Rowden Family Pictures

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Pictures sent in by John Andrews   (Also see Monroe/Chadwick Families)
I was viewing the link that shows Wise County Schools and I found on the link to North Of Chico, 1912 (about) Red Bud School Group, the class photo and names. One of the names shown is Minnie Rowden and she is the girl in the fourth row and ninth from the right. Minnie's mother Cordelia Chadwick Rowden is Aunt to my wife's father William J Chadwick. I am attaching a couple of photos of the Rowden Family. One was made about 1901, the year Minnie was born and the other about 1916/17.

The Rowden Family.jpg (638567 bytes)

The Rowden Family. Cordelia Chadwick Rowden was born in 1869, in Crittenden County, Kentucky. She died in 1922. She married William L. Rowden on January 1, 1891 in Izard County, Arkansas. William was born about 1866 and died in 1939. Cordelia and William are both buried in Cumby cemetery that is located between Park Springs and Chico, Texas. Minnie Mae Rowden was the only girl in the family and she was born February 12, 1901 the same year this photo was taken. Minnie married Charles Bonham in 1916 and they had four children. Minnie died in July of 1980 and Charles died in May of 1980 and they are both buried in Cumby Cemetery.

Rowden Family.jpg (138217 bytes)

Rowden Family. This photo was made when Minnie Rowden (third from left) who now looks to be about 15 or 16 years old and has grown into a fine young lady. It wasn't long after this photo was taken she married Charles Bonham in Wichita Falls, Texas.