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The following information is an excerp of a genealogy by
Milam Myrl Ewing
(Two of Jacob Marion Lindley's daughters married Bat Millhollon)


Ancestors and Descendants

A Genealogy


Milam Myrl Ewing,
1748 S. Gary Place
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

June 1, 1978

Pages 12-13     Chapter III    The Lindleys to Texas in the 1840’s

Page  23           Chapter VI    Elizabeth Lindley

Pages 83-88     Chapter X     Mary Ruth Lindley  

Chapter III


IN THE 1840's

Jacob Marion Lindley, the sixth son of John Lindley and Sarah Pyle, and sixth in our line, was born September 2, 1781 in Chatham County, North Carolina and died in Hopkins County, Texas during the 1850's.  His mother Sarah Pyle Lindley moved most of her family to Christian County, Kentucky after the death of her husband John Lindley. Jacob Marion Lindley was educated as a teacher and lawyer, and became Judge of the District Court of Christian County, Kentucky, he was also a farmer and stockman. He married Alsey Ruth (Cedepen) Gibson, May 13, 1805 in Christian County, Kentucky.  She was born in 1785 in North Carolina, the daughter of John Gibson and Juda Hogg.  They were reared in the Quaker Faith but became members of the Christian Church along with other members of the family while living in Christian County, Kentucky.  The family moved to Miller County, Missouri, near Ozark in 1831, and later Jacob became a Merchant in Polk, Cedar and Dade Counties.  They got itchy feet again in the early 1840's and moved to Texas with several of their children or most of them and settled in that part of Lamar County that became Hopkins County near South Sulphur Creek where the town of Peerless is located.  They and all of their children became prosperous, however they died in the late 1850's and are buried in the old Lindley Cemetery about three miles east of Peerless.  Their children were all born in Christian County, Kentucky, and are:

1.       Samuel Lindley, born in 1808, died in Hopkins County Texas in 1891 at the age of 83.

2.    John Lindley, born August 9, 1809, died October 18, 1864 in Dade County, Missouri.

3.       Elizabeth Lindley, born in 1810, died in 1857 in Hopkins County, Texas.

4.    Eli Lindley, born June 10, 1811, died April 10, 1867 in Decatur, Texas.

5.       Clara Quercee (Idah) Lindley, born in 1813.  She did not move to Texas and we have not found any further record about her.

6.    Jehu (Jahu) Lindley, born March 11, 1815, died March 9, 1906, at Commerce, Texas.

7.       Jacob Lindley, born in 1817.  We have not found his family after the 1850 Census of Texas.

8.       Mary Ruth Lindley, born January 13, 1819, died June 6, 1899 in Decatur, Texas.

9.    Elihu Lindley, born February 6, 1822, died October 8, 1899, at Peerless, Texas.

         10.   Sarah Lindley, born in 1823, died in 1859 in Hopkins County, Texas.

         11.    Jonathan "Doc" Lindley, born in 1824, died 1868 in Belton, Texas.

         12.    Ailsey Lindley, born in 1827, died in 1918, near Gainsville, Texas.


Chapter VI


Elizabeth Lindley, the first daughter of Jacob Marion Lindley and Alsey Ruth Gibson, born in 1810, in Christian County, Kentucky, died before 1857, in Hopkins County, Texas. Married Bartholomew Wood Millhollan, son of John Millhollan and Patsy Wood, December 12, 1826, in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Elizabeth and her brother Eli were the first of these Lindleys to move to Texas.  Bartholomew Wood Millhollan was the first Sheriff of Hopkins County, Texas.  He married Elizabeth's widowed sister Ruth after Elizabeth died.


1.    Jacob Millhollan, born August 20, 1830, in Christian County, Kentucky, died February 22, 1885, at Peerless, Texas.  Married Serena Lindley, daughter of Samuel Lindley and Letha Turner, December 10, 1851, in Hopkins County, Texas, she was born October 25, 1836 in Missouri, died February l4, 1910, at Peerless, Texas. Both are buried in the Peerless Cemetery.

Issue listed on page 15

2.    John Milihollan, born in 1833 in Missouri. Married Elizabeth Wilson, December 16, 1853 in Hopkins County, Texas

3.          Redden Millhollan, born in 1835 in Missouri.

4.          Alegretta Millhollan, born in 1837 in Missouri.  Married James M. Millsap, August 11, 1853, in Hopkins County, Texas.

5. Bartholomew Wood Milihollan, Jr., born in 1840 in Missouri.  Married C. Jane Willis, June 28, 1858 in Hopkins County, Texas.

6. Samuel Millhollan, born February 20, 1842 in Hopkins County, Texas, died June 30, 1935.  Married 1st Frances Cook, March 6, 1894, 2nd Betty _________ .

