Wise County Texas
1940 Census
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ED-Page-Line #   LAST NAME   First Name [ (Extra information)]   Relationship    Age     Area

18-10A-24  CABLE        Emmett D.     Head   57      East of Chico
18-10A-25  CABLE        Estelee (Estee Paschall)       Wife   51      East of Chico
02-04B-69   CADDELL    Anna [Annie Laura (GREEN)]        wife    78      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-70   CADDELL    Claude [J.]     son     50      Rt 3-E of Decatur
16-05A-26  CADDELL    Cynthia [Ann (GRAHAM)]   Wife   69      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-27  CADDELL    Henry  Head   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05A-25  CADDELL    James [N]      Head   67      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-04B-68   CADDELL    Lewis D. [Louis David]        head   85      Rt 3-E of Decatur
16-05A-28  CADDELL    Sally M.        Wife   21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-10A-07  CAGE Alice   Daughter       3/12    Alvord Town
05-10A-06  CAGE Aline [Norma Aline]   Daughter       3        Alvord Town
06-04B-76   CAGE Charley [Charles Wesley Harold]      Son     10      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
05-03A-25  CAGE Dolores Fay    Daughter       4        Alvord Town
06-04B-75   CAGE Dorthy [Dorothy Bell] Daughter       16      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
05-09B-80   CAGE Edd [Eddie Lee]        Head   48      Alvord Town
17-25A-02  CAGE Govie (Ora Palmer)    head   61      Pg81A Cage Hotel, Bridgeport
05-10A-04  CAGE Homer [Hubert]        Son     12      Alvord Town
05-10A-05  CAGE J.O.    Son     5        Alvord Town
05-03A-24  CAGE Lavada [Marie]        Daughter       7        Alvord Town
05-10A-01  CAGE Minnie [Viola (FORRESTER)]        Wife   40      Alvord Town
05-03A-23  CAGE Myrtle [Beatrice (WASHBURN)]    Wife   29      Alvord Town
17-25A-03  CAGE Roy (D.)       son     34      Pg81A Cage Hotel, Bridgeport
17-25A-06  CAGE Roy Earl        grandson       6        Pg81A Cage Hotel, Bridgeport
17-25A-04  CAGE Ruby (L. Singleton)    daughter in law         31      Pg81A Cage Hotel, Bridgeport
05-10A-02  CAGE Ruby [V.]      Daughter       17      Alvord Town
05-10A-03  CAGE Ruth [A.]       Daughter       15      Alvord Town
06-04B-72   CAGE Sam [Samuel] Head   56      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-73   CAGE Sarah [Emaline "Emmy" (DAKE)]    Wife   41      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-74   CAGE Ted Allen [Edd Allen] Son     21      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
17-25A-05  CAGE Wanda Jean   granddaughter 9        Pg81A Cage Hotel, Bridgeport
05-03A-22  CAGE Zollie E. [Elmo]        Head   37      Alvord Town
14-04B-52   CAGLE        Andrew W.    Head   48      Rhome-Justin Rd
06-06B-41   CAGLE        Carden [Columb]       Son     22      Audobon-N&E of Alvord
14-06A-31  CAGLE        Imogene        Daughter       15      Newark-Rhome Rd
14-04B-53   CAGLE        Kate   Wife   52      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-06A-32  CAGLE        LaVerne (Ellen)        Daughter       8        Newark-Rhome Rd
14-06A-29  CAGLE        Lee J.  Son     22      Newark-Rhome Rd
06-06A-39  CAGLE        Mary E         Head   51      Audobon-N&E of Alvord
06-06A-40  CAGLE        Melvin Son     24      Audobon-N&E of Alvord
14-06A-30  CAGLE        Opal   Daughter       19      Newark-Rhome Rd
06-06B-42   CAGLE        Rebah [Reba Rudene (SHIPLEY)]   DIL   18      Audobon-N&E of Alvord
14-06A-28  CAGLE        Rosie (Rosa May Smith)       Wife   49      Newark-Rhome Rd
14-06A-27  CAGLE        William R.      Head   50      Newark-Rhome Rd
15-01A-20  CALDWELL  Burnie Lee (Mason)   Daughter (In-law)      20      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-39  CALDWELL  Fanny Long    Wife   56      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-17  CALDWELL  Foy Sue        Daughter       12      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-19  CALDWELL  Homer J. (Jay)         Son     21      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-38  CALDWELL  J. F. (Joseph Floyd)    Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
05-06B-48   CALDWELL  J.E. [James Edward]  Head   75      Alvord Town
15-01A-16  CALDWELL  Joe (Ferguson) Son     15      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-18  CALDWELL  Joyce ( Bessie Joyce) Daughter       4        Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-40  CALDWELL  Mollie Ann (Mary Ann Fagg) Mother 82      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-14  CALDWELL  Nova (Belle Bowman) Head   46      Rural Boyd Area
07-03A-18  CALDWELL  Ross Chas     Nephew       5        S of Alvord
05-06B-49   CALDWELL  Tel Ola [Tulla C.]      Wife   64      Alvord Town
15-01A-15  CALDWELL  Warren G (W. G. Harding)    Son     19      Rural Boyd Area
01-32A-06  CALHOUN   Rena   Head   34      Decatur-Town
01-31A-23  CALL Emma E.       Head   60      Decatur-Town
01-31A-22  CALL Mary A.        Head   80      Decatur-Town
15-08B-68   CALLAWAY J. E.    Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-69   CALLAWAY Judith  Wife   40      Rural Boyd Area
08-08A-07  CALLIN       Cora   head    63      Park Springs & SE
15-09B-78   CALLIUM    LeRoy Hired Hand    34      Rural Boyd Area
14-04B-49   CALVERT    Billie Jean      Daughter       11      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04B-51   CALVERT    Charles F. (Franklin)   Son     4        Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04B-47   CALVERT    Claude Son     17      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04B-44   CALVERT    Claude (C.C.) Head   43      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04B-48   CALVERT    Dorothy Jane  Daughter       13      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04B-45   CALVERT    Elva (Parr)     Wife   39      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04B-46   CALVERT    Mattie Daughter       19      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04B-50   CALVERT    William S.      Son     9        Newark-Boyd Rd
10-06B-76   CAMPBELL  Albert W       Brother        38      S of Paradise on Highway
20-08A-11  CAMPBELL  Alice   M-in-law       63      Boonsville/Balsora
17-15A-06  CAMPBELL  Andrew        head   67      Bridgeport E Side
18-15A-25  CAMPBELL  Billy Joe        G-Son  4        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
17-24B-69   CAMPBELL  David  son     19      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-12B-45   CAMPBELL  Drew A. (Allen)       head   36      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-46   CAMPBELL  Fae (Braselton)         wife    35      Bridgeport E Side
17-24B-67   CAMPBELL  Frank P.        head   50      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
10-06B-74   CAMPBELL  J H M [John Huss?]   Head   63      S of Paradise on Highway
10-02A-14  CAMPBELL  John J. (Joseph John)  Father-in-law    75      W of Paradise
10-06B-67   CAMPBELL  Johnnie R [Ross]       Son     2        S of Paradise on Highway
01-14B-69   CAMPBELL  Joyce  Lodger 11      Decatur-Town
10-06B-75   CAMPBELL  Lee [Thomas Lee]     Brother        39      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-66   CAMPBELL  Lillian (ADAMS)      Wife   28      S of Paradise on Highway
01-32A-18  CAMPBELL  Lucille Head   44      Decatur-Town
01-14B-68   CAMPBELL  Mae    Lodger 28      Decatur-Town
17-24B-68   CAMPBELL  Mollie  wife    47      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-15A-07  CAMPBELL  Mollie (Ward) wife    57      Bridgeport E Side
10-06B-65   CAMPBELL  Noah   Head   29      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-77   CAMPBELL  Pansy  Daughter       35      S of Paradise on Highway
14-09B-79   CANADA     Cecil C.        Head   22      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-80   CANADA     Frances         Wife   21      S of Rhome-Private Rd
01-18B-66   CANADA     Lige E.T. (Elijah Thomas)     Head   60      Decatur-Town
01-18B-67   CANADA     Medolian (Madelyn)   Wife   44      Decatur-Town
20-05B-77   CANNON     Annie M-in-law       58      Boonsville/Balsora
20-05A-37  CANNON     J.W.   Son     19      Boonsville
20-05A-36  CANNON     Orabell Wife   45      Boonsville
20-05A-35  CANNON     R.M.   Head   44      Boonsville
17-13A-11  CANSLER    Billy Don       son     5        Bridgeport E Side
17-13A-10  CANSLER    Dolly (Ramsey)        wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
17-13A-09  CANSLER    Earl    head   24      Bridgeport E Side
10-01B-53   CANSLER    Etphalena S [Sarah Ethyl (Reed)]      Wife   39      W of Paradise
01-03B-77   CANSLER    J.P.    Father 84      Decatur-Town
10-01B-55   CANSLER    James G        Son     10      W of Paradise
17-13A-12  CANSLER    Kenneth Lee   son     10m    Bridgeport E Side
10-01B-54   CANSLER    Thomas Verdell        Son     16      W of Paradise
10-01B-52   CANSLER    Tom [Thomas William]         Head   44      W of Paradise
07-05A-31  CANTRELL  Elizabeth [Sarah Elizabeth (MILLER)]         Wife   41      S of Alvord
07-05A-30  CANTRELL  M [Maine]     Head   40      S of Alvord
07-05A-32  CANTRELL  Wanda Daughter       16      S of Alvord
07-05A-34  CANTRELL  Warren [Elbridge]      Son     13      S of Alvord
07-05A-35  CANTRELL  Weda Loy [Wenda Lois]       Daughter       7        S of Alvord
07-05A-33  CANTRELL  Wesley         Son     15      S of Alvord
06-06A-20  CAPPS         J A ['Jim' James Ambrose]    Head   50      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-21  CAPPS         Una (FOX)    Wife   39      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-26  CAPPS         Winona Marie Daughter       4        N&E of Alvord
17-15B-43   CARAM       Abram head   23      Bridgeport E Side
17-15A-40  CARAM       Arthur son     21      Bridgeport E Side
17-15B-45   CARAM       Betty Jo        daughter        2        Bridgeport E Side
17-15B-41   CARAM       Caroline        daughter        19      Bridgeport E Side
17-15B-42   CARAM       Edward         son     16      Bridgeport E Side
17-15A-39  CARAM       Ida     head   39      Bridgeport E Side
17-15B-44   CARAM       Mildred Inez (McKinney)      wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
17-07B-79   CARARA     Eva    daughterinlaw  18      Bridgeport W Side
17-07B-78   CARARA     Leo     step son        23      Bridgeport W Side
02-11B-66   CARAWAY  Albert  son     5        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-09B-75   CARAWAY  Beatrice        daughter        31      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-12B-55   CARAWAY  Bonnie Jean    daughter        1        Bridgeport E Side
02-11B-64   CARAWAY  Callie [Francis (SMITH)]      wife    26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-12B-53   CARAWAY  Charlcy (Nard)         wife    24      Bridgeport E Side
02-09B-66   CARAWAY  Claude [Clifton]        head   26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-77   CARAWAY  Cory M.        son     21      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-13A-04  CARAWAY  Dora Mae      daughter        4        Bridgeport E Side
02-05A-28  CARAWAY  Edd [Eddie Raymond] head   39      Rt 3-E of Decatur
17-20B-41   CARAWAY  Edna Imogene daughter        12      Bridgeport E Side
02-10A-06  CARAWAY  Fay (INGRAM)        wife    45      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-53   CARAWAY  Helen [Marie] daughter        12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-08B-73   CARAWAY  J. Warren (Jay Woren)         head   22      Bridgeport E Side
17-07B-73   CARAWAY  James  son     14      Bridgeport W Side
02-09B-51   CARAWAY  James W.      son     15      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-73   CARAWAY  Jess P. head   56      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-05B-74   CARAWAY  John R.         Head   75      Decatur-Town
02-09B-49   CARAWAY  Josie F. [Fay]  daughter        19      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-20A-40  CARAWAY  Kate Edna (Warren)   wife    31      Bridgeport E Side
02-11B-65   CARAWAY  Kenneth        son     7        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-09B-74   CARAWAY  Lena M. (GIVENS)   wife    53      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-67   CARAWAY  Lillian (ADAMS)      wife    26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-05A-29  CARAWAY  Lorado (WILLIAMS) wife    38      Rt 3-E of Decatur
17-12B-50   CARAWAY  Lucy Frances (McDaniel)     wife    59      Bridgeport E Side
01-05B-75   CARAWAY  Martha A. (Allison)    Wife   73      Decatur-Town
17-08B-74   CARAWAY  Mary   wife    22      Bridgeport E Side
02-11B-69   CARAWAY  Mary A. [Agnes (KIRKWOOD)]     wife    57      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-09B-52   CARAWAY  Mary J. [Jane] daughter        14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-12B-80   CARAWAY  Meada (Melba Barnett)        wife    34      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-54   CARAWAY  Melba  daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-52   CARAWAY  Melvin (Walter)        head   29      Bridgeport E Side
02-11B-63   CARAWAY  Monroe [James Monroe]       head   30      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-09B-48   CARAWAY  Ola [Adline (BINGHAM)]    wife    50      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-13A-03  CARAWAY  Ola Faye       daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
02-10A-05  CARAWAY  Robert E.       head   49      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-50   CARAWAY  Robert W.      son     18      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-54   CARAWAY  Ruby [Viola]   daughter        10      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-11B-67   CARAWAY  Shirley daughter        4        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-09B-76   CARAWAY  Simeon E.      son     28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-11B-68   CARAWAY  Simeon F. [Frank Simon]       head   61      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-13A-02  CARAWAY  Vurel  son     13      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-49   CARAWAY  W.R. (William Robert)         head   67      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-79   CARAWAY  Wess (Wesley)         head   41      Bridgeport E Side
02-09B-47   CARAWAY  Wiley  head   63      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-20B-42   CARAWAY  William Earl    son     10      Bridgeport E Side
17-08B-75   CARAWAY  William Robert son     6m     Bridgeport E Side
17-13A-01  CARAWAY  Willie  son     15      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-39  CARAWAY  Willie E. (Ernest 'Pete')        head   32      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-51   CARAWAY  Wilma daughter        16      Bridgeport E Side
01-27A-09  CARL Doss   Head   59      Decatur-Town
01-27A-10  CARL Eva Jo Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
18-04A-22  CARLILE     John H. (Henry)        Head   73      Chico Town
18-04A-23  CARLILE     Mary Etta      Wife   70      Chico Town
18-01B-71   CARLISLE    Bessie (Stout) wife    31      Chico Town
18-01B-70   CARLISLE    Edwin F.       head   61      Chico Town
18-01B-72   CARLISLE    Edwin L.       son     11      Chico Town
09-09B-47   CARLISLE    Forest E. (Edwin)      Head   68      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
02-14A-31  CARLISLE    Jack M.        son     0/12    Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14A-28  CARLISLE    Martha B.      wife    36      Rt 2-E of Decatur
09-09B-48   CARLISLE    Melba  daughter        24      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
18-01B-73   CARLISLE    Reba Joyce    daughter        7        Chico Town
18-01B-74   CARLISLE    Rena Lois      daughter        7        Chico Town
02-14A-27  CARLISLE    Rufus M.       head   54      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-15A-03  CARLTON    Bill     Son     16      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-04  CARLTON    Eva Lee        Daughter       15      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-80   CARLTON    J.O.    Head   44      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-02  CARLTON    Rayford        Son     23      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-01  CARLTON    Ruth (Wright)  Wife   40      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-05  CARLTON    Tom    Son     12      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
15-09B-76   CARLY        Nell    Lodger 36      Rural Boyd Area
15-09B-77   CARLY        Tammie Jo     Lodger's Daughter     17      Rural Boyd Area
18-10B-67   CARPENTER Agnes (Martin)         Wife   27      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-13A-34  CARPENTER Alice   Mother 75      SE of Chico
18-10B-70   CARPENTER Bobby (Carroll)         Son     2        East of Chico (Thomas)
14-05A-19  CARPENTER Charles         Son     6        Rhome-Justin Rd
16-14B-48   CARPENTER Clay    Son     15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
03-04A-16  CARPENTER Della [May (GREEN)]         wife    47      NW of Decatur
14-05A-24  CARPENTER Edd P. Head   74      Rhome-Justin Rd
16-14B-47   CARPENTER Etta May       Daughter       22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14B-46   CARPENTER Frank  Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-10B-69   CARPENTER Harold Ray ('Red')     Son     4        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-13A-33  CARPENTER Houston S. (Sam)      Head   33      SE of Chico
18-12A-19  CARPENTER Howard        Son     5        East of Chico
18-12A-17  CARPENTER J. Frank        Head   34      East of Chico
18-12A-21  CARPENTER Janis   Daughter       10/12   East of Chico
18-12A-20  CARPENTER Jerry Ann      Daughter       3        East of Chico
03-04A-15  CARPENTER Jess H head   48      NW of Decatur
14-05A-17  CARPENTER Jesse (Charles)         Head   41      Rhome-Justin Rd
03-04A-17  CARPENTER Jessie  daughter        22      NW of Decatur
18-10B-66   CARPENTER Jim     Head   32      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-10B-68   CARPENTER Jimmy Lloyd   Son     6        East of Chico (Thomas)
02-15B-60   CARPENTER Katie [Belle (FIELDS)]        head   63      Rt 1 Rhome
02-15B-61   CARPENTER LaRue daughter        40      Rt 1 Rhome
10-04B-79   CARPENTER Lena   alone   53      recopied on 13B-71
10-13B-71   CARPENTER Lena   alone   53      Rd to School, Paradise Town
18-12A-18  CARPENTER Lula (Chilton)  Wife   34      East of Chico
14-05A-25  CARPENTER Mina   Wife   55      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05A-18  CARPENTER Mitron (Addie Crowder)       Wife   41      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05A-26  CARPENTER Sal     Son     47      Rhome-Justin Rd
03-04A-20  CARPENTER Sara [Sarah Alice]     daughter        5        NW of Decatur
03-04A-19  CARPENTER Vergal [Virgil Morton] son     15      NW of Decatur
03-04A-18  CARPENTER Vernon         son     20      NW of Decatur
04-01B-54   CARR Anna Lois      Daughter       9        SW of Decatur
04-01B-50   CARR Annie (Frankie Spain) Wife   47      SW of Decatur
04-01B-53   CARR Edwinna        Daughter       14      SW of Decatur
02-16B-54   CARR Ethel [C.]      wife    49      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-01B-51   CARR Evelyn Daughter       21      SW of Decatur
01-02A-36  CARR Evlyn  Lodger 24      Decatur-Town
04-01B-49   CARR G.G. (George Gilbert) Head   47      SW of Decatur
07-03A-19  CARR J B [James G. B.]      Head   49      S of Alvord
04-01B-52   CARR J.H.    Son     19      SW of Decatur
02-16B-55   CARR James C.       son     16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-33A-07  CARR Lorene Housekeeper  20      Page 61A-Decatur
01-18A-05  CARR Virginia         Lodger 27      Decatur-Town
02-16B-53   CARR William P. [Parish]     head   50      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-04B-54   CARRIER     Angel (Michael Rosendeio)    son     22      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-53   CARRIER     Bense (Bennie A. Vela)       head   46      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-57   CARRIER     Erline  daughter        14      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-55   CARRIER     Eugene (Eugenio, Jr.)  son     20      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-58   CARRIER     Mary   daughter        10      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-56   CARRIER     Ruth (Guadalupe)      daughter        16      Bridgeport W Side
18-01A-17  CARSON      Anna Ruth     lodger's wife   21      Chico Town
20-10A-13  CARSON      Beatrice (Walker)      Wife   35      Boonsville
20-10A-14  CARSON      Billie Jean      Daughter       12      Boonsville
20-10A-12  CARSON      Cecil (Wesley, Sr.)     Head   39      Boonsville
20-10A-15  CARSON      Cecil, Jr. (Wesley)     Son     4        Boonsville
16-06B-72   CARSON      Charles [Lewis]        Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-70   CARSON      Elgie [E W]    Head   41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-07A-21  CARSON      Ella (Roberts)  Head   69      Boonsville Town
18-01A-16  CARSON      Fred C.         lodger  25      Chico Town
01-22A-15  CARSON      Ila M. (May Lambert) Wife   37      Decatur-Town
01-22A-16  CARSON      Jeraldine        Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
01-22A-14  CARSON      Joe P. (Joseph Perry) Head   44      Decatur-Town
01-22A-17  CARSON      Johnie  Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
16-06B-71   CARSON      Othella (JONES)       Wife   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-06A-23  CARSON      Ozzie (Lynn 'Maggie') Wife   56      Chico Town
01-22A-18  CARSON      Ruth   Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
18-06A-22  CARSON      Tom (Drury Thomas)  Head   58      Chico Town
01-13A-30  CARSWELL  Jessie  Sister  49      Decatur-Town
15-01A-37  CARSWELL  William         Father-in-law  88      Rural Boyd Area
20-08A-16  CARTER      A.R.   Head   67      Boonsville/Balsora
06-03B-76   CARTER      Ben Joe        Son     3        N&E of Alvord
