Wise County Texas
1940 Census
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ED-Page-Line #   LAST NAME   First Name [ (Extra information)]   Relationship    Age     Area

17-02A-16  SALAZAR    Alberto         brother in law  15      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-17  SALAZAR    Cleto   brother in law  14      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-14  SALAZAR    Dorates         father  40      Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-18  SALAZAR    Lupe (Guadalupe R.)  brother in law  9        Bridgeport W Side
17-02A-15  SALAZAR    Margarito      brother in law  19      Bridgeport W Side
02-15B-58   SALING       Billie A.        daughter        3        Rt 1 Rhome
02-15B-55   SALING       Inez (Stone)    wife    28      Rt 1 Rhome
02-15B-54   SALING       Jay     head   30      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-59   SALING       Lynn R.        son     1        Rt 1 Rhome
02-15B-56   SALING       Virginia         daughter        6        Rt 1 Rhome
02-15B-57   SALING       Wilma J.        daughter        4        Rt 1 Rhome
17-01B-44   SALIZ Toribis Head   73      Bridgeport W Side
03-03A-13  SAMMONS   Euvalee         wife    50      NW of Decatur
03-03A-12  SAMMONS   Will    head   63      NW of Decatur
16-13A-12  SAMPLER    Adrian [Leroy]         Son     18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-14  SAMPLER    Betty  Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-11  SAMPLER    Daman [Hermes Amon]       Son     28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-13  SAMPLER    Durwood [Earnest Durwood] Son     15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-10  SAMPLER    Effie [Florence Effie]  Wife   53      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13A-09  SAMPLER    Guy [Earnest Guy]     Head   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-01A-35  SAMPLES     Clylie [Clytie (SNOW)]        Lodger [DIL]  18      Slidell Town
05-10B-80   SAMPLES     G.B. [Gus]     Head   78      Alvord Town
16-16B-49   SAMPLES     J.C.    Grandson       26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-10B-56   SAMPLES     Jessie (FUGATE)      Wife   55      Alvord Town
05-10B-55   SAMPLES     John [William] Head   55      Alvord Town
16-16B-48   SAMPLES     Mattie Head   77      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-01A-34  SAMPLES     Ralph [Ralph Augusta]         Lodger [son]   26      Slidell Town
05-11A-01  SAMPLES     Savanah (MYERS)    Wife   74      Alvord Town
09-06A-28  SAMPLEY    Edgar (Higgins)        Head   39      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-31  SAMPLEY    Eudean         daughter        15      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-33  SAMPLEY    Harlan (Raymond Harlan)     son     8        Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-30  SAMPLEY    Letha (Juanita)         daughter        17      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-29  SAMPLEY    Lillie (E. Leatherwood)         wife    40      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-06A-32  SAMPLEY    Mary (Novalene)       daughter        11      Sunset-Crafton Rd
01-23A-15  SAMPSON    Kellis  Brother-in-Law         35      Decatur-Town
01-23A-14  SAMPSON    Lewis  Brother-in-Law         32      Decatur-Town
15-10B-80   SAMPSON    Sabra  Head   71      Newark Town
01-06B-47   SANDERS    Alice (Perkins)         Wife   48      Decatur-Town
17-15B-49   SANDERS    Aliene niece   13      Bridgeport E Side
17-15B-48   SANDERS    Allie    sister  56      Bridgeport E Side
17-24B-45   SANDERS    Clyde E.        head   38      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-15A-27  SANDERS    Cyrus  head   44      Bridgeport E Side
15-02B-79   SANDERS    Della   Wife   52      Rural Boyd Area
20-12A-22  SANDERS    E.D.   Head   52      Boonsville
17-24B-46   SANDERS    Gladis  wife    36      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
17-15A-28  SANDERS    Gladys (Reeves)       wife    40      Bridgeport E Side
05-07A-11  SANDERS    Homer Grandson       16      Alvord Town
02-05A-08  SANDERS    Hubert S.       stepson         17      Rt 3-E of Decatur
15-02B-80   SANDERS    J. A.   Son     17      Rural Boyd Area
01-06B-46   SANDERS    John    Head   51      Decatur-Town
11-09A-36  SANDERS    John R Head   63      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-15A-29  SANDERS    L.B.    son     12      Bridgeport E Side
20-10B-69   SANDERS    Laura  Head   56      Boonsville
20-10B-70   SANDERS    Mamie (Marshall)      Sis-in-law      60      Boonsville
11-09A-38  SANDERS    O K Juanita    Daughter       18      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-05A-10  SANDERS    Pauline stepdau         14      Rt 3-E of Decatur
11-09A-37  SANDERS    Portia  Wife   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-02B-78   SANDERS    Reed   Head   58      Rural Boyd Area
17-24B-47   SANDERS    Tom    son     11      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
02-05A-09  SANDERS    Venita stepdau         15      Rt 3-E of Decatur
17-18A-32  SANDERSON         Beatrice (Ethelyne McDaniel) wife    27      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-33  SANDERSON         Billy Ray       son     5        Bridgeport E Side
17-06A-34  SANDERSON         Eugene (Columbus)    head   22      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-35  SANDERSON         Irene (C. Norwood)   wife    20      Bridgeport W Side
17-06A-36  SANDERSON         James Joe      son     1        Bridgeport W Side
17-18A-30  SANDERSON         Jesse   son     19      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-29  SANDERSON         Mattie (Cauley)        head   46      Bridgeport E Side
17-18A-31  SANDERSON         Wesley (Freeman)     head   27      Bridgeport E Side
15-03A-30  SANDLIN     Anna   Wife   46      Rural Boyd Area
15-03A-29  SANDLIN     W. D.  Head   58      Rural Boyd Area
05-10B-73   SANDLIN     Willie [Mae (STINSON)]      Head   59      Alvord Town
05-01A-13  SANDS        Cathryn [L.]   Daughter       25      Alvord Town(S.Wickham St)
05-01A-11  SANDS        Hal M. [Hal Mosley]  Head   55      Alvord Town(S.Wickham St)
08-05B-76   SANDS        Henritta         boarder         22      Park Springs & SE
05-01A-15  SANDS        Lloyd D. [David]       Son     12      Alvord Town(S.Wickham St)
05-01A-14  SANDS        Margaret [Nell]        Daughter       21      Alvord Town(S.Wickham St)
05-01A-12  SANDS        Nell [Nellie Lee (DILLINGHAM)]   Wife   50      Alvord Town(S.Wickham St)
06-11A-09  SANFORD    Addie (FORRESTER) Wife   50      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-12  SANFORD    Arvil   Son     19      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-14  SANFORD    David  Son     12      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-08  SANFORD    Joe [Joseph Newton]  Head   69      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-10  SANFORD    Leon   Son     24      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-13  SANFORD    Leslie  Daughter       16      N&E of Alvord
06-11A-11  SANFORD    Wilton Son     21      N&E of Alvord
11-01A-19  SAULTER     Armilda B      Daughter       16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-20  SAULTER     Elmer J. (Jackson)     Son     7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-18  SAULTER     Lizzie (Willie Elizabeth Power)         Wife   47      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-22  SAULTER     O.B. Daniel (Dan)     Son     3        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-21  SAULTER     Vernon W. (Warren)  Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-17  SAULTER     Willie W. (William William)    Head   49      Cottondale-Keeter Area
19-08B-69   SAUNDERS  Clarice (Clark) daughter in law         31      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-01  SAUNDERS  Clay (Noel Clay)       head   35      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-68   SAUNDERS  Elmer F.        son     37      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-67   SAUNDERS  Emily (P. Terrie)       wife    59      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-02  SAUNDERS  Eula (Maude Newton) wife    33      NW of Bridgeport
19-09A-03  SAUNDERS  Juanita daughter        8m     NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-66   SAUNDERS  William  (O.)   head   61      NW of Bridgeport
19-08A-12  SAVAGE      Arthur son     24      NW of Bridgeport
19-08A-11  SAVAGE      Florence (Kattie Florence Barber)     wife    46      NW of Bridgeport
19-08A-10  SAVAGE      Karl O. ('K.O.')        head   49      NW of Bridgeport
19-08A-13  SAVAGE      Linnie  daughter        17      NW of Bridgeport
19-08A-14  SAVAGE      Roy W.         son     12      NW of Bridgeport
18-04A-07  SCALES       Clarence E. (Ewing)   Head   56      Chico Town
19-12A-30  SCALES       Clay (Eugene 'Dobber')        hired help       21      NW of Bridgeport
08-05B-58   SCALES       Iva [May (EVANS) ] wife    45      Park Springs & SE
18-04A-08  SCALES       Maude (Underwood)  Wife   55      Chico Town
08-05B-57   SCALES       Tom B [Tommie]      head    50      Park Springs & SE
14-03A-22  SCHLUTER   Bobbie Son     9        E of Rhome-Rd to Justin
14-03A-23  SCHLUTER   Bonnie (May)  Daughter       3        E of Rhome-Rd to Justin
14-03A-21  SCHLUTER   Carl    Son     12      E of Rhome-Rd to Justin
14-02A-07  SCHLUTER   Edwin (Charles Edwin)         Son     1        E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-03A-20  SCHLUTER   Esther M. (May Paul) Wife   34      E of Rhome-Rd to Justin
14-02A-06  SCHLUTER   Eva Dee (Moore)      Wife   25      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02A-05  SCHLUTER   Hans (Ferdinand)      Head   30      E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-03A-19  SCHLUTER   Henry (Carl)   Head   36      E of Rhome-Rd to Justin
01-15A-03  SCHMIDT     Jess E. Lodger 28      Decatur-Town
02-10A-17  SCHOOLING Gladys daughter        17      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-16  SCHOOLING Saba A.        wife    45      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-15  SCHOOLING William H.     head   55      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-06B-53   SCHROEDER         Lowell Jack    Nephew        9        Alvord Town
02-07B-69   SCHULING   Bessie L.       wife    23      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07B-68   SCHULING   William E.      head   21      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-03A-31  SCHULTS     Billie Jo         Son     19      Decatur-Town
01-03A-30  SCHULTS     Connie (Flowers)       Head   51      Decatur-Town
01-03A-33  SCHULTS     Harold L. (Loyd)       Son     10      Decatur-Town
01-03A-32  SCHULTS     Lucian D.      Son     17      Decatur-Town
05-09B-42   SCHULTZ     Carl [F.]        Head   43      Alvord Town
05-09B-43   SCHULTZ     Emma [Mary] Wife   44      Alvord Town
05-09B-44   SCHULTZ     Mary Virginia  Daughter       8        Alvord Town
14-03B-58   SCHWARK   Charles         Son     17      Newark-E of RR
14-03B-55   SCHWARK   Christian (John)        Head   60      Newark-E of RR
14-03B-59   SCHWARK   Christine        Daughter       15      Newark-E of RR
14-03B-56   SCHWARK   Ethel   Wife   53      Newark-E of RR
14-03B-57   SCHWARK   Ethel Jean      Daughter       18      Newark-E of RR
02-10A-36  SCOFF         Bertha wife    48      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-37  SCOFF         Lucile  daughter        13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-35  SCOFF         William R.      head   39      Rt 4-E of Decatur
07-03A-29  SCOTT         A D [Audie]   Head   49      S of Alvord
03-04B-78   SCOTT         Attie   wife    46      NW of Decatur
17-12B-78   SCOTT         Cal T.  head   67      Bridgeport E Side
05-04A-23  SCOTT         Carolyn [Nancy Carolyn]      Daughter       1        Alvord Town
05-04A-22  SCOTT         Dorothy [Lounell (MOSLEY)]         Wife   32      Alvord Town
05-06B-55   SCOTT         Hep J. [John 'Hep']    Son     50      Alvord Town
01-16B-56   SCOTT         John (Michael) Head   72      Decatur-Town
17-24B-58   SCOTT         Joseph S.       head   48      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
07-03A-30  SCOTT         Lilla [Mary D. Lilla]   Wife   51      S of Alvord
01-16B-57   SCOTT         Mollie (Mary Ann VanMeter) Wife   65      Decatur-Town
17-24B-59   SCOTT         Nell    wife    44      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
03-04B-77   SCOTT         Riley   head   40      NW of Decatur
05-06B-54   SCOTT         Sallie G.        Head   71      Alvord Town
05-04A-21  SCOTT         Wash E. [Washington E. 'Silo']         Head   32      Alvord Town
05-04A-13  SCRIVNER   LeJade Step daughter  8        Alvord Town
15-07A-17  SCROGGINS A. J. (Andrew Jackson)        Head   60      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-19  SCROGGINS A. W. (Andrew Wayne)       Son     37      Rural Boyd Area
15-10B-71   SCROGGINS Alma   Head   55      Newark Town
15-07A-21  SCROGGINS Andrew Jackson       Grandson       2        Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-60   SCROGGINS Delbert (Eugene)       Son     4/12    Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-59   SCROGGINS Delorice (Eleane Findeisin)    Daughter       2        Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-57   SCROGGINS Eugene (no middle name)      Head   33      Rural Boyd Area
13-01A-33  SCROGGINS Fannie [Frances Caroline (ISRAEL)] Wife   59      Rhome Town-C St
15-09B-48   SCROGGINS H. D. (Hamilton "Ham")       Head   31      Rural Boyd Area
13-01A-36  SCROGGINS J H     Son     19      Rhome Town-C St
01-02B-76   SCROGGINS J.E., Jr.         Lodger 21      Decatur-Town
15-07A-24  SCROGGINS Jackson Glen  Son     27      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-23  SCROGGINS James Lee     Son     37      Rural Boyd Area
13-01A-34  SCROGGINS Joe     Son     30      Rhome Town-C St
13-01A-32  SCROGGINS John [Ed]       Head   59      Rhome Town-C St
15-07A-22  SCROGGINS Joyce Ann     Granddaughter 1        Rural Boyd Area
13-01A-35  SCROGGINS Marcella        Daughter       22      Rhome Town-C St
15-07B-58   SCROGGINS Mildred (Edith Lynch) Wife   21      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-18  SCROGGINS Ora B. (Oradell Cornstubble)  Wife   57      Rural Boyd Area
15-07A-20  SCROGGINS Roberta (Lee Kirkland)        Daughter-in-law        19      Rural Boyd Area
15-09B-49   SCROGGINS Vera Lee       Wife   24      Rural Boyd Area
20-01A-01  SEABOLT     John B.         Head   52      Boonsville
01-32A-31  SEABOLT     Johnnie         Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
01-32A-30  SEABOLT     Otto    Head   46      Decatur-Town
20-01A-02  SEABOLT     Sarah  Wife   50      Boonsville
20-04A-17  SEAGRAVES Ancel (Leslie) Head   25      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-14  SEAGRAVES B.M.   Father 75      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-12  SEAGRAVES E.L.    Head   48      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-13  SEAGRAVES Georgie (Davis)        Wife   50      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04A-18  SEAGRAVES Marthina (Okla Linehan)       Wife   21      Boonsville/Willow P.
15-01A-23  SEALS         C. W. (Colonel)        Head   36      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-25  SEALS         Jettielee        Daughter       7        Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-26  SEALS         Joyce  Daughter       4        Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-24  SEALS         Lois (M. Tribble)       Wife   23      Rural Boyd Area
11-05B-46   SEAT?         A J     Son     15      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-44   SEAT?         Anna F         Wife   36      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-45   SEAT?         Ben F  Son     17      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-48   SEAT?         Buck   Son     11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-43   SEAT?         Franklin         Head   51      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-50   SEAT?         Mary A         Daughter       1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-47   SEAT?         Stephan O      Son     13      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-05B-49   SEAT?         Tom B Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-05B-62   SEAY Pauline Vivian (RHYNE)      Wife   34      Alvord Town(Hwy 81/287)
05-05B-61   SEAY William A.     Head   34      Alvord Town(Hwy 81/287)
19-09B-60   SEIGLER      Dessie wife    54      NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-64   SEIGLER      Donald son     4        NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-63   SEIGLER      Era Mae        wife    21      NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-59   SEIGLER      O.G.   head   61      NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-62   SEIGLER      Weldon         head   23      NW of Bridgeport
16-11A-02  SELLARS     Hester Wife   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-01B-57   SELLARS     Johnie (Johnnie Mae Blankenship)     Wife   44      Decatur-Town
01-01B-59   SELLARS     Richard W.    Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-01B-58   SELLARS     Robert T., Jr. (Thompson)     Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-01B-56   SELLARS     Robert T., Sr. (Thompson)     Head   36      Decatur-Town
01-01B-60   SELLARS     Sally Ann       Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
16-11A-01  SELLARS     Tom G.         Head   69      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-09B-63   SELLERS      Cecil   Head   31      N&E of Alvord
01-07A-09  SELLERS      Cora (Boyd)   Wife   52      Decatur-Town
01-07A-08  SELLERS      J. Lev  Head   69      Decatur-Town
06-09B-65   SELLERS      Margie Ima    Daughter       3        N&E of Alvord
06-09B-66   SELLERS      May    Daughter       1        N&E of Alvord
06-09B-64   SELLERS      Vida Mae      Wife   26      N&E of Alvord
17-20B-54   SENSIBAUGH        F.H. (Ferd Houston)   head   43      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-55   SENSIBAUGH        Minnie Lee (Hembree)         wife    37      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-56   SENSIBAUGH        Nancy Lee     daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
17-16A-01  SENSIBAUGH        Nannie (Nancy Jane Power)       wife    70      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-57   SENSIBAUGH        Virginia Kathryn       daughter        8        Bridgeport E Side
17-15B-80   SENSIBAUGH        W.A. (William Andrew)       head   71      Bridgeport E Side
01-10B-69   SENSIBAUGH        Zack   Nephew        18      Decatur-Town
05-09A-20  SERMONS    Arnold [L.]     Son     18      Alvord Town
05-09A-23  SERMONS    Betty Ann      Daughter       3        Alvord Town
05-09A-21  SERMONS    Eva Jo Daughter       12      Alvord Town
05-09A-22  SERMONS    James  Son     7        Alvord Town
05-09A-19  SERMONS    Lura [M. (WILLIAMS)]       Wife   38      Alvord Town
05-09A-18  SERMONS    Rube [Ruben Charles] Head   43      Alvord Town
11-08B-64   SESSIONS    Eugene         Son     14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-62   SESSIONS    Rufus S         Head   54      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-63   SESSIONS    Winnie Wife   49      Cottondale-Keeter Area
09-05A-16  SETSER       Edna Lucile    daughter        7        Red Willow-Crafton Rd
18-04B-55   SETSER       Elizabeth (Hughes)     Wife   38      Chico Town
18-04B-56   SETSER       Ellen   Mother 71      Chico Town
09-05A-13  SETSER       Ernest (Ernest Daniel) Head   52      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-17  SETSER       Horace         son     26      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-18  SETSER       Kathleen       daughter-in-law         22      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-14  SETSER       Nettie S. (Hancock)   wife    50      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-05A-15  SETSER       Neva Nell      daughter        21      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
18-04B-54   SETSER       Ray/Roy R.    Head   34      Chico Town
16-08B-78   SETTLE       Pearl   Wife   63      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-77   SETTLE       Thomas J. [Sr.]         Head   65      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-79   SETTLE       Thomas J., Jr. Son     23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-10  SETZ  Aloin   Head   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-13  SETZ  Edna May      Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-12  SETZ  James  Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-11  SETZ  Jewel  Wife   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-05B-71   SEWARD     Maggie I.       Head   68      Chico Town
01-23A-21  SEWELL      Bettie Gay     Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
11-06A-08  SEWELL      Carrie M (KELLEY)  Wife   38      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-23A-20  SEWELL      Eva Ruth (Brady)      Wife   29      Decatur-Town
11-06A-07  SEWELL      George O      Head   33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-11B-48   SEWELL      John C Head   66      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-23A-19  SEWELL      Nolan (Leonard)       Head   31      Decatur-Town
17-23A-15  SHABAY      Rosalie cousin  34      Pg61A Out of Order-Bridgeport
20-08A-25  SHADLE      Blanche (Sprawles)    Wife   44      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-35  SHADLE      Eunice (Melisa E.)     Wife   38 (48) Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-24  SHADLE      J.E.    Head   44      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-34  SHADLE      Will (Bill)       Head   58      Boonsville/Balsora
05-06B-72   SHAFFER     Clarence F.    Head   34      Alvord Town
05-06B-75   SHAFFER     Clarence F.J.  Son     6        Alvord Town
05-06B-73   SHAFFER     Ruth (ROWDEN)     Wife   28      Alvord Town
05-06B-74   SHAFFER     Ruthie Mae    Daughter       11      Alvord Town
17-04A-19  SHANKS      Dema (Ladema Viola Saunders)       wife    32      Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-18  SHANKS      E.J. (Elbert Joel)       head   34      Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-20  SHANKS      Elbert Eugene son     8        Bridgeport W Side
17-04A-21  SHANKS      Jo Anne        daughter        3        Bridgeport W Side
11-03B-67   SHANNON   Armon [Crawford]     Head   28      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-72   SHANNON   Boby [Robert] Son     2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-01A-37  SHANNON   C B    G-son  13      Paradise-Draco Rd.
10-03A-21  SHANNON   Jay?    Nephew        10      N of Paradise
10-01A-38  SHANNON   June    G-son  11      Paradise-Draco Rd.
