Foster Family History

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The Following Paper (with pictures)
was sent in by E. Lynn Wright, Scottsdale, AZ
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The Foster Family

Foster Family Migration



Rectangular Callout: Freehold, NJ
Rectangular Callout: Lancaster Co. PA 1729 Rectangular Callout: Guilford Co., North Carolina - 1766

Rectangular Callout: Wise Co., TX
Rectangular Callout: Wilson Co., TN
Map of US


Foster Lineage


Alexander Foster



John Alexander Foster



Robert Albert Foster



Albert Gilbert Foster



John Emsley Foster



Martha Emsley Foster



Martha Emsley Foster Ancestor Chart


Our family history is an ever-evolving story that will never conclude. As ancestors are discovered and children are born, the family line continues to grow in both directions.


It would be my hope that descendents of our family will continue this research and add to the information I have gathered over the past 25 years.


This information in no way represents a complete history of our ancestors. It should be remembered that there are 127 grandparents in only seven generations and I have discovered only a few.  I have visited courthouses, libraries, cemeteries, and archives all over the United States gathering information on our family and it has been a labor of love.


To assist you with calculating how much the money mentioned in the documents would be worth in 2002 dollars, use the approximate year of the document and multiply the dollars mentioned by the number next to the year in the following table:






















Some interesting facts:


1.     The first Foster in our family tree entered the United States in 1710. Sixty years before the United States was founded.

2.     John Foster fought in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, making all his female descendants eligible for membership into the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

3.     John Emsley Foster fought in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, making all his female descendants eligible for membership into the United Daughters of the Confederacy (Texas Division)

4.     Stephen Collin Foster, composer of many songs is a cousin

5.     Albert Foster was a slave owner in Tennessee


The basic question I always tried to answer was; “who am I, and where did I come from?”


Earnest “Lynn” Wright

(Son of Forrest Wright, grandson of Martha Emsley Foster)

9765 E Wood Dr.

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

The name FOSTER is derived from the name of the person who was the guardian of the forest.  The name took many shapes including, FORRESTER, FORSTER, FORREST and even FORRET, and of course the familiar FOSTER.


While it is correct to refer to our FOSTER ancestors as Scottish, a more common term would be "Scotch-Irish".


The term "Scotch-Irish" is peculiarly American, and in tracing its origin, I have, epitomized, the history of the people to who it is now applied.


The word seems to have come into general use since the American Revolution, having been first taken as a race-name by many individuals of a very large class of people in the United States, descendants of emigrants of Scottish blood from the North of Ireland.


The name was not used by the first of these emigrants, neither was it generally applied to them by the people whom they met here.  They usually referred to themselves as "Scotch", just as the descendants of their former neighbors in Northern Ireland do today; and as do some of their own descendants in this country who seemingly are averse to acknowledging any connection with the Irish.


The appellation "Scotch-Irish" is not, as many people suppose and indication of a mixed Hiberno-Scottish descent; although it could be properly so used in many cases, it is not true of our ancestors.  The Foster clan came from Scotland to Ireland in the 17th century and settled in the North of Ireland.


The North of Ireland is divided into the counties of Antrim, Down, Armagh, Londonderry (formerly Coleraine), Tyrone, Monaghan, Donegal, Fermanagh and Cavan.  These nine counties comprise the ancient province of Ulster, which includes a fourth part of the island and contains an area nearly one-fifth that of Pennsylvania.


The so-called Scotch-Irish emanated from the Scottish Protestants who were transplanted to Ulster, Ireland during the 17th century.  The migrations to Ulster began about 1607 and sponsored by King James I, continued intermittently during the next century.


By the close of the 17th century adverse economic conditions and political and religious difficulties made them wish to leave Ireland.  Their farms were owned by absentee English landlords who received high rentals.  Parliament prohibited the exportation of wool from Ireland, making sheep rising unprofitable; in 1704 the Presbyterians were excluded from holding office and they were taxed to support the Anglican Church in which they did not worship.  Therefore, thousands of these people with their Scotch heritage came to the American Colonies.

It was during this period of migration that our immigrant ancestor,



1710 - 1767


At the age of 15, in the company of his mother and his two brothers, thought to be named Thomas and John, arrived in the Colonies. He had been born in about 1710 in County Derry, Ireland.


It is believed the family landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or New Castle, Delaware in 1725, having sailed from Londonderry, Ireland.


They first settled in Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey with other Scotchmen from the north of Ireland.


In about 1728, when Alexander was 18 years old, he left New Jersey and moved to Little Britain Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  This township became part of Lancaster County on May 10, 1729.


In about 1730 Alexander Foster married Mary Polly Connors and on April 17, 1744 he took out a warrant on 187 acres of farmland in the northern part of Chester County, Pennsylvania.


In April of 1767, at the age of 57, Alexander died in Lancaster County and is buried in the Upper Octorara Church Graveyard where his son, Reverend William Foster is also buried.


In his will he left half his estate to his son John, and a life interest in the other half to his widow.  He also left instructions that after his wife’s death, this portion was also to go to John, who is our direct ancestor.  All the other children received only five shillings each, but it is probable they were provided for during their lifetimes.


Alexander Foster's will can be found in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Clerk's Office in Will Book B, Volume 1, page 568.


The will reads as follows:


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN.  I, Alexander Foster of the Province of Pennsylvania, County of Lancaster, Township of Little Britain, being frail and weak in body, but of sound memory (Blessed be God), do this sixth day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Six, make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following  (that is to say),


First it is my will and I do order that all my just debts and funeral charges be fully paid and discharged.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved son-in-law, Charles Kneely the sum of five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Susanna the sum of five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to by beloved daughter Mary the sum of five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Margaret the sum of five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Janet the sum five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Violet the sum of five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved son James the sum of five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved son William the sum of five shillings.


Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved son John the one-half of all my estate real and personal. 


And the other half to my dearly beloved wife Mary during her natural life or widowhood.  And at my beloved wives death; or her marriage, I then will my whole estate to my son John to him and his heirs forever.  And I make and ordain her my wife and John, my said son, sole executors of this my will in trust for the intents and purposes in this my will contains in witness where of other said Alexander Foster the testator within named sign, seal, publish, pronounce and declare the within writing as and for his last will and testament and that at the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind, memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge observation and belief.  Sign'd, seal'd, delivered and declared by the said Alexander Foster as and of his last will and testament, in the presence of us,



Wm Porter

And'w Porter

John Porter




Alexander (X) Foster






In March 1772, Mary Foster filed the below affidavit in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


This is to certify that I renounce all design or intention of acting as administrator to the last will and testament of Alexander Foster, my late husband.


It being my desire that my son John Foster may be whole and sole administrator of the aforesaid will as witness my hand and seal this 10th day of March 1772.



Mary (X) Foster



Not much is known about the daughters of Alexander and Mary Foster but the following are short biographies of the sons.





James, the oldest son of Alexander and Mary Foster was born in Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on April 6, 1738.  In 1766 he married Ann Barclay of Lancaster County, a daughter or granddaughter of William Barclay.  (According to another story, Ann was the daughter of Hugh Barclay (or Barkley) and Hannah Kirkpatrick.)


Shortly after their marriage James and Ann Foster, in company with members of the Barclay family and other families, moved to Berkeley County, Virginia (now in the state of West Virginia), bordering on the Potomac River, facing Washington County, Maryland and only a few miles from the Pennsylvania line.


According to the records, James Foster served as a private in the Revolutionary War in the Liberty Company of the Londonderry Volunteers.  He enlisted on May 17, 1775 under Captain James Cook.  He is listed as a private in Captain Samuel Hays' Company, Tenth Pennsylvania Regiment from 1777 to 1781 and received depreciation pay to January 1, 1781.  It has also been stated that he served in a Virginia regiment commanded by Colonel William Davies and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.


About 1782, James Foster moved his family to Washington County, Pennsylvania and became a pillar in this new community.  He was one of the original trustees of the Canonsburg Academy, founded in 1791 with Dr. John McMillan as president, which later developed into Washington and Jefferson College and is now located in Washington, Pennsylvania.


It is James & Ann Foster who are the grandparents of Stephen Collin Foster (1826-1864), the composer of many American standard folk songs.  Among others he wrote "Oh Susannah" in 1848 and "Old Folks at Home" in 1851.  Stephen Foster died in New York City and is buried in Pennsylvania.


James Foster was one of the original elders of Chartiers Presbyterian Church, which now stands about two miles east of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.


In 1797 after the death of his first wife, James married Phoebe Baldwin Dodd, the widow of Reverend Thaddeus Dodd of Washington County.  She was the daughter of Caleb Baldwin.


On April 7, 1814 at the age of 76, James Foster died and was buried in the new Poland Cemetery, Poland, Ohio.  He is buried in the family plot of the Struthers family.  The last years of his life were spent with his daughter Mary who had married John Struthers.


The slab that covers his grave has the following inscription.





7 APRIL 1814



"This spot contains the ashes of the just, who sought no honour and betrayed no trust.  His worth he proved in every path he trod; an honest man in the noblest work of God"







Reverend William Foster, another brother, was born in Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1740.  He graduated from Princeton College, New Jersey in 1764, having as his contemporaries in that institution, David Ramsey the historian, Judge Jacob Rush, Oliver Ellsworth, Nathan Niles and Luther Martin.


He was licensed to preach by the Presbyters of New Castle on April 22, 1767 and was installed as the pastor of the Upper Octoraro Church in Chester County Pennsylvania on October 19, 1768.


He also, about the same time, became pastor of the Doe Run Presbyterian Church in East Fallowfield Township, Pennsylvania, where he preached one-fourth of this time.


He married Hanna, the daughter of Reverend Samuel Blair of Fagg's Manor.  William and Hanna owned and resided on a farm a short distance east of the Upper Octoraro church.  He purchased this farm on December 15, 1770.


In the revolutionary war, Reverend Foster engaged heartily in the cause of civil liberty and encouraged all who heard him, to do their utmost in defense of their rights.  On one occasion he went to Lancaster to preach to troops collected there previous to their joining the main army.  The discourse was so acceptable that it was printed and circulated and did much to arouse the spirit of patriotism among the people.


Indeed, nearly all the Presbyterian clergymen in Pennsylvania were staunch Wigs and contributed greatly to keep alive the flame of liberty which our disasters had frequently caused to be almost extinguished in the long and unequal contest; and but for them it would often have been impossible to obtain recruits to keep up the forces requisite to oppose the enemy.


It was a great object with the British officers to silence the Presbyterian preachers, as far as possible they would frequently dispatch parties into the country to surprise and take prisoners, unsuspecting clergymen.  An expedition of this kind was planned against Reverend Foster.


The British were in possession of Wilmington, Delaware and sent a party of light-horse troops from there one Sunday evening to take Reverend Foster prisoner and to burn his church.  Reverend Foster received word of it on the morning of that day and hastening home, collected his neighbors who removed his family and library into a house remote from the public road.  The troops, after proceeding twelve miles on their way, were informed by a Tory that their purpose was known and that parties of militia were stationed to intercept them and they return to Wilmington without accomplishing their object.


Reverend Foster died at the age of 40 on September 30, 1780.  He had a high standing as a minister and was held in much estimation by his congregation.  They procured a tombstone to be erected over his remains in the Upper Octoraro burial ground.



1748 – 1832


John A. Foster, our direct ancestor was born in Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  His birth date is not certain but is thought to be 1748.


On May 17, 1765 he purchased 617 acres of land, which was located on both sides of Witherows Creek in Rowan County, NC.  He paid John Lowrance Jr., and Robert Steele, 6 pounds for the land.  Guilford County was formed from Rowan County in 1770 and his farm was located in this new county.


In about 1766 when John was 18 years old, he left Pennsylvania and traveled along the "Great Wagon Trail" to Rowan County, North Carolina to begin farming his new purchase.


On March 20, 1768 John married Martha Morrison, daughter of William and Margaret Morrison.


John Foster was a revolutionary war soldier and was part of General Greene's Army with the David Caldwell contingent and took part in the battles of Guilford Court House and Cowpens.


In 1797, after living for 31 years in North Carolina, John and his family, in company with several of his wife's family, the Donnells, and the families of his sons-in-law, William McClain and John Doak left Guilford County, North Carolina and pioneered to Wilson County, Tennessee.  Together with their associates, they achieved the first permanent settlement in Wilson County, which was then part of Sumner County.


Upon their arrival in this area they first settled in an area on the south bank of the Cumberland River in an area referred to as Drake's Lick which was near the mouth of Spencer's Lick Creek.  They would later move on to Spring Creek, and it is this area that today is referred to as, "Doak's Crossroads".


On July 25, 1799 a petition was filed with the General Assembly of Tennessee requesting the establishment of a new county to be formed from Sumner County that would be known as Wilson County.  225 men signed the petition, and the last name on the petition is that of John Foster.


After Wilson County was established on December 23, 1799, Robert Foster, the son of John Foster, was elected its first clerk.


John and Martha Foster are both buried at Doak's Crossroads, Wilson County, Tennessee on property thought to be part of the "old Foster place".  This family cemetery is located eight miles south of Lebanon, Tennessee at the intersection of Chicken Road and Cainsville Pike.


Wilson County, TN


Rectangular Callout: Major Family Farm Rectangular Callout: John & Martha Foster Graves Wilson County TN


The cemetery is in disrepair and appears to be abandoned, and the gravestones of John and Martha are barely readable.  The headstone of Martha lays flat.


Martha Foster Grave Stone


Martha Foster dec'd

March 11, 1802

in the 58th year

of her age


John Foster Grave Stone



The headstone of John Foster is erect but more difficult to read and I believe it reads:


J.A. Foster dec'd

Oct 3, 1832

in the 84th year

of his age


The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) records in Washington, D.C. state that John's grave was marked with a Revolutionary Veteran's medallion but nothing was found during a visit to his grave in 1988. It is probable it was marked, but the medallion was stolen.


The children of John and Martha Foster were:


Elizabeth "Betsy" Foster was born on Jun 12, 1777 in Guilford County, North Carolina and she was married on May 11, 1796 in Guilford County to William P. McClain.  He died sometime after 1858.


Alexander Foster, whose birth date is unknown, but is assumed he was born in Guilford County, North Carolina.  He married Martha Doak on Apr 4, 1820 in Wilson County, Tennessee.  He died after 1834.



James Foster's birth date is also unknown, but it is also assumed he was born in Guilford County, North Carolina.  He married Rebecca Williamson and he died sometime after 1827.


Robert Foster was born in ca 1775 in Guilford County, North Carolina.  He married Nancy Donnell.   He was elected the first clerk of Wilson County, Tennessee on 23 December 1799.


Mary Foster was born on Apr 24, 1772 in Guilford County, North Carolina.  On Jul 11, 1793 she married John Doak in Guilford County.  She died on Oct 24, 1808 in Wilson County, Tennessee.


Margaret Foster, birth date unknown, but believed born in Guilford County, North Carolina.


John D. Foster was born on Dec 11, 1784 in Guilford County, North Carolina and was married to Elizabeth H. Roberts on Sep 21, 1813 in Wilson County, Tennessee.  He died on Feb 28, 1838 in Wilson County.








Robert Foster was born in ca 1769 in Guilford County, North Carolina.  He came with his wife Nancy Donnell and their children and his parents, John and Martha Foster to Wilson County, Tennessee in 1797 when he was about 28 years old.


The children of Robert and Nancy Foster:




Emsley Donnell Foster, born about 1793, married Martha Ann Doak on November 30, 1831 in Wilson County, Tennessee.  His will, which was probated on August 30, 1832, mentions his first unborn child being carried by his wife at the time he made this will.


Albert G. Foster was born about 1795 in Guilford County, North Carolina.  He married Lucinda Major on Aug 12, 1828 in Wilson County, Tennessee.  He was divorced from Lucinda on Oct 21, 1839. After his divorce from Lucinda, he moved to Shelby Co., IL and there he married Mrs. Jane Story. He was a blacksmith.