14-02A-33  CARTER      Bert    Head   58      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-35  CARTER      Bert S., Jr.     Son     16      E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-14B-43   CARTER      Bradford [Bedford Forest]     Head   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14B-44   CARTER      Cora [Lee (SAUNDERS)]    Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14B-45   CARTER      Donald [B]     Son     15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-03B-49   CARTER      Herbert         Son     21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-03B-74   CARTER      I W    Head   36      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-43   CARTER      J E     Head   74      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-44   CARTER      Lucy K?        Wife   64      N&E of Alvord
16-02B-56   CARTER      Marie  Wife   19      Slidell Town
14-02A-34  CARTER      Mattie Wife   47      E of Rhome-Private Rd
20-08A-17  CARTER      Mattie (Newsome)     Wife   62      Boonsville/Balsora
11-03B-48   CARTER      Morris E        Son     26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-46   CARTER      Nora E [Ella (HILTON)]      Wife   60      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-50   CARTER      Opal   Daughter       23      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-45   CARTER      Robert J [Jackson 'Bob']       Head   59      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-47   CARTER      Ruby M        Daughter       27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-03B-75   CARTER      Ruth (TAYLOR)      Wife   30      N&E of Alvord
05-03B-45   CARTER      Sarah [Elizabeth]       Lodger 47      Alvord Town
16-02B-55   CARTER      Winfred [W]   Head   24      Slidell Town
01-17B-71   CARTWRIGHT       Bessie (Ray)   Wife   46      Decatur-Town
01-17B-72   CARTWRIGHT       C.A.   Son     25      Decatur-Town
04-03A-17  CARTWRIGHT       Hattie (Elvira Davenport)      Wife   58      SW of Decatur
04-03A-16  CARTWRIGHT       John (William) Head   60      SW of Decatur
01-17B-70   CARTWRIGHT       Lee    Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-17B-74   CARTWRIGHT       Naomi R.       Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
01-17B-73   CARTWRIGHT       Robert Son     22      Decatur-Town
10-08B-74   CARUTHERS         Betty Joe [Betty Jo Ozell]     Daughter       13      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08A-13  CARUTHERS         Carl L Gson  18      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-09  CARUTHERS         Emma A       Wife   73      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-12  CARUTHERS         Lena Mae      Gdau  21      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08B-75   CARUTHERS         Lillan A [Lellan Allen] Son     9        Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08A-11  CARUTHERS         Ruth   D-I-L 40      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08B-72   CARUTHERS         Stanley Head   40      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08B-73   CARUTHERS         Viola (JETER) Wife   35      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08A-08  CARUTHERS         W S    Head   76      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-10  CARUTHERS         Wayne Son     42      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
08-03B-55   CARUTHERS         Doris   daughter        18      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-54   CARUTHERS         Martha J        daughter        22      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-53   CARUTHERS         Nora   wife    46      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-52   CARUTHERS         William M      head    53      Park Springs & SE
11-08B-55   CARVER      Ellie    Wife   54      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-54   CARVER      Hubert Edward         Head   55      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-03A-15  CARVER      Laura  Mother-in-law 81      SW of Decatur
08-03B-48   CARVER      Bennie          daughter        2        Park Springs & SE
08-03B-41   CARVER      Daron son     14      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-39  CARVER      Fred I head    45      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-42   CARVER      Howard J       son     12      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-47   CARVER      Johnnie [Wilburn]      daughter (son) 4        Park Springs & SE
08-03B-46   CARVER      Joyce [Neelia Joyce]  daughter        7        Park Springs & SE
08-03B-45   CARVER      Maurice [Stella Maurice]      daughter        8        Park Springs & SE
08-03B-43   CARVER      Norma L       daughter        11      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-44   CARVER      Ruthie daughter        10      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-40  CARVER      Stella  [Mae (CHOATE)]      wife    39      Park Springs & SE
04-07B-65   CASEY        Della   Wife   35      SW of Decatur
05-03B-75   CASEY        Dorothy        Daughter       46      Alvord Town
01-02B-56   CASEY        Frieda Joy      Daughter       8        Decatur-Town
01-02B-55   CASEY        Lurline (Golden)        Wife   38      Decatur-Town
05-03B-76   CASEY        Melba L.       Granddaughter 11      Alvord Town
04-07B-64   CASEY        Moses Head   40      SW of Decatur
01-02B-54   CASEY        Ray    Head   35      Decatur-Town
02-04A-17  CASEY        Silas E. ['Dock']        head   64      Rt 3-E of Decatur
11-02B-80   CASEY        William         Head   76      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-03B-74   CASEY        William H.D.  Head   69      Alvord Town
11-04A-17  CASH Anne E [Fannie Elizabeth (Dutton)]   Wife   55      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-09B-45   CASH Billy (Billie Maudine)  Daughter       1        Rural Boyd Area
11-04A-21  CASH Charlie B       Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-04  CASH Clarence [Marlin]      Head   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-20  CASH Clifton W       Son     14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-07A-11  CASH E. A. (Emmett Alexander)     Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-40  CASH Felix   Head   34      Rural Boyd Area
11-04A-18  CASH Freeman S [Saunders] Son     20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-09B-42   CASH Gladys (W.)    Daughter       15      Rural Boyd Area
11-04A-08  CASH Harold R       Son     2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-09  CASH Iva Nell [Nellie]        Daughter       7/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-09B-44   CASH James Arnold  Son     4        Rural Boyd Area
15-09B-43   CASH Jo Earlene      Daughter       13      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-26  CASH Joe     Head   45      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-27  CASH John (Wesley) Father 77      Rural Boyd Area
11-04A-16  CASH Joseph G [Green]      Head   64      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-22  CASH Josephine       Daughter       8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-06  CASH Lucile F        Daughter       7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-05  CASH Mary M [Matilda (BARNETT)]       Wife   31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-09B-41   CASH Mattie (Lou Smith)     Wife   32      Rural Boyd Area
11-04A-19  CASH Sarah E         Son     17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-07  CASH Thomas T      Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-07A-12  CASH Volina (E. Lefors)     Wife   50      Rural Boyd Area
17-01A-32  CASILLAS    Anetta Daughter       17      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-37  CASILLAS    Carlos Son     8        Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-29  CASILLAS    Charlie Head   43      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-38  CASILLAS    Emilia  Daughter       5        Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-30  CASILLAS    Josephine (Josefin)     Wife   40      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-36  CASILLAS    Marie Jesus    Daughter       10      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-34  CASILLAS    Martin Son     14      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-33  CASILLAS    Meiquela       Daughter       16      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-35  CASILLAS    Serafin Son     13      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-31  CASILLAS    Ygnacios (Ymdacio)   Son     20      Bridgeport W Side
06-01A-30  CASON        Kathleen [Mary Kathleen]     Step Dau      18      N&E of Alvord
05-06A-37  CASON        Martha K. [C.]         Head   74      Alvord Town
07-01A-15  CASSITY      C A    Head   43      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
07-01A-17  CASSITY      Inez?   Daughter       20      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
07-01A-16  CASSITY      Nancy Ann     Wife   46      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
02-06B-69   CASTLEBERRY      Cathryn E. [Effa (PADGETT)]        wife    29      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-70   CASTLEBERRY      Clara C. [Catherine]   daughter        11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-04A-10  CASTLEBERRY      Claudia         Daughter       9        Boonsville/Willow P.
02-06B-68   CASTLEBERRY      Ernest V.       head   58      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-04A-09  CASTLEBERRY      Floy    Daughter       29      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-02B-62   CASTLEBERRY      Iva (Anderson)         Wife   51      Boonsville
20-02B-61   CASTLEBERRY      J.O.    Head   28      Boonsville
20-02A-28  CASTLEBERRY      Louise Daughter       25      Boonsville
02-06B-71   CASTLEBERRY      Martha V. [Virginia]   daughter        9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-04A-11  CASTLEBERRY      Mary Jo        Daughter       6        Boonsville/Willow P.
20-02A-27  CASTLEBERRY      May    Head   57      Boonsville
02-06B-73   CASTLEBERRY      Roy P. [Patrick]        brother 56      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-72   CASTLEBERRY      Sara S. [Susanna]      daughter        4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-02A-29  CASTLEBERRY      Stewart         Son     22      Boonsville
20-04A-08  CASTLEBERRY      Ura    Son-in-law     30      Boonsville/Willow P.
01-23A-32  CATES         Ada    Daughter       60      Decatur-Town
01-23A-34  CATES         Archie Son     57      Decatur-Town
02-02A-27  CATES         Bettie J.        daughter        15      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-28  CATES         Billy B.         son     13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-26B-64   CATES         Charles Allen  Son     31      Decatur-Town
01-23A-33  CATES         Cliff    Son     64      Decatur-Town
02-05A-17  CATES         Edd L. [Linley]         head   58      Rt 3-E of Decatur
04-11A-09  CATES         Elizabeth       Daughter       10      SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
02-05A-18  CATES         Eva (CAVER) wife    57      Rt 3-E of Decatur
04-11A-08  CATES         George L.      Son     12      SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
01-24B-58   CATES         J. Robert (Bob)         Head   56      Decatur-Town
02-02A-30  CATES         Joe C. son     9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-01A-23  CATES         Joe C. Head   70      SW of Decatur
01-26B-62   CATES         John J. (Hale) Head   66      Decatur-Town
04-11A-06  CATES         Keith   Head   46      SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
02-02A-26  CATES         Mamie [Mary Ann (HUGHES)]       wife    42      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-01A-24  CATES         Mary (Jane Champion)         Wife   56      SW of Decatur
04-11A-07  CATES         Mary (Nancy Katherine Burton)       Wife   42      SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
02-02A-29  CATES         Mary J.         daughter        11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-24B-59   CATES         N. Lessie (Carter)     Wife   49      Decatur-Town
01-26B-63   CATES         Opal (Kenney) Wife   66      Decatur-Town
01-23A-31  CATES         Rowena        Head   90      Decatur-Town
02-02A-25  CATES         William R. [Robert]    head   42      Rt 4-E of Decatur
08-09A-08  CATHERY    Charles         son     5        Park Springs & SE
08-09A-03  CATHERY    D R    head    37      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-07  CATHERY    Dell    daughter        7        Park Springs & SE
08-09A-04  CATHERY    Gertie wife    36      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-06  CATHERY    Joyce daughter        10      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-05  CATHERY    Pauline          daughter        15      Park Springs & SE
15-02A-11  CATHEY      James  Head   52      Rural Boyd Area
06-04B-51   CAUBLE      Mary Francis  Daughter       15      N&E of Alvord
06-04B-50   CAUBLE      Myrtle A (BRITTON) Wife   58      N&E of Alvord
06-04B-49   CAUBLE      O H [Oklahoma]       Head   65      N&E of Alvord
20-08A-29  CAUDILL ?   Eli      Son     22      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-30  CAUDILL ?   Inez    Dau-in-law     20      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-28  CAUDILL ?   Luther Son     16      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-31  CAUDILL ?   Luther Gr-Son 6/12    Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-27  CAUDILL ?   Ona    Wife   49      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-26  CAUDILL ?   W.C.   Head   55      Boonsville/Balsora
18-15A-39  CAUGHLIN  Della Belle     Adp-Dau       10      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
06-09A-37  CAULEY      Ardena         Head   51      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-38  CAULEY      J F     Mother         85      N&E of Alvord
03-01B-41   CAZZEL       Chalk [Charles Henry]         head   65      NW of Decatur
03-01B-46   CAZZEL       Howard [Franklin]     son     3        NW of Decatur
03-01B-44   CAZZEL       James  son     11      NW of Decatur
03-01B-43   CAZZEL       Johnie B        son     16      NW of Decatur
03-01B-45   CAZZEL       Nellie  daughter        10      NW of Decatur
03-01B-42   CAZZEL       Serah [Sara Jane (FOWLER)]         wife    36      NW of Decatur
04-04A-25  CAZZELL     Grover Head   27      SW of Decatur
04-04A-28  CAZZELL     Lillie Mae      Daughter       3        SW of Decatur
04-04A-26  CAZZELL     Nadine (Williams)      Wife   21      SW of Decatur
04-04A-27  CAZZELL     Willie Faye     Daughter       3        SW of Decatur
16-05B-73   CEARLEY    Allen   Head   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05B-79   CEARLEY    Calvin L.       Son     5/12    Decatur-Town
01-09A-23  CEARLEY    Cathrine (Coffman)    Wife   65      Decatur-Town
16-05B-47   CEARLEY    Cleo [Lonnie Cleo]     Head   24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-75   CEARLEY    Douglas        Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-01A-20  CEARLEY    Effie D.        Head   68      Decatur-Town
01-05B-76   CEARLEY    G. Calvin       Head   29      Decatur-Town
16-05B-76   CEARLEY    Imogene [Quintella Imogene]  Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05B-80   CEARLEY    Jewel A.       Brother         27      Decatur-Town
01-06A-02  CEARLEY    Kenneth        Nephew        ?        Decatur-Town
01-06A-01  CEARLEY    Lavelle Sister-in-Law  16      Decatur-Town
16-05B-66   CEARLEY    Lonnie [Lonnie Cleo]  Head   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05B-77   CEARLEY    Mabel (Jones) Wife   29      Decatur-Town
16-05B-49   CEARLEY    Margie W. [Eulaine]   Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-48   CEARLEY    Ora [Paralee (SIPES)]         Wife   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05B-78   CEARLEY    Phillip D.       Son     1        Decatur-Town
01-09A-22  CEARLEY    Robert N.      Head   80      Decatur-Town
16-05B-74   CEARLEY    Tressie (SIPES)        Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-68   CEARLEY    William         Uncle  89      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-67   CEARLEY    Willie [Gertrude (DRAKE)]   Wife   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-01A-23  CHADWICK Carmel Head   25      Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-25  CHADWICK Philip Ray      son     3        Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-24  CHADWICK Ruby Lee      wife    23      Park Springs-W of RR
08-06A-31  CHADWICK Gerald W [Wallace]   son     3        Park Springs & SE
08-06A-37  CHADWICK James N        head    51      Park Springs & SE
08-06A-30  CHADWICK Opal R [Ruth (MONROE)]   wife    23      Park Springs & SE
08-06A-38  CHADWICK Srah    wife    58      Park Springs & SE
08-06A-29  CHADWICK William J  [Jewel]      head    32      Park Springs & SE
19-08B-54   CHAMBERS  Eugene (Vinson)       son     19      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-52   CHAMBERS  George H.      head   76      NW of Bridgeport
02-05A-19  CHAMBERS  George W.     head   49      Rt 3-E of Decatur
19-08B-53   CHAMBERS  Hattie (Octova Powell)         wife    65      NW of Bridgeport
18-07A-37  CHAMBERS  Henry B.       Son-in-law     25      Chico Area
02-05A-21  CHAMBERS  J.W.   son     11      Rt 3-E of Decatur
13-02A-25  CHAMBERS  Joel [Sr.]       Head   52      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-27  CHAMBERS  Joel Jr. Son     16      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-26  CHAMBERS  Juanita Wife   42      Rhome Town-S Addition
01-05B-62   CHAMBERS  Katherine      Nurse  21      Decatur-Town
02-05A-20  CHAMBERS  Mattie (DURANT)    wife    49      Rt 3-E of Decatur
18-07A-38  CHAMBERS  Myrtle Dee (Morrow) Daughter       25      Chico Area
02-12A-21  CHAMPION  Arthur L. [Lee]        head   48      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-08B-62   CHAMPION  C R [Charles Roy]     Head   44      N&E of Alvord
06-08B-64   CHAMPION  C W [Charles] Son     25      N&E of Alvord
07-02A-38  CHAMPION  Charlene       Daughter       6        S of Alvord
05-08A-10  CHAMPION  Charley (A.)   Head   73      Alvord Town
05-08A-11  CHAMPION  Ella [Lou Ella (SMITH)]       Wife   66      Alvord Town
02-12A-24  CHAMPION  Frances E.     daughter        16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-08B-63   CHAMPION  Grace [Elnora (SIMS)]         Wife   42      N&E of Alvord
07-02A-36  CHAMPION  Jennie (BOWERS)    Wife   36      S of Alvord
02-12A-23  CHAMPION  John W.        son     17      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-22  CHAMPION  Mary A. [Averile (SIMMS)]  wife    44      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-02A-35  CHAMPION  T A [Tom Allen]       Head   39      S of Alvord
07-02A-37  CHAMPION  Virginia         Daughter       9        S of Alvord
08-08B-69   CHAMPION Della L (WALLACE/WALLIS)]      wife    47      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-68   CHAMPION FA [Festus A] head    55      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-70   CHAMPION John R          son     19      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-71   CHAMPION Wallace [Wallis Festus]        son     10      Park Springs & SE
05-06A-30  CHANCELLOR       C.A. [Charles A.]      Head   39      Alvord Town
05-06A-32  CHANCELLOR       Charles         Son     8        Alvord Town
05-06A-31  CHANCELLOR       Edna [Bell (TAYLOR-STARK)]      Wife   32      Alvord Town
05-06A-33  CHANCELLOR       Lonnie Son     6        Alvord Town
05-06A-34  CHANCELLOR       Oscar Ray     Son     2        Alvord Town
03-05B-62   CHANDLER  Alma   daughter        28      NW of Decatur
01-08B-64   CHANDLER  Anita Dale     Wife   24      Decatur-Town
03-05B-61   CHANDLER  Cecil   son/law         30      NW of Decatur
12-04A-03  CHANDLER  James  Head   82      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-09B-61   CHANDLER  Kate   Wife   44      N&E of Alvord
18-03A-32  CHANDLER  Lockie (Herron)        Wife   64      Chico Town
01-08B-63   CHANDLER  Pierce L.       Head   31      Decatur-Town
18-03A-31  CHANDLER  Robert L.       Head   72      Chico Town
06-09B-60   CHANDLER  S P     Head   50      N&E of Alvord
06-09B-62   CHANDLER  Sammie         Daughter       13      N&E of Alvord
03-05B-63   CHANDLER  Winford        grandson       4        NW of Decatur
10-07A-16  CHANEY     A V (Annie Vernon Bridges)  Wife   60      S of Paradise on Highway
04-06A-13  CHANEY     Betty Lou (Bettie Lee)         Daughter       4        SW of Decatur
10-07A-15  CHANEY     J L (John Lakon)       Head   61      S of Paradise on Highway
04-06A-11  CHANEY     J.C. (John Claiborne)  Head   37      SW of Decatur
04-06A-12  CHANEY     Mattie (Bridges)        Wife   28      SW of Decatur
10-07A-17  CHANEY     Ruby   Daughter       35      S of Paradise on Highway
10-09A-21  CHAPMAN   Barcy Lee [(MOTSENBOCKER)]   Wife   26      Highway N of Paradise
11-06B-65   CHAPMAN   Buddy L        Son       5/12  Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-09A-23  CHAPMAN   Darrell Edwin  Son     3/12   Highway N of Paradise
10-09A-22  CHAPMAN   Donald Ray    Son     5        Highway N of Paradise
10-01A-33  CHAPMAN   Gladys L       Daughter       16      Paradise-Draco Rd.
10-01A-30  CHAPMAN   J Fleet Son     24      Paradise-Draco Rd.
11-06B-63   CHAPMAN   James R        Head   21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-64   CHAPMAN   Juanita F       Wife   18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-09A-20  CHAPMAN   L F [Thomas Franklin] Head   26      Highway N of Paradise
10-01A-29  CHAPMAN   Lucill   Wife   54      Paradise-Draco Rd.
10-03B-48   CHAPMAN   Myrtle [Cora Myrtle (BROWN)]      Wife   54      recopied on 12B-66
10-12B-66   CHAPMAN   Myrtle [Cora Myrtle (BROWN)]      Wife   54      East St., Paradise Town
16-15A-15  CHAPMAN   Rozella Head   54      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-01A-32  CHAPMAN   Terrell A       Son     18      Paradise-Draco Rd.
10-03B-47   CHAPMAN   W J [William]  Head   57      recopied on 12B-65
10-12B-65   CHAPMAN   W J [William]  Head   57      East St., Paradise Town
10-01A-28  CHAPMAN   W T    Head   54      Paradise-Draco Rd.
10-01A-31  CHAPMAN   Woodard W    Son     21      Paradise-Draco Rd.
