Wise County Texas
1940 Census
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ED-Page-Line #   LAST NAME   First Name [ (Extra information)]   Relationship    Age     Area

17-09A-20  EADES        Walter lodger  51      Bridgeport E Side
18-07A-07  EAKLE        Donald G-Son  8        Chico Area
18-07A-06  EAKLE        Ronald G-Son  8        Chico Area
14-09B-64   EANES        Alice  Wife   23      S of Rhome-Private Rd
09-09A-32  EANES        Arthur B.       son     37      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
14-09B-65   EANES        Dorothy Alice Daughter       1        S of Rhome-Private Rd
09-09A-30  EANES        George W. (Sr.)        Head   70      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-02A-14  EANES        Gerald Albert son     7/12    Crafton-Cunduff Road
09-09A-33  EANES        Geroge W., Jr. son     33      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-34  EANES        Homer C.      son     24      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09A-31  EANES        Jessie D.       son     38      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-02A-13  EANES        Lela (Ysleta Harnsburger)     wife    21      Crafton-Cunduff Road
14-09B-63   EANES        Luther Head   28      S of Rhome-Private Rd
09-09A-35  EANES        Robert D.      son     21      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-02A-12  EANES        Thomas L.     Head   31      Crafton-Cunduff Road
11-04B-54   EARLES       Adelia J        Gdau  2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-53   EARLES       Elsie L [Louise (BRIDGES)]  Daughter       31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-06B-56   EARLY        Flora (Nell Arrington) Wife   34      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-58   EARLY        Helen (Ruth)   Daughter       2        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-55   EARLY        J.R. (Johnnie Richard) Head   37      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-60   EARLY        Joseph C.      Head   82      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-57   EARLY        Roberta (Velma)       Daughter       6        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-63   EARLY        Walter (Albin) Son     47      Boyd Town-N of Main St
09-08A-21  EARP A.W. (Albert William) son     28      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-13  EARP Annie Lee      wife    28(35) Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-26  EARP Carol   son     10      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-23  EARP Claude son     16      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-12  EARP Hershel         Head   30 (28) Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-20  EARP Iris     wife    46      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-25  EARP Laverne        daughter        13      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-14  EARP Margie Ann    daughter        6/12    Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-24  EARP Paul    son     15      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-19  EARP Sam L. (Lota) Head   52      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08A-22  EARP Virgil   son     19      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
01-09A-06  EARP Virginia         Lodger 24      Decatur-Town
01-28B-47   EASH Alice   Wife   29      Decatur-Town
01-28B-48   EASH Gay Joan       Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
01-28B-49   EASH Jean Rae       Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
01-28B-46   EASH Orland Head   36      Decatur-Town
11-02A-16  EASLEY       Anita [Arminta?]       Daughter       47      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-09B-56   EASLEY       Bertha (HOLT)        Wife   37      N of Paradise
10-10A-01  EASLEY       Carrie [Anna (JONES)]        Wife   49      N of Paradise
10-09A-31  EASLEY       Chas [Charles]         Head   79      Highway N of Paradise
12-06B-71   EASLEY       Dorothy (June)         Daughter       13      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-04B-64   EASLEY       Ernest D.       Head   27      Boyd Town-S of Main St
10-09B-80   EASLEY       Frank  Head   53      N of Paradise
10-09B-55   EASLEY       George Head   40      N of Paradise
10-10A-02  EASLEY       Gladys [Inez]  Daughter       32      N of Paradise
10-09A-32  EASLEY       Ida (FISHER) Wife   67      Highway N of Paradise
10-09B-57   EASLEY       Irine [Frances Irene]  Daughter       18      N of Paradise
11-02A-15  EASLEY       Levi A [Anthony]      Head   81      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-09B-59   EASLEY       Lucille [Laverne]       Daughter       13      N of Paradise
11-01B-68   EASLEY       Maggie [Jarvis/Faust] Wife   49      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-09B-60   EASLEY       Marion Chas   Son     1        N of Paradise
12-06B-69   EASLEY     Newton (G.)   Head   51      Boyd Town-N of Main St
10-09B-58   EASLEY       Novella         Daughter       16      N of Paradise
01-14B-55   EASLEY       Ruth   Daughter       30      Decatur-Town
11-01B-67   EASLEY       Sam [Samuel Andrew]         Head   71      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-06B-70   EASLEY       Sarah (Annie Gargis)  Wife   42      Boyd Town-N of Main St
19-12A-31  EASLEY       Willie (Peak)   hired help       24      NW of Bridgeport
12-04B-65   EASLEY       Ruby May      Wife   27      Boyd Town-S of Main St
18-03B-69   EASLY        Christine (Withers)     Wife   21      Chico Town
17-15B-61   EASLY        Claudia (Lichlyter)     wife    64      Bridgeport E Side
18-03B-68   EASLY        Clay    Head   33      Chico Town
17-15B-62   EASLY        Fred    son     38      Bridgeport E Side
18-03B-67   EASLY        Guinn  Son     18      Chico Town
17-15B-60   EASLY        J.A.  (James Alexander)       head   61      Bridgeport E Side
18-03B-64   EASLY        John    Head   55      Chico Town
18-03B-65   EASLY        Mary (Barnet) Wife   58      Chico Town
17-05B-47   EASLY        S.W. (Sam)    brother          67      Bridgeport W Side
18-03B-66   EASLY        Willie (Peak)   Son     24      Chico Town
10-06B-44   EASON        Algerita         Daughter       11      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-41   EASON        Alice E         Wife   45      S of Paradise on Highway
06-02A-22  EASON        Alvis N [Alvis Nelson "Easy"] Head   30      N&E of Alvord
10-06A-40  EASON        B W [Boyd]   Head   46      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-46   EASON        Billie Carol     Son     6        S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-45   EASON        Blanton         Son     10      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-47   EASON        Bobbie          Son     3/12   S of Paradise on Highway
10-03A-16  EASON        Boyd R         Head   28      N of Paradise
10-06B-42   EASON        Byrl Dean      Son     16      S of Paradise on Highway
06-02A-18  EASON        C H [Charlie Henry]   Head   61      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
06-02A-24  EASON        Charles Curtis Son     2        N&E of Alvord
06-02A-20  EASON        Charles O [Olis Charles "Pinky"]      Son     24      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
10-06B-43   EASON        Dee Roland    Son     14      S of Paradise on Highway
06-02A-21  EASON        Dora Evalyn ["Snookie"]       Daughter       14      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
06-02A-19  EASON        Lula [Lula Lang (THOMPSON)]      Wife   54      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
10-03A-18  EASON        Rex Darryl     Son     4        N of Paradise
10-03A-17  EASON        Ruth   Wife   25      N of Paradise
06-02A-23  EASON        Zula Belle (HARPER)         Wife   22      N&E of Alvord
01-18B-77   EATON        David F. (Sr.)  Head   62      Decatur-Town
01-18B-79   EATON        David F., Jr.   Son     28      Decatur-Town
01-18B-78   EATON        Fannie E. (Epperson)  Wife   56      Decatur-Town
01-19A-02  EATON        Halley M.      Daughter       19      Decatur-Town
01-19A-01  EATON        Jamie  Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
01-18B-80   EATON        Jean Ory       Daughter       23      Decatur-Town
15-01A-12  EATON        Maurine        Wife   32      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-13  EATON        Roy    Son     2        Rural Boyd Area
01-19A-03  EATON        Tommie        Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
15-01A-11  EATON        Virgil R.        Head   37      Rural Boyd Area
08-01A-21  EDGE Maggie         m/law  79      Park Springs & SE
06-07B-49   EDGIN         Pearl [Whitten]         Wife   46      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-48   EDGIN         Sam    Head   40      N&E of Alvord
06-01B-54   EDWARDS   Alma Rae      Daughter       4        Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
12-06A-25  EDWARDS   Audra (Early Loafman)        Wife   34      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-30  EDWARDS   Bobbie D.      Daughter       2        Boyd Town-N of Main St
14-09B-50   EDWARDS   Doris   Daughter       12      S of Rhome-Private Rd
12-06A-32  EDWARDS   Elizabeth       Daughter       1        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06A-24  EDWARDS   Frank (Robert Franklin)        Head   34      Boyd Town-N of Main St
14-09B-48   EDWARDS   Herman        Head   30      S of Rhome-Private Rd
06-01B-52   EDWARDS   Ila Mae         Daughter       14      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
12-06A-31  EDWARDS   Jay G. Son     2        Boyd Town-N of Main St
06-01B-48   EDWARDS   John W [Wesley]      Son     38      N&E of Alvord
06-01B-51   EDWARDS   Lena (GREY/GRAY) Wife   35      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
14-09B-51   EDWARDS   Lois    Daughter       6        S of Rhome-Private Rd
12-06A-28  EDWARDS   Lois (Lucy)    Daughter       7        Boyd Town-N of Main St
14-09B-49   EDWARDS   Lucinda         Wife   27      S of Rhome-Private Rd
12-03A-32  EDWARDS   Minnie Daughter       51      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06A-29  EDWARDS   Patsy R. (Ruth)        Daughter       4        Boyd Town-N of Main St
06-01B-50   EDWARDS   R V [Ray V]  Head   40      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
12-06A-27  EDWARDS   T.F.    Son     11      Boyd Town-N of Main St
06-01B-47   EDWARDS   W C [William Columbus]      Head   79      N&E of Alvord
06-01B-53   EDWARDS   Wanda Faye   Daughter       11      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
12-06A-26  EDWARDS   Welcome       Son     13      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-10B-70   EDWARDS   Wilma Housekepper  20      Decatur-Town
12-03A-33  EDWARDS   Woodrow      Grandson       23      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03A-31  EDWARDS   Zeno   Son-in-law     64      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-10B-71   EGGENBERG Betty Lou      Step dau       11      N&E of Alvord
06-10B-72   EGGENBERG Helen  Step dau       8        N&E of Alvord
06-10B-70   EGGENBERG Lavena or Laverna    Step dau       13      N&E of Alvord
05-01A-33  EIKNER       Addie [B.]     Wife   60      Alvord Town
05-01A-32  EIKNER       Charles P.      Head   69      Alvord Town
05-05A-37  EIKNER       Mary Lee      Wife   32      Alvord Town
05-05A-38  EIKNER       Rose Mary     Daughter       12      Alvord Town
05-05A-36  EIKNER       Turner L.       Head   39      Alvord Town
20-10B-49   ELAM Billie Joe       Son     9        Boonsville
20-10B-46   ELAM C.S.    Head   30      Boonsville
20-10B-47   ELAM Emma Belle    Wife   30      Boonsville
20-10B-48   ELAM Harry  Son     10      Boonsville
20-10B-50   ELAM Royce Son     4        Boonsville
17-20A-14  ELDER        Berona (Buna Yeats)  wife    34      Bridgeport E Side
01-25B-69   ELDER        Billie Jeff       Son     7        Decatur-Town
01-25B-66   ELDER        Blanch (McCracken)  Wife   39      Decatur-Town
17-20A-15  ELDER        Bobby son     9        Bridgeport E Side
01-25B-65   ELDER        George Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-25B-68   ELDER        George Ann    Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
17-20A-13  ELDER        Lee (Edgar Lee)       head   34      Bridgeport E Side
01-25B-67   ELDER        Martha Jo      Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
17-20A-16  ELDER        Nelda Fae      daughter        8        Bridgeport E Side
01-30A-20  ELEM Elnora Head   52      Decatur-Town
01-19A-17  ELLINGTON Lenora Lodger 27      Decatur-Town
17-19B-77   ELLIOT        Bertha (Selena Hall) (Grill)    wife    30      Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-78   ELLIOT        Betty   daughter        4        Bridgeport E Side
17-19B-76   ELLIOT        C.H. (Clifford Hubert) head   35      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-53   ELLIOT        Claud (Lee)    head   57      Bridgeport E Side
01-29B-73   ELLIOT        Hoyte (Manford)       Head   25      Decatur-Town
01-29B-75   ELLIOT        James           Son     11/12   Decatur-Town
17-14B-54   ELLIOT        Pearl (Natie Pearl Clark)      wife    49      Bridgeport E Side
01-33A-08  ELLIOT        Sarah  Mother-in-Law         59      Page 61A-Decatur
01-29B-74   ELLIOT        Tommie (Sarah Childress)     Wife   23      Decatur-Town
04-02A-03  ELLIOTT      Addie (Wilcheck)      Wife   55      SW of Decatur
04-02A-12  ELLIOTT      Addie Delane  Daughter       2        SW of Decatur
10-07B-43   ELLIOTT      Bob F [Robert Franklin]        Head   39      S of Paradise on Highway
04-02A-05  ELLIOTT      Harry  Son     14      SW of Decatur
04-02A-02  ELLIOTT      James B. (Bland)      Head   59      SW of Decatur
04-02A-11  ELLIOTT      Leona  Wife   26      SW of Decatur
10-07B-44   ELLIOTT      Marie [Elizabeth 'Sister' (READ)]     Wife   37      S of Paradise on Highway
04-02A-10  ELLIOTT      Robert L       Head   33      SW of Decatur
04-02A-04  ELLIOTT      Roy    Son     17      SW of Decatur
01-19A-11  ELLIS Dora   Wife   54      Decatur-Town
01-19A-10  ELLIS J.C.    Head   57      Decatur-Town
12-02A-34  ELLIS Jane Robin     Lodger 22      Boyd Town-S of Main St
02-14A-11  ELLIS Lawrence      son     14      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14A-10  ELLIS Lorene daughter        16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14A-09  ELLIS Tamie M.      head   34      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-07A-11  ELLISON      Annie [Katherine (WARDLAW)      dau/law         26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-12  ELLISON      Jimmie L. [Lee]        gr/son  6        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-10  ELLISON      Leon   son     29      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-13  ELLISON      Ray R. [Roland]        gr/son  2        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07A-09  ELLISON      Zoner [Zonna] head   71      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-09B-73   ELROD        Isaac N. [Newton]     Head   66      Alvord Town
05-01A-08  ELROD        Jess N. [Newton]      Head   59      Alvord Town
05-01A-10  ELROD        Joe N. Son     23      Alvord Town
05-01A-09  ELROD        Lizzie [Etta (LEMAY)]        Wife   54      Alvord Town
05-09B-74   ELROD        Myrtie C. [Colene (MCGAUGHEY)] Wife   63      Alvord Town
01-06A-06  ELSOM        Claud  Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-06A-08  ELSOM        Claud, Jr.       Son     7        Decatur-Town
05-01A-28  ELSOM        Eliza [E.]       Mother-in-law 84      Alvord Town(N.Wickham St)
06-10A-19  ELSOM        Fred M [Marvin]       Head   37      Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
06-10A-21  ELSOM        Jackie Marvin Son     6        Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
01-06A-09  ELSOM        Mary Beth     Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
06-10A-20  ELSOM        Nannie Belle (MORRIS)       Wife   33      Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
01-06A-07  ELSOM        Nora (Lee Morris)     Wife   36      Decatur-Town
06-10A-22  ELSOM        Robert Don    Son     3        Lone Mound-N&E of Alvord
06-06B-43   EMERSON    D P [Dom Pedro]      Head   64      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-44   EMERSON    John [Johie Riley on BC]       Son     11      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-45   EMERSON    Kenneth [Durwood]   Son     9        N&E of Alvord
16-10B-78   ENGLAND    Dannie [R]     Head   35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-80   ENGLAND    Fern    Daughter       20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-79   ENGLAND    Joe [Joseph]   Son     22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-16A-37  ENIS  Bessie (PENDLETON)        wife    53      Rt 1 Rhome
02-16A-40  ENIS  Bill [William]   son     33      Rt 1 Rhome
02-16A-38  ENIS  Billie A. [Ann] gr/dau  8        Rt 1 Rhome
14-02A-11  ENIS  Grady Joe (Bud)       Son     3        E of Rhome-Private Rd
02-16A-39  ENIS  Jackie J. [Joe]          grand/son       6        Rt 1 Rhome
14-02A-10  ENIS  Joel    Son     4        E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-08  ENIS  Pete    Head   27      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-09  ENIS  Sibyl (Wallace)         Wife   23      E of Rhome-Private Rd
02-16A-36  ENIS  Wiley  head   58      Rt 1 Rhome
18-08A-16  EPPERSON   Jim B. Head   42      Chico Area
18-08A-18  EPPERSON   Marietta        Daughter       16      Chico Area
18-08A-15  EPPERSON   Mary J.         Head   76      Chico Area
18-08A-19  EPPERSON   Nora Mae      Daughter       14      Chico Area
18-08A-21  EPPERSON   Robert Earle   Son     3        Chico Area
18-08A-17  EPPERSON   Viola (Amanda Tackel)        Wife   37      Chico Area
18-08A-20  EPPERSON   Wilma Jean    Daughter       12      Chico Area
16-15B-63   EPPLER       Denville        Lodger 21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15B-64   EPPLER       Sophia Lodger 22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-02B-43   ERNEST       Berl    Head   30      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-48   ERNEST       Earl    Brother         25      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-45   ERNEST       Evail   Step-daughter  9        Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-46   ERNEST       James Earl     Son     5        Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-44   ERNEST       Opal   Wife   27      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-47   ERNEST       Thomas Wayne        Son     1        Rural Boyd Area
06-05B-51   ERWIN        Annie [Tobitha Ann (COBURN)]     Wife   53      N&E of Alvord
11-01B-52   ERWIN        Arvey F [Francis]      Head   55      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-09A-10  ERWIN        Clide (Clyde H)        Son     18      Rhome-Aurora Rd
11-01B-65   ERWIN        Dean   Daughter       15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-01B-47   ERWIN        Elsie   Head   54      Boyd Town-S of Main St
11-01B-53   ERWIN        Ethyl [Ethel (PENDER)]       Wife   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-09A-09  ERWIN        Eva (Jane Cash)       Wife   52      Rhome-Aurora Rd
10-08A-37  ERWIN        Flora   Daughter       57      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
06-05B-52   ERWIN        Gertrude        Daughter       18      N&E of Alvord
11-01B-64   ERWIN        Gladys [Mae Carver]  Wife   44      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-15B-51   ERWIN        Helen (A. Sanders)    wife    52      Bridgeport E Side
14-09A-12  ERWIN        Howard (Luther)       Son     12      Rhome-Aurora Rd