Isabella Ann Foster, was born about 1798 and was married on Sep 4, 1834 in Wilson County, Tennessee to William R. Donnell.


William Preston Foster, b. 12 Jul 1811, Wilson Co., TN;  d: 1845 in Benton Co., MO.   m. Susannah Lavina Lansden (d/o Rev Thomas Lansden & Susannah Bone), 08 Jun 1833, Wilson Co., TN.


Although the death dates for Robert or Nancy Foster are uncertain, numerous documents can be found in the Wilson County courthouse concerning their deaths. 


They both died without wills, and their estates were settled in the courts.  It took almost 10 years before things to be settled and the property to be divided among their children.


Robert Foster died in about 1817 and Nancy followed him in death in about 1820.  After the death of Nancy, the children were separated and placed in various relatives’ homes in Wilson County.


Because Robert died without a will the Wilson County court directed an inventory be taken of his personal possession.  The following list was returned to the courts on January 21, 1818 and can be found on page 305 of Will Book 1814-1819.


I have included the inventory of his property in order for the reader to get a sense of what items these people possessed.


One Negro man named Jacob

One Negro woman named Beck

10 Head of cattle

4 head of sheep

17 head of hogs

4 ploughs

1 wagon

3 weeding hoes

1 cane hoe

2 augers

2 chisels

1 iron wedge

1 pair of steel yards

2 guns

1 drawing knife

1 handsaw

1 cutting knife and box

1 pr gears

4 beds and furniture

2 tables

1 chest

1 loom

1 pair of fire irons & shovel

2 flat irons

3 pots

2 ovens

2 pair pothooks

3 wheels

1 reel

1 looking glass

1 washing tub

7 chairs

2 barrels & cupboard 7 furniture & some books

Also some corn, wheat & rye



Robert had borrowed money and the following notes were presented to the courts, asking for payment from his estate:


                                                            Debt Due                            Amount Due 


1 note Alanson Trigg                          12 Jun 1818                           $40.95

1 note James Foster                           8 Nov 1818                             28.12 1/2

1 note James Willis                             8 Nov 1818                               2.62 1/2

1 note James Booker                          8 Nov 1818                               3.68 3/4

1 note Jno Foster                                8 Nov 1818                             11.68 3/4

1 note Jonathan Doak                         8 Nov 1818                             10.25

1 note Jno Brown                                8 Nov 1818                             18.56

1 note Josiah James                           8 Nov 1818                             43.24

1 note (?) Bane                                   8 Nov 1818                             21.84

1 note (?) Maddox                              8 Nov 1818                               7.50

1 note James Bond                             8 Nov 1818                               5.39 1/2


Recorded in Wilson County, Tennessee, January 21, 1818


Soon after the death of Robert, Nancy petitioned the court of Wilson County for a widow's allotment so that she could have some of the property in order to live pending the settlement of his estate, and the following order is found in Will Book 1814-1819, page 314 dated January 21, 1818


We the undersigned commissioners agreeable to an order of the court to us directed have proceeded to allot to the widow of Robert Foster the following:


Seven hogs

Two cows

One beef

All the crop


Also $20.00 in money for the purpose of getting salt, sugar & coffee.



Robert Edward

John Merrett


After the courts received the inventory, they directed that a sale be held on the Foster farm on January 24, 1818 and all personal property of Robert be sold.  Women had few property rights in 1818, so it was necessary for her to attend the sale and purchase those items from the estate that she wished to keep.


I located the document in the Wilson Co., TN courthouse, but it is faded & torn and is difficult to read, and is included here so that you can get a sense of what they owned.


Nancy Foster to one auger hand and drawing knife                              $1.00

Samuel Foster to two chipets (?), pair of ...(?)                                      1.25

Robert Donnell to one lot of tools                                                          1.07

Nancy Foster to six chains                                                                   2.00

Nancy Foster to one flax wheel                                                             2.50

Nancy Foster to one chicken (?)                                                           1.25

Nancy Foster to one folding leaf table                                                   3.00

Nancy Foster to cupboard & furniture                                                    4.00

Nancy Foster to one looking glass                                                          .62 1/2

Nancy Foster to one bed and furniture                                                  6.00

Nancy Foster to one bed and furniture                                                  4.00

Nancy Foster to one bed and furniture                                                  5.00

Solomon Suggs to one bed and furniture                                             22.75

Nancy Foster to one chest                                                                   2.00

Thomas Bingham to one rifle gun                                                          5.12 1/2

Robert Donnell to one pl..... bit                                                               .26

Nancy Foster to one cotton wheel                                                         1.00

Nancy Foster to one loom                                                                    4.00

William Donnell to one square table                                                      1.62 1/2

Nancy Foster to one flax wheel                                                              .50

Nancy Foster to two pots, pot racks & oven                                          2.50

John Foster Sr. to one s..... kettle                                                        1.74

Nancy Foster to one pair of s...... yards                                                1.25

William Scott to one pair of axe.... & ade                                              2.00

Nancy Foster to one pot                                                                      2.00

Nancy Foster to one pair of fire irons                                                      .50

Nancy Foster to one iron wedge                                                             .25

Samuel Donnell to one hand axe                                                           1.50

William Donnell to one pole axe                                                            1.75

Nancy Foster to three weeding hoes, one axe, sp... hoe                        2.00

Alexander Foster to one scythe & cradle                                               1.50

Nancy Foster to coulter (?) plough                                                          .50

Edward Donnell to one wagon                                                            40.77

Nancy Foster to two ploughs, hoe, harrow, singletrees                           3.00

Nancy Foster to two pair of ....??....                                                     4.30

Nathan Sparks to one shot gun                                                             1.00

Nancy Foster to one grey horse                                                          18.00

Jonathan Wiley to one sorrel mare                                                      25.25

Nancy Foster to one black mare                                                         11.00

Nancy Foster to one bay filly                                                              25.00

Patterson Miles to three yearling calves                                              10.25

Nancy Foster to two black heifers                                                       10.01

Patterson Miles to one red heifer                                                          8.12 1/2

Nancy Foster to seven shoats                                                              7.00

Nancy Foster to one sow and pigs                                                        3.00

Nancy Foster to two sows                                                                   2.00

Nancy Foster to four sheep                                                                  6.00

Nancy Foster to two  ....?.                                                                     .25

William Clifton to one sh....                                                                     .80

Nancy Foster to one cutting knife & box                                                2.00

Nancy Foster to two flat irons                                                               1.00

James Foster to two files                                                                      .25


The foregoing account of the sale of the property of Robert Foster deceased was exhibited in open court by James Foster & Alexander Foster the Administrators of the estate.


Recorded 4th March 1818


Nancy Foster only survived her husband a few years and then it was necessary for the courts to sell her personal property after she died without a will.  This sale was conducted on February 28, 1821 and can be found in Wilson County, Tennessee Will Book 1819-1824, and pages 144 through 148.


The document is also in very poor condition and is illegible in parts.


Solomon Suggs, 8 earthen plates                                                        $ .61

Joseph B. Cl..., 1 saucer & 6 cups                                                         .67

Charles Hurden, 10 plates                                                                    1.00

James Willis,                                                                                      1.00

Bagil Jacobs,                                                                                      1.00

James Wiley,                                                                                        .??

Samuel,?                                                                                              .??

Edward  ?                                                                                           6.00

James .?, 1 heifer                                                                               4.25

John Baird, 1 cow                                                                               6.75

John Baird, 1 cow                                                                               5.56 1/4

William ..?, 1 small (?) bide                                                                  2.00

Robert Donnell, 1 calf                                                                          1.60

Robert Donnell, 2 calves                                                                      2.12 1/2

Charles McElroy, 6 shoats                                                                   7.00

James Wiley, 1 sow                                                                            1.25

R.S. Coiner, 1 horse                                                                          17.00

Charles McElroy, 1 mare                                                                   10.00

William L. New, 1 mare                                                                      18.12 1/2

John Edwards, 5 barrels corn                                                               5.50

Josiah Donnell, 5 barrels corn                                                              5.50

John Edwards, 5 barrels corn                                                               5.50

Lewis Bickin, 5 barrels corn                                                                 5.50

Thomas D. Cousins, 5 barrels corn                                                       5.60

Joseph Stacy, 5 barrels corn                                                                5.56 1/4

Samuel Cadon, 1 cutting knife & box                                                     2.87 1/2

John Foster, Sr., parcel of oats                                                            4.87 1/2

Joseph Stacy, whole of the flax unbroken                                              2.75

Lewis Bickin, the flax broken                                                                  .25

... Moses, 1 large gun                                                                           .37 1/2

Solomon Suggs, 1 .... plough                                                                1.56 1/4

..... P. Cannus, h.... & chains                                                                2.12 1/2

.....  Wilson  ...... chains                                                                       1.50

..............   plough                                                                               1.00

John Foster Jr., 10 geese                                                                    5.00

Elijah Donnell, wheat (tan??)                                                                  .25

John Quisenbury, 8 sheep                                                                    8.50

Charles Hardin, 500 lbs of hay                                                              1.50

John Foster Sr., 500 lbs of hay                                                            1.56 1/2

Rueben Comer, 500 lbs of hay                                                             1.50

Lewis Bicken, 500 lbs of hay                                                                1.33

Charles Henden, 500 lbs of hay                                                            1.40

Elijah Motley, .......                                                                            10.25

Nathan Sparks, 1 cotton wheel                                                               .50

Willy Hearn, 1 clock reel                                                                      1.87 1/2

James Foster, 1 flax wheel                                                                  3.70

Sam'l Donnell, 1 large pot                                                                    3.93 3/4

Sam'l Donnell, 1 small pot                                                                    2.00

Joseph B. Chaner, 1 small pot                                                              1.00

Eli Donnell, 1 oven                                                                               1.75

Josiah Donnell, 1 pot rack                                                                    1.00

Bazel Jacobs, 1 oven                                                                            .50

Edward Donnell, 1 table                                                                       4.37 1/2

Willy Booker, 4 chairs                                                                          2.75

William Smith, 2 chairs                                                                         1.12 1/2

Henry Moser, parcel of spools                                                              1.00

Moses Thompson, piece stead and iron                                                  .93 3/4

Eli Donnell, 1 pot rack                                                                            .68 3/4

John Foster Sr., 1 bed and furniture                                                    28.06 1/4

William Hutchinson, 1 bed and furniture                                               28.75

James Foster, 1 bed stead                                                                  2.50

William Hutchinson, 1 bed stead                                                           3.00

Eli Donnell, 1 bed and furniture                                                           28.00

Eli Donnell, 1 bed stead                                                                       2.00

Richard Fulds, 1 chest                                                                         ?.??

James ....., 1 count o..en                                                                     ?.??

John foster,  ditto                                                                                ?.??

Eli Donnell, 1 cotton shick (?)                                                               ?.??

Lewis B...., 1 flax shick (?)                                                                   ?.??

Samuel Booker, 1 coverlet                                                                   ?.??

Josiah Donnell, 1 blanket                                                                     ?.??

William Smith, 1 bed quilt                                                                     2.00

Stephen Hearn, 1 coverlet                                                                    5.50

Thomas Bile, 1 blanket                                                                        2.50

Thomas Smith, 1 blanket                                                                      2.50

James Foster, 1 blanket                                                                      2.31

Thomas Bile, 1 blanket                                                                        3.50

Henry Harris, 14 lb feathers                                                                 7.00

Joseph Chance, 1 pair shears                                                                .50

John Foster Jr., 1 looking glass                                                            1.06 1/4

Joseph Chance, 6 plates                                                                      1.72

James Foster, 6 teaspoons                                                                   .44

Nathan Sparks, 1 pitcher                                                                       .37 1/2

John Foster, 1 lot of the light furniture                                                     .86 1/4

Samuel C. ....., 1 cask                                                                           .56 1/4

Eli Donnell, 1 cream pot                                                                         .18 3/4

Eli Donnell, 4 glasses                                                                            .56 1/4

Edna Donnell, 1 tickler                                                                           .37 1/2

Thomas .... , 1 dish                                                                               .50

.... Bicker, 7 hogs                                                                                1.25

Baird Phillips, 6 table spoons                                                                 .43 3/4

Sam'l Booker, knives and forks                                                              .50

James Baird, 1 comb case                                                                    .06 1/4

Hugh Williams, knives and forks                                                            1.00

John Foster Jr., 1 bason (?)                                                                   .81 1/4

John Foster Jr., 1 tin pan                                                                       .12 1/2

Henry Moses, 1 lot of pewter1                                                               .50

Willis Booker, 1 pitcher                                                                          .12 1/2

Josiah Donnell, 3 cups                                                                           .56 1/4

Josiah Donnell, 1 bucket                                                                        .37 1/4

Josiah Donnell, 1 brass cock                                                                  .50

Ruben Corner, case of ??                                                                      .62 1/2

Joseph Hanks, 1 pickle pot                                                                    .50

.............illegible                                                                                    .31 1/4

..... Donnell, 1 pair ...                                                                             .06 1/4

William ...., 1 candle stick                                                                      .12 1/2

A.P. Comer, 1 powder horn                                                                   .18 3/4

Next fifteen items unreadable                                                                 .??

Sam'l Scott, 1 coffee mill                                                                       .93 3/4

Bazel Jacobs, 1 curry comb                                                                   .06 1/4

Henry Moses, 1 bell                                                                              .31 1/4

Alexander Foster, 1 fire shovel                                                             1.50

Lewis Bickens, harrow hoes                                                                 1.81 1/4

Henry Moses, 1 hoe                                                                              .50

Robert Wilson, 1 hoe                                                                             .56 1/4

Henry Moses, 1 hoe                                                                              .87 1/2

Sam'l Booker, 1 flat iron                                                                        .68 3/4

John Foster, 1 flat iron                                                                           .50

Sam'l Tinnings, 1 meal sifter                                                                   .12 1/2

Henry Moses, 1 sickle                                                                           .18 3/4

.... Scott, 1 drawing knife                                                                       .81 1/4

Jesse Tinnings, 1 auger                                                                         .25

Henry Moses, sheep shears                                                                   .43 3/4

Henry Moses, 1 hand saw                                                                     .25

Henry Moses, 1 axe                                                                              .37 1/2

Sam'l Scott, 1 harness                                                                           .12

James Wilin, 5 horse shoes                                                                   .47 1/2

Sam'l Booker, old irons                                                                          .33

Alexander Foster, 1 meal bag                                                              1.00

Hugh Morrison, 4 lbs salt                                                                     ?.??

Sam'l Scott, 2 lbs salt                                                                          ?.??

Joseph Stacy, 1 tub of lard                                                                  ?.??

Henry Moses, pair of nippers                                                               ?.??

Henry Moses, 1 tub                                                                               .62 3/4

Hugh Morrison, 121 lbs cotton                                                              2.81

Henry Moses, 1 lamb                                                                            .35

James Howard, 1 saddle and bridle                                                      3.37

Josiah Donnell, 1 1/2 bushel (sic)                                                           .10

John Foster Jr., 1 pail                                                                            .25

Henry Moses, 1 tub                                                                               .50

Edward ......                                                                                         .34

Henry Moses, 1 box                                                                            ?.??