17-09B-47   CHARLES    Goldie  daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-48   CHARLES    Norman        son     13      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-46   CHARLES    Ruby   wife    33      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-45   CHARLES    W.C.   head   39      Bridgeport E Side
06-04A-39  CHEEK        C A [Curby A]         Head   64      N&E of Alvord
06-04B-43   CHEEK        Eunise Daughter       14      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-40  CHEEK        Hester [O]     Wife   48      N&E of Alvord
06-04B-41   CHEEK        Ivan    Son     26      N&E of Alvord
06-04B-44   CHEEK        Maxine         Daughter       9        N&E of Alvord
06-04B-42   CHEEK        Nolan  Son     18      N&E of Alvord
01-34A-07  CHENOWETH        Beaulah L.     Guest  58      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
13-03A-30  CHERRY      Charles (Sr.)   Head   42      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-03A-32  CHERRY      Charles Jr.     Son     12      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-07A-14  CHERRY      Mattie (Martha Matilda McCoy)       head   78      Bridgeport W Side
13-03A-31  CHERRY      Willie  Wife   40      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
09-05A-23  CHESSER     John J.          grand-father   81      Howell Lane
01-29A-14  CHESSER     Robert Grandson       12      Decatur-Town
08-06A-33  CHESSER     Claudie         daughter        21      Park Springs & SE
08-06A-32  CHESSER     Ollie    head    48      Park Springs & SE
16-16B-64   CHESTER     Austin Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-62   CHESTER     Bill [William O]         Son     21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-63   CHESTER     Fred    Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-61   CHESTER     Laura [Lee (SANDERSON)] Wife   49      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-65   CHESTER     Maxie  Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-55   CHESTER     Oceal  Wife   20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-67   CHESTER     Pat     Son     6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-66   CHESTER     Paul [Davis]   Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-54   CHESTER     Ted    Head   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-60   CHESTER     William [Oscar]        Head   60      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-03A-28  CHEVES      Demple (Maxine Meisengoer) D-in-law        24      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
17-15B-78   CHEVES      Donilla daughter        15      Bridgeport E Side
20-03A-29  CHEVES      Ernest F. (Floyd)       Head   42      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-31  CHEVES      Floyd   Son     20      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-02A-12  CHEVES      Harold Raymond       Son     6        Boonsville
17-15B-77   CHEVES      Iva     head   38      Bridgeport E Side
20-02A-13  CHEVES      James Vernon Son     3        Boonsville
20-03A-30  CHEVES      Jewel (Long)  Wife   37      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-02A-10  CHEVES      Leta Mae (Crawford) Wife   27      Boonsville
20-03A-25  CHEVES      Mollie F. (Thresher)   Wife   61      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
17-15B-79   CHEVES      Norris D.       son     13      Bridgeport E Side
20-03A-24  CHEVES      Oscar  Head   68      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-26  CHEVES      Raymond       Son     23      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-02A-11  CHEVES      Ronald L.      Son     7        Boonsville
05-02B-56   CHEVES      Roy    Lodger 35      Alvord Town
20-03A-27  CHEVES      Roy ( Bedford)         Son     31      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-02A-09  CHEVES      Woodrow      Head   26      Boonsville
04-01B-48   CHICOTSKY M.J.    Head   56      SW of Decatur
02-07A-39  CHILDERS   Cynthy J.       daughter        10      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-38  CHILDERS   Eddie C. [Coe, Jr.]     son     12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-36  CHILDERS   Eddie C. [Coe, Sr.]    head   41      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-60   CHILDERS   Harold son     47      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-37  CHILDERS   Iona [Lona/Loma B. (LOWANCE)]  wife    36      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-26  CHILDERS   Lonnie B.      head   43      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-28  CHILDERS   Marvine R. [Maurine Ruth]    daughter        13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-59   CHILDERS   Mary J. [Jane (CALVERT)]  head   67      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-29  CHILDERS   Mary J. [Jo]   daughter        11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-40  CHILDERS   Tommie H.     son     4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-27  CHILDERS   Willie L. [Lee (LEWIS)]       wife    35      Rt 4-E of Decatur
15-11A-15  CHILDRESS  A. R. (Alfred) Head   83      Newark Town
05-05B-70   CHILDRESS  A.P.   Head   35      Alvord Town
15-11A-19  CHILDRESS  Bob (William O.)       Son     28      Newark Town
05-05B-73   CHILDRESS  Charles Richard        Son     5        Alvord Town
05-05B-72   CHILDRESS  Jackie Ann     Daughter       6        Alvord Town
15-11A-18  CHILDRESS  Jannie (Janie Evelyn)  Daughter       13      Newark Town
13-05A-21  CHILDRESS  John    Head   77      Rhome Town-E Addition
15-11A-16  CHILDRESS  Kizzie (E. Baldwin)    Wife   51      Newark Town
15-11A-17  CHILDRESS  L. T. (Luther) Son     18      Newark Town
13-05A-22  CHILDRESS  Minnie Wife   62      Rhome Town-E Addition
05-05B-71   CHILDRESS  Ollie (ALMONROAD)        Wife   31      Alvord Town
13-05A-23  CHILDRESS  R.B.   Son     43      Rhome Town-E Addition
06-07B-46   CHILDS       E C [Elijah]    Head   81      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-47   CHILDS       Laura E        Wife   69      N&E of Alvord
17-14B-49   CHILTON     Bertie (May Newton) wife    47      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-52   CHILTON     Charles Douglas        son     4        Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-48   CHILTON     Charlie W.     head   57      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-50   CHILTON     Christine        daughter        23      Bridgeport E Side
17-14A-37  CHILTON     Faye   daughter        17      Bridgeport E Side
17-14A-35  CHILTON     Fred D. Douglass)     head   56      Bridgeport E Side
18-11A-29  CHILTON     Janet   Niece  10      East of Chico (Thomas)
17-14A-36  CHILTON     Lillian (Ethel Stokes)   wife    54      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-51   CHILTON     Pauline (Millie)         daughter        22      Bridgeport E Side
18-13A-40  CHILTON     Ralph  G-Son  17      SE of Chico
18-13A-35  CHILTON     Samuel P.      Head   73      SE of Chico
16-09A-36  CHISM         Ben    Head   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-37  CHISM         Bessie [Irene (LUTHER)]     Wife   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-38  CHISM         Elizabeth       Daughter       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-04  CHISM         Ellen   Wife   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-39  CHISM         Marion [Luther]        Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-03  CHISM         Marion W. [Wesley]   Head   74      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-06  CHISM         Pauline Daughter-in-Law       21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-05  CHISM         Weldon         Son     27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-11A-01  CHITTENDEN        Edwin B.       head   27      Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-02  CHITTENDEN        Mabel  wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
20-04B-41   CHIVERS     Billy Ray       Son     4        Boonsville/Willow P.
20-03B-64   CHIVERS     Bonnie Daughter       39      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-04A-38  CHIVERS     James Ralph   Head   26      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-40  CHIVERS     James Robert (Jim Bob)       Son     6        Boonsville/Willow P.
20-03B-62   CHIVERS     Nora D. (Dwight)      Head   62      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-04A-39  CHIVERS     Ruby Emily (Barfield) Wife   28      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-42   CHIVERS     Tommy Joe    Son     2        Boonsville/Willow P.
20-03B-63   CHIVERS     Winnie Daughter       41      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
06-10B-56   CHOATE      E D    Head   25      N&E of Alvord
07-01B-45   CHOATE      James  BIL   17      S of Alvord
06-10B-57   CHOATE      Louise Wife   23      N&E of Alvord
20-10B-41   CHOTE        J.C. (James)   Head   55      Boonsville
20-10B-43   CHOTE        James C.       Son     17      Boonsville
20-10B-42   CHOTE        Ora (Bell England)     Wife   40      Boonsville
20-10B-45   CHOTE        Ora Marie      Daughter       9        Boonsville
20-10B-44   CHOTE        Willie W.       Son     15      Boonsville
16-07B-72   CHRESTMAN         Alton   Head   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-75   CHRESTMAN         Billie Jean      Daughter       9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-22  CHRESTMAN         Caruth Wife   30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-21  CHRESTMAN         Claud  Head   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10A-20  CHRESTMAN         Dovie [Mary Dovie (CURRY)]        Wife   60      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-07B-57   CHRESTMAN         Ethyl (COWAN)       Wife   39      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
16-10A-19  CHRESTMAN         George [Madison]      Head   70      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-07B-58   CHRESTMAN         Gwendoline    Daughter       15      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
06-07B-56   CHRESTMAN         L O [Loyes]   Head   42      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
16-07B-74   CHRESTMAN         Lloyd [George]         Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-77   CHRESTMAN         Lora May      Daughter       3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-73   CHRESTMAN         Maggie [Zoe (HILLIN)]       Wife   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-76   CHRESTMAN         Mary V.        Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-78   CHRESTMAN         Paul W. [Williard]      Son     4/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-07B-59   CHRESTMAN         Peggy [Elaine] Daughter         1/5/40         Audubon-N&E of Alvord
01-02A-39  CHRISTIAN  Carl L. (Lee)  Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-29A-30  CHRISTIAN  Elizabeth (Fletcher)    Wife   72      Decatur-Town
01-29A-29  CHRISTIAN  John A. (Alexander)   Head   82      Decatur-Town
01-02B-41   CHRISTIAN  Maxine         Daughter       26      Decatur-Town
01-02A-40  CHRISTIAN  Sallie (Bobo)   Wife   51      Decatur-Town
01-02B-42   CHRISTIAN  Virginia Ann   Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
06-11A-20  CHUMLEY   H E [Horace Emmett] Son     23      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-19  CHUMLEY   Jim     Head   57      N&E of Alvord
14-01A-20  CIRCLE       Rose   Housekeeper  50      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
05-05A-27  CLABAUGH Arza L.         Brother-in-law 24      Alvord Town
05-05A-28  CLABAUGH Lorene (MOSLEY)    Sister  22      Alvord Town
06-11B-62   CLABORN    Elma (RAY)   Wife   42      Black Creek-N&E of Alvord
06-09A-26  CLABORN    Izo     Son     28      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-63   CLABORN    Kenneth        Son     15      Black Creek-N&E of Alvord
06-09A-25  CLABORN    Lew Verne [Lou Vernie (REAGAN)]         Wife   71      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-64   CLABORN    Marie  Daughter       11      Black Creek-N&E of Alvord
06-11B-65   CLABORN    Maxine         Daughter       9        Black Creek-N&E of Alvord
06-11B-61   CLABORN    P A [Prince Avit]      Head   45      Black Creek-N&E of Alvord
06-09A-24  CLABORN    W A [William Alvin]   Head   72      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-24  CLARK        Aynel [Myerl H.]      Son     20      N&E of Alvord
02-11A-05  CLARK        Daniel son     2        Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-04B-49   CLARK        Don J. Son     5        Chico Town
06-04A-25  CLARK        Dorthy Rose [Dorothy]         Daughter       10      N&E of Alvord
16-12A-17  CLARK        Edgar  Head   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-07A-17  CLARK        Elaine  housekeeper           W of Bridgeport
07-02B-59   CLARK        Elsie (ALLEN)         Wife   42      S of Alvord
01-02B-80   CLARK        Emory Nephew        25      Decatur-Town
02-07A-06  CLARK        Ethel   gr/dau  4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-11B-74   CLARK        Everett Head   35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
07-02B-58   CLARK        J R [John Roe]         Head   48      S of Alvord
07-02B-64   CLARK        James Walter  Son     8        S of Alvord
18-04B-47   CLARK        Jerry   Head   31      Chico Town
07-02B-60   CLARK        Kenneth        Son     21      S of Alvord
01-03A-01  CLARK        Leonard        Nephew        20      Decatur-Town
02-11A-03  CLARK        Lois [Etta (MORRIS)]         wife    30      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-04A-23  CLARK        Lucy [Jeanette(WALKER)]   Wife   46      N&E of Alvord
07-02B-61   CLARK        Madeline       Daughter       16      S of Alvord
18-01B-49   CLARK        Margaret A. (McCool)         wife    78      Chico Town
16-12A-19  CLARK        Marvin Brother         24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-04A-26  CLARK        Mary Sue      Daughter       9        N&E of Alvord
02-11A-02  CLARK        Matt W. [Mathew William]    head   48      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-02B-65   CLARK        Melba [Loneta]         Daughter       3        S of Alvord
18-04B-48   CLARK        Nita    Wife   27      Chico Town
06-04A-22  CLARK        O D [Owen Dennis]   Head   57      N&E of Alvord
02-11A-04  CLARK        Paticia daughter        5        Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-03B-55   CLARK        Ruth   Head   55      Decatur-Town
07-02B-62   CLARK        Ruth [Wynona Ruth]  Daughter       13      S of Alvord
18-01B-48   CLARK        Samuel P.      head   81      Chico Town
02-10B-75   CLARK        Tom A.         head   51      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-02B-63   CLARK        Velma [Naomi Velma]         Daughter       11      S of Alvord
16-12A-18  CLARK        Winnie L.      Wife   19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
03-03A-34  CLATERBOUGH     Jula    sister   60      NW of Decatur
07-04B-64   CLAY A G [Albert Gordon]  Son     21      S of Alvord
01-05A-26  CLAY Bernice         Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
01-05A-29  CLAY Billie   Son     11      Decatur-Town
19-05A-39  CLAY Billie (Ross)    son     2        SW of Bridgeport
01-05A-28  CLAY Bobbie Son     12      Decatur-Town
19-05A-33  CLAY Bobbie L(ouis) son     17      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-31  CLAY Charlie R(ufus)         head   42      SW of Bridgeport
07-04B-65   CLAY Clifford [C.]   Gson  15      S of Alvord
17-22A-36  CLAY Danny Joe     son     2        Bridgeport E Side
19-05A-36  CLAY Dorothy J(ean)         daughter        11      SW of Bridgeport
07-04B-62   CLAY Doug [Dave?] Head   51      S of Alvord
01-26B-79   CLAY Earnest         Head   26      Decatur-Town
17-18B-74   CLAY Emma Sudie (Williams)        head   76      Bridgeport E Side
01-05A-27  CLAY Francis Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
01-05A-22  CLAY Frank  Head   61      Decatur-Town
19-05A-35  CLAY Harry G(uinn) son     14      SW of Bridgeport
01-05A-24  CLAY Henry  Son     26      Decatur-Town
01-05A-23  CLAY Jewel (Pounds)         Wife   32      Decatur-Town
01-27A-01  CLAY Jimmy C.       Son     2/12    Decatur-Town
17-22A-35  CLAY Kate (Winn)   wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
07-04B-63   CLAY Mary   Wife   53      S of Alvord
19-05A-37  CLAY Mary E(lizabeth)       daughter        7        SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-32  CLAY Mattie (Martha Alice Pearce) wife    38      SW of Bridgeport
01-26B-80   CLAY Maude (Phillips)        Wife   22      Decatur-Town
19-05A-38  CLAY Paul (Owen)   son     4        SW of Bridgeport
01-05A-25  CLAY Ruby   Daughter       22      Decatur-Town
19-05A-34  CLAY Theda J(oyce) daughter        16      SW of Bridgeport
17-22A-34  CLAY Tollie (Melton)( "Mud")        head   44      Bridgeport E Side
01-05A-30  CLAY Tom    Father 80      Decatur-Town
03-05B-79   CLAYBORN Ezery  head   32      NW of Decatur
03-05B-74   CLAYBORN Lillian  wife    43      NW of Decatur
03-05B-80   CLAYBORN May    wife    36      NW of Decatur
03-05B-78   CLAYBORN Naomi daughter        7        NW of Decatur
03-05B-75   CLAYBORN V M Jr son     16      NW of Decatur
03-05B-77   CLAYBORN Victor  son     12      NW of Decatur
03-05B-73   CLAYBORN Virgil   head   42      NW of Decatur
03-05B-76   CLAYBORN Wanda daughter        14      NW of Decatur
05-03B-66   CLEARY      Mary [E.]      Head   79      Alvord Town
11-02A-28  CLEMANS    Charles L      Son     26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-29  CLEMANS    Eleanor M      Daughter       23      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-27  CLEMANS    Josephine L (LICKA) Wife   52      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-31  CLEMANS    Richard L      Son     14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-30  CLEMANS    Walter J        Son     21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02A-26  CLEMANS    Walter W      Head   53      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-05A-25  CLEMENT    Bonita Sister-in-law  16      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
01-02A-03  CLEMENT    Nettie (Estelle Stevenson)     Head   50      Decatur-Town
01-02A-04  CLEMENT    Stella   Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
10-04A-01  CLEVELAND         Bob [Orion?]  Head   36      recopied on 13A-17
10-13A-17  CLEVELAND         Bob [Orion?]  Head   36      West St., Paradise Town
11-02B-51   CLEVELAND         Floyd   Head   26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-43   CLEVELAND         Georgia R [Ruth]       Daughter       6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-44   CLEVELAND         Gerald C       Son     5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-42   CLEVELAND         Grover O       Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-02A-15  CLEVELAND         Grover, Jr. (William)   Son     14      Decatur-Town
01-02A-13  CLEVELAND         Grover, Sr. (William)  Head   47      Decatur-Town
01-02A-14  CLEVELAND         Isabell (Stark) Wife   46      Decatur-Town
11-02B-52   CLEVELAND         Juanita [Bailey]         Blank(Wife)   19      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-04A-24  CLEVELAND         Louise Lodger 23      Alvord Town
10-04A-02  CLEVELAND         Memery (FUNCHESS)        Wife   34      recopied on 13A-18
10-13A-18  CLEVELAND         Memery (FUNCHESS)        Wife   34      West St., Paradise Town
11-02B-79   CLEVELAND         Ola Mae        Daughter       21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03A-40  CLEVELAND         Omar B.        Head   37      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-04A-03  CLEVELAND         Robert C [Cullen]      Son     9        recopied on 13A-19
10-13A-19  CLEVELAND         Robert C [Cullen]      Son     9        West St., Paradise Town
11-02B-78   CLEVELAND         Sivy A [Cunnungham] Wife   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-04A-04  CLEVELAND         Verlerine       Daughter       6        recopied on 13A-20
10-13A-20  CLEVELAND         Verlerine       Daughter       6        West St., Paradise Town
11-02B-77   CLEVELAND         Will R [William Richard]       Head   64      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-41   CLEVELAND         Zula M [Mae (CRAWFORD) Wife   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-01A-04  CLICK         Berniece G. (GRIFFITH)      Daughter       27      Alvord Town
05-01A-05  CLICK         Carole A. [Ann]        Granddaughter 1        Alvord Town
05-01A-03  CLICK         Wendell E. [Earl]      Son-in-law     30      Alvord Town
19-11B-74   CLIFTON     Alma Lee      daughter        15      NW of Bridgeport
16-05A-24  CLIFTON     Belle (FORTENBERRY?)    Head   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-04B-54   CLIFTON     Bernice [Louise (SPLAWN)] wife    42      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-56   CLIFTON     Billy [George William] son     14      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-53   CLIFTON     Floyd [William Floyd]  head   44      Rt 3-E of Decatur
19-11B-72   CLIFTON     John H.         head   46      NW of Bridgeport
19-11B-75   CLIFTON     Juanita daughter        13      NW of Bridgeport
16-16A-06  CLIFTON     Julia    Head   87      Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-11B-73   CLIFTON     Lillie   wife    37      NW of Bridgeport
02-04B-55   CLIFTON     Watson [S.]    son     14      Rt 3-E of Decatur
19-11B-76   CLIFTON     Wysenda       daughter        10      NW of Bridgeport
06-05B-62   CLOWER     Brown [John Brown]  Head   34      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-54   CLOWER     Curg Thompson "Tom"         Son     23      Dry Hollow-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-58   CLOWER     Curtis A. [Curtis Aubrey]      Son     21      Dry Hollow-N&E of Alvord
06-05B-63   CLOWER     Edith Jewel (BONER) Wife   32      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-52   CLOWER     G [George] Shelton    Head   52      Dry Hollow-N&E of Alvord
06-05B-66   CLOWER     Garvin Wayne Son     2        Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-55   CLOWER     George Eugene         Son     17      Dry Hollow-N&E of Alvord
06-05B-64   CLOWER     Johnny Jr.      Son     11      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-56   CLOWER     Kenneth Wayne        Son     9        Dry Hollow-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-57   CLOWER     Linnie May [Mae]     Daughter       5        Dry Hollow-N&E of Alvord
06-04B-53   CLOWER     Lola Lee (McDONALD)      Wife   41      Dry Hollow-N&E of Alvord