10-08B-42   ERWIN        J D     Son     2        Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-06A-38  ERWIN        Jackie I [Inez] Daughter       5        Paradise-Across RR North
10-06A-39  ERWIN        Jimmie Dore   Son     3        Paradise-Across RR North
17-15B-52   ERWIN        Jimmy D. (James)     son     24      Bridgeport E Side
14-09A-13  ERWIN        Jo Ella Daughter       9        Rhome-Aurora Rd
10-08A-40  ERWIN        Lila     Wife   21      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
11-01B-54   ERWIN        Lucia A [Ann] Daughter       3/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-20B-71   ERWIN        Marie (Lois Marie Isabell)     wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
10-08B-43   ERWIN        Orval  Son     1        Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
17-20B-73   ERWIN        Patricia Sue    daughter        3        Bridgeport E Side
14-09A-11  ERWIN        Pearl   Daughter       17      Rhome-Aurora Rd
11-01B-63   ERWIN        Pete L [Peter Lavender]       Head   46      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-08A-38  ERWIN        Ray    Gson  21      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
11-01A-06  ERWIN        Ray B Head   21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-20B-70   ERWIN        Riley (Roosevelt)       head   34      Bridgeport E Side
10-06A-37  ERWIN        Ruth (PENDER)       Wife   24      Paradise-Across RR North
17-20B-72   ERWIN        Sammy         son     6        Bridgeport E Side
06-05B-53   ERWIN        Shelby [O]     Son     17      N&E of Alvord
10-08B-41   ERWIN        Simon  Son     4        Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
11-01B-66   ERWIN        Sonny  Son     9        Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-06A-36  ERWIN        T J [Toney/Tony Jackson]     Head   40      Paradise-Across RR North
10-08A-39  ERWIN        Tennie Head   36      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
14-09A-08  ERWIN        Tom (Thomas Luther) Head   56      Rhome-Aurora Rd
10-08A-36  ERWIN        Tressie Head   73      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
06-05B-50   ERWIN        W M [William M]      Head   61      N&E of Alvord
17-15B-50   ERWIN        W.W. (William Wesley)        head   58      Bridgeport E Side
06-04A-33  ESCHLEMAR         T S     FIL     84      N&E of Alvord
19-01B-57   ETHRIDGE   Etta (Martin)   wife    36      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-56   ETHRIDGE   William J. (James)     head   42      SW of Bridgeport
12-02A-01  ETTAR        Bertha Wife   29      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01A-32  ETTER         Mary S. (Mollie Susan)         Head   69      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01A-33  ETTER         Odessa         Daughter       33      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01B-80   ETTER         Roy    Head   32      Boyd Town-S of Main St
16-10B-59   EUBANK     Billy    Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-57   EUBANK     Eugene         Head   41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-58   EUBANK     Tressa (MAULDIN)  Wife   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-60   EUBANK      Bernice         Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-05B-56   EUBANKS    Earnest (William, Sr.)  Son-in-law     40      Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-58   EUBANKS    Earnest Jr. (William)   Grandson       11      Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-60   EUBANKS    Elmer Joe      Granddaughter 1        Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-59   EUBANKS    Mary (Katherine)      Granddaughter 8        Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-57   EUBANKS    Mattie (Leota Heard)  Daughter       35      Rural Boyd Area
08-02A-15  EUBANKS     C J    son     8        Park Springs & SE
08-02A-14  EUBANKS    Arnal   son     30      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-13  EUBANKS    Laura wife    64      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-16  EUBANKS    Mary   gr/dau 7        Park Springs & SE
08-02A-12  EUBANKS    Tom D          head    63      Park Springs & SE
17-11A-05  EUDALY      Charles M.     son     4        Bridgeport E Side
19-09A-13  EUDALY      F.M.   son     15      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-10  EUDALY      Foy M. (Morton)       head   40      NW of Bridgeport
17-11A-04  EUDALY      Hetty (Lovelle Simpson)       wife    26      Bridgeport E Side
17-11A-03  EUDALY      Kossie B. (Buckner)   head   29      Bridgeport E Side
19-09A-14  EUDALY      Leroy  son     10      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-15  EUDALY      O.M.   father  76      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-12  EUDALY      Reba   daughter        13      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-11  EUDALY      Vinita (McCord)       wife    32      NW of Bridgeport
17-16A-19  EVANS        A.B.   head   58      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-66   EVANS        A.F. (Albert Franklin) head   48      Bridgeport E Side
15-10B-70   EVANS        Anna Sarah    Daughter       9        Newark Town
15-10B-55   EVANS        Annie Pearl (Garrett)  Wife   20      Newark Town
15-10B-54   EVANS        Arthur (David) Head   20      Newark Town
02-15A-24  EVANS        Beatrice        house keeper  37      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-03B-49   EVANS        Bettie Sue      Daughter       1/12    Newark-E of RR
02-16A-33  EVANS        Bill R.  uncle   76      Rt 1 Rhome
18-02A-21  EVANS        Billie Jack      son     6        Chico Town
09-07A-03  EVANS        Billie Joe       son     5        Crafton-Alvord Rd
15-10B-69   EVANS        Billy (W.)      Son     14      Newark Town
06-05B-48   EVANS        Charles E      Head   50      N&E of Alvord
09-04B-53   EVANS        Eva C. wife    68      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
15-10B-56   EVANS        Frances Ann   Daughter       1        Newark Town
04-05B-51   EVANS        Hazel  Wife   40      SW of Decatur
15-10B-53   EVANS        Ilamae Daughter       14      Newark Town
15-10B-67   EVANS        J. B. (Jim)      Head   56      Newark Town
17-09B-68   EVANS        James Edward son     20      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-63   EVANS        Jewell Faye (Frederick)        wife    18      Bridgeport E Side
14-03B-47   EVANS        Jimmie Head   26      Newark-E of RR
02-15A-25  EVANS        Jimmie R. [B.] hk/dau 14      Rt 2-E of Decatur
09-06B-80   EVANS        Joe B. Head   32      Crafton-Alvord Rd
04-05B-50   EVANS        Joe O  Head   45      SW of Decatur
04-05B-52   EVANS        Joe, Jr. Son     12      SW of Decatur
14-03B-48   EVANS        Juanita Wife   19      Newark-E of RR
18-02A-20  EVANS        Leona (Moore)         wife    26      Chico Town
17-16A-20  EVANS        Lorena wife    50      Bridgeport E Side
15-11A-07  EVANS        Mary   Wife   21      Newark Town
15-10B-68   EVANS        Mary (R.)      Wife   57      Newark Town
15-10B-51   EVANS        Memory        Head   35      Newark Town
09-07A-02  EVANS        Mildred Virginia        daughter        10      Crafton-Alvord Rd
06-05B-49   EVANS        Nellie (MILLER)      Wife   49      N&E of Alvord
09-07A-01  EVANS        Nina   wife    31      Crafton-Alvord Rd
17-09B-67   EVANS        Pearl (Medlin) wife    49      Bridgeport E Side
15-11A-06  EVANS        R. B.   Head   29      Newark Town
15-11A-08  EVANS        Robert Son     2        Newark Town
18-02A-19  EVANS        Roy (Vernon)  head   36      Chico Town
17-09B-65   EVANS        Sarah Frances daughter        5m     Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-64   EVANS        Shirley Ann    daughter        2        Bridgeport E Side
15-10B-52   EVANS        Thelma         Wife   27      Newark Town
09-10A-02  EVANS        Thomas Donald        son     9/12    Crafton-Alvord Rd
09-04B-52   EVANS        William D.     Head   70      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
17-09B-62   EVANS        William F. (Francis)    head   23      Bridgeport E Side
13-03B-74   EWING        Edith   Wife   28      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-73   EWING        Orville Head   33      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-76   EWING        Patsy Jane     Daughter       3        Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-75   EWING        Peggy Jane    Daughter       7        Rhome Town-Main St-B North
17-04B-73   EWING        Tennie (Lee Crabb)    motherinlaw    60      Bridgeport W Side
16-12A-21  EZELL         Anna B. [Bel (RUTHERFORD)]     Wife   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-20  EZELL         Jess H. [Hanghton/Haughton] Head   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-22  EZELL         Polly A.        Daughter       16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-04A-19  FAIN  Mary E. (Elizabeth Holmes Neighbors)        Wife   48      Chico Town
18-04A-18  FAIN  Samuel A.      Head   54      Chico Town
12-02A-06  FAIRBETTER         Maral (Maryland)      Daughter       11      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-05  FAIRBETTER         Modena        Daughter       15      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-03  FAIRBETTER         Myrtle (Stevens)       Wife   41      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-04  FAIRBETTER         Raymond (R.S.)        Son     18      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-02  FAIRBETTER         Raymond (S)  Head   45      Boyd Town-S of Main St
17-14B-56   FAITH         Betty Leota    daughter        7        Bridgeport E Side
18-07A-17  FAITH         Estelle (Denny)         Wife   30      Chico Area
18-07A-16  FAITH         H.P. (Hamp)  Head   36      Chico Area
17-14B-55   FAITH         Irene (Denney)         head   27      Bridgeport E Side
18-07A-18  FAITH         Juanita Daughter       14      Chico Area
01-21B-66   FAITH         Kenneth D.    Son     1        Decatur-Town
18-07A-19  FAITH         Louise Daughter       6        Chico Area
01-21B-65   FAITH         Lydia Alice (Maidens) Wife   21      Decatur-Town
02-02A-09  FAITH         Ora [Pearlee (HUFF)]         head   66      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-21B-64   FAITH         Oscar (D.)     Head   25      Decatur-Town
20-03B-57   FANEIER     L.O.   B-in-law        45      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
03-01A-39  FARINGTON Alva [A B]     head   64      NW of Decatur
03-01A-40  FARINGTON Maud  wife    61      NW of Decatur
06-08B-73   FARRINGTON        Bettie (HODGES)     Wife   67      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-08B-74   FARRINGTON        Eddie [Edward Gerome]       Son     45      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-08B-72   FARRINGTON        H S [Harvey Shell]    Head   72      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-08B-76   FARRINGTON        Lovetta         Daughter       25      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-08B-75   FARRINGTON        Millie [Mae]   Daughter       32      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
01-03B-47   FAULKNER  Bill     Lodger 49      Decatur-Town
01-14A-07  FAULKNER  Dora (Porter)  Wife   61      Decatur-Town
01-14A-06  FAULKNER  Robert M.      Head   73      Decatur-Town
16-13A-02  FEAGANS    Addie (MORRIS)      Wife   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-03  FEAGANS    Annie M. [May]        Daughter       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-04  FEAGANS    Minnie Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-01  FEAGANS    Reubin [P]     Head   39      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-13B-62   FELKNER     W.G.   B-in-law        66      Boonsville area
03-05A-34  FELLERS      Betty   daughter        9        NW of Decatur
16-01B-53   FELLERS      Charles         Head   76      Slidell Town
16-03A-09  FELLERS      David [James David]  Head   37      Slidell Town
03-05A-30  FELLERS      Earnest         son     27      NW of Decatur
03-05A-33  FELLERS      Edna   daughter        13      NW of Decatur
16-03A-10  FELLERS      Erma [Ermine (WALLS)]     Wife   28      Slidell Town
16-01B-54   FELLERS      Erskine [Erskin Hoyt] Son     42      Slidell Town
16-01B-56   FELLERS      Frank [Luther Frank]  Head   28      Slidell Town
16-01B-59   FELLERS      James H. [Harold]     Son     1        Slidell Town
16-03A-12  FELLERS      Jeannette       Daughter       9        Slidell Town
03-05A-32  FELLERS      Jenny  daughter        16      NW of Decatur
03-05A-28  FELLERS      Jess R [Jesse Russell] head   56      NW of Decatur
03-05A-29  FELLERS      Lena [Dale]    wife    47      NW of Decatur
16-03A-14  FELLERS      Louis   Head   24      Slidell Town
16-03A-13  FELLERS      Margaret       Daughter       7        Slidell Town
16-01B-58   FELLERS      Marie [Shirley Marie] Daughter       3        Slidell Town
16-01B-55   FELLERS      Myrtle           Daughter-in-Law       23      Slidell Town
16-03A-15  FELLERS      Pauline (WRIGHT)    Wife   18      Slidell Town
03-05A-31  FELLERS      Ruby   daughter        25      NW of Decatur
16-01B-57   FELLERS      Velma [Beatrice (COVINGTON)]    Wife   22      Slidell Town
16-03A-11  FELLERS      Weldon [Weldon Leaon]       Son     11      Slidell Town
04-05A-29  FENNELL     David (Drew) Son     9        SW of Decatur
04-05A-25  FENNELL     Enola  Daughter       20      SW of Decatur
04-05A-28  FENNELL     George Son     13      SW of Decatur
04-05A-24  FENNELL     Harrison        Son     22      SW of Decatur
04-05A-30  FENNELL     Jeff (D.)        son     8        SW of Decatur
04-05A-22  FENNELL     John (Henry)  Head   48      SW of Decatur
04-05A-27  FENNELL     John, Jr.        Son     15      SW of Decatur
04-05A-32  FENNELL     Joyce  Daughter       1        SW of Decatur
04-05A-26  FENNELL     Mattie Daughter       18      SW of Decatur
04-05A-23  FENNELL     Minnie (Bertha Hicks) Wife   46      SW of Decatur
04-05A-31  FENNELL     Norma (Nona Gay)    Daughter       3        SW of Decatur
04-09B-52   FERGASON  Annie Lee      Daughter       12      SW of Decatur
04-09B-50   FERGASON  Frank  Head   43      SW of Decatur
01-34A-02  FERGASON  Helen A.       Wife   34      Page 81A-Decatur
04-02B-65   FERGASON  J.W. (John William)    Head   65      SW of Decatur
04-02B-66   FERGASON  Maggie (Lee Reid)     Wife   58      SW of Decatur
01-34A-01  FERGASON  Ralph S.        Head   42      Page 81A-Decatur
04-09B-51   FERGASON  Tillie   Wife   41      SW of Decatur
01-24B-57   FERGUSON  Ann Scott      Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
05-05B-59   FERGUSON  Arnelle Daughter       10      Alvord Town
05-05B-55   FERGUSON  Arnold [Benjamin A.] Head   34      Alvord Town
02-04A-37  FERGUSON  Betty   daughter        6/12    Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04A-35  FERGUSON  Billy [G.]       son     14      Rt 3-E of Decatur
05-05B-58   FERGUSON  Billy Ray       Son     12      Alvord Town
01-24B-56   FERGUSON  Blance (Scott) Wife   35      Decatur-Town
10-03A-06  FERGUSON  Bobbie Ruth [Thompson in 1930]      GGdau 14      recopied on 12B-46
10-03A-03  FERGUSON  Bunn ['Pete']  Son     32      recopied on 12B-43
10-12B-43   FERGUSON  Bunn ['Pete']  Son     32      East St., Paradise Town
01-10B-74   FERGUSON  C. Winston     Head   54      Decatur-Town
05-05B-57   FERGUSON  Celeste         Daughter       13      Alvord Town
05-05B-60   FERGUSON  Charles W.     Son     4        Alvord Town
02-04A-33  FERGUSON  Dee    son     21      Rt 3-E of Decatur
05-06B-64   FERGUSON  Douglass       Son     20      Alvord Town
05-06B-62   FERGUSON  Ella (STONECIPHER)        Wife   51      Alvord Town
10-03A-02  FERGUSON  Ester [Margaret 'Hettie' (DICKERSON)]     Wife   74      recopied on 12B-42
10-12B-42   FERGUSON  Ester [Margaret 'Hettie' (DICKERSON)]     Wife   74      East St., Paradise Town
10-04A-19  FERGUSON  Floyd   Head   40      recopied on 13A-31
10-13A-31  FERGUSON  Floyd   Head   40      West St., Paradise Town
16-16A-03  FERGUSON  Francis Head   76      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-24B-55   FERGUSON  Herbert         Head   37      Decatur-Town
05-06B-65   FERGUSON  Imogene        Daughter       16      Alvord Town
02-04A-32  FERGUSON  Jewell (HOWARD)   wife    42      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04A-31  FERGUSON  John    head   47      Rt 3-E of Decatur
05-06B-61   FERGUSON  Joseph H.      Head   57      Alvord Town
01-10B-75   FERGUSON  Lizzie Mae (Miller)    Wife   42      Decatur-Town
16-16A-05  FERGUSON  Louis E.        Grandson       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-06B-66   FERGUSON  Margaret       Daughter       12      Alvord Town
05-05B-56   FERGUSON  Mary [E. (BIGGERS)]         Wife   35      Alvord Town
16-16A-04  FERGUSON  Mary A.        Wife   66      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-02A-34  FERGUSON  Mattie Wife   50      N&E of Alvord
05-06B-63   FERGUSON  Melvin Son     25      Alvord Town
01-10B-76   FERGUSON  Miller  Son     23      Decatur-Town
17-22A-33  FERGUSON  Myrtle (Smith) wife    53      Bridgeport E Side
05-06A-03  FERGUSON  Nona   Head   53      Alvord Town
10-04A-20  FERGUSON  Ona J  Wife   40      recopied on 13A-32
10-13A-32  FERGUSON  Ona J  Wife   40      West St., Paradise Town
02-04A-36  FERGUSON  Peggy [Pauline]        daughter        10      Rt 3-E of Decatur
06-02A-33  FERGUSON  R C [Roy]      Head   53      N&E of Alvord
17-22A-32  FERGUSON  R.A. (Robert Ash)     head   58      Bridgeport E Side
01-10B-77   FERGUSON  Ralph  Son     15      Decatur-Town
10-03A-01  FERGUSON  Tom [Thomas Wesley]         Head   80      recopied on 12B-41
10-12B-41   FERGUSON  Tom [Thomas Wesley]         Head   80      East St., Paradise Town
02-04A-34  FERGUSON  Wendell [J.]    son     16      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-27A-27  FERGUSON  Zelda  Mother 60      Decatur-Town
01-19A-12  FERRIS        Wanona (Winona ?)   Lodger 37      Decatur-Town
05-08B-41   FILBERT      Estella Wife   40      Alvord Town
05-08B-42   FILBERT      Estelline        Daughter       16      Alvord Town
05-08A-40  FILBERT      Jacob  Head   37      Alvord Town
05-08B-44   FILBERT      Jeaneva        Daughter       10      Alvord Town
05-08B-45   FILBERT      Rosa Mae      Daughter       2        Alvord Town
05-08B-43   FILBERT      Vernon         Son     13      Alvord Town
18-05B-60   FINCHER     A.B.   Head   39      Chico Town
18-05B-63   FINCHER     Betty Jo        Daughter       7        Chico Town
18-05B-61   FINCHER     Ellen (Black)   Wife   27      Chico Town
18-05B-64   FINCHER     Estelle Daughter       6        Chico Town
18-05B-62   FINCHER     Ross   Son     10      Chico Town
01-18B-42   FINDLEY     Annie G. (Gee)         Wife   41      Decatur-Town
11-06A-24  FINDLEY     Benjamin F     Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-05B-69   FINDLEY     Dorothy         daughter        13      SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-72   FINDLEY     Doyle  son     24      SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-64   FINDLEY     Ferris J. (John Farris)  head   58      SW of Bridgeport
11-06A-23  FINDLEY     Herman?       Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-05B-67   FINDLEY     Howard        son     18      SW of Bridgeport
01-18B-44   FINDLEY     Jane    Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
19-05B-68   FINDLEY     Jewel  daughter        15      SW of Bridgeport
11-06A-21  FINDLEY     John W [William]      Son     10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-05B-66   FINDLEY     Lela Minnie    daughter        22      SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-73   FINDLEY     Lobreta (Obreta Cook)         daughter in law         22      SW of Bridgeport