Sam'l Bicker, saddle bag                                                                       .67

John Foster Jr., 1 pair ??                                                                      .06

Henry Moses, fire irons                                                                          .75

John Foster, 1 flax wheel                                                                       .31

Henry Moses, 100 lbs (?)                                                                     4.37 1/2

Nathan Sparks, 200 lbs (?)                                                                  8.75

Joseph Stacy, 100 lbs (?)                                                                    8.75

Eli Donnell, 1 book                                                                                .25

Nathan Sparks, 2 chains                                                                        .12

Nathan Sparks, 4 tubs                                                                           .25

John Foster Jr., 1 pickle tub                                                                   .56 1/4

R.P. Lerner, 1 keg and trap                                                                   .25

Alexander Foster, 5 1/2 bushels wheat                                                 2.64

Alexander Foster, 1 lamb                                                                       .90

Robert Wilson, 1 churn                                                                          .06 1/4

James Foster, tar and bucket                                                                .49

James Wiley, 1 half gallon pot                                                                .06 1/4

Hugh Morrison, ??                                                                               ?.37

Clives Bicken, ???                                                                                 .13 1/2

Edna Donnell, ???                                                                                 .18 3/4

Hugh Morrison, 1 pad lock                                                                     .37

John Foster, 1 stock pad lock                                                              1.50

Josiah Donnell, 1 botile (sic)                                                                   .27

William ....., parcel of flour                                                                     .57 1/2

Edna Donnell, 3 lbs ginned cotton                                                           .30

Sarah Bicken, thin bale thread                                                                .32

Hugh Morrison, 1 pair springs                                                                 .25

Hugh Morrison, 1 stay                                                                           .88 1/2

Thomas Bingham, pair shears                                                                .16 1/2

Hugh Morrison, 200 lbs tobacco                                                           1.50

Henry Morin, 142 lbs cotton seed                                                         5.58


This is to certify that the above is a true account of the sale of the property of Nancy Foster dec'd.


James & Alexander Foster, Administrators [her sons]




In the ensuing years various documents were filed in the Wilson County, Tennessee courthouse relative to the Foster estate and including the following:


Will Book 1827-1835, Page 317

March 26, 1829


Josiah S. McClain, guardian for Isabella Ann Foster, minor heir of Robert Foster, respectfully reports to the worshipful County Court of Wilson, that he received the sum of $474.08 1/4 cents cash paid out of the guardian bond.


Will Book 1827-1830, Page 547

March term 1830


Pursuant to an order of the court made during the December 1830 term.  Josiah L. McClain reports that he sold two Negroes, Jacob & Beck on a 12-month credit (lease) on the 9th day of January last.  Said Negroes belonging to the heirs of Robert Foster deceased.


Jacob is leased to Wm Donald for $350 and Beck to David R. Donald for $160, for a total of $510 given out of my hand.


Signed: Josiah L. McCaine, May 23, 1830


Deed Book 1829, Page 346


In pursuance of an order of the worshipful Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of the County of Wilson at September term 1828 appointing as the undersigned commissioners to lay off, divide and apportion the estate which Robert Foster, late of Wilson County dec'd ana....ed amongst his heirs we accordingly, the 25th October 1828, met and proceeded to survey the land claimed by the heirs of the said Robert Foster dec'd and did divide and lay off the same into four tracts as represented by the foregoing plats, distributed and lots as we thought best amongst the heirs taking into consideration their different situations and making:


Lot No 1, EMSLEY D. FOSTER, which is bounded as follows: beginning at an elm on the southeast corner of Mary Doak's tract she now lives on, and then northeast corner of the tract belonging to the said heirs of Robert Foster dec'd running thence south one hundred and twenty two and one half poles to a white oak the southeast corner of said tract running thence west fifty poles to a white oak in the south boundary of said tract thence north one hundred and twenty two and a-half poles to a stake in Mary Doak's south boundary line running thence east with center line fifty poles to the beginning containing thirty-eight acres.


Lot No 2, ALBERT FOSTER, and boundary as follows beginning at a white oak the southwest corner of lot number 1, running west seventy five poles a sugartree thence north one hundred and twenty two and one half poles to a stake in said Mary Doak's south boundary line thence east with said line seventy five poles to the northwest corner of the center line thence south with the west boundary line of lot number 1, one hundred and twenty two and one half pole to the beginning containing sixty three and three quarters of an acre.


Lot No 3, ISABELLA FOSTER, and bounded as follows, beginning at the sugartree the southwest corner of lot number 2, running thence west one hundred and twenty six poles to the southwest corner of the said tract to a stake in Bingham's east boundary thence north with said Bingham's line one hundred and ten poles to a stake in said Bingham's northeast corner thence west with his north boundary eight poles to a stake thence north ten poles to a stake in said Mary Doak's southwest corner thence east one hundred and thirty six poles to the northwest corner of lot number 3, thence sough with the west boundary of said lot one hundred and twenty two poles & 1/2 to the beginning containing ninety six and one-half acres.


Lot No 4, WILLIAM R. FOSTER, and bounded as follows, beginning at an ash and hackberry marked "R.F.", a line forth six poles west of the northeast corner of a six hundred and forth are tract originally in the name of John Foster and in his north boundary running thence west with the said line eighty four poles crossing a west fork of Spring Creek in all one hundred and eight poles to a white oak thence north fifty four poles to two ironwoods in Robert Foster's south boundary line thence east with the said line seventy poles crossing said west fork of Spring Creek in all one hundred and eighteen poles to an elm thence sough fifty four poles to the beginning containing forty acres.


Date: October 25, 1828


On May 29, 1829, fully 10 years after Nancy died that the estate of Robert and Nancy Foster was finally settled.  The proceeds were then distributed among their children according to the following.


This document can be found in Will Book 1827-1830, Page 336-337.


We, Sam'l Cannon, Edward Harris and William Donnell having been appointed at the December Term of the County Court for Wilson County Commissioners to settle with James Foster and Alexander Foster administration on the estate of Robt Foster dec'd and also with the same administrators on the estate of Nancy Foster dec'd, have this day convened for that purpose and have examined all the papers pertaining to the said estate as exhibited to us by the said administrators do make the following report, viz ---



First of said Robert Foster estate:


We find the amt of the sale to have been two hundred

 & seventy dollars and twenty five cents and a half                         $270.25 ½


We find vouchers in the hands of said administration

to the amount of eighty nine dollars and twenty one &

one half cents                                                                                -89.21 ½



Which leaves a balance of one hundred and eighty one

dollars and four cents                                                                  $181.04


Sub Total                      $289.64



We find the amount of notes one hundred & seventy

four dollars, eighty four and one fourth cent                                   $174.84 1/4


Interest on that amt one hundred and eight dollars

fifty and one fourth cents                                                              $108.50 1/4


Sub Total                      $283.34 1/2


Robert Foster's estate                             Total                           $572.98 1/2



We find the amount of the sale of Nancy Foster's

estate to have been five hundred & twenty dollars

and twenty and one fourth cent                                                     $520.20 1/4


The interest on that amt one hundred forty seven

Dollars, eight and one half cents                                                   $147.08 1/2


Sub Total                      $667.28 3/4



The hire of two Negroes, six hundred and seventy

four eighteen and one fourth cents                                                $674.18 1/4


The rent of the farm (interest added), three hundred

and twenty two dollars & twenty five cents                                    $322.25



Total                         $1,663.62



We have found vouchers in the hands of said admin-

istrators to the amount of one hundred and eighty

two dollars eighty seven cents                                                      -182.87


And eighty nine dollars ninety three & three fourths

cents which has been paid for schooling and doctors

bills for the children                                                                        -89.93 3/4


I think the administrators are entitled to the

sum of one hundred dollars for their trouble in

settling said estate                                                                       -100.00


Total                            $372.80 3/4




Subtracted from the amount leaves twelve hundred

and ninety dollars ninety one & one fourth cents

(which all added is the total of Nancy Foster's

Estate)                                                                                    $1,290.91 1/4


Both estates added makes eighteen hundred & sixty

three dollars and eighty nine and three fourths

cents which is the whole amount now in the hands

of the administrators                                                                 $1,863.98 3/4



Given under our hand this 7th Day of February A.D., 1829


Sam'l Canon

Edward Harris

William Donnell


P.S.  On a reexamination of the within report we find an error of twenty five dollars and twenty cents in favor of the admns whole amount brought over leaving a balance of:                                                                           

                                                                                               $1,863.89 3/4



Total                                                   $1,838.69 3/4


Test: John Stone, Clerk of said Court



These funds were divided equally between the children, Emsley, Albert, Isabella and William Foster.




ALBERT G. FOSTER was born in Guilford County, North Carolina in about 1795.  He married Lucinda Major on Aug 12, 1828 in Wilson Co., TN.  Lucinda was born in North Carolina in 1810.  She was the daughter of John Major of Major, Wilson County, Missouri.



Albert Foster & Lucinda Major Marriage License


Marriage License


Albert Foster & Lucinda Major

August 12, 1828

Wilson County, TN


After an eleven-year marriage, Lucinda filed for a divorce from Albert on February 16, 1839 but the judge dismissed the petition as evidenced by the following declaration found in the Wilson County, Tennessee court records, Civil Proceedings 1837-1839, Page 364


Lucinda Foster vs Albert Foster, Petition for Divorce


Be it remembered that this cause came on this day to be heard before the Honorable Samuel Anderson, Judge ...illegible... and by the court here fully understood and argument had thereon.


It is ordered and adjudged and decreed by the court that said petition is dismissed and that the petitioner pay the costs of this proceeding and that execution as at ...illegible... issue for the same.



Later that year, in October 1839, Albert filed for divorce from Lucinda


Albert Foster vs Lucinda Foster, Petition for Divorce


Be it remembered that the present term of this court, this cause coming on to be held before the Hon'l Andrew J. Marchbanks upon the petition and proof in the cause; in the presence of Counsel on both sides, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court, that a subpoena and copy of the petition in this case, has been executed in proper time, and that the said cause has been taken for confessed the defendant having failed to make any defense and regularly set down for hearing, exparte at the present term of this court.


And the court being satisfied from the proof in this cause that the petitioner Albert Foster was a citizen of the state of Tennessee at the time of filing his said petition for more than one year before filing of the same, and the court also being satisfied from the testimony that the defendant, the said Lucinda Foster, did willfully and maliciously desert and absent herself from her husband the said Albert Foster for a space of two whole years before the filing of said petition, without any reasonable cause, and that at the time of said desertion, that the parties were both inhabitants of this state, it is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the court, that the bonds of matrimony heretofore dissolved, it is also adjudged and decreed by the court, that all the right and title to a Negro woman named Sarah and her children which the said Lucinda brought with her, at the time or shortly after her intermarriage with the petitioner, be divested out of the said Albert Foster and invested in the said Lucinda Foster, for the only purpose and benefit of the said Lucinda, and that all other property which the said Lucinda brought with her at the time or after her said marriage remain with the said Lucinda for the only proper use of her the said Lucinda.


It is further decreed that the petitioner pay all the cost of this proceeding and that execution issue for the same.



After his divorce from Lucinda, Albert moved to Shelby Co., IL, and there he married Mrs. Jane Story. He was a blacksmith.


After the divorce, Lucinda Foster returned to the home of her father, John A. Major Jr., who lived in Major, Wilson County, Tennessee.  She took her five children with her.  The oldest, age 10 and the youngest age three.


She remained in her father's house for seven years until Jan 8, 1846 when she married her second husband, William Bennett.  She then resided with William and her five children.  Lucinda and William had at least one child, Nancy, who was born in 1848 in Wilson County, Tennessee.



Lucinda Foster & Wm Bennett Marriage License



Marriage License


Lucinda Foster & William Bennett

January 3, 1846

Wilson Co., TN


During the 1850 census Lucinda is listed as married to William Bennett and she was the owner of three female slaves, ages seven, thirteen and fourteen.




John A. Major Jr., Lucinda's father, died in 1839 and his will can be found in "Wills for 1839, page 315", in Wilson County, Tennessee.


In the name of God amen, May the 23rd day 1839.


I, John Major, of the County of Wilson, State of Tennessee being weak in body but of perfect mind do make and ordain this my last will and testament.


first......I want my debts paid & to be decently buried & then I confirm the gift of two Negroes, Milly & Allen to my daughter Martha Quesenbury & at my death one eighth part of my estate which I may leave.


second.....I confirm the gift of two boys, Frank & Borg to my son Isom Major & I give one hundred dollars in cash to my son William to be paid out of my estate at my death & I also give him one eighth part of my estate at my death.


thirdly....I confirm the gift of a Negro woman, Puda to my daughter Nancy Donnell & children and I also give to my daughter Nancy's children, two boys, Nelson & Joshua.  To Lucinda Jane I give Nelson & to Elizabeth H. Donnell I give Joshua.  I also give one-eighth part of my estate to the two girls at my death.


fourthly...I confirm the gift of two Negroes, Chany & David to my daughter Polly Johns and I also will her one eighth part of my estate at my death.


fifthly....I confirm the gift of two Negroes, Peter & Polly to my son John Major & the gift of a piece of land to repair the loss of his boy Peter, I also give to my son John $200 to be paid out of my estate at my death & also one eighth part of my estate which I may leave after satisfying or paying the money named in this will. respects my daughter Lucinda Foster, I have made other arrangements for her and her children.


seventhly..I confirm the gift of a boy, Ben to my son Henry A. Major & to his children, Martha, Eliza & Sam'l, I give one Negro girl named Reannd & $200 in cash to be paid out of my estate before the division is made then one 8th part of my estate which may be left at my decease.


eightly....I confirm the gift of a boy, Jacob to my son Sam'l Major & I also give & bequeath to my son Sam'l one woman, Charlot & child named Ben.  My son Sam'l have paid $200 to make his part equal with the rest & I also give him one 8th part of my estate at my death after paying the money named in this will.


ninthly....I give and bequest to my son James M. Major, 2 Negro boys, Robt & Ralph & $300 to be paid out of my estate before the division is made after my death & also one 8th part out of my estate after my death all of the money must be paid which I have named in this will before the division takes place, I also appoint Wm Major & Jas M. Major executors of this my last will & testament in witness whereof I have hereto set my hand & seal the date & date above written. 


John Major, Recorded May 5, 1842, by J.L. McClain, Clerk of Wilson County, Tennessee Court




1830 - 1900


JOHN EMSLEY FOSTER was born on Sept 11, 1830 in Wilson County, Tennessee and was married in 1866 to Mary Ann Burris is Wise County, Texas. At the time of their marriage he was 36 years old and Mary Ann was 18.  He died on Jan 18, 1900 in Cooke County, Texas.  He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Wise County, Texas.


Mary Ann Burris Foster


Mary Ann Burris Foster

1848 – 1933



His wife, Mary Ann Burris was born on May 23, 1848 in Grayson County, Texas and died on Dec 19, 1933 in Bellevue, Clay County, Texas.  She is buried alongside her husband (John Emsley Foster) in a grave marked only by the metal marker left by the funeral home. (The funeral home metal marker was replaced with a suitable stone sometime in the 1990’s by persons unknown to me)


Mary Ann Burris was the daughter of Jonathan R. Burris (b: 1821 in Kentucky) and Nancy Ann Cunnius, (b: in Nov 1825 in Alabama).  Jonathan and Mary Ann were married in Grayson County, Texas in about 1847.


John Emsley Foster arrived in Greenwood, Wise County, Texas in about 1857.  He came from Wilson County, Tennessee with his two brothers, Samuel and William and their friend and neighbor from back in Tennessee, Thomas Curruth.


The following is a reprint from an article I found describing the early days of Greenwood, which is outside Decatur, TX





Greenwood, Texas


Pioneer settlers came to this area as early as the 1850s. Local tradition states that the Greenwood and Hart families were among the first settlers in the area, and that the community was named for the Greenwood Family and the creek for the Hart Family.

As the town of Greenwood began to grow, businesses, churches, a cemetery, school, and Masonic Lodge were established. A Post office was opened in 1877, and a town well was dug by John Karr Berry in the early 1890s. At its peak, the town boasted two saloons, four grocery stores, two drug stores, a hotel, bank, hardware store, barbershop, blacksmith shop, cotton gin, and the Greenwood Gazette Newspaper.

In 1871 Robert & Mary Foster sold for $86.00, 10.86 acres of their land on which was built The Greenwood Male and Female College, although in operation for less than twenty years, provided quality education for the young people of the community.

This small settlement has served as a supply center for surrounding farming communities for over one hundred years. It has also been a center of social and religious activities. Three Churches serve the Greenwood area: Greenwood Baptist Church, founded as Hart’s Creek Missionary Baptist Church about 1872; Greenwood Methodist Church, founded about 1880; and Greenwood Church of Christ, founded in 1896.