06-05B-65   CLOWER     Vernon Leon  Son     9        Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
08-07A-20  COATES       William         head    50      Park Springs & SE
10-09B-69   COBB A H [Archie Hubert]  Head   47      N of Paradise
13-02B-62   COBB Allen  (James) Head   32      Rhome Town-S Addition
19-03B-69   COBB Clinton brother 67      SW of Bridgeport
01-11B-74   COBB Daisy (Dobson)        Wife   51      Decatur-Town
01-04A-27  COBB Donna Head   60      Decatur-Town
15-02A-30  COBB E. A. (Elmer)  Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
15-02A-38  COBB George Head   32      Rural Boyd Area
01-11B-73   COBB George (F.)    Head   54      Decatur-Town
01-04A-28  COBB Georgia         Daughter       34      Decatur-Town
01-11B-75   COBB Gretchen       Dau    29      Decatur-Town
10-09B-71   COBB Harold [Hubert Howard]       Son     10      N of Paradise
03-04B-42   COBB Hazel [Zelpha Hazel (RAWLE/ROWEL)]    wife    27      NW of Decatur
15-02A-32  COBB John A.         Son     13      Rural Boyd Area
04-08A-19  COBB Leslie (M.)     Head   56      SW of Decatur
15-02B-41   COBB Marion Lee Dale       Daughter       10      Rural Boyd Area
16-11A-07  COBB Mary E. [Elizabeth (JOHNSON)]     Head   83      Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-02B-63   COBB Mary Sue (Hamilton)  Wife   33      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-02A-31  COBB Maudie Lee    Wife   54      Rural Boyd Area
13-02B-64   COBB Melba Ruth    Daughter       12      Rhome Town-S Addition
03-04B-43   COBB Morris [Ray Morris]   son     8        NW of Decatur
15-02A-39  COBB Nettie Belle (Swafford)        Wife   31      Rural Boyd Area
10-09B-70   COBB Oneida [Louisa (MEEK)]      Wife   44      N of Paradise
15-02A-40  COBB Robert Cecil   Son     12      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-42   COBB Roger Albert   Son     4        Rural Boyd Area
03-04B-41   COBB Roy [Walter Ray]      head   33      NW of Decatur
04-08A-20  COBB Ruth   Wife   52      SW of Decatur
16-11A-12  COBB Ruth [Nettie Ruth]     Daughter       40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
03-04B-44   COBB Travis [Monroe Travis]        son     5        NW of Decatur
18-04B-79   COBLE        Claude F.       Head   24      Chico Town
18-04B-80   COBLE        Maurine (Ema Wester)         Wife   24      Chico Town
18-05A-01  COBLE        Neta Caroline  Daughter       6/12    Chico Town
01-14B-42   COBURN     A. Lucille      Daughter       21      Decatur-Town
01-14A-40  COBURN     Anna A.        Wife   48      Decatur-Town
17-11B-58   COBURN     Ava    stepdaughter   20      Bridgeport E Side
17-11B-59   COBURN     Betty Loyd     stepgranddaughter             Bridgeport E Side
01-14A-39  COBURN     Elbert H.       Head   54      Decatur-Town
01-14B-41   COBURN     Mary Josephine        Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
01-02B-70   COCANOUGHER    Allen (Howell) Son     11      Decatur-Town
01-02B-71   COCANOUGHER    Bonnie G       Son     8        Decatur-Town
01-15B-43   COCANOUGHER    Charley         Head   68      Decatur-Town
01-20B-67   COCANOUGHER    Chas. M.       Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-15B-44   COCANOUGHER    Dollie (Habern)         Wife   66      Decatur-Town
01-02B-72   COCANOUGHER    Dorothy Lynn  Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
01-02B-69   COCANOUGHER    Gertrude (Mecaskey)  Wife   39      Decatur-Town
01-02B-68   COCANOUGHER    Glenn (Howell)         Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-20B-66   COCANOUGHER    Lucille (Stallings)       Wife   27      Decatur-Town
01-20B-65   COCANOUGHER    Marion (Benjamin)     Head   30      Decatur-Town
01-15B-45   COCANOUGHER    Vera Mae      Daughter       21      Decatur-Town
06-02A-16  COCHRAN   Anne (REDMAN)     Wife   55      N&E of Alvord
06-02A-17  COCHRAN   Bettie  Daughter       20      N&E of Alvord
06-02A-25  COCHRAN   E W C Head   29      N&E of Alvord
06-02A-15  COCHRAN   W S [William S]        Head   57      N&E of Alvord
10-08B-49   COE   Floyd   Head   27      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08B-50   COE   Hazel  Wife   28      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
15-09B-47   COE   Henry  Son     16      Rural Boyd Area
15-09B-46   COE   I. D.   Head   68      Rural Boyd Area
01-12A-17  COFER        Este    Head   37      Decatur-Town
10-08A-02  COFFEE       B [Emmett B] Head   31      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-04A-26  COFFEE       Dora (GREEN)        Wife   57      W of Paradise
10-02B-59   COFFEE       Edgar  Head   37      recopied on 12A-19
10-12A-19  COFFEE       Edgar  Head   37      S Main St., Paradise
10-08A-04  COFFEE       Eldon Royce [Roger]  Son     5        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
13-03A-08  COFFEE       Elizabeth       Housekeeper  26      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
10-08A-05  COFFEE       Eva Joyce [Joy]        Daughter       5        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-02B-60   COFFEE       Hattie N        Wife   30      recopied on 12A-20
10-12A-20  COFFEE       Hattie N        Wife   30      S Main St., Paradise
10-05B-76   COFFEE       N B [Nancy Belle (SINOR)]  Wife   61      S of Paradise
10-04A-25  COFFEE       Tobe   Head   56      W of Paradise
10-02B-61   COFFEE       Vanita J        Daughter       3        recopied on 12A-21
10-12A-21  COFFEE       Vanity J        Daughter       3        S Main St., Paradise
10-08A-03  COFFEE       Veda [L. (COBB)]    Wife   25      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-05B-75   COFFEE       W H [William Henry] Head   65      S of Paradise
16-18B-58   COFFEY       Aurelius        Head   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-02A-19  COFFEY       Claud Son     4        Slidell Town
16-02A-18  COFFEY       Clauda [Mae (FORTENBERG)]      Wife   28      Slidell Town
16-18B-59   COFFEY       Edna  [Jessie Edna (BRYANT)]      Wife   58      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-02A-17  COFFEY       Ross [William Ross]   Head   34      Slidell Town
16-02A-20  COFFEY       Wanda Daughter       1        Slidell Town
17-06A-07  COFFMAN    Alex (Alexander Clarence 'Chetum')  head   25      Bridgeport W Side
11-03A-36  COFFMAN    Bobby L        Daughter       5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03A-17  COFFMAN    Clara   Wife   57      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-24B-42   COFFMAN    Daisy  wife    40      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24B-41   COFFMAN    Dave E.        head   44      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
20-11B-62   COFFMAN    Dollie  Daughter       18      Boonsville
17-06A-28  COFFMAN    Emmett         head   51      Bridgeport W Side
11-03A-37  COFFMAN    George Son     2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-08  COFFMAN    Hugh W [White]       Head   49      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-06A-30  COFFMAN    Inez    daughter        20      Bridgeport W Side
20-11B-61   COFFMAN    J.D.    Son-in-law     23      Boonsville
17-06A-09  COFFMAN    Jimmy Ralph   son     2        Bridgeport W Side
11-03A-33  COFFMAN    Joe H [Holt]   Head   43      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03A-34  COFFMAN    Lillie [E (McBRIDE)] Wife   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-06B-53   COFFMAN    Myrtle (Lillian Lawrence)      wife    53      Bridgeport W Side
11-03A-35  COFFMAN    Mysell [Melba J]       Daughter       15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-06A-29  COFFMAN    Nettie  wife    46      Bridgeport W Side
11-05A-10  COFFMAN    Ophelia [Willadean]    Daughter       15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-06A-08  COFFMAN    Pauline (Hazel Pauline Lummus)      wife    22      Bridgeport W Side
17-06B-52   COFFMAN    R.L. (Robert)  head   55      Bridgeport W Side
11-05A-09  COFFMAN    Sallie D [Sherley]      Wife   46      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03A-16  COFFMAN    T M [Tom]     Head   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-24B-43   COFFMAN    Virginia         daughter        22      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
16-12B-72   COGGIN       Thelma (ATKINS)    Daughter       38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-27A-24  COHEN        Annie  Wife   59      Decatur-Town
01-27A-23  COHEN        Wolf   Head   73      Decatur-Town
19-08B-75   COKENDOLPHER   Arther R. (Robert)     head   54      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-78   COKENDOLPHER   Floyd   son     16      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-77   COKENDOLPHER   Loyd   son     16      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-76   COKENDOLPHER   Maggie (Lillian Moore)         wife    46      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-79   COKENDOLPHER   Wilbur R.       son     9        NW of Bridgeport
14-05B-48   COKER        Beatrice        Daughter       23      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-51   COKER        Jesse   Son     16      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-46   COKER        Jesse E. (Evans)       Head   50      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-54   COKER        Johnnie W.     Brother         40      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-47   COKER        Josie (Knight)  Wife   43      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-49   COKER        Juanita Daughter       21      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-50   COKER        Laura Belle    Daughter       20      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-53   COKER        Samuel  (Richard)      Son     5        Rhome-Justin Rd
14-05B-52   COKER        Virginia (Johnie)        Daughter       13      Rhome-Justin Rd
11-09A-35  COKER        Betty J Daughter       18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-33  COKER        Joseph Head   60      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-34  COKER        Lillie   Wife   55      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-06B-60   COLE A. J. (Andrew Jackson)        Head   57      Rural Boyd Area
02-03A-37  COLE Billie J. daughter        5        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-36  COLE Burton son     9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-30  COLE Charles         head   45      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-38  COLE Charles         son     1        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-32  COLE Colleen         daughter        15      Rt 4-E of Decatur
10-03B-73   COLE J W (Johnnie)  Head   73      recopied on 13A-11
10-13A-11  COLE J W (Johnnie)  Head   73      West St., Paradise Town
04-01B-74   COLE Joyce  Wife   38      SW of Decatur
04-01B-73   COLE Lester Head   40      SW of Decatur
10-03B-74   COLE M E (Martha Elizabeth Moore)        Wife   66      recopied on 13A-12
10-13A-12  COLE M E (Martha Elizabeth Moore)        Wife   66      West St., Paradise Town
15-06B-61   COLE Mytle  Wife   47      Rural Boyd Area
02-03A-31  COLE Nora   wife    33      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-19B-69   COLEMAN   Akard  head   49      Bridgeport E Side
10-09B-77   COLEMAN   Alice [(CRENSHAW) Hembree]     Wife   51      N of Paradise
01-12A-26  COLEMAN   B. Clayton     Brother         47      Decatur-Town
01-12A-25  COLEMAN   Bess   Head   51      Decatur-Town
01-31B-59   COLEMAN   Carl    Step-Son       15      Decatur-Town
01-30B-45   COLEMAN   Edward         Head   78      Decatur-Town
17-19B-70   COLEMAN   Ethel (Paschall)        wife    48      Bridgeport E Side
01-31B-61   COLEMAN   Helen  Step-Daughter 9        Decatur-Town
01-31B-60   COLEMAN   James  Step-Son       11      Decatur-Town
10-09B-78   COLEMAN   John H Son     18      N of Paradise
01-12A-28  COLEMAN   John W.        Nephew        9        Decatur-Town
01-30B-46   COLEMAN   Lela (Leulla Maud Dawson)   Wife   70      Decatur-Town
01-12A-27  COLEMAN   Naomi Ruth    Niece  12      Decatur-Town
10-09B-76   COLEMAN   W S    Head   76      N of Paradise
01-26A-17  COLGAN      Grace  Wife   47      Decatur-Town
01-26A-16  COLGAN      Joe     Head   58      Decatur-Town
01-20A-30  COLLETTE   Billie Scott (Billy?)     Step Son        11      Decatur-Town
09-02B-46   COLLIER     Chesley         son     17      Vinyard Rd
09-02A-09  COLLIER     Guy A. Head   46      Crafton-Cunduff Road
09-02A-11  COLLIER     Hugh   son     16      Crafton-Cunduff Road
09-02B-45   COLLIER     Laura  wife    42      Vinyard Rd
09-02B-44   COLLIER     Lee    Head   48      Vinyard Rd
09-02A-10  COLLIER     Maye  wife    44      Crafton-Cunduff Road
05-08B-61   COLLINS     Alvie [D.]      Son     48      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
16-14A-40  COLLINS     Annie  Wife   33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-08B-59   COLLINS     Annie [Francis Annie (COOK)]       Head   80      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-02B-80   COLLINS     Ben O. [Beno, Sr.]     Son     35      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
16-14B-41   COLLINS     Bobby Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-15B-50   COLLINS     Catherine       Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
04-04A-37  COLLINS     Cecil (John Cecil)      Head   48      SW of Decatur
10-02B-74   COLLINS     Clarence (Cason)      Head   43      recopied on 12A-34
10-12A-34  COLLINS     Clarence (Cason)      Head   43      S Main St., Paradise
06-09B-76   COLLINS     Clyde  Head   42      N&E of Alvord
06-09B-79   COLLINS     Darleen         Daughter       5        N&E of Alvord
01-19B-44   COLLINS     Docia (Porter) Wife   63      Decatur-Town
05-08B-60   COLLINS     Ed [Edna]      Son     57      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
04-04B-41   COLLINS     Elaine (Iris Elaine)     Daughter       8        SW of Decatur
16-14A-37  COLLINS     F.M.   Son     6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-04B-48   COLLINS     Florence (Mary)        Daughter       12      Rhome Town-B St North
01-17B-53   COLLINS     Frances         Sister  58      Decatur-Town
06-09B-78   COLLINS     Frances Maye Daughter       13      N&E of Alvord
05-08B-63   COLLINS     Fronie  Daughter       40      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-10B-54   COLLINS     H.O. [Henry Ozzie]   Head   68      Alvord Town
16-14A-39  COLLINS     Haddock       Head   43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-08B-62   COLLINS     Henry [Jackson]       Son     44      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
04-09A-04  COLLINS     Herbert (William H. 'Hub')    Head   41      SW of Decatur
01-19B-45   COLLINS     Ira      son     29      Decatur-Town
04-09A-02  COLLINS     Irene (Rudd)   Wife   66      SW of Decatur
04-09A-03  COLLINS     Ivan    Daughter       38      SW of Decatur
04-09A-01  COLLINS     J.C. (John F.)  Head   73      SW of Decatur
16-14A-35  COLLINS     J.W.   Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14A-33  COLLINS     Jack [Zack L.] Head   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-19B-43   COLLINS     John (C.)       Head   62      Decatur-Town
10-11A-29  COLLINS     Jonah  Head   55      recopied on 14B-74
10-14B-74   COLLINS     Jonah  Head   55      Paradise Town-W side
05-08B-64   COLLINS     Lillie   Daughter       36      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
13-04B-46   COLLINS     Lillie (Aline Sline)      Wife   35      Rhome Town-B St North
16-14A-38  COLLINS     Luther Brother         48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-09A-05  COLLINS     Manila (Melvina Manilla Price)        Wife   38      SW of Decatur
05-03A-01  COLLINS     Maxine         Daughter       33      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
01-18A-37  COLLINS     Myrtle Head   57      Decatur-Town
17-21A-16  COLLINS     Nannie mother in law  74      Bridgeport E Side
10-02B-75   COLLINS     Nell M (Roberts)       Wife   39      recopied on 12A-35
10-12A-35  COLLINS     Nell M (Roberts)       Wife   39      S Main St., Paradise
10-11A-30  COLLINS     Pansy  Wife   47      recopied on 14B-75
10-14B-75   COLLINS     Pansy  Wife   47      Paradise Town-W side
13-04B-49   COLLINS     Patsy N. (Naomi)      Daughter       1        Rhome Town-B St North
20-11A-02  COLLINS     Pearly Wife   50      Boonsville
01-17B-50   COLLINS     Robert M.      Head   54      Decatur-Town
01-17B-52   COLLINS     Ruth   Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
13-04B-47   COLLINS     Ruth   Daughter       16      Rhome Town-B St North
04-04A-38  COLLINS     Ruth (Essie Virginia Vess)     Wife   40      SW of Decatur
20-11A-01  COLLINS     Sam L. Head   50      Boonsville
01-17B-51   COLLINS     Sudie M. (Taylor)      Wife   46      Decatur-Town
16-14A-34  COLLINS     Velar [Vela/Velar Ellen (ANDERSON)]      Wife   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-09B-77   COLLINS     Vera [O. (HODGE)]  Wife   24      N&E of Alvord
16-14A-36  COLLINS     Viola [Lee]    Daughter       10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-04A-40  COLLINS     Virginia         Daughter       11      SW of Decatur
04-04A-39  COLLINS     W.C.   Son     13      SW of Decatur
13-04B-45   COLLINS     William (Henry)        Head   47      Rhome Town-B St North
16-14B-42   COLLINS     Wilma Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-02B-79   COLLINS     Zilla (MURRAY)      Head   63      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
01-15B-49   COLLINS     Zuma  Head   47      Decatur-Town
01-31A-02  COLLUM     Alfred B.       Head   42      Decatur-Town
15-08B-61   COLLUM     Ben    Head   54      Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-67   COLLUM     Charlie Son     2        Rural Boyd Area
04-02B-64   COLLUM     D.F. (David Franklin)  Head   80      SW of Decatur
15-08B-64   COLLUM     Genie  Son     14      Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-63   COLLUM     Hubert Lee    Son     16      Rural Boyd Area
01-31A-03  COLLUM     I. Mae Wife   40      Decatur-Town
15-08B-66   COLLUM     Jesse   Son     6        Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-65   COLLUM     Laura Mae     Daughter       12      Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-62   COLLUM     Willie Mae     Head   38      Rural Boyd Area
10-04B-63   COMBS        J T [John Tipton]       Head   77      recopied on 13B-55
10-13B-55   COMBS        J T [John Tipton]       Head   77      Rd to School, Paradise Town
19-09A-28  COMBS        Joseph C.      head   48      NW of Bridgeport
10-04B-64   COMBS        Nora (WISE)  Wife   72      recopied on 13B-56
10-13B-56   COMBS        Nora (WISE)  Wife   72      Rd to School, Paradise Town
10-04B-65   COMBS        Owen [John Owen]    Son     39      recopied on 13B-57
10-13B-57   COMBS        Owen [John Owen]    Son     39      Rd to School, Paradise Town
19-03A-28  CONINE       Robert          orphan 20      SW of Bridgeport
12-02B-66   CONLEY      Adolphus (F)   Head   62      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04A-02  CONLEY      Christine        Head   27      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02B-67   CONLEY      Grace (Tyler)  Wife   56      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-11B-60   CONNALLY Carolyn         Dau    3        Decatur-Town
01-11B-58   CONNALLY Elaine  Dau    7        Decatur-Town
01-11B-57   CONNALLY Helen  Wife   38      Decatur-Town
01-11B-56   CONNALLY Joseph M.      Head   39      Decatur-Town
01-11B-59   CONNALLY Joseph M., Jr. Son     4        Decatur-Town
11-02B-61   CONNALY   A M   Head   56      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03A-38  CONNALY   Frank  Head   19      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03A-39  CONNALY   Melba J         Wife   17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-02B-62   CONNALY   P W    Son     16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-18B-41   CONNER      Eleanor (Mary Eleanor Riley) daughter in law         23      Bridgeport E Side
20-04B-65   CONNER      J.R. (James Robert "Lee")     Head   58      Boonsville/Willow P.
17-18A-38  CONNER      J.S. (James)   head   59      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-40  CONNER      James (Argus) son     25      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-39  CONNER      Jane Elizabeth wife    58      Bridgeport E Side
17-18B-43   CONNER      Janis Sue       granddaughter 4        Bridgeport E Side
17-18B-42   CONNER      Mary Eleanor  granddaughter 6        Bridgeport E Side
20-04B-66   CONNER      Minnie (Dickinson)     Wife   52      Boonsville/Willow P.
01-33A-25  CONRY       Edward F.      Lodger 28      Page 61A-Decatur
20-04A-33  COODY       Sally   M-in-law       58      Boonsville/Willow P.
17-11B-46   COOK Alma   head   52      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-78   COOK Alma Lou      daughter        3        Bridgeport E Side
02-01A-35  COOK Alta M. [May (HILTON)]     wife    33      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01A-36  COOK Alton L. [Leon]        son     6        Rt 4-E of Decatur
12-02B-44   COOK Anna B.        Wife   39      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-10B-47   COOK Anna Eloyse   Daughter       30      Decatur-Town
10-10B-55   COOK Augusta L      Daughter       35      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
02-01B-47   COOK Bartholomew [Wesley]         head   73      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-71   COOK Bernice (MCCRACKEN)     wife    42      Rt 4-E of Decatur
15-03A-34  COOK Betty Joe       Daughter       10      Rural Boyd Area
02-01B-72   COOK Bonnie S. [Sue]        daughter        18      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-14B-73   COOK Carolynn       Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
04-08A-05  COOK Clara (Wilson) Wife   64      SW of Decatur (Sandy Creek)
01-06A-35  COOK Cliff    Head   48      Decatur-Town
10-10B-57   COOK Doris Elaine    G dau  10      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
01-24A-21  COOK Doris F. (Faye)         Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
01-24A-23  COOK Dorothy J. (Jane)      Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
15-03A-33  COOK Dorothy Mae  Daughter       13      Rural Boyd Area
17-21B-77   COOK Edgar Lee      son     5        Bridgeport E Side
01-24A-19  COOK Flora (Adeline Martin) Wife   27      Decatur-Town
01-06A-37  COOK Florine Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
10-10B-52   COOK G R (George Ruffus)  Head   62      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
01-24A-20  COOK Helen J. (Joyce)        Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
10-10B-61   COOK James Thomas Son     1        Paradise-Decatur Rd.