11-06A-20  FINDLEY     Mandy [Mae/Maudie (BARNES)]    Wife   36      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-25  FINDLEY     Milton E [Earl] Son     1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-05B-65   FINDLEY     Minnie (Elvira Gray)   wife    48      SW of Bridgeport
11-06A-19  FINDLEY     Onie [Sr.]      Head   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-22  FINDLEY     Onie J [Jr.]     Son     8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-18B-41   FINDLEY     Ralph M.       Head   45      Decatur-Town
01-18B-43   FINDLEY     Ralph M., Jr.   Son     19      Decatur-Town
19-05B-70   FINDLEY     Silvia   daughter        8        SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-71   FINDLEY     Travis  son     3        SW of Bridgeport
14-07B-79   FINLAYSON Dorothy        Daughter       18      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-07B-77   FINLAYSON Ones T.        Head   42      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-07B-78   FINLAYSON Ruth N. (Scott)         Wife   42      E of Rhome-Private Rd
04-01A-36  FINLEY       B.M. (Benjamin Milton)        Head   42      SW of Decatur
05-08A-39  FINLEY       Bobbie [Bobby Louise]         Daughter       13      Alvord Town
05-08A-36  FINLEY       Gertrude [Sallie G. (RIBBLE)]         Wife   44      Alvord Town
04-01A-37  FINLEY       Hazel (Key)   Wife   37      SW of Decatur
05-08A-38  FINLEY       Mary Jo        Daughter       16      Alvord Town
05-08A-35  FINLEY       Wiley [Henderson]     Head   44      Alvord Town
05-08A-37  FINLEY       Wilson [Charles Wilson]       Son     22      Alvord Town
01-25B-63   FINNELL      Mary   Daughter       45      Decatur-Town
01-25B-62   FINNELL      Mary  Head   78      Decatur-Town
11-08B-56   FINNEY       Pink    Laborer         21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-14A-13  FITTS Ethel E. (Hall) Wife   46      Boonsville area
20-14A-12  FITTS John T.         Head   50      Boonsville area
18-16A-12  FITZGERALD         Callie (Crawford)      Wife   54      East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-07A-25  FITZGERALD         Carl C. Son     9        Boonsville Town
20-12B-70   FITZGERALD         Della   Head   54      Boonsville/Cottondale
18-16A-13  FITZGERALD         Dona   Daughter       19      East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-07A-27  FITZGERALD         Donald J.       Son     4        Boonsville Town
01-23B-47   FITZGERALD         Gertrude        Wife   23      Decatur-Town
10-07B-52   FITZGERALD         Goldie Belle    Niece 21      recopied on 14A-33
10-14A-33  FITZGERALD         Goldie Belle    Niece 21      East St., Paradise
19-01A-14  FITZGERALD         Hubert S. (Sylvester)  head   31      SW of Bridgeport
18-16A-11  FITZGERALD         J.L. (Sr.)       Head   55      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16A-14  FITZGERALD         J.L., Jr.         Son     17      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-23B-46   FITZGERALD         James  Head   27      Decatur-Town
19-01A-18  FITZGERALD         Joyce  daughter        1        SW of Bridgeport
20-07A-26  FITZGERALD         LeRoy Son     8        Boonsville Town
20-07A-24  FITZGERALD         Lessie (Carrie Allen)  Head   32      Boonsville Town
19-01A-16  FITZGERALD         Lorine daughter        6        SW of Bridgeport
19-01A-17  FITZGERALD         Mary Lou      daughter        3        SW of Bridgeport
18-16A-15  FITZGERALD         Pauline Daughter       14      East of Chico/Bridgeport
19-01A-15  FITZGERALD         Reba (J. Houchins)    wife    25      SW of Bridgeport
04-04B-50   FITZPATRICK        Clarence       Son     11      SW of Decatur
04-04B-47   FITZPATRICK        J. Roman (John Roma)         Head   45      SW of Decatur
04-04B-49   FITZPATRICK        Juanita Daughter       13      SW of Decatur
04-04B-51   FITZPATRICK        Nelda Lou      Daughter       8        SW of Decatur
04-04B-48   FITZPATRICK        Ola (Elnor Spirrey)     Wife   34      SW of Decatur
04-04B-52   FITZPATRICK        Sue (Bettie Sue)        Daughter       6        SW of Decatur
10-10B-78   FLACHE      E D [Edward?]         alone   83      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
10-10B-77   FLACHE      O T [Otto]     alone   69      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
05-04B-76   FLANERY    Clara (COVINGTON)         Wife   51      Alvord Town
05-04B-75   FLANERY    William M. [Mitchell]  Head   70      Alvord Town
02-14B-78   FLEECE       Cora (FINNELL)      wife    47      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-77   FLEECE       John [Logan]  head   51      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-79   FLEECE       Walter [C.]    son     21      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-06A-12  FLETCHER   Billie Sue       Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
16-02A-05  FLETCHER   Bobbie R. [Ruth]       Daughter       13      Slidell Town
16-19B-46   FLETCHER   Doyle [Eugene]        Son     10/12   Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-04B-50   FLETCHER   Grace [Lynn]  Daughter       34      Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-02A-02  FLETCHER   Hugh [James Hugh]   Head   48      Slidell Town
16-19B-44   FLETCHER   Hugh D.        Head   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-04B-49   FLETCHER   Ira G   Head   70      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-06A-11  FLETCHER   Irma (Crowder)        Wife   34      Decatur-Town
16-02A-06  FLETCHER   Jack    Son     11      Slidell Town
01-31B-75   FLETCHER   Joseph Nephew        8        Decatur-Town
16-02A-04  FLETCHER   Kyle   Son     17      Slidell Town
16-19B-45   FLETCHER   Margarett      Wife   21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-02A-03  FLETCHER   Myrtle [Mae (AMYX)]        Wife   47      Slidell Town
01-06A-10  FLETCHER   Robert G       Head   33      Decatur-Town
16-02A-07  FLETCHER   Wanda [Geneva]       Daughter       6        Slidell Town
11-08B-61   FLINTROY   Bessie F.       Daughter       9        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-57   FLINTROY   Cortez?         Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-60   FLINTROY   Josie L Daughter       12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-59   FLINTROY   L C    Son     17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-58   FLINTROY   Nellie  Wife   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-08A-32  FLOREZ       Alcario (Arcadio)      head   58      Bridgeport W Side
17-08A-33  FLOREZ       Clotilde (Clotieda Almaraz)    wife    52      Bridgeport W Side
16-07B-71   FLORIDA     Delbert [Lola Delbert] Son     18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-36  FLORIDA     John D.         Son     29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-32  FLORIDA     L.D. [Loranza Dow (VANDIVER)]  Wife   65      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-70   FLORIDA     Lola [Mae (CHRESTMAN)] Wife   37      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-33  FLORIDA     R.E. [Robert Elsberry 'Junior']         Son     39      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-31  FLORIDA     Robert E. [Elsberry, Sr.]       Head   84      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-35  FLORIDA     Tennis Son     30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-69   FLORIDA     Thomas C. [Carroll]   Head   43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-34  FLORIDA     William         Son     38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-02B-51   FLOWERS    Alvin C.        head   41      Chico Town
18-01A-22  FLOWERS    Annie  daughter        47      Chico Town
18-01A-23  FLOWERS    Armand        son     38      Chico Town
15-05A-26  FLOWERS    Bertha (E. Jameson)   Wife   40      Rural Boyd Area
19-01B-58   FLOWERS    Clarence       nephew         14      SW of Bridgeport
19-11A-19  FLOWERS    Columbus      head   70      NW of Bridgeport
15-06B-66   FLOWERS    Darwin         Grandson       12      Rural Boyd Area
15-05A-25  FLOWERS    E. D. (Earnest)         Head   39      Rural Boyd Area
18-01A-11  FLOWERS    Edd E. head   49      Chico Town
18-01A-12  FLOWERS    Effie (Harms) wife    43      Chico Town
15-05A-29  FLOWERS    Harvey Earl (Eugene) Son     12      Rural Boyd Area
12-03A-14  FLOWERS    Henry  Head   68      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03A-16  FLOWERS    J.D.    Son     17      Boyd Town-S of Main St
18-01A-21  FLOWERS    Jo Anna (Crocker)     wife    75      Chico Town
15-05A-28  FLOWERS    Laverne        Son     17      Rural Boyd Area
19-11A-20  FLOWERS    Lizzie (Mary Elizabeth Bray)  wife    59      NW of Bridgeport
18-02B-52   FLOWERS    Lorene (Merchant)    wife    39      Chico Town
03-02B-74   FLOWERS    Marchel        daughter        3        NW of Decatur
19-08A-36  FLOWERS    Nellie (H.)     wife    40      NW of Bridgeport
12-03A-15  FLOWERS    Ollie    Wife   60      Boyd Town-S of Main St
03-02B-72   FLOWERS    Rachel daughter        7        NW of Decatur
19-08A-37  FLOWERS    Royce (James Royce) son     15      NW of Bridgeport
03-02B-71   FLOWERS    Ruth (JOHNSON)     wife    28      NW of Decatur
03-02B-70   FLOWERS    Sam B head   31      NW of Decatur
03-02B-73   FLOWERS    Valerea         daughter        4        NW of Decatur
18-01A-20  FLOWERS    William Henry head   79      Chico Town
19-08A-35  FLOWERS    William T.      head   38      NW of Bridgeport
08-02A-38  FLOWERS    Joseph [Gentry]        head    71      Park Springs & SE
08-02A-39  FLOWERS    Myrtle [Odela (MEADOR)]   wife    62      Park Springs & SE
18-17A-25  FLOYD        Blanche (Hanna)       Wife   45      East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-08B-68   FLOYD        Glenda Daughter       7        Boonsville
20-08B-69   FLOYD        Haskel R.      Son     21      Boonsville
20-08B-67   FLOYD        L.C.    Son     11      Boonsville
20-08B-64   FLOYD        Lillie   Daughter       17      Boonsville
20-08B-63   FLOYD        Lona   Wife   47      Boonsville
18-17A-24  FLOYD        Ray E. (Elmer)         Head   56      East of Chico/Bridgeport
20-08B-66   FLOYD        Reta   Daughter       14      Boonsville
20-08B-62   FLOYD        Samuel G.      Head   46      Boonsville
20-08B-65   FLOYD        Thelma         Daughter       16      Boonsville
01-12A-02  FLUSCHE     Al A. (Anton) Head   32      Decatur-Town
01-14B-47   FLUSCHE     Anna Mae (Bernaur)  Wife   38      Decatur-Town
01-12A-04  FLUSCHE     Arnold Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-03B-69   FLUSCHE     Conrad M. (Max)      Head   30      Decatur-Town
01-14B-49   FLUSCHE     Della Mae      Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
01-12A-03  FLUSCHE     Hilda (Leona Hoff)    Wife   27      Decatur-Town
01-03B-71   FLUSCHE     James  (Joseph)        Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-12A-05  FLUSCHE     Larry D.        Son     1        Decatur-Town
01-14B-46   FLUSCHE     Lawrence W.  Head   34      Decatur-Town
01-14B-48   FLUSCHE     Mary Anne    Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
01-03B-70   FLUSCHE     Regina (Annie Neu)   Wife   23      Decatur-Town
01-03B-72   FLUSCHE     Viola Mae      Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
01-30A-12  FOLFIER      A.J.    Head   27      Decatur-Town
01-30A-11  FOLFIER      Birdie (Bell Punch)    Sister-in-Law  19      Decatur-Town
01-30A-14  FOLFIER      Douglas        Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-30A-10  FOLFIER      Herman        Brother         23      Decatur-Town
01-30A-13  FOLFIER      Ollie (Mrs. Jefferson) Wife   31      Decatur-Town
15-08B-45   FORBES       Salena (R.)     Head   71      Rural Boyd Area
01-13A-09  FORBESS     Billie Jo         Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
01-13A-07  FORBESS     David M.       Head   27      Decatur-Town
01-13A-08  FORBESS     Vera Nell      Wife   26      Decatur-Town
14-06B-69   FORD Allahr? Wife   25      Aurora Villiage
12-01A-28  FORD Allice  Mother 86      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-31A-19  FORD Audrey Fay    Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
13-01B-45   FORD Belfa   Sister-I-L      18      Rhome Town-C St
15-04A-40  FORD Belfa   Daughter       18      Rural Boyd Area
01-26B-70   FORD Bell    Sister  50      Decatur-Town
01-31A-18  FORD Bertha (O'dell) Wife   17      Decatur-Town
17-10B-49   FORD Bertha (Zone Dutton) wife    61      Bridgeport E Side
16-13B-65   FORD Bertha [A (CARAWAY)]     Wife   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05B-46   FORD Bill     Son     46      Decatur-Town
15-05B-72   FORD Bobbie Ray    Son     3        Rural Boyd Area
14-06B-68   FORD Digby M.       Head   27      Aurora Villiage
15-08B-74   FORD Dora   Wife   56      Rural Boyd Area
14-06A-40  FORD Edith   Daughter       33      Newark-Boyd Rd
01-26B-69   FORD Frank  Head   65      Decatur-Town
14-06A-38  FORD Harris S.       Head   57      Newark-Boyd Rd
01-05B-47   FORD Hilda   Daughter       38      Decatur-Town
15-05B-70   FORD Imarie Wife   27      Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-73   FORD J. W. (Joseph) Head   70      Rural Boyd Area
01-31A-20  FORD James  Son     5        Decatur-Town
16-13B-64   FORD James L.       Head   60      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-05B-71   FORD John    Son     6        Rural Boyd Area
01-26B-71   FORD John Frank     Son     35      Decatur-Town
01-31A-17  FORD Kelly   Head   29      Decatur-Town
01-14A-32  FORD Leslie C.       Head   32      Decatur-Town
15-04A-39  FORD Lynndia         Daughter       20      Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-37  FORD M. M. (Marion Manley, Sr.)   Head   61      Rural Boyd Area
15-04B-41   FORD M.M. (Marion Manely Jr.)     Son     15      Rural Boyd Area
04-10A-09  FORD Maggie (Bell Pitts)     Wife   48      SW of Decatur
01-05B-45   FORD Mattie Head   72      Decatur-Town
01-14A-33  FORD Minnie Lou     Wife   32      Decatur-Town
14-06A-39  FORD Odie   Wife   53      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-18  FORD Pauline Wife   24      Newark-Boyd Rd
17-10B-48   FORD R.V. (Reagan) head   62      Bridgeport E Side
16-13B-67   FORD Raymond       Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-04A-38  FORD Roberta         Wife   56      Rural Boyd Area
12-01A-26  FORD Tempy (Dishman)      Wife   60      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01A-25  FORD Timmons (Ethelbert Timmons)         Head   65      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-05B-69   FORD W. G. (William Grady)         Head   39      Rural Boyd Area
01-14A-34  FORD Wanda Lou    Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
14-04A-17  FORD Warner         Head   28      Newark-Boyd Rd
12-01A-27  FORD Weldon / Welton (Preston)    Son     24      Boyd Town-S of Main St
16-13B-66   FORD William         Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-10A-08  FORD William (Henry)        Head   50      SW of Decatur
08-03B-73   FORD          Billy Ray       son     5        Park Springs & SE
08-03B-72   FORD          Frances [Ardella (ALEXANDER)]   wife    25      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-75   FORD          J B     father 54      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-71   FORD          Jake    head    27      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-74   FORD          Winford [Royce]       son     1        Park Springs & SE
10-06B-64   FOREMAN   Betty Lou      Daughter       4/12   S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-59   FOREMAN   Cleo Ray [C.R.]        Son     16      S of Paradise on Highway
04-09A-26  FOREMAN   D.O.   Head   50      SW of Decatur
10-06B-57   FOREMAN   Emma [R (NUNN)]   Wife   52      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-58   FOREMAN   Finius [Finis]   Son     20      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-63   FOREMAN   Grady Leon    Son     3        S of Paradise on Highway
04-09A-27  FOREMAN   Hazel  Wife   47      SW of Decatur
10-06B-56   FOREMAN   M W [Mainard Winfield]       Head   57      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-62   FOREMAN   Neta Faye      Daughter       7        S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-61   FOREMAN   Ruth [Odella (FOUST)         Wife   23      S of Paradise on Highway
10-06B-60   FOREMAN   Travis D [Dewey]     Head   31      S of Paradise on Highway
08-08B-41   FORESYTH   Danie [Dewey Jefferson]      head    30      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-45   FORESYTH   Delois [Jean]  daughter        3        Park Springs & SE
08-08B-43   FORESYTH   Marie daughter        11      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-42   FORESYTH   Viola (MOORE)       wife    28      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-44   FORESYTH   Virginia [Nell] daughter        8        Park Springs & SE
01-22B-49   FORMAN     Clint    Son     14      Decatur-Town
01-22B-46   FORMAN     Eula (Thompson)       Wife   46      Decatur-Town
01-22B-47   FORMAN     Harriet Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
01-22B-50   FORMAN     Joe     Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-22B-51   FORMAN     Lillie   Mother 69      Decatur-Town
01-22B-45   FORMAN     Ray H. Head   49      Decatur-Town
01-22B-48   FORMAN     Ray Hugh      Son     16      Decatur-Town
06-06B-49   FORRESTER Bobby G [Glendon]    Son     8        N&E of Alvord
01-26A-09  FORRESTER J.G. (Jesse Gant)       Head   74      Decatur-Town
06-06B-48   FORRESTER Loice [Loyce Elizabelle]       Daughter       18      N&E of Alvord
06-06B-47   FORRESTER Mary [Amelia "Minnie" (DAKE)]     Wife   40      N&E of Alvord
01-26A-10  FORRESTER Mattie (Bell Mount)    Wife   64      Decatur-Town
06-06B-46   FORRESTER R Lee [Robert E Lee] Head   45      N&E of Alvord
12-05A-35  FORSYTH    Clennon        Son     15      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05A-34  FORSYTH    Dollie (Pearl)  Wife   40      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05A-36  FORSYTH    Gloria D.       Daughter       11      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05A-33  FORSYTH    Jewel (Leaton)         Head   47      Boyd Town-N of Main St
