Cook Family Pictures

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All of the pictures below were sent in by Alton Cook
(See letter below and also Millhollon Family)

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Anderson and Wilson Cook - Anderson Cook - William Cook

B W & Della Cook.jpg (204951 bytes)   B W Cook's family.jpg (388310 bytes)   Bart Cook at wood pile Della Cook with chickens.jpg (425438 bytes)

B.W. & Della Cook - Their Family - Bart at wood pile & Della with chickens

W A Cook and Clara Wilson Cook 1.jpg (603688 bytes)   W.A. Cook - 1951.jpg (93197 bytes)   W.A. Cook - after 1951.jpg (118482 bytes)   W.A. Cook on porch - after 1951.jpg (122483 bytes)

William Anderson & Clara Wilson Cook - W.A. Cook in 1951 - 2 of him after 1951

Children of W A Cook3.jpg (485525 bytes)   Bernice Cook.jpg (488075 bytes)

Children of W.A. & Clara Cook - 1907- Belle, Jewell, Ruth and Baby Zelma -- Bernice

Alton Cook
New Orleans, La.

January 23, 2002 Letter to Sue Tackel about her husband's maternal relatives - Jewell Cook was Sonny Tackel's grandmother -

I am sending you some Cook pictures. The seated couple is William Anderson Cook and his wife Clara Ann Wilson Cook, Jewel Cook's parents. For some reason I think the child is Bernice, but I don't have dates of birth for all their children to figure this out. It would seem that the girl might have been their only living child at the time of the portrait setting.

The picture of the four girls is of W.A. Cook's children. Standing from left to right are Belle, Jewel, and Ruth with baby Zelma. Since Zelma was born in 1907 the picture can pretty well be dated.

The snapshots are W. A. Cook in old age, and I made them. The small square one would have been in 1951 or shortly before. The other three were taken after 1951.

I am so pleased to find someone on that side of the Cook family. Jewel's father was William Anderson (Dick) Cook, and his brother, Bartholomew Wesley Cook, (there were only 2 siblings) was my grandfather. I grew up about a quarter of a mile from my grandfather's house on his farm that he and his brother had inherited from their grandfather, B.W. (Bat) Millhollon. I am 68 years old. I still own 200 acres of the farm. In his old age Uncle Dick as we called him (he was given the nickname by his grandfather Millhollon) lived much of the time with my grandfather. Some of the time he would stay with his daughter, Oberita, in Bridgeport.

When I was a young fellow I was interested in my family history, and gathered a lot of information from my grandfather Cook and from Uncle Dick. Then I moved away and have only in the last 2 or three years gotten back to genealogy.

I have a lot of Cook and Millhollon genealogy, but I don't have it in a computer program where I can organize it.

W.A. Cook was born October 26, 1863, in Bexar County, Texas. His parents were William Cook and Isabelle Millhollon. The Cooks and Millhollons had moved from Wise County about 1867. The 1870 census enumerated B. W. Millhollon in Wilson County immediately south of Bexar County. I have never found William Cook in the 1870 census.

Isabelle Millhollon Cook died August 30, 1869, in Bexar County. William Cook moved to Navarro County where his brother Anderson Cook lived. And on September 17, 1871 he married Mary J. C. Onstot Spence, the widow of Cyrus Spence, one time County Clerk of Navarro County. She died September 11, 1872. I haven't found where she is buried. I suppose Navarro County, though Cyrus Spence was originally from Hill County, and she may be buried with him wherever that is.

William Cook returned to Wise County and in 1876 married Eliza Garside in Paradise, Texas. Eliza was born about 1831 in England. They lived on the farm the boys had inherited in a house about a half mile due south of the house where B.W. Cook lived that I still own.

William Cook died June 28, 1904, and is buried in the Decatur Cemetery. Eliza went with a niece or nephew somewhere outside of Wise County, and she died August 14, 1904.

William Anderson Cook married Clara Ann Wilson October 22, 1891, in Denton County, Texas. They were cousins. She was born May 8, 1874. Clara's parents were John Ray Wilson and Clara Ann Lindley. He was born March 2, 1837, in Missouri. They married May 19, 1855 in Hopkins County, Texas. Clara Ann Lindley was born September 6, 1839, in Missouri. She died May 9, 1876, and is buried in the Minerly Cemetery at Drop, Texas.

Clara Ann Lindley was the daughter of Jehu Lindley and Mary Ruth Lindley. This is the Ruth Lindley that married her brother-in-law Bartholomew W. Millhollon when her sister Elizabeth died. This is the Ruth Millhollon buried in the Millhollon lot in the Decatur cemetery. So Clara Ann Wilson Cook was the granddaughter Ruth Lindley Millhollon. And William Anderson Cook was the grandson of her sister Elizabeth Lindley Millhollon. And Jewel is the great granddaughter of both of them.

There is an extensive Lindley genealogy in the archives in the museum in Decatur.