Foster Women in Greenville, TX


Photo – ca 1905

Greenwood, Wise Co., TX  

     In March 2013 Lynn Wright 
sent in an update with new information about the women in this picture

L to R: Jarusha Adeline "Rushie" Woodward (15 Jan 1865, Taney Co., MO - Feb 9, 1912, Broscoe Co., TX) & son Alvin; Mary Ann (Burris) Foster, Rushie's sister Mary Jane Woodward (1868 Taney Co., MO - 1888 Cooke Co., TX) with unidentified baby, Martha Emsley Foster (Wright) w/guitar, & Tina “Tiny” Foster (Parkhill) w/ family bible– empty chair before Mary Ann denotes she is a widow.
Rushie and Mary were the daughters of Mary Ann Morgan-Woodward, who was the second wife of Elijah “Roland” Moseley.

Roland was the uncle of Charles & James Wright, who took these two young boys to raise after their parents (Nathan & Mary Foster Wright) died in Taney Co. MO.

Rushie Woodward married Richard Washington Thomas, both buried in Silverton Cemetery, Silverton, Bristol Co., TX.

Mary Woodward married James Martin McAdoo Jr. Both are buried in Willow Cemetery, Willon, Greer Co., OK

In other words, Rushie and Mary were raised in the same home as Charles & James Wright, and they might be considered their older step-sisters. Charles will eventually marry Martha Emsley Foster (girl with guitar)


L to R: Jerushia "Rushie" Woodward* & son Alvin, Mary Ann (Burris) Foster,  Rushie's sister Mary Woodward* with unidentified baby, Martha Emsley Foster (Wright) w/guitar, & Tina “Tiny” Foster (Parkhill) w/ family bible– empty chair before Mary Ann denotes she is a widow.


Rushie (born in Taney Co., MO in 1865) & Mary Woodward (also born in Taney Co., MO, in 1868) were the daughters of Mary Ann Woodward, who was the second wife of Elijah “Roland” Moseley.  Roland was the uncle of Charles & James Wright, who took these two young boys to raise after their parents died in Taney Co. MO.  In other words, these two girls were raised in the same home as Charles & James Wright, and might be considered their older step-sisters.

(*married names of these ladies remains unknown)





The fourth brother, Robert Foster, left Tennessee at about the same time, but he settled in McKinney, Collin County, Texas.  Their only sister, Martha Ann Emily Foster remained in Wilson County, Tennessee where she married Richard Jones in 1855.  She died in Wilson County in 1916.


After the Foster brothers arrived in Wise County, Samuel married Jane Cunnius in 1859 and began to farm on Denton Creek.  His two brothers, John and William along with their friend Thomas Carruth, lived with Sam and his wife for the next couple of years.


It is tradition that Samuel Foster exercised squatter's rights and took six hundred acres in Wise County and it only cost him $22.50 to have the land surveyed. However a search of the Texas General Land Office in Austin, Texas reveals there are no records of this transaction, so it is probably closer to the truth that he bought this land from someone who received it as a bounty grant.


As his children grew and married, he gave land to each of them on which to build a house.  In 1880 Samuel Foster helped to organize the Slidell Baptist Church at Hackberry Grove and preached in this church for several years.



Samuel Major Foster

Samuel Foster


Samuel Foster also established a cemetery on his farm, which is known today as the Foster Cemetery.  It is located on the Brumlo-Sycamore road just outside Decatur, Texas. 



Foster Cemetery


Foster Cemetery

Sycamore Community, Wise Co., TX


The following chart lists all the people who are buried in this cemetery. It is tradition that the Tressie Lee Edge, (#3 on the chart) was a toddler who died while on the wagon trail heading west. Samuel Foster, Sr. graciously offered to let the parents bury her in his family’s cemetery.




Last Name

First Name


Date of Death

Information Notes



Tressie Lee

Apr 22, 1894

Dec 31, 1895

Daughter of J.I. & Ida




Feb 14, 1873

May 14, 1897




J.C. (Jane Cunnius)

Jan 13, 1849

Oct 29, 1883

Wife of S.M.




Apr 20, 1863

Nov 6, 1890




Mattie B.

Sept 15, 1870

Apr 21, 1892

Wife of J.T.



Minnie Ora

Nov 18, 1888

Oct 11, 1892




Ruth Eutolia

Mar 26, 1896

Jan 25, 1900

Daughter of G.L. & A.L.



S.M. (Samuel Major)

Jan 19, 1834

Feb 6, 1900




S.M., Jr. (Samuel Major, Jr.)

July 8, 1867

Nov 24, 1887

(Son of J.C. & S.M.)




Mar 20, 1865

Mar 17, 1901





May 28, 1901

Nov 4, 1901

Son of W.F. & M.J.



Lucy J.

Nov 19, 1860

Mar 21, 1886




Nancy An

Feb 14, 1869

Oct 9, 1892

Wife of W.M.




Nov 19, 1900

Jan 26, 1901

Son of E.L. & Sarah - Headstone with Sarah




July 11, 1878

Feb 11, 1901

Wife of E.L. - Headstone with Norman




John Emsley Foster

November 11, 1830 – January 18, 1900

Private – Company K

5th Texas Partisan Rangers


Confederate Flag


In 1861 the idea was proposed to the Confederate government that in order to raise an army that efforts should be made to organize companies to fight without restraint, under no orders, and would convert captured property to their own private use. They would take care of themselves.

Within 10 days of the proposal, an official reply was The Confederate government preferred that these companies be armed and tendered for the war in the usual way. That the Confederate government preferred that these companies be armed and tendered for the war in the usual way. These men would have to conform to the rules of war of civilized nations. The government must commission the officers and the companies paid for by the state. It was felt if they proceeded according to their own ideas they would have to be regarded as outlaws and pirates.

After some negotiating a law was passed by the Confederate States of America congress to establish that Partisan units could be organized under the following rules:

Sec.1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the President be, and he is hereby authorized to commission such officers as he may deem proper with authority to form bands of partisan rangers, in companies, battalions or regiments, to be composed of such members as the President may approve.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That such partisan rangers, after being regularly received in the service, shall be entitled to the same pay, rations, and quarters during their term of service, and be subject to the same regulations as other soldiers.

Sec.3. Be it further enacted, That for any arms and munitions of war captured from the enemy by any body of partisan rangers and delivered to any quartermaster at such place or places as may be designated by a commanding general, the rangers shall be paid their full value in such manner as the Secretary of War may prescribe.

It should be noted that in section 3 of the act are laid down special rules as to arms and munitions captured by the Partisan Rangers. A powerful incentive indeed to enlist in a partisan ranger unit instead of joining the regular Confederate army.

Soon the attraction of the Partisan Ranger Corps was so great that the Confederate authorities had to prohibit transfer from the line to the Partisan Ranger Corps

However, after a recommendation from General Robert E. Lee, on the 20th of February 1863, the law authorizing partisan rangers was abolished and almost all partisan rangers were required to join the regular Confederate Army.





John E



On July 5, 1862 at the age of 32, John Emsley Foster rode his horse to Collin County, Texas and along with his brother Robert (who lived in Collin County at the time), joined the Confederate Army. John brought his horse and gun and the government bought the horse for $160, and the gun for $20. The Civil War had been going on for 16 months when they joined and Texas had joined the Confederacy on February 9, 1861.

The Foster brothers joined Company K of the 5th Texas Partisan Cavalry Regiment. This unit was known as Martin's Cavalry, so named for its commander Col. Leonidas Martin.

The Foster brothers trained and drilled in the McKinney, TX area until they sent to the Indian Territory on February 6, 1863, where they were consolidated with the 9th and 10th Texas Cavalry Battalion at Fort Washita, Indian Territory.

On April 24, 1863 John saw his first action when the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were engaged near Webber Falls in the Indian Territory to repel a raid by Union Col. William Phillips.

In May 1863 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers engaged in a skirmish near Fort Gibson, Indian Territory. They unsuccessfully attacked a Union supply train five miles from Fort Gibson. Many Confederate Indians were killed in the raid.

On July 17, 1863 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers fought in the Battle of Honey Springs, in the Creek Nation, Indian Territory, near the present day town of Muskogee, Oklahoma. The 5th Texas Partisan Rangers formed the Confederate center on the battlefield.

Union and Confederate troops had frequently skirmished in the vicinity of Honey Springs Depot. The Union commander in the area, Major General James Blunt, correctly surmised that Confederate forces (mostly Native American troops under the command of Brig. Gen. Douglas Cooper) were about to concentrate and would then attack his force at Fort Gibson. He had ample supplies, and had recently arrived with fresh troops so he decided on a preemptive attack, to fight the Confederates at Honey Springs Depot before Brig Gen William Cabell’s brigade, advancing from Fort Smith, Arkansas, joined them.

Blunt began crossing the swollen Arkansas River on July 15, 1863, and by midnight on July 16-17 he had a force of 3,000 men, composed of whites, Native Americans, and Negroes, force-marching toward Honey Springs. Shortly after dawn skirmishing began and by mid afternoon there was full-scale fighting. The Confederates had wet powder, causing misfires, and the problem intensified when rain began. After stopping one Federal attack, Cooper pulled back to issue fresh ammunition. In the meantime, Cooper began to experience command problems, and he learned that Blunt was about to turn his left flank. The Confederate retreat began, and although Cooper tried a rear-guard action, many of those troops failed and fled. Different tribes headed in different directions, but few were in any mood to fight again even if officers found them. Any possibility of the Confederates taking Fort Gibson was gone.

The 1st Kansas Colored fought with courage again. Union troops under General James Blunt ran into a strong Confederate force under General Douglas Cooper. After a two-hour bloody engagement, Cooper’s soldiers retreated. The 1st Kansas, which had held the center of the Union line, advance to within fifty paces of the Confederate line and exchanged fire for some twenty minutes until the Confederates broke and ran.

General Blunt wrote after the battles; “I never saw such fighting as was done by the Negro regiment … the question that Negroes will fight is settled; besides they make better soldiers in every respect than any troops I have ever had under my command.”

Following this battle, Union forces controlled the Indian Territory north of the Arkansas River

The Union losses were about 80, while the Confederates lost about 640 men.

On August 27, 1863 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were in a skirmish at Perryville, Choctaw Nation, Indian Nation. The Union Army consisted of a force of 4,500 and the Confederate Army had strength of about 9,000. The Union forces fought their way into Perryville and determined that nearly every building contained Confederate stores, so the buildings were burned. The Union also captured and destroyed a large amount of clothing that was in the Confederate depot on North Folk Town.

Brigadier General William Steele, of the Confederate Army reported the following in his official report about this skirmish: “A Choctaw regiment joined, but about half of its numbers were unarmed.  Many of the Cherokees have left to look after their families. Of the two regiments, there are probably not more than 100 in camp.” 

On October 9, 1863 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were ordered to Bonham, Texas for service under General Henry McCulloch. They were ordered to round up deserters and bring order to the Northeast Texas area. Confederate General Sam Bell Maxey latter wrote that the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were one of his best regiments and that Col. Martin was a good officer, too good in fact to be chasing deserters through the brush of Northeast Texas. Confederate General Henry McCulloch agreed and wrote that Col. Martin's men had done remarkable service considering the service they were ordered to do.

On November 10, 1863 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were placed in General Douglas H. Cooper's Brigade with Col. John Jumper's Seminole Battalion and Col. DeMorse's 29th Texas Cavalry.

On December 22, 1863 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were on furlough for Christmas when they were recalled to duty and ordered to concentrate at McKinney and Pilot Grove to march to Gainesville, Texas to meet a threat of invasion by Kansas Jayhawkers and a small group of Union Cavalry troops. Although the Jayhawkers had entered Gainesville, they departed before the arrival of Col. Martin's men.

On March 21,1864 General Richard Gano took command of the brigade consisting of the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers. General Gano requested Col. Martin to report to him as to the state of arms possessed by the men of the regiment. On March 30, 1864 Col. Martin replied that 1/3 of his men were armed with shotguns, another 1/3 was armed with everything from squirrel rifles to mammoth Belgium rifles and the other 1/3 was completely unarmed.

In Richmond, Confederate President Jefferson Davis realized that the original enlistment for the Confederate States Army was nearing an end. He made a plea for all troops to re-enlist for the term of the war. Col. Leonidas Martin, commander of the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers made the following proclamation on behalf of his men in June 1864.

Whereas the 5th Cavalry, Texas Partisan Rangers, having re-enlisted for the war, in obedience to a call from our congress, the following resolutions expressive of their sentiments and feelings are adopted:

First. That we, the officers and men of Martin's Regiment, do most heartily and willingly tender our unanimous services and cordial support to our country in vigorously prosecuting the present war so long as the footprints of the vandal pollutes the soil of our beloved South, pledging ourselves never to sheathe the sword nor lay down the musket until success shall crown our efforts and an honorable peace be proclaimed throughout our land.

Second. That we esteem it a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity afforded us to thus make known to our friends at home that we still are determined to protect the sanctity of their homes, honor, lives, and property from the ruthless hirelings of the north, or sacrifice our lives upon the altar of our country; to our comrades in arms that we are resolved to stand by them as friend to friend in battling for the great and glorious cause for which they are so nobly contending.

Third. That we tender to our commanding officers our hearty and cordial support in their efforts to drive the dastardly foe from our soil and in promoting the good and prosperity of our country.

L. M. Martin Chairman/Geo. White Secretary.

General Sam Bell Maxey, commander of the Indian Territory added the following comments:

They breathe the right spirit. They show that desertion is not part of the creed of these men. They pledge themselves, should occasion offer, to emulate the glorious heroes who from Virginia to New Mexico who have immortalized the Texas soldier. While Texans are upholding the honor and renown of their glorious state in this mighty struggle now going on - never before equaled in the world's history - what can be thought of the cowardly skulks who are now deserting their comrades and country, and of the equally low-down scuffs who uphold them in it? Let every soldier in the Indian Territory determine to be a man, and fight the thing out. Let desertion be a "stink ball" in the nostrils of every soldier.




Texas flag as adopted during the Civil War


On the morning of July 27, 1864 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers fought in the Battle of Massard's Prairie, five miles southeast from Fort Smith, Arkansas. There they attacked Union General Thayer's outpost near the fort. The 5th Texas Partisan Rangers engaged the 6th Kansas Cavalry. The Kansas Cavalry troops were surprised by the attack. As a result its horses were stampeded causing the Union Cavalry to fight dismounted. After a fighting retreat of a mile, the 6th Kansas Cavalry commander, Major David Mefford was unable to break the Confederate line and the 6th Kansas Cavalry surrendered.

On September 19, 1864 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers participated in one of the most daring raids of the war, the Battle of Cabin Creek in the Indian Territory. In the early morning hours the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers, under General Richard Gano, waited in the timber on the Fort Scott road headed for Fort Gibson. At 2 a.m. the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers with the Confederate Indians under General Stand Watie attacked the Union wagon train. The Confederate force quickly surrounded the wagon train. General Gano used his artillery against the Union detachment guarding the supply train. Fearing reinforcements that might arrive the next day, General Gano's Texas Cavalry, with General Stand Watie's Confederate Indians (General Watie was a Cherokee Chief) drove in to the Union right. The Union troops fled and left the million-dollar supply train to the hungry, poorly clothed Confederate troops. General Gano said of his troops that they had marched 400 miles in 14 days and destroyed 1.5 million dollars in Union property that consisted of 225 wagons and $500,000.00 in U.S. currency. The Confederate Government in Richmond praised General Stand Watie and General Gano along with their troops for their noble raid.

On December 29, 1864 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were ordered back to Bonham, Texas for temporary duty for General Henry McCulloch.

On February 26,1865 the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were ordered to march for Marshall, Texas. When they arrived they were dismounted and told to prepare for a Union invasion force of 5,000 men that would strike the Texas coast from New Orleans. It was an invasion that would never come, as the war was almost at its end. The following day the 5th Texas Partisan Rangers were consolidated into Gould's Brigade, also known as the 23rd Texas Cavalry due to the reduced numbers caused by death, disease, and desertion.