16-03B-47   FORTENBERRY     Ambrose [Taylor]      Head   61      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-63   FORTENBERRY     Ann    Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-34  FORTENBERRY     Anna Lee (FOSTER) Wife   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-67   FORTENBERRY     Ansel [Lee]    Son     5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-33  FORTENBERRY     Bain    Head   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-56   FORTENBERRY     Carrie  Head   54      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-64   FORTENBERRY     Clyde  Son     47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-61   FORTENBERRY     E.B. [Elbert Brown]   Head   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-48   FORTENBERRY     Eula (WILLIS)         Wife   54      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-58   FORTENBERRY     Everett [William E]    Head   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-63   FORTENBERRY     Fannie Daughter       50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-59   FORTENBERRY     Fern (HARPER)       Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-61   FORTENBERRY     Flora [Elmira (PRICE)]        Wife   69      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19A-35  FORTENBERRY     Freddie G.      Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-65   FORTENBERRY     Guinn  Head   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-49   FORTENBERRY     Guy    Son     31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-69   FORTENBERRY     Gwendolyn     Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-51   FORTENBERRY     Hardy  Son     17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-62   FORTENBERRY     Jack    Son     52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-62   FORTENBERRY     James [Stem]  Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-63   FORTENBERRY     Joy D. [Delaine]       Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-61   FORTENBERRY     Kathrine        Daughter       27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-66   FORTENBERRY     Merle [Ruth (BLACK)]        Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-68   FORTENBERRY     Neal [Willis Neal]      Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-62   FORTENBERRY     Opal (COGBORN)    Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-60   FORTENBERRY     Orin    Son     30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-60   FORTENBERRY     Sevier [Ambrose Sevier?]     Head   79      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-06B-64   FORTENBERRY     Virginia [Mae] Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-50   FORTENBERRY     Willie [Willis]  Son     23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-08B-66   FOSTER       Archie head   42      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-41   FOSTER       Beatrice [Mary Beatrice (INCE)]     wife    30      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-17A-08  FOSTER       Betty F. [Sue] Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-14B-78   FOSTER       Bettye Daughter       0/12    E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
02-08B-53   FOSTER       Billie A. [Adam]       son     14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09A-40  FOSTER       Buddie D. [Davis]     head   36      Rt 1 Ponder
18-14B-74   FOSTER       Carrol F. (Sr.) Head   28      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-77   FOSTER       Carrol, Jr.      Son     1        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
16-17A-06  FOSTER       Charles [Thomas]      Son     11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-28  FOSTER       Claud [Cleo?]  Head   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-09B-42   FOSTER       Davis G. [Glen]        son     5        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-17A-04  FOSTER       Dewel [Dewell Andrew]       Head   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-18A-14  FOSTER       Dora (Spencer)         Wife   67      Decatur-Town
02-08B-51   FOSTER       Edith (LYNCH)        wife    43      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-50   FOSTER       Elliott R. [Rutherford] head   40      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-04A-17  FOSTER       Francis A.      Head   68      Decatur-Town
02-08B-54   FOSTER       Gean E. [Gene Elliott] son     3        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-17B-59   FOSTER       George W.     Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-09B-43   FOSTER       Glen [Glen Davis]      son     1        Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-18A-13  FOSTER       H. Mont        Head   76      Decatur-Town
02-08B-68   FOSTER       Harold son     21      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-11B-68   FOSTER       Helen  daughter        4m     Bridgeport E Side
02-08B-67   FOSTER       Ida (BURK)   wife    43      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-71   FOSTER       Jimmie B.      son     20      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-70   FOSTER       Jimmie R.      grandson       1        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-72   FOSTER       Juanita J.       daughter        12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-69   FOSTER       Lola M. [Mae (TURNER)]    dau/law         17      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-11B-65   FOSTER       Lona (Wages) wife    33      Bridgeport E Side
17-11B-66   FOSTER       Louise daughter        11      Bridgeport E Side
17-11B-64   FOSTER       Luther (A.)    head   33      Bridgeport E Side
02-08B-52   FOSTER       Mabella         daughter        15      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-14B-75   FOSTER       Mamie (Gladys Birge) Wife   28      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-79   FOSTER       Mary Frances (Swafford)      Mother 68      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
16-11A-29  FOSTER       Mary Jo (HOWARD?)        Wife   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-18B-76   FOSTER       Molly (Mary Swafford)        head   75      Bridgeport E Side
18-14B-76   FOSTER       Myrtle Daughter       3        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
02-08B-73   FOSTER       Paul    son     9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-17A-05  FOSTER       Pearl [Hattie Pearl (RHINE)] Wife   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-62   FOSTER       Pres    Head   65      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-30  FOSTER       Raymond [Cleo]        Son     2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-07  FOSTER       Roy J. [Gene] Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-63   FOSTER       Sallie [Susie Stella (MADDEN)]       Wife   59      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-77   FOSTER       Sarah [Elizabeth (BAGBY)?] Mother-in-Law         67      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-60   FOSTER       Tressie [Bessie (NICHOLS?)]         Wife   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-11B-67   FOSTER       Wayne (Luther Wayne)        son     4        Bridgeport E Side
17-24A-26  FOSTER       William T.      nephew         22      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
12-06B-43   FOWLER      Billy (Gene)    Son     3        Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-02A-12  FOWLER      Elizabeth       Wife   29      Decatur-Town
12-06A-40  FOWLER      Flossie          Wife   30      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-42   FOWLER      J.T.    Son     10      Boyd Town-N of Main St
03-04B-65   FOWLER      Julia    wife    59      NW of Decatur
01-27A-38  FOWLER      Mary Ruth     Daughter       27      Decatur-Town
12-06B-41   FOWLER      Mildred         Daughter       12      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-27A-36  FOWLER      Shelby Head   54      Decatur-Town
01-02A-11  FOWLER      Tom D.         Head   30      Decatur-Town
01-27A-37  FOWLER      Virginia (Terry)        Wife   45      Decatur-Town
03-04B-64   FOWLER      Walsh  head   56      NW of Decatur
12-06A-39  FOWLER      William         Head   35      Boyd Town-N of Main St
05-04B-67   FOX   Ben J. Head   38      Alvord Town
02-12B-50   FOX   Bluford [Douglas Bluford, Jr.] son     14      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12B-52   FOX   Cathryn (Catherine Ruth]      daughter        10      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12B-49   FOX   Coraetta [Cora Etta]   daughter        16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-04B-70   FOX   Durwood [Gose Durwood]    Son     13      Alvord Town
07-01A-35  FOX   Edna B [Beatrice]     Wife   63      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
05-04B-69   FOX   Edna Nelle     Daughter       15      Alvord Town
05-04B-68   FOX   Electra [Mary Electra "Leck" (GOSE)]        Wife   35      Alvord Town
01-15B-41   FOX   Etta    Daughter       66      Decatur-Town
05-04B-74   FOX   Glenna Sue     Daughter       4        Alvord Town
02-12B-51   FOX   J.M.    son     12      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-03  FOX   J.S. [Father][Miranda Wills-mother]   mother 84      Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-04B-73   FOX   Jimmie D. (Darrell)    Son     7        Alvord Town
02-13B-65   FOX   Joe L. [Lee]   head   23      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12B-47   FOX   Mabel [Missouri (TAYLER)] head   36      Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-04B-71   FOX   Margaret Ann Daughter       12      Alvord Town
02-12B-48   FOX   Mary [Marie]  daughter        18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-01A-34  FOX   R Y [Robert]  Head   64      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
02-12A-02  FOX   Tom S. [A.]    head   55      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12B-53   FOX   Wilburn [Allen]         son     8        Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-04B-72   FOX   Xelna [Olive "Pop"]    Daughter       9        Alvord Town
01-32A-17  FOX   Zena   Head   58      Decatur-Town
02-13B-66   FOX   Zenna [Zemma Mae (RIGGS)]        wife    21      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-11B-74   FOXALL      Annie  Wife   43      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-75   FOXALL      Fred    Father 70      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-73   FOXALL      T H [Theodore Hendrix]       Head   43      N&E of Alvord
01-18B-53   FRANCIS     Harry  Head   24      Decatur-Town
01-18B-54   FRANCIS     Katherine      Wife   22      Decatur-Town
09-04B-55   FRANKLIN   Dona   wife    57      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-04B-54   FRANKLIN   James W.      Head   65      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
04-07A-17  FRAZIER      B.F. (Bernard) Head   64      SW of Decatur
17-15A-01  FRAZIER      C.C.   lodger  32      Bridgeport E Side
04-07A-19  FRAZIER      Gertrude        Daughter       31      SW of Decatur
19-02A-05  FRAZIER      Kate (E. Matzinger)   sister   60      SW of Bridgeport
04-07A-18  FRAZIER      Rosella (McRae)       Wife   61      SW of Decatur
01-18B-47   FREDERICKSON    Dorothy        Wife   26      Decatur-Town
01-18B-46   FREDERICKSON    Floyd L.        Head   29      Decatur-Town
17-09B-78   FREDRICK   Floyd P         son     23      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-77   FREDRICK   Nora (Blodgett)        head   48      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-79   FREDRICK   Ruby Ellen     daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
07-04B-43   FREE  Charlie Head   57      S of Alvord
01-31A-21  FREELY       J.W.   Lodger 20      Decatur-Town
16-10B-66   FREEMAN    Alford Head   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-12A-25  FREEMAN    Charles R      Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-02B-78   FREEMAN    Eva (Reynolds)         Wife   65      SW of Decatur
06-03B-52   FREEMAN    Gertrude        Wife   44      N&E of Alvord
16-10B-68   FREEMAN    Hickey [Ercel Dean?] Son     27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-12A-26  FREEMAN    J T [Jimmie Fritz]      Son     9        Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-05B-79   FREEMAN    James  Head   67      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-02B-77   FREEMAN    John (Frederick)        Head   70      SW of Decatur
16-10B-67   FREEMAN    Lizzie  Wife   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-80   FREEMAN    Martha Wife   66      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-12A-27  FREEMAN    Mary A         Daughter       3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-01A-18  FREEMAN    Mollie [Mary E.]       Wife   70      Alvord Town
04-02B-79   FREEMAN    Orville (Frederick)     Son     26      SW of Decatur
17-12B-73   FREEMAN    Polly   wife    25      Bridgeport E Side
06-03B-51   FREEMAN    R R    Head   53      N&E of Alvord
17-12B-72   FREEMAN    R.E.    head   27      Bridgeport E Side
11-12A-23  FREEMAN    Ray [Cleveland Ray]  Head   32      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12A-24  FREEMAN    Ruth [Hazel Ruth (DENNY)] Wife   29      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-01A-17  FREEMAN    T. [T.L. 'Tee'] Head   70      Alvord Town
04-02B-80   FREEMAN    Vernon         Son     23      SW of Decatur
16-10B-69   FREEMAN    Wanda Daughter       23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-24B-60   FREES         Edd    father in law   79      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24B-61   FREES         Martha mother in law  75      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
15-05B-74   FREILEY      Anna Lou      Wife   43      Rural Boyd Area
13-05A-15  FREILEY      Audrey Fay (Matthew)         Wife   20      Rhome Town-E Addition
15-05B-73   FREILEY      J. A.   Head   47      Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-77   FREILEY      Jack (Jeso H.) Son     10      Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-76   FREILEY      June (Loui June)       Daughter       15      Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-78   FREILEY      Naida Rosa    Daughter       9        Rural Boyd Area
13-05A-16  FREILEY      Roland (Ivan)  Son     1        Rhome Town-E Addition
15-05B-75   FREILEY      Shirley (L.)     Daughter       18      Rural Boyd Area
13-05A-14  FREILEY      Tallmadge (Lavaugn)  Head   21      Rhome Town-E Addition
01-17B-46   FREILEY      Wanda House Keeper 17      Decatur-Town
04-07A-30  FRENCH      John E.         Head   56      SW of Decatur
04-07A-31  FRENCH      Mary   Wife   51      SW of Decatur
05-09A-26  FRENSLEY   Zada [E. (STOCKWELL)]    Head   64      Alvord Town
16-15A-28  FRIELEY      Anna [Annie Lee (STEWART)]       Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-31  FRIELEY      Betty [Gean]   Daughter       5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-27  FRIELEY      James [William]        Head   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-32  FRIELEY      Keith [Abner] Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-29  FRIELEY      Sidney Son     15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-15A-30  FRIELEY      Vena   Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-19  FRIELS        James [Lee]   Head   59      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17A-20  FRIELS        Jesse [Jessie B (MURPHY)] Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-16A-39  FROST         Earl (Edwin)   head   46      Bridgeport E Side
06-11A-17  FROST         G L    Head   68      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-18  FROST         Georgia A      Wife   66      N&E of Alvord
17-16A-40  FROST         Hoberta (Katherine Shelby)   wife    38      Bridgeport E Side
17-11B-51   FROST         J.C. (James)   head   70      Bridgeport E Side
17-16B-41   FROST         Jacqueline Jean         daughter        12      Bridgeport E Side
17-11B-52   FROST         Mary Emma (Ervin)   wife    63      Bridgeport E Side
11-09A-27  FRY   Florence        Wife   64      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-09A-26  FRY   John E Head   63      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-21A-30  FRY   Robert (William 'Bob') lodger  39      Bridgeport E Side
17-21A-29  FRY   Sarah E. (Elizabeth)   lodger  74      Bridgeport E Side
06-07A-18  FRYE B L [Robert Lee "Bob"]        Head   30      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04A-04  FRYE Cesil [Cecile Lina (PATTERSON)]   Wife   28      N&E of Alvord
07-04B-68   FRYE Cheridol?       Daughter       13      S of Alvord
07-04B-69   FRYE Don [Donald William] Son     6        S of Alvord
07-04B-66   FRYE E W    Head   40      S of Alvord
07-04B-67   FRYE Ella May [Alma (WHITAKER?)]     Wife   38      S of Alvord
06-04A-07  FRYE Eunith [Morrow] (GREENWOOD)   Wife   50      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-06  FRYE J E [John Edgar "Edd"]         Head   55      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-08  FRYE Lois    Niece  14      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-03  FRYE Mart [Martin Henry]  Head   28      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-20  FRYE Rex [Allen]    Son     1        Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-04A-05  FRYE Sallie May      Daughter       1        N&E of Alvord
06-07A-19  FRYE Susie [Sue (PIERCE)] Wife   31      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
05-07A-40  FUGATE      Belle [Ada Belle (SIDES)]    Wife   55      Alvord Town
05-07A-39  FUGATE      Robert [E. 'Bob']       Head   60      Alvord Town
05-07B-41   FUGATE      Virgil [F.]      Son     36      Alvord Town
01-33A-15  FUHRMAN   Stella   Lodger 22      Page 61A-Decatur
01-17A-14  FUHRMANNA        Anastasia      House Keeper 24      Decatur-Town
16-11B-65   FULGHUM   Audrey         Wife   40      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-67   FULGHUM   J.W.   Son     10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-64   FULGHUM   Jim     Head   43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-66   FULGHUM   Rowena        Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-68   FULGHUM   Thomas         Son     8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-01A-40  FULLER       Betty Joe       Daughter       8        Rural Boyd Area
12-04B-58   FULLER       Harry B.       Step Son        38      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-01A-38  FULLER       Jack    Head   41      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-39  FULLER       Nell    Wife   30      Rural Boyd Area
01-23A-26  FULLINGIM  H.R. (Hamilton, Sr.)   Lodger 73      Decatur-Town
01-20B-46   FULLINGIM  H.R., Jr. (Hamilton 'Hoot')     Brother in Law         30      Decatur-Town
01-20B-47   FULLINGIM  Hortense (Verla Potts)         Sister  28      Decatur-Town
01-01B-54   FULLINGIM  Maud  Daughter       53      Decatur-Town
20-07B-53   FULTZ         Louis A. (Arvilo)       Head   48      Boonsville Town
20-07B-55   FULTZ         Mary Maxine  Adpt. Dau      14      Boonsville Town
20-07B-54   FULTZ         Mary Ruth     Wife   45      Boonsville Town
17-22A-10  FUNK Carolyn         daughter        4        Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-47   FUNK G.B.   son     2        Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-45   FUNK Gus (Burns)    head   50      Bridgeport E Side
17-22A-09  FUNK Irma Merle (Erma Bailey)     wife    37      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-46   FUNK Lizzie Mae (Ballard)   wife    32      Bridgeport E Side
17-22A-08  FUNK Owen True    head   40      Bridgeport E Side
17-22A-12  FUNK P.C. (Presley Cordell) father  80      Bridgeport E Side
14-04B-72   FUQUA        Allene Wife   35      Rhome-Justin Rd
10-02A-37  FUQUA        Floyd R         Son     15      W of Paradise
14-04B-75   FUQUA        Geneva         Daughter       13      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-71   FUQUA        Henry (Temple, Sr.)   Head   39      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-74   FUQUA        Henry Jr. (Temple)    Son     14      Rhome-Justin Rd
10-02A-36  FUQUA        Jessie  Head   54      W of Paradise
14-04B-73   FUQUA        Leon M.        Son     16      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-77   FUQUA        Mary Helen    Daughter       7        Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-76   FUQUA        Verne  Son     11      Rhome-Justin Rd
17-10A-26  FURY C.A. (Clement)         head   63      Bridgeport E Side
01-11B-52   GAGE Billie   Nephew        12      Decatur-Town
01-25B-64   GAGE Buddie Grandson       25      Decatur-Town
16-19B-62   GAGE Buna [Lee (GRIFFITH)]      Wife   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-73   GAGE Doris L.        Daughter       10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-11B-48   GAGE Elmer (J.E.)    Brother in Law         47      Decatur-Town
01-25A-11  GAGE Eunice (Mauldin)       Wife   50      Decatur-Town
