Lula    Head   69      Rhome Town-E Addition
13-04A-22  MORRIS       Maggie         Head   62      Rhome Town-B St North
18-14A-19  MORRIS       Mary L.        Head   42      NE of Bridgeport
01-25B-59   MORRIS       Mary Nell      Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
09-04A-20  MORRIS       Maud E.        wife    49      Buffalo Spring Road
02-03B-43   MORRIS       Minnie daughter        29      Rt 3-E of Decatur
09-07A-11  MORRIS       Moyola Charlene       daughter        15      Crafton-Alvord Rd
18-06A-27  MORRIS       Nora E.         M-in-law       51      Chico Town
19-06B-49   MORRIS       Oather (Jefferson)     head   46      W of Bridgeport
09-07A-09  MORRIS       Ola     wife    35      Crafton-Alvord Rd
16-04A-06  MORRIS       Pansy M.       Daughter       2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-24B-64   MORRIS       Pauline daughter        12      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
16-04A-02  MORRIS       Quida B.       Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-19A-02  MORRIS       R.L. (Lee)     Lodger 67      Page 81A Chico
20-07A-07  MORRIS       Robert L.       Head   39      Boonsville Town
09-06B-78   MORRIS       Roy H. son     10      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-06B-76   MORRIS       Roy L. Head   39      Crafton-Alvord Rd
02-03B-41   MORRIS       Sam D.         head   67      Rt 3-E of Decatur
20-07B-52   MORRIS       Sammie Lane (Sanders)        Wife   27      Boonsville Town
16-17B-79   MORRIS       Samuel [Berry]         Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-09A-02  MORRIS       Silas L.         Head   51      Decatur-Town
01-09A-04  MORRIS       Silas Leon      Son     21      Decatur-Town
01-25B-60   MORRIS       Stella Bess     Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
01-20A-17  MORRIS       Theo Marie    Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
09-07A-08  MORRIS       Thomas E. (Edward)  Head   48      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-07A-10  MORRIS       Troy Scott      son     20      Crafton-Alvord Rd
05-02A-13  MORRIS       Verline Lodger 16      Alvord Town(S. Wickham St)
20-07A-34  MORRIS       W.J.   Head   70      Boonsville Town
13-03B-72   MORRIS       W.W.  Son     8/12    Rhome Town-Main St-B North
16-04A-04  MORRIS       Wanda L.      Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-07A-12  MORRIS       Willard Royce son     7        Crafton-Alvord Rd
16-13B-59   MORRIS       Willie  Head   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-77   MORRIS       Winnell         Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-06B-77   MORRIS       Winnie O.      wife    36      Crafton-Alvord Rd
16-03B-79   MORRIS       Zula [Mae (MOLPUS)]        Wife   13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-09A-24  MORRISON  F C [Fred]     Head   36      Highway N of Paradise
10-09A-30  MORRISON  Lina [Lona E] Wife   66      Highway N of Paradise
10-09B-50   MORRISON  Maxine         Daughter       18      N of Paradise
20-02A-34  MORRISON  Nellie  Niece  13      Boonsville
10-09B-49   MORRISON  Nettie B        Wife   48      N of Paradise
10-09A-25  MORRISON  Orma [Erma (CHAPMAN)]  Wife   35      Highway N of Paradise
10-09B-48   MORRISON  T L     Head   46      N of Paradise
10-09A-29  MORRISON  W H [Ham]    Head   78      Highway N of Paradise
18-07A-35  MORROW    Berten (H.C. Gardner)         Wife   58      Chico Area
17-18B-45   MORROW    Bessie (S. Worley)     wife    45      Bridgeport E Side
17-14A-30  MORROW    Caroll (William Carrol)         head   25      Bridgeport E Side
17-14A-31  MORROW    Dessie Fay     wife    22      Bridgeport E Side
06-07B-55   MORROW    Donnie Farrell Son     7/12   N&E of Alvord
06-07B-54   MORROW    Estelle [Angie Estelle (WILLIS)]      Wife   18      N&E of Alvord
18-07A-36  MORROW    George (G.)    Son     34      Chico Area
17-18B-44   MORROW    H.L. (Harvey Luther) head   50      Bridgeport E Side
18-07A-34  MORROW    Ike C. (Isaac) Head   62      Chico Area
06-07B-53   MORROW    Melvin Head   23      N&E of Alvord
17-18B-47   MORROW    Roy Luther     son     20      Bridgeport E Side
17-18B-46   MORROW    Urban W. (Wayne)    son     22      Bridgeport E Side
08-02B-66   MORROW    Glinn [Edward]         son     14      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-64   MORROW    Grady [William]        son     19      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-63   MORROW    Murtle [Myrtle Adelia (CANTWELL)]        wife    42      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-65   MORROW    V L  [Vester Luffin]   son     17      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-62   MORROW    Vester S [Vester Scott]        head    41      Park Springs & SE
17-07A-04  MORTON     Allie    daughter        16      Bridgeport W Side
17-09A-09  MORTON     Horace         head   40      Bridgeport E Side
10-05B-52   MORTON     J D [John]      Head   44      copied onto another sheet
10-13B-73   MORTON     J D [John]      Head   44      Rd to School, Paradise Town
10-05B-55   MORTON     L D [Luther Douglas] Head   75      S of Paradise
19-06B-68   MORTON     Lee (Lum?)    head   49      W of Bridgeport
10-13B-74   MORTON     Linnie [Mae/May (COOK)    Wife   44      Rd to School, Paradise Town
10-05B-53   MORTON     Linnie [Mae/May (COOK)]   Wife   44      copied onto another sheet
19-06B-69   MORTON     Lucile  wife    37      W of Bridgeport
17-07A-02  MORTON     Lum (Columbus Fowler)       head   63      Bridgeport W Side
10-05B-56   MORTON     M E [Martha Ellen (WOOD)] Wife   69      S of Paradise
17-09A-10  MORTON     Nettie (Clementine Brown)    wife    38      Bridgeport E Side
04-01A-28  MORTON     Olive (Graves) Sister-in-law   60      SW of Decatur
17-07A-03  MORTON     Salie (Elmira Taylor)   wife    58      Bridgeport W Side
17-09A-11  MORTON     Sarah Jane (Miller)    mother 79      Bridgeport E Side
10-05B-54   MORTON     Victor Hugh   Son     11      copied onto another sheet
10-13B-75   MORTON     Victor Hugh   Son     11      Rd to School, Paradise Town
09-05A-04  MOSER        Ada    wife    56      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-09  MOSER        Aris    daughter-in-law         20      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
16-09A-09  MOSER        Berry S.        Head   77      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-10  MOSER        Betty [Elizabeth (MOORE)]   Wife   72      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-06B-72   MOSER        Blanche (Alice Blanch Warden)       wife    50      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-05A-07  MOSER        Cloves Tenell (Genell) daughter        12      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
16-02A-26  MOSER        Della L. (PRUITT)    Wife   58      Slidell Town
09-05A-01  MOSER        Donel  Head   58      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-02  MOSER        Ethel   wife    53      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-06  MOSER        Fred Alton     son     15      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
16-02A-25  MOSER        Harley D. [David Harley]      Head   56      Slidell Town
09-04A-22  MOSER        Jeffrey Head   34      Buffalo Spring Road
09-06B-74   MOSER        Margarett      mother 72      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-06B-73   MOSER        Melba Jean    daughter        19      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-05A-08  MOSER        Morris (Marson)       son     22      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-04A-23  MOSER        Sarah Elva     wife    31      Buffalo Spring Road