Finally, after much hardship on both the North and the South, Robert E. Lee and Joseph E. Johnson surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, and at Smithfield, North Carolina, in April 1865 respectively. However, the news was slow to reach Texas and the last battle of the Civil War was fought May 13, 1865 at Palmito Ranch near Brownsville with the determined Confederate forces defeating the Union..

In March 1865 John’s unit was dismounted and two months later in on May 26, 1865, General Edmund Kirby Smith, commander of the Confederate forces in the Trans-Mississippi Department surrendered his forces.  The war was over.

After the surrender John and his brother Robert were released from service. John was discharged with the rank of Private, and Robert, who had entered the war as a Private, was discharged as a musician.


After the war, John returned to Wise Co., TX where in 1866 he married Mary Ann Burris, the niece of his brother Samuel’s wife.


After the Civil War, the Indians were on the rampage in North Texas, and some historians report that Wise County, Texas had more men, women and children killed or captured by Indians during their depredation period, than in any other county in Texas.


Because of the “Indian problem," John and his brother Samuel Foster, packed their wives and families into their wagons, and moved to Sebastian County, (near Ft Smith), Arkansas in 1867. It’s ironic to note, that it was in this county where the Battle of Massard Prairie was fought, so John no doubt was familiar with the area.


On November 15, 1869, while John and Samuel were still living in Arkansas, appointed George Pickett of Wise County, TX to act as their agent, with power-of-attorney authority, to purchase 530 acres of land on Denton Creek from the estate of M.G. Johnson. 


In the spring of 1870, the Foster brothers and their families departed Arkansas to return to Wise County, Texas. Upon their arrival back in Texas they discovered the title to the land they had bought was in dispute, so it was necessary for them to bring a lawsuit against the trustees of the Johnson Estate.


They prevailed in their suit and on May 26, 1870 the jury awarded them the 536 acres, as well as their cost and attorneys fees. It is only an assumption that John and Sam divided the property evenly.


 While they lived in Arkansas John and Mary became the parents of their first two children, Robert b: 1867 and William b: April 1870.


John continued to farm in Wise County until sometime after 1884, when he moved his family to neighboring Cooke County, TX.  It was here that John died January 18, 1900 at the age of 69. His body was returned to Wise County where he was buried in the Greenwood Cemetery.


When John died he didn’t leave a will, so the court appointed appraisers to inventory his property. One of the appraisers, it is interesting to note, was Roland Mosley (Charles & James Wright’s uncle, the man who brought them from Missouri to Texas and raised them in his family).


John’s After John’s death, his estate was probated in the Cooke County, Texas - County Clerks Office in settlement book for 1900, case 1410, box 35.  It reads:


Community Estate of John E. Foster, Deceased and Mary Ann Foster.


Now comes the said Mary Ann Foster and Roland Moseley, Hatton Pritchard and James Pinkston and return the following inventory and appraisement of the community estate of John E. Foster deceased and Mary Ann Foster, viz:


First - Personal Property

2 work horses valued at                                                                    $100.00

4 head of cows valued at                                                                      60.00

4 head of yearling heifers valued at                                                       40.00       

100 bushels of corn valued at                                                                18.00

Household and kitchen furniture valued at                                             100.00


Second - Real Estate

240 acres of land out of the William Clark survey

in Cook County, Texas valued at                                                     $3,600.00


We, Mary Ann Foster, surviving wife and Roland Moseley, Hatton Pritchard and James Pinkston appraisers duly appointed by the court to appraise the community estate of John E. Foster, deceased and Mary Ann Foster do solemnly swear that the foregoing inventory and list and appraisement in the full, fair and complete inventory, appraisement and list of said community estate.



Mary (X) Foster


E.R. Moseley

J.T. Pinkston

H.N. Prichard


Filed on December 10, 1900 in Cooke County, Texas


After John's death, Mary Ann continued to live in the North Texas area, where as a widow, she continued to farm and raise her younger children, one of which was my grandmother, Martha Emsley Foster.  Martha was sixteen when her father died.


In the1880 Wise County, Texas federal census, living just a few farms away from the Foster family lived Nancy Ann, the mother of Mary Ann. She was, at this time married to Jeremiah M. Gage.  After her first husband John Burris died, she married Elcana Loller, and later married for a third time to Jeremiah Gage. 


In the 1900 census records Nancy Ann Gage is now 74 years old and is living with Samuel Foster.  Sam is the older brother of John Foster who was married to Nancy Ann's daughter, Martha Emsley.  She listed herself on the census record as Sam's aunt, but in fact she is Sam's deceased brother's mother-in-law.


In the 1910 census records Mary Ann Foster is now 63 years old and living on a mortgaged farm in Charlie, Clay County, Texas.  Living with her is her son Bennie, who is 23 and her mother Nancy Ann Gage who is now 84 years old.


Next door to them lives Mary Ann’s youngest daughter, Tina, or Tiny as she was always called.  Tina would later marry Wallace Parkhill.


Following the Civil War, the Federal Government made a decision not to provide a pension for soldiers who fought in the Confederacy, even though they had set up a pension fund for the soldiers who fought on the Union side of the conflict.

The Federal Government left the decision to the southern states to provide Confederate veterans with a pension if they so desired. Texas passed the Confederate Pension Law in 1899. The law stated that a Confederate soldier or sailor was eligible if they were a native Texan or a resident of Texas prior to 1880, and who was either over sixty or whose disability was direct result of service during the Civil War. In addition to soldiers and sailors, widows were eligible to receive a pension if they never remarried and were residents of Texas since 1880.

I have no information about why Mary waited sixteen years after this pension was available before she made an application to the government for a Confederate Widow’s Pension, but at the age of 68, while living in Montague County, in the home of her youngest daughter Tina and her husband Wallace Parkhill, she filed the following application.




Montague County, TX – Pension Application of Mrs. M. A. Foster (Mary Ann Foster, widow of John Emsley Foster of Wise Co., TX)


Reproduced from the holdings of the Texas State Archives, Pension application #32582.


Name of Applicant: Mrs. M.A. Foster

Montague Co, Post Office – Sunset, Rt 4

Filed: March 16, 1916

Approved: March 17, 1916

Pension allowed from March 1, 1916

/s/ J.C. Jones, Commissioner of Pensions


January 18, 1915


To: Mr. Jones, Pension Commission


From: W[allace] Parkhill

Sunset, Texas


Dear sir, I will write you for some information.


Please tell me if you have any record of Mr. J. E. John Emsley Foster of the rolls of confederate soldiers.


Mr. Foster served about 3 years and was in the army all of this except on one furlough. Martin was his captain and Bumpus his Lieutenant. He is dead and his widow is almost destitute and unable to do her work. She has nothing to depend on to make a living. She had his honorable discharge, took it to the county judge of Clay Co, he has lost this Hon. Discharge.


Please write me if she can get a pension and how she will have to do to get it tell me all the peticulars (sic) so I can help her all I can. I will wait until I hear from you before I proceed.


Sincerely yours,

W. Parkhill




January 26, 1916


From: Wallace Parkhill

Sunset, Texas


To: The Adj. Gen.


Kind Sir I have wrote Mr. Jones, Pension Com. At Austin, Texas and my letter to him and his reply is enclosed. Please examine this letter of mine and write me at once if you have on the rolls of confederate soldiers Mr. John Emsley Foster. Mr. J.E. Foster served the 3 last years of the civil war.


Martin was his Capt, Bumpoos his Lieutenant. Please write me and tell me how she his widow will have to do to get a pension.  She has never been married since Mr. J.E. Foster’s death.


Write me at Sunset, Texas Route 4.


W. Parkhill


(text of the “enclosed letter”)


This letter with a previous letter has been forwarded to us from Washington D.C. and will ask that you make application before the County Judge and let the application take its regular course, we will get the war records after you have secured the two witnesses who served with the applicant.


                              Commissioner of Pensions

                              Austin, Texas




Jan 31, 1916

Adjutant Generals Office

War Department


We have no Confederate Records of any one, the records all are now in the hands of the Adj. General, at Washington, D.C. if you will communicate with him, it is possible that he can give you the desired information.

                              Commissioner of Pensions




Feb 1, 1916


From:  War Department

The Adjutant General’s Office, Washington.

To: Wallace Parkhill

Route No. 4

Sunset, TX




Referring to your application for the record of John Emsley Foster as a member of a Confederate Army organization in which Lieutenant Bumpus and Captain Martin rendered service, I have the honor to inform you that a record has been found that presumably refers to the man mention by you, and that this record has this day been furnished to the Commissioner of Pensions, State of Texas, with whom all further correspondence relating to the matter should be conducted.


It is deemed proper to add that under the rules of this Department information from the official records cannot be furnished for use in the prosecution of a claim for pension. Nor it is necessary that such information should be furnished for that purpose, because all the data afforded by the official records in this Department that may have a bearing upon any such claim are always furnished, upon his request therefore, to the official charged by law with the adjudication of the claim.


No possible hardship can result from the operation of this rule, because all that is necessary for a claimant for pension to do is to make his claim to the official charged by law with the adjudication of the claim in accordance with his own knowledge of the facts and to furnish such testimony as he may be called upon to furnish, being assured that all the information afforded by the official records in the War Department that has a bearing upon the claim will be promptly furnished to that official upon his request therefore.


                                                            Very respectfully,


                                                            Signature illegible

                                                            The Adjutant General




February 1, 1916


Pension number 2364825

War Department

The Adjutant General’s Office



Respectfully forwarded to the Commissioner of Pensions, State of Texas, Austin.


The official records show that one John E. Foster, who may or may not be identical with the man referred to within, served as a private in Company K, Martin’s Texas Cavalry, which organization was formerly known as Captain L.M. Martin’s company, of which one Lieutenant Bumpass was an officer.


It is stated on the records that the said Foster was 32 years of age and enlisted in the organization July 5, 1862, at McKinney, Texas. On a roll of the company dated June 30, 1863, last roll of the organization on file, he was reported as present for duty. No later record of him has been found.


                                                  /s/ signature illegible

                                                  The Adjutant General







Feb 11, 1916


Form B – This is a preprinted form for the use of Widows of Soldiers who are in Indigent circumstances – the bold type indicates the information that was typed on the blank lines of the form.



The State of Texas

County of Montague


I, Mrs. M.A. Foster, do hereby make application to the Commissioner of Pensions for a pension, to be granted me under the Act passed by the Thirty-third Legislature of the State of Texas, and approved April 7, A.D. 1913, on the following grounds:


I am the widow of John Emsley Foster, deceased, who departed this life on 18th day of Jan, A.D. 1900, in the county of Cook, in the State of Texas.


I have not remarried since the death of my said husband, and I do solemnly swear that I was never divorced from my said husband, and that I never voluntarily abandoned him during his life, but remained his true, faithful and lawful wife up to the date of his death. I was married to him on the 2nd day of July, A.D. 1866, in the county of Wise, in the State of Texas.


My husband, the said John Emsley Foster enlisted and served in the military service of the Confederate States during the war between the State of the United States, and that he did not desert the Confederate Service, I have been a resident of the State of Texas since prior to January 1, AD. 1900, and have been continuously since a citizen of the State of Texas. I do further state that I do not receive from any source whatever money or other means of support amounting in value to the sum of $300 per annum, nor do I own in my own right, nor does anyone hold in trust for my benefit or use, estate or property, either real, personal or mixed, either in fee or for life, of the value of one thousand dollars, exclusive of the home of the value of not over $1,000.00; nor do I receive any aid or pension from any other State, or from the United States, or from any other source, and I do further state that the answers given to the following questions are true:



1.     What is your age? 70 years

2.     Where were you born? Texas

3.     How long have you resided in the State of Texas? All of life

4.     How long have you resided in the county of your present residence? And what is your post office address? 8 years, Sunset, TX, R#4

5.     Did your husband draw a pension? If so, give his file number. No

6.     What was your husband’s full name? John Emsley Foster

7.     What was the date of his death? Jan 18, 1900

8.     In what State was your husband’s command originally organized? Texas

9.     How long did your husband serve? If known to you give date of enlistment and discharge 3 years, 1862-1865

10.  What was the name or letter of the company or number of the battalion, regiment or battery of artillery in which your husband served? If he was transferred from one branch of service to another, give time of transfer, description of command and time of service Don’t know letter of Company, Capt Martin, Lt Bumpus.

11.  Name branch of service in which your husband served, whether infantry, cavalry, artillery, or the navy, or if commissioned as an officer by the President, his rank and line of duty, or if detailed for special service, under the law of conscription, the nature of such service, and time of service. Cavalry

12.  Have you transferred to others any property of any kind for the purpose of becoming a beneficiary under this law?  No


Wherefore your petitioner prays that her application for a pension may be approved and such other proceedings be had in the premises as are required by law.


(Signature of applicant) Mrs. M.A. (X her mark) Foster


Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 11th day of Feb (written above is the word March), A.D. 1916


                              Homer B. Latham

                              County Judge, Montague County, TX







Feb 24, 1916







COUNTY OF WISE           }


Before me, J.W. Walker, Judge for Wise County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared Thos J. Dillehay & J.D. McDonnell, who are personally known to me to be creditable citizens, who, being by me duly sworn, on oath state that they personally know that Mrs. M.A. Foster, applicant for a pension as the widow of John Emsley Foster deceased, is in truth and fact the widow of John Emsley Foster deceased; that they personally know that she has not remarried since the death of her husband, for whose service in the army she claims a pension, and that they have no interest in this claim.


                    (Signature of Witness) Thos J. Dillehay

                    (Signature of Witness) J. D. McDonnell


Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 24th day of Feb, A.D., 1916


                                                  /s/ J.W. Walker

                                                  County Judge, Wise Co., TX






Feb 24, 1916





County of WISE                 }


Before me, J.W. Walker, County Judge of Wise County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared L.E. Lackey & J. E. Lackey, who are personally known to me to be creditable citizens, who, being by me duly sworn, on oath state that they personally know the above named applicant for pension, and that they personally know that the said M.A. Foster has been a bona fide resident citizen of the State of Texas since prior to January 1, A.D., 1900, and that they have no interest in this claim.


                    (Signature of Witness) L.E. Lackey

                    (Signature of Witness) J.E. Lackey


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24 day of February, A.D., 1916


                                                  /s/ J.W. Walker

                                                  County Judge, Wise Co., TX




Feb 24, 1916




(If possible, the two witnesses should have served with the applicant’s husband in the army, and if so, let them, or either of them, state it in their oath; also any information regarding the army service of applicant’s husband}



County of Wise                  }


Before me J.W. Walker, County Judge of Wise County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared John A. Wasson, who personally known to me to be creditable citizen, who being by me sworn, on oath state that he is personally acquainted with the foregoing applicant, and that the facts set forth and statements made in her application are correct and true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and that they have no interest in this claim. And further make oath to the following facts touching the service of the applicant’s husband in the Confederate Army; (State fully your source of knowledge):


I was will acquanted with the applicant. We belong to the same company in the armey our company captin was Hanes Company D mad up at Maciney Texas Oct 1 – 1863. I served with for one year we was in two fights to gether first cabin creek and Honey Spring I got my horse shot from under me John E. Foster was a good and brave soldier all of the time.


                              (Signature of Witness) J. A. Wasson


Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 24 day of Feb A.D., 1916


                                        /s/ J. W. Walker

                                        County Judge Wise County, Texas





March 11, 1916


Affiant T.J. Cloyd says that [he] was well acquainted with the said John E. Foster, first knew him on July 5, 1862, at the time he joined D.C. Haynes Company K, Martin’s Regiment 5, Texas, Partisan Rangers, and served with him in said company until the close of the war.


Affiant says that the said John E. Foster made a good soldier in said war. Affiant says he and the said John E. Foster said company and were sworn in on the same day to wit: 5th Day of July 1862 at McKinney, Texas.