02-10A-29  GAGE Fay [Mary Faye (BOYDSTON)]      wife    28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-25A-10  GAGE George Head   50      Decatur-Town
16-19B-72   GAGE Harold Ray    Son     15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-04A-34  GAGE J.C. (James Calvin)    Head   60      SW of Decatur
04-04A-36  GAGE James  Son     28      SW of Decatur
16-19B-71   GAGE James W. [William]    Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-69   GAGE Jerl     Head   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-66   GAGE Jim G. Head   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-68   GAGE Jimmy A.       Son     3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-74   GAGE John T.         Head   58      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-45   GAGE Juanita Daughter       19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-63   GAGE Lavada         Daughter       22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-44   GAGE Lela [Bell (BOYD)]   Wife   55      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18B-43   GAGE Ludy [Ruben]  Head   55      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-61   GAGE Merlin [Monroe]       Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-65   GAGE Merlyne        Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-04A-35  GAGE Minnie (Mammie Lee Donald)         Wife   60      SW of Decatur
02-10A-30  GAGE Naomi R.       daughter        7        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-19B-67   GAGE Nona [Mona (REDDING?)]  Wife   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-19B-70   GAGE Ora (QUISENBERRY)        Wife   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-11B-49   GAGE Pauline (Harder)       Sister in Law  41      Decatur-Town
01-25A-12  GAGE Rex Allen      Son     21      Decatur-Town
16-19B-64   GAGE Roberta         Daughter       17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-11B-51   GAGE Roger  Nephew        16      Decatur-Town
16-18B-46   GAGE Ruth   Daughter       17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-26B-47   GAGE Sallie E.        Head   77      Decatur-Town
02-10A-31  GAGE Veroma M.    daughter        4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-11B-50   GAGE Victor Ray     Nephew        20      Decatur-Town
02-10A-28  GAGE William B. ['Bill']       head   30      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-17B-77   GALEY        A.J. (Alva Jackson)   head   62      Bridgeport E Side
17-17B-79   GALEY        Glenn  son     19      Bridgeport E Side
17-17B-78   GALEY        Lyda (Glenn)  wife    53      Bridgeport E Side
12-02A-26  GALLOP      Aleen  Daughter       2        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-23  GALLOP      Bertha Wife   39      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-25  GALLOP      Earnest         Son     10      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-24  GALLOP      James  Son     14      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02A-22  GALLOP      William (F)     Head   46      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-11A-01  GALTORENA         Mae (Sampson)        Daughter       48      Newark Town
15-11A-02  GALTORENA         Mark   Granddaughter 19      Newark Town
18-10A-09  GAMBLE      C.W. (Charley)         Head   62      East of Chico
05-03A-04  GAMBLE      Curtis  Head   28      Alvord Town
05-03A-05  GAMBLE      Frances (STRICKLAND)     Wife   22      Alvord Town
18-10A-12  GAMBLE      Lewis (Willard Lewis) Son     16      East of Chico
05-03A-06  GAMBLE      Margie Ruth   Daughter       2        Alvord Town
05-03A-07  GAMBLE      Nina Sue       Daughter       6/12    Alvord Town
18-10A-11  GAMBLE      Rex (Charles) Son     25      East of Chico
18-10A-10  GAMBLE      Willie (B. Seddons)    Wife   55      East of Chico
08-09A-12  GAMBLE      Glenn son     10      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-14  GAMBLE      Helen [Inez]   daughter        6/12    Park Springs & SE
08-09A-10  GAMBLE      Lillian [Erma (ARMSTRONG)]       wife    35      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-13  GAMBLE      Nancy [Lue]   daughter        7        Park Springs & SE
08-09A-09  GAMBLE      Ray [James Ray]      head    35      Park Springs & SE
08-09A-11  GAMBLE      Ruby [Nell]    daughter        11      Park Springs & SE
20-10B-74   GAMER       F.W.   Head   33      Boonsville
20-10B-75   GAMER       Inez    Wife   22      Boonsville
20-10B-76   GAMER       Sandra Daughter       2        Boonsville
16-04A-34  GANGER      Carl    Head   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04A-35  GANGER      Mildred         Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03A-02  GANN Francis Daughter       5        Slidell Town
08-01A-03  GANN G Y    son     15      Park Springs & SE
08-01A-01  GANN George Y [Yeaklet]   head   48      Park Springs & SE
16-03A-01  GANN Luna   Wife   32      Slidell Town
16-03A-03  GANN Ruth   Daughter       3        Slidell Town
08-01A-02  GANN Sarah (DRENNAN)   wife    44      Park Springs & SE
16-02B-80   GANN Sherman        Head   35      Slidell Town
08-02B-51   GANN          Datus N [Needem]    head    57      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-53   GANN          Glenn G [Garvis]       son     25      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-01  GANN          James C [Chester]     head    81      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-54   GANN          Jennie [Lee]   daughter        18      Park Springs & SE
08-02B-52   GANN          Lora N [Nell (TOMPKINS)]  wife    53      Park Springs & SE
08-05A-02  GANN          Susie E [Susan Elizabeth (COATES)] wife    81      Park Springs & SE
17-02A-19  GARCIA       Alfonso         head   23      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-65   GARCIA       Anjelina        lodger  14      Bridgeport W Side
16-13A-24  GARCIA       Antonio         Son     18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-22  GARCIA       Benito Son     24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-25  GARCIA       Christina        Daughter       17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-04B-59   GARCIA       Cirilo   lodger  50      Bridgeport W Side
16-13A-20  GARCIA       Cosma [Cosme]        Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-26  GARCIA       Felipe  Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-04B-62   GARCIA       Frutoso         lodger  60      Bridgeport W Side
16-13A-23  GARCIA       Juanita Daughter       22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-04B-60   GARCIA       Julia    lodger  51      Bridgeport W Side
16-13A-21  GARCIA       Manuel         Son     33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-04B-67   GARCIA       Mary   lodger  10      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-66   GARCIA       Moses lodger  13      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-64   GARCIA       Nlivoes ?       lodger  16      Bridgeport W Side
17-26A-01  GARCIA       Pedro F. ('Pete')       head   43      IN MINNESOTA
17-02A-20  GARCIA       Ramona        wife    16      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-68   GARCIA       Raul    lodger  9        Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-61   GARCIA       Richard         lodger  27      Bridgeport W Side
17-04B-63   GARCIA       Rose   lodger  20      Bridgeport W Side
17-26A-02  GARCIA       Safiya (Safira Lopez)  wife    36      IN MINNESOTA
02-05B-72   GARDNER    Bill     nephew         17      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-26B-44   GARDNER    Billie   Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-26B-46   GARDNER    Charles T.      Son     7        Decatur-Town
06-05B-73   GARDNER    Della Katherine        Daughter       16      N&E of Alvord
04-02B-63   GARDNER    Douglas        Nephew/Lodger        16      SW of Decatur
06-05B-71   GARDNER    Inez [Ines/Inez (KINGSLEY)]         Wife   57      N&E of Alvord
01-26B-45   GARDNER    Johnnie Marie Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
01-26B-43   GARDNER    Laura F.        Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
01-26A-40  GARDNER    Oscar (E., Sr.) Head   46      Decatur-Town
01-26B-42   GARDNER    Oscar, Jr. (E.) Son     16      Decatur-Town
01-26B-41   GARDNER    Theresa (Brooks)      Wife   38      Decatur-Town
06-05B-72   GARDNER    W E    Son     24      N&E of Alvord
06-05B-70   GARDNER    W M [William]         Head   58      N&E of Alvord
12-06B-72   GARGIS       Henry  Father in law   65      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-21B-73   GARNER      Edna   Housekeeper  49      Decatur-Town
15-08A-07  GARRETT    Abner Odell    Son     18      Rural Boyd Area
14-03A-40  GARRETT    Alice   Wife   57      Newark-E of RR
16-14B-69   GARRETT    Annie  Wife   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-06B-61   GARRETT    Arleine daughter        5        Bridgeport W Side
02-07B-65   GARRETT    Bascom W. [Bascomb William]        head   31      Rt 4-E of Decatur
15-08A-08  GARRETT    Bertie R.       Daughter       14      Rural Boyd Area
19-12A-24  GARRETT    Billie Jean      son     6        NW of Bridgeport
17-06B-60   GARRETT    Billy Jack       son     7        Bridgeport W Side
09-03B-60   GARRETT    Bobby daughter        12      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
02-07B-66   GARRETT    Brettie [E. (WHITE)] wife    30      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-06B-63   GARRETT    Carlton son     1        Bridgeport W Side
19-12A-23  GARRETT    Chester         son     25      NW of Bridgeport
17-06B-62   GARRETT    Clarence       son     3        Bridgeport W Side
02-06B-65   GARRETT    Edward H. [H.E. 'Ted']        brother 26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-22A-33  GARRETT    Emma Head   41      Decatur-Town
17-06B-55   GARRETT    Gertrude (Nannie 'Gert' Morton)       wife    36      Bridgeport W Side
01-22A-34  GARRETT    Harvey         Son     17      Decatur-Town
04-06B-76   GARRETT    Henry Gene    Grandson       3        SW of Decatur
09-03B-58   GARRETT    Ima Pearl (Huffines)  wife    47      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
01-22A-35  GARRETT    Isabell Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
14-10A-06  GARRETT    James L. Jr. (Lee)     Son     2        Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-10A-04  GARRETT    James M.L.    Head   23      Rhome-Boyd Rd
17-06B-57   GARRETT    Jimmy  (James)        son     15      Bridgeport W Side
04-06B-77   GARRETT    Joe Ellen       Granddaughter 1        SW of Decatur
15-08A-05  GARRETT    John    Head   40      Rural Boyd Area
02-06B-66   GARRETT    John B. [Bascom]      father  63      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06B-64   GARRETT    John M. ['Deacon']    head   29      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-14B-71   GARRETT    Kirksey         Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14B-73   GARRETT    La Juane       Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-06B-58   GARRETT    La Vina (Lavinia)      daughter        12      Bridgeport W Side
02-07B-67   GARRETT    Lela F daughter        5        Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-10A-05  GARRETT    Leona  Wife   19      Rhome-Boyd Rd
19-12A-22  GARRETT    Lizzie (Elizabeth Boren)        wife    44      NW of Bridgeport
13-01A-38  GARRETT    Lorene [Alice Lorene (WOOD)]      Wife   18      Rhome Town-C St
17-06B-54   GARRETT    Luther (W.)    head   43      Bridgeport W Side
02-06B-67   GARRETT    Margaret (TENNERY)        mother 59      Rt 4-E of Decatur
06-03A-13  GARRETT    Mary (REDWINE)    Sister  29      N&E of Alvord
01-22A-36  GARRETT    Mary Dell      Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
06-03A-15  GARRETT    Mary Helen    Niece  7        N&E of Alvord
16-14B-70   GARRETT    Nita    Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-03B-59   GARRETT    Onell   daughter        22      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
04-06B-75   GARRETT    Oral (Oral Butler Garrett)      Daughter       19      SW of Decatur
06-03A-16  GARRETT    Pat Leslie      Nephew        9/12   N&E of Alvord
17-06B-59   GARRETT    Paul    son     10      Bridgeport W Side
14-03B-41   GARRETT    Peggie Daughter       16      Newark-E of RR
09-03B-57   GARRETT    Robert O.      Head   49      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
14-03A-39  GARRETT    Rolly Lee       Head   71      Newark-E of RR
06-03A-12  GARRETT    V T [V L]      B_I_L 31      N&E of Alvord
16-14B-72   GARRETT    Vernell Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-07B-42   GARRETT    Vesta  Hired boy      25      S of Paradise on Highway
10-10B-66   GARRETT    Vester hired boy       25      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
15-08A-09  GARRETT    Walter J.       Son     10      Rural Boyd Area
13-01A-37  GARRETT    Wayne Head   19      Rhome Town-C St
19-12A-21  GARRETT    William D. ('Bud')      head   53      NW of Bridgeport
06-03A-14  GARRETT    William Travis ['Ted'] Nephew        8        N&E of Alvord
15-08A-06  GARRETT    Willie  Wife   45      Rural Boyd Area
16-14B-68   GARRETT    Willie  Head   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-06B-56   GARRETT    Winifred (Tommy Winford)    son     17      Bridgeport W Side
04-08A-24  GARRISON   Bobby Ray     Son     8        SW of Decatur
01-15B-80   GARRISON   Eugenia         Daughter       19      Decatur-Town
01-16A-02  GARRISON   Helen K        Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
04-08A-21  GARRISON   Jess C. (Jesse Clinton, Sr.)    Head   46      SW of Decatur
04-08A-23  GARRISON   Jesse C. Jr. (Clinton)  Son     11      SW of Decatur
01-15B-79   GARRISON   Juanita Daughter       22      Decatur-Town
01-15B-77   GARRISON   Louis   Head   49      Decatur-Town
04-08A-22  GARRISON   Mary (Mary Katherine Brown)        Wife   43      SW of Decatur
01-26A-20  GARRISON   Roger  Grandson       5        Decatur-Town
01-15B-78   GARRISON   Susie (Pence)  Wife   47      Decatur-Town
01-16A-01  GARRISON   Virginia         Daughter       19      Decatur-Town
17-07B-57   GARY Beatrice        daughter        19      Bridgeport W Side
17-07B-58   GARY Claude son     16      Bridgeport W Side
14-09A-30  GARY Frances (Uresta)       Wife   64      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
17-07B-55   GARY J.W.   head   57      Bridgeport W Side
17-07B-61   GARY Mary Magdalene       daughter        7        Bridgeport W Side
17-07B-59   GARY Opal   daughter        14      Bridgeport W Side
17-07B-56   GARY Rena   wife    46      Bridgeport W Side
14-09A-29  GARY Will R. (Reed) Head   65      Justin Rd from Hwy 81
17-07B-60   GARY Zina    daughter        12      Bridgeport W Side
06-05A-22  GASPERSON Adrian Son     20      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-05A-21  GASPERSON Betty Jane     Daughter       13      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
10-05B-67   GASPERSON E G [Earl]      Head   32      S of Paradise
10-05B-68   GASPERSON Inez    Wife   30      S of Paradise
06-05A-18  GASPERSON J G [John G]   Head   72      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-05A-20  GASPERSON John    Son     41      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-05A-19  GASPERSON Laura (LEE)   Wife   51      Foster Rd-N&E of Alvord
20-01A-38  GATTIS        E.E.    Head   62      Boonsville
20-01A-39  GATTIS        Minnie Wife   55      Boonsville
20-01A-40  GATTIS        W.E.   Brother         48      Boonsville
01-28A-31  GAYLOR      Celeste         Wife   31      Decatur-Town
01-28A-30  GAYLOR      Earnest         Head   30      Decatur-Town
05-10A-16  GAYLOR      Emma [Emaline (McGUAIRT)]       Head   25      Alvord Town(Beyette St)
01-28A-33  GAYLOR      Kenneth L.     Son     1/12    Decatur-Town
01-28A-32  GAYLOR      Robert H.      Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-25A-29  GEDDYES    Elmer L.        Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-25A-30  GEDDYES    Henrietta       Wife   35      Decatur-Town
01-25A-32  GEDDYES    Lloyd J.         Son     1        Decatur-Town
01-25A-31  GEDDYES    Lovella A.      Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
09-08B-50   GEE   Alvie Dale     son     2        Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08B-48   GEE   Alvis M.E.     Head   29      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-08B-49   GEE   Vera   wife    24      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
14-02B-50   GEER Blanche (Alma Blanche)       Wife   28      E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
14-02B-49   GEER Charles (W.)   Head   32      E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
10-03B-64   GENTRY      Alyne  Wife   28      recopied on 13A-02
10-13A-02  GENTRY      Alyne  Wife   28      West St., Paradise Town
04-06A-22  GENTRY      Billy Tom       Son     10      SW of Decatur(Flatwood)
20-13A-05  GENTRY      Bobbie Lovell  Daughter       8        Boonsville area
06-04B-77   GENTRY      Charley         Head   67      N&E of Alvord
11-04B-71   GENTRY      Donald [Isaac] Son     8        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-70   GENTRY      Earnest D [Douglas]   Son     11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-13A-05  GENTRY      Ed      Head   60      Decatur-Town
20-13A-04  GENTRY      Eula May (Barfield)   Wife   32      Boonsville area
20-13A-06  GENTRY      Glenda Louise Daughter       3        Boonsville area
01-13A-03  GENTRY      Glenn  Head   25      Decatur-Town
11-04B-69   GENTRY      Harold A [Arthur]     Son     13      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-67   GENTRY      James I [Isaac]         Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-02A-28  GENTRY      John L.         Head   61      SW of Decatur
02-06A-21  GENTRY      Lanham [John Lanham]        head   60      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-13A-06  GENTRY      Mae    Wife   50      Decatur-Town
02-07B-50   GENTRY      Marie  wife    26      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-04B-66   GENTRY      Martha T [Strickland] Head   78      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-13A-04  GENTRY      Mary Ruth     Wife   20      Decatur-Town
04-06A-21  GENTRY      Mildred (Bernice Cooper)      Wife   28      SW of Decatur(Flatwood)
10-03B-63   GENTRY      N S    Head   35      recopied on 13A-01
10-13A-01  GENTRY      N S    Head   35      West St., Paradise Town
04-06A-23  GENTRY      Nelda Bernice Daughter       8        SW of Decatur(Flatwood)
01-12B-76   GENTRY      Ollie    Granddaughter 21      Decatur-Town
02-06A-22  GENTRY      Ollie [Mary (GREGG)]         wife    54      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-04B-74   GENTRY      Patricia Gay   Daughter       0/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-07B-49   GENTRY      Paul E. [Edd]  head   28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-04B-73   GENTRY      Robert D [Doyle]      Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-13A-03  GENTRY      Roy B. Head   42      Boonsville area
04-06A-20  GENTRY      T.L. (Thomas Lamar) Head   30      SW of Decatur(Flatwood)
11-04B-68   GENTRY      Therisa P [Theresa Patricia (BRIDGES)]     Wife   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04B-72   GENTRY      Williard D [Dalton]    Son     7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-09A-15  GEORGE      B. Frank        Head   66      East of Chico
01-09B-63   GEORGE      Billie   Son     13      Decatur-Town
01-09B-61   GEORGE      Charlie Head   63      Decatur-Town
01-16B-67   GEORGE      Elmer (John)   Head   39      Decatur-Town
18-09A-14  GEORGE      Emmegen (Lunsden)  Wife   22      East of Chico