09-05A-05  MOSER        Tory Nathan (Troy)    son     18      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-03  MOSER        Walter S.       Head   63      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-06B-75   MOSER        Warren         brother 36      Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-06B-71   MOSER        William E. (Eugene)   Head   52      Crafton-Alvord Rd
05-02A-34  MOSIER       Barbara [Bell "Bobbie" (PIGG/NIVENS)]     Wife   37      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
05-02A-39  MOSIER       Elbert C. [Charles Elbert]      Head   30      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
05-06A-06  MOSIER       Ellis [William]  Head   26      Alvord Town
05-02A-40  MOSIER       Emma R. [Ree (PINKERTON)]      Wife   24      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
05-02B-42   MOSIER       Erma Fay      Daughter       2        Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
05-02B-41   MOSIER       James W. [Weldon]   Son     7        Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
05-02A-33  MOSIER       Jewell D. [Dossie]     Head   41      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
06-01A-12  MOSIER       Jim H  BIL    68      N&E of Alvord
05-03A-03  MOSIER       Julia [Ann (SIPES)]   Head   76      Alvord Town
05-03A-09  MOSIER       Katie [Naomi (NIVENS)]     Wife   52      Alvord Town
05-03A-08  MOSIER       Lawrence H.  Head   55      Alvord Town
05-06A-07  MOSIER       Yvonne [Seveda (JOHNSON)]        Wife   19      Alvord Town
17-04B-77   MOSLEY      Allie    motherinlaw    77      Bridgeport W Side
05-06B-78   MOSLEY      Estelle [L.]     Daughter       17      Alvord Town(Pine St)
02-12A-31  MOSLEY      Glen O.         head   34      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-33  MOSLEY      Harold E.       son     2        Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-06B-76   MOSLEY      Jack [John Floyd, Sr.] Head   43      Alvord Town(Pine St)
05-06B-79   MOSLEY      Jackie [Jack]  Son     7        Alvord Town(Pine St)
05-07A-01  MOSLEY      Jatha [Dawn]  Daughter       1        Alvord Town(Pine St)
05-04A-28  MOSLEY      Joann [Nancy] Daughter       11      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
15-01B-73   MOSLEY      John    Son     23      Rural Boyd Area
05-06B-80   MOSLEY      John Floyd [Jr.]         Son     2        Alvord Town(Pine St)
05-04A-26  MOSLEY      Nancy Ann (FREE)   Wife   50      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
05-04A-27  MOSLEY      Neva Chloe    Daughter       19      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
05-06B-77   MOSLEY      Ora [Jane (TAYLOR)]        Wife   39      Alvord Town(Pine St)
15-01B-71   MOSLEY      Pearl   Wife   60      Rural Boyd Area
05-05A-26  MOSLEY      Rachel [Virginia]       Head   30      Alvord Town
15-01B-72   MOSLEY      Ralph  Son     26      Rural Boyd Area
02-12A-32  MOSLEY      Rosalee (Simmons)    wife    26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
15-01B-70   MOSLEY      T. P. (Tom)    Head   65      Rural Boyd Area
05-04A-25  MOSLEY      Walter [Thomas]       Head   58      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
06-11B-43   MOSS Bertha Daughter       16      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-39  MOSS Birdie [Bertha Carolina (?)]   Wife   46      N&E of Alvord
09-06B-70   MOSS G.B.A. son     14      Crafton-Alvord Rd
06-11B-42   MOSS Grady  Son     20      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-46   MOSS Helen  Daughter       5        N&E of Alvord
06-11A-38  MOSS I W [Ira Wenton]      Head   43      N&E of Alvord
09-06B-69   MOSS Ila Fay daughter        15      Crafton-Alvord Rd
06-03B-56   MOSS L H    FIL    74      N&E of Alvord
09-06B-67   MOSS Myrtle (Barkley)       Head   47      Crafton-Alvord Rd
06-11B-41   MOSS Raymond       Son     22      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-40  MOSS Roy [Winton]  Son     23      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-44   MOSS T A    Son     12      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-45   MOSS Weldon         Son     7        N&E of Alvord
09-06B-68   MOSS Willie C.        son     20      Crafton-Alvord Rd
16-04A-16  MOTE Allen D. [Dwain]      Son     21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
07-05A-16  MOTE C H    SIL    44      S of Alvord
07-05A-17  MOTE Edith   Daughter       38      S of Alvord
16-04A-14  MOTE Edwin [Hamilton]      Head   49      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-15  MOTE Elva [Loyce (ALLEN)]        Wife   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-17  MOTE Evelyn Daughter       17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-18  MOTE Gail    Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-10A-33  MOTE Hiram  Lodger 54      Decatur-Town
07-05A-18  MOTE James  Gson  15      S of Alvord
16-09B-43   MOTE Jesse F.        Daughter       16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-27  MOTE Jewel F. (ROBERTS) Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-20  MOTE Joseph Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-21  MOTE Joyce  Daughter       10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-42   MOTE Mary [Grace (BREWER)]    Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-19  MOTE Mary D.        Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-28  MOTE Nim R. Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-26  MOTE Robert [L]     Head   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-29  MOTE Wells R.        Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-41   MOTE Wills [Wells R]         Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-12B-74   MOTHES      Emma Head   53      Decatur-Town
09-06B-55   MOTLEY      Allen Clarence brother 47      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-03A-16  MOTLEY      Cholonas  A.   Head   42      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-19  MOTLEY      Eldon  son     16      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
15-01A-08  MOTLEY      Ervie (C.)      Son     17      Rural Boyd Area
09-03A-15  MOTLEY      Ethel   wife    16      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
15-01A-10  MOTLEY      Eugene (Olin Eugene) Son     8        Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-07  MOTLEY      Exsa (Gordon) Wife   37      Rural Boyd Area
09-03A-17  MOTLEY      Iris (Mason)   wife    42      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-06B-54   MOTLEY      Lillie Mae      wife    43      Sunset-Crafton Rd
15-01A-09  MOTLEY      Mozelle (Dorothy M.) Daughter       10      Rural Boyd Area
09-03A-14  MOTLEY      R.L.    Head   19      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-18  MOTLEY      Raymond       son     18      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
15-01A-06  MOTLEY      V. C. (Vestal Carlton) Head   40      Rural Boyd Area
09-06B-53   MOTLEY      William A.     Head   45      Sunset-Crafton Rd
10-09A-19  MOTSENBOCKER   Doris [Marie]  Daughter       9        Highway N of Paradise
01-01A-06  MOTSENBOCKER   Joe (Joseph Robert)   Head   24      Decatur-Town
01-01A-08  MOTSENBOCKER   Joe Lee         Son     4        Decatur-Town
10-09A-14  MOTSENBOCKER   John [Floyd]   Head   45      Highway N of Paradise
10-09A-16  MOTSENBOCKER   Lavon [Mary LaVonne]        Daughter       18      Highway N of Paradise