02-01B-75   COOK Joyce A.       daughter        7        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-73   COOK Leonard [F.]   son     16      Rt 4-E of Decatur
10-10B-56   COOK Leslie  Son     26      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
17-21B-76   COOK Lorene wife    21      Bridgeport E Side
15-03A-35  COOK Lota    Daughter       8        Rural Boyd Area
17-24B-65   COOK Lou    cook   40      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
19-02B-51   COOK Lyla Jane (Flowers)   wife    32      SW of Bridgeport
17-11B-48   COOK Marie  daughter        15      Bridgeport E Side
01-14B-72   COOK Martha Wife   26      Decatur-Town
15-03A-31  COOK Marvin (Chapel)        Head   54      Rural Boyd Area
12-03A-28  COOK Mary B.        Lodger 74      Boyd Town-S of Main St
10-10B-53   COOK Mary J (Jane Baker)  Wife   62      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
02-10A-08  COOK Mattic C. [Cora (BOYD)]     wife    57      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-06A-36  COOK Maude (Boydston)     Wife   49      Decatur-Town
01-24A-18  COOK Menzo (David)         Head   37      Decatur-Town
06-05A-35  COOK Minnie Head   66      N&E of Alvord
17-11B-47   COOK Minnie Ola     daughter        16      Bridgeport E Side
10-10B-58   COOK Nolen [Nolin]  Head   33      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
02-01B-74   COOK Norma J. [G.] daughter        13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01A-34  COOK O.L. [Oliver L. 'Dock']         head   36      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-24A-22  COOK Patricia J. (June)       Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
15-03A-36  COOK Ray    Son     6        Rural Boyd Area
01-10B-46   COOK Rebeca         Head   69      Decatur-Town
01-33A-03  COOK Robert Lodger 65      Page 61A-Decatur
01-14B-71   COOK Roy    Head   33      Decatur-Town
10-10B-54   COOK Rylie A         Son     38      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
15-03A-37  COOK Sam (Houston)         Son     1        Rural Boyd Area
10-10B-59   COOK Sibyl E [Elizabeth (GREATHOUSE)] Wife   33      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
19-02B-50   COOK Sidney R. (Rufus)      head   35      SW of Bridgeport
01-24A-24  COOK Thomas William        Son     4        Decatur-Town
02-01B-70   COOK Thurman [Foster]      head   46      Rt 4-E of Decatur
15-03A-32  COOK Urvel (Adams)         Wife   31      Rural Boyd Area
02-01B-48   COOK Virginia [Idella (FOSTER)]    wife    70      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-08A-04  COOK W.A. (William Anderson 'Dick')       Head   70      SW of Decatur (Sandy Creek)
10-10B-60   COOK Wanda Jean   Daughter       3        Paradise-Decatur Rd.
12-02B-43   COOK William          Head   46      Boyd Town-S of Main St
17-21B-75   COOK William H.     head   26      Bridgeport E Side
02-10A-07  COOK Willie R.        head   59      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-13A-14  COOKSON   Effie (Calvert) Wife   55      SE of Chico
18-13A-13  COOKSON   L.K.    Head   54      SE of Chico
11-11A-06  COOMER     Cecil O [Sr.]   Head   43      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11A-09  COOMER     Cecil O, Jr.     Son     11?     Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11A-08  COOMER     Kenneth W    Son     18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11A-07  COOMER     Marion Wife   39      Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-06A-08  COOPER      Alba (LOTER)         Wife   41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-19B-52   COOPER      Benny Wayne son     4        Bridgeport E Side
16-06A-10  COOPER      Bernice         Son     18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-07  COOPER      Cecil [Clyde]  Head   41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-11  COOPER      Cleo [Thurman]        Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-14  COOPER      Douglas R.     Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-01B-55   COOPER      Estella HouseKeeper  49      Decatur-Town
16-06A-09  COOPER      Eunice Daughter       21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-05A-13  COOPER      Ida (Adair)     Head   64      Chico Town
16-06A-17  COOPER      Ima Ruth       Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-15  COOPER      Johnnie         Son     6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-16  COOPER      Kenneth D. [Dale]     Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-05B-61   COOPER      Mary L         MIL   77      N&E of Alvord
01-18B-59   COOPER      Octavine       Teacher        51      Decatur-Town
16-06A-12  COOPER      Rita    Daughter       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-13  COOPER      Vita Mae       Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-07B-62   COPE Aubrey         Son     18      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-61   COPE Bessie [L]      Wife   46      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-67   COPE Carole Jean    Daughter       3/12?  N&E of Alvord
06-07B-65   COPE Edgar  Head   21      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-60   COPE G W [George] Head   58      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-63   COPE Herman        Son     13      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-66   COPE Lory Bell (RENO)     Wife   21      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-64   COPE Thelma         Daughter       10      N&E of Alvord
09-05B-46   COPELAND  Donald grand-son      11      Willow Creek Lane
05-02B-46   COPELAND  James F. [Franklin]    Son     25      Alvord Town
05-02B-47   COPELAND  Joe R. [Joseph Richard]        Son     27      Alvord Town
05-02B-44   COPELAND  Lee S. [Samuel Leander]      Head   64      Alvord Town
05-02B-48   COPELAND  Marcella        Daughter-in-law        19      Alvord Town
05-02B-45   COPELAND  Nora E. [Nora Elizabeth (RAINWATER)]    Wife   65      Alvord Town
01-26A-34  CORBIN       Anna Fred     Wife   25      Decatur-Town
01-26A-35  CORBIN       Billie    Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-26A-36  CORBIN       Jerry   Son     3        Decatur-Town
01-26A-33  CORBIN       Lewis  Head   27      Decatur-Town
05-06A-39  CORDES      Alison  Wife   28      Alvord Town
05-06A-38  CORDES      Richard, Dr.   Head   28      Alvord Town
19-07A-19  CORLEY      Adny (F.Howell)       wife    39      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-20  CORLEY      Fern    daughter        16      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-18  CORLEY      Mose (Michael Mose) head   49      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-21  CORLEY      W.B. (Walter) son     14      W of Bridgeport
18-17A-31  CORMACK   Kathleen (Cornelis)    Sis-in-law      29      East of Chico/Bridgeport
16-15A-36  COTNER      Francis Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-34  COTNER      Grace [Maud (CAMPBELL)] Wife   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-37  COTNER      Gracie M. [Maud]     Daughter       11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-38  COTNER      Gynne H. [Gwynne Hayse]    Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-33  COTNER      Marion [Earnest, Sr.]  Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-35  COTNER      Marion, Jr. [Earnest]  Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-40  COTNER      Vera   Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-39  COTNER      Wanda Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-02A-01  COTT Willie B         Step son       20      N&E of Alvord
15-03A-11  COTTON      Bernice         Wife   37      Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-15  COTTON      Bobbie Son     8        Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-16  COTTON      Don (Lewis)   Son     5        Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-17  COTTON      Faye   Daughter       19      Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-18  COTTON      Freddie Faye   Granddaughter 1        Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-10  COTTON      H. L. (Henry) Head   47      Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-12  COTTON      Jack    Son     17      Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-14  COTTON      John    Son     11      Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-13  COTTON      Ray    Son     14      Rural Boyd Area
02-02A-02  COURSEY    Clarence       lodger  22      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-14A-11  COURSEY    Edward E.     Son     20      E of Bridgeport
18-14A-09  COURSEY    Eugene G.      Head   63      E of Bridgeport
18-15B-55   COURSEY    George Son     26      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14A-14  COURSEY    Hattie Mae (Greer)    Wife   31      E of Bridgeport
18-14A-12  COURSEY    J.D.    Son     16      E of Bridgeport
18-14A-36  COURSEY    J.M.    Head   80      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-56   COURSEY    Josephine (Coleman)  D-in-Law      19      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
02-02A-03  COURSEY    Lois (WILHITE)       lodg/wife       19      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-14A-10  COURSEY    Mary E. (Elizabeth Palmer)    Wife   44      E of Bridgeport
18-15B-54   COURSEY    Paralee         Head   62      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14A-15  COURSEY    R.J.    Son     9        E of Bridgeport
18-14A-13  COURSEY    T.L.    Head   39      E of Bridgeport
15-04B-52   COURTNEY  Selma  Wife   36      Rural Boyd Area
15-04B-51   ÇOURTNEY  H. M. (Harry) Head   49      Rural Boyd Area
05-09A-28  COVINGTON         Agnes [M. (FRENSLEY)]    Wife   63      Alvord Town(Proctor St)
16-16A-20  COVINGTON         Betty J. [Jewel Betty John]    Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-18  COVINGTON         Birdie M.       Daughter       21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-26A-08  COVINGTON         Douglas        Grandson       3        Decatur-Town
16-16A-16  COVINGTON         Effie (WILLIAMS)    Wife   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-51   COVINGTON         Effie M.        Wife   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-04A-11  COVINGTON         Ernest [Guy]   Head   43      Alvord Town
16-16A-36  COVINGTON         Essie [Virginia (MEYER)]     Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-66   COVINGTON         Essie V.        Wife   21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-50   COVINGTON         Frank  Head   55      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-04A-12  COVINGTON         Gladys Wife   29      Alvord Town
05-09A-29  COVINGTON         Harmon        Son     30      Alvord Town(Proctor St)
01-26A-07  COVINGTON         Ivy     Daughter       26      Decatur-Town
16-07B-65   COVINGTON         J.D.    Head   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-35  COVINGTON         J.D.    Head   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-38  COVINGTON         Jerry D. [Don] Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-68   COVINGTON         Jerry Don      Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-15  COVINGTON         John [Joseph John Walter]     Head   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-19  COVINGTON         Julia    Daughter       19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-37  COVINGTON         Kenneth D. [David]   Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-67   COVINGTON         Kenneth T.     Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-07B-72   COVINGTON         Mary E. [Elizabeth (DABNEY)]      Wife   23      Alvord Town(Woody St)
16-16A-21  COVINGTON         Rodney [Eugene]      Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-17  COVINGTON         Will    Son     23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-09A-27  COVINGTON         William [A.]   Head   61      Alvord Town(Proctor St)
05-07B-73   COVINGTON         William [Dr. Ray William]     Son     2        Alvord Town(Woody St)
05-07B-71   COVINGTON         William J. [Jr. 'Red']   Head   27      Alvord Town(Woody St)
01-18B-63   COWAN       Mary   Secretary       33      Decatur-Town
18-07A-15  COWART     Sarah L.        M-in-law       64      Chico Area
01-01A-13  COWGUR     Floyd V. (Virgil)        Head   32      Decatur-Town
01-01A-14  COWGUR     Ora Lee        Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-01A-15  COWGUR     W.L.   Son     9        Decatur-Town
01-14A-09  COWLEY     blank   Wife   39      Decatur-Town
09-09A-28  COWLEY     Curtiss Allen   son     15      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-27  COWLEY     Della Mae      daughter        17      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-23  COWLEY     Fannie Head   57      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-29  COWLEY     Georgia Lee   son     11      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
01-14A-08  COWLEY     Jack    Head   45      Decatur-Town
09-09A-25  COWLEY     James  son     22      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-26  COWLEY     Lucy   daughter        20      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-24  COWLEY     Thomas J.      son     26      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
08-02B-45   COWLEY     Aaron H [Hillery]      head    62      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-46   COWLEY     Nanie [Nannie (SMITH)]      wife    55      Park Springs & SE
19-04B-71   COWLING    Edgar P. (Poe)         head   55      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-73   COWLING    Edgar W. (Wayne)    son     20      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-72   COWLING    Hattie (Harper)         wife    54      SW of Bridgeport
01-05B-55   COX   Alsa Jean      Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
01-13A-37  COX   Anna   Daughter in Law       21      Decatur-Town
05-01A-40  COX   Bennie Joe     Son     6        Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
01-15A-10  COX   Bertie  House Keeper 20      Decatur-Town
09-05B-47   COX   Bertie Belle    daughter        20      Willow Creek Lane
18-06B-59   COX   Betty Lee      Daughter       10      Chico Area
18-08A-13  COX   Beulah (Vivian Brown)         Wife   34      Chico Area
18-05A-40  COX   Blanche (Largent)     Wife   48      Chico Town
01-05B-54   COX   Bobby Wayne Son     13      Decatur-Town
18-11A-37  COX   Burl    Head   39      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-08A-12  COX   Carl F. (Sr.)    Head   36      Chico Area
18-08A-14  COX   Carl, Jr. (F.)   Son     14      Chico Area
06-08A-37  COX   Cecil [J]        Son     3        N&E of Alvord
18-05A-39  COX   Claude S.       Head   52      Chico Town
05-01B-78   COX   DeLora [Vivian (MCANELLY)]      Wife   30      Alvord Town
18-07B-64   COX   Dora (Bell Bilbrey)    Wife   58      Chico Area
05-01A-38  COX   E.T.    Head   30      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
17-16A-13  COX   Earline (Wood)         wife    47      Bridgeport E Side
18-06B-56   COX   Earnest C.     Head   45      Chico Area West
09-05B-51   COX   Elbertine        daughter        14      Willow Creek Lane
03-06A-11  COX   Elizabeth [Ruth Elizabeth (THOMPSON)]    wife    66      NW of Decatur
18-06B-61   COX   Elmer  Son     5        Chico Area
18-06B-60   COX   Everett Son     7        Chico Area
18-06B-58   COX   Faye Rhine     Daughter       12      Chico Area
09-05B-44   COX   Francis M. (Mitchell)  Head   65      Willow Creek Lane
09-03B-46   COX   George H.      Head   44      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-11A-39  COX   Gerald D.      Son     15      East of Chico (Thomas)
06-08A-35  COX   Harold [Willie Harold] Son     13      N&E of Alvord
09-03B-48   COX   Harvey D.     Head   32      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
01-05B-53   COX   Hattie (Blocker)        Wife   42      Decatur-Town
09-03B-49   COX   Hazel  wife    28      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
01-05B-52   COX   Herbert         Head   46      Decatur-Town
01-13A-39  COX   Ina Bell         Daughter       19      Decatur-Town
09-05B-50   COX   J. Q.   son     17      Willow Creek Lane
01-13A-36  COX   Jack    Son     24      Decatur-Town
09-05B-52   COX   Jack (B.)       son     12      Willow Creek Lane
01-13A-38  COX   Jackie Lois     Grand Daughter        2        Decatur-Town
18-11A-34  COX   Jake    Head   61      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11A-40  COX   James  Son     10      East of Chico (Thomas)
03-06A-10  COX   James L [Leroy]       head   68      NW of Decatur
08-01B-80   COX   Jeff M head   32      Park Springs & SE
06-08A-34  COX   Jewel [Levie Jewel (DENNY)]        Wife   32      N&E of Alvord
09-05B-54   COX   Jimmy Blake   son     6        Willow Creek Lane
09-05B-48   COX   John Q. (Quitman)     Head   47      Willow Creek Lane
05-01B-79   COX   LaFlora         Daughter       9        Alvord Town
09-05B-49   COX   Lena (K. Belew)       wife    45      Willow Creek Lane
18-06B-57   COX   Lennie (Jewel Ogle)   Wife   41      Chico Area
05-01A-39  COX   Lexie Mae (PEYTON)        Wife   25      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
09-03B-47   COX   Lucile  wife    19      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
01-13A-35  COX   Lula (Briggs)  Wife   59      Decatur-Town
05-01B-80   COX   Maria [Vivian] Daughter       2        Alvord Town
18-11A-35  COX   Mary (Hoppie) Wife   61      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-07B-65   COX   Masteen (Euel Masteen)       Son     23      Chico Area
17-16A-14  COX   Oscar, Jr.      son     22      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-12  COX   Oscar, Sr. (Lee)        head   52      Bridgeport E Side
18-11A-36  COX   Otto    Son     22      East of Chico (Thomas)
09-05B-45   COX   Philie (Philse Bell Ross)        wife    64      Willow Creek Lane
01-13A-34  COX   Robert E. (Eldridge)   Head   67      Decatur-Town
18-11B-41   COX   Robert Lee     Son     3        East of Chico (Thomas)
06-08A-36  COX   Roy [Raymond Roy]   Son     10      N&E of Alvord
18-11A-38  COX   Ruth (Craft)   Wife   37      East of Chico (Thomas)
17-16A-15  COX   Ruth (Tally)    daughterinlaw  20      Bridgeport E Side
18-01B-64   COX   Susan  head   73      Chico Town
18-07B-63   COX   T.S. (Thomas S.)       Head   70      Chico Area
17-03B-70   COX   Vera   daughter        27      Bridgeport W Side
05-01B-77   COX   Wayne A. [Alden]     Head   32      Alvord Town
09-05B-53   COX   Will P. son     10      Willow Creek Lane
06-08A-33  COX   Willie Smith    Head   32      N&E of Alvord
08-02A-03  COX   Charles N      son     12      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-05  COX   Eldon R         son     [6]      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-02  COX   Jeff M          son     16      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-06  COX   Linda Faye     daughter        blank   Park Springs & SE
08-02A-01  COX   Ruby [Lee (HENSON)]       wife    35      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-04  COX   Thomas E      son     9        Park Springs & SE
14-09A-31  CRABTREE  Edward (Harwell)      Head   26      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-01B-56   CRABTREE  Eric    Head   55      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-09A-34  CRABTREE  Eugene         Son     5        Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09A-35  CRABTREE  Harold Ray    Son     4        Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-01B-57   CRABTREE  Janie   Wife   52      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
02-02B-44   CRABTREE  John N. [Newton]      head   68      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02B-45   CRABTREE  Maggie [Era (PERDUE)]      wife    58      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-09A-32  CRABTREE  Minnie (Lambert)      Wife   26      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-11A-01  CRABTREE  Reenie Son     34      Page is 61A-E&S of Rhome
14-09A-33  CRABTREE  Samuel E. (Edmond)   Son     7        Justin Rd from Hwy 81
09-06B-61   CRAFT        Allie    wife    70      Sunset-Crafton Rd
18-06B-75   CRAFT        Allie J. M-in-law       78      Chico Area
09-06B-60   CRAFT        Thomas L. (Luther)    Head   66      Sunset-Crafton Rd
20-10B-57   CRAFTON    A.P.   Head   63      Boonsville
20-10B-64   CRAFTON    D.L.   Son     8        Boonsville
20-10B-61   CRAFTON    Darrel Wayne (Gr)Son         1/12    Boonsville
20-10B-62   CRAFTON    E.D.   Head   29      Boonsville
20-10B-59   CRAFTON    Jessie L.        Son     22      Boonsville
20-10B-60   CRAFTON    Jimmi M.       D-in-Law      19      Boonsville
20-10B-58   CRAFTON    Lena   Wife   59      Boonsville
20-10B-65   CRAFTON    Lonnie S.       Son     3        Boonsville
20-10B-63   CRAFTON    Winnie Lee    Wife   28      Boonsville
06-06B-56   CRAIG         A L    Head   44      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-60   CRAIG         Ab L? Son     15      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-57   CRAIG         E?      Wife   43      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-58   CRAIG         Harold E       Son     20      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-62   CRAIG         John E Son     12      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-59   CRAIG         Mary Dean    Daughter       17      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-61   CRAIG         Reta Jo         Daughter       14      N&E of Alvord
20-04A-24  CRAWFORD Charlie Head   51      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-27  CRAWFORD Dalton Son     17      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-26  CRAWFORD Donald Son     21      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-05B-60   CRAWFORD Done (Donie Fitzgerald)        Wife   59      Boonsville/Balsora
17-21B-50   CRAWFORD Henry (Pinkley)        head   39      Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-12  CRAWFORD Jerry Gordon   son     1        Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-52   CRAWFORD Marvin son     1        Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-10  CRAWFORD Mary Elizabeth         wife    33      Bridgeport E Side
20-13B-42   CRAWFORD May (Neasa May Campbell)  Wife   41      Boonsville area
17-21B-51   CRAWFORD Onie (Mae McIntire)  wife    37      Bridgeport E Side
20-13B-41   CRAWFORD Robert R.      Head   53      Boonsville area
20-13B-43   CRAWFORD Robert Ray    Son     1        Boonsville area
20-13B-44   CRAWFORD Roberta Fay   Daughter       1        Boonsville area
20-04A-25  CRAWFORD Ruby Lee (Norman)   Wife   46      Boonsville/Willow P.
