Alvord Centennial Book 
The First 100 Years, 1882-1982
Wise County, Texas 
History of Town & 236 Family Histories

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Below are the pages of the Alvord Centennial Book 
It was published by the Earlene Niblett, Geneva Green and the Centennial Committee in 1982 
David Goodwin loaned the book for scanning.

                           Table of Contents
Centennial Committee Members.............................Page 1
Foreword................................................................Page 2
The Alvord Story....................................................Page 4
The Roaring Twenties.............................................Page 10
Observations...........................................................Page 26
Items from Original Copies of The Alvord News...Page 28
Alvord Postmasters.................................................Page 48
Our Junior Class of '22............................................Page 49
Family Histories......................................................Page 52

Kerry Clower indexed the names of the 236 families
that are in the 'Family History Section'. These family stories were not in alphabetical order.
The images of pages below are thumbnails. They will ENLARGE for reading if clicked on.

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The Table Below is an Alphabetical List of Family Histories
 (that are on the pages in the rest of the book)
Index by Kerry Clower

Click on the Active Link (Page Number) to see the image of that page.
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Name Active Link Active Link Active Link
Adcock, John Robert Family pg151.jpg    
Allen, Elva pg158.jpg    
Barnes, John William Family pg083.jpg    
Barnes, Marvin Earl & Beve Family pg137.jpg    
Bates, W. W. Family pg117.jpg    
Bilbrey, Mary Emmaline pg100.jpg    
Boone, Daniel & Margaret Payne pg070.jpg    
Boone, Josephine Adusta pg081.jpg    
Bowles, Frank E. "Banks" Family pg159.jpg    
Boyett, Greenberry G. B. Family pg116.jpg    
Brasher, Maud pg152.jpg    
Brock, Mary Eleanor pg166.jpg    
Brown, Lonnie Family pg103.jpg    
Brown, W. T. (Tom) Family pg110.jpg    
Bryan, Elizabeth (Lizzie) pg146.jpg    
Bryan, Sarah Frances pg144.jpg    
Butterfield, Emma Pricilla pg057.jpg pg058.jpg  
Byrd, Clarence Jackson Family pg163.jpg pg164.jpg  
Caldwell, James Edward Family pg134.jpg    
Caruthers, W. Moody Family pg161.jpg pg162.jpg  
Caswell, Jewett Ira Family pg164.jpg pg165.jpg  
Cauble, Oklahoma H. Family pg096.jpg    
Chambers, Eirsie Family pg109.jpg    
Champion, Alice pg115.jpg    
Champion, Festus Augustus Family pg125.jpg pg126.jpg  
Champion, Grace & Avril pg061.jpg    
Chancellor, Charles Family pg123.jpg    
Chrestman, George M. Family pg104.jpg    
Clardy, J. W. pg075.jpg    
Clayton, Eli Borden pg171.jpg    
Clifton, Fannie E. pg149.jpg    
Clower, Curg "Tom" pg074.jpg pg075.jpg  
Clower, George Daniel Family pg127.jpg pg128.jpg  
Clower, George Shelton Family pg158.jpg pg159.jpg  
Collie, Sarah Elizabeth pg141.jpg    
Collins, Eddie Clyde Family pg160.jpg    
Collins, Neal S. Family pg085.jpg    
Collins, Terral Family pg107.jpg    
Copeland Family pg080.jpg    
Covington, S. M. (Milt) Family pg124.jpg    
Cox, Dr. George W. pg159.jpg    
Crews Family pg056.jpg    
Dabney, Jerome Family pg124.jpg    
Dake, William Frances pg059.jpg    
Dickey, Dave L. Family pg090.jpg pg091.jpg  
Dillingham, Nellie Lee pg131.jpg    
Dodd, L. J. Family pg094.jpg    
Dodd, Lettie Dora pg148.jpg    
Dodd, Maggie pg123.jpg    
Durrett, W. L. Family pg056.jpg pg057.jpg  