01-01A-07  MOTSENBOCKER   Leola F. (Frances Woodard)  Wife   23      Decatur-Town
10-09A-17  MOTSENBOCKER   Oleta Fay      Daughter       16      Highway N of Paradise
10-09A-15  MOTSENBOCKER   Ollie [A (HOLT)]      Wife   44      Highway N of Paradise
10-09A-18  MOTSENBOCKER   Ralph  Son     13      Highway N of Paradise
01-01A-09  MOTSENBOCKER   Ronald Son     6/12    Decatur-Town
17-08B-76   MOTT A.J. (Arthur)  head   59      Bridgeport E Side
17-07A-26  MOTT B.T. (Benjamin)        head   51      Bridgeport W Side
17-07A-27  MOTT Lucy (Ann Todd)      wife    44      Bridgeport W Side
18-07A-03  MOUNT       B. Pierce       Head   59      Chico Area
18-07A-04  MOUNT       Eva (Sheehan) Wife   56      Chico Area
03-01B-54   MOURAL     Jake    head   24      NW of Decatur
03-01B-55   MOURAL     Mardell         wife    21      NW of Decatur
01-29A-24  MOWERY    Elvie L. (Lewis)        Head   24      Decatur-Town
09-06B-44   MOWERY    Flora Jean      daughter        11      Sunset-Crafton Rd
03-03B-47   MOWERY    Leon   son     14      NW of Decatur
03-03B-44   MOWERY    Louis H [Lewis Henager]      head   56      NW of Decatur
03-03B-46   MOWERY    Mable [Lee]   daughter        22      NW of Decatur
01-29A-26  MOWERY    Milford Son     2        Decatur-Town
09-06B-41   MOWERY    Ollie W.        Head   43      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06B-42   MOWERY    Ollis Mae       wife    31      Sunset-Crafton Rd
03-03B-45   MOWERY    Rubbie [Libbie (ROSENBERG)]      wife    54      NW of Decatur
01-29A-25  MOWERY    Ruth (Sallie Milligan)  Wife   19      Decatur-Town
09-06B-43   MOWERY    Wesley         son     13      Sunset-Crafton Rd
01-27B-64   MOYERS      Bonnie Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
01-27B-65   MOYERS      Eldon  Son     17      Decatur-Town
01-27B-70   MOYERS      Estel   Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
01-27B-68   MOYERS      Helen  Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
01-27B-69   MOYERS      James           Son     8        Decatur-Town
01-27B-62   MOYERS      Jim P.  Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-27B-67   MOYERS      Norma Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
01-27B-71   MOYERS      Rayburn        Son     3        Decatur-Town
01-27B-63   MOYERS      Ruby (Bell Neel)       Wife   37      Decatur-Town
01-27B-66   MOYERS      Willard Son     15      Decatur-Town
01-26A-15  MULDOON   Mary E.        Head   74      Decatur-Town
20-03A-17  MULLINNEX Billie   Nephew        13      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-16  MULLINNEX Clarence       B-in-law        38      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
16-05B-61   MUNCY       Billy D.         Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-65   MUNCY       Bobby           Son     5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-35  MUNCY       Clarence [Edgar]       Head   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-22  MUNCY       Edward         Head   49      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-64   MUNCY       Floyd   Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-57   MUNCY       Ilma I. Daughter       18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-23  MUNCY       Kitty (STEVENS)     Wife   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-63   MUNCY       Lloyd  Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-56   MUNCY       Marguerite [Ione (WILLIAMSON)]  Wife   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-60   MUNCY       Marion Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-62   MUNCY       Mary   Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-58   MUNCY       Mildred         Daughter       17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-59   MUNCY       Norma L.      Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-36  MUNCY       Ollie (WOODS)        Wife   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-24  MUNCY       Other Ray [Otto Ray?]         Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-55   MUNCY       William [Henry]        Head   41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-03A-35  MUNN         Alma L. (Lee Wilson) Wife   26      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04A-09  MUNN         Annie  Wife   63      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06A-18  MUNN         Billie (Wayne) Son     7        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-05  MUNN         Bryan (William Jennings)      Head   40      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-07  MUNN         Donald (L)     Son     12      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-04A-08  MUNN         Eugene (William Eugene)      Head   63      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06A-17  MUNN         Eva (Mary McBride)  Wife   28      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05B-74   MUNN         Ina     Head   35      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-06  MUNN         Jeanette        Wife   38      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-19  MUNN         Jimmie (Neil)  Son     3        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-16  MUNN         Orlie (Wayne) Head   37      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-20  MUNN         Orville (Vernon)        Son     10/12   Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-04A-10  MUNN         Paul D.         Son     30      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-05A-30  MUNN         Robert S.       StepSon        9        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-03A-34  MUNN         Weldon (Gary) Head   28      Boyd Town-S of Main St
09-04B-47   MUNNS       William M.     cousin  59      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
01-10B-57   MURDOCK   Ida (Evelyn Charles)   Wife   58      Decatur-Town
01-10B-56   MURDOCK   John L.(Luther)        Head   57      Decatur-Town
02-11B-72   MURNER     Berlie  wife    53      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-11B-73   MURNER     Jimmie D.      daughter        15      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-11B-71   MURNER     Rufus  head   56      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-12B-61   MURPHY     Billy    Son     19      Boonsville/Cottondale
20-12B-59   MURPHY     J.E.    Head   55      Boonsville/Cottondale
20-13A-26  MURPHY     J.G. (Joseph.)  F-in-law        87      Boonsville area
06-06A-38  MURPHY     Jack    Son     18      N&E of Alvord
20-12B-64   MURPHY     Joe Ed Son     6        Boonsville/Cottondale
06-06A-36  MURPHY     L E     Head   60      N&E of Alvord
20-13A-27  MURPHY     M.E. (Mary)   M-in-law       76      Boonsville area
06-06A-37  MURPHY     Maude Wife   51      N&E of Alvord
20-12B-60   MURPHY     Myrtle (Noami Culwell)        Wife   47      Boonsville/Cottondale
16-13A-36  MURPHY     Pink [Pinkney Jerome]         Head   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-12B-63   MURPHY     Ralph  Son     9        Boonsville/Cottondale
20-12B-62   MURPHY     Raymond       Son     12      Boonsville/Cottondale
20-12B-66   MURPHY     W.W.  Head   44      Boonsville/Cottondale
08-07B-42   MURPHY     Alice   wife    38      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-46   MURPHY     Billy    son     1        Park Springs & SE
08-07B-45   MURPHY     Carol   daughter        3        Park Springs & SE
08-07B-44   MURPHY     Jean    daughter        7        Park Springs & SE