This said John E. Foster was the only John E. Foster that belonged to said Haynes company.


I have the musters in my possession of said company.


Subscribed and sworn before me this the 11 day of March 1916.

                              /s/ T.J. Cloyd

                              /s/ H.L Davis (?)

                              County Judge, Collin County, Texas


(editors note: According to the roster of Company K, Martin’s Regiment, Thomas Cloyd was in fact a member of this troop, joining as a private and being discharged as a Sgt)





March 13, 1916



Wallace Parkhill


Sunset Texas


Hon. Jones, Commisiones of Pensions


Kind sir, I am sending you Mrs. Mary A. Foster’s application for a pension, which she has at last succeeded in the finding of two old soldiers who personally knew Mr. John Emsley Foster and served with him in the war. With the signatures of three (3) county judges signed thereon.


Homer B. Latham – Montague Co.

J.W. Walker – Wise Co.

H.L. Davis – Collin Co.


All these witnesses live in Decatur Texas except one. Mr. T.J. Cloyd who lives in McKinney Texas. Mrs. Foster has done all in her power to get the witnesses according to the application requirements, and now presents it to you as required. I have done all I could for her and would like very much to see her get a pension, as she needs it so badly. I am sending you all my letters that you can see every course I have taken in the matter and wishing you much success, I am your friend.


                              W. Parkhill

                              Sunset, TX R4




March 14, 1916




I, J.P. Hathcock, State and County Assessor in the County of Montague, State of Texas, do certify that Mrs. M.A. Foster whose name is signed to the foregoing application for a pension, under the Act of the Thirty-third Legislature, approved April 7, 1913, is charged on the tax rolls of said country with a homestead of the value of nothing dollars, and of other property, real or personal, or both, of the value of nothing dollars.


Given under my hand, this 14th day of March A.D., 1916


                    /s/ H.J. McClellan, Deputy

          /s/ J.P. Hathcock

                        State and County Assessor




In 1916, after over a year of trying, Mary Ann Foster was granted the pension, and the first year she received $53.50.  She collected this pension for the next 17 years until she died in 1933. The pension amount was increased each year and in her final year she was receiving $208.00 per year, (about $2,500 per year in 2003 dollars) which was paid out in quarterly payments.


On Dec 19, 1933, in the town of Bellevue, Texas, Mary Ann Burris Foster at the age of 85 years 6 months and 16 days passed away.  At the time of her death she was living in the home of her youngest daughter, Tina Parkhill.  Her death was attributed to senile decay, which during the era of her death was the accepted medical term for “died of old age”.


Her body was brought back to Greenwood and she was buried alongside her husband, John Emsley Foster, who had preceded her in death by thirty-two years.


Tina Parkhill filed an application with the government pension office for a burial benefit of $40 ($480 in 2002 money) and the following documents can be found among her Confederate Widow’s Pension File in Austin, TX.




Dec 20, 1933




I, J.F. Wetsel, do certify that I am undertaker in the town of Belleview, County of Clay, State of Texas and that I had charge of the body of M.A. Foster, who died in the town of Bellevue, County of Clay, State of Texas on the 19th day of December 1933. That said body was prepared for burial by me on 20th day of December 1933, and that I am of the opinion that warrant herein applied for should be issued to the said Mrs. W. Parkhill who makes the foregoing application.




Dec 29, 1933




I, D.W. Holmes, do certify that I am a practicing physician, and that I attended Mrs. Mary A. Foster in her last illness, and am of the opinion that her ailments were Senility.


I further certify that I am of the opinion that the Mortuary Warrant above requested should be issued in the name of the aforementioned applicant, in accordance with Act passed by the Thirty-eighth Legislature and approved March 2, 1923.


                    /s/ D.W. Holmes

                    Bellevue, Texas

                    December 29, 1933


Jan 6, 1934





COUNTY OF CLAY           }


I, Mrs. W. Parkhill do hereby certify that I am the person to whom is entrusted the paying of the accounts and indebtedness of the late Mrs. Mary A. Foster, who was a pensioner of the State of Texas, and whose file number is 32682 and whose original county was Montague.


The said pensioner, Mrs. M.A. Foster, died on the 19th day of December 1933, in the town of Bellevue, Texas, county of Clay, Texas.


The pensioner died in the home of Mrs. W. Parkhill who was related to the pensioner as daughter.


That warrant, which application is hereby made for, shall be applied to paying all or part of the funeral expenses incurred by the said pensioner, Mary A. Foster.


I further certify that the warrant for the current quarter has not been cashed by the pensioner, to the best of my knowledge and belief.


I am related to the pensioner as (daughter) and that my post office address is Bellevue, Texas.



/s/ Mrs. W. Parkhill


Sworn to before me this 6th day of Jany 1934


                              /s/ L B Mosie

                              Notary Public in and for Clay, State of Texas



Greenwood Cemetery Gate


Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood, Decatur, TX



Mary Burris Foster Gravestone


Greenwood Cemetery

 Decatur, TX


Her death certificate indicates she was born May 23, 1848 and died on December 19, 1933, which I believe to be the correct dates. Whoever placed this stone on her grave in the 1990’s got the dates just a little wrong.


From her internment until the 1990’s, her grave was only marked by the funeral home’s metal stake and nameplate. Someone in Wise County must still remember her and loved her enough to take the time and expense to properly mark her grave.


I attempted to find out who this person(s) was (in 2003), but my telephone calls to local monument makers were unsuccessful, they said they could only research their records if I knew the name of the purchaser. The people who purchased this stone should be thanked for their thoughtfulness.



John Emsley Foster Gravestone

 (chalk was applied for photographic clarity)


John & Mary Foster Gravestones

Graves of John & Mary Foster

Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, TX






S J Foster Gravestone


Samuel J. Foster

Seven month old son of John & Mary Ann Wright

Greenwood Cemetery, Wise Co., TX

(The stone is broken and was reassembled for the photo)

W F Foster Gravestone

Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, TX

Wm & Sara Fine Foster


William Preston & Sara Fine Foster


Foster 01 small


Samuel Foster & Family

Sarah Foster Gravestone


Sarah Fine Foster

Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, TX

Mary Ann Foster Death Cert


Mary Ann Burris Foster’s

Death Certificate

Charles & Martha Wright Wedding


Charles Wright & Martha Foster

Wedding photo

December 9, 1906



1882 - 1963


MARTHA EMSLEY FOSTER was born in Greenwood, Wise County, Texas on Aug 5, 1883 and married Charles Easton Wright of Leo, Cooke County, Texas on Dec 9, 1906.  They were married in the home of Martha's mother in Rosston, Texas.


Preacher Bert Goldston married them and the witnesses were Wallace Parkhill (Martha’s brother-in-law) and Evert Fortenberry.


Martha E. Foster died on May 15, 1963 of heart failure in Morton, Texas while visiting her daughter Jewell Lyons.  She is buried in the Brushy Cemetery, Bowie, Texas alongside her husband in the Wright family plot. (These are the only two graves in this plot).



Correct info is

John Emsley Foster


Correct info is Nancy Ann “Cunnius”


Martha Wright Death Cert

Death Certificate


Martha Emsley Foster Wright

Martha Wright obit



Wright Family Plot - Bowie 02


Brushy Cemetery,

Bowie, TX


Descendants of Alexander Foster


Generation No. 1


1.  ALEXANDER1 FOSTER was born Abt. 1710 in Londonderry, IRELAND, and died Apr 1767 in Lancaster  Co., PA.  He married MARY POLLY CONNORS Abt. 1730 in Chester Co., PA.  She was born 1710, and died 1767.



2.               i.    JAMES2 FOSTER, b. Apr 6, 1738, Lancaster Co., PA; d. Apr 7, 1814, Poland, OH.

                  ii.    WILLIAM B. FOSTER, b. Abt. 1740, Lancaster Co., PA; d. Sep 30, 1780, Chester Co., PA; m. HANNAH BLAIR, Abt. 1768, Lancaster Co., PA.

3.              iii.    JOHN ALEXANDER FOSTER, b. Abt. 1748, Lancaster Co., PA; d. Oct 3, 1832, Wilson Co., TN.

                 iv.    ELIZABETH FOSTER, b. Abt. 1750; m. CHARLES KNEELY.

                 v.    SUSANNA FOSTER, b. Abt. 1750; m. WALKER.

                 vi.    MARY FOSTER, b. Abt. 1754; m. LUCKY.

                vii.    JANET FOSTER, b. Abt. 1756, Prob Lancaster Co., PA; d. Prob Lancaster Co., PA; m. FULTON.

               viii.    VIOLET FOSTER, b. Abt. 1758, Prob Washington Co., PA; m. JOSIAH SCOTT.

                 ix.    MARGARET FOSTER, b. Abt. 1760; d. Prob Lancaster Co., PA; m. RUSSELL.



Generation No. 2


2.  JAMES2 FOSTER (ALEXANDER1) was born Apr 6, 1738 in Lancaster Co., PA, and died Apr 7, 1814 in Poland, OH.  He married ANN BARCLAY 1766 in Lancaster Co., PA. 



4.               i.    WILLIAM BARCLAY3 FOSTER, b. Sep 7, 1779, Berkley Co., VA.



3.  JOHN ALEXANDER2 FOSTER (ALEXANDER1) was born Abt. 1748 in Lancaster Co., PA, and died Oct 3, 1832 in Wilson Co., TN.  He married MARTHA DONNELL Mar 20, 1768 in Guilford Co., NC, daughter of WILLIAM DONNELL.  She was born 1751 in Rowan Co., NC, and died Mar 11, 1809 in Wilson Co., TN.



5.               i.    ALEXANDER3 FOSTER, b. Guilford Co., NC; d. Aft. 1834.

                  ii.    JAMES FOSTER, b. Guilford Co., NC; d. Aft. 1827, Prob Wilson Co., TN; m. REBECCA WILLIAMSON.

                 iii.    MARGARET FOSTER, b. Guilford Co., NC; m. WILLIAM DONNELL.

6.              iv.    ROBERT ALBERT FOSTER, b. Abt. 1769, Guilford Co., NC; d. Abt. 1817, Wilson Co., TN.

                 v.    MARY FOSTER, b. Apr 24, 1772, Guilford Co., NC; d. Oct 24, 1808, Wilson Co., TN; m. JOHN DOAK, Jul 11, 1793, Guilford Co., NC.

                 vi.    ELIZABETH FOSTER, b. Jun 12, 1777, Guilford Co., NC; d. Aft. 1858, Prob Wilson Co., TN; m. WILLIAM P. MCCLAIN, May 11, 1796, Guilford Co., NC.

                vii.    MARTHA FOSTER, b. 1782; m. ROBERT DOAK.

7.            viii.    JOHN DONNELL FOSTER, b. Dec 11, 1784, Guilford Co., NC; d. Feb 28, 1838, Wilson Co., TN.



Generation No. 3


4.  WILLIAM BARCLAY3 FOSTER (JAMES2, ALEXANDER1) was born Sep 7, 1779 in Berkley Co., VA.  He married ELIZA CLAYLAND TOMLINSON Nov 14, 1807 in Chambersburg, PA. 



8.               i.    STEPHEN COLLIN4 FOSTER, b. Jul 4, 1826, Lawrencewille, PA; d. Jan 13, 1864, New York City, NY.

                  ii.    ANNA ELIZA FOSTER.

                 iii.    CHARLOTTE SUSANNA FOSTER.

                 iv.    ANN ELIZA FOSTER.

                 v.    WILLIAM FOSTER JR..

                 vi.    HENRY FOSTER.

                vii.    HENRIETTA FOSTER.

               viii.    DUNNING FOSTER.

                 ix.    MORRISON FOSTER.

                 x.    JAMES FOSTER.



5.  ALEXANDER3 FOSTER (JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born in Guilford Co., NC, and died Aft. 1834.  He married (1) MISS HARRIS Apr 4, 1820 in Wilson Co., TN.    He married (2) MARTHA DOAK Apr 4, 1820 in Wilson Co., TN. 



                  i.    ALFRED H.4 FOSTER.

                  ii.    JOHN W. FOSTER.

                 iii.    MARTHA D. FOSTER, m. GEORGE CUMMINGS, Apr 13, 1825.

                 iv.    JAMES E. FOSTER.



6.  ROBERT ALBERT3 FOSTER (JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Abt. 1769 in Guilford Co., NC, and died Abt. 1817 in Wilson Co., TN.  He married NANCY AGNES DONNELL, daughter of GEORGE SR. and ISABELLA KERR.  She was born Abt. 1780 in Guilford Co., NC, and died Abt. 1821 in Wilson Co., TN.



                  i.    EMSLEY DONNELL4 FOSTER, b. Abt. 1793, Guildford Co., NC; d. Abt. 1832, Wilson Co., TN; m. MARTHA ANN DOAK.

9.               ii.    ALBERT GILBERT FOSTER, b. Abt. 1795, NC; d. Bef. 1860, prop Shelby  County, IL.

                 iii.    ISABELLA ANN FOSTER, b. Abt. 1798, Wilson Co., TN; m. WILLIAM R. DONNELL, Sep 4, 1834, Wilson Co., TN.

                 iv.    WILLIAM RUFUS FOSTER, b. Abt. 1800, Wilson Co., TN; m. ELIZABETH TURNER, Jun 8, 1833, Wilson Co., TN.



7.  JOHN DONNELL3 FOSTER (JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Dec 11, 1784 in Guilford Co., NC, and died Feb 28, 1838 in Wilson Co., TN.  He married ELIZABETH H. ROGERS Sep 21, 1813 in Wilson Co., TN.  She was born Dec 25, 1795, and died Dec 11, 1873 in Wilson Co., TN.



10.             i.    RUFUS H.4 FOSTER, b. Oct 4, 1814, Wilson Co., TN; d. Jul 3, 1896, Wilson Co., TN.

                  ii.    WILLIAM M. FOSTER, b. Mar 1, 1817, TN; d. Mar 13, 1837, TN.

                 iii.    NANCY S. FOSTER, b. Aug 5, 1819, TN; m. THOMAS SPAIN.

                 iv.    BENJAMIN T. FOSTER, b. Dec 3, 1821, TN; d. Sep 25, 1847, TN.

                 v.    JOHN D. FOSTER JR., b. Aug 5, 1824, TN; d. Jul 29, 1863, White Co., TN.

                 vi.    MARTHA REBECCA FOSTER, b. Dec 5, 1826, TN; m. HENRY DAWSON.

                vii.    JAMES A. FOSTER, b. Feb 25, 1828, TN; d. Oct 3, 1832, TN.

               viii.    ELIZABETH T. FOSTER, b. Jul 29, 1832, TN; m. (1) JAMES BROADWAY; b. Jan 14, 1807; m. (2) EDWARD DENTON.

                 ix.    ERASTUS A. FOSTER, b. May 29, 1834, TN; d. Oct 31, 1861, TN.

                 x.    MARY E. FOSTER, b. Mar 14, 1837, TN; m. WILLIAM DAVIS.



Generation No. 4


8.  STEPHEN COLLIN4 FOSTER (WILLIAM BARCLAY3, JAMES2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jul 4, 1826 in Lawrencewille, PA, and died Jan 13, 1864 in New York City, NY.  He married JANE DENNY MACDOWELL Jul 22, 1850.  She was born Dec 10, 1829, and died Jan 3, 1903.



                  i.    MARION5 FOSTER, b. Apr 18, 1851; d. Jul 9, 1935, prob Pittsburg, PA.



9.  ALBERT GILBERT4 FOSTER (ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Abt. 1795 in NC, and died Bef. 1860 in prop Shelby  County, IL.  He married (1) LUCINDA JANE MAJOR Aug 12, 1828 in Wilson Co., TN, daughter of JOHN MAJOR and LUCINDA.  She was born Abt. 1810 in NC, and died Aft. 1850 in Prob Wilson Co., TN.  He married (2) JANE STORY 1841.  She was born in KY.