11-03B-68   SHANNON   Oleta [Mary Oleta (BROWN)]        Wife   25      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-69   SHANNON   Ora    Daughter       7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-71   SHANNON   Peggy L [Lou] Daughter       4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-73   SHANNON   Prisilla Daughter       0/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-17A-25  SHANNON   Robert Perry   nephew         15      Bridgeport E Side
11-03B-70   SHANNON   Wylie [Armon]         Son     6        Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-04A-29  SHARP        Alice LaVerne Daughter       9        Chico Town
18-06A-01  SHARP        Alma (Anna Largent) Wife   42      Chico Town
19-03B-70   SHARP        Archie (Lee)   head   60      SW of Bridgeport
01-22A-07  SHARP        Charlie Head   70      Decatur-Town
18-04A-28  SHARP        Grace (Hutchison)     Wife   32      Chico Town
19-03B-71   SHARP        Mary H. (Henry)       wife    56      SW of Bridgeport
19-03B-72   SHARP        Robert son     17      SW of Bridgeport
18-05B-80   SHARP        Saunders       Head   48      Chico Town
18-04A-27  SHARP        William B.      Head   33      Chico Town
08-05B-80   SHARP        Cora   aunt    59      Park Springs & SE
07-04A-22  SHAUNTY    Clela Mae ["Midge"(LESLIE)]         Head   45      W of Alvord/Chico Rd
07-04A-23  SHAUNTY    Mary Ann      Daughter       16      W of Alvord/Chico Rd
01-07A-20  SHAW         Annie (Tumulty)        Wife   51      Decatur-Town
13-01A-5    SHAW         Arnold Son     27      Rhome Town-B St
01-07A-19  SHAW         Auzy M. (Matthews)  Head   51      Decatur-Town
16-19B-79   SHAW         Bertha Wife   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-05B-70   SHAW         Bill     Son-in-Law    32      Decatur-Town
16-05B-53   SHAW         Billie Fay       Daughter       11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-10B-43   SHAW         Bob [Robert Walker]  Head   72      Alvord Town
01-21A-11  SHAW         C.O., Jr         Son     17      Decatur-Town
13-01A-3    SHAW         Claude E       Head   61      Rhome Town-B St
01-21A-09  SHAW         Curtis (Onan)  Head   43      Decatur-Town
16-19B-78   SHAW         Edgar  Head   54      Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-02B-71   SHAW         Elas L. Head   51      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02B-74   SHAW         Enel    Daughter       13      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-05B-71   SHAW         Ethel   Daughter       31      Decatur-Town
01-28B-55   SHAW         Faye C.         Daughter       33      Decatur-Town
01-21A-12  SHAW         Frankie R.      (Daughter)     16      Decatur-Town
01-34A-11  SHAW         J. Frank        Guest  35      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
01-28A-26  SHAW         Jack    Nephew        29      Decatur-Town
01-28B-56   SHAW         Jacqueline S.   Granddaughter 6        Decatur-Town
01-21A-15  SHAW         James  Son     11      Decatur-Town
01-21A-16  SHAW         John    Son     10      Decatur-Town
16-05B-54   SHAW         Jolene  Daughter       7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-50   SHAW         Joseph Head   48      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-05B-52   SHAW         Juanita Daughter       19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-01A-4    SHAW         Kate T (TROXELL)  Wife   52      Rhome Town-B St
01-21A-13  SHAW         L.G.    Son     14      Decatur-Town
01-21A-18  SHAW         Linda Fay      Daughter       8/12    Decatur-Town
01-21A-17  SHAW         Lowena        Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
12-02B-73   SHAW         Marie  Daughter       18      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-28B-57   SHAW         Marilyn L.      Granddaughter 6        Decatur-Town
12-02B-72   SHAW         Nell    Wife   52      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-07A-21  SHAW         Owen Thomas Son     21      Decatur-Town
01-21A-10  SHAW         Vena (Mrs. Brown Empra)    Wife   42      Decatur-Town
01-21A-14  SHAW         Virgil   Son     13      Decatur-Town
16-05B-51   SHAW         Willie  Wife   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-14A-19  SHAWN       Berma Lois    Daughter       4        Boonsville area
20-01B-55   SHAWN       Charles E.      Son     2        Boonsville
20-01A-17  SHAWN       Cora (Glover)  Wife   30      Boonsville
20-01B-53   SHAWN       D.A., Jr.        Head   21      Boonsville
20-01A-25  SHAWN       Doc A.  (Sr.)  Head   54      Boonsville
20-01A-23  SHAWN       Donnie L.      Son     6/12    Boonsville
20-01A-19  SHAWN       Doris May     Daughter       6        Boonsville
20-14A-14  SHAWN       E.C.    Head   55      Boonsville area
20-01A-28  SHAWN       Earline Daughter       18      Boonsville
20-14A-16  SHAWN       Elmer  Son     18      Boonsville area
17-10A-25  SHAWN       Gilbert Lee     stepson         5        Bridgeport E Side
20-01B-58   SHAWN       Grace (Nora Phillips)  Wife   52      Boonsville
20-01A-16  SHAWN       Harold Head   30      Boonsville
20-01A-18  SHAWN       Harold Jean    Son     8        Boonsville
20-01B-59   SHAWN       J.E.    Son     12      Boonsville
20-14A-17  SHAWN       J.W. (Joseph Weldon) Head   25      Boonsville area
20-01A-21  SHAWN       James E.       Head   28      Boonsville
20-01A-22  SHAWN       James E., Jr.   Son     3        Boonsville
20-01A-20  SHAWN       Jerry   Son     1        Boonsville
20-01B-57   SHAWN       Jessie E.        Head   60      Boonsville
20-01B-51   SHAWN       Leonard        Head   58      Boonsville
20-14A-15  SHAWN       Lettie (Lydia C. Nall)  Wife   56      Boonsville area
20-01B-52   SHAWN       Lizzie (Noll)    Wife   54      Boonsville
20-01B-54   SHAWN       Lorene (Arwine)       Wife   19      Boonsville
20-14A-18  SHAWN       Lorene (Richardson)   Wife   20      Boonsville area
20-01A-27  SHAWN       Madeline       Daughter       24      Boonsville
17-13B-75   SHAWN       Mary Frances ('Fannie' Minor)         wife    51      Bridgeport E Side
17-10A-23  SHAWN       Ramon head   32      Bridgeport E Side
20-01B-56   SHAWN       Richard         Son     2/12    Boonsville
17-10A-24  SHAWN       Ruth (Aquilla Ruth Quillen)    wife    27      Bridgeport E Side
20-01A-26  SHAWN       Winnie (Robbins)       Wife   43      Boonsville
17-13B-74   SHAWN       Z.A. (Arthur)  head   57      Bridgeport E Side
14-09B-71   SHAY Charles W.     Head   41      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-73   SHAY Mary Lou      Daughter       14      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-72   SHAY Ruth   Wife   39      S of Rhome-Private Rd
18-07A-08  SHEEHAN    Nancy J. (Jane)        M-in-law       73      Chico Area
01-19B-58   SHELTON    Aubry (Dees)  Head   28      Decatur-Town
01-19B-62   SHELTON    Barbara        Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
01-09A-15  SHELTON    Carla Mae     Daughter       1/12    Decatur-Town
01-09A-10  SHELTON    Carson Head   33      Decatur-Town
01-17A-08  SHELTON    Clara Bess     Wife   22      Decatur-Town
01-19B-59   SHELTON    Cora (Martha Myers) Wife   27      Decatur-Town
06-10B-61   SHELTON    D T, Mrs.      Head   40      N&E of Alvord
17-09B-43   SHELTON    Darrell (Forrest)        son     16      Bridgeport E Side
17-12A-37  SHELTON    Dorothy        wife    43      Bridgeport E Side
01-19A-20  SHELTON    Ethel   Daughter       34      Decatur-Town
17-24B-73   SHELTON    Flora   wife    40      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
01-03B-68   SHELTON    Florence        Daughter-in-Law       50      Decatur-Town
01-03B-67   SHELTON    Homer Son     54      Decatur-Town
17-09B-42   SHELTON    Lizzie  head   46      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-44   SHELTON    Loetta daughter        12      Bridgeport E Side
01-09A-11  SHELTON    Mae (Cearley) Wife   35      Decatur-Town
01-09A-12  SHELTON    Mary C.        Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
01-09A-14  SHELTON    Melba J.        Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
01-19A-19  SHELTON    Minnie (Lagrone)      Wife   53      Decatur-Town
01-03B-66   SHELTON    Nannie Head   78      Decatur-Town
01-19B-61   SHELTON    Patsy  Daughter       5        Decatur-Town
01-19A-18  SHELTON    Perry  Head   59      Decatur-Town
01-17A-07  SHELTON    Rodney         Head   30      Decatur-Town
01-17A-09  SHELTON    Rodney S.      Son     2        Decatur-Town
17-12A-38  SHELTON    Rose   daughter        18      Bridgeport E Side
01-09A-13  SHELTON    Violet  Daughter       11      Decatur-Town
17-12A-36  SHELTON    Virgil Frank    head   46      Bridgeport E Side
01-19B-60   SHELTON    Wanda Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
17-24B-72   SHELTON    Wilber O.      head   43      Pg62B Bridgeport Block 10+11
20-03B-80   SHEPPARD  Bessie (Lillian Sims)   Wife   30      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-45   SHEPPARD  Betty (Lou Massey)   Daughter       5        Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-78   SHEPPARD  Christine        Daughter       19      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-04A-03  SHEPPARD  Cletabel        Daughter       8        Boonsville/Willow P.
20-03B-79   SHEPPARD  Curtis C.       Head   28      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-77   SHEPPARD  Daisy (Allen)  Wife   60      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-39  SHEPPARD  Doyle  Head   39      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-04A-02  SHEPPARD  Helen P.        Daughter       9        Boonsville/Willow P.
20-03B-44   SHEPPARD  J.O.    Son     10      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-43   SHEPPARD  Jack    Son     14      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-41   SHEPPARD  Leon   Son     18      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-42   SHEPPARD  Malcolm        Daughter       16      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03B-76   SHEPPARD  O. (Orzo)      Head   65      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-03A-40  SHEPPARD  Ona May (Freeman)   Wife   35      Boonsville/Willow Pt.
20-04A-01  SHEPPARD  Walter P.       Son     11      Boonsville/Willow P.
14-02B-66   SHERMAN   Alice (Job)     Wife   30      E of Rhome-Private Rd
02-14B-47   SHERMAN   Bere F.         daughter        9        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-44   SHERMAN   Diola (Lorene Sherman)       wife    41      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-48   SHERMAN   Earl    son     5        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-45   SHERMAN   Edwin  son     18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-43   SHERMAN   Floyd L. (Sr.)  head   38      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-46   SHERMAN   Floyd, Jr. (L.)  son     16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-02B-65   SHERMAN   J.T.    Head   29      E of Rhome-Private Rd
02-14B-50   SHERMAN   James M. (Marion)    head   74      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-07B-43   SHERMAN   Jeff L. son     22      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-40  SHERMAN   Jimmie J.       grandson       4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-38  SHERMAN   Lonnie B.      son/law         30      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-14B-51   SHERMAN   Mary K. (Reese)       wife    73      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-49   SHERMAN   Merle  son     5        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-08A-39  SHERMAN   Myrtle daughter        29      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07B-42   SHERMAN   Pearl (Elizabeth Legg) wife    58      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07B-41   SHERMAN   R. Jeff (Robert)        head   56      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07B-44   SHERMAN   Raymond       son     17      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-07B-45   SHERMAN   Roy    son     14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
14-02B-67   SHERMAN   Virginia (Louise)       Daughter       7        E of Rhome-Private Rd
01-34A-12  SHERRILL    Charles Waldo Guest  42      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
08-03A-34  SHERROD    Clint C [Clinton L]     head    51      Park Springs & SE
19-05B-50   SHIELDS      Daisy  wife    31      SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-49   SHIELDS      Elkins  head   32      SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-53   SHIELDS      Joyce  daughter        4        SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-52   SHIELDS      Sammy Irm    son     7        SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-51   SHIELDS      Tommie Sue   daughter        9        SW of Bridgeport
16-07A-11  SHIFFLETT   Anna   Head   61      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-12  SHIFFLETT   H.T.   Son     27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-02B-50   SHIFLET      Joan Marie     Daughter       3        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02B-49   SHIFLET      Orla (Orlanda Daniels)         Wife   24      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02B-51   SHIFLET      Peggy Ann     Daughter       1        Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-02B-48   SHIFLET      Rosco (Nathanial)      Head   32      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-01B-62   SHIMFR       Cassie (Castine Ella Brown)   Wife   30      Rural Boyd Area
15-01B-64   SHIMFR       Catherine (Cathrine Alberta)  Daughter       4        Rural Boyd Area
15-01B-63   SHIMFR       Louella (Caslene Luella)       Daughter       8        Rural Boyd Area
15-01B-61   SHIMFR       T. L. (Taft Layfayette)         Head   31      Rural Boyd Area
10-02B-62   SHINKLE     Viola   Head   63      recopied on 12A-22
10-12A-22  SHINKLE     Viola   Head   63      S Main St., Paradise
17-08A-20  SHIPLEY      Albert (William)        head   54      Bridgeport W Side
06-09A-12  SHIPLEY      Alice [Viola (DAVIS)]         Wife   56      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
17-20B-79   SHIPLEY      Bertie (Davidson)      wife    43      Bridgeport E Side
17-19A-32  SHIPLEY      Bessie (Julia Bell Boner)       wife    38      Bridgeport E Side
17-08A-22  SHIPLEY      Billy Joe        son     3        Bridgeport W Side
20-05A-28  SHIPLEY      Charles         B-in-law        42      Boonsville
09-04A-14  SHIPLEY      Chester H.     hired hand      48      Crafton-Chico Road
18-12A-38  SHIPLEY      Claude H.      Head   50      East of Chico
20-12A-31  SHIPLEY      E.K.   Head   59      Boonsville
17-19A-33  SHIPLEY      Elmer (Alton)  son     21      Bridgeport E Side
17-19A-35  SHIPLEY      Eula Maude (Vella)    daughter        13      Bridgeport E Side
20-12A-33  SHIPLEY      Jakie   Adp.Son        16      Boonsville
17-21A-01  SHIPLEY      Martha A.      mother 78      Bridgeport E Side
18-12A-40  SHIPLEY      Melvin Son     23      East of Chico
17-13B-69   SHIPLEY      Minnie (E.)     head   53      Bridgeport E Side
17-13B-73   SHIPLEY      Norman        son     24      Bridgeport E Side
17-19A-31  SHIPLEY      O.B. (Oustie B. 'Sim') head   44      Bridgeport E Side
06-09A-13  SHIPLEY      Ogle [Davis]   Son     15      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
17-20B-80   SHIPLEY      Opalene        daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
17-20B-78   SHIPLEY      Otto    head   46      Bridgeport E Side
18-12A-39  SHIPLEY      Pearl M. (Davidson)   Wife   44      East of Chico
17-19A-34  SHIPLEY      Robert son     20      Bridgeport E Side
06-09A-11  SHIPLEY      S N [Sterling Nixen]   Head   61      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
20-12A-32  SHIPLEY      Sallie   Wife   53      Boonsville
17-08A-21  SHIPLEY      Zelma (L. Brazier)     wife    24      Bridgeport W Side
01-14B-66   SHOEMAKER        Barney (M.)   Head   64      Decatur-Town
01-25A-09  SHOEMAKER        Embry Son     36      Decatur-Town
01-14B-67   SHOEMAKER        Lila (VanMeter Oats) Wife   58      Decatur-Town
01-25A-08  SHOEMAKER        Maude Wife   62      Decatur-Town
01-25A-07  SHOEMAKER        Roe    Head   62      Decatur-Town
11-01B-59   SHORT        Bertie  Wife   29      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01B-58   SHORT        John T Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-08A-11  SHRUM       Bertha J.       daughter        3        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-08  SHRUM       Connie daughter        11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-10  SHRUM       James  son     7        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-04  SHRUM       Joe H. head   48      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-07  SHRUM       Lavada         daughter        16      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-05  SHRUM       Lizzie  wife    40      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-06  SHRUM       Otis    son     21      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08A-09  SHRUM       Sylvia  daughter        8        Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-08A-39  SHULER      Audrey (H.)   brother in law          NW of Bridgeport
18-16B-74   SHULER      Sarah R. (Ogal)        Wife   68      East of Chico/Bridgeport
19-08A-40  SHULER      Tommy (Leona Sipe)  sister   37      NW of Bridgeport
18-16B-73   SHULER      William H.     Head   59      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-07B-72   SHULKEY    Alice   Head   67      Decatur-Town
14-06A-26  SHULTS       Bessie Belle   Wife   40      Newark-Rhome Rd
01-26A-14  SHULTS       Dan    Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-26A-13  SHULTS       Dannie (Spencer)      Wife   44      Decatur-Town
14-06A-25  SHULTS       James T.       Head   39      Newark-Rhome Rd
01-26A-12  SHULTS       William C.      Head   53      Decatur-Town
09-01B-47   SHURBET    Austin C.       son     17      Crafton Town
09-01B-51   SHURBET    Bettie Joe      daughter        8        Crafton Town
09-01B-49   SHURBET    Connor B.      son     15      Crafton Town
09-01B-45   SHURBET    Gracie M.      wife    47      Crafton Town
09-01B-44   SHURBET    Ingam W.      Head   54      Crafton Town
09-01B-50   SHURBET    Jessie B. (Brice)       son     12      Crafton Town
09-01B-52   SHURBET    Jimmie H.      son     2        Crafton Town
09-01B-48   SHURBET    Maggie L.      daughter        20      Crafton Town
09-01A-32  SHURBET    O.B .  Head   27      Crafton Town
09-01A-33  SHURBET    Sallie   wife    20      Crafton Town
09-01B-46   SHURBET    Vernon W.     son     22      Crafton Town
08-08A-13  SHURBET     Anna   wife    50      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-16  SHURBET     Bert (WHEELER)     wife    38      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-14  SHURBET     Elmer son     23      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-17  SHURBET     Glenn son     13      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-15  SHURBET     Henry [H M]  head    41      Park Springs & SE
08-08A-18  SHURBET     Hoyt [Hoyett Wheeler]         son     6        Park Springs & SE
08-08A-12  SHURBET     John    head    53      Park Springs & SE
10-02B-69   SIDDONS     Anita Jay       Daughter       17      recopied on 12A-29
10-12A-29  SIDDONS     Anita Jay       Daughter       17      S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-68   SIDDONS     Birdie B        Wife   46      recopied on 12A-28
10-12A-28  SIDDONS     Birdie B        Wife   46      S Main St., Paradise
10-02B-67   SIDDONS     Gilbert J [John Gilbert] Head   49      recopied on 12A-27
10-12A-27  SIDDONS     Gilbert J [John Gilbert] Head   49      S Main St., Paradise
17-17A-13  SIDDONS     Louis   head   56      Bridgeport E Side
05-07A-37  SIDES Calvin  Father-in-law  84      Alvord Town
05-07A-38  SIDES Elizabeth (TERRY)    Mother-in-law 75      Alvord Town
06-07A-27  SIGLER        Dora [Net (FRYE)]   Wife   23      Pella-N&E of Alvord
06-07A-26  SIGLER        Horace L [Lowe]      Head   32      Pella-N&E of Alvord
05-11A-17  SILLIMAN    A.M. [Albert] Head   74      Alvord Town
14-05A-01  SIMMONS    Arthur Head   48      Rhome-Justin Rd
01-21B-72   SIMMONS    Addie (Griffin) Wife   57      Decatur-Town
13-04B-79   SIMMONS    Cecil   Head   19      Rhome Town-E Addition
14-05A-04  SIMMONS    Cora Emma    Daughter       14      Rhome-Justin Rd
01-23A-36  SIMMONS    Douglas (GertrudeTomkies)   Wife   59      Decatur-Town
16-09B-53   SIMMONS    E.B.    Lodger 16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-04A-13  SIMMONS    Emma (Jean Brown)  Wife   32      Rhome Town-B St North
12-02B-75   SIMMONS    Erbie (Jasper) Head   53      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-21B-71   SIMMONS    Ezra    Head   56      Decatur-Town
13-02B-79   SIMMONS    Harold Head   27      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
01-07A-02  SIMMONS    Hazel  Daughter       22      Decatur-Town
13-04A-14  SIMMONS    Imogene        Daughter       10      Rhome Town-B St North
02-12B-67   SIMMONS    J.P.    son     16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
13-03A-01  SIMMONS    James  Son     6        Rhome Town-Main St-A South
14-05A-05  SIMMONS    Jeanette        Daughter       8        Rhome-Justin Rd
02-12B-64   SIMMONS    Joe     head   66      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-23A-35  SIMMONS    John A.         Head   64      Decatur-Town
01-23A-37  SIMMONS    John A., Jr.    Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-07A-03  SIMMONS    Laura B.       Granddaughter 3/12    Decatur-Town
13-04B-80   SIMMONS    Lorain (Johnston)      Wife   18      Rhome Town-E Addition
13-02B-80   SIMMONS    Marguerite (Margaret Green) Wife   27      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-04A-12  SIMMONS    Martin (Ezra, Sr.)      Head   36      Rhome Town-B St North
13-04A-15  SIMMONS    Martin Jr. (Ezra)       Son     8        Rhome Town-B St North
14-05A-02  SIMMONS    Meda (Lucille Browning)      Wife   42      Rhome-Justin Rd
02-12B-65   SIMMONS    Millie A. (Nellie Ann McCord)         wife    55      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12B-66   SIMMONS    Nellie R.        daughter        22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-07A-01  SIMMONS    Oscar  Son-inLaw     25      Decatur-Town
13-04A-16  SIMMONS    Virginia (Ann) Daughter       1        Rhome Town-B St North
14-04A-34  SIMMONS    Wanda L.      Granddaughter 12      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-05A-03  SIMMONS    Wilton Son     17      Rhome-Justin Rd
18-10A-01  SIMPLEY     Charles Ray   Son     6        East of Chico
18-10A-02  SIMPLEY     Katie P.        Daughter       4        East of Chico
18-10A-03  SIMPLEY     Vernon         Son     2        East of Chico
18-09B-79   SIMPLY       Annie Bell      Wife   28      East of Chico
18-09B-78   SIMPLY       D.W.  Head   32      East of Chico
18-09B-80   SIMPLY       James Meldon Son     8        East of Chico
19-11A-38  SIMPSON     Arch A. (F. Archie)   head   44      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-40  SIMPSON     Bernice         daughter        19      NW of Bridgeport
04-04A-33  SIMPSON     Beverly Ann   Grand daughter         6/12    SW of Decatur
19-11B-42   SIMPSON     Billie Bob       son     16      NW of Bridgeport
04-09A-31  SIMPSON     Charles (Franklin)      Head   58      SW of Decatur
04-09A-34  SIMPSON     Clayton         Daughter       9        SW of Decatur
19-11A-39  SIMPSON     Connie (Long) wife    38      NW of Bridgeport
19-11B-45   SIMPSON     Dean   daughter        6        NW of Bridgeport
10-05A-35  SIMPSON     Ellen   Sister-in-law  65      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
04-04A-30  SIMPSON     Ethel (Johnson)         Wife   67      SW of Decatur
05-02B-75   SIMPSON     Eunice (BROWN)     Head   44      Alvord Town
19-11B-43   SIMPSON     F.A. (Archie, Jr.)      son     14      NW of Bridgeport
01-13B-43   SIMPSON     Frances (Goode)       Wife   26      Decatur-Town
04-09A-33  SIMPSON     Harry Lee      Son     14      SW of Decatur