17-11A-11  CRAWFORD Susan  daughter        3        Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-09  CRAWFORD W.L.   head   34      Bridgeport E Side
20-05B-59   CRAWFORD W.S.   Head   61      Boonsville/Balsora
02-06B-63   CREGHORN  Freddie         m/law  76      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-62   CREGHORN  Mart   nephew         6        Rt 4-E of Decatur
10-04A-34  CRENSHAW Alma (GREEN)        Wife   34      W of Paradise
10-02A-18  CRENSHAW Audry Faye    Daughter       13      W of Paradise
17-11A-33  CRENSHAW B.B.   head   25      Bridgeport E Side
10-02A-16  CRENSHAW Bertha Wife   39      W of Paradise
10-02A-20  CRENSHAW Bettie Lou      Daughter       7        W of Paradise
10-02A-15  CRENSHAW Mark   Head   58      W of Paradise
10-04A-33  CRENSHAW Roy J  Head   45      W of Paradise
10-02A-17  CRENSHAW Thelma Pearl  Daughter       15      W of Paradise
10-02A-19  CRENSHAW Wanda June   Daughter       9        W of Paradise
10-09B-79   CRENSHAW Wilmouth       Step Dau       30      N of Paradise
05-01A-24  CREWS        Clarence C. [Clarence Coachman]    Head   78      Alvord Town(N.Wickham St)
05-09A-15  CREWS        Clyde C. [Courtney]   Son     9        Alvord Town
05-09A-12  CREWS        Fay F. [Fay Felix (FUQUA)]  Wife   43      Alvord Town
05-09A-11  CREWS        Guy M. [Mingus]       Head   50      Alvord Town
05-09A-13  CREWS        Guy Melton    Son     20      Alvord Town
05-09A-14  CREWS        Leon F. [Fuqua]        Son     14      Alvord Town
05-01A-25  CREWS        Pauline (MINGUS)    Wife   67      Alvord Town(N.Wickham St)
05-09A-10  CRISP Dora Ruth      Wife   21      Alvord Town
05-09A-09  CRISP James H.       Head   24      Alvord Town
17-23A-05  CRISSEY      Donaghan Elwell       grandson       2        Pg61A Out of Order-Bridgeport
17-03B-47   CRISSUP      Elwell  son in law      41      Bridgeport W Side
17-03B-48   CRISSUP      Julia    daughter        35      Bridgeport W Side
06-11B-71   CRISTY       Dottie  Daughter       9        N&E of Alvord
06-11B-69   CRISTY       Frank  Head   30      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-72   CRISTY       Frankie         Daughter       6        N&E of Alvord
06-11B-70   CRISTY       Viola   Wife   28      N&E of Alvord
14-06B-77   CRITES        Billie Joe       Son     10      Aurora Villiage
14-06B-75   CRITES        Joe W. (Wheeler)      Head   40      Aurora Villiage
14-06B-76   CRITES        Ruby (Nell Slimp)    Wife   27      Aurora Villiage
18-02A-32  CROCKER    Jennie  mother 87      Chico Town
18-02A-33  CROCKER    R.G.   brother 58      Chico Town
01-23B-50   CROCKETT  Dixie   Lodger 30      Decatur-Town
04-09B-47   CROSS         Belle (Willey Bell Clark)       Wife   43      SW of Decatur
03-04B-52   CROSS         Cecil [Morris] son     3        NW of Decatur
04-09B-46   CROSS         Charles         Head   49      SW of Decatur
03-04B-50   CROSS         Eva [Lou (BOYDSTON)]     wife    29      NW of Decatur
03-04B-49   CROSS         Hoyt T [Hoyt Parker] head   36      NW of Decatur
03-04B-51   CROSS         Robert          son     11      NW of Decatur
03-04B-53   CROSS         Terry [Leon]   son     2        NW of Decatur
11-04A-28  CROUCH     Forbus          Son     16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-27  CROUCH     June E Daughter       17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-26  CROUCH     Rosa [Rose E (McCLESKEY)]       Wife   40      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-25  CROUCH     Samuel C [Cola]       Head   63      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-19B-42   CROWDER   Donald Son     16      Decatur-Town
04-07B-57   CROWDER   Durward (Ace)         Head   25      SW of Decatur
01-19A-40  CROWDER   Era     Head   63      Decatur-Town
04-07B-72   CROWDER   Geraldine (Leona Pound)      Wife   34      SW of Decatur
04-07B-71   CROWDER   Hays (Johnnie Hays)  Head   37      SW of Decatur
04-07B-73   CROWDER   James P        Son     11      SW of Decatur
04-07B-58   CROWDER   Mildred (Inez Kennedy)        Wife   21      SW of Decatur
01-19B-41   CROWDER   Pearl   Daughter       22      Decatur-Town
11-05A-27  CROWNOVER        Arriel ["Ara" Bernhardt]       Head   26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-33  CROWNOVER        Florice [Flois]  Daughter       24      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-32  CROWNOVER        Forrest B [Berry]      Son     28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-29  CROWNOVER        Holley J [Jackson]     Head   62      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-31  CROWNOVER        James M [Melvin "Jim" ]       Son     33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-30  CROWNOVER        Lizzie [Mary Malissie (PARKER)]    Wife   58      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05A-28  CROWNOVER        Veda [Bell (TAYLOR)]       Wife   20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-18A-15  CROZIER     Mary   Head   69      Decatur-Town
17-21B-73   CRUMM       Alvin  son     18      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-70   CRUMM       Alvin E. (Ellroy)        head   52      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-74   CRUMM       Joanne daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-71   CRUMM       Lillie M. (Mae Eastman)       wife    39      Bridgeport E Side
17-21B-72   CRUMM       Maxine         daughter        22      Bridgeport E Side
14-08A-37  CRUMPTON Ardis L.        Son     17      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-11A-02  CRUMPTON blank   Daughter       21      Page is 61A-E&S of Rhome
14-08A-39  CRUMPTON Charles (Evans)        Son     5        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08A-28  CRUMPTON Donna L. (Fredonna Lee Duty)        Wife   25      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08A-38  CRUMPTON Imogene (Doris)        Daughter       12      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08A-29  CRUMPTON Leota Laverne Daughter       3        Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08A-30  CRUMPTON Lloyd, Jr. (Thomas Loyd)      Son     5/12    Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08A-36  CRUMPTON Maude L. (Lee Evans)         Wife   47      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08A-35  CRUMPTON S.R.    Head   52      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08A-27  CRUMPTON Thomas L. (Loyd, Sr.) Head   25      Newark-Aurora Rd
16-07B-59   CRUNK       Alene [Leita Alene/Allene (WHITE)] Wife   21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-60   CRUNK       Billy D. [William]      Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-58   CRUNK       Millard [Ray]  Head   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-61   CRUNK       Raylene        Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-03A-24  CRUZ Bobby (Jack)  Son     4        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03A-23  CRUZ          Fay (Lola Fay Splawn)         Wife   28      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03A-22  CRUZ (CRUZE)      Grover (C)     Head   27      Boyd Town-S of Main St
20-12A-29  CULBERTSON       Betty Jane     Daughter       4        Boonsville
20-12A-30  CULBERTSON       Roddy Son     3        Boonsville
20-12A-26  CULBERTSON       Roland W.     Head   35      Boonsville
20-12A-28  CULBERTSON       Tommy R.     Son     6        Boonsville
20-12A-27  CULBERTSON       Willie J.         Wife   35      Boonsville
18-02B-48   CULLENDER         Mary Jane     wife    73      Chico Town
18-02B-47   CULLENDER         Tom H.         head   76      Chico Town
01-08B-55   CULP M. Elizabeth   Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
01-08B-54   CULP Mabel Edna    Head   54      Decatur-Town
18-08A-09  CULVER      Billings Son     12      Chico Area
19-06B-77   CULVER      George head   47      W of Bridgeport
18-08A-10  CULVER      Grant  Son     10      Chico Area
18-08A-11  CULVER      James W.      Son     4        Chico Area
18-08A-08  CULVER      Ruby   Wife   27      Chico Area
18-08A-07  CULVER      Tom    Head   34      Chico Area
09-09A-11  CULVERHOUSE     Dora Louise   daughter        15      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-09  CULVERHOUSE     Georgia Ellen  wife    48      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-10  CULVERHOUSE     James Edward son     17      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-08  CULVERHOUSE     Woodie M. (Mayfield) Head   54      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
08-05B-66   CULVERHOUSE     Bettie wife    37      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-67   CULVERHOUSE     John D          father 78      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-65   CULVERHOUSE     Willie F         head    50      Park Springs & SE
02-16B-42   CULWELL    Alice [Kathleen (NOLAN)]   wife    20      Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-10B-77   CULWELL    Annie M.       Wife   52      Alvord Town
18-09A-37  CULWELL    Charles         Son     11      East of Chico
05-10B-79   CULWELL    Don H.         Son     9        Alvord Town
20-14A-22  CULWELL    Don Louis      Son     14      Boonsville area
02-16B-43   CULWELL    Edward N. [Nolan]    son     1        Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-09A-39  CULWELL    Exie Lou       Daughter       5        East of Chico
20-14A-21  CULWELL    Gretchen       Wife   36      Boonsville area
20-14A-23  CULWELL    Imagene        Daughter       9        Boonsville area
20-12B-65   CULWELL    J.L.    Head   57      Boonsville/Cottondale
18-09A-38  CULWELL    James Son     9        East of Chico
05-10B-76   CULWELL    James B.       Head   59      Alvord Town
18-09A-36  CULWELL    Jewell (Wallace)       Wife   36      East of Chico
20-14A-24  CULWELL    Jo Ethelene    Daughter       7        Boonsville area
19-04B-54   CULWELL    Jonnie  son in law      27      SW of Bridgeport
20-12B-55   CULWELL    L.W.   Head   61      Boonsville/Cottondale
02-16B-41   CULWELL    Leonard [D.]  head   22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
19-04B-52   CULWELL    Nettie O.       head   44      SW of Bridgeport
20-12B-56   CULWELL    Ollie    Wife   59      Boonsville/Cottondale
19-04B-53   CULWELL    Ozella  daughter        27      SW of Bridgeport
17-10B-75   CULWELL    Sam J. lodger  64      Bridgeport E Side
05-10B-78   CULWELL    Sue Vern       Daughter       11      Alvord Town
02-16B-44   CULWELL    Thomas L. [Len]       son     4/12    Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-09A-35  CULWELL    W.C.   Head   35      East of Chico
20-14A-20  CULWELL    W.L.   Head   36      Boonsville area
01-19A-04  CUMMINGS  Claude (Lee)  Head   25      Decatur-Town
11-09A-40  CUMMINGS  Faye (SANDERS)     Daughter       25      Cottondale-Keeter Area
03-01B-67   CUMMINGS  Florence        wife    49      NW of Decatur
11-09A-39  CUMMINGS  Floyd E         Son-in-law     29      Cottondale-Keeter Area
03-05B-43   CUMMINGS  J B Jr [James] son     15      NW of Decatur
01-19A-06  CUMMINGS  Jack    Son     12      Decatur-Town
03-05B-41   CUMMINGS  James B [Sr.]  head   53      NW of Decatur
03-05B-42   CUMMINGS  Marry  wife    39      NW of Decatur
01-19A-05  CUMMINGS  Pearl (Oma Parson)   Wife   31      Decatur-Town
03-05B-44   CUMMINGS  Raymond       son     12      NW of Decatur
03-01B-66   CUMMINGS  W O   head   48      NW of Decatur
11-09B-41   CUMMINGS  Wanda R       G dau 3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09B-42   CUMMINGS  Wynell           G dau 5/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-13B-70   CUNDIFF     Helen  sis/law 24      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-11A-34  CUNNINGHAM      A.W.  head   52      Bridgeport E Side
10-09A-36  CUNNINGHAM      Barbara [Nell] Daughter       2        Highway N of Paradise
17-16B-60   CUNNINGHAM      Daisy (R. Dutton)      wife    60      Bridgeport E Side
01-20B-76   CUNNINGHAM      Dora (Chappell)        Wife   34      Decatur-Town
17-18B-75   CUNNINGHAM      Elizabeth       head   65      Bridgeport E Side
01-29A-22  CUNNINGHAM      Etta (James)   Wife   47      Decatur-Town
17-11A-35  CUNNINGHAM      Frankie         son     27      Bridgeport E Side
10-09A-35  CUNNINGHAM      Imogene        Daughter       4        Highway N of Paradise
01-20B-78   CUNNINGHAM      J.D.    Son     9        Decatur-Town
17-16B-59   CUNNINGHAM      J.W. (Will)     head   60      Bridgeport E Side
01-20B-77   CUNNINGHAM      Jesse   Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
10-09A-34  CUNNINGHAM      Martha [Virginia (DICKSON/DIXON)]       Wife   24      Highway N of Paradise
01-29A-23  CUNNINGHAM      R.L., Jr. (Richard)     Son     17      Decatur-Town
01-29A-21  CUNNINGHAM      Richard L. (Sr.)        Head   65      Decatur-Town
15-08B-47   CUNNINGHAM      Valeria Head   52      Rural Boyd Area
01-20B-75   CUNNINGHAM      Vent (B.)       Head   49      Decatur-Town
10-09A-33  CUNNINGHAM      Weldon [Charlie Weldon]      Head   25      Highway N of Paradise
04-05A-12  CUNNIUS     Anna (Mary Anna Dement)   Wife   55      SW of Decatur
04-05A-15  CUNNIUS     George (Lee)  Head   28      SW of Decatur
04-05A-11  CUNNIUS     J.T. (James Tarlton)   Head   60      SW of Decatur
04-05A-17  CUNNIUS     James (Bishop)         Son     3        SW of Decatur
04-05A-16  CUNNIUS     Maxine (Longmire)    Wife   26      SW of Decatur
17-16A-31  CURLEY      J.W. (John)    head   63      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-32  CURLEY      Olive (Althea Miller)   wife    48      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-33  CURLEY      Stephen         son     23      Bridgeport E Side
01-03A-14  CURTIS       Don    Son     14      Decatur-Town
01-03A-17  CURTIS       Dorothy Grace Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
01-03A-11  CURTIS       Jack    Head   38      Decatur-Town
01-03A-15  CURTIS       Jovaline         Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
01-03A-16  CURTIS       Patsy Ruth     Daughter       8        Decatur-Town
01-03A-13  CURTIS       Royce Son     15      Decatur-Town
01-03A-12  CURTIS       Seneth Wife   37      Decatur-Town
18-05B-55   CURTNER    Jimmy Ralph   Gr-Son 2        Chico Town
04-03B-64   CURTNER    Rosa   Head   50      SW of Decatur
18-17A-20  CURTNER    Samuel H.      Head   67      East of Chico/Bridgeport
16-14A-19  CUTHBERTON       Dude   Nephew        25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-06B-41   DABNEY     Sallie [C. (SIMMONS)]        Head   71      Alvord Town
14-04A-28  DACUS        Dorothy Jane  Daughter       14      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-29  DACUS        Edna Earl      Daughter       12      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-27  DACUS        Elmer D. (Dale "Pete")         Head   39      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-31  DACUS        Lee    Son     8        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-33  DACUS        Rhoda (Caldwell)      Head   66      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-30  DACUS        Ruth Helen     Daughter       9        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-04A-32  DACUS        William         Son     6        S of Rhome-Private Rd
04-06B-68   DAGGETT    Cassie (Wood) Wife   33      SW of Decatur
04-06B-69   DAGGETT    Guynelle        Daughter       6        SW of Decatur
04-06B-67   DAGGETT    William H. (Harrison 'Bill')     Head   40      SW of Decatur
16-15B-72   DAILY         Minnie Wife   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15B-71   DAILY         William         Head   70      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-02A-22  DAKE Rosa [Rosetta Emaline "Rosie" (MORGAN)] Mother-in-law 65      Alvord Town(W. Elm St)
01-14A-10  DALLAS      Kate A.        Head   67      Decatur-Town
08-04A-23  DANIEL       Donie V [Viola (HOLLINGSWORTH)]      wife    44      Park Springs
08-04A-24  DANIEL       Dorthory M    daughter        12      Park Springs
08-04A-25  DANIEL       William E [Walter]     son     8        Park Springs
08-04A-22  DANIEL       William F [Franklin]    head    45      Park Springs
12-01B-41   DANIELS     Bettie  Daughter       9        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01A-40  DANIELS     Charleen       Daughter       18      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01A-38  DANIELS     Edd P. Head   56      Boyd Town-S of Main St
17-25A-01  DANIELS     Henry Cleveland       lodger  54      Pg81A Cage Hotel, Bridgeport
12-01A-39  DANIELS     Myrtle Wife   43      Boyd Town-S of Main St
08-04A-33  DART          Anna [Elizabeth (HAMILTON)]      wife    54      Park Springs
08-04A-38  DART          Barbara [Jean]         daughter        15      Park Springs
08-04A-40  DART          Betty Jo        daughter        11      Park Springs
08-04A-35  DART          J C [Clifford?] son     20      Park Springs
08-04A-37  DART          Jewel daughter        17      Park Springs
08-04A-39  DART          Pat     daughter        13      Park Springs
08-04A-36  DART          Ruth    daughter        17      Park Springs
08-04A-34  DART          Thurmond      son     29      Park Springs
08-04A-32  DART          William H [Henry]     head    71      Park Springs
01-13B-72   DARWIN      Cecil   Wife   35      Decatur-Town
20-13A-40  DARWIN      Flora   Wife   57      Boonsville area
01-13B-73   DARWIN      James Thomas, Jr.     Son     6        Decatur-Town
01-13B-71   DARWIN      James Thomas, Sr.     Head   36      Decatur-Town
20-13A-39  DARWIN      W.M.  Head   59      Boonsville area
02-06B-78   DAVENPORT         Annie  wife    53      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-18A-32  DAVENPORT         Arnold, Jr.      Son     16      Decatur-Town
06-10B-47   DAVENPORT         Betty Lee      Dau of Jennie  14      N&E of Alvord
02-06B-80   DAVENPORT         Bill     son     11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-77   DAVENPORT         J. Ben head   60      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-18A-33  DAVENPORT         Jane    Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-18A-34  DAVENPORT         Molly  Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
06-10B-48   DAVENPORT         Philip George  Son of Jennie  13      N&E of Alvord
02-06B-79   DAVENPORT         Rupert son     14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-18A-31  DAVENPORT         Velma Head   40      Decatur-Town
17-12A-12  DAVIDSON  Anna Lois      daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
17-05A-24  DAVIDSON  Bonnie daughter        36      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-25  DAVIDSON  Donald son     24      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-23  DAVIDSON  Ella V. (Victoria Perry )       wife    69      Bridgeport W Side
18-10A-39  DAVIDSON  G.W.   F-in-Law       65      East of Chico
17-12A-10  DAVIDSON  John (Anderson)       head   42      Bridgeport E Side
17-12A-14  DAVIDSON  Johnnie Ruth   daughter        2        Bridgeport E Side
17-05A-27  DAVIDSON  Marguerite     daughter        23      Bridgeport W Side
17-12A-15  DAVIDSON  Mary C.        mother 70      Bridgeport E Side
17-05A-22  DAVIDSON  P.E. (Patton Edward) head   70      Bridgeport W Side
18-10A-40  DAVIDSON  Patty   niece   3        East of Chico
17-05A-26  DAVIDSON  Robert son     28      Bridgeport W Side
17-12A-13  DAVIDSON  Roy Lee        son     10      Bridgeport E Side
17-12A-11  DAVIDSON  Vergie (Cora Reno)   wife    39      Bridgeport E Side
11-04B-48   DAVIS         Alice B [Virginia (SLATER)] Mother 78      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-02B-66   DAVIS         Allice  M-I-L 74      recopied on 12A-26
10-12A-26  DAVIS         Allice  M-I-L  74      S Main St., Paradise
01-33A-16  DAVIS         Anna   Sister  40      Page 61A-Decatur