7.    Letha Isabella Millhollan, born in 1845 in Hopkins County, Texas.  Married William Cook.

8.    Simon Millhollan, born in 1849 in Hopkins County, Texas.


Chapter X


Mary Ruth Lindley, born June 13, 1819, in Christian County, Kentucky, died June 6, 1899 at the home of her son Rufus Jehu Lindley1 at Decatur, Wise County, Texas, buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, at Decatur, Texas. Married 1st Jehu Lindley, aka John and Racer J. Lindley, April 16, 1834 in Greene County, Missouri, he was born in 1811 in Tennessee, moved to Missouri and fought in the Indian Wars. They moved to Hopkins County, Texas in the fall of 1849 where he died in April 1854 at the age of 42 years and is buried in the Lindley Cemetery near Posey, Texas. She married 2nd Bartholomew Millhollan, June 24, 1857, in Hopkins County, Texas, he was the widower of her sister Elizabeth.


1. Redellium Lindley, born July 3, 1835, in Polk County, Missouri, died November 4, 1913, at Cumby, Texas. Married 1st Frances Ann Salyes (Sales), daughter of.Thomas Sayles, November 10, 1858, in Hunt County, Texas, she was born in 1833 in Tennessee, died August 23, 1910, at Cumby, Texas, he married 2nd Jennie Howsley.


A.      Jehu "Jay Hugh" Lindley, born January 17, 1861, at
Commerce, Texas, died November 21, 1948, at Cumby, Texas.
Married 1st Della Gibson, September 2, 1882 in Hopkins
County, Texas, 2nd Miranda (Randy) Godfrey, January
22, 1891, in Hopkins County, Texas, she was born in 1873,
died January 16, 1913.  He married 3rd Nora Jackson,
November 27, 1913, in Hopkins County, Texas.

Issue by Della Gibson:

a.            Jay Gibson Lindley, buried in Rosemound Cemetery at Commerce, Texas.  Married Emma Williams, September 2, 1910 in Hopkins County, Texas.


aa. J. W. Lindley.

bb. Dennis Lindley.

cc. ________Lindley.  Married Everett Battles.

dd. Sallie Lindley.  Married Jim P. Burns.

ee. Thomas Eugene Lindley.

Issue by Miranda Godfrey:

b.            Lola Lindley..  Buried at Cumby, Texas, married _________Box.

c.         Josie Lindley, lives in California. Married _________ Graves.

d.        Ollie Lindley, born August 31, 1896.  Married Walter Callan, November      13, 1913.


aa. James Callan.  Married Mamie Alexander


            aaa. Mary Callane

            bbb. Vickie Callan.

bb. Richard Callan. Married Mamie Denton.


            aaa. Randa Callan.

            bbb. Kenneth Callan.

e.          William Lindley, born February 22, 1898, lives at Cumby, Texas. Married Bernice Longshore, September 22, 1920 in Hopkins County, Texas.


aa.            Glenna Lindley, born in 1921, lives at Richardson Texas.  Married 1st _______Price, 2nd James Ray.  They have four children.

bb.            Billie Jo Lindley, born in 1923, married A. L. Ireland. They live at Hurst, Texas and have two boys.

f.          Robert D. Lindley, born December 8, 1899, died November 9, 1944, buried at Cumby, Texas.  Married Verna Smith.

g.     Ruth Lindley, buried at Fort Worth, Texas.  Married ________ Baker in Fort Worth, Texas.

B.    Susan E. Lillian Lindley, born August 30, 1865, at
Commerce, Texas, died January 20, 1944, at Terrell,
Texas.  Married Lucian Rash, June 26, 1885 in Hopkins
County, Texas.  Both are buried in Oakland Cemetery,
Terrell, Texas.


a.     Glen Rash, born in 1888, was living in a Nursing Home in McAllen, Texas in 1973, wife Annie R. died in 1973.


aa. Emily Ann Rash, married _______Stallings.

b.    Cone Rash, born August 20, 1890, died April 23, 1913, buried in Oakland Cemetery, Terrell, Texas.

c.          Gaston Rash, born November 4, 1893, died April 5, 1969, buried at Oakland Cemetery, Terrell, Texas.

d.          Robert Rash, born November 23, 1895, died November 4, 1955, buried at Oakland Cemetery, Terrell, Texas. His widow lived at Terrell, Texas in 1973.

e.          Netsie Rash, born January 17, 1907, died May 10, 1932, buried in Oakland Cemetery, Terrell, Texas. Married ___________ Sherman.

C.        Thomas B. Lindley, born February 28, 1867, at Commerce,
Texas, died August 27, 1886, buried at Cumby, Texas.
Married W. E. Weston, May 25, 1886 in Hopkins County, Texas.