11-11A-12  SIMPSON     Hugh? Head   48      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-11B-61   SIMPSON     Ida (Estelle Tunnell)   head   66      Bridgeport E Side
04-04A-29  SIMPSON     J.E. (James)   Head   70      SW of Decatur
19-12A-03  SIMPSON     James T.       son     44      NW of Bridgeport
11-11A-13  SIMPSON     Lelia J? (PARKER)   Wife   48      Cottondale-Keeter Area
04-04A-32  SIMPSON     Lucille (Cletis Lucille Garrison)        Daughter-in-law        24      SW of Decatur
18-15A-40  SIMPSON     Marvin Head   44      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
05-02B-77   SIMPSON     Mary A.        Daughter       8        Alvord Town
05-02B-78   SIMPSON     Mayme         Daughter       5        Alvord Town
18-15B-41   SIMPSON     Mildred (Hefley)       Wife   44      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
04-09A-32  SIMPSON     Minnie (Roberts)       Wife   38      SW of Decatur
15-01A-32  SIMPSON     Onell (A. O. Alexander)       Wife   20      Rural Boyd Area
19-11B-44   SIMPSON     Patsy (Ruth)   daughter        11      NW of Bridgeport
04-04A-31  SIMPSON     R.E. (Robert Edward) Son     31      SW of Decatur
18-15B-42   SIMPSON     Robert Son     29      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
19-12A-02  SIMPSON     Robert E.       head   72      NW of Bridgeport
04-09A-35  SIMPSON     Tom Gordon   Son     8        SW of Decatur
15-01A-34  SIMPSON     Vernon         Son     1        Rural Boyd Area
19-11B-41   SIMPSON     Vernon (Joe 'Punk')   son     17      NW of Bridgeport
15-01A-33  SIMPSON     Virgie Lee (Virgale See)       Son     3        Rural Boyd Area
01-22A-32  SIMPSON     Wesley         Step-Son       17      Decatur-Town
01-22A-31  SIMPSON     Woodrow      Step-Son       20      Decatur-Town
01-13B-42   SIMPSON     Yorke (A.)     Head   35      Decatur-Town
15-01A-31  SIMPSON     Yovell Head   38      Rural Boyd Area
14-04B-67   SIMS  Alice Maude   Daughter       12      Rhome-Justin Rd
01-22B-78   SIMS  Bruce (Richard Bruce)         Head   30      Decatur-Town
05-01A-35  SIMS  Dorothy Ruth  Granddaughter 11      Alvord Town
05-01A-34  SIMS  Elizabeth [L. (VANN)]        Head   65      Alvord Town
14-04B-70   SIMS  Elizabeth A.    Daughter       1        Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-69   SIMS  Louise Daughter       8        Rhome-Justin Rd
01-22B-79   SIMS  Myrtle (Ferguson)      Wife   25      Decatur-Town
01-22B-80   SIMS  Richard         Son     3        Decatur-Town
14-04B-68   SIMS  W.F. Jr. (Willie Franklin)       Son     10      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-65   SIMS  Willie (Franklin Sr.)    Head   35      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-04B-66   SIMS  Willie (Margaret Anderson)   Wife   35      Rhome-Justin Rd
01-07A-07  SINGLETON Arlene Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
18-17A-35  SINGLETON C.B. (Sr.)      Head   58      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-17A-38  SINGLETON C.B., Jr.        Son     20      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-07A-06  SINGLETON Cleave Son     8        Decatur-Town
06-05B-69   SINGLETON Doris Virginia  Daughter       2        N&E of Alvord
01-30A-35  SINGLETON Emma J.        Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-31B-45   SINGLETON Ethel (Lee Wardell)    Wife   24      Decatur-Town
18-17A-36  SINGLETON Evie (E.A. Wilerman) Wife   54      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-30A-37  SINGLETON Ezell   Son     7        Decatur-Town
06-05B-68   SINGLETON Hazel  Wife   24      N&E of Alvord
01-30A-33  SINGLETON Henry  Head   65      Decatur-Town
06-08B-67   SINGLETON J R     Head   54      N&E of Alvord
01-31B-47   SINGLETON J.L.    Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-30A-36  SINGLETON Laura L        Son     9        Decatur-Town
01-07A-04  SINGLETON Lester Head   29      Decatur-Town
18-17A-39  SINGLETON Lorena Daughter       18      East of Chico/Bridgeport
06-07A-01  SINGLETON Mabel  Head   37      N&E of Alvord
18-17A-40  SINGLETON Margaret       Daughter       15      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-30A-34  SINGLETON Mary (Ross)   Wife   38      Decatur-Town
01-06B-57   SINGLETON Mary Lee      Head   21      Decatur-Town
06-08B-68   SINGLETON Minnie Wife   48      N&E of Alvord
06-05B-67   SINGLETON O E    Head   25      N&E of Alvord
01-06B-58   SINGLETON Paul    Brother         19      Decatur-Town
01-07A-05  SINGLETON Pearl   Wife   29      Decatur-Town
01-31B-44   SINGLETON R.L. (Sr.)      Head   26      Decatur-Town
01-31B-46   SINGLETON R.L., Jr.        Son     6        Decatur-Town
18-17A-37  SINGLETON Ray    Son     23      East of Chico/Bridgeport
01-31B-48   SINGLETON Rufus  Son     3        Decatur-Town
18-17B-58   SIPE   Clem   Head   42      East of Chico/Bridgeport
19-08A-38  SIPE   Earl    head   45      NW of Bridgeport
18-17B-59   SIPE   Rilla (Holt)     Wife   40      East of Chico/Bridgeport
09-03B-53   SIPE   Rufus B.       Uncle  69      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
18-07A-20  SIPES John R.         Head   67      Chico Area
18-07A-21  SIPES Leon F.         Brother         61      Chico Area
20-11B-75   SISK   A.D.   Head   60      Boonsville
19-04A-01  SISK   Betty Jane     daughter        5m     SW of Bridgeport
19-03B-77   SISK   Beulah wife    23      SW of Bridgeport
05-01A-21  SISK   Edgar A. [Arvil Edgar 'Ed']    Head   27      Alvord Town
05-01A-22  SISK   Evelyn [Francis Evelyn (GRISSOM)] Wife   24      Alvord Town
20-11B-76   SISK   Homer Son     33      Boonsville
19-03B-79   SISK   J.W.   son     5        SW of Bridgeport
19-03B-80   SISK   Jackie Leon    son     3        SW of Bridgeport
17-19A-36  SISK   John E.         head   51      Bridgeport E Side
17-19A-38  SISK   Mary Gertrude daughter        17      Bridgeport E Side
19-03B-78   SISK   Mary H.        daughter        6        SW of Bridgeport
17-19A-37  SISK   Reathey Jane (Retha Howry) wife    45      Bridgeport E Side
19-03B-76   SISK   Roscoe R.      head   28      SW of Bridgeport
05-01A-23  SISK   Wilma J. [Jo]  Daughter       2        Alvord Town
10-09B-42   SIZEMORE   Ada B (THOMAS)    Wife   31      N of Paradise
10-09B-43   SIZEMORE   Fannie Maureen        Daughter       7        N of Paradise
10-09B-41   SIZEMORE   George T [Thomas]    Head   31      N of Paradise
04-09B-67   SKAFF (SCAFF?)     Alfred M.      Head   48      SW of Decatur
04-09B-70   SKAFF (SCAFF?)     Idanell Daughter       12      SW of Decatur
04-09B-68   SKAFF (SCAFF?)     Irene   Wife   40      SW of Decatur
04-09B-71   SKAFF (SCAFF?)     Janie Ruth      Daughter       10      SW of Decatur
04-09B-69   SKAFF (SCAFF?)     Joe Ray        Son     14      SW of Decatur
05-10B-74   SKAGGS      Daisy [P. (MCMELLON-RUDDICK)]       Head   55      Alvord Town
05-10B-75   SKAGGS      Lizzie  Daughter       11      Alvord Town
01-12B-47   SKEETE       Mary   Wife   26      Decatur-Town
01-12B-48   SKEETE       Robert Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-12B-46   SKEETE       Taylor C.       Head   29      Decatur-Town
03-02B-49   SKIMMER    Arch L head   62      NW of Decatur
03-02B-52   SKIMMER    Harvey         son     14      NW of Decatur
03-02B-50   SKIMMER    Myrtle wife    38      NW of Decatur
03-02B-51   SKIMMER    Philp   son     15      NW of Decatur
02-10A-13  SLABERN    Jack    lodger  19      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-20A-04  SLAGLE       Annie Marie   daughter        17      Bridgeport E Side
10-04B-47   SLAGLE       Claude Head   29      recopied on 13A-39
10-13A-39  SLAGLE       Claude Head   29      West St., Paradise Town
10-04B-48   SLAGLE       Katherine      Wife   31      recopied on 13A-40
10-13A-40  SLAGLE       Katherine      Wife   31      West St., Paradise Town
17-20A-01  SLAGLE       M.C. (Marshal Clem) head   67      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-02  SLAGLE       Rachel (Magnolia Elizabeth Bradley)  wife    59      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-05  SLAGLE       Virgil P. (Paul)         son     18      Bridgeport E Side
17-20A-03  SLAGLE       William (B.)    son     21      Bridgeport E Side
10-04B-51   SLAGLE       William Lee    Son     1        recopied on 13A-41
10-13B-43   SLAGLE       William Lee    Son     1        Paradise Town
11-06A-30  SLATE         Allan or Allen  Son     12      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-27  SLATE         Bessie E [Emma Franklin]     Wife   49      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-28  SLATE         Earl B Son     19      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-29  SLATE         Earnest J       Son     16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-06A-26  SLATE         John F Head   50      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-34A-10  SLAUGHTER Robert Lee     Guest  30      Page 81A-Decatur Hotel
19-07A-06  SLAY Peggye (Esther Lee Rickard) wife    44      W of Bridgeport
19-07A-05  SLAY Theodore F. (Fredrick 'Fred')  head   43      W of Bridgeport
16-04B-68   SLAYTON    Billy [Wendell] Son     4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-65   SLAYTON    Charlie [Winget]       Head   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-70   SLAYTON    Cleotis Head   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-71   SLAYTON    Eva [Jewel (HUDSON)]      Wife   33      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-72   SLAYTON    Kenneth R. [Kentha Ray]     Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-03B-73   SLAYTON    Mary Ann      Daughter       2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-66   SLAYTON    Mary Ruth (FORTENBERRY)        Wife   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-67   SLAYTON    Paul    Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-01A-14  SLEDGE       Amy (LITTLE)        Wife   52      Rhome Town-B St
13-01A-13  SLEDGE       Claude Head   61      Rhome Town-B St
17-06A-27  SLIGER        Nell    head   49      Bridgeport W Side
15-10A-34  SLIMP         Alice (Harvey)         Sister  26      Newark Town
14-07A-26  SLIMP         Alvin L.        Son     7        Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-06B-74   SLIMP         Belle   Daughter       35      Aurora Villiage
14-07A-25  SLIMP         Bobby E.       Son     10      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-01B-46   SLIMP         Clyde  Son     1        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-07A-22  SLIMP         Cordie Wife   36      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-01B-42   SLIMP         Dovie (Lee Lambert)  Wife   36      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01B-45   SLIMP         Doyle  Son     3        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-07A-27  SLIMP         Edwin  Son     5        Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
15-10A-35  SLIMP         Glenda Niece  5        Newark Town
14-06B-72   SLIMP         Jacob R.        Head   80      Aurora Villiage
14-01B-44   SLIMP         James Harold  Son     6        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-07A-24  SLIMP         K.L. Jr.         Son     12      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-07A-21  SLIMP         Kemp L. (Lowe)       Head   41      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
01-01B-69   SLIMP         L. Clyde, Sr. (Landon) Head   44      Decatur-Town
01-01B-71   SLIMP         L.C., Jr. (Landon Clyde)       Son     19      Decatur-Town
01-01B-73   SLIMP         Minnie Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
14-06B-73   SLIMP         Mollie F.        Wife   69      Aurora Villiage
14-07A-23  SLIMP         Opal E.         Daughter       15      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
01-01B-72   SLIMP         Ruth   Daughter       17      Decatur-Town
01-01B-70   SLIMP         Ruth A. (Bryant)       Wife   46      Decatur-Town
14-01B-41   SLIMP         Shade  Head   43      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-07A-28  SLIMP         Shirley G.      Daughter       ?/12    Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-01B-43   SLIMP         Wayne Son     9        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
16-07B-80   SLOAN        Cordelia (LINDSEY)  Wife   43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-01  SLOAN        Eleanor [Elizabeth]     Daughter       23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-79   SLOAN        George C. [Clarence] Head   47      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-02  SLOAN        Robert [Samuel]        Son     20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08A-03  SLOAN        Young [Tenney]        Son     20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
20-13B-49   SLOVER      J.M.    F-in-law        75      Boonsville area
10-05A-33  SLOVER      Jena [Vera E?]         Wife   71      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
20-13B-50   SLOVER      Sarah J.        M-in-law       65      Boonsville area
10-05A-32  SLOVER      W S [William Sanders]         Head   72      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
06-01A-10  SMALL        A J [Alex]     Head   71      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
01-21B-42   SMALL        Martin A.      Father-in-Law 74      Decatur-Town
06-01A-11  SMALL        Mollie H (MOSIER?) Wife   66      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
01-29B-48   SMALLWOOD        Alice (Cornelia Prestridge)    Wife   35      Decatur-Town
01-29B-50   SMALLWOOD        Babara Jean   Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
01-29B-49   SMALLWOOD        Ida Lou         Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
01-29B-47   SMALLWOOD        James E. (Eddie)       Head   34      Decatur-Town
09-01B-53   SMIRL         Bernard        Head   43      Crafton Town
09-01B-54   SMIRL         Lester O. (Osman)    brother 38      Crafton Town
12-03A-40  SMITH         Abbie  Mother 85      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-03B-44   SMITH         Agnes (A.)     Wife   63      Rural Boyd Area
15-06B-53   SMITH         Alice Pearl     Daughter       7        Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-14  SMITH         Annavell        Daughter       18      Rural Boyd Area
17-09A-27  SMITH         Annie (Lewis) wife    68      Bridgeport E Side
14-07A-14  SMITH         Annie (Mary)  Wife   60      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
16-08B-48   SMITH         Arthur Lodger 30      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-09B-67   SMITH         Arvil   Son     29      Rural Boyd Area
01-07B-79   SMITH         B.D.   Son     21      Decatur-Town
13-02A-24  SMITH         Barbara        Granddaughter 3        Rhome Town-S Addition
15-06B-52   SMITH         Bernice         Daughter       8        Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-15  SMITH         Bernice         Daughter       16      Rural Boyd Area
10-04A-37  SMITH         Bessie Mae    Daughter       19      W of Paradise
09-05B-73   SMITH         Betty Lee      daughter        11      Sunset-Crafton Rd
10-07A-26  SMITH         Billie Gene     Son     8        recopied on 14A-22
10-14A-22  SMITH         Billie Gene     Son     8        East St., Paradise
12-03A-39  SMITH         Billie M.        Daughter       13      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-04A-19  SMITH         Billy    Son     9/12    Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-19  SMITH         Billy (Gilford)  Son     4        Rural Boyd Area
16-12A-26  SMITH         Billy [Gerald]  Son     7        Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-15A-09  SMITH         Billy G.         son     16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-20B-61   SMITH         Billy L. (Lawrence)    son     13      Bridgeport E Side
18-05A-21  SMITH         Bobby Son     4        Chico Town
10-07A-24  SMITH         Burke [Jessie Burton] Head   30      recopied on 14A-20
10-14A-20  SMITH         Burke [Jessie Burton] Head   30      East St., Paradise
07-02B-49   SMITH         C P [Charles Phillip, Sr.]       Head   53      S of Alvord
10-09A-02  SMITH         Caddie May    Wife   41      Highway N of Paradise
02-15A-04  SMITH         Carl    son     31      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-20B-60   SMITH         Carrol (Douglas)       son     16      Bridgeport E Side
18-14A-07  SMITH         Cecil   Head   53      NE of Bridgeport
01-29B-78   SMITH         Charles         Son     3        Decatur-Town
18-04A-15  SMITH         Charles         Son     9        Chico Town
15-09A-20  SMITH         Charles Ray   Son     2        Rural Boyd Area
07-02B-53   SMITH         Charlie [C. P., Jr.]     Son     8        S of Alvord
12-03A-38  SMITH         Christine        Daughter       16      Boyd Town-S of Main St
02-15A-05  SMITH         Clara M.       daughter        28      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15A-06  SMITH         Clarence       son     26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-02B-51   SMITH         Clyde [McDonald]     Son     24      S of Alvord
06-04A-31  SMITH         Cora E Wife   53      N&E of Alvord
15-05A-08  SMITH         D. M. (David Milford) Head   41      Rural Boyd Area
08-01A-37  SMITH         Daniel E        head   62      Park Springs & SE
08-01A-39  SMITH         Daniel H       son     13      Park Springs & SE
10-07B-68   SMITH         Daphne (PATTERSON?)     Wife   24      recopied on 14B-49
10-14B-49   SMITH         Daphne (PATTERSON?)     Wife   24      Paradise Town-W side
18-05A-18  SMITH         Darenella       Daughter       18      Chico Town
10-10B-65   SMITH         Darline [Darlene]      Daughter       5/12   Paradise-Decatur Rd.
17-05A-30  SMITH         Darrell son     9        Bridgeport W Side
09-04A-29  SMITH         David Ray     son     10      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
10-07A-27  SMITH         Derrell Burton Son     6        recopied on 14A-23
10-14A-23  SMITH         Derrell Burton Son     6        East St., Paradise
01-13B-47   SMITH         Dollie  Mother in Law 77      Decatur-Town
19-06B-78   SMITH         Dollie  cousin  32      W of Bridgeport
17-08B-70   SMITH         Donald head   27      Bridgeport E Side
01-29B-76   SMITH         Donald (Graham)      Head   25      Decatur-Town
15-06B-57   SMITH         Dora   Daughter       40      Rural Boyd Area
18-03B-63   SMITH         Dorothy        Daughter       6        Chico Town
10-10B-64   SMITH         Doyle Gene    Son     1        Paradise-Decatur Rd.
17-20B-58   SMITH         Dud (Clark)    head   39      Bridgeport E Side
10-04A-35  SMITH         E I     Head   33      W of Paradise
15-06B-56   SMITH         E. J., Mrs.      Head   64      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-17  SMITH         E. L. (Elgin Lee, Jr)   Son     9        Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-12  SMITH         E. L. (Elgin Lee, Sr.)  Head   40      Rural Boyd Area
18-05A-20  SMITH         E.T.    Son     7        Chico Town
17-08B-71   SMITH         Earlene (Henton)       wife    29      Bridgeport E Side
10-07B-67   SMITH         Earnest Drew Head   28      recopied on 14B-48
10-14B-48   SMITH         Earnest Drew Head   28      Paradise Town-W side
07-02A-39  SMITH         Edd [Edwin Henry/Harry]     Head   57      S of Alvord
10-09A-04  SMITH         Elbert E Jr.     Son     18      Highway N of Paradise
18-05A-19  SMITH         Elby Ray       Son     14      Chico Town
05-06A-22  SMITH         Elizabeth (BEATTY)  Wife   49      Alvord Town
01-07B-78   SMITH         Ella     Head   58      Decatur-Town
02-11B-75   SMITH         Ella (Davenport)       wife    59      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-07B-80   SMITH         Ella May       Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
18-04A-13  SMITH         Emmitt W.     Head   48      Chico Town
14-07A-13  SMITH         Ernest F.       Head   61      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
10-04A-36  SMITH         Estell R         Wife   45      W of Paradise
15-05A-19  SMITH         Estelline        Daughter       17      Rural Boyd Area
15-05A-12  SMITH         Ester Bell       Daughter       7        Rural Boyd Area
18-14A-08  SMITH         Ethel (Johns)   Wife   43      NE of Bridgeport
12-05B-67   SMITH         Etta (D.)       Wife   64      Boyd Town-N of Main St
17-05A-28  SMITH         Eugene (Virgil)         head   38      Bridgeport W Side
12-03A-37  SMITH         Euna   Wife   40      Boyd Town-S of Main St
05-08B-53   SMITH         Eva [C. (GETTYS)]   Wife   41      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
15-05A-14  SMITH         Eva Mae       Daughter       5        Rural Boyd Area
01-02B-46   SMITH         F. Archer (Archie)     Son     34      Decatur-Town
04-01B-57   SMITH         Faye (Duncan)         Daughter       27      SW of Decatur
10-05A-30  SMITH         Frank  Head   34      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
06-10A-32  SMITH         G H? [Hobart] Head   41      N&E of Alvord
10-10B-62   SMITH         G L [George Leonard] Head   30      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
15-08A-04  SMITH         G. E.   Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
02-15A-11  SMITH         Gean   son     10      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-33A-05  SMITH         Gelda Mae     Lodger 17      Page 61A-Decatur
10-07A-28  SMITH         Geneva Sue [Lue]     Daughter       1        recopied on 14A-24
10-14A-24  SMITH         Geneva Sue [Lue]     Daughter       1        East St., Paradise
08-01A-11  SMITH         Geo W head   75      Park Springs & SE
05-06A-21  SMITH         George B. ["Bun"]     Head   50      Alvord Town
15-06B-55   SMITH         George Thomas        Son     1        Rural Boyd Area
15-06B-51   SMITH         Georgia         Wife   28      Rural Boyd Area
04-01B-58   SMITH         Gerald Wayne Grand-son      3        SW of Decatur
10-10B-63   SMITH         Gertrude (CARLTON)         Wife   20      Paradise-Decatur Rd.
01-33A-29  SMITH         Gussie Daughter-in-Law       55      Page 61A-Decatur
11-11A-27  SMITH         H B    Head   66      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-10A-36  SMITH         Harold Wayne Son     7        N&E of Alvord
07-02B-41   SMITH         Harry [E. "Hap"]       Son     25      S of Alvord
17-08B-72   SMITH         Helen Virginia daughter        6m     Bridgeport E Side
14-06B-46   SMITH         Ida (Ila)        Wife   23      Rhome-Boyd Rd
15-09A-16  SMITH         Imogene        Daughter       12      Rural Boyd Area
16-12A-24  SMITH         Isal (ELLIOTT)        Wife   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
07-02B-42   SMITH         J D [Jake]      Son     21      S of Alvord
10-09A-01  SMITH         J E [James Elbert]     Head   47      Highway N of Paradise
07-02A-07  SMITH         J E [Johnie Ellis]       Head   30      S of Alvord
15-05A-16  SMITH         J. Frank        Head   50      Rural Boyd Area
04-03B-45   SMITH         J. Walter       Head   35      SW of Decatur
01-33A-04  SMITH         J.A.    Lodger 21      Page 61A-Decatur
01-33A-30  SMITH         J.W.   Grandson       18      Page 61A-Decatur
16-12A-25  SMITH         Jack    Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-14A-04  SMITH         Jack    Son     13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-20B-62   SMITH         Jackie (Edward)        son     10      Bridgeport E Side
15-09A-21  SMITH         Jackie Doyle   Son     1        Rural Boyd Area
04-03B-47   SMITH         James (William)        Son     10      SW of Decatur
11-03B-58   SMITH         James [W]     Head   67      Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-10A-11  SMITH         James L.       Head   47      Alvord Town
05-10A-13  SMITH         James R.       Son     18      Alvord Town
01-02B-43   SMITH         James W.      Head   69      Decatur-Town
09-05B-55   SMITH         James W.      Head   68      Willow Creek Lane
10-04B-50   SMITH         James, Jr.      Son     8        recopied on 13B-42
10-13B-42   SMITH         James, Jr.      Son     8        Paradise Town
08-01A-12  SMITH         Jane    wife    69      Park Springs & SE
06-04A-30  SMITH         Jesse S         Head   58      N&E of Alvord
10-05A-31  SMITH         Jetta [Nettie (FINGER?)]      Wife   26      Paradise-Cottondale Rd.