04-08B-43   DAVIS         Barbara (Ann) Grand-daughter         1        SW of Decatur
01-32A-37  DAVIS         Bessie (Lee)   Wife   44      Decatur-Town
06-03A-28  DAVIS         Buena Wife   40      N&E of Alvord
06-10B-41   DAVIS         Carole Ann    Daughter       2/12   Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
01-17B-47   DAVIS         Catherine       Head   69      Decatur-Town
11-04B-45   DAVIS         Charles E [Sr.]         Head   54      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-46   DAVIS         Charles E, Jr.  Son     16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-02B-77   DAVIS         Clyde  Son     15      N&E of Alvord
18-07B-54   DAVIS         Coleman (P. Pate)     Head   45      Chico Area
06-10A-25  DAVIS         D A    Brother        25      Hopewell-N&E of Alvord
06-10A-37  DAVIS         D H [Dewey] Head   30      Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
06-10A-24  DAVIS         Dean   Sister  30      Hopewell-N&E of Alvord
06-02B-75   DAVIS         Delma Daughter       19      N&E of Alvord
17-03B-53   DAVIS         Dona  (Bell Read)     wife    54      Bridgeport W Side
01-10A-10  DAVIS         Doris   Lodger 26      Decatur-Town
18-06A-04  DAVIS         Doris (L. Ward)        Wife   21      Chico Town
01-07B-49   DAVIS         Douglas        Step-Son       18      Decatur-Town
01-18B-62   DAVIS         Edna May      Student         21      Decatur-Town
02-10A-25  DAVIS         Ella [B. (CATES)]     head   64      Rt 4-E of Decatur
06-02B-79   DAVIS         Emmit F        Son     8        N&E of Alvord
03-02B-76   DAVIS         Eva [Ena Alma (PARKS)]    wife    36      NW of Decatur
20-02A-25  DAVIS         Floria  Daughter       21      Boonsville
06-03A-27  DAVIS         Garland         Head   44      N&E of Alvord
20-02A-26  DAVIS         Geneva         Daughter       17      Boonsville
07-04B-60   DAVIS         Georgia [Ann (SMITH)]       Wife   57      S of Alvord
06-02B-74   DAVIS         Glennie         Wife   50      N&E of Alvord
20-02A-22  DAVIS         H.E.   Head   58      Boonsville
11-04B-47   DAVIS         Hart?  nephew         15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
03-02B-75   DAVIS         Henry [Winter]         head   46      NW of Decatur
18-03B-44   DAVIS         I.B.    Son     14      Chico Town
06-10A-38  DAVIS         Iva Lee (HOGUE)     Wife   26      Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
20-02A-23  DAVIS         Janie   Wife   50      Boonsville
06-10A-23  DAVIS         Jerlene [Geraldine]     Head   23      Hopewell-N&E of Alvord
06-10A-39  DAVIS         Jerry [Eugene] Son     7        Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
18-06A-03  DAVIS         Jess B. Head   36      Chico Town
06-10A-27  DAVIS         Jimmie Morrison       Nephew        10/12  Hopewell-N&E of Alvord
06-02B-73   DAVIS         John B Head   52      N&E of Alvord
01-34A-09  DAVIS         John Dillard    Lodger 23      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
01-32A-36  DAVIS         John L.         Head   52      Decatur-Town
06-02B-76   DAVIS         John R Son     17      N&E of Alvord
01-08B-50   DAVIS         John W.        Head   67      Decatur-Town
18-07B-55   DAVIS         Lela (Ruth Coffee)    Wife   43      Chico Area
20-02A-24  DAVIS         Lonnie Son     19      Boonsville
04-08B-41   DAVIS         Louise (Mattie Louise Beach) Daughter       23      SW of Decatur
03-02B-77   DAVIS         Lowell [Thomas]       son     9        NW of Decatur
07-04B-59   DAVIS         M G [Mart]    Head   57      S of Alvord
04-08B-42   DAVIS         Mae Ann       Grand-daughter         3        SW of Decatur
06-02B-78   DAVIS         Mamie Faye   Daughter       12      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-26  DAVIS         Margie Faye (FOX)   SIL    19      Hopewell-N&E of Alvord
06-10A-40  DAVIS         Max [Warren] Son     5        Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
18-08B-57   DAVIS         Maxine         Daughter       17      SE of Chico
02-13B-73   DAVIS         Morine W.     head   35      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-09A-21  DAVIS         Myrtle (Opthelia Adair)        head   53      Bridgeport E Side
18-16A-18  DAVIS         Nadine S-Dau 6        East of Chico/Bridgeport
17-03B-55   DAVIS         Neta   daughter        17      Bridgeport W Side
18-07A-26  DAVIS         Nolia M.        Wife   55      Chico Area
18-08B-56   DAVIS         Norman        Head   54      SE of Chico
17-09A-24  DAVIS         Odetta daughter        16      Bridgeport E Side
18-03B-45   DAVIS         Oleta   Daughter       12      Chico Town
02-13B-74   DAVIS         Opal C.         wife    28      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-07A-27  DAVIS         Ozro (Odell)   Son     18      Chico Area
01-08B-51   DAVIS         Pairlee (F. Green)      Wife   59      Decatur-Town
18-07B-57   DAVIS         Rosleen (Rosalene)    Daughter       16      Chico Area
17-03B-54   DAVIS         Ruby (Mary)   daughter        23      Bridgeport W Side
03-02B-78   DAVIS         Sean   son     12      NW of Decatur
18-07B-56   DAVIS         T.G.    Son     20      Chico Area
07-04B-61   DAVIS         Troy   Son     18      S of Alvord
18-03B-43   DAVIS         Vallie  Head   43      Chico Town
17-03B-52   DAVIS         W.T. (William Thomas)        head   67      Bridgeport W Side
18-07A-25  DAVIS         Walter C. (Charles)    Head   56      Chico Area
18-03B-46   DAVIS         Wendell        Son     9        Chico Town
17-03B-56   DAVIS         Zelda  daughter        14      Bridgeport W Side
08-02A-21  DAVIS         Herbert C      son     15      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-24  DAVIS         James M [Melton]     son     5        Park Springs & SE
08-02A-23  DAVIS         Mary [Frances]        daughter        8        Park Springs & SE
08-05A-20  DAVIS         May [Janie May (STALMAKER)]    wife    60      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-22  DAVIS         Mildred         daughter        11      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-25  DAVIS         Polly [June]    daughter        2        Park Springs & SE
08-02A-19  DAVIS         Rufus C [Carl] head    43      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-20  DAVIS         Tommie [Ann (COX)] wife    43      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-19  DAVIS         William J [Jonathan]   head    69      Park Springs & SE
06-03A-20  DAWDY      Benton [B]     Head   82      N&E of Alvord
06-03A-22  DAWDY      Bessie Daughter       35      N&E of Alvord
06-03A-23  DAWDY      Dorothy Marie G dau  16      N&E of Alvord
06-03A-21  DAWDY      Margarete Jane        Wife   72      N&E of Alvord
17-18A-06  DAWKINS    Marcus (Dahlonegah 'Dee')   head   29      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-08  DAWKINS    Ona Fae        sister in law    14      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-07  DAWKINS    Ozelle (Vanetta Ramsdale)    wife    18      Bridgeport E Side
16-20A-27  DAWSON     Alton   Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-04B-75   DAWSON     Cecil (Thomas 'C.T.') Head   40      SW of Decatur
01-22A-24  DAWSON     J.C.    Head   21      Decatur-Town
04-04B-79   DAWSON     Jessie  Daughter       9        SW of Decatur
16-20A-26  DAWSON     Lavada         Wife   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-28  DAWSON     Leola  Daughter       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-25  DAWSON     Nimie [Nimmie F]      Head   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-04B-76   DAWSON     Ruth (Sarah Leola Hudson?)  Wife   36      SW of Decatur
04-04B-77   DAWSON     William         Son     13      SW of Decatur
01-22A-25  DAWSON     Willie Mae (Ragland)  Wife   15      Decatur-Town
04-04B-78   DAWSON     Winfred        Son     11      SW of Decatur
01-33A-18  DAWSON     Francis Lodger 30      Page 61A-Decatur
14-09A-26  DAY  Alma Ruth     Daughter       14      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09A-23  DAY  Blanche (Hutcherson) Wife   48      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09A-28  DAY  Emma Marian Daughter       5        Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09A-25  DAY  Jim Tom        Son     16      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09A-22  DAY  Joe F. (Joseph Fletcher, Sr.)   Head   48      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
14-09A-24  DAY  Joe F., Jr. (Joseph Fletcher)   Son     20      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
18-02B-58   DAY  Martin S.       head   64      Chico Town
14-09A-27  DAY  Mary Ellen     Daughter       12      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
18-02B-59   DAY  Sara E. (Elizabeth Tony)       wife    72      Chico Town
11-09B-50   DEAN Alta M Dau-in-law    20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09B-49   DEAN Alvin   Son     23      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09B-48   DEAN Etlislina         Daughter       16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-10B-53   DEAN F.H. (Floyd Herman)  Son     23      Boonsville
20-10B-56   DEAN Fannie (E.)     Mother 75      Boonsville
11-08A-16  DEAN Flo E   Daughter       13      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-19  DEAN Freddie [Allen]         Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-10B-55   DEAN Hershel (Edwin)        Son     16      Boonsville
11-09B-46   DEAN John    Head   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-18  DEAN Kenneth [Truman]     Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-10B-52   DEAN Lila (May Cox)         Wife   41      Boonsville
20-11A-08  DEAN M.M.  Head   49      Boonsville
11-08A-15  DEAN Mable [Emmitt (HARRIS)]    Wife   34      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-11A-10  DEAN Morris Son     18      Boonsville
20-10B-51   DEAN O.W. (Oscar Wilborn) Head   52      Boonsville
20-10B-54   DEAN Outha (Mildred Outha)         Daughter       20      Boonsville
20-11A-09  DEAN Pearl   Wife   49      Boonsville
11-09B-47   DEAN Sena   Wife   59      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09B-78   DEAN Susie [V]       Wife   47      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-14  DEAN Thomas E [Eulas, Sr.] Head   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-17  DEAN Thomas E, Jr. [Eulas] Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09B-77   DEAN Tom H [Thomas]      Head   67      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-16A-32  DEARMAN   Patricia (Pascall)       Head   27      Decatur-Town
01-16A-33  DEARMAN   Tommy Pat, Sr.        Son     7        Decatur-Town
19-04B-65   DEATHERAGE       Freeman Lee  grandson       5m     SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-64   DEATHERAGE       Myrna granddaughter 1        SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-62   DEATHERAGE       Orbon (Wesley Orbon)         son     26      SW of Bridgeport
17-21A-31  DEATHERAGE       Roy (Barney)  head   44      Bridgeport E Side
19-04B-63   DEATHERAGE       Tressie (Hobbs)        daughter in law         18      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-60   DEATHERAGE       Wesley (Perry)         head   70      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-61   DEATHERAGE       Winnie daughter        42      SW of Bridgeport
01-07A-14  DEATON      Arnie  Head   43      Decatur-Town
01-07A-17  DEATON      Arnie Ray      Son     8        Decatur-Town
02-01A-10  DEATON      Aubrey [Daniel]        head   30      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-02B-43   DEATON      Betty Lou (Todd)      Dau-in-law     15      Boonsville
01-07A-15  DEATON      Eunice (Womack)      Wife   42      Decatur-Town
01-07A-18  DEATON      Fannie Head   68      Decatur-Town
20-02B-42   DEATON      Hubert B.      Son     24      Boonsville
20-02A-39  DEATON      J.W.   Head   52      Boonsville
20-02B-41   DEATON      Jessie  Son     21      Boonsville
20-02A-08  DEATON      John C.         Nephew        18      Boonsville
02-04A-16  DEATON      Minnie (DONALDSON)      head   64      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-01A-11  DEATON      Ona L. [Lee (BRUTON)      wife    28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-10  DEATON      Rosie [Rosa (ARRINGTON)]         sister   68      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-02A-40  DEATON      Willie  Son     26      Boonsville
01-07A-16  DEATON      Zoe E. Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
02-09B-68   DEHORNEY Johnny D.      head   26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-69   DEHORNEY Leola  wife    26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-01A-08  DELAS        Delia   grand daughter 8m     Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-02  DELAS        Florena (Lorenda)      Wife   50      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-03  DELAS        John    Son     27      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-04  DELAS        Josephine (Jacobita)   Daughter       15      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-06  DELAS        Manuel         Son     26      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-07  DELAS        Ophelia (Ofelia Villareal)      Daughterin law         20      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-05  DELAS        Paulino Son     12      Bridgeport W Side
17-01A-01  DELAS        Paulino (Paulie)        Head   58      Bridgeport W Side
01-04A-37  DEMENT      Gus (William A.)       Head   49      Decatur-Town
01-04A-38  DEMENT      Leona (Tugwell)       Wife   49      Decatur-Town
01-04A-39  DEMENT      Sallie   Mother 73      Decatur-Town
16-06A-03  DEMPSEY    Bonnie R [Ruth]        Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-72   DEMPSEY    Charles [Dennis]       Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-02  DEMPSEY    Clara (DEMPY)       Wife   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-69   DEMPSEY    Hubert [Elmer]         Head   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-70   DEMPSEY    Opal [Mary Opal (CEARLEY)]       Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-71   DEMPSEY    Rita    Daughter       9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06A-01  DEMPSEY    Robert [R Z]   Head   49      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-08B-53   DENNEY      Cora (Bailey ) Wife   44      SE of Chico
18-08B-55   DENNEY      Dorothy Jo     Daughter       14      SE of Chico
18-08B-54   DENNEY      Dovie  Daughter       16      SE of Chico
18-08B-50   DENNEY      Ella (Lou Ella Glasgow)        Wife   52      SE of Chico
18-08B-51   DENNEY      Esta (Luesta)  Daughter       36      SE of Chico
17-17B-61   DENNEY      Estelline (Hess)        wife    28      Bridgeport E Side
18-08B-52   DENNEY      Houston S. (Sam)      Head   41      SE of Chico
18-08B-49   DENNEY      John D. (Davis)        Head   63      SE of Chico
17-17B-60   DENNEY      W.D. (Jr.)      head   29      Bridgeport E Side
08-02A-11  DENNEY      Danie daughter        18      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-10  DENNEY      Earnest E       son     20      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-09  DENNEY      Irene   daughter        25      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-08  DENNEY      Ora [Pearl (HEFNER)]        wife    55      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-07  DENNEY      Walter D       head    57      Park Springs & SE
17-24A-29  DENNIS       Joe H. roomer 38      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
08-07B-78   DENNISON   Alice   daughter        20      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-76   DENNISON   Charles         head    70      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-77   DENNISON   Norma          wife    57      Park Springs & SE
18-01A-27  DENNY       Bettye wife    58      Chico Town
18-02A-30  DENNY       Clara Belle     daughter        21      Chico Town
18-02A-28  DENNY       Edd D. head   55      Chico Town
18-01A-26  DENNY       Eddie T.        head   69      Chico Town
18-02A-29  DENNY       Georgia         wife    53      Chico Town
18-08A-04  DENNY       Hurston P.     Head   30      Chico Area
18-08A-06  DENNY       Leonard (Davis)        Son     6        Chico Area
18-02A-26  DENNY       Mollie  wife    59      Chico Town
18-02A-25  DENNY       Oscar S.        head   59      Chico Town
18-08A-05  DENNY       Ruth (Redwine)        Wife   30      Chico Area
20-01A-03  DENTON      Alonzo Head   25      Boonsville
20-06A-06  DENTON      Burlon Son     21      Boonsville Town
20-01A-05  DENTON      Byron L.       Son     5        Boonsville
20-06A-08  DENTON      Dale   Son     17      Boonsville Town
19-05A-27  DENTON      Hazel (J.)      wife    37      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-30  DENTON      Jackie (Jack Lavoy)   son     10      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-28  DENTON      Latrell daughter        17      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-29  DENTON      Laverne        daughter        15      SW of Bridgeport
20-01A-04  DENTON      Mary (Margaret Caram)       Wife   25      Boonsville
20-06A-04  DENTON      N.T.   Head   57      Boonsville Town
20-06A-07  DENTON      Paul Edward   Son     19      Boonsville Town
20-01A-06  DENTON      Sammie A.     Son     2        Boonsville
19-05A-26  DENTON      Truman (Thomas P.)  head   40      SW of Bridgeport
20-06A-05  DENTON      Vera (Cypret) Wife   54      Boonsville Town
19-01B-66   DETHLOFF   Alta (Etta Lorena Richardson)         wife    25      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-70   DETHLOFF   Barbra (Doris Barbara 'Bobbie')       daughter        8        SW of Bridgeport
17-09B-75   DETHLOFF   Calvin (George Calvin)         son     1        Bridgeport E Side
20-01A-11  DETHLOFF   Carl Ray       Son     10      Boonsville
19-04A-09  DETHLOFF   Chris F. (Joseph Chris)         brother 39      SW of Bridgeport
10-01A-26  DETHLOFF   Claudia A      Daughter       9        Paradise-Draco Rd.
19-03B-66   DETHLOFF   Collie (Eliza Terry)     wife    63      SW of Bridgeport
20-01A-32  DETHLOFF   Drewie         Son     30      Boonsville
17-13A-07  DETHLOFF   Dwain son     20      Bridgeport E Side
19-01B-45   DETHLOFF   Eva (Nancy Evelyn Richardson)       wife    33      SW of Bridgeport
10-01A-25  DETHLOFF   Evelyn J        Wife   27      Paradise-Draco Rd.
10-01A-27  DETHLOFF   Francis E       Daughter       3?      Paradise-Draco Rd.
19-01B-67   DETHLOFF   Gewan (Harold Gewan)        son     17      SW of Bridgeport
19-03B-65   DETHLOFF   Henery (Columbus)    head   62      SW of Bridgeport
19-04A-12  DETHLOFF   Homer James (James Homer) brother 21      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-69   DETHLOFF   Ita Marie ('Pee Wee') daughter        10      SW of Bridgeport
17-13A-08  DETHLOFF   J.R.    son     17      Bridgeport E Side
19-03B-67   DETHLOFF   Jasper W.      stepson         37      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-65   DETHLOFF   Jessie (Manifield)      head   39      SW of Bridgeport
20-01A-30  DETHLOFF   John    Head   69      Boonsville
17-09B-69   DETHLOFF   Kossie (Butler)         head   33      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-74   DETHLOFF   Le Roy         son     3        Bridgeport E Side
19-04A-10  DETHLOFF   Leo M. (Martin Leo)  brother 18      SW of Bridgeport
20-01A-08  DETHLOFF   Leona V. (Story)       Wife   47      Boonsville
19-04A-13  DETHLOFF   Louella (Coleman)     mother 55      SW of Bridgeport
20-01A-07  DETHLOFF   Louis   Head   53      Boonsville
17-09B-72   DETHLOFF   Lucille daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
10-01A-24  DETHLOFF   Marion Head   31      Paradise-Draco Rd.
