Hanna/Wright Family Pictures

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The pictures below were sent in by E.J. Joiner Edie_47@hotmail.com 
Edie's great aunt was Edith Margaret Hanna, and her maternal grandmother was Ida Della Hanna Hall.
(Also look for some family members in the Chico and Alvord School Pictures on pages -
https://wisecountytexas.info/misc%20genealogy/chico.htm  &
https://wisecountytexas.info/misc%20genealogy/alvord.htm )

(These are all thumbnail pictures and are LARGE if clicked on)

Alice and Molly Wright Hanna.jpg (290470 bytes)
About the sisters, Alice and Mary Wright Hanna in the picture above 
(from information sent to Mary Louise (Hall) Joiner from Margaret Parish possibly prepared by Edith Margaret Hanna):
"Alexander Virgil HANNA married Mary Florence Wright February 17, 1886 in Chico, Texas. Her father and Mother, J.W. Wright came to Texas from Missouri. J.W. was a Blacksmith, first settled in what is now Decatur. (We have a little iron pot he made to place on the fireplace to heat water to shave). They moved to the Western part of Wise County in the Waggoner Ranch Country, pioneered there in Indian days. Went by wagon into Ft. Worth for groceries & supplies. The J.W. Wrights had many narrow escapes from Indian raids. Mary Florence's father often sat on a rail fence with a rifle to protect her from Indians while she milked the cows. J.W. Wright and a son died in this pioneer country at early ages. A daughter Alice* married very young then Mary Florence, her mother and two brothers, Jim and Charlie went to California, stayed about a year. The boys married and stayed in California while Mary Florence and mother returned to Chico. Mary Florence, nicknamed MOLLY, studied music and gained a teacher's certificate, taught school at a country school East of Chico--WEST ACADEMY. She met and married Alexander Virgil Hanna, Chico Feb. 17, 1886. She was 21 he was 26. They lived on his farm East of Chico with his mother. He farmed, barbered and later became a Druggist. (He had studied pharmacy at OLD ADD-RANN College in Parker County). He continued in the Drug Business in Chico and bought a ranch Southwest of Chico, raised fine horses, etc. until his death."

The following pictures are of the Drug Store in Chico and it's historical marker
(Taken in 2011, these are
very large if clicked on)
100_0302.JPG (2277007 bytes)   100_0304.JPG (1999089 bytes)   100_0308.JPG (1770910 bytes)   100_0309.JPG (1904176 bytes)   100_0310.JPG (2579029 bytes)
The Historic Marker Reads:

Alexander Virgil Hanna (1860-1921) erected this native sandstone structure to house his drugstore in 1893.
He provided office space in this building for a doctor, lawyer, jeweler, and the first telephone switchboard in Chico.
Hanna sold the business in 1920 to Reuben R. Robinson (1872-1955), 
whose daughter and son-in-law, LaBeth and William Marston Mead (d.1968) continued to operate the store after his death.
It was purchased in 1973 by Bobby and Frances Richey.
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1976

   Chico Silver Cornet Band Vernon and maybe Owen pic 1.jpg (271172 bytes)   Chico Silver Cornet Band Vernon and maybe Owen pic 2.jpg (287113 bytes)   Vernon and possibly Owen.jpg (21090 bytes)
Arthur Vernon & Owen Cleveland Hanna and the Chico Silver Cornet Band 
From correspondence* from Margaret Parish to Mary Louise (Hall) Joiner, daughter to Ida Della (Hanna) Hall, sister to Arthur and Owen
1st picture, comparing with other pictures of Arthur Vernon, I would say that Arthur is front row second from left (no identity on picture)
2nd picture, comparing with other pictures of Arthur Vernon, I would say that Arthur is center with the trombone and Owen Is to his right (no identity on picture)
3rd picture I would identify as Vernon Hanna on left and Owen Cleveland Hanna on right.**
*"Owen played all musical instruments,. Played several years in the Chico silver Cornet Band. Started playing with the band when he was thirteen years old."
**Realizing that Owen was the elder I'm wondering if I have the names reversed.
Later Note:
Found information in notes from Margaret (Hanna) Parish:  "Owen played all musical instruments. Played several years in the Chico Silver Cornet Band. Started with the band when he was thirteen years old."
Verified further from page 314, History of Wise County, A Link With the Past, Vol. I:  "Owen played five instruments but he was especially good on the slide-trombone. This he played in the Chico Cornet Band."

Ora Alma Jessie Coe.jpg (453278 bytes)   Ora Alma Jessie Coe caption.jpg (1011103 bytes)
Ora, Alma & Jessie Coe
Nov 5 1900 could be 1903 - date is in the corner on the back so last number is not clear
Many that I am sending/have sent to you are in a frame from Murray & Evans, Chico, Texas

2 ladies possibly Eleanor Hardy.jpg (186172 bytes)   
Possibly Eleanor & Mary Hardy
Compare this to the Music Class Bridgeport School - 
Eleanor very likely; Mary wish I could see the dimple in her chin. There is no caption on the back.
The Alexander Virgil Hanna's had a lake house on Bridgeport Lake at one time.
Still sorting - Edie

Blanche and Ray Floyd.jpg (127076 bytes)
Ray (Elmer Ray Floyd) and Blanche (Hanna) Floyd have not idea of year.

Baptism Della Owen Virgie.jpg (233918 bytes)   Baptism Della Owen Virgie caption.jpg (120884 bytes)
Arrows on picture point to Vergie, Della, and Owen Hanna. Back of picture says Aug 9, 1904, Brother Heathengthon, Chico Pastor, Dry Creek, about 1 1/2 miles southeast of Chico.

Wish I would have taken more interest over the years. Possibly through Mother (Mary Louise (Hall) Joiner) I have quite a bit of information because her Mother, Ida Della (Hanna) Hall was the child who moved away, thus the pictures which were sent to her. Mother was 13 years old when Ida Della died but that's all going to be in a book that I am working on and need to get back to...