Barfield Family Pictures

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Odus Loyd Barfield.jpg (314686 bytes)

Pictures sent in by Niki Lee from Lewiston, Idaho
This photo is of my great uncle, Odus Loyd Barfield who was born in 1906 in Boonsville, Wise County. I believe this photo was taken at his parents' place near Boonsville in the 1920's. "Uncle Poke" loved horses and had many over his lifetime. He died in 1986 in Weatherford, Texas and is buried in Boonsville.

Odus Loyd Barfield and unidentified person.jpg (211953 bytes)

This photo is of my great uncle Odus Loyd "Poke" Barfield (wearing the cowboy hat) and an as yet unidentified person. I obtained this photo about a year and a half ago from a person in California who had had it in her possession for the past 50 years. I emailed it to Poke's daughter, Doris Sanders, and she identified it as her dad, and she thought perhaps the other person was a cousin, Dennis Barfield. But the more I look at this photo I have come to believe it is Poke's brother-in-law and my grandfather, Elmer Reagan Paschall. You'd think I would recognize my own grandfather but I think because he is kind of squinting in the bright light, he isn't as recognizable. A couple of clues are the suit he is wearing and the haircut. I have other photos of him wearing a suit very similar. I also have another photo of Dennis Barfield and he doesn't look like this so much.
If anyone who sees this photo would like me to email them a better copy of this I would be happy to. This photo was chock full of speckles and other blemishes and I did a quick "despeckle" in Photoshop which resulted in a loss of some detail. Also the size of this is fairly small if someone lifts it from the website and then prints it out. I can send a larger image if anyone wants it.
I'm dating this photo in the 1920's. Someone with a better working knowledge of vintage cars could probably date the car behind these two men and their horses.
The location of the photo I'm guessing is somewhere in the Boonsville/Paradise area.

Margaret Adeline and Lonnie Barfield and other school children about 1910.jpg (2533983 bytes)

I have only done a cursory clean up of this photo as it has about a million tiny speckles, stains, and other discolorations. If someone recognizes one of the people in it and would like me to clean it up more, I will be happy to do that. The girl on the far left is my grandmother Margaret Adeline Barfield and the boy who is second from the right is her brother, Lonnie Beatrice Barfield. I'm guessing this photo was taken in about 1910-1911. I don't know if the old Boonsville School was in existence at that time, but if it was I am guessing this is where this photo was taken. The Barfields in the 1910 census were living in Justice District 8 and in the margin of the page it says Boonsville Jacksboro Road. So I don't know if that would put it in the area where the children would go to school in Boonsville.

Addie Barfield and Marzella Gibson.jpg (443411 bytes)

I think this photo may have been taken January 23, 1921, the day my grandparents were married, but I'm not sure. My grandmother is on the right and the woman on the left is Marzella Gibson, a friend of hers who lived in Paradise. The horse's name was Old Joe, just in case anyone is curious, ha ha.

Addie Barfield and Jake Pierce maybe 1920 near Paradise TX.jpg (369994 bytes)

This photo had writing on the back that identified the man standing with my grandmother, Margaret Adeline Barfield, as Jake Pierce. I think he was a family friend of my grandfather's. I'm just putting two and two together here because I found a Jacob Pierce living next door to my grandfather's sister in Draco in the 1900 census. It might not be the same person but he is about the right age to be this person.
I don't know what the occasion was for this photo, when for sure it was taken or where. My guess is that it was about 1920 and possibly this was taken at my grandmother's high school graduation. I think she may have graduated high school in Paradise.

Eugene Derene Barfield and unknown man about about 1915.jpg (353990 bytes)

This is photo is of my grandmother's older brother, Eugene Derine "Dee" Barfield with an unidentified man. Dee was born in 1898 in Wise County and I think he looks about 17 years old here so I'm dating the photo at around 1915. I don't know the location of where this photo might have been taken. Dee died in 1920 (of pneumonia, I think) and is buried in the Gilley Cemetery near Boonsville.

Picture was sent in by Doris Barfield Sanders (Picture is already full size)

This is a photo of my grandfather Ervin Barfield (left), probably when he was constable in Precinct 8, Wise County. I think it may be in Cottondale, but need verification. I have no idea who the other fellow might be.
Cordially, Doris Barfield Sanders