Hardy/McClary/Hembree Family Pictures

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Picture sent in several years ago to LaDarla Keith by Bob Leonard of Bartlesville OK 
Bob Leonard got this picture from his grandmother, Lola Gertrude Hardy. He calls it the Harry Hardy Family Picture of about 1905 and identifies Harry Hardy, Lola Gertrude Hardy and Inis McCleary/McClary Hardy.
In 2015 Mary Shelton Curbow mcurbow704@att.net found this picture online and identified Minnie Lee Askins McClary and Jacob Madison 'Jake' McClary.
Mary Curbow of Round Rock TX Writes:The photo is identified on the list as "A family picture of Harry Hardy and family contributed by Bob Leonard ...." I have labeled the two people in the photo that I can positively identify: Jacob Joseph "Jake" McClary and his wife standing behind him, Minnie Lee Askins McClary. Note the spelling of their last name is McClary, which all our family documents show as the correct spelling and our family documents list Ines/Inez McClary as the sister of Jacob McClary.
This picture is particularly interesting to us because Jake & Minnie McClary's grandson, my father John Ellis Shelton, married Gwendolyn Hembree, my mother, the daughter of Joe & Ada Hembree who lived almost all their lives in Bridgeport on Carpenter Street!! I have very fond memories of visiting my "Grandma" in Bridgeport and we loved the town. I grew up in Dallas and Austin. My cousin Virginia Sensibaugh Fincher lives in Amarillo, her mother was Minnie Lee Hembree Sensibaugh and our uncle was Gene Hembree.

 Below are some other pictures that were sent in by Bob Leonard.

The picture above is of a 1902 Music Class

 This first picture of these women was sent in by Bob Leonard. Karrisa Moseley karrisahg@gmail.com worked with it and decided that the pennant said Faithful Workers and that it was taken by the First Baptist Church in Bridgeport. Royce Raven rrrcubic@rrraven.com found a larger, better picture in his files from the Bridgeport Baptist Church. His picture is a little different, but taken at the same time. Now we know what the pennant says and where it was, but we still don't know any of the women.
Update: Doris Hall Rainwater dorismh@att.net writes, "My grandmother, Augusta Mae Brock is sitting in front row, second from the left.  Her niece, Ethel Elliott Green, is standing first on the back row right."
David Pitts paw281@sbcglobal.net writes, "My grandmother Elizabeth Burgess Rountree married William Pleasant Ross and they lived on
a farm west of Bridgeport. She is seated 3rd from the left (in the black hat) in the photo."

 Bob Leonard's grandfather, Robert Edgar Leonard, is the teacher in the picture above.