11.             i.    ROBERT HENRY5 FOSTER, b. Jun 3, 1829, Wilson Co., TN; d. Apr 20, 1911, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX.

12.             ii.    WILLIAM PRESTON FOSTER, b. May 19, 1832, Wilson Co., TN; d. Sep 4, 1905, Wise Co., TX.

13.            iii.    SAMUEL MAJOR FOSTER, b. Jan 19, 1834, Wilson Co., TN; d. Feb 6, 1900, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.

                 iv.    MARTHA ANN EMILY FOSTER, b. 1836, Wilson Co., TN; d. Jul 22, 1916, Wilson Co., TN; m. RICHARD BRANTLY JONES, Sep 13, 1855, Wilson Co., TN.

14.            v.    JOHN EMSLEY FOSTER, b. Sep 11, 1831, Wilson Co., TN; d. Jan 18, 1900, Wise Co., TX.



Children of ALBERT FOSTER and JANE STORY are:

                 vi.    RUFUS DONEL5 FOSTER, b. 1842, Moultrie Co., IL.

                vii.    JAMES FOSTER, b. 1849, Moultrie Co., IL.



10.  RUFUS H.4 FOSTER (JOHN DONNELL3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Oct 4, 1814 in Wilson Co., TN, and died Jul 3, 1896 in Wilson Co., TN.  He married SARAH ANN SPAIN.  She was born Jul 5, 1817, and died Jan 27, 1876.



                  i.    ROBERT V.5 FOSTER, b. Aug 12, 1845.



Generation No. 5


11.  ROBERT HENRY5 FOSTER (ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jun 3, 1829 in Wilson Co., TN, and died Apr 20, 1911 in Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX.  He married (1) MARY ADELINE LACKEY.  She was born in Arkansas.  He married (2) MELINDA CAROLINE SCOTT 1852 in Wilson Co., TX, daughter of JAMES SCOTT and JANE CARRUTH.  She was born Sep 25, 1828 in Wilson Co., TN, and died Sep 17, 1907 in McKinney, Collin Co., TX.



                  i.    EVA LEE6 FOSTER, b. Nov 23, 1893, Wise Co., TX.




                  ii.    WILLIAM PRESTON6 FOSTER, b. 1853, Wilson Co., TN; d. 1916, Collin Co., TX; m. ELIZABETH HUGHES, Oct 30, 1884, Cook Co., TX.

                 iii.    SAMUEL H. FOSTER, b. Sep 15, 1857, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX; d. Jan 20, 1881, Collin Co., TX; m. LUCINDA HICKS, Jan 20, 1881, Collin Co., TX.

                 iv.    THOMAS H. FOSTER, b. 1860, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX; d. Jan 20, 1913; m. EMMA B. WHITE.

                 v.    JOHN D. FOSTER, b. 1861, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX; d. Infancy.

                 vi.    ROBERT ANDREW FOSTER, b. 1863, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX; d. 1929, McKinney, Collin Co., TX; m. MARY ELIZABETH HOWARD, Jun 12, 1890.

                vii.    LUCY JANE FOSTER, b. Nov 28, 1866, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX; d. Feb 26, 1940, McKinney, Collin Co., TX; m. JOHN WILLIAMS DOUDY.

               viii.    JOSEPH E. FOSTER, b. May 1, 1869, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX; d. Jul 4, 1940, Wichita Falls, TX; m. SARAH F. COVINGTON.

                 ix.    SARAH IDELLA FOSTER, b. Oct 10, 1871, Vineland Community, Collin Co., TX; d. Nov 1, 1955, Collin Co., TX; m. WILLIAM JOSEPH BAXTER.



12.  WILLIAM PRESTON5 FOSTER (ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born May 19, 1832 in Wilson Co., TN, and died Sep 4, 1905 in Wise Co., TX.  He married SERIPHINA CUNNIUS 1862 in Wise Co., TX.  She was born Nov 3, 1840 in Conway, AR, and died Apr 10, 1927 in at home near Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.



                  i.    MARTHA L.6 FOSTER, b. 1862; m. P.W. MINTER.

15.             ii.    WILLIAM FOSTER, b. Apr 1862, Texas.

16.            iii.    SAMUEL MAJOR FOSTER, b. Jun 1865, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; d. Mangum, OK.

17.            iv.    JOHN FRANKLIN FOSTER, b. Sep 28, 1866, Wise Co., TX.

                 v.    NANCY LUCY FOSTER, b. 1869.

18.            vi.    MALINDA CAROLINE FOSTER, b. Jul 25, 1871, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; d. Dec 14, 1952, Clayton, OK.

19.           vii.    ALBERT T. FOSTER, b. Feb 1873, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.

20.          viii.    THOMAS PRESTON FOSTER, b. Feb 20, 1875, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; d. Dec 4, 1947, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.

                 ix.    MARY JANE FOSTER, b. 1877; m. JOHN DAVIDSON.

                 x.    MERRITT B. FOSTER, b. 1879, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; m. DAISY.



13.  SAMUEL MAJOR5 FOSTER (ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jan 19, 1834 in Wilson Co., TN, and died Feb 6, 1900 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.  He married (1) JANE CUNNIUS 1859 in Wise Co., TX, daughter of TARLTON CUNNIUS and KATHERINE NICHOLAS.  She was born Jan 13, 1843 in Conway, AR, and died Oct 29, 1883 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.  He married (2) LIZABETH COBB Oct 28, 1883 in Wise Co., TX.  She was born in Arkansas.



                  i.    LUCY J.6 FOSTER, b. Nov 19, 1860, Wise Co., TX; d. Mar 21, 1886, Wise Co., TX; m. THOMAS GORHAM.

                  ii.    JOHN F. FOSTER, b. May 20, 1863, Wise Co., TX; d. Dec 8, 1885, Decatur, Wise Co., TX; m. MARTHA HILL MCCARTY.

                 iii.    MARY FOSTER, b. 1864.

21.            iv.    WILLIAM FRANKLIN FOSTER, b. May 20, 1865, Wise Co., TX; d. Mar 17, 1901.

                 v.    SAMUEL MAJOR FOSTER JR., b. Jul 8, 1867; d. Nov 24, 1887.

                 vi.    NANCY ANN FOSTER, b. Feb 14, 1869, Wise Co., TX; d. Oct 9, 1892; m. W.M. HERNDON.

                vii.    J.B. FOSTER, b. Abt. 1871, Wise Co., TX; m. JANE A..

22.          viii.    GEORGE L. FOSTER, b. Feb 14, 1873, Wise Co., TX; d. May 14, 1897.

                 ix.    DUB FOSTER, m. MATTIE STELLA CAMPBELL.

                 x.    CHRISTOPHER FOSTER.

                 xi.    THOMAS FOSTER.




                xii.    CLAUD AZAMAH6 FOSTER, b. Aug 6, 1891, Wise Co., TX.



14.  JOHN EMSLEY5 FOSTER (ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Sep 11, 1831 in Wilson Co., TN, and died Jan 18, 1900 in Wise Co., TX.  He married MARY ANN BURRIS 1866 in Wise Co., TX, daughter of JONATHAN BURRIS and NANCY CUNNIUS.  She was born Jan 19, 1848 in TX, and died Dec 20, 1933 in Charlie Community, Clay Co., TX.


Children of JOHN FOSTER and MARY BURRIS are:

                  i.    ROBERT H.6 FOSTER, b. 1867, Sebastian Co., AR.

                  ii.    WILLIAM FOSTER, b. Apr 1870, Sebastian Co., AR; d. Bef. 1880, Wise Co., TX.

                 iii.    THOMAS FOSTER, b. 1871, Wise Co., TX.

                 iv.    S.J. FOSTER, b. Mar 2, 1873, Wise Co., TX; d. Oct 31, 1873, Wise Co., TX.

23.            v.    JAMES MORRIS FOSTER, b. Jan 1875, Wise Co., TX; d. 1956, Plainview, TX.

                 vi.    ALICE M. FOSTER, b. Jan 1880, Wise Co., TX; d. Prob Portales, NM; m. LACKEY; d. Prob Portales, N.M..

24.           vii.    MARTHA EMSLEY FOSTER, b. Aug 5, 1882, Wise Co., TX; d. May 15, 1963, Cochran Co., TX.

               viii.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FOSTER, b. Jul 7, 1886, Wise Co., TX.

25.            ix.    TINA FOSTER, b. Jan 18, 1890, Wise Co., TX; d. Dec 1975, Wichita Falls, TX.



Generation No. 6


15.  WILLIAM6 FOSTER (WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Apr 1862 in Texas.  He married ALLICE HOUSTON 1885 in Prob Wise Co., TX.  She was born Jun 1867 in Texas.



                  i.    IDA7 FOSTER, b. Apr 1886.

                  ii.    ULA FOSTER, b. May 1893.

                 iii.    MINNIE FOSTER, b. Sep 1895.

                 iv.    LANEY FOSTER, b. Oct 1897.

                 v.    LIMMIE FOSTER, b. Feb 1900.



16.  SAMUEL MAJOR6 FOSTER (WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jun 1865 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX, and died in Mangum, OK.  He married ELIZABETH COBB Oct 28, 1883 in Wise Co., TX.  She was born Apr 1866 in Arkansas.



                  i.    BELLE7 FOSTER, b. Sep 1884.

                  ii.    GEORGE FOSTER, b. Sep 1886.

                 iii.    FRED FOSTER, b. Nov 1888.

                 iv.    AZRIAH FOSTER, b. Aug 1891.

                 v.    MURTLE FOSTER, b. Jan 1894.

                 vi.    RUTHIE FOSTER, b. Apr 1897.

                vii.    LILLIE FOSTER, b. Jan 1900.



17.  JOHN FRANKLIN6 FOSTER (WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Sep 28, 1866 in Wise Co., TX.  He married EMMA 1895 in Prob Wise Co., TX.  She was born Aug 1879 in MO.


Children of JOHN FOSTER and EMMA are:

                  i.    RALPH7 FOSTER.

                  ii.    ARVIL FOSTER.



18.  MALINDA CAROLINE6 FOSTER (WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jul 25, 1871 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX, and died Dec 14, 1952 in Clayton, OK.  She married JAMES DOYLE BRYAN Jun 3, 1888 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX, son of WILLIAM BRYAN and LUCINDA CRUNK.  He was born Mar 29, 1871 in Bloomfield, Cooke Co., TX, and died Nov 28, 1935 in Clayton, OK.



                  i.    SARAH LUCINDA7 BRYAN, b. Mar 25, 1889.

                  ii.    MARY VIRGINIA BRYAN, b. Feb 2, 1891.

                 iii.    MINNIE BELLE BRYAN, b. Oct 22, 1892.

26.            iv.    WILLIAM WESLEY BRYAN, b. Mar 27, 1894, Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, TX; d. Mar 25, 1957, Mena, Polk Co., AR.

                 v.    JOSEPH PRESTON BRYAN, b. Dec 24, 1895.

                 vi.    MARTHA MAY BRYAN, b. Jan 5, 1898.

                vii.    FANNIE PEARL BRYAN, b. Nov 10, 1899.

               viii.    DOLA CAROLINE BRYAN, b. Mar 25, 1902.

                 ix.    OLLIE LEE BRYAN, b. Mar 15, 1904.

                 x.    JAMES FRANKLIN BRYAN, b. Mar 19, 1906.

                 xi.    ROY HASKEL BRYAN, b. Mar 3, 1908, Chickasha, Grady Co., OK; d. Aug 27, 1977, Mena, Polk Co., AR; m. IRENE LOONEY.

                xii.    EVERET CARLTON BRYAN, b. Aug 17, 1910, Chickasha, Grady Co., OK; d. Mar 22, 1968, Clayton Co., OK; m. ELVA MANLEY, Feb 28, 1935, Pushmataha, Clayton Co., OK.

               xiii.    HARVEY HAROLD BRYAN, b. Feb 14, 1914, Chickasha, OK; d. Dec 22, 1944, Killed in WW II during "Battle of the Buldge" Belgium.



19.  ALBERT T.6 FOSTER (WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Feb 1873 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.  He married SALLIE G. CAMPBELL 1895 in Prob Wise Co., TX.  She was born Mar 1874 in South Carolina.



                  i.    JIM K.7 FOSTER, b. Mar 1896.

                  ii.    WILLIAM FOSTER, b. Sep 1898.

                 iii.    JOHN L. FOSTER, b. Oct 1, 1901, Wise Co., TX.



20.  THOMAS PRESTON6 FOSTER (WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Feb 20, 1875 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX, and died Dec 4, 1947 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.  He married (1) SALLIE FERGUSON.    He married (2) SUE JENNIE MADDEN 1900 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX, daughter of ROBERT MADDEN and MARY WELDON.  She was born Feb 27, 1881 in Madison, Morgan Co., GA, and died Feb 12, 1920 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.


Children of THOMAS FOSTER and SUE MADDEN are:

                  i.    SADIE FINE7 FOSTER, b. Feb 8, 1902, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; d. Jun 16, 1990, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; m. W.J. BRYAN, Apr 16, 1922, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.

27.             ii.    WILLIAM LITTLETON FOSTER, b. Jan 13, 1903, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; d. Mar 12, 1948, Des Moines, IA.

28.            iii.    STELLA INEZ FOSTER, b. Sep 2, 1904; d. May 2, 1987, Wise Co., TX.

                 iv.    DEWELL ANDREW FOSTER, b. May 17, 1906, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; d. Dec 16, 1973, Tarranto, Haureland (Germany?); m. HALLIE PEARL RHINE, May 22, 1927, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.

                 v.    MERRIT PRESTON FOSTER, b. Apr 16, 1910; d. Jan 23, 1977, Decatur, Wise Co., TX; m. ALLENE WATTS, Oct 1938; b. Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.

                 vi.    BEULAH MARIE FOSTER, b. Jun 1912; m. TERRAH WRIGHT, Aug 20, 1936, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX.

                vii.    CLAUD CLEO FOSTER, b. Aug 20, 1916, Greenwood, Wise Co., TX; m. MARY JO HOWARD.



21.  WILLIAM FRANKLIN6 FOSTER (SAMUEL MAJOR5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born May 20, 1865 in Wise Co., TX, and died Mar 17, 1901.  He married MARY JO SAMPLER.  She was born in GA.



                  i.    ANNIE JANE7 FOSTER, b. Oct 4, 1897.

                  ii.    VELMA MAY FOSTER, b. Nov 18, 1898, Wise Co., TX.

                 iii.    WILLIE FOSTER, b. May 28, 1901; d. Nov 4, 1901.



22.  GEORGE L.6 FOSTER (SAMUEL MAJOR5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Feb 14, 1873 in Wise Co., TX, and died May 14, 1897.  He married ALICE LAVONIA CAMPBELL. 



                  i.    RUTH EUTOLIA7 FOSTER, b. Mar 26, 1896; d. Jan 25, 1900.



23.  JAMES MORRIS6 FOSTER (JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jan 1875 in Wise Co., TX, and died 1956 in Plainview, TX.  He married MARY JERUSHA BELL 1905 in Cooke Co., TX. 


Children of JAMES FOSTER and MARY BELL are:

                  i.    ALVIN7 FOSTER, b. Abt. 1906.

                  ii.    STELLA FOSTER, b. Abt. 1908.

                 iii.    LEMUAL FOSTER, b. Abt. 1910.



24.  MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER (JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Aug 5, 1882 in Wise Co., TX, and died May 15, 1963 in Cochran Co., TX.  She married CHARLES EASTON WRIGHT Dec 9, 1906 in Cooke Co., TX, son of NATHAN WRIGHT and MARY MOSLEY.  He was born Jan 27, 1881 in Taney Co., MO, and died Mar 9, 1933 in Bowie, TX.



29.             i.    JEWELL GLADYS7 WRIGHT, b. Oct 11, 1907, Leo, Cooke Co., TX; d. Nov 19, 1996, Morton, TX.