18-09A-18  GEORGE      Etoy (Cox)     D-in-Law      23      East of Chico
01-16B-68   GEORGE      Florence (Alice Brammer)     Wife   35      Decatur-Town
18-09A-17  GEORGE      Glenn  Son     27      East of Chico
01-09B-62   GEORGE      Ida (Barbara Wells)   Wife   48      Decatur-Town
18-09A-13  GEORGE      Joe W. (Joseph)        Head   29      East of Chico
18-09A-16  GEORGE      Mary (Maude Owens) Wife   61      East of Chico
01-03B-78   GEORGE      Nannie Head   65      Decatur-Town
13-02B-78   GEORGE      Nona   Daughter       35      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-02B-77   GEORGE      William         Head   88      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-05A-35  GERRON      J.F.     head   30      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-36  GERRON      Louise wife    21      Bridgeport W Side
01-23B-55   GETTYS       Albert W.(Ella Van Ness Walker)     Wife   47      Decatur-Town
05-06A-13  GETTYS       Annie [Belle (ADAMS)]       Daughter       59      Alvord Town(W Elm St)
01-23B-56   GETTYS       Charles Thomas        Son     18      Decatur-Town
01-23B-54   GETTYS       Cicero (Thomas)       Head   59      Decatur-Town
01-18B-55   GETTYS       Embry M.      Teacher        48      Decatur-Town
02-05A-23  GETTYS       Ethel E. (DEMENT)  wife    46      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-23B-57   GETTYS       Margaret Ann Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
02-05A-22  GETTYS       Marion W.     head   51      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-23B-58   GETTYS       Mary Louise   Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
02-05A-24  GETTYS       Sally   daughter        18      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-16B-52   GEWAN?      Fay     wife    33      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-16B-51   GEWAN?      Henry M.      head   44      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-10A-22  GIBBENS     David  Son     1        East of Chico
18-10A-20  GIBBENS     Gerald (V.)    Head   24      East of Chico
18-10A-21  GIBBENS     Juanita (Ruth Hess)    Wife   20      East of Chico
18-10A-23  GIBBENS     Larry  Son     2/12    East of Chico
17-23A-19  GIBBENS     Leois (Lois)            46      Pg61A Out of Order-Bridgeport
17-23A-20  GIBBENS     Son (Darrell)   son     29      Pg61A Out of Order-Bridgeport
01-09A-35  GIBBON       Marion Head   39      Decatur-Town
14-01A-36  GIBBS Aillene Granddaughter 10      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
05-10B-66   GIBBS Artha Mae     Daughter       8        Alvord Town
05-10B-62   GIBBS Arthur [H.]    Head   47      Alvord Town
05-10B-65   GIBBS Barney Joe     Son     11      Alvord Town
05-10B-67   GIBBS Edna Fay       Daughter       6        Alvord Town
10-03A-22  GIBBS Fred S Head   35      N of Paradise
05-10B-64   GIBBS L.H.   Son     15      Alvord Town
05-10B-63   GIBBS Lena Mae (STEEN)   Wife   34      Alvord Town
17-22A-03  GIBBS Mae (Meta May Hatfield)     wife    59      Bridgeport E Side
10-03A-23  GIBBS Margarete      Wife   25      N of Paradise
14-01A-34  GIBBS Mary   Daughter       33      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01A-35  GIBBS Mary  Granddaughter 12      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
17-22A-02  GIBBS V.A. (Verdie) head   59      Bridgeport E Side
01-07B-56   GIBSON       Edward P. (1st wed Jessie Collins)    Head   62      Decatur-Town
01-07B-57   GIBSON       Helen (2nd wed Helen Kendall)        Wife   59      Decatur-Town
18-04B-51   GIBSON       Estelle Head   58      Chico Town
03-04A-07  GILBERT      Agnes [Emily Agnes]  head   74      NW of Decatur
04-11A-03  GILBERT      Annie  Laborer         32      SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
13-04A-39  GILBERT      Careener       Wife   28      Rhome Town-B St North
04-11A-02  GILBERT      Carl    Laborer         38      SW of Decatur-Pg 61A
03-05A-01  GILBERT      Clyde  head   37      NW of Decatur
01-27B-73   GILBERT      Delbert (Dessie Fultz) Wife   45      Decatur-Town
01-28A-08  GILBERT      Dora   Head   61      Decatur-Town
13-04A-40  GILBERT      Earl Edward   Son     4        Rhome Town-B St North
06-09A-31  GILBERT      Ella [Gertrude] Sister  37      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
16-01B-46   GILBERT      George [George Washington] Head   80      Slidell Town
13-04B-41   GILBERT      Harold Son     2        Rhome Town-B St North
04-08A-15  GILBERT      Hattie  Mother 69      SW of Decatur
06-09A-33  GILBERT      Hettie (PRINCE)?     Wife   49      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
01-27B-72   GILBERT      Horace         Head   42      Decatur-Town
06-09A-34  GILBERT      J W [John William]    Head   59      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-35  GILBERT      Lillie [May (STOKES)]        Wife   37      N&E of Alvord
06-09A-30  GILBERT      Louisa [Artilla (ELROD)]     Mother         79      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
16-01B-47   GILBERT      Lula [Ellen (HUDSON)]       Wife   75      Slidell Town
13-04A-38  GILBERT      M.E.   Head   26      Rhome Town-B St North
06-09A-36  GILBERT      Raymond       Son     16      N&E of Alvord
03-05A-02  GILBERT      Ruth [Jennie Ruth (GILBERT)]        wife    39      NW of Decatur
06-09A-29  GILBERT      W R [Wilburn R]       Head   40      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
06-09A-32  GILBERT      W S [Walter Scott]    Head   55      Audubon Rd-N&E of Alvord
04-08A-14  GILBERT      W.S., Jr.        Head   32      SW of Decatur
01-28A-09  GILBERT      Wesley         Son     38      Decatur-Town
03-04A-08  GILBERT      Will S [William Sanders]       son     32      NW of Decatur
01-11A-23  GILBERT      William S.      Head   78      Decatur-Town
01-28A-10  GILBERT      Willie  Son     29      Decatur-Town
18-11B-79   GILES Billy W.        Son     11      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-65   GILES Billye Marie    G-Dau 11      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-80   GILES Bobby F.       Son     9        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-15A-28  GILES Claudia (Wilson)       Wife   33      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
13-01B-77   GILES Cleetus         Son     16      Rhome Town-S Addition
18-11B-64   GILES Dorothy        G-Dau 14      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-12A-01  GILES Douglas A.     Son     7        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-72   GILES Dwayne        Son     9        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-13A-38  GILES Earl W.         G-Son  12      SE of Chico
18-11B-61   GILES Eva A. (Roe)  Wife   66      East of Chico (Thomas)
13-01B-78   GILES Floyd [Presley]         Son     15      Rhome Town-S Addition
18-11B-70   GILES Forrest B.      Head   29      East of Chico (Thomas)
13-01B-74   GILES Frances         Mother         73      Rhome Town-S Addition
18-13A-39  GILES Frances         G-Dau.         5        SE of Chico
18-12A-04  GILES Gary   Son     1/12    East of Chico (Thomas)
18-13A-37  GILES Gladys (Chilton)        Daughter       39      SE of Chico
18-11B-63   GILES Gladys M. (Chilton)    D-in-law        30      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-78   GILES H.L.   Son     13      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-75   GILES Homer A. (Adolphus, Sr.)     Head   36      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-77   GILES Homer A., Jr. (Adolphus)      Son     14      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-62   GILES Horace E.      Son     36      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-67   GILES James E.       G-Son  9        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-13A-36  GILES Jerome F.      Son-in-law     44      SE of Chico
18-11B-73   GILES Jo Anne        Daughter       6        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-60   GILES Joe E.  Head   74      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-68   GILES Joylyn  G-Dau 7        East of Chico (Thomas)
13-01B-76   GILES Luther [Edward, Jr.]   Son     18      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-01B-73   GILES Luther [Edward, Sr.]  Head   48      Rhome Town-S Addition
18-11B-71   GILES Margaret G. (Montford)        Wife   29      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-74   GILES Monte Son     3        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-69   GILES Ona B. G-Dau 3        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-76   GILES Pearl (Martin) Wife   33      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-15B-60   GILES Presley         Head   39      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-27  GILES Ray    Head   32      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-12A-02  GILES Raymond       Son     6        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-15B-61   GILES Sally (Waddell)         Wife   41      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15A-29  GILES Shirley (Jean)  Daughter       5        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-12A-03  GILES Walter Gene   Son     2        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-11B-66   GILES Wanda Lee    G-Dau 10      East of Chico (Thomas)
13-01B-75   GILES Winfred [W W]        Son     21      Rhome Town-S Addition
03-03A-11  GILL  Alma   niece   14      NW of Decatur
01-01B-68   GILL  Jossie (Mary Josephine Lumpkin)      Wife   59      Decatur-Town
03-03A-10  GILL  Pauline nephew         16      NW of Decatur
01-01B-67   GILL  Sam T. (Thomas Samuel)      Head   55      Decatur-Town
18-04A-20  GILL  Victoria         Head   65      Chico Town
19-12A-08  GILLAND     Bill     head   55      NW of Bridgeport
15-13A-05  GILLENWATER      Jewel  Head   41      Page 62A-Boyd Area
11-12B-53   GILLEY       Alton W        Head   25      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-53   GILLEY       Audry M       Daughter       15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-05A-20  GILLEY       Clara   Wife   23      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-12B-52   GILLEY       Dovie [A (PICKENS)]         Wife   57      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12A-02  GILLEY       Edith   Wife   19      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-52   GILLEY       Ida E [Elizabeth (AUSTIN)]  Wife   45      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-51   GILLEY       Jess    Head   62      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-05A-22  GILLEY       John L.         Son     1        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05A-19  GILLEY       Jonnie L.       Head   30      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-05A-18  GILLEY       Laura P.        Head   66 (64?)        Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-12B-55   GILLEY       Milton [Woodrow]     Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-56   GILLEY       Norma J [Jane]         Daughter       1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-05A-21  GILLEY       Raymond       Son     3        Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-12B-54   GILLEY       Ruby (COOK) Wife   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-54   GILLEY       Thomas F [Fred]       Son     11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06B-51   GILLEY       Tom A [Thomas A]   Head   46      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12A-01  GILLEY       Woodard B    Head   21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-05A-03  GILLILAND  Berdie Dean   Daughter       7        Paradise-Bridgeport Rd.
01-24B-69   GILLILAND  Ella     Head   81      Decatur-Town
02-06A-14  GILLILAND  Ernest C.       head   56      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-07B-49   GILLILAND  Floyd   Son     6        Boonsville Town
20-07B-44   GILLILAND  Grady L.       Head   45      Boonsville Town
10-07B-51   GILLILAND  Ida B (CARUTHERS)         Head   62      recopied on 14A-32
10-14A-32  GILLILAND  Ida B (CARUTHERS)         Head   62      East St., Paradise
20-07B-50   GILLILAND  Irene   Daughter       6/12    Boonsville Town
10-05A-05  GILLILAND  Joe W [Joseph Walker]        Son     1        Paradise-Bridgeport Rd.
20-07B-47   GILLILAND  Marvin Son     13      Boonsville Town
05-02B-64   GILLILAND  Mary E.        Lodger 27      Alvord Town
02-06A-15  GILLILAND  Mary E. [Elizabeth 'Dollie' (FULLINGIM)]   wife    68      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-07B-46   GILLILAND  Mozelle         Daughter       19      Boonsville Town
10-05A-01  GILLILAND  Paul [Reuben] Head   29      Paradise-Bridgeport Rd.
10-05A-04  GILLILAND  Paula Beth     Daughter       6        Paradise-Bridgeport Rd.
20-07B-48   GILLILAND  Pearl   Daughter       10      Boonsville Town
20-07B-45   GILLILAND  Rolins?Roxie? Wife   43      Boonsville Town
10-05A-02  GILLILAND  Vandine [Helen/Ellen Vaudean (THOMAS)] Wife   28      Paradise-Bridgeport Rd.
09-01B-69   GILLISPIE    Charles Gordon         grandson       9        Crafton Town
12-01A-34  GILMORE     Edward C. (Colonel)   Head   68      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01A-35  GILMORE     Minnie L. (Lee Sanders)       Wife   66      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-08A-25  GILREATH   Fountie Wade  Son     24      Decatur-Town
01-08A-24  GILREATH   Lillie   Wife   52      Decatur-Town
01-08A-23  GILREATH   Oliver R.       Head   73      Decatur-Town
01-19A-13  GINGLES      Edith   Lodger 33      Decatur-Town
06-04A-20  GINN  Altha   Wife   21      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-21  GINN  Dwayne        Son     1        N&E of Alvord
06-04A-19  GINN  E R    Head   26      N&E of Alvord
06-02A-06  GINN  Jewel Belle    Wife   28      N&E of Alvord
06-02A-07  GINN  Mauelle Ruth  Daughter       8        N&E of Alvord
06-02A-05  GINN  N O    Head   36      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-17  GINN  Rachael        Wife   60      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-18  GINN  Thelma         Daughter       24      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-16  GINN  W J    Head   66      N&E of Alvord
01-17B-77   GIPSON       Clyde  Son     13      Decatur-Town
01-17B-75   GIPSON       Ed      Head   41      Decatur-Town
19-07B-71   GIPSON       Ora Bell        housekeeper   46      W of Bridgeport
01-17B-76   GIPSON       Thalia (Carey) Wife   40      Decatur-Town
20-11A-12  GLASS         Emma (Missouri Emma Woody)       Wife   67      Boonsville
20-11A-11  GLASS         John W.        Head   67      Boonsville
20-11A-14  GLASS         Loretta G.Dau-in-law  18      Boonsville
20-11A-13  GLASS         Lucien W.      Gr-Son 21      Boonsville
20-11A-15  GLASS         Wayne (William Wayne)       G-Gr-son       1        Boonsville
08-03B-65   GLASS         Albert B [Brice, Sr.]   head    56      Park Springs & SE
08-03B-67   GLASS         Albert, Jr [Brice]       son     4        Park Springs & SE
08-03B-66   GLASS         Mabel [Dessie Mable (SAUNDERS)]         wife    30      Park Springs & SE
18-10B-44   GOBER        Alice   Daughter       17      East of Chico
18-10B-47   GOBER        Billy Joe        Son     10      East of Chico
18-01B-68   GOBER        Elmer R.       son in law      22      Chico Town
18-10B-49   GOBER        Harold (Dean) Son     5        East of Chico
17-09A-03  GOBER        Herman        son     18      Bridgeport E Side
18-10B-41   GOBER        J.M. (James Matterson)        Head   38      East of Chico
18-10B-46   GOBER        Jimmy Son     12      East of Chico
18-02A-24  GOBER        La Reta        daughter        26      Chico Town
18-01B-69   GOBER        Ladine (James)         daughter        22      Chico Town
17-06A-15  GOBER        Leatrice        daughter        10      Bridgeport W Side
18-10B-43   GOBER        Lena   Daughter       19      East of Chico
18-10B-42   GOBER        Lena (Hicks)  Wife   43      East of Chico
17-06A-16  GOBER        Lorene daughter        4        Bridgeport W Side
18-10B-45   GOBER        Lovelle Daughter       15      East of Chico
17-09A-02  GOBER        Media (Lucy Almedia)         wife    48      Bridgeport E Side
17-06A-14  GOBER        Mildred         daughter        13      Bridgeport W Side
17-09A-04  GOBER        Naomi daughter        15      Bridgeport E Side
17-06A-11  GOBER        Nettie (Mainard)       wife    44      Bridgeport W Side
17-09A-01  GOBER        Roscoe M.     head   48      Bridgeport E Side
17-06A-13  GOBER        Roy (Samuel)  son     16      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-10  GOBER        T.S. (Thomas) head   55      Bridgeport W Side
18-10B-48   GOBER        Tommy         Son     8        East of Chico
17-06A-12  GOBER        Troy   son     16      Bridgeport W Side
18-10B-50   GOBER        Wanda (Jean) Daughter       5        East of Chico
12-01B-70   GODBY       Julia    Head   69      Boyd Town-S of Main St
11-10B-54   GODHEY     Hollie  Wife   58      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-10B-53   GODHEY     Thomas L      Head   60      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-05A-33  GODWIN      Eura (Mae Street)     wife    45      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-32  GODWIN      J.C.  (James)  head   50      Bridgeport W Side
17-05A-34  GODWIN      J.C., Jr. (James)        son     19      Bridgeport W Side
17-07A-39  GOFFI Joe     head   54      Bridgeport W Side
10-07B-71   GOLAZ        Carl W [William Carl, Sr.]     Head   47      Paradise
10-07B-73   GOLAZ        Carl W, Jr. [William Carl]      Son     22      Paradise
11-03B-75   GOLAZ        Ester [May (MEADOWS)]   Wife   29      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-07B-72   GOLAZ        Flossie Jane (KLEPPER)      Wife   44      Paradise
11-03B-74   GOLAZ        John H [Henry, Jr.]    Head   43      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-77   GOLAZ        Johnnie Ann   Daughter       2/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-76   GOLAZ        Pansy Ruth    Daughter       7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-11A-40  GOLDEN      Lindy  Lodger 70      Greenwood-Slidell Area
07-01A-06  GOLLAHER? Jeff E Head   25      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
07-01A-07  GOLLAHER? L D    Brother         21      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
17-01B-46   GONZALEZ  Martina (D.)   Wife   29      Bridgeport W Side
17-01B-48   GONZALEZ  Servisino       brother 39      Bridgeport W Side
17-01B-45   GONZALEZ  Ysonis Head   43      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-31  GOODE        Danny head   45      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-32  GOODE        Flodie (Ellen Buckingham)     wife    46      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-33  GOODE        Howard (Dannie Howard)     son     18      Bridgeport W Side
18-13B-74   GOODE        Jewel M.       Daughter       29      NE of Bridgeport
18-13B-51   GOODE        Kossie Head   48      NE of Bridgeport
18-13B-52   GOODE        Lillie (Buckingham)    Wife   46      NE of Bridgeport
18-13B-53   GOODE        Naomi Daughter       13      NE of Bridgeport
18-13B-54   GOODE        Oran   Son     5        NE of Bridgeport
18-13B-73   GOODE        Richard (Sr.)   Head   55      NE of Bridgeport
18-13B-75   GOODE        Richard, Jr.    Son     15      NE of Bridgeport
12-04B-54   GOODGER    Bobbie J.       Daughter       8        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04B-52   GOODGER    Clyde  Head   33      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06B-46   GOODGER    Emily Ann      Daughter       18      Boyd Town-N of Main St
04-09B-66   GOODGER    Estella Daughter       7        SW of Decatur
