Robert Lee 'Lee' Morris of Chico

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The following items were in a box of papers in the old Chico Bank. They were purchased by Marion Woodrow 'Shorty' and Lorene (Cunnius) Green and donated to the Wise County Heritage Museum by George and Joy (Green) Palmer. Only a very few of the papers are scanned below.

Robert Lee ‘Lee’ Morris
Born Sept 30, 1871 on a plantation near Albany MS.
Came to Chico to visit cousins, stayed and opened Morris Mercantile Store in 1894. This store was on the north side of the square where the library is now.
Opened the First Bank of Chico in 1898. The bank was just east of the store on the north side of the square. The bank became The First State Bank of Chico in 1958, but Lee Morris was still principal stockholder and president until his death.
Bought the Brown Hotel in 1908 and lived there most of his life.
Married Annie Buchanan Ross of Pilot Point in 1911. She died Feb 22, 1953. They had no children.
He also had an insurance company, real estate business, and invested in oil. He owned ranches in several counties.
The Chico Morris Memorial Methodist Church was renamed for him in 1956.
He died Sept 7, 1965 at age 93 and is buried in Chico Cemetery. Headstone has his wife, Annie Buchanan, and also John Linson, and Virgie Robbins Morris. He was survived by a sister, Mrs. W.W. Wilkinson of Fort Worth and by seven nieces and nephews.

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  J.E. Duncan Grocery 1898    Letter about selling bank in 1958                                                                                    1909 wedding book of Charles Huester Barden and Lettie Kingsley of Boston                            Brown Hotel              Teller at bank                      Unknown house                                                     Columbus A. Watson