Eason, Richard Henry Family pg154.jpg pg155.jpg  
Endres, Robert Family pg121.jpg    
Evans, Sarah Jane Family pg108.jpg    
Farrington, Harvey & Bettie pg128.jpg    
Finley, Wiley Henderson Family pg170.jpg    
Flanery, William Mitchell pg130.jpg    
Fox, Ben J. Family pg113.jpg    
Fox, R. Y. Family pg113.jpg    
Free, Nancy Ann pg120.jpg    
Freeman, Georgia Nell pg097.jpg    
Freeman, Lydia pg116.jpg    
Frye Family pg063.jpg    
Frye, Mart pg077.jpg pg078.jpg  
Fugate, Robert "Bob" pg087.jpg    
George, Frank pg132.jpg    
Goodwin, J. F. Family pg116.jpg pg117.jpg  
Gose, Mary Electra (Leck) pg113.jpg    
Gossett, Andrew Jackson Family pg100.jpg    
Green, Augustus E. (Gus) Family pg115.jpg pg116.jpg  
Green, G. W. & Geneva Owen pg133.jpg pg134.jpg  
Greenwood, Robert G. Family pg105.jpg    
Greenwood, W. J. (Bill) Family pg117.jpg    
Gregg Family pg077.jpg    
Grimsley, J. C. Family pg104.jpg    
Grissom, James William (Jim) Family pg155.jpg pg156.jpg  
Hancock, Dixie Shaw pg079.jpg    
Hancock, James Homer pg099.jpg    
Hancock, John James Family pg137.jpg    
Hancock, William Chester (Jug) Family pg136.jpg    
Hanner, W. J. pg079.jpg    
Hatchet, Shem & Noah pg148.jpg    
Hines, John Collin Family pg130.jpg    
Hines, Thomas Emory pg167.jpg pg168.jpg  
Hodge, Vera O. pg160.jpg    
Hodges, William Henry Family pg128.jpg pg129.jpg  
Hollabaugh Thomas Fountain Family pg165.jpg pg166.jpg  
Hollaway, Jessie Fern pg164.jpg    
Holley, H. N. Family pg103.jpg    
Howell Family pg065.jpg pg066.jpg  
Howell, Mollie Elizabeth pg171.jpg    
Howerton, Tom B. Family pg104.jpg    
Jones, Mallisse Emiline pg132.jpg    
Justice, James Allen Family pg086.jpg    
Killgore, Benjamin & Mary pg070.jpg    
King, Ziba Family pg105.jpg pg106.jpg pg107.jpg
Kirtley, Mary F. pg057.jpg pg058.jpg  
Klein, David H. Family pg139.jpg    
Kuykendall, Beulah pg129.jpg    
Lee, A. J. Family pg086.jpg    
Lee, Albert Family pg086.jpg    
Lee, Nancy Praytor Family pg139.jpg    
Leeth, L. L. Family pg083.jpg    
Leitner, Joseph Farrell Family pg062.jpg pg063.jpg  
Leslie, Andrew Yell Family pg146.jpg    
Leslie, Clela Mae (Midge) pg146.jpg    
Leslie, Samuel Gipson (Gip) Family pg120.jpg pg121.jpg  
Lewis, Lucy pg132.jpg    
Long, Jessie Kirkwood Family pg103.jpg    
Lowrey, Bessie pg121.jpg    
Lowrey, John Alva Family pg144.jpg    
Lumsden, Emma Gertrude pg114.jpg    
Lynch, R. S. (Bob) Family pg097.jpg pg098.jpg  
Malone, James Arthur Family pg129.jpg pg130.jpg  
Mathews Family pg095.jpg pg096.jpg  
McClung, B. W. Family pg114.jpg pg115.jpg  
McClung, Roy Hamilton Family pg114.jpg    
McConnell, Mrs. W. J. pg147.jpg    
McDonald, Lola Lee pg158.jpg    
McDonald, Mark Family pg066.jpg pg067.jpg  
McDonald, Robert Lewis Family pg067.jpg    
McDowell, Isaac & Tabitha pg112.jpg    
McGee, F. M. Family pg086.jpg    
McPeak, Mary Olivia pg162.jpg    
Mitchum, Ulena Faye Thomas pg060.jpg    
Mode, John pg147.jpg    
Monk, Emma Lacy pg153.jpg    
Monk, Ola Shaw pg079.jpg    
Monroe, J. J. (Jake) Family pg121.jpg    
Moore, Molly Shell pg155.jpg    
Morgan, Rosetta Emaline pg059.jpg    
Morris, Willie B. Family pg162.jpg pg163.jpg  
Mosier, Elbert Family pg078.jpg pg079.jpg  
Mosley, John Floyd Family pg121.jpg    
Mosley, Walter Thomas Family pg120.jpg    
Mote, Edwin H. Family pg158.jpg    
Murray, Zilla pg107.jpg    
Neighbors Family pg084.jpg    
Nigh, Charles Henry Family pg111.jpg pg112.jpg  
Nikirk Families pg068.jpg    
Nikirk, Homer, Jr. Family pg071.jpg    
Nikirk, John H. (Dutch) Family pg068.jpg pg069.jpg pg070.jpg
Nivens, Will Family pg082.jpg    