08-07B-43   MURPHY     Margrette      daughter        9        Park Springs & SE
08-07B-41   MURPHY     William         head    40      Park Springs & SE
18-03A-11  MURRAY     Zenada (Widow of Earnest F.)         Daughter       48      Chico Town
04-08A-17  MURRELL    Lillie   Wife   49      SW of Decatur
06-11A-29  MURRELL    S C     Gfather        95      N&E of Alvord
04-08A-16  MURRELL    W.A.  Head   51      SW of Decatur
17-24A-24  MURRY       Dan C. head   63      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-25  MURRY       Dovie  wife    60      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
12-05B-52   MUSE Claude (Dee)  Head   52      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05B-53   MUSE Leta (M)       Wife   47      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-02A-39  MUSE Mallie (Dale Galey)    Head   66      Boyd Town-S of Main St
05-09B-63   MUSGROVE F.A. [Felix]    Head   78      Alvord Town
01-02A-18  MUSGROVE John (A.)       Head   31      Decatur-Town
01-02A-19  MUSGROVE Ruby (Hahn)   Wife   28      Decatur-Town
08-05B-74   MUSGROVE Connie [Pearl (WHITE)]      wife    60      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-73   MUSGROVE Sebe R [Seborn/Sebron Rosco]        head    64      Park Springs & SE
09-08A-27  MYERS        Aaron A. (Abernathy) Head   62      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
18-04B-78   MYERS        Ada    Head   57      Chico Town
02-04A-13  MYERS        Anna (Mary Badger)  wife    66      Rt 3-E of Decatur
19-08B-58   MYERS        Anna Jo        daughter        12      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-56   MYERS        Charles (Charlie B. Stevens)  wife    47      NW of Bridgeport
02-04A-12  MYERS        Charley A. (J.)         head   68      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-09B-57   MYERS        David L.        son     4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-17A-37  MYERS        Edith   Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-05B-46   MYERS        Ella  (Ida Ella Easley) head   69      Bridgeport W Side
18-05A-37  MYERS        Eva (Estelle Largent)  Wife   32      Chico Town
16-17A-39  MYERS        Franklin         Son     24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-36  MYERS        Henry T.       Head   63      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-27B-50   MYERS        J.G.    Grandson       19      Decatur-Town
19-08B-57   MYERS        J.R. (James Roy, Jr.)  son     16      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-55   MYERS        James R. (Roy)        head   49      NW of Bridgeport
18-03B-52   MYERS        Larry W.       Son     1        Chico Town
02-09B-56   MYERS        Laverne (Lillie Caraway)      wife    23      Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-02B-49   MYERS        Mary   aunt    69      SW of Bridgeport
18-17A-21  MYERS        Mattie C.       Head   62      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-26B-51   MYERS        Maude Head   57      Decatur-Town
16-17A-38  MYERS        Meralis         Daughter       28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-03B-51   MYERS        Ola Read (Chambers) Wife   22      Chico Town
01-27B-49   MYERS        Ollie    Head   63      Decatur-Town
02-09B-58   MYERS        Sandra G.      daughter        5/12    Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-05A-36  MYERS        Wallace        Head   37      Chico Town
02-09B-55   MYERS        Walton (N.)    head   28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-03B-50   MYERS        Wayne D.      Head   22      Chico Town
18-05A-38  MYERS        Weldon         Son     15      Chico Town
17-14B-68   MYRICK      J.L.    head   34      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-70   MYRICK      Jo Ann daughter        3        Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-69   MYRICK      Lois    wife    31      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-52   NABORS      Burley Ray     son     17      Bridgeport E Side
17-17B-55   NABORS      Juanita (Knox) wife    18      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-48   NABORS      M.O. (Melville Oliver) head   64      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-49   NABORS      Maggie (Josephine Moody)    wife    44      Bridgeport E Side
17-17B-54   NABORS      R.J.    head   21      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-50   NABORS      Rachael (Elizabeth)    daughter        12      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-51   NABORS      Ruba Jo        daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
13-04B-77   NALER        Barney (William)       Head   31      Rhome Town-E Addition
14-10A-14  NALER        Jettie (W. Jeneva)     Wife   40 (48) E&S of Rhome
13-05A-10  NALER        Joe     Head   72      Rhome Town-E Addition
13-05A-11  NALER        Martha Wife   62      Rhome Town-E Addition
14-10A-13  NALER        Matt D.         Head   74      E&S of Rhome
13-04B-78   NALER        Myrtle Wife   25      Rhome Town-E Addition
20-13A-12  NALL Doris Anne    Daughter       3        Boonsville area
20-12B-69   NALL Elisa J. Mother 85      Boonsville/Cottondale
20-13A-09  NALL Eula Frances   Daughter       11      Boonsville area
20-13A-10  NALL Jo Evelyn       Daughter       9        Boonsville area
20-13A-07  NALL Joseph A. (Alexander)         Head   42      Boonsville area
20-13A-08  NALL Maude E. (Evelyn Clark)      Wife   43      Boonsville area
20-13A-11  NALL Merle Nadine  Daughter       5        Boonsville area
05-05A-04  NARD Bobbie [R.G.] Son     18      Alvord Town
05-05A-05  NARD Jack [Dempsey]        Son     16      Alvord Town
05-05A-03  NARD Laura [Ethel L. (MYERS)]    Head   44      Alvord Town
14-05B-65   NASH Jessie Lee      Daughter       60      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
14-05B-64   NASH John E.         Son in Law     69      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
17-12A-20  NATLEY      L.L. (Leonard)         head   65      Bridgeport E Side
17-12A-21  NATLEY      Rebecca (Lee McFall)         wife    66      Bridgeport E Side
13-03A-04  NAUGLE      Glenice         Wife   37      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-03  NAUGLE      John [Sr.]      Head   43      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-05  NAUGLE      John Jr.         Son     17      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-06  NAUGLE      Robert Son     13      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-07  NAUGLE      Wanda Daughter       12      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
05-10A-20  NEACE        Audry [Christine]      Daughter       11      Alvord Town(Beyette St)
05-10A-18  NEACE        Dorothy Mae  Daughter       16      Alvord Town(Beyette St)
05-10A-19  NEACE        Earldean        Daughter       13      Alvord Town(Beyette St)
05-10A-17  NEACE        Zula [Belva (KUKENDALL)]         Head   43      Alvord Town(Beyette St)
04-07B-53   NEAL Annie Lee      Daughter (?)   17      SW of Decatur
04-07B-43   NEAL Earl    Head   45      SW of Decatur
02-11B-47   NEAL Joyce  wife    26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-07B-44   NEAL Minnie Wife   40      SW of Decatur
04-07B-45   NEAL Shirley Daughter       12      SW of Decatur
02-11B-48   NEAL Tilman son     11      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-11B-46   NEAL William S.      head   32      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-15A-16  NEECE        Carrie  Wife   30      Decatur-Town
