Parker Family Pictures & Genealogy

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Pictures and information sent in by Helen Parker. 
She has many pictures. 

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George Henry and Margaret McClung Parker.jpg (213912 bytes)
George Henry & Margaret McClung Parker

George Henry Parker and children.jpg (163796 bytes)  George Henry Parker and children 2.jpg (107925 bytes)  George Henry Parker and children 3.jpg (123284 bytes)
These 3 pictures above are George Henry & Margaret Parker & their children

Henry Maggie and grandkids.jpg (114515 bytes)
Henry & Maggie Parker & Grandchildren

Ivy and Jackie.jpg (176433 bytes)
Ivy & Jackie

George Henry Parker2.jpg (133833 bytes)
George Henry Parker

Sam Luther Parker.jpg (81076 bytes)  Sam Luther Parker1.jpg (63849 bytes)  sam parker (2).jpg (98330 bytes)
The 3 pictures above are of Sam Luther Parker

Sam parker and Aunt Paralee Noble.jpg (102149 bytes)
Sam Luther Parker & Aunt Paralee Noble

Alton Sam Mitte Ivy Flo Fode.jpg (296761 bytes)  Alton Fern and Jackie Parker.gif (460927 bytes)
1st picture is Alton, Flo, Ivy, Sam, Mittie & Fern - 2nd picture is Alton, Fern & Jackie

rock house Jacksboro.jpg (92742 bytes)
Rock House in Jacksboro

Maxine and Bill Andrews.jpg (145735 bytes)
Maxine & Bill Andrews

Una and children.jpg (240283 bytes)
Una & children

Parker Family Wise County, Texas

George Henry Parker b. 9 Feb 1861 Landersville, Lawrence Cunty, Alabama, married Margaret Ann McClung on 10 Sept 1882 in Searcy County, Arkansas. She was born 25 Jul 1867 Wiley’s Cove, Searcy County, Arkansas. She died 11 Jun 1939 Clay County, Texas.

George Henry Parker was the son of Henry Campbell Parker and Ann Y Brown. Henry Campbell Parker died 22 Aug 1860 before George Henry Parker was born. George Henry Parker had 4 older siblings, Annie Ura Parker, William Campbell Parker, John Hamilton Parker and Mary Francis Parker. The older sister, Annie Ura Parker married on 22 Jan 1873 in Lawrence County, Alabama to Peter Coger Wilson and they moved to Searcy County, Arkansas to raise their family.

George Henry Parker evidently came with them to Searcy County, Arkansas and met his wife, Margaret Ann McClung. They then moved to Alvord, Wise County, Texas. The family moved between Washita County, Oklahoma and Wise County, Texas for about 15 years. Their children were as follows:

1.      Samuel Luther Parker b. 9 Ma7 1886 Alvord, Wise County, Texas d. 20 May 1963 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He married Una Cinderella Denney on 23 Apr 1907 Chico, Wise County, Texas. She was born 23 Apr 1889 Chico, Wise County, Texas d. 25 Nov 1939. Samuel worked at the pump station in Jacksboro for many years.

a.       Calvin Pearl Parker b. 29 Feb 1908 Alvord, Wise County, Texas b. 2 Sept 1987 Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas. He married Norene Eile Henderson on 19 Jan 1937 in Brownsville, Texas.

                                                                           i.      Dorothy Maxine Parker b. 28 Aug 1937 Brownsville, Texas d. 20 Sept 2009 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas

                                                                         ii.      Calvin Paul Parker

                                                                        iii.      Melvyn Ross Parker

                                                                       iv.      Sam Leon Parker b. 1 Apr 1946 Russellville, Arkansas d. 24 Dec 1969 Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas

                                                                         v.      John David Parker

b.      John Henry Parker b. 29 Oct 1910 Alvord, Wise County, Texas d. 23 Sept 1964 New York. He went into the Navy and was stationed in New York and married Rose Marscovetera.

                                                                           i.      Calvin Jay Parker

c.       Verue Maxine “Max” Parker b. 13 May 1913 Alvord, Wise County, Texas d. 15 Jan 1976 Borger, Hutcheson County, Texas. Maxine married several times, but never had any children. She married Vincent DeFranco and lived out in California for many years, until to moved to Hutcheson County in the early 1970s. While in California them hobnobbed with the stars.

d.      Faust Rachelle Parker b. 6 Oct 1918 Bowie, Clay County, Texas d. 9 Jan 2012 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He married Frances “Frannie” Waichekauckas on 29 Nov 1941 in Brookfield, Texas. He enlisted in the Texas National Guard at the age of 16, transferred to the Army Air Corps as a non-com in 1939. With the onset of WWII, he was chosen to attend OCS and flight training school and became a fighter pilot. During the war, Faust rose to the rank of Major. After the war, he was returned in rank to enlisted status and retired from the Air Force in 1966 as a major. After retiring, Faust graduated from TCU with a degree in Geology. Retirement for him was filled with family, friends, golf and many hobbies and activities.