  D.             Redellium Lindley, Jr., born July 12, 1869, at Commerce, Texas, died February 19, 1899, at Sherman, Texas, buried at Cumby, Texas.  Married Johnnie Stringer, widow of _________Colter, she had a son Dan Colter. After Redellium died she married Will Donihoo.


a.       Madaline Lindley, born October 28, 1898, living in Pottsboro, Texas in March 1975.  Married B. V. Atnip, December 7, 1913, he was born April 5, 1894, and was living in 1975.


          aa. Redellium Lindley Atnip, born July 13, 1918. Married Zermalia   ___________, they have a girl and two boys.

          bb. Joan Johnnie Atnip, born December 18, 1922. Married Hugh Brown, they have two boys.

E.    Nettie Eugenia Lindley, born in 1871, is deceased, buried at Cumby, Texas, next to Redellieum.Lindley's Sr., lot, no marker.  Married H. Bascom Sherman, February 5, 1891.


            a. Girl died in childhood at Greenville, Texas.

            b. Al Sherman.

            c. Ralph Sherman.

F.    Dr. Robert Delbert Lindley, born December 8, 1873, in Black Jack Grove, Hopkins    County, Texas, died August 30, 1941, at Dallas, Texas.  Married Lella Beaufort McGaŁfey, daughter of Charles N. McGaffey and Lella Beaufort. she was born January 30, 1884, died April 15, 1957, at Dallas, Texas.  Both are buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.


       a. William R. Lindley, born June 13, 1903, was living in 1975.  Married Virginia J. James.  No issue.

       b. Robert Delbert Lindley, Jr., born September 18, 1906, died June 27, 1927.  He was struck by an unidentified automobile while on vacation at Galveston, Texas, driver was never apprehended.

       c. Dr. Lucius R. Lindley, born January 21, 1919, he was living in 1975 in Beverly Hills, California.

       d. Alice Ruth Lindley, born October 22, 1923, was living at Dallas, Texas in 1975.  Married Addison P. Moore.

G. Dr. William Rufus Lindley, born March 29, 1876 in Black Jack Grove, Texas. died January 2?, 1955, at Terrell, Texas, buried in Oakland Cemetery, Terrell, Texas.  Married 1st Nellie Shea Galbraith in 1900. she was the daughter of Joseph W. Galbraith from Indiana, born January 26, 1878, died June 7, 1932, married 2nd Verna Smith in 1947.  Both buried at Oakland Cemetery. Terrell, Texas.


a.       Margaret Lindley, born in 1908.  Married Clifford H. Nigh of Corpus Christi, Texas.  They lived at the Crow Agency in Montana in 1973.

2.    Clara Ann Lindley, born September 6. 1839, in Missouri, died May 9. 1876 in Denton County, Texas, buried in Sam Cemetery (also called Minterly) near Drop, Texas.

Married John Ray Wilson, May 19, 1855, in Hopkins County, Texas, he was born March 2, 1837, in Missouri, the son of Willis Wilson and Algretta Millhollan, died September 12, 1910, in Graham County, Arizona.  He married 2nd Delina Finney, March 6, 1877 in Denton County, Texas.


A.    Sarah Elizabeth “Betty” Wilson, born November 23, 1857 in Hopkins County, Texas, died February 11, 1947. Married George Witten, May 5, 1873.

B.          Marcial Wilson, born October 25, 1859 in Hopkins County, Texas, died July 8, 1928, at Justin, Texas. Married Joe B. Sanderson, January 4, 1883.  Both are buried in Justin Cemetery, Justin, Texas.

C.          Alexander Wilson, born October 1961, in Hopkins County, Texas, died March 25, 1943.  Married Sarah Baker.

D.    Willis Wilson, born July 23, 1963, in Hopkins County, Texas, died April 3, 1949.  Married Annie Thompson, November 24, 1880.

E.    Mary Ruth “Mo1ly" Wilson, born February 10, 1866, in Hopkins County, Texas, died October 13, 1923.  Married Jessie B. Grubbs, December 6, 1883.

F.        Rufus Wilson, born January 27, 1870, in Wilson County, Texas, died September 2, 1939.  Married Sallie Stark.

G.       America Mae Wilson, born October 30, 1871,  in Wilson County, Texas, died November 4, 1965.  Married George Washington Harmonson, June 12, 1889.

H.    Owen C. Wilson, born in 1872 in Denton County, Texas, died during the 1940's.  Married 1st Mollie Head, 2nd Gene Chalk.

I.     Clara Ann Wilson, born May 8, 1874, in Denton County, Texas, died January 29, 1941.  Married ·Wi11ie A. "Dick” Cook in 1901.  Both buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, Decatur, Texas.