01-15A-20  NEECE        Charles         Son     8        Decatur-Town
01-15A-15  NEECE        Ree    Head   47      Decatur-Town
01-15A-19  NEECE        Roy    Son     10      Decatur-Town
01-15A-18  NEECE        Velma Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-15A-17  NEECE        Vernie Son     14      Decatur-Town
17-17B-64   NEEDHAM   Elizabeth (I.)   head   82      Bridgeport E Side
11-07A-39  NEEL Alfred G        Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-12A-15  NEEL Alvin L.        Son     14      Decatur-Town
10-02B-77   NEEL Amanda        Wife   63      recopied on 12A-37
10-12A-37  NEEL Amanda        Wife   63      S Main St., Paradise
01-20A-08  NEEL Bernice         Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
10-02B-76   NEEL Bunyan P      Head   63      recopied on 12A-36
10-12A-36  NEEL Bunyan P      Head   63      S Main St., Paradise
11-07B-41   NEEL Darrall L       Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-12A-13  NEEL Ed D.  Head   46      Decatur-Town
12-05B-48   NEEL Edd    Head   67      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-21B-75   NEEL Essie (Emma King McAnally) Wife   30      Decatur-Town
01-20A-07  NEEL Ethel   Head   34      Decatur-Town
11-07A-40  NEEL Fannie E        Daughter       2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-21B-76   NEEL Fred    Son     9        Decatur-Town
11-07A-36  NEEL George E       Head   26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-21B-78   NEEL Gerald Harvey Son     7        Decatur-Town
15-02A-04  NEEL Gladys (Lucile)         Daughter       9        Rural Boyd Area
01-31A-05  NEEL Iva (Ables)     Wife   38      Decatur-Town
15-01B-80   NEEL J. W. (James Waller, Sr.)      Head   33      Rural Boyd Area
17-10A-16  NEEL J.A. (James)   head   68      Bridgeport E Side
15-02A-06  NEEL Jimmie Jr. (James Waller)     Son     6        Rural Boyd Area
15-02A-02  NEEL Julia Mae       Daughter       13      Rural Boyd Area
01-12A-14  NEEL Lizzie  Wife   36      Decatur-Town
15-02A-01  NEEL Llinnie Belle (Vess)    Wife   29      Rural Boyd Area
11-07A-37  NEEL Lorene Wife   25      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-21B-79   NEEL Mary Ola       Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
15-02A-05  NEEL Mary Sue      Daughter       7        Rural Boyd Area
17-10A-17  NEEL Nell (Nellie Queen Gray)      wife    55      Bridgeport E Side
11-07A-38  NEEL Orland H       Son     5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-21B-74   NEEL Roy    Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-31A-04  NEEL Roy    Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-21B-77   NEEL Ted    Son     9        Decatur-Town
15-02A-03  NEEL W. L. (Willis)  Son     11      Rural Boyd Area
01-22A-01  NEEL Wanda Fay    Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
12-05B-72   NEEL Will    Head   67      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-21B-80   NEEL Will Harley     Son     3        Decatur-Town
02-04B-45   NEELEY      Alene  daughter        21      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-47   NEELEY      Myna L.        daughter        16      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-43   NEELEY      Nola O.         wife    49      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-42   NEELEY      Paule E.        head   53      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-44   NEELEY      Price   son     24      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-46   NEELEY      Wynole         daughter        19      Rt 3-E of Decatur
18-07B-76   NEELY        Danny Head   63      Chico Area
18-07B-77   NEELY        Mittie (Lumsden)       Wife   58      Chico Area
18-07B-78   NEELY        S.D.    Father 87      Chico Area
14-04B-64   NEHRMEYER        Dorothy Jane  Daughter       11      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-06B-59   NEHRMEYER        Edd    Head   53      Rd off Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-04B-63   NEHRMEYER        Ida Mae        Daughter       15      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-60   NEHRMEYER        John    Head   44      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-62   NEHRMEYER        Luella  Daughter       19      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-61   NEHRMEYER        Rosie  Wife   40      Rhome-Justin Rd
03-02B-80   NEIGHBORS Alma (PARKS)        step/dau        7        NW of Decatur
03-03B-66   NEIGHBORS Bessie [Eunice (BOWDEN)] wife    43      NW of Decatur
03-03B-67   NEIGHBORS Donal son     18      NW of Decatur
03-03B-65   NEIGHBORS Elbert [William Elbert] head   44      NW of Decatur
17-06B-77   NEIGHBORS Elizabeth (Nelson)     wife    33      Bridgeport W Side
11-10B-71   NEIGHBORS Faye   Wife   34      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10B-76   NEIGHBORS Flora B (WOFFORD) Wife   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-06A-17  NEIGHBORS Flora I. (Cora L. Sanders)     wife    62      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-04B-63   NEIGHBORS Joyce Marie   Daughter       0/12    SW of Decatur
04-04B-60   NEIGHBORS Lester (Ray)   Head   20      SW of Decatur
04-04B-61   NEIGHBORS Lillian (Louise Garrett)         Wife   17      SW of Decatur
04-04B-62   NEIGHBORS Melton Ray    Son     1        SW of Decatur
17-06B-76   NEIGHBORS Ragan (Asberry)       head   40      Bridgeport W Side
02-06A-16  NEIGHBORS Roberts J. (Judson)    head   67      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-10B-70   NEIGHBORS Roy E  Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10B-75   NEIGHBORS Roy H Head   37      Cottondale-Keeter Area
03-02B-79   NEIGHBORS Will [William Regan?] step/son        19      NW of Decatur
17-23A-13  NELSON      A.J. (Arthur Jennings) nephew         23      Pg61A Out of Order-Bridgeport
17-07A-01  NELSON      Alfred son     35      Bridgeport W Side
17-06B-79   NELSON      Annie (Grace Nickles) wife    74      Bridgeport W Side
01-33B-41   NELSON      Florence                79      Page 61B-Decatur
17-08B-77   NELSON      Lena (Allene Mott)    sister-in-law    47      Bridgeport E Side
17-06B-78   NELSON      Martin head   78      Bridgeport W Side
02-15A-33  NELSON      Mary   daughter        30      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-06B-80   NELSON      Pete (Peter Veriskie)  son     45      Bridgeport W Side
17-18B-59   NESMITH     Laura June (Jane Childs)       wife    80      Bridgeport E Side
11-08B-78   NESMITH     Leroy O        Son     2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-76   NESMITH     Owen? O      Head   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-79   NESMITH     Samuel W      Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-18B-58   NESMITH     W.W. (William Wallas)        head   80      Bridgeport E Side
11-08B-77   NESMITH     Wilma E        Wife   19      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-15A-25  NESS  Bettie Fern     Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
01-15A-22  NESS  Frances         Wife   31      Decatur-Town
01-15A-23  NESS  Herman        Son     14      Decatur-Town
01-15A-24  NESS  Johnnie Ruth   Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-15A-21  NESS  Loys   Head   34      Decatur-Town
01-15A-26  NESS  Martha F.      Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
06-04B-59   NEW  A V [Alva Vernon]    Head   29      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
01-11A-30  NEW  Ada (Askey)   Wife   34      Decatur-Town
01-09B-58   NEW  Alice (Evans)  Wife   56      Decatur-Town