11-03B-62   SMITH         Jimmie J [Joe] Gson  7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-15A-10  SMITH         Joe     son     13      Rt 2-E of Decatur
15-04A-16  SMITH         John (Posie Everett, Sr.)       Head   28      Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-18  SMITH         John Bob       Son     5        Rural Boyd Area
05-10A-15  SMITH         John M.        Son     13      Alvord Town
12-03A-36  SMITH         John M.        Head   42      Boyd Town-S of Main St
08-01A-22  SMITH         John P head   67      Park Springs & SE
07-02B-44   SMITH         Johnnie, Sr [John]      Head   86      S of Alvord
17-05A-31  SMITH         Jolene (Claire) daughter        5        Bridgeport W Side
01-26A-28  SMITH         Josie   Lodger 67      Decatur-Town
01-04A-14  SMITH         Juanita Daughter       23      Decatur-Town
15-09A-18  SMITH         Juannell         Daughter       7        Rural Boyd Area
16-09A-40  SMITH         Julia    Lodger 82      Greenwood-Slidell Area
13-04A-34  SMITH         Kate   Wife   57      Rhome Town-B St North
08-01A-38  SMITH         Katie   wife    48      Park Springs & SE
15-03B-43   SMITH         L. L. (Lewis)  Head   72      Rural Boyd Area
18-05A-16  SMITH         Lee (George)  Head   39      Chico Town
12-05B-66   SMITH         Lee A. (Anderson)    Head   69      Boyd Town-N of Main St
13-04A-33  SMITH         Leeman        Head   61      Rhome Town-B St North
05-10A-14  SMITH         Lena Mae      Daughter       15      Alvord Town
17-05A-29  SMITH         Leta May (Teeter)     wife    35      Bridgeport W Side
15-05A-09  SMITH         Letha Margret (Margaret)     Wife   36      Rural Boyd Area
15-05A-13  SMITH         Lizzie  Daughter       6        Rural Boyd Area
10-09A-03  SMITH         Lorena or Lorene      Daughter       20      Highway N of Paradise
17-20B-69   SMITH         Lowery         stepson         14      Bridgeport E Side
15-04A-17  SMITH         Lula Mae (Voiett)      Wife   27      Rural Boyd Area
15-09B-75   SMITH         M. S., Mrs.    Head   59      Rural Boyd Area
17-20B-59   SMITH         Mabel (Ruth Douglas) wife    35      Bridgeport E Side
04-01A-04  SMITH         Mack  Hired Hand    11      SW of Decatur
09-04A-26  SMITH         Mae    wife    47      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
15-09A-13  SMITH         Mae (Lydia May Swinney)    Wife   35      Rural Boyd Area
16-14A-01  SMITH         Mallie  Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-06B-79   SMITH         Margarie       cousin  11      W of Bridgeport
06-04A-32  SMITH         Margery E     Daughter       23      N&E of Alvord
15-05A-15  SMITH         Margret (Margaret)    Daughter       1        Rural Boyd Area
02-15A-07  SMITH         Marie  daughter        22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15A-01  SMITH         Martha A. (Copeland) wife    54      Rt 2-E of Decatur
13-04A-35  SMITH         Marvie Son     16      Rhome Town-B St North
07-02B-52   SMITH         Mary Beth [Elizabeth] Daughter       14      S of Alvord
11-03B-61   SMITH         Mary M [Magdeline "Jane" (READ)] D I L  27      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-59   SMITH         Mary T (FRIE)         Wife   63      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-15A-10  SMITH         Mary, Miss     sister in law    81      Bridgeport E Side
15-09B-66   SMITH         Mattie (M. May)       Wife   49      Rural Boyd Area
01-21A-05  SMITH         Maude Head   52      Decatur-Town
11-11A-28  SMITH         May E [Ramsey/Barnes]      Wife   75      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-06B-48   SMITH         Melvin E. (Estis)       Son     4/12    Rhome-Boyd Rd
01-19A-30  SMITH         Minila  Head   79      Decatur-Town
15-02A-15  SMITH         Mollie  Half-sister      78      Rural Boyd Area
09-04A-27  SMITH         Montgomery   son     21      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
16-14A-02  SMITH         Nellie  Wife   36      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-05A-17  SMITH         Nettie  Wife   48      Rural Boyd Area
09-05B-56   SMITH         Nona A.        wife    62      Willow Creek Lane
01-02B-44   SMITH         Nona D. (Gentry)      Wife   66      Decatur-Town
15-06B-54   SMITH         Opal Faye      Daughter       6        Rural Boyd Area
01-29B-77   SMITH         Othell (Erlene Henton)         Wife   21      Decatur-Town
11-03B-60   SMITH         Otho C [Clark]         Son     34      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-10A-33  SMITH         Ozella (KING) Wife   35      N&E of Alvord
17-03B-62   SMITH         Paralee (Nancy Jones)         head   70      Bridgeport W Side
17-20B-65   SMITH         Patsy Ann      daughter        2        Bridgeport E Side
14-06B-45   SMITH         Posie (Everett)         Head   28      Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-06B-47   SMITH         Posie, Jr. (Everett)     Son     2        Rhome-Boyd Rd
05-06A-23  SMITH         Price T. [Temilton]    Son     11      Alvord Town
01-02B-45   SMITH         Robert A.      Son     40      Decatur-Town
19-07B-63   SMITH         Robert A. (Alexander)         head   68      W of Bridgeport
19-07B-64   SMITH         Rosa (Alpha King)     wife    59      W of Bridgeport
07-02A-40  SMITH         Rosa [Rose Valentine (TAYLOR)]   Wife   56      S of Alvord
07-02B-50   SMITH         Rose [Rosa Lee (McDONALD)]     Wife   50      S of Alvord
01-29B-72   SMITH         Roselee (L. Corbin)    Wife   64      Decatur-Town
05-08B-52   SMITH         Ross A. [Amacker, Rev.]      Head   45      Alvord Town(N. Wickham St)
18-03B-61   SMITH         Roy J. Head   28      Chico Town
18-05A-17  SMITH         Ruby (E. Alexander)  Wife   34      Chico Town
15-05A-11  SMITH         Ruby Faye     Daughter       14      Rural Boyd Area
04-03B-46   SMITH         Rubye (Ruby Lambert)         Wife   30      SW of Decatur
13-02A-23  SMITH         Ruth H.         Daughter       22      Rhome Town-S Addition
16-12A-23  SMITH         Sam    Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
09-04A-25  SMITH         Sam J. (Sr.)    Head   56      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
09-04A-28  SMITH         Sam J., Jr.      son     16      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
01-04A-15  SMITH         Stella Mae     Daughter       18      Decatur-Town
17-24A-05  SMITH         Suzie   lodger  28      Pg62A Bridgeport Block 10+11
07-02A-08  SMITH         Thelma [Connie (FREEMAN)]        Wife   24      S of Alvord
01-19A-31  SMITH         Theodore       Son     32      Decatur-Town
17-20B-64   SMITH         Tommy (Rex) son     5        Bridgeport E Side
01-33A-28  SMITH         Turner Son     54      Page 61A-Decatur
15-05A-10  SMITH         Vela Viola     Daughter       16      Rural Boyd Area
01-21A-07  SMITH         Vera   Daughter       15      Decatur-Town
15-09B-68   SMITH         Verna Ruth    Daughter-in-law        24      Rural Boyd Area
01-21A-08  SMITH         Vernon         Son     13      Decatur-Town
18-04A-14  SMITH         Vernon (E. Cox)       Wife   38      Chico Town
17-20B-63   SMITH         Virginia  (Ruth)         daughter        7        Bridgeport E Side
05-10A-12  SMITH         Vona (GREGG)        Wife   41      Alvord Town
15-05A-20  SMITH         Vonna Rey     Daughter       13      Rural Boyd Area
01-04A-12  SMITH         W. Alvin       Head   48      Decatur-Town
15-06B-50   SMITH         W. E. (William Edward)       Head   37      Rural Boyd Area
15-09B-65   SMITH         W. T. (Walter Thomas)        Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
01-21A-06  SMITH         W.O.  Son     19      Decatur-Town
13-02A-22  SMITH         W.T.   Son in law      22      Rhome Town-S Addition
02-15A-08  SMITH         Walter son     18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-04A-13  SMITH         Wava  Wife   44      Decatur-Town
15-05A-18  SMITH         Wayne Son     25      Rural Boyd Area
01-29B-71   SMITH         William A. (Albert)    Head   60      Decatur-Town
02-14B-80   SMITH         William C.      head   57      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-09A-26  SMITH         William C.      head   67      Bridgeport E Side
11-03B-63   SMITH         William E [Edward "Willy"]    Gson  1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
05-02A-03  SMITH         William L.      Step-son        19      Alvord Town
06-10A-35  SMITH         William Melvin Son     11      N&E of Alvord
02-11B-74   SMITH         William N.     head   67      Rt 2-E of Decatur
16-14A-03  SMITH         Wilma Daughter       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-03B-62   SMITH         Winnie Wife   29      Chico Town
10-07A-25  SMITH         Zelma (Koeninger)     Wife   30      recopied on 14A-21
10-14A-21  SMITH         Zelma (Koeninger)     Wife   30      East St., Paradise
08-08B-46   SMITH         Albert head    60      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-52   SMITH         Artie   son     31      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-60   SMITH         Guy    son     28      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-48   SMITH         Henry son     18      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-49   SMITH         John    son     16      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-59   SMITH         Maggie         wife    50      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-47   SMITH         Martha          wife    57      Park Springs & SE
08-06B-58   SMITH         Milton H        head    58      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-50   SMITH         Peallie daughter        37      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-49   SMITH         Thomas A      head    69      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-51   SMITH         Virgil   son     34      Park Springs & SE
13-02B-75   SMITHERMAN       Ed      Head   70      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
13-02B-76   SMITHERMAN       Frankie         Wife   42      Rhome Town-Main St-A South
17-15A-04  SMYRLE      R.A.   lodger  29      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-76   SNEED        Alice (Lightfoot)       head   70      Bridgeport E Side
02-01B-60   SNIPES        Atlas (B.)      head   40      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-63   SNIPES        Carolyn         daughter        11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-61   SNIPES        Edith (Neal Taggert)   wife    36      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-65   SNIPES        Fred    son     8        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-64   SNIPES        Gene   son     9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-62   SNIPES        Thomas         son     14      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-77   SNOW         Billie W.        son     4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-20A-31  SNOW         Byron [William Byron]         Head   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-33  SNOW         Edith J. [Jeanett]       Daughter       3        Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-03B-65   SNOW         F M [Fletcher] Head   22      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
16-01B-68   SNOW         Faberon J.      Son     22      Slidell Town
16-20A-32  SNOW         Joethel [Joe Ethel (JAMESON)]       Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-20A-34  SNOW         Linda [Ruth]   Daughter       1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-01B-67   SNOW         Mary J.         Daughter       26      Slidell Town
16-01B-72   SNOW         Mrytle Lee     Daughter       13      Slidell Town
16-01B-66   SNOW         Myreti [Myrtle Eddie (POPE)]         Wife   57      Slidell Town
02-08B-76   SNOW         Peggy J.        daughter        6        Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-01B-70   SNOW         Rachel Daughter       16      Slidell Town
16-01B-69   SNOW         Ralph  Son     16      Slidell Town
02-08B-75   SNOW         Ruby H. (Helen Rankin)       wife    27      Rt 4-E of Decatur
06-03B-66   SNOW         Vera Mae (YOUNG) Wife   19      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
16-01B-71   SNOW         William R.[Rogers]    Son     13      Slidell Town
16-01B-65   SNOW         William T. [Taylor]    Head   60      Slidell Town
02-08B-74   SNOW         Wilson head   28      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-08B-61   SNOWDY ?   Ethel   Daughter       35      Boonsville
20-08B-59   SNOWDY ?   J.B.    Head   67      Boonsville
20-08B-60   SNOWDY ?   Levi    Son     41      Boonsville
06-06A-25  SORRELL     Curtis Laverne Stepdau        11      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-22  SORRELL     Francis [Byron]          Stepson        17      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-23  SORRELL     Helen Beatrice         Stepdau        15      N&E of Alvord
06-06A-24  SORRELL     William Robert ["Billy Bob"]   Stepson        13      N&E of Alvord
05-05B-64   SOUTHERLAND     James  Grandson       18      Alvord Town
01-31B-74   SPAIGHTS    Frank  Son     42      Decatur-Town
03-03B-56   SPAIN         Almon [Alma Lea]     daughter        4        NW of Decatur
01-28B-41   SPAIN         Catherine Jo   Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
02-05B-75   SPAIN         Charlene       daughter        15      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05B-73   SPAIN         Charley         head   39      Rt 3-E of Decatur
03-03B-49   SPAIN         Christine [Nellie Christine (RAWLE)] wife    40      NW of Decatur
03-03B-48   SPAIN         Clyde [Clyde Warren] head   44      NW of Decatur
03-03B-51   SPAIN         Clyde Jr        son     15      NW of Decatur
03-03B-54   SPAIN         Don [Ernest Don]      son     9        NW of Decatur
02-05B-76   SPAIN         Eula M.         daughter        11      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-28A-40  SPAIN         Fred    Head   59      Decatur-Town
02-05A-40  SPAIN         Grady R.       stepson         6        Rt 3-E of Decatur
03-03B-53   SPAIN         Idnel   daughter        10      NW of Decatur
01-28B-42   SPAIN         J.Z. (Joseph)   Head   24      Decatur-Town
02-05B-56   SPAIN         Jessie L. (Lee Parish) wife    38      Rt 3-E of Decatur
03-03B-50   SPAIN         Leane  daughter        21      NW of Decatur
01-28B-43   SPAIN         Leora (B. Spain)       Wife   24      Decatur-Town
02-05B-74   SPAIN         Lucille (Clark) wife    37      Rt 3-E of Decatur
03-03B-52   SPAIN         Modine         daughter        12      NW of Decatur
02-05B-57   SPAIN         Ruth   daughter        19      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05B-55   SPAIN         Van (Dewey, Sr.)      head   41      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05B-58   SPAIN         Van, Jr. (Dewey)      son     11      Rt 3-E of Decatur
03-03B-55   SPAIN         Warren [Douglas]      son     6        NW of Decatur
11-04A-03  SPANN        Clara   Daughter       2        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-78   SPANN        Joseph P [Paul]        Head   45      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-02  SPANN        Lorene Daughter       4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-04A-01  SPANN        Nona F         Daughter       5        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-80   SPANN        Odell   Son     7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-03B-79   SPANN        Oma [Oma Jewel (PIPPS)]   Wife   36      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-12B-52   SPARKMAN Cecil Dudley   Son     ??      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-12B-48   SPARKMAN D C [Dudley Clifton "Slim"]   Head   ??      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-12B-50   SPARKMAN George Allen  Son     4        Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-12B-49   SPARKMAN Jimmie [Margaret (CHAPMAN)]     Wife   31      Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
06-12B-51   SPARKMAN Nancy M argaret       Daughter       2        Meridian Hwy-N&E of Alvord
19-12A-12  SPARKS       Alice (Lettie?) wife    54      NW of Bridgeport
19-12A-11  SPARKS       Benton N. (Nathan)   head   58      NW of Bridgeport
19-12A-16  SPARKS       Billie Joe       daughter        11      NW of Bridgeport
19-12A-14  SPARKS       Brandon        son     14      NW of Bridgeport
13-03A-39  SPARKS       Burdge (Burgess)      Brother         54      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
20-08A-02  SPARKS       Clara (Etta Boyd)      Wife   29      Boonsville/Balsora
19-12A-20  SPARKS       Delain granddaughter 4        NW of Bridgeport
14-07A-40  SPARKS       Edith B. (Vera)         Wife   45      S of Rhome-Private Rd
13-03B-43   SPARKS       Embry Son     19      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
14-07B-41   SPARKS       J.L., Jr. (Jake) Son     14      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-07A-39  SPARKS       Jake L. (Sr.)   Head   49      S of Rhome-Private Rd
13-03B-41   SPARKS       James (W.)    Head   49      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
19-12A-13  SPARKS       Jessie (Adam 'Bud')   son     22      NW of Bridgeport
19-12A-19  SPARKS       Jettie (Jannette)        daughter        22      NW of Bridgeport
13-03A-38  SPARKS       John (A.)       Head   61      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
19-12A-18  SPARKS       Joyce  granddaughter 1        NW of Bridgeport
19-12A-15  SPARKS       Latilla (Lotella)         daughter        16      NW of Bridgeport
20-08A-04  SPARKS       Leroy  Son     3        Boonsville/Balsora
13-03B-44   SPARKS       Lucy   Daughter       18      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
20-08A-01  SPARKS       Maxie (Olander)       Head   30      Boonsville/Balsora
13-03A-40  SPARKS       Oma Dell       Sister  56      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
13-03B-42   SPARKS       Omie (Oma)   Wife   41      Rhome Town-Main St-B North
19-12A-17  SPARKS       Opal   daughter        26      NW of Bridgeport
19-01B-80   SPARKS       Swift S. (Sanders)     father in law   73      SW of Bridgeport
20-08A-03  SPARKS       Thurman       Son     2        Boonsville/Balsora
07-02B-66   SPEER         Burchell [Jewell Burchell]     Head   42      S of Alvord
07-02B-68   SPEER         Capres [Louis Capres]         Son     5        S of Alvord
05-05B-66   SPEER         Cora   Wife   62      Alvord Town(Franklin St)
07-02B-67   SPEER         Lillie (RICHARD)     Wife   41      S of Alvord
05-05B-65   SPEER         Oran   Head   64      Alvord Town(Franklin St)
05-06A-28  SPENCER     Anna [Sarah Anna (PARKS)]         Wife   47      Alvord Town
05-06A-29  SPENCER     Anna Lee      Daughter       16      Alvord Town
01-31B-68   SPENCER     Charles         Son     1        Decatur-Town
01-09B-69   SPENCER     David  Son     11      Decatur-Town
05-09B-61   SPENCER     Derusha F. [Florence] Head   83      Alvord Town
01-31B-69   SPENCER     Francis L.      Daughter       3        Decatur-Town
01-09B-64   SPENCER     Horace (Edward)      Head   60      Decatur-Town
01-31B-65   SPENCER     L.C. (Lillian Carwell)  Head   33      Decatur-Town
01-31B-67   SPENCER     L.C., Jr.        Son     4        Decatur-Town
01-31B-66   SPENCER     Mattie (Ree McQueen)        Wife   21      Decatur-Town
12-03B-46   SPENCER     Norris  Son     17      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-03B-45   SPENCER     Ora    Wife   37      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-09B-67   SPENCER     Ralph  Son     16      Decatur-Town
01-09B-65   SPENCER     Rosa Lee (Thomas)   Wife   49      Decatur-Town
06-10B-76   SPENCER     Susan  Head   74      N&E of Alvord
01-09B-68   SPENCER     Thomas         Son     13      Decatur-Town
05-06A-27  SPENCER     Tilman [Lee]   Head   43      Alvord Town
12-03B-44   SPENCER     Tom    Head   36      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-09B-66   SPENCER     William          Son     17      Decatur-Town
09-07B-65   SPIKES        Charles David son     1        Crafton Rd
09-07B-63   SPIKES        Clem D. (David)       Head   31      Crafton Rd
09-07B-64   SPIKES        Martha wife    25      Crafton Rd
01-23A-30  SPILLER      Kyle   Lodger 26      Decatur-Town
04-03A-02  SPITZER      Alma   Wife   48      SW of Decatur
04-03A-03  SPITZER      Arnold Son     24      SW of Decatur
04-03A-07  SPITZER      Elda    Daughter       15      SW of Decatur
04-03A-10  SPITZER      Eldon Ray      Son     4        SW of Decatur
04-03A-01  SPITZER      Ernest Head   51      SW of Decatur
04-03A-06  SPITZER      Esther Daughter       18      SW of Decatur
04-03A-05  SPITZER      Lenora Daughter       20      SW of Decatur
04-03A-04  SPITZER      Lorena Daughter       22      SW of Decatur
04-03A-09  SPITZER      Mabel  Daughter       8        SW of Decatur
04-03A-08  SPITZER      Mervin Son     13      SW of Decatur
12-03B-78   SPLAWN      Beatrice (Hattie Flowers)      Wife   33      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06B-79   SPLAWN      Ben (A)        Head   48      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-07A-15  SPLAWN      Bertha Wife   42      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-07A-07  SPLAWN      Billy Charles   Son     8        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-07A-06  SPLAWN      Bobbie Lee    Daughter       11      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-78   SPLAWN      Darah  Wife   62      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-07A-03  SPLAWN      Floreen         Daughter       16      Boyd Town-N of Main St
15-04B-77   SPLAWN      G. E.   Head   40      Rural Boyd Area
12-07A-02  SPLAWN      Glenella         Daughter       18      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-03B-77   SPLAWN      Grover  (Cleveland)    Head   36      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06B-77   SPLAWN      Hance Head   73      Boyd Town-N of Main St
16-04B-69   SPLAWN      Homer [John Homer]  Head   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-04B-79   SPLAWN      Imogene        Daughter       21      Rural Boyd Area
12-07A-05  SPLAWN      Jaunell Daughter       13      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-07A-14  SPLAWN      Lewis  Head   43      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-80   SPLAWN      Ludie  Wife   46      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-07A-01  SPLAWN      Maurice (Ben) Son     19      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-03B-80   SPLAWN      Melvin Dean   Son     1        Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-04B-78   SPLAWN      Mollie  Wife   43      Rural Boyd Area
16-04B-70   SPLAWN      Nell [Nellie Fay (WOOD)]    Wife   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-72   SPLAWN      Walter [Frank] Son     12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-03B-79   SPLAWN      Wanda J. (Jean)        Daughter       7        Boyd Town-S of Main St
16-04B-71   SPLAWN      Wayne Son     21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
12-07A-04  SPLAWN      Windell         Son     15      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-67   SPRADLEY  Curtis (Edwin) Son     7        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-68   SPRADLEY  David (Earl)   Son     2        Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-64   SPRADLEY  Dillard (Wesley)        Head   34      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-02B-61   SPRADLEY  Eula    Head   56      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-06B-66   SPRADLEY  Harold Son     10      Boyd Town-N of Main St
12-06B-65   SPRADLEY  Willie (Faye)   Wife   30      Boyd Town-N of Main St
01-31A-40  SQUARE      Adalee Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-31B-41   SQUARE      Henry  Head   34      Decatur-Town
01-31B-42   SQUARE      Louida (Byars)         Wife   38      Decatur-Town
01-30B-54   SQUARE      Matt   Head   70      Decatur-Town
01-31B-57   SQUARE      Matt   Head   33      Decatur-Town
01-31B-58   SQUARE      Maude Wife   35      Decatur-Town
01-32A-01  SQUARE      Robert D.      Son     8        Decatur-Town
11-12B-58   SRYGLEY    Hattie  Wife   58      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-12B-57   SRYGLEY    Monte H       Head   62      Cottondale-Keeter Area
10-07B-70   ST. CLAIR    Adrain Brother        55      recopied on 14B-51
10-14B-51   ST. CLAIR    Adrain Brother        55      Paradise Town-W side
01-18A-16  ST. CLAIR    Florence        Head   65      Decatur-Town
10-07B-69   ST. CLAIR    Raddie Head   58      recopied on 14B-50
10-14B-50   ST. CLAIR    Raddie Head   58      Paradise Town-W side
19-10A-26  STACK        Bobbie (Bobby Ray 'Bossman')        son     7        NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-28  STACK        Danny Joe     son     2        NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-23  STACK        Estella (Jo Greeson)   wife    33      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-24  STACK        Harold D. (Dean)      son     14      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-22  STACK        Herbert  R. (Robert)   head   36      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-25  STACK        Herbert Jean   son     12      NW of Bridgeport
18-04A-21  STACK        Nora   Daughter       38      Chico Town
19-10A-27  STACK        Patsy Joyce    daughter        5        NW of Bridgeport
07-04A-09  STAGG        Annie [Emily Annie (SAYARS)]      Wife   54      S of Alvord
05-09B-67   STAGG        Eugene         Head   34      Alvord Town
07-04A-08  STAGG        F E [Frank, Sr.]        Head   59      S of Alvord
07-04A-10  STAGG        Frank, Jr [E.]  Son     18      S of Alvord
05-09B-69   STAGG        Lowell Eugene Son     7        Alvord Town
05-09B-68   STAGG        Ruth [Mary Ruth (HINES)]   Wife   33      Alvord Town
01-18B-50   STAHLER     Charles         Head   26      Decatur-Town
01-18B-51   STAHLER     Marjorie        Wife   26      Decatur-Town
01-18B-52   STAHLER     Sandra S.       Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
02-11B-50   STALLINGS  Culn C.         head   26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-11B-51   STALLINGS  Edith N.        wife    22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
13-04A-11  STAMPS      Celia   Daughter       23      Rhome Town-B St North
13-04A-09  STAMPS      Charles         Head   59      Rhome Town-B St North
13-04A-10  STAMPS      Lela    Wife   58      Rhome Town-B St North
05-07A-14  STANDRIDGE        Harold B.      Son     18      Alvord Town
05-07A-12  STANDRIDGE        J.D.    Head   57      Alvord Town
05-07A-13  STANDRIDGE        Nora   Wife   55      Alvord Town
17-03B-68   STANFIELD  Eddie (Malceny Ladd) head   65      Bridgeport W Side
17-03B-69   STANFIELD  Jimmie son     29      Bridgeport W Side
20-01A-37  STANFIELD  Juanita Daughter       13      Boonsville
20-01A-34  STANFIELD  Kate (Ann Ramsey)   Wife   52      Boonsville
20-01A-35  STANFIELD  Lorene Daughter       19      Boonsville
20-01A-36  STANFIELD  Mildred         Daughter       17      Boonsville
05-04A-29  STANFIELD  Ollie [Mae (NORWOOD)]    Head   39      Alvord Town
20-01A-33  STANFIELD  Robert L.       Head   70      Boonsville
15-07B-44   STANFORD  Bessie (Patterson)     Head   39      Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-48   STANFORD  Betty (Jo)      Daughter       9        Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-45   STANFORD  Clifford         Son     15      Rural Boyd Area
14-08A-22  STANFORD  Edd    Head   76      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08A-25  STANFORD  Freeman        Son     13      Newark-Aurora Rd
15-07B-46   STANFORD  Harold Son     13      Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-49   STANFORD  Joe     Son     8        Rural Boyd Area
14-08A-23  STANFORD  Minnie (M.)    Wife   59      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08A-24  STANFORD  Prilla (Prethal) Daughter       14      Newark-Aurora Rd
15-07B-47   STANFORD  Roy    Son     11      Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-50   STANFORD  Ruth   Daughter       5        Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-52   STANFORD  Vera (Lucille) Daughter       2        Rural Boyd Area
15-07B-51   STANFORD  Yvonne         Daughter       4        Rural Boyd Area
03-02B-45   STANLEY    Bennie [Paul]  son     4        NW of Decatur
03-02B-47   STANLEY    David  son     3/12    NW of Decatur
01-16A-31  STANLEY    Fay (Tessie Fay O'Neal)       Wife   22      Decatur-Town
01-16A-30  STANLEY    Jay (William Jay)       Head   23      Decatur-Town
03-02B-44   STANLEY    Lola May [Lela Mae (HICKS)]        wife    24      NW of Decatur
03-02B-48   STANLEY    Maud [Belle (ENGLE)]        mother 58      NW of Decatur
03-02B-43   STANLEY    Paul H [Henry Paul]   head   27      NW of Decatur
03-02B-46   STANLEY    Shearly [Shirley Dale] daughter        2        NW of Decatur
04-02B-51   STANSELL   Adelia (Delia) Wife   63      SW of Decatur
04-02B-50   STANSELL   David  Head   69      SW of Decatur
04-02B-52   STANSELL   Opal   Daughter       24      SW of Decatur
17-03A-07  STANSKING Buster stepson         13      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-27  STANSKING Pete    lodger  25      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-06  STANSKING Yvonne         stepdaughter   17      Bridgeport W Side
15-05B-49   STANTZENBERGER         Aubrey K.     Stepson         3        Rural Boyd Area
15-05B-48   STANTZENBERGER         Garvis Stepson         5        Rural Boyd Area
01-11B-43   STARK        Allie B.         Brother         33      Decatur-Town
02-15A-03  STARK        Bobby G.       grandson       4        Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-06A-36  STARK        Colquitt [Crawford ?]  Step son        12      Alvord Town
02-14B-53   STARK        Della (Sparks) wife    40      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-11B-42   STARK        Eather Head   47      Decatur-Town
02-14B-52   STARK        Jack (Sr.)      head   45      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-54   STARK        Jack, Jr.        son     14      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15A-02  STARK        Jewel  daughter        33      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-56   STARK        Lewis K.       son     6        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-14B-55   STARK        Mary W.       daughter        10      Rt 2-E of Decatur
05-06A-35  STARK        W.J.   Step son        14      Alvord Town
02-04A-29  STARNES     Bennie P.      son     8        Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-15B-48   STARNES     Billy G.         son     7        Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-16A-28  STARNES     Bobbie Son     9        Decatur-Town
02-15B-46   STARNES     Bobby L.       son     11      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-42   STARNES     Cecil G.        head   44      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-04B-44   STARNES     Clovis  Son     17      Decatur-Town
02-12A-14  STARNES     Donnie Jerrell  son     4        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-47   STARNES     Eddie R.        son     9        Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-04B-41   STARNES     Edger  Head   39      Decatur-Town
02-15B-49   STARNES     Geraldean      daughter        3        Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-15B-76   STARNES     Gerry  Son     3        Decatur-Town
01-16A-29  STARNES     Helen  Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
01-16A-26  STARNES     J.B.    Head   29      Decatur-Town
02-13B-71   STARNES     John B. (Brown)       head   69      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-04A-30  STARNES     Kenneth D.    son     2        Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-15B-45   STARNES     L.C.    son     13      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-15B-74   STARNES     L.D.   Head   27      Decatur-Town
02-04A-26  STARNES     Leon   head   37      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04A-28  STARNES     Margurite      daughter        15      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-12A-12  STARNES     Marie (Teague)        wife    24      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-15B-75   STARNES     Mary R.        Wife   24      Decatur-Town
02-13B-72   STARNES     Mattie L. (Mollie L. Christian) wife    62      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-16A-27  STARNES     Maude (Stanley)       Wife   25      Decatur-Town
01-04B-42   STARNES     Millie (Bell Stanley)    Wife   37      Decatur-Town
02-04A-27  STARNES     Pearlie (Mae Teague) wife    33      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-15B-43   STARNES     Veda (Pugh)   wife    44      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-13  STARNES     Virginia R.     daughter        6        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-44   STARNES     Wilburn         son     15      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-12A-11  STARNES     Wilford         head   26      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-04B-43   STARNES     Woodrow      Son     21      Decatur-Town
11-01B-62   STEEL         Donald Son     11      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01B-60   STEEL         John L [Lewis]         Head   31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-29  STEEL         John W         Head   72      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01B-46   STEEL         Marvin E?      Head   26      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-32  STEEL         Robert S        Brother         73      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01B-61   STEEL         Ruth (YATES /YEATS)       Wife   31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-30  STEEL         Vergie V [Vannie?]   Daughter       24      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01A-31  STEEL         Virgil C         Son     24      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-01B-47   STEEL         Willys R [Willie (GILLEY)]   Wife   25      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-05B-59   STEELE       Hattie  Daughter       50      Chico Town
10-06A-20  STEELE       Homer step son        20      Paradise-Across RR North
06-01A-26  STEELE       John    Head   58      N&E of Alvord
06-01A-27  STEELE       Leana  Wife   65      N&E of Alvord
18-05B-58   STEELE       Mary   Head   78      Chico Town
17-10A-22  STEELE       Wayne (Franklin)      lodger  42      Bridgeport E Side
05-10B-69   STEEN         Bessie (SKAGGS)     Wife   19      Alvord Town
05-10B-70   STEEN         Dealma         Daughter       6/12    Alvord Town
16-01B-63   STEEN         Maggie         Head   63      Slidell Town
05-10B-68   STEEN         W.T. [Willie]  Head   24      Alvord Town
18-09B-44   STEPH         Billye C.        Son     3        East of Chico
18-09B-42   STEPH         Birda (Bratton Bullington)      Wife   39      East of Chico
18-09B-45   STEPH         Bobbie Lee    Son     10/12   East of Chico
18-09B-41   STEPH         Delbert C. (Charles)   Head   43      East of Chico
18-09B-43   STEPH         Dorothy Sue   Daughter       14      East of Chico
18-09A-32  STEPH         Evvie (Wallace)        Wife   43      East of Chico
18-09A-33  STEPH         Harland         Son     20      East of Chico
18-09A-31  STEPH         J.H.    Head   47      East of Chico
18-09A-34  STEPH         Larue  Daughter       13      East of Chico
19-09B-71   STEPHENS   Allie (Almira Frances Hyatt)  wife    73      NW of Bridgeport
02-01A-14  STEPHENS   Alvis   son     11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-09B-74   STEPHENS   Bill     son     2        NW of Bridgeport
15-12A-03  STEPHENS   C. C. (Charlie) Head   47      Page 61A-Boyd Area
18-10A-08  STEPHENS   Cecil   Son     21      East of Chico
19-09B-70   STEPHENS   Charles A. (Wesley)   head   75      NW of Bridgeport
02-01B-76   STEPHENS   Coy (M.)       head   43      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01A-12  STEPHENS   J.P. (Joseph Piner)     head   45      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-79   STEPHENS   Jack    son     13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-18B-68   STEPHENS   Kenon Supervisor      34      Decatur-Town
18-10A-05  STEPHENS   Lola    Wife   43      East of Chico
15-12A-04  STEPHENS   Lorene Wife   27      Page 61A-Boyd Area
19-09B-73   STEPHENS   Mildred (Ruth Smith)  wife    26      NW of Bridgeport
02-01B-77   STEPHENS   Mirtle (Morrow)        wife    35      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-78   STEPHENS   Norman        son     13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-10A-07  STEPHENS   Ray    Son     15      East of Chico
02-01A-13  STEPHENS   Ruth (Hornback)       wife    40      Rt 4-E of Decatur
18-10A-04  STEPHENS   Sid D.  Head   48      East of Chico
15-12A-05  STEPHENS   Thomas         Son     7/12    Page 61A-Boyd Area
18-10A-06  STEPHENS   Tom    Son     18      East of Chico
19-09B-72   STEPHENS   Wilbur (W.)    head   30      NW of Bridgeport
01-15A-28  STEPP         Ira (1st wife-Antonett Devereau)      Head   62      Decatur-Town
01-15A-31  STEPP         Juanita Daughter       22      Decatur-Town
01-15A-30  STEPP         Marshall        Son     21      Decatur-Town
01-15A-29  STEPP         Rosa (Lee Gifford-2nd wife)  Wife   59      Decatur-Town
01-25B-48   STERN         Barbara A.     Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
01-25B-47   STERN         Bessie Wife   34      Decatur-Town
01-25B-46   STERN         R.S.    Head   35      Decatur-Town
01-08B-57   STEVEN       Bonnie Bess   Wife   39      Decatur-Town
01-08B-58   STEVEN       Nancy Jane    Daughter       1        Decatur-Town
01-08B-56   STEVEN       Virgil Robert   Head   40      Decatur-Town
16-15A-25  STEVENS     Addie  Sister  39      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-01A-09  STEVENS     Allen Royce   Gson   2/12   Paradise-Draco Rd.