Noah, Bessie & William Henry Family pg140.jpg    
Norris, John L. pg146.jpg    
O'Neal, James Albert pg081.jpg    
Owen, Edward (Ted), Jr. pg133.jpg    
Owen, Edward Family pg132.jpg    
Owens, Margaret Frances pg137.jpg    
Parker, Merkel Family pg087.jpg    
Parr, Frank Loyd Family pg143.jpg    
Patterson, Cecile pg077.jpg    
Peace, Carl & Christine Family pg097.jpg    
Peeler, Margaret pg147.jpg    
Phillips, Bettie pg126.jpg    
Pickett, Barnetta pg142.jpg    
Praytor, George M. Family pg138.jpg    
Prescott, Fannie pg169.jpg    
Proctor, Dr. F. M. pg075.jpg pg076.jpg  
Purcell, Maggie May pg129.jpg    
Quarles, O. B. Family pg135.jpg    
Raley, Henry & Burch pg119.jpg    
Raney, S. M. Family pg082.jpg    
Rawles, Annie Maud pg118.jpg    
Redman, John Franklin, Sr. Family pg166.jpg    
Redwine, W. L. pg062.jpg    
Reid, James Family pg093.jpg pg094.jpg  
Rhoads Family pg072.jpg pg073.jpg  
Rhoads, L. P. Family pg140.jpg    
Ribble, J. N. pg170.jpg    
Rice, J. T. Family pg107.jpg pg108.jpg  
Riley, Dr. David Crockett Family pg151.jpg    
Roberts, Dorothy Lee pg162.jpg    
Robeson, Hugh G. & Kate Family pg096.jpg pg097.jpg  
Rosenburg, Lee Charles Family pg118.jpg pg119.jpg  
Rowlett, Bill Family pg169.jpg    
Rowlett, G. W. Family pg081.jpg    
Sanders, Emma Covington pg124.jpg    
Sands, Henry Lucas Family pg131.jpg    
Sayars, Annie pg168.jpg    
Scott, A. T. Family pg145.jpg    
Shaunty, Grover Cleveland Family pg146.jpg pg147.jpg  
Shaw, Robert Walter Family pg079.jpg    
Shipman, Jake & Franie Family pg109.jpg    
Sides, Ada Belle pg087.jpg    
Sigler Family pg064.jpg    
Sigler, Horace Family pg065.jpg    
Simmons, H. F. (Shorty) Family pg099.jpg    
Sims, W. H. pg061.jpg pg062.jpg  
Sisk, Arvil Edgar Family pg156.jpg    
Sisk, Leona Christine pg074.jpg    
Sisk, Ollie Kingsley Family pg092.jpg pg093.jpg  
Sisk, Warren P. Family pg092.jpg    
Skinner, Issac Andrew Family pg105.jpg    
Smith, James Polk Family pg162.jpg    
Smith, Johnie & Thelma Freeman Family pg102.jpg    
Smith, Johnnie Family pg100.jpg pg101.jpg  
Speed, W. A. Family pg076.jpg    
Spencer, James Family pg085.jpg    
Stagg, W. E. Family pg168.jpg    
Stepp, Elmira Smarth pg157.jpg    
Stepp, Pricilla pg132.jpg    
Stockton, William Ernest "Ern" Family pg153.jpg    
Strange, Fearrel Family pg141.jpg pg142.jpg pg143.jpg
Strange, William Columbus Family pg141.jpg    
Swaim, William Elmer pg112.jpg pg113.jpg  
Taylor, Fannie pg160.jpg    
Taylor, Ora pg121.jpg    
Teague, Dollie Faye pg099.jpg    
Thomas, Jim B. pg060.jpg    
Thompson, H. P. Family pg154.jpg    
Thompson, Ora Bell pg127.jpg    
Tibbets, L. E. Family pg119.jpg pg120.jpg  
Tow, Virgil Family pg152.jpg    
Towles, William Barnett pg057.jpg pg058.jpg  
Veach, Lewis G. "Banjo" Family pg152.jpg    
Walker, J. l. Family pg091.jpg    
Walker, John H., Jr. pg054.jpg    
Wallis, Delia Lula pg125.jpg    
Wariner, William M. pg105.jpg    
Watts, Andrew Jackson (Jack) Family pg123.jpg    
Webb, Clara pg151.jpg    
Webb, Mrs. "Pink" pg129.jpg    
Whatley, Mrs. W. J. Family pg091.jpg    
Whitaker, J. W. Family pg157.jpg pg158.jpg  
White, John F. "Doc" Family pg149.jpg pg150.jpg  
Whitt, Kenneth Family pg169.jpg    
Williams, Bettie Stivers pg163.jpg    
Wren, Edna Family pg088.jpg pg089.jpg pg090.jpg
Wright, W. P. pg060.jpg    
Wright, William Parker pg165.jpg    
Wright, William Parker Family pg126.jpg    
Yale, Bennie Arthur (Buss) Family pg098.jpg    
Yale, Richard Allen Family pg095.jpg    
Yale, William O'Dell Family pg095.jpg    
Yale, William Richard Family pg148.jpg pg149.jpg