01-13A-20  NEW  Alice (Johnson)         Mother in Law 57      Decatur-Town
02-13A-34  NEW  Betty L.        daughter        1/12    Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-13A-32  NEW  Bobby F.       son     6        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-13A-27  NEW  Coy (Pearl Love)      wife    38      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-11A-29  NEW  Curren (John Curren)  Head   35      Decatur-Town
01-11A-31  NEW  Curren, Jr.     Son     14      Decatur-Town
03-05A-36  NEW  Effie [E]        wife    54      NW of Decatur
01-11A-32  NEW  Elizabeth       Dau    9        Decatur-Town
03-05A-37  NEW  Fay     daughter        15      NW of Decatur
02-13A-33  NEW  Fern    daughter        3        Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-09B-57   NEW  Gordon Head   57      Decatur-Town
02-13A-29  NEW  Hazel L.        daughter        15      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-04B-78   NEW  J T [John Thomas]     Head   62      N&E of Alvord
02-13A-26  NEW  James G. (Gross)      head   40      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-13A-28  NEW  Loyd L.         son     19      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-04B-79   NEW  Lula [Ellen (McGHEE)]        Wife   58      N&E of Alvord
06-04B-61   NEW  Margie Ellen   Daughter       1        Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
02-13A-31  NEW  Marian F.      daughter        9        Rt 2-E of Decatur
03-05A-35  NEW  Meltere W [Marvin/Melvin M]         head   65      NW of Decatur
02-13A-30  NEW  Peggy L.       daughter        13      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-04B-60   NEW  Sylvia Oleta (SAMPLES)      Wife   23      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
01-13A-21  NEW  T.G.    Brother in Law         18      Decatur-Town
01-13A-19  NEW  Will    Father in Law 59      Decatur-Town
04-02A-18  NEWBERRY Kirk    Head   54      SW of Decatur
04-02A-19  NEWBERRY Sally (Sallie Mae Dillon)        Wife   44      SW of Decatur
11-11A-05  NEWBY       Arvil G [Gene] Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-61   NEWBY       Bennie L [Benny Lawrence]  Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-57   NEWBY       Billie [Lillie Zora (FREEMAN)]       Wife   ?        Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-08A-27  NEWBY       Charlie (Charles Simmons)    Head   47      Rural Boyd Area
11-11A-01  NEWBY       Howard [Hilliard]      Head   32?     Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11A-04  NEWBY       Iris L [Leone] Daughter       6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-59   NEWBY       L F     Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11A-03  NEWBY       Lee L  Son     8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-58   NEWBY       Marjorie L     Daughter       15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-08A-29  NEWBY       Milas (Edward)         Son     12      Rural Boyd Area
15-08A-28  NEWBY       Nellie (Person)         Wife   44      Rural Boyd Area
11-11A-02  NEWBY       O B [Oma (BANKS/BOWLES)]     Wife   26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-60   NEWBY       Ralph [Milton] Son     10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-56   NEWBY       Ray R [Robert]         Head   40      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-68   NEWBY       Robert H       Head   68      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-13  NEWBY       Ruth   Wife   18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-12  NEWBY       Wessie C       Head   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-18B-61   NEWLIN      Ruth   Teacher        25      Decatur-Town
17-05A-14  NEWSOM     Maud  wife    59      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-13  NEWSOM     Thomas F.     head   67      Bridgeport W Side
20-08A-13  NEWSOME   Audrey (Strickland)    Wife   52      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-15  NEWSOME   Cullen  Son     22      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-14  NEWSOME   Hasseltine (Smith)     Daughter       26      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-12  NEWSOME   J.H. (John)     Head   53      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-18  NEWSOME   Winnie Sis-in-law      50      Boonsville/Balsora
18-16B-55   NEWTON     Lee    Head   44      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-08B-78   NEWTON     Alfred Head   39      East of Chico
18-16B-56   NEWTON     Allie (Wallace)         Wife   40      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-12A-11  NEWTON     Alva D.         Son     16      East of Chico
18-09A-01  NEWTON     Annie Mae     Daughter       16      East of Chico
18-12A-13  NEWTON     Barney Son     5        East of Chico
18-12A-12  NEWTON     Billie Jean      Son     12      East of Chico
18-09A-02  NEWTON     Cormie Son     12      East of Chico
17-19B-58   NEWTON     Dorothy Lee   daughter        17      Bridgeport E Side
18-09A-06  NEWTON     FloraGene      Daughter       3        East of Chico
18-12A-09  NEWTON     Frank J.        Head   38      East of Chico
17-19B-56   NEWTON     Henry Lee     head   51      Bridgeport E Side
18-08B-80   NEWTON     J.T.    Son     19      East of Chico
18-11B-59   NEWTON     J.W. (James)  Father 77      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-16B-57   NEWTON     Jackie  Son     12      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-11A-02  NEWTON     James D.       Son     13      East of Chico (Thomas)
19-09A-06  NEWTON     Jessie J. (Judson)      father in law   74      NW of Bridgeport
18-10B-80   NEWTON     Jim W. Head   45      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-57   NEWTON     Jimmy Leroy   Son     8        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11A-03  NEWTON     Joyce  Daughter       8        East of Chico (Thomas)
01-12A-22  NEWTON     Kate   Daughter       49      Decatur-Town
18-09A-04  NEWTON     Lewellen (Lou Ellen)  Daughter       8        East of Chico
18-12A-10  NEWTON     Lilla (D. McEntire)    Wife   36      East of Chico
18-11A-01  NEWTON     Lorene (Phillips)        Wife   32      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-09A-05  NEWTON     Marietta (Maritta)      Daughter       6        East of Chico
18-11B-56   NEWTON     Modena (Willie Adams)        Wife   24      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-08B-79   NEWTON     Myrtle (Dickenson)    Wife   34      East of Chico
18-09A-03  NEWTON     Neoma Daughter       10      East of Chico
17-19B-57   NEWTON     Olive (Permelia Hall)  wife    49      Bridgeport E Side
18-11B-55   NEWTON     Roy (Judson)  Head   34      East of Chico (Thomas)
17-19B-60   NEWTON     Virginia Carol  daughter        13      Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-59   NEWTON     Walter Warren         son     14      Bridgeport E Side
18-11B-58   NEWTON     Wanda Faye   Daughter       6        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-14B-65   NIBLETT      Bobby Jo       G-Dau 5        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-66   NIBLETT      Carlene (Billie Carlene)        G-Dau 3        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-63   NIBLETT      Carlton (Taylor)        Son     28      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-62   NIBLETT      Edna (Carlton) Wife   64      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