10-04B-72   GOODGER    Etta [or Emma (BELEW)]     Wife   57      recopied on 13B-64
10-13B-64   GOODGER    Etta [or Emma (BELEW)]     Wife   57      Rd to School, Paradise Town
04-09B-64   GOODGER    Eva (Ethel Floe Walker)       Wife   32      SW of Decatur
04-09B-65   GOODGER    Henry Ray (Harris Ray)       Son     8        SW of Decatur
04-09B-63   GOODGER    Ira (Harris)    Head   37      SW of Decatur
10-04B-71   GOODGER    J H [Joseph Henry]    Head   66      recopied on 13B-63
10-13B-63   GOODGER    J H [Joseph Henry]    Head   66      Rd to School, Paradise Town
12-04B-56   GOODGER    Lavern Daughter       2        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06B-44   GOODGER    Lawrence (William, Sr.)        Head   46      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-47   GOODGER    Lawrence, Jr. (William)        Son     14      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-45   GOODGER    Lossie (Era Wren)     Wife   44      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-04B-55   GOODGER    Martha Daughter       4        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06B-48   GOODGER    Nelda (Gem)   Daughter       9        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-04B-53   GOODGER    Norvella        Wife   31      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-14B-79   GOODGER    Novia (Belle Lewis)   Wife   29      Decatur-Town
01-14B-78   GOODGER    Raymond ('Dub')       Head   33      Decatur-Town
02-03A-29  GOODMAN  James C.       head   45      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-01A-05  GOODMAN  W.P. (Walton) Lodger 36      Decatur-Town
02-09A-14  GOODNER   Bessie wife    52      Rt 1 Ponder
02-04B-71   GOODNER   Luther [James Luther] head   67      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-09A-13  GOODNER   Robert J.       head   60      Rt 1 Ponder
06-01A-34  GOODWIN   Betty Lou [Louise]     Gdau   6        Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
19-07B-49   GOODWIN   Charles         step son        17      W of Bridgeport
06-01A-31  GOODWIN   D F [David F. "Bud"]  Head   68      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
06-01A-32  GOODWIN   Glen ["Tead"]  Son     27      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
06-01A-33  GOODWIN   Nellie [Vivian (GREENWOOD)]      Wife   26      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
19-07B-48   GOODWIN   Vivian step daughter  20      W of Bridgeport
06-01A-35  GOODWIN   William David Gson   5/12   Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
01-05B-68   GORDON     Anna Mae     Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
02-03B-76   GORDON     Anna W. [Will (STEVENS)]  wife    23      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-75   GORDON     Aubrey [William A.]   head   26      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-05B-69   GORDON     Billy Wayne    Son     10      Decatur-Town
09-01B-67   GORDON     Charles W.     Head   64      Crafton Town
04-05A-03  GORDON     Florene (Floryne Rush Foxall) Wife   38      SW of Decatur
01-05B-66   GORDON     Harve (J. Harve)       Head   65      Decatur-Town
02-03B-79   GORDON     Helen (WORTHINGTON)    hh/wife         24      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-80   GORDON     Lou Jean       hh/dau 2        Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-73   GORDON     Lucile [Ida Lucille (NEACE)] lodger wife     19      Rt 3-E of Decatur
09-03A-20  GORDON     Manuel W.     Head   66      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-01B-68   GORDON     Mary   wife    54      Crafton Town
09-03A-21  GORDON     Myrtie wife    69      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
17-06A-22  GORDON     Pauline granddaughter 7        Bridgeport W Side
01-05B-67   GORDON     Pearl (Thomas)         Wife   52      Decatur-Town
02-03B-78   GORDON     Roy [ J.R.]     hiredhand       29      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-03B-74   GORDON     Shirley [Ann]  lodger dau      1        Rt 3-E of Decatur
04-05A-02  GORDON     Vernon (Chester Vernon)      Head   42      SW of Decatur
02-03B-72   GORDON     Wallace [Coy] lodger  22      Rt 3-E of Decatur
18-06B-64   GORE Connie Daughter       44      Chico Area
10-03B-77   GORE James Monroe Son     11      recopied on 13A-15
10-13A-15  GORE James Monroe Son     11      West St., Paradise Town
10-13A-16  GORE Jean    Daughter       9        West St., Paradise Town
10-03B-78   GORE Joan    Daughter       9        recopied on 13A-16
10-03B-76   GORE John Bedford  Son     13      recopied on 13A-14
10-13A-14  GORE John Bedford  Son     13      West St., Paradise Town
10-03B-75   GORE Letha  Head   34      recopied on 13A-13
10-13A-13  GORE Letha  Head   34      West St., Paradise Town
01-28A-04  GORHAM     Edna   Wife   39      Decatur-Town
01-28A-05  GORHAM     Jackie  Son     7/12    Decatur-Town
01-28A-03  GORHAM     Josh    Head   39      Decatur-Town
01-07A-10  GOSE Outler D.       Lodger 50      Decatur-Town
06-05A-32  GOSSETT     Beulah Bell    Daughter       6        Audubon-N&E of Alvord
16-09B-73   GOSSETT     Edgar  Head   44      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-05A-31  GOSSETT     Elizabeth [Katie Elizabeth]     Daughter       8        Audubon-N&E of Alvord
16-09B-75   GOSSETT     Forrest Son     17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-05A-38  GOSSETT     Gladys Wife   47      N&E of Alvord
16-09B-77   GOSSETT     Herbert         Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-09B-78   GOSSETT     Ina May        Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-05A-33  GOSSETT     Jackie Lee     Daughter       4        Audubon-N&E of Alvord
16-09B-74   GOSSETT     Jewel  Wife   39      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-05A-37  GOSSETT     L F [Floyd T. ?]        Head   46      N&E of Alvord
16-09B-76   GOSSETT     Leroy  Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-05A-30  GOSSETT     Mary [Lee (RICH)] {1st wife}        Wife   26      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
06-05A-34  GOSSETT     Mollie [Mary Emmaline (BILBREY)] Mother         74      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
06-05A-29  GOSSETT     O C [Opal Chilton "Jack"]     Head   36      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
01-05A-37  GOTCHER    Alta (May Ford)        Wife   51      Decatur-Town
16-10B-74   GOTCHER    Betty J.         Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05A-40  GOTCHER    Cassie Wayne (McDonald)    Daughter-in-law        22      Decatur-Town
16-10B-76   GOTCHER    Dora   Mother 68      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-75   GOTCHER    Dorothy        Daughter       2/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05A-36  GOTCHER    J. Homer (James)      Head   47      Decatur-Town
01-05B-41   GOTCHER    Jerry Wayne   Granddaughter 3        Decatur-Town
16-10B-70   GOTCHER    Jesse [Jessie Lee]     Head   33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-73   GOTCHER    Joyce [Marie] Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-10B-72   GOTCHER    Maxine [Virginia Maxine]      Daughter       10      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05A-39  GOTCHER    Morris (Merlin)         Son     24      Decatur-Town
16-10B-71   GOTCHER    Ruth (FOSTER)        Wife   30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05A-38  GOTCHER    W. Homer     Son     21      Decatur-Town
02-03B-67   GRAHAM     Ayleen (BARRETT)  wife    30      Rt 3-E of Decatur
20-08B-56   GRAHAM     Bessie Wife   33      Boonsville
20-08B-57   GRAHAM     Billie   Son     15      Boonsville
19-09A-04  GRAHAM     Billie (J.)       step son        12      NW of Bridgeport
20-08B-58   GRAHAM     Charles         Son     8        Boonsville
05-04B-77   GRAHAM     Emma [Ellen]  Head   69      Alvord Town
05-04B-80   GRAHAM     Eva Jo Daughter       7        Alvord Town
05-05A-02  GRAHAM     Genevive [Ginger]     Granddaughter 4        Alvord Town
20-08B-55   GRAHAM     J.W.   Head   45      Boonsville
01-19B-74   GRAHAM     John (Rufus)   Head   46      Decatur-Town
05-04B-79   GRAHAM     Kathleen (MILLER)   Daughter-in-law        33      Alvord Town
18-01A-33  GRAHAM     Marion F. (Francis)    head   71      Chico Town
19-09A-05  GRAHAM     Mildred (L.)    step daughter  10      NW of Bridgeport
18-01A-34  GRAHAM     Minnie A. (Armintia)  wife    70      Chico Town
01-19B-75   GRAHAM     Ona (C.)       Wife   40      Decatur-Town
05-05A-01  GRAHAM     Robbie Lou    Granddaughter 6        Alvord Town
05-04B-78   GRAHAM     Vernon [Ernest Vernon]       Son     35      Alvord Town
02-03B-66   GRAHAM     Walker R.      head   33      Rt 3-E of Decatur
20-10B-67   GRAMM       Nelma Jo       Wife   38      Boonsville
20-10B-68   GRAMM       Norma Jean    2nd Cousin     5        Boonsville
20-10B-66   GRAMM       William L.      Head   39      Boonsville
12-04A-27  GRANDSTAFF        Carl    Son     49      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04A-28  GRANDSTAFF        Jewel  Daughter in law        33      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-04A-26  GRANDSTAFF        Sarah  Head   82      Boyd Town-S of Main St
20-07A-16  GRANTHAM Bessie May    Daughter       9        Boonsville Town
20-07A-14  GRANTHAM Evalene (Womack)    Wife   30      Boonsville Town
20-07A-15  GRANTHAM Jessie Ray     Son     9        Boonsville Town
02-11A-21  GRANTHAM Leon F. [Alf]  son     30      Rt 2-E of Decatur
20-07A-17  GRANTHAM Nevesta        Daughter       7        Boonsville Town
20-07A-13  GRANTHAM R.D. (Robert Drew)   Head   30      Boonsville Town
02-11A-19  GRANTHAM Sara F. [Sarah Frances (DOBKINS)] wife    55      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-11A-20  GRANTHAM Walter C.      son     37      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-11A-18  GRANTHAM Walter L. [Leon]       head   60      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-03A-19  GRAY Allie    Daughter       42      N&E of Alvord
10-06A-09  GRAY Barbara        Wife   50      recopied on 14A-05
10-14A-05  GRAY Barbra Wife   50      Paradise Town-Across RR
10-06A-12  GRAY Bertha Marie  Daughter       8        recopied on 14A-08
10-14A-08  GRAY Bertha Marie  Daughter       8        Paradise Town-Across RR
06-01B-56   GRAY Byrd   Wife   34      N&E of Alvord
17-05B-71   GRAY Della   sister   24      Bridgeport W Side
06-01B-55   GRAY Jess    Head   40      N&E of Alvord
10-06A-10  GRAY Lawson T      Son     17      recopied on 14A-06
10-14A-06  GRAY Lawson T      Son     17      Paradise Town-Across RR
10-06A-13  GRAY Margerie       Daughter       6        recopied on 14A-09
10-14A-09  GRAY Margerie       Daughter       6        Paradise Town-Across RR
06-03A-18  GRAY Melisa [Melissie Elizabeth (RICE)]    Wife   69      N&E of Alvord
10-06A-08  GRAY S T     Head   64      recopied on 14A-04
10-14A-04  GRAY S T     Head   64      Paradise Town-Across RR
06-03A-17  GRAY T L [Thomas] Head   75      N&E of Alvord
17-05B-70   GRAY W.F. (William Farris)  brother 27      Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-69   GRAY W.M.  head   33      Bridgeport W Side
10-14A-07  GRAY Wendale A     Son     13      Paradise Town-Across RR
10-06A-11  GRAY Wendall A     Son     13      recopied on 14A-07
01-23B-49   GREATHOUSE       Ima W.         Niece  7        Decatur-Town
17-13B-47   GREEN        Addie (Rue Roper)    wife    42      Bridgeport E Side
05-10B-41   GREEN        Alice [(Martha (CHAMPION)]       Wife   45      Alvord Town
20-09B-73   GREEN        Allie    Wife   26      Boonsville to South
18-13A-16  GREEN        Annie (Carpenter)     Wife   45      SE of Chico
17-11A-24  GREEN        Annie Lee (Burns)     wife    34      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-70   GREEN        B.A. (Bernice Alva)   head   40      Bridgeport E Side
04-08A-03  GREEN        Barbara Ann   Daughter       2        SW of Decatur (Sandy Creek)
17-24A-37  GREEN        Benton son     16      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
18-05A-14  GREEN        Bertin B. ?     Head   26      Chico Town
17-11A-25  GREEN        Bettie Loyd    daughter        9        Bridgeport E Side
17-01B-61   GREEN        Betty Lou      grand daughter 5        Bridgeport W Side
10-04A-39  GREEN        Beulah [Bell (COFFEE)]       Wife   56      W of Paradise
10-02B-63   GREEN        Billie [Felton]  Head   38      recopied on 12A-24
10-12A-23  GREEN        Billie [Felton]  Head   38      S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-65   GREEN        Billie Carrol    Son     6        recopied on 12A-25
10-12A-25  GREEN        Billie Carrol    Son     6        S Main St., Paradise
17-17A-04  GREEN        Billy    son     5        Bridgeport E Side
18-10B-64   GREEN        Billy    Son     14      East of Chico (Thomas)
15-02A-10  GREEN        Callie Mae     Wife, hired hand        20      Rural Boyd Area
18-13A-24  GREEN        Cecil ('PeeWee')       Son     21      SE of Chico
18-12A-26  GREEN        Charlie W.     Head   60      East of Bridgeport
17-13B-50   GREEN        Cletus (Elbert) (twin)  son     16      Bridgeport E Side
17-24A-36  GREEN        Clinton son     16      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-13B-49   GREEN        Clinton (Delbert) (twin)        son     16      Bridgeport E Side
18-13A-32  GREEN        Cynthia Joy    Daughter       2/12    SE of Chico
07-03A-36  GREEN        Delia   Wife   41      S of Alvord
16-02A-28  GREEN        Dena   Wife   34      Slidell Town
17-17A-01  GREEN        Doris   daughter        16      Bridgeport E Side
10-04A-24  GREEN        Dwight R [Rhodes]    Son     1        W of Paradise
10-04A-38  GREEN        E [Evy]         Head   59      W of Paradise
01-07A-37  GREEN        Elizabeth (Lydia Ann Bain)    Wife   44      Decatur-Town
15-02A-13  GREEN        Ella     Wife   54      Rural Boyd Area
17-21B-48   GREEN        Ethel   head   58      Bridgeport E Side
01-02A-10  GREEN        Etta    Housekeeper  24      Decatur-Town
18-12A-25  GREEN        Eula May (Davidson)  Wife   19      East of Bridgeport
18-13A-17  GREEN        Evelyn Daughter       20      SE of Chico
18-12A-27  GREEN        Evie (McNeil) Wife   58      East of Bridgeport
18-13A-23  GREEN        Fannie Jenkins Wife   45      SE of Chico
10-04A-22  GREEN        Faye [Ola Faye (PORTER)]  Wife   30      W of Paradise
04-08A-02  GREEN        Florence (Florene Cunnius)    Wife   21      SW of Decatur (Sandy Creek)
17-16B-80   GREEN        Flossie (Denney)       wife    34      Bridgeport E Side
20-09B-72   GREEN        Floyd   Head   32      Boonsville to South
18-05A-15  GREEN        Frances         Wife   24      Chico Town
01-17A-20  GREEN        Frank  Head   57      Decatur-Town
17-13B-46   GREEN        Fred G. (Grant)         head   44      Bridgeport E Side
17-24A-34  GREEN        Fred H.         head   47      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-38  GREEN        Freda  lodger  18      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-13B-48   GREEN        Frieda Adeline daughter        18      Bridgeport E Side
18-13A-21  GREEN        Geraldine       Daughter       5        SE of Chico
17-16B-79   GREEN        Grady (Cordell)         head   35      Bridgeport E Side
05-10A-40  GREEN        Gusie [Augustus Eugene 'Gus']        Head   46      Alvord Town
07-03A-35  GREEN        H C    Head   41      S of Alvord
10-04A-40  GREEN        Hazel M        Daughter       20      W of Paradise
10-04A-23  GREEN        Howard        Son     9        W of Paradise
17-10A-29  GREEN        Irene   daughter        27      Bridgeport E Side
07-03A-15  GREEN        J B     Gson  25      S of Alvord
18-13A-20  GREEN        J.M. (James Monroe, Jr. 'Jeet')        Son     10      SE of Chico
01-05A-06  GREEN        Jacob B.        Head   71      Decatur-Town
07-03A-14  GREEN        Jay     Son     51      S of Alvord
17-18A-09  GREEN        Jess (Jesse)    head   46      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-71   GREEN        Jewell (Alexander)     wife    38      Bridgeport E Side
18-13A-27  GREEN        Jimmie Carroll Son     4        SE of Chico
20-11B-71   GREEN        John Henry    Son     14      Boonsville
01-07A-36  GREEN        John L.         Head   48      Decatur-Town
20-11B-69   GREEN        John L.         Head   57      Boonsville
18-01B-78   GREEN        John W.        father in law   58      Chico Town
17-17A-03  GREEN        Johnny son     7        Bridgeport E Side
05-10B-42   GREEN        Josephine       Daughter       16      Alvord Town
18-01B-79   GREEN        Josie   mother in law  65      Chico Town
18-13A-26  GREEN        Juanita Sue     Daughter       10      SE of Chico
15-02A-12  GREEN        L. T.   Head   57      Rural Boyd Area
16-02A-32  GREEN        L.D.   Son     1        Slidell Town
17-24A-35  GREEN        Lila     wife    46      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
15-02A-09  GREEN        Lillard  Hired Hand    23      Rural Boyd Area
16-02A-27  GREEN        Lillard D.       Head   33      Slidell Town
18-13A-28  GREEN        Lorene Daughter       27      SE of Chico
18-13A-31  GREEN        Lorene (Cunnius)      Wife   21      SE of Chico
17-11A-23  GREEN        Loyd R. (Lloyd Raymond)     head   35      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-10  GREEN        Mamie (Beatrice Cox) wife    36      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-02  GREEN        Margaret       daughter        15      Bridgeport E Side
18-13A-30  GREEN        Marion W. ('Shorty')   Head   23      SE of Chico
01-17A-22  GREEN        Mary Ann      Daughter       21      Decatur-Town
18-13A-18  GREEN        Maxine         Daughter       15      SE of Chico
16-02A-30  GREEN        Mayelle         Daughter       10      Slidell Town
16-02A-31  GREEN        Monnie Dell    Daughter       4        Slidell Town
18-13A-15  GREEN        Monroe J. (James)     Head   44      SE of Chico
18-10B-61   GREEN        Myrtle (Largent)       Wife   48      East of Chico (Thomas)
01-07A-38  GREEN        Nancy Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
18-13A-19  GREEN        Nellie J.        Daughter       12      SE of Chico
20-09B-75   GREEN        Neva Carolin  Daughter       1        Boonsville to South
20-11B-72   GREEN        Opal May      Daughter       7        Boonsville
17-01B-60   GREEN        Ozelli  daughter        23      Bridgeport W Side
01-17A-23  GREEN        Paul Martin    Son     18      Decatur-Town
18-10B-62   GREEN        Pauline Daughter       18      East of Chico (Thomas)
20-11B-70   GREEN        Perlie Marie   Daughter       16      Boonsville
18-10B-65   GREEN        Ray    Son     4        East of Chico (Thomas)
18-13A-25  GREEN        Robert Lee ('Bo')      Son     13      SE of Chico
18-13A-22  GREEN        Robert Marion Head   46      SE of Chico
18-12A-24  GREEN        Rupert M.      Head   25      East of Bridgeport
18-13A-03  GREEN        Sallie E.        Head   73      SE of Chico
04-08A-01  GREEN        Sam (Sam Houston)   Head   21      SW of Decatur (Sandy Creek)
01-04B-75   GREEN        Sarah  Head   62      Decatur-Town
07-03A-13  GREEN        Sarah [J.]      Wife   80      S of Alvord
01-05A-07  GREEN        Sarah A. (Mittie Heflin)        Wife   68      Decatur-Town
17-11A-26  GREEN        Shirley Ann    daughter        5        Bridgeport E Side
17-04B-48   GREEN        Sue     motherinlaw    50      Bridgeport W Side
10-02B-64   GREEN        Theo F (DAVIS)       Wife   38      recopied on 12A-24
10-12A-24  GREEN        Theo F (DAVIS)       Wife   38      S Main St., Paradise
01-17A-21  GREEN        Theresa (Matilda Juny)         Wife   57      Decatur-Town
07-03A-12  GREEN        Thomas L [James I. ?]         Head   78      S of Alvord
07-03A-38  GREEN        Tommy Mae   Daughter       17      S of Alvord