3.     Aisaybeth (Ailsey - Alcy) Lindley, born in 1841 in Jasper County, Missouri, died during the 1870's in Scott County. Arkansas.  Married Miles Keener, in Hopkins County, Texas, December 31, 1855, he was born in 1832 in Lincoln County, Arkansas, died after 1890.  He enlisted into the Federal Army November 10, 1863, at Fort Smith, Arkansas, becoming a member of Company I, Second Arkansas Cavalry, and was clerk in the provost’s office at Berryville, Missouri. He was promoted to sargeant major of his regiment and did service in Western Tennessee, and Northern Mississippi, but was disabled so that he could not do duty in the field. He was discharged at Memphis, Tennessee, April 20, 1865. He returned to his home in Texas where he was engaged in merchandising and stock dealing until 1868.  They moved to Scott County, Arkansas, in February 1870 where he purchased land near Waldron, he also was engaged in operating a cotton gin, saw and grist mill in partnership with his father. In August 1889 he took charge of the postoffice at Waldron, Arkansas. He married second Sallie Frazier of Arkansas in 1885.


A.        Thomas J. Keener, born November 23, 1859, in Denton County, Texas, died in Arkansas.  Married Lula Bell, daughter of J. C. Bell of  Waldron, Arkansas, October 16, 1883, she died December 19, 1885. He was a school teacher, merchant, stockman, and Postmaster of  Waldron, Arkansas.  Be belonged to the I. 0. 0. F. and the Masonic Fraternities and was a respected citizen.

B.   Lizzie Keener, born in 1862 in Denton County, Texas, died about 1940. She is reported to have owned a Drug Store in Idaho or Utah and was not married.

C.  Fannie Keener, born in 1863 in Denton County, Texas, died November 22, 1936,    at McAlestar, Oklahoma. Married Archibald D. Hawkins, he died in December 1928.


a.       Claude Hawkins, born September 15, 1883, died April 27, 1959.

b. Fred Hawkins, born March 15, 1885, died July 49 1962.

c.       Roger Sherman Hawkins, born March 6, 1891, died February 4, 1965.

d.       Virgie Hawkins, married Bill M. Collins.

e.       Grace Hawkins, married ________Boen.

D.  Ulysses Grant Keener, born in 1866 in Denton County, Texas.  Reported to have moved to Oklahoma.

E.   Sarah Keener, born in 1870 in Arkansas. She was a school teacher in Utah and Idaho and did not marry.

F.   Donia Keener, born in 1873 in Arkansas.  Married _____ Comber and lived in San Francisco, California.

Issue 2nd marriage of Miles Keener:

A.      Moses Markmaduke Keener, born in Waldron, Arkansas.

B.       Chester Arthur Keener, born in Waldron, Arkansas.

C.      Susie Keener, born in Waldron, Arkansas.

4.    Rufus Jehu Lindley, born February 14, 1851, at Peerless, Texas, died March 29, 1911, at Decatur, Texas. Married Virginia R. Cate, daughter of David Hamilton Cate and Ann Eliza Boals, January 24, 1886, she was born October 21,1866, at Grapevine, Texas, died September 22, 1950, at Decatur, Texas.  He operated the City Hotel, at Decatur, Texas.



A. Grace Ruth Lindley, born October 17, 1886, at Justin, Texas, died at Decatur, Texas.  Married Hugh Taylor Breedlove, September 13, 1908, son of Henry Clay Breedlove and Kate Trimble, born July 25, 1876 in Hays County, Texas, died August 13, 1961, at Decatur, Texas. Both are buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, Decatur, Texas.

aaa.     Laura Marie Mayer, born September 10, 1967, at Denton, Texas.

bb.          Virginia Kay Jordan, born September 28, 1951, in Decatur, Texas, lives at Dallas, Texas.  She is a Executive Secretary for All P1astic Company.


5.    Sarah Elizabeth Lindley, born in 1853, at Peer1ess, Texas, died young.

Issue 2nd marriage:

6.    Clement Millhollan, born in 1858 in Hopkins County, Texas. did not marry.


7.    Eli Millhollan, born November 3, 1860 in Hopkins County, Texas, died November 16, 1881, buried on the same lot with his mother at Oaklawn Cemetery, Decatur, Texas.  Married Alice Ball.

(Oaklawn Cemetery - Block 4 - Lot 21)

Below are 2 pictures of Mary Ruth Lindley

(June 13, 1819, in Kentucky - June 6, 1899, in Decatur, TX, buried at Oaklawn)

Married 1st, a cousin, Jehu Lindley, Apr 16, 1834 and

2nd, the widower of her sister, Elizabeth, Bartholomew Wood Millhollan, June 24, 1857


These pictures are very large and can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Ruth Lindley Millhollan 2.jpg (412741 bytes)