Monroe/Chadwick Family Pictures

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Ruth & Ralph Monroe.jpg (439679 bytes)

Pictures sent in by John Andrews (Also see Rowden family)
I have enclosed some photos of some Park Springs locals that you might like to display. The Monroe's and Chadwick's and Wilson's are my wife's family lineage.
So we can associate these photos, I would like to explain that my mother-in-law Opal Ruth Monroe Chadwick is still alive and well at 95 years of age. There is already a couple of photos of her posted on your web site, under Park Springs.
The photo of Ruth & Ralph Monroe is a baby picture of them made in 1897 in Council Grove, Kansas Believe it or not they are twins and Uncle and Aunt to Opal. They were born February 8, 1897.

Ralph & Vida & Opal.jpg (1274426 bytes)

The Photo of Ralph, Vida & Opal shows mother Carrie Hastings Monroe on the left, Ralph & Vida Fancher Monroe, May Monroe and Opal R. Monroe sitting on the ground. We think this is possibly Ralph and Vida's wedding photo. They were married in December 1926 and the clothes that Carrie, at least, is wearing would indicate a cooler time of year. In addition, Carrie's husband John is not in the photo that would indicate the photo was taken after his death in 1925. We also suspect the photo was taken by a photograher that travelled the area taking such photos because of the frame for the picture.

John & Carrie Monroe.jpg (129051 bytes)  

The photo of John & Carrie Hastings Monroe is their wedding photo taken in 1889 in Wilsey, Kansas. They moved to Park Springs in the early 1900's and built their home which, by the way, is still standing and from the last time we were there in 2011, it was still inhabited.
The John Monroe Kids 1905 photo. This photo shows William Monroe, Opal's father to be, Mae Monroe and Ralph & Ruth Monroe in 1905.
(The picture of the children will not enlarge)

1926 Parks Springs Basketball Team.jpg (218805 bytes)

The 1926 Park Springs basketball team. This photo speaks for itself. William Jude Chadwick second from left would later become the husband of Opal R. Monroe. Legend has it though that the Park Springs boys along with their coach mustered up some pretty good games around the area and were quite successful. There was one game that is always brought to mind and that was the game between Park Springs and the Wichita Falls college team. Wichita Falls was expected to trounce Park Springs, but as it turned out it was the other way around. The score of the game was never brought down through the ages and I guess that doesn't make any difference, Park Springs beat those upstart college kids.

James 1.jpg (570126 bytes)

James 1: James Newton Chadwick and his family lived on a farm a couple of miles South and then back to the East about a mile or so of Park Springs. They were good friends to the Taylor family who lived on a farm a couple of miles South and a mile or so back to the West. They would visit from time-to-time mostly on Sunday's and this photo shows such a visit, this time to the Taylor farm. On this occasion the visit included Alex and Drucilla Olivia Chadwick Herriott shown in front. James and Drucilla are brother and sister and they were born in Arkansas.

The Monroe Bunch.jpg (1286801 bytes)

The Monroe Bunch: This photo was taken in the front yard of Carrie & John Monroe's house in Park Springs. The house was built by John when they moved to Park Springs in the early 1900's and it is still standing and inhabited. Frank & Emma Monroe from Peoria, Illinois was on a visit to his brother John. Sarah Hastings, shown in the back seat on the right, is the mother to Carrie Hastings Monroe, Laura Hastings, Emma Hastings Monroe, standing on the left in front and Arthur Hastings, the man behind the steering wheel and owner of the car. Just as a footnote John and Frank married sisters Carrie and Emma in Wilsey, Kansas. Opal Monroe sitting on the front fender will in a few years down the road marry William J. Chadwick shown in the James 1 photo.

Opal Ralph and Jerry.jpg (286604 bytes)

Opal, Ralph and Jerry: Well, it's butchering time and Opal Monroe is watching her Uncle Ralph Monroe and Grandfather Jerry Wilson carve up the critter. This was taken about 1919 in Park Springs.

The Wilson's.jpg (533032 bytes)

The Wilson's: This is a photo of Opal Monroe Chadwick's grandmother and grandfather to be, Virginia and Jerry Wilson. The girl on the right is Effie Wilson that will become the mother to Opal and the other girl is Bessie Wilson. This photo was probably taken in Tennessee just before the Wilson's moved to the Park Springs area. There was another Wilson sibling, daughter Beulah, along with Bessie did not make the trip to Park Springs. Virginia did live long enough to see her daughter Effie marry William Monroe on July 4, 1915. Virginia died in 1917 and Jerry died in 1925 and both are buried in the Crafton cemetery.

William & Effie Monroe: This is the wedding photo for William and Effie Wilson Monroe on July 4, 1915. On May 11, 1916 their first of eight children, Opal Monroe, was born. Opal now 95 and the youngest Kenneth 74 are left from the eight. (This picture is small and will not enlarge)