11-07B-58   NIBLETT      Jake [John William]    Head   62      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-14B-61   NIBLETT      James  Head   60      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
11-07B-59   NIBLETT      Josie  [Josephine Bean]        Wife   53      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-07B-61   NIBLETT      Marion A       Son     17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-14B-64   NIBLETT      Mozella (Elam/Elann?)         D-in-Law      27      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
11-07B-60   NIBLETT      Nona M        Daughter       22      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-14B-67   NIBLETT      Wayne G-Son  1        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
13-03A-24  NICHOLS     Abner  Son     16      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-23  NICHOLS     Alfred Son     16      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-22  NICHOLS     Arthur Son     19      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-20  NICHOLS     Chester         Head   48      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-16B-61   NICHOLS     Joe M. (Martin)        head   34      Bridgeport E Side
13-03A-21  NICHOLS     Mable  Wife   48      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-16B-62   NICHOLS     Mamie Marie (Rash 'Shorty')  wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
20-01B-47   NICHOLSON E.A.   Head   27      Boonsville
20-01B-49   NICHOLSON Edward Eldon Son     1        Boonsville
20-01B-50   NICHOLSON Nora Jean      Daughter       1/12    Boonsville
20-01B-48   NICHOLSON Vestol Wife   18      Boonsville
08-08A-11  NICKOLS     Bill     wife    70      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-10  NICKOLS     William         head    80      Park Springs & SE
15-02A-14  NIESMITH    Ira      Head   52      Rural Boyd Area
07-02A-05  NIKIRK       Alta [Lillian (CLABORN)]    Wife   21      S of Alvord
07-02A-28  NIKIRK       Audrey Faye   Daughter       14      S of Alvord
07-03A-40  NIKIRK       Bruford [Buford]       Head   27      S of Alvord
07-02A-27  NIKIRK       Della [Maude (WILEY)]      Wife   52      S of Alvord
07-02A-26  NIKIRK       H N [Homer]  Head   52      S of Alvord
07-02A-04  NIKIRK       J H [John Henry "Dutch"]     Head   24      S of Alvord
07-03B-41   NIKIRK       Jewel [Maude Jewel (HENRY)]      Wife   28      S of Alvord
07-02A-02  NIKIRK       Jim     Son     17      S of Alvord
07-01B-79   NIKIRK       L N [Lewis]   Head   52      S of Alvord
07-03B-42   NIKIRK       Le Roy [Leroy]        Son     2        S of Alvord
07-02A-01  NIKIRK       Lorene Daughter       19      S of Alvord
07-01B-80   NIKIRK       May [Hattie Mae (PRINCE)] Wife   46      S of Alvord
07-02A-03  NIKIRK       Roy Lee        Son     10      S of Alvord
07-02A-06  NIKIRK       Water Ray     Son     2/12   S of Alvord
20-04A-35  NIMMO       Mary Ann (Nancy Ann Ragsdale)     Wife   66      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-34  NIMMO       W.D. (William David) Head   67      Boonsville/Willow P.
01-22B-55   NIPPER       Betty Lou      Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
01-22B-52   NIPPER       Clarence (H.)  Head   37      Decatur-Town
01-22B-53   NIPPER       Dessie (Nivens)        Wife   39      Decatur-Town
01-22B-54   NIPPER       W.A.  Son     17      Decatur-Town
05-06A-16  NIVENS       Archie [N.]    Head   37      Alvord Town
07-02B-72   NIVENS       Billie [Billy Wayne]    Son     5        Nof Alvord/Brushy Creek
07-02B-73   NIVENS       Bobbie Jean [Bobie]   Daughter       3        N of Alvord/Brushy Creek
07-04A-03  NIVENS       Brueford [Buford Martin]      Son     17      W of Alvord/Brushy Creek
07-04A-04  NIVENS       C B    Head   34      S of Alvord
07-04A-05  NIVENS       Christeen [Christina (REED)] Wife   26      S of Alvord
07-02B-69   NIVENS       Coy [Willburn] Head   31      N of Alvord/Brushy Creek
05-02A-36  NIVENS       Don S. Step-son        13      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
07-02B-70   NIVENS       Dorothy [Mary Dorothy (GRISSOM)]         Wife   26      N of Alvord/Brushy Creek
07-04A-06  NIVENS       Elizabeth Ann  Daughter       8        S of Alvord
05-02B-68   NIVENS       Harold W.      Son     16      Alvord Town
07-04A-12  NIVENS       Helen (LASSITER)   Wife   24      S of Alvord
07-03A-11  NIVENS       Jackie [Bobby Jack]   Gson  4        S of Alvord
07-03A-10  NIVENS       Jimmie [Augusta (ALLEN)]   Daughter       22      S of Alvord
05-02B-70   NIVENS       Joann  Daughter       5        Alvord Town
07-04A-13  NIVENS       Louis Benton [Louie]  Son     5        S of Alvord
05-02B-69   NIVENS       Lowell T. [Thomas]   Son     9        Alvord Town
07-02B-71   NIVENS       Loyd [Wilburn]         Son     9        N of Alvord/Brushy Creek
05-02B-66   NIVENS       Luther T.       Head   42      Alvord Town
07-04A-07  NIVENS       Margaret Ray Daughter       4        S of Alvord
05-06A-18  NIVENS       Marylou        Daughter       5        Alvord Town
05-02A-35  NIVENS       Melva Doyce  Step-daughter  15      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
07-04A-11  NIVENS       Otho   Head   28      S of Alvord
05-02B-67   NIVENS       Sibyl [G. (SWAIM)]   Wife   28      Alvord Town
05-06A-17  NIVENS       Susie [O. (RALEY)]  Wife   37      Alvord Town
07-04A-02  NIVENS       W T [William Thomas]         Head   66      W of Alvord/Brushy Creek
06-12A-07  NIX    Dink   Wife   41      N&E of Alvord
06-12A-10  NIX    Doyce Son     4        N&E of Alvord
01-02B-52   NIX    Hettie  Head   31      Decatur-Town
01-02B-53   NIX    James E.       Son     11      Decatur-Town
10-02B-51   NIX    James H        Head   56      recopied on 12A-11
10-12A-11  NIX    James H        Head   56      S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-53   NIX    Joseph R       Son     21      recopied on 12A-13
10-12A-13  NIX    Joseph R       Son     21      S Main St., Paradise
06-12A-09  NIX    Raymond       Son     13      N&E of Alvord
13-03A-37  NIX    Sarah  Sister in Law  69      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
06-12A-08  NIX    Truman         Son     14      N&E of Alvord
10-02B-52   NIX    Vera F Wife   47      recopied on 12A-12
10-12A-12  NIX    Vera F Wife   47      S Main St., Paradise
06-12A-06  NIX    W H   Head   54      N&E of Alvord
01-25B-42   NIXON        B.F.    Father-in-Law 81      Decatur-Town
01-25B-43   NIXON        Martha (McKaney)    Mother-in-Law         78      Decatur-Town
05-05B-80   NOAH         Bessie Head   45      Alvord Town
05-06A-02  NOAH         Nina Ruth      Daughter       13      Alvord Town
05-06A-01  NOAH         Vernon         Son     20      Alvord Town
01-20A-10  NOBLES      Annie (Rhine) Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-20A-11  NOBLES      Billie Ray (Billy?)      Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-20A-13  NOBLES      Bob    Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-20A-12  NOBLES      Jack    Son     9        Decatur-Town
01-11B-53   NOBLES      Magaret L.     Head           Decatur-Town
01-20A-09  NOBLES      Ray    Head   45      Decatur-Town
05-09A-01  NOEL Elizabeth [B.]  Head   81      Alvord Town
15-01A-04  NORMAN     Beryl (B. Anderson)   Son     18      Rural Boyd Area
01-26A-02  NORMAN     Billie Joe       Grandson       1        Decatur-Town
15-01A-05  NORMAN     Billy (B. Ray)  Son     10      Rural Boyd Area
12-06A-12  NORMAN     Cynthia         Sister  68      Boyd Town-N of Main St
20-04A-28  NORMAN     E.L.    F-in-law        85      Boonsville/Willow P.
