Moser Family

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The following 'Family Photo Album' and pictures were sent in by Marti Moser-Seddon, Moser-Seddon Stunts & Teamster Service Serving The Texas Moving Picture Industry 
She writes, "I have inherited an 84 qt Rubbermaid tote full of EVERYTHING. So these photos are just scratching the surface. Cabinet card photos, little valentines to my granny circa 1913 or so. Also found an envelope of gold dust & I was clueless until I found a receipt from Chico State Bank for $75.00 less $5.00 fee written to my gg-grandmother Margaret Ray Moser Sipe Sipe. (One died & she married her brother in law). He was married to her sister who passed also." 
    "Granny Ruth Oran Smith Moser kept the littlest things. But I have dad's letters from WWII and they are out of this world. He became head of household when my grandpa Jack Moser went to prison for murder in 1935. He was instructing the family from India and North Africa! In one letter he was apologizing to my grandmother for not making Master Sergeant due to no openings. He knew she needed the extra $14.00 per month."
    She wrote, "
My great grandfather John Ephraim Moser was murdered in church in 1909 by his son in law." She asked, "Do you know anything about Mr. Daniel Corley's family, the man that Grandpa shot & killed. It appeared he was squatting or living on the property but he had family and was buried in Chico. The weirdest thing I've found is the sheet from Huntsville and their were chicken & sheep thieves who got a considerable amount of time and grandpa got 2 1/2 years."
We found the following 3 newspaper articles:

Moser Family Picture Album
(The following 49 pages start in the 1920's and go to the 1970's. They span several generations from babies to children, military service and then their children.) (The images below are thumbnails. If clicked on they are very LARGE pictures

Names were not on all pictures. Some names follow in the order they were in the album:
William Moser
Ruth Smith
Ruth, Ruby & Elbert Smith
Ruth, Ruby Ernest & Elbert Smith
Warren, Elbert, Ruby & Roby Smith
Ernest Oscar Smith & Granny Nancy Bearden
Ruth & Jack Moser
Roby Smith
Babies Billy Moser & Paul Bounds
Baby Ronny Moser
Ronny, RobbyeLu & Billy
Opal Jo Weaver
Joe, Joyce & Roby Weaver
Sarah Smith, Billy Moser & Opal Jo Weaver
Baby Frances Virginia Smith
School pictures of Billy & Ronny Moser & Roosevelt Olney
Sherry James
Mrs. James
Steve Yale
Ray Ryan
House on Shotwell Street, Denver Harbor, Hou.
Willie 'Babe' Ritchie
John P. Murphy
Slay & Murphy
RobbyeLu & Baby Mary Helen
Aunt Myrtle Dodds
Dwane & Paul
Billy & Willie
Beaver, Doris & Bill
Ruth Moser & Alice Powell
Dorothy & Carl
Willie Rankin, Dorothy Kessler, Billy Moser & RobbyeLu Moser
Bill Moser & Katie Davis
Bill Moser & Angie Ma Runnels
Jo Davis & Bill Moser
Gene Davis, Bobbie Davis & Katie & Bill
Ronny & Connie Moser
Baby Lillie Belle
Bobby & Lillie Belle
Mack & Jack Stewart
Linda & Lynn Schindler
Sue Moser
Vicky Duck
Johnna & Jay Cole
Jocelyn Kaye & Jamey Elton Smith
Harrell, Jackie, Debbie & W.H. Smith
Johnna Cole & Debbie Smith
Jackie, Debbie & W.H. Smith
Baby Joey Brent Smith
Baby Lanny Bass
Lanny Warren & Dyrenda Jo Bass
Susan, Gail & Becky Woolley
Darrell, Lanny, Dyrenda & Shelly Bass
Grandma Weaver, Joe Weaver, Joyce Weaver Cole, Johnna Cole Kline & Baby Steve Kline
Grandma Bower, Grandma Cole, J.T. Cole, Johnna Cole Kline & Baby Stephen David Kline
Roby & Joe Weaver

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 8 Large Pictures That Are Not in the Album
(These pictures are also thumbnails and are very large if clicked on)