20-01A-31  DETHLOFF   Martha (McElroy)     Wife   71      Boonsville
19-03B-68   DETHLOFF   Martha Joe (A. Cobb) head   75      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-68   DETHLOFF   Mavis Jean     daughter        12      SW of Bridgeport
17-13A-06  DETHLOFF   Nancy (Mehala Farriss)        wife    54      Bridgeport E Side
19-04A-11  DETHLOFF   Nellie (Katherine 'Molly')      sister   14      SW of Bridgeport
20-01A-09  DETHLOFF   Pearl M.        Son     23      Boonsville
17-09B-71   DETHLOFF   Reba   daughter        11      Bridgeport E Side
19-01B-44   DETHLOFF   Rhea B. (Bowlin 'Ray')        head   36      SW of Bridgeport
17-09B-70   DETHLOFF   Ruby (M. Bishop)      wife    29      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-73   DETHLOFF   Velma Joyce   daughter        7        Bridgeport E Side
20-01A-10  DETHLOFF   Verl L. Son     20      Boonsville
19-04A-08  DETHLOFF   Virgil C. (Charlie Virgle)       head   32      SW of Bridgeport
17-13A-05  DETHLOFF   W.J. (Thomas W.)     head   55      Bridgeport E Side
01-14B-50   DEVERS      Edward         Lodger 28      Decatur-Town
14-01B-75   DEVINE       Clarence       Son     14      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01B-73   DEVINE       Garrett Head   62      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01B-74   DEVINE       Rosie B.        Wife   50      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
20-03B-55   DEWBRE     Hazel (Fancher)        Wife   48      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-56   DEWBRE     Helen  Sister  58      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-54   DEWBRE     Walter Head   51      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
05-02B-59   DICK  Allen V.        Son     42      Alvord Town
04-02A-07  DICK  Dora (Ellen North)     Wife   48      SW of Decatur
05-02B-57   DICK  Fred    Head   68      Alvord Town
05-02B-58   DICK  Jennie  Wife   64      Alvord Town
04-02A-06  DICK  Matthew ('Pat')        Head   50      SW of Decatur
04-02A-09  DICK  Maudina        Daughter       26      SW of Decatur
05-02B-60   DICK  Virginia M.     Granddaughter 11      Alvord Town
04-02A-08  DICK  Wilburn         Son     28      SW of Decatur
19-05B-77   DICKENSON Alva (Lafayette)       head   35      SW of Bridgeport
18-05B-42   DICKENSON Bert W.        Son     20      Chico Town
18-09B-47   DICKENSON Bessie (Ora Newton)  Wife   35      East of Chico
19-05B-78   DICKENSON Bessie (Pearl Denney)         wife    35      SW of Bridgeport
09-04A-33  DICKENSON Carney Alvin  son     13      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
19-05B-79   DICKENSON Curtis (Wayne)         son     11      SW of Bridgeport
10-09B-54   DICKENSON Earl G Son     17      N of Paradise
09-04A-31  DICKENSON Ellen Flora     wife    54      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
18-09B-46   DICKENSON G.A. (George Almus) Head   40      East of Chico
10-09B-51   DICKENSON George Head   50      N of Paradise
18-05B-44   DICKENSON George E.      G-Son  2/12    Chico Town
18-05B-41   DICKENSON Grace M.       Head   53      Chico Town
18-09B-50   DICKENSON Harold Lloyd   Son     6        East of Chico
10-09B-53   DICKENSON Inez    Daughter       25      N of Paradise
18-05B-43   DICKENSON Juanita K.      D-in-law        22      Chico Town
18-09B-48   DICKENSON L.C.    Son     17      East of Chico
18-08B-76   DICKENSON Lelis T.         Son     32      East of Chico
09-04A-30  DICKENSON Lester B.       Head   56      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
18-09B-49   DICKENSON Melvin Son     10      East of Chico
10-09B-52   DICKENSON Molly  Wife   57      N of Paradise
09-04A-32  DICKENSON Morris L.       son     25      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
18-08B-75   DICKENSON Texana (Molloy)       Head   65      East of Chico
18-08B-77   DICKENSON Vera (Allyne Parish)  D-in-law        30      East of Chico
08-08B-73   DICKENSON          Geo E [Edward]        gr/dau  0/12   Park Springs & SE
08-08B-72   DICKENSON          Juanita [Katherine (CHAMPION)]   daughter        22      Park Springs & SE
07-02A-29  DICKERSON A L [Lewis]   Head   39      S of Alvord
07-02A-31  DICKERSON Donald Rankin [Donald Lewis]        Son     7        S of Alvord
07-02A-30  DICKERSON Ellen (ALLEN)         Wife   27      S of Alvord
07-02A-34  DICKERSON Jerry Milton    Son     8/12   S of Alvord
07-02A-33  DICKERSON John Wayne   Son     3        S of Alvord
07-02A-32  DICKERSON Vera Lee       Daughter       5        S of Alvord
13-02A-13  DICKEY       Allen Poe      Son     3        Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-15  DICKEY       Bertie Maude (Berta) Daughter       4/12    Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-10  DICKEY       Jackie  Daughter       8        Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-11  DICKEY       James  Son     6        Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-07  DICKEY       Lillie May (Anderson) Wife   33      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-08  DICKEY       Marie  Daughter       12      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-03B-60   DICKEY       Marie  Housekeeper  50      Rural Boyd Area
13-02A-06  DICKEY       Merlin (Henry)         Head   35      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-14  DICKEY       Reece (Raymond Reece)      Son     2        Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-12  DICKEY       Tony (Mack)  Son     5        Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-09  DICKEY       Wayne Son     11      Rhome Town-S Addition
10-02B-50   DICKINSON Anitavon [Anita Von] Daughter       2        recopied on 12A-10
10-12A-10  DICKINSON Anitavon [Anita Von] Daughter       2        S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-49   DICKINSON Bennie Carroll Son     5        recopied on 12A-09
10-12A-09  DICKINSON Bennie Carroll Son     5        S Main St., Paradise
18-02B-55   DICKINSON Doyle  daughter        22      Chico Town
18-02B-53   DICKINSON John F. head   67      Chico Town
10-02B-48   DICKINSON Lola Mae (HILL)      Wife   26      recopied on 12A-08
10-12A-08  DICKINSON Lola Mae (HILL)      Wife   26      S Main St., Paradise
18-02B-54   DICKINSON Maude (Clara Myers) wife    60      Chico Town
18-03B-48   DICKINSON Minnie (Morris-widow of Thomas A.) Head   55      Chico Town
10-02B-47   DICKINSON Vaughn [Eldie]         Head   27      recopied on 12A-07
10-12A-07  DICKINSON Vaughn [Eldie]         Head   27      S Main St., Paradise
01-11B-62   DICKSON     Cliva G.        Dau    18      Decatur-Town
01-32B-42   DICKSON     Douglas        Head   34      Decatur-Town
01-11B-61   DICKSON     Emma Head   59      Decatur-Town
01-32B-44   DICKSON     Jerry D.        Son     2/12    Decatur-Town
01-29B-64   DICKSON     Johnnie M.     Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
01-29B-63   DICKSON     Nellie M.       Head   57      Decatur-Town
01-32B-43   DICKSON     Willie Mae (Phillips)   Wife   27      Decatur-Town
05-08B-55   DIEB  Edna (MUSEY)        Wife   31      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-08B-58   DIEB  George [from Syria or Lebanon]       Father 71      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-08B-56   DIEB  James G.       Son     6        Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-08B-54   DIEB  Jimmie S. [Jemel Stephens]    Head   35      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
05-08B-57   DIEB  Shirley [Marie]         Daughter       2        Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
01-28A-25  DILL  Ann    Head   60      Decatur-Town
16-08A-17  DILL  Lela    Wife   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-28A-24  DILL  Lou    Head   63      Decatur-Town
16-08A-16  DILL  Nuford Head   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-13B-67   DILLARD     Ann    Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
01-13B-68   DILLARD     Jerry   Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-13B-64   DILLARD     Jerry Ross     Head   35      Decatur-Town
01-13B-65   DILLARD     Leana Fay (Stephens) Wife   33      Decatur-Town
01-13B-66   DILLARD     Martha Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-09A-07  DILLEHAY   Clyde  Head   47      Decatur-Town
17-22A-30  DILLEHAY   Clyde  son in law      17      Bridgeport E Side
17-22A-31  DILLEHAY   Edwina (Ward)         daughter        15      Bridgeport E Side
01-09A-08  DILLEHAY   James Garret  Son     24      Decatur-Town
01-18B-45   DILLEHAY   Lillie   Head   59      Decatur-Town
01-09A-09  DILLEHAY   Ted J.  Son     18      Decatur-Town
11-05B-61   DILLINGS    Kenneth        Lodger         8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-60   DILLINGS    Sina    Lodger         30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-09A-38  DILLON       Edgar B.       Lodger 62      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
15-07A-10  DIVINE        Annie (Lorene Reeves)        Wife   22      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-09  DIVINE        J. D.   Head   22      Rural Boyd Area
17-08B-50   DOBBS        Darrell son     13      Bridgeport W Side
18-06B-65   DOBBS        Darrell G-son  14      Chico Area
17-08B-52   DOBBS        De Lois  (De-lois Marie)       daughter        9        Bridgeport W Side
17-08B-49   DOBBS        Eura (Marie Mitchum) head   32      Bridgeport W Side
17-08B-51   DOBBS        Harrold         son     11      Bridgeport W Side
18-06B-66   DOBBS        Harrold         G-son  12      Chico Area
18-06B-62   DOBBS        John T.         Head   66      Chico Area
18-06B-63   DOBBS        Lizzle (Gore)   Wife   73      Chico Area
08-04B-56   DOBBS        Delois [Marie] gr/dau 9        Park Springs & SE
05-05B-47   DOBSON      Amanda [L.]   Head   64      Alvord Town
16-19B-55   DOBSON      John L.         Father 89      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-05B-48   DOBSON      Leroy  Son     36      Alvord Town
05-07B-56   DODD         Alva Dean     Daughter       3        Alvord Town
05-07B-54   DODD         Alvis [O'Thomas]      Head   29      Alvord Town
05-07B-53   DODD         Bessie E. (SANDERS)        Wife   60      Alvord Town
05-07B-52   DODD         L.J. [Lowell J.]         Head   69      Alvord Town
05-07B-55   DODD         Ola Mae (HANNER) Wife   28      Alvord Town
01-03A-08  DODDS        Betty Jane (Bettye)    Daughter       8        Decatur-Town
01-03A-07  DODDS        Cecil (Elman)  Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-03A-06  DODDS        Dessie (Dessa Cecil McDaniel)        Wife   42      Decatur-Town
01-03A-05  DODDS        Floyd R. (Randolph)   Head   48      Decatur-Town
16-16A-08  DODGE        Eddie  Head   39      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-80   DODGE        Edgar [W]     Head   70      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-10  DODGE        Edsil   Son     13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-09  DODGE        Emma Wife   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09A-01  DODGE        Willie [Louella (WILLIAMSON)]     Wife   64      Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-11B-80   DODSON     Alice   wife    19      NW of Bridgeport
01-22A-02  DODSON     Calvin  Head   50      Decatur-Town
19-12A-01  DODSON     Charles Ray   son     11m    NW of Bridgeport
14-02B-62   DODSON     Clara (Clarabell Pit)   Wife   52      E of Rhome-Highway 81
01-22A-04  DODSON     Doris   Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
01-26A-39  DODSON     Dorothy        Granddaughter 19      Decatur-Town
01-26A-38  DODSON     Hazel  Daughter       38      Decatur-Town
01-22A-03  DODSON     Nell    Wife   46      Decatur-Town
19-11B-79   DODSON     Robert L.       head   31      NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-52   DODSON     Tom    head   54      NW of Bridgeport
14-02B-61   DODSON     Tom (Thomas L.)      Head   45      E of Rhome-Highway 81
17-24A-04  DOE   Joe T.  son     11      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-01  DOE   John T.         head   39      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-03  DOE   Mary   daughter        15      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-02  DOE   Stella   wife    37      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-01A-39  DOMINGUEZ         Lorenzo        Head   49      Bridgeport W Side
01-24B-67   DONALD     Eva    Sister  55      Decatur-Town
01-24B-66   DONALD     George S.      Head   62      Decatur-Town
15-09A-22  DONALDSON        H. R. (Homer) Head   61      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-23  DONALDSON        Lela (Leta Lee)        Wife   57      Rural Boyd Area
15-11A-22  DOUGHTY   G. W.  Son     18      Newark Town
15-11A-20  DOUGHTY   G. W. (Henry W.)     Head   77      Newark Town
15-11A-21  DOUGHTY   Rella   Wife   49      Newark Town
14-04A-21  DOUGLAS    Jackie L.       Daughter       14      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-20  DOUGLAS    Ora Mae       Wife   38      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-19  DOUGLAS    Robert L. (Loyd)       Head   48      Newark-Boyd Rd
16-11A-16  DOW  Charley         Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-14  DOW  Cora   Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-13  DOW  Luther Head   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-15  DOW  Mattie Belle    Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-17  DOW  Vera M.        Daughter       11/12   Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-24B-53   DOWNE       Harry  yardman        47      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
20-10A-35  DOWNING   Clifford         Son     20      Boonsville
20-10A-36  DOWNING   Esker  Son     18      Boonsville
20-10A-37  DOWNING   J.D.    Son     14      Boonsville
20-10A-34  DOWNING   Offie   Wife   44      Boonsville
20-10A-38  DOWNING   Robbie Daughter       12      Boonsville
20-10A-33  DOWNING   Robert M.      Head   44      Boonsville
05-03B-69   DOWNING   Sarah J. [Jane]         Mother 86      Alvord Town
14-08A-02  DOWNING   Vera I. (Verda Irene) Wife   38      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08A-01  DOWNING   Wayne Head   37      E of Rhome-Private Rd
16-20A-06  DOYLE        Alba   Daughter       43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-04  DOYLE        Andy C.        Head   73      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-02  DOYLE        Clara   Wife   30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-05  DOYLE        Floyd M. [Malcolm]   Son     43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-01  DOYLE        Joe B. Head   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-03  DOYLE        Marie  Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-02B-70   DOYLE        May [Geneva Mae (CARTWRIGHT)]        Wife   54      Slidell Town
16-02B-69   DOYLE        Silas [Edward Silas]   Head   60      Slidell Town
14-08A-03  DRAIN        Albert (Sterling, Sr.)   Head   46      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-08A-06  DRAIN        Albert Jr. (Sterling)    Son     14      Rhome-Justin Rd
15-04B-63   DRAIN        Archie (Lee)   Head   29      Rural Boyd Area
15-10B-73   DRAIN        Artie (Edward)         Son-in-law     28      Newark Town
14-09A-39  DRAIN        Bennie J.       Son     11      E of Rhome-Highway 81
14-08A-04  DRAIN        Bessie (Burk)  Wife   39      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-08A-05  DRAIN        Billie J. Son     16      Rhome-Justin Rd
15-10B-57   DRAIN        Edward         Head   21      Newark Town
14-09B-78   DRAIN        James Toy (Loy)       Son     2        S of Rhome-Private Rd
15-04B-64   DRAIN        Johnnie (Leonard McCrary)   Wife   26      Rural Boyd Area
14-09B-41   DRAIN        Joyce  Daughter       6        E of Rhome-Highway 81
15-10B-58   DRAIN        Lucille Wife   26      Newark Town
15-04B-65   DRAIN        Lucille (Jewell Lucile) Daughter       4        Rural Boyd Area
14-09A-40  DRAIN        Marcell         Daughter       9        E of Rhome-Highway 81
14-09A-37  DRAIN        Mattie (McCraw)      Wife   46      E of Rhome-Highway 81
14-09B-77   DRAIN        Nina (Irene Powers)   Wife   25      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09A-36  DRAIN        Pete T. (Toy)  Head   49      E of Rhome-Highway 81
14-08A-08  DRAIN        Ray Paul       Son     10      Rhome-Justin Rd
15-10B-74   DRAIN        Reba (Scroggins)       Daughter       27      Newark Town
14-09A-38  DRAIN        Ruth   Daughter       15      E of Rhome-Highway 81
15-04B-66   DRAIN        Thomas Atkins         Son     2        Rural Boyd Area
14-09B-76   DRAIN        Tom (Thomas Richard)         Head   25      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-08A-07  DRAIN        Tommie        Son     12      Rhome-Justin Rd
15-07B-41   DRAKE        J. W.   Head   51      Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-42   DRAKE        Mary   Wife   51      Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-43   DRAKE        Ruth   Daughter       16      Rural Boyd Area
11-10A-05  DRENNAN   Flotence Virginia (KINSEY)  Wife   34      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10A-04  DRENNAN   Grady O        Head   38      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10A-06  DRENNAN   Grady V        Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-07A-30  DRENNAN   H R [Homer C]        Head   46      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-32  DRENNAN   Homer [T]     Son     11      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-34  DRENNAN   J D     Brother        49      N&E of Alvord
11-10A-07  DRENNAN   Mary D [Darleen]     Daughter       11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-07A-31  DRENNAN   Ola [S Ola]    Wife   44      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-33  DRENNAN   Sarah [Jane]   Daughter       7        N&E of Alvord
11-10A-08  DRENNAN   Virginia F      Daughter       5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10A-09  DRENNAN   William C      Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-07B-56   DREW         Mary Ellen     Aunt   84      Boonsville Town
16-17B-49   DRISKELL    Doris [Lavern] Granddaughter 4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-45   DRISKELL    Dottie F.        Grand daughter         13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-48   DRISKELL    Eddie Ray      Grandson       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-43   DRISKELL    John [Thomas, Sr.]     Son     34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-47   DRISKELL    John, Jr. [Thomas]     Grandson       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-44   DRISKELL    Katherine [Susan Catherine (McGREGOR)]  Daughter-in-Law       29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-42   DRISKELL    Mattie Head   74      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-46   DRISKELL    Tommie J. [Joe]        Granddaughter 11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
08-01B-77   DUBBY       Charlie R       head   62      Park Springs & SE
08-01B-78   DUBBY       Eva    wife    61      Park Springs & SE
08-01B-79   DUBBY       Jack    son     32      Park Springs & SE
09-08A-37  DUCK Ester Mae      daughter        19      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-35  DUCK Homer (Elbert)         son     31      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-36  DUCK K.H., Jr. (Kinnie Hicks)        son     29      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-33  DUCK Kinnie (Hicks, Sr.)     Head   56      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-39  DUCK Rena Louise   daughter        11      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-38  DUCK William H. (Harry)     son     16      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-34  DUCK Willie N. (Naomi McKay)     wife    52      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
08-09A-21  DUCK          A D    head    30      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-23  DUCK          Fannie daughter        4        Park Springs & SE
08-09A-22  DUCK          Mary   wife    28      Park Springs & SE
20-05B-44   DUGAN       Quilla  Sis-in-Law     21      Boonsville/Balsora
01-33A-26  DUGGER      L.J.    Lodger 24      Page 61A-Decatur
01-29B-46   DUNAFAN   T.O.   Lodger 32      Decatur-Town
01-28B-65   DUNAWAY  Anella Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
18-05B-79   DUNAWAY  Billie Joe       Son     7        Chico Town
18-05B-78   DUNAWAY  Charles Ray   Son     9        Chico Town
01-19B-63   DUNAWAY  Effie   Head   73      Decatur-Town
18-05B-76   DUNAWAY  Elizabeth (Holland)     Wife   34      Chico Town
01-19B-65   DUNAWAY  Esther M. (Bradford)  Daughter in Law       43      Decatur-Town
01-28B-66   DUNAWAY  Gerry  Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-19B-64   DUNAWAY  Glenn  Son     42      Decatur-Town
01-19A-32  DUNAWAY  Hayes Head   45      Decatur-Town
01-19B-66   DUNAWAY  Hazel G.        Grand Daughter        15      Decatur-Town
01-28B-64   DUNAWAY  Hilda (Rhine)  Wife   37      Decatur-Town
01-28B-63   DUNAWAY  J.C.    Head   37      Decatur-Town
18-05B-75   DUNAWAY  J.Wess Head   44      Chico Town
05-05B-49   DUNAWAY  Ray [Henry]   Head   28      Alvord Town
01-19A-33  DUNAWAY  Ruth (Mary Ruth Paschall)    Wife   45      Decatur-Town
05-05B-50   DUNAWAY  Victoria [Blanche (GRIMSLEY)]     Wife   23      Alvord Town
18-05B-77   DUNAWAY  Wanda Daughter       14      Chico Town
01-19A-34  DUNAWAY  William Pascall         Son     4        Decatur-Town
04-01B-56   DUNCAN     Mollie (Bell Coursey)  Wife   63      SW of Decatur
04-01B-55   DUNCAN     W.W. (William Walter)        Head   64      SW of Decatur
11-02B-41   DUNLAP      Jimmy Charles Dunlap stepson         4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-08A-21  DUNN         Alice Inez      Daughter       15      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-24  DUNN         Anna Lee      Daughter       9        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-15  DUNN         Belle [Ida Bell (HOLT)]       Wife   47      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-26  DUNN         Bobbie Dane   Daughter       4        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-14  DUNN         Dave H [David Henry, Sr.]    Head   52      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-25  DUNN         Dave Henry {Jr.]      Son     7        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
14-07B-70   DUNN         Dorothy   (Jane Chiles)         Wife   24      Rhome-Dallas Rd
10-08A-18  DUNN         Faye [Nina Faye]      Daughter       19      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-17  DUNN         G K    Son     21      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
01-05B-50   DUNN         Glenda Rae    Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
01-05B-49   DUNN         Ida Mae (Ina Mae Bell)        Wife   28      Decatur-Town
14-07B-69   DUNN         Joe C. Head   24      Rhome-Dallas Rd
01-05B-48   DUNN         John Thomas  Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-19B-53   DUNN         Johnie M. (Johnnie)    Head   35      Decatur-Town
10-08A-23  DUNN         Kenneth Ray  Son     12      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
01-19B-54   DUNN         Lorene (Catherine Norris)     Wife   28      Decatur-Town
01-19B-55   DUNN         Lucille Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
10-08A-19  DUNN         Maye  Daughter       19      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-20  DUNN         Rob Roy        Son     17      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
01-19B-57   DUNN         Ruby Jo        Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
10-08A-22  DUNN         Ruby Nell      Daughter       12      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
01-05B-51   DUNN         Tom    Head   60      Decatur-Town
10-08A-27  DUNN         Tommie Adul [Edsel]  Son     3        Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
10-08A-16  DUNN         Virginia         Daughter       24      Paradise-Grub Hill Rd.
01-19B-56   DUNN         Willard Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-15A-02  DURBIN      Joe H. Lodger 36      Decatur-Town
16-02B-61   DURHAM     Allen   Son     21      Slidell Town
16-02B-58   DURHAM     Allen [William]         Head   53      Slidell Town
16-02B-62   DURHAM     Bessie Daughter       15      Slidell Town
16-02B-42   DURHAM     Bobbie R.      Daughter       16      Slidell Town
16-02B-44   DURHAM     Don    Son     5        Slidell Town
17-13B-63   DURHAM     Fannie (Frances M. Browning)         wife    51      Bridgeport E Side
16-02B-60   DURHAM     George          Son     25      Slidell Town
16-02A-33  DURHAM     George W.     Head   87      Slidell Town
16-02B-59   DURHAM     Jessie M. [Mae (CAPP)]      Wife   43      Slidell Town
16-02B-63   DURHAM     Kenneth [Pierson]     Son     8        Slidell Town
16-02B-43   DURHAM     Peggy Ann     Daughter       9        Slidell Town
16-02B-41   DURHAM     Ralph  Son     17      Slidell Town
16-02A-40  DURHAM     Rawell Son     20      Slidell Town
17-13B-64   DURHAM     Virginia         daughter        24      Bridgeport E Side
17-13B-62   DURHAM     W.F. (William Falk 'Bill')       head   51      Bridgeport E Side
16-02A-39  DURHAM     Zylphia  [Zelpha (HAYES)]   Head   46      Slidell Town
05-10A-28  DURRETT    Mabel [Leona (MORROW)]  Wife   46      Alvord Town(N. Trappier St)
05-10A-29  DURRETT    Maxine [M.D. "Tommy"]      Daughter       24      Alvord Town(N. Trappier St)
05-10A-27  DURRETT    W.L. [William]         Head   51      Alvord Town(N. Trappier St)
11-05B-75   DUTTON      Arrow (E. Mathews)  Wife   60      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-02A-36  DUTTON      Bettie  Aunt   84      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-35  DUTTON      Bill (William R.)        Head   28      Boyd Town-S of Main St
11-08A-06  DUTTON      Charlie E [Edmund]    Head   55      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-07  DUTTON      Dorthy A [Donita/Dortha (LEFORS)] Wife   47      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-09  DUTTON      Ermona [Ermina]       Daughter       17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-74   DUTTON      George A      Head   62      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08A-08  DUTTON      Ioland E        Son     27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-02A-37  DUTTON      Leoda  Cousin 45      Boyd Town-S of Main St
20-12A-10  DYER Dalton Son     5        Boonsville
06-01B-62   DYER Edna [L]       Daughter               Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
20-12A-09  DYER Gerald Son     6        Boonsville
20-12A-07  DYER J.V., Jr.         Head   29      Boonsville
06-01B-60   DYER Jess A Head           Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
20-12A-11  DYER Joyce Ann     Daughter       1        Boonsville
06-01B-61   DYER Mabel [A]      Wife           Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
20-12A-08  DYER Reba   Wife   24      Boonsville

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