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David Pitts sent this picture and the letters that follow.
Z.T. Robinson 1938 Family Reunion in Chico TX
I have a couple of versions of this. One is hanging on my wall. One person tried to identify the people in the photo. He made a good list, but then finding the people in the photo is big job. My sister, myself, and other family members have added some to the identification. There are 156 people in the photo. These together with about 3,000 other photos are on the DVD which I provision to family.
I use this when I'm giving my talk on family reunions as an example of why it is important to identify the people within a few weeks of taking the photo.

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I thought you might enjoy this story told by Rube Robinson which is from the Bridgeport Index Newspaper, November 19, 1954, page 8.

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Below is the story of how the Robinson family came to Texas -
"Prentiss County Mississippi to Wise County Texas: Stories told by Anna Lee Robinson"
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Prentiss County Mississippi to Wise County Texas:
Stories told by Anna Lee Robinson
by David E. Pitts
"The Northeast Mississippi Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterly. ISSN# 1060-5568, Vol XXVI, No. 2 pgs 72-84. Dec. 2005
"My Favorite Man and Woman and Eight Kids". The original images of the document is on the following pages. zt_story_1.jpg zt_story_2.jpg zt_story_3.jpg zt_story_4.jpg zt_story_5.jpg
The article has the pages in type written form. Above are the original images from Anna Lee Robinson.