02-02A-37  STEVENS     Anna M. (May Ashton)        wife    39      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-07A-28  STEVENS     Author Head   40      Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-13B-41   STEVENS     Bailey  Head   35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-58   STEVENS     Bennie M. [Merle ]    Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-07A-30  STEVENS     Bennita [Bunta]        Daughter       14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-04A-36  STEVENS     Bettie Jo        Daughter       10      N&E of Alvord
16-16B-69   STEVENS     Birdie  Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-01A-03  STEVENS     Bobbie Lee    Daughter       20      Paradise-Draco Rd.
16-16B-72   STEVENS     Bonnie L.      Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-10A-07  STEVENS     Carson D. (Duff)      blank   75      SW of Decatur
10-01A-06  STEVENS     Clelus? [Cleta A]      Daughter       12      Paradise-Draco Rd.
10-01A-07  STEVENS     Cleo? [E Cleo] Daughter       12      Paradise-Draco Rd.
02-02A-38  STEVENS     Coy M.         son     16      Rt 4-E of Decatur
12-05A-31  STEVENS     Edd    Head   62      Boyd Town-N of Main St
10-01A-08  STEVENS     Ellen Dora     Daughter       8        Paradise-Draco Rd.
16-17B-58   STEVENS     Elmo   Wife   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-04B-65   STEVENS     Eva [Eva Estelle (CASH)      Wife   21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-02A-39  STEVENS     Floyd W.       son     12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-36  STEVENS     Frank  head   45      Rt 4-E of Decatur
11-04B-64   STEVENS     Gally J [John Galley]   Head   20      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-08B-58   STEVENS     Geo M [George Manley]       Head   35      N&E of Alvord
16-16B-70   STEVENS     George          Son     18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-71   STEVENS     Gerald Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-25  STEVENS     Harold R. [Roger]     Son     8/12    Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11A-23  STEVENS     Homer [Guy]  Head   23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-03B-77   STEVENS     Jim     f/law   46      Rt 3-E of Decatur
06-08B-60   STEVENS     John Gordon   Son     5        N&E of Alvord
10-01A-02  STEVENS     Litha [E (Kirkpatrick)] Wife   52      Paradise-Draco Rd.
16-13B-42   STEVENS     Lucille (PHILLIPS)   Wife   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
11-07A-29  STEVENS     Mary [E]       Wife   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
16-11A-24  STEVENS     Mary F. [Faye (SAMPLER)] Wife   22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-43   STEVENS     Melba [Sue]   Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-57   STEVENS     Myrtle (GORDON)    Wife   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-56   STEVENS     Newt  Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16B-68   STEVENS     Odie   Head   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
10-01A-05  STEVENS     Oliver J         Son     14      Paradise-Draco Rd.
06-08B-59   STEVENS     Ora Faye (STAKES)  Wife   34      N&E of Alvord
02-02A-40  STEVENS     Patsy R.        daughter        9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
06-04A-34  STEVENS     R F     Head   33      N&E of Alvord
16-15A-24  STEVENS     Ray    Head   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-04A-37  STEVENS     Ray, Jr.         Son     8        N&E of Alvord
16-01B-64   STEVENS     Sidney Lodger 60      Slidell Town
16-17B-57   STEVENS     Sidney Head   24      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-08B-61   STEVENS     T L [Tune]     Brother        47      N&E of Alvord
10-01A-04  STEVENS     Thelma L       Daughter       18      Paradise-Draco Rd.
16-15A-26  STEVENS     Thomas         Father 68      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-04A-35  STEVENS     Versa Mae     Wife   27      N&E of Alvord
10-01A-01  STEVENS     W O [William O]       Head   65      Paradise-Draco Rd.
12-05A-32  STEVENS     Willie  Brother         44      Boyd Town-N of Main St
02-04B-51   STEVENSON Betty L.        daughter        13      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04B-52   STEVENSON Bobby R.       daughter        4        Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-18B-69   STEVENSON Dale (Carley)  Head   44      Decatur-Town
10-08B-53   STEVENSON Euna Joe [(WRIGHT)]         Wife   50      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
02-04B-49   STEVENSON Gladys (Modena Standford)   wife    44      Rt 3-E of Decatur
10-08B-54   STEVENSON Imogene        Daughter       22      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
02-04B-48   STEVENSON Jess M.         head   48      Rt 3-E of Decatur
10-08B-56   STEVENSON John William   Son     16      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
10-08B-55   STEVENSON Laurine         Son     19      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
02-04B-50   STEVENSON Reta J. daughter        16      Rt 3-E of Decatur
10-08B-52   STEVENSON T O [Forrest T.]        Head   54      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
01-18B-70   STEVENSON Utha M. (Eutha Mae Dillehay)         Wife   39      Decatur-Town
01-30A-40  STEWART    Alfred (B.)     Head   34      Decatur-Town
20-09A-09  STEWART    Aubrey         Son     21      Boonsville
12-01B-60   STEWART    Beavena M.   Daughter       5        Boyd Town-S of Main St
13-01B-48   STEWART    Beryl   Son     11      Rhome Town-C St
13-01B-49   STEWART    Billy Ray       Son     10      Rhome Town-C St
13-01B-46   STEWART    Boyce [B]      Head   33      Rhome Town-C St
20-09A-15  STEWART    Charles W.     Son     6/12    Boonsville
02-07A-34  STEWART    Dell S. head   45      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-30B-41   STEWART    Ira (Ida Caddell)       Wife   48      Decatur-Town
20-04B-71   STEWART    Jim     Head   34      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-73   STEWART    Jim Dan        Son     5        Boonsville/Willow P.
20-09A-10  STEWART    Kenneth        Son     18      Boonsville
12-01B-58   STEWART    Kizzie  Wife   32      Boyd Town-S of Main St
20-09A-11  STEWART    Laura B.       Mother 76      Boonsville
18-06B-78   STEWART    Lee E. Head   68      Chico Area
18-06B-79   STEWART    Lois    Wife   60      Chico Area
13-01B-47   STEWART    Myrtle (SIMMONS)   Wife   32      Rhome Town-C St
12-01B-57   STEWART    Oda    Head   35      Boyd Town-S of Main St
20-04B-72   STEWART    Robbie Wife   29      Boonsville/Willow P.
12-01B-59   STEWART    Ronald Son     10      Boyd Town-S of Main St
02-07A-35  STEWART    Ruby G. (Stewart)     wife    19      Rt 4-E of Decatur
20-09A-06  STEWART    S.H. (Silas)    Head   50      Boonsville
20-09A-12  STEWART    Tom (W.)      Head   44      Boonsville
20-09A-07  STEWART    Veda (Thompson)      Wife   44      Boonsville
20-09A-13  STEWART    Violet (Phillips)         Wife   36      Boonsville
20-09A-08  STEWART    Weldon         Son     23      Boonsville
20-09A-14  STEWART    Wilson Son     10      Boonsville
16-11B-55   STICE Arthur Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-54   STICE Berdie [Bertie Lou (GOBER)]         Wife   38      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-61   STICE Bobby Nephew        5        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-25  STICE Fannie L. [Lou (BOTHMORE)]       Wife   32      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-57   STICE Fern    Daughter       9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-53   STICE George [W]    Head   49      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-27  STICE Helen B.       Daughter       11      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-60   STICE James  Father 72      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-26  STICE Jewel M.       Daughter       13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-24  STICE Marion [M R] Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-56   STICE Opal   Daughter       18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-58   STICE Pearl [Marie]  Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-28  STICE Robert L.       Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-30  STICE Shirley A. [Ann]       Daughter       2        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-59   STICE Thurman [Roger]      Son     1        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-18A-29  STICE Wanda F.      Daughter       6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-03A-18  STILL F.T., Jr. (Frank)        son     10      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-17  STILL Frances         daughter        13      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-12  STILL Frank (T., Sr.) head   58      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-13  STILL Grace (Wileman)       wife    50      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-15  STILL Horace         son     17      Bridgeport W Side
16-16A-01  STILL James [Asberry]       Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-64   STILL Jimmy Joe      Son     6        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12A-39  STILL Leaborn [Lebern William]     Head   59      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-16A-02  STILL Maggie         Wife   45      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-03A-16  STILL Marie  daughter        15      Bridgeport W Side
16-12A-40  STILL Myrtle [Vera (MOSER)]      Wife   54      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-63   STILL Ruby (TRUITT)       Wife   27      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07B-62   STILL Thurman [James Thurman]    Head   28      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-12B-41   STILL Tolbert Head   16[56] Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-03A-14  STILL Victor (C.)     son     19      Bridgeport W Side
09-01B-41   STOCKARD  Carroll son     1        Crafton Town
09-01A-40  STOCKARD  Galan Ray      son     9        Crafton Town
09-01A-38  STOCKARD  Hollis  son     15      Crafton Town
09-01A-35  STOCKARD  La Rue         wife    18      Crafton Town
09-01A-39  STOCKARD  Marjorie Louise        daughter        11      Crafton Town
09-01A-37  STOCKARD  Ophelia         wife    33      Crafton Town
09-01A-34  STOCKARD  Raymond       Head   20      Crafton Town
09-01A-36  STOCKARD  Troy   Head   32      Crafton Town
05-11A-15  STOCKTON  Alga W. [Wayne]      Son     7        Alvord Town
05-11A-11  STOCKTON  Ernest [Edward "Hokey"]      Head   31      Alvord Town
03-01B-58   STOCKTON  Glen [Glenn Edward]  son     24      NW of Decatur
05-11A-16  STOCKTON  Jack E. [Jackie]        Son     4        Alvord Town
05-11A-14  STOCKTON  James R.       Son     9        Alvord Town
02-05B-65   STOCKTON  Joe E.  daughter        16      Rt 3-E of Decatur
05-11A-13  STOCKTON  John C.         Son     12      Alvord Town
02-05B-64   STOCKTON  Katie   wife    54      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-05B-63   STOCKTON  Luther head   56      Rt 3-E of Decatur
03-01B-57   STOCKTON  Mannie [Mamie ]      wife    54      NW of Decatur
03-01B-56   STOCKTON  Odus [F]       head   53      NW of Decatur
05-11A-12  STOCKTON  Vessie [Irene (PERKINS)]    Wife   30      Alvord Town
15-12A-12  STOKES       Adrian Wife   20      Page 61A-Boyd Area
19-05B-57   STOKES       Augie (Victoria Gober)         wife    23      SW of Bridgeport
15-02A-17  STOKES       Bernice         Wife   20      Rural Boyd Area
15-12A-13  STOKES       Billy Charles   Nephew        16      Page 61A-Boyd Area
19-05B-60   STOKES       Carl B. son     3m     SW of Bridgeport
17-14A-14  STOKES       Carroll Ray    son     4        Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
09-01A-29  STOKES       Cassie Berniece        daughter        46      Crafton Town
01-18A-02  STOKES       Charley (Charlie)       Head   56      Decatur-Town
01-28A-21  STOKES       Corine Head   58      Decatur-Town
19-05B-59   STOKES       Doris   daughter        5        SW of Bridgeport
17-14A-12  STOKES       Elgie Ray       head   26      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
17-14A-13  STOKES       Eva Belle (Shipley)    wife    24      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
18-15A-17  STOKES       Floyd M. (Marshall)   Head   31      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
17-12B-74   STOKES       G.T. (George Thomas)         head   58      Bridgeport E Side
02-04B-76   STOKES       Gene   son/law         52      Rt 3-E of Decatur
01-21B-52   STOKES       Glen    Brother         48      Decatur-Town
09-01A-28  STOKES       Henry Etta (Henretta) wife    77      Crafton Town
17-12B-75   STOKES       Ida (May Mann)       wife    53      Bridgeport E Side
15-12A-16  STOKES       J. R. (Jim)      Father 53      Page 61A-Boyd Area
17-12B-76   STOKES       J.B.    son     17      Bridgeport E Side
12-01A-02  STOKES       Jewel  Wife   26      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-02A-16  STOKES       John    Head   20      Rural Boyd Area
09-01A-27  STOKES       Joseph J.       Head   80      Crafton Town
15-12A-15  STOKES       Kenneth        Nephew        8        Page 61A-Boyd Area
18-15A-19  STOKES       Leon (Gomer) Son     5        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
12-01A-03  STOKES       Leonard        Son     12      Boyd Town-S of Main St
18-15A-18  STOKES       Lonnie Mae (Blackburn)       Wife   30      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
01-18A-03  STOKES       Luna (Mae Mitchell)   Wife   44      Decatur-Town
12-01B-45   STOKES       Mary   Head   68      Boyd Town-S of Main St
02-04B-78   STOKES       Maxine         gr/dau  16      Rt 3-E of Decatur
15-12A-14  STOKES       Mirron Lee (Marion)  Nephew        11      Page 61A-Boyd Area
19-05B-56   STOKES       Morris B. (Beasley)   head   33      SW of Bridgeport
19-05B-58   STOKES       Morris T. (Thomas 'Jr.')        son     8        SW of Bridgeport
15-12A-11  STOKES       Oscar (A.)     Head   27      Page 61A-Boyd Area
17-12B-77   STOKES       Ray Nell        daughter        13      Bridgeport E Side
02-04B-77   STOKES       Rita    daughter        50      Rt 3-E of Decatur
15-02A-18  STOKES       Robert M       Son     0/12    Rural Boyd Area
12-01A-01  STOKES       Rube   Head   40      Boyd Town-S of Main St
12-01B-46   STOKES       Slawson (Lee) Brother         65      Boyd Town-S of Main St
17-14A-15  STOKES       Thurman Lee  son     8m     Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
18-15A-20  STOKES       Treva J.        Daughter       3        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
01-21B-51   STOKES       William J.      Head   62      Decatur-Town
05-02B-49   STONE        Alice [M.]      Head   76      Alvord Town
04-06B-50   STONE        Betty May     Daughter       9        SW of Decatur
04-06B-46   STONE        Billie (Willie Mae Pugh)        Wife   35      SW of Decatur
16-08A-38  STONE        Bryan  Head   42      Greenwood-Slidell Area
02-02A-12  STONE        Buelah (Wiley)         wife    38      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-17B-64   STONE        Charles William        Head   53      Decatur-Town
06-10B-43   STONE        Cora   Wife   50      N&E of Alvord
02-02A-15  STONE        Curtis W.       son     5        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-02A-14  STONE        Don W.         son     7        Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-06B-52   STONE        Donald Ray    Son     5        SW of Decatur
02-08B-46   STONE        Duane son     13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-06B-54   STONE        Elizabeth       Daughter       3/12    SW of Decatur
02-02A-13  STONE        Ella M. daughter        13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-08A-40  STONE        Elmyra Daughter       14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-10B-42   STONE        Floyd A         Head   49      N&E of Alvord
16-08A-39  STONE        Gayle (FORTENBERRY)     Wife   37      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-06A-25  STONE        Gene (Jeanne) Daughter       5        Rural Boyd Area
02-08B-49   STONE        Gene E.        son     2        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-45   STONE        Hayward       son     16      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-44   STONE        Ida (May Warren)     wife    44      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-06B-48   STONE        Jack (Milton)  Son     13      SW of Decatur
02-08B-47   STONE        Jackie  daughter        9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-18A-26  STONE        James C.       Head   66      Decatur-Town
04-06B-47   STONE        James C.       Son     15      SW of Decatur
02-02A-16  STONE        Kathryn A.     daughter        2        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-48   STONE        Leon   son     5        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-08B-43   STONE        Lonard head   46      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-06B-49   STONE        Marjorie        Daughter       11      SW of Decatur
04-06B-51   STONE        Mary Joe       Daughter       7        SW of Decatur
01-17B-65   STONE        Octa (Leonard)         Wife   46      Decatur-Town
17-18B-53   STONE        Pheroba        head   70      Bridgeport E Side
02-02A-11  STONE        Raymond       head   38      Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-06B-53   STONE        Ruth   Daughter       3        SW of Decatur
04-06B-45   STONE        Virgil J.         Head   38      SW of Decatur
01-18A-27  STONE        Zella M. (Mary Beaty)         Wife   30      Decatur-Town
08-03A-36  STONE         Barbarie        wife    50      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-67   STONE         Edith (MORROW)    wife    22      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-35  STONE         Frankie         head    54      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-37  STONE         Orell   son     15      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-38  STONE         Roy B son     22      Park Springs & SE
08-08B-66   STONE         Winford [Lee] head    24      Park Springs & SE
13-01A-10  STORE         Jess    Lodger         60      Rhome Town-B St
19-05A-13  STORY        Cecil (Dowdon)        nephew         16      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-16  STORY        Clois   nephew         9        SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-15  STORY        Grace (Nellie) neice   12      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-17  STORY        Imajean         neice   7        SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-14  STORY        Mary   neice   14      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-11  STORY        Millena (Beatrice Johnston)    sister   35      SW of Bridgeport
19-05A-12  STORY        Ozelle  neice   18      SW of Bridgeport
05-09B-62   STOUT        Lucia [N. (HIGGINS)]         Head   63      Alvord Town
19-09B-79   STRAIN       Ada (Pearl Russell)    wife    31      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-45   STRAIN       Cyrus B.       head   69      NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-80   STRAIN       Gracie Jo       daughter        13      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-03  STRAIN       James R.       son     1        NW of Bridgeport
19-09B-78   STRAIN       Joe  (Taylor)   head   35      NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-02  STRAIN       Louise daughter        7        NW of Bridgeport
19-10A-01  STRAIN       Pearl   daughter        10      NW of Bridgeport
19-08B-46   STRAIN       Willie M.       wife    63      NW of Bridgeport
05-03A-27  STRANGE    Barnetta (PICKETT)  Wife   37      Alvord Town(State Street)
05-03A-30  STRANGE    Doris   Daughter       6        Alvord Town(State Street)
05-03A-28  STRANGE    Edwin  Son     12      Alvord Town(State Street)
05-03A-26  STRANGE    Ferrell L. [Fearrel]     Head   43      Alvord Town(State Street)
05-03A-29  STRANGE    Gerald Son     8        Alvord Town(State Street)
05-03A-31  STRANGE    Paul    Son     1        Alvord Town(State Street)
07-02B-79   STRANGE    Sarah [Elizabeth (COLLIE)]  Head   76      S of Alvord
01-01A-19  STRANGE    Stella   Head   57      Decatur-Town
17-10B-72   STREET       E.N. (Elmer Neely)    head   48      Bridgeport E Side
17-10B-73   STREET       Edna (Bingham)        wife    44      Bridgeport E Side
20-04B-63   STRICKLAND        Evelyn Wife   44      Boonsville/Willow P.