30.             ii.    FORREST NATHAN WRIGHT, b. Feb 18, 1909, Leo, Cooke Co., TX; d. Jul 2, 1977, Wichita Falls, TX.

                 iii.    JAMES WRIGHT, b. Jan 14, 1911, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK; d. Sep 10, 1994, Wichita Falls, TX.

31.            iv.    RUBY MARY WRIGHT, b. Dec 24, 1913, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK.

                 v.    BURNEY HULEN WRIGHT, b. Jun 7, 1915, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK.

32.            vi.    CONNIE LESTER WRIGHT, b. May 20, 1917, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK; d. Jan 2, 2003, Wichita Falls, TX.

33.           vii.    CHARLES WAIN WRIGHT, b. Mar 26, 1920, Gilliam, Sevier Co., AR; d. Feb 19, 1987, Westhoff, DeWitt, TX.

               viii.    TINA DISHIELD WRIGHT, b. Dec 27, 1923, Wilbarger Co., TX; d. May 25, 1924, Wilbarger Co., TX.

                 ix.    WILLIAM KENNETH WRIGHT, b. Jun 20, 1925, TX.



25.  TINA6 FOSTER (JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jan 18, 1890 in Wise Co., TX, and died Dec 1975 in Wichita Falls, TX.  She married WALLACE PARKHILL 1907 in Clay Co., TX.  He was born Sep 17, 1883 in Clay Co., TX, and died Dec 2, 1946 in Wichita Co., TX.



                  i.    MABEL7 PARKHILL, b. Mar 1908; d. Aug 31, 1931.

                  ii.    WALLACE PARKHILL, b. Jan 21, 1911, Charlie, TX; d. Oct 18, 1985, Wichita Falls, TX; m. BONNIE MARIE SMITH, Apr 18, 1944, Davidson, OK.

                 iii.    SYBIL ODELL PARKHILL, b. May 9, 1916; d. Nov 1996, Wichita Co., TX; m. CLIFFORD ROLAND; b. Jul 16, 1906; d. Jun 5, 1988.

                 iv.    OLAN DOUGLAS PARKHILL, b. Jun 14, 1923, Montague Co., TX; d. Jan 17, 1997, Clay Co., TX; m. BETTY JO STEWART, Jan 17, 1947, Clay Co., TX; b. Jan 5, 1928, Wichita Co., TX.

34.            v.    CETHA FAYDEAN PARKHILL, b. Dec 28, 1924, Montague Co., TX; d. Jul 9, 1999, Wichita Falls, TX.



Generation No. 7


26.  WILLIAM WESLEY7 BRYAN (MALINDA CAROLINE6 FOSTER, WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Mar 27, 1894 in Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, TX, and died Mar 25, 1957 in Mena, Polk Co., AR.  He married CLARA ELIZABETH HEATH Oct 5, 1926 in Mena, Polk Co., AR, daughter of THOMAS HEATH and SARAH HARRISON.  She was born Oct 18, 1906 in Big Fork, Polk Co., AR, and died Aug 23, 1991 in Mena, Polk Co., AR.


Children of WILLIAM BRYAN and CLARA HEATH are:

                  i.    NAOMI IMOGENE8 BRYAN, b. Mar 18, 1927; m. IRA O. HUGHES.

                  ii.    IONA ELAINE BRYAN, b. Mar 6, 1928; m. GLEN DERAMUS, May 16, 1946, Cherry Hill, Polk Co., AR.

                 iii.    HAZEL LOU BRYAN, b. Feb 15, 1932, Big Fork, Polk Co., AR; m. PAT RIGGS.

                 iv.    LEO EDWARD BRYAN, b. Feb 3, 1934, Big Fork, Polk Co., AR; d. Mena, Polk Co., AR; m. DOLENA DAVIS.

                 v.    PAULINE RUTH BRYAN, b. Mar 27, 1938, Hartshorne, OK; m. HERMAN E. DAVIS, Jul 27, 1956, Poteau, OK.



27.  WILLIAM LITTLETON7 FOSTER (THOMAS PRESTON6, WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jan 13, 1903 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX, and died Mar 12, 1948 in Des Moines, IA.  He married WILLIE MAE CUNNIUS Sep 29, 1929 in Decatur, TX, daughter of JAMES CUNNIUS and MARY DEMENT.  She was born Jul 7, 1908 in Stoney, Wise Co., TX, and died Apr 14, 2000 in Decatur, Wise Co., TX.



                  i.    MERRITT8 FOSTER.



28.  STELLA INEZ7 FOSTER (THOMAS PRESTON6, WILLIAM PRESTON5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Sep 2, 1904, and died May 2, 1987 in Wise Co., TX.  She married AUDIE ALMAS WASHBURN Dec 22, 1921 in Greenwood, Wise Co., TX, son of JAMES WASHBURN and AMER ROSS.  He was born Nov 8, 1902 in MS, and died Oct 23, 1987 in Golden Years Nursing Home, Decatur, TX.



                  i.    PRESTON8 WASHBURN.



29.  JEWELL GLADYS7 WRIGHT (MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Oct 11, 1907 in Leo, Cooke Co., TX, and died Nov 19, 1996 in Morton, TX.  She married GEORGE OLIVER LYON Sep 15, 1931 in Montague Co., TX, son of GOODRICH LYON and ELVIRA MCGRADY.  He was born Mar 23, 1907 in Montague Co., TX, and died May 1996 in Morton, TX.


Children of JEWELL WRIGHT and GEORGE LYON are:

35.             i.    BONNIE RUTH8 LYON, b. Feb 14, 1932, Montague Co., TX.

36.             ii.    BETTY LOU LYON, b. Apr 24, 1933, Montague Co., TX.

37.            iii.    EVA LYON, b. Nov 17, 1934, Montague Co., TX.

38.            iv.    CHARLES ALVIN LYON, b. Jul 1, 1936, Montague Co., TX; d. 1957, Seminole, TX.

39.            v.    GOODRICH WAYNE LYON, b. Feb 22, 1938, Montague Co., TX.

40.            vi.    WILMA JEAN LYON, b. Nov 19, 1942, Lubbock, TX; d. Jun 7, 1997, Wolforth, TX.

41.           vii.    EDDY LYNN LYON, b. Jan 11, 1948, Levelland, TX.

               viii.    SANDRA LYON, b. Jan 16, 1951, Levelland, TX; m. BENNIE TORRES, Apr 14, 1981, Levelland, TX.



30.  FORREST NATHAN7 WRIGHT (MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Feb 18, 1909 in Leo, Cooke Co., TX, and died Jul 2, 1977 in Wichita Falls, TX.  He married (1) ETHELENE GAINES Nov 24, 1936 in Frederick, OK, daughter of ERNEST GAINES and LOUELLA BAGGETT.  She was born Jan 10, 1919 in Electra, TX.  He married (2) LUCY RECK SEFCIK Jan 8, 1973 in Archer City, TX.  She was born Sep 5, 1918 in Wilbarger Co, TX, and died Jul 16, 1996 in Electra, Wichita Co., TX.



42.             i.    GARY FORREST8 WRIGHT, b. Sep 11, 1937, Electra, TX.

43.             ii.    EARNEST LYNN WRIGHT, b. Oct 19, 1939, Electra, TX.

44.            iii.    MICHAEL CORBETT WRIGHT, b. Jun 26, 1944, Wichita Falls, TX.

45.            iv.    JUDY LUJEAN WRIGHT, b. Feb 11, 1947, Wichita Falls, TX; d. Sep 11, 1996, Wichita Falls, TX.



31.  RUBY MARY7 WRIGHT (MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Dec 24, 1913 in Lamar, Hughes Co., OK.  She married TROY H. SLADE Dec 24, 1930 in Waurikea, OK.  He was born Dec 30, 1914 in Montague Co., TX, and died Mar 5, 1996 in Montague Co., TX.


Children of RUBY WRIGHT and TROY SLADE are:

                  i.    LOIS MARIE8 SLADE, b. Nov 2, 1931, Montague Co., TX; m. WILLIAM PHILLIPS.

                  ii.    GLADYS SLADE, b. Oct 3, 1935, Montague Co., TX; m. ARCUE DEWEBER.

                 iii.    LLOYD SLADE, b. Aug 30, 1943, Montague Co., TX; m. JANE HARPER.

                 iv.    LINDA SLADE, b. Jan 10, 1951, Montague Co., TX; m. RONNIE MCCLINTOCK.



32.  CONNIE LESTER7 WRIGHT (MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born May 20, 1917 in Lamar, Hughes Co., OK, and died Jan 2, 2003 in Wichita Falls, TX.  He married LOU ELLA GOODWIN Feb 28, 1942 in Wichita Falls, TX.  She was born Aug 27, 1923 in Hunt Co., TX.


Children of CONNIE WRIGHT and LOU GOODWIN are:

                  i.    LESTER EARL8 WRIGHT, b. Sep 1, 1944, Electra, TX; m. (1) PAULA JO VACARI, May 1965; m. (2) SHARON WALLACE, Mar 1975, Wichita Falls, TX.

                  ii.    STELLA LOUISE WRIGHT, b. Feb 9, 1949; m. (1) GLEN CALVIN CHITWOOD, Apr 1967, Burkburnett, TX; m. (2) ROBERT TILDEN COTTON, Nov 1, 1973, Wichita Falls, TX.

                 iii.    CONNIE LUCILLE WRIGHT, b. Nov 12, 1957; m. GARY MICHAEL STEWART, Feb 28, 1981, Wichita Falls, TX.



33.  CHARLES WAIN7 WRIGHT (MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Mar 26, 1920 in Gilliam, Sevier Co., AR, and died Feb 19, 1987 in Westhoff, DeWitt, TX.  He married (1) SADIE.    He married (2) BETTY JEAN RUSSELL Jan 26, 1953 in Corpus Christi, TX. 


Children of CHARLES WRIGHT and SADIE are:

                  i.    JAMES8 WRIGHT.

                  ii.    KENNETH WRIGHT.




                 iii.    DENNIS WAYNE8 WRIGHT, b. Mar 9, 1954.

                 iv.    DONALD DEWAYNE WRIGHT, b. Oct 13, 1955.

                 v.    JEAN ANN WRIGHT, b. Jul 31, 1957.

                 vi.    GARY WAYNE WRIGHT, b. Sep 7, 1959.

                vii.    WAYNE CHARLIE WRIGHT JR., b. Feb 9, 1966.



34.  CETHA FAYDEAN7 PARKHILL (TINA6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Dec 28, 1924 in Montague Co., TX, and died Jul 9, 1999 in Wichita Falls, TX.  She married MORMAN PATTERSON JR..  He was born Sep 2, 1922 in Rockwall, TX.


Children of CETHA PARKHILL and MORMAN JR. are:

                  i.    BABY GIRL8 ADOPTED, b. Abt. 1943, Orphans Home, Ft Worth, TX.

                  ii.    LETRICIA ANN PATTERSON, b. Nov 11, 1945.

                 iii.    PATTY SUE PATTERSON, b. Sep 30, 1947.



Generation No. 8


35.  BONNIE RUTH8 LYON (JEWELL GLADYS7 WRIGHT, MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Feb 14, 1932 in Montague Co., TX.  She married BURL THOMAS MCDOWRA Jul 26, 1951 in Fort Sumner, NM.  He was born Mar 8, 1931 in Levelland, TX, and died Nov 13, 1982 in Ozona, TX.


Children of BONNIE LYON and BURL MCDOWRA are:

                  i.    JUDY LYNETTE9 MCDOWRA, b. May 31, 1952; m. (1) DANNY PIGG, Borger, TX; m. (2) HERBERT ZIELONKA; d. 2002, Cuero, TX.

                  ii.    DEBRA JEAN MCDOWRA, b. Jul 22, 1953.

                 iii.    KENNETH EARL MCDOWRA, b. Apr 19, 1956.

                 iv.    VICKI LEA MCDOWRA, b. Sep 14, 1962.

                 v.    MICHAEL DAVID MCDOWRA, b. Nov 4, 1966, Levelland, TX; d. Nov 4, 1966, Levelland, TX.






                  i.    DANNY9 WHISENHUNT.





Children of EVA LYON and JOHNNY PLUNKETT are:

                  i.    CINTHIA9 PLUNKETT.

                  ii.    JAY PLUNKETT.



38.  CHARLES ALVIN8 LYON (JEWELL GLADYS7 WRIGHT, MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jul 1, 1936 in Montague Co., TX, and died 1957 in Seminole, TX.  He married NORMA COX Jul 6, 1954 in Lovington, NM. 


Children of CHARLES LYON and NORMA COX are:

                  i.    MICHAEL CHARLES9 LYON.

                  ii.    SUSAN LYON.






                  i.    GLEN9 LYON.

                  ii.    GARY LYON.

                 iii.    KIM LYON.

                 iv.    JULIE LYON.



40.  WILMA JEAN8 LYON (JEWELL GLADYS7 WRIGHT, MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Nov 19, 1942 in Lubbock, TX, and died Jun 7, 1997 in Wolforth, TX.  She married JAMES JACKSON Dec 15, 1968 in Lubbock, TX. 


Children of WILMA LYON and JAMES JACKSON are:

                  i.    WILLIAM9 JACKSON.

                  ii.    JAMES JACKSON JR..

                 iii.    BRENDA JACKSON.






                  i.    TYSON9 LYON.



42.  GARY FORREST8 WRIGHT (FORREST NATHAN7, MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Sep 11, 1937 in Electra, TX.  He married JESSIE LEE MARTIN Feb 29, 1964 in Henrietta, Clay Co., TX, daughter of N.F. MARTIN and ZELLA STOUT.  She was born Mar 23, 1931 in Wichita Falls, TX.


Children of GARY WRIGHT and JESSIE MARTIN are:

                  i.    KELLY FORREST9 WRIGHT, b. May 28, 1965, Iowa Park, TX.

                  ii.    CHRISTOPHER LEE WRIGHT, b. Oct 22, 1969, Iowa Park, TX.



43.  EARNEST LYNN8 WRIGHT (FORREST NATHAN7, MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Oct 19, 1939 in Electra, TX.  He married (1) CHARLOTTE ELENA RANDALL Sep 1, 1962 in East Machias, ME, daughter of CLARENCE RANDALL and SHIRLEY WILCOX.  She was born Mar 21, 1944 in Machias, ME.  He married (2) PATRICIA MORELL MILLER Jul 21, 1978 in Waltham, MA, daughter of WALTER MOREL and ELEANOR KUDNICK.  She was born Mar 2, 1946 in New York City, NY.



                  i.    JODY LYNNE9 WRIGHT, b. Sep 5, 1965, Honolulu, HI.



44.  MICHAEL CORBETT8 WRIGHT (FORREST NATHAN7, MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Jun 26, 1944 in Wichita Falls, TX.  He married MARY ELLEN LAW Jul 17, 1965 in Providence, RI.  She was born Feb 10, 1947 in Providence, RI.



                  i.    NANCY ANNE9 WRIGHT, b. Jul 1, 1966, Dallas, TX.



45.  JUDY LUJEAN8 WRIGHT (FORREST NATHAN7, MARTHA EMSLEY6 FOSTER, JOHN EMSLEY5, ALBERT GILBERT4, ROBERT ALBERT3, JOHN ALEXANDER2, ALEXANDER1) was born Feb 11, 1947 in Wichita Falls, TX, and died Sep 11, 1996 in Wichita Falls, TX.  She married (1) RONNIE CLAUD BOREN 1964 in Wichita Falls, TX.  He was born 1943 in Wichita Co., TX.  She married (2) JERRY DAN ALLEN Mar 15, 1972 in Wichita Falls, TX.  He was born Jan 17, 1947 in Wichita Falls, TX.



                  i.    MARISA CAROL9 BOREN, b. Jan 12, 1965, Wichita Falls, TX; m. (1) ROBERT WESSEL, 1985, Wichita Falls, TX; b. TX; m. (2) BRUCE BALLARD, 1995, TX.





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