                                                                           i.      Faust Rachelle Parker Jr.

                                                                         ii.      Stephen Michael Parker

                                                                        iii.      Laura Suzanne Parker

2.      Iva Myrtice Parker b. 26 Oct 1889 Alvord, Wise County, Texas d. 27 May 1966 Dallas, Texas. She married James Burton Stockton on 13 Oct 1907. James Burton Stockton was b. 4 Mar 1885 DeKalb, Alabama d. 1 Apr 1967 Dallas, Texas

a.       Henry Louis Stockton

b.      Velma Mae Stockton

c.       Margaret Helen Stockton

d.      James Durwood Stockton

e.       Maudy Mildred Stockton

f.        Ira Lee Stockton

g.       Sammy Ruth Stockton

h.       Nettie Lou Stockton

3.      James Newton Parker b. 17 May 1891 Alvord, Wise County, Texas d. 10 Oct 1932 Chico, Wise County, Texas. It is believed that James Newton Parker never married and died from a lung disease.  He lived with one or the other of his siblings until his death.

4.      Mittie “Jackie” Zelda Parker b. 24 Dec 1898 Washita County, Oklahoma d. 14 Dec 1989 Montague County, Texas. Jackie married three times 1st John Fletcher Lorentz b. 19 Jan 1889 Montague County, Texas d. 30 May 1982 Orange County, California

a.       Alta Veon Lorentz b. 29 Jan 1915 d. 24 May 1997

b.      Melvin Joe B. Lorentz b. 1919

She married 2nd Leroy Walter Wright b. 21 May 1895 Alberta, Canada d. 24 Jan 1984

c.       Leroy Walter Wright Jr. b. 17 Apr 1924 Wichita Falls, Texas d. 3 Oct 1985 Los Angeles, California

She married 3rd Earl Mac Reid b. 6 Oct 1914 d. 27 May 1990 Montague County, Texas

5.      Fern Alta “Billie” Parker b. 3 Jun 1902 Washita County, Oklahoma d. 21 Oct 1965. She married Charlie L. Petre b. 30 Jan 1904 d. 15 Jul 1958 Cooke County, Texas

a.       Alton Clyde Petre b. 15 Apr 1965 Los Angeles County, California

6.      Alton Brooks Parker b. 3 Apr 1904 Washita County, Oklahoma b. 22 Oct 1979 Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas. He married Elsie Lorine Parkhill b. 30 Nov 1913 d. 18 May 2000

a.       Velton Renault Parker b. 15 Jun 1933 Montague County, Texas d. 19 Feb 1984 Wichita County, Texas

b.      Charles Buddy Parker b. 13 Jun 1941 Wichita County, Texas

He married 2nd Hazel Florence Lyons b. 14 May 1910 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas d. 17 Dec 1956 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

7.      Flore Gwynn Parker b. 22 Jul 1907 Alvord, Wise County, Texas d. 6 May 1981 Dallas County, Texas. She married James Andrew Gabehart b. 2 Mar 1914 Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma d. 27 Aug 2006 Hondo, Medina County, Texas

a.       Charles Eugene Gabehart b. 13 Jan 1932 Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas d. 13 Oct 2017 Huntington, Angelina County, Texas

b.      George Andrew Gabehart b. 31 Jul 1936 Duval County, Texas d. 23 Apr 2016 Pasadena, Harris County, Texas

c.       Bobby Ray Gabehart b. 18 Nov 1938 Wichita County, Texas d. 5 Oct 2000 Hondo, Medina County, Texas

8.      Albert Ray Parker b. 23 Jan 1910 Washita County, Oklahoma d. 13 Aug 1913 Oklahoma

When the family lived in Oklahoma, they lived in Lone Wolf, Washita County, Oklahoma. The Parker children would get together once a year to visit their parents.

George Henry Parker shows up in the 1900 Elk, Washita County, Oklahoma Census, the 1910 Washita County, Oklahoma Census, 1920 Montague County, Texas Census and the 1930 census for Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas. I believe that he would move between Texas and Oklahoma when times were tough in Oklahoma.