Callie_dau_of_John_&_Martha_Moser.jpg (421292 bytes)
Callie, Daughter of John & Martha Moser

Luther_Moser_1917.jpg (839885 bytes)
1917 - Luther Moser

Martha holding Myrtle_Moser_1904.jpg (755804 bytes)
1904 - Martha holding Jack Moser

Micheal_Moser(left_middle_row)_1960_jamboree.jpg (2220570 bytes)
1960 - Michael Moser (left middle row)

Ruth_Oran_Smith.jpg (1019649 bytes)
Ruth Oran Smith

27 Smaller Pictures That Are Not in the Album
(These pictures are also large if clicked on)

Avron Bearden b 1905.JPG (166936 bytes) Avron Bearden b 1905 back.JPG (134845 bytes)
1905  - Avron Bearden

Bearden Cousins.JPG (122596 bytes) Bearden Cousins back.JPG (112957 bytes)
Bearden Cousins

Bill Moser picture from India.JPG (61140 bytes)
Bill Moser Picture From India

Curtis Moser family.JPG (1780227 bytes) Curtis Moser family back.JPG (128023 bytes)
Curtis Moser Family

John Campbell Bearden & Nannie Bird.JPG (223622 bytes) John Campbell Bearden & Nannie Bird back.JPG (1402384 bytes)
John Campbell & Nannie Bird

Maggie Smith & John Smith & Floyd.JPG (148854 bytes) Maggie Smith & John Smith & Floyd back.JPG (134952 bytes)
Maggie, John & Floyd Smith

Margaret Moser Sipe Receipt.JPG (180147 bytes)
1919 - Margaret Moser Sipe's Receipt For Gold

Martha Moser Leslie Moser Kay Powell.JPG (89501 bytes) Martha Moser Leslie Moser Kay Powell back.JPG (74548 bytes)
Martha & Leslie Moser & Kay Powell

Moser on left & Ernest Smith.JPG (149723 bytes)
Moser on left & Ernest Smith

Myrtis Claridon & Lana Bearden.JPG (138151 bytes) Myrtis Claridon & Lana Bearden back.JPG (154625 bytes)
Myrtis Claridon & Lana Bearden

Myrtle Moser & Winfred Blocker.JPG (146015 bytes) Myrtle Moser & Winfred Blocker back.JPG (157203 bytes)
Myrtle Moser & Winfred Blocker

Nannie Bird Bearden.JPG (116091 bytes) Nannie Bird Bearden back.JPG (121570 bytes)
Nannie Bird Bearden

Rex Gouger friend of Moser family.JPG (112270 bytes) Rex Gouger friend of Moser family back.JPG (80153 bytes)
Rex Gouger, Friend of Moser Family

Roby Offie Smith Weaver & UNK.JPG (72775 bytes) Roby Offie Smith Weaver & UNK back.JPG (106005 bytes)
Roby Offie Smith Weaver & Unk.

Ronny Moser.JPG (133373 bytes)
Ronny Moser

(Some of the Pictures That Follow Had No Title and Some Had Nothing on the Back)

SCAN0202.JPG (72863 bytes) SCAN0202_back.JPG (95941 bytes)

SCAN0204.JPG (106250 bytes) SCAN0204_back.JPG (87698 bytes)

SCAN0206.JPG (89252 bytes) SCAN0206back.JPG (128714 bytes)

SCAN0213.JPG (128221 bytes)  SCAN0214.JPG (60389 bytes)

SCAN0221.JPG (86008 bytes) SCAN0221back.JPG (95058 bytes)

SCAN0228.JPG (241228 bytes)  SCAN0229.JPG (156173 bytes)  SCAN0230.JPG (185380 bytes)  SCAN0240.JPG (148238 bytes)

Stacey Anne Unruh.JPG (191909 bytes)
Stacy Anne Unruh

Uncle Billie & Aunt Katie Campbell.JPG (116114 bytes) Uncle Billie & Aunt Katie Campbell back.JPG (110505 bytes)
Uncle Billie & Aunt Katie Campbell