07-03A-37  GREEN        Truitt   Son     18      S of Alvord
20-09B-74   GREEN        Vandol Son     7        Boonsville to South
07-03A-39  GREEN        Venita Daughter       10      S of Alvord
16-02A-29  GREEN        Virnelle         Daughter       12      Slidell Town
10-04A-21  GREEN        W J [William Jesse]   Head   31      W of Paradise
18-10B-63   GREEN        W.E., Jr. (William Edward)    Son     16      East of Chico (Thomas)
18-10B-60   GREEN        William E. (Edward, Sr.)       Head   52      East of Chico (Thomas)
17-11A-27  GREEN        William Nelson         son     1        Bridgeport E Side
07-05A-24  GREENE      Hubert Son     22      S of Alvord
07-05A-23  GREENE      Ida     Wife   48      S of Alvord
02-11A-06  GREENE      Ina B. [Bell (HAMPTON)]   head   60      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-05A-22  GREENE      L B    Head   53      S of Alvord
02-11A-07  GREENE      Vernon [Paul Vernon] son     28      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-01A-21  GREENWOOD        Alice (KING)  Wife   31      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-49   GREENWOOD        Andrew        Son     16      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-45   GREENWOOD        B G [Burley]   Head   43      N&E of Alvord
07-04B-46   GREENWOOD        B W [Bob Walter]     Head   26      S of Alvord
07-03B-68   GREENWOOD        Dora [Elizabeth]        Daughter       15      S of Alvord
06-01A-20  GREENWOOD        Elzie [Elgie? G.]        Head   35      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-50   GREENWOOD        Guy    Son     14      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-47   GREENWOOD        Homer A       Son     20      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-48   GREENWOOD        Lawrence      Son     18      N&E of Alvord
07-03B-70   GREENWOOD        Mary Beth     Daughter       8        S of Alvord
07-04B-47   GREENWOOD        Nannie Mother         68      S of Alvord
07-03B-67   GREENWOOD        Nannie [Ellen (BATES)]       Wife   49      S of Alvord
06-03B-46   GREENWOOD        Roda [Rhoda Olive (SKINNER)]      Wife   42      N&E of Alvord
06-01A-22  GREENWOOD        Vernon         Son     12      N&E of Alvord
06-01A-23  GREENWOOD        Virginia [Sue]  Daughter       2        N&E of Alvord
07-03B-66   GREENWOOD        W J [William Jefferson]        Head   50      N of Alvord/Hwy 81
07-03B-69   GREENWOOD        Wilma Daughter       12      S of Alvord
02-12A-30  GREER        Alford E.       son     10      Rt 2-E of Decatur
10-02B-44   GREER        Bettie [Bettie Dora (SOUTHERN)?] alone   62      recopied on 12A-04
10-12A-04  GREER        Bettie [Dora (SOUTHERN)?]         alone   62      S Main St., Paradise
18-13B-78   GREER        Bud    Brother         69      NE of Bridgeport
02-12A-29  GREER        Carl T. [Thomas]      son     12      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-17A-04  GREER        Denice Daughter       1        East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17A-03  GREER        Echo (Delane Preskitt)         Wife   21      East of Chico/Bridgeport
04-07B-62   GREER        Ethel   Wife   28      SW of Decatur
02-12A-27  GREER        Fred T. [Thomas]      head   38      Rt 2-E of Decatur
19-08A-22  GREER        Ida (Frances Ida)      mother 62      NW of Bridgeport
05-03A-21  GREER        Inez    Wife   27      Alvord Town
19-08A-21  GREER        J.E. (John Elbert)      head   36      NW of Bridgeport
04-07B-61   GREER        James  Head   31      SW of Decatur
02-12A-28  GREER        Mabel (HOUSTON)  wife    36      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-16B-72   GREER        Maxine (Preskitt)      Wife   19      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-13B-77   GREER        S.B.    Head   72      NE of Bridgeport
01-03A-40  GREER        Sarah  Mother 70      Decatur-Town
18-17A-02  GREER        Vercer B.      Head   34      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-16B-71   GREER        W.W.  Head   23      East of Chico/Bridgeport
05-03A-20  GREER        William A.     Head   34      Alvord Town
08-04A-19  GREESON     Charley W     head    80      Park Springs
06-06A-16  GREGG        Angie [Angie Alice (WILLIS)]        Wife   43      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
20-01B-61   GREGG        Beulah (Armstrong)   Wife   42      Boonsville
20-03A-35  GREGG        Billie Joe       G-daughter     11      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
05-07B-45   GREGG        Billy [F.]        Son     14      Alvord Town
20-01B-62   GREGG        Buford E.      Son     24      Boonsville
01-25A-38  GREGG        Burch  Head   21      Decatur-Town
01-25A-39  GREGG        Charlene (McDaniel)  Wife   19      Decatur-Town
05-07B-47   GREGG        Eldon  Son     9        Alvord Town
04-06B-56   GREGG        Ella (Myrtle Gentry)   Wife   51      SW of Decatur
05-07B-46   GREGG        Emerson [G.]  Son     12      Alvord Town
06-05A-26  GREGG        Emma Wife   67      N&E of Alvord
06-05A-28  GREGG        Faye   DIL   26      N&E of Alvord
05-07B-43   GREGG        Florence [N. (EMERSON)]   Wife   36      Alvord Town
06-05A-27  GREGG        Floyd   Son     34      N&E of Alvord
20-03A-37  GREGG        Gene Arnold   Gr-Son 5        Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-34  GREGG        Idus (Long)    D-in-law        31      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
06-06A-15  GREGG        J H [Johnnie Henry]   Head   33      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
20-02A-04  GREGG        J.M.    Head   80      Boonsville
20-01B-63   GREGG        Jack D.         Son     12      Boonsville
04-05A-20  GREGG        James (?-sons R.N., Jr. & Burch-not at home)        Son     11      SW of Decatur
20-01B-60   GREGG        James W.      Head   43      Boonsville
20-03A-33  GREGG        Joe     Son     34      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-32  GREGG        Laura  Head   72      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-02A-05  GREGG        Leah   Wife   71      Boonsville
20-03A-38  GREGG        Lena Carol     G-daughter     2        Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-36  GREGG        Mary Belle     G-daughter     8        Boonsville/Willow Pt.
01-12B-75   GREGG        Mary E.        Head   75      Decatur-Town
06-06A-17  GREGG        Mattie Lee     Daughter       17      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
04-05A-18  GREGG        Nolan (Robert Nolan, Sr.)      Head   43      SW of Decatur
05-07B-42   GREGG        Oscar [George Oscar] Head   38      Alvord Town
06-05A-25  GREGG        Quincy Head   64      N&E of Alvord
04-05A-21  GREGG        Ruth (?-Eva Jo-11 yrs old)     Daughter       9        SW of Decatur
04-05A-19  GREGG        Sue (Kara Marie Cates)       Wife   40      SW of Decatur
04-06B-55   GREGG        Wallace (Maxwell)    Head   52      SW of Decatur
05-07B-44   GREGG        Wendell [Windell L.]  Son     17      Alvord Town
06-06A-18  GREGG        Zella Mae      Daughter       15      Ball Knob-N&E of Alvord
20-08B-80   GREGORY    Albert  Son     29      Boonsville
20-08B-79   GREGORY    Lucy   Wife   65      Boonsville
20-09A-02  GREGORY    Rosalie Wife   29      Boonsville
20-09A-01  GREGORY    W.J.   Head   34      Boonsville
20-08B-78   GREGORY    W.L.   Head   68      Boonsville
04-04A-05  GREMMINGER       Beatrice        Daughter       13      SW of Decatur
04-04A-04  GREMMINGER       Gregory        Son     16      SW of Decatur
04-04A-01  GREMMINGER       J.J.     Head   43      SW of Decatur
04-04A-02  GREMMINGER       Lucy   Wife   42      SW of Decatur
04-04A-03  GREMMINGER       Walker Son     18      SW of Decatur
17-24A-28  GREY Mary E.        wife    71      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-24A-27  GREY Walter M       head   78      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
01-29B-70   GRIFFETH    Lucille Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
01-29B-68   GRIFFETH    Walter Head   51      Decatur-Town
01-29B-69   GRIFFETH    Winnie Wife   47      Decatur-Town
09-06B-48   GRIFFIS       Charles W.     Head   48      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06B-49   GRIFFIS       Gertie  wife    46      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06B-52   GRIFFIS       Julius   Head   88      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06B-50   GRIFFIS       Lela Faye      daughter        20      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06B-51   GRIFFIS       Melba Ruth    daughter        15      Sunset-Crafton Rd
16-16B-73   GRIFFITH     Albie W. [Alba Waters]        Head   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-01A-01  GRIFFITH     Ben [H.]       Head   59      Alvord Town
16-16B-53   GRIFFITH     Carl    Son     47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-71   GRIFFITH     Charley L. [Charlie Lee]       Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-02  GRIFFITH     Clara M.       Wife   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-69   GRIFFITH     Claud  Son     15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-50   GRIFFITH     Cornelia        Head   74      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-01  GRIFFITH     David  Head   61      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-68   GRIFFITH     John    Son     28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-73   GRIFFITH     Kenneth R.    Son     6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-75   GRIFFITH     Lucille Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-08B-69   GRIFFITH     Mary F. (O'NEAL)    Mother-in-law 77      Alvord Town
16-16B-74   GRIFFITH     May [Julia May (KELSO)]    Wife   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-01A-02  GRIFFITH     Myrtle [N. (WILLIAMS)]     Wife   58      Alvord Town
16-16B-76   GRIFFITH     Nolan [Nolen Albert]  Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-72   GRIFFITH     Peggy M. [Marie]      Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-03  GRIFFITH     Ruth   Daughter       16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-66   GRIFFITH     Thomas [Edward]      Head   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-67   GRIFFITH     Tommie [Homer (PERKINS)]         Wife   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-17B-70   GRIFFITH     Tommie R. [Ruth]     Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
08-03A-18  GRIFFITH     Geo W          head    85      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-19  GRIFFITH     Nannie M      wife    80      Park Springs & SE
01-10A-22  GRIGGS       Billie   Nephew        20      Decatur-Town
17-15B-63   GRIGGS       De Alva        daughter        28      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-37  GRILL Charlie (Sr.)   son     29      Bridgeport E Side
17-05A-40  GRILL Frank  brotherinlaw   43      Bridgeport W Side
17-19B-79   GRILL Johnnie         stepson         9        Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-36  GRILL Mary (Novack)         head   69      Bridgeport E Side
02-15B-50   GRIMES       Arthur G. [George]    head   57      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-52   GRIMES       Lynn [Arthur Lynn]    son     22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-53   GRIMES       Mollie [Monte Lee]    daughter        18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-51   GRIMES       Pank [Pink Elson (JONES)]   wife    53      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-04A-01  GRIMSLEY   Billie Gene     Son     12      N&E of Alvord
05-05B-52   GRIMSLEY   Blanche [Victoria (WALLANDER)] Wife   53      Alvord Town(Elm St)
06-03B-79   GRIMSLEY   F J [Fred Jeff] Head   38      N&E of Alvord
05-05B-51   GRIMSLEY   Frank [Benjamin Franklin]     Head   66      Alvord Town(Elm St)
05-05B-53   GRIMSLEY   J.C. [Jacob Charles]   Son     33      Alvord Town(Elm St)
06-04A-02  GRIMSLEY   Junior [Freddie]        Son     2        N&E of Alvord
06-03B-80   GRIMSLEY   Maggie [Laura (JOHNSON)] Wife   34      N&E of Alvord
06-03B-77   GRIMSLEY   Melissa         Head   74      N&E of Alvord
05-05B-54   GRIMSLEY   Opthelia [Dean]        Daughter       17      Alvord Town(Elm St)
01-17B-60   GRINER       Carl    Head   48      Decatur-Town
01-17B-63   GRINER       Carlene         Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
01-17B-62   GRINER       Mildred         Daughter       23      Decatur-Town
01-17B-61   GRINER       Minnie (Kelsay)        Wife   45      Decatur-Town
19-01B-48   GRISHAM    Devilla (Irene) daughter        18      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-49   GRISHAM    Elbert (Roy)   son     13      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-47   GRISHAM    Esther (Mary Brewer) wife    40      SW of Bridgeport
10-08B-80   GRISHAM    James  G-son 22      Highway N of Paradise
19-01B-46   GRISHAM    John B. (Buckner)     head   50      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-50   GRISHAM    Marvin son     9        SW of Bridgeport
07-04B-41   GRISSOM     B L [Bonnie Lee]      Head   21      S of Alvord
05-02A-06  GRISSOM     Bobbie Jack    Son     18      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
07-04B-70   GRISSOM     C A [Charlie]  Head   54      S of Alvord
07-04A-34  GRISSOM     Carmen C      Wife   29      S of Alvord
05-06B-52   GRISSOM     Charles Joe    Son     13      Alvord Town
07-05B-55   GRISSOM     Cleveland [Hendrix]   Head   47      S of Alvord
07-02B-46   GRISSOM     E C    Head   30      S of Alvord
05-03B-42   GRISSOM     Ed [James Edward]    Head   58      Alvord Town(Washington St)
05-09B-45   GRISSOM     Floyd [Hobert] Head   41      Alvord Town
07-02B-47   GRISSOM     Gladys (WILSON)     Wife   25      S of Alvord
05-03B-43   GRISSOM     Hettie [Lou Hettie (SMITH)] Wife   53      Alvord Town(Washington St)
05-09B-48   GRISSOM     Kenneth [J.]   Son     18      Alvord Town
07-02B-48   GRISSOM     Leamon?       Son     4        S of Alvord
19-02A-28  GRISSOM     Lucinda         mother in law  81      SW of Bridgeport
05-02A-05  GRISSOM     Mattie [O. (PIERCE)]          Wife   41      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
07-04B-72   GRISSOM     Max    Son     26      S of Alvord
05-06B-51   GRISSOM     Minnie [May (STONECIPHER)]      Wife   43      Alvord Town
07-05B-56   GRISSOM     Mollie [Mary (SHELDON)]   Mother         80      S of Alvord
05-09B-49   GRISSOM     Neva Nell      Daughter       14      Alvord Town
05-09B-46   GRISSOM     Oma [Mary Oma (DAUGHERTY)]  Wife   39      Alvord Town
07-04B-71   GRISSOM     Susie [Sudie (FREE)]  Wife   56      S of Alvord
05-06B-50   GRISSOM     Thomas L. [Haywood]         Head   49      Alvord Town
07-04B-42   GRISSOM     Velma Marie [(FRYE)]        Wife   19      S of Alvord
07-04A-33  GRISSOM     W H [Willie Haynes]  Head   33      S of Alvord
05-09B-47   GRISSOM     Weldon [H.]   Son     20      Alvord Town
05-02A-04  GRISSOM     William L. [Lee]       Head   51      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
05-02A-07  GRISSOM     William L., Jr. Son     15      Alvord Town(W. Franklin St)
19-02A-36  GROVES      Clyde  head   53      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-38  GROVES      Delphia (Delphis F.)   daughter        24      SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-60   GROVES      Elsie (G. Martin)       wife    31      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-37  GROVES      Emma  (Tackel)        wife    53      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-40  GROVES      James Edward grandson       4        SW of Bridgeport
17-09A-32  GROVES      Lorene (Dunn) lodger  31      Bridgeport E Side
17-09A-34  GROVES      Lura   lodger  18      Bridgeport E Side
19-02A-39  GROVES      Mary (B.)      daughter        11      SW of Bridgeport
17-09A-33  GROVES      Milford D.      lodger  4        Bridgeport E Side
17-09A-31  GROVES      Obed (Thelmer)        lodger  30      Bridgeport E Side
19-01B-61   GROVES      R.L. (Raymond Leroy, Jr.)    son     5        SW of Bridgeport
19-01B-59   GROVES      Raymond L. (Leroy, Sr.)       head   32      SW of Bridgeport
17-19B-75   GROVES      W.P. (William Pierce) head   81      Bridgeport E Side
19-01B-62   GROVES      Winferd        son     3        SW of Bridgeport
01-23A-40  GRUBBS      Ben (F.)        Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-23B-42   GRUBBS      Billie   Son     15      Decatur-Town
01-23B-41   GRUBBS      Christine (Thurmond)  Wife   40      Decatur-Town
17-04A-29  GRUBBS      Etta L. wife    74      Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-28  GRUBBS      George N.      head   84      Bridgeport W Side
18-18A-06  GRUBBS      Susie   Daughter       55      Page 61A Chico
08-07A-32  GRULICH     Adolph          head    30      Park Springs & SE
07-04B-57   GRUNDY     Ann    Daughter       19      NW of Alvord/Nickelville
01-12B-43   GRUNDY     Billie Gene     Stepson         12      Decatur-Town
07-04B-54   GRUNDY     E D [Edward Dee]    Head   54      NW of Alvord/Nickelville
07-04B-55   GRUNDY     Etta [Lee (SMITH)]   Wife   50      NW of Alvord/Nickelville
07-04B-58   GRUNDY     Etta Ethel      Daughter       16      NW of Alvord/Nickelville
07-04B-56   GRUNDY     Joe     Son     22      NW of Alvord/Nickelville
06-05B-55   GUESS         Bettie LaRue  Daughter       13      N&E of Alvord
06-05B-54   GUESS         G V [George]  Head   50      N&E of Alvord
01-28B-62   GUINN        Irene   Sister-in-Law  23      Decatur-Town
13-02B-59   GUINN        James  Head   28      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02B-60   GUINN        Jane    Wife   22      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02B-61   GUINN        Minnie Marie  Daughter       1        Rhome Town-S Addition
01-33A-27  GUINN        Willis   Son-in-Law    31      Page 61A-Decatur
09-09A-40  GUINNS       W.T.B. (Willie Franklin Baker)        Head   78      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
20-03B-75   GULLEY      Ada    Sister  44      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-72   GULLEY      Effie   Sister  53      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-69   GULLEY      H.P.   Head   57      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-73   GULLEY      Ida (Ivy)        Sister  47      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-70   GULLEY      M.P.   Mother 85      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-71   GULLEY      Tinney Sister  58      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-74   GULLEY      Z.D. (Zeb Dee)        Brother         46      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
08-02B-70   GUMM         Billy L nephew         13      Park Springs & SE
01-17B-45   GUNN Charles         Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-17B-42   GUNN John C.C. (Charles Claude)   Head   49      Decatur-Town
01-17B-44   GUNN Johnie Lou     Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
01-17B-43   GUNN Lollie (Lou Halbert)    Wife   31      Decatur-Town
02-16A-06  GUTHRIE     Elia L. (HOOKER)    wife    55      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-78   GUTHRIE     JoAnn daughter        4        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-16A-05  GUTHRIE     Lambert H. [Henry]   head   55      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-08B-77   GUTHRIE     Leon (Marvin) Head   33      SW of Decatur
02-15B-77   GUTHRIE     Lois [Regina (HAMPTON)]  wife    31      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-76   GUTHRIE     Morris [Doff 'Cotton'] head   31      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-08B-78   GUTHRIE     Theresa (Lee Ashlock)         Wife   30      SW of Decatur

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