20-04B-62   STRICKLAND        J.B.    Head   46      Boonsville/Willow P.
11-10B-52   STRICKLAND        Ruby   Niece 16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
08-01A-23  STRINGER    Maggie D      head   68      Park Springs & SE
05-07A-10  STRONG      Albert Willis   Son     32      Alvord Town
05-07A-09  STRONG      Fannie [Viola F.]       Head   68      Alvord Town
01-26B-61   STROUD      Billie B.         Step-Son       7        Decatur-Town
14-07A-03  STROUD      J.V.    Son     25      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-07A-01  STROUD      James G.       Head   51      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
14-07A-02  STROUD      Mary   Wife   48      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
01-08A-02  STROUD      Sarah  Daughter       46      Decatur-Town
14-07A-04  STROUD      Vera   Daughter       22      Aurora on Rhome-Boyd Rd
01-08A-01  STROUD      William H.     Head   76      Decatur-Town
17-05B-76   STRUT         J.M.    head   69      Bridgeport W Side
17-05B-77   STRUT         Laura  wife    69      Bridgeport W Side
09-05A-12  STUART      John (E.)       Head   59      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
02-06B-41   STUBBLEFIELD     Billy J. son     15      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-40  STUBBLEFIELD     Charles         son     20      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-01A-16  STUBBLEFIELD     Dorothy M. [May]     Daughter       5        Slidell Town
17-15A-24  STUBBLEFIELD     Dovie  housekeeper   25      Bridgeport E Side
17-22A-11  STUBBLEFIELD     Estelle housekeeper   19      Bridgeport E Side
16-01A-14  STUBBLEFIELD     Franklin [Henry Franklin]      Son     19      Slidell Town
16-01A-15  STUBBLEFIELD     Ira      Son     16      Slidell Town
02-06B-42   STUBBLEFIELD     Johny K.       son     13      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-38  STUBBLEFIELD     Lee R. head   53      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-39  STUBBLEFIELD     Lillie (Belle McKay)   wife    39      Rt 4-E of Decatur
16-01A-13  STUBBLEFIELD     Minnie  [May (DURHAM)]   Wife   49      Slidell Town
16-01A-12  STUBBLEFIELD     Oscar [S]      Head   53      Slidell Town
05-05A-35  STUBBS       Katherine [Garrison]   Wife   31      Alvord Town
05-05A-34  STUBBS       Norman        Head   31      Alvord Town
05-05B-68   STURGES     Cora (MURRAY)     Head   57      Alvord Town
10-10A-37  STUTT         Bob, Mrs. [Willie Frissila (JAY)]      Head   64      N of Paradise
10-10A-40  STUTT         Donald [Robert Donald]        Son     27      N of Paradise
10-07B-79   STUTT         Edward         Brother-in-law - died April 14 82      Paradise
10-07B-78   STUTT         Elvin [Joe Elvin]        Son     10      Paradise
10-10A-38  STUTT         J D [James Dewitt]    Son     40      N of Paradise
10-07B-75   STUTT         Jimmie [William J]     Son     18      Paradise
10-07B-74   STUTT         Lizzie [Elizabeth Elle (RAMSDALE)] Head   51      Paradise
10-10A-39  STUTT         Mike [Kit Jay 'Mike']  Son     35      N of Paradise
10-07B-76   STUTT         Oleta   Daughter       14      Paradise
10-10B-41   STUTT         Ruby [Francis (GLASSIE) Watson]   Wife   29      N of Paradise
10-07B-77   STUTT         Terrell [Terrel H]      Son     12      Paradise
10-10B-42   STUTT         Thomas Henry Son     6        N of Paradise
10-10B-43   STUTT         Wilbur Donald [Wilbert Donald]       Son     1        N of Paradise
02-06A-19  SUDDERTH  Beatrice        wife    46      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-20  SUDDERTH  Joy     daughter        12      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-06A-18  SUDDERTH  Scott   head   49      Rt 4-E of Decatur
15-04A-03  SULLIVAN   Anna Joe       Daughter       5        Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-05  SULLIVAN   Bettty Sue      Daughter       2        Rural Boyd Area
15-04A-04  SULLIVAN   Billy Gene      Son     3        Rural Boyd Area
15-03B-80   SULLIVAN   E. V. (Eugene Victor) Head   28      Rural Boyd Area
13-04A-36  SULLIVAN   George D.      Head   80      Rhome Town-B St North
15-04A-01  SULLIVAN   Gladys Wife   27      Rural Boyd Area
18-04B-77   SULLIVAN   Helen Jo        Daughter       13      Chico Town
18-04B-76   SULLIVAN   Laura Dean    Daughter       24      Chico Town
15-04A-06  SULLIVAN   Lola Mae       Daughter       0/12    Rural Boyd Area
18-04B-75   SULLIVAN   Lura A.         Wife   44      Chico Town
15-04A-02  SULLIVAN   Onita   Daughter       7        Rural Boyd Area
18-04B-74   SULLIVAN   Robert J.       Head   48      Chico Town
13-04A-37  SULLIVAN   Sallie   Wife   70      Rhome Town-B St North
18-04A-01  SUMMER     Mark   Son     17      Chico Town
18-04A-02  SUMMER     Nelda  Daughter       13      Chico Town
17-13A-14  SUMMERS    Allie    wife    56      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
18-03B-79   SUMMERS    Etta Mae (Terry)       Wife   48      Chico Town
18-03B-78   SUMMERS    J.L. (Jackson Lee, Sr.)         Head   50      Chico Town
18-03B-80   SUMMERS    J.L., Jr. (Jackson Lee) Son     19      Chico Town
13-02A-04  SUMMERS    James  Head   52      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-05  SUMMERS    Lula    Wife   51      Rhome Town-S Addition
17-13A-13  SUMMERS    W.H. (William)         head   61      Bridgeport (Halsell St)
01-21B-43   SUMMERVILLE      A.      Head   40      Decatur-Town
01-21B-48   SUMMERVILLE      Curtis  Son     8        Decatur-Town
01-21B-50   SUMMERVILLE      David  Son     5        Decatur-Town
01-21B-47   SUMMERVILLE      Dorothy        Daughter       13      Decatur-Town
01-21B-44   SUMMERVILLE      Iva     Wife   37      Decatur-Town
01-21B-46   SUMMERVILLE      Lewis  Son     17      Decatur-Town
01-21B-45   SUMMERVILLE      Luther Son     20      Decatur-Town
01-21B-49   SUMMERVILLE      Mildred         Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
15-09A-39  SUMRALL    A. C.  Son     7        Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-36  SUMRALL    B. C.   Head   30      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-37  SUMRALL    Theo   Wife   27      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-38  SUMRALL    Viola Jo        Daughter       10      Rural Boyd Area
09-02A-37  SUSON        Anna Belle     daughter        15      Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-38  SUSON        Ethel May      daughter        12      Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-33  SUSON        Eula Mae       wife    48      Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-40  SUSON        James Roy     son     6        Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-32  SUSON        John A.         Head   65      Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-34  SUSON        Mary Ellis      daughter        23      Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-35  SUSON        Robert Henry  son     20      Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-36  SUSON        Walter Climer son     16      Crafton-Bowie Rd
09-02A-39  SUSON        William W.     son     10      Crafton-Bowie Rd
12-02B-70   SUTTON      Carl    Roomer         20      Boyd Town-S of Main St
13-01A-11  SUTTON      Cecil   Head   25      Rhome Town-B St
13-01A-12  SUTTON      Irene   Wife   23      Rhome Town-B St
17-19A-14  SUTTON      Willard lodger  25      Bridgeport E Side
14-08A-13  SVENSSON   Adella Head   74      Rhome-Justin Rd
14-08A-14  SVENSSON   Margret        Daughter       39      Rhome-Justin Rd
12-02B-59   SWAFFORD  Bob E. (Robert E.)     Head   74      Boyd Town-S of Main St
15-02B-60   SWAFFORD  L. B.   Head   45      Rural Boyd Area
15-02B-61   SWAFFORD  Mary   Wife   43      Rural Boyd Area
12-02B-60   SWAFFORD  Sallie (Sarah Swinney) Wife   74      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-01A-28  SWAIM        A N [Albert N]         Head   60      Nickleville-N&E of Alvord
07-05A-27  SWAIM        Anita Joy       Daughter       7        S of Alvord
07-05A-26  SWAIM        Eunice [I (HENTON)]         Wife   31      S of Alvord
07-05A-25  SWAIM        J A [James]    Head   43      S of Alvord
06-02A-36  SWAIM        Maggie [B. (MCDOWELL)]  Wife   52      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
06-01A-29  SWAIM        Myra [Myra Cason (GOSSETT)]      Wife   47      Nickleville-N&E of Alvord
07-05A-28  SWAIM        Nelson James  Son     3        S of Alvord
07-05A-29  SWAIM        Roger Leon    Son     1        S of Alvord
06-02A-35  SWAIM        W Elmer [William Elmer]      Head   55      Union Hill-N&E of Alvord
18-14B-68   SWAIN        Buford Head   30      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-70   SWAIN        Earnestine      Daughter       9        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-69   SWAIN        Florence (Arizona Giles)       Wife   27      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-79   SWAIN        Janiece         Daughter       4        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-72   SWAIN        John T. (Thomas)      Son     4        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-80   SWAIN        Paula  Daughter       2        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-77   SWAIN        Thompson (George Thompson)        Head   24      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-15B-78   SWAIN        Virginia (Baugh)       Wife   23      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-71   SWAIN        Walter Joe     Son     7        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-73   SWAIN        William (Michael)      Son     8/12    E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
15-03B-48   SWIMEY      Clayton         Son     10      Rural Boyd Area
15-03B-46   SWIMEY      Cleo (Smith)   Wife   32      Rural Boyd Area
15-03B-45   SWIMEY      G. W. (George)        Head   34      Rural Boyd Area
15-03B-47   SWIMEY      Lois    Daughter       12      Rural Boyd Area
12-05A-29  SWINNEY    Clara   Wife   51      Boyd Town-N of Main St
04-03B-63   SWINNEY    Clifton Son     8        SW of Decatur
04-03B-61   SWINNEY    Edith   Daughter       14      SW of Decatur
04-03B-60   SWINNEY    Gladys (Gertrude Johnson)     Wife   36      SW of Decatur
04-03B-59   SWINNEY    Tom    Head   40      SW of Decatur
04-03B-62   SWINNEY    Tommie Aileen         Daughter       11      SW of Decatur
12-05A-28  SWINNEY    Walter Head   67      Boyd Town-N of Main St
02-16A-24  SYDOW       Albert H.       head   29      Rt 1 Rhome
02-16A-22  SYDOW       Carl    head   65      Rt 1 Rhome
02-16A-25  SYDOW       Edna (North)  wife    36      Rt 1 Rhome
02-16A-23  SYDOW       Minnie wife    59      Rt 1 Rhome
02-09B-44   SYLER         Jacob  head   38      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-46   SYLER         Johnny T.      son     6        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-09B-45   SYLER         Mary K. (Kathrine Ramsey)  wife    37      Rt 4-E of Decatur
07-02B-75   TABER        Mary [E.]      Sister  77      S of Alvord
11-01B-42   TABNER      Clarence R     Head   35      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-06A-22  TABNER      Claudia         Wife   56      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-01B-45   TABNER      Dorthy E       Daughter       7        Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-06A-21  TABNER      John    Head   60      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-01B-43   TABNER      Lillie V [Stokes]        Wife   31      Cottondale-Keeter Area
12-06A-23  TABNER      Marie  Daughter       13      Boyd Town-N of Main St
11-01B-44   TABNER      Mildred         Daughter       10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-14B-51   TACKEL      Albert (Edward)        Son-in-Law    47      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
19-02B-45   TACKEL      Anna May     daughter        13      SW of Bridgeport
17-10B-60   TACKEL      Aubrey D. ('Dee')     head   33      Bridgeport E Side
18-14B-59   TACKEL      Audrey Margaret      G-Dau 5        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-58   TACKEL      Bernis R. (Ray)        G-Son  8        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-52   TACKEL      Bertie (Anderson)      Daughter       40      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
17-09B-53   TACKEL      Billy Joy        daughter        14      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-50   TACKEL      Carl (Edward Carl)    head   40      Bridgeport E Side
17-09B-52   TACKEL      Charles         son     17      Bridgeport E Side
02-01A-33  TACKEL      Charley         son     27      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-21A-18  TACKEL      Charley         head   66      Bridgeport E Side
02-01A-30  TACKEL      Charley (Lewis)        head   68      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-10B-63   TACKEL      Cornelia (Grace)       daughter        8m     Bridgeport E Side
02-01A-32  TACKEL      Effie   daughter        37      Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-03B-56   TACKEL      Elizabeth       daughter        30      SW of Bridgeport
18-14B-56   TACKEL      Emma D. (Dean)      G-Dau 15      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
17-09A-30  TACKEL      Etha (Margrett Close) head   65      Bridgeport E Side
19-03B-54   TACKEL      Fannie (Stephanie Wolff)      wife    53      SW of Bridgeport
19-03B-53   TACKEL      Fred    head   58      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-30  TACKEL      Fredia (Rose Wolff)   wife    51      SW of Bridgeport
18-14B-54   TACKEL      Glenn (Albert) G-Son  19      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
19-02A-29  TACKEL      Henry  head   60      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-43   TACKEL      James           son     17      SW of Bridgeport
02-01A-31  TACKEL      Jennie (Sophia Harder)         wife    68      Rt 4-E of Decatur
19-02B-41   TACKEL      Jessie A. (Adolph)     head   42      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-31  TACKEL      John (Jr.)       brother 69      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-46   TACKEL      John (Vincent) son     11      SW of Bridgeport
17-10B-62   TACKEL      John D.         son     8        Bridgeport E Side
19-02B-44   TACKEL      Joseph (L.)     son     15      SW of Bridgeport
18-14B-55   TACKEL      Louetta         G-Dau 17      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
19-02B-48   TACKEL      Margaret       daughter        3        SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-42   TACKEL      Mary (Frances Butler) wife    39      SW of Bridgeport
19-02B-47   TACKEL      Mary Jane     daughter        5        SW of Bridgeport
17-10B-61   TACKEL      Opal Grace (Johnston) wife    31      Bridgeport E Side
19-03B-52   TACKEL      Pauline (Siegel Lehmberg)     mother 82      SW of Bridgeport
18-14B-60   TACKEL      Roberta Ann   G-Dau 1/12    E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
18-14B-57   TACKEL      Roy E. (Edward)       G-Son  12      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
17-09B-51   TACKEL      Vernetta (Robinson)   wife    38      Bridgeport E Side
19-03B-55   TACKEL      Walter (O.)    son     32      SW of Bridgeport
18-14B-53   TACKEL      William (A.)   G-Son  21      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
20-07A-04  TACKETT    N.B.   Head   69      Boonsville Town
02-01B-59   TAGGART    Mary (Freeman)       wife    57      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-01B-58   TAGGART    Sam (Henry)   head   62      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-14B-41   TALBOT      Benton (F. Benton)    head   40      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-43   TALBOT      Ted    son     10      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-42   TALBOT      Vera (Etta Miller)      wife    40      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-44   TALBOT      Willa Fay       daughter        6        Bridgeport E Side
14-08B-70   TALIAFERRO        Billie   Son     17      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-71   TALIAFERRO        Bobbie Son     14      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-68   TALIAFERRO        Dewey Head   41      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-69   TALIAFERRO        Jackie  Son     18      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-73   TALIAFERRO        Lou Edna       Mother 60      Newark-Aurora Rd
14-08B-72   TALIAFERRO        Thelma Jean   Daughter       12      Newark-Aurora Rd
18-05B-65   TALLANT    Henry W. (William H.)         Head   67      Chico Town
18-05B-66   TALLANT    Sarah Jane     Wife   66      Chico Town
01-28A-19  TALLEY      Florence (Johnnie Wilson)     Wife   43      Decatur-Town
01-28A-20  TALLEY      Hoyt   Son     16      Decatur-Town
01-28A-18  TALLEY      R.H. (John)    Head   45      Decatur-Town
09-02B-79   TALLY        James W.      Head   32      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-02B-80   TALLY        Marie  wife    25      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
08-03A-28  TALLY        David P         head    61      Park Springs & SE
08-03A-29  TALLY        Francis          wife    53      Park Springs & SE
02-10A-21  TARWATER Estella dau/law         24      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-23  TARWATER Francis F.      gr/dau  4        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-24  TARWATER Hugh W.       grandson       2        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-20  TARWATER John F. son     33      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-18  TARWATER John W.        head   68      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-22  TARWATER Mary J.         gr/dau  7        Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-10A-19  TARWATER Willie  wife    64      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-03A-34  TATUM       Branch Head   42      Decatur-Town
15-06A-32  TATUM       Effie (Pearl Ratliff)    Wife   51      Rural Boyd Area
17-11A-18  TATUM       Ella (Fay. Bradford)   wife    44      Bridgeport E Side
15-06A-31  TATUM       Hass   Head   51      Rural Boyd Area
15-06A-33  TATUM       O. T.   Son     22      Rural Boyd Area
17-11A-17  TATUM       R.L. (Raford Lee)     head   45      Bridgeport E Side
12-05B-73   TATUM     Tan/Lon?  Head   75      Boyd Town-N of Main St
17-11A-19  TATUM       Theda  daughter        20      Bridgeport E Side
04-02B-42   TAYLOR      Agnes (Holladay)      Head   59      SW of Decatur
06-08A-30  TAYLOR      Alta    Head   54      N&E of Alvord
05-08B-66   TAYLOR      Alva (O'NEAL)        Wife   46      Alvord Town
07-02B-43   TAYLOR      Alvin   Nephew        18      S of Alvord
15-09B-70   TAYLOR      Anna   Wife   44      Rural Boyd Area
01-17B-56   TAYLOR      Anna Lou      Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
01-17B-59   TAYLOR      Annie  Daughter       43      Decatur-Town
15-08B-79   TAYLOR      Bernice         Daughter       19      Rural Boyd Area
04-07B-80   TAYLOR      Billie   Son     17      SW of Decatur
14-07B-44   TAYLOR      Billie   Son     19      Rhome-Dallas Rd
10-08B-61   TAYLOR      Billie Joe       Son     15      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
06-10A-03  TAYLOR      Billie Wayne   Son     4        N&E of Alvord
02-12B-45   TAYLOR      Bobbie G.      daughter        5        Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-13B-54   TAYLOR      Bobby Jewell  daughter        13      Bridgeport E Side
14-07B-45   TAYLOR      Calvin  Son     15      Rhome-Dallas Rd
04-02B-43   TAYLOR      Carl    Son     24      SW of Decatur
01-08A-18  TAYLOR      Charles         Head   48      Decatur-Town
01-08A-21  TAYLOR      Charles, Jr.     Son     12      Decatur-Town
01-08A-22  TAYLOR      Christine        Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
06-09B-74   TAYLOR      Claudie [Claud Winford]       Son     9        N&E of Alvord
18-09B-63   TAYLOR      Clifford         Head   32      East of Chico
09-04B-56   TAYLOR      Clinton S.       step son        16      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
06-08A-32  TAYLOR      Clyde Thomas Son     16      N&E of Alvord
02-12A-18  TAYLOR      Cora L.         head   59      Rt 2-E of Decatur
15-09B-69   TAYLOR      D. L.   Head   48      Rural Boyd Area
02-13A-24  TAYLOR      Derwood       son     19      Rt 2-E of Decatur
18-09A-20  TAYLOR      Dolly (Florence Crabb)         Wife   60      East of Chico
06-09B-70   TAYLOR      E D? [Grover Ed?]    Head   50      N&E of Alvord
04-09A-06  TAYLOR      Edward F. (Franklin)  Head   37      SW of Decatur
05-07B-68   TAYLOR      Emmette [Robert E.]  Head   64      Alvord Town
15-08B-76   TAYLOR      Ettie Mae (May)       Wife   60      Rural Boyd Area
02-05B-69   TAYLOR      Eugene         son     11      Rt 3-E of Decatur
04-09A-09  TAYLOR      Eugene         Son     11      SW of Decatur
11-10A-16  TAYLOR      Eula M [Mae (SHORT)]       Wife   24      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-12B-44   TAYLOR      Fay C. (Haynes)       wife    24      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-06B-59   TAYLOR      Felix Y.         son     9        Rt 4-E of Decatur
04-02B-45   TAYLOR      Floyd   Son     16      SW of Decatur
13-02B-48   TAYLOR      Frank (P)       Head   43      Rhome Town-S Addition
15-04A-22  TAYLOR      Frankie (Frankalin)     Daughter       14      Rural Boyd Area
12-04A-23  TAYLOR      George Head   63      Boyd Town-S of Main St
01-13A-40  TAYLOR      George W. (Wiley)    Head   66      Decatur-Town
04-07B-79   TAYLOR      Gerald Son     19      SW of Decatur
01-27A-40  TAYLOR      Gertie  Wife   30      Decatur-Town
01-09B-51   TAYLOR      Gertie F.        Head   32      Decatur-Town
01-08A-19  TAYLOR      Glenna (Thomas)       Wife   42      Decatur-Town
02-05B-67   TAYLOR      Grace (Ethel Lasiter)  wife    33      Rt 3-E of Decatur
10-08B-59   TAYLOR      H A    Head   46      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
04-09A-08  TAYLOR      Harold Son     13      SW of Decatur
18-17B-73   TAYLOR      Helen  Daughter       22      East of Chico/Bridgeport
11-10A-15  TAYLOR      Henry [Lee]   Head   34      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-09A-19  TAYLOR      Henry L. (Lee)         Head   64      East of Chico
06-09B-71   TAYLOR      Ida Mae (JONES?)    Wife   44      N&E of Alvord
18-17B-72   TAYLOR      Ivy (Utley)     Wife   54      East of Chico/Bridgeport
02-05B-70   TAYLOR      J ?      son     6        Rt 3-E of Decatur
15-09B-72   TAYLOR      J. D.   Son     15      Rural Boyd Area
15-09A-01  TAYLOR      J. W.   Son     14      Rural Boyd Area
05-08B-65   TAYLOR      Jack D.         Head   60      Alvord Town
15-04A-23  TAYLOR      James  Son     12      Rural Boyd Area
15-08B-77   TAYLOR      James  Son     39      Rural Boyd Area
17-06A-05  TAYLOR      James  stepson         8        Bridgeport W Side
15-04A-20  TAYLOR      James F. (Frank)       Head   46      Rural Boyd Area
02-05B-66   TAYLOR      Jess R. (Richard)      head   36      Rt 3-E of Decatur
04-02B-44   TAYLOR      Jewel  Daughter       21      SW of Decatur
13-02B-49   TAYLOR      Jimmie Sue (Earp)     Wife   37      Rhome Town-S Addition
14-07B-42   TAYLOR      Joe R. Head   47      Rhome-Dallas Rd
13-02B-51   TAYLOR      John (Luther)  Son     5        Rhome Town-S Addition
01-27A-39  TAYLOR      John H.         Head   31      Decatur-Town
04-07B-78   TAYLOR      John S. Son     23      SW of Decatur
06-10A-01  TAYLOR      Johnnie [John/Johnny Franklin]         Head   23      N&E of Alvord
01-13B-41   TAYLOR      Josephine M. (Martelia Strand)        Wife   72      Decatur-Town
02-05B-71   TAYLOR      Joyce A.       daughter        2        Rt 3-E of Decatur
04-09A-22  TAYLOR      Kelsey Head   47      SW of Decatur
02-05B-68   TAYLOR      Larence        son     14      Rt 3-E of Decatur
06-09B-75   TAYLOR      Lawrence      Son     6        N&E of Alvord
11-10A-27  TAYLOR      Lee    Daughter       36      Cottondale-Keeter Area
17-18B-62   TAYLOR      LeRoy son     12      Bridgeport E Side
06-09B-73   TAYLOR      Lillie   Daughter       10      N&E of Alvord
12-04A-24  TAYLOR      Lucy   Wife   62      Boyd Town-S of Main St
07-04B-80   TAYLOR      Lula [Isabell (HENRY)]       Head   37      S of Alvord
13-02B-50   TAYLOR      M.P.   Son     16      Rhome Town-S Addition
01-08A-20  TAYLOR      Margaret       Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
18-17B-74   TAYLOR      Marguerite     Daughter       16      East of Chico/Bridgeport
07-05A-05  TAYLOR      Marie [Bonnie Marie] Daughter       8        S of Alvord
10-08B-62   TAYLOR      Marvin James Son     19      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
14-07B-43   TAYLOR      Mary   Wife   44      Rhome-Dallas Rd
04-09A-10  TAYLOR      Mary Ruth     Daughter       9        SW of Decatur
02-06B-57   TAYLOR      Mary T. (Tate)         wife    31      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-23A-09  TAYLOR      Melissa A.     Head   85      Decatur-Town
11-10A-17  TAYLOR      Melvin L [Lee]         Son     4        Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-08B-75   TAYLOR      Milton  Head   64      Rural Boyd Area
01-17B-55   TAYLOR      Mixie (Agnes Gertrude Price) Wife   39      Decatur-Town
01-17B-57   TAYLOR      Mixie Marie    Daughter       7        Decatur-Town
18-02B-49   TAYLOR      Myrtle daughter        43      Chico Town
06-10A-02  TAYLOR      Myrtle Fay (WILSON)         Wife   19      N&E of Alvord
04-09A-25  TAYLOR      Nell Ruth       Daughter       9        SW of Decatur
01-17B-54   TAYLOR      Newton P.     Head   47      Decatur-Town
02-10B-43   TAYLOR      Norma daughter        22      Rt 2-E of Decatur
15-08B-80   TAYLOR      Odessa         Daughter       17      Rural Boyd Area
15-09B-71   TAYLOR      Opal   Daughter       17      Rural Boyd Area
11-10A-18  TAYLOR      Patsie A [Patsy Ann]  Daughter       1        Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-09B-52   TAYLOR      Patsy  Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
15-04A-21  TAYLOR      Pauline Wife   30      Rural Boyd Area
02-12B-46   TAYLOR      Peggie D.      daughter        3        Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-09B-53   TAYLOR      Peggy  Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
02-13A-25  TAYLOR      Peggy daughter        18      Rt 2-E of Decatur
17-13B-52   TAYLOR      Prudie (Dunlap)        wife    31      Bridgeport E Side
17-18B-60   TAYLOR      R.L. (Robert Leroy 'Bob')     head   51      Bridgeport E Side
02-12B-43   TAYLOR      Ralph M.       head   24      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-05A-02  TAYLOR      Rex    Son     14      S of Alvord
01-23A-10  TAYLOR      Robert F.       Son     53      Decatur-Town
02-13A-22  TAYLOR      Robert L. (Lee)        head   43      Rt 2-E of Decatur
07-05A-03  TAYLOR      Roger [Fern]   Son     12      S of Alvord
01-28A-22  TAYLOR      Rollins (Burnham)      Head   38      Decatur-Town
02-10B-42   TAYLOR      Royce son     33      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-13A-23  TAYLOR      Ruby (Jean Duncan)   wife    30      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-09A-23  TAYLOR      Ruth   Wife   41      SW of Decatur
09-04B-57   TAYLOR      Ruth Alene     step daughter  13      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
17-13B-53   TAYLOR      S.D.    son     14      Bridgeport E Side
04-07B-76   TAYLOR      Sam M.         Head   65      SW of Decatur
01-09B-54   TAYLOR      Sammie         Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
01-17B-58   TAYLOR      Sarah E.        Head   79      Decatur-Town
05-07B-69   TAYLOR      Sophrona (BARKER) Wife   58      Alvord Town
02-10B-41   TAYLOR      Speed P.       head   66      Rt 2-E of Decatur
04-07B-77   TAYLOR      Susan  Wife   59      SW of Decatur
04-09A-07  TAYLOR      Susan  Wife   33      SW of Decatur
11-10A-26  TAYLOR      Susie J Wife   56      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-08B-78   TAYLOR      Thomas         Son     34      Rural Boyd Area
17-13B-51   TAYLOR      Thomas S.     head   40      Bridgeport E Side
04-09A-24  TAYLOR      Tom    Son     10      SW of Decatur
17-18B-61   TAYLOR      Vada (Velma Raven)  wife    49      Bridgeport E Side
01-28A-23  TAYLOR      Velma (T. Manning)   Wife   31      Decatur-Town
07-05A-01  TAYLOR      Vernie [Winthrop, Jr]  Son     16      S of Alvord
10-08B-60   TAYLOR      Vernon J       Son     18      Paradise-Flatwoods Rd.