12-06A-11  NORMAN     George Brotherinlaw   73      Boyd Town-N of Main St
15-01A-01  NORMAN     J. E. (James Ernest, Sr.)       Head   51      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-03  NORMAN     J. E. Jr. (James Ernest)        Son     22      Rural Boyd Area
01-25B-80   NORMAN     Joe     Son-in-Law    53      Decatur-Town
15-01A-02  NORMAN     Letta (Letha Mae Lisby)       Wife   46      Rural Boyd Area
20-04A-29  NORMAN     Lula    M-in-law       77      Boonsville/Willow P.
01-26A-01  NORMAN     Susie   Daughter       28      Decatur-Town
16-14A-17  NORRIS       Harold Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-08B-60   NORRIS       Harold (Joe)   Son     2        SW of Decatur
04-08B-56   NORRIS       Hattie (Hettie 'Etta' Roberts)  Wife   41      SW of Decatur
04-08B-55   NORRIS       J.B. (Joseph Britton 'Joe')      Head   56      SW of Decatur
04-08B-58   NORRIS       Juanita (Fay)   Daughter       10      SW of Decatur
04-08B-59   NORRIS       Lottie  Daughter       7        SW of Decatur
16-14A-16  NORRIS       Mollie  Wife   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14A-15  NORRIS       Nathan Head   53      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-08B-57   NORRIS       Pauline Daughter       13      SW of Decatur
16-14A-18  NORRIS       Robert Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-12A-40  NORTH        Addie (Jobe)   wife    28      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-39  NORTH        Albert L.       head   30      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-02B-47   NORTH        Ara (Bell Spears)      Wife   36      SW of Decatur
01-21A-22  NORTH        Billie   Son     16      Decatur-Town
02-12B-41   NORTH        Billie J. daughter        4        Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-21A-19  NORTH        Clarence (Franklin)    Head   43      Decatur-Town
04-02B-46   NORTH        Cliff (Ernest Clifton)   Head   43      SW of Decatur
02-12B-42   NORTH        David W.       son     3        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14A-37  NORTH        Dillard brother 24      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-02B-49   NORTH        Donald Son     3        SW of Decatur
04-02B-48   NORTH        Douglas        Son     14      SW of Decatur
02-16A-28  NORTH        Eugene         son     17      Rt 1 Rhome
04-01B-70   NORTH        Glenda Jo      Daughter       2        SW of Decatur
15-05A-34  NORTH        Grace (M.)     Wife   42      Rural Boyd Area
04-01B-67   NORTH        Ina (Viola)     Wife   46      SW of Decatur
04-01B-68   NORTH        J.D.    Head   24      SW of Decatur
04-01B-66   NORTH        J.J. (John Jefferson)   Head   53      SW of Decatur
02-16A-29  NORTH        Joe     son     13      Rt 1 Rhome
02-14A-36  NORTH        Lizzie  mother 64      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-16A-30  NORTH        Lois    daughter        11      Rt 1 Rhome
01-21A-20  NORTH        Lois (Oleva Barrick)   Wife   37      Decatur-Town
01-21A-21  NORTH        Loweta         Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
15-05A-35  NORTH        Mary Lee      Daughter       16      Rural Boyd Area
02-14A-38  NORTH        Ruth   sister   19      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-01B-69   NORTH        Vivian (Tribble)        Wife   18      SW of Decatur
15-05A-33  NORTH        W. L. (William Lee)   Head   46      Rural Boyd Area
02-16A-26  NORTH        Walter J.       head   37      Rt 1 Rhome
02-14A-35  NORTH        Will S. head   56      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-16A-27  NORTH        Zallie (Zollie Stanley)  wife    36      Rt 1 Rhome
01-04B-60   NORTON     Elois (Smith)   Wife   19      Decatur-Town
01-04B-59   NORTON     Hoy (T.)        Head   21      Decatur-Town
04-06B-73   NORWOOD  Helen  Daughter       18      SW of Decatur
04-06B-70   NORWOOD  John S. Head   72      SW of Decatur
04-06B-72   NORWOOD  John S., Jr.     Son     26      SW of Decatur
02-11B-56   NORWOOD  Mary   mother 54      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-06B-71   NORWOOD  Nancy Wife   59      SW of Decatur
19-03A-27  NULLY        Fay H. head   60      SW of Bridgeport
19-12A-34  NUNLY       Betty   wife    41      NW of Bridgeport
19-12A-33  NUNLY       Ivan    head   39      NW of Bridgeport
01-26B-59   NUNN         Agnes (Embry Beall)  Wife   36      Decatur-Town
01-29B-57   NUNN         Ella (Elizabeth Ella Gibbs)      Wife   62      Decatur-Town
14-05B-74   NUNN         George Son     23      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
01-29B-56   NUNN         Hillry (Mosley)         Head   66      Decatur-Town
14-05B-75   NUNN         J.T.    Son     21      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
01-29B-59   NUNN         Joan    Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
14-05B-73   NUNN         L. Maude      Head   55      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
14-05B-76   NUNN         Marie  Daughter       15      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
01-26B-58   NUNN         Milburn (John Milburn)         Head   42      Decatur-Town
01-29B-58   NUNN         Wynema       Daughter       14      Decatur-Town

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