06-08A-31  TAYLOR      Wallace Richard       Son     18      N&E of Alvord
06-09B-72   TAYLOR      Walter Son     13      N&E of Alvord
02-06B-58   TAYLOR      Walter C.      son     11      Rt 4-E of Decatur
07-05A-04  TAYLOR      Wesley [John Wesley] Son     10      S of Alvord
16-14A-14  TAYLOR      William         Head   66      Greenwood-Slidell Area
14-07A-37  TAYLOR      William A.     Head   80      S of Rhome-Private Rd
11-10A-25  TAYLOR      William H      Head   58      Cottondale-Keeter Area
18-17B-71   TAYLOR      William T.      Head   57      East of Chico/Bridgeport
18-02B-64   TAYLOR      Willie  lodger  21      Chico Town
02-06B-56   TAYLOR      Willie C.        head   34      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-13B-55   TAYLOR      Willie Waymon         son     12      Bridgeport E Side
08-05B-59   TAYLOR      Frank E [Eugene]      head    60      Park Springs & SE
08-05B-60   TAYLOR      Rosie [Rosa Mary]    wife    58      Park Springs & SE
18-04A-16  TEAGUE      Bernie E.       Head   29      Chico Town
06-02B-69   TEAGUE      Clarence [Wayne]     Son     32      N&E of Alvord
18-06B-54   TEAGUE      Doris   Daughter       17      Chico Area
06-02B-68   TEAGUE      Emma Wife   71      N&E of Alvord
01-07A-32  TEAGUE      Erla (Sylvia Lorine Smith)      Wife   43      Decatur-Town
02-13B-59   TEAGUE      George head   49      Rt 2-E of Decatur
19-04B-56   TEAGUE      Hattie (Jones) wife    57      SW of Bridgeport
19-04B-59   TEAGUE      James (A. 'Jack')      son     17      SW of Bridgeport
02-13B-60   TEAGUE      Lilly (O'Neal)  wife    49      Rt 2-E of Decatur
06-02B-72   TEAGUE      Marjorie Ann [Margie Ann]   G dau  3/12   N&E of Alvord
18-04A-17  TEAGUE      Mary   Wife   27      Chico Town
06-02B-70   TEAGUE      Melita [Mary Melita (HENDRIX)]    Dau-I-L       27      N&E of Alvord
18-06B-55   TEAGUE      Pansy D.       G-Daughter    1/12    Chico Area
06-02B-71   TEAGUE      Robert W      G son  4        N&E of Alvord
19-04B-57   TEAGUE      Ted (Edward J. 'Ted') son     25      SW of Bridgeport
06-02B-67   TEAGUE      W F    Head   73      N&E of Alvord
19-04B-55   TEAGUE      W. Arthur (William Authur)   head   59      SW of Bridgeport
01-07A-31  TEAGUE      Walter (Alvin) Head   62      Decatur-Town
19-04B-58   TEAGUE      Walter (Alvin) son     22      SW of Bridgeport
01-15B-72   TEAKELL     Dorothy M.    Daughter       9        Decatur-Town
01-15B-71   TEAKELL     Inez    Daughter       16      Decatur-Town
01-15B-70   TEAKELL     Lee    Head   39      Decatur-Town
01-15B-73   TEAKELL     Wanda J.       Daughter       6        Decatur-Town
15-12A-07  TEDROW     Alma   Wife   54      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-12A-08  TEDROW     Alta    Daughter       25      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-02B-77   TEDROW     Cora Bell       Wife   18      Rural Boyd Area
15-12A-09  TEDROW     Deward        Son     19      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-02B-76   TEDROW     E. C.   Head   23      Rural Boyd Area
15-03B-54   TEDROW     Ellen   Wife   29      Rural Boyd Area
15-03B-53   TEDROW     Vestle M.      Head   34      Rural Boyd Area
15-12A-06  TEDROW     W. H.  Head   56      Page 61A-Boyd Area
15-12A-10  TEDROW     Warren         Son     13      Page 61A-Boyd Area
14-04A-01  TEETLE       Dora   Head   65      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-03  TEETLE       Herman        Son     31      Newark-Boyd Rd
14-04A-02  TEETLE       Robert Son     44      Newark-Boyd Rd
08-07B-59   TENLEY      Berk   head    45      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-60   TENLEY       Bettie wife    40      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-67   TENLEY       Charles         son     11      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-69   TENLEY       G H    son     7        Park Springs & SE
08-07B-62   TENLEY       Harold          son     18      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-63   TENLEY       Hurburt         son     17      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-61   TENLEY       J W    son     19      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-65   TENLEY       Jaunita          daughter        14      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-64   TENLEY       Joesphine       daughter        16      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-70   TENLEY       Raymond       son     3        Park Springs & SE
08-07B-66   TENLEY       Una mae       daughter        12      Park Springs & SE
08-07B-68   TENLEY       Walter          son     9        Park Springs & SE
06-04A-13  TENNEY      Gladys Wife   43      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-15  TENNEY      Robert Earl    Son     9        N&E of Alvord
06-04A-12  TENNEY      T J [Tom]      Head   52      N&E of Alvord
06-04A-14  TENNEY      T J, Jr. [Pete]  Son     19      N&E of Alvord
19-11A-34  TERRELL     Billie Loyd     son     13      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-36  TERRELL     Bobby J.        son     6        NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-32  TERRELL     Dorthy D. (Dean)      daughter        18      NW of Bridgeport
09-04B-46   TERRELL     Fannie Head   67      Red Willow-Crafton Rd
19-11A-31  TERRELL     Frankie (R. Ogle)      wife    37      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-37  TERRELL     Jimmie G.      son     6        NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-30  TERRELL     Luther J. (Jerry)        head   43      NW of Bridgeport
01-23A-17  TERRELL     Mae (Lillard)  Wife   60      Decatur-Town
19-11A-35  TERRELL     Mary Frances daughter        11      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-33  TERRELL     Odom (Royce Odom) son     16      NW of Bridgeport
01-23A-16  TERRELL     William E. (Eugene)   Head   65      Decatur-Town
04-01A-27  TERRY        Alice (Alvilda Depp)   Mother 79      SW of Decatur(Sand Hill)
04-01A-25  TERRY        Beverly (Terry)        Head   55      SW of Decatur(Sand Hill)
18-15A-38  TERRY        Homer Adp-Son        16      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
04-01A-26  TERRY        Mary (Elizabeth Graves)       Wife   52      SW of Decatur(Sand Hill)
07-02B-77   TERRY        Matty [Mattie C.]      Niece 57      S of Alvord
07-02B-76   TERRY        W O [William] Nephew       64      S of Alvord
06-05A-36  TERRY        William         G son 12      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-05  THAMES      Adela [Agnes (MEYER)]     Wife   40      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-10  THAMES      Harold Ray    Son     9        N&E of Alvord
06-10A-08  THAMES      Mary Ruth     Daughter       14      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-07  THAMES      Mildred Faye  Daughter       15      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-06  THAMES      Opal   Daughter       17      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-09  THAMES      Paul    Son     12      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-13  THAMES      Robert Wayne Son     1        N&E of Alvord
06-10A-04  THAMES      S D [Steele]   Head   44      N&E of Alvord
06-10A-12  THAMES      Shirley Ann    Daughter       3        N&E of Alvord
06-10A-11  THAMES      Wanda Jean   Daughter       5        N&E of Alvord
20-06A-09  THETFORD  C.M. (Charlie Mack)  Head   54      Boonsville Town
20-08A-05  THETFORD  J.G. (Joe Gordon)      Head   37      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-09  THETFORD  J.H.    Head   47      Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-08  THETFORD  Jerry Oscar    Son     6/12    Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-07  THETFORD  Joe Mack      Son     5        Boonsville/Balsora
20-08A-06  THETFORD  Mary (Castleberry)    Wife   32      Boonsville/Balsora
20-06A-10  THETFORD  Mary (Isbell)   Wife   54      Boonsville Town
20-08A-10  THETFORD  Willie O. (Campbell)   Wife   38      Boonsville/Balsora
15-09A-25  THOM         W. W. Head   53      Rural Boyd Area
01-06B-80   THOMAS     Agnes Daughter       31      Decatur-Town
04-08A-13  THOMAS     Alma Lea      Daughter       17      SW of Decatur
18-01A-25  THOMAS     Ana    wife    63      Chico Town
04-09A-14  THOMAS     Asbury (Seth) Head   69      SW of Decatur
04-03A-25  THOMAS     Baxter (Kavanaugh, Sr.)       Head   28      SW of Decatur
01-30A-18  THOMAS     Bert    Lodger 28      Decatur-Town
04-03A-28  THOMAS     Betty June     Daughter       2        SW of Decatur
04-03A-27  THOMAS     Bobbie Ray    Son     5        SW of Decatur
16-13B-44   THOMAS     Charles [Sr.]   Head   35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-46   THOMAS     Charles, Jr.     Son     13      Greenwood-Slidell Area
19-03B-57   THOMAS     Charlie head   52      SW of Bridgeport
16-06A-33  THOMAS     Clifford         Head   29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-06B-79   THOMAS     Della (McEntire)       Wife   58      Decatur-Town
19-03B-60   THOMAS     Doris   daughter        13      SW of Bridgeport
17-03A-04  THOMAS     Doris June     daughter        12      Bridgeport W Side
04-08A-10  THOMAS     Edna (Wiley)  Wife   46      SW of Decatur
02-08B-42   THOMAS     Ethel   daughter        40      Rt 4-E of Decatur
17-10A-09  THOMAS     Flora   daughter        11      Bridgeport E Side
16-13B-45   THOMAS     Florence        Wife   35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-08A-09  THOMAS     George A. (Andrew)  Head   45      SW of Decatur
09-06B-63   THOMAS     George W.     Head   70      Crafton-Alvord Rd
17-03A-02  THOMAS     Gertrude (Stoneking)  wife    52      Bridgeport W Side
10-07B-53   THOMAS     Hayden         Hired boy      20      recopied on 14A-34
10-14A-34  THOMAS     Hayden         Hired boy      20      East St., Paradise
04-08A-11  THOMAS     Hensel C.      Son     21      SW of Decatur
01-27A-17  THOMAS     Herman        Head   47      Decatur-Town
17-10A-10  THOMAS     Imogene        daughter        8        Bridgeport E Side
18-09B-56   THOMAS     Ira E. (Eugene)         Head   47      East of Chico
01-05A-08  THOMAS     J. Addie        Head   68      Decatur-Town
17-10A-08  THOMAS     Joe     head   41      Bridgeport E Side
01-06B-78   THOMAS     John (M.)      Head   69      Decatur-Town
17-03A-05  THOMAS     La Mayore     daughter        11      Bridgeport W Side
18-09B-58   THOMAS     Leon (Ira Leon)        Son     17      East of Chico
19-03B-59   THOMAS     Lois    daughter        17      SW of Bridgeport
04-08A-12  THOMAS     Lucille Daughter       19      SW of Decatur
01-06B-68   THOMAS     Mary A. (Ann Quinn) Wife   68      Decatur-Town
16-06A-34  THOMAS     Mary B.        Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-13B-47   THOMAS     Melba  Daughter       8        Greenwood-Slidell Area
04-03A-26  THOMAS     Mozelle (Walker)      Wife   25      SW of Decatur
18-09B-57   THOMAS     Myrtle L. (Lena Newton)      Wife   41      East of Chico
19-03B-58   THOMAS     Nell    daughter        20      SW of Bridgeport
01-27A-18  THOMAS     Nellie (Cox)    Wife   31      Decatur-Town
04-09A-15  THOMAS     Ollie    Sister  74      SW of Decatur
18-01A-24  THOMAS     Oscar A.       head   67      Chico Town
01-06B-67   THOMAS     Oscar L.       Head   74      Decatur-Town
09-06B-64   THOMAS     Sally Kate (Madden)  wife    66      Crafton-Alvord Rd
05-05B-69   THOMAS     Sammie         Lodger 26      Alvord Town
17-03A-01  THOMAS     Samuel J. (Joseph)     head   54      Bridgeport W Side
17-03A-03  THOMAS     Truett  son     15      Bridgeport W Side
18-09B-59   THOMAS     Wayne (Harlan)        Son     11      East of Chico
08-07A-35  THOMAS      Cora (McMILLEN)   wife    54      Park Springs & SE
08-07A-36  THOMAS      Fern    daughter        21      Park Springs & SE
08-07A-34  THOMAS      Ira E [Ike]     head    58      Park Springs & SE
05-03B-62   THOMAS      Sue [B. (WRIGHT)]  Head   63      Alvord Town(Lamar St)
17-04A-16  THOMASON Beadie wife    48      Bridgeport W Side
01-25A-17  THOMASON Bessie (Renshaw)     Wife   56      Decatur-Town
17-04A-15  THOMASON D.H. (Douglas)         head   47      Bridgeport W Side
01-25A-16  THOMASON Fred    Head   54      Decatur-Town
17-18A-27  THOMPKINS A.A. ( Arthur Albert) brother in law  23      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
17-18A-28  THOMPKINS Nanette (Joan Boaz)   sister   20      Bridgeport (Stevens St)
20-04B-43   THOMPSON A.L.   Head   61      Boonsville/Willow P.
17-19B-43   THOMPSON Ada (D. Campbell)    wife    32      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-63   THOMPSON Albert  head   40      Bridgeport E Side
11-05B-52   THOMPSON Alice [Mary (Cash)]   Wife   55      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-06B-43   THOMPSON Alvie   Son     35      Rural Boyd Area
16-14A-12  THOMPSON Asbery Brother         67      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-06B-44   THOMPSON Aubrey         Son     25      Rural Boyd Area
01-01A-38  THOMPSON Avae (L. Avie Wallace)       Wife   52      Decatur-Town
02-10A-04  THOMPSON Beatrice (Phea)        wife    44      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-19B-72   THOMPSON Belle   Head   65      Decatur-Town
11-02B-69   THOMPSON Benike? D     Head   21      Cottondale-Keeter Area
02-10A-03  THOMPSON Bennie head   49      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-04A-19  THOMPSON Betty   head   30      Rt 3-E of Decatur
02-04A-20  THOMPSON Betty J.         daughter        11      Rt 3-E of Decatur
17-12B-63   THOMPSON Betty Jane     granddaughter 14      Bridgeport E Side
01-04B-49   THOMPSON Billie Don      Son     8        Decatur-Town
14-07B-76   THOMPSON Billie Joe       Grandson       4        E of Rhome-Private Rd
01-04B-50   THOMPSON Bobbie L.      Daughter       4        Decatur-Town
10-12B-46   THOMPSON Bobbie Ruth   G-dau  14      East St., Paradise Town
09-08B-61   THOMPSON Carroll G.      son     24      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
14-06A-11  THOMPSON Catherine L.   Daughter       9        Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
01-14A-01  THOMPSON Claude (Leslie)         Head   38      Decatur-Town
01-04B-45   THOMPSON Clyde (Charles, Sr.)    Head   38      Decatur-Town
01-04B-47   THOMPSON Clyde, Jr. (Charles)    Son     13      Decatur-Town
17-19B-42   THOMPSON Curtis (Oliver) head   42      Bridgeport E Side
17-12B-62   THOMPSON Curtiss, Jr.     grandson       15      Bridgeport E Side
15-06B-72   THOMPSON D. B. (David Baty)    Head   50      Rural Boyd Area
09-08B-63   THOMPSON Delbert P.      son     16      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
07-01A-13  THOMPSON Dessie Mae (REAGAN)       Wife   21      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
17-19B-47   THOMPSON Donald Jack   son     3m     Bridgeport E Side
18-14B-41   THOMPSON Donna May (Cockrill) Wife   30      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
17-14B-65   THOMPSON Doris   daughter        18      Bridgeport E Side
20-04B-45   THOMPSON Duard (Arthur)         Son     27      Boonsville/Willow P.
18-14A-40  THOMPSON Earnest (John) Head   33      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
04-01A-09  THOMPSON Ella     Daughter       51      SW of Decatur
05-03A-10  THOMPSON Ella [P.]        Head   82      Alvord Town
06-04A-10  THOMPSON Ellen   Sister  52      N&E of Alvord
01-04B-48   THOMPSON Emma J.        Daughter       10      Decatur-Town
02-04A-18  THOMPSON Eunice wife    55      Rt 3-E of Decatur
04-01A-11  THOMPSON Eva (Evelyn Cates)    Wife   44      SW of Decatur
17-19B-46   THOMPSON Glenda Leroy  daughter        1        Bridgeport E Side
04-01A-13  THOMPSON Guinneth        Daughter       7        SW of Decatur
09-08B-62   THOMPSON Harold R.      son     18      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
14-06A-10  THOMPSON Helen Fay      Daughter       11      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
16-20A-37  THOMPSON Henry  Lodger 46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
15-06B-45   THOMPSON Hershel (Hershell)     Son     17      Rural Boyd Area
17-14B-64   THOMPSON Ila (Ford)       wife    39      Bridgeport E Side
11-02B-70   THOMPSON Inez F  Wife   16      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-04B-47   THOMPSON Irene   Daughter       15      Boonsville/Willow P.
07-01A-12  THOMPSON J W [James]   Head   24      Hwy 81-S of Alvord
15-06B-47   THOMPSON J. D. (John David)     Son     23      Rural Boyd Area
04-01A-10  THOMPSON J. Guinn (John Guinn)  Head   50      SW of Decatur
16-10B-56   THOMPSON J.D.    Nephew        20      Greenwood-Slidell Area
17-10A-34  THOMPSON J.E. (John)     head   65      Bridgeport E Side
14-06A-12  THOMPSON J.T.    Son     4        Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
17-21B-46   THOMPSON J.W. (James)  son in law      28      Bridgeport E Side
16-14A-10  THOMPSON James  Head   69      Greenwood-Slidell Area
18-14A-24  THOMPSON Jane (Benny Jane)     Step-Dau       9        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
11-08B-66   THOMPSON Jannie L [Jennie]       Wife   41      Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-06A-06  THOMPSON Jesse (L.)      Head   39      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
07-01A-14  THOMPSON Jimmy Son     1        Hwy 81-S of Alvord
11-08B-65   THOMPSON John H Head   69      Cottondale-Keeter Area
11-08B-67   THOMPSON John J [H, Jr.] Son     14      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-19B-73   THOMPSON Juanita Daughter       29      Decatur-Town
17-14B-66   THOMPSON June    daughter        16      Bridgeport E Side
14-06A-08  THOMPSON Junior  Son     15      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
20-04B-48   THOMPSON Leon   Son     14      Boonsville/Willow P.
01-18B-49   THOMPSON Lora (Lively)  Wife   63      Decatur-Town
01-14A-02  THOMPSON Lorena (Ocie Snow)   Wife   32      Decatur-Town
18-14A-23  THOMPSON Loretta Step-Dau       10      E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
10-03A-05  THOMPSON Lottie  Gdau   33      recopied on 12B-45
10-12B-45   THOMPSON Lottie  Daughter       33      East St., Paradise Town
15-06B-46   THOMPSON Louise (D.)    Daughter       14      Rural Boyd Area
09-08B-60   THOMPSON Lydia V. (Lewis)       wife    46      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
18-14A-25  THOMPSON Marjorie        Step-Dau       7        E of Bridgeport-(Cuba Rd)
01-01A-37  THOMPSON Marvin (A.)    Head   55      Decatur-Town
17-19B-44   THOMPSON Mary Elizabeth         daughter        5        Bridgeport E Side
14-07B-75   THOMPSON Mary F.        Granddaughter 6        E of Rhome-Private Rd
14-06A-13  THOMPSON Mary L. (Lee) Daughter       1        Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
16-14A-11  THOMPSON Mattie Sister  72      Greenwood-Slidell Area
05-03A-11  THOMPSON Maude [A.]    Daughter       53      Alvord Town
06-07A-06  THOMPSON Melissa         Wife   42      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
04-01A-12  THOMPSON Melvin Son     19      SW of Decatur
12-04A-17  THOMPSON Milton  Head   70      Boyd Town-S of Main St
06-04A-11  THOMPSON Myrtle Sister  51      N&E of Alvord
20-04B-44   THOMPSON Ora (Gulley)   Wife   51      Boonsville/Willow P.
02-04A-21  THOMPSON Peggy S.       daughter                Rt 3-E of Decatur
11-08B-68   THOMPSON Ray W Son     10      Cottondale-Keeter Area
20-04B-46   THOMPSON Rayford        Son     19      Boonsville/Willow P.
16-20A-38  THOMPSON Rilla    Housekeeper  41      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-18B-48   THOMPSON Robert L. (Lee)        Head   75      Decatur-Town
09-08B-59   THOMPSON Robert M. (Mac)       Head   48      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
06-07A-05  THOMPSON Sanford [Boyd]         Head   44      Audubon-N&E of Alvord
17-21B-47   THOMPSON Sara F. (Sarah Frances Byrnes)       daughter        26      Bridgeport E Side
09-02B-72   THOMPSON Sarah Jane     mother-in-law  79      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
14-06A-07  THOMPSON Teenie (Christine Boner)       Wife   31      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
17-19B-45   THOMPSON Thuron Ray ('Tom')    son     3        Bridgeport E Side
01-04B-46   THOMPSON Tillie (Ann Rudloff)    Wife   39      Decatur-Town
01-04B-51   THOMPSON Tillie Sue       Daughter       2        Decatur-Town
09-08B-64   THOMPSON Truman L.     son     10      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
11-05B-51   THOMPSON W [Willis Jefferson]   Head   61      Cottondale-Keeter Area
06-04A-09  THOMPSON Walter L       Head   43      N&E of Alvord
15-06B-42   THOMPSON Warner (James)        Son     36      Rural Boyd Area
11-02B-71   THOMPSON Wenona F      Daughter       5/12   Cottondale-Keeter Area
14-06A-09  THOMPSON William         Son     13      Newark-Rhome Rd N of RR
04-01A-08  THOMPSON William F. (Franklin)   Head   84      SW of Decatur
17-10A-35  THOMPSON Willie  (Idella Harrison)        wife    59      Bridgeport E Side
15-06B-41   THOMPSON Willie (Ada)    Head   57      Rural Boyd Area
14-07B-60   THORELL    Bessie J.       Daughter       4        Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-59   THORELL    Buelah M.      Daughter       12      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-58   THORELL    Carl A.         Son     21      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-57   THORELL    Dollie (S.)      Wife   42      Rhome-Dallas Rd
14-07B-56   THORELL    O.Z.   Head   48      Rhome-Dallas Rd
05-01A-20  THORN        Maud (KIRKLAND)  Wife   61      Alvord Town
05-01A-19  THORN        William [Henry]        Head   73      Alvord Town
05-02B-71   THORNELL  Charles M.     Lodger 25      Alvord Town
08-04A-05  THORNHILL          Hubert A       head    25      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-06  THORNHILL          Sybil    wife    20      Park Springs & SE
08-04A-07  THORNHILL          Wanda Lou    daughter        2        Park Springs & SE
02-15B-65   THORTON    Clay    head   52      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-67   THORTON    Henry L.       son     19      Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15B-68   THORTON    Isam F.         son     16      Rt 2-E of Decatur
01-25B-54   THORTON    Ora    Lodger 50      Decatur-Town
02-15B-66   THORTON    Tullie   wife    42      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-09A-03  THURMAN   Charlie Head   63      Rhome-Aurora Rd
14-09A-04  THURMAN   Minnie Wife   63      Rhome-Aurora Rd
14-01A-23  THURMOND Betty Joe       Daughter       15      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01A-22  THURMOND Ina (Yont/Yout)        Wife   37      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01A-21  THURMOND Joe     Head   40      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
01-13B-59   THURMOND John F. Father in Law 86      Decatur-Town
14-01A-24  THURMOND Patsy Ann      Daughter       7        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
05-07B-75   TIBBETS      Audie (BEATY)       Wife   52      Alvord Town
05-07B-78   TIBBETS      Billy    Son     16      Alvord Town
05-01B-46   TIBBETS      Eli L. [L.E.]    Head   75      Alvord Town
05-07B-76   TIBBETS      Ernest [Estil ?] Son     24      Alvord Town
05-07B-48   TIBBETS      Estell [Estil ?]  Head   39      Alvord Town
05-07B-51   TIBBETS      Pat     Son     6        Alvord Town
05-01B-47   TIBBETS      Pricilla O. [Octavia (ELLIOTT)]      Wife   74      Alvord Town
05-07B-49   TIBBETS      Thelma         Wife   25      Alvord Town
05-07B-77   TIBBETS      W.S. [Jr.]      Son     20      Alvord Town
05-07B-50   TIBBETS      Wayne Son     7        Alvord Town
05-07B-74   TIBBETS      Will S. [William Sylvester]     Head   52      Alvord Town
15-08A-25  TIDWELL     Dessie (Robinson)     Sister  39      Rural Boyd Area
15-08A-10  TIDWELL     H. E.   Head   70      Rural Boyd Area
15-08A-11  TIDWELL     Martha Wife   66      Rural Boyd Area
15-08A-26  TIDWELL     Wilburn         Nephew        5        Rural Boyd Area
01-16A-23  TILGHMAN  Calva  Daughter       28      Decatur-Town
01-16A-22  TILGHMAN  Mae (Toland)  Wife   57      Decatur-Town
01-16A-21  TILGHMAN  Robert (Calvin)         Head   64      Decatur-Town
17-09A-15  TIMMS        P.H. (Perry)   grandfather    86      Bridgeport E Side
09-09B-51   TIMOSIN      Lora Etta (Loretta?)   wife    52      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09B-50   TIMOSIN      Walter B       Head   55      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
10-03A-34  TINKER       A A [Albert]   Head   59      recopied on 12B-52
10-12B-52   TINKER       A A [Albert]   Head   59      East St., Paradise Town
06-08B-65   TINKER       C S     Head   45      N&E of Alvord
10-03A-37  TINKER       David  Son     19      recopied on 12B-55
10-12B-55   TINKER       David  Son     19      East St., Paradise Town
10-03A-38  TINKER       Emily  Daughter       16      recopied on 12B-56
10-12B-56   TINKER       Emily  Daughter       16      East St., Paradise Town
10-03A-39  TINKER       Harold Son     9        recopied on 12B-57
10-12B-57   TINKER       Harold Son     9        East St., Paradise Town
10-03A-36  TINKER       J C     Son     26      recopied on 12B-54
10-12B-54   TINKER       J C     Son     26      East St., Paradise Town
10-03A-35  TINKER       Lydice C       Wife   52      recopied on 12B-53
10-12B-53   TINKER       Lydice C       Wife   52      East St., Paradise Town
06-08B-66   TINKER       R L    Brother        62      N&E of Alvord
17-14A-10  TINNEY       Ola (Mary Ola)         head   49      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
17-14A-11  TINNEY       Ona (Etna)     sister   49      Bridgeport, (Halsell St)
01-23B-53   TIPPINS       Pat     Head   80      Decatur-Town
14-01B-48   TIPPS Andrew         Head   63      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01B-50   TIPPS Andrew (J?)   Son     19      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01B-53   TIPPS Barbara        Granddaughter 2        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01B-52   TIPPS Bennie Grandson       5        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
14-01B-49   TIPPS Della   Wife   55      E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
02-15A-28  TIPPS Eugene         son     3        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15A-27  TIPPS Florence (Louise Dunavant)   wife    20      Rt 2-E of Decatur
14-01B-51   TIPPS Jimmie Grandson       9        E of Rhome-Illinois Ln
02-15A-29  TIPPS Thomas         son     1        Rt 2-E of Decatur
02-15A-26  TIPPS William M. (Milton)    head   23      Rt 2-E of Decatur
08-04B-42   TIPTON       Elbert brother          79      Park Springs & SE
08-04B-43   TIPTON       Glen C          nephew         35      Park Springs & SE
14-09B-75   TODD Blanche        Wife   37      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-74   TODD Jesse Frank    Head   52      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-02B-47   TOLAND      L.C. (Clifford) Head   60      E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
14-02B-48   TOLAND      Mary   Wife   52      E of Rhome-Fairview-Blewett Rd
06-01B-70   TOMLINSON George Daughter       30      N&E of Alvord
06-01B-68   TOMLINSON Jim     Head   72      N&E of Alvord
16-01B-45   TOMLINSON Mary Lula      Mother 70      Slidell Town
06-01B-69   TOMLINSON Nancy Wife   73      N&E of Alvord
16-01B-44   TOMLINSON Page   Son     7        Slidell Town
16-01A-40  TOMLINSON Walter  [Sr.]   Head   35      Slidell Town
16-01B-42   TOMLINSON Walter, Jr.      Son     12      Slidell Town
16-01B-43   TOMLINSON Wanda Daughter       9        Slidell Town
16-01B-41   TOMLINSON Willie B.        Wife   32      Slidell Town
01-24B-50   TOTEN        Arthur Head   49      Decatur-Town
01-24B-52   TOTEN        Ava    Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
01-08A-05  TOTEN        Dexter Head   19      Decatur-Town
01-24B-51   TOTEN        Isjetta (Izetta Rucker) Wife   44      Decatur-Town
01-24B-53   TOTEN        Joyce  Daughter       14      Decatur-Town
01-08A-06  TOTEN        Louise (Berg)  Wife   21      Decatur-Town
01-24B-54   TOTEN        Orville D.      Son     12      Decatur-Town
06-07B-45   TOW  Betty Lou      Daughter       2        N&E of Alvord
06-07A-36  TOW  Cora [Frances (WOODS)]    Wife   41      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-37  TOW  Daniel [Virgil Daniel "Dan"]   Son     21      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-38  TOW  Dessie Mae    Daughter       18      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-43   TOW  Donald Ray    Son     6        N&E of Alvord
06-07B-44   TOW  Earl Gene [Eugene]    Son     4        N&E of Alvord
06-07B-41   TOW  Elsie Mae      Daughter       14      N&E of Alvord
06-07B-42   TOW  Elvis J. Son     12      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-40  TOW  J C     Son     16      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-39  TOW  Jessie Mae     Daughter       18      N&E of Alvord
06-07A-35  TOW  Virgil   Head   42      N&E of Alvord
05-02A-20  TOWLES      Betty Sue      Daughter       14      Alvord Town(W. Elm St)
05-02A-19  TOWLES      Elizabeth [Laura Elizabeth (DAKE)]  Wife   38      Alvord Town(W. Elm St)
05-06A-15  TOWLES      Ethel [Susan Ethel]    Daughter       44      Alvord Town(W Elm St)
05-02A-21  TOWLES      James E. [Edward]    Son     12      Alvord Town(W. Elm St)
05-06A-14  TOWLES      W.B. [William B.]     Head   84      Alvord Town(W Elm St)
05-02A-18  TOWLES      Wilbur B. [Barnett]    Head   40      Alvord Town
19-10B-50   TRAISTER    Alonzo M. ('Lon')      head   52      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-03  TRAISTER    Alva (Charles Alva)   head   37      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-59   TRAISTER    C.E. (Charles Edwin)  head   65      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-08  TRAISTER    Cecil (S.)       son     6        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-62   TRAISTER    Cora (Anderson)       wife    23      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-61   TRAISTER    Edwin R.       head   23      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-63   TRAISTER    Freeman        son     3        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-52   TRAISTER    Hazel  daughter        21      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-04  TRAISTER    Letha (Wainer)         wife    38      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-64   TRAISTER    Linda  daughter        1        NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-07  TRAISTER    R.L.    son     9        NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-60   TRAISTER    Sarah A. (Angelita Bartholomew)     wife    64      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-06  TRAISTER    Veda   daughter        15      NW of Bridgeport
19-11A-05  TRAISTER    Willard (Weldon)       son     17      NW of Bridgeport
19-10B-51   TRAISTER    Willie (F. Neathery)   wife    48      NW of Bridgeport
19-02A-06  TRAMMELL Benjaman (W.)         head   59      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-10  TRAMMELL Benjaman W. (Jr.)     son     19      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-12  TRAMMELL Dollie (V.)     daughter        15      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-11  TRAMMELL Hiawatha       son     17      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-09  TRAMMELL Ida Belle       daughter        21      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-13  TRAMMELL Jim Dandy     son     13      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-07  TRAMMELL Pearl (Pearlie M. Allen)        wife    53      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-15  TRAMMELL Richard L.     son     7        SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-08  TRAMMELL Tom Y.         son     31      SW of Bridgeport
19-02A-14  TRAMMELL Winford W. (Winfred) son     11      SW of Bridgeport
01-06B-69   TRENCHERD         Frances         Step-Daughter 55      Decatur-Town
12-06A-10  TRESSELL    Will (William M.)       Head   74      Boyd Town-N of Main St
15-01A-27  TRIBBLE      Finley R.       Father-in-law  57      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-28  TRIBBLE      Georgia         Mother-in-law 54      Rural Boyd Area
15-01A-21  TRIBBLE      J. H. (Johnnie Haywood)      Head   45      Rural Boyd Area
20-04B-64   TRICE Ted    St-son  24      Boonsville/Willow P.
16-07A-33  TRIETSCH    Alvin   Head   31      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-60   TRIETSCH    Alwine Wife   56      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-35  TRIETSCH    Jolene  Daughter       4        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-64   TRIETSCH    Margaret       Daughter       18      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-34  TRIETSCH    Ophelia         Wife   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-61   TRIETSCH    Raymond       Son     26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-63   TRIETSCH    Robert Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-62   TRIETSCH    Will    Son     22      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-08B-59   TRIETSCH    William          Head   57      Greenwood-Slidell Area
03-05A-12  TRIGMORE   Charles         head   44      NW of Decatur
03-05A-15  TRIGMORE   Fay     daughter        17      NW of Decatur
03-05A-14  TRIGMORE   Lee    son     19      NW of Decatur
03-05A-13  TRIGMORE   Minnie wife    39      NW of Decatur
09-01A-08  TRIMM        Ester   grand daughter 1        Park Springs-W of RR
09-01A-07  TRIMM        Savoy (Myrtle McKinney)     daughter        34      Park Springs-W of RR
01-14A-15  TROXELL     Catherine       Daughter       20      Decatur-Town
14-03A-02  TROXELL     Daisy (Wilson) Wife   24      E of Rhome-Rd to Fairview
13-02A-33  TROXELL     E.C.    Son     13      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-30  TROXELL     Ellis (C.)        Head   50      Rhome Town-S Addition
01-14A-12  TROXELL     James R.       Head   55      Decatur-Town
13-02A-31  TROXELL     Katherine      Wife   42      Rhome Town-S Addition
01-14A-14  TROXELL     Morris Son     22      Decatur-Town
14-03A-01  TROXELL     Paul    Head   40      E of Rhome-Rd to Fairview
01-14A-13  TROXELL     Rena (Morris) Wife   50      Decatur-Town
14-03A-03  TROXELL     Robert Paul    Son     1/12    E of Rhome-Rd to Fairview
13-02A-32  TROXELL     Vivian Daughter       18      Rhome Town-S Addition
13-02A-34  TROXELL     William         Son     8        Rhome Town-S Addition
16-11B-46   TRUE Anna Fay      Daughter       15      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-43   TRUE Carol   Son     29      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-41   TRUE George Head   52      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-45   TRUE Leroy  Son     17      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-47   TRUE Lucille Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-11B-42   TRUE Nancy Wife   50      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-20A-34  TRUE Oma   Mother in Law 49      Decatur-Town
16-11B-44   TRUE Windall         Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-37  TRUETT       Bessie Wife   25      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-07A-36  TRUETT       J.F.     Head   26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-48   TRUITT       Anna   Wife   51      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-50   TRUITT       Arthur Bob     Son     19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-49   TRUITT       Bryant Son     21      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-73   TRUITT       Bryant [C Bryant]     Head   43      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-75   TRUITT       C.B.   Son     16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-77   TRUITT       Earl Dean      Son     9        Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-54   TRUITT       Ila Lee Daughter-in-Law       19      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-41   TRUITT       Jim H. Head   46      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-47   TRUITT       Joe     Head   53      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-51   TRUITT       Lela Mae       Daughter       16      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-74   TRUITT       Letha (BENTLY)      Wife   35      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-52   TRUITT       Mary Jo        Daughter       12      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-53   TRUITT       Melvin Son     26      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-76   TRUITT       Raymond       Son     14      Greenwood-Slidell Area
16-04B-42   TRUITT       Winnie Wife   34      Greenwood-Slidell Area
01-04A-18  TRUSSELL   Betty J.         Ward  7        Decatur-Town
15-05A-21  TRUSSELL   G. W. (George)        Head   66      Rural Boyd Area
11-08B-42   TRUSSELL   John M [Marion]       Head   79      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-05A-22  TRUSSELL   Lizzie (Omega Soloman)       Wife   54      Rural Boyd Area
15-05A-23  TRUSSELL   Ruby George  Daughter       29      Rural Boyd Area
11-08B-43   TRUSSELL   Wayne Son     30      Cottondale-Keeter Area
15-05A-24  TRUSSELL   Wynelle (Gladys)       Daughter       16      Rural Boyd Area
09-09B-42   TUCKER      Alpha Mae (Williams) wife    38      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
19-04A-18  TUCKER      Charlie J. (Joseph)     head   50      SW of Bridgeport
18-12B-56   TUCKER      Ellie (Lillie Eleanor Turner)    Wife   54      East of Chico
09-09B-45   TUCKER      Euna Faye (Leta Faye)         daughter        9        Park Springs-Crafton Rd
19-04A-22  TUCKER      Evelyn daughter        14      SW of Bridgeport
06-11B-77   TUCKER      Hattie [Mae (KING)] Wife   47      N&E of Alvord
01-10A-09  TUCKER      Hazel (Virginia Hunt)  Wife   51      Decatur-Town
19-04A-19  TUCKER      Ida (Jane Young)      wife    47      SW of Bridgeport
19-04A-23  TUCKER      Jake    son     13      SW of Bridgeport
09-09B-44   TUCKER      James Wesley son     11      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
06-11B-80   TUCKER      Katherine ?    Daughter       15      N&E of Alvord
06-11B-78   TUCKER      Margaret       Daughter       19      N&E of Alvord
05-06A-05  TUCKER      Mary Lou      Lodger 28      Alvord Town
06-11B-79   TUCKER      Mayna Mae    Daughter       17      N&E of Alvord
09-09B-43   TUCKER      Olga Mae      daughter        14      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
16-17A-40  TUCKER      Paul    Lodger 23      Greenwood-Slidell Area
06-11B-76   TUCKER      R J     Head   48      N&E of Alvord
19-04A-21  TUCKER      Robert (C.)    son     16      SW of Bridgeport
18-12B-55   TUCKER      Sam    Head   59      East of Chico
01-10A-08  TUCKER      T. Luther (Theodore)  Head   55      Decatur-Town
09-09B-46   TUCKER      Thomas (J.) Jr.         son     4        Park Springs-Crafton Rd
09-09B-41   TUCKER      Thomas T.     Head   42      Park Springs-Crafton Rd
19-04A-20  TUCKER      Zena   daughter        19      SW of Bridgeport
01-31A-01  TUGMAN     Zane   Inmate 23      Decatur-Town
01-24B-43   TUGWELL    Harve  Head   62      Decatur-Town
01-04A-40  TUGWELL    John    Head   70      Decatur-Town
01-24B-44   TUGWELL    Mary   Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
18-02B-80   TULLEY      Marshall D.    head   68      Chico Town
18-03A-01  TULLEY      Sallie E. (Parks)        Wife   66      Chico Town
01-24A-06  TULLIS        Joe     Son     9        Decatur-Town
01-24A-04  TULLIS        John    Son     18      Decatur-Town
01-24A-05  TULLIS        Lucille Daughter       12      Decatur-Town
01-24A-03  TULLIS        Mary   Head   48      Decatur-Town
09-03A-04  TULLY        Lenaili Cora    sister-in-law    26      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
17-25A-07  TULLY        Mark A.        lodger  73      Pg81A Cage Hotel, Bridgeport
09-03A-03  TULLY        Olan U.         brother 30      Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-02  TULLY        Sharon daughter        1        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
09-03A-01  TULLY        Wilda  daughter        2        Crafton-Jacksboro Rd
02-03A-15  TUMELTY    Beulah (Lee Cook)    wife    42      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-18  TUMELTY    John W.        head   52      Rt 4-E of Decatur
01-07A-22  TUMELTY    Margaret       Sistet-in-Law  44      Decatur-Town
02-03A-17  TUMELTY    Mildred         sis/law 23      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-14  TUMELTY    Owenn head   43      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-20  TUMELTY    Phillip J.        son     29      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-16  TUMELTY    Thomas W.    son     20      Rt 4-E of Decatur
02-03A-19  TUMELTY    Tommie (Champion)   wife    53      Rt 4-E of Decatur
05-06A-10  TUPPER       Bertha A. [Agnes (BEARDEN)]      Head   50      Alvord Town
05-06A-11  TUPPER       Ruth   Daughter       17      Alvord Town
17-17A-26  TURNBOW   Clifford (Lee)  head   35      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-71   TURNBOW   D.L. (David Leon)     head   76      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-27  TURNBOW   Flossie (Pirl Chilcutt)  wife    33      Bridgeport E Side
17-14B-72   TURNBOW   Laura (Lou Holt)       wife    73      Bridgeport E Side
17-17A-28  TURNBOW   Loretta daughter        15      Bridgeport E Side
09-02B-60   TURNER      Anita   daughter        10      Vinyard Rd
09-02B-56   TURNER      Annie E.        wife    42      Vinyard Rd
01-16B-59   TURNER      Bell (Hines)    Wife   56      Decatur-Town
09-02B-57   TURNER      Bernell son     18      Vinyard Rd
09-02B-61   TURNER      Billie Gail       son     7        Vinyard Rd
09-06A-40  TURNER      Blanche (Sally Warren)        wife    48      Sunset-Crafton Rd
09-02B-55   TURNER      Clint A. (Sr.)   Head   43      Vinyard Rd
09-02B-62   TURNER      Clint, Jr. (A.)  son     4        Vinyard Rd
09-02B-59   TURNER      Durwood       son     12      Vinyard Rd
11-05A-26  TURNER      Eldon B         Son     33      Cottondale-Keeter Area
09-06A-39  TURNER      Elmer T. (Theodore)   Head   53      Sunset-Crafton Rd
01-16B-58   TURNER      Frank  Head   57      Decatur-Town
09-02B-58   TURNER      Gilbert son     16      Vinyard Rd
11-05A-25  TURNER      Gladys L       Daughter       39      Cottondale-Keeter Area
09-02B-63   TURNER      Nolan  son     2        Vinyard Rd
06-04A-38  TURNER      Oma E Mother?       54      N&E of Alvord
11-05A-24  TURNER      S D [Samuel Dow?]   Head   65      Cottondale-Keeter Area
01-16B-60   TURNER      William H.     Son     25      Decatur-Town
17-18A-15  TURPIN       Lily (Lillie Caroline)    sister   65      Bridgeport E Side
14-09B-69   TYLER        Calvin  Son     6        S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-66   TYLER        Charlie G.      Head   38      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-68   TYLER        Charlie R.      Son     12      S of Rhome-Private Rd
14-09B-67   TYLER        Rose   Wife   31      S of Rhome-Private Rd

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